Park Valley, Huddersfield

The vantage point appears to be somewhere in Beaumont Park, possibly above the railway cutting, looking up the valley towards Armitage Bridge. The houses towards the top left are Berry Brow. In the foreground is the former Woodfield Estate, still covered in trees.

The small mortuary chapel is part of the (then) new Lockwood Cemetery, which had been laid out crica 1900. Only a handful of monuments are visible and the photograph was likely taken shortly after the cemetery opened (certainly it was taken prior to 1906, as the O.S. map of that year shows the remaining trees in the cemetery grounds had been felled). The fence running to the lower left marks a road that leads through to Woodfield House. From the front of the chapel, a road runs down Woodfield Road (now known as Meltham Road), which is barely visible through the trees. The chapel was demolished at some point after the mid-1980s.


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