St Peter's, Huddersfield (Albert T. Pile)

Between April and October 1952, the Huddersfield Examiner published a series of 26 pen and ink drawings by Brighouse artist Albert T. Pile in the weekend edition of the newspaper.

Saturday 4 October 1952

From An Artist's Sketch Book — 26
By Albert T. Pile

The Church of St. Peter

Huddersfield Parish Church is ancient only in foundation. The present building goes back little more than a century and succeeds two others which have stood on the site. The first of them was, so tradition tells us, built late in the eleventh century by one of the De Laci family, who had come over with the Conqueror. It was dedicated to St. Peter, and this dedication has remained throughout the centuries.

In pre-Reformation times the priests who served the parish church were appointed by the Augustinian Canons of Nostel Priory. One of them belonged to the same family from which the American poet Longfellow was descended.

A noted figure in the religious life of the eighteenth century, the Rev. Henry Venn, a friend of John Wesley, was a Vicar of Huddersfield.


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