Hillhouse Congregational Church: Jubilee Souvenir 1865-1915 (1915)

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Jubilee Celebration

— st :

FEBRUARY 7th, 10th, l4th, Zist & 1915.

So built we the wall, and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof: for the people had a mind to work.” Nehemiah iv, 6.

‘‘And I sent messengers unto them, Saying, I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down: why should the work cease, whilst I leave it, and come down to you.” Nehemiah 6, 3.


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The following brief record of the Origin and History of the Church will be read with interest in connection with the celebration of the Jubilee. It has been compiled chiefly from Minute Books and other authentic sources :

HE Hillhouse Congregational Church owes its origin in a large measure to the Bi- Centenary celebrations (1862), inasmuch as as the Dissenters of Huddersfield who sub- scribed to the Fund then raised for Chapel Building purposes felt that a portion at least of their contri- butions would be well expended in their own locality . The site was selected at the suggestion of the: late lamented William Willans, Esq., whose liberality and earnestness in giving effect to the movement will long identify his memory with the edifice which he was not spared to see completed.” Prior to the building of the Church, Mr. Willans arranged with Mr. Hotchkiss (then the Town Mis- sionary in connection with the Church at Ramsden



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Jubilee Souvenir



Street, and afterwards the Pastor of the Moldgreen Congregational Church), to hold cottage meetings at Hillhouse. These were held in a cottage (Mr. Stocks’) in Hillhouse Lane.

At a meeting, held at Mr. Willans’ in 1862, it was unanimously resolved on the proposition of Mr. Moody, seconded by Mr. Robert Jackson, and sup- ported by Mr. Henry Dewhurst:—‘‘That in the opinion of this meeting it is desirable that a Chapel and Sunday Schools should be erected at Hillhouse.”’

On January 8th, 1863, at Mr. Willans’, the fol- lowing gentlemen were appointed a Building Com- mittee:—Revs. R. Bruce, M.A., and R. Skinner, Messrs. W. Willans, C. H. Jones, Wright Mellor, Charles Hirst,; Henry Dewhurst, T. Denham, J. Hirst, J. Prost. By J..S. Couzens, W. Dawson; the following were subse-

quently added, Messrs. John Shaw, James Shaw, J.

Whitworth, and J. E. Willans. Mr. W. Willans was appointed chairman; Mr. Wright Mellor, vice-chair- man; Mr. Charles Hirst, treasurer; and Messrs. W. Hirst and T. Edwards, secretaries.

On January 29th, the building site, containing 1,725 yards, was determined upon, and plans pre- pared by Mr. J. P. Pritchett, architect (of Darling- ton), were provisionally approved on April 20th. The tenders were accepted in August, amounting to a total of £2,421. 3

On September 4th, Mr. WILLIAM WILUANS died, and the following resolution was passed by the


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Building Committee at their meeting, held Septem- ber 10th:— I I 1863

“That this Committee cannot permit the sudden removal ot Mr. Willans, their beloved friend and chairman, to pass without placing on record their deep sense of the bereavement they have sustained in common. with many who mourn this afflictive event. They had enter- tained an exalted estimate of his character, whilst they cherished warm affection for him as a personal friend and fellow-worker. His lifelong consecration to God, his generous liberality, and his abundant labours in advancing the cause of the Redeemer will long be borne in memory, and regarded as a bright example to his survivors. They cannot but deplore his decease at the time when it was in his heart and power to do much for the general interests of Christ- ianity, and for our denomination in particular, in the way of evangelistic and agressive effort. They have especially to record the loss sustained in connection with the project for erecting a new sanctuary at Hill- house. His Christian forethought originated the idea. Having set his heart on the accomplishment of so desirable an object, his unwearied efforts enlisted the sympathy and co-operation ot others, and by the noble ofter of one-fourth of the money to be subscribed in Huddersfield, he excited a spirit of liberality which has given security for the realization of his cherished desire. Though deprived of the invaluable assistance of their lamented friend, the Committee feel themselves under solemn obligation to prosecute the undertaking with increased earnestness to its com- pletion, and they have a mournful satisfaction in the thought that the sacred edifice may in some sense be regarded as a lasting memorial of the zeal and liber- ality otf its projector. They would tender to Mrs. Willans and family their affectionate sympathy and condolence with the earnest prayer that they may be effectually sustained under this heavy affliction by the God of all comfort.” es

On November 7th, the Foundation Stone was laid by Mr. John Wrigley Willans, but owing to the


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Jubilee Souvenir



inclemency of the weather, the proceedings ‘were curtailed. The following, amongst others, -were present on the occasion:—Revs. R. Bruce, M.A., R. Skinner, and -W. Hotchkiss; Messrs. J. E. Wilans, T. B. Willans, Thomas Firth, C. H. Jones, Wright Mellor, J.P., T. Denham, C. Hirst, C. Hirst, jun., John Crossley (Halifax), M. Hale, E. Couzens, W. Hirst, and J. Boothroyd. On the Monday fol- lowing a Public Meeting in connection. with the Foundation Stone laying was held in ‘the Ramsden Street Chapel. Mr. John Crossley (of Halifax) pre- sided, and the following took part in the meeting :— Revs. R. Bowman (Heckmondwike), R. Bruce, M.A.., R. Skinner, and T. Stephenson; Messrs. J. W. Willans, C. Hirst, Wright Mellor, J.P., and C. H. Jones. The Treasurer reported that up to the time of the meeting £2,012 of the £3,000 required had been subscribed. The promises at the: meeting amounted to an additional £1380, and it was announced that the four sons of Mr. Willans had promised to bear the cost of the spire.

Ata meeting, held January 19th, to arrange for the opening of the Church, Messrs. W. M. Jackson, R. Jackson, J. Thornton, F. Carter, and G. C. Orrah,

were added to the. Committee. The Committee

appointed Mr. George Hiley as Chapel Keeper on January 30th, 1865.

The following were the arrangements for the opening services:—Wednesday, February 15th, the Rev. Thomas Jones preached morning and evening,


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Jubilee Souvenir

the Revs. R. Skinner and J. Hanson took part in the morning service, and the Revs. R. Bruce, M.A., 1869 and W. Thomas in the evening service.

Sunday, February 19th, the Rev. R. Skinner preached in the morning, and the Rev. J. Baldwin Brown, B.A., in the afternoon and evening.

Tuesday, February 21st, the Rev. J. P. Chown preached in the evening.

Sunday, February 26th, the Rev. R. Bruce, M.A., preached in the morning, and the Rev. R. Balgarnie in the afternoon and evening.

Monday, February 27th, tea was provided in rooms near the Church, about 350 being present ; after tea a Public Meeting was held in the Church. Mr. Edward Baines, M.P., presided, and the follow- ing amongst others were present:—Revs. R. Bal- garnie, W. Baggaly, J. Hanson, R. Skinner, R. Bruce, M.A., and W. Hotchkiss; Messrs. John Cross- ley, Fite. W... Jones, and Wright Mellor, J.P.

At this meeting it was stated that the building, including fittings, had cost £38,650, and that the sub- scriptions and collections, up to that morning, amounted to £3,017 38s. Before the meeting closed Mr. J. W. Willans declared the BUILDING FREE FROM DEBT, and announced that £150 had been subscribed towards the erection of schools.

The ordinary services in the Church were con- tinued from the opening services, and on April 14th, 1865, a Sunday School was commenced in the


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Church, with Mr. W. M. Jackson as superintendent, Mr. F. Carter, treasurer, and Mr. Wm. Smith, sec- retary. 24 teachers and 89 scholars were present.

The Church was formed on the Ist day of June. “The meeting was of a deeply interesting character, and the new Christian Society was constituted under the most favourable auspices. The Rev. R. Skinner, of Ramsden Street Chapel, and the Rev. R. Bruce, M.A., of Highfield Chapel, presided over the pro- ceedings of the evening, and conducted the services conjointly.”” The Rev. R. Skinner explained the nature and constitution of a Christian Church, after which the Rev. R. Bruce read a letter of transfer of 11 members from Highfield; and the Rev. R. Skinner read a similar letter on behalf of 16 mem- bers from Ramsden Street. Besides the 27 thus transferred, 11 others were admitted at this meeting, making a total of 38, of whom our good friend, Mrs. R. Lockwood is the only remaining member.

At a Church Meeting held September 7th, it was resolved to invite the Rev. W. W. Chaffey to the pastorate, and at a meeting of the seatholders held on September 12th, the decision of the Church was approved. Mr. Chaffey accepted the invitation, and entered upon the pastorate on October 15th.

At a meeting of the Chapel Building Committee, held January 6th, 1866, the following resolution was unanimously passed on the proposition of Mr. T. Denham, seconded by Mr. C. Hirst:—‘‘That this Committee approves of the suggestion of the friends at Hillhouse to erect Schools adjoining the Chapel,


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Jubilee Souvenir


and thinks it advisable that a new Committee be formed for that purpose, it being understood that Messrs. C. Hirst and Wright Mellor, to whom the the land is leased, be members of this new Com- mittee.”’

At a Church Meeting, held on January 16th, and at a Seatholders’ Meeting, held on January 23rd, the following were elected the School Building Committee:—Rev. W. W. Chaffey, Messrs. Wright Mellor, J.P., C. Hirst, J. Rawson, H. Dewhurst, J. E. Willans, C. Hirst, jun., W. Denham, W. Hirst, W.M. Jackson, S. Collinge, R. Lockwood, W. Atkin- son, jun., J. Blackburn, J. Dawson, J. Thornton, F, Carter, G. G. Boothroyd, G. C. Orrah, J. Pitch- forth, T. Edwards, W. Fairweather, and E. Parker.

The Rev. W. W. Chaffey (pastor), was elected president, Mr. J. E. Willans, treasurer, and Messrs. W. Hirst and S. Collinge, secretaries.

On February 26th, plans prepared by Mr. J. P. Pritchett, architect, were provisionally approved, and it was determined to advertise for tenders. On August 20th the plans were finally approved and the tenders accepted.

Messrs. F. Carter and J. Pitchforth, along with the President and Secretaries, were appointed a Sub- Committee to superintend the erection of the School Building. On February 27th, the Pastor intimated to the

Church the necessity of his taking a rest to recruit his health; from this illness he never recovered,


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Jubilee Souvenir

and at a Church Meeting held May 31st, his resig- nation was accepted with deep and general regret. 1866

At a Church Meeting held September 20th, it was resolved to invite the Rev. William Braden to the pastorate; the invitation was accepted, and Mr. Braden commenced his ministry on November 17th.

The new Sunday Schools were completed in Oct. 1867 1867, the Opening Services were as follows :—

Thursday, October 10th, a sermon was preached by the Rev. Henry Allon. Sunday, October 13th, sermons were preached, morning and evening, by the Rev. Professor Newth, M.A.; and in the afternoon a special service for the scholars, their parents and teachers, was held when addresses were given by the Rev. W. Braden and others. On Tuesday, October 15th, there was a Tea Meeting, followed by a Public Meeting. Mr. Hugh Mason presided, and the following took part in the meeting :—the Revs. R. Skinner, R. Bruce, M.A., M. Miller, and W. Braden; Messrs. Wright Mellor, J.P., W. Shaw, J. W. Willans, J. E. Willans, G. G. Boothroyd, W. M. Jackson, and S. Collinge. At this meeting it was stated that the total cost of the Schools would be about £1,812 11s., towards which £912 11s. had been raised. The collections and sub- scriptions at the meeting amounted to £187 10s.

On Wednesday, October 16th, the teachers in- vited the scholars, numbering about 450, to tea.

On Thursday, Ootober 17, the parents of the scholars were entertained at tea, about 220 sitting


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Jubilee Souvenir



down. Addresses were given by the Rev. W. Braden, pastor, Mr. W. M. Jackson, superintendent, Mr. F. Carter, secretary, and other gentlemen.

On November 14th, the Dorcas Society was formed, Mrs. Braden was elected President, Mrs. Fairweather, Treasurer, Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Clarke, Managers, and Mrs. Atkinson, Secretary.

At a Special Church Meeting held April 16th, a Trust Deed was adopted, the following being appointed trustees:—Messrs. W. Atkinson, jun., G. G. Boothroyd, W. Braden, J. Byram, A. Campbell, I’. Carter, E. J. S. Couzens, J. Dawson, W. Dawson, T. Denham, T. Edwards, G. H. Greenwood, C. Hirst, C. Hirst, jun.,. W. M. Jackson, W. Mellor, J. Mellor, J. C. Moody, W. Shaw, E. Stott, J. Thorn- ton, J. Whitworth, J. E. Willans, W. Wrigley, jun.

At a Church Meeting held April 29th, a cordial vote of thanks was passed to Mr. Richard Lockwood for his faithful and gratuitous services as Harmonium Player during the past three years; and at the same meeting the Managing Committee were authorised to make arrangements for commencing a Day School to be placed under Government Inspection. The Rev. W. Braden was elected President of the Edu- cation Committee, Mr. Jackson, Treasurer, and Mr. Collinge, Secretary.

On July 20th, the Day School was opened with Mr. G. Gaunt as Head Master. On September 8th, a Choir Committee was elected for the management of the of Praise;’’ on the 25th of the same


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. BRADEN. 1866


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month Mr. W. Schofield was appointed Harmonium player, and on October 8th Mr. J. R. Senior was appointed choir-master.

On June 2nd, it was determined to introduce Dr. Allon’s Congregational Chant Book.

At a Special Church Meeting held December 15th, the resignation of the Rev. W. Braden was received, he having accepted an invitation to succeed the Rev. Thomas Binney as pastor of the Weigh House Chapel, London. At a Church Meeting held September 25th, it was determined to invite the Rev. J. Emmett Jones to the pastorate. Mr. Jones accepted the invitation, and commenced his ministry October 22nd.

At a meeting of the Committee, held January

19th, it was resolved to make an effort to liquidate

the debt of £525 then resting on the Schools, and a Special Committee was appointed for the purpose. IN THE FOLLOWING MONTH it was announced that both the Church and School Buildings were entirely FREE FROM DEBT, and at a Church Meeting, held February 28th, a Committee was appointed to take steps for providing an Organ, the Rev. J. E. Jones was appointed Chairman, Mr. Lockwood, Treasurer, and Mr. Gaunt, Secretary.

The new Organ, built by Mr. F. W. Jardine, of Manchester, at a cost of £660, was opened by Mr. W. T. Best, of Liverpool, on January 21st.

The Day School was transferred to the Hud- dersfield School Board, on April Ist.


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REV. J. E. JONES. 1871—1874.

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A Bazaar, for the purpose of raising funds for a Minister’s Vestry, was opened on May Ist, and realised £237 7s. 9d., after deducting expenses. The Minister’s Vestry was completed April 15th, 1874, at a total cost of £210 7s. 9d.

On November 11th, the Rev. J. Emmott Jones resigned the pastorate, and on Dec. 6th preached his farewell sermon.

At a Special Meeting of the Church, held May 25th, 1875, it was determined to invite the Rev. J. P. Wilson to the pastorate, the invitation was accepted, and on June 27th Mr. Wilson commenced his ministry. On January 81st, the Rev. J. Emmett Jones (late pastor of*the Church) died. The Church and congregation manifested their high appreciation of his worth, and their sympathy with Mrs. Jones by contributing £420 towards a Memorial Fund raised by the three churches of which he had been pastor. On November 11th, the Provident, Sick, and Burial Society was established.

On. October 8rd, a Finance Committee was appointed to take charge of all the finances of the Church excepting the Dorcas and Sacramental Funds. At the first meeting of the Committee Mr. T. G. Woodhead was elected Chairman, Mr. D. Kirk, Treasurer, Mr. J. A. Carter, Pew Secretary, and Mr. Gaunt, Secretary. A Bazaar, in aid of the Netheroyd Hill Sunday Schools, was held in June, and realised £71 17s. 3d., after paying expenses.


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REV. J. P. WILSON. 1875—1880.

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Jubilee Souvenir





On July 21st, the Rev. William Braden died. As some mark of the esteem in which he was held, and as an expression of sympathy with Mrs. Braden, a Memorial Fund, amounting to upwards of £2,800 was raised, of which sum over £150 was obtained by the Huddersfield Committee, the members of this Church and congregation contributing liberally.

On November 24th, the Rev. J. P. Wilson resigned the pastorate, having received an invitation to the Church at Bishop’s Stortford, and on Decem- ber 12th he preached his farewell sermon.

In June, a Bazaar was held for the purpose of defraying the cost incurred in repairing, painting, and cleaning the Church and School-rooms. The net proceeds of the Bazaar were over £319.

At a Special Church Meeting held June 3rd, and at a Congregational Meeting held June 8th, it was determined to invite the Rev. Alfred Phillips to the pastorate. The invitation was accepted on June 18th, and Mr. Phillips commenced his ministry on August 7th.

The recognition services in connection with the settlement of Mr. Phillips were held on Wednesday, October 12th, the Rev. A. M. Fairbairn, D.D., preached in the afternoon and presided at the Public Meeting in the evening.

On March 81st, the Voluntary Offering System was introduced as supplementary to the Pew Rents, Mr. J. M. Bates being appointed Secretary.


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Jubilee Souvenir

At a Meeting of Members of the Congregation, invited by the Finance Committee, on October 21st, 1883 1885, it was determined to introduce the Weekly Offering system, the weekly offerings to cover Pew Rent and Contribution, and Choir Subscription; all other contributions and collections for other pur- poses to be made as before. . The voluntary offering system had been partially in operation, but the offer- ings had been supplementary to the Pew Rents and Contributions. A large proportion of the congre- gation have already adopted the system, and the Committee have little doubt that it will soon become general. I April 11th. A Coming-of-Age Meeting of old 1886 scholars and teachers was held, presided over by Rev. A. Phillips, and addressed by Messrs. G. Gaunt, William Hirst, W. M. Jackson, J. Brook, and S. Thompson. In November we lost by death our dear friend, Dr. McAndrew, though only with us for a few years, 1889 he left behind him a memory that will not soon be forgotten, a life well spent in service for the Master. This is, we believe, the first instance in the history of the Church, that a death has taken place in the Diaconate. A Bazaar was held in the Albany Hall, Mr. J. 1891 E. Willans, J.P., was the Opener on the first day; Mr. James Brook, one of our Deacons, on the second day. The amount worked for was £500, but it realised the handsome sum of £769 19s. 4d. The truth of the old proverb has once more been tested, that, there is a will there is a way.”


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In August, our former pastor, Rev. J. P. Wulson, died. Resolutions expressive of the sympathy of the Church with Mrs. Wilson and her sons in their sad bereavement were forwarded.

On October 7th, the teacher of the Men’s Bible

Class, Mr. Caleb Senior, entered into rest. He was

a faithful teacher, a wise counsellor, and trusty friend. His characteristics were patience, love, meek- ness, and self-denial. ‘His faith was manifested by


New Windows were put in the front of the Church at a cost of about £25.

Another Bazaar (in our own School-room) real- ized £674 Qs. dd.

The Young People’s Society of Christian En- deavour was formed.

The Finance Committee decided to put Electric Lights into the Church and School at a cost of £80, also to have the Church and School cleaned and decorated. £126 was subscribed for the purpose.

A Special Meeting of the Pastor and Deacons was held on September 21st, 1899, for the purpose of receiving a deputation from Mr. J. Brook’s Men’s Bible Class in reference to a proposal to establish a P.S.A. The Pastor and Deacons recommended the Church at its next meeting to comply with the request, and the P.S.A. Brotherhood was formed.

20th Century Fund of the Congregational Union of England and Wales was well supported by our Church, and over £152 was subscribed.


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Jubilee Souvenir



1903 — 1904

The thanks of the members were given to Mr. J. Brook for his gift of the picture, ‘Assertion of Liberty of Conscience by the Independents in the Westminster Assembly of Divines, 1644,” which now hangs in the Vestry.

The Congregational Church Hymnal was intro- duced and adopted.

New Trustees were elected.

The Pastor, Rev. Alfred Phillips, completed the 21st year of his pastorate. At a largely attended Social Gathering, Mr. Edward Sykes made the pre- sentation to Mr. Phillips of a cheque for £120, and an illuminated scrip, bound in book form, with the following inscription :—

“Hillhouse Congregational Church, Hudidersfield. Presented with a cheque for £120 to the Rev. A. Phillips, as a mark of the high esteem and appreciation of his congregation, at a meeting held on Thursday, September 25th, 1902, to commemorate the completion of the 21st year of his pastorate.”

Another successful Bazaar realised over £305.

Individual Communion Cups were presented and adopted. I

September 2nd, Mrs. Gaunt “entered into rest.”’ Resolutions of deep appreciation of her 383 years’ devoted service to our Church and all its agencies were placed on record. the last, many will rise up to call her blessed.”’

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Jubilee Souvenir

May 31st. Our beloved Pastor, Rev. Alfred Phillips, ‘‘fell on sleep,” after a devoted ministry of close upon a quarter of a century among us.

Innumerable were the tributes paid, by all sections of the community, to Mr. Phillips’ influence for good in his own Church and in the town.

On June 18th, at a Special Church Meeting, a call was given to the Rev. D. C. Tincker, which he accepted on July 5th, and commenced his ministry on October 21st.

The Women’s Guild of Christian Service formed a branch in connection with our Church.

Mr. James Brook resigned the office of Deacon, and resolutions of high appreciation of his services are recorded in the minutes.

I Recognition Service in connection with the settle- ment of Mr. Tincker, was held on Wednesday, Nov. 7th, 1906.

The Finance Committee accepted Messrs. Jar- dine’s tender for renovating the Organ at a cost of £237. The Church approved of the proposed constitu- tion for the establishment of the Huddersfield and District Congregational Council.

Mrs. Phillips presented to the Pastor and Deacons a Portrait of the Rev. A. Phillips for the Vestry.

In March, the Finance Committee resolved to decorate the Church and to re-cushion the pews at a cost of £130.





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Jubilee Souvenir




Mr. Ernest Cooper, Organist, was presented with Cap, Gown and Hood at the Congregational Meeting in February, on taking his F.R.C.O. degree.

The Church Meeting by resolution, on March 31st, 1909, offered hearty «congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sykes on their ‘“‘“Golden Wedding.”

On Saturday, April 17th, 1909, Mr. George Gaunt, a deacon of the Church for 37 years, also Church Secretary for over 22 years, died suddenly. A letter of condolence was sent to the family.

A full record appears in the minutes of the Church Meeting held April 28th.

The Women’s Guild of Christian Service pre- sented to the Church a Marble Font for Baptismal purposes. This Church took its part in connection with the fund raised by the Congregational Union of England and Wales, known as the ‘Central Fund,” and raised £110.

The Church was re-pointed at a cost of £130; also the roof strengthened at a cost of about £157.

In August, 1910, Mr. W. T. Harris was appointed

Church Visitor, a work he has continued with credit to himself and helpfulness to the district.

The Pastor and Secretary represented the Church at the formation of a Congregational Church at Netheroyd Hill. A four days’ Bazaar was held in the School- room to raise the sum of £1,000, to meet a deficit


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Jubilee Souvenir




on Church Accounts and for contemplated extensions to the Sunday School. The above amount was more than realised.

At the request of the Congregational Council, we promised to contribute £20 per year for three years, for the “Forward Movement” at Ramsden Street.

On June 2nd, a meeting of past and present teachers and scholars was held, when portraits of the late Mr. G. Gaunt and Mr. J. M. Bates, were presented to Mr. Wm. Gaunt (on behalf of the family) and to Mr. Bates, and re-presented by them to the School.

October 7th, sixteen Memorial Stones were laid in connection with the Extension of our Sunday School by the following friends:—Mr. Charles Hirst and Mr. J. E. Willans, J.P. (the two remaining trustees of the original trust), Mr. Alfred Sykes (representing the Parent Church of Highfield), Mr. Edward Sykes (an old and devoted worker at Hill- house), Mr. J. W. Brook (on behalf of his father), Mrs. W. Riley, Miss Carter, Miss Roberts and Miss Stevens (representing the Primary Department), Mr. W. T. Harris, Mr. A. Lunn, Mr. T. S. Sparke, Mr. Charles Sykes, J.P., Mr. T. H. Day, Mr. God- frey Mellor (on behalf of Mr. J. M. Bates), and Mr. F. B. Booth, each representing some phase of work in connection with the Church.

In March, Miss Battye before leaving for America was presented by the Church with a Pendant and Purse


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Jubilee Souvenir

of Gold, as a token of our appreciation for her 30! years’ service in the Choir.

March 12th. Opening Services of the Enlarged Sunday ‘Schools.

Key presented to Mr. T. S. Sparke by whom doors were opened. Opening sermon by Principal Ritchie. Speakers at evening meeting:—Revs. R. H. Sewell, B.A., and Principal Ritchie.

Additional special preachers were (March 16th) The Right Hon. Sir Joseph Compton Rickett, M.P., (March 80th) Rev. Principal Griffith Jones, D.D. (April 13th) Rev. Geo. Barber, A.T.S. The Treasurer reported that the total cost had been £2,693 17s. 8d., of which £1,742 3s, 2d. had been raised by subscriptions and Bazaars, leaving a balance due of £951 14s. 6d.

In September, the old Caretaker’s house was adapted to Institutional purposes for the P.S.A. and Senior Sunday School Scholars.

July 28rd. The following appointments were made as the first departmental Superintendents of the Sunday Schools :—

Senior Depart.—Mr. H. Jarratt. Intermediate Depart.—Messrs. E. Cooper and W. Marsden.

Junior Depart.—Mrs. W. Riley and Miss J. Clayton.

Primary. Depart.—Miss Stevens. August 17th. Entry into New School Premises.



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Jubilee Souvenir


The Church promised to raise £10 per year for the work of the Huddersfield Congregational Council.

In. May a Piano was presented to the Senior Department by a friend of the School; and another Paino for the use of the Junior School was purchased.

Such is the brief summary of some of the written records of Hillhouse Church during the first fifty years of its existence. —

Only the entries made by the recording angel in the Lamb’s Book of Life, will adequately show the full and far reaching ramifications of all its work and influence. We may safely adopt the Psalmist’s words, “Of Zion it shall be said this and that man was born in her, and the Highest Himself shall es- tablish her. The Lord shall count when He writeth

up the people that this man was born there.”

That will be the vindication :—

a. Of the devotion of the Sunday School Teachers, Leaders of the Sunday Evening Children’s Service, and workers among the children of the Band of Hope.

6. Of the quiet steady work of the Christian En- deavour Society, which for 17 years has provided a training camp for the Young Christians of the Church ; among whose most commendable works are the weekly provision of flowers for the Communion Table, and the distribution of the same in the homes of the sick and sorrowful, and the maintenance of a Bible Woman in India.


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Jubilee Souvenir

c. Of the loyalty of the Leaders and workers in the P.S.A. Brotherhood, which for 16 years has pre- 1914 sented and applied the Gospel in a manner adapted to the man in the street.

d. Of the fidelity of the Women’s Guild of Christ- ian Service, which for eight years has formed a bond of spiritual union and social service among the women of the Church.

e. Of the enthusiasm of the Girls’ Guild, which is supplying a comradeship of great value in their Social, Educational, and Devotional life.

/. Of the efficiency of the Choir, with which the name and personality of Mr. Senior has been so long

and honourably associated.

To all the workers in these and in other branches of the Church’s activites, the officers tender their grateful thanks, praying that the blessing of the “God of our Fathers”. may reward them abundantly.

The year of our Jubilee will be known in history as the year of “The Great War.’ May it also be known as the year when as a Nation, and as a Church, we could say with confidence, “The Lord of Hosts is with us, the God of Jacob is our Refuge.”


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Jubilee Souvenir


Elected Resigned Rev. W. W. CHAFFEY ............... 1865 ... 1866 Rev. WM. BRADEN ................... 1866 ... 1870 Rev. J. E. JONES 000020002... 1871 2. 1874 Rev. J. P. WILSON .................... 1875 ... 1880 Rev. ALFRED PHILLIPS ............ 1881 ... 1905 Rev. D. C. TINCKER .................. 1906



Mr. WM. HIRST ee eee eee 1865 22. 1866 Mr. W. M. JACKSON 1865... 1877 Mr. J. DAWSON ou... eee eee 1865... 1877 Mr. G. S. WARD eee cee eee 1868... 1877 Mr. G. G. BOOTHROYD .............. 1868 ... 1869 Mr. G. GAUNT 0. cece eee cee cee eee eee. 1872... 1877 Mr. J. JOHNSON ccc ee eee eee. 1872... 1874 Mr. J. THORNTON ... 0.0 1872... 1877



Mr. G. GAUNT ...... 1877 ... 1909 Mr. G. S. BEAUMONT ............... 1877 ... 1880 Mr. JAMES BROOK ................... 1877 ... 1886 Mr. J. A. CARTER .................... 1877 ... 1879 Mr. JOHN CROSSLEY ................ 1877 ... 1879 Mr. D. KIRK ...... 0.000 eee. 1879 2... 1881 Mr. W. T. HARRIS .................... 1879... Mr. JAMES CROSSLEY .............. 1879 ... 1883 Mr. J. E. APPLEYARD ............... 1883 ... 1896 Mr. J. M. BATES. ....................... 1883 ... 1894


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Jubilee Souvenir

lected Resigned a co

Mr So he MiG. <2...) 1888 Dr. MCANDREW 1887 1889 Me TAMES BROOK on 2 FBR 1906 Mak 6. Mr HERBERT SYKES 1694.23 Mrs Me BATES es. Go Mi. GH, THACKRAY She.) Me A a ye er IIo TORS Mt 8





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Jubilee Souvenir





Note—THOSE NOT marked with an Asterisk were elected

on April ‘30th, 1902, and those with the Asterisk were on that date the remaining Trustees of those named in the


Mr Mr

Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

made on May 7th, 1868.


_ Resigned 1877 1883 1886

1891 1909

1867 LOGEC 1880 1883 1891 1894 1899 1906 1912

Elected »W, M. JACKSON oe ee A A i cb iene WoW bas TAS ROOK oo ae ae TM BATHS Se Ree, ee MOLI ois tae en OO on Bi dos DIO PEL iin cue wiv vod bolic RO hak CHURCH TREASURERS. CARTER ose ces a, Wo MM TACKSON co a eR LD. Perth ce see LOT ae PRED CART Be is ages ce sence a. G. HH. THOMPSON |... 1883 EDWARD" DAY. i005. sig sess De OE ES! Sen Soe aay LODE Cy 3200s v3 ,. Ca Bee TSR, ob si sie en ee eh CM oc i cs PR

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Jubilee Souvenir

CHAIRMEN OF FINANCE COMMITTEE. Elected Resigned Dro. Go WOR OAD oe icles EP: os 2 OSU WAG A OE RNID og ee OLE ig i ee OU es Oe OW AR) SYR EO ie acs PBB TS I AU DEIN 6 ete ole opts eo bangs OOO Mer FAMED BROOK ore oe. ee banc LOOM. ven LO OO Nev dM SAVES) 6, PAS 88 Tike WOR ise Mis scr ee - LOE Ae ae TR ie hs a coe ov AOD vets A FOOD LG. Pes ae pas as ccs. ches BED 3c 48 CTSA TIMED ERE OE. ss og es leet Oa OOO oes ok OR a ee Oe sd PAY PERI 2 AR SIR gst hin cine heres TLD


Me sa ART 87 Mr. {..B. CROSSLEY. Mi tH DAY rt ee Re RO Ma BATES. oe 8 8 eo MacT 6: SPARKE (030 or ec ee et iM BATE i ei oe 8 ra

Mr. AGRSON fo en Om Mio 5 Me JOHN Fs KIRK os 54s 2008 944 Mite . BOOTHE eon ik eee ree 4


Mr. G. WV Ry has Ta Noa bo Se een eee os vives a ee ee as ee ee APPLEVARD ec les PERE PIR Ce sp cs shh Uke OE ose ee Oe ae in ree Lee ee ee Se ae ce ety bia Se aOR ee oak sh erie eee ka ee


Ss (wt ee potas Cr ey SS ae Howe OPH

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Jubilee Souvenir


Mi J. APPLEVARD ........ beget Me WM ke a ae Mr. ARTHUR SYKES ................. 1897 ... 1906 Mets JURY ca 2 age Mr. ARTHUR SYKES ................. 1904 ... 1907 Mr. R. GRAHAM 1907 ... 1918 Mr. G. A. ARMITAGE ................ 1913 ..


Mr. J. R. SENIOR ...... 0.0... 1868...


Mr. R. LOCKWOOD ................... 1865 ... 1868 Mr. W. SCHOFIELD ................... 1868 ... 1874 Mr. B. SYKES ou... ee. ee cee ee eee ees 1874 ... 1885 Mr. W. B. HALLAS ................... 1885 ... 1889 Mr. T. A. METCALFE ................ 1889 ... 1897 Mr. E. COOPER, F.R.C.O. ............. 1897 ... 1912 Mr. A. R. HALSTEAD ................ 1912 ...


Mr. J. W. BROOK ..................... 1895 ... 1904 Mr. T. H. CROWTHER ............... 1904 ... Mr. B. H. SYKES ...... 0.0... 1914...


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Jubilee Souvenir


Elected Resigned Marr Ne ARSON 1865 1877

Mit. Nae Pee eo ee eRe aay MieG oe ee deer dans Bin. on teen 1805 MO oe. Lo... Leer MEOH. JARRAT Do Sie Ob toad Mr EON ee age. ode Mr. F. I. BUTTERWORTH ......... 1908 ... 1909 Marj: M. BATES: wire 1910 Revd. OC. TINGKER 2.0 55h 1 I9I4.

President—Rev. D. C. TINCKER. Superintendent—Rev. D. C. TINCKER. Departmental Superintendents : Senior Department—Mr. H. JARRATT. Intermediate Department—Mr. W. MARSDEN. Junior Depart.—Mrs. W. RILEY and Miss J. CLAYTON. Primary Department—Miss STEVENS.


Mr. WM. SMITH ....................... 1865 ... 1865 Mr. J. THORNTON ©... 0. CARTER sts vo sie a a Mr.S. THOMPSON ................... 1868 ... 1877 Mr. J. A. CARTER ..................... 1877 ... 1880 Mr. G. W. SYKES ... 1882 Mr. A. W. EASTERLING ............ 1882 ... 1883 NER SY RUB oy ees oes vo sie eee TORO... Mr. W. R. SENIOR ................... 1889 ... 1894 Mr. P. EASTWOOD ...........2......... 1894 ... 1899 Mr. VERNON EASTWOOD ..........°1899 ... 1901 Mr. GODFREY MELLOR ............. T9O1. ... Mr. HY. NICHOLSON ................ 1912 .

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Jubilee Souvenir


Elected Resigned “Go BOOTHROYVD I 0.5 oo. ts. RBBB: BCS

MST) co eed. 4 ae CUR ee ee BoGROSSLEY 020.6. ok 1B ae TURES ok. io ee CB BOOTH. Ss. ee ae OR: cco BT ee TER: ie HS sissies cc cron ec 1882 ae kot lect Loe 04s od ee Teed Mr. W. H. WHITTRICK ............. 1887 ... 1890 Mr. C, 66 il oc 1890 18 8 Mr. ARTHUR SYKES 1890 2. TR MIR ck hassel 2s OA R. GRAHAM: 0... occ 1899-22 Mr. T. E. JACKSON 1905 ... 1906 R C

Mr. Mr.

Mr. Mr.

< ; ee ee : Bo Oe ee


seule! A eek «2 es dienes Wee teas ape eas


Mr. GEORGE HILEY. 18685 I 1888 Mr: JOR MOOR Bg 82 es is eee Mr; JOHN HALL 7 ies ol. 1888 2808 Mr. DAVID HOLROYD. 1894 .:. 1908 Mr. GEORGE LIVERSIDGE ........ 1908 ...



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Pastor— Rev. D. C. TINCKER, Chorlton House, Halifax Old Rd. Deacons— Mr. J. M. BATES, Rose Garth, Allison Drive, Bradford

Road North. » F. B. Booty (Sec.,) Brockhurst, Birkby Hall Road. OL. 2 ARES, Buckrose Street, Hillhouse. » W. MARSDEN, Norriscott, Yew Street, » HERBERT SYKES, Burn Brae, 154, Halifax Old Road. res ea THACKRAY, Wyndecroft, Beechfield Road.

FINANCE COMMITTEE, Chairman— _ Mr. JOHN F. Kirk, 47, Spring Street.

Treasurer— Mr. G. H. THACKRAY, Wyndecroft, Birkby.

Secretary for Voluntary Offerings and Pew Secretary—

Mr. C. E. OATES, 15, Spinkfield Road.

Secretary— Mr. F. B. Bootu, Brockhurst, Birkby. Steward— Mr. G. A. ARMITAGE, Woodbine Street, Fartown. Committee— Mr. G. A. ARMITAGE Mr. C, J. MELLOR es BOOTH », GODFREY MELLOR i 1+ M1. BATES os Wo eo OATES », G. E. Brook » A. E. Ruston js ks Va OOK B.S; SPARKE 3 dy eee »5 Coun. A, SYKES » W. T. Harris Mr. G. H. THACKRAY a. H. JARRATT », HERBERT SYKES ik tee », EDWIN TAYLOR » A. LuNN Rev. D. C. TINCKER », W. MARSDEN


Congregational Union of England and Wales-— Mrs. Tincker, Mr. W. T. Harris, Mr. F. B. Booth.

Yorkshire Congregational Union and Home Missionary Society— Mr. F. B. Booth, Mr. J. C. Davies; “Mr..W...T. Harris, Mr. L. Horton.


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Jubilee Souvenir

Collectors— Mr. W. Marsden, Mr. G. H. Thackray.

Huddersfield Free Church Council— Mr. F. G. Fearon, Mr. L. Horton, Mr. T. W. Riley.

Huddersfield and District Congregational Council—

Pastor and Deacons, Mrs. A: Hargreaves, Mrs. G.-H. Thackray, Mrs. T. S. Sparke. Mr. L. Horton, Mr. H. Jarratt, Mr. C. IE. Oates.

London Missionary Society (Huddersfield Auxiliary)—

Church—Mr. F. B. Booth, Mr. G. H. Thackray, Mr. Norman Mellor.

Sunday School—Misses Light, A. Nicholson, and Stevens. Christian Endeavour—Mrs. A. Hargreaves. Collectors, the C.E. Missionary Committee. Collectors for the United College, Bradford — Mr. T. H. Day, Mr. G. H. Thackray.


Choirmaster—Mr. J. R. SENIOR. Organist—Mr. A. R. HALSTEAD. Deputy Organists— Mr. T. H. CROWTHER and Mr. B. H. SYKES.

Soprano: Miss L. Brown ? Contralto: By ea Miss E. Hoyle Haigh Mrs. E. Lees_ D. Hales , L. Topping Mrs. F . Jarratt Miss G. Stocks Miss L. Nicholson » J. Stead , A. Oates Mrs. G. W. Sykes , D. Sykes E.E. Webster Bass: {ee Mr. T. V. Cook Tenors: 35 a Leeming » . Lees Mes ” G. Marshall J. E. Hawkesworth » B ac ,, ©. Jarratt » J.R. Senior » J. Kershaw » H. Sheard


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‘Jubilee Souvenir

Sunday School.

President—Rev. D. C. TINCKER. Superintendent—Rev. D. C.- TINCKER. Deparimental Superintendents: Department—Mr. H. JARRATT. Intermediate Department—Mr. W. MARSDEN. Junior Depart.—Mrs. W. RILEY and Miss: J. CLAYTON. Primary Department—Miss STEVENS and Miss STOCKS.

Secretaries— Messrs. H. SYKES; G. MELLOR, and H. NICHOLSON. Librarians— Messrs. A. SYKES, C. F. EWAartT. and R. GRAHAM. Commitlee—

Mrs. THACKRAY, Mrs. TINCKER, and Miss WEBSTER. Messrs. G. H. THACKRAY and N. MELLOR. Number on Books— TEACHERS (including officers) 78. "SCHOLARS, 470. I

T eachers— Senior Dept. Miss Hulatt Miss A.Goodwin Miss E. Chapman Mrs, E. Senior », E. Hoyle », D. Hales ox »» H, Sykes » S J, Light » M. Hellawell -} J. Jurv Thackray », R. Richardson I ,, A. Nicholson ’M: Sulch », Lincker .. N. Richardson I ,, J. Stead 7 ee Stancliffe Miss Armitage », E. Rigby », 1.. Shepherd ., E. Taylor », E. Hellawell |Mr. A. Jarratt », M. Shaw », D. Thackray », Kirk », J. Kershaw », A. Taylor ,» M. Wilson », Sharp » N. Mellor », E. Webster Mr. H. Booth » Shaw », Harris », Nixon , J- Cardno Mr. A. E. Ruston H. Dransfield » F. Childs »; G. H. Thackray ., H. Hoyle », H. Kidd Funior Dept. , LS. Riley ,. H. Richardson Intermediate Dept. |Miss Atkinson é » F, Senior (Sec.) Mrs. Hargreaves », M. Barratt Primary Dept. 4 Miss G. Benson », M. Clegg Miss G, Atkinson , N. Dyson 4, E, Dyson » J. Barratc Mother's Class. », Dawson , A. Firth » M. Childs Mrs. Davies », A. Davies’ N, Goodwin », A. Cocking :

CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOUR SOCIETY. Meets every Tuesday from 8-15 to 9-15 p.m.

Officers: . President—Rev. D. C. TINCKER.

Vice-Presidents—The DEACONS, Mrs. TINCKER. Mrs. THACKRAY.


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‘Jubilee Souvenir

Treasurer—Mrs. E. SENIOR. Corresponding Secretary—Miss DAVIES. Recording Secretary—Mr. N. MELLOR. Executive Committee— . Miss FIRTH, Mrs. HARGREAVES, and the Officers. I Representatives to Huddersfield and District C.E. Union— Miss DAVIES and Miss HULATT. : Representatives to L.M.S.—Mrs. HARGREAVES. Committees—Prayer Meeting, Missionary, Look-out, Flower and Social.

Hillhouse P.S.A. Brotherhood.

Service in Congregational Church.

Officers and Committee for the year ending Sept. 27th, I914.

Joint Prestdents—Rev. D. C. TINCKER, Mr. T. S. SPARKE. Vice-Presidents—Mr. T. JACKSON, Mr. C. E. Mr. H. HILLMAN, Mr. G. H. THACKRAY. Mr. JAMES BROOK (Honorary. ) Mr. W. WEBSTER. Coun. A. WILLIS. Musical Sec.—Mr. E. OATES, Mr. T Speakers’ Secretary—Mr. T. JACKSON. Registrar—Mr. E. IBBERSON. General Treasurer—Mr. T. CLIFFORD. General Secretary—Mr. A. SMITH. Bank Secretary—Mr. G. F. OLDFIELD. Bank Treasurer—Mr. F.. CLIFFORD. Old Folks Treat Sec.—Mr. T. MCCREA. Treas.—Mr. WALTER WEBSTER. Social Secretary—Mr. G. WHITTELL. Social Treasurer—Mr. T. MCCREA.

General Committee—

Messrs. R. Graham, .J. Stringer, A. Moore. F. Shaw, S. Sheard, J. Womersley, G. Howlett. D. Marshall, B. Stott, J. Atkinson, W. H. Bell, R. Haigh, T. Kitson. W. Dearnley, T. H. Hellawell, S. Armitage, J. Harrop. G. Blamires, C. Waterhouse, C. W. Booth, T. H. Nicholson, R. Hartley.


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Jubilee Souvenir

BAND OF HOPE. List of Officers and Committee ‘for 1914.

President—Rev. D. C. TINCKER. Vice-Presidents— Messrs. W. T. HARRIS,’ 1... JACKSON, A. :E.. RUSTON, B.A., G. FEARON, G. MARSHALL, Mrs. . TINCKER, Mrs. GRAHAM. 7 Secretary—Mr. G. MARSHALL. W. MARSDEN. Lhegistrars—Messrs. G. BALMFORTH and JOHN KITSON. I I C. ommittee— Messrs. H. Atkinson, C. Atkinson,°H. Dransfield, A. Holroyd, F. Hellawell, H. Nicholson. Mrs. Fearon, Mrs. Marsden, Misses G. Atkinson, A. Atkinson, E. Baldwin, E. Chapman, A. Firth, IL. Harrison, R. Richardson, J. Stead, D. Wilks.

Delegates to the Band of Hope Union— Messrs. H. Dransfield, H. Nicholson.


Officers :

President—Rev. D, C. TINCKER. Vice-President—Mr. F. B. LAWTON. Secretary—Mr. B. PITCHFORTH. Assistant Secretary—Mr. H. RICHARDSON. Treasurer—Mr. W. T. HARRIS. I Sick Stewards—Mr. W. WEBSTER; Mr. T. H. HELLAWELL, ‘Mrs. W. WEBSTER. I Commitiee— ue Miss F. Cooper, Miss,R. E. Gledhill, Miss W. Livsey, Miss E. Nunney, Mr..W. H. Bell, Mr. E. Beaumont, Mr. T. H.- Dyson, Mr. J. Kitson. San I LT rustees— Mr. Job Matthewman, Mr. .G. Buckley, Mr. T.-V. Cook, Auditors—Mr. W. BUCKLEY and Mr. R. CLIFFORD.


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President—Mrs, TINCKER Manager—Mrs. DAY Treasurer--Mrs. HARRIS Secretary—Miss KIRK


The Social Rooms are open each week-evening from 7-0 to 10-15

The membership is confined to members of the P.S.A. Brotherhood and to the Young Men of the two Senior Classes in the Sunday School, at the nominal sum of sixpence per quarter. Chairman—Mr. T. S. SPARKE, Treasurer—Mr. T. MCCREA. Secretaries—Mr. J. ATKINSON, Mr. H. GIBSON.


This Guild meets one night a week in the New School- room. It has a large and enthusiastic membership of

young women and girls from the Senior Department of the School. Its object is Social, Educational, and Devotional; it is meeting a too-long-delayed need of the young female life ot the School. Leader—Mrs. D. C. TINCKER. Secretary—Misses DYSON and BROWN. Entertainment Organiser—Miss LOCKWOOD. Musical Director—Mrs. RUSTON.

Women’s Guild of Christian Service.

The Guild meets monthly, the Wednesday after the first Sunday of the month.

President—Mrs. TINCKER. Vice-Presidents— Mrs. W. T. Harris, Mrs. G. H. THACKRAY. Secretary—Mrs. DAVIES. T'reasurer—Mrs. H. SYKES. Magazine Secretary—Mrs. HARGREAVES. Sunday School Magazine Secretary—Miss T. UNDERHILL. Committee—

Mrs. Armitage, Mrs. Barratt, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Kitson Mrs. Kitchen, Mrs. Sparke, Mrs. Underhill.


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SUNDAY—Morning, Half-past Ten. Evening, Half- past Six. I a

SERVICE on Wednesday evening, at 7-30 in the Lecture Room.

THE ORDINANCE OF THE LORD’S SUPPER will be observed on the first Sunday in each month—in the months ot January, July and October, in the Afternoon at 3-15; and in the months of February, March, April, May, June, August, Seprember, November, and December, at the close of the Evening Service.

Special attention-is directed to the following rule: — member of the Church absenting himself or herself from the Lord’s Table for six consecutive months, with- out valid and sufficient reason, thereby forfeits his or her membership. I

THE CHURCH MEETING is held on the Wednesday even- ing preceding the first Sunday in each month, at half- past seven o’clock.

THE CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOUR SOCIETY meets ° each Tuesday, from 8-15 to 9-15 p.m.

THE BAND OF HOPE meets on Monday evenings at half-past seven o’clock.

THE PROVIDENT SOCIETY meets in the Lecture Room monthly, on Saturday evening, from 6 to 7-30.

SUNDAY SCHOOL.—Morning, 9-15. Two o’clock. I

The Deacons request that all cases of sickness, or cases needing visitation, shall be promptly reported to them.

All applications for sittings should be made to the Pew. Secretary, Mr. Oates. I


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On SUNDAY, FEB. 7th, Preacher— BOY. WILLIAM EVANS ("aie 0.

SERVICES 10-30 AND 6-30.

On WEDNESDAY, FEB. 10th, 1915, Preacher-—

Rev. W. CHARTER PIGGOTT (of London). Service 4 o'clock. Tea 5-30 o'clock. Tickets 6d. each.


In the Church at 7 oclock. Chairman—J. E. WILLANS, Esgq., J.P.

Speakers— Rev. W. C. PIGGOTT, © Rev. F. W. J. MERLIN, B.Sc. B.D. Charles Hirst, Esq.

On SUNDAY, FEB. 14th, 1915, Preacher-— Rev. D. C. TINCKER (Pastor).

MORNING 10-380. EVENING 6-30.


TUESDAY the 16th, WEDNESDAY the 17th, and SATURDAY the 20th. On SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 21st, 1915, Preacher— Rev. D. C. TINCKER (Pastor).

MORNING 10-80. EVENING 6-30.

On SUNDAY, FEB. 28th, 1915, Preacher— Rev. GEORGE BARBER (of Liscard).

MORNING 10-30. EVENING 6-30. I


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