Woodsome Lees (Albert T. Pile)

Between April and October 1952, the Huddersfield Examiner published a series of 26 pen and ink drawings by Brighouse artist Albert T. Pile in the weekend edition of the newspaper.

Saturday 2 August 1952

From An Artist's Sketch Book — 17
By Albert T. Pile

The Charm of Woodsome Lees

A picturesque spot on the Dartmouth Estate is Woodsome Lees, where is situated a centuries-old building; reputed to he a dower house — a house for occupation by the widow of the Lord of the Manor after his death, when his heir moved to the Manor House. The Manor House at Woodsome was, of course, for long a seat of the Earls of Dartmouth. It is now a golf clubhouse, and the property at Woodsome Lees is let to private tenants.


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collection:Paintings, Engravings & Etchings
tags:1950-59, 1952, Albert Thomas Pile (1882-1981), Drawings, Newspaper and Journal Illustrations, Woodsome Lees
creator:Albert Thomas Pile (1882-1981)
source:Huddersfield Examiner
date:2 August 1952
rights:© Estate of Albert Thomas Pile
date added:25 October 2022

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