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Timothy Bentley, 1768-1830.jpg
Portrait of Timothy Bentley (1768-1830) who founded Lockwood Brewery.

Ann Bate, Wife of Timothy Bentley, Died 1797.jpg
Portrait of Ann Bate, the first wife of brewer Timothy Bentley who founded Lockwood Brewery.

Illustrated London News 29 April 1905.jpg
"THE HUDDERSFIELD RAILWAY SMASH: A TELESCOPED COACH. On April 21, while a London and North-Western engine, with two coaches, was being shunted out of Huddersfield Railway Station, it came into collision with the 1.50 train from Bradford. The first…

Holmfirth from South Lane.jpg
Undated photograph of Dunford Road. The large building in the foreground is the National School.

Chester Hannah Wyles with Chester & Winifred about 1898.jpg
Studio portrait by photographer Henry Krüger of the Victoria Studio, 26 Queen Street, Huddersfield.

The family in the photograph are Chester and Hannah Wyles, with their children Chester and Winifred.

Roll of Honour, Joseph Hoyle and Sons, Longwood Mill.jpg
Reproduced from the Imperial War Museum web site under the terms of the CC BY-NC 4.0 Licence. Photograph © Ray Collier.

Staff of Life, Moldgreen.jpg
Photograph of the Staff of Life beerhouse at Moldgreen, circa 1907, kindly provided by Joan Garside:Back of photo says lady is Mary Davison and neice Edith Garside. The photograph was in the papers of Arthur and Annie Moorhouse (Nee Vickerman)…

Mrs Pankhurst at Huddersfield - Leeds Mercury 23 November 1906.jpg
Newspaper photograph of Suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst, seated in a room of the Imperial Hotel, New Street, Huddersfield, in November 1906. She had come to the town to campaign during the by-election.

Dora Thewlis - Yorkshire Evening Post 27 March 1907.png
Drawing of Dora Thewlis published in the Yorkshire Evening Post (27/Mar/1907).

Photo postcard of the rediscovery in 1906 of the "wells" under the Market Place. The stamped caption reads: "Ancient Wells, which formerly supplied Huddersfield with Water. Just found under the Market Cross."

An unusual photo postcard sent in January 1911 to Berry Brow jeweller Levi Windle, who was recovering in a nursing home following an operation. Windle died a few months later, aged 35.

The device in the photograph was seemingly owned by Windle, as…

Holmfirth Flood.jpg
An unusual photo postcard from the early 1900s which appears to show a painted backdrop of the 1852 Holmfirth Flood with physical objects representing debris in the foreground. It was possibly published to mark the 50th anniversary of the flood.

Bradley Church 1.jpg
Original design for St. Thomas's Church, Bradley, by architect William Henry Crossland (1835-1908).

Undated carte de visite photograph of Spring Grove School. On the reverse is written in pencil "Board School / Grove Street / Huddersfield".

Flyer for the Palace Theatre, Huddersfield, week commencing 12 June 1950. The following acts are named: George Eldrick - "The Smiling Voice of Radio" Roy Lester - "The Tall Tale Teller" / "Hi-Ya Pals" Denise Sisters - "Sophisticated Dancers" Eve…

Magnum Mission Room.jpg
Photograph of the Mission Room at Magnum, Holme, which opened in 1888.

Photo postcard of Hanson Lane, Lockwood. The large building near the centre of the photograph is the now-demolished Lockwood Mills.

Nont Sarahs Hotel.jpg
Undated photograph of Nont Sarah's Hotel, with an advertisement for "Wappy Stouts & Ales" on the gable end.

A curious postcard from the early 1900s which has had the road airbrushed out and various elements from the Market Place (including the Jubilee Fountain and a postbox) overlaid onto the right-hand side of the photograph.
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