"My Word I've Blown My Button Off"

Humourous postcard sent from Bella to Miss Florrie Brown of Bent House, Meltham.

As a teenager, Florrie (daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Brown of Darton) worked as a domestic servant at Bent House (Meltham) before marrying Lance Corporal Harry Reuben William Knight on 1 December 1917. She was left a widow a few months later when Harry was killed in action on 20 May 1918. It seems likely Florrie was working as a servant at Moll View as she later moved back to Barnsley where she married Harry Rimmington in 1921.

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publisher:Postcard published as part of the "Rotary Photographic" series.
date:Postmarked 27 August 1910.
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date added:13 June 2017

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