River Colne & Dalton Bank, Huddersfield

The photographer appears to have been stood near Dalton Lees Mill looking eastwards. A railway signal on the Kirkburton Branch can be seen on the right. The white building is the Smallpox Hospital on Dalton Bank Lane, with Dalton Bank Plantation on the hillside to the left.

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tags:1900-09, Dalton Bank, Dalton Bank Plantation, Digitised Items, Kirkburton Branch Line, Postcards, Postcards: Hand Coloured, Regent Series of Postcards, River Colne, Whitehouse Farm Smallpox Hospital (Dalton Bank)
publisher:Published as part of the Regent Series (No. 2022).
date:Postmarked 10 September 1908. Sent by Katharine C. Wimpenny to Miss B. North of Ashgrove, Deighton.
rights:Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY)
date added:27 December 2016

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