Marsden Church Mission, October 1924

Promotional leaflet from 1924. "Mr Spencer" was likely the Rev. C.E.G. Spencer, the vicar of St. Bartholomew, Marsden.


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date:October 1924
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OCTOBER, 1924.
Letter From The Bishop.
Dear Mr. Spencer,
I am very glad to hear that you are to have a Parochial Mission preached in your Parish in October. I feel quite sure that the time is ripe for an earnest and united effort in many of our parishes to bring before all our people the claim of God's love in the message of redemption through the Cross of Jesus. I hope that everyone will recognize his personal responsibilities, and take his share in this effort, and that every blessing will rest upon the work of the Mission.
Yours very truly,
THE MISSION begins on Sunday, October 12th, and continues at least ten days. Keep that date in mind. We earnestly beg you to join in it. At least, give us a hearing.
Christ Calls You!