Last Passenger Train from Meltham

Newspaper photograph of the final passenger train on the Meltham Branch Line, taken at Meltham Station on 21 May 1949. 90-year old Francis W. Creaser, who had travelled on the very first train from Meltham in 1869, is seen shaking the hand of the driver, Tom McCurley, of Low Moor, Bradford.


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tags:1940-49, 1949, Francis William Creaser (1858-1954), Huddersfield Examiner (Newspaper), Meltham, Meltham Branch Line, Newspaper and Journal Illustrations, Photographs, Photographs: Monochrome, Photographs: Newspaper, Railway Station (Meltham)
source:Huddersfield Examiner
date:21 May 1949
rights:Public Domain (PD)
date added:7 September 2023

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