Drinking Fountain, Greenhead Park, Huddersfield

Officially known as "The Rocky Stream" and commissioned by temperance organisation Huddersfield & District Band of Hope Union, the fountain was sculpted by Samuel Auty of Lindley and unveiled on 25 July 1885.

Unfortunately the figure (usually known as "Rebecca") gradually disintegrated, and the nose and toes are missing on this particular photograph. A lament to Rebecca, usually ascribed to Rex Mason (brother of actor James Mason), detailed her demise:

Rebecca, dear, beside her well
For years in Greenhead Park did dwell.
Admittedly she lost some charm,
At first her nose and then her arm.
But still to youngsters she was dear,
Without her nose, her face, her ear.
Now she's vanished, gone away,
Replaced by fount in Gothic shrine.
Memories alone will stay.
Where have you gone, Rebecca mine?

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