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Meltham in Focus

Its Industries

Organisations, Societies & People


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Year Description Volume I Page 1995 Filming “The Six Sides of Coogan” F 5 1996 Filming “Where the Heart Is” F 6 1997 Filming “Where the Heart Is” F 6 1998 Filming “Where the Heart Is” F 7 Beer Houses in Meltham and Meltham Mills 100+ Years Ago F 9-10 Inn Names F 11 Will’s O Nat’s F 11 Isle of Skye Hotel F 12 Lucky F 12 Dyers Arms, Holthead F 13 1911 Alhambra Cinema, Parkin Lane F 14 1972 West Nab Footpath, Opening F 15 Cock Crowing Stone F 16 The Old Sun Temple of West Nab F 17 The Story of “Cuma” F 18 1897 A Miraculous Escape, Typing Error, Slaithwaite Guardian F 19 1921 Colloquial List of Persons Who Have Lived in Meltham F 21 Colloquial Named People and “Nimrod’s Sentries” F 22 Owd Mogg - A Meltham Legend F 23 Collop Monday in Meltham F 25 Sheep Farming F 27 1908+ I Harden Moss Sheep Dog Trials F 28-29 1908+ I Harden Moss Sheep Dog Trials, First Annual F 31-32 1960 Harden Moss Sheep Dog Trials, Golden Jubilee F 33-34 1834 Meltham and Neighbourhood, People and Occupations F 35 1841 Meltham People and Occupations F 36 1842 Meltham People and Occupations F 37 1857 Meltham People and Occupations F 38-39 1866 Meltham People and Occupations F 40 1870 Meltham People and Occupations F 41 1881 Meltham People and Occupations F 42-44 1897 Meltham People and Occupations F 45-46 1897 Meltham Mills People and Occupations F 47 1901 Meltham People and Occupations F 48-50 1901 Meltham Mills People and Occupations F 51 1912 Meltham People and Occupations F 52-55 1912 Meltham Mills People and Occupations F 55 1917 Meltham People and Occupations F 56-57 1917 Meltham Mills People and Occupations F 57 1922 Meltham People and Occupations F 58-61 1922 Meltham Mills People and Occupations F 62 1927 Meltham People and Occupations F 63-65 1927 Meltham Mills People and Occupations F 66 1936 Meltham People and Occupations F 67-68 1936 Meltham Mills People and Occupations F 69 1822 Meltham People and Occupations F 70 1995 Meltham Tree Sculpture, Photocopied Photographs F 71-72 1995 Meltham Tree Sculpture, Sketch F 73

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Year Description Volume I Page 1995 Meltham Tree Sculpture, Description F 74-75 1945 Crash of Bomber Above Meltham F 76-85 1891 Carlile Institute, Opening of F 86-87 Huddersfield Examiner — Index of Pictures with Meltham Connection F 89 Trans-Pennine Photo Archive — Index of Pictures with Meltham Connection F 91-95 1866 Meltham Church Schools 1866 — Trowel used for Laying of Cornerstone F 97-98 Folly Dolly Falls, Geology of F 99

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Filming in Meltham April 25th-30th 1995

In April 1995,filming took place in Meltham for a BBC. series by off-beat comedian Steve Coogan. parish hall,Green End Road,Town Hall, local shops and the Waggon and Horses pub in the Market Place have all been used. The show, understood was called "The Six Sides of Coogan", feat- ures the bungled efforts of handyman builder Ernest Moss, who tries to win a large contract,in the fictional town of Ottle, played by Steve Coogan. The show is set in the 1960s and was filmed in black and white to give it authenticity.

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Filming in Meltham November 1996

Popular television personalities Pam Ferris and Sarah Lancas- hire have started this week filming a new drama series for ITV. The

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I.T.¥. Drama “Where The Heart Is" September 1998

Cameras have returned to Meltham for filming a new series of the I.T.V.drama.

Fourteen episodes of the heart-warming drama about life in the fictional town of Skelthwaite are being filmed in and around the town,and at Meltham. The first two series attracted more than 1lm viewers,securing the top drama spot in the programme charts. Making a return to the television screens for this series are Pam Ferris and Sarah Lancashire,as sisters-in-law Peggy Snow and Ruth Goddard,who work as district nurses in the tight-knit comm- unity.

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Name Antwerp

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Lamb Inn

Bulls Head Henry Frances

Moorcock Inn Ford Inn Isle of Skye Hotel Dyers Arms White

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Inn Names

The Moorcock Inn better known as Bills O' Jacks which was situated on the Holmfirth- Greenfield

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Dyers Arms


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Cock Crowing Stone

If you go up Wessenden Head Road past the cattle grid you will come across a hugh rock on your right hand side at the bottom of West Nab, with the words Cock Crowing Stone written on it. Why? It has been said that it was part of the Rocking Stone that had stood on the moor at Brow Grains, between West Nab and Deer Hill. It was destroyed in 1827 or 1828 Some half-a-dozen masons

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Opening of the West Nab Footpath

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The Old Sun Temple of West Nab.

On the summit of West Nab,between the Isle of Skye and Meltham,is a "Sun Temple". In many of its features it is unique in Britain.You can't miss it.When you get to the top of Wessenden Head Road ,the rocks of West Nab tower to your right. They look forbidding.Amongst those rocks is a Triad Altar of the "Sun

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The story of "Cuma"!

There is a romance connected with the Sun Temple of West Nab,according to a past Vicar of Upperthong,the Rev.H.G.Wilks. Apparently,the vestal maidens were female attendants at the Sun temples.Their chief duty was to tend the "Eternal

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What a different story,a typing error can make. Taken from the Slaithwaite Guardian and Colne Valley News Cetober

Page 22

Jimmy Blakely,who lived up Sefton Lane,and was the foreman of the Meltham U.D.C. When they got paid,he and old Ossel together with Joe'O Mellor,met each Friday in the Waggon & Horses,where did would stop untill closing time.This Friday night,after several pints Jimmy Blakely said he could eat with feathers on as he was starving,Old Ossel then produced a Shuttlecock,which Jimmy not to be outdone proceeded to eat it till he had finished it completly.

Pa-Chale(Alias Charles Redfern)who had a Butchers Shop on Golders Green.Used to go around all the pubs at night selling meat pies,arriving at the Railway Inn,Edwin Stead who owned the pub said The only thing you are having tonight is this as he passed over a dead cat.Did it go into the meat pies?.

Herbert Wadsworth (Butcher) was serving Mrs Woodhouse with her meat,then paid for it Another woman who was in the shop at the time said You charged her more for her meat than you did for mine. Well said Herbert,when she comes in she always wants something for I

always add on a copper or two and the reduce it so she thinks she has got a bargain. It never fails.

Fred O' Jimmy's(Johnn Fielding Woodhead) & Walker O'Swingers used to sit inr the "House of Lords" in the Rose & Crown.They prefurd the Rose & Crown for prefered the Old Ale on sale in the Waggon & Horses,SoFred O'Jimmys used to say to Walker O'Swingers Go and get some Old Ale,so he used to go to the Waggon and bring back several pints of Old Ale which they drank in comfort.

At Mason's Fish & Chip Shop they used to run a sweep, the winners having a Fish Chip Supper.John O'Bills went in one night to pay his sweep money saying I have never won the sweep yet,He won it for the next three

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Owd Mogg

If youhave ever walked up Fricker Lane which is now only a rough track,leading from Royd Edge Road to Harden Moss,you may have come across a cross on the wall.In the normal course of events the weather would have just washed it off,were it not for passers by who regularly chalk it in to keep it fresh.It has been main- tained in this way since 1867 and to it is attached a Meltham Legend. The death of John Hirst better known as "Old Mogg" a labourer aged 63 years,who resided with his wife and family at Mill Moor, Meltham,created some little excitement.The circumstances of the case are

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"Collop Monday"at Meltham

With the change of time and taste many an old custom has passed into the limbo of forgotten

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During the early day's in Meltham's history,before industrialization,the people were mainly hill farmers,who tried to make a living from the

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Where there are sheep,there are sheepdogs,who generally are the "Workhorses" of the shepherd,who under the control of a whistle,collect the sheep and guide them to their respective pens.

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Besides the trials and spectator attractions,there is Sheep Shearing both by Hand & Machine,Sheep Show for the best Sheep of its breed.Prizes being awarded for both these events,Trade Stalls,Blacksmith Demonstrations and Dry Stone Walling. In 1951 Mr.Frank Brook resigned as President,his keen enthusiasm,foresight, and example had built up a team which had raiséd Harden Moss from a local competition into one of the major events in the Huddersfield District. Mr.Harold Whitely who had been Trials Manager for nearly 2Oyrs,became his outstanding improvement during his period as Fresident was the erection of the new building in 1969.This involved getting planning permission,interviews with the Peak Fark Planning Board at Bakewell,and finally co-ordinating voluntary labour.The cost in materials was £700.This is now used for the additional storage of equipment and for a refreshment/catering hall on trials weekend. 1974 saw the erection of a permanent Grand Stand and the old farm buildings reroofed.

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First Annual Sheep Dog Trials at Harden Moss 26th September 1908

Saturday last was a bleak,wet day,and this was unfortunate luck for the Harden Moss Sheep Dog Rrials Association,who were having their first annual sheep dg trials.Nevertheless,over a thousand people faced the hills and visited the Model Sire grounds.It is safe to assert that the vast majority returned homewards delighted with the programme provided.The Association was formed some weeks ago at a meeting held at the Wood Cottage Hotel,and the following officers were then elected:President,Councillor

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Harden Moss Cont. first lot of sheep broke out of bounds,but he accomplished a good performance with his second dog.Twelve minutes was the time allot-— ted,but some failed to pen.In some instances the sheep were to blame,being particularly wid or obstinate. The double pen stakes provided the most interesting events of the afternoon.The two dogs had six sheep to pen,and it was wonder- ful to see the intelligence and skill of the dogs as they worked in unison with their master's wishes,The sheep had to be divided, and three of one colour taken from the others.This required skill from the shepherd,and both Mr.Barcroft and Mr.Eyre showed marked ability in their task,and were loudly applayded for their work. The judge's decisions were;- Local Class-lst Jas Eyre'sFly.Derwnt;2nd W.Booths,Dust,Holmfirth 3rd E.Rowarths Poll,Sape. I

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Golden Jubilee,Harden Moss Sheep Dog Trials

A brilliant day,with almost cloudless skies,favoured the fift- eth annual Sheep Dog Trials at Harden Moss on Saturday June 18th 1960,and over five thousand people spent an enjoyable and invig- orating day in the pure moorland air. The John Barber Challenge Cup in the Open Class was won by Mr.Il S.Hadfield of Prestatyn,North Wales,and the James Blakely Fell Race was won by a local man for the first time in many years,Mr. L.Liles of Holmfirth. The event commenced with the Local Class and the Local Novice Class yesterday week for which there were twenty-two and fifteen entries respectively.The judge for this year's Trials was Mr.W. Parry of Mold,Flintshire,and Mr.J.S.Brook again acted as trials manager assisted by Messrs

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Harden Moss Sheep Dog Trials cont

Fell Race For the first time in many years the James Blakely Fell Race was won by a Holmfirth man M. L.Liles,who now runs with Longwood Harriers.He.completed the course in 14 mins,5/secs,coming in about ten yards ahead of Mr.T.Carr of Leeds A.C.In last year's race Mr.Liles came in sixth. The third prize was won by Mr.P.Watson of Bramley and Mr.R.W. Beck of Longwood Harriers won the prize for the first novice home. Bramley Harriers won the team race with 16 points and Bingley Hrriers with 23 points won second prize. The prizes for the Fell race were presented by the presidents wife Mrs.H.Whiteley. Thrilling Display by Motor Cyclists This year's special attraction at the Trials was a thrilling display of stunt motor cycling by men of the 3lst Royal Artillery Regiment,who gave a daring and breath-taking exhibition,inter- spersed with clowning by three comedians. Accustomed to performing on a much smoother surface,the rough ground of the Trials field made the work much more hazardous, but the programme was completed without any mishaps apart from one or two spills in which the riders were apparently unhurt. Riding in formation and making figure eight's appeared childs play compared with some of the stunts.These included a motor cycle towing a board on which a man rode in the style of water ski-ing,riding three on a machine facing in the opposite direction to which the machine was travelling,riding in pyramid formation with ten men on four machines and one rider mounted on a ladder ten feet above the machine. The final stunt was the most breath-taking of all,each motor cyclist riding through a tunnel of flame made by blazing straw on a framework of steel. Presentation of the fFrophies At the completion of the Trials,the trophies were presented by the president Mr.Whiteley,to the winners.Mr.whitely expressed his thanks to members of the Association for the hard work they had put in for the event,and also thanked the public who had supported the Trials. Officials of the are Mr.H.R.Wake,secretary;Mr.J. Squires,assistant secretary; Mr.A.Batty,treasurer and Mr.A.Riley assistant treasures. Members of the St.John Ambulance Brigade were on duty to deal with any casualties,but their services were not called for.

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I mondbury.

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Meltham 1857

Meltham is a chapelry,township,and pleasant village,situated in an open valley at the © foot of a mountainous moorland ridge,in the parish of Almondbury,Agbrigg upper wapen- take , Ripon. bishopric, York Huddersfield

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Meltham 1857 cont.


Hodgson John, omnibus proprietor

Hollingworth James wheelwright

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Meltham 1881

Melthan, village on the West by a lofty moorland ridge,5 miles

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Neltham 1894 cont

Carter German, Had pore sr.&

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Private Residents Brook Mrse.Hey Green hastwood

Page 46

Meltham 1897

Kilburn James Engineer & Valuer Kinder Joseph Mellor,Joiner & Builder Kippax Varner, Liberal Club(Alfred

Page 47

Meltham Mills 1897

Private Residents

Brook Charles,Durker Roods Kenyon Brook Charles Lewis,Harewood Lodge Meltham Mills Convalescent Home Brook Edward,Spring Place (Rev.d.R.Jagoe, Chaplain; Thomas Brook Mrs.C.d.Harewood Lodge AeHaigh,Surgeon;Charles &.Freeman Haigh William,Bank Cottage

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Meltham 1901

Page 49

Meltham 1901

Private Residents

Page 50

Meltham 1901

Page 51

Meltham Mills 1901

Page 52

Meltham 1912

Meltham is a parish and pleasant village in an open valley at the foot of a mount- ainous moorland ridge,and the terminous of a branch of the Lancashire and Yorkshire miles S.W. from Huddersfield

Page 53

Meltham 1912 cont.

Urban ‘Council

Meets at the Town Hall,monthly on monady,at 7.230 pem.

Page 54

feltham 1912

‘Ganlick Jase Confectioner Station St. Garrad Oliver Alex,tailor,Market Pl. Garside Wes

Page 55

1912 cont

Wallaces erocers

Page 56

Meltham 1917

Urban District Council 1917-1910

Page 57

_Meltham 1917 cont

Hadeock John,shopkeeper,station St. I Haigh

Page 58

Meltham 1922 Meltham is a parish and pleasant village in an open valley at the foot of a mount- ainous moorland ridge,and the terminous of a branch of the London and North Western railway,5 miles S.W. from

Page 59

Meltham 1922 cont

Urban District Council

Meets at the fown

Page 60

Meltham 1922 cont

Crosland Wright farmer ,Meal Hill Farm

Page 61

Meltham 1922 cont

Sykes Charles Henry(exors of)coal merchant Station. Sykes Fred,shopkeeper Sykes William,butcher,Market Place Taylor Allen & Co Ltd,yarnspinners Albiom Mills Taylor Chas.Albert,jewellers,Market Pl Taylor Edward,farmer Calmlands Taylor Hiram,farmer Wearley Taylor Ira P.,farmer,Wearley Taylor

Page 62

Meltham Mills 1922

Meltham Mills is a village and ecclesiastical parish,formed from the parish of

Page 63

Meltham 1927

Meltham is a parish and pleasant village in an open valley at the foot of a mountain- ous moorland ridge,and the treminous of a branch of the London And North Western railway.5 miles S.W. from Huddersfield,3% N.W. from Holmfirth and 7 S.W.from Almond- bury,in the Colne Valley division of the Riding.The place is governed by an Urban Dist rict Council,formed under the provisions of the Local Goverment Act 1894,in place of the Local Board established in 1860.By

Page 64

Meltham 1927

Page 65

Meltham 1927.

Hinchliffe Thomas Allen,shopkeeper New road Hodgson Abraham,news agt.Market Pl. Huddersfield Suilding Society(Wm. Carter,agent,Beechfield Independant order of Oddfellows Manchester unity (Ernest Taylor Secretary) Jackson Allen W.Collector to the U.D.C. Town Hall Jubb Maurice,sanitary inspector & Surveyor to the U.D.C.Town Hall Kaye & Bradley,plumbers Kaye George Hy.boot maker,Market Pl. Kaye Joseph,plumber Kaye Sarah Jane (Mrs),ironmonger Leader Fred,Fruiterer Liberal Club (Willie Mosley.sec) Littlewood Emily

Page 66

Meltham Mills 1927

Meltham Mills is a village and ecclesiastical parish,formed from the parish of Almondbury in 1845;it is partly in Honley township and partly in Meltham township. a mile east from Meltham terminal station on a branch of the London,Midland and Scottish railway,and 4 south-west from Huddersfield,in the Colne Valley division of the Riding.The church of St.James is a cruciform building in the Pointed style,erected in 1845 by James Brook esq.and consists of chancel,nave,two transepts,south porch and an embattled tower with spire and four crocketed pinnacles and containing one bell; there are several stained windows and sittings for 628 persons.The register dates from the year 1845.The living is a vicarage,net yearly value £340,with residence,in the gift of Simeon's trustees,and held since 1919 by the RevArthur Conway Goulden.The Convalescent Home for Huddersfield and the neighbourhood was erected here in 1870/1 by Charles Brook esq.J.P. of Enderby Hall,Leicester,at a cost for the building and endowment of £40,000;it will hold 64 patients who are admitted by the recommendation of the Huddersfield Infirmary and the managing committee.Here are the extensive cotton mills of Messrs Jonas Brook and Bros.Ltd.,and a short distance away there is I a large silk mill.The principal landowners are the Earl of Dartmouth,Mrs

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Meltham 1936

Meltham,Parish and Urban miles N.W. from Holmfirth & 5 miles S.W. from Huddersfield;Post and Tel.Office;5.134 acres; population 5,051.

Principal -Henry R.

Page 68

Meltham 1936

Kaye Joseph,plumber,Holmfirth Rd. Kaye M.H.(Mrs),ironmonger Liberal

Page 69

Meltham Mills 1936

Meltham Mills is a village and ecclesiastical parish,1 mile E. from Meltham terminal

Station;population 721.

Principal Landowners-The Earl Of Dartmouth

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Page 74

Instead of simply cutting the tree down because of its diseased upper branches, it was decided to commission a sculptor to carve it, with a basic theme of Meltham.

Jason Thomson was chosen. Initially he talked to knowledgeable locals and read local historical reference books. In order to sift through the various possibilities he cross-referenced all comments, suggestions and ideas in order to "Hit as many birds as possible with one stone”.

Having sketched his ideas and made clay models to guide the design, he marked out the tree with paint so that he would know where to cut out the main features. He was kindly assisted by local businesses who offered various forms of sponsorship, including free chainsaw cuts, which helped remove some bulk of the tree.

He then set about hand adzing and carving out his design. Working on scaffolding, again kindly donated by a local business, or clinging to the upper branches he spent two-half months of hard physical activity to finish the tree.

Throughout its creation, children of the Meltham CE School benefited from workshops and informal talks given by the artist. Through talking to the local people throughout the project Jason was able to create a positive response to the sculpture. As well as the locals, the artist has also been in conversation with people as far as field as Australia, America and Scandinavia. Funding for the project has been supplied by local business, the local council , Meltham CE School

and especially from Rural Action, Yorkshire and Humberside Arts and Public I


THE TREE AND ITS VISUAL FEATURES. Beginning with the main roadside

Page 75

The other main feature of the tree trunk is the tractor. This reflects the now departed tractor works, which until recently was strongly associated with Meltham. The tyre shape blends with the a sheep's horn or ammonite, to give a further link with the land and agriculture. There was a nail already present inside the tree which is now stuck in the tyre, hinting at the deflation of the tractor works.

Arising from the bonnet of the tractor are a mass of trumpet like forms which suggest the brass band, so strongly featured in the village.

The fork of the tree has a representation of Meltham nestling between West Nab _and Deer Hill. The two branches represent the hills as seen from the top of Thick Hollins Lane. I

These "Roof Tops" of Meltham, then open up into a pile of books on the left hand branch which symbolise learning and history. From one of the books pours a stream of water, or perhaps history which flows down the underneath of the branch and parts around one of Nimrod's Sentries. This reflects the influence of water on the history of Meltham. On top of the books is a television or computer screen with a three-dimensional image with a child on it. This represents modern technology and future potential.

At the base of the tree is a vein of honeycomb reflecting the historical association of bee-keeping. The other veins suggest minerals, such as coal or fire-clay which have both been mined in the Meltham area.

Tree Sculpture: Jason Thomson. (17/7/95)

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Bomber crash mystery solved! - Huddersfield Examiner _ Page I of 3

Bomber crash mystery solved!

Apr 12 2008 by Steve Catchpool, Hudd Sat

IN response to Mr Howarth’s above letter Examiner librarian Stephen Carter searched the archives at our Queen Street South office in a bid to shed some light on the Meltham air crash mystery - and he unearthed an Examiner newspaper clipping dated February 25 1958. It reads:

The Flying Fortress crash mystery of Meltham Moors was solved last night by a former chairman of Meltham Council who was a member of one of two stretcher parties who went to the aid of the five man crew of the American aircraft.

First hand proof that the crash occurred in September 1945, and not 1942 as had been generally assumed, was supplied by Cir Matthew H Kaye in an interview with an Examiner reporter.

“I remember the incident vividly,” said Cir Kaye, who was a part-time member of the National Fire Service at the time. “Indeed it was such an atrocious night that I could scarcely ever forget it. But there was no-one killed in the crash, although two members of the crew were badly injured.”

“It was about 5.40pm,” Cir Kaye recalled, “when the plane was heard circling over Meltham. It was flying low, and apparently frightened quite a few members of the population.

“The first report that there had been a crash, however, did not come until well over an hour later when one of the airmen staggered into a waterman’s hut at the Huddersfield Corporation’s Brow Grange property.

Almost completely exhausted he broke the news that four of his compatriots were still in the wrecked aircraft up on the moors.

Immediately a telephone message was put through to the NFS station at Meltham and within a few minutes a full-time crew of firemen were on their way to the crash scene.

Clr Kaye was ordered to contact Divisional Officer Bennington and organise two stretcher parties. This he duly did and the members included Cir J W Hollingworth (another man who since the war featured prominently on Meltham Council), Sgt Geoffrey Garner, of the Home Guard and Meltham’s Dr Gellatly.

“There were probably others who were in the stretcher parties still living in the area, but unfortunately I cannot remember them all at the moment,” said Cir Kaye.


Page 78

Bomber crash mystery solved! - Huddersfield Examiner

Page 79

Bomber crash mystery solved! - Huddersfield Examiner

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Peak District Air Accident Research Page 1 of 1

Peak District Air Accident Research

Last Updated:

Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress 43-37667 of the 709th Bombardment Squadron, 447th Bombardment Group, Crashed on Meltham Moor 6th April 1945.

10th April 2008 Home Peak District Projects Roll of Honour The Region Page Updates



Isle of Man

The Pennines The aircraft was on a test flight to put hours onto new engines which had been fitted to the aircraft. The flight was from Rattlesden near Stowmarket in Suffolk. The crew decided to head towards Manchester (for no real reason) when they got bored of flying around Suffolk but entered cloud on nearing the Pennines and became lost. While descending through cloud they The Lake struck the gently rising ground on Meltham Moor.


http://www. 22/04/2008

Page 82

weekend @

April 12, 2008

MELTHAM reader Mr John

Howarth wrote in to Examiner.

columnist Denis Kilcommons on the subject of a dramatic plane crash on the moors above Meltham. Here is his letter: “I have a vivid memory of an American Flying Fortress bomber aircraft crashing just about halfway along the hill behind my house, to be more precise, about halfway along the hill line between West Nab and Shooters’ Nab. The timing of this event was either just prior to the end of WW2, or shortly after the end of the war. The memory is most vivid because [, along with many others, toiled our weary

way to the wreck site some few days.

following the event. In fact I accompanied our local policeman and lots of other searchers.

If my memory serves me correctly, the aircraft in question was returning from a

Page 83

weekend @

April 12, 2008

12, 2008



to Express and Huddersfield HD1 2 TD

ures of yesteryear

your pict Queen St South

Page 84

7 ‘Flying Fortress’ bomber still “here is confusion over the date of puts the date at September 1945 but Martin Usher and other

Page 85

ay crash site revisited

SALLY B: The last Flying Fortress bomber still flying and almost identical to the US Army

the censor was still active as the war was still on.

Andy Ingham emailed: “I hope I can add some details to the story you ran (April 12).

Page 86




OPENING CEREMONY. Yesterday the public institutions of Meltham were increased by one which promises to be not the least in its sphere of usefulness to the inhabitants of that thriving locality. The Carlile Institute, erected by Mr. J. W. Carlile, furnishes a library, reading-room, concert hall, &c., each one of which. should add materially to the attractions of the neighbourhood. The selection of books made by Mr. Carlile are all excellent. Attached

to the catalogue of the library is the following address :—

To the Workpeople at Meltham Mills. My Dear

Page 87


has a lofty open timber roof, and both are fitted with pitch-pine dados and hot air stoves. Ample lavatory and cloak-room accommodation is provided. A spacious smoking-room will shortly be provided in the buildings, in course of erection, near the institute, for the purpose of affording by means of their rent roll], an endow- ment income for the support of the institute. A principal feature in the decoration of the lecture hall, staircase, and rooms, are the wise mottoes and homely proverbs which, in varying colours and styles of letters, are painted on the friezes below the ceilings throughout the buildings. These mottoes have been selected with great care and judgment by the founder, and should prove a lasting source of interest and instruction to those who may frequent the building. Much care and attention have been bestowed upon the details of heating and ventilation, in order to provide an ample supply of warm fresh air without draughts or the use of complicated

Page 89



Railway Accident At Meltham Meltham & Meltham Mills Buses

Page 93

Photographic Archive

112.0021 112.0022 112.0023 112.0024 112.0025 112.0026 112.0027 112.0028 112.0029 112.0030 112.0031 112.0032 112.0033 112.0034 112.0035 112.0036 112.0037 112.0038 112.0039 112.0040 112.0041 112.0042 112.0043 112.0044 112.0045 112.0046 112.0047 112.0048 112.0049 112.0050

Meltham: Meitham: Meltham: Meltham: Meltham: Melinam: Meltham: Meltham: Meltham: Meitham: Meltham: Meltham: Meltham:

Page 95


Photographic Archive

112.0051 Meltham: Goods Yard Notice Board 1951

Page 97


In browsing through the Fine Art Sale catalogue of Mitchells Auctioneers of Cockermouth, Cumbria for Thursday 23" March, 2006, Mrs Juliet Wilson of Cockermouth, daughter-in-law of Mrs Eileen Wilson of Meltham, eyed the following entry: “A Victorian silver presentation trowel, presented to Jane Gwenhwyfar Hughes on the occasion of her laying the chief corner stone of the Church Schools, Meltham 1866, having a foliate engraved heart shaped blade and ivory handle, Birmingham mark 1864.

The Schools are of course those built on Greens End Lane opposite the Church of which only the old junior school building now stands, having been used as the Church Hall since the 1960s, when its function was replaced by the

Page 99

164 GEOLOGY AND almost every waterfall occurs at the head of a more or less distinct gorge, while above it the valley is actually shallower. A rather different type of waterfall is sometimes produced where a fault line running across the valley brings grit against shale. If the shale is on the downstream side of the fault it becomes rapidly worn down to a lower level than the grit, so that the fault plane is excavated and forms a wall over which

the water falls: if, as is frequently the case, the fault plane is

nearly vertical, the grit bed may not be undercut for some time, and there is thus less tendency for the fall to recede and

Figure 45. Section through the Dolly Folly Waterfall, near Meltham

F, the fault plane; H.W., the Huddersfield White Rock; S, the

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