Berry Brow Station

Undated photograph taken at Berry Brow Station, showing the two carvings that once graced the northern wall of the platform.

The smaller carving (top right) was by stone mason Thomas Stocks - whose work included the carved heads adorning the Town Hall in Huddersfield - and was reportedly completed in 1864.

The larger sandstone carving (dated 1886) by was by Stocks' teenage son, John Charles Stocks. The figure in the centre is Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway engineer Thomas Swinburn, with Shakespeare and poet John Milton reportedly being the faces on the left and right.

Following the closure of the station in the mid-1960s, the larger sculpture was removed and taken to the York Railway Museum. When a new Berry Brow station was opened in 1989, plans to rehouse the carving there fell through and it was instead transferred to the Tolson Museum in Huddersfield.


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