Baines' Directory of the County of York (1822) by Edward Baines

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HUDDERSFIELD one of the five principa towns in in the central part West Riding; it is in the wi

pentake TR, and in the liberty of the honour of Pontefra ract, 8 miles from Halifax; 16 from Leeds ; 13 from Wake- field ; 16 from Rradlord 34 from Man- chester} aud 188 { on. The town which derives it ite name from Oder or Hudder, the first Saxou iver Col in re,

near of t Don above Honan “falls i into the Calder near Nunbrook. The valley formed by this stream, with a sm quantity of level grourd upon its nks, Comprehends the parish of Hud- aturally, this purt of the country is barren ind unproductive, Dut its local advantages for manufac- ture, » arising principally from its coal and watert Is, has raised it to the rank of one of the principal . seats of tbe woollen trade he ‘kin dom, aud where men conarre: rge num- bers, the soil remains for any - long time unproductive, Former!} oats, and those of the coarsest kind, formed the principal part of the grain grown in this parixvh, and the sarcasm cast by Dr. Jo nsony, upon the Seoteh I t when he defined oats, as or man

parish of Huddersfield as to the ow, both sie!

den, Bart., whose a grant f market by pated dated_as ly as the 23d of Charles II. The revenue derived from roperty» PY by the Ramsden family, is at tbe presewt day more than prin inland navigation of Huddersfield, affords to its de the most le facilities, both to the East and to the West.

town, crosses the high road to to lack-house-brook, Unites with the Caller st idge. In this may 8 com-

trading towns of Haktux, Wakeheld, Id, Leeds, and York, as well as Hull 1, from whence the merchandise is shipped forei countries. The Huddersfield

+ I w westward, by way of Lon laithwaite, and Marsden. is a tunnel, nearly three and a half fin length, cut throngh the English Appenines, to within es of from which the cone, ‘after crossing the river Tame, in several

of its By com es mi of Ly ard osley aud ‘Staley bridge rad unites ‘with the Ashton

bam canal, near Ashton-under- Th e navigation to r, is then direct, and from “thence the duly to Liver i une me de daily to Liver e ‘at depot nn Pe gr. Pte

merce Oo Hraddersfleld canal has answered bet- ter for the town, and for the through which it passes, than for the proprietors. It has been a losing spe- culation; and a roba! away, before it pays common in for the money invested in the under: ki The aes

ju Scotland, and for horses in Ep land, applied with as ms force to the

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arcle, metrical range one story igh, whic divides the interior pasts into two semicircles. The light is wholly adunitted f from within, there no windows on the outside, by whi sand depredat is afforded re aud dep The bell is ‘i the benches or filled with oth, lying cl upon edge spe

are generally

m up orn in- brisk times

’ Here, in of business is ‘tone

er field, but it is now equal to the larzer of them, and p 8 fair to maintain the commerc roal al und manufacturing consequence which it has so de- servedly acquired. According to a ion, made by Dr. Walker, wi bas publisbed a opograp phical accoun of Huddersfield, it would appear, that the place i is I healt y, io a very eminen ty legree, an on an average o years, the annual number of deaths in pr ion to the population, wa was s oly on to 54 an n,


retum is so from I thi and Secta- |i

such of “the Dissente: rtes,”? as bury at the ir own

worxbi being ont: mislead, and any per- taking ng bin estimate of the mortality of the town of Huddersfield, from the s “‘approximationto the truth, ” would approximate only Wer alker, with a laudable Tre- ublic bealth, recommends fre establishment of a House of Re-

covery in Huddersfield, on the plan of with him I M

ds, and we unite moet corti in the recommenda- not only for Huddersfield, 1 but for crery large manufacturi the county, for we will ye ture to bli harity is no ic charity, Joes. 50 muck good at. so A favourable position towards this object, of the Doctor’s solicitade is one of the rea-

laces of

and I of health, seeing, “that


wn in I the river Caune, and 20s, annual

- I advanta

[Towns.] HUDDERSFIELD. 205

ns for combating his mortalit turn; ; io the op peut on a bever hospital, if any suc be, might found a nun mphant ob jeer ection upon the data which he has furnished, and might inquire why Huddersfield should emu- late the example of Leeds in the pre- are already a great’ deal more health: Without such an establi it, bein

pelghbours are wi with it, portion of deaths in Leeds being as 1 is to 40, w hile in Huddersfield it is 3 ing from this digression, for wa a tan te observed t at the toe oe Haddersfield doce not fur- nish much matter for the



r at Almondbury was, io the earl oge

of our history ou" wnhed with a fortress, whi enaced the vill below ;° and that the celebrated man station of Cam

ical remain in the pass of Huddersfield is in Golear, on ole-tone Moor. ‘rom the rolls

rior and canons of Nostel. fore is time, so early as the year 1200, R le Lacy granted to Wil-

liam’ d tomer de Lacy ancestor of the Beaumonts, of Whitley, a grant for his homage and service. A grant was also made by the same rde e Lacy to Colin de Demmeville which of gratitude to his es-

lord, r de all rt the of on his neighbourhood enjoy: ot several mine not endowed with thos

© Dr. Whitaker’s Leeds


“ing + Mr. Watson’s Hal fax. $ Dr. Walker’s ‘Topography.

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gularly brilliant properties ascribed to springs of greater fame, are important to the labouring classes, to whom ac- cess to distant waters is pretty nearly impracticable, At or near Holmfirth, Lockwood, Kirkbeaton, and Slaith- waite are to be found springs yielding, on analysis, different proportions oj sulphureous In the township of Soyland there is a strong chalybeate ; aud in Eringden, in the parish of Halifax, there is another with an impregnntion slightly sulphureous ybeate.* Amongst the public edifices in Hudderstield are the ti


Greenhead The to 's edifice was laid

crated two days y the Arch- hishop of this province, The style is thic, and it contains upwards of

ot! 1500 sittings, of which one-third are Tts situation, which is on the North-west side town, is very ccramanding, and in ever: . of the surrounding country it forms a beautiful object, at once picturesque and impress ve. ere are Methodist chapels, both very commo- dious buildings; one of them used by the Methodists of the Old and the Methodists of the New The former of these erections, which is in Queen street, bus been very recently built, and is

om. is in length 102 feet, and breadth 72 feet, exclusive of the wings. There is likewise an Independent chapel, a little out of the town at Highfield, Mecting House, for the Society of Friends, at the Paddock. Me charitable institutions in Huddersfield ure the Dispensary, established on the

of May, 1814, on the restoration of ; the Bible Society, establish- ed in 1810; the Religions Tract So-


circumseribed nature, for the relief of D.

the poor and destitute. m pan. for supplying the inbabitants with gas

© Dr. Walker’s Topography.

£12,000. I 3


has lately been established, and the new works are advanciu i wards

lar to pany in Leeds, for which see of this work. The followin, tion for tbe parish of field, in the years 1811 and 1821, will serve to exhibit the growing impor- tance of that place. 1811, 1821. Increase.

Huddersfie'd...9,671 13,284 3,613 Golcar 2, 484 Lindley........1,686 2,040 354 Ougw 346) 1,942 481 Marsden.. 495¢ 622 129 Scammonde 472-855 383 Slaithwaite ....2,277 2,871 594 18,182 24,220 6,038

POST MASTER—Joxnn Gowarp, Office, New Street.

*, Office opens for the General De- livery of Letters at } before 9 Morning.

of the

rnd he Kaa os

is forwarded at 5.—Let-

are con- ho

w &

DIRECTORY. Academies, Boarding and Day Sehoote. Atkinson Benj. (national) Seed bill

I Bailey Elizabeth, (national) Seed hill

ower Beu min,

perhead row big. )New house

parish of

arvent Ruth, Kendal Mrs. 1.C. (la. The part which is in

+ the Huddersfield, the rest is in Almondbery.

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Knowles M- <8. fay) man Maria, (

Mills James tewart Andrew we (da ew ows Taylor John, (day) Castlega Walk ant (classical matical) Whittington a Thos. ( marl. ) st. Eliz. ti. (ie bdg.)Northgt.

Taylor John, (public) Se South parade en

Agents, Clarke J obn, (comss.) ) Cloth hall st. Clay Breil (to the Airs aad Calder tion ore any arf

ne 7 —

Hott John Idg.) Langley bal FR (land) King st. Bir! foe Pontey Jo

ba, (for Parker’s patent man comes ut) Kir! irkgate

Holt John, Kaye Joseph, a

Allison John,

« < Greenwood W William, Peace Joba, ot Rabi Whi New street

ppraiser « sheriff ’s et stree!

Dy" Jan cer) mee (a

Lanouter Jobn, (ap maser &

officer) Queen stre oolds John, Cross church street

Baker. Chalenor Thomas, ( rr Temple st. Gilbert William Kirk Wilson James, Seater

Banke Dobson Jobn and I Sons, Market place, n & Co. London)


lasterman and Co. Ton don) Blackemithe and Farvier astwood George Lowerbead ‘ row Kaye, wan Greenwood Jobo, High street Haigh Joshua, Kirkgate

oe. L Wilson Benjamin & Son, New street, (on

t iH et pl. P Shar,

[Towne.] HUDDERSFIELD. 207

Kirkgate treet

sellers. i Brook al (printer, subscription library, and vender of patent me-

Gamet Kem

(printe the new subscription’ library, dea- ler in paper hangio music aud musicai instruments ais) Wes

Smart Thomas, ( le! Ae hie

society, “and vender of pateut me- diciues, dealer in music & paper hangines) King stre Teal George, (io er) Castlegate Boot and Shoe Makers. Birkett Jobn, Shambles le radley He street Brat Cases tak

Clayton Archibald? Kirkgate Cornick John, Back Denton William, Granby street Dodds John, Rosemary lane Elam William Gra Benjamin street ¥ Richard Manchester strect

es, Kir' Netherwood “Miles Hillbouse Northrop Josbua, Kirkgate Parker John, Manchester street

irkg: Zobson Thomas, King street heard eee Swallow street se perbead row tanley William, Kir 8 Stansfield Eli, Manchester street tarkey King street

dc, James (boots) Man Market place Braziers and Tin Plate Workers. Johnson Joseph and Sons, Westgate Robert, Cloth ball stree

oO Hel awell Abel Manchester st Wm. (hardware) Croes church at.

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Holmes W.C. Buxto gempson John, M

et Dav Toler Gee (ion Pate) King st.

Bre eeches laker, Walton Rt. (& eather: seller) New st.

CWE s. Alexander or Henry & John, Rash cliff Bentley Timothy, Lockwood Berry cine ew town Milnes James and Co. Quay street Rhodes Wm. {black be beer )Clough house

Lofthouse Joseph, Carat bridge Rowley Thomas, Ui Upperhead row Hezletine George, New house field Johnson Thomas wn Scarlet Daniel, Folly b ball Abbot Joh: ohn, n eee

Poppleton Richard, Almondbury R an en , Manchester street 1m

Walker Williara and I Law, Kirk Weatberburn Laup lot, King et

Cab ee Creswell H Henry, ‘(and upholsterer) B

Denby John, Caposterer Marsh Gihso

Dyson (a in ‘salt) Queen st. Jackson George, Westgate Pontey Jobn, ™m salt for do- mestic He wets for feeding cattle and

Wood Joh, Cross street

is and Drug gis! England. "Thomas, Market pl Eplace Knowles Joseph, New Spivey Charles , Cross church street a Hor Wiliam King street Ww ard, Cross church street


lothes Brokers, Brier William, Westgate Comic’ John, Back green loth Drawers and Letlerers. rook. H. North gate Brown Richard, Lowerhead row Child John, Market street yson Jobn: Manchester street Holt Jobu, Beust mark et Milner Richard, Temple street Robinson Isaac, Castlegate Schofield William, Lougroyd bridge wilt it Sara ul Son, (and pattern card

Quay Taylor Devi Green side ralom, Manchester street

k Dressers. Ainle e, Birkhy i John, Castiegate Annitege over, ae Bir

ver mi Bell John, North gate Berry Joseph, Granby street Bions Joseph, Fartown

Ww Binns James, Far town Booth James, King street Booth James, Beast market Booth James & Charles, Rosemary la. Boo Beast market Booth John, Lower! row Booth Enoch, Lowerhead row

Brook John, Brook Joshua, Greenhead Catton a Abraham, Kirkgate

Cla Cro 175 TOW ts) Gtad Se Sohn, n Beast marke Mn arket Cox Will Buxton

Jonathan, Paddock Crowther John, Paddock foot Crowthe r George, Hillhouse Drake James, Quay street Dyson John, Paddock n

» Paddock Exstwood John, Upperhead row Field Thomas, Greenhead Firth William, Greenhead Gaunt Joshua, Green head ulter Jam Haigh James, Upperbend row

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[Towns.] HUDDERSFIELD. 209

Hanson Joseph, h street

Johason Jpb. Na Sons shead row Johnson n Joseph, Bank to ie Kilner Thomas, Croft he ta

Kirby John Bowlin e Leadbeater Ml thew, “Quay street

Seen eet

ann William Lowerhea row efor Joseph hb, 7 Ca he ct) negate ellor Juse nisher) Kir! oorhous dose {

oble James, ‘arth John, Swallow street utter Jobn, Quay street atter Jobo, Birk

us haw Joseph, haw baw James, back Lae hepberd Aquila, Lowerh

mith Jobo, Luck lane, Marsb tacey James, North gate

nM a

e2 we Folly Wilbam, Birkby Thomas John, Top green Thornton Wil liam, dock fuot. Todd Jobn, Birkb Webb Martin, Lowerhead row Worth » Lowerhead row Confection Burman James, Kin street Gilbert William, ‘Kir Goulden Mary, Cross rch street Wolstenholme Geo , (wholesale & retail) Tem en 8 rect

Howe Samuel, Shambles

Nort! Smith John, a Sunderlond "John Granby street

Walker Thomas, New street Walker Charies, Temple street Walker William, Market place - Dealers.

Booth 1 Joseph, Kirkgate George

0 vrave John, Queen street Scholes Richard, Back green Thornton J ose b, Kirkgate Thurgarland , Beast market

Corn Mili re se Calvert nl mill North Wm. (Exec. ot) 5 Shore ore foot Pillings J. « wv al arch stree

Wrigley J Old ham, Paestass s,Ramsden ‘ars and Leather C Cutters. spinal mt Davi, Market At inson R ter street Cawthra Bir, ing street Charlesworth Josh gsh a, Chadwick's fold Gledhill Mary, Kirk gate Ilinzwerth 1 eather dir.) King st. Pilling ames, King street Swinden Joseph, Castlegate

Drysalters. Alderson J John, ( dye woods) Market st. Bradley George, Kirkga' irth John, (commission) Market st. Firth Thomas, Kirkgate

Alexander Alexan ors Spring fi field house Alexander David, Polly hall, dc King st. od & Grabam, Folly ball Kaye & Greenwood, Aspley Layton n (cotton & Salk) New nand King

eet ab fe Sons, bridge John Lane Life I ace Offices.

Lister whos Whitaker wire an Alb’ 4G. Syke Aone, John ‘Alison, Aguile Hi H penny my Kirk se ‘our a Houghton, Kirkgate National Union: Abraham Ma

Norwich Union J. Ma Phenk, Wm rket place Provident Lite, ‘ae Ket. Atkinson Williams Shambles Brodiey Benjamin, North gate and Dealers. Beateon Anby

Black Alexander rg ee charch street es Jobn, (dour) K King street

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210 HUDDERSFIELD. Horsfall William, n King street Jackson’ n George, (¢ (& ult} Westgate ac’ tr Lees Jobn, Beast market Read Jobn, Upperhead row oebuck George, roti pete row shore a "No ol

, (flour) King street ing an and Scribbling Miller. Armitage iliam, Paddock foot

Nursery and Seedsmen. Ainley Gee George, Birkb Aram Thomas, Ma ster street Brook Jobu, Kirkgate

North William, ‘Kkgate Fontey W. & F, Bey Kirkheaton Wilson James, B Glass, China & Barthenacare Dealer. As pinal I Aun & rag mert.) Market pl. tee (earthenware) Market t

ilversmiths & Jewellers. Anderton Tol Church stree Bates Joshua, King street Gledhill Lucy, (& tty Kirkgate Dealers



latr Dressers. Aldridge Jaines, (oui Beast market Bayldon n William, Cross church street

i ing Crann J ‘ rfamer) Market Liversed oe och n, Temple street Sugden Joseph, King street Hat Man and Dealer: as, Temple street » Cross church street Hayley James, Market lace Robinson Samuel, Market place Statham William, King street Walton Robert, New street Wilson James, Herly Ma Ten ple st son Samuel mi muftr. & en in sewing cutton) arket pl. Stanley Statham a: Cow a & glover) ers) Ret am ‘OW; lovers Wakeford S i Manet F “ ilson James ood M an Westies King st.

“No, Taverns, Sc. Boot & Shoe, Sarah Driver, } New st. Boy «& Barrel, R. North, Beas Black Bull, Heni my son, Hill house Bull’s Head, MarthaWaller,Beast mkt. Butche er’s Arms, James Horsfall, Man- ‘reet

herry Tree

. Che e, N. Bottomle te erry Mary, King street Clothier’s Arnis, Geo. Bradley, Ki at. Brewer Joseph, te eys ley, tst. roadbent John & Son, Hillbouse I Nog, John Leece, Kirkgate Burditt Amos, King street Fleece, ree Starke Burman James, King street George Inn, William Wi Carr John, Market place ice, post, c haise) OL oe Downing ¥rancis, New street Globe Inn, Robert V ause, King street Hammon d Joseph, King street Green Dragon, Alice Hick, Market st. well William, King street Hare and <M. G. Bashforth, Hinchie John, 7 Kl a Market place ’ Oughton Aquila, Kirkgate Hope on Anchor, Edw. Haigh, King st. Tobotson Thos.(seeds) Cross church st. Horse Shoe e, Mar Beaumont, rete ee cr = oat street King’s William ach an Villiam, Kirkgate King 7. Smithies Cloth hall st. mund, wer street house M lars Sa La b, Elizabeth Scholes, Hit Hill I house

Pontey John, ‘seedsman) Kirkgate Nag

Priest John,

New Inn, John Pollard, street e, Geo Bickerdike, King st. Plough nn, Ben , Wes'

tie I ges iy See yring Sara arket place queen's a Jes J. Ter Kine Taylor Benjamin, Pad ock Red Lion, Richard eee Wi Upper ead row Rose and Crown, George Hare (post Waddington i Ki bridge chaise) K Whitehead Ann, King stree Saddle, E. ie, Westgate Gunsmiths. Ship, James Carlton, Back Fares Eli, Manchester Son Inn Rd. Foss, Cross chureh st. Turner Joshua, Castlegate wan # Necks, G@ Clayton, Westgate

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[Towns.] nuppErsFretp. 211

Wellington Tas Ton, J. Tumet, Westgate

et White Hart, 6. Rene Da oe oth ee eee Booth, Ki Moran orse, m. ooth White Lion, William Woollard, Cross

street White Swan, Eliz. Dransfield, Kirkgt. Wool Packs, Je h h Kaye, Buxton rd.

Founders. Bradley "Sarah Shand King street Brook Jonathan, Longroyd bridge Greenwood Luke Engine bridge Mills James, Ase

Brodie King te High treet

kers) Batty’s yard, Market place oe Job mir.) Northgt. Nas (cabinet maker)

‘obn, ny Rash c cliff )Newst. Hi John, sen. (cab. mkr.)New Hanson Tsane, eh mkr.) Hill house Hirst. Jobn, To obnson wm. mkr.) Aspley Machan A lane

Mosley ae Penning ti

mer William, ing 8 Whiteley Rt. i T. )Ramsden row Wilkinso ‘op green

Land Dinsley Thomas King’ street Holt met Pk Re ngley

Clay Brad Kaye: and Nor ley ty fuses of the late

Clay i me Drop Kirkgate son John, (wholesale) Queen street

Hudson Frederick, Kirkgate Lees John, merc) Market pl. Mallinson Scott Jobo, tos row Stocks Wm. jun. Market place

Twilton Wm. iF Maret pins Kirkgate Wakeford sr

ine Maker. Carter Benjamin’ Quay street Maltst

Mors nufacturers of Fancy Goods, Armitage William Paddock Beaumont John, Wheat house Bottomley Henry, (plsip and embrui- shawls,scurfs,&c. Hill bh Hirst and Tay or, Temple 5 Knight James and Co. estgate Learoyd William Canal 1 bridge Smith Simeon, Hill h Swallow Luke, Beck

te I Cooper Richard Manchester street

Cooper John, Fisher John & Co. Westente Green Samuel, South parade Hawxby Edward, Ni Haigh Jobn & Thos. Cloth Hall street Livingston William sgh foo Lockwood Wm. ‘Sous, 7 wv c Kean Jasper, ng bank cotta Mallinson George & Co. New street Mattinson ‘James es, U ere ad row Rhodes W - (nop) house Shaw William, S Smith Joho, Swift James & Sou, 5, Castlegate Tyne John, Paddock fuot ayne William & Go. Lowerbeal row all John, High s stree

Merchants and Manufacturers. Allen ‘Thomas and Son street Anderson, Tyne, an d Co. street

/ d Atkinson Thomas, Bradley mi ills Atkinson Joseph, Bradley mills B & T . King street Armi ose Battye and Sykes Beaumont John, Brook Henry and Son, N Butterworth, Mallins:

orth nson, and

obnson, pper ead row ‘cooper Wm. and Co. High street rosland James, New st: Dent Jobn & Edward, Mouchest-r st. Dunlop and Hastings, "King treet Haigh Acker house Hannah John & Co. Rosemary lane

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Horsfall A. and J. Well Horsfall Wm. and Co. Seed hill Geo. & Co. New street Mallinson Geor,

‘ate Nelson T.& Co.Cloth Hallst.&New st Pedley Thomas, Longwood roe and 15 ;, London; agen rge Dy. sone Huddersfiel Shaw David, top of High street Shaw & Stocks, > fem le street Stables W. W. Buxton road I Herri

rao Longroyd bdg. taker W ei. Woodhouse

Winterbottoin John, Carr house Milliners and Dress Makers. Atkinson Mics Sarah, New str oe es M.& S. -TOw

Jodds Harriet, Rosemary lane Cershaw Emma, hgate Anne, King stree ] Ucbentoou Maria, Castle; Scholes M. ry and Jane, murt Hur King stre StablerJane, “t (London stay y warehouse) Cross church street Tunnicliff Bessy, Lowerhead row Millecrights. Eastwood William, Northgate Greenwood Engine Bridge

Neen street

lc Preceptors. Abbott win ( (preceptor chester, Parratt Thos jas, (preceptor & organ- ist) Tay’ or Miss, raeade furte preceptor)

Bradley Sarah, Kine atreet

w win Manchester street il Merchants and Dealers. Firta Thomas Beast m arket Kilner Wm. Upperhea Roberts James and Co, (oil an dye woods) Cloth Hel Robinson Thomas, B inky Pai (House and Sign. ) Floekton Wills, W

estya Haw Willian, (varnish maker) Up- Lucas Wm. (and gilder) Kink ite Pick se Williens orn ee Wilson J. W. New rreet ‘aun Broker: Hanson William, Manchester street Riley Jobn, Kirkgate Bradley James st ae Wi iam, New street Walker J. wenn orthy, New street

Jowett Davi Cantley te Milnes Joun. a, Cantlege


Burton Borner Church at cirect ‘Crowther Joseph, Kir!

rket Newhouse John, (deb bresior) N, Now st. Newhouse Richard, Westgate

Saddlers. Ackerley James, Bauk top Bradley Thomas and Sous, New st. erring Thomus, (and trunk maker)

Cross church street Ibhotson Wi Mabon m Alexander, army bonting) spnog unk é portmanteau maker, ing te

Savings Bank, King Street John Tay or, Secre etary ; open on T fr. ¢ p. 12 until? ; til Ferg. Shear Mokere. Moorhouse Thomas Wilcock vm. (unl ae grinder) Clough

hous: Shullle Makers. Greenwood Castlegate Hopkinson John, Bauk top Slay and Heald Makers, Barrow John, Kirkgate Kay and Cleworth, Aspley Kilner Joseph, Kirkga' Makin Samuel, Shepherd Castlegate

y Maker. Blaydes Biieabotin Wes Hepwort rth ( (corset mkr.) New st. am Wainhouse _Soserh, King street

e Mas asons. Addy John: High stre Boothroyd ‘Abraham, Queen street Heywood John, Mauchester street Heywood Joseph, Upperhead row Johnson George, "Upperbeat row Kaye Joseph, uxton Ratcliffe Jobin, he ee head. t Makers. Cockburn Bartha, New street Hunt and Co. s cho rch street

Sunderland Aun, Granby street eatherburn Henrietta, King street

pure Astin James, Westen gate Atkinson John, New dshaw Benjamin, New street ‘oates, B. D. Albion i street and S , Kirkgate Hudson F Benjamin, Cloth hal street rect

, King s SH ent Geo: Cross street reet

utclife Rose, Manchester street

Wilks George, (monn ley Thomas, ny market

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Boe and! Stephenson, W on. Westgate

Drake Oliver, Lowerhend Edwards John and Son New s street Edwards J John, jua. Ki ing stree Greathend i Joseph, King st street Hirst Henry, Granby street

Swift John, Manchester street Sykes W William, » Ben st market Chandlers. Hinchliffe Jenn Kirkgate Midwood John, Longroyd I bridge Styring. Samue a


Beau mont Josep h, Market tt place Bell Jobn Manchester s Blackstock John » sen. Barket place Blackstock Jobn’ j . Kirl Burl Hodgson, Be ur ley Ki hoe (dealer i in hope) Kirkgate enn’

avid, Henning Ale cing ve street White

Mc Lellan atdane, Northgate Woore, Edward, W Timber fers vate. Jobnson William, Aspley Walker t Thomas, New cturer

Today ont Sy ors Beaumont Soh ph. (wh Market pl.

Turners in Wood. Crowther Joseph Ki street Hopkinson Joseph, Bank top Veterinary Surgeon. Sizer William w street ‘WillettRichard, communicated I p on the diseases of horses, hurned cattle and dogs) Cross church st. Watch and Clock Maker. Anderton Sohn (musical snuff box maker) Cross charch ureh street

Gledhill bu Ki Feats Huge! oseph ir Kirkgate fouls, on Castlegate Beaumont’ ¥ Sevan ard Bottom George, Paddock y

Brewer and Judd, Queen street Catton a h, (de carpenter) Hillhouse

ne Wi william my Manchester square ornton C Paddoc Wilson homes ling stree

street Lu ‘lam Mark & 8 Son, New street Naylor Janes Denton lane Thewlis Elizabeth, estgate Turner J. te panini astlegate vine & Spirit Merchants. Downing rancis, (spirits) Market pl. Firth Thon & irits) wines) Rik Firth Thos. (Br sh irkgate Smith John, H Wilson Ge ‘eran nay) King street Wilson and Hirst, (wine) King street Woollen Cord & Velveteen Cutters.

e Paddock ley Wm. Leehead , ley Charles, New to Cord and P Peloton Manufac-


Brook James, Paddoe ck Dunkerle James, Ganal ric bridge Heh Bene Benjamin, ¥ n, Paddock erage ood J. nth row Cloth Manufacturers. Aaay 3 John, Paddock

Lesroyd Wi

. Broughton J John, I West parade .


ster st. ay nee 8 jane Mois nee, »( "hee t) Kirkgate Moore J P Moore John, P oom Pearson Joseph row Pilling Isaac t street Id Joseph, New street

Woolstaplers. Allsebrook James and Co. We: estgate Anderson, Tyne & Co. King street Armitage J. & Co. Market place Bray James, M t street Broadbent Brook Thomas as and So Son, Westgate an Sons, M Breck james 3 (house ) Uppe Clayton Jere! h, jun, €

st. tread row Toth hall st.

Page 11


Cresswell William, King street Crosian id James, New

rancis, Dyson Daniel, Market Eastwood Samuel & Son, ty Market st. East wood William, Market st rabam, Folly bull’ lish William, row Fe er Jobu aud I Fisher r John, N New s rect I Glove bn, Quee! Chutles, ‘pow Quey street Hawkes Robert, Hirst Samu:], New street Hirst Joseph, Westgate rst M.( aie i in flocks )Beast market ka James, Swan yard Kershaw & hd. yd. Loc Geo rge and C reet Machel & Scott, iL White ‘Hart y yard Abraham, Tem » Temple street

ames, Ridgway and Co. ing ng stree t Roberts es and Co. Cloth hall st. Shaw tone Kin stree t ce Shires Thomas, Market sinith, He rwood and Co. st. Sta Market street I Sut John, New st I Tey ay ee ( (irom, Meltham) Tues- King’s wale! wit, Market street ‘orsted Spinners Birkbeck Ir & Co. King street Hudder

of Aghri Matthew B ey, C . trates, nah

Athen ee Min Sarah, stem,

Bates Ge fe, bookkeepe I Bellamy Rev. Jeste, Curate ot church, rsh Birkenshaw Join, ty fal of the

Booth J ‘Jobn K d Rev Re Benjawin, L. L. D.

reet Bowers Joseph, umbrella maker, King Brook Ay peat King st. rook North gai ban comes,

mane, jettor ‘Carrier, Kirkgate


Clay Joseph,boo 1, Rosemary Clay Richard, vope uke I


Coates Rev. Jobo, Vicar- age, Kirkga Cooper Abmhan, gentleman, Long- ruyd bridge Daw-on Christopher, licensed hawker, Driver Matt itthew. vaurve or of ways Cnatle atrect y' highways, Dyson I Joebus, bookkeeper, King

Elam Joseph, carpenter, Hillbouse Firth Robert, gent. Becst market Fenton William Esq, S Spring grove Fenton Lewis, Bi Bs pring grove Goul mas, bookkeeper, Quay

ieee Heigh Robert, bookkeeper, Manches-

Hawaby John, Fe nt. Sout!

Hawxby woman,

Sou 1h parade Hirst John churchwarden, } New street Hirst Matthew, Benst mar! Holroyd Thomas, Esq. Birkhy Jackson R ex. Thomas, curate of the

I J . Kent. Johu, clerk at Dobsou’s bank, te

Kilner Thomas, jun. of the street

7 Lei PT ent. U Thead row Lecce ‘Thomas’ hom ‘com

a Kirkgate Lombardi J. & B. carvers & gilders, Market p! Maddock Rev. J. J, (Tnoumbent of

Trinity church) gerton lodge oorhouse R ailiam, Dissenting minister, Higbfiel

John eer Paddock Nelson . thorp Oldbare 3 geut. Buxton road Re eynolds John, f broker, Cross

church etree Robson John, dealer in cotton warps, ron orated I ys yarn, silk, &c. Cross

treet I Robinson Margaret, gentlewoman,

Shaw David, surveyor of highways, Manchester st Shaw Wm. painter, TU pperhead row Shaw Wm. card maker, Castlegate Smith Thomas, supervisor of excise,

Northgate gentlewoman,

nin lewoman, Westgate Sykes ing Mats Obie coma, Seed hil ayl lor John, pera jor taki

al bail, Dson George Esq. Tomlinson John, geutleman,

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Whitchend G George Deputy Goustable, Woitele y Rica boskkevper, Canal Whitele Nathan, coal dealer, Engine Wood Hannah, gentlewoman, Upper-

Woollen Manufacturers who attend the

l, with their places of I Ha

Shoe, ei ad Tans Houses in Hud- dersfield. Ainley Daniel, Golcar Ainley Amos, Houle, » Hare & Hounds

Ainiey Juhn, G Annan Meltham, Green Barher John, Holmfirth, Boy & Barre Barber Joshua and Son, oy and Barrel Bates John, White Hart. Baxter Edw. Linthwaite, White Hart

Beardsal Seth, Holmtirt Berry Matthew, Newsome Cross,

wan Berry J Jph, Newsome Cross, Swan Inn Newsome Cruss, Swan Inn Best Ge Goairey, Ba “Damside

side Blackburn ep pare Golea, Red Lion Booth Jas. Meltham, Butcher’s Arms Booth John Meltbam, Butcher’s Arms Bottomle Janes, Saddieworth Bower John, Mel Bower Original, Melt eltham earns” Holmficth, Ramsden’s

bary Jam James, Thurlstone n, H Bray Joseph, Bray roe il dnt Keys Brook wwwood Buckle Sas. Mn er at White Hart But tterorth aie ” Holmfirth, Che

Tre Butterworth Jo Joseph Tharlstone Carter Ellen, Holmfirth —

The 108. . Cherry Tree Dawson Jpb. Meltham fhe Tree Golear, Wh

New n Nathantel Meltha Dye Joseph, Net therton, Hare and

Ranusbaw ‘Mary, Meltham, Wellington Earnshaw William, Longwood, Cherry

Tre Eastwood James, Well House

Gar: ick James, Mel.ham, Svan Garside Joseph, Linthwai Gill John, Holnifirth,. White Bear Haigh John, Netherton Haigh Samuel, Golcer, King’s Head ouley

Haigh Benjamin, Golear, King’s Head nigh Jos solear, Saddle Hall Josep! » Stuintand, ‘King’s Head end T. Lou ugwood, Cherry

Tre Hanson ‘Richard Heap Joseph, Honey Heap Joseph and

Hebblethsraite Joseph, Mirfiel Hepworth James and John, Farnkey,

Sw Hirst, Tose ph Melthnm Hirst Matthew, Mettham Hint Joha, Ho mfirih, Swan Netherthong

Horsfall Joseph, 3 Mold Gre Inghum John, Holmfirth, “Plough

Jazger George Jobn, Hirkneaton, Cherry Tree , Plough

ames Litiewond Thomas. Honley Liversedge Wiltiam, Buukers hill George, Golcar, Green Lockwood Joseph Golear, cherry Tree Mellor Joseph, Almendbu Moore John, Pad dock, Chorry Tree Noble Thun) Elland, Cherry Tre Newell W ,Faruley Tyas,( funey ) Oldfield William, Lockwood, (fancy Olatield John, Parkton Grove,(fancy ) Orange Join, Meitham Parkin Williem, Farule earson Jobn, G d Pearson William, Golvar, Saddle Pearson Benjamin, Golcar, Suddle earson mund, G Gulcur, Saddle Platt John. Sad. tleworth Ratcliffe Wiliam Saddle hodes John, Saddiew Roberts Joseph, Holmfirth, White

Lio Roberts Jonathan, Plough

anderson Godfrey, Houley, Globe Schotleld Joseph, Houley, Globe Schofield John, Honley, Globe Schofield William, Hoiley, Globe Shaw George Shaw John, Shaw

Joseph, Parmley, Packborse Shaw Jonathan, G olcar Shaw Thomas, ior, Saddte shaw John, 3 old G s ames, Golc Shuw Hugh, Saddieworth

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Sykes Thomas, Liuthwai aylor Gone Crosland, Cleary e, Meltham W bite Bee Bear


aUgiore m, Joseph, Golcar, Cherry ‘aylo. Joh.., phy Golear, White Bear ‘aylor Geo. Meltham, Butcher’s Arms ‘aylor J ames, Meltha.o, King’s Head Taylor David,

" Taylor J , Holmtrth Ti Redken Kirkburton

Tinker Thoruton John, Castle Hill, Green


Viekernian Stephen, Newsome Vickerman Thomas, Almondbury Waiker Eneas, Holmfirth Wa. Iker John, Thurstonland, Green

Walker rag Thurstonland, Green Dragon Walker Jonas, Thurstonland, Green Dragon Whiteley "Thomas and Son, Stainland, Che erry Tree Whitworth Honley, Swan with T

‘wo Wilson John & Benj., Nethertho: impenny Ebenezer, I impenny Elibu, penny Joshua, Wimpenny, Josbua, Wood Jobn ay lea a Red Liou Wood Wm ood with Tw Wood Joseph, Hollingreave, Swan

with Two Necks Wood Isaac, Bank Gap, Swan with

Two Nec Woodhead William & Sons, Meltham, Woodhead Daniel, Nether Thong George, "Longwood, Cherry


#,¢ The Editor is. aware that the above list does not contain all th

Wm. Robert’s cuurt, Cloth Hall

street Kay Jobn, White Har ay Joseph, 6, Luinb’s warebouse Kay William, Lumb’s warehouse Lodge David, Ramsdeu’s Arins

oO Roebuck Roebuck Daniel, Lumb’s warehouse Roebuck I Matthew, Lumb’s ware-

Stead William, Dog Tn Inn

Smitb James, og Tun Spivey William, Ramsden’s Arms Sugden and G ill, Woodsome, White Taylor ‘Charles and ms Lumb’s ware- house Willans corps, Ne Willans “Shae arles, 16, ware-

Cumberworth, Armitage Josh J oshua, Robert’s court,Cloth Haywood Geor Robert’s court Haywood Jonas, Robert's oo Ke Robert’ court Sbaw Joshua, Robert's Frost George, Robert's court, Cloth hall street Kilner John, Robert’s court Kilner William, Robert's court Senior and Beaumon Wood Joshua and Sons ey. Boothroyd Jobn, Robert’s court, Cloth I Chadwick Joseph Fellgreave, Robert’s cour

Hanson Amor, White Hart Hawkyard Joseph, Robert’s court

Manufectu ‘rom thee try who attend the Huddersfeld cloth hall, but he believes I Hirst John, Robert’s court rs oe hae bee Oldfield Josep b, Robert’s court itcom Jet. ‘The remainder will be Sanderson Thomas, Robert?s court iltage Lists. omlinson ——, Robert’s court Kirkheaton, Manufacturere of Fancy Goods scho| Bates Jumes, King’s Head

attend Hudderafield Market, seth: their places of abode, Inas arehouses in Almondbury. Blakey Thomas, 3, Lumb’s warehouse

Boothroyd Joshua, 3, Lumb’s ware- I S ase

Dawson, Abel, 6, Lumb’s warebouse Farrand Joseph, 6, Lumb’s warehouse Haigh, Joseph, TA Lumb’s warehouse

Bates William, King’s Head Beaumont Jobn Tinner’s yard urnet James, Tinner’s orton Thomus, Tinner’s 5 yard Horton John, Tinner’s sya Kirby Juhnand Co, Tinuet’s yard tancl ff Jo nathan , Lumb’s warehouse Sykes Richard, Tinner’s sy hiteley Josey h, Tinner’s yard I Whiteley Wi fam, Tinner’s sera Wilkinson Benjamin, Tinner’s

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[Towns.] 217 From the Geor nn, Murket place. Castle James 6, Gumb’s warehouse The ATOR 10 Mancheaten at Copley joseph Robert’s court pas ast 1 at noon. To Leeds, at 3 Haigh James. Tinner’s ard Heppenstall Thomas, obert’s court I The New CORNWALLIS to Manches- sivesey Joseph, Tinner’s yard ters at ll morn. ToLeeds 4 an kwoud Joseph, Tinner’s yard From the Ramsden’s Arms, K n George, Tinner’s y The Tace to at larsden William, Tinner’s yard Zaft. To Leeds + before 6even. tarsden David, Tinuer’s The to Manchester at % owell W. Farnle ey ood inner’s yd. before 1 at Noon. To Leeds at 3 owell William, ner’s yard rea adcliff John, Cross From the Packhorse, Kirkgate. Ladcliff James, Boarhurst The Roya Fuesce to enior John, Tinner’s yard very mor mornin at past ten. To Senior r Joseph, Tinner’s yard © Halifax at 3 alternoo George, Tinner’s yard The Accommonarion (6 insides ) to aie ee Tinner’s yard anchester at morning, ol co Huddersfield, at 9 even. tworth Robert, 2 yard The , Commanctat auton, Post ll Barden ea court and for ‘Le ds, 6 eve noon, ert’s cou! Berry Joh Joba, Tyson son’s court’ CONVEYANCE BY WATER. Tinker De rt’s court From the Canal Wharf.

Arlom J Newsome, White Ha Armitage ewil tal eat Robert’s

lane, Robert’s ct. , Robert's ct. ite bart Le eae Briggs Th omas, Long ood, 16, Lumb’s

, Curtis Sohn, py, Bore yard, Dyson Jose Burton mers yn Dyson John, Lindley, RK ’s court ‘rost George, Dalton, Ki vs a ead Fitton Josey Hartshend, Tinuner’s yd. Tinner’s yard


Netherwood Miles fan ) Deighton “ttancy)

Smith Jobu, Hopton court Tetley George, Clifton, Date Ben Jobn and Sons, . hite Lion yard

COACHES From the ee ant Rose & Crown

The Connwatiis, d ts Manches- ter and Liv I, at 9 morning. morning.—' Wakeield at a past uM

Wipow and Sons convey goods, by Fly boats, daily to Man

Chester in 24 hours, whence pack- es are to all of kingdom.—A gent, A.Beswick,


field and to Hull; also by canal to anchester, whence $ are for warded to all s of the dom. J. and L. Marspen’s ts jan-

ya chester daily.—Agent Joha Ramsden’s Navigation, Richard

AND CARRIAGE, ie & Co.’s Ware-

JosHua vane mary Lane, dally. CHARLES 8 Storr daily to Manchester. ed to London and Nor- “dai Wil liam Ridsdale’s Warehouse, Marshall's yard, Hi Ww lion. Tu.

ster Tha. ands Saturd - To Baxns- ley Mon. Wi d Saturday. From the Pockhoree yard, Ker ate Groner waggon very night at 11 JAMES waggons daily Leeds.

Janus, Gamaur’s waggons to Shef-

Penistone, Mon. Wed. and and Set at 7, evening.

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218 KEIGHLEY. [ Towns. ] KEIGHLEY.

James waggon to Halifax ry afer. retarns the same even.

Ww War d § ne waggons 1pow WELSH and Sons’ ret ae vel arts oO! the South and West. >

COUNTRY CARRIERS. (Red Lion) John Rhodes u Swan Two

Dewsbury, (Rose and C rown) u. & Thu. a 12,d ohn a (Hedi Livn, ‘Joseph Broad-

I itsret lace) William ju. Holmfirth (White Lion) Amos Booth, 8 Holm mfirth, (Rameden’s Arms) Joshua 3 Kirkburton, (W White Benjamin Ss Meltham, , White Lion) J. Liddall, Mirfield, * (Swan Two Necks) James worth, Tu. and Thu Rip onten, (White L Lion) Henry Ri- Rochdale, ( (Rose and Crown) Joseph Garsid de, Tu. Thu. & Sat. Saddieworth, White Hast) t) John Bur- ju. & I Selby ge,(Sran to Méscley, 7 Ta. Stande eS

Thursealand (Hat ser Hounds) Joseph Walker, Tu. Thu. & Sat.

all,d. Wooldale, Ramsden’s Arms) Jonas Cartwright, Tu. a9, d3

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