Farnley Tyas (Albert T. Pile)

Between April and October 1952, the Huddersfield Examiner published a series of 26 pen and ink drawings by Brighouse artist Albert T. Pile in the weekend edition of the newspaper.

Saturday 31 May 1952

From An Artist's Sketch Book — 8
By Albert T. Pile

Manorial Village

Farnley Tyas, against its lovely woodland setting, is as fair a village as may be found in the West Riding. Its history goes back into the mists of time like the origin of the family of Tyas (Teutonicus) which forms part of its name. Farnley Tyas, like Huddersfield, is mentioned in the Domesday Book. It subsequently passed to the Dartmouths, and the fourth Earl built St. Lucius's (seen here), which has a fine east window in his memory. The church, opened in 1840, has some association with figures in the Oxford Movement.


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creator:Albert Thomas Pile (1882-1981)
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date:31 May 1952
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