Meltham in Focus: Volume 8 by Meltham Photography Club

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Meltham In



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Wilshaw Church 1909

Wilshaw Church

Meltham Rugby Team 1925 McGowan,E.Clark Joe Whitham R. Slea Pashley H.Adcock Edwin Broadbent

Page 4

Free Trade Football Team 1911 J. Thomas, A. Dawson Mick Reynolds George Stead Haigh Ellis Arthur Dodson

William Bradbury Thomas

Bill o' Jack's

Page 5

Celebrations Meltham Town Hall Centenary Thursday February 5th 1998

Councillor John Bakanoba

Billy Haigh Jodie Woo Meltham C of E School Feb 5th 1998

Page 6

Mrs King taking Drill Meltham

C of E School Feb 5th 1998

Page 7

Celebrations Meltham Town Hall Centenary Thursday February 5th 1998

Meltham Councillors with Meltham CofE School Staff Feb 5th 1998

Page 8

Parish Council Chairman Dorothy Cooper, Vice- Chairman John Bakanoba and Councillors Jean Danson and Colin Sheard at Helme C of E School Feb 5th 1998

Page 9

Meltham Town Hall Centenary February oth 1998

People looking at some of the old photo's and cuttings from the papers during the last 80 years In the Council Chamber

Page 10

Meltham Town Hall Centenary February oth 1998

Page 11

General View, Meltham

The Winding Road, Wessenden Valley, Meltham

Page 12

General View, Meltham from Helme Lane

General View, Meltham

Page 13

Meltham Mills Vicarage, 1907

Built 1856

Baptist Chapel, Meltham

Built August 10th 1864

Page 14

Harden Clough, Meltham 1905

Page 15

Woodside Meltham 1956

The Waterfall,Woodside,Meltham

Page 16

Holmfirth Road,Meltham 1920s

The Falls,Meltham Mills

Page 17

Convalescent,Diphtheria Ward Colne & Holme Hospital Meltham


Page 18

Woodside,Meltham 1904

Colne & Holme Joint Hospital Meltham

Built Sep.3rd 1904 became Moorview 1950s Closed in 1968

Page 19

Meltham Wes.Chapel,Harvest Festival 1907

Folly Dolly Falls,Meltham

Page 20

Royal Visit Meltham July 11th 1912

Meltham Horse & Cattle Show July 27th 1907

Page 21

Meltham Garden Fete 1900s

Meltham Nurse Fete July 10th 1909

Page 22

Meltham Wesleyan Young Ladies Class 1911

Meltham 1965

Page 23

Meltham Mills Reservoir

Acre Lane Meltham Mills 1900s

Page 25

Looking towards Meltham Mills 1907

Meltham Mills Pleasure Ground Meltham Mills Opened 1858

Page 26

The Woods Meltham Mills

Meltham Mills,Looking Down Acre Lane 1916

Page 27

Marriage of Miss M.A. Hirst and Mr. H.C. Darlington, Meltham Mills Aug. 21st 1909

Wilshaw Church 1916

Built 1863

Page 28

Spring Place,Meltham Mills

St.James Church,Meltham Mills

Built llth Nov 1845

Page 29

The Vicarage Wilshaw

Helme Lane, Meltham

Page 30

Wilshaw Village

Page 31

Helme Village, Meltham

Helme Hall,Meltham Built 188/7

Page 32

Helme Church Built Nov.3rd 1859

Helme Village, 1924

Page 33

Meltham House

The Lodge,Healey House 1926

Page 34

The Golf Course Meltham

The Pleasure Grounds,Meltham Opened 1858

Page 35


Views of Meltham 1970

Meltham Hall Built 1841 1930

Page 36

Souvenir of Meltham

Meltham Church built 1905



Page 37


Views of Meltham

Durker Roods Built by Arthur Calrow Armitage 1870


Page 38

Wessenden Reservoir 1930

West Nab Meltham Moors 1920

Page 39

Bridge House,Meltham

Mill Bank Road

Page 40

Meltham From Slaithwaite Rd

Belle Vue,Meltham

Page 41

Meltham Church 1910

Market Place 1980s

Page 42

Carlile Institute Built 1890 Town Hall Built 1898

Page 43

Greetings from Meltham 1922

Bent House Meltham 1927

Page 44

Colne and Holme Hospital 1916

Greetings From Meltham

Page 45

Isle of Skye Inn 1920

Page 46

Lane Dyke Meltham 1905

Market Place Meltham 1950

Page 47

Daffodil Fair 1921

Page 48

Daffodil Fair 1921

Page 49

Silk Mills 1920

Page 50

Meltham Mills

Albion Mills Meltham

Page 51

Meltham Baptist Gathering Oct 16th 1909

Meltham Baptist Sunday School Oct 16th 1909

Page 52

Meltham Baptist Chapel Gathering Oct 16th 1909

Whit-Monday Procession 1910

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