National Spinsters' Pensions Association (NSPA).

Photo postcard of members of the Huddersfield, Marsden and Elland branches of the National Spinsters' Pensions Association (NSPA), taken on the steps of Huddersfield Railway Station on 14 May 1938. Around 70 members attended a rally in London.


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tags:1930-39, Digitised Items, National Spinsters' Pensions Association (NSPA), Photographs, Photographs: Monochrome, Postcards, Postcards: Monochrome, Railway Station (Huddersfield)
location:53.648420, -1.784467
publisher:No publisher is named on the reverse of the postcard.
creator:The photographer is not named on the postcard and was not credited when the photograph was published in the Huddersfield Examiner on 16 May 1938.
date:14 May 1938.
rights:Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY)
date added:27 December 2016

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