Fartown Supporters: Golden Jubilee 1921-1971 (1971) by Peter Crabtree

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Back row — R. Bray, L. Bray, K. Mosley, B. Pickard, Mrs. B. Robinson, R. Harper, I. Smith, R. Bottomley, B. Lockwood Mrs. V. Lockwood

Front row —

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(Formed June, 1921)

Members of the Federation Yorkshire R.L. Supporters’ Clubs

Officers for 1970-71

President: Miss J. RUSHFORTH

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1921 1922

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Prior to Main Stand Extension

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The Huddersfield Cricket and Athletic Club SUPPORTERS’ CLUB I

50 YEARS OLD JUNE 6th, 1971


Twenty-five years ago, to be exact on June 6th, 1921, about

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A proposer and seconder were forthcoming and the minutes were carried unanimously.

The election of officers resulted in the following gentlemen being appointed:—

Chairman: Mr. H. Hardy. Secretary: Mr. F. B. Hoyle. Treasurer: Mr. C. H. Taylor. Committee (12 decided to be the number): Messrs. H. Barrett, W. Armitage, E. Starkey, H. Abbey, R. W. Kettlewell, T. McCrea, F. Brown, J. Senior, J. Calvert, T. K. Whittle, Buckley and R. Hartley. 5 to form a quorum.

The Chairman invited members to hand up or forward to the Secretary the name of any gentleman thought to be

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6—Any member or members of the Supporters’ Club securing election on any Committee of the H.C. and A.C. shall not, by reason of such election, cease to be a member or to hold any office in the Supporters’ Club.

7—The Annual Meeting may be held in the month of May or June. 8—Seven days’ notice, in writing, shall be given to the Secretary for nominations for the Supporters’ Club Com- mittee.

9—The Committee shall have power to fill any vacancy arising on the Committee during any year of office and to deal with any other matter not provided for in these rules.

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SUCCESS AT THE POLLS On July 8th, 1921, the H.C. and A.C.’s Annual Meeting was held in the Parochial Hall. Supporters’ Club members attended in good numbers and in the voting for seats on the General Com- mittee all 5 candidates nominated by the Supporters’ Club were elected. Mr. F. R. Settle also was successful. In addition, Messrs. S. Abbey and A. B. Canby were elected on the Football Sub- Committee.

The great success of the Supporters’ Club gives an indica- tion of its early strength and the popularity of its objects. At the same time opposition was openly shown in some quarters. This feeling was largely due to a misplaced fear that the Supporters’ Club was intent upon interference with the management of the H.C, and AC,

Another expression of opinion, heard in some quarters and voiced in a section of the Press, was that a Club of the standing of the H.C. and A.C. did not need any “ outside” assistance and that the various Sub-Committees and the General Committee itself were quite capable and large enough in numbers to carry on the work of the Club. In the passing of the years no one, surely, after reading this history of the Supporters’ Club with its ceaseless round of activities and money-raising efforts on behalf of the H.C. and A.C. will deny that the Supporters’ Club has justified its existence over and over again.

Later pages will reveal the variety of the work done, all voluntary, and the total amount of money raised and handed over to the premier club from 1921 to 1946.

The opponents of the Supporters’ Club in the early stages of its development appeared to read into the first part of Rule 2 something that constituted a threat to the management of the H.C. and A.C., but they omitted to realise the great possibilities of the latter part of the same rule — “to use its influence in the general interests of the premier — these few words cover the principles and objectives of all true supporters’ clubs — service to the club and its followers. At a later stage in the development of the club it was decided to alter Rule 2 to read — “‘ The object of the Club is. to use its influence in the general interests of the H.C. and A.C., to secure and support suitable members to serve on the various Committees and Sub-Committees of the H.C. and A.C.” In the ranks of football club followers there is always a hard core of enthusiastic and willing men whose combined talents and abilities can be of great service to the club if properly harnessed and organised in working a supporters’ club. Many of the men now serving on the General Committee of the H.C. and A.C. served their apprenticeship with the Supporters’ Club, their sincerity and willingness to serve being tested to the full by Supporters’ Club work.


One little “ pointer” towards the Club’s all round interest in Fartown affairs was forthcoming in the summer of 1921 when it was decided to defray the cost of a stop press

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Supporters’ Club interest was also centred around the increas- ing of public interest in the ‘“‘ claret and gold reserves,” or as it was called in those days “2nd team” football.

A welcome letter came from Mr. Harry Lodge enclosing a subscription to the Supporters’ Club and accepting an invitation to address the members at a coming general meeting to be held in the Northumberland Street P.M. Schoolroom. Messrs. S. Abbey and A. B. Canby, from the Football Sub-Committee, also promised to attend. Continued interest in the Supporters’ Club was shown in the attendance of 130 members at its next General Meeting.

The following recommendation was approved and forwarded in due course to the General Committee at Fartown for their con- sideration:-

“That a small Sub-Committee be appointed to manage the football 2nd team;

“That when players not required for Ist team duty and fit to play they be included in the 2nd team, thereby increasing interest in the 2nd team.”


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In regard. to collections for players in the cricket section, it was later known that several of the Huddersfield 1st teamers had taken the matter into their own hands and made a collection from the spectators in a recent match at Fartown for a home player who had scored 50 runs in that game. This matter had since come before the General Committee of the H.C. and A.C. and while they would have preferred the players to have first obtained the Club’s sanction —which would probably have been granted—they (the General Com- mittee) were willing to fall into line with a custom apparently in vogue throughout the Huddersfield and District Cricket League. In future, therefore, no restriction would be placed upon either Ist or 2nd team in making collections at Fartown.


The next meeting of the Club was held on August 16th, 1921, in the Press Box in the Football Stand at Fartown.

It was decided that a formal application be made to the H.C. and A.C. General Committee for the Supporters’ Club to be granted the privilege of holding its meetings in future in a room in the Pavilion. It was announced that, as the result of the recent Supporters’ Club recommendation, the Football Committee had deputed Messrs. R. J. Goodwin, P. Hardy and F. R. Settle to the management of the 2nd team. In readiness for the first match in the Y.S. Competition, v. Wakefield, at Fartown, the following ways of popularising the fixture were suggested:-

1—That Mr. G. H. Hirst (Y.C.C.) be invited to kick-off.

2—That 1,000 admission tickets be printed for sale by members of the Supporters’ Club.

3—That team sheets be printed and circulated in shop windows in the town and district (this team sheet idea was later adopted for all cricket and football matches, these being typed and distributed by the Supporters’ Club for many years until the demand was so great that it became necessary to have them printed and the work was undertaken by the HC. and.

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Mr. Herbert Smith referred to complaints of the bad condition of the approach to the terrace side of the football field and hoped something could be done to remedy this matter. He also suggested the Supporters’ Committee should approach the General Committee on the question of securing entrance to the football ground by way of Poplar Street.

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to. “ Then I needn't stay,” said the press man, “I can write it up from previous ‘copy’ of the Tour Lecture.” It would have been interesting to know the feelings of this young reporter when he afterwards discovered that his paper, the following day, contained an account of a lecture, the subject of which was never touched upon. Further, had he stayed, he would have gathered some splendid

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Telephone: Huddersfield 32000

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limit our work in the early stages of the War. Members of the Supporters’ Club, have in past years given thousands of hours voluntary labour in the ‘“‘ Dry Canteen” as it is usually called. A special tribute should here be paid to Mr. H. H. Hardy and Mr. P. Hardy together with their wives and other lady helpers who did so much for this section for many years, and during the last few years Mr. H.

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1925—Came a musical treat in the shape of a first class Concert Party to Fartown, with the Dewsbury Rugby League Supporters’ Club responsible for the artistes. The large upper room in the Pavilion was crowded to the doors. A very enjoyable evening.

I 1926—A series of Whist Drives held in this same upper room Pavilion at Fartown resulted in a profit of £24. ,

The room above referred to was decorated about this time and the cost defrayed by the Supporters’ Club. In July of this year, delegates

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The Supporters’ Club gave the lead with a donation of £50 and a further £250 followed which added to the donations received bv H.C. and A.C. enabled the Club to go ahead with the actual job. Eventually, not only was the Members’ Stand enlarged, but new and up-to-date dressing rooms for two teams were provided under the new portion of the Stand.

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Back again to the land of Supporters’ Club lectures brings to mind one in which the Rev. Frank Chambers was the speaker. He had his audience greatly interested in what to-day would be termed a “quiz” on the rules of the game. The Rev. gentleman was in a very serious frame of mind that evening, but his sedateness was considerably upset when in reply to his question “ What is the weight of a Rugby football?” a “wag ” in the audience replied “It depends if it’s wet or dry.” The old Fartown forward and referee — at that time — glared at the speaker concerned and made some scathing remark, and “sent him off the field” figuratively speaking.

Another very interesting lecture was one given by that great Fartown forward ‘“ Duggy”’ Clark.

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crowd equally as big awaited Fiddes and his men, although losers, again in 1945, after winning the cup at Bradford, not more than half- a-dozen greeted the players with the cup. Yes! Wembley has a special appeal — “ Autolycus,” of the “‘ Huddersfield Examiner,” writing on May 13th, 1933, summed up this appeal with the following :—

“The Wembley Stadium, with its great sense of spaciousness, its flags, its military bands, its touch of pageantry, all combine to lift a game played there on to a plane out of the ordinary. That is especially the case when the match is played under the patronage of Royalty — for the hush that suddenly falls upon a cheering muliitude, who rise as one, in salute of the Royal representatives, and then the solemnity of the National Anthem, must always be a thrilling moment and one that adds dignity and status to the event.”

The Supporters’ Club at Fartown decided to do all in their power to support the R.L. efforts to give a higher status to our game, but our first Wembley trip did not receive the support that we hoped for, only about 80 making the trip for the Wigan v. Dewsbury final

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instructions and information for their guidance, the leaflet reading as follows:-



Our Patrons are Requested to Note Carefully The Following Particulars:

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At last the great day dawned and the two platforms at Huddersfield Station formed an animated scene as the crowd of 1,066 passengers eagerly awaited the trains. Cheers rent the air as the two trains drew in with their engines gaily decorated with claret and gold bunting — A word of praise here to Mr. C. E. Fry, the Stationmaster, and his staff, and to the staff of Hillhouse loco. sheds for the excellent co-operation which was given to the Secretary at all times. Prompt io time the first train was on its way, No. 2 section followed a few minutes later, both trains arrived in London within a few minutes of their scheduled time to find London await- ing at its best — a beautiful morning in May, with the fresh green of grass and trees in parks and gardens, the flowers of spring in all their glory, outstanding being a wonderful display of tulips, lovely blooms on long straight stems, standing up proudly like Guards on parade, as if anxious to impress these Northerners.

Upon arrival in Loridon the parties split up into their various groups and hurried off in diverse directions, as the fancy took them, each anxious to see the part of London they planned to see, and very quickly the “ Claret and Gold ” was to be seen all over the City. So far as the writer was ccncerned the first job was a telegram of good wishes to Len Bowkett in the name of 1,066 Supporters, then a stroll through the streets of the City to the “hub of the Piccadilly, meeting from time to time groups of rival supporters engaging in good humoured chaff and wisecracks, a quick lunch and then to Wembley — Fartown at Wembley! what we had waited for, and the result? all that we hoped for — back to the city, etc., until the time of our return. Between five and six o’clock Sunday morning the two sections of our party arrived at Huddersfield, tired, but very happy, the trip had been a great success, the writer remembers well the feeling of contentment as he returned, the past six weeks’ work had been worth while, the Supporters’ Club organisation had stood the test, and proved of service once again to those who availed themselves of the facilities oflered.

1934—The Annual Conference of the Lancashire and York- shire Federation of R.L. Supporters’ Clubs was held at Huddersfield.

Plans similar to 1933 were put into operation ready for andother trip to Wembley, but Hunslet put paid to our account in the

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Turf Accountant



Tel. 29521 -2- 3

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W. Stoker, H. Lovell, H. Littlewood, F. B. Hoyle, A. Holroyd, J. O’Brien J. Senior, C. G. Stephenson, C. Farrand, E. Starkey, A. Stephenson Seated—H. H. Hardy, H. W. Noble, R. W. Kettlewell, H. Milburn, W. Noble, A. Smith


Bray & Son, Holmfirth Cooper, G. Hirst, C. E. Ellis. inset—E. Starkey (President) G. Baker, J. K. Sykes, G. Lovell, J. Fielding, J. A. Brook, J. Kilgannon E. Starkey (Jun.) J. A. Pitchforth, W. Armitage, A. N. Gaulton, L. Reddyhoff, J. Raynor, E. Clayton B. Taylor, W. Frith W. Noble, F. B. Hoyle, P. Hardy. F. Wright, H. Littlewood, W. Stoker (Secretary) H. W. Noble, N. Hopkinson

Copyright by permission N


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HUDDERSFIELD RUGBY LEAGUE F.C., 1926-27 Winners of the Yorkshire Challenge Cup

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HUDDERSFIELD C. & A. CLUB FOOTBALL TEAM SEASON 1932-33 Winners of the Rugby League Challenge Cup H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, at Wembley, May 6th, 1933


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R. Bailey, G. L. Gray, H. Sherwood, R. T. Markham W. H. Johnson, T. L. Grahame, A. E. Fiddes,

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Before re-construction

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Mr. W. Stoker (Chairman) leads his team onto the field

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Mr. J. T. Withers, Mr. W. Cunningham, Mr. H. Lockwood, Mr. J. W. Beever, Mr. H. V. Wood (President), Mr. W. Stoker (Chairman), Mr. B. Gronow, Mr. T. Matthewman, Mr. A. Archbeli (Secretary) H. Tiffany (Asst. Trainer), J. Brown, W. A. Griffin, J. Bowden, J. Large, J. Cooper, E. Slevin, D. D. Valentine, J. Waring (Masseur), W. Smith (Trainer) R. Cracknell, P. Henderson, J. C. H. Hunter, G. R. Pepperell (Capt.), L. W. Cooper, P. C. Devery, R. Rylance, W. M. Banks R.L. Challenge Cup Yorkshire Challenge Cup P. Ramsden

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On September 7th, 1953, an Il!uminated Address was presented to Russell Pepperell by Mr. Ernest Starkey, Jnr. (President of the Supporters’ Club) on behalf of the members and committee of the Huddersfield C. & A.C. Supporters’ Club. The Address was an appreciation of Russell’s services to the

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Back row—Messrs. S. Garside, J. A. Brook (Hon. Treas.), B. Robinson, J. Stubbings, G. Hirst E. Starkey, W. Warburton, G. Doughty Middle Row—Messrs. C. Leake, W. Stoker, A. N. Gaulton, B. Taylor, J. Kilgannon W. Mosiey, J. Webster, G. Bottomley Front row — Mr. S. Fletcher, Misses E. Shaw, J. Rushforth, M. Haigh, Mr. R. L. Hoyle (President), Misses N. Beaumont, O. Stocks, Mrs. C. Jackson, Miss B. Brook Mr. A. Lockwood. In front—Mr. P. Crabtree (Hon. Secretary)

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Opened March 2nd, 1957, at the Doncaster game

Our picture shows: Back row—Misses P. Dickinson, J. Rushforth, B. Brook Front row—Misses M. Haigh, N. Beaumont, M. Whitwam

Takings in the hut since the opening day have amounted to aver £7,000. The work has been long and hard and much preparation put in both before and after each home game. The sale of pies, sausage rolls, tea, coliee, pop and sweets, etc., etc., has become an important part of our work Our thanks are due to all the ladies who have helped in this venture, so keep them busy you terrace-siders.


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S. Williams, H. Lockwood, B. Gronow, R. Nicholson, J. Maiden, J. C. Daly,

R. S. Robson, D A. Archbell, G. Wilson, J. Anderson, J. Bawden, P. C. De S. V. Pepperell, W. Banks, Yorkshire League Cup, Rugby

W. Cunningham,


Page 43

rs of the Rugby League and Yorkshire League Championships 1948—1949

H. V. Wood, J. Wood Beever, A. Dews, W. Stoker D. Valentine, J. L. Davies, |. A. Owens, G. V. Hughes very, L. W. Cooper, J. C. Hunter, M. Meek, A. E. Fiddes League Championship Cup, G. R. Pepperell, A. Ferguson


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The Huddersfield C. & A.C. Supporters’ Club nominated Ted Slevin for the Yorkshire Federation of Supporters’ Clubs ‘* Fairest and Most Loyal Player ’’ Competition and Ted was awarded the trophy

Our picture shows Ted with the latest addition to his remarkable collection. He has, with Wigan and Huddersfield, won every medal open to a Rugby League player


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Left to right: Messrs. J. H. Wardle, C. E. Horsfall, M. W. Wicks, S, Garside, R. Rylance W. Cunningham, E. Clay and J. A. Brook

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Ben Gronow presents

Frank Dyson with the silver statuette given by the Supporters to commemorate the setting up of a new Fartown goal record, April, 1961, with Mr. E. Starkey (centre) in the chair


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The President of the H.C. & A.C. Supporters’ Club, Mr. A. N. Gaulton, Dyson with a Testimonial cheque at the Annual Dinner on March Ist, J. Etty (Wakefield T.) and G. Owen (Halifax) look on

presents Frank 1961.

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Back row—Mr. H. Lockwood, Mr. G. Armitage, Mr. W. Cunningham (Chairman), Mr. E. Sheard (President), Mr. T. Matthewman, Mr. G. Bottomley, Mr. F. Hobson, Mr. P. Crabtree Middie row—H. Tiffany (Asst. Trainer), L. Booth, A. Redfearn, D. Devereux, K. Bowman, E. Slevin, F. Dyson, D. D. Valentine (Coach), K. Senior (Secretary ) Seated—G, Davies, A. Breen. M. Wicks, T. Smales (Capt.), P. Ramsden, H. Deighton, A. Kilroy In front—R. Haywood, D. Close

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Mr. E. Starkey (Chairman) presents Ken Noble with an electric toaster and an electric blanket

Past Tourists to Australasia:- 1910—J. Bartholowmew, J. Davies and J. Gifford (Manager)

1914—H. Wagstaff (Capt.), D. Clark. J. Chilcott, F. Longstaffe, S. Moorhouse, J. Rogers and J. Clifford (Manager)

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Mr. Jim Stubbings (President) hands the Supporters’ Club Testimonial cheque to Ted Slevin during a Social Evening, January. 1963. Mr. Ernest Starkey (Chairman and Mr. Tom Matthewman (Football Committee Chairman) look on

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MAY 23rd, 1965 — KEN BOWMAN

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Back—-K. Bowman, G. Thompson, J. Anderson, J. Saukura (reserve) Front—-A. Ford, K. Senior, T. Smales, D. Close


David Watkins (Salford) and Colin Dixon (Halifax) after the Final

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1936—In the early part of this year we broke ‘new ground’ by the

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We feel’ justified in looking back upon this 25 years’ work for “

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it very difficult to interest those with very little knowledge of the Rugby code, but we believe that Supporters’ Clubs in all areas can play a big part in overcoming these difficulties. each one of us can be publicity agents for the game. Supporters’ Clubs with a strong membership, if banded together in a strong Federation, can do a great deal more.

We at Huddersfield have tried out a few ideas with a certain degree of success, and have further ideas to bring forward from time to time, but the first essential is a strong and loyal membership of the H.C. and A.C. Supporters’ Club to give us the authority to speak and act with the knowledge that we do so on behalf of a large number of the game’s supporters.

Will you help us? Ii is open to any follower of the Rugby League game to join the Supporters’ Club, whether a member of H.C. and A.C. or not, the minimum subscription is 1s. a year, you may give more if you wish. If you give us the large membership we ask for, we can then, with one last glance back at the past for encouragement and incentive, go forward, facing the future with confidence in our ability to do even better for the Rugby League game and for the Huddersfield Cricket and Athletic Club, trying at all times to live up to the mottor “ Fartown — the home of all that is best in sport.”

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1946—197] After the Silver Jubilee and with the Second World War over, great deal had to be done to maintain and create Interest in Rugby League Football and to help the upkeep of the Huddersfield club. The Supporters’ Club were moving into action and taking a leading part at Fartown. As the years roll on you will see what has been done and what more could have been achieved with support and help from the right quarters. If it was Rugby League, then we had to help. 1947 came in and information was being sought regarding broadcast equipment. Eddie Waring gave a film show and lecture in the Temperance Hall, admission 6d! and a full house. Alex Fiddes was awarded

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Hiorse Shoe Inn

(Peggy & Harold )

Page 61

Remember how they were all stencilled, etc., and after coming into service receipts were up £100 in the first year. If you weren’t in

your seat on the stand half an hour before the kick-off you couldn’t purchase a cushion. 'The 1d. mats had done yeoman service, the latest additions were to do the same.

1948—Coaches were becoming very difficult to get for away matches. What good trips we’ve had: Hull with tea at Hessle, Work- ington and glorious weather in the Lake District. The Secretary had a phone installed at Holly Road to facilitate booking. Arrangements were in hand for a Wembley trip. At the Annual General Meeting Mr. F. B. Hoyle, made presentations to Mr. E. Starkey (Snr.) on completion of 25 years as Treasurer and to Mr. W. Stoker on 17 years as Secretary and the completion of 21 years as an Officer. The Senior body had been approached regarding membership to the Terrace side and that a good band be engaged for the football season.

The Australian Tourists flew into Fartown for their opening game. A Tour Souvenir issued by the Rugby Football League was put on sale, we ordered 500 and sold 2,000, J. Kilgannon doing a wonderful job. Team photographs proved a popular sale.

1949—New badges were bought and Fattorini’s of Bradford supplied 1,500. Mat receipts were rising. Branches at Meltham, Mirfield and the Hoime Valley. 7

Featherstone Rovers were in financial trouble and £10 was donated to defray their travelling expenses to Fartown on Easter Tuesday. Membership: 1,173. Football fixtures were included in the membership cards. Mr. C. Ellis and Mr. E. Starkey (Jnr.) attended the Dinner Dance on our behalf following an invitation from the Senior body to celebrate the winning of the Championship. Once again we defrayed the cost of posters advertising Cricket at Fartown. Rugby League Gazettes were put on sale and sold very well. A trolley was made and presented by Mr. S. Crabtree for the collecting and carrying of cushions after home games. It was resolved that our funds be concentrated so that they could be given to the Senior body should the proposal to lengthen the main stand be forthcoming. Joined the National Federation of Supporters’ Clubs with Mr. G. Baker as representative.

1950—AIl balances in hand of the dry canteen, £253, were donated to the H.C. & A.C., the financial side of this work in the Pavilion to be done in future by them. Many hours were spent by our Committee and their wives in helping both upstairs and in the canteen. The work being carried on by the same people after the change over. Rugby League Cavalcade, by Harry Sunderland, was on sale. Mr. F. B. Hoyle given a Complimentary Dinner at the Griffin Hotel on his retirement as Secretary of the Yorkshire Federation. Once again bills for advertising cricket paid for. Affiliation fees payable by branches to be 6d. adults, 3d. juniors.


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Russ Peppereil Testimonial book published. Rugby League

Queen Dance held. Help

Page 63

1952—Eddie Waring again, a Tour lecture in St. Patrick’s Hall with receipts of over £18 donated to the G. Lawrinson Testi- monial. A new branch in the Spen Valley. Miss J. Sharpe elected Rugby League Queen by the Yorkshire Federation. The National Federation issued a handbook and 200 ordered. Mr. W. Stoker was elected an Hon Life Member of the Yorkshire Federation for services rendered. First Year Book published. £5-5-0 donated to the Mayor’s Lynmouth Disaster Fund. Mr. E. Starkey presented tc Mr. Stoker a wristlet watch to mark his 21 years as Secretary.

WEMBLEY, 1953 1953—Help given in the sale of Official Club programme. Revision of rules discussed and were approved at the Annual General Meeting. Yorkshire Federation Queen Dance held and our representative was placed third. A final, however, for our Footballers and the Supporters. St. Helen’s, at Wembley, 1,121 travelled on the two trains, the organisation had been taxed to the full and like the 1933 visit, victory for our heroes made for a good day. It was a proud day for Secretary W. Stoker as he led his side onto the field. All the service he had given to the Supporters’ Club and the H.C. & A.C., ably supported by his wife, must have felt worthwhile. Mr. P. Crabtree was appointed Hon. Secretary and Mr. B. Taylor Treasurer, at the Annual General Meeting. An illuminated address was presented to G. R. Pepperell in appreciation of his services to the Club and particularly his leadership in the Corona- tion Year Wembley success. J. Bawden Testimonial Fund opened with a further booklet and various activities. More team group photographs for sale and Year Book sales very good. Several issues of Year Books.

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Established 1890

Partners: R. H. Gott, K. Buckley Telephone: 21126




Page 65

proceedings made for the Hospitals. Several successful whist drives held at Silvios. Rugby League diaries became very popular. Lionel Cooper presented with a statuette by A. A. Rosenfeld for his feat in passing Rosenfeld’s try-scoring record. This Rugby Rendezvous at the Friendly and Trades Club was a huge success, unfortunately the room was not large enough to hold all the intending audience. A telegram of congratulations sent to D. D. Valentine’s suc- cessful World Cup side in France. Subscription to G. H. Hirst Memorial Fund.

Page 66

1956—Several committee members held whist drives at home. First moves for a ierrace side hut made. Resolved that further deal- ings with the Senior body be done in writing through the Secretary. J. Hunter granted a Testimonial and a cheque for £254 presented. Permission asked for the holding of our meetings upstairs in the Pavilion. D. D. Valentine granted a Testimonial. 1,692 books sold

Page 67

the weekly sheets. In summer the pool continued with the use of Australian soccer sides, and County Cricket batsmen, i.e. Yorkshire No. 1, Lancashire No. 2 were also given a chance to boost interest during the summer. Returns had to be made out of each week’s pool and forwarded to the local authorities ; stamps bought, monies paid into the bank. A thousand and one jobs to do. £212 spent on Terrace side hut; Opened March 2nd at the Doncaster game. Receipts £6-19-54. A start at last — what a boon for terrace-siders. What a lot of work: Every article for sale had to be transported round from the storeroom under the Pavilion steps, water transported too, for there was no running water at the start. Gates would be locked, goods were carried round by hand, gates locked by the time you returned. It was chaos, but the

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Bottomley’s Coaches


* For Service and Civility



Page 69

Mr. J. A. Brook had to relinquish the position of Treasurer through ill health and Miss N. Beaumont appointed to the position. In April the Building Fund was wound up after handing over £8,000 to the senior body.

Page 70

WEBSTER’S Pennine Bitter

drives out the northern thirst


Page 71

893 travelling on the two trains. The first left at 7-10 a.m., arriving Wembley Hill at 12-24 p.m., returning from Marylebone at 12-15 a.m. and_= arriving Huddersfield 5-33 a.m. The second train departed Hud- dersfield 8-06 a.m. arriving Wembley Hill 1-12 p.m., returning from Marylebone 12-25 a.m., arriving Huddersfield 5-48 a.m.

Organisation, tickets all went well. We wished the travellers:

Page 72

R. & J. Carter


Telephone: Huddersfield 27404


Papers Delivered Morning and Evening also Sunday Morning

Telephone: Huddersfield 25421

Eastwood Fisheries


Telephone: 23579 Established 1935

Thomas W. Palmer, Ltd.



Let us TRY to CONVERT your rooms Your satisfaction is our GOAL


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Under-17 side in District League, H. Littlewood trainer, Home games’ to be piayed at Leeds Road. First victory to report 44-0 vy. Rastrick. November: Speciment copy of lease re Clubroom read. December: Black and White Minstrels visited at Leeds.

Mr. and Mrs. G. Hirst celebrated their Golden Wedding and a presentation was made in the Bowling Club. Mr. J. H. Rayner elected President of the Yorkshire Federation. K. Bowman granted a Testimonial and our first effort at running 7’s. A very successful competition was run, which atiracted one of the largest crowds of the season at Fartown. Dunbar the British profes- sional sprint champion ran the 100 yards in 9.85 seconds in an exhibition sprint. It was magnificent to see him that Sunday morning on the cricket field. We even had a letter from the H.C. & A.C. congratulat- ing us on the magnificent manner in which ithe 7’s were run. A single wicket cricket match for the Testimonial Fund. Alteration to rules at the Annual General Meeting. September: Following a visit to Court re licence for Clubroom by the President and Secretary, rules amended. September 25th, opening at the Warrington game. Another “white elephant” but how it prospered. Work, yes! How was it all done? Only we know how. B. Robinson did a magnificent job, ably assisted. Bramley boys visited once again, tea, etc., and their team won. Ken Bowman presented with Testimonial cheque, £1,200, which included £500 from the H.C. & A.C.

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will be pleased to see you

Terrace Hotel

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1967—Visit to Webster’s Brewery. Austin Kilroy cheque £820 (£500 from H.C. & A.C.) Ex-Players Association founded, first get- together in the Club, February 22nd. Terrace-side Hut extended by permission of the Grond Committee.

Don Close awarded a_ Testimonial. £5-5-0 granted to Centenary Cricket Match at Fartown

1968—Deputation of Miss N. Beaumont, W. Cunningham, D. D. Valentine and P. Crabtree met R.L. Officials in Leeds re Don Close 7’s. This turned out to be the last for players for after this meeting with the Rugby League Management Committee they adhered to an earlier directive that ‘“

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oe te

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1970—Crisis at Fartown, £2,500 transferred to Parent Club’s bank account to ofiset debt. £200 from Junior Supporters’ Marathon Walk donated to Senior body. New set of jerseys and shorts, £62 for Senior side. A hat-trick of Lady Presidents: Miss J. Rushforth elected. 1971—£554 for new tannoy equipment. New set of jerseys and shorts £105. Terrace side repairs £100. Alteration to junior dressing rooms £38. Raymond Haywood Testimonial cheque for £1,000 (£500 from Senior Body). So the work goes on. Fifty years on and still going strong. After the first twenty-five years a conciusion was included. Now after fifty, the second twenty- five shows how much has been done, and what could have been done.

The Supporters’ Club has had drive, very many worthy helpers who have given thousands of hours to the cause, and a strong belief that they were moving with the times. So very much more could have been achieved given the right encouragement, but the brake has been applied so very many times — and is still being applied.

Financially ithe Huddersfield C. & A. Club has benefited by over £16,500 during these last twenty-five years either in cash or kind and they should be proud of the Suporters’ Club and its achievements. Without them there would be no FARTOWN to-day. This in addition to the Building Funds £150,000. What a start the Supporters’ Club gave and the thousand and one jobs that have been done and the millions of hours given cannot be estimated.

Since 1946 many names have passed through the ranks: Mr. J. A. Brook, a former Treasurer, did he start all the interest in club colours, scarves, etc., on that holiday in Devon, many Supporters now wear club colours in whatever code they follow. Mr. J. Stubbings, who was interested in all our works, and would have given more if his health would have allowed it. Mr. A. N. Gaulton, compiler of records, who played such a large part in the production of Year Books and Testimonial Books. Mr .S. Fletcher, the first Treasurer of the Pools, and those still with us today: Mr. W. War- burton, how many mats has he stacked in his time and the Ladies: Miss N. Beaumont, Treasurer, who became the first Lady President, her work in connection with the Pool, the Terrace-side hut, and in the Clubroom, Miss M. Pilling, Treasurer of our Bar accounts, work with the Pool. Mr. B. Robinson, Chairman, for his work in that Office and in the Clubroom. Many others come to mind, all have played a part.

We are not sure whether we were the first ever Supporters’ Club but we were the first in Rugby League. Fifty years continuous work- ing is quite something. Our Year Books were a first, and Lady Presidents too. Testimonials, some 14 have been run and the players concerned have all been worked for and benefited by over £12,500 (£500 to each player being donated by the H.C. & A.C.)

Truly a magnificent second twenty-five years. The H.C. & A.C. should be proud of its Supporters’ Club and its workers, no club has ever had better throughout the years. Well done all of you.


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Mr. R. Bray in the Souvenir Shop 76

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1971 — Miss J. Rushforth (President), presents K. Loxton with the

“Player of the

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Telephone: 30462




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Russell, J. Anderson, D. Close, R. Hagan R. Valentine, K. Loxton, R. Haywood, P. Longstaff

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TOURISTS ATTEND DON CLOSE TESTIMONIAL CONCERT Members of the Australian Tour Team were at the Don Close Testimonial Concert in the Fartown Social Club during November, 1967

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