Palace Theatre, Huddersfield (1945)

Flyer for the Palace Theatre, Huddersfield, week commencing 10 December 1945.

The following acts are named:

  • Issy Bonn - "Your Favourite Radio Commedian"
  • Vic Ray & Lucille - "Designed for Dancing"
  • Moran & Elot - "Comedy Dancing Creations"
  • Geoffrey Warner - "Laughter in the Modern Manner"
  • Fillipo - "The Wonder Boy Accordionist"
  • Terina - "Tearing her way through Life"
  • Vincent Ryan - "Australian Comedy Boy"
  • The Buckleys - "With their Bomerang Hats"

The Yorkshire Post (11/Dec/1945) gave the following details:

Issy Bonn mixes humorous stories with acceptable renderings of popular tunes. Moran and Elof provide a glimmer of the "Naughty Nineties" in their clever dancing act, and other turns are the Buckleys, who throw their boomerang hats into the auditorium, and Fillipo, a young piano-accordionist.


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