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1832 Boundary Commission Report (Huddersfield).jpg
Map of the proposed Parliamentary Borough of Huddersfield from Parliamentary Representation: Reports from Commissioners on Proposed Division of Counties and Boundaries of Boroughs (1832)
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George Crosland's 1826 map of Huddersfield. A PDF version of the map can be downloaded from here.
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Town plan of Huddersfield from 1778.
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Surveyed by Robert Nixon in 1850 and reproduced in Roy Brook's "The Story of Huddersfield". A high-resolution PDF version of the map can be downloaded from here.
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The extent of the Huddersfield Improvement Commissioners' remit, highlighted on the 1854 Yorkshire 246 O.S. map. The 1851 O.S. Town Plan was likely surveyed in the mid-to-late 1840s before the boundary of the Improvement Commissioners was finalised…
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1894 Ordnance Survey map showing the short-lived Harden Moss Racecourse, situated above Meltham and Holmfirth on the Greenfield Road. Solicitor Frederick Robert Jones (1814-1896) had hoped to build a racecourse next to his "model farm" at Harden Moss…
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1894 OS map showing the location of the Rifle Butts 1,000 yard rifle range on Crosland Moor, used by the local Volunteer Rifle Corps in the late 1800s. Presumably anyone using Sandy Lane (which runs up to the Sands House Inn) would have been dodging…
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1854 Ordnance Survey map showing the location of Barley Misery, also known as Thewlis Lane Farm. Despite receiving a Grade II Listing status in the late 1970s, the farmhouses were later demolished.
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1879 map showing the extent of Dungeon Wood and the proposed section to be included in Beaumont Park (shaded in a darker grey). The map has been kindly provided by the Friends of Beaumont Park. The map was prepared by the Borough Surveyor, John Henry…
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