Annual Longwood Music Festival (1955)

Programme for the 82nd Longwood Musical Festival, more commonly known as the "Longwood Sing".

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collection:Leaflets, Pamphlets & Small Booklets
tags:1950-59, 1955, Annual Longwood Music Festival, Digitised Items, Handel's "Messiah", Longwood, Longwood Sing, Music Festivals, Pamphlets, Programmes
date:4 September 1955.
rights:Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY)
date added:6 May 2017

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Musical Festival
Sunday Afternoon, September 4th, 1955
Hymn Tunes and Selections from Various Works.
Copies provided for Orchestra.
Vocalists please bring ‘Messiah’
Conductor - - George E. Crowther
Leader of Orchestra - Elsie M. Crowther Deputy Leader - Bernard Townend Teas provided for Instrumentalists and Vocalists.
Others 1/6
IF WET, the Festival will be held in the Parish Church, by kind permission of the Vicar.
Please address all Communications to the Hon. Secretary,
Mr. H. JONES, 117, Prospect Road, Longwood.
Assistant Secretary :
Mr. L. CROWTHER 41, Thornhill Road, Longwood.
So often have we used the phrase “The Ups and Downs’’ of life,
A common conversation piece by everyone—and his wife,
But write them down, your “ups” and “downs’’—Let conscience by your guide,
Then note! The “ups’’ we soon forget, but “downs’’ are magnified!
So let us turn the list around, suppress our “bad luck” tale,
And look for sunshine in each cloud, let cheerfulness prevail;
It could be worse a thousand times, just think and you’ll agree, Without our ‘‘ups” and “downs” twould be a huge catastrophe!
No cliffs, no vales, no lakes, no dales, no hills, no “sheltered” side,
No “prices changed ”, no “quality up”, no illness—but no pride,
No friends in need—no need for friends— Let s be content, dear friend, And take our “ups ’ and “downs” of life, and try our ways to mend.
Forget our troubles, share our joys, and try to help those who Are not so lucky as ourselves, just watch our friendships grow,
For life's worthwhile, whene’er you Smile at “ups” and “downs , you see—
So come “up” and enjoy the Sing, come “down”, enjoy your tea!
Dear Friends and Patrons, ,
The Officers and Committee wish to thank you all very sincerely for your grand support to Longwood Sing every year. It is a wonderful effort and grand work, and if any young lady or gentleman over 16 years old would care to help us further by selling programmes or collecting, it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact any member of the Committee, or come to any meeting. You will be made welcome.
HUBERT DAWSON President and Treasurer.
HARRY JONES Hon. Secretary.
LESLIE CROWTHER Assistant Secretary.
Cash Account for the Year 1954
Cash in Hand
Cash in Lloyd’s Bank ..
Cash in Upper Agbrigg Bank
Collections Subscriptions Sale of Programmes Teas sold
Balance for Disposal
£ E t. ( L PAYMENTS £ s. d.
1 9 11 A. Parkin & Son Ltd. (Printing) 20 5 0
5 9 6 church Inst., Laundry, etc. .. 1 12 0
.. 125 0 0 Adverts., Hudd. ‘Examiner’ .. 1 10 0
3 2 6 Catering, Longwood Ind. Soc. Ltd. 5 10 0
.. 59 18 51 Stationery, Stamps etc. 2 5 9
.. 45 2 6 Cheque Book 5 0
23 6 3 invested, Upper Agbrigg Bank 125 0 0
1 14 0 Balance for Disposal 108 15 4i
£265 3 1i £265 3 1i
Disposal Account, 1954
£ s. d. £ S. d.
.. 108 15 41 Hudd. Royal Infirm’y., Spec. Fund 10 0 0
Hudd. Victoria Nursing Ass’n.
Physio-Therapy Van .. 10 0 0
Hu Hudd. Cripples’ Guild 5 0 0
Hudd. Blind Society 5 0 0
Hudd. Deaf & Dumb Soc. 5 0 0
Hudd. Musicians’ Union 5 0 0
Longwood Old Folks’ Gathering 30 0 0
Minsbridge Old Folks’ Gathering 5 0 0
Outlane Old Folks’ Gathering 5 0 0
Salendine Nook Old Folks’ Gath’g. 5 0 0
Paddock Old Folks' Gathering 5 0 0
Hudd. Welfare Homes Dept. 10 0 0
Cash in Lloyd’s Bank .. 2 13 0
Cash in Treasurer’s Hands 1 2 41
£108 15 £108 15
Audited and found correct, 13th April, 1955. F. TOWNEND.
Allan Parkin & Son Ltd , Kings Mill Lane, Huddersfield