Longwood Harriers Athletic Club booklet

Diamond jubilee Longwood Harriers Athletic Club booklet.

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(Founded 1888).
Affiliated to the English Cross Country Union and Amateur Athletic Association, Members of the Northern C.C., Yorkshire C.C., Halifax and District C.C., Huddersfield and District C.C. Associations, and Northern Counties Athletic Association.
SEASON - 1948-49.
Headquarters: Old Cliffe End Club, Longwood, Huddersfield.
President: A. FEARNLEY, Esq;
Patrons: H, N. Denham, Esq., H. Parkin, Esq., T. Joyce, Esq., K. Littlewood, Esq., J. Peissel, Esq.
Life Members: A.N. Wood, Esq., W. Wood, Esq., P. Balmford, Esq., S. Smith, Esq.
Vice-Presidents: Messrs. S. Thornton, G. W. Taylor, W. Boothroyd, A. Earnshaw, It. Whittaker, W. France, B. Francis, E. Massam, A. Donkersley, H.1' Gardner, G. Davies, L. A. fiird, W. Swift.
Captain: S. Whittaker.
Vice-Captain: R. Goggs.
Junior Vice-Captain: E. M. Weaving.
Hon. Secretary and Treasurer: Mr. W. Quarmby, 46, Chapel Terrace, Crosland Moor, Huddersfield.
Hon. Assistant Secretary: Mr. G. W. Marehbank, 5, College St. East, Crosland Moor, Huddersfield.
Financial Secretary: Mr. S. W. Pitcher, 13, Longley Road, Huddersfield.
Committee: Messrs. W. Wood, H. Gardner, D. Cartwright, C. Foster, G. Sanderson.
Club Coach: Mr. C. Foster.
Trainers: Messrs. R. Boothroyd, T. Ramsden, y H. Gardner, H. Shaw.
Handicappers: Messrs. H. Gardner, C. Foster, S. Whittaker, F. Hirst.
Starters and Timekeepers: Messrs. W. Wood, S. Smith, A. Earnshaw, A. Fearnley.
Representatives to Associate Meetings: Messrs. W. Wood, H. Gardner, D. Cartwright, A. Fearaley.
Hon. Social Secretary: Mr. P. R. Cleary, 58, Roger Lane, Newsome, Huddersfield.
Social Committee: Messrs. K. Balmforth, R. Goggs, A. Thomis, K. Simpson, J. Brierley.
Hon. Auditors: Messrs. G. and T. Davies.
The Youths’ Section is registered as a Youth Club, affiliated to the Huddersfield Youth Committee. All members under 21 years of age come under this category, and as such are entitled to take part in any communal Youth Club activities in the district.
Coach and Leader: Mr. C. Foster.
Friday, December 17th, 1948
Sep. 25 — Crosland Hill, Sands House.Inn. 2-45 prompt.
Oct. 2 — Lockwood, Shoulder of Mutton Inn.
Oct. 9 — Lascelles Hall Cricket Field.
Oct. 16 — Birchencliffe, Royal Hotel. Inter-run with Halifax H.
Oct. 23 — Crosland Hill, Sands House Inn. Open* Novice Race.
Oct. 30 — Brighouse. Halifax and District C.I.A. Monster Meet.
Nov. 6 — Oakes AV.M.C. Inter-run with Manchester A.C. and Wakefield II.
Nov. 13 — Honley, Woodroyd School. Inter-run with Holmfirth II. Leeds Youth Race.
Nov. 20 — Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Event. Details later.
Nov. 27 — Longwood, Rose and Crown. Leeds November Handicap.
Dec. 4 — Point-to-Point Race, Sealed Handicap, for "Cartwright Trophy."
Dec. 11 — Newsome Church School.
Dec. 18 — 6 Miles C.C. Race for "Cross-Country Cup" (Seniors), Hope Bank, Honley. 2 Miles C.C. Race, for "Ladies' Cup" (Boys and Youths).
Dec. 27 — Boxing Day Invitation Run, 10-30 a.m. Sands House Inn, Crosland Hill.
Jan. 1 — *Netherton, Beaumont’s Arms Inn.
Jan. 8 — *Birehencliffe, Royal Hotel. Bingley Road Race (Youths and Seniors).
Jan. 15 — *Almondbury Conservative Club.
Jan. 22 — *Sands House Inn, Crosland Hill.
Jan. 29 — Halifax and District C.C.A. Championships. Venue Later.
Feb. 5 — *Fenay Bridge, Swan Inn.
Feb. 12 — Yorkshire C.C.A. Championships.
Feb. 19 — Old Cliffe End Club, Longwood.
Feb. 26 — Netherton, Beaumont’s Arms. Northern C.C.A. Championships, York.
Mar. 5 — Oakes W.M.C.
Mar. 12 — Newsome Church School. English C.C.U. Championships.
Mar. 19 — Sheepridge, Belle Vue Hotel.
Mar. 26 — Crosland Hill, Sands House Inn.
Apr. 2 — (Honley, Jacob’s Well Inn). Road Races. Seniors 6 Miles for “ Lockwood Cup.” Youths 2 Miles.
* Indicates Training Runs.
Evening Training will commence in October on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Mount Street Sunday School, Lockwood.
1 — That this Club be called the Long-wood Harriers A.C., and its object be the promotion of Cross Country Punning and Athletics generally.
2 — That the Committee of the Club shall consist of a President, Captain, Vice-Captains, Honorary Secretary and Treasurer, and a Committee of five members, who are to be elected annually. Five to form a quorum.
3 — That the Entrance Fee be 1/-, Annual Subscriptions 5/-. Youths under 18, 3/-, Boys under 16, 2/-. AH Subscriptions to be paid on or before the first Saturday in November. No member will be eligible to compete in any race until his subscription is fully paid.
4 — That the Captain has power to select hares, pace and whip, and to have sole control over all runners.
5 — That the duty of the hares be to lay a continuous trail and that it be the duty of the pack to keep five yards behind pace until Whip gives the signal to race home.
6 — That the club uniform consists of black drawers, royal blue and white hooped jerseys.
7 — That any gentleman wishing to become a member must be proposed by a member of the Committee into whose hands he must place his entrance fee and be put up for election.
8 — That all members who compete in any race connected with the club must have put in at least one third of the runs from the commencement of the season.
9 — That no member be eligible to compete for the time medal in connection with the Road Race who has won it three times previously, or who has not qualified for the race.
10 — That each member be allowed to invite one friend only to the room hired or occupied by the club.
11 — That the committee meet at such times and places as may be deemed expedient, and that 3 days' notice be given for committee meetings, and 7 days for the annual general meeting.
12 — That any member not competing in club colours in any race connected with the club shall be disqualified.
13 — That any member desiring to resign must forward his resignation in writing to the Hon. Secretary 7 days before the date of the Annual Genera! Meeting. Failing such written resignation, the committee may at their option hold him responsible for any subscription or call, etc., which may occur or be found necessary after that date.
14 — A general meeting other than the annual general meeting may be called by the Committee or on a requisition to the Hon. Secretary signed by not less than five members. The notice convening the meeting must be sent out not less than 3 days before the meeting and must state the business for which the meeting is required. Seven members shall form a quorum at any general meeting. In the event of no quorum attending, a quorum of the committee shall be entitled to transact any business.
15 — That the rules can only be altered or added to by a majority of the members present at a general meeting, and the nature of the proposed alteration and addition must be stated in a notice convening the meeting.
16 — That no mechanical or improper pacing be allowed in any race connected with the eiub.
17 — That the committee shall have power to fill any vacancy occuring amongst the' officers of the club during current season,
18 — That the Annual General Meeting be held on the Last Monday in April of each year for the purpose of electing officers and to receive the Hon. Secretary’s report and balance sheet, it having been previously passed by the Auditors, and also to transact other business for the ensuing season.
19 — That any member breaking any rules be subject to such penalties as the committee may decide.
20 — That we close the season with the Annual 6 miles Road Race.
21 — That a novice, is one who has never won a prize of any description with running.
1 — That the winners of the “Lockwood Cup,” the Club Cross Country Cup, the “Ladies” Trophy and the “Maurice and Denys Cartwright” Trophy shall hold the cups within 14 days previous to the next annual meeting.
2 — That the name of the winners be engraved on the cups each year at the expense of the club.
You Made The Rules -- Observe Them.
All runs will be held wet or fine.
Hares out at 2-45, prompt. December and January, 2-30. Packs before 3-15.
All club races will start promptly at the time stated on the card.
Every member is requested to make a small weekly contribution towards the cost of hiring the dressing rooms.
Rules 3, 5 and 8 will be strictly enforced.
Encourage and help the youngsters — they are the future first team men.
To “get there” you must be fit and you can’t get fit without training. The trainer is there to be heard.
Please Respect the officials — they occupy honorary office for your benefit.
To all — We want new members! Do your bit for the club. Success or failure depends on you, not the “other fellow.” Each member should introduce at least one new member during the season. Bring yours early.
Finally — remember you are part of the team — don’t ever let your team and your club down.
An old member has promised a pair of running pumps to any member who turns out on every Saturday club run.
If you have any suggestions
If you want to know anything
If you have any grouses