1892 map showing the location of Woodfield Station

The approximate location of the station house of Woodfield Station is shown in red. The location has been approximated from a 1879 map of Dungeon Wood. The station famously opened at the start of June 1874 and then closed at the end of the same month. The decision to close the station was made in mid-June.

Whilst it is often assumed the the station was located near the flight of around 200 steps shown near the top of the map, the steps were actually built in the early 1880s during the laying out of Beaumont Park. The station was accessed from a path that ran up from Meltham Road, which later became the main route to the park's lower entrance. In the 1890s, a tramcar terminus was located near the foot of the path at Dungeon Cottages.

By 1892, it appears that the extension of the path beyond where it goes under the railway line had been walled off by extending the bridge abutment and by inflling the path. As no station building is shown on the map, it too must have been demolished by then.


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