A Souvenir of Meltham.

An unusual hard-drawn postcard containing a number of references (some cryptic) to Meltham, likely produced in the early 1900s.

  • "The Cat Where is the Kitten" is likely a reference to the Cat Inn beerhouse. The Kitten was either a smaller adjoining beerhouse (run by Hannah Waterhouse circa 1840s) and/or a local nickname for the Cat Inn mocking its small size.
  • "Trade Effluent / UDC" is perhaps a reference to the sewers at Meltham Mills, which had been paid for by the rate payers of Meltham, but were also being used by the parts of the Brook family mills situated within the boundary of Honley Urban District Council. The residents of Shady Row (also techincally within the Honley boundary) successfully petitioned to have the Meltham township boundary redrawn in the mid-1890s so that the whole of Meltham Mills fell within Meltham.
  • Edward Brook died in 1904, which suggests the postcard was perhaps drawn after his death. Amongst his gifts to the people of Meltham had been the Jubilee Recreation Ground (shown as the "Rec" on the postcard).


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creator:Smith Carter (c.1864-1933)
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