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1832 Boundary Commission Report (Huddersfield).jpg
Map of the proposed Parliamentary Borough of Huddersfield from Parliamentary Representation: Reports from Commissioners on Proposed Division of Counties and Boundaries of Boroughs (1832)
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Huddersfield Infirmary (1831).jpg
Engraving of Huddersfield Infirmary by J. Shury, published in volume 5 of Thomas Allen's "A New and Complete History of the County of York" (1831).
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Engraving by copper plate engraver Thomas Kendal (1849-1915) of Huddersfield from The History of Huddersfield and its Vicinity (1898) by D.F.E. Sykes.
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Engraving of Huddersfield from The Annals of Yorkshire: From the Earliest Period to the Present Time (1862) compiled by John Mayhall. A large PDF (101MB) version of this image, suitable for printing and framing, is available here. The image and PDF…
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