Bamforth: "On the benches in the park"

Early photo postcard published by Bamforth & Co. Ltd of Holmfirth. The reverse states "By permission of Jas. Bamforth, Ltd., Life-model lantern-slide manfs., etc." A handwritten note states that the man in the photograph is Holmfirth blacksmith Fred Bullock (1881-1962).

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tags:1900-09, 1905, Bamforth of Holmfirth (Publishers), Digitised Items, Fred Bullock (1881-1962), James Bamforth (1842-1911), Photographs, Photographs: Monochrome, Postcards, Postcards: Monochrome
publisher:Bamforth of Holmfirth.
date:Postmarked 20 March 1905.
rights:Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY)
date added:10 November 2019

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