The Huddersfield County Borough Directory (1937)

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Hebblethwaite Bros.




Main Driving and Heavy Drives,

also Drives with Fast and Loose Pulleys and Shiiting Gear. ..... Dynamos, Electric Motors, Fans, and other High-speed Machinery.

From 2in. to 4S8in. wide.

Trade Mark Telegrams— Registered “LEVIATHAN, HUDDERSFIELD.” “THE LEVIATHAN.” Telephone No. 340.

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(Established 1795)


Town Ales


Order Office :- 9, WESTGATE

Telephone: Telegrams:

Hudd. 3380-3381 ‘ Timothy ” Huddersfield

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Jarratt, © Pyrah & _Armitage

Timber Merchants

Yard Saw Mills, Telegrams “Timber.” U R N BR R I D G E :

Telephone 3995 & 3996


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8234 AND 8235

Thomas Meadows & Co., Ltd. 1, Commercial Street - BRADFORD

Forwarders of Goods and Livestock to all parts of the world.

Agents for all Steamship Lines for Passages and Cruises.


Rates quoted and large or small despatches handled to Continental, Colonial and Foreign destinations.

Apply for Printed Groupage Tariffs through from Huddersfield to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, West Indies, Straits, India, China, Japan. Egypt, Palestine, Greece, East Africa, West Africa, Denmark and Sweden, etc., etc.


Goods collected in all parts of the world or Bills of Lading received and shipments cleared at the docks, warehoused, or forwarded by rail, motor, or canal, in accordance with instructions.


Passages booked by all lines, including World Tours and Holiday Cruises, and baggage placed on board. (Household effects packed and shipped to all parts, inclusive estimates furnished free).


All classes of Insurance arranged with Lloyds and/or Companies— Marine—Fire—Accident and Sickness—Life—Private Motor Car— Commercial Motor, etc., etc.

Lowest rates with full security.


London, Liverpool, Southampton, Manchester, Hull, Glasgow, Birmingham, Leicester, Sheffield.


France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Scandinavia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa. U.S.A., EP.

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_ Music Shop... .

For just on 60 years Whitfields Ltd. has been Huddersfield’s Music Shop. For there is always a fine exhibition of all things musical............Pianos, Radios, Radiograms, Gramophones, Banjuleles, Harmonicas, etc. Then there is always a huge library of Records and Player Piano Music Rolls one can choose from.

Whitfields also’ sell Furniture and have attractive well. made suites for Lounge, Dining Rooms and Bedrooms. We sell, too, Occasional Tables, Lamps, Vacuum Cleaners and Refrigerators.

Look round Whitfields——it will be time well spent.


Hudd. 140


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I am glad to have the opportunity of welcoming the issue of a new Huddersfield Directory—for an up-to-date Directory for the town is long overdue—and I would congratulate the publishers of this one on their enterprise.

Of recent years their have been many changes in Huddersfield, new businesses have been attracted to the town, there has been a rapid growth of social and industrial activities and many new housing estates have been established. I

For those engaged in business or one of the professions, a comprehensive and accurate directory is a necessity, and I feel sure, knowing as I do that great care has been devoted to the publication of this volume, that it will fulfil with efficiency that need.


MAYOR. Town Hall, Huddersfield, 1936.

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3 QQ ey

Be Wise-



The Wisest Policy throughout the year is to reap the full benefits of mutual trading and patronise every department of the


Prices are always competitive and quality of goods are tip-top, that it pays to make the family purchases, week by week, over co-operative counters. -

Purchases in all Departments count for usual dividend, and, in addition, swell the claim, in the event of death, under the Society’s Collective Life Free Insurance Scheme.

Persuade your non-member friends to join our Society, and share the benefits too ! 3





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sited and Pub Published ALFRED JUBB & SON, LTD., © y Pri ing Works,

* :

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Printed and Published by Alired Jubb & Son, Ltd., Albany Printing Works, Huddersfield.

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OUR idea of service is to supply the best quality coal at the most economic prices, plus dependable delivery. If this is your idea of service, too, may we suggest you favour us with a trial order? We will gladly deliver direct orders at a day’s notice, or our roundsmen will cheerfully call on you each week, if desired, and deliver any quantity from one cwt. upwards. — Price List and literature on application. —


ses C Mat


ip’ ;

‘“At whose bright presence darkness flies away.”’

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Foreword: By The Mayor of Huddersfield (Coun. J. J.P.) Introduction ; Arms of the Borough of Huddersfield Huddersfield 1836-1936: By Stanley Chadwick

Huddersfield’s Musical Honours : a Ernest on F. R.C. 0. L.R.A.M. ve

The County Borough of Huddersfield (Statistical Huddersfield Books and Authors: By Philip H. Lee The Tolson Memorial Museum : By Coun. T. W. Woodhead, Ph. D., M.Sc., F.L.S., Hon. Director A Valuable Asset : By Harold T. Taylor, F. s. “ada. Corporation Estate Manager i. ee ves Past Mayors iat wa oe a es oe Past Town Clerks : Huddersfield’s Sporting By Alfred M. Tie. Huddersfield Parliamentary Elections be Supplying the Town with Electricity : 5 J. W. M. E. E,, Borough Electrical Engineer vies wai at ‘ns Honorary Freemen of the Borough The Heart of the Cloth Trade ... Who’s Who A Tour Round Huddersfield Huddersfield County Borough Council rs Corporation Committees, lvi; Offieers of the Wii Court of Quarter Sessions Borough Magistrates County Magistrates for Huddersfield District I Magistrates Sitting at Holmfirth, lxi Huddersfield County Court and. District ok of the gs Court of Justice ba es cei Huddersfield Licensing Huddersfield Cemeteries Ecclesiastical Directory Church of England, 1xii ; Eunrches, « : tional Churches, lxiii ; Methodist Churches, |xiii ; Presbyterian, lxiv ; Unitarian, xiv’: Swedenborgian, lxiv ; Roman Catholic, lxiv ; Other Religious Organisations, Ixv ; Societies, &c., Ixv Education Directory... Hudd. Technical College, ci and. Ixvii ; Elementary Schools, lxvii; School Medical Inspection Dept., xix; M. Inspectors of Education, lxix; Private Schools, lxix ; Commercial Colleges and Schools, lxix Huddersfield Corporation Fire Brigade Government Departments i H.M. Inspector of Factories, ex's M. Distetct: Auditor, dies 3 : Ministry of Health, lxx ; H.M. Customs and Excise, lxx ; H.M. Inspector of Taxes, Ixxi; Ministry of Labour EEE Exchange, Ixxi



Vii Vili


Xvi XViii xix



xxx XXxi XXXil XXXili ] liii lviii lix lx

lxi lxi



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Hospitals and Public Health Services Directory vi Hudd. Royal Infirmary, Ixxi; Hudd. and District: Nurses’ Association, xxi; Hudd. Corporation (Public Health Dept.), Huddersfield Insurance Committee Markets and Fairs Department Masonic Lodges ... Military Information Huddersfield Corporation Model a Parks and Recreation Grounds Huddersfield Borough Police : Local Taxation and Motor Office, eal: ‘Eat ‘aa Street Plan of Vehicle Parking Places, lxxvii Public Baths Hudd. Royal Baths, xo : Prete ‘Reis, Public Halls, &c. Amusement Halls Public Libraries . Royal of Buffaloes Huddersfield Railway Station ... Huddersfield Corporation Rate Office Weights and Measures Department = Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths Victoria Memorial Tower, Castle Hill : Huddersfield and District War Pensions Octhmittes: Huddersfield Corporation Waterworks Department Brass Bands Clubs—Political .. Sports and Pastimes Societies and Associations Charitable, xcii; Dramatic coals ‘Musial XCiVv ; Floral sie Horticultural, xcvii ; Juvenile Organisations, xcvii; Political, xevii; Professional and Trade, xcviii; Social and General a 5 Femperagee, civ Trade Unions he ed Road Passenger Transport Facilities ... Tramears, cvii; Trolley Vehicles, cvii ; Huddersfield Postal Arrangements Streets Section Private Alphabetically Arranged Professional and Trades Section—Classified .. Motor Car Index Marks hy Index to Streets Directory Addendum, 771 Index to Professional and Trades Section... Progress with Security : Huddersfield Building ‘ Plan of Routes: Huddersfield Corporation Transport Department _ Index to Advertisers... oe ve she oe’ -“ Index to Trade Articles...

Omnibuses, cvili

PAGE lxxi

Ixxili Ixxili Ixxiv lxxv lxxv Ixxvi



ixkis lxxx Ixxx lxxx1 Ixxxi 1xxx1 Ixxxil lxxxil Ixxxil Ixxxii Ixxxili Ixxxiv lxxxv Ixxxvi X¢ll

Civ evil

384 596 758 761

772 772a 772¢ 776 776

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NLY the labours of Hercules and the genie of Aladdin’s lamp could produce the perfect Directory, but in the new Huddersfield Directory which the Publishers have pleasure in placing before the public, no effort or expense has been spared to make the work a complete and authoritative guide to the town’s many and varied activities.

The Streets Section includes all the streets named at the time of printing, together with an addendum of streets which for obvious reasons could not be inserted alphabetically. The Professional and Trades Section contains the names of a large number of manufacturers in the immediate neighbourhood of

the town.

The General Information Section of the Directory should prove of the greatest assistance to all secretaries of societies, associations, clubs, etc., and is, we believe, the first complete list published in such a handy form. ‘The contributions on the history and industries of the town are not the usual repetition of dates and facts, but original and interesting studies of their respective subjects. The Local Who” contains a galaxy of names and a record of service to the town of Huddersfield which leads to the realization that we are indeed citizens of no mean city.

The Publishers gratefully acknowledge the help which they have received in the compilation of the Directory from many local sources, and also from the Advertisers, who we hope will be rewarded by increased trade. The Publishers express the hope that their many collaborators, together with others, will not hesitate to forward suggestions for increasing the usefulness of the Directory, which may be incorporated in future editions.


GEORGE C. KERR, Managing Director. STANLEY CHADWICK. Editor.

Albany Printing Works, _« Telephone Nos.: . St. John’s Road, 7 Huddersfield 1230 & 1231. Huddersfield, Telegraphic Address : December, 1936. “ Jubb, Huddersfield.”

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Ex unk a>


Or, on a chevron between three rams passant Sable as many towers Argent, Crest, a ram’s head couped Argent, armed Or, gorged with a collar Sable holding in the mouth a sprig of the cotton tree, slipped and fructed Proper.

Motto, “Juvat impigros deus” (Arms as granted, October, 1868, by the Authorities of the Heralds’ College to be borne and used for ever hereafter on Seals, Shields, Banners, or otherwise according to the Laws of Arms).

The Rams are an allusion to the Ramsden Family, ground Landlords.

The Towers are the usual symbols of strength and security.

The Crest of the Ram’s Head holding the Cotton Plant, symbolical of one of the principal industries flourishing in the town.

Motto, “God helps those who help themselves.” :

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A Century of Progress.

By Stanley Chadwick.

UDDERSFIELD heralded the year 1836 with a forecast of many el improvements to the town. ‘‘Dangerous Corner,” the name given to the obstacle at the main entrance from Leeds Road into the town, was to be immediately widened, and the demolition of several other old buildings was planned. ;

Early in the year the hopes that had been entertained of placing the town in direct rail communication with Leeds suffered a severe blow by the decision of the shareholders of the Leeds and Huddersfield Railway Company to relinquish the project, in consequence of the feared opposition in Parliament from rival railway companies. To compensate for this loss the proprietors of the Huddersfield and Manchester Accommodation Coach provided an accelerated service. 'The Accommodation was scheduled to leave the Pack Horse General Coach Office each morning at six-thirty o’clock, and to reach Manchester by nine-thirty o’clock in the evening. Accidents, however, were frequent, and the discomfort of travel by stage-coach were not diminished by the prospect of an involuntary immersion in some stream or the arrival at the journey’s end with a broken limb.

An Unhonoured Reformer.

The Reform Act of 1832 conferred upon Huddersfield the dignity of electing one representative to the new House of Commons. By the year 1836 the town had already experienced three elections, a by-election having been necessary by the untimely death of the first member. The second M.P. for Huddersfield was John Blackburne, the nominee of the lord of the manor. Blackburne has received scant recognition from historians, but it was largely due to his labours as chairman of the Royal Commission on Municipal Administration that the present system of Local Government was established.

Although the population of the town at the time of Blackburne’s election was about 19,000, the number of persons entitled to vote was only 803. Before the compilation of the register all persons entitled to vote were caution- ed to pay their poor rates and assessed taxes, and also the shilling for registration. I

By an Act passed in 1820 the local administration of Huddersfield was entrusted to a Board of Commissioners. These gentlemen do not figure very prominently in the year under review, although they had rather responsible duties to discharge. The centre of municipal interest appears to have been the ratepayers’ meetings at the Ramsden’s ArmsInn. Usually the meetings . were in the nature of “‘ cat and dog fights’ between the ratepayers and the constable, Mr. John Machan.

Ratepayers’ Objections.

On one occasion Mr. Machan decided to employ a deputy. At the sub- sequent ratepayers’ meeting it was proposed that the payment to the deputy should be struck out of the accounts, and also that the deputy should in future be appointed by the ratepayers.


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The second quarter’s accounts of the township of Huddersfield in 1836 reached the ‘“‘ enormous ”’ sum of £74 13s. 44d. The accounts included the cost of inquests held in the town, which amounted to £15 5s. 8d., and the provision of blankets for the prison, for which £1 10s. 10d. was paid, while lettering and numbering the out-hamlets and ironwork cost £10 7s. 74d. The method of auditing the constable’s accounts and the fixing of the rate for the township was strongly criticised at the ratepayers’ meetings, and it is no surprise to find that a Ratepayers’ Association was eventually formed to keep a careful check upon the accounts.

Sabbath Breakers.

Local offenders against the law were brought before the magistrates at the Huddersfield Court House either on Tuesdays or Saturdays. The most frequent cases which the magistrates were called upon to decide were ‘neglect of work,” evasion of toll payments, and the profanation of the Sabbath. A special committee was formed to preserve the sanctity of the Sabbath, and an agent and assistant appointed with instructions to take down the names of every carrier, drover, boatman, etc., passing through the town on Sundays. At first offenders were proceeded against with the ‘‘ utmost forbearance,’’ but subsequently fairly heavy penalties were imposed against the performance of such duties as the removal of cattle and the travelling of canal boats on Sundays.

The magistrates had also to deal with violations of the new Factory Act. The Act passed by the Government in 1833 did not satisfy the factory reformers, but it was responsible for the appointment of the first factory inspectors, and as their frequent appearances before the magistrates testified, they attempted to carry out their duties in a honest manner.

“‘ The Steward of Fixby Hall.’’

The cause of the factory children was vigorously championed by Richard Oastler from his home at Fixby Hall, where he occupied the position of steward to the Thornhill estates. Oastler addressed many meetings in Huddersfield anent the Government’s refusal to pass a Ten Hours Bill for all factory workers, and his pen was equally active. Another champion of the workers’ rights also made a brief appearance in Huddersfield towards the close of the year in the person of Feargus O’Connor, the popular leader of the Chartist agitation.

_ A dispute between Oastler and the Huddersfield postmaster resulted in the former being charged at the York Spring Assizes with libel. Oastler in an election bill had accused the postmaster of tampering with letters entrusted to his care, and stated that letters were being sent out of the town to prevent their contents becoming known. The jury returned a verdict for the postmaster, and awarded damages of one farthing. The trial aroused great interest in Huddersfield, and immediately on the result being known @ procession and demonstration was arranged to ke held. The proposal, however, did not find favour with Oastler, and upon his advice the idea was not proceeded with.

Highway Robbery.

The watchmen appointed by the Commissioners were not a sufficiently large enough body to prevent highway robbery with violence taking place in the town. One Monday when a Skelmanthorpe manufacturer was return- ing home from the Huddersfield market shortly after ten o’clock at night, he was intercepted on the Wakefield turnpike road, near the Green Cross Inn at Moldgreen, by four highwaymen. The manufacturer was knocked off his horse, ill-treated, and robbed of his pocket book containing bank-notes to the value of £840. Men armed with bludgeons also attempted to rob a Birkby resident at Highfield. ;

Road travel was not only beset with the dangers of highway robbery but was restricted by the turnpikes erected for the collection of tolls on vehicles and pedestrians. A total of £4,520 was annually collected in tolls on the Huddersfield and Wakefield road, and correspondingly large sums were collected on the turnpike roads between Huddersfield and Halifax, Meltham and Leeds.

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Religious Activity.

The most important event which took place in Huddersfield in. 1836 was the completion of the rebuilding of the Parish Church. The actual reopening services were held on Thursday, October 27th and the following days, but several other ceremoniesin connection with the rebuilding had taken place earlier in the year. The laying of the top stone of the tower was

celebrated with appropriate ceremony, as also was the hanging of the peal of bells.

The Nonconformists in the town were also actuated by rebuilding problems, and in February the foundation stone was laid of a new chapel on the site of the Old Bank Chapel in Buxton Road. The great progress made by the Wesleyan Methodists had even taxed the accommodation of the commodious Queen Street Chapel, and compelled the stewards to refuse sittings. In marked contrast to this happy state of affairs, the new Con- gregational Chapel in Ramsden street was labouring under many difficulties. Its second pastor had found it necessary to resign his charge, and the with- drawal of certain members placed the church in a perilous position.

Glee Singers.

For amusement the citizens of Huddersfield had recourse to the inns and beershops. The sale of liquor was continuous from six o’clock in the morning until ten o’clock at night, except on Sundays, when the hours of opening. were slightly curtailed. The great demand for a large public hall in which lectures and concerts could be held was responsible for the decision of the Huddersfield Literary and Philosophical Society to build a Philosophical Hall at an estimated cost of £3,500.

The Huddersfield Mental Improvement Society held its lectures in the White Hart Inn, while the George Hotel in the Market Place was the usual meeting place for religious lecturers. The Horticultural Society arranged its exhibitions in a warehouse in Albion Street, and the directors of the Huddersfield Banking Company found the Rose and Crown Inn the best place for their annual meeting. Nearly every inn had a Glee Club, a form of singing which was immensely popular. At the Plough Inn the music lovers decided to form a Choral Society for the performance of sacred music, and in a very short time the society numbered sixty performers.

Good shooting was enjoyed by the gentry over the moors in the neigh- bourhood of Huddersfield and Penistone. A fight arranged at Slaithwaite for a stake of £50 continued for 103 rounds, and lasted two hours and seventeen minutes. At the end of the struggle both men were very much distressed, and ‘‘ bore evident marks of the severity of the fight.” A less strenuous pastime was foot racing, which also provided a suitable medium for betting.

A popular resort of the élite of Huddersfield was the Lockwood Spa Baths. The medicinal qualities of the water were generally believed to have a beneficial effect in cases of rheumatic complaints and disorders. The baths were pleasantly situated on the banks of the Holme in “ a deeply sequestered spot” about three-quarters of a mile from Huddersfield, and in addition to the medical baths there was a large swimming pool. .

Good Business.

- The state of the trade in 1836, judging from the weekly reports of the Huddersfield Cloth Market, left little room for complaint. Frequently the supply of goods was insufficient to the demand, and scarcely a piece was taken out of the market unsold. Woollen cloth manufacturing was the principal trade in the town, and the manufacturers who did not attend the Cloth Hall transacted their business at certain of the inn houses. The excellent state of local trade made it possible for the Huddersfield Banking Company to pay a dividend for the year of 124 per cent., and to allocate the sum of £10,000 to reserve.

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For the printed word the people of Huddersfield had to be content with the newspapers printed in Leeds and Halifax. These papers briefly reported the happenings in the town according to their political viewpoint. The absence of educational facilities and, the high cost of neswpapers (seven- pence) made reading a luxury which few people could afford.

Unstamped publications, however, were sold in Huddersfield just as they were in other towns. For selling a copy of ‘‘ Hetherington’s Twopenny Dispatch” a man named Tinker was sentenced by the local magistrates to six month’s imprisonment in York Castle, after stormy court scenes in which the principal witness for the prosecution had to be provided with a police escort through the streets.

An Important Town.

Huddersfield was in a privileged position as regards postal facilities, which, in the opinion of a leading authority, were superior to most other towns but “richly merited ” by the town’s importance in the commercial world. The London mail was dispatched each morning at a quarter past eleven o’clock, with the additional facility on Mondays and Thursdays of a late horse express for the foreign merchants to meet the Leeds night London at Wakefield. The charge for sending a letter to London was I1ld.; to Leeds, 5d.; to Manchester, 7d.; and to Bradford, 5d.

The Pack Horse Inn, the Ramsden’s Arms Inn, and the Rose and Crown Inn were all thriving hostelries, and the arrival and departure of the stage-coaches and carriers’ wagons made them the busiest places in the town. The George Hotel in the Market Place endeavoured to add a sense of dignity to the scene. Kirkgate, Westgate, Temple Street, Castlegate and King Street were the main thoroughfares. The business centre of the town was situated in close proximity to the canal wharf at Shorefoot, from which there was “a rapid conveyance by Fly-boats”’ to all parts of the country. Open fields with tenters for drying cloth were to be found at the rear of the Cloth Hall. Behind the George Hotel was a bowling green and “Tumbling Fields,” with a footpath leading to Birkby, while the chapel at Highfield was described as being “‘a little out of the town.”

‘‘The Moving Finger Writes... .”’

The years blur, men and their controversies are forgotten, and with a rush modern history is knocking at the door. In vain I echo Chateaubriand’s plea, ‘* Wait, I am coming to you.”” The world has moved so rapidly during the last two decades that to attempt to chronicle all the changes would impose too great a strain on both writer and reader.

After a century of improvements Huddersfield is still far from being satisfied. The town is veritably in the hands of the house wrecker and ‘builder. A new public library, a new municipal hospital, a new secondary school, extensions to the Technical College, road widening and re-housing schemes, are causing our city fathers sleepless nights and the ratepayers to think furiously. To-day Huddersfield is one of the best governed and progressively minded towns in the country. Sound finance and the past good judgment of its leading citizens has placed the town in an enviable position as regards the rates which it levies. It is sad to think that one of the makers of modern Huddersfield in the person of Alderman Wilfrid Dawson is no longer with us. Of him it can truly be said that he left his native town a far better place than

he found it. An Historic Land Deal.

The purchase by the Huddersfield Corporation in 1919 of that portion of the borough known as the Ramsden Estate, was the largest purchase of valuable urban land ever made by a British municipality. It is undoubtedly the most outstanding event in the last hundred years’ history of the town, and the part it is destined to play in the years ahead will be no less important. For the first two years a rate-in-aid was necessary, but the property now makes a handsome contribution to the relief of the rates.

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Huddersfield was incorporated as a borough in 1868, and for the year 1936-37 the Local Government Electors numbered 64,373. The town is the second largest single-member constituency in the country, with 84,039 electors. The present member for the borough was first elected at the General Election of 1931, and re-elected with a greatly reduced majority at the General Election of 1935.

A Lost Opportunity.

The wool textile industry no longer stands alone in the town. Engineer- ing and dyestuff firms whose products have gained world-wide fame, find employment for a large number of the inhabitants. The much abused Cloth Hall building has been replaced by an erection described as ‘‘ modern ”’ in design, and which therefore has no pretensions to architectural perfection. The proprietors, oblivious to the local traditions of the site of their building, selected a foreign name, and in addition found it necessary to import an organ notwithstanding that one of the finest organ works in the country is situated less than half a mile away.

The decision of the Town Council to permit the use of the Cloth Hall site for the erection of a cinema was received with regret in many quarters. It had been hoped that a greater civic pride would have been taken in the development of this site, in a measure second only to the fine planning of the land flanking the new railway station during the years 1840-50. It was at first proposed that the station should be closely surrounded by streets and buildings, but wiser counsels prevailed. London turned down plan to display the full beauty of St. Paul’s Cathedral, but the people of Huddersfield decided that as they had been presented with the second most classical railway station in the country, they would not hide it from view. Perhaps when the railway company has completed the interior painting now in progress a decision will be taken to clean the facade, which in turn might inspire the authorities to cease using the Square as a parking ground for tramcars and taxis.

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The First Step.

The new Public Library, for so long linked with the Cloth Hall site, is a Shade nearer the building stage with the completion of the demolition of the Ramsden Street Chapel. The passing of this stronghold of Congrega- tionalism is explained to some extent by the expansion of the town and the departure of people who formerly lived over their business premises to residences in the new suburbs.

The selection of the Ramsden Street site is perhaps not the best which could have been made, but the town has been starved for so long of literary and artistic opportunities that the decision was received with an air of resign- ation. When the new Library is completed it is to be hoped that the services to the users will be as complete as they are in other towns. The inadequacy of the present buildings makes the work of the Library staff very difficult.

Before taking leave of Ramsden Street the passing of the old Hudders- field Court House must be noted. The property passed into the hands of the Corporation along with the Ramsden Street Chapel, and kefore the order was given for its demolition the building formed part of a walk-round store. Thus another link with the past is severed. —

Parks and Sports.

If complaint has to be made of the delay in providing the town with a worthy Public Library and Art Gallery, no such complaint can be made respecting the sporting and recreational facilities offered by the municipality. The Cambridge Road Baths stand comparison with the best in the country, and the provision of a dance floor for the large swimming pool during the winter months has proved very popular. The old Lockwood Spa Baths, purchased by the Corporation in 1870, are still in service, but only for swimming purposes.

Excellent opportunities for all outdoor sports and pastimes are provided in Greenhead Park. The tennis courts, bowling greens, and putting greens, cover an area of six acres, additional to the large recreation ground of the original park. The landscape gardener has made the park very pleasing to the eye, and the Huddersfield War Memorial, of which Sir Charles Nicholson, Bart., was the architect, could not have been placed in a more imposing setting. The memory of “the steward of Fixby Hall’ (Richard Oastler) is appropriately commemorated by a special children’s playground in the park. Residents in other parts of the town have Beaumont Park, Norman Park, and Ravensknowle Park respectively in which they can seek relaxation.

The Theatre Disappoints.

In the realm of entertainments the people of Huddersfield have a wide choice. The Theatre Royal, built on the site of the Philosophical Hall, after rising to almost unkelievable heights under the direction of Mr. Alfred Wareing, has now keen leased to a theatrical syndicate who have converted it to the twice nightly system. The old Hippodrome is also lost to the living theatre. The newer Palace Theatre was damaged by fire early in 1936, but a fine modern theatre has been reconstructed on the site and will be opened in 1937. Huddersfield playgoers and all who love the living theatre for the keauty of its expression and the artistry of its characters, can only hope that the new Palace will place the town once again at the head of theatrical affairs.

The record of the Huddersfield municipality in the provision of adequate housing accommodation for its citizens ranges from the Artizans’ Dwellings erected in 1882, to the great re-development scheme for Castlegate and Thomas Street area. History repeats itself, for part of the scheme relates to property which was rebuilt a century ago when ‘“* Dangerous Corner ”’ and other obstacles to the free passage into the town were swept away. The acquisition of the Ramsden Estate has greatly facilitated the development of new housing estates and road improvements in the borough. The only complaint made against the Corporation as a landlord has been its dislike of tenants’ dogs. A battle royal has been fought between the tenants and Councillors on this vexed question, to the delight of newspaper correspondents.

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High Newspaper Tradition.

It was not until 1851 that Huddersfield had a newspaper of its own. To-day, few provincial towns possess a newspaper of the calibre of ‘“‘ The Huddersfield Examiner.” Last March (1936) the paper took a great step forward by being printed on a giant new press installed to meet the demands on its space. The fact that the paper is locally owned and produced, to- gether with the independence of its views and completeness of news service, should commend it to every thinking person.

Of the men and women who have brought honour and distinction to the town, it is impossible to do full justice. The roll includes the names of Richard Oastler, Joshua Hobson, Joseph Woodhead, Sir J oseph Crosland, Sir John Arthur Brooke, William Brooke, John Sykes, James Nield Sykes, Sir William Broadbent, Benjamin Broadbent, the Rev. Robert Bruce, Miss Emily Frances Siddon, James Edward Willans, Dr. Sims Woodhead, John Edward Crowther, Sir William Pick Raynor, Ald. Wilfrid Dawson, and Sir Emmanuel Hoyle, Bart., O.B.E., J.P.

The gradual abandonment of the Huddersfield tramway in favour of trolley vehicles is a reminder that the Corporation was the ‘first in..the country to own and operate its own tramways. In hospital arid public health services the town has an high reputation. A new secondary school is contemplated at Highfield, together with extensions to the existing schools at Royds Hall and Almondbury, while work has been commenced on the Technical College extension. Other Corporation projects include a new Model Lodging House, extensions to the Wholesale Market, the erection of several blocks of flats on the cleared Castlegate-Thomas Street site, the widening of Trinity Street and other roads, and the making of a new Reservoir. es

Street Improvements.

The appearance of many of the streets in the centre of the town have taken on a new shape in consequence of the acquisition of sites by multiple firms, and the erection of palatial establishments for the conduct of their respective businesses. The lower portion of Westgate has been rebuilt to a new building line. The development of Market Street has involved adjoining streets and property in building activity, which includes two new arcades and shop premises. Many licensed premises have undergone complete reconstruction within recent years, while several well-known to former genera- tions have ceased to exist.

The Huddersfield Choral Society has celebrated its centenary with two special concerts, and the Parish Church has also commemorated the centenary of its rebuilding. The volume of employment in the town now appéars to be more stable than it has been for several years past, and at the time of writing (November, 1936) the unemployment total has fallen below the 3,000 mark. Modern Huddersfield reflects the spirit of the age in which we live, and marches forward to the future with confidence. — bE


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Huddersfield’s Musical Honours.

Active Choral and Dramatic Societies.


By Ernest Cooper, F.R.C.O., L.R.A.M.

UDDERSFIELD has always been famous for its musical activities, especially from a vocal point of view. Fifty years ago the Choral Society, then celebrating its jubilee, had its smaller rival societies in almost every village in the district. Unfortunately, lack of support caused most of these societies to gradually cease their activities, the advent of the Great War and the imposition of the Entertainment Tax putting an end to the existence of the remaining few.

3 The Choral Society, in its Centenary year, may justly be proud of its past history. The appointment of Dr. Henry Coward as conductor marked an era of musical achievement and financial prosperity unequalled by any similar organisation, and which is still being maintained.

Fifty years ago the Philharmonic Society was making its presence felt, and has gradually pro- gressed in its efforts to foster the love of orchestral music in its members and adherents.

The Glee and Madrigal I Society (probably the suc- : cessor of the older Glee {ime Club), founded about the same time, has played, and } ase is still playing, an important = aaa part in the musical life of Be Sn em ae our town by its splendid Ses renderings of programmes consisting of glees, madrigals, part-songs and small works suitable for such a society.

As these societies mat- ured they were indeed fortunate to find erected in their midst a municipal building containing a concert hall whose acoustical pro- perties are unsurpassed, the acquisition of a very fine organ making it an ideal hall for their concerts.

' Photo ‘‘ Huddersfield Examiner.” Mr. Ernest Coorer, F.R.C.O., L.R.A.M.

Valuable Spadework.

The inauguration of the Subscription Concerts, the School Board Concerts and the “‘ Mrs. Sunderland ” Competition must now be noted.

At the first-named, local people were enabled to hear all the famous artists of the day, and for many years the concerts played an important part in the musical life and education of the town.

It is almost impossible to calculate the influence for good bestowed upon the community by the concerts commenced under the regime of the old School Board and continued by the Education Committee. These

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concerts were held for over thirty years, and from three to eight hundred children took part in them annually, most of whom have retained their love of music and singing. It is gratifying to learn that these concerts are likely to be revived in the near future, for they will be a welcome addition to the efficient musical instruction already given in the schools.

A Famous Musical Festival.

The “ Mrs. Sunderland ’’ Competition, rapidly approaching its Jubilee, in its early days catered more for the individual, but has gradually enlarged its scope until now it embraces practically all classes. There is no doubt that the competition has provided an incentive to many to submit them- selves to intensive training and discipline; and the results achieved have been of lasting benefit. Many winners at this competition have afterwards gained the highest awards at other competitions in various parts of the country, and also proved successful on the concert platform and the stage.

In this connection it is appropriate to note the competition successes in the chief choral classes of the Choral Society (London, 1887), Glee and Madrigal Society, Colne Valley Vocal Union, Gledholt Vocal Union, Huddersfield Vocal Union, Holme Valley Male Voice Choir and the Colne Valley Male Voice Choir. These choirs, by their many and important successes as well as their splendid concert programmes, have added greatly to Huddersfield’s musical fame.

Mention must also be made of the prowess of the Meltham Mills, Honley, Lindley and Linthwaite Brass Bands, and their successors, whose playing has given pleasure to a large circle of admirers.

On many occasions the Handbell-ringing Championship has been gained by teams from this district, notably from Crosland Moor and Woodroyd (Honley).

The Popularity of Dramatic Art.

In 1897 the Amateur Operatic Society was founded with the object of producing Gilbert & Sullivan’s Operas. In 1903 the society began to produce operas by other composers, and in 1911 the Light Opera Society I was formed. These two societies are still going strong, and have contributed thousands of pounds to local charitable and philanthropic institutions, besides providing musical instruction and recreation for their members and enjoyment for their large audiences. In the last ten or fifteen years dozens of smaller societies have been formed in the district, and there is no doubt that the addition of dramatic action has proved a great attraction to the younger vocalists of our generation and given added pleasure to their listeners. : . I

Splendid contributions have also been made to our musical education by the A. W. Kaye Orchestra, the Permanent Orchestra, the Military Band, the Slaithwaite Philharmonic Society, the Longwood Philharmonic Society and other kindred organisations.

The Churches’ Contribution.

The Huddersfield Music Club has played a leading part in the musieal development of the town-by its splendid series of programmes rendered by eminent artists, who would not otherwise be heard in the neighbourhood.

At the present time many of our places of worship arrange Annual Festival week-ends, consisting of a Saturday evening concert followed by a musical service or services on the Sunday, the latter enabling both vocalists and congregations to renew their acquaintanceship with the better known Oratorios.

Considerations of space precludes any mention of individuals, but the reader will, no doubt, readily recall the names of those who have shared in the development of our musical heritage, both in the immediate neigh- bourhood and in other parts of the world. We have confidence in their ability to uphold the musical prestige of the town, and that they will add still further to their long list of successes.

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~The County Borough of Huddersfield.

Area.—1 1,875 acres.

Population.—1931 Census, 113,475 ; estimated by the Registrar-General at middle of 1935, 115,000, for calculating death, mortality and birth rates.

Density of Population.—9.7 persons per acre.

Number of Inhabited Houses (end of 1935) according to Rate Books.— 36,248.

Number of Families or Separate Occupiers (Census 1931).—32,109. Rateable Value.—£847,394. Before Derating, £972,011. Sum represented by ld. Rate.—£3,275. General Rate (1936—37).—10s. in the £. Debt.—£6,220,082. Electors.—Parliamentary, 84,039; Municipal, 64,373. Parliamentary Representation.—One member. Local Government.—Borough Council of 15 aldermen and 45 councillors ; 15 wards. Meets first Wednesday in each month. Incorporation.—July 7th, 1868. Quarter Sessions.—Date of Grant, September 4th, 1919. Early Closing Day.—Wednesday. Market Days.—Tuesdays ; Weekly Market on Mondays. Death rate (1935).—13.93 per 1,000. Birth rate (1935).—12.19 per 1,000. Infant mortality rate (1935).—45 per 1,000.

The chief local industries given in chronological order in accordance with the number of persons employed.—(1) Woollen industries ; (2) Com- mercial occupations; (3) Metal trades; (4) Transport occupations ; (5) Clerical occupations ; (6) Building trades (including quarrying) ; (7) Engineering trades; (8) Agricultural oecupations ; (9) Chemical trades. . Ramsden Estate.—Purchased September 30th,’ 1920; Price, £1,350,000 ; 4,300 acres. The Council makes an allowance to the Mayor of £500 per annum, and has adopted a Superannuation Scheme for its officers.

Licensing Hours.—Weekdays, 11-30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 5-30 p.m. to 10 p-m. Sundays, 12 noon to 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Newspapers.— Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Three Editions), 1d. Huddersfield Examiner (Weekly), Saturday, 2d. Huddersfield Boro’ Advertiser (Weekly) gratis. Huddersfield Citizen (Monthly).

Police Boxes equipped with First Aid requisites and in direct telephonic communication with the Central Police Station are erected at strategic points throughout the borough, and are available for use by the public.

Telephone Nos.—Infirmary, 2866 ; Fire Brigade, 480; Police, 1938.

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Huddersfield Books and Authors.

Local Historians Past and Present.

By H. Ler.

HE first descriptive account of Huddersfield was written and published in the year 1859 by the late Charles C. P. Hobkirk, honorary secretary of the Huddersfield Literary and Scientific Society. The work was inscribed to the Right Honourable the Earl of Dartmouth. A second edition containing additional information was published in 1868. Both books contain geological, botanical and zoological facts relating to Huddersfield which have not appeared in any subsequent work of a similar nature. These facts are of great value, and no one who is interested in local history should be without copies of the books.

In 1898 the late D. F. E. Sykes published ‘‘ Huddersfield and its Vicinity.”” Mr. Sykes was possessed of considerable literary ability, and he correlated in an interesting and chronological form all the scattered threads dealing with the town from its early days. Notwithstanding a few errors this book still remains a standard work, and is one of the few books on local history to include a really good index.

Mr. Sykes was also the author of a number of other books, all of great local interest. It is only during recent years that his exceptional talents have been recognised, and his death removed a writer of the type never too common, and one which we could ill afford to lose.

Mr. Taylor Dyson, M.A., head master of King James’s Grammar School, Almondbury, followed in the footsteps of Mr. Sykes with his ‘“ History of Huddersfield and District from the earliest times down to 1932.” This is one of the most useful books written about Huddersfield, and contains a wealth of information made available to the ordinary reader for the first time, but unfortunately it is not fully indexed.

A Versatile Writer.

A small book which merits attention has for its title ‘‘ Walks Round Huddersfield,” and was written by George Searle Phillips, former secretary of the Huddersfield Mechanics’ Institute. This book was published in 1848, and printed by Bond & Hardy, Huddersfield.

George Searle Phillips, who was widely known as “ January Searle,” was born at Peterborough in 1815. He was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he took the degree of B.A. In 1845 he was appointed editor of “‘ The Leeds Times,”’ and the following year came to Huddersfield. After a few years he went to America and in turn was editor of the ‘‘ Chicago Tribune ” and the ‘‘ New York Sun.” Phillips died under tragic cireum- stances on February 7th, 1859. In addition to newspaper contributions he was the author of several books.

G. W. Tomlinson.

Local antiquarians owe a debt of deep gratitude to G. W. Tomlinson, who left behind him so many valuable records. In 1875 he published Account of the Founders of the Huddersfield Subscription Library, 1807,’’ which contains a miniature biography of each founder.

At the time of compiling his book Mr. Tomlinson said: ‘‘ There is little time to lose, because Huddersfield is now in a sort of transitional state. Old buildings are being pulled down, old landmarks are being removed, and old faces are rapidly passing away. Very soon the younger I generation will not have the faintest idea of what the good old town was like in the days before railways and telegraphs, in the days when the George Hotel formed one side of the Market Place, when Westgate and Kirkgate were the principal thoroughfares and Castlegate a fashionable street.”’ How true of the town to-day, in view of the many great changes fore- shadowed by the municipality. :

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A brief account of. Richard Oastler and the Factory Movement has been written by the late Mr. W. R. Croft. Although of value it does scant justice to the personality and labours of a truly remarkable man. A complete study of Oastler is required, and it is good news that the editor of the present Directory intends to undertake the task in the immediate future. Three Beautiful Books.

In 1929 Mr. Legh Tolson published ‘The History of the Church of St. John the Baptist, Kirkheaton.” This is one of the finest church histories ever written, and Mr. Tolson devoted many years to the task of compiling the work. The book contains many beautiful illustrations and is printed on hand-made paper. It is a great pity that so few copies were printed. 3

The late Mr. S. L. Mosley was a well-known local writer on nature subjects. In spite of all his wonderful knowledge of birds and flowers he was the most unassuming of men. He wrote a number of books and was a frequent contributor to “The Huddersfield Examiner.” In August, 1915, he published one of his most important books, “ Birds of Huddersfield.” Mr. Mosley dedicated this work to his father, James Reid Mosley, who was born at Kirkburton some years previous to 1818, and died on September 20th, 1881.

Another valuable addition to local literature was made by Mr. Peter Cardno in 1933 with his book ‘‘ Past Artists in Huddersfield.”” The author of this most interesting work has a perfect knowledge of his subject. This is obvious from every page, and it is a fact that with only one exception Mr. Cardno had personal knowledge of all the artists. The book contains twelve beautiful illustrations. .

A Local List.

In a short article it is difficult to give more than brief particulars of some of the most important books written on Huddersfield and the sur- rounding district, but the following stand out and deserve mention :— Annals of the Church and Parish of Almondbury ... a ... Canon C. A. Hulbert. History of the Township of Meltham Rev. Joseph Hughes (1886). History of Kirkburton ... Henry James Moorhouse. History of Honley ... Ses ... Mrs. M. A. Jagger. Slaithwaite Notes... any ... John Sugden. Jubilee History of Huddersfield, 1868 to 1918 ... cn ... Owen Balmforth. The Tolson Museum Handbooks ...

Marsden Memorials... ns J. B. Robinson.

Slawit in the Sixties aa Si John Sykes. An Ordinary Life ... ae ... Florence Lockwood (1932). Colne Valley Folks ... ee Ernest Lockwood (1936).

The Tolson Memorial Museum publications are edited by Dr. T. W. Woodhead, Ph.D., M.Sc., F.L.S. Nine publications have been issued and the most recent one “A History of the Huddersfield Woollen Industry”’ is a comprehensive account of the textile trade from early days to the present time. I

Some years ago the late’ Mr. George Gelder wrote a number of interesting articles on the old chapels in the vicinity of Huddersfield and narrated in an entertaining manner many anecdotes of the old worthies who were such regular attendants.

Carrying on the Tradition.

Coming to more recent times, Mr. Philip Ahier has written about the old halls and manor houses in the district, and Mr. Stanley Chadwick, who is responsible for the article on Huddersfield in the present Directory, has made a special study of the old inns in the town.

In this article reference has only been made to writers of local history. Huddersfield, however, can claim to be the home of many authors of world- wide fame. ,

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The Tolson Memorial Museum,

Ravensknowle Park, Dalton.

By Coun. T. W. WoopHEapD, Ph.D., M.Sc., F.L.S., Hon. Director.

AVENSKNOWLE HALL was built in 1860 by John Beaumont, of Dalton, and on his death in 1899 was inherited by his daughter, Mrs. Standish Grove-Grady, and from her passed to her cousin, Legh Tolson, who in 1919 gave the house and six acres of ground to the Corporation of Huddersfield for a Museum and Park, as a memorial to his nephews, Lieut. Robert Huntriss Tolson and Lieut. James Martin Tolson who gave their lives for their country in the Great War, 1914-1918. The Park was opened to the public on May 14th, 1921, and the Museum opened by the donor, May 27th, 1922. The grounds have since been extended and now cover thirteen acres, including a playing field for organised games, also bowling green, hard and grass tennis courts, putting green, rest room and café. Near the café is an aviary containing over 150 beautiful birds, presented by Alderman A. Hirst, which are a continual source of interest to visitors. Objects of historical interest are being reconstructed in the grounds ; these include the Roman Hypocaust found at Slack in 1824; the Cloth Hall shelter preserving some architectural features of this building; on it are two tablets which record its original erection in 1766 and enlarge- ments in 1780 and 1848; in the cupola is the clock with dials of sandstone slabs four feet two inches in diameter, and above a bell inscribed : DALTON : FECIT : YORK :1781. The doorway of the Sergeantson Street entrance to the Cloth Hal! is preserved as an entrance to the Park in Ravensknowle Road. Part of cottage with mullioned windows from Wilber Lee, bearing the inscription :—1634 NO DOWNI AH. S.H. IB. AN.; also a primitive oven.


The Museum is planned to illustrate the geology, plant-life, animal- life and the history of man in that part of south-west Yorkshire of which Huddersfield is the centre. A consecutive story is revealed in rooms one to fifteen, and they should be visited in that order if the best idea of the aims is to be obtained. The Museum has grown rapidly since the opening. In 1925 a new bird room was added ; in 1935 a new wing provides two lecture rooms, reference library and additional exhibition rooms.

Ground Floor—Geology and Natural History.

ENTRANCE Hatyi.—In the Entrance Hall is a relief map of the district on the scale of 6 ins. to 1 mile, also maps illustrating local geology, the geology of Yorkshire, and of the British Isles. GEroLocy.—Room No. 1 illustrates the formation, composition and disintegration of rocks, and the development and characteristics of local scenery. A series of 12 models shows how geology, together with topography and climate, have determined not only the plant and animal life in the district, but also the activities and distribution of man himself from the Ice-age to the present day. Room No. 2 contains a collection of typical fossils, also sections, photographs and models showing the beautifully preserved microscopic structure of plants of the Coal Period. The exhibits showing the succes- sion of rocks revealed in local boreholes and the characteristic fossils found in the successive marine bands, are of great practical interest. Local rocks of economic importance are fully illustrated, e.g., sandstone, shales, coal, ganister, fire-clay and ironstone, and their uses. PLANT-LiFE.—On either side of the entrance to Room No. 3 is a fine series of vegetation photographs illustrating the chief plant-associations in the district. The exhibits in Room No. 3 illustrate the chief groups of plants from the simplest to the highest forms; beautiful models and preparations: show the form and structure of the more important families of non-flowering and flowering plants. There is also a fine series of

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specimens, models and experiments relating to the composition and treatment of the soil and the cultivation of plants both in the garden and farm, with special reference to local conditions.

ANIMAL-LIFE.—In Rooms Nos. 4 and 5 the lower forms of animal- life are illustrated. Beginning with the simple amceba, the evolutionary tree is ascended through the sponges, polyps, worms, insects and spiders. The life-histories of the leading types are shown, and a large series of those injurious to man, his crops and stored goods, also those that are useful. An exhibit of special interest is that of the Buff Ermine moth, showing how inbreeding leads to malformation and sterility. In cabinets are preserved the valuable Porritt and Morley Collections of Insects, also a students’ collection of the chief orders of insects.

In Room No. 6 Molluscs are illustrated in cases showing the structure of the chief classes of shells and their wonderful variety in form and colour. In cabinets are the Hanley and Harvey Collections of Shells presented by Mr. J. C. North, and the Whitwam and Brierley Collections of Freshwater Shells.

The Lower Vertebrates, including the fishes, amphibians and reptiles, are illustrated by a fine series of specimens, dissections and models showing their structure and development. Living specimens are shown in the aquaria and vivaria.

First Floor—Birds, Mammals and Man.

Birps.—Room No. 7 is devoted to Birds. Of special interest are the specimens showing the transition from Reptiles to Birds, and those illustrating the structure, modifications and development of birds and their eggs; others illustrate sex linkages in fow!s, effects of crossing, albinism and melanism, and birds in relation to man. There is a fine collection of birds of the district, arranged in habitat groups.

Mamwmatrs.—In Room. No. 8 are specimens, dissections and models illustrating the anatomy and development of mammals and their chief modifications. J.ocal mammals are shown in cases indicating their habitat. The half-models of the common domesticated mammals are unique. By specimens and models the evolution of the horse is shown from a four-toed animal the size of a fox to the one-toed modern horse, the largest yet evolved.

Man.—Room No. 9 is devoted to the anatomy of man, illustrated by skeletons, dissections and models of great interest to students and the general public. Food, balanced diet and good nutrition, are illustrated by an instructive set of models. ,

Local History.

Rooms Nos. 10 to 15 illustrate the history of man in the district from the Stone Age to recent times.

PREHISTORIC AND Roman.—-In Room No. 10 are collections of flint implements from numerous flint-workshop sites on the South Pennine moors; these date from the end of the Paleolithic through Neolithic to Bronze Age times; Bronze Age and Iron Age pottery and implements, also Brigantian and Roman coins. There is a large collection of Roman remains from the Fort at Slack; the Roman pottery from this site is of special value for dating purposes. There are photographs and plans of local earthworks and of the Roman Road at Blackstone Edge.

AnGLo-DanisH MonumeEeNnts.—In Room No. 11 is a unique series of casts and restorations of monuments of the Angles, Danes, Norse and the Normans based on remains found in local churches ; evidence of Christian worship two centuries before the Conquest. ‘

LATER MEDIEVAL TO MopERN.—In Rooms Nos. 12 to 14 are many objects of interest belonging to later medieval times, illustrating early customs and changing habits, byegones of the home, occupations, pastimes and weapons. Two painted panels of the Kaye family, which hung on cranes in the Great Hall at Woodsome, bearing date 1567, also the Buckley . Collection of Old English Glass and the Heywood Collection of Copper Lustre Ware, are worthy of note. I In Room No. 14 are many good examples of needlework, samplers and beadwork, also a collection of shoe buckles and other articles of dress.

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In Room No. 15 is a rare collection of machines and tools used in cloth making when it was a cottage industry and prior to the factory system. These illustrate wool combing, spinning, winding, warping, weaving, dyeing and finishing, also cloth printing. The cropper’s table fitted with the cropping shears is of special local interest, and was the fore- runner of the shearing frame; the collection includes the cross-cut and perpetual—all hand-driven machines. A large collection of cloth patterns show the excellent qualities and designs made locally in these early days.

There are many examples of amateur craftsmanship and local handi- crafts. The historical collection of musical instruments is of special interest.

Much attention has been devoted to labelling the exhibits, and visitors will find in them a great store of information. The Museum pub- lications are original contributions to local history; the parts already published (including Guide) deal with Early Man; the Romans; Angles, Danes and Norse; Vegetation of the Southern Pennines; Climate Vege- tation and Man; Mining; and the Textile Industry.

There are many portraits of men who have made discoveries and played a leading part in building up both local industries and our social and educational institutions. Around the balcony of the Entrance Hall are portraits of all those who have occupied the Mayoral Chair since the Incorporation of the Borough in 1868 to the present time.

The Museum owes much to the generous help of many experts ; every room contains evidence of their skilful work, done with the aim of con- tributing to local knowledge and thereby increasing the interest of the place in which we live.

A Valuable Asset. The Huddersfield Corporation Estate.

By T. Taytor, F.S.1., Estate Manager.

HE Huddersfield Corporation is in the unique position of being the Freeholder of a very large portion of the town. In 1920 it purchased from Sir John Frecheville Ramsden, Bart., the whole of the Manor or Lordship of Almondbury and land about 4,300 acres in extent in the townships of Huddersfield, Almondbury, Lockwood, Honley and Dalton, comprising the whole of the central portion of the town and surrounding land, for the sum of £1,336,000. It was necessary for the Corporation to obtain a special Act of Parliament authorising the transaction. Although this large debt has now been reduced by nearly £150,000, it is considered that the Estate has increased in value owing to development to a sum of £2,000,000, an important asset that the town can confidently be very proud of, as the income is all well secured and may reasonably be expected to show further increases from time to time.

The total revenue from this valuable estate now exceeds £90,000 per annum, of which over £60,000 is secured by property let on lease for 999 years and other long periods.

I Relief of the Rates. Up to the year 1936 more than £75,000 has been given for the relief of rates, and during the present year a sum equal to a 5d. rate has been provided for, after the payment of all debt charges and administrative expenses, &c.

A considerable amount of building development has taken place during the last ten years, several estates have been opened up and laid out under Town Planning conditions, and land has been provided for the numerous Corporate requirements, such as Parks, Recreation Grounds, Housing Sites, Baths, Allotments, &c. The Corporation, being the largest landowner in the district, is able to offer sites for factories and warehouses in excellent situations, and sites are also available for dwelling houses of all sizes in some of the choicest positions in the borough at very modest ground rents, also central shop sites, offices and a number of small flats. :

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Term of Office Victoria

1868-1871 1871-1873 - 1873-1874 1875-1876 1876-1878 1878-1880 1880-1881 1881-1883 1883-1884 1884—1886 1886-1887 1887-1889 1889-189] 1891-1893 1893-1895 1895-1897 1897-1899 1899-1900 1900-1901

Edward VII. 1901-1902

1902-1903 1903-1904 1904--1906 1906--1908 1808-1910

George V. 1910-1912

1912-1916 1916-1918 1918-1919 1919-1921 1921-1923 1923-1924 1924-1926 1926--1928 1928-1929 1931-1923 1933-1935 1935-1936

Term of Office 1868-1885 1885-1890 1890-1895 1895-1903

1903-1930 I



Charles Henry Jones, Esq., J.P. Wright Mellor, Esq., J.P., D.L. Henry Brooke, Esq., J.P. David Sykes, Esq., J.P. John Fligg Brigg, Esq., J.P. Joseph Woodhead, Esq., J.P. Alfred Walker, Esq., J.P. Thomas Denham, Esq., J.P. John Fligg Brigg, Esq., J.P. Wright Mellor, Esq., J.P., D.L. John Varley, Esq., J.P. Wright Mellor, Esq., J.P., D.T Joseph Brooke, Esq., J.P. Godfrey Svkes, Esq., J.P. Reuben Hirst, Esq., J.P. .... John Joshua Brook, Esq., J.P. John Lee Walker, Esq., J.P. William Henry Jessop, Esq., J.P. ... George William Hellawell, Esc., J.P. Robert Mac Shaw, Hsq., J.P.

Ernest Woodhead, Esq., M.A., J.P. Frederick Calvert, Esq., ; Richard Henry Inman, Esq., J.P. ... Benjamin Broadbent, Esq., M.A., J.P. Gwen Balmforth, Esq., J.P. ... ie John Holroyd, Esq., J.P.

George Thomson, Fsq., J.P.... Joseph Blamires, Esq., J.P. ... William Henry Jessop, Esq., J.P. Carmi Smith, EKsq., J.P. iu James Albert Woolven, Esq., J.P. Wilfrid Dawson, Esq., J.P. Joseph Berry, Esy., J.P.. Law Taylor, Esy., J.P. Rowland Mitchell, Esq., J.P. Thomas Canby, Fsq., J.P. ... cs Walker Thomas Priest, Esq., J.P. ... Thomas Shires, Esq. : Albert Hirst, Esq. Joseph Barlow, Esq. ...


Aug. May Nov.

Nov. Sept.

May Dec. Oct.


May Aug. May May Feb. May Dec. Jan.

Aug. 2

Jul Vv April

Feb. Qct. June

Jan. Nov.

Nov. Nov. Aug. June



Joseph Batley .. George Bellamy Henry Barber, LL.B. Frederick Charles Lloyd Joseph Henry Field, O.B.E., LL. B.




Died Jan. 22, 1885

1884 1893. 1883 1899 1899 1912 1909: 1882 1899 1893 1890 1893 1921

, 1896


, 1896

1905 1921

, 1920 , 1909

1904 1933 1925. 1922 1911

192] 1918 1921

1922 1936


Oct. 21, 1923

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Hudderstield’s Sporting Achievements.

A Wondertul Record.

By AtrreD M. Lex, Sports Editor, ‘‘ Huddersfield Examiner.”

ERELY to catalogue the main events in Huddersfield’s sporting history and name those who won distinction for themselves and brought honour to the town would require more space than is available. This outline, then, eannot be other than the skeleton story of great achievements to the credit of a town with a record unrivalled for its size. In variety, quantity and quality of its sporting activities Hudders- field’s record is second to none.

The days are drawing in as I write, so I will take football first. It is an appropriate choice, for football has been one of the town’s finest advertisements. The old Huddersfield Rugby Club became the magnificent ‘‘ Fartown ”’ of the immediate pre-war days, and is still a great power in Rugby League football ; “‘ Town” won a place all its own in Association football history ; and the Old Boys were formed to carry the Rugby Union banner.

Fartown Memories.

A few names will bring back to older readers the early days of the handling code in Huddersfield—Harry Beardsell, Col. C. E. Freeman, George Lewis Batley, the Huth brothers, P. F. Holmes, Ernest Woodhead and G. W. Bottomley (“the twins’’), Harry Wilson, Milford Sutcliffe, A. L. Brooke, W. H. Eagland, Frank Chambers and Jack Dyson. Happily, in these days, when so many football teams are more representative of the power of the purse than of native talent, it is possible to name two more Huddersfield men who were in the greatest team the town has ever had— Harold Wagstaff (‘‘ the Prince of and Stanley Moorhouse, a wing that has not been excelled and but rarely equalled. Throughout its history the Fartown club has invariably had among its great players ‘“‘a local lad.’’

From 1909-10 season, when Huddersfield first won the Yorkshire Challenge Cup, many honours have been won—the R. L. Challenge Cup four times, the Rugby League Cup five times, the Yorkshire Challenge Cup eight times, and the Yorkshire League Cup seven times—and in one memorable season they won all four! Much, indeed, could be written of Fartown. I

Football History.

Association football in Huddersfield has not, it is true, produced many home-born “ stars,’’ but credit can be taken for shrewd management that has been reflected in an amazing rise to great fame and popularity. The name of ‘‘ Town” has gone round the world since those dark days when the club was nearly lost to us. From the depths to the heights—to new heights—is an oft-told story with which everyone is familiar. Suf- ficient is it to recount briefly here the major successes—Football League champions 1923-24, 1924-25, 1925-26; F. A. Cup winners 1921-22. In other years Town, like their neighbours at Fartown, have many times been runners-up for one big honour or another.

Another important local link with sport was the Rev. F. Marshall, the great R. U. leader, who spent most of his life at Almondbury Grammar School, and it should not be overlooked that the Northern Union was formed at a meeting held in Huddersfield in 1895.

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A Cricket Nursery

Let us turn to cricket next, and we shall find that Huddersfield has given most generously to the game. Lascelles Hall is as famous a village in cricket annals as Hambledon. In one match they had six men in the county team, and there would have been a seventh had he been able to turn out. This village of hand-loom weavers, who practised by day and attended to their looms at night, sent over fifty professionals to other clubs. Kirkheaton supplied Hirst and Rhodes, and Armitage Bridge Schofield Haigh, and that great triumvirate of Hirst, Haigh and Rhodes has left a name that will live as long as cricket history is writ. There have been others of this town who have played for their country in William Bates and Percy Holmes, and many who have assisted the county with distinction, among them W. E. Bates, Alonzo Drake, F. E. Greenwood (a Yorkshire captain), Andrew and Luke Greenwood, Alen Hill, Ephraim Lockwood, Robert Moorhouse, John Thewlis, sen., and F. E. Woodhead, a list that could be greatly extended. Another name well known in Yorkshire cricket circles was that of A. P. Crosland.

Golf Distinctions.

In golf, too, Huddersfield has played an important part. It was at the instigation of Dr. F.L. Mackenzie that A. L. Woodhead called a meeting of Yorkshire club representatives, and the outcome was the formation of the Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs, an idea which spread until eventually the National Golf Unions came into being. F. E. Woodhead won the Yorkshire Amateur Championship four times (1894-5-8-9) and also the Welsh native title three times (1897-8-9) ; H. D. Gaunt took the county title in 1903-11, H. H. Barker in 1904-6 (and the Irish ‘‘ Open ”’ in 1906) and J. L. Crowther in 1912.

The Huddersfield Club has won the Yorkshire team championship on numerous occasions, and many other honours have been gained by golfers from these parts. .

The Running Track.

To-day there is no important athletic festival in the town—but they are many who can recall the days when the H.C. & A.C. festival earned the title “the Ascot of the North.’’ Huddersfield has had many famous runners. C. A. Bradley was a world-beating sprinter in his day, and his brother, Willie, ran with great distinction over 220 yards. Joe Booth, Harry and Charles Beardsell, Kaye Lodge, John Tyne Thornton, George Poppleton, Harry Jordan, and Ernest. and German Woodhead are other names that come readily to mind as fine runners of other days, while in more recent times we have had Tom Matthewman (English champion and Olympic Games sprinter) and Alan Schofield (N.C.A.A. champion), a prominent hurdler and sprinter.

In this connection Huddersfield was distinguished in another way by the magnificent work for athletics done by Albert Clayton, himself a runner of note, but still more famous as a trainer, who got no more than his just reward by his appointment as trainer for English athletes at the Olympic Games. ‘Bill’? Bottomley was another famous coach—and a leading referee at bowls.

Mention of bowls is a reminder that in no part of the county has the Crown Green game gained a keener following than in the Huddersfield district, which for many years past has supplied Yorkshire with half its away team, and supplied the Crown Green Bowling Association with its president and secretary in the late C. F. Milan and G. Cheetham respectively. John Peace, winner of the Talbot and Waterloo ‘“‘ double,’”’ had a high place

in professional bowling. Swimming and Motor Cycling.

W. Stoney was a national champion in breast stroke swimming, and represented England at Olympic Games ; James Brennan is at the present time picking up long-distance titles ; and there are girl swimmers of the

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town who are winning Yorkshire titles, and are expected to do still better. J. R. Cheetham, Dr. Dow, Willie Fillan, Alfred Jubb and Abel J agger were men whose work for swimming had a much wider influence than the merely local. Harry Hirst, Alfred Bottom, Fred Chrispin and John Mannion were other swimmers who also made their mark.

E. R. Hall has figured with great prominence in motor racing, and Huddersfield motor cyclists have ridden with great distinction in the big Isle of Man events and on the speedways. Norman Gledhill won the senior Manx Grand Prix; Alec and Hirst Mitchell have done creditably in the T.T. races; Arnold Moore and Geoff Taylor made names for themselves in hill climbs; and ‘“‘ Dusty’? Haigh became a speedway international before his fatal crash. On the cycle track R. Lockwood and H. A. Crowther were leading performers.

A Mixed Bag.

Charlie Dawson was one of the most accomplished billiards players in the world in his time, and Harold Crosland carried off the amateur snooker championship.

Brian Schofield played hockey for England and Jessie Black for Scotland, and Huddersfield has recently had as many as four players in the county side. Before them there were notable players in ‘‘ Bob” Middlemost and J. F. Best.

The Waverley Carpet Bowling Club were three times winners of the English Challenge Cup ; Harold Leece has won innumerable rifle-shooting trophies in competition with the crack shots of the world; Huddersfield Chess Club stands supreme in Yorkshire, having at last won the two major club trophies, the Woodhouse Cup and the I. M. Brown Shield ; and while it cannot be claimed that H. E. Atkins is a Huddersfield man, we are proud to acknowledge the former British champion, and one of the leading exponents of the game in the world, as an adopted son.

It was a Huddersfield racehorse owner, H. F. Clayton, who narrowly missed a great racing coup that would have netted £100,000 for £100 double on his nominations, Disarmament (Cambridgeshire winner) and Six Wheeler (second in the Cesarewitch). Sir Emmanuel Hoyle and Major L. B. Holliday have also had their turf successes.

Stanley Learoyd was a lawn tennis player of note in his younger days, but the palmy days of the game locally would appear to be ahead. W. R. Swallow, F. B. Webb and B. Royds (though he lives at Elland) are a trio who should go far. All three have already figured in county honours lists.

Douglas Clark is a Cumbrian, but his major sporting triumphs were . gained after he came to Huddersfield to become one of the brightest of the Fartowners’ constellation of “stars.” As a wrestler Clark has met with phenomenal success. He won countless trophies in the Cumberland and Westmorland style, including the Lonsdale Belt, and he held the World Heavyweight Championship. In the less restricted style that is so common to-day, Clark, though forty-five years of age, remains the best in the land, and capable of holding his own with the best in the world. He has brought credit to his native Cumberland and his adopted town by his magnificent and skilled work on the mat. Harry Brook and Leo Lightbody have come into prominence in all-in wrestling, and the amateur side of the sport finds a following in the neighbourhood.

The list is not exhausted, but my space is, and there is no point in readers writing of omissions. It would be impossible here to include all the names of those who really have a right to inclusion in a record of Huddersfield’s tremendous sporting activity over a long number of years. Sufficient for it to be added that to-day there are adequate facilities for most sports, a high standard of performance, and a most remarkable sporting tradition which promises to be long maintained.

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The Reform Act of 1832 enfranchised Huddersfield, and gave the town one seat in the new House of Commons. The population of the town in 1832 was about 19,000, but the number of persons entitled to vote was between 500 and 600. The number of Parliamentary sp for the year 1936-37 is 84,039.

1832, December 13th.

Fenton, Captain Lewis (W.) oes ‘ ins 263 Wood, Captain Joseph (L.) ... bs a's 152— 111 1834, January th pe decease of Captain Blackburne, J ohn (W.) 234 Sadler, Michael T. (C.) Be ead cas ere 147— 87 Wood, Captain Joseph (R.) ... ion Ses 108 1835, Tes et ‘Sth. Blackburne, John (W.) “as ‘as 241 Johnson, General George Ww. (R. :) iad I 1837, May 8th (on decease of Mr. Blackburne) Ellice, Edward, Jun. ok fo eis 340 Oastler, Richard x4 me ‘“ yas 290— 50 1837, july 29th. Stansfield, W. R. C. (W.) ... oe is sts ies 323 Oastler, Richard (C.) ... ots sas wis ee 301— 22

1841, June 30th. Stansfield, W. R. C. (W.) (unopposed).

1847, July 3lst.

Stansfield, W. R. C. (W.) ... ous a id is 525 Cheetham, John (L.) ... ve “ei ay ye 488— 37 1852, July 9th. Stansfield, W. R. C. (W.) ... Pee ce 5 sai 625 Willans, William (L.)... ne oa cag re er 590— 35

1853, April 22nd. C. Stansfield unseated on

Goderich, Viscount me 675 Starkey, i bas sae ses 593— 82 1857, oth. Akroyd, Edward (W. oe ee aes Ris ies 833 Cobden, Richard (L.).. és ek vii oa 587— 246 Fea ae 2nd. Leatham, E. A. (L.) ... one = 779 Akroyd, Edward (W.) vis a ae 760— 19 1865, July 13th. Crosland, Thomas P. oe C. ) ‘ Pie ves Be Leatham, E. A. (L.) . ; or 787— 232 1868, apc 19th ae Eon of Mr. i See Leatham, Pe A. a): os is ie Slaigh, W. C. (C.) ies ne ‘a se 789— 322

1868, ‘16th. Leatham, E. A. (I..) (unopposed).

1874, February 4th.

Leatham, E. A. (L.) ... ts ea cn ee Brooke, Colonel Thomas (C.) sa sae ae ... 4,985— 683 1880, April 3rd. Leatham, E. A. (L.) ... Sox me en 5 ‘on = Lindsay, W. A. (C.) ... dee ot ae a ... 4,486—- 2,522 1885, November 25th. Leatham, E. A. (L.) ... ‘ki ‘ee “ti vi i. eee

Crosland, Joseph (C.) ... sa ee svi eel ... 6,194— 766

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1886, July 3rd. Summers, William (L.) ie tt ee Crosland, Joseph (C.)... ie wes ey 4th. Summers, William (L.) ‘ Crosland, Sir Joseph (C.)

1893, February 4th (on aces of Mr, . Summers)

Crosland, Sir J oseph (C.) Woodhead, Joseph (L.) 1895, I iy Lsth. Woodhouse, Sir James Thomas (L.) Crosland, Sir Joseph (C.)_... fis Smart, Hyman Russell (Lab.) ; 1900, October 3rd. Woodhouse, Sir James Thomas (L.) Carlile, Colonel Edward Hildred (C.) 1906, J aay 15th. Woodhouse, Sir James Thomas (L.) va Williams, Thomas Russell (Lab.) ; a Fraser, John Foster (C.) oe i ye iia 1906, November 28th.

6,210 6,026—

7,098 6,837—

7,068 7,033—

6,755 5,868— 1,594

7,896 6,831-—

6,302 5,813— 4,991








(On appointment of Sir James T. Woodhouse as a Commissioner

of Railways. ) Sherwell, Arthur James (L.) “vs se Williams, Thomas Russell (Lab.) Fraser, John Foster (C.) dbs ; 1910, January 1 ‘17th. Sherwell, Arthur James (L. Ms Snell, Harry (Lab.) “ee Smith, Harold (C.) sad os ce 1910, December 5th. Sherwell, Arthur James (L.) oe us Kaye, Joseph Henry (C.) Snell, Harry (Lab.) ... ae ve 1918, December 14th. Sykes, Sir Charles Lib. Snell, Harry (Lab.) ... : pad Woodhead, Ernest (L.) ; a v4 1922, November 15th. Marshall, Sir Arthur Harold (L.) a ae Hudson, James Hindle (Lab.) Sykes, Sir Charles (Nat. Lib.) y 1923, December 6th. Hudson, James Hindle (Lab.) is uae Marshall, Sir Arthur Harold gi ) Tinker, Charley (Wo ae ; 1924, 29th. Hudson, James Hindle (Lab.) a Hill, Enoch (C.) Marshall, Sir Arthur Harold (L .) 1929, 30th. Hudson, James Hindle (Lab.) ; Mabane, William (L.) 4 Hill, Sir Enoch (C.) 1931, Mabane, William (Nat. Lib.) ; Hudson, James Hindle (Lab.) a es 1935, November ‘aes Mabane, William (Nat. ; en Pickles, William

5,762 5,422— 4,844

7,158 5,686—- 5,153 I

6,458 4,988

15,234 12,737— 11,256

15,879 15,673— 15,212

17,430 17,404— 12,694

19,010 16,745— 16,626

25,966 21,398—











20,034— 27,022


23,844— 13,165

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By J. W. Turner, M.I.E.E., Borough Electrical Engineer.

HE history of the Huddersfield Corporation Electricity Department is one of remarkable development and interest, for whereas in 1913, twenty years after the supply was commenced, the consumers amounted to 1 per 31 head of the population in the area, at the end of 1935 the corresponding figures were 1 per 3.7, and the consumption per consumer for these two years was 47 and 500 units respectively.

The sanction of the Local Government Board to the borrowing of the necessary money by the Corporation for the installation of a generating station and mains for the supply of electric current was obtained in May, 1892, and the foundations for the buildings were commenced in the same month.

The opening ceremony took place on July 29th, 1893, when the Mayor (Alderman R. Hirst), Alderman J. F. Brigg and Alderman A. Haigh each started an engine, and shortly afterwards Councillor G. Garton, Chairman of the Electricity Committee, and Councillor Marshall, Deputy Chairman, switched on the two circuits into the town. A few minutes later a phone message was received that the lights in the Town Hall, the Market Hall and the main streets were burning steadily.

The cost of the original plant, buildings and mains amounted to £29,693, whereas the rates alone paid by the undertaking in 1935 totalled £18,496 17s. 6d., together with a contribution of £5,308 to the rates from the 1935 profit. 3

The three rope-driven generators which formed the original plant were capable of turning out 250 units of electricity per hour, and the present plant has generated 27,300 units per hour during 1935.

Interesting Figures.

The extensive uses to which the public supply of electricity has been applied may be judged by the units sold in 1895, the second complete year, and each five years since :—

1895 bei bad ee es 156,169 1900 hes ast ie ate ap 928,966 1905 ins sis ce ee ve 1,685,607 1910 a Rr be ibe ce 4,826,956 1915 ake ane dee Vos .» 10,536,374 1920 bie re “ .. 21,350,602 1925 sis os ivi ... 26,389,860 1930 see av ses vs .» 44,451,073 1935 pe aa eo -» 68,458,235

The number of consumers connected during 1935 was 2,989, or an average of over 57 per week, making a total of 36,693 at the end of the year.

Motors connected during the year numbered 147, with an output capacity of 1,780 horse power, or a total of 3,716 motors capable of con- suming 35,970 units per hour.

On the lighting side the equivalent of 129,425—60 watt lamps have been added during 1935, or a total of over two millions now installed.

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Electricity in the Home.

‘Among the great variety of heating and cooking appliances installed by consumers, electric ovens head the list, for the number fixed during 1935 was 837, bringing the total to 7,800. Other apparatus in use on hire or hire purchase includes 2,460 wash boilers and 375 water heaters.

The length of the cables laid amounts to 390 miles, of which 18 miles were laid during 1935. I

Cheap and Clean.

Appreciable reductions have been made in the price of current to one or another section of its consumers each year for the last few years, and the low price to the householder of 4d. per unit for all units over 360 per quarter has been largely instrumental in creating the considerable increase of 53 million units sold during 1935, or a 9.2 per cent. increase on 1934.

Practically all the engineering works in the area are run by motors supplied with current from the Corporation mains, and there are few textile mills in the district which do not depend on the whole or part of their motive power or lighting from the same source. This is all tending to pro- vide a cleaner atmosphere, for black smoke is practically non-existent from the generating station. It is difficult to visualise what the town would be like without a public supply of electricity, and there are very few districts in the whole of the country where current is obtainable at as low a price for any purpose.


Date Conferred Died Sept. 25, 1889 Ald. Wright Mellor, J.P., D.L. ... sis May 17, 1893 Aug. 28, 1894 Henry F. Beaumont, Esq., J.P., D.L. ... Oct. 6, 1913 ee .. Lt.-Col. Sir Albert Kaye Rollit, LL.D., Aug. 12, 1922 Di Lt, Fe Doe : : Mar. 12,1895 James Nield Sykes, Esq., J.P. ... Ss Mar. 4, 1903 Oct. 28, 1898 Joseph Woodhead, Esq., J.P. ... <a May 21, 1913 33 8 Sir Joseph Crosland, Kt., J.P., D.L.... Aug. 27, 1904 May 23,1901 Col. Harold Wilson = cee Sas Dec. 11, 1930 a Major Charles Brook ins ee June 14, 1930 July 25, 1906 Sir Thomas Brooke, Bart., J.P., D.L. ... July 16, 1908 ss The Rev. Robert Bruce, M.A., Nov. 6, 1908 Oct. 15,1913 William Brooke, Esq., J.P. es cas Feb. 16, 1920 John Sykes, Esq., J.P. ... cc ie: Ae 0, 2014 Sept. 18, 1918 Ald. William Henry Jessop, J.P. A Aug. 26, 1921 a oe George Thomson, Esq., J.P. ies aa Oct.. 10, 1921 - os > Sir John Arthur Brooke, Bart., M.A., J.P. July 10, 1920 = a Benjamin Broadbent, Esq., C.B.E., M.A., June 25, 1925 J.P., Lid

James Edward Willans, Esq., LL.D., J.P. May 10, 1926 ze Ernest Woodhead, Esq., M.A., J.P. oa July 24,1920 Admiral of the Fleet, Earl Beatty, G.C.B., Mar. 11, 1936 O.M., G.C.V.O., D.S.O. Nov. 6,1925 The Earl of Oxford and Asquith, K.G., Feb. 15, 1928 D-C.1., bL-.D:

Dec. 17, 1926 Sir William Pick Raynor, Kt., J.P. is Aug. 26, 1927 July 25, 1934 Wilfrid Dawson, Esq., J.P. a: ih Aug. 11, 1936 a Rowland Mitchell, Esq., J.P. ... ge vi James Albert _Woolven, Esq., J.P.,

Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur

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The Heart of the Cloth Trade.

A Firm that is always “Agate.”

N Wednesday, September 23rd, 1936, Sir Emmanuel Hoyle, governing director of Messrs. Joseph Hoyle & Son, Ltd., entertained the employees of his three mills in celebration of his seventieth birthday. For the first time for many years the employees were “‘ laiking,”’ for it is a fact that for the past twenty gia the mills at Longwood have been run night and day.

The firm of Ji oseph Hoyle & Son, Ltd., is one of the largest manu- turing firms in the wool textile trade. The total floor space at the three mills owned by the company is over 50,000 square yards, which accom- modates 600 looms, including 145 automatics. Recently the power output from the engines at the main mill at Longwood became insufficient to meet the demands made on it, and it was therefore decided to electrify the whole mill.

A Wonderful Achievement.

The prosperity of Messrs. Hoyle’s is largely a result of the untiring energy of the present head of the business. Sir Emmanuel has been his own salesman, and there is only one country in the world in which he has not taken his woollen cloths. Every winter finds him abroad, gathering the orders which keep his mills busy.

The range of Messrs. Hoyle’s cloths is best deseribed in the sentence ** We make anything, for any sort of purpose.’’ During the Great War the firm placed their whole resources at the disposal of the British Government, and made cloth for all the Allied Armies. The total output reached the staggering figure of 14,000,000 yards. 7

The making of uniform cloths still keeps a large portion of the works employed. About twelve years _ago the manufacture was commenced of ladies’ fabrics, and to-day the firm supply numerous ranges of high class woollen goods for this section of the trade.

The Secret of Success.

In addition to finding employment for large numbers of local people, Sir Emmanuel has played a leading part in the municipal life of Hudders- field. From 1916 to 1924 he was a- member of the Town Council, during which period he founded the Transport Department.

The good relations which have always existed between the employees and the head of the firm, and which were very much in evidence during the birthday celebration, is reflected in the long records of service held by many of the workpeople. Five employees have worked over forty years, eighteen have worked over thirty-five, nearly fifty have worked over thirty, and more than 150 have been with the firm for over twenty years.

The Hoyle organisation is the embodiment of three ideals which form a homogeneous whole, namely, the quality of their cloths, the leader- ship of Sir Emmanuel, and the ability and co-operation of the workpeople.

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XXxili I

~Who’s Who

(Specially compiled by the Editor).

AHIER, Philip, B.Sc., L.C.P., M.R.S.T.; 6. St. Helier, Jersey, 18 April, 1887; s. of Philip Ahier, Jersey; Jersey Modern School ; University College (London University); m. (1) 1915, Marianne Chambers (died 1932), (2) 1933, Sadie, d. of George Higson, Hudd. ; appointed Assistant Mathematical Master, Huddersfield College, June, 1914 ; Lecturer in Local History at the Hudd. Technical College ; Hon. Sec. Hudd. Thespians, 1925-9 ; Trustee Hudd. Thespians ; Hon. Sec. Antiquarian Section of the Hudd. Naturalist, Photographic and Antiquarian Society: a member of the Yorkshire Archeological Society and of the Société Jersiaise. Publications : ‘‘ Studies in Local Topography,’ and contributions to local press. : 24, Lightridge Road, Sheepridge, Hudd.

ATKINS, Henry Ernest, M.A.; 5. 20 Aug., 1872; Educ. : Wyggeston Grammar School, Leicester ; Peterhouse, Cambridge ; m. 1922, E. 8. Wilson ; Head Master of Huddersfield College from 1909 to 1936; joined Leicester Chess Club at the age of 15 years, and in 1899 made first appearance on the Continent as an international player; from 1996 to 1912 winner of the British Chess Championship every year ; represented England at the International Chess Tournament held at Warsaw, 1935; member of the Hudd. Chess Club. Address : 36, Gled- holt. Road, Marsh, Hudd.

BAILEY, David James, J.P.; 6. 12 June, 1859; Educ. : National Schools, Golcar; St. Peter’s, Bournemouth ; Bury Grammar School; m. 1888, Sarah Hannah, 7. of William Sykes, Share Hill, Golear; admitted 2 Solicitor in Jan., 1886, and late senior partner in the firm of Owen, Bailey & Hulme, Solicitors, Hudd. (retired 1936); Clerk to Golear School Board, 1894-1904, Linthwaite School Board and Linthwaite U.D.C., 1904-27; Clerk to the Colne and Holme Joint Hospital Committee, 1904-36; a member of the Golear Cricket Club for 60 years. Address: Holly Bank, Golcar, nr. Hudd.

BAINES, Ven. Archdeacon Albert, M.A.; Educ.: North Eastern County School; St. John’s College, Cambridge; m. d. of James Harrison, Liverpool; curate of All Saints’, Sheffield, 1897-1905; Vicar of St. George’s, Newcastle-under-Lyme, 1905-10, of St. Helen’s, Lanes., 1910-25, of Hudd., 1925-35; Archdeacon of Halifax since 1935; Canon since 1935; examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Wakefield ; Proctor in Convocation ; a member of the Church Assembly. : Thorpe Grange, Almondbury.

BARLOW, Joseph, J.P.; 5. 9 April, 1880; s. of Ellis Barlow, Manufac- turing Chemist, Birchencliffe; Educ: Oakes Council School and Higher Grade School, Hudd.; m. 1905, Amy Bottomley; retired Wool Merchant and Top Maker; represented the Lindley Ward of the Hudd. Borough Council from 1910 to 1917; re-elected 1928; elected Mayor 1935, and invited by the Council to continue in office for a second year ; Chairman of the Finance, Estate, Valuation, and General Purposes Committees ; Chairman Hudd. Town A.F.C., 1920-26 ; Trustee Lindley Thorncliffe Street Methodist Church. Recreation : Gardening. Address: The Bungalow, Daisy Lea Lane, Lindley, Hudd.

BEST, James Flower; 5. 27 Sept., 1885; Educ.: Darlington Grammar “School ; Head of the firm of Mills & Best, Solicitors, Hudd. (Notary Public) ; joined the 168th Brigade R.F.A. on its formation ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1933 ; played cricket for Huddersfield (1910-11) and with Kirkburton for 20 years ; former player Hudd. Hockey Club, and present President and Treasurer ; President of the Hudd. Incorporated Law Society, 1935; Chairman of the Hudd. Branch of the British Legion. Addvess : ‘‘ Greenbank,” 16, Imperial Road, Hudd.


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BLAMIRES, Mary, M B. E., J.P. ; b. 1 Dee., 1867; d. of Thomas Broadbent, Engineer ; Educ. : Hudd. Girls’ College ; ; m. 1892, Joseph Blamires ; awarded Serbian Medal of St. Saviour and Medaille de la Reine Eliza- beth; Mayoress of Hudd., 1912-16; the first woman to be elected (1923) to the Hudd. Borough Council (ret. 1926); one of the founders of the Hudd. Y.W.C.A. and President for 16 years ; a co-opted member of Ravensknowle, Education and Maternity and Child Welfare Com- aad Ss of the. Hudd. Borough Council. Address: Bradley Lodge, a

BODEN, Caroline E., M.A. (Lond.) ; Bae: University College, Southampton; former Lecturer in History at the Municipal Training College, Hull ; senior mistress Royds Hall Secondary School, Hudd., since opening in 1921 ; past President Hudd. Branch British Federation of University Women. Address : 12, Imperial Road, Edgerton, Hudd.

BRIERLEY, John Lewis; 7 Feb., 1871; Educ.: Wesley College, Shef- field; Director John L. Brierley, Ltd., Cotton Spinners, Hudd., of Wm. Hirst & Son, Ltd., Cotton Spinners, Hudd., of Brookbottom Spinning Co., Ltd. Address : Fenay Hall, Hudd.

BRIERLY, Brevet-Gol. Sydney Clifford. D.S.0., T.D.; 6. 7 Dec., 1882; s. of Sydney H. Brierly, Hudd. ; Educ. : Hudd. College ; Charterhouse ; m. 1915, Alice T. Wright, Wakefield ; Director Liddell & Brierly, Ltd., Fine Cloth Manufacturers, Marsh, Hudd.; Commanded 4th K.O.Y.L.1., 1918-9, and 5th Duke of Wellington’s Regt., 1924-7; District Commissioner Hudd. Boy Scouts Local Association. Recreation : Shooting. Addyvess : Woodcock Hall, Hopton, nr. Mirfield.

BRIGGS, Waido Raven, O.B.E., M.A., LL.B.; b. 7 Aug., 1883; s. of late George Briggs, Alderman of City of London, 1917-24; & duc. : Private School (London); Germany, France ; Christ’s College, Cambridge. Called to Bar, Middle Temple, 1906 ; Prosecuting Counsel to Post Office on South-Eastern Circuit, 1923-31: served European War, Inns of Court 0.T.C. (company sergeant-major), France, 1916-19, Staff, Third Army H.Q. as Courts Martial Officer and Staff Captain ; twice men- tioned in despatches and awarded O.B.E.; Stipendiary Magistrate for Huddersfield since 1931. Address : George Hotel, Hudd.

BROADBENT, Horace, M.I.Chem. E., M.LS.I.; 6. 2 July, 1863; s. of late Thomas Broadbent, Engineer ; Educ. : Mellor’s Academy ; Hudd. Technical College; succeeded his father in joint control with the late William Broadbent of the business of Thomas Broadbent & Sons, Ltd., Engineers and Ironfounders, Central Ironworks, Hudd., and since 1924 Chairman and Managing Director; an acknowledged authority on centrifugal machinery and on electric cranes and winding gear; designed the first electric crane to be made in England, and patentee of the Broadbent centrifugal clutch and other inventions ; Chairman of the. Hudd. National Shell Factory during European War: a Governor. of the Hudd. Roya! Infirmary, and a Director of the Hudd. pone Society. Address : Edgerton Grove, Hudd.

BROOK, Ernest, J. b. Pontefract, 11 Nov., 1873; s. of Joseph Tasker Brook ; Educ. : - Pontefract ; Leeds School of Science and Art; York- shire College ; m. 1896, Harriet Vaugham, Leeds ; came to Hudd. to work with Mr. T. W. Broadbent in East Parade, and began to make alternating current motors; after a hard struggle his motors were successful, and in 1903 their manufacture was commenced with a staff of eight ; new premises were taken in 1905, and in 1915 the Empress Works were builtin St. Thomas’ Road ; the factory has an output of more than 18,000 motors per year, 300 horse power per day; Past Associate Member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers; a member of the Hudd. Borough Council, 1922-24; Governor, Hudd. Technical College and a co-opted member of the Education Committee of the Hudd. Borough Council ; a member of the Hudd. Cricket and Athletic Club. Address: “ Rosefield, ” Birkby Hall Road, Hudd. 7

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BROOKE, Major Thomas, M.A., J.P.; 6. Nov., 1875; s. of late William Brooke, Honley; Educ.: Charterhouse and Oxford; m. 1904, B. Gundreda Carlile; served European War, 1914-19; Director John Brooke & Sons, Ltd., Woollen and Worsted Manufacturers, Armitage Bridge Mills, Hudd.; Conservative candidate Colne Valley Parlia- mentary Division, 1922 and 1923; Fellow of Woodard Society and member of the Church Assembly. Address : Healey House, Netherton, nr. Hudd.

BUTTERWORTH, Frederick Inchbold, J.P.; b. 26 March, 1861; s. of Samuel Butterworth, Organ Builder; m. 1881, Jane Annie Croft; a Teacher for 52 years in Hudd. schools; Head Master of Deighton, Moldgreen and Paddock Council Schools ; appointed Secretary of Hudd. Chamber of Trade, 1923 ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1924 ; elected Chairman of Health Committee, 1932; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer Hudd. Cinderella Society since 1896 ; a member of National Executive of Shaftesbury Society ; past President National Union of Teachers (Hudd. Branch). Address: 126, Fitzwilliam Street, Hudd.

CARTER, Frederick Albert; 2. 6 Dec., 1893; s. of late Wilfred Carter, Kirkburton; Educ. : Almondbury Grammar School; m. 1918, Eva, d. of Arthur Wilkinson, Gargrave; Director Richard Carter, Ltd., Shovel Makers, Kirkburton ; associated with the foundation of the Hudd. Thespians (1920); Founder and Director of Yorkshire Comedy Players ; has co-operated in production of 24 broadcast plays, 12 own work. Author of the following plays : ‘‘ Neighbourly Love,” ‘‘A Turn for t’ Better,” ‘‘ War When It’s Over,” ‘“ T’ Talk O° Burton,”’ ‘* T’ Grandest Lad I’ Burton,” ‘‘ Fooils An’ Their Brass.’? Creator of the characters ‘‘T’ Owdest Inhabitant ’’ and ‘‘ Owd Jabe ” s contributor of Dialect verses to various publications ; Weekly Radio Review ‘““Hudd. Examiner.” <Addvess: Greenside House, 514, Wakefield Road, Hudd.

COOPER, Ernest, F.R.C.O., L.R.A.M.; 0. 3 April, 1881; s. of Godfrey Cooper, Hudd.; Crosland Moor and Spring Grove Council Schools ; Huddersfield College Higher Grade School ; m. 1910, Laura H. Day ; winner of Lafontaine Prize, 1909 ; former Organist Crosland Moor U.M. Church and Hillhouse Congregational Church ; late Accompanist and Conductor Hudd. Glee and Madrigal Society, Accompanist Hudd. Amateur Operatic Society and Conductor Ravensknowle Vocal Union; Organist and Choirmaster Lindley Zion U.M. Church ; Vocal Union ; Organist and Choirmaster Lindley Zion U.M. Church ; Organist and Deputy Chorus Master Hudd. Choral Society ; Accom- I panist Hudd. Philharmonic Society, Slaithwaite Philharmonic Society, and ‘‘ Mrs. Musical Competition; P.M. Cambodunum Lodge, No. 3953; P.P.G.O. Province of Yorkshire (West Riding). Address : “ Ellerslie,” 47, Wheathouse Road, Birkby, Hudd. I

COPLAND, James George, M.A., M.D.; Educ.: Aberdeen University ; Police Surgeon, Hudd. Borough Police ; President Hudd. St. Andrew’s Society, 1932-34. Address : 28, New North Road, Hudd.

CRAIG, George L., F.T.I.; 6. 27 July, 1873; s. of John Burton Craig, Woollen Merchant, Edinburgh; Educ.: George Watson’s College, Edinburgh ; Blairlodge ; m. 1919, Patricia Mitchell, Sayville, Long Island, for 28 years with B. Vickerman & Sons, Ltd., Taylor Mill Mills, Hudd.; Manager Josiah France, Ltd., Fancy Worsted Manufacturers, Queen’s Square Mill, Honley; past President Fine Cloth Manufacturers’ Association. Address : Brentor, Honley, nr. Hudd.

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CROWTHER, Lawrence, O.B.E., J.P.; 6. 5 June, 1880; s. of Joe Crowther, Golear; Educ: National Schools, Golear; m. 1903, Clara, da. of Thomas Wood; senior partner in the firm of Robert Ramsden & Co., Stock and Share Brokers, Hudd.; during the years 1914-18 served on many important local committees, including Hudd. Food Control Committee (Sec.) and West Riding County Council War Savings Committee; Trustee and Manager of Hudd. and Upper Agbrigg Savings Bank; Director Halifax Building Society ; Chairman of Finance Committee Hudd. Y.M.C.A.; member of General Purposes and Finance Committee National Y.M.C.A.; Governor and member of Management Committee Hudd. Royal Infirmary ; President Hudd. and District Victoria Nurses’ Association; President Hudd. Choral Society ; a member of the Finance Board of the Methodist Church and various committees. Recreations: Golf and Tennis. Address : 30, Talbot Avenue, Hudd. :

CROWTHER, William Alfred; 2. 17 April, 1877; 37d s. of late Wm. Crowther, J.P., Slaithwaite ; Educ. : Rossall; m. 1899, Lucy Hannah, d. of Alfred Sykes, J.P., Thongsbridge ; Director of W. & E. Crowther, Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers, Slaithwaite, of Woolcombers, Ltd., of Lloyds Bank, Ltd. (Yorks. Local Board), of Yorks. Electric Power Co., of North Lines. and Howden Electric Power Co., of Smedley’s Hydro (o., Ltd.; was a member of the British Economic Mission to Far East, 1930-31; past President of Huddersfield Chamber of Com- merce: President of the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary ; Director of Huddersfield Building Society. Address: Edgerton Hill, Hudd.

DAWSON, Harry; J.P., F.T.I.; b. Nov., 1863; Educ. : Lockwood Board School, Hudd.; m. 1890, Bertha R. Roberts, Melbourne, Australia ; Governing Director of H. Dawson, Sons & Co., Ltd., Wool Brokers, Huddersfield, London, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Buenos Ayres ; Director Halifax Building Society ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. from 1913 to 1917; past President British Wool Federation, of Hudd. Chamber of Commerce ; Hon. Vice-President International Chamber of Commerce ; Lay Repre- sentative Wesleyan Conference. Publications : ‘‘ The Wool Outlook ”’ (Trade Review). Address: Birkby Grange, Hudd.; 11, Lorraine Mansions, Highbury, London.

DAWSON, Ald. Wilfrid, J.P.,; 4. Berry Brow, Hudd., 1 June, 1871; Educ.: Berry Brow and Spring Grove Board Schools; Hudd. Technical College; m. 1895, Ruth Elizabeth Littlewood ; entered the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. (unopposed) in 1917 ; elected Alderman in 1920 and Mayor in 1921—23 ; made an honorary Freeman of the Borough, 25 July, 1934; Chairman of the Finance and Watch Committees 1921-36; played an important part in the negotiations for the purchase of the Ramsden Estate by the Huddersfield Corporation in 1919, the largest purchase of valuable urban land ever made by a British municipality ; Chairman of the Estate Committee, 1920-31; a member of the firm of F. W. Bentley & Co., Stock and Share Brokers, Hudd. and Leeds; a Director and Vice-Chairman of the Hudd. Town Association Foot- ball Club, Ltd., and Director of many other public industrial companies. Died 11 Aug., 1936.

DICKS, John Winston ; >. 2 Sept., 1899; s. of E. B. Dicks, Kingston, Jamaica; Educ.: Calabar College, Jamaica; m. 1925, Gertrude, d. of late John McKinna; a Director of Joseph Woodhead & Sons, Ltd., proprietors of ‘‘ The Huddersfield Examiner”; has edited the ah and About” column in “The Huddersfield for several years ; a Deacon of Highfield Congregational Church, Hudd. ; Hon. Treasurer Institute of Journalists (Yorks. District). Addvess: 17, Imperial Road, Hudd.

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DODDS, George Elliott, M.A.; 6. 4 Mar., 1889; y.s. of G. W. Dodds, Sydenham, Kent; Educ.: Mill Hill School; New College, Oxford ; m. 1918, Frances Zita MacDonald, d. of the Rev. Joseph Johnson, Sale, Cheshire ; Brackenbury and Longstaffe Exhibitioner ; first class Honours School of Modern History ; edited “‘ The Isis,” and elected Junior Librarian of the Oxford Union Society ; private secretary to Rt. Hon. Sir Herbert Samuel (Postmaster-General), 1913; joined the staff of “‘ The Huddersfield Examiner’”’ in 1914, appointed a Director in 1920 and Editor a few years later; from 1916 to 1918 served in Ministry of Information under late Rt. Hon. C. F. G. Masterman; Liberal candidate York City 1922 and 1923; Halifax, 1929; Rochdale, 1931 and 1935; Chairman National League of Young Liberals, 1927-32; elected President 1932 ; member of the Liberal Party Executive; a Deacon of Highfield Congregational Church, Hudd. Publications: ‘“‘Is Liberalism Dead?” (1919); ‘“‘ Liberalism in Action ’’ (1922); ‘“‘ The Social Gospel of Liberalism ” (1926). Address : Jockey Hall, Dog Kennel Bank, Hudd.

DYSON, Taylor, M.A. (Hons.); Educ.: Hudd. Technical College; Man- chester University ; London University; Caen and Marburg; pro- fessional appointment Newbury Grammar School, 1901-2; Penarth I Inter. School, 1903-7; Cranbrook Grammar School, 1908; House Master Nottingham High School, 1908-13; Head Master of Almond- bury (King James’) Grammar School since 1913. Publications : Numerous School Text-books in History, English and Modern Languages ; “Almondbury and its Ancient School”; ‘‘ History of Huddersfield and District from the earliest times down to 1932.” Recreations : Tennis and Golf. Address : Schoolhouse, 41, St. Helen’s Road, Almondbury, Hudd. :

FIELD, Joseph Henry, 0.B.E., LL.B. (Lond.); >. Swansea; s. of late H. H. -Field, Solicitor, Husborne Crawley; Educ.: Bishop Gore’s Grammar School, Swansea; London University; m. Lilian Franees Austin, author of ‘‘An Introduction to the Study of the Renaissance ”’ ; admitted a Solicitor in 1887 and for several years managing clerk large firm of solicitors in Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; Deputy Town Clerk of Hudd., 1896-99; Deputy Town Clerk of Bolton, 1899-1908 ; appointed Town Clerk of Hudd., 1903; retiréd 1930; Clerk of the Peace, Hudd.; a member of Board of Managers Hudd. and Upper Agbrigg Savings Bank; Hon. Sec. Hudd. Branch.of N.S.P.C.C.; a_ member of Hudd. Club, Outlane Golf Club, and Lodge of Harmony. Address : Springwood Hall, Hudd. :

FREEMAN, John Arthur, M.A. (Cantab.); b. 3 July, 1874; s. of late Col. Charles Edward Freeman, Hudd. ; Educ. : Bournemouth ; Marlborough College ; Pembroke College, Cambridge; m. 1910, Bertha Mary, d. of late Thomas Butler, Suirville, County Tipperary ; Barrister at Law, 1896; a member of the firm of Brook, Freeman, Booth & Fisher, Solicitors, Hudd. (Notary Public); served European War, 1914-17. Address : Netherfield, Netherton, nr. Hudd.

FRENCH, Edward; 0. 1884; Educ. : Crossley’s School, Halifax ; m. 1924, Alice Attenborough ; served European War in R.N.; on the staff of the Leeds College of Music and Elocution since 1919; has given dramatic and humorous recitals and character studies in all parts of the United Kingdom, his Dickensian portrayals receiving high com- mendation and revealing him to be a master of the art of make-up ; represented by The Lecture Agency, Ltd., since 1924. Address: 28, Thornhill Avenue, Marsh, Hudd.

GARDINER, Arthur ; 0. 15 July, 1889; Educ.: St. Paul’s Church School, Hudd.; m. 1923, Alice Lilian Timmins ; a member of the Executive Council of Dyers and Finishers’ Union at the age of 19 years; after amalgamation with Textile Workers’ Union, Secretary of Oakes Branch ; appointed Secretary and Agent Hudd. Labour Party 1926; Editor of ‘‘ Huddersfield Citizen ’’ since 1931 ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. from 1927 to 1930; re-elected 1934 ; elected Alderman in 1935. ‘‘Aldonholme,” 43, Jackroyd Lane, Newsome, Hudd.

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GEE, Allen, O.B.E., J.P. ; b. Lindley, 7 Sept., 1852; s. of John and Priscilla Gee, hand-loom weavers ; Educ. : Lindley Church of England School ; m. 1875, Jane Roberts ; worked as a piecer at the age of eleven years and at nineteen years as a weaver; appointed to the staff of the I ‘Yorkshire Factory Times ”’ in 1899 ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. from 1892 to 1913; elected Alderman in 1904 ; Chairman of the Hudd. Weavers’ Union during the great strike of 1883; Secretary of General Union of Textile Workers 1886-1922 ; elected President at the inauguration of the Hudd. Trade and Labour Council in 1886 ; associated with the foundation of Friendly and Trades Societies’ Club, Hudd. ; Chairman Hudd. Licensing Committee, 1927— 1933 ; Chairman Hudd. Health Insurance Committee. Addvess : Bleak House, Oakes Road South, Quarmby, Hudd.

GIBSON, John Mcilrath, B.A., M.D., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., D.P.H.; 0. County Antrim, Ireland, 8 April, 1888; Educ. : Queen’s University, Belfast ; m. 1918, Leila May Parker ; served European War in Royal Army Medical Corps as a specialist sanitary officer; former Asst. Medical Officer of Health, Cumberland County Council; Medical Officer of Health, Radcliffe ; Medical Officer of Health, Hyde, 1926- 1930; appointed Medical Officer of Health, Hudd., 1930. : Acre House, Lindley, Hudd.

GLAISYER, Julia Robson, J.P.; 0. 5 Nov., 1870; d. of late Joshua W. Robson, J.P.; Educ.: The Mount School, York; m. 1898, Henry Glaisyer, LL.B., Birmingham (died 1904); a co-opted member of the Education Committee of the Hudd. Borough Council. Address : ** Redesdale,”’ Almondbury, Hudd.

GLENDINNING, George; 5. 1879; Educ.: Fartown Grammar School ; Harrogate College ; m. E. R. Taggart, Glasgow ; Chairman of Directors Glendinning Bros., Ltd., Woollen Cloth Manufacturers, Tanfield Mills, Hudd.; Director of Yorkshire Electric Transformer Co., Ltd.; past President Hudd. Woollen and Worsted Federation; member of executive Hudd. Chamber of Commerce; member of Hudd. Safety First Association, of Hudd. St. Andrew’s Society. Address: Arley House, Thornhill Road, Hudd.

GODSMARK, Harry Citford, A.M.I.A.E., M. Inst. T.; former chief technical assistant Manchester Corporation and technical assistant London County Council; Deputy General Manager Nottingham Corporation Passenger Transport Department; appointed General Manager and Engineer, Hudd. Corporation Passenger Transport Department, 1933. Address : 110, Luck Lane, Paddock, Hudd.

GOULDEN, Horace, F.L.A.; b. 25 Nov., 1890; m. 1920, Olive, d. of John Secker, Leeds ; served on the staffs of the Torquay and Goole Public Libraries ; Deputy Librarian Hudd. Public Library and Art Gallery, 1913-25 ; appointed Librarian and Curator, 1925. Address : 7, Spink- field Road, Birkby, Hudd.

GRAINGER, John, Ph.D., b. 2 Oct., 1904; s. of Edward Grainger ; Educ. : Huddersfield College Secondary School ; Huddersfield Technical College ; Leeds University ; m. 1931, Mary Hewlett, M.Sc. ; Research Fellow of the University of Wisconsin, U.S.A.; Lecturer in Horti- cultural Botany, Leeds University ; Curator, Tolson Memorial Museum, Ravensknowle, Hudd., since 1933; University Tutorial Lecturer in Biology, University of Leeds. Publications: ‘‘ Virus Diseases of Plants’; ‘‘ Garden Science.’’

GRAY, Harry Andrew Bennie, M.I.Mech.E., M.1.E.S., F.S.8., M.I.Chem.E. ; b. Elderslie, Renfrewshire, 28 April, 1880; s. of Daniel Gray, Glasgow ; Educ. : City Public School, Glasgow ; Royal Technical College, Glas- gow ; Chief Engineer for Mossend Steelworks, with Wm. Beardmore & Co., Ltd.; joined the firm of W. C. Holmes & Co., Ltd., Hudd., as Manager, in 1908, and later became a Director ; since 1925 has prac- tised as a Consultant ; President of the Hudd. Chamber of Commerce, 1931 and 1932; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1933; a co-opted member of the Technical and Further

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Education Committee ; appointed Chairman Hudd. Local Employment Committee, 1928, of Hudd. Juvenile Advisory Committee, 1928, of Hudd. Local Unemployment Assistance Tribunal; President Hudd. Engineering Employers’ Association, 1923-25; responsible for the formation in 1918 of the Huddersfield Engineers’ Training Association for the education of Apprentices, of which body he has been Chairman since 1929; a member of the Board of Managers Hudd. and Upper Agbrigg Savings Bank ; Hon. Secretary Hudd. National Savings Com- mittee since 1929; Hon. Secretary of Hudd. Rotary Club since its inception in 1921; President, 1927-28; President Hudd. St. Andrew’s Society, 1924-25. Address : ‘‘ Duneira,’’? 46, Gledholt Road, Marsh.

GREENHALGH, James ; 0. 10 July, 1878; s. of James Greenhalgh, Hudd. ; Educ : Lockwood Church and Spring Grove Board Schools ; m. 1907, Ethel B. Ramsden ; Director J. Shaw, Son & Greenhalgh, Ltd., Engineers, Hudd.; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. from 1921 to 1936; past President Hudd. Engineering Employers’ Association; a former member of the Hudd. Choral Society. Address: ‘* Moorleigh,’”? Dryclough Road, Crosland Moor, Hudd.

GREGSON, James Richard ; 0. Brighouse, 2 April, 1889; s. of Charles Gregson ; Educ. : Victoria Board School and Rastrick Common Board. School, Brighouse ; m. 1912, Florence Hine, Manchester ; commenced work in a cotton factory at the age of 12 years, subsequently a clerk in a steel foundry and the office of a civil engineer ; appointed acting manager Hudd. Theatre Royal, 1919; associated with the foundation of the Hudd. Thespians (1920) and the Leeds Industrial Theatre, Leeds Civic Playhouse (first producer) and Bradford Civic Plavhouse. Author of the following plays: ‘ Liddy,’ ‘T’ 1917; ‘‘A Democrat from Debrett,’ “‘ Young Imeson,”’ 1918 ; ‘‘ Melchisedek,”’ 1923 ; “‘ Sar’ Alice,’’ 1924 ; “‘ The Way of an ‘‘ Morocco Calf,”’ 1926 ; “‘ The Devil a Saint,” 1927; ‘‘ Saint Mary Ellen,’ 1928 ; ‘‘ High Dudgeon,”’ 1932; ‘* Portrait of a Lady,’’ ‘‘ Borrowed 1933 ; “Storm in Port,’ 1934; “A Family Fugue,’’ 1935; also several radio plays, including ‘‘ Shameless Wayne,” ‘“‘ Whatsoever,”’ ‘‘ Five Quid Pro Quo,” “ General Lord ‘‘ Captain James Cook,’’ and a novel ‘*‘ Melody on Moorside.’’ In 1931 toured with his own Yorkshire Players. Responsible for the production of ‘‘ The Six Men of Dorset ”’ and Tableaux at the jubilee celebration of the Hudd. and District Associated Trades and Industrial Council, June, 1935. Elected a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd., Dec., 1935; producer for the Hudd. and District Drama League of ‘‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream ”’ in Greenhead Park, June, 1936. Address : 30, Wiggan Lane, Sheepridge, Hudd.

GURNEY, Denies St. John Cecil, B.A. (Lond); 0. 18 March, 1893: s. of late Rev. W. F. C. Gurney, Marseilles; Educ.: Marseilles; King’s School, Canterbury ; Leeds University; m. Annie, d. of Tate John Gordon, J.P., Glasgow; assistant master Hinckley Grammar School and Whitgift Grammar School; senior Modern Languages master City of Leeds School ; Head Master of Royds Hall Secondary School, Hudd. since 1934. Publications : General Editor of the Oxford Rapid Reading French Texts. Address : 37, Victoria Street, Lindley, Hudd.

HAMMOND, Walter ; 0. White Cottage, Birkby, Hudd., 1848: s. of late William Hammond, Market Gardener, Birkby Hill; Educ. : St. Paul’s Church School, Hudd.; m. 1879, Phoebe, d. of late John Iredale, Birkby ; late representative of Joseph Dyson & Sons, John Taylor & Sons, Hirst Hanson & Sons, and Kaye & Stewart, Ltd. (formerly Kaye & Crowther), Cloth Manufacturers, Hudd. ; Chairman Hudd. Commercial Travellers’ Assoc., 1896; President Fartown Conservative Club, 1895-6 ; a lifelong connection with St. John’s Church, Hudd. ; Church- warden, 1890-91 and 1898-1900; Sunday School Superintendent until 1912; P. Prov. Grand Deacon of West Yorkshire Freemasons ; member and P.M. of the Lodge of Harmony ; a member. of the Chapter of Perseverance, No. 275.; elected Z in 1924. Recreation : Still enjoys a game of bowls. Address : 6,. Percy Street, Fartown,.Hudd..

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HANSON, John Henry, F.R.I.C.E., P.P.S.I.; 6. 23 Nov., 1851; Educ. : Birmingham ; m. 1880 ; senior partner in the firm of Abbey & Hanson,

Land Surveyors and Valuers, Hudd. Address: Daisy Lea, Lindley, Hudd.

HEYWOOD, William Henry, J.P.; 5. 17 Mar., 1854; Educ.: Fartown Grammar School; m. 1878, Sarah Edwards; founder and Governing Director of W. H. Heywood & Co., Ltd., Patent Glazing and Roofing Engineers, Hudd., and a director of other companies in Woollen Textiles, Cotton and Engineering Trades; a member of the Hudd. Board of Guardians from 1907 until the passing of the Poor Law Act, 1930. Address: Holly Mount, Birkby, Hudd.

HILL, Annie, M.A. (Lond.) ; Educ. : King Edward VI. High School, Birming- ham ; Head Mistress Devonport Secondary School for Girls, 1911-18 ; appointed Head Mistress Greenhead High School, Hudd., 1918; a member of British Federation of University Women, of the Associa- tion of Head Mistresses, of Hudd. Teachers’ Federal Council, of Hudd. Safety First Council, of Hudd. Juvenile Advisory Committee, of Committee Hudd. Soroptimist Club, of Local Council N.S.P.C.C. ; Vice-Chairman Hudd. and District Branches Council League of Nations Union, and a member of the committee Hudd. Branch League of Nations Union. Address: 4, Gledholt Road, Hudd.

HINCHCLIFFE, Arthur Edward Townend, LL.B., Solicitor; e.s. of late Edward Hinchcliffe, Bretton West; Holyrood School ; Owens _,. College, Manchester; m. Hannah, d. of William Almond, Solicitor, -.. Manchester ; senior partner in the firm of Armitage, Sykes & Hinchcliffe, Solicitors, Hudd.; past President. and Governor, Hudd. Law Society ; a co-opted member of the Public Library and Art Gallery Committee of the Hudd. Borough Council ; Chairman of Court of Referees (Hudd. and District) under the Unemployment Act; Vice-President and Chairman of General Committee Hudd. Cricket and Athletic Club ; Representative for Hudd. and District on Committee Yorkshire County Cricket Club ; past President Hudd. Organists’ Association. Address : Woodside, Hudd.

HIRST, Albert, Ald.; 5. 6 Aug., 1865; s. of late James Hirst, Longwood ; Educ. : Longwood and Huddersfield ; m. 1892, Catherine Wadsworth ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1920 ; elected Alderman in 1932 and Mayor in 1933-5; Deputy Mayor 1935-6; Director C. & J. Hirst & Sons, Ltd., Fancy Woollen Manvu- facturers, Longwood. Hudd, Address: 10, Talbot Avenue, Hudd.

HIRST, Amos Brook ; 0. 6 Dec., 1878; s. of Benjamin Hirst, Corn Miller ; Educ. : Longwood Grammar School; Huddersfield College ; m. 1906, Violet Hilda, d. of James Albert Woolven, J.P.; Registrar Hudders- field and Halifax County Courts, and Huddersfield and Halifax High Court of Justice; a Director of Hudd. Building Society, of People’s Thrift Society, Ltd., of Belwil Co., Ltd.; Hon. Manager Hudd. and Upper Agbrigg Savings Bank; Chairman of Directors Hudd. Town Association Football Club, Ltd.; a member of the Football League Management Committee and of the Council of the Football Association. Address : *‘ Brookleigh,’”’ 46, New Hey Road, Hudd.

HIRST, Charles; 5. Hudd., 8 May, 1843; s. of Charles Hirst, Wool Merchant, Chancery Lane, Hudd.; Educ.: Huddersfield College ; m. (1) 1865, Mary Thomson (died 1897), (2) 1899, Clara Burton ; entered his father’s business at the age of 16 years, and attended his first wool sale a year later; has visited Australia 8 times, first in 1867 and last in 1899 ; elected a Deacon of Ramsden Street Congregational Chapel in 1869; Sunday School Superintendent 1878-81; one of the founders of Milton Church, Hudd., and Sunday School Superintendent until the age of 84 years; with one exception (absent in Australia) has ‘‘ worked and voted Liberal ’’ at every election held in Hudders- field since eligible to vote; member of Hudd. Liberal Club since its formation. Addvess : Lynwood, 17, King’s Mill Lane, Hudd.

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HIRST, Major Ernest Edwin, J.P.; 0. 5 Sept., 1869; s. of Charles Hirst (see above); Educ. : Huddersfield College ; m. 1897, Florence Maud, d. of late J. H. Sykes, J.P.; partner in the firm of E. E. Hirst & Co., Wool Merchants, Hudd., 1886-1920; now on the staff of ‘‘ The Huddersfield Examiner’”’; Major Commanding 2nd V.B. Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, 1915-19; prominently associated with the Hudd. Amateur Operatic Society for many years; Hon. Sec. Hudd. Liberal Association, 1925-30; Hon. Sec. Woodsome Hall Golf Club, 1925-30. Recreation: Golf; Address: 41, Cleveland Road, Hudd.

HIRST, George Crowther ; 0. 27 Dec., 1866; s. of late Crosland Hirst, Longwood ; Educ. : Longwood Grammar School; m. Lillie, d. of late Walker Dyson, Milnsbridge ; Chairman of Directors C. & J. Hirst & Sons, Ltd., Fancy Woollen Manufacturers, Longwood, Hudd.; a member of Council of Hudd. Chamber of Commerce and of Associa- tion of British Chambers of Commerce. Publications : “Safeguarding for the Woollen Trade” (1929). Address :; “* Greylands,’”’ Almondbury, Hudd. ae

HIRST, George Herbert ; 0. Kirkheaton, 7 Sept., 1871 ; Educ. : Kirkheaton National School; m. 1896, Emma Kilner, Kirkheaton ; first played for Yorkshire County Cricket Club in 1889 (retired 1929); a fine batsman, and a fast left-hand bowler ; scored 32,231 runs (56 centuries) and took 2,569 wickets in County Cricket; on 14 occasions scored 1,000 runs and took 100 wickets, and in 1906 scored 2,000 runs and captured 200 wickets ; appointed cricket coach at Eton College 1920 ; coach Yorks. County Cricket Club. Address : 33, Glebe Street, Marsh, Hudd.

HIRST, Joseph Walker, M.A. (Cantab.), M.R.C.S. (Eng.), L.R.C.P. (Lond.) ; b. 28 July, 1896; s. of Herbert Hirst, Medical Practitioner ; Educ. : Huddersfield College; Epsom College; Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge ; King’s College Hospital, London; m. 1921, K. Coles, Nottingham ; Major R.A.M.C. (T.A.); Honorary Anesthetist Hudd. Royal Infirmary, 1923-33; Honorary Physician Hudd. Royal Infir- mary; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1930. Recreation : Hockey. Addvess : Somerset House, 68, Wake- field Road, Aspley, Hudd.

HOYLE, Lt.-Col. Sir Emmanuel, Ist Bt., cv. 1922; O.B.E., J.P.; 5. 23 Sept., 1866; s. of late Joseph Hoyle, Longwood, Hudd.;,. Educ. : Askern College; m. 1912, Amy, d. of late George William Hilton, London ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. from 1916 to 1924; Governing Director Joseph Hoyle & Son, Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers, Longwood, Hudd.; Chairman of Dictograph Telephones, Ltd., Croydon; President Hudd. Automobile Club. Recreations ;: Shooting and Motoring. Address: Banney Royd, Hudd. and Inglewood, Penrith, Cumberland.

HUDSON, James Frank, M.A., B.Sc.; b. Camberwell, 19 Sept., 1872; s. of late J. Hudson, V.M.H., Acton ; Educ. : Acton Collegiate ; St. Paul’s School; Jesus College, Oxford; m. 1905, Lilian, d. of late J. Snook, Bristol ; Assistant Lecturer at Jesus College, and Demonstrator of Physics in the Clarendon Laboratory, 1896-1900; Professor of Mathematics, Hartley University College, Southampton, 1900-4; Principal of the Technical College, Hudd., since 1904; Hon. Sec. National Dahlia Society, 1897-1903. Address: ‘‘ Torlea,’’ Halifax Road, Edgerton, Hudd.

HULL, Bertha Constance (Mrs.), F.R.C.O., A.T.C.L.; Educ. : Exhibitioner School of Music; privately ; m. 1906, Dr. Arthur Eaglefield- Hull (died 1928), founder of the Hudd. College of Music, and General Editor of ‘‘A Dictionary of Modern Music and Musicians ’”’ (1924) ; Hon. Secretary Ladies’ Committee Hudd. Music Club. Publications : Translation of Romain Rolland’s ‘“‘ Beethoven’’; Coleridge-Taylor Album for Violin and Piano. Address : Melbourne House, 48, New North Road, Hudd.

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JAGGAR, Wilfred, M.Inst.C.E., M. Inst.M.&Cty.E.; 6. 31 May, 1887; Educ.: Hudd. Technical College; served European War in Royal Engineers; Fellow of the Royal Sanitary Institute ; Member of the Town Planning Institute ; Deputy Borough Engineer of Hudd., 1919-21 ; appointed Borough Engineer and Surveyor of Hudd., 1921; a member of Livery of the Worshipful Company of Paviours, and a freeman of the City of London. Address: ‘‘ Elm Lea,” Wakefield Road, Dalton.

JAGGER, Mary Anne (née Mary Anne Tilburn); 5. 19 Dec., 1849; Educ. National School, Honley ; m. 1879, late County Ald. Samuel Jagger, J.P.; succeeded her father in charge of the Post Office at Honley, where the family had carried the Royal Mail since 1780 ; a successful exhibitor of St. Bernard dogs and Bull-dogs for over 50 years and the first woman to be appointed a judge of St. Bernard dogs; took an active part in the Women’s Suffrage agitation; a past member of the Archeological Society and the oldest member of the Bronté Society ; President Honley Sing Committee ; a life- long connection with Parish Church. Publications : ‘* Rookery Mill ’’ ; ‘‘ Is Love a Crime ? ”’; ‘‘ Early Reminiscences ”’ ; also contributor to standard works on dogs and newspaper articles. Died 25 Oct., 1936.

KAYE, Arthur William ; 0. 1880; Educ. : Studied with Haddock, Leeds ; Dr. Brodsky, Manchester; Professor Sevcik, Pisek, Bohemia; m. 1924; former Leader of Hudd. Philharmonic Society and Conductor Hudd. Permanent Orchestra ; founder and Conductor of the Arthur W. Kaye String Orchestra since 1910. Address: Collegiate House, 32, Upper George Street, Hudd.

KAYE, Sir Henry Gordon, Bart., M.A. (Oxon.), J.P.; 0. 24 Feb., 1889; s. of late Sir Joseph Kaye, Bart., J.P., Chairman of Kaye & Stewart, Ltd.;. Educ.: Rugby; Oriel College, Oxford; m. 1916, Winifred Seales ; served European War as a Captain in K.O.Y.L.I. and Royal Flying Corps; wounded while flying over the trenches at Ypres ; saw service in Egypt and Salonica, where he was very seriously injured in consequence of a crash; Chairman of Directors Kaye & Stewart, Ltd., Fine Cloth Manufacturers, Hudd., and Gledhill Bros. & Co., Ltd., Hudd.; a Director of the Sun Insurance Office, Ltd. (Leeds local branch); Vice-President Hudd. Building Society; a Trustee of the Hudd. Royal Infirmary ; Vice-President Hudd. Conservative Associa- tion. Address: Out of Bounds, Fixby, nr. Hudd.; Long Copse, Ewhurst, Surrey.

KAYE, Joseph ; 13 April, 1871 ; Educ. : Delph ; m. 1904, Emma Holroyd; Founder and Governing Director John Kaye & Son (Hudd.), Ltd., Manufacturers of ‘“‘ Kayso’’ Aprons and ‘‘Swando’”’ Pram Rugs, King’s Mill, Hudd.; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. from 1917 to 1919. Recreation : Golf. Address : ‘* Bryntirion,”’ 92, New North Road, Hudd. ,

KAYE, Sidney, LL.B. ; b. 27 May, 1891; s. of Joe Kaye, Southport ; Educ. : . Wheelwright Grammar School, Dewsbury; Leeds University; m. 1920, Dorothy, d. of late T. B. Talbot, Savile Town, Dewsbury ; served European War, Ambulance Transport Service, France, 1915-— 1916, and Italy, 1916-18; awarded Italian Medal for Ambulance Service at Caporetto, Oct., 1917 ; a partner in the firm of Wilmshurst & Kaye, Solicitors, Hudd.; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1927; Hon. Secretary of Hudd. Liberal Club since 1926 and Secretary of Hudd. Incorporated Law Society, 1934-36 ; has played leading comedy roles in the productions of the Hudd. and District Amateur Light Opera Society since 1928; keenly interested. in motoring and aviation; a member of the Lodge of Harmony, No. 275. Address : ‘‘ Hill 8, Occupation Road, Lindley.

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LEE, Philip Henry; 0. Saltburn-by-the-Sea, 15 Oct., 1872; e.s. of late George Frederick Lee, for 27 years cashier of Armitage & Norton, Chartered Accountants, Huddersfield ; Huddersfield College ; for 40 years in the employment of Armitage & Norton, Huddersfield ; prominent in the work for the South African War Memorial in Green- head Park (1905) and also the Fartown and Birkby War Memorial in Norman Park (1921) ; author of “‘ The Victoria Cross ”’ (two editions) ‘“ Reminiscences of the Old Clough House” and newspaper contri- butions ; collector of War Medals and Old Glass ; a keen philatelist ; has a wide knowledge of local history. Addvess ; Poplar Villas, 140, Halifax Old Road, Birkby, Hudd.

LEEPER, Rev. Canon Arthur Lindsay, M.A., Hon. C.F.; b. 19 May, 1883; s. of Charles Leeper, Dublin; Educ. : St. Stephen’s Green School ; Trinity College, Dublin; m. 1912, Ellen Gladys Melly (died 1936) ; received the Divinity Testimonium in 1907, and raised to the diaconate in 1908; curate of Kilbarron, co. Donegal, 1908-9; ordained priest at Londonderry, 1909 ; Assistant Secretary Church Missionary Society, 1909-11; curate of Sandal Magna, 1911-15, and of Honley-with- Brockholes until appointment in 1919 as Vicar of St. Jude’s, Hull ; became Vicar of All Saints’, Hutton-Rudby, in 1927, and succeeded Canon Albert Baines as Vicar of Hudd., Nov., 1935. Address : The Vicarage, 78, New North Road, Hudd.

LIDDELL, John, J.P.; b. 4 April, 1849; s. of late Joseph Liddell, Woollen and Worsted Manufacturer, Hudd.; Educ.: Huddersfield College ; m. 1877, Ellen Jane, d. of late Joseph Gerrard, Solicitor, Bolton ; Chairman Liddell & Brierly, Ltd., Fine Cloth Manufacturers, Marsh, Hudd.; joined the W. Yorks. Rifle Volunteers 1869; served four years as private, non-com. officer; gazetted to the 6th W. Yorks. _ Rifle Volunteers 1873, Capt. 1875, Maj. 1882, retired with hon. rank of Lt.-Col. 1895, after 27 years’ service 2nd Vol. W.R. Regt. ; former Hon. Treasurer Hudd. Conservative Association. Address : Burbank, Thornhill Road, Edgerton, Hudd.

MABANE, William, M.A., M.P.; 6. 12 Jan., 1895; s. of Joseph Greenwood Mabane, manufacturer, Leeds; Educ.:- Woodhouse Grove School ; Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge; Warden, University Settlo- ment, Liverpool, 1920-23; M.P. (Nat. Lib.) for Huddersfield since 1931; Governing Director, T. Mabane & Sons, Ltd., Leeds; contri- butor of various articles in newspapers and periodicals. Address : 3, St. Margaret’s View, Roundhay, Leeds.

MIDDLEBROOK, John Bailey, B.A., M.A.; 0. 13 Jan., 1894; Educ.: Bradford Grammar School; Leeds and Oxford Universities ; Rawdon and Mansfield Theological Colleges ; m. 1923, Dorothy Mary Heron ; pastor of New North Road Baptist Church, Hudd., since July, 1923; past President Hudd. Rotary Club, of Hudd. and District Free Church Council, of United Executive, of Yorkshire Baptist Associa- tion; Chairman Hudd. Branch League of Nations Union; Vice- a Hudd. Community Club. 10, Gledholt Road, udd.

MIDDLEMOST, Henry Edwin; 5. 12 Sept., 1867; s. of Henry Relph Middlemost, Cloth Manufacturer, Longwood, Hudd. ; Educ. : Privately ; m. 1892, Louise Smith: Chairman of Directors Middlemost' Bros. & Co., Ltd., Cloth Manufacturers, Clough House Mills, Hudd. <Addvess : ‘** Foxholme,”’ Birchenclifte, Hudd.

MITCHELL, Rowland, J.P.; 6. 10 Oct., 1871; e¢.s. of late Ald. Allan Mitchell, Ossett; Educ.: Wakefield Grammar School; m. 1895, Florence Wilson, Ossett ; Director of Rowland Mitchell & Co., Ltd., Worsted Manufacturers, Spa Mills, Lepton ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1909; elected Alderman in 1920 and Mayor in 1926-28; made an honorary Freeman of the Borough, 25 July, 1934; Chairman of Gas Committee, 1913-36; Chairman of Highways Committee since 1927; a Director of the Hudd. Town Association Football Club, Ltd. Address : The Grange, Kirkheaton, nr. Huddersfield.

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MOORE, Samson George Haydock, M.D., Ch.B., M.R.C.P., D.P.H.; 0.

29 July, 1865 ; member of Ulster Plantation family, and the Lancashire Haydocks ; Educ. : Liverpool; Bruges; London; m. 1897, Mary Ada Gibson ; Assistant Medical Officer of Health for Liverpool, 1893-1901 ; Medical Officer of Health for Hudd., 1901-1930; introduced scheme in Hudd. (1905) for voluntary notification of births, which was afterwards made compulsory all over the country by Act of Parliament ; member of Executive Committee National Association for the Prevention of Infant Mortality; Membre du Bureau Permanent des Congrés International Pour la Protection des Enfants; Milroy Lecturer and Chadwick Lecturer. Publications : Reports on Infant Mortality and contributicns to the medical and general press. Addvess : Kast Royd, Lindley, Hudd.

NICHOL, Albert Pennington, J.P.; Educ. : Outcote Bank Board School,


Hudd.; m. 1894, Lizzie Blackburn, Paddock, Hudd.; a member of the Board of Directors of the Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd., from 1907 to 1934, and President of the Society for 18 years ; Coun- cillor (Uib.) for the Paddock Ward of the Hudd. County Borough since 1929 ; Director T. A. Nichol & Sons, Ltd., Dyers and Finishers, Hudd. ; Shairman of Directors, Wm. Thomson & Sons, Ltd.; interested in ericket and motoring. Address: ‘Lingfield,’ 48, Heaton Road,


NORRIS, Edward Wallace ; 0. 16 July, 1877; s. of Rev. Wm. Arthur Norris,

M.A. (Cambridge Double Blue) ; Educ. : Pocklington Grammar School ; Solicitor (Honours), 1903; Coroner for boroughs of Halifax and Hud- dersfield, and the Honour of Pontefract and West Riding of Yorks. since 1919. Address : Edgeholme, Warley, Halifax.

NORTON, George Pepler ; 6. Hampton Wick, Middlesex, 27 March, 1858 ;

Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants ; senior partner in the firm of Armitage & Norton, Chartered Accountants, Huddersfield, Leeds, Rradford, Halifax and London; Chairman of Directors, York- shire Copper Works, Ltd., Leeds, and a director of several other companies ; author of a number of professional works on Accountancy and the Textile industry. Recreation: Golf. Address: High Royd, Honley, nr. Hudd. I

NORTON, Brevet-Col. Gilbert Paul, D.S.O., T.D., M.A.; 5. 17 Aug., 1882;

s. of George Pepler Norton, High Royd, Honley ; Educ. : Shrewsbury School ; Caius College, Cambridge ; m. 1908, Daisy, d. of Thompson Naylor, Hudd.; commanded 5th Duke of Wellington’s Regt., 1919-23; a partner in the firm of Armitage & Norton, Chartered Accountants, Huddersfield, Leeds, Bradford, Halifax and London ; Vice-Chairman and Managing Director The Yorkshire Copper Works, Ltd., of The Yorkshire & Pacific Securities, Ltd., of The York- shire & Canadian Trust ; Hon. Treasurer Hudd. Royal Infirmary and Hudd. Community Club; Chairman King’s Roll Local Committee ; a member of the West Riding County Territorial Association. Recreations : Hunting, Fishing and Golf. Addvess : Grice Hall, Shelley.

NORTON, Percy Goodall ; 13 Sept., 1879; s.s. of late Thomas Norton,

J.P., Bagden Hall; Educ. : Oatlands, Harrogate ; Uppingham School ; m. 1915, Gladys Marjorie, d. of late J. W. Stancliffe, J.P. ; a member of the firm of Hall, Walker & Norton, Solicitors, Hudd., since 1903 ; Clerk to the General Commissioners for Income Tax, Upper Agbrigg Division, since 1922. Address : Kirkroyd, Almondbury, Hudd. -

PRIEST, Walker Thomas, J.P., Ald. ; >. 27 May, 1865: s. of late Councillor

Allen Priest ; Askern College ; m. 1896, Edith, d. of late Ald. Ben Stocks ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1913; elected Alderman in 1823 and Mayor in 1929-31: late Hon. Treasurer Hudd. Y.M.C.A.; senior partner in the firm of Allen Priest & Sons, Ltd., Yarn Spinners, Bath Mills, Hudd.; a Director of Rushworths, Ltd.; Trustee» Brunswick Street Methodist Church, Hudd. Address : 152, Woodside Road, Lockwood, Hudd.


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PROCTER, Samuel ; 4. Doncaster, 1881; m. 1912; articlod to Town Clerk of Doncaster in 1900, and Assistant Town Clerk of that town in 1905 ; Deputy Town Clerk of Exeter, 1907-1914; Deputy Town Clerk of Huddersfield, 1914-1930 ; appointed Town Clerk of Hudd. upon retire- ment of Mr. J. Henry Field; Captain Longley Park Golf Club, 1928. Recreation: Golf. Address: 12, Talbot Avenue, Hudd.

PYE-SMITH, Charles Derwent, D.S.O., M.C., M.B., B.S. (Lond.), F.R.C.S. (Eng.); 0. 31 July, 1878; s. of John William Pye-Smith, Solicitor, Sheffield ; Educ. ; St. Anselms Preparatory’School ; Mill Hill School ; Guy’s Hospital; Hon. Surgeon Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. Recreations : Golf and Trout Fishing. Addvess : Vernon House, Hudd.

RAFFAN, James, M.D., D.M.R.E. (Cantab.), F.R.C.S. (Edin.) ; 0. 28 Aug., 1883; s. of John Raffan, Aberdeen; Aberdeen Grammar School; m. 1917, Emma, d. of late Joseph Blamires, Hudd.; Hon. Surgeon and Radiologist Hudd. Royal Infirmary: past President Hudd. St. Andrew’s Society and Hudd. Medical Society. Recreation : Golf and Gardening. Address : Gledholt Hall, Hudd.

RAMSDEN, Harold Hirst; 6. 6 July, 1874; s. of late Thomas Henry Ramsden, Oakwell, Golear; Educ: Almondbury Grammar School ; Rossall; a partner in the firm of Ramsden, Sykes & Ramsden, Solicitors, Hudd.; former Deputy Chairman Hudd. Court of Referees ; Deputy Chairman of the Hudd. Appeals Tribunal under the Unemployment Assistance Board. Address : Oakwell, Golcar, nr. Hudd.

RHODES, Wilfred ; 0. Kirkheaton, 29 Oct., 1877; Educ. : Spring Grove Board School ; first played for Yorkshire County Cricket Club in 1898 (rtd. 1930) ; took 3,608 wickets and scored 31,156 runs (46 centuries) in County Cricket ; headed the first-class cricket bowling averages in 1919, 1920, 1922, 1923 and 1928; is the only cricketer who has scored 2,000 runs © and taken 100 wickets in Test matches; shares record partnerships for the first and last wickets in Test cricket; in first-class cricket at home and abroad took 4,137 wickets; coach at Harrow since 1931. Address : 24, Marsh Grove Road, Hudd.

RILEY, Benjamin, M.P., J.P.; 0. 2 May, 1865; s. of Samuel Riley, stone- mason, Ripponden; Educ.: Halifax Elementary School; m. 1896, Lucy, only d. of Samuel Rushworth, Halifax ; commenced work as a ‘“‘ half-timer’’ at the age of 9 years, and apprenticed to the trade of bookbinding ; established the business of B. Riley & Co., Ltd., Library Bookbinders, Hudd., in 1896, and now managing director; Director Blackfriars Press, Leicester ; a foundation member of the Labour Party, and a member of the National Council, 1907-1925 ; a member of the Hudd. School Board, 1896-1903, and of the Hudd. Borough Council, 1904-1921; M.P. for Dewsbury, 1922-1931; re- elected General Election, 1935; Private Parliamentary Secretary to Minister of Agriculture, Labour Government of 1929-1931; visited U.S.S.R., May, 1936; contributor of articles on foreign travel and political questions to various newspapers. Recreations : Travel, Swim- ming and Motoring. Address : 28, Westfield Avenue, Oakes, Hudd.

RUSHWORTH, Aguilla Ernest; 5. 20 Mar., 1878; s. of late Aquilla Rushworth; Educ.: Huddersficld College; Director Rushworths, -Ltd., Hudd.; past President Hudd. Chamber of Trade, of Hudd. Rotary Club; President Hudd. Tradesmen’s Benevolent Institution. Address : 20, Thornhill Road, Hudd.

SELLERS, Arthur Edwin; b. 10 Sept., 1880; s. of Robert Sellers, Card Manufacturer, Scholes; Scholes National School; Bradford Technical College; m. 1905, Lydia Slack ; Director of Sellers & Co. (Hudd.) Ltd., Textile Machinery Makers, Hudd.; past President Hudd. Engineering Society ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1920; Chairman of Sewage Works Com- mittee ; a member of the Hudd. Insurance Committee, of Hudd. and District Employment Committee and Court of Referees ; a member of the General Committee of Hudd. Cricket and Athletic Club and of Cricket Sub-Committee. Address: The Homestead, Newsome Road South, Hudd.

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SHAW, William Edmund Dale ; >. 20 June, 1874; Educ. : Mill Hill School; Managing Director Fisher & Co. ‘Hudd.) Ltd., Woollen Merchants and Shippers; Director Woolcombers, Ltd.; Vice-President Hudd. Chamber of Commerce, and one of His Maiesty’s Commissioners for Income Tax. fecreations : Shooting, Fishing, Cricket and Football. Address : Upton Villa, 18, Greenhead Road, Hudd.

SHIRES, Thomas, Ald. ; b. 2 Sept., 1868; s. of late James Shires ; Educ. : Longwood Grammar School: m. 1894, Alice Bamforth ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1908; elevted _ Alderman in 1921 ; Director James Shires & Sons, Ltd., Yarn Spinners and Woollen and Worsted Manufacturers, Milnsbridge, Hudd. Recreation : Golf. Address : “‘ Glenroyd,” 67, Gledholt Bank, Hudd.

SHIRES, William, J.P. ; 5. 15 Aug., 1866; s. of James Shires, Yarn Spinner, Crosland Moor ; Educ. : Board School and Private Academy ; m. 1890, Mary Isabella Mathieson; Chairman of Directors James Shires & Sons, Ltd., of Taylor Livesey & Co., Ltd., of Colne Valley Coal Supply Association, Ltd., of Brookbottom Cotton Spinning Co., Ltd.; a Director of Saddleworth Woollen Co., Ltd. ; Captain Hudd. Golf Club, 1923; past President Crosland Heath Golf Club; past President Hudd. Chamber of Commerce; attended the Chamber of Commerce Empire Conference, Wellington, New Zealand, Oct., 1936; prominent in Masonic circles; Hon. Treasurer Hudd. Liberal Association. Recreations: Golf and Salmon Fishing. Address : Quarmby Lodge, Hudd.

SINGLETON, Harold, M. Inst. Mech. E., M. Inst. Gas E.; 6. 26 May, 1889; s. of Fred Singleton, Golear; Educ.: Golcar National School ; Longwood Grammar School; Hudd. Technical College; m. 1916, d. of late Albert Pearson, Golcar ; former assistant to Engineer, Hudd. Corporation Gas Dept.; appointed Engineer and Manager, 1915; a member of Executive Committees of various Gas Associations. Recreations : Cricket and Golf. Address : ‘* Wildfell,’? Mount, Outlane.

SMAILES, Thomas ; 0. 24 Aug., 1887; y.s. of late Dr. T. Smailes, Honley ; Educ. : Honley National School ; Huddersfield College School ; Harro- gate College; Leeds University; m. 1915, Kate, d. of late George Borwell, Honley ; admitted a Solicitor in 1910; senior partner in the firm of Smailes & Walker, Solicitors, Hudd.; Clerk to Honley Urban _ District Council, 1911-21; Clerk to Honley and South Crosland Joint Sewerage Board since 1919; appointed Clerk to the West Riding Magistrates at Huddersfield and Holmfirth, Aug., 1936; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1923; Chairman of Public Library and Art Gallery, and Secondary Education Com- mittees; Chairman of Governors Royds Hall Secondary School ; Deputy Chairman Ravensknowle Committee ; Worshipful Master of the Brooke Masonic Lodge, Honley, 1927; Past Principal Chapter of Perseverance; President Hudd. and District Musical Festivals Association ; well-known in Methodist circles. Addvess : ‘‘Ashville,”’ 201, Victoria Road, Lockwood, Hudd.

SMITH, Jchn Davidson Eaton; >. 6 Dec., 1879; s. of Henry Hardwick Smith, J.P., Merchant Flour Miller; Educ. : Wycliffe College, Stone- house, Glos. ; m. 1918, Elizabeth London ; senior partner in the firm of Eaton Smith & Downey, Solicitors, Hudd.; President of the Huddersfield Building Society ; Chairman of Huddersfield Liberal Association. Address ‘ The Knowle, Heaton Road, Hudd.

STEWART, Andrew, C.A., A.I.S.A.A., F.C.1.S., F.R.Ecom.8., F.I.C. & W.A.; b. 30 June, 1895; s. of David Stewart, Edinburgh; Educ. : Broughton Secondary School and Heriot-Watt College, Edinburgh ; Edinburgh University; m. 1933, Norah Lucy Plaistowe; General Manager and Secretary Hudd. Building Society since 1928 ; a member of the Council of The Building Societies’ Association. Publication : for Light Castings Jronfounders.” Recreation: Golf. Address : 2, Elmwood Avenue, Bath Street, Hudd.

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SUDWORTH, Elijah, F.C.A., F.R. Ecom.8.; 25 May, 1878; e.s. of Edwin Sudworth, Manchester; Manchester Grammar School ; Owens College, Manchester ; m. 1904, Mary Elizabeth, d. of Jonathan Kershaw, Manchester; Senior Partner in the firm of Wheawill & Sudworth, Chartered Accountants, Hudd., Leeds and London, and a Director of various companies ; a member of the Council of the Hudd. Chamber of Commerce, and of the Board of Management Hudd. Royal Infirmary ; a co-opted member of the Education and Assessment Committees of the Hudd. Borough Council; Hon. Treasurer Hudd. Conservative and Unionist Association ; Past Provincial Grand Officer of the Province of West Yorkshire. Golf. Oakley House, Edgerton, Hudd.

SYKES, Arthur; 0. 2 Jan., 1862; Educ. : Hudd. Collegiate ; late partner in the firm of Stocks, Sykes & Hickson, Architects and Surveyors, Hudd.; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1911; elected Alderman in 1929; past Chairman Waterworks Committee ; past Chairman West Riding of Yorkshire Mental Hos- pitals Board; a lifelong connection with Hillhouse Congregational Church ; Sunday School teacher and librarian; Trustee and member of Management Committee. Recreations : Interested in Cricket and Football. Addvess : 33, Birkby Crescent, Hudd.

SYKES, Edward Musgrave ; s. of Wm. Shaw Sykes ; Educ. : Clifton College, Bristol; Chairman of the English Card. Clothing Co., Ltd.; member of Huddersfield Club and Borough Club, Huddersfield ; member of Junior Carlton Club, London. Addvess : Barwick House, Imperial Road, Edgerton, Hudd.

SYKES, John Frederick ; 28 April, 1886; s. of Charles Frederick Sykes ; Educ. : The Leys School, Cambridge; m. 1914, Doris, d. of George Bedforth ; head of the firm of Godfrey Sykes & Sons, Astrachan and Imitation Fur Manufacturers, Birkhouse Mills, Hudd., of Henry Walker & Sons, Mirfield; a Director of Sykes & Tunnicliffe, Ltd., Almondbury ; commissioned in 5th Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, 1908, Capt. 1914, Maj. 1916; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1927; Deputy Chairman Waterworks Com- mittee ; Captain Hudd. Hockey Club, 1912-13 ; Captain Huddersfield Golf Club, 1933; Life Member Woodsome Hall Golf Club; past President Hudd. Branch British Legion. Recreations : Shooting and Golf. Address : ‘‘ Birksgate,’? Fenay Lane, Almondbury, Hudd.

SYKES, Mary Elaine, B.A., LL.B., Solicitor; b. 24 Aug., 1896; d. of late James Sykes, of Armitage, Sykes & Hinchcliffe, Solicitors, Hudd. ; Educ. : Private School and London University ; articled to her father on the first day on which it was known that women might qualify to to practise in the legal profession, and one of the first women in the country to be admitted a Solicitor ; the first woman Labour Councillor of the Hudd. Borough Council (1935) ; past President Hudd. Women’s Luncheon Club ; a member of British Federation of University Women. Address : ‘‘ Hungerford Road, Hudd., and 24, Britannia Buildings, Hudd.

TAYLOR, Harold Tom, F.S.I.; 6. Jan., 1888; Educ.: King Edward’s Grammar School, Birmingham; Deputy Estate Manager, Swansea Corporation ; Deputy Estate Manager, Leicester City Corporation ; Estate Manager Hudd. Corporation since 1934. Address: 30, Daisy Lea Lane, Lindley, Hudd.

THORNTON, Harold Leppington ; b. Rastrick, 29 Nov., 1877; s. of late John Thornton, County Councillor W.R.C.C.; Educ. : St. Dunstan’s College; m. 1910, Elizabeth Lewis Little; Director B. Vickerman & Sons, Ltd., Woollen and Worsted Manufacturers, Taylor Hill Mills, Hudd.; played Lacrosse for Yorkshire, 1907-1913; Assistant Com- missioner Hudd. Division St. John Ambulance Brigade. Address : ‘* Fairlea,’’ Taylor Hill, Hudd. * 7

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TURNER, Sir Joseph, K.B.E., cy. 1920; J.P., F.L.C., F.C.S.; >. 1868;

Educ.: Hudd. Technical College; m. 1893, Alice Brook; late Chairman, Read Holliday & Sons, Ltd.; late J oint Managing Director British Dyestuffs Corporation, Ltd. ; Partner in the firm of Sir Joseph Turner and Sons, Aniline Dye M anufacturers, Hudd.; Governor, Hudd. Technical College and a co-opted member of the Technical and Further Education Committee of the Hudd. Borough Council; member of committee Huddersfield and District Victoria Nurses’ Association ; President Huddersfield Cricket and Athletic Club; President Hud- dersfeld Liberal Association. Addvess Birkby Lodge, Hudd.

WALKER, Joseph, O.B.E.; b. 23 April, 1877; s. of late Charles Henry

Walker, Lindley ; m. 1904, Mary Winifred, d. of the late Frederick Wm. Sykes, Z. Green Lea, Lindley ; admitted a Solicitor in 1899; a partner in the firm of Hall, Walker & Norton, Solicitors, Huda. ; commissioned in 5th Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, 1914 ; served with B.E.F. 62nd Division ; mentioned in despatches ; past President Hudd. Incorporated Law Society :; Life Member Yorkshire Archeo- logical Society. Addvess : Marsh House, Lindley, Hudd.

WHITELEY, Frederick ; >. 27 June, 1877; s. of Arthur W. Whiteley ;

Educ. : - Tikley College ; Ashville College ; m. 1902, Ethel Kate, ad. of late C. Wheawill, Chartered Accountant, Hudd.; partner in the firm of A. W. Whiteley & Sons, Caterers and Confectioners, Hudd. ; past President Hudd. Chamber of Trade; a co-opted member of I the Assessment Committee of the Hudd. Borough Council; one of the founders of the Hudd. Music Club, and a founder member of the Hudd. Rotary Club; a member of the Hudd. Choral Society for 30 years and a member of committee Hudd. Thespians. : Bryan Lodge, Edgerton, Hudd. I

WILLIAMS, Denys Roger Hesketh ; 5. 10 Oct., 1879; s. of Rev. Bennett

Hesketh Williams, M.A.; m. 1904, Maud Evelyn Margaret, d. of late William Scott, M.D.; Fellow of the Textile Institute ; Silver Medallist of the City and Guilds of London Institute; Manager and Director John Taylors, Ltd., Woollen and Worsted Manufacturers, Colne Road Mills, Hudd.: past President Hudd. Fine Cloth Manufacturers and Hudd. Woollen and Worsted Fed.; a member of the Grand Council and Executive and Tariff Committees Fed. of British Industries; a member of Research Control Committee of the Woollen Industries Research Assoc., and of Employers’ Council of the Woollen and Worsted Industries ; Chairman Hudd. Smoke Abatement Committee ; President Hudd. Cinderella Society; past President Hudd. Junior Conservative Assoc. Publications ; ‘‘ Costing in the Wool Textile and other Industries,” “ Textile Factory Organisation and Management.” Inventions : Scouring and Milling Machines, Tension Gauge for Blowing Machines, Worsted Fabrics. Recreations; Shooting, Fishing and Gardening. Address: ‘‘ Sunnydale,’? Edgerton, Hudd.

WOODHEAD, Arthur Longden, M.A. (Edin.), J.P.; 6. 13 Sept., 1862;

s. of late J oseph Wocdhead, J.P., first M.P. for Valley Division of. Zorks.; : Huddersfield College; Edinburgh University ; m. 1899, Mary Ann, d. of late John Robinson ; Managing Director of J oseph Woodheagl & Sons, Ltd., proprietors of ‘The Huddersfield ”’; joined the staff of the paper in 1883; a member of the Council of the Newspaper Society and elected President in 1925 ; one of the original members of the Hudd. Golf Club, and Hon. Sec- retary from 1893 to 1895 and from 1899 to present date; Secretary of the Yorks. Union of Golf Clubs for the first nineteen years of its existence ; President of the Hudd. Music Club and of the Central Lads’ Club, Huda. ; prominently associated with the work of Milton Church, Huda. : attended the Chamber of Commerce Empire Conference, Wellington, New Zealand, Oct., 1936. Recreations : Golf and Motoring. Address : Deveron House, Queen’ s Road, Edgerton, Hudd.

WOODHEAD, Ernest, M.A. (Edin.), J.P.; 5. Woodland Mount, Hudd.,

10 Feb., 1857; s. of late Joseph Woodhead ( see above); Educ. : Hud- dersfield College ; ; pee niversity ; 1892, Lilian, d. of Joah

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Moorhouse, Hudd.; Chairman of Directors Joseph Woodhead & Sons, Ltd., proprietors of ‘“‘ The Huddersfield Examiner’’; Editor of the paper from 1885 to 1927; Rugby Football English International against Ireland, 1880 ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. from 1894 to 1923; elected Alderman in 1899 and Mayor in 1901—2 ; made an honorary Freeman of the Borough, 18 Sept., 1918; Chairman of the Finance Committee at the time of the purchase of the Ramsden Estate by the Hudd. Corporation (see Dawson, Wilfrid), saving the necessary Bill in its passage through committee. Liberal candidate for Hudd. 1918; Sheffield (Hillsborough) 1923 ; Pudsey and Otley Division, W.R. Yorks., 1924; Chairman of Municipal Mutual Insurance and Congregational Insurance Co.; President Hudd. Art Society and Hudd. Glee and Madrigal Society ; First Captain Woodsome Hall Golf Club; active worker at Milton Church, Hudd. ; has travelled extensively abroad and circumnavigated the globe with the Empire Press Union in 1925. Publications : ‘‘ Student Recollections of Professor several light operas and serial stories in ‘““The Huddersfield Examiner.”’ Recreations: Golf, Sketching, Travel; Address: Langdale, 56, Gledholt Road, Hudd.

WOODHEAD, Frank Ellis ; >. 29 May, 1868; s. of late Joseph Woodhead (see above) ; Educ. : Loretto ; Cambridge ; a Director of Joseph Woodhead & Sons, Ltd., proprietors of ““The Huddersfield Examiner”; winner of Yorkshire Golf Championship, 1894, 1895, 1898 and 1899. Address : 11, Marsh Grove Road, Hudd.

WOODHEAD, Thomas William, Ph.D. (Ziirich), Hon. M.Sc. (Leeds), F.L.S.; 6. 11 March, 1863; s. of James Woodhead, Holmfirth ; Educ. : Arkwright’s School, Holmfirth ; British School, Mechanics’ Institute and Technical College, Hudd.; Botanical Research, University of Bonn, 1900 ; Cambridge University, 1904 ; University of Ziirich, 1905-6 ; m. (1) 1901, Annie Louisa Haigh (died 1923), (2) 1926, Mary Hannah Hoyle; Head of Biological Department Hudd. Technical College, 1896-1928 ; Hon. Director Tolson Memorial Museum, Huddersfield, since its inception, Dec. 31st, 1919; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1928; Chairman of Agricultural Committee, of Public Assistance Sub-Committee Section ‘“‘A”’; Presi- dent Hudd. Naturalist, Photographic and Antiquarian Society, 1891, 1928-29-30, of Yorkshire Naturalists’ Union, 1922, of British Ecological Society, 1926-27, of Yorkshire Natural Science Association, 1928-29, of Yorkshire Museums Federation, 1933-34. Publications : ‘‘ Ecology of Woodland Plants,” 1906; ‘‘Study of Plants,’ 1917; ‘‘ Junior Botany,” 1922; ‘‘ Vegetation of the Southern Pennines,” 1929; Joint Editor Naturalist,’’ 1903-30; Editor of Tolson Memorial Museum Publications ; contributions to scientific journals. Address : 35, Longley Road, Hudd.

WOOLVEN, James Albert, J.P.; 0. Alfriston, Sussex, 21 Dec., 1852; Educ. : St. Peter’s Church School, Brighton; m. 1876, Annie Thompson, Hudd. ; the oldest licence holder in Hudd. ; purchased the business of wholesale wine and spirit merchant in Victoria Street in 1887; a. member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. from 1892 to 1935 and “father ’’ for many years ; elected Alderman in 1913 and. Mayor in 1919-21; made a Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur in recognition of his services during Mayoralty for Huddersfield’s. ‘‘adopted’’’ French towns of Avrincourt and Hermies; made an honorary Freeman of the Borough, 25 July, 1934; Chairman of Parks and Cemeteries Committee for 24 years, and Deputy Chairman of Finance Committee for 15 years; a pioneer of the running of Sunday trams ; Chairman of Directors Thrift Society and Hudd. Theatre. Royal ; President of Hudd. Fallen Heroes’ War Memorial Committee ; a founder member of the Hudd. and County Conservative Club, and a member of the Borough Club, Hudd., for 52 years; past Senior Deacon of the Provincial Grand Lodge of West Yorkshire; Vice- President Hudd. Old Boys Rugby Football Club ; Life Governor Hudd. Royal Infirmary. Address : 19, Trinity Street, Hudd.

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A Tour Round Huddersfield.

HE visitor to Huddersfield by rail is almost certain to be impressed with his first glimpse of the town from the steps of the magnificent centre portico of the railway station. St. George’s Square is flanked with buildings which reflect the solidarity of the town, while the grimy stonework is a reminder of the industrial activities of the district.

On the north side of the square stands the George Hotel, built in 1852 and recently completely modernised. The south side of the square is occupied by the Britannia Buildings, the new stonework of the lower portion contrasting strangely with the remainder of the building. The ground floor serves as the head office of the Huddersfield Building Society, which was founded in 1864 and now (1936) has assets amounting to ~ £13,247,377 and 66,213 depositors’ accounts.

A word about the Huddersfield Railway Station, the foundation stone of which was laid by Earl Fitzwilliam on October 9th, 1846. The front of the station is over 400 feet long, with a centre portico 68 feet high. The architect was Mr. J. P. Pritchett, and the building of the station was entrusted to Mr. Joseph Kaye, who was also responsible for many other buildings in the town.

Dominating the whole square is a fine Sicilian marble statue of Sir Robert Peel, designed by Mr. William Theed, the sculptor of the “‘Africa ”’ group on the Albert Memorial. The total cost of the statue was about £1,000, which sum was raised by voluntary subscriptions. After a delay of over twenty-two years the statue was unveiled on Whit-Tuesday, June 83rd, 1873, by Lord Houghton, a personal friend and supporter of Peel.

Before proceeding along John William Street the visitor will wish to inspect the attractive window displays of the shops which form part of the Lion Building. This building was originally designed as an arcade, and a few years ago proposed to be converted into a cinema theatre. Now the interior of the building consists of office premises.

The end of John William Street brings us to the Market Place, where once the traders displayed their wares, but which is now much favoured by orators and ‘“‘form experts.’”” The base of the old cross makes an excellent ‘‘

A few strides down Kirkgate and the Parish Church of St. Peter stands before us. The celebration of the centenary of the opening of the present church took place during the week of October 25th-November Ist, 1936, when special services were held and the building floodlit. The present church is the third building presumed to have been erected on the site, and is in the Gothic style of architecture, with a square tower which contains a clock and peal of ten bells.

The interior of the church contains few objects of interest to the visitor. A tablet commemorates the great pastorate of the Rev. Henry Venn. The most beautiful painted glass window at the east end of the church was destroyed when the present memorial window was erected in 1923. In the words of one local historian this was “‘an act of vandalism for which there was no possible excuse.” 7

Opposite the Parish Church is the Pack Horse Hotel, one of the oldest hostelries in the town, and as its title suggests once the place of arrival and departure of the pack horse trains and stage-coaches. Huddersfield was well provided with stage-coaches and mails to all parts of the country, and the Pack Horse Yard was once the busiest place in the town. The yard has changed very little with the passing of the years, although the clatter of horses’ hoofs is no longer a familiar sound.

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If we continue down Kirkgate we shall be able to visit the New Palace Theatre. The first Palace Theatre was destroyed by fire on January 23rd, 1936. The leading variety stage artistes appeared on its stage in addition to many spectacular revues. At the time of writing (December, 1936) no ‘statement has been issued respecting the policy of the new theatre, but it is expected that it will make variety the principal attraction. Incidentally, the site of the theatre was -once occupied by an inn known as the Rose and Crown.

From the Palace Theatre it is only a short walk to the scene of Huddersfield’s great slum clearance schemes in Northgate and Thomas Street, but let us retrace our footsteps to the Market Place and continue along New Street as far as Cloth Hall Street.

The historic Cloth Hall site is now occupied by a cinema, but certain features of the old building, including the cupola and clock, have been incorporated into a shelter erected in the grounds of Ravensknowle Park. The steel framework of the new Corporation Electricity Showrooms towers alongside the cinema, while more shop premises are planned at the rear of the building.

After returning to New Street, let us proceed down King Street and enter the Market Hall. There is a clock tower over the fine Gothic entrance gateway. The Corporation purchased the market rights from the then lord of the manor in 1880, and the present market hall building was erected at a cost of about £30,000. The bright and clean appearance of the hall has made it a favourite shopping centre with the public.

Instead of walking back to New Street we will leave the Market Hall by the Victoria Lane entrance and continue along this narrow thoroughfare until it enters Ramsden Street. We are now confronted with the Municipal Buildings, at the rear of which is the Town Hall. The former building was built in 1878, while the Town Hall was opened on October 18th, 1881, with a three days’ musical festival. The assembly hall contains an organ, and is used by the local choral and orchestral societies during the winter months for the holding of their concerts.

It is to be hoped that by the time these notes appear in print work will have commenced on the New Public Library and Art Gallery building which is to be erected on the site in Ramsden Street formerly occupied by the Ramsden Street Congregational Church. The present Public Library and Art Gallery is inadequately housed in premises in Church Street.

The Theatre Royal stands on the site of the Philosophical Hall, and during the past sixteen years has been the scene of many important theatrical events.

The lofty spire of St. Paul’s Church next commands our attention. The church was built by the Government in 1831 at a cost of £5,486.

Adjoining St. Paul’s Church in Queen Street. South is the site of the extension to the Technical College. The Technical College celebrated its Jubilee in 1934. Since 1905 the college has been affiliated with the Uni- versity of Leeds, and its status is now almost equal to that of a university.

Milton Congregational Church, which is in close proximity to the temple of learning, was a secession from Ramsden Street, and was erected in 1885.

From the Technical College it is a short walk to Buxton Road and the central premises of the Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd. The society has a membership of 34,290, and is building a new shopping emporium adjoining its present premises, which are to be entirely reorganised when the new building is completed.


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To visit the other places of interest in Huddersfield a short journey by tramear or trolley-bus is necessary. Greenhead Park is easily the most- popular summer resort in the district. The park covers thirty-three acres of land, and was opened to the public on September 27th, 1884. This valu- able ‘‘ lung ”’ was secured for the town by the foresight of the late Alderman. Thomas Denham, who saved the site from the hands of the builder by taking it at his own expense until the Council relieved him of the respon- sibility. I Occupying a commanding site in the park is the town’s War Memorial, which was designed by Sir Charles Nicholson and unveiled by Lieut.-General Sir Charles Harington on April 26th, 1924. The South African War Memorial will be found in the beautiful Italian gardens.

The Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, situate in New North Road, was first opened in 1831. A south wing was added in 1861 and a north wing in 1874, while the Carlisle Wing was the gift of Sir E. Hildred Carlisle. The present King (then Duke of York) laid the foundation stone of a new extension to the Infirmary in 1932, and the new building was opened by the late Lord Moynihan in 1934.

The Huddersfield College, also in New North Road, was founded in 1838, and is now under the control of the local Education Authority. The late Lord Oxford and Asquith was a pupil at the college for a short time.

The sum of £64,000 was expended in building and equipping the splendid Cambridge Road Public Baths. During the winter months the large pool is converted into a dance hall.

The Clock Tower at Lindley, the gift of the late Mr. James Nield Sykes, is 83 feet in height, and each of the four large dials is 6 ft. 6 ins. in diameter, The tower contains some striking sculptures.

Huddersfield has many fine examples of church architecture. St. John’s Church was designed by William Butterfield, one of the best known architects of the last century. The spire of the church has recently been repaired.

Recent gales have also damaged the spire of St. Thomas’ Church in Manchester Road. This church was the work of Sir Gilbert Scott, and was built in 1857.

Beaumont Park, situated in the Crosland Moor district of the town, is a park of natural beauty, and was presented to the town by the late H. F. Beaumont, and opened by the Duke and Duchess of Albany on October 13th, 1883.

A visit to Almondbury must include the ancient Parish Church (restored 1873), Woodsome Hall (16th century) and the Victoria Tower erected on Castle Hill to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. The tower is 106 feet high to the highest point, and is now scheduled as an ancient monument.

Another interesting visit is to Kirklees Park, the burial place of the famous outlaw Robin Hood. The Dumb Steeple, famous as the meeting place of local Luddites, is passed on the road to the park.

A final visit could perhaps be made to the B.B.C. North Regional broadcasting station at Moorside Edge, which is in the postal area. of Huddersfield. The moorlands are within easy reach of the town, and a visit is as invigorating as it is beautiful.

i <4;

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Incorporation of the Borough, 1868. The Council meets every first Wednesday in the month. The vacation in each municipal year commences on the Thursday after the first Wednesday in August and terminates on the second Thursday in September. Each member of the Council has power to admit by ticket not more than one stranger to all meetings of the Council. The Mayor may introduce

not more than three strangers.

Mayor : Coun. JOSEPH BARLOW, J.P., The Bungalow, Daisy Lea Lane, Lindley.

Deputy Mayor : Autp. ALBERT HIRST, 10, Talbot Avenue, Edgerton.

Aldermen :

Retire Albert Hirst (Lib.) (Lindley), 10, Talbot Avenue, Edgerton, woollen manufacturer es =f eS ie ei ea 1938 James Edward Jagger (Con.) (Lockwood), 97, Fitzwilliam Street, grocer x +o oa “2 sag es ene eh 1938 Fred Lawton (Lib.) (Newsome), 71, Perseverance Street, Primrose Hill, yarn spinner ... cat ws i a oe ee 1938 William Adams Meadows (Lab.) (Almondbury), 9, Honoria Street, Fartown, retired railway yard official... ae is 1938 Arthur Samuel Moulton, J.P. (Con.) pent Central), 2, Kidroyd, Somerset Road, printer bas via 1938 ‘Charles Henry Moxon (Con.) (Paddock), "Mayfield, Edgerton, retired coal merchant .. ie rege i ses jinn 1938 Alfred Willis (Con.) (South Central), “ Caerleon,” 9, Oakfield Road,

Birkby, company director ves sis see ais ‘Thomas Canby, J.P. (Con.) (Birkby), « Heathfield,”’ 328, Black- moorfoot Road, Crosland Moor, finisher ... 1941 Arthur Gardiner (Lab. ) (Crosland Moor), ‘‘Aldonholme,”’ 43, Jack-

royd Lane, Newsome, political agent... 1941 Walter Halstead a is ) (Longwood), 32, Thornhill Avenue, ‘Lindley, printer ee 1941 Rowland Mitchell, (Lib.) (Moldgreen), ““ The Grange,” New- lands Road, Kirkheaton, manufacturer . 1941 ‘Walker Thomas Priest, J.P. (Lib. ) (Dalton, Bradley and Deighton), 152, Woodside Road, Crosland Moor, yarn § Be 1941 ‘Thomas Shires (Lib.) (West Central), ‘‘ Glenroyd,”’ , Gledholt Bank, yarn spinner and woollen manufacturer 194] Arthur Sykes (Lib.) (Marsh), 33, ee Hall Road, I architect... se 1941 ‘Thomas Woffenden (Lib.) (Fartown), 4, King. Clift Road, ‘Birkby, printer vee es es ue nck ae Ke 1941 Councillors : No. 1.—Lonewoop Warp. Area, 1,587 acres. L.G. Electors, 3,602. ‘Thomas Wrigley (Lib.), Field House, 29, Ballroyd, Longwood, retired bank manager ; 1937 Dyson Beaumont (Lib.), Strathdene, 28, Hall Street, Longwood, ophthalmic optician 1938

John Ernest Lunn (Lib.), Lea Ridge, Occupation B ‘Road, Lindley, architect and surveyor... 1939

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No. 2.—LINDLEY WARD. Area, 1,055 acres. L.G. Electors, 4,604. Joseph Barlow, J.P. (Lib.), The Bungalow, Daisy Lea Lane,

Lindley, retired wool merchant ... 1937 Law Netherwood (Lib.), 386, New ner Road, Salendine Nook, chartered accountant 1938. Sidney Kaye (Lib.), Hill Crest, 8, Occupation Road, Lindley,

solicitor a 1939:

No. 3.—BirKBy WARD.

Area, 462 acres. L.G. Electors, 4,331. John William Baker Johnson (Lib.), 148, Halifax Old Road, Birkby,

retired pharmacist .. : 1937 Albert Berry (Lib.), 8, Ashfield Road, Birkby, retired schoolmaster 1938. John nae Dawson (Lib.), Birkby Grange, wool broker as 1939

No. 4.—FArTOWN WARD. Area, 474 acres. L.G. Electors, 4.396,

Wilfred Sizer (Con.), 28, Percy Street, Fartown, musician 1937 William Milburn (Lab.), Keswick House, 12, Woodhouse Hill, Fartown, retired railway official 1938: John Armitage (Lab.), 32, Woodbine Road, Fartown, ‘railway engine driver a ee La ns << ae os 1939:

No. BRADLEY AND DEIGHTON WARD. Area, 2,724 acres. L.G. Electors, 3,902.

David Crawshaw (Lib.), 75, Deighton Road, railway clerk 1937 George Armitage (Lib.), 211, Deighton Road, timber merchant . 1938: William Tom Joyce (Lab.), 48, Deighton Road, railway clerk _... 1939

No. 6.—MarsH Warp. Area, 439 acres. L.G. Electors, 3,956. James Flower Best (Con.), Greeribank, 16, Imperial Road, Edgerton,

solicitor oe ls as <a 1937 Harry Andrew Bennie Gray (Con.), 46, Gledholt Road, Marsh, consulting engineer ses des a ras 1938: Norman Armitage ao (Lib.), 18, Edgerton Grove Road, manufacturer ne oe Ge ae a 1939:

No. 7.—Pappock Warp. Area, 360 acres. L.G. Electors, 4,962. Peter Hastings (Lib.), 10, Cross Church Street, Paddock, retired

cover maker © Es tas ae oe 1937 Albert Pennington Nichol, J. P. ‘ 43, Heaton Road, Paddock, I retired dyer and finisher ... a ii ms ss 1938 John Joseph — = ee Beech Street, Paddock, waste dealer ; “ ne iy Sis ae bus 1939

No. 8.— West CENTRAL WARD. Area, 196 acres. L.G. Electors, 2,699.

Arthur Joseph Airey (Con.), 29, Greenhead Road, cooper and vat builder i as ami es ne ay ls eee Thomas Joseph Moran (Con. ), 38, Victoria Lane, licensed victualler 1938 Leonard Denham re 23, Lawrence Road, Gledholt, leather merchant... 1939

No. 9.—NortH CENTRAL Warp. Area, 164 acres. L.G. Electors, 2,366. James Richard — as 30, Wiggan Lane, Sheepridge,

playwright ... is ae 23 a 1937 Mary Elaine Sykes, B. re EL.B. * Bryancliffe,’’ 3, Hunger- ford Road, Edgerton, solicitor ... ies = se yas 1938.

Frederick Inchbold Butterworth, J.P. (Lib.), 126, Fitzwilliam Street, retired schoolmaster a eek we iat 1939

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Area, 180 acres. L.G. Electors, 2,377.

John Cantwell (Lab.), 126, South Street, engineer ... Norman Crossley (Con.), 22, Queen Street, dentist . Alice Hannah Noble (Con.), 5, ee s Yard, Milford Street, housewife ss


Area, 753 acres. L.G. Electors, 6,854.

Thomas William Woodhead, Ph.D., M.Sc., F.L.S. (Lib.), 35, Longley Road, gentleman ... ces wie es a ae a John Francis Gent (Con.), 29, Brook Street, Moldgreen, retired schoolmaster ee =e jae ns Joseph Walker Hirst ‘(Lib. 68, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen, medical practitioner ae cs vei a) ee


Area, 1,577 acres. L.G. Electors, 5,535.

Frederick Wrigley (Lib.), “ ae 160, Somerset Road, gentleman ... ss Yes ee ee James Frederick Collard Cole (Con. jae « Glenfield, ” 67, Kaye Lane, Almondbury, colour and chemical merchant... John Frederick Sykes (Con.), ‘‘ Birksgate,”’ pees pies ‘Almond- bury, pile fabric manufacturer

No. 13.—NEWwSsoME WARD.

Area, 898 acres. L.G. Electors, 4,743.

Fred Bower (Lib.), 65, Newsome Road South, bookseller . Arthur Edwin Sellers (Lib. ), The Homestead, 119, Newsome Road South, engineer... ; Jack Harold Kahn, M.B., (Lib. ), “ Green Gates,” 193, New- some Road South, medical practitioner ..

No. 14.—CrostAnp Moor Warp.

Area, 623 acres. L.G. Electors, 5,762.

David James Cartwright (Con.), ‘‘ Cartref,’ 363, Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Moor, solicitor ... Percy Ainley (Lib.),:** Sandy Mount,”’ 300, ‘Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Moor, woollen manufacturer ae J ger irae Heywood ee ), 150, Woodside Road, “Crosland Moor, raper :

No. 15.—Lockwoop Warp.

Area, 383 acres. L.G. Electors, 4,184.

Walter Scott (Lib.), 196, Victoria Road, Lockwood, commercial traveller ee ap ee oe ass i me vine Thomas Smailes (Lib.), ‘“‘Ashville,’’ 201, Victoria Road, Lockwood, solicitor We ie ru ‘a4 a ce ae Alonzo Sutcliffe (Lib.), 137, Albany Terrace, Victoria Road, Lock- wood, draper ane ree ree ia ne ee re

Total Acreage ... : ns 11,875 Total number of Local Government 64,373

The constitution of the Council is as follows :—

Aldermen Councillors Total Liberal ... os 8 a 26 34 Conservative cs 5 13 18

Labour ... a 6 8

1937 1938


1937 1938 1939

1937 1938 1939

1937 1938 1939

1937 1938



1937 1938 1939

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The Mayor is an ex-officio member of every committee appointed by the Council, and of every sub-committee. The chairman of the Finance Committee is an ex-officio member of any committee appointed by the Council except the statutory committees.

Finance.—The Mayor (Coun. Barlow), chairman; Ald. Canby, deputy- chairman; Aldermen Hirst (A.), Lawton, Mitchell, Moxon, Shires, Willis, Woffenden; Councillors Butterworth, Johnson, Kaye, Lunn, Sellers, Smailes, Sutcliffe and Sykes (M. E.).

Agricultural.—Coun. Woodhead, chairman ; Coun. Sizer, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Meadows, Moulton; Councillors Armitage (G.), Armitage (J.), Bower, Crawshaw, Crossley (J. J.), Gent, Milburn, Noble, Scott, Sykes (J. F.); Messrs. G. Brown, R. H. Browne, J. Coates, H. L. Collins, J. H. Johnson, J. Marsh, J. Roberts and F. Wood.

Air Raid Precautions.—Coun. Cartwright, chairman; The Mayor (Coun. Barlow), deputy-chairman ; Councillors Best, Cole, Crawshaw, Dawson, Hirst (J. W.), Joyce and Kaye.

Assessment.—Ald. Hirst (A.), chairman ; Coun. Denham, deputy-chairman ; Ald. Moxon ; Councillors Armitage (J.), Butterworth, Gent, Gregson, Hastings, Sutcliffe, Wrigley (F.), Wrigley (T.) ; Messrs. T. H. Crowther, - T. Joyce, F. Longbottom, J. C. Maggs, E. Sudworth and F. Whiteley.

Baths and Model Lodging House.—Ald. Willis, chairman ; Coun. Crossley (N.), deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Moulton, Woffenden ; Councillors Armitage (G.), Bower, Hastings, Heywood, Moran, Sizer and Sutcliffe.

Blind Persons Act.—Coun. Beaumont, chairman; Ald. Priest, deputy- chairman ; Aldermen Jagger, Moulton; Councillors Johnson, Joyce, Milburn, Sizer, Sykes (M. E.); Mrs. W. Dawson, Mrs. W. T. Priest, Mrs. T. Smailes, Messrs. R. Firth and F. Gillbanks.

Cleansing and Haulage.—Ald. Moxon, chairman ; Coun. Hastings, deputy- chairman ; Aldermen Canby, Jagger, Moulton, Woffenden ; Councillors Beaumont, Cartwright, Haywood, Heywood and Kaye.

Coal Purchase.—Ald. Mitchell, chairman; Ald. Shires, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Canby, Moxon ; Coun. Kaye.

Education.—Ald. Lawton, chairman; Ald. Halstead, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Hirst (A.), Meadows, Priest ; Councillors Airey, Armitage (J.), Berry, Cartwright, Dawson, Haywood, Joyce, Kahn, Nichol, Smailes, Woodhead, Wrigley (F.); Mrs. K. J. Broadbent, Mrs. M. Blamires, M.B.E., J.P., Mrs. J. R. Glaisyer, J.P., Messrs. E. Brook, J.P., T. Tunnicliffe, A. R. Halstead, E. Sudworth and P. Wilkinson. (Meets at the Education Offices on the Thursday preceding the Council Meeting, at 3-30 p.m.)

Electricity.—Ald. Shires, chairman; Coun. Heywood, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Canby, Woffenden; Councillors Cole, Dawson, Nichol, Sellers, Sizer, Sykes (J. F.) and Wrigley (F.). Estate.—The Mayor (Coun. Barlow), chairman; Ald. Canby, deputy- chairman ; Aldermen Mitchell, Moulton, Sykes (A.); Councillors Best, Bower, Crossley (N.), Dawson, Denham, Kaye and Wrigley (T.). Gas.—Coun. Kaye, chairman; Ald. Mitchell, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Moulton, Moxon ; Councillors Crawshaw, Denham, Haywood, Johnson, Joyce, Netherwood and Sellers. General Purposes.—All the members of the Council. Health.—Coun. Butterworth, chairman; Coun. Hirst (J. W.), deputy- chairman ; Councillors Berry, Cantwell, Crawshaw, Crossley (J. J.), Gent, Johnson, Kahn, Woodhead and Wrigley (T.). Highways.—Alderman Mitchell, chairman ; Ald. Moxon, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Gardiner, Meadows, Sykes; Councillors Ainley, Bower, Crossley (N.), Gent, Gray, Hastings, Lunn, Moran, Netherwood, Sutcliffe and Sykes (J. F.). Housing.—Coun. Lunn, chairman; Coun. Nichol, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Gardiner, Hirst (A.), Priest; Councillors Armitage (G.), Berry, Crawshaw, Denham, Hirst (J. W.) and Scott.

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Markets and Fairs.—Coun. Sutcliffe, chairman; Coun. Scott, deputy- chairman ; Aldermen Jagger, Meadows ; Councillors Ainley, Armitage (G.), Bower, Crossley (N.), Hastings, Moran and Sizer. Maternity and Child Welfare.—Coun. Johnson, chairman ; Coun. Woodhead (T. W.), deputy-chairman ; Councillors Berry, Butterworth, Cantwell, Hirst (J. W.), Noble, Sykes (M. E.), Wrigley (T.); Mrs. M. Blamires, M.B.E., J.P., Mrs. K. J. Broadbent, Mrs. N. Mellor, Miss Irving, J.P., and Mr. W. K. B. Broadbent, M.A. Mental Deficiency.—Coun. Dawson, chairman; Coun. Johnson, deputy- chairman ; Ald. Sykes ; Councillors Hirst (J. W.), Joyce, Noble ; Mrs. L. Beaumont, Mrs. C. Laycock, Mrs. John Pyrah, Mrs. A. L. Sykes and Mr. E. Smith.

Old Age Pensions.—Ald. Moulton, chairman ; Coun. Crossley (J. J.), deputy- chairman ; Councillors Armitage (J.), Best, Gregson, Milburn, Noble, Wrigley (F.); Mrs. L. Beaumont, Mrs. M. Brook, Mrs. J. Pyrah, Messrs. J. Hewing, J.P., J. C. Maggs and E. W. Woffenden.

Parks and Cemeteries.—Ald. Hirst (A), chairman ; Ald. Gardiner, deputy- chairman ; Ald. Jagger; Councillors Ainley, Cole, Crossley (N.), Hastings, Netherwood, Scott, Sizer and Wrigley (T.). Parliamentary.—Ald. Mitchell, chairman; The Mayor (Coun. Barlow), deputy-chairman ; Councillors Kaye and Smailes.

Public Assistance.—Coun. Johnson, chairman; Coun. Best, deputy- chairman; Councillors Armitage (G.), Berry, Bower, Butterworth, Cantwell, Crossley (J. J.), Gent, Gregson, Hirst (J. W.), Moran, Noble, Sykes (M. E.), Woodhead and Wrigley (T.). Public Library and Art Gallery.—Coun. Smailes, chairman; Coun. Cart- wright, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Gardiner, Lawton; Councillors Beaumont, Berry, Cole, Dawson, Heywood, Kaye, Sizer; Lieut.-Col. J. T. C. Broadbent, Messrs. A. E. T. Hinchcliffe, LL.B., A. Lunn, A. W. Sykes, E. Vickerman and E. Woodhead, M.A., J.P. Ravensknowle.—Ald. Hirst (A.), chairman; Coun. Smailes, deputy- chairman ; Ald. Lawton; Councillors Airey, Berry, Gent, Gray, Hirst, Johnson, Woodhead ; Mrs. M. Blamires, M.B.E., J.P., Mrs. Glaisyer, J.P., Coun. N. A. Haywood, Messrs. D. Graham, P. H. Lee, F. Nether- wood, J. C. North, A. W. Sykes and P. D. Wild. Sewage Works.—Coun. Sellers, chairman; Coun. Cole, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Hirst (A.), Sykes (A.) ; Councillors Ainley, Beaumont, Gray, Hastings, Johnson, Milburn and Sykes (J. F.). Transport.—Ald. Canby, chairman ;° Ald. Woffenden, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Halstead, Mitchell, Moxon ; Councillors Dawson, Denham, Gray, Scott, Sellers and Wrigley (F.). Valuation.—The Mayor (Coun. Barlow) ; chairman ; Ald. Mitchell, deputy- chairman ; Councillors Gray and Heywood. Watch.—Ald. Woffenden, chairman; Ald. Halstead, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Canby, Hirst (A.), Mitchell, Shires, Willis; Councillors Crossley (N.), Kaye, Nichol and Sellers. Sellers, chairman; Coun. Sykes (J. F.), deputy- chairman; Aldermen Shires, Sykes (A.); Councillors Beaumont, Cartwright, Denham, Gray, Johnson, Nichol and Woodhead.

Royds Hall Secondary School Governors.—Huddersfield Corporation Representatives: Coun. Smailes, chairman; Aldermen Halstead, Lawton, Priest ; Coun. Abbey; Mrs. H. Glaisyer, J.P. West Riding Representatives : Sir P. Jackson, J.P., LL.D., C. Coun. W. T. Everatt, Miss M. Hinchliffe, Mrs. E. Varley, Coun. J. Bagley, Coun. J. R. Baxter and the Rev. Dr. C. Callow, M.A. I


Town Clerk’s Department (Offices: Town Hall).—Town Clerk, Samuel Procter, 12, Talbot Avenue ; Deputy Town Clerk, E. D. Spencer, LL.M., 19, Richmond Avenue; Managing Clerk and Mayor’s Secretary, G. Lawton, 26, Storths Road, Birkby. Borough Analyst.—Henry T. Lea, M.Sc., F.I.C., The Borough Laboratories, 26, Ramsden Street.

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Borough Auditors.—Messrs. Smith & Garton, 23, John William Street. Borough Coroner.—E. W. Norris, 4, Harrison Road, Halifax; Deputy Borough Coroner, A. C. Akeroyd, 5, Harrison Road, Halifax. Borough Engineer’s and Surveyor’s Department (Offices: High Street Buildings).—Borough Engineer and Surveyor, W. Jaggar, M.Inst.C.E., Elm Lea, Dalton; Deputy Borough Engineer and Surveyor, F. L. Wooldridge, Assoc. M. Inst. C.E., 23, Glebe Street, Marsh. Borough Treasurer’s Department (Offices : Town Hall).—Borough Treasurer, Registrar of Stock and Chief Rating Officer, John H. Robinson, A.S.A.A., A.I.M.T.A., 19, Grasmere Road ; Deputy Borough Treasurer, H. A. Garside, A.L.A.A., 22, Jim Lane, Marsh ; Rating Officer, C. F. Turner, 24, Beech Avenue, Dalton; Chief Rents Collector, A. S. Rushforth, 55, Storths Road, Birkby. Cleansing and Haulage Department (Garage and Offices: Vine Street, Leeds Road; Cleansing: Hillhouse Depot).—Cleansing and Haulage Superintendent, H. Neaverson, 22, Yew Street, Fartown. Education Department (see Education Directory). Electricity Department (Offices: Electricity Supply Station, St. Andrew’s Road).—Engineer and Manager, J. W. Turner, M.I.E.E., 28, Cleveland Road. Estate Department (Offices: Estate Buildings, Railway Street).—Estate Manager, Harold T. Taylor, F.S.I., 30, Daisy Lea Lane, oie de Fire Brigade (see under). Gas Department (Offices : Leeds Reba). and Manager, Harold Singleton, M. Inst. Gas E., M. Inst. Mech. E., 526, New Hey Road. Health Department (see Hospitals and Public Health Services). Markets and Fairs Department (Offices : Bull and Mouth Street and Great Northern Street).—Superintendent of Markets, Public Slaughter Houses and Cold Stores, John E. Ballantyne, Great Northern Street. Parks and Cemeteries Department (Offices: Greenhead Park).—General Superintendent, Capt. J. H. Irons, M.C., Greenhead Park Lodge. Police Department (see Huddersfield Borough Police). Public Assistance Department (Offices: 36, Ramsden Street).—Chief Public Assistance Officer, Samuel Procter (Town Clerk); Public Assistance Officer, H. A. Willis, “‘ Stansted,” 41, Birkby Lodge Road. Relieving Officers and Collectors.—‘‘A’”’ District, C. C. Adlam, 67, Glenfield Avenue, Deighton (Acting); “B’” District, Herbert Webster, 8, Dalton Green Lane, Dalton; “‘C”’ District, Benjamin V. Pickles, 14 Colwyn Street, Marsh. (For District Medical Officers see Hospitals and Public Health Services). Public Baths (see under). Public Library and Art Gallery (see Public Libraries). Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths (see under). Sewage Works Department (Offices : Sewage Disposal Works, Deighton).— Manager, W. D. Scouller, M.Sc., A.I.C., 29, Longley Road. Stationery Department (Offices: 24, Ramsden Street)—Manager, W. L. Wade, A.C.I.S., ‘‘ Yew Tree Road. Superintendent of Town Hall, Mayor’s Attendant and Mace Bearer.— G. Roberts, M.M., Town Hall. Tolson Memorial Museum and Meteorological Station (see Parks and Recreation Grounds). I Transport Department (Offices: John William Street)—Manager and Engineer, H. C. Godsmark, A.M.I.A.E., A.M. 110, Luck Lane, Paddock. Veterinary Officer’s Department (see Hospitals and Public Health Services). Waterworks Department (see under). Weights and Measures Department (see under).

Stipendiary Magistrate.—Waldo Raven Briggs, Esq., O.B.E., M.A., LL.B.


Recorder.—Geoffrey Hugh Benbow Streatfield, Esq., 1, King’s Bench Walk, Temple, London, E.C. 4. Clerk of the Peace.—J. Henry Field, O.B.E., LL.B. Deputy Clerk of the Peace.—E. D. Spencer, LL.M.

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Date of Commission, May 20th, 1870.

The Magistrates sit at the Borough Police Court, Town Hall, Hudders- field, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (except Good Friday, Bank Holidays and when Christmas Day falls on either of those days), at 11 a.m.

The Juvenile Court sits in the Magistrates’ Second Court Room every Thursday (except when Christmas Day falls on that Day) at 10 a.m.

Clerk to the Magistrates: C. DRAaBBLE, Magistrates’ Clerk’s Office, Town Hall (Tel. 1513).

Ex-officio Magistrates :

His Worship the Mayor of Huddersfield. The Recorder of Huddersfield. The County Court Judge. The Stipendiary Magistrate. The Ex-Mayor of Huddersfield (during year following term of office as Mayor).

Col. Sir Hildred Carlile, Bart., C.B.E., Ponsbourne Park, nr. Hertford (1896). Allen Gee, Esq., O.B.E., Bleak House, Oakes Road South, Quarmby (1906). Thomas Henry Moore, Esq., Birksgate, Thunderbridge, nr. Huddersfield (1906). Sir Charles Sykes, Bart., Jeffries Cote, Duchy Road, Harrogate (1906). Ernest Woodhead, Esq., M.A. , Langdale, Gledholt (1906). William Henry Heywood, Esq., Holly Mount, Birkby (1909). John Liddell, Esq., Burbank, Edgerton ( 1913). William Lawrence Wright Marshall, Esq., Drake House, Malvern Road, Cheltenham (1913). Arthur Jabez Brook, Esq., Ashdene, Park Drive (1917). Arthur Pearson Crosland, Esq., 28, Mountjoy Road (1917). Ernest E. Hirst, Esq., 41, Cleveland Road, Marsh (1917). Percy Frederick Holmes, Esq., Bryan Road, Edgerton (1917). Benjamin Riley, Esq., M.P., Westfield Avenue, Oakes (1917). William Shires, Esq., Quarmby Lodge (1917). Sir Joseph Turner, K.B.E., Birkby Lodge, Birkby (1917). Arthur Longden Woodhead, Esq., Deveron House, Queen’s Road, Hudders- field (1917). James Albert Woolven, Esq., Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur, 19, Trinity Street (1920). Mrs. Grace Fanny Benson, Northfield, Almondbury (1920). Mrs. Mary Blamires, M. B. E., Bradley Lodge, Bradley (1920). Ernest Brook, Esq. 7 “ Rossefield,” Birkby Hall Road, Birkby (1920). Joseph Berry, Esq., ‘‘ Reedley,” 18, Clifton Drive South, St. Annes (1920). John Hewing, Esq., 9, Moorbottom Road, Thornton Lodge (1920). Arthur Hepworth, Esq., ‘“‘ Greenaires,’’ Thornhill Road (1920). Sir Emmanuel Hoyle, Bart., O.B.E., Banney Royd, Edgerton (1920). Arthur Samuel Moulton, Esq., 2, Kidroyd, Somerset Road (1920). Rowland Mitchell, Esq., The Grange, Newlands Road, Kirkheaton (1920). Walker Thomas Priest, Esq., 152, Woodside Road, Lockwood (1920). Squire Padgett, Esq., 33, Park Terrace, Somerset Road (1920). Mrs. Alice Shires, ‘‘ Glenroyd,”’ Gledholt (1920). Frederick Inchbold Butterworth, Esq., 126, Fitzwilliam Street (1923). David Louis Cairns, Esq., M.D., 6, New North Road (1923). Thomas Canby, Esq., Heathfield, Crosland Moor (1923). Lawrence Crowther, Esq., 30, Talbot Avenue (1923). Miss Norah Elizabeth Freeman, 5, Mountjoy Road (1923). Mrs. Julia Robson Glaisyer, Redesdale, Almondbury (1923). Miss Mary Irving, Carr Hill, Cumberworth (1923). Sir Henry Gordon Kaye, Bart., M.A., ‘‘Out of Bounds,’’ Lightridge Road, Fixby (1923). Albert Pennington Nichol, Esq., 43, Heaton Road, Gledholt (1923). Gerald Cozens Hardy Willans, Esq., Hey Green, Marsden (1923).

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The Magistrates sit in Petty Sessions at Huddersfield every Tuesday and Thursday at 11 a.m.

Petty Sessions will be held at the West Riding Court House, Princess Street, Huddersfield, every Tuesday and Thursday, for the Huddersfield Sub-Division of Upper Agbrigg, and on any other day that may be found necessary for General Business, and every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (except Good Friday and Christmas Day) for the purpose of hearing indictable offences summarily in pursuance of 42 and 48 Vict. c. 49 and 4 and 5 Geo. V. c. 58, at the hour of Eleven in the forenoon.

The following arrangements for Business have been made, and will be strictly adhered to :—

Attendance will be given at the Justices’ Clerk’s Office, at the West Riding Court, Princess Street, Huddersfield, every Tuesday and Thursday at Ten a.m., to prepare Information, Summonses and Warrants, and to attend to other Magisterial Business. All Public Officers, Constables and other persons requiring Summonses or warrants, must be there punctually at that hour, otherwise their business cannot be attended to, as matters for Signature or Hearing must be ready by Eleven o’clock.

Clerk to the Magistrates : Thomas Smailes, Solicitor, 25, Market Place, Huddersfield (Tel. 37).

Ex-officio Magistrates : Chairmen of District Councils.

Arthur Lockwood, Esq. (Chairman), Laurel Bank, Golcar (1906). Thomas Mallinson, Esq., Otley Road, Harrogate (1894). I Major Thomas Brooke, Healey House, Netherton (1905). Edward Crossley Waterhouse, Esq., Holly Bank, Lindley, Huddersfield (1910). Ernest Woodhead, Esq., Langdale, Gledholt, Huddersfield (1910). Allen Gee, Esq., O.B.E., Bleak House, Oakes Road South, Quarmby, Huddersfield (1912). Harry Dawson, Esq., Birkby Grange, Huddersfield (1915). Herbert Firth, Esq., Wood Lea, Shepley (1918). Thomas Bond Watkinson, Esq., Little Danehurst, Hordle, Lymington, Hants. (1918). Harris Hoyle, Esq., 78, Carr Street, Marsh, Huddersfield (1919). Joe Pogson, Esq., The Beeches, Slaithwaite (1919). John William Freer, Esq., Chestnut Cottage, Westgate, Rillington, nr. Malton (1920). Sir John Sykes Quarmby, Kt., Stocksmoor, Thurstonland (1921). Wilkinson Lockwood, Esq., Cragside, Milnsbridge, nr. Huddersfield (1923). George Thompson Oldham, Esq., Northgate House, Honley (1924). David James Bailey, Esq., Holly Bank, Golcar, nr. Huddersfield (1928). Edgar Wood Crabtree, Esq., Riversdale, Linthwaite, nr. Hudd. (1928). Mrs. Emily Haigh, High Cross House, Kirkburton, nr. Huddersfield (1928). John Moorhouse, Esq., Mount Pleasant Farm, Marsden, nr. Hudd. (1928). Joe Stancliffe, Esq., Cockley Hill, Kirkheaton, nr. Huddersfield (1928). Thomas William Hirst, Esq., Meltham Mills, Meltham, nr. Hudd. (1930). James Lodge, Esq., 196, Manchester Road, Milnsbridge, nr Hudd. (1930). Miss Sarah Ellen Oldham, The Stubbings, Netherton, nr. Hudd. (1930). Thomas Edward Dickinson, Esq., Moor House, Farnley Tyas, nr. Hudders- field (1930). Percy Crowther, Esq., The Bungalow, Golcar, nr. Huddersfield (1932). James Cotton, Esq., Hawarden House, Slaithwaite, nr. Huddersfield (1932). John Bagley, Esq., East Lea, Marsden, nr. Huddersfield (1932). Richard Chappell, Esq., M.B.E., 20, Station Road, Golcar, nr. Huddersfield (1933). Mrs. Amy Rhodes, Elm Croft, Tandem, Kirkheaton, nr. Hudd. (1933).

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Henry James Hirst, Esq., Ash Cottage, Wilshaw, Meltham, nr. Hudd. (1935). Fred Priestley, Esq., Crafnant, Lower Lepton, nr. Huddersfield (1935). Robert Jaggar, Esq., Carr House, Shelley, nr. Huddersfield (1935). Frank Firth, Esq., Mansergh House, Slaithwaite, nr. Huddersfield (1936). Mrs. Kate Haigh, Bank View, Slaithwaite, nr. Huddersfield (1936). Willie Kippax, Esq., ‘‘ Braecroft,”’ 61, Holmfirth Road, Meltham, nr. Hud- dersfield (1936).


The Magistrates sit in Petty Sessions at Holmfirth every alternate Saturday at 10-30 a.m.

Attendance will be given at the Police Station, Holmfirth, every Wednesday, at 4-30 p.m., to fill up Informations and Summonses and to attend to other Magisterial business, and all persons having business to transact must be there punctually at that hour.

Clerk to the Magistrates : Thomas Smailes, Solicitor, 25, Market Place, Huddersfield (Tel. 37). Ex-officio Magistrates : Chairman Holmfirth U.D.C. Chairman New Mill U.D.C. Chairman Holme U.D.C.

Chas. Edwd. Butterworth, Esq. (Chairman), Binn Villa, Holmfirth (1912). John Hinchliffe, Esq., Oaklands, Thongsbridge (1899). Col. Robert Ramsden Mellor, C.B.E., T.D., Cliftonville, Holmfirth (1920). Joseph Edward Woodhead, Esq., Newlands, Thongsbridge, nr. Hudd. (1920). Col. Keith Sykes, M.C., T.D., Woodville, Thongsbridge, nr. Hudd. (1923). Major Brian Tinker, Meal Hill, Hepworth, nr. Huddersfield (1928). Jabez Hoyle, Esq., 17, Co-operative Terrace, Wooldale, Thongsbridge, nr. Huddersfield (1932). 7 Mrs. 8. M. F. Roberts, Spring Bank, Holmfirth (1932).


The County Court is held at the Court House, Queen Street, Huddersfield (Tel. 1043). The District Registry of the High Court of Justice is at the same address, the hours of attendance being from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., except on Saturdays, when the office opens at 9 a.m. and closes at 12 noon. His Honour Judge C. J. Frankland is Judge ; Mr. A. Brook Hirst, Registrar; Mr. C. Milner, Chief Clerk; and Mr. H. Pollard, Bankruptcy and High Court Clerk.


Chairman, Mr. Wm. Shires; Mr. Allen Gee, O.B.E., Sir Joseph Turner, K.B.E., Mr. John Hewing, Ald. Rowland Mitchell, Ald. W. T. Priest, Coun. F. I. Butterworth, Ald. Thomas Canby, Mr. Lawrence Crowther, O.B.E., and Mr. G. C. H. Willans.


Almondbury—Wormald Street (Tel. 3348); Edgerton—Cemetery Road and Blacker Road (Tel. 986) ; Lockwood—Woodfield Road (Tel. 2272).

Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturday 9 a.m. to 12 noon.

Cemetery Hours of Opening: Summer months, 7 a.m. to sunset ; Winter months, 7-30 a.m. to sunset.

The planting and care of graves is undertaken by the Corporation as follows : One year, 15s.; in perpetuity, £15. Large graves or special planting by arrangement with the Registrar.

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Inst. 1936

Rev. Canon A. I. LEEPER, M.A. Accom.


GENERAL INFORMATION SECTION ECCLESIASTICAL DIRECTORY. CHURCH OF ENGLAND (Deanery of Huddersfield). RURAL DEANERY. Rural Dean: Rev. Canon H. F, T. BARTER, M.A. Assistant Rural Deans: Rev. Canon Ww. H. VERITY, M.A. Parish. Incumbent. ALMONDBURY, All Saints A. F. Bellman, M.A. .. St. Mary M.C. 3 G. A. Saxton, B.A.

St. Michael M.C. Fenay Bridge M.R. .. ARMITAGE BRIDGE, St. Paul BIRCHENCLIFFE, St. Philip BRADLEY, St. Thomas es CROSLAND Moor, St. Barnabas CUMBERWORTH, St. Nicholas Denby Dale M.C. DENBY, St. John :., EMLEY, St. Michael FARNLEY 7 St. GOLCAR, St. John Westwood M.C. Scar Lane M.R. I HELME, Christ Church HEPWORTH, Holy Trinity HOLMBRIDGE, St. David . HOLMFIRTH, Holy Trinity Thongsbridge M.C. Magnum, M.R. Choppards M.R. HONLEY, St. Mary Brockholes, Si. George HUDDERSFIELD, St. Peter t. Mark St. Aidan M.C.


Marsh M.R. Marsh M.R. St. ANDREW ST. JOHN BIRKBY, St. Cuthbert St. PAUL see “ST. THOMAS St. Thomas M. C. KIRKBURTON, S. John the Baptist

KIRKHEATON, S. John the Grange Moor M.C. ‘ LEPTON, St. John LINDLEY, St. Stephen : LINTHWAITE, Christ Church Lockwoon, Emmanuel LONGWoop, St. Mark Outlane M.C. MARSDEN, St. Bartholomew MELTHAM, St. Bartholomew MELTHAM MILLs, St. James MILNSBRIDGE, St. Luke... MOLDGREEN, Christ Church

NETHERTHONG, All Saints Oldfield M. R: NEW MILL, Christ Church NEWSOME, ‘St. John PADDOCK, All Saints ‘ RASHCLIFFE, St. Stephen St. Matthew Mae SCAMMONDEN (or DEAN HEAD), St. Bartholomew SCISSETT, St. Augustine .. SHELLEY, Emmanuel Hill Top M.R. SHEPLEY, St. Paul SKELMANTHORPE, St. Aidan SLAITHWAITE, St. James . Lingards M.R. West Slaithwaite M. R. Upper Slaithwaite M.R. ; SOUTH CROSLAND, Holy Trinity THURSTONLAND, St. Thomas UPPERTHONG, St. John WILSHAW, St. Mary WOODHOUSE, Chrisv Church Fartown Green M.R.

A. S. Gribble, M.A.

C. S. Dunn, M.A. J. Clements, B.A. C. E. Diggle, M.A. C. F. Welsh, M.A. J. J. Cowan, B.A. P. E. Birch G. O. Tibbits ; A. I. Comer, B.A. J. Miller ; A. Scott, M.A.


Norton Wright, M.A. Yates, M.A. : . Makeham , H. Cashmore, B. A. T.

Ww. SE. +. Robins, M. A,

. Clacy . Whitiey, B. A. . Leeper, M.A. . Chignell . . Holland, B.A.- ‘urd, M. A. eg . Givan, B.A.



e L. Holmes, B. ae rR. Norris, M.A. ; V. Lewis, M.A. , i. es Corin, M. x



. Sephton, M.A. . J. Fletcher . Tremayne, M.A.

. R. Halsall, M.A. . B. Elkin, B. A. nt . . Griffiths, M.A.

a Opp

S gs?



. Sellé . T. Barter, A. ersley . Bennett . Dangerfield shmore . Hind

Zp n=

. Edwards atke, M.A. . Farmer, M.A. . Price, M.A. . Squire


Harding . Stanney, B.A. i. eee B.A.

ale, M. A.

Bo ond BIA? rp @ <3 =!

eee nee ann

. W. Sweeting, M.A. . . Gerber . G. Wilks, M. A. . Kenyon we . A.


M. Hannington, M.A.

1936 1933 1934

1913 1924

1931 1928

1935 1917 1936 1934 1934


1927 1934 1925 1932

1913 1932 1932

1934 1919 1913

1935 1924 1927 1932 1929

150 250 100 500 300 500 700 150 250 300 300 250 800 300

p. 8,275

2,764 2,551 1,768 4,791 2,196

1,538 1,637

9,812 1,043

1,965 2,246


4,339 7,253


4,965 10,591 4,300 4,021 3,844

3, 184 8,084

2,009 10,518 6,589 5,531 5,111

5,723 3,172

5,518 7,104


2,702 2,292 5,398 8,431

394 1,103 1,566

1,668 2 5, Lay

2,549 1,132 2,087


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CLOUGH HEAD, Sunday Sch.


LEYMOOR, Sunday School -








Minister. Fergus G. Little, M.A. R. A. Hardy ..

A. E. Jones James Greenwood

Vacant I,. Colin Edwards . GW. W. H. Potter A. W. Sheard

J. B. Middlebrook, M. A.

B. F. Savill

ae Cornelius Williams ak eee oe

D. J. John

Thomas Owen Morgan

LL. Bi Frases ©. Vacant

Minister. Vacant Vacant E. M. Todd I. Haley, M.A. H. Martin Russel Tricker Wm. Speck W. V. Trenbath Davies Roger Braithwaite W. H. Skinner

Address. 116 Halifax Old Road The Manse, Blackley

The Manse, Dewsbury Rd., Rastrick The Manse, Golcar

126 Yews Hill Road, Lockwood The Manse, Meltham The Manse, Cowlersley Lane The Manse, Mirfield 10 Gledholt Road, Huddersfield 118 New Hey Road, Oakes 1 Sandwell Street, Slaithwaite 52 Stile Common Rd., Hill 156 Reinwood Road, Lindley Scapegoat Hill B.C, 7 Rock Glen, Slaithwaite



The Manse, Marsden 10 Mountjoy Road, The Manse, Honley The Lane Manse, Holmfirth The Manse, 13 Percy Street, Fartown 1 Alexandra Street, Longwood 16 Highgate Terrace, Lepton 431 Wakefield Road The Manse, Flockton

METHODIST GHURGHES (according to Circuits).



Rock Mission

HILLHOUSE— Kingcliff

Sheepridge Providence


BRUNSWICK STREET— Brunswick Street Rashcliffe BUXTON ROAD— Buxton Road Honley Berry Brow

Netherton Crosland Moor—

Blackmoorfoot Road

Park Road Bentley Street Mount Pleasant Crosland Hill Thornton Lodge

HIGH STREET— High Street Berry Brow Salem Shelley Shepley Primrose Hill Golcar Providence Penistone Woodroyd Newsome

Minister. Reginald J. Barker ..

Edward Cocker J. T. Passant Raymond Hindle

James Rutherford

W. Arthur Jones . W. Laughton

Ww ‘McKay

a OO:

William, Hall J. D. Crosland A. E. Beeden Frederick Johnson Thos. M. Rees

Aldridge, B.A., J:

hn W. Hardcastle

Address. 14 Highfields Road, Huddersfield

29 Storths Road, Birkby The Manse, Deighton Road

6 Wentworth Street

Wesley House, Victoria Rd., Lockwood 20 William Street, Crosland Moor

116 Fitzwilliam Street

‘‘Beaumont,’’ Moor ILane, Netherton 57 Tom Lane, Crosland Moor

Overdale, Greenhead Road, Hudd. 182 Scar Lane, Milnsbridge

Salem, Manse, Station Lane, Berry Brow, 6 Imperial Road, Edgerton

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FARTOWN— Fartown Trinity : Almondbury St. John’s Leeds Rd. Hope Mission Dalton St. Paul’s Sheepridge Wiggan Lane Cownis Providence Houses Hill Kirkburton Upperheaton Cowcliffe Rowley Hill Bradley

NORTUMBERLAND ST.— Northumberland Street Taylor Hill Lepton Highburton Crimble Waterloo GLEDHOLT— Gledholt Lindley Wesley Linthwaite Marsden Slaithwaite Centenary Outlane Trinity Longwood Paddock Wesley Milnsbridge Mount Kew Hill, Lindley CROSLAND Moor— Moldgreen Almondbury Zion Parkwood Lindley Thorncliffe Street Grange Moor LINDLEY— Lindley Zion Paddock Wellhouse Outlane Bethel Marsh Slaithwaite Carr Lane

Church. St. James’ Presbyterian, New North Road

Unitarian Church, Fitzwilliam Street

The New Church, Grove Place, Dalton

St. Patrick, New North Rd. St. Joseph, Commercial St.

St. Brigid, Lowergate, Pad- dock

. G.E. Allcock

Walter T. Rose

J. W. Shenton

Hugh Williamson, B.A. William, Nicholson Frederick John A. J. Shields ..

E.S. Winter .. J. Ogden Fred Smith

George T. Coulthard .. J ae. R. Santo Reed Frank Rhodes William Nicholson

Wesley Manse, 130 Halifax Old Road Wesley Manse, Almondbury

28 Macaulay Road, Birkby

87 Grasmere Road, Marsh 27 Temple Street, Lindley Wesley Manse, Linthwaite Lamb Hall, Longwood

33 Somerset Road, Moldgreen ‘Pernois,’”’ Penistone Road

Stanley House, Lindley 16 Beech Street, Paddock The Manse, Wellhouse, Golcar 535 New Hey Road, Mount, Hudd. 27 Temple Street, Lindley


Minister. Alan P. Tory, M.A. ..

Address. Waverley House


A. G. Peaston

143 Halifax Old Road


Herbert Barnes

The Manse. Grove Place, Dalton


James Grogan P. J. Russell

P. Reeves Michael McCarthy J. P. King Thos. Benedict Young

St. Patrick’s Presbytery, 34 New North Road

47 Commercial Street

Brigid’s,’’ Lowergate

Convent of Holy Cross and Passion, 3 Brunswick Street ; Parochial Hall, Fitzwilliam Street

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Apostolic Church, St. John’s Road. Associated Bible Students, Temperance Hall, Princess Street.

Christadelphian Hall, 97 Lockwood Scar, Lockwood ; secretary, Mr. J. Brook, Whitehead Road, Primrose Hill.

Christadelphian Meeting Room, Temperance Hall, Princess Street. Christian Spiritual Fellowship, 17a Victoria Street. Christian Spiritual Mission, 1 Wormald’s Yard, King Street.

Elim Foursquare Gospel Church, Elim, Tabernacle, South Parade ; pastor, W. B. Kelly, 268 Halifax Old Road. First Church of Christ, Scientist (a Branch of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, U.S.A.), Clare Hill, St. John’s Road; secretary, Miss F. Morton, Marten Nest, Hollywell Green. Free Reading Room and Library, 19 Britannia Buildings, St. Peter’s Street. Friends’ Meeting House, Church Street, Paddock ; clerk, Mrs. Glaisyer, ‘‘ Redesdale,’’ Dark Lane, Almondbury.

Huddersfield Temperance Society Women’s P.S.A., Temperance Hall, Princess Street.

Huddersfield and District Adult School Union.—Hon. general secretary, Mr. Sydney Beels, 203 Church Street, Paddock; secretary Women’s Committee, Miss N. Goodwill, ‘““ Throxenby,’’ High Lane, Newsonte.

Central—17 Dundas Street ; men’s secretary, Mr. F. Wood, 17 Syringa Street,

Marsh. Lindley.—Lyndhurst Road ; men’s secretary, Mr. J. A. Thirkill, 6 Broomfield Road, Marsh. ; Moldgreen.—Rookery Lane ; men’s secretary, Mr. W. Kaye, 35 High Royd Lane, Moldgreen.

Newsome.—Blagden Jane, Newsome; men’s secretary, Mr. J. Lockwood, 22 Close Hill Lane, Close Hill.

Paddock.—Friends’ Meeting House ; men’s secretary, Mr. W. Beauntont, 1 Birk- house Lane, Paddock.

Kirkgate Gospel Mission, 24 Kirkgate Chambers, Kirkgate. Lockwood Socialist Sunday School, Lockwood Socialist Institute, 201 I,ockwood Road. Meeting Room, Union Bank Yard, New Street.

National Spiritualists’ Church (Branch of the S.N.U.).—President, Mr. W. G. Gush, D.N.U. ; Secretary, Mr. S. Downes, 47 Haigh Street, Lockwood ; treasurer, Mrs. KE. H. Law. Churches : 23 Ramsden Street ; 27 St. Peter’s Street ; Harp Road, Longwood.

Plymouth Brethren Meeting Room, Victoria Buildings, New Street. Princess Street Mission Room, 18 Princess Street.

Salvation Army (Huddersfield Corps).—Commianding Officer’s Quarters: 8 East Parade; secretary, Mr. J. Winterbottom, 66 North Street, Lockwood; treasurer, Mr. A. Booth ; Corps Sergeant-Major, Mr. R. Stephenson. Headquarters: South Street.

Spiritual Temple, 123 Trinity Street. Venn Street Spiritual Mission, Venn Street. Westgate Spiritual Mission, Westgate.


British Israel World Federation (Huddersfield Branch).—President, Mr. H. Dean ; secretary, Mrs. R. Royds, *‘ Low Hills,” Lindley ; treasurer, Mr. I. A. Charlesworth.

Huddersfield Christian Endeavour Association.—President, Mr. Herbert Naylor ; secretary, ‘Mr. Ernest Ralph, Temperance Hall, Princess Street ; treasurer, Mr. James W. Pickles.

Huddersfield Sunday School Union.—Hon, secretary and treasurer, Mr. T. A. Hobson, 125, Victoria Road, Lockwood.

Huddersfield and District Bible Class Association.—President, Mr. S. B. Holmes; hon. secretary, Mr. H. Crawshaw, 3 Colwyn Street, Marsh ; hon. treasurer, Mrs. Crawshaw.

Huddersfield and District Free Church Council.—Chairman, Rev. J. B. Middlebtook, M.A.; joint hon: secretaries, Rey. Fergus G. Little, M.A., 116 Halifax Old Road, and Mr. J. Wadsworth, 146 Laund Road, Salendine Nook.

P.S.A. Brotherhood, Milton Church.—President, Mr. E. Woodhead, J.B; 3 Hen, ste- retary, Mr. H. Wilkinson, 3, Central Close, Woodhouse.

United Council Executive.—Chairman, Ven. Archdeacon A. Baines ; vice-chairman, Rev. J.B. Middlebrook, M.A. ; joint hon. secretaries, Rev. I. Haley, M.A., 10 Mountjoy Road, and Rev. T. Kenyon, The Vicarage, Wilshaw ; hon. treasurer, Mr. S. M. Rees.

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County Borough of Huddersfield Education Committee. Offices : Peel Street, Huddersfield (Tel. 245).

Office Hours : Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5-30 p.m. Saturday, 9 a.m. to 12 noon.

DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION ... Mr. L. G. THORNBER, B.A., B.Sc. SECRETARY OF EDUCATION ... Mr. H. T. BARRATT, A.C.LS. HUDDERSFIELD TECHNICAL COLLEGE (Affiliated to the University of Leeds), Queen Street South, Huddersfield (Tel. 360). PRINCIPAL ... Mr. J. F. HUDSON, M.A. (Oxon.), B.Se. (Lond.).

_. Advanced courses of study, both theoretical and practical, and of a college standard are provided. These are adapted for students of 16 years of age and upwards. The main departments of study are :-—

Department. I Head of Department. Chemistry and Colour Chemistry ... H. H. Hodgson, M.A, B.Sc., ? Fuad, B.C,

Dyeing a ea ses ... H. Wilkinson, A.I.C. Textile Industries... ... 8. Brierley, F.T.I. Civil and Mechanical Engineering ... J. Ward, B.Sc., Ph.D., M.I.Mech.E.

Electrical Engineering I co ee ... W. M. Wilcox, B.Sc., M.I.E.E. Mathematics ... Moo wks Da, eke ee 2, eke Physics... pc ee ree ..- D. McKerracher, B.Sc., A.R.T.C. Biology... << as Pes W. B. Crow, Pad ibe. Fis. Building wax eee er ask _.. Jd. Campbell, A.R.I.B.A. School of Art ane ... Noel Spencer, A.R.C.A. Commerce ns wee ~ ... H. W. Houghton, A.C.1.8. Domestic Economy ... Miss J. G. James.

Economics, Languages and Literature, History and Geography. Course for College Diplomas, Professional Diplomas, National Diplomas and Certificates, and for University Degrees. Scholarships for Advanced Study and Research.

The General Prospectus of the Day and Evening Classes, together with the various Departmental Prospectuses, may be obtained on application to the Chief Clerk, Technical College, Huddersfield.


From September to March each year Evening Institutes for Industrial and Commercial Subjects are held at the following Council Schools :—-

Moldgreen, Mount Pleasant, Oakes, Spring Grove and Hillhouse Central School.

Evening Institutes for Domestic Subjects are held at the following Council Schools :—

Hillhouse, Moldgreen, Mount Pleasant, Oakes, Paddock.

Further information may be obtained on application to the Education Offices, Huddersfield.


I For particulars of the following Scholarships offered by the Education Committee, apply to the Education Offices, Huddersfield :—Central Schools (Maintenance and Leaving) ; Secondary Schools (Maintenance and Technical) ; Almondbury Grammar School Foundation ; University, Senior Art, Agricultural ; Huddersfield Corporation ‘‘ Jubilee”; Abraham Dawson Scholarship Trust ; Technical College Exhibitions, Scholarships and Prizes. For particulars of the following Scholarships, apply to Mr. H. T. Barratt, Hon. Secretary to Trustees, Education Offices, Huddersfield :— Huddersfield College Old Boys’ Scholarship ; The Varley Scholarship.

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ENTRANCE EXAMINATION.—An Examination is held each year for all children in the Elementary Schools who, on Ist August, will be between the ages of 10 years 3 months and 12 years 3 months. Pupils below the age of 10 years 3 months, but not under 10, may take the examination if their parents so desire. Pupils over 12 years 3 months, but not over 12 years 6 months, may be examined with a view to admission to a Central School, but it should be understood that they are expected to stay for at least three years. Pupils from Private Schools may take the examination at their own schools. Pupils from schools outside the County Borough will take the examination at an Elementary School within the Borough.

School. Dept. Head Teacher. Accom. A.A. Almondbury Grammar B. Mr. Taylor Dyson, M.A. ... 210 229 Greenhead High School G. Miss Annie Hill, M.A. -. 440 486 Huddersfield College... B. Mr. Henry G. Barwood, M.A. 425 403 Royds oo aes Mr. D. St. J. C. Gurney, B.A. 420 475 Hillhouse Central B Mr. Harry Armitage, B.Sc.... 480 276

Longley Hall Central _ G. Miss Dorothy A. Finch, B.Se. 332 242 ce ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS. — I

Council. School. — Dept. Head Teacher. _ Accom. A.A. Almondbury ... M.&I. Mr. Ernest L. Swallow ... 237 163 154 Beaumont Street M.S. Mr. Willie Collomosse ... 200 179 Do. M.J. Mr. Herbert Morrell a. 24a 213 Do. i Miss Lois Drake ... ine eee 166 Berry Brow M. Mr. Hiram Whitwam soe BSS 182 Do. L Miss Annie Gent ... ace ee 53 Birkby ... M. Mr. William D. Brearley ... 400 346 3 a ee oye Miss Miriam M. Lindley ... 200 110 Crosland Moor M. Mr. Francis Brooke ... 418 275 Do. a Miss Ruth Spence ee 136 Deighton M.&I. Mr. Oliver Smith ... er 243 147 Goitfield B. Mr. Ernest Morton ck Dae 94 Hillhouse B. Mr. Henry Noble ... ee 227 Do. G. Miss I.ilian G. Holdsworth 274 218 Do. Miss Helen Marshall --- 303 120 Moldgreen a, Mr. Tom E. Brier ... i ee 27 Do. G. Miss Alice Taylor ... +s ae 282 Do. 4 es Miss Hannah Kaye vee £02 184 Mount Pleasant B. Mr. Dyson Beaumont... 322 173 Do. G. Miss Mary FE. Butler 555 eee 164 Do. Jr. Miss Laura Lees ... 458 122 Do. a Miss Thirza A. Hobson ... 359 118 Oakes .. B. Mr. Arthur °° *....°' 222 173 ‘Do. G.&Jr. Miss Sarah L. Bradley... aka 320 es. ai Miss Edith Abbs ... ons oe 101 Outlane . M.&I. Mr. Herbert G. Roebuck... 201 Paddock M. Mr. Arthur Briggs vee’ O44 364 Oso i € Miss Sarah Walker oe: 348 ‘172 Spark Hall G.&I. Miss Margaret E. Metcalfe 118 Spring Grove ... M. Mr. Lee Armitage «O84 384 Do. fis ji Miss Kate Shaw ... jun ee 124 Stile Common ... B. Mr. Harry Bradley- «ce 200 191 Do. ; G. Miss Ann France ... cnn ee 177 Do. so eae Miss Hilda 8. Brearley ... 271 108 Woodhouse Hal] Open Air a i; Miss Elizabeth B. Marshall 50 45

Junior Instruction Centre Mr. Frederick Armitage — nae

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Ixviii GENERAL INFORMATION SECTION Denominational. School. Dept. Head Teacher. Accom. A.A. Almondbury C.E. M.&I. Mr. Lewis L. Schofield 264 281 123 Do. Lowerhouses... M.&I. Miss Edith A. Brook 242 130 Bradley C.E. ... M.&I. Mr. Thomas Teasdale 209 171 110 Cowclifie & aoe Hill C.E. M.&I. Miss C. M. L. Morgan . 110 54 46 Crosland Moor C.E. M. Mr. Chas. W. B. Shaw 193 131 Do. ea Miss Elsie Mellor ... 70 45 Hillhouse 8. John’sC.E. M.&I. Mr. Walter A. Scott 105 Lindley C.E. ... M.&I. Mr. Thomas M. Rhodes ... 421 222 174 Lockwood C.E. M.&I. Mr. Harold G. Saywell 302 182 : 126 Longroyd Bridge C.E. Mu. Mr. Joe S. Ward ... 250 78 Do. Miss Effie K. Sykes 132 42 Longwood C.E. M.&I. Mr. Luke Hemingway 99 98 44 Moldgreen C.E. M. Mr. Lewis H. Gill... na ee 261 Do. ie Mrs. Amelia H. Graham ... 228 111 Newsome C.E. M.&I. Mr. Frank G. Carter 180 146 105 Paddock All SaintsC.E. M.J. Mr. Watts R. Hirst >. oe 107 Do. i Miss Mary E. Mallinson ... 171 98 Parish Church C.E. M.S. Miss Rachel A. Castle 294 107 299 117 Do. ms Miss G. F. Richardson 297 108 Rashcliffe C.E. M. Mr. Joseph Fambely sas Oe 202 Do. I. Miss Dorothy R. Arnold ... 160 65 St. Andrew’s C.E. I. Miss Esther A. Carter i 2 66 St. Joseph’s R.C. M.S. Mr. Herbert Martin, B.A. 164 144 Do. M.J. Miss A. Keenan, L.L.A. ... 286 239 St. Patrick’s R.C. M. Miss Margaret Farrington 500 428 St. Paul’s C.E. M.J. Mr. Arthur Clegg ... 300 187 Do. Miss Lilian Addy ... 150 81 Trinity (Marsh) C.E.... I. Miss Sarah H. Turner 157 45 Woodhouse C.E. vias Mr. Herbert Hinchliffe 280 172 Do. I. Miss Bertha Stokes 250 56 HANDICRAFT CENTRES. Spring Street : va i vei ban Mr. Harold Benson. Oakes and Almondbury “ae vas a Mr. Leonard T. Scott Birkby ws vs cis Mr. John Gell. ** Moorfield, ” Crosland Moor io ks che Mr. Wm. R. Cockshaw. Lockwood abs at a Mr. S. C. Hindle.

Spring Street . oo oie ‘es ae Mr. Frank Holden Sheepridge ... ee ee as oxi ists Mr. Arthur Greenwood.


Aspley Miss Evelyn Lockley. Do. Miss Joan H. Fenton. Birkby Miss Hilda M. Lester.

Miss Annie Oldfield. Miss Alice M. Smith. Miss Lily Ramsden. Miss Gwendoline Cocker.

Spring Grove Mount Pleasant. Oakes, Outlane, Spark Hall and Woodhouse Moorfield, ” Crosland Moor

SWIMMING TEACHERS. Mr. Harry Mellor. Mrs. A. E. Marflitt..


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Chief School Medical Officer : Joun M. Gipson, B.A., M.D., D.P.H., Public Health Office, Ramsden Street, Huddersfield.

Assistant School Medical Officers : Honora J. Twomey, M.D., Ch.B., D.P.H. GrorGE A. W. Net, M.B., Ch.B.

School Oculist : H. Tomiin, M.D.

School Dentists : Crecit R. A. Atrey, L.D.S. ALEXANDER B. SHreups, L.D.S.


Divisional Inspectors : Elementary, Secondary and Technical Schools—Mr. F. W. D. Bendall, C.M.G., Sheldon House, Park Lane, Leeds 1. Tel. 2278.

H.M. Inspectors : Elementary Schools—Mr. G. Neil, 54 Heath Crescent, Free School Lane, Halifax (Tel. Halifax 615). Secondary Schools—Mr. C. W. Tregenza, 24 Springfield Mount, Leeds 2; Mr. T. M. Pyke, Fairfield, Kingsway, Harrogate ; Miss J. H. Beever, Crescent House, Hillary Place, Leeds. Technical Schools—Mr. J. Ebery, Theydon, Spen Lane, West Park, Leeds (Tel. Headingley 52844). Domestic Subjects—Miss D. M. Cox, Moor Grange Drive, Headingley, Leeds (Tel. 51163 Headingley). Art—Mr. A. Dalby, Oz, Wetherby Lane, Harrogate. Music—Mr. G. T. Shaw, 34 Elsworthy Road, Hampstead, London, N.W. 3 Physical Training—Capt. W. A. Goddard, Crag View, Brierley Lane, Bramhope, Leeds; Miss M. Wardle, 27 Waterside, Knaresborough (Tels.—Board of Education, Leeds 22278 ; Board of Education, White- hall 4300).

Assistant Inspectors.

Elementary Schools—Mr. A. W. Wilkins, Dunkirk Cottage, Warley Road, Halifax ; Mr. E. E. Gomersall, 13 Heath Park Avenue, Halifax; Miss E. R. Boyce, Savile House, Savile Road, Halifax.


Gledhow Preparatory School for Boys, 30 Cleveland Road. Principal : Miss M. A. Latham. Huddersfield College School, Mountjoy Road. Principal: Mr. C. W. Hellawell, M.A., 173 Trinity Street. Regent School—Preparatory School for Boys and Girls. Principal : Mr.s L. O. Owen, 5, Regent Road, Edgerton. . St. David’s Kindergarten School, 20 Gledholt Road. Principal: Miss K. Theaker. Waverley School, Edgerton (opposite Imperial Road). Principal: Miss Shaw. Wentworth School, ‘“‘ Craigmhor,’’ Greenhead Road. Principal : Miss Kathleen M. Evans, B.A.


Central (Kayes’) College, 12/19 Byram Buildings, Station St., and Westgate. Fox’s School of Commerce, 47 Trinity Street. Principal: Walter Saville, ¥.C.T.S.,; F.C.R.A., M.R.S:T., A.F.T. Com. Galloway’s Commercial College, Central Buildings, Market Place. Principal : Wilfred Galloway, F.1.8.8.T., F.F.T.C. Jennings’ Modern Training College, 31 Lion Chambers, John William St. The Berlitz School of Languages, Windsor Chambers, 24 John William St. Proprietor : Octave Laude (Hudd. branch only).

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Fire Station and Ambulance Depét : 5, Princess Street (Tel. 480).


Engines and Motor Pumps.

WorFENDEN” (Leyland type, 49 h.p.), pumping capacity 1,000 gallons per minute, 60-feet extending ladder, 40-gallon water tank and first aid equipment, including sets of Proto breathing apparatus (two-hour type), gas masks, chemical extinguishers, &c. (Purchased 1936.)

‘ WitFRIp Dawson” (Leyland type), pumping capacity 700 gallons per minute, fire escape and water tower, first aid equipment, including breathing apparatus, gas masks, chemical extinguishers, &c. (Pur- chased 1923.)

“ANNIE” (Leyland type), pumping capacity 700 gallons per minute, with turnable escape and water tower, extending ladders, first aid equip- ment, chemical extinguishers, gas masks, &c. (Purchased 1926.) “ATALANTA,” pumping capacity 500 gallons per minute, escape ladder and water tower, first aid equipment, gas masks, chemical extinguishers, &c. (Purchased 1913.) First Aid Van.—This van carries first aid equipment, cutting equipment, jacks for heavy weights, chemical extinguishers of all kinds for fire fighting, gas masks, ladders, portable pump, &c. Three Ambulances are garaged at the Fire Station.



Superintending Inspector, North Midland Division: Mr. E. L. Macklin, O.B.E., Mappin Buildings, Norfolk Street, Sheffield. Miss A. D. E. Dunch (Room 38), Lion Chambers, John William Street, Huddersfield (Tel. 1058). Office Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Sat., 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.).

H.M. DISTRICT AUDITOR (Ministry of Health). Mr. E. M. Tuke, Commercial Buildings, Park Row, Leeds 1 (Tel. 27906). Assistant Auditor: Mr. W. Maginn, 10 East Parade, Leeds 1. MINISTRY OF HEALTH (National Health Insurance).

Waverley House, off New North Road, Huddersfield. Audit Department—Auditor: Mr. W. J. C. Smith. Office Hours: 9 a.m. I to 4-30 p.m. (Tel. 1690.)

MINISTRY OF HEALTH (!nsurance Department).

Waverley House, off New North Road, Huddersfield. District Inspector—Mr. E. J. Davies. Office Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Tel. 1640).

H.M. CUSTOMS AND EXCISE. I Revenue Chambers, Byram Street, Huddersfield (Tel. 3522).

Surveyor... igs hist. sags Mr. Albert Rhind. Huddersfield Ist Station ... iss ie Mr. C. G. Goodwin. Do. 2nd Station ... vee ses Mr. J. J. Dabner. Do. Export Station iss ia Mr. S. G. Watson.

Open to Public: 11 a.m. to 12 noon daily.

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H.M. INSPECTOR OF TAXES. Revenue Chambers, Huddersfield (Tel. 1891).

Inspector in Charge as oa ay .. Mr. 8S. Emmott. Inspector Assisting Mr. R. E. Copley.

Do. do. pas see Mr. E. A. K. Deeks: Do. do. i py aS Mr. H. V. Heathcote. Do. do. eat oe ivi Mr. H. H. Pilgrim. Do. do. itty ass. Sat, AV. SE. Hope. Do. do. i Mr. R. Vincent.

Open to Public: Mon. to Fri., 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Sat., 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. ; Tues., 6-30 p.m. to 8-30, p-m. MINISTRY OF LABOUR EMPLOYMENT EXCHANGE.

Queen Street South, Huddersfield (Tel. 3600). Manager aD : Mr. John Hood.

Hours of opening: 9 a.m. sk pai (Sat., 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.)

Huddersfield and District Employment Committee—Chairman : Coun. H. A. Bennie Gray. a Court of Referees—Chairman, Mr. A. E. T. Hinchcliffe, LL.B.

Juvenile Advisory Committee—Chairman: Coun. H. A. Bennie Gray. King’s Roll Sub-Committee—-Chairman : Col. G. P. Norton, D.S.O., T.D.


HUDDERSFIELD ROYAL INFIRMARY. ‘ New North Road (Tel. 2866). _ (Casualty and Out-patients’ Departments entrance in Portland Street.) General Superintendent and Secretary ... Mr. H. J. Jounson, A.I.S.A.

(For list of Officers and Honorary Medical Staff, see under Societies—Charitable.)

General Regulations.

Enquiries by telephone respecting In-patients should be made between 10 a.m. and 12 noon. Not more than one enquiry should be made on any day, unless the patient is notified as being in a critical condition.

The Visiting Days at the Hospital are :—Tuesday, 2-30 to 3-30 p.m. Saturday, 2-30 to 3-30 p.m.; Sunday, 2-30 to 3-30 p.m. Only two are permitted at the bedside at one’ time, and not more than four visitors on one visiting day. Visiting Cards are granted to relatives for visitation, and must be produced when visiting.

A Private Patients’ Department is open at “‘ Green Lea,” Acre Street, Lindley, for those persons whose incomes are such as to preclude free treatment in the Wards of the Hospital and yet ss not permit of treatment in a private nursing home.

HUDDERSFIELD AND DISTRICT VICTORIA NURSES’ ASSOCIATION. (Affiliated with the Queen’s Institute of District Nursing.)

Nurses’ Homes. Maternity Department, 4 Clare Hill (Tel. 884). Superintendent: Miss H. Lunn. Sick Nursing Department, 19 Clare Hill (Tel. 2848). Superintendent: Miss F. M. UNDERHILL.

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Secretary : Miss H..M. Helme Edge, Meltham, nr. Huddersfield. (Tel. Meltham 58).

(For list of Officers, see under Societies—Charitable.)

The Association was founded by public subscription in the year 1897, in commemoration of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. The staff of the General Home consists of the Superintendent, Assistant Superin- tendent and fifteen Nurses ; that of the Midwifery Home of the Superin- tendent, Senior Nurse Midwife, four Midwives and six trained Nurses as Midwifery Pupils. The nurses’ services and sick visiting is free to every sick person in the Borough who is unable to employ a private nurse. A pre-natal booking fee of 2s. 6d. is required by the Maternity Department. For confinement at home attended by nurses and doctor, if necessary, a fee up to £2 is payable, which includes ante-natal care.

HUDDERSFIELD CORPORATION—PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT. : Administrative Office : 12, Ramsden Street (Tel. 3641-2).

Medical Officer of Health, Chief School Medical Officer, Medical Superin- tendent of Hospitals, Chief Tuberculosis Officer, and Medical Officer to the Mental Deficiency Committee: JoHn M. Gipson, B.A., M.D., B.Ch., -D.P.H.

Assistant Medical Officers of Health: Miss KATHERINE A. M.B. B.S. (Lond.), Senior Assistant ; Miss MArgortr Haynss, B.Sc., M.B., Ch.B.; Miss Dorotuoy B. THomson, M.D., M.B., Ch.B.; Miss E. E. Croms, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H.; Miss E. C. M.B., Ch.B., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., B.Sc.

Assistant Tuberculosis Officer: M.B., Ch.B. Chief Sanitary Inspector: ERNrEstT C.R.S.I. Chief Clerk: BERNARD PILKINGTON.

Veterinary Officers: W. R. McKinna, M.R.C.V.S., D.S.V.M., and J. B. McKinna, M.R.C.V.S., 20, Ramsden Street.

Vaccination Officer: ERNEST FIRTH. District Medical Officers and Public Vaccinators :

No. 1 District ) R. A. C. M.B., Ch.B., 1, Market Street, No. 2 District j Paddock.

No. 3 District—J. J. Hanratry, M.B., Ch.B., 74, Trinity Street.

No. 4 District—J. McCurpy, L.R.C.P.I. & L.M., L.R.C.8.I. & L.M., Skipton Avenue, Fartown.

No. 5 District—S. Prior, M.B., B.Ch., 128, Halifax Old Road. No. 6 District—R. J. Ogpren, L.R.C.P.S.I., Pent House, Almond-

bury. No. 7 District }S. H. Wappy, F.R.F.P.S., L.R.C.P.S., L.D.S., Park- No. 8 District gate House, Berry Brow.

Public Analyst: Henry T. Lea, M.Sc., PEO; The Borough Laboratory, 26, Ramsden Street (Tel. 843). I

Consultant Obstetricians: A. L. M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O.; W. S. Dickson, M.D., B.Ch., M.A.O.; W. D, GALLOWAY, F.R.C.S. ,

Infant Life Protection and Boarding Out Visitor: Mrs. EpirH Cook.

Bradley Wood Sanatorium (Tuberculosis). (Tel. 1145.)

Resident Medical Officer: ERNEST FirtH, M.B., Ch.B.; Matron: Muss M. L. CuiarK, S.R.N.

Patients admitted through the Medical Officer of Health’s Department.

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Mill Hill Isolation Hospital, Dalton (Infectious Diseases) (Tel. 152.) I

Resident Medical Officer: Miss Aenres P. M.B., Ch.B. Matron: Miss E. S.R.N.

Municipal Maternity Home, Greenhead Road. (Tel. 3253.)

Matron: Miss I. Suiru, §8.R.N., C.M.B. (32 beds.)

St. Luke’s Hospital, Crosland Moor. Resident Medical Officer: R. G. Smiruson, M.B., Ch.B. (240 beds.)

Children’s Homes, Scholes. Medical Officer: E. Trotter, M.B., Ch.B., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.; Matron: Miss C. SmIrTuH. I Clinics—Hours of Attendance. ScHoot Mon. to Sat., 9 a.m. to 12 noon. Eye: Tues., Thurs.-, Sat., 9 a.m. to 12 noon.

DENTAL (for school children) : Mon. to Fri., 9 a.m. to 12 noon and 1-30 p.m. to 5-30 p.m. ; Sat., 9 a.m. to 12 noon.

DENTAL (for expectant and nursing mothers): Mon., Wed., Fri., 4-30 p.m. to 5-30 p.m.

ULTRA-VIOLET RAy: School Children, Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri., 1-30 p.m. to 5-30 p.m. ; Tues. and Fri., 11 a.m. to 12 noon (Boys only) ; Children, 1-5 years, Wed., 1-30 p.m. to 5-30 p.m.; Tuberculosis patients, mornings, from 9 a.m. onwards (as required). ANTE-NaTaL: Mon. to Fri., 1-30 p.m. to 3 p.m. INFANTS AND CHILDREN, 1-5 years: Mon. to Fri., 3 p.m. to 5-30 p.m. OrTHOP «DIC: Wed., 10 a.m. to 12 noon (once fortnightly). TUBERCULOSIS: Gold Therapy and Contacts, Mon., 2-30 p.m. onwards ; Men, Tues., 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.; Women, Thurs., 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.; Children, Thurs., 2-30 p.m. to 4-30 p.m. Venereal Diseases Clinic, York Place, New North Road Adjacent to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary). Medical Officer DENTON GusstT, M.D. Men: Mon. to Sat., 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Women: Mon. to Sat., 10 a.m. to

12 noon ; Men and Women: Mon. to Sat., 6 p.m. to 8-30 p.m. Also for Men only on Sundays, 10 a.m. to 12 noon.

HUDDERSFIELD INSURANCE COMMITTEE. Offices : 49, New North Road, Huddersfield (Tel. 1655).

Meets on the fourth Wednesday in March, June, September and December, at 8 p.m.

Chairman: Mr. Allen Gee, O.B.E., J.P.; Deputy-Chairman: Mr. John F. Robinson. Clerk: Mr. W. R. Carter.

For duties and powers see National Insurance Acts, 1911-1928. MARKETS AND FAIRS DEPARTMENT.

Offices: Bull and Mouth Street (Tel. 1995) and Great Northern Street (Tel. 1163).

Office Hours : Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m. to 12 noon.

Superintendent, Mr. John E. Ballantyne.

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Provincial Grand Lodge of Yorkshire (West Riding). M.W. Bro. THE EARL OF HAREWOOD, K.G., G.C.V.O., Pro Grand Master, Harewood House,

Leeds, Provincial Grand Master.

W. Bro. Tom Coomps, P.G.D., Hawthorndene, Calverley Lane, Farsley, nr. Leeds, Tel.

a2 5

24361 and 71052, Deputy Provincial Grand Master. 1161, Assistant Provincial Grand Master. Provincial Grand Master.

Tel. (Office) 26415, (Home) 52501, Provincial Grand Secretary.

Provincial Grand Chapter.

Bro. Str ANTHONY GADIE, P.G.D., Oakwood, Toller Lane, Bradford, Tel. 6886 and Bro. MILBOURNE E. CLARK, J.G.D., 4 Avenue Road, Doncaster, Tel. 928, Assistant

. Bro. Cas. E. FROBISHER, P.A.G.D.C., Masonic Hall, Great George Street, Leeds 1,

M.E. Comp. THE EaRL or HAREwooD, K.G., G.C.V.O., Pro First Grand Principal, Grand


E. Comp. ARTHUR J. WARD, P.A.G., Soj., Provincial Grand H E. Comp. CHas. E. FROBISHER, P.G.St.B., Provincial Grand Scribe E.

Lodge. 149

275 290 337 521


1514 1645 1783 2035 2261 3608 3800 3930 3953 3971 4126


149 275 290 337 521 652 1645 2261

No. 69


No. 137

No. 35

Craft Lodges.

Name of Lodge. Town. Place of Meeting Peace .. .. Meltham . F.M. Hall, Wessenden Rd. Harmony .. Huddersfield .. F.M. Hall, Fitzwilliam St. Huddersfield .. Huddersfield .. Mas. Hall, Greenhead Rd. Candour .. Uppermill .. Mas. Hall, Brownhill Vale Truth .. .. Huddersfield .. F.M. Hall, Fitzwilliam St. Holme Valley Holmfirth .. Mas. Hall, Station Road ., Thornhill ss: Rey. .. Mas. Hall, New Hey Road Colne Valley .. Slaithwaite .. Mas. Hall, Britannia Road Albert Edward MHuddersfield .. Mas. Hall, Greenhead Rd. Beaumont .. Kirkburton .. Mas. Hall, Shelley Road .. Armitage .. Milnsbridge .. Mas. Hall, Market Street Brooke eee. .. Mas. Rooms, New Street Connaught .. Huddersfield .. F.M. Hall, Fitzwilliam St. Unity .. .. Huddersfield .. Mas. Hall, Greenhead Rd. Cambodunum, Lindley .. .. Mas. Hall, New Hey Road Salarden .. Milnsbridge .. Mas. Hall, Market Street Concord .. Huddersfield .. F.M. Hall, Fitzwilliam St. Royal Arch Chapters. Name of Chap. Town. Place of Meeting. Unanimity .. Meltham .. F.M. Hall, Wessenden Rd. Perseverance.. Huddersfield .. F.M Hall Fitzwilliam St. Prosperity .. Huddersfield .. Mas. Hall, Greenhead Rd. Confidence .. Uppermill .. Mas. Hall, Brownhill Vale Truth ,. .. Huddersfield .. F.M. Hall, Fitzwilliam St. Industry .. Holmfirth .. Mas. Hall, Station Road .. Colne Valley .. Slaithwaite .. Mas. Hall, Britannia Road _ Armitage .. Milnsbridge .. Mas. Hall, Market Street Rose Croix Chapter. Name of Chapter. Town. Place of Meeting. Prince of Wales Huddersfield .. F.M. Hall, Fitzwilliam St. Preceptory of the Order of the Temple. Name of Preceptory. Town. Place of Meeting. Hope .; .. Huddersfield .. F.M. Hall, Fitzwilliam St. Mark Master Masons’ Lodge. Name of Lodge. Town. Place of Meeting. Truth .. .. Huddersfield .. F.M. Hall, Fitzwilliam St. Order of the Secret Monitor. Name of Lodge. Town. Place of Meeting. Odersfelt .. Huddersfidd .. F.M. Hall, Fitzwilliam St.

Day of Meeting. Second Saturday First Thursday Second Wednesday Second Thursday First Friday Third Thursday Second Thursday Second Wednesday First Wednesday Third Saturday First Thursday First Tuesday Fourth Friday Fourth Wednesday Last Thursday Fourth Thursday Second Thursday

Day of Meeting. 4th Tues, J... F., MM. 8. Oko 4th Thurs., J., ¥., M:: 5, 3rd Wed., except April to Sept. 4th Thurs., J., M.,

ae & 2nd M,, Ai Ba Ds 2nd Wed., F., A., O. and D. 3rd Wed., except April to Sept. 3rd Thurs., except April to Sept.

Day of Meeting. 2nd Sat., April & Ov.

Day of Meeting. 3rd Fri., F., Mar., Oct., Nov.

Day of Meeting. ona Thur,, J. F.,

+9 “2 re

Day of Meeting. Ist Mon., J., Mar., Sept., Nov.

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Headquarters ... i eat ... Drill Hall, Fitzwilliam Street, Huddersfield. Commanding Officer ... us ... Major R. G. Micklethwaite, T.D. Second in Command ... ee ... Captain H. C. Howard-Taylor. Permanent Staff Instructor ... ... S.S.M. Ainsbury, 3rd D.G.


Headquarters ie ace ... Royal Artillery Drill Hall, Spring- wood, Huddersfield. Commanding Officer ... ... Major W. N. Dawson, R.A. (T.).

Captain G. V. Baxter, T.D., R.A. (T.). Lieut. C. E. R. Mellor, R.A. Chaps Lieut. D. W. E. Orr, R.A. (T a 2/Lieut. P. E. Wood, RA. (7).

Attached Officers ... Major W. Barclay, M.C., R.A.M.C. Lieut. A. Holdsworth. Permanent Staff Instructor ... ... B.S.M. (1.G.) 8. W. Higgins, R.A.


Headquarters ... ‘as ... Drill Hall, St. Paul’s Street, Hudd. Honorary Colonel ... a ... Colonel Sir E. Hildred Carlile, Bart., C.B-E., TDs, Dis Commanding Officer ... a ... Colonel Keith Sykes, O.B.E., M.C., LD aes Second in Command ... ise .e- Major J. M. Haigh, T.D. Adjutant ees oe re ... Captain H. Harvey, M.C., Duke of Wellington’s Regiment. Medical Officer oe i ... Major J. W. Hirst, R.A.M.C. (T.). Quartermaster aig ees ... Captain T. G. Roberts, D.C.M. Chaplain i ... Rev. R. E. M. Haines, M.A., C.F. (T.). Regimental Sergeant- Maj Ors ; R.S.M. H. Cooper, Grenadier Guards.

Regimental Quartermaster- Sergeant R.Q.M.S. N. Hobson. Company Commanders.

Boe. B10. = ms ae Major J. M. Haigh. ee es ‘es Captain D. H. Hirst. Holmfirth and Kirkburton, No. 372 cee Captain J. L. Pott. Mirfield, No. 373 ase : bes Major R. C. Laurence.

Huddersfield Corporation Model Lodging House.

9 Chapel Hill, Huddersfield.


The Huddersfield ‘‘ Model ”’ was the first municipal lodging house in the country. It was opened to the public on November 4, 1854, and a new wing was added to the building in 1879. There is accommodation for 195 persons, each with a separate cubicle. Meals are supplied at very low charges in the canteen on the premises, which is operated by a private caterer. The Baths and Model Lodging House Committee of the Council is responsible for the administration of the building. The erection of a new Model Lodging House on a site in Dock Street is now under considera- tion by this Committee. Scale of Charges.

Men and Single Females __..... 10d. per night ; 5s. per week. Married Couples sae “fe ls. 4d. per night ; 8s. per week.

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(Under control of Parks and Cemeteries Committee of the Huddersfield Corporation).

GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT—Capt. J. H. IRONS, M.C., Greenhead Park (Tel. 2323).

GREENHEAD PARK (33.7 acres).

Trolley Vehicles from Kirkgate.

Tennis Courts (14 Hard Courts).—Charges : One hour—6d. ‘each person, if three or four players ; 8d. each person, if two players.

Bowttne Greens (2 Greens).—Charges: One hour—Four-hand, 2d. each player ; Two-hand, 3d. each player.

(2 Greens).—Charges (per round) : Large green, 2d. each person ; small green, ld. each person.

Ices and Teas may be obtained at the Park Café.


Tram Car to Crosland Moor terminus or motor omnibus (Crosland Hill)

from High Street. Ices and Teas may be obtained at ‘‘ The Castle.”

NORMAN PARK, (5.8 acres). Tram Car (Birkby) to Halifax Old Road.

RAVENSKNOWLE PARK, WAKEFIELD ROAD (12.6 acres). Trolley Vehicles from Westgate. oS (2 Grass and 2 Hard Courts).—Charges : see Greenhead ark. GREEN.—Charges : see Greenhead Park. PurrTinec.—2d. each person (per round). Ices and Teas may be obtained at the Café.

Tolson Memorial Museum. Hon. Director: Coun. T. W. Woodhead, Ph.D., M.Sc., F.L.S. Curator: Dr. John Grainger, P.H.D., B.Sc. (Tel. 591).

Hours of opening: Sept. Ist to March 31st, 10-30 a.m. until dusk ; April Ist to Aug. 31st., 10-30 a.m. until 8-30 p.m. Sundays, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Meteorological Station. Meteorological Recorder: Miss Ellen Gallwey.


Berry Brow, Lady House Lane ; Berry Brow (near Station) ; Birchencliffe ; Bradford Road; Bradley; Bull Green Road, Longwood; Church Street, Paddock; Daisy Lea Lane, Lindley; Deighton Road; Ivy Street, Crosland Moor; Jim Lane, Marsh; Leeds Road ; Lindley . Moor; Longley Road (top of); Longwood Edge (Broadbent’s) ; Netheroyd Hill Road ; Paddock Fields ; Paddock (behind Royds Hall) ; Rashcliffe ; Salendine Nook; Somerset Playing Fields ; Tunnacliffe . Hill ; Wormald Street, Almondbury. Small pieces of land used for Recreation Grounds on the following Housing Estates :—Glenfield Avenue, Deighton ; Lowerhouses ; Mitchell Avenue, Waterloo ; Smith’s Avenue, Marsh.

Total acreage of Recreation Grounds in the Borough (including Recreation Grounds in Parks), 113 acres. I

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7 Police Headquarters: Peel Street (Tel. 1938—3 lines). Chief Constable i Mr. HERBERT C. ALLEN.

Superintendent a Fae Mr. J. WELLS. Detective Inspector ... ae Mr. J. CHADWICK. Chief Clerk Inspector oon Mr. W. Rawson. Police Surgeon re ‘ Dr. J. G. M.A.

Borough Coroner a Mr. E. W. Norris, 4, Harrison Road, Halifax (Tel. : Sowerby Bridge 103). Deputy Borough Coroner ... eas Mr. A. C. AKEROYD. Local Taxation and Motor Registration Office. Hours of business: Mon. to Fri., 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.; 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sat., 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. List of Vehicle Parking Places. (All are indicated by prominent signs.) No vehicle is allowed to stand in any street longer than is necessary to take up or set down passengers, or load or unload goods (Penalty 40/- or imprisonment). I





4 7


No. of I No. 2 No. Place Vehicles No. Place Vehicles 1. Byram Street (east side)... 18 8. Peel Street (west side) ... 15. 2. Bow Street (west side) ... 44 9. Bradley Street (east side) 14

3. Queen St. South (east side) I 37 10. Brook Street (north side) .. 6 4, Princess Street (north side) 12 13. Bull & Mouth St. (west side) 8 5. Ramsden St. E. (south side) 7 14. St. Paul’s Street (west side) 11 6. Milford Street (south side) 16 15. Commercial St. (west side) 11 7. Corporation St. (west side) 14 (17. Half Moon St. (south side) 8

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Huddersfield Corporation Public Baths Department (Under control of Baths and Model Lodging House Committee).


CAMBRIDGE ROAD BATHS. (Tel. 3885) Large and Small Swimmimg Pool ; 21 Slipper Baths ; Medical Baths. SUMMER (April Ist to Sept. 30th). Mrxep Batuine (Large Pool) : Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs. and Sat., 9 a.m. to 9 p-m.; Fri., 9 a.m. to 8p.m.;Sun.,7a.m.tol0a.m. Lapres (Small Pool) : Mon, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Wed. and Fri., 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Sat., 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. GENTLEMEN ON Ly (Small Pool): Tues. and Thurs., 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. ; Sat., 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.; Sun., 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. ‘WinTER SEASON (Oct. Ist to March 31st). Mrxep Batuine : Mon., 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. ; Tues., Wed., Thurs. and Fri., 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. ; Sat., 2 p.m. to 6 Sun., 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Lapies Onty: Tues. and Thurs., to 1-30p.m. GENTLEMEN ONLY: Mon., Wed., Fri. and Sat, 9a.m. to 1-30 p.m. (During the Winter Season the Large Pool is converted to an Assembly Hall, with a spring maple floor (120 ft. x 48 ft.), and is available for hire for Dances, etc.). Admission 6d., including use of one towel ; Spectators, 3d. SLIPPER Batus (Ladies’ and Gent’s Depts.): Mon. to Fri., 9 a.m. to 7-30 p.m.; Sat., 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Closed on Sundays. Admission 6d., including use of two towels. Foam Barus (for Rheumatism and Weight Reduction) : Mon. to Sat., 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Sat., 5 p.m.) Admission ceases 30 minutes before closing time.


Large Swimming Pool—Summer and Winter. — Lapies Onty: Tues. and Thurs., 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. GENTLEMEN ONLY : Mon., Wed. and Fri., 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. ; Sat., 7p.m. Admission: Adults (including use of one towel) 4d. ; Children (under 14 years) 2d. ; Spectators, 2d. LOCKWOOD BATHS.

Large Swimming Pool ; 24 Slipper Baths. Summer Season only. LADIES ONLY: Mon., 1 p.m. to 7-30 p.m.; Wed. and Fri., 9 a.m. to 7-30 p.m. GENTLEMEN Mon., 9 a.m. to 12 noon; Tues. and Thurs., 9 a.m. to 7-30 p.m. ; Sat., 9a.m.to6p.m. Admission : Adults, 4d. ; Children, 2d.; Spectators, 2d. SLIPPER Barus (Ladies’ and Gent’s Depts.) : Mon. to Sat., 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ; Closed on Sundays. Admission 6d., including use of two towels and soap.

Huddersfield Royal Infirmary Baths. _ (Entrance in Portland Street). Batus ATTENDANT fis acy os Mr. A. S. TURNER. Turkish, Russian, Medicated, &c.

Lapiges ONLY: Mon., Wed. and Fri., 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Wed., 7 p-m.). GENTLEMEN ONLY : Mon. and Fri., 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. ; Tues., Thurs. and Sat., 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Private Baths. TuLEy’s Hypropatuic Batus, Lrp. (Tf. W. Tuley, M.N.A.M-Th. Lond.), 22, Ramsden Street. . Hours : 9-30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

WADDINGTON, CHARLES A., B.P.A., D.P.T., Waverley Road, off New _ North Road. :

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Available for hire for Dances, Whist Drives, Meetings, Concerts and

other public or private functions.

Albany Hall, Clare Hill

Paths Assembly Hall, Cambridge Tend = (Oct. to March)

Co-operative Hall, Waingate, Berry Brow Crosland Moor Liberal Club, Moorside Ave. Drill Hall, St. Paul’s Street . ms Fartown Conservative Club, Halifax Old Rad. Fartown Liberal Club, Cobcroft Road Fraternity Hall (H.I.S8., Ltd.), Alfred Street

Friendly & Trade Societies Club, Northumberland Street

Highfield Assembly Hall, Highfields Bead

Huddersfield Women’s Conservative & Unionist Club, 2a, East Parade

Huddersfield Y.M.C.A., 16, John William St.

Huddersfield Y.W.C.A. Club, 3, New North Road

Lindley Liberal Club, See. Road Lockwood Mechanics’ Hall, Meltham Road

Longroyd Bridge Bowling Club, off St. Thomas’ Road

Longwood Mechanics’ Hall, Pelee Gate Marsh Liberal Club, 31, New Hey Road Masonic Hall, 26, Greenhead Road

New Victoria Hall Theatre i ae I.8., Ltd.), Buxton Road .

Northumberland Methodist ‘Cheah

Sunday School, Lord Street .. Paddock Institute Hall, Raven Stroot Parochial Hall, 8, Springwood Street

Primrose Hill Liberal Club Hall, Stile Com- mon Road

St. Patrick’s Parochial Hall, “Fitzwilliam St.

St. Thomas’ Club & 140, Man- chester Road ...

Temperance Hall, Princess Street a

Thornhill Masonic Hall, 70, New ore Road, Marsh ...

Thornton Lodge Bowling Club, Brook Street, Thornton Lodge cet

Town Hall, Ramsden Street

Manager or Secretary. Accom. Mr. T. A. Wetherald... 250 Mr. A. W. Toalster ... 1,000 (Baths Supt.) Mr. A. Brook 400 Mr. B. Thewlis 150 Officer Commanding... 1,200 Mr. G. Whitehead 100 Mr. C. N. Booth 200 Mr. T. Kilner 150 Mr. W. H. Richardson 300 Mr. Arthur Mellor 300 Miss K. Whitwam 100 Mr. George Longden 300 Miss Holroyd 100 Mr. R. Shaw ... 150 Town Clerk, Huddersfield 400 Mr. J. W. Morton 150 Mr. R. Thornton 250 Mr. H. E. Green 100 Mr. E. Lodge 200 Mr. J. Wood .. 600 Mr. C. Mather ae 400 Mr. S. Priestley 100 Mr. T. Mercer 250 Mr. C. Noble ... 100 Coun. A. J. Airey 500 Mr. F. Sutcliffe 200 Mr. A. Wilkinson 600 Mr. E. Barrett 130 Mr. F. W. Raven 100

Borough Treasurer

Area 835 Baleony 428 Orchestra 500 Gallery 400 —— 2,163



’ im

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Manager. Accom. Theatre Royal, Ramsden Street ... Mr. J. Carson wo Palace Theatre, Kirkgate i vig Mr. F. Pitt ... 1,400 Cosy Nook Cinema, Salendine Nook ... ise ee eS 5... SOO Empire Picture House, John William Street = Mr. A. R. Thornton 890 Grand Picture Theatre, Manchester Road ... Mr. H. Stevens ... 978 Lockwood Picture Palace, Lockwood Road ... Mr. G. Day ve ee Lyceum Cinema, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Mr. T. R. Stevens 900 New Star Picture House, Viaduct Street ... Mr. C. Ward re 760 Palace, Milnsbridge wes me aes ... Mr. E. Turrell ee Palladium Cinema, Blacker Road, Birkby ... Mr. A. Cartledge ... 500 Picturedrome, Buxton Road ... vag ... Mr..R. F. Thomas 850 Picture House, Ramsden Street sais ... Mr. F. Carter sad 960 Plaza Picture Theatre, Thornton Lodge Mr. J. T. Beaumont 850 Premier Picture Palace, Paddock Head ... Mr. W. Hirst cc eee Princess Picture House, Northumberland St. Mr. A. Earnshaw ... 900 Regal Cinema, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen .... Mr. W. O. Jackson 820 Regent Cinema, Bradford Road, Fartown ... Mr. L. Wainwright 680 Ritz, Market Street es ee .. Mr. H. Stevens .... 2,308 Savoy Picture House, Marsh ... ... Freedman... 716 Tudor Super Cinema, Ramsden Street Mr. W.8. Parker .... 1,600

Waterloo Pictures, Wakefield Rd., Waterloo Mr. C. Mallinson ... 980



The Central Library comprises a Lending Department (62,327 volumes), a Music Library (5,641 titles), a Reference Library (10,556 volumes) and a Patent Library. The General Newsroom and Magazine Rooms contain a good selection of the leading daily and weekly news- papers and periodicals, and a number of trade and technical publications. A file of Huddersfield newspapers from 1851 to date, together with bound volumes of ‘‘ The Times ”’ from 1898, is available for consultation. All departments are open free to the public. Enrolment as a reader should be made at the Lending Libraries.


Somerset Buildings, Church Street, Huddersfield (Tel. 1956). LENDING LispraRy, Music Liprary, REFERENCE LIBRARY, PATENT Liprary.—10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Saturday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. only. Newsroom, MaGAaziINE AND LADIES’ Rooms.—8-30 a.m. to 9 p.m. on week-days. Sundays, 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. Art GALLERY.—Periodical Exhibitions, week-days, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m, (Saturdays 9 p.m.), and Sundays, 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Permanent Collection (at intervals), Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to dusk. Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. ALMONDBURY BRANCH.

LENDING LIBRARY.—-6-30 p.m. to 8-30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays. NeEwsRoom.—9 a.m. to 9 p.m. each week-day.

L'BRARY CENTRES. Lockwoop Hatu.—6-30 p.m. to 8-30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays. Lonewoop MrcHantics’ Instirute.—6-30 p.m. to 8-30 p.m. on Mon- days and Thursdays. I ‘“ MoorFIELD,”’ Park Road West, Crosland Moor.—Library : 6-30 to 8-30 p.m. on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Newsroom: 9 a.m. to 9

p-m. on each week-day. The Lending and Reference Libraries are closed on Bank Holidays, and the Newsrooms are closed on Christmas Day and Good Friday.

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Headquarters White Hart Hotel, Cloth Hall Street, Huddersfield. Secretary : T. Lawson, R.O.H., 45 Rose Avenue, Marsh, Huddersfield. Meetings: Third Tuesday each ‘Month. ’ Examining Council : First Tuesday each Month. Benevolent Committee: Third Friday each Month.


Lodge. Name of Lodge. Place of Meeting. Day of Meeting. 14 Prince Charles White Hart Hotel, Cloth Hall Street Wednesday 33 Queen Victoria ‘ Foresters’ Hotel, Crosland Moor Monday 38 Nil ee: Zetland Arms Hotel, Queen St. South . Sunday 43 Herbert ‘ Boot and Shoe Hotel, New Thursday 63 Perseverance Zetland Arnis Hotel, Queen St. South .. Monday 137 Duke of Wellington Junction Inn, Marsh es Tuesday 510 Albert Edward .. Old Hat Hotel, Trinity Street . Friday 929 King Edward VII. Woodman Inn, Primrose Hill Tuesday 985 Alexandra .. Crown Hotel, Holmfirth Tuesday 1492 King George V. Anchor Inn, Brighouse Wednesday 1540 Coronation Jacob’s Well Inn, Honley Wednesday 1605 Royal Oak Coach and Horses Inn, Linthwaite Monday 1676 Unity Thornhill Arms Inn, Rastrick .. Monday 1724 Star Star Hotel, Fenay Bridge Monday 1784 Star of Hope Star Hotel, Bridge End, Brighouse Thursday 1806 Mirfield ; Railway Hotel, Mirfield . Monday 2021 Victory... New Inn, Marsden Wednesday 2507 Sir Wm. Price Coach and Horses Inn, Honey’ Saturday 2508 Tower Rose and Crown Inn, Longwood Wednesday 2531 Pride of the Valley Black Bull Inn, Berry Brow Monday 2601 Hopton Flower Pot Inn, Hopton Wednesday 2735 Atlas Highgate Oakes Hotel, Oakes .. Monday 2738 Queen Mary Wellington Hotel, Brighouse Tuesday 2851 Holme Valley Albert Hotel, Thongsbridge Monday 2976 Queen’s Park Post Office Inn, Milnsbridge Thursday 3021 Prince of Wales .. Swan Hotel, Lockwood .. Friday 3684 Clarence Commercial Inn, Paddock Friday 4069 Meltham .. Victoria Hotel, Meltham Tuesday 6082 Bradley Woodman Woodman Inn, Bradley .. Monday

HUDDERSFIELD RAILWAY STATION. (L.M.S. Railway GCo.). Station Master: Mr. C. E. Fry. Goods Agent: Mr. J. W. Longhorn. Tel. No. (Goods and Passenger) 2110.


(Borough Treasurer’s Department). Entrances in Corporation Street and Ramsden Street (Tel. 3157).

Rating Officer: Mr. C. F. Turner. Chief Rents Collector: Mr. A. S. Rushforth. I : Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ; 12 noon. Open for the payment of General Rate, Rents and Water Rates, Electricity and Gas Accounts.

Saturday, 9 a.m. to

WEIGHTS AND MEASURES DEPARTMENT. Offices:: Bull and Mouth Street, Huddersfield (Tel. 1995). Office Hours : Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Chief Inspector, Mr. Wm. Ed. Warwick.

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REGISTRATION OF BIRTHS, MARRIAGES & DEATHS. Offices: 36, Ramsden Street (Tel. 3136-3137).

Superintendent Registrar es as Mr. THos. W. ARMITAGE. Deputy-Superintendent Registrar... Mr. H. A. WILIIs. The original Registers of all Births, Deaths and Marriages which have taken place in the Huddersfield District since 1837 are preserved at the Offices, Ramsden Street, and searches may ke made and Certificates obtained daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Brrrus.—-By an Act passed in 1874, it is enacted that parents must register every birth within 42 days of the date thereof at the Registrar’s Office for the district in which they reside. In default the Registrar is empowered to compel their attendance at his Office and to charge extra fees. must be registered within five days, unless notice with medical certificate has been sent to the Registrar. The nearest rela- tives of the deceased, present at death, are liable to a penalty for neglect of this regulation. MarriAces.—Notices cf Marriages intended to he solemnized in any Dissenting Place of Worship in the Huddersfield District, or Register Office, must be given to the Superintendent Registrar twenty-one clear days if by Certificate, one clear day if by Licence. Marriages are solemnized at the Offices daily between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.


Erected 1899 to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. Height, 900 feet above sea level. After the purchase by the Huddersfield Corporation of the Ramsden Estate, the duties of the Trustees of the Victoria Tower were transferred to the Estate Committee. Trolley Bus to Almondbury or Newsome. Admission to Tower: Adults, 2d.; children, ld.


Chairman: Coun. R. Chappell, M.B.E., J.P.; Deputy-Chairman: Coun. J. Bagley, J.P.


Offices : 24, Ramsden Street, Huddersfield (Tel. 3860 & 3861).

Office Hours : Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5-30 p.m. Saturday, 9 a.m. to 12 noon.


Reservoirs. (Capacity in Million Gallons). Blackmoorfoot ae es poe rere ae 705 Deerhill oe a Sc aa via 171 Wessenden Head ae is ee cas ve 82 Wessenden Old ee ae 107 Blakeley cee as “bs es st 80 Butterley Ray ze ae sua oc aoe Longwood Upper lee es oan naa poi 50 Longwood Lower ee... oe os re iv 17 Deanhead a ie ee ic ‘sa 100 1,715 Length of Mains aan ee 410 miles.

All taps and other internal fittings are tested and stamped at Spring Street Works before being fixed.

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Huddersfield and District Brass Bands Association (Members of the League of Brass Bands Association).—President, Mr. H. Wood; hon. secretary, Mr. George F. Garner, 53, Trinity Street; hon. treasurer and contest secretary, Mr. H. Thornton, 29, Heatherfield Road, Marsh. Headquarters: The Plough Hotel, Westgate.

Almondbury Prize Silver Band.—Secretary, Mr. J. W. Armitage, 10, Grass- croft, Almondbury ; treasurer, Mr. I. Howarth; bandmaster, Mr. R. Ainley. Brighouse and Rastrick Band.—President, Mr. Herbert. Wood ; secretary and treasurer, Mr. Victor France, Kiln Fold, Clifton, Brighouse ; bandmaster, Mr. Fred Berry; professional conductor, Mr. William Halliwell. Clayton West Prize Band.—President, Mr. A. M. Beardsall ; secretary, Mr. Nowell Frost, Bilham Road, ‘Clayton West; treasurer, Mr. K. Turton ; bandmaster, Mr. George Gray ; professional conductor, Mr. W. Kaye, B.B.C.M. Crosland Moor Silver Prize Band.—President, Coun. D. J. Cartwright ; secretary, Mr. C. Wood, 284, Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Moor ; treasurer, Mr. E. Holmes; bandmaster, Mr. L. Wood. Denby Dale Brass Band.—President, Mr. James Brownhill, J.P. ; secretary, Mr. A. Crossland, North View, Denby Dale ; treasurer, Mr. H. Firth ; bandmaster, Mr. A. Cooke ; coach, Mr. Noel Thorpe. Denby United Silver Prize Band.—President, Mr. Tuke Robson ; secretary, Mr. H. Dransfield, Upper Denby ; treasurer, Mr. H. Hudson; band- master, Mr. J. Dronfield. Emley Public Silver Prize Band.—President, Major C. H. Stringer ; secretary, Mr. W. Leather, Upper Lane, Emley ; treasurer, C.W.S. Bank; bandmaster, Mr. John Wilkinson. Flockton United Brass Band.—President, Mr. E. Caldwell; secretary, Mr. C. Marsden, 25, Oaken Hill, Flockton ; treasurer, Mr. Joe Beaumont ; professional conductor, Mr. Ernest Thorre. Grange Moor Brass Band.—President, Mr. 8. Beaumont; secretary, Mr. C. Johnson, Clough Gate, Grange Moor ; treasurer, Mr. W. Westerby ; professional conductor, Mr. J. H. Johnson. Hade Edge Prize Band.—President, Mr. C. Liversidge ; secretary, Mr. Jack Hirst, 55, Elm Avenue, Woodlands, Thongsbridge ; treasurer, Mr. Herbert Greaves; bandmaster, Mr. Albert Robinson; professional conductor, Mr. William Pollard. I Hepworth Silver Prize Band.—President, Dr. Edward Trotter, F.R.C:S. ; secretary, Mr. Alfred Boothroyd, Park View, Cinderhills, Holmfirth ; treasurer, Mr. Norman Wadsworth; bandmaster, Mr. Willie Kaye, B.B.C.M. Holme Silver Prize Band.—President, Mr. C. H. Whiteley ; secretary, Mr. Friend Hardy, Bank End, Holmbridge; treasurer, Mr. Joe Whiteley ; bandmaster, Mr. Walter Clough; professional conductor, Mr. J. A. Greenwood. Honley Brass Band.—President, Mr. W. H. Smailes, M.D.; secretary, Mr. C. E. Brierley, 36, New Street, Honley ; treasurer, Mr. H. Longden ; bandmaster, Mr. H. Broadbent. Huddersfield L.M.S. Railway Brass Band.—President, Coun. W. A. Meadows ; secretary, Mr. A. Liversidge, 9, Spring Bank Road, Leeds Road ; treasurer, Mr. H. Thomas ; bandmaster, Mr. Horace Hirst. King Cross Subscription Prize Band.—President, Mr. J. D. V. Mackintosh ; secretary, Mr. A. Hale, 12a, Westfield Terrace, Halifax; treasurer, Mr. W. Briggs; bandmaster, Mr. T. Casson. Lindley Prize Brass Band.—President, Mr. E. C. Waterhouse, J.P.; secretary, Mr. L. W. Schofield, 155, Acre Street, Lindley ; treasurer, Mr. L. Sykes; bandmaster, Mr. Dan Clough ; professional conductor, Mr. Fred Berry. Linthwaite Brass Band.—President, Coun. P. Ainley; secretary, Mr. H. Westoby, 551, Manchester Road; treasurer, Mr. H. Pickering ; band- master, Mr. J. A. Chappell.

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Marsden Senior School Boys’ Band.—President, secretary and treasurer, Mr. H. Collins, Council School, Marsden ; bandmaster and professional conductor, Mr. Tom Eastwood. Marsden Silver Prize Band Musical Institute.—President, Mr. D. 8. Oldfield ; secretary, Mr? Robert H. Watson, Smithy Holme, Marsden ; treasurer, Mr. Lewis Shaw ; bandmaster, Mr. Percy Sykes ; professional conductor, Mr. Robert Cooper. I Meltham Mills Prize Band.—President, Mr. E. L. B. Lart ; secretary, Mr. Harry Armstrong, 14, Bank Buildings, Meltham ; treasurer and band- master, Mr. E. Whitham ; professional conductor, Mr. W. Wood. Ravensthorpe Subscription Prize Band.—President, Coun. Tom Lee; secretary, Mr. W. H. Smithson, 8, George Street, Ravensthorpe ; treasurer, Mr. S. Morrell; bandmaster, Mr. J. H. Marshall. Scapegoat Hill Prize Band.—Secretary and treasurer, Mr. E. Beaumont, 7, Stoney Lane, Longwood; bandmaster and professional conductor, Mr. F. Braithwaite. Skelmanthorpe Brass Band.—Secretary, Mr. F. Eastwood, King Street, Skelmanthorpe ; treasurer, Mr. J. Copley; bandmaster, Mr. R. W. Collier. Slaithwaite Silver Prize Band.—President, Coun. H. E. Eastwood; cor- responding secretary, Mr. J. Beaumont ; financial secretary, Mr. H. Hirst ; treasurer, Mr. H. Pogson.

Huddersfield Military Band.—President, Lt.-Col. W. A. Hinchcliffe ; hon. - secretary and treasurer, Mr. W. H. Jagger, 127, May Street, Crosland Moor; conductor, Mr. F. W. Greenwood. Mirfield Baptist Military Band.—President, Rev. A. W. Shears ; secretary, Mr. H. Middleton, 13, Littlemoose Road, Mirfield ; treasurer, Mr. J. A. Ellis ; bandmaster, Mr. Gill Brearley. 5th Battalion Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding) Regiment Military Band.— Bandmaster, Mr. White. Headquarters: Drill Hall, St. Paul’s Street.

CONSERVATIVE. Huddersfield and County Conservative Club, Church Street.—President, Mr. J. A. Woolven J.P.; hon. secretary, Mr. E. N. Shaw; hon. treasurer, Mr. John Stott ; secretary, Mr. Stanley F. Smith. Almond- bury—Westgate ; Armitage Bridge and Berry Brow—Ofi Parkgate ; Cowcliffe and Netheroyd Hill—Netheroyd Hill Road ; Crosland Moor— 40, Park Road; Fartown—117, Halifax Old Road; Leeds Road— 273, Leeds Road; Lindley—Holly Bank Road; Lockwood and Salford—246, Lockwood Road; Longwood—23, Thornhill Road ; Marsh—Abb Street ; Moldgreen—67, Almondbury Bank; Paddock— Brow Road; Primrose Hill—29, Newsome Road; Rashcliffe—49, Rasheliffe Hill Road ; Sheepridge and Deighton—Bracken Hall Road ; West Ward—12, Springwood Street ;. Huddersfield Women’s Con- servative and Unionist Association—2a, East Parade; Moldgreen Women’s Conservative and Unionist Association—Almondbury Bank.

LABOUR AND SOCIALIST. *Berry Brow—Oft Birch Road; Lockwood—201, Lockwood Road; *Milnsbridge—Factory Lane; Outlane—New Hey Road, Mount; *Paddock—47, Brow Road. * Affiliated Club and Institute Union.

LIBERAL. Huddersfield Liberal Club, Ltd., 24, Westgate.—President, Ald. Thomas Shires; chairman, Mr. Warwick Mitchell; hon. secretary, Coun. Sidney Kaye, LL.B.; secretary, Mr. T. Stanley Hickman. Almondbury— Thorpe Lane; Berry Brow—6, Parkgate ; Cowcliffe and Netheroyd Hill—Netheroyd Hill Road; Crosland Moor—Moorside Avenue, Blackmoorfoot Road ; Fartown and Birkby—Cobcroft Road ; Lindley— Occupation Road; Lockwood and Salford—19, Swan Lane; Long- wood—45, Longwood Gate; Marsh—31, New Hey Road; Milns- bridge—George Street ; Moldgreen—1l, Chapel Street ; North Ward— - 102, Northgate; Paddock—Market Street ; Primrose Hill—Malvern Road ; Sheepridge and Deighton—205, Deighton Road ; West Ward— 49, South Street.

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Huddersfield Club, 22, John William Street.—President, Mr. P. F. Holmes, J.P.; joint hon. secretaries, Mr. H. H. Ramsden and Mr. H. L. Thornton; hon. treasurer, Mr. T. B. Watkinson, J.P.

Huddersfield Borough Club, 9, Ramsden Street.—President, Mr. Henry Glendinning ; hon. secretary, Mr. A. E. T. Hincheliffe, LL.B.; hon. treasurer, Mr. H. P. Greenwood.

Huddersfield Builders’ Exchange, Ltd., Revenue Chambers, St. Peter’s Street.—President, Mr. M. Grant; hon. secretary, Mr. T. Lumb; hon. treasurer, Mr. P. Mellor.

Huddersfield Community Club, 9, Dundas Street.—President, Ven. Arch- deacon A. Baines, M.A.; joint hon. secretaries, Rev. L. Haley, M.A., 10, Mountjoy Road, and Rev. T. Kenyon; hon. treasurer, Coal. G. PB. Norton, D.S.O., T.D., M.A. The Club provides a social centre for the unemployed and facilities for boot repairing and handicrafts. Open weekdays 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Huddersfield Rotary Club.—President, Mr. L. E. Nicholls; hon. secretary, Coun. H. A. Bennie Gray, 46, Gledholt Road ; hon. treasurer, Mr. J. M. Thornton. Headquarters : Whiteley’s Café, Westgate.

Huddersfield Round Table.—President, Coun. H. A. Bennie Gray ; chairman, Mr. Walter. Jarratt ; hon. secretary, Mr. P. C. Sykes, 184, Scar Lane, Milnsbridge; hon. treasurer, Mr. C. H. Dyson. Head- quarters : George Hotel. .

Huddersfield Soroptimist Club.—President, Dr. Jessie Sheard, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H. ; secretary, Miss M. W. Randall, 19, Croft House Lane, Marsh ; treasurer, Miss G. M. Dunkley. Headquarters: Whiteley’s Café, Westgate.

Huddersfield Women’s Luncheon Club.—President, Mrs. Raffan ; joint hon. secretaries, Mrs. Linton Taylor, 8 Stanwell Avenue, and Mrs. Tomlin, Fitzwilliam House, 112, Fitzwilliam Street; hon. treasurer, Mrs. Everest. Headquarters: Whiteley’s Café, Westgate.

Huddersfield Y.M.C.A. Lunch Club, 16 John William Street.—President, Mr. George W. Dyson ; hon. secretary, Mr. A. C. Mitchell.

Irish League Club, Zetland Street.—President, Mr. S. Rattigan; hon. secretary, Mr. J. Rattigan; hon. treasurer, Mr. J. Stead.

York Club (Huddersfield Branch).—President, Mr. H. Whitehead ; hon. secretary, Mr. W. A. Scott, Longwood House, Fixby ; hon. treasurer, Mr. J. S. Ward. Headquarters: Pack Horse Hotel. Members are old students of St. John’s College, York.


Huddersfield Branch.—Secretary, Mr. H. L. Brooke, 51, Market Street. Almondbury—Southfield Road ; Armitage Fold—Berry Brow ; Bradley and Colne Bridge—19, Colne Bridge Road; Bradley Mills School— 268, Leeds Road ; Cliffe End—Cross Firs Street, Milnsbridge ; Crosland Moor—170, Blackmoorfoot Road; Deighton—87, Deighton Road ; Fartown—Greenhouse Street, off Spaines Road; Forest Road—7, Forest Road, Dalton ; Greenside—444, Wakefield Road ; Hall Bower Athletic—53, Hall Bower; Lindley—Brian Street ; Lowerhouses and Longley—Lowerhouses Lane ; Moldgreen—Church Street ; Newsome— 5, St. John’s Avenue; Oakes—26, Oakes Road; Primrose Hill— Perseverance Street ; Rawthorpe—Rawthorpe Hall, Rawthorpe Lane ; Taylor Hill—14, Close Hill Lane; Trafalgar—é67l, Leeds Road; Turnbridge—9 St. Andrew’s Road. : Friendly and Trades Societies’ Club, 9, Northumberland Street.—Presi- dent, Mr. J. W. Taylor; secretary-manager, Mr. W. H. Richardson. The local headquarters of Friendly and Trade Union Societies. Dyers, Finishers and Textile Workers’ Club and Institute, 41, Fitzwilliam Street.—President, Mr. T. Blezard; Secretary, Mr. 8S. Thornton.

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Slaithwaite Angling Club. — President, Mr. J. Towle; secretary, Mr. T. Boulding, 19a, George Street, Milnsbridge ; ; treasurer, Mr. W. Hinch- cliffe.


Huddersfield and District Billiards Mr. J. H. Clayton ; secretary and treasurer, Mr. S. R. Mapplebeck, 16, Mount Field Road, Waterloo. Headquarters: White Hart Hotel, Cloth Hall Street.

Huddersfield and District Billiards Association Non-Political Snooker League.—Officers and headquarters as above.


Huddersfield and District Amateur Bowling Association. — President, Mr. H. White; secretary and treasurer, Mr. H. Pontefract, ‘ 38, Brooklyn Avenue, Dalton. Headquarters: Crown Hotel, Westgate. The following clubs are members of the Association :—Huddersfield Cricket and Athletic Club (Bowling Section)—Spaines Road, Far- town ; Hillhouse and Birkby—King Cliff Road, Hillhouse ; Lindley— Daisy Lea Lane, Lindley; Longroyd Bridge—St. Thomas’ Road ; Springwood—Springwood Avenue; Thornton Lodge—Brook Street ; Waterloo—Wakefield Road.


Waverley Carpet Bowling Association.— Hon. president, Rev. Alan P. Tory, M.A.; president, Mr. George Garland; secretary, Mr. David Pagan, 50, Arnold Street, Birkby; treasurer, Mr. Wilfred Ness. Headquarters : Waverley House, off New North Road.


Huddersfield Chess Club.—Secretary, Mr. Jackson Calvert, 304, Newsome Road ; treasurer, Mr. J. Owen.


Huddersfield Cine Club.—President, Mr. H. Wood ; secretary, Mr. H. Wood, 14, Wood Street; treasurer, Mr. A. T. Dawson. Headquarters : George Hotel.


Huddersfield Cricket and Athletic Club.—President, Sir Joseph Turner, K.B.E., J.P.; secretary, Mr. C. L. Reynard, The Pavilion, Fartown. Cricket Section—Chairman, Mr. A. E. T. Hinchcliffe, LL.B. Ground: Spaines Road, Fartown.

Huddersfield and District Cricket League.—President, Mr. W. H. Bolt ; hon. secretary and treasurer, Mr. J. Wilson Senior, 79 Birch Road, Berry Brow. Headquarters : Pack Horse Hotel, Kirkgate. The following clubs are members of the League :Almondbury, Armitage Bridge, Bradley Mills, Broad Oak, Dalton, Elland, Golcar, Holmfirth, Honley, Huddersfield, Kirkburton, Kirkheaton, Lascelles Hall, Linth- waite, Lockwood, Marsden, Meltham, Meltham Mills, Paddock, Prim- rose Hill, Rastrick, Shepley, Slaithwaite and Thongsbridge. Huddersfield and District Umpires’ Association.—President, Mr. W. H. Bolt ; chairman, Mr. W. Lockwood; secretary, Mr. F. Illingworth, 39, Frederick Street, Crosland Moor; treasurer, MreE. North. Head- quarters : White Hart Hotel, Cloth Hall Street.


Curling Club.—President, Mr. John Affleck; secretary and treasurer, Mr. Charles E. Mashiter, 12, Dalton Green Lane, Dalton. Headquarters :

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Clarion Cycling Club (Hudd. Branch).—President, Mr. G. W. Dove; secretary, Mr. A. Wilkinson, 11, Birchencliffe Hill Road, Lindley.

Cyclists’ Touring Club (Hudd. Section).—Secretary, Mr. G. R. Schofield, 6, Chestnut Street, Sheepridge.

Huddersfield Road Club.—President, Mr. Lawton; hon. secretary, Mr. E. Holdsworth, 25, Lindley Moor Road ; treasurer, Mr. J. Field.


Huddersfield Draughts Club.—President, Mr. J. Hirst ; hon. secretary and treasurer, Mr. B. Armitage, 13, Crosland Road, Thornton Lodge. Headquarters : Huddersfield Industrial Society Café, Buxton Road.


Huddersfield Town Association Football Club, Ltd.—President, Lt.-Col. Sir Emmanuel Hoyle, Bart., O.B.E., J.P.; chairman, Mr. A. Brook Hirst ; secretary, Mr. H. Beever; manager, Mr. C. Stephenson. Office and Ground: Leeds Road. Members of The Football League, The Central League, Yorkshire Mid-Week League and Yorkshire League.

Huddersfield and District Football Association (Affiliated to the West Riding County Football Association).—President, Mr. C. W. Schofield ; hon. secretary and treasurer, Mr. R. Pestell, 50, Norwood Road, Birkby. Headquarters: Y.M.C.A., John William Street.

Huddersfield and District Association Football League (Affiliated to the West Riding County F.A.).—President, Coun. J. Barlow, J.P.; chairman, Mr. H. Beever; hon. secretary and treasurer, Mr. A. Richardson, 33, Ingfield Avenue, Dalton. Headquarters: Albert Hotel, Victoria Lane, Huddersfield. The following clubs are members of the League :—Carr Pit Rovers, Emley, Fenay Bridge W.M.C., Grange Moor W.M.C., Marsden, Moldgreen United, Scissett, Shelley, Stainland United, St. Thomas’ Club.

Huddersfield and District Half-Holiday Association Football League.— President—Coun. J. H. Heywood; hon. secretary and treasurer, Mr. G. H. Roberts, 119, Longwood Road, Longwood; league asst. secretary, Mr. W. Ramsden, 68, School Lane, Moldgreen. Head- quarters: Albert Hotel, Victoria Lane. The following clubs are members of the League :—Hudd. Borough Police, Hudd. Tradesmen, Hudd. Wednesday, Hudd. Crescent, Hudd. Tramways, Hudd. United, Hudd. Industrial Society, Ltd., Storthes Hall, Sowerby Bridge.

Huddersfield and District Affiliated Sunday Schools Football League (Affiliated to the West Riding County F.A.).—President, Mr. W. McLauchlan ; hon. secretary, Mr. H. Sykes, 55, East Street, Lindley ; hon. treasurer, Mr. K. E. Whitwam. The following clubs are members of the League :—Berry Brow Methodist, Crimble Mission, Dalton New Church, Dalton St. Paul’s, Farnley Tyas Church, Holmfirth Metho- dist, Honley Oldfield Mission, Honley St. Mary’s, Lindley Church, Lindley Wesley, Moldgreen Congregational, Old Holmevalians, Y.M.C.A., Wellhouse Methodist, Salendine Nook Baptist.

Huddersfield and District Works Association Football League.—President, Lt.-Col. Sir Emmanuel Hoyle, Bart., O.B.E., J.P. ; hon. secretary, Mr. J. Walker, 530, Leeds Road; hon. treasurer, Mr. C. F. Coldwell ; Headquarters: Albert Hotel, Victoria Lane. The following clubs are members of the League :—Section ‘‘A”—J. Bailey Ancion’s Sports Club (Marsden), Blakeboroughs, Ltd. (Brighouse) (A), Brook’s Motors Social Club, D.B.S. Athletic and Recreation Club, British Dyestuffs Corporation (A), Britannia Works S.C., John Crowther’s (Milnsbridge), L. B. Hollidays. Jarmain & Son, Ltd., Joseph Lumb & Sons, Ltd., S.C. (A)., Geo. Mallinson’s, Meltham Silica Firebrick Co., Ltd., James Shires & Sons, Ltd. Section ‘“‘ B’’—Bairstow’s Sports and Social Club, Blakeboroughs, Ltd. (Brighouse) (B), British Dye- stuffs Corporation (B), Elon Crowther & Sons, Ltd., Gledhill Bros. (Lockwood), Huddersfield Gasworks, J. Hoyle & Sons, Ltd., Hudders-

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field Industrial Society, Ltd., Joseph Lumb & Sons, Ltd., S.C. (B), Moorbottom Ironworks, J. Sykes (Brockholes) S8.C., Ralph Wood & Co., Ltd.

Huddersfield Red Triangle Boys’ Football League.—President, Mr. B. M. Schofield ; hon. secretary, Mr. C..Garthwaite, 3, Brook’s Yard, Great Northern Street; hon. treasurer, Mr. A. E. Atkinson, 12, Thornhill Avenue, Lindley. The following clubs are members of the League :— Berry Brow Methodist, Blamires, Ltd., Sports Club, Brighouse St. Martin’s, Central Lads’ Club, D.B.S. Athletic and Recreation Club, Golear Church, Hepworth Iron Co. Sports Club, Hudd. Y.M.C.A., Kirkburton Church, Meltham Mill Juniors, Milnsbridge Baptist Insti- tute, Netherthong United, Old Holmevalians, Outlane Trinity (A), Outlane Trinity (B), Scholes, Shelley Juniors, Shepley Juniors, Y.M.C.A. Reserves. ;


Huddersfield Cricket and Athletic Club.—President, Sir Joseph Turner, K.B.E., J.P.: secretary, Mr. C. L. Reynard, The Pavilion, Fartown. Football Section—Chairman, Mr. F. B. Hoyle. Ground: Spaines Road, Eartown.

Huddersfield and District Intermediate Rugby League.—President, Mr. Sidney Abbey; hon. secretary, Mr. H. Littlewood, 18, Broad Lane, Dalton ; treasurer, Mr. E. Wharton.

Huddersfield and District Rugby League.—President, Mr. Sidney Abbey ; hon. secretary, Mr. H. Littlewood, 18, Broad Lane, Dalton ; treasurer, Mr. E. Wharton.

Lindley Rugby Football Club.—President, Mr. F. Morton; hon. secretary, Mr. H. Clelland, 8la, Leeds Road; hon. treasurer, Mr. E. Smithies. Headquarters: Globe Inn, Acre Street, Lindley. Ground: Green Lea, Acre Street, Lindley.


Huddersfield Old Boys Rugby Football Club.—President, Mr. W. A. Scott ; general secretary, Mr. W. A. Scott, Longwood House, Fixby ; joint hon. assistant secretaries, Mr. R. T. Hirst and Mr. H. S. Netherwood ; joint hon. assistant treasurers, Mr. J. A. Bottomley and Mr. J. C. V. Grundy. Headquarters: George Hotel. Ground: Waterloo.

Huddersfield Old Boys (Wednesday Section).—Hon. secretary, Mr. J. E. Cottrell, 3, Moorside Avenue, Crosland Moor.


Crosland Heath (Lockwood Station, 24 miles; Crosland Hill ’bus from Hudd.).—President, Mr. F. Blackburn ; captain, Mr. F. L. Goldthorpe ; hon. secretary, Mr. P. Matthews, East View, Meltham ; hon. treasurer, Mr. R. J. Goodwin; professional and greenkeeper, Mr. J. F. Smith. Holes 18. Annual subscription: 4 gns. (Entrance fee of 4 gns. tem- porarily suspended.) Visitors’ fees: 2s. a day; 3s. Sundays. Tel. Milnsbridge 216.

Huddersfield, Fixby Hall (Hudd. Station, 3 miles ; Grimscar Bridge, Nont Sarah’s ’bus from Byram Street ; tramcar to Brighouse, via Rastrick).— Captain, Mr. H. D. Groves; hon. secretary, Mr. A. L. Woodhead, M.A., J.P.; hon. treasurer, Mr. Albert Stocks; secretary, Mr. J. Drake ; professional, Mr. Peter McEwan; greenkeeper, Mr. J. 8S. Jolly. Holes 18. Entrance fees: Men 12 gns.; Ladies 8 gns. Annual subscription: Men 7 gns.; Ladies 44 gns. Visitors’ fees: 5s. a day (3s. if playing with a member). Tel. Hudd. 110.

Longley Park, Somerset Road (Hudd Station, ? mile ; Almondbury trolley ‘buses pass Club House).—Captain, Mr. J. W. Fuller; hon. secretary, Mr. A. Hollingworth ; hon. treasurer, Mr. W. Dransfield ; professional and greenkeeper, Mr. H. Weatherburn. Holes 9. Entrance fees: Men 2 gns.; Ladies 1 gn. Annual subscription: Men 3 gns.; Ladies 2 gns. Visitors’ fees: 2s. a day; 8s. a week; £1 3s. a month. Tel. Hudd. 2304.

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Marsden, Hemplow (Marsden Station, 14 miles ; *bus or tram from Hudd.).— Hon. secretary, Mr. 8. Ellam ; professional, Mr. T. Forrest. Holes 9. Entrance fees: Men 1 gn.; Ladies 10s. 6d. Annual subscription : Men 13 gns.; Ladies 1 gn. Visitors’ fees: 2s. a day ; Saturdays and Holidays 3s.; 7s. 6d. a week. Tel. Marsden 53.

Meltham, Thick Hollins (Meltham Station, 14 miles; ’bus from High St., Hudd., alight at Meltham Mills, then 10 minutes walk).—Hon. secre- tary, Mr. E. N. Shaw ; professional and greenkeeper, Mr. C. H. Watts. Holes 18. Annual subscription: Men 4 gns.; Ladies 2 gns. Visitors’ fees: 2s. 6d. a day; Saturdays and Holidays 3s. 6d. Tel. Hudd. 2937. (Business meetings held at the Pack Horse Hotel, Kirkgate, Hudd.)

Outlane (Hudd. Station, 3} miles; Outlane *bus).—Hon. secretary, Mr. Stanley Carr ; professional and greenkeeper, Mr. J. Weldon. Holes 18. Entrance fees: Men 3 gns.; Ladies 14 gns. Annual subscription : Men 4 gns.; Ladies 3 gns. Visitors’ fees: 2s. 6d. a day or ls. 6d. a round. ‘Tel. Stainland 671621. Woodsome Hall, Fenay Bridge (Hudd. Station, 34 miles; Sheffield and Skelmanthorpe buses from Lord Street, alight at Woodsome Bridge).— President, The Right Hon. The Earl of Dartmouth ; captain, Mr. H. I. Frost ; hon. secretary, Mr. A. C. Mitchell, 164, Ravensknowle Road, Dalton ; hon. treasurer, Mr. C. Earnshaw. All communications to be addressed to the secretary, Mr. J. E. Williams, A.C.A., 35, Westgate, Hudd. Holes 18. Entrance fees: Men 5 gns.; Ladies 5 gns. Annual subscription: Men 5 gns.; Ladies 3 gns. Visitors’ fees: 38. a day; Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays 5s. Tel. Kirkburton 71.


Huddersfield and District Harriers Association.—President, Mr. F. Ashton ; hon. secretary and treasurer, Mr. J. W. Percy, 130 New Hey Road, Oakes. Headquarters: Friendly and Trades Club.

Holmfirth Harriers.—Secretary, Mr. N. Haigh, 7, Barklands, Holmfirth. Huddersfield Harriers.—Secretary, Mr. A. M. Leitch, 20, Water Street. Longwood Harriers A.C.—Secretary, Mr. L .A. Bird, 15, Dalmeny Avenue, Crosland Moor. Slaithwaite Harriers.—Secretary, Mr. H. Dyson, ‘‘Aversroyd,” Golcar.


Huddersfield Hockey Club.—President, Major J. F. Best; joint hon. secretaries, Mr. W. R. Wood, 93, New North Road, and Mr. J. A. Sykes, “ Birksgate,” Almondbury ; hon. treasurer, Major J. F. Best, Station Street Buildings, Station Street.

Huddersfield Ladies’ Hockey Club.—President, Miss K. Thorp; captain, Miss Mary H. Sykes; hon. secretary, Miss E. A. Stray, 77, Birkby Hall Road, Birkby ; hon. treasurer, Mrs. Fawcett. Ground : Lockwood Cricket Club. Laund Hill Ladies’ Hockey Club.—President, Mr. Brian Schofield ; hon. secretary, Miss Florence M. Rothwell ; hon. treasurer, Miss Kathleen M. Dyson. Ground: Laund Hill, Salendine Nook.


Huddersfield and District Fur and Feather Society.—Secretary, Mr. A. Womersley, 23, Water Street. Headquarters : Crown Hotel, Westgate.

Yorkshire and Continental Flying Club (Hudd. Branch).—Secretary, Mr. T. B. Riley, 41, Grimscar Avenue, Birkby. Headquarters : Crown Hotel, Westgate.


Colne Valley Hunt.—President, Mr. Joe Crosland ; secretary, Mr. Hinch- liffe ; treasurer, Mr. Thewlis; huntsman, Mr. Frank Teasdale.

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Holme Valley Beagles.—Master, Mr. Harold Barber; deputy master, Mr. Hinchliffe Brook ; hon. secretary, Mr. Joe A. North, 41, Birkhouse Lane, Moldgreen; hon. treasurer, Mr. George Ware; huntsman and kennelman, Mr. J. Teasdale, The Kennels, Upperthong ; whips, Messrs. Barnes and Singleton. LACROSSE.

Huddersfield Lacrosse Club (Ladies).—Hon. secretary, Miss N. Brown, ‘“‘ Springfield,” Thornhill Road, Edgerton; hon. treasurer, Miss P. Haigh, 11, Park Road, Crosland Moor.

MODEL AEROPLANE CLUB. Huddersfield Sky-Bird Club.—Hon. secretary, Mr. D. Bower, Senior Street,

Moldgreen. MODEL ENGINEERS. Huddersfield Society of Model Engineers.—President, Mr. Frank C. Hirst ; hon. general secretary, Mr. Arthur Bottom, A.I.S.A., 35, Bleasdale Avenue, Birkby; hon. exhibition secretary, Mr. E. Crosland, 8, Weatherhill Road, Lindley ; hon. treasurer, Mr. J. H. Denham. Model Yacht Section.—Hon. secretary and treasurer as above.

MOTORING. Huddersfield Automobile Club (R.A.C.).—President, Lt.-Col. Sir Emmanuel Hoyle, Bart., O.B.E., J.P.; chairman, Mr. John H. Shires ; secretary and treasurer, Mr. E. Gordon Learoyd, 5, Lion Chambers, John William Street. Headquarters : George Hotel. I


Kirkburton and District Motor Cycle Club.—President, Mr. Hardcastle ;. captain, Mr. L. Jackson; secretary, Mr. M. 8. Sykes, 34, Woodhouse Hill, Fartown; treasurer, Mr. A. Sanderson. Headquarters: R. S. Moorhouse, Motor Cycle Dealer, Seed Hill.


Huddersfield and Colne Valley Physical Culture.—Secretary, Mr. J. Pearson, The Firs,”’ 249, Longwood Road.

RAMBLING. Huddersfield and District Healthy Life Society.—President, Mr. A. E. Taylor; hon. secretary and treasurer, Mr. 8. Wright, 28, Mayfield Avenue, Dalton. Rambling Section.—President, Mr. A. E. Taylor ; hon. secretary and treasurer, Mr. john E. Bottomley, 18, Windsor Road, Cowlersley Lane, Milnsbridge. Membership fee: Summer 6d. Winter 3d. Huddersfield Rucksack Club (Affiliated to the West Riding Ramblers’ Federation, the West Riding Youth Hostel Association, and the Camping Club of Great Britain and Ireland).—President, Mr. G. Telfer; hon. secretary, Mr. C. H. Hart, 56, Tanfield Road, Birkby ; hon. treasurer, Miss M. Sunderland, B.Sc. Clubroom: Toc H Room, Princess Street. Membership fee: 2s. 6d. per annum. RECREATIVE PHYSICAL TRAINING. Huddersfield Keep-Fit Movement (for Women and Girls).—Organiser, Miss M. W. Randall; treasurer, Miss M. Taylor. Centres: Hillhouse Central School and Paddock Council School, Tues., 7-30 p.m. ; Y.W.C.A., Wed., 3 p.m.; Greenhead High School, Thurs., 7-30 p.m. ; Lockwood Mount Pleasant School, Fri., 7-15 p.m. All particulars may be obtained at the classes.

SHEEP DOG TRIALS. Harden Moss Sheep Dog Trials Association.—President, Mr. Frank Brook ; chairman, Mr. Hinchliffe Brook ; secretary, Mr. A. N. Lindley, Manor Farm, Wilshaw, Meltham ; treasurer, Mr. George Ware ; trials manager, Mr. Harold Whiteley. SMALL-BORE RIFLE CLUB. Huddersfield Small-Bore Rifle Club.—Hon. secretary, Mr. L. R. Hinchliffe, Newydd,” Stoney Bank Road, Thongsbridge ; hon. treasurer, Mr. P. S. Clayton. Indoor Range: Drill Hall, Fitzwilliam Street. Open Range: Woodfield Range, Lockwood. ‘ 3

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Huddersfield Amateur Swimming Club.—President, Mr. F. M. Chrispin ; hon. secretary, Mr. A. V. Keighley, 11, Halifax Old Road, Hillhouse ; hon. treasurer, Mr. A. Sykes. Headquarters : Cambridge Road Baths. Club Night : Mon.—April to Sept., 7-45 p.m. to 9-30 p.m.; Oct. to March, 7 p.m. to 8-30 p.m. Huddersfield and District Amateur Swimming Association.—President, Coun. P. Ainley; hon. general secretary, Mr. C. J. Bradley, 6, Lea Head, Blacker Road, Birkby; hon. treasurer, Mr. H. Wheelhouse. Headquarters: Cambridge Road Baths. The following clubs are members of the Association: Gent’s Section—Britannia Works, Hudd. County Borough Police Guild, Huddersfield, Hudd. Corporation Tramways and Omnibus Employees’ Social Club, Hudd. Works, Lockwood, Slaithwaite, West Riding Constabulary. Ladies’ Section.— Hudd. Ladies, Hudd. Cambridge Ladies, Lockwood Ladies, Slaithwaite Ladies. Schools Section—Huddersfield Schools’ Sports "Association, Colne Valley Schools’ Sports Association.

TENNIS. _ Huddersfield Royal Infirmary ‘“‘ Examiner’? Lawn Tennis Tournament.— President, Mr. A. L. Woodhead, M.A., J.P.; chairman, Mr. E. Dodds, M.A.; hon. secretary, Mr. W. G. Lowis, ‘“‘ Examiner ”’ Office, Ramsden Street ; hon. treasurer, Mr. D. E. Hirst.

Tennis Clubs. Almondbury Wesleyan—Kaye Lane; Bradley Church—Oak Road ; British Dyestuffs Corporation, Ltd., Sports Club.—Leeds Road ; Blamires, Ltd., Sports Club—Leeds Road, Deighton; Cowcliffe Church—Netheroyd Hill Road; Dalton New Church—Broad Lane ; Gledholt—Edgerton Grove Road; Grove Lawn Tennis Club—Heaton Road, Gledholt ; Hopkinson’s Ltd.—New Hey Road, Salendine Nook ; Huddersfield—Cemetery Road; Learoyd Bros. & Co.—Trafalgar Mills, Leeds Road; Newsome—The Nook, Newsome Road; Moorlands— Coal Pit Lane, Mount, Outlane; Oakes Baptist Church—New Hey Road; Rashcliffe Chureh—Victoria Road, Lockwood ; Salendine Nook Baptist Church—New Hey Road; Y.M.C.A.—Laund Hill, Salendine Nook, and Springwood ; Y.W.C.A.—Arcadia, Mountjoy Road. Huddersfield and District Table Tennis League.—President, Mr. W. H. Bolt ; chairman, Mr. T. Cruise ; hon. secretary and treasurer, Mr. L. N. 1, Dale Street. The following clubs are members of the League : Fields Cong., Gasworks 8.C., G.P.O., Kirkheaton Socialist Club, L. B. Holiday’s 8.C., Oakfield T.C., Rock Mission Institute, St. Thomas’ Club, Y.M.C.A., Y.M.C.A. Juniors.


Blamires, Ltd.—President, Mr. W. Blamires; secretary and treasurer Mr. S. Cawham, 91, Victoria Road, Lockwood. Ground : Leeds Road, Deighton. D.B.S. Athletic and Recreation Club. —President, Mr. T. Blakelock ; secretary and treasurer, Mr. J. Livesey, 89, Roydhouse, Linthwaite. Headquarters: David Brown & Sons (Hudd.), Ltd., Park “Works, Lockwood. Ground: Moor End, Lockwood. Huddersfield County Borough Police Guild.— President, H. C. Allen (Chief Constable) ; hon. secretary, Sergt. Sidney Dawson, 43, Everard Street, Crosland Moor; hon. treasurer, Inspector W. Rawson. Head- quarters: Borough Police Office, Peel Street. Ground: Woodfield Park, Lockwood. Huddersfield Corporation Tramways and Omnibus Employees’ Social Club, 70, John William Street.—President, Mr. H. C. Godsmark, AM.LE.E., A.M. Inst. T.; chairman, committee of management, Mr. W. T. Richards; hon. general secretary, Mr. H. Kemp; hon. treasurer, Mr. H. Bolton. West Yorkshire and Yorkshire Traction Omnibus Companies Employees’ Social Club, 12, St. Peter’s Street.—Hon. secretary, Mr. A. Shaw; hon. treasurer, Mr. W. Bostwick.

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Societies and Associations.

Our thanks are due to secretaries for supplying information, and the Editor will be pleased to receive additional particulars and notice of changes which may take place.


All Saints’ Home, Almondbury (Church of England Homes for Waifs and Strays).—Hon. secretary and treasurer, Mrs. P. G. Norton, Kirkroyd, Almondbury ; matron, Nora Wilkinson. Accommodation is provided at the Home for 10 boys ages 5 to 10 years. British Legion (Huddersfield Branch).—President, Major L. B. Holliday, O.B.E., T.D.; chairman, Major J. F. Best; hon. secretary, Mr. H. Moore; hon. treasurer, Mr. J. R. Beaumont. Headquarters: 2a, Wood Street ; Pensions, Education grants, &c., Mon. and Tues., 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.; Relief cases, Thurs. and Fri., 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. British Red Cross Society (Huddersfield Branch).—Hon. secretary, Mr. George W. Haigh, M.B.E., 14, Victoria Street, Moldgreen. Children’s League of Pity (Huddersfield Branch).—President, Mrs. H. Broadbent ; joint hon. secretaries, Miss R. Hope, 4, Trinity Place, and Miss M. Barter, The Vicarage, Meltham. Girls’ Friendly Society (Wakefield Diocese)—Huddersfield Federation President, Mrs. Hirst, ‘‘ Brigsteer,”’ Birchencliffe ; Diocesan Secretary, Mrs. E. Wilde, 160, Ravensknowle Road. Golear Nurses’ Association.—President, Mr. J. W. Lockwood ; hon. sec- retary, Mrs. H. Ainley, ‘‘“Ashfield,’? Station Road, Golcar; hon. treasurer, Mr. J. Swan. Huddersfield Charity Organisation Society and Guild of Help.—President, Ald. Thomas Canby, J.P.; hon. secretary, Mr. David 8. Whitfield ; hon. treasurer, Mr. Norman C. Peel, ‘‘ Stonegarth,’’ Imperial Road, Edgerton ; agent, Mr. Charles Lodge. Office: Queen Street Mission Room, Thurs., 2 p.m. to 3 p.m., and Fri., 3-30 p.m. to 5 p.m. Huddersfield Cinderella Society.—President, Mr. D. R. H. Williams ; hon. secretary, Coun. F. I. Butterworth, J.P., 126, Fitzwilliam Street ; hon. treasurer, Mr. A. Stocks. Office: 33, Byram Arcade, Westgate (Tel. 2458). Huddersfield Crippled Children’s Home.—President, Rev. R. J. Barker ; hon. treasurer, Mr. Norman C. Peel, ‘‘ Imperial Road, Edgerton ; superintendent, Miss Ada Learoyd, Crippled Children’s Home, Lindley Moor.

Huddersfield Cripples’ Guild.—President, Rev. R. J. Barker ; hon. secretary, Miss Ada Learoyd, Crippled Children’s Home, Lindley Moor; hon. treasurer, Mr. Norman C. Peel, “ Stonegarth,”’ Imperial Road, Edgerton. Huddersfield Discharged Prisoners’. Aid Society.—President, The Mayor ; hon. secretary, Mr. W. C. Crook, 56, Fitzwilliam Street ; hon. treasurer, Miss Dorothy Bates. Huddersfield Fallen Heroes’ War Memorial Committee.—President, Mr. J. A. Woolven, J.P. ; hon. secretary and treasurer, Mr. J. R. Beaumont, 37, Springfield Terrace, Somerset Road, Moldgreen. Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.—President, Mr. W. A. Crowther; hon. secretary, Mr. Arnold Mellor, M.A. ; hon. treasurer, Col. G. P. Norton, D.S.O., T.D., M.A.; general superintendent and secretary, Mr i: do. Johnson, A.I.S.A.; matron, Miss E. L. Long. Huddersfield Ruri-Decanal Association for Preventive and Rescue Work.— President, The Ven. Archdeacon A. Baines ; hon. secretaries, Lt.-Col. J. T. C. Broadbent, Quarry Hurst, Longwood (Finance); Rev. E. E. Price, M.A., Rashcliffe Vicarage; Miss Pye-Smith, Vernon House (House Committee). : Huddersfield Tradesmen’s Benevolent Institution.—President, Mr. A. E. Rushworth ; secretary, Mr. F. Wilkinson, 523, Bradford Road (Tel. 3687); hon. treasurer, Mr. C. G. Osborn.

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Huddersfield and District Adult Deaf and Dumb Institution.—President, Ald. Thomas Canby, J.P.; hon. secretary, Mr. William Pape ; hon. treasurer, Mr. Arthur Fieldhouse; collector, Mr. G. A. B. Batley, 28, Ramsden Street. Place of worship, recreation and reading rooms, committee room and office: 28/30, Ramsden Street ; matron, Mrs. Ss. Ellis. Huddersfield and District Army Veterans’ Association.—President, Col. R. R. Mellor, C.B.E., T.D., J.P. ; chairman, Mr. J. H. Johnson ; hon. secretary, Mr. E. H. Quarmby, 8, Fartown Green Road ; hon. treasurer, Mr. J. R. Beaumont. Headquarters: White Hart Hotel, Cloth Hall Street. Huddersfield and District Blind Society.—Chairman, Ald. Walker T. Priest, J.P.; hon. secretary, Mr. Stanley Swallow; hon. treasurer, Mr. A. F. Phillips; home visitor and teacher, Miss B. Woodhead ; works superintendent, Miss N. Chappell. Work Depot: 32, Ramsden Street ; open daily, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (except Wed. afternoon). (See also Blind Persons Act Committee of the Hudd. Corporation.)

Huddersfield and District Victoria Nurses’ Association.—Chairman, Mr. Lawrence Crowther, J.P.; hon. secretaries, Mr. F. B. Aked, c/o Midland Bank, Ltd., Market Place, and Miss Irving, J.P., Carr Hill, Cumberworth ; hon. cash secretary, Mr. A. G. Hanson, 24, St. J ames’s Road, Marsh ; secretary, Miss H. M. Willans, Helme Edge, Meltham ; hon. treasurer, Mr. Chas. F. Whitfield ; organiser, Mr. A. E. Halliday ; asst. organiser, Mr. W. Rhodes. Superintendents—General Home, 19, Clare Hill: Miss F. M. Underhill ; Midwifery Home : Miss H. Lunn.

Huddersfield and Holmfirth Police Court Mission.—Chairman, Col. G. P. Norton, D.S.O., T.D., M.A. ; hon. secretary, Rev. Canon W. H. Verity, M.A., Slaithwaite Vicarage ; hon. treasurer, Mr. P. F. Holmes, J.P. ; missionaries, Mr. R. J. Slater, 3, Peel Street, and Mrs. Grundy, 11, Commercial Street. Probation Officer: Mr. R. J. Slater, 3, Peel Street.

Mayor’s Boots for Bairns’ Fund.—Chairman, The Mayor ; hon. secretary, Mr. Stanley Swallow, Huddersfield Town Hall; hon. treasurer, Mr. W. Senior. The Fund is administered by the Hudd. Cinderella Society. The sum of £3,448 6s. 2d. has been raised by the Mayor’s “‘ Boots for Bairns’ ”’? Ball which has been held annually since 1925.

Milnsbridge District Nursing Association.—President, Mr. J. T. Bower ; hon. secretary, Mr. Jack Dyson, Market Street, Milnsbridge; hon. treasurer, Mr. Irvin Wood. National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Huddersfield Branch).—President (vacant) ; hon. secretary, Mr. Gordon Sudworth, Ochre Hill, Fixby; hon. treasurer, Mrs. C. G. Osborn, Gwyndy, Netherton, nr. Huddersfield ; inspector, Mr. F. W. French, 3, Julian Street, Moldgreen (Tel. 3575). Animal Clinic, Central Lads’ Club, Ramsden Street : Tues. and Thurs., 6-30 p.m. to 7-30 p.m. (Humane destruction, Tues. only.) National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (Huddersfield and District Branch).—President, Miss Norah E. Freeman, J.P.; hon. secretary, Mr. J. Henry Field, Springwood Hall ; hon. secretary, to Ladies’ Committee, Miss Mary L. Crowther, Edgerton Hill; hon. treasurer, Mr. G. W. Richards ; inspector, Mr. R. G. Warwick. Local Office : 2, Wentworth Street. Queen Street Home.—Hon. Secretary, Miss R. Barnes, ‘“ Luciefield,”’ New Mill, nr. Huddersfield ; hon. treasurer, Mrs. Barker, 14, Highfields Road ; matron, Miss U. Pick. The Home provides a shelter for home- less girls and women. Royal National Life-Boat Institution (Huddersfield Branch) Ladies’ Life- Boat Guild.—President, The Mayoress; hon. secretary, Mrs. L. G. Marsden, 37, Yew Street, Birkby ; hon. treasurer, Mrs. H. Laycock. Soldiers’, Sailors’ and Airmen’s Families Association (Huddersfield Branch).—Hon. secretary, Mr. George W. Haigh, M.B.E., 14, Vic- toria Street, Moldgreen. St. John Ambulance Association.—Hon. secretary, Mr. George W. Haigh, M.B.E., 14, Victoria Street, Moldgreen.

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St. John Ambulance Brigade (Huddersfield Corps).—Corps superintendent, Mr. George W. Haigh, M.B.E., 14, Victoria Street, Moldgreen ; Corps secretary, Mr. J. E. Crosland ; Corps treasurer, Mr. H. Calam ; Corps surgeon, Coun. J. H. Kahn, M.B., Ch.B.; Div. surgeons, D. F. Barrett and J. Sheard, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H. Headquarters: Huddersfield Railway Station.

St. Katharine’s Hostel, 10, King’s Mill Lane.—Hon. Secretary, Miss Pye- Smith, Vernon House; outdoor worker, Miss E. M. Walker, 66, Tanfield Road, Birkby; hon. chaplain, Rev. A. C. Cooper; hon. medical officer, Dr. Jessie Sheard ; superintendent, Miss Pipe, C.M.B. The Hostel provides help and shelter for unmarried mothers and babies up to three months old, and also for girls who are in moral danger.


I DRAMATIC AND MUSICAL. * Members of the Huddersfield and District Drama League.

Almondbury Grammar School Choir.—President, Mr. Taylor Dyson, M.A. ; hon. secretary, Mr. N. Gledhill (Music Master), Almondbury Grammar School, St. Helen’s Road, Almondbury; hon. treasurer, Mr. J. I. _ Hopton. ep

Almondbury Rushbearing Committee.—President, Mr. 8. Padgett, J.P.; hon. secretary, Mr. T. Lockwood, 90, Kaye Lane, Almondbury ; hon. treasurer, Mr. T. Stansfield.

Arthur W. Kaye Orchestra.—President, Coun. Percy Ainley ; hon. secre- tary, Mr. F. Foster Haigh, 8, Cecil Street; hon. treasurer, Mr. H. Hinchcliffe ; conductor, Mr. Arthur W. Kaye.

*Britannia Works Social and Sports Association Dramatic Society.— President, Mr. Eric W. Gosslin; hon. secretary, Mr. Basil 8. Cook, 50, Hollin Terrace, Marsh.

Chantry Singers (The).—Secretary, Madame Doris Haigh, ‘‘ Sherwood,”’ Laund Road, Salendine Nook. Colne Valley Male Voice Choir.—President, Mr. Fred D. Hayes ; secretary, Mr. E. Walton, 450, Manchester Road, Linthwaite ; treasurer, Mr. F. Sugden ; conductor, Mr. George E. Stead.

*Dalton New Church Young People’s Society.—President, Rev. H. Barnes ; hon. secretary, Miss M. Ireland, 24, Ingfield Avenue, Dalton; hon. treasurer, Miss L. Turpin.

Dominoes Concert Party.—Secretary and producer, Mr. C. N. Clegg, 4, Round Wood Avenue, Waterloo.

Golear Sing.—President, Coun. R. Chappell, J.P., M.B.E.; hon. secretary, Mr. A. Lockwood, 97, Station Road, Golear; hon. treasurer, Mr. W. Bamforth. *High Street Methodist Church Dramatic Society.—President, Mr. Norman Crowther ; hon. secretary, Mr. George Rhodes, ‘‘ Broom- field Road, Fixby; hon. treasurer, Miss Hilda Dannatt.

*Highfield Players Dramatic Society.—President, Rev. L. Haley, M.A.; chairman and treasurer, Mr. R. L. Sykes ; secretary, Mrs. J. W. Dicks, 17, Imperial Road, Edgerton. *Hillhouse Congregational Church Dramatic Society.—President, Rev. Wm. Speck ; secretary, Mr. C. Marsden, “‘ Felsberg,’’ Kennedy Avenue, Fixby ; treasurer, Mr. J. C. Brown. *Holme Valley Comedy Players.—Founder secretary and treasurer, Mr. George Taylor, 20, Cinderhills Road, Holmfirth. Object: To keep the Yorkshire dialect alive and to build up a native drama. Holme Valley Male Voice Choir.—President, Mr. Stanley A. Holden; hon. secretary, Mr. Arthur Booth, ‘‘ The Mount,’’ Cooper Lane, Holmfirth ; hon. treasurer, Mr. W. Holden; conductor, Mr. Irving Silverwood.

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*Holmfirth Amateur Dramatic Society.—President, Mr. George Taylor ; hon. secretary, Mr. J. H. G. Barber, Spring Grove House, Holmfirth ; hon. treasurer, Mr. Norman P. Lee. Headquarters: Bridge Lane, Holmfirth. Huddersfield Amateur Operatic Society.—President (vacant); joint hon. secretaries, Mr. A. W. Kettlewell, 30, New Hey Road, Marsh, and Mr. H. Evans, 395 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen; hon. treasurer, Mr. T. Clegg ; hon. musical director, Mr. T. H. Crowther. Huddersfield Choral Society.—President, Mr. Lawrence Crowther, O.B.E., J.P.; joint hon. secretaries, Mr. Percy Beaumont, ‘“‘ North View,”’ 55, Larch Road, Paddock, and Mr. John L. Ramsden, “ Torlea,”’ Dryclough Road, Crosland Moor; hon. treasurer, Mr. Albert Stocks ; conductor, Dr. Malcolm Sargent, F.R.C.M. ; chorus master, Mr. Herbert Bardgett, Mus. Bac., F.R.C.O.; organist and deputy chorus master, Mr. Ernest Cooper, F.R.C.O., L.R.A.M. Huddersfield Co-operative Dramatic Society.—President, Ald. A. S. Moulton, J.P. ; secretary, Mr. O. Pettinger, 867, Leeds Road, Deighton ; coach and producer, Coun. J. R. Gregson. Huddersfield Glee and Madrigal Society.—President, Mr. Ernest Wood- head, M.A., J.P. ; joint hon. secretaries, Mr. J. F. Robinson, 6, Thomas Street, Thornton Lodge, and Mr. H. Sykes, 1, Beaumont Park Road, Lockwood ; hon. treasurer, Mr. J. R. Boothroyd, 29, Spaines Road, Fartown ; conductor, Mr. Roy Henderson, F.R.A.M.; accompanists, Mr. Frank Dodson and Mr. Fred Chadwick. Huddersfield Ladies’ Choir.—President and secretary, Mrs. M. W. Akroyd Greenwell House, 975, Leeds Road, Deighton; conductor, Madame Lottie Beaumont. Huddersfield Light Symphony Orchestra.—Conductor, Mr. Henry A. Leah, 7a Bow Street. Huddersfield Music Club.—President, Mr. A. L. Woodhead, M.A., J.P.; hon. secretary, Mr. A. Lunn, 7, West Avenue, Daisy Lea Lane; hon. treasurer, Mr. F. W. Gadsby. Ladies’ Committee—Joint hon. sec- retaries, Mrs. A. Eaglefield Hull, 48, New North Road, and Miss Alison Shaw, Botham Hall, Huddersfield ; hon. treasurer, Mrs. A. E. Everest. Huddersfield Permanent Orchestra.-Conductor, Coun. W. Sizer, 28 Percy St. Huddersfield Philharmonic Society.—President, Coun. Percy Ainley ; hon. secretary, Mr. A. North, 14, Ings Road, Almondbury ; hon. treasurer, Mr. C. 8S. Boys; conductor, Mr. T. H. Crowther; accompanist, Mr. Ernest Cooper, F.R.C.O., L.R.A.M. Huddersfield Technical College Dramatic Society.—President, Mr. J. F. Hudson, M.A., B.Se.; hon. secretary, Mr. H. Roger Lee, Woodhouse, Fartown. *Huddersfield Technical College Social Service Players.—President, Mrs. J. F. Hudson ; hon. secretary, Miss N. Barker, Huddersfield Technical College, Queen Street South. First Prize at the Huddersfield and District Drama League’s First Drama Festival, 1936. : *Huddersfield Thespians.—Chairman and president, Mr. Albert Lunn ; hon. secretary, Mr. G. E. Rushworth, 2, Westgate; hon. subscription secretary, Mr. Gordon Sudworth, 3, Cloth Hall Street ; hon. treasurer, Mr. F. A. Carter ; musical director, Mrs. F. W. Sykes. Huddersfield Tzigane Band.—Leader, Mr. Harry Andrews, 93a Fitzwilliam Street. Huddersfield Vocal Union.—President, His Worship the Mayor of Hud- dersfield; hon. secretary, Mr. J. C. Lewis, 130, Woodside Road, Beaumont Park; hon. treasurer, Mr. J. A. Ripley, “ Fern Dene,”’ Stone, Fixby ; conductor, Mr. George E. Sfead. Huddersfield and District Amateur Light Opera Society.—President, Ald. Thomas Canby, J.P.; chairman of Council, Mr. Chas. Cowan; hon. general manager and hon. solicitor, Mr. Stephen D. Lister, 34, New Street ; hon. treasurer, Mr. F. E. Woodhall; hon. musical director, Mr. Hubert Lunn, A.R.C.O. Headquarters: Pack Horse Hotel, Kirkgate. Huddersfield and District Drama League.—Chairman Mr. Sidney H. Crowther ; hon. secretary, Mr. George Taylor, 20, Cinderhills Road, Holmfirth ; hon. treasurer, Mr. Roger L. Sykes. Objects: The or- ganisation of an Annual Festival of One Act Plays and the Encourage- ment and Development of Amateur Drama. Annual subscription 5/-.

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Huddersfield and District Organists’ Association.—President, Mr. A. Rooke, F.R.C.O., L.R.A.M.; hon. secretary, Mr. H. Armitage, B.Sc., 33, Storths Road, Birkby ; hon. treasurer, Mr.. Frank Netherwood. *Kirkheaton Parish Church Sunday School Dramatic Society.—President, Rev. C. Tremayne, M.A. ; secretary, Mr. John Cooper, 412, Wakefield Road, Dalton. Lindley Church Amateur Operatic Society.—President, Rev. J. B. Elkin, B.A.; hon. secretary, Mr. H. Edwards, 174, New Hey Road, Oakes ; hon. treasurer, Mr. D. G. Aspinall; hon. musical director, Mr. H. Gledhill, F.R.C.O. Lindley Zion Methodist Amateur Dramatic Society.—President, Rev. G. T. Coulthard ; secretary, Mr. I. Garside, ‘‘ The Knoll,’”’ St. Helen’s Road, Almondbury ; treasurer, Mr. James Haigh. Longwood Amateur Operatic Society.—President, Coun. Dyson Beaumont ; hon. secretary, Miss F. Beaumont, Oakes Road, Lindley; hon. treasurer, Mr. J. Wilfred Shaw ; hon. conductor, Mr. W. H. Wadsworth. *Marsden Evening Institute Dramatic Society.—Secretary, Mr. H. Collins, M.R.S.T., Marsden Evening Institute, Marsden; treasurer, Mr. Lawrence Broom ; coach and producer, Mr. Alfred B. Kennedy. *Meltham and Meltham Mills Co-operative Operatic and Dramatic Society.— President, Mr. W. Kippax, J.P. ; hon. secretary, Mr. G. Gartside, Mid- way, Huddersfield Road, Meltham ; hon. treasurer, Mr. G. Greenwood. Milnsbridge Baptist Choir Amateur Operatic Society.—President, Mr. Frank C. Hirst; hon. secretary, Mr. Frank Balmforth, 15, Staincross Avenue, Crosland Moor; hon. treasurer, Mr. Joe Haigh; musical director, Mr. Tom Cotton. *Moldgreen Christ Church Amateur Dramatic Society.—President, Rev. A. T. Dangerfield; hon. secretary, Mrs. P. Hirst, 7, Broad Lane, Dalton; hon. treasurer, Mr. P. Sheard. ““Mrs. Musical Competition.—President, Mr. John W. Hepworth ; secretary, Mr. W. Buckley, Huddersfield Technical College. For forms of entry and further particulars apply to the secretary. *Oakes Baptist Church Amateur and Dramatic Society.—President, Rev. B. F. Savill; secretary, Miss K. Shaw, 11, Raw Nook Road, Salendine Nook ; treasurer, Mr. F. Haigh. Osborne Players Amateur Dramatic Society—Secretary, Miss Margaret Hey, 47, Stanley Road, Lindley. Free-lance with no fixed headquarters. *Roydsian Fellowship Dramatic Society.—President, Mr. D. Gurney, B.A. ; secretary, Miss Mary Gledhill, 48, Swallow Lane, Golear; treasurer, Mr. L. Eastwood. I *Slaithwaite Conservative Club Dramatic Society.—Secretary and treasurer, Miss M. Sykes, Carr Lane, Slaithwaite Slaithwaite Philharmonic Society.—Leader and secretary, Mr. Frank Piper, Neilds Council School, Slaithwaite ; conductor, Mr. L. H. Eagland, F.R.C.0O., L.R.A.M. I *St. John’s Church Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society.—President, Rev. W. E. Norris, M.A.; secretary, Mr. J. Charlesworth, 212, Netheroyd Hill Road; treasurer, Mr. Bernard Fletcher. St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church Dramatic Society.—President, Rev. Father James Grogan; secretary and treasurer, Miss L. Moran, Albert Hotel, Victoria Lane ; producer, Miss Raynals. St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church Operatic Society.—President, Rev. Father James Grogan ; chairman, Rev. Father P. J. Russell ; secretary, Miss L. Moran, Albert Hotel, Victoria Lane ; treasurer, Mr. J. Kennedy. Waverley Players.—Secretary, Mrs. A. M. L. Aitken, 39, Birkby Lodge Road; treasurer, Mr. A. Gibson; producer, Mr. P. Graham. MHead- quarters : Waverley House, New North Road. Woodhouse Christ Church Amateur Operatic Society.—President, Rev. T. A. Everitt, M.A.; secretary, Mr. A. A. Theaker, 24, Woodbine Road, Fartown ; treasurer, Mr. James D. Sugden. Woodroyd Handbell Ringers.—President, Mr. W. Welsh; secretary, Mr. N. Webster, 47, West Avenue, Honley ; hon. treasurer, Mr. W. Denton ; Mr. C. W. Older. Y.M.C.A. Dramatic Society.—President, Mr. N. Womersley ; secretary, Mr. Roy Medley, Y.M.C.A., 16, John William Street; treasurer, Mr. A. Wittrick ; producer, Mr. W. Wiles.

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Honley Show Society. —Secretary, Mr. W. Earnshaw, Burhouse Street, Honle Huddersfield and District Allotment Federation.—-President, Coun. W. A. Meadows ; hon. secretary and treasurer, Mr. F. Wood, 132, Gledholt Bank. Huddersfield and District Chrysanthemum Society.—Chairman, Mr. F. W. Crosland ; hon. secretary, Mr. E. Crossley, 8, Howard Road, Lindley; hon. treasurer, Mr. S. Holdsworth. Huddersfield and District Early Flowering Chrysanthemum Society.— President, Mr. J. Hamilton Johnson; chairman, Mr. H. Cheetham ; hon. secretary, Mr. E. Crossley, 8, Howard Road, Lindley; hon. treasurer, Mr. J. Wood.


British Federation of Co-operative Youth (Huddersfield Comrades’ Circle).— Objects : To encourage young people from the ages of 14 to 25 years in self-reliance in speech and conduct, and to train them to be thorough co-operators and citizens. Central Lads’ Club, Shorehead.—<Activities: Football, cricket, camping, handicrafts, lectures, &c. Affiliated to the National Association of Boys’ Clubs. Open weekdays 6-30 p.m. to 10 p.m. _ President, Mr. A. L. Woodhead, M.A., J.P.; hon. secretary, Mr. J. C. A. Chivers, M.Sc.; hon. treasurer, Mr. J. McLean Baldwin, M.Sc., B.A.; club warden, Mr. Stanley Haigh. I Huddersfield Boy . Scouts’ Local Association, 17a, Victoria Street.— Objects : Training in habits of obedience and self-reliance. Activities : Scouting, handicrafts, &c. Ages: Cubs, 8 to 11 years; Scouts, 11 to 18 years; Rovers, 18 years and upwards. President, His Worship The Mayor; chairman, Capt. F. B. Holmes ; district commissioner, Col. S. C. Brierly ; hon. secretary, Mr. E. P. Nicholson, ‘‘ Warrenfield,”’ Warneford Road, Milnsbridge ; hon. treasurer, Mr. H. Crowther. Huddersfield Girl Guides’ Association. —President, Mrs. M. Blamires, M.B.E., J.P.; hon. secretary, Mrs. M. S. Hardy, Bredon,”’ Daisy Lea Lane : divisional hon. treasurer, Mrs. P. Crowther. Headquarters : Huddersfield Y.W.C.A., 3, New North Road. Huddersfield Young Men’s Christian Association, 16, John William Street.— Central Boys’ Department—Chairman, Mr. B. M. Schofield; sec- retary, Mr. Wm. Ellis. Activities: Football, gymnastics, handicrafts, table tennis, &c. Membership open to boys of 13 to 17 years of age at an annual subscription of 4/— or 1/— per quarter. ashcliffe Boys’ Club, Albert Street, Lockwood—Chairman of management committee, Mr. E. Greenhalgh ; hon. secretary, Mr. H. Fisher. Membership open to boys of 12 to 15 years of age. Entrance fee, 6d. ; weekly subscrip- tion, ld. I Huddersfield Young Women’s Christian Association, 3, New North Road.— (See Social and General Organisations.) Junior department : Brownies, Girl Guides and Rangers. The Thirty-Fourth Club, 30a Manchester Road.—Objects: The cultural pursuits and the happiness and joys of life through the spirit of comradeship and international friendship. Activities: Camping, visits to works, sports, cinematography, &c. Membership open to boys of 12 years of age. Chairman, Mr. 8. Chadwick ; hon. secretary, Master J. Boothroyd, 15, Armitage Road, Birkby ; hon. treasurer, Mr. V. Horrocks.


Colne Valley Conservative and Unionist Association. Col. Gilbert Tanner, D.S.O., T.D., J.P.; chairman, Mr. F. Thorpe, J.P, F.R.1.B.A. ; hon. treasurer (vacant) ; secretary and agent (vacant). Central Offices : 16, Estate Buildings, Railway Street, Huddersfield. Colne Valley Women’s Conservative and Unionist Association. —President, Mrs. H. G. Armitage; chairman, Mrs. J. P. Haigh; hon. secretary, ae Mildred E. Booth, Whitegates, Netherton ; hon. treasurer, Mrs. enton.


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Colne Valley Divisional Labour Party.—President. and chairman, Mr. Thomas Beattie ; hon. treasurer, Mr. T. Hirst ; secretary and agent, Mr. Sam Eastwood. Office: Socialist Club, Slaithwaite. Colne Valley Divisional Liberal Association.—President, Coun. Wm. Haigh, J.P.; hon. treasurer, Ald. P. Crowther, C.A., J.P.; secretary and agent, Mr. A. Ingham. Office: 21, Byram Arcade, Huddersfield. Colne Valley Women’s Liberal Council.—President, Mrs. E. L. Mallalieu ; chairman, Mr. L. Brazier ; hon. secretary, Miss M. Furniss, Fern Grove, Slaithwaite ; hon. treasurer, Mrs. T. Fielding. Colne Valley Branch of the National League of Young Liberals.—President, Mr. E. L. Mallalieu, M.A.; chairman, Mr. N. H. Richardson ; hon. secretary, Miss D. Eastwood, 8, Stanley Place, Golcar ; hon. treasurer, Mr. Raymond. Brazier. Huddersfield Co-operative Party (Individual Members’ Section).—Secretary, Mrs. E. Booth, 572, Wakefield Road, Greenside. Huddersfield Conservative and Unionist Association.—President, Lt.-Col. J. T. C. Broadbent, D.S.O.; chairman, Mr. J. M. Richardson ; hon. treasurer, Mr. E. Sudworth, F.C.A. ; secretary and agent, Mr. Stanley F. Smith. Headquarters: Central Office, County Conservative Club, Church Street. Huddersfield Women’s Conservative and Unionist Association.—President, Mrs. W. T. Peacock ; chairman, Mrs. Gilbert Gledhill ; hon. secretary, Miss Kate Whitwam; hon. treasurer, Miss A. Sykes; organising secretary, Miss Lilian J. Herdman. Headquarters: 2a, East Parade. Huddersfield Junior Conservative Association.—President, Lt.-Col. J. T. C. Broadbent, D.S.O.; chairman, Mr. C. O. Coates and Miss A. Broad- bent ; joint hon. secretaries, Miss E. Walton, 25 Wentworth Street, and Mr. S. F. Smith, Central Office, County Conservative Club, Church Street ; joint hon. treasurers, Mr. 8. Littlewood and Miss C. Nicholson. Huddersfield Divisional Labour Party.—President, Miss Florence EK. Caruth, M.Sc.; hon. treasurer, Coun. W. T. Joyce; secretary and agent, Ald. Arthur Gardiner. Central Office: 54a, Fitzwilliam Street. Men’s Section.—Hon. secretary, Mr. A. Mowbray, 68, North Street, Lockwood. Women’s Section.—Hon. secretary, Miss E. Brook, 25, Dean Street, Oakes. League of Youth.—Hon. secretary, Mr. A. W. Fitton, 40, Colwyn Street, Marsh. Huddersfield Liberal Association.—President, Sir Joseph Turner, K.B.E., J.P.; chairman, Mr. J. D. Eaton Smith; hon. secretaries, Mr. B. Porritt, Mr. E. Sellers, Miss M. Raistrick ; hon. treasurer, Mr. William Shires, J.P.; secretary and agent, Mr. T. Stanley Hickman. Office : 4, Railway Street. Mr. William Mabane, M.P., attends at the above office each month on Saturday morning (as advertised) to meet any of his constituents. _ Huddersfield Women’s Liberal Association.—President, Mrs. T. Shires, J.P. ; hon. secretary, Mrs. Harry Laycock, ‘‘ Chellow Garth,” 218, Birkby Hall Road, Birkby ; hon. treasurer, Mrs. W. T. Priest. Huddersfield Branch of the National League of Young Liberals.—Presi- dent, Mr. William Mabane, M.P.; chairman, Mr. K. Grayson ; hon. secretary, Miss Constance Hopkinson, 51 Birkby Hall Road; hon. treasurer, Mr. Clement Marsden. I Huddersfield and District Economic League.—Chairman, Mr. H. Gordon Cran ; secretary and area organiser, Mr. P. J. C. Rowland, F.R.Econ.S. Office : 28 Queen Street Left Book Club (Huddersfield Group).—Hon. secretary, Miss Florence E. Caruth, 3, Howard Road, Lindley. Meeting place: 54a, Fitzwilliam Street. , West Riding Douglas Social Credit Association (Huddersfield Group).— President, Mr. Donald Innes ; hon. secretary and treasurer, Mr. N. H. i ee 43, Beech Street, Paddock. Headquarters: Temperance all. I PROFESSIONAL AND TRADE.

Huddersfield Incorporated Chamber of Commerce (Member of the Association of British Chambers of Commerce). — Secretary, Mr. L. V. Driffield. Office: Sergeantson Street. Tel. 1018. .

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Huddersfield and District Chamber of Trade.—President, Mr. W. H. Charlesworth ; general secretary, Coun. F. I. Butterworth, 126, Fitz- william Street. Tel. 2458. Office: 7, Market Hall Chambers, King Street. Milnsbridge and District Chamber of Trade.—President, Mr. Arthur Rhodes ; hon. secretary, Mr. 8S. Brown, 83, Market Street, Milnsbridge ; hon. treasurer, Mr. J. H. Lockwood. Huddersfield Stock Exxchange.—Secretary, Mr. H. V. Wood, F.C.A., District Bank Chambers, Market Street.

British Medical Association (Huddersfield Division).—Chairman, Dr. W. 8. Dickson, B.A., M.D., B.Ch.; hon. secretary and treasurer, Dr. Jessie Sheard, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H., 154, Trinity Street. Foremen’s Mutual Benefit Society (Engineering).—President, Mr. Arthur Sykes ; secretary, Mr. James Sheard, c/o Messrs. Thos. Broadbent & Sons, Ltd., Queen Street South. Huddersfield Amusement Managers’ Association. — President, Mr. A. Karnshaw ; secretary and Treasurer, Mr. H. Stevens, Ritz Cinema, Market Street. Headquarters: White Hart Hotel, Cloth Hall Street. Huddersfield Building Trade Employers’ Association.—President, Mr. H. Wimpenny ; secretary, Mr. J. E. Sykes, 30, Estate Buildings, Railway Street. Huddersfield Commercial Travellers’ Association.—President, The Mayor (Coun. Joseph Barlow, J.P.); chairman, Mr. A. Lockwood; hon. general secretary, Mr. G. A. Tattersall; financial secretary, Mr. R. Winn; hon. treasurer, Mr. J. L. Ramsden. Headquarters : George Hotel. 3 Huddersfield Engineering Employers’ Association.—President, Mr. Alfred Hudson, M.B.E.; secretary and treasurer, Mr. A. H. Hardisty, O.B.E., 176, Halifax Old Road. Huddersfield Engineers’ Training Association—Chairman, Coun. H. A. Bennie Gray, M.I. Mech. E., M.I.E.S., F.S.S., M.I. Chem. E.; hon. secretary and treasurer, Mr. A. H. Hardisty, O.B.E., 176, Halifax Old Road. Huddersfield Fish Friers’ Association.—President, Mr. 8. North; secretary and treasurer, Mr. J. R. Morphet, 92, Blacker Road, Birkby. Head- quarters : Crown Hotel, Westgate. Huddersfield Hairdressers’ Association.—President, Mr. Frank Rushworth ; secretary, Mr. Fred Custance, Byram Court, John William Street ; treasurer, Mr. Fred Sykes. Headquarters: White Hart Hotel, Cloth Hall Street. Huddersfield Incorporated Law Society.—President, Mr. J. D. Eaton Smith ; secretary, Mr. 8. Kaye, c/o Messrs. Wilmshurst & Kaye, Central Buildings, Market Place; treasurer, Mr. G. E. Shaw. Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd.—President, Ald. A. S. Moulton, J.P.; directors, Messrs. T. Broadfield, F. R. Collinge, J. Sykes, J. H. Sykes (retire Feb., 1937), G. Hargrave, H. Moore, 8S. W. Moorhouse, O. Rodgers (retire Aug., 1937), E. S. Bray, S. Hinchliffe, R. Whitehead, F. S. Wilmut (retire Feb., 1938); secretary and manager, Mr. H. Hurst ; auditors, Co-operative Wholesale Society, Ltd. Central Office : Buxton Road. Any person over the age of 16 years may become a member on payment of Is. at the Office or at any Branch Grocery Store. — Huddersfield Insurance Institute-——President, Mr. E. C. Warren; hon. secretary, Mr. G. Platt, Royal Insurance Co., Ltd., 13/15 Railway Street ; hon. treasurer, Mr. G. A.. Kenyon. Huddersfield Joint Standing Committee of the Four Secondary Associa- tions.—Chairman, Mr. H. E. Atkins, M.A. ; secretary, Mr. W. T. Blake, M.A., Huddersfield College, New North Road. Huddersfield Law Society (Poor Persons Committee).—Chairman, Mr. H. W. Jackson ; hon. secretary, Mr. J. H. Jaggar, 25, Market Place ; hon. treasurer, Mr. T. Smailes. Huddersfield Master Plasterers’ Association.—President, Mr. W. Day ; secretary, Mr. J. E. Sykes, 30, Estate Buildings, Railway Street. Huddersfield Master Plumbers’ Association.—President, Mr. George Brook ; secretary, Mr. E. Brook, 14, South Parade; treasurer, Mr. George Brook. Headquarters: Pack Horse Hotel, Kirkgate.

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Huddersfield Master Printers’ Association. — President, Mr. George Wheatley Dyson ; hon. secretary, Mr. J. Hanson, c/o Messrs. Nether- wood, Dalton & Co., Ltd., Caxton Works, Bradley Mills Road ; hon. treasurer, Mr. A. Brown. Huddersfield Medical Society.—President, Dr. R. Graham ; hon. secretary, Dr. G. S. Broadbent, 6, New North Road; hon. treasurer, Mr. Wm. Barclay. Huddersfield Motor Agents’ and Motor Traders’ Association.—Secretary, Mr. T. Bellard, “Alwynne,’’ Close Hill, Newsome. Headquarters : Pack Horse Hotel, Kirkgate. Huddersfield Mutual Plate Glass Insurance Company, Ltd.—Secretary, Mr. N. A. Woodcock, 12, King’s Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street. Huddersfield Off-Licence Association.— President, Mr. R. Watson; secretary, Mr. S. Roberts, 73, Bradford Road; treasurer, Mr. F. Pearson. Huddersfield Practitioners’ Mutual Help Association.—Secretary, Dr. A. M. Affleck, 2, Greenhead Road. Huddersfield Property Owners’ Association.—Chairman, Mr. Frank Lee ; secretary, Mr. Frank Abbey, 11, Cloth Hall Street. Huddersfield Property Owners’ and Ratepayers’ Association.—President, Mr. T. Joyce; secretary, Mr. Frank Abbey, 11, Cloth Hall Street ; treasurer, Mr. G. E. Dixon. Huddersfield Safe Deposit, Ltd.—Secretary, Mr. J. G. Turner, F.C.A., Station Street Buildings, Station Street. a Huddersfield Teachers’ Association.—President, Mr. John H. Housby ; secretary, Mr. Lee Armitage ; treasurer, Mr. L. H. Gill. Huddersfield Teachers’ Federation Council.—Secretary, Miss E. M. Cookson, 12, Imperial Road, Edgerton. Huddersfield Wholesale Clothiers’ Association.—Chairman, Mr. A. Haigh ; secretary, Mr. C. E. Watkinson, Station Street Buildings, Station Street. Huddersfield Window Cleaners’ Association.—Secretary, Mr. W. Robinson, Kilner Bank. Huddersfield Woollen and Worsted Federation.—Secretary, Mr. Chas. Cowan, 9, Imperial Arcade, New Street. Tel. 1007. ‘Constituent Associations : Huddersfield and District Woollen Manufacturers & Spinners’ Association. Huddersfield and District Wool Textile Association. Huddersfield and District Yarn Spinners’ Association. Fine Cloth Manufacturers’ Section. Huddersfield and District Butchers’ Association.—President, Mr. F. Frobisher ; hon. secretary, Mr. 8S. B. Brook, Folly Hall ; hon. treasurer, Mr. F. Frobisher. Huddersfield and District Chemists’ Association and Branch of the Pharma- ceutical Society.—President, Mr. W. T. Stephenson ; hon. secretary, Mr. H. Bradshaw, 165, Long Lane, Dalton. Headquarters: Pack Horse Hotel, Kirkgate. Huddersfield and District Coal Merchants’ Association.—President, Mr. Harry Wood ; hon. secretary, Mr. J. W. Freeman, 49, Spinkfield Road, Birkby ; hon. treasurer, Mr. Harry Clayton. Huddersfield and District Credit Traders’ Association.—President, Mr. Edward G. Whitfield; hon. secretary and treasurer, Mr. Sam Hirst, 45, Trinity Street. . Huddersfield and District Employers’ Accident Assurance Company, Ltd.— President, Mr. H. Hollingworth ; secretary, Mr. J. E. Sykes, 30, Estate Buildings, Railway Street. Huddersfield and District Fine Cloth Manufacturers’ Association.— Secretary, Mr. J. G. Turner, F.C.A., Station Street Buildings, Station Street. Huddersfield and District Master Dyers and Finishers’ Association.— Secretary, Mr. Chas. Cowan, 9, Imperial Arcade, New Street. Huddersfield and District Master Worsted Spinners’ Association.— Secretary, Mr. J. G. Turner, F.C.A., Station Street Buildings, Station Street. : Huddersfield and District Mungo and Shoddy Manufacturers’ Association.— Secretary, Mr. Chas. Cowan, 9, Imperial Arcade, New Street. I

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Huddersfield and District Wholesale Confectioners’ Association.—Presi- dent, Mr. H. Snowden; hon. secretary, Mr. J. W. Brook, c/o Messrs. Davis & Brook, Westgate and Half Moon Street; treasurer, Mr. E. Hartley. Headquarters: Pack Horse Hotel, Kirkgate. Incorporated Association of Assistant Masters in Secondary Schools (Huddersfield Sub-Branch).—Chairman, Mr. R. Burn, B.A.; hon. Sey: Mr. W. T. Blake, B.A., Huddersfield College, New North oad. Incorporated Society of Musicians (Huddersfield Centre).—Hon. local secretary, Miss Elsie Bellarby, A.R.C.M., M.R.S.T., 31, Grasmere Road, Gledholt. Institute of Bankers (Huddersfield Centre).—Secretary, Mr. L. F. Smith, Midland Bank, Market Place. Headquarters: George Hotel. Institute of Chemistry of Great Britain and Ireland (Huddersfield Section).— President, Mr. W. D. Scouller, M.Sc., A.I.C.; secretary, Dr. hh: Goodyear, A.I.C., Holme Royd, Kennedy Avenue, Fixby. Licensed Victuallers’ National Defence League of England and Wales (Huddersfield Branch).—President, Coun. Thomas J. Moran ; secretary, Mr. H. L. Collins, 76, New Hey Road; treasurer, Mr. H. Bradley. National Association of Local Government Officers (Huddersfield Branch).— President, Mr. H. Neaverson ; chairman, Mr. W. Dransfield ; secretary, Mr. E. C. R. Chinn, Borough Engineer’s and Surveyor’s Department, High Street Buildings ; treasurer, Mr. C. W. Schofield. National Employers’ Vehicle Builders’ Association (Huddersfield Branch).— Secretary, Mr. G. Mann, 14, Park Place, Leeds. Headquarters : Pack Horse Hotel, Kirkgate. National Federation of Retail Newsagents and Booksellers (Huddersfield Branch).—President, Coun. J. R. Baxter; secretary, Mr. W. 8. Tiffany, 4, Trinity Street ; treasurer, Mr. A. Dyson. Headquarters : Bradley’s Café, 54, New Street. National Union of Journalists (Huddersfield Branch).—President, Mr. W. G. Lowis; hon. secretary, Mr. J. G. Lawton, 25, Springfield Terrace, Moldgreen; hon. treasurer, Mr. P. B. Lowe. Public Dental Service Association of Great Britain, Limited.—Chairman, Mr. R. D. Gregg, L.D.S., R.C.S. ; hon. secretary, Mr. J. E. Hall, L.D.S., 8, Mountjoy Road. I Society of Dyers and Colourists (Huddersfield Section).—Chairman, Mr. Arthur Mallinson; hon. secretary, Mr. Horace Turner, Stoneycroft, Long Lane, Honley. Yorkshire Bee Keepers’ Association (Huddersfield Branch).—President, Mr. H. Gilbert Berry; hon. secretary, Mrs. H. G. Berry, Prospect House, Shelley ; hon. treasurer, Mr. William Heeley.


168th Brigade R.F.A. Old Comrades’ Association.—Secretary, Ms; H. Tetlow, 26, Firth Street. Headquarters : Plough Hotel, Westgate. British Federation of University Women (Huddersfield Branch). — President, Coun. Mary E. Sykes, B.A., LL.B.; hon. secretary, Miss M. Young, Holme Valley Grammar School, Station Road, Honley. Electrical Association for Women (Huddersfield Branch).—President, Mrs. M. W. Leitch ; hon. secretary, Miss G. M. Dunkley, 17, Station Street ; hon. treasurer, Miss Haigh. Greenhead High School Old Girls’ Association.—President, Miss A. Hill, M.A.; hon. secretary, Miss Wilson, St. David’s School, Gledholt Road ; treasurer, Miss L. Haigh. - Huddersfield Art Society.—President, Mr. Ernest Woodhead, M.A., J.P.; hon. secretary and treasurer, Mr. E. Ackroyd, 67, Oak Hill, Almondbury. Headquarters : 20/21 Estate Buildings, Railway Street. Huddersfield Authors’ Circle.—President, Coun. James R. Gregson ; hon. secretary, Mr. Sydney Moorhouse, 28, Queen Street. Headquarters : Queen Hotel. Meetings first Tuesday in month. Huddersfield Corporation Tenants’ Dog Defence Society.—Chairman, Ald. J. E. Jagger; hon. secretary, Mr. J. E. Cottrell, 3, Moorside Avenue, Crosland Moor. Huddersfield Psychology Club.—Hon. secretary and treasurer, S, ‘Ackroyd, 46, Broomfield Road, Marsh.

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Huddersfield and District Animals’ Welfare.—President, Mr. R. Wood; hon. secretary, Miss E. Gledhill, 82, Birkby Hall Road, Birkby ; hon. treasurer, Mr. H. Dead. : Huddersfield and District Mining Society.—President, Mr. W. A. Warren; hon. secretary, Mr. G. H. Lockwood, 84, Jackroyd Lane, Hopton ; hon. treasurer, Mr. R. A. MacDonald. Huddersfield and District Proportional Representation Society.—President, Mr. Ashley Mitchell; hon. secretary, Miss M. Stridgen, 17a, Trinity Street ; hon. treasurer, Mr. A. Ingham. Huddersfield and District Associated Trades and Industrial Council.— President, Mr. John Brooke ; secretary, Mr. G. Hargrave, 41, Smith’s Avenue, Marsh; treasurer, Mr. W. Wadsworth (see also Trade Unions). Huddersfield Engineering Society.—President, Dr. J. Ward, B.Sc., Ph.D., M.I. Mech. E., M.I. Mar. E.; hon. secretary, Mr. H. Waite, 31, Birkby Hall Road, Birkby; hon. treasurer, Mr. H. P. Wadsworth; hon. journal secretary, Mr. F. Bates, ‘‘ Sunny Crest,” 517a Bradford Road ; hon. editor, Mr. W. E. Park, A.M.I.E.E., 11, Henconner Crescent, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, 7. Office: 50, Byram Arcade, Westgate. Lectures are held at the Huddersfield Technical College.

Huddersfield Esperanto Society (Affiliated to the British Esperanto

Association and the Yorkshire Esperanto Federation).—President, Mr. Willis Bowyer, 46, Lowerhouses Lane ; hon. secretary, Mr. B. B. Beaumont, 5, Central Close, Fartown ; hon. treasurer, Miss E. Pullen, 16, Edgerton Grove Road; Esperanto delegate of the Universal Esperanto Association, Mr. W. H. Hirst, 30, Mayfield Avenue, Dalton. Meetings: Huddersfield Temperance Hall. Commercial firms with foreign connections can have letters or circulars translated into Esperanto, free of charge, upon application to the Society. Huddersfield French Cirele-——Hon. secretary, Miss M. Garton; hon. treasurer, Miss Lunn. Huddersfield Y.M.C.A., 16, John William Street. Huddersfield Geographical Society.—President, Mr. L. G. Thornber, B.A., B.Sc. ; hon. secretary, Miss Bishop, 164, Reinwood Road, Quarmby. Huddersfield German Circle.—President, Mrs. T. Dyson; hon. secretary, Miss C. Eastwood, 8, Elmfield Road, Birkby. Huddersfield Historical Society.—President, Mr. L. G. Thornber, B.A., B.Sc. ; hon. secretary, Mr. W. T. Selley, M.A., Royds Hall Secondary School. Huddersfield and Holmfirth District Fire Brigade Friendly Society.— President, Mr. Maurice Barber, J.P.; hon. secretary, Mr. G. W. Haigh, M.B.E., 14, Victoria Street, Moldgreen; hon. treasurer, Mr. H. C. Allen (Chief Constable). Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd., Education Committee.—Chairman, Mr. C. Atkinson ; secretary, Mr. F. Kilner, 19, Highroyd Lane, Mold- green; treasurer, Mr. G. Hargrave. Syllabus of Lectures, One-Day Schools, Concerts, Rambles, Works Visits, &c., obtainable from the Education Department, Fraternity Hall, 10, Alfred Street, and Grocery branches. The Education Dept. is also open on weekdays from 6 p.m. to 7-30 p.m. for the loan of Field and Opera Glasses, &c., to members of the Society. Men’s Co-operative Guild.—President, Mr. A. Day ; secretary, Mr. A. Jessop, 39, King Street, Lindley ; treasurer, Mr. A. Stringer. Women’s Co-operative Guild.—President, Miss F. E. Armitage ; secretary, Mrs. E. Booth, 572, Wakefield Road. Hudders- field Comrades’ Circle (British Federation of Co-operative Youth).— Advisor, Mr. I. Lockwood ; secretary, Miss J. Taylor, 27, Sunny Mead, Waterloo. Huddersfield Co-operative Party (Individual Members’ Section).—Secretary, Mrs. E. Booth, 572, Wakefield Road, Greenside. Huddersfield Naturalist, Photographic and Antiquarian Society.—President, Mr. J. A. Pitchforth ; general and photographic secretary, Mr. H. H. Charlesworth, 70, Rawthorpe Lane, Dalton ; historical secretary, Miss E. Gallwey, 46, Greenhead Lane, Dalton ; treasurer, Miss M. E. Butler. Headquarters : Huddersfield Technical College. Huddersfield Old Centralians.—President, Mr. H. Armitage, B.Sc.; hon. secretary, Mr. G. W. Beckwith, 43, Thornton Lodge Road, Thornton Lodge ; hon. treasurer, Mr. J. R. Smith.

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Huddersfield Savings Committee.—Chairman, Ald. T. Canby, J.P.; hon. secretary, Coun. H. A. Bennie Gray, 46, Gledholt Road ; hon. treasurer, Mr. L. V. Driffield. Office: Huddersfield Chamber of Commerce, Sergeantson Street. Huddersfield Smoke Abatement Council.—Chairman, Mr. D. R. H. Williams ; hon. secretary, Mr. Edgar Lunn, A.M.1.E.E., 24, Cleveland Road, Marsh. I Huddersfield Student Engineers.—President, Mr. J. J. P. McKenzie, B.Sc., A.M.I.M.E.; secretary, Mr. A. L. Preston, G.I.E.E., Castle. View, Long Lane, Honley ; treasurer, Mr. A. T. Muxworthy. Headquarters : Bradley’s Café, 54, New Street. Huddersfield Textile Society.—President, Mr. Harold Thorpe; general secretary, Mr. L. W. Edwards, 40, Broad Lane, Dalton ; hon. treasurer, Mr. A. F. Priestley. Huddersfield Young Men’s Christian Association.—President, Mr. John R. Shires ; chairman of council, Mr. T. P. Downey; hon. treasurer, Mr. Albert Stocks ; general secretary, Mr. George Longden ; assistant and boys’ work secretary, Mr. William Ellis. Central Premises: 16, John William Street. Offices, café, assembly room, lecture hall, &c. Tel. 875. Athletic Ground: Laund Hill, Salendine Nook. Tel. Milnsbridge 180. Boys’ Department.—See Juvenile Organisations. Huddersfield Young Women’s Christian Association.—President, Miss Mary Irving, J.P.; hon. vice-president, The Mayoress ; hon. secretary, Miss Holroyd, 9, Mount Joy House, New North Road ; hon. treasurer, Mrs. Wiles. Headquarters: 3, New North Road. Tel. 2733. Open: Mon. to Sat., 12 noon to 10 p.m. ; Sun., 3-30 p.m. to 9-45 p.m. Classes in Dancing, Dressmaking, Cooking, &c.; Tennis and Hockey ; Brownies, Girl Guides and Rangers. For particulars of Y.W.C.A. Hostel apply to Secretary. Huddersfield Youth Peace Council.—President, Mr. Arthur Fitton ; hon. secretary, Mr. Lawrence Hopkinson, 4, Kelvin Avenue, Dalton ; hon. treasurer, Miss Edith Sykes. John o’ London’s Literary Circle (Huddersfield Branch).—President, Rev. E. M. Dodd; hon. secretary, Miss E. Moore, Park Cottage, Acre Street, Lindley ; hon. treasurer, Mr. R. Tinker. King’s Royal Rifles Old Comrades Association (Huddersfield Branch).— President, Capt. C. Robinson ; secretary, Mr. J. Whiteley, 4, Church Lane, Newsome. Headquarters: Pack Horse Hotel, Kirkgate. League of Nations Union (Gledholt Branch).—President, Rev. Hugh Williamson ; secretary, Miss L. Benson, 105, Broomfield Road, Marsh. League of Nations Union (Huddersfield Branch).—President, Mr. W. Mabane, M.A., M.P.; chairman, Rev. J. B. Middlebrook, M.A.; hon. secretary, Mr. H. T. Barratt, Huddersfield Education Offices, Peel Street. 3 No More War Movement (Huddersfield Branch).—President, Mr. Albert Firth ; secretary, Mr. Lawrence Hopkinson, 4, Kelvin Avenue, Dalton ; treasurer, Mr. Irvine Pearson. Old Contemptibles’ Association (Huddersfield Branch).—President, Capt. S. Tykiff ; chairman, Mr. G. 8. Garrard ; hon. secretary, Mr. G. Wilson, 18, Church Street, Moldgreen ; Mr. A. Macdonald. Head- quarters : White Hart Hotel, Cloth Hall Street. Queen’s Own Yorkshire Dragoons (Huddersfield Yeomanry—Ex-Members). —Secretary, Mr. A. Nichol, “‘ Rosemede,”’ Ashfield Road, Birkby. Royal Society of St. George (Huddersfield Branch).—President, Mr. Edgar P. Sykes, F.R.S.S.G.; chairman of council, Mr. Eric Rothery ; hon. secretary, Capt. F. Spencer, 123, Whiteley Street, Milnsbridge ; hon. treasurer, Mr. W. Eric Whittaker. Headquarters : Plough Hotel, Westgate. I Safety First Association (Huddersfield Branch).—President, The Mayor (Coun. J. Barlow, J.P.); hon. secretary, Mr. W. H. Allen, Lloyds. Bank Chambers, Westgate; hon. treasurer, Mr. H. C. Allen (Chief Constable). St. Andrew’s Society.—President, Mr. Allan Speir Hyslop ; hon. secretary and treasurer, Mr. George C. Kerr, “‘ Ferniehirst,’? 82a New North Road ; assistant secretary, Mr. Thos. 8S. Rodger, ‘ Calshott,’’ Wood- house Hill, Sheepridge. Headquarters: George Hotel.

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St. gc Society.—President, Mr. M. R. Hughes, B.A., 54a, Fitzwilliam reet. South African War Veterans’ Association (Huddersfield Branch).—Hon. ci ele and treasurer, Mr. J. Loader, 10, Bay Hall Common Road, irkby. 7 Toc H (Incorporated Huddersfield District)—_Hon. district secretary, Mr. L. F. Smith, 15, Ellison Street, Crosland Moor. Headquarters: 18, Princess Street. Local units: Huddersfield—18, Princess Street ; — Road; Paddock—Speedwell House, Hill Top oad. Waterloo Methodist Church Men’s Fellowship.—President, Mr. Arthur Hinchliffe ; hon. secretary, Mr. Arnold Downsborough, 189, Dalton Green Lane, Dalton; hon. treasurer, Mr. Percy Stringer. 27th West Yorks. Voluntary Aid Detachment.—Commandant, George W. Haigh, M.B.E. ; medical officer, Coun. J. H. Kahn, M.B., Ch.B. Head- quarters : Huddersfield Railway Station. Workers’ Educational Association (Huddersfield Branch).—Secretary, Mr. F. Beresford, 27, Wormald Street, Almondbury. 5th Duke of Wellington’s Old Comrades’ ‘Association.—President, Brig.- General H. R. Headlam, C.B., C.M.G., D.S.0.; hon. secretary, R.Q.M.S. Norman Hobson, ‘‘ Mayfield,” Jackroyd Lane, Newsome. Headquarters: Drill Hall, St. Paul’s Street.


British Women’s Temperance Association (Huddersfield Branch).— President, Mrs. Vincent Shaw; secretary, Miss F. A. Wilkinson, Temperance Hall, Princess Street ; treasurer, Miss E. M. Denham. Huddersfield Temperance Society.—President, Mr. Arthur Fieldhouse, F.R.S.A., life hon. secretary, Mr. Tom France; secretary, Mr. A. Wilkinson. Office: Temperance Hall, Princess Street. Activities include Sunday Lantern Services and Young People’s Mission. Huddersfield Temperance Society Women’s P.S.A.—Secretary, Mrs. C. W. Sykes, Temperance Hall, Princess Street. Huddersfield and District United Action Temperance Council (Area: Huddesfield, Colne Valley, Holme Valley).—Secretary, Mr. A. Wilkinson, Temperance Hall, Princess Street. National Commercial Temperance League.—President, Coun. Norman A. Haywood ; secretary, Mr. Frank J. Sykes, Temperance Hall, Princess Street ; treasurer, Mr. C. W. Sykes.


Huddersfield and District Associated Trades and Industrial Council.— President, Mr. John Brooke ; secretary, Mr. G. Hargrave, 41, Smith’s Avenue, Marsh; treasurer, Mr. W. Wadsworth. The Council meets on Fourth Wednesday in each month at 7-30 p.m. in Room 16, at the Friendly and Trades Societies’ Club, Northumberland Street.


Bakers & Confectioners (Amal. Un. of Op.) Boot & Shoe Makers ... Brushmakers ... a Builders’ Labourers ... Building Trade Workers (Amal. Union of) Cloth Pressers jes Clerks (Nat. Union) ... Cotton Operatives

Distributive & Allied Workers (Nat. Union of)


H. Cotton, 189 Rawthorpe Lane

F. Kershaw, Broomfield Rd., Fixby J. A. Bentley, 8 West View Paddoc

L. Galvin, 53 Castlegate

J. Doughty, 17 South Street J. Wagstaff, 14 Cowslip St., Paddock

J. S. Crowther, 646 New Hey Road

W. Wadsworth, 13 Clough Road,

Birkby W. W. Priestley

Place of Meeting.

2 1. Oi

6 Alfred Street, Hudd.

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Dyers, Textile Workers (Nat. Union of) Hudd. District

Hudd. No. 1

Hudd. No. 2 (Lockw’d) Hudd. No. 3 (Oakes) Hudd. No. 4 (Greenside) Milnsbridge

Golcar Hudd. Foremen ...

Dyers & Bleachers & Warehousemen (Amal. Society of) Electrical Trade Union

Engineers (Amal.) No. 1 Branch Engineers (Amal.) No. 2 Branch Engineers (Amal.) No. 4 Branch Engineers (Amal.) No. 7 Branch Engineers, Winding & General Farriers ; Foundry Wires (Nat. Union of) General Workers (Nat. Union No. 1) General Workers (Nat. Union No. 2) Healders & Twisters ... Stove & Grate Makers

Insurance Agents (National Union) Insurance Agents (Prud. Staff Fed.) Insurance Agents (Co-op.) Lithographers ...

Loco. Enginemen and Firemen Mental Hospital and Inst. Workers’ Un. Municipal & General Workers

Bleachers and Arthur Shaw, C.B.E., J.P., 64 West-

field Road, Toller Lane, Bradford (General Secretary) Coun. P. Ellis, 9 Moorlands Avenue, Ossett (Area Sec.) Coun. Tom Beattie, 43 Main Avenue, Cowlersley, Milnsbridge (District Organiser) Coun. F. H. Sowerby, J.P., 8 Wood- head Road, Honley (District Chair- man) H. Dawson, 63 Carr Street, Marsh ...

A. Turner, 2 Bank Terrace, Armitage Bridge E. Lindley, 52 Hollin Ter., Marsh ...

A. Roberts, 44 Carr Green Lane, Dalton H. Smith, 85 Broad Oak, Linthwaite

J.T. Bowker, 36 The Rock, Golcar

A. Dyson, 28 Banks End, Upper

Edge, Elland T. H. Fearn, Lower Hall, Kirkheaton

A. E. Robson, 51 Glenfield Avenue, Deighton H. Siswick, 80 Blackhouse Road, Fartown Mr. F. Shaw, 1 Fernleigh, Longwood

W. Chambers, 23 Knowle Avenue, Moldgreen N. H. Scott, 181 Cross Lane, New- some R. Procter, 6 Bank Terrace, Armi- tage Bridge J. Kaye, 174 Bradford Road

J. P. Whitehead, 40 Tanfield Hoek

Birkby T. Mullineaux, 20 Francis Street, Milnsbridge J. Carruthers, 63 Storths Road, Fartown

R. Mallinson, 49 Grove Street A Gardiner, 45 Hall Cross Road, Lowerhouses

B. F. France, 41 Blackmoorfoot Rd., Crosland Moor Wm. Haigh, ‘ Broom- field Road, Fixby H. E. Newton, 22 Broomer Street, Ravensthorpe James Taylor, 27 Heatherfield Road, Marsh Tom Fletcher, Birkby E. Smith, 21 Trinity Street

32 Scholes Road,

J.Moss, 10 Ark Hill, Halifax Old Rd.


Dyers, Club, Fitzwilliam St.

Dyers’ Club, Fitzwilliam St, Mechanics’ In., Lockwood Lindley Adult School 201 Wakefield Rd., Moldgreen Textile Hall, Milnsbridge 4a Mt. Pleasant, Golear Dyers’ Club, Fitzwilliam St. F. & T. 8. Club

Dyers’ Club, Fitzwilliam St.

. Grove Inn,


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Musicians’ Union .

Painters & Decorators

(Nat. Amal.) Pattern Makers Plumbers

Printing, Bookbinding and Paper Workers (Nat. Union of) Railwaymen, N.U.


Railwaymen, N.U. (Hudd. No. 1) Railwaymen, N.U. (Hudd. No. 2) Railwaymen, N.U.

(Mirfield) Railway Clerks

Sheet Metal Workers

Shop Assistants

Street Masons and


Tailors and Garment Workers (Nat. Un. of) Transport & General Workers (Passenger


Transport Workers (Commercial Sec.) Transport & General Workers (Meltham

Branch) Typographical Association

Warpers Association (Worsted & Woollen)


Wood-Cutting Machinists Wood-Workers

(Amal. Soc. No. 1)


(Amal. Soc. No. 2)

‘Workers Union (No. 1) Workers Union (No. 2) Workers Union (No. 3) Workers Union (Lindley)


L. Key, 107 Bradford Road

— Horsfall, 54 Everard St., Crosland Moor W. E. Cosgrave, 71 Lawrence Road, E. Sykes, 13 Springdale St., Thorn- ton Lodge F. Shaw, 32 Woodhouse Avenue, Fartown :

W. Riley, 11 Colne Bridge Road, Bradley L. Westerman, 48 Broomfield Road, Marsh J. Blackburn, 25 Holmfirth Road, Meltham B. 8. Willey, 36 Norwood Road, Birkby (Correspondence Sec.) H. B. Seedhouse, 10 Belton Street, Moldgreen G. W. Dove, 135 Hall Cross Road, - Lowerhouses Miss I. Darlington, 56 Long Lane, Dalton J. W. Daykin, 22 Beadon Avenue, Waterloo F. Sykes, 11 Beast Market ...

R. C. Hamilton, 75 Highlands Av., Almondbury. (District Office— 30 Byram Arcade) J. E. North, 16 Bland St., Lockwood (District Office—30 Byram Arcade) J.T. Lunt, 126 Helme Lane, Meltham

H. G. Killingbeck, 23 Diamond St., Moldgreen Ed. Haigh, 8 Larch Road, Paddock

L. Bradbury, 1 Dudley Av., Marsh A. Hirst, 47 Manchester Rd., Hudd. W. T. Riley, 29 Eldon Road, Marsh T. Williamson, 21 Hollin Ter., Marsh

Miss H. Massey, 1 Rowlands Avenue, Dalton C. Longley, 64 Wellhouse Gr., Golcar W. Beaumont, 22 Bracken Hall Road, Sheepridge J. Flynn, 13 Celandine Av., Salendine Nook

White Hart Hotel PF. & T. 8. Club

9s 29

B. & C.B.W.M. Club Dyers’ Club, Fitzwilliam St. F & T.S. Club,


F. & T. S. Club

Temperance Hall Bay Horse Inn, Lindley F. & T. 8. Club

Page 115




Intending passengers are advised to consult the time tables of the respective companies operating the services given below, as alterations are continually taking place. The publishers of this Directory accept no responsibility for any inaccuracies in the following list of services, although every care has been taken to publish correct information.


Berry Brow (from John William Street) Birkby (from John William Street) Bradley & Deighton (from John William Street) Brighouse (from Northum- berland Street) Crosland Moor (from John William Street) Dod Lea (from John Wil- liam Street) Elland (from Railway St.)

Fartown (from John Wil- liam Street) Honley (from John Wil- liam Street) Lockwood (from John Wil- liam Street) ‘Longwood (from John Wil- liam Street) Marsden (from John Wil- liam Street) Newsome (from John Wil- liam Street) Sheepridge (from John William Street) Slaithwaite (from John William Street) West Vale (from Railway Street)

Route Almondbury (from Byram Street) Lindley (from Kirkgate) Outlane (from Kirkgate)

Waterloo (from Westgate)

—_ Oo

10 10 10


No. 65

71& 73

ae O Oo a

TRAMCARS. Weekdays Sat. First Last Last Car Car Car §-$0 41-0 - 11-10 6. Ti 12-0 5-15 11-0 11-15 5-5 10-45 11-5 SG 18-3 = 1-16 S40 5-25 10-40 11-0 5-50 11-0 ~. 11-15 5-30 10-50 11-0 BW): 12-0 = 41-20 $20 16-6 11-16 5-25 10-25 10-55 5-96-1667. eas 650° 110 11-10 5-17} 10-55 11-24 5-25 10-26 11-0

Weekdays First Last Bus Bus 5-36 11-0 5-35 11-5 5-20 11-0 5-16 . 11-6


Last Bus 11-18




Sundays First Last Car Car 9-35 10-40 9-25 10-50 9-45 10-37 9-25 10-35 9-55 10-45 9-25 10-50 9-25 10-40 9-25 10-45 9-35 10-40 9-35 10-50 9-25 10-50 9-25 10-25 9-55 10-48 9-55 10-50 10-25 10-32 1-0 10-30 Sundays First Last Bus Bus 9-55 10-48 9-40 10-55 9-25 10-50 9-55 10-51


of Service Every 10 min.

Every 10 min, (Sat. 5 min.) Every 15 min, (Sun, 10 min.) Every 20 min, (Sun. 10 min.) Every 10 min.

Every 10 min,

Every 15 min. (Sat. 10 min., Sun, 30 min. } Every 10 min,

Every 10 min, Every 10 min, Every 10 min.

Every 15 min, (Sun, 10 min.) Every 12 min.

Every 10 min,

Every 15 min. (Sun, 10 min.) Every 15 min, (Sat. 10 min., Sun, 30 min.)


of Service Every 12 min. (Sun, morn, 30 min.) Every 10 min. (Sun. morn, 30 min.) Every 10 min, (Sun, morn, 30 min.) Every 5 min. (Sun, morn, 15 min.)

Accelerated services on all routes between 12 noon and 2 p.m., and 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. ; also Saturdays and Bank Holidays.

Tram letter boxes are cleared daily every hour up to 10 p.m, Sundays up to 5 p.m. only.

Tram and Trolley Workmen’s Fares are $d. above single fare up to 3d. fare ond Ad. above single fare over 3d. fare on completed journeys by 9 a.m,

Parcels Department.—Northumberland Street.

For scale of charges see Official Time Table.

Sunday Mornings.—A_ half-hourly service will be run from about 9-25 a.m. to 1-30 p.m., when full services commence from town.

Children’s Fares—Under 3 years of age, free ; under 12 years of age, half the ordinary fare ; 2d. fare any distance from the

under 16 years of age (proceeding to and from school

town centre to the borough boundary.

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Route No. Barnsley (from Lord St.) 14, 36, Yorkshire Traction 55 Barnsley (from Lord St.) 51-5 County Motors 51-5 Bradford (from Lord St.) 38 Brighouse (from Lord St.) 23

Crimble (from Springwood 37 Street) Crosland Hill & Crosland 24 Heath (from High St.) Dewsbury (from Kirkgate) 27 Hudd. Corp. & L.M.S.R. Joint Committee and Yorks. (W.D.) Electric Tramways, Ltd. Dewsbury (from Lord St.) 7 Yorks. (W.D.) Transport Co; Ltd. Dewsbury (from Lord St.) BC County Motors 51-2

Golcar (from Macaulay St.) — Halifax (from Springwood 43 Street)

Highburton (from Lord St.) 80 & 80a 46

Hill Top (from Macaulay

Street) Holmbridge (from High 47, 49, Street) 50 Holmfirth (from High St.) 47, 49, 50 Kirkburton (from Lord 80 & Street) 80a Kirkheaton (from Byram 28 Street) . Leeds (from Kirkgate) ... 18 Yorks. (W.D.) Transport Co., Ltd. Leeds (from Kirkgate)... 19 Lepton (from Lord St.) ... 32 Lindley (from Byram St.) — Lowerhouses (from Lord 34 Street) Marsden (from Macaulay 35 Street) Meltham (from High St.) 40 Netherton (Marten Nest) 4]

(from High Street) Nont Sarah’s (from Byram 21 Street) Oldfield (from Market St.) 45 Oldham (from Macaulay I 1 St.) Hanson’s Bus Ser- vice Oldham (from Market St.) North-Western Road Car Co., Ltd. Rawthorpe (from Lord St.) 33


Rotherham (from Lord St.) 15& 27 -Scapegoat Hill (from 25 &

Springwood Street) 26

Scholes (from High St.) ... 30& 31 Sheffield (from Lord St.) ... 68

South Crosland (from High 42 Street) Taylor Hill (from Ramsden 39 Street) Thurstonland (from Lord 29 Street) Wakefield (from Lord St.) 51-6

OMNIBUSES. Weekdays Sat. First Last Last Bus Bus Bus 7+30 10-30 10-45 6-15 9-15 9-15 5-30 11-0 11-15 5-55 10-22 11-22 6-22 10-40 11-10 6—40 10-50 11-20 8-0 10-45 11-15 2-30 10-30 10-55 7-40 9-40 10-10 6-40 10-55 11-15 6-10 11-35 11-35 8-5 10-5 10-5 6-0 11-0 11-0 5-15 10-50 11-10 5-15 11-0 11-50 7-20 10-5 11-5 6-0 10-40 11-0 6-20 10-30 10-35 7-15 10-20 10-15 6-10 10-45 10-45 6-45 10-45 10-45 6-10 11-10 11-10 6-20 10-50 11-20 5-30 11-0 11-17 6-10 9-40 10-5 9-50 9-0 9-40 5-35 11-0 11-30 6-55 8-55 8-55 9-55 9-55 9-55 6—0 11-10 11-15 7-55 8-55 8-55 5-50 10-30 11-10 5-45 10-50 11-10 7-45 9-45 10-45 6-10 5-50 10-45 7-0 11-0 11-15 6-15 10-45 10-40 6-20 8-20 9-20


Sundays Frequency First Last of Bus Bus Service 8-30 10-30 Every hour 10-15 9-15 See Time Table 10-0 11-0 Every 15 min, 1-22 10-22 Every hour from 7-22 a.m, 11-0 10-40 Every hour from 9-40 a.m, 1-20 10-40. Every 20 min. (Sun, 30 min.) 2-0 11-15 See Time Table 1-55 10-55 Every 2 hours (Sat. every hour) 10-40 10-10 ° Every hour (Sat. & Sun. every hour to 1-10 p.m, then every $ hour) 1-40 10-55 Every 20 min, 12-50 11-35 Every 20 min, 1-5 10-5 Every 5 hours 1-0 11-0 Every 30 min. to 1 p.m., and 15 min. after 12-40 10-50 See Time Table 9-30 11-0 See Time Table 1-5 10-5 Every hour 9-40 10-40 Every 30 min, 9-20 10-25 Every 20 min, 9-45 10-25 Every hour 1-45 10-45 Every hour from 9-45 a.m 1-45 10-45 Every 30 min. 1-45 10-45 Every 15 min. (Sun, 30 min.) 1-20 10-50 Every 30 min, 9-30 10-50 Every 15 min. 2-35 9-5 See Time Table

1-40 10-55


1-45 9-55 12-55 1-45

9-45 1-55

1-30 12-35 10-20

See Time Table

11-0 See Time Table 8-55 Every 2 hours 9-55 Every 2 hours 10-50 See Time Table 8-55 Every hour 10-25 See Time Table 10-45 Every hour every 30 & 50 min. past the hour) 9-45 Every 2 hours 9-35 See Time Table 10-30 Every 30 min. 10-45 See Time Table 8-20 Every hour

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The Head Office is situated in Northumberland Street. Branch Offices are situated in Cloth Hall Street and in George Street, Milnsbridge.

Town Sub-Offices.


Hours of Business. .On weekdays the Head Office is open from 8-0 a.m. to 8-0 p.m.; on Sundays from 9-0 a.m. to 10-30 a.m. : The Telegraph Office is open from 8-0 a.m. to 8-0 p.m. on weekdays.

Sub-Offices and Town Sub-Offices are open from 9-0 a.m. to 7-0 p.m. except on weekly half-holidays, when they are open from 9-0 a.m. to 1-0 p-m. The day on which the half-holiday occurs is indicated on the window notice at each office.

Town Central Suburban Delivery Box Closes Delivery Box Closes 6-45 a.m. 6-0 a.m. 6-45 a.m. 6-0 a.m. 11-0 a.m. 10-30 a.m. 2-0 p.m. 1-30 p.m. 2-0 p.m. 1-30 p.m. 4-45 p.m. 4-15 p.m.

The latest time of posting at the Head Office is 8-15 p.m. for all parts and 9-15 p.m. for London and the Eastern Counties.

Automatic Stamp Vending Machines are fixed in Byram Street, Cloth Hall Street, Northumberland Street, and in the Market Place, from which

4d. and ld. stamps may be purchased.

Telegrams may be handed in at the Byram Street entrance at all times when the public office is closed, except between the hours of midnight Saturday and 5-30 p.m. Sunday, and between 2-15 p.m. and 5-0 p.m. on Bank Holidays.

Telegrams may be telephoned from the street kiosks at any time without additional charges.


The Post Office administers not only postal, but also telegraph, tele- phone, Postal Order, Money Order and Savings Bank services.

Full particulars of these services are published in the Post Office Guide. The following is a summary :— INLAND POSTAL SERVICES. Letter Post. Letters and packets not exceeding 2 ozs. in weight vat 13d. For every additional 2 ozs. or fraction thereof ... oy 4d. Post Cards. Single aes ic 10; Reply oes oe 2d.

Page 118



Printed Papers.

Not exceeding 2 ozs. in weight a si cae ake 4d. For every additional 2 ozs. or fraction thereof up to a limit of 2 Ib. ... ies 4d.

Newspapers (Registered at the G.P.O.). Rate per copy :—

Not exceeding 6 ozs. in weight i se ae 1d. Every additional 6 ozs. or fraction thereof up to a limit of 2 lb. bas ne ee 4d.

Parcel Post.

Up to 3 lb. 6d. 5 Ib. to 6 lb. = 9d. 8lb.to4]b.... 7d. 6 lb. ,, 7 Ib. Oe bik 8d. Ta a Ts. eee %.. Od.

(These rates do not apply to the Irish Free State.) Services to Irish Free State. Letters, Postcards, Printed Papers and Newspapers as above. No Sample Post, Business Reply or Postage Forward Parcels Service. PARCEL Post.

Up to 2 lb. em 6d. 5 lb. to 8 1b. ‘ve See 2 lb. to 5 Ib. 9d. - 8 lb. to 11 lb. (max.) Is. 3d. Inland Sample Post. 7 RATE : Not exceeding 4 ozs. ... is co ra es 1d. (min.). Between 4 ozs. and 6 ozs. ... es es 13d. Between 6 ozs. and 8 ozs. ... isi 2d. (max.).

Business Reply Cards and Envelopes. Business firms may obtain a licence from the Post Office to issue cards or envelopes for their clients’ replies without prepayment of postage— the postage (in addition to a charge of $d.) being paid by the firm only on the replies which reach them.

IMPERIAL AND FOREIGN POSTAL SERVICES. Ordinary Mails. Letters, postcards, printed papers and parcels may be sent to all countries abroad. The postage on letters and postcards addressed to British Possessions generally, to H.M. Ships of War abroad, Egypt, United States of America and the British Post Office at Tangier, is— Lretrers—l14d. for the first oz. and 1d. for each additional oz. Postcarps—ld. for a single card and 2d. for a reply card. To all other places, including Iraq and Transjordan— LetTTrers—24d. for the first oz. and 14d. for each additional oz. Postcarns—l14d. for a single card and 3d. for a reply card. I Air Mails. Letters may be sent by Air Mail to most European countries, and either by air or by combined air and ordinary services to most countries outside Europe. Parcels may also be sent by air to many European countries and to certain countries outside Europe. Particulars of the services are given in the Air Mail leaflet obtainable without charge at any Post Office.

TELEGRAPH SERVICE. Infand Telegrams.

The charge for ordinary inland telegrams is 6d. for the first 9 words including the address (1/6 for 12 words for telegrams addressed to the Irish Free State), and ld. for every additional word. A special service of priority telegrams is available at a flat rate of 6d. in addition to the ordinary charges. Greetings Telegrams. Messages of greeting, of congratulations or good wishes can be delivered on gaily decorated forms, enclosed in golden envelopes, on payment of a flat rate of 3d. in addition to the usual charges. The word “‘ Greeting ”’ which is not charged for, should be written before the name of the addressee. The service is not available to the Irish Free State... ?


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Night Telegraph Letters may be sent to any address in the United Kingdom and also to Dublin, Cork and Queenstown. The charge is 1/- for 36 words (1/6 for the Irish Free State), and ld. for every 3 additional words. The Business Reply Telegrams services enables business firms to pay the charges on telegrams addressed to them. Batch telegrams for a minimum of 100 addresses may be sent at the rate of 4d. a message of 16 words of text. Addresses are free.

Imperial and Foreign Telegrams. Telegrams are accepted for practically all places abroad. The charges for ordinary telegrams to France and Germany are respectively 24d. and 3d. per word, with a minimum charge of 1/3.

Radiotelegrams. Telegrams may also be sent by wireless to ships at sea.

TELEPHONE SERVICE. The Post Office Telephone system is available for communication over long and short distances within the British Isles, with the Continent of Europe, with many countries overseas, and with certain ships at sea.

Tariff Rates. LINE SERVICE. Subscriptions for an exclusive line to premises within three miles of an exchange :— Business Residence

Tariff Tariff £ s. ye £ sia. 1. London (2.e., within 10 miles of Quarterly 115 6 l Oy Oxford Circus) Monthly ino 9 2. Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool Quarterly 112 6 ee and Manchester Monthly i. 2 3. Rest of the country (including Quarterly 1 9 6 oO N. Ireland) Monthly i 2

ORDINARY RESIDENCE SUBSCRIBERS. On and from Ist October, 1936, quarterly subscribers will be entitled to Id., 2d., 3d. and 4d. calls up to a maximum of 50 units (4s. 2d.) in the quarter without charge. Where the total value of these calls exceeds 4s. 2d. in the quarter the excess only will be charged. In the case of monthly subscribers the free allowance will be 16 unit calls (1s. 4d.). If the allowance of free calls is not wholly used in a quarter (or month), the unexpended balance cannot be carried forward as a credit to the next account. The concession is, in effect, a rebate up to a maximum of 4s. 2d. a quarter (ls. 4d. a month) on the charges for ld., 2d., 3d. and 4d. calls. The fee for most local calls is 1d. each, but for the more distant local calls the fee is 2d., 3d. or 4d., according to distance. Trunk calls are subject to higher charges according to distance and duration of call. Incoming calls are free. A connection charge, normally 15/-, but less if certain wae already exists, is payable on each exchange line. Subscribers have the option of choosing quarterly or monthly tariffs. Subscriptions are payable in advance and charges for calls in arrear. Exctustve Line User) SERVICE. This is a cheaper service available to business who do not need to make many outgoing calls. The subscription is less, by 6/— a quarter or 2/— a month, than the subscription for the ordinary business line, whilst a surcharge of 50%, is levied on the first 12/— worth (or less) of local calls made in a quarter, or on the first 4/— worth (or less) of local calls made in a month. The conditions otherwise are similar to those applicable to the ordinary business line. Further Information. Further particulars regarding the Telephone Service are given in the preface to the Telephone Directory, or may be obtained from the Con- troller, London Telephone Service, The District Manager,” Post Office Telephones, or the local Post Office. ak

a a

Page 120



Postal Orders. Poundage 6d., 1/-, 1/6, &c., up to 2/6 of ren “a. ld. 3/-, 3/6, 4/-, &c., up to 15/— ee bi oq. Aha 15/6, 16/-, 16/6, &c., up to 20/— or 21/-... eee ae * Books containing 12 Orders, values 6d. to 2/6 .. 9d.

on each book

Broken amounts may be made up by affixing postage stamps as indicated on the Orders. British Postal Orders are payable not only in. the United Kingdom, but also in many British Dominions, Colonies and Protectorates, and certain other places abroad.

Inland Money Orders.

For sums not over £3 £10 £20 £30 £40 The charge is__.... 4d. 6d. 8d. 10d. 1/-

Inland Telegraph Money Orders.

The charge is as for ordinary Money Orders plus 2d. and the cost of the telegram. Minimum 6d., or 1/6 for Orders payable in the Irish Free State.

Imperial and Foreign Money Orders.

For sums not over .... ee £2 jo £4 The charge is ... es 6d. 1/9

and so on, 3d. additional for each £1 or part of £1 up to the maximum amount of an Order (£20, £30 or £40 according to the country concerned).

Imperial and Foreign Telegraph Money Orders.

The charge is as for ordinary Imperial and Foreign Money Orders plus the cost of the telegram of advice and a supplementary fee (6d. or 1/—; for Cuba 4/8). a

Imperial and Foreign Air Mail Money Orders.

Money Orders for payment in certain countries can be advised by Air Mail on payment of a special additional fee.


A deposit account may be opened at any Savings Bank Post Office. There is no limit to the total balance that may be held in an account, but the amount deposited by an individual in any year ending the 31st December is limited to £500. Home Safes in Book pattern and Stamp Savings Books for simple saving can also be obtained.

Interest is allowed at the rate of £2 10s. per cent. per annum on every complete pound standing to the credit of a depositor.

Money can be withdrawn :—-

(1) On demand—up to £3—-at any Savings Bank Post Office. (2) By warrant payable at a Post Office. (3) By crossed warrant, which may be used like a cheque. (4) By telegraph—up to £10.—on payment of 1/- for the telegram. (5) By postal application—payment by telegraph.

Other withdrawal facilities—Travel warrants, cruising credits, &c. ‘Telephone accounts may be paid through Savings Bank Accounts.

Other Savings Bank Services. I Other services rendered by the Savings Bank include the purchase and sale of Government Stocks and Bonds for investment purposes, and Govern- ment annuities. 3 ot % 7

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ABB STREET, MARSH. Clarke, Lillie Beaumont, Lily Crowther & Wilkinson, Ltd., Joiners and Undertakers Holt, Cissie Midgley, Lucy, Sweets & Tobacco



Hobson, John Frank, Bakery Matthews, May Irene Robertshaw, Edith Mary Fisher, Fred 8 Fynn, Harry Ineson, Bernard Mitchell Stocks, Charles Edward Firth, James William Challinor, Frederick William Nicholls, George Edwin Boothroyd, John Henry Lilley, Joe Johnson, James Henry Burnham, Saville Walker, Abraham Kelly, Janet Atkinson, Edwin Thackwray, Harold L., Solicitor

30 32 34


1 Gomersal, Ernest 3 Smith, Gerald 5 Matthewman, Mary Ann 7 Beaumont, Eliza 9 Jenkinson, Ernest 11 Turner, Frank 13 Robinson, Philip William 15 Presto, Fred 17 McCrea, Thomas William 17 Woods, Josiah 19 Searby, James Herbert 21 Wittrick, Georgina Mary 23 Smith, George, Coal Dealer . — Swinden, Arthur, ‘“‘ Kildare ”’ Cousen, John Lewis


1 Walker, Norman, Bay Horse Inn laSykes, Hilda, Milliner 3 Woodhouse, Elizabeth 5 Holberry, Lizzie Wain 7 Mellor, Herbert 9 Hollas, Hubert 11 Hirst, H. 13 Akroyd, Tom 15 Hollas, Lilly -17 Smith, Ernest 19 Calverley, OF &



a of Kies tt a — : ‘a . = ee





127 129 131 133

149 151 153 155

ee A per. Fred:


Here is Baker Street Poppleton, G. Cartwright, Eliza Gertrude Dodgson, Edgar ... Herve 1s Wellington Street ......... Coulthard, Rev. G. T.

Smithson, Frank, Builder

Morren, Thomas William, Shaw, Wallace Thornett, Albert ~ Beaumont, Ada Ellen Hall, Laureate White, James Oxley, Charles Edward

Heve is King Street

Sykes, Joseph Bros., Branch of the English Card Clothing Co., Ltd.) Acre Mills, Wire Card Clothing Manufacturers — Hollingworth, Herbert, Globe Inn

75aSpencer, G., Fish and Chips 7

Hirst, Harry Lockwood, Charles Briggs, Arthur Allott, Edward Beeson, Horace Lloyd Warburton, Ralph Dyson, Joe William, Victoria Cottage Here is Union Street Walker, A. B. & Son, Groceries & Provisions . Ball, Tom Mellor, John Terry Dransfield, Alan Wood, W Baines, A. Nuttall, Alice Sutherland Pilling, Joseph Dyson, Colonel Barker Whiteley, Elizabeth Ellen Taylor, George Frederick Dyson, Hubert Sanderson, Alfred Jagger, Susannah Bottomley, Joe 4a Orr, Douglas Ebrey I Brook, William Netherwood, Mabel Elizabeth Naylor, Frank Hitchin, James Howarth Greenwood, David Pilling, Gladys

.... Herve is Cadogan Avenue tvs cana

Moore, Frank Moore, Mary I Moore, Frank, Fruiterer Schofield, Leonard I

Page 122




Acre Street—continued.

159 161 163 165 167 169 171 173 175 177 179

181 183 185 187 189

191 193

2 1 6 8 10

12 14

16 16


24 26

Spivey, Sam Peel, Mariah H. Hey, Martha Ann Noble, Arthur Barron, Harry Ainley, Helena Thorpe, James Edward Smith, Hetty Dyson, Henry Bottomley, Henry Booth, Alice Maud: Lindley Post Office

Walker, E., & Son, Boot and Shoe

Dealers Walker, Emily Walker, William Smith, Martha Goldsborough, Mary Earnshaw, Edna, General Dealer Tiffany, A., Newsagent, Tobacconist, Teacher and Publisher ess Here is Plover Road ..........+- Dyson, John W., Grocer Ashness, Allen, Hairdresser Dyson, Stanley Dyson, R. H., Fish and Chips Schofield, Harry, Plumber and Electrician Day, Ada, Draper MacPhail, William B., Oakes Post ‘Office Conley Bros., Butchers Mortimer, Gordon B., Wireless and Electrical Dealer Heppenstall, Hannah, Confectioner Heppenstall, Emma, thane Herve is Thornhill Avenue ...... Shaw, Edgar Edward, Green- grocer and Fishmonger Wood, Frank, Confectioner Noble, Ben

ye at's Heve ts Savile Road ..........:.

40 42 td 46 48 50 52 54

58 60



Robinson, Harry Sykes, Ernest Albert Jagger, George Herbert Lockwood, Hirst, Arthur Hepworth, James Henry Lindley Rugby F.C. Ground Gosney, Leslie Shaw, Lewis Green Lea, Huddersfield Royal Infirmary Branch Hospital Herve is Albert Street O’Neil, Henry T., Phys. & Surg. Gibson, Dr. John M., M.O.H.., House”’ os ts Street: Wilson, Frank, Sweets, &c. Hewing, Marion Celia ... 1s CressfieldMOad Blackburn, Teddy ... Herve is Burwood Road .........

a Tis

Mee oi al ‘ BPs ehh £. em APs is % a. I ore ee ae Ps vee om


66 Berry, Edgar, Butcher — Whitteron, N., Confectioner and Grocer — The Daley School of Dancing (Principals: Irene & Mary Daley) 132 Moore, Charles Schofield 134 Dyson, Melinda 136 Woodhouse, James Ernest 138 Cropper, Daniel 140 Wood, Irving 142 Potter, William 144 Lees, Thomas Kitson 146 Berry, Harriet Elizabeth Lindley Clock

ADELPHI ROAD, LINDLEY. 1 Sutcliffe, John Henry 3 Hall, Albert Willie 5 Dewhirst, Sam 7 9

Lucas, William Charlesworth Baron, Norris 11 Dickenson, Annie 13 Johnson, Lucy 15 Douglas, John 17 Moorhouse, Sam 19 Heap, Harold 21 Hall, Clara alba Here is Portland Street ...+. Waid 23 Kemp, Mary Ann 25 Spencer, Joseph Arthur 27 Lockwood, G. 29 Pilling, Mrs. 31 Gibson, Cyril 33 Hawkes, Albert John 35 Lee, William 37 Priestley, Harold 39 Laite, F. H. 41 Swallow, Harold 43 Carter, John Granville 45 Hargreaves, Herbert 47 Calam, Stanley 49 Stockdale, Eliza 51 Robinson, William Beaumont 53 Pearson, Walter 55 Whittaker, Garside 57 Lees, Jack Walshaw _59 Broadbent, Joseph Charles Fletcher 61 Heap, Fred I 63 Bottom, Olivia 4 Earnshaw, Walter France 6 Dyson, John William 8 rt a William John 10 Turner, Frank 12 Mallinson, Grace Ann 14 Roberts, John Hall 16 Law, Alfred John 18 Moore, William, 20 Daley, Martha Hollinshead 22 Braithwaite, Agnes 24 Ward, John Thomas 26 Ward, Stanhope Llewellyn. 28 Ward, Frederick

“i: .... Herve is Portland Street

30 Robinson, Herbert

Page 123


Adelphi Road—continued.

32 34 36 38 40 42 Ad 46 48 50 52


ere or Herve is Lindley Avenue ......006


bh =


Jenkins, Mancel Edward Lockwood, Harry Buckley, George Dyson, Harry Haigh, Margaret, Certified Midwife Richardson, Ernest Crossland, Jane Maplestone Shaw, Henry Claughton Goss, John Henry Newsome, Evelyn Winifred Crowther, William Crosland Wilkinson, William Boothroyd, Norman Wilkinson, Ephraim Walker Hinchliffe, Norman Sykes, Emma Cooling, Henry Clifford Barrow, Dan Scorah, Thomas Herbert Midgley, Sam

AINLEY ROAD, LINDLEY. Seston, Harold Joseph

Poole, Horace Sykes, Frederick Joseph Hudson, A. Handy, Blanche Mabel I Reynolds, Mrs. Spencer, William Hodgkinson Bell, Jack Craven, Miles Cropper, Daniel

Norman Frederick

Cassell, Louis Armitage, Tom (Unoccupied) Pagden, John Crawshaw, Jack Calvert, Ivy McLoughlin, Vivian Senior, Norman Rowley, J. Wood, Albert Taylor, Arthur Foster, Ernest Hicks, Samuel Burgess, Philip (Unoccupied) Gardner, Jack Lister, Albert Grayson, William Henry Battye, John Halstead, James Edwin


Raby, Wilfred Dowling, William

ee Here is Queen’s Mill Road I Littlewood, Mary B.,



1 Samson, Leonard 2 Wilkinson, Ann 3 Dawson-Platts, Harold 4 Aspin, Thomas 5 Whittaker, Joah 6 Unsworth, Harry 7 Hirst, Willie 8 Wood, Joseph 9 Crossland, George


1 Mear, Edwin 3 Richardson, Stanley 5 Pinder, Louisa 7 Taylor, Ellen 9 Shaw, John William 11 Lee, Oswin 2 Rolkerts, Herbert 4 Gates, Annie & Sarah 6 Holland, Joseph 8 Heap, William Henry 10 Shaw, Harriet


Rashcliffe Mills. Taylor & Lodge, Ltd., Worsted Manufacturers

Sweets and Tobacco Hawkes, Harold

3 7 Hollingworth, Percy, Star Inn

Marchant, G. M., Ltd., Engineers & Brassfounders Victoria Mills. ~ Robinson, W. H. & Co., Yarn I Spinners Canby, Thomas, Ltd., Dyers and Finishers Victoria Mill Yard. Windle, Albert Stevenson, Rennie Albert Mills. Brierley Bros., Ltd., Woollen Yarn Spinners Hollingworth, Wood & Co., Ltd., Worsted Manufacturers Bath Mills. Priest, Allen & Sons, Ltd., Yarn Spinners

eee Heve is Bath Siveét

21 Catlow, John William 23 Snowden, Margaret

ee Here is SPa Tervvace

25 Mitchell, Oliver, Bay Horse Inn — Shaw, J., Son & Greenhalgh, Ltd., Albert Works, Valve Makers,

&ec. — Seddon, H. H. & Sons, Ltd., Spa Field Mills, Dyers & Finishers 27 Sanderson, Ben

Page 124



Albert Street—continued.

Broadfield Mills. Gledhill Bros., & Co., Ltd., Fancy Woollen and Worsted Manu- facturers Kaye & Stewart, Ltd., Fancy Worsted Manufacturers Cragg, Harry Hirst, John Mangan, Patrick Joseph Mandell, Lily Payne, James William Sykes, Sarah Lodge, Albert Cliffe, Tom Rushworth, Willie Cliffe, Alice Ann North, Magson

8aHaigh, Willie, Boot and Shoe

10 14 16 18


44 46


.... Herve is Logwood Street

Shaw, Ethel Coverley, Norman Sweet, Charles Sidney Berry, Matthew Alpha Place. Rattigan, Martin Saville, Annie Elizabeth Saville, Friend Heyes, John Saville, John Edward Gledhill, J. A. Barker, John Roper, Edward Robson, Edwin Claude Craven, James Henry Walker, W. 14 Taylor, Sarah Ann Green, Joss Townsend, Joseph Day, Joseph Farrington, Edward Shaw, Fred I Holdsworth, Cyril Addy, James Harrison Schofield, Francis Edward Schofield, F. E., Grocer & General Dealer Here is Victoria Street Dyson, Herbt., Brunswick Hotel Brunswick Yard. Day, Ben Dobson, Norman Holdsworth, 8. E. Dobson, William McLean, Leonard William Tennant, Martha Wike, Joseph Bates Taylor, Alice Emma Brook, Charley 10 Porter, Samuel Littlewood, John William Cliffe, Emma Wilkinson, Harold George Flynn, Martin

— WN

ed peed ho



48 50

Aspinall, Minnie Laycock, Thomas William Pitcher, Ward, Waterhouse Mills, Commission Weaver Fenwick, A. Here is Summer Street Sutcliffe, Herbert Wilson, Joseph Carter, Mrs. N., Sweets & Tobacco I Salvation Army Hall Hanson, Howard, Fish and Chips

70aDale, Willie, Hairdresser

70 72

74 90

92 94 96 98 100 102 104 106 108 110 112 114 118 120 122 124 128 132 134 136 140 142 144 146 148 150 152 156 158 160 164 166 168

Fenwick, James Otter Lockwood, Richard Barker

oles Herve is Faiv Street.

Malone, Herbert, Haulage Contractor Charlesworth, Maria

Here is Bath Street

Pearson, George 8. Chapman, James (senr.)

ease Here t8 SHA Terrace . 5.5

Field, George William Gaukrodger, John Willie © Penistone, Cora Haigh, John Thomas, Arthur Marsland, Tom Haigh, Benjamin Haworth, William Wood, Arthur Brook, Luther Knight, Arthur Barden, Jack Littlewood, Harry, General Dlr. Bridge, W. Barratt, George William Martin, Annie Sugden, Horace Blackburn, Sarah Ann Hirst, Newton Balmforth, Lucy Brusby, Alice Shaw, Arthur Edward Spence, Annie Parker, George Edmund Ellwood, William Rhodes, Harry Walker, Sam Storey, A., Boot & Shoe Repairer Brook, James Edward Hemingway, Albert Booth, Nathaniel Berry, George Brook Rodgers, William Henry Heseltine, Norman ... Here is Crowther Street Miles, Mrs. Senior, Cissie Schofield, W., Ltd., Alma Works, Mill Furnishers Cartwright, Herbert Metcalfe, Henry Herbert McEvoy, Christina McEvoy, Frank Milner Kenny, William

Page 125


Albert Street—continued. 190 Wright, Willie 192 Lodge, Arthur 194 Croft, Mary 196 Hemingway, Thomas 198 Croft, Mary 200 Wilson, Mary Hannah 202 Riley, Martha 204 Jackman, Frank 206 Crowther, William Lodge 206aLiversedge, Francis Lewis — Mallinson, Wm. & Sons, Contractors & Quarry Owners 210 Petty, J. T. 212 Hanson, Walter 214 Hobson, Havelock 216 Payne, David

Providence Place. Edwards, Wilfred Wood, Clara Sykes Gash, Charles Robert Charlesworth, Norman Crowther, James Austen Edwards, Robert Aspey, Jane Ann Workman, Irvin 218 Vickers, John Henry 220 Castle, Samuel 222 Brook, Harold 224 Earnshaw, Harold 226 Steele, Annie 228 Taylor, Fred 230 Kaye, Annie 232 Carter, Elizabeth 234 Edwards, Elizabeth



— Holroyd, W. & P., Painters and Decorators — Sykes, S., Gent’s Hairdresser — Burman & Greenwood, Paint Dealers — Littlewood & Pearce, Woodworkers 7 Brooke, John & Sons, Ltd., Woollen and Worsted Manufacturers, Armitage Bridge Mills 9 Allister, S. J., Plumber and Electrical Engineer — Buckley, Harold, Automobile Engineer Reeve 48 JORn 11 Marshall, Field, Costumier and Clothier 13 Harrison, Tom

Machan’s Yard. 1 Egan, John 2 Muff, Annie 3 Moxon, William — Shaw, J. W. & Co., Albion Wks., Institution Contractors 15 Millward, J. A. & Sons, Stained Glass Works 17 Linley, Joseph Henry 23 Gallagher, Mary 27 Byrne, Andrew


29 31



18 20


France, Albert Appleyard, John Russell Kaye, Samuel & Sons, Tea and Coffee Merchants

‘a ox Ou Herve is Water Street

France, M. P., Wholesale Clothier Hellawell, Carter & Co., Ltd., Rubber Factors Sykes, John E., Automobile Engineer Shaw, Arthur (Hudd.) Ltd., Leather Works, Beltings, &c.

pore Herve 1s John Street

Cosgrove, Ellen Haigh, Harry, Funeral Director Stead, Rose Haigh, E. Whittaker, Arthur Booth Firth, Henry Anyon, Ernest Blair, Richard Reeves, Margaret

34aPickard, Julia


Beaumont, Harriett Pert, William Womersley, Joe Kelly, Peter Ball, Joseph Henry


Moxon, Geo. & Sons, Ltd., Coal Merchants Senior, J., Coal Merchant Clark, Douglas, Coal Merchant & Carrier

Bevers, Joe William Hillhouse PF it. Soc., Ltd., Coal Office Armitage, James & Son, Coal Merchants .... Heve 1s Whitestone Lane

Huddersfield Corporation High- ways Flint Street Depot

voce) ts Pilg oO cs

Oliver, Harry Bratley, Samuel David Crossley, Thomas Anderson, George Broadbent, Joe . Newstead, Ernest John Weatherard, Charles J. Pickup, Frederick Knight, John Sidney Walker, Harry Bates, Hollins Cave, William Fawcett Hare, Roland Wiseman, Annis Swift, Ernest Cassell, Charles Higson Phillips, James Pennington, Alexander Spencer, George Henry

Warnes, Edward Richard

Page 126



Alder Street—continued.

253 255 257 259 261 263 265 267 269 271 273 275 277 279 281 283 285 287

228 230 232 234 236 238 240 242 244 246 248 250 252 254 256

Keep, George John Harrison, George Reginald Womersley, Florence Spencer, Lewis Heap, John Edward Massey, Willie (Unoccupied) Elson, William D’Arcy Seward, Thomas Edward Morgan, Garnett Cooper, Tom Reddington, Thomas Brown, Arthur Beevers, Mary Alice Manchester, James Henry Allott, Annie Gertrude Holmes, George Frederick Gatenby, John Robert Gatenby, George Henry Halliday, Joseph Cecil Whiteley, Harry Whitfield, Jean (Unoccupied) Booth, Frank Whitaker, Alfred Ernest Dawson, John William Broom & Booth, Costumiers Clough, Joe Hartley, John William Stocks Dodson, Arthur (senr.) Cartwright, Frank Tomlinson, Ralph Epton, Albert Whitton, Leonard L., Plumber Lammyman, M. Bedford, Clarence Jenkinson, Elizabeth Lee, Eliza Bateson, Lucy Wortley, Ben & Son, Hay, Straw and Corn Merchants

_... Here is Hillhouse Lane .........

Coal Shoots. Chappell & Wood, Ltd., Coal Merchants Tennant, Rotherford & Co., Ltd., Coal Merchants Senior, John L.M.S. Hillhouse Sidings Goods Yard Eastwood, Thomas Wilkinson, Alec Booth, Charles E. Moorhouse, James Williamson, Samuel Jackson, Thomas Whithecombe, Joseph en Garside, Joe Bateman, Alfred Charles David Gerrard Gott, George Lunn, Thomas David Derbyshire, Frank Wood Jackson, Dorothy Sykes, Wilfred Lee

258 260 262 264 266 268 270 272 272 274 276 278 280 282 284 286 288 290 292 294 296 298 300

5 5


wee tO ©

Headey, Fred Scaramuzza, Clement Sykes, Claude Mellor, Mary Ann Mellor, John William Fenwick, John Shaw, Arthur Browne, Richard Harry Liversidge, Ronald Rawlins, Olivia Kirkham, Lizzie Morgan, David McShane, Albert Bradley, Leonard

France, Albert

Hirst, George William Vickerman, Cecil George Warnes, Edward R. Dalby, Herbert Jones, Bertie Edward Leech, Abraham Small, John Howe, Harry


Taylor, Thomas Enoch Blackburn, Hearl Brier, Emily Mead, Walter Charles Hiley, James Hubert Hyde, Samuel Elijah Parker Hinchliffe, Charles Booth, Harold Matthews, William Goldthorpe, Eastwood Moore, 'Tom Smith, Samuel Harold Brook, Maud Mary Donnellon, William


Lee, Alfred Gee, Hermos Gee, Edward & Sons, Crown Works, Paper Blinds


Nelson, R.,, Roller Coverer Cockroft, A., Wood Turner

ean Herve is Page Stveet

Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd., Fish and Fruit Ware- house Mellor, Sheard & Wilson, Ltd., Tailors and Costumiers Nuttall & Blakeley, Textile hag Tinker, G. F., Textile Shaw & Savin Tailors and Costumiers Hutton, Harold Enoch

N.U.D.A.W. Branch Office

Page 127


Alfred Street—continued.

— Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd.— Paint Department Dairy Department Education Department Laundry Department Hilton, Harry Seiles, Richard

ALLEN ROW, PADDOCK. Lee, Edgar Rushworth, Horace Pearson, Frederick Arthur Lewis, Benjamin Woodhouse, Frank Rawnsley, Eleanor . Townend, George Albert William Potter, Robert William Priestley, Teddy Thornton, Marion Charles, Harry Haigh Baldwin, Edgar Bower, John Mannion, Florence Hepriebeth Carlton, William Roffey Haigh, George Henry Hepworth, Walter Hall, Harry Rayner, Fred Morris, William Yates Back Allen Row. Shell-Mex & B.P. Ltd., Wholesale Distributors of Petroleum Products

ALLISON DRIVE, FARTOWN. 7 Sanderson, Nevis Nesbit 17 Crowther, Edward 2 Tinker, Ed. N. 2aHunter, Adam Dalgliesh 4 Smith, Oliver 6 Roebuck, Henry 8 Naylor, James 10 Haworth, Thomas 12 Whiteley, Oliver 14 Falck, John Arthur 16 Pontefract, Bertram 18 Carr, Charles Henry

ALMA DRIVE, MOLDGREEN. Boothroyd, Gerald Holden Brook, Frances Jane Hirst, Harry Wardle, Ernest Sheard, Elizabeth Margaret Brook, Norman Baldwin, Henry Lee, William Clough, Wilfred Brook, Henry Shillito, Stanley Lindley, Albert Edward Hannay, John Walker, Hiram



139 141 143 145 147 149 159 161 167 169 171 173 175 177 217 219

Bradley, Francis Sherwood, Keith Charles Shaw, John Earnshaw, Thomas Henry Wilson, Stanley Ainley, William Henry Brown, Roland Hinchliffe, Sydney Moran, Christopher Brook, William Gillon, Norman Heppenstall, Luther

ALMONDBURY BANK. Moorhouse, Benjamin Andrew Braithwaite, Sergeant Moldgreen Conservative Club (Ingham Pell, Steward) Senior, William Rhodes Lodge Row. 5 Forster, Herbert John 77 Dickens, John 77 Bates, Matthew 81 Taylor, Herbert 83 Hirst, Alice 85 Carter, Dorothy 87 Whiteley, Mary Margaret 89 Walton, Herbert William 91 Simpson, Robert Leek 93 Turner, Edwin — Kilburn, Charles (Caravan) Varley, Livingstone Hall, Joe Gannon, John Hardy, Arthur Ely, James Henry Heve is Ravensknowle Road Johnston, Edward Stanley, Alfred Preston Chapman, John, General Dealer and Off Licence Chapman, John Jonas, Walter William North, Lawrence Roberts, T. G. Stringer, Frank, Joiner and Bldr. Marsden, R. Garton, Florence Irene Fis ies Elevée 43 Forest

Ellis, James William Beaumont, James Edward Topping, Frederick Charles Gledhill, Harry Eccles, Harry Fowler, Elizabeth Firth, Lizzie Lodge, Wilfred Taylor, J. Ball; Td. Morley, Ed. Pitcher, Hannah Mary Samuel, Leonard Gatenby, Harry Kenney, Sarah Jane Poulter, James Saunders

Page 128


Almondbury Bank—continued.

221 130 132 140 142 144 146 148 150



230 232 234 236 238 240 242 244 246 248 250 252 254 256


260 262 264 266 268

Mallinson, Amelia Glew, Thomas Poulter, Reginald James Goodall, Charles William Parke, Herbert Drake, Sarah Jane Craven, Mary Gledhill, Mary Ann Thorpe, Constance Eveline May I Kilburn, Charlies, Fish and Chips ... Here is Kidroyd Lane

Smith, William Moulton, Bertha Farrand, H. Asquith, E. Bywater, Charles Crossley, Louisa Fanny Cousins, Mary Ann Sheard, B., Boot and Shoe Repairer Lloyd, Stanley Walker, Harry Marshall, Mary Ann Broadbent, Frank Clifford Broadbent, Richard Hoyle, Jane Stead, Harry Hoyle, Annie Walker, A. Kitson, Oliver Edward Farrand, John Herbert Cooper, Ernest Sewell Dowling, James William Perrin, Henrietta Mabane Oliver, William Stockhall, A. Schofield, J. Kilburn, Arthur Barratt, Gertrude Kalburn, E. Hanson, Joseph Gadsby, J.

- Feather, Mitchell

Verity, Alice Emmaline Jessop, Tom Priestley, Kathleen _ Dennis, Annie Mabel Murgatroyd, Edward Preston, Joe Wood, Major Norris, Sarah Elizabeth Ivey, William Richard Normanton, Harry Hirst, Freeman Maffin, Sam Mitchell, Ashley Bleasdale, Francis Smith, Stanley Todd, John Hall Brennan, Harry Sykes, Nellie Schofield, Sam Sykes, Mary Ann France, Melena Hobbs, C. J.


278 280 282 284 286 288 292 318

5 7 9 11 13 15 19 21 25 27 31 33 28 30 38


Bray, Friend Priestley, Dyson Molloy, John Edward Worth, Fred Granger, Louisa Jessop, Jack Woodhouse, Mary Record, Charles


Yelland, Thomas Ellis, Harriet Marshall, George Cyril O’Malley, Frederick Charles Iredale, Charles Herbert Denham, Mary Ann Towlson, Allen Clarke, Wallace E. Marsden, John William Smith, Ernest Walker Little, Herbert William Wadsworth, William Henry Sharp, Walter Graham, Lillie Cockhill, Elsie Amy

ANCHOR PIT, BRADLEY. Leader, Albert John

ARKENLEY LANE, ALMONDBURY. Bedforth, George Bedforth, Norman Ashworth, ‘* Overbrook ”’ Bedforth, Ralph, “ Lodge Close ”’ Steers, Sam Sykes, Humphrey Field, ‘“* Arkenley ”

ARMITAGE BRIDGE, BERRY BROW. Armitage Bridge Parish Church Dunn, Rev. Charles Sebastian (The Vicarage) Sanderson, Harry (Caretaker,

Conservative Club) Woodcock, Joe


Brook, Fred Gooder, Charlie Stringer, Herbert Stringer, Albert Edward Stead, Calvert Pilling, Ernest Akroyd Boothroyd, John 8. Raynor, George Arthur Overend, Norman Waine, Arthur Hanham, Hedley Thomas (Private Nursing Home, Nurse Hanham) Hird, George William Jackson, Edward

Page 129


Armitage Road—continued.

29 31 33 35 37 39 41 43 45 47 49 51

Armitage, James Alston Buckley, Hubert Hardcastle, George Waterton Walton, Ivy Tait, James Ralph Ranger Blenkinsop, Cuthbert Henry Smith, Stanley Ernest Waddington, Sarah Dickinson, Herbert Lee, J. D. Dyson, Frederick Kershaw Cliff, Nellie Evelyn Metcalfe, Thomas Schofield, Stanley Milnes, Stanley Marshall Fox, Fred Radcliffe, Edith Mary Boothroyd, Tom Shaw Lane, Thomas Wildman, Sydney Marshall, Helen Rowley, Reginald Newsome, John Thorpe Peake, John Gait, Reginald Stuart Armitage, Ellen Heaton, John Pickles Pilling, Annie Beverley, Frank Paul, Robert John Carter, Joseph Herbert Hirst, Edwin Morgan, Eric Leslie Weldrick, Frederick Ernest Lancaster, Clara Moody, Mrs. Lena Lee, Frederick Arthur Day, Hermon


ARMITAGE ROAD, MILNSBRIDGE. Beever, E. M. Brearley, Frederick William Fisher, Lawrence Crowe, James William Lindley, Edgar Goodall, James Arthur Parr, Harold Hawkes Armitage, Joe Dyson, Fanny Elizabeth Field, James William Parker, George Herbert Wolveridge, Frederick Thomas Moorhouse, Emily Preston, Joseph Denison Farrar, Lewis Parr, George Murton, John Sidney Taylor, John Henry Addy, Annie Ollerenshaw, Robert Ackroyd, Charles Frederick Hirst, Mary Jane Brook, Harry


77 107 109 111 113 115 117 119 121 123 125 127 129

Brook, Harry Riley, Harriet McKean, Charles Henry Booth, Norman Sykes, Harry Sykes, Edgar Milnsbridge Methodist Church Hayley, Harry . Mitchell, Adela Constance Hallam, H. A. Bottomley, Edgar, Decorator Morley, Thomas Peace, Ernest Earnshaw I Whitworth, Agnes Armitage Road Billiard Saloon— Prop., T. Mullineaux Parker, George Edward Vautrey, Alice Moorhouse, William Harrop, John Haigh, Annie Senior, Thorpe Brooke, Sam Hirst, Joseph Smith, W. & Sons, Slaters and Roof Tilers Crossley, William, France, Mary Jane Walsh, Margaret Thewlis, Arthur Ely, Harold William Dyson, George Brook Butterworth, Albert Edward Craven, James Henry Cooper, Joe Cooper, Joseph William Milnes, Osmond Bert Chadwick, Arthur Griffiths, John Haigh, George Henry Nicholls, Harry Priestley, Hubert Briggs Vautrey, Fred Wroe, James William Balmforth, John Armitage, Gledhill Preston, Rebecca Cartwright, Fred McMahon, Edward Nolan, Michael Armstrong, Sam. Senior, Amy Eliza Halstead, Archie Brown, Samuel Broadbent, Elizabeth Ann © Walters, Thomas Pattinson, William Cartwright, George Bradley, William Ellis Littlewood, Martha Hannah Haigh, Emily Beever, Edwin Swift, Percy ... Herve is Dowker Street Singleton James, Crowther, Charles Stanley

Page 130



Armitage Road—continued.

140 142 144 146 148 150 152 154 156 160

~I O1 Oo — ;

hitwam, Fred aylor, Leonard Gledhill, Ainley Davison, Benjamin Land Bradbury, Simeon Fox, Gilbert Leech, Hannah Eliza Hall, Lillie Vautrey, Frank Donald Benson, Charles Hargreaves Wainhouse, Henry, Butcher

ARMITAGE STREET, PRIMROSE HILL. McNulty, John Golden, David Roberts, Edith Annie Whitworth, Eliza Emma Crossley, Ada Poole, Annie Etchell, Martha Ann Gelder, Gladstone Baxter, Norman Crawshaw, Arthur Crawshaw, Samuel Vincent Mallinson, Martha Elizabeth Lingard, Agnes Simpson, Jane Howard, Doris Simpson, Fred William Mace, Ernest Bray, John Stanley McWilliams, George William Simpson, Laura Swindells, Joe Willie Stockdale, Fred Cocker, Emma Howard, Fred Hanson, Friend Ashness, T. Hirst, Tom, Edgar Styring, Tom Craven, Joseph Mansfield, Horace Heppell, Joseph Henry Hanson, Charles Garside, Harry Hepworth, Ernest Burns, Ernest Stead, Tom Brook, Tom Shaw, Robert Stead, Lewis Connolly, Mary Ann Habergham, Elizabeth Ann Bottom, Mary Jane Beatrice

ARMYTAGE CRESCENT, LOCK WOOD. Harvey, Lily Hargreaves, Joseph, A.C.V., Teacher of Violin Winter, Alfred Danby Garthwaite, John Edward


9 Moorhouse, Harry 11 Dyson, Herbert 13 Ramsden, Fred 2 Tucker, Amy 4 Mercer, Mary Elizabeth 8 Toffolo, L. 10 Stokes, Harry 12 Vickerman, Ernest 14 Wilson, Frank 16 Earnshaw, Harry 18 Shaw, Beatrice 20 Wood, George William Armstrong 22 Heys, Norman 24 Metcalfe, Rose Bertha 26 Hirst, Arthur 28 Noble, Harry 30 Riding, Frank 32 Haigh, E., Plumber 34 Bancroft, Arthur 36 Saville, John Henry

ARNOLD AVENUE, BIRKBY. 1 Moorhouse, Harry Buckley, George Parkinson Bedford, Joseph Fayers, Rowena Mary

chs sae eae Herve is Linden Road Here is Bleasdale Avenue ......... Here is Grisedale Avenue ..... ats

2 Ward, Douglas Stace 4 Firth, Joe 6 Tiffany, Edith 8 Smithiss, Martha Ann 10 Wild, Charles 12 Hoyle, Norman 14 Masters, Mary Matilda 16 Shaw, Fred 18 Barter, William James 20 Bairstow, Alfred Rushworth 22 Sims, Harry Herbert 24 Beaumont, Emily Ann 26 Haigh, Albert 28 Starkey, Ernest 30 Swinney, Margaret (senr.) 32 Maw, Harold Wray 34 Poppleton, George 36 Berry, Alice Gertrude 38 Barker, Norman 40 Haigh, Edward Victor 42 Heaton, Frank 44 Jessop, John Arthur 46 Littlewood, Arthur 48 Fletcher, Herbert 50 Bottomley, John 52 Tasker, Robert B. 54 Smith, William 56 Mullin, John Thomas 58 Sutcliffe, Clifford 60 Roebuck, Albert 62 McGough, Alfred

~I O1 Go


1 Hanrahan, Timothy 3 Ripley, Samuel, Decorator

Page 131


Arnold Street—continued. 5 Foster, John 7 Cooper, John Gregson, Joiner & Undertaker 9 Haigh, Emilie Gladys 11 Richardson, Frederick 13 Credland, Cyril 15 Garner, Clifford 17 Walker, Annie Elizabeth 19 Kelly, Jack 21 Clegg, William Henry — 23 Cartwright, Daisy 25 Brook, Albert award Colbeck 27 Reynard, William 29 Pollock, George 31 Lamberton, Alexander 33 Gledhill, George Victor 35 Swanson, Elizabeth Colville 39 Dyson, Henry Cresswell 41 Sowry, Charles (senr.) 43 Mitchell, Emma 45 Wordsworth, Percy 47 Holt, Gertrude 49 Dyson, Frank Brook 51 Blackburn, Edgar 53 Eastwood, Frederick 55 Darnley, Ernest. 57 Wilks, James 59 Oldfield, John W., Plasterer Heve is Wheathouse Terrace ...... 63 Carmichael, Ratcliffe 2 Hall, Robert 4 Saunt, Ada 6 Kinder, Priscilla 8 Matthewman, Annie 10 Bell, Ellen Elizabeth 12 Pogson, Louie sian eects Here 2s Sufton Street 14 Bray, Bailey, Grocer 16 Pestell, Frederick (senr.) 18 Parker, William Henry 20 Heaton, William I 22 Broadbent, Charles Hartley 24 Hargreaves, John Wm., Decorator 26 Ellis, Arthur 28 Braham, Archibald 30 Smith, Annie 32 Hall, Isabella 34 Speaks, William 36 Frankland, Ernest Taylor 38 Farrington, Arthur 40 Shaw, Herbert 42 MecVitie, Charles 44 Mather, John William 46 Hardy, Ethel Mary 48 Chambers, Harry 50 Pagan, David 52 Hoyle, Dyson 54 Bingham, Herbert Sykes 56 Townend, Mabel 58 Tong, Alfred 60 Little, Donald 62 Lawton, Edward 64 Crossley, Eliza Gertrude 66 Denham, Thomas


ARTHUR STREET. 61 Bucci, Margaret 63 Bourke, Richard 65 Higgins, John Thomas 67 Dickinson, Alice Annie. 69 Quirke, James 71 Whittaker, Thomas Hepton 73 Booth, Harold Redvers -

ASH STREET (Off Miln Road) — Haigh, David & Son, Whitesmiths — Taylor, Tom, Joiner & Undertaker 12 Armitage, Marion 14 Gothard, Sarah Eleanor 28 Millward, Horace Arthur 30 Haigh, David

ASH STREET (Off Halifax Old Road)

— Barker, F. Ltd., Wholesale Confectioner — Robinson, 8., Coach Builder

ASHBROW ROAD, SHEEPRIDGE — Woodhouse Church Institute — Middleton, M. H. & Sons, Ash Brow Nurseries, Landscape and Jobbing Gardeners 29 Blackburn, Harry 31 Griffiths, Herbert 33 Cockin, Emily 35 Thomas, William Henry 37 Short, Adam 39 Wadsworth, Herbert 41 Hepworth, John Willie 47/49 Calam, Harry, Royd Bakery — Mallinson, Joe (Bungalow) 61 Knowles, Firth 63 Birkhead, Edward Dowse 65 Jackson, Nellie Lena 69 Hargreaves, John Henry 71 Gould, Thomas Edward 73 Ellis, Hubert

sua Herve is Centval Avenue

Battye, Sykes Crosland, Norris Pickup, Fred Moorhouse Webster, George Hirst, Allen Laycock, Arthur, Newsagent and Confectioner 14 Taylor, Richard 16 Grant, Geo., Jomer & Undertaker 18 Ward, James Alfred 20 Battye, John William 22 Thwaite, Fred 24 Johnson, Maria 26 Depledge, Arthur Lawrence 28 Pennington, Jack 30 Thwaite, Ben Horace 32 Holland, Alfred 34 Smith, Blanche 36 Roebuck, James 38 Armitage, Clara 40 Stableford, John H. P. 42 Thwaite, Oswin — 44 Hallas, Rosa

beet ped OO oP dO

Page 132


Ashbrow Road—continued. 46 Swan, Fred 48 Dyson, Makel Margaret 50 Walshaw, Herkert 52 French, George Edward 54 Hollingworth, J. & Son, Nursery- men and Florists 56 Morton, Arthur 58 Carmichael, John 60 Hearn, Lionel 62 Gledhill, H., A.R.C.O., L.T.C.L., Teacher of Pianoforte, &c. 64 Holmes, George 66 Brown, Alfred Waudby 68 Hardcastle, Joseph 70 Hebblethwaite, Harry 72 Barton, Sarah Annie 74 Eastwood, Fred 76 Broome, James 78 Parker, G. 80 Greenwood, John 82 Reddyhoff, Leonard 84 Smith, Clarence 86 Hampson, Ernest 88 Whitehead, Cyril Griffith 90 Armitage, Wilfred 92 Best, Christina Glennie 94 Longbottom, Sam 96 Longbottom, Clara (senr.) 98 Beckett, William Barnabus 100 Hartley, Albert 102 Farrar, F. W., Belle Vue Hotel 104 Anger, Percy Frank 106 Taylor, Crowther 108 Phillips, Fred 110 Crabtree, Norris 112 Pilkington, George Henry 114 Dodd, Edith 116 Dodd, David Fred 118 Hirst, Margaret 128 Boothroyd, Betty 130 Thornton, Sam 132 Parker, Sarah Ann 134 Brook, Jane Elizabeth 136 Balmforth, John 140 Riley, Gertrude 142 Firth, James Richard I 144 Richards, Frederick Emmanuel 146 Kenworthy, Alfred —.. 148 Matthewman, Mary Ellen 150 Leeming, Albert 152 Hesp, William Henry 154 Womersley, Joseph Edward 156 Appleyard, Emily Ross 158 Wing, Herbert 160 Wadsworth, John Thomas 162 Hinchliffe, Herbert 164 Stocks, Susannah 166 Beaumont, Sarah Ann 168 Senior, Charles 170 Clark, Fred 172 Barton, James Allin 174 Woodhead, Albert ~176 Woodhead, Jack — Crowther & Nicholson, Ltd., Ash Brow Mills, Woollen Mfrs.


ASHES LANE, ALMONDBURY. 141 Sheard, Harry 143 Hawkins, Charles atin Here is Clough Hall Lane ......... 145 Beaumont, Annie, Ashes Farm > 151 Pitt, F. 153 Stringer, A., Sweet Shop 155 Ives, Jim Herve is Castle Hill Steps: 157 Beaumont, Eric 159 Firth, William Here is Footpath to Hall Bower and Neu'some 140 Boothroyd, Albert 142 Noble, Mary Ann 144 Crosland, Fred, Sweet Shop 146 Oldfield, Annie 148 Hartley, John William 150 Buckley, James William 152 Mellor, Joseph 154 Dransfield, Charles Edward 156 Dearnley, Lewis es Herve ts High GMB i

ASHFIELD ROAD, BIRKBY. 1 Jarratt, Albert 3 Gilling, Samuel 5 Oddy, Kathleen Mary 7 Oddy, Frank Whiteley 9 Rippon, George 13 Nichol, Thomas Alfred 15 Buckley, George Rowland 17 Brook, George Edwin Thompson 19 Crosland, Joseph 21 Dyson, CharlesHerbert 23 Atkinson, William Henry 2 Harkness, George Mann 4 Horsfall, John William 6 Hawksworth, Wilfred 8 Berry, Albert 10 Gledhill, Edgar Armitage

ASHFIELD ST., FARTOWN. Chesswas, Eric Leeming, Lucy Jane Armitage, Walter Taylor, Caroline Annie Hitchman, Walter Edmunds, James Dodson, Harry Eastwood, Joe West Keep, George Kitson, Annie Kitson, John 10 Mallalieu, Tom 12 Brown, Clara 14 Wareham, Bradley 16 Wood, William



ASH GROVE ROAD (Off Leeds Road). 1 Sykes, Lily 3 Green, Arthur James tase Here is Woodland Road .........

Page 133


Ashgrove Road—continued. — British Dyestuffs Corporation Ltd. Works Entrance es Footpath leading to Dalton — Booth, Herbert (Sewage Works)...

ASPLEY PLACE. 1 Taylor, Annie 3 Hopkinson, Norman — Hopkinson, Norman, Glass and China Warehouse 5 Lingwood, Walter Isaac 7 Allan, Cecil Arthur 9 Firth, Annie Maud Lucy — Tindall, John Ed., Waggon Cover Manufacturer — Woodhead, F. & Son, Sewing Machine Engineers 11 Allison, Rachel 13 Marshall, Charles 15 Hirst, John Edward

ASTER STREET. Hirst, Mary Elizabeth Lumb, Edgar Burns, Joseph Hamilton, Sarah Ann Firth, Arnold Maloney, Mary

BACK ALBERT STREET, LOCKWOOD. Lee, Estella Maude Heeley, James William Gallagher, Betty Garland, William Henry Miles, Alice Thorley, James Hartley, Newsome Henry Coverley, Jim

IO C1 toe

BACK BEECH TERRACE (Off Bradiord Road). Brown, Arthur Williams, Ernest Bailey, Harry Leech, Harry Bloor, Jack 11 Bradshaw, William George 13 Marshall, John Clarence 15 Sykes, Arthur 17 Sutcliffe, Joseph KU Herve is Whitestone Lane .........

BACK BRADFORD ROAD. Lodge, Alfred Dodson, Christopher. J ames Walker, Reginald Brook, Stephen 10 Lake. Stanley 12 Hawkyard, Arthur 13 Heppenstall, Joe 16 Walker, Leslie 18 Bedford, Herbert 20 Shaw, Tom

Cm bo


BACK CLIFTON ROAD, MARSH. 1 Taylor, George 3 Hesp, Henry Edward 5 Kaye, Fred Brook 7 Schofield, George Atkinson 9 Middleton, Frank 11 Lynn, Mary Jane 13 Royston, Llewellyn

BACK COLNE STREET, ASPLEY. . Hinchliffe, Alice 8 Hinchliffe, John 9 Hinchliffe, Emma

BACK COLNE TERRACE, ASPLEY. Hand, Harriet Ann Lewis, Charles Henry Popplewell, Zillah Shaw, William Bailey, Ruth Ann Kaye, John Edward Sutton, Arnold, Electrician


BACK GREEN, OUTLANE (Off New Hey Road). 1 Wood, Joe 3 Wood, Eliza Ann 5 Smith, Robert 7 Bray, Robert Whitfield 9/11 Gee, James 13 Hellawell, Norman 15 Ackroyd, Stanley 2 Morton, John :

BACK HONORIA STREET. 1 Radcliffe, John 2 Hallas, Emily

BACK LANE, BERRY BROW. 1 Hargreaves, Emma 3 Oldham, Wilfred 5 Charlesworth, Elizabeth 7 9

Wilson, John Croft, Elizabeth 11 Stocks, Eliza 13 Crossland, Elsie 15 Hinsley, Millicent Jane 17 Cousen, Harry 19 Kenworthy, Stanley 21 Jackson, James Albert 23 Sheard, Clifford Senior 25 Saunders, Albert Edwin 27 Clay, Tom 29 Rawlinson, Henry 31 Kitchen, Jane Elizabeth 33 Shaw, Joe 35 Holmes, Albert Ernest 37 Wimpenny, Lily 39/41 Lockwood, Raymond 43 Ward, Frederick 45 Morrison, Hannah 47 Crosland, Ruth 49 Sheard, Wilfred 51 Crosland, Charles Henry

Page 134



Back Lane—continued.

53 55 57 59 61 63 65 67 69 71 2 4

sTOUG = Ol Go


11 13 15 17 19 21


12 14

H bo 6 1 Ol OO

1 3 5 7

Crosland, Sarah Jane Heap, Arthur Stott, Charles Bolton Wrigley, Herbert Dyson, Eliza Coldwell, Harry Beaumont, Arthur Moore, Allen Whitehead, Hubert Hall, Walter Marshall, Richard Brooke, Leonard

BACK SOUTH STREET, PADDOCK. Wright, George, Boot and Shoe Repairer Elite Fisheries, Fish and Chips Wilkinson, Emma Thewlis, Harry

BACK SOUTH STREET. Clegg, Jane Hannah Payne, Henry Augustus Middleton, Arthur Henry Beaumont, Sarah Jane


(Unoccupied) Miller, Louisa Walker, Joseph Pearson, Norman Davies, Willie (senr.) Mosley, John William Haigh, George Rushworth, Joseph Thurston, Eliza Batley, Albert Garside, Ethel Lidster Weavill, Herbert Robinson, Lily Ridgwick, Norman Watson, Harry


Noble, Archie Jackson, Joseph Bienley Gill, Harold J ackman, Lily Ellis, John Shelton, Thomas Henry Oliver, George

BACK THORNHILL ROAD, LONGWOOD. Brook, James William Garnett, Joe

Pogson, Harry Ainley, Herbert

2aCollier, Harold


Hirst, Willie Townend, Arthur

6 8 10 id




Fielding, Grace Bower, Henry Goldthorpe Armitage, Maurice Alfred Armitage, Lawrence

BACK UNION STREET. Cawtheray, Wilfred Wilson, Annie Buckley, Ada Alice Johnson, Benjamin

Here 1s Great Northern Street ......

Herve is William Street

Watson, C. & Sons, Ltd., En- gineers, Whitesmiths and Plumbers Caine, Annie McIntosh, Margaret McDonald, Anthony Stansfield, Ralph Wolfenden, Charles Arthur Meldrum, Herbert Sunley, George Simpson, Andrew Durkin, Peter Chilvers, Isaac Henry Sykes, Tom Walter Hart, George Henry Bromfield, Annie Williams, James Ditchfield, John Edward Bray, Edith West, Ralph Walsh, Albert Armitage, Clifford Armitage, William Mitchell, Martha Ann Mear, Emma Jane 7 Linfoot, Harry Cliffe, Archie

BACK WATER LANE. McGowan, Hubert

BAKER STREET, OAKES. Brooke, Florence, Ladies’ Hair- dresser Calverley, Oliver Pember, George Abraham Mills, Herbert Stocks, Walker Holmes, Ellen Buckley, Ann Ainley, Alfred Bullas, Samuel Joseph

wines Herve is Gibson Street

Hoyle, Vincent

23aSmithson, Arthur Moore

25 25a 27 - 29

Storey, Hubert Gee, Fred Jones, William Eyre, James William

31 Holmes, Fred 33 Wilman, Wesley Law 35 Moore, John Leonard

Page 135


Baker Street—continued. 37 Smith, Thomas Himsworth 39 Crosland, William Henry 41 Medley, Laura 43 Collier, Agnes 49 Manks, Cecil 51 Kaye, Alfred 53 Gledhill, Ernest

iia so Reed Here is Dean Street

59 Haigh, Fred 61 Brook, Fanny 63 Walker, Joseph 65 Morley, Ellen 67 Calverley, Louisa 69 Mellor, David 71 Dyson, Priscilla 73 Whiffing, Reginald Arthur 75 Wilkinson, William Gordon 77 Pogson, Tom 79 Brown, Stanley 81 Thornton, Willie 83 Taylor, Sydney 85 Smith, David 87 Willerton, Fred 89 Clarke, Mary Alice 91 Hall, Herbert 93 Hirst, Morris 95 Taylor, George 97 Cousen, Samuel 2 Taylor, Arthur 4 Dyson, James 6 Whitwam, Maude 8 Taylor, Wright 10 Hopkins, Horace Stanley 12 Quarmby, Tom 14 Smith, Adelaide 16 Whitwam, Herbert 18 Hinchliffe, Frank 20 Brook, Stanley Dickinson 22 Lockwood, Annie Elizabeth 24 Aldridge, Norman 26 Kaye, Dyson 28 Quarmby, Harry 30 Cartwright, Emily — Dyson, Edwin & Sons, Plumbers and Electricians

BALLROYD, LONGWOOD. 11 Armitage, Arthur Edward 12 Sykes, Arthur 13 Kilburn, Hanson 14 Littlewood, William 15 Sykes, Emily 16 Hanson, Helena 17 Dutton, Maggie 18 Hirst, Joel 19 Wrigley, Mary 20 Chadwick, Lewis 21 Binks, Eleanor 22 Sykes, Ann 23 Handley, Tom 24 Smith, Letitia Elizabeth 24aTaylor, James 25 Bradley, Edgar 26 Smith, Arthur 27 Mallinson, George William


28 Fielding, Charles 29 Wrigley, Thomas


1 Williams, Leonard 2 Pogson, Harry, Boot and Shoe Repairer 3 Brook, Norman 4 Frith, J. & Co., Tinners 5 Mellor, Sarah Ann 6 Kellett, John 7 Holdsworth, Albert 7aDyson, Tom Eastwood 8 Whiteley, Jack 8aHaigh, John 9aShaw, Albert 10 Meadows, Celia Maud

BALLROYD ROAD, FARTOWN. 1 Hill, Bernard 3 Clarke, Ed. 5 Fisher, Selina 7 Woods, Diana 2 Hanson, Ada 4 6 8

Scholes, Harry Netherwood, Annie Senior, Ben 10 Gardiner, Edith 12 Bentley, Albert 14 Williams, Richard 16 Fisher, Herbert 18 Webster, Gertrude 20 Pope, William Bastock 22 Hellawell, Elizabeth 24 Pearson, Ben 26 Brier, William Owen 28 Wright, William Edward. 30 Whittam, Mary Elizabeth 32 Elliott, Willie 34 Cox, William 36 Wood, Harold 38 Wood, Melinda > 40 Taylor, James Whitehead.

BALMORAL AVENUE, CROSLAND MOOR. 3 Jepson, George Frederick 5 Wagstaff, Wilfred 7 Hall, Annie Elizabeth 9 Mear, Jervis 11 Lodge, Frank 13 Mitchell, Henry Lloyd 15 Baxter, George Vernon 4 Taylor, Frank 6 Haining, Alec 8 Senior, Herbert 14 Westerby, Ernest


Ellis, Fred Bohannon, John Wilkinson, George William Milnes, George William Knowles, John Henry Sykes, Benjamint

— nO © > bo

Page 136



9 Rostron, Ernest 33 Wood, George 57 Sutcliffe, F.

59 Spivey, W. — Bentley, S., ‘ Breece ”’ — Wood, D., ‘‘ Bankfield ”’

79 Pearson, Thomas 81 Sugden, Adeline 83 Milner, Herbert 85 Cocker, Edward 87 Paxton, Stephen John 89 Molloy, John William ° 91 Richmond, Daniel 93 Bray, Arthur 2 Travis, Edward 12 Hopton, John Isaac 38 Bennett, Charles 40 Fairbank, William Henry 80 Coward, Henry 82 Milnes, William 100 Edwards, Phyllis Donnan 106 Riley, Fred 116 Armitage, Arthur


1 Turner, Maria 3 Spence, E. 5 Eastwood, Harry 7 Blackley, A. 9 Shaw, Horace Ward, Gilbert 13 Curran, Stephen 17 Ward, J. 19 Boocock, Alex 21 Senior, — 23 Harrison, Tom 25 Gallagher, Gilbert 27 Smith, M. 29 Hinchliffe, Albert 31 Clay, Frank Joshua 33 Burton, Percy 35 Cushing, George 2 Bunnan, A. 4 Curran, P. 6 (Unoccupied) 8 Forest, M. C. 10 Graham, Harriet Ann 12 Geary, Michael Thomas 14 Snowden, Irvin 16 Cockhill, Alice Ada 18 Gibson, Arthur 20 Bottomley, George Arnold 22 Boothroyd, Alice 24 Walton, T. 26 Broadbent, Frederick Arthur 28 Norris, Harold 30 Hawley, William Hudson 32 Firth, Annie Eliza 34 Burkill, Arthur 36 Halstead, Selina 38 Green, Harry 44 Schofield, H. 46 Taylor, Roy England 48 Butterworth, Elizabeth Ann


50aKemp, Grace Sneyd 50 Walton, George Edwin 52 Sawden, Eliza 54 Clegg, Joe 56 Landsborough, William 58 Briggs, Wilson 60 Temple, H. 62 Laming, Ernest Alfred 62aBerry, Sydney 64 Pearson, Laban 66 Field, Robert 68 Normington, J. 70 Taylor, Charlotte Elizabeth 72 Moorhouse, Lydia Hannah 74 McNab, Alexander Ross 76 Crowther, Alice Mabel 78 Baldwin, Ethel May

Here is Woodthorpe .. ..

BANKFIELD ROAD, MOLDGREEN. 3 (Unoccupied) 7 Castle, A. 5 Little, Alfred William 7 Howell, Hubert 9 Holland, W. 11 Durrans, Edward 13 Sustins, George Frederick 15 Wooler, Morrie 17 Firth, H. 19 Fields, N. 21 Cartlidge, Minnie, Sweets and — Tobacco 23 Hopkinson, Arnold 25 Haigh, Augusta Kirkbright 29 Blackmore, John Henry 31 Beckley, James William 33 Crossley, T., Malham Place Works, Wool and Waste Merchant Fieve.ts School

35 Armitage, Leonard 37 Dearnley, Frank 39 Kitchen, Willie 41 Ellam, Fred 43 Cook, Sarah Ann 45 Whitney, Nellie Victoria Heve 1s Beaumont Street ......... 47 Whittaker, E. S., Motor Car Dlr. 49 Gray, E. A. 51 Beaumont, E. 53 Holland, J.

55 Armitage, Annie Elizabeth

57 Benson, Arthur 59 Brier, Annie 61 Balderstone, Llewellyn, Ladies’ & Gent’s Tailor 2 Berry, Thomas 4 Connolly, John Ambrose 6 Cunniffe, Ellen 8 Armitage, George Clement 10 Hanson, Ida 12 Greenwood, Florence May 14 Lomas, Emma 16 Whiteley, Emma 18 Vickerman, James Albert 20 Haigh, Emma

Page 137


Bankfield Road—continued.

22 Brooke, Doris 24 Brook, Sarah _ 26 Crawshaw, George Frederick _ 28 Hollingworth, Phyllis Annie I 30 Heppenstall, Tom 32 Oddy, Mary Ann 34 Bower, John 36 Heathcote, Percy 38 Robinson, John 40 Armitage, Harold 42 Gibson, Horace 44 Bridgewood, Joe Willie 46 Eastwood, John 50 Eastwood, Elsie 52 Fox, Emma (senr.) 54 Moody, Nellie 56 Fletcher, Joshua 58/60 Dunne, John 62 Earnshaw, Herbert 64 McCallum, John 66 Whittaker, Arnold 68 Kenny, Annie 70 Firth, Hubert 70aBaker, Arthur James William 72 Walker, Joseph 74 Norton, Charles Henry 76 Turner, Charles 78 Rayson, Harold 80 Phayer, Robert 82 Berry, L.., French Polisher — Firth, Samuel & Co., Upper Bank- field Mills, Shoddy and Mungo Manufacturers 84 Senior, Annie 86 Nelson, Philip 90 Horner, Ada — Moldgreen Women’s Conservative and Unionist: Association


7 Wilson, Arthur Frederick 9 Mills, Norman 11 Eastwood, Amy Evelyn 13 Chatterton, Fred 15 Jenkinson, Mabel 17 Lodge, Henry 17aChilvers, Stanley 21 Walker, Norris 23 Pearson, Harry 25 Dinkle, William 27 Beardsell, Emily 29 Brook, Alfred 31 Boothroyd, Fred 33 Shaw, Ann Ellen 35 Beaumont, Frances Annie 37 Clay, James 39 Fowler, John Lassey 41 Sykes, Wilfrid 43 Eastwood, John Eric 45 Boothroyd, May 47 Crawshaw, Ernest 49 Wood, Fred 51 Bolton, Alfred 53 Lee, Fred

55 Ashton, John Edward 57 Robinson, Fred 59 France, Harry 61 Berry, Harry 63 Boothroyd, Arthur 65 Mosley, Ernest 67 Boothroyd, Dorothy 69 Redfearn, Albert Henry 71 Mellor, Ellen 73 Mallinson, Laura 75 Morris, Fred 77 Haigh, Alice 79 Ainley, Edward 81 Stott, Seth 83 Brook, H. 85 Horsfall, Wilfred 87 Cromack, Beatrice Ellen 89 Eastwood, Nelson 91 Kaye, James 93 White, Alfred Shaw 95 Thorp, Fred 97 Lockwood, Fred 99 Mellor, Herbert 101 Liversidge, Harold ©

103 Beaumont, Fred 105 Lee, Polly

107 Carlton, W. 109 Woolley, John Leslie Stuart 109aHaigh, Tom 111 Handford, James Wilson 113 Hardy, Annie 115 Beaumont, John 117 Hirst, W.

119 Chilvers, Mary Elizabeth 121 Matthewman, Ben 123 Taylor, Edith 125 Brook, James Edward 127 Boothroyd, Joe 2 Donaldson, James William 4 Haigh, Edith 6 Wilson, Robert 14 Carlton, Walter 16 Walls, Lena ; 18 Brook, Samuel 20 Furness, Walter Byram 22 Tarbatt, Beatrice 24 Gaunt, Eliza 26 Boothroyd, Norman 28 Sykes, Herbert 30 Hirst, Lewis 32 Cook, Florence 60 Dyson, George Winterbotto 70 Broadhead, George 72 Mellor, Fred 74 Brier, Wilfred 76 Platt, Harry 78 Maffin, Sarah Hannah 80 Stott, Sam 82 Russell, George 84 Jepson, William Edward . 86 Jepson, John Edward 88 Thornton, James Blamires 90 Wood, Norman Henry Wardman 92 Sanderson, Alfred 94 Coward, John 96 Bergan, Allan

Page 138



Barcroft Road—continued.

98 100 102 104 106 108 110 112 116 118 120 122 124

Green, Joel Lee, Wilfred Turner, Wright Winterbottom, Mary Hannan Shaw, Florence Gertrude Jessop, Walter Henry Lodge, Edward Bray, Ellen Ann Mortimer, Frank Walker, Oliver Hodson, Ada Fearnley, Jane Harpin, Harriet


1 2 3

I I CO Se bo

King, Leonard Holroyd, Doris Berry, Emma

BARR STREET, LEEDS RD. Jagger, Law Cutts, Walter Stabler, Albert Shaw, Julia Clayton, Harold (Garage) Halstead, J., Metal Broker

BARROW BUILDINGS, MOLDGREEN. Fox, George Firth, Harriet Peckett, Sarah Bickerdike, Martha Shaw, Rose Hannah Wood, Betty Bray, Frank Smith, Maria Gordge, Mary Ann Nothard, Charles Somner, Edith Wilson, H. Wadsworth, Arthur Wood, Richard Buckley, Alice Fox, Fred North, Harry Farrand, Joseph Brook Lucas, Allan, Painter & Decorator Chattterton, Jonah


Silverwood, Henry Thorpe, Frank Cooper, Donald Dyson, Harold Burhouse, William Arthur Dearnley, Alice Haigh, Edwin Rushworth, George Ollerenshaw, Robert Brook, Edgar Taylor, Arthur Edward Suttleworth, H.



Davies, E. Ramsden, Lucy Owens, George Crowther, J. & Co. (Garage) Grist Bros., Ltd., Shoddy Merchts, 11 Dawson, Elizabeth Ellen 13 Oliver, William 15 Hall, J. 17 Woodward, Doris May 19 Rand, Elizabeth 21 Burluraux, L. 23 Murray, Harriet 25 Pugh, Emma Jane 27 Pluck, Thomas Arthur

Otow =

Ae aN Here is Clavemont Street .........

31 Crabtree, Lewis Harold 33 Stevens, Jessie Alice 35 Owen, Hely 37 Dawson, Mabel 37aOwen, Amelia Anne Mallinson 39 Thornton, Albert 41 Hardy, Charles Edmund 43 Atkins, Frederick John 45 Dawson, Harry 47 Crook, Sarah Eliza

Here is Highfields Road .........

2 Bland, Tom Hardy 4 Bayldon, Thomas Stanley 6 Bull, Len 8 Metcalfe, Emily 10/12 Sharp, George Edward 14 Roberts, A. 16 Dallager, E. 18 Bull, John, General Dealer 20 Smith, Frank 22 Kirrane, Winifred 24 Sykes, Owen 26 James, Doris 26aScott, Edith Isabel 28 Price, Albert Edward 30 Roberts, Mary Elizabeth 32 Hart, James 34 Chrispin, Fred Malden 36 Knight, William 38 Ames, Obadiah William 40 Mills, Maude

en eras Herve is Claremont Street .........

42 Hope, Alice Elmwood Avenue.

1 Beaumont, Fred Hudson 2 Stewart, Andrew 3 Ward, George 5 Spencer, William 6 Adams. Harold ete 44 Marsden, Willie 46 Bull, Ernest, Chimney 48 Ainley, Gladys 50 Westmoreland, Thomas Gladstone 54 Marsden, Ethel 56 Reaves, Mona

Herve is Highfields Road .........

Page 139


BATH STREET, LOCKWOOD. Wilkinson, George Cartwright, Fenton Stead, Frank

Herve ts Albert Street. 7 Pearson, George Shepley

BAY HALL, BIRKBY. 7 Sisson, Arthur Clarence 9 Holdsworth, Arthur


OW =

9 Bennison, Archer 1 Atkinson, J.G., Armitage Arms 11 Wilson, Walter 23 Chinn, Norman Carver 13 Townsend, Tom 25 Ward, Martha Ann 15 Gibson, Emmeline 27 Brook, Mary Victoria

29 Buckley, Vincent

— Lockwood Public Baths 31 Pearson, William Arthur

(Willie Dale, Caretaker)

9M; . 33 Senior, Leonard 4 oe 2 Carney, Michael 4 Dixon, Fred Sead ao 6 Milnes, William 4 Sanderson, Arthur

Bay Hall Mills. Green, D. J., Woollen and Worsted Manufacturer

10 Sykes, Stanley Stork Bros., Ltd., Yarn 12 Hanson, Howard Spinners

14 Bradley, Hindle 6 Lee, Frank 16 Sutcliffe, James Chadwick _.,........., Herve is Fern Street

18 Dawson, Arthur 8 Wadsworth, George 20 Webster, Alice Ann 10 Loader, James

12 Goldthorpe, Sarah Elizabeth BATLEY AVENUE, MARSH. 14 Mahoney, James Edward

Se Herve 1s Filbert Street

os Herve is Albert Street............ 8 Tunnacliffe, Joe

Coupland, Watson Wood Pontefract, Arthur 10 Jordinson, Frank 12 Meara, Michael 14 Beever, Fred 16 Barton, Bernard 18 Pontefract, Clarence 20 Sellens, Henry Charles 22 Quarmby, Irvin

2 4 Sangster, Leonard 6 8

BEACON STREET, HILLHOUSE. 1 Binns, Thomas Norman 3 Maynard, Robert William 5 Walker, James Lewis 7 Sugden, John 9 Cardno, Charles William

11 Jones, John 13 Hinchliffe, James — Beacon Bakery, Bakers and

Confectioners Crow’s Buildings. 1 Holroyd, Charley Wood 2 Illingworth, William Arthur 3 Goode, Henry 4 Haigh, George Henry

BEADON AVENUE, WATERLOO. 2 Firth, Walter Stanhope 4 Elkington, William Henry : 6 Lockwood, Walter SOREN 8 Beaumont, Sykes 15 Dawson, Saville : 10 Bandy, Richard 15aSchofield, Miriam 12 Badwaeda’ Albert Vick 17 Taylor, Arthur ae so

14 Law, Edgar 19 Brennan, Thomas 21 Horne, Betty 16 Mountain, Harry

BATLEY STREET, MOLDGREEN. 1 Wright, Stanley 3 Barrowclough, Jack 5 Hoolsham, Richard Stanley 7 James, Joseph 9 Fox, George Herve ts Brook Street 11 Marriott, Charles 13 Shaw, Cecil

93 Smith,, Kathleen a Wright, Norman Frederick Whiteley, Frank Here EE DEVORE ics 992 Daykin, John William Herve is Schofield Lane ......... 24 Pickles, John William 2 Whitehead, Arthur 26 Hebdon, Albany Theodore 4 Crawshaw, Albert 28 Catton, Laurence 6 Cockroft, James 30 Lewis, Alfred 8 Walker, Harry 32 Ramsden, Stanley Arthur 10 Hirst, Harry 34 Whaling, Thomas 12 Pickles, Victor 36 Morgan, Alfred William 14 Marsden, Sidney 38 Potter, Stanley 16 Swain, Arthur 40 Luty, Fred

18 Goldthorpe, Ida 42 Williams, Thomas Edward

Page 140


© a1 01


BEAST MARKET. Hoyle, J., Hairdresser ‘** Sharpes,’’ Dyers & Cleaners (Unoccupied) Scott, H., Gent’s Outfitter Well’s Yard. — Scott, B. P., Ladies’ Hair- dresser 11 Sykes, Fred 15 Wilson, Sidney 15aTayior Bros. & Co., Sheet Metal Workers and Fish Friers’ Engineers

15bAshworth, Ross & Co., Ltd.,

Scale & Weighing Machine Manufacturers

— Haigh, J. D., Ltd., Banana

17 19

21 23

Merchants — Vighlietti, P., Ice Cream Dlr. Jessop Bros., Motor & Electrical Engineers Brierley, A. & N., Fish and Chips Supper Rooms Webb, Henry, Hairdresser Ferrari, R., Cutler

23aBurns, James

27 31 33 35 ae

Haigh, 8., Radio and Electrical Dealer Waterworth, L., Joiner, Shop Fitter and Undertaker Mawer, Frank, Manor Farm Dairies, Dairyman Broadbent, E., Painter, Decorator and Wallpaper Dealer Stephenson, Jesse, Ltd., Grocers and Provision Merchants Sutcliffe, Alonzo & Sons, Ladies’ and Gent’s Outfitters

37aBroadbent, E.

4 10 18 20 24 26 28

‘* Barker’s,”’ ‘“‘ Palace ’’ Corn and Seed Stores pe Allen, W. H., Fish and Chips Supper Rooms Gledhill, Joseph, Boy and Barrel

Inn Gibson, J. 8., Ltd., Fish and Chips Supper Rooms Beaumont, A., General Dealer North, J. H., Bull’s Head Hotel Snack Lunches, Ltd. (Prop., Mrs. Rothery), Dining Rooms Price, K., Boot Repairer, Clogger and Licensed Wardrobe Dlr.



Sykes, Albert Lister Lindley, Margaret Hannah Taylor, Tom Jagger, Lucilla Mitchell, James Knight, Herbert


Byrom, Samuel Buckley, ** Craig Heath ”’


44 46

Sykes, Harold Parkin, Addison Plews, George Robert, ** The Castle ” Martin, Frederick William Park Lodge Kaye, Harry Wright, Horace Kendall, Harry Peace, John Wilfred Whitaker, James Thomas, Sarah Rawlinson, Joe Todd Lister, Mary Elizabeth Arnold, Sidney Edward Hirst, Alice Ann Sheard, Edgar Vickerman, Sarah Elizabeth Vickerman, Percy Brook Graetz, G. H. A., Physician and Surgeon Whitwam, Percy Lockwood, Arthur Percival

46aShaw, Charles William Brook

48 50 52 54 56 58

60 62 64 66 68


(Unoccupied) Wilkinson, Henry Walker, Tom Shaw, John Harold Brook, Harry Hall, Harry ... Here is Dryclough Road .......+. Shaw, Elizabeth Gardner, William James Hirst, John Harris Hirst, Edward Wadsworth Jessop, Luther

BEAUMONT STREET (Off Bradford Road). Farrand, Fred Louis Howson, Willie Wright, Georgina Rowe, John R., Shoeing Forge Brown, H. & Son, Printers and Stationers Barden & Spencer, Printers and Stationers Herve is Great Northern ...... Wild, Charles, Wheelwright, Smith, &e. Tindell, J. H. & Son, Carriers, Fire- wood & Mineral Water Manu- facturers McGuire, Philip

— Andrew’s Tripe Dressers (Garforth


& Richardson) Kilburn, Harriet Ann

13aMorley, John

Victoria Mills Spinning Co. (Hud- dersfield) Ltd., Victoria Mills, Waste Merchants

Sis ies Node hess

laTracey, Clara 2aW akefield, Thomas

is Back William Street ......

Page 141


Beaumont Street—continued.


jd m= co 1 OUW

13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31

ped pe H bo © CO SO > iO

16 18 20

Pacey, Esther Blackburn, Fred Hubert Micklethwaite, Joe Goodall, Wilfred Brook, Joe Bartlam Herve is William Street ...:..... Beaumont Street Council School Riding, James (Schoolhouse) Here 1s Great Northern Street ...... Lee, Tom Robertshaw, Thomas Percy Bake, Elsie Herve ts Leeds Road

BEAUMONT STREET, MOLDGREEN. Mallinson, Harold Flanagan, John William Beadsworth, Douglas Beardsell, Norman Armitage, Herman Hall, Fred Boothroyd, Harry Whitfield, Albert Wadsworth, Job Heginbottom, Louisa Scholes, Joseph Hudson, Geoffrey Knowles, Luke Stead, Lewis Chappell, Edgar Schofield, Willie Beaumont, Robert Arthur Robinson, Harriet Livesey, Harry Worthington, John Stringer, Irvin Pickering, Fred Collins, Ernest ... Herve 1s Beaumont Avenue......... Tinker, David Boothroyd Hoyle, Vernon Earnshaw, Wilfred


34 38

Black, Agnes Asenath Bennett, George Graham, Eliza Hicks, Francis Holten Thirkill, William Henry Beaumont, Horace Graham, Douglas Rowbottom, Albert Campenot, William Scott, Clarence Bedford Hoyle, Gilbert Turner, Charles Frederick Saywell, Harold spore’ Muff, Victor Oldfield, Scott Tyrrell, William Randolph George Lee, Florence Russell, Wilfred Astley




2 4 6

8 10 12 14 16

47 49 51 53 55 57 59 61 63 65 67 69 71 73 75 77 79 8] 83 85 87 89 91 93 2 6 8

Oates, Marjorie Seddon Roebuck, Herbert Gladstone Woodward, Francis Edmund Williamson Bygott, Joseph Nettleton Parker, William Douglas Wood, Philip Crowther, Frederick Arthur Cole, Thomas Brice

BEECH STREET, PADDOCK. Williams, Joseph Ernest Marsden, Hubert Ramsden, George Henry Heaton, Ernest Here 1s Heaton Road Hirst, James Peace, Wilson, Ladies’ and Gent’s Tailor Hamer, Lewis, Joiner, Builder & Undertaker Kerridge, Edgar Israel Iredale, Arthur Armitage, Percy Rothery Humphries, Charles Kaye, Hannah Crossley, Herbert Hiley, Herbert Drake, Pollie Gledhill, Norris Henry Moorhouse, Luther Hirst, Watts Robinson Hallas, Humphrey Leonard Baldwin, Armitage Ainley, Edith Elstone, Norris Harmon Castle, Florence Bradbury, Percy

sn eee Herve is North Stveet -

Priestley, Wilfred Hartley, Henry Cuttell, William Stirk, James Fuller, Andrew Clarkson, Arthur Lassey, Clara Woodhouse, Irvine Sykes, Doris Haynes, Ella Stoney, Amelia Charlesworth, Sam Bartin, Tom Lancaster, Harry Lister, Helena Hirstwood, Harry Brumfield, Reginald Clegg, Sidney Brook, Percy Wrigley, Ada Renshaw, Francis Haigh, Annie Firth, Hearl Rayner, Allen Thewlis, Hubert Stevens, Margaret

Page 142



Beech Street—continued.

10 12 14 16


PA eRe Ga Heve 1s North Street

50 52 54 56 58 60 62 64 66 68 70 72 74 76 78 80 82 84 86 88 90

1 3 2 4 6 8 10 12


14 14

od COR OO 1 OU

Wilson, James Vincent Taylor, Edgar Almond, Benjamin Burley, John Henry Here 1s Heaton Road Bateman, N., Ladies’ Hairdresser Crossley, John Joseph Lucas, Elizabeth Brook, John Arthur Murgatroyd, John Leonard Brook, John William Loveless, Frank (Unoccupied) Chadwick. — Davison, Harry Wilkinson, Norris Hill, John Armitage Hopson, John

Sykes, Thirza Lum, Martha Ann Lum, Jane Gooch, Maurice Stanley Schofield, Lewis Blackburn, Margaret Ann Hardy, Charles Edward Eastwood, John Lewis Thorpe, Allen Dyson, John William Jenkinson, Arthur Howe Hirst, Herbert Sykes, Herbert Rushworth, Fred Allen Lum, Luther Crowther, Edward Dyson, Arthur James Anderson, Harry Dickson, Annie Shaw, Wm., Painter & Decorator Walker, George

BELGRAVE TERRACE. Gibbons, George Ramsey Gould, Douglas H. M., A.R.C.O., Teacher of Music I Wall, Irving Wilkinson, Percy Kaye, Julia Gertrude Wilkinson, Hannah Cliffe, Frances Bayes Lawton, Miss., Ladies’ School Miller, Jane Craig, Physician and Surgeon Miller, Agnes Craig Kennedy, Jane Holder

BELL STREET, DAMSIDE. Wallace, Harry 3 Hinchliffe, Gilbert Hadfield, Benjamin Wimpenny, Ethel Taylor, Norman Haigh, Sarah Alice Owen, John Henry


15 17 19 21 2 4 6 8 10 12



Hinchliffe, Emily Ann Savage, William Charles Hanson, Joseph Henry Roe, George Harling, Henry Whitwam, Sam Bradley, Edyar Stocks, Fanny Holgate, Herbert Blundell, William

Herve 1s Moss Stvéeét

Dyson, Joseph Dunne, James Edwin McCarty, James Ellam, Arthur Wilson, Clara

BELMONT STREET. Ellis, Mary Dyson, Thomas Shaw, M. Pearson, Mrs. Arthur Roberts, Blanche Helen Shaw, Thomas William Jessop, Ben William Howarth, Mary McEwan, Peter Wortley, John Edward Brierley, Norman Wright Hewitson, Henry (Unoccupied) Dabner, John James Smith, Fred Richardson, Grace Fanny Ellis, Ella Driver, Raymond John Lowenthal, Alice



Steele, E. A., District Manager of The United Friendly Insurance Co., Ltd. Berry, Mary Jane Gaukrodger, Alice Hindle, William Flemming, Wilfred Horne, Young Hoyle, Herbert Whitly, Edmund Wakelin, George Dyson, Herbert: Brooke, Ellen Birkhead, Fred Milnes, Doris Raynor, John Allen Rushforth, Maggie Etchells, Charlotte Ann Senior, Joe Yates, Fred Greenwood, Frank Wood, Helena Gibson, William Brown, Frank

5 Harrison, Alfred

Rangeley, Doris Winifred Swift, Wright

Page 143


Belton Street— continued.

51 53 55 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26

OT =

11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33


51 53 55

Else, Tom Smith, Mary Allen, John Richard Balme, Mary Maria Sharpe, Richard Shaw, Leslie Dowling, Walter Harold Seedhouse, Harry Barton Rushworth, Sidney Stafford, Edwin Leslie Wharf, Fred Simpson, Thomas Perbert Hudson, John Greener, Willie Peaker, Tom Brook, James


Barratt, James Starkey, James Hirst Brook, Reginald Gordon Day, George Albert Hamer, Hubert Hoskin, Harry Lyon, Fred Kaye, Charles Ernest


Erskine, Robert Ainley, Smith Williamson, Martha Elizabeth Thomas, Harold Carter, Walter Hoyle, Irving Haigh, Emily Parker, Percy Henry McBurney, William Abbott, Thomas Henry Mettrick, Beaumont Pickersgill, Walter Eagers, Samuel Townsend, Eleanor Hobson, Fred Haigh, Bradley Armitage, Sarah ... Herve is Devonshire Street .......+.

Hirst, D., Sweets and Tobacco Bentley Street Methodist Church cae Herve is Haigh Street

Smith, Victor William Richard Tunnacliffe, Mary Ellen Tindall, Thos. Herbert Atack, A., Bakers, Confectioners and General Dealers Kershaw, John Wm., Fruit and General Dealer Jillot, Tom Hall, Granville Shelton, Dora Mallinson, Percy, Draper Holroyd, Ernest Beswick, Joseph Here is Howarth Lane


76 78 80 82 84 86 88 90 92 94

96 98 100

Haigh, G., General Dealer and Off Licence Haigh, George Herve is Back Stanley Street ...... Stocks, William Henry Wagstaff, Elsie Here is Stanley Street Mallinson, Crosland McGough, Thomas Blackburn, Dan Lodge, Gilbert Birkenshaw, Tom Heve is Milner Street

Heywood, Sherman Shaw, Joe Maffin, Law Walshaw, Emily Hirst, Fred Boothroyd, Harry McLoughlin, John George Platt, Joe Willie Sykes, John Stead, Edward Kent, Arthur Beaumont, Harry Kaye Howarth, Herbert Beaumont, Angela Johnson, John Redvers ... Herve is Burbeary Road ........+

Crowe, Annie Elizabeth Jordinson, Emily Margaret Milner, Edith Halstead, Allen Shuttleworth, Eliza Turner, William Frederick Mosley, Frederick Lawrence Morton, Thompson Firth, Sarah Ann Sykes, Hilda, M.I.S.P., M.M.Ch., Chiropodist Fisher, Randal Hardy, Mary Eliza Miller, Richard


Howarth, Thomas Thorpe, Ernest : North, Albert W., Chimney Sweep Whiteley, Harold Day, Lockwood France, Ann Lodge, Wilfred Marshall Lodge, John James Firth, A. Jessop, Annie Sykes, George Brown, Sarah Emma Mallinson, John Charles Brook, H. Robinson, John William Gregory, Harry Dronfield Sanderson, Douglas Adams, Annie Greenhalgh, James Edward

Page 144



Garthwaite, Charles William Wiles, John Robert Firth, Walker Hicks, Robert 11 Wilkinson, John 13 Barber, Granville 35 Bowerman, John William 37 Dyson, Clara 39 Whiteley, Dyson 41 Schofield, Denis 43 Bew, Harry Walker 75 Cookson, William Henry 97 Bates, Henry 99 Shaw, Gertrude

CO 1 Or do

eset is Briar Lane ............

101 Howe, Edgar — Haigh, Fred, Joiner and Cabinet Maker 105 Wood, Henry Irvine 4 Taylor, Fred 96 Netherwood, Tom 98 Morton, Frank 100 Sykes, George Arthur 102 Jones, Gerald Jerram — Howe, E., Fish and Chips


41 Bates, Harold 43 North, Ernest 45 Bayliffe, Luther 47 Powell, Edwin 49 Ward, Robert Henry 49aLongbottom, Norman 49bLongbottom, Mary Margaret 49cLittlewood, Ben 51 Taylor, Harry George 53 Lee, Norman 55 Langrick, Florence 57 Heeley, Harold Montague 59 France, Enoch 61 Rosenfeld, Albert Aaron 63 Sanderson, Harold Hilson 65 Barker, Walter William 67 Bradley, Spencer 69 Taylor, Wilfred 71 Brooke, James 73 Lord, Herbert Ingham 75 Hutchinson, Willie 77 Kaye, George (senr.) 79 Senior, Joseph Wilson 81 Bannister, Albert 83 Carr, Herbert Charles 85 Brierley, Irvin 89 Whiteley, John Raynor 91 Heppenstall, Norman . 93 Buckley, William Harris 95 ‘Tait, David (senr.) — Berry Brow Methodist Church — Berry Brow Council School 97 Plant, Harry 30 Lee, Walter 32 Walshaw, Ellen 34 Hollingworth, Hilda 36 France, Percy


5 7 9 1] 13 15 17 19 21 23

Littlewood, Renald Lunn, Lewis Haigh, Agnes Sophia Coldwell, Tom Rawlinson, Alma Day, Annie Crosland, Henry Wood, Elsie

BIRKBY HALL ROAD. Whiteley, Harry Hilton, Joseph, Fishmonger Firth, Wm., Sweets & Tobacco Bower, Thos. Hy., Fish and Chips wos 16 Nursery Siveet. Robson, James Walker Carty, Martha Battye, Wilfred Irving, James Herbert Mackman, Emily Grater, Ernest Bottomley, Cyril Wynn Archer, William

exes vars Herve is Rosebery Street .........

29 31 33 37 41 43 45 47 49 51 53 55 57 59 61 63 73 75 77 79


Sugden, James Albert Waite, Alice Ann Sykes, Arthur Hall, Sarah Elizabeth Parsons, S. T. Whitwam, J. Kershaw, James Townend, Edith Maude Lacy, E. A., Qualified Optician Hopkinson, Benjamin (Unoccupied) Cunningham, Alexander Hilton, Herbert Ruston, Albert Ernest Almond, Horace Murdoch, William Harold wo» 16ve 18 is Kaye, George, Dentist Fox, Edith Mary Kaye, Kathleen Helen Rothery, Mrs. Alice Elizabeth Heve is Wheathouse Road ...... Dawson, Harry, “‘Birkby Grange’’

85aAlvin, Harry



Darlington, Frederick Sykes, Freeman Firth Pontefract, Eliza Tomlinson, George Pilling, Arthur Pontefract, Archibald Ingledew, John Crosby Dyson, George Wheatley Turner, Joseph, “‘Azo House’”’ Here is Birkby Lodge Road ...... Lumb, Mrs. Ada, ‘“‘Rose Hill’’ Edwards, John Tatchell, John Robert Nattrass, James Herve is Bryan Road ............ 4 Moorhouse, F. A., M.P.S., Chemist and Pharmacist

Page 145


Birkby Hall Road—continued.

6/8 Sykes, Clement, Newsagent. Sweets and Tobacco 10 Highley, Alfred Dennison 12 Bairstow, Clara 14 Green, Willie 16 Fenton. John Albert 18 West, George Edward 20 Asquith, Alfred 22 Sigsworth, Angelo 24 Brook, Haydn 26 Brown, Asher 28 Easter, Horace 30 Whitehead, Elizabeth 32 Acton, Anne 34 Woodhouse, William (senr.) 36 Smith, Nicholas 38 Whittell, Norman 40 Bradley, Tom 42 Noble, John 44 Thwaites, Jonas Alfred 46 Haigh, Frank 48 Salt, William 50 Barraclough, Lewis 52 Hallam, Harold Montigue 54 Hinchliffe, Tom 56 Shaw, James Arthur 58 Rhodes, John 60 Bayliss, Evelyn 62 Haigh, Fred 64 Galvin, Michael Henry 66 Thewlis, Walter, Fruiterer and General Dealer 68 Exley, Eli 70 Turner, Bertie

Herve is Norman Avenue eves Here is Armitage Road .........

78 Ainley, Eric Edwin 80 Brooksbank, Elizabeth Ann 82 Gledhill, Florence Augusta 84 Osborne, Leonard 86 Bailey, Norman 88 Bates, William Austin 90 Lewis, Idwal Vaughan 92 Day, Lucy

Herve is Arnold Avenue .........

94 Currie, Frederick John 96 Smith, Albert Edward 98 Brook, Agnes 100 Lockwood, Titus 102 Holland, John Stanley 104 Wheawill, Florence 106 Taylor, Walter 108 Brooke, Mrs. Charles 110 Berry, Frank Vickerman 112 Dyson, Philip Edwin 114 Booth, Mrs. Eliza eget Herve is Grimscay AV@nue

116 Sykes, Samuel Frederick 118 Stocks, Albert 120 Hey, Herbert 122 Weatherburn, John Brook 124 Harpin, Herbert West 126 Schofield, Charles 128 Taylor, Charles Brook


130 132

150 152 154 156 158

174 176

178 180


266 268

326 328 330

332 334 336

Barrett, Annie Green, Abraham William Birkby Hall Motors, Ltd., Motor Car Dealers and Automobile Engineers (W. Burke) © Fletcher, Percy, Joiner Shaw, Frank , Fletcher, Joe Midgeley, Zilpha Wilson, George Fletcher, Joe Albert, Nurseryman and Gardener Mitchell, Lawrence John Newton, Frank

.... is Grange Avenue ......6..

Mosley, Ethel Longley, Elizabeth

..... Heve is kimfeld Rodd.

Addy, Benjamin Moxon Wilson, Annie Mary Hobson, Frank Lawton Crowther, Thomas Henry Crank, Miss Berry, Joe

vice, Heve 18 Ashfield HOGG

Wainwright, Edward Summers, Frank Ashworth Moxon, Philip Birkbeck, Albert Stocks Prescott, Alice Annie Hill, Alfred Foster Bray, Marion Louise

.... Here ts Oakfield Road

Sutcliffe, Charles Edward Culley, Norman Laycock, Harry Hawkes, Harold Cooper

I Prewer, Ebenezer Cecil

Bygott, Eric Foster, Frank Mallal isu; Albert Edward

Herve is Rose Mount .........00%

BIRKBY ROAD, LINDLEY. Pape, Frank, ‘‘ Stanwell Royd ”’

.... Heve is Stanwell Avenue .......+.

Bentley, Wilfred, ‘“‘ Inglewood ” Howarth, Frank, ‘‘ Inglewood Lodge Platt, John Arthur, Norwood House ”’ Heywood, Wm. Hy., J.P., ‘* Holly Mount ” Bowers, James Vincent Martin, Henry Arthur North, ‘* Cotewood ”’ Peacock, Warren Turner, “‘ Four Gables ”’ Woodcock, Ronald, ‘‘Atholl ”’ Haworth, Gertrude, ‘‘Greenalea”’ Jarmain, Mrs. Eliza, ‘* Bournewood ” Lumb, A. W., ‘‘ The Cottage ”’ Roberts, Henry Y., ‘‘Woodlands”’ Shaw, Sidney Ernest, ‘“‘Edgefield”’

Page 146


Birkby Road—continued. — Roebuck, Harry, ‘‘ Mel Valley ”’ — Walker, Mrs. Annie Augusta, ‘* Birch Royd ” — Whitehead, Harriet Ann, Wood View Farm 400 Moorhouse, Mrs. Clara Edith, ** Glion ”’ 402 Hirst, Kaye Heaton, “‘Brigsteer”’

BIRKBY LODGE ROAD. Gascoigne, Grace Ellen Niven, Alexander Milner, Norman Waterhouse, Norman Melbourne, James Edward 11 Waring, Mary Elizabeth 13 Dutton, Annie 15 Boothroyd, Gertrude 5 pies Herve is Clayton Fields ......... 17 Ratcliffe, Clifford 19 Bray, Herbert 21 Stringer, Jack Seiki cies Here 1s George Avenue 33 Brooke, Alfred 35 Lee, Dyson 37 Bradley, Louis 39 Aitken, Alexander McLaughlin 41 Willis, Harold Alfred 43 Firth, Florence 45 Peace, Clifford 47 Broadbent, Harry 49 Willows, Edward James Smithson 51 Buckley, J. W. 5laLockwood, Frank Hamilton 53 Bagshaw, Harold 53aBrook,. Louisa 55 Billington, Edgar 57 Haining, James Samuel 57aGarner, Georgina Jane Una Place. Oldham, Francis Herbert Crompton, Harold Walter Eagland, Walter Eli Taylor, James Bruce Turpin, Harry Stocks Martha Ann Lee, Joseph 10 Lockwood, Kenyon 12 Shaw, John Douglas 59 Crabtree, Clara 69 Arnold, Alice, Grocer and Confectioner Birkby Fold. Brown, Harry Quarmby, Emma Pluright, G. Morris, Harry Gibson Oates, Alice Mary Catton, Mary Ann Crawshaw, Clara Morgan, Harriet Smithson, Ralph William Armstrong, Louise Newton, Joe




pond fom


12 Dutton, William 71 Watson, Mrs. Phoebe 73 (Unoccupied) 75 Milnes, John 2 Rattigan, J. 4 Gilbert, Sydney Gibson 6 Shaw, Harold 8 Malton, Ernest 10 Crowther, William 12 Oldroyd, Frederick Fenton 14 Fenton, Emma 20 Hutchinson, Willie 22 Hargreaves, Jane 24 Clark, Jack Charles 26 Manks, Arthur 28 Bradley, Ronald 30 Bickerdike, George Henry 32 Stewart, Albert 34 Sykes, Colin Platt 48 Turner, Sir Joseph, K.B.E., Birkby Lodge 50 Catton, Lewis Edward 52 Sharp, Thomas Bonar (senr.) BIRKHOUSE LANE, MOLDGREEN. 1 Gibbs, Frederick Meredith 3 Reaper, F. 5 Bolton, Clara Alice 7 Stead, Harry 9 Booth, Willie Rodger 1l Metcalfe, Albert 13 Dodson, John Allen

vv Herve is Ravens Avenue .........

15 Boardman, Albert 17 Boothroyd, Fred 19 Haigh, Evelyn 21 Ellis, Albert 23 Fothergill, C., Ladies’ Hairdresser 25 MacMahon, William 27 Day, Arthur

Here is Knowle Avenue .........-

37 Harling, Frank, Butcher Here is Belton Street 41 North, Joe Albert 43 Brummitt, John Thomas 47 Langfield, James 49 Bush, Annie Sophia

Here 1s Douglas AVenue

51 Branford, Alice 53 Beaumont, Milton 55 Heywood, Walter 2 Robinson, Arthur 4 Heaton, Oldfield 6 Hinchliffe, Walter Beardsell 8 Eastwood, Delina 10 Hirst, E., General Dealer

Herve is Victoria Stveet ....cceee

12 Hobson, James 14 Ramsden, Arnold 16 Livesey, Fred Horace 18 Peel, Fred 20 Sykes, Alfred 22 Kaye, Harold 24 Wilson, George 26 Elliott, Joe, & Furniture Remover

Page 147


Birkhouse Lane—continued. Cite Herve is School Street

28 Gaukrodger, Arthur 30 Oldfield, Walter 32 Lewis, Edward 34 Beaumont, William Edward 36 Kitson, Arthur 38 Eyre, Mary Ellen 40 Wright, Arthur Henry 42 Holland, Jack Gates Heve is View Street

44 Ellis, Ellen Sarah 46 Dyson, Martha Ellen 48 (Unoccupied) 50 Lodge, Harry Hinchliffe 52 (Unoccupied) 54 Bintcliffe, John Herbert 56 Jagger, John Jebson 58 Sheard, Edith Annis 60 Mellor, George Frederick 62 Smith, Percy 64 Mashiter, Walter Lloyd 66 Gledhill, Charles Frederick ° 68 Oldham, Samuel 70 Frost, Harry 72 de Mello, Ronald Alfred 74 Stott, Lawrence Alexander 76 Holroyd, G. D., Newsagent, Sweets and Tobacco Here is Julian Street

84 Senior, J. W., Grocer 86 Grayson, May 88 Kaye, Jane 90 Jones, Hannah 92 Earnshaw, Fred 94 Goddard, William -96 Donnellon, Thomas 98 Ingham, Louisa 100 Fowler, Joe Hirst 102 Harling, Joe Witiam 104 Stead, William Francis 106 Sheard, Benjamin, Boot and Shoe Maker and Repairer > 108 Riley, George Foster 110 Johnson, Harold 112 Priestley, Annie 114 North, Harry 116 Gill, Ernest 118 Livesey, —


1 Newton, Alfred 3 Brakewell, Susannah, Sweet

Stores — Arnold, Wm. & Son, Boiler Makers, &c.

2 Beaumont, Willie

BIRKS, ALMONDBURY. 61 Dobson, Ruth 63 Coates, Charles Herbert 71 Bellhouse, Arthur Harrington 73 Dransfield, Henry 75 Sykes, Clara


717 May, Frank Downey

79 Starkey, Ernest 81 Blakeborough, Ernest Stansfield 85 Windle, Harry 60 Hall, Friend Ernest 62 Lodge, Irvin 70 Hiil, Allan 74 Sharp, John 76 Danford, John Willie

BIRK’S COTTAGE, BERRY BROW. Garbutt, Sylvester

—_—-—-— ——


McGrath, Furman Hunt, ‘“* Doe Cottage ”’

BIRKS ROAD, LONGWOOD. 17 Rayner, Percy 19 Nutton, Percy 21 Sykes, Marion I — Waterhouse, Cyril, ” — Harry — Crawshaw, Willie — Bottom, Eric Noel, “‘Hill Crest,” Plumber

BLACKER ROAD. 1 Whitehead, C. H. & Son, Butchers laAspinall, Miss, Ladies’ Hairdresser 3 Parr, T. & H., Radio, Electrical and. Cycle Dealers 5 Oversby, E., Sweets & Tobacco 7 Beaumont, N., Terrace Hotel 9 Cooper, John Alfred 11 Whitaker, Arnold 13 Lewis, David 15 Fowler, Bridget 17 Noble, Alice Maud 19 Brook, Frank 21 Auty, Frank 23 Smith, Jack 25 Stanley, Fanny Gertrude 27 Bower, Herbert 29 Rothery, Alice 31 Parr, Harold 33 ‘* Catherine,’’ Ladies’ Hairdresser 33aWardle, Ernest — Stephenson, Jesse, Ltd., Grocers and Provision Dealers 33bEastwood, Ethel 35aMegson, A. 37 Inglis, Robert 39 Taylor, Arthur, Joiner and Undertaker 39aNoble, H. (Martindale Bakery), Baker and Confectioner 39bCrossley, Harry, Fish and Chips 39cNoble, H., Confectioner 39dGledhill, E., Gent’s Outfitter — Wilson, W., Gent’s Hairdresser . Here is Bay Hall Common Road ...

“41 Wallaces, Ltd., Grocers and

Provision Merchants

Page 148


Blacker Road—continued. 45 Marler, Ernest 47 Beaumont, George Allen 49 Hodgson, Leonard 51 Rothery, J. 53 Whitehead, G. W., Boot and » Shoe Repairer 55 Edward, Sweets and Confectionery 57 Holdsworth, Stanley 59 Glover, Daisy Emma 61 Turton, W, E., Photogsapher 63 Barker, Leonard ; 65 Walton, Percy Here is St. John’s Road setae 67 Hardcastle, G. & Sons, Albany Bakery ee 69 Day, John Moorhouse 71 Stocks, Wiliam Henry 73 Biddle, Charles Nabour 75 Wild, William Leslie 77 Wood, Harold 79 Heywood, Charley 81 Stamper, John Farragher 83 Carter, George Pearson Peed Here is Tanfield Road 85 Heywood. George 87 Pearson, Emmeline 89 Bailey, John Luther 91 Holder, Margaret - 93 Renshaw, Clara Emma 95 Charlesworth, Fred 97 Dandridge, Alfred 99 Fraser, Mary Hannah 101 Pullen, F. . ~., 103 Purnell, George. 105 Fox, Louisa 107 Dickinson, di — Birkby Council School

aia oe Footpath Leading to Highfields......

_— Edgerton Cemetery 109 Dyson, F. A., Cemetery Lodge : — Huddersfield Marble Co., Monu- mental Masons 109: Dyson, Frederick Arthur 113 Cartwright, Teddy 115 Brown, John 117 Newsome, Percy 119 Clements, Elsie 121 Dickinson, Ada 123 Lunn, W., Joiner & Undertaker — 125 Hardcastle, Lottie 127 Schofield, George Henry 129 Shaw, Portia Herve is New North Road 2 Whiteley, Harry, Grocer and Off Licence 4 Wood, FE. M. & E., Hosiers and ~ Drapers 6 Senior, Mrs. Wilfred, Fruiterer 8 Mann, Frederick William 10 Stubbings, Eva 12 Shaw, William - 14 Woodcock, Thomas . 16 Hansley, T. 18 Wrigley, Arthur

eocoeoeoe _ YO AVYUW AV UP tooo ee


20 Hellawell, A., Hardware Dealer 22 Sanders, George Ernest, Fruiterer 24N etherwood, Sarah, Sweets and ks Tobacco 26 Calvert, N., Dairy & Pink

Se Here 4S SHOE 100

— Palladium Picture House 38 Porter, Harold ~40 James, George Henry 42 Poole, Percy 44 Wittering, C. 44aMettrick Bros., Pork Butchers 50 Beaumont, Harrison 52 Staniland, William 54 McMillan, Joseph Nelson — Hellawell, H., Gent’s Hairdresser Here is Arnold Street 56 Adams, J. W., Butcher 56aBeaumont, Mary Elizabeth 58 Driver, Annie Elsie 62 Hey, Ada 64 Brown, John Henry 66 Brock, Minnie 68 Crone, William James — Hillhouse P.F. & I. Society, Ltd., Grocery Branch Here ts Wheathouse Road ...... 80 Kaye, Arthur, Horse Shoe Inn Horse Shoe Yard. 1 Brown, Samuel Stephenson 2 Liversidge, Irvin 3 Curry, Robert Daniel 4 Sharkey, John 5 Winteringham, Horace 82 Armstrong, William, Grocer 84 Beaumont, John 86 Sutcliffe, G. 88 Murphy, Henry 90 Hobson, Joseph, Sweets and Tobacco Benn’s Avenue. 2 Thornton, Frank 3 Briggs, Mary Ann 4 Bentley, Arthur 92 Morphet, John Robert, Fish and Chips 94 Beesley, Wm. Henry, Draper ‘ 96 Scott, Julia Matilda 98 Brooks, John Archer Chadwick’s Yard. Burton, Harr Mitchell, Elizabeth Catton, Annie Bickerdike, Mary Armaitage, Harold Bailey, John William Salt, Frank Whittington, Harry Chatterton, William Henry 10 Ives, Lydia


- 100 Goodwin, Ann

102 Andrews, Fred Brooklet Terrace.

1 Bowker, Martha Ann 2 Sutcliffe, Fred

Page 149


Blacker Road—continued. 3 Simpson, 4 Berry, William . 5 104 Dodgson, H. 106 Golland, T.

140 Catton, Harry, Garage & Motor I afte

Engineer 142 Hampson, Harry 144 Hiley, James 146 Smith, E. Lea Head. 1 Lagan, Patrick ~ 2 Rowley, William James 3 Clarke, Florence 4 Marsden, Richard 5 Wilkinson, Arthur 6 Bradley, T. 7 Shaw, E. 148 Wrigley, Leonard, Painter and Decorator 150 Brown, Albert 152 Hopton, Benjamin 154 Cowling, Lewis Harold 156 Reid, Charles 158 Bradley, Ernest 160 Fox, Gilbert 164 Pearson, H. V., Grocer 166 Chivers, Annie 168 Smith, Henry Robert (senr.)

Here is Birkby Lodge Road ......

— Ratcliffe, C., Fruiterer — Hirst, Irving, Boot Repairer 170 Batley, F., Newsagent, Sweets & Tobacco 176 Turner, Milton — Buckley, J. W., Spink Nest Inn

Here is Spinkfield Road pis Here is Murray Road ......... Pei. Here is Queen’s Road 200 Crowther, J. D., ‘‘ Ellerslie ” 202 Holmes, George

Herve is Halifax Road

BLACKHOUSE RD., FARTOWN. 1 Wigglesworth, Binrty 3 Atkinson, Alice A Halstead, Marion 7 Nutton, Fred Sykes, Clara Tatley, Charles Edgar 13 Neighbour, Louisa 15 Bintley, Annie 17 Newton, Willie 19 Dodd, Thomas 21 Parr, Ernest 23 Wright, Mark 25 Shaw, Richard 27 Clark, Charles 29 Norcliffe, Gertrude 31 Westerman, Joe 33 Thomas, John William 35 Copley, Joe Albert 37 Moxon, Elizabeth 39 Wrench, Frank 41 Denton, James Arthur -

i ae


103 105 107 109 111

115 117



Kaye, Edgar, Signwriter Waddington, John Holdsworth Brearley, Frank a Flanagan, Arthur. Mellor, Harry Hill, Ernest Senior, George Billington, William ent: Royston, James Smith Cox, Ada Eos Boothroyd, Edith Annie .


France, Ethel

Binns, Frank Ellis, Eva Stirling, Joseph George Gilbert, William Edwin Hirst, Frederick Edward Hargreaves, James Smith Tucker, Ernest Brian Wilson, Percy Paxton, Thomas 5 Birkhead, J oseph, Painter and Decorator

Haigh, Karl Armitage Oakley, Wilfred : Singleton, Emma.Jane Dawson, Robert Henry Lees, Walter Shaw, Alfred Dean West, John Marshall, Herbert Eastwood, Francis Harry Sulech, Fred Richard Sulch, George Oliver Noble, 7 ee, Brahaney, Wilfred Se Dyson, Reginald _ I Wilks, Bessie Stansfield, Thos. Wm., & Sanitary Engineer Biddick, Samuel Thomas Hudson, David


; Mitchell, Spencer

Ogden, Jessie © Pearson, Ann . Ryan, John Parker, Joe 3 Lodge, Harry I Dyson, Mary Elizabeth Day, Hirst Jones, George William Lee, Emma Whitwam, Sarah Hudson, Albert Sandford, Albert Tyas, Charles Willie Cooper, Selina Kelly, Gilbert Parkin, Newton Exley, Arthur Oliver, Mabel Fishpool, Fred Thewlis, Harry -_ Underwood, Norman Benson, Joshua Hepworth, Ernest

Page 150

— 30


Blackhouse Road—continued.

Dickinson, Sarah Alice Taylor, Daisy Smith, H. Dightam, Frederick Henry Ellam, Alfred Ellis, Hornby Binns, Joseph Ellis, Irvin Berry, Thomas Ernest Gatensby, Joseph Battye, Albert Sykes, William Henry Brooke, Fred Womersley, Arnold Baxter, James Jagger, Harry Hart, Maggie Sugden, H. Hargreaves, John James Mottram, N. Hill, John Siswick, Harry Dransfield, Ada Sykes, J ohn William Fox, Frank Keating, D. Pogson, Arthur Elam, Sarah Elizabeth Brooke, Lewis Sutton, Elizabeth Seal, Florence Marian Sutcliffe, Henry Edmondson, Maurice Rushworth, Herbert, Grocer Rushworth, Alfred Broomhall, Ernest William Stead, Joe Muff, Stanley Boys, Charles Stocks . Falck, Emily Clifford, Elizabeth I Scourfield, Thomas Brimley Hoyle, Robert Moran Sykes, Emma Sophia Pontefract, Henry Potter, Lewis Frederick Kershaw, Robert Arthur Cockroft, Mary Hannah Goodger, Harry Moorhouse, Clara Stead, Arthur

146 Burgan, C.

1 3


Clayton, H., Automobile Engineer ‘“* Margaret,”’ Ladies’ Hairdresser

3aWagstaff & Sparrow, Ladies’ and

5 7 9 11

Gent’s Tailors Kaye, S., Fish and Chips Gibson, Fred Boothroyd, Herbert Winpenny, Harry (senr.)

paid es Fieve 06 Pear

13 15 17 23

25 27 29 31 33


37 39 41


101 103 105 107 109 111 113 115 117 119 121 123 125 127

Gawthrop, 8S. E., Phys. & Sarg. Lunn, James Edgar Lunn, J. E. & Son, Butchers Ward, dyke , Ladies’ and Children’s Outfitters Lockwood, John Arthur Kaye, Stanley Brierley, Tom Henry Rowe, William Balmforth, Eva, Newsagent and Tobacconist

Herve is Mill Street ............

Bellringer, Henry Halstead, Grocer and Confectioner Hartley, Alfred William Hall, George Cartwright France, Benjamin Frederick Scorah, William Rickson, Ernest Halstead, John Edwin Garside, Harry Raven, Frederick William Balmford, Percy Brook, Martha Elizabeth Heppenstall, Lucy Hartley, Fred Dyson Dyson & Hewitson, Misses, Cos- tumiers and Dressmakers Hopkinson, Leonard Beaumont, Albert Edward Beaumont, Miss, Ladies’ Hairdresser Walker, Andrew 3 Firth, Orlando Coupland Brown, Ernest Hirst Crawshaw, Harold Sandford, Sarah Ellen, Sweets & Tobacco Herve is George Street Fisher, John Wilkinson, Sarah Jane Berry, Geo. Walker, Harry Gerrard, Thomas


Mellor, Amy Beatrice

Taylor, Harry Archer, Arthur Sutcliffe, John Henry Bray, Albert O’Rourke, Mary Anne Brook, Amelia

ore Heve is Clement Street ...............-

Brook, C. W., Decorator Morton, John Stevenson, Raymond Oldfield Netherwood, Mary Berry, Walter Booth, Mary Elizabeth Denison, Edith Hanson, John Armitage, Arthur Milner, Hubert Haigh, Charley Mellor, David. Bassindale, Willie Gush, William George

Page 151


Blackmoorfoot Road—continued.

129 131 133 135 137 139 141 143 145 147 149 151 153 155 157 159 165 167 169


Seo Heve ts Park Road

181 183 187

189 191 193 195 197 199 201 203 205 207 209 211 213 215 217 219 221 223 225 227 229 231 233 235 237 239 241 243 (245 247 249

Sykes, Percy Denison, Arthur Jepson, Harry Sunderland, Frances Emily Cooper, Harold Allan, Ernest Williams, Hubert Peters, Charles Topping, Arthur Wallbank Iredale, Harry Wood, George Lunn, E. Wood, John Marsden, Isaac Lockwood, Alec Roy Hardcastle, Sidney Fitton, T. D., Sub-Post Office Hewison, Jack, Butcher Wallaces, Ltd., Grocers and Provision Merchants Mosley, E., Confectioner Stephenson, J. E., Ladies’ Draper and Outfitter J. E. M. Wireless (J. Madden, Proprietor) Parker, Ronald, Fruiterer

Gay, S. G., Fish and Chips Gibson, Elizabeth Porter, R., Newsagent and Tobacconist Wilkinson, John Arthur Pearson, Richard Raynor, Samuel Birdsall, Albert Garside, Mary Jane Wild, Charles Brook, Arthur Stephenson, Robert Letham, Mrs. Bradley, J. W. Sayles, Ben Whiteley, Ben Brook Shaw, Hubert Firth, Frances Emma Garside, Mary Ellen Pogson, Ethel Garside, Joseph Pashley, Sarah Barker, Geo. A. Chandler, Willie Hampson, Frederick William Armitage, Law Belcher, Fred Knowles, Henry Walker, Harry Taylor, Joseph Henry Bower, James William Kershaw, Charles Henry Hollas, Emma Kenworthy, Hannah Kershaw, S., Fruiterer Crosland Moor Co-operative In- dustrial Soc., Ltd., Boot & Shoe: & Men’s Outfitting


253 Booth, Ellen 255 Wadsworth, F. 257 Carter, Clara 259 Schofield, William 261 Scaman, Herbert Charles 263 Brook, Jack 265 Hanson, Ann 267 Hanson, Edith Jane 269 Baxter, George William 271 Dyson, Willie 273 Knight, Jane Elizabeth 275 Bray, Wm. Hy., Fish Dealer 277 Mellor, Dyson, Fish and Chips 279 Bobbie’s, Sweets and Tobacco 281 Heeley, A., Boot Repairer 283 Barker, E., Ladies’ and Gent’s Hairdresser 285 Whitaker, J., Baker and Con- fectioner 287 Spink, F., Butcher Herve is Nabcroft Lane ......... — Blackmoorfoot Road Methodist Church Herve 1s Chapel Tervace .......+.

289 Pearson, Sarah Helen 291 Deacon, Horace 29laStedman, Harry Frank — St. Luke’s Hospital 293 Smith, George - — Crosland Moor Council School — Shaw, Edwin (Schoolhouse) 295 Sharp, Amy 297 Stephenson, Martha Ann 299 Barnes, Lilian Elstone 301 Broadbent, Harry 303 Crosland, Sam 305 Holmes, Arnold 307 Gibson, Ethel May 309 Ainley, Leonard 311 Stott, Harold 313 Basnett, George Sherwin 315 Haigh, Lily 317 Laycock, George Arthur 319 Senior, Westerman Ewart 321 Hodson, Ashby 323 Gibson, J suet Edward 325 Pearson, Tom, Ladies’ and Gent’s Tailor 327 Lockwood, Harold 329 Pennington, Norman 331 Lodge, Annie 333 Bentley, Harold 345 Lodge, Albert Edward 347 Wood, William 349 Westrip, Alfred 351 Wimpenny, Joseph ae 353 Armitage, Fred 355 Norris, Charles Henry 357 Dyson, Hubert Reginald Shaw 359 Duckworth, Wilfred 361 Milnes, Stanley 363 Cartwright, D. J., Solicitor 367 Towlson, Herbert 369 Sykes, Emma Maud 371 Walker, Leslie 373 Airey, Elizabeth

Page 152



~ Blackmoorfoot Road—continued.

375 ek 379 - 381 383. 385 387 389 “391 398 395

397 399

Collier, Elsie Goldthorpe, Frank Lionel Aram, William Sykes, Thomas Walker

‘Taylor, Reginald Horatio

Asquith, George Frederick Wood, Fred

‘Booth, Albert

Redfearn, Wilson Marshall, Martha Ann Crossley & Gee, Sub-Post Office, Newsagent, Sweets and Tobacco bn. Dryclough MORE 065.5355

Rhodes, C., Confectioner & Grocer Blakeley, Eliza

401 ‘Haigh, Harry

403 405 407 409 411 413

491 493 495 497

Roberts, John Thomas Robinson, Edward Jones, Arthur Pickles, Lewis Dransfield, Annie Hirst, Frank Shaw, Harold Murgatroyd, Mary Priest, Ada Ethel Smith, William Here is William Horsfall St. ...... Allister, 8. J., Plumber and Electrician

Norman Brook

Dyson, Hubert Matthewman, Charles Herbert Sykes, Frank Earnshaw, Frank Whiteley, Arthur Holt, James Hoyle, — Ellis, Emily Hollingworth, John Allen Kaye Birdsall, John Jessop Pratt, George Herbert Downs, Arnold Roebuck Wood, ‘Charles Roy Dawson, Thomas Oldfield, Arthur. Asquith, David Garside, Edgar Robinson, Elizabeth Senior, Alice Heywood, Eliza Coldwell, Heber Senior, Arthur Bailey, James William Hanson, John Leonard Heaton, Joe Petty, Joseph Hall, James Brook, Lizzie Brook, Johnnie Penly, William Dee Whiteley, George Campbell, Sydney Glenroy White, Arnold Stuttard, Sam


499 511

667 669



Brook, Elizabeth Emma Liversidge, Greenhalgh, Whole- © sale Warehouseman Asquith, G. F., Pies and Savouries Sheard, Maria Harper, Fred Hepworth

Sheard, J. Jagger & Son, Masons &

Quarry Owners ... is Thewlis Lane .........

Crosland Hill Quarry Co., Ltd., Quarry Owners Johnson, Samuel & Son (Mirfield) Ltd., Wellfield Quarries, Quarry Owners: Starkey, Arthur Blakeley, Edward Ashton, Edith, Sands House Inn

Herve 1s Sands House Lane

Jessop, John Raynor Wear, R., Boot & Shoe Repairer Wharam, Albert Taylor, Harold Crowther, Arthur Binns, Adeline Spencer Readshaw, Charles Edward Taylor, Emma Raspass, Mary Ellen Carter, Emily Crowther, Elizabeth Ann Hargreaves, Norman Crane, Joseph Normington Shaw, Herbert Arthur Howard, Mary Jane. Keeling, Walter Hyland, James Shaw, Fred Garrod, Emma Sheridan, James, Slater & Tiler Herve is Oldfield Street Hamilton, Tom Fisher, Lucy Ann (Unoccupied) Crosland Moor Mills.

Anderson (Repairs) Ltd., Boot —

and Shoe Repairers’ Milnes, Stanley, Shoddy and Waste Merchant Ramsden Bros., Woollen Manufacturers ; Sykes & Warden, Automobile Engineers Sykes & Hebblethwaite, Com- mission Weavers Crosland Moor Co-operative In.-. dustrial Soc., Ltd., Grocery and Butchering Branch Herve is Moorside Avenue

Tong, Herbert Blanchflower, Benjamin - Walsh, George Arthur Hepworth, Herbert Dyson, Willie Cooper, John Lord, Frank Wadsworth, Jessie


Page 153



Blackmoorfoot Road—continued.

74 76 78

Sugden, Johnnie Page, Harry Joseph Cusworth, John William

80 Bailey, William

82 84

122 124 126 128

130 132


156 158 160 164

Ramsden, John Lewis © Hampson, Robert Shepherd, Miles Maugham, Albert Fuller, Frederick — Flitcroft, George William Ellis, George Milne, Alfred . Littlewood, Annie Elizabeth Here is Moorside Avenue Harris, Edward Here is Park Road West ‘* Moorfield,’’ Huddersfield Cor- poration Schools Instruc- tional Centre and Branch Library Hinchliffe, William Norfolk Battye, J. H., Painter and Decorator Eastwood, Mary Harrison, Sarah Elizabeth Bradbury, Sarah Jane Wood, Martha Ellen Crosland Moor Co-operative In- dustrial Soc., Ltd., Gro- cery, Millinery, Butchering Central Store ... Herve is Charles Street Hanson, Ada Balmforth, Carrie, Sweets, &c.

‘Walker, Ernest, Craven Heifer Inn

Cooper, A. E. & Son, Joiners and Funeral Directors Whitwam, T., Gents’ Hairdresser Beaumont, Jas., Herbalist, Sweets and Tobacco Taylor, F., Boot and Shoe Dealer and Repairer Longthorpe, W., Fruiterer Jayes, Edmund Butterworth, Tom Varey, Herbert

162/ 166 Stringer, H. C., Plumber and

168 170

172 174 176 178 180 182 184 186 188 190 192 194 196



Electrical Engineer Brook, Mabel Crosland Moor Working Men’s Cluh and Institute Shaw, Alfred Savill, Jossph Smithies Clayton, E. A., General Dealer Walker, Herbert Cooney, John Edward Benson, James Smith, Arthur Kaye, Joe Wilcock, Harry I Whitton, Joseph Armitage, John James Pearson, Charles Ellis, Sam Smith, Annie

200 Wood, H.. 202 Hartley, James Richard 204 Walker, Harry 206 Briggs, Louisa > Smith, John James 210 Drinkwater, James Albert 212 Hanson, John William eta oc Here is Matlock Street

Turner, Emily 216 Heywood, Benjamin 218 Mallinson, Hubert 220 Haywood, Albert 220aBalmforth, Frank 222 Stott, Leonard 224 Ineson, Percy Stubley I 226 Shaw, Mary 228 Hodgson, George James 230 Jessop, Frank 232 Mellor, Midgley 234 Hewitson, James Wheatley 236 Gelder, Joe 238 Sykes, Arthur 240 Longley, John Willie 240aSheard, George Henry 242 Whittle, Manerva 244 Prior, Frank 246 Dodson, Harry 248 Turner, Elliott 250 Saville, John 252 Draper, George 254 Boothroyd, H. 256 Quarmby, Thomas Bailey, James 260 Newbold, Thomas Quarmby, Sarah Ann 264 Hoyle, Evelyn 266 Haigh, Gertrude ea Here is Ivy Street

268 Holdsworth, Mary J. 270 Howell, Hannah Sophia Singleton, Richard Henry 274 Binns, Nancy 276 Robinson, James Albert 278 Brooke, Ernest. . Oldham, Beatrice 282 Oldham, Ernest, Sweets and Confectionery 284 Wood, Charlie

Soe, os Here is Frederick Street ....

286 Hannan, D. 288 Bamforth, Joe 290 Milnes, Joe Willie 292 Pogson, Kate Shaw 294 Taylor, Frederick Arthur 296 Sykes, Norman - 298 Taylor, Arthur 300 Ainley, Councillor Percy, 302 (Unoccupied) 304 Walker, Henry Herbert 306 Brook, Lewis 308 Swallow, H., Taxi Proprietor 328 Canby, Ald. Thomas, J.P., ‘* Heathfield ”’


— Pogson, Willie, Heathfield Cabbage

330 Iredale, John Charles

Page 154

34 ae

Blackmoorfoot Road—continued. 332 Brook, Geo. Wm. & Son, Joiners .

‘and Funeral Directors 334 Dransfield, Ida

Here is Gramfield Road ...........

336 Swallow, Alice 338 Swallow, Mark, Fish and Chips 340 Mellor, Eliza Mary 342 Broadbent, Amy Annie cat Here 0D OR i aot. Seni 344 Dyson, F. & Son, Confectionery and 346 Ashwell, Eunice Bakery 348 Wilson, ‘John Willie 7 350 Whiteley, Sam 352 Taylor, Clarrett I 354 Nicholls, Herbert Arthur

356 Hanson, Lydia

358aGarside, E., Fish and Chips : 358 Jones, Winston Butcher - 6 — Crosland Moor Co-operative In- dustrial Soc., Ltd., Grecery Branch 366 Walker? Willie 368 Berry, Joe Ewart 370 Garside, Edwin 372 Field, Hubert 374 Moorhouse, William 376 Foster, Norman I 378 Dawson, John 380 Moore, Eleanor 380aHall, Edgar 382 Taylor, Harold 384 Barrow, Arnold 386 Hills, Rowland 388 Gledhill, Norman 390 Dyson, James 392 Hirst, James Ammon 394 Hepworth, George 396 Bower, John William 398 Broadhead, Nora Wimpenny 400 Heywood, Arnold 402 Shaw, Joe 404 Hirst, Maria 406 Hirst, Harold 408 Hirst, Willie I 410 Brook, Sarah . 412 Tann, Joseph 414 Butterworth, Ben Whitehead 416 Brook, Lizzie Herve is Francis 418 Haigh, John 420 Hirst, Julia 422 Rocktigan, John William 424 Coldwell, Annie . 426 Hirst, David _ 428 White, Walter Edgar ' 430 Hatch, Norman Reginald 432 Robinson, John Thomas 434 Firth, Arthur John 436 Brook, Joseph Louis 438 Lee, Joe . 440 Ware, George*Arthur Wright 442 Littlewood, Wilfred Lawson 444 England, Arnold 446 Armitage, Walker Bell . 448 Shaw, James


450 Shaw, Johns

452 Pennington,

454 North, Albert Ward

456 Steele, Frank R.

458 Hirst, John Eagleton 460 Shaw, Ernest 462 Pickles, Maurice

464 Thickett, John Whitley.

Here is Hob Lane 466 Newsholme, George

468 Campbell, Edgar Stuart

472 Bottomley, Fred 474. Wimpenny, Albert Edward

476 Dews, Ethel :

478 Pennington, Stanley — Shaw, Joe & Sons, Ltd., Old. Park Quarries, Quarry Owners . Herve is Crosland Hill Road — Wimpenny, Joney, Spinkwell Quarries — Steele, Thomas, Caravan, Matlock Hill I Herve is Felks Stile Road

YO fee oe

BLAGDEN LANE, NEWSOME. 1 Sanderson, Lewis aie 3 Wimpenny, Edgar 5 Murphy, Nicholas 7, Marsden, Haigh 9 Longley, Albert Edward ph ts ls Here is Falcon Street 23 Green, Fred

- — Newsome Adult School

25 Greenwood, Harry 27 Sylvester, Larritt

. 29 Houghton, John Aaron 31 Bates, Joe, Blagden Farm 33 Hopp 35 Gledhill, Albert

er, —

STREET, LOCKWOOD. 1 Senior, Watson 3 Graham, Mary Melinda 5 Emmerson, Jane 7 Ellam, Dixon 9 Hewitt, William 11 Bull, “Arthur 13 Peace, Ernest Victor 15 Benson, Annie Edith 17 Chappell, Ellen ‘19 Hopley, Thomas 21 Marshall, Charlie 23 Walker, Charles Benson, Mary 27 Prince, Florence 29 Schofield, Eleanor Jane 31 Yates, William Edward 33 Dyson, George 35 Battye, Willie 39 Kaye, George Henry 41 Singleton, Walter 43 Prior, Horace Taylor 45 Ginn, Frederick John 47 Wilson, Mary Barnes 2 Beaumont, Walker 4 Pearson, Willie

Page 155


Bland Street—continued.

6 Eastwood, Herman 8 Wilson, Leonard L0 Walker, Arthur Morton 12 Aspinall, Thornton. 14 Hawthornthwaite, Hannah 16. North, Emily . 18 Popham, James Henry 20 Matthewman, Edgar 22 Swallow, Ann 24 Blakeley, Charles 26 Nutting, Robert Norman 28 Hick, Ada BO Pale, Willie 32 Scholes, G. A.


1 Gray, Arthur Lincoln 3 Carmichael, John William 5 Land, Elizabeth Hannah 2 Kean, John Vincent 9 Ineson, Arthur

11. Yorke, Alfred William.

13 Burke; Frank Desmond 15 Glover, Fred 17 White, John Jenkinson. 19 Holdsworth, Leonard Paul 21 Turpin, Harry 23 Smith, Gordon - 25 Redfearn, Edward 27 Towill, Idris Arthur 29 Hirst, ‘Annie. 31 Hellawell, Frank 33 Landin, Victor 35 Bottom, Arthur 37 Darwin, Ernest I 39 Moorhouse, George 41 Leech, Harry Vincent 8 France, Wilford 10 Littlewood, Percy 12 Ainley, Sam 14 Taylor, Stanley 16 Schofield, Edgar Brook 18 Falck, Herman . 20 Clarke, Harold 22 Lockwood, Willie 24 Radcliffe, Walter 26 Cassells, Mary Margaret Taylor, Arthur 30 Atkinson, Harry

BLUE BELL HILL, TAYLOR HILL. 5 Lockwood, Sarah Elizabeth 7 Holroyd, Jack

53 Carter, Harry

24: wee

9 Hodgson, Frank 11 Kaye, Clara — 13 Turner, Harriet Emma 15 Haigh, Allen I 17 Haywood, Frank 25 Middleton, Carl 27 Lockwood, Sarah Elizabeth 29 Heeley, John Owen 31 Dawson, Walter 35 Shaw, Jack 37 Kilner, Lawrence 39 Gill, Hannah 41/43 Bower, Emmeline 45 Haley, Fred 47 Hanson, Henry 47aSchofield, Alice 49 Bull, Ernest Alexander 51 Pryce, David Ernest.


BOW STREET. 1 McMahon, John 3 Harpin, Mary Ann 5 Walker, Fanny 7 Moss, Dora Agnes Hy. A., Teacher of Music

Here is Paddock Footpath ....+6

9 Regan, John 11 Smith, Annie 13 Brier, Maude 15 Bottomley, Nora 17 Schofield, Charles 19 (Unoccupied) 21 Ward, Joe Stanley 23 Kaye, George Platts 25 Gabrielli, Lewis 2 Gledhill, E., Tobacco and Confectionery

_. £ Shaw, Harry

6 Holdsworth, Armitage 8 Thomas, Ronald Arthur 10 Taylor, Harold Holmes 12 Jackson, Robert = .14 Turner, Charles — Spring Grove Council School

BRACKEN HALL ROAD, SHEEPRIDGE. - 1 Gomersall, Amos 3 Thewlis, — 5 Miller, Gertrude 7 11

Tate, George Graham, Harry


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Newsagents, Booksellers, Librarians, Stationers, Printers, Bookbinders, etc.


Tel.: No. 1450.


Page 156



Bracken Hall Road—continued.

13 15 17 19 21 23 25

oOo WO-_


Brunt, Frederick Cecil Dye, Perey Wyndham Blackburn, Willie Firth, Thomas Riley Bates, Percy Marshall, Fred 4 Brook, Frank Arthur Oakes, James Staden Bintley, Maud Child, Herbert Humphries, Ewart Humphrey Spencer, George Pogson, Alfred Hunnybell, Albert Gibson, Jessie Ann Wilson, Christian Ross Birkhead, Arthur Hirst, William Henry Paviour, John Arthur

George, George

Chadwick, George W. Nunns, Lawrence White, Horace William Townsend, Joe Smith, Edgar Steel, John Arthur Gibson, Jim Jones, John Bond, Stanley Bannister, John Thomas Allatt, Leonard Beaumont, Wood Crosland, Willie Buckley, Harold Moulton, Lewis Beaumont, Emma Tinker, Tom Dodson, Arnold Fitton, Wyndham Tolson, Sam Briggs, Will Brook, Stanley Kilner Gronow, Benjamin Hinchliffe, Norman R. Fairbairn, Roy Beaumont, Emma Holmes, Theodore Styan, James Kidson Bottom, Thomas Parkin, Harry, Mount Pleasant

BRADFORD ROAD. Riley, E., Boot & Shoe Repairer Gibson, E., Wholesale and Retail Tripe Dresser Cockroft, Wilson & Son, Tobacconists ‘“ One Tree ’? Motor Co., Ltd., Workshop

T7aHallas, Sarah Rebecca

Robinson’s Buildings. 1 (Unoccupied) 2 Thorley, Joshua (senr.) 3 Lunn, Frank


11 13 15


53 55

Greenwood, Lewis Pettinger, Wilfred Jagger’s Buildings. Stubbs, — Delamere, Charles Dodson, Stanley Hiley, George Huzzard Giggle, Eliza Stocks, Louisa Brook, Annie Elizabeth Schofield, Hannah Hemingway, Arthur Edward’s Buildings. Thorpe, Fred Mallinson, Lena Smeeton, Eric Butterfield, Rose Amy Waddington, Bertram Ellam, John Radcliffe, Fanny Thompson, George Rowe, Hannah Elizabeth Curran, Julia Ann Cross, Philip Oliver Hinchliffe, George 7 Watson, D., Coal Merchant Gibson, Annie Taylor, Thomas Henry Wilkinson, Mary H., Grocery Stores and Off Licence Bower, Joseph William Taylor, Arthur I Stott, T. W. & Son, Ladies’ and Gent’s Tailors & Outfitters Hardy, Jessie Richardson, Benjamin Henry Bell, James Arthur Boyle, John Henry (senr.) Hebble Place. 1 Riley, Mary Elizabeth 2 Ball, Nathan. 3 Whittaker, Mary Ann Dougherty, Mary Ann (Unoccupied) Hodgson, James Walter Durnan, Edward Wilkinson’s Buildings. 1 Williams, Hilda 2 Harper, Edith Emily 3 Dennis, Norman 4 Midgley, Florence Mary 5 Lodge, Fred Moffatt, William Rushworth, Joseph Wharton, George Stanley Howlett, George Milnes, I., Ladies’ Hairdresser Wilks, H., Joiner, Cabinet Maker and Undertaker Shaw, Allen Baxter, Stead Carter Bones, Wm., Poultry Dealer




7laSykes, Rose Hannah


Roberts, S. (Hebble Stores), Grocer and Off Licence

Page 157


Bradford Road—continued. 75aMay, Herbert 75 Liversedge, Gertrude — Coletta, C., Ice Cream Dealer — Hebble Garages (Frank Wilkinson, Motor Engineer, Prop.) 81 Hardy, A. E., Phys. & Surg. 83 Whitworth, Emma Stevenson 85 Birkbeck, Percy 87 Martindale, Tom, Coal Merchant 93 Kilburn, Margaret 95 Bray, Norman 97 Nicholson, William Greenroyd 99 Wilkinson, R., Arch. & Surveyor 99 Swift, E. R., M.P.S., Chemist 101 Lax, Tom 10laRobson, P., Ladies’ Hairdresser 103 Cartwright, H., Confectioner 103a(Unoccupied) 105/107aBrown, H. & Son, House Furnishers and Upholsterers 107 Key, Lancelot Luxton Herbert Caldwell 109 Key, F. C., Radio, Art China and Cut Glass Dealer 111 (Unoccupied) 113 Madden, Joyce, J.E.M. Wireless Service 115 Larkins, John William 115 Fletcher, S., Grocer 117 Blackburn, Winifred 119 Robinson, Elizabeth 121 Jagger, Tom, Beef & Pork Butcher 123 Branch, Edgar 125 Liversedge, H., Fish and Chips 127 Lockwood, J. H., Engine Tavern 129 Earnshaw & Oates, Newsagents and Hairdressers 131 Sharp, Mitchell, General Dealer

Here is Willow Lane ......... eae Herve is Halifax Old Road .........

133 Fisher, Walter, Wall Tiler 135 Haigh, Lewis, Dairyman 137 Reilly, Annie 139 Mellor, Harry 141/3 Jones, T. A. (senr.), Fish and Fruit Dealer — 145/147 Kershaw, Charles 149 Spencer, Philip 151 Hayley, Henry 153/155 Hirst, Walter Melville icine Here is Hilihouse Lane ......... 157/159 Noble, Herbert, Baker and Confectioner 161 Cunningham, Joseph 163 Wainwright, William 165 Knight, Joe Here is Wormald’s Buildings ...... 167 Hellawell, Tom, Hillhouse Sub- Post Office and Newsagent 169 Wallaces, Ltd., Grocers and Provision Merchants 169aGriffiths, Douglas Garner Here 1s Eleanor Street

171/179 Hillhouse P.F. & I. Soc., Ltd., Central Stores 181 Slater, Frank 183 Pearson, Wright 185 Hunt, Robert 187 Bower, Frank 189 Brook, Dyson 191 Brook, Elsie, Ladies’ Hairdresser 19laBrown, Harry 193 France, Kate 195 Kitson, John Megea 197 Ellam, Betsy 199 Earnshaw, Jennie 201 Whiteley, Harry 203 Mellor, Edgar 205 Yates, Mary 207 Cooney, Edward (senr.) 209 Appleyard, Walter 211 Lockwood, Wilfred 213 Gledhill, Frederick 215 Oldfield, Alice 217 Harrison, George Tom 219 Royston, George William 225/227 Watson, Reignford, Grocer and Off Licence

Herve is Honoria Stveet

229 Cooper, Joseph, Thornhill Arms 231 Pearson, J. (“‘ J.P.’’), Confectioner 233 Stones, Annie 235 Thickett, John Thomas 237 Kershaw, George 239 Davidson, James 241 Lyon, Harriet 243 Pearson, Annie 245 Skidmore, Harry 247 Wooler, Herbert 249 Bew, Lancelot 251 Webb, D. & L., Millinery, &c. 253 Tunnacliffe, Willie 255 Scott, John 257 Booth, Sam 259 Epton, Harry 261 Fisher, Tom 263 Hanson, Fred 265 Brown, — 267/269 Brook, Norman, Boot and Shoe Repairer 271 Holland, Joe 273 Marshall, Fred — Ruck, Thomas, Regent Fisheries, Fish and Chips

Here is Cobcroft Road

275 Hall, E., Grocer & Confectioner 277 Butler, Raymond ~ 279 Poole, Eliza Jane 281 Elliott, Mary Ellen 283 Clayton, Arthur 285 Grey, William Thomas 287 Liversidge, Albert, Grocer ~~ Here is Moorfield Road

289 Kershaw, W., Beef and Pork Butcher 291 Shaw, E., Boot & Shoe Repairer 293 Ambler, Sarah Ann

Page 158


Bradford Road—continued. 295 Elliot, J. A., Hairdresser and Tobacconist 295aHoldsworth, Lawrence 297 Harrison, Arthur William 299 Oldham, Geo. L., Boot and Shoe

Repairer 301/303 Batley, W. A., Fish & Chips Harp Yard. 1 Halstead, Frank 2 Jackson, Nellie Waddington 3 Turner, Elizabeth 4 Halstead, Emily 305 Higgins, J. E., The Harp Inn 307 Taylor, Harry Smith 309 Newsome, S., Tailor & Costumier 311 Hughes, Martha 313 Ward, Frank 315 Daws, Mary Jane 317 Dyson, Ada 319 Turner, Arthur 321 Barrow, Mary Hannah _ 323 Wood, Jim _ 325 Barker, Haydn 327/329 Brewer, Fred, Butcher Herve is Spaines Road 331 Lever, Arthur Neville 335 Cudworth, Archibald 337 Beevers, Amy 339 Cliffe, Arthur Hellawell 341 Armitage, Annie 343 Jones, Gertrude es aes Here is Skipton Avenue ......++. 345 Mellor, Charlie 347 Jones, Benjamin 349 Wainwright, Bessie 351 Wood, Frank eka Here is Richmond Avenue 355 Glover, John William 357 Heywood, Joe Arthur ous Heve is Whitby Avenue ......++. 359 Lindley, Clara 361 Anderson, George 363 Farrand, Florence 365 Shaw, Wilfred oe 367 Moore, Frank (Manager), British Widows Assurance Co., District Office 369 Beaumont, Edgar Herve is Ripon Avenue 379 Graham, Harriet Emma 381 Gregson, Amos — Tower Table Water (Hudd.) Co., : Mineral Water Manufacturers — White, H.-O., Paragon Garage, Motor Engineer 387 New, Mary Rachel, Teachers’ Hostel (under Education Authority) 389 Cook, Thomas Vincent 391 Richardson, Thomas Ernest 393 Corby, Frederick James 395 Fox, George Here 1s Allison Drive 401 Gowing, W. P., Electrical and Radio Engineer


403 Hunter, A. D., Boot and Shoe Repairer 407 Dyson, T. H., Confectioner 413 Trotter, Lawrence, Nurseryman and Jobbing Gardener 415 Morpeth, Herbert

ake Here 1s Netheroyd Hill Road ......

467 Patterson, G. D., New Inn 473 Platt, Fred 475 Radcliffe, Avarill Ann 477 Sutcliffe, Arthur 479 Wilkinson, Fred 481 Blakey, Joe Smith 483 Hunter, Arthur William Cousins 485 Dodson, George Ernest 487 Littlewood, Arthur — Smith, Eunice, Cottage, Mole Warp Hall — Hardisty, Hannah Milner Mole Warp Hall — Beckett, George James, ‘** Rose Bank ” 489 Oldfield, Henry, Cabinet Maker and Undertaker 491 Ulrick, Walter 49laMortimer, Donald 493 France, Arthur 493aRhodes, Mary

Booth, Arnold

497 Hardcastle, Frederick 499 Easter, Joe Henry 501 Gee, James Cyril 503 Easter, Herbert 507 Elliott, Joseph John 509 Brooke, Bertha 511 Firth, Alice 513 Chillingsworth, Leonard 515 Hales, Alice 517 George, Joseph 517aBates, Fred 517bBooth, John Schofield 519 Livesey, Joseph 521 Robinson, Sarah Ellen 52laBrooke, Cyril 523 Wilkinson, Frank 525 Winterbottom, Joe 527 Battye, Eliza Agnes 529 Sykes, Lavinia 531 Wade, Walter 533 Saville, Walter 535 Hemingway, Harry 539 Littlewood, Sarah Ann 541 (Unoccupied) — White, H. H., ”’

Here is Bradley Road

Here starts Huddersfield Road ...... (to Brighouse)

2 Tompkins, A., Gent’s Hairdresser 4 Chambers, H. & Sons, Ltd., Tripe Dressers, Fish and Chips 6 Cowburn, Robt., Boot and Shoe Repairer 8 Sharpe, Tom, Sub-Post Office Newsagent

Page 159


Bradford Road—continued.

10 12

14 16 18



94. 96

Bray, Charlie, Butcher Drewery, Albert, Grocer and General Dealer Thorpe, Lucy, Licensed Wardrobe Dealer Haigh, Law & Sons, Fireplaces & Tilers Scarrott, Sydney, Sweets and Confectionery

ae Here is Aldev Street

ee Here is Calton Street

Slater, Vernon, Motor Engineer and Repairer Hatcliffe, Samuel (Unoccupied) Battye, Tom Charlesworth, Sarah Hewison, H. J., Dairyman Waring, George Frederick Frost, H. I., Dentist Carter, Harold Helliwell, Rachel Hodgkinson, Joseph Greenwood, Walter Coletta, A. & Sons, Ice Cream Dealers Ormerod, John William Wilkinson, Maurice Murgatroyd, Hannah Johnston, William Elener Cockin, Dyson Hirst Jesson, Joseph Owen Ingham, John William Alexander Shaw, J. A., Phys. & Surg. Taylor, Dora Hemingway, Luke Goodman, C., Dentist Armitage, Arthur Wood, James William

‘Brewer, L., Watchmaker and

Jeweller Spivey, Douglas Wood, Harry Firth, John Silver, Martin Henry Turner, Joe Grant, H., Plumber & Electrician Grant, L., Ladies’ Hairdresser (Unoccupied) Hayes, Thomas

Herve is Willow Lane East Hayter, E., Grocer & Confectioner

Here is Croft Cottage Lane ...... Sheard, S., Grocer & Confectioner Thirkill, John Hissett, Ellis Green, William Arthur

96aGledhill & Co., F., Decorators

98 104

Sheard, Walter, Pork Butcher Dagostino, Dominico, Ice Cream Dealer and Dairy

104aShaw, S. T., Chemist


Manning, William Henry





110 112 114 116 118 120 122 124 126 128 130 132 134 136 138 140 142 144 146 148



Lockwood, C., Waggon & Horses Inn

... Herve is Hillhouse Lane .........

... Heve 1s Whitestone Lane

Brier, Edgar, Butcher Sykes, Harry Sykes, William Layard, Mary Ann Phillips’ Supper Bar, Fish & Chips Haire, Martha, Dressmaker Wood, Joe Booth, Francis Mellor Heap, Annie Elizabeth Lightfoot, Charles Richard Ashwell, Stanley Mallinson, John Arthur Wisdom, Arthur Thewlis, John Harrison Turner, Margaret Barrett, William Walsh, Albert Spivey, Ada Ridgeway, Samuel Lyne Stout, J. ‘* Dyers & Cleaners I Harling, William Kaye, Frank Mackrell, James Harrop, M. W. Pearson, Teddie Atkinson, Sidney Hall, Emily Holland, Fred. Briggs, George Stewart, Ann Bushell, Benjamin Barker Kaye, Joseph Thorp, Joe Dearnley Littlewood, Albert, Boot and Shoe Repairer Bentley, Ethel Wiseman, Lizzie Hinchliffe, Albert Edward Alty, Richard Grace, May Borrows, Edward Lewis Dean, Norris Green, Emily Leathart, Stanley Brook, Sam Hannan, John William Senior, Alice Martin, Clarence Holland, Lily Moorhouse, William Hirst Here is Back Beech Terrace Brooks, Charles Frederick Hobson, Lewis Moore Woodhouse, Henry Marriott, Mary Hannah Gledhill, Mary Elizabeth Mercer, Thos. Wm., Sweets and Tobacco Cleworth, James McClure

pret Here is Olive Street

Page 160


Bradford Road—continued.

226 Shepherd, M. E., General Dealer 228 Kitchenman, Ernest 230 Lodge, Ethel 232 Nelson, William Frederick 234 Underhill, Ada, Dressmaker 236 Sutcliffe, Isabella 238 Hall, Arnold Reeson 240 Dalton, John Redford 242 Relf, Walter 244 Kidd, Wm. Hy., Dentist 246 Dixon, Israel 248 Bell, Maud 250 Hargreaves, Owen 252 Appleyard, Harry 254 Gilleard, William Henry (senr.) 256 Garside, James 258 Darwin, Thomas 260 Nicholson, Edith Annie 262 Wilkinson, Ethel 264 Craven, Samuel 266 Leeming, Herbert 268 Martin, J., Cycle & Radio Dealer 270 Tommis, Sam, Chimney Sweep 272/4 Dixon, R., Railway Inn

ies Herve is Flint Stveet

— Regent Cinema 284 Crowther, Edgar 286 Watson, Edwin 288 Smith, Ann 290 Lund, Lena 292 Barrett, D. F., Phys. & Surg. 294 Harvey, H., ‘‘ Cowling’s Fruit,”’ Fruiterer 296 Bradley, Sam 296aJackson, Kathleen, Ladies’ and Children’s Hairdresser 298 Friend, E., Ladies’ and Gent’s Outfitter 300 Bower, Arnold 300aSilkburn Coal Co. Order Office 300bEdna’s, Millinery, Hosiery, &c. 302aHobson, W. T., Sweets & Tobacco 302bHoyle, Amy 304 Singleton, G. & Co., Plumbers and ~ Electricians 306 Selby, John 308 Beevers, Harold 308 Sowden, Madame, Modiste 310aEllis, Annie Elizabeth — Gowns & Millinery — Hughes, H. E., Joiner and Undertaker — Stansfield, T. W. & Son, Plumbers and Glaziers 316 Shaw, S. T., Chemist 318 Reeder, F. W., Newsagent, Tobacconist & Hairdresser 320 Boothroyd, J. R., Confectioner 322 Roebuck, H. H., The Royal Hotel ies Herve is Favtown Green Road ...... 324/326 Lochhead, A. R., Grocer 328 Wright, Arthur 330 Sykes, Hetty 332 Robson, —

334 Green, Edward Norman Here is Blackhouse Road ......... 366 Duggan, Annie Jane 368 Baldry, Albert 370 Hey, Frederick 372 Hornsey William 374 Boyes, Richard 376 Brook, R. & M., Grocers, &c.

ENE Herve is Dewhurst Road .........

378 Dyson, E., Confectionery, Sweets and Tobacco 378aBurhouse, Annie 390 Haigh, Geoffrey 390aStott, Edgar Cameron 392 Halstead, Walter Basford Holder — Darwin, J. H. & Sons, Fartown Lodge Garage, Taxi Cab Proprietors 394 Kenworthy, Fred 396 Sykes, Sarah Elizabeth — Hopkinson, Ltd., Private Tip — Smithy Garage, F. R. Lockey, Proprietor

Herve is Ash Brow Road .........

406 Mortimer, Florence Ellen 408 Cooper, Henry 410 Sanderson, John 412 Shaw, Florence 412 Singleton, George 414 Eastwood, Miriam 416 Bergan, John 418 Catton, Arthur 420 Megson, Maggie 422 Sutcliffe, Harold 424 Pearson, Harold 426 Wood, Allen 428 Singleton, Albert 430 Kaye, George Arthur 432 Buckley, Bob

oa ee ints Gas Herve t1s-Listey ROME

434 Crowther, Hubert, Grocer 436 Spence, William Henry 438 Firth, S. 476 Dyson, Thomas Henry 478 Baxter, John Alfred 480 Garside, Charles William 482 Brown, Fred 484 Milnes, John Henry 486 Bentley, Ellen 488 Stokes, Bertha 490 Sykes, Frank Reginald

‘492 Sykes, Emily

494 Wood, Luke Marsden 504 Kaye, Clara

Herve is Fell Greave Road .........

wi Herve is Bradley Road

516 Kershaw, W. (senr.), Bradley Villa Farm 676 King, Leonard Francis ‘* Highfield ”’ 678 Trott, Frank 680 Cudworth, Herbert 682 Hobson, Ellen, ‘‘ Springfield ”’

Page 161


Bradford Road—continued.

684 (Unoccupied) 686 (Unoccupied) 688 Pearce, D. F., ‘‘ Stone Croft ”’ eet Here starts Huddersfield Road ...... (to Brighouse)

BRADLEY GATE. 1 Pike, Henry 3 Marsden, Frank 2 Beard, John William


Brearley, Ernest

BRADLEY MILLS LANE. (Off Leeds Road). — Huddersfield Town A.F.C. Official Parking Ground 12 Stead, Charles Booth 14 Jones, John Lloyd 16 Waite, George 18 Wheelhouse, Herbert 20 Barrow, Harry 22 Stennett, Thomas 24 Hall, Herbert 26 Darlington, George Arnold 28 Pogson, Mary Ann 30 Ellis, Benny 32 Rawnsley, Henry iy sas Here is Town Avenue 34 Thompson, William 36 Morelli, John 38 Womersley, John Edward 40 Wood, Herbert 42 Hardcastle, Albert Edward 44 Bennison, William Major 46 Berry, Herbert 48 Fielding, George Henry 50 Akroyd, Mary Hannah 52 Shaw, Herbert Lockwood 54 Shakeshaft, Mary ... Footpath leading to St. Andrew’s ... Road

BRADLEY MILLS ROAD. — Huddersfield Town A.F.C. Ground 1 Dightam, A. H. (‘Town Stores), Sweets, &c. — Netherwood, Dalton & Co., Ltd., Caxton Works, Printers, &c. — Hinchcliffe, J., Asphalter and Concreter 3 Cooper, John Johnson 3aMaude, Stanley 5 Bareham, Ernest 9 Bonser, Annie — Wood, Ralph & Co., Ltd., Bradley Mills, Woollen and Worsted Manufacturers 13 Wadsworth, John — Miller, Lily, Sweets and Tobacco 19 Sharp, David


21 Dalton Grange Club (British Dye- stuffs Corporation Ltd.) 29 Stamp, William 31 Mudd, Ernest 33 Talbot, Owen 35 Skinner, Arthur 37 Powell, John 47/49 Lockhead, C. L., General Dealer 51 Curtis, F., Hairdresser & Medicines I 53 Speight, A. M. & M. M., Grocers and Newsagents 55 Taylor, E., Draper & Outfitter 57 Hoyle, Lewis, Butcher 59 Purcell, G. W. Baker and Confectioner 61 Senior, Edwin 63 Morgan, Frank 65 Glover, Fred 4 Worsley, Henrietta Lavinia 6 Cooper, William Oliver 8 Wagstaffe, Mary 64 Riddiall, Annie Louisa 66 Day, John 68 Holliday, Stead 70 Sumbler, Leslie David 72 Wimpenny, Samuel Leslie 74 Woodworth, Arthur — Wood, Ralph & Co., Bradley Mills, Woollen & Worsted Mftrs.

Springfield Terrace. 94 Ellis, Norman, Builder, &c. 96 Beaumont, Joseph Frederick 98 Gatenby, Harry 100 Brook, Charles Johnson 102 Fisher, Norman 104 Reast, Robert 106 Blakey, Joe Ernest 108 Hirst, Fred 110 Preston, Joseph Ellison 112 Riley, Clarence 114 Chadwick, Fred 116 Laycock, Sarah Elizabeth 118 Clarkson, Lucy 120 Shaw, Sam 122 Jackson, Ernest Reuben 124 Castle, Hubert 126 Spencer, John Henry 128 Kaye, Ben 130 Maloney, Michael Joseph I Here is Kilner Bank

132 Catling, Wilfred 134 Messenger, Jack oneal Here is Brown Royd Avenue ...... 136 Olsen, James 138 Bower, Walter 140 Hoyle, Samuel 142 Garside, Harry 144 Baxter, Arthur 146 Goodwin, Frank

er cree Here 1s Nether Close tea Here is Rawthorpe Crescent ......

148 Milnes, Norman Walker 150 Whiteley, John

Page 162



Bradley Miils Road—continued.

152 154 156 158 160 162 164 166

Green, Edith Shaw, Jack : Brook, Reginald Victor Bray, Allen Hartley, Frank Clegg, Jack Lumb, Jack Scholefield, Stanley Clegg, William Chadwick, Jack Ambrick, Ernest Brierley, Horace Ambrick, Edgar Walker, Lily

_ Neighbour, Edward George

Beal, Harry Thomas Mortimer, Frank

Heve is Nether Hall Avenue ......

Weatherill, Hugh Johnson, Wilfred Binns, George Marston, Harry Ambrick, Elizabeth Ann Dyson, James Pickin, Edward John Matheson, John Stuart Cliffe, Harold Dickson, — Maiden, Harry

BRADLEY ROAD. Scott, Albert Bradley, Herbert Crowther, Herbert Burton, Harry Barrow, Charles Henry Munt, Alfred Wood, E., Sub-Post Office Sweets Bradley Methodist Church Cliffe, Joseph Fisher, James Kibble, Sidney George Hyndman, Frederick Elliott Howarth, Septimus Wallace, William Bell, George Derrick MecMarnas, John Munt, Frank Nicholls, John Ambrose Haigh, Charles William Mallinson, Hubert Hurst, William Thomas Walker, Alfred Pell, Charles Gill, Arthur Knight, Ernest Holdsworth Mallinson, John Eric Nottingham, John Thomas Garside, Leslie seis Here is Oak Road Blamires, Mary, Bradley Lodge Brooke, Ben Hall, Lodge Farm Parkin, Edward, ‘‘ The Nook ”’



91 99 101 103 105 107 109 111 113

2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24

26 28


Bradley Wood Sanatorium. Baldry, Albert (Lodge) Firth, E., M.B., Ch.B., Resident Medical Officer Hole, Edmund, Brier Hill Truelove, Herbert Woodhead, Horace Denison, Frank Linnell Sykes, Robert Leslie Balmforth, Albert Depledge, Heaton Wilkinson, Florence Wilkinson, Henry Maskell Bradley, William

.... Here is Bradford Road .........

Canby, Harry, “ . McCrea, Archie (senr.), ‘“* Fairways ”’

Dyson, Harold, *‘ Kenmore ” Marriot, John Frederick Walter ‘* Branksome ”’ Normington, Edgar, Brook, Frank Vaughan, ‘* Streatham House ”’ Netherwood, Emmeline, ‘* Delamere ”’ Mann, Percy, ‘“‘ Delamere Lodge ”’

.... Here starts Clough Lane .........

Stancliffe, S., White Cross Inn ‘* Ewarts,’’ Butcher Bleazard, F., Fish and Chips Furness, George Hellowell, John Allott, Charles Vernon Brook, Fred Earnshaw, Cecil Smith, Joe Johnson, Ernest Arthur Stiles, Reginald Frank Sowerby, John Mark Unsworth, Geoffrey Hennel Greenwood, Jack Sugden, Joseph Taylor, R. C., Upholsterer Griffiths, Stanley Nesbit Sharp, Arthur Pogson, Ernest Rusby, Ethel Grindrod, Hilton Ingham, Herbert

. Herve is Upper Quarry Road ......

Stead, John Walter

48/50 Hellowell, A., Confectioner 52/54 Marshall, M. E., Fish & Chips

56 58

62 64

Teasdale, Thomas Ellis, Willie Brook’s Yard. 1 Munt, Fred laSykes, Harry 2 Candler, Alice 3 Marson, George William 4 Munt, Harry 5 Lockwood, Fred Pell, Frederick Charles Tunnacliffe, Ada

Page 163


Bradley Road—continued. 66 Bland, Joseph 66 Bland, Joseph (W. H. Kidd and F. C. Simpson, Dentists, attend on Tuesdays) 68 Addy, Lawrence 70 Wilson, Sarah Jane 72 Tiffany, Edith 74 Bedford, Arthur 76 Kilner, Alfred Here is Curzon Street — Bradley Council School © — Brennan, Tom, “ Fairhaven ”’ 78 Hill, William 86 Scholes, Jibson Bentley 88 Hirst, Edith — Aspinall, Friend, “The Haven ” — Parr, Albert, ‘‘ Briar Dene ”’ — Blackburn, F., ‘‘ Humewood ”’ — Lee, Jim, ‘“‘ Byways ”’ — Stott, Percy Milnes, ‘“‘ Verneth ” — Drake, Frank, ‘‘ Meiringen ”’ — Denton, Reginald Griffiths, ‘* Wood View ” — Adcock, F. W., “‘Aysgarth ”’ 90 Ogden, Joe, Sweets and Tobacco — Barber, H. W., ‘‘ Eldenwood ”’ — Mellor, Tom, ‘‘ The Knowle ” 144 Wilson, Arthur 146 Pinder, Harold 150 Burhouse, Joe Willie 152 Vickerman, George 154 Krauss, Frederick 156 Whitlam, Thomas 158 Schofield, Ben Oddy 160 Smart, George 162 Kirkwood, Alice 164 Wiggins, Albert 166 French, Irvin 170 Gilpin, Edgar 172 Greenwood, Harry Stanley 174 Carter, Ernest 176 Turton, Robert 178 Cocks, William Bradley 180 Connley, — 186 Coyle, David 188 Sykes, William Ernest 190 Smith, Sam 192 Neaverson, Walter 194 Townend, Schofield 196 Cocks, Brook Goodlaw 198 Balmforth, Allen 202 Coxhead, W., Estate Agent & Valuer — Shepherd’s Thorne Riding Estab- lishment (Capt. J. W. Scott, Prop.) — Lockwood, R., ‘‘ Redroof ”’ — Marston, Ernest, “Ash Lea ”’ ens Here is Bradford Road — Jagger, Gilbert Solomon, ‘** Glenwood ”’ — Barker, Peter Raymond, ** Thorncroft ”’ — Inman, Marion Kaye, “‘Grinton”’ — Ducksbury, H. A., ‘“Witsend”’ — Wilson, F., “‘ Ingle Nook ”


— Johnson, Roy, “‘ Treglos ”’ — Hollingdrake, Elizabeth, ‘** Sherwood ” — Smales, George Albert, ‘* Upper Laithe ” — Taylor, Richard Charles ** Woodlands ”’ — Brook, James Arthur, ‘‘ Malaita ”’ — Sommerville-Jones, O. C., ‘** Bryncoed ”’ — Brook, Thomas Henry, “Two Ways ” — Denham, Geo., ‘“‘ Crummock ”’ — Lightfoot, —

BRADLEY STREET. I Clay, M. H 3 Ingham, 8. 5 Hayden, Bridget ig Herve is King Street — Firth & Wilson, Ltd., Wholesale : Grocers 4 Keaveney, John 6 Corcoran, Winifred 8 Nield, E. cee Here is King 10 Pickering, L. 14 Walker, Doris 16 Bates, James 18 Rattigan, John Willie 20 Dawson, John 22 Brennan, James Michael 24 Mancini, A. 26 Jennings, N. 28 Brown, Joseph 32 Fleetwood, John Albert 34 Brewins, Harold 36 Trill, Anthony 38 Calverley, Amy 40 Rogers, Martin 42 Gibson, Mary Ann 44 Sheard, Charles Edward 46 Hilton, B., Grocer & Tobacconist

BRANCH STREET, PADDOCK. 7 Ellis, Emma Sophia 9 Ellis, E. & J., Haulage Contractors 11 Taylor, Frances 13 White, George 15 Brunton, Wilfred 17 Linaker, Lewis 19 Lyon, Bray 21 Barrow, Dorothy 23 Riley, Margaret Ann 25 Midgley, Frederick Hinchliffe, Sanitary Plumber 27 Thompson, Robert Wilson 29 Chatterton, James Albert 31 Pollard, William 33 Singleton, Mary 35 Whiteley, Joe 37 Smith, Robert 4 Halstead, Emma 6 Beaumont, Alfred 8 Windsor, John Charles 10 Stoney, Lawrence

Page 164



Branch Street— continued.

12 14 16 18 20 22 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48

Rayner, William Waite, W. Taylor, Alkert Hobson, George Henry Plowman, William Henry Taylor, John Edward Morton, George William Pearson, Fred Robinson, James Henry Thewlis, Willie Craven, John Shaw, Mary Annie Ashton, Arthur Beaumont, Francis Burrell, Thomas William


24 Gledhill, Nancy 26 Yorke, Harry 28 Green, Abram Boothman 30 Sykes, James William 32 Bailey, Ronald 34 Rhodes, Elizabeth 36 Edwards, Harry

38 Mellor, Edith

40 Brelsford, Arthur 42 Stayton, Walter 44 Kaye, Mary 46 Dearnley, Allen 48 Sutcliffe, Lena 50 Whitley, Alfred 52 Pearson, Charles Henry 54 Royston, Edward

50 Weir, Kaye 56 Aspinall, James Arthur 52 Shaw, Francis Henry 58 Hall, Sarah Ann - 54 Wood, Evan 60 Priestley, Frank 56 Addy, Herbert 62 Dickinson, Willie 58 Gaunt, Jane 64 Holroyd, Arthur 60 Ferguson, Francis Wallace 66 Chambers, Herkert 62 Bower, Albert 68 Noble, Ernest Haigh 64 Hoyle, Herbert 70 Watson, Mabel Eveline

Garside, Fred Marsden, Eliza Anne

72 Wood, Ethel 74 Hall, John James

70 Marsden, Amy 76 Newbiggin, uae Wilfred 72 Brook, Laura 74 Iredale, Alice BRICK BANK, 76 Bottomley, Harry 1 Field, Lillie 78 Haywood, Martha Elizabeth 3 Sykes, Percy 80 Halstead, Percy 5 Sheard, Joe Lister 7 Gledhill, Irvin BRIAN AVENUE 9 Roebuck, Willie (Off Ravensknowle Road). 2 Hudson, Malinda 4 Lee, Jonathan 1 Haigh, G. H., Grocer and General 6 North, Gordon Allen Dealer 8 Stead, Tom 3 Taylor, Fanny 10 Lee, Edith 5 Grimshaw, Henry

1 3 5 7 15

BRIAN STREET, LINDLEY. Smith, Cyril Shaw, Joseph Dobson Hall, Thomas Cartwright, Lena Boothroyd, Harry Lindley Working Men’s Club

BRIDGE END, LOCKWOOD. — France, 8., Hairdresser and Tobacconist 4 Jessop, Miriam, Sweets, &c. 8 Armitage, Iva, Confectioner

10 Riddiough, H. H., Fish & Chips

12 Howard, Walter 14 Battye, Joe

19 Poppleton, Brian 16 Booth, Fent 21 Vickerman, Mary A. ce 23 Hargreaves, Blanche BRIDGE STREET, LOCKWOOD. 25 Cookson, Norman

27 29

Hirst, Sam Moore, Charles Buckley, Mr.

_Brewery Drive.

2 Edwards, George Daniel 4 Killock, Ernest George

Hepworth, David Henry Brewery, Brewers, Wine and

2 4 Acton, Thomas Albert — Bentley & Shaw, Ltd., Lockwood 6 8 Parr, Walter Spirit Merchants

10 Wilkinson, Nellie 1 Eastwood, B. B. & Son, Painters 12 Goldthorpe, Fred and Paperhangers 14 Hirst, Harris — Crowther, John & Sons (Mailns-

ure Here is + Street 22.5560: 16 Hemingway, Emma 18 Dewhirst, Annie Sophia 20 Whiteley, Eli 22 Gledhill, Hanson

bridge) Ltd., Spinning Dept., Lockwood Mills Crossley, James Wilkinson Powell, Joseph Crossley, Jack


Page 165


Bridge Street—continued. 11 Wright, C. E., Fish and Fruit — Ainley, N. T., Gent’s Outfitter 15 Brook, Fred, Boot & Shoe Dealer 17 Lamond, Robert 19 Barker, J. H., Fish and Chips 21 Ramsden, M., Children’s Outfitter 23 Wood, J. B. (Exors. of) Chemist 2 Tweed, Dennison, Butcher 4 (Unoccupied) 6 Brook, W., Newsagent and General Dealer 8 Smith, C. R., Pork Butcher 10 Taylor, Mary, Milliner 12 Hirstle, Daisy M., Confectioner l4aSykes, W., Butcher 16 Fisher, J. H., Ladies’ and Gent’s Outfitters 20 Midland Bank Ltd. 22 North, Colling Wood 24 Milnes, D., Ladies’ and Children’s Hairdresser

BRIDGE ST., BERRY BROW. 7 Hellawell, Alwin 9 Berry, Ernest 11 Tyas, Herbert 13 Peace, Lewis 15 Beaumont, Annie 17 Kerr, Sarah Elizabeth 19 Chappell, Lloyd 21 Waddington, George Richard 23 Waddington, Rhoda 25 Brook, Martha Ann 27 Longbottom, Ann Ellen 29 Shaw, Edward 31 Wood, Allen 33 Powell, Leonard 35. Fisher, Elizabeth 37 Mallinson, Ada 39 Mallinson, Doris 41 Lockwood, John Edward ee Herve is Newsome Road South......

BRIAR LANE, BIRCHENCLIFFE. 5 Vickerman, Minnie 7 Wilkinson, Ernest 9 Booth, Arthur 11 Kerr, Harold 13 Moorhouse, Joe 15 Brook Sarah Ann 17 Haley, Harry 17aRayner, Martha Ann 19 Haigh, Harry 2 Halstead, Tom 4 Fox, Guy 6 Kitchen, Mary Hannah 8 Hoyle, Emma Rouse 10 Temple, William Snowdon — Hoyle, Miss 12 Powney, Fanny 14 Calvert, Alice Annie 16 Tyas, George Edward 22 Allinson, Esther Ann 24 Jones, Robert Edward 26 Dyson, Joseph William


28 Roberts, Phoebe 30 Littlewood, Selwyn 34 Hinchliffe, Harry. 36 Fleming, John 38 Taylor, Albert Edward 40 Howarth, Johnny 42 Gaughan, Michael 44 Rodgers, Thomas Patrick 46 Heywood, Wilfred 48 Marshall, Reginald Stanley 50 Buckley, Arnold 52 Quarmby, George William 54 Wormald, Gertrude 56 Clifton, Charles 58 Schofield, Leonard 60 Noble, Harriet Maria 62 Mitchell, John Albert 64 Illingworth, Elizabeth Ann 66 Blezard, Harold

BRIGGATE, DALTON. 1 Stead, Annie Eliza 3 Stead, Lewis 5 Lodge, Walter 9

Leather, Emily ci Haggas, E. M., Confectioner and General Dealer — Leather, F. Electrical and Motor Engineer 11 Stafford, Louis Arthur 13 Wright, John 15 Rudderham, G., Black Horse Inn — Calvert, L., Fish and Chips 2 Brooks, J. A. 4 Woodhead, Geo. Wm., Baker and. Confectioner — Lorriman, Wilfred, Boot and Shoe Repairer 6 Drake, Tom, Butcher EP re Here 18 Crossley Lane BROADGATE (Off Somerset Road). 1 Shore, Ernest Bramley 3 Wood, Amy 5 Morley, Simeon 7 Wolfenden, Norman 9 Hall, Clifford Percival 11 Jones, Stanley 15 Wainwright, Francis 17 Lockwood, Frank Kaye 19 Haigh, Edith 21 Holdsworth, Reginald 23 Johnson, Edwin James William ... Footpath leading to Longley Road ... 25 Mitchell, Alec Govan 27 Lewis, James R. 29 Riley, Albert 31 Hoyle, William A. 2 Turton, Sarah Jane 4 Arnold, Alfred Samuel ° 6 Beever, John William Wood 8 Winterburn, Fred 12 Macgregor, Harry — Graham, J. J. — Wittrick, James L.

Page 166


BROADGATES (Off Dog Kennel Bank). 1/3 Hainsworth, Eliza Jane 5 Sykes, Godfrey Best 7 Clegg, Harry. 9 Clapham, Mary

BROAD LANE, DALTON. Tetley, Beatrice Clarice, Ladies’ and Gent’s Outfitters Schofield, John C., Butcher Aspinall, R. & Co., Wireless Dlrs. Hirst, P., Hardware Stores Robinson, B. F., Fruit & Flowers 11 Hardy, M., Confectioner 13 Fox, H., Moldgreen Dairy 15 Jubbs (Grocers) Ltd., Grocers & ‘Provision Merchants 17 King, Norman, Dentist 17 Horwick, Phillip, Dentist


© ~1 Or oO

gl Heve is Brook Street .........06

19 Brady, M. A., Brook’s Arms Inn 21/23 Theaker, Leonard, Grocer _ Church Lane 25 Shaw, Wright Lodge 27 Locke, Amos William 29 Armitage, Thomas

ek: Herve 1s Coniston Avenue .........

31 Beaumont, Laurence, Sweets, Tobacco and Confectionery 39 Thickett, Mary Hannah 41 Roebuck, Dora 43 Holdroyd, John Edward 43aKnowles, Half 45 Ewart, E. (Prior & Ewart), Physns. & Surgns. 47 Newsome, Joseph Jessop 49 Oxley, Ernest Victor &§3 Hall, Wm., Jolly Sailor Inn

eis Hleve is Hili Top Road ......... we Herve 1s Cary Green Lane .........

12 Hey, Edward 14 Owen, Ernest 16 Knight, Annie 18 Barraclough, Wilfred 20 Wilson, Alfred 22 Castle, Clara 24 Goddard, Elsie 26 Blankley, Walter John

Herve is Standiforth Road.........

28 Marshall, Emma 30 Leeson, Hilda 32 Hollas, H., Joiner & Undertaker 34 Roberts, Luther 36 Hopkinson, Norman 38 Robinson, Elizabeth Ann 40 Edwards, Benjamin 42 Hardcastle, Mary Elizabeth 44 Horner, John 46 Blacker, Fred 48 Smith, John William 50 Jagger, Firth 52 Armitage, Fred 54 Burns, Percy


56 Fielding, Eliza f 58 Lindley, Joe 60 Lythgoe, Alfred Peter 62 Beever, W. M., Fish and Chips


... Footpath leading to Somerset Road ...

36 Sykes, Harry 38 Parker, John James 40 Haigh, Percy Chapman 42 Hayton, Frederick 46 Haigh, Amnon 48 Day, Harry I 50 Beaumont, John William 52 Lockwood, Christina 54 Beaumont, Harry


1 Knowles, Thomas Whitworth 3 Greenall, Alfred 5 Reid, Hughina 7 Ireland, James Avery 9 Starkey, Ernest 11 Akroyd, Willie 13 Grindrod, Arthur 15 Murray, David 17 Matthewman, Harry 19 Kendall, Fred 21 Lightowler, Herbert 23 Wadsworth, Matthew 25 Haigh, Cyril 27 Brooke, Henry Vincent 29 Hirst, Arthur 31 Crowther, Edgar Shackleton 33 Burke, Harry 35 Bould, Clara 37 Marsden, John Jessop 39 Foster, Ada 41 Wood, John William 43 Mills, Herbert 45 Radcliffe, William 49 Sykes, Charles William Frank 51 Cook, Herbert I 53 Fisher, Henry 55 Gosslin, Eric Warren 57 Mather, John 59 Brown, Walter Frederick 2 Robinson, Ronald Wynford 4 Hargreaves, Lewis 6 Smith, Edward 8 Fenwick, Richard 10 Thaxter, Edmund 12 Wainwright, Stanley 14 Sanderson, Alexander Francis 16 Hardcastle, Stanley 18 Hoyland, John 20 Dale, John 22 Kershaw, Walter 24 Sykes, Elizabeth Agnes

BROOK STREET. Little Bros., Ltd., Drapers, &c. Jury, F. & Co., Woollen & Trim- ming Merchants

Page 167


Brook Street—continued. 7 Clark & Carr, Ltd., Wholesale Warehousemen 9 Brown’s School of Dancing, H. Brown, Prop. 11 Emsley & Collins, Ltd., Fruit Merchants. 15 Lazenby, E. R., Ladies’ & Gent’s Tailor 15 Vickerman, E. & Son, Whiolesale Trimming Merchants 17 Hirst, Joseph & Sons, Woollen Merchants and Shippers — Ideal Prepared Vegetable Co. (C. B. Crawshaw, Prop.), Washed Potato Specialists — Sellers, Oddy & Co., Aniline Colours and Chemical Manufacturers 23 Bamforth, G., Egg Merchant — Malco, Ltd., Gordon Works, Apron Manufacturers — British Woollens Ltd., Woollen Merchants — Beevers, James & Co., Uniform Makers — Beevers, John & Sons, Ltd., Hearthrug Manufacturers Na Here is Northgate ............ 2 Earnshaw, John William Benson’s Buildings. 3 Gabrielli, Sylvester 4 Wharmby, Joe 5 Meldrum, Sarah 9 Dickinson, John William 10 Richardson, William Dickinson, Martha Elizabeth Knight, John Bottomley, John Harry Ber 64> Hervé 1s Lord: Street — Wholesale Market tis Herveis Byram Street

Herve is Wood Street

BROOK STREET, MOLDGREEN. Mellor, Cyril J ackson, Edward Ellam, J oe Clegg, James Henry Bowers, Harold 11 Haley, Alfred Dobson 13 Goddard, George 15 Harling, Gertrude 17 Sykes, Fred, Gent’s Tailor and Draper 19 Fisher, Thomas — Drake, Winifred 21 Wimpenny, Leslie, Music Teacher 23 Firth, Arthur Here is Batley Street — Drake, Winifred, Sweets and Tobacco 25 Drake, Charles William 27 Sykes, Charles Clifford 29 Gent, John Francis

CO o> >

onow =


31 Berry, Ethel Mary

Herve is Leef ..cccccseess

33 Midwood, Ernest 35 Mullen, Thomas 39 Kenny, Edward 43 Benner, Albert 45 Clarke, Ivor 2 Stead, Albert 2aTaylor, Samuel 4 Taylor, Harold 6 Haley, Jane Dobson 10 Longbottom, Albert 12 Jagger, William 14 Hill, Jack 16 Murphy, Mary Louisa 18 Fox, G. H., Fish and Chips

Here 1s Batley Street

20 Woodhouse, Frank 22 Gifford, John Harry 24 Custance, Eleanor (senr.) 26 Wildsmith, Archie Cyril 28 Hill, John Herbert 30 Radley, Herman 32 Cornwall, Richard Jospeh 34 Hehir, Thomas Llewellyn 36 Burgoine, Edward 38 Moss, John

Herve is Leef Street

40 Alpin, Annie 42 Moulson, Jane © 44 Sumpner, Herbert 46 Holden, Frank 48 Hallas, Charles 50 Wormald, William 52 Haigh, Mortimer Robert’s Yard. 1 Stead, John 2 Firth, Cyril 3 Rothwell, Eva 4 Gibson, Harry


8 Sykes, Barbara Hannah 10 Lunn, Tom 12 Hinchliffe, Ernest 14 Walkden, M. — Thornton Lodge Bowling Club 16 Chadwick, N. 18 Taylor, Edith

BROOKLYN AVENUE, DALTON. 1 Thornton, John Arthur : 3 Owen, George Henry 5 Spencer, Norman 7 Mitchell, Eric John © 9 Swift, Annie Elizabeth 11 Thomas, Edwin 13 Lawson, Elizabeth 15 Shaw, Malcolm Vincent 17 Wheelwright, Harriet 19. Holmes, Charles Frederick 2 Garland, George Day 4 Gelder, Jessie 6 Lum, Jack

Page 168



Brooklyn Avenue—continued.

8 10 12 14 16


Schofield, Ernest Rowles, Alan James Cook, Ernest Johnson, James William Heald, Thomas Lee, Frederick Brodie, Annie Kaye, James Thomas

- Eastwood, Samuel France

Hill, Alexander Raymond Chrispin, Mary Howarth, Harry Riley, Arthur West, Frank Moorhouse, Emily Pontefract, Herbert McMillan, Leonard Harold


06 7600 LANE ©

2 4 6

3 Morton, Lucy Crossley, John Hindle, George Bates, Percy Vernon Jessop, Allin Hoyle, Thomas Booth, Ben Boothroyd, Ester Ann Whitfield, Leonard Woodhouse, Albert Haigh, George Edward Sutcliffe, Edgar Fuller, Annie Clark Cooper, Herbert Denton Thornton, Arthur Percy Flowers, Harold Brier, Martha Kilburn, Fred Holmes, Percy Simpson Brier, Sam Stevenson, Lucy Eastwood, Mary Hannah Waterworth, Sidney, Decorator Herve is Demby Place Clarke, Francis James Halstead, Mary Alexandra Jackson, Clifford Bates, Norman Spencer, Edmund Megson Dempster, Sarah Ann Sykes, Annie Danesford, Edith Gertrude Margaret Pearson, Leonard Hepworth, Thomas Porter, Robert Frederick Mellor, Clara Taylor, George Greenwood, Edward

Broomfield Engineering Co., Motor Car Repairers, &c. Brier, Clare Dyson, W., Decorator Middleton, ohn Jones, Florence


11 13 15 17 19 21

93 95 97 99

Danford, Joseph Fuller, Hannah Schofield, William Douglas Jones, Mary Ann Brier, Sam Bailey, Clara Bamforth, Margaret Anne Auty, Ellen Ann Taylor, Willie Wilson, George William Haigh, H., Boot & Shoe Repairer Brearley, Arthur Smith, Thomas Reginald Dodgson, Clara Needle, Philip Hodson, Harold Pell, Walter Boothroyd, Edith Lawton, Angelina Ackroyd, Seth Westerman, Lewis Wilson, Harry Taylor, Herbert Mallinson, Ernest Hodson, Hubert Westerman, Harry Walker, Ronald Harrison, Harriet Mosley, Stanley Ward Wright, Roy Hellawell, Herbert Isaac Sandall Abbot, Fred Bottom, James Sanderson, Roy Dearden, Emma Barron, Joseph Dransfield, Eleanor Brook, James Moore, Reginald Wilfred Smith, Fred Stevenson, Ann Lund, Erwin Illingworth, Mary Hepworth, Agnes Emma Dyson, Betsy Ann


Mace, Frank Thirkill, John Arthur Banks, Joseph William Beaumont, Herbert Beaumont, Walker Jackson, Annie Ellen Haigh, John William Brook, George Ramsden, Eliza Wood, James Ratcliffe Spence Davies, William


Todd, Charles Frederick Haley, Harry Greenwood, Mary Ann Purnell, Charles Norman

Page 169


Broomfield Road South—continued. 101 Parker, Gerald 103 Hayley, Edward 105 Benson, Laura 107 Kilner, Ben 109 Kendall, Clifford 111 Stevenson, Julia 113 Barden, Willie 115 King, Arnold 117 Holding, James 119 Sharpe, Andrew George 121 Hall, William 123 Tinker, John Dyson 125 Gatenby, John 127 Smith, George 129 Walsham, William 96aHoyle, Joseph 98 Brearley, Herbert 100 Lum, Frank 102 Mellor, John Edwin 104 Cook, Arthur 106 Thornton, Edmund 108 Stansfield, Herbert 110 Ellis, William Ewart Gladstone 112 Taylor, Albert Richardson 114 Wright, David 116 Crossley, William Clifford 118 Grant, Albert. 120 Dawson, William Benson 122 Nunn, Walter 124 Booth, Norris Hinchliffe 126 Shaw, E. J., Broomfield Mat & Mfg. Co. 128 Brook, Clarice 130 Sykes, Hirstwood 132 Credland, Florence Ada 134 Thomas, Harold C. 136 McArthur, Henry 138 Depledge, George William 140 Mitchell, Herbert Victor 142 Dyson, Bernard Aspinall 144 Parkin, George


(Off Tom Lane, Crosland Moor). 1 Lewis, R. L. 3 Holdsworth, Frank 2 Sykes, Fred

BROW ROAD, PADDOCK. 1/3 Aram, Reginald, Ladies’ Hair- dresser 5 Broadbent, Stanley, Baker and Confectioner 7 Moorhouse, Fred 9 Wagstaffe, Blanche 9aFoster, Mary 11 Hirst, W. H., Fruiterer 13 Hill Top Working Men’s Co-op. Soc., Ltd., Butchering Branch 13aDickinson, Arthur (senr.) 15 Kaye, T., Chemist and Herbalist 17 Iredale, Emily 19 Myers, James 21 Payne, Henry


23 Gill, Charles Edward 25 Wood, Herbert 27 Owen, Thomas 29 Midgley, Harry 31 Turner, Arthur 33 Thornton, Albert, Joiner and Undertaker

Gace Here is Hill Top Road ............

35 Halstead, Nancy 37 Beaumont, Ernest 39 Holmes, Austin 41 Kastwood, Benjamin Hall 43 Radley, Violet, Sweets & Tobacco 45 White, Henry — Paddock Socialist Club, Ltd. 49 Lightowler, J. F., Tam o’ Shanter Inn 51 Riley, Edgar Crosiand’s Yard. 2 Dyson, John William 3 Bottom, Harry 4 Hawes, Walter 5 Hollingworth, Martha Ann 6 Yates, Clifford 5laSingleton, Edgar, Fish and Chips Crosland’s Court. 1 Dyson, Annie 2 Leatham, Elizabeth Ann 3 Jackson, Arthur West 4 Siswick, Benjamin 5 Webster, Willie 6 Jepson, Herbert 7 Downs, William Henry 8 Webster, Hubert 9 Whitehead, Fred Calverley 10 Hutchinson, Harry 11 Martin, Willie 53 North, Arthur — Paddock Conservative Club, Ltd.

Crosland’s Buildings. 2 Sykes, Emma 3 Eastwood, Harry 4 Newsome, Leonard 5 Woodcock, Walter James 6 Ellis, Reginald W. 4 Jessop, Joseph Henry 6 Craven, Hilda 18 Woodhouse, Annie 20 Teale, Jack 22 Rushworth, Charlotte 24 Siswick, James William 26 Milnes, Beatrice 28 Brakewell, John Arthur 30 Jepson, Frederick Allan 32 Noble, Harold 34 Barber, James cas Herve ts: SHOR ast

BROWN ROYD AVENUE, . RAWTHORPE. Kenny, William Nash, Patrick Thackray, John Albert Hobson, Francis


Page 170


Brown Royd Avenue—continued.

9 Ryan, Bernard 11 Eastwood, William 13 Lumb, James Frederick 15 Cawtheray, Robert Henry 17 Lorriman, Wilfred 19 Keay, Joseph Arthur 21 Sykes, Norman 23 Dyson, Walter 2 Forbes, Mary 4 Halstead, Arnold 6 Farrington, Willie 8 Sutcliffe, Jack 10 Flynn, Frank 12 Pashley, Frank 14 Cregan, Cornelius 16 Cole, Henry George 18 Brennan, Thomas 20 Jackson, Frank 22 McCallum, James Albert 24 Cartwright, Tom 26 Charlesworth, Harry 28 Bradford, George Stanley 30 Laybourne, William 32 Levell, George Edward 34 Roberts, Louis 36 Booth, Mary Anne 38 Pritchard, William 40 Wright, Harold Carlin


— Dr. F. Gamm, Surgery 3 Mother Superior, Convent of Holy Cross and Passion seseee Heve is Little Brunswick St. ...... 5 Ibbotson, H. R., Phys. & Surg. — Brunswick St. Methodist Church 7 Addy, Ben, Caretaker — Dr. J. G. Copland, Surgery — Dr. C. N. Gibb, Surgery


1 Bletcher, Tom, ‘‘ Bryan Wood ” — Ellis, Luke, The Lodge 3 Rippon, W. E., “ Cedar Grove ” 5 Bell, W. C., ‘“‘ Binham Lodge ” 7 Armitage, H. G., “‘ Thornleigh Lodge ”’ — Chapman, Joseph William, Lodge 2 Whiteley, F., ‘‘ Bryan Lodge ” 2aBarker, Elizabeth C., ‘‘ Lodge ” 4 Hall, Mrs. D. H., ‘‘ Woodleigh ” 6 Lumb, J. E., ‘‘ Oakfield Lodge ”’ 8 Martin, Kt., Sir E., 10 Kaye, Victor, “‘ Stoneleigh ”

BUCKROSE ST., HILLHOUSE. 35 Barnes, Herbert 37 Ambler, Wilfred 39 Hall, Henry 41 Riley, Alfred 43 Mackenzie, Laura Ellen 45 Graham, Jack


Buckrose Terrace. 1 Wood, Charles Thomas 2 Darwin, Thomas Frederick 3 Hartley, James Richard 4 Sharpe, Florence Edith 5 Richards, Henry Thomas 6 Harrop, Herbert 47 Wilkinson, Bentley Goldthorpe 49 Lees, Norman 6 Heppenstall, Frank Lees 8 Carter, Alfred James 10 Boothroyd, William 12 Pogson, Willie 12 Harrison, Robert (A.A. Scout) 14 Hill, Sarah Anne 16 Hoyle, Harry Dixon 18 Cass, Ernest 20 Munroe, Donald

BULAY ROAD, SPRINGDALE. 1 Calvert, Arthur 3 Robinson, Albert Burland, Leonard Beever, John Henry McVeagh, Alma Sara Franziska Katherina — Haigh, Willie, Bulay Villa, Motor Coach & Haulage Contractor 2 Wrigley, Lucy Ann ; 4 Dyson, Mabel Annie Alberta _ 6 Smart, Bernard James Liddiatt 8 Roberts, Matilda 10 Hannen, James 12 Jury, Mary Jane 14 Cliffe, Lawrence 16 Nelson, Edith Jane 18 Blakey, Thomas William 20 Darby, Janey Elizabeth 22 Farrand, Rose Alice 24 Henshaw, Robert Bailey 26 Heyes, Eric 28 Kemp, John Thomas Hopper 30 Bedford, Mary Jane Davis 32 Garside, Samuel 34 Firth, Harry 36 Jackson, Harry 38 Smith, Herbert 40 Rangeley, A. 42 Heppenstall, Vincent 44 Beaumont, Pollie

BULL AND MOUTH STREET. 1 Wilkinson, B., Household and and Hardware Stores — Hudd. Corp. Markets and Weights and Measures Office — Woolven, J. A., Bull and Mouth Hotel

BULL GREEN ROAD, LONGWOOD. Bullett, John William Harlock, John Sykes, Clara Turton, James Thomas


~T101 0) =

Page 171


Bull Green Road—continued. 2 Whitwam, Jack 4 Fuller, William 6 Field, Edmund 8 Bailey, Cyril 10 Dickinson Joshua 12 Horsfield, Annie 14 Bailey, Ronald 16 Townend, Ann 18 Baron, Lister — Hirst, Albert — Leddwards, Jack — Wilson, George — Sykes, Jack 20 Whiteley, Shaw 22 Howe, Alfred 24 Beaumont, Joe 26 Ramsden, Charles Edward 28 Iredale, Betsy — Rhoades, Gilbert Kershaw, Walter 32aRound, Joseph Henry 34 Pearson, Arthur 36 Wood, Emma 38 Dickinson, Stanley 40 Taylor, Joseph 42 Marsden, Dyson 44 Daglish, Alexander

BURFITS ROAD, QUARMBY. 1 Baker, Leonard Anderson 3 Townend, Alice 5 Walker, Clara Elizabeth 7 Goldthorpe, Sam 9 McAlister, John Francis 11 Smith, Harold 13 Halstead, Albert Edward Clarence 15 Hepworth, Annie 17 Taylor, Mary 19 Schofield, Percy 21 Hepworth, Nurse, Maternity Nurse 23 Wilman, Wesley 25 Pearson, Arthur 27 Stone, Fredk. James 29 Skelton, Sydney 31 Marsden, Thomas 33 Lumb, Frank

BURN ROAD, BIRCHENCLIFFE. 1 Whiteley, Joseph 3 Roberts, William 5 Dyson, Nora 7 Hudson, Ethel Louise 9 Mettrick, Albert 11 Firth, Sarah Ann 13 Schofield, Arthur 15 Rudkin, Charles 17 Nutton, James Henry 19 Hepworth, Sarah Ann 23 Horsfall, Elizabeth 25 Liley, Herbert 27 Ledger, Mary 29 Peel, Fred ere 46 Bock Road. 31 Hamilton, Roland Boothroyd


33 Gledhill, Emily 35 Catton, Harry 37 Smith, Elizabeth Ann 39 Lambert, Mary - 41 Snowball, John Richard 43 Broadley, Henry 45 Baxter, James Willie 47 Nicholl, Herbert 49 Pitchforth, Arthur 51 Berry, Harold 53 Booth, Elizabeth are Here is Yew Tree Road ......... 161 Kaye, William 2 Taylor, Lavinia 4 Long, Redvers Gordon 6 Pownall, Eleanor 8 Kelly Bros., Butchers 162 Crosland, Harold 164 Glendinning, Roy

BURWOOD ROAD, LINDLEY. - 1 Hinchliff, Albert 3 Fox, Percy 5 Kaye, Wilson 7 Holt, Annie 9 Hartley, Edith Annie 11 Thewlis, Eliza 13 Rigby, Gladys Maud 15 Levell, Frederick Arnold 2 Wood, Frederick Turner 4 Morrison, George Swan 6 Leslie, William Dalrymple 8 Marsden, Tom Wilfred 10 Brook, Clement Barraclough 12 Blackburn, Ernest

BUTTERWORTH HILL, OUTLANE. — Pickles, Jessie Marguerite — Phillips, John William

BUXTON ROAD. 1 Willson’s, Carpet Stores 3/5 Hart &Co., Curtains, Irish Linens, &c. 7 Jessop, L., Costumes and Gowns 9 Lodge, J. & Son, Household Furnishers 11 Turner, Abm. & Sons, Ltd., Butchers 13 Cooper & Co., Grocers and Provision Merchants 15 Argenta Meat Co., Ltd., Butchers 17 Armitage, James & Sons, Ltd., Fancy Drapers 23 Huddersfield & Upper Agbrigg Savings Bank

ewes kak Heve is Princess Street .........

— Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd., Central Stores and Offices. Depts.—Ladies’ & Gent’s Outfitting, Grocery, Furniture, Chemist, Confec- tionery and Boot and Shoe. Restaurant (basement) — New Victoria Hall Theatre

Page 172


9 Whiteley, Miss Lucy M., Ladies and Children’s Hairdresser

Buxton Road—continued. — Site for new store (H.I.S. Ltd.)


ig tusk Here is East Parade Chapman, W. H., Weatherproofs and Rubberware


Fox, G., Artists’ Requisites, Picture Framer & Antique Dealer

Argyle Rooms. 11 The Maison Page, Ladies’ Tailors 4 Dumont Studio, Photographer and Furriers ae 6 Blamires, H., Ltd., Wine Mrchts. 12 Taylor, Ernest & Co., Ladies’ &


10 12

14 “18 18



Progress Library, Prop., A. R. Ruddlesdin, Lending Library Meeson’s, Ltd., Sweets Hilton Bros., Jewellers, Watch- makers and Repairers Leaders, Gowns and Mantles Armitage’s, Glass & China Dealers Wigfall, Hy. & Son, Ltd., Cycle and Radio Dealers Butlin Bros., Cycle Dealers Picturedrome Cinema Sykes & Co. (Hudd.), Ltd., Piano, Radio and Furniture Dealers


14 15

Gent’s Tailors & Breeches Makers ... Heve 4s St: Peter's Stree? Dyson, Mildred, Toilet & Ladies’ Hairdressing Roberts, J. & Co., Photographers Eastwood, Percy C., Hotel Furnisher Revenue Chambers. Metcalf, G. H., Ladies’ and Gent’s Tailor Huddersfield Builders change, Ltd., Registered

32 Noon, D., Butcher Office 34 Hirst, Westwood & Co., Gent’s H.M. Inspector of Taxes (Ist Outfitter Floor) 36 Lindley, Lawrence, West Riding H.M. Surveyor of Customs & Hotel Excise (2nd Floor) is ates nase Here is John Street 17 Stubbs, Newsagents, Sweets & 38 Roebuck, H., House Furnisher Tobacco, B. & S. Motor



Wallaces, Ltd., Grocers and Provision Merchants ... Herve is Wallace’s Yard .........

H.1.S., Ltd., Temporary Fruit Stores

44/48 Turner’s House Furnishers 50aPearlson, M., Wholesale Smallware

Coach Booking Office Hirst, W. H. & Son, Typewriter Repairs and Supplies Holland, Major, Crescent Hotel Heveis Northumberland Street ...... Edgerton’s, Ltd., Wholesale Clothiers

Dealer 19 Lister, G. A., A.S.A.A., Incor- 52 H.I.S., Ltd., Temporary Fish porated Accountant Stores 20 Butlin, W. M., Weighing Machines 54 Scrimshaw, P., Pork Butcher and Scale Repairers


Taylor’s British Chemists, Chemists & Household Req.

Bletcher, W. & A., Banana Storage Rooms

64 McKitrick Bros., Ironmongers, Booth, Arthur N., Wholesale Mill Furnishers & Fire- Draper place Specialists — Howarth, G. H., Fruit and Potato Merchant

Greenwood, E., Albion Hotel Joan, Gowns, &c. Watson, George (Hudd.) Ltd., Sweets and Tobacco ... Herve is South Parade .........



Greenhalgh, Wm. & Sons, Ltd., Wholesale Drapers yore Here is Brook Street Wholesale Market (see under Wholesale Market)


2 Huddersfield Corporation, Gas (Off St. Thomas’ Road). Showrooms 2 Wilby, Marsden 3 Bannister, J. E. & Sons, Hudd. 4 Hey, Fanny Dairies and Café 6 Kelly, Thomas 4 Neaverson’s, Glass and China 8 Birkhead, Sarah _ Merchants 10 Dyson, Harry (senr.) 5 North, C. & Son, Grocers and 12 Beevers, Harry Provision Merchants 14 Halstead, Thomas 6 Kendall, S., Painter & Decorator 16 Sykes. Ellen 7 Business Equipment Co., Office 18 Ives, William Equipment Specialists 20 Turner, Annie 8 Smith, E., Fancy Repository, 22 Bryden, Herbert Wools, &e. 24 Lister, Amy ieee Here is Church Siveet ......... 26 Sykes, Arthur

Page 173


Cable Street—continued. 28 Yeulett, John 30 Cartwright, Jack 31 Wood, Eliza Ann 32 Royston, Willie 34 Senior, John William — Clayton’s Lockwood Properties, Ltd. — Clayton & Co. (Penistone) Ltd., General Engineers — Ferguson, Harry, Ltd., Agricul- tural Engineers

CADOGAN AVENUE, LINDLEY. 1 Crowther, Fred 3 Woodhead, Harry 5 Woodhead, John Joshua 7 Perwer, Eric Cecil 9 Oxley, Emma 11 Mountford, Reginald Charles 13. Haigh, Norman Beaumont 15 Moorhouse, Leonard Beaudet Here is Lyndhurst Road ......... 17 Brook, Christopher 19 Chadwick, James 21 Lockwood, Frank 23 White, George Herbert 25 Oldfield, Elizabeth 27 Spencer, George 29 Garside, George Albert 31 Wise, Herbert 33 Senior, Arthur 35 Broadbent, Frank 37 Smith, Thomas 39 Ecclesby, William Henry — Ecclesby, A. & Son, Painters, Decorators & Plasterers 2 Boothroyd, Herbert 4 Fleetwood, John 6 Dyson, Fred 8 Cotton, Willie Shaw 10 Thornton, Eleanor 12 Wilde, Euginie 14 Broadbent, Arnold 16 Hellawell, Harold 18 Barker, Frederick 20 Peel, William 22 Dyson, John Thomas 24 Holt, George 26 Lynch, Irvin 28 Howarth, James Henry 30 Warrington, Frank 32 Stott, Willie 34 Rhodes, Wilfred 36 Phillips, William Edward 38 Phillips, Robert Stanton 40 Clayton, Arthur 42 Atkinson, Edward 44 Hoyle, John Townsend


Davis, George Hobson, Albert




11 13 ‘15 ~ 17

Beaumont, Arthur Haywood, Margaret Dobson, W., Chiropodist Charlesworth, Robert Arthur Taylor, Arthur Ronald Mallinson, James Frederick Shaw, Abraham Taylor, John William Gabrielli, Rosendo Dalton, John Thomas Wood, Sarah Emma Mear, Horace Beaumont, John Wilfred Boothroyd, Sarah Annie Harker, Hannah Jepson, Fred Hopton, George William Armitage, Emma Haigh, Donald Sheard, John Thomas Gill, George Leather, Harry

- Nowell, Harry

Pollard, Fred Jessop, Clarence Jagger, Joseph Stringer Littlewood, Mary Sophia Leather, Harold Clifford Hirst, Harold

CALTON STREET. Carroll, William Edward Williams, Robert Sykes, Stanley Bower, Eric Arthur Boyes, William George Carter, Ernest Lang, George Marshall, Thomas Swallow, Albert

17aHolmes, Ada


Heap, John Albert

19aDavies, Robert Goronwy


Lindsay, Walter

2laDoughty, J. 21bWinfield, Frederick

Foster, Walker McAvinue, William Lindsay, Walter Royston, Mary Bottom, George Turton, Charles Edward McAvinal, W. Crosfield, Joe Hodgson. Hannah Branch, Rose Lilian Matthewman, Ernest Albert Wallis, John Henry Addy, Elizabeth

9 Porritt, Ernest William

Furness, Hollas Pickles, Harry Jackson, James Kershaw, Rufus Sykes Fisher, Edgar Tansey, Bernard Patrick

Page 174



Calton Street—continued. 63 Price, Tom Lent 65 Hood, Alfred 67 Dyson, Rose 69 Smithson, Joseph 71 North, Fred


Holly Terrace. Connolly, John Hollingworth, Mary Alice Holroyd, Norman Priestley, Lilly Lunn, Eveline Armitage, Joe Swallow Hinchliffe, Herbert Sykes, John Sykes, Arthur Barrass, Alexander Edward Smith, Fanny Aspinall, Norman Hawthorne Terrace. Robinson, Joseph Simmons, Walter Harry Halstead, Annie Maples, Rhoda Brambles, William Benson, Sykes Moore Stocks, Sarah Alice Stead, John Henry Smith ,Alfred Riley, Ernest Smith, Lily Rose Terrace. Burnley, A., Coal Merchant Hodgson, R. Thornton, Dan Thompson, Mary Jones, Edward Atkinson, Edward Harrison, George Edward Scholefield, Elizabeth Adams, Emma Priestley

Orange Terrace. Knott, John Booth, Clara Rawlinson, C. V., Showcard Designer & Artist Mallinson, Rosey Coward, William James Pogson, Henry Shaw Beaumont, Ronald

Mulberry Terrace. Hartas, Charles Pearson, Annie Burnside, Ambrose Thomas, Harold Leadbeater, Emma Mortram, George Robert

Laburnum Terrace. Thirkill, Albert Gibson, Jackson Hardcastle, Betsy Palfreeman, Elizabeth Wortley, Harold Stuart


1 3

. Footpath leading to Highfields......


© Oro

11 13 15

CAMBRIDGE ROAD. Wortley, Joe Hollowood, M. Percival, C. & Sons, Manufacturing Chemists Cambridge Road Public Baths

... Heve is Claremont Street .........

Herve is Clave Hill

Toalster, A. W., Baths Supt. Howe, Norman Hall, George Allan, W. H. Noon, Daniel Hopkinson, Philip Gisbert Dawson, Annie Elizabeth Battye, Gladstone McGill, Thomas Douglas Beatty, Charles Donald Cotton, Alice Hipkin, Frederick George (Unoccupied) I Middlemost, Donald Peel

CANAL STREET. (Off Leeds Road). Beaumont, Harry Woodhouse

.... Herve 1s Hanson Terrace .........-

Lee, Norman Bottomley, Robert Swain, Edward Charles Lightfoot, Charlie Taylor, William Pearson, Lenny Wood, John H.

.... Herve is Fieldhouse Road .........

Knight, A. & Son (Boilers) Ltd., Storage Ground Liversidge, Tom & Sons, Ltd., Canal Bank Dyeworks, Wool and Cotton Dyers and Cot- ton Merchants Fowler, T. W., Boot Repairer


1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17

19 21

McKean, Thomas Scholes, Benjamin Bramley, Sylvester Milner Hallas, James Briggs, John Willie Sykes, Henry Palmer, George Edward (senr.) Colbourn, James Brook, Arthur Howarth, Walter Childs, Cecil Harry Swift, Henry Chadwick, John William Howarth, Frederick Crawshaw, Ernest Hinchliffe Andrews, Henry

‘Howarth, Alfred

Schofield, Gordon Senior, Herbert

Page 175


Canby Grove—continued. } 39 Sykes, Eric Wingfield 4] Fletcher, Harold Joseph 43 Whitfield, George 2 Raby, Joshua 4 Kaye, Herman Hemingway 6 Fryer, Frank 8 Sharpe, William John 10 Elsie 12 Firth, Fred 14 Beaumont, John Moorhouse 16 Brown, John William 18 Scott, Harold 20 Martin, Rhoda 22 Hargreaves, Bertram Shaw 24 Royston, Wilfred 26 Broadbent, Maria 28 Marriott, Albert Edwin 30 Moorhouse, Arthur 32 Watkins, Reginald Bertram Edgar 34 Cliffe, Harry Rawson 36 Blagbrough, Wilfred 38 Gumersell, William 40 Beaumont, Herbert Middleton 42 Hall, James Edric 44 Howell, Wilfred Clive

CANKER LANE, LEEDS ROAD. 1 Standish, Harold. — Walker, Edwin & Co., Ltd., Field Mills, Fancy Worsted Suit- ings, Dress Coatings & Over- coating Manufacturers — H.I.8., Ltd., Employees Club Footpath to Favtown

CARR GREEN LANE, Bartin, Mary Sheard, Harriet Berry, John Mellor, Fred Walker, William Shuttleworth, Stephen Bates, John Arthur Robson, Isaac & Sons, Ltd., Dal- ton Dyeworks, Dyers and Sizers — Binns, Arthur,‘‘ Carr End ” — Hey, Thomas, “ Carr End ” 2 Worth, Thomas 4 Dyson, Albert 6 Armitage, Tom (senr.) 8 Shaw, Herbert 10 Shaw, Harry 12 Bradley, Gertrude 14 Carstairs, Nellie 16 Brook, Arthur 30 Beaumont, Jabez 30aWilliams, Edgar Percy — Beaumont, Jon. & Sons, West- field Mills, Shoddy Mfrs. — Taylor, H., Carr Green Works, Wool & Waste Merchant 44 Roberts, Arthur 46 Beaumont, Norman

Doe Were OAOW =


48 Maples, James William 50 Wood, Elizabeth Eleanor 52 Hudson, Harriett 54 Best, Thomas Alfred 56 Rice, Ann, Ladies’ Hairdresser 58 Roberts, Sarah Ellen 60 Horne, Lavinia 62 Parkin, Lillian 64 Crosley, William 66 Rawlinson, Harry 68 Armitage, Arthur Ernest 70 Sunderland, Arthur Miller 72 Walshaw, A. E., “‘ Little Carr House ”’ 74 Haigh, C. A., Farm ”

‘** Little Carr Green

CARR PIT ROAD, MOLDGREEN. 7 Moorhouse, Albert Victor 9 Royston, George Arthur — Oddy, R. W., Fireplace and Chimney Dealer 13 Beedles, Frederick Leslie 15 Whiteley, Cooper Nathan — Kaye, Charles, Firewood Dealer I — Shaw, John, Coal Dealer

.. Herve is Cary Pit Recreation Ground...

2 Ward, Ernest Mullin, John William Carter, James Burnside, James Fairburn, Allen Richard


Saunas Here is Silver Street West ......

12 Moorhouse, Clifford 14 Abbs, Jack Stoney — Mellor, A. & Sons, Ltd., Moldgreen Engineering Works, Motor Engineers 18 Gladwell, Albert Victor 20 Carter, Leslie 22 Bonwell, John Edward 24 Schofield, Arthur 26 Moorhouse, Clifford

Herve is Back Ivy Street .........

28 Ward, William 30 Haigh, Jane

Herve ts Ivy: SG.

CARR STREET, MARSH. 3 Boothroyd, H. H. & Co., Bakers, Confectioners, Sweets and Tobacco 5 Barnes, E. & B., Grocers, Tobac- conists, &c. 7 Firth, Herbert Edward 9 Hargreaves, Oliver Dixon 11 Armitage, Annie 13 Vizard, Tom 15 Kenyon, Alice 17 France, Leonard 19 Mallinson, Ray 21 Ramsden, Wilfred 23 Hartley, Sidney 25 Booth, Ben 27 Armitage, Hallewell

Here is Gorse Road App

Page 176



Carr Street—continued.

29 31 33 35 37


Gee, Herbert Quarmby, Eli Street, Edgar Burnham, Leslie Arnold Pearson, Miss A., Grocer, Con- fectioner, Draper, &c. Sanderson, W., Boot Repairer

41/43 H.LS., Ltd., Hollin Carr




10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28

Branch—Grocery and Butchering Branch Raweliffe, Wilfred Rodway, — Bradford, George Mort, Percy Smithies, Arthur Royston, Joe Willie Wiles, Richard John Cox, Charles Wilfred Swallow, Charles John Dawson, Harry

5 Wood, Fred

Hoyle, Arthur Walker, Wilfred Hollinshead, Charles

.... Here is Wellfield Road ......... .... Herve is Wyvern Avenue .........

Beaumont, Stanley Smith, Mary Hannah

Here 1s Portland Street Bairstow, Leonard Binns, Winifred Crossley, Harold Denton, Alfred Lewis Hoyle, Walter Bayldon, Charles Edward Binns, Fred Brown, Mary Adelaide Bastow, Granville Hartley, Leonard Horner, John Leech, John William Whiteley, Kathleen Dyson Milner, Emma (Unoccupied) (Unoccupied)

.... is Smith’s Avenue :.........

30/32 Bland, B., Fish and Chips



Leach, Alfred Firth, Frank Glendinning, Jeane Marie Taylor, Alfred Cavanagh, Annie Matthews, Fred Bowker, William Henry Hoyle, Elizabeth (Unoccupied) Halstead, Charles Edmund Dyson, Wm., Decorator Pearson, John Kellett, William Strang, Thomas David Sturton Johnson, Harriet

ts Weilfield Road.

Littlewood, Hubert Croft


104 106 108 110 112

Scott, Edith Holder, William Barrowclough, James Atkinson, Edward Bake Edmundson, John Godward, Ernest Parr Hoyle, Harris

_ Howarth, John _

Mellor, Joe. Beaumont, Joe Wells, Nellie Liversidge, Ernest White, Charlie Jennings, Madame, L.L.C.M., Teacher of Music Bottomley, George Arthur Goldsborough, Arthur Brearley

Herve is Portland Street

Beaumont, Annie Whitwam, Harold Ainley, Alfred Norman Day, Harold Hepworth Sheard, George Leonard Saltmer, William Burnley, Fred Bullett, Norman


6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28

5 11 13 17

19 21 23

1 Richards, William Henry Jackson, Wilfred Beaumont, Dyson Sheard, Nellie Donkersley, Harry Berry, Edith Mary Riley, John Littlewood, James Bray, Eli Shaw Wade, Charles Theodore Wade, William Mills, Alfred Dyson Bullas, Joseph Doughty, George ... Heve is Newsome Avenue .........

Drake, James William Gartside, Harold Woodcock, Walter Holland, Albert Arthur Littlewood, Arthur King, Alfred Harold Dawes, Norman Halstead, Stanley Hatfield, Benjamin Derbyshire, Ellen Dyson, Brook Williams, Henry

CASTLEGATE. Rattigan, Mary McDonagh, Patrick Cleary, Sarah Harris, Michael

Here is Quay

Graham, Joseph Leo Durkin, F., Grocer & Confectioner O’Toole, Thomas

Page 177


Castlegate—continued. 27 Kelly, Ellen

Herve is Wilson’s Yard .........

31 Lynch, Peter

35/37 Swift’s Working Men’s Lodging

House 39 Swift, E., Grocer & Confectioner

Spivey’s Yard. 1 Brooke, Clara Hadfield’s Yard.

8 Parkes, William 53 Galvin, Luke 55/57 Brennan, Mary

Windsor Court.

9 Murphy, Hubert -10 Nestor, James Edward 11 Priest, Willie 12 Gledhill, George William 19 Conroy, John 21 Dawson, Ben 23 Cafferty, James 25 Callaghan, Margaret 27 Wood, Luke 28 Marren, Annie 59/61/63 Cartledge, Mary 65 Kilgannon, Michael

is: Deck Street .. i...

69 Bucci, Mary Agnes 71 Bucci, Anthony, Grocer and Taxi Proprietor 73 Lomas, Sarah Jane

Wiese tas ast 85 oi, yar

79 Wood, Thomas 85/89 Burgess, John 93 Marshall, Mary Ellen, Sweets and Tobacco 95/97 McPartlin, Thomas

Mills’ Row.

2 Murphy, John 3 Hart, Mary Ann 4 Dempsey, Emily 5 Brown, Emma Jane 7 White, Francis 8 Richardson, Harold 9 Shaw, Ernest 10 Parkinson, Harry 11 Kelly, Michael 12 Beaumont, Laura 13 Battye, Rose Hannah 14 Gallagher, Owen 15 Dunstan, Timothy 16 Nolan, Daniel 17 Nind, Kate 18 Skinner, James 19 Draper, George Henry 20 Burke, Thomas 99 Gallagher, Catherine 103/105 Sedgwick, Fred

Jowitt’s Buildings.

2 Moore, Catherine 3 Sykes, Norman 4 Gill, Robert Henry


5 Bairstow, Frederick 6 Hawden, John Richard

107 Holmes, Charles William 111 Shepherd, John

Fisher’s Yard. 1 Simpson, Mary 2 Duffy, Norman 7 Ashworth, Annie Elizabeth 8 Bentley, Harry

115 Curry, Frank 117 Electrical Components, Ltd.,

Electrical Wholesalers

ise Here is Hall’s Yard 119 Jagger, John, Coal Merchant

2 Price, Frank 6 Brown, George Wilson 8 Thomas, Sarah 10/12 Dolan, John

Herve is Rosemary Lane .........

16 Taylor, Charles William

aes Here is Denton Lane

18 Briggs, James Edward 18aTosney, John 20 Taylor, Jack 22 Taylor, Charles 24 Brown, Wm., The Rising Sun Inn , Old Post Office Yard. 7 Conlan, Victoria 8 Leonard, James Owen 34 Marshall, Catherine (senr.) 40 Daly, William 40aRogers, Thomas 42 Ireland & Sons, Grocers — Grogan, Thomas, Oxford Hotel


151 Longbottom, Ernest 153 Stringer, Mary Ellen 155 Ives, James Henry ~ Here ave Castle Hill Steps ...... 157 Beaumont, Eric 159 Firth, John William Here 1s Castle Hill Bottom ...... 161 Taylor, Arthur 163 Baddeley, Percy © 165 Stocks, Mary Elizabeth 167 Lawton, Brook Stones 169 Swallow, Lewis

58 Webb, Victor Laurence 60 Oakes, John William

158 Pitt, Jane 160 Hinchliffe, J. H., Hillend Farm

CASTLE HILL TOP 64 Blackburn, Joseph Albert 68 Beaumont, Mrs. J. A., Castle Hill Hotel

Here is the Victoria Tower.........

CASTLE HOUSES. Lodge, Arthur Gordge, Henry Thewlis, Annie Elizabeth Clark, Clifford Starr, John

a SO Ds bo

Page 178



Castle Houses—continued. 12/14 Coates, John, Castle House

16 18 20 22

24 28 30

Farm Donkersley, Albert Donkersley, John Kaye Bradley, William Clark, Henry

CATTERSTONE, CASTLE HILL SIDE. Berry, Mary Hannah Garside, Tom Garside, Arthur


3 5 7


© 1 Ol

11 13 15

Stead, Morton Rowe, Watson Jones, Wilfred Johnson Morris, Robert Griffith Firth, Mildred Field, Robert Jenkinson, George Alfred Mitchell, Geoffrey Douglas Mitchell, Joe William Townsend, Samuel Brook, Edgar Brook, Leslie

CECIL STREET. Vickers, Henry Matthias Sheard, James Hudson, Harry Kaye, Rena Annie Haigh, Annie Watkinson, Frederick Harold Young, John Mather, Miss E., Dressmaker and Costumier

2aHiggett, John William


bo OUR

Black, John Charles Walters, Albert Thomas Spence, William Ernest Haigh, John Edwin McGowan, Philip Wardle, John William Smiles, Ada Sophia Littlewood, Ann Roberts Booth, Florence Selina Battye, Joe Laycock, William Hainsworth

CEDAR AVENUE. Thornton, Nellie Taylor, Edward, ‘‘Ashfield ” Here is Cedarv Mount

‘Ditchburn, James, ‘‘Mount Bute”

Lightbody, Percy Hall, ‘‘Petwood”’ Poppleton, Mrs. Mary H. Cooper, — Robinson, —

_... Herve is Mountjoy Road ......++.

CEDAR MOUNT. Crabtree, William Henry Broadbent, Fred Riley, Arthur Wood


q 6 8 10 12

Marshall, Mrs. Alice Rippon, Alex Mills, Willie Nash, Horace Bertram Taylor, Edgar

CELANDINE AVENUE, . LINDLEY. Iredale, Tom Marsh, Willie Innes, Arthur Moules, John William Booth, Henry Hey, John Walter Flynn, John Bennett, Arthur Douglas Sykes, Alice Turner, Cyril Tom Jagger, John Richardm Kneeshaw, George William Tansey, Walter Tate Patrick Whittaker, Ethel Emma Haigh, Norman Windle, John Henry Haigh, Whiteley Gill Vigrass, Charles Robert Laycock, Albert Martin, William Godfrey, William Gilbert Robinson, John William Pritchard, Leonard Henry Gordon, Edwin Rimmer, Timothy Ellborough, Robert Kelly Baybutt, George Kettlewell, Lincoln Moore, Oscar Brough, Colin Stockings, Bertie Dean, William Thomas

CEMETERY ROAD. Jury, Norman, Ltd., Monumental Craftsmen Beaumont, Willie, Cemetery Lodge, Cemetery Registrar Milnes, Mrs. Sarah Ann, Tower House, Cemetery Lodge .... Footpath to Highfields : Huddersfield Marble Co., Ltd., Monumental Masons Footpath to St. John’s Road ......

CENTRAL AVENUE, WOODHOUSE. Keep, Percy George Moseley, Harry Rushworth, Percy Bowyer, Elizabeth Hannah Johnson, Roland Here is Woodhouse Avenue Kenning, Geo., Grocer and General Dealer Lodge, Sykes Marshall, Leonard Key, Henry

Page 179


Central Avenue—continued. 29 Nixon, Joseph saa wes Flere 4s Last 31 Hollamby, Mary Elizabeth 33 Milnes, Edward 35 Stead, Florence 37 Kaye, George Henry 39 Armitage, William Tyrrell 41 Ellen, Laura 43 Hodgkinson, Lilian 45 Hall, John 47 Hodgson, William, Decorator 49 Ireland, Marjorie 96 FY ESE.CHOSE onc 51 Leighton, John Frederick Bracken 2 Dennis, Charles Philip Luke 4 Hurd, Harriett 6 Freckleton, Allan 8 Hawthornthwaite, Gladstone 10 Bowley, J. E., Confectioner and General Dealer 10aTaylor, Mary Ellen ee er 48 F180 os. 12 Joyce, Thomas 14 Chambler, Wilfred 16 Sykes, Elizabeth Ann 18 Hirst, George Edgar 28 Green, Frank 30 Fisher, Joseph Samuel Here is Central Close 36 Crowcroft, Frederick 38 Wykes, James Baker 40 Nicholson, Hy., Rep. F. Jarratt & Co., Coal Merchants 42 Blackburn, Annie Eliza 44 (Unoccupied) 46 Whiteley, Alfred Reginald 48 Anderson, Herbert, Tailor 50 Haigh, Joseph 52 Abbey, Harry 54 Haigh, William 56 Bower, Percy

oo CLOSE, WOODHOUSE. 1 Smith, Angus Mackay Carsewell 3 Wilkinson, Herbert 5 Beaumont, Benjamin Brearley 7 Baldock, Leonard 9 Vautrey, Harry Riley - 11 Lees, Laura 13 Easter, Edith Jane 15 Fildes, Arthur 2 Charlesworth, Joe 4 Bromley, Arthur 6 Bray, Ellen 8 Oliver, William Vernon 10 Cockin, Tom Ewart Gladstone 12 Armitage, Edgar 14 North, James William 16 Bradbury, George

CHANCERY LANE. — Brook & Learoyd, Litho. Printers 11/13 Whitham & Schofield, Ltd., Wholesale Boot and Shoe and Hosiery Merchants


15/17 The Stylo Boot Co. (Northern) Ltd., Registered Office — Smith, E. Cameron, Woollen Merchant 12 Sutton & Co., Ltd. (Agents: L. Wilkinson & Son), General Carriers 14 Bray, John A. & Co., Brush Mfrs. 22 Dumont, Leonard Daniel (Bank House)

CHAPEL HILL. Alexandra Buildings. 1 Wilton’s, General Drapers 3 Brunyate, N. M., Ladies’ Hair- dresser Commercial Chambers. — British Legion Women’s Sect. — Ellam, B., Turf Com. Agent — Cash, J. R. & Co., Ltd., Com- mercial Press, Letterpress Printers — Boyes, A. G. & Co., Ltd., Auto- mobile Engineers and "Agents

Hyslop, T. ] Wilkinson, Ezra, Caretaker

5 Carlton, A. E. M., Phys. & Surg. 7 Black, Thomas 7 Mawbey, C. B. I — 7

Here 1s Chapel Stvett 1... ccise

— Buxton Road Methodist Church — Crowther, Herbert, Caretaker 9 Model Lodging House (Hudders- field Corporation, W. White, Supt.) llaThomas, J. T., Sweets & Tobacco 13aWhite, A., Fish and Chips 15aCarter, Alice l5aHoyle, Wm., Plumber & Elec- trician Here is Milford Street 13/15 Hardy, Tom, Grocer & General 17 Eaton, Edgar Dealer Varley’s Yard. 19 Cunningham, Richard 21 Traynor, William 23 Dean, Agnes 25 Kenworthy, George Harry 27 Taylor & Hobson, Ltd., Cabinet Makers, Works Leech’s Yard. Todd, Arthur Hepworth, George Alfred Mullarkey, Michael Green, Charnock Heywood, Charles Wright, Charlotte Jennings, James Harpin, Alfred 10 Rogers, Patrick 11 McTighe, Joseph 12 Smith, Elizabeth Mary 13 Connor, James . 14 Hirst, John 15 Green, Eastwood 16 Roderick, Thomas Richard


Page 180


Chapel Hill—continued.

18 Keegan, Henry Herbert 20 Green, Charnock 22 Thwaites, Charles Henry 31/33 Wood, Wm., Poets’ Corner Inn 35/39 Sykes, Ernest, House Furnisher and Gent’s Outfitter — Brook, T. & Sons, Ltd., Engineers and General Mill Furnishers — Garner, Cyril, Cvcle Agent — Holdroyd, Geo., Boot and Shoe Repairer 35 Come Toad ...:........ 2 Smith & Shaw, Boot and Shoe Repairers 2a(Unoccupied) 4 Purton, F. A., Licensed Furniture Broker and Wringing Machine Dealer 8/10 Holroyd, 8., Outfitter and Wardrobe Dealer

Grayson’s Yard. 12 Hough, Tom Brunton 14 Bailey, Catherine Hunt 16 Russell, C. C. 18 (Unoccupied) 20 (Unoccupied) 22 (Unoccupied) 26 Kettlewell, Martha Annie Wooler’s Yard. 28 Taylor, Harry 30 Smith, George Livesey 32 Wilson, John Henry 34 Hall, Harry 36 (Unoccupied) > OS DIGIC . onsen ees 40 Bradley, B., Grey Horse Inn 42 Bonser, Edith Annie 44 Reilly, John James 46 Avison, Percy

Grey Horse Yard. 46aMear, Frank 56 Hill, Herbert 58 Hooton, Tom . 60 Briggs, D., Fish and Chips 62 Booth, Joseph William «>. — Hawkins, W. T. & Co., Cement and Waterproof Specialists — Huddersfield Timber Co., I Timber Merchants — Wortley, B. & Sons, Corn Merchants — Eastwood, R. C., Doffing and Cleaning Plate Makers — The Property Repairs Co., Builders and Contractors — Hartley, W. & Son, Brass- founders and Finishers 64 Hirst, Annie Elizabeth Isthmus Road, off Chapel Hill. — Isthmus Size Co., Ltd., Manu- facturers of Sizing and Finishing Products, Isthmus Mills


68 Knight, J. W., Black Bull Hotel 70 Hinds, J. R. Newsagent and Tobacconist 72 France, B. F., Confectioner 74aBottomley, Keziah — Longbottom, K., Drapery and Millinery 74 Sykes, John & Son, Ladies’ and Gent’s Tailors 76 Atkinson, Harry, Royal Oak Hotel — Sellers & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Engine Bridge Machine Wks., Textile Machinery Makers 78 Keilly, Christopher 80 Schofield, Fred


1 Sheard, Leonard 5 Nunn, Teresa 7 Nunn, Arthur 9 Gibbs, Gladys 21 Stafford, C., Sweets and Tobacco 23 Seaman, Archie 25 Lee, Elizabeth 27 Greenwood, Agnes Hannah 27 Armitage, Sarah Jane — Dyson, B., Baker & Confectioner 31 Wood, Charles Willie — Pitcher & Hey, Bakers and Confectioners Yeardley, George Kenyon, Norman Calkin, Herbert Holdsworth, Doris 10 Calkin, Jack 12 Boothroyd, James Wilfred 14 Clelland, William

CO SH bo


laStocks, George Albert 1 Holmes, Arthur 3 Tong, John William 5 Jessop, Gertrude 7 Heeley, Joshua 9 Woodcock, Norman 11 Haigh, Mathew 13 Jarratt, H., Window Cleaner 15 Hirst, Osborne 17 Cunnington, George William 19/21 Fallows, E. V., Sweets and Tobacco 23 Moorhouse, George 25 Dyson, George Allen 27 France, Annie 29 Knutton, Edith 31 Sykes, Emily 33 Ellis, Cyril 33aGledhill, Watson 33bCunnington, William 33cLister, Rachel Ann 35 Green, James Henry 37 Haigh, Agnes 39 Chell, Arthur 41 Oldham, Alexander 43 Dawson, Harry

Page 181


Chapel Street—continued. 45 Livesey, J. E., Fish and Chips 47 Brown, H., Brown Cow Inn 49 Whitehead, Ralph, Ladies’ and Gent’s Hairdresser 51 Uttley, T. R., Fish and Chips 53 Midwood, E., Sweets & Tobacco 57 Brierley, Sydney 59 Lockwood, Caroline 2 Bates, Joseph Taylor

.. Herve is Club Row and Shaw’s Row ...

4 Booth, Irving 6 Coupland, Walter 8 Robinson, George Willie 10 Boothroyd, G. F. 16 Kitson, George Arthur 18 Hirst, Wilfred Henry 20 Crowther, Lewis 22 Inman, Herbert 24 Jessop, Jack, Sweets & Tobacco 26 Gledhill, Percy, Plumber and Electrician 28 Crosland, Annie

Here t8 Waangate

Off Chapel Street. 30 Hinchliffe, George Arthur 32 Dyson, Ernest 34 Crossley, Annie 34aMilnes, Arthur Edwin 36 Clay, Harry 38 Curry, Albert Roebuck 40 Woodhouse, William 42 Crosland, Percy 44 (Unoccupied) 46 Hartley, Arthur Percy 48 Mellor, Lewis 50 Lockwood, Maude 52 Quarmby, Joe 54 Williamson, Tom Allen 56 Place, Claude Avison 58 Jowitt, Joseph 60 Lees, Willie

CHAPEL ST., MOLDGREEN. 1 Moldgreen Liberal Club (Fred Wylie, Caretaker) 1 Wylie, Fred 3 Thewlis, Walter 5 Kaye, Seth 7 9

Sykes, Martha Moss, Edith Ann 11 Greatley, Jane 13 Gill, Benjamin Abbot 15 Flanagan, Ernest 17 Owen, Edgar 19 Parkin, Fred 2aMcDonald, Edward 4aMiller, William Henry — Moldgreen Methodist Church — Barnes, C. C., Upholsterer and _ House 4 Benson, Arthur 6 Blackmore, Leslie 8 Blakey, Ellen 10 Haigh, Rowland


12 Balmforth, Willie 14 Liversedge, Ernest

CHAPEL ST., TAYLOR HILL. 1 Hirst, Elliott 3 Allison, Lewis Thorpe 2 Watkins, Albert William 4 Dyson, Walter 6 8

Wood, James Jessop, Harold 10 Matthews, Will 12 Tate, Irvine 14 Bradshaw, Mary Beatrice 16 Harris, Norman 18 Brook, David Crosland 20 Robshaw, Edward Bradley © 22 Brougham, Ernest 24 Fletcher, Thomas 26 Sarsby, Edith Annie 28 Buckley, Harold

CHAPEL TERRACE, CROSLAND MOOR. 1 Whiteley, Wilfred 3 James, Willie 5 Hardcastle, George 7 Vickers, Wheatly 9 Lee, Arthur 11 Avison, Hilda 13 Murphy, Ernest 15 Barraclough, George ie 17 Hall, Elsie 19 Beaumont, Wilfred 21 Townend, Watson 23 Wagstaff, Clarence 25 Steel-Brook, George Henry

er Here 1s Thomas Street

27 Kaye, Harry 29 Kaye, Frank 31 Thompson, Allen 2 Shaw, William 4 Moorhouse, John 6 Lister, Eliza Hannah 8 Dawkins, Walter Henry 10 Gartland, Thomas 12 Hirst, William 14 Calligan, Lawrence 16 Crowther, George 18 Haigh, Harriett Perchon 20 Calligan, Christina 22 Pearson, Jane 24 Seddon, Doris May 26 Gledhill, Arnold Baxter 28 Hinchliffe, Harold 30 Hirst, Ronald Baxter 32 Walkden, Charles Henry 34 Calligan, George 36 Taylor, George 38 Hughes, George Willie, Painter & Decorator 40 Mellor, Edith 40aHoyle, Tom 42 Harris, Reuben . 42aHolmes, William 44 Webb, Ann

Page 182


Chapel Terrace—continued. 46 Brook, Tom 48 Harmston, Albert Joseph 50 Battye, Haydn 52 Wilkinson, Ernest 54 Battye, Luke 56 Holmes, Alfred 58 Halstead, Alice 60 Townend, Harold

CHARLES AVENUE, QUARMBY. 1 Craven, Charles Halle 3 Simpson, Clifford 7 Jones, George 9 Jessop, Thomas Douglas 11 Hemsworth, Mary Elizabeth 13 Ballinger, Frederick Austin 2 Steele, Willie 4 Milner, Kenneth 6 Holroyd, Fred 12 Hawksworth, Annie

CHARLES STREET. 1/3 Horsfall, George 5 Burke, Agnes 5aWhittle, Charles William 7 Flaherty, Martin 9 Hall, Catherine 1] Duggan, Coleman 13 Carney, Michael 15 Livingstone, Arthur 17 Turner, Samuel 19 Ellam, Harriet 21 Foster, Fred 23 Cunningham, James 2 Jarratt, William 4 Haigh, Herbert 6 Stockwell, Harry 8 Jarratt, W., Boot and Shoe Repairer 10 Robinson, Harry ‘Here 45 Glass Alley — (Unoccupied) Helm’s Yard. 1/2 Doyle, James — Marchini, B., Garage, Ice Cream Dealer Taylor, J., Brush Maker — Horsfall, B., Decorator 14 Evans, William Pugh Ramsden Yard. McEvoy, James Cunningham, Michael Stringer, Herbert Reddington, James Kady, Margaret Cassidy, Margaret Prendergast, Mary Fox, Alfred Fox, Agnes 16 Allison, John, Joiner & Undertkr. — Brunton’s, Engineers, Millwrights and Smiths 18 Dyson, George 20 Martin, Ada 22 Hammond, Joseph



CHARLES STREET, CROSLAND MOOR. 1 Armistead, Herbert 3 Beaumont, Crossley 5 Thompson, David 7 Quarmby, Eliza 9 Hirst, Willie 11 Cocking, Joseph 13 Ellis, William ‘15 Lecomber, Henry 17 Brook, Arthur Lockwood 19 Pearson, Elsie 21 Shaw, Frank Here 1s Hawthorne Terrace 23 Ogden, A., Sweets, Tobacco, &c. 25 Woodhouse, Henry 27 Morelli, Dominic John ss Herve is William Street 29 Bayldon, Albert 31 Dyson, Harry 33 Bayldon, William Henry 35 Bayldon, Emily 37 Gee, Harry 39 Cliffe, Sybil 41 Wilson, Ethel 2 Graves, George Henry 4 Schofield, Jack 6 Horsfall, "Tom 8 Knight, Frank Harold’ 10 Gledhill, Edgar 12 Kaye, James 14 Cattan, George 16 Hutchinson, Sarah 18 Knight, Harry 20 Ellam, Ellen 22 Bottomley, Herbert 24 Gilhouley, Edward 26 Gregson, Annie 28 Redfearn, Maria Louise 30 Dickie, Minnie 32 Round, Alpheus 34 Kent, John Henry 36 Brook, Herbert 38 Firth, Mary 42 Grogan, James 44 Freeman, Fred 46 Horsfall, Herbert 48 Fisher, Elizabeth 50 Trueman, Richard Pew Balderson’s Yard. 1 Haigh, Herbert Edward 2 Burnside, Frederick 3 Clay, William 52 Beaumont, Frank 54 Armitage, ‘Harold — Turner, Ivor, Fish and Chips 56 Shaw, Walter 58 Rider, Arthur 60 Wormald, Susannah Lodge 62 Berry, William Henry

CHERRY NOOK ROAD, DEIGHTON. 1/3 Cooke, Thomas 5 Smith, Arthur 7 Marshall, Arthur

Page 183


Cherry Nook Road—continued.

14 16 18

Oddy, William I Woodworth, Thomas Edward .... Herve its Victoria Street Waring, ‘James Horne, Ernest Lawrence Blundell, William Seddon Lockwood, Harold Coward, Frank Hodge, Norman, “‘ Vin-Garth ”’ Garside, Gertrude Netherwood, Emila Woodcock, Brian Dawson Tolson, Stanley Swallow, Harry Sheard, Alfred Cliff, Frederick Marshall, James Fenton Haggis, Jabez Francis Oscar Boothroyd, Arthur Marshall, Frank Clay, Wilfred Woodhead, H., Sweets & Tobacco Fletcher, Walter (senr.)

18aFurniss, William 18bBaldry, Albert

20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36

SH bo


Lonsdale, N., Coal Dealer Crowther, Sherman Bush, Ada Cartwright, George Johnson Griffiths, Thomas Henry Baimbridge, Walter Walton, Joseph Kilner, Sheard Moorhouse, Fred Clay, George

CHESTNUT STREET, SHEEPRIDGE. Heywood, L., Boot & Shoe Repairer Oddfellows’ Lodge Club Thwaite, Frank Stuttard, Charles Day Higginson, Fred Walshaw, Rhoda Armitage, Albert Brook, Albert Douglas I Boothroyd, Edmund Kaye, Fred West, Emma Birkhead, Charles Hirst (senr.) Wilson, Herbert Lawton, John Edward Schofield, Clara Ellis, Garnett Mitchell, Stephen Walshaw Armitage, Brook Nunns, Tom Sykes, Sarah E. Pilkington, Bernard Woodhouse Church Schools Lunn, Albert, Decorator Beaumont, William Schofield, Ernest Jenkins, Robert Alfred


44 46


Smaje, Laurence Barton, William Edward

Sutcliffe, Edgar

Gaukrodger, John Henry Gill, Louisa Berry, Arthur Porter, Miriam Robshaw, Joseph Green, Mary Ann

CHURCH AVENUE, CROSLAND MOOR. Crosland Moor Parish Church Vicarage (Rev. C.F. Welch, Vicar) Crosland Moor Co-op. Industrial Soc., Ltd., Grocery Branch Midwood, Dyson Gaunt, Benjamin Jackson Ellam, Annie Armitage, Radcliffe Goddard, George Henry Simons, George Fountain Robinson, Harry Simpson, Herbert Field, Emma Berry, George Arthur Collins, Saville Crabtree, James Shaw, Emily Haigh, Frank Sykes, Bertha Thornton, Joseph Hey, Robert Brooke, Arthur Jeffries, Annie Brook, Davison Haigh, Herbert




Hughes, Agnes Armitage, Annie Maria Taylor, Fred Weir, Robert Reside Hargreaves, Alice Halstead, Alice Griffiths, Fred Taylor, Walter Fox, Thomas ‘ Thorley, James Brammer, Harry ... Herve is Batley Street Crowther, Fred Seymour, Lawrence Kough Marshall, Charles I Purvis, Marion Thompson, Laura Brown, Rose Hannah Pickering, George Hepworth, Isabella Wood, Albert Batley, Eliza Haigh, Philip George

FHeve.4s Leek Siveet:

Bentley, G. W., Grocer and Off Licence

Page 184



Church Lane—continued.


Proud, Wilfred Gladwin, Susannah Spence, Hedley Collins, Francis Thwaite, C. H., Boot Repairer

7 Fieve ts Church Street.

Firth, Norman Bottomley, Emma Heir, Leslie Bottomley, Ellen Atkinson, Harold Spivey, George Doherty, William Edward Stansfield, Fred Gladwin, John William Cooper, William Paver Moldgreen Infants’ School

-Whittaker, John Charles

Dransfield, Miriam Stead, Thomas Leonard Bocock, Herbert Taylor, Fred

_ Herve is Hampshire Street ...... Rhoades, Margaret Alice

Earnshaw, John Henry Wright, Herbert Hawkes, James Donohoe, Ethel Wheelhouse, Harold Beever, Harold Kaye, Alfred Brennan, Ellen Whiteley, Phyllis Horner, Ernest Moorhouse, Percy Hinchliffe, Eliza Hannah Clegg, Harry Winteringham, Ernest Berry, Leonard, French Polisher Milnes, Martha Dyson, George Dyson, John William Crowther, George Henry Dyson, Stanley Beaumont, Arthur Lindsay, John Akroyd, William Henry Sheard, Henry Moore, Joe Oldroyd, Sam Whitwam, Harold Fewsdale

60aTaylor, George Edmund

Sykes, Ethel Maria Whittell, Leslie Blezard, Thomas Drake, Fenwick Hill, Louisa Fredrica Dyson, Annie Machen, George North, Harry Jackson, Annie Ibbotson, Fred Jackson, James Alfred Cooksley, James


86 Goode, Walter William 88 Bennett, Arthur 90 Fletcher, Mrs. A., Grocer 96 Whiteley, Clifford 98 Lockwood, Herbert 100 Stead, H. I., Fish and Chips Here 1s Wood Street 102 Turton, Norman 104 Beaumont, William 106 Berry, Dickenson 108 (Unoccupied) 110 Coldwell, James 112 Wood, Stanley Robert

Brigg’s Terrace. Sykes, Harold Bywater, Carrie Eldred, Mary Ann McNulty, Peter Brown, Harry Hudson, Arthur Bottomley, Addison 114 Wood, Elizabeth Mount Zion. 116 Whitwam, Benjamin 116aJebson, Emily 118 Longbottom, Albert

CHURCH LANE, NEWSOME. 1 Hellawell, Lizzie 3 Brammer, Harry Kaye — Cooper, Geo., Savoy Fisheries, Fish and Chips — ee S., Pork Butcher, Grocer,


— Peel, “Malcolm: Chemist and ‘Op tician — Harry Stanley, Fruiterer — Pearson, Doris, Draper — Heppenstall, te Boot Maker and Repairer 7 English, Herbert 9 Schofield, Joe 2 Jenkinson, Harry Allwood 4 Whiteley, John 6 Eastwood, Frank 8 Scott, Walter 10 Schofield, Cyril 12 Mills, Sarah Martha 14 Mitchell, Agnes 16 Pollard, David 18 Crowther, Eric, Painter and Decorator

CHURCH STREET. 7 Hirst Bros., Drapers Herve is Wood Street ........0+0. 9 Matthewman, J., Gent’s Hair- dresser 9aGraham, J. W. & R., Electrical Engineers —— The Huddersfield and County Conservative Club, Ltd. ss Here is Wood Street — Jackson, Allen & Co., Decorators and Wallpaper Merchants

Page 185


Church Street—continued. — Huddersfield Corporation Public Library and Art Gallery, Somerset Buildings. Horace Goulden, F.L.A. (Librarian and Curator) - 10 Cartwright, Henry (Caretaker)

CHURCH STREET, CROSLAND — 1 Sutcliffe, ‘Arthur 3 Hildred, Thomas 5 Taylor, Ernest 7 Kelly, Charles Andrew 9 Quarmby, Thomas Archie 11 Cross, Walter 13 Eastwood, B. E., Painter and Decorator 15 Vickers, Christopher 17 Morton, Edward 19 Harris, William Alfred 21 Hirst, Frank 2 Teasdale, Clement 4 Whitehead, Seth 6 Haigh, Rollinson 8 McKay, James 10 Wrigley, John 12 Woodhead, Dorothy 14 Crossley, Joseph 16 Crowther, Edward 18 Jebson, Daniel 20 Jagger, Arthur 22 Mitchell, Lewis 24 Booth, Herbert 26 Hirst, Martha Ann 28 Crowther, Ernest 30 Newman, Walter Richard 32 Armitage, Sam 34 Pennington, Thomas Ernest 36 Garforth, Arthur 38 Thaw, Gervase 40 Clay, Watts 58 Vickerman, Hilda, Sweets and Tobacco

CHURGH STREET, LONGWOOD. — Mitchell, Ernest, ‘‘ Thornhill ”’ — Wharam, Mary E., ‘“ Thornhill ”’ — ‘Booth, Joseph, Croft Top Farm 1 Robertshaw, Edward 3 Green, Hilda - 5 Taylor, Joseph 7 Allen, George 9 Ramsden, Mellor. 11 Cliffe, Major 7 13 Searr, Ellen, Confectioner Heve is Ballroyd Lane 15 Lindley, Archie 17 Dyson, Norman, Butcher 37 McElroy, Helena 39 Mullally, Thomas 41 Gledhill, Joseph 43 Harrison, Ben 45 Sutcliffe, Lily : 47 Brooksbank, eer Pore - 49 Dyson, Lister 51 Thorp, Arthur


53 Addy, Lewis 55 Dyson, Mrs. J. M. , General Dealer and Confectioner 2 Chapman, Bob, Prospect Inn 4 Haigh, Harrison 6 Byram, Stanley 8 Keightley, William 10 Hellawell. Albert 12 Hutchinson, Austin 14 Bottomley, ‘Arnold 16 Pilling, Wilfred — 18 Haigh, Fred 20 Thornton, Mary 22 Ainley, George 24 Martin, Harry — Hirst, Sons, Ltd., Sunny Bank Mills, Fancy Woollen Manufacturers

CHURCH STREET, MOLDGREEN. 1 Ellis, Frank 3 Balmforth, Harry 5 Coldwell, Harry 7 Walker, Harold - 9 Parkin, Joe 11 Slater, Alfred 13 Slater, George Henry — Moldgreen Working Men’s Club 15 Taylor, James Herve is Highroyd Crescent 17 Oldroyd, David 31 Chambers, Harry 33 Hawkins, Eva Here 1s Highroyd — Moldgreen Church School 35 Dangerfield, Rev. A. T., Vicarage — Christ Church, Moldgreen 37 Boocock, Fred, Chimney Sweep 39 Madden, Reginald 41 Sykes, Charles Henry 2 Horncastle, John Wm., General Dealer 4 Pollard, Sarah 6 Driver, John 8 Roberts, Thomas I 10 Easter, Edgar Percival 12 Kaye, Adam 14 McArtney, Annie 16 Fletcher, Tom 18 McGlynn, Edith 22 Edwards, Albert (Schoolhouse) Caretaker — Moldgreen Council School — Holmes, Herbert, Haulage Contractor 28 Holmes, Hbt., General Dealer 30 Taylor, ‘William : 32 Hamill, E. T. L., Window Cleaner 34 Green, Martha Ann 3 36 Newton, Francis 38 Armitage, Jane 40 Hall, Robert Here 1s Schofield Lane 42 Muscroft, Ernest 44 Tibbott, Charles Edward 46 Dearnley, Llewellyn

Page 186


Church Street—continued. 50 Bray, Sam 54 Waddington, Walter ets Here is Brook Street 56 Townend, Brook Ingham 58 Brock, William White 60 Lee, George 62 Lancaster, Fred 64 Etty, Ellen CHURCH STREET, PADDOCK. 1/3 Day, Harold, Fish and Chips 7 Broadbent, Lister 5 Ireland, C. A. 9 Robshaw, J. W. 11 Sharpe, Joseph Henry — Hill Top Co-operative Society, Ltd., Grocery & Provisions 19 Naylor, Annie 21 Rushworth, William 23 Aspinall, Irvin 25 Kelly, James 27 Martin, Eric 29 Heywood, Emma 31 Thompson, Richard Arthur 33 Thewlis, J. . 35 Armitage, Mary Hannah 37 Quarmby, Herbert 39 Birkhead, Annie Louisa 41 Dodson, John William anos cup Herve is Lark Street Here is Speedwell Street ......... 43 Watson, Willie, Commercial Inn 45 Daniels, Boswell Brister Cooper .47 Rhodes, Mitchell 49 Taylor, Fred 51 Dyson, Robert Allen 53 Brock, Henry 55 Booth, Clara 57 Lorriman, A. A., Boot and Shoe Repairer 59 Morley, Henry 61 Lunn, Edith Jane 63 Hirst, Annie 65 Shaw, Tom 67 Gill, Harold 69 Beaumont, John Edward 71 Deal, George Henry 73 Alston, Mary Helen 75 Pitchforth, Thomas Henry 77 Fearnley, Sarah Ann 79 Ashton, Thomas Edward 81 Roddis, Edith Ellen 83 Turner, Ada 85 Dyson, Jack Alexander 87 Davison, Betty Ellen 89 Ashton, George Irvin 91 Green, Clarice M., Teacher of Music 93 Brook, Herbert 95 Scott, Emma 97 Grindrod, Herbert 99 Newsome, William Stainton 101 Rushworth, Norman Sugden 10laMitchell, John Thomas 103 Ainley, George Herbert


105 Beaumont, Lily 107 Siswick, Frank Nelson — Paddock Congregational Church Sunday School vb bee Here is West View — Paddock Congregational Church — Singleton, W. & J., Joiners and Undertakers : — Paddock Cricket Club Ground be Here is South View 119 Brier, Edgar 121 Brook, Mary 123 Wood, Walter 125 Marsden, John Charles 127 Clarke, Joseph Edward 129 Kaye, Mary Ann 131 Lumb, Allen 133 Hardy, Marion, Ladies’ Hosier 133aPaxton, Arnold 135 Travis, H., Confectioner 137 Redfearn, Christopher 139 Coates, Stephen 141/143 Haigh, Arthur, Fish & Chips 145 Marsden, Harry, Sweets and Tobacco 147 Shepherd, Jack 149aBailey, E. A. 151 Dyson, T., Grocer & Confectioner 153 Bradley, A., Paddock Sub-Post Office I 155 Noble, Albert, Greengrocer 157 Heaton, Lily 159 Sturgess, Sarah Ann 161 Edwards, Tom 16laBeaumont, James 163 Schofield, Tom 165 Hoyle, May — Heaton, Fred & Sons, Decorators, &e. 167 Mitchell, H. 169 Beaumont, Lewis 169aAnderson, Catherine Herve is Back South Street 171 Crowther, Edward, Beef and Pork Butcher 173 Dyson, J. W., Sweots & Tobacco Herve is South Street 175 Connally, Lillian 177 Chambers, Norman 179 Shaw, Boothroyd 181 Harpin, Joe 183 Newton, Charles 185 Brammer, John Kendall 187 Beighton, Godfrey 189 Beaumont, G. M., Butcher 191 Kettlewell, Frank Woodhead 193 Livesey, Sam 195 Broadbent, Tom 197 Firth, George 199 Bower, H., Fruit and Flowers 201 Beevers, M. A., Draper and Ladies’ Outfitter 203 Beels, Albert Sydney 205/207 Haworth, J.S., Sweets and Tobacco 209 Elstone, Samuel Harmon

Page 187


Church Street—continued.

211 Hirst, William Henry 213 Hopkinson, William 215 Stephenson, George Henry 217 Oddy’s, Fish and Chips

ta wees. Here is Clough Lane Drake’s Yard.

1 Trainer, Mary Catherine 2 Crossley, James 3 Wrigley, Wallace 4 Rowbottom, James 5 Dallagher, Ernest 6 Holt, Thomas 7 Jepson, Frank 8 (Unoccupied) 9 Lees, Wilfred 2 Clough, Walter Ellis, Glass, China and Hardware Dealer 4 Martin, Lily, Dining Rooms 6 Orme, J., Gent’s Hairdresser 8 Hirst, Norman, Butcher 10 Richardson, Aliec 12 Wood, Sarah Ann 14 Parkin, Frank 16 Carson, Alexander 18 Whitwam, Harry 20 Shaw, James 22 Holmes, Annie 26 Harrison, Henry Lester 28 Spencer, Sarah Jane 28 Jones’, Fruiterers & Fishmongers 30 Cliffe, Wilfred 32 Liversedge, John William 34 Boothroyd, Lydia 40 West, A. 42 Kaye, John Turner 44 Scott, Thomas 46 Barber, E. 48 Scott, Walter 50 Hartley, J. 52 Barker, Squire 52aDeal, G. — Linaker & Rogers, Whitesmiths & Locksmiths —- Friends’ Meeting House 54 Noble, Ernest Shaw 56 Longbottom, Hellawell 58 Riley, Riley Stocks 58aMcCreath, Samuel Beech 58bWood, Joe Simeon

ee Herve is Cross Church Street

60 Farmer, Rev. Frederick Richard — Paddock (All Saints) Parish Ch.


62/64 Park, R.S. (Park & Gawthrop), Phys. & Surg. — Paddock Methodist Church 66 Thornton, Joseph 68 Tremboth, Rev. W. V.

Herve 1s Branch Street

— Paddock Trinity Methodist Ch. 70 Coppe, Mary Anna 72 Littlewood, Fanny 74 Sykes, Geo. A., Decorator 76 Crowther, Archie 78 Quarmby, John William 80 Atkinson, Ackroyd 82 Wilkinson, Percy assem . Here is Heaton Road 84 Senior, Josep Frederick 86 Fairburn, Harold 88 Lewis, Herbert 90 Hartley, Charles Henry 92 Fairburn, Sarah Elizabeth 94 Parkin, Fred 96 Shaw, John William 98 Shaw, Fred 100 Eastwood, Joe 102 Ward, James Henry 104 Cuttell, Amy 104aYates, Mary Ann 106 Bottom, Sarah 108 Butler, Hetta 110 Milner, John William 112 Clarkson, Irvine 114 Baboner, Wm. 116 Singleton, H. W., Joiner and Undertaker 118 Bradley, Elizabeth 120 Sykes, Arthur 122 Bailey, Elizabeth 124 Siswick, Sarah 126 Taylor, John William 128 Spurr, Charles Heve.1s' North Street. 130 Holland, Rebecca 132 Binns, John 134 Lightowlers, Annie Sophia 136 Littlewood, Fred 138 Townend, Albert 140 Wilkinson, Sarah 142 Cocks, A. H., Ladies’ and Chil- dren’s Dressmaker 144 Whiteley, J. W., Teacher of Music 146 Pearson, Emma 146aShore, Harry 148 Whitehead, Lucy Ranfield 152 Scholefield, Herbert 154 Newsome, Harry





Newsagents, Booksellers, Librarians, Stationers, Printers, Bookbinders, etc.


Tel.: No. 1450.


Page 188



Church Street—continued.

(156 158

Shaw, Mary Hannah Schofield, Wm., Royal Oak Hotel

Heve 1s Luck Lame



CHURCH TERRACE, BERRY BROW. Haigh, James Oates Haigh, John T., Joiner, Builder and Undertaker Lord, Fanny Whitaker, Frances Amelia Senior, Eva I Herve ave Steps to Club Row ...... and Sunny Bank Senior, Nellie Bradley, Cecila Lockwood, Albert Oldham, Horace Oldham, Arthur Berry, Marcus Taylor, Herbert Finch, John Hinchliffe, Johnson Lomax, Leonard Buckley, Leonard Buckley, Charles — Boothroyd, Mary Ellen Lomax, Leonard, Chemist Jackson, Ainley, Butchers’ Arms ads Herve is Waingate Littlewood, May Kathleen, Ladies’ Hairdresser Stuart, Harrison, Black Bull Htl. ... Herve is Bank Foot Lane .........



11 13

15 17 19 21 23 25

27 - 29 31 33 35

Mason, Richard Betley, Olive May Haigh, Henry Cutts, — Berry, Walter Walker, Law Goodyear, J. E., Ladies’ and Children’s Hairdresser . Bannister, Perry Edward Nicholson, Arthur Carr, Robert

‘Sunderland, John

(Unoccupied) Leadbeater, —, Boot and Shoe Repairer Mellor, John Lockwood, Barbara Stephenson Haigh, Sam (Unoccupied) Whitaker, Jesse William

35aSandford, Frank

37 39 4] 43 45 47 2 4

Milnes, Arthur Herbert Barker, A. S., M.S.F., Chiropodist Nevitt, Joseph Chinn, Julia Emma Hall, Violet May Broadbent, F.. Holt, Harry Taylor, Horace Herman

4aMcCann, John


Finch, Maude Vera

6aDavison, William


Malam, Elizabeth Jane

8aFurniss, Edward




Here is Eleanor Street Swift, Harold Forsyth, Matthew Dick Spencer, Fred Maw, John William Bruce, Dorothy Stuttard, Lilly Wilks, Frances Louisa Birkhead, Arthur Ramsden, Arnold Veitch, Frederick William Longbottom, Rhodes Bennett, Emily Broadhead, Frederick Scholes Williams, Percy Henry Caygill, Joseph Blackburn, Arthur Edward Carney, George Robert Hyslop, James John Smith, Robert Henry

CLARE HILL. Shelley, Frank Robert Thirsk, Kenneth Alfred Paxton, Alice Maud Gallagher, P. Watson, Cuthbert Timmins, Elizabeth Alice Stott, James Edwin Finlayson, James John Incorporated Accountant Huddersfield & District Victoria Sick Nurses’ Association, House’”’ (Sick Nursing). Matron : Mrs. F. M. Underhill Albany Hall (Skating Rink). Manager : Chas. Wetherald. First Church of Christ Scientist

Huddersfield & District Victoria Sick Nurses’ Association (Maternity) Unoccupied

Brennan, John


Davison, Henry

eas Here is Rook Street

Lockwood, Ruth

ilies Here is Bath Street

Herve is Belmont Street Woolstenhulme, John

CLAYTON FIELDS (Off Birkby Lodge Road). Smith, Herbert Richardson, William Catton, Arthur Warwick, Sydney Edgar Hoyle, Honor Fletcher, Cecil Pearson, John

Page 189


Clayton Fields—continued.

8 9

Platts, Norman Butterworth, Fred

10 White, Arthur


Spencer, Harry

12 Mannion, James Martin 13 Clay-Thomas, Ronald

... Footpath leading to Edgerton and ...

Birkby Road


1 3 7 9 1]

13 15

Riding, Roland Kaye, Fred Dyson, Henry Wainwright, Arthur Gledhill, Ada Laura Swift, Elizabeth Ogden, Joe Haigh, Percy Bennett Townend, Albert Frederick Goldthorpe, Percy — Burns, Thomas Crossland, Annie Hamilton, Cyril Kaye, Ada Dimmer, Reginald James George Catton, Francis Irvin Hall, Norman Harton, Louis Ernest Hargreaves, Allen Brooksbank, Hannah Hellawell, Harry Beaumont, Thomas Goodwin, Zilla Unwin, William Archer, Horace Holdsworth, Joe Reed Goldthorpe, Luther Blackburn, Percy Hall, Albert Gordon Braime, William Whiteley, James Edgar Whiting, William Lester ~ Hamilton, Wallace Llewellyn Broadbent, Henry Newsome, Ethel Thornton, Edward Littlewood, Thomas William Walker, Bertram Crawshaw, Fred Fielding, Emma Jane North, Herbert Leonard Wilks, Todd, Percy Radcliffe, Norman Kendal Brook, Willie Platts Starkey, Mary Ellen Moorhouse, Tom Haigh, Annie Maria Scholey, William Walker, Fred Bates, Harold Lumb, Herbert William Dyson, Elizabeth Mary

Lockwood, Alice Finch Here is Dorset Street


32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46


Brook, Lavinia Greener, Sarah Stringer, Annie

Brook, Annie

Hadwin, Mary Ann Lockwood, John Lister Asquith, Herbert Oliver Kitson Hepworth, Amy CLEMENT STREET, CROSLAND MOOR. Haigh, Emma Littlewood, Maurice Emmott, William Percival Mallinson, John Bureau, Edwin Pierre Senior, Norman John Mitchell, Ruth Annie Crosland, Albert Jackson, Robert Herman Cawthra, Francis William Here 1s College Street East Scaman, Herbert Charles Thorpe, Sam Shaw



Here is Marsh Grove Road Drinkwater, Sam Edward ... Heve is Forrest Avenue Wilton, Stuart Richard Longbottom, Frank Chappell, Frederick Pogson, Jane Stead, Frederic Carr Thompson, John Lowe Hall, Samuel Whitehead Hudson Gott, James I Roberts, Violet Eva Beaumont, Walter Leonard Archer, John Gledhill, James Garside Asquith, Annie Hirst, Ernest Edwin Garside, Mary Beaumont, Jane White, Arthur Verey Graham, Herbert Holmes, Emily Haigh Walker, Frank Carter, Edwin Hellawell Peckett, Clarice Priestley ... Here is Syringa Street Firth, Amy Brammald, Alonzo Hiley, Frank Liddell, Charles (Unoccupied) Robinson, John Richard Robinson, J. & Son, Property Repairers and Plasterers Parker, Nancy Brearley, Harry

Page 190


Cleveland Road—continued. 93 Anson-Crowther, Robert Henry 95 Wilkinson, T. A. 2 Broadbent, Bryan Lynn 4 Crowther, Robert 6 Garside, — Here is Sunny Bank Road 16 Ashburner, E. H., B.Arch., A.R.1.B.A. 18 Story, Herbert 20 Hirst, Guy Leslie 22 Brayshaw, John Richard 24 Lunn, Edgar 28 Crosland, Charlotte Annie 30 Gledhow Preparatory School for Boys—Principal, M. A. Latham 32 Wilson, Arthur Ernest 34 Archibald, Roger Campbell 36 Yates, Arthur Percival 38 Loney, Sydney 40 Walton, Mary Elizabeth 42 Broadbent, George Stephen 44 Storry, Tom Walker 46 Galloway, Maria : 50 Sykes, Florence Ethel 52 Sykes, Gabriel - 54 Hepworth, Ann Elizabeth 56 Kaye, Mary Anne 58 Kaye, Thomas 60 Thomson, Annie 62 Taylor, Edward 64 Davison, Ennis 66 Moore, Susannah 68 Firth, John Lyttleton 70 Smith, Lindon Taylor 72 Brier, Mary Ellen Herve is Syringa Street 74 Moore, Wallace 76 Denton, Jack — Marsh Methodist Church Schools

CLIFFE END ROAD, LONGWOOD. 21 Tomlinson, Frank 23 Johnson, Harold 25 Smith, Robert 27 Iredale, Betsy 29 Pogson, Arthur 31 Wagstaffe, Emma 33 Hirst, Walker 53 Cotton, Annis 55 Firth, Willie 57 Burgess, John William I 59 Rodgers, Martha 61 Hickman, Wilfred 63 Blackburn, Andrew 65 Thompson, Amelia 67 Baxter, Emily 69 Whiteley, Arthur 71 Weavill, Harry 73 McDougal, Albert 75 Rothery, Herbert 77 Hebblethwaite, Caroline 79 Drabble, Mary Hannah 81 Ramsden, Louisa 83 Dyson, Emmeline 2 Hampson, Ernest



2aSchofield, Emma, Sweets and Circulating Library 4 Hirst, John Henry 4aTweed, Herbert 46 Vicarage, Albert William 48 Baxter, Herbert 50 Dalton, Ann 52 Siswick, Fred 54 Haigh, Harry 56 Siswick, Edgar 58 Riley, Mary 60 Calvert, Kathleen 62 Stevens, Lucy Mabel 64 Gledhill, Annie 66 Sayles, Jack 72 Singleton, George Edward 74 Bray, Anna 76 Milnes, Harriet 78/80 Whiteley, James Arthur, Boot and Shoe Repairer 82 Copley, Ben 84 Hoskin, George 86 Lockwood, Eric 88 Siswick, Alice 90 Balmforth, Fred Garnett 92 Liversedge, James 94 Habron, John 96 Bray, Willie 98 Thompson, Charles 100 Barnes, Ellen 102 Haigh, John Eastwood 104 Morley, Henry Horsfold - 106 Ainley, George

CLIFTON ROAD, MARSH. 1 Sharpe, Frank 3 Kendall, Thomas William 5 Ineson, Mary 7 9

Mills, Albert Ernest Mills, Frances 11 Maliinson, Jessie 13 Warwick, Janet 15 Warburton, Elizabeth Ann Herve is Lawrence Road ......... 17 Hargreaves, Florence Mabel 19 Siswick, Ann 21 Siddle, Richard Arthur 23 Kaye, Annie Mildred 25 Walker, William Allen 27 Johnson, H. J. 29 Collins, Clarence R. T. 31 Hobson, Donald 33 Hampson, Charles Alfred 2 Liversedge, Lena 6 Tomlinson, Frederick William 8 Davies, Gulliver Thomas George 8aGoldthorpe, Ernest 10 Hays, George 12 Haigh, Fred 14 Kitson, George Frederick 16 Crossley, Mary Elizabeth 18 Gardiner, Edward Albert Thomas 20 Knowles, Jim 22 Winterbottom, Kaye ease Here is Lawrence Road ......... 24 Harrison, Richard Henry

Page 191


Clifton Road—continued.

26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40


55 57 59 61 63 12

64 66 68 70 72 74 76 78 80 82

.... Here is Rarcroft Road

Grayson, John Hanson, Eleanor Mary Hall, William Thornton, Clara Crowther, Arnold Saville Crossland, Marian Louisa Duffin, Wilfred Davey, A. T. ... Herve is Grasmeve Road

CLOSE HILL LANE, NEWSOME. Close Hill Industrial & Provident Society, Ltd., Boot Repairing Dept.

Brooke, Janet Hirst, Wilfred Hallas, Arthur Lodge Kaye, A. I., Fish and Chips Ramsden, Ernest King, Thomas Burley, John Sanderson Taylor Hill Working Men’s Club— Caretaker, Tom Swindon

Roberts, Lister

Hardcastle, Jack Thompson Heath, John Holmes, Sidney Dyson, Harold Sheard, Arthur Clegg, Stanley White, John Daniel Herve is Blagden Lane .....++++ Close Hill Industrial & Provident Society, Ltd.—Office, Drapery, Grocery, Boots and Shoes and Butchering Depts. Cartwright, William Bickerdyke, Arthur Sykes, Frank Crow, Isaac Ramsden, John William Broadbent, Elizabeth Manchester, Arthur Dyson, Harry Senior, Frank Horton, Frederick Joseph


1/5 The Fifty Shilling Tailors,

Ladies’ and Gent’s Tailors

3 Co-operative Insurance Society.

7 9

Ltd. Washington, A. E., Hatter, Hosier and Shirtmaker Rita, Gown Specialist, &c.

9aWalker & Aldridge, Saddlers and

11 11 11

Leather Goods Makers Abbey & Hanson, Architects, Land Surveyors and Valuers Permanent Supply Co.—Rep., G. Dickens Brierly, G. K. & Co., Stock and Share Brokers


13 Dawkins, W. H., Jeweller and


13aSinger Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.,



Sewing Machine: Manufrs. Vance’s Chambers. 15 Reeve, Miss, Ladies’ Hair-

dresser 17 Millwood, Arthur, D.O., Qsteopath 21 ‘‘ Yorkshire Post ’’ Branch Office

22 Shaw, Walter, Wool Merchant 23 Dawson, Edwin & Son, Wool & Waste Merchants Ineson, Thos. R., Incorporated Accountant 24aGilbert & Co., Smallware Merchants 25 Butterworth, H. & 8., Woollen and Worsted Manufacturers, Yew Tree Mills Hall, George (Huddersfield), Ltd., Drapery, Linen, &c., Depts. King’s Head Arcade. 1 Netherwood, Dalton & Co., Ltd., Printers, &c., Cax- ton Works, Bradley Mills Road. 3 Horne, Miss Margaret, Ladies’ Hairdresser 5 “* Cliffe,’’ Sweets, &c. 7 Sanderson, M., Underwear Specialist — Cloth Hall Branch Post Office 2 Beacon Bakery, Bakers and _ Confectioners 4 Chillingsworth, L., Radio and Musical Instrument Dealer 6 Hales, Alice, Milliner, &c. 8 Parisian Pleating Co. (Branch Office), Pleating, Stitching, &c., Specialists


10 Hallas, Harold, Pork Butcher

12 (Unoccupied) King’s Head Yard. — Drake, G. H., Tailor and Costumier I — Wylde, Arthur, Tea & Coffee Merchant — Wiilans, Wm. & Co., Wool Merchants (Warehouse) Mair, A., Ltd., Fine Art Dealer King’s Head Buildings. 1 Phoenix Assurance Co.,. Ltd.— London Guarantee & Acci- dent Co., Ltd. 2 Provincial Insurance Co., Ltd.,. Drapers’ & General Insur-. ance Co., Ltd. 3 Fine Art & General Insurance I Co., Ltd. 4 Ellam’s Duplicator Co., Ltd., Duplicator Manufacturers and Supplies 5 (Unoccupied)

Page 192



Cloth Hall Street—continued. I

-6 National Farmers’ Union Mutual Insurance Co., Ltd.—Avon Insurance ‘Ltd. “4 Wrigley, Morton, Ladies’ and Gent’s Tailor 8/9 Withers, J. T., M.S.F., Mas- seur and Joint Specialist 10/11 Liversidge, Miss, Chiropo- dist 12 Huddersfield Mutual Plate Glass Insurance Co., Ltd. — 13/14 Carr, Stanley, Chartered ! Accountant 15 Mendel, Jules (Howse, Mead & Sons, Inc.) 16 London & Manchester Assur- ance Co., Ltd. 17/19 1 Mallalieu, Parfitt & Co., Insurance Brokers 18 Tote Investors, Ltd., Turf Accountants ; 20 Milnes, F. & Co., Wool Mrchts. Seddon, J. H., White Hart Hotel

- Midland Bank Ltd.

Laycock, Dyson & Laycock, Solicitors

... Herve is Chancery Lane

Halifax Building Society, Cloth Hall Street Branch

3 Ecuitable Bank Chambers.

I Cartwright & Fieldhouse,

10 12

14 14

Solicitors — — Booth & Topping, Accountants - and Auditors (Unoccupied) Laycock, Guy V., Ltd., Electrical Engineers and Contractors

Cloth Hall Chambers.

Chappell, Frederick, F.A.I., Auctioneer and Valuer Lees, J. W., Ladies’ & Gents’ _ Hairdresser Sherlock, R. F., Manufac- turers’ Agent 1 I Beevers, J. Engraver Skipper’s Photographic Service ** Cynthia,” I.adies’ Hairdresser Lacy, E. A., F.S.M.C., F.1.0., Qualified Optician

Balmoral Buildings.

3. Eecles, John, Ltd., Cotton Spinners, Upper Aspley Mills 7 Lee, Frederick & Son, Accountants 12 Robinson, H., Turf Commis- sion Agent 15 Wilkinson, H., Insurance Broker 17 Morton Bros., Tailors and Costumiers


24 Exley, A., Turf-Commission Agent 25 Gothard. T., Ladies’ and Gent’s Tailor Walker, P. M., Ltd., Paint Robinson, H. & Son, Grocers and Provision Merchants


28 30


Munt, George Beaumont, Hilda . Cox, Mary


1 2

3 4

1 3

5 7

9 11 13 15

Hardy, Helena Sykes, Alice Sandford, Lily Worsley, Sarah Ann

CLOUGH LANE, . PADDOCK. Hirst, George ~ Calvert, Edith Heve:ts Croft. Street Lassey, Albert Eastwood, A., Joiner & Under- taker Hewson, Harold Arthur Redvers Butterworth, Ida Moore, Henry Cuttell, Annie Elizabeth Benbow, Martha Swallow, James Frederick Marsden, John Allen Brown, Sidney Hardy, Edith Ann Stephenson, James Taylor, John William Boothroyd, Emma Lees Green, James Bray, A. E., Boot Repairer Chapman, Fanny ae Hoyle, Mary Hannah Kendal, Margaret Bennett, Minnie Lee Elam, Albert Shaw Broadbent, John William Here is Hili Terrace, Johnny ...... Moor Hill

CLOUGH ROAD, BIRKBY. Exley, John Thomas Waterhouse, Charles Edward Wilkinson, James Henry Rees, Donald Fletcher, Clifford Hawksworth, Arthur Wadsworth, William Gannon, James Haselden, Eleanor Pitchforth, Benjamin Sheard, Matthew Carter Bottomley, Willie Squire


Sykes, Harry Brearley. Dawes, Frank .. Goodall, Ernest

Page 193


Clough Road—continued. 33 Sayer, Felix William 35 Jackson, John 37 Guest, Thomas 39 Hodgson, Alfred 41 Eastwood, Ernest 43 Broughton, Percy

Herve 1s Cowcliffe Hill Road ......

6/8 Bill, Harold, Fish and Chips 10 Hinchliffe, George 12 Bower, Herbert Louis Foster 14 May, Herbert 16 Fielding, John Hopkinson 18 Sheard, William Henry 20 Hirst, Arthur 22 Clifford, Charlie 24 Beaumont, Alfred Cooke, Mosley Price, Stanley Auty, Albert Megson, Stanley Sykes, Charles Blandford, Ernest Whiteley Hardy, Lawrence Kaye, Harry Hirst, Harriet Ann © Wykes, Theresa Augusta Maymand, Miriam Liverseidge, Edgar Here is Scale Hill


5 Beaumont, Marian 7 Wimpenny, Mary Ann 9 Haigh, Emily 1 Haigh, Matthew 3 Haigh, Louisa

COAL PIT LANE, BRADLEY. 1 Horner, Joseph Hardy

COAL PIT LANE, OUTLANE. Eastwood, Albert. Firth, Joe Pilling, Edith Mary Mount Mission Schofield, Fred Speight, Walter Nutton, Sarah Hannah Haigh, Joseph Haigh, John Cookson, George Haigh, John Wm., East View Farm Hoyle, Thomas Firth, Harry Hubert 25 Taylor, Alice 27 Gledhill, Joe 27aTaylor, David William 29 Taylor, Walker 31 Lancaster, — 33 Wilson, Charles Edmund 35 Mellor, James 37 Walker, Benson

Steps leading to Chapel Street ......


39 4] 43 45 47 49 61 63 65 67 69 2

9 ll 13 15 17 19

53 55 2 + 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22

40 42

46 48 50 52 54 56


Dyson, John Edwin Haigh, Herbert Haigh, Martha Hirst, Mary Jane Ingleby, Herbert Armitage, Arthur Mitchell, James Edward Wood, Joseph Balmforth Greenwood, Thomas William Haigh, Hervey Garside, Harry Dixon, George Edwin Coal Pit Lane Poultry Farm— Prop., William Wood Gledhill & Balmforth, Joiners & Undertakers

COBCROFT ROAD. Fartown Liberal Club—Morris Dakin, Caretaker Rushworth, Joe Alfred Beaumont, Tom Stansfield Butler, Arthur Hirst, Harry Howard Wood, Fred Perrin, Frederick

5 Here ts Percy Street .... Here is Abingdon Street

Crawshaw, Herbert Dyson Tucker, Charles Reginald Newsome, Joe Farrand, Olive

.... Herve is Wasp Nest Road......... .... is Woodbine Road .........

Gray, John William Bolton, Philip Hope, Alfred William Doughty, Thomas Henry Cookson, Alfred Alford, Frank Gill, George Henry Rowe, J. Mackman, William Henry

.... Heve 1s Buckrose Stveet

Bowman, Harriet Annie Doughty, Joseph Hillyard Whitwam, Frank Boothroyd, — Here ts Perey a. cass Clayton, John Herbert Halstead, John Kenneth ... Heve is Wash Nest Road ......... Saville, Wilfred Riley, Arthur Morley, Patrick Schofield, Denis Harrison, Margaret Ruck, Thomas


1 7 9 11

Gledhill, Gerald Corless, Joseph Woodhouse, Laura Ellen Moorhouse, Walter

Page 194





3 Jenkinson, Ivy


7 9 11 6 8 10




24 26 28 32 34 36 38 40 42

44 46

Senior, Joseph Garner, Ruth Dawson, Sarah Ann Watts, Fred Mitchell, Frederick Arthur Jones, John Francis Kaye, Helena Binney .... Heve 1s Newlands Road Pearson, Joe


Crosland Moor Church School Ward, Ernest Ellis, Leonard Harrison, Frank Smithson, N.&., Property Repairer Barker, Edgar Jackson, John William Kaye, Emily Hill, Frank Wood, H. Nichol, Selina Cooper, Albert Edward, Joiner & Undertaker Waddington, Frank Maude, Sam Beaumont, Jane Taylor, Jack 7 Walklett, Frank Woodhead Kaye, Charles Fredric Heywood, Arthur Kenneth Crossland, William Arthur Whitwam, Ellen Bake, Lavinia Riley, Jack Brooke, John Edward Ramsden, Harriet Baxter, Florence Beatrice Elinor Bottom, John Thornton Bottom, Lewis Shaw, Hannah Quarmby, Emma Woodcock, S. L. Shaw, Herbert Brook, Tom Blackburn, Joseph Rothery Gill, Allen Marshall, Harry Hanson, Lewis Garner Robinson, Emma Parkin, Mary Hannah Radcliffe, Fred Hinchliffe, John Wood, Clara Garside, Ernest Milner, Vincent Crompton, Sarah Jane Whiteley, Walter, Boot and Shoe Repairer Sykes, Henry Baxendale, Harriett


48 50 52 54 56

Shaw, George Henry Boothroyd, Lucy Dyson, Norman Berry Brooke, Mary Ann Greenfield, Clarence Feather, James Pickering, Joseph Haigh, Edith Boothroyd, Addison Baxter, Ada Brown, George Wrigley, Herbert Hobson, Lewis Thornton, Lydia Ann Dyson, Wilfred Granville Crowther, Elsie Brook, Wilfred Whitteron, Samuel Boothroyd, James Hepworth Stringer, Albert Lockwood Tomlin, Joseph Alfred

COLLEGE STREET EAST, MOOR. Longthorpe, William

-Ellis, Thomas Carter

Dransfield, William Swindlehurst, Jane Barron, Horace William Marsden, F. W. Dearnley, Frances Amelia Richardson, Charles Battye, Thomas Henry Wilkinson, Herbert Arthur Green, Jim Senior, Oswald Francis, Alexander Newsome, S. Sutcliffe, Sydney Arthur Walker, Charles Kaye, Allen Kaye, William Gawthorpe Cooksey, Frederick George Lumb, Fred Cuttell, Ernest Wagstaff, Harold Ismay, Grace Fearnley, Alfred Moore, Wallis Naylor, Charles Shaw, David Ernest Dean, Lewis Brindle, John Harold Lumb, Annie Seott. F. Riley, Frank Boothroyd, Ben Boothroyd, Wilfred Sykes, Arthur Thorpe, B. Booth, James Pontefract Warwick, William Edward Hardy, Fred Burgess, Samuel Robert

Page 195


COLNE BRIDGE ROAD, BRADLEY. Brook, James, Confectioner, Tobacconist, &c. Addy, Stanley, Boot Maker and Repairer Hirons, James Addy, Stanley Beaumont, Louisa Riley, William 13 Ledgard, Mary 15 Sheard, Cyril 17 Leatham, Samuel Brook 19 Bradley and Colne Bridge Working Men’s Club and Institute— J. A. Hey, Caretaker — L.B. Holliday & Co., Ltd., Cricket Club Ground 49 Sharp, David 51 Buckley, Mary Ann 55 Derham, Thomas Colne Bridge Mills. Mellor, Harry & Co., Ltd., Woollen & Worsted Mfrs. Boothroyd Rugs, Ltd., Rug Manufacturers Whitham & Co., Woollen Mfrs. Diggle, M.A., Rev. Chas. Edwd., The Vicarage Colne Bridge House. Lodge, James Edward Hill Preston, William Cramer, Charles 8 Osborne, George Edward 10 Mitton, Sarah Elizabeth 12 Herrick, Henry 14 Beaumont, Norman 16 Farnsworth, Fred 28 Wood, John 30 Holster, Harry 36 Pollard, Lewis Brooke 38 Duley, Henry Robert 40 Jackson, Herbert Stanley 42 Carey, Henry 44 Carpenter, George

COLNE ROAD. Riley, Frederick Greaves, Fred Siswick, Mary Scholes, M. L., The Rose Inn Milnes, Lewis 11 Jackson, Lily llaLindsay, John — Lumb, J. & Sons, Ltd., Britannia Mills, Worsted Yarn Spinners Colne Mills. Taylors, John, Ltd., Woollen and Worsted Manufrs. Bates & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Yarn Spinners Aspinall Bros., Commission Yarn Spinners Herve is Queen Street South ...... 15 Sykes, L., Off Licence, Sweets & Tobacco


— Ol oo




17 Lee, Joseph 19 Ainley, Annie 21 Stimson, M. G., Sweets, Confec- tionery and Tobacco 23 Schofield, Ernest Norman 25 Dodson, Agnes 27 McIntyre, Martin

Horsfall’s Yard. 29 Vickers, James 31 Render, Ernest Fox 33 Flaigh, Stanley — Hall, Herbert, Coach Builder and Painter 35 Swan, Joseph 35aRender, Arthur 37 Lecomber, James 39 Hall, Albert 41 Belbin, Selina 43 Taylor, George 45 Cocking, H. 47 Armitage, Percy — Haworth, C. & Son, Sheet Metal Workers — Walls, A., Radio Engineer 49 Calvert, Rawson 51 Murray, Frank 53 Haigh, J. H., Baker & Confectioner 53aThe Reliance Welding Co., Elec- tric and Oxy-Acetylene En- gineers 55 Hughes, E. & B., Sub-Post Office, Sweets and Confectionery 57 Farrand, A. W., Fish and Chips — The Eldon Combing Co., Ltd., Wool Combers and Top Makers — Wadsworth, T., Organ Builder — Robinson, W. H., Ltd., Metal & Machinery Merchants — Elear Electric Co., Electrical Engineers 4 Sowerbutts, William Henry — Hirst & Hutchinson, Automobile Engineers 6 Brook, Henry & Co., Ltd., Iron Founders and Structural Engineers Sykes, Maggie — Hutchinson, Hollingworth & Co., Ltd., Atlas Works, Loom Makers 18 Walsh, John, Sweets & Tobacco — Charlesworth, J., Textile Machine Maker (Foundry) — Sykes, L., Monumental Mason


sev Herve is Footbridge leading to ......

Whitehead Lane — Driver, J. W. & Co., Ltd., Union Mills, Pile Fabric Manufrs. — Haigh, James, Ltd., Globe Works, Dyers and Finishers — Hanson, Dale & Co., Ltd., The Leadworks, Lead Rolling Mill — The Huddersfield Ice and Cold Storage Co., Ltd.

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Colne Road—continued. — Barlow, H. B., & Hocknell, Ltd., King’s Bridge Mill, Wire Heald Manufacturers — Westin, W. S., Electrical and Mechanical Engineer 20 Booth, H., Bridge Inn

COLNE STREET, ASPLEY. Benson’s Square. Page, George Edward Machan, Elizabeth Hodgson, Alice Brook, Fred. Holland, Victoria Smith, George Ratlidge, John George Benson, Percy 1 Lawton, Herbert — Mills, Edwin & Sons, Ltd. Aspley Works, Hydraulic Engineers 2 Clark, Wilfred 3 Whiteley, Walter Mann 4 Redman, Walter 5 6


Corder, Lucy Barden, W., Fly Boat Inn 11 Shaw, J. 12 Shaw, Sarah Ann 13. Dunne, Patrick 14 Stead, Joe 15 Garside, Fred 16 Briggs, Mary 17 Phillips, Henry John 18 Horn, Georgina 19 Eastwood, Eli 20 Wilson, Emma 21 Canham, Nellie 22 Silcock, James Riding 23 Jagger, Henry 24 Moorhouse, Jack 25 Fleetwood, Leonard 26 Moorhouse, Henry 27 Sykes, William Henry

COLNE STREET, PADDOCK. Davies, Robert Dyson Elliott, Robert Armitage, H., Hearthrug Manfr. Coggin, Ruth Ann Settle, Amelia Hirst, Frank L., Talbot Hotel Jennings, Sarah Ellen Armitage, Harry McIntosh and Thompson, Phy- sicians and Surgeons

COLNE TERRACE, ASPLEY. 1 Taylor, Charles William 2 Shakeshaft, Harriet 3 Senior, John William 6 Calvert, G. 7 Coldwell, Wilson 8 9

—_ Oe DH OOO

Armitage, Louisa Newton, N. E. Charlesworth, Joshua Brunton Woodfield

11 Macdonald, Thomas Joseph 12 Popplewell, Charley 13 Strong, Ernest George 14 (Unoccupied) 15 Shore, Fred

COLWYN STREET, MARSH. 1 Barrow, Alice Olive 3 Crawshaw, Clara — Holdsworth, James & Bros., Ltd., Marsh Works, Card Clothing Manufacturers 5 Clayton, Norman 7 Graham, Andrew Harold 9 Sunderland, Ernest I 11 Townsend, William Wilkinson 13 Lomax, Harold 15 Clarke, James

sean aga Herve is Imperial Road .........

17 Holmes, Percy 19 Dougherty, Claude Heywood 21 Lockwood, — 23 Raistrick, Muriel 25 Mallock, John _— 27 Hickman, Thomas Stanley 29 Calvert, John 31 Lockwood, Joe William 2 Matthewman, Fred 2aCooke, Margery Cicely 4 Raynor, Frederick 6 Mellor, Constance 8 Walker, David 10 Thorpe, Peter Henry 12 Shuttleworth, Percy Thomas 14 Pickles, Benjamin 16 Hammersley, Bertram 18 Crowther, Joe 20 Whitfield, David Shaw 22 Riley, Ada 24 Eastwood, Hannah 26 Telfer, Ernest 28 Greenwood, Frank

Herve is Imperial Road

30 Bradley, Harry 32 Woodhead, Martha Alice 34 Farrer, Norman Hirst 36 Brook, Benjamin 38 Sunley, Robert 40 Fitton, Emily Edith 42 Rigby, Francis Arthur, Registrar of Marriages. 44 Broadhead, James Arthur 46 France, Charlotte Annie 48 Crowther, Benjamin 50 Anderson, William

COMMERCIAL STREET. Milnes, Minnie Marshall Sykes, Phillip 5 Sykes, John Wm., Tailor Greaves, Florence 9aBerry, William 11 Grundy, Emily Walker

- 13 Day, Clorinda

15 Maltby, Mary Jane 17 Broadbent, Lena

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Commercial Street—continued. Grafton Place. laMellor, Nellie Hammond, James Ellis Wilson, James Boyes Robinson, Annie (Receiving Office Cottage Laundry) Shaw, George Harry Tetlow, Clara Dawson Shore Bank. Pickles, Arthur Beard, Joseph Jagger, Wilson Emmerson, John 19 Hewitt, Joseph 21 Glennon, Patrick 23 Mellor, Frank & Sons, Plasterers & Property Repairers 25 Perkins, A. G., Drysalter & Indigo and Aniline Colour Merchant 27 Bradley, William Moorhouse Commercial Square. Hague, William, Sub-Post Office & General Dealer John Stephen Lemon, Peter Harper Thomas Hanley, Catherine Tracy, Catherine Thompson, John Robert Horsfield, Sarah Mosley, Hilda Bray, George Hepworth, Annie Mullaney, Fred Healey, Winifred Mary ** Elder House ”’ — Sunderland, Charles, ‘* Clunie House ”’ 27aJudge, Thomas Charles 29 Beaumont, Luke 31 Haigh, Thompson Commercial Place. 1 Kelly, Michael 2 Lally, Katie 3 Spencer, George 4 Haigh, William 5 Stenson, Edward .6 Wood, Kerenhappuch 7 Markey, Mary 8aWeston, Edith 9 Craven, Ann 10 Speight, Harold 11 Mallinson, Cyril Berry 12 Butlin, Annie 13 Abby, Emma Jane 14 Rowbottom, Fred 15 Turner, Jane Commercial Crescent. Dransfield, James Robert Drysdale, Robert Kemp, Harry Charlesworth, Thomas Henry Lumb, Harold Brook Peace, Victor

© 1 O10 Ou Qo bo




fmt peed

Ol © bO


8 Greenfield, Harry 9 Dempsey, Thomas 10 Mernagh, Maurice James 11 Hardcastle, Arthur Haigh 12 Jackson, Thomas Henry 33 Williams, Albert, Confectioner & General Dealer 35 Tracey, Frank 37 Brook, Alice Mary I 39 Brook, Annie 41 Bradley, Arthur 43 Hellawell, Emily 45 Lawrie, Thomas Borhill — Canney’s Motor Engineers, Garage and Service Depot 47 McCarthy, Rev. Father Michael 49 Ellis, Walter, Healds and Reeds Manufacturer 51 Taylor, Joseph, Mill Furnisher 2 Cryan, James 4 Crum, Alexander 6 North, John Henry 8 Bartlam, Annie 10 Stant, John Harvey 12 Rowley, William Joseph 14 Wilkinson, Frank 16 Clegg, Jessie Eliza Maud 18 Saunders, Frederick 20 Bleazard, Gertrude 22 Morley, Betsy

Cariton Terrace.

1 Brook, Thomas 2 Robinson, Tom 3 Atkinson, William Henry 4 Welsh, Winifred (senr.) 5 Oakes, John 6 Garrett, Harry 26 Hoyle, Levi 28 Holland, Jack, Radio and Elec- trical Engineer 30 Spencer, Tom 32 Thornton, Martha Ann 34 Wood, Ann Elizabeth 38 Stocks, Mary Jane — St. J oseph’ s Roman Catholic Church and School 40 Styles, Frederick William 40aKitson, Joe 42 Lynch, Thomas 44 Jackson, Emma 46 Golden, Arthur 48 Stanley, William Edmund 50 Ingram, James 52 Shaw, Reginald

Brierley’s Buildings.

1 Dransfield, Dennis 4 Taylor, Joseph .5 Wood, Daniel 6 Shaw, Edith Lilian 7 Day, Leonard 8 Tullett, Thomas 54 Lindsay, Mizelldine 56 Mannion, Patrick 60 Whiteley, A., Painter & Decorator

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Commercial Street.— continued. 62 Smith, Henry William 64 North, Ethel 64aPearson, Norman — Conroy, Sarah Ellen (Mill House)

ea AVENUE, DALTON. 1 Moorhouse, Charles Willie 3 Savage, Kathleen 5 Spencer, Clifford Megson 7 Greenfield, Herbert 9 Bolton, Harold 1l Stokes, Mark 13 Todd, George Arthur 15 Stubley, John Blackburn 17 Cooper, Amy Hannah 19 Oxley, Joe 21 Mitchell, Maud Marguerite 23 Radley, Daniel 25 Leslie, Morris 27 Mitchell, Herbert 29 Armitage, Pickles 31 Clayton, Jack 33 Dyson, Sam Berry 35 Ambler, Hilda Ellen 37 Clarkson, Edith 39 Hamilton, John Bernard 4] Pattinson, Joseph 43 Holberry, Wilfred Ernest 45 Hill, Clement 47 Brook, Sam 49 Eastwood, Richard Redman 51 Dibb, Harold hn be basse 6 Alma Drive 53 Davis. James William 55 Wilkinson, Charles Eric 57 Garland, Willie 59 Mason, Frank Arnold (senr.) 61 Hoole, Clifford 63 Rhodes, Wilfred 65 North, George William 67 Taylor, Horace 69 Forsyth, William 2 Stubley, Reginald Noel 4 Beaumont, Edgar 6 Greensmith, Harry 8 Jackson, George Edward 10 Jordan, Jane Helena 12 Westbrook, Charles Henry 14 Gibson, George Edward 16 Todd, Ellen 18 Spivey, Emilie 20 Atkinson, Harold 22 Porter, Thomas 24 Hampshire, Friend Halliday 26 Bradley, Frank 28 Hodgson, Percy 30 Hanson, Fred 32 Gibson, Fred 34 Ellis, Reginald 36 Briggs, Harold 38 Vowles, Albert Alfred 40 Harris, Rupert 42 Harrison, Alfred 44 Broadhead, — 46 Watson, Henry Ernest


48 Broadbent, Frederick Ernest 50 Dransfield, George 52 Broadbent, Orlando 54 Holt, Alfred 56 Hogan, Patrick Vincent 58 Earnshaw, John Albert 60 Pickles, James William

CORBY STREET, BIRKBY. 1/3 Chadwick, John, Grocer and Provision Merchant 5 Bryson, George 7 Parker, John Wesley 9 Snowden, Mary Elizabeth 11 Beardshaw, John Frederick 13 Crosland, Stanley 15 Wood, Charles William 17 Jowitt, Frederick 19 Crosland, Tom 21 Toulcher, Charley 23 Mear, Harold 25 Clifford, Rowland 27 Lee, John 29 Abbs, Edith 31 Rothery, Henry Quarmby 33 Atkinson, Joe 35 Lockwood, Arthur 37 Westerman, Jim 39 Norris, Jane Elizabeth 41 Bell, Norman Henry 43 Spencer, Lawrence 45 Kaye, — 47 Fawcett, Albert 49 Beaumont, Henry 51 Turner, Harry 53 Field, Joseph 55 Wood, Horace 2 Crowther, John 4 Atkinson, Frank 6 Walmsley, Mary 8 Sykes, Ellen 10 Hirst, Ernest 12 Hinchliffe, Sarah Elizabeth 14 Hoyle, Ann Jane 16 Davies, Arnold Howard 18 Beevers, Percy 20 Hirst, Wilfred 22 Tunnacliffe, Ada 24 Jamieson, Annie 26 Vollans, Sarah Ann 28 Machell, Rufus 30 Clifford, Stanley 32 Barratt, Norris 34 Bray, George 36 Rhodes, William 38 Mellor, John William 40 Boocock, Emma 42 Barton, James 44 Rushworth, Charles Henry 46 Spencer, Hugh 48 Eastwood, Fred 50 Wild, Ernest 52 Dawson, — 54 Ainley, Tom 56 Peacock, Titus 58 Gibb, Owen William

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Corby Street—continued.

60 62 64

Clegg, Herbert Wrigley, Albert Sykes, Sam


Town Hall—Orchestra, Area and Gallery Entrances Borough Magistrates’ Clerk’s Office; Sessions Court and Magistrates entrance Huddersfield Corporation Rents and General Rate Offices


Chappell, Vernon Rhodes, Walter Jessop, Frank Plant, Albert Edward Garner, Frances Martha Richardson, Law Heeley, Frederick Peace Noble, Fred Thornton, Fred Harold Bentley, Kate Kaye, Mary Elizabeth Hodgson, Ernest Wood, Walter Beverley, Harry Townend, George Victor Sharp, Ernest Ferguson, Clarence Brook, Willie Brook, Joe Lake, Christopher Cooper, Stanley Field, George Britten Walley, James Lester Haywood, Albert Edward Firth, Arthur Smith, Ernest Walker Stott, Ben Wadsworth, Herman Marsden, Tom Senior, Percy Barker, Mary Hobson, Mary Ann, Sweets and Tobacco Cox, George Waterton, Ralph Wright, Ralph William Hutchinson, Wilfred Wood, Walter Charlesworth, Tom Bray, Nellie Horner, Frank Dennett, Thomas Haigh, George Wilfred Dyson, Tom

9 Johnson, Eda

Field, William Gatehouse, Norman

Topping, Hannah

Topping, Leonard


171 173 175 177

179 18] 183 19] 193 195 197 199



170 172 174


ceived Herve is Coach Road Unsworth, Frank ...Heve 1s South Cross Road.........

Stead, George Matthewman, Eric Laycock, Harry Hollins, John, Joiner and Under- taker Dyson, Herbert Blakey, Philip Thorpe, Joe Shaw, Wilfred Tunaley, Harry Kaye, Harold Boothroyd, Lucy Stead, Ellen, Sweets and Tobacco

...Heve is North Cross Road.........+ Senior, Harold Leslie

Here is Clough

ee Here is Scale Hill

Crow, Mary Ann Kelly, Louie Dyson, Lilly Hamill, John Light, Sarah Jane

Sunny Bank Farm.

46 Armitage, Wilfred 48 Armitage, Frank (senr.) Ibbotson, Martin Booth, C. N. Shaw, Frederick Ringrose, John William Draper, Percy James Morley, Frank Stone Pitchforth, Walter Brown, Fred Hawkins, James Leslie Skilton, Harold Roebuck, John Sykes, Harry Stott, Bertie Shaw, Eric Kenworthy, Harry Derbyshire, Arthur William Ingleby, Joe Binns, Fred Bamforth, Sophia Hartley, Robert Nicholson, George Crosland, Gilbert, ‘“Brian Gledhill, Irvin, ‘““Lyncroft”’ Hallas, Walter Beaumont, E., ‘‘ Meliden ”’ Radcliffe, Charles, ‘*Ancliff’* Ainley, Frank Womersley, Arthur Shaw, Walter Chappell, Gilbert

174aRamsden, Clifford, Grocer

176 178 180

Here is Netheroyd Hill Road ...... Stoney, Willie, Shepherd’s Arms Platt, Walter Lythe, Arnold

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1 3


Kaye, Alfred Broadbent, William Keighley Benedict Smith, Richard Henry, Heights Farm Harvey, Francis Arthur Briley, Edna Singleton, Reginald Hepworth, George North, Edwin Tordoff, Joseph Fawcett Ridsdale, Edward Holroyd, Agnes Shaw, William Henry Eastwood, William Baldwin, Richard Marsland, Harry Horsham, Frank Baxter, George Townend, Mary Alice Bottom, Samuel Kaye, Arnold Netherwood, Leonard Merton Sutcliffe, Alfred Harwood Riley, Willie Shaw, Joseph Henry Taverney, Mary Sheard, Frank Ellis, Ernest Cuthbert Taylor, Hubert Casson, Willie Sykes, Paul


2 Hanson, Wright Nield, Andrew Scaife, Albert Crawshaw, Lewis Rollin, John Wiles Wagstaff, Edgar Wagstaff, Joe Wheelhouse, Sarah Ann Clay, Arnold Hawksworth, Arthur Teale, Arthur


1 Rhodes, Thomas Marsland Sayles, ‘Arthur Levett, John Victor Parker, Alfred Newton, Percy Chrispin, Joel Gordon Hirst Brown, George Wakefield, Harold Aspinall, Donald George Howdle, Cyril Guy, Richard Smith, Robert Henderson Quarmby, Tom Lockwood Martin, Joe Ainley Perkins, John Blackburn, James Wood Royston, Ada Roberts, Alfred


2 Powney, Joseph Hopson 4 Carmichael, Joseph 6 Robinson, Martha 8 Horsfall, George 10 Liddell, Ernest 14 Kellett, Fred 16 Berry, George William (senr.) 18 (Unoccupied) 20 Place, Florence 22 Durrans, William Ewart 24 Nutton, Clara 26 Sharp, Norrie 28 Hirst, Fred 30 Jones, John William 32 Luke, Charles 34 North, Joe


1 Mosley, Janet 3 Nelson, John 5 Boothroyd, James

CROFT COTTAGE LANE, HILLHOUSE (Off Bradford Road). Lockwood, Sarah Wright, Robert Hewitt, Richard (senr.) Burnley, George Lister Harrod, Fred 11 Harrod, Hufton i3 Holmes, Stanley 15 Dawson, Jack 17 Lockwood, George 19 Schofield, Benjamin 2 Sheard, Stanley 4 Hall, — 6 Crawford, Emily 8 Lancaster, May Elizabeth 10 Wimpenny, Harry 12 Kelly, Alfred 14 Brook, Charles 16 Priestley, Ernest


CROFT HOUSE LANE, MARSH. 1 Peach, Christopher Walter 7 Fearnley, Fred 9 Burley, Harry 11 Lancaster, Ellen 13 Stead, John Here is Syvinga-Streed os 15 Holden, Henry 17 Mallinson, Thomas 19 Randall, Marion Wyatt 21 Greenwood, Joseph Henry 23 Mellor, Agnes 25 Walker, Evelyn 27 Broadley, Benjamin ee Here starts Marsh Grove Road...... 2 Tomlin, Walter 4 Norris, ‘Clara 6 Thornton, Edward Brooke 8 Cox, Mary 10 Winter, Richard

Page 201


Croft House Lane—continued. 12 Harrop, James Firth 14 Wakefield, Margery Stewart 16 Garside, Harold 18 Crowther, William Henry 20 Mason, John

Here stavis Marsh Grove Road.....

CROFT STREET, PADDOCK. 2 Hutton, Thomas Henry 4 Stott, Percy 6 Burt, Arthur 8 Garland, John Farrand, Emma Chaffer, W., Joiner, Builder and Undertaker

CROFT TOP, OUTLANE (Off New Hey Road) Pilling, Nellie Collins, Joseph Calverley, Fred

CROMERTY AVENUE, CROSLAND MOOR. Stocks, Albert Laycock, Leslie Ringrose Moore, George

CROSLAND HILL. ** Standard Fireworks,”’ Ltd., Works and Magazines

CROSLAND HILL ROAD, GROSLAND MOOR. 1 Bower, Joe 3/9 Roberts, John, Manor House Farm 5 Richmond, Frederick 7 Sykes, Alice Pearson, Frank Swires, James Pearson, James Griffiths, Cyril Coldwell, Henrietta Brook, Walter Kaye, Willie, Rising Sun Inn Fisher, Maria Crooks, Norman Taylor, Janet Naylor, Septimus Dransfield, Harold Carter, John Carter, John Henry Norton, Samuel Platt, James Edward Hoyle, John 49 Jebson, Wright 49aGilbert, William 51 Brook, Ernest 53 Dickinson, Minnie 55 Brooke, Douglas 57 Rhodes, Mary 59 Lockwood, Albert Victor 61 Jarman, Alfred 63 Hoyle, Arthur





65 Mellor, Brook


Riley, George Frederick

67aWood, Frank 67bHodgson, Thomas, Joiner


Heywood, Lewis, Wholesale Fire- wood Merchant Jones, Fred Bower, Fred Hirst, Norman Cartwright, Percy Bottom, Ann Shaw, Norman Mellor, John Bradshaw, Harry Brown, Hermon

9 Bates, Frank

Rhodes, Benjamin Bates, Albert Carter, Harry Bates, Frederick Barker Bates Bros., Malley Hole Quarry, Stone Merchants Hildred, Arnold, ‘‘ Bodmont ”’ Here is Hob Lane Crosland Hill Methodist Church and School Hirst, Edmund, Confectioner and Fish and Chips Moorhouse, Herman, Boot and Shoe Repairer Bates, John Edward, ‘‘ Sun Lea ”’ Ainley, Harold Hill, Harold Brook, Lewis, Joiner, Builder and

Undertaker Mellor, Jane Annie Crosland Moor Co-operative In- dustrial Soc., Ltd., Grocery Branch Shaw, James Brook, Arnold Brook, Jesse Morley, Hubert Hepworth, Alice Hepworth, Mary Alice Jones, Emma, Confectioner, Sweets and Tobacco Bagshaw, Joe Peckett, Norman Hirst, Edmund


Hood, John Hellawell, Norman Hellawell, Willie Harling Crosland, Emily Rhodes, Edith Alice Bray, Amos Langley Terrace. 2 Taylor, Geoffrey Hyla 4 Crosland, Albert 6 Hill, Albert Ernest 8 Bedforth, Gilbert Hendy 10 Bower, Mabel Winifred 12 Dyson, John .«« Here ts Moor Hell Road

Page 202


Grosland Road—continued. — Norcliffe, George, Haigh Cross Farm Here is Lindley Moor Road ...... — Owen, John George, Gatehouse ee Here 1s Cowrakes Road ......... — Uttley, Fred, ““Woodland — Parkinson, Harold, ‘‘ Hilbre ”’ — Mear, Fred, ‘‘ Lyndene ”’ — Wordsworth, Herbert, ‘‘ The Bungalow ” — Shuttleworth, Joseph Haigh, ‘“* Slingsby ” — Shuttleworth, Herbert, ** Hillerest ”’ 2/4 Iredale, John, Crosland Road Farm, Dairy Farmer 6/8 Harrison, David Hudson ovate Herve is Lindley Moor Road ......

CROSLAND ROAD, THORNTON LODGE. tones Fieve ts Thomas Siveet ......... 11 Wilkinson, E., Sweets & Tobacco 13 Armitage, Benjamin 15 Young, Robert McClelland 17 Needham, Richard 19 Stake, Joshua 21 Haggerston, Jesse Simpson 23 Thewlis, John William 25 Buckley, Allen 27 Rawlinson, Lucy 29 Armitage, Elizabeth 31 Liversedge, Herbert Donald 33 Riley, Ernest 35 Jones, Albert 37 Beals, Ernest dey greve tS Brook 41 Gresson, F. T., Boot and Shoe Repairer 10 Whiteley, Clara 12 Beaumont, Mary Alice 14 Walker, Charles Gordon 16 Bentley, Ernest 18 Gower, Lilly 20 Pearson, Emma 22 Warrener, Thomas Wilford 24 Dawson, Walter 26 Goodyear, Lydia Ann 28 Bradley, Norman 30 Bailey, Edward 32 Sewell, Leonard William 34 Thornton, Joe 36 Hirst, Willie 38 Gleadall, Willoughby 40 Smith, Alfred 42 Foster, John 44 Hill, John 46 Liversidge, George 48 Lee, Albert 50 Hewitt, Edward Thomas 52 Fox, Radcliffe 54 Brook, Stanley 56 Dillen, Hugh 58 Morley, Ernest 60 Ashby, Aaron




Taylor, Fred Binns, Nellie Riding, Beaumont I Liversidge, Harry Riding, Luther Armitage, Albert Marshall, Harry Midgley, James Walter Haigh, William Hodgson, Tom Iredale, Joe Willie Winterbottom, John Armitage, Sam Allen Shaw, John William

CROSLAND STREET, CROSLAND MOOR. Wood, Emily Ann Toothill, Wilfred Sykes, Ann Jane Stansfield, Sydney Hall, Arnold Brook, Gertie Edwards, John Gunning, Abraham Lincoln Cartwright, Walter Mosley, Mary Josephine Richmond, Janet Beake, Lucy Mitchell, Annie Smith, Harry Armitage, Ada Bailey, Beaumont Bray, Elizabeth Lee, Mary (senr.) Galvin, John Thomas Greenwood, James William

Herve 1s Mall Street

Pawson, George Herbert Shaw, Ellen Taylor, John Hanson Wilson, Lewis Brook, George Robert Littlewood, Harold Balmforth, Albert Mitchell, Alice Hutchinson, Harold

9 North, Wilfred

Helme, Charles Walshaw, Albert Boothroyd, Herbert Bates, William North Hopley, William Townend, Arthur Blackburn, John Thomas Armitage, Elizabeth North, Willie Bradley, Lewis Brunton, Frederick Stanley Swift, Albert Marshall Armitage, Melvin Pawson, Harry Jessop, Beatrice Jessop, Lister Heeley, Arthur Norminton, Mellor

Page 203


Crosland Street—continued. 2 Earnshaw, Norman 4 Isles, Albert 6 Wilson, Norman 8 Crowther, Joseph 10 Lewis, Albert 12 Shaw, Fred 14 Barker, Bentley 16 Jones, Sydney 18 Craven, George Eric 20 Dawson, Fred 22 Binns, Cyril 24 Walker, Tom 26 Spencer, John 28 Sykes, Joseph 30 Sunderland, Arthur 32 Kaye, Ann Megson 34 Coldwell, Herbert 36 Coldwell, Percy Wallace 38 Goulcher, Leonard 40 Sweeney, Joseph 42 Waltus, Frederick George 44 Brunton, Harry 46 Ashness, Arthur

CSS at Seca Peers 45 Tt SEV OEE occ

48 Thackray, Henry 59 Tomlinson, Lucy Ann 52 Kelly, William 54 Lockwood, Albert 56 Cryer, Willie 58 Hopes, Charles Henry 60 Hirst, Arthur, Boot and Shoe Repairer 62 Stainthorp, Emily 64 Stringer, Arthur 66 McNeil, Stanley 68 Hyde, Thomas Ernest 70 Relf, Walter John 72 Mitchell, Albert 74 Herbert, Jane Evelyn 76 Fletcher, Arthur 78 Stocks, Mary Gertrude 80 Clegg, James 82 Bedford, Harold 84 Alty, Ann 86 Morley, Leonard 88 Bray, Ellen Ann 90 Barnes, Walter 92 Bamforth, Sarah

CROSS CHURCH STREET. la(Unoccupied) — Huddersfield Industrial Soc., Ltd., Beef and Pork Butchering Branch 5 Kaye, Ben, Ramsden’s Arms 7 ‘* Chilton,’’ Mantles, Gowns, Mil- . linery, Furs, &c. 9 Laycock’s, Gent’s Outfitters 11 Atkinson, Albert, Wholesale and Retail Confectioner 13 Booth, C. & Sons, Sheffield House, Cutlers and Tool Experts 15 Public Benefit Boot Co., Ltd., Boot and Shoe Dealers


17 Huddersfield Mantle Co., Costumiers 19 Lennards, Ltd., Boot and Shoe Dealers, Hosiery and Foot Appliance Specialists 21 Barry’s, Gent’s Tailors 23 Freeman, Hardy & Willis,.Ltd., Boot and Shoe Dealers 25 Meadow Dairy Co., Ltd., Grocers and Provision Merchants 27 Bellarby, Wardle, Ltd., Con- fectioners 29 Weaver to Wearer, Ltd., Gent’s Tailors 31 Cash Clothing Co. (G. & A. & M. Levy), Gent’s Tailors and Outfitters — Hartley & Tee (C. W. Jones), Butchers 2 Wallpaper Stores, Ltd., Wall Paper Merchants 4 Burton’s Stores, Grocers, Wine & Spirit Dealers 8/10 Golden’s, Ironmongers, Fire- place and Wall and Floor Tile Contractors, &c. 12 Beever’s (M. Beevers) Art Needle- work Depot 14 Price’s Mantle Co., Costumiers 16 Singer Sewing Machine Co., Ltd., Sewing Machine Manufrs. 18 Dyson, Philip & Co., Radio and Electrical Engineers & Cycle Dealers 20 Atkinson, Thos. & Sons, Pork Pur- veyors and Pastry Cooks 22 Taylor, Benton, Outfitter, Ladies’ and Gent’s Tailor 24 Timpson, Wm., Ltd., Boot and Shoe Dealers 26 Altham, Abm., Ltd., Tea Merchts. and Travel Agency

cabs eta Herve is White Lion Y@V@ Bis

26aWain, O. S., Gent’s Outfitter 28 Curran, James, White Lion Hotel — The Yorkshire Fish and Fruit Sup- plies, Fish and Fruit Dealers 30 Parkinson, Evelyn W., Sun Inn

Here 1s Queen’s Head Yard ......

34 Senior, Seth & Sons, Ltd., Brewers, Wine and Spirit Merchants— Order Office 36 Firth, Wadsworth & Son, Sun Chambers, Auctioneers & Valuers 38/40 The Yorkshire Warehouse Co., General Drapers & Outfitters

Herve is Dobson's Yard 42 Milletts Stores (1928) Ltd., Government Contractors, Clothing and Camp Equip- ment 44 The London & Paris Emporium, Milliners & Fancy Drapers

Page 204



2 Sanderson, Elizabeth Ann 4 Beardall, Edith Ellen 6 Booth, Jim 8 Shaw, Garnett William 10 Hastings, Peter 12 Mellor, Emily Littlewood 14 Settle, Harriet

po age a Here is New Street

16 Laycock, Hannah Elizabeth 18 Lawley, Cyril 20 Taylor, Alfred 22 Wharton, Henry Hinde 24 Armitage, Henry George


2 Stanley, Emma 4 Balderstone, Harry 6 Kaye, George 8 Illingworth, Harry — Moorhouse, Ronald — Senior, Albert — Cliffe End Working Men’s Club— Caretaker, J. Barrowclough

CROSS GREEN ROAD, DALTON. laSingleton, Joseph Denton 3aPerfect, Harry Dean,

Here is Brooklyn Avenue .......+.

1 Marflitt, Albert 3 Bedford, Luther 5 Kelly, Joe Edward 7 Halmshaw, Walter Raymond 9 Hopkinson, Harry May 11 Hampshire, Allan 13 Wrathmell, Bertrand Booth 15 Peel, Irvin 17 Smith, Walter Frederick 19 Shaw, May 21 Oxley, Arthur 23 Hollyhead, George 25 Booth, Albert 27 Bradbury, Norman 29 Moorhouse, Fred 31 Addy, Arthur 33 Battye, Stephen 35 Payne, Harry Vincent 37 Phillips, Margery 39 Castle, Harry 41 Drake, Richard Ewart 43 Cockshaw, Herbert 45 Taylor, Beresford 47 Dunn, Norman Leslie 49 Cole, James Arthur 51 Thatcher, John Herbert 53 Milnes, Ellen

— Macrae, Christopher Donald,

‘* Greengarth,”’ Phys. & Surg.

6 Bedford, Henry 8 (Unoccupied) 10 (Unoccupied) — The Westfield Cotton Co. (Hud- .dersfield) Ltd., Fancy Cot- ton Manufacturers, Dyers and Bleachers

Here is Dalton Green Lane ......


CROSS GROVE STREET. 1 Pearce, Martha 3 Atkin, Frank Edward 5 Brogan, Harry 7 Couchman, Dorothy 9 Keating, John — 11 Whittaker, Alfred Dyson Reeder’s Yard. 1 Foster, Herman Scholes 2 Lord, Fred 3 Garforth, Clifford 4 Dickinson, John Arthur 13 Stockdale, Harold 17aRegan, Hubert 19 O’Brien, Mary Ann 21 Armitage, Daniel Heaton’s Yard. 1 Neal, Mary 3 (Unoccupied) 4 (Unoccupied) 23 Townend, Ethel 23 Regan, F. 27 Beaumont, Arthur 29 Rafferty, Joseph 31 Rushworth, Wright 33 Nirst, Hugh 33aMessenger, James 4 Hinchliffe, Tom 6 Beaumont, Stanley 8 Carter, Ernest 10 Norkins, John 12 (Unoccupied) 18 Crosland, William Edward

20 Fox, Charlie 22 Johnson, William Robert 24 (Unoccupied) 26 (Unoccupied) 28 (Unoccupied) 30 Peace, George Albert 32 Balmforth, Thomas Ellis 34 Brook, Arthur

CROSS LANE, PRIMROSE HILL. 1 Sharp, Alfred Wm., Grocer and and. Provision Merchant Sharp, Alfred William Stone, Joseph William Huddersfield Industrial Soc., Ltd., Grocery Branch 9 Rogers, Oliver 11 Hey, Walter 13 Sykes, William 15 Sykes, Norman 17 McWilliams, Wilfred 19 Carter, Annie 21 Holman, Percy 23 Moisley, Alfred


25 Gill, Ben

27 Aspinall, Ernest 29 Booth, Arthur 31 Medcalf, Fred 33 Sykes, Norman 35 Wade, Albert Edward 37 Hawley, Henry 39 Bennett, Herbert

41 Lunn, Gladstone

Page 205


Cross Lane—continued.

43 45 47 49 51 53 55 57 59 61 63 65 67 69 71 73 75 77 79 81 83 85 87 89

211 213 215 217 219 221 223 225 227 229

Hardaker, Agnes Wright, Mary Ellen Whittaker, Harry Dinkel, George Hirst, Joe Willie Wood, Bernal Prosser Waterworth, Allen, Decorator Hanson, Florence Waddington, Clara Kaye, George Arthur Wilson, Fred Eastwood, Walter Thirkill, George Edward Woodhead, Albert Lumb, Evelyn Shaw, Charlotte Oliver, James McKean Whiteley, Gilbert Eastwood, Harry Clapham, Jonas Roebuck Roebuck, Albert Edward Ramsden, Walter Leslie Walton, Albert Victor Raynor, Gilbert Woodhouse, George Henry Sheard, James Dawson, Harry Hickman, Herbert Saville, Allen Cookson Wood, Lewis Albert Roper, Gilbert Henry Barrow, Thomas Whiteley, Willie Weir, George Arthur Dodson, Frank Darby, John Goldthorpe, Harry Day, Fred Durrans, Ann Elizabeth Scott, Norman Henry Battye, Harry Brierley Keating, James: Bottom, Walter Jessop, Frank Woodhead, Eric Townend, Edgar Noble, Herbert Morton, Harry Crowther, Joel Milnes, Henry Tomlinson, George Lunn, Philip Cliffe, Thomas Henry Whiteley, John Edwin Swallow, Mary Ellen Welsh, Robert Waller, Ernest Fidler, Ernest Medley, Wilfred Bower, Arthur Kennedy, Irvin Hoyle, Clifford Oldham, E., Confectioner, &c. Atkinson, Nancy, Newsagent, Sweets and Tobacco


231 Robinson, Joseph, Butcher 233 Whiteley, Willie, Fish and Chips 253 Windle, James Henry 255 Jessop, James William 257 Horsfall, Abraham Lincoln 259 Garnet, Harold 265 Thewlis, David James 267 Fawcett, John Haldane 269 Hooper, James 271 Hepworth, James Edward 273 Hirst, Herbert 275 Tetley, Sarah Ann 277 Beaumont, Frank 279 Hoyle, Alice Hannah 281 Kaye, John William 283 Simpson, Robert 285 Wilkinson, Edgar 287 Crookes, Harold 2 Avison, Wm., Primrose Hotel — Primrose Hill Baptist Sunday School Building (closed) 8 Lunn Bros., Radio, Electrical and Cycle Dealers 10 Walker, William 12 Berry, Harvey 14 Beaumont, Jane 16 Brearley, William 18 North, Joseph Edward Dalton 20 Wood, Albert — Primrose Hill Baptist Chucrh and . Sunday School — Malvern Bakery (Prop., F. Kettlewell) 22 (Unoccuyied) 24 Clay, Frank 26 Poulter, Herbert Charles 28 Mills, James Allen 30 Boothroyd, Emma 32 Priest, Charles Edward 34 Redfearn, Edith Blanche 36 Marsh, Ronald 38 Vickerman, Rebecca 40 Phillips, Arnold 42 Evans, Jane 44 Clapham, William 46 Clarkson, Walter 48 Sharp, Alfred. 50 Gomersall, Harry 52 Roberts, Joe 54 Comins, Luke 56 Saunders, George 58 Cooney, Richard Norman 60 MacDonald, Ewan 62 Rushworth, Ben 64 Secker, Albert 66 Moorhouse, Arnold Brook — Primrose Hill Cricket Club Ground I 84 Sunderland, Dorcas, Crimea Inn 86 Turner, Sarah Ann 88 Mallinson, Frank 102 Taylor, William Gregory 104 Townend, William Henry 106 Wilks, Emma 108 Ramsden, John Henry 110 Cliffe, Amy 112 Moss, John Allen

Page 206


Cross Lane—continued. 114 Howard, Jack 116 Broadhead, Brook 118 Bolton, James 120 Stanley, Tom 122 Pollitt, Friend 124 Hague, Clara 126 Rogers, Harry 128 Sutcliffe, Frank Herbert 130 Jackson, Bertram 132 Parkin, Lewis 134 King, J. T. B.,

Herve is Elizabeth Street .........

152 Sykes, Frank 154 Richardson, Louisa 156 Taylor, Kate 158 Horsfield, Ernest 160 Heeley, Charles Allen 162 Raynor, Ernest 164 Hey, Ernest 166 Barber, Arthur 168 Butterley, Julia

soe ey Here is Lawton Street .........

186 Fitzpatrick, John 188 Walker, George Frank 190 Hirst, Dyson, Grocer and General Dealer 192 Siddle, Charles 194 Garside, George Henry . 196 Lockwood, Harriet 198 Newland, Herbert Charles 200 Haigh, Herbert 202 Cole, David 210 Hall, Annie Elizabeth 212 Stanton, Ada Elizabeth 214 Hardcastle, Mary Jane 216 Fawcett, Esther Agnes 218 Bell, Frederick William 220 Whittaker, Tom 222 Drake, John 224 Moxon, George 226 Tetley, James 228 Sykes, Joe Willie CROSS STREET, CROSLAND MOOR. Sykes, James Garfield Moorhouse, William Cliffe Shaw, Florence Mary Leithead, Richard Sharp, Ernest 11 Armitage, James 13 (Unoccupied) 15 Roebuck, David Mellor 17 Watkis, J. E.

CROSSLEY LANE, DALTON. 1 Charles, James Willie 3 Jones, M. 5 Parkin, William Henry 7 Whitfield, L. 9 Cheesman, John William 1l McCrea, William 13 Fielding, G. 15 Brook, A. 17 Waites, John William


19 (Unoccupied) 21 Beaumont, Smith 23 Bellfield, C. 25 Clark, G. 27 Webb, Ronald

CROWTHER STREET, ASPLEY. 3 Carr, Frederick 5 Beaumont, Willie 7 Smith, Elizabeth Ann 2 Robertshaw, Ernest 4 Etchells, Oliver 6 Lightfoot, Harold 8 Blagbrough, Joseph Starkey, Albert Victor 2 Eastwood, John

CROWTHER STREET, LOCKWOOD. Smith, Lucy Emmeline Bowers, Horace Schofield, Sarah Elizabeth

CUCKHOLDS CLOUGH, SHEEPRIDGE. 9 Farrant, Frank 11 Beaumont, Emily 13 Elliot, Thos. 15 Orme, Annie 17 Battye, Harold

CURZON STREET, BRADLEY. 2 Midlam, John Henry 4 Shaw, James Arthur 6 8

Ob =

Pickup, Ernest Morris, George 10 Gillbanks, Friend 12 Styan, Annie 14 Stephens, Frank 16 Holroyd, Israel 18 Sykes, Clara 20 Stead, Willie 22 Kent, George Dyson — 24 Lyons, Thomas 26 Asquith, Ellen 28 Williams, George Frederick (sen.) 30 Brearley, John 32 Durrans, Lister 34 Dyson, Annie 36 Brook, Allen 38 Henman, Albert Edward 40 Brook, Mary Ellen 42 Brook, Walter 44 Wilkes, Joseph Andrew 46 Stables, Harry 48 Allen, Ernest 50 Richardson, Walter 52 Wright, Edwin 54 Bull, Thomas Andrew 56 Daffern, George William 58 Stansfield, James 60 Craike, John William 62 Trowse, Alfred Ernest 64 Jenkinson, Frank 66, Thackray, Norman 68 Hardman, James Francis

Page 207



te. bc: Herve 1s East Avenue ........000

2 + 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 22 24 26 28 30 32


Lindley Recreation Ground Here 1s Stanley Road Heve is Lea Street Herve is West Avenue Hadaway, Godfrey Ernest, ** Green Garth ”’ Whalley, Robert Ferrier, ** One Oak ”’

Hardy, Maurice S.. *“‘ Bredon ”’ Smith, John Hirst, Jack Hirst, Frank Warner, Susannah Schofield, Ada Turner, Alice Ann Schofield, John William Booth, Annie Elizabeth Clegg, Ben Lightbody, Alexander Richardson, Frank Dyson, Alice Cliffe, Fanny Lindley Bowling Club Taylor, Harold Tom Sykes, Hannah Barlow, Councillor Joseph, J.P., “The Bungalow ” Boothroyd, Allen Hanson, John Henry, Daisy Lea ”’ Frost, Harold Isaac, ‘** Stonecroft ”’ Welch, Walter, ‘‘ Rockcliffe ”’

Hope Cottages. Howarth, Horace Sutcliffe, Arthur Smith



Schofield, Martha Ann Moore, Blanche Mary Firth, Sam Mallinson, Joseph Broadbent Foster, Charles Farrell, Alfred Fleetwood, Joe Allan Swallow, John Henry Saxby, Jonathan Bray, Joseph Swallow, Emma Shaw, Harry


Sizer, Charles Edgar, Farrier

laEllis, Amy


Balmforth, John

3aWard, A.


Kaye, Edward

7 Wood, George Sykes

9 11 13 15 17

Binns, Albert Fisher, Ernest Holdsworth, Annie Carrigan, Henry Roebuck, Hanson


19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33 35 37 39 4] 43 45 47 49 51



Hulmes, Rachel Ralph, Miriam Shaw, Alfred Clarke, Edith Senior, Edith Lockwood, Sam Whitwam, Harry Hepworth, Harry Oxley, Ada Ives, Annie Chapman, Lewis Pape, Phineas Threappleton, Sarah Elizabeth Arnold, Samuel Hodgkinson, Mary Lockwood, George Thompson, Harry Hill, John Arthur Wood, Thomas Edward Reynolds, Frank Cromack Cooke, Ernest Sykes, Thomas Frederick Bryden, Phyllis Neve, William Bruton McDonald, Michael Darwin, Fred Jessop, Fanny, Sweets & Tobacco Crawley, Emily Singleton, Janet Wilby, George Hugh Garbutt, Lawrence Beevers, Emily Powner, William Henry Milner, John Alfred Milner, Sam Ashton, Sarah Tudor, Clarence Duffield, George William Morrison, William Evans, Harry Hunter, John Cousens Dennis, Stanley Lunn, Mary Jane I Pontefract, George Frederick Salmon, James Henry Kilgannon, John Moorhouse, Elizabeth Stansfield, Johnny Beevers, Fred Moss, Elizabeth Brennan, Frank Prince, William Dawson, Harry McGeoch, David Beevers, Emily Green, John Hunter Hinchliffe, Arthur Cocking, Tom Cocking, Sarah Hannah Avison, Percy Holden, David Kinch, Lily Bairstow, Harry Irons, Mary Martin, Martha Senior, Mary

Page 208




Huddersfield Corporation— Longwood Gas Works

rere 1s Roya Site: . oo... 05...

— OOS > bo

12 14 16

39 41 43 45


C. & J. Hirst & Sons, Ltd., Dale Street Mills, Woollen Manu- facturers Beaumont, Job & Son, Ltd., Woodland Mills, Woollen Manufacturers Milnsbridge Coal Shoots Hirst & Mallinson, Ltd., Cliffe End Mills, Woollen & Worsted Manufacturers ria Herve is Fern Leigh ..........6- Here is Bivks Road ............ . Footpath leading to Ballroyd ...... Beaumont, Job & Son, Ltd., Woodland Mills, Warehouse and Garages Hey, Emmeline Ramsden, Percy Cawthorne, Harry Livesey, Fred Haigh, Harry Wardley, William Moorhouse, Frank Thornton, Thomas Harry Barber, Hilda

DALMENY AVENUE, “GROSLAND MOOR. Townend, David Hinchliffe, Wilfred Coldwell, Polly Hayes, Arnold Cartwright Mettrick, Harriet Emmeline Mettrick, Edward Brierley, Ernest Dawson, Ernest

DALTON BANK LANE. Stiles, Arthur Williams, Charles Thomas Hutton, Thomas William Jackson, George Whitehouse Farm Small Pox Hos- pital (Caretaker, W. Mallinson)

DALTON FOLD ROAD. Dobbins, Agnes Jessop, Joseph Hall, Annie Haigh’s Square. Windle, Herbert Edeson, Thomas White Brammer, Joe Wilkinson Spivey, Herbert Clayton, George Kennedy, Thomas Henry 7 Heywood, Mary Hannah 8 Heywood, James William Norcliffe, Sarah


9 Kilburn, Sam


Davies, Ernest

13 Radley, Seth

l3aKaye, Violetta 15 Kaye, Charley 15aBeaumont, Fred 17 Buckley, Ernest 19 Burns, Harry 21 Wheelwright, Walker 23 Lodge, Joe 25 Medley, Hubert Fitzroy 27 Thornton, Alfred 29 Carroll, Michael 31 Bradley, Herbert 33 Craddock, Frank 35 Medley, Walter 37 Sanderson, Louisa 39 Wheelwright, Haydn 41. Brown, Charles Henry 43 Briggs, Joe 43aNetherwood, Lily 45 Aspinall, Tom Cyril 2 Ingleby, Albert 4 Hall, Samuel Garrett 6 Garbutt, Hilda 8 Kidd, Thomas Harold Edmund 10 Jennings, E. A. 12 Peyton, James Richard 22 Lodge, Arthur 30 Bellamy, Wilfred Athorn 32 Margrave, Arthur William 34 Jenkinson, Eliza 34aStringer, Sam, Dalton Fold Farm 36 Bradley, Mary Emma 38 Davison, Tom 40 Bailey, John 42 Wild, Sarah Ann 44 Riding, Fred 46 Batley, George Edward 48 Ellis, Thomas Leech 50 Shaw, Gilbert 52 Young, Alfred 54 Stocks, Victor Norman

DALTON GREEN LANE. 1 Broadbent, Joe Willie 3 Berry, Maud 5 Blackwell, Fred 7 9 1

Hallam, Lawrence Haigh, Edgar Wilson, Frank Here is Green Lea Road ......... 13 Scaife, Harry 15 Sheard, Emily Hannah 17 Haley, Maurice 19 Brunt, William 21 Ripley, Joseph 23 Goddard, Alice 25 Greensmith, Joe 27 Hill, Ernest 29 Hey, Sam 31 Riley, John Arthur 33 Roebuck, Cecil Arthur 35 Rothwell, Herbert Theaker 37 Moore, John Edward 39 Sunderland, Ernest 41 Beaumont, Tom 43 Collier, Lawson (senr.) 45 Haworth, Clara

Page 209


Dalton Green Lane—continued.

47 49 51 53 55

71 73 75 77 79 81


Swallow, Horace Walton, Ellen Robinson, Archibald Roebuck Butler, Eleanor Milnes, Harry Lodge, Arthur Adamson Drummond, Alfred Rhodes, Dorothy Emma Earnshaw, Dora I Lee, Willie 7 Scott, John Taylor, Frederick

Pathway leading to Mavfield Ave. ...

Pape, Robert Lindley, Albert Buchannan, William James Bradley, John Richard Whyman Kelly, John George Rush, George Edward Turner, Wilfred Dyson, John, Painter & Decorator Cartwright, Vincent Mallinson, Laura Seymour, Darien Oldfield, Luther Garrard, Oliver Alexander Powell, Matthew Edward Nelson, Arthur Blakeley, Joseph Singleton, Frank Kenworthy, Walter Newell, Thomas — Wilkinson, Sam Cartwright, Willie 7 Walker, Alexander Williamson Nicholson, Ernest Marsden, John Shore, Herbert Pitt, Frederick James Blockwell Footpath leading to Long Lane...... Dyson, James, Pogwell Farm Dyson, Tom Edward Collins, William Easter, Lawrence

‘Turner, Walter

Bell, Norman Hollingworth, Hannah J ane Bell, Richard ° Fenwick, Lucy Carter, Nellie Milnes, George Sherwood, John Henry Sykes, Frank Hattersley, Sarah Ann Conlan, William Leonard

I Tasker, Tom

Hemingway, Mark Downsborough, Ernest Edward Norman, Albert Edward Stephenson, Fred Swallow Bros., Dalton Mills, Waste Merchants Triangle Ice Cream Works (Prop., H. Lorriman), Ice Cream Dealer



2aMason; Miles Leighton

2 4 6 8

10 ae


16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32


.... Heve is Brooklyn Avenue ......... Clay, Lewis

Moorhouse, John Pinder, John William Webster, Herbert Fearnley, Ronald Mashiter, Charles Edward Oliphant, John Black, Florenee Williams, Cyril John Brook, Arthur Dickins, Alfred Henry Dyson, Fred Parsons, Ebenezer Swale, Jonas Reid, John Singleton, William Henry

... 1s Cross Green Lane .........

Hevets Albany Road

Kenworthy, Levi Wilkinson, Ida Holland, Wilfred Ainley, J ohn, Chimney Sweep Ainley, Ann Turbin, plarton Frederick

1 Bell, Clifford Howarth, Frank, The —- County Borough of Hudders- field Mill Hill ‘Isolation Hospital—Res. Med Officer, Miss A. Lydia Hansen, M.B., Ch.B. ; Hosp. Matron, Miss E. White


] 2 3

Moss, Edwin Thomas Walker, Sidney Tracey, John

.. Footpath leading to Ashgrove Road..


1/3 Haigh, Leslie, Grocer and Corn

5 7 9 a] 13


37 39

Dealer Ward, Catherine Briggs, William Kaye, Jane Clarke, Hannah Sykes, Elsie Hopson, Battye & Co., Ltd., Dam- side Mills, Worsted Manufrs. Herve ts Reley-Siveet Tetlow, Martha Ann Sunderland, Harry Nixon, Willie Askham, Caroline Crowther, Harry Atack, Alma Brummitt, Joseph Whittell Kelly, Isabella Shaw, William Vickerman, Emily Micklethwaite, Percy

Page 210



Damside Road—continued. 41 (Unoccupied) 43 Boothroyd, Edith 45 Milner, Ben 47 Graham, Arthur 51 Ellis, William 53 Butterworth, Arthur is Whitehead Lane ......... Here is Queen’s Mill Road ......

DARK LANE, ALMONDBURY. Beresford, Harold, ‘‘ Woodlands ” Haigh, Fred, ‘“‘ Rose Dene ” Broadhead, Frank, ‘‘Doe Royd”’ Glaisyer, Julia Robson, J.P. ‘“Redesdale”’ — Robson, Miss Alice, B.Sc. (Lond.) ‘“‘“Redesdale”’ — All Saints (Church of England Waifs and Strays Society) Home for Boys Here is Fenay Grange Vise Here is Birks Lane ........+++:

DAWSON ROAD, NEWSOME. 6 Green, Edward 8 Marsland, John Frederick 10 Burch, Emily 12 Croft, Fred — Riding, Arthur 16 Cook, John William

DAY STREET, ASPLEY. 1 McShane, Francis 3 Castle, Annie 5 Wray, Cuthebert 7 Sharples, Thomas John 9 Mills, James Townsend 11 Stead, Ernest Guy, Joseph William 5 17 2 4 6 8


Brook, A. Roper, Edith Emily Lumb, Arthur Ward, Thomas Lister, Beatrice Hallas, John 10 Smith, George Francis 12 Hallas, Joe 14 Binns, Janet 16 Brook, Tom

DEADMANSTONE HOUSE (Off Bridge St., Berry Brow). 1 Wells, John 2 Diggle, Henry 3 Wood, Fred

DEADMANSTONE ROAD, BERRY BROW. Boothroyd, Crowther Littlewood, Kathleen Haxby, John Edward Woodhouse, Norman 11 Winpenny, Minnie 13 France, Lucretia 15 Laister, Thomas William


17 Cunnington, Wilfred Hamilton 19 Sanderson, Ben Allen 21 Hamer, Stanley 23 Cunnington, Harry 25 Ward, Willie 2 Heeley, John Arthur 4 Dyson, Ben 6 Thornton, Jack 8 Lockwood, John 10 France, Joe 12 Wimpenny, Sarah Jane 14 Senior, Rebecca 16 Kinder, Wright 18 Kaye, Fergus I 20 Dutton, Gilbert 22 Mountain, Herbert 24 Webster, Ernest 26 Gill, Arthur 30 Charlesworth, Elizabeth 32 Biltcliffe, Roy 38/40 Oldfield, John Wesley 42 Edwards, Gilbert 44 Sykes, Elsie Mayer 46 Maude, Stanley 48 Lindley, Joe 50 Holden, Emily 52 Sheard, John William 54 Heap, Lily 56 Lindley, Mary Emma

Herve is Berry’s ROW Heveis Windmill Terrace

DEAN STREET, OAKES. Stuffins, Fred Hirst, Alice Ann Atkinson, Wilfred Nutton, Harry Peckett, Charles Henry 11 Shaw, Harriett Hannah 13 Cotton, Emma Jane 15 Atkinson, Jane 17 Bell, Philip 19 Balmforth, John William

bs Herve is Baker Street eg

21 Hepworth, John William 23 Collier, Edith 25 Brook, Herbert 27 Hepworth, Frank 29 Cripps, Walter 31 Smithies, Harry 33 Hoyle, Abel 2 Acklam, Samuel Bernard 4 Tweedale, — 6 Haigh, John Wm., Grocer, Con- fectioner & Crockery Dealer 8 Dyson, David Edward 10 Cotton, Arthur Ernest

Here is Baker Street 12 Hill, Frank Edward 14 Daniels, Bernard 16 Dyson, Hiram 18 Hepworth, Joseph, Draper 20 Balmforth, Lucy Rachel

Page 211



DEARNE FOLD, LINDLEY. Griffiths, John William Royston, Mary Brook, Robert Marsland, Herbert Brearley, George Clegg, Cyril Eastwood, Harry Brown, Joseph Haigh, Fanny Brooke, Stanley Milnes, John Haigh, Frank

22aChappell, Arthur

24 26 28 30


71 73 75

77 79 81 83 85

Oliver, Harold James Taylor, Clifford Wood, Jack Warburton, Harry

DEIGHTON ROAD. Wilson, Frank Hardcastle, Fred ... Heve is Glenfield Avenue ......... Brook, John William Lacy, Charles Arthur Dorrington, Frederick James Hartley, Mary Turner, Hugh Hamilton, George James (Unoccupied) Rushforth, Hiram

“Addy, Cyril, Boot and Shoe

Repairer Varley, John Edward Bailey, Frederick William Gaunt, Fred Grundy, Charles Joseph Deighton Methodist Church Sun- day School Pratt, Mary Ann Boothroyd, Sam Crawshaw, Jane Ann, Sweets and Tobacco Dobson, Louis Dyson, Sarah Jackson, Harry Jessop, Sarah Rex, Harry ... Here is Whitacre Street ......... Here is Cherry Nook Road ...... Deighton Working Men’s Club— Caretaker, J. W. B. Hall Seedhouse, Thomas Henry Here is Victoria Street Appleyard, Dan Kilburn, Squire Boothroyd, John Hirst, James William Wakefield, Fred Sheard, Isabella Sykes, Tom Allen Walker, Lucy Hampshire, Tom Dyson Crowther, Ben I Israel, Benjamin Spence, Leonard

115 121 123 125 127 141 143 145 147 151 153 155 157 159 161 163 165 187 189



Taylor, Harry Oliver, Thomas Crowther, William Henry Jackson, John William Whyte, Janet Hawkins, Samuel Lewin Johnstone, William Gledhill, Joseph Passant, Rev. John Thomas Moorhouse, Bartley Babb, John Charles Gee, Frank Hirst, Lucy Jowett, Lucy Hannah Coates, Septimus (Unoccupied ) Smith, Wilfred Brook Mosley, Harry Carter, Sam Beaumont, Harry © Lockwood, Arthur Payne, Annie Sykes, F. M. & Son, Plumbers and Glaziers Wright, Fred Turner, Charles Armitage, Mary Ellen Sheepridge and Deighton Liberal Club—-Caretaker, E. Hirst Pilkington, Sarah Jane Croft, Louisa Armitage, George Warrenfield Private Residential Hotel—Prop., H. T. Dulake

Smith, Harry Rushworth, Arthur Oddy, Frank Gibson, Arthur Pogson, Annie Poole Bros., Joiners and Under- takers Draper, Arthur Sykes, Ben Walsh, John William Gill, Ann Lodge, Rosetta Lodge, Joe Oldroyd. Hirst, Willie Bottomley, Sam Chambers, William Ellis, Arnold Gibson, Tom Boothroy Grundy, M. Joyce, William Tom Plowman, Henry Crawshaw, Ann Elizabeth Dyson, Frank Bennett, John Thomas Pilkington, John Frederick Deighton Methodist Church Sheepridge Industrial Soc., Ltd., Grocery Branch Pilling, Harry Jessop, Harry Day, George Smith, Edgar

Page 212



Deighton Road—continued.

72 74 76 78 80 82

130 132 134 136 138

Smith, Harry Wakefield, Herbert Crawshaw, Richard Jackson Watkin, Ellen Jessop, Jane Hardcastle, Herbert I Hirst, Jack Rhodes, Harry Medley, Harry Beaumont, William Henry Wheeler, William Brook, Alfred. * Lindley, Sam, Grocer and Off Licence Charlesworth, Edith Charlesworth, Harry Charlesworth, John Charlesworth, John, Fish & Chips Smith, Marion Lumb, Albert George Priestley, Joseph Henry Thorpe, Lily Walker, Minnie Brown, Hannah Sharpe Cartwright, Walter Wood, Fred Taylor, John Henry Baxter Norman, Frank Edward Sheard, ‘Alfred Sykes, Ernest Fisher, Harry Norman, Lizzie Spencer, Charles Edward Spencer, C. E., Boot and Shoe Repairer

140/2 Edmondson, J. & E., Middle

146 148 150 152 154 156 158 160 162 164 166 168 170 172 174 176

Carr Works, Plumbers and Electricians Donbavand, Betsy Thomas, Walter Powell, Harry Ryder, William Beaumont, Fred Wade, James Edwin Heaton, Florence © Heaton, Harry Hudson, Herbert Lockwood, George Herbert Porter, Harold Taylor, John, Grocer and Draper Wood, Frederick Henry Wadsworth, Herbert I Nortcliffe, Arthur Croft, Ernest Deighton Council School Shaw, William, ‘‘ Croft House’”’ Beaumont, Albert Hemsworth, **Tenter Hill” Raistrick, Amos, Hil!”

Oddfellows’ Buildings.

1 Hoyle, Herbert 2 Mosley, Ben 3 Blackburn, Harry 4 Battye, George


178 180 182 184 186 188 190

192 194 196 198 200 202 204 206 208 210

5 Smith, Mary 6 Armitage, Thomas Honty Hudson Dean, Ernest Mallinson, John Kaye, William Henry Woffindin, Ann Wood, Bertie Fletcher, Arthur Tiffany, Reid, Wool Pack Inn

Hepworth’s Buildings. 1 Lindley, Wilfred 2 Kelly, Edward 3 Netherwood, Martha 4 McIntosh, George 5 Nunns, Mary 6 Richardson, Henry Yarnall 7 Cullen, Lawrence 8 White, John 9 Knight, Fred France, Annie Elizabeth Wooffindin, Walter Bailey Clough, Harry Gould, Walter Rogers, John Henry, Plasterer Shaw, Albert Billington, James Stanley Bentley, Jane Moxon, Ernest Hoggard, George Arthur

Sunny View. 3 Robinson, Walter 4 Blundell, Mary 5 Blundell, Clyde 6 McGill, Lewis 7 Skilbeck, Arthur George 8 Blundell, Horace Baden 9 Naven, Eliza Horner, Frederick Holmes, Johnny Sykes, Edwin Newton, John Horner, Margaret Sykes, Lily Bellamy, William Moxon, Ernest Haigh, Herbert Smith, Arnold Skilbeck, Bernard

21 2aWalker, George

212 214 216 218 220 222 224 226 228 230 232 234 236 238 240

Wightman, Herbert Robinson, Charles Ronald Connelley, Henry Horsfall, Berry Womersley, Joseph Edward Hand, Harold Dennison, Matthew Henry Skilbeck, Leo Terrance Taylor, Herman Potter, Arthur Brook, David Taylor, John William Cheesman, Harold Mortimer Boothroyd, Tom Beaumont, Willie

Page 213


Deighton Road—continued.

242 244


Swallow, Jane Ward, William Rootsey

246aExton, Charles Jesse

246 248

Wood, Dan, Grocer Godfrey, Harry

248aGledhill, Annie

250 254

256 258 260

3 13 15 17 19 21 23 25

14 16

Sellers, Charles Dobson, Joseph, Regent Confec- tionery Works, Manufacturing Confectioner Klouman, Frederick August Roodhouse, Charles Thornton, Firth.

Herve is Wiggan Lane

e608 . OO FY Vee Were.

DEMBY PLACE, MARSH. Earnshaw, Albert Armstrong, Osman Foster, Tom France, Norman — Marshall, John William Newton, Alfred Boothroyd, Joseph Robert Bedford, Elizabeth

DENTON LANE. Batler, Godfrey

DE TRAFFORD STREET, CROSLAND MOOR. Parr, William Charlesworth Earnshaw, Norman Crowther, Joseph . Hudson, Alfred Charles: Wilkinson, Harry Boothroyd, George Dyson, Leonard Johnson, James Arthur Lees, Walter Ridgwick, Ernest Worthington, Frank Wallis, Fred

DEVONSHIRE STREET, LOCK WOOD. Quarmby, William Ernest Wood, Henry Stanley, Kate

Johnson, Frederick William

Bradshaw, Sarah Jane Lee, Alfred Grattan Woodhouse, George Robertson, David Cockroft, Arthur Whitaker, J., Bakery eae Herve is Brook Street Bray, Dick Pottage, Albert


1 15 17 19

Peace, Arthur, Fish and Chips Johnson, Harry © Womersley, Arthur Womersiey, John Allen


127 129 131 133 135 137 139 141 143 145 147 149 151


Lindley, Samuel Harwood

3 Daniels, Ernest

Garsed, Mary Brierley, Harriett Ann Statham, Frank Iredale, Frank Moore, Percy Clay, Harriett Riley, Joe Morley, Mary Wood, Mary Constance Beaumont, Margaret Waddington, Percival Laidlaw, Harry King, Arthur Crosland, Joe Pogson, Norris Rumble, Ernest Stringer, Alec Bottomley, Herbert Stanley Lockwood, Arthur Waddington, Arnold Dean, Arthur Marsden, John William Rooke, Wilfred Gargrave, Hannah Bradbury, Fred. Berry, Leslie Barnes, James Irvin Ellis, Henrietta Sowden, Rowland Boothroyd, Harold McDonnell, John Hall, William Lockwood, Annie Brennan, Joseph Schofield, Hanby Harris, Sidney Armstrong, Ronald Morelli, Antony (Unoccupied) Rushworth, Walter (Unoccupied) Barron, Clara Annie Hirst, — |. Chadwick, David William. Stringer, Eric Mumford, Harry, Oversby, Edgar Garnett, John Edward Jenkinson, Arthur Harrop, Frederick Percival Walker, Firth Dyson, Cyril Dyson, Ernest Ellinthorpe, Richard Webster Clough, Sarah Maude Morley, Gladstone I Branch, Stanley — Swallow, Herbert Hill, John Sykes, Willie Atkinson, Alfred Bake Lees, Ernest Chidlow, John White, Henry Oliver

Page 214



Dewhurst Road—continued.

90 94

Smith, James Hinchliffe, Ben Goldthorpe, Launcelot John Schofield, Walker Payne, Joseph Frank — Lawton, Laura Cockin, George I Eastwood, Arthur Elam, Florence Whiteley, Harry Shaw, Sykes Blezard, Ernest Robert Fletcher, John West, John Douglas Maude, Albert Rhodes, Archie Dyer, Joseph Ernest Fitton, Raymond Blandford, Alfred Benjamin Mosley, Jack Johnson, Henry Bullock, Thomas Henry Pegg, William Bottomley, C. E., Plumber and Property Repairer Elton, Thomas Wilson, Annie Elizabeth Wood, Martha Ann Lawton, Hannah Maria Wood, Charles Henry Birkhead, Edward Mills, Harold Knights, John Sydney Lee, Tedbert Fox, Arthur Moorhouse, Edgar Swallow, Herbert Leonard, Clara Whitworth, Herbert Wild, A., Sweets and Tobacco:

94aBower, Leonard

96 98 100 102

Smith, Eliza Caroline Nicholls, Stanley Oldroyd, William Thwaite, Harold Thwaite, William Oddy _ -- Bagshaw, Fanny Jane Garbutt Vickerman, Harry Dickson, Robert Alexander Moorhouse, Benjamin Taylor, Ernest Stansfield, Ernest Arthur (Unoccupied) Lockwood, Herbert Wilkinson, Amos Hardy, Arthur

yas Breve 45 The Grove |.

Sykes, Annie Rowley, Ellis Cartwright, Charles Holland, Henry (Unoccupied) Lawton, Harry Bottomley, Frank Kilburn, Dan


DIAMOND STREET. (Off Hillhouse Lane). 1 White, William 3 Frame, Willie Davenport 5 Walker, Alfred 19 Edmondson, George Arthur 21 Ledgard, Harry 23 Yarker, Florence 25 McNamara, Thomas (senr. ) 27 Day, James I 29 Burke, Mark 31 Thomson, Robert Thomas 33 Ryan, Andrew Langham, Edward Smith, Emma Haigh, Edward Foster, George 10 Lindley, Harry 12 Morelli, Daniel 14 Gaffey, Peter 16 Crines, Emily 18 Bell, Laura 20 Robinson, Oliver 22 Gavin, Elizabeth Ann 24 Sykes, Walter 26 Scaramuzza, Lawrence 28 Burns, James 30 Mulleague, Annie 32 Mitchell, Elizabeth Ann

DIAMOND STREET, MOLDGREEN. 1 Firth, Harry 3 Mansfield, William Gilbert 5 Stead, Nellie 7 Jessop, Willie 9 Whittell, Thomas Kaye 11 Smith, George William 13 Smith, Mary Elizabeth 15 Berry, Godfrey 17 Lord, John Ernest ‘19 Haigh, Arthur 21 Liversedge, Willie Kaye 23 Killingbeck, Herbert George 25 Littlewood, Arthur William 2 Schofield, Wright 4 Dufton, Charles 6 Naisbitt, Annie 8 Kaye, George Henry 10 Greenwood, Ada 12 Stott, Joseph 14 Jagger, Frank

DINGLE ROAD, GLEDHOLT. — Kitson, W. & Son, Landscape Gardeners 2 Mee, Thomas 2aCliffe, Nancy 4 Lilley, Alfred 4aBickerstaffe, Joseph . 6 Kitson, William 6aKitson, Alec 8 Shaw, Frank 10 Riley, Arnold 12 Blackburne, Lewis Arthur 14 Quarmby, Frank Reginald

CO S> > bo

Page 215


Dingle Road—continued.

16 18


3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17


Avison, Alan Longbottom, Fred


Haworth, James Arnold Stevenson Galloway, Wilfred Jenkins, Garfield Bertrance Williamson, Harry Waterhouse (Unoccupied) Dyson, Kenneth Dale MacBride, Mabel Wilson, Percy Farnworth, Nellie Purchas, Daniel George Rigby, Bertram Cecil Lane, Rex Clayphan Fox Maggs, John Collins Anderson, Wilfred Alan Bostock, Harold Norman Adkins, Edward William


21 25


Kelly, Daniel Scally, Thomas McGrath, John Thomas Melia, James Reynolds, John Gell, William Galvin, Luke Croughan, Sarah Kelly, Catherine Foster, Patrick Here is Pollitt’s Yard Smith, Rabbi Chadwick, George ‘senr.) Cromie, Arthur Hartley, John

59/61 Wood, Daniel 63/65 Boswell, John

4 75 2 4 8 10 12 16 18 20 24 26 30 32 34 36 38 40 42

Brennan, John Raffertv, Margaret Convoy, Mary Ann Dunn, Thomas Gallagher, Annie Elizabeth Kilgallon, Patrick Barrett, Alice Nestor, Catherine Connolly, John Dickinson, Sarah Stanley, Annie Shaw, John (Unoccupied) Thomas, Albert Edward Reynolds, Elizabeth (Unoccupied) Kenny, Nellie Bower, Harry Walker, Joseph, Dock Tavern

DODDSROYD, BERRY BROW. 2aGatehouse, Percy


Lee, Frank



4 Fearnes, Albert


Grundy, Harry

6aCousen, Fred


Williams, Harry Jenkinson, Edith Waters, Anne Ingham, Wilfred Barrowclough, Harry Dodson, George Hallas, Fred Bottomley, Fred Popham, James William Ellis, John William France, Norman Dearden, Leslie Kaye, Ernest Gill, Whitfield Mellor, Harold Grater, Harry Tillotson, Willie Kaye, Florence Hampshire, Maria Sims, Alec Ernest Brook, Leonard Walker, John Beever Stephenson, Albert Pinder, Harry Hollingworth, Leonard Barraclough jit Taylor, Mildred, Ladies’ and Children’s Hairdresser Holm Royd. 60 Gaskell, John William — Honley and South Crosland Sewage Works 62 Hoyle, Walter T., Consulting Herbalist Lockwood, James Henry Kaye, Joe Harper, Annie Ellis, Hervey Affleck, Thomas, Tailor and Costumier Platt, William Herbert Booth, Harry Mellor, Fanny Brammal, Albert Mervin Brammal, Annie Booth, Leonard Shaw, Alfred Sykes, Thomas Walker, Frank Haigh, J. O., Newsagent, Sweets and Tobacco Here starts Church Terrace


10 12 14

Allen, William Henry Lockwood, Herbert Hardcastle, Reginald Brook, Frank Kidd, George Balmford, Emily Broadley, William Winpenny, Joe Harrison, Joe

Page 216



Dod Lea Lane—continued.

16 18

52 54 56 58

on ord =

11 13

17 19 /2] 23 25 2 t 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24


1 3 5 7

Dod Lea Poultry Farm (Prop., J. Ainley) Ainley, Jim, ‘ Hillside ”’ Bray, John, ‘* Lyndhurst ”’ Stewart, John Meal, John

DOG KENNEL BANK (Off Somerset Road).

} Gibson, William Schofield

Biltcliff, Harry Bentley, Mary Mellor, Percy Biltcliff, Herbert Chambers, Walter Dodds, M.A., George Elliott ** Jockey Hall ” Jockey Hall Cottage (unoccupied) Uttley, Harry Clifford Starkey, Ada Firth, Sarah Ann Earnshaw, Hilda Broderick, Nellie Fountain, H. Williamson, Mary Gertrude Tordoff, Walter Donaldson, Joe Willie Conley, Edith Chambers, Ethel Hill, Mary Jane Rhodes, Ralph

60/62 Singleton, Polly

DORSET STREET, BIRKBY. Haigh, Frederick Farrar, Lavinia Foster, Herbert Barker, Donald Wrigley, Harry Flynn, John Willsdon, William Henry Price, David Gledhill, Emma Morris, Eliza Bateman, William Daniel Bradley, Roy Bailey, Frederick Turton, Herbert Edward Sharpe, Gertrude Eliza — Woodhouse, Ernest Lawton, Eliza Ann Hopkins, Wilmot Wood, F. Williamson, Muriel Garsed, Fred Hargreaves, Lincoln Colbeck Woodhouse, Walter Harrington, Thomas Slater, Herbert

Stockton, Ernest Walker, Swale, J ohn William Pearson Claughton, Leslie


10 12

Goldthorpe, Tom Rothery, H. Lee, Annie Bolan, G. Smith, Harold Foster, Mahlah Elam, A. Kaye, Norman Ellis, Albert



ROYDS HALL. Beaumont, John Moorhouse, T. Clegg, Annie Groom, Wilfred Marsden, Solomon Holroyd, Reginald Donnellan, John Sunderland, Benjamin Thomson Garrety, J ohn . Cook, George William Higton, Frederick William Uttley, Herbert Henry

“Reilly, William

Coates, Gladys Maria Pearce, Arthur Willie Chapman, Ephraim John Grange, William Henry Rhodes, Albert Wintringham, Charlotte Rigby, John Sidney Herve is Royds Avenue Dyson, Julius Scott, William Rhoades, Joe Linton, Thomas Horgan, William Henry Bates, James Edward Kaye, Fred Connolly, Philip Degg, William France, Milner

DOWKER STREET, MILNSBRIDGE. Taylor, Albert, Dowker Works, Engineer and Brassfounder Bottomley & Fisher, Painters and Decorators Halstead, Lenny & Co., Ltd., Milnsbridge Printing Works, Printers and Bookbinders I - Gell, Amelia Armitage, Fred, Decorator Oldham, Lewis Robert Beever, Harry Here is Armitage Road Marchant, Arthur Charles Ling, Helen Walshaw, Edwin Goodwin Cromack, Cecil __ Kinder, Fred Walker, Herbert Armitage, Sarah Ann Griffin, William

Page 217


Dowker Street—continyed. 8aWhiteley, John Edward — Smith, Wm. & Sons, Slaters and Roof Tilers — Milnsbridge Methodist Sunday School Skier tie Here 1s Aymitage Road ......... 12 Renshaw, Albert. 16 Brown, Benjamin 18 Tattersall, Richard Henry 20 Whiteley, Hubert 22 Saxton, John 24 Riley, Sydney Herbert 26 Kitson, Charles 28 Jackling, Robert James I 30 Hirstwood, Johnny 32 Roper, Ernest DRAWER’S ROW, BERRY BROW. 1 Sheard, Wilfred Woodcock, Jane Ann Hoyle, James Siswick, Percy Firth, Willie Firth, John Robert Hirst, John Allen Clegg, Joseph Farrar 10 Hirst, Ann 12 Littlewood, John William 14 Atkinson, Hector 16 Hartley, Robert 18 McGowan, William

DRYCLOUGH ROAD, CROSLAND MOOR. 1 Crossley, Herbert ... footpath leading to Sunningdale Rd.... Dryclough House. 1 Priestley, Fred 3 Womble, Arnold Taylor 5 North, John Collier ... footpath leading to Moor End Road... 81 Arnold, John Hubert 83 Mellor, Harry 85 Hodgson, Bernard Hirst 87 Garner, William 89 Smith, Hazel Lodge 91 Haigh, Ruth Hannah 99 Brook, Wilfred 109 Houghton, Stanley 111 Atkinson, Albert 113 Murton, Charles J. S. 115 Hudson, George Arthur 117 Hastie, Sidney Henry _119 Hirst, Arthur 121 Lees, Frank Herve is Woodside Road ......... — Addy, Fred, *‘ Newlands ”’ — Mallinson, George Frederick, © “Oak Dene ” . Here is Beaumont Park Road and ... entrance to Beaumont Park 2 Rhodes, C. 4 Littlewood, Fred 6 Taylor, Charles Kaye 8 Dudley, Ernest

CO SR bo AT Oo


10 Jamieson, Thomas 12 Sandland, Harry 14 Ellis, Frank Peace 16 Addy, Albert 18 Burnley, Harry 20 Wood, Mary Hannah 22 Holt, John, Dryclough Farm Misia Here is Cromarty Avenue ......... 42 Webster, William Stanley 44 Ramsden, Fred 46 Swallow, Mary Annis 48 Kaye, George Harold 50 Mattin, Harold 52 Shaw, Alfred 54 Earnshaw, Mary Elizabeth 56 Shaw, Florence Louisa Here 1s Staincross Avenue 58 Graham, George Alexander 60 Hawthornthwaite, John Howram 62 Whiteley, Stanley Helm 64 Askham, Sarah, Sweets & Tobacco 66 Hirst, Charles 68 Askham, George Arthur 70 Charlesworth, Wright 72 Gaunt, Charlie 74 Bell, Lawrence 76 Armstrong, Harry 78 Maude, Annie — Volunteer Field Farm 80 Priest, Liversidge 82 Mallinson, Wilfrid 84 Mellor, Frank 86 Mellor, Alfred — Reynolds, Alfred — Ramsden, John Lewis, ‘‘Torlea”’ as cies Here 1s Foster Avenue 88bSeddon, Reginald Harrison 90 Ainley, John Aubrey Holroyd 92 Rushworth, Stephen Hudson 94 Coupe, Gordon, Dentist 96 Ellis, Emma

soa Here is Longden Avenue ........+

98 Brook, Harry, Grocer

100 Law, Ernest Edwin 102 Fox, James Arthur ye Here is Woodside Road ......... Herve is Beaumont Park Road ......

DUDLEY AVENUE, MARSH. 1 Bradbury, Lewis 3 Wade, Albert 5 Gledhill, Joseph 7 Hallas, Martha 9 Royston, Herbert 11 Sykes, Harold Walter 13 Broom, George William 15 Durham, Harriet 17 Jenkinson, Robert 19 Crawshaw, Herbert

DUDLEY ROAD, MARSH. 1 Sykes, Edgar Philemon 2 Hellawell, Arthur 4 Hirst, Stanley 6 Turton, Joe Willie 8 Redfern, W. E.

Page 218


Dudley Road—-continued. 10 Wilson, Alice . 12 Barnes, George Maurice 14 Bottomley, Joseph Hitchen 16 Grainge, Edward Albert 18 Sharpe, Horace 20 Dale, Oscar Elders 22 Chappell, George Willie 24 Dyson, Irvin William 26 Walker, Frank 28 Senior, J., Electrician ie Here is Dudley Avenue .......+- 30 Lee, Joah 32 Pogson, Harry 34 Parkin, Dyson 36 Platt, Harry 38 Watkinson, Walter 40 Taylor, Harry, Butcher

DUKE STREET. 1 Baxter, Herbert Lockwood’s Yard. 1 Byrne, John 3 Smith, Frank 5 Cuniffe, Catherine 7 Haigh, Elizabeth 9 Wilson, Mary Jane 11 Armstrong, Thomas 13 Tullett, Mary 15 Riley, Herbert 17 Swallow, Hannah 19 Tullett, Harry 19aKilgallon, John 21 Glynn, Miriam 23 O’Rourke, William 25 Brooke, Margaret 27 Whelan, Sarah Ann 29 Callum, Sarah Ann 2/4 Belcher, Walter, Sweets and Tobacco 6 Cuniffe, Thomas 8 Boothroyd, George 10 McGuire, Thomas 12 12aCase, James William 14 Beaumont, Grace Ann 16 Gallagher, Lily 18 King, Emily 20 Batley, John William Kay’s Yard. 1 Hirst, Doris Kathleen 2 Thornton, Willie 22 Cooney, Mary Ellen 24 Lord, Sarah Ellen 26 Clegg, John 26aLaffey, Patrick 28 Priestley, Ernest

DUNDAS STREET. 3 Telfer, H. & Son, Wholesale Drapers and General Warehousemen 9 Huddersfield Community Club (Social Centre for Unemployed) 11 Barlow, Ellis & Son, Wool Merchts. and Top Makers


11 Rowbottom, Albert, Wool and Waste Merchant 15 (Unoccupied) 17 Hanson, W. & Co., Carpet Factors and Rug Manufacturers 17 Independent Order of Oddfellows, Manchester Unity Friendly Society, Hudd. District Office 17 Central Adult School — 10 Moore Bros., Wool Merchants

Scie Here is Sergeantson Street ......

12 Haigh, Edward (Incorporating Thomas Hirst & Co.), Wool Merchant 16/18 Sykes, D. M. & Co., Ltd., Cotton Waste Merchants


1 Riding, J. 3 Jubb, Mary Jane 5 Cratchley, Clarence 7 Batley, Joseph Frederick 9 Kennedy, W. 11 Blakey, Lewis Henry 13 Nutton, Arthur 15 Hovard, Ernest 17 Woodhouse, George 19 Haigh, Shaw 21 Sykes, Joshua Wade 23 Sykes, Harry 25 Taylor, Sarah 27 Waite, Norman 29 Naylor, John Edward 31 Catton, Emmeline 33 Shaw, Lewis 35 Thwaite, Hilda 37 Oddy, Ralph Willie 39 Smith, Benson 41 Burford, Albert George (senr.)

EEE RS Herve is Kelvin Avenue

43 Ryecraft, Frank Frederick 45 Roberts, Tom 47 Barden, Edgar 49 Hinchliffe, Ann Beardsell 51 Perkins, Frank 53 Whitaker, Albert Edward 538aTaverney, Harold 53bHaigh, Abraham 55 Thewlis, Joseph 57 Gibson, Ben 59 Green, Robert 61 Littlewood, Mary (senr.) 63 Ewart, Harry 65 Cooper, Stanley Hirst 67 Lockwood, Arthur 30 Land, Nellie Norah 32 Priestman, John Morris 34 Haigh, Charles Edward 36 Eady, W. 38 Dransfield, Arthur 40 Hepworth, Thomas Albert 42 Timmins, Samuel 44 Whitworth, Law 46 Halstead, Herbert, Plumber 48 Armitage, Harry

Page 219


Dyson 50 Dyson, Arnold, Ladies’ & Gent? Ss Tailor Herve is Kelvin Avenue 52 Carney, H. 54 Barrowclough, J.S. 56 Naylor, H. M. 64 Hobson, James William Lasbury 66 Greenwood, Arnold William 68 Maycock, Amy 70 Dyson, Edward, Standiforth Farm 72 Richardson, Joe William

EARL’S AVENUE, GREENSIDE. — Roddy, Mary, ‘“‘ Ravensholme ”’

EAST AVENUE, LINDLEY. — Crowther, Norman Wood, ‘‘Ash Meadow ”’ — Day, Victor, ‘* Virginia Lea ”’

EAST CLOSE, FARTOWN. Jones, William Walter Willson, Richard Nathaniel Stork, George Allen Hawyes, J. W. Haigh, George Arthur

EAST PARADE. — Site for New Store (Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd.) — Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd., Laundry ees 85 Alfved Street .. 3 Doris, Annie Mary 3aGarritt, Louis 5 Cross, Margaret Ann 7 Sewell, Harry 9 Smith, David Mitchell 11 Plant, Herbert 13 Ford, Elizabeth 15 Thomas, Edward 17 Central School of Dancing (Prop., W. Sanderson) 1l7aAuckland, George Henry 21 Kaye, Hervin 23 Sanderson, Wm., Washing Machine Roller Maker and Dealer — Spratts Signs, Ltd., Sign Writers 27 Shaw, J. W. & Sons, Sheet Metal Workers — Broadbent, T. W., Ltd., Victoria Electric Works, Electrical Engineers een Here 1s Queen Street South ...... 2 Sutcliffe, R., Gent’s Hairdresser and Umbrella Repairer 2 Bellamy & Co., Turf Commission Agents — Boyes, A. G. & Co., Ltd., Auto- mobile Engineers 2aHuddersfield Women’s Conserva- tive & Unionist Association — Butlin Bros., Cycle Engineers and Dealers

bd AOU


Durvic Chambers. Durrans, W. Victor, Ladiss’ & Gent’s Tailor The Goblin Vacuum Co. Goode, H. F., Consulting Engineer Stott, N. & Co., Incorporated Accountants Motor Supplies Co. Boulton’s, Estate Agents — Quarmby, John & Son, Ltd., Card Board Boxes and Paper Bag Makers 8 Bracey, Richard 8aTennant, R. A. — Huddersfield & District Bill- Posting Co., Ltd. 10 Wareham, Charlie 12 Berry, Sarah 12aMitchell, Charles Hirst — Mitchell, C. H., Automobile Eng. 14 McCourtie, Robert Davidson l4aTravis, Wilfred _ 16 Carter, Donovan Yukon 16aHoldsworth, Frank 18 Brown, Wilfred Herbert 18aReynolds, Herbert James 20 Crompton, G., M.B., Ch.B., Phys. and Surg. 22 (Unoccupied) 24 Hyde, J. & Co., and Auditors — The Drummond Hirst Co., Elec- trical Engineers — Brockholes Motor Co., Ltd., Ford Depot

Here is Queen Street South

EAST STREET, I LINDLEY. 1 Marsden, Helena, Grocer, Corn & © Provision Dealer 3 Clough, Sarah J. 5 Liversedge, Jim 7 Blakey, Howard 9 Harrison, Herbert 11 Mullen, Norman

13 Smithies, Mary

15 Molloy, Patrick 17 Oldfield, Joseph William 19 Metcalfe, Reuben 21 Schofield, Benjamin 23 Haigh, Jack 25 O’Connor, Betty 27 Whitehead, F. 29 Pearson, Charles 31 Dyson, Charlie 33 Holt, Donald 33aHirst, Edith Alice 35 Hirst, Thomas Lodge — Smith & Netherwood, Mechanical and Motor Engineers 37 Pickup, Jack Melville 39 Pickup, Elsie 41 Turner, Fanny 43 Baxter, Lewis 45 Pilling, Sarah Alice

Page 220

100 , STREETS East Street—continued. 47 Peckett, John 10 — Lindley East Street Methodist 7

Church and Sunday School

51 Farrand, Joe Boothroyd 16 53 Ridsdale, Harry 18 55 Sykes, Herbert 20 57 Sykes, Albert 28 59 Crowther, J. & Son, Decorators & a


63 Goldthorpe, Ben

65 Tidswell, Willie 67 Darwin, John Edward 36 69 Marsh, Jessie Sarah 38 71 Copley, Annie 40 73 Smith, Thomas Henry 75 Shaw, Annie Louisa 77 Royston, Frank Marsland 1 79 Chapman, George 3 83 McNee, George Archibald, ‘"""" ‘“Royds House”’

Zion Square.

1 Sallis, Frederick William 5 Hinchliffe, Emily 9 7 Holder, Harold i 9 Brearley, Arthur 13 Holmes, Cyril 15

Gill, Sarah Taylor, Martha Ann Earnshaw, Ernest Kitson, Stanley Shaw, George Brook, Lewis 12 Broughton, Albert 14 Stannard, William James 16 Pickup, Emily Louisa Thompson, Annie Schofield, John Smith, Alfred Earnshaw, Clara



19 23


16 Armitage, William 18 Pearson, Sarah 4 20 Cookson, William ~y ae

Fania wn ons Herve is George Street 26 Moore, M.D., D.P.H., Samson George Haydock, late M.O.H. 28 Dyson, Elizabeth 30 Mitchell, Ada 32 Wilkinson, Arthur James

EAST VIEW, MARSH. Mear, Sam Billington, James Stanley Crisp, Thomas Gannon, Willie Rothery, George Robert Haworth, Fred


s 10 12 414 I 16 ; I 11 13 15 17 19

EASTWOOD STREET, MOLDGREEN. 41 Bell, Mary Annie Here is Victoria Street 51 Eastwood, Amanda 53 Sykes, Joe 55 Lunn, Ann Robinson, Frank 69 Hellawell, Emma


eeeoveseee — ak,

18 20


Lewis, Richard Machen, George Arthur White, Robert Holt, Clara Smith, Joe (senr.) Roberts, Albert Broadbent, Kate Clayton, Annie Neaverson, William Henry Dickinson, Thomas Manning, George Allerton, Ladies’ Hairdresser Neaverson, Stanley Hanson, Stanley Fraser, Thomas King

. EDGERTON. Jury, Norman Scott, Mary Annie Herve is Edgerton Grove Road ...... Henshaw, D. M., Edgerton House Crowther, W. A., Edgerton Hill

7aCrabtree, Robert

Fletcher, Joseph Ernest (Unoccupied) Anderson, William Jones, Charles Cresser ay Herve is Glebe Street Sugden, Sarah Ann

—- Brierley, Dorothy, ““Rose Bank”

... Herve is Imperial Road Mount, Edgerton. 1 Rigby, Richard Vernon 2 Harrison, Edward M.., Physician and Surgeon Taylor, Betsy

21 Nicholson, O.B.E., David Walter

Kaye, Tom Herbert

23aPearson, J. M. — Edgerton Stores, Sweets & Tobacco 2 Barraclough, Benjamin Herbert

Royston, H. ... Herve is Blacker Road ......... Moxon, Walter. ‘““Grannum House”’ Moxon, Charles Henry, ‘‘Grannum House’”’ Fisher, Harold, ““Grannum House”’ Bramham, Catherine Tinker, Eileen Caroline Duncan Abbey, Sidney Bremen House. Butler, B. M. Rennie, Dr. A., School Medical Inspector, W.R.C.C. Brook, Thelma Gooch, George Ernest Nicholson, Nurse B. A. (Midwife) ... Here is Queen’s Road Hoyle, Alfred Cartwright, ‘* Desmonde ”’ Holroyd, James Hutchinson ‘* Brook House ”’ Footpath leading to Birkby ...... Murgatroyd, Norman Arthur Waverley School, ‘‘Hazel Grove’”’ (Principal, Miss Shaw)

Page 221


Edgerton—continued. 22/24 Greenwood, Mrs. Agnes Gertrude 26 Hudson, James Frank 28 Clapham, Mrs. Edith — Williams, Denys Roger Hesketh, “Sunny Dale ”’ — Nevin, Phyllis, ‘‘ Sunnyside ”’

EDGERTON GROVE ROAD. Sykes, Alfred Herman Chilton, E. Newman Ramsden, Mrs. Ethel Hirst Smith, Frank, ‘‘ Ridgelands ”’ 12 Broadbent, Horace 14 Darwent, Mary 16 Pullen, Annie Edgerton Lane. 1 Brook, Allen 3 Lumb, Fred Johnson 18 Haywood, Norman Armitage 20 Hart, Lilian 22 Dawson, William Newton 24 Walker, Doris — Gledholt Methodist Church and Sunday School a — Bower, Albert (Church House)

EDGE TERRACE, LONGWOOD. 2 Foster, Charlie 4 Sykes, William Henry 6 Crosland, Frank 8 Rowbottom, James 10 Coldwell, Rachel 12 Winpenny, Harry

ELDER LANE, BRADLEY. 1 Clarkson, John

I Oro

37 Wilkinson, Emily, Grocer 39 Watson, Harold 41 Robertshaw, Amy 43 Cotton, Herbert 45 Bates, Ethel 47 McVeagh, Edward 49 Catton, Frank 51 Gill, John 53 Winkley, Harry 55 Taylor, Samuel 57 Fielding, Amy James 59 Sunderland, John 61 Brook, Leonard 63 Dodson, Edgar Franklin 65 Crawshaw, Wilson 67 Rogers, George Eyre 69 Whiteley, George Frederick 71 Jones, William 73 Clegg, Albert 75 Smallburn, Tom 77 Jackson, Fred 79 Boast, William

ee Herve is Mount Road

81 Payne, Frederick William 83 Wood, Harry 85 Purchas, Reginald Wesley 87 Hanson, Elizabeth Maud — Goodyear, Thornton & Thomas, Eldon Works, Decorators & Sign Writers

Herve is Shakespeare Buildings

89 Sanderson, George

91 Jebson, Fred 93 Hall, Fred 95 Yates, John 97 Armitage, Fred 99 Taylor, Luther

101 Ellinthorpe, Sophia

2 Holdsworth, Elsie : 103 Winterflood, Ada Ellen 3 Brooke, James Henry, Oak Farm 105 Bower, Edgar , 107 Fearnley, Edward ELDON, OUTLANE. ne Willi 2/4 Hirst, J ohn Wm., Eldon Moor ae eee: illiam Barton Pasta W oolhouse, Louisa 113 Newsome, Elizabeth

115 Mettrick, Herbert ELDON ROAD, MARSH. 117 Ibberson, Ernest

Dixon, Allen, Plasterer 119 Lloyd, Ernest

1 3 Williamson, William 5 Shaw, Harry 7 Walker, Elsie 9 Davies, Rose Ethel 1 Barlow, Ada Rosamund. Here is Clifton Road 13 Carter, Wilfred, Fish and Chips 15 Yates, George 17 Little, Albert Edward 19 Lindley, Annie 21 Browne, John William Tyrrel 23 Richards, William 25 Short, Edith 27 Holmes, Elizabeth Frances 29 Riley, William Taylor 31 Rogers, Walter 33 Wood, Harriet Ellen 35 Whiteley, Walter Here is Grasscroft Road

2 Wheelhouse, Harry 4 Noble, Annie 6 Milnes, Herbert 8 Elkington, Elizabeth Esthe 10 Rowe, Fred 12 Lord, Constance 14 Acres, Clara 16 Schofield, Thomas

Here is Back Eldon Road .........

18 Brook, Joseph 20 (Unoccupied) 22 Shaw, Mary Jane 24 Scholefield, Sarah

26 Barnes, Harry

28 Whiteley, Sarah Ann 30 Berry, Margaret 30aBlackburn, Emily Ann ‘3 32 Turner, Annie

Page 222


Eldon Road—continued. 32aLister, Harry 34 Benson, Mary Jane 36 Lawton, James Ewart 38 Whitehead, George 40 Heptonstall, John William 42 Taylor, Claude 44 Ling, Evelyn Turner 46 Wiles, John 48 Deans, John 50 Woodward, Doris 52 Lawton, Hubert 54 Smith, Sidney 56 Cliffe, George William 58 Schofield, William Sneddon 60 Sykes, John Knight 62 Oldham, John 64 Allison, Frederick 66 Dyson, Flora Ellen 68 Dyson, Stanley 70 Barrett, William 72 Fletcher, Thomas 74 Pugh, Sarah Elizabeth 76 Ainley, Mary 78 Wightman, Arthur 80 Liversedge, Emeline 82 Taylor, Nellie 84 Brooke, Frank Myers, Plumber & Electrician 86 Brooke, Amelia 88 Wood, Leonard 90 Iredale, Alfred 92 Yates, Leonard 94 Gledhill, Arthur, Builder 96 Richardson, Elizabeth Mary Here is Meadow Street 100 Mather, Hugh 102 Gott, Norman 104 Smith, Ann 106 Bird, Evelyn 108 Parker, Alice Maud 110 Copley, Frank 112 Brierley, Albert 114 Edwards, William Owen 116 Townend, Jim 120 Firth, Will 122 Priestley, Annie 124 Gelder, Clement 126 Hick, Walter 128 White, Earl Patrick 130 Illingworth, David Ernest 132 Morton, John Arthur 134 Dingle, Clifford James 136 (Unoccupied) 138 Ellinthorpe, John William 140 Poulter, William Saunders 142 Wadsworth, James Hedley 144 Butler, Fred 146 Turner, M., Grocer & Confectioner

ELEANOR STREET, HILLHOUSE. 1 Oates, Harry, Joiner & Undertaker 3 Benton, Annie _Uttley, Albert 7 Uttley, Clara 9 Laherty, Patrick


11 Hutchinson, George Matthewman 13 North, Laura

15 North, Reginald

17 Buckley, Joe 19 Wood, Frank 21 Rogers, Elizabeth Ann 23 Lightowler, Harry : 2/4/6 Hillhouse Perseverance Friendly and Industrial Soc., Ltd., Registered Office 8 Lawton, Annie Elizabeth 10 Wood, Clement 12 Ewart, Gertrude — Hillhouse Congregational Church

ELIZABETH STREET, NEWSOME. 1 Purves, William 3 Waterworth, Elizabeth Ann 5 Wilson, Lily 7 Hargreaves, George Armitage 9 Hardy, Bert rae Here ts Ridge Siveet 11 Wood, Norman I 13 Brown, Edith 15 O’Donnell, William 17 Madden, Mary 19 Jessop, Richard Henry Here is Lawton Street —...... 2 Hartley, George Lancaster 4 Dallagher, Arthur 6 Knowles, Alexander 8 Womersley, Hannah 10 Wilkinson, Joseph 12 Case, James William 14 Hartley, Clara 16 Mobbs, John 18 Sykes, Tom 20 Gallacher, Jane Herve is Lawton Street

ELLISON STREET, CROSLAND MOOR. Heeley, Arthur Wilfred McCallum, James Boothroyd, Joe Crabtree, Stansfield (Unoccupied) 11 Warburton, John 13 Burns, George Smith 15 Smith, Leonard Francis 2 Gledhill, John 4 Autey, Ernest William 6 Denham, John 8 Denham, Ernest 10 Kershaw, Ronald 12 Woodhead, John Willie 14 Noble, Lawrence 16 O’Grady, Bertha 18 Holdsworth, Vincent 20 Lockwood, Irvin

ELMFIELD ROAD, BIRKBY. laMilnes, James 1 Bucke, Eileen Mary 3 Hollingworth, Percy 5 Corkhill, Wilfred Clarence

VO WMUTYUYU ese200808 e


Page 223


Elmfield Road—continued.


ll 13 15 2

Castle, Amy Whiteley Vickerman, Thomas Badham, Lucy Anderson, William Hamilton Broadburn, William Claude Sykes, Charles Herbert

4 Whittaker, Henry Renton


11 13 15 17 19


6 8

10 12 14 16 ; 18

26 28 30 32

Lake, William Eastwood, Else Kaye, Harry Stansfield Turner, Arthur Samuel Prout, William Hubert Jones, Arthur Richardson, Doris Owen, Ellen Elizabeth Moon, A. C. (Unoccupied) Archer, Ada Emeline Harpin, D. G. Stancliffe, Harry Copley, R. E. Mellor, Godfrey

ELMFIELD TERRACE, MOLDGREEN. Draper, Frank Senior, Thomas William Moore, George Dawson, William Edward Lightowler, Albert Trueman, James Boston

ELM STREET, DAMSIDE. Haigh, Harry, Gent’s Hairdresser Haigh, James, Boot and Shoe Repairer

ts Bent Stveet

Townend, Sykes Copley, Wright Townend, Fred. Robinson, Joseph Holmes, Stanley Bryant

Pe ig Heveis Manor Street

Jessop, James Ashness, Norris Garraty, John Patrick Cragg, Arthur

ea a Herve is Manor Rise

Winterbottom, Lucy Ann Farrar, Ada Inman, Sam Winterbottom, Joe C., Plasterer & Whitewashers Winterbottom, Jo Burley, John Alfred Cromack, Nellie Hinchliffe, Sarah Elizabeth Horncliffe, John Thomas

Heveis Manor Street

Uttley, Albert Edward Malone, John Read, Frederick Weatherburn, Herbert

Roa. Herve is Manor Riseé




2 4 6 8 10 12 14

34 36


11 13 15

19 21 23 25

47 49 51 53 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28

Henderson, John Mallinson, Willie Mallinson, Jack Evans, Annie Mawson, William Henry Egan, Annie Doyle, James ... Herve is Diamond Street ......... Huddersfield Corporation Trans- port and Cleansing Dept., Hillhouse Depot— Supt., H. Neaverson Handford, Thomas Ramsden, Herbert The Huddersfield Brick, Tile and Stone Co., Ltd., Brick & Tile Makers

ENOCH LANE, LOCKWOOD. Bedford, Albert Townend Hobson, Clifford Lee, Sarah Ellen Armitage, Clara Leach, Harriet Dyson, Fred Armitage, Sykes Durrans, Victor Mitchell, Harry

EVERARD STREET, CROSLAND MOOR. Sykes, Wright Adams, John Herbert Vickerman, Oliver

is Basil Street

Clayton, Harry Steele, — Walker, Thomas Goldie, Alexander Wrigley, Morton Here is Ellison Street Walker, Gertrude Beaumont, Sydney Ernest Brook, Norman Cockhill, Norman Archibald Buckley, Julia Dawson, Sidney George Thomas Taylor, Ralph

.... Herve is Rudding Street

Parkin, Miriam Vickerman, John Longley, Harry Cooper, George Edward Gay, Sidney George Cartwright, Hirst Firth, Alfred William Rayner, James Arthur. Hinchliffe, Gilbert Jessop, Harry Kirk, Arthur Clayton, Hubert Mitchell, Harold Denton Townend, Hubert Hayden Walshaw, Charles Burgoine

Page 224



Everard Street—continued.

30 32 34 36 38 40 42

FAI 2 4 6 8 10

FA 1

Hollingworth, Arthur Donaldson, John Taylor Dawson, Albert Armitage, Hugh Kenworthy Lodge, Mary Elizabeth Laycock, Henry Roseby Walker, John Edwin Taylor, Joe Brown, Edward Battye, Arthur Smith, Arnold Cartwright, Charles Horsfall, James Sheard, Edwin Campnett, Herbert

FAIRLEA, TAYLOR HILL. Thornton, Harold Leppington Tait, George, Fairlea Lodge Gould, Charles William Knowles, Martha McCulloch, Montgomery Whitham, Ada Hemingway, George Dennis, Thomas Henry Livingstone, Sarah Fearnside Battye, Rockley Bradley, Stanley Longbottom, Gertrude ... Herve is Faivlea Road

RLEA AVENUE, TAYLOR HILL. Hartley, John Eastwood Weatherhead, Annie Carter, Tom Broadbent, Arthur Booth, Emma

IRLEA ROAD, TAYLOR HILL. Mallinson, Edward Frederick Litster, Alexander (junr.) ... Heve is Fairlea Avenue ......... Vickerman, B. & Sons, Ltd., Tay- lor Hill Mills, Woollen and Worsted Manufacturers Here is Stoney Cross Street ...... Kilner, Elizabeth Ann Haigh, Mary Hopkinson, Donovan France, Benjamin Stephenson, Charles Henry Perry, Charles Edward Hargreaves, William Turner, Thomas Arthur Priestley’s Buildings. 2 Ansell, Herbert 4 Jones, Albert 6 Peace, Albert Edward 8 Jarrell, Charles Henry 10 Washington, Leonora 12 Longbottom, Alfred 14 Irvine, 16 Hawthornthwaite, Joe 18 Bradley, Alfred 20 Hobson, Harry

22 Taylor, James 24 Turner, John Alexander 26 Fawcett, David 42 Matthews, Fred, Boot Repairer 44 Bradshaw, John Edwin 46 Clegg, Charles William 48 Plows, Robert William 50 Pluright, Dyson 52 Brackley, Ernest Henry 54 Thompson, William 56 Bailey, Tom 58 Knight, Fred 60 Bradley, Jack Raymond

FAIR STREET, LOCKWOOD. 11 Knight, Mary Ann 13 Walmsley, Lawrence 15 Noble, Annie 17 Webster, John 2 Dean, Bernard 4 Middleton, Ann Norah

. 6 Walsh, Willie

8 Hinchliffe, Matilda 10 Aldred, George 12 Mills, David Stanley 14 Moss, Thomas Edwin 16 Ardron, John 18 Hirst, Harry 20 Pearson, M. 22 Haigh, Edward Brooke 24 Gunn, Elizabeth Porter

FALCON STREET, CLOSE HILL. 11 Bowker, Frank 13 Boothroyd, Harry 15 Jackson, Frank 17 James, Lewis 19 Eglinton, George 21 Bradley, Albert

pha sui RD., ALMONDBURY. 1 Broadbent, Fred 3 Bray, Joe 5 Isherwood, Alice Ann 7 Turner, Tom 9 Beal, Edwin 11 Erby, Edward Charles 13 Sykes, Harry 15 Causey, Cyril 17 Shillito, Arnold 19 Sutton, James George 21 North, Clifford 23 Gilleard, Richard Henry 25 Bradley, Michael 27 Sykes, Alfred 29 (Unoccupied) 31 Stevens, William Henry 33 Smelt, Wilfred 35 Barrowclough, Benjamin 37 Hawkes, Charles Henry 39 Brook, Frank 41 Broscombe, Phyllis . 43 Pawson, John William 45 Holberry, Ernest 47 Broscombe, Alice 49 Thornton, George Henry

Page 225


Farfield Road—continued.

Kelly, John Richard Matthewman, Thomas David Pogson, Ernest Hinchliffe, Willie Stanger, Arthur North, Joe Willie Booth, Lewis Williamson, Harry Sykes, Arthur Ward, Edward Crossley, Ernest Bradlaugh Senior, Clara Sutcliffe, Ernest Arthur Adams, Arthur Haigh, Arthur Blackburn, Walter Lightfoot, William Elijah Ogley, James Binnie, Horace Henry Silsby, Arthur William Lodge, Ernest Cook, Herbert Victor Dearnley, Alice Mary Wood, John Bramhall, Norris William Kershaw, Charles Horner, Harry Mellor, Charles Geoffrey Oldroyd, Frederick Calvert, Herbert Shaw, Arthur Norris Scaramuzza, Pasquale Beaumont, Douglas Gledhill, Norman Hawksworth, John Hadfield Mallinson, Arthur Carter, Alec Raymond Nichols, Fred. Fisher, Harry Wentworth Gibson, Ernest Tarbuck, Tom Oliver, Jack Mills, William Stonebridge, Joseph George Housley, Wallace Watmuff, Ernest Sykes, Ernest Boothroyd, Jack Smith, Lindley William Bodsworth, Joseph Jesse Leadbeater, Joshua Walshaw, Herbert Brook, Harry Wilson, Harry Weldrake, Ernest Brown, George Henry Harrison, George Iredale, William Wormald, Walter Edward Huthwaite, Harry Cooper, Squire Speight, Lawrence Willie Leslie, Harry Stirling, George Heseltine Pogson, Harold,

20 22 24 26 28 30 32


36 38 40 42 dt 46 48 50 52


47 49

53 55

.... Here is Ashfield Street


Riddle, Thomas Henry Gordon Bell, William Sowden, Tom Green, Ernest Lomax Wild, Stanley Drury, John Roughton, Frank Capel, Joseph Thewlis, Walter Goldsmith, Stanley Thomas Price, William Henry Berriman, Maurice Haigh, Smith Goodall, Harry Phillips, Sidney Arrundale, Herbert Newell, Frank Malone, William Booth, Annie Rousell, Lambert Trevett Lowe, Reuben Vernon Ainley, Elsie Dodds, William Garthwaite, Stanley West, Percy Steel, Bernard Heyes, Aaron Kirby, Clifford James Jordan Asquith, George Booth, Edward Charles

FARTOWN GREEN ROAD. Roberts, Fred Wood Swallow, Gordon Foster, George Palmer, Mary Hannah Bailey, John William Graham, Abraham, Builder and Contractor Etchells, Frank Winston Stork, Caroline Marsden, George Hawkyard Brook, George Henry Lidgett, George Frederick Kelly, Joseph Healey, Joseph Derbyshire, Ann Jane Brewer, Clifford Whitwell, Edward Arthur

Hillhouse Perseverance Friendly & Industrial Soc., Ltd., Drapery, Grocery & Butchering Branch Dyson, Arthur Henry Lockwood, Edward

Here 1s Roydfield Street -..

Mellor, M. A., Sub-Post Office, Grocer and General Dealer Mellor, M. A.

55aSmith, Hobson

57 59 61 63 65 67

Shore, George Brady Head, George Fahy, Mary Ann Spencer, Fred Haigh, Harriet Mitchell, Percy

Page 226



Fartown Green Road—continued.


87 89 91 93 95 97 99 101

107 109 111 113 115 117 119 121 123 125 127


Holroyd, William

Herve is Pollard Street Wood, E., Sweets & Confectionery Hall, Joseph Roebuck, Arthur Battye, William Buckley Dransfield, Fred Robinson, Herbert Keighley, Francis Edward Hush, Robert Webster, William

103/105 Goldthorpe, John William,


is Balivoyd Road .........

Waddington, Norman Waring, Christopher Pryer, Edith Mahalah Waddington, Joe Flood, Harriet Emma Dyson, Sam West, Fred Boothroyd, Willie Battye Wardle, Annie Agnes Mitchell, Arthur C. Mitchell, J. W. & Son, Drapers Keep, Percy, Ltd., Fartown Green Garage, Motor Engineers

Herve is Leonard Street Potter, George, Flash House Farm Lovell, Hubert, Joiner & Ca binet- maker Quarmby, Ernest Holmes (Unoccupied) Giles, Lily Ellis, Norman Wass, James Shaw, Albert Edward Dyson, Jack Coultas, Alice Ellis, John Turner, Marjorie Dudgeon Curran, Thomas Lemon, Augustine Cooper, Julia Benson, Eleanor Augusta Mooney, Henry Oak Terrace. 1 Brown, Harry 2 Pawson, Will Briggs 3 Wood,*George Herbert 4 Rushton, William 5 Place, John William Footpath leading to Alder Street Reddington, Martin Gill, Harold Barker, Annie Hirst Boothroyd, Clara Jane Rushworth, Edith Clapham Vernon, Florrie MeNicholl, James

. Moore, John

Broadbent, James Edward Cowgill, Tom Gothard, Tom



Cooper’s Buildings. Ashfield, Henry Edward Shaw, Eric Crowther, Cyril Swift, George Tomlinson Foster, George Hanson, Willie Thornton, Harold Fox, Harry Lockhead, Amy ... Herve is Pollard Street Gilbert, Arthur Henry Maddocks, Peter Eastwood, Arthur Norman Llewellyn Hartley, Sarah Emily Whittaker, Herbert Denton, Emma Leeming, Lewis Anthony Moss, Lily Stone Cooper, Herbert Dyson, William Teale, Leslie Marflitt, William (Unoccupied) Gibson, Sarah Ellen Saxby, Charles Edward Eastwood, Edward Bagshaw, Henry Booth, Beatrice Gibson, Mary Emma Sykes, Charles Edward Marchant, Harry Kaye, Edgar Sidney

FELCOTE AVENUE, GREENSIDE. Johns, Joseph Lindley, Frank Illingworth, Alfred Townend, Harry Himberlis, W. Jessop, Frank James, Bertie Richard Pugh, Ethel Mary Saxon, Leonard Pearce, Alice Todman, Charles Percy Blashkey, Percy Bawn, Ernest Davis, William Goddard, Edward Ernest Sykes, Catherine Hodgson, Arthur Heeley, Mary Dawson, Winifred Georgina Parkin, Norris Eggleton, Frederick Allington, Enoch Beaumont, Jack, Sweets and ‘Tobacco Holloway, Ernest Armitage, Frank Varley, Willie Moss, Albert Bolton, Ada


Page 227


Felcote Avenue—continued.

16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 34 36 38 40 42 tt

Stringer, Richard Astwick, Ethel Grace Mosley, Winifred Howe, Robert Mayoh, James Henry Oates, Clifford . Clelland, Frank Burrows, Alfred Wood, William Edward Hodgson, David Sunderland, Grace Ellen Taylor, Lawrence Hollock, Joe j Brierley, Henry Ben

FELK STYLE ROAD, CROSLAND HILL. Crosiand Heath Golf Club (18 holes) Robinson, William, Crosland Heath Golf House Smith, Jack, Felk Style Cottage Mellor, Fred, Felk Style Farm


1 2 3

1 3 5 7 9 13 15 17 19


Battye, Arthur Norton Holmes, George Barker Holmes, James

FENAY BRIDGE. Lockwood, Sykes Jessop Smith, Arthur Curtis, John Wolfenden, Albert Edwin Parker, Ernest Crowther, Charles France Robinson, Gilbert Sparrow, John Richard Padgett, John William Smith, Herbert Woodhead, Frank, The Riding School, Horse Trainer Woodhead, Frank Sykes, Frank, ‘‘ Swan Inn ”’ Sparrow, John Arthur Marsden, Alice Ann Lodge, Joe Willie Haigh, Jesse Berry, Herbert Rawnsley, John Jackson, James Arthur Cockhill, Ernest Percival Marsden, James Henry

FENAY GRANGE. Pilling, Anthony, Fenay Grange Boyes, Ronald Farm Booth, James

FENAY HALL. Brierley, John Lewis Armitage, Edwin, near Fenay Hall Pierce, Arthur Wilfred, Fenay Hall Cottage Watson, Alexander, ‘‘ Cottage ”’



3 5 7 9

11 13 15 17 19 21 23 4]

2 6 8

do =



_FENAY LANE. Priest, Mary Elizabeth Webster, Hbt., Plumber, Glazier. Radio & Electrical Eng. Booth, John Kaye Webb, Frederick Charles Boothroyd, Wright Dyson, Georgina Bellard, Thomas Dobson, Gertrude Stoney, Mary Jane Nutton, Ellen Pears, Tom Nutton, Albert Beaumont, Alfred Inman, Harold James Kaye Sykes, Major John Frederick, ‘* Birks Gate ”’ Jarmain, Geoffrey George, ‘** Fenay Court ”’

act oe Herve is Birks Lane

Here is Fenay Bridge Sykes, Edward George Ramsden ‘** Fenaywood ”’ Ramsden, Selene Borrill, Walter Wilson, Pollie Street, John Edward Dibb, George Sutcliffe, Joshua A. (Schoolhouse) Almondbury Council School Blackburn, James, ‘“‘Stoneylands”’ Cockroft, Harry, ““Owston Lodge’’

vue Heve ts Thorpe

FENAY LODGE. Blackburn, Tom


Wombell, George Carter, Arthur Taylor, Jonathan Mallinson, Annie Hartley, Ada Greensmith, Sarah Manchester, John Herbert Heppenstall, Edgar Sykes, J. W. Greenhalgh, Councillor James_ Bevers, John Rhodes, James Henry Taylor, George Frederick Lawson, Edwin Spence, Hannah Durrans, Jack Hinchliffe, Arthur Hoyle, Joe Allen Taylor, Ann Copper, Edward Radley Sykes, Rachel Lunn, Tom Beaumont, Herbert Bird, Lilian Annie Frost, Joe Spick, Alice Annie ‘ Broadbent, Grace Annie

Page 228



Fenton Road—continued.

83 Herve ave steps to Yews Hill Road ...

85 87

] ] 1 1 1

20 22

Binns, Marian Ellis, Ada ae Matthewman, Annie Elizabeth Whitehead, F. Costello, Jane Matthewman, Joseph Ibeson Armitage, Ernest Bottom, Lewis Haigh, John William Flynn, Clara Campenot, Harry

Hill, Tom Arthur Esher Marshall, Eliza Ann 8 Berry, Helena Hirst, James Henry 2 Isherwood, Fred 4 Quarmby, Harry 6 Dyson, Jennie 8 Goldsborough, Clifford Butterworth, Stephen Arthur Haigh, Harold Lynch, Ada

Day, William Elstone, Mrs. Emily Pollard, Mrs. W. H. Walker, Matthew 4 Chinn, Frank 6 Fleetwood, Edward 8 Toothill, Arnold Kaye, Edwin Fanchamps, F. Percival, Ernest Leng, John Arthur Battye, Eldred Wareham, Benjamin

FENTON SQUARE (Off Manchester Road).

Schofield, William Henry



Pogson, Arnold Dyson Lunn, Ernest Bradley, Ann Haigh, Tom Booth, Willie Tipling, Herbert Clifton, Robert Chappell, Minnie Clifton, Cyril

FERN LEA ROAD, LINDLEY. Rhodes, William Boothroyd, Fred Shaw, Wilfred Tinker, Ellen Dyson, Vincent Hiley, Ellen Firth Iredale, Jane Wordsworth, Walter Atkinson, Norman Hirst, Frank Flood, Muriel Armitage, Helena

6 Garling, Rev. William Thomas

Herve is Upper Mount Street ......


AD OF do We

a met CO AT OU



17 19

11 13 15 17

Sa bo © CO SO bO

— =

fel fee fe Se to ©

18 20 22


Shaw, Fred Sanderson, Herbert Durrans, Mabel Bray, Charles Henry Clark, Frances Mary Wellington Illingworth, Eleanor Taylor, Beatrice Evelyn


Pitchforth, Arthur Sheard, Mildred Whitehead, John Thomas Swift, Tom Spencer, Charles (Unoccupied) Dransfield, John Hughes, John Sanderson, Elsie Jackson, George

Bay Hall! Mills. Taylor Bros., Commission Weavers Sheard, George & Son, Woollen Manufacturers

FIELDHOUSE LANE. (Off Leeds Road). Hodge, Mark Walker, Lydia Bainbridge, Benjamin McAllister, E. .

_ Leeds Fireclay Co., Ltd., Field-

house Works, Firebrick and Fireclay Goods Makers

Fieldhouse Yard. —- Wadsworth, Harry Blackburn, Alfred Schofield, Jack Peace, Ernest Boothroyd, Annie Clifton, James Joseph Wadsworth, Henry


Appleyard, Harry, Roberts, Tom Boggett, John Robert Bolton, Frederick Mellor, Charles Oddy Sykes, Joseph Edward Jones, Maud Mary Barrett, Amy Clara Vincent Kettlewell, Cyril Sutcliffe, Clara Day, Ernest Ackroyd, William Henry Townend, Harold Longley, Haigh Dransfield, Edgar Watkin, James I Kettlewell, Richard Wellington

Page 229


FILBERT STREET, BIRKBY. laPhillips, Samuel 2 Armitage, Stott 4 Webster, Sarah Ann 6 Whiteley, Benjamin 8/10 Welsh, William John 12/14 Yeulett, Christopher 16 Lee, Abraham 20 Walker, Florence (senr. ) 22 Dyson, Austin - 24 Anderson, Stanley 26 Thewlis, George Eli 28 Greenfield, Walter 30 Wigglesworth, Tom 32 Mills, Lewis Edward 34 Holland, Herbert 36 Turton, William Arthur 38 Sherratt, Albert Edward 40 Draper, Percy Charles 42 Boothroyd, Algatha 44 Stockwell, Emma 46 Simmons, Charles Henry — Bowers, J. W., Fish and Chips

FINTHORPE, ALMONDBURY. — Pollock, Mrs. Mary — Pollock, Allan Conn — Whitehead, Wright Thorpe, Fin- thorpe Cottage — Hargreaves, Ina, Finthorpe Lodge

FIRTH STREET. _Priestroyd Mills. Priestroyd Spinning Co., Yarn Spinners Priestroyd Iron Works. Haigh, John & Sons, Ltd., Machine Makers Commercial Mills. Greenwood, C. & Co. (Hudd:) > Ltd., Worsted Spinners pitas Here 1s Commercial Street ...... — Lawton, Fred & Son, Ltd., Yarn Spinners Larchfield Mills. Shaw Brothers, Ltd., Woollen I & Worsted Manufacturers 15/17 Braithwaite, John Best, Clarendon Hotel Starkey’s Buildings. Starkey, James, Ltd., Whole- gale & Retail Tripe Dressers 17aBeaumont, William Henry 19 Parkinson, Thomas Albany Mills (Unoccupied). — Maguire, James (Caravan, Wharf Inn Yard) Heveis Wakefield Road ......... 2 Ronan, Caroline 4 Wilson, Stanley — Williamson, A., Textile Machinist Melbourne Works. The Crompton Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Clothing Can- tractors (Sole Manufac- turers of Cromaco Specialities)


Priestroyd Iron Works.

Haigh, John & Sons, Ltd. (Registered Offices) Machine Makers 14 Hartley, Frank Richard 16 Garside, James 18 Jagger, Ann Sabina 20/22 Bradbury, Donald Alexander Darwin

visas Herve is King’s Bridge Road ......

— Public Weigh Bridge — Sykes, D., Shed, Waste and Shoddy Merchant ~

Riverside Mills.

Eccles & Watson, Ltd., Com- mission Manufacturers Millman Hunt & Co., Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers Horsfall, Jonas, Merchant Caravans. O’Neil, Peter Smith, George Stewart, Aked Gill, Edward Smith, Bartholomew Smith, Sydney Lee, Isaac Smith, George Henry Lee, Edward (senr.) Charlotte, A. Sherrif, G. Smith, R. — Green, H., Boot & Shoe Repairer — Robinson, W. H., Ltd., Machinery and Metal Merchants — Marsden, G. W., Ltd., Bakers’ 24 Bullas, John Merchants 26 Tetlow, H. 26aGreen, TL. 28 Watson, Jonathan Alfred / —- Crowt ther & Gee, Firth Street . Works, Mechanical and = Hydraulic Engineers 30 Ellis, Tom. 32 Hallas, Fred I ‘ 34 Kaye, Veda : 36 Thewlis, Jonas ne <a 38 Reast, Ernest “i 40 Stead, Ernest 42 Taylor, James Henry — 44 Brook, George 46 Northop, Tom 48 Allot, A. 50 Hirst, Joe Willie — Brown, J. R. & Sons (Hudd.) Ltd., Wholesale Drysalters and General Dealers 72 Hever, Mary Ann 74 Riley, Charley 76 Waters, William Matthew 78 Braid, Edward 80 Morley, John Francis Rooke 82 Stead, EK. 84 Hartley, C.

Page 230



Firth Street—continued.



Inman, R. H. (Exors. of), Mineral Water Manufacturer Eccles, John, Ltd., Upper Aspley Mills, Cotton Spinners Hardy, Harry

. Pathway leading to Crowther ees


92 94 96 98 100 102 104 106 108 110 112 114 116 118


On owW =

11 13 15

O10. —

11 13 15 19 21

Copley, Harry, Grocer and Con- fectioner Dixon, Tom Lightbody, Annie Rogers, Robert Brooke, Arthur, Motor Engineer Balderson, J. Robinson, John Eastwood, Herbert Ellis, Tom, Electrician Baker, A. Clay, Willie Clayton, John Henry Earnshaw, Joe Russell, John Garside, Edith Williamson, George Arthur

.... Heve is Wakefield Road .........

FIR ROAD, PADDOCK. Lodge, Frank Slater, Lilly Wood, Joe Wrigley, John Archer Wright, Harold Webster Broadbent, Ronald William Percy Walker, Horace Pearson, Frank Heve is North Street Taylor, Lewis Nicoll, George Frederick Moorhouse, Arthur Smith, John Barker Bradley, Mary Emma Hirst, Mary Jane Thornton, Harold Jones, Norman Henry Sly, Henry Watmough, Herbert Hesp, Henry Hart, Robert Dyson, Norris Rollin, Edwin Law Hesp, Bernard. Alston, Joseph Haydn Woodhead, Henry, ‘* Elmhurst ”’

FITZWILLIAM STREET. . Appleyard, Mary Ann Wadsworth, Florence May O’ Keefe, Elizabeth Winifred Barrett, Bernard Vincent Cottam, Harriet May Foster, George Edgar Howell, T. L. Wallace, William Butterworth, Emily Wilks, Richard, Joiner & Undertaker

oes oe Heve is Northgate


23 Arnold, Stephen 25 Waring, Arthur 7 Woodhouse, Hubert, Grocer

Herve is Great Northern Street ......

29 Nutton, Richard 31 Buckley, Hannah 33 Kelly, Joseph Lawrence 35 Clegg, Richard 37 Schofield, John 39 Stead, Sarah Elizabeth Here is William Street 41 Dyers, Finishers and Textile Workers’ Club and Institute— Caretaker, G. W. Brougham 43 Smith, Vaughan, Chimney Sweep Thornton’s Buildings. 1 Hellawell, Rose 2 Turner, Jack 3 Lynch, Thomas 45 McDermott, William 47 Howson, Frederick Walter

53 (Unoccuptied) 55 Noble, George Craven 57 Weatherhead, Jane 59 Callaghan, John James 61 Stewart, Maria Stock’s Buildings. 16 Edwards, Emma (senr.) 17 Bucci, Lewis 18 Cooper, George William Ellis Place. 19 Hamer, F. 20 Rattigan, James William 63 Smith, Elizabeth Ann 65 Irving, John 67 Beaumont, Annie Eliza 69 Evans, Stanley 71 Powell, John Edwin 73 Marren, Martin 75 Teasdale Chlorodyne Co. ; Q. Phelps Browns Remedies Co., Manufacturing Chemists 77 White, William & Sons, Mulberry Mills, Silk Cotton Winders & Twisters I 79 Buckley, Charles & Sons, Brush Manufacturers Here 1s Viaduct Street

Here is John William Street ......

— London, Midland & Scottish Rail- way Co. Goods Yard .. Footpath leading to Brunswick Si. ... — Bairstow, Sons & Co., Ltd., Whole- sale Clothiers 8lbDrill Hall (Queen’s Own Yorks. Dragoons, Squadron). Headquarters Hudd. Branch of the Old Contemptibles Association — Ainsbury, R. E., Caretaker — St. Patrick’s Parochial Hall

ah Heveis Avthur Street

Herve is Little Brunswick Street

“83 Schofield, Willie

85 Munroe, Ida

Page 231


Fitzwilliam Street—continued.

87 89


Bergin, William Bolton, T. B. & Bolton, E. S., F.R.C.S., E., Physicians. and Surgeons

... Herve is New North Road ......... Horsfall, Annie Elizabeth

93aHudson, Eustace Gordon Willis

24 26 28 30

32 34 36 38 40 42 dt 46 48 50

Eccles, Peter Jagger, James Edward Stringer, Annie Louisa Jagger, J. E., Grocer and Off Licence ... Herve is Portland Street Coletta, A. & Sons, Ice Cream Dealers (Unoccupied) (Unocecupied)

Portland Place. 1 Hinchliffe, Norman 3 Roberts, F. T. 4 Hirst, Laura 5 Mortimer, Josiah Webster, Mrs., M.N.I.Ch., Chiropodist Thornton, William Ellis Wadsworth, Annie Oldroyd, Alice Maud Richardson, Lilian Mary Mead, Edgar Preston Bennett, Margaret (Unoccupied)

) (Unoccupied)

... Trinity Street Wood, George Wood, Arthur Sutcliffe, John & Sons (Hudd.) Ltd., Richmond Mills, Wool, Waste & Shoddy Merchants

. Herve is Great Northern Street ......

Hudson & Co., Motor Engineers & Car Wreckers Swallow, Luke Smyth, William Priestley, Henry Walmsley, R., Grocer and Confectioner Herve is William Street Jenkinson Bros., Colonial Garage, Taxi Proprietors & Funeral Directors Jenkinson, Mary Ellen

Whiteley, Arthur

Bagshaw, Amy Constance Cliffe, Ernest. Marshall, J.

ws ata Herve is Northgate ik

Parson, Joe Smith, Percival Stocks, Gertrude Tierney, James Rennards & Garside, Ltd., Wentworth Mill, Fancy Yarn Manufacturers



56 56



64 66 68 70 72

76 78

84 86


.... is Claremont Street


The P.A. Equipment ©o., Trinidad Works, Wholesale Clothiers, Drapers and General Ware- housemen

Newton’s Buildings. Parkinson, C. & S., Haulage Contractors Garside, A. E., Upholstress Clarke & Smith (Clothiers) Ltd., Ladies’ and Gent’s Tailors Holden, Eli & Sons, Ladies’ & Gent’s Tailors 54aHuddersfield Labour Party. Assembly Room & Offices. Agent: Alderman Arthur Gardiner. Publishing Office ‘** Huddersfield Citizen ”’ Albert Club (Hudd.) Ltd.—

Secretary, A. Escourt

Newton’s Bachelor Flats. Hughes, Matthew Robert Sunderland, Ben Moorhouse, Stanley Walker Jeans, Huntley Ronald Davis, Harry Sharp, — Lowe, Percy Bruce Milds, Capt. (Unoccupied) — Haworth, John (Caretaker) Crogie Benjamin & Sons, Ltd., Sports Goods Manufacturers Butterworth, J. & Co. (Sports), Ltd., Sports Goods Manufac- turers The Sandow Appliance Co. Here is Viaduct Street Jowitt, Wm. E., Plasterer & Slater


soos deere 48 St. John’s Rode 4s

Wilkinson, James & Son, Cabinet Makers, Upholsterers and Undertakers Habron, Patrick Joseph Melia, Albert Mannion, A. Haigh, Edith Bray, John & Co., Ltd., Retail Wines Office Smith, Harriett Scott, Rose Freemasons’ Hall Cook, Son & Co., Ltd., Wool and. Waste Bairstow, Sons & Co., Ltd., Wholesale Clothiers Tyson, Ada Frances Unitarian Church Schofield, Mary, Chapel House

Shaw, Annie Sykes, Alfred Hardy, Reuben Landsborough, Thomas Class, Cornelius MeNair, Eli

Page 232



Fitzwilliam Street—continued.

100 102 104 106 108


Clingan, Alexander Evans, John Henry Targett, Misses, Costumiers Dyson, Annie Wigglesworth, Arthur, Teacher of Music Stanley, Hebert Singleton

110aHinchlifie, M., Sweets & Tobacco


114 116

124 126

128 130 132 134 136 138

140 142 144

.... Heve 1s Highfields Road ......... .... Heve 1s New North Road .........

Tomlin, Herbert, M.D., D.P.H., Ophthalmic Surgeon Carson, Lewis Aldridge, Clarence Walter Here is Portland Street ......... Kay, Mrs. Irving Teacher of Music (Singing) Kay, Joan M., L.R.A.M., Teacher of Music (Piano) Burleigh, Kathleen Elinor Ellis, Fred Arnold, Ellen Butterworth, Councillor Frederick Inechbold, J.P. Denham, Eleanor Ashton, Julia Freedman, Mark Maltas, Beatrice Taglis, Margaret Rhodes, William Hector ... Heve is Wentworth Simcox, George Alexander Gelder, Arthur Taylor, Mary Herve is Trinity Street

FIXBY PARK. Huddersfield Golf Club House, Fixby Hall. Secretary : Jas. Drake. Professional : Peter McEwan.

FLEMINGHOUSE LANE, DALTON. Thaw, Ernest Livesey, Phillis Duck, Laurence Armitage, Harriet Anne Whittell, Newton Egghen, Georg Van Beaumont, Charles Wood, Arthur Dyson, Elsie Lindley, Arthur Heir, Stanley Kitchenman, Harry Akroyd, Percy Wade, Mary Ann Blakey, Clarence Ivor Roberts, John Hollingworth

9 Roebuck, Jonathan

Matthews, John Arthur Duck, James Jessop, Dan Brook, Norman

49 51 53 55 57 59

61 63 65 67


Jagger, Harry Wilson, George Gourlay, Jessie Mary Cooper, William Jessop, Alfred Denton, Mary Hannah

Herve is Waterloo Rise

.... Hleve 1s Mitchell Avenue .........

Ogden, Bernard Kaye, Joseph Frederick Lonsdale, Alfred Hartley Farrar, Frederick Lockwood Irving, Tom Davies Armitage, Harold Vickerman Greenside Allotments Association Herve ts Oak Al wc Here starts Oaks Lane

Boothroyd, Harold Wilson, Norman Boothroyd, William Henry Liversedge, Norman Beaumont, Stanley Wood, Mary Ellen Myers, John Henry Hill, Annie Howarth, Edwin Sandwell, Joe I Quarmby, Tom Willie, Chimney Sweep Castle, Lewis Brook, John North, Emma Tindall, John Ewbank Calvert, Joseph Kaye, Fred Adams, Arthur Loft, Emma Pollitt, Fred Bentley, Ada Naylor, Frederick Robert Farrar, Milton Shaw, Herbert Roebuck, Albert Dickson, Ronald Dickson, Joseph

... Footpath leading to Almondbury ...

92 94 96


Vickerman, Herbert Murray Dransfield, Harold (Unoccupiec ) Here starts Oaks Lane FLINT STREET. (Off Bradford Road). Regent Sweet Stores (Regent Cinema) The Home Co-operative Soc., Ltd., Grocers & Provision Merchts. Grant, M. & Son, Joiners and Undertakers Huddersfield Corporation High- ways Flint Street Depot

Herve is Alder Street

Hobson, T. G., Motor Engineer & Repairer

Page 233


Flint Street—continued.


Huddersfield Corporation High- ways Flint Street Depot Eastwood, A. E., Sweets and Tobacco as Flere ts Alder Street. 65

FOLLY HALL. Moriley’s Yard. Morley Bros., [ron and Tin Plate Workers Price, Wm. Henry, Boot & Shoe Repairer Calvert & Co., Ltd., Hope Foundry Ironfounders Haigh, Lindley, Yorkshire Hotel Haigh, John Richard Yard. Craven, G. L. & Co., Machinery Merchants & General Mill Furnishers Woodhouse, Jas. & Son, House Furnishers (Warehouse)

Haigh & Oakes, Woollen Manu- I

facturers Hawkes, A. & Son, Motor En- gineers and Body Builders Nichol, Thomas A. & Sons, Ltd., Providence Works, [yers, Finishers and Shrinkers Herve starts Alhert Street and ...... Lockwood Road

82/84 Eaton, G. H., Dining Rooms

86 88


100 102


Fairbank, W. H., Folly Hall Sub- Post Office Cousen, L. & Sons, Consulting Opticians Ladell, Walter William Oldham, Margaret, Fruiterer Wood, Ada, Sweets, Tobacco, &c. Lumb, Joseph & Sons, Ltd., Folly Hall Mills, Worsted Yarn Spinners Firth, Norman, Baker and Confectioner Beresford, E., Fancy Draper ‘* Beaumonts,’”” Working Men’s Outfitters and Camping Requisites Iredale, J., Commercial Inn Jowsey, Lawrence Sidney, Fish & Chips Herve 1s St. Thomas’ Road Here starts Lockwood Road


1 3 5

Taylor, Robert Sayles Sayles, Thomas Precious, John William

7/9 Whitwam, Herbert

11 13 15 17 19 23

Sayles, Arthur Megson, Willey Precious, Donald Bairstow, Edgar Bairstow, Norman Megson, Alice ©


25 27 29


Milner, Richard Dean, Samuel George Richardson, Harry Odam, Joseph Holmes, Albert Buxton, Mary Hannah Eastwood, Sarah Ann Longbottom, Benjamin Bradbury, Tom Longbottom, David Sayles, Catherine Webster, Edgar Odam, John George Robinson, Robert William Cowley, James Edward — Elam, George Thompson, Fred Dean, Annie


Metcalf, — Anderson, Ernest Parker Yates, Arthur Clay Chappell, Thomas Kaye Dodd, George Arthur Steward, Albert Wadsworth, Arthur Kelly, John

17aNichol. Emma


Blackburn, Stanley

19aAmbler, Sarah

Feather, Emily Barrowclough, Herbert Blackburn, Edwin Casson, Eric Collier, Edith Hepworth, Wilfred Sutherland, Edward Coventry McCracken, Samuel Shepley, James Firth Moorhouse, Harry Barrowclough, Wilfred Darby, James Kidson Here 1s Felcote Avenue Hallas, Albert Dodsworth, Charles Henry Beaumont, Percival Thornhill, Charles Thomas Stocks, Norman Williamson, Sarah Elizabeth Sykes, Herbert Robertson, Louisa Metcalf, Arnold Bradley, Jack Carrington, John William Daley, Lawrence Challand, William Wilson, E., Corsetiere Broadfield, — Shaw, Lily Clegg, Joseph Shaw, Arnold Shore, John Woodworth, Frederick (Unoccupied)

Page 234



Forest Road—continued.

102 112 114 116


© O1 Go

11 13 Tb 17

19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33 35 37 39 2 4 6 8

10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26

(Unoccupied) Duckinfield, Wilfred Scranige, S. Brennan, John Thomas Lodge, Herbert Athole (senr.) Poppleton, Joe Henry Smith, Benjamin James Schofield, Fred Rayner, Frank West, Frank Moorhouse, Ernest Broadbent, Edgar Berry, Lawrence

.... is Greenhead Lane .........

Holt, Carl Rhodes Hollos, John Roberts, James Aconley, Joseph Mortimer, John Greenwood, William Ainley, Harry Skelton, William Arthur

.... Heveis Imperial Road ...:......

Wood, Mary Ethel Parkin, John Arthur Netherwood, Fred Coley, Alice Heathcote, Harold Vincent Moss, Henry Webster Scholefield, Joe Willie Crowther, Nellie Bentley, Jack Vincent Whitehead, Lewis Buckley Crosland, Arnold Sugden, Samuel Ewart Cocking, Frances Mary Hefford Fletcher, Samuel Loynes, William Sturley

pasar Imperial Road .........

Dayson, Ethel Harriett Revell, Norman Henry Smith, Emily Ward, Edgar Maitland Revell, Frank Ethelbert Clegg, Alfred Castle, Alice Emma Fox, Harold Hoult, Cyril George

FOSTER AVENUE (Off Dryclough Road).

Brammah, Edwin Smith, Robert Gordon Ferguson


Thornton, B. & Son, Pioneer Mill, Rug Manufacturers Brook, John Edward Fleming, R. Stock’s Buildings. 1 Edwards, Archibald 2 Hinchliffe, Lawrence


3 Stocks, Fred 4 Bullas, Allen 5aScahill, Joseph 6 Spivey, Harry 8 Wilson, James 10 Spivey, Nancy 12 Firth, Tom 14 Baker, John — Carter, J. E., Farrier and General Smith — Hollings, John, Joiner and Undertaker 10 Biddle, Arthur Nabor 10aElmore, Thomas 12 Bailey, Herbert 12aBailey, Eunice — Holden, Tom Firth — Rippon Bros., Ltd., Automobile Engineers (Service Depot)

FOXGLOVE ROAD, ALMONDBURY. 1 Ellis, William 3 Sykes, Arthur William 5 Armitage, Thomas William 7 9 1

Kaye, Sarah Richardson, John Martyn Whitfield, Charles Fredrick

FOXLOWE AVENUE, RAWTHORPE. Spence, Harry Lunn, Levi Parr, Percy Shaw, Wilson Hardcastle, Arthur Binns, Harold Watts, William Henry Ridsdale, Leslie Bennett, Clara 12 Lueas, Donald 14 Castledine, William 16 Harrison, Leonard 18 O’Reilly, Gerald — 20 Spence, Walter 22 Peaker, Harry 24 Parr, George William

FOX STREET. 3 Uttley, Herman 2 Preston Bros. & Co., Printers, Lithographers, Bookbinders, and Stationers


1 Earnshaw, Frank oe aes Here is Skelton Avenue ......... Buckley, Ernest Ineson, Ronald Elam, Edward Paxman, Arthur Brook, — Turner, Eli Parkes, Frank 6 Wilson, William Ewart

— OOD ke dO OAT OU

H DOR © 1 Ol 09

Page 235


Francis Avenue—continueéd.

8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32

Pilkington, Henry Wordsworth, Irvin Grayson Armitage, George Hirst, Leonard Hayes, Henry Turner Thornton, James Moorhouse, Joe Cyril Oldfield, Albert Smith, Wilfred Birkhead, Lewis Harrison, Vernon Bond, Frederick Higgs, Harry

FREDERICK STREET, CROSLAND MOOR. Whitwam, Firth Cartwright, Herbert Crawshaw, Maria Liversidge, Greenhalgh Whitwam, Charley Basnett, Harold Ainley Kaye, Joe, Decorator Kaye, Miss M.N.I.Ch., Chiropodist Hodgson, Fred Waters, Alfred Edward Ellis, Reginald Mathieson Shaw, John William Ladds, Harry Simons, Herbert Hilton, Norman Shaw, Willie Hutchinson, Norman Beaumont. Butterworth, William Henry Roebuck, Arthur Illingworth, Frank Bedford, Gordon Bowker Bamforth, Hannah Garside Bower, Joseph Thomas Cunningham, William Senior, George Henry Wood, Sarah Lockwood, Kathleen M., Teacher of Music Mettrick, John Samuel Ainley, Frank Brook, Reginald Riddiough, Elizabeth Hill, Stanley MacDonald, lan Horsfall, Harry Cliffe, Percy Battye, Arthur Stringer, David Clayton, Clarence Crowther, Samuel Pickup Airey, Harrison Hargreaves Hebor Hesmondhalgh Roebuck, Jim. Binns, Arthur Ellis, Lewis Crowcroft, Frederick Walker, George Sydney Taylor, William


FREEHOLD STREET, PRIMROSE HILL. 1 Leech, Herbert Edward 3 Styring, Walter 5 Hirst, Charles 7 Brook, Fred 7aGomersall, A. 9 (Unoccupied) lt Vickerman, Krank 13 Williams, Walter, Cabinet Maker and Funeral Director 15 Nalson, Arnold Mitcheli 17 Bohannan, Wilfred 19 Hirst, H. 21 Boothroyd, John William 23 Senior, Jane 25 Harrison, Jack 25aHolberry, Jack Irvin 27 Winstanley, Catherine 29 West, Ronald - 33 Kendall, George Edward 35 Wimpenny, Arthur 37 Richardson, Roy 39 Beaumont, Frank 41 Pounder, Eleanor 43 Murray, Leonard 45 Hill, Mary Louisa 47 Trevarthen, Sophia 49 Cook, Leslie Heywood 51 Lockwood, Alice 55 Bottom, Thomas Hudson 57 Sykes, Stead 59 Harpin, Laura 61 Bell, Francis John 63 Standish, Arthur 2 France, Edgar 4 Drury, Joseph 6 Wilson, John Edgar 8 Cottle, Margarette 10 Kaye, Jchn 12 Eastwood, Tom 14 Schofield, Frances 16 Honley, Sarah Ellen 18 Day, L.

FRIENDLY STREET (Off Northumberland Street). — Holt, John & Co. (Huddersfield), Ltd., Cloth Shrinkers and Proofers hb STREET, LOCKWOOD. 1 Jackman, Emily 3 Dodson, H. 5 Rushworth, Mary 7 Branch, Ann Elizabeth 9 Heaton, Ben 11 Hobson, Benjamin 13 Kilner, Fred 15 Whittaker, Joseph 17 Branch, Jack 19 Coverley, Horace 21 McCormack, Thomas 23 Wainhouse, Albert 25 Knowles, James 27 Hunter, Thomas

Page 236



Garden Street—continued.

29 31 33 35 37 39 4] 43

Atkins, Harry Chadwick, Ernest Markham, William Henry Wood, Joe Brook, Percy Chadwick, Fred William Wimpenny, Fred Edwards, George Neiles Ellis, Ambrose Cartwright, Clara Hodgson, Harold Mallinson, Edwin Wightman, Stanley Clay, Maggie Holt, Henry Percy Holt, George Robert Barraclough, John Bruty Bros., Wholesale Drapers Topham, William J., Joiner, Cabinet Maker and Undertaker


fd met CO ST OU CD

13 15

1 Manley, Albert Edmund Dearden, Charles Edward Hardy, Albert Edward Hardy, Frank Crow, George Smith, Emily Dodson, Walter Blagbrough, Frank Broadbent, Edwin Stott, John Bielby, Walter Proctor, James Anthony Rocktegan, John Brook, William Monkhouse, Stanley Earnshaw, Arthur Harper, Thomas Beaumont Brothers, Robert Pigdon, Henry Hogton, Elizabeth Lockwood, Willie Butterworth, James Edward Beanland, Joseph Henry Dean, Tom Lumb, S. Wray, John Grayson, Mary Hannah I GAS WORKS STREET.) Huddersfield Corporation Gas Works GELDER TERRACE, MOLDGREEN. Rattigan, M. Brook, Willie Boyle, A. Kilgallon, Patrick Wrigley, Oliver Stenson, Hugh Sedgwick, Frank Murphy, Catherine


17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33 35 37 39 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36

1 3 5 7 9 11

Rogers, W. Thompson, Alice Ann Chatterton, Wilfred Hardaker, George Ferrier, William Byrne, Stephen Gunning, Peter Crompton, Harry Quarmby Hanahan, Mary Ann Wood, Fred Marren, Patrick Britton, Edward Albert Cliffe, Walter Cunliffe, Henry - Sinclair, Frank Curran, Harry Murray, Edward Shaw, Harry Scanling, G. Booth, Clara Boswell, A. Riley, Charles Morgan, Dorothy Edith Fitton: Millett, Margaret Wood, Tom Wood, Lucy Rattigan, Annie Jennings, Annie Noon, Frank Kennedy, Philip


(Off Birkhy Lodge Road). Michaelbacher, William Ernest Stubbs, James Peat Gledhill, Philip Haigh, Norman Easter, Percy Thornton, John Tyne

llaBackhouse, Reginald


Wright, Charles Boothroyd, Frank Hanson, Annie Oldfield, Frank Richardson, Frank Barden, Ernest Landsborough, Kathleen Holdsworth, Perey Dyson Betenson, Basil Westcott Wrigley, Alice May Dyson, Edward Norman Graham, Jane Dixon Flinders, Walter Littlewood, Alice Hawksworth, Alan Cecil, Tom Law, Thomas H., Decorator Atkinson, Alice May

is: Ua Pact |.

GEORGE STREET. Jennens, Welch & Co., Ltd., Springwood Works, London Shrinkers Swift, B.

llaHopton, Lucy Annie

Page 237


George Street—continued. 13 Mannion, W. 13aHulme, Mary Ann


—_ OOS >

De eee SOQrNWO WO Ds bo

(Unoccupied) Liebreich & Beardsell, Wool Merchants Kenyon, Peter, Ltd., Drysalters The Westwood Company, Manu- facturing Chemists & Manu- facturers’ Agents Lockwood, Alfred Regan, William Noble, E. Coldwell, H. K.

GEORGE STREET, CROSLAND MOOR. Bowers, John Thomas Brooke, John Whiteley, Frank Matthewman, John Arthur Shaw, Herbert Isles, Nathan Shaw, Sarah Emma Small, Henry Stocks, Edgar Archibald Milner, John Thomas



Swann, Frank Leonard Crowe, Edward Wilson Runham, Annie Batty, Louisa Hepworth, Lucy Alice Cotton, John Aspinall Wilkinson, Tom Wilkinson, John Eastwood, Willie Husler, Frank Bernard Pitchforth, Fred Hanson, Thomas Mettrick, ‘Thomas Mettrick, Mary Rowley, Alice Armitage, Fred Dean, Arthur Willie Gumersal, Harry Blackburn, Sam Wilson, Walter Hobson Crosland, Clara Haigh, Harry Castle, Thomas William Hepworth, George William (Unoccupied) Gledhill, Mary Ann Smith, Herbert Smith, Emma Long, Florence Riley, Annie Eliza

GEORGE STREET, MILNSBRIDGE. Shires, James & Sons, Ltd., George Street Mills, Yarn Spinners, Woollen & Worsted Manu- facturers


— CO 1

13 15



Rawson, Ernest Edward Turner, Arthur Shaw, Tom Rawcliffe, Sarah Elizabeth Crowther, Harry Hill, Walter, Sweets & Tobacco Oldham, Frank Crowther, Stanley Saville, Frank, Joiner, Cabinet Maker and Funeral Director Saville, Frank —

17aCowgill, Ernest



19aBoulding, Thomas

36 40 42 44 46 48 50

Haigh, Albert G., Bakery Dyson, George Baxter, Ewart Dixon, Wilfred Taylor, William Arthur Kilner, Luther Glue, Mary Hannah Walsh, Harold Haigh, Jack Gledhill, Joe Walsh, John Henry Haigh, John, Blacksmith Smith, Frederick Arthur Goddard & Garside, Bakery Shaw, W. H. & Son, Joiners, Builders and Rolling Board Makers Robinson, W. H., Ltd., Metal and Machinery Merchants Whitehead, Frederick Hick, Frederick Lee, Harold Gill, Joseph Peace, Frank Booth, Ada Quarmby, William Milnsbridge Liberal Club ... Herve is Dowker Street Milnsbridge General Post Office Varley, Elizabeth Johnson, Henry Norman Fisher, Annie Sharp, Albert Edward Lockwood, Ambrose Singleton, Norris Heeley, William Kilner, George Fewster, Mary Livesey, Rowland Bamforth, Sarah Ann Halstead, Ernest Taylor, Emma Hanson, Albert Ogden, William Frederick

GIBSON STREET, OAKES: Allanson, Walter Carter, Ada Ramsden, Percy Smith, Frank Haigh, James Hinchliffe, Jack

Page 238


Gibson Street —continued. 13 Waite, Norman 15 Monkhouse, Mary Jane — Thompson, J. W., Fish, Fruit, Tobacco and Confectionery — Marsland, H., Boot and Shoe Repairer ines sac 45 Baner Siveet;.. _ Here is New Hey Road ......... 2 Metcalfe, George 4 Greenwood, Granville fees os duces 46 Peaner Street bah ii by Herve is New Hey Road .........

GILEAD ROAD, LONGWOOD. 2 Haigh, Elizabeth, The Dusty Miller Inn 4 Bailey, Edgar 6 Morton, Enos 8 Hardy, Marrana 10 Gledhill Herman 12 Billington, Joseph Wilson 14 Billington, Alfred 16 Wood, Harry 18 Wood, Fred 20 Calverley, Stanley 22 Thornton, Vincent 24 Blackburn, Beatrice Shaw

GLEBE STREET, MARSH. — Bevers, J., Ladies’ and Gent’s Tailor — Birch’s Motor Garage, Motor Car Repairers Shaw, Frank Watkinson, Charles Eric Jenkinson, Frances Mary Denham, Emily Lancaster, William Whiteley 11 Hale, Harry, Plumber 13 Nelson, Janet Louisa 15 Rothery, John Varley 17 Parr, Fred 19 Cocking, Charlotte Ellen 21 Stott, John 23 Lambert, George Colton es A000 Street ............ 25 Chrispin, Annie 27 Hellowell, Mary Jane 29 Crawshaw, Frank Crossley 31 Jenkinson, Douglas 33 Hirst, George Herbert 35 Brook, Arthur Kenneth 37 Hobson, John F., Edgerton Sub- Post Office, Sweets & Confectionery 39 Hobson, Mary 41 Davidson, Badin 43 Beaumont, Edgar 45 Crowther, George Alfred ts Regent Road I

GLEDHOLT BANK. 61 Shires, Donald 63 Sanderson, Firth 65 Haigh, Albert

OU =


67 69 71 73 75 79 81 83 85 87 89

Shires, Alderman Thomas, J.P. Charles, James Henry Oxley, George John Avison, Alice Theakston Bates, Arthur Stapleton, James Fogg, William Winkley, Thomas Dale, Henry John Hawley, Fred Hallas, Joe

89aShaw, Fred

91 93 109 111 113 62 64 82 84 86 88

90 92 94 96 98 100 102 104 106 108 110 112 114 116 118 120 122 124 126

128 130 132

I Ore —

7 9 11

Hirst, Herbert Mellor, Fanny Parrott, John Robert Lockwood, Herbert Beaumont, John Cardno, R. F. Coldwell, Annie Denton, Walter Lewis Robertshaw, Herbert Tommis, David Norman Gwilliam, Pryce Gilmour, Sweets and Tobacco Crabtree, George William Conacher, Arnold Barraclough, Harry Bishop, Harold Armitage, Frank Booth, Thomas ‘ Thornton, Wilfred Lawson Gray, Andrew Coe, Harry Holden, Enoch Charles (Unoccupied) Wright, Thomas Edmund Norris, Harry (senr.) Newman, Florence Goldsborough, Horace Dyson Lassey, Abraham Crossley, Thomas Barlow, Lois Bradley, Arthur Gledholt Railway Siding. — Huddersfield Industrial Soc., Ltd., Coal Depot — L.M. & S. Weigh Office — Thorpe, Tom, Coal Merchant — Hanson, H., Coal Merchant — Whitley, A., Coal Merchant — Hoyle, A., Coal Merchant Jennings, Robert Keys, Frederick Hanson Wood, Frank GLEDHOLT ROAD. Grundy, Thomas Kimberley Owen, William James Adams, Eric F., Phys. & Surg. Greenhead Park, Entrance to Put- ting Greens, Tennis Courts & Bowling Greens

Herve is Park.

Farrar, Arthur Robinson, Fred Taylor, Ernest

Page 239


Gledholt Road—continued.

13 15 17 19 21 23

eR Herve is Greenhead Road ......... Herve starts Gledholt Rank .........

2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16

18 20

22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36

heey Here is Quarry Road

38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56

ie ts sia Herve is Heaton Road

60 62 64 66 68 70 72 74 76

Earnshaw, Tom Varley, George Percy Davis, Morton James Pryce Smith, Wilfred Charters, W. Brewer, Harry

Simper, Percy Hill, Annie Moore, Ada Birell, Godfrey Middlebrook, John Bailey Beard, Beatrice Amy Lodge, Frank Haigh (Unoccupied) Berry, Ethelwyn St. David’s Kindergarten School (Principal, Miss K. Theaker) Gethin, John Ellis Hirst, Dora Isabel Chatterton, Frank Littlewood, Edgar. Prager, Richard Shires, James Harold Shires, Frank Atkins, M.A., Henry Ernest

Pearson, Frank Whitfield, Edward Gordon Taylor, Mrs. Lizzie Field, Thomas Humphrey Gray, Harry Andrew Bennie Haigh, Emma Jane White, Frederick Crowther, Lilian Beaumont, Christopher Woodhead, Ernest, M.A., J.P.

Taylor, Charles Hedley Thornton, Thomas Earnshaw Brierley, John Stuart Sykes, Philemon Porritt, Raymond Cuthbert, Thomas Archibald Senior, Lewis Henry Coulthurst, Thomas Denton, George & Sons (Prop., Arthur Denton), Gledholt Garage, Private Ambulance and Taxi Cab Proprietors

- Raffan, James, Gledholt Hall,

Phys., Surg. & RadJioligist Marshall, John W illiam, Giedholt Hall Cottage




.I.P. Wood footpath leading to......

Heaton Road Here starts Gledholt Bank .........


(Off Whitacre Street, Deighton).

Chambers, Alexander Currie Pearson, Ernest Rhodes, Arthur Dyson, Albert Shaw, Arthur Holroyd, Arthur Newsome, Percy Risk, Albert Edward Fielding, Fred Smythe, Michael Falck, Frederick Darwin Robinson, Sims Stanley Hodgson, Miss Irene, A.L.C.M., Teacher of Music Paxman, Kate Elizabeth Gayer, Ernest William Kilner, George Robinson, Eliza Ann

5 (Unoccupied)

Comyn, William Dawson, Harry Taylor, Ernest Greaves Dransfield, Richard Henderson, Robert Crosby Bradbury, Thomas Cecil Darwin Thompson, Fred Robson, Albert Edwin Maynard, John William Waddington, Ellis Mortimer, Albert Matthewman, Jack Harris, Arthur Akeroyd, Horace Chatterton, Ernest Adlam, Charles Carson Wadsworth, Eleanor Barrowclough, Joseph Alfred Towlson, Herbert Booth, Norman Law, John Archibald Blackburn, Cyril Victor Brook, Arthur Boyle, Vincent Plowman, John Henry Powell, Frederick Llewellyn Bates, Elizabeth Owen, William David Whitehead, Norman Sykes, Tom Philip Maynard, Albert Edward

The cheapest way to borrow the best books is through


Books may be borrowed for as little as 2d. per volume or

by subscriptions ranging from


/- a year.


Newsagents, Booksellers, Librarians, Stationers, Printers, Bookbinders, etc.


Tel. :

No. 1450.

Head Office :


Page 240


Glen Field Avenue—continued. 8 Moore, Reginald Loader 10 Moorhouse, Henry 12 Donkersley, Hubert Stanley 14 Hawkyard, Marsden 16 Duce, Ernest Edward 18 Oates, John 20 Booker, Harry 22 Wadsworth, Frank 24 Bray, Ernest 26 Medley, Frank 28 Clayton, Cyril 30 Dyson, George Walter 32 Milnes, Wilfred 34 Edwards, James 36 Hardcastle, Alice 38 Taylor, Dick 40 Galvin, Cyril 42 France, George 44 Chatterton, Arnold 46 Falck, Stanley 48 Mitchell, Victor 50 Senior, Frank 52 Lovatt, Thomas 54 Wigglesworth, Clarence Alfred 56 Buckley, Edward 58 Cooper, William 60 Watson, Ada 62 Heath, Henry 64 Leathley, George 66 Wood, Frank 68 Poppleton, Harry Milnes 70 Moody, John William 72 Walker, Stanley Beardow 74 Brown, Ernest 76 Smith, Tom 78 Horsfall, Harry 80 Buckley, Allen 82 Statham, Annie 84 Cocker, Fred 86 Coope, Frederick George I 88 Atkinson, Oliver 90 Dryer, Henry 92 McConkey, Alfred Sanderson 94 Brierley, George Walter 96 Gledhill, Edward 98 Reddington, Francis 100 Oxley, Frank 102 Machin, Cyril Victor 104 Wilson, Harold 106 Dyson, George 108 Knapton, Amanda 110 Payne, Jesse Archibald 112 Gibson, Harry

GOODHAM CLOSE, NEWSOME. — Liversidge, Hannah GORSE ROAD, MARSH. 1 Brook, Frank 3 Gelder, Walter 5 Littlewood, Willie Crossley 7 Brook, Ralph H. 9 Holmes, Harold 11 Wilkinson, Nancy



11 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33 35 37 39 4] 43 45 47 49 51 53 55 57

75 2 4 6

Boyes, Richard Swift, Blanche Brooke, Laura Emma Newsome, Frank Wilson, Maurice Hepworth, John

i gia Herve ts Rose Avenue

Cawthorn, Ernest Roy

GRAMFIELD ROAD, CROSLAND MOOR. Shaw, Alice Chadwick, Stanley, Journalist Woodcock, John Booth, Marion, Ladies’ Hair- dresser

... Heve is Thornleigh Road .........

Mitchell, George Simpson, Frank Irving, Albert Bottom, Harold Gledhill, Kenneth Haigh, George Gill, Walter Cooke, James Henry Heseltine, George Ferguson, Robert Frazer, William Percy Halstead, Edith Spencer, Ben Turner, Harry Clifford Beaumont, Alfred Page, Albert John Ramsden, David Marriott Noble, John Kaye, Fred Ardley, Hedley Mason . Crossley, John Rawlins, James Vivian

... Herve is Thornleigh Road .........

Ainley, Harold Littlewood, Edith Hepworth, William Longden, George Arthur Heppenstall, James Kaye, Randall Beaumont, Sam Calverley, Alice Johnson, Effie Firth, Fanny Biltcliffe, Ethel Collinge, Arthur Dyson, Willie (Unoccupied) Chappell, Ernest Eastwood, Harold Walker, Leslie I Blackburn, Leonard Stephenson, George White, Frank Swift, Cyril Sykes, John Ewart Holdsworth, Percy Ellam, Leslie Rose, Robert

Page 241


Gramfield Road—continued. 58 Carter, George (senr.) 60 Senior, Harry 62 Butler, Leonard 64 Harrop, Arnold 66 Peace, Ernest 68 Hills, Rowland 70 Wilson, Percy 72 Looty, Edwin 74 Lawton, William Edward 76 Haigh, Douglas 78 Mellor, Wilfred 80 Wood, Percy 82 Oliver, Reggie 84 Rhodes, Edith 86 Stocks, Frank 88 Broadbent, Harry 90 Lucas, James William 92 Nottingham, Arthur 94 Bolan, Ernest Cecil 96 Johnson, William Norman 98 Mitchell, Albert Edward 100 Trett, Arthur 102 Croft, Leslie Howard 104 Hallett, Herbert 106 Mitchell, William Benjamin 108 Heeley, Harry 110 Noble, Fred 112 Batch, Cyril Thomas 114 Edwards, — 116 Jones, Winston 118 Chivers, Leonard 120 Mills, Harry I 122 Hirst, Irving Hudson 124 Kaye, Tom Reginald 126 Whitwam, Harry 132 Graham, Lillie 134 Hayes, Percy Clarke 136 Gledhill, Geoffrey


Wallis, Charles Gladstone Wood, Mendelsohn Elam, Lilian Dearden, Samuel Large, David Haworth, Sarah Ann Taylor, Rhoda Alice Ellis, Norman 10 Balmforth, Albert 11 Iredale, Ernest 12 Parkin, Willie 13 Lobb, Gordon Lennox 14 Brook, Louis 15 Dennis, Herbert

© COIS Ol WH bo


1/3 Greenwood, H., Granby Inn 5 Cocking, Polly 7 Clelland, William 9 Hick, Henry 2 Shaw, Joseph 4 Donlan, Edward 6 Dunn, James Henry 8 Montgomery, Mary Catherine



8 10 12 14 16 18

20 22 24 26

3 5 7 9 1] 13 15 17 19 21 25 27

wll 13 15

Land, Wilfred Rainton, Arthur Allen Schofield, Samuel Smith, Willie Brook Jenkinson, Marion

.... Heve is Kelvin Avenue .........

Hopkinson, Louisa Jackson, James Wiseman . Beaumont, William Puffette, Vivian John James Hindle, Lewis Duffield, George Haigh, Fred Burton, Gilbert Mellor, John Alfred Chapman, Eric Arthur Hinde, Walter Craven, Annie

woes Heyets Ingheld

Nuttall, George Robert Turner, Annie Ashmore, James Bates, Walter Taylor, Frances Jagger, Harry

.... Heve is Standtforth Road .........

Ackroyd, Francis Lockwood, Frank Jillott, Elsie Bedford, Leslie


Berry, Arnold Milner, Percy Baily, Edgar William Wood, Edith Alice Williams, Kathleen Smith, Charles Holroyd, Herbert Holmes, Benjamin Haigh Hutchinson, Maboth Wyld, Beatrice Noble, James Kaye Johnston, Eleanor Jane Richardson, Frank (Unocecupied) Storey, Cyril Irvin Bean, Frederick Edwin Hardcastle, Albert Hedley Lazenby, John William I Jackman, Frank Maxwell, John Ernest Barker, Jack Lightbody, Leo Houghton, Herbert William

GRASMERE ROAD. Bradley, Grace Schofield, Cyril Frederick Morton, Benjamin Radcliffe, Mary Hannah Crowther, Joseph Kilner, Edith Mallinson, Mrs. Annie Durrans Sykes, Mrs. Florence

Page 242


Grasmere Road—continued. 17 Crowther, George Stanley 19 Robinson, Charlotte 29 (Unoccupied) 31 Bellarby, Mary Evelyn 33 Spurr, Herbert Edward 35 Berry, Charles Alfred 37 Shoesmith, Margaret 39 Blake, William Thomas 41 Cairns, Ethel 43 Bray, Amy Jane 45 Halstead, Marion 47 Holmes, Harold Stanley 49 Thorp, Clara Elizabeth 51 Plucker, Charles Richard. (senr.) 53 Mallinson, James Edwin 55 Hanson, John Edmund Slater bene eins Here 1s Quarry Road 61 Moorhouse, Edgar 63 Brown, Charles Robert 65 Battye, Kenneth Shaw 7 Bruce, Grace 69 (Unoccupied) 71 Bradley, Anne Wainer 85 Beaumont, Charles Wood 87 Grime, Arthur 89 Holden, George 91 Lydall, William Myers Lips eas wus Frere 18 Clifton Road............ McCallum, Agnes, ‘‘ Elsinore ”’ Shevloff, William, ‘‘ Edgefield ”’ Brooke, Walter Firth, Lewis Stanley Sutcliffe, John as Here is Grassecroft Road ......... — Booth, H. & Sons, Decorators — Sutcliffe, John, ‘‘ Hazel Bank ” — Crossley, Arthur, “‘ Rockleigh ” 8 Kaye, Charles Henry 10 Matheson, Mrs. Lily Edith 12 Webb, Emily 14 Shaw, Adela 16 Sykes, Edwin 18 Killam, Thomas Killam 20 Platt, Eliza 22 Charlesworth, Hildred 28 Clegg, Jessie 30 Carter, Edith Adeline 32 Jowitt, Margaret Dorothy

GRASSCROFT, ALMONDBURY. 1 Boocock, Arthur 3 Cartwright, Leonard 5 Beaumont, George Edward 7 North, Carter 9 (Unoccupied) 13 Waddington, Harry 15 Poppleton, John Arthur 17 Berry, Arthur 19 Dearnley, Ernest 21 Butterworth, Mary Ann 2 Eastwood, Ellen 4 Sykes, Martha Ann 6 Roberts, Edward William Herbert 8 Beaumont, Arthur 10 Armitage, James William

omro| I

12 Waddington, Joe Thomas 14 Myers, Annie Blackburn 16 Brook, Arthur 18 Shields, Lily 20 Mellor, Frank Lodge

GRASSCROFT ROAD, MARSH. Dyson, Elizabeth Sheldon Sunley, John Smith, Maud Dickens, Emily Iredale, Walker Cross Cottages. 1 Farrar, James Richard 2 Schofield, Fred 3 Armitage, Herbert 4 Archer, John 5 Archer, Mark 6 Dixon, Edwin 7 Archer, Frank 8 Armitage, Arthur 9 Ainley, Walter 10 Frith, George 11 Self, Stanley 11 Binns, Joe Henry 13 Sykes, Florence Jennie 15 Hirst, Mabel 17 Greenhow, Elizabeth Here is Lawrence Road ......... 19 Strange, Alfred 21 Rowley, Bernal 23 Iredale, Hilda 25 Wilkinson, Smith 27 Haigh, James William 29 Iredale, Stanley 31 Kendall, Thomas 33 Riley, Clifford 35 Jessop, Thomas Edward 37 Craven, Harry 2 Downend, Wilfred 4 Kneeshaw, Richard James 6/8 Dodson, Harry, Sweets, Tobacco & General Dealer 8aRobertshaw, George 10 Dransfield, Emily Holme Place. 1 Lee, Verney Rhodes 3 Sykes, George 5 Bailey, Selina 7 Whitham, Samuel 2 Haigh, Annie Elizabeth 4 Iredale, W., Mason & Property 6 Gibson, Arnold Repairer 12 Armstrong, John 14 Park, Alfred 16 Ikin, Roy 18 Vanbellen, D. Batley’s Buildings. 1 Hinchliffe, Arthur 3 Gee, John Edward 5 Hirst, Leonard 7 Clarkson, Walter 9 Dyson, Naomi 11 Hinchcliffe, Norman 13 Kitchener, Fred

O10. =

a Herve is Lawrence Road .sccceess

Page 243


Grasscroft Road—continued. 20 Firth, George 22 Haigh, Donald 24 Brook, Sarah Ellen 26 Bowker, Dan 28 Sykes, John Edward 30 Addy, Edgar 32 Downey, William James — Morton, Arthur, ‘‘ Shenstone ”’ — Threappleton, Frederick Hobson, ** Branksome ” 38 Sykes, Alfred Lionel — Booth, Margaret, ‘‘Cariol”’ — Stott, James, “St. Aubyns”’


Cromack, Rose Ivison, C. Fowle, Alice Selina Garthwaite, Joseph Robshaw Walsh, John Brayshaw, Thomas William

Brook’s Yard. 1 Craven, P. 2 Gannon, John 3 Garthwaite, Colin 13 Haigh, Benjamin 15 Garthwaite, F. I. 17 Walker, Joseph Priestley 19 Seahill, John 21 Siswick, G. 23 North, William Henry 25 Foster, George Arthur 27 Sharp, eka chs sa Heve 1s Fitzwilliam Street ...... — Beaumont Street Council School Heve 1s Beaumont Street ......... — Open Air Monday Market Site Here 6 ROG ess Herve is Myrtle Street — Knight, Allen & Son (Boilers), Ltd. Boiler Merchants — Garrard, Son & Eastwood, Timber Merchants NSS A Heve 1s Hillhouse Lane ......... 2 Mannion, John Henry 2alson, Robert George 4 Chamberlain, George Henry 6 Brearley, Ben —. Great Northern St. Congregational Church — Booth, Ben (Schoolhouse) 8 Morgan, Alfred William - 10 Banks, Emma 12 Armitage, Teresa 14 Goodall, James Henry Here is Street ...... 16 Beevers, Robert, Decorator 18 Aspinall, Ann 20 Cryer, Thomas Heve is Beaumont Street ......... — Huddersfield Corporation Tram- ways Depot I

km OO 7 OU


Fair Ground (Caravans). Gallagher, Rose Winter, Keziah Lund, John Vanner, Nellie Smith, Charles Henry Turner, Albert Williams, Ernest Cunningham, Elizabeth Nightingale, Ernest — Sykes, Stanley, The Lodge — Ballantyne, John Eric, “‘ Croft House ” (Supt. of Markets, Public Slaughter Houses & Cold Stores) — Huddersfield Corporation Slaugh- ter Houses and Cattle Market

Wilson’s Buildings. 2 Horsham, Annie 4 Sheehan, William 6 Martin, Joseph 8 Oates, Walter 10 Shaw, Sidney 12 Wakes, J. T. 14 Wood, Elizabeth 16 Whitwam, M. J. 18 Crines, Edward 20 Beaumont, Eliza Ann 22 Finnell, John 24 Thornton, Arthur

Back Wilson’s Buildings. 16 Kendall, Fred 18 Bridgewood, Edward Harry 20 Vasey, N. 22 Cowgill, Emily 24 Hellawell, J. 26 Gledhill, Cyril 28 Young, W. 42 Thomas, James Edward 44 Ellis, Martha Ann 46 Howson, Samuel 48 Waring, John Edward 50 Waring, Lavinia 52 Lee, Richard Elliott

Herve is Hillhouse Lane ........-

GREEN EDGE, LONGWOOD. 1 Brook, Leonard 3 Whitwam, Enos 5 Clay, James Luther 9 Wood, Ellen 11 Dyson, Herman 2 Whitwam, Ethel 4 Gledhill, Emma 6 Twigg, Hilda Eunice 8 Ainley, Oliver 10 Walker, Joe 12 Walker, Arthur

GREENHEAD AVENUE, DALTON. 1 Venables, Elizabeth 3 Thewlis, Arthur William 5 Harris, Francis William 7 Curley, Delia 9 Horn, Annie

Page 244


Greenhead Avenue—continued. 2 Kelavey, Reginald 2a(Unoccupied) 4 Hoyle, Charles Sykes 6 Trotter, James Henry 8 Stocks, Willie 10 Macnaughton, William 12 Berry, Arthur 14 May, Lily 16 Steel, Arthur — Myers, Hervey, Sands House

GREENHEAD LANE, DALTON. 1 Tolson, Mary Ann laFisher, Hayden 3 Beal, David Arthur ats Herve starts Bank End Lane ...... 2 Marsden, Ada 4 Maplestone, Fanny 6 France, Cyril Thornton 8 Cope, Jessie 10 Coldwell, Emily 12 Cotton, Kathleen Mary 14 Tate, Charles Edward 16 Davies, Edward Gethin 18 Senior, Leslie 20 Flint, Thomas 22 Storr, Frances Elizabeth 24 Lodge, George Henry 26 Clarkson, Norman 28 Roebuck, John 30 Green, Ernest Alderson 32 Lockwood, Norman 34 Lawton, Emily 36 Fielding, Frank William 38 Baker, Charles Bradbeer 40 Ledger, Winifred 42 Shaw, Walter 44 Smiles, Charles Eastwood 46 Gallway, Ellen 48 Jemmison, John William ores: Here is Greenhead Avenue 50 Rowbottom, John Herbert 52 Shaw, Norman 54 Alpin, John Edward 56 Lawton, Frank 58 Battye, Reginald Lister 60 Sykes, Frank Johnson 62 Dean, Constance Louisa 64 Gallagher, Ernest 66 Midwood, Percival 68 Marshall, Frederick John 70 (Unoccupied) 72 Topps, John Thomas Wesley 74 Haigh, Stanley Hinchliffe 76 Carter, Sam 78 Mallinson, Luther 80 Hanson, Henry 82 Stringer, Ann 84 Turner, Norman 86 Best, John 88 Clarke, John Garnett 90 Broadbent, Frank Brook 92 Hinchliffe, Wilfred Os Herve is Forest Road Herve starts Bank End Lane ......


GREENHEAD ROAD. — Huddersfield Industrial Soc., Ltd., Grocery Branch 3 Ward, Elizabeth 5 Wilkinson, M. C. 7 Whiteley, Beatrice Mary 9 Senior, E., Ladies’ Hairdresser 11 Hartley, Arthur Ernest 13 Jarrell, Samuel Henry 15 Mothersdale, Isabella, Grocer and Confectioner 17 Parker, Clara — Cooper & Rushworth, Joiners, Cabinet Makers & Under- takers 19 Heeley, Harry 21 Kilburn, Ethel 23 Hallas, Tom 25 Dessent, Minnie Mary 27 Sykes, Charles William 29 Airey, Councillor Arthur Joseph 31 Smith, Isabella — Municipal Maternity Home— Matron, Miss Isabella Smith ... Footpath leading to Springwood Av.... 41 Kendall, Leslie Roebuck 43 Crabb, Edgar Harold 45 Lees, Arthur 47 Lancaster, Tom 49 Golden, Miss Hilda Syne Herve is Park Grove 51 Fairburn, Frank 53 Bottomley, Herbert 55 Tomlinson, Cicely Margaret 57 Laycock, Mrs. Beatrice Sherwood 59 Holland, Thomas Hilton 61 Field, Harry 63 Taylor, Harold Sydney 65 Tyas, John Martin 67 Sykes, Edward 69 Hall, William 71 Nicholson, Alfred geen Here is Oastley Avenue .......+. 73 Sykes, Edward Thomas 75 Iredale, Dennis — Lee, Annie, The Lodge, Springwood Hall _ Springwood Hall. 2 Taylor, Clara — Field, Joseph Henry, O.B.E., LL.B. 3 Smith, James Holt 4 Kaye, Joseph — Goodhall, P., Landscape Gardener Here is Gledholt Bank 2/4 Affleck, A. M., Phys. & Surg. 19/12 Park Commercial Hotel (Prop., T. A. Wolfenden) 14 Laude, Aguste Eugene Octave 14aCalverley, William Benjamin 16 Thompson, John William 18 Tracey, Mrs. Rhoda Frost 20 Smith, Ralph Waller 22 (Unoccupied) . 24 Cole & Wilson, Ltd., Colour and Chemical Manufacturers

Page 245


Greenhead 26 Masonic Hall (Caretaker, G. A. Angus) Here is Park Avenue ......... — Municipal High School for Girls (Miss Hill, Headmistress) 28 Atkinson, Horace (Schoolhouse) — Wentworth Girls’ School & Kin- dergarten, “‘Craigmohr”’ (Principal, Miss Kathleen M. Evans, B.A.) 32 (Unoccupied) —~ Municipal High School for Girls Longdenholme ’ a — Percival, Mrs. — Ramsden, ae ‘Gledholt Grove” — Young, A. H., “Qledholt Grove” Here is Gledholt Road .....+...

GREEN LANE TERRACE, LONGWOOD 2 Charlesworth, Harry 4 Holmes, Edgar

GREEN LEA ROAD, DALTON. 1 Heap, Joseph Osmond 3 Park, John Jackson

5 Gilmore, Thomas Charles eeees.

7 Kilner, Ralph —- 9 Townsend, Wilfred 11 Netherwood, Florence I Here starts Rowlands AVENUE 29


2 Chadwick, Harold eden

: Firth, Francis Burdett 6 Firth, Emily 8 Stevenson, Ernest 10 Brook, Joe 12 Taylor, Phyllis 14 Shaw, Bernard 16 Crowther, John Richard 18 Crowther, Benjamin

bo bo bo bo bo

20 Wilson, John 6 22 Noble, Edgar 8 24 Hanson, Martha 10 26 Loader, Leslie James 12 28 Sykes, William Henry 14 30 Briggs, Elizabeth 16 32 Pickard, Walter, Joiner, Under- 18 taker and Decorator 20

Here starts Gilead Road .........-

GREEN MOUNT, MOLDGREEN. 3 Kaye, Ann 5 Piper, Emily 34 7 Mayor, Clarence _ 9 Barber, Herbert 11 Brannon, John Richard 36

13 Parkinson, Harry Arthur ~~...

15 Waterhouse, Henry James 17 Priestley, Maria 19 Doosey, Jane 21 Hargreaves, Fred 1 23 Turner, Tom Outram 3 25 Peel, May Selina 5

2 Oates, Beatrice Alice 4 Ellis, Sam 6 Lockwood, Dyson 8 Beever, Allan 10 Thompson, Walter


Newtown Yard (Newtown Sidings,

L. M. & S. Rly.). Martindale, M. & Co., Coal Merchants and Haulage Contractors Murray, C. P. & Co., Ltd., Wholesale Builders’ and Plumbers’ Merchants The Glow Coal Company, Ltd., Coal Tennant, Rotherford & Co., I Ltd., Colliery Agents, Coal Merchants and Factors Jarratt, Frank & Co., Coal, Coke and Lime Merchants Express Coal Co., Ltd., Coal Merchants. Smith Bros., Coal Merchants and Carriers L. M. & 8. Rly. Goods Office ... Here is Viaduct Street ......... Newton of Huddersfield, Auto- mobile Engineer & ee (Service Station) Holmes, Commission Menders ond Burlers Royal Social Club

aes Herve is Oxford

Jarratt, Frank & Co., Coal, Coke and Lime Merchants Haining, Alexander, Clothier and Draper Hellawells, Drapers Black, James, Clothier & Draper Linfield Manufacturing Co., Specialists in Shirts and Jones, Henry Pyjamas Rogers, Elizabeth Annie Sheard, Walter Richardson, May Crowther, Thomas Bailey, Mary Jessop, Mary Jane Dunwell, Alfred

.... Merve is Viaduct Street

Newton of Huddersfield, Auto- mobile Engineer & Agent (Service Station) Bannister, J. E. & Sons, Wholesale and Retail Dairymen

34aWilson, William

Briggs, Samuel

ssc. Here ts Oxford Street

GREENWOOD STREET, PRIMROSE HILL. Poole, Harry Stone, George Edward Main, Richard James

Page 246


126 STREETS Greenwood Street—continued. 7 Mennell, Fred 9 Holdroyd, Thomas Edwin France 11 Hanson, Willie 13 Ward, Herbert 15 Moore, James 2 Brady, Matthias 4 Stephenson, Jane 6 Ellis, Norman 8 Dinkle, George 10 Brick, Norman 12 Brick, Sarah Ann 14 Standish, James 16 Hopkinson, John 18 Stephenson, Jane Elizabeth 20 Horsfall, Lilian 22 Battye, Tom GRIMSCAR AVENUE, BIRKBY. PA 18 Storths Road Herve is Lynndale Avenue 1 Armitage, Lizzie, Ladies’ and Children’s Outfitter 3/5 McGavin, Montgomery, Chemist and Sweets 7/9 Watson, Albert Thos., Grocer Herve 1s Heathdale Avenue 41 Riley, Tom Bentley 43 Hirst, Alfred 45 Sherwood, Eric Vernon 47 Murray, — 49 Donnelly, Catherine 51 Hall, Hilda 53 Coward, Richard Herbert 55 Huggett, Sophia Agnes 2 Bray, Willie, Grocer and Confectioner Here is Linden Road i cas,s Here is Bleasdale Avenue 4 Driffield, Launcelot Victor 6 Snow, Charles Thomas 8 Roberts, Angelina 10 Taylor, Caroline 12 (Unoccupied) 14 Thewlis, Harris Hillhouse Perseverance Friendly and Industrial Soc., Ltd., Grocery & Butchering Branch Pes se Here is Grisedale Avenue ......... 20 Chafer, Edgar, Sweets & Tobacco Here 1s Norwood Road Garside, P., Boot & Shoe Repairer Rockett, J. F., Fat Refiner

GRISEDALE AVENUE, BIRKBY. 1 Sutcliffe, Arthur Wilkinson, J. A. Pogson, Robert Kaye, Robert. Thornton, Albert Barrow, Hubert Day, Wilfred Hardy, Norman Kilburn, Harry Parker, George Fletcher, Norman


found famed


14 Turner, Stanley 16 Heaton, Herbert

‘18 Lockwood, William

20 Cottam, Frank 22 Harris, William Gilbert 24 Frisby, Helen Gertrude 26 Mellor, George William Good 28 Wilson, Ben 30 Roberts. Thos. L., Cabinet Maker 32 Bennett, John 34 Shoesmith, Amy 36 Johnson, Edith 38 Berry, Henry Brook 40 Parker, Ernest 42 (Unoccupied) 44 Payne, Reuben 46 Bingham, Lowery, Ladies’ and Gent’s Tailor 48 Marshall, Lilian

GROSVENOR ROAD, MOLDGREEN _ (Off Wakefield Road) 6 Bainbridge, Walter Christopher 8 Hogton, Albert Edward 10 Brook, Benjamin 12 Gledhill, Philip Sanderson

GROVE STREET. laAinley, Law 1 Talbot, Charles Atkinson 3 Rogers, Clement 5 Gilbert, Eliza 9 (Unoccupied) 11 O’Brien, Francis 13 Swann, Harry 15 Kaye, George 15aBlackburn, Emily 17 Wilson, Sam Shaw 17aArnold, Mary Ann — Wadsworth, H., French Polisher

19 Stocks, Thomas

19aBocock, George W., Decorator 21 Broadbent, Fred 23 Washington, Hubert 25 Armitage, Venetta

Johnson’s Yard. 5 Cooper, Charles William 6 Wilson, Joe Willie 7 Spencer, Percy George 8 Townend, Sarah Jane 9 Hirst, Matthew 10 Morgan, John 11 Haigh, Mary 12 Green, Fred 27 White, William Charles 29 Eustace, Joseph 31 Livesey, Alfred 3laCassidy, Thomas 33 Stott, Mary Evelyn 33aCaine, Mary Ann 35 Ellam, Eliza 35aStephens, Frank 37 Roberts, Agnes 37aStansfield, Ernest 39 (Unoccupied) 41 (Unoccupied)

Page 247

STREETS DIRECTORY Sie Grove Street—continued. Herve ts. Ben Lane. ta Herve is South Street ..............— Whiteley Bros., Grove

43 Hills, Alice 45 Kettlewell, Eliza Ann 47 Smiles, Robert Leslie 49 Mallinson, Ronald 51 Jones, Mrs. E. M., A.C.V., Teacher of Violin 53 Craven, Julia Elizabeth 55 Bower, Harriet Sanderson 57 Dyson, Emma Hellawell 59 Corcoran, John Edward 61 Hardcastle, Colonel 63 Bray, John 65 Stanley, Frank 67 Eastwood, Edith 69 Lindsay, John 71 (Unoccupied) 73 (Unoccupied) I 75 Hirst, Chatway 2 Nestor, Thomas 4 Cunniffe, Alice Ellen 6 Wadsworth, Catherine 8 Womersley, Albert — St. Thomas’ Mission Church 16 Thompson, George Fieve 38. Deke Sweet icici 18 Connolly, Thomas 20 Walker, John Thomas 22 Scholes, Harry 24 Bowen, Mary 26 Gibson, Annie 28 Busby, Thomas William uss Here is Cross Grove Siveet ...... 30 Brook, Clara Milner’s Yard. 3 Garside, Lilian 32 Milnes, Frederick Smith 34 Burgess, Thomas Norman, Sweets and Tobacco 36 (Unoccupied) (Unoccupied) ek news T1608 68 SIPC ss ces 40 Hudson, Rachael 42 Waddington, Constance Marion, Sweets and Tobacco 44 Brook, Lily 46 Hinchliffe, John William 48 Stanclifie, Charles Frederick 50 Kitchingman, Walter 52 Penrose, William Arthur 54 Lyth, George Bernard 56 Byrne, Willie Herve is Spring Grove Street ...... 58 Dawson, Harry, Grocer 60 Roebuck, William 62 Gill, Harry William 64 Balmforth, John William 66 Whitworth, John Edwin 68 Whiteley, Wilfred 70 Leah, Laura GROVE STREET, LONGWOOD. —- Hirst, C. & J. & Sons, Ltd., Sunny Bank Mills, Fancy Woollen Manufacturers

Works, Engineers and Iron- founders —- Meadows, Alfred, Sweets and Confectionery

Here ts: Stoney LaQne: is

Parkwood Mills. Parkwood Mills Co., Ltd., Commission Spinners, Twisters, Warpers, Weavers and Menders Broadbent, John & Son (Long- wood), Ltd., Woollen Manu- © facturers and Merchants LongwoodFinishing Co., Ltd., Cloth Finishers TheLongwood Engineering Co., Ltd., Engineers & ‘ Millwrights The Yorkshire Sales Corpora- ticn, Ltd., Blankets and Quilts xee & Whiteley (Longwood), Ltd. (Registered Office)

Here is Parkwood Road .....++++ Herve starts Royleshead Lane ......

— Hirst, C. & J. & Sons, Ltd., Sunny Pank Mills, Faney Woollen Manufacturers — Shaw. Joseph Wilfred, Dale House 6 Miller, George Ernest 8 Brook, Robert ay Hewitt, Frederick . Crowther & Son, Joiners & Under- takers 12 Battye, Emily 12a/14a Dickenson, Edith, Sweets and Tobacco 14 Thornton, Leonard 16 Chapman, Joe 18 Haigh, Arnold 20 Wood, Sykes 22 Pickard, John 24 Sugden, Fanny 26 Haigh, Harriet Emma

ea Herve is Dod Lea Lane’... Here starts Royleshead Lane ......

HAIGH HOUSE, LINDLEY. Middle Haigh House. i 3 Ackroyd, Crowther 2 Wilkinson, James Lockwood, Robert Henry, Middle Haigh House Farm Stott, Friend Lower Haigh House. Cox, Harold Whitwam, Joe, Lower Haigh House Farm Holroyd, Harold Holdsworth, Harold Carr, Albert (Unoccupied)

OD a ao HH bo

mm bD TO

Page 248


HAIGH HOUSE HILL, LINDLEY. 1 Georgeson, William 3 Holroyd, Joe, Schoo] House Farm 5 Williams, William Hughes 5aWilkinson, Norman 7 Wood, Willie 9 Knowles, Charles (senr.) 11 Turner, Fred, Haigh House Hill Farm 13 Beever, Hetty 15 Wray, Joe 17 Smith, George Edgar 21 Davies, Arthur 23 Burns, Harry 25 Hodgson, William 27 Wadsworth, Harry 29 Turner, Abram 29aThornton, Samuel 2 Bailey, Abagail 4 Taylor, Harriet Ann 6 Clegg, Sabina 8 Kippax, Charles Edward

HAIGH STREET, LOCKWOOD. — Knight, Harry, Light Carrier 1 Bradley, Arthur 43 Nowell, Ned 45 Oldham, Reatrice 47 Jordinson, Harry 49 Shaw, Cyril, Builder & Contractor

HALF MOON STREET. Crescent Buildings. Netherwood, Edwin & Son, Chartered Accountants (Law Netherwood) Wright, Fred, Wholesale Clothier laNicoll, Agnes E., Costumier, Furrier, &c. canere tS Sergéanison Street. ...... ** Standard Building ’’ (proposed shops and arcade) he Herve is Upperhead Row ......... Davis & Brook, Wholesale Con- iectioners and General Mer- chants Wood Auto-Electrical Co., Ltd., Magneto Works, Automobile Electrical ngineers ** Standard Fireworks,’”’ Ltd. (Head Office), Firework Makers ies Herve is Upperhead Row .........

HALIFAX OLD ROAD. Schofield, Fred, Slubbers’ Arms Hill, James Gibson, Frank Livingstone veh Herve 1s Ash Street Kergon, 8., Grocer Atkinson, Amelia Kergon, Sam Keighley, Samuel Meadow, Eunice


19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33 35 37 39° 41 43

Leng, Harry Yates, Walter Shaw, A. Nolan, Eliza Ann Cockroft, Ambrosine Lammyman, Mary Ditchfield, George Henry Mason, Mary Hannah Webb, George Nicholson, Annie Sugden, Irvin Carney, George Arthur Kaye, Hubert Eastwood, J. Milnes, Jack Waddington, J. Waddington, George Frederick Fryer, Thomas Bird Burns, John William (Unoccupied) Atkinson, Hubert Atkinson, Louisa Cliffe, William Senior, Mary Jane Clegg, Ruth Hannah Gledhill, Joe Willie Hunter, Mary Woodhouse, Frank Brear, James Hawkridge, Frederick

Ark Hill. 6 Senior, Clement 7 Dunstan, A. 8 Priestley, M. 9 Taylor, Mary Alice 10 Moss, Joseph Burnett, Hilda Greenwood, Herbert, Newsagent, Sweets and Tohacco Blackburn, Clara Waller, Sarah Ellen Mallinson’s Buildings. 1 Moss, Tom 2 Gibson, Stanley Edward Harrison, Sarah Elizabeth Phillips, Gertrude Holroyd’s Buildings. Foden, Horace Hodgson, Martha Ann Oates, Juletta Liley, Herbert Stanley Clifford, Hannah Firth, Eliza Emily Alfreda 107 Jackson, James 109 Smith, Albert ae Herve ts Mtin Road 111 Mosley, F., Fish and Chips 113 Harper, Harold Edward’s Buildings. Walker, Benjamin Hildred, Amy Berry, Tom Moorhouse, Norman Stephenson, Elizabeth Sykes, Joseph Sykes, Horace


95 97

99 101

me OD

Hm GO De

103 105

“10 Ol > GO LD

Page 249


Halifax Old Road—continued. 115aAshton, F., Boot and Shoe Repairer 115 Raynor, Frederick Norman, Lamb Hotel 117 Fartown Conservative Club (Care- taker, C. Booth) — K indergarten and Preparatory School (Principal, Miss Reynolds) Fitton’s Yard. 1 Bamforth, Alfred 2 Greenwood, James 3 Byram, Norah 4 Walker, James 121 Bamforth, G. 123 Heppenstall, F. L., Fish & Chips 125 (Unoccupied) 127 Sisson, 8S. A. & Son, Butchers Herve 1s King Cliff Road ......... — Hillhouse Methodist and Sunday School 131 Lofthouse, Abigail 133 Grange, Alice 135 Whiteley, E. 137 Preston, Tom 139 (Unoccupied) 141 Peaston, Rev. Alexander George 143 Wilkinson, Harry 145 Lacy, George Reginald 147 Wade, Harry, Painter and Decorator 149 Childs, George Henry 151 Littlewood, H., Plumber and Electrician 153 (Unocecupied) 155 Glendinning, Herbert 157 Lacy, Jane 159 Whitehead, Thomas Henry 161 Healey, Edwin 163 Flinders, Edward hes Here is Jack Hill 165 Rodgers, Robert 167 Ball, Ruth 169 Johnson, EF. 171 Starkey, M. A., Dressmaker 173 Starkey, George Harold 1s Norman Avenue ......... Here is Norman Park Herve is Norman Road ess os Here is Alwen Avenue ......... 177/179 Walker, Sarah, Sweets and Tobacco 179aDowling, Arthur Paterson 181 Rosengrove, Arthur 183 Stanley, Arthur 185 Suteliffe, Arthur 187 Mather, Arthur 189 Chadwick, William 191 Crosland, Herbert 193 Eecles, Edith 195 Lawton, Fred FHeve 26 Siorth Lane Sida ands 4s Sant Gale 2aCardno, C. W., Butcher 2b(Unoccupied)


Shearing Cross. 1 Grout, Nicholas 2 Haigh, Arthur 3 Cartwright, Jack 4 Shaw, Charlotte Ann 2 Brook, Arthur 4 Stancliffe, Andrew 6 Cottrell, George 8 Kergon, John Oliver 10 Gelder, Ernest 12 Cocking, Richard Ibberson 14 Livesey, James 16 Brannan, Lawrence 18 Gelder, Henry Clements 20 Howe, Edwin France 22 Kenny, W. 24 Helliwell, Frank Irvine seine Here is Hillhouse Lane I Here ts Clata ist Gin — St. John’s Church of England School Here is Back Clara Street 26 Lunn, Willie, Joiner & Undertaker 28 Battye, Joe 30 Wheeler, George Samuel sae vA Herve 1s Lea Styveet 44 Clegg, Thos. Wm., Fish and Chips 46 Collins, Leonard 48 Holroyd, Leonard 50 Howard, W. — Sunderland Bros., Whitesmiths 52 Kenny, Frederick 54 Noble, Willie 56 Cartwright, Eli 58 Beaumont, Joe William 60 (Unoccupied) 62 Morley, Walter Stone, Black Bull Hotel 66 Firth, Albert Horace 68 Heaton, Ernest 70 Fethney, Doris 72 Newsome, Joe 74 Mitchell, Ernest : — Whittaker & Son, Taxi Pro- prietors —- Hillhouse Perseverance Friendly & Industrial Soc., Ltd., Grocery, Butchering & Drapery Branch Herve is Wasp Nest Road ......... 84 Gothard, Ernest 86 Ingleby, O. 90 Sidgwick, James William 92 Wragby, Rachel 94 Pearson, Jim 96 McNulty, James Edward 96aBingham, Ernest Gilbert 98 Bull, G. 98aHeaton, Walter C., Sweets and Tokacco 98bLAinley, Frank, Boot and Shoe Repairer 98cBooth, Mary sau Here 1s Cobcroft Road 108 Shaw, Gervase Joel 110 Beaumont, T. 112 Shaw, George Frederick (senr.)

Page 250



Halifax Old Road—continued.

114 116 118 120 122


130 132 134 136 138 140 142 144 146 148 150 152

154 158 160 162 164 166 168 170 172 174

204 206 208 210 212 214

Walmsley, Harriet Emmeline

Little, Rev. Fergus Graham, M.A.

Burns, Percy Wilson, Ernest Alexander Milnes, Frank Here is Yew Prior, Sarr-uel (Prior & Ewart), Phys. & Surg. ... Here is Spaines Road Alleock, Rev. G. EE. Bentley, Tom

‘Mitchell, Jack

Crosland, Arthur Clive Jessop, Joseph Lee, Philip Henry (Unoccupied) Stocks, Jessie Grace, H. F. Johnson, John William Baker Steel, Thomas Norman Rogerson, Mrs. Maggie Here is Poplar .......+++++ Jarratt, Herbert Pilgrim, Herbert Henry Briggs, Mrs. Emily Cryer, Mrs. Mary Isabella Jamison, William Edward Pearce, John William Cardno, Peter Little, George Hinchliffe, Charles William Butterworth, John S. Hardisty, Arthur Hobson

8 Dugdale, Fred Herbert

‘eae Here is Scale Hili Here is Cowcliffe Hill Road ...... Stansfield, Harry, Grocer Haws, Marion Hoyle, Raymond Lee Rockett, Joe Friend Hall, Alice Maud Mary Shaw, Charles Sykes Potter, Arthur Cecil Balmforth, Emma Sutcliffe, Ashwell, Ernest Langley, Mary Ann Priest, George Kaye, Edwin Bagnall, Thomas Priestley, Amy Pickup, Walter Sykes, George Wilkinson, Frank Crowther

214aHoldsworth, T. H.

216 218 220 222 224 226 228 230 232 234

Clegg, Lionel Whiteley Thornton, James William Lumh, W. Taylor, George Marshall, Fred Baldwin, George Benjamin M’Kie, Elizabeth Hopson, George Senior, Barbara Smith, Harry

236 238 240 242

244 246 248 250 252 254 256 258 260 262 264 266 268


272 274 276

278 280 282 284 286

3 5 9 11





Smith, Edgar Wood, John Thomas Holroyd, Eliza Jane Rushworth, Geo. Hy., Joiner and Undertaker Fethney, Peter Brundrett, Harry Fraser, Robert Pickup, Harry Hinchliffe Lord, Alfred Waterhouse, C. Drake, Harry Brook Brotherton, Charles William Drake, Arthur Balderstone, Margaret Ann Drake, Jessie Crowther, Lavinia Platts, Frances Ella Bickerdike, Joseph Beswick Lockwood, Harry Middleton, H. Crowther, Mrs. Wilhelmina ... Herve is South Cross Road ......... Johnson, Thomas Whetston, ‘* Hillside ”’ Platts, Henry, ‘‘ Wood Nook ” Nurseries Booth, Arthur Newsome, ‘The Woodlands ”’ Seaton, James William Earnshaw Brown, Fred 3 Withers, Joseph Thomas Haigh, Mrs. Susan Wilkinson, John Henry

HALIFAX ROAD. (Unoccupied) Robinson, Alfred Longden ... Herve is Hungerford Road ......... Sykes, Enid Mary Hinchliffe, Clara Emily Mallinson, Dyson ... Herve is Thornhill Road ......... ... Herve is Talbot Avenue Hancock, Albert Gregory, James ... Herve is Daisy Lea Lane .......- Lyles, Harold Thackrah, ‘‘Banney Close”’ Crowther, John Leonard, ‘“Hope Garth”’ Herve is Holly Bank Road Jagger, Herbert William Dyson, Sarah Hannah Armitage, Maurice Sunderland, Harry Schofield, Joseph William Whittaker, Joseph, Cavalry Arms pote th Here is East Street Amison, H. E., Prince Royd, Joiner, Builder and Funeral Director Prince Royd Riding School— Prop., B. Marchini Marchini, Ben, Old Brewery, Ice Cream Dealer

Page 251


Halifax Road—continued. 83 Brennan, James 85 Dyson, Emily 87 Mellor, Percy 89 Acton, Rowland 91 Walker, Walter Leslie 93 Dransfield, Henry 95 Willerton, Walter 97 Sunderland, Jane 99aJackson, David 99 Jackson, Sarah 99aCreamer, Charles William 101 Bates, Fred 103 Willerton, Hilda — The Huddersfield Brick. Tile and Stone Co., Ltd., Brick and Tile Makers Walker, W. L., Boot and Shoe Repairer 145 Howe, Frank, Grocer, Sweets and . Tobacco fais Here is Birchencliffe Hill Road...... 147 Barlow, Mary Ann 153 Wood, John Arthur 155 Marshall, Ridge 171 Dyson, Mary Maud, Royal Hotel — Boyes, A. G. & Co., Ltd., Auto- mobile Engineers & Agents — Littlewood, — Fish and Chips 173 Hepworth, Edgar 175 Littlewood, Charles Edward 177 Halstead, George 179 Costello, Mary 181 Andrews, Herbert 183 Hellawell, Joe William 201 Clegg, Leonard 203 Powney, Charles Hopson 205 Robinson, Harold John William 207 Haigh, Fred, Joiner, Cabinet Maker and Funeral Director 209 Sutcliffe, Ernest 211 Booth, Harold 213 Collins, John Wm., Grey Horse Inn 217 Wood, Harold 219 Charlesworth, James Edgar 221 Turner, Harry Pe Here 1s Yew Tree Road ......... 2 Crook, William Clifford hase FLOVE BS TAP HOG EDGERTON PARK (private) Flere tS Hoa 60 4 Mellor, Mary Louisa 6 Whitby, James Redvers — Hoyle, Lt.-Col. Sir Emmanuel, Bart., O.B.E., ‘Banney Royd’ — Pears, William (Lodge) ‘“‘Banney Royd”’ Per ern Footpath to Birkby Road......... — Crowther, David Stoner,


**Norwood’”’ — Hanson, Robert ‘‘Norwood Grange”’ Birvkby Road

12 Middlemost, Henry Edwin 18 Bates, Joseph Henry



18aWilson, Arthur 20 Hardy, Richard, Electrical Engineer 22 Bates, Lottie 24 Harris, James 26 Barker, Stanley 26aBates, Hubert 28 Kathro, George 30 Rawlings, Matthew 32 Hart, William 34 Pottinger, George 36 Schofield, Frank 38aBallantyne, Mary Annie 38 Simeon, Elizabeth 40 Bamforth, Sydney 42 Marchini, Ben. 44 Hinchliffe, Lincoln, Confectioner and Newsagent 46 Boothroyd, Maud 48 Chatterton, Hubert 50 Booth, Eleanor 52 Littlewood, William — Boyes, A. G. & Co., Ltd., Prince Royd Garage, Automobile Engineers 110 Sunderland, Herbert 112 Sunderland, Edgar 114 Sunderland, Harry 116 Sunderland, James Thomas

Herve ts Burn Road — Birchencliffe (St. Philip) Parish Church I — Walker, Samuel & Son, Corn Millers 126 Brook, Reginald Goodman 128 Rhodes, David 130 Roberts, Albert 132 Wood, Arnold 134 Crowe, Albert 136/138 Jagger, Robert, Butcher 190 Newton, Gertrude 192 Taylor, William Dean 194 Brier, Edward Anthony 196 Ackroyd, Tom 198 Whiteley, Edith Ellen 200 Gledhill, Joe, Boot and Shoe Repairer 202 Frise, Symons, Drapery & General Stores ; 204 Batley, Dyson 206 Garside, Fanny (senr.) 208 Littlewood, Booth — Huddersfield Industrial Soe., Ltd., Grocery Branch reads Herve is Yew Tree Road ........ 214 Walker, William Henry I 214aTaylor, John 216 Armitage, Edith 216aAckroyd, John Charles 218 Smith, George 220 Ibberson, Tom Hepworth 222 Wood, Joe 224 Beaumont, Wright 226 Beddard, Harry 228 Heaton, Laura Ann 250 Aspinall, Florence Annie

Page 252


Halifax Road—-continued. 252 Bott, Walter 254 Lancaster, James William 256 Aspinall, Wilfred Thomas 258 Aspinall, Arnold Thomas


1 Whiteley, Mabel la(Unoceupied) 3 Johnstone, Nellie 5 Littlewood, Walter 7 Standing, Llanver 9 Cardno, Margaret Jane 11 Whitehead, Robert 2 Wade, Arthur 4 Mellor, Emma 6 Gledhill, Lavinia 8 Hallas, Stella 10 Whiteley, Hamutal _ 12 Stansfield, Margaret Ann 14 Barrett, Laura 16 Pawson, Edward


1 Stringer, Emma Frances 3 Ives, Jack 5 Slater, Carrie 7 Dean, Arthur 9 Ives, Joe 11 Lodge, Perey Ewart 13 15 17

‘Bray, John Sankey, Philip Hives, Leonard Footpath to Bumroyd 19 Howe, John Alfred 21 Calvert, William 23 Hirst, Lydia Hannah 25 Sharpe, Walter 27 Turner, Ronald Maude 29 Slater, Herbert 31 Thornton, William Robert 33 Huizinga, Eric Frank Gordon 35 Vautrey, William 37 Chappell, Clifford 37aLiversidge, James toe Footpath to Newsome ......... 39 Taylor, John 41 Dyson, Kathleen 43 Dyson, Lewis 48aHaigh, Harry 45 Blackburn, Ann 47 Percival, Thomas Edward 49 Moore, Herbert 53 Hall Bower Athletic Club and Institute, Ltd. 55 Jagger, Allen 57 Stoppani, Harry 59 Liversidge, Annie 61 Waddington, Elizabeth 6laLee, Herbert 61bCrossley, Mary — Daulney, — 65 Zinn, Mary Lucy 67 Bower, Harry, Hall Bower Farm 69 Hepworth, William


Heap, Edward, General Dealer, Sweets and Tobacco Jagger, John Walker, Rochford Steel - Wilkinson, William Haigh, Ernest Haigh, Joe O’Brien, John Sykes, Leslie Arnold Thomas, Edward Black, James William Taylor, Edward Chaffer, Beaumont Yates, Fred Slater, Herbert Hepworth, Leonard Varley, Adelaide Muriel Wood, William Kaye, Helena, ‘“Loma Linda’

... Herve is Catterstones Bridal Path ...

or wh =


31 32 33 34 35 36 37

HALL CROSS GROVE, LOWERHOUSES. Johnson, James William Hinchliffe, Arthur Cryer, Maud Bottomley, Florence Booth, Joe Rowe, Herbert Quinn, Joseph Whiteley, Jack Hocknell, Caroline Johnson, William Knox, Thomas Lodge, Reginald Shaw MeGuin, Peter Sanderson, Priestley Scott, Harry Booth, Charles Hubert Thewlis, Stanley Leech, Jack Kaye, Fred. Rusby, Norman Hemingway, George Fox Jacques, William Beaumont, Arthur Bates, Sarah Hardy, Harold Smith Morgan, Charles Harold Brook, George Beaumont, Arthur Scholey, Arthur Haigh, Arnold

.... Herve is Hall Cross Road .........

Whitehead, John Harpin Blezard, James Arthur Milnes, Charles Green, Frederick Brook, Sarah Rigby, James Longshaw, Edward Stanley


15 17 19

Binns, Frank Garner, George Foulkes Mellor, Arthur

Page 253


Hall Cross Road—-continued.

81 85 87 89


91 91 95 97 99 101 103 105 107 109 127 129 131 133 135 137 139 141 2 +

6 8 10 12 14

Clayton, Leonard Deans, Lucy Gough, Matthew Fuller, Patriek

9 Hobson, James

Kaye, James. Edward Jaggar, John Henry Craven, Nelson, Boot and Shoe Repairer Pryce, Alfred Edward Wood, Sarah Matilda Kitson, Frederick Mitchell, Foster Gardiner, Albert Saddington, Thomas William McSweeney, John Joseph Plunkett, Harriet (senr.) Batley, James Herbert Bostwick, William Patteson, Thomas Sherwood Garside, Percy, Boot and Shoe Repairer Merriman, Herbert Arthur Butterworth, Charles

5 Riding, Herbert

Smallwood, William Alfred Robertshaw, Arthur Jessop, George William Shaw, Arthur Howarth, Louis Dean, Leslie Joseph Pusey, Christopher Johnstone, Harriet

¥ Here is Longiey

Darlington, Harry Sugden, William Henry Kaye, John Edwin Medley, Frank

.... Herve ts Halil Cross Grove .....se0e

Brook, Wilfred Hanson, Percy Hewlett Chambers, James Fox, Robert Kitson, Tom Turner, Milton Armitage, Hannah Wainwright, George James Hill, Wilfrid Batley, Charles Billington, Harry Kaye, Abraham Taylor, Albert Howell, Clarence Austin Dove, George Willie Hardy, Herbert Sutcliffe, Elizabeth Hannah Allan, Jemima Morton, Tom Haigh, Sarah Ellen

is Hall Cross ais

Halstead, Harold Biltcliffe, John Burton Earnshaw, James Herbert Callum, Frederick Philip Halliday, Percy


16 Greenwell, Ralph Allison. 18 Ashton, Frank 20 Bevins, Edward 22 Sutcliffe, Willie 24 Wood, Robert Henry 26 Hartley, Harry 28 Slater, William Lee 30 Toulcher, Charles Henry 32 Wood, Albert Henry 34 Shaw, Arthur 36 Dearnley, Frank 38 Fullerton, Robert Crawshaw Simms 40 Parker, Beaumont 42 Richardson, Alfred 44 Gee, Horace Alfred 46 Kirk, Raymond Arthur 48 Weldrake, Maurice Lister 50 Cartwright, Thomas James 52 Milnes, Laura 54 North, George 56 Brandon, George 58 Brant, Aquilla 60 Armitage, Mary Ann 62 Machin, Harry 64 Haigh, George 66 Hodge, George Oswald 68 Hellawell, Leonard 70 Tuckfield, Harry 72 Horner, Fred 74 Dawson, Stanley 76 Milnes, Raymond 78 Duffy, Walter 80 Nicholson, William Henry 82 Thorpe, Harry 84 Boothroyd, Ernest 86 Driscoll, William Henry 88 Edwards, Harry

HALL EDGE, LONGWOOD. 2 Parkin, Joe, Hall Edge Farm

HALL STREET, LONGWOOD. 5 Hirst, George Arthur 18 Thornton, Richard Furnes 20 Harrison, John Herbert 22 Beevers, Arnold 24 Livesey, Mary Annie 26 Taylor, John Richard 28 Beaumont, Dyson 30 Singleton, Thomas 32 Lyth, James

HAMPSHIRE STREET, MOLDGREEN. Carmichael, Herbert, Sweets, Tobacco and Confectionery Roscoe, Stanley Kitchingman, James Frederick Beaumont, Ernest Medley, Jane Hickman, Florence 13 Haigh, Harry 15 Pogson, Joe 17 Gibson, Wilfred 19 Lax, John

ft km CO 1 Or OO

Page 254


Hampshire Street—continued. 21 Taylor, Joseph 23 Jenkinson, Annie 25 Kaye, Edwin 27 Gibson, Charles Henry 29 Bradley, Charles Henry 31 Valerio, Albert 33 Saville, Mary Jane 37 Pogson, Ida 39 Nunns, Alfred 2 Pogson, Mary Ann 4 Midgley, William 5 Hunter, Thomas 6 Spencer, Sarah 8 Green, Wilfred Hirst 10 Aspinall, Edwin 12 Paviour, Samuel James 14 Bradley, Fred

ee cays Herve is The Mount ............

HANDEL TERRACE, MOLDGREEN. Beals, Hannah Booth, Guy Whiteley Mellor, Harry Kemp, Sophia Hunter, Thomas Sykes, Gertrude Wise, Charles Ramsden

HANGING STONE ROAD, BERRY BROW. 1 Clark, Peter Thompson 21 Mather, James Henry 23 Kitchen, Oscar William 25 Holden, Frank 27 Sheard, George 29 Holt, Walter 31 Crosland, Thomas Henry 33 Brook, Joseph 35 Townend, Jesse Dyson 37 Gardner, Albert 39 Reid, James Thomas 41 Strother, Richard John 43 Barrand, John Henry 45 Abbs, Norman 47 Nutton, Albert 49 Wrigley, Donald 51 Smallman, William Henry 53 Mallinson, Frank 55 Fell, Gilbert. 57 Davies, Harry Arthur 59 Sleight, George 61 Stirk, Stanley 63 Rhodes, Richard Percy 65 Fox, Herbert 67 Lerpiniere, William Thomas 69 Littlewood, Margaret 71 Hinchliffe, Jessie 73 Rothery, Fred 75 Brammah, John William 77 Robinson, George 79 Brierley, Louisa Elizabeth 2 Beaumont, Emmeline 4 Barrand, Polly 6 Wimpenny, Tom



HANSON LANE, LOCKWOOD. 1 Haigh, Fred 3 Simpson, Harry 5 Chamberlain, Edgar John 7 Shaw, Mary Crosley 9 Marshall, M. FE.

. Here starts Beaumont Park Road ...

Dixon, Kenneth, Raby

4 (Unoccupied) — [Lockwood Baptist Sunday School 6 Roebuck, Harry 8 Roebuck, Stanley 10 Senior, Joe 12 Garside, George Holroyd 14 Davies, David Charles 16 Sanderson, John Edward 18 Swale, Eric Jonas 20 McCracken, John Arthur 22 Barker, Harold 24 Wade, Sarah Ellen 26 Crosland, Eliza Ann 28 Sheard, Frank 30 Smith, Harry 32 Beaumont, Ruth 34 Bates, Rowland 36 Pennington, Lawrence 38 Waters, Kenneth Learmont 40 Miller, Ernest Alexander 42 Sykes, Fred 44 Tomlinson, Jane 46 Smith, Stanley 48 Yewlett, Smith 52 Merewood, Alfred 54 Boothroyd, John Henry 56 Page, Walter 58 Styan, George 60 Beaumont, Willie 62 Goddard, Arthur 64 Brooke, Thomas Douglas 66 Brammald, Lewis 68 Peace, Abel 72 Hanson, Eliza

peas een Heve 1s Moor End. Road ......... ... Hleve starts Beaumont Park Road ...


Avison, Marion, General Dealer

-—- Quarmby National Spiritualist Church Gledhill, Thomas Avison, Clara Eliza Baron, John Albert Baron, Edward Baxter, Harry Peters, John Page, Mary Ann (Unoccupied)




. 2. Lockwood, Joe

4 Oldfield, Samuel Stead 6 Jessop, John William 8 Lockwood, Willie 10 Garner, Stanley 12 Benson, Norman

Page 255


Hart Street—continued. 14 Hardy, Benjamin Edward, Coal Merchant 16 Taylor, Joseph Beresford 18 Milner, Stanley 20 Nunn, Clarence 22 Eagland, Frank Shaw 24 Bonser, George Frederick 26 Littlewood, Sam 28 (Unoccupied) 30 Gladwin, Lawrence 32 France, Arthur


— Turner, James, Alcott Farm Haigh, Sam, Pond House — Sykes, Ernest Agustus, ‘* Caedora ” 10 Brownsword, John 12 Eastwood, Donald Calverley — Clayton, Joseph Henry, “ Rock Bank, ” Potato Merchant



1 Pinnance, Jonathan 3 Johnson, Elizabeth I 5 Broadbent, Annie (senr.) 7 Tetlow, Joseph % Marren, J. 11 Dyson, John William ss is York Street 13 Perry, H. 19 Travers, W. 23 Williams, Jonas 27 Mullarkey, Louisa (senr.) 31 Spurr, Alfred 35 Cooney, Sarah Ellen Here is Union Street

2 Paxton, Alfred James 4 Lee, Elizabeth Ann 6 Evans, Thomas, Sweets & Tobacco 6aHanaghan, Martin 8 Timlin, James 10 Clarkson, Annie 12 Clarkson, Arthur Taylor 14 Lee, Joseph 16 Gledhill, Arnold 16aCatling, Harry 18 Kennerdale, Jane 20 Cruickshanks, Charles (senr.)

Tindall’s Yard. 1 Nicholson, John Edward 2 Weir, Charles 3 Womersley, James Edward 4 Cruickshanks, Herbert 5 Barlow, Robert 6 Riley, Florence 7 Rafferty, Michael Spivey 22 Wood, Patrick 24 Kennerdale, G. 26 Brennan, L. 28 Spurr, Alfred

Here is Union Street


HAWES 1 Schofield, Arthur 3 Jackson, Leonard 5 Holland, Thomas James 7 Wilson, John 9 Manning, Albert John 11 Butterworth, Mabel 13 Hoggarth, Wilfred Robert 15 17 19


Ollernshaw, Clara Senior, Cecil Kendall, Philip 21 Wilson, John Gilbert 23 Clarkson, Harry 25 Ramsden, Stanley 27 Tiffany, Ernest Clarence Newsome 29 Plummer, George 31 Fryer, Robert 33 Bennett, Thomas 35 Bottom, George 37 West, William Joseph 39 Webster, George 41 Moorhouse, Willie 43 Robinson, Thomas 45 Cookson, James 47 Wadsworth, Alfred 49 Casson, Arthur 51 Rushworth, Bernard 8. 53 Lunn, Hubert 55 Sykes, Fred 57 Harrison, Joe, Boot and Shoe Repairer 59 Gardiner, Norman 61 Peace, Norman 63 Smith, George 65 Ellis, Norman 67 Fryer, Harry 69 Parsison, George Williams 71 Pilling, Joe 73 Chatterton, Edward 75 Hey, Frank 77 Moore, Harold 79 Jeffrey, Edward John 2 Woodcock, James 4 Cook, George 6 Wilkinson, George 8 Metcalfe, Wilfred Herve is Myrtle Grove 10 Morris, Ernest : 12 Jackson, Harry 14 Whiteley, Fred 16 Day, Amos 18 Dearden, Edith 20 McDonnell, James Patrick 22 Roberts, M. 24 Bates, George Clayton 26 Bailey, James William 28 Senior, Harold 30 Smith, Charles Andrew 32 Charlesworth, Edgar

HAWTHORNE TERRACE, CROSLAND MOOR. Bodenham, Harold Lockwood, Thomas Alfred Crabtree, Alice (senr.) Kaye, Hubert


Page 256


Hawthorne Terrace—continued. 9 Smith, Walter 11 Wood, John William 13 Smith, Wm. & Sons, Slaters and Roof Tilers 15 Wood, Mary 17 Whiteley, Nancy 19 Beaumont, Edith 21 Holdroyd, Ivor Clarence 23 Agar, Annie 25 Sykes, Allen 27 Hodgson, Sarah Ann 29 Gledhill, Mona 31 Dyson, Joe ' 33. Medcock, Tra 35 Hinchliffe, Frank 37 Sergeant, William 39 Edwards, Herbert 41 Firth, Arthur 43 Haigh, Hilda Blanche 45 Rushworth, Harry 47 Harold, Charles Edward 49 Bennett, Leonard 51 Webb, Sarah Jane 53 Mitchell, Arthur 55 Clapham, Thomas Henry 57 Wrigley, Wilfred 59 Dyson, Elizabeth Ann 61 Taylor, Mary Ann 63 Dyson, Ada

ea ies Herve 1s Matlock Street .........

65 Paling, Alice 67 Taylor, Frances Ann 69 Turner, Ernest Jones 71 Lunn, Albert 73 Dyson, Harry 75 Brayshaw, James 77 Jessop, John 79 Jackson, Agnes 81 Sykes, Amos Henry 83 Webster, Beatrice Louise 85 Dyson, Annice 87 Armitage, Edward Pearson 89 Dyson, Clifford 91 Cartwright, Norman 93 Gilling, Francis 2 Ogden, Alfred 6 Leonard, Emma - 8 Hodgson, Thomas Percy 10 Kaye, Lewis 12 Walker, Clara Jane 14 Riley, Joseph Henry 16 Townend, Abraham 18 Rothery, Joe 20 Colbeck, Harry 22 (Unoccupied) 24 Eley, Harry 26 (Unoccupied) 28 Senior, John William 28aGrogan, Thomas 30 Hansoa, Harry 32 Boulby, Hubert 34 Copley, George 36 Holroyd, Stanley 38 Eastwood, Samuel 40 Jessop, Lewis


42 Worsley, Clarence 44 Bellerby, Willie 46 Woodhead, Allen 48 Shaw, Jack 50 Nunn, Herbert 52 Kaye, George —- Ainley, J., Joiner & Undertaker

HEAP STREET. Walker, Herbert Leathley, Edwin Smith, Sarah Ann Lockwood, Alice Thornton, Gertrude Oldfield, Evelyn Beate Herve 1s Spring Grove Street ......

HEATH HILL, LONGWOOD. 2 Mellor, Joshua 4 Pears, John William 6 Pickles, Margaret

ee AVENUE, BIRKBY. I 1 Dyson, Jane 3 Rhodes, Ethel Mary 5 (Unoceupied) 7 Coops, Frank 9 Iredale, Arthur 11 Haynes, Arthur John 13 Mellor, Charles Joseph 15 Telfer, Herbert 17 Smith, Albert 19 Hey, Frank 21 Grant, John Joseph 23 Beaumont, Albert 25 Horrocks, Ernest 27 Farrington, Amy Eleanor 29 McKenzie, James Jack Purves 31 Marshall, George 33 Clegg, James Stanley 35 Spence, William Robert 37 Field, Jack Holmes

esd Here is Storths Road — Emmott, Frank, ‘‘ —- Sykes, Charles Henning, ** Wendover ”

HEATHERFIELD CRESCENT, PADDOCK. 5 Wilson, Norman 7 Wovenden, Squire 9 Gee, David 11 Hanson, Richard 13 Tinker, Gilbert Allan 15 Kneeshaw, William Allen 17 Buckley, Edward 19 Marshall, Frank 21 Kenworthy, Samuel T. 23 Roberts, Jack 25 Garner, Reginald 27 Bennett, Harry 29 Thackeray, Ethel 31 Beevers, —- 33 Darby, Frank 35 Archibald, Leonard Douglas 37 (Unoccupied)

S Ot Re OO DS =

Page 257


Heatherfield Crescent— continued. 39 (Unoccupied) 4] (Unoccupied) I 43 (Unoccupied) 45 Parkin, Willie 47 Appleyard, Henry 49 Mear, Emily 51 Crosland, aia Clifford 53 Hilton, Frank 55 Watson, Richard Henry 57 Broadbent, Eric 59 Pearson, Walter Leonard 61 Morton, Thomas 63 Chadwick, Arthur 65 Warburton, Arnold 67 Garside, Mellor 77 Shaw, Harold 79 Mear, John Harris 81 Danford, Joe 83 Kennedy, Mathew Douglas 85 Dyson, Arthur 87 Brown, Allan 89 Drake, Harry Grimshaw 91 Roberts, Norman 93 Boothroyd, Norman 95 (Unoccupied) 2 Bottomley, Herbert 4 Beckwith, Annie 6 Jubb, Hiram 8 Hoyle, Ernest Wilfred 10 Fleeman, John 12 Taylor, Herbert 14 Singleton, Malcolm Hewley 16 Dunkerley, Jack 18 Beaumont, Hannah 20 Broadley, George 22 McCourtrie, Robert Davidson 24 Rhodes, Gerald 26 Bottomley, Arnold 28 Woodhead, Ernest 30 Sykes, Edith Anne 32 Chadwick, Joe 34 Jenkins, Cyril 36 Napier, ‘Alice 38 Hutton, Harold Enoch 40 Ecclesby, Wilfred 42 Pearson, James 44 (Unoccupied) 46 (Unoccupied) HEATHERFIELD ROAD, PADDOCK. 5 Moorhouse, Helen, Ladies’ Hair- dresser 7 Gill, Cyril 9 Oddy, Raymond Harry 11 Green, Alfred iss Herve is Heatherfield Crescent ...... 15 Goldthorpe, Albert 17 Taylor, Harry 19 Ward, Thomas Edward 21 Mitchell, Eric 23 Haigh, Norman 25 Goodman, John Robson 27 Taylor, James 29 Thornton, Hubert, Decorator 31 Hallas, Edgar


33 Haigh,.— 35 Eastwood, Florence Laura 37 Daniels, George Edward

Be. Ramsden, Willie

41 Hartley, Frederick William 43 Peckett, Waiter 45 Hill, Harry 47 Crawshaw, Frank 49 (Unoccupied) 51 (Unoccupied) 53 Waiting, Arthur R.

57 Haigh, Jim . 59 (Unoccupied) 61 (Unoccupied) 63 (Unoccupied)

pees Here is Heatherfield Crescent ......

2 Mellard, Richard Henry 4 Whitaker, John Joseph 6 Green, Lilian Edith 8 Jessop, Alfred Carlton 10 Fletcher, Robert 12 Farrand, Fred . 14 Oates, Sydney 16 Sykes, George Goodwin 18 Noble, Charley 20 Stocks, Branch 22 Carter, Roy 24 Cawthrey, Harold 26 Winterbottom, Arthur 28 Garnett, Amy Ann 30 North, Frank Beaumont 32 Cocking, Jack 34 Jackman, Harry 36 Holmes, Ernest George 38 Hill, George Edward 40 Moore, Frank 42 Law, Nurse F., Certified Midwife 44. Howarth, Norman William 46 Langley, Tom 48 Ettenfield, James Perey 50 Cardno, Arnold 52 Taylor, Eric 54 Haigh, Ernest 56 Boothroyd, Norman

Pe Footpath to Broomfield Road ask das

62 Shaw, Edith 64 Newsome, Fred 66 Sykes, Thomas 68 Prince, Harry 70 Goddard, Frank Marchant 72 Drinkwater, Wilfred Farrer 74 Galloway, Harold Balfour 76 Armitage, John Edward

HEATON FOLD LANE, PADDOCK. 1 Elkington, Lewis Edgar 3 Holberry, Edward 5 Hanson, Henry, Removal Contractor & Coal Merchant

HEATON ROAD, GLEDHOLT. — Grove Lawn Tennis Club 1 Haigh, Edward, Glen House 3 Wilmshurst, Walter Leslie 5 Bailey, Florence

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Heaton Road—continued. 7 Lumb, Ernest William 9 (Unoccupied) T.P. Wood footpath leading to ...... Gledholt Road 31 Smith, John Davidson Eaton 33 Sharpe, William Gordon 35 Haywood, George Duncan Armitage 37 Charlesworth, Joe 39 Law, Frank 41 Drabble, Cyril 43 Nichol, J.P., Coun. Albert Pennington 45 Ramsden, Edna, A.L.C.M. (Eloc.), Teacher of Elocution 59 Chatterton, Harold 61 Grundy, John Cecil Victor 63 Stott, Joe 65 Tyson, Robert, Tailor & Costumier 67 Brook, Hannah Elizabeth 69 Baldrick, George Sydney 71 Warrington, Cyril James 73 Hartley, Ernest 75 Wimpenny, Edith 77 Beaumont, John Willlam 79 Lum, Ernest 89 Senior, C. B. (Agent, T. Whittick & Son, Yeast Merchants) 91 Clements, William Henry 93 Stott, Beaumont 95 Littlewood, Charles John 97 Netherwood, Minnie age Herve is Heaton Fold Lane ...... Maas vag Heve is Branch Street ......... — Paddock Council School ts Beech Street .,.......... 2. Binns, Frank Here is Grasmere Road ......... 4 Priest, Walter 6 Sugden, Joseph Harold 8 Hopkinson, Mrs. Harriett Davis, John 2 Pape, William — Roberts, Eastwood 14 Crosland, Marian Becks is Herve is Lawrence Road ...... Ss — Ford, Rev. R. C., M.A., B.D. — Mason, Sarah Annie,‘‘Louthholme’ — Charlesworth, Elizabeth Ann, ‘* Northfield ”’ — Beaumont, William Herve is Dingle Road 22 Walker, James William 24 (Unoccupied) 30 Dawson, J.P., Ald. Wilfrid, ‘“Cassemere House’”’ 32 Moorhouse, Ernest 32aWalker, Geoffrey Sykes 34 Lancaster, Clarence 36 Carlstead, Ragnor 38 Walker, Arthur 42 Bancroft, George Herbert 44 Lazenby, Ernest Robert 46 Mellor, Lucy Olive 48 Lockley, Hannah



50 Hirst, Joe 52 Ricketts, Mary Hannah 54 Senior, John Arthur 56 Baxter, Arnold Footpath leading to Heatherfield Crescent 64 Green, Arthur 66 Wadsworth, Harold Penson 68 Stevenson, John William 70 Crabtree, Stanley Foster 72 London, Joseph Fawcett 74 Spence, Freddy 76 Whitaker, Harry 78 Butterfield, Norman 80 Carr, Clifford 82 Wood, Annie 84 Thompson, Herbert Beis Hevé is £47 Road 90 Ashton, Norman 92 Walker, Thomas Alston 94 Bulmer, Henry George Hervé is Larch Road — Quibell, Albert, Sweets & General Dealer — Crossley, Joseph & Sons, Waste Dealers ae Heve is Beech Siveet

HEATON ROAD, PADDOCK. 99 Beaumont, Ernest 101 Wood, George 100 Dyson, William Henry 102 Dyson, Jenny 104 Lawless, Phyllis 106 Edwards, Jack Rares Herve 1s Church Street

HEBBLE STREET. (Off Calton Street). I 1 Cockroft, Wilson, Grocer and General Dealer 3 Cockroft, Reginald Balm 5 Tyne, Carrie 7 Wigglesworth, Mary Jane 7aFidler, Fred HENRY STREET. (Off Upperhead Row). — Upperhead Row Motor Co., Ltd., Automobile Engineers Beaumont, W. L., Rag Merchant Balmforth, Herbert Brailsford, Charles Bone, Fred Shaw, Elizabeth Ann Sugden, William Harry Gill, George Henry Fox, Esther Kennealy, Elizabeth Robinson, William Iredale, Ernest Abson, Ernest Kaye, Allen Horsfall, John Crosland, Charley Gledhill, Joseph Stocks Henry, James

BND eet ee ee et ee I OO WAID

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HEPPENSTALL STREET, PRIMROSE HILL. Parish, Anne Radcliffe, Harry Cleasby, Milton Walton, Edward Marsden, Brook Sutcliffe, Richard 10 Earnshaw, Ann 12 Smith, Horace 28 Holroyd, Mary Elizabeth 30 Cuttell, Jack 32 Holt, Kate 34 Beardwood, John

HEY LANE, LOWERHOUSES. 1 Bentley, Albert -—— Fairbank, Dennis, ‘‘Denholme’’ — Knutton, Wm., ‘‘Ainsdale”’ — Woodhouse, Stanley — Brawn, Francis Herbert, ‘“‘Cranbourne”’ — Sutcliffe, Harry, ‘ ‘Plymouth” — Hoyle, John Wm., ‘“Stan-Lea’’ 5 Storey, Joe Willie

CO SH bo OO =I

Footpath leading to Almondbury ...

7 Holdroyd, Willie 2 Atkinson, Willie 4 Armitage, John Arthur Asquith 6 Davies, Fred 8 Murphy, Harry 10 Ramsden, Clara Ellen 12/14 Brook, James Robert, Hey Farm

HIGH CLOSE, ALMONDBURY. Stansfield, Willie Shaw, Marion Woodhead, Mary Exley, Ledgard Haigh, Law Shaw, Edgar Norris Thwaites, Arthur Dyson, Walker Sykes, Sarah Ann Liddell, George Fisher, Sam Warner, eee

HIGH CROFT CRESCENT, ALMONDBURY. 1 Calvert, Ronald 3 Ronson, Hannah 5 Irving, Willie 7 9

et NF

Haigh, Albert Wooffindin, Frank 11 Clare, Bridget 13 Middleton, Luther 15 Sykes, Douglas 17 Abbott, Frederick Pee. 19 Smith, Fred 21 Aspinall, Tom 23 Sykes, Leonard 25 Littlewood, Edward Victor 27 Scott, Percy 29 Harris, Walter


31 Marshall, Edward Clarence 33 North, John Robinson 35 Booth, Sam Clarence 37 Bowden, Arthur 39 Moss, John William 41 Bradley, Charley 43 Watts, Harry Cornell 45 Cordell, Wilfred Arthur 47 Morrell, Clifford Hove 85 Gi C1086 co 2 Atkinson, Mary Elizabeth 4 Jessop, Reginald 6 Thaw, Stanley 8 Taylor, Walter John 10 Hogan, Edward 12 Firth, Edgar ‘14 Horner, George William 16 Beaumont, Harry 18 Beaumont, Arthur 20 Owen, Thomas 22 Mitchell, Frederick 24 Davies, Arthur Robert 26 Dyson, Arthur 28 Gouldwell, Gervaise Samuel 30 Bradley, Luke 32 Fearnley, Lucy 34 Hampshire, Harry 36 Clemans, William Charles Thomas

HIGHFIELD. — Highfield Gear and Engineering Co., Ltd., Gear Cutters — Highfield Nurseries — Braime, Wm., Sweets & Tobacco .. Footpath leading to Cemetery Road ... and Blacker Road — Sykes, James Phillip, St. .. Footpath leading to Cambridge Rd. ...

HIGHFIELDS ROAD. 1 O’Connor, Laura sees Here is Belgrave Terrace ......... 3 Wilkinson, Edward 2/4/6 Huddersfield Surgical, Medi- cal and Maternity Home— Supt., Mrs. Taylor Ss Here ts Rook Stvéet 8 Nield, Frances Mary 10 Wallace, Frank 12 Kershaw, Frank 14 Barker, Rev. Reginald J. SA Heve ts: Bath inns

Newhouse. 10 Oates, Lydia 12 Pluright, Mabel Bertha 12aBamforth, T. 14 Hibberd, Ernest George 16 Bamforth, Edwin Newhouse Place. Clay, Emma Wadsworth, Samuel Henry Humphries, Elizabeth Ellam, Harry Sharpe, Edmund Beaumont, Sam

“IO OB Go bo

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Highfields Road—continued. 16 Mellor, Annie, Sweets & Tobacco 18 Littlewood, Friend 20 Schofield, H.

Herve is Belmont Street

Here is Highfield — Highfield Congregational Church & Sunday School

ee Be ee Mae Marth Road .......0<

HIGHLANDS AVENUE, ALMONDBURY. 1 Jackson, Frank Stanley 3 Robson, Raymond 5 Lloyd, George William 7 Schofield, John Edward 9 Johnson, Albert John Lyons, James 13 Jameson, John Francis 15 Radcliffe, John 17 Littlewood, Eric 19 Lockwood, Stanley 21 Walker, Harold 23 Horn, Harold 25 Fleetwood, Victor 27 McNab, Alexander Garvie 29 Goodrick, Ashley 31 Schofield, Norman 33 Littlewood, Charles 35 Green, Harry 37 Percy, Alan Hope 39 Owen, Martha Ann 41 Crosland, Ernest 43 Hinchliffe, John Albert 45 Mellor, Walter 47 Rayner, Marry ort Here is High Croft Crescent ...... 49 Crook, Robert Isherwood 51 Foster, Walter 53 Thornton, Robert Alexander 55 Atkins, Edgar 57 Farnsworth, Harry 59 Halstead, Gordon 61 Schofield, Frank 63 Kendall, William 65 Dunne, Joseph 67 Hough, Jim Here is High Croft Crescent ...... 69 Charlesworth, Eric 71 Milan, Williamson 73 Bottomley, Joe 75 Hamilton, Robert Cuthbertson 77 Dyson, Frank 79 Aldridge, A. E. 81 Beaumont, Reginald Ward 83 Turner, George William I 2 Burrows, Joseph Albert 4 Lane, William Murray 6 Moorhouse, Stanley 8 Blackstone, George 10 Welsh, William 12 Comber, Thomas 14 Briggs, James 16 Starkey, Albert 18 Francis, Richard Hatfield —


20 Thomson, George Chele 22 Donnelly, George William 24 Helliwell, Clement eeu Heve ts High Closé 26 Rice, Harold 28 Turton, George 30 Shaw, Tom 32 Fisher, George 34 Holt, Robert » 36 Wand, Frederick 38 Roberts, Hirst 40 Wood, Albert 42 Wade, Ernest 44 Burns, William 46 Brazier, James Harold 48 Gothard, Norman 50 Ramsden, Florence Ethel 52 Taylor, James 54 Cliffe, Arthur 56 Speight, Ernest 58 Finch, William 60 Jones, Thomas Henry 62 Gibson, Jack 64 Gillon, Ernest 66 Moore, George Wiley 68 Cartledge, John 70 Guill, Frank 72 Raweliffe, James Henry


5 Herve ts Jackroyd Lane’

1 Inman, Richard William Hudson 3 Cartwright, Ethel 5 Brook, Edward 7 Newton, John Carter 9 Taylor, Harry John Huson 11 Hall, Fred 13 Drinkwater, James 15 Cooper, George 17 Harper, Richard Beaumont . Footpath leading to Fanny Moor ... Lane 21 Whittell, Eliza 23 Oliver, John 25 Cooper, William 27 Long, Harold 29 Robinson, Jack 31 Smith, Harry 33 Goodwill, Ellen Ann 35 McLaren, Louie its 37 Crowther, Ernest a 39 Parsisson, Arthur 41 Horsfall, Arthur Godfrey 43 Kitchenar, Willie 49 Hutchinson, Jack 51 Awdsley, Arthur 53 Hudson, John 55 McCullon, — 57 Webb, Raymond 59 Wilkinson, William 61 Robinson, Carl 63 Pickles, John Hyram 65 Burras, Leslie 67 Emsley, Alfred Victor — Hall Bower Chapel and whens School

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High Lane—continued.


Herve is Highroyd Lane

2 4 6 8

Ford, John Dearnley (School- hotise) I Taylor, James Henry Noble, Alfred Cartwright, Harry Taylor, Hannah Helliwell, Walter Lawrence Whittle, G. Haigh, Mary Hannah Ellam, Hiram Watson, Norman Brook, Ernest - Laycock, Gerald Simpson . Woodhead, H. N. Liversidge, H., Goodham Farm HIGHROYD CRESCENT, MOLDGREEN. Wood, John Haigh, C. Frederick George Netherwood, Ernest Clancy, B. Waltho, Arthur Clapham, Alice Exley, Abel Castle Foster, Harold Moss, Charles Walter Jowles, T. Leng, George William Cooper, Mary Alice Wood, Elizabeth Pearce, Hubert Flynn, John Joseph Fretwell, George Belcher, Ernest Eli Flynn, William

Eldred, William Kent, Irving Mason, Inkerman Duffy, Anthony HIGHROYD LANE, MOLDGREEN. Holland, Wilfred Jackson, Thomas Walter Hellawell, Agnes Matthews, Sarah Jane Hellawell, Ernest Haigh, Walter

Cousins, James

Medley, Harry Kilner, Clara

19aCastle, William

21 23

Falck, L. Cross, Robert Benjamin Nortcliffe, Annice © Iredale, Mary Hirst, Emma Jackson, Harold Kaye, Read . Kaye, William Arthur Booth, William Booth, Harold



Here is Highroyd Terrace. ...... 2 Cockroft, William 4 Brook, George William 6 Hutchby, Ernest ps Herve is Street ......... 8 Grange, Richard 10. Turner, Risdon 12 Kaye, Harry 14 Platt, William Henry 16 Carlton, H.

HIGHROYD TERRACE, MOLDGREEN. Berry, J. Midgley, Joe Hawkyard, Harry Roscoe, Elizabeth Ann Morton, Arthur Hepworth, Violet Kitchingman, Jack Lister, Matthew Haigh Taylor, Arthur Berry, Harry Shore, Arthur Eastwood, James Edward


3 Boyes Radio Co., Radio Apparatus Dealers

— be dS =

— (Unoccupied)

High Street Buildings. County Borough of Hudders- field—Borough Engineer’s and Surveyor’s Depart- ment (Borough Engineer & Surveyor, W. Jaggar, M. Inst. C.E.) — (Unoccupied) — M.&A., Baby Linen & Children’s" Outfitters iene Herve 15 ALDION Street — Broadbent, J. & Co. (Printers), Ltd., Printers, Bookbinders and Stationers 13 Canney’s, Motor Engineers 15 Fowler, H. G., Ladies’ Hairdresser 15aEllam, H., Ladies’ and Gent’s Tailors 15aPorter & Co., Turf Commission Agents 15aCentral Spiritual Mission

Gibson’s Yard. 1 Dryer, Georgina 5 Butler, William — Nichol, H. 8., Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer and Undertaker — Fisher, S., Whitesmith 17 (Unoccupied) 19 (Unoccupied) 23/27 Chatterton, Ellen Ann (Common Lodging House) 29 Sweeney, Michael Joseph (Common Lodging House) 29aKelly, James (Common Lodging House) I

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High Street—continued.

Love’s Yard. 4 Vause, Mabel Mary 5 Kennerdale, Allan 12 Ainley, Mary Ann

31/33 Crookes, Paul (Common


Lodging House) Procter Bros. (Wireworks), Ltd., Wire Workers and Weavers Heve 1s Manchester Street .........

4/6 Eddison, Taylor & Booth,




Auctioneers, Valuers and Estate Agents Kaye, Joseph & Sons, Rope and Twine Manufacturers Hale, Samuel & Son, Sanitary and Chemical Plumbers and Elec- tricians Mettrick Bros., Pork Butchers High Street Methodist Church and Sunday School Brammah, E., Boot and Shoe Repairer

10aTownsend, Alice


The Elite Cafe—Prop., H. Jackson

see ake Herve 1s Market Street............

HIGH STREET, LONGWOOD. Sykes, Florence Roebuck, Alfred Haigh, Lawrence Swallow, Norman Taylor, Walter Shaw, Craven Butterfield, Stanley Haigh, Herbert White, Florence Hall, Ruth Sanderson, Sarah Ellen Hey, Frank

HIGH STREET, PADDOCK. Pilling, Henry Murphy, Joseph Howlett, John Durkin, Thomas Charlesworth, Leonard Carter, George Sparrow, Eric Garside, Archie Berry, John Woodcock, Samuel Ellis Senior, Arthur Woodcock, William Hirst, Lilly Walshaw, Ernest Eastwood, Dyson Horsfall, William Henry Hart, J onathan Edward Ramsden, Sam Foster, Tom Hodgson, William eee Lockwood, James William Tomlinson, Harry Cockhill, Jim Hoyle, John Ernest


36 Sewell, Frank 38 Crowther, Oscar Ratcliffe 40 Howarth, Martha Jane 42 Beaumont, George Edward 44 Wilson, John


Gledhill, I. M., Sweets, Tobacco and Confectionery Gledhill, T. A., Window Cleaner Scott, Florence Rebecca Weaving, Ernest, Tinner and Ironmonger Stott, John — Milnes, E. & Son, Midland Mills, Wool and Waste Merchants, Shoddy and Mungo Manu- facturers 13 Beaumont, Walter 15 Harvey, Thomas William Harold

Worma!d’s Yard. 1 Higgins, Arnold 2 Micklethwaite, Elizabeth Ann 3 Ellinthorpe, Alice 4 Marsden, Edith 5 Marsden, Elizabeth 17 Binns, Annie 19 Pearson, Joe 19aAlbaya, Marie 21 Crockett, Frank

~I Ou Gs =

nei uss Herve is Bradford Road ......... Herve 1s Whitestone Lane .........

23 Hudson, John William 25 Holt, Walter 27 Shaw, Lister 29 Pickersgill, Harry 31 Boothroyd, Doctor Joseph 33 West, John Sidney

Rhodes’ Buildings. 1 Guill, Levi 2 Clapham, James 3 Myers, Emma Jane 4 Fryer, Ethel 5 Lammyman, Ada 35 O’Brien, James 37 Robinson, Edith 39 Beal, Harry Edmund 41 Phillimore, William Frederick 43 Ogden, Samuel 45 Spivey, Jack 47 Hemingway, John William 49 Shaw, Ronald 51 Gough, John 53 Lee, Alice 55 Lumley, George Richard 57 Harrison, Walter 59 Catling, Edwin 61 Kaye, Priscilla 63 Keenan, Keith Noel Bernard 65 Sutcliffe, Agnes Gertrude — Stead, Law & Sons, Ltd., Builders and Contractors

ane Herve is Aldey Street

is Emerald Street 67 Walker, Ernest

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Hillhouse Lane——continued. 67aHopley, M.

99 101 103 105 107 109 iat 113

127 129 131


135 137 139 2 6 8 10

12 14 16 18 20 22 24


Jackson, Samuel Balmforth, James Arthur Moore, Thomas Wallis Norman, Norrie Seeking Schofield, Laura Holmes, Annie Elizabeth Buckley, Walter Buckley, Caroline Buckley, John Charles Sharpe, Herbert Crowe, Arthur Thorpe, William Henry Branch, Walter Barker, Arthur Raweliffe, Ben Rowe, Benjamin Edwards, William Levi Bottomley, Jane Jessie Short, George Thomas ... Herve is Diamond Street ......... Sugden, John Arthur Blackburn, Wilfred Smith, Charles Henry Proctor, James Young Robinson, James & Co., Ltd., Aniline Dye Manufacturers Stembridge, Leah Armitage, Gertrude Ormerod, John F., Sweets and Tobacco Ormerod, Harold Moorhouse, S. & Son, Hillhouse Smelting Works, Metal Mer- chants and Refiners Hepworth, James Arthur Richardson, Annie Jones, Frank ee Here is Leeds Road Brook, Fred Hamer, Millicent Davies, Ivor Newsome, W., Clogger, Boot and Shoe Repairer Brown, Sarah Hannah Kitson, William Jones, Edward Turnpenny, Eunice Annie Senior, Emily Simpson, Clara Toulcher, Harold ... Herve is Bradford Road .........

Off Hillhouse Lane. 2 Bickerstaff, John 4 Sigsworth, Ernest 6 Booth, Rowland Oldfield, Annie Brown, Henry George Crowther, Tom Schofield, Edgar Holmes, Rev. Derrick De Lacy, St. Andrew’s Church Vicarage Here is Willow Lane East

scot Herve is Aldev Street

64 66 68 70 72

74 76


86 88 90 92



Here is Great Northern Street ......

Bower, D., Grocer & Confectioner Bower, Donald Addy, David Henry Ellins, Henry Thomas, Ernest Graham’s Buildings. 1 Claypole, Henry Isaac 2 Haigh, Harry 4 Lockwood, Charles Edward 5 Field, Edmund 6 Flynn, Edward 7 Garside, Samuel Waring, John Edward Marsden, Martha Elizabeth

Holroyd’s 1 Matthews, Joseph 2 Bower, John William 3 Lee, Dick

Spencer’s Buildings. 4 Ellwood, William 5 Lorriman, Frank 6 Halstead, Harry Skelton, John Thos., Boot & Shoe Repairer Hellawell, Arthur Plowman, Seth Neaverson, William Henry Broscombe, Ernest S., Carrier and Carting Agent Chapman, Thomas

94a0ldroyd, Jack

96 98 100 102 104 106 108 110 112 114 116

CO SH bo

10 12



Valerio, Ida Thornton, Agnes Woodhead, Mary Hardcastle, Edward Sugden, Albert Watson, Frederick Gladstone McCormack, Joseph Patrick Lofthouse, Willie Bradley Mallinson, Harry Harrison, Ellis Camplin, Thomas Huddersfield Industrial Soc., Ltd., Butchering Dept. Pork, and Bacon Factory cane Herve is Leeds Road

HILLSIDE AVENUE, FARTOWN. Beaumont, Norman Jagger, Thomas Stott, Thomas Wright Noble, Henry Sanderson, Gladstone Halliday, Peter Stewart Stringer, Arthur Gawthorpe, Emily

HILLSIDE CRESCENT, NEWSOME. Mellor, Frank Shaw, Jack Firth, Walter & Sons, Builders & Plumbers

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144 STREETS d Crescent—continued. . 9 (Unoccupied) 27 Charnock, Thomas 29 Jackson, Joe :

Thwaite, Norman Kaye Shaw, Frank Senior, Annie Thornley, Thomas Owen, Robert James Cassidy, Mabel

. Footpath leading to Newsome ......

Middleton, J, ‘“Ronder House’”’ Lockwood, Stanley Walker, Ernest Hardaker, James Wilson, Cyril Pearson, Horace Hoyle, William, Plumber Bray; Ernest Scott, Herbert Here is Ing Lane


HILL TOP, DALTON. Lower. Holdroyd, Mary. Gibson, Joseph Haigh, Gertrude Crosland, Jack Riley, Arthur Holdsworth, George Armitage, Alfred Hirst

Peel, Alfred

Smith, Thomas Upper. North, James Ingham Robinson, Ann Broadbent, Eli Beadle, Arthur Tracey, Thomas Hardy, Edgar Robinson, Harry Brook Samuel Dalton Cricket Club Ground

HILL TOP, LOCKWOOD. (Off Whitehead Lane). Sheridan, William Oldfield, Percy Stevens, Lawrence

HILL TOP ROAD, LINDLEY Worsley, John Brook Kitson, William Taylor, Oliver Booth, Fanny Taylor, Arthur Lewis Harrison, Clifford Haigh, Leonard Boocock, Edmund Leek Lynch, Patrick Brook, Albert Cussons, Elizabeth Crooke, Herbert Edward Brearley, Edgar Dyson, John

Hanson, Robert

Thornton Joe

_— Iredale,


16 Watson, Fanny 7 18 Whiteley, Hannah Travis 20 Barnes, John James 22 Mellor, Willie 24 Bell, Edwin 26 Netherwood, George 28 Horsfield, George William

HILL TOP ROAD, PADDOCK. Fowler, Ida Senior, Jack Berry, John ye caters aa Heve 1s Tentergaté 2... Hirst, Allen : Smith, Harry Thornton 11 Hill, James 13 Turner, Agnes Pauline 15 Shaw, Mary 17 Chappell, John Thomas 19 Graves, George William 21 Haydock, Mary Ellen 23 Vickerman, Joe — 25 Armitage, Harriet 27 Walker, Fred ren Here are steps to Millgate 29 Armitage, Harry 31 Chappell, Marion 33 Wood, Beatrice Mary 35 Edwards, George 37 Senior, John Wigglesworth 39 Cox, Herbert

Granville Terrace. 1 Graves, George Frederick 3 Eastwood, Mary Ellen 5 Shaw, Herbert 7 Micklethwaite, Harriet 9 Good, William Edward 11 Sykes, John 41 Watthew, Wilfred 49 Rangeley, Harry 51 Schofield, George Albert 53 Shore, William 55 Quarmby, Frederick Arnold 57 Baldwin, James 59 Beaumont, Arnold 61 Fryer, George Arthur 6laWhiteley, Ernest 63 Kent, Herbert 65 Wilson, Harry 67 Morris, George William 69 Lister, Leslie 71 Cliffe, Stanley 73 Brierley, Lily 75 Lassey, Richard 77 Lassey, Ben Tom, Boot and Shoe Repairer O’Connor, Michael Bower, Florence Hampshire, 8 Thornton, A., Cabinet Maker, Joiner and Undertaker 8aDearnley, Clara 10 Armstrong, Harry 12 Earnshaw, H. 14 Beaumont, Arthur

O10 =

I CO >

Page 265


Hill Top Road—continued.:


Oldroyd, Herbert

16aLongbottom, Harry

18 20 22 24





oo DO

Wadsworth, Charles William Hill, Frances - Jackson, Frederick William Beaumont, Arthur Sewell, Robert Henry Dickenson, Godfrey Wrigley, Emma Wood, Florence Haigh, Richard Henry Houghton, Richard Toc H (Paddock Branch), Speed- well House Bottomley, Annie Elizabeth Spence Holmes, Colin I


Bradbury, Herbert Goldthorpe, Ernest Edward

HOLLIN AVENUE, MARSH. Armitage, George William Rowan, William Wilson Rothwell, Frederick Gibson, Albert Ashley, Edith Lawton, Herbert North, Fred Thorpe, Stanley Spence, Marshall Bonwell Pearson, Daniel

HOLLIN NOOK, MARSH. Turner, Fred Bradley, Herbert Haigh, Claud Devet

HOLLIN TERRACE, MARSH Rayner, John William Bottomley, Alexander Beaumont, Harry Parr, Fred Binns, Harry Muxlow, Charles Edgar Robinson, John Edward Brady, Alice Evans, William Burkill, George Edgar Williamson, Tom Kaye, John William Blankley, Fred Broadbent, Fred Bradley, Austin Crowther, Annis Sykes, Doris May Blezard, Frank Sykes, Harold Coop, Kathleen Amelia Shaw, John Edward Burgess, Samuel

_ Wallwork, James Arthur



49 51 53 55


62 64 66 68 70


82 84 86 88


Francis, Mary E., ‘‘ Spencer ” Foundation Garments and. Surgical Supports .-- is Smith’s Avenue Hirst, Percy Brook, Cyril Chambers, Mabel Calverley, Arthur Brook Benson, Harold Tonge, Hugh Sykes, Ralph Mitchell Parr, Emma Haigh Barraclough, Florence Midgley, James Hy. Spencer Hill, Herbert Hirst, George Woodhouse, Tom Wilson, Herbert Bates, George Alfred Telford, Norman Moore, Joe MeNairy, Roy Cooper, Frank Broadbent, Thomas Edward Harris, Emma Haigh, Harry Davis, Charles Taylor, Frederick Cook, Albert Lindley, Edgar Noble, Willie Bradley, Harry Hirst, Ada Field, Arthur

re Heve is Hollin

Rylands, Hedley Wilson, John Cook Clarke, Maxwell Prince, Harry Clifford, Frank Howarth, Ronald Stead, Edgar Clarke, Albert Gee, Frances Louisa Hirst, John Mellor

.... Heve 1s Smith’s Avenue ......00-

Boyes, Robert Henry Richardson, Henry Oliver Walker, Eric Gordon Hopkinson, Harold


Jennings, Frank, Fish and Chips Bottomley, Kathleen Sykes, Emily Jane Eastwood, Ada Brook, Edith Hirst, Norman Noble, Stanley, Sweets and Tobacco Yorke, Emma Barlow, Rishton Moorhouse, Walter Lindley Church of England Schools

Page 266



Holly Bank Road—continued.

‘sds dus Here ts George Street



23 25 49 51 10 12 14

Brearley, Nathan Lindley Parish Church Parochial Rooms Mellor, Joe Milnes Batley, Amy Crowther, Harry (Unoccupied) Sellers, Norman Coldwell, Harold Bray, Annie

14aRobinson, Nora


16 18 20 22


Here is Stanley Road

56 58 60

ee 46 ‘1 ed Street

62 64 66

Bottomley, J. T. & H., Builders and Contractors Schofield, J. & Son, Plasterers Schofield, Frank Jessop, William Henry Hehir, Arthur Whitteron, Norman, Caterer and Confectioner Dean, W. H. (S. & J. Dean), Wholesale Chemist Firth, Ernest Roper, Lily Evans, John Dean, Joe Armitage, Joseph William Crosland, Ernest Aspinall, John Wadsworth, Oswald, Auctioneer and Valuer Sykes, Ada Bottomley, Arnold Kaye, Harold. Beardsell, Eva Fox, Walter

Beaumont, Henry Tattersall, George Edward. Pilling, Alfred

Firth, Walter Sykes, Gertrude Dyson, John Waterhouse, Edgar, ‘‘ Holly Bank ” HOLLY ROAD, THORNTON LODGE. Haigh, Fred Thewlis, Edgar Percival Earnshaw, Eric Sykes, Herbert Lodge, Joe Burhouse, James Ernest Hallas, Fred Jackman, Ernest Thompson, Alexander John Edwards, George Leonard Irving, Frank Woodgate Wright, Sydney Ramsden, Gilbert Hugh Meanwell, Alfred Edward Perbank, Thomas Guest Fairman, William Lindsay

10 12


Coates, Stanley Moss, Herbert Palmer, James Shepherd, William Wright, Edward Moorhouse, Marie Herve is Moorbottom Road Stocks, Lewis Taylor, Henry Hill, David Redman, Arthur Holdsworth, John Shaw, Eric, Electrician McWilliams, Harry Barker, Reginald Clegg, Albert Stoker, Wilfred. Dunn, William Shannon, James Pilling, Fred Swallow, Willie Armitage, George Rogers, Frank Binner, Francis James Dalton, Edwin Catley, Harry Clegg, Ernest Hinchliffe, Wright Parkinson, Mary Stocks, Herbert Wilkinson, Harry Marshall, Ernest Corder, John Wilson Pidgeon, Albert Matthews, Joseph Sunter, Walker Higson, John Benjamin Tyas, Walter, ‘‘ Found- ation Garments and Surgical Supports Hoyle, Sarah Donaldson, Thomas Garthwaite, Harold Herve is Moorbottom Road ......

HOLME AVENUE, MOLDGREEN. Standeven, Clifford Gostellow, George Ellis, John Cave Haigh, Cyril Reginald Hardcastle, Charles Wilfred Senior, Florence Sykes, Wilfred Carson, Mary Driscoll, John Gatenby, Robert (Unoccupied) Goodliffe, William Trillowe Hindson, Thomas Henry Barraclough, Walter Wilkinson, Joseph Broadley, Herman Healey, Joseph Hart, Lewis Herve is Crest

Page 267


Holme Avenue—continued. 14 Bawn, George Alfred 16 Beaumont, Edward 18 Donkersley, Clarence Edward 20 Gentry, G. 22 Cowley, Walter 24 Robinson, Herbert

HOLMEFIELD, LONGWOOD. 36 Ascough, John William

HONORIA STREET, HILLHOUSE. Lammyman, Alice Bottom, Sam Tidd, Percy Hleve ts Clara Stveet Megson, Allen Meadows, Councillor William A. 11 Earnshaw, Arthur 13 Anderson, Arthur Victor CE £00 Street: 23 Green, Ernest Arthur, Plumber 25 Dyson, Frank 27 Haycock, Henry 29 (Unoccupied) 31 Sowerby, Gertrude « Herve 1s Wasp Nest Road......... 4 Lammyman, Thomas Henry 6 Richardson, Willie 8 France, Willie 10 Tweedale, Ann 12 France, Ward 14 Ellwood, James 16 Kirkby, Fred 16aPogson, Arthur Vernon 18 Simpson, Henry Platt 22aThornton, Sarah Ellen 22 Haigh, Garnet 26 Booth, Samuel 28 Hinchliffe, Jane 30 (Unoccupied) 32 Chappell, Walter 34 Brook, Gertrude Isabel 36 Womersley, James Here is Wasp Nest Road .........

HOPE STREET, FOLLY HALL. 1 Noble, 3 Wagstaff, Harold 5 Nelson, S. 7 9

Ow —

© +I

Crow, Thomas Henry J Schofield. Frederick Edward 11 Schofield, Charles 13 Schofield, Emma Jane 15 Foster, Edgar 17 Berry, John William 19 Gibson, Ben 21 Ramsden, Harry (senr.) 23 Lumb, Mary 25 Wilson, Jessie Priest Whittaker 27 King, Arthur 29/31 Beaumont, Mary Ann 33 Turner, Annie 35 Harpin, Rosetta Elizabeth 37 Humphreys, John 39 Hellawell, Joseph


41 Rodley, Emma 43 Wolfenden, Harold

45 Berry, Godfrey

47 Todd, Jack 49 Swire, George Allen 51 Moorhouse, Joe 53 Wood, Harry 55 Sewell, Ernest 57 Lambert, Clara 59 Lambert, Frank 61 Whincup, Leonard 63 Drury, Dominic 65 Greenwood, Norman 67 King, Charles Edward 69 Shaw, Vincent 71 McNickle, James 73 Taylor, John Beaumont 75 Tockwood, Ethel 79 Baker, George 81 Keegan, John William 83 King, John 85 Bacchus, Ada 87 Osterfield, Fred 89 Livesey, Albert 91 Smith, Jack 93 Taylor, John Henry 95 Charlesworth, Ada 97 Brook, Lilian 99 Smith, William 2 Hughes, Harold Wilfred 4 Radcliffe, ey,

eo STREET, I MILNSBRIDGE. 1 Taylor, Joe 3 Emsley, Oscar Haigh 5 Townend, Josiah 7 Taylor, Benjamin 9 Whitworth, George 11 Kaye, Albert Edward 13 Wood, Fred 15 Dawson, Willie 17 Taylor, Benjamin 19 Kilburn, William Henry

...Heve ave steps leading to Longwood

and Muilnsbridge Railway Station ... HOPE STREET, TURNBRIDGE.

1 Beaumont, George 3 Whitehead, Harry 5 Walker, Herbert 7 9

Thornton, Harry Ainley, Reginald 11 Brennan, Ellen 13 Dunstan, Mary Ellen 15 Anderson, James Henry 17 Parkinson, Schofield 19 Nugent, James Joseph 21 Stockdale, Norman 23 Tetlow, Harry 25 Collins, Arthur 27 Wagstaff, J. 29 Scholefield, George Booth 31 Rourke, James 33 Scott, Jane 35 Pluck, Michael 37 Booker, Charles Herbert

Page 268


Hope Street—continued. 39 Scaramuzza, A. 41 Thorpe, Elizabeth 43 Mitchell, Polly 45 Bywater, Frank 47 Shaw, James 49 Kelly, John : 2 Duce, Walter 7 4 Norcliffe, George Arthur 6 Ledger, David 8 Robb, Archibald 10 Laherty, James Francis 12 Cullen, William 14 McNamara, Martin 16 Brook, Harry 18 Farrell, Frank 20 Shaw, Robert 22 Murphy, Thomas 24 Morgan, William 26 Shaw, Elizabeth 28 Smithson, Harry 30 Bennett, Herbert

HOWARD AVENUE, LINDLEY. — Ashworth, Ross Spencer, ‘‘Sulis”’ — Watkins, Thomas, ‘“ Makina”’ — Kaye, —, “‘ Green Gables” — Pontefract, Annie Elizabeth, ‘“The Bungalow ”’ — Wheeler, Charles H. J., ‘“Lyndene”’

HOWARD ROAD, LINDLEY. Prior, John Peile Caruth, John Wesley (Unoccupied) Miller, Mrs. Elizabeth Eleanor Crackston, Eric Gordon Owen, John Morgan 13 Shaw, Mrs. Lenore 15 Evans, Herbert Tegid Des ak ae ha Here is Savile Road ............ 2 Whitfield, Norman David 4 Earnshaw, Frank Douglas 6 Milling, Lydia 8 Crossley, Ernest 10 Fenton, John William 12 Seruton, Eric Gordon 14 Beaumont, Frank William 16 Affleck, John Macgregor 18 Beaumont, Joseph Reginald 20 Thompson, George Wilfred Dba eas Here is Savile Road .........

HOWARTH LANE, LOCKWOOD. 1 Bullock, Ada 3 Gill, Annie 5 Taylor, Frank 7 Baldwin, Lily 9 Mitchell, Harry ...Footpath leading to Moor End Ra.... 2 Mitchell, Harry sr Here is Bentley Street ......... 4 Lutty, Phyllis 7 6 Rushforth, Albert Victor 8 Mallinson, Allan 10 Sanderson, James 12 Ward, William

a me CO 101


14 Astin, Willie I 16 Newsome, Ann

leading to Moor End Ra....

HUBERT STREET, SALENDINE NOOK. 1 Teasdale, John James 3 Brook, Pollie 5 Bell, Frank 7 Flanders, Horatio Bernard 9 Blackie, John Arthur 11 Cocker, John Henry Luke 13 Wagstaff, Walter 15 Tompkins, Sydney 17 Bullock, Philip Turner 19 Ellam, Walter 21 Kavanagh, James 23. Bailey, Ernest 25 Wilkie, Norman 27 Sykes, Willie 29 Whitwam, Henry 31 Rothwell, S., Chiropodist 33 Gee, Harry — 35 Thompson, William Henry 37 Quinn, — 39 Sandy, John Oswald 2 Brocklehurst, Thomas 4 Durrans, Hubert 6 Comyn, Thomas 8 Waterhouse, Frank 10 Lawson, Ernest Alec 12 Sissons, Frank Lawrence 14 Sankey, George 16 Dye, Frederick Maurice 18 Wooler, Fred 20 Sykes, George 22 Jemmison, John Cyril 24 Sykes, Percy William 26 Shaw, Florence Hilda 28 Ferns, George 30 Blake, James 32 Habron, Robert 34 Long, Frederick 36 Green, Arnold 38 Turner, Thomas 40 Marfell, Henrietta 42 Hoyle, Harold 44 Palfreeman, Arthur

HUDROYD, ALMONDBURY. Murphy, R., Fish and Chips Almondbury Working Men’s Club Sheard, Stanley, “‘ Willfield ”’ North, — Copeland, H., Grocer Hoyle, Frank Hepworth, George Henry Dearnley, William Padgett, Ernest Wilson, Charles Towlson, Stanley Higgins, Nellie Carter, Harriet Ann Hitchcock, J. Laycock, Fred Rollin, Alfred Farrar



Page 269


Hudroyd—continued. © Here is Colwyn Street 10 Higgins, Alice Hannah 57 Yates, Norman [Leslie 12 Mellor, Harry . 59 Haigh, Eric Brooks 14 Hardaker, Annie 61 Dodson, Frank

63 Jessop, Arthur HUNGERFORD ROAD, EDGERTON. 65 Lester, Hilda Marv

1 Sudworth, Elijah 67 Dugdale, Charles 3 ‘*‘ Bryancliffe, (Flats.) 69 Whitwam, Hiram 1 Sykes, F. 71 Sutcliffe, George 2 Brown, F. M. 73 Hall, Mary Jane 3 Flynn, D. 75 Mawdsley, Lois 4 Mortimer, C. H. 77 Crosland, Charles Kilner 5 Smith, E. N. 79 Keegan, William 6 Blanshard, M. H. 81 Futty, William Edward 7 Jones, M. 83 Vyner, Polly ey I ioe Oe oy Herve is Syrvinga 9 Sykes, Councillor Mary E. Luther Place. — Garside, Annie (Caretaker) 3 Hill, Louisa 5 Beaumont, Frank 5 Coates, Wilfred — Wood, Hiram, ‘“‘ Lamwath ”’ 7 Peel, Norman Cook

Dugdale, Gilbert Broadbent, Mrs. Bertha Rees, Samuel Morgan Shaw, John William Lancaster, Annie Varley, Helen L. Berry, Emily

2 “OQAKWOOD”’ 2 4 6 8 10 4 Leitch, Mrs. M. W., “ Somerville ”’ 12 Boden, Caroline Emma 14 16 18 20

Tinker, Mrs. George Frederick Hirst, Frank

Rhind, Albert IMPERIAL ROAD, EDGERTON. Best, Councillor James Flower 3 Pyrah, John Faux

Bamford, Edward Vernon 5 Etchells, Edward Stanley Abbey, Arthur

7 Berry, Fanny Albinia 22 Thorpe, James Henry 9 Haywood, Arthur Stanley 24 Shaw, Mrs. Ethel Everatt 11 Hirst, Florence Elizabeth Ost ea a Herve is Marsh Grove Road ...++. 13 Hirst, Edith 26 Booth, Mary Florence 15 Smith, Arthur 28 Gledhill, Edgar 17 Dicks, John Winston 30 Taylor, Jane Mildred 19 Sykes, Edward Musgrave 32 Dickinson, Elizabeth 21 Wheawill, Harold 34 Boycott, William Graham 23 Greer, George 36 Bentley, Emily 25 Brierley, Herbert Buckley 38 Gledhill, Juliana Marion 27 Dyson, Albert 40 Collins, Harold Lancaster 29 Astley, Amy 42 Strang, Oliver 31 Haigh, William 44 McKinley, Charles 33 McIntosh, R. A. C., Phys. & Surg. _......... Herve is Forvest AVenue esis Herve is Marsh Grove Road ....... — seeseeeee Herve is Colwyn Street «....+++- 35 Sykes, Percy William 46 Hall, Mabel Annie 37 Tinker, Francis Henry 48 Wood, Ada 39 Wilkinson, William 50 Talbot, Reginald Harry 41 Gascoigne, Ernest 52 Hepworth, Marjorie Jane 43 Bentley, Thomas Digby 54 Waller, Arthur William 45 Senior, Sarah 56 Haigh, Annie 47 Bennett, Harry 58 McNair, Dennis 49 Rushworth, [.izzie Maria 60 Dyson, Doris 51 Sykes, Fred 62 Parker, Fred 53 Andrews, Leonard Knowling es Here is Syringa Street ......++. 55 Houldsworth, Harold 64 Midgley, Oswald Here is Avenue 66 Robinson, Harry


There are over 50 notepapers in W. H. Smith & Son’s range. Ask to test your pen on sample sheets.

W. H. SMITH & SON, LTD. Newsagents, Booksellers, Librarians, Stationers. Printers, Bookbinders, etc.


Tel.: No. 1450 Head Office: STRAND HOUSE, LONDON, W.C.2.

Page 270



Kaye, Rosina, Sweets & General Dealer Kaye, Elizabeth Firth, Irvin Sykes, Elizabeth Haigh, Harry Ellis, Fred Roebuck, Harold Roebuck, Emily Johnson, Alexander Coverley, James Wing, Arthur Iredale, Walter Rhodes Mullaney, Jack Dyson, Ernest Crooke, Lawrence 18 Coverley, John William 20 Schofield, Frank 22 Haigh, Victor 24 Mitchell, Frank 26 Lockwood, Arthur 28 Slater, Leonard 30 Threappleton, Charles William 32 Wood, James 34 Turner, Arthur 36 Ellis, Harry


1 Crossland, George 3 Brown, Clifford 5 McPherson, Thomas 7 Lockwood, J. H. 9 (Unoccupied) 1l France, Osman 13 Fisher, Walter 15 (Unoceupied) 17 Roddis, Joe 19 Dyson, Lewis Arnold 21 Shatwell, James William 23 Stead, A. E. 25 Brooke, Arthur Rought 27 Lockwood, Fred 29 Holliday, Irwin 31 Hawksworth, Ernest Henry 33 Richardson, Alfred 35 Lancaster, Albert Atkinson 37 Coverdale, Charles Harry 39 Riley, Dorothy 41 Hill, James Harold, Dentist 2 Hoyle, Mazzini 4 Smith, Edward Kitson 6 Naylor, Arthur 8 Tomlinson, Margaret Jane 10 Rainton, Charles 12 Smith, Gerald 14 Hardy, Reginald Vincent 16 Tarttelin, Alfred (senr.) 18 Pugh, Harry Oakley 20 Mann, Frank 22 Smith, Frank 24 Ireland, Sarah Elizabeth 26 Collins, Henry Leslie 28 Isherwood, Norman

— jm COM PD WRK =

— ed ard OS


30 Steel, Donald 32 Shaw, John

ING LANE, NEWSOME. 2 Dawson, James Allen 4 Waddington, George 6 Sykes, Fred 8 Jackson, Alan 10 Lockwood, Mary Ann 12 Oldfield, Florence Annie

INGS ROAD, ALMONDBURY. 1 Barnes, Cecil Colin 3 Whittam, Ernest 5 Knight, George William 7 Jagger, Edwin 9 Edwards, Robert George William 11 McKinnell, Kathleen Here is Farfield Road 13 Denton, Harold 15 Shaw, Amy Kathleen 17 Whittell, Frank Stanley 19 Thorpe, Clara 2 Mallalieu, John 4 Wood, Harold 6 Pearson, Allan Edgar 8 Jessop, Joe Newsome 10 Ellis, William Hope 12 Rouke, George William 14 North, Albert Meller 16 Levitt, Tom

IVY STREET, CROSLAND MOOR. 1 Booth, Lucy 3 Kaye, William 5 Noble, William Henry 7 Whitwam, William Dennis 9 Kaye, William Ernest 11 Bottomley, William 13 Harrison, Elwyn Stanley 15 Goggs, Arthur 17 Thaw, William Joseph 19 Taylor, Emily 21 Westerby, Harold 23 Smith, Frank 25 Tyas, Harry 27 Beaumont, Harold 29 Rhodes, Ernest 31 Crossley, Arthur 33 Shaw, Harry 35 Duce, John Haigh Noble 37 Thorpe, Fred 39 Waddington, Norman 41 Hartley, Milford 43 Taylor, Beaumont 45 Lockwood, Ada - 2 Crosland, Frank Walker 4 Shaw, Lewis William 6 Brook, Eva 8 Barker, Emma 10 Walker, James Henry 12 Hodgson, George Frederick 14 Lodge, Joe 16 Dyson, Robert Henry 18 Dyson, John Henry Crowther, Ivy House Inn

Page 271


Ivy Street—continued. 20 Ricketts, Arthur Leslie 22 Lockhead, Fred Albert 24 Thornton, Wilson Clifford 26 Pilling, Herbert 28 Baker, Thomas 30 Beeby, Ernest Footpath leading to Milnsbridge

IVY STREET, MOLDGREEN. 1 Langdon, Hannah 3 Hoyle, Thomas William 5 Sutton, John 7 9

Bartlam, John William Eastwood, Arthur 11 Cartwright, Joe 13 Ramsden, Joseph 15 Shaw, Frederick Ward 17 Green, Joe 19 Potts, Mary Hannah 21 Whittaker, Fred 23 Conway, Jack Kitson 25 Schofield, John Robert 27 Bleazard, Frank 2 Lisle, Alice Ann 8 Holland, Ernest William 10 Crossley, Harr 16 Scott, Wilford Eastwood 18 Kaye, Lister 20 Booth, Lewis 22 Milnes, Edward 24 Galvin, James Francis 26 Galvin, William Back Ivy Street. 4 Hampshire, Jane 6 McGowan, Sylvester 12 Kilburn, Harry Arthur 14 Moorhouse, Elizabeth Ann 28 Earnshaw, George 30 Liversidge, Norman 32 Goodier, Colonel 34 Earnshaw, Louisa 36 Kennedy. Percival 38 Chambers, Harold Cushworth

ers LANE, NEWSOME. 1 Benson, Thomas 3 Bradburn, Nellie 5 Bradburn, Eleanor 7 Dalton, Henry Alcock 25 Lucas, Harold 27 Taylor, Lawrence Stuart 29 Wood, Eric 31 Crowther, Clara 33 Earnshaw, Ernest 35 Garland, Albert Leslie 37 Marshall, Alfred Cyril 39 Hobson, Frank 41 Miller, Wilfred 43 Gardiner, Arthur 45 Berry, Jack 47 Swallow, Joe 49 Blackburn, R. 51 Rollinson, Wilfred 53 Redfearn, L. 55 Armitage, Harold


75 Hardcastle, John 77 Cook, Ada 79 Fitton, Thomas 83 Stringer, Herbert 85 Gledhill, Norman 87 Bullock, George Walter . Footpath leading to Newsome Rd. ... 97 Coldwell, Walter 105 Brook, Willie, Victoria Hotel 107 Harker, James 109 Thornton, Harry 111 Plant, E. 113 Pinder, George 115 Liversidge, Job 117 Fenn, Robert — Newsome Parish Church 2 Clarke, Rev. Edward, The Vicarage 8 Sykes, Frank 10 Allcock, Edward 12 Hoyle, William 14 Byrom, Sam Dean 16 Halstead, Alfred Hy., Decorator 18 Hirst, Ernest 20 Denny, Wilfred 22 Parkin, George 24 Halstead, Emily 26 Taylor, Benjamin Fretwell Brook 28 Goddard, Harry 30 Schofield, Emma 34 Batley, Ernest, Builder 36 Llewellyn, Cyril 38 Kaye, Wilfred 48 Firth, Frnest 50 Beaumont, Schofield 52 Robinson, Richard Ernest 54 Oxley, Charles Edward 56 Kilner, Harry 58 Hobson, Norman 60 Whiteley, Harold 62 Lindley, Harry 64 Riley, George 66 Richardson, Jack 68 Robinson, George 70 (Unoccupied) 72 Birkhead, Frank 74 Harker, William 76 Boothroyd, Robert Edgar es Here starts High Lane€

JACOB’S ROW, LOCKWOOD SCAR. 2 Broadhead, James Frederick 4 Mallinson, Harriet 6 Crowther, Lewis 8 Hawley, Walter 10 Baker, Harry 12 Garside, Ronald 14 Thornton, Albert 16 Fearnley, Kate 18 Ashworth, John George 20 Lockwood, Sarah 22 Ely, Glen 24 Addy, Mary Ann 26 Aspinall, James Edward 28 Mitchell, Brook

Page 272


Jacob’s Row—continued. 30 Sykes, Albert Arthur 32 Hirst, Alfred 34 Kaye, John Herbert 36 Bedford, Walter

JAGGER HILL LANE, DALTON. 1 Brummit, Fred 3 Raby, Ernest 5 Lister, Ernest 7 Barker, Arthur Laverock. 11 Calvert, Harriet Ann 13 Haigh, Harvey 15 Berry, Albert Edward, Laverock Farm 16 Ellis, Annie Jagger Hill. 18 Lodge, Nathan 20 Sykes, Sam 22 Jackson, John ; 24 Mitchell, Frederick Arthur 26 Moorhouse, Fred, Jagger Hill Farm

JIM LANE, MARSH. (Unoccupied) Noble, Harold Smith, Willie Heath, Joseph Benjamin


Heve is Broomfield Road .........

17 Bell, Benjamin 19 Bell, Herbert Edward -21 Noble, Frank Haigh 23 Fearnley, John 25 Fearnley, Ernest 27 Schofield, Mary Elizabeth 2 Brooke, Alice Louisa 4 Armitage, John 6 Swift, Edwin 8 Pinder, Harry 10 Bottomley, Ralph Venables 12 Shaw, Raymond 14 Dyson, Leslie Kershaw 16 Thompson, Albert

bs Heve is Broomfield Road .........

18 Mahon, Jack 20 Wood, Tom Edward 22 Garside, Henry Arthur 24 Daniel, Miriam 26 Kilner, Frederick Arthur 28 Sayles, Sydney

Herve is Heatherfield Road......... JOE SHAW’S ROW, BERRY BROW.

6 North, Mary Ann 8 Jessop, Emily 10 Waddington, Percy 12 Dawson, Lewis 14 Haigh, Louisa 16 Shore, Eliza 18 Sanderson, George William 22 Fallas, Walter 24 Donkersley, Willie 26 Stocks, John Henry 28 Baycliffe, Tom


JOHNNY MOOR HILL, PADDOCK. Smith’s Row. 1 McKay, Stanley 2 (Unoccupied) 3 North, Alice 4 McAllister, Joseph 5 Royston, Ellen 9 Moore, Arthur 10 Martin, Stanley 11 Martin, Edith 12 Kaye, John William, I Chimney Sweep 13 Bryan, William 14 Kaye, Willie 15 Eastwood, Lucy 17 Costello, Austin 18 Fenn, Frank 19 Barber, Isabella 20 Firth, Ernest 21 Cuncliffe, Lawrence 22 Burgess, John William 23 Fox, Ernest

Hill Terrace. Cliffe, John Downing, Laura Burns, Thomas Mellor, Joseph Balmforth, — Turner, Frederick Owen Lees, Saffron Hall, Norman Lockwood, Victor Thompson, Leonard Hamer, Lawrence Croft Blackburn, Nellie Hamer, Mary Louisa Crawshaw, Truth Haighs, Waste Merchants

JOHN STREET. 3 The United Yeast Co., Ltd., Yeast Merchants and Bakers’ Sun- driesmen

I Ft ped feed feed feed EWN RH OO OD OUR WD

eae Here is Albion

5 Connor, John (senr.) 7 Cosgrove, Ellen, Sweets, Tobacco and Genera! Dealer

Dodson’s Yard. 1 Hyland, John 2 Kelly, Ann 9 Sedgwick, Thomas Henry 11 Fisher, Wilfred 13 Hemingway, Edward 15 Dunstan, James Henry

eG Herve is Charles .........

17 Jessop, Alice, Sweets & Tobacco 17aThe Scotch Bakery Confectioners (Leeds), Ltd., Bakery 19 Barraclough, William 4 Powney, J. H., Tailor Here is Albion Street 6 Canning, J., Ltd., Tyre Factors

Heve is Back Water Lane ......

8 Cocking, Mary Alice 10 Turner, James William

Page 273


John Street—continued. Roebuck’s Yard. Maher, William 2 Webster, Melinda 3 Beanland, James Hodgson 4 Ahearn, Mary 5 Regan, Thomas 12 Regan, Mary Ann 14 Harding, John 16 Quinn, Thomas 18 Adams, Herbert Lister’s Yard. 26 Liversedge, Joe 28 Littlewood, Martha Ann 20 Mudd, William

JOHN WILLIAM STREET. — Rushworths, Ltd., Drapers, Fancy Goods Dealers (Departmental Store) 11/15 Field, George & Sons, Ltd., Drapers, Furriers, Milliners,

&e. 13 Culley, Norman, F.R.I.B.A., F.S.A., Chartered Architect 13 Gibson, A., Gent’s Tailor 17 Bentley’s Yorkshire Breweries, Ltd., Order Office ~19 Tate & Smith (Chas. E. Smith, L.A.A., A.C.P.A.), Certified Accountants and Auditors 19 Appleyard & Crossley, Patent Agents 19 Walton, H. E., Solicitor 19 Haigh, Geoffrey, L.R.I.B.A., Chartered Architect, Surveyor and Valuer 19 Chappell & Wood, Ltd., Coal Order Office 21 Hobson, J. W. & Son, Tobacconists Here is Byram Court leading FO fess ie! Byram Arcade and steps to Station St. Byram Court. Custance, Fred, Gent’s Hair- dresser Adega, Ltd., Billiard Hall 23 Byram Court Chambers. Smith & Garton, Chartered Accountants Morton, Joseph & Sons (Lind- ley), Ltd. The Rubber Patents, Ltd. The Calder Coal Co., Ltd. Lion Picture House & Estate (Hudd.), Ltd. Holdsworth & Hanson (Leeds), Ltd. Holdsworth & Hanson (Glasgow), Ltd. Holdsworth & Hanson (Estates), Ltd. Kaye, T. Herbert & Son, Accoun- tants and Estate Agents Huddersfield & District Cloth- ing and Furnishing Associa- tion, Ltd.


West Riding Finance Corpora- tion, Ltd. J ackson & Fitton, Ltd. N. K. Plays, Ltd. 27 Brook, Irvin, Ltd., Furs and Mantles 29 The Boys’ Shop, Ltd., Boys’ and Youths’ Clothiers and Out- fitters — Gent’s Tailors 31 (Unoccupied) 33 Leadbeater & Peters, Ltd., Con- sulting Opticians 35 (Unoccupied) 37 Osborne & Calverley, Boys’ and Gent’s Clothiers & Outfitters

aS Here 1s St. Peter's Siveet — Britannia Buildings (entrance in St. Peter’s Street and St. George’s Square) Here is St. George’s Square ...... — George Hotel (entrance to Bar) I

Here is Fitzwilliam Street......... Here starts St. John’s Road ......

2/4 Burton, Montague, Ltd., Gent’s Tailors 6 The Great Universal Stores, Ltd., Drapers, Fancy Goods Dealers, &c. (Departmental Store) 10 Shaw & Hallas, Ltd., Footwear Specialists — Boys’ entrance to Y.M.C.A. 16 Mollett, John, Ltd., Ironmongers, Fireplace Makers and Mer- chants 16 Huddersfield Young Men’s Christian Association— General Secretary, George Longden 18 Heaton, S. & Co., Ltd., aren & Tobacco

ies Herve is Church Street 22 Huddersfield Club

24 Windsor Chambers. Scottish Legal Life Assurance and Approved Society Heap, Marshall & Heeley, Solicitors 3 The Berlitz School of Langu- ages—O. B. Laude 4 Stubbs, Ltd., Trade Protection Society 6 Armitage, W. & E., Ltd., Woollen Manufrs., Shepley 14 Patti, Madame, Ladies’ Hair- dresser

Basement. Mitchell, W. H. & Co. (Hudd.), Ltd., Auctioneers, Valuers, Estate & Insurance Agents 26 Saxone Shoe Co., Ltd., Boot and Shoe Dealers



Page 274


John William Street—continued. 28 Armitage’s, Glass and China

Dealers 30 Jackson’s, Ltd., Hat and Boot Dealers 32 Alexandra Chambers. 1 Smith, J. B., Watchmaker and Jeweller

2 Hanson, Joseph & Son, Ltd., Motor Coach, Removal & Haulage Contractors — Hanson, Donald, Auctioneer and Valuer — Huddersfield and District Co- operative Friendly Soc.— Secretary, A. Morton — District Valuer, Inland Revenue 34 Taylor, J. H. & Co., Carpet Ware- housemen is St. Peter's Street ......... 36 Thompson & Capper, Ltd., Chemists 42 Mollett, John, Ltd. 44 *“Wil-be-fort,’’ Raincoats and Waterproof Clothing 46 Stephenson, Beatrice, Ltd., Blouse and Gown Specialists ,

Lion Chambers. . 1 Blackburn Assurance Co. Ltd. 3 Mullins, W. P .& Co., Estate Agents and Builders 5 Learoyd & Co., Solicitors 5 Huddersfield Automobile Club —Secretary : E. Gordon Learoyd 5aLiverpool Victoria Insurance Offices 6 Tattersal!, G. E., Ltd., Wool Merchants 7 Bagshaw & Redfern, Turf Commission Agents 8 Beaufort (London), Ltd., Brush Manufacturers 9 Mellor, C., Builder and Estate Agent 19 Wildman, E., A.A.I., Estate Agent and Valuer 20/21 Hepworth, Friend & Sons, Manufacturers’ Agents 22 Cotton, A., Turf Commission Agent 27/28 Hirst, George E., Manu- facturers’ Agent 29 Remington Typewriter Co., Ltd. 30 Dyson, Thomas & Sons, Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers, I Deanhouse Mills, Thongsbridge 33 Unemployment Assistance Board Enquiries, Area Office 31 Jennings’ Modern Training College


38/39 H.M. Inspector of Factories 43 Exchange Telegraph Co. Ltd. (Branch Office) 44 Lydall, W. M., M.I.E.E., Electrical Engineer 45 Haywood, T. C. 48 Roberts, E., Turf Commission Agent — Friends’ Provident and Cen- tury Life and Century Insurance Co., Ltd. — Southern Insurance Co., Ltd. — Armitage, S., Caretaker Basement. Watts, S. & J. & Co., Man- chester, Wholesale Drapers Newsome’s, Ladies’ & Gent’s Hairdresser Sloan’s Billiard Rooms— I Manager, G. Richardson — ‘‘Lion’’ Cafe and Restaurant 56 Lucette, Madame (Hudd.), Ltd., Costumes, Gowns 56 Worsley, Ben, Ladies’ and Gent’s Tailor — Hobson, J. W. & Son, Tobacconists — ‘‘ Why Pay More,” Sweets, Tobacco and Provisions enti Herve is Northumberland Street ...... 66 Huddersfield Corporation Tram- ways Office—Manager and Engineer, H. C. Godsmark, A.M.I1.A.E., A.M. Inst. T. 68 Hampshire, Sidney, House Fur- nisher and Upholsterer 70 Berry Bros., Ltd., Woollen Mer- chants (First Floor) 70 Rogers, W., Turf Commission Agent (First Floor) 70 Cowan, Sam A., Tailor & Draper (First Floor) 70 Tramways Employees Social Club (Second Floor) 72 (Unoccupied) 72a(Unoccupied) 74 Stanton, L. R., Travel Organiser and Booking Office

_ 74a(Unoccupied)

76 (Unoccupied) 76a(Unoccupied) 78 White, Frederick & Son, Accoun- tants and Auditors 78 Bingley Building Society (Branch Office) 78 Atkinson, H. S., Ltd., Examiners, Packers and Shippers Kahn Tailoring Co., Indiana- polis Samuel W. Peck Clothes, Inc., New York Wilkin & Adler, Inc., New York Arnstein, Simon & Co., San Francisco Langrock Clothing Co., Inc., New Haven, Connecticut

Page 275


John William Street—continued. Grant, D. H. & Co., Inc., New York Novelty Fabrics Co., New York Levitt, Morse D. & Co., New

York Wile, M. & Co., Inc., Buffalo Pleissner, G. W., New York The Hirsch Clothing Co., Chicago The Federbusch Fabrics, Inc., New York 78 Huddersfield Mending & Burling

Co. 78 Mellor, J. M. & Son, Woollen and Trimming Merchants re eae ae Herve 1s Brook Street — Empire Picture House (Associated British Cinemas, Ltd.) — Briggs, A. E. (Empire Tobacco Stores), Newsagent, Sweets & Tobacco — Booth, H. & Son, Ltd., Wholesale Clothiers Herve is Fountain Street ......... Herve 1s Viaduct Street i ve Herve is Fitzwilliam Street ice ca Here starts St. John’s Road ......


JULIAN STREET, MOLDGREEN. Furness, Frank Sanders, Cyril Winn, Gertrude Mary Royle, Ernest Hattersley, Francis Whitworth, Annie Hynes, Edward Uttley, Fred Jessop, James Garside

KAFFIR ROAD, EDGERTON. — (Unoccupied) ‘‘ Glenwood Cottage ”’ 2 (Unoccupied) 4 Hirst, William 6 Mellor, Arnold 8 Moore, Charlotte Mary 10 Glendinning, Henry 12 Sellers, William Lewis 14 Shaw, Sophia Kathleen -— Holmes, Percy Frederick, J.P., ** Coverdale ”

KAYE LANE, ALMONDBURY. 15 Wilson, James Ernest 17 Hirst, Margaret 19 Midgley, Ernest 21 Sugden, John — 23 Flinton, John Henry 25 Roebuck, Frank 27 Fairbank, Freddy 29 Bottomley, Walker 31 Swaine, Charles Frederick 33 Ramsden, Arthur Goodrich 35 Wheelhouse, Ralph


37 Eastwood, Annie Rosa 39 Rayner, Fred 41 Beever, Dora 43 Farrer, Annie 45 Winfield, Leonard 47 Boothroyd, Arthur 49 Harrison, Gertrude Jane 51 Richardson, John George 53 Thorpe, Frank 3 55 Saunders, Tom

Here is Wheatroyd Lane .........

67 Cole, Councillor James Frederick Collard 69 Eastwood, Fred 71 Eastwood, Harold 73 Land, James Edward 75 Tunnicliffe, George Harry 77 Sutcliffe, Hubert 79 Walker, Herbert Steel 81 Brook, Bertie 83 Hum, Ralph 85 McKellar, John McKean 87 Dutton, John Whiteley 89 Westerby, Hubert 91 Rothery, Eric 93 Hind, John Richard 95 Willcox, Harold James 97 Stevens, Thomas Ralph 99 Walker, Lily 103 Milnes, Fleetwood — Rooke, Ronald — North, Harry

Herve stavits Ashes Lane

2 Horton, Arthur Edwin 4 Ball, Sydney Wilfred -6 Brooks, Marion Emma 8 Wilson, Arthur 10 12


Clarke, Euphemia Galloway Hinchcliffe, Lt-Col. Wm. Arthur, Solicitor. 14 Tunnicliffe, Tom 16 Watson, Fred 18 Tinker, Arthur 20 Schofield, John Edward 22 Reed, Albert Edward 24 Poppleton, John Arthur 26 Schofield, Willie Smith 28 Turner, Richard 30 Dyson, John 32 Walker, Henry 34 Stone, Eveline 36 Schofield, Lewis Lunn 38 Netherwood, Ellis William 40 Thomas, James William 42 Johnson, Fred: 44 Ash, Leonard Carr 46 Utley, Raymond 48 (Unoccupied) 50 Blackburn, Herbert Herve is Broken Cross

56 Harold Brook — Lindley, Fred 58/60 Beaumont, Joe Sykes 62 Wood, Ernest

Page 276


i Lane—continued. 64 Wood, Joseph Edward, Kaye Lane Farm Mallinson, Agnes, Sweets and Tobacco Fleming, Eliza Ann Loughans, Henry Crowther, Sarah Sykes, Edward Thonley, Henrietta Wilson, Thomas William Almondbury Wesleyan Athletic Club Ground Chadwick, Beaumont Wadsworth, Luther Haigh 86 Beaumont, John 88 Beaumont, Thomas Richard 90 Lockwood, Tom 90aEaves, Charles Worrall 90bJagger, Frederick Owen 92 Jackson, Harold Reginald 94 Stephenson, Percy, Boot & Shoe Maker and Repairer 96 Thewlis, Daisy Biltcliffe 98 Thornton, Harrie 100 Wilson, Bertha 102 Pearson, William Arthur 106/108 Lodge, John 110 Mannion, John Egbert 112 Morley, Arthur 112aTeale, Walter 114 Wadsworth, George Arthur 116 Dean, Tom 118 Fleetwood, Harry 120 Taylor, Wilfred 122 Mitchell, Herbert 124 Morley, Wilfred 126 Wilkinson, Frederick Arthur 128 Taylor, Alfred 130 Mellor, Nathan Roberts, Gledhill Farm 132 Mallinson, Clara 134 Stringer, Eleanor 136 Crow, Stanley


70 72 74 76 78 80

82 84

Heve ts Longley Hill .........0+ stavts Ashes Lane .........


1 Lancaster, William 3 Wood, Arthur Thomis, Alfred Muxworthy, Roy Scott, Ann Elizabeth Hickling, Joseph Muxworthy, John George 2 Chandler, Kenelm John 4 Balmforth, Thomas 6 8


11 13

Haigh, Walter Raynor, Harry Hirst, Allen Wilkinson, Percy Booth, John Thomas Roebuck, Sarah Hilda Boyle, Herbert Battye, Joe Willie


1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19





Dransfield, Harry Beaumont, Wilfred Walker, Arthur Donald Beanland, James Herbert Robinson, Fred Beaumont, Wilfred Holmes Bradley, Abraham Wilson, Lawrence Kaye, Thomas Lockwood, Stanley, Ladies’ and Children’s Hairdresser Dixon, Harold

Here ts Dyson Street

Tetley, Frederick Hopkinson, Edith Ann Bailey, William Parkinson, Frederick James Garthwaite, William Robshaw Lumb, William Cuttell, Arthur Berry, Tom Ellis, Norman Sweet, Charles Sydney Dibb, Ada Florence Earnshaw, Albert Haigh, Jack Taylor, Arthur Vannor, John Henry 7 ies Herve is Dyson Street

KEW HILL, LINDLEY. Handy, Arthur Charles

laHey, Percy 3 (Unoccupied)

5 7

Williams, Elizabeth Jane Turner, Leonard


9 11

q 6 8 10 12 14 18

Nutton, John Alfred Milner, Fred Williams, Evan Taylor, Percy Birnie, John Edward Thornton, Hanson Townend, Everitt Saxby, Elizabeth Ann Harker, Cecil Stanley Taylor, John Monks, William Henry Cox, James Taylor, Norris Taylor, James William Bottomley, Frank Garside, Richard

KID ROYD, ALMONDBURY. Moulton, Alderman Arthur Samuel, J.P. Vickerman, Tom Bailey Vickerman, Cyril Vickerman, William Arthur Hallas, Fred Sharp, Annie Elizabeth Fisher, Fred Taylor, Leslie

Page 277

i ee Fe a a PR Ue



1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29

31 33 35 37 39 4] 43 45 47

Mallinson, Mary Frances Foster, Alexander Parkin, Violetta Hilson, Mary Ellen Gibson, Arthur Ainley, Irvin Hall Nowell, Jack Cocking, Joe Sykes, Walter Jones, Arthur Sykes, John William Wood, Victor Bower, William Eastwood, Nellie Roebuck, Joseph, General Dealer and Off Licence Wilkinson, Richard Stanley Shepherd, Mary Ellen Sykes, Arnold Rawlinson, Mary Brook, Wilfred © Davison, William Wheelhouse, Joe Downs, James Arthur Mallinson, Annie Elizabeth, Sweets and Tobacco Dawson, Eda Calverley, Willie Sugden, George Reddington, Elsie Maurice, Elsie Roberts, Albert Griffith Dawson, Norman

Mount Zion Road (off Kilner Bank)

69 71 73 75 a7 79

63 Bywater, Arthur 65 Whittaker, Charley 67 Haigh, Ernest 172 McLoughlin, Thomas 174 Aylott, Ben Robert 176 Laherty, Leo Moss, Edwin Thomas Perry, Isaac Curran, Joseph Mellor, Cyril Alfred Rushworth, William Henry Moore, Caroline Elizabeth

... Footpath leading to Bradley Mulls ...

Road Donkersley, John Garside, Norman Morton, Mary Jane Herve is Bradley Mills Road ...... Boddy, Annie Hill, Charles Edward Barrett, Frederick Carter, Albert Greenwood, Lucilla Gould, Isaac Sunderland, Tom Rowe, Sarah Jane Shaw, Annie Hollingworth, George Goode, Stanley Hodgkinson, Leonard Clark, Robert

28 30 32 34

148 150



Cocking, John William T’Anson, Alice Tunnacliffe, George William Ainley Chadwick, Richard Henry Footpath leading to Highroyd, ....0. Moldgreen Holland, Cyril Whiteley, Cecil Wharmby, James Walker, Stanley Whiteley, Walter Hirst, Fred Robinson, Walter, Chimney Sweep and Window Cleaner Brook, Willie Cussons, Harry Taylor, Clara Ann Mannion, Edward McElroy, Francis Glew, Lois Cage, Ellen Ellis, Willie Nortcliffe, Ethelena Castle, George Laycock, Ernest Taylor, Percy Maude, William Mills Lee, Joe Willie Daniels, Herbert Balmforth, Fred Vickerman, Edith Eastwood, Harry Mitchell, Arthur Vickerman, Alfred Goode, Edward Collier, Vera Wilkinson, Harold Moss, George

2 Lodge, Joe

Gill, William Sunderland, Alice Balmforth, Mary Kaye, Sarah Amelia Billbruck, Mary Hannah Laycock, Arnold Coates, William Dean, Alfred Lee, Mary Taylor, Ann Brook, Edward Stoney, Sarah Fisher, Abel Pownall, Caroline Beaumont, Walter Henry Dawson, Clementina Eastwood, Helen Edith Dransfield, Walter Holdsworth Hynes, Henry Kaye, Albert Lockwood, Lawrence Hampshire, Eliza Messenger, Richard Bell, Ernest Heaton, Herbert Alfred Clarkson, Annie Hawley, Arthur

Page 278



Kilner Bank—continued.

158 160

166 168 170 178 180 182

Howard, Ernest Beaumont, Carlton Bywater, William

Lum, William

Fisher, Ernest Woodhead, Ida Cousens, Harold Wise, Lucy Tetley, William Walsh, John

184 Smith, William

186 188 190 192 194 196 256 258 260 262 264 266 268 270 272 274 276 278 284 286 290 296 298 300 302 304 306 308 310° 312 314 316

Mellor, Edgar Howard, George Clarkson, Charles Cowgill, Percy Thewlis, John Senior, Charles Pearson Lindley, James Arthur (Unoccupied) Hemingway, Harry Hoyle, Frank Edward Taylor Downey, — Redfern, William Taylor, — Gibson, —

Chivers, Frank Culloden, John Wright, William Coxon, Alice Atkinson, Fred Oakley, Lewis Ainsworth, Joe Hepworth, Armitage (Unoccupied) Oakley, John Castledine, Albert Lisle, William Kinchin, George Edward Heaton, John Henry Craig, John Lisle, Charles

.. Footpath leading to Dalton Cricket...

360 362 364 366 368 476 478


Club Ground Medley, Jesse, Ltd., Brown Royd Brick Works, Brick and Tile Makers Moore, Thomas Alexander Goodman, Arthur Taylor, Ivy Boothroyd, Frank Halliday, Charles Holroyd, George Thewlis, Willie

Mitchell, Firth

Lee, Mary Ellen Grater, William I Haywood, Harry Here is Wraiay Mills Road

KING CLIFF ROAD, HILLHOUSE. Bingham, Joseph Henry, Sweets, Tobacco and Confectionery


7 9 11 13 15 17

24 26

Forsyth, Ann 5 Howard, John Thomas Hirst, J. R., Draper Stringer, Julia Ann Hobson, Joe Snowden, Ernest Arthur Garsed, John Dyson, Samuel Henry Here is Beacon Street — Clegg, Lucy Ann Haigh, Olive May Garvey, James Fagan, Edward Longbottom, C., Boot and Shoe Repairer Livingstone, Edwin Cooper, William Pearson, Clara Sheard, John William Herve is Street 2 Hutchinson, Frank 4 Woffenden, Alderman Thomas — Hillhouse and Birkby Bowling Club — Woffenden, Tom, Printer

Jack TAG cat

Haigh, George, Avenue Cottage Livingstone, E. & A., Boot and Shoe Repairers

is Norman Road


Airey, Robert & Son, ‘‘ Kuvo” Works, Coopers & Vat Builders. Roberts Castings Ltd., Non-ferrous Castings. Parkin, H., Boot and Shoe Maker Senior, Ernest

28/30 Blackstone, Wm. Thomas 32/34 Smith, Horace 36/38 Brakewell, Ronald


5 6

Schofield, Harry KING’S MILL LANE.

Massam, George, oo Inn Pearson, Ada Harling, Ernest Parkin, Allan & Son, Somerset Bridge Printing Works, Printers Smith, Alec Houghton, Herbert St. Katharine’s Hostel—Supt., Miss Lily Pipe, C.M.B. °

rinse Maple Street

Horner, Alfred Brook, Arthur Blackburn, Mary Beatrice Cliffe, Joseph Firth, Fred Hardy, William E. Hirst, Charles (Unoccupied)

Page 279


King’s Mill Lane—continued.

— Kaye, John & Son (Hudd.), Ltd., King’s Mill, Manufacturers of ‘“‘Kayso” Aprons and ‘“‘Swando” Pram Rugs 21 Bamforth, Harry

Manor Mills. Cuthbert, T. A. & Co., Woollen and Worsted Manufrs. Hobson, Son & Co., Ltd., Woollen and Worsted Manufacturers — Beaumont, Hamby, Sweets and Tobacco 33 Adams, Alice 35 Watson, Joe Henry 37 Wear, Randolph 39 Knight, Arthur wade Herve is Manor Street 43 Short, Thomas 45 North, George 47 Blakey, John 49 Fitton, Frank 51 Hogan, William Heéve is Bent Sivéeet 53 Booth, Olive Sweets and Tobacco 55 Vose, Heywood Oliver 57 Dunford, John 59 Dickenson, Alfred 61 Booth, Wright 63 Thornton, Albert Armitage 65 Stead, Albert 67 Rothery, Norman Herve is Newsome Road .........

KING STREET. National Provincial Bank, Ltd. Goodson’s, Ltd., Ladies’ Tailors & Fashion Specialists Smith, Jas. & Sons (Cleaners), Ltd., Dyers and Cleaners Kaye’s, Ladies’ and Children’s Outfitters and General - Drapers Here is Market Walk 11 Harland’s, Jewellers and Diamond Merchants 15 Lea-Scott, Ltd., Opticians

Gordon Chambers. Gertrude, Madame, and Balm- forth, Miss, Ladies’ Hair- dressers Davison, F. H., Working Jeweller Jackson, R., Engraver 17 Martin’s, Dyers and Cleaners 17 The Fifty Shilling Tailors, Ladies’ and Gent’s Tailors 17aFarm Stores, Ltd., Pork Butchers -19 Novello & Co. (Milliners), Ltd., Milliners and Gowns 19aMidland College of Hygiene, Ltd., Hairdressers and Beauty Cul- ture — Argenta Meat Co., Ltd., Butchers



21 Kaye, Thomas & Sons, General Drapers . Here is Pack Horse Yard ......... 25 Shepherds Dairies, Ltd., Provision Merchants I 27 Elliott, R. J. & Co., Ltd., Cigar & Tobacco Manufacturers (Retail) ™ 29 Stewarts, Ltd., Ladies’ and Gent’s _ Tailors aise 31 Maypole Dairy Co., Ltd., Grocers and Provision Merchants’. 33/35 Whittaker, Harry Howarth, The New Inn 37 Hilton, S. & Sons, Ltd., Boot and Shoe Dealers

elias Here is Cross Church Street ...... 39 Burton, Montague, Ltd., Gent’s Tailors 41 Schofield, S. & Co., Ltd., Wall- paper Merchants I 43 Leaf, Edward, The Globe Hotel 45 Wain, O.S8., Gent’s Outfitter 47 Verity, L. Hudson, F.I.0O., F.B.0.A., Optician 47aWood, Frank, Decorator and Signwriter 49 Gallons, Ltd., Grocers & Provision Merchants 51 Carter’s, Agricultural and General Ironmongers 53/55 Bolton, Frank, Queen’s Head Hotel 57 Telfer, H. & Son, Drapers 59 Rippin, H. B. & Co., Butchers

Here is Queen’s Head Yard ...... 61/63 Smith, S., Antiques & Second- hand Dealer Herve is Venn Street eee 79/81 Furnisher Brown, House Furnisher. 83/85 Hill, Claude, Pawnbroker and Jeweller 91 Haigh, Evelyn, Sweets & Tobacco 93 Turner, David, Hatter & Gent’s Outfitter 95 Middleton, James, Confectioner 97 Nield, E. & Son, Gent’s Hair- dressers

en Here is Bradley Street 99/101 Mason, George & Son, Tailors, Woollen Drapers & Juvenile Clothiers 111 Pell, Gertrude, Confectioner 113/115 Lockwood, N. S., Florist and Fruiterer

Herve starts Wakefield Road 4 Alexandre, Ltd., Ladies’ and Gent’s Tailors 6 Wilson, H. & J., Ltd., Gown and Fashion Specialists SaKingsway Café 8 Wallaces, Ltd., Grocers and Provision Merchants 10/12 Walker, Thomas, Boot Maker

ee PPL

Page 280


King Street—continued. 14 Burton, Montague, Ltd., Gent’s Tailors 18» Boots’ The Chemists, Drugs and Gifts I Herve is Victoria Lane

Market Hall Building.

1 Sisson, 8. A. & Sons, Butchers — Huddersfield and District Chamber of Trade—-


Secretary, Councillor F. I. Butterworth 2 Wood, H. B., Hosiery & Wool Stores

eens Entrance to Market Hall......... 3 British & Argentine Meat Co., Ltd., Butchers — Sykes & Mercer, Accountants and Auditors 4 Barrett, C., Shirtmaker, I Hosier & Gent’s Outfitter Herve is Shambles Lane ......... 20 Hall, George (Huddersfield), Ltd., Ladies’ and Children’s Out- fitters 22 Townend & Whiteley, Gent’s Out- fitters 24 Bradley, G. F., Watchmaker and Jeweller 88 DSireet 28 Taylor’s British Chemists, Chemists and Household Requisites 30 Harrop, John, Ltd., House Furnishers 32 Spence, J. A., Butcher 34 ‘‘ Olma,”’ Ladies’ Hairdresser 34a‘‘ Florette,’’ Milliner and Gowns

Wormald’s Yard. 1 Christian Spiritual Mission 2 Vaugham & Co., M/c., “Busy Bee” Clubs, Credit Club Dealers 3 Hirst, Fred 4 MacDonald, James 5 Slater, George & Son, Plumbers and Electricians 6 France, — 38bBeverlys, Ltd., Wine and Spirit Merchants 38 Avery, W. & T., Ltd., Weighing Machine Manufacturers & Scale Repairers 40/42 Young, A. & Co., Glass, China and Earthenware Dealers

Goidthorp’s Yard. laSingleton, S. lbHardy, Edmund 2 Kilburn, William Henry 3 Kelly, — 44 Dodd, J. & Co., Ltd., Chemists & Herbalists 46 Mellor, James, Grocer, Provision and Cheese Merchant


Yard. 1 (Unoccupied) 3 Jones & Farrand, Joiners and Funeral Directors 48aBoothroyd, W. G., Jeweller 48 Law, Frank & Sons, Gent’s Clothiers and Outfitters 50 Jackson & Taylor, Ltd., Cigar Manufacturers. Herve is Zetland Street 52 Haigh, E., Leather and Grindery Stores Broad Tenter. 1 Clifford, Alice 2 Haigh, Wilfred 3 Flynn, Frederick 4 Hill, Frederick 52aSykes, William, Ironmonger and Agricultural Implement Dealer

54 Heaton, A., Gent’s Hairdresser

56 Gill, W., Cat, Dog and Poultry Meat Dealer 58 Collinson’s, Fruiterer 60 Connelly, M. J., Gent’s Tailor and Outfitter 62 Parkin, G., Butcher eh Here is Bradley Street 64 Poole’s, Newsagents & General Dealers 66 Hanson, Albert, Pianoforte Dealer 68 Pownall, William & Son, Whole- sale Carvers, Gilders & Pic- ture Dealers 70 (Unoccupied) 72 Wallaces, Ltd., Grocers and Provision Merchants 74 Hall’s Hygiene Co., Ltd.., Herbalists 76 Ramsden, T. D., Tobacconist 78 (Unoccupied) 80 Marshall, Harold, Wholesale Smallware Dealer. Heve starts Wakefield Road ...... KING STREET, OAKES. © Herve 1s Wellington Street........+ 1 Heathcote, George, Furniture Re- mover, Haulage Contractor, Coal and Coke Merchant 7 3 Woodhouse, William Drake 5 Smithson, Bertha 7 Haigh, Willie Lawton 9 Stead, Harry 11 Bottom, Samuel 13 Goldsborough, Leonard 15 17 19


Lee, Walter Wright, Frank Brook, George William 21 Shaw, Joseph Henry 23 Donkersley, Arthur 25 Hollingworth, Edward Albert 27 Smithies, Edgar 29 Boothroyd, Ben 31 Stringer, Ethel 33 Edley, Susannah 35 Mellor, Harold

Page 281


King 10 Grand United Order of Odd- 37 Dyson, Ruth Ethel fellows, Area No. 17— 39 Jessop, Albert Secretary, H. Lunn 41 Aaron, Herbert 11 Thomas, Sister F., State 43 Gates, Alfred Registered Nurse 45 Roberts, Arthur 12 Wesleyan and General Assur- 47 Firth, Joe Wilkinson ance Society, Ltd. 49 Quarmby, Frank 4 Moll Spring Dyeing Co., Ltd.— 51 Gates, Ellis Registered. Office 53 Schofield, Elizabeth Ann 4 Halifax Building Society— 4 Honley Agency tae Heve is Acre Stveet ............ 14/15/16 Learoyd, Alfred Ernest Here is Wellington 17 Nettleton, Ada 2 Snowball, John Henry 18/19/20 Jenkinson, Lizzie— 4 Dolphin, Edgar Caretaker 6 Powell, Edwin 21 Neaverson’s, Glass & China 8 Fielding, Jane Ellen Merchants (Storeroom) 10 Dowling, John 22/23 Storerooms for Tenants 12 Wadsworth, George 24 Hallas, E. 14 Scott, Henry Arnold 13 Halford Cycle Co., Ltd., Cycles & 16 Hill Lewis I Accessories Be Penn, ORG PI ae Herve is Byram Street 20 Pilling, Alfred Ernest — Huddersfield (St. Peter’ s) Parish 22 Schofield, John William. Church er RRC Heve.ts Lovd Street 2G muy, Cnerios Bdward ies Herve is Beast Market 28 Entwistle, Joseph — Wood, Clement, Sweets and 30 Roberts, Harry I : Tobacco, Motor Coach 32 Lockwood, Sam Booking Agent 34 Littlewood, Fred 35 Earle, John William 36 Littlewood, Arthur 37/39 Driver, Albert Edward, Sweets 38 Holroyd, Joseph and Tobacco 40 Hanson, James Herbert 41 Darwent, M. & Son, French ea bias Fieve 43 Acre Siveet Polishers, Manufacturers of ‘ Strip-it ’’ Paint and Var- KIRKGATE. nish Remover 3bCock, Arthur H., F.A.L.P.A., Herve is Rosemary L Ghee Central Auction Rooms, 55 Hope, William Auctioneer and Valuer 55/1 Armitage, Edward 5 Todd, George Maxwell, Waverley 55/3 Weatherburn, Richard Temperance ‘Titel 55/5 Whitehead, George 7 The Scotch Bakery, Bakers and 55/7 Thorpe, Harry Edward Confectioners 55 / 9 Dudgan, Anthony 9 Garton, George & Son, 55/11 Case, Louisa Elizabeth Plumbers and Electricians 55/13 Curtis, Jane a ts Wood +. 55/15 Murphy, James 11 Wilkinson, J.S. & Sons, Beef and 55/17 Sykes, Herbert Pork 55/19 Hopkins, q 55/21 North, Emily Mau Kirkgate Buildings. ey James 1 Shackleton, A. E., Manufac- 57/1 Wilson, John William turing Jeweller 57/3 Kaye, Liza Ann

2 Shaw, H. M. (Rep. 8S. A. Squir- 57/5 Murray, John Edward rell & Co., Leicester, Boot 57/7 Walsh, Martin

and Shoe Factors) I 57/9 Weavill, Harold 3 (Unoccupied) 57/11 Johnson, Alfred 4 Kaye & Wood, Chartered 57/13 Brady, Mary Ann Accountants & Auditors 57/15 Field, Harold 5/6 Sheard, Fred & Sons, 57/17 Burgess, Alfred Eric Incorporated Accountants 57/19 Boothroyd, Mary 7 Howe, Patricia, Ltd., Ladies’ 57/21 Field, Martha Ann Hairdresser 59 Gallagher, Thomas 8 Jaggar, Fred, Accountant and 59/1 Bedford, Ruth Auditor 59/3 Bamford, Herbert Heaton

9 Smith, Luther, Architect and 59/5 Stead, Elizabeth Surveyor 59/7 Joyce, Luke

Page 282



Kirkgate—continued. 59/9 Gledhill, Sidney

59/11 59/13 59/15 59/17 59/19 59/21 61/63

feed OO MAD OK WD =

I —


Here starts Wakefield Road

Dyson, Edith Bessell, Samuel Bennett, Elizabeth Dempsey, George Dempsey, Ada Rogers, John William Cantwell, John

The Flats. Kelly, Bridget Foster, Gladys Quinn, Jemima Conroy, Daniel Flaherty, Bridget Wood, Annie Elizabeth Dunn, Alice Holt, ‘Henry Dempsey, Anthony Hayden, Rebecca Shepherd, Emma Elizabeth Crines, John William Berry, Caroline Schora, Joseph Isles, Margaret Dobson, Mary Gell, Kate Davies, George Walker, Grace Ann Heally, Joseph Pickup, Alfred Clarke, James Hague, Annie Elizabeth Kathleen Olivia Hayden, Rebecca Comyns, Luke Noble, Ellen L’Amie, Martha Ann Nicholls, Charles Beardsall, John Richard Wilson, Clara Gray, Mary Alice Flinton, Harriet Westerman, Bertha Kaye, Herbert Wood, James Cooper, Louisa Todd, Alexander Lomas, Harriet Macdonald, Margaret Ellis, Emily Lee, Bridget Hopkinson, Lily Beaumont, Elizabeth Bradley, Bessie Dobson, Mary Gilmore, Thomas Farrington, John Joseph Here is Southgate

Here is Castlegate


2 Freeman, Hardy & Willis, Ltd.,

Boot and Shoe Dealers

4 Nicholson, W. & Bros., Hosiers &

Gent’s Outfitters


6 8 10

12 14






Broughs, Ltd., Grocers and Provision Merchants Cosmopolitan Library, T. W. Sykes, Prop., Lending Library Jones Sewing Machine Co., Ltd., Sewing Machine Manufrs. (Unoccupied) Bosworth, Mrs. Emily, White Swan Hotel Herve is Pack Horse Yard Haigh, James F., Pack Horse Hotel Oldfield & Studdard, House Fur- nishers & Cabinet Makers Kendall & Sons, Ltd., Umbrella Makers & Raincoat Dealers Here is Cross Church Street ...... Hartley & Tee (C. W. Jones), Butchers Kirkgate Northern Trade Protection, Ltd., Mercantile Agents Yorkshire Woollen & Worsted Trades Association Duffield, H., Bookbinder & Machine "Ruler Gospel Hall Fleece Hotel Yard. Broadbent, J. W.., Wholesale Pork Butcher Snowden, H. & Co., Ltd., Wholesale & Retail Sweets & Confectionery Blakemore, Edward Best, Fleece Hotel peeve Here is Venn Street: The Palace Theatre (MacNaughten Vaudeville Circuit, Ltd.) Ellam, Richard, The Kirkgate Inn Taylor, Joseph & Sons, Kirkgate Girder Works, Iron, Steel & Girder Merchants

52/54 Cassidy, Sarah, Sweets and

56 58

78 80 84

General Dealer Fagan, Margaret, Sweets and Tobacco Billington, George Carr. Pawn- broker Huddersfield Parish Church of England School Wall John Henry (Schoolhouse) Burton’s, Antiques and Second- hand Dealers Fenwick, Louisa, Wholesale Smallware Dealer Fleetwood, Amy, General Dealer Roddy, Ann Ellen, Draper Rowan, David, Clothiers” Arms Clothier’s Arms Yard. 1 Buckley, Daniel 2 Dunne, Mary 3 Berry, William Holland 4 Chatterton, Lawrence — Littlewood, Wilfred Edgar, Signwriter & Posters Artist

Page 283


Kirkgate—continued. Herve is Bradley Street

86 Clay, Mary Hannah, General Dealer

88 Bearder, Susannah 90 Smith, Willie 102 Rattigan, Martin 104 (Unoccupied) 106 Pell, Gertrude, Confectioner 108 France, ie Boot and Shoe Repairer

Here starts Wakefield Road ......


— Brown, George William

es PLACE, OUTLANE. 1 France, Fred i3 Jagger, Ronald 15 Clayton, Willie 17 Lammyman, Eric ‘19 Bates, Clara 21 Hinchliffe, Sarah Ann 23 Crossley, Walter 25 Crossley, Bernard 27 Wood, Wright 29 Gledhill, Austin

KNIGHT STREET. 3 Booth, Emma 5 Reynolds, Alice

Herve 1s Friendly Street. ee AVENUE, MOLDGREEN.

1 Fletcher, George "Rodwell 3 Matthewman, James Leslie 5 Dawson, Robert Walter 7 Torr, Thomas Herbert 9 Cook, Frederick Charles 11 Ellis, Smith 13 (Unoccupied) 15 Booth, Ernest 17 ‘Earnshaw, Ellott 19 Haigh, Hildred 21 Holloway, Willie 23 Chambers, Wilfred 2 Rodgers, Edwin, Coal Merchant and Carrier 4 Field, Arnold 6 Brook, Walter 8 Shaw, Harold 10 Haigh, Arthur Barrowclough 12 Kaye, Clarissa 14 Tindall, Percy 16 Gell, John 18 Edwards, Frank 20 Phillips, Arthur Frank 22 Shaw, John Edgar 24 (Unoccupied) 26 Copley, E. 28 Shaw, John Crosland

LADY HOUSE LANE, BERRY BROW. Leece, Frank Oldfield, Lewis



5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 27 29 31



Milnes, Sam Haigh Hardcastle, Emma Amelia Ibbotson, John Robert Shaw, Edward Senior, Lewis Gledhill, Emma Donkersley, Norris Donkersley, Harold Brooke, Harold Lee France, Hyde Walker, Joshua Jones, Louisa Smethurst, Ernest Richard Bennet (senr.) Smith, George James William Towlson, Frank Matthews, Herbert Seddon, Arthur Heap, Mary Ann Fisher, Clara Midwood, John William (Unoccupied) Sykes, John, “High and

... Heve ts Cold: THs Lane: Bini

LAITHCROFT, SALFORD, LOCK WOOD. Williamson, Harry Aram, Frank Platt, Ben Kershaw, John Ellis Broadbent, George William

11/13 Crowther, Denis 15/17 Slater, Herbert


Todd, Thomas

2aTurner, S.


Thornton, Ellen

4aButterfield, R.

6 8 10


Aram, Walter Walker Tindall, Frank Bottomley, Frank

LAMB COTE, BRADLEY. Pearce, Walter Harper, James William Webster, John Henry Bowe, J oseph Vi Wood

LAMB HALL. ROAD, LONGWOOD. Brook, Joe Longwood Methodist Church Here is Snow Lea

2 = 4 Firth, Clara

8 10 12 14

16 18 20 22 24 26

6 Brierley, S. Eastwood, John Henry Pugh, Peter Evans Townend, Betsy Ellen Crowther, Fred Beaumont & Son, Joiners and Undertakers Crowther, Joseph Waterhouse, Herbert Broadley, Ernest Ramsden, Elizabeth Hirst, John Shields, Joseph Alfred

Page 284



Lamb Hall Road—continued.

28 Wall, George Herbert 30 Wilkinson, Leonard Ripley — Longwood Methodist Church

15 17 19 25 27

Sunday School Here is Snow Lea


Aspinall, Walter Kaye, Joe Brierley, Thorpe Lodge, Charles Thornburn, William Schofield, Luther Bower, Harry

27aPreston, Clara es Heve is North Street


10 12 14 16 18 20 22


26 28 30 32 34 36

Burley, Harry (senr.) Jessop, John Auty William Gardner, Sydney Shaw, Arnold Taylor, Philip Sykes Shaw, Eliza Ann Denham, William Brook, Stanley Park Shaw, Ernest Dyson, John Hadfield Beaumont, John Thomas Cuttell, Milton Beaumont, Percy McMillan, Arthur Cotton Roberts, Irvin, Ladies’ Hairdresser Firth, Leonard Day, Norman Haigh, Edward Abraham, Thomas McGaffie, William Pontefract, Ronald Robinson, Paul Lusty, Kate Louisa Matthews, George Arthur Ditchfield, Ernest Smith, John Joseph Nixon, John Nuttall Wilson, Eliza Bentley, Tom Sykes, Samuel (Unoccupied) (Unoccupied)

ee peewee 48 North «0.


42 44 46

48 50 52 54 56



Dyson, Arthur Pearson, Rosetta Crawshaw, Harry Lodge, Harry Harrison, Ethel Mary, Ladies’ Hairdresser Harrison, Bernard Rhodes, Mary Jane Bentley, Charles Durrans, Arthur Thompson, Harold

LARK STREET, PADDOCK. Nield, William Henry

2aSykes, Eleanor


19 21 25 27 29 31

101 103 105 107 109 111 129 131 133 135 137 139 141 143 145 147 149 151

Paddock (All Saints) Church of England School

LAUND ROAD, SALENDINE NOOK. Salendine Nook Baptist Sunday School

.... Heve is Raw Nook Road .........

Buckley, Dennis Garside, Sam Ainley, John Henry Beevers, Lewis Walker, George William Jessop, Mary Amelia Sunley, Ruth Hellawell, Harry, Laund Road Farm I Here is Pottery Street Gates, Walter Dyson, Thornton Gledhill, Edith Munt, Albert Atkinson, Walter Spencer, Eliza Whiteley, Florence Amelia Pilling, Rose Alice Whiteley, Walter Beevers, Edgar Walker, Clement Daniels, Mabel Haslett, Harold Laurence Siddall, Albert Brook, William Broom, Joseph Anthony Ramsden, Walter Stott, Harry Sykes, Arthur Swift, Walter Wadsworth, John Henry Taylor, Joseph Henry Roper, John Alfred Pilling, William Henry, Sweep Archard, Arthur Kilner, Willie, Fruiterer, Fish and Chips Laverack, Bertie, Grocer, Draper and General Dealer Livesey, Louisa Deane, William Thomas Sharp, Arthur Ernest Dorrington, William Henry Thomson, Giles (Unoccupied) France, Charles Clement Nettleton, Harry Small, Alexander Lees Pontefract, Joseph Crease, Frederick Charles Davies, E. Bangham, Joseph Lee, Edwin Fleming, Joseph William Nelson, Edith Haigh, Donald Battye, Richard


Page 285


Laund Road—continued.

153 155 157

10 12 14 28 o4 36 38 40


110 112 114

122 134 146 148 150 152 156 158 160 162

164 166 176

Marshall, Cyril Archer, Eliza Oldroyd, Rhodes Cock, Wilfred Ewart, ‘‘ Glen > View ” Herve is Lindley Moor Road ...... Salendine Nook Baptist Chapel and Cemetery ... 1s Moor Hill Road ......... Rothwell, John Beaumont, Reuben Gledhill Wrigley, Louisa Smithies, Jackson Casson, Harold, Plumber Quinn, John Wood, Alec John Shaw, Arthur Vickerman, Fred, General Dealer, Fish and Chips Smith, Jack, Baker and Con- fectioner Taylor, Ernest Beatson, Thomas Jones, Alfred Hindmarch Mallinson, Harriet Ann Sykes, Ben Walker, John Brook, Walter Shaw, Fred Clegg, Eliza Ann Akroyd, Sarah Ann Whiteley, Frances Taylor, Alice Morton, Robert Morton, Florence Morton, E. & Sons, Lindley Moor Potteries, Earthenware Manu- facturers Morton, James Elliott Morton, Joseph & Sons (Lindley), Ltd., Lindley Moor Potteries, Earthenware Manufacturers Thorpe, Eliza Ann Boothroyd, Jack Simpson, Frank, A.M.1I.R.E., Radio & Electrical Engineer Taylor & Farnworth, Courida Works, Waste Merchants Taylor, Willie Ellam, Joe William Wadsworth, Jim Hirst, Edith Mary Wrigley, James Oliver Balmforth, Charles Richard Smith, Jack Iredale, Norman Gledhill, Joseph Ernest Townend, Dennis Llewellyn, Chiropodist Fuller, Doris Booth, Frank Dodson, Joseph Harold Peat Ponds.

2 Carter, Sarah Elizabeth

4 Haigh, Harry


198 200 202 204 206 208


43 45 47 49


75 77 79 81 83 85 87 89


6 8 10 12


6 Fleming, Hubert, Radio and Electrical Engineer 8 Crawshaw, Thomas Edward 10 Preston, Mary Elizabeth Jevons, Clara Wainwright, Mary A. Rhodes, Annie Maria Gledhill, Albert Greenhow, Harry Shaw, Alfred Peace, Herbert James, Lindley Moor Café, Sweets, Tobacco and Confectionery I

LAWRENCE ROAD, MARSH. Herve 1s Dudley Road

.... Herve is Batley Avenue Tomlinson, Bessie Doris Micklethwaite, Frank Micklethwaite, Sarah Armitage, Hubert Barrington Smith, George William Smith, William Edward Clegg, Jesse Whiteley Sykes, Hubert Edward Denham, May Lawrence, Arthur Hanley, Teacher of Music Broomhead, Cyrus Helm, George Chaplin, John Fowler Drake, John Anthony Ogden, William Senior, J., Electrician Herve is Mount Road Brook, Joseph Walker, George Henrv Hirst, Frank Armistead, Elizabeth Barnes, Frank, Electrician Pilling, Frank Townend, Tom Thompson, George Pearson, Bernard Crossley, Edwin, Decorator Hobson, Maurice Dearnley, John William Silver, George Mason White, John Alfred Cosgrove, William Edward Ward, Louise .... Herve is Grasscroft Road ......... Garside, Mabel Dawson, Ellen Scrimshaw, Lucy Duckworth, Walter Crabtree, William Henry Dunnington, Gertrude Roper, Esther Berry, Albert Edward I 48 Ciifion MOGs Gis inane .... Heve is Westbourne Road ......... Dyson, Fred (Unoccupied) me Riley, James W. Kilburn, Ada

Page 286



Lawrence Road—continued.

14 16

Here is Grasscroft Road .........

7 6 78 80 82 84 86

Here is Clifton Road ass Herve is Westbourne Road .........

McMillan, Tom Nelson, George Stanley Smith, Arthur Willsden, Laura Fahy, James Smith, Charles William Simpson, James Herbert Rowley, John Henry McGrath, Jane

Thewlis, Wilfred Ellam, Abraham Dyer, — Langtrey, — Ackroyd, Ann Maude, Arthur


Ort Ow —

ce as fcidpe Close

11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29

Crines, Ethel Smith, William Webster, Edward Macavoy, Jane Ann Moore, Charles Edward

Thornton, Fred Garside, Wilson Broadbent, Thomas Wilkinson, Herbert Chadwick, Laurie Gateley, Michael Kennedy, Mary Hargreaves, Fred Walsh, James Purves, John Edwin Mosby, Walter Flynn, Daniel Traynor, Harry Varley, James Reddington, Patrick Kelly, Edward

Booth, Annie

Stanger, Edith Brown, Edward George Eastwood, Harold Woodworth, Lucy Robinson, Percy Jennings, Walter Pardon, James Sheridon, Robert Jessop, Eliza Sayles, William Halstead, Fred Williams, Maria Roche, John Thomas Senior, Annie Fox, — Atkin, Rowland

Sykes, Mary Elizabeth

Tipptons, Frank Fitzgerald, Henry Armitage, Mary Louisa Thornton, Sarah Ann MeNicholas, Rohert



Brearley, George Hanson

2 Broadbent, Charles William

+ 6 8 10

12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28



Boswell, Elias Hughes, Annie Royales, Sarah Ellen Batley, Sarah


Stead, Ernest Dixon, Kathleen Wood, Beatrice Maddocks, Albert Berry, Willie Gill, William Henry King, Albert Shaw, Arthur Bottomley, Annie Pickford, Frank Stocks, Perev Oates, William Thornton, Albert Burns, John Unsworth, James Jennings, Joseph Tully, Matthew Caines, Jack Harley, Christopher Whelen, George Hart, Edward Cayne, Bridget Ackroyd, Agnes Peace, William Haley, William

... Heve is Elazabeth Stveet ........

Mettrick, Ernest


laKenworthy, Harry

Wr © WOW =

1 1

11 13 15 45 47 49

2 4 6 8 10

Thompson, Charles William Wallis, William Wood Sykes, Willie Coupland, Frederick Joseph Mosley, Fred Kitchen, Joe Sunderland, Ethel

Cee is Mead Street 2h

Hillhouse Central School (Boys) Hillhouse Council School Herve 1s Honoria Street

LEA STREET, LINDLEY. Kaye, Wilfred Crowther, Harry Hanson, Harold Vickerman Shaw, Winifred Shaw, Edgar Reginald MeVitie, Alan Kellett, Ernest Taylor, Fred Haigh, Arthur Jarratt, Arthur Armitage, Mrs. Jessie May

2076 48 Daisy: Lea Lane

Mellor, Lewis Gee, Annie Groves, Sydney Ostler, Helen Dyson, William Edward

Page 287


Lea Street—continued.

12 Walker, Samuel Burnley 14 Hogg, John 22 Middleton, Fred . 24 Vickerman, Ernest 26 Oldroyd, Lee 28 Jones, Ewan Arthur 30 Bruce, Mrs. Elizabeth 32 Kaye, Bernice 34 Balmford, Alice 36 Harper, Fred 38 Deacon, Edward 40 Ramsden, John William 42 Oakes, John Sadler 44 Bray, Norman 46 Sheard, George 48 Heaton, Herbert bn iets. Here is Daisy Lea Lane .........

LEECHES HILL, OUTLANE. . (Off New Hev Road). 1 Wheelwright, Mary Hannah 3 Clegg, John Edwin 5 Dyson, George Stafford 7 Sutcliffe, Emily 9 9

Shires, Charles aLumb, F., Boot & Shoe Repairer

LEEDS I ROAD. 1 Nestor, Martin, Common Lodging House 3 Rodgers, Wilfred 5 (Unoccupied) 7 Hindle, George, Licensed Broker & Second-hand Furniture Dealer

Shear’s Court. 1 Hayden, William 3 Gannon, Thomas 4 Kilroy, John 5 Larcombe, Annie Maria 6 Ross, Isabella 7 Beaumont, Lily Agnes 9/11 Gannon, Thomas, Salt Merchant 13/15 Scott, Lavina 17 Smith, John 19 Flannery, Thomas, Sweets and Tobacco 21 Walsh, James

Skilbeck’s Yard. — Marshall, W. C., Joiner and Cabinet Maker 1 Eastwood, Sarah Ann 2 Taylor, Edward 3 Blackburn, Minnie 4 Womersley, John William 5 Cooper, Thomas 6 Wilson, Walter 23 Thorpe, Arnold, Fish and Chips 25 Wilson, Arthur 27 Pickles, Ernest, Boot and Shoe Repairer and Clogger 29 Duke, Mary Anne — 31 Morris, Catherine 33 Sutherland, William


— Broadbent, John A., St. Mark’s Motor Works, Motor Engineer and Repairer 41 Breeze, Joseph 43 Cryer, Fred 45 Kelly, Martin 47 Balmforth, Walter Booth’s Yard. 1 Darby, Martha Annie 3 Ellis, Emma 4 Crowther, Albert Richard 49 Crampton, John 53 Oldfield, Annie Elizabeth, Lord Nelson Inn 55 Walton, E., Sweets and Tobacco 57 Blakey, G. W., Butcher Herve is Thomas Street 59 Wood, Mary Ann 61 McHugh, Margaret 63 Briggs, Frank 65 Ramsbottom, Beatrice 67 Wood, James 69 Woodhouse, Frank Robert 71 Mahon, Hannah Lee & Burley’s Yard. Haigh, G. Ellis, Joseph Alfred. Kenny, Annie Elizabeth Green, Tom Booth, Fred Calverley, Albert Edward Windle, Jane Lunn, Fred Hirst, Walter, Window Cleaner 10 Parkin, John Charles 11 Humphreys, James 12 Starkey, Thomas 73 ‘‘ Nora,’’ Ladies’ Hairdresser 75 Clarke, John Willie 77 Hanaghan, John, Chimney Sweep 79 (Unoccupied) 81 Arnall, Percival Oliver


8laClelland, Herbert

83 Hall, William pd 4 Here is Northumberland Street ...... — Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd., Grocery & Butchering Branch 91 Farrand, Elizabeth 95 Bottomley, John 97 Stead, Ernest 99 Woodworth, Norman 101 Tierney, John 103 Knockton, Johanna Tindall’s Buildings. 1 Lynch, James Edward 2 Melia, William 3 Horsfall, Thomas Syrus 4 Cleary, James 5 Cleary, Sarah Elizabeth 6 Redmayne, Proctor 7 Gildea, Margaret 105 Bates, Fred 107 Garbutt, Joseph 109 Brown, James William

Page 288



Leeds Road—continued. 109aW offenden, Charles


Long, William Dennis

lllaLockwood, Jack


119 121 123 125 127 129

is aves Herve is Union Leech, Julia Ann Here 1s Back Union Siveet Haigh, Jones & Co., Cabinet Makers Gibson, J. 8., Ltd., Wholesale Tripe Dressers & Dripping Refiners Gibson, J. 8., Ltd.. Fish & Chips Wilson, Elizabeth Lorriman, Frank Jackson, Joseph (Unoccupied) Kaye, Mary Hannah

13CaSykes, Charles

133 135


139 141 143


149 151 153 155 157 159 161 163 165

167 169


173 175

Siswick, John Siswick, William, Boot and Shoe Repairer Charlesworth, H., Newsagent, Sweets and Tobacco Heaume, A., Gent’s Hairdresser Parkin, G., Butcher Gill, J., Elephant & Castle Hotel Herve 1s Fitzwilliam Street ... Herve is Beaumont Street ......... Huddersfield Corporation Omnibus Garage Hardcastle, George, Weavers’ Arms Inn Hill, John Henry Lockwood, Sarah Eliza Middleton, Herbert Jessop, Fred Todd, Harry Taylor, Samuel James King, Edith Booth, Joe Fox, Oliver Harold Dransfield, Fred Bray, Alice Burke, Ann Flinton, Herbert

177/179 Wadsworth & Smith, Bakers

181 183 185

and Confectioners Cliffe, Sam Brown, Mary Elizabeth Senior, Tom

187/189 Shepherd, Abraham.



193/195 Helm, Alice

197 199 201 203 205 207


Senior, Fred Mallinson, Sam Kaye, Ethel Beaumont, Fred Hardy, Ernest F., Fish & Chips Gowing, W. P., Radio & Electrical Engineer Gowing, J. W. & Sons, Grocers & Confectioners Murgatroyd, R. & N. A. (1935), Ltd., Lane Mills, Dvers & Finishers


211 213 215

.... is Hillhouse Lane

Binns, Ann Ella Kaye, Mary Alice Bentley, Joe Arthur Venus Radio & Electrical Co., Ltd., Radio and Electrical Engineers St. Andrew’s Church of England Infants’ School

— St. Andrew’s Parish Church


219 221 223 225 227 229 231 233 235 237 239


Hewer & Hobson. Plumbers and Sanitary Engineers Beal, Leo John Wood, John Greaves, Ethel Gertrude Teal, Rosetta Sutcliffe, Allen Willey, James Haigh Roberts, Albert Taylor, Herbert Lightfoot, Jack Poppleton, George Sykes Kinder, Emma Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd., Grocery, Butchering, Chemist & Drapery Branch Bailey, Ann

247/249 Haigh, Herbert, Newsagent,

251 253 255 257 259 261 263 265 267 269 271

275 277 279

281 283 285 287 289 291 293 295 297 299 301 303 305

Sweets and Tobacco Thistle, — Garthwaite, Herbert Allen Berry, Edith Terry, George Hanson, Allen Evan Brunskill, James Whitehead, Sarah Ann Bedford, Luther Lee Gibson, Richard Ashurst, Stanley Garnett, Edward Leeds Road Conservative Club Bagshaw, J. & Sons, Ltd., Auto- mobile Engineers & Agents Brook, Mark & Sons, Ltd., Builders & Contractors

.... Heve is Fieldhouse Road .........

Oates, Albert, Butcher Smith, Lily (senr. ) Senior, Eliza, Sweets & Genera! Dealer Fox, Alice Wilding, Wilhelmina Mallinson, Ada Lodge, Hannah Kavanagh, Joseph Fisher, Frank Oates, Harold Pearson, Albert Broadbent, Eliza Charlesworth, Harry Gledhill, Norman Norcliffe, Lewis Longbottom Warren, Arthur George

307/309 Walker, Frank, Sweets and

General Dealer

eee Here is Canal Street

Page 289


Leeds Road—continued.


Broadbent, Harry, Waggon and Horses Inn I

313/315 Haigh, Allen & Son, Grocers,

317 319 321


335 337 339 341 343 345 347 349 351 353 355 357 359 363 365 367 369 371 373 375 377 379 381 383 385 387 389


41] 413 415 417 419 421 423 425 427 429 431 433 435 437 439 44]

Bakers and Confectioners Hardy, Brook, Fish and Chips Farrar, Eliza Stott, George William Bolt & Shuttleworth, Ltd., Joiners, Cabinet Makers and Funeral! Directors

sits doy Herve is Bary. Stveeéi ..cccccceces

Kaye, Florence Jane, Newsagent, Sweets and General Dealer Cartwright, Joshua Cotton, Albert Edward Gillott, Arthur Littlewood, Fred Fisher, Albert Mellor, Horace Kinder Brier, Edward, Butcher Dyson, Joshua Cass Thirkill, Harry Rowley, Louisa Adelaide Wilson, Samuel George Whitehead, Arthur William Tomlin, Thomas Penrose, Annie Monkhouse, Ben Haigh, Tom Bailey, Beaumont Smith, Sarah Hannah Jessop, Joe Brook, Orlando Mallinson, Frank Crines, Hubert Nuttall, Isaac Corder, Frances Alice Sykes, Arnold Leonard Elsom, Charles Thomas Dingle, William Francis Edwin Lindley, Emmie, A.L.C.M., Teacher of Music Winterbottom, Sam, Plumber and Electrician

gcd ve 1s Canker Lane.............

Red Doles. Clay, Fred. Brown & Cheetham, Canker Lane Garage, Automobile Engnrs. Brook, Harold Thirkill, George Henry Micklethwaite, Wilfred Coggin, James William Bottomley, Jack Turner, Albert Edward Lodge, Ben Ramsden, Granville Tinsley, Sarah Kilburn, Arnold Samuel Normington, Smith Stephenson, Herbert Lennon, Harry Joseph Addy, John Huntley, Ellen Matthews, Ann


443 445 447 449 451 453 455 457 459 461 463 465 467 469 471 473 475 477 479 481 483 485

487 489 491 493

611 613 615 617 619 621 623 625 627 629

631 633


Ramsden, Thomas Alfred Chatterton, Michael Hawdon, John (senr.) Wilson, Robert Beaumont, George Woodhouse, Fanny Horsfall, Herbert Booth, Edith Moore, Herbert Stocks, Arthur Cheetha:n, George Kaye, Marion Hutchinson, William Fowler Dunne, Charles Taylor, Eleanor Jane Daniels, John Thomas Rushforth, Harrison Lee, Albert Cheetham, Percy Steers, Ethel Eastwood, Thomas Armstrong, Frank, Ladies’ and Gent’s Tailor I Nunns, Ernest Stringer, George I Whittell, George Varley, David Ellis Brook & Crowther, Ltd., Albion Works, Engineers Astley, Brook & Co., Ltd., St. George’s Works, Structural Engineers Procter, E. W., Triton Works, Restaurant Engineer British Dyestuffs Corporation, Ltd., Sports Club Adamson, Charles Frederick (Care- taker) Herve is Old Fieldhouse Lane ...... Goldthorpe & Co., Mill Furnishers Whiteley & Craven, Boot & Shoe Repairers Dearnley, Mary Elizabeth, Sweets, Tobacco and Confectionery Markham, Frank Pottinger, James Jenkinson, William Allen Butcher, John Edward Holmes, Norman Wilby, Fred Ashcroft, Thomas James Davies, Francis Henry Morris, Samuel Foster, George Lewis Hardcastle, William Norman Thickett, Walter Smith, Kaye Kirby Kilner, Ada, Sweets & Tobacco Moorhouse, Ernest Lodge, John Crowther, Matilda Wilson Haigh, Frederick Harry, Trafalgar Sub-Post Office, Sweets and Tobacco Brown, Edith Rawnsley, Edward

Page 290


Leeds Road—continued.

635 Nixon, David 637 Brook, Allan 639 Littlewood, Thomas 641 Hill, Knowles 643 Oddy, Fred 645 Crowther, John Thomas — Learoyd Brothers & Co., Works Tennis Courts eave ats Herve is Fieldhouse Lane .........

Sands Terrace.

1 Green, Joseph Thomas 2 Hirst, Ben 3 Benton, Edith Mary Jane 4 Jackson, Ann 5 Wooldridge, Charles Henry 6 Hampshire, 671 Trafalgar Working Men’s Club 673 Gibson, J. S. Ltd., Fish & Chips 675 Gibson, Edith Annie 677 Milnes, Annie 679 Pare, Walter Frank 681 Bellamy, Samuel Henry 683 Parkinson, William 685 Barker, George 687 Fisher, Thomas 689 Clegg, Ben 691 Ireland, William Edwin (senr.) 693 Hoyle, Fred 695 Micklethwaite, Irvin 697 Smith, Edward 699 Palmer, James Spencer 701 Ward, Charles Henry 703 Ellis, — 705 Hellawell, Norman 707 Stembridge, Sarah Ann 709 (Unoccupied) 711 Ellis, Herbert 713 Knutton, Harry 715 Gregory, William George 717 Grant, Vera Evelyn 719 Cooper, Bernard 721 Wilson, John 723 Pownall, Carl 725 Wykes, Arthur 727 Garner, Dick Bower 729 Varley, Annie 731 Hulme, Joshua 733 Durham, Laura 735 Sprowell, William 737 McDermott, Edward 739 Clarke, Rowland Arthur 741 McDermott, Denis Joseph 743 Kelly, Mary Winifred 745 Taylor, Abel 747 Roberts, Lucy 749 Derham, Charles 751 Yeates, Christopher 753 Lockwood, Annie 755 Sykes, John 757 Coupland, Thomas 757aWood, Emma Jane 759 Walker, Lewis 759bLees, Harold 761 Lunn, Fred, White Horse Inn


763 Gilfillan, Jean, Grocer and General Dealer I Leeds Road, Deighton. — Berry, Walter & Sons, Ltd., Deighton Mills, Yarns, Laps, Noils and Wastes . Here is Whitacre Street ......... 823 Kimberlin, Thomas 825 Midlam, John Frederick 827 Gafney, Alfred 829 Taylor, George Thomas, Certified 831 Firth, John Herbalist 833 Coyle, David 835 Littlewood, Thomas 837 Gallagher, Thomas Henry 839 Farrell, John 841 Farrell, Eric John 861 Leahy, Arthur Patrick 863 Gannon, Martin 865 Farrell, Lawrence 867 Pettinger, Oswald 869 Poole, Thomas 871 Drescher, Ludwig Friederich 873 Firth, John 875 Hoyle, Margaret Ann 877 Hirst, Harry 879 Clough, Joseph 881 Dickenson, Arthur 883 (Unoccupied) 885 Mellor, Jere 885aMilnes, A., Sweets, Tobacco and General Dealer 935 Ryder, Samuel! Collett, Gent’s Hairdresser 937 Steel, Kate, Sweets, Tobacco and Confectionery 939 Jaggar, Cecil Kilner, Grocer, Sweets and Tobacco — Jaggar & Millington, Radio Manu- . facturers and Dealers 941 Poole, Fred, Fish and Chips Here 1s Deighton Road ......... 943 Armitage, Walter, Junction Inn 951 Armitage, Hubert 953 Smith, Joseph 955 Heywood, James Robert 957 Armitage, Rowland 959 Wilkinson, William 961 Dyson, Arthur 963 Howarth, Joseph Lee 965 Knockton, Marion 967 Gledhill, Alice 969 Addy, Maurice 971 French, Fanny 973 Atkins, Elizabeth 975 Akroyd, Matthew William 981 Burrows, Arthur 983 Bamforth, Sarah Edna * 985 Shaw, Edith 987 Fleetwood, Joe 989 Armitage, Stanley 991 Armitage, John 999 Howarth, Isaac 1001 Schofield, Frank 1003 Fleetwood, George 1005 Lonsdale, Frevel

Page 291


Leeds Road—continued.

Leeds Road, Bradley.

ered Herve 1s Bradley Colliery Lane ......

Schofield, John, Carra Villa

— Horner, Joseph, Cinderfield Dyke


1153 1155 1157 1159 1161 1163 1165 1167 1169

st, ‘Herve is Oak Road

.. Heve is Bradley Road

Farm Stead, George Henry, Cinderfield Farm Leeming, Clara Harris, William Moss Smith, Harry Mitton, Owen Hargreaves, Laura Lindley, John Heywood, Thomas Edward Leatham, William Liddiment, Russell Robert Leeming, Arthur Taylor, Reginald Ramsden, Mary Oldroyde, George France, Albert Clementson, Frederick Brook, Mary Alice Littlewood, Albert Smith, Lewis Folbigg, George Whittaker, Wilfred Skelton, Tom French, George William Adcock, Annie Stringer, Fred Pogson, John William Moorhouse, Ernest Oddy, Joseph Carter, Ada Cooper, Arthur James Smith, Fred, Grocer & Provision Merchant (Off Licence) Smith, Fred Wright, Thomas Gaukrodger, Benjamin Walsh, Jane Elizabeth Munt, Wilfred Walker, Ada Sugden, Charlotte Elizabeth Morgan, Charles Wilfred Taylor, Hedley Victor Lodge, John Edward Cottam, Joseph Armitage, Leonard Addy, Ralph Ellis, Fanny, ‘‘ Greeba House ”’ Williams, Elizabeth Munt, Arthur Sugden, Oswell Holmes, Herbert, Newsagent Dyson, Harold Akroyd, Joe, Sweets & Tobacco Littlewood, Simeon Baines, Ernest (Unoccupied)

Sykes, John Richard

Shaw, Oliver

1267 1269 1271 1273 1275 1277

1279 1281

1283 1285

2 4



Robinson, Mary Jane France, Wilson Carter, John McArtney, Ernest Brook, Edgar Hale, Alice

Oldfield, Harry Sharpe, Edward, Plumber and Electrician Crawshaw, Edith Bacchus, Charlotte Hannah Here 1s Lower Quarry Road ...... Bradley Engineering Co., Auto- mobile Engineers & Garage


Pleasance & Co., Butchers Mather, Clifford, Pawnbroker

Eastwood’s Yard. 2 Battye, Albert — Nicholl, Hartley, Glass, China, Earthenware & Marine Store Dealer : I (Unoccupied)

8 Nicholl, Hartley


12 14 16


20 22

24 26

28 32

36 38

has Here 1s Castlegate

Rattigan, Ellen Beatrix, Grocer & Genera! Dealer

re Here is Hird's Yart vw.

Hughes, Henry Brook, Fred Nolan, Francis


Atkinson’s Yard. Martindale, Peter Chappell, John Edward, Earnshaw, Albert Edward Sanderson, Robert Freeman, Henry Albert Buckley, James Edward Booth, Mary 8 Berry, Gilbert 10 Burns, Dennis I Simpson, H., Sweets and Tobacco Simpson, H., Common Lodging House Brown, Jack Wilson French, Frederick

Connolly’s Yard. 1 Haigh, Catherine Dorothy 2 Malone, Fred 3 Hill, Margaret 4 Storey, Norman 5 Hirst, John William 6 Phillips, Michael Tindall, Arthur Phillips, John Kennedy, Leo St. Mark’s Church Sunday School Chapman, George & Son, Brick Bank Garage, Motor Coach Proprietors Gilmore, Annie Nestor, Mary

Ol He G9 DOD

Page 292



Leeds Road—continued.

40 42 44

46 50

52 64


58 60 62 64 66

Moore’s Buildings. Jennings, Rose Horton, Charles Charlesworth, John William Sanders, Alfred Harry Day, Thomas Sidney Bell, James Porritt, Joseph Robinson, James William Hoyle, Lawrence Bull, Henry Stead, Thomas Fieldgate. 1 Blacow, Ernest 2 Kielty, Michael 3 Hampshire, Arthur Crossley, Arthur, Wool, Waste & Shoddy Merchant Foster, M., Cooper and Cask Dealer Chapman, Harold Chapman, Thomas, Greengrocer & Carrier Bletcher, W. & A., Wholesale Fruiterers (Potato Ware- house) St. Mark’s Church Watson, Harry Raw, Elizabeth Ann Brook, Jane Folan, Bryan Kenny, Christopher





(Unoccupied) Waterloo Mills. Cockin, T. A., Ltd’, Steam & Asbestos Packing Manufacturers Huddersfield Corporation Gas Works nas 18 Gasworks Street ......... Huddersfield Corporation Gas Dept., General Offices Grove Road, off Leeds Road. 1 Flowers, Fred — Firth, J. & Sons, Grove Mills, Cotton Spinners & Doublers Bennett, Arnold Brook, Harry Renshaw, Ellen Hawkins, John Charles Bright, George Henry Hemingway, H. & Son, Rug Manufacturers Learoyd’s Yard. 1 Hinchliffe, Irvin 2 Horsfall, Florrie 3 Charlesworth, George 4 (Unoccupied) 5 (Unoccupied) 6 Howarth, Walter 7 Moorhouse, Lily 8 Hever, John 9 Kershaw, James Henry 10 Mills, George Alfred

11 (Unoccupied) 12 Daubney, Joseph 13 Sykes, Joseph Walter 90 Taylor, Alexander George, Fish and Chips 92 (Unoccupied) 94 (Unoccupied) 96 Dearnley, Albert, Sweets and General Dealer

Learoyd Street, off Leeds Road.

Hanson, Arnold Bootland, Fred Bramhall, Elsie Douglas Tate, Edwin Wright Atherton, — Hill, Harry Lodge, Emma — Blamires, Ltd., Phoenix Mills, Shirting Manufacturers — Glendinning Bros., Ltd., Tanfield Mills, Fancy Worsted and Woollen Manufacturers 98 Ackroyd, Fred, Market Tavern

Héve.1s Thistle .

——-, The Spinner’s Arms 102 Brown, Elizabeth 104 Moore, Arthur — Haigh, Daniel, Farrier & General Smith — The Hope Mission Methodist Church 112 North, Bob 116 Bentley, Ann Louisa 118 Carter, William Henry 120 Mellor, Jane 122 Vose, John 124 Bellerby, Frank 126 Steeples, George Henry 128 Turner, Roy 130 Shore, Charlie 132 Fearnley, Ernest 134 Fairclough, Charles 136 Denton, Maud 138 Dobson, Joe 140 Crawshaw, Harriet Emma 142 Naylor, William Arthur 144 Charlesworth, Albert 146 Steele, John Henry 148 Helme, Walter 150 Vince, Jack 152 Fairburn, Ernest James 154 Harrison, Harry 156 Thompson, Norman 158 Hawley, Frank 160 Dyson, Herbert 162 Kelly, John 164 Thwaites, Charles Herbert 166 Mosley, Beatrice 168 Porter, Clifford 170 Brooks, William Edward 172 Twineham, George Alfred 174 Buckingham, Edgar 176 Charlesworth, George 178 Scrivens, I d 180 McLaughlin, Hugh

“IO OUR bo

Page 293


Leeds Road—continued. 182aDalton, Richard Clarence, Fish &

184 186 188 190 192 194

Chips Here is St. Andrew’s Road ...... Shaw’s Service Station, Motor Engineers and Garage Oates, Albert Sykes, Hubert Richardson, Sophia Mitchell, Eli Barrow, Ernest Dransfield, Bertram

196 Pogson, John William, Coal Dealer

198 200 202 204 206 208 210 212 214 216 218 220 222 224 226 228 230 232 234 236 238 240 242 244 246 248 250 252 254 256 258 260 262 264 266 268

and General Carrier Moore, Emma Nalson, Hannah Eliza Robinson, Emily Baines, Annie Copeland, George Frederick Burnley, Horace Broadbent, John Biggins, Eileen Horne, Amos Berry, Walter Wilson, Elizabeth Gearing, John William Noble, Tom Booth, Annie Woodhead, Norman Phillips, Philip Lewis Gledhill, John Quarmby Horobin, Albert Williams, Annie Walker, William Robert Rogers, Harold Brearley, John Thomas Ginty, John Thornton, Frank Sutcliffe, Fred Schofield, Harry Taylor, Arthur Cheetham, Harry Broadbent, Charles Henry Beaumont, John Stead, J ohn Woodhead, Emma Brown, Robert Michael Schofield, Charles William Clegg, Douglas Bradley Mills School Working Men’s Club and Institute, Ltd.

Herve is Bradley Mills Lane ...... Burton, George Snowden Waller, Edwin Smith, Clara Wilkinson, Francis George Albert Green, Laura Elizabeth Whitmarsh, Stanley Alfred, Fish & Chips Stocks, Joe Thewlis, John Jos Hewitt, Harry, Stu Fishmonger _ Terry, G., Ladies’





454 456 458 460


Illingworth, E. & L., ‘“‘Town”’ Cafe, Sweets and Tobacco Herve is Bradley Mills Road ...... Huddersfield Town A.F.C. Ground Thompson, Arthur Christopher, Grocer and Confectioner Dingle, William Francis Edwin Clayton, Harold Stell, Arthur Rayner, Fred Knockton, George Hartley, Alice Gwynne, John Thomas Broadbent, Emily Wilks, Mary Hinchliffe, Sam Johnson, — Mallinson, Walter — Stead, Rhodes Ayres, Joseph Battye, Arthur Brook, Hannah Jane Pogson, Leonard Hemingway, George Edward France, Fred Thwaite, Edward Berry, George William Berry, Arthur Mallinson, Fred Smith, Norman Halstead, Joe Schofield, Walter Cheetham, Herbert Quarmby, James Henry Smith, Sam Liversedge, Arthur Huddersfield Town A.F.C. (Entrances to ground and car park) Riley, B. & Co., Ltd., Library Bookbinders and Library Booksellers Brook, J. W. & O., Motor Car Body Builders, Motor En- gineers and Garage Midwood, Harry Halstead, Arthur Shaw, Arthur Wilson, Harry Tunnacliffe, Frank Spence, James William, Confec- tioner and General Dealer Here is Spring Bank Road Boothroyd, John Hinchliffe, Ernest The Motor Exchange (Hudd.), Ltd., Automobile Engineers and Agents Gawthorpe, John Edward, The Peacock Inn Cleveland Petrol Station (unoccupied) : Dyson, Walter Scott Beaumont, David Miskell, Richard Noble, Foster Andrew

Page 294


Leeds Road—continued.

462 Pounder, Harry 464 Stubbs, — 468 Potter, Jane 470 Greenwood, Swindle 472 Kaye, Sarah Ellen 494 Hardcastle, Charley 496 Taylor, William 498 Tunnacliffe, Willie 500 Moore, Ernest Wilkinson 502 Armitage, Arthur 504 Armitage, Frank 506 Jones, Frank 508 Malpass, Henry 510 Hardcastle, Frank 512 Bentley, Harry Whiteley 514 Mellor, Frank 516 Royle, Peter 518 Buckley, Charles Edward 520 Berry, Mabel Gertrude 522 Haigh, Annie 524 Clegg, John Allen 526 Brooksbank, Hannah 528 Shaw, Harold 530 Walker, Freeman 532 Stead, Herbert 534 Broadbent, Norman Spurgeon 536 Lee, Thomas Edward 538 Horan, Kate Elizabeth 540 Sykes, Albert 542 Walker, Annie — Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd., Grocery Branch 548 Whitehead, Victor 550 Baldwin, John William — Learoyd Bros. & Co. (Branch of Hudd. Fine Worsteds, Ltd.), Trafalgar Mills, Fine Worsted Manufacturers 552 Clark, William 554 Woodhead, Wilfred 556 Abby, John Micklethwaite 558 Tomlinson, Joseph Eli 560 Robinson, James 562 Bates, Fred 564 Denbigh, Walter 566 Mills, Ernest 568 Wadsworth, Herbert 570 Berry, Lewis Heve is Ash Grove Road ......... — British Dyestuffs Corporation, Ltd., Dalton Works entrance 614 Coates, Christopher ieee: 616 McBride, Joseph 624 Rowley, William Henry 626 Wormald, George 628 Hill, Esther Hannah 630 Clegg, Eliza Ellen 632 Powell, John Harold 634 Sykes, Frederick Norman 636 Moore, Ernest 638 Bailey, Willie 640 Norcliffe, Emma 644/646 Enoch, Arthur George kare Herve is Woodland ROO eds aes


650 652 658

660 662 664 666 668 670

682 684 710 712 736 738 740 742 744 746

750 752 754


Road, Deighton. Woodhouse Mills. Mawson, H. O., Ltd., Woollen and Worsted Manufrs. Thomson, Wm. & Sons. Ltd., Woollen & Worsted Manu- facturers Walker, John Lee & Sons, Ltd., Dyers and Finishers Airedale Co-operative Worsted Manufacturing Society _ (Branch of Wm. Thomson & Sons, Ltd.) Akroyd, James, Cotton Spinner and Doubler Aspinall & Heron, Piece Carbonizers

Woodhouse Mill Yard. Ainley, William Haigh Jackson, Ernest Hoyland, Tom F. Bailey, Lucy Wilson, Mary Ann Broadbent, William Earnshaw, Joe Clough, Frank Cuniffe, John Campenot, Fred, Grocer, Sweets & Tobacco Kitchingman, Lily Walker, Frank Armitage, John Lister Bray, Mary Morris, Joshua Millington, William Clare Holliday, L. B. & Co., Ltd., Aniline Dyes Manufacturers Fleetwood, G., Shoeing & General Smith Marsden, Willie, Boot and Shoe Repairer Poole Bros., Joiners and Under- takers Yeo, Charles Henry (senr.) Clayton, William Henry Doody, George Smith, Allen Fletcher, Maud Bonsor, Annie Eliza Armitage, Allen. Charlesworth, James Edward Henderson, Helen Hoggan Lockwood, Norman Howarth, J. T., Deighton Chemi- cal Works, Chemical Manu- facturer and Merchant — Boothroyd, Fred Kaye, Stanley Armitage, Martha Ann

Leeds Road, Bradley. Dale, Herbert Henry


... Footpath Bradley Station..


1 Hall, Elizabeth Ann 2 O’Brien, Thomas Henry

Page 295


Leeds Road—continued.

3 Day, Wilfred — 4 Smith, Norman ...Footpath leading to Bradley Station... — Bradley (St. Thomas) Church 862 Noble, Henry, Woodman Inn — Scott, J., Fruiterer and General Dealer — Skelton, J. T., Boot and Shoe Repairer — Knight, E. H., Butcher 942 Stokoe, Wilfred Harland 944 Clough, Arthur 946 Barlow, Elizabeth Ann 948 Drew, Ernest Walter 950 Holmes, Arthur ws Here is Colne Bridge Road ...... — Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd., Grocery & Butchering Branch 952 Smith, Albert 954 Laws, Joseph John 956 Holmes, Wilfred 960 Ellis, Leonard 968 Robinson, Willie 970 Hargreaves, Young 972 Wallace, Harriet 974 Knight, Jesse 976 Hey, Herbert — Booth, A., Sweets and Tobacco — Hopwood, James, Centra! Brass Foundry, Brass Founder 992 Binns, Law 994 Bell, Kate 996 Adderley, Florence Annie 998 Beckwith, Emma 1000 Mellor, Harry, Canal Lock Keeper


1/3 Nattrass, Harry, Baker and Confectioner Herve is Brook Street Sina Herve is Schofield Lane 5 Robinson, Irvin 7 Stephenson, Harry 15 Walton, Thomas Henry 17 Armitage, Joe 23 Shaw, Wilfred 25 Riley, Fred 4 Germany, T. E. 6 Tracey, Elijah ben Vacs Herve is Brook Siveet 8 Littlewood, Percy 10 Rockett, Henry 12 May, Frederick Wilfrid 14 Robinson, Elizabeth 16 Derbyshire, Charles William cman ty We Here is Schofield Lane ......... 18 Dickinson, Arthur 20 Gregory, George 22 Wood, Herbert — 24 Guest, Arthur Henry 24aBrook, Lizzie 26 Chappell, Ann Sarah.

Back Leef Street. 9 Waring, John Charles 11 Burgess, Harriet Ann 13 Reid, Alfred 19 Boocock, James Albert 21 Ryan, Frederick 27 Schofield, Sam

LE MARCHANT AVENUE, LINDLEY. Gilbert, Nelson Sheard, Thomas Edmund Crowther, Harriet Louise Hudson, Joseph Wilson Johnson, Ernest Marmaduke Shaw, William Calvert Johnstone, Eleanor Nield Greenwood, Leonard Sykes, William Rodgers, Harry Morley, Arthur Booth, N. Sykes, Wilfred Blackburn Gledhill, Bernard Auty Brierly, Emily Phylis Exley, Geoffrey Wall, Percy Cook, Beatrice Adela Leonard, Clara Jane Vaughan, Harold Taylor, Agnes Alice Booth, Mrs., Rastrick House Booth, Wilfred, ‘‘Arranlea”’


2 + 6 8 10 12 14 16

9 11 13 15 17 19 2

4 6


Wood, Eleanor Dightam, Arthur Clarence Ellam, William Ware, Hubert Harold Almond (Unoccupied) Jenkinson, Millicent Ivy Crawshaw, Joe Herbert Raynor, Lewis

LESLIE STREET, BIRKBY. Payne, Frank Dodson, William Depledge, Thomas Smith, Walter Hill, Arthur (Unoccupied) Garbutt, W. Salt, Thomas Henry Batley, Eleanor ... Herve is Nursery Street Broadley, Frank

LEYS, OUTLANE. Stowman, Alice Broadbent, Violet Dyson, George

LIDGET STREET, LINDLEY. Lindley (St. Stephen) Parish Church Sykes, Mary Alice

Page 296


Lidget Street—continued.

3 Powney, George Henry 5 Schofield, Agnes 7 Armitage, Edith 9 Charnock, John Henry 11 Dyson, Joe 13 Schofield, John 15 Bower, Clara 17. Holroyd, Jane, Universal Hard- ware Stores 19 Quarmby, Charles Albert, Ladies’ and Children’s Outfitter 29 Harrison, Arnold Varley 31 Crosland, Elizabeth 33 The Lindley Cash Meat Stores (British & Argentine Meat Co., Ltd.,) Butchers 35 Wright, Arthur Shaw — Gledhill, J. & E., Ltd., St. Stephen’s lronworks, Crane Makers 37 Drake, Henry Taylor, Gent’s Hairdresser 41 Stainton-Skinn, Andrew 43 Barron, Lilian Gertrude

45 Charlesworth, H. & Co., Printers Bookbinders & Stationers

oan FHleve 1s Temple Street .........

47 Harper, F., Butcher 51 Eyre, Edgar, Plumber, Electrician and Ironmonger 53 Moore & Stanfield, Confectioners — Garside, Seth & Sons. Temple Mills, Yarn Spinners — Lindley Zion Methodist Church Sunday Schools

were t¢ Brian Stree?

55 Gibson, James, Confectioner and Tobacconist 57 Brook, Edward 59 Dyson, John Henry, Chemist 61 Eagland, Ernest 63 Denton, Harry 69 Brook, Elsie 71 Hirst, William Henry 73/75 Crowther, Craven & Son, Fruiterers & General Dealers 77 Joy, J. & Son, Watchmakers and Jewellers 79 Armitage, L. & A., Milliners 81 Rhodes, A., Newsagent, Sweets and Tobacco

sais bids is Thomas Street .........

83 Economic Stores, Ltd., Grocers & Provision Merchants (Off Licence) — Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd., Grocery & Butchering “Branch 89 Crosland, .Lily

93/95 Sykes, P. & H., Drapers,

Ladies’ & Gent’s Outfitters

97 Haigh, W., Fruiterer 101 Whiteley, J. H. & Son, Joiners &

= ndertakers om


103 Carlile, A. S., Radio & Electrical Dealer 103aDyson, William 105 Kitchen, Squire & Son, Painters & Decorators 105 Kitchen, A., Ladies’ Outfitter 107 Wood, Harold, Butcher 109 Cliffe, E. & F., Sweets and Con- fectionery 111 Dearden, Ernest, Fruiterer 113 Radcliffe, Romola Ruth Auty 115 Kendall, Helen Thompson 117 Cotton, Amy 119/121 Clough, Leonard, Newsagent, Sweets and General Dealer 123 Wallaces, Ltd., Grocers and Pro- vision Merchants 125 Thwaite, John Eli

oa 45 West

— Schofield, J. & Son, Plasterers 6 Sheehy, Charles, Phys. & Surg. 8 Durham, George Archibald 10 di Menna, Mary Alice, Fleece Hotel 12 Gay, Ernest Alfred Edward 14 Sykes, Mary Jane

cine Herve is Holly Bank Road .........

16 Butler, George Henry 18 Moore, Joe Willie 20 Iredale, Mary Ann — Lindley Zion Methodist Church 22 Brook, Clara — Lindley Mechanics’ Hall 24 Knight, James 26 Schofield, James Wm., Ladies’ and Gent’s Tailor

26aRawcliffe, Harry 28 Crosland, Frank, Hardware Dealer

30 Milnes, Norman 32 Millns, William 34 Taylor, Lucy Elizabeth 36 Shaw, Emma 38 Yorkshire Penny Bank, Ltd. 40 Beaumont, Ada, Boot and Shoe Dealer 42 Bates, Gertrude 44 Fearnley, Eli 46 Rayner, Ruby, Gowns and Costumier 46aCrowther, Sarah Harriet 48aAinley, Enos 48 Brier, E., Butcher 50 Sunderland, Frank 52 Haigh, Walter 54 Milnes, Tom 56 Mellor, Wm. Wright, Saddle Hotel 58 Schofield, Thomas, Fish & Chips 60 Dyson, Etlis 62 Oldfield, Sam 64 Clegg, John Herbert 66/68 Dyson, Wilfred, Butcher 68aWyles, John Robert 70 Bailey, Thomas William Lynch

Page 297



72 74

Milnes, Harry Day, J., Boot and Shoe Repairer

74aDransfield, Mary

76 78 80 82

Garside, Benjamin Donbavand, James Willie Brett, Frederick John Morgan, Frederick Boothroyd, Norris Nicholson, Florence Ainley, E., Fish and Chips Pitchforth, Frank Cliff, W., Clogger, Boot and Shoe Repairer

96/98 Robinson, Willie, Hardware


Or has cis. Fieve 48 East ois 6c

Dealer Reddaway, John William

LIGHTCLIFFE ROAD, CROSLAND MOOR. Harrison, E., Lightcliffe Bakery, Baker and Confectioner Heeley, James, Ltd., Bakers and Confectioners

— Brook, Sybil, Ladies’ Hairdresser

63 65 67 69 71 73 75 a6 79 81 83 85 87

Re TS eve 4S Reat Sirest

89 91 93 95 97 99 101 103 105 107 109 111 113 115 117

Heve is Park Road ............

48 50 52 54

Berry, Tom Wilkinson, George Ernest Marsden, John Fleetwood Armitage, Edith Evans, Bunce Morgan Hardy, Charles Bernard Hall, Harold Davison, Harry Walker, Joseph May, John Thomas Long, Bertha Wright, Ann Horradge, David Richard

Dawson, Arthur Wilkinson, Arthur Pilling, Furman Rilev, Joe Waddington, Ralph Dixon, George Platts, Ada Chapman, Ernest Shaw, Allen Moorhouse, Sam Willie Whitehead, Leonard Horsfall, Maurice Sykes Hives, Doris Campenot, Tom Rowlands, Jennie Dawson

Mitchell, Ernest Oates, William Allen, John William McDermott, Benjamin Norman Brooke Sugden, Walter William Septimus Jones, Emma Priestley, Mary Jane Gill, Frank Jenkinson Marsland, William


66 68 70 72 74 76 78 80 82



Morton, Harry Rees, Louis Bamforth, Stanley Rogers, John Thomas Walker, Emma Bullock, Edgar Starr, Frank Ellis, James William Mellor, Edward Armitage Thornton, John Livesey, Wilfred Wilkinson, Isabel Robinson, William Duke, Bartholomew James Armitage, Frank Liversidge, Lewis Morris, Harry Howarth Holmes, Albert Farrand, Matilda Sarah Wadsworth, Elizabeth Hirst, Hubert I Blackstone, Harold Whitehead Wood, Thompson — (Unoccupied) Here 1s Clement Street Rayner, Jane Thompson, George Leonard Mattin, Herbert Knight, David Dyson, George Lawton, William Sampson, Ernest Greenwood, Annie Maud

Siete k Heve is Park Road


2 4 6 8 10 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28

5 Lockley, Ernest Smith, William Senior, Mary Cooper, Hannah Maria Eastwood, John Henry Shaw, Edwin Dyson, Daniel Dyson, Alfred Jessop, Norman Hirst, Albert, ‘‘ Hill Cot ” Cowling, Raymond Wilson, George Ahier, Philip Moss, Alice Cryer, Harry 1

an. ts Jilley, Royd Lane... ics


Crosland, Harold Haigh, Harry Barrow, Harold Victor Kitching, Samuel Rawlinson Bodenham, Harriet Clarkson, Harold Fenton, Eliza Thornton, Mary Hannah . Keefe, Thomas Starkey, John dy ad

Jackson, George _.


Page 298


Lily Street—continued. 23 Bolton, Ernest 25 Falkingham, Nellie 2 Winter, Herbert 4 Etchells, Albert 6 Hill, John 8 Hellawell, Joseph 10 Clarkson, Joseph Thomas 12 Hanson, John Henry 14 Brook, Charles 16 Stubbings, P. 18 Spivey, George Lee 20 (Unoccupied) 22 Shore, Henry 24 Haigh, Herbert 26 Redican, Matthew

LIME STREET, LOCKWOOD. — Thornton, Victor Byrom — Cockin, Douglas Here 1s Winton Street 2 Swinden, Harry 4 Carter, Vernon 6 Rushworth, Albert 8 Moorhouse, George Henry 10 Hughes, Albert William 12 Pullan, John 12 Lawton, William 14 Hale, Philip Wilson 16 Fryer, Joe 18 Holdsworth, 8., Painter and Decorator 20 Blackburne, Dan, . Footpath leading to Yews Hill Rd. ...

LINDEN ROAD, BIRKBY. 1 Thomas, George Arthur 3 Gray, George 5 Teal, Frank William 7 9

Haddock, Joseph Campinot Hawksworth, John Ellis 11 Brierley, Frank Mandall 13. Sharpe, Lawrence 15 Barrett, Amy Caroline 17 Poulter, William 19 Speck, Lucy Maria 21 Loveday, George 23 Patrick, Robert Pauling 25 Ellam, Charles, L.R.A.M., A.R.M.C.M., Teacher of Music 27 Brier, John, Draper 29 Reid, James Robert 31 Bray, William Herve is Grimscay Avenue ......... 2 Womersley, Norman 4 Howarth, George Frederick 6 Roebuck, Fred 8 Mills, Agnes Benson — St. Cuthbert’s Parish Church Herve is Grimscar Avenue ,........

LINDLEY AVENUE (Off Weather Hill Rd., Lindley). 1 Arthur Noble. 3 Benson, Norman 5 Noble, George Henry


7 Wilson, George 9 Cardy, — 11 Haigh, W. E. 13 Akroyd, William Henry 15 Horner, A. 17 (Unoccupied) 19 Thorp, Christopher 21 Walker, H. 23 (Unoccupied) 25 Chapman, Christopher 27 Brown, Robert 29 Fearnley, Percy 31 Healy, H. 33 Pauley, Robert 35 Piccavey, George Ronald 2 Balmforth, Cyril 4 Marshall, J ohn 6 Goodaire, Harry 8 Jebson, Harry Lawson 10 Raynor, Wilfred 12 Jubb, Ernest 14 Neatby, Charles Sydney 16 Peel, Burnham Richard 18 Watson, Albert 20 Goldsborough, Arthur Lewis 22 McCallum, John 24 Beecroft, Harry Kaye 26 Gardiner, A. 28 Gardiner, Frank 30 (Unoccupied) 32 Harwood, Hur 34 Hirst, Thomas 36 Thompson, G. LINDLEY MOOR ROAD, AINLEY TOP.

Herve is Warren House Lane ......

— Clough, Thomas, Warren House Farm South View. Moore, Charles Stanley Moore, Charlie Spencer, Thomas Dyson, George Smith, Henry Warren House. Milnes, C. H., Firewood Dealer and Machine Roller Turner Milnes, Sarah Hannah Spink, William Henry Conley, Thomas Henry Townend, John William Dyson, Fred Dyson, John Willie Berry, Lewis Berry, John Harris, The Bungalow

ieee. Herve is Weather Hill Road ...... Herve is Crosland Road .........

— Wadsworth, Mary Cooper, Peat Ponds House — Mallinson, Joseph William, ‘** Heather Leigh ”’ — Mallinson, F. & Son, Mineral Water Manufacturers

ps Here is Laund Road

Page 299


Lindley Moor Road—continued.. Heve ts Coal Pit Lane .......... . Here is New Hey Road, Outlane ... 2/4 Smith, Bertie, Grocer and Confectioner 6 Royston, Amy 8 Smith, Frank 10 Adams, John William 12/14 Brook, A., Confectioner, Sweets and Tobacco 16 Halstead, Charles Angelo 18 Senior, Harold 20 Rusby, Arthur 22 Whittingham, Samuel 24 Beattie, Robert Dale 26 Thewlis, Robert sae bons Herve is Stanley Road 28 Gray, H. H. 30 Pickles, Norman 32 Bottomley, Ben 34 Littlewood, Lydia Reka Herve is Crest Road 36 Carleton, Albert Edward Ralph Meredith 38 Hirst, Stanley 40 Thornton, Annie 42 Ratcliffe, Arthur Lewis 44 Holdroyd, Philemon 46 Brook, M., Ladies’ Hairdresser 48 Stead, George Henry 50 Stocks, Ada 52 Thornton, Richard Edward 54 Darlington, Sarah Elizabeth 56 Brook, Hector 58 Belbin, Frederick 60 Wild, Frederick 62 Potts, Herbert Wilson 64 Kitson, Richard 66 Wood, Eliza Ann 68 Ratcliffe, Olga 70 Chambers, William Goodall 72 Brook, Thomas 74 Holdsworth, Edric 76 Corrigan, Reginald 78 Jones, Allen 80 Mullarkey, Michael 82 Thomas, Carl Clay - 84 Croft View Fisheries, Fish and Chips 86 Priestley, Joe 88 Dobson, Emelyn 90 Brunton, H. H. Herve is Acton Flat Lane ......... 92 Brook, Arthur, Petrol Station 94 Darlington, Frank 96 Dyson, Fred 98 Smith, Dick 100 Halstead, Benjamin 102 Johnson, William 104 Garside, Lewis 106 Kettlewell, R. W. 108 Brook, Willie 110 Brook, Leonard . 112 Walker, Edward 114 Dyson, John Henry 116 Tillotson, Fred


ae bos

Mallinson, Harry Rogers, T. W. Kirkham, Sarah, Sub-Post Office, Sweets, Tobacco and Confectionery I ts KOO TU. ek Lane leading to Haigh House ...... Lane leading to Scar View ...... Here 1s Old Lindley Road ...... Hoyle, Albert, Wappy Spring Inn Ainley, John & Sons, Ltd., Wapping Springs Brewery

Wappy Cottages. Dickson, Sam Whitwam, Fred Outlane Cricket Club Ground Mashie Golf Course (Miniature Golf) I Lindley Moor Recreation Ground I The Huddersfield Home for Crip-. pled Children—Matron, Miss Ada Learoyd

Lindley Moor Road, Outlane. (Unoccupied) Sykes, Emma Hargreaves, Cecil Palmer, James Roberts, Horace Ainley Dodson, Edith Mary Morton, Henry Pawsey, William Frank Hanson, Arnold

Maplin Lea. 1 Gledhill, John 3. Spratt, Catherine 3 Ball, Alfred I Ainley, William Henry, ‘‘ The Yews ”’ Ainley, Hirst, ‘‘ Woodlands ”’ Sidebottom, George Richard, The Lodge Lumb, Harold, Woodlands Farm Rhodes, Morris, Gipsy Pond Farm

LISTER ROAD, FARTOWN. Chadwick, Willie Schofield, Brierley Dyson, Norris Crowther,

ISTER STREET, Akroyd, Helliwell Kilburn, Shaw Allott, Arthur Beaumont, Herbert Beaumont, Helen Hirst, Annie Elizabeth Henderson, Thomas Stobbs Dickinson, Miranda Wainwright, Edwin Stringer, William Brook, W., Joiner & Undertaker Halstead, Arthur Crawshaw, Joe Livesey, Willie

Page 300



Lister Street—continued.

31 33 2

Ppa suse Hleve is School Street. .... 0. 060s.

8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22

Thee is Ravens Avenue .........



lex. Herve is Knowle Avenue .........


di Heveis Belton Siveet ............

56 58 60

es ee Herve is Douglas Avenue .........


23 29



35 37 I 39 4]

pate I Herve 1s Logwood Street .........


Best, Fred Fisher, Harold Jenkins, J.

Pengilley, Arthur George Beaumont, Martha Elizabeth Kitson, Joseph Hemingway, Norman Stanhope Whitehead, L. F. Thornton, Frank Carter, James Bunnan, D.

Carter, Frank Aspinall, Lilian Clarke

‘Bates, Fred

Bentley, Ben Harold Alldred, Charles Morton Schofield, Beckett Falcon, Wright North, Edgar Day

Cornes, Joseph Wm., Decorator Oates, George Henry Brook, Amy Dobson, Albert Victor Castle, Adelaide Turton, Frank Hirst, Martha Ellen Turner, William George

Edwards, Louisa Lockwood, Herbert Taylor, Albert

Stringer, Wilfred Battye, Clarice Ida Stephenson, Harold Hoyle, Albert Edward Holroyd, John Brown, Mary Ellen Halstead, Geoffrey

LOCKWOOD ROAD. Rhodes, Willie Ralph, Laurence Pogson, Edith Annie (Unoccupied) Thompson, Amy, Ladies’ and Children’s Hairdresser Berry, Annie Clifford, Vincent Exley, Alfred Hobson, James Hugh

Cliffe, William Henry, New Victoria Hotel Oldfield Square. 1 Dixon, John Willie 2 Kilgannon, Michael 3 Taylor, John

4 Buckley, Jack

8 Naylor, Margaret 10 Stead, Daniel 12 Foster, John




Riley, Arthur Armitage, Willie Kelly, James William Ledger, John Potter, Alice Gledhill, Albert Edward Herbert, George Ernest Townsend, Raymond 25 Bushby, Kathleen Watson, Harry, Grocer, Con- fectioner and Fruiterer Heve +s: Victoria cists Rhodes, W. & J. H., Engineers, Millwrights, Machine and Pattern Makers Hamilton, Albert Edward Brook, John Smith, Maria Dodgson, Sarah Ellen Graham, Reginald (Graham and Graetz), Physns. & Surgns. Fambeley, Joseph Herve is Summer Street Proctor, Rowland

85aGourley, Andrew

87 89 91 93 95 97 99 101 103 105 107 109 111



133 135 137 139 143 145 149 151

Dyson, Harry Gee, Ernest Exley, Arthur Cundall, George Ernest Brook, Arthur Brier, Ernest Kent, Thomas Henry Sheard, Ernest William Wilson, Joseph William Raw, Wilfred Beaumont, John William Evans, Richard Albert Dockerill, Fred

Fieve 08 Featy oo. cia

Ginn, A., Fish and Chips Lockwood Motor Garage Co., Motor Engineers

E1606 48: coco Hevé 18 SiG Lervae? isa is

Wilson, Joe William & Son, Sheet Metal Workers & Ventilator Manufacturers I Hills, Arthur, Plasterer, Slater & Roof Tiler Iredale, Carrie Hodgkinson, Maurice Crowther, Frederick Aleock, William Sykes, George Rushworth, Joseph Barraclough, Ellen (Unoccupied)

15laLeadbeaters, Boot and Shoe

153 157 159

Repairers Cock, Harold Littlewood, Thomas Eli Westerman, James Alfred

159aWoodhouse, George 161/163 Mellor, Harry, Fish & Chips 165 Hepworth, Sarah Jane

Page 301


Lockwood Road—continued. 167 Hinchcliffe, Eliza Ann 173 Milnes, Harry, Weavers Arms 175 Huddersfield Young Men’s Christian Association—Boys’ Club — Gledhill Bros. & Co., Ltd., Fancy Woollen & Worsted Manufac- turers (Registered Office) sat Herve is Crowther Street 181 Hanson, George William 183 McDonough, Pat 185 Metcalfe, Allen 187 Batley, Allen 187aBamforth, Wright 189 Iredale, Lizzie 191 Bellarby, Harold 193 Openshaw, Walter 195 Branch, Louis 197 Rennard, Isabella Lang 199 Jackson, Mary Ellen 201 Lockwood Socialist Institute 203 Stocks, Willie 205 Goddard, Frank 207 Pickering, Harriet Elizabeth 207aJackman, Percy 209 Mallinson, W. & Sons, Contractors and Quarry Owners 211 Hirst, Shaw, Newsagent, Sweets & Tobacco 213 Fletcher, W. & R., Ltd., Butchers 215 Crowder, H. & A., Saddlers and Sports Goods Dealers 217 Ainley, J. A. H., Electrical and Radio Dealer 217 Whitehead, W. I., Accountant & Auditor 217 Greenwood, Asa & Co., Ltd., (Registered Office) — Lockwood Sub-Post Office Taylor’s Yard. 1 Quarmby, David 2 Taylor, Esther Ann 219aWood, Norman Elliott 221 Swallow, H., Watchmaker and Jeweller 223 Whitteron, N., Baker and Confectioner — Bradley, E., Hairdresser and Tobacconist 4 hn Herve is Providence Place ......... — Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd., Fish, Fruit, Tobacco & Chemist Branch Bids cp is Water Street 233 Frost, Tom, Newsagent, Hair- dresser and Tobacconist 235 Beaumont, A., Butcher 237 Frobisher, F., Pork Butcher — Wallaces, Ltd., Grocers and Provision Merchants oe eb Herve is Bridge Street 14 Senior, Herbert, Fruiterer 16 Mettrick Bros., Pork Butchers 18 Brook, G., Tripe Dealer 20 Peace, Albert Edward



22 Singleton, M. A., Fish & Chips _ 24 Dixon, Fred, Butcher 26 Rattigan, Mary Ellen 28 Armitage, Annie, Sweets and Tobacco 30 Sugden, Willie 32 Lockwood Road Motor & Cycle Spares 32aThornton, A., Boot and Shoe Repairer 34 Ellis, Maud 36 Swinden, Albert 38 Bland, Ernest 42 Birt, Ethel 44 Pearson, W., Gent’s Hairdresser 46/48 Senior, Harry (senr.) phi bikes Herve 1s Victoria Road 48aNunns, Harry — Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd., Fish & Fruit Branch 52 Horn, John Henry — Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd., Tobacco Branch 54aMitchell, Herbert 56 Walker, Ida, Draper & Milliner 56aFarnhill, John Thomas 58 Burkett, Albert 60 Willsdon, George 62 Hampson, John 64 Humpleby, Francis 66aBrook, Adelaide 66 (Unoccupied) — Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd., Grocery & Butchering Branch 70aBland, Archibald 72 Whitehead, George Ernest, Boot and Shoe Dealer 74 Dalton, Asquith Archie, Fish and Chips 76 Taylor, Willie 76aAshwell, Albert 78 Wimpenny, J., Watchmaker and Jeweller 78aHorner, Elizabeth 80 Whiteley, Wilson, The Crescent Hotel 82 Mitchell, Frances Ellen 84 Edmonds, Eric 86 Bower, F. & Son, Newsagents, Stationers & Tobacconists res Herve is Victoria Street 88 Scott, Jack 90 Carter, John Thomas 92 Treland & Sons, Grocers and Provision Merchants 94 Sutcliffe’s, Ladies’ and Gent’s Outfitters and Drapers 94aWimpenny, Jack 96 Sanderson, Joe, Sweets and Confectionery 98 Brice, Richard Arthur 100 Blake, Louisa Elizabeth 102 Coop, Arthur 104 Noble, Fred 104aMail, Herbert Robert


Page 302


Lockwood Road—continued. Herve is Garden Street ......... 106 Jackman, C. & Son, Ladies’ and Gent’s Tailors and Outfitters 108 Hill, Alice 110 Mail, Wilfred 112 Jones, F. W. & E., Fish and Chips, Sweets and Tobacco 114 Stocks, A., Boot and Shoe Repairer 116 Watson, H., Fruiterer 118 Fairburn, D., Draper 120 Dyson, Fred, Spring Gardens Sub- Post Office, Newsagent, Baker, Confectioner, Sweets and Tobacco Here is St. Stephen’s Road 122 Buckingham, C., Baker and Confectioner Herve 1s Albany Street 124 Varley, Susan 126 Whiteside, James 128 Shaw, Sarah Alice 130 Adams, George Claude 132 Hepworth, Joe I 134 Thornton, James Edward 136 Bray, Annie 138 Smith, Dorothy Irene 140 Riley, John Henry 142 Richardson, George 144 Ramsden, Emily Beatrice 146 Kaye, Eliza 148 Rose, Ernest 150 McClusky, John 152 Stocks, Eliza Jane 154 Burhouse, Archibald 156 Tyas, Harry Eastwood, Dentist 158 Whittaker, Ralph 160 Ingham, C., Confectioner, Sweets and Tobacco Herve is Macham Street ......... 164 Atha, Thomas & Sons, Joiners & Undertakers 166 Ibberson, Berry, Painter and Decorator — Kent & Hirst, and. Motor Spring Makers 180 Watson, Aneas 182 Dyson, James 184 Bottomley, Thomas Richard 186 Mallalieu, Florence 188 Brook, Charles Willie, Bath Hotel — Cox & Co., Funeral Carriage Proprietors 190 Brook, Charlotte 192 Mitchell, Louisa 194 Firth, Albert 196 Donaldson, Hannah Cheeshrough 198 Wood, Mary Hannah 200 Gibson, William 202 Earnshaw, Thomas Herbert 204 Collins, : Clara Mount Pleasant. 1 Berry, Herbert 3 Dyson, Arthur Boothroyd 5 Cowgill, William Starkey



7 Brier, Herbert 9 Lord, Thomas Edmund 11 Cockroft, Elizabeth Ann 13 Kendall, John William 206 James 208 Kirk, William 210 Wood, A., Milliner 212 Brooke & Haigh, Plumbers and Electricians Herve 1s Mount Street ......... — Mallinson, Wm. & Sons, Contrac- tors and Quarry Owners 220 Tinker, Oliver 222 Dean, Herbert 224 Norman, Fred 226 Buckley, Elizabeth 228 Gelder, Norman 230 Cook, Tom 232 Gregory, Evelyn 234 Wilson, Fred 234aMoulton, Henry T., Licensed Broker 234bByram, Abigail, Sweets and Tobacco 236 Hindle, Viva Aldworth — ‘ Excelda ’’ Lockwood Picture Palace 238 Taylor, Jack, Woolpack Hotel 240 Rothery, Georgina, Sweets and Tobacco 240aDawson, Edith, Ladies’ Hairdresser 240b(Unoccupied) 244 Stringer, George Alfred — Atha, Thomas & Sons, Joiners & Undertakers 246 Lockwood and Salford Conserva- tive Club 246aSmith, John William — Lockwood Riding School—Prop., W. iH. Clayton — Taylor, David & Sons, Plumbers and Electricians 248 Barker, Herbert Peel 250 Armstrong, Joe — Lockwood Baptist Church and Sunday School — Lockwood Motor Wrex, Used Motor Car Dealers 260 Slicer, Jack, Red Lion Inn 262 Maypole Dairy Co., Ltd., Grocers and Provision Merchants Voces Hevé'ts Swan Lane: ss.

LOCKWOOD SCAR, LOGK WOOD. Sunderland, J. & Sons, Joiners & Undertakers 3 King, James William Bletcher’s Yard. 2 Morrison, Richard 4 Readshaw, Mary Hannah 6 Sutcliffe, Ester 8 Balmforth, Annie 10 Morrison, William 12 Taylor, Sarah


Page 303


Lockwood Scar—continued.

5 7 9 11 13

15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33



131 133

Ellis, Harry Bottom, Ernest Vallantine, Willie Orcherton, Mary Walker, Thomas Edward

Challand’s Yard. 17 Taylor, Albert 2 Nicholson, Joe 4 (Unoccupied) 6 Byers, Beatrice Gladys 8 Gledhill, Lavinia Morrison, Richard Sutton, Edward Ephraim Middleton, Norman Middleton, Colin Grundy Smith, Hannah Crowther, Jim Hinchliffe, Dick Wyatt, Dorothy beds Herve ts Wood End Green, Herbert Fox, Hilda May Payne, William gata wy Hervé 18 ENOch Lane ..... Here 18. Sia Wood TOP Tyas, Oliver George Hinchliffe Schofield, Edith Ramsden, Emma Bland, Florence May Mallalieu, Herbert Day, Arthur Moss, Mary Ellen Dyson, Clara Holdsworth, James Yates Dean, Annie Kennedy, John Henry Bower, Eliza Small, John Broadbent, Sarah Beardsell, Jane Lee, George Arthur Kaye, Mary Christadelphian Hall Porter, Arthur Jones, Hubert Wardrop, John France, Philip Taylor, Frank Noble, John Henry Halstead, Norman Ball, Hannah Dawson, Eliza Cooper, Frank Battye, Stanley Rowlands, John



137 139 141 143 145 147 149 151 153 155

— SOs bo



.... Here starts Church Lane .........


Hicks, Sidney Heve +s Cross LGn@ Kilner, James Frederick Peake, Martha Ramsden, Norris Cyril Lodge, Albert Ingham, John Dearnley, Augustus William Walsh, Alice Ann North, Joss Whiteley, Albert Cyril Lowe, Ernest Alexander Heve ts Ruth Street .. 5.00468 Jackson, John Gallagher, Thomas (Unoccupied) Wood, Ethel Crow, Frank E., Grocer and Confectioner

Megson’s Yard. Brook, Herbert Jackson, Irving Aram Reilly, Martin Sedgwick, David Ives, Sarah Ann Hughes, Peter Kelly, Arthur Crowther, James Austin (sen.) Brook, Sarah Ann

Wimpenny’s Yard. 2 Mallinson, Frank 4 Willey, Lawrence 6 Haworth, Harry 8 Pearce, John

11 13 17 19

Heve is Jacob’s Row ......+++++

Bray, Frank Gee, Mary Walker Murphy, William Wrigley, Kenneth Crow, Sarah Elizabeth Littlewood, Mary Elizabeth

Lee’s Yard. 1 Worsley, Elizabeth 3 Price, Thomas Alfred Winterflood, Maud Mary Armitage, Arthur Bottomley, Elizabeth Crow, Joe, Painter & Decorator Armitage, Wilbert Kershaw, Joe Horner, Frank Buckley, —— Shaw, Harold Shaw, George William


W. H. Smith & Son can handle economically any type of printing job. Specimens may be seen on request.


Newsagents, Booksellers, Librarians, Stationers, Printers, Bookbinders, etc.


Tel. :

No. 1450.


Page 304



Lockwood Scar—continued.

seater oie 43 Grove iso


194 196 198 200


CO D> & bo

1 2 3

.... starts Church Lane .........

Heppenstall, Hannah Mallinson, Irvine Silver, Harold Smith, Ernest Lockwood, Arthur Goddard, James Herve is Barcroft Road Townsend, Haigh Wright, Wilfred Ashton, Norman Bradburn, Harry Ramsden, Charlotte Sims, Fred Smith, Margaret Goodfellow, John Hinchliffe, Fred Lee, Thomas Ramsden, Arthur Whiteley, Edwin Kaye, Ai Muff, Harry Tiffany, Fred Beaumont, William Worsnop, George Adamson, George Parnaby Knowles, Walter Ramsden, Walter Hiles, Herbert Shore, Mary Isabella Sykes, Norman Tinker, May Brook, George Firth, Leonard, Plumber and Electrician Hanson, Walter Holroyd, Gertrude Moxon, Joseph Frederick Kaye, Harry Herve is Towngate

LOGWOOD STREET, LOCKWOOD. Radcliffe, Elizabeth Sykes’ Yard. 1 Mitchell, Walter 2 Gresson, Frederick Thomas 3 Horobin, Albert 4 Kenny, Patrick 5 Driver, Harry 6 Sharpe, Herbert 7 Tetlow, William Henry Poole, Florence

.... Heve 1s Lockwood Road .........

Haigh, Norman Rattigan, John Taylor, Hannah Haigh, Sarah Ellen

.... Heve 1s Lockwood Road ......... LONGCROFT,

Beaumont, Ned Gawkrodger, Fred Boothroyd, John



Kaye, Jane

4aPearson, Vincent

5 6 7 8 9 1

] 1

OntIow =

11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25

10 12 14 16 18 20 22 22 24 26 28 30 32 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50

Shaw, Margaret Doyle, Joseph Powell, Wilfred Dearnley, Rowland Senior, John William Dearnley, Mabel Senior, Harold

LONGDEN AVENUE, CROSLAND MOOR. (Off Dryclough Road) Sheard, John Smelt, Frank Randerson, Carrie Sykes, John Vernon Boyes Dodgson, Albert Nowell, Annie Beaumont, Clara Whitehead, Herbert Illingworth Shaw, Fred Taylor, Gertrude Parry, Thomas McCreath, Robert Greenwood, Reginald Taylor Heslop, John Brook, James Hinde, William, ‘‘ Thorshavn ”’ Ward, Lewis, ‘‘ Lesdon ”’ Airey, Wilfred Hodgson, Charles Edward, ‘* Hazeldene ”’ Baker, George Moorhouse, Robert Stuart Mallinson, Bernard Thomas Robinson, Madame L., Teacher of Music Thickett, Herbert Holroyd, Ben Ainley, Norris Townend Radcliffe, Hannah Mary Peaker, Lindsey Gerken, Charles John Chapman, William Pratt, Frank Cooper Hirst, Joel Allen Rueben Marshall, George Hoyle, Charles Crowther Taylor, Sidney Cuthbert, Claude Philip Ashton, Norman Coupe Clegg, Stanley Collins, Frank Haigh, Willie Smith, Leslie Theodore Graham, Lottie Shaw, Herbert Whiteley, Raymond


1 3 5 7 9

Parr, David Allen Aspinall, Fred Townend, Norman Morrison, Thomas Bradley, Percival Harry

Page 305


Longfield Avenue—continued.

11 13 15 17 19 21 23 - 25 27 29 31 33

Warrington, James Hall Hirst, James Lees, Hannah Holland, William Alfred Schofield, Walter Hepworth, William Henry Cheetham, Frank Beldon, Sam Fletcher Mallinson, Fred Hinchliffe Healey, Richard Brook, Joe Ellis Lawton, Harry Bradley, Eric Farrar, Pearson Crowther, Harry Turpin, Harry Stephenson, Charles Livesey, Stanley Harrison, William Edward Herve 1s Long Grove Avenue Meal, Wilfrid Hirst, Thomas Swithenbank, Charles William


Lingwood, Victor George Walker, Robert Scaife, Walter Wood, Ernest Graham, Lewis Preston, John I., Decorator


(Off Bradford Road, Fartown).

Ot G2 bo


bik ann Herve is Longfield Avenue .........

33 37 39 41

Halstead, Harry Marshall, Annie Bruce, Robert Henry White, Albert Ramsden, Norman

LONG LANE, DALTON. Whitehead, H. & E., Grocers and Provision Merchants Brooks, Allen Dannatt, Joe Jessop, John Henry Evans, John William Ellam, George Bailey, Edith Ramsden Lynch, Martin Barden, William Goodison, Herbert Howard Here 1s West Grove Avenue Nicholson, Edward Bailey, Frank Darby, Roger Prosser, David Thomas Boothroyd, Joah Boothroyd, Abraham


Parkinson, Friend Garside Wilson, Thomas Langford, John (senr.) Byrom, Martha Ann


43 45 47 49 51 53 55 57 59 61 63 65 65 67 69 71 73 75 77 79 81

209 211 213 215 217 223 225 227 229 231 233 235 237 239 241 243 245 247 249 251


Hammond, William Shaw, Walter Crawshaw, John Henry Rayner, James Henry Beever, Alfred Blackburn, Harry Weatherburn, Harry Tyreman, Cyril Oakes, William Furniss, Albert Edward Booth, Edgar Crowther, George Henry Sykes, John Herbert Hirst, Clara Humble, Mary Ellen Spence, James Dransfield, Harry Wood, Harry Kirby, George Sellers, George Edward Booth, Leonard McMarne, William Beaumont, James Mason, Sydney Bradbury, Harry Durrans, Charles Harold Rodford, Arthur Frederick Broadhead, Haworth Short, Albert Charles Eyre Gallacher, Thomas Cottingham, John William Ely, Florence Annie Drake, Ernest Crossley, Bernard Drake, Eric

Dalton New Church and Sunday School (Swedenborgian) Barnes, Rev. Herbert Cannon, William Henry Vickerman, Harry Franks, Harold, ‘‘Glen Lea’’ Earnshaw, Arthur, ‘“‘St. Aubins’’ Stelton, Herbert John, ‘‘Stanmore”’ Bedford, Christopher, ** Fieldhead ”’ Longbottom, Frank Horner, Edith Ellen Grey, Alick Oldfield, Bernard James Eastwood, Harry Broadbent, Leonard Turton, Frank Calverley, Dan Huddlestone, Clifford Hinchliffe, Clarence Arthur Dawson, George Frederick Broadbent, William Hawthorne Hobson, Frank Shaw, N orman Oddy, Cyril Boothroyd, Gilbert Shaw, Mona James, Margaret Sykes, Percy Moss, Arthur

Page 306



Long Lane—continued.

253 255 257 259 261 263 265 267 269 271 273

275 277 279 287 289 291 301 303 305 307 309 311 313 315


Wood, Willie Salkeld, Charles Edward Hudson, Elijah : Hinchcliffe, Ernest Whiteley Stenson, Elsie Price, Thomas Edward Dawson, Alfred Hodgson, John Comins, Arthur Calvert, Walter Senior, Raymond, Haulage and Removals Contractor Crosland, Fred Thorpe, Joseph Ernest Dunnill, Harry (senr.) Balmforth, Annie Bell Usher, Annie Haigh, Adeline (Unoccupied) (Unoccupied) (Unoccupied) Whiteley, Thomas Edward Marshall, Lewis Bottomley, John James Noble, George Thomas Priestley, Herbert BOCs Here starts Briggate ............ Dickinson, Richard Wade, Evelyn Clara Moss, Ben Carter, Frank Lee, Joshua Mackay, Donald Hirst, Job Boothroyd, George Hemnans, Winifred Greenwood, Joseph Mitchell, Fred Oldroyd, Wilfred Barnes, Thomas George Armitage, Maurice Stanley Pearce Bray, Ellis Roberts, Albert Charles Lewis Rendle, William John Hanwell, Thomas Jackson, Joseph Henry Darwent, Robert Hill, George Holmes, William Battye Senior, Harrison Senior, Colin Ashby, William Henry

50aLodge, Harry, Fish and Chips

Herve 1s Grand Cross Road Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd., Grocery & Butchering Branch Miller, William Joseph Robertson, Thomas Darlington, John Redfearn, William Moorhouse, Harry Guest, Isaac Thomas sav 21 48 Avenue Senior, Arthur

66 6

70 72 74

98 100


Manley, Joseph

8 Manning, Edward Victor

Cunnington, Robert Sykes, Albert Halstead, George Randall, Grocer and Confectioner Castle, Annie Hopkinson, Edgar Stringer, Thomas Henry, Grove Inn Athorn, Frank Beckitt, Harry Shaw, Hilton (Unoccupied) Wadsworth, Frederick Herbert Ewart, Edgar Robert Gallwey, Hoppner Wilkins Wenyon, Conrad Gallimore

. Footpath leading to Wakefield Rd....

112 114 116 118 120 122 124 126

Browne, Elizabeth Jane Turner, Joseph Ewart Wormald, John Ward, Charles Henry Calderhead, William Hirst, Percy Lionel Thornton, Sam Brook, Arthur Jabez, Dalton Lodge

126aPuffette, Joseph 126bWindle, Phyllis Mary

128 130 132 134 136 138 140 142 144 146 148 150 152 154 156 158 160 162 164 166 168 170 172 174 176 178 180 182 184 186 188 190 200

Barber, Percy Gill, Lewis Hannan Larkin, William Sykes, Ernest Carter, Frederick Altham Brierley, Mary Horton, Florry Keogh, Gerald Haigh, Margaret Carter, Edmund Winfield Hamer, John Grainger, John Marsh, John Halstead, Frank Armitage, Arthur Whiteley Marner, Ernest Alfred (Unoccupied) Webster, Cyril Howarth, Jack Bradshaw, Harold Dodd, Thomas Berry, Thomas Wilson, Thomas Murgatroyd, George Henry Littlewood, Fred Appleyard, William Shaw, Arthur Armitage, Jack Brooke, Gerald Sewides, John Cowper, Ronald Kaye, Albert Woodside, James Albert . Second Avenue. 1 Hodgkinson, Frederick 2 Carter, Joseph, Grocer and Confectioner

Page 307


Long Lane—continued. : Kingston, Amy Eliza 4 Brook, William Walton, Annie Smith, Edith Eleanor Rogers, Charles 1l Marshall, Gertrude 13 Ibberson, William Carter, Joseph Whiteley, Tom Broadfield, Thomas 10 Lawson, Alfred 12 Bennett, Horatio 14 Longbottom, Ellis 16 Calvert, Thomas Henry 18 Hallas, William Henry 20 Senior, Sykes First Avenue. 2 Smith, Mary Ellen 4 Tunnacliffe, Jim 6 Cowgill, Theresa 8 Coope, Harry 10 Carpenter, William 12 Sutcliffe, Ernest 14 Griffiths, Thomas Charles 314 Pearce, William 316 Balmforth, John 318 Stevens, Thomas 320 Smith, Sam 322 Turner, Frank 324 Wright, Arthur 326 Mortimer, Sykes 332 Hitchcox, Alice 334 Brook, Hamer 336 Scrivens, John William 338 Morgan, Frank dias Here is Dalton Green Lane — Ebor Petroleum Co., Ltd. Stavts:

LONGLEY, LOWERHOUSES. 151 Kaye, Harry 153 Kaye, May 155 Swinden, George 157 Armitage, Lucy 159 Waller, James 161 Dawson, Florence 165 Broadhead, James Edward 167 Hyde, Lena 169 Wood, Reginald Butterworth 171 Williamson, Roy 173 Rowley, Albert Edward 173aPowell, William 175 Newton, Ernest 177 Halstead, Harold 179 Beaumont, Eliza Ann 179aMaynard, Arthur 181 Gumersell, John 185 Laycock, Harold William 187 Alder, Eleanor Fanny Moore Lane. 191 Berry, Martha Ann 193 Widdop, Lydia 195 Schofield, Walter 197 Smith, Isabell 199 Fairey, Ambrose


CO S> bo


201 Foster, Emily Leake 203 Pearcey, Charlie

LONGLEY HALL. — Longley Hall! Central School (Girls) — McGauvran, Sam (Caretaker) — Carlile, Alexander Stewart

een HILL, ALMONDBURY. 1 Hinchliffe, George Henry 3 Angus, Robert 5 Ainley, Philip 7 McGauvran, Elsie 9 Stoney, Frank Foster 11 Wetherburn. J. 13 Hirst, George 15 Shaw, Albert Edward 17 Cash, Frank Charles 19 Greenall, Gilbert 21/25 Wood, Ann Elizabeth 23 Wood, Arnold Brummitt 27 Taylor, Robert 29 West, James - 14 Castle, John 16 Brook, Joe Herbert 18 Avison, Philip 20 Gott, Norman Wilfred 22 Lawton, Hilda 24 Kilner, Ernest 26 Reid, Robert 28 Smithies, Lewis 48 Garlick, Stout 50 Iredale, Harry

LONGLEY ROAD, ALMONDBURY. Crosland, Fred Rastron, Gladys Martha Crossley, Arthur Pontefract, Arthur Stanley Jessop, Alice Guthrie 1l Broadhead, Ben Franklin 13 Davies, Edith 15 Allen, Herbert Clifford (Chief Constable) 17 Thomas, Floretta Edith 19 Brown, Mrs. Hannah 21 Boothroyd, Bernhard 23 Hill, Ethel 25 Peace, William Percival 27 Kennedy, Michael Leo, F.R.C.S., Phys. and Surg. 29 Scouller, Walter Daly, M.Sc., A.L.C, 31 Fearnley, Mary Elizabeth 33 Wilkinson, William Smethurst 35 Woodhead, Thomas William 37 Beal, William James 39 Coates, Wilfrid Brian 41 Hill, James Claude 43 Marsden, Sykes 45 Keyworth, Robert Tempest 47 Wade, Norman Stanley 49 Pickard, Stanley 51 Oxley, David Richard 53 Atkinson, Ada Bertha

Page 308



Longley Road—continued.

595 57 59 61 63 65 67 69 71


Pees cu’ Here is Halk Cross Road .........

Smith, John Albert Pickering, Elizabeth Ann Brabin, James Clifford Chappell, George Marshall Brook, Reginald Hill Ashfield, Herbert Edward Hardy, Phoebe Lord, Albert Wailes, John Newsome Wright, William Calvert Longbottom, Harry Fearnley Holroyd, Thomas Henry Hay, Cecil William Marshall, Hubert, Grocer and Confectioner Castle, C., Butcher Herve is Lowerhouses Lane Stevenson, Andrew Corbett, William Lawrence Stevenson, Margaret Bolton, William John

Blackshaw, Francis Walker Clarke, Ellen Maria Armitage, Lee Class, Kenneth Smith, Lister Kenyon, Ernest William Waring, Gerald Westby Jones, Edith Lambert Moody, Beatrice Smith, Harry Lumb, Herbert Brierley, Sam Crawshaw, Lewis Hartley Clegg, Alfred Edward Kaye, Irvin ; Barron, Annie Jane Himsworth, Joe Arnold Price, George Innes Shaw, Sarah Louisa Williamson, Harry Brook, Harry Crosland, James Pollard, Walter Haigh Lister, Stephen Douglas, Solicitor Cooper, David Miller Godfrey, Edward

Marsh, Lucy

Hartley, George Vincent Wrightson, Francis Baliol Livingstone, Alexander Young Chappell, Herbert Cyril Benton Barker, James Stanley Wykes, Frederick Henry Peel, Wilfred Booth, Fred Dawson, Annie, Masons’ Arms


L 2 4 5

Battye, Elizabeth Wilkinson, Harold, Butcher Barker, Annie Shaw, James Henry, Clogger, Boot and Shoe Repairer


6 7

8 10 11 12 13 14 15 16


Hirst, Armitage, Fish and Chips Kilner, J. & Sons, Ironmongers & Sheet Metal Workers Ibeson, Frank Whipp, Ernest Edwards Sykes, Jack (Unoccupied) Bryan, Edward Halstead, Alice Charlesworth, Jack Brambles, William United Indigo & Chemical Co., Ltd., Dye and Chemical Manufacturers Lodge, Ethelbert Thewlis, Jonas Herbert Williams, Emily Victoria Mellor, Jack Lynn, Letitia White, Norman Fieming, Albert Waterworth, Morton Vickerman, Fred 7 Holmes, William Henry Breok, Ida Hellawell, Herbert Greaves, Leonard Clegg, Norman Calvert, James Dawson, John William Calvert, Arthur Harper, William Askey, Percy Calvert, A., Fish and Chips (Unoccupied)

37aNewin, John Joseph


Kenny, William, General Dealer

38aGrayson, John

39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53

IO) Ol > WD =

Woodhouse, Fenton Walker, Arthur Hall, John Stephen Lewin, George Albert Cooper, James Albert I Sweet, Charles Sydney Lumb, George Henry Smith, Alfred Brook, Helena Hadfield, Albert Bottomley, Albert Firth, — Hinchliffe, Edward Speight, Harry Pratt, Sarah Jane, General Dealea Coop, Arthur, Ladies’ & Gent’s Hairdresser, Sweets and Tobacco

LONGROYD PLAGE, PADDOCK. Brook, Wilfred Hinchliff, Ada Shaw, John Fred Wellick, Walter Denton, George Thomas, Alfred Stead, — .

Page 309


Longroyd Place—continued. 8 Bintley, William Henry 9 Burley, Lucy 10 Crossley, Harry 11 Whitworth, Robert Lewis 12 Wood, Albert Shaw 13 McKeown, John 15 Murphy, Percy 16 Askham, Seth 17 Iredale, Arnold 18 Dunstan, Joseph 19 Hilton, Julia Ann 20 Crossley, Thomas 22 Daley, Sarah Hellawell, Jenny Hampshire, Joseph Gothard, Nellie Haigh, Herbert Hoyle, Charles Frederick Oxley, Mary Ellen

LONGWOOD EDGE. Cartwright, George Herbert Haggis, William Sykes, John Kilner Barron, Frances Lily Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd., Longwood Edge Farm eC ine Here is Raw Nook Road ..... oe Morton, George, ‘““Glenholme”’

LONGWOOD GATE. Longwood Parish Church and Cemetery Longwood Church of England. School 5 Lucas, Richard 7a(Unoccupied) 7 Greenhough, Emma, Confectioner and General Dealer 9 Moxon, Ellis 9aTaylor, Arthur Edward 11 Pearson, Abner llaTolson, Nelson 13 Senior, Mary Ann 15 (Unoccupied) la Here is Prospect Road ......... 29 Hamer, Tom 31 Cocks, James Edward 33 Lewis, Richard Jesse 35 Shaw, John Thomas 37 Shaw, Ethel 41 Kaye, Mary Ellen 43 Iredale, Joe 45 Longwood Liberal Club — Hoyle, Joseph & Son, Ltd., Prospect Mills, Woollen Manufacturers 53/55 Ainley, William Alfred, News- agent, Sweets and Tobacco 57 Sheeran, Edward 59 Taylor, Erven 61 Clayton, Harry 63 Shaw, Daniel 65 Head, Alfred 67 Wilson, Harry


71 73

75 77 79 81 89 91

101 103 107


113 115 117 119 121 123 125 127 129


Rhodes, W. D., Beef and Pork Butcher I Fisher, James Wilson, Fish and Chips Fisher, James Wilson Haigh, Frank Sykes, Fred Bailey, Willie Galloway, Ellen Hamer, Ernest Wilfred Longwood Industrial Society, Ltd., Grocery, Butchering, Drapery and Boot & Shoe Depts. and General Offices Gee, Lois Brook, Mary Hannah Mosley, James Vincent Longwood Industrial Society, Ltd., Fish & Fruit Branch Kenworthy, Ben, Longwood Sub- Post Office Ellis, Benjamin Thornton, Ernest France, Ernest Balmforth Tebb, Edwin William Broadbent, James Beaumont, Emma Jane Shackleton, Arthur Dyson, Fred Lodge, Charlie

129aWorkman, Brian Walter Robert


France, Arthur

13laBooth, Vincent

137 139 14] 143 145 147 149 151

153 155


Longwood Mechanics’ Hall Greensmith, Hannah Warrington, Annie Elizabeth Farrand, Ethel Beckett, Stanley Edward Battye, Sam Coldwell, Arnold Wray, Eric Beaumont, Wallace Here is Percival Street Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Edgar

155aBeaumont, Betty

157 159 161 163 165 167 169 171 173 175 177 179 181 183 185 187 189 191 201

Shaw, George William Swift, Laura Ellen Buckley, John Denton Buckley, J. D., Draper Walker, Arthur Nisbett Winpenny, John Richard Brierley, Joseph Darlington, Sarah Elizabeth Munt, George Taylor, Arnold Edward Iredale, Leonard Beaumont, Hanson Hall, Lewis Buckley, Norman Shaw, Vincent Prince, Arthur William Hitchen, Alice Batch, Charles William Townend, H., Grocer & Provision Merchant

Page 310



Longwood Gate—continued.



209 211 213 215 217 219 221 223 225 227 229 231 235

2 4

6 8 10 12 14

Heathcote, Frank

dite ves Herve ts Spark Street

Brogden, Joe Brook, Arthur Fivans, Winifred Clay, Charles Edward Ibberson, Ernest Leslie Quinn, John Kinder, David Kaye, Wilfred Shaw, Frederick Horsfall, A. 8., Fish and Chips Taylor, William Wrigley, William Stott, Hubert Orr, David Whiteford E.-, ‘‘Dod Lea House”’

Haggis, Harry

Whitwam, Jack Alfred Taylor, Raymond, Ladies’ and Gent’s Tailor Wood, F. & A., Sweets and Con- fectionery Hardisty, Mark Bates Siswick, Herbert Dyson, Mary Olive Swift, Mellor Sykes, Eveline

l6aKarnshaw, W., Gent’s Hairdresser

16 18 20 22 I 24 28

Sykes, Harry Sanderson, Polly Barraclough, Annie Townend, Jack, Teacher of Violin Haigh, James Albert Livesey, Edith

28aBrook, Myrtle


- Iredale, Hirst:

( ‘Unoccupied ) 2 Hirst, Crowther

Gledhill, Walker Byrne, P. J., Phys. & Surg. Hoyle, Mary Beaumont, Albert Taylor, Joshua Crowther, Edith Gertrude Rothery, Fred Townend, Sarah Ann Hirst, Emma Hollings, Frank (Unoccupied)

(Unoccupied) 2 Taylor, Fred

Beaumont, Albert Hall, Vincent Wood, George White, Charles Wilfred

70aGledhill, Harry

Dowie, William Hirst, Aunie Schofield, Fred Shaw, Harold Gibson, Ernest Wright, Percy Medley Arthurs, Walker Lumb, Ernest


92 Wareham, George 94 Curry, Alfred William 98 Stansfield, Morton 100 Goodall, Frank Clarence 102 Rowan, Thomas 104 (Unoccupied) 106 Stott, Fred, Boot, Shoe and Clog Dealer ; Radio & Electrical Apparatus Sykes, Joe Walker, Ernest Ainley, — Bower, Harold Heeley, Jack Reilly, David Weavill, Rose Emily Nixon, Lizzie Hellowell, Mark Schofield, William Brook, Willie Gibson, Arthur 130aStevenson, Herbert 132 Taylor, Hannah Maria 134 Swailes, Albert 136 Bell, John Henry 138 Lambe, Percy 140 Hellawell, Clara 142 Sykes, James 144 Hyde, Robert 146 Taylor, Ellis 148 Beaumont, Arthur 150 Fletcher, Archibald 152 Bailey, Fred 154 (Unoccupied) 156 Longwood Industrial Society, Ltd., Confectionery Branch 156aTeasdale, Margaret, The Slip Inn 160 Whitwam, Sam Haigh 162 Wood, Edward 164 Whitwam, Sir Joseph 166 Balderstone, Frederick 168 Gill, Tom 170 Beaumont, Hanson 172 Taylor, Ann Elizabeth Bell, Walter Eagland, Wright Wood, Leonard Heve is Edge Terrace Longwood Council School Ainley, Martha Ann Briggs, Joseph Hall Mitchell, James William Whitwam, Sarah Louisa. Dyson, Owen Longwood Baptist Church and Sunday School Marshall, Ralph Barton, Benjamin Beaumont, Alfred Townend, J ames William Smith, Sarah Jane Dyson, Lizzie Pearson, Francis Morton Pearson, Clara, Sweets & General Dealer thas: Here starts Green Hill Road ......

108 110 112 114 116 118 120 122 124 126 128

200 202 204 206

Page 311

Ost OW —

109 117 119 121 123 125

127 129 131


LONGWOOD ROAD. Barlow, Eleanor Hall, Kathleen Nixon, Charles Cameron Dyson, Percy Burke, John Wray, Jack Thorpe, Willie Scott, George Wood, Ernest Battye, Ann Russell Noble, Clara Adamson, Sidney Heeley, Charles William Lynch, Elsie Barrow, Lister Waterhouse, Thomas William McNeill, George Thompson Bros. (Hudd.), Ltd., Imperial Mills, Yarn Spinners Robinson, Frank Booth, Cassie Livesey, Tom

9 Baxter, Annie Elizabeth

Marshall, John Muir

3 Moorhouse, Arthur

Mitchell, John Willie Earnshaw, Arthur Percy Sanderson, William (senr.) Sanderson, William, Boot & Shoe Repairer Hall, Teddie Dyson, James Richard Ackroyd, Thomas Edgar Haigh, Harold Heaton Menzies, George Naseby Greenhow, Emma Barraclough, Willie Sedgwick, A., Ladies’ Hairdresser Heywood, Tom

Shaw, Thomas Henry

Walker, Titus Arthur Walker, Ronald Oxley, William Henry . Bradley, William Walker Edmondson, Frederick Asquith, Charlie Cartwright, Benjamin Hunter, Mary Hunter, Jack, Plumber

Stephenson, Jesse, Ltd., Grocers —

and Provision Merchants Wood, E., Fancy Draper and Milliner

The Bungalow Bakery, Bakers &

Confectioners Hunter, Herbert Walker, Frank Roberts, George Hervey Bower, Joe Thompson, Mary Elizabeth Holt, Charles John Shackleton, Draper Scott, Bon Cordingley, Arthur Turner, Fred


133 135 137 139 141 143 145 147 149 151 153 155

173 175 177

179 181 183 185 187

189 191 193 195 197 199

201 203

225 227 229


Milnes, George Henry Hirstwood, Hannah Conacher, Norman Whitehead, John Arthur Oldham, Marion Gallagher, Frank Jones, Richard Ivan Scott, Fanny Jackson, Annie Kilner, George Stanley, Frank Eber Hartley, Margaret, Grocer, Sweets and Off Licence Lee, J. W., Fish and Chips Hepworth, Frank Kilner, Varley Hartley, A., Joiner, Builder and Undertaker Lockwood, Amy Lockwood, Leonard, Upholsterer Brown, Doris Lockwood, Stanley O’Hara, Austin, Slater and Roof Tiler Taylor, Arthur Dyson, Lucy Ellen Adamson, Robert Williams, Edgar Foyle, Francis Peace, Kaye, Boot and Shoe Repairer Brown, Arthur Oldham, Henry

.... Herve is Cross Firs Street .......

Taylor, Frank Hinchliffe, Mary Eleanor Hardy, Mary Jane

229aShaw, Herbert

231 233 235 237 239 241 243 245 247 249 251 253 255 257 259 261

Kenyon, John Kennerley, Herbert Cooper, Frederick Haigh, John Thomas Pearce, Ada Newton, Sarah Ellen Chaffer, Mary Jane Wilkinson, Clarence Shaw, Ann Walker Pearson, Joseph Armytage, John Robert Baldwin, Stanley Kilner Cooper, George William Armitage, Harry Baldwin, Joe Smith, Martha Hannah

263/265 Greaves, Henry Vincent

267 269 271 273 275 277 279 281 283 285

Walton, Rose Emily Brierley, Emma Wike, Tom Bates Whittaker, Fred Rowley, Harry Sharpe, John George Haigh, John William Horner, Leonard Fellows, William Wadsworth, Mary Hannah

Page 312


Longwood Road—continued. 287 Ainley, Harold 289 Shaw, Fred 291 Howe, John 293 Haigh, George William 295 Kilner, Thomas Henry, Newsagent and Tobacconist se bis Heve ts Meg Lane ..........:. Here starts Vicarage load

2 Kendall, Alfred, The Angel Hote. 4 Oates, Oscar 6 Uttley, Walter 8 Shaw, Albert 10 Beighton, William 12 Holt, Willie 14 Shuttleworth, Frederick 16 Brown, Joseph 18 Wright, Fred 20 Milner, Abraham 22 Farrar, Leonard 24 Woodhouse, Naomi 26 Wilson, Ethel Elizabeth 28 Clancy, Joseph 30 Armstrong, Robert William 32 Whitehead, Fred 34 Woods, Christopher 36 Skelton, Thomas William 38 Quarmby, Harry Stanley Clegg 40 Dyson, Herbert 42 Singleton, Willie 44 Westerby, Henry William 46 Noble, Wilfred 48 Haigh, John Frederick 650 Broadbent, Arnold 52 Hirst, Fred 54 Schofield, John 56 Denton, Horace 58 Allen, Arthur Grant 60 Parkin, Clara 62 Wood, A., “‘Spirella”’ 64 Holroyd, Levi 66 McCallum, Agnes 68 Wood, Robert Percival 70 Milnes, Emma 72 Horsfall, Mabel 74 Pluright, Harold 76 Cunningham, James 78 Rhodes, Fred 80 Oldfield, Merchant Gledhill 82 Fairbank, Leonard 84 Clayton, Clara 86 Bartin, Emily 88 Pogson, Joe Henry 90 Sykes, William 92 Wade, Stringer seeks, Heve is Royds Avenue ins Here 1s Quarmby Road ......... — Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd., Grocery Branch 100 Schofield, Joseph 102 Francis, Thomas Alfred 104 Robertshaw, Elizabeth Ann 106 Brennan, Michael 108 Bennett, Adelaide 110 Lee, John William 112 Moorhouse, Sam



114 Chaffer, George Arthur 116 Heathcote, Herbert 118 Taylor, Ernest 120 Swallow, John Hinchliffe 122 Hirst, David 124 Kave, Sarah 126 Hoyle, Clara 128 Priestley, Willie 130 Horwich, Philip (Horwich & King), Dentist 136 Stephens, Gwendoline, M.N.I.Ch., Chiropodist 138 Thomas, Annie 140 Walker, Stanley 142 Townend, Ernest 144 Priestley, Norman 146 Smithson, Annie 148 Billington, James 150 Bradley, Charles William 152 Milnes, Clara 154 Germain, Robert Kneeshaw 156 Green, William 160 Allsopp, Edward 162 Jameson, George William

Townend, William

166 Hart, Herbert 168 Cliffe, Alfred Josephus 170 Mallinson, Hannah 172 Shaw, Benjamin 174 Crawshaw, Fred 176 Peace, Wilfred 178 Lucas, Harold, Dentist 180 Shaw, Clara 182 Charlesworth, Percy 184 Hirst, Yorkie spe Seat nes Herve is Harp Road 190 Hattersley, Benjamin Edgar — Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd., Grocery & Butchering Branch 196 Cartwright, Norman Henry 198 Mullaney, Joseph Aloysius 200 Wilkinson, Enoch 202 Buckley, Edith 204 Buckley, John Henry 212 Moore, Maria Ann 214 Hirst, George 216 Beaumont, Leonard 218 Fairburn, Edward 220 Pogson, Hubert 224 Hoyle, Wilfred 226 Gee, Jane 228 Hinchliffe, Brook 230 Milnes, Alice 232 Craven, John Henry 234 Thornton, George Frederick 238 Camack, Herbert Bertrude — The Old Cliffe End Club 240 McQuiggan, Patrick 242 Davie, William 244 Livesey, Ben 246 Mitchell, James Henry 248 Thornton, Cecil Langhorn 250 Haigh, Albert, Motor Car Wrecker 250aHall, Mary Jane

Page 313


Longwood Road—continued.

252 256 258 260 262 264 266

268 270

Stead, Eric Crosland, Joe Livesey, John Edward Spencer, Albert Brook, Caroline Gledhill, Humphrey Stead, Horace Whiteley, Eric, Boot and Shoe Repairer Wilson, Joseph, Confectioner and General Mealer France, Elon, Fish and Chips ... Heve is Cliffe End Road ......+6. Here starts Vicarage Road


26 28 30

Co =




(Off Netkeroyd Hill Road). Slocombe, Lucy Isabel, ‘‘ Fixby

_ House” Scott, Sarah Ann, ‘* Longwood House ”’ Mercer, John, Longwood House Farm

LORD STREET. Stands for Motor ’Bus Services operated by Huddersfield Corporation & L.M.S. Joint Services, County Motors, Ltd., Yorkshire Traction Co., Ltd. West Riding Wallpaper Cc., Wallpaper Merchants Longbottom, A., Yarn & Waste Merchants, Wool, Tops and Nous The Central Fruit Market (Prop., Reginald Chaffer), Fruiterer Yorkshire Traction Co., Ltd., Omnibus Services Booking: Offices Scottex Woollens, Ltd., Woollen Merchants Urwin, R., Beddings and Bedroom Furniture Dealer Marshall, Fred & Co., Ltd., Wholesale Wooilen and Trimming Merchants Brook, J. A., Electrical & Auto- mobile Goods Manufacturer Brook, H. & Co., Textile Shippers Rushworth, Fred A., Ladies’ and Gent’s Tailor Wood Bros., Woollen Merchants Hoover, Ltd., Electric Sweepers Jordan, James, Woollen Merchant Wade, B. & Co., Cigar & Tobacco Merchants Rose, Melvyn, Optician

17aGoldthorpe & Co., Textile Mill

19 21



Furnishers Brook, J. H. & Son, ace Bray, J oseph es Here 3s St. Peter’s Street ......... Northumberland Street Methodist Church Sunday School





Heve is Northumberland Street ...... Crowther, Alfred (Hudd.), Ltd., Plumbers’ Merchants—- Electrical Department Shaw, Fred & Co., Sheet Metal Workers Fisher, W. & Sons (Tilers), Ltd., Wall and Floor Tiling Specialists Here 1s Knight Steet © Carmichaels, Ltd., Furniture Dealers Shoesmith W. & Co., Woollen Merchants and Shippers Willis, W. P. & Co., New York Douglas, J. F. & Co., New York Lippincott, Johnson & Co., New York Hart Schnaffner & Mark, Chicago

SU Herve is Brook Sty2et

Wholesale Market (see under Wholesale Market )—Atten- dant’s Office & Weigh Bridge

LOWER BANKHOUSE, MILNSBRIDGE. 7 Dyson, James & Sons, Fish Pond Dyeworks, Cotton and Wool Dyers, Hank Merccrisers, Bleachers, Dyers & Winders

LOWER BROW ROAD, PADDOCK. Bosworth, Joseph Norman Senior, William Parr, Walter Moorhouse, Mary Gill, Horace © Duckworth, Lewis Brierley, Walter Smith, Irvin Myers, John William Siswick, Fred Dearnley, John Jakeman, Joe Simpson, Anne Haigh, Harry

. Brook, Fred

Livesey, Joe Harper, John Fielding, Willie Chatterton, Benjamin Siswick Haigh, John Hinchliffe, John Thomas Garthwaite, Lily Iredale, Alice Kaye, Albert Haigh, Cornelia Barker, Harry Beels, Albert Teale, Crossley Cromack, Jack Beels, Dora, Sweets and General Dealer

Page 314



Lower Brow Road—continued.

44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 62 64 66 68 70


Oe TOV do


Walker, John Albert Gee, Samuel Burley, Wright Pogson, Sydney Spencer Senior, Jim Jakeman, Fred Armitage, Joe Bundle, Albert Walker, Norris Butterworth, Sarah Annie Marsden, James Woodside, Elizabeth Pearson, Ronald Pearson, Joseph

LOWER CASTLE HILL. Ellis, Minnie, Lower Castle Hill Farm Hirst, Mary Holroyd, Emile Jenkinson, Harriet Beldon Noble, Lizzie Ingham, Stanley Edwin Morris

LOWERGATE, PADDOCK. Gledhill, A., Sweets, Tobacco and Frait Walden, Harold, Fish and Chips Batley, Amy, Ladies’ & Children’s Hairdresser Prernier Picture Palace Lumb, Ernest, Bootmaker and Repairer Silvester, Albert

laClarkson, Arnold


Taylor, George

3aShepherd, Arthur

5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31

Wilson, Ernest Siddall Lea, James Butterworth, Albert Haigh, Harry Walker, Willie Wimpenny, Melvin Wimpenny, Annie Cartwright, Ann Singleton, Henry Milnes, Charles Henry Hammond, Richard Henry Leech, Winifred Irene Taylor, Harry Walker, George

3laMarsden, George

38 35

Marriott, Ellen Elizabeth, Certd. Nurse and Certd. Midwife Haigh, Thomas Balderstone, Harry & Sons, Ltd., Lowergate Works, Shoddy Manufacturers Young, Rev., Father Thomas Benedict, P.P., “St. Brigid’s”’

... Footpath leading to Armitage Road, ...


— St. Brigid’s Roman Catholic


73 Watson, John William


85 87 2


112 114 116 118 120 122 124 126 128 130 132 134 136 138 140 142 144 146 148 150 152 154 156 158 160 162 164 166

Haigh, Granville Haigh, Jack Stephenson, H., Gent’s Hair. dresser Denham, Jane Ann Rayner, Sam Charlesworth, Mary Elizabeth Adsetts, Samuel Townsend Shaw, Arthur Shaw, Edna Atkinson, Ernest Bailey, Herbert Bamforth, George Bailey, Matthew Henry, Sweets & General Dealer Whitwam, Margaret Enid Longden, John William Parkin, Mary Hall, Annie Shaw, Harry Whitwam, James Carter, Harry Heaton, David Leslie, Builder & Contractor Banks, John Edwin Scotcher, Walter Sidney Thornton, Sophia Bartin, Mary Elizabeth Brierley, Hannah Hirst, Alfred Broadhead, George Henry Horsfall, Evelyn Taylor, John Edward Horrobin, Abel McGill, Arthur Lewis Fox, John William Gledhill, Walter, Boot and Shoe Repairer Richardson, Arnold Barber, Howard Dyson, Fred Stowman, Fred Parkin, Alfred Littlewood, Frank Mallinson, Frank Fox, George Sanderson, Lillian Sanderson, William Henry Beaumont, John Henry Holley, Ernest Frederick Coates, John Donald Wharam, Richard Henry Wood, Ernest Walker, Arthur Shaw, — Porter, John Mitchell Wood, Leonard Nixon, Amy Isabella Cotton, Bertha Sykes, Louisa Lunn, Leslie Jackman, Harry Murgatroyd, Reginald Walker, Edith North, Rae Jones, Llewellyn

Page 315



170 172 174 176 178 180 182 190 192 194 196 198 200 202




Holt, Ethel Beverley, Joe Roberts, Norman Stork Barrowclough, Lewis Traynor, Bernard Devine, John Connor Battye, F., Sweets & Confectionery Mortimer, Charles Barker, Maud Frederick, Emmeline Frederick, William Ledwidge, Christopher Dyson, Alice Ann Sutcliffe, J., Boot and Shoe Maker and Repairer Sutcliffe, Harry

.... 1s Cross Firs .........

Hartley, Alice Ann LOWER HIRST, OUTLANE.

Bower, George John

12/14 Noble, Alfred

16 18

m ©

Lees, Helen Hirst, John Thomas LOWERHOUSES LANE. Lockwood, Walter Wolfenden, Phillips, John Lowndes, Frederick Victor Hardman, Edith May, ‘“‘Spencer”’

Foundation Garments and Surgical Supports Thomas, Fred Goldthorpe, Willie Harrison, Norman Jagger, Richard Cooper, Norman Marsh, George William Jury, Thomas Edward Brooks, Lillie Ann

3 Lindley, Annie

North, Joseph Arthur Wood, Harry Bray, Mary Susannah Taylor, Harold Smith, Harry . Sykes, Hannah Maria Here is Longley Road Donaldson, Nathan Brennan, John Booth, Joe Willie North, Thomas Edward Sykes, Walter Liversidge Crowther, James Foyle, Frederick James Boothroyd, David Heeley, Nellie Lee, James Edgar Radcliffe, Elvyn Bottomley, William, Chimney Sweep Ellis, Anne Sophia Jenkins, Walter Lowerhouses Church of England School


99 101 103

107 109 111 113 115 117 119 121 123 125 127 129 131 133 135 137 139 141 143 145 147 149 151 153 155 157 201

203 205 207 209


Heve is Hey Lane Atkinson, John William Murphy, Sarah Hannah Boothroyd, Henry Evans Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd., Grocery & Butchering Branch Earnshaw, John Atkinson, Harold Blackburn, Edgar Skelton, Robert Sydney Armitage, Frank Arthur Leadbeater, Charles Gardiner, Mary Jane Butler, Jacob Capper, Emma Priestley, Sarah. Smith, Frank Peel, Ellen Ellis, Hammond Garner, Joseph Pogson, Isidore Bancroft, George Haywood, Sarah Elizabeth Sykes, John William Swan, Kate Amelia Broadley, Ellen Lunt, James Ibberson, Elizabeth Peace, Hannah Agnes

North, Alice

Beaumont, Joshua Guillatt, Clara The Ideal Cash Stores (Props., R. & N. Dougan), Grocers and Confectioners Weston, Roger Hawley Boothroyd, Annie Campenot, Joe Leslie Catherine, Madame, Ladies’ and Children’s Hairdresser Oldfield, Elizabeth Thorpe, Stanley Kastwood Drinkwater, James Hanson, Albert Thorpe, Stanley Eastwood Pitchforth, Albert Williamson, Harriet Barden, Horace Liversidge, Rhoda Mary Sykes, Thomas Edward Dawson, William Henry Whiteley, James William Haigh, Ethel Liversidge, Annie Holliday, Herbert nice Ellis, Ben Murphy, James Coldwell, Arthur Singleton, Mabel Priestley Bowyer, Thomas Willis Sykes, Frank Oates, Edward Hudson, George Levison Sykes, Clara Douglas, Willie

Page 316


Lowerhouses Lane—continued. 58 Hollingworth, Eliza 60 Haigh, Harry 62 Meller, Evan Arnold 64 Ramsden, Lawrence 66 Moss, William Knight 68 Firth, Effie 70 Greatorex, George Henry 72 Haigh, Herbert 74 Hyre, Emily Jane 76 Broadbent, Stanley 78 Roberts, Raymond Dixon 80 Ewart, Herbert Braithwaite 82 Berry, Timothy 84 North, Joseph Arthur 86 Taylor, George Ashworth 88 Sykes, Esther Florence 90 Williamson, John 92 Swallow, Percy 96 Kelly, Thomas 98 Donaldson, Joseph 100 Wood, Arthur 102 Eastwood, Annie Elizabeth 104 Kitson, Albert Heveis Longley Road 108 Fox, Ellick 110 Mellor, Joe Oddy 112 Liversidge, Tom 114 Shaw, Clement Victor 116 Boocock, Edwin Alexander 118 Watson, Hilda 120 Taylor, Arthur 122 Booth, Ernest 124 Taylor, Mary Jane 128 Fox, Harold 130 Dawson, Martha Hannah 132 Hall, James William 134 Foster, Arthur 136 Foster, George 138 Whitwam, Frederick William 140 Hall, James William, Lowerhouses Sub-Post Office, Newsagent, Sweets and Tobacco 142 (Unoccupied) 144 Wilkinson, Ellie 144aHaigh, Harry, Fish and Chips ; Sweets and Tobacco 144bGoldsmith, Robert, Sweets and Tobacco 146 Greenhow, Jessie, Ladies’ and Children’s Hairdresser 148 Greenhow, Susannah 150 Wright, Lavinia — Whitaker, J., Baker and Con- fectioner — Schofield, H., Boot and Shoe Repairer 154 Poole, Thomas Arthur — Milne’s Fisheries, Fish and Chips: 156 Hallas, Jack 158 Armitage, Joe 160 Stringer, Mary Ann 162 Hallas, Wilson 164 Newton, Lucy 166 Coldwell, Fred 172 Whitehead, Frank Benson


174 Booth, Joseph 176 Thompson, John Andrew 178 Mitchell, Mary Hannah Kilner 180 Ibberson, Haigh 182 Haigh, Charlie 184 Parker, Eileen 186 Hirst, Agnes Harriet 188 Crowther, Ivy 190 Whitelegg, William Archer 192 Taylor, Caroline 194 Broadhead, Sam 196 Haigh, Joe 198 Fox, Walter George 200 Armitage, Annie — Lowerhouses and Longley Working Men’s Club 204 Moss, Herbert — St. Mary’s Church 206 Hanson, Willie 208 Waterworth, Leonard, Joiner and 210 Lodge, John Novelli 212 Bostock, Frederick 214 McKay, William Byers 216 Hartley, Henry Foxcroft 218 Senior, Albert Edward Here 1s Hall Cross Road ......... 232 Willingale, Harold

LOWERHOUSES ROAD, QUARMBY. Hudson, Harold Crowther, William Henry Haigh, Frank Lunn, Florence Louisa Haigh, Wilfred 11 Batley, Charles Leonard 13 Singleton, Owen 15 Townend, Gertrude 17 Earnshaw, Robert 19 Morton, Agnes 21 Crisp, George 23 Crosland, Annie 25 Johnson, Benjamin Hobson Scott


LOWER PARK, BERRY BROW. 1 Stokes, Douglas 3 Atha, Harry Bingley 5 Hartley, Annie Elizabeth 7 Gay, George William 9 Rushworth, William 11 Coates, Thomas William, Lower . Park Farm 13 Ellis, Mary Jane 15 Lodge, Frank 2 North, William 4 Green, Harry 4aBrown, John

LOWER QUARRY ROAD, BRADLEY. 1 Barnes, Joseph 3 Robinson, Harry 5 Chaplin, Harry 7 Ellis, Walter Brooke

Page 317


Lower Quarry Road—continued.

9 Walker, Mabel 11 Booth, Annie 13 Hardaker, John Thomas 15 Booth, Stella 17 Mann, Fred 19 Bennett, Walter 21 Booth, Tom 2laMegson, Harry 21bRenton, Lucy Ann 23 Stephenson, Wilfred

Heve is Westwood Street .........

25 Whitwam, Harry 27 Wallace, George Henry 29 Ibberson, Albert 31 Bleazard, Frank 33 Standish, Robert Bancroft 35 Green, Ernest 37 Clay, Leonard 39 Scott, John 2 Hinchcliffe, Harry 2aHarwood, John Wilson 4 Hudson, Mary Ellen

Holme Mills. Fearnley, Walter & Sons, Ltd., Woollen Yarn Spinners Bottomley, E. & Sons, Ltd., Wool, Cotton and Rayon Dyers Mirfield Waste Co., Ltd., Wad- ding Manufacturers

Caravans. Smith, Nicholas Charlotte, Ambrose Smith, George Arron, Lee


101 Sykes, Florence Alberta 103 Wilcox, David John 105 Roebuck, Mary Ann 107 Dawson, John Ernest 109 Smith. Herman


1 Wilkinson, Alfred 5 Shaw, Harry 2 Wood, Frank 4 Codd, Joseph 4aCodd, Harold Ramsden 6 Wright, James Borrill Neville .


1 Robinson, Harry 3 Mellor, Allen 5 Marsden, Willie 7 Dyson, Edith 9 Ames, Israel George 17 Amison, John Edward

Here is Halifax Road

YY 424 eee ee



19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33


45 47 49 51


LOW ROAD, PARKGATE, BERRY BROW. Morgan, Arthur Symonds Dowsey, Bernard Stoney, Elsie Collier, Amy Morrison, Mary Thompson, Joseph Nicholson Beaumont, Ernest Woodcock, Harry Brooke, Harry Green Matthewman, Emily Imeson, James Hudson Haigh, Clifford Woodcock, Allen Fenwick, Jack Fyfe, Thomas Berry, Charles Milton

LUCK LANE, MARSH. Springfield Place. Cross, Willie Mellor, Sarah Hannah Hilton, Rowena Potter, Lydia Taylor, Fred Lee, Ada Emma Whiteley, Joe Berry, John Kenneth Walker, Mary Stead, Lewis Shepherd, Stanley Davies, George Frederick Frank 13 Clarkson, Harold 14 Davies, Emmie Jane Hinchliffe, Herbert Hanson, Annie Dyson Smith, Frederick Wigmore, Richard Robinson, Tom & Son, Plasterers and Slaters Kaye, Charles, Baker, Con- fectioner, Sweets & Tobacco


pl el 2

py Here 1s Reed Sivett fae ocak Jim svn

Stead, John, Builder and Contractor Uttley, Willie Dawson, Norah Ellis, Frank Herbert Taylor, Alfred Hirst, Fred Crampton, Edith Wimpenny, Frank Riley, William Parkin, Walter Burrows, Arthur Dickson Garside, Frank Armitage, Louisa Rollinson, Harry Smith, Joe Mitchell, Harry Thorpe, Harold Beaumont, George Frederick

53 Ellinthorpe, Robert

Page 318



Luck Lane—continued.

95 97 99

Sykes, Levi Chorlton, John Sellars, Joseph Robert Rhodes, Sam Denton, Alfred Dewhurst, William Edward Fairbairn, Phyllis Bates, Henry Wilmut, Francis Samuel Pearce, Henry Ainley, Cyril Bibby, Henry Ainley, Arthur Pilling, Edith Stott, Norman Boothroyd, Arthur, Joiner and Undertaker Boothroyd, Arthur Calverley, Eva Binns, John William Chappell, Harry Brook’s Buildings. 3 Dixon, Rose Ann 5 Rowley, Robert Arthur Kerr, Charlotte 9 Parkin, Mary Jane 11 Taylor, Joe 13 Mosley, Joshua Roebuck 15 Beaumont, Lily 17 Taylor, Mary Ellen Beaumont, Edward Free, Edward Pearson, Sam

Footpath leading to Broomfield Road

115 117 119 121 123 125 127 129 131 135 137 139 141 143 151 153

Pi vo Gilg ae MOON. i sacks

Quaker Row. 19 Illingworth, George, Sweets & Tobacco 21 Jones, John Edgar 23 Cartwright, Fred 25 Brook, Mary Ann 27 Roebuck, Susannah 29 Elkington, Albert Arthur 31 Boothroyd, Arnold 33 Boothroyd, Fred 35 Roberts, Willie 39 Halliwell, Jack 41 Halliwell, Robert 43 Bagnall, Norman Whiteley, Joseph Hellowell Livesey, Fred Dyson, Harry Aram, Robert Binns, Norman Binns, Samuel Osbert Hardcastle, Francis Beaumont Taylor, James William Raweliffe, William Henry Firth, Lilian Smith, Leonard Healey Tinker, John Allen Tinker, George Hugo Bedford, Elizabeth France, Michael France, Mason Percy

155 Crossley, Herbert 157 Singleton, Norman Stead, Joiner 159 Brierley, Ben 161 Suthers, Sam 163 Armitage, Harry Overton — Luck Lane Garage (Prop. J. Blackburn) 181 Blackburn, Joe donee deve $8 Larch 183 Pearson, Hannah Miriam 185 Linaker, Joseph 187 Greenhough, John 189 Mellor, Walker 191 Brennan, John William 193 Sykes, Ada 195 Yeo, Mary Eliza is Beech Street :.: 197 Brook, Amy 199 Jackman, Henry 201 Brown, Hannah 20laSiswick, Emma 203/205 Hardcastle, F. B., Chemist 207 Beaumont, Harry, Radio and Electrical Dealer coy va cee Here 1s Church Street ......... 4 Stephenson, Harry 6 Halstead, Emma Jane 8 Moore, Allen 10 Cliffe, Herbert 12 Schofield, Arthur 14 Schofield, George Ashness 16 Wild, Edith — 1l6aWhite, George Stewart 18 Lockwood, Harry 20 White, George 22 Whittle, Thomas 24 Ramsden, Emma 26 Webster, Ada 28 Bower, Fred 30 Illingworth, Leonard Arthur — Haywood, J. & Sons, Ltd., Marsh Mills, Worsted and Woollen Manufacturers 36 Senior, George William 38 Sheard, Edgar 38aBates, Norman, Boot and Shoe Repairer — Bottomley’s Motors (Hudd.), Ltd., Providence Garage, Motor Coach Proprietors 40 Taylor, Walker 42 Broomhead, John William 44 Haigh, Ernest Brown 46 Chorlton, Emma, Dressmaker and Costumier 48 “ Ford’s,’’ Newsagent, Tobacconist and General Dealer 50 Alsop, Harry 52 Ford, Edith Mary — Gledhill, Arthur, Builder and Contractor 54 Tidswell, Fred 56 Booth, Gertrude és eve ts Carry Street (oki. es 58 Parfitt, George, Fruit and Fish Dealer. —

Page 319


Luck Lane—continued. 60 Symons, Charles John 60aKettlewell, Annie 62 Thornton, Geoffrey 64 Beevers, Ronald Marsh 66 Draper, George 68 Rollin, Ernest 70 Lambert, John 72 Stoney, Arthur 74 Lawton, Fred 76 Smith, Dick 78 Becdsworth, John 80 Casson, Elizabeth 82 Hirst, Joseph 84 Mitchell, Joseph 86 Cross, Jane 88 Bell, Annie Sophia 90 Balmford, Fred 92 Hoyle, Alan . 94 (Unoccupied) 110 Godsmark, Harry Citford, A.M.1.A.E., A.M. Inst. T. 112 Palmer, Fred 114 Brook, Stanley Park 116 Quarmby, Alfred 118 Sykes, Arthur 120 Mayall, Robert 122 Ward, Frederick Arthur 124 Haigh, George 126 Allridge, Stanley Walter 128 Brook, Kenneth 130 Livesey, Fred 132 Copper, Elizabeth. Caroline 142 Atkinson, Alice 144 Marsden, Daniel 146 Armitage, George Bottomley 148 North, Bernard 150 Wells, Harry, Decorator 152 Carter, Henry 154 Barton, Enos, Baker, Confectioner, Sweets and Tobacco 156 Paddock Head Book Stores (Prop., G.H. Lilley) 158 Turner, D., Fruit & Fish Dealer 160 Modern Outfitters (Prop., F. Mail), Ladies’ & Gent’s Outfitters Pea ake Here is Victory Avenue ........ Vilas athe Here is Longwood Road .........

LUMB, ALMONDBURY. 36 (Unoccupied) 38 Matthews, Mary

LUMB LANE, ALMONDBURY. 25 Jackson, Thomas Edwin 27 Stringer, Ben, Fletcher House Farm leading to Mollicar Woods... 35 Clarke, Alfred 37 Matthews, John Edward, Lumb Farm 39 Knapton, John Stanley — Booth, Harold, Lumb Head Farm — Woodhouse, Sarah Ann, “Ogley”’ Lisbon. — Furness, A. E. & D., Electrical Dealers


65 Furness, Sarah Edith 2 Smith, Sydney 4 Lodge, Joseph 6 Newton, Marion 8 Mansfield, Edwin George — Kaye, Norman Henry, “ Little Croft ” — Quarmby, Harry, “Three Oaks” 30 Irving, Edward 32 Brook, Sam 34 Barlow, James Arthur 36 Brook, Robert Henry 40 Marshall, Walter 42 Senior, Alice 44 Thorburn, Jessie 46 Green, Arthur 48 Coward, Stanley 50 Hardy, Edgar 52 Hirst, Norman Neswome Footpath leading to Clough Hall Lane 54 Hardy, Norman, Sweets and Tobacco 56 Brook, Kaye 58 Duckworth, Sam pei Here is Lower Castle Hse

LYNCROFT AVENUE, GREENSIDE. (Off Ravensknowle Road.) 15 Richardson, George 17 Exley, Mary 19 Emma 21 Townsend, Emma 23 Milan, Frederick 25 Trott, Sadie - 14 (Unoccupied) 16 Dowsey-Magog, William 18 Dixon, Hannah 20 Townend, Arthur 22 Holmes, Irvin 24 Senior, Harold

LYNDHURST ROAD, LINDLEY. 1 Turpin, Harold . 3 Brook, Sydney S. 5 Brook, Walter 7 Everett, Sydney, Ladies’ Hair- 9 1 3

dresser 9 Schofield, William Gee, Eliza Thorpe, Albert — Lindley Adult School

LYNNDALE AVENUE, BIRKBY. 1 Eastwood, George 3 Thorpe, Sam 5 Richards, Wilfred Thomas 7 Brook, Emily Louisa 9 Jones, Charles Henry 11 France, Willie Carr 13 Shepherd, Leslie, Ladies’ & Gent’s Tailor 15 Eastwood, Ernest Edwin 17 Hirst, Reuben I 19 Towle, Jack

Page 320


Lynndale Avenue—continued.

21 Tiffany, David 23 Hallas, Philip Shaw 25 Earp, Reginald 27 Simmons, Thomas Arthur 29 Charlesworth, Joseph 31, Laycock, Gilbert 33 Farrington, Sarah Ellen 35 Blenkhorn, George Taylor 37 Lindop, William Charles 39 Reynolds, Mary Louisa (senr.) sakes Here 4s Stovths Road 2 Wilson, Arthur 4 Smith, Alice Elizabeth 6 Macbeth, Robert 8 Moore, William 10 Miller, William 12 Jackson, William Owen 14 Wood, Charles Henry 16 Sykes, Norman 18 Hoyle, Henry 20 Sykes, George William Goodwin 22 Burhouse, George Raymond 24 Sellers, Ewart 26 Elmslie, Allen George 28 Barber, Percy 30 Bailey, Samuel 32 Mosley, Willie 34 Crosland, Benjamin Lewis 36 Holmes, William Hargreaves 38 Shenton, Herbert Stewartson 40 Hallas, Harold

ec sek uh Herve is Stovths Road ............ LYNTON AVENUE (Off Park Grove, Greenhead Road).

7 Brook, George Henry 9 Wilson, Thomas 11 Pearson, Harold Heap 13 Wood, Josiah 15 Sykes, Percy 17 Raynor, Caroline 19 Kitson, Arthur 21 Firth, William Slater 23 Townend, Joe 25 Gibson, Fred 27 Ashton, Beaumont 29 Bamforth, Carl 31 Bailey, John 33 Scrimshaw, Percy

Fleve 1s Oastley Avenue .........

vs Here 1s Park Grove ............ 12 Harewood, Rupert George 14 Mather, Clifford 16 France, Louis 18 Eastwood, William 20 Miller, John William 22 Jones, Charles Willie 24 Shaw, Percy 26 Reynolds, Charles William 28 Beveridge, Arnold Thomas 30 Sykes, Ethel 32 Leech, Harold Cayzer ete Herve 1s Oastler Avenue .........


MACAULAY ROAD, BIRKBY. 3 Ross, Robert Allan 5 Illingworth, Frank Fearnside 7 Wainwright, Alfred, Photographer 9 Horton, Harry 14 Hesketh, Miss Amy Louisa 16 Shirtliffe, Miss Kate 18 Selby, Eric Lawrence Francis 20 Megson, Mrs. Nellie 22 Kitchingman, Miss Clara Elizabeth 24 Greenwood, Mrs. Maude 26 Hull, Thomas Ernest 28 Shenton, John William 30 Haigh, Albert Holroyd 32 Spikes, Miss Edith — Reid, Miss Jane Peddie

Hevreis North Bank Road .........

~MACAULAY STREET. 7/9 Brook, William, Fruiterer 11/13 Taylor, J. H. & Co., Electrical, Radio, Sanitary and Heating Engineers ts Yara 17 Bailey, Stanley, Gent’s Hairdresser 19 Smithson, Henry Pilling, Sweets and Tobacco 19aCatton, Ada 21 Tearle, William Brewer 2laVickerman, Florence

ey ceca Here is Upperhead Row .........

4 West Riding County Council— Mirfield District Weights and Measures Office (Inspector, E. Ward) Education Dept. (Divisional Clerk’s Office) Blind Persons Act Dept. :— Colne & Holme Valleys Joint Committee for the Blind Saddleworth & District Committee for the Blind 8 Rogers, John Henry, Plumbers Arms — Dyson, R. S. & Co., Ltd., Whole- sale Grocers & Provision Merchants

Herve is Upperhead Row .........

MACHAM STREET, LOCKWOOD. 10 Clarke, Margaret Laura 12 North, Albert a ve Heve 1s Bland Street ........0... MALVERN RISE, PRIMROSE HILL. 1 Ainley, George 3 Bray, Edward 5 Kaye, Herbert 7 Beaumont, Alfred 9 Perkin, Edward 11 Cocking, Wilfred 13 Tolson, James Allen 15 Abbs, Annie 17 Spence, James 19 Bell, George William

Page 321


Malvern Rise—continued.

21 Garside, Eric Spencer 23 Clegg, Willie 25 (Unoccupied) 27 Davis, Herbert 29 Littlewood, Wilfred Edgar 31 Atkinson, Oscar 33 Tomlinson, Harry 35 Green, George 37 Hollings, Phoebe 39 Tipling, Willie 41 Dyson, John 43 Gartrey, Alfred 18 Wadsworth, John Eric 20 Stead, Joe 22 Sands, Tommy


1 Sharp, George Gilbert 3 Carroll, John 5 Tindall, Stanley 7 Ibberson, Herbert 9 Nuttall, Edith Mary 11 Turner, Lewis 13 Brook, Hubert 15 Lebe, Rupert Graham Joseph 17 Cock, Arnold 19 Joy, James 21 Smith, Charles 23 Thewlis, Kenneth 25 Oddy, Tom 27 Sykes, Ada 29 Waddington, Lily 31 Hirst, George — Primrose Hill Liberal Club (Caretaker, George Hirst) 33 Tordoff, Harry

Here is Stile Common Road ...... 2 Wright, D., Sweets and Tobacco 4 Earnshaw, Mary 6 Payne, Alfred Edward 8 Bentley, Eleanor Quarmby, Archibald Hubert 2 France, Joe

ir Heve is Palm Stveet ........ 14 Newsome, Mabel 16 Haley, Robert Henry 18 Barrow, William

Heve is Orchard Street ......... 20 Varley, Ada 22 Batley, John Arthur 24 Senior, Charles Preston 26 Sykes, Harry 28 Lunn, James Edward 30 Kettlewell, Fred 32 Smith, Frank 38 Stansfield, Jack 40 Moody, John Thomas Rowlands 42 Rigg, Oliver 44 Owen, Richard 46 Brook, Edwin

area Herve is Primrose Hill Road ......


— Vickerman, Kathleen, Ladies’ Hairdresser — Amateur Woodworkers’ Supply, Handicrafts Joiners laLeah, Joshua Palmer 1 Booth, John William 3 Ainley, William I 5 Brennan, Thomas 7 Pawson, Frank 9 Morgan, John Ewart 11 Robson, Theresa 13 Kilgannon, John 15 Bullas, Annie 17 Crosland, Jane Elizabeth 19 Noble, John William Haigh 21 Clayton, Charles Ernest 23 Brook, Herbert Starling 25 Wilkinson, Sam 27 Dennis, Willie 29 Conroy, Thomas 31 Hanley, Thomas 33 Moss, Elizabeth E. 35 Crossley, Edith Alice 37 Starkey, Herbert 39 Roebuck, Ivor 39aHand, John James 41 Barrett, Thomas 43 Pogson, Arthur Schofield 45 Cliffe, Whitehead 47 Hirst, Arthur 49 Wilkinson, Sam 51 Cox, Albert 53 Green, Irvine 55 Hirst, Sarah Hannah 57 Haworth, Irving 59 Cocking, Fred 61 Stott, Annie Etty 63 Williamson, Mary Ann 65 Kirk, John 67 Cartwright, John William 69 Burns, Thomas 69aBlackburn, William Sinclair 71 Stanton, Jennie 73 Whitwam, Emma 75 Thomas, Walter 77 Hirst, Tom

Graham’s Yard. Hamilton, John William Scott, Charles Edwin Norris, Florence Marshall, L. & Sons, Ltd., Unbreakable Boiler Makers

Springdale Mills. Haigh, James & Co., Wool, Noils & Waste Merchants Battye, J. & Co., Commission Menders, Burlers and Fine. Drawers Huddersfield Motor Utility Co., Tyre Factors Earnshaw’s. Motor Car Engineers and Garage Swaine & Sykes, Electro Platers and Polishers

I fe

Page 322



nchester Road—continued.

Dawson & Beaumont, Ltd., Wool Merchants

Manchester Road, Longroyd Bridge. 155/157 Hopson Bros., Ladies’ and

Gent’s Tailors

159/161 Hawkyard Harry, Elec-

175 177

179 181 183 185

211 213 215 217 219 221 223 225 227 229 231

tricians’ Hotel Denton, Walter L., Springdale Garage, Motor Car Engineers Springdale Mills. Springdale Laundry (Prop. W. Bramald) Hastings & Henshaw, Waggon Cover Manufacturers and India Rubber Merchants Roebuck, Henry & Co., Ltd., Fancy Woollen & Worsted Manufacturers Bottomley, J. C., & Emerson Ltd., Chemical Manufrs. Herve is St. Thomas’ Road Here is Springdale Avenue Whiteley, Albert Eastwood Green, Bertha Wade, Norman Brighouse Holley Tindall, »delaide Elizabeth Powner, Thomas Edwin Rhodes, E., Springdale Ice Cream Works, Ice Cream Dealer Tinker, John & Sons, Ltd., Steeple- jacks & Property Repairers Tiernan, William Hopper, —- Davies, Fred W. & Sons, Electrical Engineers Brunton, Herbert William Nunns, Ernest William Nelson, Norman Hardeastle, L. & A., Ladies’ and Children’s Outfitters is Thornton Lodge Road...... Hewitt & Schofield, Grocers, Sweets and Confectionery Clark, Maud Brakewell, Harry

3 Mennell, Arthur

Sheard, Stanley Sharp, William Noble, Fred Stott, Maud Stanion Lancaster, William Arthur Dyson, Joe

~ Royston, Ernest

Marsland, James Edward Hey, Lawrence Hoggarth, John Albert Barrow, Herbert Armitage, Joseph Wharf, Percy Wightman, Charles Firth White, Alfred Turner Barker, Percy Varley, Edgar Russell Barrow, Ernest Dickinson, George Wilfred


233 235 237

Scott, John Joseph Wood, Beatrice Pilling, Norman Denton, Emily Hindle, Christopher Davison, Frank Davison, William Walker Addy, Mary Crosland, Joe Willie Thorpe, Franklin Thewlis, Hornsby Steps and footpath leading 40 6% Moorbottom Road Wainwright, Joseph William Stead’s Shoeing Forge, Black- smith and Farrier Crosland Marie Josephine, The Griffin Hotel Brook, Geo. Wm. & Son, Joiners & Undertakers Here is Blackmoorfoot Road ......

Manchester Road, Birkhouse.

275/277 Watson, George, Grocer,

279 281

Sweets and Tobacco Turton, Harold, Junction Inn Beaumont, Harold

283/285 Horton, Harry

287 289 291 293 295 297 299 301 303 305 307 309

Haigh, Alice Louise Cairney, Henry Orton, John William Jarrell, Samuel Henry Singleton, Anne Arnold, Lily Gertrude Liversidge, Emma Elizabeth Barrett, Herbert Shaw, Eric Beaumont, Norman Spencer, Harriet Ann Hollas, Harry Tann, Harold Kelly, John Henry Stead, Mary Cocking, Joseph Beale, William Percy ~ ... Here is Oldfield Street Crabshaw & Mellor, Rag Pullers Lockwood, Joseph Dixon, Ernest Shaw, Frank Wright, Annie Shaw, Osman Moorhouse, Lawrence Earnshaw Goldthorp, Archie Booth, Albert Barrow, James Edward

9 Spencer, Fred

Paley, Mary Alice Clough Cecil, Charles George Prior, John Thomas Johnson, John Henry Boothroyd, Joe, Grocer, Sweets & Tobacco Garside, Evelyn Welsh, Thomas Schofield, Joseph Culpan

Page 323

‘ apt


Manchester Road—continued.

417 419 42] 423 425 427 429 431 433 435 437 441 443 447 449 451 453 455 459

Wagstaff, Harold Whitwam, Ellen Hiles, Leonard Hamer, Harry Nithsdale, Daniel Boocock, Alfred (Unoccupied) Shaw, Frederick Mosley, Leonard Dutton, Mercy Lumb, Louisa Rebecca Beaumont, Tom Clark Lockwood, William Lund Senior, Wilfred Normanton, Leonard Tunnacliffe, Clara Garside, Ralph Hirst, Tom Haigh, Jack

461/463 Algar, Charles George Cecil

467 469 471 473 475 477 479 481 483 485 487 489 491 493 495

497 499 501 503 505 507 509 511 513 515 517 519 521 523 525 527 529 531 533 535 537 539

541 543 545 547

Walker, Willie Winter, Alfred Reynolds, John Hindle, Albert Abrahams Hinchliffe, Job Blundell, Edwin Luke Hamer, Elizabeth Wightman, Thomas James Cliffe, Eliza Haigh, Herbert Bywater, Stanley, Window Cleaner Chappell, Harold Donaldson, James Crossley, Francis Garbutt Nelson, Ronald Nelson & Bywater, Britannia Aviaries, Bird Fanciers and Dealers Howarth, George Arthur Hinchliffe, William Briggs, Hannah Maria Riley, Walter Broughton Albert Lunn, Clara. Fox, John William Haigh, John William Jennings, Arthur Davies, William Smith, Joseph Stevens, William Lunn, Edith Moore, Nancy Morris, Laura Ann Worsley, Fred Haigh, Allen Worsley, Samuel Cliffe, Verdi Thornton, Jane Kinder, Emily Cooper, Joseph C., The Britannia Inn Brook, Elizabeth Chappell, Wilson Walker, Ernest Quarmby, Jack


549 551 553 555


559 561 563 565 567 569 571 575 577 581 585 587 591


595 597



603 605 607 609 611 613 615 617 619 621 623 625 627 629 631 633

2 4 6


McLeon, William George Westoby, Horace Richardson, Alice Poynter, George James France, David Pickard Greenwood, William Bennett, Jack Holdsworth, James. Haigh, William Ernest Greenwood, Flora Royston, Herbert Walker, Thomas Allen King, Reuben Sykes, John Herbert Mellor, Jack Moore, Mary Ann Haigh, Harry Whiteley, Arthur

Steps leading to Park Road West .

Mosley, E. W., Grocer, Sweets and Tobacco Mosley, Ernest William Cooney & Workman, Chimney Sweeps Armitage, Fred Clay, Edgar Balmforth, Cyril Viener. Garside, Joseph Batley, William Henry Smith, Charlie Garside, Herbert Garside, Martha Wood, George William Bradley, Joshua McDona!ld, Richard Brown, Lawrence Smith, Sidney Hirst, Stanley Brown, Cissie Whittaker, Alfred Webster, Harry Taylor, Wiliam MANCHESTER ROAD. Greenlees & Sons, Ltd., Boot and Shoe Dealers Hodgkinson, E., Stationer, Sweets and Tobacco Walker, Madame, Gowns and Millinery Grand Picture Theatre (Union Cinema, Co., Ltd.)

14/16 Schofield, George Henry, }

18 20

Greyhound Hotel Tinker, Ida Whitfield Bros. & Co., Ltd., Tailors, Costumiers, Footwear and Drapers

26/28 Bedford, Herbert


32 34


Brian, Edward The Thirty Fourth Club “Boys ‘Club Salmon, Harriet Worth, Herbert, Ladies’ & Gent’s Tailor Hall, S. & Son, Licensed Furniture Brokers and General Hard-. ware Dealers I

Page 324


Manchester Road—continued. 38 Chambers, John, Confectionery, Sweets and Tobacco 40 Holroyd, Clifford, Beef and Pork Butcher 42 Frost, John 44 Booth, Crowther Bottomley, General Dealer 46 Berry, P. E., Fish and Chips 48 Oddy, Harry Benson, Newsagent, Sweets and Tobacco 50/54 (Unoccupied) 52 Lear, John 56 Simpson, Thomas William 62 (Unoccupied) — Allport, J., Boot and Shoe Repairer 64 Taylor, Arthur 66 Woffenden, Harry 68 Gibson, Jack 70 (Unoccupied) 72 Hemingway, Ernest, Waggoners’ Arms 74 Garner & Mellor, Ltd., Gent’s Tailors and Outfitters

gu cers Herve is Outcote Bank .........

aah Herve is Bankfield Road ......... 76 Taylor, George William, Grocer & Confectioner 78 Mellor, Herbert 80 Richardson, Thomas Henry 82 Dennis, Edward Victor 64/86 Pogson, Arthur Schofield, Boot & Shoe Repairer and Lending Library 88 Castleton, John 90/92 Gallagher, William 94/96 Taylor, Harriet 98 Bates, Melinda 100 Murphy, Florence Annie 102 Southwell, Fred 104 Gordge, Joe. 108 Ruddiman, Albert Edward 110 Brown, William George 112 Foster, Henry 114 Brier, Irvine 116 Raspass, Robert 118 Fisher, John Henry 120 Haigh, Deborah 122 Ward, Bridget 124 Reilly, Martin 126 Crosland, Albert 4 128 Walker, Albert Moorcroft 130 Mather, Frank, Sweets & Tobacco 132 Dinkle, Fred 134 Tomlinson, William eee 136 (Unoccupied) 138 Hampshire, Herbert Steps leading to Bankfield Road — St. Thomas’ Church of England School , — §t. Thomas’ Church , — §t. Thomas’ Church of England School (Infants’ Dept.) .. Heveis Bankfield Road and Fenton ... Square


Manchester Road, Longroyd Bridge.

140 St. Thomas’ Club and Institute 142 Edwards, David, Dentist 144 Hinchliffe, Allen 146 Hardy, William 148 Sanderson, Sarah Elizabeth 150 Walker, Robert Newcombe 152 Wood, Reginald Clarence 154 Jepson, Samuel 156 Gleadall, W., Tailor & Costumier 156aHinchcliffe, Allen — Coldwell, K., Motor Car Repairer and Garage — Huddersfield Tyre House (Prop., W. Briggs & Co., Ltd., M/c.), Tyre Factors 160 Arnold, A. H. — Taylor’s Rritish Chemists, Chemists & Household Req. 162 Schofield, Louisa Alice, News- agent, Sweets and Tobacco 162aStokes, Mary Emma 164 Schofield, Martha Ellen, The Albion Inn cies Heve is Well Street ........000. 166 Swallow, H., Jeweller and Watch and Clock Repairer 168 Whitteron, N., Baker and Confectioner 170 Rickard Samuel Edward, Gent’s Hairdresser & Tobacconist Here is Longroyd Lane ......+.. 172 Aske, R., Second-hand Dealer 174 Knox, Charles, Sweets, Tobacco & General Dealer

. 176 Armitage, Sarah Jane

178 Harrison, Agnes 180 Hirst, Miriam 182 Wade, Edgar

Kilner’s Buildings. Wallbank, Annie Hunt, Eliza Howard, Gilbert Payne, Stanley Bairstow, Jack Hawkins, Harry Penniston, Elizabeth Hall, James Carter, Emma

Lower Fold. 10 Brook, Lily 11 Scott, Elizabeth Ann 12 Pluright, Clara 13 Schofield, Harold 14 Boothroyd, George 15 Burnley, Clara 16 Gilbert, William 16aStogden, John William 17 Butler, James William 18 Kendall, Abraham 19 Gledhill, Mary Hannah 20 Ward, George William 21 Gilbert, Arthur 22 Haigh, Lily 23 Bradshaw, George

Page 325


Manchester Road—continued.

25 Jackson, Frederick Vaughan 27 Leadbeater, Arthur, Cycle Accessories and Repairer — Cliffe & Co., Ltd., Longroyd Bridge Works, Textile Machinery Makers 188 Rhodes, C., Fish and Chips 190 Haigh, Thomas Percy, Beef and Pork Butcher 192 Kaye, D., Sweets & Tobacco 194 Wise, Brenda Muriel, Ladies’ Hairdresser 196 Pairman, William, Jeweller and Watch and Clock Repairer 198 Anderson (Repairs’, Lid., Boot & Shoe Repairers 200 Brook, George, Plumber and Glazier 202 Hallas, Harry, Draper, Newsagent and Tobacconist 204 Schofield, Arnold, Grocer and Fruiterer 206 Trawler Shops, Fish Dealers 206aMansfield, Samuel 208 Jubbs (Grocers), Ltd., Grocers and Provision Merchants 208aNewsome, Ernest 210 Wilson, William Edward, Confectioner 212 Tindall, Thomas Henry, Grocer & Provision Merchant 214 Murphy’s, Household and Hardware Dealers 216 The Ideal Shoe Repair Service (Prop., W. P. Fraser) — Parkin, W. & Son, Worsted Manufacturers — Holroyd, J. & Son, Worsted Manufacturers — Plaza Picture Theatre (Plaza Pic-

ture Theatre Co. (Hudd.), Ltd.) — Plaza Sweets Stores (Plaza Cinema)

218 Day, Henry 220 Kaye, Mary Emma, Fish & Chips 220aHaigh, Charles William Tom


— Matthewman, John, Woollen & Worsted Waste Merchant — Beaumont, Walter, Wool, Cot- ton & Waste Merchant 18 Wood, Harold, Rag & Waste Merchant & Shoddy Manu- facturer — Henderson & Co., Engineers & Spring Makers — Kaye & Co. (Hudd.), Ltd., Ironfounders 222bMurgatroyd, Reginald, French Polisher & Cabinet Maker — Arches Side Kennels & Aviaries (Prop., W. Varley)



— Bailey, Beaumont, Hand-loom Weaver — Varley, W., Clog Maker, Boot & Shoe Repairer 224 Jones, Alfred, Fish and Fruit Dealer 226 Inman, Harold, Gent’s Hairdresser 228 Platts, Kathleen Louise, Butcher — Earnshaw, B. & Co., Engineers and Machine Makers 230 Ashness, Clara 232 Pogson, Jane Ann 234 Whiteley, Louis Ingles 236 Bower, Arthur 238 Marsland, Percy 240 Gibson, John 242 Emmott, John, Radio and Elec- trical Engineer 246 Barber, John William 248 McLean, Herbert 250 Thackray, Sam, and Sanitary Engineer

. 252 Preston, Arnold, “Decorator and


Manchester Road, Birkhouse. pees vas Here is Birkhouse Lane .........,

Birkhouse. — Dyson, Frank — Flower, George — Dyson, Frank & ‘Sons, Concreters and Asphalters 256 Brook, Edith, ‘‘Spirella’’ Corsetiere 258 Walker, Benjamin Wade 260 Riley, Arnold 262 Brooke, Herbert 264 Brooke, J. B. & Sons, Ltd.., Builders, Joiners and Con- tractors 274 Robinson, Margaret Eleanor 276 Radford, ‘Annie 278 Lee, Bessie ro 280 Briggs, Frank Here is Stoney Battery- Road: — Battye, D. & Son, Ltd., Oil Re- finery 286 Barden, Andrew 288 Brear, Annie 290 Wadsworth, Emma 292 Holmes, Alice 294 Richardson, James Robert 296 Whiteley, Edith 298 Spencer, William 300 Dean, Willie 322 Prudential Assurance Co., Supt.’s Office 364 Cockroft, Sykes 366 Skinner, Gertrude 368 Webster, Jane 370 Whitehead, Harry, Watchmaker 372 Stephenson, Arthur 374 Allinson, Thomas Frederick 376 Riley, Walter 378 Wood, Enos 380 Kinder, Lewis Steven 382 Richardson, Percy


Page 326


Manchester Road—continued. 384 McAlister, Francis 386 Wimpenny, Harry 388 Baxter, Stanley Sykes 390 Haigh, Jessie 392 Holland, Willie 394 Paley, Tom 396 Whiteley, Annie 400 Clifford’s Bakery (Prop., H. C. Wood) 402 Sharratt, Annie — Huddersfield Industria! Society, Ltd., Grocery & Butchering Branch 406aFeather, Norman 406bFleming, James 408 Stansfield, Mary 410 Taylor, Frank 412 Feather, Norman 414 Smith, Annie 418 Crowther, John Thomas 420 Birch, James William 422 Holmes, Sarah 424 Adcock, Frederick 426 Hallas, Percy 428 Senior, Charlie Stanley 430 Micklewright, Martha Elizabeth 432 Shaw, Henry 434 Dunne, James 436 Norman, John Martin 438 Dryden, Robert 440 Woodcock, Malin 442 Inman, Harry 444 Harrison, John 446 Woodcock, Joe (senr.) 448 Lunn, Wilson 450 Varley, William Henry 452 Carter, Tom 454 Turner, Frank 456 Kehoe, Ben 458 Craven, Thomas Henry 460 Raynor, George 462 Siddall, Mary Ann 464 Ricketts, Harry 466 Atkinson, Jane 470 Dryden, Robert, Fruiterer 472 Dryden, Robert, Fish and Chips 474 Ellis, Harry 476 Batley, John 478 Roebuck, Benjamin 480 Sills, William 494 Ainley, George

MANCHESTER STREET. McGuire, James Turner, William Ryan, Peter Hinchliffe, Allen, Beef and Pork Butcher ga Heve is Water Lane 13 (Unoccupied) 15 Holmes, Arthur, Grocer, Baker & Confectioner 17 Malcolm, Esther 19 Dobbins, Thomas, Grocer, Sweets and Tobacco

OU =

21 Barden, James, George & Dragon Inn 23 Wylie, Stanley 25 Bates, William 27 Haigh, George Henry Here ts John: Street: 50 29 Ashton, Beaumont, Ladies’ and Gent’s Outfitter and Pawn- broker — Trawler Shops, Fish Dealers 31 Wadsworth, George Arthur 33 (Unoccupied) 33aLadbrooke, Charles James 35 Foley, Thomas 37 Heywood, J. & Son, Blind and Shutter Makers 39 Grayley, John William 41 Brosnan, Joseph Helm’s Yard. 4 Healy, John 5 Haigh, William 6 Trainer, Hugh 43 Whiteley, Eliza Ann 43aHyland, J., Boot and Shoe Repairer 45 Garvey, Mary 47 Hopkins, Emma Jane 49 Stringer, Sarah Elizabeth 51 McMaddock, John Sutcliffe’s Yard. 1 Bilbruck, Mark 3 Paxman, Edith 53 Beaumont, Lewis 55 Kilgallon, Mary 57 Dewhurst, Mary Elizabeth 59 Lee, John 61 Wharton’s, Fish and Chips Here is South Parade 2 Lunn & Cardno, Decorators and Painters 2aCudworth, Arthur, Gent’s Hair- dresser and Tobacconist 4 Gill, F., Boot & Shoe Repairer

Eastwood’s Yard. 1 Bottomley, Tom 2 Kaye, Guy Vernon Crowther _ 3 Day, Selina 4 Hargreaves, Harry Armitage 6 Victory Bakery, Wholesale and Retail Bakers & Confectioners 8 Cockhill, J. R. & Sons, Grocers & Provision Merchants 10 Gabriella, Loretta, Sweets and Tobacco 12 Bailey, Thomas 14 Armstrong, Jane Ann 16 Earnshaw, Sam, Spread Eagle Hotel 18 Overend, John, Fish and Chips swerved Herve 1s Granby Street ......... 22 Corrigan, John 22bDryden, Andrew 24 Hizzard, John Royal Oak Yard. 1 Stephens, Stanley 2 Wimbles, Charles Henry

Page 327


Manchester Street—continued.

26 Rockett, Matthew 28 Lee, Beatrice 30 Thomas, Martha Wheat Sheaf Yard. 1 Bell, William Henry _ 32 Garvey, Michael 34 Murdock, Archibald 36 Townley, Arthur Oswald 38 Farrar, James 40/42 O’Brien, George, Common Lodging House 44 Lynch, Michael 46 Walker, Ellen 48 Quinn, Nellie Here is Upperhead Row .........

MANOR RISE. (off King’s Mill Lane).

os fove 14 Lim S66 se ese Woodhouse, Leslie Thorpe, James Arthur Hellawell, Jack Coates, Joseph Walter Moss, Joseph Wareham, Harry Taylor, Harry McCormack, James Giggle, Alice 10 Thorpe, Hannah 11 Swinden, Mary 12 Balmforth, William 13 Hynes, Harry 14 Cook, Frank Hector 15 Booth, Clarence 16 Wood, William 17 Hemshall, Robert William 18 Dransfield, Norman 19 Reynolds, Perey Napier 20 Flanagan, James 21 Melvin, Thomas Henry 22 Beckwith, Norris 23 Brownlow, Ernest 24 Capper, Elsie 25 Brook, Sam 26 Bowker, Jack 27 Toulcher, Fred 28 Brown, Albert William 29 Woodworth, Harold 30 Harrison, Lucy Jane 31 Stephens, Albert 32 Kirrane, Stephen 33 Plumb, Frank 34 Poole, Arthur 35 Barber, Annie 36 Barlow, James 37 Garraty, Harry 38 Schofield, Mary Hannah 39 Travis, Clara 40 Walker, John 41 Creaton, Annie 42 Walklett, Samuel 43 Meredith, James 44 Bethel, Thomas Travis 45 Taylor, Ernest

Or be


46 47 48

On OU =

11 13 15 17 19

10 12 14. 16 18 20 22

24 26 28 30

tf eevee

34 36 38

Gray, William Henry Theodore Hellewell, Harry Leadley, Digby Clarence vee Herve is Elm Street

MANOR STREET. (off King’s Mill Lane.)

Braisby, Edmund Lodge, Herbert Horace Shaw, Eric Hodgson Middleton, Edgar Tilley, Joseph Bickerdike, Alexander Swallow, Alfred Senior, — Buckle, Frank Parker, Gwyn

aes Heve ts Elm Street

Webb, Ethel Milnes, Annie Beckenham, Arthur James Clayton, Percival Strange I Firth, George Alfred Briggs, John Edward. Shelton, Ernest Farrand, Evelyn Mary Crosland, John Stanléy Kaye, Stanley Gawthorpe, Arthur Wilson Chambers, Reginald Ginty, Robert Carpenter, James William Spivey, William Lyons, Louis Kaye, Albert Day, Henry Burkitt Cushing, Harold Cotton, Harold . Adams, Archie Benson, William Henry Dean, Esther Collings, Thomas George Smith, Tom Taylor, Isabella: Bradley, William Storrs Tebb, Margaret Kilvington Armitage, Fred Hardcastle, Philip Battye, Walter

dali Herve ts Elm Stveet

Littlewood, May Kaye, David Emmanuel Wood, Elizabeth Ann Ledger, Amy

ee Heve' is. Bell Stvedt viva

Clarke, James Ernest Diaper, Hannah Boothroyd, Clifford


Schofield, Alfred, Parkside House

.... Herve is Somerset Road

Jackson, James, Longley Lodge Crampton, Dennis, Park View

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Nicholson, Agnes Stephenson, Priscilla Walker, Ernest Gibson, Arthur Bayldon, Ernest Hewison, Mary Hannah Hill, Charles Armitage & Grimshaw, Mineral Water Manufacturers 21 Buttress, B. T. 23 Horsfall, Richard James 25 Grimshaw, John Spence Hardy 27 Blakeley, William 29 Megson, Wilfred Here is Church Street

MARKET HALL. (For outside shops see King Street, Shambles Lane, Victoria Street, and Victoria Lane.) Inside—Upnper. Adams Stores, Ltd., Smallware Dealers, 108, 109, 112, 113 Archard, Arthur, Ophthalmic Optician, 48, 49 Barker, G., Hosiery and Wool, 70, 71 Beaumont, C., Ladies’ and Children’s Outfitter and Fancy Goods Dealer, 64, 65, 74, 75 Berry, C. E., Draper, 67, 110, 111, 120, Evi, 122, 123, 124 Brook, A., Florist & Fruiterer, 92 Caledonian Biscuit Co., Biscuits, 96, 105 Coop, E. M., Refreshment Rooms, 44,4

Le Wr oO WOW =

I 4, 45 Dean, H., Health Food Stores, 88, 89, 93 Dightam, E. E., Woodworkers’ Sup-

plies, 76, "77 Dobson, J. & Sons, Ltd., Sweets, 97, 104

Dyson, John, Wholesale and Retail Draper, 61, 81, 87, 90, 99, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130 Dyson, 8. R. & Co., Drapers, 116a, 116, 117, 118, 119 Fowler, Wm., Smallware Dealer, 46, 47 Garritt, K., Household Goods, 94 Hanson, A., New and Second-hand Bookseller, 59a, 60 I., Draper, 40, 98 Jagger, C. A., Cooked Meats and Pro- vision Merchant, 91, 102, 103 Jones Sewing Machine Co., Ltd., Sewing Machine Manufacturers, 100, 101 Kemco, Ltd., Fancy Goods Dealers, on a te, Lodge, F. & A. E., Grocers, 54, 55 Mallinson, H., Bird Dealer and Food Supplies, 41 Marchini, Ben, Ice Cream, 66 Nicholl’s, Silks, Linings and Lingerie, 43


North, William, Fancy Goods & Toys, 86, 95. Oddy, T., Boots and Shoes, 42 Pearson, J. (“J.P.”’), Baker and Con- fectioner, 62, 63 Poulter, J., Refreshment Rooms, 50, 51 Redman, Ltd., Dried Fruits, 106, 107, 114, 115 Seatons, Ltd., Sweets, 58, 59 Sharp, A. W., Grocer, 84, 85 Snowden, H. & Co., Biscuits and Con- fectionery, 7 9, 82 Whittaker, John & Sons, Biscuits, 56," BT Wilkinson’ s, Gent’s Outfitter, 80 Winpenny, J. A., Ladies’ and Gent’s Tailor, 52, 53 Wood, G., Newsagent & Bookseller, 120a Wood, J., Sweets, 78, 83

Inside—Lower. Ball, S. W. & Co., Fancy Goods, Mir- rors and Picture Framers, 65, 66 Beevers, G., Sweets, 55 Brayshaw’s, Umbrella Dealer, 53 Brown Bros., Ladies’ and Children’s Overall Specialists, 4, 13, 19 Bruty, H. & G., Drapers, 8, 56 Bucci, Ice Cream, 43, 48 Cantor, A., Dresses and Silks, 25, 37 Carter, A. & D., Newsagent and Book- seller, 30, 31, 32 Carter, H., Draper and Hosier, 39, Chew, G., Boot and Shoe Dealer, 28, 34 Coletta, A. & Sons, Ice Cream, 24, 38, 71 Cross Bros. & Foster, Grocers and Pro- vision Merchants, 51, 52, 64 Eastwood, E., Cooked Meats and Pastries, 41, 42

Firth, H. , Gent’s Outfitter, 2. ‘15, 16, 17

Gregory, William, Confectioner, Th. 8 Hartley, Frank, Ltd., Draper and Out- fitter, 148, 149, 150 Hilbert Bros., Fruiterers, 44, 45, 46, 47 Hinchliffe, E., Soda Fountain, 140 Hindle, F. W., Hardware Dealer, 132, 133, 134, 135, 186 Holroyd, C., Herbal Drinks, 54 Hutchby, E., Toy Dealer, 29, 33 Lockwood, H., Glassware Dealer, 40, 49 Marchini, Ben, Ice Cream, 7 Mellor, A., Glass and China Dealer, 142, 143, 144 Murphy’s, Household and Hardware Dealers, 141 North, William, Carpets, Linoleum and Oilcloth Dealer, 10, 22, 61, 62 Rangeley, A., Gent’s. Outfitter, 3 Singer Sewing Machine Co., Ltd., Sewing Machine Manufacturers, 57, 58 I

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Market Hall—continued. Smith, E. & Son, Ironmongers, 6 Smith, J., Toy Dealer, Il, 12, 20, 21 Snowden, H. & Co., Biscuits ‘and Con- fectionery, 1 Taylor, R., Bookseller, 145, 146, 147 Ulrich, F. M., Newsagent & Bookseller,

5 Walker, T., Cooked Meats and Con- fectionery, 9, 23 Wilson, G. & A., Baby Linen and Draper, 27, 35 Winfield’s, Fruiterers, 26, 36 Wood, J., Lid., Sweets, 14, 18, 63, 67, 68, 69, 70 Markets Superintendent’s Office: Bull and Mouth Street (Hudd. 1995)

MARKET PLACE. 7 Freeman, Hardy & Willis, Ltd., Boot and Shoe Dealers 7aSykes, John & Co., Solicitors 7aMallinson, C. F. & Son, Architects, Surveyors, Valuers & Estate Agents—Radcliffe Estate Office 9 Melias, Ltd., Grocers & Provision Merchants Battye’s Yard. 1 Booth, Fred, Engraver 1 Amalgamated Society of Wood- workers (District Office) 2 Mayall, W. A., Accountant 3 Sutcliffe, A. & Sons, Ltd., Wholesale Drapers 3 Brooke, Ellis, Printer and Stationer 5 Garton, George & Son, Ltd., Plumbers and Electricians Market Cross Chambers. Scotland & Co., Ltd., Turf Commission Agents Galloway, G. & Sons, Type- writer Service ** Pauline,’’ Ladies’ and Gent’s Hairdresser Marshall, P. 8., Analytical and Consulting Chemist First Aid Supply Co., First Aid Requisites Tinker, John & Sons, Ltd., Steeplejacks and Property Repairers 15 Blackburn, Harry, Florist and Fruiterer 17 Hall’s Dining Rooms (licensed) — Union Bank of Manchester, Ltd. Union Bank Chambers. Carter, Pattimore & Bostock, Accountants & Auditors ; Kahn’s (Hudd.), Ltd., (Regd. Office) Carter & Pattimore, Income Tax Agents Steel, T. N. & Co., Incorpor- ated Accountants Couch, Arthur (Bank House)


Union Bank Yard. Bradley, J. A., Ltd., Brush Manufacturers 23 Barker & Son, Trunks, Umbrellas and Sports Outfitters nee Heve is Market Walk ......... 25 Martin’s Bank Chambers. Smailes & Walker, Solicitors Abbey Road Building Society— Agents, Smailes & Walker 27 Martins Bank, Ltd. 29 Central Buildings. Wilmshurst & Kaye, Solicitors Atlas Assurance Co., Ltd.— Agents, Wilmshurst & Kaye Irving, Incor- porated Insurance Broker Galloway’s Commercial School McCreath, J. 8S. & R., Watch- makers and Watchmakers’ Materials Here is New Street ....... 4 Walshaw’s Old Pharmacy (Kemco,,. Chemists 6 Budge, Fred, Tobacconist 6 Cook, W. H., Ltd., Printers, - Bookbinders and Stationers 6 Shaw, H., Chartered Accountant Market Place Chambers. County Magistrates’ Clerk’s Office Sharpe & Sharpe, Chartered Accountants Provincial Assets Co. (A. C. Sharpe) Moore, Harold, Incorporated Accountant Packer, Mrs. E., Domestic Servants’ Employment — Halifax Building Society 10 Smith, W.H. & Son, Ltd., Newsagents, Booksellers, Librarians, Stationers, Printers, Bookbinders, etc. — Midland Bank, Ltd. (Yorkshire Bank Branch) Yorkshire Bank Chambers. Owen, Bailey & Hulme, Solicitors County Fire & Provident Life, Ltd.—Agents, Owen, Bailey & Hulme MARKET STREET. District Bank Chambers. Wood, H. V. & Co., Chartered Accountants Huddersfield Stock Exchange —Sec., H. V. Wood Woodcock, Edgar, Estate Agent and Valuer ; Accoun- tant and Auditor ; Insur- ance Broker Dale, J. E. & Co., Incorporated Accountants

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Market Street—continued. Hall, J. H. & Son, Architects

Dale, Oscar E. & Co., Insurance Brokers Graham, George H., Public Works and Building Con- Contractor Knockton, Harry (Caretaker) — Beaumont, Joseph E., Gent’s Hair- dresser

Observer Chambers. (Unoccupied) Seott & Son, Tea Merchants Taylor, Willie, Turf Commis- sion Agent ‘““The Yorkshire Observer ”’ Branch Office Wright, Brian, Journalist (Unoccupied) Pearson, Edgar, Manufacturers’ Yarn Agent Arnold, Charles F., Yarn M erchant 7 Robinson, J. T., Oyster Refresh- ment Bar Brook’s Yard. Atkinson & Timmins, Ladies’ Hairdressers Vyner, George, Account Book Specialist Bell, R. A., Manufacturing Chemist Mellor, H. & Sons, Woollen Merchants Bowman, H., Boot and Shoe Repairer Beardsall, W. FE. & Co., Ltd., Electrical Wholesalers The Stylo Boot Co. (Northern), Ltd.—W arehouse 9 Tetley, S. & Sons, Ltd., Tobacco & Cigar Factors 11 Emmerson Bros., Sports Outfitters 13/15 Levell, Kenneth, Ltd., Radio, Electrical, Music and Fancy Goods Stores 17 Armitage, James & Son (Coal), Ltd., Colliery Agents, Coal Factors and Merchants 17 Schofield & Sims, Ltd., Educa- tional Publishers 17 Heaton, J. W., Stock and Share Broker 19 Crowther & Shaw, Ltd., Sanitary Engineers vias ae Herve is Cloth Hall Street ......... — Mitchell, C. H., Automobile Engineer (Showrooms) Exchange Buildings. Stock, Percy, Ltd., Insurance Broker Durrans, A., Cleaner & Presser Barden, J. W., Turf Commis- sion Agent Vulcan Boiler and General Insurance Co., Ltd.

oo ~1 SO) Ol co

and Surveyors 23 Gledhill-Brook Time Recorders, Ltd., Empire Works ; Exchange Buildings (Hudd.), Ltd., (Regd. Office) 25 Avison, Owen, Incorporated Accountant 25 Ainley, Joe, Architect, Surveyor & Valuer 25 Ainley, H. & G. E., Housing Specialists 27 Hirst’s Motor Accessories 29 Rayner, T. H. & Sons, Ltd., Heating Engineers and Fire- place Specialists Here is Queen’s Tap Yard......... 31 The Queen Hotel (Manager, F. legge) Cabs Here is Imperial Arcade......... 39 Hobson, J. W. & Son, Cigar and Tobacco Merchants 41 Carter & Co., Builders’ Merchants — 43 Swindlehurst & Nicholson, Printers and Stationers 47aAlway & Co., Brush Manufacturers 47 Hardwick’s Boot Stores, Boot and Shoe Dealers and Repairers 49aHudderstield Seale Co., Weighing Machine Manufacturers and Scale Repairers 49 Smith, L., Newsagent, Sweets and Tobacco 51 Cole, Alec, Ladies’ and Gent’s Tailor 51 Working Men’s Club & Institute Union, Ltd., Hudd. Branch (Sec., HL. Brooke) bays Here $8: DIGG: vis scene sss od uae oun Hove 8S. — Ritz Cinema and Café (Union Cinema Co., Ltd.) —- Site for Hudd. Corporation Elec- tricity Showrooms Herve 1s Dundas Street 32 Willans, Wm. & Co., Wool Merchants eee Herve is Threadneedle Street — Heywood, J. H., General Outfitter (Departmental Store)

nutes Herve 1s Macaulay Street ......... Here starts Manchester Street ......


71 (Unoccupied) 73 Walker, J. T., Butcher

Post Office Yard. Smith, John France, Harry Leonard, Alfred Dawes, William Shaw, John Edward 6 Donaldson, Cecil

Ou 08 DS =

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Market Street, Linthwaite—continued.

75 Midland Bank, Ltd. 77 Central Dairy (J. H. Lockwood), Dairy Produce, Sweets and Tobacco 79/81 Wright, M. & C., Ladies’ and Children’s Outfitters, Drapers and Milliners 83 Brown, S., Gent’s Outfitter Seine Here +s Chapel Lane 85 Brook, Joe & Sons, Bakers, Con- fectioners, Grocers and Pro- vision Merchants 87 Joy, S., Watchmaker & Jeweller

Balmford’s Yard, East.

Strickland, William Wray, Kate Winters, Frank Cooney, Stephen Nicholson, Emily Elizabeth Robinson, Annie Todd, Jane (Unoccupied) 89 Bray, C., Butcher 91 Armitage, Ivy, Ladies’ and Chil- dren’s Hairdresser 93 Baxter, Elizabeth 95 Brennam, Robert 97 Valentine, Kenneth 99 (Unoccupied) 101 Pearson, Ben William, Saddler & Harness Maker 103 Mitchell, Sarah 105 Dennis, Giles 107 Caine, Mary Jane Here is Morley Lane 70 Dyson, Walter, Newsagent, Sweets and Tobacco 70aGordon, J. W., Gent’s Hairdresser Balmford’s Yard, West. 1 Pickering, Clara Ellen 2 Knight, Frank 3 Kinder, Dora 4 Brook, Herbert 5 Kinder, Ernest 6 Feeney, James 7 Pollard, Norman 72 Martins Bank, Ltd. 74 The Yankee Bar (H. T. Lambert & Sons), Sweets, Tobacco, Ices and Drinks 76 Fawthorp, L. H., Chemist 78 Haigh, Jagger & Sons, Bakers, Confectioners, Wines and Spirits (Off Licence) 80 Silvers,’? The Safe Dyers and Cleaners, Ltd., Dyers and Cleaners 82. Whiteley, W. & D., Ladies’ and Children’s Hairdressers 84 Lockwood, Emma, Sweets and Tobacco 84a(Unoccupied) bade Beve ates LANG 86 Brook, H., Fish and Fruit Dealer


88 Keegan, William, Post Office Hotel 98 Milnsbridge Perseverance Co-op- erative Society, Ltd., Central Stores and Offices. Depts.— Grocery, Fish and Fruit, Butchering, Furniture, Elec- trical, Drapery, Boot & Shoe and Gent’s Outfitting Four Horse Shoes Yard. Hinchliffe, John, Joiner and Undertaker Staveley, T. (Prop., G. Stave- ley), Millwright and Oxy- Acetylene Welder 104 Wimpenny, Arthur, Four Horse Shoes Inn


1 Stott, J. & Sons, House Furnishers 3 The Bridge Paint Shop (Prop., W. Pearson), Paint & Wallpaper Merchant 5 Whitteron, N., Baker and Con- fectioner _ 7 Sykes, Arthur & Sons, Butchers Herve 1s George 9/11 Lloyds Bank, Ltd. 13 Ingham, J. W., Boot and Shoe Dealer and Repairer 15 Wilkinson, David, Carpet Dealer 17 Vautry, Harry, Fruiterer 19 Heywood, John H., Draper and Ladies’ Outfitter 21 Hoyle, K. & E., Milliners and Drapers 23 Bradley, J. A., Ltd., Brush Manu- facturers 25 Maypole Dairy Co., Ltd., Grocers and Provision Merchants 27 (Unoccupied) 29 Shaw, Wm. & Sons (Hudd.), Ltd., Colliery Agents & Merchants 31 Dyson, W. H., Boot and Shoe Dealer 33/35 Stott, J. & Sons, House Furnishers 37 Maw, E. M., Gowns and Millinery 39 Booth, Jim, Baker, Confectioner and Caterer is Armitage Road ......... 2 “** The Louvre,”’ Baby Linen and Fancy Drapery 4 Tredales,’’ Grocers & Provision Merchants 6 Heppenstall, G. F., Fruiterer 8 Swift, F., Newsagent, Sweets and Tobacco 10 Wilkinson, David, Draper and Ladies’ Outfitter 12 (Unoccupied) — Hirst & Mallinson, Ltd., Bottom Hall Mills, Fancy Woollen Manufacturers

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Market Street, Milnsbridge—continued. 33 Ingham, George Ernest, Sweets &

Tobacco vee Fieve 68. LUNE i so eo 16/18 Dawson, A. & Sons, Butchers 35 eee ), Baker and od , aE & Son, Bakers and 37 eer foe Ladies’ & Gent’s Confectioners wae 24 Wallaces, Ltd., Grocersand = Herve is Hill Top Road ......... Provision Merchants 39 va oe Beef and Pork utcher

26 Beaumont, F., Gent’s, Ladies’ and Children’s Hairdresser 28 Stephens, 8., Chemist & Optician 30 Burras Peake, Ltd., Gent’s Tailors and Outfitters 32/34 Wilson’s Bazaar—Newsagents, Wholesale & Retail Tobacco- nists, Stationers and Book- sellers 38 Rodgers, A. E. & Co. I (V. O. Crowther, F.C.1.I.), Incorporated Insurance Brokers 38aPalmer, W. L., Dentist 40 Whiteley, John A., F.N.A.O., F.1.0., Optician & Jeweller 42 Wiley Bros., Cycle Dealers 44 Butterworth, L., Ladies’ & Gent’s Tailor and Gent’s Outfitter 46 Stanley, Jack, Butcher Ge ot Here is Savile Street

MARKET STREET, PADDOCK. 3 Sykes, Margaret Ann 3aArmitage, Eugenie 5 Stamper, Thomas 8 Ramsden, David Marriott, Sweets and Confectionery 9 Downs, Alfred 11 Shaw, William 13 Richardson, Emma 15 Broadbent, Mary Emma 15aWalshaw, Robert 17 Heaton, Harold 17aSenior, Arthur 19 Stringer, Mary Ellen 21 Earnshaw, Harold Beaumont 2laAshworth, John William, Ladies’ and Gent’s Tailor 21bKaye, George Robert, Gent’s Hairdresser

Here is Shives Hill

23 O’Brien, James 23aHalliwell, John 25 Service Boot Repairing Co., Boot and Shoe Repairers 27 Senior, Albert Pogson 29 Armitage, Thomas Herbert, Fish and Chips

Mark’s Yard. -]1 Wilkinson, Harold 2 Ramsden, Joe Alfred 3 Holmes, Herbert 4 Holmes, Harry 5 Walker, George Henry 31 Osborne, Edward Francis, Fruiterer

41/41la Heaton, Philip Richard, Newsagent, Sweets & Tobacco — Paddock Liberal Club 45 Belfield, Herbert Manoah, Boot & Shoe Repairer 47 Johnson, Jane Elizabeth. Grocer Confectioner I 49 Hall, Betty, Sweets and Tobacco Here starts Church Stveet ......... 2 Walshaw, Olive, Draper and Machinist 4 Armitage, Sarah 6 (Unoccupied) 8 Cowley, Arthur 10 Firth, John & Son, Clothiers and Jewellers 12 Scott, Shelia, Ladies’ Hairdresser 14 Richardson, Arthur Roberts I 16 Howlett, Joe 18 Parker, Herbert 20 Smith, Ernest 22 Heaton, Anne 24 Lorriman, Gilbert, Grocer and Confectioner 26 Maltby, Harold 28 Kerrison, Robert William 30 North, Albert — Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd., Grocery & Butchering Branch 36 Waterhouse, Charles, Sweets, Tobacco and Confectionery 38 Duke, Ivy 40 Fitton, Albert 42 Brook, Stanley, Fish and Chips 44 Barrett, Guy, Chemist 46 Mazey, George 48 Shaw, Ernest, Boot and Shoe Repairer 48 Shaw, Marjorie, Ladies’ and Children’s Hairdresser 50 ‘‘ Holdens,’’ Gent’s Hairdressers & Tobacconists 50aMarsden, Norris Heve 4s School Lane

Batley’s Yard. 1 Fretwell, — 2/3 Young, James 4 Walker, Sarah Elizabeth 52 Brown, Lilian 58 Bates, William, The Ship Hotel 60 Rothery, Louisa Ellen 62 Parker, James Arthur 68 Graham, Ernest, Market St. Sub- Post Office, Grocer & Draper 70 Lucas, John William, Licensed Furniture Broker

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Market Street, Paddock—continued,

72 74 76

1 5 5 7

9 1] 13 15

Sykes, Arthur W., Butcher Clarke, Arthur Henry, Draper Eagland, Elsie, Sweets and Confectionery ... Heve starts Church Street .........

MARKET WALK. Barker & Son, Trunks, Umbrellas and Sports Outfitters Crossland, Beatrice, Health Food Stores Berry, Joseph & Sons, Architects, Surveyors and Valuers Hagenbach, C. & Sons, Ltd., Confectioners Rhodes Yard. Whiteley, J. H., Bakery Lecomber Bros., Rug Makers Atkinsons, Costumiers Howarth, Roger, Fruiterer Vera, Madame, Gown Specialist Whiteley, J. H., Baker and Confectioner Harland’s, Jewellers & Diamond Merchants

2aBrennan, W., Florist

11 13 15 19

24 26


Fillans & Sons, Ltd., Jewellers Barker’s Sweet Stores Flack’s, Costumiers & Milliners Yard leading to New Street ...... Kaye’s, Ladies’ and Children’s Outfitters & General Drapers

MARSH GROVE ROAD. Bates, Bernard Arthur Dawson, Frank Arthur Simpson, Harold Lawson Russell, Joseph Frederick Atkinson, Hugh Stanley Woodhead, Frank Ellis Plucker, Cecil Edward Ogle, Agnes ... He