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Meltham in Focus

Its Industries

Organisations, Societies & People

Volume C

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Year Description Volume I Page War Memorials - Summary C 5 Meltham Mills Church and War Memorial Photographs C 6 Meltham Parish Church and War Memorial Photographs C 7 Wilshaw Church and War Memorial Photographs C 8 Meltham Baptist Church and War Memorial Photographs C 9 Helme Church and War Memorial Photographs C 10 Meltham Wesleyan Chapel and War Memorial Photographs C 11 1919 Meltham’s Recognition of Her Heroes and Dependants C 12 1919 Peace Celebrations C 12 1856 Peace Rejoicing at the End of the Crimean War C 15 1863 Royal Marriage Celebrations - Prince of Wales C 16 1887 Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations C 17-18 1897 Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations C 19 1902 Coronation Celebrations - King Edward VII C 20 1935 Silver Jubilee Celebrations - King George VI and Queen Mary C 20 1902 I Coronation Celebrations - King Edward VII C 29-30 1928 Meltham Gala C 31 1932 Meltham Gala C 32 1912 Royal Visit to Meltham C 33 1937 Coronation Celebrations - Bong George VI C 41 1953 Coronation Celebrations - Queen Elizabeth

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Year Description Volume I Page 1904 Meltham Co-op Field Day C 93 1911 Meltham Co-op Jubilee C 95 1961 Meltham Co-op Centenary C 97 1909 Meltham Co-op 6th Annual Children’s Festival C 98 1922 Meltham Co-op Children’s Gala C 99 1964 Meltham and Meltham Mills Co-op Children’s Carnival C 100 1827+ I Meltham Mills Co-op, History C 101 1827+ I Meltham Mills Co-op, History C 103 1966+ I Meltham Photographic Club C 104 1843+ I Meltham Mills Band C 105-6 1948 Meltham and Meltham Mills Subscription Band Carnival C 107 1843 Meltham Mills Band, History C 111-5 1867+ I Meltham Cricket Club, History C 117-8 1948 Meltham Cricket Club, Winning Sykes Cup C 119 1998 Meltham Cricket Club, Drakes League Champions Hat-trick C 120 1840+ I Meltham Mills Cricket Club, History C 121-2 1893 The Meltham Cricketers Song C 123 1864 Meltham Mills Cricket Club, Opening of New Pavilion C 124 1938 Meltham V Meltham Mills, Scorecard of Their Last Match C 124 1863 Wilshaw Cricket Club Established C 127 1997 Meltham Cricket - Stead Family, Examiner Feature C 128 1890 Mean Lane Roadworks Proposals C 133 1888 Meltham Jubilee Recreation Ground Opening Ceremony C 135-6 1888 Edward Brook, Presentation of an Address to Him C 137 1903 Meltham Bowling Club Opened C 139 1903 Meltham Bowling Club, Opening Ceremony C 140 1902+ I Meltham Bowling Club, History C 141 Meltham Golf Club, History C 142 Meltham Golf Club, the Barn House Off Wilshaw Road C 142 1908 Meltham Golf Club Instituted C 143 1925 Meltham Golf Club, Nine Hole Extension C 144 1919+ I Meltham Guides, History C 145-6 1978 Meltham 109th Brownies and Guides Standards Dedicated C 147 1918+ I Meltham Scouts C 149-50 1941 Meltham Scouts and Guides, New Headquarters C 151-2 1970 Meltham Scouts and Guides, New Headquarters C 153-4 1996 Meltham and Meltham Mills Band, 150th Anniversary C 155-78

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War Memorials

The Meltham War Memorial was unveiled on Sat 1st April 1921 by Capt.Jd.C. Watson,at Meltham Church in Memory of 98 men who lost their lives in the 1914- 1918 war.It took the form of a Stone Nemorial and was executed by Mr.Edgar Lockwood of Meltham,it was further dedicated on 26thMay 1957 for the men of the 2nd world

The Helme War Memorial was unveiled on Sun.28th March 1920,by

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Peace Celebrations held Saturday,19th July,1919

The arrangements in connection with Peace Day at Meltham were carried out with praiseworthy enthusiam.Flags and bunting were freely displayed from the mills and houses in the locality.The proceedings commenced in the Market Place on Saturday afternoon,when the Meltham Mills Brass Band,under the baton of Mr.Vincent Kaye, played appropriate

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Peace Celebrations held Saturday,19th July,1919

The arrangements in connection with Peace Day at Meltham were car- ried out with praiseworthy enthusiam.Flags and bunting were freely displayed from the mills and houses in the locality.The proceedings commenced in the Market Place on Saturday afternoon,when the Mel- tham Mills Brass Band,under the baton of Mr.Vincent Kaye, played appropriate music.The children accompanied by their teachers,from the various Sunday Schools togetrher with large numbers of the general public,congregated in the Market Place,where the National Anthem was heartily sung,accompanied by the band,and conducted by Mr.Albert Pogson.Other suitable hymns were sung,and speeches were made by the Rev.W.Hope Gill(Vicar of Wilshaw)and Councillor Stead Lunn,who emphasised the need of holding such a gathering in order to render homage to Almighty God,who had given us this great vic- tory.The gathering dispersed after the Rev. H.F.T.Barter(Vicar of Meltham)had offered up a blessing.Councillor James

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Peace Rejoicings at Meltham at the end of the Crimean War 1856 May 29th

Thursday,the 29th,was observed in Meltam as a day of public re joicing,with marked demonstration of loyalty and good feeling,in commemoration of the peace.The morning was rather.clody,but the day improved as it advanced.One o'clock was fixed as the hour to form the procession,previous to which,the work-people of Joseph Hirst,assembled at Wilshaw,to the number of about 500.They pro- ceeded through the grounds of their employer to the front of his house,and having sung the national anthem and given a few hearty cheers to the Queen,moved on to join the general procession at Meltham.At half-past one o'clock the trumpet sounded,and the pro- cession,numbering about 3,000,moved in the following order;-The Head Constable of Meltham and Mr.Sedgwick,police officer,took the lead on horseback;next came the Village Officials,followed by Mr. Hirst,Miss Hirst,Mr.Haigh,and others on hotseback;after that,the carriages of some of the neighbouring families took their place, accompanied by private individuals;next the band which headed the Grand Order of Oddfellows,both of Meltham and Meltham Mills;after that Mr.Hirst's work people with their families;then the Female Foresters, and Gardeners etc;the Schools next followed in the order of procession,via:-The Meltham Church Schools,with the Grea School,Meltham Mills;the Wesleyan and the Baptist.The route of procession was through Greensend,Millmoor,Golcar Brow,Brighouse, back to Meltham where they halted and formed themselves into a square.After singing appropriate hymns,the procession took the direction of Harewood Bar and Meltham Mills,at which later place thay sung the Old Hundred and the Natioal Anthem.Afterwards they proceeded through the grounds of Meltham Hall and arrived at Mel- tham at about four o'clock;here they formed themselves again into a square,and sang the Old Hundred,theHallelujah Chotus,and the Natioal Anthem,and after three loud and hearty cheers to the Quee and a few appropriate remarks by the Rev.Joseph Hughes,the pro- cession dispersed,and the children of the schools received buns provided for them on the occasion.In the evening the Wesleyans ha a tea party in their school and also the Baptists,while the Churc people of Meltham and Meltham Mills had their tea party at the Meltham National School.After a few impressive addresses from the Revs.J.Hughes,E.Ince and J.Howell,and from Mr.Lawford,Mr.Patterso and Mr.Thomas Scholes the meeting broke up at half-past eight,all apparently much gratified with the proceedings of the day,and which will long be remembered by the inhabitants of Meltham

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Marriage of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales with the Princess Alexandra of Denmark,Tuesday March 9th,1863

Meltham Celebrations

At an early hour on Tuesday March 9th,in the morning the sound of marriage bells pealed joyfully from the old church tower of Meltham,to awaken the loyal inhabitants of the village on the Prince of Wales nuptial day.The day was kept as a general holiday and flags and banners were hoisted from the windows of the

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Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee 20th June 1887

The Queen's Jubilee was celebrated at Meltham on Monday and Tues- day with a completeness which did the committee who had the whole of the arrangements in hand much credit.The little town was gay with flags,the decorations indeed being on a most extensive nature A Venetian mast was placed in the centre of the Market Place,and from it was suspended festoons of flags,while the political clubs were decorated,and triumphal arches,bearing loyal incriptions, greeted the sight of the visitors-and they were many-to Meltham. Here as else where,the dislay of bunting was very general and there were many most elaborate decorations.Mottoes were plentiful and were to beseen on every site.Whereever one turned flags were to be seen and cottages as well as the houses of the wealthy,put out these signs of rejoicing.A beacon was lit on Cop Hill on Monday night,and rockets sent up to announce to all who were interested that the inhabitants of the Meltham valley were endeavouring to loyally celebrate the memorable event in the history of the nation.But the great demonstration was reserved for Tuesday,and being favoured with the most beautiful weather one could possibly have wished for,a grand success crowned the efforts of those who had worked hard to give a few hours of joy and pleasure to young and old.The aged inhabitents of the township to the number of about 300,had a pleantiful dinner,which was provided for them by public subscriptions,and were afterwards driven in conveyances in the afternoon procession.Before this however,a special service conducted by the Vicar(the Rev.E.C.Watson)was held in the church, The organization of the procession was a work of time and difficu- lty,but energy and perseverance can do much,and these qualities were exhibitied to a very full extent,by Mr.E.H.Carlile,who had willingly and cheerfully under taken the most ardious duties of cheif marshal.Under his directions the procession,which seemed to include almost everyone in Meltham and the surrounding neighbour- hood,was at last got into something like order,and to the accom- paniment of the Meltham Mills Band,the National Antham was sung four verses of the Jubilee Hymn being also well rendered.The foll- owing joined in the procession,the figures after the Sunday school denoting approximately the numbers they had present:-Meltham Mill Band,churchwardens and oversears of the poor,clergy,magistrates members of the Local Board,central committee of the jubilee comm. guardians,aged inhabitants of the township,Meltham Church Sunday School 550,Meltham Mills Church School 550,Bible class connected with the school 50,Helme school 180,Wilshaw 170,Meltham Wesleyans 600,Meltham Baptists 300,Holt Head general school 180.Meltham Mills junior band,Meltham and Meltham Mills Oddfellows,Meltham Mills Cricket and Football Clubs,Messrs Joseph Taylor and Sons, Spink Mills fire brigade,Meltham Mills reading room,Meltham Mechanics Institute,the Order of Druids,Messrs Jonas Brook and Bros fire brigade,Meltham Cricket Club,Order of Foresters,Lily of thevalley order of Druids,Meltham Mills Fire Brigade,Helme Cricket Club,Order of the Golden Fleece,Meltham and Meltham Mills Choral Society,Sons of Temperance and the Foesters,Court Eden.Every person in the procession was supplied with a jubilee medal which was surmounted by a small representation of the crown.The route was along the New-road to some distance past the Silk Mill,when the procession countermarched,and went direct through Meltham Mills to Thickhollins Park.It was very dusty on the roads,but as it was impossible to have everything perfect it was a matter for congratulations that all passed off so well.Although there was such a large procession there was no lack of sightseers,and the route was crowded with spectators the whole of the way.Winding along the road,with banners which accompanied them waving,the procession had an excellent effect at all points,and the costume of the cricketers,footballers and of the various friendly societies assisted to render it very picturesque.

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Golden Jubilee(cont)

There were decorations all along the route,and the gates of Hare- wood Lodge on which were worked the letters V.B.and two represen- tatives of the crown in rhododendrons were much admired.Upon arriving in the park,which Mr.Carlile had kindly thrown open for the occasionthe children sang their hymns,and afterwards were taken to various places for tea,which had been provided for them by public subscriptions.Tea being over there was a general reassem- bling in the park,the attendance being very large,With sports and romps,and with the seniors friendly chats,it all passed away a very agreeable evening.At dusk there was a grand display of fire- works by Brook of London,and the people then dispersed to their various homes There were over 800 competitors for the various sports. Bowling at single Wicket(for boys between 10 and 16) F.Garner Flat Race 100ydsBOys under 10 T.C.Haigh Flat Race 100yds (Boys between 10 and 13 L.Pogson Flat Race 150yds Boys betweenl3 and 16 Lewis Watson sack Race 50yds Boys up to 16 D.Dyson Backwards Race 50yds Boys under 10 B.Dodson Obstacle Race Boys up to 16 J.Wickstead Skipping Girls under 10 L.A.Stead Flat Race Girls under 10 A.Eastwood Flat Race Girls between 10 and 15 Ellen Dyson

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Celebrations in Meltham for Queen Victoria's Biamond Jubilee June 1597.

The long expected day has come and gone,and Meltham has nobly contributed its full Share in commemorating the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen. The all-absorbing topic for the past few weeks,and the chief work of the committee,has been the preperations for the decorations of the principal parts of the line of route of the intended procession. The Market Place,from the Swan Inn to the Carlile Institute,lent itself admirably to an effective displaye,and the ingenuity,taste,and skill of the band of willing workers were devoted in particular to this part of the township. Near the centre of the Market Place there was a magnificent pole,nearly fifty feet high, gaily decorated with red and blue spirals on a yellow ground. The Royal Standard floated from the top,and lower down streamers of many colours diverged from it to the tops of the surrounding buildings. At the end of Lane Dyke there was an apparently massive stone arch,with embattled piles at each end,and in the centre a transparent picture of Her Majesty. The stones of the arch were lined out to represent the real article,and ivy was trailed over the structure to give it a natural and venerable appearance. The following mottoes were also conspicuous on the arch-stones:-"Sixty years of a glorious reign" and "God bless and save our noble

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Coronation Celebrations King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra Thursday June

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Send-off of Trooper Mitchell,of Meltham to the Boar War,January 6th 1900

A most enthusiastic meeting was held at the Victoria Hotel Meltham,on Fiday January 5th 1900,on the occasion of a compli- mentary dinner and presentation to Trooper J.T.Mitchell,of the Imperial Yeomanry Cavalry,who has volunteered for active service, and goes to Sheffield on Saturday.After dinner the large room was crowded to its utmost capacity.Mr J.Slater officated as chairman, and referred:in terms of praise to Trooper Mitchell for his cou- rage in volunteering to go out with his troop.He had with him the best wishes for a safe return from the struggle which was going on in South Africa.-The toast of "The Queen" was given from the chair,and duly honoured,-The Chairman made the following presents to Trooper Mitchell,on behalf of the public of Meltham:- Field glass,meerschaum pipe,one box of cigars,two pairs of silk and woollen pants,one cholera belt,together with purse and balancs of £2. 15s. in money being the proceeds of a fund collected by Messrs J.Slater,Wm Haigh,Edwin S.Mellor and Edwin B.Wood-total £7 5s; lib.of tobacco from Mr. Tom Hollingworth;llb,of tobacco,one box of cigars,and a tobacco pouch from Mr.and Mrs Jas W.Mellor;one box of cigars from Miss Rebecca Barras;one silver-mounted cigar holder from Mrs W.Haigh-Trooper Mitchell briefly thanked his many friends for the nice presents.He assured them he would try to do his duty,as a Meltham lad ought to do,and hoped to come safe back again from South Africa. The Chairman then read the following letter from Col Carlile:- "Helme Hall,Huddersfield 5th Jan.1900 "Dear Trooper Mitchell,So you are off to-morrow morning to Sheffield in preparation for going to the front.I have been on the sick list for more than a week,and have not been able to see you to say "Goodbye" I trust you

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Taken from the Huddersfield Examiner Saturday Jan.20th

rs. Carlile belongin pnt of Volu

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Colonel GARUILE who ‘are going out,” true that they were

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A Meltham Yeoman's Experiences

In a letter to his parents and sisters,dated from the Soldiers Home,Wellington,March 16th 1900,Trooper J.T.Mitchell,Imperial Yeomanry writes,We are going up to the front on Saturday by train from this place.We have had a lot of moving about,but this is the final,Iam wanting to get into action or else the war is going to be over.I think we shall be the first Yeomanry to get under fire. The weather here is very hot.A good many of our fellows have had dysentery,but I think part of it has been caused by drinking too much beer, and this won't do at all here.We see the mountains on fire every night for miles around they are all volcanic.We are to take nothing with us on the march but regimental "tak" that is only what we can carry in our pockets.When this war is over all the men will be required by the Goverment to return to England,if they wish to get employment here the government willpay all expen- ses to enable them to return to South Africa within six months time.I will try and get some Kriger coins to bring home with me, they will fetch a good price in England.I have been as "fit as fiddle"since I left home,and I am now ready for either rough or smooth.Snakes are very numerous here and of a very poisenous kind Five of us had to go to the Court house this morning to give evi- dence against a Dutchman who with others nearly killed a police- man.They would have killed him outright but for us,We took three of them to the station,but they got the worst of it. There are a lot of Boers here.They treat the Kaffirs like dogs but we have Stopped a bit of that.They are a nasty lot of people.We have seen and heard so much about them at one place and another that we are properly stressed up for them.They are a cowardly set and as soft as pigs when brought man to man,They yell like magpies when any of them get into "clink"as they call it.We always carry a side Sword with us and sling,and if any of them say much or interfere we soon let into them;but this sort of work would not "wash"in England.Trooper Mitchell goes on to describe the Kaffir war dan- ces at their annual feast.The dance he says is a great treat,but the Kaffirs invariably get drunk and are locked up.Five or Six hundred take part in the dance.Continuing Trooper Mitchell says The English ladies are keeping this home and providing the sold- iers with tea and buns at by subsription.It is very good of them Their daughters are waiting upon us all the time and we have a hymn and a prayer every half hour.You would not think a lot of men could be so well behaved as these are when they are anywhere particulary,but all the same they can be the other way about as well at times.I shall not run into any more danger than duty calls for,I wish I could just see you all for a few

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Relief of Mafeking,May 26th 1900

Flags were much in evidence early on Saturday in Meltham to celebrate the relief of Mafeking,and in token of the gallant defence of the town by Colonel Baden-Powell and his brave sold-

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Back from the War

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Meltham Coronation OF KING EDWARD VII and QUEEN ALEXANDRA Ssturday July 12th 1902 There were great doings at Meltham on Saturday when the postponed festivities were carried out in full,with the exception of the tea given to the old folks over sixty tears of age.This latter item of the programme took place on the 27th last in the Oddfellows Hall. A special. service was held in the Parish Church on Sat. at 12.30 conducted by the Rev.W.Bower and the REV.H.S.S.Clarke.The members of the Urban District Council attended,but there was in addition to these only a very meagre congregation. There was a general assembly of schlars in the Market Place at 1.15,when special hymns and the National Anthem were sung by the children conducted by Mr.Jacob Roberts and accompanied by the Hinchliffe Mill Brass Band. The procession was then formed in the following order;-Lieut.Col. Carlile,Rec.H.S.S.Clarke,Mr S.Wilkinson,church warden;Mr.Jacob Roberts musical director;and Mr J.M.Moorhouse leading followed by the open carriages;the Coronation Committee,Hinchliffe Mill Brass Band,Meltham Parish scholars from the following Sunday schools;-Wesleyan,Holthead,Meltham Mills,Helme,Baptist and Wilshaw all in fours;Meltham Mills Junior Band,Sons of Temperance,and royal Order of Foresters in regalia.These were followed by thirteen waggons beautifully decorated and drawn by spleadidly groomed and richly caparisoned horses.Twelve waggons were filled with the young children from all the schools,and one with old folks over Sixty. The route of the procession was from the Market Place via New Road,Harewood Bar.Meltham Mills,Bank Road,Calmlands,Lane Dyke, Greens End,Mill Moor.Golcar Brow,Slaithwaite Road,Station Street and back to the Market Place where the procession was broken up and the children retired to their respective schools and partook of tea. The Decorations Although these were of a very elaborate nature,they did not come up to a display of 1887 or 1897,The Market Place took the lead in the matter of decorations.A fine flag pole 40ft.high carried a white ensign,and beneath the flag were streamers of flowers streching all round,forming a floral canopy,with baskets of flowers in the centre of each streamer.The central lamp was beautifully decorated with a large crown,a purple and scarlet lamp shade,and wreaths of evergreen.In the Market Place the most conspicuous decorations were displayed by Mrs Herbert Haigh,the Post Office,Mr.Charles Firtg,Mr.ALbert Myers,Mr.G.Moorhouse, Mr.L,Armitage,Mrs.Hirst,Mr.W.Hoyle,Mr.J.Sykes and Mr.Schofield Booth. Leaving the Market Place the Co-operative had a nice show of bunting,crowns and shields.The Town Hall is next reached and here the officials had made a very effective show.Across the road there was an illuminated triumphal arch of neat and chaste design with the illuminated mottoes,"Long May He Reign"and "Peace and

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Meltham Coronations

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Colourful Gala at Meltham Wed.27th June 1928

What impressed the visiter to Meltham on Wednesday evening,was not so much the number taking part in the gala effort on behalf of the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary,nor the enthusiam displayed,

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Meltham Gala llth June 1932

Meltham was one of the brightest villages in the Huddersfield district on Saturday when a most successful carnival was held in aid of the funds of Huddersfielf Royal Infimary,the Meltham Nur- Sing Association,and the Meltham Sick Aid Association. The sum of £140 was realised-a truly fine result. The day was ideal and a strong sun cast its brilliant rays upon streets gaily decorated with flags,bunting,and streamers. A long and striking procession was formed at the fields at Green Lea,which had been kindly lent for the occasion by Mr.A.Quarmby, who was the Cheif Marshal.The route of the procession,which was thronged with spectators,was via Lane Dyke,Greens End,Matthew Lane Mill Moor Road,Westgate,Slaithwaite Road,Helme Lane,Broadlands, Station Street,and back over to the field at Green Lea.Immediately behind the Meltham Prize Brass Band,which was under Vincent F.Kay came the King and Queen of the Carnival(mr.Joseph Watson and Miss Marjorie Walton)and their attendants. The remainder of the procession was made up of adults and child ren in fancy and comic costumes,Maypole dancers,decorated wagons, and a comic band under Mr.Michael Sheridan. Immediately on the return of the procession to Green Lea the ceremony of crowing the King and Queen of Carnival was performed. The other members of the “Royal Party"were Master James Sheridan and Miss Esther Senior(crown-bearers).Miss Mary Baines,Miss Ivy Kenyon,Miss Mary Wood,Miss Jessie Sykes and Miss Dora Dixon(att- endants)Master George Woodcock and Master D.James(train-bearers) Master Edwin Baines and Tommy Hine(courtiers)Stanley Moorhouse and master Ferdinand Sanderson(buglers) Councillor Miss Haigh,who presided heartily thanked all who had in any way contributed to such a excellent function, Mrs T.W.Hirst,of Durker Roods,then performed the ceremony of crowing "Their Majesties" Bouquets were presented to Mrs T.W.Hirst and Councillor Miss Haigh by Miss Jessie Sykes and Miss Mary Wood respectively. Mr.T.W.Hirst,president of the Royal Infirmary,thanked the Carn- ival Committee and the general public for their effort,He said that in the past Meltham had always responded admirably to any appeal put forward by the Infirmary. The Vicar of Meltham(Canon H.F.T.Barter)thanked all on behalf of the Meltham Nursing and Sickness and Accident Aid Associations and referred to the splendid work these Associations were doing. Over sixty healthy babies took part ina baby show organised by the Meltham Child Welfare Clinic. Alarge crowd assembled in the fields for the evening programme The events included country dancing by members of the Meltham Mills Ladies Gymnasium,under the direction of Miss Chadwick;maypole dancing by children in the infants dept.of Meltham School under the direction of Miss Jones;gymnastic display by members of the Meltham Mills Gymnasium;a boxing bout by Messrs Frank Carter and Cornelius A.Van Leeuwen weight lifting by Mr.Frank Mate of Black- moorfoot;humerous items by Mr Fred Howarth;a fire drill display by the Meltham Scouts;competitions(organised by Toc H)and child- ren's sports.The day was brought to a close with a camp fire and a general sing song.The Meltham Mills Brass Band provided music for dancing. Mr.A.Quarmby officiated as judge of the horses and decorated wagons,and Alderman and Mrs.Law Taylor along with Mr.R.J.White- head judged the fancy and comic dresses. The prize winners were;-Fancy Dress(over 14 yers)Girls;1 I.Hub- ert and E.SSchofield(Jack and Jill)2 W.Butterfield(Dick Turpin) Under 14 1 Betty Norton(chicken.2 Jessie Longbottom(nurse)Boys (under 14;1 J.Ball (Indian), 2 B.Baldwin and J.Creaser (Indians) Comic Dress Girls (under 14;1 J.Walton 2 C.Newbould Boys (under

14) 1 R.Hinchliffe(sweep)2 J.and D Barker (Gandhi and Miss Slade) Over 14 1 A.Kendall(simple simon)2.H.Hirst (Gandhi)

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Meltham Royal Visit July 11th 1912

Mrs Joe Eastwood of Spring Head Farm,Slaithwaite Road,was a very proud woman.About a fortnight ago when Major Atcherley was inspecting the Kings Route he had the misfortune to run over one of Mrs.Eastwoods hens,for which he handsomely compensated her.He said he was sorry his car had run over the hen,but probably the King would call

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King George V Jubilee May 1935

Meltham was gaily decorated,bunting and flags being displayed everywhere,Celebrations began with a combined service in the Par- ish Church.There was a crowded congregation,including members of the Meltham Urban District Council,V.A.D.s,Masonic Fraternity, Rangers and Girl Guides,and British Legion.The singing was led by the Parish Church choir and the combined choirs of the churches and chapels in the district.The first lesson was read by the Rev P.E.Cooper(Methodist Minister),and the second by the Rev.G.W. Fitch (Baptist pastor).The rest of the service was conducted by the Vicar of Meltham(the Rev. Canon H.F.T.Barter),the Rev.T.Ken- yon(Vicar of Wilshaw) and the Rev.L.F.A.Edgell (Vicar of Meltham Mills)The Vicar of Meltham gave a stirring address.The King's reign,he said,had proved that the English monarchy was as firmly established as ever.That day was a happy one for Meltham,for the reason also that it had brought together members of various denom- inations in common worship. Mr Herbert Downs presided at the organ and closed a most beau- tiful service with the playing of "Land of Hope and Glory".A col- lection in aid of the Huddersfielf Royal Infimary Building Fund realised £30 14s. Mr.Fred Haigh,proprietor of the Meltham Picture

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Jubilee Day cont Races Boys under seveb 1 Peter Drake,2 Clifford Kaye,3 Ernest Heaton,Boys Seven to nine,l Lewis Moorhouse,2 Thomas Noakes, 3 Gorden Bailey,Boys ten to eleven,l Eric Gledhill,2 George Hal- stead,3 John Bottomley,Boys twelve to thirteen 1 John Southern 2 Sydney Kippax,3 Bryan Wrathall,boys obstacle 1,Willie Patter- son,2 Hildred Bailey,3 Harry Taylor. Girls under seven 1Brenda Hirst,2 Nancy Auty,3 Dora Richardson. Girls seven to nine 1 Peggy Ellis,Barbara Oldham,3 Thelma Hirst. Girls ten to eleven 1Mildred Butterworth, 2 Dorothy Wilde,3 Shelia Wilson Girls Twelve to thirteen lIrena Wood,2Irene Harri- son,3 Mary Hirst.Egg and Spoon Race,l Margaret Halstead 2 Audrey Moore,3 Annie Pogson

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Memorial Service for King George V 25th Jan 1936

On Tuesday the day of the funeral a united memorial service for the whole district was held in Meltham Parish Church in the even- ing.The clergy taking part were the Rev.Canon H.F.T.Barter(vicar of Meltham),Rev W.Norton Wright(Vicar of Helme),Rev.T.Kenyon(Vicar of Wilshaw)Rev L.F.Arnold Edgell(Vicar of Meltham Mills)Rev.P.E. Cooper (Methodist Minister)and the Rev.G.W.Fitch(Baptist Minister The seating capacity of the church was taxed to its utmost.The singing was led by the church choir,under Mr.Arthur Redfearn,aug- mented by the various choirs in the district,these being seated in the west gallery.The Meltham Urban District Council and many other public bodies were represented.The special form of service appointed was used,the hymns being "Rock of Ages"."O God our help in ages past" and "Abide with me" Psalms 23 and 27 were also chanted.Special lessons were read. The Rev.Canon H.F.T.Barter gave the address,and took as his text "Be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life Canon Bater said that it seemed as yesterday that they met in the church in connection with the celebrations of the late King's Jub- ilee and now they were met to mourn his loss.He said"Every heart is dull of real loss,just as they were of gladness for the Jubilee Englishmen,and particularly Yorkshiremen,are not the type to go about wearing their hearts on their sleeves,but I:feel sure no one was ashamed to admit that they are touched with a deep sense of personal grief and loss.Continuing,Canon Barter said that they who were gathered there that evening should have a deeper sense of thanks-giving,since they came to acknowledge that all things are in God's hands,and those were hands of love.There were many reasons for thankfulness."We have to be thankful"said the Canon, "that he was so long King and for all the good he has done.We have also to be thankful for his unflinching devotion to duty,that he was blessed with such a wonderful helpmate,and that God,in his mercy and wisdom,spared him the loneliness which would have been too great if the Queen had been called before him.Above all we ought to be thabkfull for his character,which was that of a great Christ ian gentleman at its best.The real foundation of his ex- traordinary sense of duty was in his firmly held religious faith. At the conclusion of the address the hymn "Abide with me" was sung followed by the playing of the Read March,Mr.Thompson Rye was at the organ. Before the service the church bells rang out a muffled peal.

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Coronation Celebrations King George VI & Queen

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Coronation Celebrations Queen

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Crowning of Meltham's Victory Queen 1945

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Meltham's Victory Carnival May 25th 1946

It was "Our Lucy's"day at Meltham on Saturday.The occasion was a gala for Meltham's "Welcome Home"Fund,and Miss Lucy Haigh affectionately known as "Our Lucy"who has collected £751 for Service comforts,was chosen to crown the King and Queen of Car- nival. And more than that,she rode with "Their Majesties"in an ancie- nt landau through the streets of Meltham and was cheered by tho- usands of people who lined the route.Her coachman was top—hatted, eighty-year-old Mr.Joseph Henry Worth,who used to be at Helme Hall It was a great joy day for "Our Lucy" and for everyone else in Meltham.The bands played and the people "let down their hair" and made merry in a good cause. No town or village in the country has done more for its men and women in the services than Meltham has-and it has not finished yet.Away back in 1939,when the lads of the village began going off to fight,a comforts fund was set up,and throughout the war years,10s parcels were sent off every three months. As time went on Meltham had 524 men and women serving in the forces and £25 a week was needed to keep the comforts flowing. Once the fund got down to £50,only two weeks expenses,but the chairman Councillor R.F.Woodhead made a speech and within eight weeks there was £800 in the kitty. The Victory Carnival was a big success.It attracted huge crowds and provided a round of events that lasted from early afternoon until late at night,when dances were held in the Oddfellows'Hall and the Liberal Hall.The procession,which left the carnival field to tour the village,was said to be the biggest ever seen in Melt- ham. The newly formed Meltham and Meltham Mills Band headed the parade and in it,in addition to "Our Lucy"and the "King and Queen" were children in all kinds of fancy or comic costumes;youngsters on prancing ponies;colourful tableaux;several tradesmen's turn- outs,with high-stepping colts or heavy cart-horses,gaily decor- ated and beautifully groomed;members of the Meltham and Holmfirth Company of Army Cadets,and bringing up the rear,the band of the Huddersfield Wing Air Training Corps.Chief marshal of the parade was Flt.-Lt R.C.Hirst A.T.C In the evening there were horse and pony jumping events,competi- tions,children's riding classes and musical chairs on ponies.A Display of pony jumping was given by young Peter Kaye,of Barnsley who has been gaining honours at Olymia in recent months. At the crowning ceremony Councillor Woodhead welcomed Miss Haigh who he said was known to every Meltham man and women in the Forces as "Our Lucy".He spoke of her fine achievement in having collected over £750 for the Comforts Fund.He expressed thanks to Mr.Fred Dixon who had done much for the Carnival and had got together the splendid collection of tradesmens turnouts and horses. Councillor Woodhead then took a back seat while Miss Haigh

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Meltham's Silver Jubilee Carnival June 7th 1977

An impressive parachute drop by five members of the Blue Eagles Skydiving Team caught the crowd unawares at Meltham's silver jugilee carnival on Tuesday 7th June The parachutis's appeared unannounced and ahead of schedule but bang on targate in the Broadlands recreation ground to spon- taneous applause from an estimated 3,000 residents and visitors. Earlier in the afternoon the village centre was packed with spectators for the jubilee procession from Meltham Hall. Headed by Meltham and Meltham Mills Band,the parade included floats,Meltham Majorettes,local scouts and guides,children in fancy dress and guests of honour,the Mayor and Mayoress of Kirk- lees,Coun. and Mrs.Jack Brooke,and the chairman of Meltham Town Council,Coun.Mrs Jessie R.Kirby. Decorated floats were entered by Sally Illingworth's Dancing School(Toytown),the Family Fashion Centre,Meltham and District Society (a mobile exhibition of interesting photographs and mem- entoes of Meltham's history),Meltham Playgroup(cowboys and indi- ans),5th Holme Valley (Meltham) A pack cubs,Helme Village(King Neptune's kingdom),Meltham Youth Club,Meltham Mills Playgroup (Old MacDonald's Farm) and Meltham and Netherton Catholic Centre (children of the Commonwealth) Carnival Queen Miss Maxine Watson and her attendants Jane Szoradi,Fiona Taylor,Gillian Crawshaw,Diana Cryer,Deborah Sheard and Susan Kirby,rode on the leading float. Opening the programme of events in the main arena were Meltham Majorettes who were placed fourth in Saturday's National Carnival Association's Jazz Band UK championships at Oldham Carnival. The youngest group to compete in their class,the majorettes appeared with nine reserves because regular members were on holi- day and missed the trophy for the smartest troupe by a mere one tenth of a point. Formed only a year ago by Mrs Brenda Micklethwaite,the troupe gave an excellent display on Tuesday,obviously inspired by their unexpected success at Oldham. Fancy dress compeyitions were judged and prizes presented by the Mayor and Mayoress and Chairman of the Town Council and another presentation,to Meltham's Driver of the Year was made by Coun.Mrs Virginia Reid,Winner of the contest,recently organised by the carnival committee was Mr.Tony Harris,of 3 Wetlands Road,Melthan. Bright spells outnumbered the showers and all events went ahead as planned-a tug-o-war competion won by a team from the Greyhound Bradford,displays by Scottish dancers and Sally Illingworth's dancers,a motor cycle gymkhana by Huddersfield Falcons and child- rens races. Hot dog and sandwich bars did a roaring trade and there was ple- nty of interest in the various sideshows and stalls,which includ- ed a whisky wheel,electric hand,tombola,treasure hunt,pony and donkey rides,accident prevention display and a penalty prize com- petition organised by Meltham A.F.C. Prizewinners in the various competitions were-floats;1 Meltham Mills playgroup,2 Helme Village,3 Catholic Centre. Fancy dress;jubilee yearl Alistair Crawshaw,2 Mark Orton,acci- dent prevention 1 Meltham Fire Station most original 1 Paul Eves- ton 2 Paul Smith decorated cycle 1 Margaret Shaw,2 Katherine Barker. Shop windows 1, Daisy Chain 2 Family, Fashion Centre 3,Brian Dobson Chemists. A very successful day ended with a jubilee dance in Meltham Hall

Music was provided by the Phil Douglas Band Skips Disco and an excellent buffet supper was served.

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Meltham Gala 4th Sept.1978

Thousands of spectators lined the carnival procession

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Meltham Gala Sep.2nd 1979

Hundreds of cheering people helped make Meltham Carnival a fin- ancial success.

Despite the last-minute cancellation of a carnival dance,to have been held on Friday 7th Sep.,the carnival committee are confident hundreds of pounds will have been raised for charity. Carnival-day capers began at Meltham Hall,where floats and fancy dress competition winners were declared. Meltham Band led a procession to the carnival ground at Broad- lands where the annual event was opened by Meltham Town Council Chairman Coun.Robert C.Ashton.Special quests included deputy Mayor of Kirklees Coun.Mrs Majorie Fisher and Mr.Chris Hawksworth of B.B.C. Radio Leeds,who announced and commentated on events. The theme of this years carnival was the Wild West and attrac- tions included wellie throwing,a coal carrying race against world champion Terry Lyons,and a rock 'n roll demonstration. Retiring carnival queen Miss Tracey Butters crowned her successor Miss Alexandra Kowalewsky. Results included Float;1 Meltham and Netherton Catholic Society with Year of the Child,2 Meltham Fire Station(Wild West),3 Meltham Methodist Church(Wild West) Trimmed Horse and Rider;1 Leist Jenkinson,2 Sarah Crabtree, Susan Harrison and Howaed Bull.3 Mr.Jeff Cater. The Trimmed Wheeled Vehicles competion was won by attendants from Greenacres Old Folks Home. Coal Carrying;1.Terry Lyons.2 Alan Bamforth,3 Keith Smith 4 Milton Wimpenny,5 Kevin Sill,6 Gareth Tutner,7 Archie Burton,8 Joe Shaw. Tug-o-war;1 Meltham Monday Night A Pack,Driver of the year; 1 Andrew Wagstaffe. GIRLS RACES;Under 5

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A regal line up! «— attendant Sharon Wilkinson, Queen Alexandra Kowelewsky retiring queen Tracy Butters and attendant Tracy Hyde.

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Meltham Gala 1980

Thousands of people turned out for fun in the sun at the annual Meltham Carhival on Saturday 5th Sep.1980 And despite a triple field booking blunder the organisers declared the event a success A procession of floats,fancy dress contestans,and majorettes was led by carnival opener Jake Jonathan Zed Mangel Wurzel,the self styled Meltham Mayor,in his wurzel wagon. After judging of decorated vehicles and fancy dress competitors the procession left Meltham Hall for the carnival ground in Broad- lands Recreation Ground. Retiring carnival queen Alexandra Kowalewski crowned 1980 queen Jane Szoradi.Attractions in the carnival field included steam train rides,a jazz band,performances by travelling players and a donkey derby. Games included guess the weight of the sheep,a hot wire.lucky straws and egg shells and a tombola. Children were amused on an inflatable fun castle and enthralled by a performance from Circles in their world of clown fantasy. A marching display was given by Meltham Majorettes and music was provided by Meltham and Meltham Mills Band.A vintage bus and a steam lorry were on display and visitors could try their hand on a wheel of fortune. Colne Valley MP Richard Wainwright and Mr.Hayden Thomas person- nel director judged floats and fancy dress competotors. Winners included;Floats Joint 1 Helme Parish Church ladies and Meltham Meyhodists Church Sunday School 2 Meltham Fire Station,3 Kirklees Sport for the Disabled.Fancy dress,adults 1 Mr.B.Shorter Miss M.Webster and Miss S.Farrell.2 Mr.F.C.Hellawell. Children. 1 S.Hirst 2 B.Wiggins,3 S.Crowther and D.Golden. Mr.B.France won a quess the weight of the sheep competition and a £10 prize for a lucky programme was not claimed.

Carnival committee thanked everyone for making the event a succ- ess.

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Meltham Carnival Sept 4th 1981

Heave ho — GE

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Meltham Gala 1981

Zany inventor Wilf Lunn helped create one of the best carnival in Meltham for years on Saturday 4th Sep.1981.

Blazing sunshine persuaded thousands of people to turn out and make the annual Meltham Carnivala huge success. Special quests also included Colne Valley MP, Richard Wainwright and Meltham Town Council chairman Coun.John Watson. Special attractions included children's races,a gymkhana and fancy dress contests. Carnival day began with a grand parade from Meltham Hall throu- gh the town to the carnival ground at Broadlands Recreation Ground Decorated bicycles,floats,cars.prams and fancy dress contestant were judged by the speacil quests. The next major event was the crowing of the 1981 Meltham

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Meltham Gala 1982 Sat.Sept.4th 1982

Carnival fever gripped Meltham on Saturday 4th Sept.,and the day was declared a success,despite a sting in the tail from vandals Crowds of people lined the streets to watch a spectacular pro- cession and business was brisk at the countless stalls and side- shows in the carnival field.Carnival day began with the judging of fancy dress contestants,decorated floats,bicyles,prams and wheel Meltham Hall. Judges were carnival opener Colne Valley MP.Mr.Richard Wain- wrght,Mrs.Wainwright,Meltham Town Council chairman Coun.Clive Yeadon,Mrs Janet Yeadon and Mr.Nigel Horseman.Afterwards there was a procession to the carnival field in Broadlands Recreation Ground,where carnival queen Samantha Senior was crowned by 1981 queen Karen Wilson.Attendants were Sally Ann Rickett,Donna Wood, Heidi Gardner,Carol Chapman,Nicola Heady and Gaynor Clegg. Attractions included Brighouse Marching Band,Meltham Majorettes, a judo team.a cubs tug of war,a five-a-side football competition and motorbikes.Music was provided by Meltham and Meltham Mills Band.Refreshments were served throughout the afternoon. Results included;Childrens fancy dress-1 Lisa Howard,2 Paul Hirst 3 Alison and Sally Crowther;Adults fancy

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Meltam Gala Saturday 3rd Sept.1983

High winds and driving rain did not dampen the carnival spirit in Meltham on Saturday 3rd Sept.Crowds of loyal supporters donned wellingtons and rain coats,determined to make the annual event a success.Organisers struggled in vain to put up tents at Broadland Recreation Ground and they expressed thanks to Watson's fun fair for help preparing the site and lending last-minute platforms for attractions and refreshments.Despite the atrocious weather we man aged to keep smiling and everyone enjoyed themselves,Special gue- sts included Colne Valley M.P.,Richard Wainwright,artist Ashley Jackson,Meltham Town Council chairman,Coun.Alan Dyson and Meltham trader Mr.Neil Bond Attractions included a parade of decorated vehicles and fancy dress contestants,from Meltham Hall to Broadlands,Northern Sky- riders Drum and Bugle Corps,Marsden Pride,and Meltham Majorettes, Opener Mr.Jackson crowned 1983 carnival queen Sally Redfearn,Coun. Ken Hickson organised childrens races and spectators had the opp- Ortunity to put their stamina to the test in a coal carrying race against champ.Terry Lyons, Musical entertainment was given by Meltham and Meltham Mills Band and the finals of a five-a-side football competion were run. Awinning lucky programme number is on show at Down's hardware shop Meltham.Children who won races and dis not collect their medals have been asked to contavt Mrs Beaumont. Results included;De corated floats-1 Meltham Methodist Church 2 Meltham Parish Church Gilbert and Sullivan Society 3 50th Meltham brownies;decorated bikes,prams and wheelchairs 1 Linzi Williams Fancy dress Adults- 1 Mrs Horne,2 Mrs Carter,3 Mr G.Oldfield; children- 1 Mark Ashton,2 Joanna Hardcastle,3 Zoe Smith. Childrens races under five yrs 1 Jamie Key;under eight yrs 1 Reb- ecca Lyons and Angela Roberts,2 Leon Rousell.3 Caroline Wrigley; eight to nine yrs

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Meltham Carnival 3rd Sept. 1983

Flower power from Meltham Methodist Church Sunday School pupils, all dressed up for the annual carnival in the town.

Meltham Town Council chairman, Coun. Alan Dyson, meets fancy dress competitors at the carnival.


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Meltham Gala Sept

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Meltham Carnival 1st Sept. 1984

Royalty at Meltham Carnival. On the left is queen Sharon J. Comins and attendants, on the right, retiring queen Sally Redfearn and


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Meltham Gala Saturday

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Meltham Gala Sept.7th 1985

The tug-o-war,organised by Meltham Venture Scouts was open to teams of youngsters aged between eight and ten and a-half.Each team must have six youngsters,plus a reaerve,and first prize was a top trophy.The five-a-side soccer competition was also open to teams of youngsters from a wide area,and there were prizes for the winning team.The committee thanked Jimmy Jacobs,of Meltham Football Club,and Mr.Graham Kilvington,of the venture scouts,for their work arranging both events. Events at the carnival start as early as 1.30pm when a large, musical parade leaves Meltham Hall.Attractions in the main arena at the Broadlands Recreation Ground start at 2.45pm with a

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Meltham Carnival 7th Sept. 1985

The colourtul Meitham Glibert and Sullivan float which won first prize In the decorated float competition Photoe: Maicoim

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Meltham Gala Sat.Sept 6th 1986

A bumper programme of events is lined up for this years Meltham Carnival on Saturday,Sept.6th.Organisers have really gone to town to provide something for all the family with fun fairs,games com- petitions,music,clowns,a horse show,gymkhana,refreshments,stalls dancing and side shows.The fun starts at 12.30pm.when contestants in the fancy dress competition assemble at Meltham Hall.As well as the traditional children's and adult fancy dress,there is also a competition for the best decorated bike,pram or wheel-chair. The popular Grand Parade follows the judging of the fancy dress and a swinging selection of colourful floats will leave Meltham Hall at 1.30pm to tour round the town. Chairman of Meltham Town Council Clr.Ken Hickson has been chosen to officially open the carnival and crown the new carnival queen, Sharon Wilkinson. The action takes place at Broadlands Recreation Ground where the rest of the festivities will also be going ahead.Thers plenty to keep the kiddies happy during the afternoon with an incredible inflatable dragon to play on ,fun fair and pony rides,a miniature

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Meltham Carnival 6th Sept. 1986

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Meltham Gala September 4th 1987


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Meltham Gala Sat.2nd 1988

A grand parade of floats and vintage cars will get the show on the road for this year's Meltham Carnival. Floats will begin ti assemble in the car park at Meltham Hall at 12.30pm Sat. July 2 for judging at 1.00pm with Richard James of Pennine Radio,and Colne Valley MP Graham Riddick heading the panel of judges. The procession of floats,jalopies and ponies and traps will then make its way to the recreation ground to the music of Meltham and Meltham Mills Band and the marching of the Dusky Pinks Show Majorettes.On the field visitors will be able to enjoy the fun fair,lucky dips,an inflatable castle,races for all age groups and refreshments.And according to the organisers many surprises are in store. Once into the main arena the new 1988 Carnival Queen will be crowned by Mr.Riddick.Events planned for the afternoon will then begin,with displays from the majorettes and from the ASPADS Dog Display allcomers disco-dancing contest with a £20 first prize.Also lined up are judo displays.a junior tug-o-war competi- tion organised by local venture scout,and performances from the village brass band.The tug-o-war will be fought out between teams of six,aged eight to 194 for the Downs Hardware Trophy which will be held for a year.Judging for the adult and children's fancy dress,for the best decorated bike or pram,and for the best design float will take place at 1.00pm.The licky prize draw will be made the following day at Meltham Con.Club,with the winners being dis- played tn the local shops.

Meltham Gala Sat.July 2nd 1988

The heavens opened and torrential rain poured down from the sky But the unpredictable weather failed to dampen spirits at Meltham Carnival,which this year has been hailed by the organisers as one of the best ever. Tribute has been paid by organising committee mem- ber Lawrence Baylin to the support for the carnival from local traders and people.After last years worries about the apparent lack of local support for the carnival and the reluctance of Meltham people to come forward and serve on the organising committee it had been very pleasing to see so much support on the day.It was an excellent turn-out,on the parade and on the field,from the local community and local tradespeople far better than we had ex- pected and far better than last couple of years,a particularly good response had come from Meltham's newly formed Chamber of Trade. Hundreds of people had turned out to support the carnival event had had to be abandoned because of the rain-the

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Meltham Gala July 2nd 1988

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Meltham Gala July list 1989

Rain hit the procession at Meltham Carnival,but everyone batt- led on to make the day a success. The Carnival Of The Bees saw children and adults alike clad in stripey shirts,stripey bin bags and stripey sweaters.Some dressed as bee keepers and others carried the hand made bees on sticks which hours of work in the Slaithwaite Satellites work shop had produced. The build up to this years Carnival was on a different scale to previous years.Aspecial theme was chosen and for months before- hand Meltham children were encouraged to take part in the prepar- ations which would give the carnival a unified look. Meltham Pre-School Playgroup took the trophy for best float,pre- sented by Meltham Town Council chairman Clr.Bob Ashton.Other float winners were the newly formed Victoria Park Club and Meltham Lib- eral Club. Carnival queen Nicola Parker was crowned by MP Graham Riddick and Kirklees councillor Tom Seale.Although the weather was so bad most people had a good time.Majorettes performed on the carnival field among a variety of stalls and games,and an alsatian agility display,added to the entertainment. Teams of all ages battled in a tug-o-war,while children let off a little more steam in a disco dancing competition.A special per- formance by the Satellites drew young bees from the crowd and all- owed junior and infants school pupils to join in the presentation with a specially written bee song,which they had been taught in school prior to the carnival.

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Meltham Carnival July 1st 1989

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Meltham Gala July 7th 1990

Meltham Carnival organisers tempted fate,choosing the theme, Singing in The Rain for this year's show after the last two years downpours. The clouds failed to rise to the bait and fine weather helped the carnival to a highly successful event. The 1990 Meltham Carnival saw a host of attractions,the event Starting with a parade of cubs,scouts,guides,brownies,floats fan- cy dress entrants and Meltham and Meltham Mills Band. Colne Valley MP Graham Riddick got the main event at Broadlands under way,crowning Carnival Queen Heidi Mozley.Afun run,disco dancing,a balloon race and a tug-O-war contest were the entertain- ments which followed,along with the Steve Perriman road show.Also featured were an Army assault course and displays by the Territor- ial Army,outlaw gunfighters and the Fleur De Lys Majorettes.Mrs. Pegg Committee chairman warned more support was needed to keep the carnival alive. Carnival results were Floatsl Meltham Pre-school Play group;2 Country Cabin;3 5th Holme Valley Cubs,Friday Pack; Fancy Dress; Joint 1 Rebecca Wood(Pebbles and Ben Garrety (Clown),Joint 2 Nicola Richardson(Miss Dustbin)and Jenny Horton(Weatherman); Joint 3 Gemma Porter(Miss Weathergirl)and Jody Brown(Gangster).

Shop window competition,which was run as part of the Carnival where they had to deck up their windows to the Carnival theme Singing in the Rain.The winner of the chairmans award,an engrav- ed plate was the Midland Bank with runners up being Butterflies, Cutty Sue and Yorkshire Building Society.

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Meltham Carnival July 7th 1900

Ahoy there! Daniel Bray, eight, nine-year-old Lucienne Pratt and a few furry

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Meltham Gala Week July 1991

A Week-long festival of entertainment gets underway on Ist July with the first ever Meltham Gala Week. After 14 years of one day Meltham Carnivals the committee decid- ed on a new format and new venue resulting in a full programme of activities culminating in Gala Day itself on Sunday,July 7. Gala Day will be held in Meltham Hall Park begins with a parade led by Marsden Silver Prize Band from Meltham village centre, along Huddersfield Road and into the park for the official gala opening and crowning of the gala queen. The parade will include civic officials,Valley Royale Majorette clowns and fancy dress and local groups and organisations. World coal carrying champion David Jones,of Meltham,will offic- ially open the event and crown the gala queen Leanne Singleton. Later in the afternoon Mr.Jones,Terry Lyons and Stan Dawson will take on teams of three in a handicap coal carrying challenge whe- re pe ople are invited to beat the champions. In the main arena there will be an Army death slide,tug-o-war, Morris dancing,fancy dress and disco dancing competitions as well as roundabouts,charity stalls and entertainment for the children from clowns and a magic show.There will be a chance courtesy of the Duke of Wellington regiment to try your skill at an anti-tank Similator air rifle range,communications landrover and wind surf- ing simulator.Also on display will be a range of Army weaponry. At Opm the day will end with a civic reception for an Austrian Band who are the guests of Meltham and Meltham Mills Band. Gala Week gets underway with the judging of the local shop keepers windows display competition.This years Theme is "A Coun- try Fair"and the event will be recorded by Meltham Photographic Club.Other Gala Week events include a pedestrian treasure hunt Starting at 4.30pm from Helme C of E Junior and Infant School on Tuesday.Refreshments will be served afterwards at the school. On Wednesday Meltham County Primary School,Birminham Lane will host a special gala open evening,The event begins at 5pm and includes stalls, games and a pig roast. On Thursday a walking treasure hunt will leave Meltham Church Hall,Greens End Road from 6.00pm onwards.The hunt will last for about an hour and a half and will finish at the church hall where refreshments will be served. On Friday an invitation is extended to join Meltham C of E, Primary School,Holmfirth Road for a family evening,Events,stalls and entertainment is planned and gala programmes will be on sale. On Saturday a gala junior disco for the under 14s will be held at Meltham Mills Community Centre from 6.30pm to 9.00pm. NEW STYLE,WEEK-LONG GALA HAILED A SUCCESS Events during the run-up to Gala Day itself were well suppoted and summer sunshine on Sunday attracted crowds to Meltham Hall Bark for a variety of attractions on the big day.The Gala Week which featured a shop window competition,treasure hunts and school events ended on Sunday with a village fete in the park which had a theme of a Country Fair. Gala committee wanted to do something different this year and move away from a one day event.Many people have been in favour of a week long event to try to involve the whole community.the event was very much a trial but the Gala will probably follow a similar format in future years, Gala day got under way with a walking parade from the village centre led by Marsden Silver Band,Attractions in the park include Valley Royale Majorettes,tug-o-war,morris dancing fancy dress roundabouts bouncing castlies,charity stalls games and tombola. A Coal race attracted teams of three to compete on a 250 yard course with a shield and plaques donated by Brook Dyeing of Melt- ham,Meltham Flyers took first place with a team from the Duke of Wellingtons in second place,Meltham Fire Brigade in third place

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Meltham's weeks Carnival July 1991

Selling programmes — members of Meltham Gala Committee in Market Place armed with programmes ready for the forthcoming Gala Week, which starts on Mon- day. Programmes for Gala Day itself — Sunday, July 7 — will be on sale again in the village centre tomorrow and at a family evening at Meltham C of E Junior and Infants School next Friday. Also in Market Place was Susan Bray (left), of Mel- tham Chamber of Trade, selling raffle tickets for the £2,000 Joyce Dunn Bed Appeal. Pictured with programmes are committee members Angela Fieldsend, Cir Dorothy Cooper, Cir Shirley Watson, Muriel Weaver and Helen Murtagh, attendant to the gala queen. Photo: Malcolm Howarth

Page 75

Gala 1991 cont

and Meltham Conservative Club in fourth place. Other attractions included Army displays,Hudderfsfield Hospi- tal Radio,Scouts and guides barbeque and dream teas. The Gala was officially opened by Meltham world coal carrying champion Dave Jones.He also crowned the Gala Queen Leanne Singlet who was attended by Gemma Shaw,Katherine Murtagh,Carolyn Lodge, Katie Hall,Elien Booth and Gemma Porter,

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Meltham's First Ever weeks Carnival July 1991

Page 77

Meltham Gala July 1992

A good time was had by all at the second annual weeks Meltham Gala,which say the organisers,was again a resounding success. The Gala Day which followed a week of events in and around Meltham was held at Meltham Hall Park and included numerous att- ractions, stalls and rides. A village parade started off gala proceedings and the prize for the best decorated float was won by Meltham Scouts,second prize went to the float occupied by gala queen Hannah Dyson and her attendants,and third prize to last years gala queen Leanne Singleton and attendants. The gala opened by retired Meltham GP.Michael Mercer,included music from Meltham and Meltham Mills Brass Band,a display by the Valley Royal Majorettes and. a coal carrying competition won by three man team Dave Jones,Stan Dawson and Terry Lyons. The tug-o-war was won by Hinchliffe Mill Scouts and children enjoyed various round abouts,games and stalls. Table tennis was available in the community centre all after- noon and the gala also included a junior disco dancing competition army display and grand draw.

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Meltham Gala July 4th 1993

A successful 17th Meltham Gala was reported by the organisers despite showery weather which failed to deter the crowds. The event held at Meltham Hall Park was attended by Kirklees Mayor and Mayoress Clr.John Mernagh and Mrs Connie Wanless.A pro- cession of floats,Meltham and Meltham Mills Band and the 1992 and 1993 gala queen and attendants arrived at the park after a parade from Broadlands through

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Meltham's Carnival July 4th 1993

A SUCCESSFUL 17th Meltham Gala was reported by the organisers despite showery weather which failed to deter the crowds. The event, held at Meltham Hall Park. was attended by Kirklees Mayor and Mayoress Clr Jonn Mernagh and Mrs Connie Wanless A pro cession of floats. Mel tham and

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Meltham Gala July 3rd 1994

Fine weather brought out the crowds for Melthams annual gala day on Sunday 3rd of July. Ahighly successful day was reported by the gala chairman who said officals expected the final total raised to tops last years £700.Once a final figure is announced,an invitation will be sent out to local charitable organisations to share in the proceeds. The fourth to be held at Meltham Hall Park had more stalls than ever before as well as displays from Netheron Dancers,music from Meltham and Meltham Mills Brass Band,punch and judy,childrens races as well as roudabouts,games and exhibitions. It was an excellent day,everyone enjoyed it and had a good time The day began with a procession from Broadlands and Sunny Heys which made its way to the park via the centre of Meltham.Some four floats,a vintage bus and sports cars took part in the parade led by the Meltham and Meltham Mills Band.Visitors to the gala were also able to walk across the road tgoMeltham Mills Bus Museum which was holding its second annual open day.There was opportunity to see an array of vintage buses previously used on routes all over the country,as well as a chance to look around the museum itself.Visitors were able to enjoy free bus rides to Holmfirth and on a scenic route around Wessenden Head, Shops in Meltham which had decked up their windows to promote the gala were judged by Mrs Cooper gala secretary Barbara Sheard, the Rev.Tony Vigars,the Rev.Peter Taylor and Express and Chroncle reporters Alex Jamieson and Susan Hampshire. In a close competition,judges selected the overall winner to be Nigels Mini-Market, with just one point dividing first and second places,the shield and rosette went to shop pwner Nigel Horsman in second place was Matthews bakery and third place Meltham Ceramics The Gala queen for 1994 was Sarah Auterson and Gemma Hawsworth her deputy.

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Meltham's Carnival July 3rd 1994

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Meltham Gala July 9th 1995

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Meltham Gala July 6th 1996

Cartoon Capers was the theme for this year's Meltham Gala, which attracted both the sunshine and crowds.Chair-person of the organising committee,Clr Mrs Shirley Watson said about £800 was raised for local charities at this year's event in Meltham Hall Park.

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Meltham Gala July 6th 1997

Celebrations were at the heart of this years Gala,which was the

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Meltham Gala Sunday July 5th 1998

Meltham Gala Queen Charmaine Brice

Meltham villagers went "Out of this world" for the annual Gala at the Broadlands Recreation Ground on Sunday 5th July. The fan- tasy theme for this year's colourful parade with a variety of float designs and a fancy dress procession through the town. The fun on the field started at 12 noon with the traditional parade setting off around the same time from Meltham Mills,by the park. The route included Huddersfield Road,Station Street,Mean Lane, Broadlands,Sunny Heys,finishing at Scarr Green Close,where a walking parade then made its way into the Recreation Ground. Taking part,were floats entered by village organisations together with Meltham Mills Band,Crofton Majorettes,Meltham CE School's Wuffen Fuffen Band,line dancing,fun races and fairground rides, which kept everyone happy throughout the afternoon,despite the rain and helped to raise over £1,000 for local charities and vol- untary groups. Gala Queen Charmaine Brice was crowned by local celebrity Mick Shore,who has recently appeared on the television consumer pro- gramme "We Can Work It Out". Prizes for the best floats went to Meltham County Primary School for their Alien Attack,Meltham Nursery and the Traveller's Rest for Men in Black. Committee chairman Jill Simpson said "Every one enjoyed the day in spite of the poor weather and raised lots of money for local charities.The event is getting bigger every time and we are hoping to make it even better for the end of the Millennium next year.

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20th Anniversary Celebrations VE_Day Sth May 1995

The heatwave petered out for VE Day,but it could not put a damper on the celebrations in the village. The arrangements in connection with the 50th Anniversary of VE Day at Meltham were carried out with praiseworthy enthusiam,by the Meltham Action Team.The event in Mean Lane which was closed to traffic was opened by the Rev.Tony Vigar, of St.Bartholomew's Church,with sandwiches,cakes and hot dogs piled high for hungry revellers,who during the quiet moments were thinking what they were doing 50 years ago. The Meltham & Meltham Mills Band got the village in the mood for an open-air knees-up,and George the clown was in a patriotic mood.Also featured at the event were charity stalls,pony rides,bouncing castle and an apperance by the Meltham Gala Queen and her attendants, During the evening,celebrations were still being carried on at the Liberal Club,with the Vintage Brass playing. The whole event raised £200 for Meltham based charities.

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Meltham Gala, Sunday July 4th 1999

This years gala,allowed gala-goers to step back in time, and blast into the future,during the Annual Meltham Gala. As the start of the next millennium draws nearer, gala organ- isers stepped back more than 1,000 years in time to secure Max Bloodaxe and his Viking Show,while traditional stalls and rides occupied the Broadlands Recreation Ground site. Villagers gathered to see the colourful cavalcade of floats and procession led by the Town Crier Mr.Nigel Priestly and Meltham & Meltham Mills Brass Band,which set off at 12 noon along Huddersfield Road,Station St.,Mean Lane,Broadlands,Sunny Heys, and Helme Lane finishing at Scar Green Close,where a walking parade then made its way into the Recreation Ground. On board one of the floats was this year's Queen of the Gala, Jessica Baxter,with her deputy Leanne Cornellia,and attendants Stephanie Smith,Siobhan Hemingway,Leanne Bridson,Taya Hemingway, Julianne Brice,Emily Baxter and Montana Karrasch. The winners of the Floats was lst Meltham Nursery,2nd Meltham Pre-School Nursery(both illustrating Childrens T.V.during the past years)3rd Meltham Scouts-Sport. Meltham County Primary School gained a special Group award for their imaginative millipede. Gala Chairman Gill Simpson said "We would like a mammoth gala in Meltham next summer to mark the new era,but we need more members with new ideas and fresh supplies of energy."

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This imaginative millipede, made up of pupils from Meltham County Primary School, slithers along to the recreation ground

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Meltham Co-op

It was at Royd Bdge Mill,owned by Joseph Hirst J.P.,fancy woollen manufacturer of Wilshaw,where the initiative meeting was

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Meltham Co-op Cont

In 1904 the Co-op held the first of many Childrens Gala's. In 1905 further extensions were made when the shop occupied by I'essrs Wallaces was taken over,they themselves having moved across the road to prmises now

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Meltham Industrial

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Meltham Co-operative Society's Jubilee Saturday lst July 1911

On Saturday Ist July,the first of a series of festivities took place in celebration of the jubilee of the Meltham Industrial Society's.The Society was established in 1861,when the sales were £5,000 whisle in 1911 they were £48,000. About 800 boys and girls,proceeded by the President and V/Presi- dent marched in procession through the village.Three of the soc- iety's waggons were loaded with various commodities and also formed part of the procession. The children were afterwards entertained to tea in the Liberal Hall and the Oddfellows Hall.Later there was a great gathering in the fields of the Society where sporsts were held.A number of Fire Balloons were sent up at intervals,and a Punch and Judy show provided amusement for the youngsters. Saturday 8th July was the turn of the old folks.Considerably over 200 members and their wives who had attained the age of sixty five and up-wards sat down in the Oddfellows'Hall to tea prepared and presided over by the wives of the committee and managers.An entertainment was provided in the evening,when Mr.G.H.Holroyd,the president of the society,presided.A capital programme had been arranged,to which the Crosland Moor Handbell Ringers contributed some excellent items,including "Caliph of Bagdad"and the "Halle- lujah"Chorus,for which they had an enthusiastic reception.The hum- orous part of the programme was provided by Mr.John Drake,who de- lighted the old people,and was repeatedly encored.Vocal items were rendered by Mr. and Mrs.Hubert Kaye.Refreshments were handed round and included aerated waters,fruits in variety,cakes etc. Long church warden pipes and tobacco were also supplied and of these members of both sexes availed themselves.One old lady remar- ked that she was very fond of it,and often preferred a good smoke to a meal.A letter was read from the secretary of the Huddersfield Infirmary,thanking the society for their jubilee gift of £20. Mr.John Wilkinson,an old president,who spoke on behalf of the guests,said that the society was originally formed on the advice of the late Mr.Joseph Hirst of Wilshaw,who was a good master,and treated his workpeople well.and who liked to see them spend their money to the best advantage.After the singing of "Auld Lang Syne" the company dispersed after spending a most enjoyable time.In connection with the jubilee a handsome teapot had been presented to each member during the week.It bears a picture of the societys premises on one side,and on the other the inscription"A memento of the society's jubilee,1861 to 1911".Mugs were also presented to all the boys and girls under fourteen at the young folks treat (the previous Saturday).After the young and old comes the turn of those members who come in between,and the ordinary member is expe- cting some provision on similarly generous scale. I

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Meltham Co-op Centenary

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Meltham Co-op Annual Childrens Festival

These Childrens Festival started in 1904 and run by the Meltham Industrial Society. The sixth Annual Childrens Festival in connection with Meltham Co-op took place on Saturday July 3rd 1909 in the Co-op field. Assembling at 2.0 p.m. about 700 children formed in procession in front of the stores,and headed by the Meltham Mills Brass Band went by was of Towngate,Station Road,Westgate,Grievs End,Calmlands and thence to the fields. Sports took place for girls of flat,spoon and potato gathering races,and flat and potatoe gathering for the boys,as well as liquid metal polishing competion for girls. A gold watch was presented to the winner of the boys competition, and a ladies watch for the girls. A capital tea was provided in the field and other refreshments were also provided.A bar of chocolate was given to every child walking,the weather was fine and the band enlivened the proceed- ings with suitable music.Balloons were also sent up.

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Meltham Children's Gala Saturday ist July 1922

The annual gala promoted by the Meltham Industrial Society Ltd. was held on Saturday when inclement weather somewhat marred a popular day for the children.A procession was formed opposite the Meltham Stores and headed by the Meltham Mills Brass Band, proceeded through the principal streets,then back to the Co-opera- tive field,on entering which each child was presented with sweets About 370 girls and 250 boys walked in the procession.An innova- tion this uear was the offering of prizes for comic and fancy dress,and the competitors were in a large measure responsible for making this one of the most successful processions yet held. The prizes were awarded as follows:- Couples in fancy costumes lst Misses E.Manchester and I.Hinch- liffe(bridal pair) 2nd Misses A.Pogson and E.Sykes(Darby and Joan Girls-fancy costume Ist M.Crosland(C.W.S. Production) 2nd A.Cold- well (Huntsman)3rd N.Walton (C.W.S Production) Boys fancy costume lst Hubert Sykes (Lord Nelson)2nd Eric Preston (Co-op Production) A Consolation prize was given to each of the unsuccessful cand- idates. After the judging the children returned to tea,the girls in the Oddfellows Hall and the boys to the Liberal Hall.Sports were to have been held in the field,and these had just commenced when the heavy rain came on and the children adjourned to the Oddfellows Hall,where Professor Land with his talking dolly,and Punch and Judy show created an atmosphere of merriment.The Meltham Mills Band also gave selections. A Bread baking competition was held in connection with the day. Mr.Kettlewell,manager of Colne Valley Bakery was the adjudicator. His awards were as follows:-White 1 Mrs D.B.Hirst,Bank Buildings 2 Mrs James Mellor,Bank Buildings 3 Mrs B.Hinchliffe,Mill Moor, 4 Mrs Harling,Calmlands.Brown;Only two entries and only one prize awarded 3rd Mrs James Mellor,Bank Buildings, Postponed Sports Although it is said that postponed affairs are never the same as if held on the day,this can hardly be said to be true in connection with the postponed sports which should have been held on July lst,and which have been repeatedly postponed on account of the weather.They were run in the Co-op Field on Wednes- day.Excellent prizes were offered,and the children had a right royal time.Balloons were set off at intervals and attached were vouchers for free ourchases at the stores,and many of these fell in the Meltham Mills parish and others went over towards Honley. Selections and dance music by the Meltham Mills Band added to the enjoyment

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Meltham and Meltham Mills Co-operative Society Children's Carnival

July 4th 1964

The central premises of Meltham and Meltham Mills Co-operative Society, were gaily decorated with flags and bunting for the sixty-second annual festival held on Saturday july 4th. Children taking part in the procession assembled in the Co-Op field at Central Park,and the excellent prizes offered for fancy dress attracted large number of entries of excellent quality. Each child in the procession received a gift. The judging of the costumes took place before the procession moved off,and was done by Mr.Fred Mellor(president)and Mr.Roy Donkersley,of the South Crosland and Netherton Co-operative Society;Mr.Wright Mellor( president )and Mr.Horace Day,of the Hinchliffe Mill Co-operative Society. Prizewinners were as follows:Children representing

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Meltham Mills Co-op

When the historians of the Co-operative began their story of the movement,it would appear that the story began several years too late.All of them have assumed that the first Co-operative Society to distribute its profits amongst the members according to the amount each had purchased from the shop,were the Rochdale Pioneers.It was that the Pioneers were in fact,anticipated by some seventeen years at Meltham Mills. This interesting fact was disclosed by a plaque which was hung in the Meltham Mills Branch of the Meltham and Meltham Mills Co-operative Society,to record for all time that the Meltham Mills Co-op,was believed to be the oldest Co-operative society in the British Isles and established even before the Rochdale Pioneers. The wording on the plaque is as follows: "The Meltham Mills Provident Co-operative Trading Society,Ltd., established 1827(believed to be the first Co-operative Society to pay dividend on

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Meltham Mills Co-op

Premier place in the history of the Co-operative movement should apparently beheld by Meltham Mills,and not by the Rochdale pioneers. The society there paid out dividents seventeen years before the Pioneers began trading,this was recorded on a plaque that was hung in the old Meltham Mills Co-op shop and read:-Meltham Mills Provident Co-operative Trading Society established 1827(believed to be the first Co-operative Socy. to pay dividend on purchases). It is said that a weaver who used to walk to Rochdale took the idea of a Co-operative Socy.there. The Meltham Mills Society wae founded by Mr.Jonas Brook who died in 1836, and who was a member of the firm of Messrs Jonas Brook & Bros.of Meltham Mills, as a result of a meeting with his work people. The beginning of the Meltham Mills Society was unusual. Instead of supplying flour and sugar like most Co-ops,it sold sweets.Later flour,yeast and beer were supplied.During the first year the membership was given as seventeen and the business was carried on in a little cottage at No.35 Shady Row. Very soon the premises at No.35 Shady Row became too small for the growing membership,and increase in turnover,and it was in 1829 or 1830 that the business was removed to its site om Meltham Mills Road across from the pleasure grounds, it was rebuilt in 1862, and during the rebuilding the business was carried on in

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Meltham Photographic Club

Meltham & Meltham Mills Amateur Cine.Club,The forerunner of the Meltham Photographic Club started its life on Wednesday 28th February 1966,holding its first meeting in its temporary home,The Swan

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Meltham Mills is in reality part of the township of Meltham, although it rejoices in and is proud of its distinctive name.

As regards the origin of Meltham Mills, we must go back to the 14th. century, when a small corn mill was set up at the eastern end of the valley, and was known as Meltham Mill.

It did not assume the name Meltham Mills till many years later, when Messrs. Jonas Brook started his colossal cotton thread works. He took great interest in his workpeople, and it is to his support that the band was formed first as a reed band in 1843 and continued as such till it later became a brass band in 1846.

They had immediate use of a rehearsal room, uniforms, music, instruments and personal tuition, all sponsored by the firm. Also as a bonus, the chairman doubled any prize money the band won from his own pocket.

When you realise most of the men were only earning 10/-d. per week (50p.) and having to keep a family, perhaps five or six, on this money, the money the band won over the next few years was astronomical.

It was not, however, until 1871 that the Meltham Mills Band began to be recognised as one of the coming bands of the district. It was in that year that Mr. John Gladney became the conductor. He was a woodwind player in the Halle Orchestra. He travelled by train to Slaithwaite, then by horse transport to Meltham for rehearsals.

No other band at that time could show such a record of victories as those accorded to Meltham Mills Band, for between 1871 and 1883 they won prizes valued at nearly £4,000, including being the first band to win the National Championship Crown three times in a row, 1876, '77 and '78. They were barred from playing in 1879 due to their three successive wins.

During the time John Gladney was at Meltham, he remodelled the instrumentation, ie., to a band of twenty four, with:- three slide trombones, in fact the same as are used today, one soprano cornet, three solo cornets, two repiano cornets, one second cornet, one third cornet, two flugels (lst. and 2nd.), three horns

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When David Brown Tractors took over the mills, they also took over the band. It soon became apparent to the band members that the new management were not giving the same feeling or commitment towards them. Many of the players started leaving, and a losing interest in the band began to develop, and it gradually folded up.

On the 16th. August a public meeting was called in the Carlile Concert Room where it was decided to re-form the famous old Meltham Mills Brass Band. The meeting was presided over by Major J. Reynolds and the motion to re-form was proposed by Mr. W. Mozley and seconded by Mr. H. Garside. A committee was formed at the next meeting on August 28th. 1945.

The band was now re-named as Meltham and Meltham Mills Band and rehearsals were held in the Carlile, then moved to a room over Mason's Fish and Chip Shop (where Lloyd's bank is now).

Then on Saturday 12th. April 1952, they opened their new Headquarters in Bent House. The building is a spacious and airy one and admirably suited for the purpose for which it is used. It was at one time the billiard room for Bent House, the residence of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Wrigley. It was purchased by the band committee for £750. The Headquarters was opened by Mr. J. Lumb of Crosland Hall, and the first member of the public to enter was Mr. V. F. Kaye who joined the band in 1890. Clir. Edward Greenhaigh, president of the band, was in the chair.

The Band has always been run as it is today by a committee and financial support by the public of Meltham. In appreciation of the interest shown by the people of Meltham in the local band since it was re- formed, they gave a free concert in the Alhambra Picture Theatre on 18th. January 1948.

Today in 1994 the band still enters competitions and plays for the

various processions within the district and brings pleasure to the people of Meltham

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Band Carnival 26th June 1948

As the funds of the Meltham and Meltham Mills Subscription Band were getting rather low,the committee decided to hold a grand gala day on Saturday 26th june,and despite the short time in which the committee had to make preparations,the enterprise proved fully justified and most successful.In the afternoon,the band,under their bandmaster(Mr.Swallow)paraded around the village In the procession which followed were children in fancy and comic dress for which prizes were offered.The main programme was held in the Meltham and Meltham Mills Co-operative Society's field, where the band rendered a most enjoyable programme of music to suit the tastes of all.There were all kinds of games and competi- tions,and for these the band committee were indebted to Messts Brook Motors Ltd,for their kindness in the loan of various equip- ment.Public teas were served in the Liberal Hall.The band conclud- ed the day's programme in the traditional way,by playing in the Market Place,ending with the playing of three verses of that grand old tune "Cwm Rhondda"Mr.E.Greenhalgh is president of the band and Miss Thelma Hirst carried out the exacting duties of secretary for the gala day,whilst the members of the committee put their backs into the work to make it a real success.

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Meltham Mills Brass Band February 20th 1888

It was a source of gratification to all lovers of music to hear that efforts are being made to resuscitate the once famous band, so that it may again take and hold a conspiccuous position in the musical world. After the long series of unexampled successes and victories at the band contests held in all parts of the country some years ago,the members seemed disposed to rest on their well- earned laurels,and thus for a time the band was in a semi-dormant state.This period of rest was fatal to the band,several of the players obtained appointments elsewhere,others left the village, death claimed some,and the old band was to all intents and pur- poses practically annihilted.In order to fill up the gaps thus made,ajunior band was started,under the tuition of Mr.J.Preston, and they are so far advanced under his careful teaching and train- ing as to be drafted into the old band,and are now practising with them with every probability of success.In order to give an impet- us to the movement.Mr.Edwin Stead,the landlord of the Railway Hotel,Meltham and the well-known trombone player of Black Dike and Meltham Mills Bands,invited all the members of the old band and several friends to a first class dinner at his house on Monday Feb.20th.Mr.M.Barker manager for Messrs Jonas Brook and

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Death of Mr.Tom Hirst a Former Meltham Musician 8th March 1941

The death occurred on Saturday 8th March at Scarisbrook New Road Hospital,Southport of Mr.Tom Hirst,formerly of Meltham. Mr.Hirst,who was 61 years of age,had a distinguished musical career,which commenced when he joined the Meltham Mills Brass Band as tenor trombonist,under the late Mr.John Gladney and the late Mr.Walter Sharp.At that time he was an employee at the Mel- tham Spinning Co.Works,Meltham,but he left Meltham when he was about 20 years of age joining the Cornholme Band.He was engaged On one occasion by the Lindley Band,Huddersfield,to play,with them at the Belle Vue September Contest.The Lindley Band was drawn to play first and carried off the first prize,acircumstance which if not a record,was considered most unique, Later Mr Hirst went to London and took up orchestral work,appea- ring in the opera orchestras at Drury Lane,Covent Garden and other London theatres,as well as the Queens Hall concerts.He also toured with the British National Opera Company.He had many seasons with Morgans Blue Hungarian Band and was a member of Julian Kandt's Band,which appeared at the Spa,Bridlington,during the summer sea-— son for many years Two of his pleasantest recollections were a trip to Australia as a member of the ships band engaged on a pleasure cruise,and when King Edward V11 opened some public building in Aberdeen.On the latter occasion a special orchestra was taken from London and Mr.Hirst was one of their number. He was a close friend of another trombonist Mr.Edwin Stead of Slaithwaite,and they have appeared at many of the principal Lon- don concerts together. His father,the late Mr.Thomas Hirst,was a well known Meltham resident amd a former secretary of the Meltham Co-operative Socy. Two of his brothers were also members of the Meltham Mills Brass Band.The elder played the soprano cornet,but later,like his bro- ther Tom,took up orchestral work in Burnley and Dewsbury. His only surviving relative in Meltham is a sister,Mrs J.J. Lodge,of South View.Mr Hirst leaves one married daughter,Mrs C.N Marshal,of 31 Mountrose Aven.Southport.

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Meltham Cricket Club

Meltham beat Lascelles Hall by 101 runs in the final of the Sykes Cup to win it for the first time in their history. The match was played on the Huddersfield Clubs ground at Fartown on Saturday 31st July 1948 and Monday and Tuesday following. On Saturday Meltham made 153 runs for the loss of three wickets and in reply,Lascelles Hall scored 120 for three. George Bottomley,the Meltham professional,who scored 48 not out on Saturday carried his score to 137 on Monday evening,before be- ing caught out.F.Q.Woodhead who had 56 to his credit also increas- ed his score to 85 before being caught. At the end of Monday evening's play Lascelles Hall required 145 runs to beat Meltham's total of 330.0n tuesday evening they could only add thirteen to the total,thus giving Meltham the victory by 131 runs. The Mayoress of Huddersfield,Mrs

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Meltham Cricket Club

Meltham beat Lascelles Hall by 101 runs in the final of the Sykes Cup to win it for the first time in their history. The match was played on the Huddersfield Clubs ground at Fartown on Saturday 3lst July 1948 and Monday and Tuesday following. After the first over had been bowled it was discovered that the new ball had a split seam.Lascelles Hall had brought only one and Meltham refused to allow them to ball with the Meltham club's ball,so there was a delay of twenty minutes until a new ball was obtained.Then the umpires bowled eight deliveries with it,so as to make it similar to the one with which the game was started.

On Saturday. Meltham made 153 runs for the loss of three wickets and in reply,Lascelles Hall scored 120 for three. George Bottomley,the Meltham professional,who scored 48 not out on Saturday carried his score to 137 on Monday evening,before be- ing caught out.F.Q.Woodhead who had 56 to his credit also increas- ed his score to 85 before being caught. At the end of Monday evening's play Lascelles Hall required 145 runs to beat Meltham's total of 330.0n tuesday evening they could only add thirteen to the total,thus giving Meltham the victory by 131 runs. The Mayoress of Huddersfield,Mrs O.Smith presented the trophy to the Meltham captain R.Sykes.On their return to Meltham the cup winners wre given an enthusiatic welcome in the Market Place.The coach in which the players travelled was met by the Meltham and Meltham Mills Band,who preceded it into the Market Place playing "See the conquering hero comes" After a short halt in the Market Place the assembled crowd moved off to the cricket dield,where the team were given a civic welcome by the Chairman of the Meltham Council,Councillor A.Quarmby

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Sept.18th 1998

Meltham Claim Hat-Trick of League Titles:-Miserable weather failed to put a damper on Meltham's celebrations on Saturday. The Mean Laners claimed a hat-trick of. Drakes League Champion- ship titles-without a ball being bowled against Thongsbridge. Thankfully,they remained two points clear of Elland-and claimed their fourth title in five seasons.

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Meltham Mills Cricket Club

Meltham Mill's exact beginnings are unknown,but it is believed that the club came into existence in the 1840s.they had their headquaters in a large field near to Thickhollins Hall,and after a few years there, they moved to Thickhollins Park.In

Page 122

Meltham Mills cont.

The second eleven were champions of their league in 1922,1928 and 1931. On Saturday 23rd May 1925 a new pavillion was opened,the gift of Jonas Brook & Bros Ltd. This was opened by Mrs C.J.Hirst.The new building was very commodious and the old to the club by Colonel Charles Brook,was then used as the tea- room. The Meltham Mills Club ceased to exist at the end of the 1939 season.The meeting at which the decision was made was held in the Meltham Liberal Club on Sat.2nd March 1940,and Mr.J.J.Lodge who presided,referred to the melancholy circumstances under which they were meeting.It was specially sad to supporters like him- self,who had followed the progress of the club for many years. During the past season,due largely to a falling off in membership owing to the closing down of Meltham Mills,and also the loss of a valued and keenly interested vice-president and patron it was decided to close the club. The secretary reported that Messrs David Browns Tractors Ltd. were now taking over the cricket field and the club. The company soon started to make improvements to the ground,an since 1940 Tractor Teams have carried on the tradition of good cricket,so long associated with this ground. On September lst 1963 the last match was played,because D.B.T. wanted the ground for further extensions to their works,so it was "Goodbye" to cricket at Meltham Mills,scene of some exciting mat- ches for over 100yrs.

The Meltham Mills team that won the League Championship in 1898. Top Row - (left to right): John Shaw, W. Whiteley, Sam Hirst, G. H. Wood (capt.), J. A. Dyson, P. Sykes, and H. A. Stead (scorer). Middle Row: G. Johnson, G. Brooks- bank, S. Malthouse (pro.), H. Dyson, J. H. Haigh, and C. E. Stead. Bottom

Page 123

June 17th 1893 The Meltham Cricketers Song

Hurrah For The Green and Gold

Among our ancient mountains And through our alleys old O let the shout re-echo Hurrah for the Green and Gold These are the sporting colours That deck our team so true And among their local foemen They've equals but a few. Chorus

Among our ancient mountains And through our valleys old O let the shout re-echo Hurrah for the Green and Gold

With Brook,our leader we can face The bravest of our foes For through his heart in richest strength The blood of Britain flows Of craven fear we know not With courage true and bold We'll fight for "death or glory" Beneath the Green and Gold:-Chorus

With Castle,Stead,and Walker Sykes,and Brook,and Kaye All men of sterling merit And eager for the fray Pogson,Lunn and Mosley The Dyson brothers bold Make up the team that nobly plays Beneath the Green and Gold:-Chorus

And good Dick,the scorer The veteran of the team How in his eyes in victory's hour The lights of triumph gleam Though now retired from active play The tale is often told How in former days he bravely fought Beneath the Green and Gold:-Chorus

Should local teams or envy E'er threaten our fair fame May victory still be with us In many a hard fought game Above our bonnie banner May fortune's star long shine And on her gallant heroes The laurel branches twine:-Chorus

The above song has been set to music by Mr.J.Broadbent,of Albany House,Halifax,and the lively strains will doubtless become very popular in the village.

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Meltham Mills Cricket Club Opening of the Pavillion 28th May 1864

On Saturday 28th May,the members of this club had the pleasure of opening a new pavillion erected for them by that liberal and benevolent gentleman,Charles Brook jun., of Meltham Hall.A sub-— Stantial repast had been prepared for the occasion by Mr.Hirst of the King's Lifeguards Inn,Meltham Mills,which was spread in the pavillion.The members of the club commenced the day's proceedings by a friendly game at the noble sport of cricket after which about 30 of the members and friends sat.down to dinner,among those present being Charles Brook jun.,Edward Brook,Bent House, Messrs T.D.Scholes,Charles Hirst &c.Dinner over,the usual loyal toasts having been given,Mr.Bentley(president of the club) ex- pressed the gratitude felt by himself and all the members of the club to Mr.Brook for his great liberality towards them on many occasions but especially for his gift of the pavillion.In reply Mr.Brook spoke in very affectionate terms,remarking-what has been proved over and over again that he was always ready and willing to forward the happiness and pleasure of his fellow men in any way that he possibly could.He cammended the game of cricket as being amongst the foremost of our national amusements.The pavil- lion has been built by Mr.Wm.Myers,and is both an elegant as well

as commodious structure.It is a gift in every way worthy of the liberal donor.

One of the last matches Meltham v Meltham Mills

June 6th 1938

Meltham I Meltham Mills J.Brook B Carter 11 L.Earnshaw C.Brook B.Garside 7 F.Q.Woodhead B Carter 16 N.Booth B.Woodhead 1 V.Sanderson B.Carter I J.W.Heptonstall B.Woodhead 4 H.Stead B.Carter 8 W.Sykes C.Hirst B.Garside 15 J.Hirst LBW. B.Carter 1 J.R.Wood C.Woodhead B.Brook 40 T.Leonard C. J.A.Wood B.Carter32 N.Stead C.Leonards B.Brook 36

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The Holmfirth,Honley and Meltham Pack

A Working Men's Hunt Sep.1919 Some years ago,a Mr.R.L.Outhwaite,on behalf of a London Daily, visited many parts of rural England and described the conditions of life there.He found beautiful mansions,thosands of acres set out in parks,and a peasantry badly housed and ill-paid.One can imagine what would happen in those areas if the farm labourers called a meeting at a local hostelry and decided to have a pack of hounds and scour the countryside for hares.Yet there is such a state of things in this district.The Holmfirth, Honley and Meltham Hunt is managed and practically is maintained by a number of working men-millhands for the most part.This is no new innova- tion,Farmers and their servants in a bygone generation often thr- ashed corn all night,and weavers toiled at their looms by the light of rushlights,so that all could enjoy a day's hunting on the morrow.Meltham hounds whether trencher fed or kennelled,were truly a pack of the people.Formerly there were few families in the place who had not,at one time or another,kept a hound,each inn yard or fold having its Banker,Musiv,Towler or Bilberry, This state of things obtained till quite recently and often on a winters morning one has seen the huntsman or the whipper-in vis- iting various points of the district to blow his horn,when the hounds would respond from all directions till the pack was com- plete.At night,when the hounds were tired out,they would be told to get home.-the command would be backed by a crack of the whip- and the hounds very unwillingly dispersed. The day's hunt has often commenced with but few followers, weavers who had "downed" or had “laiking for weft"but by noon many more have joined the field ready for a refresher on the hills.And wonderful it is to see how nimbly some of the veterans can take the walls.The keenest keep well up with the_hounds, but the elders have often to be content with a distant view,and the comfort that the hare now scampering across country will round towards its home again.The hunt is by the way,not out for blood. They have often toiled all day and caught nothing,and yet had a splendid sport.Sometimes the hunt has its lunch interval miles away from the starting point,and one has realised what it is to have a hunters appetite.Sandwiches are brought out of hunter's pockets and with a glass of beer have provided a repast that has given zest for the afternoon's sport.And then comes the evening gathering when the days doings are recounted with enthusiasm. originally the pack was of the same strain as the Penistone pack, said to be the oldest in the country,but last season the hunt was strengthened by the purchase of seven couples from the Oxenholme staghounds.The hounds are kennelled at Holmebridge,and the first season's upkeep cost £119 and the total expenses were about £280.

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Formation of New Cricket Club at Wilshaw,June 13th 1863

Through the exertions of Alfred Beaumont,who has lately come to reside in the district,the establishment of the above club is indebted.It promises well to be second to none in the district and to show the interest taken in the matter between twenty and thirty young men came forward the first night and entered

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18 Huddersfield Daily Examiner, Thursday, October 9, 1997

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Huddersfield Daily Examiner, Thursday, October 9, 1997

MELTHAM’S march to

the Drakes Huddersfield

Cricket League double this year came as music to the ears of four brothers who have experienced both the highs and lows of cricketing life in the Norman, Harry and Sid- ney Stead all still live in Meltham and are regular visitors to the Mean Lane ground, where along with eldest brother Jack, who now lives in Yeovil, they figured in a succession of post-War The high spot came in

1948, when Jack, Sidney and Norman all played in the side which beat Lascelles Hall by 131 runs to bring the Sykes Cup to Meltham for the first

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badly damaged. “It had a deep dent and there was no way we could have carried on with that ball,” says Sidney, who also played in the Sykes Cup finals of 1959 (when Mel- tham beat Lockwood) and

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MARCH I7TH, 1890.


Peltham Recreation Ground.

When Mr. Epwarp

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Meltham Jubilee Recreation Ground,Opening Ceremony Saturday September 8th 1888

On Saurday Sept.8th 1888 the Jubilee Recreation Ground,which Mr Edward Brook has generously presented to the township.The total area of the ground is something like l3acres,but from this has been taken some building plots to form,as it were,a permanent en- dowment,which will save the rates the cost of for the purpose of the playground llacres,one rod and 11 perches. The land,which is situated on the Helme side of the little town, and within five minutes walk of the railway station,has been sur- rounded with a most substantial stone boundary wall,and arested within it are two large shelters for rainy days,and a number of seats upon which visitors may sit and rest.No attempt has been made to form anything like a park or pleasure ground,but the pl- ace is a playground of the pennine kind,and there can be no doubt but that in it many of the youth of the surrounding neighbourhood will spend some pleasant hours.The gift was promised last year, and as the original idea was to form some permanent memorial of the Queen's Jubilee,which was so worthily celebrated in Melthan, it has been decided to give it the title placed at the head of this column.At present the approach from Meltham side is not the best that could be desired,but there are very bright propects that this also will be much improved and widened without any cost to the rates.A good deal had been done in the way of decoration, and Meltham presented a very pretty and animated appearance on Saturday morning,There was scarcely a house from which flags were not flying and in many instances,elaborate attemps at decorations had been made.There were streamers of flags acrr oss the Market Place,and shields and trophies adorned several of the places of business.Upon the front of the Conservative Club,In large letters were the words"Honour to whom honour is due",and on a flag in the Market Place appeared the wish,"Long life to E.Brook,the people's friend"Arrangements had been made for a procession similar to the one that took place during the jubilee week.and in the early part of the afternoon the Market Place soon became filled with those taking part in it.There were also large numbers of visitors from Huddersfield and other places,Under the able and experienced gui- dence of Mr.E.H.Carlile as chief marshal and Messrs Slater,H.B. Wood,W.Redfearn and D.Chatteton as sub-marshals,the processionist were soon got into their places,and the procession started off fairly punciuelly in the following order;-Meltham Mills Fire Bri- gade,Meltham Mills Old Band,Churchwardens and Overseers of the people,Clergy,Magistrates and Medical Officers of Health,Local Board,Central Jubilee Celebration Committee,Guardians of the Poor Meltham Church Sunday School,Meltham Mills Church Sunday School, Helme Church Sunday School,Representatives of the Parish of Wil- shaw,Wesleyan Congregation and Sunday School,Holthead Congregation and Sunday School,Meltham Mills Junior Band,Meltham and Meltham Mills Oddfellows,Meltham Mills Parish Church Men's Bible Class, Meltham Mechanics Institute,Orders of Druids 877 and 525,Order of Foresters,2,35l,order of the Golden Fleece,Meltham amd Meltham Mills Choral Society,Order of Foresters,Court Eden 24,Meltham and Meltham Mills Football ClubSpink Nire Fire Brigade.There was it is estimated about 2,000 processionists,and these proceeded by way of New Road,Durker Roods, Mount,Calmlands,Thickhollins Lane Greensend,Mill Moor Road,Golcar Brow and Helme Lane to the upper entrance of the Recreation Ground a large crowed had collected on the ground and fom a temporary platform erected near one of the

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Meltham Jubilee Recreation Ground cont

Rev.W,H,Walker Rev.B.E.Hawkins,Mr.J.B.Hirst,Mr.J.Battye,Mr.H.A. Hirst, Mr.H.Mossley.After the singing of the hymn "All people that on earth do dwell" The Chairman said he would only take two or three minutes to say what he had to say as chairman of their gathering that day.He had to ask them to remind themselves of what took place in the town- ship of Meltham a little more than a year ago,when they were all gathered together to celebrate Her Grasious Majesty's Jubilee. They would remember that for the jubilee demonstration they had a committee appointed by themselves to represent them.The committee divided after the day had gone by,and they found that their coff- ers contained something like £80-their representatives he said decided that something should be done of a permanent character as a memorial of that occasion,so they have decided to have a recre- ation ground when the funds at their disposal amounted to £80, if a suitable site could be found in the township,and they were met together that day upon the site which they thought was in every way suitable for their purpose.The members of the committee then went to see their very best friend Mr.Edward Brook,Mr.Brook said to their great surprise,for it was a surprise,the committee having gone to him with no such thing in their minds,that if they really wanted a recreation ground he would give them one. He also asked if they had selectedany ground as suitable for the purpose,and when they told him thatthey had he forthwith and straight away purchased that piece of ground.He hoped that Mr.Brook would have been present to day but he had done the next best thing in send- ing Mr.charles Brook to open the Ground. Mr.Charles Brook.who was met with a very cordial reception,ex- pressed the pleasure it gave him to see such a large gathering there that afternoon.He was pleased to be with them as his father representative,and in order that he might perform the ceremony of opening the Recreation ground,which had been given to commem- eration of Her Majesty's Jubilee.He thought they had taken a very nice way of perpetuating that jubilee.He thought they would agree with him that it was an important thing to have a piece of ground permanently set apart for outdoor amusements.And now,in his fat- hers name he wished happiness and prosperity to Meltham and the Melthamers continually,and expressed a hope that the ground might contribute some little to their future happiness.Mr.Brook here handed over the deed of conveyance to the chairman of the Local Board. Colonel Freeman said that the deed was a conveyance by Mr.Brook to the Local Board and from that moment the ground in which they had met was the property of the people of Meltham.It was vested in the Local Board on their behalf,there was no trusteeship what- ever connected with it,and from that moment Mr.brook had no more control over the ground than any ratepayer in Meltham.The terms upon which that ground had been presented were as simple as poss- ible.He would tell them the conditions in language which they could better understand each of the conditions in regular order. The first one was that plot of land was to be used for a play ground and for no other purpose whatever.The second was that exc- ept those sheds,which they saw had been errected for the protec- tion of the children when it rained,and for no other purpose. and any other buildings that the Local Board might think it wise to put up to improve the land as a play ground and no other buil- dings whatever were to be put upon it.In addition to the land for Recreation ground they would notice that two plots of land were walled off.Those were building plots,and if let or sold the rent proceeds would go to the Local Board in order to form a fund to help in keeping the ground in good order.The third condition was that it would never be laid out an ornamental park.The fourth was

was that organised games by Clubs that could afford to pay for their own ground should not use them,but it was free for the chil- dren of Meltham,last that no games be played on Sunday.

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Presentation of a Address to Mr.Edward Brook

The subjoined address to Mr.E.Brook for his gift of a Recrea- tion ground to Meltham was presented to that gentleman privately on Friday Sept 21st 1888.It is splendidly illuminated,and reflects the greatest credit on Mr.Alfred Jubb,of whom it was supplied.At opposite corners of the address are striking pho- tographs of Meltham Parish Church and the Convalescent Home.The crest of Mr.Brook also appears upon it.The following is the add- ress:-To Edward Meltham,Yorkshire,and Hoddam Castle Dumfrieshire.The undersigned,on behalf of the inhabitants of the township of Meltham.desire to give expression to the deep feeling of gratitude universally felt throughout the township towards you for your great generosity and kindness in having presented to the inhabitants the Jubilee Recreation Ground.This gift is of the highest excellence,both as to its position and to the character of its land.It abundantly meets a very great and long-felt want, and will ever remaina noble memorial,both of Her Gracious Majesty Jubilee year,and of your generous solicitude for the welfare of this district,of which the inhabitants are justly proud.It will always be a source of the greatest pleasure and benefit to the people of Meltham of every age and class.Everyone realises that this gift forges another link into the strong chainof kindly and generous actions which binds the inhabitants of this neighbour- hood to yourself by ties of affectionate regard and esteem.In conclusion,the undersigned desire to convey to Mrs Brook and your self,on behalf of the inhabitants of the township the expression of their heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of your silver wedding,and they trust the time may indeed be far distant when you.or some of your children,shall not be resident among them. Signed on behalf of the inhabitants,Edward Collis Watson,vicar of Meltham; William Carter,Jesse Slater,hon.secs.of the Jubilee Comm- ottee; James Haigh,treasurer of the Jubilee Committee; Richard Mellor,chairman of the Local Board; James Battye,Joshus Garlick, Overseers of the Poor; Joe Durrans,Joseph Mitchell Moorhouse,mem- bers of the Jubilee Committee;E.Hildred Carlile,chairman of the Jubilee Committee;James Kilburn,William Haigh,Guardians of the Poor. September 8th 1888.

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Formation of a Bowling Green

The committee of the Meltham Cricket and Athletic Club con- vened a meeting of the public interested in bowling in the Odd- fellow's Hall on Wednesday evening 12th Feb.1902 to consider the advisability of opening a bowling green in connection with the club.Dr Green,the president of the club,occupied the chair.After some discussion it was resolved,on the motion of Councillor S. Brook seconded by Mr.J.Parker that a bowling green be formed,and that the field adjoining the criket ground be utilised for that purpose.The money required is to be raised by loan,the minimum loan being £1.The following gentlemen were appointed to carry out the scheme:-Councillors Preston and Brook,and Messrs J.W.Moor house,J.Royston,J.Parker and E.Quarmby.Mr.H.H.Hirst was appointed secretary pro.tem.

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Meltham Bowling Club

After several abortive attemps to form a bowling club in Meltham

the project has been at last carried to a succesful lease,thanks to the energy and persistent efforts of the promoters,and the liberal support of gentlemen in the town and district.The "Green" is conveniently situated on the North side of the cricket field and as been constructed and laid by Mr.George Thewlis of Netherton to the entire satisfaction of the Committee.There is also a beautiful and commodius pavillion on the ground,which greatly adds to the attractive nature of the green,Mr.J.M.Moorhouse is the contractor for the pavillion and Mr.W.Carter the architect The officials are as follows;The Rev.Canon How President Messrs Ram Brook & W.Tonstall V.Pres.Mr.Thos.H.Mellor Sec.Mr.R.B. Marsden Trea.Committee D.Woodhead,R.Watson,Ed.Quarmby,J.Royston

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Meltham Bowling Club

Opening Ceremony May 30th 1903 The heavy rains of the early part of May,followed by he brillian sunshine of the past fortnight."brought up" the condition of the gr een,considering its age,into a very satisfactory state for the opening ceremony on Saturday 30th May.Mr.J.W.T.Preston had done much to improve the exterior and the interior decorations of the pavilion,for which he was duly complimented.The furnishings are comfortable.The limited space of the pavilion has been utilised to the utmost capacity.The private lockers are fixed under the seats and there is ample room for more as the membership increases,as it doubtless will when the green becomes better known by the bowling fraternity in the West Riding.A commodious cellar has been dug out and lined with brick,from which the members may be supplied with liquid refreshment.It is on the tapis that arrangements will shortly be made whereby the pavilion may be requistioned to the extent of providing afternoon tea for the lady friends of the members.There is always one attraction which justly belongs to the green,and which will ever be present,and that is the charming variety of scenery which can be seen from the ground.There was a fair attendance on the ground on Saturday afternoon,when the opening ceremony was performed-Mr.Brook(vice president)said it has been difficult to keep their president from knowing what was going to be done,but an informal meeting was held,to which the Rev.Canon was not invited,as he was an interested party in the proposed business,At this meeting it was decided,wherewith to open the green.He ( Mr.Brook)had pleasure in presenting to their esteemed president the set of bowls which the members had subscribed for to open the green-Canon How,in acknowledging the presentation,said that it came quite as a surprise to him.He had not anticipated anything of the kind,and thanked the members for this token to spend many happy hours on the green and in the society of the members.Mr.W.C.Armitage photographed the members in a group after which the Rev Canon threw the first"jack" followed by the two other bowls,Ashort game-five up-was then played between the president and Mr.S.Brook,in which the latter showed to advantage. Mr.Joe Royston and Mr.R.Watson selected teams,who played with following

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Meltham Bowling Club

The first bowling club was formed in Southhampton in 1299.Later it was a game for the upper classes,but now it was a good form of recreation available to

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Meltham Golf Club

The present Thick Hollins Hall,stands on the site of an earlier building. It was alwnys referred to as the "Great House"of the neighbourhood. The earliest known written allusion to it was in the time of Edward III when a John de Thick Holyns was granted permission to cut wood in the Willow Shae.Thick Hollins means Thick Holly. The first member of the Armytage family who settled at Thick Hollins,was Thomas,son of John Armytage of Ermytage. William Brook who in 1774 left Manningham and came to Thick Hollins with his wife and nine children,he built a small woollen mill in 1785.One of his children Jonas,founded Jonas Brook

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Meltham Golf Course

The Club was instituted on Monay 19th Jan.1908 in the evening at the Carlile Cafe' when the following officers were appointed, President,Mr T.J.Hitst J.P.,Captain Dr R.Gellatley,Trea.Mr.G.G. Fisher J.P. Sec.Mr W.J.Gardner with an executive of ten. Links have been secured on the Thick Hollins Estate and possess- ion will take place on Feb.2nd.1908.The membership already number about 60.

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Golf at Meltham Opening of the New Nine-hole Extension

There were a couple of exhibition rounds of golf on the Meltham course yesterday 23rd May 1925 to celebrate the opening of the new nine-hole extension.Alex Herd and Bert Nurse,the local

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Meltham Guides

In 1919 Mrs.Wilding,whose husband,the

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Guides Cont

In 1994 there are two Guide Companies and Three Brownie Packs:- Guides 118th Captain Jean Stephenson

109th " Kathryn Haigh Brownies 50th Brown Owl Linda Megson 109th " Christine Spivey 116th " Ann Wilkinson

There is also two Rainbow Units that meet at the Church Hall

The 50th Guide Company ceased to exist after Christmas 1985. During the life of the Guides in Meltham many have gone on to be awarded their Kings or Queens Awards.Which speaks highly of the Leaders and Girls who have been and are still in the Meltham Guides.

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Meltham 109th Guides and Brownies

The standards of Meltham's third guide company and brownie pack were dedicated during a St Bartholomews Day Service at the parish church on Sunday 27th Aug 1978.Formed just over a year ago the new 109th guide company is led by guider Mrs Marie Winter- bottom and Mrs Carol Eastwood is in charge of the brownies. Vicar of Meltham,the Rev.Peter Spivey conducted the service and dedicated the standards.

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Meltham Scouts

In 1907 Robert Baden Powell defender of Mafekin started a movement for boys, he called them"Scouts",he issued a magazine which was sold through newsagents of the time,and boys on reading it were keen to join. Meltham was not far behind in getting the news for Mr.Norman Booth,later known as called a meeting in Meltham Day School in October 1918, at which the Vicar Canon Barter was present,together with the following boys Jack Butterworth Ned Coldwell,Vernard Downs,J.Moorhouse,Arthur Armstrong and Johnny Jackson. Scouting was explained,and thet night the Meltham Troop was formed. During the next three months,these six boys were trained in Scouting before the troop was opened to the public.Within a few weeks the strength was about 30,with the Original six as Patro] Leaders & Seconds. The first headquarters was in a room behind the Swan Inn,in those days the troop was part of the Huddersfield Association later they became part of the Holme Valley Association as the 5th Holme Valley Troop. The Headquarters problem was a very thorny one. Following the Swan Inn,they moved to a small room near the Railway Hotel,Station St.then to the Carlile Institute,where the room adjoined the reading room,this was no place for young healthy scouts,so they moved to the Son's of Temperance Headquarters.This also was unsuitable,so arrangements were then made with Messrs Jonas Brook & use the Dining Hall at Meltham Mills one evening per week,this was an excellent place,heated and rent free. When Cubs were started they had a small place on Mill Moor near to Ned Coldwells house,who was the Cubmaster at that time,this was scarcely satisfactory so they met at the dining hall for one hour before the scouts.This was not ideal therefore it was decided to obtain a Headquarters of their own.They earned funds and in two years had sufficient to build "The Lair"at Colders Lane.fhis was opened by

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During the life of the 5th Holme Vallet Scouts,many honours have come their way in Competitions etc,but the greatest honours have been the number of boys who have earned their Kings Scout Award and since Queen Elizabeth came to the throne their Queen Scouts Award may this acheivement carry on in future years. On boy in 1932 said this"I like to be a Cub because I get amongst fresh play mates,and it helps me to make friends with different people,by helping them. It keeps me out of mischief and off the streets at night.It has taught me many useful things,such as signalling,knots and bandages.It teaches me to do my duty to my parents,and to help others". I am sure,under the present and future leaders the boys in the 5th. Holme Valley will keep to their Motto of "Be Prepared"and Do a Good Turn Everday. In 1994 the 5th Holme Valley consists of 3 Cub Scout

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New Club for Meltham Scouts and Guides

The new headquarters of the 5th Holme Valley Boy Scouts (Meltham Group and the 50th Huddersfield Company Girl Guides were officially opened on Saturday April 12th 1941 by Sir John Quarmby.The boys have worked hard to provide their new home.They have done most of the work themselves,assembling the building and doing the inter- ior decorations.The building consists of a main hall,office,lava- tory and a kitchen fitted with a boiler and wash basin. Aprocession was formed in Meltham and headed by the Milnsbridge Bugle Band,proceeded to the Meltham Mills Bar. where the opening ceremony took place.The Rev.T.Kenyon(Vicar of Wilshaw)presided. There were also present representatives of the local clergy. Meltham Urban District Council,Dristrict Commissioner,Norman Booth,Mr.Arthur Shaw(County Secretary.) Mr.J.Barraclough(Aisstant County Commissioner for Scouts)Mr.Margerrison (Assistant County Commissioner for Cubs,G.S.M.Bothwell(OF the Honley Troop),D.S.M. A.L.Sykes,Mrs Raffan (District Commissioner Guides)and a very large gathering of the public. In his opening remarks the Chairman said that Councillor A. Haigh should have been chairman that day but he was unable to be present. Sir John Quarmby,performing the opening ceremony,said that the event took his memory back ten to twelve years,when he had the pleasure of opening a small hut in Colders Lane,which served as headquarters at that time.The work which the Scouts did brought them before the public eye,and anyone who came under the public observation in that way had to be very careful how they conducted themselves, Sir John went on to say that he was pleased that the new head- quarters were to be shared by the Girl Guides and Scouts.The buil- ding had cost about £200 and there was a debt of £35,I do not know what the public think of this"he added"but I know what I think;there should be no debt,and I should like to be associated with any effort to liquidate it Sir John said that the education authorities had spent a tremendous amount of money on the youth movement of which they were prime movers.They had an example that day of the Meltham Scouts having forestalled the education author- ities.They had done so within their own movement and he wished to congratulate them.They had he said taken on a great responsibility of their own choice,and it required constant thought so that they did not let down their worthy leader the late Lord Baden Powell. He was confident that the members of this great man would be kept good. Continuing Sir John said "There is no room for street corner boys today.This does not get them anywhere or teach them anything On the other hand I advice you to read books as you are improving yourselves.There is no limit to books you can obtain and there sre free libraries everwhere in the West Riding of Yorkshire;in fact,there are as many books at Wakefield as would fill a mill. Sir John said that as the owner of the site on which the build- ing stood,he asked them to improve the outside of the building. the walls and ground around,and he would be pleased to help them in this matter. A Brownie then handed Sir John a Scout knife with which to cut the ribbon across the main entrance and in doing so he said he hoped the building would never bring discredit or be abused,and that it would be a standing monument of the good behaviour of those who used it. Buttonholes were then presented to the Chairman and Opener by a Guide and a Cub and a bouquet to Lady Quarmby by another Guide. Ahearty vote of thanks was accorded the Chairman and Opener on the motion of Group Scoutmaster H.S.Shaw seconded by Captain Brook(captain of the Girl Guides)

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Souts and Guides Cont

Other interesting ceremonies took place Cubs Geoffrey Broadbent John Howarth and Peter Drake were promoted from the Cubs to the Scouts with due ceremony.District Commissioner Norman Booth pre- sented badges and other honours to several members of the Scouts. In doing so Mr.Booth said that of the 14 Scouts in the group,seven of them were King's Scouts and this was a very high average for any troop. I The County secretary Mr.Arthur Shaw said that war-time difficul- ties were a challenge to them.Scouts all over had done a lot of useful war work and still found time to carry on with their ordin- ary Scouting duties.He conveyed the congratulations of the County to Meltham.The building was then thrown open to the public and the handy-work of the Scouts was on view, Group Scoutmaster H.S.Shaw has been largely responsible for the provision of the new headquarters,and he had charge of the arran- gements for the opening.He has been assisted in a large measure by the invaluable work put in by his wife. During the afternoon a book specially made and insribed by a Mamchester business man was presented by a Cub G.Broadbent to the Group Scoutmaster for scraps and records of the Troop and Scout Harry Dyson was presented with a warrent as the new Scoutmaster to the Meltham Troop.

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New Scouts and Guides Headquarters Open at Meltham 3lst October 1970

A Red Letter Day in the history of the Scouts and Guides saw the official opening on Saturday 3lst Oct.of the new headquarters in Huddersfield Road by Clr.Horace Fisher,chairman of Meltham Counci) The Scout movement in Meltham was inaugurated in October,1918, chiefly through the good work of Mr.Norman Booth,who had previou- sly formed a Scout group in Netherton,while the late Mrs.Wilding, whose husband,the Rev.J.S.Wilding,was Vicar of Meltham Mills from 1907 until 1919 was instrumental in forming the Girl Guides in 1919. The first Scout headquarters were in the Swan Assembly Rooms behind the Swan Hotel in the Market Place and subsequent "homes" were in Meltham Carlile Institute,in a wooden hut in Matthew Lane in outhouses at Bent House,Meltham,which were desrroyed by fire and from May,1941,in a permanent building in a field near Meltham Mills Bar House,which became the headquarters of both the Scouts and Guides.It was built of wood,asbestos sheeting and plaster- board on brick pillars and the work was done chiefly by voluntary labour by the Scouts,Guides and their parents. It was officially opened by the late Sir John Sykes Quarmby. This building served well for almost thirty years,until the site was required for industrial development and a new site and a new building had to be found.The site provided at a nominal rent by Meltham Urban District Council and the new building comprises a large hall,Scouter's room,Guiders'room,toilets and kitchen with a storage room underneath.The building has cost £3,800 towards which well over £2,000 has already been raised by voluntary effort The capacity audience for the opening ceremony included,in add- ition to Clr.Fisher and his wife,Meltham councillors and their wives,Mr.David Clark(M.P.for Colne Valley) and Mrs.Clark,Mr.L.V. Gallagher (managing director of David Brown Tractors Ltd)and Mr. A.C.Balmforth (managing director of Shaw Export Packing Ltd, Mr.D.Booth,chairman of the Meltham Scouts and Guides Group Committee,presided,and was introduced by Mr.F.Butcher,secretary to the group committee,who had been responsible for most of the arrangements for the opening ceremony. Mr.Booth said that it was a cold,wet night in December,1964, when a Scouter and Guider approached him with the idea,in fact almost a plea,that they should build a new headquarters.After a public meeting the following month,called to ascertainthe probable support of the people of Meltham,it was agreed that the plan sho- uld go ahead. At the present time one could easily get the idea that volun- tary work for the benefit of others was dead,but that building proved that given the right leadership and objective,the spirit was very much alive. Mr Booth said he could not possibly mention all the companies, associations,tradesmen and individuals who had given help,but he would name two without whose help the task could never have been completed-David Brown Tractors Ltd.and Shaw Export Packing Ltd. They were proud and honoured to have the managing directors of these two companies on the platform that day. Only the people con- nected with the project knew just how many times they had received help.always with the greatest co-operation and speed. The debt of gratitude owed to Meltham Council for help in many ways,to

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New Scout. Headquarters Cont A series of money raising efforts had included Autumn Fayres,coun- tless coffee evenings and jumble sales,barbecues and marathon walks.There had been protracted negotiations with the Minister of Education and Science for a grant of £1,250 and as a result of sterling work by chairman Mr.Booth,negotiations were successfully completed. The employment of paid professional labour on the building had been

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1846 - 1996



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Meltham & Meltham Mills Band

Meltham Mills Band was formed as an all Brass Band in 1846. They won their first British Open Title (the Belle Vue September contest) in 1873. The band were in the prizes on five other occasions and were the first band to do a triple win in the years 1876/7/8. The conductor at the time was the great John Gladney, the principal cornet being Alex Owen.

The Band’s name was changed in 1946 to Meltham & Meltham Mills. To date the Band has qualified for the London Finals on four occasions (the last being in 1991) and have always been a very busy and active contesting band. 1996 is the Band’s 150th year and we have a full programme of events during our celebration.

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The Brighouse & Rastrick Band

The Brighouse & Rastrick Band is undoubtedly the best and most consistent ‘Public Subscription Band’ in the world. It was formed in the last century by the people of the villages of Brighouse and Rastrick who donated money to establish the band. Today, it still continues to be supported through public subscriptions and its own fund raising effort. Traditionally its amateur members pride themselves on being financially independent, yet are still regarded as one of the ‘elite’ on both contest and concert platform.

Evidence exists to show that a band existed in Brighouse in 1858, but B&R officially celebrated its centenary in 1981. Until the 1920’s the Brighouse and Rastrick Band could be described as just another band, but their steady progress culminated in 1929 when B&R won both the July and September contests at Belle Vue Manchester, a feat only achieved once before and not equalled since. The band won The British Open Championship (September), again in 1923-33-34, were barred in 1935 but regained it in 1936. They have continued to feature in the prize list ever since, but had to wait until 19789 to win the ‘Open’ again. After the Second World War, the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain began. B&R won the title for the first time in 1946, conducted by a young Eric Ball, one of the many famous names to be associated with the band. When the World Championships were introduced in 1968, B&R were the first World Champions, successfully retaining the title in 1969 to become the only band to win this short lived contest on more than one occasion. They. were National Champions again in 1973 and 1980, just missing out in their centenary year in 1981 when they were runners up, but carrying off the European Championship the following day.

In 1989 a new competition, the All England Masters Brass Band Championships was established in Cambridge. This quickly gained prestige, attracting entries from the top bands in England. in 1993 Brighouse and Rastrick became the first Yorkshire band to win this title. Success in ‘media’ competitions has also been enjoyed by B&R. In 1968 they were BBC Band of the Year and in 1975 Granada Television Band of the Year.

B&R has always been a prolific prize winner at the Whit Friday Quick Step March Contests in the Saddleworth area of Northern England. The records show the band have won more prizes than any other band - over 300 since 1910. On one particular evening B&R won six 1st prizes, two second, and one 3rd prize out of the tern contests.

In 1977 B&R had unique success in a more unusual way. For nine weeks they were NO. 2 in the British ‘Pop’ charts with their recording of ‘The Floral Dance’. Held off the top by Paul McCartney, they still achieved sales of over a million, earning both Gold and Silver discs.

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Black Dyke Mills Band - a Potted History

A brass and reed band was first formed in the village of Queenshead - later to become Queensbury in 1815. In 1837 the Band was reformed and the owner of Black Dyke Mills, John Foster - a French Horn player with the band, financed the purchase of a set of brass instruments and the Band was renamed the Black Dyke Mills Band.

In April 1994 the Band was delighted to obtain the sponsorship of one of Britain’s leading building societies - Bradford & Bingley. Bradford & Bingleys sponsorship brings together two excellent and well known names and organisations and enables the Band to expand and develop long term plans and activities.

Black Dyke Mills Band has gained international fame through its unparalleled number of contest sucesses. The Band has been World Champion, European Champion and is currently National and British Open Champions, having won the National Championship 16 times in the last 50 years.

The Band has performed in many countries throughout the world, including a sell out tour of Japan. In 1993 it made an historic appearance as the first British Brass Band to play in the Carnegie Hall, New York. In October 1984, Black Dyke Mills Band was the First Brass Band to pay at the Royal College of Music and then went on to win the first Brass Band Championship at the Royal Albert Hall. A very successful weekend culminated with the appearance of the Band as guests of the LSO Brass Ensemble at the Barbican. In recognition of its continued successes the Band was awarded Honorary Freedom of the City by the City of Bradford in 1976.

Black Dyke Mills Band has been conducted by many famous names, including the legendary Arthur Pearce and Harry Mortimer. Their principal conductor is now James Watson, one of the world’s finest trumpet soloists, and Professor of Trumpet at the Royal Academy.

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Roy Newsome, B Mus, FRCO, ARCM

Roy Newsome is well known throughout the brass band world as conductor, adjudicator, teacher, composer and author, and for several years presented BBC Radio 2’s weekly programme Listen to the Band.

Until recently he was Principal Conductor of the Bristol-based Sun Life Band, following long associations with some of Britain’s leading bands, including Black Dyke, Williams-Fairey and Besses

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Phillip McCann

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Roger & Susan Gledhill Welcome you to


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Huddersfield Conce

Grand Fy

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Smeta na, arr Newsome

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All that glitters...

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there are remarkable fossils of dinosaurs, fish and sea creatures, trees and plants. Come along to RockShop, North Road, Ambleside and see for

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Brass Band WORLD


Fave your own copy delivered promptly - directly to your home

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As a special subscription incentive, BBW offers the brilliant Polyphonic CD Double Champions by the 1996 All England Masters champions, Williams Fairey Band, including the test-pieces, Masquerade, Land of the Long White Cloud and Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (worth £10.99) for only an additional £3!

Price for one year's subscription (10 issues per year including postage and packaging)

INLAND: £29.50 (post free) ADD £3 for CD offer if required. EUROPE AND U.S.A: £39.50 (inc p/p) ADD £3 for CD offer. REST OF WORLD: £45.50 (inc p/p) ADD £3 for CD offer. [J Photocopy this form and send it off today with your cheque.

Allow 14 days for delivery IN UK, longer overseas. CD Offer may not be used in conjunction with any other subscription promotion. CD Offer closes August 31 1996, available while stocks last.

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Pratt Burnerd International

Our products are available direct from our factory or network of selected distributors throughout the world. Technical advice, engineering

support, design- services, spares and a range of accessories ensures that our

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Congratulations To Meltham and Meltham Mills Band

on their 150th Anniversary from

“Fred Rhodes”


The Ist Floor, VIP Centre Vulcan Street, Oldham, Lancs OL] 4LA

For the Very Best Attention Contact Jonathon Webster

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The Meltham & Meltham Mills Band would like to thank Mrs Elizabeth Morris & Family for the “Brook Trophy” presented to the Band for the Outstanding Player of The Year.

Mrs Elizabeth Morris is presenting the trophy to the band in memory of her parents, the late Bert and May Brook.

Bert & May Brook had association with the band all their life, May was an active member of the Ladies Committee, and was arranging the 150th

Anniversary Concert right up to the day of her death.

The Members and Committee of Meltham &

Meltham Mills Band Wish all the best to Elizabeth and her Family for the future.

Thank you very much.


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Forthcoming Event


Saturday November 9th 1996 at 8.00 p.m.

Meltham & Meltham Mills Band are holding a past and present members social evening at:

Slaithwaite Leisure Centre, New Street, Slaithwaite

Would any past member of the Band who wishes to attend please contact Dennis Howarth On 01484 850114 with their names and

numbers who would like to attend the function.

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