Meltham UDC: Annual Report of the Medical Officer of Health (1939) by R. Gellatly

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ee District Council

Annual Report





Eli Collins and Co., Ltd., “Express” Office, Holmfirth.

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Anuual Report OF THE

Medical Officer of Health

For the Year 1939.

Dudd House, Meltham. October, 1940.

To the Chairman and Members of the Meltham Urban District Council. Mr. Chairman, Miss Haigh and Gentlemen, [ have the honour of presenting for your consideration my Annual Report on the health and sanitary circumstances of your district for the year 1939.


The Public Health Officers of the Council during the year were :— Dr. Robert Gellatly, M.D.C.M., Medical Officer of Health: Mr. R. G. Suddick, Sanitary Inspector.

The appointment of Medical Officer of Health is a part- time one. The Sanitary Inspector is also Building Surveyor and Water Engineer to the Council and devotes his whole time to the duties of those offices.

A contribution to the salaries of the Officers is made by the County Council under arrangement with the Ministry of Health.


AREA.—The area of the district is 5,906 acres.

POPULATION.—The population at the 1931 Census of Meltham Urban District was 5,051, and the Registrar- General’s estimate of the resident population of the district at the middle of 1939 is 5,003.

The number of inhabited houses at the end of 1939, according to the Rate Book, was 1,731.

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The rateable value of the district on the Ist April, 1939, was £28,422, and-a penny rate produced £111 10s. 7d. for 1939.

The principal industries now carried on in the district are engineering, woollen manufacture, silk dressing, brick making, mixed farming and poultry keeping. The industries carried on in the district cannot be said to be detrimental to the health of those engaged therein.

VITAL STATISTICS. (Comparability figure 0.97 equal to a population of 4,995)

LIVE BIRTHS... Legitimate... 60 28 32 of the estimated (Lilegitimate . dl 516 resident popula- tion 12:2

Legitimate Or, ow per 1,000 total

Total M. a) on Rate per 1,000

STILL, BIRTHS I 0-0. eu Bik) I Births 89:552.

DEATHS aes kek ne 79 33 46 Death Rate per 1,000 of the estimated resi- dent population 158

The Births for 1939 show a decrease from the year 1938 and Deaths have increased.

Deaths from Puerperal causes :— ae al es Puerperal Sepsis Ber 00 Nil. Other Puerperal Causes ate ses: 14.925 Total 1 14,925

Deaths of Infants under one year of age :—

Tetal- =... 4 1 3 Legitimate 4 i 3 Illegitimate — - — -

Death Rates of Infants under one year of age :—

All Infants per 1,000 Live Births _... 22, Se Legitimate Infants per 1,000 Legitimate Live Births 66.67 Illegitimate Infants per 1 000 cree timate Live Births AL.

Deaths from Cancer (all ages).. Deaths from Measles (all ages) Deaths from Whooping Cough (all ages)

qe oS &

Deaths from Diarrhoea (under 2 years of age)

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The causes of death were :— my; FB, Typhoid and Parat. Fever _... ne DD Measles... cas ‘a 3 ree.) Scarlet Fever... eg arf ee Whooping Cough Diphtheria a mi ag i 1G Influenza ... bed ss i te I Enceph. Lethargica Cerebro-Spinal Fever wh. Tuberculosis of Resp. System... I Other Tuberculosis oe Te Syphilis... Gas sm Sa G.P.I., Tabes, &c. Cancer... ae Sy. hs 5 Diabetes ... aol oy a3 Sin, sil 4 Cerebral Hzem., &c._ .:. ae ae 3 Heart Disease ... i. ae we’ ane (Bt Aneurysm... 7 be mer ye Other Circulatory Disorders ... vet 2 Bronchitis... Say la 3 Pneumonia (all forms)... te ee 2 Other Respiratory Diseases ... a8 Peptic Ulcer hs hes toe VU Diarrhoea under 2 years ies Satine Appendicitis a a “3 ce Cirrhosis of Liver a sd ‘chal Other Liver Diseases ... a iat Other Digestive Diseases ee en OQ Acute and Chronic Nephritis ... I 2 Puerperal Sepsis... zy ) Other Puerperal Diseases sd ] Con. Deb., Prem. Birth, &c. ... 1 2 Senility ] Suicide 1 Other Violence ... as 2 Other Defined Diseases I 5 Ill Defined 33 46

GENERAL PROVISION OF HEALTH SERVICES IN THE AREA. There are no developments or changes since my last Annual Report. Water Supply.

During the year the water supply has been satisfactory and adequate, the consumption being 54,530,000 gallons.

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The Council’s supply was analysed 26 times during the year, and, on the information gained from the Analyst’s reports, the Council placed a contract for the installation of a Filtration and Hardening plant. The water will also be chlorinated.

Sewerage and Drainage. The sewage works have been found to be overloaded at times during the year, but in the present situation no costly extensions are contemplated.

Rivers and Streams. No action found necessary in regard to pollution.

Closet Accommodation. Ten conversions during the year. The closets of each type remaiming at the end of 1959 are:—— Total. Private. Common.

Water Closets ne MOTD FE Oe SS Earth Closets my te. (he. On fe ae Tub ‘Closets. ... IOS Ose... 60 138s" Bel ews saz

The Council supply ash bins on request to property owners at a smail margin above cost price, and in approved cases make a grent of £2 and free ash bin where owners convert to wate: closet.

Public Cleansing.

Amount of refuse removed during year ... 1849 tons. Mileage covered by cleansing waggon ... 6068

The refuse is disposed of at the Wood Bottom tip on the controlled system. I The total cost of removal and disposal of the refuse for the past year was £865 17s. 3d.

Sanitary Inspection of the Area.

INSPECTIONS. sone Outstand= NATURE. Number. I Informal.| Formal, |Complied I ing at end with. of year, Infectious Diseases.... 2 — —~ — Disinfection tS. 6 — — — — Ordinary Nuisances ..! 94 42 — 40 2 ies 148 38 36 2 SP vce, cas casos acne 143 3 — 3 — ss. I 45 — — oo — Slaughter Houses .... 517 a —_ — — Privies and Pail Closets Ls 10 = 10 — Workshops, Workplaces 62 6 — 6 == SCROGGIE 2s. wee: a eee — — — 2. I 5 — —

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5 Shops Act. Ventilation and Temperature.

The usual inspections have been made, and no action found necessary.

Smoke Abatement.

Observations have been taken of certain chimneys in the area during the year. The amount. of smoke given out was not such as to justify any formal action by the Council. Experiments are being made at certain premises in an attempt to reduce the amount and density of smoke emitted.

Swimming Baths.

There are none in the area at present.

Eradication of Bed Bugs.

Nine houses in the Westgate Clearance Area were fumi- gated on vacation, and tenants’ furniture and effects treated with Hydrogen Cyanide Gas during removal to new houses on the Council Housing Estate. Eight houses belonging to a private owner were found to be infested and were treated by the same process, as were three Council houses. In each case the bedding was put through the steam disinfector at the Colne and Holme Hospital. A private house, which was being temporarily used as a hostel, was found to be bug infested, and this was treated by Cemex Ltd. Later inspec- tions of these houses have not shown any evidence of re- infestation.


The following are the particulars relating to the water supply to the Schools in the area, viz. :—

Meltham ... Water from Council’s Main. Meltham Mills... Do. eae ee, Do. Wilshaw ... ... .... Water from Private Supply.

It has not been found necessary during the year to close any schools for the purpose of checking the spread of in- fectious disease.

Factories, Workshops and Workplaces.

These have been visited during the year and found to be satisfactory.

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Number of new Houses erected during the year :

(a) Total (including numbers given separately under (b) ) re i ipsa)

(b) With State assistance under the Housing Acts :— CP) "By “tire Authority... (I1) By other bodies or persons



Inspection of Dwelling-Houses during the year.

1. (a) Total number of dwelling-houses inspected for housing defects (under Public Health or Housing Acts) ... fl san fe Oe

(b) Number of inspections made for the purpose 148

2. (a) Number of dwelling-houses which were in- spected and recorded under the Housing Consolidated Regulations, 1925 and 1932 ... (b) Number of inspections made for the purpose

3. Number of dwelling-houses found to be in a state so dangerous or injurious to health as to be unfit for human habitation Bi aa I

4. Number of dwelling-houses (exclusive of those referred to under the preceding sub-head) found not to be in all respects reasonably fit for human habitation ... my ea

Remedy of Defects during the Year without service of

Formal Notices.

Number of defective dwelling-houses rendered fit in consequence of informal action of the their.Officers 37

Action under Statutory Powers during the Year. A.—Proceedings under Sections 9, 10 and 16 of the Housing Act, 1936 :—

(1) Number of dwelling-houses in respect of which notices were served requiring repairs

(2) Number of dwelling-houses which were ren- dered fit after service of formal notices :—

(a) By owners... = ae ue ae (b) By Local Authority in default of owners Se nd

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B.—Proceedings under Public Health Acts :-—

(1) Number of dwelling-houses in respect of which notices were served requiring defects to be remedied... an aa a cage et

(2) Number of dwelling-houses in which defects were remedied after service of formal

notices :— (a) By owners _... =e Si ae (b) By Local Authority in default of

owners ar aa a >

C.—Proceedings under Sections 11 and 13 of the Housing Act, 1936 :— (1) Number of dwelling-houses in respect of which Demolition Orders were made 44a?

(2) Number of dwelling-houses demolished in pursuance of Demolition Orders _... bral

[) —Proceedings under Section 12 of the Housing Act, 1936 :—

(1) Number of separate tenements or under- ground rooms in respect of which Closing Orders were made ... igh st ae aaa

(2) Number of separate tenements or under- ground rooms in respect of which Closing Orders were determined, the tenement or room having been rendered fit bi) .»

The fifteen new houses at Pick Hill Road were completed

and occupied early in the year.

Housing Act, 1936. Overcrowding.

(a) Number of dwellings overcrowded at the

end of the year ... ... 14 (11) Number of families ‘dwelling therein neh (IIL) Number of persons dwelling therein ... 754

(b) Number of new cases of overcrowding eo during the year... 2a ie 1d 230,

(c) (1) Number of cases of overcrowding patted during the year... t 2 (Il) Number of persons concerned i in such cases 164

(d) Particulars of any cases in which dwelling- houses have again become overcrowded after the Local Authority have taken steps for the abate- ment of overcrowding _... re i eae

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(a).—MILk SupPLy.

There are four Accredited producers in the area. The local Co-operative Society also sell sterilised milk. The supply and distribution of the milk is in the hands of the producers, the farmers, of whom 25 are producer-retailers and two dispose of their milk wholesale, and there are four retailers who sell milk produced outside the Urban District.

Alterations and improvements have been made in a number of cowsheds as the result of representations made by the Department. Inspection of the dairies and cowsheds is carried out

regularly. The Ministry of Agriculture’s Veterinary Inspector also visits in connection with inspection of milch cows.

(b) Meat, &c. A regular system of meat inspection has been carried out, and the Sanitary Inspector inspects every animal slaughtered in the area. The following are particulars of the inspections:

Cattle Sheep excluding I Cows. I Calves. and Pigs. Cows. Lambs. Nummer 7 sce eae 565 70 12 I 1311 I 443 Number inspected 609 70 12. |. 1311 I 443 All Diseases (excepting TPub- erculosis) whole careases coc ds — — — -| I Carcases of which some part or organ was condemned 14 5 = PD 3 Percentage of number inspect- ed affected with disease I other than Tuberculosis.| 3°83% |714%| — |0-45%|0:902% Tuberculosis only Whole carcases 5 — — — — Carcases of which some part or organ was condemned 24 6 — _— 9 Percentage of the number inspected affected with I — |2:03% Total weight Condemned Beef. Mutton. Pork.

during year ... ee oo. Ios... LP Babs:

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4 Visits have been paid to shops and stores in the district, and, generally speaking, these are well kept.

There are four bakehouses in the district. The premises have been inspected by the Sanitary Inspector, and are clean and satisfactory.

There has been no reported case of Food Poisoning curing the year. (c).—ADULTERATION, &c.

The Council is not the Local Authority under the Food and Drugs Act, etc., etc.


PREVALENCE OF, AND CONTROL OVER, INFECTIOUS DISEASES. Arrangements have been made to obtain a supply of Diphtheria Anti-toxin at the Isolation Hospital.

The recently developed artificial methods of immuniza- tion against diphtheria have been used both privately and by the County Council at Schools and Clinics.

Prevalence of disease at Schools is notified by the School Attendance Officer, and action taken.

The District was free from any serious outbreak of non- notifiable infectious disease during the year.


Notifiable ‘Diseases (other than Tuberculosis) during the year 1939.

Clima Total cases Cases admitted Total notified. to Hospital. Deaths. 16s: 3 3 oc See 3 3 Enteric <2 1 ] PV os I inc. nes 2 2 Pneumonia S381. varie 8 2 ANALYSIS.

Under .| 1-5 I 5-10 I 10-15{| 15-20 I 20-45]! 45 and over

Scarlet Fever...... I 1 — —_ = Diphtheria........ 1 1 ~ — 1 — Enteric Fever ] — — — — Erysipelas ........ oe — at — — 2 Pneumonia ...... 2 i 5 — Thiet’ 3 i Pad) ee 2

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During the year one death was registered in, the district

as due to Tuberculosis. New Cases and Mortality during 1939. NEW CASES. DEATHS.

Age Periods.

Pulmonary. Non-Pulmonary,. Pulmonary, Non-Pulmonary

M 1—5 _ 5—10 _ 10—15 — 15—25 — 29—35 55—45 1 45—55 — 55—65 —

esl a

el eter


i ES The notification of tuberculosis is satisfactory.

SS eee


No action taken during the year.



The Council maintain an Ambulance for use in accident cases and the removal of serious cases of non-infectious ill- ness when certified to be necessary by a doctor.

An Ambulance for cases of infectious disease is run by the Colne and Holme Joint Hospital Board from the Hospital at Meltham. —_——~)> ——_—

In conclusion I should like to pay a tribute to the Chair- man and Members of the Council, the Clerk and Officials for the assistance and courtesy extended to me during the year, and to the Sanitary Inspector for his loyal co-operation in

my work. L am,

Miss Haigh and Gentlemen,

Your obedient servant,


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Birth-rates, Death-rates, Analysis and Wales of Mortality, Maternal Mortality and| — 126 Great Case notes for certain Infectious owns and 148 Diseases in the year 1939. Smaller Towns,

(Provisional Figures based on Weekly and Quarterly Returns).

I 126 I tier? ’ Smaller Towns Ba County Boro’s England a (Resident London and Pawne I Populations Watcc Great Towns ee ales I tried adil 25,000 to County ae 50.000 at London I eee I 1931 Census)

I ee I

— ee

Rates per 1,000 Population.

Births— I <7 Live oxi eid wt are) I 346 12:3 12:2 Still si ee «| O59 0:59 0.57 0°44 1:2 Deaths— All Causes aa wets LY 12:0 11/2 11:9 |158 Typhoid and \ ; I ; Paratyphoid Fevers J oo on I 0:00 on Smallpox ... eis ins — — i Lees 0:00 Measles... sls a 0-01 0:01 001 I 000 I 0:00 Scarlet Fever... 0:00 000 I 0-00 0:00 Whooping Cough ates Re 0:03 002 I 0:03 I 0:00 Diphtheria ie OBS 0:05 0:04 0:02 0:00 Inflgenza 2 2s. ss} I O21 0:19 0°20 0-18 I 9°60 Notifications=— Sinallpox ... ia 0:00 I _ on saan 0:00 Scarlet Fever... 189 I 1:96 1:78 1:53 I 060 Diphtheria a 1:14 1-21 1:16 0:98 I 060 Enteric Fever... wh” I Oma 0:04 0:03 I 9:20 Erysipelas al O84 I 40 0-31 0-37 I 0-40 Pneumonia eet ae I 1-21 0:89 0:99 I 160 Rates per 1,000 Live Births. Deaths under 1 year of age... 50 53 40 48 I 65°67 Deaths from Diarrhcea and Enteritis under 2 years 46 6°3 3:0 82 0°00 of age ote Maternal Mortality= Puerperal Sepsis... sect) ee ] 0:00 Others ia ia of 2°16 Not available 16°393 Total. cess:,: 04, Rates per 1,000 Total Births (i.e. Live & Still) Maternal Mortality— I Puerperal Sepsis... I O74 I 0:00 Others cs an ak ae Not available 14-925 Total eas wat 26


Puerperal Fever hi : . ¢ ak Puerperal Pyrexia ae 14°35 17°26 12°99 } 14°22

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I I eee swaiteotal atsfhies oF

‘ 7 { Aes - i ~ = = wt Ne BS) I et) j wiry ‘ ' ia

“Ol BE hin ce! ee pepe a) oe — , pax th epee PEM wre’.

tea wrt sal oe

3 i ry pt LAP (x { Loe bat - get if + j ed fight on y of ; s j 7 f

ao Sid 4 oN

> a er. a OA 6 fet re AY s 5 5 Er I I sy I 86. |. ar soi - wo $00 20 160 a Bah Ai

I , es sean ieee iat f, GE. i. a ae

« : aa Ft a sb. “tyes I see

eo I oO” {= a * re fe ee



ra a io ere ies ¥ “a a

ad I evan ©

a th a ow a od i > eee elie oo a ‘i = ay

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