Closure of the Meltham Branch Line

Press photograph of the last regular passenger service on the Meltham Branch Line. 90-year old Francis W. Creaser, who had travelled on the very first train from Meltham in 1869, is seen shaking the hand of the driver, Tom McCurley, of Low Moor, Bradford. The fireman seen leaning out of the cab window was Arthur Carrodus of Dudley Hill, Bradford.


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tags:1940-49, 1949, Francis William Creaser (1858-1954), Meltham, Meltham Branch Line, Photographs, Photographs: Monochrome, Photographs: Newspaper, Railway Station (Meltham), Railway Stations
date:21 May 1949
rights:Public Domain (PD)
date added:22 May 2022

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