Huddersfield Architects by Christopher Marsden

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Huddersfield Architects Christopher Marsden, 28 August 2020 Introduction (revised 1/7 July 2019)

An A-Z listing of architects and architectural practices of the Huddersfield district and architects with Huddersfield district works.

The listing started as an appendix intended for the multi-agency Buildings of Huddersfield project (formally a HLF project) as a student’s contribution against fee remission. The collection of notes has continued long after the hours required.

Notes in entries have been collected from diverse sources, but not (with a few exceptions) from the Huddersfield Corporation building registers and deposited plans. Sources are generally given.

I hope entry data will lead readers to reading of the sources, further reading and searches.

The intention was to collect information such as practice names, training, works and dates (in the style of Brodie, Directory of British Architects 1834-1914) and more with personal information such as marriages, masonic connections and bankruptcies.

Brodie and Edward Law’s web pages have been raided and acknowledged. It is obvious that the listing’s most famous architects, such as George Gilbert Scott, Edgar Wood and Frederick Gibberd are hardly referenced at all as I have nothing to add to the published directories, monographs and journal articles. Local tradesmen such as joiners who became architects have as much info included as possible.

some architects have, for various reasons, been of particular interest to me so their listing entries may only hint at the unpublished notes I have and local archive resources. These include:

Andrew Buck Kenneth Findlater Campbell Willie Cooper Norman Culley Charles Fowler Clifford Hickson Edward Hughes John Kirk Ben Stocks

Other architects are so obscure that little if anything has been included apart from a partial name. Some entries may be duplicates or variants.

Many names will be missing and entries woefully incomplete — this is a work in progress. I will have repeated errors and introduced my own. All corrections and updates gratefully received.

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Chronological listing of Huddersfield borough architects 1868-1879 John H Abbey, Borough Surveyor 1879-1897 Richard.S Dugdale, Borough Surveyor

1897-1918 Kenneth F Campbell, Borough Surveyor, Chief Engineer and Valuer Remained as Chief Engineer until 1921.

1918-1926 Hartley Sutcliffe, Borough Architect by 1927 -1931 Luther Smith, Borough Architect

1931-1944 de facto role with Wilfred Jaggar, Borough Engineer and Surveyor 1921- 1945 (died in service)

1944-1949 Harold Nuttall, Borough Architect and Town Planning Officer (died in service)

1950-1962 Sidney M Richmond, Borough Architect 1962-1967 Jack Blackburn, Borough Architect and Town Planning Officer 1967-1972 Charles E Aspinall, Borough Architect

1972-1974 Derek C W Vane, Borough Architect (and then for Kirklees until 1977, retiring in 1987)

Bradford City Architects Frederick Ernest Pearce Edwards ARIBA 1901- 1908 (6 shortlisted, 5 interviewed)

Reginald Guy Kirkby 1908 - 1910 (7 shortlisted; Dunn, France, Horth, Rycroft, Turner & Williamson)


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Architects A-Z

Abbey Hanson

Abbey and Hanson Partnership established 1880 by John Henry Abbey & John Henry Hanson “MESSRS ABBEY & HANSON, successors to the late John H. Abbey,

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Abbey and Hanson, Rowe and Partners

Partnership Established 1963 Huddersfield area works

St Gregory’s & St Augustine’s Roman Catholic School, Bradley Bar (1960) Heckmondwike Grammar school (1960)

Mirfield Secondary School extension (CLASP Mark 3B) Television and teaching techniques building, Bretton Hall College St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Primary School Moor End Secondary School 1971-2 &1974-5 Midland bank branch, Almondbury 1969 (Civic Trust commendation) 20 bed nursing home for Nuffield Nursing Home Trust 1972 (Civic Trust commendation) Huddersfield Examiner works, Aspley 40 grouped flatlets with warden’s flats, Sycamore Avenue House for W H Hartley Yorkshire Electricity Board offices (six stories) and depot, Lindley Sports centre, Whitcliffe Mount, Cleckheaton

Abbey Holford Rowe

Name adopted 1999 later became Aedas

Frank Abbey b.1869 Son of Joe Burman Abbey (qv)

Addresses 34a New Street, Huddersfield (1911) Thornfield, Lockwood (1911) District bank Chambers, Market Street (1914) Education and training Articled to JB Abbey 1886 and remained as assistant to 1900. Pupil in Liverpool. Professional qualifications LIBRA 20 July 1911: proposed by W J Hale and the Sheffield Society of Architects & Surveyors Professional and practice information IN partnership with J B Abbey from 1900 and later with Hanson. Practice continues as Abbey Holford Rowe (formerly Abbey Hanson Rowe). Personal details: Son of J B Abbey (d 1917). References Who's who in architecture (1924, 1926) RIBA Nomination Papers L v15 no. 1082 source Brodie, Directory of British Architects 1834-1914

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Harold Abbey fl 1887 addresses: Queen Street (1887) 19 Queen Street (1889)

Works: Emmanuel Church, Lockwood TENDERS

Huddersfield Chronicle 2 July 1887; RE-OPENING SERVICES.

Hudderstield Daily Chronicle 18 November 1887 pg. 3;

Two houses in Bradford Road TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 17 December 1887

Four houses tn New Road, Kirkheaton TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 9 March 1889

Thomas Abbey (qv) dissolved his partnership with Harold Abbey and John Henry (qv) Hanson Huddersfield Chronicle 20 October 20 1883; pg. 2

Joe Burman Abbey (d 15 December 1917) Father of Frank Abbey (qv) b.1869

Will £2,875 Huddersfield Daily Examiner 20 February 1918 p3 col C

Addresses 9 Buxton Road (Huddersfield Chronicle , March 11, 1865) Notice of move to 1 Peel Street (Huddersfield Chronicle 16 May 1885) 28 John William Street (Huddersfield Chronicle 3 October 1896) Merton Grove, 49 Trinity Street (1917- probate)

Joined his Mallinson Abbey’s practice in 1853

JB Abbey and his cousin JH Abbey(qv) succeeded to the practice of Mallinson Abbey and were in partnership until JB was appointed manager to the Huddersfield Corporation Waterworks (Huddersfield Chronicle 24 August 1872; pg. 6) JB resigned his waterworks post in 1881 to return to private practice as CE & surveyor (Huddersfield Chronicle , March 19, 1881; pg. 6)

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By October 1886 JB was in partnership with Thomas Marsden Demetriadi (Huddersfield Chronicle 3 October 1896) as engineering surveyors, land agents and valuers until it was dissolved in September 1896 (Huddersfield Chronicle 3 October 1896)

Working with J H Hanson on a Proposed boundary extension at Meltham in 1895.

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Lockwood Mechanics Institution (1865-6) (Huddersfield Chronicle , 2 July 1864; pg. 6; 22 April 1865; pg. 8 & 22 September 1866; pg. 8) Two semi-detached villas in Murray Road on Estate, near Edgerton TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 28 August, 1869 Barn & Mistal, Golcar TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 23 October 1869

Three house on High Street, Almondbury for Wormald’s charity tenders

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THE LATE MR. J. H. ABBEY.—ERECTION OF A MEMORIAL PULPIT Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 18 October 1881; pg. 4

His children at the funeral included: Mr T Abbey, Miss Abbey, Mr Harold Abbey, Miss Frances Abbey, Miss Eveline Abbey, Mr J E Abbey & Mr W Abbey

Remembered as expert and strong supporter of Lockwood Cricket Club Huddersfield Chronicle 29 January 1881 p/

J L Abbey

Surveyor in partnership with John Henry Abbey Leeds Mercury 28 April 1869

Mallinson Abbey 1811-1857 Land and road surveyor & land agent Founding Trustee of Bentley Charity (Huddersfield Chronicle 11 May 1850) Address Lockwood On death of his brother (William?) in 1935 he took over his surveying practice. Then on his own death in 1857 the practice passed to his nephew John Henry Abbey and

his cousin Joe Burnam Abbey

Death of a son, George Edward aged 5 months. Huddersfield Chronicle , June 25, 1853; pg. 5

Marriage of eldst d. Maria Louise to Nathan Jagger of Huddersfield

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Of partnership Abbey & Hanson

Lockwood & Salford Conservative Club, off Bentley Street OPENING OF THE LOCKWOOD CONSERVATIVE CLUB The Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 11 November 1881; pg. 4;

William Abbey, surveyor

Death of his widow Sarah aged 66 14 July 1874, Mount Pleasant Huddersfield Chronicle 18 July 1874

J W Adamson b c1904 ARIBA AMTPI

Address 15 Longley Road (1945, 1946)

Chief architectural assistant, Huddersfield Corporation 1945, 1946

Deputy Borough Architect, Huddersfield 1937-1949 Yorkshire Post 31 December 1948

Shortlisted for West Hartlepool Borough Architect post Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail 29 January 1948

Housing architect to Belfast Corporation 1949 to at least 1955 Northern Whig 15 December, 21 December 1948, 2 February 1949, Lisburn Herald 17 December 1955, Belfast News-Letter 7 January 1949

Shortlisted for posts of Deputy City Architect, Liverpool and Borough Architect and Director of Housing, Birkenhead, Northern Whig 8 June 1949

Shortlisted for Sunderland Borough Architect post Sunderland Daily Echo 11 August 1949

J Adkinson fl 1876-1925

Address Bentley Street, Lockwood (Huddersfield Chronicle 29 July 1884)

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Assistant to the borough surveyor (Huddersfield Chronicle 29 July 1884) Leeds Mercury -

Surveyor and building inspector — retires Leeds Mercury 30 September 1925


In 2013 reported to have 2,000 employees in 38 offices, spread through 20 countries.

Formerly Abbey Holford Rowe. Later through demerger AHR

AHR Works

Huddersfield Leisure Centre (2015) Oastler Building, University of Huddersfield Barbara Hepworth Building, University of Huddersfield (2019) Conversion of Broadbent bath house to Sovreign Design Building, University of Huddersfield (2020)

Joe Ainley b c1882 B 1882 Crosland Moor

Address Slaithwaite (1908, 1910) Chapel Street, Slaithwaite (1914) 1 Chapel Hill, Huddersfield (1919) 3 Chapel Hill, Huddersfield (1923) 55 New Street (1928, 1929)

Dissolving of partnership with Selwyn Hirst as Ainley and Hirst, architects and estate agents of Britannia Road, Slaithwaite (London Gazette 6 December 1910)


Milnsbridge County Working Men’s Club and Institute, Radcliffe Road, Milnsbridge Opening Huddersfield Daily Examiner - Monday 13 July 1908

Instruction to prepare streetplans and sections for 4 acre field at Storth Estate recently purchased by Linthwaite UDC Yorkshire Post 15 April 1913

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16 houses in three blocks on Storth Estate for Linthwaite UDC Tender Yorkshire Post 21 March 1914

14 houses on Winget Avenue, Cowlersley (Storth Estate) tenders Yorkshire Post 8 July 1919

Making streets at Milnsbridge for Linthwaite UDC tenders Yorkshire Post 2 June 1923

Cinema on corner of Bradford Road and Flint Street TENDERS The Bioscope 8 March 1928

Linthwaite Labour Club, Winget Avenue, Cowlersley stone laying Leeds Mercury 2 February 1931

Marr Q2 1903

John Samuel Alder FRIBA (1847-1919)

b 13 Jan 1847, Birmingham. d 28 October 1919, Kensington

His family moved to West Malvern, Worcestershire, where, as a young man, he became Clerk of Works in his father’s building firm. Was articled in 1867 to the Hereford and Malvern architects, Haddon Bros, and remained as an assistant till 1872.

Between 1872 and 1883 he was Chief Assistant to Frederick Preedy (1820-1898) London based architect and stained glass designer, making a significant contribution to the design of Preedy’s later work. Then assistant to Robert Curwen. He commenced independent practice in London in 1886. Did work for some of his Preedy’s clients after his death.

Alder studied with the Architectural Association and visited France and Italy where he made many sketches.

Alder gained a reputation for combining sound building with economy to produce elegant, uncluttered churches. His work, distinguished by a masterly handling of light and space, was in demand at the end of the great period of suburban church building before the First World War. Most of his commissions came from within the Diocese of London.

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From 1898 until his death he had a partner, John Turrill, who continued the practice without changing the name until at least 1924.

FRIBA 1916 Addresses

Palmerston Buildings, Old Broad Street, London 1887, 1891 (Huddersfield Chronicle 17 October 1891) 1 Arundel Street, Strand (Bucks Herald 22 January 1898) Effingham House, 1 Arundel Street, Strand (1914) 1 Arundel Street, Strand (probate)


1891 Clerkenwell St James, London (census) 1901 Hornsey, Middlesex, England (census) 1911 Hornsey, Middlesex, England (census) 33 Bedford Gardens, Kensington (probate)

Works Temple Grafton Court, Warwickshire — additions 1888 Tower and spire to St Mary’s Church, Worcester completion Gloucestershire Chronicle 30 March 1889 Madresfield Court, Worcestershire (1890)

St Saviour’s Church, Wendell Park, London (1890) Locally listed (Hammersmith & Fulham)

Restoration of Parish Church, Amersham South Bucks Standard 20 February 1891, Bucks Herald 21 February 1891

Carlile Institute, Meltham (funded by JW Carlile) Opening Huddersfield Chronicle 17 October 1891 llustration in //lustrated London News 24 October 1891

Restoration of Parish Church, Stoke Goldington, Bucks (funded by JW Carlile) Bucks Herald 22 January 1898

School, Claverton, Somerset Bath Chronicle 2 February 1898

Vestry to SS Mary and Nicholas parish church, Saunderton, Bucks Bucks Herald 2 June 1900

Page 13

St. Peter’s Church, South Tottenham, London (1900)

New Church of St James, Muswell Hill foundation stone Morning Post 14 June 1900 Steeple, Church of St James, Muswell Hill 1909-10 Listed grade II 1974

Church of St John the Baptist, Station Road, Harrow Designed in 1902. Foundation stone laid on 16 July 1904 and the nave consecrated in 1905, the eastern bay of the nave was completed posthumously in 1925; the chancel and chapel were completed in 1938 to revised designs by Martin Travers Listed grade II 1994

Restoration of Potton Church, Bedfordshire Biggleswade Chronicle 25 August 1905 St George’s Church, Priory Road, Hornsey foundation stone London Daily News 30 April 1906

St Cuthbert, Wolves Lane, Wood Green (1906-1907)

St Andrew, Nuthurst, Sussex (1907) Completed restoration work on death of A H Skipworth

Warleigh Manor, Somerset (1907-08)

Charles Lamb Institute, Church Street, Lower Edmonton (1907-1908) Listed grade Il

Holy Trinity Church Hall, Richmond Road, Islington (1908)

St George, Headstone, Pinner View, Harrow Foundation stone 22 October 1910 Consecrated 7/7 October 1911 service of dedication on 8 October 1961 marked the church’s completion Listed Grade II in 1993.

St Michael's Church hall, Wood Green (1911)

saint Barnabas Church, Holden Road, Finchley (1912) Consecrated 1914

Marr. Kate Beatrice Bater (b Broadwindsor, Dorset 1859) 15 Apr 1884, Cuckfield, Sussex.

Children: John Gordon (Jan 1885 - Oct 1913), Marguerite Beatrice (c1887 - Jun 1952), Leonard Stanley Bater (Apr 1891 - 21 Feb 1963)

Obit in St George's, Headstone magazine:

Page 15

Address: Home at Heversham School, Milnthorpe (1911) Crookesmoor, Sheffield (1932) 16 Cleveland Road, Huddersfield (1937, 1939) 14 Lancaster Road, Birkdale, Southport (Probate)

Office Ramsden Street (1937,1940)

works: Huddersfield Library & Art Gallery Public conveniences, Lidget Street, Lindley

“Mr. Edward Heathcott, Ashburner, a 38-year-old architectural assistant attached to the staff of the City Architect's Department. Sheffield, yesterday was appointed by Huddersfield Library and Art Gallery Committee to supervise the erection of Huddersfield's new Public Library and Art Gallery, the estimated cost of which is about £80,000. Mr. Ashburner is a Lecturer in Building Construction at Sheffield University, and before going to Sheffield held appointments in London, Manchester. Derby and Warrington. He is a Bachelor of Architecture of Liverpool University, Associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects, and holds other qualifications. He was engaged in the erection of Sheffield's new Library and Art Gallery, which was opened last year.” Yorkshire Post 4 October 1935

Married Dorothy Parker 9 August 1932 at All Saints, Bingley

Charles Edmund Aspinall c1907-1981 ARIBA son of Ada Aspinall (d 1 November 1945) Addresses 105 Albert Road, Bolton (Rochdale Observer 5 December 1945) 8 Hazel Grove, Bradley Bar (1949, 1955) Burndale, 638 Bradford Road, Huddersfield (1956, 1972) 2 Churchill Drive, Wem, Shropshire (probate) Posts at served articles at Blackpool Borough Lancashire County Council

1932,1936 Derby Corporation 1937-1949 Chief Assistant Architect, Bolton Corporation

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1949-1967 Deputy Huddersfield Borough Architect 1967-1972 Huddersfield Borough Architect

Works 638 Bradford Road, Huddersfield (own house) Second residential tower block, Berry Brow Huddersfield Civic Centre phase II Opened 5 February 1968 Commemorative plaques in magistrates’ court and police station Alfred Street Car Park, Huddersfield Opened 1969 Holly Bank Training College, phase 3

Huddersfield Technical College Science block, off Trinity Street In construction 1972

Schools at Crosland Moor Greenside Ashbrow Longley Special Newsome In construction 1972 Cowlersley In construction 1972 Upperhead Row bus station and car park (HDE 3 November 1967 p1, 4 May 1972 p18, 11 December 1981 p3) Married.

Died 9 December 1981 aged

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Joseph Balmford jun fl 1863-76 (aka Balmforth)

Of Milnsbridge Royd Street, Golcar

Page 18

B Longwood 21 March 1864 D Southport 7 November 1939

son of Ann Ruth (d 6 Feb 1895 aged 59) & James Balmford, joiner & cabinet maker (d Morecambe 11 Feb 1897 aged 60 Yorkshire Evening Post 12 February 1897)

Thorpe Green (1871 census) Longwood Gate (1881 census) Joiner Longwood Gate (1891 census) Joiner & cabinet maker 107 & 109, Longwood Gate (1901 census) carpenter & joiner employer 107 & 109, Longwood Gate (1911 census) joiner & builder employer 2 Everard Road, Southport (1939 register), joiner & builder retired 2 Everard Road, Southport (1939 probate)

Training Huddersfield Technical College examination results Building Construction — elementary stage — first class Huddersfield Chronicle 7 August 1886 Building Construction — advanced stage — second class Huddersfield Chronicle 26 July 1888


Liberal Club, Longwood Stone laying Daily Examiner 8 August 1892 Opening Hudderstield Daily Chronicle 8 December 1894

Detached house on Snow Lea Road Tender Daily Examiner 1 May 1897


1 Mary Elizabeth Chadwick (b Ashton 1863 d 9 July 1926 Ormskirk aged 62) 20 August 1891 St James, Ashton Under Lyne

Issue James Samuel b Huddersfield c1893

2 Emily Stork (b 1 Oct 1863, d 19 Jan 1944 Ormskirk aged 80) Ormskirk Q3 1927

Dennis Bamford d.1961

Son of Edmund Bamford Date of death: 8 Dec 1961

Page 19

Addresses: 9 Faraday Mansions, Club Gardens, Kensington, London 9 Clifford’s Inn, Fleet Street, London EC (1910) 38 Westgate, Huddersfield (1910, 1914) 29 Wildwood Road, Golders Green, London NW (1926) Education and training: Attended Huddersfield Technical College for 3 years and as assistant in the Engineering and Building Section for 1 year. Assistant to Edgar Wood (1860-1935) for 2

Page 20

See also Mallinson and Barber

Address: Brighouse (1857) Leeds Mercury 11 April 1857 9 George Street, Halifax (1878) 25 George Street, Halifax (1895) southsea (1897)

ARIBA 26 Jan 1860 FRIBA 27 Nov 1873


Kirkburton Church, chancel restoration c 1870 VISIT OF THE BRITISH ARCHAEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION TO KIRKBURTON, ALMONDBURY, AND CASTLE HILL Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 22 August 1873; pg. 3 St John the Evangelist, Warley 1877

Page 21

re-opening Huddersfield Chronicle 10 September 1887; pg. 8 St Andrews, Stainland Consecration Leeds Mercury 1 August 1888 Clergy house and vestry to St Michael’s Mission Church, Southowram Bank to prepare designs Todmorden & District News -4 July 1890 St Thomas’s, Bradley, South Porch Huddersfield Chronicle 31 October, 1891; pg. 7; St John’s, Caldergove, Crigglestone foundation stone Leeds Mercury 24 October 1892 Elland drinking fountain Opening ceremony Huddersfield Chronicle 3 November 1894; pg. 7 (named WS Barker) St Saviour, Heckmondwike cornerstone Leeds Mercury 1 June 1895 St Thomas’s, Longroyd Bridge; vestry and morning chapel Plan 2414, 10 September 1895 Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 20 January 1896; pg. 3; Wortley Parish Church foundation stone Plans prepared by WSB and his successor Mr T H Farrar The Leeds Mercury 16 November 1896

Church of St Matthew, Primrose Hill, Submitted plans for St Matthew mission church, Primrose Hill but his submission was rejected.

10 Oct 1877 Married at Easton Grey, Wilts, Anne Byrne of Slead Hall, Brighouse, eldest d of Henry Byrne The Standard 13 October 1877

John Barker

Addresses Woodfield House, Mirfield Huddersfield Chronicle 4 December 1869 Town Hall, Mirfield Huddersfield Chronicle 18 January 1879, Dewsbury Reporter 26 April 1884 Mirfield and Harrogate Huddersfield Chronicle 9 April 1898

Works 3 houses at Knowl for Abraham North

consent Hudderstield Daily Examiner 24 April 1874

Page 22

lronwork for 80 quarter Malthouse, Bedford Leigh, Lancashire TENDER Hudderstield Chronicle 29 April 1876

Mirfield rifle corps bazaar decorations Huddersfield Chronicle 6 October 1877 Hopton Congregational School Foundation stone laying Leeds Mercury 20 May 1878, Huddersfield Chronicle 21 May 1878 p3 colD Opened Ossett Observer 20 September 1879 Coachman’s Lodge, Marma Village, Mirfield TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 26 April 1884 Additions to Southbrook Mills, Mirfield TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 25 January 1896

Juror Huddersfield Chronicle 28 February 1873

Court witness Huddersfield Chronicle 21 November 1883 Appointed overseer by Dewsbury magistrates Huddersfield Chronicle 1 April 1884 Marr Mary Jane Clough (granddaughter of Thomas Blenkhorn of Woodland House, Aspley) 1 December 1869 at Queen Street Chapel Huddersfield Chronicle 4 December 1869

Dau, Marie Barker

S Barker Of Halifax Works Church School, Clifton

announced Huddersfield Chronicle 15 June 1872

Walter Clement Barker 1880-1954 Address

West Grove, Hebden Bridge Yorks WWI service papers West Grove, Hebden Bridge (1954)

Retired architect, executor to Frederick Fox Beaumont (qv) 1952

Died 10 April 1954, widow Henrietta

Page 23

W S Barker Of Halifax Gomersal Church extensions etc

re-opening Huddersfield Chronicle 9 June 1882

A Barlow AMICE Articled to Huddersfield Corporation engineer surveyor 1899 Assistant , staff office York 1904 Chief assistant engineer, York 1908 Engineer - Surveyor, City of Ripon, 1912-1926 Captain, Royal Engineers 1914-1919

surveyor, Gosport 1926 Hampshire Telegraph 9 July 1926

Joseph Barrowclough c1803-1862 Died 7 May 1862 Address: Holmfirth (1860, 1862) Works: Dean House Workhouse, Honley Entered the design competition Huddersfield Chronicle 31 March 1860; pg. 6 Widow, Mary (Probate)

Obit Hudderstield Chronicle 10 May 1862

Joseph Barrowclough & Sons

Warehouse to Bridgemill for Joseph Tuner & Sons rearing Supper Huddersfield Chronicle 6 May 1865

Gave evidence at inquiry into fall of Mytholm Bridge viaduct Chelsea News 2/ January 1866

Donald Bates c1933-


Page 24

Address 34 Savile Drive, Halifax (1971) 18 Central Park, West End, Halifax (1972-3) Halifax (1988)

1949 Halifax Corporation 1962 Assistant Architect, Huddersfield Corporation 1967 Assistant Borough Architect 1971-3 Assistant Borough Architect (General), Huddersfield Corporation 1974-88 Deputy director of architecture, Kirklees Council 1987-8 Acting director of Technical Services, Kirklees Council

Marr Liz, 4 Children

HDE 29 September 1988 p13

Joseph (Joe) Thomas Batley, fl 1878-80

Addresses: Home: Brook Street, Moldgreen Huddersfield Chronicle 24 December 1881; pg. 8 & 21 October 1882

Offices Church Lane, Moldgreen Huddersfield Chronicle January 26, 1878; Brook Street, Moldgreen Huddersfield Chronicle 6 April 1878; Announcement of his office at “9 New Street (Recently the offices of the late Mr Evins, architect), Huddersfield” Huddersfield Chronicle 8 March 1879 9 New Street Huddersfield Chronicle 25 September 1880 9 New Street Huddersfield Chronicle 8 January 1880 Queen’s Chambers, Queen Street Huddersfield Chronicle 22 January 1881 Queen Street Huddersfield Chronicle 29 March 1881; pg. 4 (Joseph) 9 New Street (1881) Whites Directory (Joe) Brook Street, Moldgreen & Queen’s Chambers, Queen Street (1881) Whites Directory Halifax Huddersfield Chronicle May 17, 1884; pg. 3

Works Meeting and Reading Room, Ramsden Street, Huddersfield TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle January 26, 1878;

House in Water Street, Moldgreen TENDERS Chronicle 30 March 1878;

House in Moldgreen TENDERS Hudderstield Chronicle 25 September 1880

Page 25

Described as an accountant (Batley & Batley of Queen Street) in a court case Hudderstield Chronicle Tuesday 29 March 1881; pg. 4

Described as architect and accountant, in a court case Huddersfield Chronicle October 21, 1882

Married Annie eldest d of W. Warrington of National Hotel, Dingwall 12 June 1879. Hudderstield Chronicle 14 June 1879; pg. 8

Lt Col Frederick Watson Beadon -1933 son of Rev F F Beadon of Swathling Grange, Southampton (1879) Addresses

Windlestone, Ferry Hill, Durham Huddersfield Chronicle 13 June 1885 Manor House, Gamford, Darlington (1933)

Agent for Sir William Eden -1885 Agent for Ramsden Estate 1885-1920

Marr. Elizabeth Eleonora Bolam (dau of late William Bolam of High Cross House,

Newcastle) at St Philip’sm South Kensington 14 October 1879. Newcastle Courant 24 October 1879

J W Beatson With J Berry & Sons. Huddersfield Daily Examiner - 18 January 1918 p4 col G

Frederick Fox Beaumont 1871-1952 Architect Addresses Southgate, Halifax (Sheffield Daily Telegraph 31 August 1897) Elland Halifax Courier (16 September 1899) Brodenfield, Elland (Leeds Mercury 17 June 1903)

Broomfield, Elland (1952)

Page 26

Works Pavilion for Elland Cricket, Athletic and Bowling Club Halifax Courier 11 March 1899 Fined for drink driving Huddersfield Daily Examiner 14 October 1915 p2 col D Fined £1 for drinking out of hours at Great Western Hotel, Standedge Yorkshire Post 18 April 1928 Marr Mary Isabel Brook 1904

Died / December 1952 widow, Mary Isabel

George Beaumont Architect

Amberely Terr, New Leeds. Yorkshire Post 2 December 1871

lvor Beaumont 1886-1968 ARCA, LRIBA, FRSA, FIBD Born Longwood Studied at Huddersfield College of Art and then the Royal College of Art. Worked as an Art Master and Lecturer in Design at the Building Trade School, London between 1915-19. He became headmaster of Belfast School of Art in 1919 and remained there until 1951. Returned to Huddersfield in 1957, and died in 1968. Works

War memorial adjacent to St. Marks Church, Longwood - granite obelisk built by T. Judd & Co,115 Holloway Road, London

Father of architect Joseph Duncan Beaumont (ARIBA 1944) 1918-1970


Page 27

Son of Thomas Pearson Beaumont Addresses

1 Lewisham Road, Slaithwaite (1901) 1 Lewisham Road, Slaithwaite (1911) The Elms, Manchester Road, Slaithwaite (1931)

Architect of John Kirk & Sons, Huddersfield

1901 assistant 1911 Architect’s assistant

Marr Hannah (b Slaithwaite), dau of William Edwin Cotton, 9 Nov 1898, two daughters

Kathleen Louisa (b 1900), 15 September 1930, marr James Ashton Sykes, elder son of J B Sykes of Westwood House, Golcar. Home to be 72 Heaton Road, Huddersfield (Leeds Mercury 16 September 1930)

Mary, b c1908

Died leaving widow & 2 daus Leeds Mercury 3 January 1931

Mark Beaumont, c1832 -1882

Reference to Mark Beaumont, architect Huddersfield Chronicle 17 July 1858; , 8 February 1862

Addresses: Wool Pack Yard, Huddersfield (1871) Wool Pack Yard, Huddersfield (1872) Ramsden Street (1881) Whites Directory

Home North Parade (18/70) Directory 38 Trinity Street (Huddersfield Chronicle 29 July 1882)

Works: Rebuilding dyeworks, firing place and warehouse, Albert Mills, Lockwood TENDERS Chronicle 1/7 June 1877 Finishing of 8 houses, Lindley TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 2/7 January 1872 Boilerhouse at Deadwaters, Folly Hall 1875

Shop on Manchester Road

Page 28

TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 26 July 1879

Gave evidence in court case Huddersfield Chronicle 24 January 1881p3 colC

Death - found drowned in canal at Fieldhouse (Huddersfield Chronicle 29 July 1882)

Reuben Bennett

church decorator Address 53 South King Street, Manchester (1893)

Works: St John’s church, Park, Sheffield Sheffield & Rotherham Independent 1 January 1892; pg. 8 Redecoration of Huddersfield Town Hall Wins completion Huddersfield Chronicle 25 March 1893 display of competition entries Hudderstield Chronicle 13 April 1893 description of work Hudderstield Chronicle 20 September 1893 Re-opening Huddersfield Chronicle 23 September 1893; pg. 5 Alterations at Zion Chapel, Lindley Hudderstield Daily Chronicle 17 April 1896; pg. 4

?J F Berry? Architect, Huddersfield

Church Schools, Kirkburton Opening Wakefield Advertiser & Gazette 10 February 1925

Joseph Berry b.1860

Place of birth: Lockwood Addresses: Queen Street, Huddersfield (1885) 9 Queen Street, Huddersfield (1889, 1891, 1897) Fenton Road Lockwood (1892) 3 Market Place, Huddersfield (1901-5, 1914, 1926) Holly Mount, Lockwood (1902) Education and training: In office of John Henry Abbey, Borough Surveyor of Huddersfield. Professional qualifications:

Page 29

LRIBA 1925; FRIBA 1926. Professional and practice information: Commenced independent practice 1885. In partnership with Joseph Norman Berry (b.1887). Architect for the Colne and Holme joint Hospital Committee. Architect to the Huddersfield Industrial Society. Works:

Villa at Murray Rd, 1887 (Marsh plan 676) 15 Belmont St 1887 (BP1614)

Co-operative branch No 19, Wellington and School Streets, Oakes Opening

Page 31

References Who's who in architecture (1926)

Works Outlane Wesleyan Church Sunday school, opening

Page 32

Death in car accident at Birchencliffe, aged 33735? Yorkshire Post 23 February 1925 Leeds Mercury 13 March 1925

Frederick Bettany c1860 — 1924

b. Burslem c1860 d. Burslem 9 June 1924

Either or both son / brother of William T Bettany. Solicitor of Burslem? Clerk?

Addresses 96 Hall Street, Burslem (Athletic News 14 September 1886) Burslem & Hanley (Staffordshire Sentinel 28 March 1889) Hanley (Staffordshire Sentinel 17 April 1889) Burslem (Huddersfield Chronicle 5 September 1890) Municipal Offices, Queen Street, Burslem (Staffordshire Advertiser 22 August 1891) ot John’s Chambers, Queen Street, Burslem (Sfaffordshire Advertiser 16 January 1897) Hamil House, Hamil Road, Burslem (probate)

Wedgwood Institute School of Science and Art / Burslem Schools of Science and Art Prize winner for conduct and attendance Staffordshire Advertiser 18 November 1876 Prize winner for geometry & perspective

Page 33

Played for & Stoke FC hitps:// Bettany and Burslem Port Vale. Secretary to Port Vale AFC Athletic News 14 September 1886. Awarded medal for past services Birmingham Daily Post 26 August 1887

Team member Burslem Wedgwood cricket club Staffordshire Sentinel 29 May 1874 Keen cyclist

Freemason , Master at St Martins, Burslem (98) and Sutherland, Burslem (451) Lodges

Defendant in child maintenance claim court case — no order made

Page 34

New Chancel, St Bartholomew, Meltham with John Kirk & Sons reopening Yorkshire Post 4 May 1878

Bachelor Funeral at Lawnswood 9 April 1903 (Yorkshire Evening Post 9 April 1903) Probate £116,633 Bequests

Page 36

Invented a concrete mould system, “Grass Crete’ that allowed grass to grow through (HDE 5 August 1970)

“An architect greens the parking lot

One evening British architect Jack Blackburn sat in his kitchen, staring at an egg crate. "| thought, 'That's the answer,'" he recalls. Two-and-a-half years later, Blackburn, utilizing the shape of that crate, came up with "Grass Crete," a way of making grass grow in parking lots.

Basically, he devised a concrete surface with evenly spaced four-leaf clover holes. After sodding, grass grows from the openings. Autos and trucks can't damage the protected roots of the grass.

One of the first places it was tried was a parking lot in London Airport, which Blackburn (right, with the sales manager of a lawn mower firm) recently visited. Today, Grass Crete covers three million square feet of England. In the U.S., it is being tried in Los Angeles and Baton Rouge, La.

The 60-year-old Blackburn, who has designed everything from lavatories to crematoria, is pleased about the possibility of cosmeticizing the world's cities. But just as significant, reports Blackburn, one urbanologist has found that 25 square

yards of Grass Crete throw off enough oxygen to keep one person alive for a full year.” People 25 August 25 1975 Vol. 4 No. 8

Formed in 1970 Grass Concrete Limited is a privately owned UK company http:/ 3 October 2016

Married to Jessie with 2 children

HDE 22 May 1962, 22 March 1967, 2 May 1967, 31 July 1967

Blackmoor & Mitchell Withers, practice of circa 1862-1869 William Blackmoor & John Brightmore Mitchell-Withers (1838-1894)

Obits Mitchell-Withers; Builder v66 17 March 1894

Addresses: St James Street, Sheffield & Church Street, Rotherham

St Stephen’s Church, Rashcliffe (1862-4) Tenders,Hudderstield Chronicle 11 October 1862 Foundation stone Huddersfield Chronicle , 28 March 1863; pg. 8. Consecration, Huddersfield Chronicle 16 July 1864; pg. 8

Tom Blakeley c1892-1935

Page 37


Address Kingsfield

Page 38

G F Bodley RA 1827-1907 George Frederick Bodley B 14 March 1827 D 21 October 1907

Local work Chancel, Christ Church, Moldgreen PC resolution to complete church with Bodley’s design Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 30 January 1897 design proposed with fundraising Daily Chronicle 16 February 1898 fundraising unsuccessful so scheme to be amended Daily Chronicle 22 April 1898 Work supervised by Edward William Lockwood memorial stone laying Leeds Mercury 13 July 1903 dedication Leeds Mercury 16 May 1904

Isaac Booth

Address Bank Buildings Halifax 1861


Mill for the Scammonden Commercial Cotton Spinning Company

tender Hudderstield Chronicle 4 May 1861

Robert Bower, fl 1882-5

Page 39

Addresses Marsden Dirker, Marsden (1885)

Alterations & additions to premises at Warehouse Hill, Marsden TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 13 May 1882 Alterations to property of Mr Pinder at Hoyheads Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 2 November 1883; pg. 3; Extension of mill, erection of warehouse, coal sheds and additions to Cellars Clough Mills, Marsden TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle , May 16, 1885;

Henry Bowman 1814-1883

Church architect and architectural historian.

The second son of Jonn Eddowes Bowman the Elder, Bowman worked as an architect in Manchester, from 1846 to about 1883, in partnership with Joseph Crowther.

Died at Brockham Green, near Reigate, on 14 May 1883 Among the churches Bowman designed are Hyde Chapel, Cheshire and Mill Hill Chapel, Leeds. He was joint author with James Hadfield of Ecclesiastical Architecture of Great Britain, from the Conquest to the Reformation, 1845; and with his partner, J. S. Crowther,

of The Churches of the Middle Ages, 1857. Bowman and Crowther trained a number of younger architects

Page 40

Obit with photo MR. W. S. BRAITHWAITE, A LEADER OF THE PROFESSION. One of the best-known Leeds architects, Mr. W. S Braithwaite, of May House, died last night, after a long illness. Mr. who was 68 years of age started practice as an architect on South Parade, Leeds, when was twenty-five. During his long professional career designed many public buildings in the city. For several years architect to the Leeds Education Committee, was responsible for many schools and institutions, including the Home for the Blind, Blenheim Walk. He was also quantitative surveyor the Education Committee for some time, and carried out the quantitative work in connection with the Leeds Training College. He was the architect for the secondary schools at Elland and Castleford, and for the Penistone Grammar School, under the West Riding Education Committee, for which he also erected the Storthes Hall Asylum. The Poulton School, Morecambe was also his work. Many Leeds factories were designed by him, as well as public baths. He was also architect to the Leeds Industrial Co-operative Society. The Lawnwood Crematorium was his work. A number of chapels in Leeds were built to his designs, including the Tempest Road Chapel, which was destroyed fire last year. The firm in which Mr. Braithwaite was senior partner (he took Mr. H Jackman into partnership some three years ago) is now carrying out amongst other work, the reconstruction of the Tempest Road besides the erection of a temperance hall at Rawdon and the extension of Leeds Meat Markets. Mr Braithwaite’s one hobby was ecclesiastical music. He was chairman of the North-West Leeds Liberal Association for many years. He leaves a widow, two sons and three daughters. Yorkshire Evening Post 13 October 1923, Yorkshire Post 15 October 1923

James Brook Noted as an architect in the 1830 directory of the town at Bridge End, where the family kept the Star Inn. It is quite possible other members of the Brook family undertook architectural work but they were principally land agents, surveyors, and builders.

©Edward Law

James Brook

Of Messrs Thomas Brook and nephew, New Street Huddersfield Chronicle 23 June 1866

shortlisted for post of Surveyor to Huddersfield Improvement Commissioners Hudderstield Chronicle 23 June 1866

James Brook A partner in Brook & Dransfield (qv) c1884-90

John William Brook, fl 1878-1885

Page 41

Addresses: 15 Fitzwilliam Street (1881) Whites Directory Fitzwilliam Street East(1884) Huddersfield Chronicle 19 January 1884 Works: Block of residential houses in John William Street TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle, 22 June 1878

Mark Brook

Junior in Huddersfield Corporation Architectural Dept after 7 years service

Made redundant from Huddersfield Corporation Yorkshire Evening Post and Yorkshire Post 18 January 1932

S B Brook, fl 1884 Thomas Brook, c1821-1888

Uncle of Thomas Marsden Demetriadi (qv)

Date of death 22 December 1886 aged 67 Place of death Hartley, Kirkburton

Articled to Mr Dinsley, completed his indentures with Mr George Crowther Later local engineer to Leeds Liverpool Canal surveyor, Huddersfield. Jonn Henry Abbey (1831-1880) was a pupil (see Abbey obit) surveyor to the Ramsden Estate for 25 years On retirement in October 1888 his business transferred to his nephew Thomas Marsden Demetriadi and JB Abbey. (Huddersfield Chronicle 3 October 1896)

Obituary Huddersfield Chronicle , December 24, 1886; pg. 5 FUNERAL OF MR THOMAS BROOK OF HARTLEY The

Page 42

Dransfield was the defendant in court case being the surviving partner of Brook & Dransfield (James Brook having died) surveyors and valuers Huddersfield Chronicle 24 January 1891; pg. 6

Works: Weaving shed and warehousing at Taylor Hill TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 19 July 1884 Fartown Ground Huddersfield Chronicle 22 November 1890; pg. 5

See also James Brook see also Henry Brook Dransfield

E C Brooke

Address Brighouse 1897

Works Mission Chapel, Thornton Briggs, for Bethel New Connexion Church Opening Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 5 February 1897

Nicholas Brown c1767 - 1838

b. Saddleworth? d. Blackpool 9 September 1838 aged 71 (Northern Star 22 September 1838)

Land surveyor, Engineer

Elected ICE Member 11 April 1826. As he was an early member there is very little information on his application form. It includes the names of the members who nominated and supported his application: Josiah Parkes; John I Hawkins and WA Provis.

Addresses Huddersfield (Leeds Intelligencer 13 February 1804) Wakefield 1816 Wakefield 1826 Wakefield 1830 St John’s, Wakefield 1838


Surveyor and superintendent, Huddersfield Narrow Canal 1797-1801

Page 43

In 1805 Brown was engaged to survey part of the line of the Huddersfield to New Hey Turnpike and acted as Surveyor until September 1808 when he resigned the office "on account of the multiplicity of business in other concerns which he has to attend to." He was reluctant to give up the books and plans which he had, and in November 1810 the Trustees had to take action against him for the recovery of a balance of £35-8-3 which he held. He was living in Huddersfield in 1803 but had removed to Wakefield by 1816.

Huddersfield Water Works Leeds Intelligencer 2 August 1827

Percy Norman Brown 1883-1958

B Q3 1883 D Holmfirth 15 Jan 1958

Addresses Holmfirth (1915) 23 Victoria Street, Holmfirth (1945)

Wyngarth, Binns Lane, Holmfirth (1958) LRIBA Works

10 houses between Greenfield Road and Town End, Holmfirth Housing Inquiry Huddersfield Daily Examiner 17 December 1914

Additions and alterations to Skelmanthorpe Industrial Cooperative Society buildings, Commercial Road, Skelmanthorpe TENDERS Yorkshire Post 23 March 1935

Road and drains for Broadlands housing site for Meltham UDC TENDER Yorkshire Post 21 July 1945 12 pairs of houses, Bradshaw Avenue, Honley for Holmfirth UDC TENDER Yorkshire Post 18 October 1945 15 pairs of houses and 7 pairs bungalows, Bradshaw Avenue, Honley for Holmfirth UDC TENDER Yorkshire Post 24 November 1945

Page 44

Married Q3 1908 Widow Emmeline (b 1875’)

son? William Dudley (architect)

P N Brown and Son

Addresses Market Place, Honley Yorkshire Post 19 August 1948, 14 September 1954

Works 5 pairs of semi-detached houses, Holmebridge for Holmfirth UDC TENDER Yorkshire Post 19 August 1948 Road and drains for Helme Lane housing site for Meltham UDC TENDER Yorkshire Post 25 July 1953 Eight pairs and two blocks of four houses on Helme Lane for Meltham UDC TENDER Yorkshire Post 8 May 1954

48 houses on Kirkroyds Estate and 14 on Roundway Extension Estate for Holmfirth UDC

TENDER Yorkshire Post 14 September 1954

William Dudley Brown Honley

Of PN Brown and Son?

son of Percy Norman Brown

Andrew Buck, b1929-

Huddersfield works inc Broadbent bath house Oakes WMC Lodges supermarkets; Birkby, Holmfirth and others Thornton House; Hagg Leys, Holme

Brockholes car showroom 1961

Page 45

Royds Hall School 1973

Harry B Buckley fl 1878 MMA

Addresses: Market Place Batley & Huddersfield Road, Birstall Dewsbury Reporter 13 April 1878

Works: Villa, Braford Road, Birstall TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 13 April 1878 Residence, Colbeck Road, Birstall TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 13 April 1878 Block of residences & shop near Horbury Bridge Station Dewsbury Reporter 13 April 1878

Edward Bull fl 1864

Clare Hall Road, Halifax (1864) Huddersfield Chronicle 17 December 1864 3 Clare Hall Road, Halifax (1873) Huddersfield Chronicle 29 October 1873

Page 46

Works: Pair of semi-detached houses, Halifax Road for Frank Smithson, 1933 bp21323

Other: Education st Catherine’s School, Broxbourne (head teacher Herbert Pretyman Waller) (1911 census)

Emigrated to Canada 1913 to do farm work

Enlisted as private in Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force June 1915, occupation given as Clerk. Subsequently 2"? Lieutenant in Shropshire Light Infantry and temp Captain Shropshire Light Infantry Labour Corp Awarded OBE 1919? Retired 22 Sep 1921?

Page 47


Address Haverfield, Chevet Lane, Sandal, Wakefield.1942

Architect and Engineer to the West Riding Mental Hospitals Board 1912-42

Works Four chronic blocks, Storthes Hall tenders Yorkshire Post 22 August 1913 Operating Theatre, Storthes Hall tenders Yorkshire Post 23 June 1928 Residence for Assistant Medical Officer, Storthes Hall Tenders Yorkshire Post 14 April 1934 Extension to the nurse’s residence, Storthes Hall Tenders Yorkshire Post 17 July 1935 Residence for medical superintendent, Storthes Hall tenders Yorkshire Post 15 April 1939

‘W.E.H. Burton, architect and engineer to the West Riding Mental Hospitals Board since Its inception in 1912, died yesterday his home at Haverfield, Chevet Lane, sandal, Wakefield. Mr. Burton, who was 63, had been local government service for 44 years. A native of Shipley, he was a chartered civil engineer, a member the Municipal and County Institute, the Institute Structural Engineers, the Institute Heating and Ventilating Engineers, the Royal Sanitary Institute, and Fellow of the Geological Society. Mr. Burton was a well-known Freemason, and an active Church worker. He leaves widow.’ Yorkshire Post 23 June 1942

William Butterfield 1814-1900 Born London 1814, died London 1900

London based, a prolific ecclesiastical architect.

From 1838 to 1839, he was an assistant to Harvey Eginton, an architect in Worcester, where he became articled. Did he know Thomas Healey (qv) 1809-1862? Healey was also in Worcester by 1838 who I suspect was an assistant to either Eginton or Abraham Edward Perkins circa 1836-1845.

Huddersfield Work St John’s, Bay Hall 1851-3

Page 48

Calvert & Jessop

Address Nottingham

With Joseph Berry & Sons Portland Street extension, Huddersfield Royal Infirmary joint plans for a new block on Portland Street to house "out-patients, casualty, x-ray, therapy and other departments" Foundation stone laying Yorkshire Post 11 March 1932 Yorkshire Post 14 March 1932 Opening Yorkshire Post 1 & 2 December 1933 Leeds Mercury 2 December 1933

Arthur Richard Calvert, fl. 1879-1907 Place of birth: Clapham, London SW Address: sherwood Rise, Nottingham (1901) Education and training: Tonbridge School. Articled to M M Kirkland of Huddersfield; remained with him 2 years. In office of the Borough Surveyor of Huddersfield, and with Robert Evans (d. 1911) & William Jolley 3 years. Professional and practice information: Commenced independent practice 1879, Nottingham. Other information: FSI. References Pike Nottinghamshire Portraits Pike Nottinghamshire, p159 RIBA Nomination Papers L no. 2869 BAL Biography File

Source Brodie Directory of British Architects 1834-1914 F. & H. Calvert, fl architect, 1883-5 George Calvert, fl 1869-1882 J & B Calvert fl 1886-1888 J & H Calvert fl 1885-1893

Kenneth Findlater Campbell

Page 49

1853 Birth Assumed birth of Kenneth Findlater to John and Hughina Campbell at Durness (See census record of 1861) 17 or 27 July 1855? KFC birth — ICE membership forms

1881 E & W census 138 Grt Clowes St, Salford, Lancashire: Elisabeth L Sparling, clergyman’s widow, 69, b Dublin, Ireland c1912. Caroline Sparling, dau, 33, b Foulsham, Norfolk, c1848, Marie Sparling, dau, 22, b Foulsham, Norfolk c1859, Kenneth Campbell, visitor, 28, b Scotland c1853, Civil Engineer Arthur Street, 22, b Staffordshire c 1859, Solicitors Pupil Betsy Britain, 21, b Staffordshire c 1860, domc servant.

27 July 1886 Stockton Council committee minutes - K F Campbell was appointed borough engineer on the 27th July 1886.

elected ICE Associate Member 5 April 1887 From ICE proceedings:


[Born 27 July, 1855] Borough Engineer, Stockton-on-Tees.

After pursuing a course of instruction with the object of following the profession of a Civil Engineer, and, having served a pupilage of 5 years (September 1873-78), to Mr A MacDonald Engineer and Surveyor Beauly, Inverness; then , from August. 1878-86, was an Assistant under Mr A. Jacob, B.A. M. Inst

Page 50

1900 ICE membership K F Campbell became full member 23 January 1900.

ICE Proceedings: KENNETH FINDLATER CAMPBELL, (age 44) [Born 27 July, 1865; Elected 4 April, 1887] Borough Engineer, Huddersfield,

He, after pursuing a course of instruction with the object of following the profession of a Civil Engineer, and, having served a pupilage of 5 years under Mr A MacDonald Engineer and Surveyor Beauly, Inverness, from August. 1878, to August, 1886, was an Assistant Engineer to the late Mr Arthur Jacob, M. Inst C.E., Salford, and for the last 2 years of that period, Chief Engineering Assistant, engaged on Parliamentary, Railway,

Page 51

Times 4 September 1901 p 8 cole.

1903 K.F. Campbell, “Experimental Treatment of Sewage Containing Trade Waste At Huddersfield’, The Journal of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health.1903; 24: 497-514

9 June 1903

The Belfast Surveyorship “We understand that having regard to circumstances which have arisen since the borough engineer of Huddersfield, Mr K.F. Campbell was nominated for this appointment, and for substantial; personal reasons, Mr Campbell has finally decided not to accept the honour conferred upon him by the Belfast Corporation. Intimation of that decision has been duly forwarded.

“The appointment, which is worth £800 a year and emoluments, was offered on Tuesday last to Mr. Campbell. The other candidate who appeared before the committee on that date was Mr Cutler, surveyor to the Cork Corporation’ Huddersfield Daily Examiner 8 June 1903 p4.

Also “for family reasons’ (Manchester Guardian, , 9 June, 1903 Page: 5). July 15 1905 15.07.1905 Supplement to the Huddersfield Examiner New Branch Library at Almondbury.

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony.

In brilliant weather, Alderman John Arthur Brooke laid the foundation stone of a new branch free library at Almondbury, on Saturday afternoon. The ceremony was witnessed by a large assembly, and the greatest interest was manifested in the proceedings. The building is being erected from designs prepared by Mr K. F. Campbell, M. Inst. C.E. borough engineer, on a site in Church Walk, which has been acquired from Sir J. W. Ramsden on favourable terms, the area being 5,840 square yards.

1921 The day after the council ratified his resignation (20 April 1921) an appreciation appeared in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner...


On the resignation of borough engineer by the late Mr. Dugdale Mr. Campbell was on November 26 1897, unanimously selected as his successor out of a large number of highly qualified candidates. The appointment has been amply justified by nearly a quarter of a

Page 52

the tramways from steam to electricity was contemplated, and on Mr.

Page 53

carrying out the work. This was accomplished in the short space of ten weeks. He also gave voluntary assistance in the designing and erecting of buildings for the Y.M. C.A. as an adjunct to the hospital.

The Bradley Sanatorium (Corporation Section) for tuberculous patients was erected from Mr. design and under his supervision, and was first used as an auxiliary hospital for wounded soldiers.

Road engineering has become a speciality, and is a matter of national as well as local importance. Reference to recent works carried out on the primary roads will speak of Mr. Campbell’s ability and up-to-date knowledge on this subject.

During the period of over twenty-three years in which Mr. Campbell has served the town the works committed to his charge have totalled two and a half millions sterling. In all these big things his unostentatiousness and regard for the public interest as against any private pressure has been noteworthy. His Parliamentary experience and knowledge of the procedure of Government departments with which public bodies come so frequently in touch have been of great value, whilst his devotion to duty and capacity for hard work have always been noteworthy. In carrying out large undertakings of a kind for which many other towns have engaged specialists Mr. Campbell has undoubtedly saved the town large sums of money. He has never courted popularity — and has always taken great pride in his work. He has had invitations to more highly paid posts than Huddersfield but has voluntarily remained to complete his work here. That work will remain a testimony to his valuable services

Mr Campbell, after accepting pressing invitations from friends who are members of the I.CE (U.S.A.) to visit the Massachusetts experiments on sewerage disposal, is starting private in London so as to be in touch with several provincial towns in which he is well Known. In common with his many good friends in Huddersfield and neighbourhood, we wish him great success in his new career.

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 21 April 1921 p4

Died 24 Downs Road, Beckenham, 14th June 1939, intestate, a widower without issue or parent.

Thomas Carter, fl 1850s.


4 New Street,

Page 54

1854 Schools and master’s house at Wilton, nr Redcar (Huddersfield Examiner, 11 February 1854)

No list in RIBA Nomination papers Location of unpublished material: Notes in BAL Biography File RIBA Nomination Papers A v2 [missing] BAL Biography File

Source Brodie Directory of British Architects 1834-1914

“Mr Thomas Carter, ARCHITECT (late Pupil of Messrs Weightman & Hadfield of sheffield), 41 Trinity Street, Huddersfield, office New Street (Huddersfield Chronicle 22 October 1853)

William Carter, fl 1882-1900.

Addresses: Meltham Huddersfield Chronicle 13 May 1882 1 Station Street, Meltham Huddersfield Chronicle, 14 March, 1885 Meltham The Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 11 August 1900; pg. 7

Works: Buildings at Bottom of Gate, Honley Hudderstield Daily Chronicle 3 July 1890; pg. 3 Liberal Club, Wessenden Road, Meltham Daily Chronicle 21 July 1894; pg. 3 Four houses in Victoria Terrace, Meltham TENDERS

Page 55

d 2 March 1910 aged 63

Addresses Cleckheaton (Yorkshire Post 29 March 1873)

Market Place, Cleckheaton (Dewsbury Reporter 21 November 1874) Market Place, Cleckheaton and corner of Wellington & Bradford Roads, Dewsbury (Dewsbury Reporter 19 June 1875) Westgate, Cleckheaton (1879)


Christian Brethren Chapel & Sunday School, Cleckheaton Foundation Stone Bradford Observer - Monday November 1874 United Methodist Free Church Cleckheaton tenders Bradford Observer 26 December 1874 Foundation stone Bradford Observer 28 June 1875, Yorkshire Post 28 June 1875 Opened Dewsbury Reporter 25 January 1879 Branch stores and ten houses, Moor End, Cleckheaton for Cleckheaton Cooperative Society tenders Dewsbury Reporter 19 June 1875 Plans for two Houses for Nehemiah Stubley on Stonefield Street, Dewsbury Disapproved by council Huddersfield Chronicle 6 February 1877 Approved Huddersfield Chronicle 8 May 1877 Weaving shed and willey room, Mirfield tender Dewsbury Reporter 1 November 1879 Spinning mill, engine house, bolier house and 45 yard chimney, Ravens Wharfe Mill, Ravensthorpe tender Dewsbury Reporter 21 February 1880 township survey plan for Cleckheaton Board of Guardians Dewsbury Reporter 9 July 1881 copyright of plan disputed Dewsbury Reporter 11 August 1883 51 House and 2 shops at Marsh, Liversedge tender Yorkshire Post 2 April 1887 Submitted plans in Competition to design a town hall for Cleckheaton Yorkshire Post 10 August 1889 Public baths, Tofts Road, Cleckheaton, jointly with WH Howorth of Cleckheaton

Page 56

Opened Leeds Mercury 6 May 1890 United Methodist Free Church and Sunday School, Dale Street, Ossett Foundation stone Leeds Mercury 19 June 1893

Freemason (Leeds Mercury 31 March 1887)

Marr Harriet Ward 1875, Dewsbury son; John George Castle, architect

Widow, Harriet

J T Chambers Address Shepley Bamsley Chronicle, 3 July 1909 pg 4

Works House and shop at Thurlstone for Mr J W Stocks, bootmaker TENDER Barnsley Chronicle, 3 July 1909 pg 4

Robert Dennis Chantrell (1793-1872) FRIBA of Leeds

Huddersfield Works

Nether Croft, Buxton Road?

Armitage Bridge House for John Brooke 1828 (Pevsner) St Paul, Armitage Bridge to be opened Halifax Guardian 29 April 1848 Reminiscences of construction

Page 57

Halifax Brother of John Child, architect, Leeds

son of Child of Hooten Pagnell, Doncaster Ms Child died aged 80 in February 1846 (Bradford Observer 19 February 1846)

Walsden Church Spire dedicated Preston Herald 2 July 1864

Died December 1862, HalifaX ( Bradford Observer 1 January 1863)

Only son William MARRIED (Yorkshire Post 20 June 1867) died aged 25, 21 December 1869 (Yorkshire Post 23 December 1869)

Frederick Richard Clough (1857-1914) fl 1881

Addresses Office 28 & 29 Estate Buildings, Railway Street (1881) Whites Directory 28 & 29 Estate Buildings, Railway Street Huddersfield Chronicle 8

Page 58

Described as ‘architect’ in 1881 census, ‘retired architect’ in 1891, 1901 & 1911 censuses and at probate.

Died Ormskirk, 30 May 1914. Probate to Charles Thomas Clough, officer of HM geological survey £7,850.

Robert Cockcroft b c1836

B c1836 Huddersfield, son of Henry Cockroft, cordwainer, Northgate

1851 Cross Church Street 1861 Edwards Yard, Hillhouse 1871 Cottage, King Cliffe Bottom 1881 88 Bradford Road 1883 emigrated with family to Australia 1885 Parramatta Road, Petersham NSW 1890 Fixby, Arncliffe NSW

1851 census; apprentice butcher 1861 census; joiner employing 2 men 1871 census; joiner & carpenter employing 4 men and 2 boys 1881 census; joiner & builder

Projects Villa with coach house on Birkby Lane for William Stork (North Bank on corner of Wheathouse Road and Birkby Hall Road) Fartown building plan 837 December 1869

Erection of temporary hospital at Birkby Huddersfield Chronicle 22 February 1868 Joinery for Fitzwilliam St School Huddersfield Chronicle 29 March 1873

Marr Martha Eccles b 1831 Q4 1857 d 25 Jun 1922 widow aged 90, of Fixby, Arncliffe NSW

Issue Henry b c1858, joiner Annie b c 1861 d 1888 drowned in Hawkesbury River Huddersfield Chronicle -18 February 1888 Isabella b c 1864 Herbet b c 1866 Heslop b c 1870 Edith b 1871 m Janes O’Brien of Leichhardt 31 March 1890 at Fixby, Arncliffe

Dan Cocking, fl 1855-60. son of William Cocking d 1874

Brother to William Cocking Brother to John Cocking

Page 59

Address 13 Albert Buildings, New Street, Huddersfield (1855-1862)

Elected a Librarian of the Huddersfield Mechanics Institute Huddersfield Chronicle , February 05, 1853; pg. 7

Legal notice that all goods, chattels etc at the home of William Cocking on South Parade and office materials at Albert Buildings, New Street are now the property of Dan Cocking, Architect. Huddersfield Chronicle January 13, 1855

Married Emma Louisa Crich at Wortley 10 June1856 Huddersfield Chronicle , June 14, 1856; pg. 8

secretary of Huddersfield District Association For Preventing Steam Boiler Explosions Huddersfield Chronicle February 06, 1858

Advertising as architect, land and building agent and surveyor and Secretary of the Huddersfield Steam Boiler Association The Huddersfield Chronicle , November 20, 1858

The Huddersfield Chronicle , October 06, 1860; pg. 5;

secretary of the Warehouseman and Clerks’ Provident Association Huddersfield

Page 60

d. 22 October 1874 aged 49 at his home, Dryclough House, Lockwood Huddersfield Chronicle , October 24, 1874; pg. 8

Funeral report Huddersfield Chronicle October 31, 1874; pg. 8

Described as an architect in the census of 1841.

John Cocking Snr d.1854

Joiner and builder of Albion Street Father of; William Cocking, Dan Cocking and John Cocking Jnr

Death of his wife, Lucy 25th April 1851 aged 64 Huddersfield Chronicle April 26, 1851; pg. 5

Death 20th September 1854 aged 61 Huddersfield Chronicle , September 23, 1854; pg. 5;

Masonic portrait painting The Huddersfield Chronicle , March 15, 1851; pg. 4

John William Cocking, 1856-1927

Page 61

1898 Oak House, Kirkheaton (Huddersfield Chronicle 19 March 1898, 1911 census) (in the 1881 census his brother-in-law J S Ainley and family were at Oak House)

Lower Hall, Kirkheaton (HDE 29 Dec 1927)

Took over his father’s practice in 1874. Firm Known as J William Cocking & Co Huddersfield Chronicle, November 14, 1874

Church School, Highburton Plans approved by Kirkburton Local Board Huddersfield Chronicle 8 February 1879

Court case witness Huddersfield Chronicle , 5 June 1880; pg. 7

Huddersfield County Court The Huddersfield Chronicle 8 October 1881; pg. 7

Court case witness Huddersfield Chronicle 25 February 1882; pg. 6

OPENING OF THE CHANCEL AT LONGWOOD PARISH CHURCH Huddersfield Chronicle 29 July 1882; pg. 6

LAYING THE CORNER STONE OF ST. JOHN'S SCHOOL, KIRKHEATON Huddersfield Chronicle October 14, 1882; pg. 6

PROPOSED ALTERATIONS AT KIRKHEATON CHURCH Huddersfield Chronicle , August 21, 1886; pg. 5

Huddersfield School board office design competition, place second Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 25 April 1888; pg. 3; Leeds Times 28 April 1888

Masonic Hall, Kirkburton Cornerstone laying Yorkshire Post and Leeds Mercury 10 September 1888 Opening Yorkshire Post 22 April 1889

Cowms Wesleyan Chapel Recently opened Huddersfield Chronicle 16 July 1890

Conservative Club, Kirkheaton Opening

Page 62

Court case witness

Page 63

NB Ainley family

Hefford Ainley’s eldest son was John Shaw Ainley. John Shaw Ainley (b c1855) married Emma Louisa second daughter of the late William Cocking, architect of Huddersfield, 17 Jun 1880 (Huddersfield Chronicle 19 June 1880). She died 16 Jan1940.

John Shaw Ainley and family lived at The Dene, Lane Side lane, Kirkheaton in 1891 & 1901 Oak House in 1881 and Martin Bank in 1911). He died 3 March 1933 (living at The Garth, Beacon Street, Penrith).

Hefford Ainley in partnership with

Page 64

see Architect’s directory (1868)

House at Cellars Clough, Marsden for Samuel Dowse Huddersfield Chronicle, , September 13, 1851; pg. 7

National School, Marsden fundraising

Page 65

Yorkshire Bank, Market Place Opening Huddersfield Chronicle 9 November 1872

Buxton Road Wesleyan Sunday School LAYING THE FOUNDATION STONE OF A WESLEYAN SUNDAY SCHOOL Huddersfield Chronicle 12 October 1872

Villa residence in Royds Hall, Wood Road, Quarmby tender Hudderstield Daily Examiner 21 March 1874

Chemical works and offices, Smithy Lane Tender

Page 67

Sarah Jane, eldest daughter of William Cocking, architect, died aged 79, 22 February 1926 at home, 19 Glebe Road, Huddersfield (Leeds Mercury 24 February 1926)

Emma Louisa second daughter of the late William Cocking, architect of Huddersfield married John Shaw Ainley (b c1855) 17 Jun 1880 (Huddersfield Chronicle 19 June 1880)

Anna Maria daughter of the late William Cocking of Martin Bank married Herbert F Clayton of Moldgreen 5 April 1882 at Almondbury Parish Church (Huddersfield Chronicle 8 April 1882)

Lewis Smith b 1861, drysalter, younger son. Married 10 June 1891, Jessie Sophia eldest dau of John A Garton of Loxwood House, Tottenham (Tottenham and Edmonton Weekly Herald 12 June 1891, Huddersfield Chronicle 13 June 1891). She died 6 May 1911 at 5 Highfields (Leeds Mercury 9 May 1911) Married Q3 1919 Edith Jean Carr, Huddersfield. He died Huddersfield 15 November 1925 leaving 4 daus and 2 sons 1925. She died in Huddersfield 7 December 1946.

Mary Alice (Mollie), youngest daughter of the late William Cocking, architect, died 15 April 1916 at Glebe Road, Huddersfield (Belfast News-Letter 22 April 1916)

Frederic (aka Frederick) Collins fl 1884-8

Addresses: 3/ Byram Arcade Advertised regularly in Huddersfield Chronicle and Examiner 22 February 1883 to 8 september 1888

Home New Hey Road (1890)

In partnership with Charles Frederick Mallinson as surveyors until it was dissolved in september 1883 Huddersfield Chronicle 15 September 1883; pg. 2

Two semi-detached villas in Springwood Avenue TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 1/7 January 1885

Pulling down and rebuilding the Cropper’s Arms, Marsh TENDERS

Page 68

Rev Richard Collins MA c1818 -1900

amateur architect of mission buildings and churches Vicar of Kirkburton from 1881 NOT Richard Collins, Vicar of St. Saviour's, Leeds

Obituary Huddersfield Chronicle 3 November 1900; pg. 8;

Willie Cooper 1862-1920 Addresses: Lord Street (1886, 1890) 4 Kirkgate Buildings, Huddersfield (1896,1906, 1914) Ruscombe, Marsh, Huddersfield (1906) New Hey Road, Marsh (1907, executor to Aston Hiley of Wellfield) 4 Kirkgate Buildings (1920 probate)

Education and training: Articled to Edward Hughes (1838-1886) of Huddersfield 1879 and remained as assistant. Professional qualifications: FRIBA 3 Dec 1906: proposed by G B Bulmer, Ar Stemming, E B

Page 69

Daily Chronicle 28 April 1893; pg. 3 Alterations to Armoury Hudderstield Daily Chronicle 9 June 1893; pg. 3 Alterations to butchers shop (occupied by William Dyson), Highburton for Joshua Kaye Hollinhurst, Kaffir Rd — bathrooms & WCs, 1893 (Lindley plan 982) Lunnclough Hall new stables, 1895 (see also 1889) Alterations to Fleece Inn, Holme Daily Chronicle 4 April 1896; pg. 4; Infants dept alts, Lepton Board School final payments Daily Chronicle 27 November 1897 Alterations to Rock Inn, Brockholes Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 30 October 1896; pg. 4; Public library in Somerset Buildings Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 15 February 1898; pg. 3 Huddersfield Chronicle , May 14, 1898; pg. 5 Alterations to Sun Inn, Lepton for Seth Senior & Sons Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 2/7 January 1899; pg. 4 Rebuilding of the Hammer & Anvil, Ryhill for James Senior & Sons Barnsley Chronicle, 2 September 1899 Alterations to Commercial Inn, Sklemanthorpe for Seth Senior & Sons Barnsley Chronicle, 2 September 1899 Huddersfield's Drill Hall Foundation stone Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 5 May 1899; pg. 3 TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 26 August 1899 Early use Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 7 September 1900; pg. 3. 8 September 1900; pg. 6. 12 September 1900; pg. 3

Hammer and Anvil Inn, Ryhill- alterations Barnsley Chronicle 2 September 1899

Commercial Inn, Skelmanthorpe - alterations Barnsley Chronicle 2 September 1899

Ashleigh, Halifax Rd — new 2nd floor under mansard roof [not executed], larder, 1900 Rebuilding of White Swan, Dogley Bar, Kirkburton Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 22 August 1900; pg. 3 Christ Church, Woodhouse restoration The Huddersfield Chronicle , October 13, 1900; pg. 6 Church Cookery Centre converted from Aspley Mission Church. Huddersfield Daily Chronicle , 1 November 1900; pg. 3

Page 70

Church Sunday Schools, Clayton West TENDER Barnsley Chronicle, 9 February 1901

Burnieside, Rd, 1905 (Huddersfield plan 2746) [but house quite different from plans] Hippodrome, Huddersfield OPENING Leeds Mercury 22 July 1905 Huddersfield Police Court Mission and Labour Home, Shore Head Designed 1907, Completed and inaugurated 1908. Kirkgate Inn, Huddersfield (1909-11) Golcar Drill Hall, Scar Lane, Milnsbridge Foundation stone laid 4 March 1911 Huddersfield Daily Examiner 6 March 1911 p3

Yeomanry Drill Hall, Fitzwilliam Street Foundation stone laying 6 July 1912 Yorkshire Post 8 July 1912 p9

United Methodist Church, Malvern Road, Primrose Hill stone-laying Hudderstield Examiner Sat 20 July 1912 Hazelgrove, Edgerton Rd — drawing room added, 1912 (Huddersfield plan 10477) Lindley Moor Crippled Children’s Holiday Home opening

Page 71

Memorial Screen, St. Paul's Church, Huddersfield. Designed by Isaac Hordern. Working Drawings by W. Cooper, F. R. I. B. A., and Norman Culley, A. R. |. B. A. The Architect and Contract Reporter, Vol. LXXIX, No. 2052, April 17, 1908. London, England. Three-fourths column of text. One double page plate illustration.

Page 72

2nd son of stone mason Henry Crossland (1806-1877) and his wife Ellen (nee Wilkinson) - married on 19th August 1832 at Huddersfield Parish Church

H Crossland of Longwood House Married Fanny second dau of late T Pullan of Bradford 16 November 1871 Morning Post 20 November 18771

His older brother, James Crossland, was baptised 7 July 1833 at St. Mary’s Elland. He marr Martha Anne second dau of Godfrey Binns of Deighton 5 July 1855 Bradford Observer 9 July 1855


Longwood House (1841 census) Father's address, Longwood House (Huddersfield Chronicle 29 March 1856) Harrison Road, Halifax, (1862) Harrison Road, Halifax & 17 Albion Street, Leeds (1863) New corn Exchange (1864, 1865) 25 Park Square, Leeds (1866, 1868, 1870) 4 Regent Street SW (1870,1876) Carlton Chambers 4 Regent Street SW (1872)

Education and training: Pupil of Sir George Gilbert Scott (1811-1878) by 1856. Professional qualifications: FRIBA 18 Jan 1867: proposed by G G Scott, E R Robson, J P Seddon. Professional and practice information: Practised first in Huddersfield; in Halifax ca 1870; in Leeds by 1863; in London ca 1870. Works: No list in RIBA Fellows’ Nomination Papers

House in Portland Street, Huddersfield TENDERS Hudderstield Chronicle February 12, 1876 Buildings on Byram Street & Kirkgate for Sir John William Ramsden TENDERS Chronicle 5 March 1881

References General Sources:

Page 73

Building news v58, 7 Feb 1890, p221 Rocdale Observer 21 Aug 1971, p10 Victorian Society Annual 1993, p18-26 Portraits BAL Photographs Collection Building News v58, 7 Feb 1890, p202 RIBA Nomination Papers F v4 p33 RIBA Nomination Papers fiche reference: 81/E2 BAL Biography File

Source Brodie Directory of British Architects 1834-1914

The most illustrious of our local architects, William Henry was the son of Henry Crossland, a stone merchant and quarry master. In the 1850s the family lived at Longwood House, Netheroyd Hill, where the father had conducted extensive quarries since 1845 when the Ramsden estate let of a quarry at Cowcliffe to "a respectable stone merchant®."

By 1856 Crossland was a pupil in London with the celebrated architect George Gilbert Scott. It is probable that this favourable opening may have come about through the connection of the Rev. J Bateman, Vicar of Huddersfield from 1840 to 1855, with Scott. Bateman had known Scott from his youth’, when Scott's father had been Bateman's tutor, and could have made a recommendation, or an introduction might have been effected when Scott came to Huddersfield in 1852 to design St. Thomas's Church, Longroyd Bridge, for the Starkey family.

Crossland is said to have practised in Huddersfield though no evidence has been met with to confirm this. If it was so then it is probable that it was between 1856, when he was in London, and 1861, when he was in practice in Halifax. In 1863 he was working in Leeds and by 1870 he was in London, and receiving the patronage of the Ramsden family.

One of his earliest designs must have been Netheroyd Hill Church of England Schools at Cowcliffe which he designed gratuitously, whilst still a pupil in London

Aug 1867-1873 HC references checked

LOCAL WORKS. Cowcliffe and Netheroyd Hill Church of England Sunday School Opening Huddersfield Chronicle 29 March 1856

Page 74

School, Hillhouse. TENDERS Hudderstield Chronicle 12 January 12, 1861 Hudderstield Chronicle 15 February 1862; pg. 8

Almshouses, Almondbury. TENDERS Hudderstield Chronicle 12 January 1861

Copley TENDERS Chronicle 27 July 1861 Huddersfield Chronicle 18 April 1863

Church, Moldgreen TENDERS Hudderstield Chronicle 7 June 1862 TENDERS FOR BOUNDARY WALL Hudderstield Chronicle 4 April 1863 CONSECRATION

Page 75

TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 8 July 1865

Rectory, Methley TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 19 August 1865

Church, Flockton TENDERS Chronicle 2 January 1864; pg. 4. Huddersfield Chronicle 11 August 1866

Church, Marsden TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 20 October 20 1866

Church, Headingley TENDERS Hudderstield Chronicle 2 April 1864

Ramsden Estate Office, Huddersfield. TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 16 May 1868 and 6 June 1868 Rearing Supper Huddersfield Chronicle 24 July 1869; pg 5 NEW ESTATE OFFICES IN WESTGATE AND RAILWAY-STREET Hudderstield Chronicle 2/7 August 1870; pg. 5

Pair of semi-detached villas, Huddersfield for Henry Barker (West Mount and Marshfield, Edgerton Grove Road) TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 22 August 1868

St. Andrew's Church, Leeds Road TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 13 March 1869 Chronicle 3 April 1869; NEW CHURCH IN LEEDS-ROAD The Huddersfield Chronicle 24 July 1869; pg. 7 CONSECRATION OF ST. ANDREW'S CHURCH Hudderstield Chronicle 13 August 1870; pg. 8

Page 76

Byram Buildings, Huddersfield Huddersfield Chronicle 28 May 1870 Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 6 November 1873; pg. 2

Church, Newsome TENDERS Chronicle 10 June 10 1871 Foundation stone Chronicle 22 July 22 1871 pg. 7 Consecration Hudderstield Chronicle 19 October 1872; pg. 3

Almondbury Church restoration Chronicle 23 March 1872; pg. 7 Hudderstield Chronicle 22 July 1871; pg. 7 TENDERS Hudderstield Chronicle 15 June 1872 re-opening Hudderstield Daily Examiner 28 March 1874

St. Andrew's Schools, Leeds Road TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 7 September 1872

Proposed new church for Marsden Hudderstield Daily Chronicle 10 January 1873; pg. 4;

1873 Laundry and kitchen, George Hotel.

1873 Post Office and warehouse, Northumberland Street

Huddersfield Chronicle April 20, 1872. Huddersfield Daily Chronicle November 26, 1873; pg. 3

1878 Kirkgate Buildings.

1880 Byram Arcade. 1883 Bulstrode Buildings, Kirkgate.

Page 77

5 Huddersfield Weekly Chronicle, 10.10.1874. 6 Huddersfield Central Library, Archives Department, DD/RE/c/l0 8.3.1845. 7 Josiah Bateman, Clerical Reminiscences.

Waverley House, 5 Waverley St 1886 (BP5907)

George Crossley FRIBA 1887-1956 B Bradford 17 June 1887 D Otley 16 June 1958 FRIBA (Bradford Observer 22 November 1944 (photo)) Only son of Joseph Crossley, insurance clerk Address 12 Barden Street, Bradford (1901) 17 Nearcliffe Road, Bradford, (1911) 5 Springfield Road, Bradford (1915) 36 Mayfield Avenue, Dalton (1933, 1939) 18 Broadgate, Huddersfield (1939) sunnyside, Broadway, Tranmere Park, Guisley (1958) Trained in Bradford served in Royal Army Medical Corps 1915-1919 Worked at Bradford City Architects Dept 1919-1932

Chief architectural assistant & deputy borough engineer to Huddersfield Borough Engineer 1932 to at least 1939

Architect to the Huddersfield Education Committee from 1937 until retirement at end of June 1952 Bradford Observer 24 June 1952 (photo)

Left widow, Beatrice Mary Wilkinson (b 16 Jul 1885) marr 21 July 1913 Greenfield Cong. Church Lumb Lane, Bradford. D Westmorland Q3 1965

Dau Katherine Mary (b 11 June 1915) Art Mistress in 1939 marr Eric F L Hall 1940

Frederick Bryan Crowther (1900-1985)

Page 78

Born 31 July 1900 Died 6 June 1985


Huddersfield (1939) Gateways, Fixby Park (1985)

Royal Flying Corps Land agent and surveyor

“NEW COMPANY The Thornhill Yorkshire Estates Company has been registered as a private unlimited company with a nominal capital of £200.000 in £1 shares. The objects are to acquire certain estates at Fixby, Rastrick, Brighouse, Edgerton, Huddersfield, Calverley, Farsley and elsewhere in Yorkshire, with certain investments and to carry on the business of builders, contractors, quarry and coal mine owners, etc. The directors are Thomas B Clarke-Thornhill, Fixby Hall, Yorkshire, Frederick Cartledge Crowther, Huddersfield and Frederick Bryan Crowther, Huddersfield.” Yorkshire Post 15 November 1933

Marr Margaret Elizabeth Wood in Huddersfield, 2Q 1926 (died at Bryan Wood, Bryan Road, 6 March 1995)

Probate £109,000

Frederick Cartledge Crowther c1872-1948 Son of George Henry Crowther b c1843-1913 died 3 April 1948

Address sunny Bank Cottage, Edgerton (1911 census) 2 Sunny Bank Road, Edgerton (1948)

Civil engineer and land agent (1911 census)

“Three weeks after the death his wife, Mr. Frederick C. Crowther, head of the firm of G. and G. H. Crowther, land agents, died at his home in Sunny Bank Road. Edgerton, Huddersfield, on Saturday. He was 76. Mr. Crowther, who was responsible for many big estates In Lancashire and Yorkshire, was a Fellow of the and Estate Institute, member of the Huddersfield Golf Club, and the Huddersfield Club, and In his younger days played for the Old Almondburlans Rugby Union Football Club.” Yorkshire Post 5 April 1948

Marr. Annie Hilda c1899 (d 10 March 1948)

2 children by 1911 census, Frederick Bryan (b c1901) and Helen (bc 1903)

Page 79

Probate £14,000. An executor was Frederick Bryan Crowther, land agent and surveyor

G &

Page 80

resident agent to the estates of Thomas Thornhill, Esq , of Fixby. He was educated under Mr. James Clegg,of Rastrick, and, in 1823, was articled to Mr. Thomas Dinsley, of this town, surveyor, with whom he afterwards remained about two years. He then opened an office in the Packhorse-yard, and, about 1839, removed to the offices now occupied by the firm in New-street.

Mr. Crowther's early years were chiefly spent in making township surveys and valuations, under the Poor Law Act, 1834, laying out and constructing turnpike roads ; the construction of Longwood Reservoirs (Huddersfield having previous to this been supplied by wells and pumps) ; the making of reservoirs for manufacturing purposes; and the utilisation of water power upon surrounding streams. In the commencement of railways in this district, about 1840, Mr. Crowther was very extensively engaged in the pioneer work of selecting and laying out lines, at a time also when there was no ordnance map to assist in such a difficult country. Amongst many lines were the “Huddersfield and Manchester," and the “Leeds and Dewsbury." which are now part of the London and North-Western system. He was also engaged on many of the principal sales of property in the district. In recent years he laid out and made plans and working sections of the Farnley Branch and Kirkburton Railways; and in the preparation of many Parliamentary schemes affecting this district.

Passing rapidly on we come to the great work of his life, viz., the designing (in conjunction with Mr. Hawksley) and construction of the Huddersfield Waterworks, which are now closely approaching completion, and which rank amongst the finest of such works in the kingdom. Amongst other things he was largely engaged in arbitration and the settlement of claims under the "Railway Clauses" and "Land Clauses Consolidation Acts. Until April of last year his great activity and enemy continued unimpaired, when an attack of anginae pectoris compelled him to withdraw from all work where any bodily exertion was required. He died, as before stated, at a quarter to seven on Saturday, the 22nd instant, having succumbed more from the severity of the weather than the illness from which he was suffering.” Huddersfield Chronicle 29 January 1881 Funeral report and obituary Huddersfield Chronicle 29 January 1881 Buried in the family vault attached to Zion Chapel, Lindley

Probate under £30,000

George Henry Crowther b c1843-1913 Born Fixby c1843 son of George Crowther d1881

Died 6 March 1913

Page 81

Addresses of Crowther and Son, New Street Huddersfield Chronicle 23 June 1866

38 New Street (1911)

Home Fitzwilliam Street (1871 census) land agent & surveyor Thornhill Road (1891 census) civil engineer & surveyor Thorn Hill, Edgerton (1911 census) Thornhill (1913)

Shortlisted for post of Surveyor to Huddersfield Improvement Commissioners Huddersfield Chronicle 23 June 1866

Marr Louisa Heron, Huddersfield 1869.

“The death took place yesterday, his residence, Thornhill, Edgerton of Mr Charles (sic) Henry Crowther, principal of the firm G. and G. H. Crowther, civil engineers, of Huddersfield. Mr. Crowther. with his father, and. since with the assistance of his eldest son, Mr. Fred C. Crowther, designed and carried out the whole of the Huddersfield Corporation waterworks in conjunction with Messrs. Thomas and Charles Hawksley, of Westminster. His firm have also carried out other important undertakings in various parts of the country, and they were agents for several well- known estates in Yorkshire and Lancashire, including the Clarke-Thornhill and Whitley Beaumont estates, the Branston and Brooke estate, and the Tirnson estate. Mr. Crowther was one of the first be enrolled in the Huddersfield Volunteers in 1859. Joining as a private, he remained in the force for 31 years, retiring in 1890 with the rank lieutenant-colonel and the Volunteer decoration. He was Conservative and a Churchman, and had held office the Huddersfield Parish Church.” Yorkshire Post 7 March 1913

Children Frederick Cartledge bc 1872-1948 civil engineer & surveyor’s clerk (1891 census) surveyor (1913) Hilda Mb c 1877 Marjory Heron b c1881 stephen b c 1885 mechanical engineer (1913) ?George? Surveyor (1913)

Probate c £17,000 Robert Crowther (c1851-1938) Died 25 May 1938

Son of Edward Crowther, excavating contractor

Interviewed for post of Dewsbury borough surveyor Leeds Times 26 February 1881

Page 82

Addresses Croft House Avenue (1861 census) sunny Bank (1871 census) sunny Bank (1881 census) land surveyor sunny Bank Road (1891 census) land surveyor 4 Cleveland Road (1911 census) land surveyor 4 Cleveland Road (1938) probate

“Mr. Robert Crowther has died at his home Cleveland Road. Edgerton, Huddersfield, aged 8/7. Up to his retirement about 25 years ago he was a civil engineer and partner the firm Messrs. G. and G. H. Crowther. Huddersfield. He surveyed the main railway line from Normanton to Manchester.” Yorkshire Post 27 May 1938

Marr Elizabeth Ann Hall (b c1857) Halifax 4Q 1904

Norman Culley,1880-1969

d 2 May 1969 aged 88

Addresses: 4 Kirkgate Buildings, Huddersfield (1904) 128 Bedford Road, Huddersfield (1904) 13 John William Street, Huddersfield (1914, 1924)


Architect’s plans burnt

When Mr, Norman Culley. 4 Huddersfield architect, who

Page 83

school 1901. Articled to William Cooper (d 1921) 1897-1901, and remained as assistant. Passed qualifying exam 1904. Professional qualifications: ARIBA 5 Dec 1904: proposed by FR Farrow, BF Fletcher, J Slater. Professional and practice information: President of the West Yorkshire Sociery of Architects Yorkshire Post 2 May 1930 presidential address Yorkshire Post 10 November 1931


Strathallan, 16 Allison Drive, house for Bertram Pontefract 1909 (Huddersfield Plan 8080)

Primrose Hill Liberal Club Extension, 29 Stile Common Rd Foundation stones Brighouse News 20 September 1910 Opening Leeds Mercury 6 February 19171 Oakley House, Hungerford Rd — cloak room etc, 1913 (Huddersfield Plan 10362) Slaithwaite Socialist Club, Commercial Street memorial stones Labour Leader 10 July 1913 Opening

Page 84

Unveiled Yorkshire Post 29 May 1953

Ornamental boating lake for Holmfirth flood relief proposed Yorkshire Post 3 July 1944

Remodelling of the Springwood Steet Memorial Halll of Huddersfield Parish Church (former George Street Independent Chapel) £3,000 cost planned Yorkshire Observer 2 March 1950

Commenced independent practice 1908 in Huddersfield. Lecturer and Instructor in Architecture at Huddersfield School of Art. Obituaries: Building v216, 9 May 1969, p19/93. References Avery obit Who's who in architecture (1914, 1923, 1926) Portraits Pike West Riding, p362 RIBA Nomination Papers A v16 p28 BAL Biography File

Source Brodie Directory of British Architects 1834-1914

Mr Dawson Architect, Manchester

short-listed for post of cemetery registrar and superintendent for Edgerton cemetery Huddersfield Chronicle 30 June 1855

H.P. Dawson, architect, fl 1883

Works Woodleigh, Bryan Rd — coach house etc, 1882 (Marsh plan 460)

Dawson & Jones, firm circa 1881-1907 Builders & Joiners of Moldgreen

Built Keith’s Circus opposite the Post Office Huddersfield Chronicle 22 April 1882; pg. 5 Built Charles Hengler’s Circus behind the technical college Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 2 September 1886; pg. 3;

Page 85

Ashleigh, Halifax Rd — bay window, 1888 (Lindley plan 713) Buckden Mount, Edgerton — lodge/cottage, 1889 (Lindley plan/96)

Thomas Marsden Demetriadi Nephew of Thomas Brook (qv), c1821-1888

28 John Willam Street (1886) (Huddersfield Chronicle 2 October 1886)

Took over his

Page 86

Marr Clara Moore (b Wakefield c1865, dau of John Moore, WhitesTerr. Manningham) at parish church, Bradford 26 October 1891.

CHD was widowed c 1905.

Issue son Cyril, b Wakefield c1892,;dau Mabel, b Wakefield c1903; dau Louis, b Wakefield 1904

Cyril, lance-corporal of West Yorkshire Regiment died of wounds 17 February 1917 aged 24 (Leeds Mercury 21 February 1917),d 16 February 1917 aged 25 bur at Guillaume Communal Cemetery War Graves Commission

Probate to Dyson Dension & Walter Denison, lithographers £1199 Sept 1915

Thomas Dinsley c1792-1843

Land Surveyor

Born Yorkshire c1/92 Died 26 July 1843 Yorkshire Gazette 29 July 1843


King Street (Leeds Mercury 27 July 1822) King Street (Leeds Mercury 14 June 1823) Buxton Road (1841 census) with apprentice 15 year old Alexander Kennedy, b scotland

‘Thomas Dinsley of Huddersfield, land surveyor, is first noted in 1814 when he was the Surveyor for the Barkisland Enclosure. He subsequently acted in several enclosure surveys including Stainland (1816), Golcar (1820), Whitley (1821), Netherthong (1826) and the Graveship of Holme (1828). Additionally when one of the Commissioners for the Longwood and Deanhead Enclosure died he was appointed to the post.

He surveyed a proposed turnpike road from Saddleworth to Shepley Lane Head via Holmfirth in 1819 and the line of the Halifax to Huddersfield Turnpike in 1823, a pursuit in which he was widely employed as appears from the following extract from a letter1/7 of 28th March 1823 from John Lister Kaye of Denby Grange to John Broughton of Thornton, near Skipton:

if you want a surveyor who has been much employed in road surveying and making, I would recommend Thomas Dinsley, of Huddersfield, who has given great satisfaction in the accuracy of his levels and concomitant expenses in the survey and

Page 87

letting [of] fourteen miles of new road in this neighbourhood (from Marsden to Horbury Bridge) which has done him infinite credit.

With recommendations like the foregoing it is little wonder that Dinsley prospered. In 1838 he qualified as a Commissioner under the Act for the Lighting and Cleansing of the town of Huddersfield, and when he died in 1843 he left some £5,00019. He is buried in Holy Trinity burial ground.

Whilst he is best remembered for his plan of the town of Huddersfield of 1825, he produced at least two others, one in 1828 for the Waterwork's Commissioners and another which was purchased by the Lighting and Cleansing Commissioners for twenty guineas in 1841. Other plans from his hand are for the sale of estates in Stainland and Old Lindley, no doubt in connection with the Stainland Enclosure of 1816, one relating to the Golcar Enclosure, one of the Huddersfield Water supply in 1819, and in 1824 for an intended Turnpike road from Wakefield to Denby Dale.

Buried at Holy Trinity 29 July 1843

Frederick Whittaker Dixon 1854-1935

B Oldham Q2 1854 D Southport 16 Nov 1935 aged 81

Addresses Windsor Road, Oldham (1892) Clegg Street, Oldham (1892) Oldham & Manchester (1903) Trevelyan Building, Corporation-street, Manchester (1897, 1903) Trevelyan Building, Corporation-street, Manchester and Oldham (1904) Vivian Street, Oldham (1926)

southport from c1895 Hotel Windsor, Lord Street, Southport (1935)


With E Potts and G Pickup of Potts, Pickup & Dixon of Manchester 1880-1889 (Lloyd's List 20 July 1889)

From 1906 F W Dixon and Son Arbitrator in an Accrington masons strike (Lancashire Evening Post 2 July 1890)

Stood as Liberal candidate for Westwood Ward, Oldham Town Council Manchester Courier 25 February 1892

Elected to Southport Council 1904. Appointed Mayor of Southport 1906 (Bolton Evening News November 1906). Lost seat while Mayor. Also President of Southport Free Church Council, Southport Temperance Council and Sunday School Union

Page 88

southport JP from 1906 (Lancashire Evening Post 20 July 1906) Liberal Prominent United Methodist Free Church member.

Director, Edward Cook Manchester Courier 31 August 1874 Director Oldham Building Co Ltd Liverpool Mercury 15 February 1892 Director Glen Mill Ltd Manchester Evening News 5 September 1902 Director Tulketh Spinning Co, Preston Lancashire Evening Post 23 December 1904


United Free Methodist Church School Foundation stone Burnley Express 21 May 1881

30 to 40 villas & cottages on estate at Aintree for William P Hartley tender Burnley Gazette April 1890

Primitive Methodist Chapel, Montague Street, Blackburn tender Blackburn Standard 26 April 1890 Foundation stone laying Blackburn Standard 16 August 1890

Primitive Methodist School, Derby Road, Southport dated 1890 (Pevsner)

Boys’ School, Hoyland Common tender Barnsley Chronicle 7 February 1891 opened Sheffield Daily Telegraph 11 May 1892

Southgate Methodist Free Church Sunday School, Elland stone laying Daily Examiner 4 April 1891

John Smith Memorial Chapel — Wesleyan, Upper Cudworth stone laying Sheffield Independent 24 April 1891

Wesleyan Chapel, Church Fenton stone laying Leeds Mercury 9 July 1892

Page 89

Additions to St Michael’s National Schools, Whitby tender Yorkshire Post 22 April 1893

Outlane Methodist New Connexion Chapel tender Hudderstield Chronicle 4 June 1892 Foundation stone laying Hudderstield Chronicle 27 May 1893 p2 Opening Hudderstield Daily Examiner 25 April 1894

The chapel closed in 1964. Demolished by 1977.

Hyson Green Free Methodist Church, Noel Street & Gregory Boulevard, Nottingham stone laying Nottingham Journal 22 October 1895 and Nottinghamshire Guardian 26 October 1895

Aintree Institute, Longmoor Lane, Fazakerley for William Hartley opened 1896 (Pevsner)

Enlargement of Spalding Corn Exchange and Poultry Exchange Entered design competition Lincolnshire Free Press 23 February 1897

Cooperative Central Stores, Wakefield Awarded 3" prize in design competition Sheffield Independent 22 July 1899

Primitive Methodist Chapel, Church Road, Walton Opening Liverpool Mercury 29 September 1899

Botanical laboratory, University College, Liverpool at cost of William Hartley plans accepted Manchester Courier 31 January 1900 Manchester Times 9 February 1900 Opened 1901 (Pevsner)

Jam works, Bermondsey for William Hartley Manchester Courier 31 January 1900

Whalley Range Presberterian Church, Blackburn stone laying Blackburn Standard 24 February 1900

United Free Methodist Church, Ilford Lane, Ilford Opening

Page 90

Barking, East Ham & Ilford Advertiser and Essex Guardian 7 June 1902 Replaced in 1961 (Pevsner)

Trinity Methodist Church, Monkgate, York 1903 The site of the new chapel was chosen, in part, for its proximity to Elmfield College, a Primitive Methodist college on the outskirts of Heworth, and later became known as John Petty Memorial Chapel in memory of the college's first governor. It could accommodate //5 people and included school rooms at the rear of the building, comprised of a lecture room, infants' room and assembly hall. Closed in 1973.

Co-operative premises, Lee lane, Horwich Opening Bolton Evening News 4 August 1902

Wesleyan Church, Derby Road & Church Street, Southport, patron Wiliam Hartley Plans accepted Manchester Courier 30 April 1903 Dated 1905 (Pevsner)

St Paul’s Congregational Church, Standishgate, Wigan Opening Wigan Observer and District Advertiser 28 August 1903

House in Mesnes Park Terrace, Wigan for F D Lamb, dentist and son of late Rev F Lamb, pastor of Wigan Methodist Free Church 1897-1903. tender Wigan Observer and District Advertiser 21 November 1903

Spinning mill at Mill Hill, Chadderton Manchester Courier 28 December 1903

Tulketh Mill, Balcarres Street, Preston 1905-6 prospectus Lancashire Evening Post 23 December 1904 (Pevsner)

Cotton spinning mill for Mars Mill Co, Castleton, Oldham by F W Dixon & Son Advertorial during construction Heywood Advertiser 2/ July 1906 Engine naming Heywood Advertiser 2 August 1907

Rutland Mill, Shaw announced Heywood Advertiser 11 January 1907

Page 91

Belgrave Mills, Honeywell Lane, Oldham of 1907, 1910 & 1914 by F W Dixon & Son (Pevsner)

Rugby Mill, Gorse Street, Chadderton 1908 by F W Dixon & Son (Pevsner)

Obit Yorkshire Post & Lancashire Evening Post 18 November 1935 Marr Q3 1877, Oldham

Son, Ernest & dau

Robert Buchan Donald 1879-1963 MinstCE FSI

b. Carfin, 22 September 1879 d. Belfast, May 1963

Dalmuir Public Schools and Allen Glen's School, Glasgow. 1896 entered the office of the Glasgow city engineer, where he served his pupilage until 1901, while also studying engineering at the Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College.

1901 - 1905 Glasgow City Corporation 1905 - 1918 assistant engineer, Huddersfield Corporation 1918 - 1928 Engineer, Architect & Surveyor, Wigan Corporation 1928 -1945 Engineer, Architect & Surveyor, Belfast City Belfast News-Letter 22 August 1944, 1 December 1945

On 16 April 1934 a joint committee recommended his appointment as City Surveyor for Bradford. Council disapproved the appointment on 17 May 1934. Donald with drew his application. On 28 May the joint committee, having interviewed 4 other candidates, again recommended his appointment. On 5 June the Finance & General Purpose Committee then offered Donald the post with additional responsibilities.

Northern Whig 1 August 1928, 17 April 1934; Lancashire Evening Post 28 May 1934, 5 June 1934; Leeds Mercury 6 June 1934; Yorkshire Post 6 June 1934

Henry Brook Dransfield Addresses: Home: Grafton Place (1891)

The defendant in court case being the surviving partner of Brook & Dransfield (Brook having died) surveyors and valuers Huddersfield Chronicle 24 January 1891; pg. 6

Page 92

Described as Architect Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 1/7 September 1891; pg. 4; See also Brook & Dransfield

Executor to John Kaye J P of Clayton West in 1894?

Richard S Dugdale c1849-d1903 Died 28 April 1903 Huddersfield Borough Surveyor 1879- 1897 Works With Hartley Sutcliffe Huddersfield Police Station

Foundation stone Huddersfield Chronicle 31 October 1896

Marr Mary H

Henry Dunderdale fl 1881 19 John William Street (1881) Whites Directory No further references found A surveyor WJ Dunderdale, 25 John William Street circa 1877-1887

Joseph William Dyson

Assistant to Mr Hanson, Abbey and Hanson Huddersfield Chronicle 12 January 1889

William Dyson c1835-1856 Address

Manchester Road(1856) Died 11 June 1856 Huddersfield Examiner 14 June 1856 p8

Eli Eagland, fl 1858 -1869 builder

Addresses: Slaithwaite

In partnership with David Eagland and George Jackson as quarry men and builders until 1858 then just with David Eagland Huddersfield Chronicle 30 October 1858

Page 93

West Slaithwaite School Opening Huddersfield Chronicle 15 June 1861

James Bamforth Eagland

Page 94

Born Lockwood c1821 Date of death 12 January 1891 aged 69 Hudderstield Chronicle 13 January 1891; pg. 3

Probate 1891, resworn 1894, Widow, Marianne — an executor

Addresses: Queen Street, Huddersfield (Huddersfield Chronicle 31 May 1856) Queen Street, Huddersfield (1861 census) — “architect” Queen Street, Huddersfield (Huddersfield Chronicle 16 July 1864) New North Road (1868) Sherwood House, New North Road (1869) Huddersfield Chronicle 30 October 1869; pg. 6; sherwood House, New North Road (18/70) Huddersfield Chronicle 30 July 1870 TO BE LET Queen Street, Huddersfield (1871 census) — “areh# cotton spinner’ Belgrave Terrace (18/7) as Executor Huddersfield Chronicle 28 July 1877 p/ & probate of Betty Vevers 1875 29 Greenhead Road (1881 census) “Retd cotton spinner” Bankfield, Meltham Huddersfield Chronicle 17 January 1891 Bankfield, Meltham (1891) Trustees’notice, London Gazette 20 March 1891 p1585 Town Bottom, Meltham (widow in 1891 census) 15 Rainhill Terrace, Blackpool (1901 census) (widow's address)

Works: Ashleigh & Trafford House, Halifax Rd — 1862. As builder who started the work but was dismissed (Huddersfield Chronicle 22 March 1862, 26 July 1862, 3 January 1863)

Bryancliffe/Laurel Bank Mansion opposite Oakwood House, Edgerton (Huddersfield Chronicle 8 October, 1864).

Gladstone Mill, later Albany Mill, Firth Street? Villa , Blacker Lane for James Young, 1870 (Marsh plan 64)

Marr. Marianne Young (b Leeds c1822), Huddersfield 4Q 1852. Died Q2 1902, Fylde.

Daus 1.Emmeline (b c1858) Marr George Ellis Mallinson (6 Dewsbury 1855) of Morley 8 Nov 1882 at Huddersfield Parish Church (Huddersfield Chronicle 11 November 1882) Three children; George E (b c1885), Elsie D (b c1887), Emmeline Louise b c1888), Moved to Lytham by 1891. Died Lytham, 15 June 1950.

2. Isabella (b c1860),

Page 95


Page 96

Married twice; left widow Violetta, two sons Jack & Arthur, daughters Dorothy,C & Olivia

Walter George Ellam, fl 1877-1882

B. Huddersfield c1852


No 3 Atlas Buildings, Station Street, Huddersfield (advert, The Huddersfield Chronicle 22 September 1877)

5 Station Street (1881) Whites Directory

Home: 21 Holly Bank Road (1881 census)

Career: Assistant to Mr Cocking in May 1866 Huddersfield Chronicle 13 March 1880; pg. 2

“Late of J William Cocking, Architect, New Street” (advert, Huddersfield Chronicle 22 September, 1877)

Advert for tenders for a house on Westgate, Lindley Huddersfield Chronicle 29 December 1877

Advert for tenders for 8 houses at Oakes Huddersfield 25 September 1880

Advert for tenders for 3 shops ads houses on Northgate Huddersfield Chronicle, 25 March 1882

Stead Ellis

Architect and surveyor

secretary of the Batley Manufacturing Company, Dewsbury Reporter 22 February 1873

Addresses: 94 Commercial Street, Batley, Yorkshire Post 2 April 1872 Commercial Street, Batley, Dewsbury Reporter 7 December 1878 Market Place, Dewsbury Reporter 1 March 1879

Works: Bradford Church Literary Institute Entered competition with plans on show and described Yorkshire Post 2/7 June 1870

Cloth finishing mill TENDERS

Page 97

Yorkshire Post 2 April 1872 Congregational Mission Room, Soothill TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 6 September 1873 Five cottages, house shop & stables, Staincliffe Road Dewsbury Corporation consent Huddersfield Chronicle 23 October 1877 New street and sewer off Walkley Lane, Heckmondwike TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 11 May 1878

Gave reference for John Lee, mason of Springfield, Dewsbury when he applied for Assistant Surveyor to Osset local board Huddersfield Daily Examiner 17 February 1871

William Ellis fl 1878-1884

Addresses: office Heckmondwike (1878-9) Market Chambers, Market Place, Heckmondwike (1884)


Dwelling house, workshop etc, Albion Street and King Street, Heckmondwike tender Batley Reporter and Guardian 1 March 1873

Work on Shops in Heckmondwike Market council item Daily Examiner 16 June 1874

Three house and shop, Birstall TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 13 April 1878 Seven houses, Chapel Fold TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 13 April 1878 Butchers shop at Kilpin Hill for Heckmondwike Industrial Cooperative Society TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 13 April 1878 Alterations to property at Kilpin Hill TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 19 April 1879 9 houses and outbuildings, Paddock, Huddersfield

Page 98

TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 4 October 1884

Bernard Engle & Partners

London practice New Street mini shopping centre with roof top servicing and car park by Bernard Engle Partnership for Hammerson Properties and Buxton House tower block above cross arcade with mosaic 1966

Benjamin Ellison Entwistle 1843-1895

Born Salford Date of death 15 April 1895 Addresses: Burch Street, Bury 1869 (Bury Times 25 September 1869) 45 King Street, Huddersfield and Chapel Street, Southport (May 1880) 45 King Street, Huddersfield (1881) Whites Directory south Bank Road, Southport (1882) Huddersfield Chronicle 14 January 1882 64 South Bank Road, Southport (March 1882) Moor Park, Preston (1885) ?Moses Gate, Bolton (1893)? Manchester Courier 9 February 1895 pg1 9 Marsden Street, Bury (1895) probate

society of Arts prize for Freehand Drawing at Bury Athaneum Rochdale Observer 20 June 1868 pg8.

sang at charity event Preston Chronicle 23 March 1872 sang at Congregational Church concert Preston Chronicle 22 March 1873 Performed at concert, Institution Avenham Preston Chronicle 14 March 1874 Exhibited stamps at Preston Exhibition Preston Chronicle 9 October 1875

ARIBA date?

Works Theatre Royal and Opera House, Huddersfield Chronicle 3 May 1880; pg. 3 TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle , April 27, 1880; Foundation stone The Era 15 August 1880 New Theatre Royal and Opera House, Huddersfield Huddersfield Chronicle 6 April 1881; pg. 4 Theatrical Banquet at Huddersfield Huddersfield Chronicle 13 April 1881; pg. 4 Presentation to lessee Huddersfield Chronicle 22 April 1881 House at Moldgreen TENDERS

Page 99

Chronicle 14 January 1882 New Royalty Theatre, Chester Cheshire Observer 22 April 1882, The Era 22 April 1882

Death of wife, Mary Ann aged 21 (Bury Times 25 September 1869)

Marr. At St

Page 100

Works: 4 houses at Edgerton, outbuildings and boundary walls Tenders Huddersfield Chronicle & Huddersfield Daily Examiner 24 January 1874

3 Houses at Leeds Road, Huddersfield Tenders Huddersfield Chronicle 9 February 1878

See also Newton and Evins

Joseph Hancock Evins 1822-

Architect & Surveyor of Abergavenny, Leominster and later Hereford

Married Sarah youngest d of Rev Hill, Rector of Sutton St Nicholas, Herefordshire & Vicar of Marden, 28 April 1845 Berrow's Worcester Journal 1 May 1845

Father of Frederick Hill (aka Hereford) Evins

Bankruptcy: LONDON GAZETTE of 12 February 1864.

George Arthur Farrar d.1939 Date of death: 5 Apr 1939 Addresses: 64 Cross Street, Manchester (1906) 21 Richmond Road, Chorlton cum Hardy, Manchester (1906) Admiralty Offices, Rosyth, Fife, Scotland (1914) Education and training: Attended Huddersfield Technical College. Articled to Messrs Abbey & Hanson, and remained as assistant. Assistant to Francis Eldred lodge Harris (1864-1924), and to Messrs Charles Heathcote & Sons (Charles Henry Heathcote (1850-1938)). Passed qualifying exam 1906. Professional qualifications: ARIBA 3 Dec 1906: proposed by C H Heathcote, J M Woodhouse, J W Beaumont. Obituaries RIBA Journal v46, 26 June 1939, p840. References Avery obit Who's who in architecture (1914, 1923, 1926)

Source Brodie Directory of British Architects 1834-1914

Tom H Farrar c1855-1900

Addresses: 29 Northgate, Halifax (1892)

Page 101

28 George Street, Halifax (1896) Fountain Chambers, Fountain Street, Halifax (1898) / Broad Street, Halifax (1900)? Died 27 August 1900 aged 49 Leeds Mercury 1 September 1900

successor to William Swinden Barber (qv) Leeds Mercury 16 November 1896

Works: Infants School, Longroyd Bridge TENDERS Daily Chronicle 5 August 1896 Vicarage, Bradley TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 22 January 1898

Attended funeral of J W Jessop, eldest son of William Henry Jessop Huddersfield Chronicle 5 January 1898

Charles Fielding


1 Market Place (1856) Huddersfield Chronicle & Huddersfield Examiner 19 April 1856 3 New Street (1856) Leeds Mercury 24 May 1856 Market Place Corner (1857) Huddersfield Chronicle 16 May 1857; pg. 5 Over Mr Brown’s Shop in Market Place opposite the Post Office (1857) Huddersfield Chronicle 11 July 1857

“architect & surveyor’ Huddersfield Chronicle 19 April 1856

Gave a lecture; English architecture of the medieval period to the Huddersfield Literary and Scientific Society Huddersfield Chronicle 11 July 1857; pg. 5

An auction of Fielding’s office contents, on 15 July 1857 was advertised, on account of him “leaving the neighbourhood’. Includes a list of items. Huddersfield Chronicle 11 July 1857

There was a Charles Fielding, architect at 3 Gloucester Terrace, Beckenham in 1878 (Jackson's Oxford Journal 23 February 1878)

CHARLES FIELDING. Has been noted only from advertisements in the Huddersfield Chronicle in 1856. On 19th April persons wishing to take building ground were invited to apply to "Mr Charles Fielding, architect & surveyor, 1 New Street, Huddersfield", and the following week he was promoting himself as an “ecclesiastical and general architect & surveyor, late W H Brook, 1 New Street". The W H Brook to whom

Page 102

he had succeeded was probably of the same family as James Brook (qv), (see also Sugden & Brook).

©Edward Law

Frederick Fielding Architect and surveyor Fountain Street, Halifax. (Burnley Express 1 July 1899)

Page 103

Address Broadway House, Crackenedge Lane, Dewsbury (1949)

Works Exension to Nile Street Baket of Huddersfield & District Cooperative Society tender Yorkshire Observer 31 December 1949

Henry Flower c1871 - 1932

Died 5 November 1932

Address somerset Road, Huddersfield (1932)

20 years service with Jos Berry and Sons.Later draughtsman with Huddersfield Corporation water department, then architectural assistant in borough

Page 104

school rooms at Armitage Bridge (Huddersfield Chronicle 13 September 1851; pg. ‘)

A native of Hull he has been noted in Northumberland Street in 1851 and two years later in John William Street; he was able to employ a clerk so we must imagine that he had a reasonable practice.

©Edward Law

Samuel Foster. Fl 1870

Addresses: Lindley (1870) Huddersfield Chronicle , 2 April 1870


tenders for a chapel for United Methodist Free Church Huddersfield Chronicle , 2 April 1870

Charles Fowler b Leeds 1828 d Leeds 26 Jan 1907

Addresses 35 Estate Buildings Hudderstield Chronicle June 15, 1872


Page 105

Address Durham

Huddersfield area works St Mary, Honley, alterations 1888

Christ Church, Linthwaite, chancel 1894-5 Sanctuary pavement and west end screen, All Hallows, Almondbury dedication Hudderstield Daily Chronicle 6 November 1897 St Bartholomew, Marsden with John Kirk & sons 1894-1911 tender p4 and legacy p8 Hudderstield Daily Chronicle 5 February 1898 St Saviour, Ravensthorpe, enlargement 1899-1901 St Barnabas, Crosland Moor 1900-2 St Martin, Brighouse, organ chamber 1903-4 St James, Heckmondwike, chancel 1904-6

All Hallows, Kirkburton, ambulatory restored 1907-8

St Augustine, Scissett, chancel screen 1910

Charles Edward Fox c1864 -1938 d 9 May 1938 Addresses Harrison Road, Halifax 20 Elm View, Huddersfield Road, Halifax (1938) Principal of Jackson & Fox

Morecambe Guardian 14 May 1938

Charles James Fox c1839-—1926 d 23 July 1926 Architect & Surveyor, Halifax

Leeds Mercury - 27 July 1926

Page 106

George A Fox c1835-1921 d 21 April 1927 Addresses Home West House, Dewsbury Leeds Mercury 30 March 1910 Wards Hill, Commercial Street, Batley Dewsbury Reporter 21 October 1882 Son of John Fox, rag merchant, Batley. Educated at Dickson's private school and

Batley Grammar School.

Articled to Mr Spencer, architect and surveyor, at Batley Carr. Later with Mr Holton, architect, Dewsbury. Ultimately became partner in Holtom and Fox.


Coach house and alterations to lodge, Upper Batley Dewsbury Reporter 21 October 1882

Shops in Corporation Street and Northgate, Dewsbury

Causes damage to neighbouring properties Leeds Mercury 6 December 1899

Restaurant to Central Co-operative Stores, Dewsbury Foundation stone laying Leeds Mercury 4 May 1914 Mayor of Dewsbury in 1895-6, JP from 1895. Conservative, Roman Catholic. Funeral 25" April 1921,St. Paulin Church, Dewsbury. Obit Leeds Mercury 23 April 1921

His wife A. M. dau of Isaac Oates, died aged 49, March 1910 (Leeds Mercury 30 March 1910)

Child born while he was in mayoral office.

John Lane Fox Address Woodland Grove, Dewsbury Moor Dewsbury Reporter 25 February 1882

Page 107

Works Four houses etc on Boothroyd Lane TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 25 February 1882

Jubilee Board School, Wellington Road, Dewsbury Opening Huddersfield Chronicle 22 June 1889

New Municipal Buildings, Darwen. Placed first in competition for designs for building to accommodate School of Science and Art, Free Public Library and Technical School. Leeds Mercury 27 February 1892

London and Yorkshire Bank, Northgate Halifax opened Leeds Mercury 24 July 1900

Public Baths, Bramley Commission having won competition Yorkshire Post 26 February 1902

Widow, Annie died Harrogate aged 86, 10 February 1947

George Washington France 1854-1907

B Northallerton 2 Q 1854

Son of Jonas France (d1896 aged 74) a Middlesbrough builder and Charlotte (Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough 2/7 August 1888, 26 September 1896

Jonas bankrupted Shields Daily Gazette 11 July 1877 Addresses

Ormesby Road, Middlesbrough Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough 12 March 1878 Keeton’s Road, London SE Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough 29 October 1879 50 Lea Street, Fartown, Huddersfield Yorkshire Post 11 September 1907

Contractor who built a gasometer for Middlesbrough Corporation

Page 108

Contractor of Middlesbrough — theft from him Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough 22 May 1877

Building properties in Middlesbrough - theft from him York Herald 28 August 1888

Applied to be clerk of works to Crook Drainage scheme for Rural Sanitary Authority of Auckland Union Northern Echo 17 December 1890

Huddersfield architect to WYCC Clerk of works at Scalebor Park Asylum, Burley in Wharfedale, opened 1902 Clerk of works at Storthes Hall in 1907 Died in road traffic accident 2 September 1907 Leeds Mercury 4 September 1907, Sheffield Evening Telegraph 4 September 1907 Portrait Leeds Mercury 5 September 1907

Page 109

George Farquhar Pennington (1872-1961), the son of Castleford’s first resident Wesleyan minister. Articled to the Leeds architect, William Henry Thorp who designed the Art Gallery in 1887 and the School of Medicine in 1894. Together with the Featherstone mining surveyor Samson Howard Garside (d 1948), he formed an architectural partnership based initially in Castleford. In 1901 the business was transferred to Pontefract where it was responsible for the Post Office, the Greyhound Public House and the Free Library, as well as other buildings throughout the town. Possibly the finest example of Pennington’s designs is the church in Ben Rhydding.

Huddersfield works

Birkby Baptist Church Opened 2 July 1910 An

Page 110

Signal box house at Shepley Sunday Times 26 October 2003, Huddersfield Daily Examiner 25 May 2005

Abraham Graham & Sons 4 of the 7 houses of Graham's Bldgs, 10-22 Newhouse Place 1879 (BP/09)

Benjamin Graham & Nephews, builders

Oakleigh, Kaffir Rd — gable/bay, 1882 (Lindley plan 419)

George Graham d1939

senior partner of George Graham, Sons & Co, masonry contractors and builders

Addresses Windycot, Gramfield Road, Crosland Moor (probate)

Died 6 March 1939

William Gravatt 1806 — 1866

1832 Engineer on Calder and Hebble Navigation

Bryan Donkin recommended Gravatt as Engineer to the Calder and Hebble Navigation. Gravatt resultantly designed the arches for several bridges, using a solid iron-plate inverted arched chain above the platform, creating the forerunner of the suspension bridge. However, early in the start of construction Gravatt was dismissed on grounds of experience. He stayed only a matter of months despite his "Talents un-questionably of a superior Order" in favour of someone "of more experience in the management of Workmen in this part of the Country".

Page 111

Of Willie Cooper practice 1915 Huddersfield Daily Examiner 1 July 1915 p2 col E Retired architect - recipient of obscene mail Yorkshire Post 30 December 1930 p13

Born 2Q 1871

Baptism: 1 Jul 1871 Holy Trinity, Southport, Lancs. Arthur Chamberlain Haigh, son of Walter Haigh & Eliza Chamberlain Abode: Houghton St. Southport Occupation: Merchant Baptised by: J.R.Willacy Register: Baptisms 1837 - 1879, Page 220, Entry 1758 source: LDS Film 1657579

Works Victoria Tower Announced with Arthur C Haigh runner up in the open design competition Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 1 September 1897 p 3

Marr. Castle

Died 31 May 1941, surgical home, Highfield Road

Geoffrey Haigh

Address 4 St Peters Street, Huddersfield tel 2507 (Leeds Mercury 6 November 1929 p2)

John Haigh c1862-1912

Addresses York Place (with Arthur C Haigh) Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 1 September 1897 p 3

Of Abbey & Hanson, 20 Ramsden Street Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser 26 August 1899


Jubilee Tower, Castle Hill Announced with Arthur C Haigh runner up in the open design competition Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 1 September 1897 p 3 (Isaac Jones was the winner and his design executed) Rearing supper Huddersfield Chronicle 3 January 1899

Page 112

Linthwaite tramway extension Board of Trade enquiry Huddersfield Chronicle 3 June 1899

Warehouse on corner of John William & Fountain Streets for B Vickerman & Sons Fall from scaffold Hudderstield Chronicle 21 August 1899 pg. 3 colA

Chemistry and physic labs at Almondbury Grammar School Opening Huddersfield Chronicle 3 August 1900

Gave evidence in Marsden mill pollution court case Yorkshire Post 20 December 1906

THE "BUILDING NEWS" SKETCHING CLUB— This week's number of the above journal contains a page of admirably executed sketches by our townsman, Mr. John Haigh, grandson of the late John Haigh, Esq , J.P., of Lascelles Hall Mr. Haigh was formerly a pupil of the late Mr. John Henry Abbey, with whom he remained up to his death, and subsequently with the firm of Hanson and Abbey. He is now resident in London, and the conductors of the Building News must entertain a high opinion of his ability or they would not give him a whole page of their paper for his sketches. In reference to Shiere Church, in Surrey, the editor says :

Page 113


Page 114

JH Hall & Son

Addresses: Belmont Terrace, Sheepridge Road, Fartown (Huddersfield Chronicle 26 April 1879) Fartown Green (Huddersfield Chronicle 18 August 1879) 10 Sheepridge Road, Fartown. Huddersfield Chronicle 20 September 1879 Milton Place, Bradford Road (1881) Whites Directory Market Place, Huddersfield Huddersfield Chronicle December 22, 1888 Market Place, Huddersfield, 1891 Milton Place, Bradford Road (1880) Whites Directory Milton Place, Fartown Huddersfield Chronicle July 29, 1893 & April 30, 1898 Exchange, Market Street, Huddersfield, 1911 Cloth Hall, Huddersfield HWE 24 May 1913 Exchange, Market Street, Huddersfield,1914, 1916, 1938

4 Houses in Whitehead Lane, Primrose Hill Tenders Huddersfield Chronicle 26 April 1879

Netheroyd Hill, New Sunday School Cornerstone Huddersfield Chronicle 18 August 1879

house at Fartown TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 20 September 1879 11 houses , Wellington Street, Lindley TENDERS Hudderstield Chronicle June 27, 1891 2 houses in Oakes Road, Lindley TENDERS Hudderstield Chronicle June 27, 1891 Reeling shed in Lindley Tenders Huddersfield Chronicle July 29, 1893 Residence at Fartown tender Hudderstield Daily Chronicle 22 January 1898 2 houses in Newsome Road Tenders Huddersfield Chronicle, April 30, 1898 8 cottages on Beaumont Street, Moldgreen tender Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 14 May 1898 Moorbottom Working Men’s Club, St Andrew’s Road foundation stone laying (HWE 24 May 1913 w photo) Paladium Picture Palace, Birkby

Page 115

Opening HDE 13 March 1914 p4colC

Joseph Hall Civil engineer, Huddersfield Leeds Times 20 May 1848

William Carby Hall OBE CBE c1864-1938 FRIBA b Horncastle

Address Prudential Buildings, Park Row, Leeds Yorkshire Post 27 July 1911

Church House, Wetherby Road, Leeds (Yorkshire Evening Post 24 October 1913) summer Hill, Banstead Road, Sutton Surrey (Yorkshire Post 2 May 1938)

Works Bradford District Bank corner of Westgate and Railway Street, Huddersfield TENDER Yorkshire Post 10 February 1912

Date stone 1913

Conservative councillor (1913-9, 1925-?) and Chair of Develooment Committee (1913-1919), Leeds City Council. President WYSA

Obit with photo Yorkshire Post 2 May 1938

John Henry Hanson c1852-1941


Home Manchester Road, Linthwaite (1881 census) 6 Heaton Road (1891 census) Holmwood, Kaffir Road (1901 census) Daisy Lea (1911 census) Daisy Lea (1941)

Office Ramsden street(1891) Huddersfield Chronicle 31 January 1891

Page 117

Enlargement of Batley Post Office TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 17 March 1883 Wesleyan Chapel, Horbury TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 14 July 1883 Public Baths and Technical School, Batley Stone laying Leeds Mercury 9 July 1892

Mir Hanstock

Works Sheply board school Board seeking settlement of contactor’s extras Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 13 August 1897

Harbron, George Dudley 1881-1953

FRIBA. Architect, artist, lecturer and author. Founder of the Hull School of Architecture

Born 1Q 1881 Sculcoates Died 12 April 1953, Hull Addresses

‘Gledholt’, Eldon Grove, Sculcoates, Hull (1881 & 1891 census) 20 Cranbook Avenue, Newland, Hull (1911 census) De Grey Street, Hull (divorce hearing 1919) 34 George Street, Hull (WWI medal records) 82 Westborne Avenue, Hull (1953) probate

Educated at Eastbourne College, Trained London University and with H. M. Fletcher.

Works Ashleigh, Halifax Rd

Page 118

Brother of Alice Marie b c1884

Both Habrons and Brierleys were principal mourners at the funeral of Samuel Learoyd, solicitor of New North Road Huddersfield Chronicle 26 February 1898

At George Habron’s (died 2 December 1927) funeral the family mourners were Capt. G. Dudley (son), Miss Harbron (daughter), Sybil, Derek, and Clive Harbron (grandchildren), Mrs D. Harbron, Mr J. P. Brierly (Huddersfield), Col. S. C. Brierly, D.S.O. (nephew), and Mrs Edward Walker (Huddersfield).

Page 119

Bernard Hartley

Bridge-master of the West Riding(1872) until 1882 when he resigned (and his deputy Joseph Vickers Edwards was appointed) and he was appointed consulting bridge surveyor

Son of Bernard Hartley and grandson of Hugh Hartley, both bridge- masters for the West Riding of Yorkshire, His uncle, Jesse Hartley(died1860) was engineer to the Liverpool Docks as was his son John Bernard Hartley (d 1869 aged 54)

John Hatchard-Smith 1853-1936

B 29.7.1853, d 24.9.1936 ARIBA 1881; FRIBA 1892, MTPI

In practice from 1877. In 1914 took into partnership his son William Hornby Hatchard-Smith (1887-1987), practising as J. Hatchard-Smith & Son. Offices were maintained in London, Budleigh Salterton and Epsom. The firm subsequently became Hatchard-Smith & Bertram, and later Bertram & Company.

Huddersfield Works

Station Street Buildings, Huddersfield Building plan register 4 May 1899 Norwood, Halifax Road 1899 Lindley 654 (12/10/99) and 717/717a (5/12/99).

Obits The Builder v. 151, 2 Oct 1936, p. 640, v. 151, 9 Oct 1936, p. 700 RIBA Journal v. 44, 1937, p. 194 The Times 29 September 1936 pg. 16


F. Healey & J.H.Healey, 1869 Edward Healey c1843-

Born: Worcester

Address: 12 Hallfield Rd, Bradford (1881) Bradford (1901 census) ? 1911

Architects’s clerk (1881 census) Architect Assistant (1901 census)

Francis Healey c1840-1910

Page 120

Born: Worcester

Address: 12 Hallfield Rd, Bradford (1881 census) Bradford (1901 census)

Son of Thomas Healey 1809-1862, brother of Thomas Henry Healey c1840-1910 and Edward Healey c1843-

In practice with his brother Thomas in Bradford

Thomas Healey 1809-1862

Addresses Worcester (1838) College Churchyard, Worcester (June 1845) Sawrey Place, Horton (1862)

Pupil of Robert Dennis Chantrell (1793-1872)

I suspect he was an assistant to one of two Worcester ecclesiastical architects; either Harvey (Hervey) Eginton or Abraham Edward Perkins circa 1836-1845.

In practice with James Mallinson (1819-1884) (qv) in Halifax and Bradford from July 1845 as Mallinson and Healey. Practice’s address: Poppleswell’s Buildings, Bradford & Ward’s End, Halifax (Bradford Observer; and Halifax, Huddersfield, and Keighley Reporter 24 July 1845). The practice name continued until 1895.

1838, 7 Nov. In Emley married Elizabeth only daughter of Thomas Bedford of Kirkby. (TH is described as Architect, of Worcester) (Leeds Mercury, November 10, 1838)

Father of Francis Healey c1840-1910, Thomas Henry Healey (1839-1910) and Edward Healey c1843-

Died (aged 53) Sawrey Place, Horton Nov 1862 Bradford Observer 13 November 1862; pg. 8 Widow, Elizabeth (aged 71) died 2 May 1880 York Herald May 08, 1880; pg. 6

Source: Directory of British Architects, 1834-1914: Vol. 1

Thomas Henry Healey c1839-1910

Born Wakefield

Address: Bedlam Lane, Rawdon (1881census) Bradford (1901 census)

Thomas H Healey, architect, Bradford, married Mary Anna, eldest daughter of Edmund Eastwood Esq of Huddersfield, 21 Sept 1865 at Ramsden St Chapel, Huddersfield (Bradford Observer, 28 September 1865; pg. 5)

Son of Thomas Healey 1809-1862, brother of Francis Healey c1840-1910 and Edward Healey c1843-

In practice with his brother Thomas in Bradford

Page 121

Source: Directory of British Architects, 1834-1914: Vol. 1

“Was the elder son of Thomas Healey (qv)and was probably trained in the Mallinson and Healey practice. After the elder Healey died the younger Healey, together with his brother Francis Healey (1835-1910)(qv) continued to specialise in ecclesiastical work.”

1868 Alterations to St Peters (Cathedral) 1870

Page 122

Examiner 11 December 1852 pg 8 Wooldale Hudderstield Chronicle 18 December 1852; pg. 8

??Thomas Henry Helliwell, fl

Page 123

Weaving shed and warehousing at Longwood TENDERS Hudderstield Chronicle 12 September 1869

4 storey mill, 46yds by 22yds at Moldgreen for Tolson, Haigh & Brooke TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 20 November 1869

Offices and warehousing at Greenside Mill, Dalton TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 5 February 1870

Wesleyan Sunday School, Longwood Foundation stone laying Huddersfield Chronicle 10 September 1870; pg. 7 OPENED Hudderstield Chronicle 22 July 1871; pg. 3

Fireproof premises, Willow Hall Mill, Sowerby Bridge tender Hudderstield Daily Examiner 3 January 1874

Mechanics Institute lecture hall and premises, near Old Schools, Northowram Tender Hudderstield Daily Examiner 24 January 1874 Bradford Observer 19 February 1874

20 houses on Beech Estate, Sowerby Bridge for Sowerby Bridge Land, House and Investment Co Ltd tender Daily Examiner 4 April 1874

Detached House, Pasture Farm, Southowram tender Hudderstield Daily Examiner 11 April 1874

19 houses and shop at Stocks Bank, Mirfield tender Hudderstield Daily Examiner 25 April 1874

12 houses Salterhebble Hill tender

Page 124

Building additions to Whitley’s Mill, Stainland tender Hudderstield Daily Examiner 6 June 1874

Villa for Mr Dawson, Cleckheaton 1874 Court case over plasterwork Huddersfield Chronicle 19 February 1876

Page 125

Obituaries; Yorkshire Evening Post 3 August 1892, Leeds Mercury 4 August 1892, Huddersfield Chronicle 5 August 1892

Harry Hems 1842-1916

Sculptor, architectural sculptor, ecclesiastical sculptor Associate of the Society of Architects

B London D Exeter

Base in Exeter from c1870

Huddersfield works Carvings for Huddersfield Banking Company premises 1880- 1883 Huddersfield Chronicle 17 November 1880

Henman & Harrison

Charles Henman (1844-1940) and William Harrison

Address 64 Cannon Street, London EC

Paddock Board School stone laying Dewsbury Reporter 27 January 1883

Extension to Mount Pleasant Board School stone laying Huddersfield Daily Examiner, Yorkshire Post 11 May 1885 opened Bradford Weekly Telegraph 15 May 1886

Edward Henshall,

Page 126

Architect. Brewer.

Father, lcon Heppenstall b Almondbury wood carver (Huddersfield Chronicle 1 June 1867), publican and brewer (d Goole 26 August 1913 age

Page 127

1818) 1889, Conversion of Present Building into Shop, Outcote Bank, Huddersfield (plan, central wards 1910) 1889, Six Dwelling Houses, Bankfield Road, Huddersfield (plan, central wards 1981)

Applying for a licence for the newly built Royal Hotel, Carter Street and Marcus Street, Goole Goole Times 7 August & 11 September 1896

As owner of 18 houses in proposed York Street, Huddersfield slum clearance scheme he contests plan at public inquiry Leeds Mercury & Yorkshire Post 5 December 1934

29 September 1896 married Annis Booth (widow of George Booth, Huddersfield iron merchant) at Huddersfield Parish Church. Born on 30 Sep 1853, Cawthorne, Annis died 1 Jul 1936 aged 82. They had no children. Huddersfield Chronicle 17 October 1896

Executor of the will of Louisa Hampshire, a widow of Oak Villa, Greenhead Road, 1910 and his father, Icon, 1914.

Buried in Edgerton Cemetery Probate £34834

An uncle of my mother, my great uncle Harry Heppenstall, owned a brewery and several public houses in Goole. The brewery manager there in 1928, Rex Berry, had just secured a post in his real trade as architect for the Council in another and much larger town in the West Riding of Yorkshire. So Rex, with his wife Bertie and their two children, Dennis and Michael, packed their belongings and moved away fo live in a fine stone house in Huddersfield. They were good friends of my father and mother, and we regarded Dennis and Michael as cousins. Our two families often visited each other, had picnics together, went on trips to the seaside and abroad together, and remained on good terms until well after World War II, when the Berry family migrated to Rhodesia. After that, we never saw them again...

have already told you that my mother was called Enid Heppenstall, and that at the age of eighteen or nineteen she suffered the disease of alopecia, losing all of her lovely red hair. She was born in 1898, to a father who was a tailor, having a shop and rooms next to the Station Hotel in Boothferry Road. He was called Frederick Heppenstall, and was one of five children who were raised in the Station Hotel. I have no photograph of him, but I have two interesting mementoes: a coat hanger and a clothes brush, both bearing details of him and his tailoring trade. His father Icon, my great grandfather, was the landlord of that hotel, and perhaps its part- owner. In 1901 Icon was to do a business deal with a large Brewery firm by the name of S. Allsopp and Sons, whereby he acquired not only the North Street brewery, but also several of the public houses in and around Goole which it served. At the entrance to our North Street brewery, he had painted on the large black double doors the sign:

Page 128


The chosen son was Harry, my great uncle. I never knew great grandfather Icon, because he died during World War I; but I was to see plenty of Uncle Harry. He became an architect, and worked in Huddersfield. He lived in a fine house, with several servants and a wife whom I knew as Aunt Annis. We visited him many times, sometimes staying the weekend and exploring the old Victorian house; it had three Stories and a basement, and many exciting rooms at attic level. He would occasionally come by train to Goole, and walk briskly down Boothferry Road from the Station, to check on the brewery and its management. The brewery would present him with a small but steady income.

I found him a most cheerful man, who would entertain me by doing quick sketches of cowboys on the edges of his daily paper. He had a less entertaining habit of poking a finger in one’s ribs and squeaking like a spitting cat. He lived to the ripe age of 82, spending his last year or so in my bedroom (we moved into the brewery house when I was about twelve; I moved to a smaller bedroom when he came). My mother nursed him through this final period of his life.

Autobiography of JohnTurner

Page 129

6 houses at Green Moor, Hunshelf for Penistone RDC TENDER Yorkshire Post 31 July 1948

22 Houses, Dirker, Marsden for Colne Valley UDC TENDER Sheffield Daily Telegraph 15 April 1950

Houses and flats on Causeway Side, Linthwaite TENDER Yorkshire Post 11 August 1951

50 houses, Sycamore Avenue, Golcar for Colne Valley UDC TENDER Yorkshire Post 24 January 1953

50 houses, Corn Mill Field, Slaithwaite for Colne Valley UDC TENDER Yorkshire Post 25 April 1953

He was buried in Arnside. Probate £35,100.

Married Edith Ellen, daughter of Thomas Hinchliffe & Emma (nee Hellawell). St Luke's Church, Milnsbridge. 29 Jun 1907. She was born 1883, Netherthong. Edith Ellen died Arnside 18 Jul 1955 aged 72. No children.

George Hepworth 1798-1875

B 13 September 1798 D I January 1875

Son, George, also an architect.

Described himself as having been a joiner, cabinet maker, builder and architect for many years and from now he was to be an architect, valuer and general agent Huddersfield Chronicle June 25, 1853

Addresses, Brighouse(1853-1875)

Works Mill at Longwood Clough TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 21 January 1860 Mill at South Lane, Elland

Page 130


Page 131

surveyor to Brighouse Local Board Huddersfield Chronicle March 14, 1885

Protests to Brighouse Council about hoardings Leeds Mercury 29 November 1906

Founder and president of Brighouse Photographic Society Vice-President of the Bradford Antiquarian and Archaeological Society Yorkshire Post 30 July 1929

Probate to Elizabeth Hepworth, widow (his widow’)

Rev Donald Herman d 24 Jan 1964

Prior to ordination in 1926 was an architect (Yorkshire Post 26 January 1954) Place of death Heversham, Westmorland

Vicar of St. Mary’s, Widnes (1929—33), Christ Church, Kensington (1933—38), Dalton, Huddersfield (1938—47), Earlestown, Newton-le-Willows (1947—54), Stainland, Halifax (1954—59), Burton, Carnforth, Lancs (1959—63)Church Times 7 February 1964.

James Heron, Architect & Surveyor, fl 1880-4 b Bradford 1847 - check

Addresses: 2 New Street (1880) Huddersfield Chronicle 10 July 1880 2 New Street (1881) Whites Directory 2 New Street (1882, 1884)

Home ...Lockwood (1881 census)

Cheshire (1891 census)

Reference to RH as an architect in court case Hudderstield Chronicle 6 December 1884; pg. 6

Works 12 houses at Marsden TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 13 May 1882 House at Berry Brow TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 6 December 1884

Page 132

Married Alice Maud Mary Priestley

“My husbands grandfather came from England to US. His father was James Heron, an architect. I think he lived in Yorkshire around Huddersfield. He was married to Alice Priestly”

Clifford Hickson 1892-1962

Clifford Hickson was born in in 20 November 1892 in Cross Gates, Leeds. He was the second son of John an artist and Clara, a maths teacher. His infancy was in Upper Wortley, attending Armley Park School, Leeds and later when the family was living in Huddersfield, Huddersfield Technical College.

Prizeman at Huddersfield Technical College.Architecture School 1912, 1913, 1914. Winner of The National Book Prize 1913-4.

He served for four years in the First World War including some time in the Royal Naval Air Service.

Hickson was articled to Sykes at Stocks and Sykes in 1919 when he was aged 27. He qualified as an architect in 1925 and then became a partner making the firm Stocks, Sykes and Hickson.

Hickson was a member of the Territorial Army (Duke of Wellington’s Regiment), and retired with the rank of captain. From 1935 to 1942, he served in the Special Reserve of Officers of the Royal Engineers.

“Captain Clifford Hickson, F.R.I.B.A., of Messrs. Stocks, Sykes and Hickson, architects, Huddersfield, and chairman of the Huddersfield branch of the West Yorkshire Society of Architects, has been appointed by the Royal Institute of British Architects, and approved by the Home Office, as the structural air raid precautions consultant for the Huddersfield area. Captain Hickson was also recently appointed to the Huddersfield Air Raid Precautions Committee as the representative of the architectural profession and building trades in the area.” Yorkshire Post 30 June 1938 p/

He became chairman and a senior vice-president of the Huddersfield branch of the West Yorkshire Society of Architects

Arthur Sykes retired from the firm only a short time before his death on 3 March 1940, aged 78. Hickson continued on his own account.

He was a fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

He was associated with the Huddersfield Building Society for over forty years, and was responsible for the architectural reconstruction of the head office building in 1926, he also designed the Halifax and Manchester premises.

Page 133

The practice developed into Hickson, Hickson and Hickson, architects of Huddersfield and Doncaster


Proposed cinema on James Street, Golcar for A Wood of Saville Street, Milnsbridge The Bioscope 27 May 1931

Fractured a thigh by falling 15’ from a ladder while inspecting New Mill Church Coventry Evening Telegraph 2 November 1956

The firm passed to his nephew Peter Hickson in 1960 when Clifford retired with

Page 134

High Street, Mablethorpe, 1925 Mablethorpe 1926 33 Victoria Road, Mablethorpe (probate 1941)

Assistant school master 1891 census School Science Teacher, 1901 census Lecturer of building trades, Huddersfield Technical College HC 11 August 1906 & 1911 census Architect to Mablethorpe & Sutton UDC 1927


Won ‘1st prize and 10 guineas in a Building World completion for artistic and attractive advertisement designs HC 11 August 1906


Page 135

Martin Hill b c1927

From Brighton, having been to Brighton Art School he was Bevan Boy at Monk Bretton colliery and training at Huddersfield Art School. Had taken his intermediate RIBA degree Daily Mirror 25 March 1947

William Hill fl 1856-1864

Address: 59 Albion Street, Leeds(1856) Huddersfield Chronicle September 20, 1856 71 Albion Street, Leeds(1864) Works:

Holmfirth Flood Monumental Alms Houses, Holmfirth Commisioning Huddersfield Chronicle 16 February 1856; pg. 5 Methodist New Connexion Chapel, High Street, Huddersfield TENDERS Hudderstield Chronicle 9 April 1864 OPENING Leeds Mercury 12 January 1867

Hill and Swann 11 Park Square, Leeds & Sheffield

TENDERS Villa at Lindley Huddersfield Chronicle 17 October 1868

David Hinchliffe c1930-2012

Architect involved in renewal of lion on Lion Chambers HDE 22July 1977

Born in Newsome, he went to Stile Common primary school followed by King James Grammar School, Almondbury, where he did well at sports. Soccer was his first love. He was also cricket house-captain, made the school XI and was a championship winning captain with Hall Bower U15s. In addition, he turned out for Primrose Hill and played in the Heywood-Williams evening league. Whilst his formal cricket career finished when he started work as a trainee architect in his late teens, he remained a long-term player and member of The Huddersfield Amateurs AFC.’

Page 136

Ernest Hirst c1869-1902

Page 137

Ursula Mayall Hirst Underhill, an Ossining resident since 1951, passed away August 1, 2005 at Cedar Manor Rehabilitation Center in Ossining. She was 88. Mrs. Underhill was born November 6, 1916 in Buffalo, NY to Selwyn Hirst and Ada Felton Hirst. She graduated from the George Washington High School in 1932 and Barnard College in New York City in 1936. She earned a Masters degree in English from Columbia University. During World War II, she worked for the ship design firm of Gibbs and Cox. She was a dedicated mother and homemaker and an active volunteer and participant in many organizations, including the Ossining Women's Club and the National Republican Party. She married David Ten Eyck Underhill [1911-2009] of Albany on February 26, 1943 at St. Thomas' Chapel in New York City, NY. She was a

Page 138

001 (845) 462-2701

Kenneth Lewis Hirst

Page 139

his ashes in the ocean off the Mendocino Coast. His remaining ashes will be buried in Ferncliff Cemetery, Hartsdale, NY alongside those of his mother, wife and son. 'To stand at the edge of the to have knowledge of things that are as nearly eternal as any earthly life can be.'

A Hiscox

Address Harrogate

New School, Doghouse, Heckmondwike tender Hudderstield Daily Examiner 13 March 1871

James Hobson

Address Royds Hall, Lindley (1870) White's Directory

Nathan Hodgson d1835 D 22 Jan 1835, Lime Kilns, Canal Side, Bradford

‘Lately little better than a wandering vagrant...he was a vey fine mathematician and an excellent architect...’ Halifax Express 29 January 1835

Joseph Holdsworth, John Radcliff & Emmanuel Dyson.

Stonemasons and builders Partnership dissolved 30 Jan 1852 on death of Holdsworth Huddersfield Chronicle 21 February 1852

JOHN HOLT. Recorded in the directory of 1822 at Longley Hall as an architect, he was an employee of the Ramsden family, probably their land agent. In 1808 it was said*° that he was the general measurer of buildings in Huddersfield, had long and considerable experience in that line and had been for many years surveyor to Sir John Ramsden.

46 West Yorkshire Archives, Kirklees. KC/165/167.

Page 140

©Edward Law

Henry Holtom fl 1883-4

Addresses Bond Street, Dewsbury (1883, 1884)

Works Chapel, Gawthorpe TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 1/7 March 1883 House, Warehouse & outbuilding at Healey, Batley TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 26 April 1884

Gave reference for John Lee, mason of Springfield, Dewsbury when he applied for Assistant Surveyor to Osset local board Huddersfield Daily Examiner 17 February 1871

Holtom & Connon

Addresses 23 Park Row, Leeds & Dewsbury Dewsbury Reporter 15 February 1879


Woollen Mill, Savile Town tender Batley Reporter and Guardian 1 March 1873

Rag Mill etc, Wakefield Road, Ossett tender Batley Reporter and Guardian 1 March 1873

Mill Lane Schools TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 24 May 1873 Boothroyd Lane School Carlton Street School Dewsbury Moor School All in course of erection Dewsbury Reporter 16 August 1873 Rebuild of Kings Arms, Lancaster Dewsbury Reporter 15 February 1879

Holtom & Fox

Page 141

Address Union Street, Dewsbury

Works Greenwood Almshouses, nr corner of Ossett lane projected Dewsbury Reporter 20 July 1935

Mr. Holton see Holtom

architect, Dewsbury.

Isaac Horden (1830-1912)

Works Organ Screen, Christ Church, Moldgreen Huddersfield Chronicle 28 January 1865

Primitive Methodist Chapel, Taylor Hill Corner stone Huddersfield Chronicle 6 March 1869 Opening Huddersfield Chronicle 7 August 1869

lsaac Hordern was not a professional architect; he was an employee of the Ramsden estate in its Huddersfield office, and as such was very much involved with the Ramsdens' major town centre developments in the last quarter of the 19th century.

He would appear to have had some natural architectural ability, for from a manuscript volume of notes? which he made of events on the Ramsden estate we learn that in 1855 Longley Hall barn and stables were rebuilt from his plans; he records that "Mr Matthews, Sir William Tite's representative spoke very well of them". sir William Tite was an eminent London architect who was retained by the Ramsden estate. Again in 1856 he notes that an old part of Bay Hall was pulled down and rebuilt as a school for St. John's Church "from a plan I prepared”.

Hordern also prepared the plans... of Lindley Conservative Club, Holly Bank Road in 1890.

9 Yorkshire Archaeological Society MS 491. ©Edward Law

Charles Frederick Luke Horsfall 1846-1923

Brother of Richard Horsfall

Page 142

Addresses 1 Lord Street, Halifax (1880) Huddersfield Chronicle 20 March 1880;

Works Alterations to Firth House Mill, Scammonden

Page 143

see also Malcolm Bull’s Calderdale Companion

T Horsfield & Son fl 1870-2

addresses: West Hill Park, Halifax (1870) Works: Mechanics Institution hall opposite Star Inn, Linthwaite Huddersfield Chronicle 13 November 1869; pg/

4 semi-detached houses at Slaithwaite Huddersfield Chronicle 18 June 1870

12 cottages at Milnsbridge

TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 30 March 1872

W H Howarth fl 1878-1883

Address: Northgate, Cleckheaton Dewsbury Reporter 17 March 1883

Works: Alterations to Ravens Wahef Inn, Ravensthorpe TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 19 October 1878 Currier’s shop & warehouse, Moorland Mills, Cleckheaton

TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 17 March 1883

W H Howorth see W H Howarth

Ralph Hudson, fl 1960

Deputy borough architect, Huddersfield Corporation Projects included annex to the back of Castle Hill Hotel, Almondbury(demolished)

Edward Hughes, 1838-1886

Born, Chester, son of Thomas Hughes and Miss Jackson of Kexbrough

Page 144


All Saints Church, Clayton West 1871-2

LAYING THE FOUNDATION STONE OF A NEW CHURCH AT CLAYTON WEST Huddersfield Chronicle 4 November 1871 Barnsley Chronicle 4 November 1871 Tenders Hudderstield Chronicle , 9 March 1872

School extension, Clayton West 1873

GENEROUS GIFT OF SCHOOLS TO CLAYTON WEST The Huddersfield Daily Chronicle , 5 December 1884; pg. 4


Tenders for school and master’s house Denby Dale Huddersfield Chronicle , 6 April 1872 cornerstone Barnsley Chronicle 10 August 1872 Completion Huddersfield Daily Chronicle , 29 December 1873; pg. 3 Barnsley Chronicle, 3 January 1874 p6

Tenders for three houses on Halifax Old Road, Birkby

Huddersfield Chronicle , 15 January 1873

Beaumont Street Board School, 1873-4


Page 145

Huddersfield Chronicle , February 12, 1876

10.CROSLAND MOOR BOARD SCHOOL 1876-7 Foundation stone laying Huddersfield Chronicle ,11 March 1876; pg. 6 Opening Huddersfield Chronicle , 28 April 1877; pg. 6

11.Farmhouse at Skelmanthorpe 1876 TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle , June 24, 1876

to Turkish baths, Huddersfield Royal Infirmary Plan 556 11 January 1877

13.Engine House, Sheds, Chimney etc. at Turnbridge Colour Works, Turnbridge Road for Read Holliday & Sons Plan 611, 13 October 1877

14.Wooldale & Cartworth School Board - Choppards School Huddersfield Chronicle 4 May 1878 p8

15.Schools at Hinchliffe Mill 1878 TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle , 25 May 1878

16.Chemical Shed & Chimney at Turnbridge Colour Works, Turnbridge Road for Read Holliday & Sons Plan 660, 13 June 1878

17.Shops and houses in Lockwood Road TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 22 June 1878

18.Schools at Holme 1879 TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle , 19 July 1879

19.Cumberworth Church 1879 OPENING Hudderstield Chronicle , 9 August 1879; pg. 6. NB The Building Fund treasurer was Thomas Armitage

20. Albert Buildings; shops and offices on Victoria Lane and Albert Yard for Armitage Bros Plan 671, 11 July 1878 Plan 685, 14 September 1878

Page 146

21.The Albert Hotel, shops, offices and warehouse, 1879 Plan 673, 15 August 1878 disapproved. Plan 686, 1879 Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 25 September 1879; pg. 4 Works dinner to commemorate the opening of new works of J Broadbent and Co, printers of Albert works, New Street Huddersfield Chronicle 1 January 1881; pg. 5

Page 147

Huddersfield Daily Chronicle , 3 June 1881; pg. 4

31.Office & Shop in Lockwood's Yard off Victoria Lane for Seth Senior & Sons, Plan 800, 14 February 1880 disapproved

32.Bank, New Street & Cloth Hall Street for Huddersfield Banking Company Plan 842, 4 June 1880 Tenders, Huddersfield Daily Chronicle , 22 May 1880

33.St. Paul's Church, Shepley New organ, built by Conacher. Organ chamber from a design by Hughes. Leeds Times - 31 July 1880

Page 148

42.Exhibition Buildings & Weaving Shed for Technical School, Queen Street South / St Paul's Street , Huddersfield Plan 1177, 15 February 1883

43.Additions to house, 6 New North Road, including Scullery & Smoke Room, for Dr Thomas Brewer Plan 1189, 15 March 1883

44.Earth closets and ashes place at Weaver’s Arms, Leeds Road, Huddersfield Plan 1220, 12 July 1883

45.Lavatories & Smoke Room for the Exhibition Buildings Queen Street South / St Paul's Street, Huddersfield Plan 1222 12 July 1883

and Athletic Club Pavilion, 1884 -5. HUDDERSFIELD CRICKET AND ATHLETIC CLUB Huddersfield Chronicle , 17 November 1883; pg. 7. TENDERS 12 January 1884., 3 February 1885; pg. 4

Page 149

This is Martha Armitage (b Kexborough) (66) wife of Benjamin Armitage (68) of The Carr, Shepley (1881 census)? +1871 census

Benjamin Armitage & Sons, 11 Market Street, Huddersfield & At Shepley; Fancy woollen manufacturers (1880s)Benjamin Armitage & Sons, Denby Dale,Huddersfield & Shepley; Dyers (1890s) Benjamin Armitage & Sons, 11a Market Street, Huddersfield & Shepley; Mantle makers (1890s) Benjamin Armitage & Sons, Shepley; Stuff manufacturers (1890s) Benjamin Armitage & Sons, 11d Market Street, Huddersfield & Shepley; Vesting manufaturers(1890s) W & E Armitage 11 a Market Street, Huddersfield & Shepley, Woollen manufactures (1890s) Benjamin Armitage & Sons, Shepley; Fancy woollen manufacturers (1890s)

1881 census Carr, Shepley Benjamin Armitage aged 70 b Scissett c 1911 Retired manufacturer Martha Armitage aged 66 b Kexbrough c 1816 Jackson Armitage aged 34 b Shepley c 1847 Woollen manufacturer Joshua K Armitage aged 30 b Sheply c 1851 Woollen manufacturer Martha Armitage aged 26 b Shepley c 1855

= ©

1881 census Cliffe Top, Shepley John Armitage, aged 33 b Bently Dyke, Yorkshire c1843 widow Manufacturer (Woollen) 1 Benjamin Armitage aged 12 b Shepley c 1868. Scholar relation to head, Son 2 John E. Armitage aged 12 b Shepley c 1869. Scholar relation to head, Son 2 Martha B. Armitage aged 8 b Shepley c 1873. Scholar relation to head, Daughter 2 Hannah Elizabeth Armitage aged 32 s b Shepley c1849 Housekeper, relation to head, Sister 1

1901 Census in Shepley Hannah Elizabeth Armitage aged 52 s b Shepley c1849 Martha Armitage aged 47 b Shepley c 1854

1911 Census Ashville, Clayton West, Huddersfield Hannah Elizabeth Armitage aged 62 s b Shepley c1849 single priv means

Head 1 Martha Armitage aged 5/7 b Shepley c 1854 single priv means relation to head, sister 1

Kate Dorothy Armitage aged 25 b Shepley c1886 single priv means relation to head, niece 2

Page 150

1911 Census Jenkyn Lane, Shepley John Edgar Armitage aged 43 b Shepley c 1868 Commercial Traveller, head 2 sarah Armitage aged 39 b Hurleston, Yorkshire, 1872 wife Amy Armitage aged 8 b Berry Brow c1903 daughter John Armitage aged 6 b Cumberworth c1905 son Frank Armitage aged 4 b Cumberworth c1907 son 3


Page 151

12 years in office of Sir George Gilbert Scott (1811-1878). Professional qualifications ARIBA 23 Mar 1863: proposed by G G Scott, R T Hussey, M D Wyatt; FRIBA 3 Jun 18/78?

Page 152

Education Silcoates School Yorkshire College

Career Articled to James Waugh Assistant in Bradfor City

Page 153

New Smiths Bank branch in Market Place, Derby Derby Mercury 10 September 1873, 14 January 1874, 12 January 1876

Development of Exchange Walk, Nottingham Nottinghamshire Guardian 22 October 1875

Married Fanny Evans, 1854 Died 21 December 1881 aged 58, widow Fanny. Estate £250

Samuel Jackson

Address 2 Kirkgate, Bradford Hudderstield Chronicle 22 September 1866

Baptist chapel, Golcar TENDERS Hudderstield Chronicle 22 September 1866

Samuel Jackson and Son

Address Tanfield Chambers, Bradford

Page 154

Borough Engineer, Huddersfield Corporation Shortlisted for City Engineer, Hull (Yorkshire Post 16 December 1926)

In 1931 he took over the role of the borough architect whose incumbent became his chief architectural assistant until he was made redundant in 1932 (Yorkshire Evening Post and Yorkshire Post 18 January 1932, Hull Daily Mail 16 December 1926)

A scheme for replanning the centre of Huddersfield drawn up In the form of a report by the Borough Engineer (Mr. W. Jaggar) has been adopted by the Town Council, and the Borough Engineer has been authorised to carry out various recommendations contained the report. This means that the work preparing the scheme will be set in motion immediately. The scheme calls for nearly the complete reconstruction of the centre Huddersfield based on possible future population of 200,000 with provision for new arterial roads, including by-pass to carry heavy east to west traffic, number of modern flats, new commercial buildings and new Industries. The report recommends that with regard to new industries and commercial buildings the Chamber of Commerce should approached, and connection with the replanning of shopping centres, the Huddersfield Chamber Trades should be consulted.

The report also states that the problems of traffic movement the central area will require to be carefully considered and recommends that ail through traffic and also public service vehicles should be excluded from the central shopping area, which Shall thereby be converted into precinct In which the shopping and business public can walk about comfort and freedom. The report also calls for survey the present housing conditions in the central area of the town and recommends that particulars should be obtained from the Housing Committee of their proposals in regard clearance schemes. Where large-scale demolitions are proposed it would helpful if the views of the tenants displaced were obtained whether they would like to be rehoused in the same locality or be transferred to a housing estate the suburbs of the town: also their views on the question of flats versus houses.

The report recommends that the theatre and amusement organisations and amateur societies, the licensed trade, religious bodies end the education authority should consulted. Maps, schedules and models are prepared which will show the results of the surveys, and these will the subject an exhibition before the scheme finally adopted the Council. Yorkshire Post 5 May 1944

Died LGI 3 September 1945 aged 58

Probate £26,508, after small legacies, the bulk left to Dr Barnardo’s Homes Yorkshire Post 28 December 1945

Forbid Huddersfield Corporation representation at his funeral after the role of borough architect was recently removed from him Daily Mirror 7 September 1945

Page 155

John King James 1846-1901

B Truro, Cornwall March 1846 D Manhattan, NY 11 September 1901

John James, son of John Hutchison James (1816-1891), Methodist Minister and susan (nee Dale). Minister worked in Cornwall, Leeds, Hull, Sheffield, Nottingham Birminham and Walsall. He retired to Barnstaple c1885. Obit North Devon Journal 1 October 1891.

siblings; Olympia D b c1842, Susan b c1844, Kate b c 1848, William Dale, surgeon b c1850 d Sheffield 16 June 1902, Arthur Henry, architect. b c1852 Marr 26 Mar 1881 Annie Denham, Frontenac, Ontario. D 3 Aug 1904 Pontiac, Oakland, Michigan aged 53


John James, Madron, Cornwall 1851 census John James, Huddersfield College, New North Road (family at Eccleshall Bierlow) 1861 census (also Huddersfield Daily Examiner 19 June 1874) South Church Side, Hull 1870, 1874 John K James, 5 Cliff Villas, Cliff Lane, Hornsea. Occupation Architect (1871 census) 3 Parliament Street, Hull Leeds Mercury 21 April 1875 3 Parliament Street, Hull and 4 Suffolk Terrrace, Hornsea London Gazette 10 June 1879 23 Carey Street, Reading. Occupation architect & surveyor (1881 census) Birmingham The Cornish Telegraph 1 July 1886 2/ Colmore Row, Birmingham North Devon Journal 14 April 1887 Kansas City, Missouri 1887- New York City 1889- Toronto 1890 Flushing, Queens, NY (1892 census) 363 Lenox Avenue, Manhattan NY(naturalisation declaration 1894) West 98" St, Manhattan NY (1900 census)

Educated at Huddersfield College Huddersfield Daily Examiner 19 June 1874 Articled to Sheffield architect? Bankruptcy London Gazette 10 June 1879 Works Methodist Chapel, Hornsea stonelaying

Hull and Eastern Counties Herald 5 August 1869

Opened on 30 June 1870 Hull Packet 21 July 1876

Page 156

"1870 by J.K. James of Hull. Gable to the road, lancet windows, red brick with stone details, columned porch with elaborate carved capitals. The adjoining CHURCH HALL, 1875, formerly the schoolroom, also by James in a similar style." Pevsner 2005

see also R. A. Loten,

Page 157

Manchester (Victoria) Wesleyan Circuit in 1878. It was transferred to Manchester (Harpurhey) Methodist Circuit in 1936, but then was closed in 1940. The building was sold in

Demolition and rebuild of Wesleyan Chapel, Handsworth Tender Sheffield Independent 17 July 1874 stone laying Sheffield Independent 13 October 1874

[opened 1875. lost in fire 1940s/50s?]

Wesleyan school chapel, Pontefract foundation stone Leeds Mercury & Yorkshire Post 21 April 1875

Wesleyan Chapel, Paddington Invited competition winner Beverley and East Riding Recorder 28 August 1875

Enlargement of Wesleyan Chapel and adjoining sunday school, Hornsea completed Hull Packet 21 July 1876

Wesleyan Chapel, Indian Queens foundation stone The Cornish Telegraph 1 July 1886 Opening Royal Comwall Gazette 2/7 May 1887

Page 158

JAMES & JAMES, consisting of John King James and his brother Arthur H. James, maintained a practise in New York City and in Kansas City, Missouri in the late 19th century. In 1888 they won the competition for the Board of Trade Building, Yonge Street at Front Street East, TORONTO, ONT., 1889-91; demol. c. 1960 (Globe [Toronto], 30 March 1889, 9, t.c.; C.A.B., li, Feb. 1889, illus.; March 1889, 28, descrip. of winning design; W. Dendy, Lost Toronto, 1978, 6-7, illus.). Their scheme, submitted under the pseudonym of

Page 159

William Henry Jessop 1840-1921

B Huddersfield, son of woollen spinner John & Mary Ann Jessop d 26 August 1921

Address 1841 Mill Gate (Ben Graham, stone mason was a lodger) 1851 Mill Gate 1871 Somerset Crescent 1881 18 Somerset Crescent 1891 Kings Mill Lane 1911 ...Moldgreen 1921 Springfield, Moldgreen

1871 census: Book keeper 1881 censue; builder in firm of Benjamin Graham & Nephews 1891 census: builder & quarry owner 1901 census: builder & contractor 1911 census: building contractor

Architectural projects Workshop on Somerset Road for Alderman Joseph Byram plan dated 30 April 1862 Moldgren plan register No 73

Cllr for 39 years. JP, four times Mayor of Huddersfield, Mason Marr 1. Elvina Henrietta Reed b c1840 Huddersfield d Q4 1885, Q1 1866

Issue Jane Elizabeth Jessop b c1868 Ellen b1871 d1872 Joe William Jessop b c 1874 d1898 Benjamin Graham Jessop b c 1878 Francis Mary Jessop b 1880

Marr 2. Phyllis Hemmingway b c1845 Wakefield d 1906 Huddersfield, on 1 December 1892 at Harborne

Obituary Yorkshire Post Saturday 27 August 1921

William Johnson Noted only in the directory of 1830 where he is recorded as an architect of Shore Foot and Almondbury.

©Edward Law

Page 160

C A Jones connected to Dawson & Jones

Isaac Jones (fl 1899)

Address 6 Deerhill Park, Hern Hill, London 1897

Works: Victoria Tower Announced winner of the open design competition Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 1 September 1897 p 3 Opening Hudderstield Daily Chronicle 26 June 1899 p3

Herbert Kaye d 1932 FSI Died 26 November 1932 (probate)

Addresses Wakefield (Leeds Mercury 16 February 1929) Meriden, Carr Lane, Sandal, Wakefield (1932)

Formerly in partnership with John Ernest Lunn in Milnsbridge Leeds Mercury 22 March 1933

Inland Revenue District Valuer for Wakefield (Leeds Mercury 22 March 1933)

Chairman Yorkshire Surveyors Institute (Leeds Mercury 22 February 1929, 28 February 1930)

?Death of son, Fred, aged 10 months 23 July 1891 (Huddersfield Chronicle 1 August 1891)?

Widow, Edith

Joseph Kaye (c1779-1858)

Best remembered as a builder, Kaye included architecture amongst his numerous activities. He was not, however, the architect that (Sir) John Betjeman made him out to

Page 161

buildings which he erected for himself - his house in Buxton Road, shops, offices and warehouses in the town, and his mills at Folly Hall.

With the experience that he gained from erecting and running the mills at Folly Hall it is likely that he was engaged to design and build many of the mills in and around Huddersfield. A handbill** of 1844 circulated by John Whitacre of Woodhouse, after a theft, mentions "prize plans and elevations of the proposed new mill by Joseph Kaye", which is interesting as the only firm evidence of Kaye's architectural activities. However, strong circumstantial evidence that Kaye, or his office, were very much involved in designing mills is found in the obituary of James

Page 162

Widow Yorkshire Post 6 April 1925

Sam Kendall c1842-1909

Painter and Decorator B. Wath, Barnsley

Address Lockwood (1909)

Father of Harry Beaumont Kendall, painter and decorator

He rose from obscure apprenticeship to be proprietor of a successful painting and decorating business, and carried out a large number of contracts for the War Department.

Became councillor for Almondbury & Newsome on Huddersfield Council in 1884, Alderman in 1895. Owing to indifferent health he retired in 1907. For several years was president of the National Association of Master Painters and Decorators, and held the position of president of both the Yorkshire and Huddersfield Associations of Master Painters and Decorators.

Freemason; Liberal; for 30 years choirmaster at High Street Methodist Chapel; president of Huddersfield Glee and Madrigal Society 1903-8

Left widow, four sons and four daughters

Obits: Yorkshire Evening Post 15 February 1909, Yorkshire Post and Leeds Mercury 16 February 1909

GV Kertland?

Marcus (aka Mark) Montserrat (aka Mont Serat) Kertland (aka Kirtland & Kirkland),


Page 163

Fitzwilliam Terrace (probate) Bradley Lane (public notice Huddersfield Chronicle 20 February 1892)

DEATH OF MR. M. S. KERTLAND We regret to have to announce the death of Mr Marcus Montserrat Kertland, who has been engineer and surveyor to the Ramsden Estate for the long period of 28 years. The sad event took place yesterday morning, death resulting from pneumonia. The deceased, who had reached an advanced age, was never married. He resided in Fitzwilliam-street, and was so reserved as to have but few intimates. At the same time he was a gentleman of much kindliness and culture, and his duties, which brought him into contact with many prominent citizens, were always carefully discharged. Deceased was a Churchman, being a regular attendant at the Parish Church. To many people his death will be a matter of deep regret. So far as is Known his only relations are a sister and nephew, both resident in the North of Ireland. Obituary, Huddersfield Chronicle 6 February 1892; pg. 5

Probate to a widowed Ellen Frances Brown

Arthur Richard Calvert, fl. 1879-1901 was articled to him (Brodie)

Albert Holmes Kirk 1840 -1920

b 1840 d 31 May 1920 aged 79.

Eldest Son of John Kirk, ran the Dewsbury office of John Kirk & Sons

The partnership of ‘John Kirk and Sons’ with Albert Holmes Kirk and James Sheard Kirk was dissolved by the retirement of John Kirk in 1883 Dewsbury Reporter 30 June 1883.

AH & JS were in partnership until 30 December 1905 (London Gazette 25 May 1906) AH continued as Kirk & Sons at Dewsbury branch until 1909. Then retired with business being merged with F W Ridgway. To Messrs Kirk, Sons and Ridgway. Yorkshire Post 2 June 1920.

Addresses Highgate, Dewsbury Leylands, Oxford Road, Dewsbury (1893, 1920)

Works Dewsbury Infirmary at junction of Halifax, Carlton & Hirst Roads corner stone laying Leeds Mercury 15 July 1881 Dewsbury Parish Church 1884-5

Masonic Lodge, Longcauseway, Dewsbury

Page 164

Offered to establish a children’s ward at Dewsbury Infirmary Daily Chronicle 24 March 1898

Marr Hannah S. dau of Edward Hemingway of Brooklyn, Ravensthorpe at Mirfied Parish Church, 17 June 1868 Halifax Guardian 20 June 1868

Buried with wife, Dewsbury Cemetery

Obituary Yorkshire Post 2 June 1920

Married Hannah Spedding Hemingway b (1844), dau of Edward Hemingway of Brooklyn, Ravensthorpe 11 June 1868 (Huddersfield Chronicle 13 June 1868). She died at Scarborough 10 November 1893 (York Herald 15 November 1893) Buried Dewsbury Cemetery

1st Dau. Minnie Mary Louisa b 1869. She married George Finney Blakeley (1868- 1919) only son of Charles Blakeley of Springfield, Dewsbury 15 August 1894 (Huddersfield Chronicle 18 August 1894). Died 20 Feb 1952 (19 Oxford Road) (Yorkshire Post 22 February 1952) Both buried with her parents Dewsbury Cemetery

Headstone “Also in memory of George Finney Blakeley, Major, 5th Royal Warwickshire Regt. son-in-law of Albert Holmes Kirk died Dec 15th 1919, from wounds received in action at Neuve Chapelle aged 517 years”

Page 165

Frederic ‘Fred’ Kirk b c1860, d 17 September 1914

Architect, principal of John Kirk & Sons from 1911

Page 166

Architect, principal of John Kirk & Sons Addresses 36 John William Street HWE 11 Mar 1911

Ing Lees, Marsden Huddersfield Chronicle 10 January 1897 Marsden, Leeds Mercury 6 March 1902 Ing Lees, Marsden Yorkshire Post 11 August 1911

Married Hannah Waddington (14 November 1842 — 25 August 1931) of Huddersfield at St John the Divine, Lytham, by Rev TB Calvert of Christ Church , Moldgreen, 17 August 1887/7 Huddersfield Chronicle 20 August 1887

Executor for the estate of James Haigh Waddington, paper merchant, of Holly Mount, Edgerton 1890 (probate & London Evening Standard 29 December 1890)

Obituary HDE 15 March 1911. Probate £7966 Left widow Hannah and adopted daughter. James and Hannah are buried at St Bartholomew’s, Marsden

John Kirk (1817-1886) D 11 March 1886

Addresses Dyke End Road (1841 census) Trinity Street, (1850)- fire in the saw mill, Huddersfield Chronicle 20 July 1850; pg. 4 Trinity Street, (1851) Huddersfield Chronicle 22 March 1851; pg. 4 Trinity Street (joiners office) (1852) 1 Trinity Street, Builder (Huddersfield Chronicle 3 April 1852) John William Street (1855) Notice of auction on 14 & 15 May on instruction of John Kirk, builder and cabinet maker, of Trinity Street, of stock in trade because he is declining that part of the business “to enable him to devote the whole of his time to the Architectural Business”

Page 167

Leeds Mercury Saturday 30 May 1903 Probate granted 20 July 1926 to Minnie Mary Louisa Blakeley (niece)

Two daughters, four sons

In 1841 census, living at Dyke End Road with their 8 month old son Albert Holmes Kirk, architect, 1840-1920

Daughter Louisa Harriet (aka Harriott at probate) Kirk b 1849, d 1 October 1926. Of 68 Fitzwilliam Street. Probate granted to John Francis Kirk, and Lilian Kirk

Daughter Eliza Anne Kirk b 3Q 1851, died 8 August 1911, at 68 Fitzwilliam Street Leeds Mercury 14 August 1911

Son James Sheard Kirk, architect, d 15 March 1911

Walter Schofield Kirk of 47 Spring Street died 22 July 1923 Leeds Mercury 10 September 1923 Mill furnisher, Until 1877 in partnership with Wesley Guillame Etchells as WG Etchells and Co, silk noil manufacturers Marr Mary Elizabeth, dau of late John Hodge of South Shields and eldest niece of WG Etchells, 4 September 1869 at Brunswick Street Chapel York Herald 11 september 1869, Golden wedding, Yorkshire Post 6 September 1919 she died 47 Spring Street June 1930 A son b 21 June 18/70 Huddersfield Chronicle 25 June 1870 John Francis Kirk, mill furnisher A dau? Lilian Kirk?

son Frederic ‘Fred’ Kirk, architect, b c1860, d 1/7 September 1914

John Kirk was born in 1817 and baptised at Queen Street Wesleyan Chapel, the son of John and Elizabeth Kirk, who had moved to Huddersfield from York. John Kirk senior is noted in 1830 as a joiner at ‘top of green , no doubt close to the area of the present day Kirk's Yard, off Trinity Street. Both he and his second wife died in 1843, leaving three children, a son, John junior, and two daughters, Elizabeth and Mary, both under the age of ten. John who was already married with two infant sons probably had to take immediate responsibility for his two sisters, and certainly they were living with his family in 1851. The census of that year would seem to indicate that he was prospering for he is described as a master builder employing thirty men. He had been brought up as a joiner, and the move to builder is a natural and understandable progression, though indicating an organisational and entrepreneurial flair. The move to architect is more difficult to understand, and it may have been that the building enterprise was not as successful as appears. The thirty employees quoted in the census could be somewhat misleading, as labour would be engaged for specific works

Page 168

and increased or decreased as the work on hand required. It could have been that his constitution was not sufficiently robust for the work, or it may have been that he chose the profession to match his talents.

His obituary

Page 169

Dewsbury and James at Huddersfield. At the time of his death in March 1886 he was the oldest architect in Huddersfield, and almost certainly the most prolific. He designed several chapels in the Huddersfield area, as the following list shows, but he was responsible also for others at Skipton, Calverley, Pudsey, Dewsbury, Heckmondwike, Shipley and Wombwell, and for churches at Dewsbury and Thornton Hough on the Wirral.

14 Huddersfield Weekly Chronicle, 13.3.1886. 15 Huddersfield Chronicle, 28.5.1853. 16 Huddersfield Chronicle, 3.3.1855. 17 Huddersfield Weekly Chronicle, 13.3.1886. 18 Huddersfield Weekly Chronicle, 13.3.1886.

©Edward Law

John Kirk & Sons c1850-c1914

Addresess Offices on John William Street and moving to offices previously occupied by the Telegraphic Company at the corner of Lion Arcade (1859) Huddersfield Chronicle 10 December 1859 Corner shop of Lion Arcade (Yorkshire Post 1 July 1911) New Street (Yorkshire Post 1 July 1911) Market Place (1914)

WORKS. 1850 Baptist Chapel Lockwood Huddersfield Chronicle 27 April 27, 1850; pg. 7

John Kirk, “builder” makes a cabinet for display of local products for the Great Exhibition Huddersfield Chronicle , March 22, 1851; pg. 4

July, 1852, new Lodge Room at the Rose & Crown. Bro. John Kirk, the Architect and Builder HISTORY of 100 YEARS of THE LODGE OF TRUTH,No. 521 Huddersfield, Yorkshire (West Riding) 1845 — 1945 by W. Bro. H. L. SIMPSON,

1853-4, Unitarian Church, Fitzwilliam Street, John Kirk was clerk of works

Independent Chapel, George Street Foundation stone Huddersfield Chronicle 10 May 1856; pg. 6 Huddersfield Examiner 10 May 1856 p5

1855-7 Three storey store on corner of King & Queen Street, 28 King Street (a report of a fire in the new building) Hudderstield Chronicle 31 January 1857; pg. 8 185/ Warehouse, Upperhead Row.

Page 170

Free Wesleyan Chapel, Infirmary Street / Firth Street. Better known as Brunswick street Chapel (The street was promptly renamed Brunswick Street See Huddersfield Chronicle 1/7 September 1859; pg. 8) TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 2/ February 1858 Foundation stone laying due Huddersfield Chronicle 3 April 1858; pg. 5 and public notice

Page 171

1862-3 St Mary, Wilshaw

Two warehouses, Byram Street, Huddersfield tenders

Page 172


Page 173

Villa at Meltham tender Batley Reporter and

Page 174

Opening Huddersfield Chronicle &

Page 175

Re-erection and enlargement of Syke Ing Mill, Earlsheaton tender Hudderstield Daily Examiner 6 June 1874

Additional school accommodation to George Street Chapel tender

Page 176

Two additional stories to Holme Mills, Nr Marsden TENDERS

Page 177

Huddersfield Chronicle 12 July 1883 Opening Huddersfield Chronicle 18 July 1884

Craighmohr, Greenhead Road, 1883 New transepts & chancel, All Saints, Dewsbury 1884-5

Woollen mill, Kendal TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 22 March 1884 Assembly hall & classrooms, Lindley National School TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 22 March 1884

Alterations and additions, Armitage Bridge Mills, Armitage Bridge tender Batley Reporter and Guardian 26 July 1884

Conversion of business premises to shops and offices, Station Street, Huddersfield tender Batley Reporter and Guardian 26 July 1884

Residence, stables coach-house etc, Helme tenders Huddersfield Chronicle 23 May 1885 St John, Golcar restoration reopening Huddersfield Chronicle 10 December 1885 1886 Freemasons Hall, Long Causeway, Dewsbury 1886 Almshouses, Deanhouse

Page 178

Clothing factory, Rook St 1889 (BP1914) Hazelgrove/dene, Edgerton Rd —coach house etc, 1889 (M820

St James Church, Slaithwaite restoration tenders

Page 179

tender Huddersfield Daily Chronicle - Saturday 17 July 1897 Warehouse, offices and entrance gateway, Clough House Mills tenders Hudderstield Daily Chronicle 5 February 1898 Lingards Wood Bottom Schools additions tender Daily Chronicle 12 March 1898 5 shops and houses, Ready Carr Road, Marsden tender Daily Chronicle 30 April 1898 Surgery, stable & coach house at 24 New North Road tender

Page 180

Villa residence, Denby Dale TENDER Barnsley Chronicle 14 May 1904

Liberal Club extension, Marsden stone laying Leeds Mercury 17 June 1905 Opening Hudderstield Daily Examiner 4 December 1905

Conservative Club, Marsden stone laying Yorkshire Post 22 June 1908

Joshua Kirk

Joshua Kirk, Architect, Huddersfield - on Jury. Leeds

Page 181

from 1867 to 1869, was a member of the Shipley Local Board. Mr Knowles was a Conservative and a prominent Churchman, and earned esteem and respect throughout the district. In Bradford he followed his profession as an architect and land agent, and was joined by Mr W. Wilcock, of Moorhead, who now continues the business from which Mr Knowles retired many years ago. Politically, Mr Knowles worked assiduously for Wickham, when the latter put up in the Conservative interest for Bradford, and was returned. For the Church schools at Shipley Mr Knowles has done many services, for few schemes were propagated which did not receive his assistance. Two years ago he gave the money which bought the site for the now church of St.

Page 182

He attended Tuel Lane Chapel in Sowerby Bridge from a young age and then Sunday School. Later he moved into the uniformed organisations as a Scout and Venture Scout in the 24th Halifax Scout Troup, progressing to become Scout Leader and Group Scout Leader.

Married Angela 1962. Left widow. Daughter Catherine, son Alex and daughter-in-law Cath. He was a grandfather to Ben, William, Sam, Bethany and Sophie and great grandchildren, Izzy and Marnie.

John Law fl 1853

Landscape gardener and garden architect

Address Sheffield

Laying asphalt in Huddersfield area for Drs Ramsbotham, H B Taylor & Thos Mallinson Huddersfield Examiner 23 July 1853

John Law c1820-1885 Died Batley 3 March 1885 aged 65( Yorkshire Evening Press 4 March 1885)

Address Knottingley Wells, Batley

Had been In partnership with John Thomas Law as John Law & Sons Dewsbury Reporter 29 April 1882

Creditors’ meeting Dewsbury Reporter 29 April 1882 Works

Eight dwelling houses, Chapel lane, Heckmondwike tender Dewsbury Reporter 21 August 1869 Chapel on Wellington Street, Batley tender Batley Reporter and Guardian 1 March 1873 Broomhill New Connexion Chapel and School, Taylor Street, Batley foundation stone 1875 Bradford Observer 10 May 1875 Church opening

Page 183

Batley Reporter and Guardian 30 September 1876 Also Batley Reporter and Guardian 4 November 1904

25 Houses, Warwick Road, Batley tender Dewsbury Reporter 28 April 1877

Warehouse and Shed, Bradford Road, Batley tender Dewsbury Reporter 28 April 1877

?Eldest son, Benjamin Law, barrister marr 22 Feb 1887 (Morning Post 28 February 1887? son James passed his law finals Dewsbury Reporter 4 December 1880

John Law & Sons Batley (Dewsbury Reporter 3 July 1880)

John Thomas Law

Address 64 Commercial Street, Batley Dewsbury Reporter 22 March 1884

Works Offices at Alverthorpe Mills, Wakefield TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 22 March 1884

Great Grandson of Benjamin Law, shoddy and mungo pioneer (Dewsbury Reporter 23 November 1878)

James Lawton Architect, Uppermill

Hudderstield Chronicle 12 February 1881 J.H. Laycock, architect, fl 1884

James Leach see James Leech

Page 184

James Leech (1806-1870)

James Leech has already been noted briefly in connection with Joseph Kaye by whom he was

Page 185

1864 Residence, Lees Mill, Linthwaite.

Sale of Scammoden Mill see Leech for particulars and lithographs Bradford Observer 2/ December 1866, 3 January 1867

Death of widow, Ann, aged 61, Water Street 10 July 1879 Huddersfield Chronicle 12 July 1879

Leech & Beaumont

Works 1861 Houses at Birkby. 1864 Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Crosland Moor. 1866 Mill at Albert Mills, Lockwood. 1867 3 Shops and a cottage and enlargement of the, Green Cross Inn, Moldgreen. 1867 Villa at Quarmby. 1868 Raising a woollen mill and enlarging a reservoir at Quarmby. \ 1869 2 Houses at Outcote Bank.

19 Huddersfield Chronicle, 20.8.1870. 20 Ibid. 21 P Ahier, Three Parish Churches p.234. 22 Huddersfield Weekly Examiner, 25.5.1907.

©Edward Law

James Leech Jun. fl 1863

36 Spring Street Huddersfield Chronicle , 4 April 1863; May 9, 1863 pg 1; Public Notices

Joseph Leeming, 1849-1929 Assistant to Thomas William Helliwell of Huddersfield 1871-2 Source Brodie

Frank Littlewood b.1873

Page 186

Place of birth: Holmfirth Date of death: 25 September 1901 son of Joshua Lockwood (1794-1866) (qv) brother of William Henry Littlewood (1838- 1921) (qv)

Articled to his father, Joshua Lockwood

Addresses: Manchester(1860) Huddersfield Chronicle 31 March 1860; pg. 6

In independent practice from 1865, in partnership with William Mangnall and later his brother William Henry Littlewood as Mangnall &

Page 187

Personal: Married Miss Ann Beeley of Kirkburton at Kirkburton, 18 September 1828 (Leeds Mercury 20 September 1828) Disabled and in poor health for twenty years (Huddersfield Chronicle 8 March 1862; pg. 8) Marriage of Martha, eldest d. (Huddersfield Chronicle , September 27, 1862; pg. 8; and 4 October 1862; pg. 8) Death of Anne aged 58, wife of Joshua Littlewood, architect, Damhouse, Cartworth,14 January 1864 (Huddersfield Chronicle 23 January 1864; pg. 8) Notices of auctions of Damhouse (Huddersfield Chronicle , February 06, 1869 and 10 June 1876)

William Henry Littlewood (1838- 1921) Third son of Joshua Lockwood (1794-1866) (qv) Brother of John Littlewood (1829-1901) (qv) Father of Frank Littlewood (1873-) (qv)

Date of birth 16 June 1838 place of birth Holmfirth

see Brodie Articled to Travis and Mangnall (qv) in 1855.

In practice from 1875 and in partnership with William Mangnall, and John Littlewood (qv) as Mangnall & from 1875 until John’s death in 1901 and Frank Littlewood from 1901(qv).

Married Jane d. of late Thomas Powell, Bolton (Huddersfield Chronicle 7 December 1867; pg. 8)

Edward William Lockwood ARIBA, fl. 1878-1906 Addresses (Res) Armitage Bridge (1878) Market Hall Chambers, Huddersfield (1881) Whites Directory Byram Arcade (1883) Huddersfield Chronicle , December 08, 1883 24 Byram Street / Arcade(1894-1900) 3/ Byram Arcade (1906)

Works Four cottages at Armitage Fold for Mr R Campenot

Page 188

tenders (Huddersfield Chronicle , 25 May 1878) Memorial reredos, All Hallows, Almondbury unveiling Huddersfield Chronicle 24 July 1886 Berry Brow Conservative Club (Huddersfield Daily Chronicle, 2 August 1886; pg. 3 Berry Brow Wesleyan Chapel & Schools (Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 25 July 1892; pg. 3) Clayton, Holroyd & Co, drysalters, buildings at Longroyd Bridge. Court case where sculptor, Sam Auty sued the co and Lockwood Huddersfield Daily Chronicle, 14 October 1892; pg. 4) Parish Room, Honley Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 6 April 1893; pg. 3; House and chemist shop, Woodhead Road, Berry Brow TENDER Hudderstield Chronicle, 14 April 1894 Pavilion for Honley Cricket Club Opening ceremony Athletic News - Monday 14 May 1894 Tenders for house and surgery, Almondbury Huddersfield Chronicle , 16 June 1894 New school on central hall system, Almondbury. Huddersfield Chronicle , 16 March 1895, 9 November 1895; pg. 5; 15 November 1895; pg. 3; New School at Spring Croft, Linthwaite. Huddersfield Chronicle , 10 August 1895, 28 August 1895; pg. 4, 2 November 1895, 25 January 1896; pg. 7 Tenders for shops for Co-op at Honley. Huddersfield Chronicle 31 October 1896 Classroom in basement of a Honley School, Huddersfield Chronicle 18 December 1896, p4. Victoria Tower Runner up in the open design competition Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 1 September 1897 p 3 School for Linthwaite School Board Opening Hudderstield Daily Chronicle & Yorkshire Post 2 November 1897 New school and assembly hall Almondbury. Huddersfield Chronicle 2 January 1898 tender Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 22 January 1898 28 March 1898 p4. Schoolmaster’s house and alterations to a Honley School Huddersfield Chronicle , 19 March 1898. Alterations at Elmwood Terrace 1898

Page 189

dedication Leeds Mercury 16 May 1904

Education and training Articled to George W Richardson ARIBA of Wakefield. 1 year as improver in office of sir Thomas Graham Jackson (183501924). Professional qualifications ARIBA 23 May 1881: proposed by E Hughes, J O Scott, A Billing, resigned 1894. RIBA Nomination Papers A v/ p83. RIBA Nomination Papers fiche reference: 28/C/ Source Brodie, Directory of British Architects 1834-1914

H G Lockwood

Clerk of Works to Borough Architect

War memorial, Greenhead Park Supervised construction to designs of Sir Charles Nicholson unveiling Yorkshire Post 23 April 1924

In charge of Corporation housing programme and supervised construction of Cambridge Road Baths Yorkshire Evening Post 18 January 1932

Made redundant from Huddersfield Corporation after 13 years service Yorkshire Evening Post and Yorkshire Post 18 January 1932

John Lockwood Joiner and architect Address Golcar (1866)

Works National Schools, Golcar Opening Huddersfield Chronicle 22 April 1865; pg. 6 Westwood church School, Golcar (may just have done joinery) Opening Daily Chronicle 16 May 873; pg. 3

Lockwood & Mawson 1852-1878 Bradford

Henry & F Lockwood and William Mawson

Page 190

Ravensdeane — house, 1866 tenders Huddersfield Chronicle 31 March, 14 April 1866 (property unnamed)

enlargement and lodge for J H Taylor, 25/5/67)

See also htto:/

Frank Lodge FI 1854

Address Office Bridge End, Lockwood (1850) Huddersfield Chronicle , 27 April 1850 King Street , Huddersfield 1852-3 Huddersfield Chronicle June 11, 1853

Letting a house at Bay Hall The Huddersfield Chronicle , December 07, 1850

Letting of Bay Hall Cottage Huddersfield Chronicle , May 07, 1853

Notice of his examination as an insolvent debtor. Notice shows that from March 1848 to March 1852 he resided at Bridge End in Almondbury and carried on the profession of an architect and since March 1852 lived at Northgate, Almondbury, conducting his profession at King Street, Huddersfield. Huddersfield Chronicle , June 11, 1853

_ he is noted in the 1848 directory at Trinity Street.

His residence at Bridge End may indicate an association with the Brook family of the Star Inn (see James Brook).

The Huddersfield Chronicle , August 12, 1854; pg. 5;

©Edward Law

Alfred Lofthouse, c1835 -d. 24 April 1890

Born Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire Wife and widow Mary Father of Alfred Victor Adolphus Lofthouse (1868-1908) Addresses ??Cecil Street, Huddersfield ?? 1870 (death of Ernest Arthur Grainge aged 7, eldest

son of an Alfred Lofthouse 19 Feb) Westgate, Huddersfield & Fartown (Huddersfield Chronicle, 24 February 1872 & 10

Page 191

August 1872) Huddersfield & Manchester (Huddersfield Chronicle, 8 March 1873) Advert for Sale of Greenhouse Cottage, Fartown (Huddersfield Daily Chronicle, 28 December 1874) 1 Brunswick Street (Huddersfield Chronicle 11 March 1876) Brunswick Street (Huddersfield Chronicle 29 June 1878) 91 Wasp Nest Road (1881 census) Fartown (Huddersfield Chronicle 23 April 23 1887) Wasp Nest Road (death notice) Huddersfield Chronicle April 26, 1890; pg. 8 Greenhouse Cottage, Fartown (probate)

Liquidation by Arrangement or Composition with Creditors, instituted by Alfred Lofthouse, of Huddersfield, in the county of York, -Architect and Surveyor. The London Gazette, January 19, 1875.


3 blocks of Houses and shop, Birkby TENDERS Hudderstield Chronicle 25 May 1872 Tender advert for organ factory at Springwood Huddersfield Chronicle, 8 March 1873 Conacher Organ Works Daily Chronicle 18 August 1874; pg. 2 Artisans’ dwellings, Wakefield Road TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 11 March 1876 Dwelling house and shop, Bradley Mills, Leeds Road TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 2 December 1876 Blacker Lane — villa, 18/77 (Marsh plan 218) shop & house at North Dean, Kirkburton for Mr Ben Fisher Huddersfield Chronicle 6 October 1877; pg. 8 House at junction of Manchester Road and Cowersley Lane, Milnsbridge TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle, June 22, 1878 2 houses in Hillhouse Lane TENDERS

Page 192

Baptised, Burnley 1 Jan 1870

Home address 91 Wasp Nest Road (1881 census) Greenhouse Cottage, Wasp Nest Road (1891 census) 14 Spaines Road (1901 census) 14 Spaines Road (1908) death

John Lord (Junior)

Addresses Church Street, Brighouse (1885, 1887)

Public offices, Briggate for Brighouse Local Board tenders Hudderstield Chronicle 13 June 1885 Opening Hudderstield Chronicle 17 March 1887

surveyor to the local board Huddersfield Chronicle 20 August 1887

John Ernest Lunn, d 4 August 1964

Milnsbridge practice from circ 1895-1955

Home address Lee Ridge, Lindley (1940) Lawrence Dene, Queen’s Road, Edgerton (1955) 15a Queen’s Road, Edgerton (1964)

Formerly In partnership with Herbert Kaye (d 1932) in Milnsbridge Leeds Mercury 22 March 1933


Willow Bank, Halifax Rd — billiard room etc, 1896 (Lindley plan1073)

Public baths, Milnsbridge proposed Hudderstield Daily Chronicle 15 January 1898

Page 193

Three houses, Cross Hill, Warmfield TENDER Wakefield Express 28 May 1898

New Mill Marsden, TENDER 5 storey mill etc Huddersfield Chronicle - 29 July 1899

Milnsbridge Liberal Club Opening Leeds Mercury 27 February 1922

FRIBA by 1937

“Huddersfield Mayoralty Alderman John E. Lunn has accepted invitation to become Mayor of Huddersfield to succeed Alderman Walter Halstead, who died recently. Alderman Lunn native of Wellhouse, Golcar, but for many years has lived at Lea Ridge, Occupation Road. Lindley. He is architect and surveyor. He began business on his own account 48 years ago and is now the principal of the firm of Messrs. Lunn, Heppenstall and Lunn of Milnsbridge.

As the representative the Longwood Ward Alderman Lunn entered the Town Council in 1921 and was elevated to the Aldermanic Bench 1937. His work on the Council has mainly been occupied with that of the Housing Committee, of which has been chairman for more than ten years. He a former president of Huddersfield Choral society.” Yorkshire Post 9 April 1943

Mrs. J. E. Lunn Mrs. Annie ex-Mayoress of Huddersfield. and wife of Alderman J. E. Lunn died suddenly at Lea Ridge. Lindley, yesterday, the age 74. An active social worker during the two Great Wars. Mrs. Lunn did splendid service to the Y.W.C.A.., the W.V.S and other voluntary organisations. She was Mayoress the town in 1943. Mrs. Lunn, who before her marriage was Miss Sykes, of Lockwood, had two sons, one an architect, the other doctor, and a daughter. Yorkshire Post 7 June 1946

see HDE 30 September 1955, 5 August 1964

Norman Sykes Lunn, fl 1937-1965 B A Arch(Liverpool) Home address 20 Occupation Road, Lindley (1937) Educated at Silcoates School, Wakefield ( Yorkshire Post 22 March 1937) ARIBA by 1937 Son of John Ernest Lunn. Joined his father’s practice in Milnsbridge. Huddersfield Man's Distinction - Behind the announcement that Norman Lunn, as

Bedford Scholar of the Yorkshire Society of Architects, is to make a comparative study the buildings Paris, Rome, and Vienna is a record of diverse and enterprising

Page 194

work. Nowadays, Mr Lunn —who is son of Mr. J. E. Lunn, chairman of the Huddersfield Housing Committee—is in practice on his own account in the town, but has also had experience in the United States. He was the offices of Messrs, Wald and Corbett in New York City, and was engaged on an 84-storey skyscraper. One of his own projects is a National Library, a sort of British Museum-cum-Bodleian. It was with designs for such a scheme that he was Finalist for the Soane Medallion. Mr. Lunn was trained at Liverpool University's School of Architecture, where also took course in Civic Design, There he graduated as B.Arch., secured his A.R.1.B.A. and was awarded the Graduate Scholarship in Arts; becoming also Finalist for the Rome Scholarship. His new survey, which will occupy six weeks or so has for its aim to institute a comparison: between the historical growth the buildings of the three capitals—Paris, Rome, Vienna—and show the way they are meeting the common problem in modern development.. This should yield very variable results. Yorkshire Post 3 August 1935

Lunn, Heppenstall & Lunn Address Milnsbridge

15 Houses at Broadlands for Meltham UDC Yorkshire Post 19 March 1938

TENDER Alterations to Baptist Church, Priory Street, York Yorkshire Post 1 May 1939

TENDER stone houses for Stocksbridge UDC 14 Houses, Old Mill site, Deepcar 8 Bungalows, Wortley Road site, Deepcar 8 Bungalows. Broomfield Road site Yorkshire Post 9 May 1939

TENDER Infant School at Crofton, Nr Wakefield for WYCC Yorkshire Post 3 June 1939

TENDER 50 Houses at Botham Hall, Golcar for Colne Valley UDC Yorkshire Post 13 April 1946

Lunn & Lunn

Address Milnsbridge

Page 195

Works TENDER 18 houses at Sunny Heys for Meltham UDC Yorkshire Post 14 October 1950

Arnold M Luty Addresses: Elmfield, Elland (1918)

serving in Royal Engineers since 1915. Awarded MC. Huddersfield Daily Examiner,

Page 196

Skipton Cottage Hospital Opened Building News 8 December 1899 p/84

C F Mallinson & Son



House at Nettleton, Dalton tender

Page 197

Almondbury Board School, Fenay Lane foundation stone Hudderstield Daily Examiner 26 January 1874

James Mallinson 1819-1884

Brighouse Union Street Halifax (1850) home Balmoral Place, Halifax (1874)

From July 1845 was in partnership with Thomas Healey as Mallinson & Healey until Healey's death in 1862. The name of the partnership stayed with the practice of Healey’s sons. In partnership with William Swinden Barber(qv) c 1869-71

17th May 1845 married Mary, 3rd daughter of Samuel Waddington of Brighouse, at saint Martin's Church, Brighouse.

Mallinson & Barber c1869- 71

Partnership of James Mallinson (1819-1884) and William Swinden Barber(qv) dissolved 10 March 1871(London Gazette)

Address Post office Buildings, Halifax Hudderstield Chronicle 22 September 1866

Emmanuel Church, Shelley 1865-1869 Mallinson began work alone; completed in partnership with Barber Foundation Stone Huddersfield Chronicle 25 August 1866

Brighouse town hall And shops tenders Hudderstield Chronicle 22 September 1866


Page 198

Address Travis & Mangnall (qv) were at 3 Norfolk Street, Manchester in 1848 - 1855 (Slater's Directories of 1848 & 1855). In 1869 the partnership was Mangnall and Littlewood and was still based at 3 Norfolk Street.

Partnership of and William Mangnall and John

Page 199

Jeremiah Marriott c1805-1866

Architect, surveyor, civil engineer, valuer D 18 October 1861 Yorkshire Post 20 October 1866

Addresses Dewsbury 1837, Bradford Road, Dewsbury 1862

Works Woollen Mart, Batley Carr Road Opening Leeds Times 15 April 1837

Tolls on Leeds Turnpike tender Leeds Mercury 17 July 1841

Dewsbury cemetery chapels On 26 May 1857 a vestry meeting in Dewsbury parish church determined that a Burial Board should be established and by August of that year it had been agreed that an area of c 15 acres (6ha) of land at Dewsbury Moor should be purchased for a cemetery. The purchase, from the minister of the parish, the Rev Thomas Allbutt, was completed in January 1859 at a cost of £2500 (Burial Board Minutes).

In December 1858 Jeremiah Marriott and Son were appointed as surveyors and architects. On 11 February 1859 the Board approved plans for the chapels and other buildings and a total estimate for buildings and laying out the cemetery of £4000 which included two chapels, a lodge, and £60 for ‘levelling the round

Page 200

Sheriff's officer Bradford Observer 11 June 1846 Alderman Loughborough Monitor 26 March 1863

Married Miss Eastwood dau of late Mr Eastwood plumber & glazier of Dewsbury Bradford Observer 11 June 1846

Children inc

son, (infant d Leeds 3 February 1849) Charles Henry (d Dewsbury 2 September 1899 Yorkshire Post 4 September 1899) Emily Catherine (d Scarborough 1 May 1948 aged 91 Yorkshire Post 3 May 1948) Maria. Ebeneezer Chapel Feb 1861 James Edward Lee of Earlsheaton Bradford Observer / March 1861

sued Joseph Woodhead, newspaper prop for libel Loughborough Monitor 26 March 1863

Thomas Marriott Architect, builder and land agent

Works Ebeneezer Chapel, Long Causeway, Dewsbury 1814-5 Opened 19 May 1815 Dewsbury Reporter 2 March 1872

Page 201

Lost court case over deal on price of Parlington a trotting horse Leeds Times 12 March 1836

2nd dau Mary marr. In Dewsbury, Charles Pickles, joiner and builder, of Emley Bradford Observer 26 November 1840

James Mason

“After education at Marlborough and Cambridge, he was studying to become an architect and had, in fact, passed several of his examinations when one of the dons at Cambridge, who had seen his performance in an amateur production there, told him he ought to take to the stage as a profession” ‘Architect who became actor’ Leeds Mercury 1 September 1937

Frank Matcham Matcham successfully sued Northern Theatres Ltd for fees for work done for a

proposed Huddersfield theatre. Bradford Observer & Halifax Evening Courier 30 April 1907

David Matthewman

Architect and Draughtsman of Birkby Died 25 January 1860 aged 23 Huddersfield Chronicle 28 January 1860

F Mellor c1907- FRIBA 1941 1926 Leeds Corporation Dewsbury Corporation Huddersfield Corporation Middlesbrough, Corporation, education architect 1946-1948 Widnes, borough engineer 1948- Portsmouth City Architect

War service, overseas for three years with Royal Engineers.

Fred Mitchell, 1863-1938

Architect & surveyor son of Henry Mitchell, architect of Yeadon (Leeds Mercury 18 March 1918 p2)


Page 202

8 Hessle Terrace, Hyde Park, Leeds 1914 & 1918 (Yorkshire Evening Post 16 March 1918)

/ Walmsley Road, Hyde Park, Leeds (probate 1938) safe Deposit Chambers, Albion Street, Leeds Leeds Mercury 20 August 1898

9 Upper Fountaine Street, Albion Street, Leeds Yorkshire Evening Post 4 September 1899

9 Upper Fountaine Street, Albion Street, Leeds Leeds Mercury 20 March 1920

Attended Leeds Mechanics of Art, School of Science and Yorkshure College.

In office of Thomas Howdill and Messrs John Kirk & Sons of Huddersfield. Articled to Charles D Swale of Leeds/ Also trained with W Hoffman Wood , quantity surveyor and William Wheater, civil engineer. Started in independent practice 1887, in partnership with CD Swale 1887-97. (Brodie).

Only Dau Hilda marr. trainee pilot, Lieutenant Ambrose Tristram Smith (b York 6 May 1888 d Scarborough 1952) (Yorkshire Evening Post 16 March 1918 & Leeds Mercury 18 March 1918) (See Smith’s war service in Yorkshire Evening Post 25 March 1915 p5 col b Leeds Mercury 19 April 1915 and bankruptcy Yorkshire Evening Post 31 July 1923)

Sons Henry Elliott and George William,

Henry Elliott and George William traded as F Mitchell & Sons Architects & Surveyors at 9 Fountaine Street until 1950 when the partnership was dissolved. Henry Elliott continued the practice. Yorkshire Post 2/7 July 1950

Died 22 June 1938 (Yorkshire Post 24 June 1938). His widow Alice Mitchell died 18 February 1940 (Yorkshire Post 20 February 1940)

Obituary with portrait Mr Fred Mitchell, senior partner of F Mitchell and Sons, architects and surveyors. Upper Fountain Street, Leeds, who died Wednesday at his home In Walmsley Road. Leeds, aged /5, will buried at Lawnswood today. Mr. Mitchell who practised in the city for the past 45 years, was a Fellow of the Incorporated Association of Architects and Surveyors and a Leeds Architectural Society Medallist. For the past three years he was chairman of the Bronte Society, and lately on the Council of the Leeds Thoresby Society. He was also member of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society, the Newcastle Society Antiquaries, and the Oakwell Hall Preservation Committee. He was one the founders and secretary the old Leeds Musical Union, and member of the Leeds Philharmonic Society. Yorkshire Post 25 June 1938

Frederick Moorhouse, d. 1898

Page 203

Addresses: 5 New Street (1880) Huddersfield Chronicle 10 April 1880 5 New Street (1881) Whites Directory 5 New Street (1881) Huddersfield Chronicle 19 February 19, 1881 5 New Street and New Mill (1881) Huddersfield Chronicle 21 May 1881; pg. 7


Page 204

Westfield Terrace, 87 Bradford Road (1891, Huddersfield Directory, architect) Clara street, Hillhouse (Huddersfield Chronicle 15 October 1895)

Aged 45 with wife and 6 children in 1871 census Aged 63 , widower living with 3 adult children and grandchild

Death — found drowned in canal at Fieldhouse (aged 68?) Huddersfield Chronicle , October 19, 1895; pg. 8 (aged

Page 206

See also Newton and Evins

Newton and Evins, partnership 1874-7 John Birkin Newton (qv) and Frederick H. Evins( qv) Addresses: 9 New Street, Huddersfield (Huddersfield Chronicle 3 October 1874 February 12, 1876) Huddersfield & Meltham (Huddersfield Chronicle 5 August 1876) PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED Hudderstield Chronicle 5 November 1877; pg. 3

Works: Projected concert hall and hotel on corner of Princess and Alfred Street Huddersfield Chronicle November 20, p2 and 24 November p 3 1874. House and shop at Fartown TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle February 12, 1876 House and shop on site of Fartown toll bar for Jacob Lawton; boot and shoe maker — court case Huddersfield Chronicle 27 May p6 and 8 July p6, 1876. Alterations to Westfield Lodge, Trinity Street for Richard Mellor TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 5 August 1876 Projected auction room at Holmfirth Chronicle 21 July 1877; pg. 8 Corn mill, engine house, boiler house, long chimney. Six stall stable, wain house etc, For Gledhill & Brook, cornfactors, Holmfirth TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 28 July 1877

Sir Charles Nicholson 1867-1949 Sir Charles Archibald Nicholson, 2nd Baronet

B 27 April 1867 D 4 March 1949

Local works 1920 Rood Screen, St Thomas, Manchester Road c1920 Reredos, All Hallows, Kirkburton War memorial, Greenhead Park work supervised by HG Lockwood sub-committee to approve Yorkshire Post 30 June 1921 foundation stone laying Leeds Mercury / August 1922 unveiling Yorkshire Post 23 April 1924 1930-2 vestry, Holy Trinity, Thurgoland 1944 Reredos, Christ Church, Moldgreen

Page 207

Ralph Nicholson fl 1859-1878

son of F H Nicholson, draper of Halifax Bradford Observer 18 January 1855

Addresses: Architect & Surveyor, 6 Southgate, Halifax Leeds Intelligencer 16 July 1859 Central Buildings, Halifax Huddersfield Chronicle 22 March 1862, 29 July 1865 743 Parliament Street, Westminster? Yorkshire Post 3 March 1874 ?55 Parliament Street, Westminster? Huddersfield Chronicle 12 February 1889

Elected ARIBA cDec 1854 Bradford Observer 18 January 1855

?Ripon Diocesan surveyor? TENDERS Yorkshire Post 28 August 1873, 3 March 1874

?Appointed ecclesiastical dilapidation surveyor by Diocese of Wakefield? Huddersfield Chronicle 12 February 1889

Works: Congregational Church, Charlotte Street, Carlisle (now Jehovah's Witnesses, Kingdom Hall). Foundation stone dated 30 April 1860 English Heritage Two houses at Edgerton TENDERS Hudderstield Chronicle 22 March 1862 Rebuild of St Mary's Roman Catholic Parish Church, Halifax 1864-5 English Heritage Warehouse, Sheepridge, J D Woodhead & brother TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 29 July 1865 Enlarged Church, Luddenden Opening Yorkshire Post 17 September 1866 Congregational Church, Midgely TENDERS Halifax Courier 14 March 1868 Congregational Church, Booth Memorial stone Yorkshire Post 3 June 1868, Halifax Courier 6 June 1868 Rooms for The St James’s Club, Crown Street, Halifax Yorkshire Post 17 June 1868 Congregational Church, Charlotte Street, Carlisle (now Jehovah's Witnesses,

Page 208

Kingdom Hall). Extension dated on foundation stone 5 August 1878 English Heritage

Harry Noble OBE b c1934

OBE Birthday Honours 1993 For services to Local Government.


Training Huddersfield school of Architecture Planning at Leeds

Career Barnsley Dewsbury Deputy chief architect, Worcester -1973 Assistant city architect, Birmingham 1973- City architect & planning officer, Coventry - Director, Economic Development and Planning, Coventry City Council

Projects while at Birmingham include Housing at Tamworth NEC

Projects while at Coventry include leisure centre extension

Married, two children

Alexander North, 1858-1945

Born 2 October 1858, Huddersfield son of James North, linen draper and wife Lavinia, (née Briscombe) Articled at Kendal, he studied at the Kendal and, in London, the Lambeth schools of art. In 1876 he helped to prepare drawings for the Islington Union Chapel designed by James Cubitt whose writings on church architecture strongly influenced him. He afterwards travelled in Europe and in 1883 won a gold medal for his cathedral drawings in the National Competition of Schools of Art.

On 12 July 1883, for reasons of health, North left London for Hobart where on 19 August 1885 at The Church of St John the Baptist he married Lucy Mariannie Hamilton Morgan.

Died 28 May 1945 Rowella, Tasmania. H. S. East described North as

Page 209

see Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 11, (MUP), 1988

Harold Nuttall c1903-1949 ARIBA FRICS Address Home Old Clergy House, Church Walk, Almondbury (1945, 1948) 12 Gledholt Road, Huddersfield (1949)

Work High Street Buildings, Huddersfield (1944-9)

served articles with a Blackpool firm of architects became Chief Assistant Architect, Preston Corporation in 1928 Borough Architect to Eastbourne from 1934 Huddersfield Borough Architect and Town Planning Officer, September 1944-9

Works Eastborne 1938 police headquarters (cost £69,000), general hospital, maternity home and children’s clinics

Married, two children HDE 30 September 1944,

Died, in service, Huddersfield Royal Infirmary aged 46, 25 December 1949 HDE 30 September 1944, Yorkshire Post 30 September 1944 & 29 December 1949

Married, two children Probate (£3720) to Jane Nuttall and Susannah Nuttall, widows.

Richard Oastler

Articled to an architect his poor sight led to him giving up the work.

John Oates (1793-1831)

d 16 May 1831

Possibly the most accomplished of the early 19th century architects working in Huddersfield. It has been suggested that he came from Manchester, but in fact he was born at Salterhebble near Halifax, and probably trained in Manchester where he was noted (Colvin) in 1813.

Page 210

The period during which he practised in Huddersfield was short; he was known to be working in Halifax from 1822 to 1827, and is noted in Huddersfield in 1830 and 1831, though it is probable that he moved to the area in 1828 when his three local churches were all being built. His output included a number of churches over a very wide area, many of which were commissioned by the Church Building Commissioners.

Like W H Crossland, arguably the most talented of Huddersfield architects, Oates was the son of a quarry owner, and the knowledge of stone working and the properties of the material would be a most useful asset for the architect.

Of his secular work in Huddersfield the Lockwood Baths have been defaced from an aesthetic view, but the Huddersfield and Upper, Agbrigg Infirmary, his final building remains a fitting memorial to an outstanding talent. The design for the infirmary was selected by competition, and Oates's obituary (Halifax and Huddersfield Express 28 May 1831) records "he bore away the palm from some of the most celebrated architects of' the day particularly at the Huddersfield Infirmary.

The minutes of the Infirmary contain what little evidence is known of Oates in Huddersfield; shortly before his death in May 1831 he was living at Springwood when the practice was known as Oates, Pickersgill & Oates. The two surviving partners, his brother Matthew and Thomas Pickersgill completed the works which the firm had in hand, but practised in York.

An episode which shows the stature of Oates is recorded in the Infirmary minutes when in 1830 the Committee were asked to consider the following letter:-

March 16 1830, Springwood, I beg to inform you that I will attend the meeting of the Committee of the Huddersfield & Upper Agbrigg Infirmary on the evening of Thursday next the 18th inst. when I hope the Committee will take into consideration the circumstances of the Longwood Edge stone introduced by Mr Joseph Kaye contrary to his agreement instead of' the Radcliffe delf stone & decide whether the same shall be permitted to remain or must be taken down. lam sir, yours very respectfully, John Oates. To J C Laycock Esq.

We have already noted Oates's background which would enable him to detect the deception, and the credit which accrues to him is not from the detection of the departure from specification, but rather in pursuing the matter. Joseph Kaye (qv), the celebrated Huddersfield builder, was already a man of some standing, a major employer in the town and not without influence. He was in fact on the Committee of the Infirmary, and Oates had worked extensively with him on three churches. To have pursued the matter appears as the action of a principled and fearless man. The decision of the Committee "that Mr Oates the architect and under his directions the Clerk of Works are hereby instructed to see the terms of the contract and the specification strictly observed", reflects well on that body.

Page 211

After a short illness (Sheffield Independent 21 May 1831) Oates died 16 May 1831 and is interred at All Saint's, Paddock, beneath a handsome monument fitting to his talents, with the inscription:-

Here lie the remains of John Oates of Springwood, Architect, who died May 16 1831 in the 37th year of his age. In private life he was a kind husband an affectionate father and a sincere friend. Under his superintendence the Infirmary and St

Page 212

Career Articled with Norman Culley Posts in Bradford & Carlisle With Jackson & Fox, Halifax, supervised construction of Courier building, Halifax

Enlisted as private in Royal Engineers 6 June 1916. Went overseas 23 July 1917. Died from wounds.

Married Jan 1916. One son.

Halifax Evening Courier 19 November 1918

Edward O’Brien (1880-1917) Addresses: 3/ Waterloo Street, Birmingham (1911) Maryvale Road, Bournville, Birmingham (1911) 1 Mitre Street, Marsh, Huddersfield (1914) Professional qualifications LRIBA 1911:proposed by GS Nicol and the Birmingham Architectural Association. Personal details: Killed on active service Obituaries: RIBA journal v24, Sept 1917, p267 References:

Page 213

Samuel Overend

Address Dewsbury and Cleckheaton

Two houses, Ravenshorpe

tender Hudderstield Daily Examiner 13 March 1871

G Parker ARIBA

Address 33 Burnistone Drove, Oakes, Huddersfield (1971)

1971 Assistant Borough Architect (Education), Huddersfield Corporation

J Parkin fl 1872

No work identified.

Addresses: 4 Bath Buildings, Huddersfield

Advertised the local press for a few weeks in the summer of 1872 Huddersfield Chronicle 8 June 1872; 24 August 1872

The only local candidate is unlikely; in the 1871 census is James Parkin aged 26, a marble mason of 107 Hebble Terrace. He later suffered an industrial disease of marble masons and committed suicide in 1891 (Huddersfield Chronicle May 21 p.3 and 23 May 1891 pg. 5)

A ‘J Parkin’ advertised in the Leeds Mercury as an architect at High Town, Castleford, from October 18/70 to February 18771.

There was a John Parkin (later ‘and Son’), Estate agent and surveyor at Iridgehay near Wirksworth from the 1853 until 1880 when John R Parkin announced that the business would carry on under the same name after the death of his father John

Parkin; “land agents, valuers, architects and surveyors’ Iridgehay, Derby Derby Mercury 27 October 1880

Frederick John Parkinson c1871-1956

Architect & surveyor

Page 214

Addresses: 9 Richmond Terace, Blackburn (1896) Blackburn Standard 25 April 1896 Ellerbeck, Wellington Street, Blackburn (1901 census) Blackburn (1910) 12 St Silas Road, Blackburn (1956) probate

Elder of St George's Presbyterian Church, Blackburn and prominent member of the church. He wrote a pageant to mark St George's centenary in March 1928 and a book of Rhymes and Reveries in 1933.


Emmanuel Church, corner of Segar and Walmsley Streets, Great Harwood Foundation stone Blackburn Standard 26 May 1900

YMCA building, Limbrick, Blackburn (The former Sir Charles Napier public house, registered as an Asset of Community Value in 2015) Foundation stone, 9 May 1908 Opened 21 July 1910

Baptist Chapel & Sunday School, Sabden Tenders, Burnley Gazette 23 October 1909. Foundation Stone Burnley Gazette 15 June 1910

Presbyterian Church, New North Road, Huddersfield Corner stone laying Leeds Mercury 27 June 1910

Skegness Cottage Hospital Formally opened by the Countess of Scarborough 19 May 19 1913.

Blackburn Corporation organised a competition for the best decorated premises for a royal visit. F J Parkinson of Buncer Lane carried off first prize. July 1913

sunday School, St David’s Protestant Church, Eldon Street, Preston Opening Lancashire Evening Post 10 November 1930

St Ninian’s Church Hall, Charterlands Avenue, Hull. Dedication Hull Daily Mail 4 September 1931

Born Blackburn. Married Sarah Elizabeth Watson (b Blackburn) c 1906 son, John Leslie Watson Parkinson

Page 215

Thomas Lister Patchett fl 1877-1917

Addresses: Royal Insurance Buildings, Crossley Street, Halifax (1877) George Street Chambers, Halifax (1884)

Trainee and later partner in Horsfall, Wardle & Patchett. Partnership dissolved February 18/76. Partners included Richard Horsfall and Matthias Harris Wardle,


Wesleyan Chapel, Outlane TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 6 January 1877; Huddersfield Chronicle 20 January 1877; pg. 87 Foundation stone Huddersfield Chronicle 12 May 1877; pg. 6; Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 24 June 1878; pg. 4

Wesleyan Chapels and Schools, Stainland TENDERS FOR PAINTING Huddersfield Chronicle 26 January 1884

Outlane Wesleyan Schools- additions to Huddersfield Chronicle 30 August 1884; pg. 8

Papers in WYAS, Calderdale.

Henry John Paull 1831-1888 FRIBA 28 January 1867 Address

ot Peters Square, Manchester & 24 Cecil Street,Strand, London (Huddersfield Daily Examiner 18 February 1874)


Ossett Green Independent Chapel Sunday schools Opening Wakefield Free Press 30 September 1865

Congregational Church, Westgate, Cleckheaton Stone laying Daily Examiner 18 February 1874

John Payne c1838 — Q3 1869

Addresses: 1841 census, 40 King Street, with his parents, William Payne beerseller and wife Mary

1851 census, King Street, home of his widowed mother, Mary, beerseller

Page 216

1861 census, 89 King Street “The Old Diana,’ home of his widowed mother, Mary, beerseller with his wife.

1864, 5 June, Commercial Square (baptism of dau)

24 Albion Street Adverts in Huddersfield Chronicle 23 May 1868 to 23 January 1869.

Queen Street A prosecution of theft of carpet from Payne Huddersfield Chronicle 19 June 1869

1861 census.

Page 217

Articles with J Vickers Edwards WRCC architect 1899- ARIBA Appointed WRCC County architect in 1913 on death of Vickers Edwards.

served as county architect for 25 years. Shortlisted for Manchester’s City Architect post Yorkshire Post 1/ March 1932

Works Netherton Infants School 1914-1916 Deeds Registry, Wakefield Court House, Rotherham, 1928

Carlo Police Division HQ, North Park Road, Harrogate 1928-30 Yorkshire Post 25 January 1928 & 24 June 1930

Wakefield and West Riding Historical Pageant set, Clarence Park 1933 Yorkshire Post 12 June 1933

Obits Leeds Mercury 4 July, Yorkshire Post 4 July, Halifax Courier 8 July 1939

In an appreciation. Sir Charles McGrath, Clerk of the West Riding County Council, said: The West Riding has lost a valuable servant in the death of Mr. Platts. During the 25 years that he held the position of county architect he was responsible for the architectural design numerous important buildings, and whilst it might be said that his artistic work outweighed in value the administrative side his activities, yet it is due to his memory to say that Mr. Platts always discharged his duties with the greatest care and devotion to county Interests. He showed exceptional ability and capacity in planning and architectural design, of which examples are be found in county buildings in Wakefield and throughout the administrative area of the West Riding." Leeds Mercury 4 July 1939

Widow, Phyllis and dau. Probate £4790

Funeral report Yorkshire Post 7 Jul 1939 pg5

Portable Building Co, Manchester

Ashleigh, Edgerton — billiard room, 1901 (Lindley plan 2011)

?Pritchard, of York?

Page 218

1853 Independent Chapel, Stubbin, Hoyland Nether Huddersfield Examiner 20 September 1851

Charles Pritchett

Advert for articled pupil for Pritchett and Sons of York, Huddersfield & Darlington, Contact Charles Pritchett, Huddersfield Leeds Mercury - 20 November 1858


Design of display case for Great Exhibition Leeds Intelligencer 1 March 1851p5 colF

Ramsden Street Chapel bazaar decorated with evergreens to designs of C P Pritchett Leeds Mercury 23 February 1858

Sunday and day school, infant school, reading room, parsonage and terraced cottages (known as Bank Buildings) In letter from Joshua Major of Knosthorpe, Leeds

Page 219

Sources Colvin, Law

James Pigott Pritchett had practised in London but moved to York c1813. In partnership with Charles Watson he was responsible for the Ramsden Street nonconformist chapel erected in Huddersfield in 1824, and ten years later was the architect for the town's third parish church. He worked extensively for Earl. Fitzwilliam of Wentworth Woodhouse, but unfortunately seems to have committed some professional blunder which caused him to be excluded from consideration in the design for any building for the Ramsden estate at a time when they were reshaping Huddersfield. The Hon. Isabella Ramsden

Page 220

1835 Tower to St Meltham 1838 St Jamlding Brotherton Church. 1842 Huddersfield Vicarage.

1846 Railway Station, Huddersfield. 1852-3 Lion Arcade, Huddersfield. Clerk of Works William Stocks. Lion by Mr Seley (sic, presumably John Seeley) Huddersfield Examiner 19 November 1853 1856 Independent chapel, Honley, improvements (Huddersfield Examiner 5 January 1856) 1857 House, lodge and stabling at Hopton. Christ Church, Helm. Tenders Huddersfield Chronicle 31 July 1858 Consecration Huddersfield Chronicle 5 November 1859 Congregational School, Paddock Foundation stone Leeds Mercury 28 December 1858 p3 col D

Two cemetery chapels, lodge, gates etc, Colne, Lancs Tenders (Darlington office) Leeds Mercury 16 July 1859

Dean House Workhouse, Honley As Messrs Pritchett & Son entered the design competition

Page 221

©Edward Law The practice of Watson & Pritchett of Blossom Street, York, had become Pritchett & Watson by 1828, and the partnership was dissolved when Watson retired in 1831 (Gibson & Booth 2005)

Sustained compound fracture of shoulder in omnibus accident, at Big Valley Huddersfield Examiner 26 April 1856 p5

Arthur Quarmby 1934-2020

B Holmfirth 1934 D Meltham 4 March 2020

Sister; Katherine

1960 established Arthur Quarmby Partnership, In 1981 AQP, later One 17AD and One 17 Design

Associate Jack Sugden In 1965, he joined the GIAP (Groupe International d’Architecture Prospective), thereafter going on to collaborate with the Habitat Evolutif association and Pascal Hausermann, Chaneac and Antti Lovag. In 1974, in his book, The Plastic Architect, he brought to the forefront the latest research around the globe on plastics. During the 1980s and ‘90s contributed to architecture magazines (Architects’ Journal, Building Design, etc.).

Submitted a planning application for a fantastic Holme Valley castle on the

Page 222

Underhill, Holme 1975 Mount Pleasant School redevelopment 1976 Cumbria Visitor Centre, Penrith

Constable of the Graveship of Holme Member of Huddersfield Choral Society Member Colne Valley Male Voice Choir.

Marr Jean

Issue 1. Jonathan Hugh (born 20 December 1961, Huddersfield) Studied architecture at

Page 223

1869 work on Lascelles Hall brewery for Richard Durrans court case Chronicle 23 July 1870

St Marks School Room, Longwood Heights Opening bazaar Huddersfield Chronicle 6 April 1872

Noted as an architect in the town from 1843 to 1872, he was a member of the family which founded the present building firm of John Radcliffe & Son in the early years of the 19th century.

It is possible that he worked extensively with the building firm, for in the local papers which through the 1860s carried advertisements for the letting of contracts by architects there is only one instance for James Radcliffe, in 1869, when he was letting the rebuilding of Bankhouse Mill, Milnsbridge. About 1844 he had produced plans for enlarging a mill dam associated with John Whitacre's Woodhouse Whitacre had about that time been' commissioning a new mill, and although the names of several parties who were involved in the planning are known, Radcliffe was not amongst them. He was, however, involved with some of the ancillary works; in 1845 he presented estimates for completing eight cottages at Woodhouse mill, and the year before for a "willey-place" — a room for a willowing-machine. In the 1850s he acted for the Thornhill estate. We may imagine from what few details we do know of him that he was another of the mill architects, in the mould of James Leech, aclass of architect for whom little evidence appears.

Marr Mary Ann (b c1820 Almondbury, d 17 July 1867 aged 47) Huddersfield Chronicle - Saturday 20 July 1867

Isabella b c1842 Ellen b c 1843 Honoria b c1845 Clara b c1847 Albert Shaw b c 1849 James Alfred b c 1850 John W b c1854 George Ab c1858

29 West Yorkshire Record Office C296/233.

©Edward Law

S Radcliffe, fl, 1868. Address

Page 224

New Street Huddersfield (1868) References Architect's Directory (1868) source Brodie, Directory of British Architects 1834-1914

Alfred Rainforth fl 1877-1882

Addresses: Office Central Buildings, Market Place, Dewsbury & Huddersfield Road, Ravensthorpe (Dewsbury Reporter 1 June 1878, 3 July 1880) New Street, Ossett (Dewsbury Reporter 10 December 1881, 2 September 1882)

Home Lydgate Horbury (Dewsbury Reporter 10 December 1881, 2 September 1882)

Works 2 cottages on Marriott Street, Dewsbury plans Huddersfield Chronicle 5 June 1877 House and outbuildings on Beacon Street, Dark Lane, Ravensthorpe Tenders Dewsbury Reporter 1 March 1879 Billiard Room, coach builders showroom, stables and carriage house at Talbot Hotel, Batley tenders Dewsbury Reporter 28 June 1879 House and shop at Ravensthorpe Tender Dewsbury Reporter 3 July 1880

James Ramsden Architect, Huddersfield on Sessions Jury Wakefield Free Press 2 March 1867

Mir Ratcliffe fl 1872

Keith J Rawson ARIBA

Address Hazelwood 31 Church Lane Mirfield 9HX (date?)

Trained at Huddersfield School of Art

Page 225

Partner in Huddersfield Office of Abbey and Hanson Rowe and partners in 1973

Alfred E Rhodes fl 1883

Addresses: Cheapside, Heckmondwike Dewsbury Reporter 1/7 March,11 August 1883

Works two semi detached villas, Leeds Road Liversedge TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter - 17 March 1883 Detached house, Staincliffe TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 11 August 1883

Sidney Mark Richmond c1898-1971 FRIBA AMTPI b. Harwich, Essex Addresses 6 Hulbert Croft, Almondbury (1950) 12 Gledholt Road, Huddersfield (1951, 1961) 3 The Drive, Dovercourt, Essex (1962-71) Training & Employment During WW/1 served with Royal Engineers Assistant to Architect & Surveyor, Tendring RC, Essex from c1920 Essex CC? 1931 Newcastle City Council becoming Chief Architectural Assistant for Housing 1934-45 Chief assistant architect for general architecture

1945-8 Deputy City Architect, Newcastle

West Hartlepool borough architect 1948-50 Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail 29 January 1948, 8 April 1950

shortlisted for post of Borough Architect and Director of Housing, Birkenhead Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail 2 April 1949

Page 226

Huddersfield Borough Architect 1950-62 Works Renovation of Seaton Carew swimming pool 1949-51 Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail 1 April 1949, 5 May 1949, 16 February 1950, 2 March 1950

Published plans for redevelopment of Seaton Carew front and Festival of Britain memorial Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail 3 and 8 March 1950

County Primary School, Rift House Estate, West Hartlepool TENDERS Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail 24 March 1950 Design for Borough boundary signs Approved by council HDE 8 January 1953 Oakmead Residential Nursery, Lindley, 1953-6 Huddersfield Crematorium Holly Bank Technical Training College hostel Ambulance Station, Gledholt Bradley County Primary Crosland Moor County Primary Deighton Secondary Modern Rawthorpe Voluntary Primary Rawthorpe County Junior Lindley Voluntary Infants Reinwood County Primary

Fire Station

Civic Centre phase 1

Died 17 April 1971 aged 73

Obit, HDE 22 April 1971

Frederick William Ridgway c1861-1941

D 23 August 1941 aged 80

Page 227

Youngest son of Matthew Ridgway, Dewsbury mayor 1870 - 1871 FRIBA

Addresses: Church Street, Dewsbury Dewsbury Reporter 26 April 1884 Borough Chambers, Dewsbury Yorkshire Post 26 January 1891

Home school Lane, Dewsbury Moor (1913) The Lawn, School Lane, Dewsbury (1927, 1941)

Works: Weselyan Mission Room, Eastborough, Dewsbury TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 26 April 1884 Reservoir for Syke Ing Mill Co TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 4 October 1884 Dewsbury Friends Adult School, Peel Street, Dewsbury Opening Leeds Times 15 January 1887 Liberal Club, Bond Street, Dewsbury, converted from warehouse Opening Leeds Mercury / December 1904

Married Alice Muriel 3 dau of Albert Holmes Kirk, architect of Dewsbury 2 March 1905 (Yorkshire Post 3 March 1905). She died 1961.

Child Lorna Joyce Kirk (married Crawshaw)

Obit Yorkshire Post 26 August 1941 secretary of the Dewsbury, Batley and District Deaf and Dumb Institution for over 40

years Yorkshire Post 28 April 1930. He was presented with a photographic portrait of himself by the institution Yorkshire Post 23 July 1927

C.H. Riley, architect, fl 1884

Paul Robinson Manchester

Works Cote Royd, Halifax Rd — billiard room etc, 1870 (Lindley plan 27)

Charles Henry Ronah Robottom 1832-1896

Page 228

B Santa Cruz, St Vincent, 1832 D Putney 24 January 1896.

Addresses Wandsworth & Clapham Union Workhouse (1841 census) Meltham Huddersfield Chronicle 2 March 1878. Meltham Huddersfield Chronicle 1 May 1878 Meltham and Huddersfield (London Gazette 30 August 1878) Commercial Square (Huddersfield Chronicle 1 March 1880) Commercial Street, Huddersfield (Huddersfield Chronicle 10 May 1880) Kinnfanns, 46 Werter Road, Putney (Commercial Gazette 28 January 1886) 14 Werter Road, Putney (1891 census) 3 Northside Terrace, East Putney (probate 1896)

Lieutenant, First Surrey Rifles, London Gazette 2 March 1860 Captain, First Surrey Rifles, London Gazette 21 May 1861

Architect (1871 census) ‘was formerly with Mr Gilbert Scott, London’, (Huddersfield Chronicle 14 August 1880) ‘he had considerable experience of the restoration of churches’

Assistant to John Kirk & sons Huddersfield Chronicle 22 June 1876 p4 Architectural assistant (London Gazette 30 August 1878) Assistant to Kirk & sons 1879 (Huddersfield Chronicle 13 December 1879 p6) Manager for John Kirk & Sons (Huddersfield Chronicle 14 August 1880) Civil Engineer and Architect (Commercial Gazette 28 January 1886) Civil Engineer (1891 census) Fined for having an unlicensed dog Huddersfield Chronicle 1 May 1878 Bankruptcy London Gazette 30 August 1878

Marr at St Peter’s Eaton Square, Louse Marie Alsop (widow), 21 April 1864, only daughter of J H Fisher, Chapeland, Walthamstow.

Probate, £750 to his widow

Josephus Jagger Roebuck (1805-1861)

Architect, civil engineer, joiner, cabinet maker Addresses: New Street (1846) Leeds

Page 229

Joiner & Builder 58 Manchester Road Huddersfield Chronicle 15 February 1851

Manchester Road Huddersfield and Holmfirth Examiner 8 May 1852, 14 January 1854

Goderich Villa, New North Road (1856, 1861) Died 18 August 1861 aged 56 Roebuck is noted in directories of 1830, a joiner, Joiner & cabinet maker Leeds Patriot 2 June 1832, Hull Advertiser 1 June 1832

In 1845, a partner in the firm of J J & WHA Roebuck, cabinet makers and upholsterers. But it appears that even prior to this latter date he was acting as an architect, or possibly a clerk of works, for in 1844 the letting of the building of two shops and a warehouse opposite the Rose & Crown Inn, in Kirkgate, invited applications to The Rose & Crown, or to 'M J J Roebuck, Manchester Road.

An inspector of works on Huddersfield and Manchester Railway Leeds Intelligencer 8 August 1846

From a report on the opening of the Huddersfield to Coper Bridge Railway of 3 August 1847; The chief feature of this railway, so far as it is opened for traffic, is the viaduct at Huddersfield, which is one of the noblest structures of the kind in England. It consists of 43 square and 4 oblique arches. The skew arch over the Bradford road is constructed on the very quick angle of 37 degrees 30 minutes and 39 feet from the road line, to the line of the rails; with a versed sine of nine feet 6 inches, and a chord line of 67 feet. We understand that even this extremely quick angle is not the extent to which, by strict geometrical principles, an oblique arch can be constructed.

The directors had a beautifully finished model of this bridge placed in the dining room of the George Hotel, and also on the left of the chairman during dinner there was hung a highly finished geometrical drawing, 4 ft. 6 in. by 2 ft. 6 in., executed by Josephus J. Roebuck, contractor's assistant, (who delineated and superintended the whole of the oblique bridges on the contract) and which we heard named as ranking amongst the first class a drawing, and of equal merit as a delineation of an oblique arch. It consists of plan, elevation, and four sections, and sectional elevations, showing almost every outward stone In the bridge, and fully proving if that there are few operations of art to which the man of science can apply his speculative principles with such effect as in the erection of an oblique arch. Leeds Mercury 7 August 1847

As civil engineer he provided measurements in arbitration over dispute on work done on the Huddersfield viaduct Leeds Times - 20 May 1848

As civil engineer, advertised for

Page 230

In an 1851 letter to the editor he wrote about his status / title from Manchester Road (Huddersfield Chronicle 12 April 1851 p1)

Advertises for

Page 231

1852-3 Four warehouses and four shops (to be taken by Messrs Brown, Longworth & co merchants & and Messrs Harris & Appleton, Drapers) on John William St, St Peters St. & Church St (Huddersfield Chronicle 17 April 1852; pg. 5 & 1 October 1853; pg. 5. Huddersfield Examiner 17 April 1852 pg. 5) 1852 Warehouse, John William St for George Mallinson & Sons. Tender Huddersfield Examiner 4 September 1852 p4 1853 Villa, New North Road. 3 shops and 3 houses, Honley. TENDER Huddersfield and Holmfirth Examiner 1 October 1853

1861 Warehouse, St. Peter's St for William Mallinson. Marr at Kirkleatham, Harriet youngest dau of C Williams, painter of Stockton and niece of Wiliam Williams, barrister of Durham Leeds Patriot 2 June 1832, Hull Advertiser 1 June 1832

Page 232

Became partner of Abbey Hanson in 1947 or 1948 or 1950! Later senior partner

Profile in WYSAd Vol 20 No2 sept 1960 pp2-3

Watson Rowe 1891-1972

Entered Abbey Hanson 1910. Either in 1937 Or on death of John Henry Hanson in 1941 joined Frank Abbey as a partner.

Address 585 Bradford Road, Bradly Bar, Huddersfield (1972)

As chair of Huddersfield Society of Architects complains about bus shelter in St Georges Sq; “unsightly and expensive’ Yorkshire Post 27 October 1951

Father of Geoffrey A Rowe Marr Susan Lund, Halifax 3Q 1915

Died 16 March 1972

John Rushforth c.1822-

Address Market Place Corner, Huddersfield Huddersfield Chronicle 9 May 1868 1 New Street Huddersfield (1870) White's Directory of Leeds & the West Riding Albert Street, Lockwood (1885) Huddersfield Chronicle, 21 March 1885


Page 233

where he farmed 10 acres; the same source shows that he was also practising as an architect and that his 14 year-old son was employed in the office.


Page 234

Works The Gables, Thornhill Rd — house, 1889 (Lindley plan 746)

Russell Scott Schofield, b. 1857 SEE BRODIE

Scott!!! At the rearing supper for St Thomas’s Church. Longroyd Bridge the architect is described and toasted; Albert Scott Esq. A Mr Kirk is also described as architect and

toasted! See John Kirk The Huddersfield Chronicle 16 January 1858; pg. 5

George Gilbert Scott ot Thomas’s, Longroyd Bridge Call for tenders, Huddersfield Chronicle 13 September 1856 Foundation stone laying in Huddersfield Chronicle , 21 March 1857; pg. 5 Dinner for clerk of works Huddersfield Chronicle , 2 July 1859; pg. 5 and Consecration, pg. 6. Description; Huddersfield Chronicle November 05, 1859; pg. 7

Charles H Senior

Address Gibson Street Oakes, Huddersfield Daily Examiner 28 July 1888

Works Tender for plastering six cottages, Wellington Street Huddersfield Daily Examiner 28 July 1888

Charles Seward engineer

PRESTON GUARDIANS. MECHANICAL ENGINEER Mr. Charles Seward, jun. was appointed by a practically unanimous vote to the position mechanical engineer at the workhouse,

The newly-appointed engineer a local man, being the son of Mr. Seward, heating engineer, Preston is 29 years of age and has served two years in architect's office, addition to served his time as engineer at Messrs Allsup and Co.’s works. Strand- road, Preston. His last appointment was with the Huddersfield Corporation, under which body he has for the last two years been employed as engineer in connection with their electric trams department. In this capacity he has had charge of three engines, one of over 1,300 and two over 1,000 horse power each Preston Herald 27 June 1903

Page 235

Seymour Harris Partnership of Birmingham

Huddersfield works 1966-1974 comprehensive redevelopment area Phase 1 Ramsden House, New and Corporation Streets Phase 2 Princess Alexandra Walk (south side), piazza and new market hall Phase 3. Former market hall site Phase 4 Shambles and Princess Alexandra Walk (East side),

Sharp & Law Bradford shopfitters

Lee Street, Bradford In advertisement “progressive shop

Page 236

Office The Julian, Cheap Street, Sherborne

Training and career Educated at Rugby School Articled to Messrs Edwin T Hall, London During

Page 237

— “The moon lies sweet on Garrigill To-night, and over many a hill softly the little stars come out."— Thus thinks he wandering lone about Grey streets; his pain no tongue can tell, Dreaming of his native fell.

And quiet hamlets where life flows As still as peace and only Knows Of stone-walled fields and sheep that lie On windy fell-tops near the sky; And many honest lad and true; And one fair woman whom he knew.

Page 238

Architect, painter and plasterer

B. Royd House, Linthwaite 1841 Son of Edward, painter and plasterer. Christened 26 December D. 3Q 1884, Huddersfield 9a 2771

Addresses: Knowl Bank, Golcar (1861) census; painter Golcar Edge, Golcar (1871) census; painter & plasterer employing 5 men Golcar Edge, Golcar (1879) Brook Lane, Golcar (1881) census; painter

Works: 6 cottages near Junction Inn, Golcar TENDERS Hudderstield Chronicle 14 April 1877 4 Houses and shop at Knowl Bank, Golcar TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle , February 23, 1878 Claim for

Page 239

Date of death: 19 September 1903 aged 69 Place of death: Huddersfield, Probate £3136 15s Addresses: Colne Road (1870) Primrose Hill, Huddersfield south Terrace, Primrose Hill, Huddersfield (1878) 15 Stile Common Road, Primrose Hill (probate)

Works: 3 blue-slated houses in Thornton Lane Paddock TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 22 May 1869 4 houses at Hillhouse TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 29 October 1870 4 houses at Primrose Hill TENDERS Hudderstield Daily Examiner 18 April 1874 House in Whitehead Lane, Primrose Hill TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 2/7 January 18/7 House at Whitehead Common, nr Lockwood TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle , February 24, 1877 2 houses at Castle Houses TENDERS

Page 240

TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 28 February 1885 Ten houses(blue slated) and bathrooms etc to existing property at Yews Mount, Lockwood TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 16 May 1885 2 houses in Dalton TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 23 January 1886 House, mechanic’s shop, foundry etc on Colne Road TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 28 July 1888 House on Rawthorpe Lane, Dalton TENDERS

Page 241

Addresses Millbridge, Liversedge Dewsbury Reporter 15 November 1879

works: 7 terraced houses, Purwell TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 15 November 1879

Arthur Smith, Architect, CE & Surveyor, b c1844, d.1888 Addresses: 49 New Street (Huddersfield Chronicle , March 7, 1874) 50 New Street(Huddersfield Chronicle 6 May 1876) Victoria Chambers, Queen Street (Huddersfield Chronicle 8 September 1877) Victoria Chambers

Page 242

Villa residence, Marsh TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 18 November 1876

Pair of semi-detached villa residences, New North Road TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 3 February 1877

11 dwelling houses and outbuildings at Primrose Hill for Huddersfield Industrial Society TENDERS

Page 243

b Winterton, Lincolnshire Addresses

14 Norfolk Row (Sheffield Independent 21 May 1881) Norfolk Row (Huddersfield Chronicle 6 August 1891) St Peter’s Chambers, Hartshead, Sheffield and Holmfirth (Sheffield Independent 8 February 1892) Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth (Huddersfield Chronicle 2 April 1892) St Peter's Chambers, Hartshead, Sheffield and Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth (Barnsley Chronicle 16 February 1895) st Peter's Chambers, Hartshead, Sheffield

Page 244

tenders Barnsley Chronicle 16 February 1895 Wesleyan chapel, Howard Road, Walkley foundation stone Sheffield Independent 14 April 1899 Wesleyan Methodist Church, Eccleshall Road, Sheffield almost completed Sheffield Daily Telegraph 22 September 1904

Marr Sarah Jane (b Holmfirth c1849) c1888 1 daughter, Florence (b York c1889) and a child that died in infancy

sarah Jane died 3 July 1917 (probate)

Luther Smith b c1885-1955 b Huddersfield 2 January 1885 d Huddersfield March 1955 son of Catherine nee Furness (d 1920) & Carmi Smith (1847- 4 June 1923), butter

merchant (member of school board 1994-2, education committee 1902-04, councillor 1904-9, alderman 1909-20, magistrate 1913-, Huddersfield Mayor 1918-9)

Address 12 Victoria Road, Lockwood (1891, 1901)

117 Victoria Road, Lockwood (1913) Woodfield House, Lockwood (1927, 1931)

24& 26 Ramsden Street 9 Kirkgate Buildings, Huddersfield Yorkshire Post 17 December 1932

Training & employment Clerk’s assistant (1901 census) Architectural assistant, Huddersfield Corporation (1911 census) Architectural assistant (father’s probate 1923) Huddersfield Borough Architect by 1927

Role transferred to borough engineer 1 Oct 1931 Yorkshire Post 18 September 1931, Yorkshire Post 22 October 1931

Page 245

Made redundant after 21 years of service Yorkshire Evening Post and Yorkshire Post 18 January 1932, Yorkshire Post 21 January 1932

works Extension to Greenhead Park

Page 246

Two houses and shops Town Street, Batley Carr TENDER Dewsbury Reporter 12 March 1881 Mill at East Ardsley TENDER Dewsbury Reporter 3 February 1883 Villa, Savile Estate, Soothill Upper TENDER Dewsbury Reporter 14 April 1883

Churchwarden, Holy Trinity, Batley Carr Yorkshire Post, 19 April 1873

A A Stanford

Assistant with Lunn & Lunn (AJ 2 June 1955)

James Benjamin Stansby -1902 d 24 Nov 1902

Addresses Yelverton, Norwich 98 Regents Park Road, London (1902) L&NWR company architect

Collapse of newly erected station roof

Page 247

Berry Brow House, Carriage Drive, Armitage Bridge 1967-9 (with Robert Clayton)

see Peter Stead; a life in dynamic equilibrium by Lynne Green and Robert Hall (Kirklees Council 2006)

Stead & Kaye

masons, Bradford Rd Ravensdeane, Thornhill Rd — extension to lodge, 18/7 (Lindley plan 188)

Alterations at Elmwood Terrace 1883 (BP1210)

Frank Reginald Steele b c1906 FRIBA FSI AMTPI AMIStruct

Educated at a Staffordshire high school. Articled with a Stoke-on-Trent firm, and was an assistant with the firm from 1928- 30. From 1930 to 1936 he was senior assistant engineer at Wolverhampton and in the following year was principal architectural assistant to Huddersfield borough engineer. In1937 he went to Bristol as architect to Bristol Education Committee. From 1938 chief assistant to Bristol City architect. Appointed Exeter City Architect July 1944. Steele told the Exeter City Council he had had 21 years’ experience, including his training, having been continuously with various local authorities in the past 14 years. He had designed a wide variety of buildings, and had been engaged on the replanning of the central area of Bristol and the preservation of ancient buildings. He had previously been on the short-list for appointment as Southampton borough architect, and was runner up for the appointment of Director of Housing at Glasgow. Western Morning News 27 July 1944

NEW COUNTY ARCHITECT Chichester will soon be welcoming Mr. Frank Reginald Steele, A.R.I.B.A., at present City Architect of Exeter, who has been appointed County Architect of West Sussex, in succession to Mr. C. G. Stillman, who left us some time ago to take up a more responsible appointment in Middlesex. Mr. Steele, who is 40, is a native of Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, and comes with much experience and many qualifications. He is

Page 248

49 Lindisfarne Terrace, North Shields (1911) 21 Dean Street, Newcastle-upon- Tyne (1911) Overdeane, Monkseaton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1914) Education and training: Educated at South Shields Higher Grade School. Articled to William Hope 1894-98 and remained as assistant 1898-1906. Attended Armstrong College, Newcastle. Travelled in Belgium. Proessional and practice information: started independent practice 1906 in North Shield and Newcastle-upon-Tyne. In partnership with Henry Gibson 1904-1915, Herbet Selwyn Dixon (b 1860) 1918- 1921, Joseph Charleton Maxwell 1922-1930 and Vincente G Stienlet 1932-1950. Works:

Huddersfield Works Westgate House, 5 Westgate, a rebuilding of the Paragon Hotel, Chancery Lane. For Ernest Clough 1923-24, plan No 13375 Bugalow, Talbot Avenue, plan No 14022

Obituary Builder v178 28Apr 1950 p547 Sources RIBA Nomination Papers L v15 no,1066

Married Stewart

Ben Stocks 1838-1911


Office Bankfield Road, off Manchester Road, 1868

Move from Bankfield Road to Union Bank Yard Daily Examiner 14 February 1874 No. 7 Union Bank Yard, New Street, 1881 Move from 7 Union Bank Yard to St Peter’s Street West Huddersfield Chronicle 8 September 1894

Home Bankfield Road, off Manchester Road, (1871 census) Cambridge Road (1881 census) 16 Cambridge Road (1891 & 1901 census, 1911 probate)

Brother of John Ainley Stocks.

Page 249

Ben Stocks was born at Bradford Road, Huddersfield 12 March 1838, son of Mr. John Stocks, contractor of Hillhouse Lane. He was educated at Fartown Grammar school, and was brought up in his father’s business this included the construction of a tall chimney at the Fire Brick and Clay Works, Fieldhouse.

He studied at evening classes at the Mechanic's Institute (then in Nelson’s Buildings, New Street). Freehand and architectural drawing were his principal studies. He had an obviously had aptitude for drawing for when he was only seventeen years old he became assistant drawing master to the institute.

In 1863, he joined the staff of John Kirk’s architectural practice. Kirk (1817-1886) had by this time offices in both John William Street, Huddersfield and in Dewsbury. In 1868 Stocks left Kirk and set up on his own, first on Bankfield Road, off Manchester Road, and by 1881 from No. 7 Union Bank Yard, New Street.

About 1901 Stocks’s practice moved to offices at the top of St Peter’s Street. In september, 1904, Arthur Sykes became a partner, from that time the practice was called Stocks and Sykes.

97 New North Rd 1870 (BP100) 81/3 New North Rd 1871 (BP138) 14 Belgrave Terrace - Gothic refronting of existing house 1871 (BP172) 93/5 New North Rd 1871 (BP186)

Co-operative store, Paddock report on success of store Daily Examiner 20 February 1874

4 houses, Ashbrow tender Hudderstield Daily Examiner 21 March 1874

Sunday school, out-offices and boundary walls, Primrose Hill tender Hudderstield Daily Examiner 21 March 1874

School and classrooms at Shepley tender Daily Examiner 4 April 1874

Cooperative store, five houses and outhouses at Primrose Hill tender Hudderstield Daily Examiner 25 April 1874

Page 250

Liberal Working Mens Club, Market Street, Paddock Foundation stone laying Huddersfield Chronicle 27 April 1874 Huddersfield Daily Examiner 2 May 1874

Deighton Board School Opening Daily Examiner 9 May 1874

Alterations and enlargement of Endowed School, Thurstonland tender Hudderstield Daily Examiner 9 May 1874

Villa Residence at Longwood tender Hudderstield Daily Examiner 6 June 1874

2-20 Cambridge Rd 1875 (BP389)

Trafford House, Edgerton - additions, 1876 (Lindley plan 129); greenhouses, 1879 (Lindley plan 267)

Longdenholme, 34 Greenhead Road, built from 1879 to 1882 for Joseph Woodhead

Deveron House, Queen’s Rd — villa, 1880 (Marsh plan 360); stables, etc, 1882 (Marsh plan 436)

9-11 Belmont St 1880 (BP917)

New North Road Baptist Sunday School stone laying Huddersfield Chronicle - 20 June 1881 opened Bradford Observer 8 April 1882

Glenwood, Halifax Rd — 3-storey addition, 1883 (Lindley plan 468)

Enlargement of Wesleyan Sunday School, Longwood Memorial Stone laying Huddersfield Chronicle 12 August 1882

Stables, Bath St 1885 (BP533)

Oakes Board School extension Opening Bradford Weekly Telegraph 15 May 1886

Page 251

Outlane Board School Hudderstield Daily Chronicle 7 January 1886; pg. 3 OPENING The Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 14 January 1887; pg. 4

Extension to North Bank, Birkby Lane for William Child (Fartown building plan 1368 June 1886)

Ravensdeane, Edgerton — additions, 1887 (Lindley plan 634)

Wesleyan Chapel, Thurlstone TENDER Barnsley Chronicle 24 March 1888 p4

PRIMITIVE METHODIST SCHOOLS, Northumberland / Lord Street. Foundation Stone Hudderstield Daily Chronicle 26 November 1888 Memorial stone laying. Daily Chronicle 6 June 1889; pg. 3; Opening Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 6 January 1890; pg. 3 “A great architectural improvement to this part of the town” SCRAPS AND HINTS Huddersfield Daily Chronicle , 7 January 1890; pg. 3

Congregational Chapel, Penistone (Netherfield Independent) Renovations Barnsley Chronicle 29 August 1891 pg8

Providence Independent Chapel, Stainland, alterations and reseating tenders Hudderstield Chronicle 29 June 1895

Alterations to Board School at Millhouse tenders accepted Sheffield Daily Telegraph 21 October 1895

Temperance Hall, Princess Street, Huddersfield Opening Halifax Evening Courier 2 September 1901

Hillhouse Free Wesleyan Church & Sunday School — chancel, lecture room, classrooms etc Opening Leeds Mercury 15 February 1902

Church Schools, John Street, Gooder Lane, Raistrick Opening

Page 252

Halifax Guardian 19 July 1902

Stocks died aged 72 on 27 February 1911. At the time he was remembered for his work on the School Board Offices in Peel Street; several of the schools for the Huddersfield School Board, including Outlane, Oakes Infants, Brierley Wood, Goitfield, Spark Hall, and Deighton: Longwood Grammar School, the completion of the Huddersfield Town Hall, after the death of Mr J. H. Abbey; extensions to Huddersfield Technical College, Rastrick Grammar School, Shepley Board school and two schools which were controlled by the Thurlstone School Board; Deighton, Rashcliffe, and Sheepridge United Methodist chapels; Primrose Hill Baptist Chapel: the Huddersfield Temperance Hall; Messrs. Whitfield’s premises in Ramsden Street; a large number of houses; and several factories, including Colne Valley Mills at Milnsbridge, and the works at Marsden formerly owned by the Marsden Mill Company then the property of Mr. J. E. Crowther, and reputed to be the largest factory in the world controlled by a single manufacturer.

Political career and club membership Huddersfield councillor (Liberal), Central ward, November, 1885 - November 1892. Alderman November 1892 — November 1901 (16 years in office) Huddersfield Liberal Club, Mason (member of the Huddersfield Lodge, principal of the Perseverance Chapter. He was also one of the founders and master of the Beaumont Lodge at Kirkburton, superintendent of works of the province of West Yorkshire).

Marr. Jane Roebuck (b Honley c1841) Q4 1867. Children; Edith Eliza (b c1870) Herbert (b c18/2), Lucy (b c18/5), Jessie (b c1878)

Obituary Huddersfield Daily Examiner 27 February 1911 Probate £11,082

Herbert Stocks b c1872-1938?

Son of Ben Stocks

Addresses 16 Cambridge Road (1901 census)

Architectural assistant (1901 census)

John Ainley Stocks b c1852 -1904

Page 253

Brother of Ben Stocks Mason (1871 census). Architect’s assistant (1881, 1891 & 1901 census)

Addresses Hillhouse Lane (1871 census) 23 Hillhouse Road (1881) Whites Directory & census Birkby Hall Road (1891 census) 118 Birkby Hall Road (1901 census) Ainley House, Birkby Hall Road (probate)

Married Jane Armitage 1876

Was executor in will (dated 16 June 1899) of Albert Stockdale Leeds Mercury 26 October 1899

Employed in Ben Stocks’s practice in 1890s Leeds Mercury 1 November 1901

Death 22 July 1904 “Last Thursday night Mr. F. A. Stocks [sic], a Huddersfield architect, died at Bridlington, where he was spending his holidays, from heat seizure” Daily Mirror 25 July 1904 p3

BH Stone

Bush Inn, Huddersfield drawing of project The Builder 4 March 1882

Arthur A Stott fl 1872

Addresses; Kaye Street, Heckmondwike (1872, 1873) Dewsbury Reporter 8 February 1873

Works: 8 houses and shop, Milnsbridge TENDERS Hudderstield Chronicle 11 May 1872

Chimney at Springwell Brewery, Heckmondwike

consent Daily Examiner 19 May 1874

J Stuart West Riding CC Education architect

JH Stuttard

Page 254

Master painter

Address Ramsden Street, Huddersfield 1893, 1905

Free Wesleyan Chapel, Hillhouse painting work Huddersfield Chronicle 8 July 1873

Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Painting work Huddersfield Chronicle 11 June 1881

Redecoration of Huddersfield Town Hall Runner up of completion Huddersfield Chronicle 25 March 1893 display of competition entries Hudderstield Chronicle 13 April 1893

Marr Lydia Schofield

Death of son, Joshua Schofield aged 35 by suicide at Honley Station Yorkshire Evening Post 20 April 1905

James Edward Sugden, fl 1877-1882

Addresses: 19 John William Street (1877, 1878, 1879, 1880) 19 John William Street (1881) Whites Directory 19 John William Street (Huddersfield Chronicle 2 April 1881) Works: 3 houses, outbuilding and boundary walls, St Stephen’s Road, Lockwood TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 22 December 1877 Store at Lowerhouses for Huddersfield Industrial Society TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle , February 23, 1878 Store and 2 houses in Northumberland Street for Huddersfield Industrial Society TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle , February 23, 1878 8 houses at Oaks, Lindley for Huddersfield Industrial Society TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 24 May 1879 6 houses in St Stephens Road, Lockwood for Huddersfield Industrial Society TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 24 May 1879 3 houses in Pump Lane, Close Hill for Huddersfield Industrial Society TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 7 June 1879

Page 255

12 houses in Victoria Road, Lockwood for Huddersfield Industrial Society TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 5 July 1879 Cottage in Thomas Street TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 16 August 1879 Villa in Queens Road, Marsh TENDERS Hudderstield Chronicle 20 September 1879 House on Leeds Road, Huddersfield TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 21 February 1880 Alterations and additions to houses in Howarth Lane, Lockwood TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 15 January 1881 Dyeing sheds, boiler-house, chimney, office, boundary walls etc at Honley Bridge TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 9 April 1881 Houses and outbuildings in West Street, Lindley TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 3 October 1881 5 houses, outbuilding and boundary walls, Birch Road, Berry Brow TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 15 July 1882

The deaths of young children of a James Edward Sugden (Joiner) of Primrose Hill Huddersfield Chronicle 2 March 1872; pg. 8; 9 August 1873; pg. 8 & 2 December 1876; pg. 8 NOTE ANOTHER James Edward Sugden of Longwood ( a weaver) married Miss sarah Ann Lindley of Garden Street at St Stephen’s Church, Rashcliffe , 6 June 1892 ( Huddersfield Chronicle 11 June 1892; pg. 8)

Sugden & Brooke Architects and surveyors

1 Market Walk, Huddersfield & 487 Market Place, Dewsbury Advertisement in Huddersfield Chronicle 7 February 1852

William Sugden and William Henry Brook who are listed in the directory of 1853 at 2 New Street, the latter probably of the family of builders etc. who lived at Bridge End (see James Brook and Charles Fielding.

©Edward Law

William Sugden c1820-1892

Page 256

see also Sugden & Brook

Addresses Bradford (Bradford Observer 10 October 1850) Ball-Haye Street, Leek (Staffordshire Advertiser 8 March 1851)

Works Bank on corner of Derby & Russell Streets, Leek

projected Derby Mercury 25 June 1851...

...and many more in Leek

Married at Framlingham, 30 June 1846, Elizabeth, only dau of late Thoms Larner of stoke Ferry, Norfolk (The loswich Journal 11 July 1846)

‘BIRTHS On Saturday morning last, at Leek, Stafford the wife of W Sugden of Bradford, of a son’ Bradford Observer 10 October 1850

Father to William Larner Sugden. William Larner was born in Leek 5 October 1850. Educated at Leek Grammar School, articled to his father in 1868, commencing practice in partnership with him in 1881. He continued practice alone after his father's death. FRIBA 13 June1892. Appointed Surveyor to Stoke-on-Trent District Council in 1895. Died 18 June 1901.

Died in Leek 24 Sept 1892 aged 71 Framlingham Weekly News 1 October 1892

Hartley Sutcliffe 1861-1928 b Copley 3Q 1861, Son of Eliza & William Sutcliffe, worsted mill manager d Died Halifax 16 March 1928 (HDE 19 March 1928) aged 66 Addresses / Lewis Street, Halifax (1881 census)

31 St James Road, Halifax, (1901 census) 13 Balmoral Place, Halifax (1911 census, 1926,1928)

Articled clerk, Architect (1881census)

Patent application for ‘improved construction sink trap and street gulley’ Barnsley Chronicle 5 December 1885

Page 257

Appointed Building Inspector, Huddersfield Corporation (Huddersfield Chronicle - 18 March 1886)

Building Inspector, Huddersfield Corporation (Huddersfield Chronicle 31 October 1896)

Appointed architectural assistant and chief building inspector, Huddersfield Corporation (Huddersfield Chronicle 16 June 1898)

Deputy borough engineer (1911 census) Huddersfield Borough Architect 1918-1926

In 1918 resigned from the Huddersfield Borough Engineer’s office and was then appointed Borough Architect and Surveyor. Resignation was withdrawn during the process Huddersfield Daily Examiner 20 June 1918


With R S Dugdale Huddersfield Police Station Foundation stone

Page 258

(1839-1927); John james Stevenson (1831-1908); Thomas Coatfield Clarke(1860 or 1-1917). RA Schools. AA classes. Travelled in Holland, Belgium and France. Passed qualifying exam 1887. Soane Medallion 1889. Professional qualifications ARIBA 9 Apr 1888: proposed by TC Clarke, R P Spiers; J J Stevenson; FRIBA 5 Mar 1906: proposed by R S Ayling, C E Mallows; G C Sherrin. Professional and practice information: Commenced independent practice 1888 in London. I partnership with Ben Stocks of Huddersfield c 1907, Then joined by Clifford Hickson (1892-1962) Works List in RIBA Fellows’ Nomination Papers

Retained by YMCA Daily Examiner - Thursday 21 May 1914 Obituaries:

Page 259

Ronald Sykes

Trained with Oswald White (qv). Joined Abbey Hanson in 1934 became a partner in 1950 (Ad 2 June 1955)

Samuel Sykes c1792-1853

Surveyor Addresses 1853 Albion Street

Obit Huddersfield Chronicle 12 February 1853

Page 260

Announcement of move from Queen Street to 34 Mecklenburgh Square, London Huddersfield Chronicle 22 April 1865 31 Queen Street 1866 (White’s Directory) 34 Mecklenburgh Square, London (1868) 15 Rockmount Road, Upper Norwood, Surrey (1900) Probate

Education and Training: University College, London 1843-51: MA June 1853 (London Evening Standard 29 June 1853 Morning Chronicle 4 May 1854) Professional and practice information: Tarn appears to have the distinction of being the first architect practising in Huddersfield to have been a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, to which body he was elected in

Page 261

TENDERS Hudderstield Chronicle 2 October 1858 Parsonage, Scammonden

Page 262

The guide to the practice of measuring and valuing artificers’ works Ed Crosby, Lockwood & Co (Liverpool Mercury 1 March 1884) (earlier eds by Edward Dobson)

Tredgold’s carpentry: the elementary principles of carpentry Ed Crosby Lockwood & Co, London ) London Evening Standard 27 November 1885 (earlier eds by Thomas Tredgold)

The Science of building: an elementary treatise on the principles of construction, especially adapted to the requirements of architectural students

Page 263

ends (London Gazette 22 August 1893) former Architect & Surveyor, working as contractor (Huddersfield Chronicle 23 December 1893) General contractor builder (1901 census) ‘Tate and Eastwood’ partnership with George Henry Eastwood as builders in Market Harborough ends London Gazette 28 February 1902 ‘Tate and Taylor’ partnership with John Raywood Taylor (Derbyshire born 36 yr old building surveyor, Wrexham in 1911 census) in Wrexham as architects and surveyors ends London Gazette 22 November 1910 Managing director of assurance co (1911 census)

Patents Improvements in looms for weaving (Huddersfield Chronicle 12 December 1877) For improved construction of parallel ruler (Burnley Gazette 19 December 1885)

Works Baptist Chapel, Sunny Bank, Golcar Chronicle, 21 July 1888; pg. 7

Paddock Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School Hudderstield Chronicle, 14 February 1891; pg. 6

Huddersfield County Court Huddersfield Chronicle 14 May 1892; pg. 8

HUDDERSFIELD BANKRUPTCY COURT Daily Chronicle, 20 February 1894; pg. 3 Discharge

Page 264

More on Dreadnought Assurance Company and Trefriw Mining Company

Page 265

Colvin, Frank Beckwith — Thomas Taylor : regency architect, Leeds (Thoresby Society monographs no. 1, Leeds, The Thoresby Society, 1949)

JC Teale Address Holmfirth Huddersfield Daily Examiner 21 March 1874

Villa at Fives nr Holmfirth Hudderstield Daily Examiner 21 March 1874

William Arthur Tebbs c1870-1926

Address 35 Commercial Street, Halifax 1926 (probate)

LicRIBA In partnership with a J N Reavell FRIBA (1865-1947) 1916-1923 in Alnwick

Mr George Reavell, ARIBA, of Alnwick has taken into partnership Mr W. Arthur Tebbs Licentiate RIBA, who for over 13 years has been Mr Reavell's chief assistant. Mr Reavell an enthusiastic Volunteer and Territorial for upwards of a quarter of a century, has been on service since the war commenced, and he is now Lieut-Colonel in command of the Second Line of the 7th Northumberland Fusiliers, During his absence Mr Tebbs has successfully carried on his practice. Amongst the works carried out by Colonel Reavell, with the assistance of his partner is the United Free Church at Coldstream, a pen and ink perspective drawing of which was honoured by having had hung in the Academy 1907. Other examples are to found in the building of Lloyds Bank, Alnwick as well as at Gateshead, Birtley, and other places in the northern counties. The building and extensions of Hedgeley Hall Wooperton, Roddam, Wynyard Park (Durham) and other mansions have been carried Mr Reavell's direction. Mr Tebbs has evinced a keen interest in the swimming, hockey, tennis and golf clubs in the town. Newcastle Journal 8 January 1916

As chief draughtsman to Reavell, a pen and Ink drawing of United Free Church at Coldstream exhibited at Royal Academy Berwickshire News and General Advertiser 30 April 1907

Alnwick Golf Club pavilion Opening Morpeth Herald 2 June 1911

Lloyds Bank, Gateshead Opening Newcastle Journal 22 April 1916

Page 266

Kirknewton war memorial Unveiled Berwickshire News 28 June 19271

Askew Housing Gift, Berwick upon Tweed, 14 cottages planned The Scotsman 13 October 1923

Married Lizzie Winifred Tatham in 1905.

Died 19 August 1926 Suicide — Halifax inquest (Leeds Mercury 12 August 1926)

Widow and executor, Lizzie Winifred Tebbs

Alfred Brumwell Thomas, Sir 1868-1948 FRIBA b Virginia Water d 22 January 1948

son of Edward Thomas. Practised in partnership with his father in London from 1894. He was knighted in 1906.

Huddersfield works

Sanatorium, Mill Hill Use of accident prevention windows Belfast News-Letter 23 August 1898

‘The knighthood conferred upon Mr. A. Brumwell Thomas has special interest for Belfast citizens from the fact that he is the designer of the new City Hall, which generally recognised one of the finest structures of the kind in the United Kingdom. His design was selected in 1897 by the Council of the Royal Institute of British Architects, after a keen competition. Sir A. Thomas also assisted Mr. F. W. Pomeroy in with the Dufferin Memorial, recently erected the City Hall grounds. He received his early training in London, and commenced practice as an architect at Westminster in 1894. In addition the Belfast City Hall, has designed Town Halls for Woolwich and Stockport, the Addey Science School, London, Huddersfield Sanatorium, and Exeter Eye Infirmary.’ Larne Times 17 November 1906

See Edward Thomas & Sons

Page 267

Edward Thomas & Sons

Address Queen Anne’s Gate, Westminster (1894, 1896)

Huddersfield works

Sanatorium, Mill Hill Exhibition of competition entries Huddersfield Chronicle 18 August 1894 foundation stone (attended by Edward Thomas and W F Beadon of the practice) Huddersfield Chronicle 13 June 1896 Use of accident prevention windows Belfast News-Letter 23 August 1898 Isolation block tenders Huddersfield Chronicle 30 June 1898

See also Alfred Brumwell Thomas, Sir

W Thornton fl 1873

Addresses Oates Street, Dewsbury (1873) Dewsbury Reporter 8 February 1873

W & D Thornton fl 1878-1883

Addresses Oates Street, Dewsbury & Wood Street, Wakefield (1878) Dewsbury Reporter 7 September 1878


Alterations to shop, Webster Hill TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 7 September 1878 House in Tolson Street TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 15 February 1879 Working men’s club, Dewsbury TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 17 March 1883

Page 268

JL Thorpe

Huddersfield branch of West Yorkshire Society Architects, Hon Sec. Yorkshire Post 5 March 1935

William Tite, Sir. 1798 — 1873 London architect Huddersfield Works Adviser to the Ramsden Estate Warehouse block; 8&10 Railway Street and 12-20 St Georges Square (1856)

Charles William Tomlinson, 1873-1941 SEE BRODIE

Travis & Mangnall Formed about 1846, the Henry Travis and William Mangnall partnership of architects and surveyors was responsible for a number of buildings throughout Lancashire and Greater Manchester. Address 3 Norfolk Street, Manchester in 1848 - 1855 (Slater's Directories of 1848 & 1855). In 1869 the partnership was Mangnall and Littlewood (qv) and was still based at 3 Norfolk Street.

Huddersfield Works: Mechanics’ Institution, Northumberland Street (1859) TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 16 July 1859 Foundation stone Huddersfield Chronicle , 9 October 1859; pg. 6 Time capsule revealed Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 17 July 1899; pg. 3

Page 269

Huddersfield Works Ravensknowle Hall (now Tolson Memorial

Sources Brodie, Gibson & Booth

Ernest William Turner, 1879-1953 SEE BRODIE

Nicholas Peter Ulanowsky 1946?- 1984

Addresses Nicholas Ulanowsky Assocs Lower Snow Lea Farm, Lamb Hall Road, Longwood

Works Trinity Street housing (Nos 55-777)

Died 4 December 1984

Page 270

1974-1977 Director of Architecture and Planning, Kirklees Council 1977-1987 Director of Technical Services, Kirklees Council

Marr Joan C Balchin in Canterbury, 1955

Dau. Oenone E S Vane (b Canterbury October 1956) marr Christopher J Stoodley in Huddersfield, 1985

(HDE 2 June 1972, 19 December 1972, 2/7 March 1987)

Lawson Varley

Address Bottoms, Lingards

Wesleyan Sunday School, Slaithwaite foundation stone Huddersfield Daily Examiner - Tuesday 25 April 1877

William Stephenson Varley fl 1869-1890 FRIBA 1880 son of Edmondson & Mary Varley of Walk Mill, Cotton manufacturer Baptised 5 Feb 1839 St Bartholomew, Colne

Addresses New Market Chambers, New Market Street, Blackburn (Preston Chronicle 17 May 1871, 20 May 1876) 15 Richmond Terrace, Blackburn (Preston Herald 26 April 1882, Preston Chronicle 2 August 1890) Lascelles Hall, Huddersfield — late of (Huddersfield Chronicle 6 July 1895) Elton Lodge, Lascelles Hall, Huddersfield —late of (Blackburn Standard 17 June 1899) Crosland Moor Workhouse (1911 census)

In office of James Green, architect and engineer of Todmorden for 7 years

Applied for post of Bridgemaster, Blackburn Hundred Preston Chronicle 20 May 1876

Varley and Varley at Lascelles Hall Brewery Yorkshire Post 4 July 1890 Director of Varley and Varley Ltd, Lascelles Hall Brewery for 6 years

Varley and Varley Ltd registered Huddersfield Chronicle 17 November 1892

Page 271

Varley and Varley Ltd in liquidation — auction notice Huddersfield Chronicle 28 April 1894, 30 June 1894

In notice of deed of assignment described as architect and brewery manager. The Trustee, John Freeman Dyson (Huddersfield Chronicle 6 July 1895)

John Freeman Dyson accused of misappropriation funds from Varley’s estate, committed to trial Leeds Mercury 2/ February 1906


National Schools, St John’s, Accrington Tenders Preston Chronicle 17 May 1877

1872 Plans for parsonage for St John’s Accrington court case re fees Blackburn Standard 12 July 1879

St James’s Schools, Staitcliffe, Accrington tenders Burnley Gazette 13 March 1875

Wesleyan Chapel, Preston New Road & Montague Street, Blackburn foundation stone Blackburn Standard 6 January 1877 Opening Blackburn Standard 22 March 1879

St John’s Schools, Baxenden tenders Burnley Gazette 22 February 1879

St Albans RC, tower and facade, Blackburn cornerstone Blackburn Standard 8 July 1882

St Mary’s, Clitheroe Parish Church Schools Cornerstone Preston Herald 28 February 1883 Opening Manchester Courier 2 February 1884

St Barnabas, Blackburn projected Manchester Courier 12 January 1884 Consecrated 11 June 1886 Burnley Express 18 May 1887

Page 272

Cemetery, Clayton-le-Moors Competition Preston Herald 12 March 1887

Clitheroe Police Station alterations tenders Preston Herald 2 August 1890

AFFAIRS OF AN EX-BLACKBURN ARCHITECT. the London Bankruptcy Court, on Tuesday, a sitting was held before Mr. Registrar Hope for the public examination W. Stephenson Varley, described as of the White Hart, Old Street, St. Luke's, formerly of Lascelles Hall, near Huddersfield, managing director. In examination by Mr. Pope, official receiver, the debtor stated that he was for six years managing director the Lascelles Hall Brewery Co., Limited, at a salary of £150 year, which appointment kept up to 1894. The company then went into voluntary liquidation, and he executed a deed of assignment to a trustee. His liabilities were £4,500, and were mainly in connection with debts which he had made himself personally liable for as managing director of the brewery. Mr. J. F. Dyson, Queen-street, Huddersfield, was the trustee. His assets had realised £320, but no dividend had been paid. He afterwards went to London and purchased the White Swan, for which paid £3,500. Prior to becoming interested in the brewery had carried on business as architect at Blackburn for some 25 years. His son persuaded him to go into the brewery business, in which he invested some £11,000. When the business was turned into a company received £11,000 in fully paid shares, addition to becoming managing director £150 a year. He then came to London, and answer to advertisement he purchased the White Hart, the value of which, he alleged, was misrepresented. He now owed £4,301 15s 5d, of which £1,099 7s 9d was unsecured, and the assets were £629 12s.—The examination was concluded. Preston Herald 7 March 1896,

THE AFFAIBS OF W. STEPHENSON VABLEY, LATE OF LASCELLES HALL At the London Bankruptcy Court to-day, a sitting was held before Mr. Registrar Hope for the public examination of W. Stephenson Varley, described as of the "White Hart," Old- street, St. Luke's, formerly of Lascelles Hall, near Huddersfield, managing director. In examination by Mr. Pope, Official Receiver, the bankrupt stated that he was for six years managing director of the Lascelles Hall Brewery Company (Limited), at a salary of £150 a year, which appointment he kept up to March, 1894. The company then went into volun-tary liquidation, and he executed a deed of assignment to a trustee. His liabilities were £4,500, and were mainly in connection with debts which he had made himself personally liable for as managing director of the brewery. Mr. J. F. Dyson, Queen- street, Huddersfield, was the trustee. His assets had realised £320, but no dividend had been paid. He afterwards came to London, and purchased the "White Swan," for which he gave £3,500. Prior to becoming interested in the brewery he had carried on business as an architect at Blackburn for some 25 years. His son persuaded him to go into the brewery business, in which he invested some £11,000 When the business was turned into a company he received £11,000 in fully paid shares, in addition to becoming managing director at £150 a year. He then came to London, and in answer to an advertisement he purchased the " White Hart,” the value of which, he alleged, was misrepresented. He now owed £4,301 15s. 5d., of which £1,099 7s. 9d. is unsecured, and assets £629 12s. The examination was concluded.

Page 273

RE W. STEPHENSON, VABLEY, LATE OF LASCELLES HALL. At a sitting of the London Bankruptcy Court, held to-day, before Mr. Registrar Hope, this bankrupt attended for public examination, applying to pass upon accounts showing gross liabilities £4,301 15s. 5d., of which £1,099 7s. 9d. is unsecured, and assets £629 12s. 4d. In reply to Mr. C. A. Pope, Official Receiver, the bankrupt stated that for upwards of 25 years he had carried on business as an architect at Blackburn. He gave that up about seven years ago, being induced by his son to join him in the purchase of a brewery carried on at Lascelles Hall, and known as the Lascelles Hall Brewery. At that time he had a capital of £11,000, with which he was able to purchase the brewery, but as a matter of fact his son had a half share in it with him. Witness subsequently took over the whole concern, and sold it to a company that was promoted with a capital of £25,000, and registered as the Lascelles Hall Brewery Company (Limited). For his interest in the concern witness received £11,000 in fully-paid shares of the company, and was appointed managing director at a salary of £150 a year. He denied that he had made himself personally responsible for goods supplied to the company, but stated that prior to its formation he had purchased goods to the value of £4,500 in order to keep it going. After the voluntary liquidation of the company in March, 1894, witness personally executed a deed of assignment to Mr. J. F. Dyson, accountant, Huddersfield. He believed that the assets had realised only £320, and that no dividend had been paid. He then left the neighbourhood and removed to London, took the White Hart public-house, St. Luke's, which he purchased for £3,500 and carried on down to the failure. The value of that house was misrepresented to him ; the takings were put to him at £290 a month, but they had never exceeded £240, and witness was consequently unable to keep up his payments, with the result that the receiving order was eventually made against him. Further accounts being required by creditors, the hearing was adjourned to enable them to be furnished by the bankrupt. Huddersfield Chronicle - 7 March 1896

Marr in Haslingden 1863 Ellen Lodge .She died 8 June 1891 aged 52 at Lascelles Hall (Huddersfield Chronicle - 13 June 1891)

Marr in Blackpool, 1892 Mary Jane Bradshaw -Bispham, All Hallows Widowed by 1911, he was an inmate at Crosland Moor Workhouse, Huddersfield

son, Thomas William Edmondson Varley (b c1868) marr Elizabeth, dau of Howard Horsell of Wootton Bassett, Wilts. at St Lukes, Prestonville, Sussex, 4 April 1994 (Leeds Times / April 1894). 1911 census, Worcestershire. Died 4 November 1956, Isle of Wight (probate)

ROYSTON PETTY SESSIONS. Wednesday. —Before Rev. J. G. Hale (chairman), E. Snow Fordham, H. G. Fordham and E. O. Fordham,

Page 274

with a stick, and. as it was stunned, it was thrown into the coachhouse. A witness named Percy Jones, clerk, at the request of defendant, afterwards “screwed its neck.” He got it cooked at the George Hotel, Buntingford, where he helped to eat

Page 275

J T Walford

Bankruptcy Huddersfield Chronicle 13 April 1878

Walford & Pollard

Address James Buildings, Tyrrel Street, Bradford Huddersfield Chronicle 29 March 1873

Stile Common School Appointed to Stile Common project Huddersfield Chronicle 3 August 1872 Whitehall disproves plans Huddersfield Chronicle 28 September 1872 Walford criticised over cost Huddersfield Chronicle 7 December 1872 tenders

Page 276

Captain in

Page 277

Intelligencer 8 August 1846 p1 New North Road, 1851 Census 2 New North Road Huddersfield Chronicle 5 June 1852 West Parade Huddersfield Chronicle 26 June 1852 Admission to York Asylum 8 September 1853 WW, architect, born Middlesex. Lunatic, York Asylum 1861 census WW, architect, born Middlesex. Lunatic, York Asylum 1871 census WW, architect, born Middlesex. Lunatic, York Asylum 1881 census Death 1 May 1888, York Asylum (Dave Pattern)

‘Architect’ at the opening ceremony of the Huddersfield Collegiate School Leeds Intelligencer 2 February 1839

Member of Yorkshire Architectural Society sub-committee to examine proposals for restoration of Wakefield Chantry Chapel Leeds /ntelligencer 11 February 1843

Elected a Fellow and Corresponding Delineator for the County of York by the College of Freemasons of the Church Leeds Mercury 2 December 1843

“William Wallen and James Pigott Pritchett were the only architects working in Huddersfield in the 1840s who had architectural Wallen was born in London and probably trained with his father, John, who was also an architect. The first mention of Wallen in this locality is in 1838 when he presented a report on the condition of Almondbury Parish

He must have impressed the Ramsden family for he was commissioned for the new George Hotel; their main building in the development of Huddersfield which came with the railway. It has been said that the design for the George was in collaboration with C Childs, a Halifax architect, though the author has seen no evidence in support of such an assertion. The date of Wallen's death is also something of a mystery, it seems to have been in the 1850s, but not, I think, in 1853, as has been stated, for the report of the opening of the Aspley Lecture

Page 278

A letter to the Huddersfield Chronicle (3 Augus1850; pg. 6) suggested Wallen’s proposal could be a monument to Peel.

A prospect tower was raised on Castle Hill, almost exactly 50 years after Wallen's first suggestion.

A project which did not come to fruition was the covering of the Market Place, the plans for which were prepared by Wallen in 1851. The idea seems to have originated with the Hon. Isabella Ramsden who felt that the ladies of the area, who brought their dairy and other produce for sale in the town, deserved some covered

Page 280

foundation stone laying Leeds Intelligencer 14 October 1843 consecration Hull Packet 21 November 1845, Yorkshire Gazette 15 November 1845 Farnley Tyas Church painting tenders Leeds Intelligencer 14 October 1843 School at Coley, Halifax tenders Leeds Intelligencer 14 October 1843 Eshald House, Woodlesford ,Leeds tenders Leeds Intelligencer 2/7 January 1844 Report on disrepair of Calverley Church Bradford Observer - Thursday 29 February 1844 National and infant School and Master’s house, Almondbury tenders Leeds Intelligencer 21 September 1844 National School, Infants School and Master's House, Kirkheaton. tenders Leeds Intelligencer 28 December 1844 Christ Church, Oakworth, Keighley tenders Leeds Intelligencer 2/7 January 1844 Bradford Observer 1 February 1844Leeds Industrial Schools competition Acts as adjudicator in controversy Leeds Mercury 4 April 1846 Schools and Master’s house, Oxenhope, Haworth tenders Leeds Intelligencer 25 April 1846 Parsonage, Milnsbridge tenders Leeds Intelligencer 1 August 1846

1846 Riding School, Huddersfield. 1848 St Paul's Church, Shepley. 1848 Longley Hall Estate Office.

Victoria Tower, Castle Hill, Almondbury Model of projected tower on display Leeds Intelligencer 3 March 1849

1849 George Hotel, Huddersfield. Hudderstield Chronicle 26 June 1899 and letter from Isaac Horden in

Page 281

Restoration of Holme Bridge Church TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 26 June 1852 Chapel of Ease at Aspley Opening Huddersfield Chronicle 11 March 1854


‘History and antiquaries of the round church at Little Maplestead, Essex; preceded by an historical sketch of the Crusades’ 1836. Reviewed in Fssex Standard 22 April 1836

“Two essays elucidating the Geometric Principles of Gothic Architecture’ Reviewed in Leeds

Page 282

22 New North Road, Huddersfield Examiner 30 December 1854 23 New North Road, Huddersfield Examiner 13 January 1855 Fitzwilliam Street West, Huddersfield Examiner 8 December 1855 1 Fitzwilliam Street, Huddersfield Chronicle 4 April 1857 Fitzwilliam House, Huddersfield Chronicle 16 January 1858 Fitzwilliam House Huddersfield Chronicle 26 March 1864 Milton House, Harrogate Wells, Huddersfield Chronicle 26 March 1864 Milton House, Harrogate Wells, Huddersfield Chronicle 1 August 1869,

His widow, Frances (b 3 Oct 1803) died 2 De Grey Terr, Leeds, 3 April1895 (Huddersfield Chronicle 6 April 1895; pg. 8)

Wallen’s son William Sowerby Wallen, became a licentiate of the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries (Huddersfield Chronicle 16 February 1856), admitted to the Royal College of Surgeons (Huddersfield Chronicle 24 May 1856), gained a college midwifery licence (Huddersfield Examiner 14 June 1856), married Hannah Maria second daughter of Benjamin Thornton of Huddersfield (Huddersfield Chronicle 9 April 1859 p8). She died at Rotherhithe 2 November 1863 (Leeds Mercury 7 November 1863) He died at Isipingo, Natal in South Africa aged 39, 15 Nov 1869 (Huddersfield Chronicle 15 January 1870; p 8)

Their son, Charles Thornton, born Rotherhithe, Surrey 1860. (1871, 10-year-old Charles was at "The Orphanage" at Kings Cross, Halifax — Dave Pattern). Of Marmion, West Hill Road, Bournemouth 27 June 1893 in Bournemouth (aged 32), buried at Edgerton Cemetery 30 June 1893 (Yorkshire Evening Post 1 July 1893). Probate to Miss Catherine Amelia Frances Wallen (£1685 9s 2d)

Their daughter Catherine Frances Amelia, born Rotherhithe. Surrey Q4 1861 Baptised 9 Sept 1862. 1871; Leeds. 1891; with Thornton aunt in Lindley. 1911; 19 Fitzwilliam Street West, Huddersfield. Of 16 Derby Road, Southport died aged 58, 14 March1920 (Probate £2087 7s 8d).

Alfred Armstrong Walton 1816-1883 b Dotland Nr Hexham 1816, d Wandsworth 7 March 1883

In his early years he acquired some skills in building and farming, before he was employed by a builder in There he stayed until 1837. After leaving Newcastle and a brief stay in Leeds he went to London, where he worked with several leading building firms and became involved in the erection of important public buildings, such as the British Museum and the Houses of Parliament.

In 1844 he was articled to an architect's office for twelve months. After having completed his articles at an architect's office, he had become connected with the architect Sir George Gilbert Scott. In this position ‘he erected many public and private buildings in various parts of the country’, which occupation kept him away from London for lengthy periods. In 1861 in Brecon where he acted as clerk to the works he decided to stay in the town, married, and set up his own business as an architect. He lived in Brecon until the middle of the 1870s, when he moved to Wandsworth where he died aged 66.

Page 283

Walton was one of the lesser-known radical politicians of working-class origin in the mid-Victorian era. He was a prolific author of newspaper contributions on most political and social questions of his time, with a particular interest in land and parliamentary reform. He also was active in important democratic societies, such as the International Working Men's Association (IVWMA, First International), the Reform League and several co-operative building schemes.

St Thomas’s, Longroyd Bridge 1857-9 Assistant to G G Scott and Clerk of Works. See Foundation stone laying in Huddersfield Chronicle , 21 March 1857; pg. 5 Dinner for clerk of works Huddersfield Chronicle , 2 July 1859; pg. 5 and Consecration, pg. 6.

St. Stephen-the-Martyr, Crown Street Liverpool

F. St 18 May 1850 Consecration 29 May 1851

See also SHIP NEWS , Liverpool Mercury 30 May 1851

Biographies Joyce M. Bellamy / John Saville (eds.), Dictionary of Labour Biography, vol. 10 (London, 2000), pp. 213-218 with revised version at http://www.holtmann- Alfred A. Walton and mid-Victorian working-class radicalism by Detlev Mares. Thesis submitted in part fulfilment for the degree of MA in Comparative British and American Labour History at the Centre for the Study of Social History, University of Warwick, september 1993

see also Brodie p.908.

S S Walton Deputy to Huddersfield Borough Architect 1931

Made redundant from Huddersfield Corporation after seven years service Yorkshire Evening Post and Yorkshire Post 18 January 1932

Henry Ward c1802- B Wakefield

Architect of Wakefield Leeds Patriot and Yorkshire Advertiser 22 May 1830

Page 284

Wife Elizabeth (nee Gledhill?) died after long illness aged 30, 15 May 1830 Leeds Patriot and Yorkshire Advertiser 22 May 1830

(35), Glebe Street, Penkhull, Stoke 1841 census With son Henry (15) and daus Margaret (14) and Maria (13)

Visitor (49) to Charles Haigh, earthenware manufacturer, Brook House, Great Crosby, Lancs, 1851 census

Mar (59) 26 Cheapside, Shelton, Hanley with umar son Henry (37) architect, b Wakefield and dau Margaret Hart (34) b Dewsbury, 1861 census

Widower (69) with dau Margaret Hart (44) 15 Church Street, Hanley, 1871 census

Alfred Waterhouse,1830 — 1905 Works Prudential Assurance offices, New Street (1898)

David Waterhouse fl 1882 Address: Ashworth Terrace, Ashworth Road, Dewsbury

Works Two cottages & farm buildings, Boothroyd Lane, Dewsbury TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 25 February 1882

Paul & Michael Waterhouse “On 30 June [1924] Messrs Paul & Michael Waterhouse and Messrs Stocks, Sykes and Hickson were jointly appointed as the Society’s Architects in connexion with the extensive alterations that were contemplated. At the Board Meeting of 25 August

1924, however, it was resolved to dispense with the services of P. & M. Waterhouse” The Early Years of the Huddersfield Building Society Trevor T Hall, 1974

B Watson fl 1878-1879

Address: Central buildings, Market Place, Dewsbury Dewsbury Reporter, 19 October 1878, 15 November 1879

Works: Six houses at Ravensthorpe TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 19 October 1878 Boiler House, Chickenley TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 19 October 1878

Page 285

House with outbuildings, Chickenley TENDERS Dewsbury Reporter 15 November 1879

Charles Watson fl 1790-1831

In the 1790s he had been in partnership with William Lindley of Doncaster. In 1807 he formed a partnership with a man twenty years his junior, James Pigott Pritchett. The practice of Watson & Pritchett of Blossom Street, York, had become Pritchett & Watson by 1828, and the partnership was dissolved when Watson retired in 1831 (Gibson & Booth 2005) Works Queen Street Methodist Chapel (1819)

Walter R Watson c1873-1932

Walter Robert Watson was born in Melbourne, Australia c.1873, the son of Walter Robert Watson (sic), commission agent and his wife Sarah Jane Clark. His father died young and his mother had returned by 1881 to her native Glasgow where she and her father-in-law, also Walter Watson, brought him up. In 1891 the family was based in Rothesay where Watson was articled to an as yet unidentified local architect. He was a student at Glasgow School of Art from 1892 to 1894 and again in 1896-7, probably while an assistant with Cowan & Sons, the firm of Joseph Cowan, architect to the archdiocese of Glasgow. Around 1902 he was taken into partnership. By that date, the surviving Cowan son was J L Cowan, with whom Watson practised under the style of Cowan & Watson.

Address 589 Great Western Road, Glasgow 1893-1902

Works Victoria Tower Runner up in the open design competition Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 1 September 1897 p 3

Frederick Thompson Westerman fl 1893-4

Birth date: 1859 Birth place: Harrogate Death date: 1 April 1920 Death Place: Romford

Page 286

Addresses: Office: 2 New Street (February1893 to August 1894) Leeds (1895) Home: Thompson Yard, Harrogate (1871) 85 Clarence Street, York (1881) Huddersfield (1886) 18? Nursery Street, Birkby (1891) 30 Sydney Street, Derby (1901) 6 Adelaide Villas, Mawneys Road, Romford (1911)

Works: House at Glebe Terrace , Marsh

Page 287

siblings 1 sister, 4 brothers

second Lieutenant Basil White 39th Australian Infantry,

Page 288

Hope Garth, Halifax Road Golfer; club member at Lindley and later Fixby. Played for Yorkshire county.

Marr. Ethel ‘Madge’ Stott-Stanhope (elder dau of Mr & Mrs Stanhope Stott-Stanhope of The Park, Eccleshill) at Tidenham Church, Chepstow 29 Jan 1914. Huddersfield Daily Examiner 29 January 1914

Probate £37,977

Charles Taylor Whiteley c1886-1918

LIEUT. C. T. WHITELEY Lieut. Charles Taylor Whiteley. A.R.I.B.A., of 25, Woodland-way, Mill-hill, who died from wounds July Ist, at the early age of 32, was a member two old Huddersfield families, being grandson the late William Whiteley, machine maker, Lockwood, and of the late Joseph Taylor, iron and steel merchant, Huddersfield. He was the younger son of the late Mr. Torn. Whiteley, of Hall Rovd, Shipley, Bradford. Educated at Pembroke College, Harrogate, and later at the Bradford Grammar School, became an architect and surveyor by profession. His articles were' served with Mr. Rhodes Calvert, of Forster Square, Bradford, with whom was engaged as assistant at the time of his enlistment in 1915, when he then joined the Artists Rifles, and later was gazetted Second Lieutenant the Royal Warwicks. After eighteen months’ active- service in France was sent for period of duty in England, and after two months was recalled for service the Front, where he met his death some six weeks later. He was an Associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects and a Professional Associate the Surveyors’ Institute, and was unmarried, but engaged to Miss Dorothy B. Wilson, of Prenton, Cheshire. Hendon & Finchley Times 9 August 1918 p5

From Huddersfield's roll of honour: 1914-1922 Lieutenant. 2/8th Battalion, attached 14th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Son of the late Tom and Ada Taylor of Huddersfield. Was a member of two old Huddersfield families. He was a grandson of the late William Whiteley, machine

maker, of Lockwood, and of the late Joseph Taylor, iron and steel merchant, of Huddersfield.

Educated Pembroke College, Harrogate, and later at the Bradford Grammar School. He was an architect and surveyor and was engaged as assistant with Mr Rhodes Calvert of Forster Square, Bradford. Enlisted in 1915 in the

Page 289

Joseph Whittaker c1857-1909

Address High Street, Clayton West (1909)

surveyor to Clayton West District Council

Died Blackpool 6 June 1909 (Leeds Mercury 7 June 1909)

Colin Wigmore ARIBA DipTp AMPTI

b 16 April 1931 d Huddersfield 25 December 2011

Address The Lodge, Bryan Road, Huddersfield (1971-2) The Lodge, Binham Road, Huddersfield (1973) Grew up in Marsh, Huddersfield.

Articled pupil at Lunn and Lunn architects, Milnsbridge.

1952-4 National Service. In Gibraltar measured and recorded wartime tunnels and facilities in the Rock.

Worked at Dewsbury architects’ department and after gaining his RIBA qualification worked in private practice at Abbey and Hanson, designing schools in the West Riding. 1971-3 Assistant Borough Architect (Housing), Huddersfield Corporation -1989 Chief Architect, Kirklees Council Works

Won a Europa Nostra award for a housing development at Springwood.

Designed and supervised the building of his own house and a bungalow for his mother-in-law.

Married 1952. Widow Hazel & daughter Luise. Funeral,New North Road Baptist Church, Huddersfield 20 January 2012.

Obit HDE 17 January 2012 news/obituary-colin-wigmore-4960621

Page 290

George Harold Wilby b1872

Architect & estate agent of Denby Dale (Leeds Mercury 4 September 1905) Auctioneer & Estate Agent (1911 census)

Addresses Birkwood, Denby Dale (1911 census)

b. Cumberworth. Married Beatrice c1898

Frederick Wild c1851-1901 D 22 November 1901 Only son of George Wild

Addresses 16 Farcliffe Place, Bradford (1901)

Bradford (Batley Reporter and Guardian 22 October 1881) 29 Byram Arcade, Huddersfield (Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 10 November 1882) 2 Charles Street, Bradford (Bradford Daily Telegraph 5 May 1900)

Works working drawings for Huddersfied Town Hall Opening Batley Reporter and Guardian 22 October 1881

Conditioning House, Canal Road & Cape Street, Bradford tenders Bradford Daily Telegraph 17 May 1900

Intered at Scholemoor Cemetery Funeral report Bradford Daily Telegraph 26 November 1901

C P Wilkinson

of the Office of Works (Northumberland Street post office, 1914)

H Williams Architect & CE

Advertises vacancy for articled pupil Huddersfield Chronicle 3 April 1852

Page 291

Hugh Wilson

JG Wilson Address: Woodsome

House and shop at Farnley Tyas

TENDERS Huddersfield Chronicle 19 July 1884

Canon Ernest Winter (1August 1860 - 14 January 1917)

Rector of Elland from 1893, formerly an architect. He oversaw the design and almost completion of All

Page 292

Leonard Sutton Wood (1882-1970)

Born Holmfirth 17 November 1882.

son of Frederic (Knitting yarn manufacturer (1891) worsted spinner (1901)) and Agnes Wood


Office Grays Inn Square c.1906.


Ford cottage, Wooldale (1891 census) Woodfield, New Mill (1901 census) Hill Crest, Alexandra Park Rd, Wood Green (1906) 3 Featherstone Buildngs, High Holborn (1910) Broxbourne, Hertfordshire (1911) 120 Palmerston Road, Bowes Park, London (1917)

studied at Owens College, Manchester University gaining a B.Sc. in 1901 and was then apprenticed to Frederick William Ridgeway of Dewsbury (1901-03). In 1903 he was assistant to William Curtis Green in London. He travelled in Europe and exhibited at the R.A. (1905). He was proposed for Associate membership of the RIBA in 1906 at the same time as Curtis Green. He set up on his own at Grays Inn Square and was made an ARIBA in 1906.

Ref: Brodie, A., Directory of British Architects 1834-1914, Censuses;

Page 293

1940 US Census — residing in Sausalito, Marin County, California, occupation given as “artist” in the advertising industry (ditto for his wife Ellen).

1942 Draft Registration Card — 5’ 11° tall, light complexion, brown eyes, gray hair. Appears to name his employer as the U.S. Navy’s ship building department in San Francisco (could he have been working as a_ draughtsman following retirement?)

Both his parents and his sister died in California, after emigrating to the US. Uncertain if they all emigrated at the same time though.

Leonard died in 1970 (apparently on 5 December) aged 87 in Sausalito. His wife died on 24 April 1986, aged 100.

“Find a Grave” has Edith’s memorial but not which it notes is nearby:

Page 294

spring Grove Street (18/71) Census & Huddersfield Chronicle, 1 July 1871 springfield Terrace, Almondbury (1881 census) Deighton (1890) Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 9 August 1890; pg. 5 66 Manchester Road, Huddersfield (1891 census) 24 Somerset Road, Huddersfield (1901 census) 84 Chapel Hill, Huddersfield (1911 census)

Imperial Arcade (1880) Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 6 March 1880; pg. 5

Page 295

Three Houses and outbuildings, Church Street, Moldgreen TENDERS Hudderstield Chronicle 24 April 1880;

store for Parkgate and Berry Brow Industrial Society TENDERS

Page 296

Rehboth Strict Baptist Sunday School, Lockwood

Page 297

That he was one of the leading and most prolific architects in Lancashire appears from his obituary in the Bolton

Page 298

J W Crosland

Charles Crosland

1867 Wesleyan Chapel, Lindley Cornerstone laying Huddersfield Chronicle 12 January 1867 Opening Huddersfield Chronicle - 13 June 1868 1867 Alterations Salendine Nook Baptist Chapel tenders Hudderstield Chronicle 20 April 1867

Page 299

F L Wooldridge

Huddersfield deputy borough engineer and surveyor (Yorkshire Post and Leeds / April 1937)

Peter Wormersley 1923-1993

B 24 June 1923

Works 1952-5 Farnley Hey

1970 National Westminster Bank, New Street

John Youdon fl 1852-1869

Carpenter, Joiner, Builder Address West Parade Huddersfield Chronicle 11 December 1852

York Place, Huddersfield Chronicle 15 May 1869 White Lion Yard Huddersfield Chronicle 26 June 1869

Home South Street Huddersfield Chronicle 26 June 1869

Partnership as joiners and carpenters in Trinity Street with Benjamin Hutchinson dissolved Huddersfield Chronicle 7 January 1854

St Luke's National Schools, Milnsbridge

Joiners’ work Opening Huddersfield Chronicle 2 August 1856; pg. 6;

Decorated the Armoury for marriage of Prince Albert Edward and Princess Alexandra of Denmark celebrations Huddersfield Chronicle,14 March 1863

Signed employers’ letter in building trades strike Huddersfield Chronicle 11 June 1864

Bankruptcy Huddersfield Chronicle 28 January 1865

Page 300

Dublin Hotel Fitting out Huddersfield Chronicle 13 October 1866 Auction of yard and workshop contents Huddersfield Chronicle 24 April 1869

Bankruptcy Huddersfield Chronicle 15 May 1869 & London Gazette 24 May 1870 p2/28

Public spat about sale of business premises Huddersfield Chronicle 26 June 1869 p5 & 3 July 1869 p4 col F

Married. Death of dau Susanna aged 15, Huddersfield Chronicle 11 December 1852 OTHER

“COMING OF AGE" OF THE HUDDERSFIELD INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY Huddersfield Chronicle April 1, 1882; pg. 6

Mason’s and painters strikes

The Huddersfield Chronicle , May 13, 1865; pg. 5

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