Central (Kayes') College

Undated photograph believed to show students of Central (Kayes') College, perhaps in the 1950s.

The following names appear on the reverse:

  • Chris J(?) Naylor [probably Christopher J. Naylor b. Hudd 1934]
  • Beryl Swallow [b. Hudd 1935]
  • Elaine M. Castle [probably b. Halifax 1934]
  • Marjorie Wood
  • G. Tinsdeall
  • L. Chappell [possibly Leslie Chappell b. Hudd 1934]
  • Kathleen Newlove [probably b. Sculcoates 1935]
  • R. Holroyd
  • Margaret Jones
  • Harold Rothery [b. Hudd 1933]
  • Alan E. Hoyle [b. Leeds 1933]
  • M. Shirley Heap [Margaret Shirley Heap b. Hudd 1934]
  • Maurren Meara [b. Hudd 1935]

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