Bills o' Jacks

Undated postcard showing the Moorcock Inn at Greenfield — more commonly known as "Bill o' Jacks" or "Bills o' Jacks". It was the scene of an infamous brutal double-murder in April 1832 of landloard William Bradbury and his son Thomas.

Their tombstone reportedly reads:

Here lie the dreadfully bruised and lacerated bodies of William Bradbury and Thomas, his son, both of Greenfield, who were together savagely murdered in an unusually horrid manner, on Monday night, April 2nd, 1832, William being 84 and Thomas 46 years old. Throughout the land wherever news is read. Intelligence of their sad end has spread. Those now who talk of far-famed Greenfield hills. Will think of Bill o' Jack's and Tom o' Bill's. Such interest did their tragic end excite. That, ere they were removed from human sight. Thousands on thousands came to see. The bloody scene of the catastrophe. One house, one business, and one bed. And one most shocking death they had. One funeral came, one inquest past. And now one grave they have at last.


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publisher:Postcard published by F. & G. Pollard of Oldham.
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