Meltham in Focus: Volume 11 by Meltham Photography Club

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Meltham In I Focus

Volume 11

Page 3

Station Rd Meltham

W Pickles Meltham

Page 5

J Pickles Cab Proprietor

John Pickles

Page 6

Blackmoorfoot Reservoir, Huddersfield


Blackmoor Foot Filter Plant and Orange Wood Cottages 1930s

Page 7

Wilshaw Church


West Nab, Meltham Moors.

Page 8

Wessenden Marsden


Colne and Holme Joint Hospital Meltham

Later Moor View Hospital Now Housing Estate

Page 9

Thickhollins Meltham

1929 Now Housing Estate 1960s

Thick Hollins Hall C H Waterhouse Meltham

Meltham Gold Club

Page 10

Belle Vue Meltham

Knoll Lane Meltham

Page 11

Carlile Institute Town Hall Meltham


Towngate Meltham


Page 12

Air View of Meltham


Lane Dyke Meltham 1905

Page 13

The Masonic Lodge Rooms, Market Place, Meltham (1863-1882)

Meltham 1970s

Page 14

Bottom of Mill Bank Road

Brook House Meltham Mills


Page 15

Spring Place Meltham Mills

Lower and Upper Mount Meltham Mills 1927

Page 16

Wood Cottage Meltham Mills

Home of the Misses Hirst 1910

River Scene Near Meltham Mills

Pleasure Gardens 1929

Page 17

Meltham Hall 1903

Meltham Hall, Near Huddersfield

Page 18

Meltham Mills Vicarage 1907

Harewood Lodge Meltham Mills

1907 (Bar House) Pulled Down 1999

Page 19

Football and Cricket Grounds 1930s

David Browns Cricket Field 1958

Page 20

Jonas Brook & Brothers Mill Pulled Down 1920s

Ford Inn Greenfield Road Holmfirth

The Ford Inn c.1920. A popular hostelry which was a former coaching inn with stabling for 14 horses. As its name suggests it was build over the ford, the stream running beneath the cellars

Early 1900s

Page 21

Wood Cottage Hotel Harden Moss early 1900s

Wood Cottage Hotel, Harden Moss


Page 22

A less stenuous game of bowls at Wood Cottage, Harden Moss

Early 1900s

Woodside Meltham

Woodside 1904

Page 23

Royal Visit July 1912

Horse and Cattle Show July 27th 1907

Page 24

Healey House Hall from Honley Wood

Nurses Moor View Hospital

Page 25

Nurse Fete 1910

Nurse Fete 1914

Page 26

Meltham Nurse Fete July 10th 1909

Nurse Fete July 9th 1910

Miss Mildred Findley and attendants Rose Queen

Page 27

Meltham Baptist Chapel Gathering Oct 16th 1900

Meltham Mills Provident Co-Operative Trading Society Ltd. Established 1827 (Believed to be the first Co-operative Society

to pay dividend on purchases) Amalgamated in 1927 with

Meltham Industrial Co-operative

Trading Society Ltd. forming

Meltham and Meltham Mills Co-operative Society Ltd.

Page 28

Meltham Parish Church

All sittings in the body, and in the galleries, are absolutely free and unappropriated by faculty, dated 8th February, 1877.

Edward Collis Watson, Vicar

James Battye Samuel Haigh

Easter, 1878.


Meltham Parish Church 1996

Page 29

Meltham Parish Church 1996

Page 30

David Barker, Fred Garside, Willie Sykes John Ravenwood, Sydney Oldham, Joseph Brook,

L. Swarrol, Jimmy Radcliffe. Horace G. Kippax, Ronnie Sykes, Harry Hirst Fred Wharton, Veryl Sanderson

Meltham Cricket Club 1938 Tommy Leonard,

Page 31

Meltham Cricket Team early 1900s

Sam Pemberton, Harvey Stead Stanley Sykes, Allan Dyson Allen Wood, John Willie Earnshaw Willie Mosley, Harry Mellow, Tom Hirst Willie Mellor, Willie Armstrong, Jim Hirst.

Helme Cricket Club 1905

Joseph Henry Taylor, Harvey Stead, Henry Baxter, Will Haigh, Cyril Broadbent, James Richarson, Frank Shaw, Tenny Haigh, C. Senior,


Page 32

Helme CC Winners of the Lumb Challenge Cup 1911

Meltham Cricket 1st Team 1939 Tommy Leonard, Fred Garside, Arthur Garratt, Cyril Mason, Jame Albert Holmes, Frank Quamby Woodhead

Willie Broadhead (scorer) J. Brown, Jsoeph Brook, Jack Hirst, Veryl Sanderson,

Arthur Taylor

Page 33

Meltham Cricket Club 1st Elevent 1948 Winners Sykes Cup and District League. B/Row H. Pogson, J. Dodson, Chappel, A. Foster, J, Kenyon,

J. Ball, N. Wilson, J. Brabiner, A. Ducksworth, A. Byrom, J. Richardson.

2nd/Row B. Thornton, S. Moorhouse, R. Fryer, A. Carratt, H. Hirst, E. Heaton, N. Stead, J.R. Wood, F/Row Stead, P. Brook, R. Sykes, R. Gellatley, F. G. Woodhead, J. Stead, G. Sykes

Meltham Bowling Club Starter Members

C. Pogson Mellor C. Vine H. Wright

Page 34

Mens Gym. Meltham Mills 1920s J. Preston, J. Taylor,

Page 35

Meltham Athletic Football Team Under 16 1923 Ernest Taylor, Herbert Wadsworth, Albert Ossel Bill Mellor, Lasey Barnes, Philip Wood, Arthur Nobel Eddie Baston, Cris Redfern, Harold Mosley Harold Cadwell, Walter Mallinson, Stanley Dyson

Joe Daniels, Joe Sykes, Bill Sykes, James Bussemworth Joe Hirst, Leslie Hubbard

Meltham Baptist Under 21 Football Team 1928

John Henderson, Reggie Garside, Lawrence Wroe, Ben Mellor, Hereward Leslie Vine, Joe Haigh, Edgar Whitham, George Crompton Frank Bradley, Ronald Sykes, Harold Shaw,

Fred Barnes’ Ref Harry Hall, Albert Baines, Steven Harold Blackley

Page 36

Meltham School Football Team 1933/34 L. Cummins, H. Platt, G. Sheard, J. Walker H. Newsome,

Page 37

Meltham Rugby Team 1925 McGowen, E. Clark, Joe Whitham,

R. Slea Pashley H. Adcock Edwin Broadbent

Meltham R.L.F.C.

Meltham R.L.F.C. Under 21 1935/36

J. Brook, Morgan Booth A. Smith Dixon,

Page 38

Meltham School Rugby Team 1934/35 J. Bottomley, B. Gold, F. Stead, J. Soothern, J. Walker, H.Ellis, C.Johnson,


Page 39

David Browns ‘1st Team Clark, C. Yewlett, Brook, Bouthroyd

Denise, H. Dugdale, D. Savage (pro) R.C. Cod, S. Oldham, L.V. Gallagher,

D. Booth, W. Sykes

Meltham Mills Red Triangle League Winners 1940/41

Johnson, Beaumont, B. Shaw, Tyson, Mitchel Sykes, E. Garner Womersley, Manchester, Sill, D. Shaw, K. Stokes, Stead Dyson, Walker, E. Bastow (coach)

Page 40

Jonas Brook and Bros. The New Mill

redbrick building 1929. Doubling Flat. 3rd Floor. Ada Brook, Patty Swift, Ada Heaton. Laura Bell, Katie Leonard

Marjorie Stead, Rose White

Meltham Mills School 1934

Page 41

60th Anniversary David Brown Tractor Club Tractor display Meltham Park 11th May 1996

Page 45

Filiming “Where the Heart Is" Hebble Mount.

Page 47

Six Sides of Coogan

Film Officials Steve Coogan in centre April 1995

Six Sides of Coogan Outside Town Hall April 1995

Page 48

Steve Coogan outside church hall April 1995

Steve Coogan

Page 49

Steve Coogan up ladder Raymond Lodges shop 1995 used as Florence Moss Florist

Outside Lodges shop “Ottle Post Office"

April 1995

Page 50

Church Hall 1995 Steve Coogan

Ottle Town

Page 51

Meltham Hall after fire in roof Sat. June 7th 1997

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