Sylvia Margaret Wood (1921-2015) and Riley Wood (1919-2001).

Photograph of two children, with "Riley & Margaret Wood" written on the reverse.

Riley (born 24/Nov/1919) and Margaret Sylvia (born 16/Feb/1921) were the children of Harold Wood and his wife Alice (née Marflitt). Riley was named after his paternal grandfather, who was the publican of the Railway Junction Inn (now the Foxglove), Kirkburton, at the time of the 1911 Census.

Both were living with their widowed mother Alice on Ballroyd Road at the time of the 1939 Register. Margaret (then named as Sylvia M. Wood) married Stanley Waddington in 1943 and Riley married Gwendoline Doughty (1921-2011) in March 1946.


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tags:Children, Digitised Items, Photographs, Photographs: Monochrome, Riley Wood (1919-2001), Set HC002, Sylvia Margaret Wood (1921-2015)
source:One of a number of postcards and photographs from a house clearance in the Huddersfield area (Set HC002).
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