White's Directory of the West Riding (1837) by William White

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DEWSBORY CARRIERS. Samuel Beswick’s fly Thos. Jubb, Bond st. I Sat; to Huddersfield, I

boats daily to all parts, I to Wakefield, daily Tu: & to Bradford, Th from Fail lane; John I Jph. Wilson, Northgt. Rt. Machell, Market Taylor agent to Leeds, Tu. Thur, & I place, to Leeds, daily


one of the four principal seats and emporiums of the Yorkshire woollen manufactures, was created a borough by the Reform Act, in 1832, with the privilege of sending one representa- tive to Parliament, and is a populous, flourishing, and handsome market town, which has more than doubled its magnitude, and greatly improved its appearance, since the year 1811. It is the head of an extensive parish, and one of the polling places for the Parliamentary elections of the West Riding, and is pleasantly seated on the crown and declivities of an eminence, in the picturesque valley of the river Colne, in the Upper Division of the Wapentake of Agbrigg, in the liberty of the Honour of Pontefract, and on the high road between Manchester and Leeds; 24 miles N.E. of the former, 16 m. W.S.W. of the latter, 7 miles $.S.E. of Halifax, 26 miles N.W. of Sheffield, 14 miles 8. of Bradford, 13 miles W. by 8S. of Wakefield, and 189 miles N.N.W. of London. It is said to have derived its name from Oder or Hudder, the first Saxon who settled on the river Co/ne, which has its source from several brooks, rising about seven miles to the 8. and S.W., from the heights of Saddleworth and Holmfirth, and after washing the southern and eastern skirts of the town, flows north- wara to the Calder, near Nunbrook. The history of Huddersfield does not furnish much matter for the gratification of antiquarian re- search ; though the castle hill at Almondbury, on the opposite accli- vities of the valley, is the site of a Saxon fortress, and the celebrated Roman station, Cambodunum, is generally considered to have been in the adjoining township of Longwood, on the western side of the pa- rish, bordering upon Stainland. Among the hills and dells on the borders of thisand the adjoining parishes of Halifax and Saddleworth, have been discovered some ancient symbols of druzdical worship, in- cluding the site of a Cromlech, and several stupendous rocking stones. In Domesday book, Odersfelt(now Huddersfield) is described as being nearly all in waste. Indeed, this part of the country is naturally bar- ren and unproductive; but its local advantages for manufacture, arising principally from its coal and waterfalls, has raised it to the rank of one of the principal seats of the woollen trade in the king- dom; and where men congregate in large numbers, the soil seldom remains for any long time unproductive. Formerly, oats, and those of the coarsest kind, formed the principal part of the grain grown in this parish ; and the sarcasm cast by Dr. Johnson upon the Scotch, when he defined oats, as food for man in Scotland, and for horses in England, applied with as much force to Huddersfield as to the parish of Glasgow: butnow both wheat and barley crops are raised here in great perfection, and the wheaten loaf is much oftener to be seen than the eaten cake, in the dwellings of the Little more than a century ago, the population and wealth of Huddersfield did

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mot amount to more than one-half of either Halifax or Wakefield, but it is now equal, if not superior, to the larger of them, comprising upwards of 20,000 souls, though in the year 1801, its whole township had only 7,268 in- habitants, as will be seen in the following enumeration of the seven town- _ ships of Huddersfield parish, shewing their population at the four decennial periods of the Parliamentary census.

POPULATION IN A.D. I801. IS]1. 1821. 1831

Golcar township 13846 2122 2606 3143 Huddersfield township 7268 9671 13284 = 19035 mindley township 1377 1686 2040 2306 Longwood chapelry .........-. oes 1276 1461 1942 2111 Marsden (part of ) chapelry* ...... 448 493 622 642 Scammondenwith Deanhead chapelry 626 647 855 912 Slaithwaite chapelry...........--- 2007 2277 287 I 2892

_ —_—-—-—— a

Total....14,848 18,357 24,220 31,041

* Marsden is mostly in Almondbury parish.

The Boroven extends over the whole of the Townsurp of HupDERS- FIELD, which comprises about 3,700 acres of land, divided for the mainten- ance of the highways into five HAMLETs or Constablewicks, viz. Huddersfield, Fartown, Bradley, Deigton-with-Sheepridge, and Marsh-with-Paddock. The number of houses of the yearly value of £10 and upwards is about 650, but the VorEs tendered at the last election in Jan. 1834, to the three candidates for the representation of the borough, amounted only to 489, apportioned as follows ;—to John Blackburn, Esq. 234; M. T. Sadler, Esq. 147; and Capt. Wood, 108. Mr. Blackburn the successful candidate died in April, 1837, and his plaee was supplied on the 6th of May following by the election of Edward Ellice, jun., Esq., who had a warm contest with Mr. Rich. Oastler ; 340 votes being given to the former, and 290 to the latter. The HuDDERSFIELD Union, formed in 1837, under the New Poor Law, comprises the four parishes of Huddersfield, Almondbury, Kirkburton, and Kirkheaton, which include 32 townships and a population of nearly 100,000 souls. The Board of Guardians consists of 36 persons, of which five are clected yearly for Huddersfield, and one for each of the other townships. From the rolls of Richard II. it appears, that in the third year of that reign, free warren in Huddersfield was granted to the Prior and Canons of Nostel. But before this time, so early as the year 1200, Roger de Lacy, lord of the extensive honorial liberty of Pontefract, granted to William de Bellomonte, ancestor of the Beaumonts, of Whitley, a grant for his homage and service. A grant was also made by the same Roger de Lacy to Colin de Dammeville, which said Colin, as an act of gr atitude to his benefactor, “ cave to God, the blessed St. Mary, and the Abbots and Monks of Stanlaw, for the soul of his lord, Roger de Lacy, all his part of the said mill of Hud- dersfield, upon the river Caune, and 20s. annual rent.” Huddersfield is a dependent manor within the Honor of Pontefract, and the chief part of it belongs to Sir John Ramsden, Bart.; for though there are several small frecholders in the township,all the land i in and near the town, except asmall portion belonging to Mr. Firth, is the property of this worthy baronet, and from it he derives a princely income; the building sites being let at high rents, and many of them without leases ; indeed he has of late years refused to grant building leases, but still the town has continued to increase, and many fine streets and handsome houses have been erected on the un-leased land, the inhabitants having the utmost confidence in the honour and liber- ality of the Ramsden family, who have held the manor since the Reforma- tion, and in the 23rd of Charles I[. obtained a grant for a weekly market. _ A large portion of the buildings are of a very fine and durable stone got in ~ H

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the neighbouring quarries. Mould-green and Bradley Mills are in the

township of Dalton, and Folly Hall, in Lockwood township, and consequently — they are not in the borough, though they are on the opposite margin of the — river, and may be considered as component parts of the town. The inland ©

navigation of Huddersfield affords to its trade the most ample facilities, both to the east and the west. The Ramsden Canal, which commences at the King’s Mills, close to the town, crosses the high-road to Hali- fax, and passing Black-house-brook, near Deighton, unites with the Calder at Cooper’s bridge; thus opening a communication with Halifax, Wakefield, Leeds, York, Hull, &c. The Huddersfield Canal, which joins the Ramsden Canal at the south end of the town, was cut under the powers of an act of Parliament passed in 1794, and conveys goods westward, by way of Long- wood, Slaithwaite, and Marsden. There is a tunnel 5,451 yards in length, and in one place 222 yards below the surface, cut through the English Appen- ines, to within two miles of Dob-cross, from which the canal, after crossing the river Tame, in several of its windings, comes within a mile of Lydgate, by Mosley and Staleybridge, and unites with the Ashton and Oldham Canal, near Ashton-under-Line. The navigation to Manchester, is then direct, and from thence the communication by water, is made daily to Liverpool, the great depot of commerce on the western coast. The Huddersfield Canal has answered better for the town, and for the country through which it passes, than for the proprietors, who have never received a remunerating interest for the immense capital expended. An Act for lighting, watching, cleansing, and improving the town of Hudders- field, received the royal assent on June 30th, 1820, and under it the Com- missioners have established an efficient police, and with the sanction of the principal inhabitants have greatly improved the appearance of the town; but it was not till a few years ago that they began to round the corners, and widen the contracted parts of the public streets. Dangerous Corner, the ugly obstacle in the passage through the town from Leeds to Manchester, vanished in the early part of 1837, by the demolition of the projecting building; behind the site of which, a handsome erection, with a fine curved front now presents itself to view. This is only the commencement of a series of projected im- provements, among which are, the partial removal of the Horse Shoe Inn, the Boy and Barrel, the Fleece Inn, and the Rose and Crown, all of which contract the public avenues, consequently, the removal of their projecting parts, and the substitution of modern fronts, would not only beautify the

town, but make the thoroughfares, which have so long been a reproach on.

the inhabitants, as commodious as those of most other towns in the king- dom. The modern streets are generally spacious and handsome, especially New street, Buxton road, King street, and Westgate. At the head of the latter, several houses have been removed to widen the approach, and to make room for a cattle market. The Market place is a large area, lined with good houses and shops, mostly rebuilt during the last 50 years. Water Works :—Huddersfield is by nature extremely ill supplied with water for domestic purposes, having but few springs, the water from which is hard and unwholesome, itssource being the termination of drainsconnected with ihe deserted coal-works which intersect the ground under the town. In 1743, works were constructed for supplying the inhabitants with a purer beverage from the river Colne, by means of forcing pumps; but this source having become contaminated by the numerous Fulling-mills and Dye-houses, after- wards erected on the river, and being found greatly inadequate to the wants of the numerous population, an act of parliament was obtained in 1@27, for procuring an abundant supply from the copious springs of fine soft water, in Longwood and Golear townships, about four miles west of the town, where the water is collectedin a reservior, covering four aeres, and

is sent thence to the. service-reservior, (88 fect in diameter) at the head of;

Spring street, whence it is sent in cast iron pipes tothe dwellings ofthe con-

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sumers; the elevation being sufficiently high to command every part of the town. In front of the service-reservoir, is a handsome building, with offices for the elerks, &c., and accommodations for the meetings of the commis- sioners. The supply is now supposed to be equal to any increase which may take place in the population during this and the ensuing century. The works, including a reservoir of six acres, made for the protection of the mill owners, cost about £10,000, raised in shares of £100. Pursuant to the act, the scale of water-rents is limited so as not to exceed a clear profit of 74 per cent., out of which 5 per cent. is paid annually to the shareholders, and the remaining 25 per cent. is applied in liquidating the capital, so that the works will ultimately become the property of the inhabitants, and their water rents will be reduced to such a scale as will merely cover the cost of keeping them in repair. Though the water is conveyed through a difficult line of country, the works were completed in little more than two years, under the able direction of that skilful engineer, Nicholas Brown, Esq. The Gas Works were originally built in 1821, at the cost of £3,400; but being found too small, they were re-constructed on a larger and more im? proved plan in 1824, so that their total cost amounts to above £10,000, raised in £20 shares. They have three gasometers, one holding 22,000, another 8,000, and the third 5,000 cubic feet. ‘The Manuractures of Huddersfield and the surrounding yillages, are principally woollens, consisting of broad and narrow cloths, serges, ker- seymeres, cords, &c., and fancy goods to a great extent, in an endless variety, embracing shawls, waistcoatings, &c., of the most elegant patterns, and the finest fabric, generally composed of worsted, silk, and cotton ;—some wholly of the first, and others containing an admixture of it with one or both of the other materials. Formerly the buyers and sellers of cloth met in an open square; but in 1765, a commodious Hatu was erected for their ac- commodation, by Sir John Ramsden; and it was enlarged by his son in 1780. This building, which is two stories high, forms a circle of 880 yards, with a diametrical range, one story high, which divides the interior parts into two semicircles. The light is wholly admitted from within, there being no windows on the outside, by which construction security is afforded against fire and depredation. The hall is subdivided into streets, and the benches or stalls are generally filled with cloths, lying close together upon edge, with the bosom up for inspection. Here, in brisk times, an immense quantity of busi- ness is done in a few hours. The doors are opened early in the morning of the market day, which is Tuesday, and closed at half-past twelve at noon; they are again opened at three in the afternoon for the removal of cloth,&c. Above the door is a handsome cupola, in which a clock and bell are placed, for the purpose of regulating the time of commencing and terminating the business of the day. The hall is attended by about 600 manufacturers, mostly from the country, and many others have ware-rooms in yarious parts of the town. The Tuesday market is well supplied with cattle, corn, and provisions, and, as in most other large towns, here is a large display of meat, vegetables, &c., every Saturday. A large annual fair, for the sale of cattle, horses, &c., is held on the 14th of May, but those held on March 31, and October 4th, are of smallimportance. Petty Sessions are held at the Court House, every Tuesday and Saturday, and Messrs. M. Bradley and J. C. Laycock, are clerks to the Magistrates. The Court House is about to be enlarged, and was built in 1825, by the Commissioners of the Court of Requests, which is held here every Friday, for the recovery of debts under 40s., and was established by the act of parliament, which extended the jurisdiction of the Court Baron, (held half-yearly) to the recovery of debts amounting to £5, as will be seen at page 394. There are in the town, several Banking Houses, one of which is the Huddersfield Joint Stock Bank- ing Company, established in 1827.

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The Paris Cuurcn, dedicated to St. Peter, was a small ancient struc-_ ture, founded and endowed by the Lacy family, soon after the Conquest, but re-built in 1506, after which it underwent many repairs; but being and incommodious, the whole was taken down in 1835, and the present mag- nificent church erected on its site, in the perpendicular Gothie style, of which — the late fabric was a very plain specimen. The new church was opened on © the 27th of October, 1836, and on that day and the following Friday and Sunday, £510 was collected from the congregation towards the cost of the building, which amounted to about £9,000, including £300 paid for a new clock, and £470 paid for the painted east window. The whole expense was defrayed by subscription, the sale of additional pews, and a grant of £600 from the Church Building Society. The old church had only 1,000 sittings, but the present building has 1,620, of which 460 are free. The old pews on the ground floor were the property of the lords of the different manors in the parish ;—the north side being held by Sir John Ramsden, the south side by Thomas Thornhill, Esq., and the chancel by Sir Thomas Pilkington. In 1812, a subscription of about £2,000 was raised, of which £700 was paid for a new organ, and the remainder was invested in buildings for the support of the organist. To this subscription, the Earl of Dartmouth, J. Whitacre, Esq., and Thomas Holroyd, Esq., gave 100 guineas each, and many sums of from 20 to 50 guineas were given by other gentlemen. In the tower is a good peal of ten bells with a set of musical chimes. The VicaRAGE valued in the Liber Regis at £17. 13s. 4d.,is now worth upwards of £500 per annum, exclusive of the Vicarage-house. Sir John Ramsden is the patron, and the Rev. James Clarke Franks, M. A., is the incumbent. Here are now four other modern churches, two in the town, and two in the suburban hamlets. Triniry CHURCH, at the head of the street to which it gives name, was built by the late Benjamin Haigh Allen, Esq. of Greenhead, on his own land, at the cost of £12,000, in addition to which he gave about £4,000 for its endowment, and the procuring of the act of par- lament which vests the patronage in his heirs and assigns. The first stone was laid in 1817, and the church was opened October 10th, 1819. Itisa handsome edifice from a design by J. Taylor, Esq. of Leeds, in the pointed style, with a square tower at the west end; and has upwards of 1,500 sit- tings, of which 500 are free. The benefice is a perpetual curacy, worth £135 per annum. The founder’s relict (now Mrs. Davies) has the advowson, and the Rev. Edward Acton Davies, M. A.is the incumbent. St. PauL’s CuurcH, in Ramsden street, was built by the parliamentary commission- 7 ers, at the cost of £5,486, exclusive of the site which was given by Sir. J. Ramsden. The first stone was laid November 13th, 1828, and the church was opened in 183]. It isan elegant edifice in the early English style, with a tower and spire, erected from designs by P. Atkinson, Esq. It has 1,200 sittings, of which 250 are free. The curacy, worth £200 a year, is in the gift of the vicar, and incumbency of the Rev. John Roberts Oldham, M.A. Curist CuurcH, on an eminence at Woodhouse, in the hamlet or district of Fartown, on the north side of Huddersfield, was built and endow- ed by John Whitacre, Esq., under a special act of parliament passed 1823. a small neat fabric in the form of a cross, witha towerand spire, and nearly 600 sittings, of which 100 are free. The first stone was laid July 24th, 1823, and the church was opened in January, 1825. The founder gave an acre of land for the cemetery, and £6,000 for the building and endowment. He has the patronage of the curacy, which is worth £280 per annum, and is now enjoyed by the Rev. Whyndham Madden, M. A. ALL Saints stands in the village of Pappocx, which is about 3% mile west of the Market place, but is nearly connected with the town by modern buildings extending each way from Paddock-foot. This is another ot the churches built under the million act, the whole cost of its erection

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(about £2,500) being defrayed by government. It is a small Gothic structure with a tower and about 400 sittings. It was opened June 24th, 1830, and the first stone was laid November Sth, 1828. The vicar is patron, and the Rey. Thomas Potter, incumbent. The in the town, unconnected with the established church, are seven in number. The Catholic Chapel is an ornamental building, erected in 1833, and now under the pastoral care of the Rev. John Fitzpatrick. The Wesleyans have two large and handsome chapels, one on Chapel hill, built in 1837, on the site of one taken from the New Connexion about 25 years ago; and the other in Queen street, built in 1819, at the cost of £8,000, and having seats for 2,000 hearers. The New Connexion Chapel, in High street,was built in 1814; and the Primitive Methodist Chapel, in Spring-place, was erected in 1836. The Independents have two chapels, one a small building at Highfield, and the other a large gnd elegant structure in Ramsden street, built in 1824—5, at the cost of nearly £6,000, and having 1,250 sittings, besides seats for 350 sunday scholars. There is a Friends’ Meeting House at Paddock, and small chapels or meeting rooms in the other hamlets, occupied by various sects. The Sunday Schools and Re- ligious Societies of the town are numerous and liberally supported, as also are many Charitable Institutions. |The National School was built in 1819, upon the site of an old school given by John Ramsden, in 1681. It is now attended by 150 boys and 130 girls, and is a neat Gothic building erected at the cost of £1,000. The Infant School, established in 1829, has 160 pu- pils, and was built by subscription, with a house for the master, at the cost of £600. The PuILosopHican Hat was built in 1837, in the Grecian style of architecture, by the Philosophical Society, which was originally formed in 1825, under the name of the “Scientific and Mechanic Institute,” but not being supported by the operatives, its title and constitution were changeda few years ago. The edifice, which is 117 feetlong and 60 broad, cost about 3,000 guineas, and in it the society hold their meetings, and have a valuable library, museum, laboratory, &c. The Subscription Library, at Mr. Brook’s, in Westgate, was established in 1807, and now comprises upwards of 4,000 volumes, including copies of the Public Records. The Law Library, at Mr. Lancashire’s, in the Market place, was begun in 1829. The Commercial News Room, commenced in 1829, has 100 subscribers 3; and here is alsoa Conservative News Room, supported by about 70 readers.

The fHuddersfield and Upper Agbrigg Infirmary, in an airy situation, in.

Trinity street, is a large and elegant stone building, in the Grecian Doric style, erected by subscription at the cost of about £4,000, of which £1,549 arose from the sale of fancy articles, contributed to a public bazaar. The first stone was laid June 29th, 1829, and the building was opened June 29th, 1831. Its principal promoters were the supporters of the late Dispensary, whicn was founded in 1814,and is nowincorporated with the Infirmary, which has attached to it, two acres of land, held of Sir J. Ramsden, at a small an- nual rent, under a lease of 999 years. The building reflects much credit on its architect, Mr. John Oates, and has accommodations for about 40 in- patients. The number which the charity relieved in 1836, was 3,234 out, and 206 in-patients. Here is also a Lying-in-Charity, and a Female Be- nevolent Society. The Saving’s Bank, for Huddersfield and Upper Agbrigg, was established in 1818, and had in November, 1836, deposits amounting to nearly £53,000, belonging to 1,511 individuals, 23 charitable Societies, and 21 Friendly Societies. About half a mile south of the town are Lock woop Spa Barus, in a handsome building erected in 1827. The water is highly - estcemed for its medicinal virtues, and it is particularly limpid and spark- ling. Its smell and taste are strongly sulphureous, and not saline, though it contains a portion of carbonate of lime and sulphate of magnesia, and its Sascous contents are composed of 35 per cent. of carburetted hydrogen, 17

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: r


sulphuretted hydrogen, 7 carbonic acid, and 41 azote. neatly fitted up with every convenience and comfort, and are abundantly supplied with the spa-water, pumped from the spring by a steam engine. Besides a swimming bath, 13 yards long, 4 yards broad, and 4 feet 6 inches deep, here are separate cold, tepid, warm, vapour, and shower baths. ‘They are within a few minutes walk from Huddersficld, and oceupy a finely se- questered spot, sheltered by a lofty ridge on the east side of the river, covered with wood. The Lanp, belonging to the poor of Huddersfield, was purchased with £200 left by Thomas Armitage, in 1647, and consists of 25 acres in


Huddersfield, and 1]a. 2r. 23p. at Stainland, now let for about £82 per

num. There is also belonging the charity, £83 1s. 9d. in the Saving’s Bank. The income is distributed on St. Thomas’s day, by the Vicar and other trus- tees, among those poor persons of the township who do not receive parochial relief. The poor of Huddersfield have also £9 a-year from land at Cumberworth, left by one Priestroyd. The poor parishioners of Huddersfield and heaton have £4 2s. a-year from the Mercers’ Company, in London, as the bequest of Robert Gibson, in 1638. yearly rent charge of 20s., left by Mrs. White, out of Mr. Thornhill’s estate at Fixby, and those of the whole parish have 20s. a-year from the trustees of Waterhouse’s Charity, (see Halifax). The Hamiets, &c,, in Huddersfield Township and Borough, with their distance from the town, are as follows :—BraDLEy, 3 miles N., on the Leeds road ;—DEIGHTON and SHEEPRIDGE, two villages on the declivities of an eminence, 2 and 2} miles N.; its constablewick, Hillhouse, Coweliff, Cuckolds Clough, Woodhouse, and Birkley, extending close to the town ;—Marsu, I mile W., surrounded by a fertile district, with many handsome villas at Egerton, &c. ;—Pappock, I mile S. W., has in its district Longroyd-Bridge, Paddock-foot, and many straggling buildings extending to the skirts of the town. At Sheepridge is a

The baths are

Those of Huddersfield township have a

Fartown, I mile N., but ineluding within ©

Wesleyan Chapel, built in 1822; and the New Connexion have.one

Deighton, built in 1806.


Albionstreet, High street Aspley, Shore foot Barker’s yd. Uprhd-rw. Bath buildgs. Newhouse Battye’s yd. Market pl Bay hall, Newtown Beast market, Kirkgate Belle vue, New North rd Bent’s house, Newhouse Birkley, 3 mile N.W. Booth’s ct. 16, Temple st Bottomley’s yard, Up- perhead row Boulder yd. 27, Kirket Bradley’s buildings, 107, Northgate Bradley spout, Swan yd Bradley st. 44, King st Bridge end, Aspley Brook’s buildings, North- gate & Westgate Brook’s yard, 8, West-

Buxton road, 24, New st Castle gt. Lowerhd.-row Chadwick’s fold, Ket Chancery In. Market-pl Chapel hill, Buxton rd Carver’s bldngs. Thomas street Cherry tree yard, 91, Upphd.row, & West gt Cloth hall st. New street Colne rd. & ter. Aspley Commercial square and street, Ramsden street Corn Market, Kirkgate Cowclifte, Hillhouse Crofthead,41, Market st Cropper’s row, Northet Cross Church st. King st Cuckold’s Clough, Brad- ford road Denton lane, Kirkgate Dock street, Castle gate

gate, & 6, Market st I Duke street, Swallow st

Dyke end, New North rd Eastwood’s yard, Man- chester street Egerton, New Northrd Engine bridge, 8, end of Buxton road Fartown, Northgate Fenton sq., Longroyd Fieldgate, Lowerhead rw Fleece yard, Kirkgate Folly hall or Rashcliffe, Chapel hill Fountain st., Northgate Gibson’s yard, High st Globe yard, 22, King st Granby st. Uphead. row

, Greenhead rd. Wst. prd.

Green side, West parade Grove st. Upperhead rw Hamer’s ct. High street Hampton’s ct. Westgate Hebble ter. Bradford rd Hellawell’s yd. Newtown

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Hick’s buildings, Green _ Dragon yard Highfield, New North rd ‘High street, 25 New st -Hillhouse, Fartown Horsfall’s yd. 30 Kng. st _ Howard’s yard, 105, row _ John st. Manchester st. Johnson’s bldgs. Bxtn. rd _ Jowitt’s bldgs. Castlegt Kilner’s yd. Cloth hall st King’s head yds. Cloth hall st. & Market st King street, 6, New st Kirkgate, 3, Market pl Lad lane, 2, Westgate Lancaster’s bldgs. Cloth hall street Lee head, Bay hall Leed’s rd. foot of Lower head row Lime Kiln road, Aspley Little Bermondsey, Tem- ple street _ Lockwood Cres. Bxtn. rd Lockwood’s yard, New st and Westgate Longroyd bridge, M. rd Lowerhd. row, Beast Mkt Lumb’s yd. Cloth hall st Macauley st. Market st

Phy Hi

Post OFFicE, 1, New street, Mr. Wm. Moore, Postmaster.

Ay STREETS IN Helm’s bldgs.Manehr. st! Manchester st. High st

Market place, New street Market street, Westgate Marsh, Trinity street Marshall’s yards, W gate, & 41, Market st Milnes row, Castlegate Milton square, West prd Mould green, Wakfid rd Newhouse, New North rd New North rd. Temple st! New street, Market pl Newtown, Northgate I Northgate, Beast Market! North par. New North rd North’s yd. Manchtr. st Paddock, 1 mile S. W. Pig market, Queen st Plough yard, Westgate Quay st. Castlegate Queen sq. Queen street Queen street, King street Ramsden street, New st Rashcliffe, Folly hall Rhodes’ yard, King st Roberts yard, Market st Roebuck’s yd. Manches- ter street Rosemary In. Kirkgate Saddle yard, Westgate Schofield’s bldgs. Fn. st School yard, Newtown


Seed hill, King street ea


Shambles, King street Shears ct. 13, Beast mkt Sheep cl. Upperhd. row, Shorefoot & hd. King st Silk st. Lowerhead row Skilbeck’s yd. Lrhd. row South par. Buxton road Spring gds. Buxton road Spring pl. Upperhead rw Spring st. Upperhead rw Spring wood, Longroyd Swallow st. Upperhd rew Swan yard, Kirkgate Sykes’ yard, Newtown Temple street, Westgate Thomas street, Northgt Thornton’s yd. Northgt Threadneedle st. Mkt. st Towning row, West par Trinity st. West parade Union street, Northgate Upperhd. rw. Westgate Walker’s fold,Swalluw st Watergate, Castlegate Waterhouse yd. Uphd. rw Water In. Manchester st Walls, (The) Beast Mkt Westfield, Trinity street Westgate, Market place West parade, Westgate West place, Trinity st Windsor ct. 29, Castlegt York place, N. North rd


Mail to London departs at } past 11 morning, and to Halifax, at 20 min. _ past Also Mail Gig to Halifax, ¢ past 10 morning, and J past

7 evening.

On Mondays and Thursdays, Foreign Letters are despatched at

7 evening, via Wakefield ; and on other days, except Sunday, at 30 min.

past 3 afternoon, via Halifax.

and 8 in winter.

The Office opens at 7 morning in summer, foot Postmen are sent to all the surrounding villages at

8 every morning, except Tuesdays ; and to Brighouse and Rastrick, daily at 4 afternoon, except Monday.


Pappeck, Marsn, anp FartTown.

(For Deighton, Sheepridge, and Bradley, see page 387.)

of Gentry, Clergy, Partners in firms, and others, in the succeeding classification of Trades and Professions.

not arranged

_ Ainsworth Eliz., matron, Workhouse |Allen Mrs. Elizabeth, Westfield

Alexander Alex., dyer ; h. Newtown _ Alexander Mrs, Elizabeth, Spring st I

Allen Mrs. John, Chapel hill Anderson Adam, mert., 128 Uprhd. rw

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T Te ee ee ee roe ld eee " mT



Anderson Thomas, mert., New-house Anty Rt., bookpr., 52, Spring street Armitage Geo., brickmkr., West prd Armitage Mr. William, Paddock foot Aspinal Edw., coachman, Albion st Astin Mrs. Elizabeth, 17, Temple st Atkinson Mrs. Lydia, Chapel hill Atkinson Mrs. My. Ann, Aspley hs Atkinson Rd., gent., 11, Croft head Atkinson Wm., draper, North parade Ayrton Fras., supervisor, West parade Bates Mrs. iene 11, Queen street Batho Jas., bookpr., 65, Spring street Battye Benet C., solr. ; h. Lockwood Bayley Daniel R. »bookpr., 35, Quay st Beaumont Joseph, tobacco mfr., 4 Market place Bell Wm., cloth dresser, Fenton row Berry Miss, Newtown Bewley Rd., bookpr., Fenton square Boocock Jonas, coal agt., North road Booth Thomas, fruiterer, 52, Westet 30wer Joseph, woolstapler, Mould en Bowman Jas., bank clerk, 31, New : st Bradbury J ae i woolstapler, Belle vue Bradley Matthew, magistrates’ clerk, 26, Dock street Bradley Mrs. Sarah, 9, Spring street Bradley Mrs., Long royd bridge


Brook Barnard Hy., gas engineer & |-

patentee of the new gas ovens, 81, North gate Brook Jas., woolstapler, Thornton ldg Brook Jph., woolstapler, 19, Market st Brook Mrs. Martha, 58, Northgate Brook Wm., mercht, Mould green Brooke John, meret., Armitage hs Brooke Thomas, merct., Northgate hs Brooke Wm., merct., Northgt. mount Brown Hy., shear mkr. and grinder, Cliff’s mill; h. Lockwood Brown Mrs. Sarah, 49, Brunton Jno., artificial leg, arm, hand and spring truss mkr.,67, West prd Burley John, clerk of Trinity church Birkley Burnop Mrs., — 109, Upperhd. row Burrows Wm., gas rent colr., Newtn Cheesbrough, Cphr., bailiff, 23, Trin- ity street Cheetham Edn., wooistapler, Croft hd Clay John. solr., 35, Commercial st Clayton Abm., painter; h. Dalton Clif Mr. Wm., Paddock Clough Jno. Rhodes, soly., York house Cockburn Jno., traveller, Macauley st Cooke Wm., merct., Rainsden street

Cowgill Elizabeth, wkg. a West parade ' i Craven Ann, lodgings, Spring street Crowther Mr. Joseph, 18, Kirkgate Crowther John, miller, Newhouse Davies Rev. Edw. Acton, M. A., in- cumbent of Trinity church, Greenhd Dent Edw., merct., Westfield Dougill Mrs. Jane, 65, Manchester rd Driver Peter, carrier,58, West parade Duke William, lock-up-keeper, Pig market Dyson Jonth., woolstapler, Trinity st Dyson Jno., jun., draper, 4, Queen st _ Dyson Mr. Joshua, 3, Albion street Eastwood Abm., dyer, Engine bridge Eastwood Edm., dyer, Chapel hill Eastwood Jno., fire engineman, 20, Manchester street I Eddison Hy., and Wm., wine mer- chants; h. 1 & 2, Beast market Edwards Mrs. Hanh.,ct., 73, Spring st Eldridge Benj. Dixon, attorney’s clrk. 27, Market street Farrar Wm. comb mkr. 82, Castle et Fenton Misses, Spring grove Firth Mr. Thomas, 3, Beast market Fitzpatrick Rev. Jno. (Cath.) North rd Franks Rev. Jas. Clarke, vicar, 80, Kirk gate Frost John, merchant, 29, Buxton rd Frost Jph. coal agent, 27, Buxton rd Fryer Mrs. Ann, 69, Commercial st Gatliff, John, cashier, 22, Market st Gaukroger, Jnt. whsman, 7, Trinity st Graham Chas. woolstapler, West prd Green Samuel, gent. 6, South parade Gregory Wm.,draper, &c.; h. Grove place, Dalton Haigh Mrs. Betty, 41, Albion street Haigh Jas. cloth dsr. Longroyd bdg Haigh Mrs. Mary, Westfield Haigh Thos. painter, Commercial st Hall Jno.dlr.in nippings, 19, Market st Hanson James, woolstr. West parade Hanson Mr. John, Spring wood Hastings Mrs. Maret. 15, Buxton rd Hepworth Joseph, silk & cotton-yar dealer, 9, Cloth hall street Hirst Abraham, woolstr. 21, New st Hirst Mrs. Hannah, 10, Greenhead rd Hirst Mrs. — Dyke end Hirst Matthew, woolstapler, Queen-st Hirst Thomas, woolstapler, Spring st Hobkirk Thomas, bookpr. Albion st Horsfall Wm. fruiterer, 13, Market In Houghton Miss Frances, Newhouse

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Houghton Mrs. Sarah, 81, Kirkgate Hudson Mrs. Priscilla, 38, West prd Ibbetson, Thomas. gent. Bent’s house Jacobs Henry, furrier, 4, Market In acomb Wm. solr. ; h. Park Cottage Jaques Thos. bookpr. Lowerhead row ohnson Edward, mereht Upr. hd. rw Jowitt Mrs. Ann, Lowerhead row Kay Jph. architect & builder, New st Kewley Jno. comb mkr. 32, Castle gt _ Kirkpatrick Rev. Jno. (Cath.) North gt Lee Miss Eliz. 127, Upperhead row ee Geo. brush mkr.; h. 84, King st ch James, clerk, 2, Trinity street Lees John, cutler, 47, Shambles Lister John, mercht. 7, South parade _ Livingston Wm. mercht. Paddock ft _ Lobley Joseph, cloth dsr, Fenton row Lockwood Mrs. Sarah, 12, South prd Lodge Joseph, cattle dealer, Leeds rd Lumb Rd. cloth dsr. Longroyd bridge Machan John, grocer, 61, North gate Madden Miss M., Bath buildings Mallinson Thomas, mfr; h. Newhouse Marsden Luke & Wm., agts. Aspley M‘Burnie Thos. brewer, Spring pl M‘Kean Jasper,mercht.; h. Bath bldges Maus Jph. mercht. ; h. 75, King st Middleton Wm. horse brkr, Mould gn Naylor Jas. sweep, swan yard Nelson Henry merchant; 40 New st Netherwood Mrs. Martha, Newhouse Nicol Alex. permit writer, 17,Spring st Norris Sydney, mereht. Egerton grv North John, merct. 74, North gate Orrah C. baby linen whs. 25, Bxtn. rd Peace Uriah, bookpr. 73, Spring st Pedley Mr. Thomas, Bath buildings Peel John, salesman, 10, Trinity st Phillips Thomas, skinner, Bay hall Pilling Albert, merchant, Westfield Pitt Thos. chief constable of Upper Agbrigg, 32, King street Potter Rey. Thomas, incum. of Pad- dock church, Spring wood terrace Poynter Chas. draper, North parade Priestley Mrs. Mary, 10, Queen street Ramsden Hy. L.ironmner, &c. New st Rawson Stansfield, Esq., Gled holt Richardson Mrs. Rebecca, North rd Ridewood Mrs. Charlotte, 37,West prd Riley Jeremiah, woolstlr.; h. Birkley Robinson James, merchant, Trinity st Robinson Rt. Thos. solr.; h. York pl Rowley & Crowther, fancy mfrs. Aspley Sargent Geo. surgeon, 40, West prd Scholes Mr. Richard, Shore head Senior Geo. warp maker, 8 High st



Shaw Barnbs, draper, Commercial st Shaw Henry, manufacturer, Spring st Shaw Wm. merchant, Seed hill Shiers Mr. Thomas, 64, West parade Smith Edm. surgeon, 42, New street Smith John, merchant, Westfield Smith William, traveller, Aspley Starkey Mrs. Ann, 47, West parade Starkey John, merchant, Spring lodge Starkey Jph. merchant, Heaton lodge Starkey Thos. merchant, Spring wood Stead Mr. Benjamin 91, Northgate Stocks Mr. William, 17, Trinity st I Stuart Andw. umbrellamfr. 20, High st I Stutterd John, clerk of water works ; h. Marsh I Styring Mr. Samuel, 107, Northgate .

= ee ee

Styring Sarah, sizing dealer, Westgt Sunderland Hy. warp mkr. Bath bldgs

Sutcliffe Miss Hanh, Commercial sq ; Suthers John, book keeper, North prd I Swain Wm. merchant, Bradley lodge . Sykes Jph. merchant, New town Tatham T. R. surg., 5, Cross chrh. st Telfer John, bookpr., Newtown Thompson Isaac, traveller, Hill house Thompson Benjamin, agent, 32 Com - I mercial street . Thorpe Rev. John, 3. South parade Thurgarland Geo., toll bar farmer, 33, Queen street Tindale John, solr., 20, Market st I Tindall Jno., tobacco pipe manufac- I turer, 2, Castlegate Tolson Jph., mfr. ; h. 79, King street Twilton Mr. Wm., 70, Spring street Vickerman Mrs. Eliz., 33,Commercial street Waite Jph., manager at Gas works WalkerJno., bookpr., 116 Upprhd. rw Waller Jas., woolstapler, 6, Croft hd Waller Jph., manager, 29, Lowerhdrw Wallworth Edw., bookpr., Albion st Watkinson Chs. C., dealer in Brook’s patent sewing cotton, ct., 9 New st Wait Hugh, bank manager, New hs Webb Joseph, merchant, Highfield Webb Martin, gent., 37, Manchr. st Whitacre Mrs. Ellen, Fartown Whitehead Mrs. Sarah, York place Whitehead Thos., solr.; h. Springwd Whiteley Wm. bookpr. 33, Quay st Wilson & Hanson, patent lead and composition pipe and gas tube mfrs. Rashcliffe Wrigge G. warp mfr. h. 3, Carver’s bld Wrigley Thos. Cockill, mert. Newhse Wood Mrs. Mary, Newhouse

i a a i a ae al i te se eg

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Abbey Joseph, 93 Abbott John, 20 Abby Rowld. 9,35,61 Adamson Michal, 15 Addy Martha, 52 Ainley G. 45; W. 109 Aked Eliza,68 Alderson, Wm. 3 Alexander A, and Sons, 40 Allison Anderson John, 40 52; Tyne & Co. 67 Anderton John, 101 Aram Robert, 45 Armitage B. 67, 5 Geo. 28; John 6 52; J ph. 20, 45, 67, 106; Richard & Co. 97 ; Thos. 51; Wm. 43,46, 52, 81 Armytage Wm.92 Arthington Jph. 53 Ashton I Richard, 102 Astick Thomas, 20 Atkinson Edw. 32; eta Joseph, 92 ; Sar. 68; T.R. 29. Co. 67 Backhouse John, 72 Bagshaw Thos. 31 Baines William, 92 Bakes Miles,75 Balderson Baldrey Robert, 109 Banks, 8 Barber James, 56 Barker Joseph, Lh; William, 5 Barras W sinh. 56 Barrow M & Son,87 Barlow Joha,84 Bates Joshua, i0]; Margt. 90 Battye and Clay,5 and Hesp,5; Jas. 70; Josh. 56; W. W. 67 Baxter Jph. 23, 46 Bayldon George, 48 ; William, 49 Beatson Anby, 7, 46

Beaumont Jonas, 20;

Jph. 94; Jas. 30; John, 11, 46, 66; Thos. 46; W. 102 Beck & Livingston,67 Bedford Charles, 92 Bell Adam, Adw. & David 95; John 29, 95 Bennett Wm. 80 Benson Joseph, 27 Bentley Benj. 43, 46;

evn ae ee EO ee ee




REP The figures refer to the corresponding numbers of the Trades and Pro- © Jessions, and not to the Pages.

Timothy, (Exors.

of) i7 3ernin C. 20 Berry C. 94, 104;

George, 52; G. 65, 66, 81; Samuel, 15; Thomas, 20, 51; William,28 Bevers John,51 Bickerdike Geo, 51 Billington Hy. 72 Binns Joseph, 38; Jonas,1; Josh. 29 Birch Henry, 24, 39 Birshall J. S. & Co. 109 Black Alexander, 43 Blackburn Wm. 109 Blaydes Row land,92 Bienkhorn T. 17, 65 Bond Robert, 79 Booth Ench, 52; H.5; James, 29,67,92 ; J. 29, 51, 92; John and Sons, 55; Jph. 36; Josh. 27, 43; M.90;Rd. 84; 8.9L Boothroyd & Brooks- bank, 61; Josh 51 Bottom George, 102, 103; Mark, 84 BottomleyJames,70; Jph. 51,60; Saml. dL; William, 51 Bower and Bottom- ley, 109 Bradbury James & Co. 109 Bradley Charles, 46; Frances, 51; Geo., 39,52; Hy. N. 23, 46 ; Jas. Jchn, DO ; Jonas, 54; Luke, 5L; Thos. 46, 80 Wm. 6, 92 Bradshaw Benj. and Son, 91 Bray and Clegg, 78 Brier Wm. 27,30 Brierley Joseph, 43 ; George ,48 Briggs Jonas, 27 Broadbent Jas. S. 38 Susan, 1; Thos. H. 46 Brock Benj. 29; G. 102; Hy. & Sons, 67; Jas. 43, 52, 56; John, 29 nee 533) Jph.. 14, 29, 51, "52; Rd. vik 20 ; . Thos. 5; Wm. 48 & Sons, 67 Brooksbank John, 20

Broughton Josh. 24

Brown John, 103 Brunton John, 52

Buck Ann, 68 :T. 49;

Burkitt Isaac, 15 Burn Matthew, 5] Burton B. 76,90; J. 41,101 Butterworth and Sons, 67 Buttrey James, 109; John & Sons, 109 Byram Joseph, 92 Carr Jolin, 38 Carter James, 102 ; John H. 53, 64,69 ; William, 95 Carver George, 14; William, 20 Cawley Thomas, 52 Cauthra William, 38 Chadwick Thos. 92 Challand Geo. 43 Chaloner Maret. 7 Charlesworth Hny. 105; Clark George, 31; John, 106, 109 Clay Bradley, George, 29, 51, 65; Jph., & Edw 61; M,& E., 1; Rt., 29 Clayton & John, 51; Thos. 75 Clegg James, 15; G, 38; Saml. 84 Cleworth David and Son, 87 Cliff John, 40; Jph. 53,64; Thos. 53 Clifford Thomas. 51 Clough J. R. & W.5 Coates E.A. 1 Cocking John, 56 Collinson Wm. 13 Cooke John, 67, 92 Cooper Wm. 52 Cornick John, 15,52 Cowgill Thos. 20, 52 Crawshaw Jonth.17 Cresswell Henry, 21 Joseph, 109 Crooks John, 7, 84 Crosland Geo. 106 ; H. 52, 89; Jas. 81, 109, Jas.and Sons, 106 ; Jonathan, 29 Crossley James, 80; John, 11 Crowther Geo. 57; Geo. and Bros. 29; John and Son, 40; Jonth.and Son, 36; Joseph, 64, 99


Cuthbert James, 56 Dalton Fras. 51


I Davison Benj. 27;

‘Thomas, 51 Dawson Chpr. 30; 61; John,

Sarah, 68 Day John, 66 Dean Joseph, 40 Dearden William, 1 Denham William, 56 Dent J.J. 67; John and Edw. 67 Denton Nathl. 49 ; William, 56 Dewhurst Sarah, 30; William, 14 Dewhurst Rd. 168 Dickinson John, 92, & Sons, 109; Stph. 92; Thos. 23, 43 Dickson Nathl. 94 Dinsley Thomas, 57 Dodson Dd. 51; Rd. 109; Sar. 68, W. 52 Doughearty John, & Matthew, 27 Dougill John, 46, 93 Dowes Wm. and 86 Downing Fras. 46 ; J. S. and Co. 10, 17, 104 Dransfield John and Co. 109; Jph. 66 Driver John & Jph. 52 Dunford Joseph, 35 Durrans Joe W. 56 Dyson That ts and Sons, 109; G.20, 28, 109 ; Hi. 61; J. 83; John, 23, 28, 61; : Lw. “9. Rt. 20; W. 97, 102 Eagleton Eliz. 94 Earnshaw Reub. and Co.66 Easton Samuel, 14 Eastwood Geo. 52; Isaac 52; Jas. 20 ; John and Sons, 40, 81; K.1]; Saml. and Sons, 109; T. 51; William, 20 Eddison Wm. and Henry, 104 Edwards James, 84; John, 92; Rd. 92; Thomas, L06

lam William, 84

I Davies & Douglass,

92; Robt. 61, 90,

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Ellis John, 21, 62,6 ngland Wm. P., 24 G 84; W 41 Entwistle J ph. 56 _ Ewart Rd. $4; Rt. 20 _ Exley Jph. 56, 97 RE ston Joseph, 6 Farrah Joseph, 82 Farrar & Kewley,33 Fawcett Benj. 30,84, 102; Emma, 1; Jonathan, 84;Wim 56, 61 Fell Jacob, 24; John, 24,58 Fenton Jas. C. 5 Fielder Jobn and Son, 109 Firth Dd. 84; Geo. 53; John 39, 92; Jph. 39; Thos, 64, 94; William, 29 Fisher J. and Co. 86 Flockton J. & Son, 21; Jobn, jun. 72 Ford William, 46 Foss Rd. 51,104 Foster John, 5 Freeman J. 26. 89 Ganter Paul, 101 Garlick John, 20 Gankroger Ag. 67; William, 27 Gawthorp W. 52, 76 Gaygan Geo. 67 Gee Jonathan, 102 Gibson Henry, 56; Jph. 71, Wm. Li Gilderdale Rev. J. 1 Gill John, 51, and Johnson, 68; R. 66 Gilling Thomas, 92 Gledhill and Cross- land,81; Dd. 69; Josey ph, 92 Goddar: d Joshna, 52 Golden John, 20; W. 47, 55 Goldshiener Jph. 98 Goldthorp John, 105 Goodman B. & Son, 109 Goulter John, 29 Graham Abrm. &9; John & Son, 109 Grayson John, 27, 56 Greathead John, i Green Geo, 20,51 Greenwood John,56, 64, 83; 97,99; My. 85; Mdk. 56, and Parker, li; Thos. 40,56; Wm. 91 Gregory&Poynter,61 Grey William, 33 Gudger John, $2 Guest John, 51 Baich Benj. 66,81; Danl. 11; Dd. 52; Da. & Bros. 106; Geo. 51; John, 9, 29, 52, 56, 64, 6 M. & G. 106; Nny. 52; S.& H.68;) Senior & Co. 32;

Thos. 49; Thos, & Sons, 37 Hall Fs, 102; Jph. 28 Hallam William, 45 Hamer Thomas, 109 Hammond Jph. 46 Hannah pA 67 Che. 47, oe Da. ; Eli, 84 4; Geo. 76 James & Co. 109; John, jun 21; My.68; Wm, and John, 29 Hare Geo. 51; Hy. 67 Hargrave John, 24 Harrison J ph. 46, 64; Thomas, 84 Hart Grace, 88 Hartley Joseph, 20; Rd. 22,99; T's. 29 Hawxby John, 3 Haycock Thos. 100 Hayley Thomas, 76 Haywood John, 109 Heaps T. A. 47, 55 John, “4 Heavysege Thos. 21 Hellawell Abel, 16; Jonas, 91; J. 49; Josb. 29; Wm. 46 Henry A.S. & So. 67 Henshall Edw. 61 Heppeustall George, 52,71 Hepwort) Hanh. 20; Joseph, 40 Ferring Thomas, 80 Hesletine Henry, 92 Hey Da. & Sons, 40 Heywood Gecrge, $9 Hick Joseph, 96 Hill Edw. 55; T. 20 Hinchliffe Geo. tl Hindson John, 2 Hird, Dawson, Har- dy and Field, 54; Robert 16 Hirst Benj. 29, 81; Dd. 15; Eliz. 68; Henry & Co. 109; John, L. &4; John, John & Matw. 109; Jph. 56 ; Josh. 67 ; Mw. 73; My. 24 Saml. 92; Samuel and Co. 169 ; Thos. 20; W. & Son, 100; William, 5], 92 Hodgson Sami, 41 Holden George, 27 Holdswerth Jph. 89 Holliday Read, 25 Hollinshead Jph. 61 Holmes Hannah, 16 Holreyd George, 92; John. 51; Josep! hy 56, 162 Holstead Wm. &4 Hopkinson Jph. and Sons, $9

Horn A.68; Hy. 70

67;| Eorsfail Chs. 52, &7 ;

Wm. & Bros. 109 ; Wm. and Co. €7

' Houghton Sar. A. 34

Houldsworth Dd. dh Howard Da. 39, 63 Howe John 35 Howgate John, 80 Hoyle George. 15,75; Jas, 26; Hudson Benj. 91 ; Fdk. and Co. 61; John, 20 Hulke William, 99 Hustlers & Sobohm, 109 Hutehinson Jas. & Son, 13 Silingworth hts Jackson R. G. William, 48 Jacomb & Tindale, 4 Jagger Thomas, 20 Jarratt Sarah, 15 Jepson James, 52 Johnson Benj. 103; Eliz. 98; Geo. 16; Jpb. 18; Jph. and Son, 67 ; North &; Co. 67; 7. 18, 66 Johnston’ Eliz. 34; Joseph, 51 Jones R. & J. 61; F. R. 5,57 ; Gib- son and Co. ‘67; Je and T. 15 Jowitt John, 75, and North, 75 ; Rbt. & Son, 109 ; Thos. & John, & Co. 109 Jukes John, 71 Kaye Ed. 20; John, 30, 51 ; Jph. 32,60, 89; Josh.25; Rt. & Co. 66; Thos. 20; Wm. 1, 46, 55 Kemp T hos. 14 Ki George, 87; John, 2, 3, 67; Ts. & Son, 67; W. 39. King Thomas, 101 Kirk John, 56 Kirkpatrick & Cliffe 61 Labrey John, 94 Lancashire T. G. 14 Lancaster J. 6,83 Lawrence Wm. 8&9 Lawson Thos. 72 Laycock Jas. C.5 William, 92 Layton and Rout- ledge, 40 Leadbeater Mw. 29 William , 67 Lesaroyd James, 66 ; William, 66 Lee Jph. 80, & Rus- sum, !9; Wm.5 Leece John, 51, 79; Michl. 52 Leeck Jonathan, 16 Leigh Wm. & Sons, I €7 Liddell J. & Sons, 15 I Lidster William, 76

Lockwood Dd. 65; John, 67 ; Joshua, & Son, 107;

51 , Thomas, 109 Lofthouse James, 92 Lombardine J.B. 22 Lord & Brook, 29 Lorrimer Adw. 95 Lotte James, 80, &4 Loveys Thomas, Il Lucas Jas. 72 ; Wim. and George, 72 Ludiam M. & Sons, 55, 103 Lumb, Haigh, & Co. 29; Mary, 72 Lunn Jas. 29; John, 29; Levi, 29 Machan H.92: Rad. 52, 56 ; and Robin- son, 46 Maijlinson Abm. 29; Geo. & Son, 106; Geo. 52; J. & G. £9; Thos. 75 Manchester Wm. 16 Manuel & Co. 89 Mappleston Jph. 79 Marsden Wm. 52 Marsh Edmond, 43 Marshall Jerh. 65; Thomas, 51 Mathers John, 1 Maus & Robinson, 67 M°’Gregor Douglas,95 M’Kean, J. & Co. 67 Meilor Js. 102; Jph. 67,105 ; Robt. at Mij is dass & ore 65; Sidney, 27; WwW illiam, 58, 64 Milner Geo. 32, 84; Rd. 28; Saml. 84; Milnes B. 52; G. 4 Mitchell George, 41 ; J. & Sons, 40, €1 Mitton Richard, 67 Moifett Isabell: 1, Moody & Frost, 67, 82; John, 104 Mooney Josep h,108 Lawrence, 74 Moore Richard, 30 Moorhouse John, 52 Moran Owen, 52 Mets Js. 56 ; John, ; Josha. 56; M. pic M.1 Moxon John, 91 * Murgatroyd P. 29 Nathan P. N, 66 Nelson T. & Co. 67 Newhouse John, 76 Newsome Joseph, 15 Noble James, 38; John, 92 Norciiffe Ann, 68, & France, 26, 78 Norris, Sykes and Fisher, 67 Nortciiffe G. 40, 66

North Benj.1; Jas. 20, 36; Jol: n, 23, 51, €5; Jobnson,

jun. 67; W. 45, 53 Northrop Wm. 101 Norton A. H. 52,56 Nowell William, 38

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Nutter & Barret, 37 ; John, 29 Oakes Samuel, 46 Oates Jerh. 15 Oddy Wm. 43, 46 Ogden Samuel, 51 Oldfield Chs. 56, 64 ; J. & Co. 67; J. 84 Oldman Robt. 109

‘Pamwell Janies, 92

Parish Ann, 84 Parker Anthony, 1; John, 15 Parratt Thomas, 70 Pass & Roebuck, 14 Payne William, 29 Peace Js. 70; John, 5 Pearson W iiliam, 44 Peeker & Varley, 15 Pennington R. & M. 56; Thos. & Sons, 21; William, 72 Pick William, 52 Pickles Thomas, 102 Pickop Wm. 7, 84 Pilling James, 48; John, 15, 48, 52 Pitkethly L. 49,82 Pontey John, 45, 46 Poppleton Richd. 20 William, 20, 51 Poynter George, 84 Priestley Ezra, 1; Hannah 34; John, 34, 52, 84 Radcliffe Hanh. 68 ; Joshua, 57 Radford Win. 17, 51 Raistrick John, 3 Rawden & Walker, 169 Rawlinson Thos. 5] Rawson Ann, 51 Rayner Joshua, L Ream Dd. 48, 49, 98 Reed & Wood, 92 Reid George, 51 Rhodes Jph. 56; W. and Sons, 10, 104 Richardson, J. P.72; John, 14 ; Martha, 51 ; Richard, 51 Ridgeway Tristram, - 109 Riley and Berry, 81 Brook and Co. 109 Bros. 106 Robertshaw C. 109 Robinson Benj. 40; Geo. 66,78, 91; J. 56, 92 ; Jph, 46; M. & A. S0; Mary. 1; Thos. 39, 75,109 ; William, “49 Robshaw Joseph, 15

Robson Thomas, 15 °

Rodgers Thom as, 89 Roebuck H: arriet, 68; Henry, 20; J. 56 Rogers Robert, 84 Roper Susan, 68 Rothwell Richd. 87 Rourke Patk. 21 Ronse Wm. & Sons, 160, 109

Routlidge Robert, 61 Rowley, Kaye, and Co. 66; Milnes & Co. 66 Rushworth John, 56; Josh. 56 ; Thos. 52 Rutherford Geo. 101 Saffran Henry, 66 ; Sager John, 94 Sanderson J; 101, & Rhodes, J09 Sargent & Tatham, 9 Searlett Daniel, 89 Scatchard Sani. 92 Schofield, Cookson & Co. 64; John, 16; Joseph, 81 Scholfield Dd. 40; Jas. 28; Squire,92; Titus,28 ; Wm. 28 Schwann Fredk. 67 Scott Benj. 79; J. 61; 90, 92 Senior Jobn, 20; Mk. 20 ; Richard, 1 Shann Thos. 164 Sharp G. 87: John, 102; Joseph 11; Thos.92 Shaw Elizabeth, 68 ; Jas. 29 5 John, 52 ; SW Eber = Josey oh, 50, 61, & th, 56; S Ss. 12, 40; Son & Co. 67; Thos. 29; Wm 71; Widdow, 29 Shepherd G. R. 109 ; John 15; Joshua’ 29; Thos. 87 Shiers Richard, 1 Shires Thomas, 53 Shore Jonathan, 84 Shuttleworth W. 5} Siddle John, 106 Simmons Robert, 46 Simpson Joseph, 109 Sizer J. 11; W. 100 Sloan James, 95 Smart Thomas, 14 Smith George, 104; Jonth. 69; John, 29, 35, 39, 40, 43, 104; Jph. 20,and Kershaw, 91; T. 20 ; William, 51 Smithies John, 51; William, 51 Spencer, Wm. 102 Spivey Ann, 84; C. 24 ;J.46; Wm. 52 W. & H. 67. Standeven John, 37 Stanley Benj. 15, 50; Joseph, 50 Stansfield & Briggs, 382; Wm. 84; Wn. and Thomas, 15 Starkey Bros. 67 as G. 5,51; Thos. 52

Statham, Thos. 50

Ste phenson Wm. 80 Stocks Wm. jun. 106


Stockwell John, 29 Stoney Edwin, 67 Stott J.28 Sugden Jhsa. & Son, 66, J ph. 48; W. 20 Sunderland Jobn, 35, 62; Wrigge and Baxter, 37 Sutchiff Sarah 34 Sutclitfe John, 109 ; J ph. 20 ; W. 72, 75 & Webbs, 67 Swallow Luke, 82; John, 52 Swann Jonathan, 6 Swift Hy. 92; Jph. oA. Thos: 28; & F. 85,99; J. 92 Sykes Geo. 84; and Howard, 66; Jas. 20,29; John, 52; Jpb. 51, 84;R. 51; Sarah, Wm. 29 Sykes, Wade, and "Crowther 29 Tasker John, 92 Tattersall James, 51 William, 29 Tatterfield John, 1 Taylor Bea. 66; B. 84 ; Geo. 49; John, 25 1 Jph. H. 24; Mary, 70 Teale George, 14 Terry Thomas, 67 Tetley George, 16 Theaker James, 51 Thomas George, 48 Thompson Edwa. 1; Wm. 51, 103 Thornton’ ane Bur- man, 72 Thornton B. 16, 27, and Burman, 72; Ebenz. 54 56, 103; Eliz. 52; Isaac, 92: Thomas, 20 Tindal Watkinson, 5 Tinker, Chpr. 14, 52; __ Joshua, 81 Tittensor Rowl. 92 Todd Jph. 26, 78, 98; Tolson, Edward. and Bros. 66 Tomlinson Geo. 4; Henry, 76 Townend Thos. 20 Townley W. R. 109 Trumble Geo, John, P. & W.72 Tunnacliffe Chs. 75 Turnbull George, & Wm. 95; Wm. 74 Neyo: Benj. 56; C. ; John, 39 ; Jph. or, 109 ; Josha. 47, 52, 103; "Maret. ae W illiam, 35 Varley, T . 36,43, 63 Vevers William 52 Waddington Wadsworth Fras. 92; John, 20;and Sut- cliffe, 72,75 Wainhouse G. L. 56;

Joseph, 30,88 ‘ Wainwright Hy. 438 Waite Wm.21,51 von Abm. 28 9295 2; Benj. 52 ; Ea. q 1, ’ Edwin, 52; ve K. 74; ; Iph. 1, 27, 4 100 ; Josha. 20 ; Ls 20; "Sam, 29 ; 7 9, 35, 97 Wallace Adw. 64 Waller J. & Co. 109 Walton Robert, 49 Warburton Jas. 80 yy Watmough John, 56 Watson E. 80; T. 29 Wear Erasmus, 76 Weatherburn Lanc. — 49, 61, 90 Welsh Robert, 67 I West Peter, 92 Westerman G. 109 Whitacre W. & J. 67 Whitehead and Robinson, 5, Thomas, 25 Whiteley & Hinch- cliffe, 32 Whiteley Edw. 22; ii John & Co. 73; Rt. a & Son, 56; T. 1 Whiteley John, 67 Whitworth Edw. 62 Wigglesworth J. 109 Wiegney William, 51 Wilby Wm. 104 Wilkinson, Abm.& Sons, 66,81; E}j. 52 ; Fras. 9; H. & Co. 66; Thos. 106; W.& J. 56 Wilks William, 91 Willans Benj. 39; Wm. & Co. 109 Willett Richd. 100 Williams Wm. 89 Wilson Jas. Wm. 41, 72; James, 45, 56. Jonth. 84; Mich?’ 51; Thos. 17, 52, Ww illiam, 15 ‘ Winter Thomas, 56 Wolstenholme Jas. FL. 34 I Wood ‘Chpr. & Co. I 46, 106; 92; John, 37, 38, 48; Rev. Jonth. 1; J. 51 ; Rd. & Son, 81; Saml. 27; T. 163; & Walker, 109, 110 Woodhead J.B.& 109, John, 11 Wormald John, 80 Wormall Mary, 84; Richard, 23, 46 Worth Geo. 66,107 James, 29, 84 ie Wrisley J. & 'T..C. 67; Miles, 37; 'T. 91 York Store Compa- ny, 43 Young, Jerh. 19

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(1.) ACADEMIES. Marked * take Boarders. *Binns Jonas, Fartown Broadbent Susan, 38 Manchester st Clay M. & E. 12 West parade *Coates Eliz. A. 16 Buxton road * Dearden Wm. King st; h 7 Coml.sq Fawcett Emma, 24 Dock street * Gilderdale Rev. Jnvu, Egerton lodge Greathead John, Manchester road Infant, 67 Spring st. Thos, Whiteley Kaye William, ct 12 New street Mathers John, 4 Thomas street Moffett Isabella, Bath buildings Moseley M.& M, 15 Upperhead row National School, Seed hill, William Hoyle and Eliza Stott North Benjamin, Paddock Parker Anthony, New town Priestly Ezra, Spring street Rayner Joshua, Paddock *Robinson Mary, 6 Ramsden street Senior Richard, 80 Upperhead row Shiers Richard, Spring street Sykes Sarah, 53 Spring street *Tattersfield John, Spring wood Thompson Edward, Trinity street *Walker John, 29 Northgate * Wood Rey. Jonathan, 5 High street (2.) ACCOUNTANTS. Kilner John, 2 Croft head Taylor John, 5 South parade (3.) AGENTS. Alderson Wm. (to Sir. J. Ramsden, Bart.) Aspley place Hawxby John, (and sharebroker,) 12 New street Kilner John, (comssn.) 2 Croft head Raistrick John (to Canal and Co.) Engine bridge (4.) ARTISTS. Milnes George, Spring gardens Tomlinson George, 15 Macauley st (5.) ATTORNEYS. Allison John (& sub-consul. for U. S. of America,) ct 32 New street Barker Wm. 15 New st; h Highfield Battye and Clay, 4 New street Battye and Hesp, ct 9 New street Booth Henry, 11 Queen street Brook Thomas, ct 1] King street Clough John Rhodes, and William, 101 King street Fenton James Crosland, (& clerk to the comrs, of assd, taxes,) 37 King street; h Lockwood

Foster John, ct 8 King street Jacomb and Tindale, 20 Market st Jones Fredk, Robert, jun. 13 Cross Church street Laycock James C. ct 78 King street Lee William 16 Pack horse yd; h Black green Peace John, 1 Corn market Tindal Watkinson, vt 79 King street Whitehead & Robinson, ct 16 Mkp (6.) AUCTIONEERS, &c. Bradley Wm. 12 Commercial square Lancaster John, 30 Queen street Swann Jonathan, 22 Dock street (7.) BAKERS & FLOUR DLRS. Beatson Anby, 4 Buxton road Chaloner Margaret, 25 Westgate Crooks John, 39 King street Pickop William, 34 King street (8.) BANKERS. Halifax and Huddersfield Union Bank, 31 New st. (drawon Glyn and Co.) Huddersfield Banking Co. 13 Cloth Hall street; Hugh Watt, mana- ger; (on Smith, Payne, & Co.). West Riding Union Banking Co. 10 Market place; John Wilson, manager; (draw on Masterman and Co.) Yorkshire District Bank, 14 Market place; Rd.Hirst, manager; (draw on Williams & Co.) Savings Bank, 14 Buxton rd. open Tu. fm. 3 p 12 to 2, and Sat. from 6 to 7; John Taylor, secretar (9.) BASKET MAKERS. Abby Rowland, 7 Market place Haigh John, 35 New street Walker Thomas, (dealer,) 28 New st Wilkinson Francis, 15 High street (10.) BLACK BEER-BREWERS. Downing J.8. & Co. 10 Market lane Rhodes Wm. & Sons, ct 8 King st (11.) BLACKSMITHS. Barker Joseph, Leeds road Beaumont John, Mould green Crossley John, ct 64 Kirkgate Eastwood Kaye, Swan yard Gibson William, Swan yard Greenwood & Parker, ct 56 Albion st Haigh Daniel, Spring place Hinchliffe George, Cuckold’s clough Loveys Thomas, ct 27 Kirkgate Sharp Joseph, Leeds road 21


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Sizer John, Chapel hill Taylor John, Croppers’ row Turner Margt. 43 Manchaster street Woodhead John, 79 Lowerhead row (12.) BLEACHER. Shaw Samuel, Mould Green (13.) BOAT BUILDERS. Collinsonon William, 23 Dock street HutchinsonJas, & Son, Engine bdge (14. )BOOKSELLERS, BINDERS STATIONERS, & PRINTERS. Brook Jph. Stamp office, 1 Westgt Brook Rd. (old,) 26 Buxton road & Market place, Tuesday & Saturday Carver Geo. (stationer, bookbinder & pattern card maker,) Cloth hall st Dewhirst William, 1 New street Easton Saml. 6 Cross Church street Kemp Thos. (and news agt. and tract depository,) 44 New street Lancashire Thos. Green, (and cop- per plate printer, & dlr. in packing paper & rolling boards,) Bible So- ciety’s depdt & stamp off, 17 Mkp Pass and Roebuck, 94 King street RichardsonJno.(and periodical ware- house,) 12 Castlegate Smart Thos. (and vendor of patent medicines, ) 90 King street Teale George, (binder,) 20 Castlegt Tinker Chpr. {and news agent,) 15 Market lane (15.) BOOT & SHOE MAKERS, Adamson Michael, 8 Bradley street Berry Samuel, Longroyd bridge Burkitt Isaac, Mould green Clegg James, Mould green Cornick John, 12 Shore head Hirst David, dl Westgate Hoyle George, 1 West parade Jarratt Sarah, ct. 54 King street Jones J. and T. Shambles Liddell John & Sons, 9 Market place Newsome Joseph, 84 Northgate Oates Jeremiah, 78 King street Parker John, 69 Manchester street Peeker & Varley, 20 Upperhead row Pilling Jobn, 97 Castlegate Robshaw Joseph, 26 Kirkgate Robson Thomas, 97 King street Schofield John, 43 Kirkgate Shepherd John, Hebble terrace Stanlev Benjamin, 27 King street Stansfield Wm, & Thos. 18 New st Starkey George, 102 King street Walker Joseph, Mould green Wilsoo William, 32 road

(16.) BRAZIERS & TINNERS, See also Plumbers, &c. Marked * are Ironmongers also. *Hellawell Abel, 27 Buxton road *Hird Robert, 19 Cross Church street *Holmes Hannah, 10 Buxton road *Johnson George, 45 Westgate *Leech Jonathan, 23 King street Manchester William, Westgate head *Tetley George, 12 King street *Thornton Benjamin, 32 New street (17.) BREWERS, (ALE AND PORTER.) See also Black Beer Brewers. Bentley Timthy.(Exors.of) Lockwood Blenkhorn Thomas, Aspley brewery Crawshaw Jonathan, New town Downing J.S. & Co, 10 Market lane Mills James and Co. 9 Quay street Radford William, Croppers’ row Wilson Thos. Bickley, h Egerton hill (18.) BRICKLAYERS. Johnson Joseph, 147 Upperhead row Johnson Thomas, New town (19.) BRUSH MAKERS. * Lee & Russum, 26 Cross Church st Young Jeremiah, 26 New street ‘(20.) BUTCHERS. Marked* have shops in the Shambles *Abbott John, 1 Market lane Armitage Joseph, 7 Buxton road Astick Thomas, 28 Shambles *Beaumont Jonas, 23 Westgate Bernin Christian, 9 Cross Church st Berry Thomas, 88 Beast market Brook Richard, 62 Kirkgate Brooksbank John, 88 Shambles *Carver William, 1] Westgate Cowgill Thomas 39 Shambles * Dyson George, Paddock * Dyson Robert, Paddock Eastwood James, 32 Shambles Eastwood William, 35 Shambles Ewart Robert, 42 Shambles Garlick John, 31 Shambles Golden John (pork,) 41 King st Green George, 14 Cross Church st Hartley Josep he 4 27 Castlegate Hepworth Paddock * Hill Thomas, Mould green Hirst Thomas, 41 Shambles Hudson John, 34 Shambles Jagger Thomas, Hill house Kaye Edward, 54 King street * Kaye Joseph, 32 Cross Church st KayeThos. 5 Kirkgate & Granby st * North James, 9 West parade

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Poppleton Richard, Mould green * Poppleton Wm. 46 King street * Roebuck Hy. 45 Upperhead row Senior John, Longroyd bridge Senior Mark, 18 Rosemary lane Smith Joseph, 36 Shambles Smith Thomas, 16 New street * Sugden Wm. 53 Westgate Sutcliffe Joseph, 40 Shambles Sykes James, Folly hall Thornton Thos. 68 & 84 Kirkgate *Townend Thomas,65 Manchester st Wadsworth Jobn, 43 Shambles * Walker Joshua, 95 Kirkgate * Walker Law, 6 Kirkgate (21.) CABINET MAKERS AND UPHOLSTERERS, (See also Joiners.) Cresswell Heury, 39 New street Ellis John, Longroyd bridge Flockton Jno, & en , Battye’s yard, Market place Hanson John, jun. 34 New street Heavysege Thomas, Swan yard Pennington Ths. &Sons,21 Buxton rd Rourke Patrick, ct 90 Northgate Waite William, 117 Northgate (22.) CARVERS & GILDERS. Hartley Rd. (carver,) 3 Ramsden st Lombardini Jno. B. 2 Market place Whiteley Edw. 64 Manchester road (23.} CHEESE, BACON, AND BUTTER FACTORS. Baxter Joseph, 18 Cross Church st Bradley Henry N. 1 King street Dickinson Thos, 16 Temple street Dyson John (whls.) 88 King street North John, 92 Beast market Wormall Richard, Mould green Wright William, "43 Westgate (24.)CHE MISTS & DRUGGISTS. Birch Henry, 10 King street Broughton Joshua, is King street England Wm. P. 13 Market street Fell Jacob, 18 Market place Fell John, 7 King street Hargrave ‘John, Longroyd bridge Spivey Charles, 46 New street Swift Joseph, 5 Westgate Taylor Jpb. Harnees, 30 Buxton rd (25.) CHEMISTS (MANUFRG.) Holliday Read, 79 Leeds road Kaye Joshua, Mould green WhiteheadThs. (& soap)57 Leeds rd (26.) CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHENWARE DLRS. Freeman John, 8 Market place

Hoyle James, 96 King street Norcliffe & France, 66 Kirkgate Todd Joseph, 121 Upperkead row


ia Joseph, 25 Kirkgate Booth Joshua, ] Union street Brier Wm. 13 Buxton road Briggs Jonas, Longroyd bridge Davison Benj. 54 Kirkgate Doughearty John &Mttw. 18 Westgt Gaukrodger Wm. Paddock Grayson John, 40 King street Hindson John, 34 King street Holden George, Mould green Mills Sidney, 34 Manchester road Thornton Benjamin, 32 New street Walker Joseph, Mould green Wood Samuel, 50 King street (28.) CLOTH DRAWERS, &e. Armitage John, 30 Castlegate Berry Wm, Longroyd bridge Dyson George, Longroyd bridge Dyson John, 10 Manchester street Hall Jose ph, Spring street Milner Richard, Temple street Scholefield James, Upperhead row Scholefield Titus, Longroyd bridge Scholefield Wm. Fenton square Stott John, Fartown Swift Thos. (& pattern card maker,) 106 Castlegate Walker Abm. 76 Upperhead row (29.) CLOTH DRESSERS. AtkinsonT.R.(Exors.of) Aspley mill Bell John, 7 Union street Binns Joshua, (and waterproofer,) Fartown green Booth James, 14 Rosemary lane Booth James, 80 Beast market Booth John, ct 13 Beast market Brook Benj. ct 10 West parade Brook John, Marsh Brook Joseph, 82 Beast. market Brook Juseph, 14 Greenhead road Brook Joseph, ct 22 Rosemary lane Charlesworth Saml. Engine bridge Clay George, 2 Corn market Clay Robert, 73 Northgate Crosland Jonathan, Folly hall Crowther Geo. & Brothers, Paddock Firth Wm. Croppers’ row Goulter John, 109 Castlegate Haigh John, Folly hall Hanson Wm. & Jno. 18 High st Hartley Thos. (& presser, yw est par Hellawell Joshua, 4 West parade Hirst Benjamin, 87 Leeds road


ieee tii ii iia

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> (3a eee” ee a ee mm hil


Leadbeater Mattw. 34 Quay street Lord & Brook, Marsh Lumb, Haigh, & Co., Longroyd mill Lunn James, Birkley lane Lunn Jno. presser, Manchester st Lunn Levi, ct 26 Manchester street Mallinson Abm. 61 West parade Mallinson Jas. & Geo, 28 Quay st Murgatroyd Phineas, Croppers’ row Nutter John, Towning row Payne William, Castlegate Shaw James, Marsh I Shaw Thomas, Spring street Shaw Widow, Lane dyehouse Shepherd Joshua, 57 Lowerhead row Smith John, Marsh Stockwell John, Folly hall Sykes James, Quay street Sykes, Wade, & Crowther, Aspley Sykes Widow, Newtown Tattersall Wm. Folly hall WalkerAbm.(presser)76U pperhd.rw Walker Samuel, Upperhead row WatsonThos.(presser, )2 Macauley st Worth James, 19 Commercial st (30.) CLOTHES DEALERS. Beaumont James, 51 King street Brier Wm. 13 Buxton road Dawson Christopher, 24 King st Dewhirst Sarah, 35 King street Fawcett Benjamin, Northgate Kay John, 28 Buxton road Love James, 3 Manchester street Moore Richard, 6 Buxton road Wainhouse Joseph, ct 54 King st (31.) COACH BUILDERS. Clark George, ct 17 Cross Church st Davies & Douglass, Swan yard (32.) COAL MASTERS. Atkinson Edwards,(dlr.) Lwrhd. row Haigh, Senior, & Co., Ramsden st. and Briestfield Kaye Sir John L. L. Bart. Aspley and Flockton Milner Geo., West pard & Briestfid Whiteley& Hinchliffe, Cooper bridge Stansfield and Briggs, Aspley and Flockton (33.) COMB MAKERS. Farrar & Kewley, 95 Castlegate Grey William, 33 Kirkgate (34.) CONFECTIONERS. Houghton Sar. A. 47 Westgate Johnston Eliz. 27 New street Priestley Haunah, 49 Westgate Priestley John, 31 King street Sutcliffe Sarah, 3 Kirkgate

Wolstenholme Jas. Horsfield (whole- sale,) 19 & 20 Temple street (35.) COOPERS. Abby Rowland, 7 Market place Dunford Joseph, 49 King street Howe John, 16 King street Smith John, 24 Cross Church st Sunderland John, 1] King street Turner William, 13 Westgate Walker Thomas, 48 New street (36.) CORN MILLERS. Booth Joseph, 44 Kirkgate Crowther Jonth. & Son, Newtown North James, King’s mills Varley Tiiomas, Shore foot (37.) COTTON WARP MFRS. I Dowes. Win.& SI.(& silk, ) Mould gro Haigh Thomas & Sons (& spinners, ) Colne bridge Nutter and Barrot, Swan yard Standeven Jno. ct 54 Lowerhd. row Sunderland, Wrigge, & Baxter, (& silk,) 5 Shambles Wood Jno. 34 Queen st. & Meltham Wrigley Miles, 16 Pack Horse yard (38.) CURRIERS & LEATHER CUTTERS. Binns Joseph, 28 Kirkgate Broadbent Jas. S. 12 Cloth Hall st Carr John, ct 77 King street Cawthra Wm. 7 Pig market Clegg George, Market place Illingworth Jno. (cutter,) 30 New st Noble James, Little Bermondsey Nowell Wm. 24 Manchester street Wood John, 4 Albion street (39.) DRYSALTERS AND OIL DEALERS. Birch Henry, 10 King street Bradley George, Denton lane Firth John, 8 Cloth Hall street Firth Joseph, 8 Beast market Howard David, ct 84 Kirkgate Kilner Wm. 4] Market street Robinson Thos. Birkley house Smith John, Mould green Turner John, 15 Pack Horse yard Willans Benj. (and London soap,) 8 Shambles (40.) DYERS. Alexander Alex. & Sons, Folly hall Anderson John, Aspley Cliff John, Paddock Crowther John & Son, Paddock Dean Joseph. Canal side Eastwood John & Sons, Engine bdg Greenwood Thomas, Aspley

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Hepworth Jph, near Fountain st Hey David & Sons, Quay street Layton and Routledge, Aspley Mitchell John & Sons, Aspley Nortclifie George, Bay ball Robinson Benj. Lane dyehouse Scholefield Dd. Longroyd bridge Shaw Samuel, (cotton,) Mould green Smith John, Aspley mill (41.) ENGRAVERS, &c. Burton John, 72 Manchester street Hodgson Saml. 13, ct 6 Market st Wilson J.W.(c.p. printer)5 Spring st (42.) FIRE & OFFICES. Alliance, Jas. C. Fenton, 37 King st Atlas, Whitehead & Robinson, Mkp County, Provt. Wm. Barker, New st Family ‘Endt. Wm. Jacomb, Mkt. st Eagle&Phenix,J.R. Clough, King st Guardian, Jacomb and Tindale, 20 Market street Imperial, T. G. Lancashire, Mkp Law, D. C. Battye, 4 New street Leeds & Yorkshire, Jas. C. Laycock, King street Manchester, John Taylor, South par Scottish Eqtbl. Henry Herou, Mkp Scottish Union, T. Brook, King st Suffolk, John Allison, New street Royal Exch. Thos. Pitt, 32 King st Sun, Battye & Hesp, ct 9, New st York and North of England, John Tempest, 61 Lowerhead row Yorkshire, Whitehead & Robinson, ct 16 Market place (43.) FLOUR, &c. DEALERS. See also Bakers, Provision dealers, and Shopkeepers. Armitage William, 59 Kirkgate Bentley Benj. 59 Upperheac row Black Alex. 30 Cross Church street Booth Johua, 1 Union street Brierley Joseph, 2 Queen sireet Brook James, 8 Buxton road Challand George, 29 King street Dickinson Thomas, 16 Temple st Marsh Edmund, 12 Buxton road Oddy William, i Spring street Smith John, 8 New street Varley Thomas, 2 Rosemary lane York Store Cos, 16 New street (44.) GAME DEALERS. Hirst Mary, 11 Pack Horse yard Pearson Wm. (& oyster,) 48 New st (45.) GARDENERS & SEEDS- MEN. Ainley George, Birkley

Aram Robert, 8 Manchester street Armitage Joseph, Spring street Hallam William, 16 Kirkgate North William, 27 Kirkgate Pontey John, (& nursery,) 8 Kirkgt Wilson James, Birkley (46.) GROCERS & TEA DLRS, See Tea dealers only. Armitage William, 59 Kirkgate Baxter Joseph, 18 Cross Chareh st Beatson ioe 4 Buston road Beaumont John, 9 Westgate Beaumont Thomas, 72 Kirkgate Bentley Benjamin, 35 Buxton road, and 59 Upperhead row Bradley Charles, 45 King street Bradley Heury N. 1 King street Bradley Thomas, 15 Westzate

‘Broadbent Thos. Heelis, 43 Castlegt

Co-Operative Society’s Store, 10 Westa gt; Chpr.Wood & Co, agents Dougill Johan, 93 King street Downing Francis, 11 Market place Ford William, 17 New street Hammond Joseph, 92 Kirkgate Harrison Joseph, 36 King street Hellawell Wm. (& seeds,) New st Kaye William, 24 Castlegate Machan & Robinson, 4 Corn market Oakes Samuel, 86 Kirkgate Oddy William, 1 Spring street Pontey Jno.(& seedsman,) 8 Kirkgt Robinson Joseph, 6 Westgate Simmons Robert, 26 Market street Spivey John, 16 Market place Wormall Richard, Mould green (47.) GUN SMITHS. Golden William, 2 Cross Church st HansonUhas.(air guns, )29Buxton rd Heaps Thomas A. 48 Westgate Turner Joshua, 89 Castlegate (48.) HAIR DRESSERS, &e. Bayldon George, 34 Cross Church st Brierly George, 54 Westgate Brook William, 100 King street Jackson William, 110 Northgate Pilling James, 27 King street Pilling John, 9 Beast market Ream David, 2 Kirkgate Sugden Joseph, 37, King street Thomas George, 2 Bradley street Wainwright Henry, Market street Wilson Jno. 103 King st.& 24 Westgt

Wood John, 13 Pee Church street:

(49.) HATTERS. Thus * are Hosiers and Glovers. Bayldon William, 49 New street Sim

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~ Bull’s


Buck Thomas, (mfr.) 12 Westgate Dawson James, 9 New street Denton Nathl. 20 Cross Church st * Haigh Thomas, 37 New street Hellawell John, 5 Market place * Pitkethly Lawrence, 34 Buxtoa rd Ream David, 2 Kirkgate * Robinson Wm. 17 Cross Church st * Taylor George, 2 New street Walton Rt. (leather seller,) New st * Weatherburn Lancelot, 14 (50.) HOSIERS & GLOVERS. See Hatters also. Shaw Joseph, 20 New street Stanley Benjamin, (stocking mfr.) 59 Westgate Stanley “‘Iph. (mfr.) 24 Trinity street Statham Thos. (laceman, ) 4 Kirkgt (51.) HOTELS, INNS, & TAVS. Albion Inn, Fras, Dalton, 24 Bux- ton road Albion, Rt. Mellor, Longroyd bdg Angel & Trumpet, Joseph 8 Macauley street Black Bull, Thos, Berry, Hill house Black Lion, William, 92 Upperhead row Boot&ShoeInn,Saml.Ugden,oN ewst Boy&Barrel, Jno.North, 95Beastmkt Britannia, Wood, 64 Manches- ter street Jno. Holroyd, Pig mkt Head, Saml. Bottomley, 87 Beast market Cherry Tree, Joseph Bottomley, 40 Westgate Clifford PB ide Cowcliffe Clothiers’ Arms, ’ Fras, Bradley, Kgt Commercial Inn, John Gill, New st Dog, John Leece, 63 Kirk gate Druid’s Hotel, Geo. Mitchell, Tem- ple street Elephant & Castle, David Dodson, 47 Leeds road Fleece, Geo. Starkey, 83 Kirkgate Foresters’ Arms, Jno.Bevers, Northrd Fox & Grapes, Wm, Radford, Crop- pers’ row George & Dragon, Joseph Sykes, 12 Manchester street George Hotel, (& posting hs.) Wm. Wigney, 1 Market place Globe, Thos. Marshall, 22 King st Golden Lion, Juo. Booth, Castlegt Green Cross, Joshua Boothroyd, Mould green Green Drag. Mttw. Burn, 14 Wet

Grey Horse, Miles Dyson,Chapel hill Hope on Anchor, Luke Bradley, 17 Shore bead Horse Shoe, Ratcliffe Sykes, Ket Jolly Hatters, Thos. Bagshaw, Wet Kaye’sArms, Ann Rawson, Mould gn King’s Arms, William Bottomley, row. King’s Head, John Smithies, 5 Cloth Hall street Lamb, D. Houldsworth, Hill house Marsh House, Wm. Hirst, Marsh Nay’s Head, John Guest, Paddock Navigation Tavern, William Shuttle- worth, Shorefoot New Inn, Wm. Poppleton,16 King st New Inn, Ths. Eastwood, Cuckold’s clough Pack Horse Inn, (& posting house,) George Bickerdike, 89 Kirkgate Pack Horse Tap, William Smithies, ct 89 Kirkgate Peacock, Wm, English, Leeds road Plough Inn, Jas. Tattersall, 16 Wet s Heat, James Theaker, = 28 King street Ramsden’s Arms Inn, Richard Rich- ardson, 88 Kirkgate Rose and Crown Inn, (and posting house,) George Hare, 78 Kirkgate Royal Oak, Michl. Wilson, Beast mkt Saddle, Thos. Armitage, 4 Westgate Ship, Martha Richardson, Shorehd SpottedCow, Wm. Waite, 117 Northgt Star, Joseph Brook, Bridge end Sun Inn, Rd. Foss, Cross Church st Swan with Two Necks, John Clay- ton, 2 Westgate Travellers’ Inn, Thomas Rawlinson, Longroyd bridg e Waggon and Horeiés! George Haigh, Bradford road end Wellington, Jph. Johnson, Westgt Wharf Inn, Maret. Lockwood ,Aspley White Hart, Thos. Davison, 6 Cloth Hall street White Horse, Geo. Clay, Corn mkt White Lion, George Green, Cross Church street White Swan Inn, Geo. Reid, Kirkgt Woolpacks, Jno. Kaye, 1 Buxton rd (92.) BEER HOUSES. Addey Martha, 1] John street Anderson John, Aspley Armitage John, 30 Castlegate Armitage William, 5 Union street Atkinson Henry, 123 Upperhd. row


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i oa a HUDDERSFIELD DIRECTORY. 379 Bailey Richard, Leeds road (53.) IRON AND BRASS

Berry George, Leeds road Booth Enoch, 14 Lowerhead row Bradley George, 55 Thomas street Brook James, 44 West parade Brook Joseph, Marsh Brunton John, 67 West parade Cawley Thomas, 86 Upperhead row Cooper William, Folly hall Cornick John, 12 Shorehead Cowgill Thomas, 12 Granby street Crosland Homer, Paddock Dodson William, Mould green Dodson William, Paddock Driver John, 114 Castlegate Driver Joseph, 40 Kirkgate Eastwood George, 18 John street Eastwood Isabella, Folly hall Ellis John, 8 Pig market Gawthorpe William, 44 Westgate Goddard Joshua, 12 Pig market Haigh John, 53 King street Haigh David, Paddock Haigh Navny, Paddock

Heppenstall George, 39 Manchester street Horsfall Charlotte, 42 Manchester roaa

Jepson James, Paddock Leech Michael, 11 Shorehead Lister Hannah, 14 Manchester st Machan Radcliffe, Aspley Mallinson George, Leeds road Marsden William, Longroyd bridge Milnes Benjamin, 18 Manchester rd Moorhouse John, Foliy hall Morar Owen, 51 ‘Swallow street North William, Mould green Norton Abm. H. 89 Beast market Pick William, 33 Castlegate Pilling John, 97 Castlegate Priestley John, 31 King street Rushworth Thomas, 40 “King street Shaw John, Fartown Spivey William, 23 Kirkgate Starkey Thomas, Cowcliff Swallow John, 1 ‘Castlegate Sykes John, Longroyd ‘bridge Thornton Elizabeth, Mould ¢ green Tinker Christopher, 9 biases lane Turner 89 Castlegate Vevers William, 14 Market lane Walker Benj. 42 Lowerhead row Walker Bdwin, 85 Northgate Whitehead Jonathan, 113 Castlegt Wilkinson Elijah, 37 Quay street Wilson ‘Coweliff

I Brook Jonathan,

FOUNDERS. Marked * are Steam Engine builders. ArthingtonJph.(brass only,)Albionst Longroyd bridge Carter John H. (and 26 Quay street * Cliff” Joseph, Leeds road * Cliff Thomas, 31 Leeds road Firth George, (and hydraulic press maker,) Soho, Folly hall Mills William, Aspley * Shiers Thomas, Folly hall (54.) IRON MERCHANTS, Bradley Jonas, 36 Buxton road, and Bradley street Hird, Dawson, Hardy, & Field, High street; John Pratt, agent. Kirkstall Forge Iron Co. Ebenezer Thornton, 15 New street, agent (55.) LRONMONGERS, Marked * are/Vhitesmiths and Bell hangers. See Braziers& Tinners also. Booth Jno, & Sons, 19 Market place Bradley John, 6 King street Golden Wm. 2 Cross Church street * Heaps Thos. Atkinson, 48 Westgt Kaye William, 17 King street * Ludlam Martha & Sons, 36 New st Thorntun Ebenezer, 15 New street (56.) JOINERS. Marked * are also Cabinet makers. * Barber James, Paddock Barras Wm. court 44 Westgate * Battye Joshua, court 30 King st Brook James, 8 Buxton road Cocking John, 43 Albion street Cuthbert James, Northgate * Denham Wm. Commercial street Denton William, Mould green Durrans Joe W. Croft head Ellis John, Engine bridge Entwistle Jph. Clothiers’ Arms yard Exley Joseph, Castlegate Fawcett Wm, Swan yd; h 8 Quay st * Gibson Henry, High street * Gibson Wm. 1 Manchester street * Grayson John, Paddock Greenwood John, Engine bridge Greenwood Marmaduke, 47 Albion st * Haigh John, 19 Rosemary lane Hanson David, Hill house Hill Edw. court 8] Upperhead row * Hirst Joseph, 6 Greenhead road Holroyd Joseph, jun. Bridge end Kirk John, |! Trinity street Machan Radcliffe, Aspley

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* Moseley James, court 14 New st * Moseley John, court 25 High st * Moseley Joshua, 33 Buxton road Norton Abm. H. 35 Kirkgate Oldfield Chas. (weavers’) Mould gn Pennington Rd.&Mttw.Chancery ln Rhodes Joseph, Paddock * Robinson John, Jowitt square * Roebuck Josephus, 08 road * Rushforth John, Paddorke: Rushworth Joshua, 11 Trinity st Shaw & Rushforth, ct 84 Kirkgate * Turner Benj. ct 14 Crs.Church st Wainhouse George Lot, Mould gn Watmough John, (& loom maker,) 13 Beast market Whiteley Rt. & Son, Towning row * Wilkinson Wm.& Isaac, 6 Leeds rd * Wilson James, 18 Castlegate * Winter Thomas, 72 Spring street (97.) LAND SURVEYORS, &c. Crowther Geo. 13a. Cross Church st Dinsley Thomas, ct. 79 King street Greenwood Thomas, (building,) 1 Colne terrace Jones Fredk. Rt. 134 Crs. Church st Radcliffe Joshua, (and building,) 15 Trinity street (58.) LEAD MERCHANT. Fell John,7 King st.(works, Skipton) (59.) LIBRARIES. Dewhirst Wm. (cir.) 1 New street Law library,17 Market place ; T. G. Lancashire, librarian Philosophical Ramsden street Subscription, 1 Wesgt.J pb. Brook, lib (60.) LIME BURNERS. Bottomley Jph. Leeds road Kave Joseph, Aspley (61.) LINEN ne &e. Abby Rowland, 7 Market p' ace & 12 New st Clay Jph. & Edw. 9 King street Dawson James, 104 King street Dawson Robert, 9 King street Dyson Humphrey, 91 King street Dyson John, I Queen street Exton Joseph, 11 King street Faweett William, 4 King street Gregory & Pointer, 43 New street Henshali Edward, 6 Market place Hollinshead Joseph, 85 Kirkgate Hudson Fredk. & Co. 1 Kirkgate Jones A. R.& J. 3 New street ‘Kirkpatrick & Cliffe, 51 Westgate Labron Thos. 3 Cross Church street

Routlidge Robert, 8 King street Scott John, 27 Upperhead row Shaw Joseph, (mercer,) 20 New st; h 4 Commercial street Weatherburn Lancelot, 14 and 15 King street (62.) LIVERY STABLE KPRS. Sunderland, John, Swan yard; h 66 Commercial street Whitworth Edward, Pack Horse yd (63.) LOGWOOD GRINDERS. Howard David, Folly hall Varley Thomas, Shorefoot (64.) MACHINE MAKERS. Carter John H. 26 Quay street Cliff Joseph, Leeds road Crowther Joseph, 46 Albion street Firth Thomas, (genl.) 13 John st Greenwood John, (weavg.) Mould gn Haigh John, Engine bridge Harrison Joseph, Lougroyd bridge Mills William, Aspley Oldfield Chas. (weavg.) Mould green Schofield, Cookson &Co. Engine bdge Wallace Adw. (wvollen,) mill, Leeds road (65.) MALTSTERS. Berry Godfrey, ct 8 New street Blsakoks Thomas, Aspley Clay George, Northgate Marshall Jeremiah, 17 Westgate Mills James, & Co. 9 Quay street North John, 91 Beast market (66.) MANUFACTURERS OF FANCY GOODS. For the numerous Country manu- facturers who attend the Cloth ffall, every Tuesday, see Vol. II. Beaumont John, Wheate house Berry Godfrey, Folly hall Day John, Mould green Dransfield Joseph, Mould green Karnshaw Reuben, & Co. 19 Market street ; house Lockwood Crescent Gill Richard, court 11 King street Haigh Benjamin, Paddock Johnson Thos. 118 Upperhead row Kaye Robert & Co. Mould green Learoyd James, Leeds road Learoyd William, sen. Leeds road Learoyd William, jun. Leeds road Lockwood David, ‘Temple street Nathan P. N. Fountain mill Norteliffe George, Bay hall Robinson George, ct 8 Macauley st Rowley, Kaye & Co. Aspley mill Rowley, Milnes,& Co. 14 Leeds road

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Saffran Henry, Queen street Sugden Joah & Son, 1 Macauley and Springfield Sykes & Howard, 7 White Lion yd Taylor Beaumont, Mould green Tolson Edward & Brothers, court 4 Cloth hali street; house, Queen st Wilkinson Abm. & Sons,' ' Folly hall Wilkinson Henry & Co. 62, Man- chester road Worth George, 14 Upperhead row (67.) MERCHANTS & MFRS. Marked 1, deal in fancy goods ; 2, stuff; and 3, woollen cloth ; and 4, are manufacturers 3 Anderson, Tyne & Co. court 32 New street, (& Manchester ) 3, 4 Armitage Brothers, 203 New st 3, 4 Armitage Joseph, ct 1] King st 4 Atkinson Thos. Rd: & Co. 37 Bux- ton road Baitye William W. ct 11 King st; h Mould green 3 Beck & Livingston, Castlegate 4 Booth Jas. Broad tenter, King st 3, 4 Brook Henry & Sons, Well house mill 3, 4 Brooke John & Sons, 40 Buxton road, and Honley 4 Butterworth & Sons, 9 Castlegate Cooke John, Ramsden street 3 Dent Jas. Jph. 46; h 55 Lower- head row 3 Dent John & Edw. 36 Quay st 1 Gaukroger Aquilla, 38 New street 1, 3 Gaygan George, 4 High street Haigh Jno. & Co. (genl.) 5 Albion st 4 Hannah John & Co. 22 Rose- mary lane; h Bay hall 1 Hare Henry, 77 Kirkgate Henry A. S.& Co. 28 Market street Hirst Joshua, Mount pleasant 3, 4 Horsfall Wm. & Co. Seed hill Jackson R. G. (genl.) Newhouse 3, 4 Johnson Jph. & Son, 31 Cross Church street ; h Dock street 4 Jobnson, North, & Co. 24 Rose- mary lane Jones, Gibson, Ord, & Cooke, Rams- den street 3 Kilner Jno. 2 George yard; h Commercial street 3 Kilner Thos. & Son, Northgate 3, 4 Leadbeater William, 83 Beast mkt; house 82 Leeds road Leigh Wm. & Sons, Brook’s yard;

Radcliffe Hannah, 73 Upp

Lockwood John,(coms.)ct 44Westgt Maus&Robinson,(coms.)11West par 3 M’Kean Jasper & Co. ct 3 Kgt Mellor Joseph, Mariet Jane Mitton Rd.(oil & soap)l High street 1 Mcody & Frost, 56 Albion street Nelson Thos. & Co. 1 Cloth hall st 3, 4 Norris, Sykes & Fisher, 4 Beast market 3 North Johnson, jun. 4 Rosemary In 3 Oldfield J. & Co. 4, Pack horse ye Schwann Frederick, ct 44 Westgate ; house, Priestroyd house 3, 4 Shaw Dd. Son & Co. 1 High st Jno. Wm. & Hy. Temple st 3, 4 Stables Walter, Williams & Hy. Chapel hill, & Crosland 3, 4 Starkey Brothers, Longroyd bdg 3, 4 Stoney Edwin, Manchester st 1, 3 Swaine & Webbs, 61 Lower- head row 3, 4 Terry Thos. ct 26 Lowerhead row 3, 4 Turner Chas. ct 6 Market st 3 Turner Joseph, 5 Rosemary lane 3 Welsh Robert, 76 Kirkgate 3, 4 Whitacre William and John, Woodhouse 1 Whitley John, 2 High street 3, 4 Wrigley J.& T.C.53 Albion st (68.) MILLINERS AND DRESS MAKERS. Aked Eliza, 20 New street Atkinson Sarah, 18 Buxton road Buck Ann, 4 Ramsden street Dawson Sarah, 8 Shore head Dodson Sarah, 92 Northgate Gill & Johnson, 28 Manchester road Haigh S. & H. York place Hanson May, Shore head Hirst Eliz. 16 High street Horn Abigail, 63 Manchester street Norcliffe Ann, 78 Northgate erhead row Roebuck Harriet, 58 Manchester rd Roper Susan, 13 West parade Shaw Elizabeth, 37 Castlegate (69.) MILLWRIGHTS. Carter Jno. Hellewell, 26 Quay st Gledhill David, Dock street Smith Jonathan, Leeds road (70.) MUSIC PRECEPTORS. Battye James,(& par. clerk,) 19 Kgt Bottomley James, Leeds road ; Horn Henry, 117 Upperhead row Parratt Thos. (dealer,) South parade Peace James, 37 Albion street Taylor Mary, South parade

Page 23


oe Oke rere weer


(71 ) NAIL MAKERS. Gibson Joseph, Aspley Heppenstall Geo. 39 Manchester st Jukes John, 39 Kirkgate Shaw Wm. Folly hall OIL DEALERS.- See Drysalters. (72.) PAINTERS. Backhouse Jno. ct 11 King street Billiagton Henry, Swan yara Clayton & Haigh, 36 Kirkgate Flockton John, jun. 39 Westgate Lawson hamas, ct 36 New street Lucas James, 30 Kirkgate Lucas Wm. & George, 42 Kirkgate Lumb Mary, 6 Deiton lane Pennivgton Wm. ct 20 New street Richardson I, P. 87 Northgate Sutcliffe Wm. 74 Upperhead row Thornton & Burman, 33 Cross church street Trumble George, Mould green Trumble John, (& oil cloth mfr.) Ramsden street Trumble Peter & William, ct 10 Buxton road Wadsworth & Suttcliffe, Grove st Walker Abm. Swan yd; h Castlegt Wilson Jas. W. 5 Spring street (73.) PAPER MFRS. & DLRS. Hirst Matthew, (dir.) 7 Shambles Whiteley John & Co. (mfrs.) 10 Cloth hall street, & Stainland. PAWNBROKER. Balm James, 14 High street (74.) PHYSICIANS. Mooney Lawrence R. 116 Upper- head row Turnbull William, 9 Queen street Walker John Kenrick, 8 South par (75.) PLASTERERS. Bakes Miles, Northgate » Clayton ‘Thomas, ct 99 Northgate Hoyle George, Upper head row Jowitt John, Castlegate Jowitt & North, ct 91 Northgate Mallinson Thomas, Leeds road Robinson Thos. Commercial street Sutcliffe Wm. 74 Upperhead row Tunnacliffe Charles, Mould green Wadsworth & Suicliffe, Grove street (76.) PLUMBERS & GLAZIERS. Marked * are Braziers also, Burton Barnard, 25 Cross Church st Gawthorp William, 44 Westgate *Hanson George, 23 Market street * Hayley Thomas, Battye’s yd. Mkp Lidster Wm, Swan yd; bh Bridge end

*Newhouse John, ct 14 New street *Tomlinson Henry, et 30 King st; h 73 Commercial street Wear Old Post office yd; h 14 Castlegate PORTER wee Wine, &c. merts.) PRESSERS.--—(See Cloth drsrs.) (78.) RAG MERCHANTS. Bray & Clegg, (ground woollen,) ct 7 Market place Norcliffe & France, 66 Kirkgate Robinson George, White Lion yard Todd Jph.(& bone, )121 Upperhd.row (79.) ROPE MAKERS. Bond Robert, 40 Manchester street Clay Bradley, foot of Quay street Dyson Law, The Wells Leece John, 63 Kirkgate Mappleston Joseph, 2 Ramsden st Scott Benjamin, Mould green (80.) SADDLERS. Bennett William, 7 Kirkgate Bradley Thomas, (military & hunt- ing,) 35 New street Crossley James, 2 Leeds road Herring Thos. 10 Cross Church st Howgate John, 22 Westgate Lee Joseph, Pack Horse yard Stead William, Mould green Warburton James, Mould green Watson Eneas, Mould green Wormald John, 84 King street (81.) SCRIBBLING AND FUL- LING MILLERS. Armitage William, Paddock Armitage William & Co. (spinners, ) Engine bridge Berry Godfrey, Folly hall Crosland James, Clough house Eastwood John & Sons, Engine bdg Gledhill & Crosland, Folly hall Haigh Benjamin, Paddock Hirst Benjamin, 87 Leeds road Mitchell John & Sons, Aspley Riley & Berry, (spinrs.) Engine bdg Schofield Joseph, 20 New street Tinker Joshua,, Aspley mill Wilkinson Abm. & Sons, Folly hall Wood Richard & Son, Longroyd bdg (82.) SHAWL (FANCY) MFRS. Farrah Joseph, Aspley Moody & Frost, 56 Albion street Pitkethly Lawrence, 34 Buxton rd Swallow Luke, 70 Commercial st (83.) SHERIFF’S OFFICERS. Dyson James, Trinity street Lancaster John, 30 Queen street

Page 24

= ais le ee ee


(84.) SHOPKEEPERS. (Grocerg. Flour 8 Provision dlrs.) Barlow John, Longroyd bridge Booth Richard, cae bites Bottom Mark, Paddock Clegg Samuel, Northgate Be Society, Mould green Crooks John, 39 King street Edwards James, Hill house Elam William, Hill house English George, 17 Rosemary lane Ewart Richard, Leeds road Fawcett Jonathan, Folly hall Fawcett Benjamin, Northgate Firth David, Paddock Hanson Eli, 41 Manchester street Harrison Thomas, Mould green Heaton John, Bridge end Hirst John Leech, Marsh Holstead Willam, 9 Manchester st Love James, 3 Manchester street Milner George, 88 Castlegate Milner Samuel, 41 Upperhead row Oldfield Joseph, 77 Upperhead row Parrish Ann, 90 Beast market Pickop William, 34 King street Poynter George, 66 West parade Priestley James, 56 West parade Rogers Robert, 29 Castlegate Shore Jonathan, 28 Northgate Spivey Ann, 61 Kirkgate Stansfield Wm. 11 Manchester st Sykes George, Paddock Sykes Joseph, Paddock Taylor Benjamin, Paddock Waddington Wm. Longroyd bridge Wilson Jonathan, 64 Lowerhd. row Wormall Mary, Mould green Worth James, 62 Spring street (85.) SHUTTLE MAKERS. Greenwood Jno. (& loom,) Mould gn Greenwood Mary, 45 Castlegate Swift Thos, & Fredk. Mould green (86.)SiLK THROWSTERS AND SPINNERS. Dowes Wm. & Samuel, (merchants, ) Mould green Fisher and Co. Longroyd bdg _(87.) SLAY & HEALD MKRS. Barrow Mirian & Son, 32 Kirkgate Cleworth David & Son, Aspley Horsfall Charlotte, 42 Manchester rd Kilner George, 4 Denton lane Makin Samuel, ct 39 Castlegt; h Bent’s cottage Rothwell Richard, Mould green Sharp George, Bradley inlet

Shepherd Thomas, 62 Castlegate (88.) STAY MAKERS. Hart Grace, 6 Shore head Wainhouse Joseph, ct 54 King st (89.) STONE MASONS. Crosland Hy. (quarry ownr.)Cowcliff Freeman John, 4 Trinity street Graham Abraham, Manchester road Heywood George, Upperhead row Holdsworth Joseph, ct 114 Northgt Kaye Joseph, 24 New street Lawrence William, 36 West parade Manuel and Co. (quarry owners,) Cowcliffe Rodgers Thomas, 60 Kirkgate Searlett Daniel, Williams Wm. (statuary and grave stone cutter,) ct 35 Buxton road (90.) STRAW HAT MAKERS. Bates Margaret, 23 New street Booth Martha, 3] Buxton road

‘| Burton B. 25 Cross Church street

Dawson Robert, 5 King street Robinson M. & A. 8 Cross Church st Scott Jonn, 27 Upper Head row Weatherburn Lancelet, 14 & 15 Kst (91L.) SURGEONS. Booth Samuel, 44 King street Bradshaw Benj. & Son, 28 New st Greenwood William, 14 New street Hellawell Jonas, 27 Buxton road Hudson Benjamin, 30 King street Moxon John, (& apothy.) 3 King st Robinson George, 21 High street Sargent & Tatham, 4 Cross Church st Smith & Kershaw, 42 Buxton road Wilks William, 76 King street Wrigley Thomas, 32 Queen street (92.) TAILORS. Marked * are Drapers, and + Clothes dealers, Armytage William, 39 Quay street Atkinson Joseph, 147 Upperhd. row *Baines William, 11 New street Bedford Charles, Mould green Blaydes Rowland, 42 Westgate Booth James, 8 Union street *Booth John 8. 31 Buxton road Bradley William, Temple street Byram Joseph, Mould green Chadwick Thomas, 88 Northgate Cooke John, 64 Kirkgate *Dawson John, 20 King street Dickinson John, 18 Commercial st Stephen, 42 King street Edwards John, 29 Kirkgate *Edwards Richard, 47 New street

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Firth John, 26 Manchester street Gilling Thomas, Paddock *Gleadhill Joseph, 2 King street Gudger John, 18 Temple street Hesletine Henry, Fenton row Hirst Samuel, 71 Manchester street Hirst William, Fenton row Holroyd George, Paddock Laycock William, 72 Lowerhd. row Lofthouse James, ct 1 Trinity st Machan Hariiet, Commercial street tNoble John, 38 King street Pamwell Jamies, 36 Castlegate Reed and Wood, 23 Upperhead row *Robinson John, Kirkgate Scatchard Samuel, 4 Union street Scholefield Squire, Folley hall *Scott John, 29 New street Sharp Thomas, 46 West parade Swift Henry, New North road Swift Joho, 53 Manchester street Tasker John, 78 Castlegate *Thornton Isaac, 55 Westgate Tittensor Rowland, Paddock Wadsworth Francis, Kirkgate West Peter, Manchester street Wood Henry, New North road (93.) TALLOW CHANDLERS. Abbey Joseph, ct 9 Westgate Dougill John, 91 King street “(94.) TEA DEALERS. Marked * are Coffee roasters. Beaumont Joseph, 4 Market place Berry Clementia, 28 King street Dickson Nathaniel, 42 Upperhd.row Eagleton Elizabeth, Chapel hill *Firth Thomas, 94 Kirkgate *Labrey John, 3 Market place *Sager John, 92 King street (95.) TEA DEALERS & DRA. PERS, (TRAVELLING.) Bell 110 Upperhead row Bell Andrew, 25 High street Bell David, 28 Lowerhead row Bell John, 110 Upperbead row Carter William, 71 Spring street Lorimer Andrew, 40 Albion street McGregor Douglas, 27 Manchester st Sloan James, 27 Manchester street Turnbull Geo. & Wm. 32 Manch. st (96.) TEASEL & WOLD MERT. Hick Joseph, Green Dragon yar¢; h Springwood terrace (97.) TIMBER MERCHANTS. Armitage Richard & Co. Shorefoot Dyson Wm. (hard wood,)Bridge end Joseph, Aspley

Greenwood John, Engine bridge Walker Thomas, (and Saw amill,) Ramsden street (98.) TOY DEALERS. Goldshiener Joseph, 17 Market In Johnson Elizabeth, 27 New street Ream David, 2 Kirkgate Todd Jph. (china,) 121 Upperhd. rw (99.) TURNERS IN WOOD. Crowther Joseph, 46 Albion street Greenwood John, Mould green Hartley Richard, 3 Ramsden street Hopkinson J ph. & Sons, ct 90 Kirkgt Hulke William, ct 9 New street Swift Thos. & Fredk, Mould green (100.) VETERINY. SURGEONS. Haycock Thomas, ct 25 High street Sizer William, ct 9 New street Walker Joseph, 126 Upperhead row Willett Richard, Queen street (101.) WATCH & CLK. MKRS. Marked * are Jewellers also, and + are Clock makers only. *Anderton John, 22 Cross Church st *Bates Joshua, (optician,) New st Burton John, 72 Manchester street Paul, 31 Kirkgate * Hanson Charles, 29 Buxton road tKing Thomas, 105 Castlegate tNorthorp William, Mould green *Rutherford George, 85 King street tSanderson John, 1 Dock street *Smith William, 93 Kirkgate (102.) WHEELWRIGHTS, Ashton Richard, Pack Horse yard Beaumont William, Albion street Bottom George, Paddock Brook George, Unicn street Brown John, Colne terrace Carter James, Fartown Dyson William, Bridge end Fawcett Benjamin, Northgate Gee Jonathan, 75 Lowerhead row Hall Francis, Ramsden street Holroyd Joseph, sen. Bridge end Mellor James, Mould green Pickles 'Thomas, Leeds road Sharp John, Leeds road Spencer William, John street (103.) WHITESMITHS. Marked * are Bellhangers. Bottom George, 48 King street Johnson Benjamin, 30 Lowerhd. row *Ludlam Martha & Sons, (& weigh- ing machine makers,) 36 New st Thompson William, 51 Upperhd. rw *Thornton Ebenezer, 15 New street

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er Joshua, 89 Castlegate ood Thomas, Mould green 104.) WINE, SPIRIT, AND PORTER MERCHANTS. Berry Clementia, (British wine,) 28 _ King street Downing J. S. & Co. (spirits,) 10 Market lane Eddison Wm. & Henry, (importers, ) 3 Corn market Foss Richard, 16 Cross Church st; h Newhouse Moody John, 11 Buxton road Rhodes Wm. & Sons, (and hop,) ct 8 King st; h Clough house Thomas, (porter only,) Chan. cery lane Smith George, Folly hall Smith John, 24 High street Wilby William, (wine,) York place Wilson and Hirst, 26 King street (105.) WOOL CARD MAKERS. Charlesworth Hy. 71 Upperheac row Goldthorp John, 28 Quay street (106.) WOOLLEN CLOTH MANUFACTURERS. See also Merchants and Manfrs. Armitage Joseph, Paddock foot Clark John, Fartown Crosland George, Crosland moor Crosland James and Sons, Paddock Edwards Ths. (fancy cloth,)Bay hall Haigh David & Brothers, Shambles Haigh Michl. & Geo. (dirs.) Marsh Mallinson Geo. & Son, 78 Spring st Mellor Joseph, Market lane Roberts Brothers, Fountain mill & Cloth Hall street, ( Tue) Siddle John, 8 Spring street Stocks William, jun. Northgate Wilkinson Thomas, Longroyd bdge Wood Chpr. & Co. 2 Pack Horse yd (107.) WOOLLEN CORD AND VELVETEEN MANFRS. Lockwood Joshua, and Son, 108 Upperhead row Worth George, 14 Upperhead row (108.) WOOLLEN PRINTERS. Dewhurst Rd. (& worsted,) Aspley Mooney Joseph, Fartown (109.) WOOLSTAPLERS. Thus * are Foreign Woo! mercihts. Ainley William, ct * 44 Westgate Brothers, Market lane Baldrey ‘Robert, ct 14 Market street *Birchall S. J. & Co. Market street, and Leeds

bee 1 ‘ ‘

Blackburn William, Cherry Tree yard, and Leeds Bower & Bottomley, 3 Rosemary In *Bradbury Jas. & Co. 10 New st; h Belle vue Buttrey James, 55 Albion street Buttrey John & Sons, Green Dra- gon yard, and Leeds Clark John, Green Dragon yard Cresswell Joseph, Market street Crosland James, 33 New street Dickinson and Sons, King’s Head yard, and Leeds Dodson Richard, Green Dragon yd Dransfield John & Co. 98 King st Dyson Danl. & Sons, ct 44 Wesigt *Dyson Geo. & Co. ct 44 Westgate Eastwood Sl. & Sous, 10 Market st

Fielder John & Son, 18 Market st .

Goodman B. and Son, Market street and Leeds Graham John & Son, 13 New street *Hamer Thomas, (agt.) 1 High st *Hanson Jas. & Co. 42 Market st Haywood John, Cherry Tree yard Hirst Henry & Co. 5 Chancery In Hirst John, 7 New street Hirst John & Mtw. Lt!. Bermondsey *Hirst Saml. & Co. 22 New street Hirst William & Son, Cherry Tree yard, and Gomersall *Horsfall William and Brothers, Cloth Hall street *Hustlers & Sobohm, Brook’s yard Jowitt Robert and Son, (Tues, )7 Westgate, and Leeds Jowitt Thomas, and John and Co. George yard, and Leeds Lockwood Thomas, 20 New street *Oldman Robert, Crofthead & Leeds Rawden & Walker, Marshall’s yard and Leeds Ridgway Tristram, 1 Shambles *Riley, “Brook & Co. ct 6 Market st Robertshaw Charles, ct 44 Westgate Robinson Thomas, Birkley house Rouse Wm. & Sons, 3 Chancery lane Sanderson & Rhodes, Marshall’s yd Shepherd George Rowland, Green Dragon yard Simpson Jph. Chancery In & Leeds *Suitcliffe John, 11 Cloth Hall street Townley Wm. R. Green Dregon yd *Turner Joseph, 54 Albion street Waller James & Co. ct Market 6 st WestermanGeorge, Ramsden’s Arms yard, and Wakefield

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Wigglesworth Jno.3 Pack Horse yd *Willans Wm. & Co. 16 Market Wood and Walker, Swan yard Woodhead J. B. & E. 14 Pack Horse ard (Tlo.) WORSTED SPINNERS. Rouse William & Sons, 3 Chancery lane, and Bradford Wood and Walker, Swan yard COACHES. From the George Hotel. Mail to Sheffield & London, 4 past 11 morng. & to Halifax, } p3 aft Hope to Sheffield & London, 8 mng. and to Halifax, + before 5 aft From the Pack Horse Inn. Eclipse to Wakefield and Hull, 11 morng. and to Manchester, 3 aft Dart to Leeds, &c.7 morning Celerity to Manchester, 2 afternoon, and to Leeds, I past 3 afternoon Umpire to Manchester, 3p Ll mng.. and to Leeds + before 4 afternoon Coach to Buxton, during the season Accommodation to Manchester, 6 mg True Briton to Manchester, 5 after- noon, & to Leeds 12 noon From the Swan Inn & Bee-hive. Railway to Manchester, I bef 7 mng Lord Nelson to Manchester, 2 aft and to Leeds, } past 3 afternoon Car to Halifax, at 3p 7 mg. and 4 afternoon From the Ramsden’s Arms. Estafette to Manchester & Ashton, % past 6 morning Pilot to Manchester, 3 = past I after- noon, & to Leeds, 3 past 8 morning Cornwallis to Manchester, 5 past 8 mng. & to Leeds& Wakefield, 7evg From the Boot and Shoe Inn. Albion to Holmfirth, $ bese 5 aft Mail Gig to Halifax, at 3 past 10 morning, and 3 past 7 evening From the “Albion Inn. Brittannia to Holmfirth, 12. noon, and 6 evening Tally-ho to Holmfirth and Hinch- liff mill, 5 evening Cars to Houley, Tuesday at } past },and 5 afternoon, and to Saddle- worth, Tuesday } past 5 afternoon From the White Hart Inn. Coach to Holmfirth, Tuesday 4 aft CARRIERS BY WATER. Buckley, Kershaw, & Co. to Hull,

Manchester, Liverpool, &c. daily

Carver, Driver§ Co. to Manchester, Liverpool, Dewsbury, &c. daily John Kenworthy & Co. to London, Manchester,Staffordshire, &c. daily T.& W. Marsden, to Manchester, Liverpool, Hull, &c. daily Huddersfield Shipping Co. to Selby, & London; and L.Dyson, to Man- chester, &c. twice a week Deacon 8 Co. to London, &e. daily Pickford & Co. to London , Birming- ham, Bristol, Manchester, &c. daily CARRIERS BY LAND. Deacon and Co. Kirkgate, daily to London, Wakefield, Doncaster, Stamford, Birmingham, Notts, Nor- folk, &c ; R. Shillito, agent J. & H. Hobson, Pack Horse yd, to Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Selby, Hull, and all parts of the North of England, Scotland, &c. dai- ly; also, J. Farrar’s cart to "Halifax, daily : W. T. Brook, agent Pickford & Co. Quay street, to Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, &c. daily Carver, Driver, & Co. 52 Albion street, daily to Manchester, Liver- pool, &c ; and G. Mitchell and Bro- thers, daily to Leeds; also, Joseph Gambles, to Shettield, Tu. Thu. and Sat.; & J. Speak, to Halifax, daily John & Co. from gine bridge, to Halifax, daily. CARRIERS FROM THE INNS. Marked |, attend the Boot & Shoe ; 2) Cherry Tree; 3, Fleece; 4, Green Dragon ; 5, Pack Horse ; 6, Ramsden’s Arms; 7, Saddle ; 8, Sun; 9, White Hart ; 10, White Horse ; & 11, White Swan Inns, on Tuesday, unless otherwise ex- pressed. 10 Brighouse, Job Crowther 3 Clifton, Hightown, &c. Clegg, Tuesday & Friday 8 Denby Dale, David Blacker 3 Dewsbury, Jph. Wilson, Tu.&Sat 7 Dobcross, John Shaw 3 Elland, John Garside 10 Emley, White Horse, Hepworth 5 Gomersall, John Buckley 3 Heckmondwike, JosephHepworth, daily 9 John Hincliffe, Tues- day and Wednesday ~ 10 Hightown, Matthew Longley



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1 Holme, Allen Hollingworth, Tues- day and Saturday 2 Holme, Ths. Heward & Geo, Kaye 1 Holmfirth, Abel Cartwright, Tues- day, Wednesday, & Saturday Holmfirth, Plough, John Healy 11 Holmfirth, Thos. Moorhouse, Tu. Thu. and Sat 5 Holmfirth, John Turner, Tu.&Sat 9 Honley, Jph. Sanderson, Tu. Wed. and Sat 1 Honley, George Sanderson, Tu. Wed. and Sat 1] Houley, Hobson 2,3 Longwood, Joseph Hanson, daily 4 Meltham, Wm. Bottomley 7 Meltham, John Bower 6 Meltham, Jonas Cartwright, Tues- day and Saturday 4,10 Mirfield, Eli Hepworth

2 Oldham, Leech, Tu. & Fri 10 Oldham, Paul Cooper, 'Tu. & Fri Saddleworth( Swan-with-two- Necks) John and Joseph Shaw, and John Thomas, ‘Tuesday and Thursday 9 Saddleworth, Joseph Burton, Tues. day, Thursday, and Saturday Saddleworth, ( Wedlington,) John Rhodes 7 Saddleworth, John Bradbury 5 Sheffield, Thos. Hawksworth, Tu. Thu. and Sat Shipley, (Clothiers’ Arms,) James Hopkin 8 Skelmanthorpe, Thomas Moody, Tuesday and Friday 6 Thurleston, Thomas Moorhouse 11 Wakefield, David Briggs, Tues- day, Thursday, and Saturday


BRADLEY. Brook Charles, joiner Chadwick Joseph, farmer, Fell grove Gibson John, vict. and butcher, Woodman Maigh Thos. and Sons, cotton spin- ners & warp makers, Colne bdge Hinchliffe Edward, coal owner and wood valuer Howgate John, vict. White cross Littlewood Henry, blacksmith Mallinson Samuel, farmer, Hall Scholes John, corn dealer Spencer Francis, shopkeeper Swaine Wm. merts. Bradley Lodge DEIGHTON & SHEEPRIDGE. Marked |, reside in Sheepridge, and the rest at Deighton. 1 Aspinall John, cloth dresser I Andsley Benjamin, blacksmith 1 Bevers William, tailor Bray Richard, shoemaker 1 Brook Mr Edward Broughton Geo. bookpr. Woodhouse Dyson George, bookpr. Woodhouse 1 Firth & Shaw, dyers France Mr John 1 Hepworth David, dyer 1 Holroyd Frederick & Sarah, teach- ers of National school Hopkinson Alice, vict. Woolpacks 1 Kershaw Josiah G. surgeon ] Madden Rev. C. Wyndham, in- eumbent, Parsonage

1 Myers Samuel, joiner Netherwood Miles, woolstapler and merchant Parratt Richard, schoolmaster ] Riley Edward, tailor 1 Tiffany James, glazier Watkinson Wm. traveller, Woodhs Whitacre John, Exq. /Voodhouse hi Whitacre Wm. and John, woollen

merchants & manfrs. Woodhouse

Beer Houses. 1 EastwoodHanh 1 Thwaite Mmdk Butchers. Hudson Richard Hudson Thomas 1 Thwaite Wm Farmers. Berry Nancy Poppleton Wm Robinson George 1 Starkey Wm Tinker Elizabeth Vernon William Waller William, Newhouse Shopkeepers. Child Sarah Dawson Eliz 1 Dawson Abm Hirst John 1 Jowett James Woollen Cord,

Velveteen and I

Cassinet mfrs. Binns Godfrey 1 Bradley Thos Bray Joshua Clay John 1 Cockin George France Charles 1 Greenwood Jas Haigh Benjamin 1 Hopkinson Geo 1 Hopkinson Sl Hopkinson Saml jun 1 Milner George 1 Mortimer Wm 1 Porritt Richd 1 Robinson Saml Scholes George Stork Thomas Sykes John 1 Thwaite Mmdk Tinker R. & J

1 Wells John

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