Historic postcards of Huddersfield and its surrounding districts.

Items in the Postcards Collection

River Colne & Dalton Bank, Huddersfield
The photographer appears to have been stood near Dalton Lees Mill looking eastwards. A railway signal on the Kirkburton Branch can be seen on the right. The white building is the Smallpox Hospital on Dalton Bank Lane, with Dalton Bank Plantation on…

Clock tower, Ravensknowle Park, Huddersfield.
Undated colour postcard of the clock tower shelter in Ravensknowle Park, built from parts of the Cloth Hall.

The Castle, Fixby
Postcard of "The Castle", a property on North Cross Road, Cowcliffe, Fixby.

National Spinsters' Pensions Association (NSPA).
Photo postcard of members of the Huddersfield, Marsden and Elland branches of the National Spinsters' Pensions Association (NSPA), taken on the steps of Huddersfield Railway Station on 14 May 1938. Around 70 members attended a rally in London.

Ramsden Street Congregational Church, Huddersfield
An embossed postcard showing the Rev. G. Davies and his wife of the Ramsden Street Congregational Church, Huddersfield.

The Spa, Slaithwaite, near Huddersfield
Postcard showing the bandstand in the grounds near Slaithwaite Spa Baths. The bandstand had been demolished by the late 1960s.

Technical School, Holmfirth
Postcard of the Holmfirth Technical Institute, situated on Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth. The building is now an adult education centre.

Station & Peel Statue, Huddersfield
Undated photo postcard of St. George's Square, showing the Railway Station and the statue of Sir Robert Peel.

The Avenue, Bills o' Jacks Road, Greenfield
Undated postcard showing a section of the road now known as the A635 Holmfirth Road. Parts of the road were named after the main inn on that section, such as the "Isle of Skye Road" above Meltham. The Moorcock Inn at Greenfield — more commonly known…

The Old Clough House, Halifax Old Road, Huddersfield
Postcard of Clough House, which was situated on Halifax Old Road. Believed to have originally been built in the 1500s, it was demolished in January 1899 to allow the road to be widened.

Bills o' Jacks
Undated postcard showing the Moorcock Inn at Greenfield — more commonly known as "Bill o' Jacks" or "Bills o' Jacks". It was the scene of an infamous brutal double-murder in April 1832 of landloard William Bradbury and his son Thomas. Their tombstone…

Beaumont Park, Huddersfield
Postcard from the early 1900s of the Castle Refreshment Rooms in Beaumont Park.

The Castle, Beaumont Park, Huddersfield
Postcard of the Castle Refreshment Rooms in Beaumont Park.

The image is from before 1914, as the ivy was stripped back from the tower that year only to reveal structural defects.

The Waterfall, Woodside, Meltham
The building on the right was Midge Mill and the waterfall (or weir) would have helped to divert water into the mill, perhaps to power a waterwheel.

Wolfstones, Holmfirth
Postcard of Wolfstones (now Wolfstones Heights Farm).

Beaumont Park
Undated postcard showing the arches under Beaumont Park Road.

King Street, Huddersfield
Undated postcard of King Street, Huddersfield, with the distinctive Market Hall (designed by Edward Hughes).

The Public Library, Huddersfield
1950s photo postcard of the Public Library and Theatre Royal in Huddersfield.

A.W. Whiteley & Sons
Publicity postcard for A.W. Whiteley and Sons of 42 Westgate, Huddersfield.

Waterloo Cinema, Huddersfield
Postcard of the Waterloo Cinema on Wakefield Road, which opened in 1931 as the Waterloo Pictures.

The Mayor & Mayoress of Huddersfield being presented to the King & Queen
Photo postcard of the Mayor and Mayoress of Huddersfield being presented to King George V and his wife on 11 July 1912.

Technical School, Huddersfield
Hand-tinted postcard of the Technical School building, more commonly known as the Ramsden Building, which was built in the early 1880s (designed by architect Edward Hughes). Situated beyond the Technical School is the Milton Congregational Church.

Berry Brow and Armitage Bridge, Huddersfield
Hand-tinted postcard. Berry Brow is on the left of the photograph. On the far right is Armitage Bridge. The mill in the foreground is Dungeon Mill.

Park Valley, Huddersfield
The vantage point appears to be somewhere in Beaumont Park, possibly above the railway cutting, looking up the valley towards Armitage Bridge. The houses towards the top left are Berry Brow. In the foreground is the former Woodfield Estate, still…

Woodsome Hall
Hand-tinted postcard of the courtyard at Woodsome Hall.