Huddersfield Civic and Commercial Directory (1958)

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buying a car...

The above illustration is of the Peugot 403

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By the Craftsmen —for the Craftsmen

We are efficiently set up for Re-conditioning Worsted Spinning Machinery involving the follow- ing trades: Cap Spindle, Tube and Flyer work, Roller re-fluting, Cut Gears and Chain drives, new cylinders, modern Sheet metal guards. New and repairs. Machinery removing and _ re-levelling. Machinery bought and sold.


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Issued with the Authority of The Huddersfield Corporation






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Walpamur Quality Paints

Walpamur Water Paint, ideal for walls and ceilings, Duradio Enamel Paint for a durable high gloss, inside or out and Darwen Satin Finish, perfect for interior use, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms, are but three well known paints from the famous Walpamur range, which provides paints, enamels and varnishes of superb quality

for every conceivable need.



Local Branch: Burman & Greenwood Ltd

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A TOWN of many industries and countless mill chimneys, Huddersfield gives evidence of its wealth and modernity and true Yorkshire character in its solid grey stone buildings, broad clean streets and fine shops. Its fame is the cloth produced in vast quantities in its textile mills, and

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lay-out of its exhibition rooms is designed to show the origin and structure of rocks, the physical features, climate and conditions of life, and the effects of these factors on the history and development of man in the district round Huddersfield. There are relics of Stone Age men, Romans, Saxons, discovered in several parts of the Colne Valley. There is a Roman altar found at Longwood, as well as old machinery used in the mills long ago. The museum is open be- tween 10-30 a.m. and dusk daily : Sundays 2 p.m. till 5 p.m.

The Central Library is in Ramsden Street, and branch libraries have been opened at Almondbury, Longwood, Lockwood, Crosland Moor, Lindley, Netherton and Milnsbridge. Two travelling libraries are also in operation. Flanking the entrance steps at the Central Library are stone figures by James Woodford, representing Literature and Art. The Art Gallery, in the same building, has a good collection of oil paintings and water-colours, and eigthy-five engavings by Turner.

A narrow street which runs beside the library building leads into an at- tractive street of market shops which is still known as

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Useful Information

Early Closing Day: Wednesday

Market Day: Open Air Market—Monday Cattle Market—Monday Post Offices: Main Northumberland Street

Town Branch Market Street Sub. See page 119. Railway Stations: Tel. No. do. Main Huddersfield Hudds.2110 Within the Borough Lockwood. do. 564 Berry Brow. Honley 61629 Longwood and Milnsbridge. Milns. 487

Police Stations: Huddersfield Borough Police, Peel St. Hudds. 1937 Public Libraries: Central Public Library and Art Gallery, Ramsden Street. Hudds. 1956

Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages: Superintendent Registrar, Peel Street Hudds. 4777 Registrar of Births and Deaths (Hudds. Ist Sub-District), 32, Ramsden Street Registrar of Births and Deaths (Hudds. 2nd Sub-District), 32, Ramsden Street Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages Upper Agbrigg, 8, St. George’s Square. Hudds. 5177

County Court: Queen Street, Huddersfield. Hudds. 1043 Magistrates’ Court: Town Hall, Huddersfield. Borough Justices’ Clerk. Hudds. 1513 - Coroner: Stephen D. Lister, 34, New Street, Huddersfield. Hudds. 3480 Public Baths: Cambridge Road, Huddersfield. Hudds. 3385 Ramsden Street, Huddersfield. Banks: See page 39. Car Parks: Manchester Street and John Street. Fox Street (side of Ritz Cinema). Population: 129,026 (1951 Census). Rateable Value: £1,416,985. Rates: 21/- in the £1. Area: 14,149 acres.


Fire Station, Princess Street. (Hudds. 480). Policé Station, Peel Street. (Hudds. 1937-8). Ambulance Station, Leeds Road. (Hudds. 438).

For all these it is sufficient to call exchange and ask for “Fire,”’

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West Riding of Yorkshire

LORD LIEUTENANT: The Right Hon. The Earl of Scarbrough, K.G., G.C.S.I., G.C.LE., G.C.V.O. HIGH SHERIFF OF YORKSHIRE, 1957/8: Col. H. H.

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E. FRETWELL, 460, Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Moor. L. FURNESS, 4, Chapel Street, Berry Brow. A.

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Chief Officers (County Borough Council)—continued

Borough Analyst

Cleansing and Haulage Superin- tendent

Librarian and Curator

Chief Sanitary Inspector

Borough Treasurer, Registrar of Stock and Chief Rating Officer Children’s Officer Director of Welfare

Chief Constable

Chief Education Officer Chief Fire Officer

General Manager of Markets

Sewage Works Manager

Waterworks Engineer and Manager Medical Officer of Health

Recorder Blind Welfare Officer

Superintendent Registrar (Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages) Road Safety Organiser

Stationery Manager

Director of Tolson Memorial Museum and Meteorological Station Council Offices: Town Clerk’s Office—3720-1-2 Council Meetings:

Raymond Mallinder, B.SC., F.R.I.C., The Borough Laboratories,

26, Ramsden Street. (843).

W. Pitchforth, Garage and Offices: Vine Street, Leeds Road. (2961). Cleansing: Hillhouse Depot. (1031). R. K. B. Aldridge, F.L.a., Public Library and Art Gallery, Ramsden Street. (1956). D. Drake, M.R.SAN.I., M.S.I.A., F.R.C.O., Health Department, Ramsden Street. .(3641-2-3). J. H. Wilkin, F.1.M.T.A., F.S.A.A., 3-5, Buxton Road. (6655-8).

Miss E. R. L. Makin, B.Sc. D. C. U. Swain,

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Committees of the Borough Council

ARTS COMMITTEE. Consists of the Mayor (Alderman R. H. Browne, J.P.) 13 other members of the Council and 7 co-opted members. Chairman: Councillor H. Armitage. Deputy Chairman: Councillor F. Rowcliffe. Members: Aldermen : J. L. Brook, J. L. Dawson. Councillors : K. Brooke, E. Fretwell, H. Halstead, J. Mernagh, J. H. Scottt, A. T. K. Sykes, E. L. Thackray, E. M. Whitterton, R. H. Wilson. Co-opted Members: Mrs. E. Booth, 40, Kaye Lane, Almondbury. Mr. S. Kaye, 0.B.E., LL.B.,

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EDUCATION COMMITTEE Consists of the Mayor (Alderman R. H. Browne, J.P.) 17 members of the Council and not less than 5 or more than 8 persons (of whom 2 shall be women) who shall not be members of the council. Chairman: Alderman J. L. Dawson. Deputy Chairman: Councillor F. Lawton. Members: Aldermen: J. A. Bray, N. Day, J. T. Gee, G. Tomlinson. Councillors : H. Armitage, E. Brook, H. W. Davis, F. M. R. Dawson, A.J. Hazelden, L. Hirstwood, C. Shaw,

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Finance Committee (County Borough Council)—continued Members:

Aldermen : J. Armitage, J. A. Bray, J. L. Brook, J. F.C. Cole, J. L. Dawson, N. Day, A. L. Gardiner, J. T. Gee, H. A. Bennie Gray. Counclillors : H. Armitage, H. F. Brook, K. Brooke, R. Hartley, F. Lawton, M. L. Middlebrook Haigh, C. Shaw, C. Stephenson.

FIRE BRIGADE AND CIVIL DEFENCE COMMITTEE Consists of the Mayor (Alderman R. H. Browne, J.P.) and 12 other members. Chairman : Alderman J. Armitage. Deputy Chairman : Councillor A. T. K. Sykes. Members: Councillors : A. Ainley, K. Brooke, T. P. Cliffe, F. W. Fielding, A. W. Firth H. Firth, E. Fretwell, H. Halstead, R. Hartley, L. Hirstwood. GENERAL PURPOSES COMMITTEE Consists of all members of the Council. Chairman : The Mayor (Alderman R. H. Browne, J.P.). Deputy Chairman : The Deputy Mayor (Councillor Reginald Wood).


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Not members of the Council: Mrs. L. Brook,

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PARKS, CEMETERIES AND ALLOTMENTS COMMITTEE - Consists of the Mayor (Alderman R. H. Browne, J.P.) and 12 other members. Chairman: Alderman A. Gardiner. Deputy Chairman: Alderman J. Armitage. Members: Aldermen : N. Day, J. Sykes, A. L. Gardiner. Councillors : H. F. Brook, D. Graham, H. S. Hopkins, N. Hopkinson, N. Lander, A. T. K. Sykes, N. H. W. Wood.


The Mayor (Alderman R. H. Browne, J.P.). Chairman: Alderman J. Armitage. Deputy Chairman: Councillor N. H. W. Wood. Members: Alderman: A. Gardiner. Councillor: H. F. Brook, H. S. Hopkins, N. Hopkinson, N. Lander. A. T. K. Sykes. Co-opted Members: Mr. F. Broadbent, 27, Hollin Terrace, Marsh. Mr. C. Halstead, 8, Victoria Street, Moldgreen. Mr. W. E. Lawn, 9, Crosland Road, Oakes. Mr. J. Southwell, 48, Spains Road, Fartown.


Consists of the Mayor (Alderman R. H. Browne, J.P.) and 5 other members. Chairman: Councillor B. M. Schofield. Deputy Chairman: Alderman J. L. Dawson. Members: Alderman : A. Gardiner. Councillors : T. P. Cliffe, C. Stephenson.

PASSENGER TRANSPORT COMMITTEE Consists of the Mayor (Alderman R. H. Browne, J.P.) and 12 other members, Chairman: Alderman H. A. Bennie Gray. Deputy Chairman: Alderman R. H. Browne.


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Consists of the Mayor (Alderman R. H. Browne, J.P.) and 6 other members. Chairman: Councillor C. Stephenson. Deputy Chairman : Councillor A. J. Hazelden. Members: Councillors : H. Armitage, T. P. Cliffe, C.C. Hoyle, R. Wood.


Consists of the Mayor (Alderman R. H. Browne, J.P.), 2 representatives of each of the following Committees, namely: Education, Highways and Town Planning, Passenger Transport and Watch, and 4 co-opted members appointed from organisations in the Borough interested in Road Safety. Chairman: Councillor H. F. Brook. Deputy Chairman: Alderman J. T. Gee. Members: Aldermen: J. L. Brook, N. Day, H. A. Bennie Gray. Councillors : K. Brooke, F. W. Fielding, B. M. Schofield. Co-opted Members: Mr. F. Vautry, 104, Barcroft Road, Newsome (Huddersfield Public Service Vehicles Drivers, Safety First Committee). Mr.

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WATERWORKS (EXECUTIVE) SUB-COMMITTEE The Mayor (Alderman R. H. Browne). Chairman: Alderman J. A. Bray. Deputy Chairman: Councillor S. G. M. Shires. Alderman: N. A. Haywood. Councillors : K. Brooke, C. Cooper, R. Wood.

WELFARE COMMITTEE Consists of the Mayor (Alderman R. H. Browne, J.P.) and 12 members Chairman: Councillor R Hartley. Deputy Chairman: Alderman G. Tomlinson. Members: Councillors: E. Brook, A. W. Firth, A. L. Gardiner, M. C. Gee, C. C. Hoyle, R. Hutton,M. L. Middlebrook Haigh, G. R.

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Beaumont County (J.) Berry Brow County (J.I.) Birkby County (1.) Birkby County (J.) Bradley Vol. C. of E.

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Private Schools—continued

WAVERLEY SCHOOL (Preparatory School for Girls and Small Boys) Edgerton. (Hudds. 4665). Principal: Miss I. L. Davies, N.F.F., M.R.S.T. WENTWORTH SCHOOL (Girls and Small Boys) Greenhead Road. (Hudds. 1400). Principal: Miss K. M. Evans, B.A.

Territorial and Cadet Units

Territorial Army Units in Huddersfield 49 (N.M.) Div. Pro. Coy. (T.A.) T.A. Centre, Springwood Avenue,

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Medical and Dental Facilities


BRADLEY WOOD SANATORIUM, Bradley, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 1145). CHEST CLINIC, 1, Peel Street, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 360). DEANHOUSE HOSPITAL, Thongsbridge, Nr. Huddersfield. (Holmfirth 610) HOLME VALLEY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Holmfirth, Nr. Huddersfield.

(Holmfirth 93). HUDDERSFIELD ROYAL INFIRMARY. (Hudds. 2866). MILL HILL ISOLATION HOSPITAL, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 152). MOORVIEW HOSPITAL, Meltham, Nr. Huddersfield. (Meltham 223). PRINCESS ROYAL MATERNITY HOME, Greenhead Road, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 5070). ST. LUKE’S HOSPITAL, Crosland Moor, Huddersfield. (Milns. 781). GREEN LEA ANNEXE (Private), Crosland Moor, Huddersfield. (Milns. 781).


BRYAN LODGE, Edgerton, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 217). HEATHFIELD, Crosland Moor, Huddersfield. (Milnsbridge 79). LANDS HOUSE, Rastrick. (Brighouse 1317). MOOR VIEW, Crosland Moor, Huddersfield. (Milnsbridge 909). OAKLANDS, Dalton, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 5778). PENNINE GRANGE, Salendine Nook, Huddersfield. (Milnsbridge 180). ST. LUKE’S HOME, Crosland Moor, Huddersfield. (Milnsbridge 781). SANDYMOUNT, Crosland Moor, Huddersfield. (Milnsbridge 664). STONELEIGH, Edgerton, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 1133). LONGDENHOLME, Greenhead Road, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 8781). THORPE GRANGE, Almondbury, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 8655). BRADLEY, Huddersfield.



ABELL, W. C., Ashville, Lockwood, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 4640). AFFLECK, A. M., 40, New North Road, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 4828). ANDERSON, M. C., Somerset House, Aspley, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 738). ARNOLD, J. I., 30, Percy Street, Fartown, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 25). BAIRSTOW, T. E., Clevelands, Gledholt, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 1672). BALLON, L., 58, Bradford Road, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 358). BARRETT, C. D. H., 292, Bradford Road, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 1292). BARRETT, D. F., 292, Bradford Road, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 1292). BAUER, F., 36, Longley Road, Almondbury, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 3079). , Portland House, Lindley, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 1823). BROADBENT, G. S., 6, New North Road, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 3245). BROWN, W., 128, Halifax Old Road, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 805). BURNS, G., Vernon House, New North Road, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 730). CARRUTHERS, C. F. J., Holly Bank, Holmfirth, near Huddersfield. (Holmfirth 54). CLARK, A., Glenfield, Penistone Road, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 4774). COATES, E. M., 104, Wessenden Head Road, Meltham, Nr. Huddersfield. (Meltham 224). COATES, Marjorie, 104, Wessenden Head Road, Meltham, Nr. Huddersfield. (Meltham 224). COPLAND, Margaret C., 28, New North Road, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 825). CROMPTON, 45, Park Road and 12, South Parade, Huddersfield. (Milns- bridge 165). DAVIS, H. W., 193, Newsome Road South and 47, Newsome Road.

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Doctors, Surgeons, etc.—continued

DICKSON, W. S. (Gynaecologist), 40, New North Road,

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MOMMEN, E. L. J., Barnsley Road, Scissett, near Huddersfield. Skelmanthorpe 3140). MONTEITH, R. D., Somerset House, Aspley, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 738). MUNN, A. 47, The Portlands, New Hey Road, Marsh, Huddersfield. NAISMITH, R. W. J., Colne House, Slaithwaite, near Huddersfield. Slaithwaite 31). NICHOLAS, P. T., Southfield, 62, Daw Royds, Almondbury, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 6795). NIVEN, W. M. (Radiologist), Gledholt Hall, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 6484). O’SHEA, L., 25, Whiteacre Street, Deighton, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 1445). PEARSON, R. N., The Crescent, Paddock, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 2509). PETRIE, D. A., Somerset House, Aspley, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 738). PICKERING, H. C., Clifton House, Shelly, near Huddersfield. (Kirkburton 12). POWNALL, B., 62, Church Street, Paddock, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 1786). PYE-SMITH, E. J., 40, New North Road, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 730). RAWSON, F. L., 40, New North Road, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 730). ROBINSON, Basil, Oak House, 89, Fitzwilliam Street, Hudds. (Hudds. 823). ROSS, George, 62, Daw Royd, Almondbury, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 6795). ROWARTH, G. D., 32, Meltham Road, Lockwood, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 63). SALE, F. J., 40, New North Road, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 730). SAPIER, N. V., Woodland House, Longwood, Huddersfield. (Milns. 143). SELBIE, G. S., 45, Broad Lane, Dalton, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 5368). SHEARD, Jessie, 154, Trinity Street, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 1612). SMAILES, T. W., Hawthorn House, Honley, near Hudds. (Honley 61187). SPILLANE, Padraig J., 102, Deighton Road, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 7360). STEPHENS, ‘Joan C., The Dene, Kirkburton, near Hudds. (Kirkburton 40). TAYLOR, J. E., Kirklands and 23, Oak Road, Bradley, near Huddersfield. THOMPSON, W. E. (Surgeon), 84, New North Road, Hudds. (Hudds. 5166). TOMLIN, H. (Ophthalmic Medical Practitioner), 114, Fitzwilliam Street, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 1865). TWOMEY, T. P., 150, Halifax Old Road, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 5344). WALKER, E. G. L., Spring Bank, New North Road, Hudds. (Hudds. 834). WATSON, Kathleen M. (Anaesthetist), 67, Cowlersley Lane, Huddersfield. (Milnsbridge 1101). WATTHEWS, J. W., Holly Bank, Holmfirth. (Holmfirth 54).

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MURRANT, H. H., 25, Ramsden Street. (Hudds. 1358). MURRANT, H. G., 12, Wheathouse Road, Birkby. (Hudds. 3012). PAGE, A. D.,

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Birchencliffe Birkby Bradley

Crosland Moor



Lindley Lockwood Longwood Milnsbridge Moldgreen Newsome Paddock Rashcliffe Woodhouse


St. Philip the Apostle St. Cuthbert St. Thomas St. Barnabas

St. John

St. Andrew’s, Leeds Road

Holy Trinity,

Trinity Street

St. John the Evangelist

St. John’s Road St. Hilda, Cowcliffe St. Francis, Fixby

St. Peter and St. Paul St. Thomas

Manchester Rd.

St. Stephen Emanuel St. Mark St Luke

Christ Church

St. John the Evangelist All Saints

St. Stephen and St. Mathew Christ Church

St. James



Lindley, Oakes


Longley Milnsbridge

New North Road

Primrose Hill


Salendine Nook

Rev. N. Tidswell, Birchencliffe Vicarage, Hudds. (Elland 2679). Rev. T. S. Whiteside, B.A., St. Cuthbert’s Vicarage. (Hudds. 2853). Rev. G. L. Lawrence, Bradley Vicarage, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 7838). Rev. L. Halstead, Crossland Moor Vicarage. (Hudds. 2381). Rev. D. A. F. Prince, Golcar Vicarage, Hudds. (Milnsbridge 647). Rev. H. Briggs, St. Andrew’s Vicarage, Hudds. (Hudds. 5506). Rev. J. F. Poole, B.A., Holy Trinity Vicarage, Hudds. (Hudds. 2998). Canon J. E. Barlow, M.Sc., B.D., St. John’s Vicarage, Hudds. (Hudds. 1112).

99 99 99

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Wiggan Lane, Secretary: L

Sheepridge, Huddersfield. Wade, 336, Bradley Road,

Huddersfield. (Brighouse 1933).

Rev. J. W. Steven, The Manse, Kirkheaton, Nr.

Huddersfield. (Hudds. 5236).

R. R. Parry, 10, Mountjoy Road, Huddersfield. Rev. E. S. Herbert, 17, Percy Street, Fartown, Hudders- Rev. D. Rowland, 65, Greenhead Road, Huddersfield. Rev. N. C. Fisher, 431, Wakefield Road, Dalton,

Huddersfield. (Hudds. 5626).

Dogley Lane Highfield Rev. (Hudds. 5202). Hillhouse field. (Hudds. 6130). Milton (Hudds. 3094). Moldgreen Paddock

(Vacant), 76, Church Street, Paddock, Huddersfield.

Secretary: L. Atkinson, 6, Fir Road, Paddock. Huddersfield. (Hudds. 7318).

Great Northern Street

ry: Marsh, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 8483).

METHODIST CHURCHES Almondbury (St. John’s & Zion), Kirk- burton,

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Primrose Hill & Thornton Lodge. Rev. B. William Tinkler, 102, Victoria Road, Lockwood, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 302).

Queen Street. Rev. H. Q. Eastwood, 20, Wentworth Street, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 783).

Great Northern Street. No Minister. 24, Ball Royd Road, Huddersfield. Secretary: H. A. Garthwaite, 31, Syringa Street, Marsh, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 8483).

ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCHES St. Patrick, New North Road. Very Rev. Dean McGee. Rev. Fr. J. J. Quirke. Rev. Fr. Scott. St. Joseph, Moldgreen. Rev. Fr. E. Heeran. Rev. Fr. B. O’Reilley. Rev. Fr. T. Feely. I Rev. Fr. B. Collins. St. Brigid, Longwood. Rev. Fr. J. Hickey. Rev. Fr. J. Dunne. Our Lady of Lourdes, Woodhouse. Rev. Fr. J. Noonan. Rev. Fr. J. Power.

OTHER CHURCHES PLACES OF WORSHIP Apostolic Church: Mountjoy Road. Adult School, Lyndhurst Road, Lindley. Bible Pattern Church: Dundas Street. Christadelphian Hall: Victoria Street, Rashcliffe. Christadelphian Hall: Morley Lane, Milnsbridge. Christadelphian Meeting Room: 36, King Street. Elim Foursquare Gospel Church: South Parade. First Church of Christ Scientist: Mountjoy Road. Friend’s Meeting House: Church Street, Paddock. National Spiritualist Church: 23, Ramsden Street and Harp Road, Quarmby. Plymouth Brethren Meeting Rooms: Victoria Buildings, New Street. Presbyterian Church, New North Road. Rev. W. A. Rodgers, B.A., 15, Belmont Street, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 5206). Salvation Army: South Street and Armitage Road, Milnsbridge. Swedenborgian: New Church, Grove Place, Dalton. Unitarian Church: Fitzwilliam Street. Venn Street Spiritual Mission. Westgate Spiritual Mission.

Youth Organisations

BOYS: Air Training Corps: 59th Squadron, 7, Upperhead Row, Huddersfield. Leader: F/Lt. H. W. A. Taphouse, 28, Whitby Avenue, Fartown. 1466 Squadron. New Drill Hall, Thongsbridge, Nr. Huddersfield. (Holmfirth 328). Army Cadet Force: 5th/7th Army Cadet Battalion, Duke of Wellington’s Regiment. Leader: Major W. A. Briggs, 62, Gledholt Road, Huddersfield. Headquarters: Drill Hall, St. Paul’s Street, Huddersfield. Boy Scouts’ Association: District Headquarters: 11, South Parade, Huddersfield. Secretary: C. Holme, 44, Heatherfield Crescent, Marsh, Huddersfield. Boys’ Brigade. Secretary: E. W. Gosslin, 102, Bourn View Road, Netherton. 1st Huddersfield Coy., Baptist Church, Wheathouse Road, Birkby. Leaders: H. Hawkes, 220, Birkby Hall Road, Huddersfield. H. Bower, 15, George Avenue, Birkby, Huddersfield.


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Youth Organisations—continued

2nd Huddersfield Coy., St. James’s Presbyterian Church, Waverley House, New North Road, Huddersfield. Leader: W. Kennedy, 30, Woodside Road, Beaumont Park, Huddersfield. 4th Huddersfield Coy., Congregational Church, Brackenhall. Leader: W. L. Wade, 336, Bradley Road, Huddersfield. British Red Cross Society: Cadet Unit W.R., 25, Kirkgate Chambers, Kirkgate, Huddersfield. Leader: H. J. Hickman, 6, Moorside Avenue, Crosland Moor,

Huddersfield. Central Lads’ Brunswick Club: Leader: S. Haigh, Central Lads’ Club, Shorehead, Huddersfield. Huddersfield Central Y.M.C.A.: Leader: J. Ogden, 16, John William Street, Huddersfield. St. John Ambulance Cadets: Albany Hall, Clare Hill, Huddersfield. Leader: C. Chappell, 9, Wyvern Avenue, Marsh, Huddersfield. Sea Cadet Corps: 58-60, Leeds Road, Huddersfield. Leader: Lt. Cmdr. (S.P.), A. G. Burnett, R.N.V.R. GIRLS: British Red Cross Society: 324 Detachment, W. R. Yorks. 16, Dundas Street, Huddersfield. Leader: Miss M. Wilkinson, 14, Wilmar Drive, Salendine Nook, Hudders-

field Central Y.W.C.A.: Leader: Miss M. Hutchinson, 3, New North Road, Huddersfield. Girl Guides’ Association: Headquarters: Guide Hall, 34, Leeds Road, Huddersfield. Secretary: Mrs. Ellam, 44, Gledholt Road, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 1016). Girls’ Friendly Society: Almondbury Branch. Parish Room, Almondbury. Leaders: Miss P. Armitage, 244, Somerset Road, Huddersfield. Miss J. Clark, 47, Kaye Lane, Almondbury. Girls’ Life Brigade: Brackenhall Congregational Church, Long Hill, Sheepridge, Hudds. Leader: Miss K. M. Tuckfield, 28, Leafield Close, Sheepridge, Hudds. St. John Ambulance Nursing Cadets: Albany Hall, Clare Hill, Huddersfield.

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Oakes Civic Youth Club: Oakes County School, Oakes Road, Oakes, Huddersfield. Leader: R. McDonald, Education Office. Paddock Civic Youth Club: Beech Street, Paddock, Huddersfield. Leader: S. Haigh, Education Office. Woodhouse Civic Youth Club: Woodhouse Vol. School. Leader: B. G. Middlemiss, 17, Woodend Road, Armitage Bridge, Hudds. Youth Hostels Association: Huddersfield Sub-regional Group. New North Road Baptist Church. Leader: Mrs. N. Chadwick, 58, Goldington Drive, Oakes, Huddersfield.

Local Branches of National Organisations

Association of University Women, Huddersfield. Secretary: Mrs. Mary E. Stott, Rosedene, High Burton, Nr. Huddersfield. (Kirkburton 285). British Red Cross Society, 324 Detachment. Commandant: Miss Helen Kilner. Headquarters: 16, Dundas Street, Huddersfield.

Business and Professional Women’s Club, Huddersfield. Secretary : Mrs. N. Gledhill, 5, Vernon Avenue, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 505).

Citizens’ Advice Bureau, Huddersfield. Secretary: Mrs. M. L. Middlebrook-Haigh. Bureau: Market Place. (Hudds. 5240).

Freemasons, Huddersfield. Albert Edward Lodge. Meeting Place: Masonic Hall, Greenhead Road. Armitage Lodge. Meeting Place : Masonic Hall, Saville Street, Milnsbridge. Cambodunum Lodge. Meeting Place: Masonic Hall, New Hey Road, Lindley. Concord Lodge. Meeting Place: Freemasons’ Hall, Fitzwilliam Street.. Connaught Lodge. Meeting Place: Freemasons’ Hall, Fitzwilliam Street. Constancy Lodge. Meeting Place: Masonic Hall, Greenhead Road. Harmony Lodge. Meeting Place: Freemasons’ Hall, Fitzwilliam Street. Huddersfield Lodge. Meeting Place: Masonic Hall, Greenhead Road. Salarden Lodge. Meeting Place: Masonic Hall, Saville Street, Milnsbridge. Thornhill Lodge. Meeting Place: Masonic Hall, New Hey Road, Lindley. Truth Lodge. Meeting Place: Freemasons’ Hall, Fitzwilliam Street. Unity Lodge. Meeting Place: Masonic Hall, Greenhead Road.

Inner Wheel Club, of Huddersfield. Secretary: Mrs. J. D. Kitching, Broadgate Lodge, Almondbury, Hudders-

field. (Hudds. 2510). National Farmers’ Union, Huddersfield Branch. Secretary: Mr. Norman H. W. Wood, 90, Barcroft Road, Close Hill, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 5193). National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. 104, Trinity Street, Huddersfield. (Hudds. 4574).


Page 32

Local Branches of National Organisations—continued

Rotary Club. Secretary: Mr. Sidney E. Arnold, 5, Edgerton Grove Road, 4), udds. 4). Meeting Place: Whiteley’s Cafe, Westgate, Huddersfield. (Mondays). Round Table, Huddersfield. Secretary: Mr. J. Warrington, 88, Benomley Crescent, Almondbury, Huddersfield. Royal Naval Association, Huddersfield and District. President: Mr. J. P. W. Mallalieu,

Page 33

Sports Clubs and Cultural Organisation


Page 34

Other Clubs: Lockwood Ladies, Cambridge Ladies, Bath Club, Huddersfield Otters. Swimming: Huddersfield Amateur Swimming Association.

Page 35

Musical: Huddersfield Music Club. Secretary: Stanley G. Watson, 342, New Hey Road, Salendine Nook. Operatic: Huddersfield Amateur Operatic Society. Business Manager: Wilfred Thompson, Rippon Bros. Ltd., Huddersfield. Huddersfield Light Opera Society. General Manager: Stephen Lister, Messrs. Marshall, Shaw and Lister,

34, New Street, Huddersfield. Other Amateur Operatic Societies— Lindley Church, Woodhouse Church, Longwood Church,

Page 36




Armitage & Norton, Station Street. Avison, F., 25, Market Street. Balmford, John A. & E. V., 15, Railway Street. Booth & Topping, Equitable Bank Chambers, Cloth Hall Street. Bostock, H. W. & Co., Market Place. Carr, Stanley, King’s Head Buildings. Cliffe, A., Lloyds Bank Chambers. Connelly Wright & Co., Lloyds Bank Chambers. Craven, S. & Co., 1, Imperial Arcade. Dale, J. E. & Co., District Bank Chambers, Market Street. Davison, J. R. & Co., Lion Chambers. Eastwood & Co., 107, Birkby Hall Road. Fieldhouse, Arthur, 66, Trinity Street. Hirst & Elmslie, 19, King’s Head Buildings. Hoyle, Norman & Son, Britannia Buildings. Hyde, J. & Co., 22, East Parade. Jones & Lingard, 14, Lloyds Bank Chambers. Jagger, Fred, Kirkgate Buildings. Kaye, Howarth & Co., Alexandria Chambers, 32, John William Street. Kaye, T. Herbert & Son, 23, John William Street. Kaye & Wood, 4, Kirkgate Buildings. Lee, Fred & Son, Equitable Bank Chambers, Cloth Hall Street. Lee, George, F., 7, Balmoral Chambers. Lister, G. A. & Co., 4, New Street. Magee, James & Co., 22, Byram Arcade. Netherwood, Edwin & Sons, Sergeantson Street. Pattimore & Dyson, 55, New Street. Pontefract & Porritt, 15, Railway Street. Revell & Revell, 7, St. George’s Square. Roebuck & Battye (Transport Accountants), Lloyds Bank Chambers. Sharpe & Sharpe, Market Place Chambers. Shaw, Henry & Co., 44, Standard House. Sheard, Fred & Sons, 5, Kirkgate Buildings. Smith & Garton, 23, John William Street. Steel, T. N. & Co., Union Bank Chambers. Sykes; J. E. & Co., 30, Estate Buildings. Sykes & Mercer, Equitable Bank Chambers, Cloth Hall Street. Tate & Smith, 19, John William Street. Tattersall, G. C. A., 19, John William Street. Tiplady, W., Lloyds Bank Chambers. Topping, F. C., Equitable Bank Chambers, Cloth Hall Street. Wheawill & Sudworth, 35, Westgate. White, Frederick & Son, Revenue Chambers, St. Peter’s Street. Whitehead, W. I., Market Place Chambers. Wilson, Bernard, 14, Albany Road, Dalton. Wood, H. V. & Co., District Bank Chambers.


Adaptable Account Books, Ltd., 15, Railway Street. Vyner, George, 2, Brookes Yard, Market Street.


Hirst, W. H. & Son, Byram Street.


Whiteleys Advertising Agency, Waverley Chambers, Kirkgate. 34

Page 37

Advertising Agents—continued Universal Sporting Press, 24, Vances Chambers, Cloth Hall Street.

ADVERTISING PRESS Ideal Advertising Press, 16, Harvey Royd. ADVERTISING PUBLISHERS Union Publishing Co., 30, Queen Street. AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS Cartwright, Tom, 82, Rawthorpe Lane, Dalton. AMBULANCE SERVICE County Ambulance Service, Hudds. Depot, Springwood Street. ANALYSTS—PUBLIC The Borough Laboratory, 26, Ramsden Street. Henry T. Lea, M.Sc., F.1.C. R. Mallinder, B.Sc.,

Page 38

Auctioneers and Valuers—continued

Firth, Wadsworth & Son, Sun Chambers, Cross Church Street. (Hotel

Valuers). (Hudds. 2639). Hanson, Donald, 35, John William Street. (Hudds. 6666). Saxby, D., 5, King’s Head Buildings. (Hudds. 5461). Whitworth, Frank, 32-34, Wood Street. (Hudds. 8767).

AUTOMATIC VENDING MACHINES Northern Vending, Ltd., 175, Lockwood Road.

BABY CARRIAGES Babyfair, Ltd., 15, Queen Street. Carr, C. & Son, 3, Victoria Street.

BABY WEAR Atha, Mabel, 9, High Street. Milan, Charlotte, 27/35, Market Hall Lower. Taylor, Edith, 16/17, Market Hall.

BAKERS AND CONFECTIONERS. Arnold, Alice, 75, Birkby Lodge Road. Bamforth, Cyril, 12, Bridge Street. Barton, Enos, 154, Luck Lane. Blackburn, N. & Paxman, N., 113b, Longwood Road. Blacker, 147, Northgate, Almondbury. Boothroyd, Fred, 2, Church Street, Paddock. Bradleys (Newkirk Bakery), 39a, Blacker Road, Birkby.

Page 39

Bakers and Confectioners—continued

Dyson, Fred, 344, Blackmoorfoot Road. Dyson, Kenneth, 14, Acre Street. Edmondson, Fred, 346, Meltham Road, Netherton. Gawkrodger, W., 228, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Green, Hilda, 3, Croft Top, Church Street, Longwood. Greensmith,

Page 40

Telegraphic Address : DEWSBURY.”’ Telephone 174






Page 41

BANANA MERCHANT Haigh, J. D., Ltd., Wells Yard, Beast Market. BANKERS—MERCHANT United Dominions Trust, Ltd., 15a, Westgate. BANKS Barclays Bank, Ltd., Market Place. District Bank, Ltd., 8, Market Place. Hudds. Savings Bank, Buxton Road. Lloyds Bank, Ltd., Market Place.

Page 42


Arnold, William & Son (Hudds.), Ltd., Birkhouse Boiler Works, Paddock. Horsfield, J. J., Ltd., Vulcan Ironworks, Dewsbury. BOOKBINDERS Preston Bros. & Co., 2/4, Fox Street. (Hudds. 58). Riley, B. & Co., Leeds Road. Wheatley, Dyson & Son, Ltd., 12, New Street. BOOKSELLERS Boots Cash Chemists (Northern), Ltd., 18, King Street. Bower, Fred & Son, 8, Imperial Arcade. Carr, George (Secondhand Magazines), 32, Wakefield Road, Aspley. Coates & Bairstows, 3/7, Station Street. Evangelical Bookshop, 12, Wakefield Road. Hanson, M., 59a/60, Top Market Hall. Lewis, John, 145/6, Market Hall Lower. BOOT AND SHOE REPAIRERS Bamford, Norman, 152a, Lowerhouses Lane. Bates, Norman, 38a, Luck Lane, Marsh. Baxter, F., 11, Morley Lane, Milnsbridge. Beanland, H. J., 309, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Beaumont, Herbert, 2, Ballroyd Lane, Longwood. Better Repairs, Ltd., 47, King Street. Birks, A. A., 4, Manchester Street. Birks, W. Amos, 19, Northgate. Blackburn, Willie, 153, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Cowburn, Robert & Son, 6, Bradford Road. Craven, Nelson, 16, Cherry Nook Road, Deighton. Dyson, Norman, 39, Carr Street, Marsh. France, Osman (Albert Kaye), 108, Kirkgate. Frazer, W. P., 141, Halifax Road. Garsides’ Repairing Service, 44, Waingate, Berry Brow. Gledhill, Walter, Radcliffe Road, Milnsbridge. Hampshire, H., Grimscar Avenue. Hardwicke, T. William, 47, Market Street. Hawley, Eric, 9, Brooks Yard. Heaton, Frank, Bridge End. Heeley, Alfred, 281, Blackmoorfoot Road. Heppenstall, L., 15, Church Lane, Newsome. Holdroyd, George, The Hut, Chapel Hill. Hopkinson, N., 45, Market Street, Paddock. Hoyle, Ronald, 299, Bradford Road. Hunter, A. D., 403, Bradford Road. Jagger, Joseph A., 74, Lidget Street. Kitson, O., 24, King’s Bridge Road. Lumb, Ernest, 191, Church Street, Paddock. Marsland, H., 23, Gibson Street. Milnes, Tom H., 172, Manchester Road. Moorhouse, George, 114, Lockwood Road. Morton, George, 52, Oakes Road. Moulson, Willie, 101, Yews Hill Road. Parker, Frederick W., 452, Wakefield Road. Parkin, Irvin, 636, Wakefield Road. Pilling, Gladney, Raw Nook Road. Pogson, Harold & Son, 139, Quarmby Road. Price, W., 102, Chapel Hill. Ridley, Jack & Co., 13, High Street. Shaw, A. M., Clough Lane, Paddock Head. Shaw & Hallas, Ltd., 10, John William Street. Siswick, William, 135, Leeds Road. Slivka, A., 84, Manchester Road. Smith, Eli, Ltd., 1 & 3, Pack Horse Yard. (Hudds. 4763). Smith, J. E., 272, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Stalker, Harry, 1, Outcote Bank.


Page 43

Boot and Shoe Repairers—continued

Stanley, Albert, 149a, Scar Lane, Milnsbridge. Starkey, John E., 10, Hillhouse Lane. Sutton, Robert, 196a, New Hey Road. Sykes, George, 9, St. Helen’s Gate, Almondbury. Taylor, Frank, 154, Blackmoorfoot Road. Varley, Willie, 3, Mill Street. Walker, Thomas, 10/12, King Street. Whiteley & Craven, St. Andrew’s Road. Whiteley, E., 268a, Longwood Road.

BOOT AND SHOE SUPPLIERS Andersons, Blackmoorfoot Road. Barrett, W. & Co., Ltd., 8, New Street. Beaumont & Ellis, 40, Lidgett Street. Benefit Footwear, Ltd., 15, Cross Church Street. Birks, William A., 601a, Wakefield Road and 47, King Street. Blindel, J., 4, Central Buildings, Market Place. British Bata Shoe Co., Ltd., 58, New Street. Cable Shoe Co., 8, Buxton Road. Davison, Harry, 259, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Dyson, Jack, 78, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Curtees Shoes, Ltd., 23, Cross Church Street. Freeman, Hardy & Willis, Ltd., 7, Market Place.

Page 44

BRASS FOUNDERS I Barnes, Wilfred (Elland), Ltd., Queen’s Mill Road. Crowther & Gee, Firth Street Works. Hartley, W. & Sons, Chapel Hill. Holgate & Williams, St. Andrew’s Road, Aspley. Hopwood, James, Central Brass Works, Bradley.

BREWERIES Websters, Samuel & Sons, Ltd., Wapping Springs Brewery, Lindley Moor. Bentley & Shaw, Ltd., Lockwood Brewery. (Hudds. 3380). Bentley’s Yorkshire Breweries, Ltd., Woodlesford, near Leeds.

BRICKMAKERS Hudds. Brick, Tile & Stone Co., Ltd., Halifax Road, Birchencliffe.

BROKERS Brand, Kathleen, 56, Wakefield Road. Brougham, E. & L., 234, Lockwood Road. Brougham, Leonard, 93, King Street. Burgess, Samuel R., 2, Pack Horse Yard. Ward, -Lewis & Sons, Ltd., Seed Hill Road. Furniture Exchange, The, Imperial Yard and Union Bank Yard. Hey, Thomas, 36, Manchester Road. Illingworth, Maurice, 194/6, Manchester Road. Marsden, Eunice, 26, Beast Market. Mead, Robert, 3/5, Wakefield Road, Aspley. Walker, J. & Son, 29, Spinkfield Road. Woods, Ethel, 6, Leeds Road.

BRUSH MAKERS AND SUPPLIERS C. W. (Brush), Ltd., Britannia Buildings (Office), St. George’s Square. Huddersfield Blind Society, 32, Ramsden Street. Kleen-e-Zee Brush Co., Ltd., Central Buildings, Market Place. Webb, Jarratt & Co., Ltd., Flint Street, Fartown.

A famous County Brewery 1828 1958

Page 45

BUILDING SOCIETIES Abbey National Building Soc., 55, New Street. Bingley Building Soc., District Bank Chambers. Borough Building Soc., c/o Cock Son & Whitworth, Kirkgate. Bradford Equitable Building Soc., District Bank Chambers. Bradford Permanent Building Soc., 32, Queen Street. Burnley Building Soc., 1, Princess Street. Co-operative Permanent Building Soc., 39, King Street. Dewsbury & West Riding Building Soc., Laycock Dyson & Laycock, Cloth

Hall Street. Halifax Building Soc., Cloth Hall Street. Halifax Building Soc., Yates Lane, Milns. Hastings & Thanet Building Soc., Whitehead, Market Place Chambers. Hudds. Building Soc., Britannia Buildings, St. George’s Square. Leeds & Holbeck Building Soc., Hawksbys Court, New Street. Leeds Permanent Building Soc., 32, Market Street. Leek & Morelands Building Soc., 2, Trinity Street. Marsden Building Soc., 521, Bradford Road. Norwich Building Soc., 45, Lion Chambers. Provincial Building Soc., 6, St. Peter’s Street. Skipton Building Soc., St. Peter’s Street.

BUILDERS Carter & Co., Ltd., Kirkgate. (Hudds. 4382). Fox, L., 48, Thorncliffe Street, Lindley. Kennedy, G. M. & Co., Ltd., 26, Arch, Viaduct Street. Kershaw, G. W., Flat 2, Northbank, Birkby Hall Road. Property Developments (Hudds.), Ltd., 101, Trinity Street. Richardson, H. & Co., Dalton Estate. Stevenson, A. & B., 88, Quarmby Road. Tinsley, W., 12, Yew Tree Lane, Cowlersley.

BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS Ansell, T. W., Moor End Road, Lockwood.

Page 46

Builders and Contractors—continued

Littlewood, Albert, Paddock Foot. McDonald & Co., Carr Pit Road, Moldgreen. May, Harold (Builders), Ltd., Chapel Hill. Mowlem, John & Co., Ltd., Dalton. O’Shaughnessy Bros., Ltd., 341, Wakefield Road. Pearson, Edward & Son, Pymroyd Lane, Milnsbridge. Pearson, H. & Son, Ltd., Stile Common Road. Property Developments (Hudds.), Ltd., 101, Trinity Street. Quinn, Joseph & Sons, Springwood Street. Radcliffe, John & Son, Ltd., St. John’s Road. Smithson, Frank & Sons, 23, Viaduct Street. Stead, Law & Sons, Ltd., Hillhouse Lane. (Hudds. 417). Swift, John W., 73, Blackmoorfoot Road. Thompson, G. & Son, 144, Victory Avenue, Paddock. Timmins, Isaac, Greenhead Estate, Dalton. Wadsworth, A. B., 24, Prospect Street. Walker, Wm. & Sons (Hudds.), Ltd., 12, St. George’s Square. Ware, Hubert (Prop. Harvey Bros.), Leonard Street, Fartown. Wimpenny, J. & Co., Ltd., Spurn Point, Linthwaite. (Milns. 210). BUILDERS’ MERCHANTS Allied Building Commodities, Little Royd. Burman & Greenwood, Ltd., Albion Street. (Hudds. 3631). Carter & Co., Ltd., Kirkgate. (Hudds. 4382). Murray, C. P. & Co., Ltd., Midland Yard, Newtown.

BUSINESS SYSTEMS Jetleys, Ltd., 9, Alfred Street.

BUTCHERS (INCL. PORK BUTCHERS) Alcock, Charles, 17, Blackmoorfoot Road. Appleyard (R. Stogden), 21, Northgate.


Page 47

Armitage, J., Stile Common, Newsome Road. Armitage, John S., 66, Lidgett Street. Armitage, Robinson, 265, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Atkinson, T. & Sons (Pork), 20, Cross Church Street. Bairstow, Ronald, 2, Bridge Street. Beaumont, Frank, 27, Whiteley Street, Milnsbridge. Beaumont, George M., 189, Church Street, Paddock. Berwick Bros. (Yorks.), Shambles Lane. Biltcliffe, H. & Son, 76, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Boothroyd, Arthur & Son, 191, Leeds Road. Bottomley, George A., 16, Acre Street. Bottomley, George A., 40, Dudley Road, Marsh. Branch, Derek, 98, Bradford Road. Bray, Charles, 10, Bradford Road. Brier, Edward, 347, Leeds Road. Cardno, C. W. & Sons, 2a, Halifax Old Road. Chambers, Granville, 83, Northgate, Almondbury. Clarkson, F. & Son, 18, Northumberland Street. Creaser, B., 329, Bradford Road. Crompton, Ernest, 97, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Dalby, Peter, 587, Wakefield Road. Dawson, A. & Son, 51/53, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Dawson, Bob W. (Pork), 283, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Dawson, Bob W., 5/6, Market Hall. Dewhurst, J. H., Ltd., 19a, King Street. Dewhurst, J. H., Ltd., 15, Buxton Road. Dewhurst, J. H., Ltd., 79a, Northgate. Dewhurst, J. H., Ltd., 285, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Dixon, Fred, 24, Lockwood Road. Dodson, William, 3, New Hey Road. Drake, May, 4, Bradley Road. Drake, Norman, 37, Birkhouse Lane, Moldgreen. Dyson, Harry, 136, Cowlersley Lane, Milnsbridge. Dyson, Norman, 17, Church Street, Longwood. Dyson & Stocks, 8, Market Hall. Eastmans, Ltd., 47a, Northgate. Eglington, Geo., 1, Norman Road. Ellis, Frank, 287, Blackmoorfoot Road. Ewarts Butchers, Ltd., 517, Wakefield Road. Ewarts, Ltd., Briggate. Farm Stores, Ltd., 17a, King Street. Farmers’ Butchers (Hudds.), Ltd., 2, Market Avenue. Fletcher, W..R., Ltd., 213, Lockwood Road. I Garside, Joe, 548, New Hey Road, Salendine Nook. Garside, J. T., 10, Bradford Road. Gee, George Sidney, 149b, Scar Lane, Milnsbridge. Gledhill, Edgar, 24, Parkgate, Berry Brow. Goldthorpe, J. W., 105, Fartown Green Road. Gothard, G., 260, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Gothard, G., 38, Market Hall. Greenhalgh, Teddie, 11, Yates Lane, Milnsbridge. Haigh, T. P., 190, Manchester Road. Hardy & Greenall, 226a, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Hall, Harry, 1, Stile Common Road. Hallas, Harold (Pork), 20, Victoria Lane & 47, Northgate. (Hudds. 2871). Harper, F., 47, Lidget Street. Harper, Fred, 11, Wellfield Road, Marsh. Hartley & Tee (Chas. Jones), 22, Kirkgate. Heap, Eli, 4, Swan Lane. Heap, J. W., Sheepbridge Road, Sheepbridge. Hey, Willie, 19, Acre Street. Hinchliffe, A., 7, Manchester Street. Hinchliffe, B., 6, Folly Hall.


Page 48


Hirst, Ronald, 2, Mill Street. Hizzard, Brian, 97, New Hey Road. Hizzard, Philip, 26, Trinity Street. Holroyd, Clifford, 40, Manchester Road. Howarth, H., 235, Lockwood Road. Hoyle, Dennis, 48, Lidget Street. Hoyle, H. P., 133, Quarmby Road. Hoyle, Roy Quarmby, 17, Bracken Square. Hudds. & District, Co-op. Retail Services, Ltd., 3/5, Cross Church Street. 5, Morley Lane, Milnsbridge. Moorend Road Branch, Lockwood. Beech Street, Paddock. Long Lane, Dalton. Wakefield Road, Greenside, Dalton. Rashcliffe Branch, Lockwood Road. Lockwood Branch, Swan Lane. Aspley Branch. Ravensknowle Road Branch. Sheepbridge Road Branch. Lane Dyehouse Branch, Leeds Road. Hollin Carr, Marsh. Hudroyd, Almondbury. Oakes Branch, Acre Street. Salendine Nook Branch, New Hey Road. Birchencliffe Branch, Halifax Road. Newsome Branch, Ruth Street. Lindley Branch, Lidget Street. Primrose Hill Road Branch. Tolson Crescent, Dalton. Copthorne Square, Bradley.


The Name for Quality



Page 49

Jagger, George, 293, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Jagger, Tom, 121, Bradford Road. Jones, Winston, 358a, Blackmoorfoot Road. Kaye, Vincent, Quarmby Road. Knight, H. & Sons, 134, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Knight, Lily, Leeds Road, Bradley. Leathley, Edwin, 29, Manchester Street. Leeson, Frank, 275, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Littlewood, A., 42, Park Road. Lunn, James & Son, 308, Meltham Road, Netherton. Maltas, Frank, (Pork), 54, Buxton Road. Mettrick Bros., Ltd., 8a, High Street. Mettrick Bros. (Pork), 44a, Blacker Road, Birkby. Milnes, Sydney, 83, Longley Road. Mitchell, Harry, 33, Trinity Street. Moore, Robert, L., 85, Westgate, Almondbury. Newsholme, Trevor E. (Pork), 57, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Noon, Dan, 5, Victoria Lane. Noon, Daniel, Ltd., 32, Buxton Road. Oates, Harold & Doris, 275, Leeds Road. Oldfield, Scott, 93, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Oldfield, Stanley, 31, Towngate, Newsome. Parkin, Granville, 62, King Street. Pearson, Harold, 56, Blacker Road, Birkby. Rhodes, Arthur, 905, Manchester Road, Milnsbridge. Rhodes, Fred, 69/71, Longwood Gate. Rigby, C., 70, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Robinson, Clarence S. (Pork), 8, Bridge Street. Schofield, John, 3, Broad Lane. Shaw, John Ebor, 147, St. John’s Road. Sissons, John, 127, Halifax Old Road. Smith, Fred H., 289, Bradford Road. Spencer, Lewis & Dyson, Geo., 8, Waingate, Berry Brow. Stanley, Jack, 83, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Steele, Edward, 103, Yews Hill Road. Stephensons, I., Ltd., 3, Market Hall. Stott, A. F., 6, Wakefield Road, Aspley. Sykes, Arnold, 38, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Sykes, Arthur, 72, Market Street, Paddock. Sykes, George, 77a, Swan Lane. Sykes, Hugh, 5, Edgware Road, Dalton, and 158, Luck Lane, Paddock. Sykes, John F., Ltd., 10, Trinity Street. Sykes, William, 14, Bridge Street. Taylor, Cyril, 4, Newsome Road. Taylor, Harold H., 302, Bradford Road. Taylor, W. H., 173, Blackmoorfoot Road. Thewlis, Jack, 21, Westgate, Almondbury. Tweed, D., 156, Whitehead Lane. Walker, John T. & Son, 48, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Whitehead, 111, Northgate, Almondbury. Wilkinson, H., 3, Longroyd Bridge. Wilkinson, J. S. & Sons, 11, Kirkgate. Woodhead, Philip, Aldonley, Almondbury. Worthey, A. & Shaw, H., 39a, Market Street, Paddock. Yorkshire Butchers, Ltd., 96, Westbourne Road, Marsh. (Hudds. 1585).

CABINET MAKERS Ellis, J. T. & Co., Ltd., Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Gill, Albert, 17a, Greenhead Road. Haigh, Jones & Co., Leeds Road. Jones & Farrand, 3, Hammond’s Yard, King Street. (Hudds. 845). Roebuck, Harry, Somerset Works, Moldgreen. Taylor & Hobson, Ltd., 9, King’s Head Arcade. (Hudds. 4830).


Page 50



34, Upperhead Row Huddersfield



Efficiency - Speed - Economy

An established Road Transport Clearing House with OVER 35 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE



Telephones :

Huddersfield 8833 (5 lines). Garages & Warehouse : Huddersfield 4033. Accounts : Huddersfield 5353. Night Services : Hudders- field 3587 & 7944.


Page 51

CAFES AND SNACK BARS Ali, Mohammed, 26, Chapel Hill. Arctic Cafe, Ltd., 6, New Street. Armitage, Harold, 13, Yates Lane, Milnsbridge. Bannister, J. E. & Sons, 3, Byram Arcade. Booth, M., 18, Lockwood Road. Boothroyd, Fred, 4, Church Street, Paddock. Bray, Frank, 141, Leeds Road. British Railways, Hudds. Railway Station Restaurant. Burroughs, Mrs. Florence, 86, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Bywater, Nellie, Ravensknowle Cafe, Ravensknowle Park. Cartref Cafe, 10, Wood Street. Casson & Boothroyd, 27/28, Market Hall. (Chinese Cafe), The Rice Bowl, 72, John William Street. Colletta, A., Market Hall Lower, and 39, Westgate. Collinsons, T. & Sons, Ltd., 39, New Street. Cookson, Joe and Sheila, Flint Street. Coop, E. M., 44/45, Top Market Hall. Cox, L., 1, South Parade. Curzon American Snackbar, 30, Buxton Road. Earnshaw, A., Princess Cafe, Northumberland Street. Edwards, P., 67, Northgate. Elm Cafe, The, Old Bay Horse Road, Outlane. Farrar, K. & O., 885a, Leeds Road. Field, R. & Son, Ltd., 11, Westgate. Frost, Chas. Henry, 9, Brook Street. Greenhead Park Cafe (J. A. Pigeon), Greenhead Park. Greenwood, G. & Clegg, P., 94, Leeds Road. Hagenbach, C. & Sons, Ltd., 50/52, John William Street. Lindle, F., 39, Westgate. Lindsay, Hilda, 113, Bradford Road. Lockwood, Annie, Lowergate, Paddock Head. Lockwood, Harry, 290, Leeds Road. Mansfield, J. & Goldthorp, C., Wholesale Mkt., Lord Street. Marsden, Joe, 13, Northgate. Marsden (Mary’s Cafe), 434, Bradford Road. Gates’ Snack Bar, 40, Buxton Road. Murgatroyd, N. & H., 40/41, Top Market Hall. Ollerenshaw, H., 48, Wakefield Road, Aspley. Pearson, Harry, 8a, King Street. Plews, G. R., Castle, Beaumont Park. Poulter, R., 50/51, Top Market Hall. Ritz Cafe, Ritz Cinema, Market Street. Rothery, Harold O., 6, Spaines Road. Russells Ices, Ltd., 253/5, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Silvios, 22, Westgate. Singleton, 1, Grove Street, Longwood. Steele, R. & Bamforth, G., 18, Manchester Street. Sykes, A., 27, Northgate. Taylor, Emily, 240, Lockwood Road. Wasilewski, Z., 16, Pack Horse Yard. Whiteley, A. W. & Son, 42, Westgate. Wildes, M., 57, Northgate. Wrigley, M. & Co., Ltd., 27, Queen Street. CAFETERIA Hagenbachs, 50, John William Street. CAMPING EQUIPMENT Barkers, Market Place. CALOR GAS SUPPLIERS

Page 52

Pattern Appeals... Quality Counts, at...




(Next door to Grand Cinema) TELEPHONE 2228

Please call and inspect our extensive range


We are Specialists in Fitted Carpets


Estimates given FREE


Page 53

CARBON RIBBON MANUFACTURERS Caribonum, Ltd., 18, St. George’s Square. CARD CLOTHING MANUFACTURERS Cain Son & Greenwood, Card Clothing House, Lindley. English Card Clothing, Card Clothing House, Lindley. Highly, Henry & Sons, Card Clothing House, Lindley. Holdsworth, James & Bros., Ltd., Marsh Works, Colwyn Street. Law, Samuel & Sons, Card Clothing House, Lindley. Sykes, Joseph Bros., Card Clothing House, Lindley. Watson Bros., Card Clothing House, Lindley. Whiteley, John & Sons, Card Clothing House, Lindley. Wilson & Ingham, Card Clothing House, Lindley. CARD MACHINE MAKERS Cliffe & Co., Ltd., Longroyd Bridge. CARD NAILERS Pogson, H., 16, Burbeary Road, Lockwood. Summers, G. E., 23, Grosvenor Road. CAR & COMMERCIAL VEHICLE SALES (See also MOTOR ENGRS.) The Motor Exchange (Hudd.) Ltd., Leeds Road. (Hudds. 4280). CARNIVAL NOVELTIES Rawlins, 73a, Northgate. CARPET FITTERS Furnishall, Ltd., 6a, Manchester Road.

Page 54


Huddersfield Parcels, Co., Railway Street. Lockwood, Stanley, 19, Highlands Avenue, Almondbury. Mawer, F. & Son, 11, Northgate. Pownall, William & Son, 35, Kings Mill Lane. Ramm, Arthur, 2, Una Place, Birkby. Roadway Services, Ltd., 34, Upperhead Row. Smith, Ben, 18, Ainley Top. Smith Bros. (Hudds. ), Ltd., 4, Viaduct Street. CART COVERS Hastings & Henshaw, Springdale Mills, Longroyd Bridge. CASKS AND DRUMS Chapman’s (Casks & Drums), Ltd., 54, Leeds Road. CASTINGS (NON-FERROUS) Roberts Castings, Ltd.,

Page 55

Cole & Wilson, Ltd., Common Road, Bay Hall & Greenhead Road. Colne Vale Dye & Chemical Co., Ltd., Colne Vale Road, Milns. Crowther, Horatio & Co., Ltd., Leeds Road. Crowther, Joseph (Chemicals), Ltd., Quarmby Mills,

Page 56

CHIMNEY BUILDERS Custodis (1922), Ltd., Generating Station, St. Andrew’s Road.

CHIMNEY SWEEPS Ainley, J. & Sons, 76, Dalton Green Lane. Barron, H., 5, Hubert Street, Salendine Nook. Beaumont, West Street, Lindley. Bisby, J. & Son, 177, Wakefield Road. Bottomley, 128, Northgate, Almondbury. Braithwaite, W. R., 9, Arnold Street, Birkby. Clark, J., Bromfield Road, Marsh. Darby, Edward, 33, Heatherfield Crescent, Marsh. Fielding, W., 299, Ing Terrace, New Hey Road, Salendine Nook Johnson, Bert, 100, Swan Lane, Lockwood. Kaye, J. W., 22, New Street, Paddock. Martyn, Brian, 61, Halifax Road. Owen, Geo. E., 158, Northgate. Roper, Ernest, 32, Dowker Street, Milns.

CHIMNEY SWEEPS (ELECTRIC) Fitton & Clarke, 23, Kingsley Avenue, Lockwood. Siswick, 48, Cliffe End Road, Longwood.


Hopkinson, Norman, Aspley Place. Young, A. & Co., Ltd., 40/2, King Street. (Hudds. 3295).

CHINA SUPPLIERS Lawleys, Ltd., 28, John William Street. Cawtheray, L., 142/5, Market Hall Lower. Neaversons, Ltd., 4, Byram Street. Young, A. & Co., Ltd., 40/2, King Street. (Hudds. 3295).

CHIROPODISTS Bates, K., Westbourne Road, Marsh.


Page 57

Beaumont, George, 44, Park Road, Crosland Moor. Bradley, G. H., 25, Market Street. Cotton, M. L., 3a, Station Street. Dawson, R. & R. H., 32, Lockwood Road. Ellis, A., 83, Wasp Nest Road. Haigh, Parry, 84a, Thornhill Road, Longwood. Hamill, R., 17, Venn Street. Morton, William B. L., 12, Factory Lane, Milnsbridge. Pitcher, Miss, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Rothwell, S., 43, Reinwood Road, Oakes. School Manufacturing Co., Market Avenue. Shackleton, E., 146, Rose Terrace. Stephens, G., 76, Quarmby Road. Stephens, Miss R. B., 3a, Station Street. Sykes, Hilda, 13, High Street. Townend, D. L., 3, Sergeantson Street. Turner, Miss M., 10, King’s Head Buildings. Wheatley, 28, Queen Street. Whitehead, George, 139, St. John’s Road, Birkby. CHROME HOLLOWARE MANUFACTURERS Green, George A. & Son, 138, Taylor Hill Road. CIDER MAKERS AND SUPPLIERS Shaw, Benjamin, Willow Lane. CINE CAMERAS AND PROJECTORS Lauries’ Film Services, Ltd., 12, Queen Street. (Hudds. 4475). CLEANING AND FETTLING PLATES Eastwood, R. C., Engine Bridge Works, Chapel Hill. CLEANERS AND DYERS (see also LAUNDRIES) Clean Press, Ltd., 14/16, Imperial Arcade. Dents, 23, Venn Street. Holroyd, J., 175, Blackmoorfoot Road. Holroyds, 39, Blacker Road, Birkby. Holroyd, J. & Sons, 41, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Holroyd, J. & Co., 18, Westgate. Holroyd, J., 42, Buxton Road. Hygeia, Ltd., 14, Cloth Hall Street. Hygeia, Ltd., 8, Trinity Street. King’s, 34, Victoria Lane. Lakeland Cleaners, 36, Trinity Street. Martins (Dyers and Cleaners), Ltd., 15a, King Street. Newtown Laundry, 80, Westbourne Road, Marsh.

Page 58

Cloth Finishers—continued

Haigh, James, Ltd., Colne Road. Johnson, W. T. & Sons, Wakefield Road. Nicholl & Pratt, Ltd., Bridge Street, Lockwood.

CLOTHIERS (WHOLESALE) Baistow Sons & Co., Ltd., Fitzwilliam Street. Clarke & Smith (Clothiers), Ltd., Seed Hill. Crompton Manufacturing Co., Melbourne Works, Firth Street. Ellam, H. & Co., Ltd., 39, Kirkgate. (Hudds. 1915). Haighs (Hudds.), Ltd., St. John’s Road. Headlands Co. (Hudds.), Ltd., 7, Lord Street. Hirst, Kettlewell & Co., Ltd., Milford Street. Murdoch, Thompson & Co., 5, St. John’s Road. Paviour & Co., 29, St. Peter’s Street. Pickup, W. & Co., Ltd., 36, Upperhead Row. Walker, G. S. & Son, 2, St. John’s Road.

CLOTH MANUFACTURERS Beaumont, Job & Sons, Ltd., Dale Street, Longwood. Blamires, Ltd., Leeds Road. Borval Fabrics, Ltd., 5, Dundas Street. Brellon & Co., Ltd., 6a, King’s Mill Lane, and Westfield Mills, Dalton. Broadhead & Co. (Hudds.), Ltd., Little Carr Green, and Westfield Mills,

Dalton. Broadhead, B. F., Ltd., Lloyds Bank Chambers. Brooke, John & Sons, Ltd., Armitage Bridge. Brook & Woodhouse, Ltd., Queen’s Mill Road. Bruck & Engelsmann, Ltd., Taylor Hill. Clough & Lawton (Hudds.), Ltd., 3, King’s Head Buildings. Colne Vale Mills Co., Ltd., Colne Vale Road. Crosland, Ben & Sons, Ltd., New Hey Road, Oakes. Crowther, John & Sons (Milns.), Ltd., Milnsbridge. (Milns. 221—224). Crowther & Nicholson, Ltd., Ashbrow Road. Crowther & Vickerman, Ltd., Blackmoorfoot Road. ‘Cuthbert, T. A. & Co., King’s Mill Lane. Eccles & Watson, Ltd., St. Andrew’s Road. Fancy Worsted Designs, Ltd., Crosland Moor Mills. Gledhill Bros., Ltd., Albert Street, Lockwood. Glendenning Bros., Ltd., Leeds Road. Haigh & Oakes, Folly Hall. Hall, Ben & Sons, Ltd., Bridge Croft Mills, Milns., and NewStreet, Milns. Hardcastle, Jack, Seed Hill. Haywood, J. & Sons, Ltd., Luck Lane, Marsh. Hellawell, Fielding & Dyson, Britannia Road. Hinchcliffe & Berry, Rookery Mills, Wakefield Road. Hirst, C. & J. & Sons, Ltd., Grove Street, Longwood. Hirst & Mallinson, Ltd., Dale Street, Longwood. Hobson, Son & Co., Ltd., King’s Mill Lane. Hobson, Battye & Co., Ltd., Damside Road. Hollingworth, Wood & Co., Ltd., Albert Street, Lockwood. Holroyd, Jas. & Co., Manchester Road. Horsfall, Jonas & Sons, Ltd., Firth Street. Hoyle, Joseph & Sons, Ltd., Longwood Gate. Hoyle, T. H. & Sons, Ltd., Steps Bridge, Woodhead Road. (Honley 61251/2/3). Jellinck & Howard, Ltd., 50, Standard House. Kaye & Stewart, Ltd., Albert Street, Lockwood. Kilburn, J. H. & P., Britannia Road. Kirk & Co. (London), Ltd., King’s Mill Lane. Knowles, Kaye & Co., Ltd., King’s Mill Lane. Laycock & Sons (1930), Ltd., St. Andrew’s Road. Learoyd Bros. & Co., Ltd., Leeds Road. Liddell & Brierley, Ltd., Reed Street, Marsh. Lockwood, John & Sons, Ltd., Britannia Road.


Page 59

Malvern Mills (Hudds.), Ltd., Reg. Office, 11, Albion Street. Marshall, F. (Textiles), Ltd., New Hey Road, Marsh. Martin Sons & Co., Ltd., Plover Road, Lindley. Maud, O. F. & Son, Ltd., Green Lea Mills, Dalton. Mellor, Harry & Co., Ltd., Colne Bridge. Middlemost Bros. & Co., Ltd., Norman Road, Birkby. Moorhouse & Brook, Ltd., St. George’s Square, and Upperhead Row. Parkwood Mills, Co., Ltd., Grove Street, Longwood. Pitcher Ward, Albert Street, Lockwood. Ramsden Bros., Blackmoorfoot Road. Roebuck, Hy. & Co., Longroyd Bridge. Schofield & Smith (Huddersfield), Ltd., Hollins Mill, Marsh. (Hudds. 60). Shaw Bros., Ltd., Larchfield Mills, Firth Street. Sheard, Geo. & Sons, Bay Hall Mills, Fern Street. Sherwood Fabrics, Ltd., Stoney Battery. Shires, James & Son, Ltd., George Street, Milnsbridge. Smith & Calverley, Ltd., Plover Road, Lindley. Standard Textile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Royd Street, Milnsbridge. Sykes & Hebblethwaite, Paddock Mills, Crosland Moor. Sykes, Jas. & Son, Ltd., George Street, Milnsbridge. Sykes, Walter, Ltd., Queen Street South. Taylor Bros., Quarmby Mills, Tanyard Road, Oakes. Taylors, John, Ltd., Colne Road. Taylor & Littlewood, Ltd., Newsome. Taylor, Livesey & Co., Ltd., Millgate, Paddock. Taylor & Lodge, Ltd., Albert Street, Lockwood. Thomson, William & Son (Worsteds), Ltd., Leeds Road, Deighton. Thornton, Marsden & Co. (Hudds.), Ltd., Meltham Road. Walker, Edwin & Co., Ltd., Canker Lane. Whitwam, B. & J. & Sons, Ltd., Britannia Road. Whitwam, Meller, Exors of, Colne Bridge. Wood, Ralph & Co., Ltd., Bradley Mills Road.

CLOTH MERCHANTS Barker, H. P. & Co. (Hudds.), Ltd., 15, Trinity Street. Berry Bros., Ltd., 70, John William Street. Bray, N. & Co., Princess Street. Brook, H. F. & Co., Ltd., 21, St. John’s Road. Brook, Taverner & Co., 16, Northumberland Street. Brook Wools, Ltd., Dowker Street, Milns. Craigie, Thos. & Co., Upperhead Mills. Dickinson, Herbert & Co., Upperhead Mills. Diffin & Peace, 5, St. John’s Road. Dugdale Bros. & Co., Ltd., Northumberland Street. Dyson, Thos. & Son, 9, Lion Chambers. Elwoods (Silks), Ltd., 25, New Street. Firth & Co. (Hudds. Textiles), Ltd., 6, St. Peter’s Street. Fisher & Co. (Huddersfield), Ltd., Upperhead Row. Groves & Lindley, Ltd., St. George’s Square. Hinchcliffe, J. & H., 37, Broadgate. Hirst, Joseph & Sons, 17, Brook Street. Jordan, James, 15, Lord Street. Jury, F. & Co., 35, Queen Street. Leigh Knight (Bradford), Ltd., 42, St. John’s Road. Marshall, Fred & Co., Ltd., Lord Street. Mellor, H. & Son, Brookes Yard, Market Street. Mendel, Jules (New York), Standard House. Smith Bros., St. John’s Road. Sykes, M. Haigh & Co., 1, St. George’s Street. Wilkinson, John & Son (Hudds.), Ltd., 12, St. George’s Square. Wood Bros. (Hudds.), Ltd., 82, Fitzwilliam Street.

COACH BUILDERS Metcalfe, R., Morris House, Southgate.


Page 60

COACH PAINTERS Brodricks Coachworks, Ltd., Firth Street. Drake, Herbert, 533, Blackmoorfoot Road. Pickles & Morgan, 2, Beech Street, Paddock. Walker, M. O., Ash Street, Hillhouse.

COACH PROPRIETORS Baddeleys, Huddersfield Road, Homlfirth. (Holmfirth 453), Bottomleys Motors, Luck Lane, Marsh. (Hudds. 2486). Castle, G. W., Ltd., Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth. (Holmfirth 676). Coulbourn, J. & Son, Ltd., 15, Canby Grove, Waterloo. (Hudds. 3443). Denton, W. L., Longroyd Bridge. Haighs Tours, Ltd., Bulay Road. Hanson, Ltd., 35, J ohn William Street. (Hudd. 6666).

COACH TOURS AND EXCURSIONS Bottomleys Motors, Luck Lane, Marsh. (Hudds. 2486). Wood, Clement, Palace Sweet Shop, Kirkgate. (Hudds. 3414).

COAL BAG MAKERS Andersons (Huddersfield), Ltd., Crosland Moor Mills.

COAL BUNKER MAKERS Garrards, Great Northern Street. Syd Bros., Venn Street.

COAL, COKE AND WOOD FUEL MERCHANTS Armitage, George Arthur, Lockwood Station. Armitage, J. & Son (Coal), Ltd., 3, Standard House. Barnes, Robert Gunton, 5, Woodside Cottages, Scar Lane. Berry Brow Co-operative Soc., Ltd., Waingate, Berry Brow. Castleton, Herbert, 9, Lincoln Grove, Almondbury. Chapmans Ivy Coaches, Ltd., Helms Garage, Leeds Road. Clark, Jennie, Hillhouse Sidings. Clifford, John & Ainley, James, Deighton Sidings. Clayton, Harold, 296, Leeds Road. Close Hill Ind. Provident Soc., Ltd., Close Hill Lane. Coals Dogley, Ltd., Fenay Bridge. Colne Valley Coal Supply Assoc., Ltd., 74, Mkt. St., Milns. Crosland, Albert & Sons, 63, Hammond Street, Fartown. Crosland Moor Co-op Soc., Ltd., Blackmoorfoot Road. Crosland Moor Timber Co., 234, Lockwood Road. Dawson, Jack, Freehold Mill, Berry Brow. Dews, J. H. & Son, Yew Green Road, Lockwood. Dyson, Harold, 25, Weatherill Road, Lindley. Eastwood & Co., 656a, Leeds Road. Eastwood, Jack, Bradford Road. Eaton, Chas. Anthony, 62, Upper Brow Road, Paddock. Gates, J. T. & Son, Coal Sidings, Milnsbridge. Gee Bros., Ltd., Outiane. Glow Coal Co., Midland Railway Depot. Griffiths, Llewellyn Stanley, 21, Whiteacre Street, Deighton. Hepworth, John Wilfred, Tanyard, Quarmby. Hillhouse Perseverance F. & Ind. Soc., Ltd., Alder Street, Hillhouse. Hill Top Working Men’s Co-op Soc., Ltd., 13, Church Street, Paddock. Hilton, Jos. S., 27, Beech Street, Paddock. Hoyle, Alfred & Sons, Gledholt Sidings, Paddock. Hudds. & District Co-op. Retail Services, Ltd., Alder Street, Hillhouse. Jarvis Bros., 15, Water Street. Kaye, Lewis, 103, Trinity Street. Lambert, George & Leonard, 25, Warneford Rise, Cowlersley. Lindley Firewood (Hudds.), Ltd., 22, Thomas Street, Lindley. Lock, Percy & Co., Ltd., 83, Station Street, Lepton. Mason, Frank A. & Son, 59, Coniston Avenue, Dalton. Martin, Douglas & Peter, 10, Smiths Row, Paddock. Martindale, M. & Co., Green Street.


Page 61

Moorhouse, Stanley, 43, Holly Road, Thornton Lodge. Moxon, George & Sons, Ltd., Westgate. National Coal Board Area No. 6, 102, Fitzwilliam Street. North Eastern Gas Board, Leeds Road and Longwood. Oldcorn, William, Beaumont Arms Garage, Netherton. Pearson & Moody, Ltd., John William Street. Ramm, Arthur, Exors of, 2, Una Place, Birkby. Relyon Products, Co., Fenay Bridge. Rodgers, Emily Florence, 158, Whitehead Road. Sanderson, Thos. Ward, 7, Norris Close, Almondbury. I Scarwood Coal Society, Ltd., 40, Scar Lane, Milnsbridge. Shaw, Wm. & Sons (Hudds.), Ltd., 74, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Sheepbridge Industrial Soc., Ltd., 80/82, Sheepbridge Road. Smith, Ben, 18, Ainley Top, Lindley. Smith Bros. (Hudds.), Ltd., 41, Viaduct Street. Smith, George & Son (Hudds.), Ltd., 23, Abingdon Street, Fartown. South Crosland & Netherton Co-op. Soc., Ltd., Meltham Road, Netherton. Stephens, Albert, Lockwood Station. Tennant Rotherford & Co., 11, Buxton Road. Tindal, James Hy. & Son, 9, Beaumont Street. Turner, Clifford, Cocks Yard, St. Andrew’s Road. Vickerman, Jack, Canal Basin, St. Andrew’s Road. Vickerman, Jack, 238, Deighton Road. Warburton, George, Lockwood Station. Whitehead, Nathan & Sons, Lockwood Station. Wood, William & Sons (Hudds.), Ltd., Whitestone Lane, Hudds. COATING (WORSTED) Clegg, A. E., 4, St. Peter’s Street. Sanderson Firth & Co., Seed Hill Mills. COKE N.E. Gas Board, Dale Street, Longwood.

Page 62

CONCRETERS (TERRAZZO) Toffolo, Luigi & Sons, 8, Armitage Crescent, Lockwood.

CONFECTIONERS (ncluding SWEET SHOPS) Acton, William, 179, Acre Street. Armitage, J. & I. M., 28, Swan Lane. Armitage, Marian, 34a, Spaines Road. Barker, T., Ltd., Ash Street, Birkby. Baron, Hilda, 1, Queen’s Mill Road. Bellarby, Wardle, Ltd., 7, High Street. Beresford, J. H., Ltd., 34/35, Victoria Lane. (Hudds. 5904). Berry, Joe E., 81, Lidget Street. Blakemore, Edward B., 222, Bradford Road. Booth, May, 67, Sheepbridge Road, Sheepbridge. Bywater, Nellie, Ravensknowle Cafe, Ravensknowle Park. Calvert Mary, Stile Common, Newsome Road. Cartwright, Frances Ethel, 33, King’s Mill Lane. Chapman, N., 1, Thornhill Avenue. Chocolate Box, The, 138, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Cliffe, Florence, 9, Cloth Hall Street. Cockhills (Bakers), Ltd., 6, Manchester Street. Croft, James Hedley, 92/4, Chapel Hill, and Highfield Road. Davis & Brook (Hudds.), Ltd., (Wholesale), 37, Westgate. Denham, William, 48, Trinity Street. Dobson, John & Sons, Ltd., 97/104, Top Market Hall. Dyson, F. & Son, 46, Park Road. Earnshaw, A., Princess Cafe, Northumberland Street. Ellis, Mary, 11, New North Road. Fairbairn, Roy, 2, Springwood Street. Firth, Ada, 151, Ashes Lane, Almondbury. Fisher, H., 23, Northgate. Fletcher, Beryl Mavis, 160, Lockwood Road. French, Harold, 27, Oak Road, Bradley. Galloway, G. C. & Craddock, I., Back Stoney Lane. Giles, Geo. A., 39, Trinity Street. Gledhill, Norman, 46, Victoria Street. Goldthorpe, Clifford, 157, Bradford Road. Goldthorpe & Jessop, 36, Victoria Lane. Hagenbach, C. & Sons, Ltd., 50/2, John William Street. Haigh, J. & C., 53, Colne Road. Heaton, S. & Co., 6, Northumberland Street. Heeley, J., Ltd., 15, Moor Lane, Netherton. Heeley, James, 59, Lightcliffe Road. Hirst, Shaw, 211, Lockwood Road. Hirst’s Yorkshire Toffee Co., Ltd., 11, Cross Church Street. (Hudds. 643). Jessop, Eric R., 120, Lockwood Road.

Page 63


Seatons, 58, Top Market Hall. Silvios, 22, Westgate. Snowden, H. & Co., Ltd., 26, Kirkgate. (Hudds. 2858). Sutcliffe, L., 1, Water Street. Taylor,

Page 64

CORN MERCHANTS Ahearns, C., 96, St. John’s Road. Mallinsons, 34a, King Street. Martins Corn Merchants, Aspley Wharf. Walker, Samuel & Son, Halifax Road, Birchencliffe. Wortley, B. & Son, Bradford Road, and 17/19, Wakefield Road, Aspley.

CORN MILLERS Flinders, Edward, Back Blacker Road.

CORSETIERRES Coward, K., 61, Trinity Street. Gledhill, Mrs. A., 7, New Hey Road, Marsh. Haigh, F. M., 15, Birkby Lodge Road. Pick, Selma Madam, 11, Byram Arcade and Imperial Arcade. Spencer, Minnie, 57, Blacker Road, Birkby. COSMETICS (MAIL ORDER) Aurora Cosmetics, Reg. Office, 19, Venn Street. COTTON DOUBLERS Gledhill, F. T., Britannia Mills. Westfield Cotton Co., Ltd., Cross Green Road. COTTON MERCHANTS Liversedge, Tom & Son, Ltd., Canal Bank Works, Leeds Road. COTTON SPINNERS Akroyd, Jas., Woodhouse Mills, Leeds Road, Deighton. Brierley, J. L., Ltd., Quay Street. Eccles, John, Ltd., Firth Street. Firth, J. & Sons, Grove Mills, Leeds Road. Hirst & Son (Hudds.), Ltd., Quay Street. Shaw & Shaw, Britannia Road. Whiteley, Joshua & Co., Ltd., Milford Street. COTTON WASTE Sykes, D. M. & Co., Ltd., 27, Greenhead Road. CREDIT TRADERS Guardian Trading Co., 2, King’s Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street. Ideal General Supply Co., Ltd., The, Hudds. Office, 4, New Street. McGill, 20, Byram Arcade. McNair, E., 98, Fitzwilliam Street. Provident Clothing & Suppy Co., Ltd., District Office, Prudential Buildings,

New Street. CRUMPET BAKERS Nelson, Norman, 222a, Manchester Road. Uttley Bros., 72, Fitzwilliam Street. (Wholesale).

Page 65

DANCING SCHOOLS Bray, Nora, School of Dancing, Sergeantson Street. Brook, E. R., 99, Trinity Street. Carlton School of Dancing, Lockwood Conservative Club. Central School of Dancing, 17a, East Parade. Fox’s School of Dancing, Trinity Street. Frost’s School of Dancing, Brook Street. Hudds. Academy of Dancing, Railway Street. Iris Whyte Dancing School, Westgate. Jeanette, Westgate. Rawlins School of Dancing, Railway Street. Shaw Mary, 25, Westgate.

DECORATORS’ MATERIALS AND MERCHANTS (See also PAINTS AND WALLPAPERS) Adrian, Peter, 7, St. John’s Road. Burman & Greenwood, Ltd., Albion Street. (Hudds. 3631). Nu Style Wallpaper Co., Ltd., 18, Cross Church Street. Pick, Godrey & Sons, Ltd., Albion Street. P.Q.R.S. (Yorkshire), Ltd., 1, Market Avenue. Schofield, S. & Co., Ltd., 41, King Street. Wallpaper Stores, Ltd., 2, Cross Church Street. DECORATORS

Page 66

DOGS (Boarding) Barkers Kennels, Fenay Bridge. Grasmere Kennels, 13, East View, Marsh. Krantel Kennels,.Colnebridge, Bradley. Rafborn Kennels, 163, Laund Road, Salendine Nook.

DOMESTIC APPLIANCE Brown, H. & Son, 109, Bradford Road.

DRAPERS Asher, S., 12, Acre Street. Atkinson, 289, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Atkinson, Doris, 35, Market Street, Paddock. Atkinson, Joe, 2, Church Street, Moldgreen. Berry, Chas. E. & Son, Ltd., 110, Top Market Hall. Blackburn, Nellie & Paxman, Nellie, 113a, Longwood Road. Booth, Arthur N. (Hudds.), Ltd., (Wholesale), 22, Byram Street. Booth, Harry, 29/33, Northgate. Boothroyd, Alice, 11, Market Avenue. Bower, Joseph T., 62, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Bradford Homecraft Co. (Credit), Kirkgate Chambers, Kirkgate. Carter, Harry, 59, Market Hall Lower. Copley, L., Market Hall Lower. Crooks, Ruth, 597, Wakefield Road. Dobson, L., 13, Church Lane, Newsome. Drake, May Doris, 94, Blacker Road, Birkby. Dries, 55, Bradley Mills Road, Rawthorpe. Fletcher, Beryl Mavis, 160, Lockwood Road. Graham, G. F. & M., 68a, Market Street, Paddock. Greenhalgh, W. & Son, Ltd. (Wholesale), 44, Wood Street. Hall, George (Hudds.), Ltd., 17, Cloth Hall Street. Hanson, Hilda, 201, Church Street, Paddock. Hartley, Frank, Market Hall Lower. Hawkins, J. & Sons, Ltd., 26, New Street. Hellowell, S. & Son, 122, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Hinchliffe, Taylor, 148, Whitehead Road. Hirst, Bros., 7, Church Street. Hobson, Harold & V., 24, Blacker Road, Birkby. Holden, Eli & Sons, Ltd. (Credit), 33, Lord Street. Holmes, Clarence & Hilda, 64, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Howarth, K., 18, Dean Street. Jagger, George H. & Norah, 111, New Hey Road. Jarvis, Edith, 79, Thornhill Road, Longwood. Johnson, H. J. & Riddell, J. H., 185, Manchester Road. Jones, Winifred Noel, 356, Blackmoorfoot Road. Kayes Drapers Ltd., 7/9, King Street. Kayes Drapers Ltd., 20/23, King Street. Laure, 352, Blackmoorfoot Road.

Page 67

Law, Allen, 64, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Lee, Mona C., 826, Manchester Road, Milnsbridge. Lee, S. & Co., 11, Armitage Road, Birkby. Little Bros., Ltd. (Credit), 1, Brook Street. Ludlows (Bradford), Ltd., 60a, New Street. M. & B. Draper Warehouse, 23, Pack Horse Yard. Mallinson, Ada, 285, Leeds Road. Mallinson, Mary, 12, Bentley Street. Pickersgill, Dorothy, 16, Bridge Street. Pickup, Hedley & Co., Parkwood Mills, Grove Street, Longwood. Price, Leslie & Marjory, Newsome Road. Schofield, Edna, 19, Lidget Street. Raynor, Ethel Agnes, 106, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Royle, Chas. E., 52a & 52b, Luck Lane, Marsh. Sanderson, Maud (Exec. of), 7, King’s Head Arcade. Schofield, Cyril Frederick, 236, Riddings Road, Sheepridge. Schofield, Mary E., 299, Vicarage Road, Longwood. Schofield & Oldfield, Ltd., Albert Yard. Senior, Betty, 4, Somerset Crescent. Sheard, J. E. Ltd., 104, Armitage Road, Milns. & 99, Townend, Almond-

bury. Sheard, Joseph Eric, 171, Blackmoorfoot Road. Smith, Sarah Elizabeth, 511, Wakefield Road. Storey, Arthur, 97, Northgate, Almondbury. Street, Clarice, 163, Northgate, Almondbury. Sutcliffe, Alfred, 7, King Cliffe Road. Swallow, Ruth, 100, Chapel Hill. Sykes, Elsie, 21, Bridge Street. Telfer, H. & Son (Wholesale), 9, Dundas Street. Tetley, Beatrice C., 1, Broad Lane. Turner, Florence, 836, New Hey Road, Outlane. Wadeson, Edith, 78, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Wallis, Fred & Nora, 127, Fartown Green Road. Whitfields, Ltd. (Credit), 20, Manchester Road. Wilkinson, Sybil B. & Harry, Grimscar Avenue. Wilson, Ernest & Son, 80, Top Market Hall. Wilton’s (Corner) Ltd., 1, Chapel Hill. Wood, Emily, 4, Blacker Road, Birkby. Wood, Phyllis, 45, Lidget Street. Wright, Mona, 231, Cross Lane, Primrose Hill. Yorkshire Warehouse Co., 38/40, Cross Church Street. Zuckers, 1, Victoria Lane. DRAWING OFFICES Central Drawing Offices (Hudds.), 19, Exchange Buildings, Market Street. DRAWING OFFICE EQUIPMENT Hall Harding, Ltd., 16, St. George’s Square. DRESS AGENCY Peace, Elsie, 2a, Queen Street. DRESSMAKERS Lason, Maria, 23, Blackmoorfoot Road. Laycock, Mrs., 101, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Lightowler, O., 3a, Chapel Hill. Sewell, M., 133, Church Street, Paddock. Sykes, Megan, 3a, Market Hall Chambers, King Street. Wright, Elizabeth, 575a, Wakefield Road.

DRY CLEANERS (See Cleaners)

DRYSALTERS Bell, R. A. & Co. Ltd., Brook’s Yard, Market Street. (Hudds. 2665). Brown,

Page 68

DUPLICATORS AND COPIERS Brooktype, 42, Longley Road. Coverdale Advertising, Room 32, 2, Station Street. Crossleys Posters, 18, Byram Arcade. Ellams Duplicator Co., Ltd., 4, King’s Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street.

DYERS (Textile)

James Beaumont & Sons, Ltd.


Dyers of Loose Wool, Noils, Cotton, Waste and Art Silk Candlewick Bedspreads

(Est. 1863)

Page 69

Smith, W. H. & Co., Electrical Engineers, Ltd., Dalton. Sykes & Dyson, Ltd., Queen’s Mill Road. Taylor, F. W. & Son, Ltd., Albion Works, Milns. Taylor, J. H. & Co., Macauley Street. Westin, W. S., Ltd., Waverley Works, St. Thomas’s Road. Westin, W. S., Ltd., Colne Road. Wood & Wootton, Norwood Road.

ELECTRICAL GOODS SUPPLIERS Aspinall, R. & Co., 7, Victoria Lane. Barber, J. & Sons, 38a, King Street. Beaumont & Bramald, Back Church Street, Paddock. Burhouse, Lawrence, 59b, Lightcliffe Road. Crowther & Shaw, Ltd., 19, Market Street. Dyson, Harry (Hudds.), Ltd., 198, Manchester Road & 27, Beast Market. Electrical Components, Ltd., Knight Street. Electrical Installations and Motor Rewinds, Brook Street. Electrical Supplies, 4, Queen Street. Emmott, John, 242/4, Manchester Road. Finch, Reginald, 59, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen (Batteries only). Furness, Donald, 94, Northgate. Gilleard, Philip B., 77, Northgate, Almondbury. Gowing, W. P., 33, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Harrison, G. D. & Son, Ltd. (Wholesale), Brook Street. Home Electric Services, 72, Buxton Road. Hudds. & District Co-op. Retail Services, Ltd., Buxton Road. Jessop Bros., 17, Beast Market. Johnson Bros., 9, South Parade. Kincey, W. B., 7, Triangle Paddock. Laycock Hainsworth, Ltd., 20, Imperial Arcade. Lum, Frank, 207, Luck Lane. Lunn, J. E., 8, Cross Lane, Primrose Hill. Moorhouse, Frank, 105, Bradford Road. Pickering, J. & McGuin, 71, Westbourne Road. Sykes, Arnold, 7, Trinity Street. Sykes, B. B. & Co., Swan Lane. Taylor, J. H. & Co., 11/13/15, Macauley Street. Taylor, F. (Electro) Ltd., Upperhead Mills. Tweedale, Douglas, 107, Lidget Street & 10, Spaines Road. Venus Electric Co., Ltd., 217, Leeds Road. Walker, Norris, Royd Street, Longwood. Watkins, Albert S., 130, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Wigfall, H. & Son, Ltd., 18, Buxton Road. Yorkshire Electricity Board, Market Street & 5, High Street.

ELECTRIC MOTOR MANUFACTURERS Brook Motors, Ltd., Empress Works, St. Thomas’s Road. ELECTRIC WASHING MACHINE MAKERS AND SUPPLIERS Home Electric Services (Eric Hinchcliffe), 72, Buxton Road. - Home Electric Services, Pack Horse Yard & Queen Street. ELECTRO GILDERS AND PLATERS Fescol, Ltd., Leeds Road. Shackleton, A. E., Page Street (Works). EMBALMERS Taylor, 32, Scar Lane, Milns. EMBROIDERERS Haigh, Laura, Ltd., 33, Market Hall. Horsfall, 12, Cross Church Street. Kershaw, Florence, 19, Queen Street. ENGINEERS Berjo Eng. Co. Ltd., Old Rookery Forge, Wakefield Road. Broadbent, Thos. & Sons, Ltd., Central Iron Works, Queen Street South.

(Hudds. 5520). Brook, T. & Sons, Ltd., Chapel Hill. 67

Page 70


Cliffe & Co. Ltd., Longroyd Bridge. Crown Engineering Co., Lower Fitzwilliam Street. (Hudds. 7437). Crowther & Gee, Firth Street. Dyson & Nalson, Viaduct Street. Earnshaw, B. & Co., Manchester Road. Edeco Prospectors, Ltd., Lindley Moor Road. Goulder, J. & Sons, Ltd., Kirkheaton. (Hudds. 5252). Haley, J. I. (Hudds.), Ltd., Crosland Hill Road. Henderson & Co., Railway Arch, Manchester Road. Holmes, W. C. & Co. Ltd., St. Andrew’s Road. Hopkinson’s, Ltd., Wheathouse Road, Birkby. Hudds. Transmission, Ltd., 36, Upperhead Row. Humpleby, T. & Sons, Queen’s Mill Road. Keith Engineering Co., Firth Street. Longwood Engineering Co. Ltd., Parkwood Foundry, Longwood. Marchant, G. M., Ltd., Albert Street, Lockwood. McKitrick Bros., Ltd., Albion Street. Milford Engineering Co. (Hudds.), Ltd., Milford Street.


Page 71

ENGINEERS, CIVIL Lowery, P. & Sons, Ltd., 124, Fitzwilliam Street. Mitchel Construction, Newsome Reservoir Site. Wimpey, G. & Co. Ltd., Building Site, Botham Hall Road. Wimpenny, J. Co. Ltd., Spurn Point, Linthwaite. (Milns, 2210). ENGINEERS, COMBUSTION Bennis Combustion, Ltd., Power Station, St. Andrew’s Road. Peace, Bernard, 54, Benomley Crescent. ENGINEERS, DOMESTIC Brook, J. A., Ltd., Smithy Lane, Moldgreen. ENGINEERS, GAS Holmes, W. C. & Co., Ltd., Turnbridge. (Hudds. 5280). ENGINEERS, HEATING AND ELECTRICAL Cheetham (Oldham) (office), 121, Trinity Street. Eastwood, G. S., Conservative Works, Lockwood. (Hudds. 6632). Rayner, T. H. & Sons, Ltd., Upperhead Mills. Watson, C. & Sons, Ltd., William Street. ENGINEERS, HYDRAULIC Mills, Edwin & Sons, Aspley Works. Moodys Engineers, Ltd., Page Street Iron Works. ENGINEERS, MAINTENANCE Buckley, J., 25, Moor End Road, Lockwood. ENGINEERS, MECHANICAL Anderson & Catton, Barr Street, Leeds Road. Lodge & Nunwick, 43, School Street, Moldgreen ENGINEERS, PRECISION Anders & Kitchen, Ltd., St. John’s Road. Goulder, J. & Sons, Ltd., Kirkheaton. (Hudds. 5252). Norwood Instruments, Ltd., New Mill Road, Honley. Pickersgill & Schofield, Springfield Place, Swan Lane, Lockwood. Premac, Ltd., Garden Street Works, Lockwood. Wellfield General Engineering Co., Wellfield Road, Marsh. ENGINEERS, REPETITION Ireland, Rolland, Fern Street, St. Andrew’s Road. ENGINEERS, RESTAURANT Proctor, Edgar W., Leeds Road. ENGINEERS, SANITARY Eastwood, G. S., Conservative Works, Lockwood. (Hudds. 6632). ENGINEERS, STRUCTURAL Astley, Brook & Co., Ltd., St. George’s Works, Leeds Road. Brook & Crowther, Ltd., Leeds Road. Brook, Hy. & Co., Ltd., Colne Road. Moldgreen Engineering Co., Ltd., Upper Blankfield Mills, Moldgreen. Pulman, Abram & Sons, Ltd., 25, Vances Chambers, Cloth Hall Street. ENGINEERS, SUPPLIERS

T. A. COCKIN, LTD. Established 1863


Page 72

ENGRAVERS Beaumont, J., Battyes Yard, Market Place. Examiner Process Engraving Branch, The, 14, Princess Street. Jackson, R., Gordon Chambers, King Street. Kendalls, Queen Street.

ENTERTAINERS Cooper, Frank, 24, Woodbine Road, Fartown. Selby, Edward O., 2, Oastler Avenue.

ESTATE AGENTS Abbey & Hanson, 11, Cloth Hall Street. (Hudds. 225). Armitage, Hewitt & Hellowell, 37, Westgate. (Hudds. 6118). 32, Queen Street. (Hudds. 356). Booth, George, 24, Queen Street. (Hudds. 910). Brook, Dransfield & Dyson, Estate Buildings. (Hudds. 2536). Crowther, G. & G. H., 1, Princess Street. (Hudds. 353). Eddison, Taylor & Booth, 6, High Street. (Hudds. 3177). Garside, Allison & Fletcher, 7, St. George’s Square. (Hudds. 3242). Johnson, Stanley & Co., Ltd., 5, King’s Head Buildings. (Hudds. 5461). Longbottom, Frank, 80, Cowlersley Lane. (Milnsbridge 1144). Ottway & Cooper, 18, Chapel Hill. Rudd, Ronald, H., 7, St. George’s Square. Stephens & Co., 5, King’s Head Buildings. (Hudds. 5461). Thornhill Yorkshire Estates Co., 1, Princess Street. (Hudds. 353). Woodcock, Edgar, District Bank Chambers. (Hudds. 2693).

EXCAVATOR AND DUMPER HIRE SERVICE Abraham, Graham & Son, (Huddersfield), Fartown Bar.

FANCY GOODS Bellard, Arthur, 24, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Bensims, Top Market Hall. Boothroyd, H. & R., 225, Lockwood Road. Bower, Fred & Son,

Page 73

Crowther, A. & Son, Ltd., Lord Street. Dyson, Hubert, Carr Pit Road, Moldgreen. Kennedy & Co., 26, Viaduct Street. Lumb, G. N. (Yorks.), Ltd., Longroyd Lane. Rayner, T. H. & Son, Ltd., Market Street. Tennant Rotherford & Co., 11, Buxton Road. Walker Bros., 7, Beast Market.

FIREWOOD DEALERS Manley, Thos., Halifax Old Road, Fartown. Sanderson, A., 656a, Leeds Road. Tindall, J. H., 9, Beaumont Street.

FIREWORKS Standard Fireworks, Ltd., Head Office, Standard House, Works, Crosland Hill.

FIRST AID First Aid & Ambulance Supply, 46, Birkhouse Lane, Moldgreen. FISH (Wholesale Dealers) Class & Sons, Wholesale Market. Forbes & Fish, Wholesale Market. Green, A. Wm. & Co., Wholesale Market. Hull Ice Co., Wells Yard, Northgate. Pickles, Herman, Ltd., Wholesale Market. Wood, J. H. & Son, Ltd., Brook Street. FISH AND CHIPS AND TRIPE SUPPLIERS Ackers, J. & H., Dewhurst Road. Adams, H., 138a, Deighton Road. Allan, 270, Longwood Road. Allen, J. R., 55, Belton Street, Moldgreen. Armitage, G. R., 67, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Ashes, 157, Longwood Road. Bailey, Herbert W., 10, High Street. Bailey, Wilfred, 116, Cowlersley Lane, Milnsbridge. Bamforth, G., 19, Bridge Street. Bamforth, Stanley, Reed Street, Marsh. Bannister, H., 8, Acre Street. Bell, Henry, 77, Thornhill Road, Longwood. Berry, Joe, 287, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Berry, P., 46, Manchester Road. Bestwick, 108, South Street. Birkenshaw, Harold, 218, New Hey Road. Birkenshaw, Harold, New Hey Road, Mount. Blakeby, Hector B.,

Page 74

Fish and Chips, and Tripe Suppliers—continued

Dalton, A., 74, Lockwood Road. Dawson, Edward, 82, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Dighton, Arthur, C., 15, Morley Lane, Milnsbridge. Dutton, J. D., 108, Newsome Road. Dyden, R., 470, Manchester Road. Earnshaw, Wilfred. 182a, Leeds Road. Eastwood, N. E., St. Mark’s Road, Longwood. Edwards, E., Lockwood Road. Field, H. & F., 40, Royd Street, Longwood. Field, J. A., 13, Copthorne Square. Foster, Lawrence, 62, Broad Lane. Fox, George H., 18, Brook Street, Moldgreen. Furness, Fred, 48, Towngate, Newsome. Garside, S., 28, Scar Lane, Milnsbridge. Gay, Harriet E., 181, Blackmoorfoot Road. Gibson, Ernest, 3, Bradford Road. Gibson, J. S., 119, Leeds Road. Gibson, J. S., 673, Leeds Road. Gibson, J. S., Ltd., 18, Beast Market. Gothard, G., Market Hall. Haigh, V., 20, South Parade. Hall, P., 161a, Scar Lane, Milnsbridge. Hallam, G. & L., 101, New Hey Road. Hallas, S., 30, Merton Street. Hamer, Primrose Hill Road. Hampshire, 301, Bradford Road. Hardy, B., 317, Leeds Road. Hardy, E. T., 205, Leeds Road. Hawke, H. S., 87, Westgate, Almondbury. Hellawell, John, 338, Blackmoorfoot Road. Helliwell, Harry, 49, Northgate. Heppenstall, Frank, 123, Halifax Old Road. Heptenstall, George S., 43, Swan Lane. Hirst, Yorkie, Quarmby Road. Hobson, Frank, Market Place, Netherton. Hollingworth, A., 64, Wakefield Road, Aspley. Horsfall, Arthur, 227 Longwood Gate. Horsfall, Frank, 64, Swan Lane. Howe, E., Birchencliffe Hill Road. Hunt, Emanuel, Moor End Road. Jackson, Clifford, 99, Yews Hill Road. Jolliff’s, 562, Manchester Road, Milnsbridge. Jones, Frederick W., 112; Lockwood Road. Jowsey, L., 5, Church Lane, Newsome. Jowsey, L., 1, Browning Road, Sheepridge. Jowsey, L. S., 4, Folly Hall. Kaye, F., Close Hill Lane. Kaye, H. C., Lowergate, Paddock Head. Kaye, M. E., 220, Manchester Road. Kaye, S., 5, Blackmoorfoot Road. Littlewood, Chas., 3, St. John’s Road. Littlewood, George W., Terminus, New Hey Road, Outlane. Luce, Albert R., 1, Reed Street, Marsh. Meadows, Alfred, 23, Leymoor Road. Meal, Wilfred, 249, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Mellor, B., 32, Carr Street, Marsh. Midgley, Walter, 899, Manchester Road, Milnsbridge. Mitchell, A. & A., 26, Meltham Road. Moorhouse, Harry, 47,.Bradley Mills Road, Rawthorpe. Morton’s, Dean Brook Road, Netherton. Mosley, Fred, 111, Halifax Old Road.


Page 75

Norgate, Harriet, 14, Thornton Lodge Road. Oddy, M., 77, Sheepridge Road, Sheepridge. Overend, 65, Walpole Road. Parkinson, Ernest, Pollard Street. Philipps, 118, Bradford Road. Pidgeon, J. A., 50a, Long Lane. Platt, John H., 13a, Chapel Hill. Poole, F., 92, Blacker Road, Birkby. Rawlinson, R., 67, St. Andrew’s Road. Rayner, F., 254, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Read, Norman, 199, Lowerhouses Lane. Ridding, Teresa, 58, Lidget Street. Robinson, Herbert, 513, Wakefield Road. Rogers, Jim, 103, Whitehead Lane. Roskell, Harry, 6, Waingate, Berry Brow. Rowan, G., 1a, Spring Street. Ruck, T., 56, Cobcroft Road. Schofield, Taylor Hill Road. Scott, W. H., 2, Crossley Lane. Searby, Lewis, 19, Beast Street. Spencer, G., 75a, Acre Street. Steel, J. W. & Thornton, 4, Wakefield Road, Aspley. Stephenson, H., School Street, Moldgreen. Stewart, John, 54a, Charles Street. I Tailford, Ralph, 140, Victoria Road. Taylor, Alexander G., 199, Newsome Road South. Taylor, Harry, 16, Morley Lane, Milnsbridge. Taylor, James H., 88, George Street, Milnsbridge. Wainwright, W. I., 115, St. John’s Road. Walker, 941, Leeds Road. White Rose, 2, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Whiteley, J., 22, Lockwood Road. Whiteley, W., 233, Cross Lane, Primrose Hill. Whitmarsh, S. A., 280, Leeds Road. Whitwam, Harold, 143, Church Street, Paddock. Wilkinson, Annie, Hudroyd, Almondbury. Wilks, P., 49, Market Street, Paddock. Wilsden, C., 51a, Brow Road, Paddock. Wilson, Norman, 634, Wakefield Road. Wood, James, 23, West Street. Woods Fisheries, Paddock Head.

FISHMONGERS Boothroyd, Fred, 167, Blackmoorfoot Road. Brown, Lena, 34, Westgate. Denton, Edgar, 140b, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Fleetwood Fish Shop, 2, Somerset Crescent. Haigh, Albert, 74, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Home Service (Fish, Fruit, Vegetables), Ltd., LockwoodBar & Regal Buildings, Moldgreen. Hoyle, John Ernest, 3, Crescent Road. Jagger, J. T. & Son, 6, Swan Lane. Kilburn, Ltd., 45, Northgate. Kilburn, H., Ltd., 206, Manchester Road. Mortimer, A. & K., 62, Sheepridge Road, Sheepridge. Newbys, Ltd., 19, Westgate. Pape, Thomas E., 32, King Street. Porter, J. B. & Co., 31, Market Hall. Sykes, Joe, 318b, Bradford Road. Trawler Shop (H. Kilburn, Ltd.), 323a, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Thorpe, Jessie, 29, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Winn, Robert, 20/21, Market Hall, Victoria Street. Wood, J. E., Son & Co., 1, Victoria Street. Wood, John, 23, Market Hall, Victoria Street.


Page 76

FLANNEL MANUFACTURERS Dol’s Volatalise Flannel, Ltd., 38, Westgate.



Page 77

Howarth, Harry, 79/82, Top Market Hall. Howarth, K., 4, Victoria Lane. Howarth, Roger, 11, Market Walk. Milner, C., 62, John William Street. Rhodes Bros., 26/36, Market Hall Lower. Rhodes, W., 55, Trinity Street. Simpson, Christopher, 294, Bradford Road. Steele, E. & R., & Bamforth, G., 10, Buxton Road. Wilson, S., 12/13, Market Hall.

FUNERAL CARRIAGES Cox & Co., Lockwood Road. Currie, Thos. & Co., Central Garage, Zetland Street. Jenkinson Bros., 32, Fitzwilliam Street.

FUNERAL DIRECTORS (See also UNDERTAKERS) Ainley, George & Sons, Ltd., Pinfold. Beardsall, Fred & Son, Spring Gardens, Lockwood Road. (Hudds. 974), Brown, H. & Son, 109, Bradford Road. Cox & Co., Lockwood Road. Crowther, F. B. & Son, Lamb Hall Road. Crowther & Wilkinson, Abb Street, Marsh. Haigh, H., 9a, Albion Street. Hollas, H. & Co., 252b, Wakefield Road. Hudds. & District Co-op. Soc., Ltd., St. Thomas’s Road. Jenkinson Bros., Colonial Garage, 32, Fitzwilliam Street. Mackness of Moldgreen, Wellington Works, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. (Hudds. 4335). McNulty, C., 31, Fernside Avenue, Almondbury. Mellor, Willie, 3, Cowlersley Lane. Taylor, 32, Scar Lane, Milns. Walker, John & Sons, Acre Street, Lindley. Whiteley, J. H. & Sons, 101, Lidget Street, Lindley. Wood, J. W. & G., 9a Albion Street. (Hudds, 2371).

FURNITURE CONTRACTORS Taylor & Hobson, Ltd., 9, King’s Head Arcade. (Hudds. 4830). FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS Beaumont, W. & Sons, Ltd., Spring Grove Works. Cresta Manufacturing Co. (H), Ltd., 177, Leeds Road. Roebuck, Harry, Moldgreen. FURNITURE RETAILERS AND HOUSE FURNISHERS Axfords, Ltd., 17, Queen Street. Barnes, C. C., Ltd., 74 & 74a, John William Street. (Hudds. 3194), Barnes, C. C., Ltd., Green Cross Corner, Moldgreen. (1139). Beevers & Shaw, 3, Battyes Yard, Market Place. Beevers & Shaw, Ltd., 27, John William Street. Best, John, 60 & 63/65, Northgate. Brown Bros. & Taylor, 41/43, New Street. Brown, H. & Son, 107/9, Bradford Road. (Hudds. 1684). Burnett, John, 70, Market Street, Paddock. Campbells, 44/46, New Street. Carmichaels, Ltd., 31, Lord Street. Carr, Charles & Son, 3, Victoria Street. Culpan, P. A. & Co., 20, Bradford Road. Haigh, Walter, Oakes Road. Headrow Furnishers, Ltd., Upperhead Row.

Page 78

Furniture Retailers and Home Furnishers—continued

Roebuck, Harry, 38, Buxton Road. , Wakefield Road, Aspley. Rowlands, Ltd.,

Page 79

Bingham, Arthur, 1, King Cliffe Road. Binns, Ernest, 38b, Deighton Road. Boldy, George Henry, 74, Long Lane. Booth, Sarah Hannah, 44, Manchester Road. Booth, Fred, 94, Longley Road. Booth, Willie, 226, Bradford Road. Boothroyd, Amy G., 55, Church Street, Longwood. Boothroyd, Harry, 111, Northgate. Bower, Annie, 52, Great Northern Street. Bowring, Gladys J., 87, Trinity Street. B. & D. (Grocers), Ltd., 23, Southfield Road, Almondbury. Bradley, James A., 54, Wakefield Road. Bramley, Chas. John, 22, Britannia Road, Milnsbridge. Brennan, Joseph, 1, Portland Street, Lindley. Brock, Florence R., 815, Manchester Road, Milnsbridge. Brodie, Arthur, 2a, Stockwell Hill, Berry Brow. Broderick, E., 1, Towngate, Newsome. Brook, Ethel, 75, Northfate. Brook, Gordon Richard, 115, Fartown Green Road. Brook, Joe Leslie & Hilda, Plover Road. Brook, Harry, 30, Fitzwilliam Street. Brook, Nora, 207, Church Street, Paddock. Brooks, John & Nona, 90, Blacker Road, Birkby. Brooks, M. E. & Ball, E. M., 87, Northgate, Almondbury. Brooksbank, H. & M. M., 146, Blacker Road, Birkby. Brooksbank, Tom, 103a, Whitehead Lane. Brown, F., 12, Bradford Road. Brunstead, W., 49, Market Street. Buckley, Robert, 55, Lidget Street. Burgess, Emma, 34, Grove Street. Burhouse, Joan & Sidney, 63, Armitage Road, Netherton. Butterworth, Sidney, 57, Fixby Road. Callaghan, Wilfred, 40, Oakes Road. Calvert, Selena, 19, Lord Street. Carter, A. & Harold, 11, St. John’s Road. Carter, John, 90, Firth Street. Cassidy, Mrs., 54, Kirkgate. Cathryns, Shaw Phyllis, 323, Meltham Road, Netherton. Causier, Frederick J., 144b, Lowerhouses Lane. Chafer, Mary Florence, 20, Grimscar Avenue. Chapman, Mrs., 52, Leeds Road. Charlesworth, Harry, 137, Leeds Road. Clegg, P. & Greenwood, G., 96, Leeds Road. Cliffe, D. J. & E., 1, Albert Street, Lockwood. Cliffe, Roy, 13, Sheepridge Road, Sheepridge. Clough, Leonard, 121, Lidget Street. Crawshaw, Edith, 75, Deighton Road. Crossley, William, 834, Manchester Road, Milnsbridge. Daniel, Eric & Annie, 3, Blue Bell Hill. Davison, Robert & Ernest, 145, St. John’s Road, Birkby. Day, Amy, 90, Crosland Hill Road. Dean, T. & A. M., 229, Cross Lane, Primrose Hill. Diskin, Jack, 601, Wakefield Road. Diskin, Roy, 75, Whiteley Street, Milnsbridge. Dodson, Harry, 8, Grasscroft Road, Marsh. Donaldson, Frank, 1, Hampshire Street, Moldgreen. Douthwaite, W., 46, Bradley Street. Dransfield, Victor, 162, Manchester Road. Dutton, Willie, 249, Leeds Road. Dyson, Ellis, 519, Wakefield Road. Dyson, Herbert L. & Lucy, 9, Grimscar Avenue. Dyson, J., 407, Bradford Road.


Page 80

General Stores—continued

Dyson, Wilbert, 138, Cowlersley Lane,

Page 81

Jolliff, Joseph M., 2, Factory Lane, Milnsbridge. Jones, John, 96, Deighton Road. Jones, Thos. & Lucy, 11, Summer Street, Netherton. Jowett, E. & M., 132, Cowlersley Lane, Milnsbridge. Kaye, Edith, 177, Halifax Old Road. Kaye, G. H., 333, Leeds Road. Kaye, Mary, 97, Halifax Old Road. Keighley, Ben, 779, New Hey Road. Kendal, Geoffrey & May, 91, Townend, Almondbury. Kerrod, Elsie Winifred, 40, Factory Lane, Milnsbridge. Kimberline, Sidney H., Leeds Road, Cooper Bridge & 1, Copthorne Square,

Bradley. Knight, Doris & Percy, 1, Colne Bridge Road. Lancaster, Jack & E., 13, St. Andrew’s Road. Lancaster, John S., 630, Wakefield Road. Law, William, 4, Mill Street. Leather, Harold C., 145, Leeds Road. Lee, James Arthur, Colne Bridge Road. Limon, Elsie, 69, Dalmeny Avenue. Lindley, Samuel H., 9, Yews Hill Road. Liversedge, J., 730, Manchester Road, Milnsbridge. Lockwood, Annie, Lowergate, Paddock Head. Lockwood, John H., 34, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Lockwood, Lily, 147, Victoria Road. Lodge, Ernest, 1, Hillhouse Lane. Longbottom, Ada, 80, Cowlersley Lane, Milnsbridge. Longbottom, Arthur, 135, Netheroyd Hill Road. Longley, Brian, 98, Northgate. Lowe, Lilian, 96, Heaton Road. Lupton, J. & Son (Schofield), Ltd., 1, Westgate, Almondbury. Lunn, George C., 3, Browning Road, Sheepridge. Mallinson, A., 3, Somerset Crescent. Mallinson, Herbert L., 45, Northgate, Almondbury. Marsden (Mary’s Cafe), 434, Bradford Road. Marsden, Ernest, 9, Bracken Square. Marshall, E. A., 81, Longley Road. Marshall, Ernest, 16, Smithy Lane, Moldgreen. Marshall, Willie, 92, Northgate. Marshall, Willie & Bessie, 1, Mount Street, Milnsbridge. Martin, Edith M., 35, Blackmoorfoot Road. Mayall, William, 21, Almondbury Bank, Almondbury. Meal, 14, Bourne View Road, Netherton. Mear, Lena, 58, Church Street. Mellor, Douglas, 844, Stainland Road, Outlane. Metcalfe, George Henry, 73, Bradford Road. Midgley, Walter, 901, Manchester Road, Milnsbridge. Mohammed, Ali, 27, Merton Street. Moore, John, 109, Whitehead Lane. Moorhouse, Harry, 111, Westgate, Almondbury.

Page 82

General Stores—continued

Oldfield, Elsie, 2, Church Street, Moldgreen. Oldroyd, Betty, 124, Ravensknowle Road. Omerod, Harold, 207/9, Leeds Road. Owen, Robert J., 5, Benomley Road, Almondbury. Palliser, M. J., 7, Whiteley Street, Milnsbridge. Peace, Frank, 86, Sheepridge Road, Sheepridge. Pearson, H., 164, Blacker Road, Birkby. Pearson, Jack & Clara I., 14, Newsome Road. Pearson, Joan, 101, Townend, Almondbury. Pitt, 21, Ashes Lane, Almondbury. Pitt, J., 93, Bank End Lane, Almondbury. Porter, Robert, 187, Blackmoorfoot Road. Powell, C. & Longbottom, E., 12, Ashbrow Road, Fartown. Pybone, Roy & Kathleen, 409, Manchester Road. Ramsden, Marion, 15, Primrose Hill Road. Ramsden, Wilfred & Edith, 6, Station Buildings, Lowergate. Rawcliffe, Edgar, 537, New Hey Road. Revill, Samuel Charles, 26, Waingate, Berry Brow. Rhodes, Julia, 89, Wellington Street. Richardson, L. & W., lla, Briggate. Riley, Edgar & Nancy, 174, Manchester Road. Roberts, Tom, 2, Duke Street. Robinson, Albert, 94, Sheepridge Road, Sheepridge. Robinson, John F., 22, Outcote Bank. Roebuck, J. R. & M. A., 275, Bradford Road. Royle, 73, Northgate. Royle, George H., 10, Birkhouse Lane, Moldgreen. Rowley, Corri, 60, Wakefield Road, Aspley. Rushforth, Ida, 27, Rawthorpe Lane, Rawthorpe. Ruston, Harry, 63, Walpole Road. Ryan, J. C. & G., 17, Byram Street. Sankey, Stephen, 238, Lowerhouses Lane. Scarrott, Sydney, 18, Bradford Road. Schofield, Cyril F., 236, Riddings Road, Sheepridge. Schofield, Jack, 297, Vicarage Road, Longwood. Scott, Kathleen, 763, Leeds Road. Senior, Herbert, 1, Edgware Road, Dalton. Senior, John, 98, Chapel Hill. Senior, Nellie, 446, Wakefield Road. Short, Robert, 65, St. Andrew’s Road. Simpson, Bessie, 21, Triangle, Paddock. Singleton, James, 136, Armitage Road, Milnsbridge. Singleton, Malcolm H., 75, Blackmoorfoot Road. Smith, Alice M., 142, Victoria Road. Smith, Clarence B., 129, Bradford Road. Smith, Clifford & Mary, 182, Lowergate. Smith, Elizabeth E., 70, Norman Road. Smith, F. Victor, 797, New Hey Road. Smith, Harry Hardisty, 62, Scar Lane, Milnsbridge. Smith, Nellie, 1, Benomley Road, Almondbury. Smith, Reginald, 64, King Street. Speight, Florrie, 146, Blackmoorfoot Road. Spencer, E. A., 16, Parkgate, Berry Brow. Spencer, Elsie, 20, Norwood Road. Spencer, Willie & Louie, 87, Quarmby Road. Stancliffe, Stanley, 4, Springwood Street. Stansfield, Alice Ellen, 275, Manchester Road. Stocks, Ellen, Newsome Road South. Stott, Leonard, 75, Raw Nook Road. Summers, Ada, 26, Lowergate.


Page 83

Sutcliffe, Harry W. & Agnes E., 523, Wakefield Road. Swallow, Frank & Ruth, 41, Northgate. Swallow, Fred, 251, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Swallow, Gladys, 232, Meltham Road, Netherton. Swift, Fred, 43, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Swift, Joe, 123, Whiteley Street, Milnsbridge. Sykes, Albert Henry, 15, Colne Road. Sykes, Arthur R., 130, Manchester Road. Sykes, A. & Richardson, M., 38, Manchester Road. Sykes, Edwin, 55, Yews Hill Road. Sykes, Ellen, 66, Crescent Road. Sykes, Harry, 339, Meltham Road, Netherton. Taylor, Arthur, 26, Spaines Road. Taylor, Dorothy E., 201, Lowerhouses Lane. Taylor, Ethel, 224, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Taylor, Fred, 35, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Taylor, Lena, 75, Thornhill Road, Longwood. Taylor, Miriam, 48, Manchester Road. Taylor, Phil., 6, Bridge Street. Tempest, John, 165, Blackmoorfoot Road. Thomas, Arthur, 41, Market Street, Paddock. Thompson, J. W., 19 & 21, Gibson Street. Thornber, Amy, Quarmby Croft Road, Outlane. Thorpe, Fred & Grace, 593, Manchester Road. Thornton, James H., 341, Meltham Road, Netherton. Thwaite, Kathleen, 31, Bradford Road. Timlin, Katharine, 8, Hawk Street. Townend, Harold, 505, New Hey Road. Turner, Annie, 165, Northgate, Almondbury. Turner, Arthur B. & Lucy, 121, St. John’s Road. Turner, Irene, 72, Delph Lane, Netherton. Turton, Frank, 122, Albert Street, Lockwood. Walker, Harry & Ann, 33, Blackmoorfoot Road. Walker, W. & W., 30, Trevelyan Street, Moldgreen. Walley, Ellen Ann, 65, Cowcliffe Hill Road. Waters, Harold, 107, Taylor Hill Road. Webdale, Chas. W., 76, Manchester Road. West, John & Vera, 4, Bentley Street. Whitelam, Allan & R., 55, Colne Road. Whiteley, Harry, 5, Browning Road, Sheepridge. Whittaker, Frank C., 246, Deighton Road. Wilby, Jack & Doreen, 2, Malvern Road. Wilkinson, Priscilla Mary, 27, Thomas Street. Williams, A. O., 605, Wakefield Road. Williams, Fred, 44, Townend, Almondbury. Wilson, Agnes, 13, Church Street, Longwood. Wilson, Gertrude, 3, Roger Lane, Newsome. Wilson, J., 268, Longwood Road. Wimpenny, Wilfred, St. Andrew’s Road. Wood, Albert, 36, Scar Lane, Milnsbridge. Wood, Clement, 509, Wakefield Road. Wood, Ethel D., 76, Birkhouse Lane, Moldgreen. Wood, Evelyn, 62, Kaye Lane, Almondbury. Wood, J. T., 113/5/7, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Wood, Sam, 29, Kilner Bank, Moldgreen. Wood, Stanley, 262, New Hey Road. Wood, William E., 515, Wakefield Road. Woodhead, Brian, 78a, Cowlersley Lane, Milnsbridge. Woodhouse, Hubert, 18, Bentley Street. Woodhouse, Tom, 1, Brian Avenue.

GLASS BLOWING (SCIENTIFIC) Cuthbert, Ralph, Scientific Department, 33, Lord Street.


Page 84


Huddersfield Plate Glass Co., 3, Grafton Place, Ramsden Street.

GLASSWARE Cawtheray, L., 142/5, Market Hall Lower. Lawleys, Ltd., 16, Buxton Road. Lawleys, Ltd., 28, John William Street. Neaversons, Ltd., 4, Byram Arcade. Shackleton, A. E., Ltd. 1, Kirkgate Buildings. Todd, John & Son, 22, Upperhead Row. Young, A. & Co., Ltd., 40/42, King Street. (Hudds. 3295). GLAZIERS Furniss & Co., Little Royd. Heywood, W. H. & Co., Ltd., Bay Hall. GOATS MILK SUPPLIERS Garratts, South Crosland. GOWN SHOPS Barrie, Joan, 56, New Street. Books (Fashions), Ltd., 50, New Street. Grafton House, Ltd., 9, Market Walk. Leaders, 14, Buxton Road. Lilian (Hudds.), Ltd., 3, High Street. Lilian, 29, Market Hall. Lucette (Hudds.), Ltd., 56, John William Street. Madam Vera, 13, Market Walk. Mitchell, Mabel, 2, Northumberland Street. Noel Fashions, Ltd., 45/7, New Street. Paige Gowns, Ltd., 3, New Street. Pearson, Ben, 6, Standard House.

Steinberg, Rose, 61, Top Market Hall. Stephenson, Beatrice, 46, John William Street. Wilson, H. & J., Ltd., 6, King Street. I GOVERNMENT CONTRACTORS Famous Army Stores, 30, King Street. Millets Stores (1928), Ltd., 42, Cross Church Street. GREENGROCERS (WHOLESALE) Hudds. & District Co-operative Soc., Ltd., Alfred Street. GREENGROCERS Armitage, Eric, 1, Carr Street, Marsh. Bailey, 50, Aldonley, Almondbury. Balmforth, G., 64, Top Market Hall. Barber, Frank, 48, South Street. Bennett, Harry, 22, Acre Street. Boothroyd, Percy, 173, Longwood Gate. Bower, L., 199, Church Street, Paddock. Bradley, George W. (Hawker), Rawthorpe. Brook, Harold, 13, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Brown, Cyril, 249, Blackmoorfoot Road. Burnley, Fred, 591, Wakefield Road. Catton, Arthur, 52a, King Street. Charlesworth, W. H., 60, Moor End Road. Cowling, Raymond, 2a, Manchester Street. Craven, Crowther & Son, 73, Lidget Street. Crowther, William, 14, Arnold Street, Birkby. Davies, Edward T., 22, Park Road. Davis, Hannah & Wood, Annie, 143, Bradford Road. Dodson, Crowther, 93, Northgate, Almondbury. Drinkwater, M. T. & Winifred, 111, Lidget Street. Duckworth, Willie, 7a, Sheepridge Road, Sheepridge. Durrans, Maurice, 64, Acre Street. Dyson, Arthur, 572, New Hey Road, Salendine Nook. Dyson, Nora, 2, Acre Street.


(Hudds. 2414).

Page 85

Ellis Albert, 316, Bradford Road. Ellis, Leslie, 187, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen.

Page 86

GROCERS AND PROVISIONERS Altham, Abraham Ltd., 26, Cross Church Street. Armitages, 63, Sheepridge Road, Sheepridge. Arnold, Alice, 75, Birkby Lodge Road. Atkins, Ronald, 31, Broad Lane. Bamforth, Cyril, 12, Bridge Street. Bannister, J. E. & Sons, 3, Byram Street. Barker, David & Annie, 322, Meltham Road, Netherton. Barnsdall, L. & J., 47, Primrose Hill Road. Barrow, Leslie, 1, New Hey Road. Beaumont, Brian & Molly, 7, Church Lane, Newsome. Bentley, G. W., 45, Church Lane, Moldgreen. - Battye, Ivor, 72, Manchester Road. Boothroyd, Amy G., 81, Wood Street. Boothroyd, Lewis, 74, Whitehead Lane. Bradleys, 102/3, Top Market Hall. Bradleys, 91, Top Market Hall. Brian, A. J., 546, Wakefield Road. Broadbent, Ernest, 212, Manchester Road. Brook, A., 64, Aldonley, Almondbury. Brook, Arthur, 30, Thornhill Road, Longwood. Brook, Dan T., 29, Trinity Street. Brook, Ethel, 75, Northgate. Brook, Frank & Edith, 5, Carr Street, Marsh. Brook, G. R., 115, Fartown Green Road. Brook, Richard R., 227, Bradford Road. Broughs, Ltd., 6, Kirkgate. Buckley, Elsie, 90, Bradford Road. Butterworth, Sidney, 57, Fixby Road. Calam, Harry, Ltd., 65, Sheepridge Road, Sheepridge. Calvert, Roy, 97, Yews Hill Road. Chadwick, Arthur, 376, Bradford Road. Clegg, Jackson, Ltd., 64, Moor End Road. Clough, William, 24, Acre Street. Cockhill Greenleaf, Ltd., 8, Manchester Street. Collier, Margaret, 41, Blacker Road, Birkby. Colter, A. G. & W., 128, Church Street, Paddock. Cookson, Joe & Sheila, Flint Street. Cooper, Webb & Son, Ltd., 8, Manchester Street. Cooper, Webb & Son, Ltd., 28/30, Westgate. Crawshaw, H., 10a, Central Avenue. Davies, Edith North, 47, St. Andrew’s Road. Davies, G. D. & Sons, Ltd., Fartown Green Road. Davies, George Denby, 20, Cloth Hall Street. Dean’s Health Food Stores, 89, Top Market Hall. Dean’s Health Food Stores, 34, Trinity Street. Dobson, Ronald, 323, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Drake, Winifred, 23a, Brook Street, Moldgreen. Duffield, D. A., 131, Bradford Road. Dyson, Tom, 151, Church Street, Paddock. Earnshaw, F., 145, Quarmby Road. Eastwood, E. & D., 109, Swan Lane. Eastwood, Emma, 41/42, Market Hall Lower. Economic Stores, 83, Lidget Street. Economic Stores, 68, Wellington Street. Edson, Elizabeth Hannah, 168, Deighton Road. England, Harold, 274, Vicarage Road, Longwood. Fletcher, M., 115, Bradford Road. Fletcher, S., 9, Whiteley Street, Milnsbridge. Flynn, James, 3, Carr Street, Marsh. Gallons, Ltd., 49, King Street. Gallons, Ltd., 68, Sheepridge Road, Sheepridge. Garton, Betty, 30, Spaines Road.


Page 87

Graham, G. F. & M., 68a, Market Street, Paddock. Grange, Charlotte, 12, Market Street, Paddock. Greenwood, H. N. & Lockwood, G., 5, St. Helen’s Gate, Almondbury. Haigh, A. & Son, 313, Leeds Road. Haigh, B., 348/50, Meltham Road, Netherton. Haigh, Gladys, 444, New Hey Road, Salendine Nook. Haigh, J. & C., 53, Colne Road. Haigh, Leslie, 1 & 3, Damside. Hamilton, Annie, 937, Leeds Road. Hansons, A., Ltd., 64, Market Hall Lower. Hansons, A., Ltd., 51, Market Hall Lower. Hardcastle, Lily & Herman, Reed Street, Marsh. Hattersley, Alice A., 155, Longwood Road. Health Food Stores, 13, Queen Street. Heeley, Harold M., Bridge Street, Berry Brow. Hey, Willie, 19, Acre Street. Heywood, Stanley, 5, Sheepridge Road, Sheepridge. Hodgson, G. & W., 21, Central Avenue. Holmes, Benjamin Haigh, 180, Halifax Old Road. Home & Colonial Stores, 9, Shambles Lane. Howe, Frank, 145, Halifax Road. Ireland, R. & Sons, Ltd., 1, Cross Lane, Primrose Hill. Ireland, R. & Sons, Ltd., 92, Lockwood Road. Ireland, R. & Sons, Ltd., Top Market Hall. Ireland, R. & Sons, Ltd., 53, Northgate. Jenkinson, Frank, 37, Glebe Road, Marsh. Jenkinson, J. E., 107, Whitehead Lane. Jessop, Florence May, 90, Church Lane, Moldgreen. Jones, Fredk. W., 112, Lockwood Road. Jones, William, Thorne Road. Jubbs (Grocers), Ltd., 3, Trinity Street. Jubbs (Grocers), Ltd., 55, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Jubbs (Grocers), Ltd., 208, Manchester Road. Jubbs (Grocers), Ltd., 15, Broad Lane. Kenworthy, Louie, 78, Moor End Road. Kershaw, Eric, 84, Birkhouse Lane, Moldgreen. Kershaw, Ronald, 1, East Street. Lancaster, Miss B., Westbourne Road Dairy, Marsh. Lane, Albert & Edith, 1211, Leeds Road. Lee, Frank & Winifred, 16, St. Stephen’s Terrace. Lewis, Philip, 37, Eldon Road, Marsh. Lipton’s, Ltd., 8, Victoria Lane. Littlewood, Chas., 8, St. John’s Road. Littlewood, Elsie, 101, Fitzwilliam Street. Lockhead, James Clifford, 324, Bradford Road. Lockwood, Harry, 290, Leeds Road. Lodge, F. & A. E., 54/55, Top Market Hall. Lodge, F. & A. E., Ltd., Shambles Lane. Loughans, Marie S., 144, Whitehead Lane. Makin, Albert, 104, Blackhouse Road. Marshall, E. A., 99, Northgate, Almondbury. Mason, Kenneth W. & Leah, 9/23, Market Hall Lower. Maypole Dairy Co., 31, King Street. Meadow Dairy Co., Ltd., 25, Cross Church Street. Melias, Ltd., Market Place. Mellor Bros., 183/185, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Mellor, James, 46, King Street. Mettrick, Philip, 13, Bridge Street. Morgan, Doris, 26, Newsome Road. Moss, T. & Son, 192, Rashcliffe Hill Road & Fartown Green Road. Morphet, A., 62, Acre Street. Newton, E. A. (Hudds.), Ltd., 72, Market Hall Lower. North, C. & Son, Ltd., 5, Byram Street.


Page 88

Grocers and Provisioners—continued

Oldroyd, Ronald, 37, Wasp Nest Road. Pickard, G. R., 89, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Pollard, Alfred & Ethel, 939, Leeds Road. Price, Leslie & Marjory, 386, Newsome Road. Ramsdall, Derek, 35, Northgate. Redman’s, Ltd., 114/5, Top Market Hall. Robinson, H. & Son, 136d, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Royle, Chas. E., 52a & 52b, Luck Lane, Marsh. Royle, G. H., 204, New Hey Road. Senior, Philip, 123, South Street. Sharpe, Amy, 37, Bentley Street. Shaw, Walter, 170, Wakefield Road, Shaw, Walter, 9, Abb Street, Marsh. Smith, Roy, 63,

Page 89


Page 90


Hoyle, Edward M. (G), 20, Acre Street, Lindley. Hoyle, Joe Allen, 3, Beast Market. Hoyle, Raymond, 12/13, Byram Arcade. Hunter, Louie, 14, Market Avenue. Irene (L), 49, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Iza (L), 90, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Jackson, Kathleen (L), 269, Bradford Road. Jagger, Cyril, 751, New Hey Road. Jagger, Elsie (L), 247, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Jagger, George H. (G), 260, New Hey Road. Jagger, George H. & Norah (L), 111, New Hey Road. Jessop, Amy (L), 150a, Lowerhouses Lane. Kaye, Robert (G), 50, Towngate, Newsome. Kilburn, T. (L), 1, Baker Street. Knott, Albert (G), 7, Longroyd Lane. La Vogue (Jean Thackwray) (L), 8a, High Street. Leech, W. (L), 63, Raw Nook Road. Hannan, Joan (L), 156a, Woodhead Road, Berry Brow. Lindsay, William (G), 69, Northgate. Lockwood, Doreen Y. (L), 137, Longwood Gate. Lynn (L), 25, Westgate. Matthewman, Mrs. (G), 9, Church Street. Mellor, Annie (L), 735, Leeds Road. Midland College of Hairdressing (L), 19a, King Street. Mildred (L), Lowergate, Paddock Head. Milnes, Doris (L), 24, Bridge Street. Moore, Vera Lilian (L), 6, Imperial Arcade. Nield, Edward & Son (G), 97, King Street. Noble, W. (L.G.), 143, St. John’s Road. Oddy, H. (L), 75, Sheepridge Road, Sheepridge. Oldham, Clara (L), 43, Raw Nook Road. Oldroyd, Mary (L), Fartown Bar, Bradford Road. Orme, John (G), 6, Church Street, Paddock. Patricia (L), 1, Norman Road. Paxton, Mavis (L), 4a, New North Road. Pilling, Herbert (G), 3, Cloth Hall Chambers, Cloth Hall Street. Platt, D. A. (L), 5, Hillhouse Lane. Raby, C. (G), 638, Wakefield Road. Robinson, F. C. (L), 26, Standard House. Robinson, George H. (L), 33, Blacker Road, Birkby. Robinson, T.

Page 91

Strange, A. (G), 8a, Northumberland Street. Sykes, Jack (G), 19a, Church Street, Paddock. Sykes, Jack H. (G), 85, Thornhill Road, Lockwood.

Page 92

Hardware Suppliers—continued

Mitton, 822, Manchester Road, Milnsbridge. Mollett, John, Ltd., 42, John William Street. Moore, Harold, 10, Acre Street. Murphy, 96a, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Preston, Ernest, 93, Northgate. Raby, Victor, 4, Scar Lane, Milnsbridge. Sadd, John Thomas, 176, Blackmoorfoot Road. Sadd, T. J., 17, Stile Common Road, Newsome. Scarr & Son, Ltd., 36, Market Hall. Shaws, 91, Northgate, Almondbury. Thornton, V. B., 5, Broad Lane. Wadsworth, Harry, 74, Chapel Hill. Wilkinson, M. W. F., 5, Victoria Street.

HATTERS Clough, Ernest, Ltd., Westgate. Dunn, G. A. & Co., Ltd., 35, New Street.

HAULAGE CONTRACTORS Algar, C. G. C., 522, Leeds Road. Beighton, Godfrey, 187, Church Street, Paddock. Bottom, T., Thomas Street, Lindley. Bowden, Arthur, 37, Highcroft Crescent, Almondbury. Bower, H. G., 5, Quarmby Fold, Quarmby. B.R.S. (Parcels), Ltd., Nile Street & Savile Street, Milnsbridge. Brook, A., 143, Crosland Road, Oakes. Broscombe, A., Highlands Avenue, Almondbury. Butterfield, F.

Page 93

Transports (Hudds.), Ltd., Durvic Chambers, East Parade. Wainwright, D., 160, Northgate. Waterhouse, Norman, 7, Birkby Lodge Road. Wheathouse Haulage Co., 6, Wheathouse Road, Birkby. Willow Haulage Co., Luck Lane, Marsh. Wood, James, 49, Benomley Road. HAY AND STRAW MERCHANTS Wortley, B. & Son, Beaumont Street. HEALDS AND REEDS Rothwell, R. & Sons, Ltd., 48a, Victoria Street, Moldgreen. HEARING AIDS Harwood & Martin, Ltd., Waverley Chambers, Kirkgate. Taylor & Wood (Hudds.), Ltd., Waverley Chambers, Kirkgate. HEALTH FOODS Brook, 13, Queen Street. Dean’s, 34, Trinity Street & Top Market Hall. Health Food Stores, Ltd., 6, King’s Head Arcade, Cloth Hall Street. HERBALISTS Cartwright, H. & Son, 8, Wakefield Road, Aspley. Hall’s Hygiene Herbal Co., 74, King Street. Hirst & Kenworthy, 137, Blackhouse Road. King, 3, Lockwood Scar. Rastall, Laura Annie, 10, Imperial Arcade. Williams, Mrs. 19, Macaulay Street. HORSE MEAT Cooper, Daniel, 56, King Street. Direct Meat Co., 50, Buxton Road. Hickman, Walter, 10b, High Street. HORSE SLAUGHTERER

Page 94

Hotel and Innkeepers—continued

Brier, Edwin, Foresters’ Arms, Crosland Moor. Broadbent, Herbert, Elephants & Castle, Leeds Road. Broadbent, Sydney Joseph, Jolly Sailor, Dalton. Broadley, John Edgar, Britannia Inn, Manchester Road. Brook, George, Big Valley Hotel, Netherton. Brook, Sam, Royal Hotel, Birchencliffe. Brown, Joseph Edward, Dalton Hotel, Dalton. Brown, William Patterson, White Hart, Cloth Hall Street. Carr, Charles William, Green Cross, Moldgreen. Cawtheray, Robert, Black Horse, Dalton. Chattaway, Albert Rhodes, Boot & Shoe, New Street. Cracknell, Richard Hammond, Railway Hotel, Lockwood. Cryer, Joseph, George & Dragon, Manchester Street. Davies, Arthur Robert, White Cross, Bradley. Dean, Reginald, Fountain Inn, Newsome. Dixon, Richard, Railway Inn, Bradford Road. Doyle, Lilian, White Lion, Lockwood. Drescher, Norman, Field Head Hotel, Quarmby Road. Drake, Ernest, Primrose Inn, Primrose Hill. Dransfield, Ronald, Grove Inn, Dalton. Ducksbury, Harry Atkinson, George Hotel, St. George’s Square. Eastwood, Norman, Grey Horse, Chapel Hill. Earnshaw, Burt, Peacock Inn, Leeds Road. Earnshaw, Edgar, Armitage Arms, Milnsbridge. Earnshaw, Mabel, Harp Inn, Bradford Road. Earnshaw, Ronald, Sportsman’s Arms, St. John’s Road. Earnshaw, Thomas Henry, Woolpack, Almondbury. Edgar, Tom, Southgate Hotel, Southgate. Evitt, Frederick, Saracen’s Head, Shorehead. Fletcher, Cecil Coad, Belle Vue Gardens, Sheepridge. Fowler, Francis Henry, Castle Hill Hotel, Castle Hill. Green, David, Brown Cow, Paddock. Greenwood, Robert, Swan Inn, Outlane. Graham, Arthur, Star Inn, Albert Street, Lockwood. Haigh, Frank Lockwood, Fleece Inn, Lindley. Haigh, James Farrand, Pack Horse, Kirkgate. Haigh, Thomas Edward, Four Horse Shoes, Milnsbridge. Hamer, Radcliffe, Commercial Inn, New Street. Hanson, Clifford, Royal Hotel, Scar Lane, Milnsbridge. Hanson, Roy, New Victoria Hotel, Lockwood Road. Hardy, Lawrence, British Oak, Taylor Hill. Hardy, Alice, Greyhound, Manchester Road. Hayhurst, George Edwin, Flyboat, Aspley. Hicks, Fred, Shakespeare Inn, Northgate. Hill, Percy Andrew, Star, King’s Mill Lane. Hilton, William Dempsey, Prospect Inn, Longwood. Hine, Vic., Woolpack, Lockwood Road. Hirst, Harry, Junction Inn, Wakefield Road. Hirst, Douglas, Albert Hotel, Leymoor Road. Horsfield, Jack, Royal Oak Inn, Chapel Hill. Holland, Daniel, Walpole Hotel, Crosland Moor. Hughes, Edwin, Globe Inn, King Street. Iegge, Marjorie, Queen Hotel, Market Street. Ingham, Winifred, Prime Hotel, Northumberland Street. Jagger, Mary Hannah, Stag Inn, Greenside. Johnson, Ernest, Old Hat, Trinity Street. Jones, Harry, Royal Swan, Westgate. Kemp, Jack, Woolpack, Deighton. Kaye, John Herbert, Butchers’ Arms, Berry Brow. Kinnear, Charles Arthur, Rose & Crown, Netherton.


Page 95

Kirby, Albert, Ivy House, Crosland Moor. Lawless, Frederick, Zetland Hotel, Ramsden Street. Lockwood, Arthur, Wellington Inn, Newsome. Lockwood, Jack, Lamb Inn, Hillhouse. Lockwood, Doris, Engine Tavern, Bradford Road. Long, William Frederick, Zetland Arms, Queen Street South. Maddocks, Albert Edward, Yorkshire Hotel, Folly Hall. Mannion, James William, Crown Hotel, Westgate. McCormick, Edward Richard, Sun Inn, Cross Church Street. McDonald, Douglas William, Crescent Hotel, Byram Street. Matthews, Cyril, White Horse Restaurant, Market Place. Megson, Eric, White Horse, Leeds Road. Megson, Albert, Rose & Crown, Longwood. Mellor, Ben, Bay Horse, Lindley. Mellor, Winifred, Spink Nest, Birkby. Midwood, Kenneth, Masons’ Arms, Longley Road. Millward, John, Waggon & Horses, Outlane. Mitchell, Jeffrey Stanley, Horse Shoe, Birkby. Moore, Jack, Saddle Hotel, Lindley. Moran, Mary, Albert Hotel, Victoria Lane. Morgan, Roy, Swan Inn, Swan Lane, Lockwood. Morton, Jack, West Riding Hotel, Buxton Road. Norris, Victor Moncrieff, Bulls Head, Beast Market. Nutton, Thomas, Tom O’Shanter, Paddock. Owens, Alfred, Croppers Arms, Marsh. Parr, Harold, Oxford Hotel, Castlegate. Parkinson, Geoffrey Norman, Golden Fleece, Berry Brow.. Parry, Thomas Edward, Woodman Inn, Bradley. Patterson, George Davidson, New Inn, Bradford Road. Pattinson, Joseph, Plumbers’ Arms, Macaulay Street. Peace, Harry, County Hotel, Princess Street. Pogson, Joseph, Northgate Inn, Northgate. Portress, John Edward, Albion Hotel, Buxton Road. Priestley, James, Clarence Hotel, Newsome. Riley, George Harry, Electricians’ Hotel, Longroyd Bridge. Riley, William Edward, Commercial Inn, Paddock. Rodgers, Clem, Lord Nelson, Leeds Road. Rowan, David, Fleece Inn, Kirkgate. Schofield, Robert, Grey Horse, Birchencliffe. Schofield, Doris, Royal Oak, Paddock. Scott, Gordon, Queen’s Head Inn, King Street. Senior, Jim, Commercial Inn, Moldgreen.

Page 96

Hotel and Innkeepers—continued

Taylor, Allan, Brooks’ Arms, Dalton. Taylor, Clifford, Waggon & Horses, Bradford Road. Taylor, Derek Guy Waterhouse, Bull & Mouth Hotel, Victoria Street. Taylor, Nelson Warrington, Wappy Spring Inn, Lindley Moor. Thompson, Arthur, Radcliffe Arms, Almondbury. Thorpe, Beatrice May, Marsh House Inn, Marsh. Tinker, Tedbar, Shepherds’ Arms, Cowcliffe. Tweed, Leonard, Angel Inn, Paddock. Tyas, Norman, Black Bull, Lindley. Uttley, Albert Edward, Victoria Inn, Victoria Street. Valentine, David Donald, Dusty Miller, Longwood. Wade, Wilfred, Vulcan Inn, St. Peter’s Street. Walker, Ernest, Craven Heifer, Crosland Moor. Waterhouse, Henry Cyril, Globe Inn, Lindley. Whitehead, Arthur Barrard, Ship Inn, Paddock. Whitehouse, Charles Ernest, Griffin Inn, Manchester Road. Whittaker, George, Spotted Cow Inn, Northgate. Whittaker, Harry Haworth, New Inn, King Street. Whitwam, Willie, Albion Inn, Longroyd Bridge. Widdup, Harry, Fox & Grapes, Northgate. Wilkinson, Arthur, Beaumonts Arms, Netherton. Wilkinson, Herbert, Victoria Inn, Bumroyd. Williams, Grace Olwyn, Royal Hotel, Fartown. Wilson, Derek, Junction Inn, Leeds Road. Wilson, Marjorie Patricia, Shoulder of Mutton, Lockwood. Wilson, Reggie, Black Bull, Berry Brow. Wood, Arthur, Waggon & Horses, Leeds Road. Wood, Robert Percival, Slubbers Arms, Hillhouse. Wrigley, Ellis, Warren House, Manchester Road. Bosworth, John W., White Swan, Kirkgate. Rodgers, Clem, The Little John, Keldregate, Bradley.

HOTELS & INNKEEPERS (BEERHOUSES) Balmford, Frank, Post Office Hotel, Milnsbridge. Baynham, William John, Royal Hotel, Northumberland Street. Beach, Percy, Woodlands Inn, Manchester Road. Bellerby, Harold, Sands House, Crosland Moor. Blackburn, Ralph, Commercial Inn, Outlane. Bowkett, Leonard Charles, Fleece Inn, Sheepridge. Corcoran, Philip, Dog & Gun, Ramsden Street. Cunningham, Mary Alice, Kirkgate Inn, Kirkgate. Elvidge, Christopher Joseph, Queen Inn, Manchester Road. Exley, Arthur, West End House, South Street. Hardy, James, Fleece Inn, Union Street. Hirst, Frank, Town Hall, Lockwood. Kendall, Sydney, Commercial Inn, Folly Hall. Moore, Tom Wilfred, Cavalry Arms, Birchencliffe. Pearson, Frank, Brunswick, Lockwood. Senior, Raymond, Swan Inn, Fenay Bridge. Shaw, Harry, Black Horse, Lindley. Wood, Joe Dransfield Routh, Bridge Inn, Colne Road.

HOTELS (PRIVATE) Fitt (Park House Hotel), 50, New North Road. (Hudds. 583). Hillthorpe Private Hotel, 94, Fitzwilliam Street. (Hudds. 5749).

HOUSE AGENTS Booth, George, 28, Queen Street. Garside, Allison & Fletcher, 7, St. George’s Square. Stephen & Co., 5, King’s Head Buildings.

ICE CREAM MANUFACTURERS Buccis, 79, Lockwood Road. Coletta, A. & Sons, Bradford Road.


Page 97

Frith, Stasey, Earls Avenue, Dalton. Gabrielli, E. & Sons, 25, Bow Street. Gabrielli, B. & E., 2, Faraday Square, Morley Lane. Marchini, Ben, Old Brewery, Birchencliffe. Morelli, A., Dewhurst Road, Fartown. Rhodes, Swan Lane. Lockwood. Russell’s Ices, 253, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen.

ICE CREAM SUPPLIERS Clarkson, L., Market Hall Lower.

Page 98

Insurance Companies—continued

Norwich Union Insurance Societies, 15, Railway Street. Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corporation, Ltd., St. Peter’s Street. Pearl Assurance Co., Ltd., 55, New Street. Phoenix Assurance Co., Ltd., King’s Head Buildings. Provincial Insurance Co., Ltd., 22, Standard House. Prudential Assurance Co., Ltd., New Street. Prudential Assurance Co., Ltd., 18, Thornton Lodge Road. Prudential Assurance Co., Ltd., St. John’s Road. Railway Passenger Assurance Co., Britannia Buildings. Refuge Assurance Co., Ltd., Waverley Chambers, Kirkgate. Reliance Fire & Accident Insurance Corp., Ltd., Gordon Chambers, 15, King Street. Reliance Mutual Life Insurance Soc., Ltd., Gordon Chambers, 15, King Street. Road Transport & General Insurance Co., Ltd., 7, St. George’s Square. Royal Insurance Co., Ltd., 13, Railway Street. Royal Liver Assurance, 32, John William Street. Royal London Mutual Insurance Society, Ltd., 28, Queen Street. Scottish Automobile & General Insurance Co., 8, Britannia Buildings. Sun Insurance Office, Ltd., 8, Britannia Buildings. United Friendly Insurance Co., Ltd., 25, New North Road. United Kingdom Provident Institution, 29, Deighton Road. Vulcan Boiler & General Insurance Co., Ltd., Exchange Buildings, Market Street. Wesleyan & General Assurance Society, 4, St. Peter’s Street. Western Australia Insurance Co., Ltd., 26, Queen Street. Yorkshire Insurance Co., Ltd., 15, Railway Street.


Page 99

INTERIOR DECORATORS (See also DECORATORS) Taylor & Hobson, Ltd., 9, King’s Head Arcade. (Hudds. 4830). INTERIOR DESIGNER Lewis, Helena, 9, Dorchester Road, Bradley Bar. IRON (WROUGHT IRON GATES AND RAILINGS) Dews, J., Whiteley Street, Milns. IRON FOUNDERS Calvert & Co., Ltd., Folly Hall. Downs, H. & Sons, St. Andrew’s Road. Kaye & Co. (Hudds.), Ltd., Moorbottom Ironworks. Longwood Engineering Co., Parkwood Foundry, Longwood. Whiteley Bros., Grove Works, Longwood. Wilson, James, St. Andrew’s Road. IRONMONGERS Bowers & Child, 91, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Booth, C. & Son, 13, Cross Church Street. Carters (Agricultural), 109, Northgate. Firth, Horatio N., 3, Morley Lane, Milnsbridge. Hindle, Fred W., Ltd., 132/5, Market Hall Lower. McKitrick Bros., Ltd., 64/6, Buxton Road. (Hudds. 6522). Pyrah, J. F. & R., Ltd (Wholesale), Wakefield Road, Aspley. Robinson, Willie, 98, Lidget Street. Spencer, C. & D., 50, Swan Lane. Sykes, William, 17, Macaulay Street. Wood, Timothy, Ltd., 7, Queen Street. IRON AND STEEL MERCHANTS Wilson, George & Sons (Hudds.), Ltd., Canal Works, Manchester Road. JERSEY FABRIC MANUFACTURERS Jersey Craft, Ltd., Lockwood Scar. JEWELLERS Beaumont, Ashton, Ltd., 1, Market Buildings, King Street. Beaverbrook (Addlestone Jewellers, Ltd.), 13, King Street. Bensims, Top Market Hall. Butlin, Edward, 26, Buxton Road. Butlin, E. H. & Son, Ltd., 15, Westgate. Delmont, R., 141, Lower Market Hall. Dunning, A. S., Market Hall. Fenton, G. H., 98a, Halifax Old Road. Fillans & Sons, Ltd., 2, Market Walk. Horner, Arthur, 13, Cloth Hall Street. Greenwood, W. & Sons (Hudds.), Ltd., 5, New Street. Hudson, J. A. (Fiechter), la, New North Road. Joy, Joseph & Son, 77, Lidget Street. Lloyd, Walter, 77, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Metcalfe, Trevor Spence, 5, King’s Head Arcade. Mills, W., 10, Market Avenue. Pilling & ‘Sons, Ltd., 33, John William Street. (Hudds. 1603). Samuel, H.., Ltd., 17, King Street. Shackleton, A. E., Ltd., Kirkgate. Shackleton, A.

Page 100

Established 1892



Laundrymen, Dyers, Dry Cleaners, Carpet Beaters and Cleaners

HONLEY (Nr. Huddersfield) Phone : Honley 61373

Receiving Offices : 10, King’s Head Arcade, Huddersfield. Tel. Hupps. 3116 72c, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Tel. Hupps. 7199 279, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Tel. Hupps. 7493 18, Upperbridge, Holmfirth. Tel. Holmfirth 814

116, Lockwood Road, Huddersfield.


Quality Work is our Aim

Page 101


Bedford, F., Sand Street, Aspley. Bolt & Shuttleworth, Ltd., Leeds Road. Boothroyd, A., 87, Luck Lane, Marsh. Cooper, A. E. Son, Back Charles Street, Crosland Moor. Crowther & Wilkinson, Ltd., Abb Street, Marsh. Gallagher, J. F., York Place, New North Road. Gledhill, A., Luck Lane, Marsh. Grant, M. & Son (Joiners), Ltd., Marion Street, Hillhouse. Green, Lewis, 160, Newsome Road. Haigh, Harry, 9a, ‘Albion Street. Harpin Bros., Bridge Croft, Joinery Works, Milns. Hinchliffe, John & Co., Four Horse Shoes Yard, Milns. Hollas, H. & Co., 252b, Wakefield Road. Hollingsworth, H. & Sons, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Hughes, H. E., 311, Bradford Road. Hughes, H. E., 39a, Blacker Road. Kennedy, G. M. & Co., Ltd., 26, Arch, Viaduct Street. Kershaw, G. W., Flat 2, Northbank, Birkby Hall Road. Littlewood, Albert (Successors), Paddock Foot, Longroyd Bridge. Lumb, E. W., 599, New Hey Road, Outlane.

Mackness of

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I know from experience

Page 103

LEAD MILLS Dale Hanson & Co., Ltd., Colne Road. Hull, T. E. (Lead Pipes), Ltd., 26, Macaulay Road, Birkby.

LEATHER BELTING Denham, Thos., Pack Horse Yard. Elliott, Hallas, Stoney Battery. Hebblethwaite Bros., St. John’s Road.

LEATHER GOODS MANUFACTURERS Orr, D. W. & Co., Ltd., Acre Street, Lindley.

LEATHER GOODS SUPPLIERS Crowder, H. & A., 215, Lockwood Road. Denham Bros., Ltd., 12, Pack Horse Yard. Fairburn, Frank & Sons, Ltd., 28, Victoria Lane. Harrison, John & Sons, (Gomersal), Ltd., Upper Spen Tannery, Gomersal Nr. Leeds. Holroyd, George, 52, King Street. Shaw, Arthur & Co., 16, Albion Street. Smith, John James, 208, Blackmoorfoot Road. Walco Leather Stores, Ltd., Top Market Hall. Walker & Aldridge, 11a, Cloth Hall Street.

LEGAL AID The Law Society, No. 9 (North Eastern) Legal Aid Area, Local Office,

Rolls Office, Market Place. LIBRARIES (LENDING) Austin, George J., 2, Buxton Road. Boots Chemists, King Street. Gilling, Edward S., 8, Imperial Arcade. Gilling, Edward S., 5, Imperial Arcade. Hall, Maurice, 378, Bradford Road. Red Circle Library, 2, Buxton Road. Smith, W.-H. & Son, Ltd., 11, John William Street.

LIME WASHING CONTRACTORS Briggs, T. H. & Son, Cloth Hall Chambers, Cloth Hall Street.

LINEN MERCHANTS Harrison & Sykes, Upperhead Mills. LINEN SUPPLIERS Hall, George (Hudds.), Ltd., 17, Cloth Hall Street.

LINGERIE (See also MILLINERS) Lancaster, Margery, 22, Trinity Street. Etam, 25, New Street.

LINOLEUM DEALERS Brown, H. & Son, 109, Bradford Road. Sharps (Floor Furnishers), Ltd., 36, Westgate.

LITHOGRAPHERS Preston Bros. & Co., 2/4, Fox Street. (Hudds. 58).

LOCKSMITHS Mead, Robert, 1, Wakefield Road, Aspley.

LODGING HOUSES Central Hostel, 61/62, Kirkgate. Working Men’s Hostel, 36, Chapel Hill.


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Page 105

Marsden, G. Wilson, Ltd., 37, Market Street,

Page 106

MILLINERS Clarence House (Booth), 4, Station Street. Hall, George A., 44, Cross Church Street. Illingworth, M. M., 18, Market Avenue. Littlewood, Hilda, 2, Imperial Arcade. Novello & Co. (Milliners), Ltd., 19, King Street. Rangeley, A. I., 29/33, Market Hall Lower. Wood, Annie, 210, Lockwood Road. MILL FURNISHERS Brook, T. & Sons, Ltd., Chapel Hill. Goldthorpe & Co., 17a, Lord Street. Littlewood, George, Waverley Works, St. Thomas’ s Road. Taylor, Joseph, Commercial Street. Uttley, F. & Son, Ltd., Prospect Street Works. (Hudds. 7304). MILLWRIGHTS Brown, Herbert, Tinker’s Yard, Longroyd Bridge. Humpleby,

Page 107

MONUMENTAL MASONS Jury, Norman, Ltd., Cemetery Road, Edgerton. Kaye, Joe W., 490, Manchester Road. Mallinson, Irvin, Woodfield Road, Lockwood. MOTOR ACCESSORIES Cannings, J., Ltd., 6, John Street. Landsborough, Alec, 15, Venn Street. Pogson, Harold, 91, Northgate. MOTOR ACCESSORIES (WHOLESALE) Heap, E. S. & Co., Ltd., Page Street. MOTOR AUCTIONEER Dyson, Frank (Waverley Garage), Ltd., Waverley Garage, St. Thomas’s

Road. MOTOR BODY BUILDERS Hawkes, A. & Son, Folly Hall. Hindle Bros., Wakefield Road. MONEY LENDERS Pennine Finances, Ltd., 17a, Victoria Street. MOTOR CYCLE SUPPLIERS Earnshaw, G. A., Manchester Road & Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Moore, Arnold (Motor Cycles), Ltd., Oxford Street. MOTOR DEALERS Whittaker, Edgar S., 47, Almondbury Bank. MOTOR DEALERS (SECOND HAND) Albion Street Motors, Albion Street. Auto Sales (Yorks.), Ltd., Bridge Street, Lockwood. Bradley Motors, Leeds Road, Bradley. Parkway Motor Services, Leeds Road, Bradley. Southgate Motors, 9, Rosemary Lane.

MOTOR DISMANTLERS Haigh, A. & Son, Firth Street. Rayner, R., 19, Viaduct Street. Green, Ernest, Field House Lane, Leeds Road.

ENGINEERS AND GARAGES WITH PETROL Ackroyd, Chas. F., Manchester Road. Atkinson, W. H. & Co. (Hudds.), Ltd., St. John’s Road. Atkinson, W. H. & Co. (Hudds.), Ltd., Folly Hall. Beaumont, Ronald Frederick, Blacker Road. Bell, P. H., Longwood Gate. Birkby Hall Motors, Ltd., Birkby Hall Road. Bottomley Motors (Hudds.), Ltd., Luck Lane. Boyes, A. G. & Co.. Ltd., Chapel Hill. Boyes, A. G. & Co., Ltd., Halifax Road, Birchencliffe. Bradley Engineering Co., Leeds Road. Brockholes Motor Co., Ltd., East Parade. Broderick, John, Ltd., Leeds Road. Brook, J. W. & O. (Hudds.), Ltd., Leeds Road. Brosombe, Arthur, Somerset Road. Brown & Cheetham, Leeds Road. Brown, Donald, Meltham Road. Burnham, John D., Outlane. Canney, J. H. & W. S., Commercial Street. Castle, G. W., Ltd., Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth. (Holmfirth 676). Chaffer, Willie, Saville Street, Milnsbridge. Chapman’s Ivy Coaches, Ltd., Leeds Road. Currie, Thomas & Co., Zetland Street. Dearnley, S. H., Blackmoorfoot Road. Denton, John P., Longroyd Bridge. Drake, H., 533, Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Hill. Dyson, Frank, St. Thomas’s Road. Earnshaw, George, Manchester Road. Ellis, Arnold E., Branch Street.


Page 108

Motor Engineers & Garages—continued

Flower, Frederick & Son, St. Thomas’s Road. Gee Bros., Ltd., Outlane. Haigh, George, New Hey Road, Marsh. Hebble Auto Services, Bradford Road. Heddon, Willie, Lindley Moor Road. Hinchliffe, W. (Reliance Garage), Ltd., Wakefield Road. Hirst, Ben & Sons, Wakefield Road. Hirst & Hutchinson, Colne Road. Hobson, Lewis, Ltd., Flint Street. Hudson, James, Gorse Road, Marsh. Jackson, James, Junction Garage, Moldgreen. Jakeman, Arthur, Water Street, Lockwood. Jenkinson, Bros., Fitzwilliam Street. Jessop Bros., Beast Market. Keep, Percy, Ltd., Fartown Green Road. Lees, Arthur, Luck Lane. Lockwood Motor Garage Co., Lockwood Road. Lowson, Robert & Gale, Wakefield Road. Malone, Herbert, Broadway Garage, New North Road. Marsh, Maurice Edward, Leeds Road. Mellor, Alfred & Sons, Ltd., Wakefield Road. Mitchell, C. H. & Sons (Motor Engineers), Ltd., Morris House, Southgate. Moore, Arnold, Oxford Street. Motor Exchange (Huddersfield), Ltd., Leeds Road. (Hudds. 4280). Mount Garage (Hudds.), Ltd., New Hey Road. Muff, Arthur, Syringa Street. Newtons of Huddersfield, Ltd., Viaduct Street. (Hudds. 3311). Oakes, Reginald, Bradford Road (Smithy). Paddock Motors (Hudds.), Ltd., Triangle, Paddock. Palace Motors (Hudds.), Ltd., Venn Street. Pennington, Norman & Herbert, 480, Blackmoorfoot Road. Quintrell, Stanley J., Gledholt Road. Raynor, Allen, Branch Street. Robinson, Peter, Quarmby Garage, Quarmby Road. Rogers, Bros. (Haulage), Ltd., Rookery Garage, Wakefield Road. Roper, L., Crown Garage, Waterloo. Rippon Bros., Ltd., Viaduct Street. Saxton, J. & Sons, Outlane. Sykes, Geo. & Sons, Blackmoorfoot Road. Trinity Garage Co., Ltd., Union Street. Walkden, Reginald, Saville Street, Milnsbridge. Wall, John, Waverley Garage, Glebe Street. Wharfe Motor & Engineering Co., Firth Street. White & Lockwood, Ltd., Bradford Road. Sudworth, Gordon, Ltd., Somerset Road. Wood, Jas. & Son (Carriers), Ltd., Albert Street.


Bath Street Coachwork, Ltd., 7, Bath Street. Bell, P., Kelvin Gardens, Kelvin Avenue, Dalton. Booth, Harry, Albion Street. Broadbent, J. A., William Street. Crow, Hizzard & Galloway, Plover Garage, Plover Road, Lindley. Deighton Motor Services, Ltd., Leeds Road, Deighton. Ellam, S., Whitestone Lane, Hillhouse. Heap, E. 8. & Co., Ltd. (Motor Accessories), Page Street. Hicks, Fred., 20, Wasp Nest Road, Fartown. Jessop, G. E, il, Broomfield Road, Marsh. Lee, D.

Page 109

Shaw, Gerald, Savoy Garage, Marsh. Shaw, Gerald, Moorbottom Road. Shaw, M. F., Quarmby Fold Garage, Vicarage Road, Longwood. Shaw, W., Motor Body Builders, Blackmoorfoot Road. Shepherd, H., Roundwood Garage, Waterloo. Spinkfield Garage, Grasmere Road, Marsh. Springwood Auto Repair Works, Bow Street. Sykes Bros., Rice Street Garage, Rice Street. Ward, Lewis & Sons, Ltd., Seed Hill. Wharfe Motor & Engineering Co., 594, Manchester Road. Willow Haulage Service Station, Ltd., Luck Lane, Marsh. Wood Auto Supplies, Ltd., 9, Standard Buildings. Wood Auto Supplies, Ltd., Armature Works, Portland Street. MOTOR OILS Battye, D. & Son, Ltd., 2, Henry Street. (Hudds. 7201). MOTOR SERVICES County Motors (Lepton), Ltd., Penistone Road Garage, Waterloo. Hansons, 35, John William Street. Yorkshire Traction Co., Ltd., 7, Lord Street. MOTOR TYRE SUPPLIERS Dickinson, John & Leslie, 70, Manchester Road. Huddersfield Tyre House, Firth Street. MOTOR UPHOLSTERERS Flower, F. & Son, St. Thomas’s Road. MOTORING SCHOOLS Brockholes, School of Motoring, Westgate. British School of Motoring, Ltd., Beast Market. East Yorks. School of Motoring, Wallaces Yard, Buxton Road. Kilburn School of Motoring, Gordon Chambers, King Street.

Page 110



Page 111


Carter, D., Market Hall Lower. Butterworth, Sidney, 57, Fixby Road. Chapman, N., 1, Thornhill Avenue. Charlesworth, Harry, 137, Leeds Road. Clough, Leonard, 121, Lidget Street. Crossley, Clifford, 607, Wakefield Road. Crossleys, 85, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Davies, Dorothy, 58, Wakefield Road, Aspley. Davison, R. & E., 145, St. John’s Road, Birkby. Dransfield, Victor, 162, Manchester Road. Durkin, Frances, 97, Halifax Old Road. Dutton, Willie, 249, Leeds Road. Dyson, Arthur & J. A., 173, Church Street, Paddock. Forbuoys, Ltd., 4, Copthorne Square, Bradley. Flynn, James, 51, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Galloway, G. C. & Craddock, I., Back Stoney Lane. Garside, Edward, 18, Colne Road. Grayson, Margaret B., 5, Market Hall Lower. Greenwood, A., 22, Dean Street. Haigh, Annie, 92, Dods Royd, Berry Brow. Haigh, P. & Douglas, 46, South Street. Hall, Maurice, 75, Northgate, Almondbury. Hallas, H., Ltd., 202, Manchester Road. Hamer, Harry & Lily, 27, Primrose Hill Road. Hey, D., 331, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Hildred & Co., 6, Crescent Road. Hills, 66, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Hirst, Shaw, 211, Lockwood Road. Horner, Leonard & Evelyn, 1a, Harp Road. Jessop, Stanley & Irene, 44, Halifax Road. Johnson, 59, Walpole Road. Kaye, G. H., 333, Leeds Road. Kaye, Mary, 97, Halifax Old Road. Kaye, Oscar, Ltd., 70, Chapel Hill. Kaye, Wilfred S., 4, Springwood Street. Kilner, Thos. H., 295, Longwood Road. Longley, Brian, 98, Northgate. Marsden, Ernest, 9, Bracken Square. Moule, R. & C., 53, Longwood Gate. Peace, Frank, 86, Sheepridge Road, Sheepridge. Pickles, Charles H., Ltd., 19, Byram Street. Porter, Robert, 187, Blackmoorfoot Road. Powell, C., & Longbottom, E., 12, Ashbrow Road, Fartown. Price, Leslie & Marjory, 386, Newsome Road. Ramsden, Wilfred & Edith, 6, Station Buildings, Lowergate. Revill, S. C., 26, Waingate, Berry Brow. Robinson, John F., 48, Manchester Road. Royle, Chas. E., 52a & 52b, Luck Lane, Marsh. Royle, George H., 10, Birkhouse Lane, Moldgreen. Ryan, J. C. & G., 17, Byram Street. Ryan, John, Cora & Granville, 18, John William Street. Ryan, Granville, John & Cora, 80, John William Street. Sankey, Stephen, 238, Lowerhouses Lane. Sharp, Tom, 8, Bradford Road. Sidebottom, Kenneth, 109, Whitehead Lane. Smith, Reginald, 64, King Street. Smith, W. H. & Son, Ltd., 11, John William Street. Stott, Leonard, 75, Raw Nook Road. Sutcliffe, L., 1, Water Street.


Page 112


Sutcliffe, Harry W. & Agnes E., 523, Wakefield Road. Swift, Fred., 43, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Sykes, Joe, 318a, Bradford Road. Taylor, Fred, 35, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Taylor, Phil., 6, Bridge Street. Thomas, Arthur, 41, Market Street, Paddock. Thorp, Harry, 167, Bradford Road. Tiffany, W. S., 4, Trinity Street. Tramner, G. & M., 129, Bradford Road. Vigrass, Stanley, Swan Lane. Walker, Harry & Ann, 33, Blackmoorfoot Road. Whiteley, Arnold, 193, Acre Street. Whiteley, S. & H., 75, Hall Bower. Whitter, L., 4, Rashcliffe Hill Road. Wood, Ethel

Page 113

Lane, Albert & Edith E., 1211, Leeds Road.

Page 114

Outfitters (Gentlemen’s)—continued

Burras Peake, Ltd., 65, Market Street, Milnsbridge & Cross Church Street. Clough, Ernest, Ltd., Westgate House, Westgate. Connolly, Michael J. ., 60, King Street. Dunn, G. A. & Co., Ltd., 35, New Street. Firth, Hubert, Market Hall Lower. Garner & Mellor & Co., Ltd., 74, Manchester Road. Gleadall, Ethel, 156, Manchester Road. Greenwoods (H. & O. ), Ltd., 2, Victoria Lane, 16, Victoria Lane, and 4, Kirkgate. Hepworths, Ltd., 28, New Street. Hirst, Westwood & Co., 34, Buxton Road. Holroyd, S., 10, Chapel ‘Hill. Kahn, M. &

Page 115

Beevers, A. & Sons, Great Northern Street. Binns, L., 34, Springdale Crescent, Leeds Road. Bottomley, W., 37, Grove Street. Bowker, Frank, 30, Upper George Street. Briggs & Sutcliffe, 307a, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Brompton, George, 88, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Brook, Clifford, 378, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Brook, C. W., 101, Blackmoorfoot Road. Brooksbank, H., 15, Ravensknowle Road. Brown, A. A., 10, Hazel Grove, Milnsbridge. Brown & Thomas, 6, Spring Street. Bruce, T. A., 16, Ashmere Grove, Fartown. Burman & Greenwood, Ltd., Albion Street. (Hudds. 3631). Chappell, H., 99, Victoria Road, Lockwood. Clay, Ramsay, 487, Bradford Road. Cookson, J., 130, Longwood Road. Cooper, N., 399, Wakefield Road. Crossley & Firth, 99, New Hey Road, Oakes. Crowther, E., 507, Wakefield Road. Crowther, Fred B. & Son, 14, Lamb Hall Road, Longwood. Crowther, J. W., 59, East Street, Lindley. Day, G., 20, Longwood Gate. Dennis, R., 13, Roydfield Street, Fartown. Diskin, P., 16, Chestnut Street, Sheepridge. Drake, C., 181, Wakefield Road. Dyson, G. H. & Sons, 16, Spaines Road. Dyson, W., 64, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Fahey, B., 64, Long Lane, Dalton. Firth, A.. 87, Cleveland Road, Marsh. Firth, Thomas H. & Sons, 94, West Street, Lindley. Goodyear & Longbottom, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Greenhalgh, Douglas, 6, Thornfield Avenue, Lockwood. Hampson, J. & Sons, 13, Water Street. Hargraves, J. W. & Son, 24, Arnold Street. Heaps, Stanley, 433, Wakefield Road. Heaton, Norman, 155, Church Street, Paddock. Hinchcliffe, K., 33, Everard Street, Crosland Moor. Hodgson, William, 47, Central Avenue, Fartown. Holdsworth, F. E., 476, New Hey Road, Salendine Nook. Holland, Winston, 18, Grange Avenue, Birkby. Holroyd, W. & P., 1, Albion Street. Horsfall, B., 35, Spring Street. Ibberson, B., 166, Lockwood Road. Jackson, Allen & Co., 8, Church Street. Jessop, Jack, 44, Oxley Road, Sheepridge. Kennedy, Gordon, 83, Blackmoorfoot Road. Kitchen, Squire, 33, Victoria Street, Lindley. Lacey, D. H. C., 23, Castle Avenue, Newsome. Littlewood, W. & Sons, Parkgate, Berry Brow. Lockwood, Irvin, 20, Ellison Street, Crosland Moor. Lunn & Cardno, 15, Upperhead Road. North, A., 189, Newsome Road. Oldfield, A. G. & Co., 35, New North Road. Oldfield, George & Son, 6, Dalton Green Lane. Oldfield, Leslie, 4, Beaumont Park Road. Oxley, A., 38, Primrose Hill Road. Palmer, W. T., 114, Newsome Road. Peaker, H., 116, Springdale Road. Pearson, L. W., 28, Ripon Avenue, Fartown. Priest, H., 49, Spaines Ro ad. Ripley Bros., 108, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Roberts, A. C., 32, Long Lane, Dalton. Scaife, John A., 31, George Street.


Page 116

Thinking of DECORATING ? Then why not DO IT YOURSELF ?


Pp. Q. R S.

Page 117

Painters and Decorators—continued

Sheard, R., 80, Springdale Street. Smith, Wilkinson, 2, Thomas Street, Lindley. Statham, H., 4, Oxley Road, Sheepridge. Stevenson, James Wm., 47, Reed Street, Marsh. Sykes, J., 44, Victoria Street. Wade, Harry, 25, Percy Street, Fartown. Walker, David T., 219, Bradford Road, Fartown. Wheatley, C. W., Queen Street. Wood, Frank (Decorations), Ltd., (Cinema Specialists), 26a, Water Street. Wood, T., 29, Lockwood Road. Woodhouse, Stephen, 25, New Street, Milnsbridge. Worth, Derek D., 19, Clough Road, Birkby. Wrigley, Harry, 5, Pymroyd Lane, Milnsbridge. Wrigley, L., 11, Grange Avenue, Birkby. PAINT MANUFACTURERS Burman & Greenwood, Ltd., Albion Street. (Hudds. 3631). Smith & Walton, Ltd., 5a, St. John’s Road. PAINT MERCHANTS Paints (Hudds.), Ltd., 16, Cloth Hall Street. PAINT SUPPLIERS Allen & Jackson, 12, Wood Street. Bitulac, Ltd., Brook Street. Broadbent, E., 25, Northgate. Burman & Greenwood, Ltd., Albion Street. (Hudds. 3631). Clegg & Sons (Wallpaper), Ltd., 1, Lord Street. Copley, Teddie, 1, Somerset Crescent. Dyson, Arthur, 9, Nabcroft. Heaton, Norman, 155, Church Street, Paddock. Littlewood, W., 1, Parkgate, Berry Brow. Oxley, A., 40, Primrose Hill Road. Paints (Hudds.), Ltd., 16, Cloth Hall Street. Palmer, Thos. W., Ltd., 60b, St. John’s Road. Pick, Godfrey & Sons, Ltd., Albion Street. P.Q.R.S. (Yorkshire), Ltd., 1, Market Avenue. Preston, Arnold, 250/2, Manchester Road. S. & G. Paints Supply Co., Ltd., 2a, Railway Street. Smith & Walton, Ltd., 5a, St. John’s Road. Wheatley, C. W., 33, Queen Street. PANELLING SPECIALISTS Taylor & Hobson, Ltd., 9, King’s Head Arcade. PAPER MERCHANTS Beevers & Barrett, Fern Mills, Leeds Road. Milnes, S. & Sons (1944), Ltd., 11, Victoria Street. Mortimer, R. W. & Son, Ltd., 2, George Street. PARAFFIN AGENTS Beaumont, Frank, 256, Deighton Road. Sudworth, Gordon, Ltd., Somerset Road. PATENT AGENTS Appleyard & Crossley, 19, John William Street. Barron & Lewin, Station Street Buildings. PATTERN CARD MAKERS Preston Bros. & Co., 2/4, Fox Street. (Hudds. 58). PATTERN MAKERS Hardy, F., Upper Bankfield Mill, Moldgreen. Ives, Frank, Phoenix Mill. Longley, D. & F. W., Brow Road, Pattern Works, Paddock.

Page 118

PET FOODS Ahearn, C., 96, St. John’s Road. Balmforth, Norman, 80, King Street. Mallinson, David & Son, 34a, King Street. Martin, Betty D., 24/38, Market Hall. Pilkington, Derek, 72a, John William Street & 302, Bradford Road.

PET STORES Balmforth, Norman, 80, King Street. Mallinson, David & Son, 34a, King Street. Pilkington, Derek, 72a, John William Street.

PETROL & OIL SERVICE STATIONS Jagger, Leonard (Parkway), Leeds Road. Richards, Bryan W. (Netherfield), Bradford Road. Hinchliffe, George (G. J.), Ltd., Carr Pit Road. Kimber, W. J. (Premier), Manchester Road. Lockwood, Arthur, Wellington Hotel, Newsome Road. Coronet Filling Station, Penistone Road. Shell Mex & B.P., Ltd., Manchester Road. Petrolene Oils, Ltd., Nettleton Road, Dalton. Archibald, Pearson Atkinson, Prince Royd, Birchencliffe. Swire, Frederick Leslie, Halifax

Page 119


_ Waddington, D. S., 37, Forest Avenue, Marsh. Wilkinson, I., 24, Trinity Street. Wood, G. S.,.Argyle Chambers, 4, Buxton Road. PHOTOGRAPHERS (COMMERCIAL) Bray, J. M., Cloth Hall Chambers, Cloth Hall Street.

Page 120


Page 121

Brook & Haigh, 212, Lockwood Road. Calvert, Wilfred, 24, Scar Grove, Lockwood. Castle, A., 88, West Street, Lindley. Crossley & Drinkwater, Ltd., 124, Hall Bower Lane. Ellam, Joe, 16, Foster Avenue, Crosland Moor. Firth, Leonard, Newsome. Garton, Geo. & Son, Ltd., Market Place. Garton, Geo. & Son, Ltd., 9, Kirkgate. (Hudds. 196). Gurnhill, T. A., 55, Thornhill Road, Marsh. Hale, Samuel & Son, 8, High Street. (Hudds. 454). Hewer, G., 24, Benomley Drive, Almondbury. Littlewood, Harry, 151, Halifax Old Road. Mallinson, J., 78, Greenhead Lane, Dalton. _ Marsden, J. & Sons, 1, Upperhead Row. Moore, A., 12, Ray Gate, Mount, Outlane. Rayner, Edward, Morley Lane, Milnsbridge. Riley, K., 29, Scholes Road, Birkby. Senior, A. E., 1, Broadgate Farm, Lowerhouses. Senior, H. & Son, 5, Lockwood Scar. Winterbottom, Joe, 292, Leeds Road. PLUMBERS’ MERCHANTS Carter & Co., Ltd., Kirkgate. (Hudds. 4382). Crowther, Alfred (Hudds.), Ltd., Northumberland Street. PORTABLE BUILDINGS Astley, Brook & Co., Ltd., St. George’s Works, Leeds Road. Garrards (Hudds.), Ltd., Great Northern Street. Portable Buildings (Hudds.), Ltd., Threadneedle Street. Sydbros Cabinet Supplies, Ltd., 25, Venn Street. POSTERS Crossley Posters, 2, Station Street. Littlewood, W. E., 15, Trinity Street. Taylor, 7, Bradford Road. POST OFFICES (SUB) Acton, William, 179, Acre Street. Ainley, J., 219, Lockwood Road. Armitage & Gay, 395, Blackmoorfoot Road. Atkinson, 289, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Berry, Charles M., 2, Parkgate, Berry Brow. Bradley, Austin, 153, Church Street, Paddock. Brian, A. J., 546, Wakefield Road. Brook, Arthur, 30, Thornhill Road, Longwood. Brooksbank, Tom, 103a, Whitehead Lane. Coe, Nellie, 39, Glebe Road, Marsh. Crawshaw, Edith, 75, Deighton Road. Daniel, Eric & Annie, 3, Blue Bell Hill. Davies, Edith N., 47, St. Andrew’s Road. Dean, Thomas & Alice M., 229, Cross Lane, Primrose Hill. Earnshaw, Friend, 145, Quarmby Road. Fairbanks, Lavinia, 86, Chapel Hill. French, Bradley, 27, Oak Road, Bradley. Gearing, William D. S., 45, Wheathouse Road. Gill, Mary & Nellie, 120, Lockwood Road. Gledhill, 36, Wakefield Road, Aspley. Graham, G. F. & M., 68a, Market Street, Paddock. Haigh, A. & Son, 313, Leeds Road.

Page 122

Post Offices (Sub.)—continued

Keighley, Ben, 779, New Hey Road. Keys, F. H., 337, Meltham Road, Netherton. Longbottom, Arthur, 135, Netheroyd Hill Road. Peace, Frank, 86, Sheepridge Road, Sheepridge. Price, Leslie & Marjory, 386, Newsome Road. Rawcliffe, Edgar, 537, New Hey Road. Sharp, Tom, 8, Bradford Road. Shaw’s, 91, Northgate, Almondbury. Stanley’s, St. Thomas’s Road. Stott, Fred, 106, Longwood Gate. Sykes, Edward, 132, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Tempest, John, 165, Blackmoorfoot Road. Thorp, Harry, 167, Bradford Road. Wallhead, C. G. & Ivy, 53, Fartown Green Road. Whitelam, Allan & R., 55, Colne Road.

POTATO MERCHANTS Bletcher, W. & A., Wholesale Market. (Hudds. 244). Clayton, J. H., Holly Bank Farm, Quarmby. Knowlson,

Page 123

PRINTERS’ STATIONERY Hawley, Fred, 15, Yates Lane, Milns.

PROPERTY REPAIRS Beaumont, J., 3, Winton Street, Lockwood. Briggs, J. E., 43, Ruskin Grove, Sheepridge. Haywood, F., King Cliffe, Birkby. Oldroyd, R., 57, Thorncliffe Street, Lindley. O’Shaughnessy, James & Co., 110, Trinity Street. Quinn, Joseph & Sons, Springwood Street. Shaw, A. & Son, 10, Syringa Street, Marsh.

PROVISIONS (WHOLESALE) Chattertons’ Ltd., Princess Street. Co-operative Wholesale Society, Ltd., Upperhead Row. Dyson, R. S. & Co., Ltd., Macauley Street. Firth & Wilson, Ltd., 3, Bradley Street. Lodge, F. & A. E., Ltd., Aire & Calder Yard, Aspley. PUBLICANS’ SUPPLIES Shaw’s Hotel Glassware Co., 23, Brook Street. Swan, Norman, Ltd., 15, Byram Street. PUBLISHERS Advertiser Press, Ltd., Page Street. Huddersfield Sports News, 19, Railway Street. Marshall, H. & Co. (Publishers), Ltd., 24, Queen Street. Lister, W. E., 24, Market Street, Milns. Schofield & Sims, Ltd., 17, Market Street, Hudds. Union Publishing Co., 30, Queen Street. QUARRY OWNERS Crosland Hill Quarry Co., Ltd., Crosland Hill. Crushed Stone (Hudds.), Ltd., Waterhole Quarry, Crosiand Hill. Graham, George & Sons & Co., Crofthouse Quarries, Crosland Hill. Johnson’s Wellfield Quarries, Ltd., Crosland Hill. Shaw, Joe & Sons, Ltd., Old Park Quarries, Crosland Hill. Stone Flags, Ltd., Netheroyd Hill. Wimpenny’s Stone Quarries, Ltd., Moorfield Quarry, Crosland Hill.

Page 124

RADIO & TELEVISION HIRE D.E.R., Ltd., 6, Buxton Road. Radio Rentals, Ltd., 18, Victoria Lane. Sound & Vision Hire (Hudd.), Ltd., 10, St. George’s Square. The Link Sound & Vision Services, Ltd., 41, Market Street. RAG DEALERS Beaumont, W. L., Henry Street. Blackburn, William, Sand Street, Aspley. Hepworth, George & Sons, Leeds Road. Watson, W. & Scott, T., Brow Road. Wood, Lewis, Lockwood Scar. RAG PULLERS Mellor, Horace & Sons, 14, Arch, Crosland M oor. RAILWAY WAGON WORKS Kenworthy, Jas. & Son, Ltd., Hillhouse Sidings. RAINWEAR Benlys, Market Avenue. Retlaw, Ltd., Ritz Buildings, Market Street. Wil-be-Fort (Rainwear), Ltd., 44, John William Street. Y. B. Wet, 15, Market Place. RAINWEAR (WHOLESALE) Retlaw, Albion Street. READING ROOM Christian Scientist, 3, Imperial Arcade. RECORDING ENGINEER Ross Records, 4, New Street. REED AND HEALD MAKER Ellis, Walter, Commercial Street.


R. ROTHWELL & SONS LTD. VICTORIA STREET — MOLDGREEN — HUDDERSFIELD Makers of all types of Wire Healds & Heald Frames - Leizing Reeds TELEPHONE : 708 HUDD.

REFRIGERATOR DEALERS Crowther & Shaw, Ltd., Market Street. REMOVERS (FURNITURE) Bottom, T., 22, Thomas Street, Lindley. Broscombe, A., 46, Highlands Avenue, Almondbury. Hanson, J. & Son, 72, King Street. Heathcote’s, 1, King Street, Lindley. Pickford’s, 72, King Street. Senior, Preston, 190, Trinity Street. Senior, Raymond (Removals & Storage), Ltd., 79, King Street. Wainwright, D., 160, Northgate. RESIDENTIAL FLATS Bryancliffe, Hungerford Road, Edgerton. Burlington House, Trinity Street. Holmefield, Holmefield, Longwood. Newton’s, 54, Fitzwilliam Street. Sedgefield, 9, Queen’s Road, Edgerton. Trinity House, Trinity Street. West Croft, 144, Trinity Street. RESTAURANTS (See also CAFES, ETC.) Mansfield, J. & Goldthorpe, C. Wholesale Market, Lord Street. White Horse Restaurant (Hudds.), Ltd., 17, Market Place. RIDING SCHOOL Atkinson, E., Longley Riding School, Lowerhouses. Clayton, Willie H., Lockwood Riding School, Lockwood.


Page 125

ROPE AGENT Eastwood, William, 18, Lynton Avenue. ROPE MANUFACTURERS Binns, John & Co., Perseverance Ropery, Queen’s Mill Road. ROPE AND TWINE MERCHANTS Kaye, Joseph & Sons, 8, High Street. RUBBER GOODS SUPPLIERS Carter, H. & Co., Ltd., 10, Albion Street. RUBBER SPECIALISTS Andre Rubber Co., Ltd. (Office), 11, Cloth Hall Street. Fern (Footwear), Ltd., 70, Leeds Road. France, Louis, Upperhead Mills. Silentbloc, Ltd. (Office), 11, Cloth Hall Street. RUG MANUFACTURERS Beaumont, L., Ltd., 25, Brook Street. Beever, John & Sons, Ltd., Brook Street. Dundas Rug & Textile, Ltd., Bankfield Road, Moldgreen. Hemingway, H. & Sons, 88, Leeds Road. Hinchcliffe, Brook Street. Kaye Brown, Ltd., King’s Mill Lane. Lawton & Lodge, Storths Mill, Moldgreen. Pile Textiles, Ltd., Bay Hall. Swando Manufacturing Co., King’s Mill. Thornton, B. & Son, Pioneer Mill, Fountain Street. Thornton, Frederick & Son, St. George’s Square. SADDLERS Cummins, W. J., 15, New North Road. Walker & Aldridge, 9a, Cloth Hall Street. SAFE DEPOSIT Huddersfield Safe Deposit, Ltd., Station Street Buildings. SAW MILLS Aspley Saw Mills, Carr Pit, Moldgreen. Bates, James, Ltd., Burbeary Road, Lockwood. SCALES AND WEIGHTS Avery, W. & T., Ltd., Wells Mill, Northgate. Lodge, Fred, 21, Wakefield Road. SCRAP METAL DEALERS Brook, T. & Sons, Ltd., Chapel Hill. Haigh, Granville, Firth Street. Haigh, Joe & Sons, Triangle, Paddock. Halstead, Joe, Barr Street, Leeds Road. Rayner, Ralph, Viaduct Street.


Buyers of redundant and obsolete Machinery, Electric Motors, Transformers, etc. etc., also Pickers, Ropes, etc.

Sunderland, 176, Leeds Road. SEEDSMEN Armitage & Sons, 7, New Street. Blackburn, J. W., Ltd., 24, Westgate. SERVICE STATION

Page 126

SHEET METAL WORKERS Dearnley & Brook, Ltd., Crow Lane, Milns. Drake, H., 533, Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Hill. Haworth, C. & Son, 47a, Colne Road. Morley Bros., Chapel Hill. Northrop, F. & Sons, 1, Smithy Lane, Moldgreen. Parkin & Smith, Grimscar Avenue. Perrin, Fred, Thomlinson’s Yard, Northgate. Shaw, Fred & Son, Lord Street. Taylor Bros. (Hudds.), Ltd., 15a, Beast Market. Wilson, J. W. & Sons, Lockwood Road. SHIPPING AGENTS Dean & Dawson, Ltd., St. Peter’s Street. Hanson. Haulage Ltd., Woodlands Road. Roadway Services, Ltd., 34, Upperhead Row. Stanton, L. R., 76a, John William Street. SHIRT MANUFACTURERS Clough, Ernest, Ltd., Westgate House, Westgate. (Hudds. 2341). Ginty, J. B., 81, Fitzwilliam Street. Shaw, W., 1, St. George’s Street. SHODDY MANUFACTURERS Balderstone, L. & Sons, Lowergate, Paddock. Butterworth, Albert E., Arches, Manchester Road. Crossley, John J. (Exors of), Beech Street, Paddock. Firth, S. & Co. (Hudds.), Ltd., St. Helen’s Mill, Almondbury. Hartley & Duncan, Leymoor Road, Golcar. Longbottom, Vernon, Westfield House, Carr Green Lane. Sykes, Alfred & Co., Viaduct Street. Sykes, D., Spring Garden Works, Lockwood.

SHOPFITTERS Jones & Farrand, 3, Hammond’s Yard, King Street. (Hudds. 845).

SHRINKERS (CLOTH) Jennens Welch & Co., Springwood Works.



Page 127

Scholes, H., 90, Upper Mount Street, Lockwood. Smith, Wm. & Son, Laurel Bank, Armitage Road, Milns. Tunnacliffe, T. B., Trinity Street. SMALLWARES Fowler, William, 46/47, Top Market Hall. Shaw, Ernest, 5, Rosemary Lane (Wholesale). SOAP MANUFACTURERS Bedforth, M. & Sons, Wakefield Road, Aspley. SOFT FURNISHINGS Barnes, C. C., Ltd., 74 & 74a, John William Street. Barnes, C. C., Ltd., Green Cross Corner, Moldgreen. Croxford, Charles, 11, Byram Street. Culpan & Co., 4, Duke Street. Durrans, Bessie, 65, Larch Road, Paddock. Hart & Co., Ltd., 13, Buxton Road. Sheard, Norris, 3a, Station Street. SOLICITORS Armitage, Sykes & Hinchcliffe, Lloyds Bank Buildings. (Hudds. 1727). Bamforth, Leonard, 4, New Street. (Hudds. 1754). Baxter, Caulfield, Chadwick & Co., 2, St. Peter’s Street & Market Place

Page 128

Sports Goods Manufacturers—continued

Sandow Appliance Co., Ltd., 56, Fitzwilliam Street. Snowden, J. & Sons (Sports), Ltd. (Billiard Tables), Fitzwilliam Street. Tetlow, Fred (Footballs), Carr Pit, Moldgreen. SPORTS OUTFITTERS Batt, William E. W., 13, New North Road. Emmerson Bros., 11, Market Street. (Hudds. 1371). STAINED GLASS MANUFACTURERS Millward, J. A. & Son, 3, Grafton Place. STATIONERS : Ainley, J., 219, Lockwood Road. Broadbent, J. & Co. (Sales), Ltd., 11, High Street. Coates & Bairstows, 3/7, Station Street. Crossleys, 85, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Dyson, Arthur & John A., 153, Church Street, Paddock. Fairbanks, Lavinia, 86, Chapel Hill. Flynn, James, 51, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Gledhill, 36, Wakefield Road, Aspley. Haigh, H., 456, New Hey Road, Salendine Nook. Hamer, Harry & Lily, 27, Primrose Hill Road. Hawley, Fred, 15, Yates Lane, Milnsbridge. Hodgkinson, E., 4, Manchester Road. Jowett & Sowry, Ltd., 23, Westgate. Keys, F. H., 337, Meltham Road, Netherton. Kilner, Thos. H., 295, Longwood Road. Lister, William Edward, 22, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Netherwood, Dalton & Co., Ltd., 1, King’s Head Arcade. Owen, G. W. & Son, 29/31, Queen Street. Pickles, Charles H., Ltd. (Wholesale), 19, Byram Arcade. Sharp, Tom, 8, Bradford Road. Smith, Joe & Martha, 275a, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Stanley’s, St. Thomas’s Road. Sykes, Edward, 132, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Wheatley, Dyson & Son, 12, New Street. STATIONERS (MANUFACTURING) Preston Bros. & Co., Fox Street. (Hudds. 58). STEEPLEJACKS Berry, W. D. & Sons, Queen’s Mill Road. Kavanagh, James & Sons, New Hey Road,

Page 129

TAILORS Affleck, J. & Sons, Ltd., 16, New North Road. Alexandre, Ltd., 4, King Street. Barry Modern Tailors, Ltd., 21, Cross Church Street. Batty, T., 42, Buxton Road. Bevers, J. (Tailors), Ltd., 1a, Gleve Street. Burton, Montague, Ltd., 17/19, New Street, and 2/4, John William Street. Carson, David, Daisy Lea Lane, Lindley. Clarke, G. R., Brook’s Yard. Clarke, Teddy, 11, Albion Street. Cole, Alec, 63, New Street. Connelly, M. J., 60, King Street. Cowan, Sam A., 15, Storthes Road, Birkby. Crosland, B., 223, Quarmby Road. Crowther, G. H., 257, Wakefield Road. Danesford, Terrence, John William Street. Friend, Victor, 1, Wood Street. Garner & Mellor & Co., Ltd., Manchester Road. Goodward & Hollas, 3, Page Street. Hopson Bros., Ltd. 155/7, Manchester Road. Hopson, Frank, Waverley Chambers. Jackman, C. & Son, Lockwood Road. Lodge, Frank, 10, Meltham Road. Mahon, J., 12, Balmoral Chambers. 99/101, King Street. McCrone, F., 38, Springwood Avenue. McGill, T., 2, Byram Arcade. Metcalfe, G. H., Revenue Chambers. Michael, Ralph, Waverley Chambers. Moorhouse, H. & Son, Revenue Chambers. Powney, J. H., 4, John Street. Prices T ailors, Ltd., (50s. Tailors), 22/4, New Street, and 29, King Street. Quarmby, A. E. (Hudds. ), Ltd., St. George’s Square. Rees, Lionel, 56, John William "Street. Rosenburg, Barney, Argyle Chambers, Buxton Road. Rothera, R., 12, Rudding Street, Crosland Moor. Rushworth, Fred., 13, Lord Street. Scott, A., 22, Blacker Road. Silver, Martin, 14/16, Imperial Arcade. Stott, F. & Son, 37, Bradford Road. Sunley, Arthur, 44, Trinity Street. Taylor, Benton, 22, Cross Church Street & 9, Cross Church Street. Taylor, Ernest &

Page 130

TAXIS AND PRIVATE HIRE Atkinson, E. B., 72, Carr Street, Marsh. Bay Hall Taxis, 31, Bay Hall, Birkby. Beighton, Godfrey, 187, Church Street, Paddock. Bird, Stanley, 11, Aldonley. Bradley Motors, Leeds Road, Bradley. Bray, A. E., 41, Crescent Road, Birkby. Brook, F., 34, Ripon Avenue. Brook, H., 15, Chestnut Street, Sheepridge. Brook, H., 32, William Street. Broomhall, E. W., 5, Spaines Road. Clayton, J. G., 16, Westfield Avenue, Oakes. Cosy Taxis, 86, Hammond Street, Fartown. Crosland Hill Taxis, 478, Blackmoorfoot Road. Currie, Thos. & Co., 10, Zetland Street. Darlington, Jack A., 10, Coule Royd, Dalton. Denton, George & Sons, Gledholt Garage. Dews, G. H., 2, Lime Street, Lockwood. Dixon, H. R., 47, Wasp Nest Road. Edwards, A., 26, Upper Brow Road. Ex-Service Taxis, 21, Lord Street. Gledhill, G. V., 48, Carr Street. Halstead, Walter, Fartown Lodge Garage. Huddersfield Streamlined Taxis, Ltd., 2, Railway Street. (Hudds. 3426). Hutchinson, J., 29, Southfield Road, Almondbury. Hutchinson, Wilfred, 10, Fleming House Lane. Jessop, G. E., 11, Broomfield Road, Marsh. Jessop, William, 88, Springdale Street. Lewis, A. L., 47, Sufton Street, Birkby. Lockwood, W., 86, Close Hill Lane.

Re-surface your existing old floors at moderate cost

Page 131

Longley’s Silverline Taxis, 2, Railway Street. Lumb, Frank, 5, Belle Vue Farm, Heaton Road. Mack, G., 31, Royd Street. Marshall’s Taxis, 90, Heaton Road, Paddock. Moorhouse, N., 7, Town End, Almondbury. Pennington, S., 478, Blackmoorfoot Road. Rogers, W. H., 133, Northgate. Schofield, W. H. & F., Saville Street, Milnsbridge. Service Taxis, 53, Estate Buildings. Shepherd, Herbert, 28, Penistone Road. Taxi Cab Rank, St. George’s Square. Taylor, J. H., 396, New Hey Road, Salendine Nook. Tetley, C., 20, Kirk’s Place, Trinity Street. Thompson, H., 265, Alder Street. Wood, F., Barrow Buildings, Moldgreen. TEA AND COFFEE MERCHANTS Home & County Tea Co., Ltd., Flint Street, Fartown. Kaye, Samuel & Son, Ltd., Plantation House, Dundas Street. TEA AND COFFEE SUPPLIERS Lobl, Richard, 11, King’s Head Arcade. TEAZLE MERCHANT Taylor, Edmund (Teazle), Ltd., Carr Pit Road, Moldgreen. TECHNICAL CONSULTANTS (FIRE FIGHTING) Protection Engineering Services, Ltd., 100, Birkby Hall Road. TELEPHONE MANUFACTURERS Dictograph Telephones, Ltd., Upperhead Mills. TEMPLE MAKERS (TEXTILE) Chambers, F., 50, Church Street, Paddock. Harling, Geo., Waverley Works, St. Thomas’s Road. TERRAZO MOSAIC AND GRANOLITHIC PAVERS Cooke, John & Son (Hudds.), Ltd., Queen’s Mill Road. Roxana, Ltd., Queen’s Mill Road. Toffolo, Luigi & Sons, 8, Armitage Crescent, Lockwood. TEXTILE CHALK MANUFACTURERS Schofield, Joseph & Co., 98, Longwood Road. TEXTILE ENGINEERS Blakeley, Harry, Alfred Street. Brown, Bros., 2, Flint Street. Chambers, F., 50, Church Street, Paddock. Goddard, Stanley, Upper Bankfield Mills, Almondbury Bank, Moldgreen., (Hudds. 8970). Hopkinson & Heady, Colne Vale Works, Saville Street, Milns. Sykes & Brooke, Spring Mill. Wultex Machine Co., Progress Works, Bankfield Road. TEXTILE JOINERS Beaumont & Crawford, Spring Mill, Manchester Road. TEXTILE MACHINE MANUFACTURERS AND REPAIRERS Armitage, G. & Sons, Bankhouse Works, Armitage Road, Milns. Blakeley, Harry, Alfred Street. Brooke, R. B. & Sons (Engineers), Ltd., Water Street, Lockwood. Brown Bros., 2, Flint Street, Fartown. Chambers, F., 50a, Church Street, Paddock. Charlesworth, J., Union Ironworks, Colne Road. Cliffe & Co., Ltd., Longroyd Bridge Ironworks. Exley, J., Park Works, Batley. Goddard, Stanley, Upper Bankfield Mills, Almondbury Bank, Moldgreen. (Hudds. 8970). Hardcastle, W., Griffin Forge, Crosland Moor. Hopkinson & Headey, Colne Vale Works, Saville Street. Hutchinson, Hollingworth & Co., Ltd.,

Page 132

Textile Machine Manufacturers and

Page 133

Wade, B. & Co., Ltd., 15, Lord Street. Wood, Clement, Kirkgate. Wood, Clement, 27, Ramsden Street. Wood, Mary C., 8, Ray Gate. Woodhead, Brian, 78a, Cowlersley Lane, Milnsbridge. TOBACCONISTS (WHOLESALE) Budge, Fred, 26, Victoria Lane. Budge, Fred, 9, St. Peter’s Street. Elliott, R. J. & Co., Ltd., 27, King Street. Hobson, J. W., 39, Market Street. Ramsden, T. J., 76, King Street. Sykes, John & Co. (Tobacconists), Ltd., Union Bank Yard. Wade, B. & Co., 15, Lord Street. TOOLMAKERS AND DEALERS Booth, C. & Son, 13, Cross Church Street. Dathan Tool & Gauge Co., Thornfield Road, Lockwood. Dyson & Nalson, Viaduct Street. Engineers Small Tool Co., Brooke’s Yard, Market Street. Fine Tools Ltd., Wakefield Road, Waterloo. Gregory & Sutcliffe, 6, St. John’s Road. Hudds. Gauges, Ltd., Wakefield Road, Waterloo. Hudds. Saw & Tool Co., Viaduct Works, Thornton Lodge. Kaye Tools, Ltd., 511, Blackmoorfoot Road. Monarch Tool Co., Ltd., Albany Road, Kirkheaton. Planers (Hudds.), Ltd., Ptospect Ironworks, Lockwood. Spenwyn Tools, Ltd., Upper Bankfield Mills, Moldgreen. TOOL SUPPLIERS Booth, C. & Son, 13, Cross Church Street. Gregory & Sutcliffe, Ltd., 6, St. John’s Road. Hinchliffe, John, 9a, Church Street. McKitrick Bros., Ltd., 64, Buxton Road. Sykes, William, 17, Macaulay Street. Vernex Hardware Co., Ltd., Wood Street. Williams, 66/67, Top Market Hall. Wood, Timothy, Ltd., 7, Queen Street. TOWING CONTRACTORS Boustead, J., 9, Mitchel Avenue, Waterloo. Boustead, John E. (Caravan Towing), 31, Bay Hall Garage, Birkby. TOYS Barker & Son, 23, Market Place. Bruty, George, 25, Market Hall, Victoria Lane. Crowder, H. & A., 215, Lockwood Road. Race, J. B., Ltd., 85/86, Top Market Hall. Smith, J. A., 11/21, Market Hall Lower. TRADE PROTECTION SOCIETY Stubbs, Ltd., Windsor Chambers, 24, John William Street. TRANSLATORS Berlitz School of Languages, 14, Greenhead Road. TRAVEL AGENTS Altham, Abraham, Ltd., 26, Cross Church Street. Dean & Dawson, Ltd., St. Peter’s Street. Hanson Travel Service, Ltd., 35, John William Street. (Hudds. 6666). Scotts Motor Services (Halifax), Ltd., 5, Market Walk. Stanton, L. R., 76a, John William Street. Wood, Clement, Kirkgate. (Hudds. 3414). Wood, Clement, 27, Ramsden Street. TRIMMING MERCHANTS Marshall, Fred & Co., Ltd., Lord Street.

Page 134

TWINE & CORD MERCHANTS Beresford Bros. (Paper), Ltd., 8, Pack Horse Yard. Milnes, S. & Sons (1944), Ltd., 11, Victoria Street. TRIPE DRESSERS Chambers, H. & Sons, Ltd., Bradford Road. Gibson, J. S., Ltd., 117, Leeds Road. Gothards, Ltd., Back Myrtle Street. Richardsons, Richard & Robert, Beaumont Street. TUBES (PAPER & CARDBOARD) Clifford, Sidney, Ltd., Pollard Street, Fartown Green. TYPEWRITING Brooktype, 42, Longley Road, Hudds. TYPEWRITER REPAIRS Business Equipment Co., 8, Standard House.

Express Coach Services World Travel Agents Private Coach Operators

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J. W. & G. WOOD

Funeral Directors 9a ALBIONST., HUDDERSFIELD

Phone 237! Day or 1788 Night

Page 135

Galloway, George & Sons, 7, Byram Street. Hirst, W. H. & Son, 18, Byram Street. TYPEWRITER RIBBONS AND CARBON PAPER Caribonum, Ltd., 18, St. George’s Square. TYPEWRITERS AND OFFICE EQUIPMENT Business Equipment Co., Ltd., 8, Standard House. Galloway, George & Sons, 7, Byram Street. Hirst, W. H. & Son, 18, Byram Street. Smith, W. H. & Son, Ltd., 11, John William Street. TYRE DISTRIBUTORS Dickenson, Joan & Leslie, 70, Manchester Road. Huddersfield Motor Utility Co., Ltd., Firth Street. Aspley. Huddersfield Tyre House, Firth Street. Ward, Lewis & Sons, Ltd., Seed Hill. TYRE FACTORS Briggs, W. & Co., Ltd., Hudds. Tyre House, Firth Street. Canning, J., Ltd., 6, John Street. Dickenson, J. & L., 70, Manchester Road. TYRE REPAIRERS Ward, Lewis & Sons, Ltd., Seed Hill. TYRE RETREADERS Hudds. Motor Utility Co., Ltd., Firth Street, Aspley. UMBRELLAS Constantine, Ltd., 99, Market Hall Lower. Kendall & Son, Ltd., 20, Kirkgate. UNDERCLOTHING MANUFACTURERS Telfer, H. & Son, 9, Dundas Street. UNDERTAKERS Bolt & Shuttleworth, Ltd., Leeds Road. Boothroyd, A., 87, Luck Lane, Marsh. Beardsell, F. & Son, Spring Gardens, Lockwood Road. Cooper, A. E. & Son, Back Charles Street, Crosland Moor. Crowther, Fred B. & Son, 14, Lamb Hall Road, Longwood. Crowther & Wilkinson, Abb Street, Marsh. Gallagher, J. F., York Place, New North Road. Gill, Albert, 17a, Greenhead Road. Grant, M. & Son (Joiners, Ltd.), Marion Street, Hillhouse. Green, Lewis, 160, Newsome Road. Haigh, Harry, 9a, Albion Street. Hamer & Hartley, South Street, Paddock. Hollas, H. & Co., 252b, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Hudds. & District Retail Co-op. Services, Ltd., St. Thomas’s Road. Jenkinson, Ernest, Church Lane, Newsome. Jones & Farrand, 3, Hammond’s Yard, King Street. Littlewood, Albert (Successors), Paddock Foot, Longroyd Bridge. Lumb, E. W., 599, New Hey Road, Outlane. Meagh, T., 72, Lawrence Road, Marsh. Saville, Frank, 17, George Street. Stansfield, J. & Son, 26, Kaye Lane, Almondbury. Styring, J. G., 97, Lockwood Scar. Sunderland, J. & Sons, Bridge End, Lockwood. Sykes, Jonathan, 172, Somerset Road. Taylor, Harry, 32, Scar Lane, Milns. Topham, W. J., Garden Street, Lockwood. Whiteley, J. H., 101, Lidget Street, Lindley. Wilkinson, James, 2, Rook Street. Williams, Walter, 13, Freehold Street, Primrose Hill. Walker, John & Sons, Acre Street, Lindley. Wood, J. W. & G., 9a, Albion Street. UNDERTAKERS MERCHANTS

Page 136


Barnes, C. C., Ltd., 74 & 74a, John William Street. Barnes, C. C., Ltd., Green Cross Corner, Moldgreen. Beakbane, 58, Spring Street. Brown, M. & Son, 109, Bradford Road. Croxford’s, 11, Byram Street. Culpan, P. A. & Co., 4, Duke Street. Doyle & Wood, 10, Bromley Road, Birkby. Drake, E. S., Brook Street, Moldgreen. Haigh, Walter, 28, Oakes Road. McShane, F., 23, Wakefield Road, Aspley. Shaw & Hancock, 27, Albion Street. Taylor & Hobson, Ltd., 9, King’s Head Arcade. UPHOLSTERY CLEANERS AND REPAIRERS Barnes, C. C., Ltd., Green Cross Corner, Moldgreen. » 74 & 74a, John William Street. Robinson, "Ben, 7a, Cobcroft Road, Fartown.

VACUUM CLEANERS Hoover, Ltd., 2, Manchester Street.

VACUUM REPAIR SERVICE Mann, Frank, 45, King Street. Vacuum Repair Service, 46, Dalton Green Lane.

VALUERS Armitage, Hewitt & Hellowell,

Page 137

WARDROBE DEALERS Hepworth, Elizabeth, 8, Chapel Hill. Marsden, E., 26, Beast Market. Nicholson, Jean, 9, Ash Street, Birkby. Nicholson, Mrs., 21, Ashmere Grove, Fartown. WAREHOUSEMEN (WHOLESALE) Airedale Co-operative Worsted Manufacturing Society, Woodhouse Mills, Leeds Road. Astra (Yorks.), Ltd., Office, 7, Pelican Chambers, Market Street. Beaumont’s (Wholesale), Imperial Yard. Watts, S. J. & Co., Wood Street. WASTE MERCHANTS Bassindale, H. B., Mill Street, Crosland Moor. Beaumont, John, East Street, Lindley. Beaumont, W. L., Henry Street.

BRADLEY & RHODES LTD. 15, Bradford Road, Dewsbury,

I WooL AND WASTE MERCHANTS All types of Woollen Wastes and Blends Phone : Dewsbury 2062

Crawshaw & Mellor, Ltd., Manchester Road. Crossley, Tom, Bankfield Road, Moldgreen. Dyson, J. (Waste), Ltd., 578, New Hey Road. Firth, S. & Co. (Hudds.), Ltd., St. Helen’s Gate, Almondbury. Gledhill, Denis, Woollen Works, Salendine Nook. Grist Bros., Ltd., Bath Street. Haigh, James & Co. (Hudds.), Ltd., Manchester Road. Heeley, Fred, Market Street, Paddock. Helpworth, Geo. A. & Son, 48, Leeds Road. Longbottom, Arnold E., Lord Street. Marshall, Cockcroft & Co., Bankfield Road, Moldgreen. Milnes, E. & Son, Midland Mills, Hillhouse Lane. Sutcliffe, J. & Sons (Hudds.), Richmond Mills. Swallow Bros., Dalton Mills, Dalton. Sykes, D., Spring Garden Works, Lockwood. Taylor, Herbert (Hudds.), Ltd., Carr Green Works. West Riding Wastes, Ltd., Office, Standard House. Wood, E. & Sons, Stoney Battery. Wood, Joseph E. & Sons, Ltd., Albion Works, Saville Street, Milns. Wrigley, Joseph & Sons, Queen’s Mill Road. WASTE AND FLOCK Dawson, John, 49, Clough Head, Longwood. WATCH MAKERS AND WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIRERS Brewer, L., 8, High Street. Dunning, Anthony S., 43, Top Market Hall. Dunning, A. S., 24, Queen Street. Ellis, Ronald, 98a, Halifax Old Road. Hudson, J. A. (Fiechter), 1a, New North Road. Lloyd, Walter, 77, Market Street, Milnsbridge. McCreath, J. S. & R., Central Buildings, Market Place. Wandtke, A., 40, Trinity Street. Ward, Oswald, 57a, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Wimpenny, Jack, 78, Lockwood Road. WATER COOLERS

Page 138

WATERPROOFING SOLUTION MANUFACTURER Waterprufo Co., 43, Cross Lane, Primrose Hill. WEAVERS (COMMISSION) Haigh & Oakes, Phoenix Mill, Folly Hall. Horsfall, Jonas & Sons, Ltd., Riverside Mills, Firth Street. Marshall, F. & Co., Hollin Mill, Marsh. Nelson Weaving Co., Shore Foot Mills, and 46, Leeds Road. Ramsden Bros., Crosland Moor Mills. WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS Bray, J. M., Cloth Hall Chambers, Cloth Hall Street. (Hudds. 4681). WELDERS Brown, Herbert, Tinker’s Yard, Longroyd Bridge. Crow Lane Welding Co., Crow Lane, Milns. Goddard, Stanley, Upper Bankfield Mills, Almondbury. Haigh & Ellis, Turnbridge. Hardcastle, W., Griffin Forge, Manchester Road. Hughes, J. E. W., 957a, Manchester Road. Industrial Economy Ltd., 93, Leeds Vanstone, E. T. F., Back York Place, Trinity Street. WELDING EQUIPMENT Industrial Economy, Ltd., 25, New North Road. (Hudds. 5171). WHITESMITHS Haigh, David & Son, Miln Road, Hudds. Sunderland Bros., Hillhouse. Watson, C. & Sons, Ltd., William Street. WINDING (COMMISSION) Lees, M., 651, Manchester Road. WINDOW CLEANING (CONTRACTORS) Briggs, J. H. & Sons, Cloth Hall Chambers. WINDOWS (LEADED) Blanks & Sons, 12, Dowker Street, Milns.

Stanley Goddard


Oxy. Acet. Electric Welding Engineer - General Tinsmith Chromium Plating - Prefabrications - Mill Furnisher - Tool Factors Looms, Shuttle Boxes, Vibrators, Harness and Box Sections Reconditioned. Endless Frictions for Looms and Mules Recovered. All types of Machine Guards to Factory Inspectors Specifications. Specialist in Motor Repairs of Aluminium and Cast Iron Heads, Blocks, Manifolds, Gear Boxes, Etc., Silencers to Order. Broken or Worn Mules, Scribbling Parts, Gear Wheels, Etc., made as new. No Broken Casting should be Scrapped, it Pays to Consult us First.




Page 139

WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS. (See also OFF-LICENCES) Addison & Co., Ltd., 25, Westgate. Bentley & Shaw, Ltd., 9, Westgate. Bentley’s Yorkshire Brewery, Ltd., 17a, Westgate. Beverley, Ltd., 38, King Street. Northern Wine Stores, 3, Market Avenue (Wines only). Pickard, G. R., 117, St. John’s Road. Shaw, Benjamin & Sons, Ltd., Willow Lane. WIRE WORKERS Procter Bros. (Wireworks), Ltd., 39, High Street. WOOD TURNERS Acra Woodturning Co., Ltd., 3, King’s Head Buildings. Airey Robert & Son, Ltd., King’s Bridge Road. Beaumont & Crawford, 707a, Manchester Road. Bolam & Shaw, Upperhead Mills. WOODWORK SUNDRIES Corner Supplies, Viaduct Street. Mitchell, Leslie, 1c, Manchester Road. Sydbros Cabinet Supplies, Ltd., 25, Venn Street. WOOL BROKERS Dawson, H. Sons & Co., Ltd., 17, Estate Buildings. WOOL COMBERS AND CARBONISERS Eldon Combing Co., Colne Road. Haigh, Harold H. & Son, Ltd., Manchester Road. Jarmain & Son, Ltd., Crossley Lane, Kirkheaton. Lumb, Joseph & Sons, Ltd., Chapel Hill. WOOL COMB MANUFACTURERS Wool Comb Manufacturers, Ltd., Crown Comb Works, 14, Princess Street. WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS Crowther, John & Sons (Milnsbridge), Ltd., Union Mills, Milnsbridge.

(Milns. 221). WOOL MANUFACTURERS (KNITTING) Linray Wools, Ltd., Holly Bank Mills, Lindley. Wakefield Greenwood & Co. (Hudds.), Ltd., Railway Street. WOOL MANUFACTURERS—PILE FABRICS Dyson & Hall, Ltd., Greenside Mills, Wakefield Road. (Hudds. 2027/8). WOOL MERCHANTS Bradley & Rhodes, Ltd., 15, Bradford Road, Dewsbury, (Dewsbury 2062). Fisher & Co., (Hudds.), Ltd., Upperhead Row. Haigh, Edward (Wool), Ltd., 81a, Fitzwilliam Street. Hinchcliffe, C. W. & Son, Cambridge Buildings, Upperhead Row. London Fellmongering, Co., Ltd., 5, King’s Head Buildings. Mellor, Henry, Brookes Yard. Moore Bros. (Hudds.), Ltd., Dundas Street. Newman, T. M. & Sons, 540, New Hey Road. Willans, Wm. & Co., Ltd., Dundas Street. WOOL SCOURERS Haigh, Harold H. & Sons, Ltd., Phoenix Mill, Folly Hall. Jarmain & Son, Ltd., Minerva Works, Kirkheaton. (Kirkheaton 388 & 442). WOOL SUPPLIERS (KNITTING) Fowlers, 10/11, Market Hall. Greenwood’s, 13/15, Victoria Street. Kitchen, Almeno, 105, Lidget Street. Readicut Wool Co., Ltd., 27, Cross Church Street. Scotch Wool, 48, New Street. Spinning Wheel Knitting Co., Station Street. Wood, H. B., Ltd., 2, Market Hall, King Street. WORSTED MANUFACTURERS Schofield & Smith (Huddersfield), Ltd., Hollin’s Mill, Marsh. (Hudds. 60). YARN AGENTS Pearson, Edgar, 7, Observer Chambers, Market Street. YARN MERCHANTS & SPINNERS Anglo Belgian Woollen Spinning Co., Portland Mills, Reinwood Road. Brockholes Spinning Co., Ltd. (Office), Lloyds Bank Chambers.


Page 140




Wool and Noils specially carbonised for the Hat, Felt and Hosiery Trades

Aerial Photograph—Minerva Works


Telephones: Huddersfield 388 &442. Established 1873. Goods Station Kirkheaton


Page 141

Yarn Merchants & Spinners—continued

Peraspun Yarns, Ltd., Standard House. Rycroft, G. H. & Co., Ltd., Portland Mills, Reinwood Road. A. B. Spinning Co., Armitage Bridge. Bates & Co. (Hudds.), Ltd., Queen Street, South. Berry, Walter & Sons, Ltd., Leeds Road. Brierley Bros., Ltd., Albert Street, Lockwood. Fearnley, Walter & Sons, Ltd., Leeds Road. Garside, Seth & Sons, Temple Mills, Lindley. Gledhill, F. T., Britannia Road. Greenwood, C. & Co. (Hudds.), Ltd., Commercial Mills, Firth Street. Hadfield, Eric, Ltd., Britannia Road. Lawton, Arthur, Ltd., Firth Street. Lawton, Fred & Son, Ltd., Firth Street. Lawton, Wm. & Sons, Ltd., Millgate, Paddock. Lumb, Joseph & Sons, Ltd., Folly Hall. Priest, Allen & Sons, Ltd., Albert Street, Lockwood. Priest (Lindley), Ltd., Lidget Street, Lindley. Rennards & Garside, Ltd., Fitzwilliam

Page 142

Advertisers Index—continued John Harrison (gomersal) Ltd. Sam Heaton (Craftsman) Ltd. J. J. Horsfield Ltd. T. H. Hoyle & Sons Ltd. Huddersfield Plate Glass Co.

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Sole Agents for

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