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Lines on the Melancholy Catastrophe at Holmfirth.jpg
Printed broadside titled "LINES On the melancholy Catastrophe at Holmfirth, on the Fourth of February, by the bursting of a large Reservoir, causing the loss of upwards of 100 lives".

Yorkshire Post 03 June 1944 Riley Family.jpg
Newspaper photograph of Riley family (L-R) Donald, Geoffrey and Lily. Donald died on 29 May 1944 after he and Geoffrey attempted to rescue an elderly neighbour from rising floodwaters.

RAF Mosquito DZ698 (July 1944).jpg
Local newspaper photograph of the aftermath of RAF Mosquito DZ698, piloted by Flight Lieutenant Ernest Robert James Blezard, crashing into residential housing at the junction of Central Avenue and West Close, Fartown.

Stanley, George Herbert and Arthur Mitchell.jpg
Photograph (L-R) of siblings Stanley, George Herbert and Arthur Mitchell, believed to have been taken in 1917.

George Herbert Mitchell (centre), who is wearing a German Pickelhaube helmet, was awarded the Military Medal in October 1916 and died on…

George Herbert Mitchell (1893-1917).jpg
"Huddersfield's Roll of Honour: 1914-1922" (2014) by J. Margaret Stansfield: MITCHELL, GEORGE HERBERT, MM. Corporal. No 240588. 1/5th Battalion Duke of Wellington's Regiment. Born Almondbury. Son of George and Ruth A. Mitchell, 23 St. Helen's Farm,…

Belle Vue Refreshments, Harden Moss.jpg
Undated photograph of Belle Vue, Harden Moss Road, Meltham.

Chantrey Tower (early 1930s).jpg
Photograph of Chantrey Tower (known locally as Cook's Study) taken in the early 1930s by Mr. T. Dyson of Netherthong. It appeared in a newspaper article dated 10 February 1934.

Shoulder of Mutton, New Mill.jpg
Undated photographs of the Shoulder of Mutton, New Mill, which closed on 31 December 1938.

Undated photo postcard by Smith Carter showing the former footbridge over the Meltham Branch Line in Dungeon Wood (later Beaumont Park).

George Moxon & Sons.jpg
Letterhead for George Moxon and Sons of Huddersfield, "coal, coke & breeze factors" and specialists in "high class breeze, foundry & furnace coke"

Selection of invoices from carrier Henry Hanson of Church Street, Paddock.

Invoice from saddler and harness maker Joseph Edward Hemingway of 36 King Street, Huddersfield.

Hemmingway was residing at 38 Birkhouse Lane, Dalton, in 1900.

Invoice from "builders, contractors, stone merchants, &c" Ben Graham of 16 Prospect Street, Huddersfield.

Invoice from tobacconist and cigar merchant Harry Kirby of Huddersfield.

Invoice from Whitestone Ironworks off Turnbridge Road, Huddersfield.

Invoice from joiner, builder and undertaker Joe Sykes Farrand of the Steam Joinery Works, Colne Road, Huddersfield.

Invoice from manufacturing chemist H. Buckley of Lockwood.

This was likely chemist Herbert Buckley of Almondbury who is listed 15 Bridge Street, Lockwood, in the 1900 Huddersfield Street Directory.

Invoice from the Undertakers of the Aire and Calder Navigation to John Haigh & Son of Firth Street.

Invoice from the Undertakers of the Aire and Calder Navigation to John Haigh & Son of Firth Street.

Invoice from veterinary surgeon Henry Cooper of Moldgreen to John Haigh & Sons Ltd. of Priestroyd Iron Works, Firth Street.

Receipt from the Royal Insurance Company, Huddersfield, to John Haigh & Sons Ltd. of Priestroyd Iron Works, Firth Street.

Selection of 1907 invoices from manufacturer George Moxon & Sons of Huddersfield, producers of "high class breeze, foundry & furnace coke", sent to John & Sons Ltd of Priestroyd Iron Works, Firth Street.

Undated mounted photograph of a young woman by Verona of Market Place Chambers, Huddersfield.

Undated school photograph by Kruger & Holdsworth of Northumberland Street, Huddersfield.

Shakespeare Hirst (1841-1907).jpg
Undated photograph of Shakespeare Hirst (1841-1907).

Ellen Highley (1848-1929) née Dennison.jpg
Undated photograph of Sam Highley (1845-1927) and his wife Ellen (1848-1929) née Dennison. Ellen was an early member of the Huddersfield branch of the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU).

Edith Ann Key (1872-1937) née Proctor.jpg
Undated photograph of Edith Ann Key (1872-1937) née Proctor, first secretary of the Huddersfield branch of the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU).

Tolson Half Sheep - Daily Mirror 10 December 1925.png
Newspaper photograph of the new "half sheep" exhibit at the Tolson Memorial Museum, from the Daily Mirror.

Standard Fireworks - Daily Mirror 24 October 1956.png
Advertisement for Standard Fireworks from the Daily Mirror newspaper.

Catherine Augusta Yeats-Milne (1857-1905) née Hutchison.png
Newspaper illustration of Catherine Augusta Yeats-Milne (1857-1905) née Hutchison -- captioned as Catherine Yates Milne -- who one one of the two people who died following a railway accident at Huddersfield Railway Station on 21 April 1905.

Constance Alice Buckingham (1901-1986) nee Mills.jpg
Undated portrait of Constance Alice Buckingham (née Mills), baker and confectioner of 122 Lockwood Road, Huddersfield.

Born 24 March 1901 at Romsey, Hampshire, she married baker Fred Godfrey Buckingham (1893-1970) circa 1919 and the couple moved…

DFE Sykes.jpg
Undated portrait of Daniel Frederick Edward Sykes (1856-1920).

North and South Union Railway.jpg
Prospectus for the West Yorkshire North & South Union Railway (1871), which was one of several unsuccessful attempts to improve rail access between Huddersfield and Halifax.

Opening of the Mytholm Viaduct near Holmfirth (1867).jpg
Public notice of the reopening of the Holmfirth Branch Line, which had been partially closed following the collapse of Mytholmbridge Viaduct in December 1865.

The Laying of the Foundation Stone of the Railway Station at Huddersfield (1846).jpg
Letter relating to the laying of the foundation stone of Huddersfield Railway Station on 9 October 1846 by the Right Hon. Earl Fitzwilliam, sent by Thomas Heaton, Secretary of the Lodge of Harmony No. 342.

Hand-coloured postcard of Lockwood Viaduct, with Meltham Branch Line in the foreground.

Hand-coloured postcard of Greenhead Park, with the houses on Park Drive in the background.