Pigot's Commercial Directory for 1818-20 by James Pigot

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- Britannia.




Ts situated in the hundred of Agbrige, and west riding of Yorkshire, 187 miles from London, 25 from Manchester, and 19 from Leéds. The whole .of the town, with the exception of one house, is the property of Sir John Ramsden. -It has within these few years increased rapidly in buildings, trade, and population. The neighbourhood is well inhabited; and though the surrounding country presents a bleak and barren appearance, it affords, in many places, views the orost romantic and interesting. A very good cloth- hall has been erected, in which great quantities of goods are every. Tuesday exposed for sale. Narrow plain cloths are the principal manufacture of the neighbourhood ; But fine broads are now a!so frequently made, as well as fancy goods of various deseriptions, worsted cords, &c. &c, Many merchants reside in Huddersfield and the neighbourhood,

and many others, as well as woolstaplers, attend the market from Leeds, Wakefield, &c.

- these, together with the manufacturers, and purchasers from various parts of the kingdom,

give the town an appearance of business not excelled in any other place.——The church is a large plain building, capable of holding a great. number of people. ‘It has lately undergone a complete repair, with the addition of a new tower. steeple, a fine peal of

I @ight bells, a new organ, «&c. all at the expence of the parish. The church was rebuilt

jn 1501. Here are also places of worship for Dissenters, ‘Friends, &c. ‘In the town is established an Auxiliary Bible Society ; a Benevolent, or Strangers’ Friend Society ; an Auxiliary Society for the conversion of Jews; a School of Industry for girls, established and supported by ladies residing in the town and neighbourhood ; namerous Sanday Schools, and other benevolent institutions. About two miles to the ‘south, the remains of the ancient city of Canbodunum are still visible on the summit of a bill which retains th® name of Casi/e-hill.. Camden has given a particular account of this’ place in his A canal cut from Huddersfield to the river Calder, by ‘means of which it enjoys the advantages of a Water communication with all parts of the kingdom. —-Fairs are held here on March 31, May 4, which is the principal one, aud October I; for cattle, horses, &c. The number of inhabitants:is about 10,000.


John Goward, Post-Master. for the

‘North, at twelve at noon— Mail for London and the Sonth, at six in the evening. ee oe

gy Battye Joho Market-place Bond James vate os Blackburn Joveph, New-street = ‘Hollingshead J 5 |} Brown Matthew King-street © . oningshead Joseph, Northgate I Crosland Josiah, King-sireet I Attornies, Greenwood William,

irkgate Peace John, Corn-marke

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. Mductioners. Blyth George, Holmfirth ‘Crowther John, (appraiser) Beast- ‘market Lancaster John, Queen-street

I Booksellers, Binders, &c. Brook Joseph, (printer) Westgate Garnet William, Westgate Kemp T. (printer & music-seller) New-st. _Laneashire Josiah, (printer) Kirkgate Shaw William, Beast-market Smart Thomas, (printer & dealer in paper hangings) King-street Teale George, Castlegate

Boot and Shoe Makers. Berry George, Manchester-street Berry Richard, Upperhead-row Bradley Henry, King-street Field Benjamin, Temple-street Field Benjamin, Westgate Gray Richard, Manchester-street Hoyle George, Cross Church-street Liddell John, King-street Parker John, Manchester-street Robson Thomas, King-sireet Sharp Richard, Market-place Sheard Joseph, Manchester-street Stansfield Ely, Manchester street Thornton Janves, Market-place

Braziers and Tin-men. Crowther John, Northgate - Haigh Robert, Clothhall-street Halliwell Abel, Manchester-street ‘Hird Willlam, Cross Church-street William Cartwright, Baxton-road Johnson Joseph, Westgate - Leach Jonathan, Cross Church-street Newhouse Richard and John, Westgate Simpson Henry, Cross Church-street

Brewers: Alexander and Sons, Rasheliff Bentley Timothy, Lockwood Mills James and Co. Quay-street

Cabinet Makers. Denton William, New Market Flockton John, Northgate _Gibson Henry, High-street ‘Gibson Abraham, High-street Hanson John, New-street Hirst John, Top-o’-th’-green Machan Allison, Rosemary-lane Mosley John, Market-street ; Pennington Thomas, Cross Church-sireet Thornton Joseph, Cross Church-street I Turner William, Top-o’-th’-town Whiteley Robert, Top-o’-th’-town

Card Armitage John, Kirlkheaton Jackson John, Westgate King John, Brighouse Shaw Williant, Clothhall-street -

Cheese Mongers. © Hadwen J. B. Market-place

Jackeon George, Westgate -


Cloth Drawers and Letteyere. Brook Barnard, Northgate Brown Riehard, Lowerhead-row Child John, Market-street Holt John, Buil’s-head Johneon William (and patent card-maker ) Castlegate-end Milner Richard, Temple-street Swallow William, Cresent Swift Jas. (patent card-maker) Quay-st.

Cloth Dressers. Armitage Jobn, Castlegate Armitage Joseph, Top-o’-th’ green Beever Thomas, Top-o’-th’-green Bell John, Northgate Binns James, Fartown Binns Joseph, Fartown Booth James, Beast-market Booth John, Back-yard . Booth George, Corn-market Booth James, Rosemary-lane Booth James, Broadtemter Booth Sarah, Beast-market Bowman Jeseph, Fieldgate Bray and Hirst, Fieldgate Brook Edward, Ramsden-row Brook George, Top-o’-th’-town Brook Richard, Lowerhead-row Brook John, Top-o’-th’-green

I Brook Joshua, Top-o’-th’-green

Clay John, Beast-market Clay George, Cropper-row Cotton Abraham, Kirkgate Coulton Richard, Fieldgate Crook Benjamin, Cowcliffe-side Crosland Joseph, Castlegate Crosland A. Clotbhali-street, Oakes Crowther Benj. Clothhall-sireet, Lindley Dawson John, Marsh Drake Law, Turnbridge Dyson Jobn, Packhorse-yard, Coyveliffe Field Thomas, Fop-o’-th’-green Firth William, Top-o’-th’-green Gibson Richard, Mold-green Goulter George, Castlegate . Haigh James, Upperhead-row Haliiwell Jeseph, Top-o’-th’ green — Hanson Joseph, High-street Harding Joseph, Rawthorp-lane Hartley Thomas, Top-o’-th’-green Hiachliffe.William Golcar, Hirst Joseph, Fieldgate Hirst"George, Dyke-end Hirst Joseph, Hirst Richard, Marsh Hirst Thomas, Marsh Hirst Joshua, Rameden-row Hoyle George, Top Temple-street Ingham John, Fieldgate

I Johnsen Edward, Upperhead-row

Jébnson John, Rosemary-lane . Kilner Thomas, near Clotbhall Kirby John, Bowling-green Mallinson Abraham, Marsh Mallineon Benjamin, Rameden-row Mallinson Joseph, 'Manchester-street

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_ Medley John, Clothhall-street, Rastrick


Mallinson John, Manchester-street Mallinson George, Manchester-street Marshall George, Marsh

Mellor Joba, Fieldgate Milne Joseph, Marsh Milner Richard, Temple-street Moorhouse James, Hilltop, Dalton Moorhouse Johv, Castlegate Morton Edward, Packhorse-yard, Lindley Nobles James, Clough-honse Nutter Richard, Castlegate Nufter John, Castlegate Pane John, Castlegate Riley John, Kirkgate . Robinson John, Mold-green Robinson Robert, Mold-green . Roebuck, William, Upperhead-row Schofield John, Fieldgate Shaw Thomas, Market-street Shepherd Aquila, Lowerhead-row ( Smith John, Marsh Smith Joseph, Marsh Smith Timothy, Marsh. Sugden John, Temple-street = -

‘Sugden John, Lowerhead-row

Swain William, Castlegate Swallow Jobn, Fieldgate Sykes William, Northgate Sykes William, Folly-hall Tattersall William, Burkby Thomas John, Upperhead-row Webb Martin, Lowerhead-row Woodhouse J. Pack-horse-yard (Lockwood) Coopers. . Hutton Walter, King-street North Rachel, Beast-market Walker Thomas, New-street Walker William, Market-place I ‘Walker Charles, Temple-street - Corn and Flour Dealers, and Millers. Berry Godfrey, New-street _Booth Joseph, Kirkgate Horsfall William, King-street Jackson-George, (cheese-monger) Westgate Love William, Manthester-s{reet Marshall Jeremiah, Westgate North William, Huddersfield-mill Pilling John and William, Mirfield Scholes Richard, Shorehead Shaw William, King-street, (Kirkley-mills) Cotton Manufacturers. Atkinson Thomas, Colne-bridge Broadbent Samuel, Browbridge

. Scholes, Varley, and Co. King-street

Cotton Spinners. — ‘Brook Jonas and Brothers, Mettham-mills Cartledge Joseph and Son, Browbridge Hadwen Jobn and Co. King-street Hadwen Thos. (Globe Inn) Severall-mill

Haigh Thomas, Slaithwaite.

Holroyd and Denton, (Globe) Ripponden Scholes, Varley, and Co. King-street I Sevill Peter, Low-brook, Saddleworth Whitehead John,

Wood John, King-street

(Globe) near Ripponden

a 4


Curriers and Leather-Sellers. Cawithra Billy, King-street Gledhill Mary and Son, Kirkgate Pilling James, King-street

Druggists, Chemists, &0.

I England Thomas, Market-place

Knowles Joseph, New-street ,

1 Spivy ‘Charles, Cross Church-street

Taylor William, King-street Willitt Richard, Cross Church-street

Drysalters and Oil Dealers.

I Alderson Joho, Market-street

Bradley George, Kirkgate Dyson Daniel, Golcar Firth Thomas, Corn-market

I Hinebeliffe Joshua, Hokufirth Oe


Jessop Sarah, Honley Marshull Thomas, Aspley Poppleton James, Almondbary.

J. and Co. Clothhall-st. Broadoak

. Dyers. Alexander and Son, King-st. & Folly-hall Bailey Joseph and Ellis, Crosstand ‘Blackburn and Co. Longroyd-lane Cockhill and Co, Littletown I Eastwood and Graham, Engine-bridge Farrar J. and J. Holmfirth

I Garside George, Holmfirth I Garside F. and W. B. Smithybonley

Hinchcliffe John, Mettham Kay William, Mould-green Kenworthy J. Deanhouse near Kenworthy Edward, Holthead Mitchell John, Elland Robinson Joshua, Honley Whittaker Joho, Lane Woodhead Wm. & Sons, (Globe) Metthans


I Albion, S. G. Sikes, Kirkgate

Amicable, John Allison, Kirkgate . County and Provident Life, Aquila Haugh- ton, Kirkgate Norwich Union, J. Battye - - Geer and Slay-maker, ~ Makin Edward, Castlegate Shepherd Thomas, Kirkgate Glass and Earthenware Dealers.

Aspinall Clary, Market-place

I Battye John, Buxton-road

. Grocers. , Beatson Anby, High-street

I Blakey James, Kirkgate

Burman James, Cross Church-street

I Campbell Anne, New-street

Carr John, Kirkgate Chalenor Thomas, Westgate Downing Francis, New-street Fisher James, King-street Foss Richard, King-street - Haughton Aquila, Kirkgate Hellaeweil King-street Hirst J. Sunderland, Westgate Ibbetson Thomas, Cross Church-street - Love William, Manchester-street I Machan William, Kirkgate Machan Joseph, Westgate

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Marsh Edmond, New-street - Medlam John, Kirkgate . ‘Oddy Joseph, New-street Pontey William and Erancis, Kirkgate Priest John, Kirkgate . Shuttleworth William, Westgate Styring William, Market-place Whalley William, Manchester-street Whitehead Ann, King-street . Furness Ely, (whitesmith) Manchester-st. Turner Joshua, Castlegate . Hat Manufacturers and Dealera, Bagshaw Thomas, Westgate-street Bayldon William, Cross Church-street Hayley James, Market-place Hayley John, Market-place Pollard John, King-street Statham William, Church-street Wilson James, Top-o’-th’-town

Hosiers and Stocking Manufacturers. Hardy Mary, Temple-street Stanley Benjamin, Westgate Statham William,.Church-street Statham John, Kirkgate Statham and Cowgill, (glovers) Kirkgate Tordoff Thomas, Westgate Wood Richard King-street Enns. Brown Cow, M. Bradley, Market-place George, Wm. Wigney, (excise-office) Mar- ket-place - Globe, James Dyson, King-street Green Dragon, Joseph Hick, Kirkgate King’s Head, Joseph Smithies, Clothhall-st. New Inn, Joseph Pollard, King-street Ramsden Arms, Joseph Clegg, Kirkgate Rose and Crown, George Hare, Kirkgate White Bear, Joseph Durrans, Westgate White Hart, George Taylor, Clothhall,st. White Lion, Jane Langley, Cross Church-st.

Tron and Brass Founders. Brooks Jonathan, Longroyd-lane I . Mills James, Aspley . on Merchants. Bradley Jonas, King-street Ladiam Mgrtha, New-street Mills John, High-street Fronmongers, Bradley Jonas, King-street Bradley Joseph, New-street Booth John, Market-place / Johnson Joseph, Westgate Kaye William, King-street Ladlam Martha, New-street Thewlis Abraham (whitesmith), Westgate - Jewellers and Silversmiths. - Bates Joshua, King-street Gledhill Lucy, Kirkgate Savage George, Market-place - foiners. Brook Robert, Manchester-street Durrans Joseph, Westgate Flockton Johu, Northgate


Gibson Henry, High-street . Hirst John, Green-head Hirst Jeremiah, Rameden’s-row Machan Allingon, Rosemary-lane Mosley John, Northgate Thornton Joseph, Cross Church-street Whitely Robert, Green-head I Land and Building Agent: Dinsley Thomas, King-street Einen-Drapere. Clay Samuel, Kirkgate Dyson Jehn, (wholesale, & carpet Rosemary-lane . Fisher and Co. King-street Hudson Frederick, Kirkgate Lees Jobn, Market-place M‘Clelland John, Weatgate-street Mallinson George, Kirkgate Mould John, Market-place . Richardson Thomas, Lowerhead-row Scott John, Upperhead-row Stocks William, juan. Market-place Taylor George, Northbierley Twilton William, New-street Wakeford 8. W. Marketl-place 7 Liquor Merchants. Cooper and Bielby, King-street Downiug Francis, New-street Firth Thomas, Corn-market Hanby Matthew, Market-place Priest John, Charch-street Smith John, High-street Wilson George, King-street alsters. Berry Godfrey, New-street Crowther John, Mirfield Haigh J. Miftfield Jackson George, Westgate Marshall Jeremiah, Westgate Midwood James, Newhouse Midwood John, Queen-street North William, Huddersfield-mil? Schofield John, Mirfield Walker Samuel, Mirfleid . Manufacturers of Fancy Goods. Armitage John, High Burton — Armitage William, High Burton Barrow John, Molild-green Bates Matthew, Kirkheaton Bates James, Lepton Beaumont Godfrey, Gothorp Blakey Thomas, Mould-green Boothroyd Joshua, Almondbury Bradley Thomas and Benjamin, Deighton Broadhead Matthew, (Globe) Finney-bridge Broadbent Joshua, Lepton Broadbent James, Dalton Brook Ishmael, Clothhall-street (Paddock} Brook James, Clothhall-street, (Paddock) Brook Benj. Clothhall-st, (Almondbary) Carter John, Clay and Earnshaw, Raistrick * Cooper John, Clothhall-st. (Almondbury) Cowgill George, Cowns Lepton Dickinson Jos. Clothhall-st. (Almondbary} I Dickles Charles, Clayton West I

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152 Dyson Joseph, High Burton Dyson William, Skelmantfiorp Earnshaw John, High-street Field Joseph and Sons, Skeimanthorp Foes George, (No. i.) Dalton France John, Deighton Fryer Joseph and Co. Raistrick Haigh James, (No. 6.) Lepton Hanson Abraham, Honley Hayley Joseph, (No. 6.) Aspley Helliwell William, Sheepridge Hiley and Shaw, Aspley Hirst and Taylor, Temple-square Horton Thomas, Kirkheaton . Kay Richard and George, Kay Joseph, Burkhouse’ Key James, Mould-green Key Joseph, Clayton West Key George, Kirkburtou Key John, Shelley oe Kirkby John, Dalton Langley R. & Co. Clothhal!l-st. (Shorehead ) Learoyd William, Canal-bridge © Lockwood Joshua, Upperhead-row Lockwood Jonathan, Skelmanthorp Lodge David, Skelmanthorp Mallison James, Kirkheaton . Mellor James, Clothball-st. (Almondbury) Moorhonse John, Skelmanthorp Moorhouse Thomas, Cowns Lepton Netherwood George, Deighton Netherwood Miles, Deighton Oldfield John, Park-grove - Oldfield William, Lockwood Oldfield John, Parting-grove, Honley Oldfield Joseph, Sterley Peace George, Denby-dyke Roebuck Jonathan, Honley Rushforth William, Crowstone-hall Senior Jobo, Engine-bridge , Senior and Beaumont, Dalton Senior Widow, Clothhall-street Sbaw Jobn, King-street Thornton Thomas, Raistrick Tinker Richard, Deighton Tolson: Robert, Dalton Tolson and Shaw, Dalton . Vickerman Wm. Clothhall-st. (Kidroad) Williamson J. & J, New-street, (Castlehill) Wood S. and J. Dalton Wood and Sons, Denby, Worth James and Co. Lowerhead-row Merchants. I Allen Thos. & Son, High-street; (Gledholt) Anderson, Tyne and Co. King-street Armitage Joseph, Highroyd Atkinson Richard and Sons, Aspley Atkinson Richard and Samuel, Aspley Blackstock Peter, Lowerhead-row Brook John and.Sons, Honley Brook Henry and Sons, Wellhouse d James, New-street, (Finney) ~ Day and Bottomley, Golcar-hill Dobson Jobn and Sons, (hop) King-street Ground James and Co. Lowerhead-row Haigh John and Thomas, Clotbhall-streets



Harrison J. and D. Crosland Hawxby and Sutcli®, Holroyd Thomas, Market-street, (Birkby) Knight James, Clothball-street, (HalGax) Leigh T. and W. Honley - Liversage Charles. Lockwood ° Lockwood George and Co. New-street Lockwood William and Sons, Buxtono-road Mallison Abraham *nd Son, Marsh:

. Mallison New-street

Mattinson James, Upperhead-row Milnes Robert, (Globe) near Lockwood - Moon Frederick and Co..Longroyd-bridge Moorhonse Abraham, (Globe) Berry-brow Napier John, Wooldale Needham Jobo, Lockwood Rawdon C. & J. Clothhall-street, (Halifax Robinson Benjamin, Honley Shaw William, Seedhill Stables W. W. and H. Chapel-bill Starkey William, Marsh Stocks William, jun. Market-place Swift James and Sona, Castlegate Sykes Jobn & Geo. Folly-hball, Buxton-road Walker Wm. and John and Co. Crow-nest Watson James, King-street

_ Merchants and Allen Thomas and Son, High-stfeet, Gledholt Atkinson Thomas, Bradley-mills Atkinson Joseph, Bradley-mills Battey and Sykes, King-street — Beaumont John, New-street Berry Nathaniel, jua. Eod of New-street Booth James, Broadtenter Brook Henry and Sons, Well-house Charlesworth J. and D. Holmfirth

Cooper Wm. Manchester-street and High-st.

Danlop and Hastings, King-street Fisher John and Co. Longroyd-bridge Fryar Joveph and Co. Rastrick - Hannah John and Co. Rosemary-lane Hiley Joseph, Aspley ‘ Horsfall Abraham and John, Well Horsfali William and Co. Seedhill Kilner Willlam and Sona, Dalton

I Mgon Frederick and Co. Longroyd-bridge I

Nelson Thomas and Co. New-street Nossey and Sykes, Mirfield Ryley John, King-street ‘ ‘ Shaw William, Seedhill Shaw David, Market-street I Stables Walter, William and H. Chapel-hill Senior Jonathan, Kirkheaton . Walker Samuel and William, Lascelles-hall Whitaere William and John, Woodhouse Winterbottam Jobn, Bay-hall -.

I Winterbottam, Milton and Co. Cowlersley

Wrigley James and Co. Netherton

Milliners and Dress-makers. Heywood Mary, Granby-street Trotter Alice, Queen-street’ Wood Elizabeth, Upperhead-row

Nursery and Seedsmen. Aram Thomas, Manchester-street Pontey William and Kirkgate

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Painters. Haw William. Greenhead Lucas William, Kirkgate- Wilson J. W. New-street Patten and Last Makers. Carleton James, Kirkgate Illingworth John, King-street Wormsley Joho, Plumbers and Glaziers. Crowther Joseph, Kirkgate Hayley Thomas and Co. Market-street Helm-John aod William, Manchester-street Mills James, High-street , Newhouse Richard and John, Westgat Waite William, Castlegate Physicians. Hotchinson W. W. High-street Turnball W. Westgate Walker J. K. New-street

Printers, (Letter-press.) Brook Joseph, Westgate . Kemp Thomas, (and music seller) New-st. Lancashire J. (and copper-plate) Kirkgate

Smart Thomas, (and music seller) King-st.

. Reed Makers. Dickinson Wm. (maker of machine-reeds for weaving wire) Cross-church-street Kilner Joseph, Denton-lane Makin Edward, Castlegate

Saddlers. Ackersley James, Cross-church-street Bradley Thomas, New-street Herring Thomas, Cross-church-street Mabon Alexander, King-street Thewlis Richard, Westgate

Stone Masons, .&c. Greig Alexander, Queen-street Heywood John, Manchester-street Heywood Joseph, Granby-street . Johnson George, Upperhead-row Surgeons. Atkinson John, New-street Bradshaw Benjamin, New-street Houghton Rewland, Kirkgate Hudson Benjamin, Clotbhall-street Parker John, Mirfield Robinson George, King-street Wilks William, King-street Wrigley Thomas, Beast-market

Tailors and Drapers. Blades John, Kirkgate Edwards Jobn and Son, New-street Edwards John, Kirkgate Firth James, King-street . Milnes Samuel, Westgate Pearson William, Top of King-street Seymour Charles, Cross-church -street

Tallow Chandlers. Askio Jebson, Longroyd-bridge Medwood Joshua, Honley Styring’Samuel, Westgate - Styring William, Market-place U .

153 I Tanners. Armitage John, Bay-hall

Brook Ignatios, Lane Waterhouse William, Knowles

Taverns and Public Houses. Boat and Shoe, Sarah Driver, New-street Boy & Barrel, Rachel North, Beast-market Bull’s Head, Martha Wallar, Beast-market Butcher’s Arms, Edw. Kaye, Mauchester-st. Cherry Tree, Nancy Bottomley, Westgate . Clothiers’ Arms, George Bradley, Kirkgate Cross Keys, William Bottomley, Market-st. Duke of York, George Storey, Back-green . Dog, John Leece, Kirkgate Fleece, George Starkey, Kirkgate Green Dragon, Alice Hick, Westgate Hare and Hounds, M. G. Bashforth, Mar- ket-place Hope & Anchor, E. Haigh, Bottom King-st. Horse Shoe, Joseph Beaumont, Kirkgate King’s Arms, James Bottomley, Fieldgate Pack Horse, Ingham Beaumont, Kirkgate Plough, Benjamin Haigh, Westgate Prince Regent, Samuel Kirkby, New-street Queen’s Head, James Theaker, King-street Red Lion, Richard Batley, Westgate Saddle, Elizabeth Thewlis, Westgate Ship, Dan Scarlett, Back-green

‘Slip Ian, Matthew Hanby, Market-place

Spring-garden Coffee House, Widow Sykes, Spring-gardens . Loo Star, James Brook, Bridge-end © Swan withtwo Necks, G. Clayton, Westgate Wellington, George Bickerdike, Westgate Wharf, Joseph Lockwood, Aspley White Horse, William Booth, Corn-market Woolpack, Joseph Kaye, Buxton-road

Tea Dealers.

‘| Bell John, Manchester-street

Blackstock John, Manchester-street Bries William, Westgate Carter Daniel, Upperbead-row Halliday David, King-street Hatton Thomas, Kirkgate Heslop Joseph, Castlegate M‘Clelland John, Westgate

1 Statham William. Church-street

Stead Benjamin, Market-street Willett R. (dealer in spices) Cross-church-st.

Timber Merchants.

Johnson William, Almondbury and Aspley Marshall Thomas, Shorefoet -

Watch and Clock Makers. Bates Joshua, King-street Bradley John, (music dealer) Macauley-bds, ‘Huggins Joseph, Kirkgate Savage George, New-street . Selby Richard, Cross-church-street Womersley J. Castlegate

Wheelwrights. Catton John, Cropper’s-row Sharp John, Lane Spencer William, Manchester-street Whiteley Joseph and Co. Swan-yard

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154 : Woollen Drapers. Brook Charles, Stelley Béwarde Jobu and Son, New-street Brook George, Nepton Hayley Jeha, Market-place Brook William, Longwood

Hudeon Frederick, Kirkgate aycock Joseph, Castlegate Seymoar C. (tailor) Crose-chureb-street Cord Manufacturers. Beanmoat Joba, New-street Carter Jeremiah, Scribbling-mill, ENand Charlesworth William, High-town Ch Wiliam, Paddock Cliff John, Cliff John, jun. Paddock Crosland. and Worth, Robert’s-covet, Cloth- hall-street Dent James Joreph, Upperhead-row Dent John and Edward, Manchester-street Deokerley James, Canal-bridge . Edwards Thomas, Hill-house Halliwell Thomas, Elland Learoyd John, Canal-bridge . Lockwood Joshua, U pperhead-row Mann Oates, Brow-bridge, near Elland , Moore Jobn, jan. Ridgway-yard “Rushforth William, Cross, Elland Maabforta Ben). Mavshall-hall, near Elland Taylor Daniel, Chapel-bill — . Titley George, Clifton Vickerman T. and J. New-street Walker Thomas, Clifton Woollen Manufacturers. Ainley Amos, Ridgway-yard, (Oakes) Armitage asd Son, Leck wood Armitage Foseph and Sons, Marsden. = - Balmforth George, Elland Balmforth Samuel, Elland Barber T. T. Field-end, Holmfirth ' Barber John, Holmfeth Barber Joseph, Field-end, Holmfirth Barber Kilnhowse-baak Battey Thomas, Carr-lane Batty Joshua, Batley Jonas, Shelley Bates Joseph and Son, Crossland Beardsell Joseph, Holmfirth Beardsell Seth, Holmfirth Beaumont Joho, New-street Berry J. New-street, (Newsholme-cross) Berry & Shaw, New-st. (Newsholme-cress) Berry Jonas, Market-street, (Deighten) Berry Matthew, Newsholme-cross Birthell Arthur, Holmfirth . Blakeley Williem, (Flushing Globe) Batley _ Bottomley John, West-end, (Slaith waite) Booth Johs, Penneston Bottomley James, Thurstons, Saddteworth Bower James, Meltham Bower Edward, Clothhall,st. (Meltham) Bradbury Jawed, Fairbank, Saddleworth Bradbury Joseph, Thorstons, Saddleworth Bray Joseph, Underbank, Holmfirth Bray John, Waterside, Holmfirth Broadbent James, Denshaw, Saddleworth Broadhead James, Knowles Brook Joseph, Deighton . Brook Benjamin, Markct-street, (Deighton) -

I Buckley Henry, Waterside, Holmfirth


‘Haigh Thomas, Shelley

Joseph, Cartworth I Hinchcliff J. and T. Westroyde, (Shiple, sy I Hirst Joxeph, Marsh I Hirst-Thomas, Marsh ‘Hirst Wiliam, Marsh

Brook Emer and Son, Upperthong . —~ Buckley John, Broadhead, Saddiewort — Buckley James, George-yard, (Mosley) . Buckley John, George-yard, (Mosley)

Buckley Jobn and William, Shaw -hall- bank, Saddleworth


Butterworth J. Wheat-elose, Holmfirth

Butterworth Joseph, Thurston Butierworth Edward, Holofirth Butterworth Benjamin, , Holmfirth Cannings George, Clothhall-st. (Mirfield) Charleaworth Joseph, Hogley-gveen Charlesworth Joshua, Holmfirth Clarksen James, Clothhall-street, (Mirfield y. Clough Henry, Slaithwaite Crosland John, George, and Co, Behind. Clothball (Crossland) Crosland James, Paddock Crosland Joshua, Paddock Crosland James, sen. Paddock Denton John, Thungsland Dews George, Hanbury, Wakefield Dickinson William, Holmfirth Dunkereley James, Canal-bridge Dyson Nathaniel, Meltham Dyson James, Nether-thong


‘Dyson John, Newsholme ~

Dyson Joseph, Newsholme Eastwood James, Clothhall-street Eastwood Luke, Clothhall-street (Meltham).. Edwards Thomas, Hill-house '


English William, Westgate I Fearnhead Jas. ( fancy) Dalton-lane-top- John, Newsholme

Fisher Joseph, Almonbury Fitton Joseph,


I Fitton John and Robert, Kirkheaton

France and Ca. King-street, (Honley} I Garlick James, Meltham Garside Abraham, Mearld-i’-th’-nook Gaunt William, White Hart ( Denby) Gledhill Jobn, Meltham Haigh John, Behind Clothhall (Quarmby) Haigh Benjamin, Paddock Haigh Joseph, Shelley a Haigh John, Shelley Halstead John, Merket-street (Deighton) Hanson John, Kirkberton Hamer Thomas, Market-street ( Yew-greeny Hawxby and Sateliffe, New-street . Haywood Jobn and Co. West Heap Clothhall (Oldfield)

Heap Joshua, Clethhall (Oldfield)

Heap Joseph, Clothhail (Oldfield): Hepworth John and Sons, Rearnley-tyae Hinchcliff Jehn, Upperthong Hinehcliff Jonathan, Upperthong


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teorge, Mythem-bridge, Holmfirth os ups, Market (Birkley) Geotge-yard (Stayley-wood) a, Upperthong ee Thuriston of John, Field-end, Holmfirth - : Joba, Ligthwaite Ives Charles, Shepleycarr ives Joseph, near Birchworth Kay Joseph, Almondbury Kay Joseph, Barkbouse Kaye Seaworthy John, jou. Saddleworth royd William, Canal-bridge Lattiewood Joseph, Kirkheaton, Littlewood T. and Son, Honley Lockwood George and Co. New-street Lockwood M. Royd Marsden Joseph and Sons, Cartworth Moore John, Paddock Meore Joseph, Paddock Moorhouse Matthew and Sons, 2 King’s Moorhouse W. Ridgway-yard (Sardigot) Moorhouse Joba, Ridgway-yard (Oxley) Outram Benjamin, Greatland Pilling Isaac, Market-street Ratcliff J. Fharston Clough, Saddleworth Roberts Jonathan, Waterside Robinson George, Market-street Roebuck John, Thurlston Schofield Benjamin, Market-st. (Deighton) Sehofield. James, Saddieworth Shaw James, Denshaw, Saddleworth ‘Shaw Giles, White-Hart-yard (Far-lane) Shaw David, Market-street a Shaw James, George-yard (Dale) Vincent, Thurlston Spivey William, Aimonbury John, Greatlaad Sykes William, Clothhall-street (Gglcar) Sykes James, Linthwaite Taster Joseph, Holmfirth Taylor John, Greave _ Taylor Charles, Almonbury Taylor Joseph and Sons, Ward-place.



Taylor D. Clothhall-street (Meltham) Taylor G. Clothhall-street, (Melthain) Tifnay John, Deighton Tifnay Nathan, Deighton Tinker John, Hepworth ‘Tinker Scholes Tioker Thos. Ridgway-yard (Kirkburton) . ‘Tinker J. Ridgway-yard (Hepworth) Turner Robert, High Burton

I Turner James, near Holmfirth

Walker Jas, jun. Clothhall, (Tharston-land) Walker Jehn, Clothball, (Thnurston-land) Walker Jonas, Market-street (Raistrick)

I Wells John, Market-street (Deighton)

Whiteley Samuel, Linthwaite Whiteley John, Linthwaite Whiteley Josbua, Holm&rth Whitehead T. Saddleworth Wilkinson James, Greatla..! Wilson Thomas, High-street Wilson T. and B. Netherthong Wilkinson Elf, Pennestone Wilkinson Isaac, Longwood Wilkinson William and Joho, Elland

I Wimpenny Joshua, Upperthong

Wimpenny John, Hogley Wimpenny Ely, Holmfirth Wimpenny William, Hill, Holmfirth Wimpenay Joshua, Wood John, Clothhall-street (Gelcar) I Woed S. and J. Dalton Woed William, Saddieworth Woodhead William, and Sons, Meltham

I Woodhead William, Netherthong

Wraith Benjamin, Mirfield Wrigley Benj. White Hart, Saddleworth


I Abbott R: Packhorse-yard (Leeds)

Anderson, Tyne, and Co. King-street Aston James Grafton, Westgate Bradbury E. and I. Saddieworth Bradley Benjamin, King-street Bray James, Market-street . Broek William and Sons, Market-street Buckley, Roberts, and Co. Saddieworth Clayton Jeremiah, jun. White-Hart-yard, Clothhall-street Crawshaw William, Northgate Craw Francis, King-etreet (Lockwood) Crosland James, New-street, (Finney) Crowther George, King-street Dickinson A,and Sons, King’s Head (Leeds) Dodson James, King-street (Beeston) Duncan John, Westgate

I Eastwood and Graham, New-street

English William and Heywood, Westgate Glover and Lister, Westgate (Leeds) Haigh G@. and T, Packhorse-yard (Halifax) Hawkes Robert, Westgate Hawxby and Satcliff, New-street Haywood John and Co. Westgate Hirst Samuel, New-street Hirst John, King-street Hiret Samuel and Co. New-etreet - Hirst John, New-street .

-bridge, Holmfirth x @, Clotbball (Stayley-bridge) and. Rameden, .Linthwaite Ives John, near Birchworth Brice, High Burton y Robert, Clothhall (Mirfield) _ Littlewood Adam, Holmfirth Ledge David, Fearaley;tyas Moore John, jun. Paddock Head, (Scholes near Holmfirth) Moorhonse William, Schates Platt R.& Co. George-yard (Stonebreaks) I Robinson Samuel, Market-st. (Deighton) Schofield Jos. (& scribbling mill) New-st. Shaw John, Denshaw, Saddleworth Shaw William, Almaondbury Shaw George, New-street (New Holme) Smith Eli, Greatland Swift James and Son, Castlegate kes William, Linthwaite Taylor A, and G. Thick-hollins Taylor J, Cross Keys (Lockwood) _

I Hirst M. (dealer in flocks) Beast-market —

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Hodgson Samuel, jan. Halifax Jowett and Birchall, George-yard (Leeds) Kendall W. J. Clotbhall-street (Wakefield) Kershaw & Swaine, Old Queen’s Head-yard

- Lawton Josiah,. (agent to Wild and Co.)

Packhorse-yard, (Leeds) Ledger Wm. White-Hart-yard (Wakefield Lockwood George'and Co. New-street Machel! and Scott, White-Hart-yard — Mallison Abraham and Son, Market-street

Mallison Abraham, Temple-street

Matley I. and.T. Ramsden Arms (Leeds) Nelson, Hirst, and Co. High-street Phillips James, King-street — _ Raxworthy John, New-street Ridgway J. M. Market-street & King-st. Richardson Samuel, Westgate

Roberts James and Co. Clothhall-street

Roherts and Sons, Saddleworth Rothery J. & Son, White-Hart-yd. (Leeds) Shaw John, King-street

Seott John, Little Burmundsey

Scott John, Temple-street Shires Thomas, Paddock-foot Shirley Jos. (Herefordshire) Packhorse-yd. Simpson Charles, Old Queen’s-Head-yard

Swift John, Elland Sykes John, Little Burmundsey Taylor, Son, and Gibson, Halifax Thornton J. and Son, Bradford Veevers and Key, King-street Walker William, Market-street Walker William, Upperhead-row

Watson James, King-street

Wilye and Co. Globe (Honley) Westerman George, Wakefield


Alderson John, dealer in dyeware,Market-st. ‘Beaumont Joseph, tobacconist ,Market-place Berry Geo. engine manufacturer for wool- len cords, Deanhead Bowers Joseph, umbrella-maker, King-st. Bradley Wm. straw hat-maker, King-st. Burton B. clothes-dealer, Beast-market

' Carter Benjamin, machine-maker, New-st.

Carter D. periodical publisher, Upperhead-r. Clay Bradley, canal agent. Canal-office Cliff Joseph, whitesmith, Back-green Cooper Thomas, minister of Queen- st. Cha- -pel, Queen-street Crooks John, cheese-monger, King-street Greenwood John, heald-knitter and shuttle- maker, Castlegate Haigh Robt. tinplate-worker, Clothhall-st. Hanson Wm. pawnbroker, Manchester-st. Hanson Eli, clogger, Hopkinson Joseph, woog-turner, Bank-top

- Horsfall & Denham, coal-dealers, Folly-hall

Hunt William and Co. straw hat-makers, Cross-church-st. Ludiam Marth, whitesmith, New-street_ Mortimer J.& Sons, worsted spinners, Elland Roberts Jas, &Co. oil drawers, Cloth-ha-st.

‘Simpson F. (commissioner) ‘King-st, (Leeds) I ; Starkey Thomas, New-street or Market-st.



Robson John,: warp weft brush, ~ ware, &c, dealer, Cross-chureh-street — Rhodes Wm. wool-comber, Ramsden-row Rhodes W. and E; hop-merchants, King-st. - Smith John, silk and cotton warp, worsted. yarn, &c, dealer, Cross-church-street Statham William, glover and haberdasher, Church-street Thewlis William, listing spinner, Duke of York, Marsden . Twilton William, silk-mercer, New-street

I Walton Edward, breeches-maker & leather-

seller, New-street Willett Richard, farrier: and cattle doctor, and. manufacturer of paint to pattern, Cross-church-street Wood Ralph, cotton warp dealer, Shorehead

Carriers by Land. I From. the Shore-foot—Widow Welsh and Sens, daily, to Leeds, York, Hull, New- castle, Edinburgh, &e. A. Beswick, agent. —Edward Ridsdale & Sons, to Manehes- ter and Halifar, daily, and to Sheffield, on Mon. Wed. and Sat. From the White Wart, Clothhall-street— Wm. Shaw, to Grass “Croft, Saddleworth, Toes, and Fri. I From the Horse and Jockey, Market-place— Joseph Walker, to Thursland, Tuesday , Tharsday, and Saturday — From the White Lion, Church-street—Henry Riley, to Ripponden, on Tues. and Sat. _-—Benjamin Stocks, to Kirkburton, every Tues.—T. Mosley, to Selby, Ta. & Th. From the Ramsden Arms—Joshua Moor- house, to Holmfirth, Tues. & Sat. —Jonas Cartwright, to Wooldale, Tues..and Sat.

I Deakin, Harrison, and Co. Kirkgate, daily,

to London and Norwich.—Joshua Farrar, to Halifax, Bradford, Kendal, and alg . parts of the North.—J. Mitchel, to Leeds, © &c.—George Starkey, to Sheffield and Manchester. Carriers by Water. Aire and Calder Navigation Co. to Hall, Bradley Clay, agent. - E. Buckley and Co. to Manchester, Leeds, Wakefield, Hull, London, &c. Richard . Robinson, agent. J. and I. Marsden, to Manchester, Widow Welsh and Sops, to Manchester, &e. A. Bestwick, agent.


Coaches. From the George Inn, Market-place, and Rose & Crown, Kirkgate, the Cornwallis, daily, to’ Manchester and Liverpool, at nine in the morning; to Wakefield, York, and Hull, at twelve at noon From the King’s Head. Clothhail-street, a coach to Halifax, at nine in the morning and five in the evening From the Ramsaden Arms, Kirkgate, the: True Briton, to Manchester, at two in the afternoon ; to Leeds, at half-past five

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