Theatre Royal: 1951 Programme

An eight page programme for events in the 1951 season at the Theatre Royal, Huddersfield. The season included perfomances of:

  • "The Last Curtain" by Weber
  • "La Revenante" (She Who Comes Back) by Molly Lake
  • "Swan Lake" (Act 2) by Tchaikovsky
  • "The Fall from Grace" by Molly Lake
  • "Impromptu for Twelve" by Rossini
  • "Les Sylphides" by Chopin
  • "Les Quatre Elements" by Pugini
  • "Bartlemas Fair" by Gustav Holst
  • "Flora and Fauns" by Ponchielli
  • "Nymphenburg Garden" by Mozart
  • "Salute to Petipa" by Tchaikovsky
  • "Gisselle" (Act 2) by Adolph Adam
  • "Sylvia" (A Ballet in One Act) by Leo Delibes
  • "Les Ombres" by Schubert
  • "Jeu de la Danse" by Schubert
  • "Pas de Deux from Casse Noisette by Tchaikovsky
  • "Pas de Trois from Swan Lake" by Tchaikovsky
  • "Variations from the First Act of The Sleeping Princess" by Tchaikovsky
  • "Fadette" by Gabiel Faure
  • "Cinderella on Ice" for one week commencing 19 November

The second page has an advertisement for Bentley & Shaw Ltd., including an aerial photograph of their Lockwood Brewery.

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