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Meltham in Focus

Its Industries

Organisations, Societies & People

Volume D

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Year Description Volume I Page 1876 Meltham & Meltham Mills Liberal Association D 5 1894 New Meltham Liberal Club, Foundation Stone D 7-8 1896 Meltham Liberal Club, Opening Ceremony D 9-10 1894+ I Meltham Liberal Club D 11 1949 Meltham Liberal Club, Snooker D 12 1868+ I Meltham Conservative Club D 13-14 1908 Garden Party, Meltham Sickness & Accident Aid Association D 15 1919 Meltham Field Day, Discharged Soldiers Association D 17 1909 Meltham Garden Fete D 19 1854 Slawit Jack’s Visit to Meltham Feast D 20 Meltham Feast D 21 1921+ I British Legion, Meltham Branch D 22 1965 British Legion, Carnival Queen D 23 1940 Remembrance & Dedication Procession & Service D 24 1939 British Legion, New Standard D 25 1965 British Legion, Carnival of Youth D 26 1965 British Legion, Dedication of New Standard D 27 1970 Meltham Civic Society, First Meeting D 28 1996+ I Crossroads Shop & Information / Advice Centre D 29 1974 Meltham Sports Council, Formed D 32 1983 Meltham Murder Mile, Inaugural Run D 33 1985 Meltham Murder Mile D 34 1985 Meltham Maniac Mile, Inaugural Run D 35 1987 Meltham Murder / Maniac Mile, Inaugural Run D 36 1882 Musical Demonstration, Sing, for Huddersfield Infirmary D 37 1959 Meltham Pensioners Club Formed D 38 1918+ I Meltham Musical Society D 39 1940s_ I David Brown’s Tractors Light Orchestra D 40 1918 Meltham Musical Society, Copy of Concert Programme D 41 1928 Meltham Orchestral Society, Copy of Concert Programme D 41 1858+ I Meltham & Meltham Mills Choral Society D 45-48 1880s I Meltham & Meltham Mills Choral Society D 49-50 1907 Meltham & Meltham Mills Choral Society D 51 I Meltham Mills Permanent Orchestra D 52 1898 Meltham Vocal Union, First Concert D 55 1898 Meltham Philharmonic Band D 57 1900 Meltham Philharmonic Society, First Concert D 58 1900+ I Meltham Amateur Operatic Society D 59-60 1948+ I Meltham Methodist Choir D 61-62 1919+ I Meltham & Meltham Mills Orchestral Society D 63-65 1997 Friend to Friend Club, Formation D 66 1960 Meltham Pensioners Social Welfare Club D 67 1961 Meltham Ladies Keep Fit Class, Formation D 68 1930+ I Meltham Parish Church Married Ladies D 69 1919+ I Meltham Baptist Choir & Baptist Dramatic Society D 70 1925+ I Meltham Dramatic Society D 71 1963+ I Meltham Church Gilbert & Sullivan Society D 73-74 1919+ I Meltham Parish Church Operatic Society D 75-76

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Year Description Volume I Page 1945+ I Meltham Parish Church Pantomimes D 77-79 1962+ I Meltham Methodist Sunday School D 80 1934+ I Co-operative Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society D 81 1922+ I Meltham Mills Church Operatic Society D 82 1943+ I David Brown’s Tractors Players D 83-86 1850 Meltham Association for Improving the Breeding of Pigs D 87-88 1861 Spring & October Fairs D 89 1880 Meltham October Cattle Fair D 90 1890 Meltham Horse Show D 91 1892 Meltham Horse, Cattle, Sheep and Dog Show D 93-94 1894 Meltham Horse & Cattle Show D 95-98 1914 Meltham Show D 99-100 1920 Meltham & District Agricultural & Horticultural Show D 101-4 1930 Meltham & District Agricultural & Horticultural Show D 105-8 1851 Meltham Mills Cottage Garden Society D 109 1913 Meltham Mills Floral & Horticultural Show D 111-2 1919 Meltham Mills Floral & Horticultural Show D 113-4 1939 Meltham & Meltham Mills Floral & Horticultural Show D 115-6 1940 Meltham & Meltham Mills Floral & Horticultural Society D 117 1939+ I Meltham Allotments Association D 118 1942 Meltham Allotments Show D 119-20 1955 Meltham Allotments Show D 121 1955 Allotments Association, Change to Gardeners Society D 122 1956 Meltham Gardeners Society Show D 123-4 1897 Meltham & Meltham Mills Fanciers Association D 125 1970 Meltham Flower Club D 127 1969 Meltham Women’s Institute, Formation D 128 1972+ I Meltham Probus Club, Origins D 129 1975 Meltham Probus Club, Inaugural Meeting D 130

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Meltham and Meltham Mills Liberal Association

On Saturday the 18th November 18/76,the formation of a Liberal Association for Meltham and Meltham Mills was celebrated in the Oddfellow's Hall,Meltham,by a tea party,followed by a public meeting.There was a very good attendance at tea.At the public meeting held afterwards the room was quite full.The chair was occupied by W.H.Leatham Esq.,of Hemsworth Hall,who was supported by Mr.S.Coldwell,the chairman of the association,Mr.J.B.Robinson, Marsden;Mr.J.T.Taylor.J.P.and Mr.S.Wimpenny,Holmfirth;Mr.R.Skil- beck,J.P.,Mr.John Sugden,Slaithwaite,and others. The Chairman congrtulated the Liberals of Meltham on having established in that industrious place a Liberal Association. He went on to say that it was important that a man should join a Liberal Club,and meeting with his fellows talk over matters of importance where different ideas and things could be discussed and ventilated. Mr.J.Lawton read a report,of which the following is a copy:- "The Meltham Liberal Association was established in June 1868,and for several years its members laboured energetically to promote Liberal opinions;but much inconvenience was experienced in having no suitable place of meeting.Early in the present year a feeling manifested itself that some effort should be made,not only to pro- vide a room to meet in,but also to take advantage of the advance- ment in Liberal opinions,and thereby infuse new life into an old association.With this object in view,a public meeting was called in May 1676 to consider the committee's project.and it was resol- ved that the association should take the happy valley into its confidence and be known hereafter as "The Meltham and Meltham Mills Liberal Association"The objects of the association are,to promote the political education of its secure

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Foundation Stone Laying of the New Meltham Liberal Club

On Saturday Afternoon July 14th

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Foundation Stone Laying (cont)

Sir James Kitson then gave an address, in which he said he had come to Meltham that day with more than ordinary pleasure.He had been invited from time to time to visit his con stituency,and he had always saic that whenever a foundation stone of a Liberal club was to be laid,or a new Liberal Club was to be opened,he was always at their

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Meltham Liberal Club Opening Ceremony November 2ist 1696

On Saturday,the handsome premises which have been erected in Wessenden Head Road for the Liberals of Meltham & Meltham Mills,were formally opened,under very auspicious circumstances by Sir James Kitson Bart.M.P. for the Colne Valley Division. Sir James was accompanied by Sir Jos.Leese Q.C.M.P. for Accrington Div.and the Right Hon.H.d. Gladstone M.P.,and on their arrival at Meltham they were met with a most cordial receptioneA crowd of people had assembled outside the club.

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4eltham Liberal Club Opening Ceremony (cont)

Alderman Jas.Kilburn,in moving a vote of thanks to Sir James Kilburn,said he took the first opportunity he had of congratulating Sir James on having been elected Mayor of Leeds.However proud the members who constituted the Corporation of the city of Leeds might be of their chief magistrate,he felt confident that they would not equal the people of the Colne Valley in the value they set on their representative in Parliament. He hoped Sir James would have health and strength to perform the many duties which he would have to perform during the ensuing year. He spoke of the commodious and comfortable structure which was to be the future home of Meltham Liberailism,and which would be ample for the population of the immediate

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Meltham Liberal Club

The first Liberal Club in Meltham was according to a report in the Huddersfield Examiner of April 14th 1960,which states that a Mr.Allan Eastwood joined the Club as a 16yrs old,65yrs ago at No.1 Holmfirth Road,now part of Hutson's shop.There was a billiard table installed but the players were able to use only short cues because of the limited space.He was a former captain of the Meltham Liberal Club Billiards Team. The present buildings foundation stone was laid on July 14th 1894 by Sir James Kitson,and was opened to members in May 1895. Meltham Liberal Club,like other local organisations enhanced the value of their premises by the installation of electric light.The installation consisted of about 30 lights and 4 fans.The official switching on of the lights in the rooms on the ground floor took place on Tuesday evening 18th Nov 1924,a large gathering assembled in the billiard room for the occasion,when Mr.Herbert Wadsworth performed the opening ceremony,Mr.Stead Lunn presided.Then on Friday 5th Dec 1924 the official ceremony of switching on the lights in the large hall was performed by the President

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Meltham Liberal Club

Mr.Fred Davis,world professional snooker champion,who was making a tour of Huddersfield & District played Mr.Frank Woodhead three games of snooker,who received 4h blacks start,Fred Davis won all three,he then played Mr.Cyril Cadwell at Billiards winning by 330 - 97 on Monday 21st Feb.1949, At the present time Meltham Liberal Club as 6 Snooker Teams,3 Darts Teams and 2 Dominoes Teams. In 1994 the Liberal Club,celebrated the centenary of the laying of the foundation stone in 1894 with the issue of Commemorative Plates.

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Meltham Conservative Club

Meltham Conservative Club was formed by 12 members in the Din- ing Hall at Jonas Brook & 1868.Mr.Michael Firth was its first secretary. In 1874 the infants moved from the National School and the building was left empty,so in 1875 the trustees decided to let the schoolroom to the Conservative Association to be used for club purposes,at a rent of £18-13-0O per tear,with the tenants doing all repairs.In

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Meltham Conservative Club

Below the Club Rooms in Station Street a Fish & Chip Shop was Situated which was part of the Old School ,and now part of the Conservative Club Buildings.The owners who paid rent to the club were Mr.Moorhouse,Low Dyson and Knight Earnshaw when he retired the club took it back and in the late 1970s altered the club, pulling down the reading and card rooms and putting a billiard table there,and providing a lounge where the billiard tables had been,and providing toilets downstairs where the chip shop had been In the late 1970s or early 1980s the Meltham Conservative Club withdrew their membership from the Conservative Association,now it is a privately run club.

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Meltham and the Sick,Garden Party July 10th 1908

The inhabitants of Meltham and Meltham Mills know how to sup- port those whose special care is for the less fortunate among them.Although it was only formed early this year,upwards of £140 has already been raised for the Sickness and Accident Aid Associa- tion,the objects of which are to find competent domestic help where it is more needed than professional nursing,to secure a trained nurse in special cases of sickness or accidents when rec- ommended by the doctor in attendance,to render financial assistance so that patients in a convalescent stage may be sent to a sana- torium or of appliances and utensils required in case of sickness and accident,and finally when funds will allow to provide an ambu- lance carriage and appliances for public use. In aid of the association a garden fete took place on Saturday but heavy showers of rain in the morning and afternoon caused the events to be postponed, Although the day was so uninviting many hundreds of people

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Meltham and the Sick,Garden Party(cont)

Mr.J.Morton of Huddersfield and Mr.J.H.Hinchliffe of Nether- thong (judge) gave the awards as follows:- Trade Exhibits ,lst Meltham Co-op Fruit Stores £1; 2nd "Old Cal- abar" Company Liverpool 10s 3rd, Carmichaels Ltd.Huddersfield. Cycle Character lst James Mellor,Meltham(tramp on tour) 7s 6d; 2nd. Harry Earnshaw,Upper Owlers,Meltham(old washerwoman)5s. Character in Costume(under 13yrs) lst 7s6d and 2nd 5s (equally divided),Miss Winifred Brook and Miss Nellie Hirst(Little Bo-Peep Comical Pair in Procession lst W.Collier and A.Baxter,Milnsbridge (Directoire costumes)7s6d; 2nd Wood and Kaye,Meltham (janus). The crowning of the Rose Queen in connection with above garden fete took place on Wednesday evening July 14th July,and was kindly performed by Mrs.Hirst.Action songs,drill and May pole dances given by the children,all went well to make the evening a most enjoyable one for the people who attended.

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Meltham Field Day,In Aid Of Discharged Soldiers Association

A "Victory"field day,organised by the Meltham and Meltham Mills Branch of the Discharged and Demobilised Sailors and Soldiers Association was held on Saturday

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Garden Fete at Meltham

A successful garden fete for the benefit of the funds of the Meltham and Meltham Mills Sickness and Acident Aid Association was held in Durker Roods Park,Meltham on Saturday 10th July 1909 A procession consisting of decorated waggons etc.,assembled at the Market-place early in the afternoon,and proceeded via Green- send,Mill Moor,Albion Mill road,Golcar Street,Lane Dyke,Banks road,Meltham Mills and up New Road to the Newgate entrance to Durker Roods. The first event inside the park was an effective little specta- cle,viz,the parade of the Rose Queen,Dowager Queen,and their suites.The characters were as follows:-Rose Queen,Miss Phyllis Roberts;heralds Master Chas Downs,Arnold Mitchell,Harold Mosley and Harry Whitely;train bearers Misses Mary A.Watson,F.Watson, Masters L.Pogson,and G.Watson;sceptre bearers Masters Allen Arm- itage and Frank Hirst;crown bearers Masters C.Carter and Louis Mosley;maids of honour,Misses Laura Battye and Annie Ostle;atte- ndants;Misses Elsie Quarmby.Hilda Pogson,Florence Woodhead and Ethel Woodhead;Dowage Queen Miss Florence Henderson;her maids of honour,Misses Annie Mills and Annie Pogson;her attendants,Misses F.Dunstan,Mary Hinchliffe,E.Moorhouse and Annie Battye.Mrs Sharpl Fisher(Helme Hall) graciously crowned the Rose Queen and immedia- tely afterwards the National Anthem was sung to the accompaniment of the Meltham Mills Band.Bouquets were then presented to the Rose Queen by Master Harry Shaw to Mrs Fisher by Miss Marjorie Moorhouse and to the Dowager Queen by Master Chas.B.Hirst. Mr.W.J.Gardner returned thanks to Mrs Hirst for crowning the Rose Queen to Mrs Roberts for allowing her daughter to impersonate the Rose Queen,to Miss Henderson for taking the part of the Dowager Queen and to Miss Edith Armitage for training the children to the co-opted members of the committee,and to Mr.Tuton,the secretary. Lieutenant Colonel C.Brook responded on behalf of Mrs.Fisher and wished the function and the society success. This ceremony was succeeded by a pretty maypole dance by the children(to pianoforte accompaniments by Miss Annie Bond),a box- ing display by Messrs Redfearn and Mellor highly interesting ex- hibtions of the art of ju-jitso by members of the Huddersfield Borough Police Force-fir st by Inspector Taylor and Police con- stable Martin,who instanced vividly how the art may be used for self-defence;and second by Police constables Martin and Clayton, who gave a display in Japanese costume;physical drill by child- ren of the Meltham Mills physical culture class,trained by Mr. Wortley; an ambulance display by members of the Meltham St.John Ambulance Corps;and a display by 24 members of General Baden Pow- ell's Legion of Boy Scouts under District-scout master Crowther. At intervals selections were played by Meltham Mills Brass Band. In connection with the procession prizes were awarded to the following:- Best decorated horse,ist Mr.C.H.Sykes 2nd Meltham District Council,Horse with cleanest gear lst Mr.C.H.Sykes 2nd Meltham District Council,3rd Messrs Mellor Bros,contractors, Meltham Trade exhibit on cart,float,or waggon lst Messrs Mellor Bros,2nd Messrs Singer,Huddersfield,3rd Mr.W.L.Taylor.Exhibit other than trade exhibit lst Meltham St.John Ambulance,2nd Mr. B.Wimpenny,Comic decorated cycle,lst Mr.H.Enfield 2nd Mr.H.Beau- mont.Best representative character on foot( boy or girl under 13 years)lst L.Smith,2nd T.Smith,3rd D.S.Taylor. The arrangements for the fete were made by the committee of the association,assisted by a number of co-opted members. During the afternoon tea was provided in the Oddfellows Hall. and was largely attended. I

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Slawit Jacks Visit to Meltham Feast Sept.16th 1854

In Slawit dale born,a stranger to sloth, Jack wor brought up o porridge, an pudding, an broth; Awish he' d oft had,an' wi'

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Meltham Feast

This annual Feast is held during the first week in September is noted for about 20mls around,during the fortnight before the whole village makes provisions for the feast.As customary the house wives are always by a fortnight before the event busy whitewashing and cleaning their homes,and as one woman said "Sweepin

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British Legion

The British Legion was founded in London by Earl Haigh in 1921.It became the Royal British Legion in 1971. A branch of the British Legion was formed in Meltham,when a public meeting of ex-service men was held in the Mechanics Institute on Wednesday Evening Jan.8th 1930 further to consider the found- ation of a Local Branch of the British Legion.40 persons were present.Capt W.F.Smith addressed the meeting and after a discussion an executive committee was formed as follows:-William Yarwood (chairman),Mr Hirst,Mill Moor,(treasurer),Fred W.Mann(Secretary) & Messrs J.E.Preston,Harold Thorpe,Norman Crowther,Harry Armstrong J.H.Mawdsley,J.Swann,Hugh Sykes,John Dixon,Charles Henry Whithan, & Hildred Garside.About 30 members were enrolled. This branch must have lapsed,because at a meeting on the Old Mechanics Institute on Thursday evening 18th May 1933,Mr.S.North (chairman of the Holme Valley Group)presided over the meeting to re-establish a branch of the British Legion in

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Meltham British Legion Carnival Queen

The carnival of youth organised by the Meltham and Meltham Mill branch of the British Legion opened on Saturday 26th June 1965 with the crowing of the Legion Queen Miss Margaret Elizabeth Lunn The ceremony was performed by Miss Astrid Anderson,who deputise for Miss Nita Valerie of Huddersfield New Theatre,where Miss And- erson iS now appearing. Gaily costumed Morris Dancers were a feature of a procession round the village led by Mr.Sam Greaves and Lockwood Prize Band, conducted by Mr.Derrick Banks.The troupe from Rufford,near Orm- skirk was composed of about thirty girls aged between five and fifteen. Also taking part in the procession were children in fancy dress and the Huddersfield Band of the Combined Cadet Force. After the procession displays were given by the Morris dancers, Lpckwood Band and the 20th Milnsbridge Baptist Scout Band.The C.C,F. Band gave an exhibition of marching and counter-marching. There were side shows and several stalls,and tea was served during the afternoon. Winners of a fancy dress competition were;1 Christine Wilkinson 2 Nevil Carter,3 Debra Carter. Proceeds were for branch funds.

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A Meltham Day of Remembrance Sunday 18th August 1940

A most impressive service of remembrance and didication was held at Meltham Parish Church on Sunday afternoon.A procession was formed at Town Bottom,consisting of members and staff of the Meltham Council,local V.A.D.,Scouts.Girl Guides,A.F.S.,A.R.P., Special Constables,British Legion(Meltham and Netherton branches) and a large number of the Home Guard.These were marshalled by Mr. William Yarwood,and headed by the brass band of Browns' Tractors Ltd.,proceeded to a point near the Meltham Picture Theatre,where they were taken over by Capt.R.L.Gardner,commanding officer of the Home Guard.At this place a flag was presented to the Meltham branch of the British Legion.It was the gift of Councillor Arnold Haigh,and was received by Capt.Gardner. The procession then made its way to Meltham Parish Church, where a large congregation assembled.The service was conducted by the Rev.Canon J.E.Roberts,and the lesson was read by the Rev.T. Kenyon (Vicar of Wilshaw).The new flag of the Legion was presented and dedicated,and together with the standard of the Meltham Branch of the Legion was later committed to the churchwardens of the church for safe keeping. Canon Roberts urged that strength had been given them for one purpose namely,service.The German doctrine of strength dictated that its right use was to beat down and trample under foot anyone that was not as strong as they were.That philosophy was of the Devil,of the bully. Saying that the philosophy for which they were fighting-helping the

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British Legion New Standard Presented to Meltham Branch 26th April 1939

At a parade of ex-Servicemen at Meltham on Sunday a new standard was presented to the local branch of the British Legion by Mrs. E.L.Fisher in memory of her late husband,who was president of the branch. The parade,under the command of Mr.E.L.B.Lart,president of the Meltham branch,contained representatives of all branches of the Holme Valley and Colne Valley groups.Nine standards were on parade Huddersfield(men and women)Slaithwaite,Linthwaite(men and women) Holmfirth,Honley,Brockholes and Meltham. There were also representatives of the 168th Brigade,R.F.A.and the Bradley Women's Section.The men assembled opposite the Church Hall,Meltham Mills Road,where Mrs Fisher made the presentation of the standard.The gift was received by Mr.Lart.The parade was in- spected by Colonel Keith Sykes.Gauntlets for the Meltham standard bearer were presented by Mr.H.Sykes who is a member of the Branch Committee. After the ceremony the procession moved off,headed by Meltham Mills Brass Band,under the conductor Mr.Edgar Whitham,and paraded via Mill Bank Road,Holmfirth Road and Market Place to Meltham Church. The church was full.Canon Barter conducted the service and ded- icated the standard"to be set apart that it may be a sign of duty towards our King and country in the sight of God and a symbol of the service the British Legion is called upon to render. The serviceconcluded with singing of the National Anthem. Mr.T.Rye was at the organ. The parade dismissed at the Carlile Institute.

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Carnival of Youth at Meltham 26th June 1965

A Carnival of Youth was orgabised by the Meltham and Meltham Mills branch of the British Legion on Sat.26th June and attracted a large crowd. In the Society's field the proceedings opened with the crowning of the British Legion Queen,Miss Margaret Elizabeth Lunn,who was accompanied by her attendants,Misses Glenis Horn and Julie Ann Atkinson.In the absence of Miss Nita Valerie,who was to have per- formed the ceremony the queen was crowned by Miss Astrid Anderson who was playing at the Huddersfielf Theatre. Prizes for fancy dress were won by 1 Christine Wilkinson"Go to work on an egg",2Neville Carter(parcel)and 3 Debra Carter(fruit gums). Headed by Lockwood Silver Prize Band,a procession was formed, led by Mr.SamGreaves.In the procession were Sammy's Morris Dancer from the village of Rufford,near Ormskirk.These dancers,comprising some thirty girls whose ages range from five to fifteen yrs,have already won about £100 in prize money this year and won the Lanc- ashire,North West of England and the North of England Morris Dan- ce Competitions.They gave a festive air to the streets of Meltham and as the procession moved via Coronation Bungalows,the Market Place,Station Street,Mean Lane,Broadlands,Highfield Estate and Sunny Heys back to the field,halts were made at various points for the Morris Dancers to give displays to the delight of the assem- bled people.Also in the procession were children in fancy dress costume and Huddersfield Band of the Combined Cadet Corps. There were side-shows and stalls and tea was served during the afternoon. During the evening the Morris Dancers gave displays in the field the Cadet Corps Band gave a display of marching and counter march- ing and there was also a display by the Milnsbridge Baptist Scout Band.Musical items were given by Lockwood Band,but when rain be- gan to fall the evening programme had to be curtailed. The proceeds were for the local British Legion funds.

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Meltham Branch Of The British Legion

A new standard for the Meltham Branch of the British Legion was dedicated and the old standard laid up at a service in Meltham Parish Church on Sunday 6th Sept 1965. The new standard was presented by Mrs.R.C.Ashton on behalf of herself and her husband,Councillor R.C.Ashton(branch pension officer and local service committee secretary),before a large gathering at the old Meltham C.E.School.A parade was to have assembled on the playing field of the C.E.School in Holmfirth this had to be cancelled by the weather. Mrs.Ashton said she hoped that the new standard would be an inspiration to the local branch and its officers,committee and members. It was received by Mr.W.Yarwood who paid warm tribute to the work of Councillor Ashton for thr branch over many years.He said the old standard was presented in 1937 by Mrs,Fisher in memory of her husband,Major E.L.Fisher. Before the service the old satandard was "trooped off"at the slow march to thetune "auld Lang Syne"played by the Meltham and Meltham Mills Band under the direction of Mr.M.Wadsworth. The service of dedication was conducted by the Vicar of Meltham the Rev.P.Spivey,who is chaplain to the British Legion Branch. He was supported by the Rev,J.P.Hickerton (Baptist minister) and the Rev.R.Orton. There was a large congregation,which included Coun.W.Batty Chairman of Meltham Council,and Mrs Batty other Meltham Councillors and their wives,Mr.L.D.Vidler(deputy chairmanof the West Riding County British Legion)and Legion representatives of the South West District,the West Riding County Womens Section and over thirty branches from a wide area.The Holme Valley branch of the R.A.F.A. were also present,along with West Riding Poice and Special Constabulary,West Riding Fire Service(Meltham Unit)Boy Scouts, Wolf Cubs,Girl Guides and Brownies. The address was given by the Rev.G.N.Tattersall (Vicar of Batley and Assistant Tural Dean of Dewsbury)who said that standards and coulours were symbols of the aims and ideals of the British Legion He hoped they would go forward with the new standard with a new vision of what it stood for. The singing of special hymns were led by the choir under the direction of Mr.Peter Garside at the organ."The Last Post"and "Reveille" were sounded by Mr George Washington. After the service the parade re-formed and there was a march past before the chairman and members of theCouncil and Mr.Vidler Mr A.Chester (secretary of the Meltham and Meltham Mills branch) thanked those taking part.Captain G.E.Colledge M.M. was the parade marshall.

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Meltham Civic Society.

The first meeting of Meltham Civic Society,following the inaug- uration,was held in the Civic Hall,Meltham on Tuesday evening the 24th November 1970,presided over by the chairman,Clr.Lewis Taylor Also present were the president Clr.H.Fisher(Chairman of Meltham Urban District Council),Mr.D.A.Binns(Clerk to Meltham U.D.C.) other councillors and Mr.J.F.Robinson,secretary/treasure. There were two guest speakers,Clr E.B.Kaye(chairman of Holm- firth Cicic Society)and Mr.R.H.S.Flowers(chairman of Penistone and District Civic Society).both these societies are very flour- ishing and their respective chairmen had been invited along to the Meltham meeting to give information which would help the local society to get on its feet.

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On the 12th February 1996 the Meltham Churchs Working together opened the Cross Roads Shop in the Market Place,Meltham,where res- idents could take their unwanted clothes,to be sold at affordable prices,also household goods,toys,books,and nursery equipment,to be donated by the community.The profits from the shop will go back to local groups and individuals who are working to help others.It is staffed by volunteers from all the churches. On the 14th April 1997 a new free information centre and advi- ce centre was launched in Meltham by the churches in the village. The Crossroads Centre in Dyke House,Holmfirth Road,as been con- verted from a former insurance office, (and previously from the extension built in March 1895 for the Oddfellow's Hall), by Churches Working together. The Centre offers free confidential advice and information to people from Meltham and surrounding areas.It is open Monday to Friday mornings,and offers a different form of help each day, from legal advice to debt counselling. Volunteer receptionists greet people at the centre before ref- erring them on to the professional advisers. They hope the centre will become a place where people feel able to seek support on a wide range of circumstances as possible. Funding has been provided by the Crossroads Shop in the Market Place. The information centre has visits from the Citizens Advice Bureau,Age Concern,CHAS Housing Aid,Victim Support,Clergy Open Door,Axis for people with dementia and the Kirklees Community Law Centre. One hundred volunteers are involved in both the shop and inform- ation centre. Furniture for the premises has been donated by local organisa- tions and retired craftsmen have helped improved both buildings

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A warm welcome awaits you at the Crossroads Centre

Monday morning

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Meltham Sports Council

A local sports council at Meltham was formed last evening the 15th Feb,1974 at a meeting called by the Meltham Council at the Civic Hall,over which Clr.Rev.Conrad Stott,the chairman of the Council,presided. Mr.K.G.Gill,of the Yorkshire and Humberside Sports Council outlined the tasks that a local sports council could do,and explained how one would work in conjunction with the Kirklees Sports Council. The following committee was appointed to draw up a constitution and report to another public meeting on March 8th;Clrs Rev.C. Stott,H.Bastow and W.Batty,and Messrs B.Ormshaw(clerk to the Council),H.Sheridan(football) D.Edwards(cricket),Walsh( bowling) J.E.Hinchliffe (athletics) and Colwell. At a public meeting called by Meltham Council and held in the Civic Hall,Meltham on Friday evening 8th of March consideration was given to the report of the sub-committee appointed at a previous meeting to further discuss the formation of a Sports Council in the village, County-Clr.the Rev.C.Stott,Chairman of Meltham

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Murder Mile,Meltham June 5th 1983

Sunday June 5th saw the inaugural running of the Meltham Murder Mile-a measured mile up Wessenden Head Road,starting in the vill- age.A surprisingly large crowd turned out to see a mixture of Athletes and other sportsmen battle against each other and gravity The race was won comfortable by Bob Harbisher,with Holmfirth men Anthony Marsh and Clive Hollingworth taking second and third Particularly pleasing was the number of non-athletes participat- ing and prizes,awarded by Meltham Town Councillor Mr.Alan Dyson were for Athletes and Non-Athletes separately. Organiser Terry Lyons was delighted with the response of com- petitors and spectators,and with further prize money becoming avaiable for next year's event Mr.Lyons hopes he has established a popular addition to the running calendar.

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Murder Mile 1985

Melthams Third Murder Mile Attracted its largest field despite dreadful weather.If we'd had ideal weather the number of runners would have probably been doubled said sec.Mr.Terry Lyons As it was we had over 150 runners,the first year it was run only 70 entrants took part. The gruelling race up Wessenden Head Road,from the vicarage,is organised by Holnfirth Harriers and sponsored by Joshua Tetley's brewery and the race's success has sprung another idea,the Maniac Mile,which is the exact opposite of the Murder Mile. Certificates will be given to all those who complete the course in less than four minutes,the top runners in the Maniac may clock beneath 3.30 mins. The race starts at 7.45pm on Thursday,July 18.There will be no junior races. Murder Mile results;Jinior;boys 1 Geoffrey Hall(Holmfirth)6.20 2 Hgreaves (Holmfirth),3 C.Beadle(Holmfirth): girls 1 D.Sharp (Spenborough)7.35 2 Joanne Cooke(Holmfirth) 3 Andrea Whittaker (Holmfirth) Men; 1 Alan Buckley(Holmfirth) 6.003 2 Anthony Marsh(Holmfirth) 3 R.G.D.Terry(Bingley) 4 R.Owen (Coventry) Non-athletes 1 Conway Evans (Meltham)6.50 2 G.Sykes(Meltham) 3 M.Sykes(Meltham). Women 1 S.Smith(Spenborough)7.23 2 Kate stoney(Holmfirth) 3 J. Judge(Spenborough) local non athletes 1 C. King 2 J.Danson;vet- erans 1 Christine Lyons(Meltham) Veterans;over 40 1 David Gledhill(Holmforth)7.11 2 W Buckley, 3.J,Walker (police):over 45 1 K.Bamforth 7.03 2 D.Bamforth over 50 1 P.Duffy.

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Meltham Maniac Mile July 18th 1985

Hundreds of runners were due to take part in the famous Meltham Maniac Mile last night Thursday July 18th. The run was down Wessenden Head Road,Meltham,and special cert- ificates were issued to all runners who completed the mile in less than four mins. Normally the Holmfirth Harriers organise a race up the hill, which is called Meltham Murder Mile. But the maniac mile was specially organised for road runners, fell runners and fun runners,and there were various classes for the different types of runners.

Fifteen runners all broke the four-minute-mile barrier in Meltham over a course specially devised for the occasion. The winning time humbled Sebastian Coe's official world record by 15 seconds. Mike Hawkins 3min 32.6sec compares very favourably with Coe's world beating 3min 47.33 set in Brussels in 1981 but for one thing Hawkins recorded his time downhill. The event was the first running of the Maniac Mile,the Murder Mile in reverse,over which the course drops 400ft from start to finish down Wessenden Head Road. Hawkins of Skipton AC. and the other sub-four-minute men will not have their times officially ratified,but that was not the idea it was a novelty event,some thing a bit different spiced with the prospect of "breaking"the world record. The madcap idea was devised by Mr.Terry Lyons and organised by Holmfirth Harriers. For the record those who beat four minutes for the mile but will probably never do so in an authentic mile race were 1 M.Hawkins (Skipton)3min 32-6sec.,2 P.Pickup (Longwood)3.38,3 S.Wolstenholme (ASVAC)3.38,4 J.Whitely(Holmfirth)3.43,5 J.Waller(West Yorks pol- ice) 3.45,6 R.Griffiths(Holmfirth)3-46,7 K.Summersgill(Skipton) 3-47,8 Tlyons (Holmfirth)3-48,9 R.Lindley(Holmfirth)3-48,10 R.As- quith A.D.Wrigglesworth (Bingley)3-51,12 G.Sp- ink (Bingley)3.54,13 D.Cowgill (Holmfirth) 3-56,14 S.Smith(Halifax 3.59. Non Athlete Paul Whiting won the non-athlete race with a time of 3-59.03.

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Meltham Murder Maniac Race Thursday June 4th 1987

The first ever Meltham Murder Maniac race proved to be a triumph for Longwood Harriers. The road race comprises running one mile up Wessenden Head Road then one mile down a 1 in 10 gradient. Paul Pickup,third in last month's Murder Mile,the uphill mile race,charged up Wessenden Head Road and flew back down to win, holding off Longwood club mate Robert O'Hara with Salford's Steve Kenyon third Bob Harbisher of Holmfirth was fourth. Holmfirth's Ann Cooke was first lady,with Christine Lyons,wife of race organiser Terry Lyons first local lady P.Whittaker was first veteran over 40 with K.Bamforth of Holme Valley Squash Club first over 45.The winner of the unattached race was A.Wrench,with a special prize going to Mark Rice. Entries were slightly less than expected,but this has been a good night.The racing was good,the weather fine.Marsden Junior Band were excellent in providing entertainment and people turned out to watch there was no complaints from the organiser. The race was sponsored by Crowther Marines. Results Athletes race 1 D.Pickup(Longwood) 10-12-06 2 H )'Hara(Lonwood) 10-16-06 3 S.Kenyon(Salford)10-27 4 R.Harbisher (Holmfirth) 10-40 5 K.Langridge (ASVAC) 11-06,6 H.Scott(Stockport) 11-18 7 P.Whit- taker(Holmfirth)11-21 8 S.Smith(Halifax) 11-27,9 I.Mitchell(Long- wood) 11-42 10 KBamforth(HV Squash Club) 11-43,11 D.Bamforth(HV- Squash Club)11.53.12 R.Makin(HV Squash Club) 11.57 13 H.Thewlis (Holmfirth) 12.06 14 D.Milner 12.13 15 V.Rylance 12.17,16 D.Gled- hill(Holmfirth)12.19,17 S.Gledhill (Holmfirth) 12.29,18 K.Cuncliffe 12.35,19 M.Polli(Wakefield)12.37,20 A.Taylor(Rochdale)12.37,21 D.Cowgill(Holmfirth)12.44,22 A.Cooke(Holmfirth)12.5,23 B.Lomas(HV- Squash Club)12.58,24

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Musical Demonstration for the Infirmary September 1882

On Sunday(Meltham feast Sunday) a musical demonstration in aid of the funds of the Huddersfield Infirmary,took place in two fields near the Railway Station,Meltham,which was kindly lent for the occasion by Mr.George Taylor and Mr.Allan Hollingworth.Special trains were run from Huddersfield and these were filled with pass- engers.The first performance took place in the morning at 7.15, when there would be a company present of about 2,000.The second performance took place at 3.30 in the afternoon,when there would be at least 10,000 people present.The programme consisted of sel- ections from the "Messiah"and "Judas" and several psalm tunes,viz "Elevation",Henry","Harmony","Warrington",and "Old Hundred"Mr.G.H T.Hall conducted in a very efficient manner and the orchestra was upwards of 100 strong(vocal and instrumental).Considering that they had not rehearsed together they went through the programme in a most creditable manner.The effort produced was grand and the various hymns were heartily joined in by the whole company.The Strains of music were heard a long way off down the valley.At the conclusion of the afternoon perfrmance Mr.J.Batty mounted the rostrum,and thanked all the musicians for their services,as well as the vast number of strangers who had come to render their aid to this laudable object.Such a sight as the one in the afternoon has scarcely ever been seen in Meltham,and will no doubt be long remembered.About 40 collectors went about with collecting boxes, and were indefatigable in their exertions.The day was beautiful and this had its effect in bringing together such a mass of peo- ple.The receipts were £66 19s 6d,and the expenses £13 lls 6d,which left a balance of £53 8s,£50 was handed over to the Infirmary and the remaining £3 8s kept over for next year.

The Meltham sing was held every year until June 1959 when at the sing for that year,which was held in the Meltham Cricket Field, careful thought had to be given whether the festival shoud con- tinue.The decision was to be based on the outcome of a public meeting to be called in the autumn. The meeting called on the 19th Oct.1959,decided as only nine people attended the meeting, due to lack of support that they should after

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Meltham Pensioners Club

On Monday Evening 28th April 1959,a Pensioners Social Welfare Club was formed in Meltham.Mr.C.Massey,West Riding County Coun- cil Divisional Welfare Officer was present to give advice regard- ing the formation of the Club. The Objects of the Club is to promote and assist the general good of all pensioners in the Urban District of Meltham,by means of concerts,talks,trips etc. Meetings of the members shall be held at least once a month. The following were elected the first officials:- President Councillor John Steel;vice-president Councillor E.V. Quarmby;chairman of committee,Mr.John E.Hinchliffe;secretary, Mrs.C.H.Rock;treasurer.Mrs G.Wagstaff;committee-Mrs.P.Austwick, Mrs.N.Armitage,Mrs.F.Butterfield,Mrs.J.BLACKBURN,Mrs.R.E.Firth Mrs J.E.Hinchliffe,Mrs.T.Cocker,Mrs.F.Chappell,Mrs.F.Dickinson Mrs.F.Earnshaw and Mrs.C.Pogson. The meetings of the Club are to be held monthly and arrangements were put in hand for the hold- ing of a concert.. When Meltham Council on Monday night considered a request that they appoint a delegate to serve on the committee of the newly formed Meltham Pensioners Social Welfare Club,Clr. H.Bastow said that he was glad such an organisation had been formen,but he was sorry that the Council had not sponsored it.I have stressed before that we could soon have formed a reasonable welfare service for the aged public in the district.

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Musical Society

A general meeting was held at the Oddfellows Hall,Meltham on Friday 22nd March 1918,re the formation of a Musical Society in Meltham.Invitations had been sent out to about 100 residents and about 60 persons turned up to the meeting. Mr.D.Taylor occupied the chair.A President,Vice/President and Committee were elected along with Mr.W.Armsrong as Secretary. A suitable conductor is being looked for.Meltham has been back- ward of late in musical matters and it is hoped that the new movement will meet with success.

At a meeting on April 27th it was announced that Mr.Fletcher Sykes had been appointed conductor of the Society and rehersals had now commenced. On November 2nd 1918 the first seris of concerts by the Society was held in the Oddfellows'Hall,when there was a very good att- endance.The singing of the choir was exceellent,The following also contributed to the programme.Miss Lizzie Mellor,Mr.Ralph H.Brook,Mr.Collin Smith(cello)and the Imperial Glee Singers whose items were very much appreciated.

The first A.G.M.of the Society was held in the Oddfellows'Hall on Monday Sth May 1919.Mr.J.R.Mawdsley(vice Pres) accepted the chair during the Ist part of the meeting,and Mr.Jno S.Quarmby (Pres) took the chair on his arrival.The balance sheet in hand was £27-12s-llp.The membership was about 80.A Singing class has been formed in connection with the Society. Election of Officers:-Sec.Mr Bert Byram.Treasure Mr.Jno Mortimer Comm Misses Annie Dyson and Gladys Roberts,Messrs John

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David Brown's Tractors Light Orchestra.

Messrs David Brown Tractors" Light Orchestra is a young

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Meltham and Meltham Mills Choral Society

In 1857 a number of musicians and others met to establish a Choral Society in Meltham and Meltham Mills.This being succesfull they held their monthly meetings in the Oddfellows' Hall. The members of the Meltham and Meltham Mills Choral Society held their monthly meeting on Monday evening 23rd Jan 1858,in the Odd- Fellows'Hall,when the Messiah was performed in a creditable man- ner,conducted by Mr.Joe Perkin,of Holmfirth,who is now engaged as regular conductor. The second quartly concert of the Choral Society took place on Monday evening 29th March 1858 in the Oddfellows'Hall.There was a respectable audience.The performance was a selection from Handels oratorio "The Messiah".Mr.Joe Perkins was the conductor.Mr.Rich- ard Wood leader.The band and chorus consisted of about 50 perfor- mers.The Hallelujah chorus was very effectivly done. The Annual Meeting of the Choral Society took place on Monday evening 18th June 1858,in the Oddfellows'Hall,mr G.J.Gordan was in the chair.This being the first Annual Meeting,and the society having been at great expense in purchasing music stands and other requisites,not much can be said about the finances.Great progress has been made by the performers,especially since the engagement of Mr.Joe Perkins as conductor.The Committee are very anxious for all lovers of music in Meltham to join.The exertions of the new committee,and the continued support of the public will it is hope ensure prosperity. The members of the Choral Society met for their usual monthly practice on Monday 6th Dec.1858 in the National Schoolroom Meltham Mills.Selections from Handels oratorio,the Messiah were performed very creditably,Mr.Joe Perkin conducting.Anew organ has lately been placed in the school at the expense of Mr.Charles Brook jun, and on this occasion it was brought into use and prooved of great service,Mr.R.Turton organist of St.James Church performing.It is a rich toned and sweet instrument and will prove a valuable aid to the Choral Society. The 4th quartely concert of the Choral Society took place over Christmas 1858.The performance comprised items from Handels ora- torio the Messiah.There were upwards of 60 performers.Mr.Joe Per- kins conductored.There was a moderate attendance. One of the most successful concers ever given in Meltham,took place in the Oddfellows'Hall on Wednesday April 20th 1859.This was the fifth quarterly concert of the Choral Society,and was got up under the auspices of the gentlemen entrusted with the society affairs.Haydn's oratorio of the "Creation"was the work set apart for the evening,and it was certainly made a great fact." The names of the principal artists will show that it was a triumph-there be- ing Mrs Sunderland,Mr.Inkersall and Mr.Hinchliffe,of whose singing it would be supperfluous to say a word.The above had all the rec- itations,solos,and duets assigned them,and they were well supports ed by a staff of upwards of 80 vocal and instumentalists,led by Mr.Hartley of Huddersfield,and conducted by Mr.Joe Perkin. Mr.Hinchliffe came forth with "In the beginning"and this led to the first chorus,"And the spirit of God",Then came Mr.Inkersall with"And God saw the light",and also the air,Now chxos ends,and order fair prevails"which was followed by the thundering chorus, "Despairing cursing rage"which was given in fine style.But it was left for Mrs Sunderland to rouse the feelings of the audience, which she did by her splendid rendering of "The marvellous work behold".and the air "On mighty pens".Then followed Mr.Inkersall with the gem of the evening “And God created man in his own image and the air "In native worth".The finle was the "National Anthem" which ended a performance such as never had its equal in Meltham The Choruses were spendid through-out.The audience was numerous and respectable.

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Meltham Choral Society cont The Meltham and Meltham Mills Choral Society gave Handel's grand oratorio,The Messiah"in first rate style,in the large new dining-hall at Meltham Mills,on Tuesday Evening 7th Feb.1860 by special request,being the second performance of the same ora- torio this season.As it was the first oratorio in the new hall the committee spared no paines to ensure a good performance,and every requisite provision was made for that purpose,The solos were admirably sung by Mrs Broadbent,Misses Mellor,Broadbent.Haigh, Turner,Patterson and Mellor.and Messrs T.Bramley,H.Wood,T.Wood- head,F.Broadhead,W.Kenyon,J,Bradbury and L.Creaser,conductor Joe Perkin;leader Mr.R.WoodThe band and the choir gave the greatest satisfaction to the audince,and it was allowed by competent jud- ges to have been the best performance of the kind,by local talent ever givenin this locality.But strange as it may appear.judging from the thinness of the audience,there seems to be a serious lack of taste for this kind of sacred music,which makes it dis- couraging both to the committee and to the performers. On Sat.Evening Dec lst 1860 the above society gave their tenth quartely cobcert in the Oddfellows'Hall to a numerous and very respectable audience,who listened with admirable attention,"The Redemption"which was performed in a manner creditable to the mem- bers generally,Mr.Whiteheas of Huddersfield was engaged on this occasion and performed his part in avery masterly style, The members of the Meltham and Meltham Mills Choral Society gave their last concert for the season,in the Oddfellows' Hall, on Saturday evening April 12th 1861.This society stands as high as any other in the Holmfirth musical district,though,as a soc- iety, it is seldom brought into public notice.There were present a good band of instrmentalists and a strong chorus.There were seven female singers,all"Meltham

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Meltham Choral Society cont and devotion of the clergy.Mr.Hughes very suitably responded.Mr. Edward Brook "Toasted the Ladies"and highly pleased the company by his humourous remarks.Mr.Sandford,Mr.Eastwood,Mr.Kilburn,Mr Haigh and others,also addressed the meeting.The meeting separated at about half-past ten,all being well satisfied asserting that they had never spent an evening more pleasantly.The society is in a prosperous

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Meltham Choral Society cont.

Roebuck Colwell,Sheard.The Choir,which was full and effective, included members from Marsden,Slaithwaite,Honley and Netherton Choral Societies,Mr.Joseph Oldfield was conductor and Mr.R.Wood as Leader On Saturday April 13th 1866 the Choral Society gave their last concert of the season in the Oddfellows'Hall.The performance con- sisted of Selections from “Sampson™ and other Oratories,The Prin- ciple performers were Mrs Hirst,Miss A.M.Mellor,Mrs Preston,Mrs


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Meltham Choral Society

An effort is being made to re-establish the Meltham Choral Socy A number of musicians and others met on Saturday evening,January 17th 1880 at the house of Mr.Henry Hirst,the Waggon and Horses Inn.About 30 sat down to a most excellent supper,which was served up in capital style.After supper,a meeting took place,the chair being taken by Mr.G.H.T.Hall,who stated the object of the meeting to re-establish the Choral Society.It was then proposed by Mr.Jo- seph Preston, Mr.Wm.Kenyon “that this meeting endeavour to re-establish the Meltham Choral

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Meltham and Meltham Mills Choral Society cont.

The second concert of the Meltham and Meltham Mills Choral Soc- iety took place on Saturday evening 23rd April

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Meltham and Meltham Mills Choral Society cont.

On Saturday,2nd March 1907 one of the best concerts for many years was given by the Choral Society in the Oddfellows' Hall. Many familiar faces were observed amongst the chorus who for some time have been absent from the society's concerts.The work taken was Haydn's "Creation" and the principals were Madame Florry Ros- coe,soprano;Mr.Fred Fallas,tenor;and Mr.John Browning Bass. Mr.J. W.Armitage was conductor and Mr.John Woodhead the leader of the band. The chorus,with an apparent weakness in the tenors,was of fine volume,particularly the bass section.The band,too played well The orchestra prelude entitled "The Representation of Chaos" with its weird and mysterious modulations was effectively executed Mr.Brownings interpretation of words and music was highly artistic In the air "Rolling in foaming billows"thelegate portion was fine ly sung and the wind instruments were heard to great advantage. Madame Roscoe gave a beautiful rendering of the recitative"And God said",and the air “With verdure clad"Mr.Fallas did himself and the music full justice in the recitativos"And the heavenly host"."And God said"and "In splendour bright"especially in the latter.The choruses were given with great unanimity and musical power and feeling"Despairing cursing rags"was very finely interp- reted,but the great achievement of the evening was the rendering of"The heavens are telling"which was remarkably majestic. These concerts were given twice a year since it was re-estab- lished in 1880,then on Feb.1lst 1908 they gave a concert in the © Oddfellows' Hall of Handel's "Samson". Allthough the hall was not full there was a good Society seems to have fallen on somewhat hard times and as one noticed the chorus of 30 singers,one could not help thinking where were the old time singers. The chorus on Saturday was too thin and light to do justice to the work.Mr.J.W.Armitage was the conductor.The principles were Miss Emily Cox,soprano;Madame England,contralto;Mr.G.W.Riley, tenor;Mr.Harry Clayton,bass.

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Meltham Mills Permanent Orchestra.

A conert was given in the dining hall,Meltham Mills on Saturday 19th Dec 1908 by the Meltham Mills Permanent Orchestra.It was the first public performance of this band,and although the programme was some what ambitious for beginners,it was a very creditable and promising debut,and was certainly deserving of a larger au- dinance.The orchestra consists of about twenty-four performers. principally strings,with not too many brass and wood wind instu- mentalists.The conductor is Mr. Herbert Downs.An exacting pro- which would have taxed the capabilities of many a band of greater experience,was gone through with very fair success gen- erally.The balance of tone throughout was good,and at times ex- cellent.Mr .Downs kept them well in hand,and conducted with good judgment.All the Wagner items were well played,and gave evidence of carefull work,and for the “Lobergrin"selection the call for the encore was not to be denied;but it was in the Masaneilla over- ture that the band did itself most justice,and this was decidally the best played piece of the evening.That there is the making of a first class orchestra here,is not to be doubted; all that is required is perserverance,energy,and such qualities as are implied in the word permanent.The vocalists were Miss Elsie Stringer and Mr.A.J.Cockcroft.The former was in splendid voice,and fully upheld the reputation she has.Both her songs were encorded.Mr.Cockcroft possesses a light baritone voice of a very pleasing nature.He was

encored for the last song and responded with "The Ould Plaid

the Monday Feb.20th 1909 the orchestra gave a concert in the

Carlile Institute Mr.M.Reynolds with Mr.H.Downs,conductor and accompanist assisted by Miss Elsie Stringer soprano.The perform- ance given by the orchestra was a very creditable one.The

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Meltham Handbell Ringers Concert 19th Dec 1863

The Meltham Handbell Ringers gave a miscellaneous concert on Saturday 19th Dec,in the evening,in the Oddfellows'Hall,under the patronage of the leading gentlemen of the town and neighbourhood. The vocalists were Miss North,Miss S.North,Messrs H.Wood and J. Gledhill.Mrs R.Sanderson(of Meltham)presided at the piano very kindly giving her services.Miss North was well received on this her second,as at her first appearance.Her echo in the song"Away to the mountain's brow"was particularly good,and her fine render- ing of "Home,sweet home"called forth the applause of the audience Miss S,North made her debut on this occasion before a Meltham au- dience.The duet,"Sister Elves" by the Misses North,was well sung and rapturously encored.Our own townsman,Mr H,Wood,acquitted him- self well particularly in the duet "I've wandered in dreams,"with Miss North.Mrs R.Sanderson accompanied with very good taste.She played "Logie o'Buchan"and a fantasia most exquisitely,displaying such execution,combined with taste,as to rank her amongst first- class pianists.She was loudly and deservedly applauded.The hand- bell ringers for their part of the performance claim especial mention.Certainly they must be heard to be appreciated.The dexter- ity and nearness with which they perform are admirable.They rung five pieces,but the gem was prize piece termed the "Wedding Polka" which was apparently faultless.They were vociferously encored. They are a credit to the town and deserve every encouragement. Great praise is due to their conductor,Mr G.Kenworthy,who seems to be fully up in his work.The hall was filled with a very res- pectable audience.The concert was brought to a close about ten o'clock,by the singing of the National Anthem,the assembly dis- persing highly gratified.

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The Huddersfield Coloured Troupe

On Monday evening Dec.21st 1863,the above troupe of ten per- formers and singers gave an entertainment in the Oddfellows'Hall to the satisfaction of a moderate audience.The programme gave a good bill of fare,and was gone through in a manner which would have done credit to a professional troupe.The opening chorus,by the company,was given with great precision and taste,and elicited applause.Mr J.Brook sung “Annie Lisle" and "Emmeline"with choruse by the company,in good style,and also the ballad"My pretty Jane", which was vociferously redemanded."Happy Boyhood,"and "O would I were a bird,"by Mr.H.Wade,were sung in a creditable manner,but he is far from using his voice to advantage,not having its manipula- tion at command.Mr.T.Lewis sung "Mabel Grey" with good taste and feeling,and the chorus was well rendered.Mr B.Stocks sang "Helen Bayne",with chorus,and ™ Far on the deep blue sea” in the former of which he received an encore.The comic songs"A little more cider" and "Tapioca," by Mr.H.Hartley,and "Off to Brighton," by Mr W.H. Dyson,were well given,and received a fair share of applause. Mr. Hartley officiated at the "tambourine corner",and was very happy in his witty sayings and humorous conundrums.The "bones" in the hands of Mr.Dyson,were rattled as bones seldom were before,and no doubt his own "bones" would ache after the performance.In the second part Mr S,Moore played a solo on the violin,which was much applauded.The "Stump Oration,"by Mr B.Stocks,in which he introd- uced several local hits was given in a style of real stump oratory The entertainment concluded with a "Medley

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Meltham Vocal Union

The members of this society,which has only been in existence a few months,gave their first concert on Saturday evening the 5th March 1898,in the Oddfellows'Hall.Miss Nellie Rawlinson,soprano, of Huddersfield,was expected to sing,but a sudden illness prevented her fulfilling her engagement.The vacancy was taken up at very short notice by Miss A.E.Hird,soprano,also of Huddersfield.Mr. John Drake of Meltham,was engaged as humourist,and Mr.John Wood as accompanist,while Mr.Walter Beaumont officated as conductor. The hall was not so well filled as the enterprise and ability of the members at the union deserved but the temporary slackness of trade at Meltham Mills may to some extent account for this.Though the numbers were small,there was no lack of appreciative interest in the various items of the programme,Miss Hird sang with remark- ably pleasing effect.Her sweet and tuneful voice was well fitted to her songs,and she fulfilled her engagement with very great credit to herself and to the entire satisfaction of the audience and the members of the Vocal Union.She sang "On the Zuyder Zee," and was encored,but only bowed her response to an encore for "Queen of Angels'she sang "The College Belle". Her last song "Ave Maria" was also very well rendered.She was accompanied most ably by her brother.Mr.John Drake's humerous songs were of a very high order,and fully roused the risible faculties of the audience at every appearance.He sang "At a Mus- ical Party","A Jovial Postman","Stand Up" and "Riley did it"and in response to an encore for each effort,sang"Then we had another one","The Yorkshire Lad," "Matilda Brown"and "Never to Return Again".Mr.W.Watson sang "Hybrias,the Cretan" with very pleasing effect.Mr.J.W.Baxter contributed "She Loves Me" in a very appre-

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Meltham Philharmonic Band 1898

A meeting was held in the Oddfellows' Hall,Meltham,on Monday evening Feb 28th,for the purpose of considering the desirability of forming a band to be called the Meltham Philharmonic.Mr.Edwin Stead was in the chair,and after considerable discussion it was decided to take immediate steps for the object in view.Mr.Dan Wood was appointed secretary,and Mr.Samuel Moorhouse treasurer. The meeting was adjourned for a week,during which time it was proposed to get a list of patrons,and to look out for a conductor There are plenty of musicians in Meltham and district,and it is hoped they will enrol themselves as members of the band,and so keep up the reputation of the Happy Valley for musical taste and ability.The band will be a great adjunct to the Choral Society, whose concerts have of late been rather disappointing so far as the instrumental music is concerned.A regular system of reher- sals will soon remedy this defect,and thus add to the general attractions of the society's concerts in future.

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Meltham Philharmonic Society Jan.20th 1900

This society which has been in existence about twelve months, gave its first concert in the Oddfellows' Hall on Saturday evening Jan.13th 1900.They were assisted by Miss Emily Berry,soprano;Mr. Wm.Thornton baritone;and Mr.Herbert Scott,solo euphonium from Besses o' th' Barn Brass Band.Mr.John Woodhead officated as leader of the orchestral band,which numbered over thirty performers,and Mr.John Wood was in his usual place as accompanist.Miss Berry's first appearance was in "La Serenata"(Braga),with violin obbligato by Mr.A.Kaye,professor from Leeda College of Music.Miss Berry was in fine voice and quite enraptured the audience with her brilliant rendering of the song,while the sublime and tuneful strains of the obbligate were most exquisitely played by Mr.Kaye.Their joint efforts resulted in loud applause and encores,but Miss Berry and her talented accompanist only bowed their acknowledgments.Miss Berry was also remarkably successful in her duet with Mr.William Thornton and she was again encored,The audience would accept no denial for a recall in response to her third song"A Dream of Home" and she sang "Killarney"with even better effect.Mr.Thornton's reputation as a true baritone has kept up ever since his first appearance in Meltham years ago,and had there not been so many counter attractions in the village,his name would have been a host in itself in filling the large room of the Oddfellows'Hall. Hiss song"The Desert"fairly fetched the appreciative nature of the audience,and was quite equal to his best efforts.He also appeared with Miss Berry in a duet,and was loudly recalled for "The Young Royalist",which,in deference to the sustained app- lause he kindly repeated.Mr.Scott's solos on the euphonium were played with marvellous skill and fluency,with a rich round tone and remarkable execution on so large an instrument.He played "Rule Britannia"with variations and for an encore.In the second part of the programme he played"The Pilgrim of Love"(with variations)and was again encored,but had not time to respond.The band opened with a Pas Redouble,entitled"Forward" (Doppler),"Couronno d'Or"(Herman)"Tancred" (Rossini),"Arcadia Waltz"(J.E.Ibeson),"Callph of Bagdad"(Boieldieu),"Lodiska" (Kreutzer),and "Chevalier Breton"(Herman),in the whole of which they accquitted themselves in a very credit able manner,and won the hearty and desrving applause of the audience.Mr.John Berry conducted with the skill and exactitude acquired by his long experience.Mr.John Woodhead as leader of the band,was thoroughly reliable,while Mr.John Wood as accompanist was all that was re- quired to add to the comlete success of the concert,They were of course,ably seconded by every individual in the band,who may be justly complimented on the probability that if they stick together under Mr.Berry's tuition they will make up a band worthy in every respect of the undoubted musical prestige of the village.

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Meltham Amateur Operatic Society

In aid of the funds of Meltham Rifle Club,the initial cost of establishing which left a debt, a company of amateurs gave a per- formance of Gilbert and Sullivans comic opera "The on tuesday evening Oct.24th 1907 at the Oddfellows' Hall,Meltham under the direction of Mr.E.Lawton.The cast was as follows Miss Doris Thomson was an accomplished and dainty Alice,Mr.N.H.Wade's tenor voice was light,Miss M.Simpson as Lady Sangazure,Mrs Jack Richardson as Mrs Partlett,the pew opener,Mrs A,C,Watkinson played the part of Constance,Mr.John Wellington Wells,the Sorcerer.The following are the members of the chorus:- Mrs F.Broadbent,Misses R,N.Mellor,M.H.Mellor,Ida Haigh,M.Reynolds,May Lunn,A.Broadbent A.Dyson,P.A.Singleton,E.Haigh.Messrs G.Singleton,W.Robinson,C.

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On Nov.18th 1911 the society performed “IOLANTHE".The main part in the opera were taken by Miss Elsie Sringer as Phyllis the shep- herdess.Miss Hilda Haigh played the part of the Queen of the Fair ies.Misses Flora Stead,Miss Dora Bond and miss Fanay Stead were the three fairies,Celia,Leila and Fista.The heaviest male part, that of the Lord Chancellor,fell to Mr.Alfred Baxter,Mr.Cockroft as Lord Mountarat,Mr.George Singleton as LordtT ellefler,Mr.Mich- ael Reynolds played Stephon,Mr.Tom Denham played Private Willis The chorus were Mrs T,Quarmby Missess A.Raynor,H.Bosemworth,A. Broadbent A.Dyson,E.Earnshaw,E.Adcock.E.Haigh,E.Heaton,M.Norcliff E.Moorhouse,J.Marshall and P.A.Singleton and messrs A.Carter,N. Crowther,S,Downs,K.Earnshaw ,N.Wade,J.Haigh,H.earnshaw H.Creaser. L.Creaser.T.Quarmby and A.Taylor. The the next year in 1912 the performed the "Gondoliers" and then in 1913 they performed "patience to witness this performance 200invitations to people over sixty-five years of age had been sent out. Then came the first world war in 1914 and no other performances were given.

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Meltham Methodist Choir

The Meltham Methodist Choir made their first attempt at present ing a musical play on Saturday 2nd Nov.1948,when they gave a per- formance of "Spanish Love"a romantic tale of passion,hate and love the words and music of which are by Mr.C.Vernon Sykes. Mr.Edwin S.Mellor,as Manuel de Garcia(Captain of the Guard) has a good presence.Mr.Sydney Crawshaw gave a clever portrayal of the character Don Fernando(Governor of Quintaya).Mr.Lewis Taylor made a delightful Enrico(a Toreador)Miss Joyce Garlick was a debonair Juanita,Miss Audrey Taylor as Dolores is an accomplished principal Miss Sheila Wilson as Chicquita caries through her part with cre- dit.Mr.Joe Walker and Miss Muriel Worsley are an excellent pair. The former plays the part of Rupert Rutherford(Attache to the English Embassy,Madrid)and Miss Worsley that of his sister,Mr.C. Vernon Sykes as Fortunate(a bit of a wizard,was the life and soul of the show.Other parts were taken with excellent effect by Miss Jean Brook (Anita),Miss Audrey Lee(Rosella),Mr.Allen Wood(Sergean of the Guard) Mr.Lewis Moorhouse(host of the "Lilac Tree"and Miss Marion Mosley(a Fortune Teller)The chorus played a large part in the success of the show. Tuesday llth Nov.1949 the choir presented the "Rose of Araby" The story is woven round the search by JackTravers an artist(Lewis Taylor for Laylah,an Arab girl(Davina Dunn) Travers has many

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Meltham Methodist Choir cont High Jinks the musical comedy by Otto Haurbach,set to music by Rudolph Frimi,was presented with considerable polish by the Choir on Oct 17th 1953,The story of “High Jinks" concerns a cle- ver doctor(WilkieThorne),who by his skill has developed a large and ever-increasing practice,but overwork plays upon his nerves, The comedy goes on to entangle the principals in a complicated muddle of sustitution of partners,but it is all straighten out in the end by the lavish use of a subtle perfume (High Jinks). Madame Davina Dunn as "Mrs Thorne"the doctors wifeplayed and sang the part most effectively.Miss Barbara Mellor as Dr,Thornes- nurse (Florence) fitted well to her part.Mr.Joe Walker as "Colo- nel

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Meltham and Meltham Mills Orchestral Society

Meltham Instrumentalists met at the Carlile Cafe on Wednesday 17th December 1919,with a view to forming a society which existed in Meltham some 15 to 20yrs ago.It was decided to form a society to be named "The Meltham & Meltham Mills Orchestral Society" and to commence practices.The following officials were elected:- Conductor Mr.J.Roberts,accompanist,Miss E.Roberts,Secreary Mr.J.S. Anderson,Treasurer Mr.B.Middleton,Librarian Mr.H.Downs,Committee Mrs F.Wood,Miss E.Roberts,Mr.S.Schofield and Mr.N.Mawdsley.

The first concert of the Society was given in the Oddfellows Hall,Meltham on Wenesday 10th March 1920.The Society was formed last Dec. and the members are to be highly congratulated on the excellence of their first appearance.If the performance on Wed. is any criterion the Society should have a fruitful future.The Orchestra,under the leadership of Mr.J.Woodhead,rendered the "Rosamunde Symphony in D Major,selections from Dorothy and Romeo and Juliet"The orchestra was well balanced and tuneful and responded with alacrity to the definite beat of Mr.J.Roberts(conductor).Miss Elsie Roberts was a capable accom- panist,Madame Elsie Stinger sang excellently.Two clarionette solos were given by Mr.H.Downs. On the 30th Nov.1921 the Society gave a pleasing programme to a comfortably filled Oddfellows'Hall.The programme varied from Schu- bert's Unfinished Symphony down to a fox

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Then on the 15th Jan 1927 they gave Weber's

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Meltham and Meltham Mills Orchestral Society

Meltham Instrumentalists met at the Carlile Cafe on Wednesday 17th December 1919,with a view to forming a society which existed in Meltham some 15 to 20yrs ago.It was decided to form a society to be named "The Meltham & Meltham Mills Orchestral Society" and to commence practices.The following officials were elected:- Conductor Mr.J.Roberts,accompanist,Miss E.Roberts,Secreary Mr.J.S. Anderson,Treasurer Mr.B.Middleton,Librarian Mr.H.Downs,Committee Mrs F.Wood,Miss E.Roberts,Mr.S.Schofield and Mr.N.Mawdsley.

The first concert of the Society was given in the Oddfellows Hall,Meltham on Wenesday 10th March 1920.The Society was formed last Dec. and the members are to be highly congratulated on the excellence of their first appearance.If the performance on Wed. is any criterion the Society should have a fruitful future.The Orchestra,under the leadership of Mr.J.Woodhead,rendered the "Rosamunde Overture,Haydens Symphony in D Major,selections from Dorothy and Romeo and Juliet"The orchestra was well balanced and tuneful and responded with alacrity to the definite beat of Mr.J.Roberts(conductor).Miss Elsie Roberts was a capable accom- panist,Madame Elsie Stinger sang excellently.Two clarionette solos were given by Mr.H.Downs.

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Friend to Friend Club

Following a distribution of leaflets,a public meeting was cal- led, to beheld at the Meltham Methodists in October 1997,to test the reaction of the residents of Meltham,in forming a Friend to Friend Club,like the successful club being run in Holmfirth. About 40 people turned up,and it was decided to start such a club in Meltham,at the Methodist School Room,Mill Moor Road.The meetings would be held on the first Friday afternoon in each month between 1 o'clock and 4 o'clock.The Meltham Club will pro- vide tea and companionship and entertainment for the elderly and housebound,there will be no age limity)yand transport will be arr- anged.A small charge will be made for the cost of tea and biscuits, but no membership fee is needed. The following officials were

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Meltham Pensioners Social Welfare Club

The Meltham Pensioners Club first annual party,which was held in Meltham Methodist School and Assembly Room on Saturday 23rd January 1960,was attended by about 260 members.Many teas were sent to those unable to attend. The club was formed last May.and already has about 600 members During the interval between the tea and a concert there was community singing,with Mrs,F.Chappell at the piano.Some of the old people sang solos. Clr John Steel president of the club welcomed the guests,and Clr.E.Taylor,Chairman of Meltham Council,extended a civic welcome and congratulated the club officials on the spendid results ob- tained. Mr.C.MasseyCounty Council Divisional Welfare Officer said it was nice to see the news of the aged people being so well catered for,and he hoped that they would make plans to cater for those who were home-bound and unable to visit the club. The following received gifts;oldest woman present,Mrs Mary E.

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Meltham Ladies Keep Fit Class

Started in 1961 with a handful of five members at Meltham Bap- tist Church by Mrs Hodgson of Wetlands Road,Meltham .About 1971 the class was "taken over" by the West Riding Further Education Department and moved to the present venue in the spacious gym- nasium of the Meltham Junior School.From small beginnings the class has come on in leaps and bounds until now the average atten- dance each week is around the forty mark.The average age of the members is about thirty.The pianist Mrs Audrey Ridgwick of Clark Lane,Meltham provides the rhythmic accompaniment which if not there they'd soon be all at sea.

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Meltham Parish Church Married Ladies

Saturday 20thJan.1930,the married ladies gave a three hour con- cert which included Songs by Mrs Hogg,action songs by the company and a monologue "Wheels"given by Mrs Jas.H.Preston.An excellent sketch entitled "Gossipers Gossip"was given by Mesdames Jos.Hinch- liffe,Wm.Butterworth,J.R.Taylor,Lawrence Hirst,A.Earnshaw and T. Rock. A very gay and sparkling entertainment was given on Saturday 14th Jan 1933, which included songs, recitations and a play "Widd- icome Fair" Satyrday 17th Feb.1934, the Married ladies gave their annual concert with songs Sketch's and Duets. Sat 9th March 1935,a successful entertainment was given in the Church School.The programme included duets,concerted

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Meltham Baptist Choir and Friends and the Meltham Baptist Dramactic Society

On Saturday the above Society put on a Pantomime "Dick Whittington on December 6th 1919 writen by J.J.Lawton. The popularity of operettas im Meltham was again in evidence, when the romantic operette "Cupid and the

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Meltham Dramatic Society

A certain dramatic fervour has been awakened in Meltham,which culminated in a meeting being held on Wednesday evening 22nd April 1925,in the Carlile Cafe,with the object of forming a Literary and Dramactic Society.The meeting was well attended,and after discussion it was unanimously decided that the society be formed It is the intention of this society to form a study circle to read literature and plays,and later on to dramatise such plays as may be selected.The committee is to formulate a scheme,and submit it to another general meeting. The first play produced by the Meltham Literary and Dramatic society since its inception took place in the dining hall at Mel- tham Mills on Thursday 3rd December 1925,and the great success attained augurs well for the future of the society.The Rev.H.F.T. Barter,vicar of Meltham,presided at the opening until the arrival of the president,the Rev.P.D.Hamilton,the Meltham Baptist minister The play was in one act,and was entitled "Which is Which" by S. Theyre Smith,the characters being excellently sustained by the following:-Mrs.Mills Capper(old servant)Mrs J.S,Anderson;Toddles (oil and colourman),Mr.J.E.Preston;Robert Cooper(an arist)Mr.W. Roberts;Mr.Gargle(uncle to Mr.Capper)Mr.V.T.Jessop;Annie,Miss Mabel Preston;Bertha,Mrs.J.S.Anderson.The play was well staged and the scene in Mr.Cappers studio was very realistic,The artists were accorded a warm ovation at the close. The production of "Eliza Comes to Stay"is the society's first offering to the public though at a social fuction in Dec.the mem- bers attempted a one-act play “which is Which" Eliza Comes to Stay which is a pleasant,rather featureless play which offers no difficulities to ameteurs was performed on Wed- 14th April 1926.The play was produced under the direction of Mr.A Roberts. I Nothing But The Truth a light American farce By James Montgomery was given on Wednesday 8th Dec.1926 "The Man From Toronto"comedy by Douglas Murray Wed.18th April 1928. To Have the Honour by A.A.Milne Saturday

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Meltham Church Gilbert and Sullivan Society

After evensong on Sunday

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Gilbert and Sullivan cont. A bright and colourful presentation of the “Pirates of Penzance was given on Tuesday Oct.26th 1965.Produced by Mr.T.C.Rigg the show is in the best traditions of Gilbert and Sullivan,with good singing,lively comedy and colourful costumes. Zena Firth,as Mabel,is taking her first major part and sings acts and speaks with distinction,well supported by Hayden Webster as her father, Major General Stanley,and David Lace as the pirate apprentice. Other principal parts are well sustained by Angela Rees,Mary Dean and Marlene Pownall as Mabel's sisters;John Garner the pirate king;Robert Daniels.his lieutenant;Geoffrey Crowther,sergeant of police and Christine O'Connor,Ruth. The chorus comprises Mesdames A.Armstrong,M.Baxter, M.Berry,D. Brammald,A.Leonard,P.Morrison,M.Rigg Misses B.Davis,S.Downs G.Mo- ore,K.Walker,Messrs D.M.Armstrong,G.Dolan,D.Earnshaw,D.Esmond M. Farrell,H.Gillett,D.H.Holmes,F.Mellor,P.Stead,M.Quarmby and K.Wa- lker.The musical director is Mr.Leslie Armstrong,and the dances had been arranged by Mrs T.C.Rigg. Monday November 14th 1966:-The spirit and determination which runs through the Society was clearly evident when they presented "The Mikado"in the school hall.Geoffrey gave a skilful performance as Ehe Mikado of Japan;Robert Daniels as Nanki Poo,his son both acted and sang the tenor solos with excellent effect; Roger Arm- strong as Ko-Ko,the Lord High Executioner,gave a spirited perform- ance in a difficult part and Haydn Webster as Pooh-Bah was an en- thusiastic and hilarious "Lord High Everything Else".Maureen Web- ster.Christine O'Connor and Maureen Richards made a charming trio as the "three little maids"and sang together most acceptably.Their performance would have done credit on a professional stage.Annie Armstrong master the difficult part as Katisha,and other lesser roles were well sustained by Michael Quarmby,Denis H.Holmes and Neil Armstrong.The director of the show is Mr.Leslie Armstrong. February 1967 the Society gave a concert version of the opera "Ruddigore at the Old Church School.Some of Sullivans most beau- tiful music is claimed to be included in this opera,which tells of the curse laid on the baronets of Ruddigore by a

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Meltham Parish Church Operatic Society

An operetta “Princess Ju-Ju" was performed in the Oddfellows' Hall.on Saturday lst March 1919.The characters were sustained by the following;Miss Elsie Taylor,Miss Elsie Kaye,Miss Esther Web- ster,Miss Lilian Swallow,Mr.Willie Wood,Mr.Walter Howard Mr.Wil- lie Armstrong,Mr.Bert Byrom,Mr.G.W.Stead,Mr.Charles Kirby,Mr.Hor- ace Beaumont and Mr.L.Earnshaw,who were assisted by a chorus of over 40 voices. Wednesday 21st Jan 1920,The Society gave a performance of “the Rajah of Rajahpore"Miss Elsie Taylor as Nelly O'Neal,made the best use of her soprano voice.,Miss Elsie Robertshaw as Electra main- tained her dignity well.Mr.Arthur Redfearn as Major General Rangs and Mr.Horace Beaumont as the Rajah of Rajahpore were good all round,Mr.John Beardsell as Harry Lisle also acted well.The humor- ous element was was intoduced by Mr.Charles Kirby asPat M(Gee,and Mr.Lemuel Earnshaw as Ah-Sin,Mr.Willie Wood as Ras Khal acquitted himself well.

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Meltham Church Operatic Society cont. On 31st Jan.1929 the Society gave a performance of "Rose of Ar- aby".This opera is staged chiefly in Algeria.Mrs N.Ellis plays the part of Laylah very well as does Mr.Frank Mellor that of the arrist.As Hilda from Hackney Miss E.Daniels and she and Mr.J.W. Earnshaw as Biggles,keep the ball rolling.Mr C.Kirby as General Napolio.Other leading parts are taken by Mr.C.Vousden(Lieu.Durfen) Mr.A,Taylor(Abdullah),an ArabMr.A.Dawson(Kish,the slave trader), Miss A,Moorhouse (Ziski,wife of Abdullah) and Miss F.E.Foster the Countess Taglioni)

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Meltham Parish Church Pantomimes

The junior members of Meltham Parish Church staged the panto- mime "Dick Whittington"on Friday 28th Dec.1945 in the Meltham School.It was marked by first-rate fun,excellent spectacle,charm-— ing costumes and some really splendid dances.The author of the script was Mr.Norman Powell,of Honley. Miss Gwendoline Blackburn,as Dick Whittington,acted well and Sang with a voice that possesses good quality and range,and Miss Eileen Baxter played the oart of principal girl with distinction The characters of the Fairy Queen and the Demon King were played by Miss Mabel Southern and Miss Annie Earnshaw respectively.In the fun-making section there was good work by Mr.Dennis Holmes,Mr.Hil- dred Gillett,Mr.Briab Garside and Mr.Peter Drake.Mr.Dennis Arm- Strong played the part of the Cat extremely well and was a great favoutite with the younger members of the chorus and the audience Other principal parts,were played by Miss Barbara Oldham,Miss Sheila Dawson,Miss Margaret Cox and Mr. Teddy Brook.Miss K. Seymour was the producer. On Friday 27th Dec.1946,the junior member staged the “Jack and the Beanstalk.Mr.Brian Hirst,as "Dame Trot" contributed substan- tially to the humour of the show,Miss Eileen Baxter was a pleasing "Princess Sylvia"Miss Margaret Cox was an efficient "Jack"Mr.Den- nis Holmes doubled parts of A Lawyer and King Gerald.Miss Sheila Dawson made a delightful fairy.Mr.Dennis Armstrong,as a Sewing Machine Attendant was an asset to the fun making section.Messrs Frank Garside and Dan Wood were the Smash and Grab Robbers and Mr Charles W.Byram was Giant Blunderfuss. Saturday 26th Dec.1947 the Parish Church Schools were full of small Chinese figures when they gave the Pantomime "Aladdin". Miss K.Seymour was the producer as she has been for all the prev- ious shows,The fun was kept alive by Brian Hirst(Widow Twankey)an Dennis Armstrong (Abanazar) Aladdin was played by Barbara Beards- ley the Princess by Sheila E.Dawson and other principal parts were taken by Brian Whitehead,Hayden Webster John Gar- Sside,Arthur Savage, Brenda Holroyd,Kathleen Greasley and Dennis Schofield. Saturday lst Jan 1949 the junior members of the Parish Church gave a performance of "Cinderella" The performers have every reason to feel proud of the success. The part of Buttons was very effectively played by Mr.Brian Hirst The Ugly Sisters are excellently played by Miss Gwendoline M.Bla- ckburn and Mr.Denis M.Armstrong.Miss Barbara Beardsley(Prince Charming)who sings and acts in an accomplished manner,was ably assisted by Miss BrendaHolroyd who took the part of Dandini.Miss Sheila E.Dawson was a charming Cinderella whose singing and acting was marked by ease and precision.Mr.Brian Whitehead played the part of Baron Mumm with great dignity,Miss Kathleen Greasley the Baroness earned commendation.Miss Fileen Coldwell was a charming Fairy Silverlight,and Miss Marie Middleton,as Fairy of the Dance. Saturday 3lst Dec.1949 the junior members gave a performance of "The Old Woman who lived in a Shoe.D.Armstrong did full jus- tice to the part of Dame Trot,and Squire Locket,played by B.White- head,was portrayed in accomplished fashion.Miss B.Holroyd was hap- py as Peter.Miss $,Dawson gave a charming interpretation of Lucy and Miss B. Beardsley, as Simple Simon.Fairy Heather Bell was a role in which Miss S.Whitehead excelled and Miss J.Clark's Kitty Fisher won approval.The element of humour was skilfully introduc- ed by Messrs J.Hinchliffe and H.Webster. December 1950 they presented “Humpty Dumpty"As Humpty Dumpty Miss Joyce Clark was charming and set a high standard.The part of Princess Rosetta was excellently played by Miss Sheila Dawson and Miss Brenda Holroyd played Prince Randolph.The part of King Alger- non was played by John Hinchliffe,and that of Queen Polyanthus

was well portrayed by Dennis Armstrong.As Martha and the Chancel- lor Brian Hirst and Hadyn Webster got through some really good work with great distinction

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Pantomimes cont. I Saturday 22nd Dec 1951 they gave a performance of "Jack and Jill The characters of “Jack and Jill" are effectively played by Jose- phine Lucks and Maureen Tasker,who made a grand pair with a good stage presence.Joyce Clark delightfully played the part of "Maid Mation"Sheila Dawson as "Robin Hood"gave an excellent performance The part of "Margery"was played by Brenda Holroyd,Marie Middleton was a debonair "Will Scarlet"Hayden Webster gave a superb perfor- ance of "Dame Dumpling,John Hinchiliffe was an efficient "Friar Tuck" and Brian Whitehead did full justice to the part of the "Sheriff" Saturday 27th Dec.1952,the young members of the Parish Church gave a performance of "Dick Whittinton.The cast was a good one, Sheila Dawson had the tirle-role,John Garside was good as Alder- man Fitzwarren,and Joyce Clark was capable as the Alderman's dau- ghter,Alice.Hayden Webster,as Sarah(the cook) was a mirth provok- ing comedian Roy Sheard played the part of Idle Jack,and Marie Middleton as Prince Ahmed and Brenda Holroyd as Princess Jasmine Monday 28th Dec.1953,For their venture this year,the junior members of Meltham Parish Church presented "Little Miss Muffet" a pantomime in eleven scenes. The script has been written,as usual by Miss Kathleen Seymour. This year the cast is somewhat younger than it has been for some years.There were 58 performers in the show and all were brimful of enthusiasm.Veronica Jillott played the title role of "Little Miss Muffet with a charming personality,whilst Terry Booth as "Miss Muffets Mother" was a boisterous and flirtatious "Dame" and provided much comedy for the performance.Jane Wood as "Little Boy Blue captured the true spirit of the pantomime.Maureen Tasker played the part of "Susie."Malcolm Preston portrayed"Farmer Giles Christine Dyson as "Ian" a highland boy in love with Susie played the part well,Geoffrey Cox looked and acted the part of "Grandpop with distinction,Margaret Earnshaw as "The Spider" was convincing whilst Michael Wilson and Geoffrey Holmes made the most of the characters "Biffem and Bashem™ two country yokels.The show has many scenes of splendour,and are very colourful. Monday 26th December 1954,for their pantomime this year they are presenting "The Sleeping Beauty" Maureen Tasker plays the title role charminginly;her acting and singing are first class.Josephine Lucks,lover of the Princess,also impressed with her singing and acting,and Sheila C.Dawson gave a polished performance as the Fairy Queen.Geoffrey Cox as the king and Pamela Moore as the Queen pair up well.Terence Booth as the nurse,gives a boisterous portrayal. December 1955,,this year the juniors put on the pantomime "Jack and Jil1l".The pantomime has much to commend it and comprises ele- ven colourful scenes.The dresses are strikingly beautiful. The characters of "Jack and Jill"are effectively played by Jose- phine Lucks and Maureen Taskerwho make a grand pair.Joyce Clark delightfuuly played the part of Maid Marion,Sheila Dawson as Rob- in Hood gave an excellent performance.The part of "Margery"was played by Brenda Holroyd.Marie Middleton was a debonair "Will Scarlet",Hayden Webster gave a superb performance of “Dame Dump- ling",John Hinchliffe was an efficient "Friar Tuck"and Brian Whitehead did full justice to the part of the "Sheriff". Saturday 3lst Dec. 1955,an up-to-the-minute pantomime "Little Bo-Peep" was given by the junior members,Miss Maureen Tasker pl- ayed the title role,Miss Pat Thornto was a delightful "Boy Blue" and Peter Ward portrayed "Jack Spratt"with distinction. Twelve year old Ian Siswick astounded everyone by his boisterous and humorous portrayal of "Dame Spratt" coupled with excellent sing- ing.Other parts were very well played by Mr.Hildred Gillet as "Scuire Peep-a-Bo"and Misses Christine O'Connor,Angela M.Little- wood and Maureen Richards.Messrs Roy Carter and Rodger Armstrong

as "Lofty"and "Mouldy"played their parts welland "Bonnie"the horse

was successfully introduced by Messrs Clive Whiteley and Andrew O'Connor.

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Pantomimes cont. Saturday 29th Dec.1956,This year's pantomime by the juniors of the Church was "Mother Goose" is one which cannot fail to please children of all ages.The pantomime has again been written by Miss Kathleen Seymour,and as a cast of about sixty children.The title role was played with great distinction by thirteen year old Ian Siswick and Cristine O'Connor gave an outstanding performance as "Jack" her son,Roy Carter is desrving of special mention for his portrayal of "Squire See-Saw",and Patricia Thornton gave a pol- ished performance as the "Squire's daughter,"Simple Simon" was boisterously played by Rodger Armstrong and the two rascals,Nok- a-bowt"and "Ang-a-bout"were capably handled by Clive Whiteley and Andrew O'Conner,Maureen Richards was a charming “Fairy Queen" and John Garside was a great success as "Priscilla"the goose. Saturday 28th Dec

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Meltham Methodist Sunday School

Thursday January

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Meltham and Meltham Mills Co-operative Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society

A most interesting meeting was held on Tuesday evening 22nd Jan 1934 in the Mechanics Institute,Meltham,which was convened by the committee Meltham and Meltham Mills Co-operative Society,in con- ection with a proposal to form an dramactic society in Meltham At one time Meltham was rich in operatic societies,three of these running successful productions for some time,but all three have for some time naw ceased to function,and there only remains a Mel- tham Dramatic Society,which has run several successful shows,by which local charities have benefited.The meeting was well attended and very enthusiastic on the matter,and it was unanimously decided to form a Society,to be known as the

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Meltham Mills Church Operatic Society

The first of four performances by Meltham Church ameteurs was given in the Dining Hall Meltham Mills on Wednesday 4th Jan.1922 when there was a good audience.The members of the womens and mens Bible classes connected with the Meltham Mills Parish Church were the originators of this production.They had called in the assis- tance of the choir,and despite the fact that rehersals were com- menced only in October last,the performance proved a great success Mrs Tom Quarmby was entrusted with the roll of "Queen Elizabeth and she capably filled her part.Dame Margery Fleming was very well represented by Miss Emily Cawood,and it was to be regretted that her part did not give more opportunities for the exercise of her vocal abilities.Miss M.B.Adcock filled the most difficult part of "Dolores"with great credit;she used her sweet voice to great ad- vantage,and acted well.Mr Edwin Hirst as Sir Francis Drake sang and acted very well and his performance throughout was highly commendable.Mr.Lemuel Earnshaw had a part which suited him in "Noah

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David Brown Tractors Players

The David Brown Tractors Players gave their first production since the Dramatic Society's formation,in the Assembly Hall,Mel- tham Mills,on Wednesday Nov.10th 1943.The production was J.B.Pri- estley's"When We Are Married,"a comedy in three acts.It proved a great success with the audience,for the acting was of a high order The cast consisted of Phyllis Quarmby,Catherine Lamy,Brenda Tay- lor,Ethel Whitham,Marjorie Pearson,Kathleen Bedford,Wilfred Wood- head,Ronald Womersley,Edgar Carter,Fred Thorp,Hubert Taylor,Leon- ard Craven,Alex Willoughby and Cyril Emmott.Mr.Arthur Brown was the producer,Mr.C.E.Pryke assisted by Miss M.Gibson was the stage manager,and the electrical effects were carried out by Mr.Irvin Hoyle. On the Sat.13th March 1944 they gave a production of "If Four Walls Told,"in the Assembly Hall,Meltham Mills.The playcontains both tense situations and comedy,and is one which gives ample scope for the talented players.The players are to be congratulate on the absence of "staginess" and self consciousness.Miss Marjorie Pearson was a homely Liz Rysing,and her acting and diction were excellent.Mr.Hubert Taylor,as Jan Rysing,Liz's husband,played his part most impressively,Mrs Catherine Lamy,as Mrs.Sturgis,the mot-— her of Liz Rysing,and Mr.Leonard Craven,as Toby Crouch,gave sound portrayals,making the most of the humorous dilogue.Others in the play were Mr.Geoffrey V.Boyle(Benjy),Miss Marie Wrigley(Mrs Tibbe) Miss Kathleen Bedford(Clare Sturgis)Miss Dorothy Moorhouse (Hope Tregoning)and Mr.Frank Elston(Ned Mason).The play was excellently produced under the direction of Mr.Ronald B.Walker On Wednesday Jan.27th 1945 they gave a performance of "Suspect" by Edward Percy and Reginald Denham in the Assembly Hall.Once again the acting reached a high standard.The cast was Majorie Pearson(Mrs.Smith),Ethel Whitham(Goudie Macintyre),Fred Thorpe (Dr.Rendle)Phyllis Quarmby(Janet Rendle)Charles H.Hull(Robert Smith)James A.Longley(Rev.Alfred Combermere),Catherine Lamy(Lady Const),and J.Henry L.Knocker(Sir Hugo Const)Mr Stanley Smith was the producer. On April 27th 1945 Gave their excellent production of “Love in a

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Most of the acting honours in Wed.14th Jan 1948 production of "Frieda" by Ronald Millar went to the female members of the Soci- ety.The play as several dramatic and tense scenes around the story of a British airman who brings home a German wife during the war.Dorothy Mansell's convincing performance in the title role,and Joan Berry's polished portrayel of the hard relentless aunt who refuses to accept her,were shining lights of the show. Peter Jackson as the airman,was also good.Other members of the cast were Audrey Exley,Gerald Hartley,Bessie Dyson,Frank Armitage Leonard Craven and Ralph Messoud.Carols in one scene were sung by the children of Wilshaw Parish Church. On tuesday 13th April 1948 the Society produced Warren Chetham Strode's controversial play "The Gleam".Mr Strode endeavours to peep into the future,and leaves his audience in little doubt that what he believes lies ahead is,if possible,to be avoided. Principal roles were most capably handled by Kenneth Gardnre,as the conscientious and unhappy doctor,James A.Longley and Fred Thorpe as the citizens who are all for nationalisation until it affects them adversely,and Marie Tinker as the mother torn between loyalty to her husband and her medical student son.Other parts were effectively played by Margaret Lorch,Tom Hamer,George Hart- ley,Muriel Denton.Hetty Stokes,Sylvia J.Preston and Arthur Rowell Daphne du Maurier's play “The Years Between" is an ambitious production for any but a professional company to under take,but the Society,who presented the play on wed 20th Oct 1948,coped admirably with the difficulties.The play tells how a Member of Parliament,who is presumed killed while serving in the Forces, returns after three years to find his seat in Parliament occupied by his wife,and very altered conditions in his home.The dramatic tension of the play is well sustained,mainly due tx the fine action of Ethel Whitwam as the wife and the intelligent production of Eugenie

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D.B.T Players cont. How many “white Lies"do we tell in the course of a day?Is it possible to be completely frank and still keep our friends?. Apparently not as the story of the play Nothing But The Truth" Which was given by the Society on Wed.29th Nov.1950. The situation arises where a young man,given a £10,000 charity subscription by his girl friend to invest in stocks. backs himself to tell nothing but the truth for twenty four hours.He is allowed no peace,asked every awkward question imaginable loses his job friends and almost his fiancee by his too-frank answers. The cast is as Follows:-Tom Rigg,Wilfred Woodhead ,Thomas J.Hamer The tHree men who take on the bet,Ralph Messoud,as the minister collecting for the charity,Dorothy as the fiancee,and Marie Tin- ker as her mother,Brenda Davison gives a fine performance as the girl who suffers from the truth.and there are plenty of laughs from Margaret Wood-Beever and Audrey Lee,as two money grabbing flirts.Winifred Oxley as the maid,completes the cast. Emlyn Williams's macabre thriller,"Night Must Fall" was given on Wed,18th April 1951.Thomas J.Hamer as the murderer,is unpleas- antly realistic in his part,and shares acting honours with Dorothy Mansell.Pamela Braisby is a little woman alternarely attracted and repulsed by the murderer,but Geoffrey Scholes adequately fill the part of her dull admirer.As the cook Margaret Wood-Beaver is very good and Peggy Eastwood as the maid On Tues.March 24th 1953,The Society gave a performance of Philip Johnson's comedy thriller "Who Lies There"It has a rather heavy handed plot with silently opening doors,eccentric widowers and a newly married couple learning(or believing)that in the cellar of their house is the murdered body of the previous woman occupant. And therin lies all the apprehensive fun.One can commend Dorothy Mansell(Francie)for a nicely graded portrait of the young bride; Leah T.Garner (Mrs Butterworth) for a full-blooded interpretation of a kindly Yorkshire neighbour,and Joan Bottomley(Madame)for a delightful display of gush as she plays the part of a pseudo-in- tellectual ballad singer.Others taking part areMargot Messoud(Mrs Fearn,mother-in-law;Ronald Squires (George)young husband;Alex Davis(Professor(;Gerald Holt (Mr.Meakin);Ronald Bucklor(Alec) a Yorkshire policeman and Bette Robbins(mrs Dubinsky) Tuesday 23rd Feb.1954 ,Briefly the scene of "Little Lambs Eat Ivy" is the home of a titled lady,her many daughters,sons

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The Society on Wed.Oct.26th 1955 put on William Templeton's "The Silent Inn".The action opens in a mysterfous inn in the Swiss Alps where a women (I.Richardson)arrives to meet the man(P.Marshall) for whom she hopes to leave her husband.They find the inn deserted with a meal half cooked,a game of cards left unfinished and no Sign of other visitors.Eventually a number of other guests arrive Meanwhile the husband(R.A.Lane) has arrived to seek his errant wife.Other parts are played by R.Buckler,J.Hill,B.Hunter,J.Longley and T.C.Rigg and T.Armstrong. Mr.Raymond A.Lane a Brighouse engineer wrote a play “Mawthee" Dhoo" and on Wed.Feb.15th 1956 it was given its premiere by the Society in the Meltham Mills Assembly Hall. The story revolves round the legend of the Black Dog of Peel Castle,a fearsome creature with curled shaggy hair,which was re- putef to have stalked the dungeons of the isolated keep back in 1666.Mr Lane has cleverly turned the clock forward to the present and we find a quartet of soldiers dispatched to quard the place for a night during a combine Navy,Army traing manoeuvre..Actors taking part were Tom C.Rigg,Leslie Clarke,Dorothy D.Mansell Tom J.Hamer. Wed.25th April 1956, the society put on Frederick Knott's three act play "Dial 'M' for Murder".Sheila Ackroyd,played Sheila Wen- dice the wife suspected of murder.Brian Whitehead was Max Haliday the “otherMan".The villian of the piece was husband Tony Wendice played by David B.Ackroyd.Ronald Squires as the designated murd- erer did well.Completing the cast was T.C.Rigg as the taciturn unbeanding Insp.Hubbard. Wed.24th Oct.1956 the Society put on the comedy "The White Sheep of The Family"The play has an unusual theme,but provides plenty of laughs.Under a cover of respectability magistrate James Winter is really a jewel theif,while his wife delights in walking out of a store with a new unpaid for fur coat.Not to be outdone the dau- ghter is a skilful pickpocket.But «he son is a little different. His grandfather was an excellent forger of bank notes,and his par- ents expected great things of him,but they get a rude awakening. Raymond A.Lane as the magistrate,and jewel theif,supported by Bessie McLelland as his wife,and Robina Young as his daughter. Brian Whitehead as the son

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The Meltham Association for Improving the Breed of Pigs.

The first show of this association was held on Sat.Oct 12th 1850,in Bray's Croft,at the back of the Rose and Crown Inn,Meltham During the two or three days previous the weather had been bleak and wintry,but the morning broke with a clear sky,a bright sun, and a fine sharpe bracing atmosphere,and the beautiful valley and woodland scenery of the neighbourhood presented one of the most charming landscapes with which this district abounds.From an early hour in the morning the good people of Meltham were all life and activity,and wore their happiest and merriest smiles for the occ- asion. Off anticipations as to the quality of the show had been raised considerably from a knowledge of the very superior stock bred and raised in this we were somwhat surprised on entering the show ground to find our anticipations more than rea- lised.Allowing for the circumstance that the association dates an existence of only some two months,its first public acknowledgment may be welcomed as pre-eminety successful,whether it is estimated as regards quality or quantity.In the department of "pigs belong- ing to working-men",it would have been difficult to have gathered together finer speciments of stock-animals whose points displayed greater aymmetry,whose touch afforded higher proofs of quality,or whose general appearance would have presented greater size and weight.There were but one or two entries out of 88 that could be classified as coarse inferior pigs.The store pig(only 10 months old)shown by John Crowther,of Meltham Mills,was pronounced one of the finest animals which this season has produced,and was a sub- ject of general admiration.Two beautiful little animals only five months old,entered by Uriah Woodhead,and one of the same age by Joseph Presto,were shown in the first class,and generally noticed The whole of the entries in the second class were very superior, and were of so nearly equal merit as to require the nicest dis- crimination on the part of the judges;and the animals shown by James Whiteley and Joseph Mellor were very much admired.We regret to state that a beautiful pig entered by Joseph Butterworth,of Gocar Hill,unfortunately had its leg broken in being conveyed to the show,and was in consequence not shown.In class four the en- tries of Joseph Quarmby and Jonas Hirst were deserving of special notice,Amongst the honorary exhibitors there were some very sup- erior pigs,and a very small boar from the store of John Mallinson and a fine litter shown by Messrs John and Edwin Eastwood,were objects of special encomiums.On the whole,if this first show of the Meltham Association for Encouraging the Labouring classes to Keep and Feed Good-bred Pigs,is to be accepted as an indication of what may be done,it promises to take a leading postion amongst the exhibitions of this district,and we heartily wish them success The onerous duties of judge devolved upon John Dougill,Thorpe House,Almondbury,and Mr.T.J.Wigney,Huddersfield and were discharg- ed in a manner which received the general satisfaction of the exhibitors. In the course of the evening a small party of the gentry of the neighbourhood sat down to an excellent dinner,provided with great liberality and taste at the Rose and Crown,by the worthy host Mr.Bray. After the usual loyal toasts of "The Queen" and "The Royal Fam- ily" The Chairman gave “Success to the Meltham Association"this was then followed by several other toasts which were drunk with honours,after which the company broke up about nine o'clock.

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List of Prizes:-Class 1 Pigs under Six Months old For the best

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Spring Fair April 6th 1861

The Spring Fair was held on Saturday Aril 6th.and a very nice day there was for it.There was about a score of horned cattle, for which there was a brisk sale.The pigs offered were rather dear,but altogether they were good looking.There were a few sheep at the price which is rather unuseual at the spring fair.The town in the evening presented a very lively appearance being thronged with pleasure seekers and the few bucksters present seemed to do a good trade.

October Fair Oct.12th 1861

The October fair was held on Saturday October 12th,and although the day was very unfavourable there was a good fair.There were very large flocks of sheep and a good assortment of horned cattle Of pigs there were not many and those present were very dear so much so that a cottager in the face of a hard winter could not afford to purchase. The fair during the day was thronged with pleasure seekers and farmers.

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Meltham Fair October 16th 1880

Meltham October Cattle Fair was held on Saturday 16th,and was one of the best ever held in the town.There was a very large number not only of cattle and sheep,but of farmers and other interested,and plenty of business was done at good prices. The pleasure fair in the evening was very well attended. The day being fine a large number of people visited the town. Many of the old farmers,who had attended Meltham Fair upwards of 40yrs said it had been one of the

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Meltham Horse Show June 29th 1890

The first show confined to horses in the Meltham township,was held at the Swan Inn on Satyrday 29th June.The prizes offered were for the cleanest horses and cleanest harness,first prize, £2.2s;second

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Meltham Horse,Cattle,Sheep and Dog Show For the past two years a horse show limited to local animals,has been held at Meltham,but this year it was decided by the Committee to include cattle,sheep and dogs,as well as horses and to extend the radius of the show several miles from Meltham.Unfortunately, the weather was anything but favourable and the prospects of a successful day looked very gloomy.In spite of this the show was well patronised on Saturday 16th July 1892,and great interest was taken in the various exhibits and competitions. At two o'clock Mr.Charles Brook of Hoddam Castle,Scotland,ascen- ded the platform accompanied by a few local gentlemen. Mr.Edwin Mellor the president of the committee,said he hoped thepeople present would all sympathise with them on account of the bad weather.This was their first show,and he trusted they were then laying the foundation of many succeeding ones.They had been very fortunate in securing the services of Mr.Brook to open the show,and he had great pleasure in asking him to come forward and do so. Mr.Charles Brook,who was heartily received said the committee had done him the honour of asking him to open the show,and he did so with great pleasure.They had had two small shows before, but they were confined to local hores only.This year,was the first time that a show of any protensions was attempted,and the committee were pleased with the large number of entries,but still they were not satisfied,and they saw before them every encourage- ment in the future ti still further extend the operations of the Show.He was sorry the weather was against them,but they must do the best they could under the circumstances.He hoped that the show would become an annual and a prosperous undertaking,and he had great pleasure in declaring this one open. The Hinchliffe Mill Prize Band then played "Auld Lang Syne"and the judging commenced immediately afterwards. The judges were Mr.F.J.Richmond M.R.C.V.S. Oldham for horses and harness;Mr.John Sykes jun.Huddersfield for dogs;Mr.Herbert Mellor Honler,for cattle,Messrs Charles Brook,Meltham and Joe Mellor,Netherton for trotting ponies and cobs;and Mr.Hugh Sykes for sheep. The following were the awards Dogs:-Variety class,over 201b,lst F.Littlewood,Honley;2nd W.H. Bamford,Linthwaite;under 201b,lst F.Collins,Meltham;2nd J.Beau- mont,Milnsbridge.Fox terrier lst J.Pogson,Meltham;2nd T.Quarmby Meltham Mills. Horeses

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Horse and Cattle Show

In consequence of the unfavourable state of the venting the committee of the horse and cattle show from carry- ing out their arrangements on the 16th July,they decided to hold a gala,and to have a series of old English sports on Saturday 30th July 1892.The Holme Brass Band was engaged for the occasion and played selections of music as well as for dancing.The attend- ance was very satisfactory,and the receipts at the gate amounting to nearly £7 will enable the committee to hand over a balance as a nucleus for next years show. The following events were contested:-Flat for girls under 10yrs lst Jessie Slater,2nd Marha A.Sharpe Flat race for girls over 10 lst Florrie Garside 2nd E.A,Roberts,Flat race for boys under 10 lst James Barker 2nd William Hepworth.Horse and Jockey race lst W.Broadbent and Dyson Thornsworth 2nd J.A.Hepworth and William Hepworth.Obstacle race No 1 Ist Fred Ellis 2nd W.Broadbent, Obstacle race No 2

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Meltham Horse and Cattle Show July 28th 1894

The third annual show was held at Meltham,on Saturday July 28th. in three large fields adjoining Durker Roods Hall.The success and patronage of the last show was such that the committee resolved to make the exhibits(except in a few cases)open to all England,and to increase the number and value of the prizes.This wise and plu- cky decisiond has had the effect of largely increasing the number of entries,and in widely extending the popularity of the show. Last year there were nearly 400 entries,which made an excellent show for so small a place as Meltham.This year the entries were over 600,and many of the exhibits were of a very high class.Last year the Meltham Show,restricted as it was to a radius of ten miles,established its reputation as one of the best shows in the district,but in the opinion of the competent judges the show last Saturday was second to none in England,considering the size and population of Meltham.The number of entries was a guarantee that the show would be a good one,and it required nothing but a fine day to make the venture a complete success.In this respect the committee were fully rewarded for the noble exertions they had made to maintain and increase the popularity of the show,and to make it worthy of drawing some of the best exhibits in the country in their respective classes.The attendance of visitors was also largely in excess of last year,and the gate-money will of course be increased in corresponding ratio.This will enable the commit- tee to further extend the show(as already comtemplated),so as to include fruit,vegetables,and agricultural implements next year. The judges were as follow:-Horses,classes 1,2,3,5,6,/7,8,9,Mrs Clarke,Noblethorpe;H.Norris,The Lodge,Halifax.Horses,class 4,Mes- srs,E,W.Broadhurst and R.Ormerod,Ashton-under-Lyne.Cattle,Messrs J.H.Turner and G.Elliott,Sheffield.Dogs,Mr.G.Helliwell.Sheffield. Sheep,Messrs,Tillotsonand Hugh Sykes.Poultry,Mr.Henry Digby,Hudd- ersfield,Rabbits,Mr.J.Aconley,Huddersfielf.Pigeons,Mr.Squire Buckley,Rochdale.Auctioneer,Mr.James W.Taylor,Meltham.M.C.,Charles Brook,Esq,Clerks of the course,Messrs J.B.Hirst and J.F.Woodhead. Managers,Messrs.D.Broadhead and James Sykes Myers.Stewards:-Horses Messrs,D,Broadhead and Albert Hirst;cattle,Messrs.Wright Hirst and Ed.B.Wood;sheep,Messrs Sqire Shaw and F.Earnshaw;pigs,Messrs A,Patterson and A.Broadbent;dogs,Messrs R.B.Marsden,Ed.S.Mellor. G.Booth,T.Armstrong,F.Beaumont and Alfred Hoyle;poultry,pigeons, rabbits and produce Messrs,W.C.Armitage,Joe Haigh,J.Mellor,Joe Durrans,D.Cairns,Jas.Willie Preston and John Clayton. The show was opened by the president,Charles Brook,Esq. of Durk- er Roods Hall,Meltham at 11.30.and the judges commenced their ard- uous duties in their respective classes.The chief attraction in the afternoon was the drawing in harness and leaping by the hunters In the drawing in harness competition thefirst prizes in classes 1 and 2 fell to Ernest A.Wrigley,Almonbury.Mr.Wrigley was equally successful in classes 5 and 6 and took the second prize in class 7.The leaping was watched with great interest,and the splendid hunters shown by H.Jagger of Emley Moor,and Mr.W.Clayton of Lock- wood and their magnificent jumping,were one of the main features of the exhibition.There was a general parade of the prize winners at four o'clock,when the fine animals were greatly admired,and made of themselves a sight worth seeing and remembering.Pigs were excluded from the show owing to the prevalence of swine fever in the district.The pens for the poultry were lent by Messrs Spratts of London;who also fed gratis all the birds in the exhibition; and the show was disinfected by "Noxona"presented by Messrs New- ton Chambers Ltd.of Thorncliffe,near Sheffield.The Old Calabar Biscuit Company,Ltd.kindly furnished all the entry forms and tick- ets for the respective classes.

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Meltham Horse and Cattle Show cont

The following is a complete list of the prize winners:- Horses Driving in harness,Best cob or pony under 14 hands,in harness and trap,l and special,Ernest Wrigley,2 G.W.Oldham,The Stubbins,Neth- erton,3 P Schofield,Fitzwilliam Street,Huddersfield.Driving in harness,best mare or gelding over 14 hands,in harness and trap- 1 R.A.Wrigley,Almondbury,2 John Sugden,Greenhead Road,Huddersfield 3 Mrs Dyson,Netherton.Leaping best hurdle

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Meltham Horse and Cattle Show cont Spaniel,l H.Pollard Warren House,Wakefield;2 John Wood,Woodhead; 3 James Waites,The Cliffe,ClaytonWest;highly commended Sutcliffe Holroyd,Black Bull Shepley and Miss Nellie Cank,Wood Cottage Ho- tel, Harden

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Meltham Horse and Cattle Show cont.

Pigeons Homer,best blue or black chechered,cock,1 A.Hey 2 W.B.Lawton;3 Sugden and Sons;very highly commended V.B.Wrigley highly commend- ed Arthur Allatt,Homer,best blue or black checkered ,hen 1 and 2 Butterworth and Shore;highly commended V.B.Wrigley.Homer,best blue cock 1 Sugden and Sons,2 Albert Fitton;very highly commended and commended Mrs H.Beaumont.Homer,best blue ,hen.1Sugden and Sons 2 Allbert Fitton,highly commended William Haigh. Homer,any other colour not before classed,cock,1 Allen Towlson; 2 V.B.Wrigley,very highley commended Sugden and Sons highly commended Singleton and Thorpe.Homer any other colour not befor classed,hen 1 Sugden and Sons,2 V.B.Wrigley,highly commended W.B.Lawton,Homer,likeliest bird for flying purposes cock or hen,l Joe Brierley;2 James Earn- Shaw,very highly commended G.Earnshaw;highly commended Job Hirst Any variety,not homer,cock 1 T.Briggs,2 Butterworth and Shore, very highly commended France Littlewood.Any variety,not homer,hen 1 Butterworth and Shore 2 Edwin Digby;very highly commended Wm. Schofield;highly commended T.Briggs.Any variety,local cock 1 J.H. Preston2 Edwin Taylorvery highly commended W.Midgley,Any variety local hen 1 Edwin Taylor,2 W.Midgley Selling class,any variety not to exceed 10s,cock 1 E.Pickles,2 Arthur Allat;highly commend- ed Herbert Wadaworth.Any variety not to exceed 10s,hen 1 Haigh and Lees;2 E.Pickles.


Lop or Belgian,hare,buck or doe,l Herbert Haigh;2 P.Westeo 3 Fred Adams.Silver,any variety,buck or doe 1 and very highly comm- ended John Hampshire,jun.2 F.Weston;very higly commended Herbert Haigh and Albert Haigh;highly commended G.W.Sharman;Any other var- iety,buck or doe 1 and very highly commended Herbert Haigh,2 John Hampshire Jun.highly commended Singleton and Thorpe,Taylor and Rookes.Any variety,local Meltham,buck or doe 1 Arthur Mosley 2 Reginald Hirst.3 Samuel Bower.


llb.butter,print,pat or roll 1 John Berry 2 Mrs Hinchliffe.One dozen hen eggs any colour 1 Lewis Schofield 2 J.W.Taylor.Twenty- four stalks of oats,local Edwin Taylor;2 Charles Kenyon. There was a gala in the evening,when the Hinchliffe Mill Band which had played at inervals during the day,played for dancing till nearly nine o'clock.

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Meltham Show August lst 1914

Although a feature which on former occasions has been an import-— ant and attractive one-that of a section for dogs-was conspicuous by its absence,the twenty-third annual show of the Meltham Agric-— ultural Society,held in three fields at Green Lea on Saturday Aug lst,was a district success.This was due to three things,the incid- ence of which it is difficult to appraise,and still more difficult to place in order of merit.First,perhaps,comes the weather,for it is certain that little success would have been achieved had the elements been less favourable.As it was,delightful conditions prevailed,and the committee,who have had much ad versity to con- tend with in this direction considered themselves extremely fort- unate.Rain fell very heavily,both before and after the show, but there was no downpour,or even a suspicious of one,whilst the ex- hibition was in progress.The result was that an assembly fully up to the average number was attracted. The second factor in bringing about the success of the show was the very high standard of the exhibits.There have been larger en- tries but there was general agreement amongst judges,exhibitors, and the public that at no previous show have the exhibits taken generally,reached a higher standard of excellence.The resource and enterprise of the committee provided the third factor in ens- uring success.The split from the Kennel Club,and the fact that despite repeated endeavours,the committee were unable to make sat-— is factory arrangements with the newly formed organisation,result ed in the dog section being abandoned.But the committee were un- daunted by this reverse,and,although new to the work,organised a floral and horticultural section which proved very popular,and was,indeed a very welcome innovation. I The total entries for the show numbered about 660,which is an advance of about fifty on last year's figures,Therefore the lee- way created by the absence of dogs was more than made up by the response to the appeal for floral and horticultural exhibits. The committee were so gratified by the very satisfactory entry that in all probility the new feature which was introduced will be re- peated at future shows. Upwards of £180 was offered in prizes,this figure incluing the value of silver cups and medals.The cattle,sheep,and pigs stood out very prominently in the matter of quality.The horses were not drawn from a wide area,but this has generally been the case,so that this section occassioned no disappointment.In the driving and riding classes,Mr.James Agate of

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Meltham Show cont

show.Mr.H.Dalton of Skelmanthorpe,secured one special,two first, and three second prizes and the special given by the Holmfirth, Honley and Meltham Hunt for the best local exhibit was won by Mr.W.H.Haigh of Meltham. Sheep were far ahead of last year both in numbers and quality Three specials,including that for the best sheep in the show, were gained by Mr A.Haigh of Meltham.Mr.W.Hirst of Meltham exhi- bited two very good shearlings and secured the special for the best pair of horned shearling ewes. In the classes for pigs Mr.Levi Broadbent's special prize was won by Mr.Brook Addy of Meltham and Mr.Luther Firth of Holm- firth secured the special for the best local store pig. The Countess of Craven won no fewer than eight prizes in the poulrty section and a bantam cock exhibited by her gained the special for the best in the show.Mr.J.F.Entwistle of Wakefield, obtained nine prizes five firsts in the classes for bantams,and also won a special prize. In the pigeon section Mr.Law Whitely of Linthwaite,gained the special for the best bird with a well-made blue checker and work- ing homer,which,it is considered has excellent prospects.The seco- nd best pigeon in the show was a blue checker exhibition homer belonging to Messrs Turner and Hirst of Longwood,which was succ- essful at Birmingham and other well known shows.The special prize given by the Meltham Fanciers Society was won by Messrs Moorhouse and Earnshaw's black self tumbler.Mrs Lewis Priestley's(linthwaite blue hen was adudged the best exhibition homer. the best rabbit in the show was Mr.J.Aconleys(Clayton West) silver brown and the second best was Mr.A Thomas's(Hebden Bridge) steel grey Dutch,while the local special was gained by a Himala- yan belonging to Mr.G.W.Barrett of Meltham. The cheif winner in the floral and horticultural section was Mr.G.Berry of Slaithwaite Road,Meltham. The judges were-Light horses Messrs H.Jagger(Shelley)and H. Cooper(Huddersfield,heavy horses Mr.T.Cooper,Lockwood;cattle and corn,Mr.J.Houldsworth,Honley;sheep,Mr.W.Sykes,Linthwaite;pigs Mr.J.R.Hinchliffe.Netherthong;poultry and eggs Mr.M.Mellor,Honley pigeons,Mr.S.Wade,Lockwood rabbits Mr.A.Townsend.Leeds;butter, Miss Roebuck,Newmill;and floral and horticultural section Messrs F.Crosland (Outlane) The proceedings were greatly enlivened by the playing of the Meltham Mills Brass Band The arrangements were admirably carried out by the officers and committee of the society,and a special word of praise must be biven to the secretary,who was newto the work.The officers and committee are as follows;-President Colonel Charles Brook;chair- man of committee Mr Jonas Brook Hirst,hon veterinary,Mr.JohnMcK- inna; hon auctioneer Mr.Herbert B.Sykes;treasurer Mr.Joe Moorhouse secretary Mr.W.Earnshaw;committee Messrs C.Catton,J.A.Wormald. Tom Southern F.Sykes,A.S.Taylor.S.Moorhouse.J.Fawcett,Ira P.Taylor A.E.Middleton,James Taylor(Royd)Hy.Aspinall.R.F.Woodhead,F.Wornall T.Greaves,P.Srickland,H.Earnshaw,W.Barrett,W.Manchester,J.H.Pres- ton and J.Dixon.

Page 101

Meltham and District Agricultural and Horticultural Show

After having been in abeyance for five years owing to the war.The Agriculural and Horticultural Show was successfully reorganised on Satyrday

Page 102

Meltham and District Agricultural and Horticultural cont.

Cattle;- Cow in milk or calf,or to calve before November-1 F.and S.H.Hampshire,Upperthong;2 Arthur Hirst,Upperthong.Heifer,with no more than four broad

Page 103

Meltham and District Agricultural and Horticultural cont

Pigeons;- Likeliest cock for flying purposes-1 Andrew Reid,Edger- ton;2 Law Whitely,Linthwaite;3 Allen Jackson,Whitworth, Rochdale Likeliest hen for flying

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Meltham and District Agricultural and Horticultural cont

Fruit and Vegetables;-Local Classes-Tray of Vegetables-1 Crowther Bros,2 G.Berry,3 Hirst and Wood.Tomatoes(three)1 K.Redfearn,2 G. Berry,3 Hirst and Wood.One Cucumber-1 Spencer Rye,2 Hitst and Wood3 Crowther Bros,One White Cabbage-1 G.Berry.One Cauliflower- 1 Hirst and Wood,2 G.Berry,Brace of Celery(white) 1 G.Berry 2 Hirst and Wood,Brace of Celery (red)- 1 G.Berry,2 Crowther Bros. 3 Hirst and Wood.Six Potatoes(round) 1 Crowther Bros.2 G.Berry 3 Lawrence Kaye Six Potatoes(kidney) 1 Allen Sykes,2 Spencer Rye 3 J.H.Preston.Plate of Parsley-1l Hirst and Wood,2 Crowther Bros 3 G.Berry Brace of Cabbage Lettuce-1 Hirst and Wood,2 K.Redfearn. 3 G.Berry.Plate of Peas(12 pods)-1 J.H.Preston.Plate of Broad Beans(6 pods)-1 Arthur Sykes,2 K.Redfearn,3 G.Berry.Three Turnips (white)- 1 G.Berry.Three Onions with tops-1 K.Redfearn,2 Crowther Bros,3 N.Liversidge.Marrow 1 G.Berry.Plate of Raspberries 1 F. Pickering 2 Arthur Sykes 3 N.Liversidge Plate of Gooseberries(12) 1 K.Redfearn 2 G.Berry,3 E.Earnshaw. Special Co-operative Classes-C.W.S.Coss Lettuce- 1 Crowther Bro C.W.S. Cabbaging Lettuce

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Meltham District Annual Show July 26th 1930

The Meltham and District Agricultural and Horticultural Society held its thirty-fourth annual show on Saturday July 26th.Over £200 was offered in prizes and a high standard of quality was displayed in all classes.The pig classes were exceptionally fine,and easily created a record. The show is run entirely by volintary workers,and praise is due for such a splendid exhibition,Mr.J.W.Earnshaw has carried out the heavy duties of secretary with credit.Mr.Edward Wm.Brook has recently been elected president in succession to his father(the late Charles Brook) of Kinmount,Annan, and County Alderman John Sykes Quarmby is chairman of the committee. A large measure of success of the show is due to the untiring work of Councillor Edward Quarmby(vice-chairman),who is backed up by a splendid committee.The financial position is excellent,the balance in hand being £108 11s.2d.The receipts this year,however, were down considerably on those of twelve months ago. With regard to the question of amalgamation of the Honley and Meltham Societies as suggested by County Alderman J.S.Quarmby at the opening of the Honley Show last week,there is much prejudice to be removed before this can be brouht about.Formerly the Honley Show was held after Meltham Show,but in recent years Honley have brought theirs in front of Meltham.The Meltham officials are most reticent about such an amalgamation. Mr.Edgar Hirst of Newmill,won the Challenge Cup for the best group of sheep.Mr.G.Berry of Meltham,took twenty-four first prize Six second prizes,and three third prizes in the flower and veget- able classes. Messrs Seth Senior and Sons,Sheply were awarded the Shire Horse Society silver medal. The following acted as judges:- Horses,hackneys Mr.T.E.Lister, Rastrick;hunters,Mr.Harry Stubbs,Wragby;shire horses and cattle, Mr.W.E.Fords,Wharton,Rotherham;pigs and sheep Mr.Edward Smith, Keighley;poultry and eggs,Mr.H.Inman,Bradford;pigeons,Mr.F.Crad, Hebden Bridge and Mr

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Meltham District Show cont Poultry A.V.Light Breed Cock or Hen- 1 W.Bentley,Honley;2 W.H.Waite, Thornton-in-Craven;3 J.H.Moorhouse,Mirfield,A.V.Heavy Breed Cock or Hen-J.A.Booth,Congleton;2 M.Mellor.Honley;3 J.H.Moorhouse.A.V. Pullet,bred 1930 1 T.Pottitt,Brockholes 2 M.Mellor,3 J.H.Moorhouse £1 Selling-1 J.H.Moorhouse,2 W.Bentley.3 J.H.Firth,Holmfirth. Utility cross-bred Hen or Pullet-1T.Holmes,Brockholes;2 J.Black- burn,Nelson;3 W.Bentley. Bantams Old English Game Cock-1 Thornton Bros,Honley2 E.Whittaker,Mytho- lmroyd;3 T.Porritt.Do.Hen-1 J.F.Entwistle Wakefield;2 T.Walton, Keighley;3 W.Simpson,Meltham.Wyandotte Cock 1 E.Whittaker.2 J.AND G.Cousins,Harrogate;3 W.White,Marsh Do Hen-1 J.ANd G.Cousins. 2 E.Whitaker;3 J.FEntwistle. A.O.V.Cock-1 J.F.Entwistle,2 M.Mellor 3 Whalley and Briggs,Barnsley.Do.Hen-1 S.Earnshaw,2 W.White, 3 Thornton Bros.Cockerel or Pullet,bred 1930-1 E.Earnshaw,2 N.Hey, Kirkheatin,3 W.Simpson,Selling Class

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Meltham District Annual Show cont

Horses Draught or Agriculture(open) Shire Foal-1 and 3 H.D.Smith, Emley 2 A.Lindley,Normanton.Shire Yearling-1 R.Lindley,Wilshaw;2 N.Bat- tye,3 W.Smith,Holmfirth.Mare(with foal at foot)-1 A.Lindley,2 and 3 H.D.Smith.Mare or Gelding-1 J.Hanson and sons,Milnsbridge;2.A. Lindley,3 S.Senior and Sons,Shepley.Pair of Shire Mares(2 years or more)-1 A.Lindley,2 S.Lindley,3 H.D.Smith.Gelding or Mare(used for trade purposes)-1 J.Hanson and Sons,Ltd.2 and 3 S.Senior and Sons Ltd.Decorated

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Meltham District Annual Show cont

Plants and Cut Blooms. Open Classes;Bouquet of Flowers-1 B.Barnes,Huddersfield;2 G.Berry Meltham;3 W.Mallinson,Netherthong.Sweet Peas(six varieties)- 1 G. L.Brook,Lockwood.Sweet peas( one vase)- G.L.Brook,2 W.Bastow, Meltham.Twelve Roses-1 G.Berry;2 D.Wood,Slaithwaite;3 B.Barnes. Six Roses-1 G.Berry,2 D.Wood,3 W.Mallinson.Three Vases Roses-l G. Berry 2 B.Barnes,3 S.Faulkner,Netherton.Six Bunches Flowers-l G. Berry,2 B.Barnes,3 Crowther Bros,Meltham.Three Bunches of Annuals 1W.Mallinson,2 S,Faulkner,Six Spikes Stocks- J.Hinchliffe,Holmfirth 2 H.Shaw,Slaithwaite 3 Crowther Bros. Gent's Buttonhole(orchids ptohibited) 1 G,Berry,2 D.Wood,3 Mrs J.Woodhouse,Meltham.Lady's Spray (orchids prohibited)-1 B.Barnes,2 G.Berry,3 G.L.Brook.Six

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Meltham Mills Cottage Garden Society

The first annual exhibition of the above society,which is under the patronage of William Leigh Brook,president;Charles John Brook vice-president;the Rev.A.H.Frost,incumbent of Meltham Mills; Charles Brook,Charles Brook,jun.,William Brook,John Mallinson, Joseph Hirst &c.,held its first exhibition on Monday 8th Sept. 1851.The show which was a most successful one,considering that this was a first attempt,took place in the Meltham Mills Sabbath School-room,which was very beautifully adorned by a large number of fuchsias,lilliums,and other plants arranged on a table down the centre of the room,and which had been sent to beautify the exhibition from Healey House and Meltham Hall,by Charles John Brook,and William Leigh Brook,in the hope that they would have a tendency to instil into the hearst of the people a love for the cultivation of flowers. The proceedings during the day were very much enlivened by the playing of the Meltham Mills brass band,which had been engaged for the occasion.The number of people who visited the show was at no time very large;but upwards of 300 were admitted during the day.The judges were Mr.J.Jenkinson,gardener to John Brook of Arm- itage-bridge; and Mr, William Tuke gardener to John Starkey, Spring Grove. About four o'clock Mr.W.L.Brook rose to announce the decisions, which he prefaced by a neat and appropriate speech,in which he complimented very highly the promoters of the society on the suc- cess that had attended their first show;but as he only gave the number of prizes,and the amount of money or otherwise that had been awarded to each successful competitor,we prefer giving them in the following order.We cannot,however let the present opport- unity pass with out saying that too much praise cannot be given to W.L.Brook of Meltham Hall and Charles J.Brook of Healey House, for the great interest they have taken in,and the very liberal manner in which they have forwarded,the affairs of the society. Prizes Trays of Vegetables,lst tray of vegetables,a copper kettle.the gift of C.J.Brook and Macneil's Work on Fruit,Flowers and Kitchen Gaedening,the gift of Mr.J.Brook,bookseller,to Mr.Joseph a coffee pot the gift of C.J.Brook to Mr.R.Wilson;3rd a teapot also the gift of C.J.Brook to Mr.E.Manchester. Vegetables-Best dish of beans,2s;2nd,1s,6d.,Mr.R,Wilson;3rd,ls Mr.G.Stead;lst dish of scarlet

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Cottage Garden Society cont

3rd,ls,Mr.E.Dyson;lst three sticks of

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The first annual show of the Meltham Mills Men's Adult School Floral and Horticultural Society

On Saturday August 9th 1913,the Society held its first show in the Dining Hall,Meltham Mills. The show proved a great success,and was well attended.The

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Meltham Mills Mens Adult School Floral Show cont

Plants and Cut Bloom-Bouquet of Garden Flowers-1,G.Berry,2 A.S.- Taylor,Cottage Window Plant,in bloom- 1 Mrs.Ellis,Sweet Peas, three varities,six spikes each- 1 Crowther Bros,2 S.Rye,3 A.C. Brook.Twelve Sweet Peas in one vase-1 Crowther Bros 2 G.Berry. Six Roses,not less than three

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Meltham Floral and Horticultural Show.

The annual show organised by the Meltham Mills Men's Adult School Floral and Horticultural Society,which has been in obeyance during the war,was revived in the Dining Hall,Meltham Mills on Saturday 30th Aug.1919.There was a large number of entrants.Despite the heavy rains of the past week the exhibits were excellent and ref- lected great credit on the growers. The Rev.A.C.Goulden(vicar) presided over the opening ceremony and said that he never expected such a fine show.He called upon Miss Hilda Haigh(of Laurel Bank) to open the show. Miss Haigh heartily congratulated the competitors on the excell- ent display.She hoped that the show would prosper and become widely known and to encourage it she would offer a cup at the next show to be competed for annually,and if won by the same com- petiter on three successive occasions it would be retained by the winner. Mrs Haigh of Laurel Bank,asked them to persevere,but not to spend their Sundays in doing the work. Mr.N.Liversedge(secretaey of the show)also addressed the ass-— embly. The Secretary,in his address made sympathetic reference to the great loss they had sustained in their late president(Mr.A.C. Brook)having fallen in action.They had a worthy successor in Mr. C.J.Hirst. Votes of thanks were accorded the various speakers on the motion of Mr.Dan Meal secconded by Mr.J.W.Moss. There was a large attendance in the hall at the opening.Nearly £17 was offered in prizes. After the opening the Chairman announced the winners for the best allotment of the members from the evening school which were as follow. 1 Joe Brook,2 Hubert Mellor,3 Geh.Wm.Pogson,4 Ernest Clark Gilbert Sanderson. Tea was provided in the hall at a moderate charge. the following were the judges-Vegetables,Mr.B.Micklethwaite of Golcar,Flowers Mr.H.Buckley of Marsden,Eggs Mr.M.Mellor of Honley Bread Mr.J.P.Beaumont of Meltham.Mr.G.Phipps and Mr.J.Boucher act- ed as curators. The following is the prize list.-Open Classes-Bouquet of garden flowers-1 G.Berry,2 S,Rye.Sweet peas,six varieties,six spikes each lintrimmed 1 G.Berry One vase sweet peas,not more than twenty spikes(trimmed)1 G.Berry.Six roses not less than three dissimilar varieties 1 G.Berry Six asters,not less than three dissimilar varieties 1S Rye,2 Crowther Bros.Gentleman's buttonhole(orchids prohibited)1 S.Rye,2 G.Berry Lady's spray 1 G.Berry,2 Crowther Bros.Eight bunches of flowers(to be cut from open gardens) 1 G.Berry. Local Classes-Tomatoes best six-1 Crowther Bros,2 G.Berry 3 K. Redfearn.Cucumber-1 Hirst and Wood 2 J.W.Moss.One white cabbage 1 D.Eagland 2

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Meltham Floral cont.

Six roses not less than three varieties 1 G.Berry 2 Crowther Bros Three roses,three varieties 1 and special given by Mrs A.C.Brook 1 G.Berry 2 Crowther Bros 3 G.H.Battye,Six Asters not less than three varieties 1 S.Rye 2 F.Wormald 3 D.Haywood.Antirrhinums six spikes not less than three varieties 1 F.Wormald 2 Hirst and Wood 3 G.Berry. Three pompom dahlias dissimilar 1 S.Rye 2 F.Wormald Gentlemans buttonhole(orchids prohibited 1 Crowther Bros 2 G.Berry 3 K.Redfearn Lady's spray(orchids prohibited) 1 G.Berry 2 K.Red- fearn.Aspidestra 7in pot and over 1 Mrs W.Wilkinson 2 K.Redfearn Three bunches of annuals outdoor grown 1 G.Berry.Three bunches of garden flowers 1 G.Berry 2 Hirst and Wood 3 S.Rye Best arranged bunch of wild flowers(for children attending elementary school 1 F.Goodenough 2 N.Haigh 3 R.Jenkins 4 E.Jenkins 5 J.Hirst Plate of six eggs white 1 Arthur Downs 2 Mrs Schofield 3 Joseph Brook Plate of six eggs coloured 1 Sam Bower 2 J.W.Benyon 3 G.H Battye Bread 1 Mrs John Wood(Mount) 2 Mrs J.H.Hirst 3 Mrs C,E Carter Potatoes (open to children attending night school 1 H.Mellor 2 Joe Brook 3 J.E.Crabtree Turnips (open to children attending night school 1.H.Mellor 2 G.Sanderson 3 T.Radcliffe Beet (open to children attending night school 1 H.Mellor 2 Joe Brook 3 E. Clark.

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The Meltham and Meltham Mills Floral and Horticultural Society's

The Society's twenty-third annual show drew a large crowd to the Liberal Hall,Meltham on Saturday August 26th 1939, Mr.E.L.B.Lart(president of the Society)presided at the opening ceremony,which was performed by Doctor R.Gellatly(Meltham).Mr.Lart praised the number and quality of the exhibits.The growers he said deserved the highest praise for the excellence of their pro- ducts. Doctor Gellatly,too referred to the excellence of the exhibits. He said that when they considered all the things gardeners had to overcome,it was all the more credit to them to be able to stage such a wonderful show.Great skill and patience must have been ex- ercised. A vote of thanks to the chairman and opener was passed on the motion of Mr.E.Taylor,seconded by Mr.J.J.Thornton. This show's long run of success after success is due to the work of the committee,who have as their Hon.secretary Mr.John Redfearn and hon.treasurer,Mr.J.W.Beaumont.Messrs J.Gill and E.Carter off- iciated as curators. The judges

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Meltham and Meltham Mills Society's Show cont.

Cut Blooms-Vase of Calendulas-1 W.Bastow,2 Edith H.P.Taylor,3 Hirst and Wood.Three Spikes Gladioli-1 G.Marshall,2 Hirst and Wood 3 Arthur Sykes.Three Spikes Primulinus,Gladioli- G.Marshall.2 G. Greenwood.Sweet Peas(three varieties)1 Hirst and Wood,2 L.Man- chester.3 W.Bastow.Sweet Peas twelve spikes(three varieties)-1 W. Bastow,2 G.Marshall,3 A.Redfearn.Vase Sweet Peas(outside grown)- 1 Hirst and Wood,2 L.Manchester,3 A.Redfearn.Six Border Carnations 1 Arthur Sykes,2 H.Bastow,3 G.Marshall.Three Spikes Antirrhinums 1 L.Barker,2 Arthur Sykes,3 G.Marshall.Six Chrysanthemums-1 Sykes and Woodhouse,2 L.Crowther,3 Hirst and Wood.Three Vases Annuals (outside grown) 1 Hirst and Wood,2 G.Marshall.Three Vases Garden Flowers ( outside grown) -G,Greenwood,2 Hirst and Wood, Vase Cut Blooms -1 Hirst and wood,2 L.Crowther 3 G.Marshall.Three Spikes

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The Meltham and Meltham Mills Floral and Horticultural Show

Owing to the war situation,the main show was cancelled for 1940 but on the instigation of Coun.Arnold Haigh the Comm.of the Meltham and Meltham Mills Floral And Horticultural Society offered at the beginning of the season prizes for the best garden growing vegetables and other edible crops. Mr .John Gill of Healey House was officiated and adjudicator the judging took place on Saturday 24th August 1940. The awards were as follows. 1-£2 Sykes and Woodhouse,Red Lane. 2-£1 Sydney Clarke,Tinker Lane. 3-12/6d Edgar Carter,Tinker Lane 4-7/6d Willie Haigh Calmlands. The Committee congratulated all who have helped to make the com- petition a success.

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Meltham Allotments ASSociation Oct.1939

Councillor R.F.Woodhead presided at Monday's meeting of Mel- tham Urban Council,when it was decided on the recommendation of the Building and Land Committee to issue the following circular; With the object of increasing the food supplies of the country during the present national emergency,the Urban Council are de- Sirous of ascertaining the names and addresses of persons requir- ing a piece of land for cultivation as an allotment.As a general rule ten rods will be sufficent for each cultivator. Land in Calmlands and Broadlands can be made available for allotments.The Urban District Council will consider the provision of other land in the district and applicants are invited to state locality in which allotment is required. Monday 13th Nov.1939:-On the recommendation of the, Building and Land Committee,it was decided that the plot of land at Calmlands be measured for allotment gardens;that a piece of land at Broad- lands be offered to Meltham National School scholars for allotment gardens;and that Mrs Fisher be thanked for her offer of land at Helme Hall for allotment gardens. The first of a series of three lectures arranged by the newly formed Meltham Allotments Association,was held in the Carlile Institute,Meltham on Tuesday 14th Oct.1941.Councillor G.Greenwood presided,supported by Mr.E.Carter(secretary of the Meltham Allot- ments Association)Mr.W.S.English speaking on “Cultivation and manuring in war-time"said it was now or never that they should get together to grow crops so that they could survive.The object of the three talks was to get maximum efficiency from what mater- ials were available.He described how to prepare a plot of land containing turf for cultivation,and impressed upon his hearers the importance of digging early.It was a mistake,he said to dig in the spring.This digging should be done in the autumn. The second of the three lectures,was held in the Carlile on Tuesday 21st Oct.1941.Councillor Greenwood presided,said that if anyone wished to have an allotment,Meltham Council would provide one for the modest charge of 5s per year.If the ground had not been previously cultivated they could have the plot free for the first year.Mr.W.S.English,speaking on "Cropping of War-time gar- dens"said that if they wanted to help themselves and their coun- try they should look into the matter of what to grow.It was the Governments objective to see families of whatever size provided with fresh vegetables every day in the year.A plot of 300 square yards would require 150 hours per year labour to be put into it. The cost of seeds,manures,tools etc. would be about £2 10s to £3, the return from the plot would be £10 and in some cases up to £15,provided there was reasonable fertility,so it was quite evi- dent a remunerative proposition,Mr.English showed how a plot should be planted out.the County Council recommended the following kinds of seeds;-Early potatoes;Arran Pilot,Sharp's Express and Duke of York.second earlies Great Scott and Dunbar Rover;main crop Arran Banner,Arran Consul Majestic and King Edwards and Red Skin The third and last of a sries of three lectures was held in the Carlile Insitute on Tuesday 28th Oct 1941.The lecturer was Mr.W.S.English,and his subject was "Onions".He described how to make the best onion bed.This should be of a heavy soil and worked early.They would get good reslts if the onion got a quick root- hold.It was essential that the onion bed had good drainage,He re- commended a good dressing of old soot and wood ashes in March,and these should be well worked in.The top nine inches of the soil in the bed should be made really rich,Good growing onions needed pot- ash and a good fertiiser,He recommended the following mixture;One part sulphate of ammonia,two parts superphosphates and two parts sulphate of potash;three ounces to be applied to the square yard. to raked in but not too deeply.Good sound varieties were Southport Yellow,park Hero,Reliance and Premier

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Allotments Show at Meltham Septmber 5th 1942

For the first annual show promoted by the newly formed Meltham Allotments Association was held in the Liberal Hall,Meltham on Saturday 5th Sept.,there were 291 entries and 53 exhibitors. The quality of the exhibits was of a very high standard. Councillor Miss Haigh presided at the opening ceremony,and Coun- cillor Arnold Haigh was the opener.Councillor A,Haigh spoke of how the Allotments Association had been formed under the "Dig for Victory"campaign.He said that the association had now taken the place of the Meltham and Meltham Mills Floral and Horticultural Society,which had not held a show since its 23rd annual one in 1939.He congratulated the exhibitors on the high standard of their exhibits,and said that some of the exhibits would vie with the best in the country,and he referred to the valued activities of the Association in arranging lectures and demonstations during the year in which it had now been in existence.The opener also said that the Association was excellently served by its officials namely Councillor G.Greenwood and Mr.E.Carter(hon.secretary and treasurer) who were backed up by an excellent committee and a membership of 300.He then declared the show open and congratulated everyone cocerned on all they were doing in this work of such natioal and vital importance. Mr.G.Berry moved a vote of thanks to the opener and chairman, and also to Mrs.Arnold Haigh,who had attended to present the tro- phies,Mr.Berry said it was very gratifying to see that there were 33new beginners out of the 53 exhibitors there being more begin- ners than "old hands"and moreover the exhibits of these beginners were quite comparable with those shown by exhibitors of longer experience. The following were the winners of special prizes;Silver flower vase,given by Councillor Miss Haigh,for the exhibitor with most points in the vegetable classes.Mr.L.Crowther;silver rose bowl. given by Messrs Baddely Brothers,Holmfirth,for the exhibitor with most points in the beginners classes,Messrs C.E.Jillott and Stan- ley Brook;silver trophy given by Mr.George Hill for the childrens tray class,Meltham Mills School(per Mr.J.W.Moss);silver trophy, given by Councillor A.Haigh,for the exhibitor with most points in the cut bloom classes Mr.G.Berry;siver rose bowl,given by Mr.J.P. Beaumont for best war-time cake,Miss Eileen Carter. The adjudicator was Mr.H.Jagger (Cawthorne) and Messrs J.Gill and L.Hirst officiated as curators. The committee are giving the profits from the show to the Mel- tham Parcel and Postage Fund for the Troops.Many of the exhibitors kindly gave their exhibits to be put up for auction and they rea- lised over £4 for the same fund.In addition Mr.G.Berry gave a large tray of vegetables which when sold yielded more than £9 for the fund. There was a crowed attendance at the opening and a steady stre- am of people visited the exhibition during the whole of the time it remained open. List of

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Allotments Show cont

Swedes-1.Sykes and Butterworth;2.Hildred Redfearn;3.G.Greenwood

Page 121

Meltham Allotments Association Show Saturday 3rd Sept.1955

The silver flower vase for the highest number of points in the vegetable classes,and the silver rose bowl for the best tray of vegetables at Meltham Allotments Association annual show on Sat- urday were both won by Mr.E.Baines. Entries numbered 195.slightly fewer than last year,and there were 39 competitors as against 42 at last tear's show.The standard of the exhibits was particularly good considering the dry summer The show which was held in the Liberal Hall,Meltham,was opened by Councillor H.Hirst,a vice-president of the Association,and his daughter,Mrs Philip Hanson presented the prizes.The chair was taken by Mr.G.Berry,president of the Association. The silver trophy for most points in the cut bloom classes was won by Mr.G.Berry.The silver trophy for the best handicraft exhi- bit was won by Miss Ada Hirst,and the silver trophy for the best exhibit in the preserve classes by Mrs.G.R.Dodson. Winners in the various classes are as follows:- Vegetables tray of vegetables-l E.Baines,2

Page 122

Meltham Allotments ASSociation

Whats in a name? Quite a lot,think members of Meltham Allot- ments Association.Mr Garside sumitted a written proposal to the annual meeting on Thursday 6th Oct.1955 that "because the word allotment scares most people"the name of the Association be changed to the Meltham Gardeners Society. "Tt would be a much easier job to enrol new members" Members were overwhelmingly in favour of Mr.Garside's suggestion. "It is a fact that the name scares people off.Ihave been canvass- ing for new members and people have told me "We haven't got an allotment" Many Meltham folk think it is for allotment holders only" It was decided however, that final approval for the change of name should be given by Meltham Council,who formed the Associa- tion in the "Dig for Victory"years of the last war.Aresolution passed at the time includes a condition that it should be done only with agreement of the Council. An encouraging feature of the past year was the continued rise in membership.The Assocation had gained thirty new members,and the membership now stood at 270.

Clr.H.Hirst was elected president,with Mr.Baines continuing as secretary-treasurer.

Page 123

Meltham Gardener's Society Annual Show September lst 1956

Owing to the lack of Allotment Holders,the committee decided to throw this years and future shows open to all gardeners,thus the Association will be called Meltham Gardener's Society. The fifteenth annual show promoted by the Meltham Gardener's Society was held in the Liberal Hall,Meltham on Saturday

Page 124

Meltham Gardener's Society Annual Show cont

Cut Bloom

Three vases garden flowers-1 H.Sykes;2 G.Berry 3 K.Stokes Vase Cut Blooms-1 A.Redfearn;G.Berry 3 G.Ridgwick. Vase not less than seven chrysanthemums-1 G.Berry. Five

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Meltham and Meltham Mills Fancier's Association

The first open show of the Meltham and Meltham Mills Fanciers Association was held at the Liberal Club Hall,Meltham on Saturday 10th Jan.1897.The judges were Messrs E.Hutton(Pudsey),J.Aconley (Huddersfield)and H.W.Battye and their awards were as follows:- Poultry English game

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Meltham Flower Club

Meltham Flower Club was inaugurated at a meeting held in the Old Church School.Greens End Road,on Monday evening thel3th April 1970,when thirty floral art enthusiasts heard Mrs.Margaret Haigh explain the aims and objects of the club. She said that for the club to be a practical proposition a min- imum of sixty members would be required so that membership fees would cover the fees of experts who would give demonstrations of flower arrangements at the meetings,to be held once a month.In addition there would be practice meetings,when members could try their hand at floral art and competitions within the club.She stressed that people who did not want to take part in flower arra- ngement need not do so.A flower club differed from a class. The club is to be organised on the lines of the highly success- ful Huddersfield club,which has a waiting list for membership, but whereas the Huddersfield Club members meet on a Wednesday after- noon the new club at Meltham is to meet in an evening,to enable people who work or have young children to care for during the day to become members. It was decided that in the first instance the club should oper- ate for six months,to ascertain interest and the probable number of members and that meetings should be heldon the fourth Wednes- day evening in the month,with the exception of next month,when the meeting will be held on Monday,May 8th because of the Spring Bank Holiday at the end of the month.The first demonstrator will be Mrs A.Bray,of Netherton.The meeting will be at 8 p.m. and all meetings are to be held in the Old Church School at Meltham. Officials of the club are;Chairman,Mrs Margaret Haigh;Secretary Mrs.Sandra Mellor;Treasurer,Mrs S.M.Barron;Committee,Mesdammes M.Dyson,B.Bradbury,A.Fenton,E.Dolby,B.Prichard and J.Barrett. Mrs Alice Bray,of Netherton,a member of the Huddersfield Club and a representative on the National Association of Flower Arran- gement Clubs,gave the demonstation at the first meeting of the recently formed Meltham Flower Club on Monday evening. One arrangement incorporated driftwood and two lilies,another driftwood and stocks,while in a siver candlelabra Mrs.Bray arran- ged white and mauve freesia and pink roses to form a centre-piece for a table.The "piece de resistance"was "Celebration" which feat- ured roses and carnations in white pale pink and deep pink and two large pink candles.Mrs Bray said she felt that the first meeting of the club was a celebration and to mark the occasion she lit the cadles used in the final arrangement. Mrs Haigh,intoduced and thanked Mrs Bray for all the help and advice she had given in the early days of the club,and for her demonstration of floral art,Mrs Gordon Howard seconded the vote of thanks.

Page 128

Meltham's Women's Institute

A meeting was convened on Tuesday 2nd December 1969,in the Civic Hall,to discuss the formation of a branch of the Women's Institute in the village.There has never been a branch in Meltham although for many years there had been one in Wilshaw and still operates successfully.Interest in such an organisation in Meltham was evidence by the fact that some sixty ladies attended the meet ing.The speakers were Mrs.Swales,of Bramley,near Leeds,County Chairman of the W.I.,Mrs Barker of Farnley Tyas,and Mrs Swaby of Fishlake,near Doncaster,who gave most interesting and encouraging talks on the main aspects of the formation of a

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The Origin of the Probus Club of Meltham by Mr.Horace B.Dearnley,Founder Member

It was in 1972 when Rotarian,Mr.Ronald Hinchcliffe,approached me at the bottom of Tinker Lane about Probus.I knew nothing about it,and did not disclose my ignorance,so I kepy quite. Again I met him at the same place some months later,and dis- cussed the subject more fully,and a meeting was then arranged at Rotarian Mr.Cyril George's bungalow in Tinker Lane.Both Ronald Hinchcliffe and myself were present with Cyril George at his bun- galow. A second meeting was arranged,at this meeting,amongst others there was Mr.John O'Conner,Mr.A.B.Lockwood and Mr.H.Fisher It was agreed that I should consult the electoral register of voters for Meltham to ascertain if I could suggest a number of me mbers,with the result I suggested about 26 names.The Rotary Club of Holmfirth would post letters to these people,inviting them to a meeting in the Civic Hall,Meltham for the 20th February 1975. Nineteen men attended this meeting,with apologies from three four members from Holmfirth addressed the meeting and left it to us to form a club and appoint a committee.I proposed Mr.G,Green- wood as chairman,and he in turn proposed me as secretary,and a committee of four.G.Greenwood and myself were asked to draw up rules,which we duly did,and we met on the first and third Wednes- day of each month,(Later changed to the second and fourth

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Inaugural Meeting held Thursday 20th.February 1975.

(, - 94.7 Je

Resolved to meet on first and third Wednesday each month. Amended to meet on second and fourth Wednesday each month.

Rules end Constitution as adopted at 9.4.75 (with subsequent amendments as indicated).


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