Woodsome Old Mill (Albert T. Pile)

Between April and October 1952, the Huddersfield Examiner published a series of 26 pen and ink drawings by Brighouse artist Albert T. Pile in the weekend edition of the newspaper.

Saturday 5 July 1952

From An Artist's Sketch Book — 13
By Albert T. Pile

Woodsome Old Mill

The old mill on the Dartmouth Estate at Woodsome ground corn and oats for the neighbourhood for many centuries, but is now used only for storage purposes. It is in the tenancy of Mr. Richard Redfearn, members of whose family have been tenants of the estate for three hundred years. Records of Woodsome Mill go much further back however. The first documentary reference to it is dated 1297. The mill, driven by water power, worked regularly up to the period of the First World War.


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collection:Paintings, Engravings & Etchings
tags:1950-59, 1952, Albert Thomas Pile (1882-1981), Drawings, Mills, Newspaper and Journal Illustrations, Woodsome Mill
creator:Albert Thomas Pile (1882-1981)
source:Huddersfield Examiner
date:5 July 1952
rights:© Estate of Albert Thomas Pile
date added:25 October 2022

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