Milnsbridge Methodist Church.

Programme for a performance of selections from Handel's "Messiah" at Milnsbridge Methodist Church.


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tags:1940-49, 1949, Digitised Items, Handel's "Messiah", Milnsbridge, Milnsbridge Methodist Church, Programmes
date:4 December 1949.
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Milnsbridge Methodist Church
Selections from Handel’s
SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4th, 1949, at 2-15 p.m. Rev. V. C. COWELL will preside
Soprano : Madam Winnie Sykes Contralto : Madam Gladys England Tenor : Mr. Dan Griffiths Bass : Mr. Jack Clayton
Conductor: Mr. George W. Whitwam Organist: Mr. Frank Dodson F.R.C.O.
1 Overture
2 Recit “Comfort ye” ... ... Mr. Dan Griffiths
3 Air “Ev’ry valley”
4 Chorus “And the Glory”
5 Recit “Thus saith the Lord” ... ... Mr. Jack Clayton
6 Air “But who may abide” ... * * * f * ft Madam Gladys England
8 Recit “Behold a virgin”
9 Air “O Thou that tellest” ft ft
9A Chorus “O Thou that tellest”
10 Recit “For behold darkness” ... Mr. Jack Clayton
11 Air “The people that walked in darkness” „ „
12 Chorus “For unto us”
13 Pastoral Symphony
14 Recit “There were Shepherds” Madam Winnie Sykes
15 Recit “And the Angel” ... f, it
16 Recit “And suddenly” •• II 19
17 Chorus “Glory to God”
18 Air “Rejoice greatly” Madam Winnie Sykes
19 Recit “Then shall the eyes” Madam Gladys England
20 Air “He shall feed his flock” >» »» »>
Air “Come unto Him” Madam W. Sykes
23 Air “He was despised” Madam Gladys England
29 Recit “Thy rebuke has broken his heart” Mr. Dan Griffiths
30 Air “Behold and see” • •• i» »»
31 Recit “He was cut off” >* »»
32 Air “But thou didst not leave’’ ... ,, ,,
33 Chorus “Lift us your heads”
39 Chorus “Their sound is gone out”
40 Air “Why do the nations” Mr. Jack Clayton
42 Recit “He that dwelleth in Heaven” Mr. Dan Griffiths
43 Air “Thou shalt break them” n n
44 Chorus “Halleluiah”
45 Air “I know that my Redeemer Livetn Madam W. Sykes
46 Quartet “Since by man came death’’ ...
47 Chorus “By man came also”
48 Quartet “For as in Adam all die”
49 Chorus “Even so in Christ”
50 Recit “Behold I tell you a mystery” Mr. Jack Clayton
51 Air “The trumpet shall sound n ii
56 Chorus “Worthy is the Lamb”
(last 3 Bars “Amen” Chorus)
Lenny Halstead & Co., Ltd., Dowker Street, Milnsbridge