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Photograph of an woman and child, believed to be Jessie Louise Potts (née Pyrah) and her daughter Elaine A. Potts.
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Undated studio portrait by Sellman & Co. of Huddersfield of a group of unknown men, although one is possibly Jessie Louise Pyrah's father, John Pyrah. The original photograph is damaged with a split across the middle, but has been digitally…
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Studio portrait of Jessie Louise Pyrah (stood behind on the left) and her three siblings by photographer Henry Krüger (c.1851-1942). The identities of the two other women are not known.
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Photograph postcard captioned "18 Cambridge Road, Huddersfield" on the reverse in pencil. A unknown woman and girl (presumably mother and daughter) are stood in the doorway. At some point, the postcard was torn down the middle and then repaired with…
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Programme for the installation of stone and timber merchant John Pyrah (father of Jessie Louise Pyrah) as the Worshipful Master of the Huddersfield Lodge of Truth on 3 December 1897.
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Undated Christmas card sent by Mr and Mrs Holroyd of Brook House, Kings Mill Lane, Huddersfield, to the Pyrah family. This was Alderman John Holroyd (Mayor of Huddersfield 1908-1910) and his wife Ellen Ann.
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1905 Christmas card sent by Mr & Mrs Sanderson of Bank House, Market Place, Huddersfield, to the Pyrah family.
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Christmas card sent in 1895 from Mr and Mrs Thomas Mellor of Fartown Lodge to the Pyrah family.
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1913 Christmas card sent by E. J. Siddon and Eli Whitwam to the Pyrah family.
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1902 Christmas card sent by May Culley of Bradford Road, Huddersfield, to the Pyrah family.
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1902 Christmas card sent by Gertie Swallow of Grenville House, Birkby, to the Pyrah family.
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1907 Christmas card sent by Mr and Mrs W. P. MacGirr of Mayfield, Fartown, Huddersfield, to the Pyrah family.
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