White's General and Commercial Directory of the West Riding (1870) by William White

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Populous Districts of the Test Riding,





Msmpre oF THE BaririsH ARCHMOLOGIOAL ASSOCIATION, AND THE ARCHZOLOGICAL or Gaeat Barra ann InEuanp; anp AvuTHoR or Works FOR BIRMINGHAM AND THE Hanpware anp THE Curiery Disrgicr; THs Nort anp East Ripines oF YoRESHIRE; AND FOR MANY


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W. Weite’s Directories or THE Great Cuiorninc District or Yorxsurre having been received with such favour that every copy of Eleven Editions, each larger than the preceding, was sold immediately on publication, W. Wire determined that, without any increase of Prica, this, the Twelfth Edition, should be greatly superior to its predecessors, not only in the sizo of the work and the style of its paper, printing, and binding, but also in the

filness of its contents.

The Progent Directory has therefore been compiled and printed with the greatest possible care—neither labour nor expenso being spared—in order to give satisfaction to the many

thousands of Subscribers who have honoured the Author with their patronage.

Every parish and almost every house in this populous District has been visited by the Agents, in order to collect reliable information on the spot; and it is hoped that few errors

will be discovered, but such as are inevitable from the time required for the production of

BO copious a work.

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one of the principal seats and emporiums of the Yorkshire woollen manufactures, was created a borough by the Reform Act of 1832, with the privilege of sending one representative to Parliament; and is a rapidly improving market town, which has more than quadrupled its magnitude and population since 1811. It is the head of a large parish, and one of the polling places for the Parliamentary elections of the South-Western Division of the West-Riding; and is pleasantly situated on the crown and declivities of an eminenee, in the picturesque vale of the river Colne, in the Upper Division of the Wapentake of Agbrigg, and in the liberty of the Honor of Pontefract; 24 miles N.E. of Manchester, 16 miles W.S.W. of Leeds, 7 miles of Halifax, 26 miles N.W. of Sheffield, 14 miles 8. of Bradford, 13 miles W. by 8. of and 189 miles N.N.W. of London. It is said to have derived its name from Oder or Hudder, the first Saxon who settled on the river Colne, which has its source from several brooks rising about seven miles to the S. and among the heights of Saddleworth and Holmfirth, which after washing the southern and eastern skirts of the town, flow northward to the Calder, near Nunbrook. The history of Huddersfield does not furnish much matter for the gratification of antiquarian research; though the castle hill at Almondbury, on the opposite acclivities of the valley, is the site of a Saxon fortress, and the celebrated Roman station, Cambodunum, is generally supposed to have been in the adjoining township of Longwood. Among the hills and dells on the borders of this and the adjoining parishes of Halifax and Saddleworth, have been discovered some ancient symbols of druidical worship, ineluding the site of a Cromlech, and several stupendous rocking stones. In Domesday book, Odersfelt (now Huddersfield) is described as being nearly all in waste. Indeed, this part of the country is naturally barren and unproductive; but its local advantages for manufacture, arising principally from its coal and waterfalls, have raised it to the rank of ono of the chicf seats of the woollen trade in the kingdom; and where men congregate in Jarge numbers, the soil seldom remains for any long time unproductive. From 1801 to 1861, Huddersfield township increased its inhabitants from 7268 to 34,877. The Parish of Huddersfield comprises also the populous townships of Golear, Lindley-cum-Quarmby, Long- wood, Scammonden-with-Deanhead, Slaithwaite, and part of Marsden; and increased its population from 14,848 souls in 1801 to 52,254 in 1861. Including Mold Green, Folly Hall and Bradley Mil’s, in Dalton and Lockwood townships, the population of the town and suburbs is now upwards of 50,000. The Borover contains the townships of Huddersfield, Dalton, Almondbury, Lockwood (with a detached portion of South Crosland and Lindley) which comprise 10,176 acres of land and a population of 76,000. ‘he number of volers on the register was 1958 in 1864, 2088 in 1865, and 11,242 in 1869. Edward Aldam Leatham, Esq., of Whitley Hall, is now M.P. for Huddersfield. Sir John Wm. Ramsden, Bart., M.P., is lord of the Manor of Huddersfield, and owns nearly all the land and building sites in and near the town. In 1868 a of INcoRPoRATION was obtained, and the borough was divided into twelve wards, two of which return six, and the remainder three Councillors each. The Town Councin consists of a Mayor, fourtcen Aldermen, and forty-two Councillors, of whom the following is a list for 1869-70 :—

Mayor—Charles Henry Jones, Esq. ALDERMEN—George Scholes, David Sykes, Nathaniel Berry, John Crawshaw, John Day, John Priestley, and Thomas Denham, Esqrs., who retire in 1871; and Wright Mellor, Henry Brooke, Alfred Crowther, Thomas William Clough, James Crossland, David Binns, and Charles Henry Jones, Esqrs., who retire in 1874. CounciLLors—(showing the years in which they retire) :-—

1870. I 1871. William Lidster. I G. Dyson. || James Jordan. I A. B. Haigh. John F. Brigg. J. Barraclough. I Jph. Woodhead. Joseph Stork.

1872. Win. H. Aston. I Henry Lister. James Christie. I Joseph Wild. L. Hopkinson. : Joun Turner. Isaac Robson.

Robert Skilkeck. I James Starkey. I John Fawcett.

Oates Bairstow. I Enoch Sykes. Richard Porritt. ! Joseph Byram. I John Kirk. Joseph Crosland. Joseph Hirst. John Shaw. John Hellawell. I Reuben Hirst. || Benj. Thornton. I George Arlow. Robert Appleton. I John Varley. Joseph Benson. I R. Houghton. I John Eecles. E.J.W. Waterhouse. Wm. Marriott, Alfred Walker, I William White. I B. Hattersley. [| Danl. Calverley. Town CLERK—Joseph Batley, Esq. I Accounrant—Mr George Swainson. Boroucs Survevorn—John H. Abbey, Esq. Rate John Dodson CurerK— Mr George Harrison. Assistant Sunveror—Mr Joseph Holdsworth. Heap James Withers. REGISTRAR AT CeEMETERY—Mr John Cork. || StpeninrENDENT oF Moven Lopeina Housr—William Priestley. ManxzetT INspecron—Mr J. A. Whelan. Nuisance Ixspector—Mr W. R. Croft.

The Borough Police Force consists of 67 officers and men. HupperRsrietp Union, formed in 1837, comprises the four large parishes of Huddersfield, Almondbury, Kirkburton, and Kirkheaton, which include 34 townships, and increased their population from 88,772 in 1831 to 131,334 in 1861. The Board of Guardians meets in the Board Room in John street, and consists of 41 persons, of whom five are elected yearly for Huddersfield. The Workhouse is an old building, at Birkby, with room for about 141 paupers, but a new ove is now in course of erection, on a site at Crosland Moor, at a cost of £25,000, and will have room for 481 inmates. There is also a small Workhouse

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350 I Wuddersfield.

at Deanhouse, near Holmfirth, and a Vagrant Office in Fox street. Mr John Cocking is the Union Clerk and Superintendent Registrar; Mr John Sykes, relieving officer; and Mr John Brook, registrar of births and deaths for the district. Messrs. John Davis, of Huddersfield, and T. Netherwood, of Holmfirth, are registrars of marriages. IMPROVEMENT Acts, &¢.—An Act for lighting, watching, cleansing, and improving the town of Hudersfield, was obtained in 1820, under which the commissioners effected such improvements as their limited powers allowed; but these being inadequate to the wants of this rapidly increasing town, a new Improvement Act was obtained in 1848, and a Burial Ground Act in 1852. The former Act vested with the Commissioners extensive powers for improving the sanitary condition of the town by a complete system of sewerage; by widening incon- venient thoroughfares; by more effectually lighting, cleansing, aud paving the streets, &c.; by removing and preventing nuisances; and by maintaining an efficient police foree. Under the Burial Ground Act, they opened a large Cemetery in the suburbs; but the Corporation hag now the sole mangement of all the sanitary regula- tions of the borough. Watrer anp Gas Wonxs.—Huddersfield Water Works are chiefly supplied from copious springs of pure soft water in Longwood and Golear townships, about four miles W. of the town; and were originally constructed under an Act passed in 1827, at a cost of abont £10,000; but being inadequate to the wants of the town and suburbs, a new Water Act was obtained in 1845, empowering a body of Commissioners to borrow money and extend the Water Works, for the better supply of the town and neighbourhood. In 1846, 7, and 8, they expended about £28,000 in laying pipes and constructing a large reservoir at Longwood, which covers 12 acres, and holds about 45 million gallons of water, being mostly nearly 30 feet deep. About sixteen years ago they laid down 200 fire plugs in various parts of the town. The total cost of the works was nearly £55,000, of which about £40,000 were borrowed at from 4 to 5 per cent. interest. The Water Works are now vested in the Cor- poration by an Act passed in the session of 1869. The borrowing powers for the construction of new Reservoirs is limited to £300,000. Mr. Charles K. Hare is manager. The Gas were erected in 1821, and greatly enlarged in 1824 and subsequent years. The Company (which was incorporated by Act of Parliament in 1861) now charges only 3s. 2d. per 1000 cubic feet, and supplies about 1000 street lamps, provided by the Corporation. Mr, J. Burgess is the secretary and manager, and Mr. J. Furness, collector. Manuracturss, Marxers, &c.—The manufactures of Huddersfield and the surrounding villages are principally woollens, consisting of broad and narrow cloths, serges, kerseymeres, cords, &c.and fancy goods, in endless varicty, embracing shawls, waistcoatings, dc. of the most clegant patterns and the finest fabric, geno- rally composed of worsted, silk, and cciton; some wholly of the first, and others containing an admixture of it with one or both of the other materials. Formerly the buyers and sellers of cloth met in an open square; but in 1765 a commodious iianu was erected for their accommodation by Sir John Ramsden; and it was enlarged by his son in 1780. This building, which is two stories high, forms a circle of 880 yards, with a diametrical range, one storey high, which divides the interior part into two semicircles. The light is wholly admitted from within, there being no windows on the outside; by which construction security is afforded against fire and depredation. The Hall is subdivided into streets, and the benches or stalls are generally filed with cloths lying close together upon edge, with the bosom up for inspection. Here, in brisk times, an immense quantity of business is done in a few hours. The market day is Tuesday, when the Cloth Hall is attended by about 500 manufacturcrs from the country. Many others have warehouses in various parts of the town. The public taste which has prevailed of late years for coat cloths of mixed and light fabrics has been a source of prosperity to the town and neighbourhood of Huddersfield, and an injury to the fine broad cloth manufacturers of heeds, &c. The Tuesday Market is well supplied with cattle, swine, corn, and pro- visions, and, as in most other towns, there is a large display of meat, vegetables, &., every Saturday. A large annual fair, for the sale cf cattle, horses, &c., as well as for pleasure, is held on the 14th of May, but those on March 81st and October 4th are of small importance. The market place for vegetables, &c., is a large square, near the centre of the town. The fluddersfield and Ramsden Canals, cut in the latter part of the last century, open a communication with the great canals of Yorkshire and Lancashire. RarLway Sration is a large and handsome stone building, erected in 1846-7, by the Huddersfield and Manchester Rail- way and Canal Company, and the Huddersfield and Sheffield Junction Railway Company, both of which are now amalgamated with the London and North Western Railway Company. The station presents an elegant Corinthian front to St. George’s square, and railways now diverge from it to all parts, by means of a tunnel under the higher parts of the town, and two stupendous viaducts crossing the valleys on the north and south sides of the town. The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company has also an establishment here, and its trains from Huddersfield join the main line at Cooper Bridge, so that the railway facilities of Huddersfield are now as complete as those of most other towns. Sr. Gzroren’s JoHN STREET, and the new streets opening into them, are the handsomest parts cf Huddersfield, being lined with elegant stone buildings, all erected during the last twenty-five years. Near the station, on the north side of the square, is the George Hotel, one of the largest and handsomest inns in England; Mr. Richard Nutter is the proprietor. On the east side of the square is the Lion Arcade, erected in 1852, by Samuel Oldfield, Esq., and comprising, externally, a number of elegant shops and warchouses, in the Italian style; and internally, an arcade or bazaar, fitted up with warehouses and shops for the sale of cloth, drapery, fancy goods, &c. Britannia Buildings, on the south side of St. George’s square, belong to Messrs G. Crosland & Sons, and were finished in 1859, at acost of more than £12000. They form a magnificent pile of merchants’ warehouses, in the Italian style, with a richly ornamented front, and fire proof floors and roof. The New Ramsden Estate Offices, now approaching completion, form a very handsome block of buildings, fronting Westgate and Railway street. They comprise a'large hotel and several merchants’ warehouses and The business in connection with the Ramsden estate will be transacted here. New North road is a very handsome entranca to the town, and displays a great variety of architectural desigrs. The other modern streets, formed during the present century, are tolerably spacious and handsome; but the old streets are mostly narrow and very irregularly built, though many of the busiest and most incon- venient portions of them have been widened and much improved during the last thirty years. Perry Sxssions are held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, by the Mayor and the West Riding magis- trates of the neighbourhood, at the Court House, in Princess street. Messrs. J. C. Laycock and T, 8. Bradley are clerks to the magistrates, The Police Station for the Borough is in Victoria street.

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‘Wuddersfield. oak

County Court.—The Court House was built in 1825, by the Commissioners of the Court of Requests, which was established by Act of Parliament, but gave place, in 1847, to the County Court, now held here three or four times a month, on Mondays and Thursdays, for the recovery of debts and damages to the amount of £50, owing in Huddersfield and the folowing nineteen townships, viz.:—Almondbury, Dalton, Farnley-Tyas, Golear, Kirk- burton, Kirkheaton, Lepton, Lindley-cum-Quarmby, Lingards, Linthwaite, Lockwood, Longwood, Marsden, Meltham, Scammonden-with-Deanhead, Shelley, Slaithwaite, South Crosland, and Upper Whitley. James Stansfeld, of Halifax, is the judge; J. A. Busfeild, Esq., of Bradford, treasurer; Frederick Robert Jones, Esq., registrar ; Mr. Jas. Taylor, clerk; Mr. B. Casson, high bailiff; and Messrs. George Shaw and I’rank Lodge, assistant bailiffs. Cuurcurs.—The Parish Church (St. Peter) is a large handsome building, in the perpendicular style, erected at a cost of £9000, in 1835-6, on the site of the old one, which had been rebuilt in 1506. It has 1800 sittings, of which 700 are free, and is a vicarage, now worth £500 per annum. Sir J. W. Ramsden is patron, and the Rev. Wm. B. Calvert, M.A., incumbent. Here are seven other modern churches, three in the town, and four in the suburban hamlets, but there are eleven churches in the parish. Trinity Church was erected by the lato Benjamin Haigh Allen, Esq., of Greenhcad, on his own land, at a cost of £12,000; in addition to which he gave £4000 towards its endowment, and the expense of the Act of Parhament, which invests the patronage in his heirs. It was commenced in 1817, and finished in 1819. The vicarage, valued at £290, is now in the patronage of Mrs. H. A. Davies, and incumbency of the Rev. T. R. Jones, M.A. St. Paul’s Church was built by government, at a cost of £5486, on land given by Sir J. Ramsden. It was commenced in 1828, and opened in 1831. The vicarage, worth about £300 a year, is in the gift of the vicar of Huddersfield, and incumbency of the Rev. George G, Lawrence, M.A. Christ Church, at Woodhouse, in Fartown hamlet, was built and endowed in 1823-4, by John Whitacre, Esq., at a cost of £6000, under a special Act of Parliament. It has a neat parsonage house, and large schools. The incumbency, valued at £150, is in the patronage of the Bishop of Ripon, and incum- bency of the Rev. Robert Crowe. St. John’s Church, at Bayhall, near Newtown, is a neat structure, with a tower and Infty spire, erected in 1853, at the sole expense of Sir J. W. Ramsden, the patron of the perpetual curacy, valued at £200, and now in the incumbency of the Rey. J. Wilson. St. Thomas’ Church, in Manchester road, is a neat structure in the transition style, erected in 1857, at the sole expense of the late John and Joseph Starkey, and the widow of the late Thomas Starkey, The latter is the patroness, and the Rey. E. Snowden, M.A.,is the incumbent. The vicarage is worth £240 per annum. Ali Saints’ Church, in the village of Paddock, was built by government, at a cost of £2500. It was finished in June, 1830, and is a vicarage, valued at £121, in the gift of the vicar of Huddersfield, and incumbency of the Rev. W. C. M’Grath, M.A. Christ Church, Mold- green, is a neat structure, erected in 1863, at a cost of £3000, raised by subscription. The perpetual curacy, valued at £110, is in the gift of the rector of Kirkheaton, and incumbency of the Terry. A New Church is now being erected in Leeds road, at a cost of about £5000, to which Sir J. W. Ramsden, M.P., has contributed £1000, and the Church Extension Society another £1000. It will be a Gothic edifice, and will contain 550 sittings. The other places of worship in the town are, the Catholic Chapel, in New North road, erected in 1833; the large Wesleyan Chapels, in Queen street, Chapel hill, and Leeds road North; the large and handsome Gothic Methodist New Connexion Chapel, in High street, finished January, 1867, at a cost of £10,509; and one at Paddock, built in 1854; Primitive Methodist Chapels, in Northumberland street and South street; a Baptist Chapel, in Bath buildings; a Unitarian Chapel, in Fitazwillham street, built in 1853; Independent Chapels, at Hightield and Ramsden street, the latter built in 1834-5, at a cost of nearly £6000, and the former erected in 1772, and rebuilt in 1845, at a cost of nearly £6500; and another Independent Chapel, 1 South street. In 1859, large schools, in connexion with Highfield Chapel, were built at Paddock, at a cost of £1072. The Free Methodists have a chapel in Brunswick street, built in 1862. There is a Friends’ Meeting House, at Paddock, and several small chapels in the other hamlets of Huddersfield township. At Dalton is a Swedenborgian Chapel, and at Bradford road a Christian Church. HoppErsFIELD CEMETERY, formed in 1853-’4 and ’5, by the Improvement Commissioners, under the Hudders- field Burial Ground Act, passed in 1852, comprises 14 acres of land, at Highfield, on the north-west sido of the town. Itis neatly enclosed and tastefully laid out and planted, and one-half of it is consecrated for the use of members of the Established Church, and the other half is for the use of Dissenters. The central avenue is spanned by an open arch, surmounted by an ornamental spire, and on each side of it are the two chapels. Sir J. W. Ramsden, tho lord of the manor, contributed £1777 toward the buildings, and the embellishment of the ground, and it is now one of the prettiest cemeteries in England. It cost about £15,000, including £3550 paid for the land. Mr. John Cork is the registrar and sexton. ‘The vicar and his curatcs perform tho burial scrvyice in the Church part of the Cemetery, and Mr. R. Crompton is the Dissenting chaplain. The National Schools, at Seed hill, were built in 1818, and are attended by about 600 boys, girls, and infants. Those at Paddock were built in 1845, and Trinity Church and St. Paul's Church Schools, in 1840 and 1846. St. Paul’s Schools, Princess street, were enlarged in 1866-’7 at a cost of about £600. They are attended by about 700 children. ‘There is also a school at Marsh, in connection with Trinity Church, erected in 1864, at a cost of £700, and attended by 80 children. Christ Church Schools, with a house for the master, are at Sheepridge, and were erected in 1836, St. John's Church School was built by Sir J. W. Ramsden in 1854. St. Thomas* Schools, with teachers’ residence, reading rooms, &c., are in Manchester road, and were built in 1865, at a cost of £2500. All Saints’ Schools, Paddock, built 1833, and enlarged 1866, at a cost of £400, are attended by 120 children. Here are also large Infunt Schools, a British Schovul (built in 1838), and Catholic and Wesleyan Day Schools. Two large proprietary schools, founded in 1838, occupy spacious and elegant buildings, viz., the Huddersfield Collegiute School, and the Huddersfield College; the lutter founded by gentlemen entertaining various religious opinions, and the former by members of the Kstublished Church. The Purtosopuican Haut, which was built in 1837, iv the Grecian style, by the Huddersfield Philosphical Society, is now converted into a Theatre. The Cuauper or Commence, at No. 1, Westgate, was established in 1853, and has now about 400 yearly subscribers, and a large and well supplied News Room. Charles Mills, Esg., is the secretary. The Supscriprion Liprary, at No. 1, Market place, was established in 1807, and has upwards of 10,000 volumes. At Mr. Wheatley’s, in New street, is a Library of Foreign Books, comprising 1020 volumes, and belonging to about 60 subscribers. The Law Library, founded in 1829, is at Mr. T. H. Battye’s

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352 Wuaddersfield.

office. Huddersfield Mechanics’ Institution was established in 1841, and now occupies a handsome building in Northumberland street, erected in 1859-’60, in the Italian style, at a cost of about £4500, raised by subscription. It has nearly 1400 members, a spacious reading room, and a library of more than 6000 volumes. Its classes ara well conducted and numerously attended. Connected with it is a or Desicn, attended by above 150 pupils, several of whom have received the Government medals for drawings exhibited at Marlborough House. The Young Men’s Christian Association, and the Female Educational Institute, were established in 1847. Hud- dersfield Church Institute, in New street, is another literary society, which was commenced in 1860. The Hud- Club, now in course of formation, will be held in a suite of rooms in the New Ramsden Estate offices, The Floral and Horticultural Society holds a large annual exhibition here, and Mr. George Sykes is its secretary. Three weekly Newsparers are printed here every Saturday; viz., the Huddersfield Chronicle, established April 6th, 1850; the Huddersfield and Holmfirth Examiner, commenced in September, 1851; and the Huddersfield Observer, established about two years ago. The Riding Scheol,in Ramsden street, was erected in 1819, by a company of shareholders, at a cost of £2400, chiefly for the use of the Huddersfield Troop of the Second West Yorkshire Yeomanry Cavalry, to which Sergeant John Harry is riding master. The building has a neat stone front, ornamented with the figures of tye rampant horses, and is used as a depdt and drill room by the I/uddersfield Volunteer Rifle Corps, tha cers of which are—H. F. Beaumont, Esq., hon colonel; Lieutenant Colonels Thomas Brooke and Frederick Greenwood: Majors—Thomas Brook and J. W. Carlisle ; Captains—Joshua Day, William Lawton, Joseph Beaumont, Tom Learoyd, and Thomas W. Brooke; Quarter-Master— William Eddison; Quarter- Master Ser- geant—John Brook; Job Hunneybell, Sergeant Major ; ; and Joseph Wood, Sergeant Instructor. In Ramsden street, is Mr. J. Le Blane’s Gymnasium Hall, which is used for balls, lectures, concerts, &c., and is 101 fect long by 33 feet wide. Huddersfield Choral Society is highly distinguished for musical talent, and has frequent concerts at the Assembly Rooms, Queen street. The and Upper Agbrigg Infirmary, is a large elegant stone building, in the Grecian Doric style, erected at a cost of £4000 in 1831, and enlarged at a cost of £2300 in 1861. It has beds for 60 patients. The number which this excellent charity relieved in 1868 was 6294 out and 450 in-patients. Two physicians and five surgeons lend their aid gratuitously. J. C. Laycock, Esq., is president ; Mr. John Marsden, honorary secretary ; Mr. George Jarman, collector; Mr. E. H. Booth, house surgeon; Mr. J. Erskine Chalmers, assistant house surgeon; and Miss Kaye, matron. Here are also various other charitableinstitutions. The Huddersfield and Upper Agbrigg Savings’ Bank was established in 1818, and in 1868 had deposits amounting to £240,174, belonging to 7267 depositors. a Penny Savings’ Bank in connection with the Mechanics’ Institution, with deposits amounting to £1899, belonging to 14,238 depositors. Halfa-mile south of the town are Lockwood Spa Baths, in a handsome building, erected in 1827; but much enlarged and improved a few years ago. The water is strongly impregnated with chloride of sodium, sulphate of soda, and carbonate of lime. In the town are three lodges of Frermasons, to each of which is attached a Royal Arch chapter. The Lodge of Harmony, No. 275 was established in 1789, and meets in a handsome and convenient building in South parade, on the Thursday nearest full moon; the Huddersfield Lodge, No. 290, was constituted in 1792, and meets in the same building on the Wednesday next full moon; and the Lodge of Truth, No. 521, was conse- crated in 1845, and meets on the first Friday in each month, in a neat Hall in Fitzwilliam street. Here are also an Encampment of Knights Templar, and numerous Lodges of Oddfellows, &c. The Hamuets, &c. in Huddersfield Township and Borough, with their distances from the town are as follow:— Cooper Bridge, 3 miles N.N.E. on the Leeds road; Detcuron and SuErrripcs, two villages on the declivities of an eminence, 2 and 23 miles N.; Fartown, 1 mile N., but including within its constablewick, Hillhouse, Cowcliffe, Cuckold’s clough, Woodhouse, and Birkby, extending close to the town; Mansy, 1 mile W., surrounded by a fertile district, with many handsome villas; and Pappocxr, 1 mile §8.W., which has in its district Longroyd bridge, Paddock foot, and many straggling buildings, extending to the skirts of the town. The POST OFFICE is in New street; Mr. Thomas Ruddock is the postmaster. Jietters are despatched several times a day, by rails, to all parts; also by omnibus to Lockwood, Almondbury, Kirkburton, &c. Foot messengers are despatched with letters at 6.30 a.m. to all the surrounding villages. The town deliveries com- mence at 7.0 a.m.,1.0 p.m., and 4.15 p.m. There are Pillar Letter Boxes at Bath buildings, Birkby, Bradford road, Chapel hill, Edgerton, Fartown, Greenhead lane, Leeds road, Longroyd bridge, New North road, Paddock, Queen street South, Railway street, Railway station, Rasheliffe, Seedhill and Westfield. Money Orders are granted and paid from 9 morning till 6 evening. On Sundays the office closes at 10 morning.


ALBION STREET. (8 High st.)| 34 Andrews Edwin, tailor (7 Sykes John E


Edw. relieving o 4 Smith Charles, waste dealer 8 Pogson Henry, woollen mfr. & mert 10 Buckley John, flock dealer Water lane 12 Ainley, Lord & Co. coating,&¢.mfrs 14 Carver & Co. L. &N.W. 14 Harrison & Sykes, canvas mfrs Street. 20 Crow William, clerk 22 Sykes John Edw. relieving officer 28 Crowther J. & Co. machinists 830 Hey Jonathan, picture framer 32 Nield Henry, salesman Wilson Joseph, joiner

36 Fitton Charles, jun. (mungo dlr.) 40 Peace James, professor of music 42 Miller Thos. McGregor, draper, &c Hill John, stonemason South 41 Working Men’s Club; Chas. Thew- lis, secretary 37 Beevers William, Turkish baths 29 Scott William, accountant 30 Harrison & Sykes, canvas mfrs 25 Rhodes Josiah, baker & flour dlr Machan’s yard— Rushworth John, french polisher Lodge Henry, wood carver

84 Shaw Thomas, leather seller 9 Wade Herbert, assistant Watson Miss Mary, temperance hotel

ALFRED STREET. (£ast par.)

Lord William, joiner Whiteley Joseph (cotton spinner)

ASPINALL’S YD. (Market pl.)

Magrath Michael, tea dealer, &c. North Abel, cabinet maker Midland Railway Company, carriers

ASPLEY. (Shorefoot.)

Robson Isaac and Sous, dyers

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Wuddersfield Street Directory.

Dewhirst Richard and Co. woollen printers, Aspley Print works Dewhirst John, William, and Robert (woollen printers) 19 Pickard Joe, beerhouse, Fly Boat Gibson Thos. carrier & greengrocer Hutton Henry, coal agent Richardson George (coal merchant) Beaumont James (painter)

ASPLEY PLACE. (Skorefoot.)

Inman Mrs M. aerated water manfr Ely Robert, tailor & woollen draper Dyson Law, carrier Lunn John (grocer) Firth James (grocer)

Kitson Mr John Sheppard Roberts William (waste dealer) Todd Walter, gardener Huddersfield Canal office ; Sheppard, manager


(Princess street.)

11 Lynch Michael, joiner Waters T. & J. bhs. Court Houso tav Berry William, hatter Littleton Mrs Martha, newsagent


(Commercial street.)

Mills Edwin (ironfounder) Mills Charles (solicitor) Stead Joseph Carr (tea dealer) Marriott William (mftg. chemist) Vickers Thomas (grocer) Southworth Henry (tea dealer )


(Ramsden street.)

Helm Tom, timber merchant Helm Henry, saw mills Walker John H. timber merchant Dyson Samuel, timber merchant and wood turner Dyson John, wood carver Rayner & Son, whitesmiths Moseley John Edw. joiner & builder Berry John, joiner and builder Brown Robert, coal merchant Dawson William, cabinet maker

BACK SPRING STREET. (Upperhead row.)


Sanderson Solomon (machinist) Gawthorpe Matthew, plumber Haigh & Mills, shoeing smiths Fisher Thomas, tailor Haigh Richard (farrier) Reid Alexander, book agent Reid Miss Agnes, dressmaker

BATH BLDGS. (Jchn st.) 2 Crompton James (photographer) 4 Heron Mrs Charlotte 6 Firth William, engraver 6 Rangeley Mrs Harriet, chapel kpr 8 Baptist Chapel; Rev John Hanson 18 Ward Samuel Rh. (draper) 22 Crossley Mrs Alice (stationer) 24 Heussner Charles, salesman 26 Brighouse Miss Ann 28 Wallis Thomas 8. (merchant) 80 North Mrs Mary 32 Atkinson Mz Charles

27 Fairweather William, tutor at Huddersfield College Bath terraces— 25 Heap Richd. R. (woollen mfr.) 23 Berwick Mr John Riley Richard, woolstapler 21 Golden James Wm. (oil mert.) 19 Dawson Miss Elizabeth 17 Heron Miss Mary 15 Hirst Mr Richard 13 Ridgway Mr Tristram 9 Armitage Thomas (plumber) 7 Schofield David, buiider’s foreman 5 Shirley Mrs 8. A. dressmaker Garton Henry, plumber North cres—34 Inman Hy. traveller Learoyd A. woollon manufacturer

BATTYE’S YARD. (Market pl.)

Saffran Mr Henry Rowlands William, bookbinder Moseley J. E. carver and gilder Smith Frank, auctioneer Garton Henry, plumber Lynch John, hearthrug manufr Beaumont Jph. & Son, tobacco mfrs Mayne Richard, fruiterer

BEAST MARKET. (Kirkgate.) 1, 3, 5 Styring Thomas, spirit mer- chant & victualler, Wine Butts Wells—Hall & Marsden, manufrs Bletcher George, fruitcrer 11 Ramsden Charles, drysalter 18, 21 Potter Thos. K. gasfitter, &c. 15 Lockwood Joseph, hairdresser 17-19 Marchant Wm. clockmkr. &c. 23 Booth Mrs N. servants’ reer. office Northgate Whitehead William, shoemaker Lowerhead row 34 Elam Hy. surgical instrumt. mkr 30 Jessop Benj. & Son, yarn spinnrs 26 Hudson Godfrey, vict. Royal Oak 25 Booth Henry, grocer 22 Haigh Mrs D. painter & victualler 20 Bottomley William Hy. butcher 18 Parish Thomas, beerhs. Fountain 16 Parish Mrs Emma, shopkeeper 14 Giles John, vict. Boy & Barrel 6-8 Thompson Joseph, furn. broker Corn market—4 North James, drapr 2 Dyson Joseph, grocer

BELGRAVE TERRACE. (New North road.) King William (druggist) Bates James (woolstapler) Wood Miss Mary Crawshaw John (currier) Learoyd Sam (solicitor) 8 Wilson Mrs Ann M. Fell Mrs Mary Dyson Miss A. boarding & day school, Hope house Cresswell Thomas (woollen mercht.)

BIRKBY. Cockroft Mrs Elizabeth Cockroft Robert, joiner and builder Whitehead John, grocer Broadbent David, brhs. Terrrace King’s Cliffe terrace— Schofield Joseph, tailor & draper Dawson James, grocer

King’s Cliffe terrace— Morton Charles (earriers’ agent) Glendinning William (bootmaker) Gaukroger Mr John Dickinson Mr William Halstead Benjamin (wool merchant) Hopwood James (tea merchant) Benson EH. ironmonger’s manager Bentley Mrs Emma, grocer Armitage John, salesman Rowe William (ironfounder) Huddersfield Union Workhouse; G.& Mrs E. Sykes, master & matron Abby William W. (butcher) seen Marsh Wilkinson William, vict. Spink Nest Longbottom Benjamin, brewer Ainley Thomas, farmer Crosland Joe, warchouseman Crosland Frederick (woollen mert.) Armitage Thomas, grocer Ramsden Thomas, salesman Haigh Mr Joseph Hill Benj. David, commrel. traveller KIidwards Mrs Mary Brown Benjamin (stationer) Wood Joseph (glass, &c. merchant) Wrigley Mrs H. beerhs. Horse Shoe Ellis Joseph, bootmaker Binns Joshua, grocer, North Mrs Elizabeth Swift John Hy. commrel. traveller Beaumont Mrs Charlotte Roberts Mr Richard, Wheat house Bay [alt terrace— Bennett 8. (j) joiner Thwaite Mrs Jane Dyson George, manager Whiteley Mrs Sarah Bentley Thomas, salesman Ward G. draper’s assistant Schoficld Robert Henry (draper) Jackson Thomas (wine merchant) Webster Isaac (painter) Armitage Joseph, nurseryman Rushworth Alfred, bootmkr’s. assist. Booth terrace— Evans George, commrel, traveller Fairbourn William (draper) Clayton John, clog maker Edwards Edward, shopkeeper Stork John (yarn spinner), Bayhill hs Bray Paul, beerhs. Armitage Arms Nursery terrace— Iredale John, fine drawer Jessop John, shopkeeper Nugent Thomas, warehouseman Hammond Charles, clerk Eastwood Samuel, solicitor’s clerk Swift Joseph, clerk Higgins A. M. solicitor’s clerk Atkinson Mrs Ann 95 Jackson Alfred, porter at College 94 Whitham G. (boot manufacturer) Birkby crescent—Pearson T. clerk Willey Mrs Sarah Taylor John, commercl. traveller Kabery Isaac, solicitor’s clerk Lumb Alfred, commercial traveller Hirst Mrs Lydia Atkinson James, salesman Sykes Edward, commrel. traveller Atkinson Mrs Ann

Macaulay Thomas Firth, brewer


Page 8


Birkby lane— Burley J. bhs. Orignl.Birkby gardns Armitage Jph. T. (woollen manfr.) Birkby hill— Beaumont Hector M. (woollen mrt) Hiley Mr Samuel Hammond William, florist Burley Alfred, (j) whitesmith Smith Frank (auctioneer) Moore J. (woolstapler), Birkby lodg Birkby In—Catton J.T. mason & bldr

BRADFORD ROAD. (Northgate.)

Garside William, boot & shoe maker Sutcliffe Robert, grocer Dodds Henry, butcher Wiseman Mrs Hunnah, draper Beaumont John, fent dealer Bell Adam, clothes cleaner Armitage Wm. clog & patton maker 21 Rayner George, shopkeeper 23 Clayton Henry, plasterer Hinchliffe Reuben, joiner & builder 5 Sykes Ben, warchouseman 29 Worthington Ratcliffe butcher 37 Kilner James, warehouseman 43 Beaumont Mr Robert 45 Francis Joseph (hosier) 47 Horne Miss E. hosier & milliner Clayton Alfred, boot & shoe maker oe Railway Rowley & Bailey, shoeing smitha Hepworth George, cotton cleaner 57 Robinson Joseph (tailor) 63 Fisher John (marble polisher) Jagger's yd—Jagger John, stone mert 65 Haigh James, clerk Lidwards’ buildings— Kilner George E. warechouseman 71 Baldwin Mrs Rachel 73 Marsden George A. tailor Hebble terrace 123 Dawson James, grocer 125 Stocks Jph. stonemsn. & bldr Moss William, hairdresser Jagger Thomas, butcher Sykes John, grocer Warriner John, marble & stonemsn cottages—Wood Hy. clerk Hallas John, tailor Moxon Godfrey (painter) Matthewman Sydney N.(com. agt.) Turner Mr John Stead & Kaye, stonemasons Lodge Joseph, furniture broker ee Railway bridge Clayton Michael, auctioneer 42 Eastwood George, wheelwright 40 Ridley Jas. (j) marble polisher 38 Milnes John, plasterer 36 Walker Jonathan, plasterer Radford’s yard—Hoyle Geo. smith 82 Jones John, boot & shoe maker Turner’s buildings— 28 Briggs William, tailor 18 Hartley Hy. professor of music 16 Jessop William, manager 14 Parker Miss C. dressmaker 12 Marsden Jph. vict. Punch Bowl Christian Church

BRADFORD ROAD. (Far town.)

Halstead Abraham, oil agent, and Mrs M. A. milliner Brook Miss Mary, dressmaker



Wild Mr Robert Hanson Rev. John (Baptist) Hollingsworth Jas. Joshua, traveller Cooke Mrs Jane, beer retlr. & grocr Eleanor street Kershaw Mrs M. A. mlnr. & drssmkr Hallas John, tailor & draper Hillhouse Co-operative Society; P Parker, manager Lunn Mr Joseph Freeman Edward (wine merchant) Thornhill terrace Hassall J. M. (cloth finisher) Hesseltine Jno. Hy. coml. traveller Hanson Mr Joseph Harris Thomas, clerk Call Mrs Mary Butterworth Chs. Ih. grocers’ asst Hinchliffe Mrs Sarah Honoria place Crosland Jph. grocer, & Post Office Honoria street Dalton Hy. A. viet. Thornhill Arms Chinn Edward Wm. (watchmaker) Struth Robert, commercial traveller Forrest Oliver M. comcl. traveller Brownell George, shopkeeper Broscomb Mrs Sarah, contectioner Smith’s buildings Smith Miss HE. millnr. & bonnet mkr Viney George (stationer) Bell William, shopkeeper Turner Richard, butcher Horsfall Tom, commrel. traveller Oldham Benjamin, boot & shoe mkr Holroyd Henry, victualler, Harp inn Toll bar—George Hartley, collector Fartown green Winn Miss M. A. brewer, Fartown Leech Charles, chimney sweeper Darwin James, brhs. Miner’s Arms

North terrace—Hoyle Mr David

Holdsworth Mrs Harriet Shaw Thomas, comcl. traveller Hoyle Miss EH. mlnr. & st. bon. mkr Brown Michael, clerk Kitching William, plasterer Smith George Henry, cashier Beech ter.—Lobley J. M. salesman Vickers Mrs EK. (draper) Clifford Elisha, manager South terrace 12 Robinson J. (yarn spinner) Clayton Thomas (lithographer) Graham George, fish & poultry dlr Mutual Co-op. Soe.; C. Betts, mgr Lumb John, butcher Whitehouse lane & Hillhouse lane Platts Chs. vict. Wagon & Horses Barnes Edward Henry, yarn dlr Croft Cottage lane


North William (fruit dealer) Cooper Jonathan (draper) Jackson W. M. coml. tvllr. & farmer Beaumont John (woollen manufr.) Scholes Richard (accountant) Newsome Benjamin, tailor Glover Thomas S. (j) silversmith Oddy Miss A. M. day school Edwards William, grocer Poppleton George, seedsman

Wilkinson Thomas, joiner & builder

Street Directory.

BRADLEY LANE. (New North road.)

Fox John (draper) Belgrave terrace Jonacher James (organ builder) Walker Henry, manager

_| Brunswick place

Highfield Church Rev. Robert Bruce Longworth James (woollen mercht.) Grist John Jabez (shoddy merchant)

Cresswell Thomas (cloth merehant) King William (druggist)

BRADLEY MILLS. (Leeds rd.)

Gledhill Robert, wheelwright Baines Anthony, shopkeeper Eastwood Edw. & Chs. woollen dyers Rayner William, brewer Atkinson C. & Co. cloth finishers Brooke James & Son, woollen mfrs Pollard John, dyer, Grove works D. Sykes, Hale & Bell, yarn spinners Working Men’s Club Mixed Day School; Mark & Mrs BH, Schofield


Thomas Samuel, hairdresser Taylor Henry, clothes dealer Haigh Edwin, heald & slay maker Entwistle Joseph, joiner & builder

King street


Sutcliffe Isaac, glass & china dealer Kayo Mrs Ruth Whiteley John, (cotton spinner) Hampson John, wheelwright Bell Miss M. dressmaker & milliner 16 Kaye James, ginger beer manufr 20 Firth Miss Hannah

BRITANNIA BUILDINGS. See St. George’s Square.

BROOK ST. (76 John William st.)

Fisher & Dyson, marble masons, &¢, Grist, Sons & Co. shoddy manufrs Wells Mills—Bailey M. packing mfr Wilson, Travis & Co. sawing mills Kendall Samuel, wood turner

BROOK’S YARD. (Alarket street.)

Moorhouse 8. & J. woollen manufrs Eastwood D. & Son, wool merchants Hahn H. & Co. wool merchants 13 Hinchliffe John, woollen manufr Bates M. agt. for J. & H. Lord, dyers Taylor Hamor, woollen manufactr 5 Holmes Charles, woollen manufr 5 Lockwood John, woollen manufr Abbey John N. commission agent Gledhill John, jun. woollen manufr Gledhill Samuel, woollen manufactr Iredale William & Co. woollen mfr Dyson J. & J. waste dealers Beaumont John, woollen manulfactr Greenwood George, lithovrapher, &e. Haigh Alan B. woollen manufacir Scott Joshua, rope manufacturer I Haigh William, woollen manufactr


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Street Directory.

BRUNSWICK PL. (Bradley In.)

Keighley Mrs Eliz (woollen cord mfr) Hirst Charles (wool merchant) Makin Mrs Sarah Belmont terrace— Heppenstall Richard (dyer) Alison Benjamin (woollen manfr) Walton Mrs Hannah Dyson Wm. Geo, (woolstapler) Middlemost Mr Ralph Wood Charles (cotton merchant)

BRUNSWICK STREET. (New North road.)

Schofield William, boot & shoe mkr Schofield Mrs Jane, stay maker

Scott William, surgeon Free Wes. Church; Rey. M. Miller


(Ramsden street.)

Thompson John, vict. Bull & Mouth West Yorkshire Loan Society ; John Broadbent, secretary Victoria street. ice; Jas. Withers, constable

BUXTON ROAD. (New street.) 1 Hartley Mrs B. vict. Woolpack 3 Learoyd & Learoyd, solicitors 5 Wallis T. 8. & Co. woollen merts. 7 Hirst Thomas, furniture broker 9 Littlewood Thomas, clothes dealer 11 Mellor Henry, clogger & sh. mkr 15 Moorhouse Isaac, accountant 15 Jepson Brothers, pork butchers Holmes yard Graham George, painter 17 Ecob J. victualler, Buxton house 19 Spencer Benj. beerhs. Town hall 21 Lee Edward, dyer 23 Savings Bank; G. Hirst, actuary Princess street Knight, Wardy, & Jackson, painters 25 Hatch John V. photographer 27-31 Huddersfield Industrial Co-op. Soc. grocers, &c.; J. T. Prentis, sec 29 Billington Chs. boot & shoe mkr 37 Dobson & Co, upholsterers 39 Hanson John, heald maker 41 Tinker & Littlewood, ginger beer manufacturers 41 Pickersgill Thomas, currier Chapel Hill mills East parade and Manchester road 56 Ainley J. & G. boot & shoe mkrs b4 Partridge Henry, vict. Albion 52 Chapman John, music seller 48 McKittrick Bros. ironmongers 46 Hellawell Jonas, surgeon 44 Thomas John, flour dealer 42 Hill Robert, chemist & druggist 40 Chapman M. & Son, pork btchrs 38 Sykes Matthew, bootmaker 38 Hirst Nathan Bb. hat repairer 38 Cheetham Mrs Sarah, fent dlr 36 Hirst Joseph, pawnbroker 34 Lodge Henry, wood carver 32 Brook Joel, smallware dealer 30 Wallace Alexander, grocer

John street Craven & Marshall, victuallers, West

Riding Hotel 22 Shaw Alfred, boot and shoe mkr 20 Bygott William T. chemist \

Moore’s yard Brook John, registr. of births, &c.

Roebuck Wm. H. A.insurance agt 18 Moore Jonathan, music seller 16 Hellawell John, corn dealer 14 Wilson Joseph, upholsterer 12 Ganter Mrs M. A. toy dealer 10 Wrigley J. & Sons, wln. mnfrs 8 Brooke John & Sons, win. mnfrs 8a Lowe Mrs Maria, eating house 82 Oldfield & Studdard, cabt. mkrs 9 Abbey J. H. & J. B. surveyors 10 Biddle Samuel, bootmaker 11 Berry James B. tailor & draper 11 Thompson & Crosland, tobacco manufacturers 6 Kaye George, milliner 34 Crowther T. & Sons, win. merits 4 Carter Mrs J. H. indiarubr. depét

BYRAM ST. (St. Peter's street.)

Thompson Geo. vict. Crescent inn wees Northumberland street...-...+ Kilner & Crosland, woollen mnfrs Bairstow, Oates & Son, wln. mnfrs

CASTLEGATE. (Lowerhead row.)

1 Tindall James, pipe manufactr 3 Binns Thomas, shopkeeper Moloney Thomas, shopkeeper Quay street Stockdale John, clegger 29 Iiarnshaw Mrs Lydia, shopkpr 31 Sykes Thomas B. grocer 33 Dooks Richard B. druggist Hadfield James, pawnbroker Rogers E. tailor and shopkeeper Windsor court Smith John, shopkeeper 49 Wainwright William, clogger Dock street Hirst Abraham J. clothes dealor Wood George, greengrocer Watergate—Beardow Jas. brewer Marsland & Woodhead, boilr. mkrs 62 Sharp William, milk dealer Sykes Miss Martha, milliner Hervin Edwin, beer retlr. & grocer 67 Greenwood Edward, shuttle mkr Hillis Walter, heald and reed maker 71 Clegg John, hay and straw dir 73 Dodson James, boot & shoe mkr Jowitt’s buildings 75 Jowitt Joseph, plasterer, &c. 79 Fisher William, clockmaker Hadfield James, pawnbroker 68 Netherwood J. beerhouse, Com- mercial tavern 81 Weightman Rbt. bhs. York Arms Sutcliffe James, bootmaker Sidebottom Thomas W. draper Swift Abraham, grocer 46 Baldwin James M. clock maker 8 Hampson John, grocer Walker Benj. vict. Smith’s Arms Dickinson George, milk dealer Moorhouse Mrs Nancy, grocer Conry Patrick, brhs. Masons’ Arms Ives Joseph, beerhouse, Rising Sun Pickering John, clothes dealer Wood William H. greengrocer Tierney John, brhs. Travellers’ Rest Denton lane Mitchell John, glass & china dealer Senior Mrs Ann, beerhouse


Rosemary lane Wilson John, bhs. Mechanics’ Arms


Woodhouse John M. (waste dealer) Milnes Mr George Payne Hinchliffe (mnfg. chemist) Lofthouse Alfred, architect's clerk Crabtree Joseph, buyer Studdard Uriah, cabinet makor


Whittell M. cotton warp merchant Johnson William Henry, agent Clegg James, woollen manufactr Barnes Edw. H. cotton warp agent Baines Hy. & Co. cotton warp mfrs Cloth Hall Hirst’s buildings Sykes James & Co. woollen mfrs, Taylor John T. woollen manufr, Child Wm. mantle cloth mannfr Mallinson D. skirt manufacturer Horton Thomas, faney manufacr 8 Senior Caleb, woollen manufr Broadbent Edward, fancy manufr Tyas Amos, fancy manufacturer Sykes George, fancy manufacturer Learoyd W. & Sons, woollen mifrs Rouse Wm. & Co. worsted spinners Mellor 8. & J. cab proprietors Dawson, Gardiner & Co, waste dirs Carter Frederick, mungo dealer Brown Thomas, cotton dealer Briggs Henry, woollen merchant Denton Rt. T. wholesale grocer, &c. Oddy A. victualler, Paragon hotel Oddy G. & Son, rabbit merchants

CHAPEL HILL. (Buszton rd.)

1 Wilson Samuel F. cabinet maker Sutcliffe Miss Mary Hastwood Edmund (dyer) Chapel street Wesleyan Chapel; Rev. T. H. Lord Model lodging house; W. Priestley, superintendent Blakeley James, coal merchant

Stables street 17 Hanson Charles, watchmaker

21 Tlartley Benjn. (waste breaker) Varley yd—Coates Stephen, plumbr 25 Rayner John, shopkeeper Arthington Joseph, brassfounder Clegg Ashton, painter Eastwood R, & J. doffing plate mkrg Eastwood John (doffing plate mkr) Teal Jesse, joiner 29 Beardsell Jag. bhs. Poet’s corner 31 Teal Samuel, warehouseman 33 Nuttall J. carrier & greengrocer Engine bridge Burman William, timber merchant Colne road Crossley Samuel, shuttlo maker Siddall William, waste dealer Eastwood & France, woollen mfrs Hirst William, clothes dealer Eastwood John & Sons, dyers Dyson John, cloth finisher Wilson George, vict. Royal Oak Pass Hugh, draper Sykes John, tailor and draper 58 Taylor & Kemp, drapers 58 Kemp Henry Stephens (draper)

z 2

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Strect Directory.

52 Dodson William, butcher and victualler, Black Bull Canal Office; John Miller, clerk Sutcliffe Henry, yarn spinner Hallas George, porter Tomlinson & Rowe, ironfounders Grey Horse yard Wood James, (j) carpenter Rayner Wm. Bowker (whitesmith) 38 Dougherty Michael, umbrella mkr 34 Worfolk Thomas, shopkeeper Varey Thomas, vict. Grey Horse Dale street Cocking David, hairdresser 26 Hellawell Benjamin, beerhouse, Clarence inn Ainley Joseph (boot and shoe mkr) 24 Shaw James, smallware dealer 22 Barker John, pork butcher 20 Grayson Job (bootmaker) 18 Carter Mrs Eliza, corn dealer 10 Stewart Benj. 8. (ronmonger) 8 Lee Asa, cabinet maker 6 Sykes Peace, artist 4 Swallow David (cap manufactr)

CHAPEL HILL MILLS. (41 Buxton road.)

Stott John F. wire drawer Colbeck Thomas, yarn spinner Charlesworth & Smith, card mnfrs Robinson Jabez, yarn spinner Kenworthy, Royston and Crossley, machine makers Riley James, wood turner Sykes Moore, wood turner Sellers John, fret cutter Roebuck Hy. & Wm. yarn spinners Carters & Lisle, machine makers Broadbent Thomas, engineer Brown David, pattern maker Mitehell William, machine maker Walker Thomas, joiner and builder Rowe William & Son, ironfounders

CHAPEL ST. (Chapel hiil.)

Chapel hill Mills Lumb Joseph (worsted manufactr) Dean Henry, porter Bellerby Richard, wheelwright Lisle John (machinist)

CHARLES ST, (21 John st.)

Hindle Henry, brhs. Golden Cross 21 Crosland James (flock dealer) 25 Pearce Neriah, rag merchant wn South ......4, Ramsden’s yard and Helms yard


Tonoria street Clifford James, commercial traveller Steel Arthur, boot & shoe maker Abbey Miss A. D. boardg. & day schl Eidmondson C. draper’s assistant Rayner Joseph, grocer Sowry James, clerk Kendall Joe, foreman Taylor Joseph (sail yarn manufr) Mason Richard (woollen manufr) Jackson Thomas, comal. traveller Crowther Saville (cotton waste dlr) Uillhouse Congregational Church ; Rey, Wiliam Braden



British School; George Gaunt Eleanor street Sykes John (machinist) Smith Robert, manager Sykes Charles, draper & wine agent ETUUROUSC eve St. John’s Schools; J. Clay, Misses A. Kelly and C. Arnold Lowe J. 'T. (cattle food manufactr) Wilson D. (saw mill proprietor) Sykes Mrs Sarah Cockcroft C. railway clerk Shaw Joss, commercial traveller Dyson Edward (draper) Tetley John (tea dealer) Merga William, draper’s assistant Billing Edward James, cashier Mellor Joseph (cab proprictor) Hirst Samuel Kirk, manager Woodhead T. G. (woollen cord mnfr) Heppenstall Enoch (dyer) Marriott Henry, manager Smeeton Charles (draper) Savile George (hairdresser) Hirst James (flock dealer) Bedford Wm. Henry (ironfounder) Megson George S. warehonseman Wilkinson Wm. (woollen merchant) Taylor William (school teacher)


2 Ramsden William (woollen manir) 4 Burgess J. manager at gas works 6 Faweett Miss Ann 8 Porritt Richard (wool merchant) 10 Porritt Mr James William 12 Crosland Misses Eliz. & Sarah 14 Russell John, commission agent Hill Mr Richard Barnicot John (woollen merchant) Bell John Henry (yarn spinner) Rhodes Mrs Mary Ann Brooke Mr James Claremont Learoyd Charles (woollen manufr) Collegiate School; Rey. A. Smith, M.A. principal Hirst John (corn miller)


This Halli is Ict in small shops to woollen cloth manufacturers, who attend Tuesdays and I'ridays

1 Bottomley Charles, Elland 1 Etherington William, Eland 2 Sykes Samuel, Golcar 2 Sykes James, Golcar 3 Sykes William, Golcar 3 Sykes Benjamin, Golcar 4 Walker John, Longwood 5 Taylor William Brothers, Golear 5 Taylor John, Golear 6 Chartres Thomas, Rastrick 9 Beaumont George, Longwood 9 Dearnley Henry, Netherthong 10 Hinchliffe Joseph, Scholes Hinchliffe Joshua, Scholes 11 Dawson & Thornton, Paddock 12 Binns David, Lindley 15 Wilkinson A. Salendine Nook 18 Hinchcliffe Jolin, Scholes 24 Gledhill Edwin, Outlane 25 Carter James, Holmfirth 28 Wood William, Linthwaite Armitage Joseph, Linthwaite


40 Brook John & Son, Holmfirth 41 Butterworth William, Holmfirth 41 Butterworth Joseph, Holmfirth 43 Bashforth William, Holmfirth 44 Butterworth Joe, Hinchliff mill 45 Hinchliffe James, Hepworth 46 Shaw Joseph, Lees mill, Golcar 48 Sykes William, Golcar 49 and 50 Hall Abraham, Longwood and Quarmby 51 and 52 Crosland James & Sons, addock mills 53 Taylor Henry, Golcar 53 Taylor Edwin, Golcar 53 Taylor J. & B. Golcar 54 Ainley Richard, Golcar 55 Taylor John, Golcar 55 Taylor C. & R. Golear 56 Fielding Golear 57 Hirst Abraham, Wellhouse 58 Firth J. & T., Rastrick 58 Taylor James, Golear 58 Walker Samuel, Golear 58 Bolton Joseph, Golear 58 Taylor Joseph, Golear 59 Taylor & Lockwood, Golear 59 Lockwood John, Golcar 62 Fisher Mark & Sons, Longwood 73 Whiteley J. & W. Golcar 74 Pearson John, Golcar 75 Pearson Joseph, Golcar 79 Pearson Ben, Golear 79 Sykes Benjamin, Golear 81 Sykes John, Golcar 83 Balmforth Joseph, Linthwaite 83 Balmforth Wright, Linthwaite 83 Balmforth Henry, Slaithwaite 83 Taylor Abraham, Lingards 84 Balmforth John, Linthwaite 84 Shaw John, Marsden 84 Haigh Joseph, Slaithwaite 86 Shaw Jabez, Linthwaite 86 Crawshay George, Kirkburton 87 Kaye John, Rastrick 87 Shipley John, Rastrick 87 Mellor David, Farnley 87 Taylor Amor, Meltham 90 Sykes Joseph, Golcar 91 Taylor Joseph, Golear 94 Clegg David, Dalton 94 Sykes William, Golear 94 Sykes John, Golcar 106 Clegg James, Dalton 111 Garside Joseph, Slaithwaite 112 Bottomley John, Elland 112 Shaw James, Golcar 114 Noble & Wood, Rastrick 115 Whitwam Charles, Golear 117 Hirst Thos. & Sons, Wellhousa 117 Tomason T. & Sons,Thurlstone 117 Tomason Hugh, near Penistone 117 Bates Joseph, Golear 118 Tomason & Son, Penistone 121 Lumb & Wheelwright, Scam monden 121 Cotton Wm. Henry, Slaithwaite 122 Calverley & Co. Longwood 125 Sykes & Crowther, Linthwaite 125 Bentley John, Rastrick 126 Dawson Robert, Linthwaite 126 Haigh John, Linthwaite 132 Whiteley N. & Son, Meltham 137 Sykes William, Scammonden 137 Brierley Jonathan, Linthwaite

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Wuddersfield Street Directory.


147 148 150 153 154 154 162 163 163 164 166 1638 171 172 172 173 173 174 175 175 177 177 177

Haigh Samuel, Wellhouse Gledhill Thomas, Golear Mitchell John, Golear Hirst William, Longwood Smith Charles, Golcar Smith Eli, Golear Heppenstall Thomas, Golcar Shaw William, Linthwaite Thorpe James, Slaithwaite Nokes & Milner, Thurlstone Beaumont Samuel, Longwood Bray Edward, Golcar Beaumont John, Golear Beaumont Job, Longwood Crowther John, Wellhouse Walker Eli, Wellhouse Baxter Richard, Linthwaite Ainley Seth, Golcar edge Blackburn John, Golcar Taylor Samuel, Golcar Iredale Henry Hall, Quarmby Whitwam Wright, Golcar Brook John, Longwood 178 Taylor David, Golear 179 Hall Rowland, Lindley 180 Quarmby James, Golear 180 Sykes Joseph & Sons, Golear

CLOTH HALL ST. (New st.)

1 Cumming W. & Co. woollen merts 8 Taylor J. E. Bros. woollen mfrs 5 Norton Bros. & Co. woollen mfrs 7 Thewlis G. & Sons, woollen mfrs 7 Glaisyer John, tea & coffee merts Vance’s buildings 11 Crosland William & woollen manufacturers 13 Lister & Greenwood, wine merts Haigh John, victualler, White Hart Market strect. 20 Littlewood J. & Sons, wlin. mfrs 18 Dawson Thomas, drysalter 16 Storry Wm. & Co. tea merchants 14 Whiteley J. & Son, pap. mfrs. agts Lancaster's yard 10 Hirst Chas. & Son, wool merts 8 Hawkins William, saddler 6 Mellor & Waddington, paper mfrs 6 Walker Hy. dealer in fancy goods Chancery lane 4 Huddersfield Banking Company; Chas. Wm. Sikes, manager Taylor Hiram, clerk

COLNE ROAD. (Chapel Hill.)

Scott Joseph, boot & shoe maker Field Edward, (j) weaver Riley Foster, warehouseman Riley Mrs Ann Wood John Thomas, bhs. Rose inn Horsfali Abraham, dyer Britannia mills Butterworth, Smith & Firth, cot- ton spinners & doublers Lockwood, Baxter & Pontefract, fancy woollen manufacturers Sykes J. & Co. wlln. & fancy mfrs Armitage Jas. & Co. wlln. manfrs Haigh George, yarn spinner Marsden Hurry, yarn spinner Moorhouse Samuel, woollen mfr Hartley Benj. cotton waste breaker Hartley Matthew, cotton fuller Denton Elisha, seribbler & spinner Liyesay George, wool cleaner


Colne road mills Taylor John & Sons, woollen mfrs Barry Mr Benjamin Blackburn Joshua, machine maker Crossland Henry, flax spinner Lever John, cotton doubler Eastwood Giles, beerhs. Bridge inn Monkhouse Mrs Hannah, lodgings Armitage Mrs Hannah, lodgings Townend James, butcher Crowther Joseph, painter Wood Alfred (fish dealer) Brooke Henry, ironfounder Hudson William, dyer Horsfall Abram, dyer buildings Wood Wm. & Hy. yarn spinners Shaw Frederick, card maker


(Commercial street.)

2 Lawton William (yarn spinner) 3 Roebuck William (yarn spinner) 4 Reynolds Mrs Mary Wilson Mrs Frances 6 Stott Ishmael (woollen manufr) 7 Spirey Mrs Mary 8 Haigh Edwin (heald & reed mkr)


(Commercial street.

Schofield Edward, butcher 9 Bradley Mrs Sarah Swallow Mr William Wooffenden Ben, comel. traveller 8 Redfearn Joe Wm. (sail yarn spnr) 6 Stuttard Mr James 4 Broadbent Allan, woollen salesmn 2 Dyson Mrs Jane Taylor Alfred (cabinet maker) Scott James, salesman


(Ramsden street.)

1 Rowley Mrs Ann, lodgings 3 Johnstone Mrs Jemima, day schl 4 Carr Joseph (currier) 7 Lees John (cutler) 11 Eastwood Edward (dyer) 15 Brierley Mr Frederick William 17 Washington Mrs Sarah 21 Tempest Mrs Mary, lodgings Shore bank 23 Thornton Mrs Rebecca 259 Richardson J. M. woollen mert Dickinson Thomas, tailor & draper Commercial square 33 Brook James, stove merchant 35 Hirst Joseph, woollen manufactr Commercial place

Schofield Mrs Sarah 34 Maitland George, clerk 35 Frost John, clerk Hanson J. (woollen mfr.), Royd lodge Clegg lane Clough Ths. W.(solr.), Priest-royd hs Greenwood Edward, canal engineer Goldthorp David, corn mill manager Slater George (plumber) Heppenstall Mrs Ann Kaye Thomas (linen draper) Hirst Henry, jun. (varn spinner) Wilson Andrew, M.D. surgeon Brook Mrs Jane

Lockwood Miss Harriet 26 Wood Mrs Mary (flock merchant) 24 Buckley Edmund, lodgings 22 Wild James, salesman 20 Hardcastle Joseph, appraiser 16 Hawksworth Thomas, German yeast importer 14 Theech John, commission agent 10 Holmes Thos. W. banker’s clerk 8 Rayner Joseph (waste dealer) 6 Howe Edwin (cooper)


Pitchford Mrs Eliza Pitchard John, farmer Gaskill Mrs M. H.v. Shepherd’s Arms Sunderland Chas. shopkpr. & farmer Radcliffe Joshua, bootmaker Hall George, farmer Tiffaney Mrs Elizabeth Wilson John, farmer Archer Joseph, farmer Stead Allen, farmer, &c. Pitchford Mrs Elizabeth Pitchford James, warehouseman Brooke Jonas, manufactng. chemist 103 Hammell Hugh, shopkeeper Stansfield Thomas, farmer Starkey William, grocer Chadwick James, shopkeeper Longbottom Joseph, farmer Eccles James, grocer Stoney Joe, farmer Brook Allen, farmer St. John’s Mixed National school, Joseph Sewell Dyson Charles, shopkeeper

CROSS CHURCH STREET. (56 Kirkgate.) Smith Bob, beerhs. Prinee Albert % Golden William, gun maker 9 Beckwith John EH. carver, &c. 11 Drake George, jeweller 13 Vieckerman Miss Elzbth. confetr 15 France Mrs M. hosier 17 Taylor Henry B. bootmaker 19 Holroyd Joseph, milliner 21 Bernin C. Chas. L. pork butcher 23 Revell Henry, tobacco manufactr 25 Sykes James, temperance hotel 27 Peacock James, wholesale draper White Lion yard 29 Ainley George, butcher Calvert George, decorative painter 31 Ibberson Jph. vict. White Lion 33 Schofield Henry, vict. Sun inn 33a Kay James, cab proprietor 35 Fish Charles Henry, hairdresser 37 Southworth Henry, grocer 39 Swift Tom N. pharm. chemist 41 Wilson J. H. tailor and draper Dobson’s yard— Broadbent Thomas H. accountant 458 Shaw John, boot und shoe maker 45 France A. draper and milliner weet King street eee 34 Harral & Co. hatters, &e. 32 Fretwell Mrs J. milliner 30 Bowker & Co. glass & china dirs 30 Bowker Jumes A. watch maker 28 Stancliffe J. H. & Co. tea merts 26 Smith A. & Co. watch makers 24 Mellor Richard, music seller

{24 Mellor Miss 8. A. tchr. of piano

Page 12


IMuddersfield Street Directory.

22 Cade Edward, carver and gilder 20 Ainley George, corn merchant 16 & 18 Glendinning W. draper, &c. 14 Tetley George, ironmonger 12 Wheatley & Higgins, druggists 10 Ashton J. W. bookseller, &c. 8 Shaw George, vict. Ramsden Arms 4. Harper George, printer, &c. 2 Brook Emanuel, hat & cap manfr wane


(Grove street.)

1 Johnson Henry, shopkeeper 23 Hirst Mrs Ellen, shopkeeper 14 Waters Francis, coal dealer 12 Marsland William, beerhouse, Sir John Falstaff Holt Mrs Sybil, brhs. Three Nuns Firth Joseph (cotton warp manuty.)

CRYSTAL BLDGS. (New town.)

Crowther Joseph, grocer Parsons Jonathan, clerk Kyne Bernard, cashier Bailey Mark (india rubber manfetr.) Warburton Samuel, salesman

DALE STREET. (Chapel hill.)

Sizer Charles, blacksmith 6 Pinder Mrs Mary, lodgings 7 Beaumont George, (j) slubber 16 Wilson John, engineer 18 Rhodes Samuel, warehouseman 32 Brook Joseph, (j) cloth dresser 83 Byram George, carrier 37 Thornton Richd. boot & shoe mkr

DENTON LANE. (Kirkgaie.)

Macebey Samuel, shopkeeper Boothroyd John, greengrocer Wood George, greengrocer

DOCK STREET. (Castlegate.)

13 Firth Mrs Mary Ann, dressmkr 25 Warner Francis, shopkeeper Pollitt Mrs M. H. heald & slay mkr 37 North Henry, tailor and draper 34 Brook William, bhs. Dock tavern Saville Mrs Mary Ann Niland Miss Bridget, dressmaker

DUKE STREET, (Swallow st.)

Dunn Peter, hawker 9 Cox Patrick, commercial traveller 11 Spivey John, clock repairer 17 Hewitt Robert (joiner) 31 Haigh Mrs Sarah, provision dlr Hague John, shopkeeper 30 Lee Tom, tailor 28 Gibson William, joiner

DUNDAS ST. (80 Market st.) 1 & 3 Taylor H. B. & Son, drysalters 5 Rowe T. B. & Co. soap manufac- turers; A. Mallinson, agent 7 Rhodes Samuel, wool stapler 9 Brook George, jun. woollen manfr 11 & 13 Bates T. & Son, wool merts Upperhead row 14 Moon Charles, commisson agent 14 Carr William Thos. shoddy mert 14 Dews Thos. & Son, mungo merts Sergeantson street 8 Speight John & Sons, mungo mfirs 4 Dyson J. & 8. wool staplers

EAST PARADE. (Buzton road.)

12 Smith Edward (card manufactr.) Dawson William (grocer) 22 Pickersgill Thomas (curricr) 26 Nicholson Charles (hosier) 28 Carr John (currier) 30 Priestley John (cotton spinner) Haigh Phineas (machinist) Sykes Moore, wood turner Broadbent Thomas (machinist) Gledhill William, pianoforte manufr Harmston Henry (fruiterer) 14 Marsden Harry (yarn spinner) Alfred street Thornton John Smith, clerk Cockroft John (cloth finisher)

EBOR MOUNT. (New North rd.)

Jackson Robert (tea dealer) Webb Thomas (commission agent) Webb Misses, school Shaw William (woollen merchant)

EDGERTON. (New North road.)

Hirst Charles (waste dealer) Steel Joseph, greengrocer Brook Geo. gentleman, Elm grove Carpenter Rd. salesman, Woodside Ramsden Wm. L. managing irnmer Wrigley Joseph, jun. (woollen manu- facturer), Geranium lodge Skilbeck Robert (mert.), Mayfield hs Zossenheim M. (manuftr.), Clyde hs Liebriech James (mert.), Bank fields Learoyd Rbt. (mfr.), Edgerton bank Sykes Mrs Ellen, Bremen house Walker John W. (draper), Lea Walker manager, Burleigh hs Taylor E. B. (manfctr.), Hazel grove I Schofield Mrs Martha, Hazel grove Johnson C. (mert.), Edgerton villa Brook Jph. (stamp distr.), Glenwood Holliday Mr Read, Lunnclough hall Holliday Thos. Hy. Lunnclough hall Holliday Charles, Lunnclough hall Langton Fdk. C. R. (wholsl. drggst.) Learoyd Frederick (manufacturer) Howell Samuel, artist, Brooklyn Learoyd Sam T. (mfr.), Stoneleigh hs Watkinson Js. (mrt.), Beechwood hs Huth Edward (woollen merchant) Ramsden Ludilam (woollen manufr.) Brook Thos. (solr.), Woodleigh hs Lowenthal Jph. (mert.), Grange hs Lindley Midgicy David (mrt.), Springfield hs Taylor J. H. (drysltr.), Ravensdean hs Woodhead E. B. (mrt.), Trafford hs Mellor W. (manfctr.), Cote Royd hs Freeman Jno. (solctr.), Oakwood hs Fell Robt. (druggist), Somerville hs Turner J. B. (manufr.), Laurel bank Brooke Edward, jun. (lire clay manu- facturer), Oakley house Pitt G. (wlln. mrt.), Hungerford hs Hirst T. (wool stplr.), Willow bank hs Liebman M. (merchant), Berlin hs Sandy mount—Lendrum Geo. (mfr.) Martin H. A. (manager)


Stockill T. brdng. & day schl. Vise hs Pillar Letter Boz Hinchliff James (mrt.), Glenside hs

I St. John’s Cricket

Whitworth J. (tea mrt.), Woodville hs

Fisher Henry (mert.), Woodville hs Brook Mrs Ann, Mount Edgerton Anders Hy. (mrt.), Mount Edgerton Imperial road Haigh Henry (woollen merchant) Haigh Frederick, (woollen mercht) Dowse Mrs Martha Mary Stott Eli (woollen merchant) Brook Mrs Mary Hirst Charles (woolstapler) Dyson Hy. Broughton (woolstplr) Atkinson William, jun. (draper) Liddell Mrs Catherine (bootmaker) Haigh Allen (woollen merchant) Lockwood George, gentleman Liddell Joseph (woollen manufr.) Kilner J. T. (mert.), Beanland hs Hislop W. gentleman, Beanland hg Sykes Alfred (woollen merchant) Heron Miss Sarah Iredale T. 8. commercial traveller Nield William (woollen merchant) Blackburn James (woollen mercht) Blackburn Joseph (woollen mert.) Luther place Peel Norris, warehouseman Haigh Mr Thomas Stott Edward (woollen merchant) Dawson Mrs Mary, Rose cottage Martin Patk. (wlln. mfr.), Ashfield Brooke G. H. (insurance agent) Armitage Edwd. (mfr.), Edgerton hl Varley Ths. gentleman, Edgerton hs Hirst Sml. gentleman, Edgerton grv

Greenwood Fuk. (colr.), Hdgerton ldg

ELEANOR STREET. (fartown.)

Bradford road Watson William, clerk Hargreaves Dickinson, manager Graham George (painter) Thompson Jno. (railwy. statnmstr.) Robinson Chs. ironmonger’s assistut Waite Benj. (iomcopathic chemist) Smithies Mr John Crosland James (cotton waste dlr.) Green Henry Geo. comel. traveller Lawton Seth (draper) Clara street veavae French Joseph, tutor at college Rhodes T. & G. stone msns. & bldrs Hillis Nehemiah, commercial travlr Geach Thomas William, clerk Jessop Miss Margaret, dressmaker


Knight Abm. brick mkr. & coal mrt Albert terrace—Shaw Mrs M. Holroyd BR. insurance agent Clough house Clifford 5. bootmaker Bradley Miss Mary Bradley George, manufeting. chemst field Nutter Richard, farmer Binns Geo. boarding & day school Shepherd 8. & Sons, drprs. & grocrs North Benjamin, warehouseman Love Walter (pawnbroker) Green Edward (fire brick manufetr.) Sheepridge Freeman Mr Samuel, Clough Rosery Cooper John, joiner & wheelwright Dewhirst Henry (woollen printer), Clough hall

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Huddersfield Street

Walker Mrs Christiana Hall James, victualler, Royal Hotel Ellis John, ‘butcher and grocer Sugden Wm. farmer, Flash hs. farm Knight Abraham, brick manufactr

FIRTH STREET. (Colne road.)

Priestroyd mills— Haigh John & Sons, ironfounders Dyson & Armitage, spinners Brierley & Wall, yarn spinners Thomson & Dodds, woollen mfrs Commercial mills— Schofield John & Sons, spinners Beaumont & Liversidge, finishers Clegg lane— Lockwood Ben, woollen manufactr mills— Brook George, jun. woollen manfr Lawton David, manufactng. chemist Schofield Mr Wiliam Cheetham Miss Ellen, fent dealer Dickinson George, brassfounder Taylor John, millwright Hill Walter, joiner and builder Eccles John, cotton spinner Murphy William, ink & colour mfr Haigh Joseph, brickmaker Clegg John, beerhouse, Colne tavern


Beaumont Joseph, tobacco manufr Jessop Benjamin (woollen manuftyr.) Kitchingman Walter (currier) Abbs William, book keeper Robinson Tom, joiner and builder Hargreaves Henry, whitesmith Scain Mrs Mary, lath maker Dyson Sam (timber merchant) Longbottom Mrs Sarah, lodgings Horsfall John William (hosier) vee Eastwood Mr James Swainson Geo. (borough accountant) Berry John (brewer) Swift William North, auctioneer Bell Andrew, engineer Duggan Brothers, flock dealers Fawcett Wm. & Sons, joiners & bldrs nae Viaduct Coney Robert, omnibus proprietor John William street........ Midgley William, assistant Knight Abraham, coal merchant 7 Willis Frederick, cashier Wood Joe (professor of music) Bulmer Hugh, coal and lime mert Holdsworth Hy. stonemason & bldr Freemasons’ Hall; H. Shaw, halkpr Etchells, Cook & Co. shoddy and mungo manufactrs. & merchants Etchells W. G. machinery agent Kirk John, (architect) Unitarian Chapel; Rey. J. Thomas Brook John Joshua (lead merchant) Sykes Henry (machinist) Sykes Philemon (machinist) Bairstow Oates (woollen merchant) Etchells Wesley Guillaume (manfr) Atkinson William (draper) 10 Roberts Mrs Margaret 9 Roberts Miss Anne Sykes Edwin (solicitor) Waller Misses §., W. & H. day schl


Waller Miss Mary, dressmaker Bell Mr Joseph New North road.. . Ashworth Miss A. boarding school Dickinson Benjamin (cloth finisher) 3 Pratt Mr William Midgley Miss Eliza, profsr. of music . Litile Brunswick st. & Arthur st.. Mineral depét—F ountain G. coal mrt Cook Joseph, railway clerk Bumby William, coal merchant Fell John, coal merchant Fearnley John, coal merchant; W. Jackson, agent Senior John, coal merchant Haigh John & Joseph A. coal pro- prictors; J. Clough, agent Knight Abrm. coal & lime dealer Chary, Swallow & Co. woollen merts Crook Benjamin, currier White William, silk throwster Pickersgill John Wm. upholsterer Haywood Thomas, clerk Huddleston Anthony (timber mert) Harrop Mrs Ann Bentley Mrs Eliza Nettleton William, grocer Hanson Wm. vict. Fitzwilliam hotel Sowden Goods station Blakley Joe (dyer) Thornton yard Reeve Michael, clock maker Ragged and Industrial Schools: E. Whitehead, master; and Mrs G. Whitehead, matron Ragged School street Brook J. Wm. stonemason & builder Woodley Thos.S. commission agent

FITZWILLIAM ST. WEST. (New North road.)

Walton Miss My. day & bdg. school 5 Hinchliffe Mrs Elizabeth 7 Hey Mrs Elizabeth 9 Wood Rev. John (Wesleyan) Ramsden Mrs Ellen 13 Taylor Jas. grocer and beerseller Portland street Thornton Benjamin (auctioneer) Hollyock Miss J. M. dressmaker Lancashire Miss Ann Portland place Baldwin Mrs Elizabeth Wilman James, warechouseman Whiteley Miss Martha 23 Lidster Wm. (plumber & glazier) 25 Fawcett William (joiner) 27 Gledhill Luke (woollen mert.) 29 Taylor Mrs Betsy 31 Hudson Miss Christiana 40 Bowes Jas. (wooln. mfr. & mert) 38 Bower Jph. Hy. (cotton spinner) 36 Hirst Mr Matthew Henry Wentworth street 30 Dent Mrs Isabella 28 Watkinson Miss 26 Crook Benjamin (curricr) 22 Briggs Henry (merchant) 20 Sugden John (woollen manufr.) 18 Duthoit George, bank clerk 16 Thomas Misses 8. M. & M. A. 14 Calvert George (painter) 12 Thompson Benjamin, manager 6 Riley Joshua (wool stapler)




Hirst Mrs A. (wine merchant)

Turner John (woollen manufacturer) Shaw John William (woollen mert.)

FOLLY HALL. (Engine bridge.) Morley Bros, zine, &e. workers Morley George (Brothers) Haigh Brothers, cloth dressers Rhodes John T. cloth finisher, Junc- tion mills Shires Jph. ironfounder, Hope fndry Kitson Charles, tailor Hanson John & Co. lead pipe mkra Smith Wm. wine and spirit mert Crowther Henry N. clerk Kirk George, machinists’ foreman Schofield & Kirk, ironfounders Wrigley H. & E. cotton spinners Blamires T. & H. spinners Rasheliffe Riley George, butcher Bottomley John, greengrocer Dawson David, greengrocer Lawton Mrs M. brhs. Dusty Miller Russell Joseph, draper Boland Richard, clogger, &c. Eecles Rowland, hairdresser Deadwater lane Kaye Benjamin, butcher Fletcher Mrs Martha, shopkeeper Nelson Samuel, grocer and carrier Schofield Isaac, grocer Wallis Godfrey, fish dealer Schofield J. boot, shoe & clog maker Wood William, tobacconist Shaw Benjamin, Whitesmith Matthewman J. bh. Commercial inn Graham Miss M. dressmaker Cotton Thomas. manufactg. chemist, Greenhouse Chemical works Folly Hall mills— Berry Joseph, broach turner Firth Edwin, cotton doubler Blamires John, yarn spinner Quayle John, steam saw mills Marsden George, yarn spinner Rhodes A. & Co. fancy mannfctrs Lumb Joseph, worsted spinner Sanderson Wm. Hy. woollen dyer Woodhouse Geo. cloth dresser Hirst Joseph, cloth dresser Bowker & Drake, yarn spinners Byram & Matthewman, dyers Byram John (B. & Matthewman) Greenwood Wm. mungo manufr Pogson Henry, mungo manufactr Earnshaw Bj. machine & tool mkr Kastwood R. & J. doffing plt. mkrs Eastwood John (Robert & John) Lawton & Addy, sail yarn manfrs Hirst Thomas, cotton waste dealer

FOUNTAIN STREET. (John William street.)

Wrigley H. & E. cotton spinners Saville Milford, cloth finisher Kennedy George, broach turner Wilson, Travis & Co, carriage manu- facturers and saw mills «sscarsons Travis George, grocer and beerhonse, Northgate inn

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Wuddersfield Street Directory.

Thirkill Robt. tinplate worker, &c. Roebuck Jervis, card maker, &c. Fenton Joseph (brickmakcr) Stocks buildings— 4 Deylor Samuel, tailor Hawksworth Thomas, nailmaker Goodwin Wm. & Sons, slate merts Hirst Wm. fancy woollen manufactr

FOX STREET. (Market street.)

Mellor William, waste dealer Heppenstall Law, woollen manufr Hebblethwaite Bros. wool merchants Crowther H. & Sons, woollen mfrs Brown Alexander, oil merchant 8 Ainley Ramsden, mungo mert. Roberts Richard Hy. waste dealer Hattersley G. & Sons, woollen mfrs Vagrant office

GHORGE ST. (Upperhead row.)

Conacher & Co. organ builders Gledhill Luke & Co. woollen merchnt Sykes William, flock merchant Hollinshead Miss A. day school 7 Hellawell Miss M. dressmaker Hellawell Joseph, cloth finisher 11 Atkinson Mr Henry 15 Bell Mr Joseph South Heyley John, ale and porter mert Woodcock Wm. Hy. (bookseller) Hanson Henry, comel. traveller Mellor Sykes (livery stables) Mellor John Payne, emel. travlr Mellor Joseph, foreman Jones Charles Henry, Esq. Cox James Whitaker, manager Spurr Robert Persian, clerk Spurr Reginald (photo. artist) Binns Samuel (merchant) Harrison Thos. (canvas manfr.) Stanley Benjamin, boot maker Cliffe James, salesman Cowell Mrs Sarah Armitage Miss Eliza, milliner 16 Kaye Jph. Heywood (corn factor) 14 Armitage Mrs Hannah (builder) Christie James, jciner and builder 6 Greenwood George (lithographer) George street Chapel

GIBSON’S YARD. (See High st.)

GLEDHOLT BANK. (Longroyd bridge.) Dearden John (schoolmaster) Thornton John (woollen manufactr) Greenhalgh Wm. (hardware dealer) Fearnley J. coal mert; A. Sykes, agt Ducksberry Robert, railway wagon builder, Gledholt Wagon works Bowker William, pipe maker Haigh Allen, hatter’s assistant Liddiard John, gardener Kilner Albert dispr. at Infirmary Armitage James (woollen manufctr) Bottomley Jph. (solr.), Gledholt vlas Cook John (shoddy manufacturer)

GRANBY STREET. (20 Manchester street.)

1 Reed William, beerhouse, Granby 3 Clough Mrs Ellen, lodgings Brook Joseph, grocer

17 23 25 27 27 29 36 34 34 34 32 30 24 22 20 18

Upperhead I

8 Bottomley Joseph, manager 6 Thorp William, salesman

GREEN HEAD LANE. (West parade.)

1 Midwood Miss C. dressmaker 9 Hirst Jph. joiner and cabinet mkr 13 Todd Henry, clerk 15 Kindle Mrs Elizabeth, lodgings 17 Kenworthy David (machine mkr) 19 Haigh Edward, salesman 21 Crossland Geo. W. (woollen mfr) 23 Swallow Martin (tobacconist) Calvert Rev. Wm. B., Vicarage Brooke George (woollen manufr.) Beaumont Joseph (tobacco manufac- turer), Green Head park Taylor H. D. (woollen manufactr) Firth Mr Thomas, Green Head ter Shaw F. H. (wln. mert.), Laurel bnk Shaw J. (cloth mert.}, Oak cottage Hall Jno. (mungo mert.), Alma cotg Morton Emanuel, sculptor 14 Wilson George (iron merchant) 10 Trumble Mrs Jane, mantle mkr 6 Wilkinson Henry, salesman


(See New street.)

GROVE ST. (Upperhead row.)

2 Halstead Mrs Elizabeth, shopkpr 8 Bottomley Joshua, blacksmith 14 Ellis Walter Hy. recruiting sergt

Duke street 20 Sheffield Tom, shopkeeper 26 Duesbery James, tailor Cross Grove street 30 Aram Mrs Emily, shopkeeper sence eee South street Hinchliffe William, warehouseman Clough John, coal agent Ramsden Mrs Mary, smallware dlr Chadwick John, yeast dealer Spring Grove street Cliffe James, stay maker Wood John Henry, (herring curer) Bennett John, commission agent Hawkins William, saddler Chilton John, excise officer Conacher John, (j) organ buildcr Mercer Rev. George (Prim. Meth.) Sykes George (canvas manufr) Thomas Mrs Mary Haigh Wm. Henry, music professor Dyson John, bank porter Wilkinson Thomas, warehouseman Graham Joseph (builder) South street 37 Boothroyd David, mason 35 Bradbury Miss Elizh. dressmkr 33 Sykes Thomas, shopkeeper 31 Townend Alfred, draper 25 Wood James, shopkeeper 6 Wadsworth William, painter Priestley Josiah, slipper manufr Dawson Miss L. draper & dressmkr Kershaw John, draper

HALF MOON ST. (Wesigate.)

1 Marshall Mrs Ellen Ward Joseph, mungo Colbeck & Greaves, waste dealers Roberts William, commission agent

Hemingway George, commission agt

HAWK ST. (Northumberland st.)

Hodgkinson Joshua, bhs. Fleece inn Woodhouse George, shopkeeper

HEBBLE TER. (77 Bradford rd.)

Beaumont Frederick, warehouseman Colbeck ‘Thomas (yarn spinner) Greaves Miss Eliza M. profr. music Hebble place Robinson Mrs Mary Milnes Tom (cloth finisher) Thomas William, tailor Turner’s yard Beaumont Mrs Mary Ann Crossley James, clerk

HALIFAX ROAD. (JZill house.)

Shepherd Alfd. bhs. Slubbers’ Arms Thompson Samuel, fish dealer Willow lane Agnew James, newsagent Hartley Alfred, beerhouse, Engine

HELM’S YARD. (Charles street.)

Brook Joel, rag merchant Place and Dean, plumbers Longbottom & Broome, waste dirs Crosland James, flock dealer Minay James, organ metal pipe mfr Eastwood Wilson, cabinet maker Hindle Henry, joiner Glass Alley— 33 Milner Benjamin, coal dealer 31 Casey Andrew, tailor

HENRY (South street.)

Garner Waltcr, commercial traveller Shaw Wilham Henry, foreman Shaw William, milk dealer Hayes J)an, police inspector Riley John & Son, joiners & bldrs

HIGH STREET, (66 Buzton rd.)

1 Hirst Joseph, tailor and draper 1} Brook John, painter 14 Swallow David, cap manufacturer 2-4 Burman J. & Co. paper hang. mris 4 Sykes H. H. & Son, woollen merts 6 Sykes Sam, hairdresser Albion street Schofield M. dealer in tailors’ trimgs Bennett John, commission agent Tiffany John, rag merchant Smith Joseph & Son, mungo dlrs 7 Littlewood Nathl. (tailor & draper) Walker William, pawnbroker Gibson's yard— Gibson B. H. fruit & potato mert Brook James, plumber, &c. 10a Draper Henry, woollen mercht 10 Sheard George, wire worker 12 Sutton & Co. carriers & shippers; J. A. Liversedge, agent 14 Cheetham Richard, clothes dlr 16 Haigh Mrs M. beerhouse, Odd Fellows’ Arms Love's yard 18 Love Walter, pawnbroker Manchester street and Market street 20 Comber Thomas, (tailor) 18 Lodge Levi, beerhouse, Talbot yard—Swallow J. joiner Methodist New Connexion Chapel; Rey. J. W. Williams Shaw James, chapel keeper

26 Eddison William, auctioneer

Page 15

Whuddersfield Street Directory.

Bradley Alexander, cabinet maker Taylor Joseph & Sen, iron merchts

HILLHOUSE LN. (£rad/ord rd.)

8 Wigglesworth Thomas, shopkpr Robinson J. & Co. cudbear, &c. mfg Canal bridge Senior Frank, butcher & shopkeeper Taylor John, mgr. Hillhouse cottage Simpson Mr John Hanson Jacob, tea and coffee dealer Graham Mrs Mary, grocer Brooke Charles (plumber, &c.) Brooke Thomas (brickmaker) Railway bridge Willis Mrs Eliza, shopkeeper Hudson Godfrey, lime burner Henshall Samuel (draper, &c.) Davis John (regr. of marriages, &c.) Swift John, warehouseman Cliffe Mrs Nancy Davis John T. commercial traveller Peel Mrs Ann, shopkceper Allatt Mrs Sarah Lunn John (painter) Davison Miss Ann, dressmaker Bell Alfred (yarn spinner) Cowgill James (yarn spinner)


(Cloth Hall street.) (Late Sutcliffe’s Buildings.)

Sandford William, fancy manufr Walker Henry, fancy manufacturer Dyson E. & G. & Bros. woollen mfrs Armitage Benj. & Co. woollen mfrg Midgley Thomas, woollen manufr Denham, Dearnley & Co. manufrs Greenwood Joseph, woollen manufr Senior Josephus, woollen manufr Kenyon Jonas, woollen manufr Messenger Henry, woollen manufr Sykes James & Co. woollen manufr Taylor John Thorp, woollen manufr Child Wiliam, fancy manufacturer Mallinson David, skirt manufacturer Horton Thomas, fancy manufacturer Senior Caleb, woollen manufacturer Broadbent Edward, fancy manufr Tyas Amos, fancy manufacturer Sykes George, fancy manufacturer Learoyd Wm. & Sons, woollen mfrs

HONORIA STREET, (fartown.)

Cotton George, clerk Armitage William (cloth finisher) Clara street Cliffe Chas. Walter, commercl. travlr Howgate V. banker’s clerk Eastwood Charles (woolstapler) Barrow David, commercial traveller Eastwood James E. (woolstapler) Wilkinson James, stationer Sykes Jph. woollen manufr’s. mgr Lister Joseph William, manager Claremont ter.—Hiley A. manager Dore J. R. (druggist) Barlow Ebr. (oil merchant) Johnson Joseph, woollen mercht Kaye Mr Michael Green top. Webster Mrs Helena Braden Rev. William (Independent) Marshall George, manager Wilkinson James, buyer

Cawthra Wim. H. (woollen mercht) Whitaker Joseph (woollen mercht) Mellor Joel (waste dealer) Milnes Robert (carpet dealer) Edwards Thos, warehouse manager Morrison Johu, factory manager Hobkirk Charles P. cashier Dews Thomas (mungo dealer) Battye Joseph, commercial traveller Beevers Alfred (painter) Rayner George (whitesmith)

JOHN STREET, (Buzton road.)

1-3-5 Roberts William, currier 7 Union Office & Supt. Registr's. Office 7 Cocking John, superintendent regr 7 Davis John, regr. of marriages Albion street 11 Stokes Michael, tailor 13 McGrath Michael (tea dealer) 15 Hirst James, greengrocer 19 Kilner Mrs Martha, lodgings Charles street 25 Helliwell Jas. manufg. chemist . Manchester street 28 Nutter Joseph, tailor 24 Eastwood Wilson (cabinet mkr) 22 Rushworth Jno. beerhs. Neptune Roebuch’s yard Hill Charles, bootmaker Craven & Marshall, wine merchants


1 Waler Michael Henry, hatter 3 Hirst Michael, draper 5 Mallinson & Whitham, bootmkrs 7 Lockwood Ben, woollen manufr 9 Chinn Edward William, jeweller 11 & 15 Atkinson W. & Son, silk mers 13 Jacomb Frederick Wm. solicitor 13 Robinson Bros, woollen manufrs 17 Bentley & Shaw, brewers and wine merchants 19 Equitable Permt. Benefit Building Society ; Henry Kaye, secretary 19 McNeill and Wilkinson, fancy woollen manufacturers 19 Jubb Alfred, bookseller 21 Stoddart Joseph, watch maker Crosland buildings— Barber Thos. & Co. woollen mfrs Riley Bros. faney woollen mfrs 29a Royal Insurance Office; G. H. Brook, agent 29 Swallow Martin, tobacconist 31 Inchbold & Viney, printers 33 Garratt John, saddler 33 Robinson Thomas, solicitor 33 City & County Investment Co. (limited); W. N. Strange, mgr 38 Rooth Alexander, merchant 33 Wilkinson Jas. printer & statnr 33 Lawton George, solicitor 33 Hirst George Hy. 8. law stationer 33 & 85 Wigney T. d., Son & Co. wine merchants 37 Rhodes W. & Son, woollen mfrs eee St. Peter's street 39 Skilbeck Rt. & Co. woollen mfrs St. George’s square Nutter Richard, victualler, George ee Fitzwilliam strect Mitchell John, joiner & shopkeeper Mangham Joseph, vict. Sportsman Crompton & Son, photogphe. artists



Bath buildings, Fountain street, and Brook street Butterworth & Roberts, woollen mfs Salamon L. & Co. shipping merchts Brooke Jph. & Co. shipping merchts Liebmann, Cresswell & Co. shipg. mtg 68 Brighouse George, decorator 66 Clarke William James, surgeon 62 Linof Victor, hairdresser Northumberland street 60 Barber J. & Sons, woollen mfrs 58 Wilkinson Jno. & Son, wlln. mrts 56 Wimpenny & Bowes, woollen mfs Lion Arcade 34 Ward Brothers, drapers 32 Hall & Marsden, woollen mfrs 30 Fairbourn Wm. & Co. drapers 28 Woodhouse Edwin, woollen mert 24 Lockwood Chas. woollen manufr 22 & 26 Denham Thomas, draper 20 Wrigley J.& T.C. & Co. wlin. mfrs Church street 18 Thomson & Dodds, woollen mfrs 16 Knight, Hardy & Jackson, pain- ters and decorators 14 Mallinson Jas. & Geo. woollen mfrs 12 Snowdon Joseph, grocer 10 Shaw James, woollen manuifr 10 Zossenheim Bros. woollen mfrs 8 Barraclough & Armitage, drapers 6 Brooke James & Son, woollen wfrs 4 Stewart Benj. 8. ironmonger

KING ST. (John William street.)

1 Varley J. & Sons, boot & shoe mfrg 3 Ibeson Mrs N. fent dealer 3 Jepson Joel, coppersmith 5-7 Denham Joel, draper Denton’s yard—Scott J. rope mfr 9 Dyson Watts, draper 11 Cooper Jph. H. provision mercht Market walk 13 Fell Robert, druggist 15 Chapman Samuel, draner Rhodes yard— Lee Brothers, woollen merchants Haigh Thos. & Son, cotton spnrs 17 Coop James P., tailor & draper 19 Jowitt David, draper 21 Kaye Thomas, draper & milliner Gladstone chambers— Craven Jonas, solicitor Swift G. H. accountant Cawthra & Whitaker, woollen mrts Curzon Frank, estate agent Pack Horse yard 27 Dawson William, grocer 29 Parkin Joshua, draper 31 Worthy Robert, draper 33 Bowker & Kershaw, tailors & drprs 35 Davison Joseph, hairdresser 37 Wright J. victualler, New Inn 39 Chrispin Wm. pharm. chemist Cross Church street 41 Brook James, tailor and draper 43 Brook Emanuel, hatter 45 Atkinson H. tailor and clothier 47 Spivey Abraham, wine merchant and victualler, Globe Inn 49 Heaton George, brush manufr 59 Hirst Mrs A. wine merchant and victualler. Qucen’s Head 61 Booth John H. grocer

63 Shepherd Benj. pork butcher

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Wuaddersfield Street Directory.

Wood George, coal merchant Ramsden Charles, drysalter Field gate— Land Henry (cloth finisher) 52 Foster Wm. Hy. (j) ironmonger 52 Foster Mrs Sarah Ann, milliner Shepherd Mrs Shepherd’s yard Eagle mill— Brierley Joseph & Co. spinners Beaumont John, spinner 40 Thornton Mrs Eliz. dressmaker 38 Shaw Mrs Jane 86 Connolly John, oil & grease mfr 34 Darwent Mrs M. french polisher 32 Dawson Charles, painter 28 France Jsha. brhs. Friendly inn Hopkinson’s yard Tyas Michael, beerhs. Q. inn Castle gate Hynes Charles, bhs. Cropper’s Arms Hird’s yard Drake Miss Harriet A. pawnbroker Hargreaves George, machine broker Thoruton J. & Co. grocers Co-op. Store; Thos. Cowgill, mgr Eastwood John, blacksmith

MACAULAY STREET. (Market street.)

7 Brook George Dyson, fruit dealer 9 Beaumont Geo. baker & confctr Fleetwood John, draper Crosby John Thos. vict. Angel inn Angel yard— Hay Thos. Henry, cotton waste dlr Taylor Jph. Hy. & Co. plumbers, &c 15 Dickinson Wm. draper & millnr 17 Shaw John, draper 19 Moxon John, surgeon 10 Fryer Edw. commercl. traveller 8 Casson Wm. rlwy. station master 6 Beckwith John Edward (carver)


(Buxton road.)

1 Dougherty John H. watchmaker 5 Kenny John, boot & shoe maker 7 Sykes Mrs Mary Ann, dressmkr 11 Milnes Miss Martha, dressmaker 13 Haigh David, (j) wood turner 15 Boothroyd Walter, tailor & draper 33 Jackson Frank, tailor & draper 387 Lodge Dyson, vict. Fountain inn 38 Lofthouse Benjamin (painter) 41 Sykes Joseph, (j) cotton warpe1 43 Beaumont John, provision dealer 47 Marsland William, (j) printer 49 Mellor Mrs Anne, baker 51 Graham Benj. (mason & builder) 55 Ainley George, bout & shoe mkr 57 Bottom Miss M. E. dressmaker £9 Sanderson W.b. Cheshire Cheese 61 Woodhouse Mrs Eliz. butcher 63 Beaumont Mrs M. dressmaker 65 Graham Abram, jun. (builder) 67 Graham Abram (builder) 69 Graham Abram & Sons, masons Garner John, vict. Electricians htl Bottom, Kirk & Ramsden, ironfndrs Starkey Bros. woollen manufactrs 83 Sykes James, vict. Royal Hotel Moody Miss Mary, milliner & draper

Longroyd bridge

Carter George, hairdresser Well street Kaye Benjamin, vict. Albion Gledhill John, grocer Oates Charles, druggist Graham ENiott, grocer,Post, &c.office Cowgill Thomas, butcher Linney Henry, bootmaker Sidebottom Thomas UL. saddler Mills Daniel, clog & patten maker Buchan William, joiner Moody John, manager Woodhead Joseph (publisher) Fenton square Taylor Henry (iron merchant) Starkey Mrs Martha, lodgings Cooke Joshua, (j) scribbler Scholefield Miss Ann Moody Richard, foreman Mellor John, jun. yarn spinner Bocock Charles (grocer) Anderson Andrew Thos. clerk Irenton row Sheard Benjamin 8. comsn. agt Ramsden Charles (ironfounder), Grove Shades

St. Thomas’ Church; Rev. E. Snowdon St. Thomas’ School; Joe Hall

and Miss E. Pointing Ellis Miss Emma, milliner Nicholls John, confectioner Farrar Miss Frances, draper Hirst Samuel, tailor Sharp Benjamin, cloth dealer Milner Joseph, heald maker Burnell Benjamin, dentist Revell Mrs Sarah, milliner Wardman George (coal merchant) Harrison John, tailor Booth John (auctioneer) Ovens Fdmond B. (tailor & draper) Sykes Thomas Henry, clock mkr Outcote bank 66 Turnbull Mrs I. remnant dealer 64 Howe John, bh. Waggoners’ Arms 58 Haigh Mrs Mary, shopkeeper Holmes Geo. bhs. Richmond inn Hepworth Henry, slipper manufactr Williamson John, butcher 42 Shaw John, grocer 34 Royston Battye (machinist) 32 Rhodes William Henry, clerk 30 Priestley Saml. 8. (photographer) 26 North Misses Sar. & Jane, drprs 24 Greenwood Mrs Elizabeth 24 Allatt Mrs E. dress & mantle mkr 22 Brown Jas. musical instrmt. mkr 20 Whitfield Bros. drapers, clothiers and milliners 18 Crossley Archer (machine mkr) 16 Knott J. A. vict. Greyhound


Dyson Mrs Harriet, vict. Cross Keys 7 Falck Henry, pork butcher Vater lane 11 Clegg Mrs E. A. beerhouse, Shoulder of Mutton 13 Aram R. & W. fruiterers 15-17 Avison John, shopkeeper Jowitt’s court 19 Wood Miss Anne, dressmaker

21 Clark Jph. vict. George & Dragon

23 Dawson Mr Charles 25 Kaye Wm. tea & coffee dealer John street 39 Clegg Joshua, cabinet maker 41 McVey Hugh, tailor 43 Butler James, bootmaker Farrand George, milk dealer 53 Dawson Thomas, sheet manufr Dawson S8. toy and smallware dealer Sutcliffe’s yard 55 Ransley Mrs Grace, dressmaker 57 Hoyle E. F. smallware dealer 61 Cowgill Jonathan, butcher Upperhead row and Outcote bank 52 Reeder William, shopkeeper 40 Sykes J. glass & china ware dlr Waters Samuel, bhs. King’s Head 38 Booth George, shopkeeper 26 Glynn Wm. beerhs. Royal Oak Granby st 20 Farrar George, shopkeeper 18 Howard Wm. vict. Spread Eagle 16 Milner William, clogger 14 Jiampson Charles, butcher 12 Fisher J. P. D. hairdresser 10 McTighe Patk. picture frame mkr 8 Parker Joseph, bootmaker 4 Driver Peter, shoemaker Eastwood's yard 6 Tate George, tailor & clothes dir 4 Stuart Mrs Mary, umbrella maker 2 Laing James, Son & Co. drysalters

MARKET PL. (John William st.)

1 Jackson Robert, tea merchant 1 Mallinson G. & Son, woollen mfrs 1 Huddersfield Subscription Library ; Mrs F. M. Lombardini, librarian Tolson, Haigh & Brooke, wlln, mfrs Young Men's Christian Association ; J. Hawkins, librarian Battye T. H. solicitor Hall & Mallinson, surveyors Kirkgate Glendenning Wm. boot & shoe mfr la Jones & Hird, solicitors la Greenwood Thomas, engraver 3 Flower & Greenhalgh, smallwr. dlrs Battye’s yard 5 Fox & Jackson, drapers 7 Morton Henry, eating house Aspinall’s yard 9 Moseley Mrs Sarah, milliner 11 Mellor James, grocer 13 Liddell Mrs C. bootmaker Market walk 15 West Riding Union Banking Co. Berry J. G. bank manager New street 16a Barker & Sons, solicitors 16 England W. P. & Co. phar- maceutical chemists 14 Yorkshire Banking Co. Yeoman William, bank manager Stamp Office; J. Brook, distributor Brook J. printer 8 Stott James, tailor and draper Robinson Robert Thomas, solicitor Butterworth & Savery, woollen mrts serene Chancery lan€ 6 Crossley J. & Co. booksellers 4 Fryer & King, pharmactcl. chemists 2 Midland Banking Co. Lawton William, bank manager

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Wuddersfield Street Directory.



Child Edw. O. vict. Green Dragon 7 France J. & Son, woollen manufrs 7 Butterworth H. & 8. woollen mfrs 7 Bardell Chs. & Son, woollen mfrs 7 Barrow R. P. woollen mannfrs Brooks’ yard 13 Hirst Thos. & Son, woollen mfrs Nathan N. P. & Sons, shipping mrts Crowther Jas. & Sons, woollen mfrs 13 Armitage W. & IE. woollen mfrg 13 Bentley & Kilner, woollen mfrs 17 Day John & Sons, woollen mfrs 19 Sykes Edw. & Sons, woollen mfrs Riley's yard 21 Crowther J. & Son, woollen mfrs 21 Ramsden R. & Sons, woollen mirs 21 Morehouse & Exley? woollen mirs 21 Broadbent David, woollen mfr 21 Aspinall HE. & P. woollen mfrs 21 Quarmby Joseph, woollen mir Cloth Hall street ° 25 Faweett Ths. & Co. woollen mfrs 25 Craven, Wilson & Price, wiln. mfs 27 Willans Wm. & Co. wool merchts 29 Cotton Brothers, woollen merts 31 & 33 Beaumont J. & Co. woolstplrs Queen yard— Drake Walter, Queen hotel tap Ainley J. jun. yarn spinner Hall John, mungo merchant 35 Vevers Mrs B. vict. Queen hotel Inland Rey. Off.; J. Bright, supervsr 37 Clough Thomas Wm. solicitor 39 Rayner J. & Co. waste merchts 39 Fairbank Dvd. waste & flock dlr 41 Fearnside Joshua, mungo manufr 41 Sutcliffe J. mungo & waste dlr 43 Armitage J. & Co. fancy wiln. mfr 45 Wade Thomas, mungo manufr 47 Wolfenden 8S. & J. cork manufrs 49 Clege Joshua, joiner, &c. 51 Comber Thomas, tailor Manchester, igh & Macaulay sts. 36 Fitton Chs. & Son, commsn. agts 34 Henry A. & 8S. & Co. shipg. mrts Threadneedle street 32 Taylor H. B. & Son, drysalters Dundas street 30 Brooke, Simpson & Spiller, aniline dye manufrs; W. Wilkins, mgr 28 Wilkinson J. & Co. woollen mfrs 28 Drake G. & Sons, wlln. mfs. & mts 24 Crowther H. & Sons, woollen mfs Fox street Clota hall; Wm. Ramsden, keeper 12 Beaumont Hy. K. oil merchant Kilner yd—Brooke Saml. wlln. mfr Hirst C. & Co. fancy woollen mfrs 10 Shaw & Co. woolstaplers 8 Wainwright Henry, hairdresser 4 Hobson J. & Sons, woollen mfrs 4 Barber Joshua, woollen manufr 4 Roberts Brothers, woollen mfrs 4 Kaye R. & J. woollen manufrs 4 Butterworth Wm. woollen mfrs 4 Scott Geo. & Sons, woollen mfrs

4 Mellor Richard, woollen manufr 4 Gledhill John & Co. woollen mfrs 2 Holmes Jas. & Sons, woollen infrs

MARKET WALK. (King street.)

Horner & Fell, lead merchants Whiteley Joshua, confectioner

4 Freeman J. I. solicitor Wood Alfred, fish and game dealer Falck Henry, pork butcher Carr John, currier Carr Joseph, currier Kenworthy & Oates, tinners Sykes John, solicitor Fillans William, jeweller 12 Hardy U. butcher 14 Vickers Thos. tea merchant 16 Vickers Wm. hotel & dining rms 18 Lockwood John, tailor


CARR PIT ROAD. Robinson James, wagon cover mfr Pearson John, painter Morley William, baker & corn dealer Kitson Edwin S. rustic chair mfr Corporation Manure Depét BRIDGE END. Atkinson Joe, basket manufacturer Bailey Mark, packing manufacturer Kitson Benjamin, grocer Chapman Win. bls. Somerset Arms Wood Miss Elizabeth, draper Rothwell J. heald and slay maker Cooper Mark, veterinary surgeon Woodhouse William Hy. accountant Holroyd John & Jph. wheelwrights Bates Matthew William, grocer Green street Challand Henry, grocer Whincup Samuel, smallware dealer Wilson William (confectioner) Hutsam Benj. draper and milliner Graham Benjamin, stone merchant Horsfall Samuel, victualler, Star King’s Mill lane STORTHES, Byram Jph. ironmngr. brazier, &e. Hinchliffe Joe, watchmaker Gledhill Robert Henry, hairdresser Bailey Benjamin Smith John (drysalter) Kilner & Co. wiln. drprs. & fent dirs Walker Jph. boot and shoe maker Farrand J. elk; & Mrs Sar. dressmr Adamson William, shopkeeper Greenwood George, shuttle maker Douglas William, shopkeeper Sykes Mrs Pheebe, shopkeeper Ely William, cotton spinner Brook Joshua, herbalist Hawkins Wm. butcher and grocer Smith Miss A. H. drysalter Bryce A. J. painter & furniture dlr Clarke G. & Nenry, watchmakers Lawton Walter, fruiterer Smithy lane Nicholson Thomas, greengrocer Appleyard Thomas, shopkeeper Douglas Thomas, rag dealer Dawson John, joiner and builder Oldfield Jas. & Wm. machine mkrs Allatt George Henry, cap manufr Blackburn i. currier, &. Scholefield Mr Georga Haigh Mr Matthew Brennan James, shopkeeper Smart Rowland (boot top maker) Williamson James, warehouseman Allatt Miss M. A. vict, King’s Arms


Kitson Chas. joiner & wheelwright Chapel lane Wood Edwin, blacksmith Messenger Benjamin, grocer Crowther J. plumber & gasfitter Hoyle W. ironmer. whitesmith, &c. Smith John, drysalter Firth Samuel, clogger Woodhouse Joseph, saddler Boothroyd John, draper & milliner Sykes Andrew, draper & newsagent Smith John, saddler Scott Joshua, rope & twine maker Sykes Richard, butcher Northrop William, tailor Rothwell Richard, heald & reed mkr Durrans Charles, boot & shoe maker Co-operative Society Store; A. Taylor Clayton Saml. boot and shoe maker Stott Thomas, butcher Hollings Samuel, grocer Berry Godfrey, draper, &c. Post and Money Order Office Blackburn John, clogger Haigh Henry, hairdresser Slee Joseph, confectioner First Huddersfield Co-operative So- ciety; J. Sutcliffe, manager Fitton K. P. grocer Commercial square Wilson George, grocer Chapel street Brook Jobin Richard, druggist Sykes Miss Elizabeth, cloth finisher Rothwell Richard, grocer Waddington Dvd. bhs. Staff of Life Hamer William, grocer, &c. Kitchen Squire, painter Day J. & Sons, yarn spinners, Bank- field mills YVickerman William, beerhouse, and farmer, Boar’s Head United Methodist Free Church ; Revs. J. Dent and G. Waite Beaumont John, blacksmith Tolson, Haigh & Brooke, woollen manufacturers, Rookery mills Peace & Gelder, fancy woollen mirs Gelder George (Peace & G.) Thornton William, furniture broker Thornton Henry, beerhouse, Dog Appleyard Jno. viet. Commercial inn Sumner Mrs Priscilla Kaye Anthony K. manufg. chemist GREEN SIREET. (Bridge end.) Burgess Saml, commercial traveller Battye John 8. (drysalter) Hill John Richard, elk, at rlwy. statn Dawson John, joiner & builder CHAPEL LANE. North Joseph, joiner and builder Battley George, vict. Green Cross Davison Thomas, green grocer Denton Duke, grocer Crowther John, dyer and farmer Wigglesworth Vincent, draper Fretwell Mrs Jane (milliner) Bailey William, butcher Kaye Mrs. Westfield house Broad lane Sheard Mrs T. beerhouse, Ivy Green Lockwood Joah, vict. Junction hotel Marsden Charles, whitesmith Trevelyan street

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Ikuddersfield Street Directory.

Bedford Matthew, grocer and tailor Roberts Mrs Louisa, mixed school Roberts Miss ©. E. milliner Berry Miss Mary, millnr. & drssmkr Gardiner John, M.D. surgeon, Am- berley house Mold Green and Dalton Independent Church; Rev. W. Hotchkiss Mixed School; Henry Tucker and Miss 8. J. Holland Umpleby Thomas, joiner Norton Thomas, boot & shoe maker BOROUGH BUILDINGS. Dearnley Joe, mason and builder Livesey James, flock dealer VICTORIA STREET. Hiley George, shopkeeper Trevelyan street Crossland Mrs E. Eastwood Charles, wheelwright GREEN MOUNT. Crossland John, harness maker Barber Joseph, grocer Kitchen John, tailor Black Thomas John, police clerk Bold George, grocer & provision dlr Sykes G. mantling manufacturer MALHAM PLACE. Whitley John, day school Calvert George, painter SMITHY LANE. Wood James, mason and builder Wood George, mason and builder North Abel (cabinet maker) Bedford Edward, tailor Stead William, warchouseman Varley Joseph, commission agent SPRINGFIELD TERRACE. Hopwood Edwin (tea merchant) Crowther Jonathan, comcel. traveller Bedford Michael (drysalter) Roebuck Wm. Hy. A. (accountant) Blackburn Alfred M. comcl. traveller Leigh Mr Thomas KINGS MILL LANE. (Bridge end.) Metealf Richard, commrel. traveller Hastwood Charles (dyer) Kaye Mrs Eliza, Springfield house Kastwood Robert, (oil manufactr.) Bilton Jonathan, corn miller

Wade Benjamin (tobacconist) Wade Mr. Charles

Riley John Richd. (mfr.), Colne villa Dyson Law, general carrier North Mrs Elizabeth, The Ings Kings mills— North William C. corn miller Learoyd J. & Sons, spnrs. & mfrs Barras Brothers, yarn spinners Hirst Henry & Co. yarn spinners Knight John & Co. yarn spinners


Sutcliffe Robert, grocer Crossland Hy. farmer & stone mert Clay John, stone delver Greaves John, shopkeeper Oldfield Joseph, dentist Hinchliff Edward, blacksmith Hall George (druggist) Pratt John, farmer Lister John B. victualler, New inn Lister & Batley, fancy woollen mant- facturers, Ash Brown mills

Lister & Taylor, fancy woollen manu- facturers, Ash Brow mills Lister H. cloth finishr. Ash Brow mls Wheeler & ‘Tolson, woollen cord manufacturers, Ash Brow mills Carver William, farmer Ratcliffe William, farmer

NEW HOUSE. (Bath buildings.)

Shaw James (woollen manufacturer) 48 Butterworth Rd. W. (wlln. mfr.) Holt Thomas (woollen merchant) Kastwood J. (manufactr. & 50 Holdsworth J. (card maker) Whitaker Mrs Annie Brierley Joseph (yarn spinner) Fox John (draper) Bradley lan€ ves Belgrave terrace Walker Kdmund H. (leather mort.) Matthewson Mrs Pearce Henry (jeweller, &c.) Stables Mrs Sarah Sykes John (solicitor) Elmwood terrace— Fryer Henry (druggist) Mallinson Mrs Emma Armitage Joseph A. (woollen mfr.) Learoyd Tom (woollen manuictr.) 45 Shaw Mrs Foster Thompson William (manfr. & mert.) Bradley Samuel (wine merchant) Dransfield Mrs M. A. Housefield hs

NEW STREET. (Market place.)

1 Brown Benjamin, bookseller 1 Rushforth John, architect 1 Tinker G. & Sons, auctioneers Huddersfield District Permanent Building Socty ; C. K. Hare, secy 2-3 Stansfield J. H. & Co. drapers Downing’s yard— Morley & Co, nail manufacturers Dalton Henry, skep manufacturer Sykes Joseph C. cigar merchant Wilde Henry, public accountant 4 Armitage W. & Son, seed merchts 11 Golden E. vict. Boot & Shoe inn lla Armitage Joe, cab proprietor 13 Brook & Nephew, surveyors King street 17 Henshall W. D. & S. drapers, &e Berry's yard— Donkersley J. B. & F. wlln. mfrs Senior S. & Sons, wine merchants 19 Eagleton John E. hatter 21 Thornton Jph. temperance hotel 21 Wormall James & Co. grocers Lockwood's yard— Berry Joseph, vict. Farmer Boy Dyson G. & Co. wool staplers Huth & Fischer, woollen merchnts Hesp, Fenton & Owen, solicitors 23a Bradbury, Halstead & Co. wool staplers 25 Bayliss William Henry, hatter 27 Dyson Edward, draper 29 Dutton Mrs M. grocer Greenwood’s yard— Shaw Henry & Co. waste dealers Beaumont & Robinson, painters Beaumont J. & Co. woollen mnfrg Porritt R. & Co. wool merchants Fearnley John, coal merchant 31 Whitehead George, printer, &.

33 Littlewood Nathl. tailor & draper Victoria buildings— Meeting Room (Plymouth Brthrn) Milnes John J. solicitor Freeman & Golden, oil importers Tetley J. & Co. tea dealers Sykes J. K. & Co. woollen merts Lockwood W. clock & watch mkr Brooke James, ironmonger Morrison Mrs E. v. Imperial htl Brook, Freeman & Batley, solrs Batley Joseph, town clerk Washington Thomas, drapor Taylor Alfred, upholsterer 53 Armitage woollen mfrs 53 Radcliffe James, architect Albert buildings— Haigh John, solicitor Cocking William, architect Broadbent J. & Co. printers Taylor Thomas, joiner and builder Eastwood D. & Son, woolstaplers Dyson & Co. manufetng. chemists Taylor Thumas, vict. Albert hotel Kayo R. H. inspcetr. of weights, &a Schofield Robert Henry, draper 55 Harpin William, outfitter 57 Armitage C. ladies’ outfitter 61 Field Henry, milliner 63 Dyson J. & L. grocers 65 Hirst Samuel & Co. wool merits 69 Thornton Mrs C, draper 71 Thompson James, watchmaker ste Buxton road Ramsden street and High strect 66 Wade B. & Co. tobacconists 64 Hutchinson B. v. Commercial inn 62 Young James, brushmaker GO IWellawell J. (exrs.), smallwr, dirs 58 Hale Robert & Co. tobacco mfrs Bradshaw’s yard— Lunn & Rushworth, painters 56 Cardno John, confectioner 54 Oldroyd John, grocer 52 Follows B. T. boot & shoe dealer Union Bank court— Bottomley Joseph, solicitor Holt Thomas, woollen merchant Hirst Joseph, woollen manufactr Clarke Henry C. silk agent Haigh William, solicitor Carver William T. bookbinder Sykes James, watchmaker Thornton Benjamin, auctioneer Thornton Joses Rd. auctioneer Anderson & Ritherdon, coms. mrts 50 Bradley George, printer 48 Hanson W. & Co. upholsterers Hanson’s yard 34a Moseley Henry, solicitor 34 Palmer A. Thomas, hosier 35 Watkinson Wm. muslin stamper 35a Church Institute; HenryMoseley, honorary secretary 35a Crowther G. & G. H. surveyors Ludlam’s yard—Webster I. painter Stansfield Thomas, plumber 36 Ramsden Henry L. ironmonger 36 Mills Charles, solicitor 37 Walker John William, draper 37 Sykes Edwin, solicitor 37 Tempest J. W. sharebroker 37 Baxter, Hayes & Co. pub. acents 37 Beevers Alfred, painter

37 39 45 47 47 49 51

50 50 50 50 50

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Wiuddersfield Street

37 Taylor J. & Sons, woollen mfrs Tawksby’s yard— Shaw H. & J. woollen merchants 38 Hirst Joseph, draper Post Office ; Thos. Ruddock, postmstr Nelson’s buildings— Glendinning Sml. & Co. wln. mrts Taylor William B. accountant Bates Matthew, woollen merchant Hariley James, printer Shaw James, woollen manufactr Lister Brothers, woollen manuftrs Lister & Henry, woollen manuftrs Lister & Batley, machine makers Heaps & Walker, woollen manufrs Liebreich Bros. & Co. wool imprtrs Stancliffe John & Co. tea merchts 26 Dore John R. pharm. chemist 24 Eddell James 8. hosier 22 Pearce Henry, watchmaker Cloth Hall street 18 Wheatley J. & Co. booksellers 16 Austin & Bennett, 14 Walton Robert, tobacconist 12 Forsyth Henry, fruiterer Telegraph Office 8 Dowse & Whitworth, sharebrokers 8 Booth John, auctioneer 8 Pickford & Co. railway carriers 6 Heslop Richard, watchmaker 2 Moore Wm. & Son, shurebrokers 2 North F. J. chf. elk. at Post Office


1 Sykes Michael H. & Co. wln. mrts 3 Newby William Charies, surgeon Dougherty Samuel, clog maker 5 Kilner Mrs Sarah 7 Myatt Miss Margaret Mary, mil- liner and dressmaker 9 Graham Miss Lucy 11 Glendinning A. & Son, wlin. mrts 11 Sugden John, woollen manufactr Stott Eli & Son, woollen merchants 15 Flint Samuel, tailor and draper 21 Coe Mrs J. vy. Forresters’s Arms Brook’s court 23 Learoyd Mrs Jane Whiteley Robert (builder) 29 Masters Tankard, surgeon dentist 81 Child Mrs Ann 81 Kaye William, coal agent 83 Stancliffe John (tea merchant) 85 Anthony Miss A. tchr. of French 37 Atkinson Miss Ann Isabella York place Infirmary; E. J. H. Booth, resident surgeon; Miss E. K, Kaye, matron Bradbury, Mr James Hird Richard (solicitor) Foster John Edwin, surgeon 47 Batley Mr Joseph Hirst 49 Holmes Wm. C. (gas engincer) Place a Laycock James C. (solicitor) Hopkinson Mrs Rachel Portland street Butterworth Robert (cloth merchant) 51 Spivey Mrs Sarah Shaw Frederick (card maker) 69 Robinson John R. & Alfred (wool merchants), Mountjoy house Hirst Alfred (wool merchant) 75 Golden William (ironmonger)

41 43 45

Denham Joel (draper) 77 Battye Sydney F. cashier 79 Moseley Henry (solicitor) Bennett William (saddler) Drake Godfrey Jph. & Js. (wln. mrts) Robinson Frederick W. (wool stapl) Hoerle George F, (cudbear manufr.) Robinson Thomas (solicitor) 98 Lowenthal Louis (wool merchant) wee Cemetery street 94 Webb Thomas, commission agent 94 Webb Misses, boarding school 92 Jackson Robert (tea merchant) 90 Bennett Mr Abraham 88 Turner Mr Joseph 86 Brook George, jun. (manufactr.) 84 Mallinson William (merchant) 82 Kaye Jere (timber merchant) Denton Robert T. (grocer) Holmes Misses Sarah & Iilen Dransfield Charles, manager Eastwood Mr John Bruco Rev. Robert (Independent) es Bradley lane 64 Huddersfield College; Samucl Sharpe, LL.B., principal 62 Stephenson William, traveller 60 Dowse Miss Eliza IT. 58 Lancashire Mrs Alice 56 Charlesworth Mrs Mary 54 Rittiner Emile, salesman Belgrave terrace 52 Hale Jph. Thos. (yarn spinner) Wrigley William (woollen mert.) 48 Oldroyd Mr Adam Taylor Henry B. (drysalter) 42 Beaumont Josiah (woolstapler) Batley Joseph (solicitor) St. Patrich’s Roman Cath. Chapel; Revs. S. L. Wells & J. A. Dwyer St. Patrick’s School; Mrs M. Ma- her and E. Walsh 32 Tolson Mrs Mary 30 Benson Joseph (clog maker) Brunswick street 28 Eastwood Daniel (woolstapler) 26 Stead Mrs Jane 24 Brooke James (ironmonger) 22 Kastwood Benjamin (merchant) 20 Hirst Joseph (mert. tailor) 18 Cameron Robert, M.D. 16 Hey Benjamin (dyer) 14 Wilson John (cloth finisher) 12 Nickson Mr James 10 Scholeficld James, dentist 8 Booth Mr John Robinson (Wm.) & Brewer (Thos.), surgeons

NEW TOWN. strect)

1 Powner Mrs Jane, dressmaker 3 Rennison Mrs Mary Ann 15 Leonard Thomas (butcher) 17 & 19 Hepworth W. grocer & vict Shuttleworth Mrs Elizabeth 29 Benson James, shoemaker Hogan Thomas, plasterer 35 Sykes James (watchmaker) Whiteley Thomas (cotton spinner)

NORTH CRESCENT. (Bath buildings.)

34 Inman Henry, comel. traveller Learoyd Albort (woollen manufr.)


367 NORTHGATE., (Beast market.)

1 Patterson James, clothes dealer 3 Hall Wm. brhs. Musicians’ Hall Wilson William, confectioner 5 Halstead Samucl, newsagent 7 Harrington Mrs Ann, shopkeeper 9 Schofield Thos. boot & shoe dlr Schofield John, timber merehant 11 Schofield John, boot & shoe mkr 13 Normington J. brhs. Ring of Bells 15 Kaye Joseph, butcher 17 Lee John Ralph, grocer St. Peter's street St. Peter’s Inft. Schl; Mrs M. Brook Johnson William Smithies, basket and skep maker Barraclough James, confectioner Scholes square— Clough Thos. travelling tea dlr Scholes Mr George Beaumont John (yarn spinner) Tindall James (pipe manufactr.) Gatenby Wim. C. draper & milliner Dyson Jph. glass & chinaware dlr Fisher J. locksmith & umbrella mkr Mitchell Miss Martha Eliza, beer- house, Spinners’ Arms Northumberland eee Eeeles Law, hairdresser Linton Richard, greengrocer Carver John, printer and bookseller Kilburn Daniel, fish dealer Carter John, hairdresser Jepson Benus, pork butcher Blackburn Wm. smallware dealer Stansfield & Beaumont, cap manfrs North Ward Indepndt. Co-operative Society ; Geo. Dearden, manager Middleton William, horsebreaker Crossley Henry, butcher 43 Wordsworth William, shopkpr 45 Oxley William, grocer 47 Bottom Jph. tinplate worker 51 Hirst Henry, vict. Shakspeare wee Brook Wells mills— Hirst Joseph, yarn spinner Halstead & Akroyd, yarn spinners Dawson & Thornton, woollen and fancy manufacturers Fountain street Thirkill Robert, coppersmith, &e. Smithson James Edward, plumber Kelly Joe, confectioner Smith William, chimneysweeper 65 Gardiner George, insurance agt 67 Ramsden Mrs 8. lodgings 71 Swift Tom North (druggist) 73 Coney Thomas W. manager Oxford street 75 Knight Thos. vie. Fox & Grapes Bradford road Taylor Joseph (iron merchant) Woodbine cottages— Bates Matthew (fancy manufactr) Hinchliffe John (whitesmith) North James (draper) Fitzwilliam 86 Hopley Wm. brassfounder, &e. 84 Fox William, woollen merchant 82 Gandy John, painter 82 Gandy Misses Caroline, Eliza & Fanny Ann, dress & mantle mkrs

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Clay’s buildings— Clay Thomas, clerk 80 Jarmain George, chemist 78 Temples Mrs D. newsagent Kirk Moor place Shaw John, shopkeeper 23 Davison Alfred, chimneysweeper 24 Gee John, beerhs. Cotton Tree 70 Westoby John, clogger 68 Armitage G. beerhs. Wells tavern Back Union street Brook John, grocer Union street Blackburn Joseph, clogger 60 Towlson Thomas, furniture dlr Chadwick's yard 58 Turner Charles, tailor 56 Haigh Joseph, greengrocer North W. & I. plasterers 52 Taylor James, beerhs. York hotel Budge Mrs E. temperance hotel York street Nicholson Francis, draper Kilner Thomas, tailor Cuthbert’s yard 40 Thomas John, tailor Starkey’s court 28 Ingham Miss Rebecca, tea dealer 32, 33 & 34 Holmes John, grocer and provision dealer Thomas street Bell Mr David Huddersfield Industl. Co-op. stores Bradley's buildings 22 Oddy Joseph, cabinet maker Richardson Abraham, wheelwright Cromack Moses (cab proprietor) 18 Blamires Alexander, herbalist Hayley Hy. manufacturing chemist 16 Rigby Mrs Mary, dressmaker 14 Lynch John (rug manufacturer) 12 Harpin Henry, confectioner 2 Dufton Jas. A. vict. Spotted Cow

NORTHUMBERLAND ST. (60 John J¥illiam street.)

Mellor, Wright & Co. woollen merts Hopkinson G. & Sons, woollen merts wee Wood Barnicot & Kenyon, woollen manfrs Fox William, woollen merchant Byram street ....6. eens Thorp Daniel, flock merchant Swan Joseph, joiner, Crosland Jas. waste & flock dealer Payne Hinchliffe, manufg. chemist Mechanics’ Institute; J. Bate, sec. and J. Sykes, keeper Hall Francis, wheelwright 1 Redfearn J. 8. (yarn spinner) 3 Fearn George, marble mason 5 Cuthbert Miss Elizabeth, milliner 11 Kay James, cab proprietor 13 Beckett John, clerk Hayton John (brooch turner) Benson’s square 17 Cryer John, commercial traveller 21 Garratt John, saddler 21 Eyre John, painter Washington's yard 29 Lockwood John, clothes dealer Child Joseph, tailor Hawk street Turner Misses Sarah and Emma

ee eee Leeds road .......... Lodge Allan, brhs. Waterloo inn Roberts Edward, commrel. traveller yard —Lyalls Mrs Eliz. Ogden Mrs Mary, dressmaker Hayton John, wood turner Stockwell John, bhs. Prince hotel 40 Robertson David, (yarn scourer) 34 Wilkinson & Co. (J. Greaves), herbalists 26 Walker R. yarn spinners’ mngr 22 Tattersall Mrs lodgings 2 Tunnacliffe D. & Sons, plasterers Love Frederick, woollen merchant Binns Samuel, woollen manufactr Kitching & Brierley, woollen merts Robertson Jolin, travelling draper Primitive Methodist Chapel Jackson Rev. Wm. (Prim. Meth.) Byram street Dyson Jph. & Sons, woollen manufrs 6 Stott, Bance & Carter, win. mfrs

OLD HALIFAX ROAD. (Hill house.)

Whitteron Sml. whols. confectioner Heywood John, shopkeeper Wood Mrs Mary, grocer Brook John, tailor Worthington Arthur, warehouseman Clara street, Fartown Clifford Mrs Sarah Giggle Edwin, brhs. Commercl. hotel Scholes Rowland, beerhs. Black Bull Townsend Samuel, wheelwright Berry John William, rag merchant Green top Hardcastle George, grocer Learoyd Mrs. Belmont cottage Proctor Mrs Sarah A. mixed school Scholes George (yarn spinner) Hall Joseph, grocer Glendinning Chas. (woollen mert) Hirst William, wool cleaner Scholes John (yarn spinner) sete eee Scholes George & Co. yarn spinners, Clough Cottage mills Starkey Mr Thomas Lockwood Richard, coml. traveller Lawley Wm. commercial traveller Colling Samuel, manager Kaye John, warehouseman Jagger William (mungo merchant) Ward Henry S. (draper) Shaw John, clerk Rayner George, commercl. traveller Wilkinson Henry (woollen mert.) Shaw Sylvanus (woollen merchant) Fisher John, shopkeeper Fitton Charles (commission agent) Shaw Mrs Hannah, vict. Lamb Wadsworth John, butcher Sanderson Allen, draper Ircdale Thomas & Co. grocers Holroyd Mr Thomas Armitage Mrs Harrict, lodgings Steel George, beer retailer & grocer Marshall Wm. Henry, watchmker Williams Mrs Jane, shopkeeper Collins Mr Thomas Shaw Mrs Mary, grocer Carter Frederick (mungo dealer) Helm 'T’om (timber merchant)

Huddersfield Street Directory.


Holroyd William (cloth finisher) Knight William (painter)


(Manchester street.)

1 Hepworth John, florist Sedgwick Joseph, (j) finisher 2 Drinkwater Richard, gardener 4 Pluright John, (j) blush cutter 6 Smithson John, warehouseman 9 Hirst Wm. clogger & shoemaker Sanderson Joshua, millwright Inman David, boot and shoe maker Dawson (j) mason 11 Dyson John (cloth finisher) Ellis George, greengrocer Smith James, lodgings Wood Isaac, & china dealer Wood Miss Clara, grocer Wood's yard

OXFORD STREET. (Northgate.)

Green street Love James Allen, share broker Berry John, brewer Viaduct Newtown mills— Dickinson Benj. cloth finisher Whiteley Thomas, cotton spinner Milnes J. & Sons, cloth finishers Halstead Henry, egg merchant Milnes John Henry (cloth finisher) Cooke Thomas, compositor Milnes James (cloth finisher)

PACK HORSE YD. (12 Kirkgate.)

Day EF. & Co. tea & coffee merchts Freeman E. & Co. wine merchants Wood Robert, mungo dealer Bocock & Smith, wholesale grocers Sunderland William, cooper Firth Jubal, dining rooms Jackson George, tobacconist Hill Walter, joiner and builder Elliott R. J. & Co. cigar manufrs Denham Charles, tanner, &c. Whitworth & Co. tea & coffee merts Wood & Co. lithographers, &c. Pitkethly L. waste dealer Hopwood Bros. tea, &c. merchants Turner Jonathan, currier, &c. Clough William, tea merchant Bletcher George, potato merchant Heaton Thos. jun., oil & soap mert Bottomley Bros. joiners & cabt. mkrs Milnes Beaumont, wholesale draper Mellor Joel & Co. woollen waste dirs Kendall & Wadsworth, painters

PORTLAND ST. (Lrinity st.)

4 Jackson Mrs Mary 6 Bottomley Mrs Mary 10 Garrett Henry, foreman hatter 12 Jenkins Mrs Mary Ann 14 Hirst Mrs Christiana, lodgings 18 Trinity Church Schools ; David Holmes & Misses A. & B, Jagger Brooke Tom (painter) 26 Hanson Mrs Jane 28 Greenwood Mrs Harriet, lodgings 80 Schofield Benj. (cabinet maker) 30 Woodcock John, bookseller Robinson James, chimney sweeper Fitzwilliam street

40 Wheatley Charles (druggist)

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Wuddersfield Street Directory.

42 Garforth Richd. P. woollen mert Crossley Miss A. stationer’s assist 44 Chrispin Mr Jonathan Squiro Jones Mrs Frances 31 Clough William (tea dealer) 29 Sykes Joseph (manager) 27 ‘Thomas Rev. John (Unitarian) 23 Thornton William (whitesmith)

PRINCESS ST. (23 Buzton rd.)

1 Hobson Frederick B. upholsterer 3 Dyson George, bhs. Stanley hotel 5 Wilks William, brush maker 10 West Riding Constabulary office ; Thomas Heaton, superintendent 8 Heppenstall Icon, beerhs. Palace 6 St. Pauls National Schools; Jph. Taylor, and Misses E. T. Hudson and P. Iredale Knight, Hardy & Jackson, painters

PROSPECT ST. (Outcote bank.)

British School; §. 3B. Tate and Miss S. Edwards Watson’s yard Watson William (quarry owner) Wilkinson Mrs Emma, dressmaker Lundy Mrs Sarah Stead Samuel, cashier White Ramsden, police inspector Cocker Jas. Albt. commercial travlr Rhodes Samuel (wool stapler) Davison Joseph (hairdresser) South street Lockwood William, warehouseman Sunderland William (cooper) Broom Samuel, warehouseman Baines Mrs Martha, milliner Wilson Joseph, tailor Mills William (blacksmith) Orrah Charles, salesman Hirst Benjamin (joiner) Feugley Chas. teacher of languages Harrison George, clerk Oddy Christopher, salesman Dodson John, collr. for Corporation Sykes George, solicitor’s clerk Robson Miss Maria’ Brook James (plumber) Wimpenny John, waste dealer Owen Henry, clerk Moss Samuel, commercial traveller Moss Mrs Sarah, dressmaker Thorpe George Proctor, shopkeeper Ransley John, bootmaker Shaw Rockley, fireman

QUAY (Castle gate.)

13 Balmforth John, dyer Kaye J. (exors. of), brewer 21 Laycock Jph. bhs. Turnbridge inn Hirst Reuben & William, cotton spinners, Turnbridge mills Shaw Wm. & Albert, woollen scriblrs Jessop Benj. & Son, yarn spinners Hirst Hy. jun. & Co. yarn spinners Varley Joseph, coal merchant; J. J. argreaves, agent Kaye Jere, timber merchant Taylor James, woollen spinner Priestley Henry, yarn spinner Balmforth John, dyer Hollingworth M. vict. Kaye’s Armg Womersley James, grocer

Thirkill William, plumber

QUEEN STRERT. (26 King st.)

1 & 2 Crispin Thomas, ironmonger 3 Samuels Rd. Alliance temp. hotel 4 Marsh Edmund, accountant Jeffery John, spirit merchant’s mgr Wesleyan Chapel; Revs. J. G. Cox, J. S. Pawlyn, and J. Mee; Jph. Copley, chapel keeper County Court; J. Stansfeld, judge ; I. R. Jones, jun. registrar Gott Geo. spirit mercht’s. foreman R. & Nephew, vety. surgeons Hirst George, boot maker Booth James W. surgeon Hayley Mrs Mary Cockroft Abel (cloth finisher) Hudson Mrs Ann Booth Samuel, surgeon 37 Appleton Robert, gentleman Ramsden street Cross Queen street— Chrispin Thomas, whitesmith Fire Brigade Station Wood John, clerk Sharpe Alfred, currier Victoria street Wood Charles, yarn & waste mercht Wood Mrs Mary, flock dealer Marsden John (cotton spinner) Hall Alexander (woollen manufr) Barker Richard, silk merecr Barker Mrs M. milliner, &e. Robinson & Son, tailors & drapers Wellington buildings— 1 Schofield William, accountant Yorkshire & Lancashire Periodical Company ; G. Cotton, manager 4 Conservative Registration offices; John Ashton, secretary Conserv. Working Men’s Assocn. Literary & Scientific Institution and Museum; G. Viney, secy Ragged School; G. H. Allatt, mstr 4 Schofield J. & Co. cott. waste dirs


(Ramsden street.)

Clowes James, grocer Ciowes Joseph, newsagent Shaw David, draper Marsden Jthn. bhs. Zetland Arms Pillar Letter Box eee Canal bridge ..-...40.. Cockroft Abel & Sons, cloth finishers, Fairfield mills Stables street Berry John, joiner and builder Rhodes George W. surgeon Benson Joseph, clog and patten mkr Sykes George, manufactg. chemist Aston William Henry, cloth finisher Stott Ishmacl, woollen manufacturer Lever John (cotton donbler)


Greenwood, Hanson & Co. wlln. mfs Mellor Joseph & Sons, woollen mfrs Yard—Wood J. H. hairdresser Taylor & Lodge, woollen manufrs Ramsden, Learoyd and Holroyd,

woollen manufacturers

RAMSDEN ST, (71 New street.)

3 Hirst Benjamin, joiner and builder 3 Booth G. grocer and brush manufr


5 Wilson Geo. iron and steel mercht 7 Dyson George, furniture broker 15 Armstrong Miss M. A. milliner 17 Parratt Mrs S. HE. school Parratt H. L. professor of music Spivey William, chapel keeper Independt. Chapel; Rev. R. Skinner Couzens Misses M. H. & E. school Bull and Mouth street Theatre Royal: Edw. Clayton, lessee Corporation Offices; J. Batley, town clerk; J. H. Abbey, surveyor; G. Swainson, accountant 27-29 Norton Thomas F. dyer 31 Gymnasium Hall, John Le Blane 33 Greenwood Wm. W. (wool mert) Rifle Volunteers’ Drill room, Ser- geant-Major Hunneybell Harry J. sergeant of Yeom. Cavalry Abbey Mrs Ann, vict. Zetland hotel 45 Hodgson Richd. bhs. Dog & Gun 47 Helm Henry (saw mill propr.) 49 Dick Miss Sar. Tlizh. day school 51 Hampshire Thomas (tailor) 53 Harrison Thomas, draper 55 Binns Thomas, shopkeeper Bradley st. South & Queen st. South 32 Walkcr Mrs Janc, timber mercht 30 Stuttard John Henry, painter 28 Kaye George, (j) butcher Spurr Regnld. artist & photographr Theaker William A. sugar boiler 26 Hastings William, accountant 24 Kuages Samuel, surgeon 22 Chrispin Thomas (ironmonger) 20 Pritchett John B. surgeon 18 Turnbull Wm. M.D. physician 16 Tomlinson G. D. artist 14 Scott John & Son, tailors & drprg 12a Foster Wm. draper’s manager 12a Foster Mrs A. millnr. & dressmr 12 Crawshaw S. & Son, leather mrts Back Ramsden street 10 Paine Mrs Martha 10 Cooke J. & Co. commission merts Back Buxton road 4 Huddersfield Examiner office 4 Woodhead Joseph, printer 2 Ovens & Hampshire, tailors 2 Shaw Joseph, wood carver Leech & Beaumont, architects Foxton John, livery stable keeper


(Ramsden street.)

Starkey Mrs Nancy White William (silk dealer) Cockroft William (cloth finisher) Redfearn’s mills

RILEY'S YARD. street.)

Crosland Benj. & Sons, woollen mfrs 5 Hanson J. E. tea & coffee mercht Gledhill Tom, smallware dealer Hinchliffe John, woollen yarn spur Beaumont J. & T. jun. woollen mfrs Lockwood, Baxter and Pontefract, woollen manufacturers Whitehead W. & J. worsted spinners; W. B. Wall, agent

ROSEMARY LANE. (Kirkgate.)

1 Kaye George, corn dealer 2 Dyson C. & Sons, cotton waste dirs 5 Field George, smith and farrier


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8 Clegg Benjamin, cotton waste dlr Bulls Head yard and Silk street 13 Fisher John, tailor and draper 15 Carter Jamcs, becrhouse Star Shaw Joseph, grocer Castlegate .ssseanees Comyn James, skin dealer Parker Ths., Son & Co. rag, &c. mts Binns G. & Sons, woollen manufrs Brier George, woollen manufacturer Tansey James, rag merchant Castle Jonthn. hay and straw dealer

ST. GHORGE’S SQUARE. (John William street.)

Britannia buildings— Vickcrman B. & Sons, woollen mfs Ramsden Ths. & Son, woollen mfs Crosland G. & Sons, woollen mfrs Station street Shaw J. W. & Henry, woollen mfrs Lockwood Brothers, woollen mfrs Peace A. & Co. woollen manufrs Shaw Jph. & Sons, woollen merchts Turner Jph. & Sons, woollen mfrs Railway street &@ S&. George's street Ogston John & Co. woollen manufrs Berry & Turner, woollen manufrs Day, Watkinson & Co. woollen mirs Newsham John, subn. billiard rooms Tlirst Edward & Son, woollen mfrs Haigh John, jun. woollen manufr St. George's street Railway Station: John Thompson, station mstr; Lanes. & Yorkshire Goods Dept: David Lea, agent; London & North Western Goods Dept: Joseph Beaumont, agent Moore George, victualler, Station hotel and refreshment rooms Nutter Richard, vict. George hotel John William street

ST. STREET. (St. George's square.)

Bradley Samuel, wine merchant Haigh David & Sons, woollen mfrs Westgate

ST. JOHN'S. (St. John’s road.)

Pesel George Henry, manager Beaumont Henry K. (drysalter) St. John’s Church; Rev. G. E: Wilson, M.A.

ST. JOHN’S ROAD. (John William street.)

Jagger Walter, grocer Chadwick Wm. Henry, plumber, &c. Fawcett Thomas, butcher Brier Mrs Elizabeth Brook Miss Elizabeth Radciiffe Jno. & Sons (stone masons) Radcliffe John (John & Sons) Radcliffe Joseph (John & Sons)


(tamsden street.)

Schofield William (accountant) Stancliffe Mrs Mary Ann Whiteley Mrs Mary Martha 7 Backhouse George, cabinet maker 17 Moseley John Edward (joiner) 19 HWitchon Mrs Sarah 25 Poppleton Jonathan (butcher)

27a Brierley C. omnibus proprietor 27 Harrison J. M. assistant 85 Heywood William, manager 37 Turdell Mrs Mary 39 Gawthorpe William, salesman 41 Uornsby Geo. Foxton, salesman 43 Hirst Miss Emma, dressmaker Field Henry (milliner) Hopkinson J.(engincer), Britannia ctg Bradley John, clerk Murphy James, manager 14 Ramsden Wm. kpr. of Cloth hall Jubb Mis Sarah Ann Littlewood Byram, manager Mallinson James Henry, manager

ST. PETERS STREET, (John William street )

John William strect. .. Wood street. ....-..... Lockwood Brewery Stores (Bentley and Shaw) Mallinson George, jun. woolstapler - Byram street Swift John, tailor & draper Ratcliffe Miss H. (baby linen dealer) Peeker Richard, boot & shoe maker Walton Charles, commission agent Chapel street Abby Rowland, basket maker Crossley Mrs Mary, lodgings Northgate. Walker George, victualler, Vulean inn Lockwood Tim, travelling tea dealer Best William (loan gociety’s agent) Hardy David (mattress maker) Cambridge Richard (photographer) Roebuck J. J. clerk; and Mrs L. milliner Rogers William, auctioneer Lord street Cambridge Richard, photographer Lord Henry, photographer Terry & Shaw, shipping merchants Roberts R. & Sons, woollen manfrs Kenyon J. & T. woollen manufactrs Scott Robert & Co. woollen manufrs

SEED HILL. (Kirkgate.)

Burgess & Son, silk, &c. dyers Sykes Ephraim, cotton doubler Thornton Joseph, warehouseman Clegg James, woollen manufacturer St. Peter’s Schools; James Allatt ; Misses EK. A. Haigh & E. Horton District Clothing & Provision Co.

Knott Navigation Co.) SERGEANTSON STREET. (Fox street.)

Littlewood George, mungo merchant Littlewood’s buildings— Dyson George & Co. wool staplers

Brierly Abram (fancy manufactr) 3 Sykes Edward T. woollen mnfr 4 Butterworth T. & Sons,wlin. mfrs 5 Middlemost H. R. & L. com. agts 6 Mellor James, woollen manufr 7 Thorpe Jonathan, woollen mfr 8 Thorpe Henry, woollen manufr 9 Marsden Joseph, woollen manfr Stott Isaac Leah, cotton spinner Frankland John Bailey, woo} mert

27 Kirk Benj. R. veterinary surgeon I

Huddersfield Street Directory.

soevee Lox street, Richter Gustav & Co. mungo manufacturers

SHAMBLES. (King street.)

1 Poppleton Richard, butcher 2 Redfearn James, butcher 3 Kilner Edward, butcher 4 Poppleton John, butcher 5 Sisson Owen M. butcher 6 Weatherhead John, butcher 7 Sykes John, butcher 8 Ainley George, butcher 9 Dyson John William, butcher 10 Astwick Benjamin, butcher 11 Dyson George, butcher 18 Moxon George, butcher 14 Sykes George, butcher 15 Wilkinson Stead, butcher 22 Kaye Joseph, butcher Williamson William, butcher Brooke George, boot & shoe dealer 25 Townend James, butcher 26 Shaw William Henry, butcher 27 Hampson Charles, butcher 29 Hardy Uriah, butcher 30 Abby William Walker, butcher Bl Milnes Thomas, butcher 32 Roebuck Henry, butcher 83 Hudson John & Thos. butcherg 35 Faweett William F. butcher 36 Kaye John P. butcher 37 Battye George, butcher Milner John, butcher 40 Brock George, butcher 41 First John Edwin, butcher 42 Ewart Robert, butcher 43 Cowgill Jonathan, buicher 44 Ewart John, butcher 45 Wray Henry, butcher 46 Bradley Thomas, butcher 48 Rayner Thomas, butcher 50 Coombs Edward Gundry, butcher 51 Dyson James, butcher 52 Poppleton Jonathan, butcher Crossley Henry, butcher Lees John, cutler


1 Sims George, dining rooms Howe Henry, cooper Hilton E. 8. & Co. waste dealers 3 Stephenson & Wilson, cabt. mkrs Tunn & Firth, grocers & hop merts Hudson Thos. jun. warp manufactr Crowther S. wuste dealer Turner Charles, tea merchant

SHORE, (King street.) -

McMillen John, vict, Saracen’s head Gough John, grocer & provision dlr Smart Rowland, boot top maker Clegg Joe, boot & shoe maker Thomas K. hairdrssr. & smallwr. dlr Smith Charles, pork butcher 42 Mallalieu John, grocer Broughton Jonas, draper

SHORE BANK, (Commercial st.)

Battye Mrs Mary Ann Howorth Samuel, rent & debt colletr Haigh Mrs Hannah

SHORE FOOT. (King street.) Sugden Thos. & Son, corn millers

shoddy and

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Huddersfield Street

Aire & Calder Navigation Company carriers: Joseph Knott, agent Kaye Jere, timber merchant Waterhouse Abm, v. Navigation tav

SHOREHEAD. (Ramsden street.)

2 Keyworth John, baker 4 Bellamy Edmund, herbalist Hill William, beerhs. Turf tavern Kirk George E. (machinist) 18 Furniss John, gas rate collector 20 Moran Michael, land surveyor Wilson James Albert (yarn spinner) Best Francis (currier) 22 Robinson Jas. (waggon cover mfr) 22 Robinson Mrs Mary, dressmaker 24 Ellis Walter (heald & reed mkr) 26 Carter Thomas, boot & shoe mkr Armitage James, pig dealer Sheard Mrs Ann, corn & provsn. dlr Riley Joseph, boot & shoe maker Clayton Joseph, vict. Duke of York 7 Mortimer Joseph, waste dealer 9 Firth David, victualler, Ship 3 Brook Geo. captain of Fire Brigade

SILK STREET. (Rosemary in.)

Earnshaw Charles, greengrocer Clegg Joseph, baker Sugden Mrs Elizabeth, shopkeeper

SOUTH PARADE. (Buxton road.)

1 Smiles John Thomas (draper) 3 Pontefract Henry, manager 5 Aston William Hy (cloth dresser) 7 Wilson Misses H. & J. day school 9 Lee William (woollen manufactr) 13 Ramsden Henry L. (ironmonger) 15 Dyson Robert Sugden, cashier 17 Burman James (paper merchant) 19 Priestley T. H. (cotton spinner) 21 Klliott John (cigar manufactr) 25 Hill Edward, joiner & builder 27 Lockwood Mrs Elizabeth Wood J. boot maker, draper &c. 30 Moore Robert, tailor & outfitter Charles street Masonic Hall; J. Lee, keeper Free Mason’s Old yard 12 Davison Henry (cigar manufactr) 10 Swallow Miss Sarah, dressmaker Albion street 8 Briggs William, insurance agent 6 Swildin Thomas, lodgings 4 Haigh Mrs Rachel 2 Harmston Henry, fruiterer 2 Roebuck Jonas, cattle dealer


2 Wardle Miss Annie, dressmaker Morris Richard, merchant Bowker William, boot & shoe maker 10 Matthewman Mr Thos. Nelson 12 Naylor Miss Hannah, lodgings Hird Mr Robert eee George street 18 Sutherby J. (saddler) 22 Couzens Jobn Sinclair, clerk 24 Booth John Edwin, come!l. trvllr 26 Glaisyer Joseph fgrocer) ee tte Back Spring 32 Middleton William, shopkeeper

32 Beach John, herbalist Spring street

44 Theaker Mrs Mary Spring Wood Kaye Richd. Hy. inspr. of weights, & Dyson James (iron merchant) Roebuck William (butcher) 52.Sykes Danicl, commission agent Hellawell Joseph (cloth dresser) Independent Chapel; Rey R. Dugdale Hoyle Mrs Hanh. smallware dealer ene Swallow McMullen William, tailor Wood James, beerhs. West End hs Hardy Samuel (painter) Wightman William, provision dealer sp Grove stréet Hoyle John, woollen cloth dealer Woodhouse William (general dealer) ee Prospect street Goodwin Joseph (slate merchant) Goodwin William (slate merchant) Sutcliffe John, mungo dealer Kaye Joseph, salesman Romfeldt Frederick, clerk 77 Hewitt William, tobacconist Prim. Meth. Chapel; Revs W. Jack- son, G. Mercer, & W. Travis Elam William, chapel keeper Hellawell James, shopkeeper Boys Mrs Elizabeth, dressmaker Wood John, brewer, W estend brewry Banks John, bootmaker Mitchell Tom, tailor and draper Bradley Chas. Hy. (manftg. chemist) Henry street 51 Newsome Miss Hannah, lodgings Sykes Ephraim (warp manufacturer) Wadsworth Squire (painter) Wood Joss (printer and engraver) 37 Fox Misses M. & L. dressmakers 83 Scholefield Geo. S. (whitesmith) Spring Place 29 Moxon Geo. (coal mert. & butcher) 17 Berry John (joiner) 13 Mellor John (whitesmith) 9 Bell Miss Charlotte 7 Hirst Thomas, bookkeeper 1 Parker Charles, tea dealer

SPRING ST. (Upperhead row.)

83 Finney Benjamin, commiss. agent dj Abbey Mr Joseph 9 Mitchell Henry (painter) 11 Cowan John, draper 13 Wilson Mrs Sarah, shopkeeper 15 Reed Miss Ellen, lodgings Liddell’s yard 17 Denison Mrs M. b. Brewer’s Arms 19 Sill John, carrier Schofield’s yard— 1 Lord James, carrier 3 Frank Mrs Mary 21 Harries Robert, draper Hoyle Misses S. & H. drapers 27 Fowler William, bootmaker 29 Haigh John (sharebroker) cease South street Bradley William, tailor and draper 43 Radcliffe James (architect) 47 Lorimer Mrs Jeannette 49 Jagger Jonas (woollen merchant) 53 Dale William (lead manufactr.) 57 Ogden Miss F. infant school 59 Kilner John Hirst, clerk 61 Clayton Edward (stationer)



63 Harral William (outfitter) 65 Williams Rev J.W. (Meth. N.Con) 67 Ogley Miss Sarah Waterworks; Chas. K. Hare, managr a Water street . 64 62 60 58

Mellor William (waste ‘dealer) Roberts William (curricr) Shaw Henry (woollen merchant) Castlechild Joseph, salesman 56 Sikes Chas. Wm. bank manager 54 Watson Mrs Margaret 52 Taylor Henry B. bookkeeper 50 Hirst Mrs Elizabeth 48 Kaye Jas. designer & traveller 46 George (yarn spinner) Back Spring street Pluright Lewis, shopkeeper Noble Alfred, shopkeeper 86 Lord Jas. Wilson, music teacher 34 Marshall Joshua, profr. of music . Tunnel street. Thomas “Wm. Edward, day school 24 Hoyle Henry, photographer 22 Conacher John, (j) organ builder 18 Riley Joe, cigar manufacturer 16 Aram Reuben (fruit dealer) 14 Lofthouse James, tailor 12 Atkinson Henry, jun. (coal mert.) 10 Mellor Edward, day school Bradley Chas. Henry, soap ash mfr 8 Jordan James, cloth manufacturer 7 Mitchell Henry, painter 6 Binns G. & Son, woollen manfrs

SPRING WOOD. (Jlanchester rd.)

Whiteley Mrs Ruth Cuthbert John Ralph, clerk Hepworth William, coal merchant Wardman & Garbutt, coal merts


(Swallow street.)

Wilson Fred (grocer) Oakfield John, (j) dentist Morrison James, tailor Hirst Michael (draper) King Mrs Anne Wilson George, grocer Cooper Mr John Strange Wm. V. (insurance agent) Wood Thomas, bookkeeper Mortimer Charles J. W. bookkeeper Barry Daniel, clerk Munroe Richard, assurance agent Wilson Thomas, tailor Jones Alfred (schoolmaster) Smith Mr Thomas Rhodes B. H. woolstapler’s manager Raynor John, salesman Sykes James, draper Dugdale Rev R. H. (Independent) Vickerman John, tailor & draper Hesp Edward Lake (solicitor)

STABLES ST. (Chapel hill.)

2 Rooks Joss, card nailer 4 Israel Morris, (j) cigar maker 6 Wimpenny Brown (tailor) 8 Arthington Joseph (brassfounder) 10 Swallow Jonathan, fine drawer 12 Wainwright Turner, (j) carpenter Whiteley Joshua (cotton spinner) Whiteley John & Co. cotton spinners wean Queen street


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Hanson Joshua, spinner & manufr Bennett Shakespeare, manager Crabtree Thomas, (j) millwright Ellis Joe, (j) engineer Senior John, coal dealer Brooksbank Allen, manager Gannon Thomas, gas pipe repairer Matthewman William (dyer) Kirk Robert (ironfounder)

STATION ST. (St. George’s sq.)

St. Peter's street Kell & Co. woollen merchants 18 Dixon John & Co. woollen mfrs Moxon Godfrey, painter Audin G, nail & clog iron manufr Schofield G. & Son, woollen mertg pec il Israel J. & Co. wool importers 13 Charlesworth G. woollen manufr Sykes James, jun. woollen manufr Schofield John & Sons, woollen mfrs

SWALLOW ST. (Upperhead row.)

Gannon John, coal & rag dealer Black Lion yard 14 Sugden George, greengrocer 20 Swain John, stocking maker Heywood’s yard 24 Haigh John, shopkeeper South street Finlinson Joseph Henry, clerk Reeder William (shopkeeper) Heywood George, mason & builder wee Tunnel street Denison James, vict. Grove inn Spring street 45 Green D. M. newsagent 41 Thomas John (corn dealer) 39 Ianson George (tailor) Armitage Abraham (grocer) wee South street 29 Hoyle William, lime dealer 27 Moorhouse Mrs M. A. lodgings Crossiand’s yard Carver Mrs Mary, lodgings Cross Grove street Preston Thomas, milk dealer Duke street Townend James, rag dealer & shopr 7 Cassidy John, plumber Connor’s yard

THOMAS STREAT., (Northgate.)

3 Hoyle Joseph, tailor 5 Lodge Samuel, beerhouse, Mitro 9 Dufton William, warehouseman 11 Ogden Mrs Sarah, shopkeeper Clegg Samuel, beerhs. North Arms Burns’ Head yard— Netherwood George, bootmaker Clege Samuel, whitesmith Leech Mrs Martha Brooks’ yard 81 Lockwood James, (j) engineer Cudworth George, greengrocer Lowerhead row. 42 Hirst Henry, shopkeeper 28 Campbell William, shopkeeper 16 Thornton Jonathan, grocer 10 Kelley James, tailors’ outfitter 8 Lisle Charles, greengrocer

Cowgill T. (mgr. at Co-opcer. store)


Henry A. & 8. & Co. merchants Milner John, butcher


Lunn Henry, sexton

Allen Mrs Sarah Sykes John Hy. (woollen manuir.) Trinity place Bance Mr William Snowden Rev. Edmund Barker Mrs Mary

Oakes Samuel (grocer) Cliffe Matthew Wm. (wool merchant)

TRINITY ST. (est parade.)

5 Armitage James, vety. surgeon 7 Metcalf John, painter 9 Hopkinson Miss Mary 11 Gaukroger Eh, grocer 13 Swan Joseph (joiner & builder) 15 Thresh Mrs My. Ann, lodgings 17 Carter Mrs M. A. provision dir square Scholefield Dl, portfolio maker Beaumont Arthur, warehouseman Sykes James, (j) cloth dresser Booth Joe, boot and shoe maker Scott Hy. M’Clure, tax collector Mallinson Henry, greengrocer Liversedge David (cloth finisher) Cartwright Mrs Hannah 33 Allan Mrs Robina 35 Watson Hy. V. commission agt Garner Richard, sculptor 52 Wilkinson John (cloth merchant)

50 Dodd John (woollen manufactr) 48 Booth Mr James Fitzwilliam street 46 Ryley Mrs B. A. tailoress 38 Wright Mr William 36 Ellis John (fishmonger) 34 Taylor Miss Ellen 32 Halstead Thomas (wool stapler) 30 Hopkinson John (ironfounder) 28 Lockwood William (jeweller) 26 Oates Mrs Mary 24 Brook Mrs Mary Ann 22 Potter Rev. James (Independent) 20 Kenworthy Mrs Sarah 18 Robinson Miss KE. profr. of music 16 Hill Mrs Martha 14 Moseley Mrs L. upholsteress 12 Starkey Geo. pianoforte dealer 10 Morton Edmund, (j) plasterer 8 Moon Chas. (commission agent) Mitchell Samuel, grocer

TUNNEL STREBET. (George st.) Mitchell William (machinist)

Hirst Benjamin, foreman Dobson Joseph (cabinet maker)

TURNBRIDGE. (Quay street.)

Dyson L. rope and twine spinner Bell & Boothroyd, yarn spinners Heppenstall Bros. wln. &cotn. dyers Sykes John & Son, machine makers Hey Benjamin & John, dyers Baxter W. & Co. tallow chandlers Holliday, Read & Sons, mfg. chemists Hirst R. & W. cotton spinners Hirst Hy. jun. & Co. yarn spi nners Houghton Roger & Son, wln. manfr

(West hill.)

19 21 23 25 27 31

Street Directory.

Woodhead J. D. & Bros. woln, mfrg Water Royd mills— Lawton & Addy, yarn spinners Wilson Jas. A. yarn spinner Walker Wm. woollen manufactr lFater Royd cottages— Dickinson George, brassfounder Scott James, rope & twine manfr Turnbridge terrace Widdop Joseph, spinners’ manager Sanderson Mrs Carford Miss Elvina

UNION STREET, (Northgate)

1 Brook John, shopkeeper 3 Kennedy George (broach maker) 11 & 13 Sykes James, shopkeeper Lewis William, lamp and oil dealer 21 Richardson Samuel, painter 23 Rushworth John (j), engraver 39 Hartley James (printer) 41 Dewhirst William, shopkeeper 43 Hattersley James, shopkeeper Day James, boot and shoe maker 61 Shaw Robert, furniture broker - Leeds Hawk street Marchant Robert & George Maule, brassfounders 36 Brooke Samuel, newsagent Lister James, chimney sweeper 22 Crossley Mrs Eliz. dressmaker 20 Waller Thomas C. warchouseman 16 Appleyard J. (boot & shoe mkr.) 10 Waite Wm. Jy. (cigar dealer) Crossley James, saddler 4 Kershaw John, warehouseman


2 Shaw William Henry, butcher Tetlow Edward, painter 12 Thornton William, tinner Starkey James, eating house Crosland Miss Mary, brhs. Wharf inn Firth street Hoyle George, boot and shoe maker 32 Matthewman John, grocer and provision dealer Mills yard Newsome Robert, bootmaker Bolland William (fruit dealer) Mills Edwin & Co. ironfounders Dyson John William, butcher Bolland William, fruit dealer Colne street Greenwood John, machinist Aspley Lecture Room Sanderson 8. br. Old Acquaintance Abson Jas. Hy. brhs. Brokers’ Arms

UPPERHEAD ROW. (West parade.)

Crown Hotel yard — Hirst Charles, broker Pollitt Henry, reed maker Orrah Arthur, manager 3 Orrah Mrs Margaret, stay maker 1 Whitaker John, manager 3 Schofield N. tailor and draper 5 Baxter Wm. & Co. tlw. chandlers Half Moon street & Little George st Moseley’s yard— Moseley Miss Harriet Moseley Miss Mary, day school Fox street West

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Huddersfield Street



25 Dawson Wm. cabinet maker 27 Barry James, lodgings 29 Rostron Wm. carrier & shopkpr Threadneedle street d Macaulay st. 39 Walker Mrs Maret. dressmaker 41 Clarke Miss Martha, dressmaker 43 Sykes Frederick, woollen draper 65 Sykes Michael, clogger Granby street 69 Mannion James, lodgings 71 Roebuck George, butcher 73 Webster James, milk dealer 75 Dunn John, vict. Wheat Sheaf Grove street Hall George, bootmaker Astin’s yard Swift M. beerhouse, Victoria Outcote bank Heady Robert A. carver Hill Edward, joiner 94 Haigh A. brhs. Manchester end 92 James —, rag and bone dealer yard 90 Thornton Robert, shopkeeper Bottomley’s yard 86 Thompson Miss Ann, shopkpr 84 Moore Eli, tinner Swallow street 80 Sheridan Patrick, greengrocer 76 Haigh Jas. beerhs. Black Horse Gannon John rag dealer (yard) 72 Dawson James, vict. Exchange 70 Riley Thomas, shopkeeper Roebuck’s buildings Hirst William, clothes dealer Upperhead mills— Lockwood & Keighley, win. mfrs Stoney & Armitage, cloth finishers Holdsworth Jas. L. card manufr 68 Gibson Mrs Mary Woodhead & Wimpenny, waste dirs 44 Whitaker Richard, salesman Western place 40 Milnes Joseph, dentist 88 Haigh Mrs Ann, milliner 34-36 Todd James, china, &e. dlr 30 Brown Henry, brhs. Corporation Spring street 26 Taylor George W. shopkeeper 24 Davison Mrs 5S. sevt.’s regist. off 24 Sykes Benjn. china, &c. dealer Back Spring street 22 Haley John Wm. shopkeeper 2C Walshaw William, hairdresser 18 Blayds E.brhs. Woodman, & tailr 16 Holmes William, railway porter 14 Thewlis Titus, yarn agent 14 Thewlis Charles, clerk 12 Midgley David & Son, merchants George street Oxley Benjamin, livery stables Moore John W. wood carver

2 Thompson Mrs Mary, newsagent West parade


Stoner Thomas, traveller Leech Mr James

Baxter William (tallow chandler)

VANCEH’S BUILDINGS. (Cloth Hall street.)

1 Liddell & Martin, woollen mnfrs 2 Learoyd J. & Sons, woollen mfrs

4 Roebuck Robert, woollen manufr

5 Hopkinson Henry, woollen mnfr 5 Hepworth Friend, woollen manfr 6 Whiteley John & Co. (lim.), paper mirs; J. Armitage, local manager Johnson J, M. cotton spinner Smith & Stocks, woollen manufrs Brier George, woollen manufactr Field E. woollen skirting manufr Johnson Wm. Henry, oil agent Lockwood & Mallinson, dyers Smith G. & §. win. cord manfrs Woodhouse Wm. woollen mnfr Binns G. & Son, woollen manfrs Starkey J. & A. woollen manfrs Robinson J. & Co. woln. cord mfg Peace James, woollen manufactr Field Humphrey, woollen manfr Peace & Gelder, woollen manufrs Booth G. & Co. woollen manufrs Donkersley J. T. & D. wiln. mfrs Beaumont William, woollen mfr Taylor J. J. H. woollen manufetr Hinchcliffe Ths. & Sons, wlln. mfs Blamires John, woollen manufetr Houghton R. & Son, woollen mfrs 29 Lindley Job, woollen manufactr 31 Bradley Charles Hy. mfg. chemst

VIADUCT ST. (John William st.)

Carver_& Company’s stabling cee eee Fitzwilliam street Wilson & Trayis’s timber yard 6,7, & 8 Jagger Jonas & Son, rag and cotton merchants 9-10 Faweett Wm. & Sons, joiners 11 StottjJames, rag merchant Green street 13 AndrewRadcliffe, neat’s foot oil mfr Oxford street 23 Hellawell Abel, coal merchant Thornton John, carrier Kaye David, tripe dresser Balderson Allan, chimney sweeper Hardy David, joiner

VICTORIA LANE. (Ramsden st.)

Wood Joseph}& Son, fish merchants Hopwood James & Co. tea merchts Dawson Charles, shopkeeper Stanley John, clothes dealer


Wood George, fish and game dealer Bradley Joseph, fish and game dealer Britton John, bhs. Brunswick Arms Thompson John, vict. Bull & Mouth Withers James, chief constable Mellor & Waddington, paper manu- facturers; J. C. Haigh, agent Waddington James H. rag merchant Horsfali Jonas, vict. Victoria inn Victoria Loan Soc; Wm. Woodhouse Ellis John, beerhouse, Unicorn

WATER LN. (Vanchester road.) Hynes Martin, shopkeeper Jowitt’s yard— Knott Thomas, hatter


(Fitzwilliam street.)

Platts William, joiner and builder Jones Rev. K. L. curate


Moody John, clerk I Moody Mr John

Miller Rey. M. (Methodist Free Ch.) Cooper Joseph Haigh (provision dlr) 3 North Mrs My. millnr. & dressmkr Grierson Mrs Priscilla, boarding hs Ibbetson Mrs Margaret

WESTGATEH. (John William st.)

Halifax & Huddersfield Union Bank- ing Co; Edward Sikes, manager Chamber of Commerce; C. Mills, secretary; B. Eastwood, attendant Chancery lane 8 Haworth J. v. Swan with Two Necks Swan with Two Necks yard— Raynor George, whitesmith Haigh George, livery stable kpr Binns J. & Co. rope manufacturers 12 Chinn William Thomas, confctr 14 Robinson Joseph, grocer 14 Robinson George Henry 16 Wilkinson Henry, woollen mert 16 Brook John & Sons, win. mfrs 16 Seales & Salter, boot & shoe mfrs 18 Platts W. vict. Wellington Wellington yard— Taylor Edmund, teazle merchant 20 North Mrs M. fish & game dealer 22 Cully John, temperance hotel 22a Firth John, auctioneer 24 First Huddersfield Co-operative Socy. grocers, &c; EH. Mellor, secy 26 Flockton Charles, tobacconist 26 Cuthbert Ralph, druggist 28 Kirby James, ale & porter mert Market street 32 Sutherby Jecamiah, saddler Kaye John, commrel. dining rooms Crompton Benjamin, vict. Plough yard— Hirst James, flock merchant Hebblethwaite Bros. wool merts Hirst Thomas & Co. wool staplers Half Moon street 38 Haigh John & Sons, wlln. merts 40 Woodhead & Barker, wlln. merts 42 Fox Joseph, woollen merchant 44 Dickinson Mrs J. grocer 46 Hanson Isaac, hairdresser 46 Weavel William, butcher 48 Haigh Thomas Henry, watchmkr 50 Sykes J. W. vict. Crown hotel West parade and New North road Ellis John, fruiterer Ellis Edward, butcher St. George’s street Grist, Sons & Co. shoddy, &c. mfrs Hall Brothers, woollen manufactrs Presto Thomas, tailor and draper Radcliffe Thos. smallware & toy dir Marchant John, confectioner Robinson John & Sons, wool staplers Tolson Brothers, fancy manufactrs Mellor Thomas & Son, woollen mfrs Hinchliffe J. & G. woollen manufrs Hirst Charles & Co. woollen manfrs Nathan Hardy & Sons, shipping agts Booth Mrs E. M. baby linen dealer Dyson T. & Sons, woollen manuirs Beardsell Brothers & Broughton, fancy woollen manufacturers Croxton G. fruit & Italian warehsmn Jackson Thomas, wine merehant 21 Gawthorn M. vict. Plumbers’ Arms; and plumber

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Wuddersfield Street Directory.

19 Johnson George, ironmonger 17 Ellis Mrs M. A. v. Royal George 15 Brook George, bookseller, &c. Newhouse yard— Matthewman 8. N. chemist’s agt Mellor John, whitesmith Fawectt John, plumber “413 Heaps T. A. & Co. ironmongers 11 Briggs Frederick Henry, confctr 9 Dick R. & J. gutta percha boot & shoe manufctrs; J. Morrison, mgr 7 Mallinson & Whitham, boot mfrs 5 Wobdcock William Hy. boukseller 3 Nevill J. W. wine and hop mercht 1 Telegraph Office John William street

WESTHILL. (Trinity street.)

Pogson Henry (mungo merchant) . Dickinson James (chemist) Wilson Joseph, cabinet maker Platts Tom, commercial traveller 3 Armitage Chas. (baby linen dlr.) Gledhill William (woollen mercht.) Bradbury J. R. (wool merchant) Smith Samuel (cotton manufactr.) 8 Waller Michael Henry (hosier) Allison Mrs Eliza Mason George Simpson (wlln. mrt.) Fitton Thomas, manager Leitch Alexander Wm. comsn. agent Cunningham William (wlln. mert.) Eastwood Fredcrick (woollen mfr.) Middlemost Wm. Rbt. (cloth mert.) Creswell Mr Henry Storry William (tea merchant) Barker Uenry (solicitor) Woodhouse Edwin (woollen mert.) Hoskin William (grocer) 13 George (wool stapler) 12 Harrop William, manager Lees Mrs Hester Jackson Robert, traveller 8 Waller Michael Henry (hosier) . Littlewood John, tailor’s manager Sykes Mrs Sarah Walker Thomas (boot & shoe mkr), 6 Sykes James Kaye (woollen mrt.) Cook John (woollen merchant) Price Edward’S. (woollen merchant) Watkinson John, cashier Sykes David (woollen merchant) Warburton Mrs H. Aspinall Fawcett Mrs Sarah E. Mellor Richard (music seller) Holy Trinity Ch; Rev Ths. R. Jones Post Office Pillar box Jackson John Henry, gentleman Hick William (teazle merchant) Jones Rey. Thomas Robert, vicar of Trinity Church Brook John, registrar of births, &e.

WEST PARADE. (Upperheadrw.)

1 Theaker William, newsagent 7 Crow John, victualler, Old Hat 8 Astin John T. veterinary surgeon Astin’s yard— Hirst Thomas B. stationer 13 Marshall Miss H. dressmaker 15 Dyson John, overlooker Brigg John F. & Co. merchants 23 Higgins Thomas BS. (druggist) 25 Oates Mrs Jane 25 Oates Miss H. J. dressmaker


127 Lay Miss Sarah Booth Joseph, baby linen dealer 29 Richardson Mrs Sarah 31 Chadwick William Hy. (plumber) 33 Aconley Robert (draper) South street 37 Darley Mr Joscph 39 Garner John, parish clork 41 Brook George (bookseller) 43 Kaye Ben G. assistant draper Skinner Rev Richard (Independent) Greenhead lane Brook John (painter) Gerbar Charles (merchant) Clifton place— Jowitt Isaac, plasterer Waller Miss Fanny, lodgings Moorhouse Charles F. (merchant) Wilde Henry (accountant) Burdett Misses H. & C. milliners Morton EH, plasterer Trinity street and Portland street 68 Johnston David, cashier 66 Bentley Mrs Harriet 64 Spurr John William, elerk 62 Garnett George B. dentist 60 Smith William (spirit merchant) 58 Lockwood Benj. (manufacturer) 56 Roberts Mrs Susannah 54 Brooke Joseph (merchant) 52 Willans James Edwd. (wool mrt.) Towning row— Shaw Alfred, bootmaker 50 Brook Miss Mary 48 Hartley Miss Martha, dressmaker Brook’s yard 46 Priestley Lister, clerk; and Mrs Mary, homceopath. medicine vendr Woodhead William, manager

Burgoine Miss Sarah, dressmaker

Field Joseph, butcher Brown Walker S. tailor Hanson John William, salesman Mooney Miss Catherine, milliner Beaumont Edwin, shopkeeper Crosland Mrs R. greengrocer Priestley Mrs Ann Jowitt Benjamin, shopkeeper and sewing machine maker 24 Barras Mrs E. servt.’s reg. office

22 Riley James (wood turner) 20 Waterworth Wu. (j) cloth miller 18 Brunton Mrs Harriet, baker 16 Marshall James, farmer 14 Snowdon Rey John (Prim. Meth.) 14 Snowdon Misscs E.& M. drssmkrs Kitchingman Brothers, curriers 12 Johnson John, grocer 10 Dyson Henry, victualler, Acorn 8 Chapman Allen, butcher G Taylor Benj. assistant overseer 4 Shaw William Robert, tailor 2 Binns James, tailor

WHITE HART YARD. (Cloth Hall street.)

2 Hassall John M. cloth finisher 4 Beaumont Joseph, woollen mfr 5 & 7 Beaumont G. & Sons, wlin. mfrs 8 Walker J. & Sons, mohair, &c. mfrs 9-10 Geisler H. woollen manufactr 11 Helm Wilham, woollen manufr Fawcett Thomas, woollen manufactr 16 Walker & Sons, woollen manufrs

44 42 40 38 36 34 32 30


Wheeler A. & Co. win. eord mfrs

17 19 Whiteley Nathan, woollen manfr 20 Smithies J. & J. woollen manfrs

21 Peace W. & D. fancy vesting mfrg 22 Taylor B. & Sons, woollen mfrs 23 Taylor T. T. woollen manufctr 24 Harrison J. & Co. woollen mfrs 25 Balmforth William, woollen mfr 26 Barrowclough & Son, wlln. mfrs 27 Mellor John, woollen manufactr 28 Garsed David, woollen manufctr 29 Whiteley Samuel, woollen manfr 30 Sykes J. W. & 8S. woollen mantrs 31 Ainley Richard, woollen manufr 32 Beaumont Charles, woollen mfr 33 Ainley John, woollen manufactr 34 Sykes Joseph, woollen manufetr 3d Whitwam Joseph, woollen manfr 37 Wood John, woollen manufactr 39 Beaumont Joseph, woollen mfr 41 Haigh J. & UH. woollen manufctrs 42 Sykes John, woollen manufactr 44 Wilkinson Andrew, woollen mfr 45 Calvert George, woollen manufr 46 Sykes Benjamin, woollen manfr 47 Tinker & Sons, woollen manufrs 48 Cotton Abraham, woollen manfr 49 Fielding Eli, woollen manufactr 50 Charlesworth J. woollen ecard dir

WHITESTONE LANE, (Bradford lane, Fartown.)

Dixon Jonathan, warehouseman Berry John (joiner and builder) Shaw Henry (voollen merchant) Graham Joseph, commel. traveller Rhodes Thomas, stone mason Robertson Mrs Hay Thomas Henry, waste dealer Birkhill Thomas, clk, at police office Cape Miss Isabella Abbey J. B. (surveyor) Harris Thomas, stationer’s manager Shepherd Mrs Elizabeth, brewer Holmes W.C. & Co. gas wks. contretr

WILLOW LANE, (Hill house.)

Bradford road McGrath John V. clerk Wilson Mr John Thornton J. Richard (auctioneer) Goodall John, warehouseman Bowker Henry (woollen draper) Chapell Jabez (coal merchant) Briggs Wm. & Co. shoddy manufrs Bay Halt Thornton Miss H. mixed day schl Goodyear William, shopkeeper Bradford road Stork Bros. yarn spinners Taylor J. H. beerhs. Bay Hall tav Brown John, dyer Cliffe Miss Charlotte England William P. (druggist) Radcliffe Henry, stonemason, &¢.

WOOD ST. (John William st.)

Fisher & Whitwam, woollen manfrs Church street Oldroyd & Bocock, grocers

cea St. Peter’s Lodge Walter & Coa. woollen mnfrs Northumberland

Beaumont Benj. & Co. woollen merits Harrison Joseph A. woollen mezt

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tac Brook street.. Hirst J. & Sons, woollen manufrs Athletic Club; James Kirk, secrety Johnson J. & Sons, woollen merts Eastwood & France, woollen mnfrs Shaw Wm., Son & Co. woollen mfrs Longworth Jas. & Co. woollen mfrs Priestley 8. S. artist & photographer


(West hill.)

Ogston John (woollen merchant) Wheatley James EH. (stationer)

Bower Mr Joseph

Huddersfield Street Directory.



Palmer Arthur Thomas (hosier) Roberts Richard Hy. (waste dealer)


Scott William, physician Haigh Miss Harriet, dressmaker Mr John Robinson Robert Thos. Lawrence Rev. George G. Mitchell Chas. Wm. Eagleton John (hatter) Shaw Henry M. (woollen mert) I Scholefield George 8. whitesmith Bedford & Parker, joiners & builders

(New North rd.)


(com. agent)


ZETLAND ST. (King street)

Butler David, stonemason & builder Broadbent Jno. (loan socty’s agent) 4 Teonard Wm. clerk of St. Paul’s 8 Marshall Joseph, lodgings Lane Arthur William, excise officer Willingale James, accountant Entwistle Joseph (joiner) Hatton Miss Rebecca G, lodgings Sharp George, tailor

os Hing street.

Dyson George, butcher Improvement Commissnrs.’ Stores

Varley Samuel, buot & shoe maker


Albert buildings, 53 New st Albert terrace, Fartown Albion mills, Stables st Albion street, 3 High st Alfred street, East parade Allen row, Paddock Angel yard, Macaulay st Ashbrown mi ls, Nether- royd hill Aspinall’s yard, Market pl Aspley place, Shore foot Astin’s yard, 9 West par Arthur st. Fitzwilliam st Atkins yard, 73 Uprhd. rw Back green, Shore head Back Buxtonrd.Princess st Back Commercial strect, Commercial street Back Queen st. 93 King st Back Ramsden st. Rams- den street Back Spring street, Upper- head row Back Union st. Northgate Bankfields mills, Mold gn Barker's yd. Upperhd. row Bath bldgs. John Wim. st Bath terrace, Bath bldgs Batley’s bldnes. Leeds rd Battye’s yd. 3 Market pl Bayhall, Newton Bayhall terrace, Birkby Beast Market, Kirkgate Beech terrace, Fartown Belgrave ter. New Nth. rd Bellevue, New North road Bellevue gardens, New North road Belmont ter. Brunswick pl Benson’s sq. Northuin- berland street Bentley street, Bridge end Bentley’s yard, Paddock Bent’s houses, Newhouse Berry’s yard, 17 New st Birkby, Half-a-mile N.W. Birkhouse ter. Manchr. rd Black Lion yd. Swallow at Booth terrace, Birkby Booth’s yd. 7 Lowerhd. rw Borough bldngs. Mold grn Bottomley’s yd. Uphd. rw Boulder yard, 71 Kirkgate Bradford road, Fartown Bradford road, Northgate

Bradley In. New North rd Bradley passage, Kirkgate Bradley street, King st Bradley’s bldngs. Northgt Bradshaw's yard, New st Brickbank, 12 Northgate Bridge end, Aspley Bridge street, Chapel hill Britannia buildings, St. George’s square Britannia mill, Colne rd Broad tenter, King street Brook street, Northgate Brook’s buildings, Market street, and Hawke st Brook’s ct. New North rd Brook’s yard, West parade and Market street Brookfield pl. Leeds rd Brow road, Paddock Brunswick pl. Bradley In Brunswick st. New Bull and Mouth street, 2 Victoria street Bull's Head yard, 22 Beast market Burns’ Head yd. Thos. st Buxton road, New street Byram st. Northmbrind. st Carlton pl. New North rd Carpit road, Mold green Castlegate, Lowerhead rw Cecil street, Water street Cemetery st. New Nth. rd Central place, Marsh Chadwick’s fold, 31 Kirkgt Chadwick’s yd. Northgate Challand’s yard, King st Chancery lane, Market pl Chapel lane, Mold green Chapel hill & st. Buxton rd Charles street, 21 John st Clay’s buildings, Northgt Cherrytree yd. Upperhcad row, and Westgate Church street, 20 John William street Church st. & ter. Paddock Clara street, Honoria st Clare hill, Oxford road Claremont ter. Fartown Clay’s bldgs. 80 Northgt Clegg lane, Firth street Clifton place, West parade Cloth hall street, New at

Clough’s yard, Newtown Colne mill rd. & st. Aspley Colne street, Paddock Commercial mills, Firth st Commercial place, Rams- den street Commercial square, street and ter. Ramsden st Connor’s yard, Swallow st Cooper's court. High st Corn Market, Kirkgate Cowcliffe, Hill house Cricket ground, Nw. Nth.rd Croft Cotg. In. Bradford rd Crofthead, Market street Crofthouse lane, Marsh Cropper’s row, Northgate Crosland’s buildings, John William strect Crosland Moor, Lockwood Cross lane, Marsh Cross Church st. Kirkgate Cross Church st. Paddock Cross Grove st. Grove st Cross Queen st. Queen st Crown Hotel yard, Upper- head row Crystal buildings, Newtwn Cuckold’s clough, Brad- ford road Cuthbert’s yd. Northgate Dale street, Chapel hill Denton lane, Kirkgate Denton’s yard, King st Dobson's yd. Cross Ch. st Dock street, Castlegate Downing’s yd. 7 New st Duke street, Swallow st Dundas street, Market st Dyke End In. New Nth. rd Eagle mill, Lowerhead rw East parade, Buxton road East street, Paddock East view, ‘Marsh East view place, Marsh Eastwood’s bldgs. Colne rd Hastwood’s yd, Manchr. st Ebor mount, New Nth. rd Edgerton, New North road Edward’s bldgs. Bradfd. rd Edward's court, 69 Brad- ford st, and 36 King st sq. Bradford rd Edward’s yard, King st Eleanor street, Fartown

ter. Newhouse Engine bridge, Chapel hill Fairfield mills, Queen st.S Fartown, Bradford road Fartown green, Fartown Fenton row and square, Manchester road Fieldgate, Lowerhead row Fieldhotise wks. Leeds rd Firth street, Colne road Fitzwilliam strect and ter- race, New North road Fitzwilliam street West, Fitzwilliam street Fleece yard, Kirkgate Folly hall, Bridge street Fox street, Market strect Fox st. W., Upperhd. row Fountain street, Northgt Freeman’s sq. Trinity st George st. Upperhead row George yard, Westgate George and Dragon yard, Manchester street Gibson’s yard, High st Gladstone chmbrs. King st Glass alley, Manchestr. st Gledholt bank, Paddock Globe yard, King street Grafton pl. Commercial st Graham’s bldgs. Hast par Granby st. 20 Manchstr. st Greenside, West parade Green mount, Mold green Green street, Mold green Greenhead lane, West par Greenwood's yd. 29 New st Grey Horse yd. Chapel hl Groves Shades, Mnchstr.rd Grove st, Upperhead row Haighs, Paddock Half Moon street, Westgt Halifax road, Hillhouse Hanson’s yard, 46 New st Hawk street, Union street Hawksby’s yd. 37 New at Hebble cotgs. Bradford rd Hebble place, row and ter- race, Bradford road Hellawell’s yd. New town Helm’s yd. Manchester st Henry street, 51 South st Heywood's yd. Swallow st Hick’s bldgs.Gn.Dragon yd High street, New street

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High street, Paddock Highfield, New North rd Hillhouse, Bradford road Hillhouse In. Bradford rd Hill top, Paddock Hird’s yard, Lowerhd. row Hirst’s (late Sutcliffe’s) bdgs. 10 Cloth Hall st Holme’s yd. 15 Buxton rd Honoria pl. & st. Fartown Hopkinson’s yard, Lower- head row Horse Shoe yd. Kirkgate Horsfall’s yard, King at Imperial road, Edgerton Ingham’s yard, New st Jagger’s buildgs. Leeds rd Jagger's yd. Bradford rd John street, Buxton road John William st. Mrkt. pl Johnson’s bldgs.Buxtn. rd Johnson’s yard, Northum- berland street yd. 5 Spring st Jowitt’s bldgs. Castlegate Jowitt’s ct. Upperhd. row Jowitt’s yard, Water lane Kilner’s yd. Cloth Hall st King street, New street King’s cliffe ter. Birkby King’s Head buildings, Cloth Hall street King’s mills, King’s Mill In King’s Mill In. Colne rd Kirkgate, Market place Kirkmoor place, Northgt Lad lane, Westgate, Lancaster’s yd. & buildgs. 14 Cloth Hall street Lane, Leeds road Larchfield mills, Firth st Laycock’s yd. 42 King st Leadbetter’s yd. Quay st Learoyd row, street and yard, Leeds road Lee head, Bay hall Leech yard, Engine bdg Leeds road, foot of Lower- head row Liddell’s yard, Spring st Limekiln road, Aspley Lion arcade, St. Geo.’s sq Little Brunswick street, Fitzwilliam street Lt. George st. Upperhd. rw Littlewood’s buildings,Ser- geantson street Lock street, Northgate Lockwood cres, Buxton rd Lockwood’s yd. 21 New st Lodge terrace, Firth strect Lofthouse lane, Marsh Longroyd buildings & lane, Manchester road Longroyd place, Spring wd Lord’s buildings, Marsh Lord street, Saint Peter’s street, and Kirkgate Love’s yard, 19 High st Lower Aspley, Aspley Lower brow, Paddock Lowerhead row, Beast mkt Lucas yard, 7 Newtown Luck lane, Marsh

Huddersfield Streets,

Ludlam’s yard, 53 New st Luther place, Edgerton Luther place, Marsh Macaulay street, Market st Machan’s yard, Albion st Malham place, Mold green Manchester rd. Buxton rd Manchester street, High st Market place, New street Market street, Paddock Market street, Westgate Market walk, King street Marsh, Trinity street Marsh grove, Marsh Marsh hamlet, Trinity st Marshall's yard, Westgate, and Market street Millgate, Paddock Mill’s yard, Upper Aspley Milnes’ row, Castlegate Milton square, West par Mold green, Wakefield rd Moore’s yard, Buxton rd Morpeth place, Seed hill Moseley’s yd. Upperhd. rw Nelson’s buildings & yard, New street Nether royd hill, Bradfd.rd Netherwood’s buildings, 25 King street New street, Market place New street, Paddock New North road, Market pl Newhouse, New North rd Newhouse hall, Sheepridge Newhouse yard, Westgate New market, King street Newtown, Northgate Newtown mills, Oxford st North erescent, Bath bldgs North par. New North rd North terrace, Fartown North’s yard, Northgate Northgate, Beast market Northumberland st. Nthgt Nursery terrace, Birkby Old Halifax rd. Hill house Old Post Office yd. Kirket Outeote bank, Manchstr.rd Oxford street, Northgate Pack Horse yard, Kirkgate Paddock, 1 mile S.W. Paddock nook, Paddock Paddock terrace, Paddock Peel’s yard, Kirkgate Pig market, Victoria street Plough yard, Westgate Portland place,Fitawilliiam street West Portland st. New North rd Post Office yard, Castlegt Priestroyd, Commercial st Priestroyd mills, Firth st Princess street, Queen st. and 23 Buxton road Prospect place, Marsh Prospect row, Outcote bank Prospect street, South st Quay street, Castlegate Queen street, 26 King st Queen street, Paddock Queen st. South, Chapel hl Queen yard, Market street

Queen’s Head yd. King st I

Courts, Lanes,

Radford road and yard, Bradford road Ragged School street, Fitz- william street Railway street, Westgate Ramsden strect, 71 New st Ramsden’s yard, Charles st Rasheliffe, Folly hall Rawson's court, 52 New st Redfearn’s mills, Leeds rd Regent street, South street Rhodes yard, 17 King st Riley’s buildings & yard, Market street yard, High st Roebuck’s yard, John st Rookery mills, Mold green Rosehill, Birkby Rosemary lane, Kirkgate Royds, Fartown Saddle yard, Westgate Sandy mount, Edgerton St. George’s square and street, Railway street St. John’s road, John Wil- liam street St. Paul’s st. Ramsden st St. Peter’s street, Northgt Savings’ Bank buildings, Fountain street Schofield buildings, Foun- tain street Scholefield’s yd. Spring st Scholes square, Northgate School lane, Paddock Seed hill, Kirkgate Senior's buildings, Long- royd lane Sergeantson street, Fox st Shambles and Shambles lane, King street Shaw’s yard, Paddock Shear’s court, Beast markt Sheep close, Upperhd. rw Shepherd’s yard, Lower- head row Shore bank, Ramsden st Shore foot & head, King st Silk street, Lowerhead row Skilbeck’s yd. Lowerhd. rw Smith’s buildings, Fartwn Smithy lane, Mold green South parade, Buxton rd South street, West parade South terrace, Far town South view, Paddock Spring street, Upperhd.rw Springfield ter South st Spring grove st. South st Springwood, Longroyd In Stables street, Chapel hill Starkey’s court, Northgate Station street, Westgate Stocks’ bldgs. Fountain st Storthes, Mold green Sunnybank, New North rd Sunroyd, Lockwood Sutcliffe’s yard, 34 Man- chester street Swallow street, Upprhd.rw Swan yard, Kirkgate Swan-with-Two-Necks yd. Westgate

Sykes yard, 35 Newtown I

Temple st. now Westzata Tentergate, Paddock Thomas street, Northgata Thornhill terrace, Fartown Thornton yard, Fitzwm. st Threadneedle st. Market st Todd’s yard, 9 Spring st Towning row, West par Trinity place, West hill Trinity street, West par Tunnel street, George st Turnbridge, Quay street Turnbridge ter. Turnbrdg buildings & yard, Bradford road Union row, Leeds road Union street, Northgate Union Bank ct. 50 New st Upr. Aspley Mills, Firth st Upper brow, Paddock Upperhead row, Temple st Vance’s bldgs.Cloth Hall st Varley yard, Chapel hill Viaduct strect, Oxford st Victoria buildings, Victoria street, & 37 New street Victoria lane, King street Victoria street, Queen st Victoria yard, Westgate Walker’s fold, Swallow st Washington’s yard, North- umberland street Watergate, Castlegate Water lane, Manchester rd Waterloo mill, Leeds road Water royd cottages and mills, Turnbridge Watkinson’s yard, King st Watson's yard, Prospect st Well street, Manchester rd Wellington bldgs. Queen st Wells mills, Brook street Wells (The), Beast market Wentworth street, Fitzwil- liam street West Western place, Upperhd.rw Westfield, Trinity street Westfield ter. Nw. North rd Westgate, Market place West hill, Trinity street West parade, Westgate West place, Trinity street West st. & view, Paddock Wheathouse, Birkby Whitestone lane, Fartown White Hart yard, Cloth Hall street White Lion yard, Cross Church street Wilks’ yard, 44 King street Willow lane, Hill house Windsor court, 41 Castlegt Winter’s place, Spring st Wood street, Bradford road and St. Peter’s street Wood's yard, Outcote bank Woodbine cottages, Nrthgt Woodland mt. Trinity st Wormald’s yard, 58 New st Yews Lockwood York place, New North rd York street, Northgate Zetland mills, Queen st. S. Actland street, Ramsden st

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The following ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY contains the Names and Addresses of all the principal inhabitants in the town and suburbs, including Pappocx, Fartown, &c., in Huddersfield township ; and Motp GREEN, Forty Haiti, Brapiey Mints, &c., in Dalton and Lockwood townships.

The CONTRACTIONS used for names of streets, Christian names, &c., are similar to those named at page

117, and, it is hoped, will be easily understood.

The to which Partners belong are shewn in parentheses, with the residence of each partner.

Abbey Mrs Ann, victualler, Zetland Arms, Ramsden st Abbey Miss Ann Dransfield, day school, Bradford road; h Clara strect, Fartown Abbey J. H. & J. B. architects & land srvyrs. 9 Buxton rd Abbey Joe Burman(J. H. & J. B.);h Whitestn. In. Fartwn Abbey John Henry, architect (J. H. & J. B.), & borough surveyor, Corporation offices, Ramsden street; h Monument place, Lockwood Abbey John Newton, comsn. & insur. agt. Brooks’ yard, Market street ; h Mount pleasant, Lockwood Abbey Mr Joseph, 5 Spring street Abbs William, bookkeeper, Fitzwilliam street Abby Rowland, basket maker, St. Peter’s street Abby William Walker, butcher, 30 Shambles, & Kirk- gate; h Lee head, Birkby Abson James Henry, bhs. Broker’s Arms, Upper Aspley Aconley Robt. & Co. drapers, 16 Kirkgt ; h 33 West par Adamson William, shopkeeper, Storthes, Mold green Addy John, yarn spinner (Lawton & A.); h Lower houses, Almondbury Agnew Jas. newsaet. & tobenst. Halifax road, Hillhouse Ainley George (Joseph & George) ; h 55 Manchester rd Ainley Geo. butcher, 29, & corn dlr. 20 Cross Church st Ainley Geo. butcher, 8 Shambles, & Dock st. Castle gt Ainley Hefford, mannfr. (A., Lord & Co.}; h Dalton Ainley John, woollen mfr. 33 White Hart yard, & Golear Ainley John, jun. yarn spinner, Queen yard, Market st. and Meltham Ainley Joseph (Joseph George) ; h Chapel hill Ainley Joseph & Geo. boot & shoe mkrs. 56 Buxton rd Ainley, Lord & Co. coating & vesting mfrs. 12 Albion st Ainley Ramsden, mungo & flock mert. 8 Fox st; h Golcar Ainley Richard, woollen manufacturer, 31 White Hart yard, Cloth Hall street, and Golcar Ainley Seth, woollen mfr. 33 White Hart yd; & Golear Ainley Thomas, farmer, Birkby Aire & Calder Navigation Company, general carriers ; Shorefoot, King street; Joseph Knott, agent Akroyd Saml. yarn spur (Halstead & A.); h Green st Aldred Mrs Eliz. dressmaker, 10 York pl. New North rd Alison Benjamin, woollen manufacturer (Moorhouse and A.); h Belmont terrace, Brunswick place Allan Mrs Rebina, 33 Trinity street Allatt Mrs Emma, dress & mantle mkr. 24 Manchester rd Allatt George Henry, master of Qucen street Ragged School; and cap maker, Storthes, Mold green

Allatt James, National schoolmaster, Seed hill Allatt Mrs Mary Ann, victuallcr, Kaye’s Arms, Mold grn Allatt Rd. surgeon, M.R.C.S. Paddock tr. Longroyd brdg Allatt Mrs Sarah, Hillhouse lane Allen Mrs Sarah, Trinity place, West hill Allison Mrs Eliza, West hill, Trinity street Anders Henry, wool merchant (Lowenthal Brothers) ; h Edgerton mount, Edgerton Anderson Andrew T.. clerk, Fenton sq. Manchester road Anderson & Ritherdon, commission merchants, 50 New street ; and London and Paris Andrew Radcliffe, neat’s foot oil manufactr. 13 Viaduet st Andrews Edwin, tailor, 34 Albion street Anthony Miss Amelia,teacher of French,35 New North'rd Appleton Robert, gentleman, 37 Queen street Appleyard John, victualler, Commercial inn, Mold green Appleyard Joseph, boot & shoe maker, 121 King street ; and cloggcr, Kirkgate; h 16 Union streot Appleyard Joseph, fancy skirting manufacturer, 39 King’s head buildings, and Skelmanthorpe Appleyard Thomas, shopkeeper, Storthes, Mold green Aram Mrs Emily, shopkeeper, 30 Grove street Aram Reuben (Reuben & Wm.); h 16 Spring street Aram Reuben & Wm. potato & frt.dirs.13 Manchstr. st Aram William (Reuben & Wm.), 13 Manchester street Archer Joseph, farmer, Cowcliffe Arlom John, fancy vesting manufacturer, 25 King’s head buildings ; and Lepton Armitage Abraham, grocer, South st. Swallow street Armitage Benjamin & Co. woollen manufacturers, Hirst’s buildings, Cloth Hall street; and Dalton Armitage Brothers, woollen manufacturers & merchants, Albert buildings, New street; Spring mills, Milne’s bridge; and Lower Bank house, Longwood Armitage Charles, baby linen & fancy repository, 57 New street; h 3 West hill, Trinity street Armitage Edw. (Bros.); h Edgerton hill, Upr. Edgerton Armitage Miss Eliza, milliner, 18 George street Armitage Geo. Fisq. J.P. (Bros.); bh Milne’s bridge hs Armitage Geo. wlin. spinner (Dyson & A.) ; h Rashcliffe Armitage Geo. Womersley, bhs. Wells tav.68 Northgate Armitage Miss Hannah, dressmkr. Edward’s yd. King st Armitage Mrs Hannah, lodgings, Colne road Armitage Mrs Hannah, quarry owner & builder, Marsh ; h 14 George street Armitage Mrs Harriet, lodgings, Old Halifax rd. Hillhs

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Huddersfield Directory.

Armitage James (J. & Co.) ; h Gledholt bank Armitage Jas. draper (Barrowclough & A.) ; bh Birkby Armitage Jas. pig dlr. Shorehead; & manure mfr, Daltqu Armitage James, veterinary surgeon, 5 Trinity street Armitage Jas. & Co. faucy woollen mfrs. 43 Market st; and Britannia mill, Colne road; h Gledholt villas Armitage Joe, cab proprietor, lla New st; h Swan yd Armitage John, salesman, Birkby Armitage Joseph, local manager for J. Whiteley & Co. Vance’s buildings, Cloth Hall strcet; h 27 Dale st Armitage Jph. nurseryman, Birkby; h Common side Armitage Joseph A. (Bros.) ; h Elmwood ter. Newhouse Armitage Joseph Enoch, veterinary surgeon (Rt. Willett and Nephew) ; h Ackworth Armitage Jph. Taylor, Esq. J.P. (Bros.}; h Birkby grng Armitage Mrs Susannah, nurse, Upper brow, Paddock Armitage Thomas, grocer & provision dealer, Birkby Armitage Thomas, plumber (Lidster & A.); h 9 Bath buildings, John William street Armitage Thomas, woollen manufacturer, King’s Head buildings, Cloth Hall st. & Shepley; h Cumberworth Armitage William, cloth finisher (Stoney & A.); h Honoria street, Fartown Armitage William, clog & patten maker, Bradford road Armitage Wm. marine store dealer, Tenter gt. Paddock Armitage Wm. & Edw. wiln. mfrs. Market st. & Shepley Armitage William & Son (Bell), corn & seed mer- chants, florists and nurserymen, oil cake and cattle + food merchants, 4 New street and Primrose hill Armstrong Miss My. Ann, milliner, 15 Ramsden street Arnold Miss Caroline, infant school, Bradford rd. Fartwn Arnold boiler & gasholder manufacturer, Birk- house Boiler works, Longroyd bridge Arthington Jph. brassfindr. Chapel hill; h 8 Stables st Artisans’ &c. Dwelling Co. (limited), Crown Hotel yard, Upperhead row; Arthur Orrah, manager Ashness Henry, shopkeeper, Brow road, Paddock Ashton John, sec. to Conservative Registration Associa- tion, Wellington buildings, Queen st; h Lockwood Ashton J. W. bookslr. pntr. & statnr. 10 Cross Church st Ashworth Miss Agnes, brdng. & day schl. Fitzwilliam st Aspinall E. & P. win. mirs. 21 Market st. & Rastrick Aspinall John, ale, &c. merchant (Eccles & A.) ; h Crim- ble Clough, Slaithwaite Astin John Thos. M.R.C.V.S. vet. surgn. 9 West parade Aston William Henry, cloth finisher, Zetland mills, Queen street South ; h South parade Astwick Benjamin, butcher, 10 Shambles ; h Mold green Atha Andrew, commercial traveller, Long lane, Lindley Athletic Club, Wood st; J. S. Kirk & E. J. Pilling, secs Atkinson Mrs Ann, Birkby crescent, Birkby Atkinson Miss Ann Isabella, 37 New North road Atkinson Mr Chas. 32 Bath buildings, John William st Atkinson Charles & Co. cloth finishers & woollen dyers, Bradley mills; 1 Woodhouse Atkinson Mr Henry, 11 George street Atkinson Henry, jun., manure manufacturer & coal merchant, Mold green; h 12 Spring street Atkinson Holdby, tailor & clothier, 45 King strect Atkinson James, salesman, Birkby crescent, Birkby Atkinson Joe, basket & skep manufacturer, 8 King st. and Carrpit road, Mold green; h New North road Atkinson John G. auctioneer & sheriff’s oflicer, 44 King st Atkinson Misses Margt. & amma, day schl. Lr. Aspley Atkinson Mrs T. R. Birkby crescent, Birkby Atkinson William (Wm. & Son); h Fitzwilliam street Atkinson William, jun. (Wm. & Son) ; h Imperial road, Upper Edgerton Atkinson William & Son, silk mercers & carpet & floor cloth warehousemen, 11 & 15 John Wilham street Audin George, nail & clog iron manufacturer, Station street; and IZoyland Swaine, near Penistone Austin & Bennctt, accountants, 16 New street; and York street Chambers, Manchester

Austin Wm. Fisher (A. & Bennett); h Prospect pl. Marsh Avison John, shopkeeper, 15 & 17 Manchester road Ayre John, painter & grainer, 21 Northumberland st Backhouse George, cabinet maker, 7 St. Paul’s street Bailey John Samuel, smith (Rowley & B.); h Hillhouse Bailey Mark, india rubber & patent packing manufac- turer, Wells mill, Brooke street, & felt manufacturer, Bridge end, Mold green; h Crystal bldgs. Newtown Bailey William, butcher, Mold green Baines Anthony, shopkeeper, Bradley mills Baines Henry & Co. cotton warp manufactrs. & dealers, Chancery lane; h Greenhouse cottage, Fartown Baines Mrs Martha, mInr. & straw bon. mkr. Prospect st Bairstow Oates & Son (James Oates), woollen manufac- turers & merchants, Byram street; h Fitzwilliam st Baker Rev. Bagnall (Methodist New Connexion), Pad- dock house, Church strect, Paddock Balderson Allan, chimney sweeper, Viaduct street Balderson John, vict. White Swan hotel, 12 Kirkgate Baldwin Mrs Eliz. Portland place, Fitzwilliam st. West Baldwin James Mears, clock maker, 46 Castle gate Baldwin Mrs Rachel, 71 Bradford road Balmforth John, dyer, Quay street Balmforth Mrs Sarah, draper, West street, Paddock Balmforth William, woollen manufacturer, White Hart yard, Cloth Hall street; and ENand Bance Rd. wiln. mfr. (Stott, B., & Carter); h Westfield Bance Mr William, Trinity pluce, Westhill Banks John, bootmaker, South street Banks Wm. boot & shoe maker, Lower brow, Paddock Barber Joseph, grocer, Green mount, Mold green Barber Joshua, wlin. mfr. 4 Market st; and Barber Joshua & Sons (John, Fdmund & Joseph), woollen manufacturers and merchants), 60 John William street; and IJolme bridge, Holmfirth Barber Thomas & Co. wollen manufacturers and mer- chants, Crosland’s buildings, John William street, and Black Syke mill, Holmfirth; h Upper Thong Barden Thomas, straw bonnet maker, 29 Leeds road Barker George, woollen merchant (Woodhead & B.); h Ashleigh house, Edgerton Barker Henry (Barker & Sons) ; h West hill, Trinity st Barker John, pork butcher, 22 Chapel hill Barker Mrs Margaret, milliner and dressmkr. Queen st Barker Mrs Mary, Trinity place, Westfield Barker Richard, silk mercer, Queen street Barker & Sons, solicitors and clerks to the Water Works Commissioners, and commisioners in com- mon Jaw courts, 16a Market place Barker Wm. England (Barker & Sons); h Birkenhead Barlow Ebenezer, oil and grease manufctr. Leeds road North ; h Claremont terrace, Honoria st. Fartown Barlow George, hairdresser (Savile & B.); h Longroyd bridge, Manchester road Barlow William Henry, shopkpr. Market st. Paddock Barnes Edward Henry, cotton warp and canvas agent, Chancery lane; h South ter. Bradford rd. Fartown Barnicot John, woollen merchant (B. & Kenyon); h Clare hill, Newtown Barnicot & Kenyon, fancy woollen manufacturers, Northumberland street; and Shepley Barraclough James, confectioner, Northgate Barras Bros. (William Joseph & Frederick Arthur), yarn spnurs. Seed hl. & King’s mls. Mold grn; h West par Barras Mrs Edna, servants’ reg. office, 24 West parade Barrett James, beerhs. Commercial inn, 49 Kirkgate Barrow David, commel. traveller, Honoria st. Fartown Barrow Rd. Preseot, win. mfr. 7 Market st; & Lingards Barrowelough & Armitage, drprs. &c. 8 John William st Barrowclough Joseph (B. & Armitage); h Wiggin house, Sheepridge Barrowelough & Son, woollen manufacturers, 26 White Hari yard, Cloth Hall street; and Halifax Barry Mr Benjamin, Colne road

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Wuddersfield Directory.


Barty Daniel, clerk, Spring Grove street Barry James, lodgings, 27 Upperhead row Barton James, (j) painter, Brook street “Bate Jph. secy. of Mechanics’ Inst. Northumberland st Bates James & Thomas, jun. (Thomas & Son); h Bel- grave terrace, New North road Bates Matthew, fancy manufacturer, Nelson’s buildings, New street; and agent to J. & H. Lord, dyers, Brook’s yard, Market street; h Ivy house, Bradford road Bates Mw. Wm. ercr. & prvsn. dlr. Bridge end, Mold grn Bates Thomas & Son, wool merchants, 11 & 13 Dundas street; and Market street, Heckmondwike Batley Mrs Hannah, smallware dealer, 97 King street Batley Jno. win. mfr. (Lister & B.); h Bradfd. rd. Hillhs Batley Joseph, solicitor (Brook, Freeman and B.), and town clerk, Corporation offices, Ramsden street; h Vernon place, New North road Batley Mr Joseph Hirst, 47 New North road Batley Josiah, cloth finisher, Luck lane, Marsh Batley Mrs Mary, vict. Weavers’ Arms, Lane, Leeds rd Battley George, vict. Green Cross inn, Mold green Battye George, butcher, 37 Shambles; h Bradford road Battye John Stocks, drysalter (Bedforth & B.); h Green street, Mold green Battye Joseph, commel. traveller, Honoria st. Fartown Battye Miss Margaret, Marsh grove, Marsh Battye Mrs Mary Ann, Shore bank, Commercial strect ’ Battye Sydney Fawcett, bank cashier, 77 New North rd Battye Thomas Hudson, solicitor and commissioner in Chancery, Market place; h 5 New North road Baxter, Hayes & Co. public accountants and proprietors of London and Provincial Guardian Society for the Protection of Trade, 37 New st. (William Chadwick, mer.); and Britannia place, Oxford place, Leeds ; and Carlton buildings, 17 Cooper street, Manchester Baxter Joseph, woollen manufacturer (Lockwood, B. & Pontefract; h Netherton Baxter William & Co. tallow chandlers, 5 Upperhead row, and Turnbridge; h Upper Spring street Bayliss William Henry, hatter, 25 New street Beach John, herbalist, 32 South street Beardow James, brewer, Watergate, Castlegate Beardsell Brook (B. Brothers & Broughton); h Brock- holes, Honley Beardsell Brothers & Broughton, fancy woollen manu- facturers, Westgate: and Brockholes, Honley Beardsell Charles & Son (Alfred), woollen manufac- turers, 7 Market street, and Brow botiom, Cartworth ; h Helm bridge, near Holmfirth Beardsell James, beerhs. Poet's Corner, 29 Chapel hill Beardsell Ths. (B. Brothers & Broughton) ;h Thong’s bdg Beaumont Abram, newsagent, Leeds road Beaumont Alexander, overlooker, West st. Paddock Beaumont Alfred (Jgha. & Co.); h Parkton grove, Honley Beaumont Mrs Ann, newsagent, Market st. Paddock Beaumont Arthur, warehsmn. Freeman’s sq. Trinity st Beaumont Benj. & Co. win. mrts. Wood st; h Aspley Beaumont Benjamin Hepworth, stonemason and builder, West street, Paddock Beaumont Chs. coal mrt. Lr. Aspley; h Yews hl. Lockwd Beaumont Mrs Charlotte, Birkby Beaumont Mr David, Church terrace, Paddock Beaumont Edwin, shopkeeper, 52 West parade; and farmer, South Crosland Beaumont Fred, warehsmn. Hebble ter. 91 Bradford rd Beaumont Geo. (B. & Liversidge) ; h Church st. Mold grn Beaumont George, baker & confectioner, 9 Macaulay st Beaumont Geo. Fdk. (Jsha. & Co.); h Knowles, Honley Beaumont George & Son, woollen manufacturers, 5 & 7 f White Hart yard; and Fir mill, Longwood } Beaumont Hector Moorhouse, woollen merehant, Lion Arcade, John William st; h Birkby hill, Birkby Beaumont Henry, fent dealer, 27 Lowerhead row ~ Beaumont Henry, woollen draper, Kast street, Paddock



Beaumont Hy. Kilner, drysalter, oil mert. &e, 12 Mar- ket st. & Crosland moor; h St. John’s vis. nr. Birkby Beaumont J. & R. woollen manufacturers, 32, 36, 38,41, and 43 White Hart yard; and Golcar Beaumont J. & T. jun. woollen mannfacturers, Riley’s yard, Market street; and Upper Aspley Beaumont James (B. & Robinson) ; h Colne tr. Aspley Beaumont Jesse, cap mfr. (Stansfield & B.), Northgate Beaumont John (J. & T. jun.); h Hebble ter. Hillhouse Beaumont John, blacksmith, Mold green Beaumont John, fent dealer, Bradford road Beaumont John, provision dealer, 43 Manchester road Beaumont Jno. wln. mfr. Aspley ; h Bradford rd. Hillhs Beaumont John, woollen manfr. Brook’s yd. Market st. and Eagle mill, Lowerhead row; h Northgate Beaumont Joseph (Joseph & Sons); h Greenhead lane Beaumont Joseph, goods agent, London and North Western Railway Company; h St. Paul’s street Beaumont Jph. wlin. mfr. 4 White Hart yd; & Golcar Beaumont Joseph, woollen manufacturer, 39 White Hart yard; & Slaithwaite Beaumont Joseph & Sons, tobacco & snuff manufac- turers, Fitzwilliam street; and Battye’s yard Beaumont Joshua & Co. woollen manufectrs. & merchts, Greenwood’s yard, New st; and Steps mills, Honley Beaumont Josiah & Co. woolstaplers, 31 & 33 Market street, and Fox street; h 42 New North road Beaumont & Liversidge, cloth finishers, Commercial mills, Firth street Beaumont Mark, architect (leech & B.); h West par Beaumont Mrs Martha, dressmaker, 63 Manchester rd Beaumont Mrs Mary Aun, yard, Bradford rd Beaumont Mayall, painter, Brow road, Paddock Beaumont Mr Robert, 43 Bradford road Beaumont & Robinson, painters, paper hangers, &4. Greenwood’s yard, New street Beaumont Squire, cloth finisher (Calverley & B.); h Westvue, Paddock Beaumont William, (j) stonemason, West st. Paddock Beaumont William, woollen manufacturer, 22 Vance’s buildings, Cloth Hall street ; and Honley Beaumont William Edward, clerk, Church ter. Paddock Beckett John, clerk, 18 Northumberland street Beckwith Mrs Ann, shopkeeper, Market st. Paddock Beckwith John Edward, carver and gilder, and picture dealer, 9 Cross Church street; h 6 Macaulay street Bedford Edwin, tailor’s foreman, Smithy lu. Mold grn Bedford Matthew, grocer and tailor, Mold green Bedford & Parker, joiners & builders, York place, New North road. (See Advertisement, page 93.) Bedford Thomas (B. & Parker), York pl. New North rd Bedford Thomas, warehouseman, Marsh Bedford William Henry, ironfounder (Harrison & B.), and insurance agent; h Clara street, Hillhouse Bedforth & Battye, drysalters, Lower Aspley Bedforth Mchl. (B. & Battye) ; h Springfid. tr. Mold grn Beevers Alfred, painter and paperhanger, 37 New street; h Honoria street, Fartown Beevers William, Turkish bath proprietor, 37 Albion st

Bell Adam, elothes cleaner, Bradford road Bell Alfred, spinner (B. & Boothroyd) ; h Hillhouse In Bell Andrew, coal mert. (B. & Gardner), & engineer &

machinist, Fitzwilliam st; & Honley. (See Advt.p. 82) Bell & Boothroyd, win. yarn spurs. Turnbridge, Quay st Bell Miss Charlotte, 9 South street Bell Mr David, Northgate Bell & Gardner, coal merchants, Lane, Leeds road Bell Henry, hairdresser and newsagent, 119 King street; h Jim lane, Marsh Bell John Hy, yarn spnr. (Sykes, Hall & B.); h Clare hl Bell Joseph corn miller’s traveller, Fitzwilliam street Bell Miss Margt. dressmkr. & milliner, Bradley st. South Bell Robert, draper, & vict. Ship, Market st. Paddock Bell William, shopkeeper, Bradford road, Fartown = --

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Bellamy Edmund, herbalist, 4 Shore head Bellarby Wardle, chapel keeper, Little Brunswick street Bellerby Richard, wheelwright, Chapel street Benn Ratcliffe Sykes, butcher, Bradford road Bennett Mr Abram, 90 New North road

Bennett John, commission agent & mungo dealer, High street; h Upper Grove street Bennett John Hodges, accountant (Austin & B.); h

Broughton, Manchester Bennett Michael, saddler, 85 Kirkgate Bennett Shakespeare, manager, Stables st. Chapel hill Bennett William, saddler & harness & portmanteau mfr. 19 Kirkgate; h 1 Clifton villas, New North road Benson Elias, ironmonger’s manager, Birkby Benson James, boot maker, 29 Newtown Benson Jas. butter & ege mert. 40 King st. & Longley Benson Joseph, clog & patten maker, 67 King street & Queen street South ; h 80 New North road Bentley Mrs Fliza, Fitzwilliam street Bentley Mrs Emma, grocer & provision dealer, Birkby Bentley George, manufacturer (B. & Kilner); h Dalton Bentley Mrs Harriet, 66 West parade Bentley Miss Harriet, milliner, West street, Paddock Bentley & Kilner, woollen manufactrs. 13 Market street Bentley Robert John, Esq. J.P. (B. & Shaw); h Fin- ningley Park, near Bawtry, Notts. Bentley & Shaw, brewers & wine & spirit merchants, 17 John William st; & Lockwood brewery, Lockwood Bentley Thomas, salesman, Ball Hall terrace, Birkby Benton Ramsden, woollen manufacturer, 9 Vance’s buildings, Cloth Hall street, & Woodhouse mill Benton William, dyer, Lane, Leeds road; h Birkby Bernardi Jno. plaster-figure mkr. & shpkr. 33 Lrhead, rw Bernin Christn. Chs, L. pork butcher, 21 Cross Church st Berry Godfrey, draper, hosier, rate collector, Sub Post and Money Order office, Mold green Berry Jas. B. tailor & draper, 11 Buxton rd; h Mold grn Berry John, brewer & maltster, Oxford st; h Fitawm. st Berry John, jnr. & bldr. Queen h 17 South st Berry John Graham, manager of West Riding Union Banking Co. 15 Market place Berry John William, rag merchant, Old Halifax road’ Hillhouse; h Fixby Berry Joseph, broach turner, Folly Hall mills; h Prim- rose hill (See Advertisement, page 81) Berry Joseph, vict. Farmer Boy, Lockwood’s yd. New st Berry Josiah (B. & Turner); h Spring gardens, Lockwd Berry Mrs Mary, dressmaker, Mold green Berry Nath. wlin. mfr. 19 King’s Hd. bldgs. & Lockwood Berry & Turner, woollen manufacturers, St. George’s square & Albert mills, Lockwood Berry William, hatter, Back Buxton road Berwick Mr John, 23 Bath terrace, John William street Best Francis, managing currier; h Shorehead Best William, Odd Fellows’ Friendly Loan Society’s agent, Bull’s head, Beastmarket ; h St. Peter’s street Betts Charles, manager of Mutual Co- operative Society, South terrace, Bradford road, Fartown Bickerdyke William, cap manufacturer, 5 Kirkgate Biddle Saml. boot & shoe mkr. 10 Buxton rd; h Grove st Billing Edward James, cashier, Clara street, Fartown Billington Chas. boot mkr. 29 Buxtonrd ; h Lowerhd.rw Billington Mrs Frances, bls. Aide-de-Camp, Lwrhd. rw Billington Wm. lamp & smallware dlr. 23 Lowerhd. row Bilton Jonathan, corn miller, Park cottage, King’s mill lane, Mold green Binns Dewhirst Lodge (Godfrey & Sons); h Fartown Binns George, boarding & day school, I'artown green Binns Godfrey & Sons, woollen manufrs. 12 Vance's bldgs. Cloth Hall st. & Rosemary lane; h Fartown Binns James, tailor, 2 West parade Binns John & Co. rope & twine manufacturers, Swan- with-Two-Necks yard, Westgute; l Lindley Binns Joshua, grocer & provision dealer, Birkby

Binns Sml. wlin. mert. Northumberland st; h 32 George st Binns Thomas, shopkeeper, 3 Castle gate Binns Thomas, shopkeeper, 55 Ramsden street Birkill Henry, clerk in County Police Station ; h White- stone lane, Fartown ack Thos. John, police clk. Green mnt. Mold green ackburn Alfred M. coml. tvyllr. Springfield tr. Mold grn ackburn Edwin, currier & boot & shoe maker, Storthes, Mold green ackburn James & Son (Jph.), woollen merts. Lion Arcade, 44 John Wm. st; h Imperialrd. Upr. Edgerton ackburn John, elerk, Little Brunswick street ackburn John, clog & patten maker, Mold green ackburn Joseph, clogger, Northgate ackburn Joseph & Co. joiners & builders, Colne street, Paddock; h Gledholt bank ackburn Jsha. machine mkr. Colne rd; h Primrose hill kburn Joshua, cotton twiner, Lower mill, Mill street, Paddock; h West street ackburn Wm. smallware dlr. Northgate; h York st akeley & Brown, dyers, Waterloo Dye wks. Leeds rd akeley James, coal mert. Chapel hill; h Stables st akeley Joseph (B. & Brown) ; h Fitzwilliam street amires Alexander, herbalist, 18 Northgate amires John, woollen manufacturer & angola spin- ner, 5 Vance’s buildings, Cloth Hall street, and Rasheliffe mills, Folly hall; h Lockwood crescent amires Thomas & Henry, woollen spinners & manu- facturers, Folly hall; h Taylor hill ayds Edw. tailor; & bhs. Woodman, 18 Upperhd. rw enkhorn Thomas, brewer & maltster, Lower Aspley etcher Geo. frtrer. Pack Horse yd;h Wells, Beast mkt Bocock Charles, wholesala grocer (Oldroyd & B.); h Fenton square, Manchester road Bocock & Smith, wholesale grocers & provision mer- chants, Pack Horse yard, Kirkgate Bocock Thomas (B. & Smith); h Grove street Bold Geo. grocer & provsn. dir. Green Mnt. Mold green Bolland Richd. clogger & boot & shoe dealer, Folly hall, Bolland Wm. fruiterer, Upper Aspley; h Mills yard Boocock John, hay & straw dealer; & victualler, Shears inn, Beastmarket, & Lowerhead row Booth Edward Johnson H. resident surgeon, Infirmary, New North road Booth George, brush manufacturer, 3 Ramsden street; and grocer, 388 Manchester road Booth George, (j) engineer, 84 Fountain street Booth George & Co. woollen manufacturers, 18 Vance’s buildings, Cloth Hall street, & New mills Booth Henry, grocer & provsion dealer, 25 Beast Market Booth Mr James, 48 Trinity street Booth Jas. Webb, surgeon, M.R.C.S. & L.8.A. Queen st Booth Joe, boot & shoe maker, 21 Trinity street Booth Mr John, 8 New North road Booth John, auctioneer & estate agent, 8 New street; h Fenton row, Manchester road Booth John, linsey manufacturer, Providence mills Marsh; h Oakes, Lindley Booth John Kdwin, traveller, 24 South street Booth John Hardy, grocer, 61 King street Booth Joseph, baby linen dlr. &c. Westgt; bh West parade Booth Joseph, greengrocer, Longroyd lane Booth Mrs Nancy, servts’. register office, 23 Beast Mkt Booth Samuel, surgeon, M.R.C.S. & L.S.A. 35 Queen si Booth Sylvester, woollen manufacturer (Smith & B.); bh Luck lane, Marsh Boothroyd Abel, yarn spinner, Providence mills, Marsh Boothroyd Dyd. stonemason & builder, 37 Grove street Boothroyd John, draper & milliner, Mold green Boothroyd John, greengrocer, Denton lane, Kirkgate Boothroyd John A. yarn spinner (Bell & B.) ; h Moldgrn Boothroyd Walter, tailor & wlin.draper,15 Manchester rd Bottom Allen, wheelwright & smith, West st. Paddock Bottom Jph. tinplate worker & china dlr. 47 Northgate

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Huddersfield Directory.


Bottom, Kirk & Ramsden, engineers, ironfounderg and millwrights, Manchester road Bottom Mrs Mary, whitesmith, fold, Kirkegt Bottom Miss My. Eliz.millnr. & drssmkr.57 Manchstr.rd Bottom Wm. (B., Kirk & Ramsden), Manchester road Bottomley Brothers (Geo. & John), joiners & cabinet makers, Pack Horse yard; h Chapel st. Chapel hili Bottomley Mr James, 4 York place, New North road Bottomley James Roderick, wine merchant (T. J. Wig- ney, Son & Co.); h Edgerton Bottomley Mrs Jane, plasterer, Market street, Paddock Bottomley Miss Jane Hannah, victualler, Rose & Crown Hotel, 40 Kirkgate Bottomley John, coach builder, 38 Kirkgate Bottomley John, greengrocer, Folly hall Bottomley Joseph, mgr. at woollen warehs. 8 Granby st Bottomley Joseph, solicitor, Union Bank court, New street; h Gledholt villas Bottomley Joshua, blacksmith, 8 Grove street Bottomley Mrs Mary, 6 Portland street Bottomley William Henry, butcher, 20 Beast market Bower Mrs Ann, shopkeeper, 49 Leeds road North Bower John and Sons, woollen manufacturers, 10 King’s head buildings, and Holmfirth Bower Mr Joseph, Woodland mount, West hill. Bower Joseph, cotton spinner (B. & Smith, of Brock- holes); h 38 Fitzwilliam street West Bower Joshua and Sons (John, Tom and Robert), coal proprietors, Leeds road; Samuel Raistrick, agent Bowes James, woollen manufacturer (Wimpenny & B.); h 40 Fitzwilliam street West Bowker & Co. (Misses Susanna & Elizabeth), glass and china dealers, 30 Cross Church street Bowker & Drake, cloth finishers, Folly hall mills Bowker Henry (B. & Kershaw); bh Willow ln. Hillhouse Bowker Henry, coal mert. York st. & Railway station Bowker James Arthur, watchmaker aud jeweller, 30 Cross Church street Bowker John (B. & Drake); h Lowerhead row Bowker John, shopkeeper, Lowerhead row Bowker and Kershaw, tailors, drapers, hatters and out- fitters, 33 King strect Bowker Wm. boot & shoe mkr. South st. & Gledholt bank Box William, woollen manufacturer (Norton Brothers and Co.); ih Woodland mount. Skelmanthorpe Boyd Rev Hugh Joseph (Independent), West st. Paddock Boydell Jesse, manager at J. P. Coop’s, 17 King street Boys Mrs Elizabeth, dressmaker, South street Bradbury Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, 35 Grove street Bradbury, Halstead & Co. woolstaplers, 23a New street; and Doleross, Saddleworth Bradbury Mr James, 41 New North road Bradbury Jonthn. Rhodes (B., Halstead & Co.); h West hl Braden Rev William (Independent), Honoria st. Fartown Bradley Alex. cabinet maker, High st; h5 St. Paul’s st Bradley Benjamin, boot & shoe maker, 8 Leeds roud Bradley Chas. Henry, mftg. chemist & commiss. agent, 31 Vance’s bldgs. Cloth hall st. & Spring st; h South st Bradley Enoch, cloth finisher’s mgr. Leeds rd. North Bradley George, printer, lithographer, & bookbinder, 50 New street; h 23 St. Paul’s street Bradley Geo. washing liquor mfr. & chemist, Fartown gn Bradley John, clerk, St. Paul’s street Bradley Joseph, coach builder, King street Bradley Joseph, fish & game dlr. & ice mert. Victoria st Bradley Miss Mary, Fartown green Bradley Saml. wine and spirit merchant, St. George’s street; h Newhouse Bradley Mrs Sarah, 9 Commercial street Bradley Thomas, butcher, 46 Shambles & Almondbury Bradley William, shopkeeper, 78 Kirkgate Bradley William, tailor and clothier, 87 King street Bradley William, tailor and draper, Spring st. South st Brammall John, beerhs. Lord Nelson, 57 Lowerhead rw

Bray Edwin, painter (Hall & B.), and beerhouse, Spin- ner’s Arms, Lane, Leeds road Bray Jas. woollen mfr. 20 King’s Head bldgs. & Deighton Bray Paul, beerhouse, Armitage Arms, Birkby Brennan James, fruit and potato dealer, 101 Kirkgate Brennan James, shopkeeper, Storthes, Mold green Brennan Patrick, shopkeeper & greengrocer, 93 Kirkgate Brewer Thomas, surgeon (Robinson & B.), New North rd Brier Mrs Elizabeth, St. John’s road Brier George, faney woollen mfr. 8 Vance’s bldgs. Cloth hall street & Rosemary lane; h South street Brierley Abraham, woollen merchant (Kitching & B.); h 2 Bath buildings Brierley Abm. fancy mfr. 1-2 Sergeantson st; h Ashfield Brierley Collingwood, bus propr. Northet; h St. Paul's st Brierley Mr Frederick William, Commercial street Brierley Joseph & Co. spinners & manufacturers, Eagle mill, Lowerhead row; h Bath buildings, Newhouse Brierley Louis Buckley (B. & Wall); h Church street Brierley and Wall, yarn scribblers and spinners, Priest- royd mills, Firth street Brigg John Fligg & Co. commission merchants, West parade; h Fenay lodge, Almondbury Brigg William & Co. mungo & shoddy manufacturers and rag merchants, Willow lane, Hillhouse Briggs Frederick Henry, confectioner, 11 Westgate Briggs Fredk. Henry, draper’s assist. Lit. Brunswick st Briggs Henry, woollen merchant, Chancery lane; h 22 Fitzwilliam street West Briggs William, insurance agent, 8 South parade Briggs Wilham, tailor, 28 Bradford road Brighouse Miss Ann, 26 Bath buildings, John William st Brighouse George, house and church decorator, carver, giider, &c. 68 John William street Bright John, supervisor, Inland Revenue office, Market street; h Bath buildings Britton John, beerhouse, Brunswick Arms, Victoria st Broadbent Allan, woollen salesman, 4 Commercial sq Broadbent David, beerhouse, Terrace hotel, Birkby Broadbent David (ixecutors of), woollen manufacturer, 21 Market street, and Longwood Broadbent Edward, fancy manufacturer, Hirst’s buildgs. Chancery lane, and Kirkheaton ° Broadbent John, secretary of West Yorkshire Loan So- ciety, Bull and Mouth street; h 5 Actiand street Broadbent John, shopr. & grngrer. Upper brow, Paddock Broadbent John & Co. printers, bookbinders, &c. Albert buildings, New street; h South street Broadbent Mrs Judy, Lane, Leeds road Broadbent Mrs Martha, Little Brunswick street Broadbent Mrs Sarah, dressmkr. Upper brow, Paddock Broadbent Thomas, engineer & millwright, Chapel hill mills, Chapel street; h Hast parade (See Aduvt. p. 84) Broadbent Thomas Henry, accountant, Dobson’s yard Broadbent William, tea dealer & draper, Lane, Leeds rd Broadhead Brothers & Mason, woollen manufacturers, 5 King’s head and Holmfirth Brook Allen, farmer, Cowcliffe Brook Mrs Ann, Mount Edgerton Brook David (Jno. & Sons); h Spring bank hs. Holmfirth Brook Miss Elizabeth, St. John’s road Brook Mrs Elizabeth, smallware dealer, Marsh Brook Emanuel, cloth finisher, Springhead mill, and farmer, Marsh Brook Emanuel, hat & cap mfr. 2 Cross Church street, and 43 King street; h West view, Marsh Brook, Freeman & Batley, solicitors, 47 New street Brook George, gentleman, Elm grove, Edgerton Brook George, bookseller, printer, binder, stationer, &c. 15 Westgate; h West parade Brook George, butcher, 40 Shambles; h Almondbury Brook George, captain of Fire Brigade, 3 Shorehead Brook George, jun. fancy woollen mfr. 9 Dundas street,

and Larchfield mils, Firth street ; h86 New North rd

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Brook George Dyson, fruit dealer, 7 Macanlay street Brook George Henry, agent to Royal Insurance Co, 29a John William street; h Edgerton cottage, Kdgerton Brook George Webster & Co. soda water manufacturers, Swan yard, Kirkgate; h Northgate Brook Jas. (Brook & Nephew), & insur. agt; h Westfield Brook James, builder, stonemason, and quarry owner, Commercial strect, & Crosland hill (See Advt. p. 93.) Brook James, farmer, Heaton fold, Marsh Brook Jas. insey mfr.Providence mills, Marsh; h Outlane Brook James, plumber and glazier, Gibson’s yard, High street; h Prospect street, Longwood Brook James, tailor and draper, 34 and 41 King street Brook Mrs Jane, Commercial street Brook Joe Hiram, stonemason & builder, Paddock Brook Joel, rag merchant, Helm’s yard, Charles street, and Manchester street ; & smallware dlr. 32 Buxton rd Brook John, brewer (exor. of late Jph. Kaye), Westfield Brook Jno. grocer & tea dlr. corner of Northgt. & Brook st Brook John, painter, 14 High street; h West parade Brook John, registrar of births & deaths, Moore’s yard, Buxton road; h Westfield, Trinity street Brook John, shopkeeper, 1 Union street Brook John, tailor, Old Halifax road, Hillhouse Brook John Joshua, lead pipe manufacturer (Hanson, B., & Dale, of Rasheliffe); h Fitzwilliam street Brook John Richard, druggist, Mold green Brook John and Sons, woollen manufacturers and mer- chants, 16 Westgate, & Swan bank mills, Holmfirth Brook John William, stonemason & bldr. Fitzwilliam st Brook Joseph, (j) cloth dresser, 32 Dale st. Chapel hill Brook Joseph, distributor of stamps, printer, litho- grapher, &c. Market place; h Glenwood, Edgerton Brook Joseph, grocer & provision dealer, Granby street Brook Joseph, stone merchant and quarry master, Heaton fold quarries, Marsh Brook Joshua, herbalist, Storthes, Mold green Brook Miss Maria, Natnl. school teacher, Commercial st Brook Mrs Mary, Imperial road, Upper Edgerton Brook Miss Mary, dressmaker, Bradford road, Fartown Brook Miss Mary, dressmaker, 50 West parade Brook Mrs Mary Ann, 24 Trinity street Brook & Nephew, land agents & surveyors, 13 New st Brook Samuel, farmer, Luck lane, Marsh Brook Thomas, solicitor (B., Freeman & Batley), & com- missioner to administer oaths in Irish Court of Chan- cery: h Woodleigh house, Edgerton

Brook Thomas, surveyor (Brook & Nephew); h Hartley, Kirkburton Brook Tom Wilkinson, painter and paperhanger, Swan yard, Kirkgate; h 22 Portland street Brook William, beerhouse, Dock tavern, 34 Dock street Brook William Henry, joiner & builder, Paddock Brooke Benjamin, vict. Leeds tavern, Lane, Leeds road Brooke Charles, plumber (B. & North); b Hillhouse In Brooke Edw, (Edw. & Sons); h Field hs. Leeds rd. North Brooke Edw. jun. (Edw. & Sons); h Oakley hs. Edgerton Brooke Edward & Sons, fire clay manufacturers, Field house works, Leeds road North Brooke George, boot & shoe dlr. Shambles; h Shorehead Brooke George, woollen manufacturer (Starkey Bros.); h Springwood halJ, Greenhead lane Brooke Hy. (Edw. & Sons); h Field hs. Leeds rd. North Brooke Henry, ironfounder, Colne road; h Kirkburton

Brooke Henry, James Henry, & Joseph (James & Son); h Dalton lodge, Dalton

Brooke Mr James, Claremont, Clare hill, Newtown Brooke James, wholesale ironmonger, whitesmith, engi- neer, marble chimneypiece manufacturer, &c. 39 New street, and Leeds road; h 24 New North road Brooke James & Son, woollen manufacturers & mer- chants, 6 John William st. & Bradley mills, Leeds rd Brooke John Richard, woollen nianufacturer (Tolson, Haigh & B.); h Greenside, Dalton


Huddersfield Directory.

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Broooke John & Sons, woollen manufacturers & mers chants, 8 Buxton road, and Armitage bridge Brooke Jonas, manufacturing chemist, Cowcliffe Brooke Joseph & Co. woollen shipping merchants, John William street; h 54 West parade Brooke and North, plumbers, glaziers, and gasfitters, Fleece yard, Kirkgate Brooke Samuel, newsagent, 86 Union street Brooke Samuel, woollen manufacturer, Kilner yard, Mar. ket street, and Quarmby Clough mill, Longwood Brooke, Simpson & Spiller, aniline dye manufacturers, 30 Market street (William Wilkins, manager); and at London, Bradford, and Manchester Brooke Thomas (John & Sons); h Armitage bridge Brooke Thomas, brickmaker, Hillhouse lane Brick wks Brooke Thomas Walker, woollen manufacturer (Starkey Brothers); h Springwood terrace Brooke William and John Arthur (John and Sons); h Northgate house, Honley Brooksbank Allen, woollen manfrs’. manager, Stables st Broom Samuel, warehouseman, Prospect street Broome Richard Tolson, flock dealer (Longbottom and Broome) ; h Paddock Broscomb Samuel, confectioner, 37 Lowerhead row Broscomb Mrs Sarah, confectioner, Bradfd. rd. Fartown Broughton John, woollen manufacturer (Beardsell Bros, and B.), Brock holes, Honley Broughton Jonas, draper and hosier, Shore, King st Brown Alexander, 011 merchant, Albion st.and Fox st Brown Benjamin, bookseller, printer, stationer, &c. and proprtr. of Observer, 1 New st; h Birkby Brown David, pattern maker, Chapel hill mills, Chapel street (See Advertisement, page 77) Brown Henry, brhs. Corporation, 30 Upperhead row Brown James, musical instrument maker and repairer, 22 Manchester road Brown John, dyer (Blakely & B.) ; h Northumberld. st Brown John, dyer and finisher, Bay hall mill and Dye works, Hillhouse Brown John Henderson, cotton spinner and doubler, Granville mill, Paddock; h South street Brown Michael, clerk, North ter. Bradford rd. Fartown Brown Robert, coal mert. Back Ramsden st ; h Flockton Brown Thomas, cotton and waste dealer, Chancery lane; h Booth terrace, Birkby Brown Walker Sanderson, tailor, 38 West parade Brownell George, shopkeeper, Bradford road, Fartown Bruce Rev. Robert (Independent), New North road Brunton Mrs Harriet, baker, 18 West parade Bryce Archibald Johnston, painter and furniture bro- ker, Storthes, Mold green Buehan Wm. joiner & bldr. Manchstr. rd ; h Longroyd In Buckley Edmond, lodgings, 24 Commercial street Buckley John, flock dealer, 10 Albion st; h Wakefield Budge Mrs Ellen, temperance hotel, Northgate Bulmer Hugh, coal and lime merchant, Fitzwilliam st Bumby William, coal merchant, Mineral depot, Fitz- william street; h Birchineliffe Burdett Misses Hannah & Clementia, milliners, Clifton place, West parade Burgess John (Burgess & Son); h Brighouse Burgess John, mner. at gas wks; h4 Clare hill, Newtwn Burgess Samuel, commercl. traveller, Green st. Mold gn Burgess & Son, silk, cotton, wool, &c. dyers and bleach- ers, Seed Hill dye works, and Calder dye works, Brighouse; and Charles street, Bradford Burgess Thos. (Burgess & Son); b Morton villa, Brighs Burgoine Miss Sarah, dressmaker, 42 West parade Burke Thomas, greengrocer, Kirkgate Burley Mrs Ellen, 6 Leeds road Burley Misses Ellen and Sarah Ann, dressmakers and milliners, 6 Leeds road Burley Hiram, victualler, Pack Horse hotel, 14 Kirkgt

Burley Jas. bhs. The Original Birkby Gardens, Birkby Jn

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Burluraux Sebastian, basket warehouse and fancy re- pository, 8 Kirkgate Burman Jas, & Co. paperhanging & varnish & colour merts. 2 & 4 High st; h Woodbine, Upper Edgerton Burman William, timber merchant, Engine bridge, Chapel hill; h Crossland moor Burnell Benjamin, dentist, Fenton row, Manchester rd Burton Joseph, moulder, Hillhouse lane Burton William, joiner and vict. Junction inn, Marsh Butler David, stonemason and builder, Actland street Butler James, bootmaker, 43 Manchester street Butterworth Chas. grocer’s assistant, Bradfd. rd. artn Butterworth Fred, mfr. (B. & Savery) ; h New North rd Butterworth George Mallinson, Bedford cord mannfr. Waterloo mills, Leeds road; h Bath bldgs. Newliouse Butterworth Henry & Samucl, woollen mfrs. 7 Market street, and Hinchliffe mill, near Holmbridge erworth Joshua (Thos. & Sons); lh Holmbridge Butterworth Richd. Wooffenden, fancy woollen manufr. Waterloo mills, Leeds rd; h 48 Newhouse terraze erworth Robert (B. & Roberts) ; h New North rd erworth Robert Henry (B., Smith & Virth); h Crofthouse lane, Marsh erworth & Roberts, woollen manufrs. and merts. John William st. and Yew Tree mills, nr. Holmfirth erworth & Savery, woollen merchants and manufrs, Market place, and Waterloo mills, Leeds road terwortn, Smith & Firth, cotton spinners & doublers, Britannia mills, Colne road terworth Thos. joiner & cabt. mkr. Lower brow, Padk terworth Thomas & Sons, fancy woollen manufrs. 4 Littlewood’s buildings, Sergeantson st. & Holnfirth Butterworth Win. woollen infr.4 Market st. & Holmfirth Bygott William Turner, druggist, 20 Buxton road Byram George, carrier, 33 Dale street, Chapel bill Byram Jph. brzr. gsfitr. irnmnegr. &c. Storthes, Mold gn Byram Joshua, grocer and provision dir. Lane, Leeds rd Byram (John) & Matthewman, woollen and cotton dyers, Folly Hall mills Cade Edward, carver and gilder, 22 Cross Church st Calverley & Beaumont, cloth finishers, Milns bridge Calverley Daniel woollen merchant (W. Mellor & Co.) ; h Prospect place, Marsh Calverley Wm. (Calverley & Beaumont) ; h LuckIn. Mrsh Calvert Geo. decorative pntr. Cross Church st ; h Mold gn Calvert Geo. woollen mir. 45 White Hart yd. & Lindley Calvert Joseph, manager, 16 Westgate; h Spring wood Calvert Rev Wm. Bainbridge, M.A., Vicarage, Grnhd. In Cambidge Richard, photographer, St. Peter’s street Cameron Robert, physician, 18 New North road Campbell William, shopkeeper, 28 Thomas street Canal Office, Chapel hill; John Miller, clerk Cape Miss Isabella, Whitestone lane, Fartown Cardno John, confectnr. (wholesale & retail), 56 New st Carford Miss Elvina, Tunbridge terrace Carpenter Richard, salesman, Woodside, Edgerton Carr John, ecurrier, Market walk; h 28 East parade Carr Joseph, currier and leather merchant, Market walk ; h 4 Commercial street Carr William Thos. shoddy merchant & waste dealer, 14 Dundas street; h Fitzwilliam street Carter Benjamin (Carters & Lisle) ; h Prospect row Carter Mrs Eliza, corn dealer, 18 Chapel hill Carter Frederick, mungo dealer, Chancery lane; h Old Halifax road, Hillhouse Carter George, hairdresser, Manchester road Carter Mrs J. Hellewell, indiarubber and gutta percha depot, 4 Buxton road; h Bath buildings Carter James, beerhouse, Star, 15 Rosemary lane Carter John, hairdresser, Northgate Carter John, woollen manufacturer (Stott, Bance & C.) ; h Reading, Berks Carter Joseph, smallware dealer, Market st. Paddock Carter Jph. fancy wolln, mfr. 3 Hirst’s bldgs; & Lepton



Carter Mrs Mary Ann, provision dealer, 17 Trinity st Carter Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 26 Shorehead Carter Thomas, hairdresser, Market strect, Paddock Carter William (Carters & Lisle) ; h East parade Carters & Lisle, woollen machine makers and card nailers, Chapel hill mills, Chapel street Cartwright Mrs Hannah, 37 Trinity street Carver Mrs Ann, Laycock’s yard, King strect Carver William & Co. carriers for the London and North Western, and Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Cos, 14 Albion st (B. Thompson, megr.); & Manchester, &¢, Carver John, printer and stationer, Northgate Carver William, farmer, Nether royd hill Carver Wm. Theaker, pattern card maker and book- binder, 50 New street ; h 47 Upperhead row Casey Andrew, tailor, 31 Glass alley, Manchester st Cassidy John, plumber, glazier and glass merchant, 7 Swallow street Casson Bnj. high bailiff of County Ct; h Lindley moor Casson Wm, station master (Bradley) ; h 8 Macaulay st Castle Jonathan, hay and straw dealer, Rosemary lang aud Wakefield road Castlechild Joseph, salesman, 58 Spring street Catton John Thos. stonemason & bidr. Birkby In. Bkby Cawthra & Whitaker, woollen merchants, Gladstona chambers, 21 King street Cawthra Wm. Haigh (C. & Whitaker) ; h Honoria st.Ftn Cemetery (General), Cemetery st; John Cork, registrar Chadwick James, shopkeeper, Cowcliffe Chadwick John, yeast dealer, Grove street Chadwick Wm. accountant’s manager, Bankfield road Chadwick Wiliam Henry, plumber and gasfitter, St, John’s road; h 3L West parade Challand Henry, grocer, Bridge end, Mold green Challand Wm. baker & corn dir. 73 King st. & 6 Kirkgt Chamber of Commerce, Westgate; Chas. Mills, secre- tary ; Benjamin Eastwood, attendant Chapman Allen, butcher, 8 West par. & Mkt. st. Padk Chapman John, musie professor and instrument dealer, 52 Buxton road Chapman Mrs Mary & Son (Thos. Hy.), pork butchers, 40 Buxton road Chapman Samuel, wholesale & retl. draper, 15 King st Chapman Wm, bhs. Somerset Arms, Bridge end, Mold gn Chappell Jabez, coal merchant (Holmes, O. & Co.}; h Willow lane, Hill house Charlesworth Geo. wlln. mfr. 18 Station st; & Holmfirth Charlesworth Jonathan, woollen cord merchant, 60 White Hart yard; h Charlesworth Mra Mary, 56 New North road Charlesworth & Smith, card manufacturer, Chapel Hill mills, Buxton road Charlesworth William Henry (C. & Smith); h Broom- field house, near Fixby hary Emile (C., Swallow & Co.); h Fitzwilliam st lary, Swallow & Co. woln. shipping merts. Fitwm. st heetham Miss Ellen, fent dealer, Firth street heetham Robert, clothes dealer, 14 High street heetham Mrs Sarah, fent dealer, 38 Buxton road heetham Walter, woollen draper (G. Kilner & Co.), Storthes, Mold green hild Mrs Ann, 31 New North road hild Edw. Ogden, vict. Green Dragon htl. 1 Market st bild Joseph, tailor, Northumberland street hild William, mantle cloth manufacturer, Hirst’s buildings, Chancery lane, and Shelley alton John, excise officer, Grove street hinn Edward Wm. jeweller, watchmaker and silver- smith, 9 John William st; h Bradford rd. Fartown hinn William Thomas, confectioner, 12 Westgate hrispin Mr Jonathan Squire, 44 Portland street hrispin Thomas, ironmonger and whitesmith, 28 King street, and 1-2 Queen street; h 22 Ramsden street hrispin William, pharmaceutical chemist, 39 King st



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Wuddersfield Directory.

Christie James, joiner & builder, George st. & West par Church Institute, 35a New st; Hy. Moseley, hon. secy City and County Investment Company (limited), 33 John William street ; W.N. Strange, branch manager Clark Joseph, vict. George & Dragon, 21 Manchester st Clarke George & Henry, clock and watch makers, and jewellers, Storthes, Mold green Clarke Henry Chaplin, silk and small parcels agent, Union Bank ct. New st; h Marsh perv. Crofthouse In. Clarke Miss Martha, dressmaker, 41 Upperhead row Clarke William James, surgeon, 66 John William street Clay James, master, St. John’s schl. Clara st. Fartown Clay John, stone delver, Netherroyd hill; h Deighton Clay Joseph Travis, woolen manufr. 11 Lancaster’s yd Clay Thomas, clerk, Clay’s buildings, Northgate Clayton Alfred, boot and shoe maker, Bradford road Clayton Edward, bookseller, library, and Jessee of Theatre Royal, 3 Kirkgate; h 61 Spring st Clayton Henry, plasterer, 23 Bradford road Clayton John, clog and patten maker, Birkby ayton Joseph, reed and heald maker, Boulder yard, Kirkgate; and vict. Duke of York, Ramsden street Clayton Michael, auctioneer, Bradford road Clayton Samuel, boot and shoe maker, Mold green Clayton Thomas, lithographer (J. Wood & Co.); h South terrace, Bradford road, Fartown Clegg Ashton, painter and paper hanger, Chapel hill Clegg Benj. cotton waste dlr. 8 Rosemary In; h Lindley Cc Cc Cc Cc


ege David, woollen manufacturer, Mold green egg Mrs Esther Ann, beerhouse. Shoulder of Mutton, 11 Manchester street ege James, fancy woollen manufacturer, Chancery Jane, and Seedhill; h Dalton egg Jesse, woolen manufacturer, 36 King’s Head buildings, and Engine bridge, Folly hall; h Dalton Clegg Joe, boot and shoe maker, Shore, King street Clegg John, beerhouse, Colne tavern, Firth street Clegg John, hay and straw dealer, 71 Castlegate Clegg Joseph, baker, Silk street, Rosemary lane Clegg Joshua, joiner and cabinet maker, Manchester street ; and 49 Market street Clegg Samuel, beerhouse, North Arms, Thomas street ; and whitesmith, Burns Head yard, Thomas street Cliffe Charles Walter, comel. trvllr. Honoria st. Fartown Cliffe Miss Charlotte, Bayhall, Hillhouse Cliffe James, salesman, 22 George street Cliffe James, staymaker, Grove street Cliffe & Jones, woollen cord manufacturers, 15 King’s Head bldngs; Redfearn’s mls. Leeds rd; & Deighton Cliffe Matthew Wm. (Samuel Hirst & Co.); h Trinity st Cliffe Mrs Nancy, Hillhouse lane Cliffe Mr Thomas, South view, Paddock Cliffe William (C. & Jones); h Deighton Cliffe William, greengrocer, Brow road, Paddock Clifford Elisha, mngr. Beech ter. Bradford rd. Fartown Clifford James, commercial traveller, Clara st. Fartown Clifford Mrs Sarah, Old Halifax road, Hillhouse Clifford Sydney, boot and shoe maker, Fartown green Cloth Hall, Market street ; William Ramsden, keeper

Clough Mrs Ellen, lodgings, 3 Granby street Clough Jno. agt. to J.& J. A. Haigh, coal mrts; h Grove st Clough Thos. travelling tea dlr. Scholes sq. Northgate Clough Thomas William, solicitor, commissioner in common law courts and Chancery, 37 Market street; h Priestroyd house, Commercial street Clough William, wholesale grocer and smallware dealer, Pack Horse yard, Kirkgate; h 31 Portland street Clowes Jas. grocer and smallware dlr. Queen st. South Clowes Joseph, newsegent, Queen street, South Coates Stephen, plumber & gasftr. Varley yd. Chapel hl Cockcroft Crossley, railwy. clk. Clara st. Fartown Cocker James Albert, commercial traveller, Prospect st Cocking John, supertndt. registrar, & clerk to Guardians, - 7 John street; h Dryclough house, Crosland moor

Cocking David, hairdresser, Chapel hill Cocking William, architect and surveyor. Albert build- ings, New street; h Jockey hall, Mold green Cockroft Abel (Abel & Sons); h Queen street Cockroft Abel & Sons, cloth finishers and cotton spin- ners, Fairfield mills, Queen street, South Cockroft Charles (Abel & Sons); h Queen street Cockroft Mrs Elizabeth, Birkby Cockroft John (Abel & Sons); h Hast parade Cockroft Robert, joiner and builder, Birkby Cockroft William (Abel & Sons); h Ramsden st. East Cockshaw Thomas, Wesleyan chapel keeper, Chapel st Cockshaw William, manager of Seedhill co-operative stores; h Newsome Coe Mrs Jane, vict. Forester’s Arms, 21 New North rd Colbeck & Greaves, waste and mungo dealers and manu- facturers, 8 Half Moon street Colbeck Thomas, yarn spinner, Chapel hill mills, Bux- ton road; h Hebble terrace, 93 Bradford road Collegiate School, Clare hill, Newton; Rev. Abraham Smith, M.A. principal; Rey. John Thomas Lorimer, B.A, vice-principal Colling Samuel, manager, Old Halifax road, Hillhouse Collins Mr Thomas, Old Halifax road, Hillhouse Comber Thomas, tailor, 51 Market street Comyn James, skin dealer, Rosemary lane Conacher & Co. organ builders, George street Conacher James (Conacher & Co.); h Bradley lane, Conacher John, (j) organ builder, 22 Spring street Conacher Peter (C. & Co.) ; b George street Coney Rbt. coach & 'bus prpr. livy. stbls. Fitzwilliam st Coney Thomas Worts, cab propr.’s mngr. 73 North st Connelley Mrs Elizabeth, newsagent, 117 King street Connolly John, oil & grease manuifr. 36 Lowerhead row Conry John, beerhs. Huddersfield Arms, 79 Kirkgate Conry Patrick, beerhouse, Masons’ Arms, Castlegate Conservative Registration Offices, 4 Wellington build- ings, Queen street ; John Ashton, secretary Cook Jno. mungo mert. C., & Co.) ; h Gledholt Cook Joseph, clerk, Mineral depét, Fitzwilliam street Cooke Rev. Alfred Wm. LL.B. curate, St. John’s vierg Cooke Mrs Jane, beer retailer, draper, and grocer, Bradford road, Fartown Cooke John & Co. commission merchants, 10 Ramsden street; h 5 Westfield Cooke Thomas, compositor, Oxford street Coombs Edward Gundry, butcher, 50 Shambles; and Manchester road Coop James Palin, tailor and wlln. drpr. 17 King st. (J. Boydell, mgr.); & Church st. St. Helens; & Todmorden Cooper James, grocer, Longroyd bridge Cooper James, vict. Cherrytree hotel, Railway street Cooper Mr John, Spring Grove street Cooper Jno. jur. & whiwrght. Fartown grn;h Sheeprdg Cooper Jnthn. (C. & Smeeton); h Hebble tr. Bradford rd Cooper Joseph Haigh, provision merchant, 11 King street; h Wentworth street Cooper Mark, veterinary surgeon, Bridge end, Mold gm Cooper & Smeeton, whsl. & retl. drapers, 1 Kirkgate Co-operative Society (1st Huddersfield), grocers, &c. 24 Westgate, and Mold green; Edward Mellor, secretary Co-operative Society, grocery and provision stores, Mold green; A Taylor, manager Copley Joseph, Wesleyan chapel keeper, Queen street Cork John, registrar, General Cemetery, Cemetery street, New North road Corporation Offices, Ramsden st; Jph. Batley, town elk Corrie John Brown, tallow chandler (William Baxter & Co.); h Shefield Cotton Abrhm. wln. mfr. 47 White Hart yd; & Holmfirth Cotton Brothers, woollen merchants, 29 Market street Cotton George, manager of Yorkshire and Lancashire Periodical Company (limited), Wellington buildings, Queen street; b Honoria street, Fartown

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Cotton Thomas, manufacturing chemist and tar dis- tiller, Greenhouse chemical works, Foily hall County Court Offices, Queen street; James Stansfeld, Esq. judge; F. R. Jones, jun. Esq. registrar; and Mr Benjamin Casson, high bailiff Couzens Edward John Sinclair, clerk, 22 South street Couzens Misses Mary Hannah & Elizabeth, day school, Ramsden street; h South street Cowan John, draper, 11 Spring street ; and Cowell Mrs Sarah, 20 George street Cowgill John, bookseller, printer, manufacturing sta- tioner, &c. 24 Kirkgate; h Hillhonuse In. Bradford rd Cowgill Jnthn. butchr. 61 Manchester st. & 43 Shambles Cowgill Thomas, butcher, Longroyd bridge; h Paddock Cowgill Thomas, manager at Loweilead row co-opera- tive stores; h Thomas street Cox James Whitaker, manager, 34 George street Cox Rev. John Goodwin (Wesl.), Chapel hs. Queen st Cox Patrick, commercial traveller, 2 Duke strect Crabtree Joseph, buyer, Cecil strect Crabtree Thomas, (j) millwright, Stables st. Chapel hill Craven Jonas, solicitor, commissioner for affidavits in common Jaw courts, Gladstone chambers, 21 King street; h Milnrow, Golcar Craven Josiah, cabinet maker and easy chair and couch mfr. Brow rd. Paddock. (See Advertisement, p. 76) Craven (Abraham) & Marshall, wine & spirit merts. & victs. West Riding hotel, John street, Buxton road Craven, Wilson & Price, woollen manufacturers, 25 Market street; and Rastrick Crawshaw John, currier (8. & Sons), & coal msitr. (C. & Blakeley, Dewsbury) ; h 4 Belgrave tr. New North rd Crawshaw S. & Sons, leather merchants, 12 Ramsden street ; and Dewsbury Crawshaw Simon & Simon, jun. (S. & Sons); h Dewsbury Cresswell Thomas, woollen merchant (Liebman & C.) ; h Belgrave terrace, New North road Cresswell Mr Henry, West hill, Trinity street Cromack Moses, cab proprietor, Kirkgate ; h Northgate Crompton Benjamin, victualler, Plough inn, Westgate Crompton James & Son (William), photographers, John street; h 2 Bath buildings Crook Benjamin, currier and tanner, Fitzwilliam street ; & Whitley, near Dewsbury; bh 26 Fitzwilliam st. West Crosby John Thomas, vict. Angel, Macaulay street Crosland Aifd. shoddy and mungo mfr. Marsh; h Lindley Crosland Benjamin & Sons, woollen manufacturers, Riley’s yard, Market street; and Oaks mill, Lindley Crosland Charles (George & Sons); h Crosland lodge, Crosland moor Crosland Edward, cloth finisher, Isthmus mill, Folly hall; h Church terrace, Paddock Crosland Misses Elizabeth & Sarah, 12 Clare hl. Newtown Crosland Miss Ellen, Crofthouse lane, Marsh Crosland Frederick, wlln. mfr. (Kilner & C.); h Birkby Crosland George & Sons, woollen manufacturers, St. George’s square ; Crosland moor; and Lockwood Crosland George Wm. (Geo. & Sons) ; h 21 Greenhead In Crosland Henry (William & Henry); h 11 South street Crosland Henry, tobacco manufacturer (Thompson & C.); h Market street, Paddock Crosland James (James & Sons); h Royds mnt. Marsh Crosland James, cotton waste and flock dealer, North- umberland street; h Eleanor street, Crosland James, flock dealer, Helm’s yard, Charles street ; hb 21 Charles street Crosland James & Sons, fancy woollen manufacturers, Upper and Lower mills, Paddock Crosland Mrs Jane, Paddock cottage, Paddock Crosland Joe, warehouseman, Birkby Crosland John Woodhead (George & Sons); h Thornton lodge, Crosland moor Crosland Joseph (Geo. & Sons) ; h Royds wd. Paddock Crosland Mrs Julia, Gledhboit, Marsh



Crosland Miss Mary, bhs. Wharf inn, Upper Aspley Crosland Miss Mary L. schl. teacher, Church tr. Paddock Crosland Mrs Rebecca, greengrocer, 80 West parade Crosland Thomas, warehouseman, Church ter. Paddock Crosland William (William & Henry); L Westfield, Greenfield, neax Manchester Crosland William & Henry, woollen manufacturers, 11 Cloth Hall street, and Paddock mills Cross Henry, (j) painter, Gledholt bank Crossland Henry, farmer & stone merchant, Longwood house, Nether royd hill Crossland Henry, flax spinner, Colne rd; h Mold green Crossland John, barness mkr. Green Mnt. Mold green Crossland John & Son, woollen manufacturers & sypin- ners, 17 King’s Head buildings; & Loekwood Crossland Joseph, grocer, Post & Money Order Office, Honoria street, & Bradford road, Fartown Crossley Mrs Alicc (John & Co.); h 22 Bath buildings, John William street Crossley Miss Ann, stationer’s asst. 42 Portland street Crossley Archer, machine maker (Kenworthy, Royston and C.); bh 18 Manchester road Crossley & Brearley, woollen manufacturers, White Hart yard; and Elland Crossley Mrs Elizabeth, dressmaker, 22 Union street Crossley Miss Emma, British schoolmistress, South street; h Primrose hill Crossley Henry, butcher, Shambles, & Northgate Crossley J. & Co. bookscliers, printers, stationers, &c. 6 Market place Crossley James, clerk, Turner’s yard, Bradford road Crossley James, saddler, Union street Crossley John (J. & Co.); h Westfield hs. Mold green Crossley Mrs Mary, lodgings, St. Peter’s street Crossley Samuel, shuttle maker, Engine bridge, Chapel hill; h Lockwood road (See Advertisement, page 70.) Crow John, victualler, Old Hat, 7 West parade Crow William, clerk, 20 Aibion street Crowther Alfred, manufr. (H. & Sons); h Lockwood Crowther Mrs Eliza, Paddock ter. Longroyd bridge Crowther George (G. & G. H.), & engineer to Water Works Co.; bh The Wood, Tixby

Crowther George & George Henry, land surveyors & civil engineers, 35a New street; h The Wood, Fixby Crowther Godfrey Berry (Hy. & Sons); h Edgerton

Crowther Henry North, clerk, Folly hall Crowther Henry & Sons, woollen & fancy manufacturers, 24 Market street; & Broadfield mills, Lockwood Crowther James, plumber, glazr. & gasfitter, Mold green Crowther James & Sons, fancy woollen manufacturers, Market strect, & Holme mills, Marsden Crowther Joel, cloth finisher, Paddock Crowther John, dyer & farmer, Mold green Crowther John & Co. portable steam engine & finishing machine makers, 28 Albion street; h Greenhead lane Crowther John Henry (H. & Sons); h Almondbury Crowther John & Son, woollen manufacturers, 21 Mar- ket street, & Golear Crowther Jnthn. coml. traveller, Springfield tr. Mold grn Crowther Joseph, grocer, Crystal buildings, Newtown Crowther Joseph, painter & grainer, Colne road Crowther Saville, cotton waste dealer, Shambles Jane; h Terrace house, Clara street, Fartown Crowther Timothy (Timothy & Sons); h The Heys, Thongs bridge Crowther Timothy & Sons, wlin. merts. 34 Buxton rd Crowther Zaccheus (Timothy & Sons); h Holmfirth Croxton Geo. fruit & Italian warehouseman, Westgate Cryer John, coml. traveller, 17 Northumberland street Cudworth George, greengrocer, Thomas street Cudworth Wm. Hy. hairdresser, 23 Kirkgt ; h Castle gt Culley John, temp. & commercial hotel, 22 Westgate Cumming William & Co. woollen merchants, Cloth Hall street; h 85 West hill


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Huddersfield Directory.

Curzon Frank, house & estate agent, Gladstone cham- bers, 21 King st; & artist, 8 Arthurst. Fitzwilliam st Cuthbert Miss Elizabeth, milliner, 5 Northumberland st Cuthbert John Ralph, clerk, Spring wood Cuthbert, Launcelot & Co. (Paddock Industrial Co-op- erative Stores), grocers & drapers, Kast street Pad- dock; I'red Sykes, manager Cuthbert Ralph, druggist (wholesale & retail), 26 West- gate, & Tunnel street; h 44 Northgate Dale William, lead pipe manufacturer (J. Hanson and Co.); h 53 Spring street Dalton Hy. skep mfr. Downing’s yd. New st; h Halifax Daiton Hy. Aleock, v. Thornhill Armg, Bradfd. rd. Fartwn Darley Mr Joseph, 37 West parade Darwent Mrs Maret. french polisher, 34 Lowerhead row Darwin Jas. bhs. Miner’s Arms, Bradford rd. Fartown Davis John, registrar of births, deaths & marriages, 7 John st; h Hillhouse lane Davis John Taylor, commercial traveller, Hillhouse In Davis Wm. engvr. & lithographer, 10 King st; h Lockwd Davison Alfred, chimney sweeper, 23 Northgate Davison Miss Ann, dressmaker, Hillhouse lane Davison Henry, cigar manufacturer (R. J. Elliott & Co.); h 12 South parade Davison Joseph, hairdresser, 85 King st; h Prospect st Davison Mrs Sarah, servants’ registry office, Upperhd. rw Davison Thomas, greengrocer, Mold green Dawson Ben, fruiterer & seedsman, 32 King street; and florist, Almondbury (See Advertisement, page 86.) Dawson Charles, painter, 32 Lowerhead row Dawson Charles, shopkeeper, Victoria lane Dawson David, greengrocer, Folly hall Dawson Edward (D., Gardiner & Co.); h Taylor hill, Almondbury Dawson Miss Elizbth. 19 Bath bldgs. John William st Dawson, Gardiner & Co. waste & mungo dealers, Chancery lane Dawson James (D, & Thornton); h Bradford road Dawson James, grocer & provision dealer, 123 Brad- ford road, & Grove street Dawson James, grocer, Kingscliff terrace, Birkby Dawson James, victualler, Exchange, 72 Upperhead row Dawson John, joiner, builder & undertaker, Green st. and Storthes, Mold green Dawson Miss Lucy, draper & dressmaker, Grove street Dawson Mrs Mary, Rose cottage, Upper Edgerton Dawson Sutcliffe, toy & smallware dlr. Manchester st Dawson Thos. bag dealer & sheet mkr. 53 Manchester st Dawson Thomas, drysalter, oil, soap & insurance agent, 18 Cloth Ha!l street; h Lindley house, Lindley Dawson & Thornton, faney woollen manufacturers, Cloth Hall street, & Wells mills, Northgate Dawson William, cabinet maker, Back Ramsden street; h 25 Upperhead row Dawson Wm. grocer, 27 King street; h Kast parade Dawson William, warehouseman, West street, Paddock Day Edward & Co. wholesale tea & coffee merchants, Pack Horse yd. Kirkgate; h Church In. Mold green Day James, boot & shoe maker, Union street Day John (John & Sons); h Bankfield, Almondbury Day John (exor. of late Joseph Kaye); h Mold green Day John & Sons, yarn spinners & woollen manufac- turers, Market street; & Bankfield mills, Moldgreen Day Joshua & William (John & Sons); h King’s mill lane, Mold green Day, Watkinson & Co. wlln. mfrs. & merts. St. George’s sq Dean & Hey, woollen manufacturers, Lancaster’s yard, Cloth Hall street; & Honley Dean James, draper & silk mercer, 22 & 24 King street Dean Thos. plumber (Place & Dean); h Lockwood road Dearden George, manager of North Ward Co-operative Flour & Provision Society, Northumberland street Dearden John, day school, South st; h Gledholt bank Dearnley Joe, stonemsn. & bldr. Borough bldgs, Moldgrn

Denham Charles, eurrier, tanner, & leather merchant, Pack Horse yard, Kirkgate ; & Milnsbridge Denham, Dearnley & Co. woollen manufacturers, Hirst’s buildings, Cloth Hall street; & Thurstonland Denham Joel, woollen manufacturer (D., Dearnley and Co.), & draper, 5 & 7 King st; h 75 New North road Denham Thomas, draper & milliner, 22 & 26 John William street ; h Well field, Lindley Denison Jas. vict. Grove inn, & brewer, Spring Grove st Denison Mrs Mary, bls. Brewer’s Arms, 17 Spring st Dent Mrs Isabella, 30 Fitzwilliam street West Dent Rev. Thomas (United Free Methodist), Dalton Denton Duke, grocer, Mold green Denton Elihu, seribbler & spinner, Britannia mills, Colne road; h Holnfirth Denton Robert Townend, wholesale grocer, & tea & pro- vision mert. Chancery In; h Highfield p]. New Nth. rd Dermott Thomas, beerhs. Masons’ tavern, 75 Kirkgate Dewhirst Benjamin, druggist, 95 King street Dewhirst William, shopkeeper, 41 Union street Dewhurst Hy. (Rd. & Co.); h Clough hall, Fartown grn Dewhurst John Wm. (R. & Co.); h Aspley hs. Aspley Dewhurst Richard & Co. woollen printers, Aspley Dewhurst Robert Ellis (R. & Co.); bh Aspley Dews Edward & William (Thos. & Sons); h Osseté Dews Joshua (Thomas & Sons); h Clara st. Fartown Dews Thomas (Thos. & Sons); h Honoria st. Fartuwn Dews Thomas & Sons, mungo merts. 14 Dundas street Deylor Samuel, tailor, Stock’s buildings, Fountain st Dick Robert & James, gutta-percha boot & shoe manu- facturers, 9 Westaate; John Morrison, manager Dick Miss Sarah Elizbth. day school, 49 Ramsden st Dickinson Benjamin, cloth finisher, Newtown mills, Oxford street; h Fitzwilliam street Dickinson George, brassfounder, Firth street; h Water Royd cottages, Turnbridge Dickinson George, milk dealer, Castlegate Dickinson Gideon, whlwrgt. Lowerhd. row; h Turnbdg Dickinson James Hepburn, chemists, 86 Kirkgate; h Park villa, Westfield Dickinson Mrs Jane, grocer & corn dlr. 44 Westgate Dickinson Thomas, tailor & draper, Commercial street Dickinson Mr William, Birkby Dickinson William, draper & milliner, 15 Macaulay st District Clothing & Provision Co. (limited), Seed hill Dixon Jas. woollen carder, Hawk st. Northumberland st Dixon John & Co. woollen manufacturers & merchants, 18 Station street; h Crofthouse lane, Marsh Dixon Jonah Tate, draper, 46 King street Dixon Jonathan, warehouseman, Whitestone In. Fartwn Dobson Joseph & Co. cabinet makers & upholsterers, 37 Buxton road; h Tunnel street, Spring wood Dodds Henry, butcher, Bradford road Dodds John, wlln. mfr (Thomson & D.) ; h 50 Trinity st Dodson James, boot & shoe maker, 75 Castle gate Dodson John, collr, of Improvement rate, Prospect st Dodson Wm. butcher, & vict. Black Bull, 52 Chapel hill Donkersley Fdk. wlln. mfr.32 King’s head bldgs.& Honley Donkersley Jeremiah, school, School lane, Paddock Donkersley Jonas, Timothy & Daniel, woollen manufac- turers, 21 Vance’s buildings, Cloth Hall st; & Honley Donkersley Jph. Bedford & Fenton, woollen manufrs, & merts. Berry’s yd. New st; and Honley; h Magdale Dooks Richard Boulby, druggist, 33 Castlegate Dore John Read, pharmaceutical chemist, and dealer in scientific apparatus, 26 New street; h 2 Clare- mont terrace, Honoria street, Fartown Dougherty John Heywood, watchmaker and jeweller, 1 Manchester road Dougherty Michael, umbrella maker, 38 Chapel hill Dougherty Sam, clog and patten maker, New North rd Douglas Thomas, rag dealer, Storthes, Mold green Douglas William, shopkeeper, Storthes, Mold green Dowse Miss Eliza Henrietta, 60 New North road

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Huddersfield Directory.


Dowse Jph. Pitt (D. & Whitworth); h 11 Belgrave ter Dowse Mrs Martha, Imperial road, Upper Edgerton Dowse & Whitworth, stock & share brokers, 8 New st Drake & Co. brick makers, Marsh Drake David (Drake & Co.); h Marsh Drake Fras. sewing machine mfr. Edward’s yd. King st Drake George, working jeweller, 11 Cross Church street ; h Bentley’s yard, Paddock Drake Godfrey & Sons (Joseph & James), woollen mer- chants, Market street ; h Clifton villas, New North rd Drake Miss Harriet Atkinson, pawnbrkr. Lowerhead rw Drake Henry, spnnr. (Bowker & D.); h Spring grove st Drake John (Zachariah & Sons); h Paddock Drake Thomas, solicitor, 3 Kirkgate; h Beast market Drake Thomas, tailor and clothier, 65 King street Drake Walter, Queen Hotel tap, Queen yd. Market st Drake William (Zachariah & Sons); h Paddock Drake Zachariah (Z. & Sons); h Luck lane, Marsh Drake Zachariah, jun. brick mfr. (Drake & Co.); h Elland Drake Zachariah & Sons, manufetg. chemists, Paddock Dransfield Charles, woolstapler’s mangr. New North rd Dransfield Mrs Mary Ann, Housefield house, Newhouse Dransfield Thomas, designer, Leeds road, North Draper Henry, woollen merchant, 10a High street Driver Peter, bootmaker, Fastwood’s yd. Manchester st Driver William, butcher, 61 Lowerhead row Dryden George, engine tenter, Stables street, Chapel hl Duckenfield William, woollen manufacturer, 13 Lan- caster’s yard, and Berry brow Ducksbury Robert, railway waggon builder, Gledholt bank; h Hillhouse lane Duesbery James, tailor, 26 Grove street Dufton James Atkinson, vict. Spotted Cow, 2 Northgate Dufton William, warehouseman, 9 Thomas street Dugdale Rev Richard Hitchen (Indept.), Spring grove st Duggan Brothers, flock dealers, Fitzwilliam street Duggan Henry George (Brothers) ; h Boldroyd, Fartown Duncan Stuart, wood carver, Machan’s yard, Albion street; h Manchester street Dunn John, viet. Wheat Sheaf, 75 Upperhead row Durrans Charles, boot and shoe maker, Mold green Durrans Henry, shuttle maker, Brow road, Paddock Durrans Miss Jane, victualler, Dog inn, 72 Kirkgate Duthoit George, bank clerk, 18 Fitzwilliam street West Dutton Mrs Mary, grocer, 29 New street; h Bankfield road, Manchester road Dwyer Rev. John A. (Rom. Cath.), 36 New North road Dyson Alfred (Joseph & Sons) ; h Milnsbridge Dyson Allan (Joseph & Sons) ; h Longwood Dyson Allen, butcher, Market street, Paddock Dyson Allen, grocer, Leeds road Dyson Miss Annie, boarding and day school, Hope house, Belgrave terrace, New North road Dyson & Armitage, woollen yarn spinners, Priestroyd mills, Firth street Dyson Benjamin & Son (Edwin), fulling millers, Water- loo mills, Leeds road; h Northumberland street Dyson Charles, grocer and provision dealer, Coweliffe Dyson Chas. & Sons, cotton waste dlrs. 2 Rosemary In Dyson & Co. manuictg. chemists, Albert works, New st Dyson E. & G. & Brothers, woollen manufacturers, Hirst’s buildings, Cloth Hall st; and Union mill, Milnsbridge Dyson Edward, drapr. 27 New st; h Clara st. Hillhouse Dyson Edwin (D. & Armitage); h St. Paul's street Dyson Mrs Elizabeth, butcher, Market street, Paddock Dyson George, beerhouse, Stanley hotel, 3 Princess st Dyson George, butcher, 11 Shambles; h Zetland street. Dyson George, furniture broker, 7 Ramsden street Dyson George, manager, Bayhall terrace, Birkby Dyson George, solicitor (Laycock, D., & Laycock); h Corn bank, Netherton Dyson George & Co. woolstaplers, Littlewood’s build- ings, Serjeantson street; and Shambles lane Dyson Henry, victualler, Acorn, 10 West parade


Dyson Ginnethon (EK. & G. & Brothers); h Mount Pleasant, Paddock

Dyson Mrs Harriet, victualler, Crosskeys, corner of Manchester street and High street Dyson Henry Broughton (George & Co.); h Imperial

road, Upper Edgerton Dyson Hiram (Jph. & Sons); h Croft villa, Milnsbridge Dyson James, butcher, 51 Shambles; h Paddock Dyson James, marble mason (Fisher & D.); b South st Dyson Mrs Jane, 2 Commercial square Dyson John, butcher, Longroyd lane, Manchester road Dyson John, fuller and cloth finisher, Isthmus mills, Hingine bridge ; h Outcote bank Dyson John, manufacturing chemist (D. & Co.), and grocer (J. & L.); h New street Dyson John, overlooker, 15 West parade Dyson John, vict. Commercial inn, Church st. Paddock Dyson John, wood carvr. Bk. Ramsden st; h 27 High st Dyson J. & J. waste dirs. Brook’s yd. Market st; & Golear Dyson J. & Li. grocers, &c. 63 New street Dyson John Moorhouse (Thomas & Sons); tage, near Holmfirth Dyson John & Squire, woolstaplers, 4 Dundas street ; h Cliff end, Longwood Dyson John Wiiliam, butcher, 9 Shambles, and Upper Aspley; h Colne road Dyson Joseph, glass and china dealer, Northgate Dyson Joseph, grocer and tea dealer, 2 Corn market Dyson Joseph & Sons, woollen manufacturers, North- umberland street ; and Elm Ing mills, Milnsbridge Dyson Law, rope and twine mfr. Turnbridge ; and rail- way carrier’s agent, Aspley; bh King’s mill lane Dyson Robert Sugden, cashier, 15 South parade Dyson Sam, timber merchant and wood turner, Back Ramsden street; h Fitzwilliam street Dyson Thos (Ths. & Sons); h Elmwood, near Holmfirth Dyson Thomas, plasterer, Paddock Dyson Thomas & Sons, woollen manufacturers, West- gate; and Nether Thong Dyson Watts, draper and hosier, 9 King street Dyson William George (Geo. & Co.); h Belmont ter- race, Brunswick place Dyson William Haigh, grocer and wine and spirit mer- chant, West street, Paddock Dyson William Henry, butcher, West street, Paddock Dyson Wm. Hy. & Jph. (Chas. & Sons); h Comel. st Eagleton John Ebenezer, hatter, 19 New st; h 8 York pl Earnshaw Abraham, beerhs. Cropper’s Arms, Marsh Benjamin, machine and tool maker, Folly Hall mills; h Paddock Farnshaw Charles, greengrocer, Silk st. Rosemary lane Earnshaw Mrs Lydia, shopkeeper, 29 Castlegate Earnshaw Mrs Sarah, shopkeeper, Queen st. Paddock Eastwood Benjamin, attendant at Chamber of Com- merce, Westgate; h Crosland moor Eastwood Benjamin, woollen manufacturer (J. W. & H. Shaw); h 22 New North road Eastwood Chas (Edw. & Chs.) ; h King’s mill In. Mold gn Eastwood Charles, wheelwght. Victoria st. Mold green Eastwood Charles, woolstapler (H. Hahn & Co.); h Honoria street, Fartown Eastwood Daniel (Daniel & Son); h 28 New North rd Eastwood Daniel & Son, woolstaplers, Albert buildings 53 New street, and 8 Brook’s yard, Market street Eastwood Edmond (John & Sons); h Chapel hill Eastwood Edward (Edw. & Chas.); h11 Commercial st Eastwood & Chs. win. dyers, Bradicy mills, Leeds rd Eastwood & France, fancy woollen manufacturers, Wood street ; and bridge, Chapel hill Eastwood Frederick (H. & France); h Westhill Eastwood George, fruit dir. Skilbeck’s yd. Lwrhd. row Eastwood Geo. wheelwright and smith, 42 Bradford rd Hastwood Giles, beerhouse, Bridge inn, Colne road Eastwood Mr James, Fitzwilliam street

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h Hay cot-

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Ituddersficld Directory.

Eastwood Mr James, West street, Paddock Eastwood Jas. Edwin (Dl. & Son) ; h Honoria st. Fartwn Eastwood Mr John, Sherwood house, New North road Eastwood John (EK. & France); h New hs. Bath bldngs Eastwood John (John & Sons), Chapel hill Eastwood John (Robert & John); h Wike Eastwood John, blacksmith, Lowerhead row Eastwood John & Sons, dyers and fullers, bridge, Chapel hill Eastwood Jonathan, greengrocer, Horsfall’s yd. King st Eastwood Mrs Mary Ann, confectioner, 25 Kirkgate Eastwood Robert (Robert & John); h Chapel hill Eastwood Robt. manfg. chemist, King’s Mold gn Eastwood Robert & John, doffing plate makers, Chapel hill and Folly Hall mills Eastwood Samuel, solicitor’s clerk, Nursery ter. Birkby Eastwood Wilson, cabt. mkr. 2 Helm’s yd; h 24 John st Eceles & Aspinall, ale & porter merts. Church st, Padk Eccles Edward, hairdresser & shopkpr. 25 Lwrhd. row Keeles James (KE. & Aspinall); h Church st. Paddock Eccles James, grocer and provision dealer, Cowcliffe Eecles John, cotton spinner, Upr. Aspley roills, Firth st Eccles Law, hairdresser, Northgate; h Dalton Eccles Rowland, hairdresser, Folly hall Ecob Justinian, vict. Buxton House, 17 Buxton road Eddell James Skelton, hosier, shirt maker, &c. 24 New street; h 45 Spring street Eddison Wm. auctioneer and estate agent, 26 High st Edmondson Chphr. draper’s assistant, Clara st. Fartown Edwards lidward, shopkeeper, Birkby Edwards James, painter, Market street, Paddock Edwards Mrs Mary, Birkby Edwards Miss Susan, mistress. of Brit. schl. Prospet. st Edwards Thomas, warehouse mngr. Honoria st. Fartwn Edwards Wm. grocer & provsn. dlr. Bradford rd. Hillhs am Henry, surgical instrument maker, 34 Beast mkt am William, chapel keeper, South street hott R. J. & Co. cigar manufrs. Pack Horse yd. Kket iott Reynolds John (R. J. & Co.) ; h South parade is Benjamin, joiner, Colne road is Edward, butcher, Westgate is Miss Emma, milliner, Fenton row, Manchester rd is George, greengrocer, Outcote bank is Joe, engineer, Stable street, Chapel hill lis John, beerhouse, Unicorn, Victoria street is John, butcher and grocer, Fartown green is John, fruit, game, and poultry dealer and fish- monger, Westgate; h 36 Trinity street is Joseph, boot and shoe maker, Birkby is Mrs Mary Ann, vict. Royal George, 17 Westgate is Nehemiah, comercl. traveller, Eleanor st. Fartown is & Quarmby, fancy woollen manufacturers, Lan- caster’s yd. Cloth Hall street, and Acre mills, Lindley is Mrs Sarah Ann, Church terrace, Paddock is Thomas, tailor, 12 Leeds road is Walter, heald and slay maker, Castlepate and Redfearn’s mills, Leeds road; h 24 Shorehead is Walter Henry, recruiting sergeant, 14 Grove st y Robert, tailor and woollen draper, Aspley place y Wm. cotton spinr. Storths. Mold gn. & Upr. Aspley England Wm. Paul & Co. pharmaceutical chemists, &c. 16 Market pl. & Chancery In; h Bay hall, nr. Birkby Entwistle Joseph, joiner & builder, Bradley st. North; h Zetland street Cook &Co. shoddy and mungo manufacturers and merchants, Fitzwilliam street Etchells Wesley Guillaume (E., Cook & Co.), and ma- chine agent, Fitwilliam street Evans George, commercial traveller, Booth ter. Birkby Ewart John, butcher, 44 Shambles, and Dalton Ewart Robert, butcher, 42 Shambles, and Dalton Exton Mr Joseph, Church street, Paddock Fairbank David, waste and flock dealer, 39 Market st; h Miln row, Rochdale



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Fairbourn Wm. & Co. drapers and ladiés’ outfitters, 30 John William street; h Booth terrace, Birkby Fairweather William, tutor in Huddersfield College; h 27 Bath buildings, John William street Falck Hy. pork butcher, Market walk & Manchester st Farrand Hiram Hy. foreman dyer, Cross Church st. Pdk Farrand Jno. clk. & Mrs Sarh. drsmkr. Storthes, Mold gn Farrar Miss Frances, druper, Fenton row, Manchstr, rd Farrar George, shopkeeper, 20 Manchester street Farrend George, milk dealer, 51 Manchester street Fawcett Miss Ann, 6 Clare hill, Newtown Fawectt John (Wm. & Sons) ; h Green street Fawcett John, plumber, gasfitter, &c. Newhouse yard, Westgate; h 53 Lowerhead row Fawcett Mrs Sarah Elizabeth, West hill, Trinity st Fawcett Thomas, butcher, St. John William street (See Advertisement, page 77) Fawcett Thomas, woollen manufactr. White Hart yard Fawcett Thos. & Co. wln mnfrs. 25 Mkt. st. & Rastrick Fawcett Wm. jun. (Wm. & Sons); h Fitzwilliam st. W Fawcett Wm. Firth, butcher, 35 Shambles, and Lindley Fawcett William & Sons, joiners and builders, Fitz- william street ; and timber merchants, Viaduct street Fearn George, marble mason, 3 Northumberland st Fearnley Mrs Eliz, vict. King’s Arms inn, Lowerhd. row Fearnley John, coal and lime merchant, mineral depét, Fitzwilliam street; Greenwood’s yard, New street; and Gledholt bank; h Bradford Fearnside Joshua, mungo manufetr. and mert. 41 Mar- ket st. & Coxley mill, Netherton ; h Netherton hall Fell Cyrus, grocer and provision dir. Lane, Leeds road Fell John, coal merchant, mineral depét, Fitzwilliam street; h 10 Belgrave terrace Fell Mrs Mary, Belgrave terrace, New North road Teli Robert, lead merchant (Horner & F.), & druggist, 13 King street; h Somerfield house, Edgerton Female Educational Institute, Gladstone chambers, King street; G. Cook, secretary Fenton Edgar, solicitor (Hesp, & Owen), and clerk to tax commissioners; h Springfield, Tayior hill Fenton Joseph, brickmaker, Mcltham ; h Fountain st Feugly Charles, teacher of languages. and French master, Collegiate school; h Prospect street Field Albert, fancy woollen manufacturer, 14 King’s Head buildings; and Skelmanthorpe Field Edwin, woollen skirting manufacturer, 9 Vance’s buildings, Cloth Hail street; and Skelmanthorpe Field George, blacksmith and farricr, 5 Rosemary lane Field Henry, commercial traveller and milliner, 61 New street; h St. Paul’s street Field Humphrey, woolen manufacturer, 16 Vance’s buildings, Cloth Hall street; and Skelmanthorpe Field Joseph, butcher, 40 West parade; h Lindley Field Samuel, fancy skirting manufacturer, 26 King’s Head buildings ; and Skelmanthorpe Field William & John, fancy skirting manufactrs. 35 King’s Head buildings ; and Skelmanthorpe Fielding Eli, woln. mfr. 49 White Hart yd; & Marsden Fillans William, working jeweller, Market walk; bh Broad tenter, King street Finlinson Joseph Henry, clerk, Swallow street Finney Benjamin, commission agent, 3 Spring Firth David, victualler, Ship inn, 9 Shore head Firth Edwin, cotn. doubler, Folly Hall mills; h Grove st Firth Miss Hannah, 20 Bradley street South Firth Isaac, boot and shoe maker, Leeds road Firth Jimmey, grocer (Lunn & F.); b Aspley hs. Aspley Firth John, auctioneer and valuer, 22a Westgate; Leech’s buildings, Chapel hill Firth Joseph, cotton spinner (Butterworth, Smith &F.) h Cross Grove street Firth Jubal, dining rooms, Pack Horse yard, Kirkgate Firth Mrs Mary Ann, dressmaker, 13 Dock st. Castlegt Firth Samuel, clogger, Mold green

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Wuddersfield Directory.

Firth Mr Thomas, Greenhead terrace, Greenhead lane Firth William, engraver, lithographer, letter cutter, &c. 6 Bath buildings, John William street Fischer Henry, shipping merchant (Huth & F.); bh Woodville, Edgerton Fish Chas. Hy. hairdrsr. 835 Cross Church st; h Newhs Fish Sam, warehouseman, 19 Market walk Fisher & Dyson, ironmongers, marble masons and sculptors, Brook street; and and Bradford (See Advertisement, page 71) Fisher Edward (fF. & Whitwam) ; h Canada Fisher Edward & Co. silk spinners, Longroyd mills, Crosland moor Tisher James, locksmith and umbrella maker, Northgt Fisher Jas. Patrick Dupont, hairdrsr. 12 Manchester st Iisher John, marble polisher, 63 Bradford road Fisher John, shopkeeper, Old Halifax road, Hill house Fisher John, tailor and draper, 13 Rosemary lane Fisher Leonard (F. & Dyson); h Brook street Thomas, tailor, Back Spring street Tlisher & Whitwam, woollen manufrs. & merts. Wood st Fisher Wm. clock and watch maker, 79 Castlegate Fitton Benjamin & Sons, woollen manufactrs. 9 Hirst’s buildings; and Shelley Fitton Charles (Chas. & Son); h Hillhouse, nr. Birkby Fitton Charles, jun. (Chas. & Son); h Albion street Charles & Son, commission agents and mungo merchants, 36 Market street Fitton Kenyon Parker, grocer, Mold green Fitton Thomas, manager, West hill, Trinity strect Fleetwood Jobn, draper, 11 Macaulay strect Fletcher Mrs Martha, shopkeeper, Folly hall Flint Samuel, tailor and draper, 15 New North road Flockton Charles, refreshment room keeper, Mirfield Station ; and tobacconist, 26 Westgate Flower & Greenhalgh, smallware & toy dlrs. 3 Market pl Flower Henry (F. & Greenhalgh); bh Primrose hill Follows Benj. Thomas, boot and shoe dlr. 52 New st Forrest Oliver Mills, comel. travlr. Bradford rd. Fartwn Forsyth Hy. fruit and Italian warehouseman, 12 New st Foster Mrs Annie, millincr & dressmkr. 12a Ramsden st Foster John Edwin, surgeon, 45 New North road Foster Mrs Sarah Ann, milnr. &dresmkr. 52 Lwrhd. rw Foster William, draper’s manager, 12a Ramsden st Fountain Geo. coal mert Fitzwilliam st; h Hill hs. In Fowler William, bootmaker, 27 Spring street Fox & Jackson, drapers, 5 Market place Fox John (¥. & Jackson) ; h Bath buildings, Newhouse Fox John, sergeant of fire brigade, Cross Queen street Fox Jph. woollen mert. 42 Westgt; h Daisy lea, Lindley Fox Misses Mary & Lizzie, dressmakers, 37 South st Fox Wm. woollen mert. Northumberld. st; h84 Northgt Foxton John, livery stable kpr. Ramsden st; h Northgt France Allen, draper and milliner, 45 Cross Church st France Benjamin & Sons, woollen manufacturers, 28 King’s Head buildings; and Honley France John & Son, woollen manufacturers, 7 Market street ; and Brockholes France John Wm. (John & Son); bh Mytholm bridge France Joshua, brhs. Friendly inn, 28 Lowerhead row France Josiah, wln. mnfr. & F.) ; Honley France Mrs Maria, hosier and glover, 15 Cross Church st Francis Joseph, hosier, Lion arcade, 42 John William street; h 45 Bradford road Frank Mrs Mary, 3 Scholefield’s yard, Spring street Frankland John Bailey, woolstapler, Sergeantson st ; bh Lindley Freeman Mrs Ann, Marsh grove, Marsh Freeman Charles Edward, solicitor (Brook, F., & Batley) ; h Oakwood house, Edgerton Freeman Edward & Co. wineandspirit merchants, Pack Horse yard, Kirkgate; bh Bradford road Freeman & Golden, oil importers, Victoria bldgs. New st Freemasons’ Halls, South parade, and Fitzwilliam st


Freeman John, solicitor (Brook, F., & Batley); h Oak- wood house, Mdgerton Freeman John Ibrooke, solicitor, & comsnr. in Chancery and Stan. erts. 4 Market walk; h High royd hs. Dalton Freeman Mr Samuel, Clough Rosery, Fartown green French Joseph, tutor at Huddersfield College; h Eleanor street, Fartown T'retwell Mrs Jane, milliner and straw bonnet maker, 32 Cross Church st; h Bankfield terrace, Mold green Frost John, clerk, 35 Commercial street Fryer commercial traveller, 10 Macaulay st Fryer Henry (Ff. & King); h Elmwood ter. Newhouse Fryer & King, pharmaceutical chemists, 4 Market pl Furness John, gas rate collector, 18 Shore head Gandy Misses Caroline, Eliza and Fanny Ann, dress and mantle makers, 82 Northgate Gandy John, painter and gilder, 82 Northgate Gannon John, coal & rag dlr. Blk. Horse yd; h Swallow st Gannon Thos. gaspipe repairer, Stables st. Chapel hill Ganter Mrs Margaret, toy and fancy goods dealer, 12 Buxton road; bh Spring street Garbutt John, coal mert. (Wardman & G.); h Paddock Gardiner George, insurance agent, 65 Northgate Gardiner James, waste dealer (Dawson, G., & Co.); h Booth terrace, Birkby Gardiner John, M.D. surgeon, Amberley hs. Mold gn Gardner Alexander, coal mert. (Bell & G.); h Green st Garner John, parish clerk & insurance agt. 39 West par Garner John, vict. Electricians’ Hotel, Manchester road Garner Richard, sculptor, Trinity street; and Oxford street, Manchester Garner Walter, commercial traveller, Henry street Garnett George Belk, surgeon dentist, 62 West parade Garratt John, saddler and harness manufacturer, 33 John William street; h 21 Northumberland street Garrett Henry, foreman hatter, 10 Portland street Garsed David, woollen manufacturer, 28 White Hart yard, Cloth hall street; and ENand Garside John, mill manager, Luck lane, Marsh Garside William, boot & shoe maker, Bradford road Garside William, butcher, 17 Kirkgate; h Lindley Garton Henry, plumber, glazier, & gasfitter, Battye’s yd. Market place; h 3 Bath buildings, John William st Gas Works, Leeds road; John Burgess, manager and secretary; John Furness, collector Gaskill Mrs My. Hanh. vict. Shepherd’s Arms, Cowcliffe Gatenby William Charles, draper & milliner, Northgate Gaukroger Eli, boot & shoe mkr. & grocer, 11 Trinity st Gaukroger Mr John, King’s cliff terrace, Birkby Gaunt George, master of Congregational school, Clara street; h Clement terrace, Fartown Gawthorp Matthew, plumber and gasfitter, Back Spring street ; and victualler, Plumber’s Arms, 19 Westgate Gawthorpe William, salesman, 39 St. Paul’s street Geach Thomas William, clerk, Elcanor street, Fartown Gee John, beerhouse, Cotton Tree, 74 Northgate Gee Samuel, (j) cotton twiner, Edward’s buildings Geissler Hermann, woollen manufacturer, 9-10 White Hart yard; and Kirkburton Gelder George, woollen mfr. (Peace & G.), Mold green Gerbar Charles, merchant (Lamb, G., & Co. Bradford) ; h West parade Gibson Bartholomew Hey, fruit & potato dlr. Gibson's street; and farmer, Lascelles farm, Lepton Gibson Mrs Mary, 58 Upperhead row Gibson Thomas, carrier & greengrcr. Aspley (See Advt.) Gibson William, joiner, 28 Duke street Giggle Edwin, bellhanger, whitesmith, and beerhouse, Commercial hotel, OJd Halifax road, Hillhouse Giles John, viet. Boy & Barrel, & tailor, 14 Beast market Gill Jonathan, draper and milliner, 79 King street Gill Mrs Mary, Thornhill terrace, Bradford rd. Fartown

Glaisyer John, wholesale tea and coffee merchant, 7 Cloth hall street; h 26 South street

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390 Wuddersfield Directory. Gledhill James, summons & warrant officer, Grove st [Greenhalgh William, smallware dealer (Flower & G.); Gledhill John, grocer, Manchester road h Gledholt bank, Paddock Gledhill John, jun. woollen manufacturer, Brook’s yard, I Greenwood Brothers, dyers, Lower Aspley Market street; and Golcar Greenwood Edward, canal engineer, 58 Commercial st Gledhill John & Co. woollen manufacturers, 4 Market I Greenwood Edward, shuttle maker, 67 Castlegate street ; and Crosland moor Greenwood Mrs Elizabeth, 24 Manchester road Gledhill Luke & Co. woollen merchants, George street; I Greenwood Lieut-Colonel Frederick, Edgerton lodge, h 27 Fitzwilliam street West Upper Edgerton Gledhill Robert, engineer, millwright, steam engine I Greenwood George, engincer, lithographer, printer, &c.

manufacturer, &c. Bradley mills Ironworks; and yarn spinner (J. Knight & Co.); h Leedsrd (See Advt. p. 77) edhill Rt. Hy. hairdsr. & smllwr. dlr. Storthes, Mold gn edhill Samuel, woollen manufacturer, Brook’s yard, Market street: and Golear edhill Tom, wholesale smallware dealer, Riley’s yard, Market street; h Thomas street edhill Wm. (Luke & Co.); h West hill, Trinity street edhill William, pianoforte manufacturer, Graham's buildings, Kast parade (See Advertisement, page 71) endinning Alexander (Alexander & Son); h Fartown endinning Alex. & Son, woollen merts. 11 New North rd endinning Charles (Alexander & Son); h Ash villa, Old Halifax road, Hillhouse endinning Samuel & Co. woollen merchants, buildings; h Glenfield house, Lindley endinning William, boot and shoe maker & woollen draper, 16 & 18 Cross Church street, & Market place; h King’s cliff terrace, Birkby Glynn William, beerhs. Royal Oak, 26 Manchester street Golden Edward, victualler, Boot and Shoe Inn, 11 New street (See Advertisement, paye 90) Golden James William, oil importer (Freeman and G.); h 21 Bath buildings, John William street Golden William, gun maker and ironmonger, 7 Cross Church street ; h Granville cottage, 75 New North rd Goldthorp David, corn mill manager, Commercial st Goodall John, warehouseman, Willow lane, Hillhouse Goodwin Joseph (William & Sons); h South street Goodwin William (Wm. & Sons); h Prospect st. South st Goodwin William and Sons, slate merchants and dealers in tiles, &c. Fountain street Goodyear William, shopkeeper, Bay hall, Hillhouse Gott George, spirit merchant's foreman, Queen street Gough David, woollen manufacturer, 7 Lancaster’s yard; and Almondbury Gough John, grocer & provision dealer, Shore, King st Graham Abram (A. & Sons), 67 Manchester road Graham Abram, jun. (A. & Sons), 65 Manchester road Graham Abram and Sons, stonemasons and builders, 69 Manchester road , Graham Ben (Abram & Sons), 51 Manchester road Graham Benjamin, brick maker, contractor, and stone merchant, Bridge end, Mold green Graham Eliott, grocer, and Post and Money Order office, Manchester road Graham George, fish and poultry dealer, South terrace, Bradford road, Fartown Graham George, painter, Holme’s yard, Buxton road; h Eleanor street, Hillhouse Graham Joseph (Abram & Sons); h Grove street Graham Joseph, comcl. traveller, Whitestone In. Fartown Graham Miss Lucy, 9 New North road Graham Miss Martha, dressmaker, Folly hall Graham Mrs Mary, grocer, &c. Hillhouse lane Great Northern & Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway Co. carriers, St. George’s square ; Thompson, McKay & Co. agents; Chas. Morton, local agent Greaves John, shopkeeper, Nether royd hill Greaves Joseph, herbalist (Wilkinson and Co.), 34 Northumberland street Green David Marshall, bookslr. & newsagt. 43 Swallow st Green Edward (Silica Fire Brick Co.), Oughtibridge, near Sheffield); h Bolroyd house, Fartown green Grecn Hy. George, comcl. traveller, Eleanor st. Fartown

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Brook’s yard, Market street; h 6 George street Greenwood George, shuttle mkr. Storthes, Mold green Greenwood Geo. Hy. (G., Hanson & Co.); h Almondbury Greenwood, Hanson & Co. woollen manufacturers and merchants, Railway street; and Longwood Greenwood Mrs Harriet, lodgings, 28 Portlund street Greenwood Henry Rastrick (Brothers); h Lower Aspley Greenwood James, wine merchant (Lister & G.); h Pros- pect place, Marsh Greenwood John, machine & shuttle mkr. Upr. Aspley Greenwood John, paperhanging merchant (Jas. Burman and Co.) ; h17 South parade Greenwood Joseph, woollen manufacturer, Hirst’s build- ings, Cloth hall street; and Old Moll mill, Honley Greenwood Thomas, engraver & lithog. printer, la Mar- ket place; h Bell hall, Somerset road, Mold green Greenwood William, mungo manufacturer, Folly hall mills; h Chapel hill Greenwood William Willans, wool merchant (William Willans & Co.); h 33 Ramsden street Greeves Miss Eliza Mary, profr. of music, 99 Bradford rd Grierson Mrs Priscilla, boarding house, Wentworth st Grist Jno. Jabez (Sons & Co.), Hightield ter; h Bradley In Grist, Sons and Co. West of England shoddy and waste manufacturers, Brook street & Westgate; and Lewis- ton mills, Brimscombe, Gloucestershire Gunning Michael, clothes dealer, Kirkgate Gymnasium Hall, 31 Ramsden st; Jno. Le Blane, propr Hadfield James, pawnbroker, Castlegate Hague John, shopkeeper, Duke street Hahn Hermann and Co. woolstaplers and merchants, Brook's yard, Market street ; h Hamburgh Haigh Alan Brook, woollen manufacturer, 1 Brook’s yard, and Paddock; h Brooktield house, Paddock Haigh Allen (David & Sons); h Imperial road, Edgerton Haigh Allen, hatter’s assistant, Gledholt bank Haigh Mrs Ann, Prospect place, Marsh Haigh Mrs Ann, milliner & draper, Upperhead row Haigh Armitage (John & Sons), Firth street Haigh Ben (John & Sons); h Croft house, Quarmby Haigh Benjamin and Son, woollen manufacturers, 32 King’s head buildings, and Skelmanthorpe Haigh Brothers, cloth dressers, Folly hall Haigh Charles, skep, hamper and basket manufacturer, Longroyd bridge; h Milner terrace, Manchester road Haigh David and Sons, woollen manufacturers and merchants, St. George’s street Haigh Mrs Dorothy, painter, & victualler, Bull’s Head, 22 Beast market Haigh Edward, joiner & cabt. mkr. Church st.Paddock Haigh Edward, salesman, 19 Green head lane Haigh Edwin, heald and slay maker, Bradley street North; h 8 Commercial street (See Advert. p. 81) Haigh Miss Eliz. Ann, Natl. schoolmistress, Seed hill Haigh Fredk. (David & Sons); h Imperial rd. Edgerton Haigh Frederick (UH. & Mills); h Back Spring street Haigh George, cab proprietor and livery stable keeper, Swan-with-Two-Necks yard, Westgate; hSt. Peter’s st Haigh George, vict. Hope on Anchor, Kirkgate & King st Haigh George, woollen manufr. 1 Quay st. & Slaithwaite Haigh George, yarn spinner, Britannia mills, Colne road; h 46 Spring street Haigh Mrs Hannah, Shore bank, Commercial street Haigh Miss Harriet, dressmkr. 3 York pl. New North rd Haigh Henry (John & Sons); h Imperial road, Edgerton

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Huddersfield Directory.

Haigh Henry, beerhouse, Union Inn, Leeds road Haigh Henry, tobenst. 68 King st. & hairdrssr. Mold grn Haigh James, beerhs. Black Horse, Upperhead row Haigh James, clerk, 65 Bradford road Haigh John (Brothers); h Lockwood crescent Haigh John (John & Joseph Armitage); h Honley Haigh John, brickmaker, Firth street; h King’s mill lane, Mold green Haigh John, handle stock, and card back maker, Market street, Paddock Haigh John, shopkeeper, 24 Swallow street Haigh John, solr. & comisnr. in Chancery & Comn. Law courts, Albert bldgs. New st; h Bellevue hs. Lindley Haigh John, stock and share broker, Lion Arcade, John William strect; h 29 Spring street Haigh John, victualler, White Hart, Cloth hall strect Haigh John, woollen mert. (John & Sons}; h Quarmby Haigh John, jun. woollen manufacturer, St. George’s square, and Slaithwaite; h Quarmby Haigh John Crawshaw, agent to Mellor and Waddington, paper manufrs. Victoria st; h East view pl. Marsh Haigh J. & H. woollen mirs. 40 White Hart yd. & Golear Haigh John and Joseph Armitage, coal proprietors, Mineral dep6t, Fitzwilliam street (Jno. Clough, agent); and Brincliffe pits, Morley, and Honley Haigh John & Sous, ironfounders & woollen carding ma- chine mkrs. Priestroyd mills, Firth st (Sve Advt. p.73) Haigh John & Sons, woollen merchants, 38 Westgate Haigh John Thomas, ironfdr. (Jno, & Sons); h East par Haigh John William, woollen manufacturer, 30 King’s Head buildings; and Haigh Mr Joseph, Birkby Haigh Joseph, greengrocer, 56 Northgate Haigh Joseph, hosier & glover, 13 Haigh Jph. Armitage (John & Jph. Armitage) ; h Morley Haigh Levi, painter, &c. 91 Kirkgate Haigh Mrs Mary, Luck lane house, Marsh Haigh Mrs Mary, beerhs. Oddfellows’ Arms, 16 High st Haigh Mrs Mary, servants’ register oftice, Lion Arcade, John William street; h St. Peter’s street Haigh Mrs Mary, shopkeeper, 58 Manchester road Haigh Mr Matthew, Storthes, Mold green Haigh & Mills, smiths & farriers, Back Spring street Haigh Phineas (John & Sons); h Kast parade Haigh Mrs Rachel, 4 South parade Haigh Samuel W. (Thomas & Son); h Colne Bridge hs Haigh Mrs Sarah, provision dealer, 31 Duke street Haigh Mr Thomas, Luther place, Upper Edgerton Haigh Thomas (Thomas & Son); h Bradley lodge Haigh Thomas, beerhs. Foresters’ Arms, 95 Kirkgate Haigh Thomas Henry, watch maker, jeweller & dentist, 48 Westgate, & Crown hotel yard, Upperhead row Haigh Thomas & Son, cotton spinners & warp manu- facturers, Rhodes yd. King st. & Colne bridge mills Haigh Tom (Brothers); h Folly hall, Engine bridge Haigh Walter, wlln. mfr (Tolson, H., & Brooke); h Dalton Haigh Walter Emanuel, tailor, Brow road, Paddock Haigh William, grocer & farmer, Centre place, Marsh Haigh William, joiner & builder, & saw mills, Viaduct works, Longroyd bridge Haigh William, solicitor, commissioner in Chancery, and common law courts, & consular agent, for United States, Union Bank court; h East st. Lindley Haigh Wm. wlln. mfr. Brooks yd. Market st. & Golear Haigh William Henry, professor of music, Grove street Haigh William Rowlston, merchant (A. & S. Henry and Co.); h Dudmanstone, Berry brow Hale Joseph Thomas, yarn spinner (D. Sykes, H., and Bell) ; h 52 New North road Hale Robert & Co. tobnsts. & cigar merts. 58 New st Haley Hy. shoeing & jbbng. smith,Queen’s hd.yd. King st Haley John William, shopkeeper, 22 Upperhead row Halifax & Huddersfield Union Banking Co. Westgate; Edward Sikes, manager



Abraham, woollen manufacturer, yard, oth Hall street; & Quarmby I Alexander (H. & Marsden) ; h Queen street & Bray, painters, decorators, paper hanging

dealers, &c. 69 King street Bros. woollen manufactrs. Westgate, & Marsden Francis, blacksmith & wheelwright, Northumber-

Jand street; h Carr pit, Mold green

Hall George, boot & shoe maker, Upperhead row Hall George, druggist, Kirkgate; h Coweliffe Hall Houldsworth (H. & Bray), 69 King street Hall Miss Isabella, bdg. & day school, Crofthouse lane Hall James, victualler, Royal hotel, Fartown green Hall Joe, master of St. Thomas’ schools; h Paddock Hall John, mungo merchant, Queen yard, Market st; h Alma cottage, Greenhead lane Hall Joseph (H. & Mallinson); h Springfield villa,

Low Harrogate Joseph, grocer, Old Halifax road, Hillhouse & Mallinson, land agents & surveyors, Market pl & Marsden, woollen manufactrs. 32 John Wilham reet, Beastmarket, & Waterloo mills, Leeds road Samuel (Brothers); bh Binn lodge, Marsden William, beerhs. Musicians’ hall, 3 Northgate as Mrs Ann, vict. Peacock, Leeds road, Fartown as John, tailor & woollen draper, Bradford road owell Joseph, groeer & provision dlr. Longroyd In Abraham, oil agent, Bradford road, Fartown stead & Akroyd, yarn spinners, Wells mill, Brook reet, & Northgate stead Benjamin, mungo, &c. merchant (Gustav Rich- ter and Co.); h Birkby Halstead Edward (H. & Akroyd) ; h Green street Halstead Mrs Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 2 Grove street Halstead Henry, egg merchant, Oxford street Halstead Mrs Mary Ann, millnr. Bradford rd. Fartown Halstead Samuel, news agent, 5 Northgate Halstead Thomas, woolstapler (Bradbury, H. & Co.); h 832 Trinity street Hamer William, grocer & earthenware dir. Mold green Hammell Huch, shopkeeper, 103 Cowcliffe Hammond Charles, clerk, Nursery terrace, Birkby Hammond Joseph, tea dealer, 48 King street Hammond Wm. gardener & florist, Birkby hill, Birkby Hampshire Thos. tailor (Ovens & H.) ;h 51 Ramsden st Hampson Chs. butcher, 27 Shambles, & 14 Manchstr. st Humpson John, grocer, 88 Custle gate; & wheelwright, Bradley street Hampson John William, drysalter (James Laing, Son, and Co.}; h 2 Manchester street Hanson Mrs Ann, shopkeeper, Leeds road North Hangon Benj. wiln. mfr. (Greenwood, H., & Co.); h Lngwd Hanson Charles, watch maker, 17 Chapel hill Hanson David, joiner & builder, Bradford road Hanson Geo. Hy. (John & Son); h Delph hs. Paddock Hanson Henry, commercial traveller, 25 George street Hanson Isaac, hairdresser & perfumer, 46 Westgate Hanson Jacob, tea & coffee dealer, Hillhouse lane Hanson Mrs Jane, 26 Portland street Hanson Rev. John (Baptist), Bradford rd. Fartown Hanson John (John & Son); h Delph house, Paddock Hanson John, heald & slay maker, 39 Buxton road Hanson John & Co. lead pipe manufacturers, Rashcliffe Lead works, Folly hall Hanson John & Son, grers, & tea dlrs. Upr. brow, Paddock Hanson John Wm. woollen salesman, 36 West parade Hanson Mr Joseph, Oaklands cottage, Leeds road Hanson Josepn Eccles, tea & coffee dealer, Riley’s yard, Market street; h Bradford road Hanson Joshua, woollen mfr. Zetland mills, Queen st. South, & Stables st; h Royd ldg. Commercial street Hanson William, victualler, Fitzwilliam htl. Nortugate Hanson William & Co. cabinet makers, upholsterers, &¢. 48 New street

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Wuddersfield Directory.

Hardcastle George, grocer, Old Halifax road, Hillhouse Joseph, appraiser, 20 Commercial street Hardisty William, grocer, Market street, Paddock Hardy Dd. joinr. Viaduct st. & mattress mkr. St. Peter's st Hardy Samuel, painter, &c. (Knight, H., & Jackson) ; h South street Hardy Uriah, butcher, 29 Shambles, & 12 Market walk; h Lockwood Hare Charles Kershaw, manager of Water wks. Spring st Hargreaves Dickinson, manager, Eleanor st. Fartown Hargreaves George, machine broker, & hay & straw dealer, Lowerhead row Hargreaves Henry, whitesmith, & range fitter up, Fitzwilliam street; h York strect Harercaves Joshua, coal agent, Quay street Harling George, baker & shopkeeper, Market st. Paddock Harmston Mrs Hannah, artist in wax, East parade Harmston Hy. fruiterer, 2 South parade; h Kast parade Harper George, printer & publisher of Huddersfield Chronicle, 4 Cross Church st; Yews hill, Lockwood Harper Hy. beerhs. Tam O’Shanter, Brow rd. Paddock Harpin Henry, confectioner, 12 Northgate Harpin William, outfitter, 55 New street Harral William & Co. drapers, outfitters, & boot & shoe dealers, 34 Cross Church street; h 63 Spring street Harries Robert, draper, 21 Spring street Harrington Mrs Ann, shopkeeper, 7 Northgate Harris Thos. clerk, Thornhill tr. Bradford. rd. Fartown Harrison & Bedford, ironfounders & engineers, Pheonix Iron works, Leeds road Harrison George, Corporation surveyor’s clk. Prospect st Harrison Joe & Co. woollen manufacturers, 23 White Hart yard, & Albion mill, Golear arrison John, tailor, Fenton row, Manchester road Harrison John Wm. (H. & Bedford) ; h Leeds road Harrison Mr Joseph, Longroyd Jane Harrison Joseph Archeson, woollen merchant, Wood street ; h Claremont cottage, New North road Harrison & Sykes, canvas & yarn mfrs. & wool sheet merchants, 30 Albion street, & 14 Cloth Hall street Harrison Thomas (H. & Sykes) ; h 30 George strect Harrison Thos. draper, & insurance agt. 53 Ramsdenst Harrop Mrs Ann, Fitzwilliam street Harrop William, wool merchant's mgr. 12 West hill Harry Sergeant John, Yeomanry Cavalry, Ramsden st Hartley Alf. bhs. Engine tav. Halifax road, Hillhouse Hartley Benjamin, cotton waste breaker, Britannia mills, Colne road; h Chapel hill Hartley Mrs Betsy, victualler, Woolpack, 1 Buxton road Hartley Mrs Elizbth. servts’. reg. office, 21 Lowerhd. rw Hartley Geo. collector, Fartown toll bar, Bradford road Hartley Henry, professor of music, 18 Bradford road Hartley James, printer, lithogiapher, & bookbinder Nelson’s buildings, New strect ; hb 89 Union street Hartley Miss Martha, 48 West parade Hartley Matthew, cotton & waste fuller, Britannia mills, Colne road; h Wood top Hassall John Mills, cloth dresser & miller, White Hari yard, & Waterloo mills, Leeds road; h Thornhill terrace, Bradford road Hastings William, accountant, & land, estate, & insur- ance agent, 26 Ramsden street Hatch John Vincent, artist & photgpr. 25 Buxton road Hateley Henry, brassfinisher, & chandclicr, &c. manu- facturer, Bradford road (See Advertisement, page 35.) Hattersley Benjamin (George & Sons); h Quarmby Hattersley George & Sons, fancy woollen manufactrs. Fox street; & Quarmby Clough Hattersley James, shopkeeper, 43 Union street Hattersley Joseph, painter & paper hanger, Challand’s yard, King street Hattersley William Hall (George & Sons); h Oakes, Lindley-cum-Quarmby Hatton Miss Grace, lodgings, Zetland street

Hawkins Wm. butcher & grocer, Storthes, Mold green Hawkins Wm. saddler, 8 Cloth Hall street ; h Grove st Hawksworth Thomas, nail maker, Fountain street Hawksworth Thos. German yeast impr. 16 Commel, st Haworth Jesse, vy. Swan with Two Necks htl. 8 Westgt Hay Thomas Henry, cotton waste dealer, Angel yard, Macaulay street; bh Whitestone lane, Fartown Hayes Daniel, night inspector of police, Henry street Hayley Henry, mfg. chemist, Bradley’s bldgs. North gt Hayley John Hannah, commission agt. Hillhouse lane Hayley Mrs Mary, Queen street Hayton John, broach turner, Redfearn’s mills, Leeds road; h Northumberland street Haywood Thomas, clerk & salesman, Fitzwilliam strect Heady Robt. Adams, carver, gldr. newsast. &c. Uprhd.rw Heap John & Brothers, woollen mfrs. Lancaster’s yard, Cloth Hall street; & Crosland mills, South Crosland Heap Jph (John & Bros.); h Crosland mls.8. Crosland Heap Richard Ross, grocer (C. Lockwood & Co.); and woollen manufacturer (John Heap & Brothers); h 25 Bath terrace, John William street Heap Robert (John & Bros.) ; h Grove house, Honley Heaps Allen (H. & Walker) ; h Lord’s mill, 8. Crosland Heaps Charles (I, A. & Co.}), 13 Westgate Heaps T. A. & Co. ironmongers, gasfitters, weighing machine manufacturers &c. 13 Westgate Heaps & Walker, fancy woollen manufacturers, Nelson’s buildings, New street, & Lord’s mill, South Crosland Heaton George, brush mannfacturer, 49 King street Heaton Richard, painter, Brow road, Paddock Heaton Thomas, supt. of county police, 10 Princess st liecaton Thomas, jun. oil & soap merchant & commis- sion agent, Pack Horse yard; h Brighouse Hebblethwaite Brothers, woollen merchants, & cotton and silk dealers, Marshall’s yd. Westgate, & Fox st Hebblethwaite George Hirst (Brothers); h Knowle villa, Mirfield

Hellawell Abel, coal mert. & boot maker, 25 Viaduct st Hellawell Abraham, waste merchant (J. Rayner & Co.) ; h Fitzwilliam street

awell Mrs Ann (exors. of late Jas. H.), 60 New st awell Benjamin, bhs. Clarence inn, 26 Chapel hill awcll James (cxors.), drapers, hosiers, hard and smallware dealers, 60 New street awell James, shopkeeper, South street awell John, corn dealer, 16 Buxton road awell John, grocer, Market street, Paddock awell Jonas, surgeon, 46 Buxton road awell Jph. clothdresser, Back Spring st;h South st awell Miss Martha, dress & mantle mkr. 7 George st iwell James, manufacturing chemist, 25 John st; h 23 Lowerhead row Im Henry, saw mill proprietor, Back Ramsden strect ; h 47 Ramsden street m Tom, timber merchant, Back Ramsden street; h The Ferns, Grimscar, Old Halifax road Helm Wm. wiln. mfr. 11 White Hart yard, & Rastrick Hemingway George, comsn. agent, paper and rag mert. and sheet, sack & bag mkr. Half Moon st; h Aspley Henry A. & 8S. & Co. shipping merchants, 34 Market st. and Threadneedle street; & at Bradford & Leeds Henshall Saml. (W. D. & S.); h Croft cottage, Hillhs Henshall Mrs. draper, 104 King st; h Hillhouse lane Henshall W. D. & S. drapers & carpet, &c. warehouse- men, 17 New street Henshall William Daniel (WW. D. & S.); h Northfield, High Burton Heppenstall Mrs Ann, Commercial street Heppenstall Bros. cotton & wlln. dyers, Turnbdg. Quay st Heppenstall Enoch (Bros.) ; h Clara street, Fartown Heppenstall Icon, beerhouse, Palace, 8 Princess street Heppenstall Law, wlln. mfr. Fox street; & Longwood Heppenstall Rd. (Bros.); h Belmont ter. Brunswick pl Heppleston Geo. hard & smallware dealer, 75 King st

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Muddersfield Directory.

Hepworth Charles, tailor, Market street, Paddock Hepworth Ed. flockdlr. Wellington yd. Westgt ; h Lindley Hepworth Enoch, clerk, Church terrace, Paddock Hepworth Friend, wlln. mfr. 5 Vance’s bdgs. & Sheeprdg Hepworth Henry, slipper manufacturer, Manchester rd Hepworth John, florist, 1 Outeote bank, Manchester road; & Crosland moor Hepworth Jno, yarn spinner, Folly hall mills; h Paddock Hepworth William, coal merchant, Spring wood and Elland; h Paddock Hepworth William, victualler, Newtown tavern, and grocer & tea dealer, 17 & 19 Newtown Heron Mrs Charlotte, 4 Bath bldgs. John William st Heron Miss Sarah, Imperial road, Edgerton Herring Miss Mary, 17 Bath bldgs. John William street Herwin Edwin, beer retailer & grocer, Castle gate Heslop Richard, watchmaker, jeweller, &c. 6 New st Hesp Edw. Lake (H., Fenton & Owen); h Spring grove Hesp, Fenton & Owen, solicitors, & commissioners in common law courts, Lockwood's yard, New strect Hesseltine John Henry, commercial traveller, Thorn- hill terrace, Bradford road, Fartown Heussner Chas. salesman, 24 Bath bldgs. John Wm. st Hewison Mrs Sarah, greengrocer, Market st. Paddock Hewitt Robt. cabt. mkr (Midwood & H.); h 17 Duke st Hewitt Wm. tobacco & cigar dlr. & insur. agt. 77 South st Hey Benjamin (Benj. & John); h 16 New North road Hey Benjamin & John, wlln. dyers, Turnbridge, Quay st Hey Mrs Elizabeth, 7 Fitzwilliam street West Hey Gcorge & Sons, fancy woollen manufacturers, 2 Lancaster’s yard, Cloth Hall street; & Kirkburton Hey Jonathan, picture frame dealer, 30 Albion street Heyley Mr John Hannah, 17 George street Heywood George, stonemason & builder, Swallow st Heywood John, shopkeeper, Old Halifax road, Hillhotise Heywood William, manager, 35 St. Paul’s street Hick Wm. teazie mert. Swan yd. Kirkgate ;h West field Higgins Abm, Midgley, solr’s. clk. Nursery ter. Birkby Higgins Thomas Sellers, chemist (Wheatley & H.); h 22 West parade Hiley Ashton (Saml. & Son), Honoria street, Fartown Hiley George, chapel keeper, Clara street, Fartown Hiley George, shopkeeper, Victoria street, Mold green

Hiley Mr Samuel, Birkby hill, Birkby Hiley Samuel (8S. & Son); h Fartown Hiley Sml. & Son, clth. fnshrs. Engine brdg. Folly hall Hill Benjamin David, commercial traveller, Birkby

Hill Charles, boot maker, Roebuek’s yard, 20 John st Hill David, shopkeeper, Market street, Paddock Hill Edward, joiner and builder, and washing machine maker, Upperhead row; h 25 South parade Hill John, stonemason & builder, Albion street

John Rd. elk. at railway station, Greenst. Mold grn

Hill Mrs Martha, 16 Trinity street Hill Mr Richard, Clarehill, Newtown Hill Robert, chemist & druggist, 42 Buxton road i Wiltr. jnr. & bldr. Pack Horse yd. Firth st; h Aspley

William, bhs. Turf tavern, Shorehead, Ramsden st Hillhouse Co-operative Society, Bradford road, Far- town; Benjamin Parker, manager Hilton Evan Stock & Co. cotton waste dealers, &c. Shambles lane; h Royds hall, Paddock Hilton Joe Sykes, earrier, Longroyd bridge Hinchliff Edw. blacksmith & farrier, Nether royd hill Hinehliff Mys Elizabeth, 5 Fitzwilliam street West Hinehliff J. & G. woollen manufacturers & merchants, West gate; & Hinchliff James (J. & G.}; h Glenside, Edgerton Hinchliffe Mrs Betty, lodgings, York street Hinchliffe Mrs Elizabeth, dressmaker, York street Hinchliffe Joe, clk. & watch maker, Storthes, Mold gm Hinchliffe John, blacksmith, Pcel’s yard, Kirkgate Hinchliffe John, whitesmith, &c. Swan yard, Kirkgate; h Woodbine cottage, Northgate


I Hinchliffe John, woollen manufacturer, Brook’s yard,

Market street; & Thong’s bridge, Netherthong Hinchliffe John, woollen yarn spinner, Riley’s yard, Market street; & Denby dale Hinchliffe Reuben, joiner & builder, Bradford road ; h Back Clara street, Hillhouse Mrs Sarah, Thornhill tr. Bradford. rd. Fartwn Hinchliffe Thomas & Sons, woollen manufacturers, 24 Vance’s buildings, Cloth Hall street ; & Holmfirth Hindle Hy. jnr. Helm’s yd.; & bh. Golden Cross,Chas. st Hird Richard, solicitor (Jones & H.), commissioner in Chancery & common law courts; bh 43 Carlton place, New North road Hird Mr Robert, 14 South street Hirst Abraham James, clothes dealer, Castle gate Hirst Alfred (Charles & Sons); h New North road Hirst Mrg Ann, wine & spirit & cigar merchant, & vic- tualler, Queen’s head, 59 King st; h Fitzwilliam ter Hirst Benjamin, flock merchant, Marshall’s yard, West- gate; h Clara strect, Bradford road Hirst Benjamin, foreman, Tunnel street Hirst Benj. jnr. & bldr. 3 Ramsden st; h Prospect pl Hirst Mrs Betsy Sarah, Croft house, Paddock Hirst Brothers, corn millers, Leeds road, Deighton Hirst Chas. (Chas. & Son); h Brunswick pl. Bradley In Hirst Chs. jun. (Chs. & Sous); h Imperial rd. Up.Edgertn Hirst Chs. broker & salesman, Crown htl. yd. Uprhd.rw Hirst Chs. & Co. waste dirs. Manchstr. st; h Edgerton Hirst Charles & Co. fancy woollen manufacturers, West- gate, Kilner yard, Market strect, & Bird’s cdge mill, near Denby dale; h Banks villa, near New mill Hirst Charles & Son, wool merchants, 10 Cloth Hall st Hirst Mrs Christiana, lodgings, 14 Portland street

Hirst Ndward & Son (William), woollen manufacturers, St. George’s square; h Bird’s edge, Denby dale

Hirst Mrs Elizabeth, 50 Spring street Hirst Mrs Ellen, shopkeeper, 28 Cross Grove street Hirst Miss Emma, dressmaker, 43 St. Paul’s street Hirst Geo. actuary of Savings’ Bk. Buxton rd; h Honley Hirst George, bootmaker, Queen street Hirst George, wool buyer, Cross lane, Marsh Hirst George Henry Sheard, law stationer, 33 John William street; h Lower Aspley Hirst Mrs Hannah, cabt. maker & furn. dlr. King st Hirst Henry, shopkeeper, 42 Thomas street Hirst Henry, vict. Shakespeare hotel, 51 Northgate Hirst Henry, jun. & Co. woollen yarn spinners, 7 Lower- head row, Quay st. & Turnbridge; h Commercial st Hirst James, flock dealer, Marshall’s yard, Westgate h Clara street, Fartown Hirst James, preengrocer, 15 John street Hirst James, woollen merchant (Thomas & Son, and J. Brook & Co.) ; h Low Westwood, Golcar Hirst Jeremiah John, farmer, Marsh Hirst Jno. corn mllr (Bros.), Deighton ; h Clare bill,Nwtn Hirst John Edwin, butcher, 41 Shambles, & Lindley Hirst John & Sons (Joshua, Ben, & John, jun.), woollen manufacturers, Wood st. & Dob Cross, Saddleworth Ilirst Joseph (Charles & Son); h Mold green Hirst Joseph, cloth dresser, Folly hall milis Hirst Joseph, draper, 39 New street Hirst Joseph, Esq., J.P. fancy woollen manufacturer, Union Bank court, & Wilshaw, Royd edge & Meltham; h Wilshaw villa, Meltham Hirst Joseph, gentleman, 35 Commercial street Hirst Joseph, joiner, &c. 9 Greenhead lane Hirst Joseph, tailor & outfitter, 1 High street, & pawn- broker, 36 Buxton road; h 20 New North road Hirst Jph. wlin. mfr. 11 King’s hd. bldgs. & Slaithwaite Hirst Joseph, woollen yarn spinner, Wells mills, North- |__ gate; hb Commercial street Hirst Mrs Lydia, Birkby crescent, Birkby Hirst Mrs Mary, draper, 31 Leeds road

I Hirst Mr Matthew Heury, 36 Fitzwilliam street West

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Wuddersfield Directory.

Hirst Michael, draper, 3 John Wm. st ; h Spring grovest Hirst Nathan Bagshaw, hat repairer, 38 Buxton road Hirst Reuben & Wm. cotton spinners & warp makers, Turnbridge mills, Quay street ; h Lockwood Hirst Mr Richard, 15 Bath bldgs. John William street Hirst Richard Leach, collector of highway rates, Marsh Hirst Robert Swindle, woollen manufacturer, Redfearn’s mills, Leeds road; h Sheepridge Hirst Samuel, gentleman, Edgerton grv. Upr. Edgerton Hirst Samuel, tailor, Fenton row, Manchester road Hirst Samuel & Co. wool merts. & importers, 65 New st Hirst Samuel Kirk, manager, Clara strect, Fartown Hirst Thomas, cabinet mkr. & furniture brkr.7 Buxton rd Hirst Thomas, clerk, 7 South street Hirst Thomas, cotton waste dealer, Folly hall mills; h Lockwood road Hirst Thomas Bennett, bookseller and stationer, Astin’s yard, West parade Hirst Thomas and Co. woolstaplers, Marshall’s yard, Westgate; h Willow bank, Edgerton Hirst Thomas & Son, woollen manufacturers, 13 Market street; and Low Westwood mills, Golcar Hirst William, chapel keeper, South street Hirst William, clogeer & shoemaker, 9 Outcote bank Hirst William, clothes dlr. Upperhead rw. & Chapel hill Hirst William, fancy woollen manufacturer, 3 Lancas- ter’s yd. Cloth hall st. & Fountain st; h Bird’s lodge Hirst William, wool cleaner, Rasheliffe; h Ash villa, Old Halifax road, Hillhouse Hirst William Edwards (Samuel and Co.); h Lascelles hall, Kirkheaton Hislop Wm. gent. Beanland hs. Imperial rd. Edgerton Hitchon Mrs Sarah, 19 St. Paul’s street Hobkirk Chas. P. cashier, Melville pl. Honoria st. Fartwn Hobson Fdk. Brown, upholsterer & cbt. mkr.1 Princess st Hobson Jonas and Sons, woollen manufacturers, 4 Mar- ket street; and Holmfirth Hodgkinson Joshta, b. Fleece, Hawk st. Northumbrld. st Hodgson Richard, beerhs. Dog & Gun, 45 Ramsden st Hodgson William, boot & shoe mkr. High st. Paddock Hoerle Geo. Frederick Charles, manufacturing chemist (James Robinson & Co.); h New North road Hogan Thomas, plasterer & whitewasher, Newtown Holdsworth Mrs Harriet, North ter. Bradford rd. Fartwn Holdsworth Henry, stonemason & builder, Fitzwilliam st Holdsworth James Lister, card maker, Upperhead row; h 50 Newhouse Holdsworth Jph. corporation survyr’s. assist. Fitzwm. st Holland Miss Sar. Jane, mistress of Congl. schl. Mold gn Holliday Read and Sons (Thomas Henry & Charles H.), manufacturing chemists, Turnbridge; and 4 Leather lane, London; h Lunnclough hall, Edgerton Hollings Samuel, grocer, Mold green Hollingsworth Jas. Joshua, travir. Bradford rd. Fartown Hollingsworth Michael, vict. Kaye's Arms, Quay street Hollinshead Miss Anne, day school, George street Hollyock Miss Jane Matilda, dress and mantle maker, Fitzwilliam street West Holmes Charles, woollen manufacturer, 5 Brook’s yard, Market street; h Scholes Holmes Chappell & Co. coal merchants, Railway station Holmes David, master of Trinity school, 18 Portland st Holmes David George, herbalist, 81 King street Holmes George, brhs. Richmond Inn, Manchester road Holmes Henry (Jas. & Sons); h Prickleden, Holmfirth Holmes James and Sons, fancy woollen manufacturers, 2 Market street; and Holmfirth Holmes John, grocer & provision dlr. 82-34 Northgate Holmes Misses Sarah and Ellen, New North road Holmes Thos. Walter, banker’s clk. 10 Commercial st Holmes Wiliam Cartwright & Co. gas engineers, & gas tube, pipe, lamp post, &¢. contractors, Whitestone Jronworks, Bradford road, Fartown; and London;

h 49 New North road

royd George, tailor & shopkeeper, West st. Paddock Holroyd Henry, vict. Harp, Bradford road, Fartown royd Mr John, Oak cottage, Edgerton Holroyd John (John & Joseph); h King’s mill lane royd John and Joseph, joiners and wheelwrights, Bridge end, Mold green royd Joseph, joiner (John & Joseph), and milliner, 19 Cross Church street Holroyd Joseph, silk & woollen dyer & cleaner, 38 King st royd Robinson, insurance agt. Albert ter. Fartown gn Holroyd Mr Thomas, Old Halifax road, Hillhouse Holroyd William, cloth finisher (Fizby), bh Old Halifax road, Hillhouse Holt Charles Herbert, enginecr & machine maker, Lane, Leeds road; h Manchester Holt Mrs Sybil, beerhouse, Three Nuns, Cross Grove st Tiolt Thomas, woollen merchant, Union Bank court, New street; h Newhouse Hopkinson George & Sous, velveteen, leather cloth, &c. manufacturers, Northumberland street, & Sheepridge Hopkinson Henry, woollen manufacturer, 5 Vance’s buildings, Cloth hall street, and Slaithwaite Hopkinson John (George & Sons); h Sheepridge Hopkinson John Addy (Jph. & Co.); h 30 Trinity street Hopkinson Joseph and Co. engincers and brassfounders, Britannia works, Leeds road Hopkinson Joseph and Joseph, jun. (Joseph and Co.); h Britannia cottage, St. Paul’s street Hopkinson Law (Geo. & Sons); h Paddock hs. Sheepridge Hopkinson Miss Mary, 9 Trinity street Hopkinson Mrs Rachel, New North road Hopkinson Samuel, victualler, 32 Kirkgate Hopley William (late McGregor), brassfounder and gag and steam fitter, &c. 86 Northgate (See ddut. p. 70) Hopwood Brothers, tea, coffee, and spice merchants and drysalters, Pack Horse yard, Kirkgate Hopwood Edwin (Bros.); h Springfield ter. Mold green Hopwood Hannah, beers. Brown Cow, 43 Castlegate Hopwood James & Co. tea dealers & wine merchants, Victoria lane; h Birkby Horne Miss Elizabeth, hosier, milliner, and dress and straw bonnet maker, 47 Bradford road Horner & Fell, lead merts. 19 Market walk; & Skipton Horner Forster (H. & Fell); h Craven terrace, Skipton Horner Leonard (H. & Fell); h Skipton Tlornsby George Foxton, comcl. traveller, 41 St. Paul’s st Hornsby Thomas Walker, coal merchant, Lower Aspley; h Bradley street South Horsfall Abram, dyer, Colne road Horsfall George, music seller & music & pianoforte dir. Lion arcade, John William street; h Quarmby cliff Horsfall John Wm. hosier, Union Bank ect; h Fitzwm. st Horsfall Jonas, victualler, Victoria Inn, Victoria street Horsfall Samuel, vict. Star, Bridge end, Mold green Horsfall Thomas, warehouseman, Crofthouse In. Marsh Horsfall Tom, comcel. traveller, Bradford rd. Fartown Horsfield William, greengrocer, Hill top, Paddock Horton Miss Eliza, National schoolmistress, Seed hill Horton Thomas, faney woollen manufacturer, 40 King’s Head buildings, and Kirkburton Hoskin William, grocer, 18 King street; h Westfield Hotchkiss Rey William (Independent), Dalton Houghton Roger & Son, fancy woollen mfrs. 26 Vance’s buildings, Cloth hall st. & Turnbridge ; h Almondbury Howard William, vict. Spread Eagle, 18 Manchester st Howe Edwin, cooper, King street; h 6 Commercial st Howe Henry, cooper, Shambles In; h Hill hs. Bradford rd Ifowe John, brhs. Wagoners’ Arms, 64 Manchester rd Howell Samnel, artist, Brooklyn, Upper Howgate Vipont, banker's clerk, Honoria st. Fartown Howorth Saml. rent & debt collr. Shorebnk. Commrel. st Hoyle Alfred Jackson, watchmaker and jeweller, 10 Kirkgate; b Aspley Hoyle Mr Dayid, North terrace, Bradford rd. Fartown

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Huddersfield Directory.

Hoyle Edwin Francis, boot closer and smallware dealer, 57 Manchester street Hoyle Miss Elizabeth, milliner & straw bonnet maker, North terrace, Bradford road, Fartown Hoyle George, blacksmith, Radford yard, Bradford road Hoyle George, boot and shoe maker, Upper Aspley Hoyle Mrs Hannah, smallware dealer, South street Hoyle Henry, photographer, 24 Spring street Hoyle John, woollen dealer, South street Hoyle Joseph, tailor, 3 Thomas street Hoyle Joshua, fancy woollen manufacturer, 9 King’s Head buildings, and Mytholm bridge Hoyle Misses Sarah and Harriet, drapers, King street Hoyle William, ironmer. gasfitter & whitesmith, Mold gn Hoyle William, lime dealer, 29 Swallow street Huddersfield Banking Co. 4 Cloth hall street (draw on Smith, Payne & Smiths); Chas. Wm. Sikes, manager Huddersfield Branch of the Halifax Permanent Benefit Building Society, 21 King street; Frank Curzon, sec Huddersfield Canal Co. Aspley pl; Hy. Sheppard, mgr Huddersfield Chronicle Newspaper (Saturday), 4 Cross Church street; George Harper, publisher Huddersfield College, New North roud; Samuel Sharpe, LL.B. principal; Rev Robert Bruce, M.A. hon. sec Huddersfield District Permanent Building Society, New street; Charles K. Hare, secretary Huddersfield District Clothing and Provision Society Limited, Seed hill; William Cockshaw, manager Huddersfield Equitable Permanent Benefit Building Society, 19 John William street; Henry Kaye, sec Huddersfield Examiner Newspaper (Saturday), 4 Rams- den street; Joseph Woodhead, publisher Huddersfield Industrial Co-operative Flour & Provision Society Limited, grocers & drapers, 31 Buxton road; Northgate; & Milns bridge, Lindley, Mold green, Lock- wood, Mirfield, & Paddock; Jas. Thos. Prentis, see Huddersfield Observer Newspaper (Saturday), 1 New street ; Benjamin Brown, publisher Huddersfield Rifle Volunteers (6 West York), drill shed, Ramsden street; Adjutant Chichester and Sergeant Major Hunneybell Huddersfield Union Workhouse, Birkby; George and Mrs Edna Sykes, master and matron Working Men’s Club, 41 Albion street Huddleston Anthony, joiner, &c. (Wilson, Travis & Co.); h Fitzwilliam street Hudson Mrs Ann, Queen street Hudson Miss Christiana, 31 Fitzwilliam street West Hudson Miss Eliza Thomasina, mistress, St. Paul’s School, Princess street; h Prospect row Hudson Godfrey, machine broker, and victualler, Royal Oak, 26 Beast market; and Jime burner, Whitestone lime works, Hillhouse lane Hudson John & Thos. butchers, 33 Shambles; h Lepton Hudson Thas. cotton warp mkr. Shambles In; h Dalton gn Hudson William, dyer, Colne road Hunneybell Job, sergeant major of Rifle Volunteers, Gledholt mount, Marsh Hunsworth Miss Pinlear, shopkeeper, 33 Leeds road Hurst Thomas, fancy woollen manufacturer, Hirst’s buildings, Chancery lane, and Kirkheaton Hutchinson Benj. vict. Commercial Inn, 64 New street Hutchinson Misses Sarah and Mary, day school, Church lane, Mold grecn Huth Edwd. (H. & Fischer); h Oakfield lodge, Edgerton Huth and Fischer, woollen shipping merchants, Lock- wood’s yard, New street Hutsam Benj. draper & milliner, Bridge end, Mold green Hutton Henry, coal agent, Aspley Hynes Charles, beerhs. Cropper’s Arms, Lowerhead row Hynes Martin, shopkeeper, Water lane Ibberson Jph. vict. White Lion hotel, 31 Cross Church st Ibbetson Mrs Margaret, Wentworth street Ibeson Mrs Nancy, fent dealer, 3 King street


Inchbold Henry (I. & Viney); h Woodhouse lane, Leeds Inchbold and Viney, engravers, stationers, and account book mfrs. 31 John William st; and 33 Bond st. Leeds Infirmary, New North road; Edwd. J. H. Booth, resident surgeon; Miss E. K. Kaye, matron Ingham Miss Rebecca, tea dealer, 28 Northgate Inland Revenue Office, Market st; J. Bright, supervisor Inman David, boot and shoe maker, Outcote bank Inman Henry, commercial traveller, North crescent Inman Mrs Martha, manfr. of aerated waters, Aspley pl Iredale Benjn. paperhanging salesman, Luck In. Marsh Iredale Charles, gardener, Cross lane, Marsh Iredale John, fine drawer, Nursery terrace, Birkby Iredale Miss Phoebe, National school mistress; h Nur- sery terrace, Birkby Iredale Thomas & Co. grocers, Old Halifax road, Hill house, and Lockwood Iredale Tom Stancliffe, comcl. trvlr. Imperial rd. Edgn Iredale William & Co. woollen manufacturers, Krook’s yard, Market street; and Hlland Israel Hermann (Julius & Co.); h3 New North road Israel Julius & Co. wool importers, 11 Station street; and 8 Alfred street, Leeds Israel Julius & Isaac (Julius & Co.); h Headingley, Leeds Israel Morris, (j) cigar maker, 4 Stables st. Chapel hill Ives Joseph, beerhouse, Rising Sun, Castlegate Jackson Alfd. porter at Huddersfield College; h Birkby Jackson Allen, painter, &c. (Knight, Hardy & J.); h South street Jackson Mrs Ann Townend, dressmaker, 34 Kirkgate Jackson Frank, tailor & woln. draper, 33 Manchester rd Jackson Geo. tobacconist, 834 Kirket. & Pack Horse yd Jackson Mr John Henry, West field, West hill Jackson Mrs Mary, 4 Portland street Jackson Robert, comel. traveller, West hill, Trinity st Jackson Robt. tea & coffee mert. and agent for W. & A. Gilbey’sjwines, 1 Markt pl; h Ebormnt, Nth.rd Jackson Robert, woollen mert. (Woodhead & Barker) ; h Kirkfield cottage, Kirkheaton Jackson Thomas, commrel. traveller, Clara st. Fartown Jackson Thomas, draper (Fox & J.); h Sunny bank Jackson Thomas, wine, spirit, ale, and porter mer- chant, Westgate; h Lindley Jackson Rey. Wm. (Prim. Meth.), Northumberland st Jackson William, agent to J. Fearnley, mineral depot, Fitzwilliam st; h Brown royd, Kilner bank, Dalton Jackson Wm. Michael, comel. trvir. Bradford rd. Hillhs Jacomb Frederick William, solicitor, commissioner in all courts, 13 John William strect; h Westhill Jagger Misses Ann and Betsy, mistresses of Trinity schools, 18 Portland street Jagger John, stone merchant, Jagger’s yard, Bradford road; h Rastrick Jagger Jonas (Jonas & Son); h 49 Spring street Jagger Jonas & Son, rag and cotton merts. Viaduct st Jagger Thomas, butcher, Bradford road Jagger Walter, grocer and provision dir. St. John’s rd Jagger Win. Whitley (Jonas & Son); h Hast view, Hillhs Janson George, tailor, Fitzwilliam st; h 39 Swallow st Jarmain George, manufactng. chemist, and professor of chemistry at Collegiate school, 80 Northgate Jarratt Mr James, Jarratt’s yard, 60 King street Jebson James, clothier, 80 Kirkgate & 85 King street Jebson John, jun. fancy manufacturer, 24 King’s Head buildings; and Skelmanthorpe Jebson Joseph, fancy skirt manufacturer, 24 King’s Head buildings; and Skelmanthorpe Jeffery John, spirit merchant’s manager, Queen street Jenkins Mrs Mary Ann, 12 Portland street Jepson Brothers, pork butchers, 15 Buxton road Jepson George Benus, pork butcher, Northgate Jepson Joel, coppersmith, iron and tinplate worker, 3 King street; h Lowerhead row Jepson John (Brothers) ; h Lockwood

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Muddersfield Directory.

Jessop Benjamin (Benjamin & Son) ; h Fitzwilliam st Jessop Benjamin & Son, woollen yarn spinners, 30 Beast market, and Turnbridge mills, Quay street Jessop John, shopkeeper, Nursery terrace, Birkby Jcssop Miss Margaret, dressmaker, Eleanor st. Fartown Jessop Robert Holmes, gardener and seedsman and shopkeeper, West street, Paddock Jessop William, spinner’s manager, 16 Bradford road Johnson Chas. (J. & Sons); h Edgerton villa, Edgerton Johnson Charles Kdwin woollen mert. (J. & Sons), and rope and twine merchant, Lancaster's yard, Cloth Hall street ; h Edgerton villa, Edgerton Johnson George, ironmongr. & tinplate wrkr. 19 Westgt Johnson Henry, shopkeeper, 1 Cross Grove street Johnson J. & Sons, woollen merchants, Wood street Johnson Joe Marshall, cotton spinner, 7 Vance’s build- ings, Cloth Iall street; and Mirfield Johnson John, baker and grocer, 12 West parade Johnson Joseph (J. & Sons); h Claremont terrace, Honoria street, Fartown Johnson Joseph, (j) cloth dresser, Crofthouse In. Marsh Johnson William Henry, agent for Price’s Patent Candle Co, Chancery lane; h Deighton Johnson Wm. Smithies, basket and skep mkr. Northgt Johnston David, cashier, 68 West parade Johnstone Mrs Jemima, day school, 8 Commercial st Jones Alfred, day school, Netherton; h Spring Grove st Jones Mr Charles Henry, 36 George street Jones Mrs Frances, Portland street Jones Frederick Robt. jun. solicitor (J. & Hird), & regis- trar of County Court, &c; h Lane ends. Crosland moor Jones & Hird, solicitors, la Market place Jones John, boot and shoe maker, 32 Bradford road Jones Rev. Kenneth Linton, curate of parish church; h Wentworth street Jones Mrs Lydia, 27 York street Jones Mrs Sarah, lodgings, Zetland street Jones Rey. Thos. Robt. vicar of Trinity ch; h Westhill Jones Wm. woollen cord mnufr. (Cliffe & J.), Deighton Jordan James, cloth and waistcoating manufacturer, Spring street; and Dalton Jowett Benj. sewing machine mkr. & shopr. 26 West par Jowitt David, draper, 19 King street Jowitt Isaac, plasterer, Clifton place, West parade Jowitt Jph. colour plasterer, 75 Castlegate Jubb Alfred, bookseller, stationer and general printer, 19 John William street; h 12 St. Paul’s street Jubb Mrs Sarah Ann, St. Paul’s street Kaberry Isaac, solicitor’s clerk, Birkby crescent, Birkby Kaempffer August, wool stapler (H. Hahn & Co.); h 14 Portland street Kay James, cab proprietor, 83a Cross Church street; bh 11 Northumberland street Kaye Alfred, victualler, Marsh House inn and Cre- morne gardens, Marsh Kaye Anthony Knowles, manufactng. chemist, Lind- ley and Mold green; h Pond house, Mold green Kaye Ben Green, draper’s assistant, 43 West parade Kaye Benjamin, butcher, Folly hall Kaye Benjamin, vict. Albion inn, Manchester road Kaye David, tripe dresser, Viaduct street Kaye Mrs Eliza, Springfid. house, King’s MillIn. Mold gn Kaye Miss Elizabeth Kilner, matron of Infirmary, York place, New North road Kaye George, butcher’s assistant, 28 Ramsden street Kaye George, corn dealer, 1 Rosemary lane; h Dalton Kaye George, milliner and mantle maker, 6 Buxton road; h 28 Ramsden street Kaye George, stonemason (Stead & K.); h Hill house Kaye Henry, secy. to Perm. Benefit Building Socy. and insurance agt. 19 John Wm. st; h Nthgt. Almondby Kaye James, designer and traveller, 48 Spring street Kaye James, ginger beer manufactr. 16 Bradley st. S Kaye John, warehouseman, Old Halifax rd. Hill house

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Kaye Jeremiah, timber mert. & saw mill proprtr.Quay st. Shorefoot ; Dock st; & Gt. Grimsby ; lL New North rd Kaye John, comcl. hotel and dining rooms, 34 Westet; merchant, 2 King street (See Advert. p. 90) Kaye Jolin Peter, butcher, 36 Shambles Kaye Joseph (executors of), brewers, Quay strect Kaye Joseph, butcher, 22 Shambles, and 15 Northgate Kaye Joseph, salesman, South street Kaye Joseph Heywood, corn and seed merchant, 30 King street; h 16 Georgé street Kaye Joseph & Son (Sim.), farmers and tea and coffee merchants, Lascelles hall, Lepton Kaye Mrs, Westfield house, Mold green Kaye Mrs Martha, mlnr. & stw.bnt. mkr. 19 Lwrhd. rw Kaye Mr Michael, Honoria strect, Fartown Kaye R. & J. woollen manfrs. 4 Market st; and Elland Kaye Richard Henry, inspector of weights & measures, Albert buildings, New street ; h South street Kaye Mrs Ruth, Bradley street South Kaye Thomas, draper ad milliner, 21 King street; h 36 Commercial street Kaye William, coal agent, 831 New North road Kaye Wm. tea and coffee dealer, 25 Manchester street Kaye William & Son, woollen manufacturers, Pack Horse yard; and Clayton West Keighley Mrs Elizabeth (Lockwood & h Brunswick house, Newhouse place Kell & Co. woollen & stuff merts. Station st; & Bradford Kell Robert (Kell & Co.); lh Heaton mount, ‘Bradford Kelly Miss Anne, Natl. sehl. mistrs. Hill house, Fartown Kelly James, tailor and outfitter, 10 Thomas street Kelly Joe, confectioner and wine merchant, Northgate Kelly John, tailor and draper, Lord street, Kirkgate Kemp Hy. Stephens, draper (Taylor & K.).58 Chapel hill Kendall Joe, foreman, Clara street, Fartown Kendall Samuel (K. & Wadsworth) ; h Salford, Lockwd Kendall Samuel, wood turner, Wells mills, Brook st; h Birkby lane, Birkby Kendall & Wadsworth, decorative painters and paper- hangers, Pack Horse yard, Kirkgt (See Advert. p. 36) Kennedy George, broach maker, Fountain street; h 3 Union street (See Advertisement, page 81) Kenny John, boot and shoemaker, 5 Manchester road Kenworthy David, ironfounder (K., Royston & Cross- ley); h 17 Greenhead lane Kenworthy Green (Kk. & Oates); h Queen st. South Kenworthy & Oates, tinplate workers, lamp and oil dealers, Market walk Kenworthy, Royston & Crossley, ironfounders and ma- chine makers, Chapel Hill mills, Buxton road Kenworthy Mrs Sarah, 20 Trinity street Kenyon J. & T. woollen manufacturers, St. Peter’s st. and at Dogley and Rowley mills, Kirkburton Kenyon Jno. Walter, wln. mfr. (Barnicot & K.); h Shepley Kenyon Jonas,fney. wln. mfr. Hirst’s bldgs; &Denby dale Kenyon Thomas (J. & T.); h Dogley villa, Kirkburton Kershaw Jeremiah, tailor (Bowker & K.); h Bradfd. rd Kershaw John, draper and fent dealer, Grove street Kershaw John, warehouseman, 4 Union street Kershaw Mrs My. Ann, milnr. & drsmkr. Bradfd. rd. Ftn Kettlewell Thomas, salesman, Church ter. Paddock Keyworth John, baker, 2 Shorehead burne Dan, fish dealer and herring curer, Northgate ner Albert Edw. dispenser, Infirmy ; h Gledholt bnk ner & Crosland, woollen manfrs. & merts. Byram st ilner Edward, butcher, 3 Shambles ner George & Co. (Hy.), woollen drapers and fent dealers, Storthes, Mold green Kilner George Ephraim, warehouseman, buildings, Bradford road Kilner Henry, cap manufacturer (Tiffancy & K.); bh Long Royd bridge Kilner Henry, draper and tinner, Long Royd lane Kilner Jacob Thos. (K. & Crosland); h Beanlds. Edgertn

Keighley) ;


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Huddersfield Directory.


Kilner James, warchouseman, 37 Bradford road Kilner John Hirst, clerk, 59 Spring strect Kilner Joseph, woollen mfr. (Bentley & K.); h Dalton Kilner Mrs Martha, lodgings, 19 John street Kilner Mrs Sarah, 5 New North road Kilner Thomas, tailor and draper, Northgate Kinder Jonathan, vict. Griffin, Crosland moor Kindle Mrs Elizabeth, lodgings, 15 Greeuhead lane King Mrs Anne, Spring Grove street King Wm. drest. (Fryer & K.) ; h Belgrave tr. New Nth. rd Kirby James, ale & porter mert. & tobnst. 28 Westgate Kirk Albert, architect (John & Sons); h Dewsbuyr Kirk Benjamin Reid, veterinary surgeon, 27 St. Paul’s st Kirk George, foreman machinist, Folly hall Kirk Geo. ironfndr (Schofield & K.) ; h Lockwood ersct Kirk Geo. Ellam, machine mkr. Lockwood ; h Shorehd Kirk John & Jas. Sheard (Jno & Sons); h Fitawm. st Kirk John & Sons, architects, Lion Arcade, John William street; & Dewsbury Kirk Robert, ironfounder (Bottom, K., & Ramsden); h Stables street, Chapel hill Kitchen John, tailor, Green Mount, Mold green Kitchen Squire, paintcr & paper hanger, Mold green Kitching & Brierley, woolen & stuff merchants, Northumberland buildings, Northumberland street Kitching William (K. & Brierley); h 19 Leeds road Kite hing William, plasterer & w hitewasher, North ter- race, Bradford road, Fartown Kitchingman Bros. curriers & mill strap mfirs. West par Kitchingman James (K. & Robertson) ; h Thomas st Kitchingman & Robertson, yarn scourers & general cleaners, Lane Dye house, Leeds road Kitchingman Walter (Brothers) ; h Fitzwilliam st. East Kitson Benjamin, grocer, Bridge end, Mold green Kitson Charles, joiner & wheelwright, Mold green Kitson Charles, tailor, Folly hall, Engine bridge Kitson Edwin S. vase, rustic chair, &c. manufacturer, joiner & cabinct maker, Bridge end; h Carr pit road, Mold green (See Advertisement, page 39.) Kitson John, Old Halifax road, Hillhouse Kitson Mr John Sheppard, Aspley place Knaggs Samuel, surgeon, 24 Ramsden street Knight Abraham, lime & coal mert. Railway mineral depot, Fitzwilliam st; & brickmaker, Fartown green Knight, Hardy & Jackson, paper hanging dealers, 16 John William street; & painters & paper hangers, carvers & gilders, & picture dealers, Buxton road (See Advertisement, page 85.) Knight James, manager, Co.op. Store, Leedsroad North Knight John & Co, yarn spinners, King’s mills, Mold green; h Kilner bank, Dalton Knight Thomas, victualler, Fox & Grapes, 75 Northgate Knight William Elias (K., Hardy, & Jackson) ; h Halifax Old road, Grimescar Knott Mr John, West vue, Paddock Knott John Amor, vict. Greyhound, 16 Manchester rd Knott Joseph, agent to Aire & Calder Navigation Co. Shorefoot, King street; h Seedhill Knowles Henry, surgeon, Brow road, Paddock Laing Arthur (J., Son, & Co.); h London Laing James, Son & Co. drysalters & oil importers, 2 Manchester street Lamb Robert Elliott, merchant (L., Gerber & Co. Brad- ford); h Little Brunswick street Lancashire Mrs Alice, 58 New North road Laneashire Miss Ann, Fitzwilliam street West Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Station, St. George’s square; John Thompson, station master; David Lea, goods agent; B. Wilkinson, clerk in charge Land Henry, cloth finisher, Redfcarn’s mills, road; h Fieldgate, Lowerhead row Lane Arthur William, excise officer, Zetland street Lane Dychouse Industrial Co-op. Flour & Provision Store, Leeds road North; James Knight, manager


Langton Frederick Charles Rivers, wholesale druggist (Langtons, Scott, & Eddon, 226 Upper Thames street, London); h Woodland house, Edgerton Taw Benjamin, (j) Upper Brow, Paddock Lawley Wm. commrcl. traveller, Old Halifax rd. Hillhs Lawrence Rev. George Guerard, incumbent of St. Paul’s; h 6 York place, New North road Lawton & Addy, woollen & angola yarn spinners, Water Royd mills, Turnbridge, & Folly hall Lawton David, manufacturing chemist, Firth street; h Lodge terrace, Firth street Lawton George, solicitor, 33 John William strect; h 8 Hampden place, Halifax Lawton Mrs Mary, beernouse, Dusty Miller, Folly hall Lawton Seth, draper, Buxton rd; h Eleanor st. Fartown Lawton Walter, fruiterer, Storthes, Mold green Lawton William (L. & Addy) ; h 2 Commercial place Lawton Wim. mer. of Midland Banking Co. 2 Market pl Lay Miss Sarah, 27 West parade Laycock, Dyson & Laycock, solicitors, & commissioners in all courts, Lion Arcade, John William street Laycock James Campey, solicitor (., Dyson & Laycock) ; and notary public, and clerk to magistrates; h Fitz- william house, New North road Laycock Joseph, beerhs. Turnbridge inn, 21 Quay st Lea David, goods agent, Tiancashire & Yorkshire Rail- way Co.; h West street, Paddock Learoyd Albert Jno. (Jas. & Sons) ;h North ersct. Newhs Learoyd Charles Wm. (James & Sons); h Clarehill Learoyd Frederick (James & Sons); h Edgerton Learoyd James & Sons, woollen mfrs. 2 Vance’s blidgs, Cloth Hall st. Leeds rd. & King’s mills, Mold green Learoyd Mrs Jane, 23 New North road Learoyd & Learoyd, solicitors, 3 Buxton road Learoyd Mrs. Belmont cottage, Old Halifax road, Hillhg Learoyd Nehemiah (lL. & L.), & clerk to county magis- trates, Holmfirth; commissioner in Court of Queen's Bench ;h17 Finchley rd. Regent’s Park, London, NAY, Learoyd Robt. (Wm. & Sons) ; b Edgerton bank, Edgerton Learoyd Sam Turner (William & Sons); h Stoneleigh house, Upper Edgerton Learoyd Samuel (. & L.), & commissioner in Court of Queen’s Bench; h 6 Belgrave terrace, New North rd Learoyd Tom. woollen manufacturer (Ramsden, L., and Holroyd) ; h Elmwood terrace, Newhouse Learoyd William & Sons, spinners & mfrs. Cloth Hall street; & Fairfield mills, Lane, Leeds road Lee Asa, cabinet maker, upholsterer, & cutlery dealer 8 Chapel hill Lee Brothers, woollen merts, Rhodes yard, King street Lee Edward, dyer, 21 Buxton road Lee John Ralph, grocer & corn dealer, 17 North gato Lee Mr Joseph, 4 Leeds road Lee Jph. (Bros.) ; h Birkhouse cottage, Crosland moor Lee Tom, tailor, 30 Duke street Lee Wm. wiln. mfr (J. Armitage & Co.) ; h 9 South parado Lee Wm. Hy. wlin. mert (Bros.), & flock mert (L., and Rushforth, Milnsbrdg.) ; h Birkhs. etg. Crosland mr Leece Joseph, foreman scavenger, 15 & 17 Lowerhd. ry Leech & Beaumont, architects, Ramsden street Leech Chas. chimney sweeper, Bradford rd. Fartown Leech Eli, tailor, Market street, Paddock Leech George, tailor, Marsh Leech Mr James, Upper Spring street Leech James (L. & Beaumont); h Water street Leech John, commission agent, 14 Commercial street Leceh William, tailor, Brow road, Paddock Leef William, corn & sced merchant, 26 Kirkgate Lecs Mrs Hester, 11 West hill, Trinity street Lees John, cutler, Shambles; h Commercial street Leigh Mr Thomas, Springfield terrace, Mold green Leitch Alexander Wm. commission agt. 84 West hill Lendrum George, woollen manufacturer (Joseph Mellor and Sons); h Sandy mount, Edgerton

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Huddersfield Directory.

Leonard Thomas, butcher, Shambles,

h 15 Lowerhead row Leonard Wm. clerk & sexton of St. Paul’s, 4 Zetland st Lever John, cotton doubler & warp maker, Colne road; h Queen street South Lewis William, lamp & paraffin oil dealer, Union street Liddell Mrs Catherine, boot & shoe manufacturer, 13 Market place; h Milton place, Edgerton Liddell Joseph (L. & Martin); h Beanlands, Edgerton Liddell & Martin, woollen mfrs. Vance’s buildings, Cloth Hall street, & Wellington mills, Lindley Liddiard John, gardener, Gledholt bank Lidster & Armitage, plumbers, glaziers, & gasfitters, and brassfinishers, Lion Arcade, 46 John William street, & 18 Swan yard, Kirkgate Lidster Wm. (L. & Armitage); h 23 Fitzwilliam st. W. Liebmann, Cresswell & Co. woollen shipping merchants, John William street

& Northgate;

Liebmann Maximilian (., Cresswell & Co.); h Berlin house, Edgerton Liebreich Brothers & Co. wool importers, Nelson’s buildings, New street Liebreich James & Emil (Brothers & Co.); h Bank-

field, Edgerton Lindley Job, woollen manufacturer, 29 Vance’s build- ings, Cloth Hall street ; & Hepworth Linney Henry, bootmkr. Manchstr. rd; h Springwood Linof Victor, hairdresser & perfumer, 62 John William street ; h 34 Kirkgate Linton Richard, greengrocer, Northgate Lisle Charles, greengrocer, 8 Thomas street Lisle John, machinist (Carters & L.); h Chapel street Lister & Batley, fancy woollen mfrs. Nelson’s buildings, New street, & Ashbrow miils, Nether royd hill Lister Edward George (L. & Greenwood); h Taylor hill Lister & Greenwood, wine, spirit, & foreign cigar merts. brewery agts. & lemonade, &c. mfrs. 13 Cloth Hall st Lister Henry (L. & Batley & L. & Taylor), & cloth dresser, Nelson’s buildings, New street, & Ash Brow mill, Nether royd hill; h Ash Brow place, Fixby Lister James, chimney sweeper, Union street Lister John Berry, viet. New inn, Nether royd hill Lister Joseph William, manager, Honoria st. Fartown Lister & Taylor, fancy woollen mirs. Nelson’s buildings, New street, & Ash Brow mills, Nether royd hill Literary d: Scientific Institution & Museum, Wellington buildings, Queen street; George Viney, secretary Littleton Mrs Martha, newsagent, Back Buxton road Littlewood Byram, manager, St. street Littlewood George, mungo merchant, Sergeantson st; h Salford, Lockwood Littlewood John, tailor’s manager, West hill Littlewood John & Sons, woollen manufacturers, 20 Cloth Hall street; & Littlewood Lupton & Richard (John & Sons); h Honley Littlewood Nathaniel, tailor, draper, hosier, sewing machine agent, &c. 33 New street; h 7 High street Littlewood Thos. clothes & hardware dlr. 9 Buxton rd Littlewood Thomas, ginger beer manufacturer (Tinker and L.); bh 43 Albion street Liversedge John Arthur, woollen merchant, & agent for Sutton & Co. carriers, 12 High street Liversidge David, cloth finisher (Beaumont & L.); h 27 Trinity street Livesey George, wool cleaner, Britannia mills, Colne road; h Loekwood Livesey James, flock dlr. Borough bldgs. Mold green Lobley James, woollen merchant, Swan yard, Kirkgate ; h Thornhill place, Bradford road Lobley Joe Mellor, salsmn. Beech tr. Bradfd. rd. Fartown Loekwood, Baxter & Pontefract, fancy woollen manfrs. 10 RiJey’s yard, & Britannia mills, Colne road Lockwood Ben, woollen & fancy manufacturer, 7 John William street, & Firth street ; h 58 West parade

Lockwood Brothers, woollen manufacturers, St. George’s square ; & Lee mills, Scholes, near Hepworth Lockwood Charles, woollen manufacturer, 8 King’s head buildings; h Linthwaite Lockwood Charles, woollen manufacturer, 24 John William street; & New mills, Holmfirth; h Moorcroft Lockwood Charles & Co. grocers, 54 Kirkgate Lockwood Daniel (L., Baxter & Pontefract) ; h Rashcliffa Lockwood Mrs Elizabeth, 27 South parade Lockwood Mrs Elizabeth, beerhs. Griffin, 51 Kirkgate Lockwood George, gentleman, Imperial road, Edgerton Lockwood Miss Harriet, Commercial street Lockwood James (Bros.); h Fulston hall, or. New mill Lockwood Joah, victualler, Junction hotel, Mold green Lockwood John, tailor, & cap manufacturer, 18 Market walk; h 29 Northumberland street Lockwood Jolin, woollen manufacturer, Market street, & Scholes Lockwood Jonathan Moorhouse (Brothers) ; Royds, near New mill Lockwood Joseph, hairdresser, 15 Beast market Lockwood & Keighley, woollen & Bedford cord manu- facturers & merchants, Upperhead mills, Upperhd. rw Lockwood & Mallinson, dyers, 10 Vance’s buildings, Cloth Hall street, & Kirkburton Lockwood Richd. commrel. tvllr. Old Halifax rd. Hillhs Lockwood William, clock & watch makcr, jeweller, &c. 37 New street; h 28 Trinity street Lockwood William, warehouseman, Prospect street Lodge Allen, beerhs. Waterloo Inn, Northumberland st Lodge Dyson, vict. Fountain, 837 Manchester road Lodge Henry, wood carver, 32 Buxton rd; h Prospect rw Lodge Joah, woollen manufacturer (Taylor and 1L.); h Prospect place, Lockwood Lodge Joseph, furniture broker and mattress maker, Bradford road; and manure dealer, Viaduct street Lodge Levi, beerhouse, Talbot, 18 High street Lodge Samuel, beerhouse, Mitre, 5 Thomas street Lodge Walter & Co. woollen manufacturers & merchants, Wood street; h Thong’s bridge house Lofthouse Alfred, architect’s clerk, Cecil street Lofthouse Benjamin, painter, decorator, and paper- hanger, 18 Manchester road (See Advertisement) Lofthouse James, tailor, 14 Spring street Lombardini Mrs Frances Maria, librarian of Hudders- field Subscription Library; h Spring street London & North-Western Railway Station, St. George’s square; John Thompson, station master; Joseph Beaumont, goods agent; C. Crossley, clerk in charge Longbottom Benjamin, brewer, Birkby Longbottom and Broome, noils and waste flock dealers, Helm’s yard, Charles street Longbottom Joseph, farmer, Cowcliffe Longbottom Mrs Sarah, lodgings, Fitzwilliam street Longbottom William (L. & Broome); h Paddock Longbottom William, draper & grer. Church st. Paddock Longworth James & Co. woollen manufacturers & mer- chants, Wood street; h Highfield ter. New North rd Lord Henry, photographer, St. Peter’s street; h yard, King street Lord J.and H. dyers and printers, Brook’s yard, Market strect (M. Bates, agent); and Halifax Lord James, carrier, 1 Scholefield’s yard, Spring strect Lord James Wilson, music teacher, 36 Spring street Lord John, warehouseman, Crofthouse lane, Marsh Lord John, woollen draper, 42 King street Tord Rev John I. (Wesleyan), Chapel street Lord Richard, eart cover maker, and ginger beer and soda water manufacturer, Lord’s buildings, Marsh Lord William, joiner, Alfred street, Kast parade Lord Wm. Hy. vesting mfr. (Ainley, L.,&Co.}; h South st Lorimer Mrs Janet, 47 Spring street Lorimer Rev Jno. Thos. B.A. vice-principal of Collegiate School, Clare hill, Newton; h Crosland moor

5 Brook’s yard,

h The

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Huddersfield Directory.


Love Frederick, woollen mert. Northumberland street Love James Allen, sharebroker, Oxford street Love Walter, pawnbroker, 18 High street; h Fartown Lowe John Thomas and Co. cattle food manufacturers, Arabian mills, Leeds road; h Clara street, Fartown Lowe Mrs Maria, eatinghouse, 8a Buxton road Lowe T. (Jno. Thos. & Co); h Willow lane, Hillhouse Lowenthal Brothers, woolstaplers & merts. 8 King st Lowenthal Joseph (Brothers): h Grange hs. Edgerton Lowenthal Louis (Bros.); h Bellevue hs. 98 New North rd Lowenthal Robert (Brothers); h New North road Lowerhead row Co-oper. Soc. Store; Thos. Cowgill, mgr Lucas Thomas, furniture broker, Market st. Paddock Lumb Alfred, commercl. traveller, Birkby cres. Birkby Lumb John, butcher, South ter. Bradford rd. Fartown Lumb Jph. worsted spinner, Folly hall mills; h Stables st Lundy Mrs Sarah, Prospect street Lunn and Firth, wholesale grocers, provision dealers, and hop merchants, Shambles lane Lunn Henry, clerk & sexton, Trinity place, West hill Lunn John (Lunn & Rushworth); h Hillhouse lane Lunn John (L. & Firth); h Aspley house, Aspley Lunn Mr Joseph, Bradford road, Fartown Lunn and Rushworth, decorative painters and paper- hangers, Bradshaw’s yard, New street Lyells Mrs Elizabeth, Johnson’s yd. Northumberland st Lynch John, hearth rug manufacturer, Battye’s yard, Market place; h 14 Northgate Lynch Michael, joincr, Back Buxton road Macaulay Thomas Firth, brewer, Birkby Macebey Samuel, shopkeeper, Denton lane, Kirkgate McGrath John Vincent, clerk at Stamp office, Willow lane, Hillhouse McGrath Michael, tea dealer, Aspinall’s yard, Market place; b 13 John street McGrath Rey William Carroll, M.A. viear of All Saints, Church street, Paddock McGuire John, bill poster & distributor, 35 Lowerhead rw McKittrick Bros. (Chas. Wood & Wm. Hy.), ironmongers and tinplate workers, 48 Buxton road; bh 11 South par McLoughlin Edward, tailor, Kirkgate McMillen John, vict. Saracen’s Head, Shore, King st McMullen William, tailor, South street McNeill Thomas (MeN. & Wilkinson); h Market street McNeill and Wilkinson, fancy woollen manfacturers, 19 John William street McTighe Patrick, picture framer, 10 Manchester street McVey Hugh, tailor, 41 Manchester street Maher Misses Mary and Lizzie, teachers of Catholic school, New North road Maitland George, clerk, 34 Commercial street Makin Mrs Sarah, Brunswick place, Bradley lane Mallalieu John, grocer & corn dealer, Shore, King st Mallinson Albert, agent to T. B. Rowe & Co. soap manu- facturers, 5 Dundas st; h The Limes, Lockwood inson Charles Frederic, surveyor (Hall and M); h Honoria street, Fartown inson David, skirt manufacturer, Hirst’s buildings, Westgate; and Lepton inson Eli (Geo. & Son); h Grove house, Linthwaite inson Mrs Kliz. vict. Waggon & Horses, Leeds rd. N Mallinson Mrs Emma, Elmwood terrace, Newhouse inson Geo. (Geo.& Son); lb Upper Clough, Linthwaite inson George (James & George); h Northgate inson George (M. & Whitham); bh Milne’s bridge inson George, jun. woolstapler, St. Peter’s street; h 13 West hill Mallinson George & Son, woollen manufacturers & mer- chants, 1 Market pl; & Spring grove mill, Linthwaite Mallinson Henry, greengrocer, 25 Trinity street Mallinson James & George, woollen manufacturers, 14 John William street; and Rasheliffe mills Mallinson James Henry, manager, St. Paul’s street Mallinson John, vict. Elephant & Castle, Leeds road

Mallinson Thomas, woollen mannfacturer, 27 King’s Head buildings ; and Almondbury Mallinson & Whitham, boot & shoe manufacturers, and leather merchants, 5 Jolin William st. & 7 Westgate Manzham Jph. vict. Sportsman’s Arms, John Wm. st Mannion James, lodgings, 69 Upperhead row Marchant George Maule (Robt. & Geo. M.), Union street Marchant John, confectioner, Westgate Marchant Robert (Robt. & Geo. M.); h Mold green Marchant Robert and George Maule, brassfounders and finishers, Union street (See ddvertisement, page 70) Marchant William, watch and clock maker and tobacco- nist, 17 and 19 Beast market Marriott Hy. mfg. chemist’s manager, Clara st. Fartown Marriott William, manufacturing chemist, Leeds road North; h Back Commercial street Marsden & Blamires, feeding machine makers, Britannia mill, Colne road, and Pheenix mills, Rasheliffe Marsden Charles, whitesmith, Mold green Marsden George, manager, Rasheliffe terrace Marsden George Atkinson, tailor, 73 Bradford road Marsden Harry (M. and Blamires), and yarn spinner, Britannia mill, Colne road; h 14 East parade Marsden John, cotton spinner, Queen’s mill, Rashcliffe ; h Queen street Marsden Jonathan, brhs. Zetland Arms, Queen st. South Marsden M. (executors of), yarn spinners and scrib- blers, Folly hall mills Marsden Joseph, vict. Punch Bowl, 12 Bradford road Marsden Joseph, woollen manufacturer, Littlewood’s buildings, 9 Sergeantson street; and New mill, Fool- stone; h Ivybank house, Jackson’s bridge Marsden William, woollen mfr. (Hall & M.); h Mold grn Marsh E.dmund, accountant & insurance agt. 4 Queen st Marsh John, woollen manufacturer (J. Holmes & Sons); h Spring grove, Holmfirth Marshall Abraham, picture framer, Longroyd bridge Marshall Mrs Ellen, 1 Half Moon street Marshall Geo. mer. at chemical wks. Honoria st. Fartwn Marshall George, wine mert. (Craven & M.); h John st Marshall Miss Harriet, dressmaker, 18 West parade Marshall Henry, boot and shoe maker, 59 Kirkgate Marshall James, farmer, Highfields farm ; h 16 West par Marshall John, greengrocer, Marsh Marshall Joseph, lodgings, 8 Zetland street Marshall Joshua, professor of music, 34 Spring street Marshall Wm. Hy. watchmkr. Old Halifax rd. Hillhouse Marsland John, salesman, Church terrace, Paddock Marsland Peter (M. & Woodhead), Watergate Marsland Wm. bhs. Sir John Falstaff, 12 Cross Grove st Marsland & Woodhead, boiler mfrs. Watergate, Castlegt Martin George, grocer, 28 Upperhead row Martin Hy. Albt. woollen mfr’s. mgr. Sandy mt. Edygertn Martin Patrick, woollen manufacturer (Liddell & M.); h Ashfield, Edgerton Mason George Simpson, woollen merchant (J. Wilkin- son and Son); h West hill, Trinity street Mason Richard, woollen (Broadhead Brothers and M.); h Clara street, Fartown Masonic Halls, South parade and Fitzwilliam street Masters Tankard, surgeon dentist, 29 New North road Matthewman James, clothes dealer, 55 Kirkgate Matthewman John, grocer & provsn. dlr. 832 Upr. Aspley Matthewman Joseph, brhs. Commercial Inn, Folly hall Matthewman Sidney Newhouse, chemical agent, New- house yard, 15 Westgate; h Hebble hs. Bradford rd Matthewman Mr Thomas Nelson, 10 South street Matthewman William, dyer (Byram and M.); h Stables street, Chapel hill Matthewman W. sculptor, &c. Occupation road, Almond- bnry bank (See Advertisement, page 90) Matthewson Mrs Isabella, Bath buildings, Newhouse Mayne Richard, fruiterer, Battye’s yard, Market place; and Halifax

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Mechanics’ Institution, Northumberland street ; Joseph Bate, secretary; John Sykes, hall keeper Mee Rev Josiah (Wesleyan), Chapel house, Queen st Megson Brothers, waste dealers, Dundas st; and Ossett Megson George Sheard, warehsman. Clara st. Fartown Mellor Abraham, whitegmith and tool maker, Swan yard, Kirkgate; h Dalton Mellor Mrs Anne, oatbread baker, 49 Manchester road Mellor Benjamin, manager for executors of W. Rhodes and Son, 37 John William st; h Riley, Kirkburton Mellor Chas. Alfred (Thos. & Son); h Newlands, Thong Mellor Edward, secy. of First Industrial Co-op. Society, 24 Westgate; und day school, 10 Spring street Mellor Henry, clog and shoe maker, 11 Buxton road Mellor James (Joseph & Sons); h Thong’s bridge Mellor James, grocer, coffee roaster, and Italian ware- houseman, 11 Market place; h South street Mellor James, woollen manufacturer (A, Rhodes & Co.); h Spring grove street . Mellor James, woollen manufacturer, Littlewood’s build- ings, 6 Sergeantson street; and Lonley Mellor James and Son, woollen manufacturers and mer- chants, Market street, and Milnsbridge Mellor Joel & Co. cotton & woollen waste dealers, Pack Horse yard, Kirkgate ; h Thornhill ter. Bradford rd Mellor Mr John, Westfield house, Paddock Mellor John, whitesmith and bell hanger, Newhouse yard, Westgate; h 13 South street

Mellor John, woollen manufacturer, 27 White Hart yard, Cloth hall street, and Golcar Mellor John, jun. yarn spinner, Paddock; h Fenton

square, Manchester road Mellor John Payne, commercial traveller, 27 George st Mellor Joseph (8S. & J.); hb Clara street Fartown Mellor Joseph, foreman, 29 George strect Mellor Joseph & Sons, woollen Railway street; and Thongs bridge, near Holmfirth Mellor Josiah (Jph. & Sons); h The Haigh, Thong’s bag Mellor Mark, victualler, Clothiers’ Arms, 82 Kirkgate Mellor Robert, pianoforte and harmonium dlr. organist, and professor of music, 24 Cross Church st ; h West- field lodge (See Advertisement, page 95) Mellor Richard, woollen mfr. 4 Market st; and Honley Mellor S. &J. cab proprs. & livery stbl. kprs. Chancery In Mellor Miss Sarah Ann, pianoforte teacher, Westfield lodge, Trinity place Mellor Sykes (8. & J.) ; h 27 George street Mellor Thos. (Thos. & Son); b Spring ldg. Thong’s bdg Mellor Thos. & Son, win. mfrs. Westgt. & Thong’s bridge Mellor Tom, fent dealer, Market street, Paddock Mellor & Waddington, paper manufacturers, Victoria st. (J. C. Haigh, agent); & Bradley mills, near Halifar ; Hunslet mills, Leeds; and Retford, Notts Mellor William, cotton and woollen waste dealer, Fox street and Cloth Hall street; h 64 Spring street Melor Wright, Esq. J.P. (W. & Co.); bh Coteroyd, Kdgtn Mellor Wright & Co. woollen manufacturers and mer- chants, Northumberland street Mercer Rev. George (Primitive Methodist), Grove st Merga William, draper’s assistant, Clara st. Fartown Messenger Benjamin, grocer, Mold green Messenger Henry, fancy woollen manufacturer, Hirst’s buildings; and Lepton Messenger Matthew, grocer, 93 King street Metcalf John, painter, 7 Trinity street Metcalf Rd. comel. traveller, King’s Mill In. Mold gn Middlemost H. R. & L. commission agents, 5 Litile- wood’s buildings, Sergeantson street Middlemost Hy. Ralph (H.R. & L.); bh Grove pl. Dalton Middlemost Livingstone (R. H. & L.)}; h Upr. Edgerton Middlemost Mr Ralph, Belmont terrace, Brunswick pl Middlemost William Robert, woollen manufacturer (Day, Watkinson & Co.); h Westfield terrace Middleton William, horsebreaker, Northgate

Middleton William, shopkeeper, 32 South street Midgley David & Son (Fredk.), merchants, Upperhead row; and at Bradford, Manchester and Leeds; h Springfield, Midgley Miss Eliza, professor of music, Fitzwilliam st Midgley Jonathan, cabinet maker, 26 Swan yard, Kirk- gate; h Fitzwilliam street Midgley Thomas, woollen manufacturer, Hirst’s build- ings, Cloth Hall street; and Almondbury Midgley Wm. wine merchant's assistant, Fitzwilliam st Midland Railway Co. carriers, Aspinall’s yard, Market place; W. H. Prince, agent Midland Banking Co, limited, 2 Market place (draw on London & County Bank); Wm. Lawton, manager Midwood Miss Charlte. dress & mntl. mkr. 1 Greenhd. In Midwood George, joiner (M. & Hewitt); bh Leeds road Midwood & Hewitt, joiners & builders, Lane, Leeds rd Miller John, clerk at Canal office, Chapel hill Miller Rev. Marmaduke (Free Meth.), Wentworth st Miller Thomas McGregor, draper & jeweller, 42 Albionst Mills Charles, solicitor, commissioner in common law courts, 36 New street; h Grafton place Millis Daniel, clog and patten maker, Manchester road; h Brierley wood Mills Edwin & Co. engincers and ironfounders, Upper Aspley; h Back Commercial street Mills William, farrier (Haigh & M.); h Prospect street Milner Benjamin, clog maker and coal dealer, Glass alley, 33 Manchester street Milner John, butcher, Shambles; h Spring street Milner Jph. heald & reed mkr. Fenton rw. Manchstr. rd Milnes Beaumont, wholesale draper, Pack Horse yard, Kirkgate; h Spring gardens Milnes Mr George, Cecil street Milnes Jas. & John Henry (Jas. & Sons); h Oxford st Milnes Jas. & Sons, clth. finishrs. Newtown mls. Oxfd. st Milnes John, plasterer, 88 Bradford road Milnes John Jessop, solicitor, Victoria buildings, New street; h Little Carr green, Dalton Milnes Joseph, surgeon dentist, Upperhead row Milnes Miss Martha, dressmaker, Manchester road Milnes Richard & Co. carpet and floorcloth warehsman. Lion areade, 50 John Wm. st; h Honoria st. Fartown Milnes Thomas, butcher, 31 Shambles; h Lindley Milnes Tom (Jas. & Sons); h Hebble ter. 105 Bradfd. rd Milner William, clogger, 16 Manchester strect Minay James, metal organ pipe manufacturer, Helm’s

yard, Charles street; h Prospect row Mitchell Chas. Wm. comsn. agt. 7 York pl. New Nth. rd Mitchell Kdwin Cooke, foreman, Prospect place, Marsh Mitchell Henry, painter and decorator, 7, h 9 Spring st Mitchell John, glass, china & marine store dlr. Castlegt Mitchell John, joiner, builder and shopr. John Wm. st Mitchell Miss Martha Eliza, bhs. Spinners’ Arms, Nthgt Mitchell Miss My. A. mlnr. & drsmkr. Prospect pl. Marsh Mitchell Mrs Nancy, shopkeeper, Upper brow, Paddock Mitchell Richard, grocer’s assistant, Quay street Mitchell Samuel, grocer and provision dlr. Trinity st Mitchell Mrs Susannah, vict. Horse Shoe, 41 Kirkgate Mitchell Tom, tailor and draper, South street Mitchell William, machine maker, Chapel hill works,

Chapel street; h Tunnel street (See Advert. p. 71) Model Lodging House, Chapel hill; Wm. Priestley, supt Moloney Thomas, shopkeeper, Castlegate Monkhouse Mrs Hannah, lodgings, Colne road Moody Mr John, Wentworth street Moody John, jun. clerk, Wentworthistreet Moody Jokn, engineer’s manager, Manchester road Moody John, shopkeeper, West street, Paddock Moody Miss Mary, milliner and draper, Manchester rd Moody Richard, foreman, Fenton sq. Manchester road Moon Charles, comsn. agt. 14 Dundas st; h 8 Trinity st Mooney Miss Catherine, milliner, 34 West parade Moore Eli, tinplate worker, Upperhead row

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Wuddersfield Directory.


Moore George, vict. Station hotel refreshment rooms, St. George’s square Moore Hugh, night inspector of police, Cross Grove st Moore John White, wood carver, Upperhead row; h Crofthouse lane, Marsh Moore Jntn. music & inst. dlr. 18 Buxton rd; h South st Moore Joshua, wool mrt (W. Willans & Co.) ; h Birkby ldg Moore Robert, tailor and outfitter, 830 South parade Moore Samuel, professor of music and dancing, Com- mercial terrace, Ramsden street Moore William (William & Son); h Seed Hill house Moore William, cloth finisher, Providence mills, Marsh Moore William & Son, share brokers and estate, in- surance and tea agents, 2 New street Moorhouse & Alison, woollen manufacturers, 7 Cloth Hall street, and Jackson Bridge mill, New mill Moorhouse Charles Firth, woollen mert. 7 King’s Head buildings, Cloth Hall st; h Clifton place, West par Moorhouse Eli, woollen manufacturer, 6 King’s Head buildings and New mills, Kirkburton Moorhouse Jsaae, accountant, 15 Buxton road Moorhouse Jas. (M. & Alison); h Mearhouse, New mill Moorhouse Mrs Mary Ann, lodgings, 27 Swallow street Moorhouse Mrs Nancy, grocer, Castlegate Moorhouse 8. & J. fancy woollen manufactrs. Brook’s yard, Market street ; and Bank end mill, Holnofirth Moorhouse Sml. fancy wln. mfr. Britannia mills, Colne rd; h Bankfield rd. Manchester rd (See Advt. p. 91) Moran Michael, land surveyor, 20 Shorehead Morchouse & Exley, woollen manufacturers, 21 Market street ; and New mills, Kirkburton Morley Brothers (John & Geo.), galvanized iron, zine, copper and tinplate workers, Folly hall, Engine bridge ; h Milnes bridge (See Advertisement, page 94) Morley & Co. cut & wrt. nail mfrs. Downing’s yd. New st Morley Mrs Hephzibah (Morley & Co.) ; h Lockwood Morley John (Morley & Co.) ; h Lockwood Morley William, baker and corn dealer, Kirkgate, and Carr pit road, Mold green Morris Richd. smallware dlr. Shakspeare cotg. South st Morrison Mrs Emma, vict. Imperial hotel, 45 New st Morrison James, tailor, Spring Grove street Morrison John, manager at R. & J. Dick’s, 9 Westgate; h Honoria street, Fartown Mortimer Charles James Wm. clerk, Spring Grove st Mortimer Joseph, waste dealer, 7 Shorchead Morton Alfred, fish, game and fruit dealer, 6 h Market place Morton Chas. rlwy. carriér’sagt. King’s Cliff ter. Birkby Morton Edmund, woollen mfr. 7 Riley’s yd; & Lindley Morton Edmund, plasterer’s foreman, 10 Trinity street Morton Eli, plasterer & modeller, Clifton pl. West par Morton Emanuel, sculptor, &c.Greenhd. ln; bh South st Morton Henry, eating house, 7 Market place Moseley Miss Harriet, Moseley yard, Upperhead row Moseley Henry, solicitor, and commisnr. for affidavits in common law courts, 31a Newst; h 79 New North rd Moseley John Edmund, carver and gilder, Battye’s yd. Market place; and Ozford street, Manchester Moseley Mrs Lydia, upholstress, 14 Trinity street Moseley Miss Mary, day schl. Moseley’s yd. Upperhd. row Moseley Mrs Sarah, draper and milliner, 9 Market place ; and upholstress, High strect Moss Samuel, commercial traveller, Prospect street Moss Mrs Sarah, dressmkr. & upholstress, Prospect st Moss William, hairdresser, Bradford road Moxon George, butcher, 18 Shambles; and coal mer- chant, Longwood; h 29 South street Moxon Godfrey, painter, decorator and paperhanger, Station street, and Hebble bridge, Bradford road Moxon John, surgeon, 19 Macaulay street Moxon William, plumber & glazier, Market st. Paddock Munroe Rd., Prudential Assurance agt. Spring Grove st Murphy James, manager, St. Paul’s street

King st;

Murphy William, ink and colour manufacturer, Firth street; h Thorpe, Almondbury (See Advt. p. 81) Mutual Co-operative Society, South terrace, Bradford road; Charles Betts, manager Myatt Miss Mret. My. millnr. & dressmkr. 7 New North rd Nathan Hardy & Sons, shipg. merts. Westgt; & Bradfd Nathan N. P. & Sons, shipg. merts. Market st; & Bradfd Naturalists’ Socy. Layeock’s yd. King st; E. Brook, pres Naylor Miss Hannah, lodgings, 12 South street Naylor Joseph, whitesmith, &c., Swan yard, Kirkgate ; h Turnbridge terrace Neild Henry, salesman, 32 Albion street Nelson Samuel, grocer and carrier, Folly hall Netherwood Geo. bootmkr. Burns’ head yd. Thomas st Netherwood Jph. bhs. Commercial tavn. 68 Castlegate Nettleton William, grocer, Fitzwilliam street Newby William Charles, surgeon, 3 New North road Newilli Jas. Weller, wine & spirit & hop mert. 3 Westgt Newsham Jno. subscriptn. billiard rms. St. George’s sq Newsome Benjamin, tailor, Bradford road, Hillhouse Newsome (Peter) & Co. provision merchants, 62 King street; and Wakefield Newsome Miss Hannah, lodgings, 51 South strect Newsome Robert, bootmkr. Mills’ yard, Upper Aspley Newton Brothers & Co. woollen manufrs. 5 Cloth Hall street ; and Nortonthorpe mills, Skelmanthorpe Nicholes Mrs Ann, drpr. & smaltlwr. dlr. Brow rd. Paddk Nicholls John, confectioner, Fenton row, Manchester rd Nicholls William Welfitt, cotton spinner (J. Priestley) ; h Wellhouse, Golcar Nicholson Charles (W. & Brothers); h 26 East parade Nicholson Francis, draper, 50 Northgate Nicholson Thomas, greengrocer, Storthes, Mold green Nicholson W. & Bros. hosiers, shirtmkrs. &c. 2 Kirkgt Nicholson Walter, drawing master, Collegiate school, Clare hill, Newtown Niland Miss Bridget, dressmaker, Dock street Noble Alfred, shopkeeper, Spring, South street Noble Mrs Filizabeth, Marsh Noblet Jonn, decorator, Bradley street South Normington Joseph, bls. Ring of Bells, 13 Northgate North Abel, cabinet maker, upholsterer, carver, gilder, &e. Aspinall’s yd. Market pl; bh Smithy In. Mold gn North Benjamin, warehouseman, Fartown green North Charles, cooper, Watergate North Mrs. Eleanor Elizabeth, Birkby North Mrs Elizabeth, The Ings, King’s Mill In. Mold gn North Fdk. John, chicf clerk at Post Office; h 2 New st North Henry, tailor and draper, 37 Dock street North Jas. draper, Corn mkt; h Woodbine cottes. Net North Joseph, joiner and builder, Chapel lane, Mold gn North Joseph, plumber (Brooke & N.); 4 Dalton North Mrs Mary, 30 Bath buildings, John William st North Mrs Mary, fish and game dealer, 20 Westgate North Mrs Mary, milliner & dressmkr. 3 Wentworth st North Misses Sarah & Jane, drapers and wool workers 26 Manchester road North Walter & Ingham, plasterers, Northgt; h Dalton North Ward Independent Co-oprtv. Flour and Provision Society, Northet: W. H. Shaw, sec; G. Dearden. mgr North William, fruiterer, Kirkgate ; h Bradford road North Wiliam Crowther, corn miller & wool burrer & cleaner, King’s mills, Mold green; h Seed hill ‘ Northrop William, tailor, Mold green Norton Bj. (Bros. & Co.); h Nortonthorpe hall, Skelmnthp Norton Brethers & Co. woollen manufacturers, 5 Cloth Hall street ; and Nortonthorpe mills, Skelmanthorpe Norton Thos. (Bros. & Co.); h Badger hall, Sketmanithp Norton Thomas, boot & shoe maker, Mold green Norton Thomas Freerson, dyer, 27 and 29 Ramsden st; and Bradford and Halifax (See Advertisement, p. 91) Norton Walter (Bros. & Co.) ; h Highfield hs. Denby dala Nugent Thomas, warehouseman, Nursery ter. Birkby Nuttall Joseph, carrier and greengrocer, 33 Chapel hill


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Haddersfield Directory.

Nutter Joseph, tailor, 28 John street Nutter Richard, vict. George hotel, St. sq; & farmer, Fartown green (Jph. Williamson, farm bailiff) Oakes Sml. grocer, 22 Kirkgate; h 2 Trinity pl. Westfld Oates Charles, druggist, Manchester road Oates Miss Hannah Jane, dressmaker, 25 West parade Oates Jas. tinner (Kenworthy & O.); h Upper brow, Paddk Oatcs Mrs Jane, 25 West parade Oates Mrs Mary, 26 Trinity street Oates Samuel, marine store dealer, 64 Kirkgate Oddy Adam, rabbit merchant (Oddy & Son); and vice- tualler, Paragon hotel, Chancery lane Oddy Miss Ann Maria, day schl. Bradford rd. Hillhouse Oddy Christopher, warehouse salesman, Prospect street Oddy Joseph, cabinet maker, 22 Northgate Oddy Ralph, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 60 King st Oddy & Son, rabbit and skin merchants, Chancery In Ogden Miss Frances, infant school, 57 Spring strect Ogden Mrs Mary, dressmaker, Northumberland street Ogden Mrs Sarah, shopkeeper, Thomas street Ogley Miss Sarah, 67 Spring street Ogston John & Co. woollen merchants, St. George's square; h Woodland mount, Westhill Oldfield Jas. & Wm. machine mkrs. Storthes, Mold gu dfield John, beerhs. Bay Horse; & shopkpr. Kirkgate dfield Joseph, dentist, Nether royd hill dfield Rev. Robert, B.A. assistant master of Col- legiate School, Clare hill, Newtown dfield & Studdard, cabinet makers and upholstcrers, 83 Buxton road, and Springwood street dham Benj. boot & shoe inkr. Bradford rd. Fartown droyd Mr Adam, 48 New North road droyd Alfd. Gomersall (O. & Bocock) ; h New North rd droyd & Bocock, wholesale grocers, and hop and pro. vision merchants, Wood street droyd John, grocer, 54 New st; h Oak cottg. Edgerton Orrah Arthur, manager for Artisans’, &e. Dwelling Co. (Limited), Crown Hotel yard, Upperhead row Orrah Charles, salesman, Prospect street Orrah Mrs Met. stay mkr. Crown Hotel yd. Upprhd. rw Outram Benj. boot & shoe mkr. 50 King st; h Fartown Ovens Edmund Barber (O. & Hampshire); h Fenton row, Manchester road Ovens & Hampshire, tailors & drapers, 2 Ramsden st Owen Allan Hellewell, solicitor (Ilesp, Fenton & O.), and notary public; h Northgate mount, Honley Owen Henry, clerk, Prospect street Oxley Benjamin, cab & livery stable propr. Upprhd. row Oxley William, grocer & provision dealer, 45 Northgate Paddock Working Men’s Club, Market street, Paddock; Richard Battye and William Dawson, seeretaries Paino Mrs Martha, 10 Ramsden street Palmer Arthur Thomas, hosier, &c. 34 New strect; h Woodland mount, Westhill Parish Mrs Kmma, shopkeeper, 16 Beast market Parish Thomas, beerhouse, Fountain, 18 Beast market Parker Benjamin, manager of Hillhouse Co-operative Society, Bradford road, Fartown ; h Birkby Parker Charles, tea dealer, 1 South street Parker Miss Christiana, dressmaker, 14 Bradford road Parker Hammond, joiner and builder (Bedford & P.); York place, New North road Parker Joseph, bootmaker, 8 Manchester street Parker Thomas (Thomas, Son, & Co.), Rosemary lane Parker Thos. jun. (Thos., Son, & Co.); h Queenst. Paddk Parker Thomas, Son & Co. rag, iron, salt, &c., mer- chants, Rosemary lane Parkin Joshua, draper, 29 King st; h The Yews, Lockwd Parratt Henry Lister, profr. of music, 17 Ramsden st Parratt Mrs Sarah Elizabeth, and Misses Annie Louisa and Emily, day school, 17 Ramsden street Parsons Jonathan, clerk, Crystal buildings, Newtown Partridge Henry, vict. Albion hotel, 54 Buxton road Pass Hugh, draper, Chapel hill

Cooo. Oo O00


Patterson James, clothes dealer, 1 Northgate . Pawlyn Rev. Jno. Sander (Wesleyan), Chapel hs. Queen st Payne Hinchliffe, manufacturing chemist, Northumber- land street ; h Cecil street Payne Mrs Mary, vict. Diana inn, 89 King street Peace Aaron & Co. (P. & Gelder), woollen and fancy manufacturers, St. George’s square; & Clayton West Peace & Gelder, faney woollen manufrs. 17 Vance’s bidgs. Cloth Hall st; & Rookery mills, Mold green Peace James, professor of music, 40 Albion street Peace James, woollen mannfacturer, 15 Vance’s build- ings, Cloth Hall street ; and Denby dale Peace Joseph, fancy skirt manufacturer, 18 King’s Head buildings; h Denby dale Peace W. & D. fancy vesting manufacturers, 21 White Hart yard; and Kirkburton Peacock James, wholesale draper, 27 Cross Church strect; h Dean house, Lindley Pearce Henry, watchmaker, optician, goldsmith, &c, 22 New strect; h Newhouse Pearce Neriah, rag merchant, 25 Charles street Pearson John, painter and paperhanger, Carrpit road, Mold green; b Kilner bank Pearson Thomas, clerk, Birkby crescent, Birkby Pecker Richard, boot and shoe maker, St. Peter’s street Peel Mrs Ann, shopkeeper, Hillhouse lane Peel Norris, warchouseman, Luther pl. Upr. Edgerton Pesel Geo. Hy. corn mert’s. mgr. St. John’s, St. John’s rd Philipson Mrs Ann, shopkeeper, 27 Leeds road Pickard Joe, beerhouse, Fly Boat, 19 Aspley Pickering John, clothes dealer, Castlegate Pickersgill John Wm. cabt. mkr. & uphlistr. Fitzwm. st Pickersgill Thomas, currier and saddler, 41 Buxton road; h 22 Hast parade Pickford o Co. rlwy. carriers, agents to l. & N. W. Co. 8 New st. & Railway station; Edw. Tomlinson, mgr Pickles Jsha. Charnock, whiwet. & smith, Lane, Leeds rd Pinder Mrs Mary, lodging-house, 6 Dale st. Chapel hill Pitchard John, farmer, Cowcliffe Pitchford Mrs Elizabeth, Cowcliffe Pitehford James, warehouseman, Cowcliffo Pitkethly Lawrence, waste dealer and commission agent, Pack Horse yard, Kirkgate Pitt George, woollen manufacturer and merchant, Lion arcade, 38 John William street, and New mill, Holm- jirth; h Hungerford house, Edgerton Place & Dean, coppersmiths, plumbers and gasjitters, Helm’s yard, Charles street Place Francis (P. & Dean); h Lockwood road Platt Hartley, G) fustian cord cutter, Birkby Platts Charles, victualler, Wagon and Horses, South terrace, Bradford road, Fartown Platts Tom, commercial traveller, West hill Platts William, joiner and builder, Wentworth street Platts William, victualler, Wellington inn, 18 Westgate Pluright Lewis, shopkeeper, Spring, South street Pogson Hy. woollen mfr. & mungo mercht. 8 Albion st. and Folly hall; h Park villa, West hill, Trinity st Pointing Miss Eliza, mstrs. St. Thomas sch. Longroyd1n Police Stations, Bull & branches, Almondbury Lindley & Sheepridge ; J. Withers, head-constable Pollard John, dyer, Grove works, Bradley mills; h Nether hall, Dalton Pollard John, waste dealer (Jno. Schofield & Co.); h Long liane, Dalton - Pollard Thomas, fishmonger & greengrocer, 115 King st Pollitt Hy. reed maker, Crown Hotel yd. Upperhd. row Pollitt Mrs Mary Emma, heald and slay mkr. Dock st Pontefract Henry, manager, 3 South parade Pontefract Samuel, woollen manufacturer (Lockwood, Baxter & P.) ; bh Lockwood Poppleton George Joseph, gardener and seedsman, Bradford road, Hillhouse Poppleton John, butcher, King street; h 76 Kirkgate

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Huddersfield Directory.


Poppleton Jthn. butcher, 52 Shambles, & 25 St. Paul’s st Poppleton Rd. butcher, 1 Shambles, and Almondbury Poppleton Rd. mgr. at Union Corn mill, Tiongroyd In Poppleton William Henry, butcher, 91 King street Porritt Mr James William, 10 Clare hill, Newtown Porritt Richard & Co. wool merchants, Greenwood's yard, New street; b Clare hill, Newtown Post Office (General), New street; Thomas Ruddock, postmaster; F. J. North, chief clerk — Potter & Jackson, mungzo & waste merchts. Dam side Potter Rev. James (Independent), 22 Trinity street Potter Thos. Kitson, gasfitter, brass finisher, and silver- glass reflector mfr. 13 & 21 Beast mkt (See Advert.) Powner Mrs Jane, dressmaker, 1 Newtown Pratt John, farmer, Nether royd hill Pratt Mr William, 3 Fitzwilliam street Prentis James Thomas, secretary to Huddersfield In- dustrial Co-operative Society, 31 Buxton road Presto Thomas, tailor and woollen draper, Westgate Preston Thomas, milk dealer, Swallow street Price Edward Septimus, woollen merchant (Craven, Wilson & P.); h West hill, Trinity street Priestley Mrs Ann, 28 West parade Priestley Charles (J. Priestley) ; bh Longwood Priestley Hy. woollen & yarn spnr. Quay st hCoweliffe Priestley Jas. wlln mfr. (B. Vickerman & Sons), Taylor hl Priestley John, cotton spinner, Larchfield mills Firth st; & Britannia mills, Crosland mr; h 80 East par Pricstley Josiah, slipper manufacturer, Grove street Priestley Lister, clerk, 46 West parade Priestley Mrs Nancy, hom. medicine vendor, 46 West par Priestley Sam. Stansfield, artist photographer, Wood street ; h 30 Manchester road Priestley Thomas Henry (J. Priestley) ; h 19 South par Priestley Wm. supt. of model lodginghouse, Chapel hill Prince William Henry, agent for Midland Railway Co. Aspinall’s yard, Market place; h Aspley Pritchett John Benson, surgeon, 20 Ramsden street Proctor Ed. joinr. (Jph. Blackburn & Co.); h Gledhlt. bunk Proctor Mrs Sarah Ann, mixed day school, Old Halifax road, Hillhouse Quarmby Jph. woollen mfr. 21 Market st ; Quayle John, rolling board manufacturer, and steam saw mill owner, Folly Hall mills; h Lockwood cres Radcliffe Hy. stn. mason, bldr. & contr. Bay hall, Hillhs Radcliffe James, architect and surveyor, Albert build- ings, 53 New street; h 43 Spring street Radcliffe John & Sons (William and Joseph), stone masons and contractors, St. John’s road Radcliffe Joshua, bootmaker, Cowcliffe Radcliffe Thomas, toy & smallware dealer, Westgate Raisbeck Mrs Elizabeth, seed dealer, 58 Kirkgate Raistrick Samuel, coal agt. Leeds rd; h Kirk Moor st Ramsden Charles, drysalter, oil merchant, and dyewood cutter, 11 Beast market; and Albert mills, Lower- head row; h Royd house, Almondbury Ramsden Charles, ironfounder (Bottom, Kirk & h Grove shades, Manchester road Ramsden Charles, ironmonger’s assistant, Marsh Ramsden Mrs Ellen, 11 Fitzwilliam street West Ramsden Henry, dyer’s manager, 59 Manchester street Ramsden Henry Ludlam, ironmonger, whitesmith, &e. 36 New street ; h 13 South parade Ramsden Jno. Edw. (Ths. & Son); & Bankfield, Golear Ramsden, Learoyd & Holroyd, woollen manufacturers, Railway street; and Lane, Leeds road Ramsden Ludlam (R., Learoyd & Holroyd) ; h Edgerton Ramsden Mrs Mary, smallware dealer, Grove street Ramsden Robert & Sons, woollen manufacturers, 21 Market street ; and Green lane mill, Holinfirth Ramsden Mrs Selina, lodgings, 67 Northgate Ramsden Thomas, sulesman, Birkby Ramsden Thomas & Son, woollen manufacturers and merchants, St. George’s sq; & Ranisden mills, Golear

h Out lane

Ramsden Wm. (Thos. & Son); h 2 Clare hill, Newtown Ramsden William, keeper of Cloth hall, Market street ; h 14 St. Pauwl’s street Ramsden Wm. Ludlam, ironmonger’s mgr. Vidgerton Rangeley Mrs Harriet, chapel keeper, 6 Bath buildings, John William street . Ransley Mrs Grace, dressmaker, 55 Manchester street Ransley John, bootmaker, Prospect street Ratcliffe Miss Helen, ladies’ outfitting and baby linen estabt. Lion arcade, John William st; hSt. Peter’s st Ratcliffe William, farmer, Nether royd hill Rayner Geo. com] traveller, Old Halifax rd. Hillhouse Rayner George, shopkeeper, 21 Bradford road tayner Geo. whitesmith, & washing machine, &, mfr, Swan-with-two-Necks yd. Wesigt ; h Honoriast. Fartn Rayner John (John & Son); & shopr. 25 Chapel hill Rayner John & Son, whitesmiths, and washing and wringing machine manufrs, Back "Ramsden street Rayner. Joseph, grocer, &c. Clara street, Fartown Rayner Joseph & Co. yarn and waste merchants, and shoddy manufrs. 39 Market st; h 8 Commercial st Rayner Jph. Haigh, (j) cloth finishr. Stables st. Chapel hl Rayner Thomas, butcher, 48 Shambles, and Newtown Rayner William, common brewer, Bradley mills Rayner William Bowker (John & Son); h Grey Horse yard, Chapel hill Raynor John, salesman, Spring Grove street Raynor William, gardener, Cross lane, Marsh Read Miss Ellen, lodgings, 15 Spring street Redfearn James, butcher, 2 Shambles, and Fartown Redfearn Joe Wm. (John & Sons); h 8 Commercial sq Redfearn John Shaw (Jolu & Sons) ; h 1 Northumbld. st Redfearn John & Sons, manufacturers and spinners, Redfearn’s mills, Leeds road Redfearn William Henry, tailor, Longroyd lane Redfern Thomas, bootmaker’s salesman, 61 Kirkgate Reed William, beerhouse, Granby, 1 Granby street Reeder William, shopkecper, 52 Manchester street, and 95 Upperhead row; h Swallow street Reeve Michael, watch and clock maker, Fitzwilliam st Reid Miss Agnes, dressmaker, Back Spring street Reid Alexander, book agent, Back Spring street Rennison Mrs Mary Ann, 3 Newtown Revell Hy. tobacco mfr. 23 Cross Church st. & Fleece yd Revell Mrs Sarah, milliner and straw bonnet maker, Fenton row, Manchester road Reynolds Mrs Mary, 4 Commercial place Reynolds Rev. William (Methodist New Connexion), Wiggin cottage, Sheepridga Rhodes Alfred & Co. fancy woollen manufacturers, Folly Hall mills; h Prospect street Rhodes Benj. Holroyd, woolstapler’s mgr. Spring grv. st Rhodes George Wintcr, surgeon, Queen street South Rhodes Jno. Turner, cith. finisher, Jnetn, mls. Folly hall Rhodes Josiah, baker and flour dealer, 25 Albion street Rhodes Mrs Mary Ann, Clare hill, Newtown Rhodes Samuel, warehouseman, 18 Dale st. Chapel hill Rhodes Samuel, woolstapler, 7 Dundas st; h Prospect st Rhodes Thos. stonemsn. & bldr. Whitestone In. Fartwn Rhodes Thomas & George, stonemasons and builders, Eleanor street, Fartown Rhodes William ‘Henry, clerk, 832 Manchester road Rhodes Wright & Son (exrs. of) , wln. mirg.37 John Wm. st. & Springfield mills, B. Mellor, mngr Riehardson Abram, wheelwright, Northgate Richardson George, coal mert. Lower Aspley ; h Aspley Richardson John Matters, woollen merchant and stay manufactr. Commercial st. and Kirkburton; h York Richardson Robert, tailor, Allen row, Paddock Richardson Samuel, painter, 21 Union street Richardson Mrs Sarah, 2) West parade Richter Gustav & Co. foreign shoddy & mungo manu- facturers and importers, Scrgeantson street Lideway Mr Tristram, Bath buildings, John William st



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Wuddersfield Directory.

Rigby Mrs Mary, dressmaker, 16 Northgate Riley Mrs Ann, Colne road Riley Mrs Bessy Ann, tailoress, 46 Trinity street Riley Bros. fancy woollen and livery Valencia manfrs. Crosland buildings, John William st. & Fenay mills Riley Charles Joseph (Brothers); h Fenay bridge Riley Foster, warehouseman, Colne road Riley George, butcher, Folly hall Riley James, wood turner, Chapel hill mills, Buxton road ; h 22 West parade ey Joe, cigar manufacturer, 18 Spring street ey John Richard (Brothers); h Colne villa, King’s mill lane, Mold green Riley John & Sons (Tom & Chas.), joiners and builders, Henry street ey Joseph, boot and shoe maker, Shorehead ey Joshua, wool merchant (Richard Porritt & Co.) ; h 6 Fitzwilliam street Riley Richard, wool merchant (Richard Porritt & Co.); h Bath terrace, John William street Riley Thomas, shopkeeper, 70 Upperhead row Ritherdon Roland, commission merchant (Anderson and R.) ; bh Commercial square Rittencr Emile, salesman, 54 New North road Roberts Miss Anne, 9 Fitzwilliam street Roberts Bros. wln. mfrs. 4 Market st. & Hinchliffe mill Roberts Miss Catherine Ellen, milliner, Mold green Roberts Edward, comel. traveller, Northumberland st Roberts Henry, woollen manufacturer (Butterworth and R.); h Hinchcliffe mill, near Holmfirth Roberts John Wm. (Rd. & Sons); b Springfield, Lockwd Roberts Mrs Louisa, mixed school, Mold green Roberts Mrs T.iydia, Lower Aspley Roberts Mrs Margaret, 10 Fitzwilliam strect Roberts Mr Richard, Wheat house, Birkby Roberts Richard Henry, cotton waste dealer, Fox st; h Woodland mount, Trinity street Roberts Rd., Joe & $l. (Rd. & Sons); h North hs. Lockwd Roberts Richard & Sons, woollen manufacturers and merchants, St. Peter’s st. and Bath mills, Lockwood Roberts Mrs Sarah, shopkeeper, Lowerhead row Roberts Mrs Susannah, 56 West parade Roberts Wm. comsn. agent, Half Moon st; h Aspley pl Roberts William, currier and leather merchant, 1,3 &5 John street; h 62 Spring street Roberts William, joiner and builder, Stables street Robertson David, scourer (Kitchingman & R.); h 40 Northumberland street Robertson Mrs Elizabeth, Whitestone lane, Fartown Robertson John, travelling draper, Northumberland st Robinson Alfred (John & Sons); h Mountjoy house, 69 New North road Robinson (Wm.) & Brewer, surgeons, New North road Robinson Bros. woollen manufactrs. and spinners, 13 John William street, and Clough Lee mills, Marsden Robinson Chas. ironmonger’s assist. st. Fartwuo Robinson Miss Eliza, teacher of music, 18 Trinity st Robinson Frederick William (Joho & Sons); bh Elm bank, New North road Robinson George Henry, grocer (Jph. R.), 14 Westgate Robinson Jabez, yarn spinner, Chapel hill mills; h 12 South terrace, Bradford road, Fartown Robinson James, cart and wagon cover manufacturer, Carr pit road, Mold green; h22 Shorehead Robinson James, chimney sweeper, Portland street Robinson James, painter (Beaumont & R.) ; h Wood- side cottage, Lower Marsh road Robinson James & Co. archill, cudbear and ammonia manufactrs. and lace dye importers, Hill house lane Robinson Joe & Co. woollen cord manufacturers, 14 Vance’s buildings, Cloth Hall st: and Sheepbridge Robinson John Bower (Bros.) ; h Innerhay, Marsden Robinson John Russell (John & Sons); h Moyntjoy house, 69 New North road

Ri Ri

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Robinson John & Sons, dyers, Field Dye works, Leeds road North; and woolstaplers, Westgate Robinson Jph. grocer and coffee roaster, 14 Westgate Robinson Jph. tailor (Robinson & Sons) ; h57 Bradfd. rd Robinson Mrs Mary, Hebble place, Bradford road Robinson Mrs Mary, dressmaker, 22 Shorchead Robinson Robt. Thos. solicitor, commissioner in Chan- cery and common law courts, Market pl; h York pl Robinson Samuel (Robinson & Sons), Queen street Robinson & Sons, tailors and woollen drapers, Queen st Robinson Thomas, joiner and wheelwright, Leeds rd. N Robinson Thomas, solicitor, commissnr. to administer oaths in common law and Chancery courts, 33 Jolin William street ; h The Elms, New North road Robinson Tom, joiner and builder, Fitzwilliam street Robson Isaac (Isaac & Sons); h Dalton Robson Isaac & Sons, dyers, Aspley, Dalton & Bradford Robson Joshua Wheeler (Isaac & Sons) ; hb Dalton Robson Miss Maria, Prospect street Robson Thomas (Isaac & Sons) ; h Dalton Roe Thomas, surveyor’s clerk, Little Brunswick street Roebuck Henry (Henry & William) ; h Hast parade Roebuck Henry, butcher, 32 Shambles; bh South par Roebuck Henry, engraver, printer, stationer, book- binder und machine ruler, 16 King street Roebuek Henry & William, yarn spinners, Chapel Hill mills, Buxton road Roebuck Jervis, card nailer and machine maker, Foun- tain street; h Paddock Roebuck John James, clerk, St. Peter’s street Roebuek Jonas, butcher and cattle dealer, 71 Upper- head row; h 2 South parade Roebuck Jonas, manager of Co-operative stores, Market street, Paddock Roebuck Mrs Josephus, Springfield villa, New Nth. rd Roebuck Mrs Louisa, St. Peter’s street Roebuck Robert, woollen manufacturer, 4 Vance’s buildings, Cloth Hall street; and Honley Roebuck Mr William, South strect Roebuck William (Hy. & Wm.}; h Commercial street Roebuck Wm. Hy. Alexr. estate & insurance agt. Moore’s yard, Buxton rd; h 346 Springfield ter. Mold green Rogers Edwin, tailor, Castlegate togers William, auctioneer & estate agt. St. Peter's st Rollinson Thomas, shuttle and shuttle screw maker, Brow road, Paddock Ronnfeldt Frederick, clerk, South street Rooks Joss, (j) card maker, 2 Stables st. Chapel hill Rooth Alexander, merchant, 33 John William street; h 37 New North road Rostrow Wm. carrier and shopkpr. 29 Upperhead row Rothwell John, heald & slay mkr. Bridge end, Mold gn Rothwell Richard, flock dlr. Half Moon st ; h Rochdale Rothwell Richard, grocer, & reed & heald mkr. Mold gn Rouse William & Co. worsted spinners, Chancery lane, and Bradford; bh Burley house, Wharfdale Rowe Jno. machine mkr. (Tomlinson & R.); h Bradfd.rd Rowe T. B. & Co. soap manufacturers, 5 Dundas st. (A. Mallinson, agent) ; and Brentford Rowe William & Son (John), ironfounders, Chapel st; h Birkby (See Advertisement, page 84) Rowland William Croft, inspector of nuisances, Rams- den street, and grocer, Rashcliffe Rowlands William, bookbinder and machine ruler, Battye’s yard, Market placc; h Mold green Rowlett John (exors. of late Joseph Kaye ); h Hull Rowley Mrs Ann, lodgings, 1 Commercial street Rowley & Bailey, shoeing & jobbing smiths, Bradford rd Rowley Henry (R. & Bailey) ; h Bradford road Royal Insurance Co. 29a John Wm. st ; G.H. Brook, agt toyston Battye, machinist (Kenworthy, R. & Crossley) ; h 34 Manchester road Ruddock Thomas, postmaster, New street; h Green- field house, Bath buildings, Newhouse

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Huddersfield Directory.

Rushforth John, architect and surveyor, 1 New street; h Sunnybank road, Edgerton Rushworth Alfred, shoe merchant’s assistant, Birkby Rushworth Geo. painter (Lunn & R.); h New st. Lekwd Rushworth John, beerhouse, Neptune, 22 John street; and french polisher, Albion street Rushworth Richard Henry, tailor, 7 York street Russell John, commission agent, 14 Clare hill, Newtown Russell Joseph, draper, Folly hall Saffran Mr Henry, Battye’s yard, Market place Salkeld John and Co, silk spinners, Dalton Samuels Richd. booksir. Alliance Temp. hotel, 3 Queen st Sanderson Allen, draper, Old Halifax road, Hillhouse Sanderson and Co. heating and ventilating apparatus manufacturers, Shore works, Henry street Sanderson John, woollen manufacturer, 29 King’s head buildings; and Honley Sanderson Joshua, (j) millwright, Outcote bank Sanderson Mrs., Turnbridge terrace, Turnbridge Sanderson Samuel, brewer & beerhouse, Old Acquain- tance, Upper Aspley Sanderson Solomon (Sanderson & Co.); h Back Spring st Sanderson Wm. bhs. Cheshire Cheese, 59 Manchester rd Sanderson William Henry, woollen dyer, Folly hall mills; h South street Sandford William, fancy woollen mfr, Hirst’s buildings, Cloth hall street; and Underbank mill, Holmfirth Saul John, victualier, Brown Cow, Millgate, Paddock Savery Frank Pasmore, woollen manufacturer (Butter- worth and 8.); h New North road Savile and Barlow, hairdressers and perfumers, Lion arcade, John William street Savile George (S. & Barlow); h Clara strect, Fartown Saville Mrs Mary Ann, Dock street, Castlegate Saville Milford, cloth finisher, Fountain st; h Newtown Savings’ Bank, 23 Buxton road; George Hirst, actuary Scain Mrs Mary, lath render, &c. Fitzwilliam street Scales & Salter, boot & shoe mfrs. 16 Westgate (Joseph Calvert, manager); and Lidgit hill mill, Pudsey Scarborough Robert, chimneysweeper, Shore head Schofield Benj. spinner (Jno. & Sons); h 32 st Schofield Benjamin, upholsterer (W. Hanson and Co.); h 30 Portland street Schofield Edward, butcher, Shambles ; h Commercial sq Schofield George and Son (James Glover), woollen mer- chants, Station street; h Spring street Schofield Henry, victualler, Sun Inn, 33 Cross Church st Schofield Isaac, grocer, Folly hall Schofield John, boot, shoe, and clog dealer, Folly hall ; h Manchester road ield John, boot and shoe maker, 11 Northgate d John, timber merchant, Northgate d John and Co. cotton waste dealers, 4 Queen street ; h Long lane, Dalton Schofield John & Sons, woollen spinners & manufactu- Station street, and Commercial mills, Firth st d Joseph, tailor and woollen draper, King’s cliff terrace, Birkby d and Kirk, ironfounders and machine makers, Rasheliffe Ironworks, Folly hall Schofield Mark, butcher, 39 Lane, Leeds road Schofield Mark & Mrs Ellen, mixed day school, Bradley mills; h Leeds road Schofield Mrs Martha, Hazel grove, Edgerton Schofield Mortimer, dealer in tailor’s trimmings, High street ; h Church lane, Dalton d Nathan, tailor & draper, 3 Upperhead row d Robt. Hy. draper & hosier, 59 New st; h Birkby d Mrs Sarah, Commercial street

d Thos. boot & shoe mkr. & clogger, 9 Northgate Schofield Mr William, Firth street

Schofield Wm. accountant, estate, insrnce. & emigration agent, Wellington bldgs. Queen st; h1St. Paul’s st Scholeficld Miss Ann, Fenton square, Manchester road

Schofie Schofie Schofie


Scholefield Daniel, portfolio maker and musical instru- ment dealer, Freeman’s square, Trinity street Scholefield David, builder’s overlooker, 7 Bath build- ings, John William street Scholeficld Mr George, Storthes, Mold green Scholeficld George Stcad, whitesmith & bellhanger, York place, New North road; h 83 South street Scholefield James, surgeon dentist, 10 New North road Scholefield William Henry, commission agent, Lord street; h Ivy Clough house, Crosland moor

Scholes Mr George, Scholes square, Northgate Scholes George and Co. yarn spinners, Victoria mills,

Leeds road, & Clough cottage mills, Old Halifax road Scholes George & John (Geo.& Co.); h Clough hs. Hillhs Scholes Richard, accountant, Bradford road, Hillhouse Scholes Richard, bootmaker, West street, Paddock Scholes Rowland, vict. Black Bull, Old Halifax rd. Hillhs Scott Geo. & Sons, woollen mfrs. 4 Murket st; & Honley Scott Henry McCluer, tax & rate collector, 23 Trinity st Scott James, rope, twine, and tarpauling manufacturer, Denton’s yard, King street, & Water royd, Turnbridge Scott James, salesman, Commercial square Scott John (John & Son); h St. Helen’s, Almondbury Scott John and Son, tailors, drapers, and hatters, 14 Ramsden street Scott Joseph, boot & shoe mkr. Colne rd; h Ashenhurst Scott Joshua, rope and twine manufacturer, Brook’s yard, Market street, Mold green, and Dalton Scott Robert & Co. woollen manufacturers, St. Peter’s street; and St. Helen’s mill, Almondbury Scott Walter (John & Son), 14 Ramsden street Scott William, accountant, 29 Albion street Scott William, M.D. physician, 1 York pl. New Northrd Seott William, surgeon, Brunswick street, New North rd Sedgwick Joseph, (j) cloth dresser, Outcote bank Sellars John, fret cutter, Chapel hill mills, Buxton road; h Fenton row, Manchester road Senior Mrs Ann, victualler, Unicorn, Castlegate Scnior Caleb, woollen mfr. 8 Hirst’s buildings, Chancery lane, and Waterloo mills, Leeds road; h Hillhouse Senior Frank, butcher and shopkeeper, Hillhouse lane Senior John, coal merchant, Mineral depot, Fitzwilliam street; h Stables street Senior Josephus, woollen manufacturer, Hirst’s build- ings, Cloth hall street; and Skelmanthorpe Senior Seth and Sons, brewers and wine and spirit merchants, New street; and Shepley Sewell James, plasterer, Hill top, Paddock Sewell Joseph, master of National school, Cowcliffe Sharp Benjamin, cloth dlr. Fenton row, Manchester rd Sharp George, tailor, Zetland street Sharp William, milk dealer, 62 Castlegate Sharpe Alfred, currier and leather merchant, Queen street, and Carr pit, Mold green Sharpe Henry, currier’s manager, Little Brunswick st Sharpe Samuel, Ksq., L.L.B. principal of Huddersfield College, New North road Shaw Albert, scribbler (William & Albert); h Paddock Shaw Alfred, boot and shoe maker, 22 Buxton road; h Towning row, West parade Shaw Benjamin, tenter hook manufacturer, whitesmith, &c. Folly hall (See Advertisement, page 73) Shaw Bentley, Esq. J.P. brewer & wine merchant (Bent- ley and {3.); h Woodfield house, Lockwood Shaw Brook, butcher, West street, Paddock 8 8

haw David, draper, Queen street, South haw Mrs Foster, Elmwood terrace,Newhouse Shaw Francis, bootmaker, Boulder yard, Kirkgate Shaw Frederick, card maker, Colne road; h Newhouse, New North road Shaw Frederick Henry (John, William, and Henry); h Laurel bank, Greenhead lane Shaw George, vict. Ramsden Arms, 8 Cross Church st Shaw George, woollen merchant’s manager,

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Muddersfield Directory.

Shaw Mrs Hannah, vict. Lamb, Old Halifax rd. Hillhs Shaw H. and J. woollen merchants, New street Shaw Henry (H. & J.); h Whitestone Fartown Shaw Henry (John, William & Henry); bh 60 Spring st Shaw Henry (Wm., Son & Co.) ; bh South view, Paddock Shaw Henry, hall keeper, Freemason’s hall, Fitzwm. st Shaw Henry and Co. waste, shoddy, and mungo dealers, Greenwood’s yard; h Fitzwilliam street Shaw Henry Marsden (Joseph & Sons); h 9 York place, New North road Shaw James, chapel keeper (Meth. New Con.), High st Shaw James, china & smallware dealer, 24 Chapel hill Shaw James, woollen mfr. 10 John William street, and Victoria mills, Lockwood; h Primrose hill, Almondbry Shaw James and Co. woollen manufacturers, Nelson’s buildings, New strect, and Honley ; h Newhouse Shaw Mrs Jane, 38 Lowerhead row Shaw Joe, commrel. traveller, Birkby crescent, Birkby Shaw John, boot & shoe maker, 43 Cross Church street; and draper, 17 Macaulay street Shaw John, elerk, Old Halifax road, Hillhouse Shaw John, grocer, 42 Manchester road Shaw John, mert. (Terry &8.); h Oak cotg. Greenhead In Shaw John, shopkeeper, Northgate Shaw John & Brothers, woollen mfrs. 12a King’s Head buildings, & Longwood; & cotton spinners, Milnsbrdg Shaw John & Co. woolstaplers, 10 Market street, & Half Moon street; h Bottom hall, Golear Shaw John William (Wm., Son & Co.}; h Fitzwilliam ter Shaw John William and Henry, woollen manufacturers and merchants, St. George’s square Shaw Mr Joseph, Swan yard, Kirkgate Shaw Joseph, grocer & provision dealer, Rosemary lane Shaw Joseph, wood carver, 2 Ramsden st; h Primrose hill Shaw Joseph & Sons, woollen merchants, St. George’s sq Shaw Joss, commercial traveller, Clara street, Fartown Shaw Mrs Mary, draper, Leeds road North Shaw Mrs Mary, grocer, Old Halifax road, Hillhouse Shaw Richd. drpr. & grocer, Paddock; h Swan In. Lockwd Shaw Robert, furniture broker, 61 Union strect Shaw Sylvanus, woollen merchant (Joseph and Sons); h Old Halifax road, Hillhouse Shaw Thomas, leather seller, 83 Albion st; h Granby st Shaw Thomas, traveller, North ter. Bradford rd. Fartwn Shaw William (William and Albert); h Marsden Shaw William (Wm.,Son & Co.); h Ebor mt. New North rd Shaw Wiliam, milk dealer, Henry street Shaw William & Albert, woollen scribblers, Quay street Shaw Wm. Hy. butcher, 26 Shambles, & 2 Upr. Aspley Shaw William Henry, foreman, Henry street Shaw William Robert, tailor & draper, Lion Arcade, John William street; h 4 West parade Shaw Wm., Son & Co. woollen. mfrs. & merts. Wood st Sheard Mra Ann, corn & prysn. dir. 70 King st. & Kirket Sheard Benj. Spivey, comsn. agt. Fenton rw. Manchstr.rd Sheard George, wireworker, 10 High street Sheard Mrs Tabitha, beerhs. Ivy Green, Mold green Sheard Thomas, butcher, Centre place, ‘Marsh Sheffield Tom, shopkeeper, 20 Grove street Shepherd Alf. bhs. Slubber’s Arms, Halifax rd. Hillhs Shepherd Benjamin, pork butcher, 63 King st; h Dalton Shepherd Mrs Elizabeth, brewer, Whitestone In. Fartwn Shepherd Mrs. Lowerhead row Shepherd Samuel & Son (William), Fartown green Sheppard Henry, Canal Co.’s manager, Aspley place Sheridan Patrick, greengrucer, 80 Upperhead row Shires Joseph, ironfounder é& machine maker, Hope foundry, Folly hall, Engine bridge Shirley Mrs Sarah Ann, millincr & dressmaker, 5 Bath buildings, John William street Siddall Wm. waste dir. Engine bdg. Chpl.hl;h Deadwtr Sidebottom Thomas William, draper, Castle gate . Nidebottom Thomas William, saddler, Manchester road

drapers & grocers,

Sikes Charles William, manager of Huddersfield Bank-— ing Co.; h 56 Spring street Sikes Edward, manager of Halifax & Huddersfield Union Banking Co. Westgt; h Thorpe, Almondbury Sill John, earrier, 19 Spring street Simpson Mr John, Hillhouse lane Simpson Mrs Mary Jane, milliner, Longroyd bridge Simpson William, draper & hosier, Longroyd bridge Sims George, dining rooms, 1 Shambles lane, King st Sisson Owen Marriott, btchr. 5 Shambles; h Stables st Sizer Charles (John & Son), Dale st. Chapel hill Sizer Jno. & Son, bleksmths. & farriers, Dale st, Chpl. hl Skilbeck Robert & Co. woolen manufacturers & mer- chants, 89 John William st; h Mayfield vla. Edgertn Skinner Rey. Richard (Independent); h Greenhead In Slater George, plumber, glazier, & gasfitter, Horsfall’s yard, King street; h 48 Commercial street Slee Joseph, confeetioner, Mold green Smart Rowland, boot top maker, Shore, King street; h Storthes, Mold green Smeeton Chs. draper (Cooper & 8.); h Clara st. Fartwn Smiles John Ths. draper, 2 Manchstr. rd; h1 Sth. parade ith Rev. Abraham, M.A., Principal of Collegiate

Smi school, Clarehill, Newtown Smith Alfred, watch maker, jeweller, &c. 4 Kirkgate Smith Alfred & Co. watch makers & jewellers, 26 Cross Church street Smith Miss Ann Hannah, drysalter, Storthes, Mold grn Smith My Arthur, 44 Ramsden street Smith Bob, beerhouse, Albert, Cross Church st Smith & Booth, spurs. & mfrs. Providence mills, Marsh Smith Chs. flock & waste dlr. 4 Albion st; h Lindley Smith Charles, pork butcher, Shore, King street Smith David (Joseph & Son) ; h Longwood Smith Edward, card manufacturer (Charlesworth & 8.) ; h 12 Hast parade Smith Miss Eliza, milliner & straw bonnet maker, Bradford road, Fartown Smith Frank, auctioneer, &c. Battye’s yard, Market place; h Birkby hill, Birkby Smith George Henry, cashier, Bradford road, Fartown Smith George & §. woollen cord manufacturers, 10 Vance’s buildings, Cloth Hail street, & Deighton Smith Miss Hannah, dressmaker, 21 York street Smith Isaac, manufacturer (S. & Stocks), Sheepridge Smith James, lodgings, Outcote bank Smith John, confectioner, Leeds road Smith John, drysalter, & dyewood & ware grinder, Lower Storthes, Mold green Smith John, saddler, Mold green; b Fartown Smith John, shopkr. & bhs. Butcher's Arms, 47 Castle gt Smith Joseph (8. & Booth) ; b Luck lane, Marsh 2 Jph. whsl. grocer (Bocock & h Grove st 1 Joseph & Son, mungo dealers, High street Smith Robert, merchant's manager, Clara st. Fartown ith Sml. cotton mfr (Bower & 8S. Honley) ;h Westhl h & Stocks, woollen mfrs. 8 Vance’s bldgs. Cloth Hall st; Waterloo mills, Leeds rd; & at Sheepridge Smith Mr Thomas, Spring Grove street Smith Thos. Hirst, cloth finshr. Providence mills, Marsh Smith William, chimney sweeper, Northgate Smith William, cotton spinner (Butterworth, 5., and Firth); h Prospect place, Marsh Smith William, wine & spirit merchant, Volly hall, and 60 West parade Smith W. H. & Son, booksllrs. Rly. statn ; & London, &e Smithies J. & J. wiln. mirs. 2 White Hart yd. & Elland Smithies Mr John, Eleanor street, Fartown Smithson Hy. grocer & provsn. dlr. 47 Leeds road North Smithson James Edward, plumber & glazier, Northgate Smithson John, warehouseman, 6 Outcote bank Suowden Rey. Edmund, incumbent of St. Thomas’s; h Trinity place, West hill

Snowdon Misses Eliz, & My. dressmkrs.14 West parade

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Snowdon Joseph, grocer & wine merchant, 12 John William street; h West parade Southworth Henry, grocer & cigar merchant, 87 Cross Church street; h Grafton place Sowden Math. formn. at Rly. goods statn. st Sowry John, clerk, Clara street, Fartown Speizht John & Sons, mungo mfrs. 8 Dundas st. & Ossett Speight William (John & Sons); h Ossett Spencer Benjamin, beerhs. Town hall, 19 Buxton road Spencer George, earthenware dealer, 94 Kirkgate Spencer George, (j) painter, Church street, Paddock Spencer Joseph, (j) engineer, Church street, Paddock Spivey Abraham, wine & spirit mert. & ale & porter brewer, Globe brewery, & vict. Globe inn, 47 King st Spivey John, watch & clock repairer, 11 Duke street Spivey Mrs Mary, 7 Commercial place Spivey Mrs Sarah, 51 New North road Spivey William, butcher, 1 Leeds road; h Almondbury Spivey William, chapel keeper (Indept.), Ramsden st Spurr John William, managing clerk, 64 West parade Spurr Reginaid, artist & photographer, Ramsden strect; h 34 George street (See Advertisement, page 91.) Spurr Robert Persian, clerk, 834 George strect Stables Mrs Sarah, Newhouse, Bath buildings Stamp Office, 10 Market place; Jph. Brook, distributor Stancliffe James, butcher, 113 King street Stancliffe John & Co. tea & coffee merchants, Nelson’s buildings, New strect ; h 33 New North road ancliffe Jonathan Howarth & Co. wholesale tea and coffee merchants, 28 Cross Church street ancliffe Mrs Mary Ann, St. Paul’s street andage Miss My. mlnr. & dressmkr. Lane, Leeds rd tanley Benjamin, boot & shoemaker, 24 George street anley John, clothes dealer, Victoria lane ansfield & Beaumont, cap & hat manufrs. Northgate Stansficld John (8. & Beaumont); h Upperhead row Stansfield Jph. Hudson & Co. drapers, silk mercers, &c. 2 & 3 New street; h Spring cottage, Lindley Stansfield Miss Mary, milliner, Colne street, Paddock Stansfield Thomas, plumber, glazier & gasfitter, Lud- lam’s yard, New street ; & farmer, Coweliffe Starkey Bros. wlln. mfrs. Tongroyd mills, Manchstr. rd Starkey George, pianoforte dealer, 12 Trinity street Starkey James, eating house, Upper Aspley; h Firth st Starkey James & Abel, woollen manufacturers, 18 Vance’s buildings, & Sheepridge Starkey Lewis Randall (Brothers) ; near Wakefield Starkey Mrs Martha, lodgings, Fentonsq. Manchester rd Starkey Mrs Nancy, Rameden street East Starkey Mr Thomas, Old Halifax road, Hillhouse Starkey William, grocer & provision dealer, Cowecliffe Stead Allen, stnmsn. (8S. & Sykes) ; & farmer, Cowcliffe Stead Cornelius, shoemaker, Market st. Paddock Stead Mrs Jane, 26 New North road Stead John (S. & Kaye), Bradford road, Northgate Stead Joseph Carr & Co. tea & coffee merchants, King street ; h Grafton place, Commercial street Stead & Kaye, stonemasons & builders, Bradford road Stead Samuel, cashier, Prospect street Stead & Sykes, stonemasons & merchants, Cowcliffe Stead William, warehouseman, Smithy lane, Mold grn Steel Arthur, boot & shoe maker, Clara street, Fartown Steel Geo. beer retlr. & grer. Old Halifax rd. Hillhouse Steel Joseph, greengrocer, Edgerton Stephenson Charles (S. & Wilson) ; h Almondbury bank Stephenson William, commrel. tvllr. 62 New North rd Stephenson & Wilson, cabinet makers & upholsterers, 3 Shambles lane Stewart Benjamin Shaw, ironmgr. whitesmith, tinner, and gasfitter,4 Jolin William st; h 10 Chapel hill Stockdale John, clogger, Castle gate Stockdale William, fancy woollen manufacturer, 4 King’s head buildings; h Highburton


h Denby grange,




tockil! Thomas, boarding & day school, Viso house, Upper Edgerton (See Advertisement, page 96.) Stocks George, woollen mir (Smith & 8.), Sheepridge tocks Jph. stonemason & builder, 125 Bradford road Stockwell John, beerhs. Prime htl. Northumberland st Stoddart Jph. jeweller, watchmaker, &c. 21 John Wm. st Stokes Michael, tailor, 1L John street Stoner Thomas, commercial traveller, Upper Spring st Stoney & Armitage, cloth finishers, Upperhead row Stoney James (S. & Armitage); h Birkby Stoney Joe, farmer, Cowcliffe Stoney Joseph, grecngrocer, East street, Paddock Storey Joseph, beerhouse, Marlborough house, King st Stork Brothers, yarn spnrs. Bay Hall mills, Willow In ork John (Brothers); h Hillhouse ork William (Brothers) ; h Birkby ork Jph. (Brothers) ; h Newhouse hall, Sheepridge orry William & Co. tea merchants, 16 Cloth Hall street; h West hill ott, Bance & Carter, woollen manufrs. & merchants, 6 Northumberland street; & Whitacre mill, Leeds rd tott Edward (Eli & Son); h Luther place, Edgerton ott Eli (Eli & Son); h Imperial rd. Upper Edgerton ott Eli & Son, woollen merchants, New North road ott Isaac Leech, cotton spinner and doubler, and waste dealer, Sergeantson street; and Rochdale ott Ishmael, woollen manufacturer, Spring street, and Queen street South; h 6 Commercial place



Stott James, bone and rag merchant, 92 Upperhead row; and 11 Viaduct street ott James, tailor & draper, 8 Market pl; h Edgerton

tott John (8., Bance & Carter); h Belmont villa, Woodhouse, Leeds road ott John Furniss, wire drawer, Chapel hill mills, Buxton road; h Hartshead tott Thomas, butcher, Mold green range William Newman, manager of City and County Investment Co. and insurance agent, 33 John William strect; h Spring Grove street ruth Rt. G. commercial traveller, Bradford rd, Fartown tuart Mrs Mary, umbrella manufr. 4 Manchester st tuddard Uriah, cabt. mkr. (Oldfield & S.); h Cecil st uttard Mr. James, 6 Commercial square uttard John Henry, painter, pier glass and console table manufr. and picture dealer, 30 Ramsden st Styring Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, and vic- tualler, Wine Butts, 1-3-5 Beast market Subscription Library, 1 Market place; Mrs T. M. Lom- bardini, librarian Sugden Dvd. Goldthorp & Rd. (Ths. & Son); h Brighouse Sugden Mrs Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Silk st. Rosemary In Sugden John, greengrocer, 14 Swallow street Sugden John, woollen mfr. New North rd; & Waterloo mills, Leeds road; h 20 Fitzwilliam street West Sudgen Thomas & Son, corn millers, Shorefoot, King street: and Brighouse Sugden Wm. farmer, Flash house farm, Fartown green Sumner Mrs Priscilla, Mold green Sunderland Wm. cooper, Pack Horse yd; h Prospect st Sutcliffe Isaac, glass & china dealer, Bradley st. South Sutcliffe James, bootmaker, Castlegate Sutcliffe Jno. mungo & waste dlr. 41 Mkt. st; h South st Sutcliffe Joseph, manager. 1st Huddersfield Co-opera- tive Society’s Store, Mold green Sutcliffe Miss Mary, Chapel hill Sutcliffe Robert, grocer, 1 Bradford road, and Cowcliffe Sutherby Jecamiah, saddler, 32 Westgate ; h 18 South st Sutton & Co. parcel carriers, 12 High street; J. A. Liversedge, agent Swain John, stocking manufacturer, 20 Swallow street Swainson George, Corporation accountant, Ramsden street; h Fitzwilliam street Swallow David, cap manufacturer and cloth dealer, 14 High street; h 4 Chapel hill


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Muddersfield Directory.

Swallow Mrs Elizabeth, Prospect place, Marsh Swallow John, cabinet maker, Robinson’s yard, High street ; h Primrose hill Swallow Jonathan, fine drawer, Stables st. Chapel hill Swallow Martin, tobacconist & cigar importer, 29 John William street, and 21 Kirkgate; h Greenhead lane Swallow Miss Sarah, dressmaker, 10 South parade Swallow Tom, woollen merchant (Chary, 8. & Co.); h 11 Commercial square Swallow Mr William, Commercial square Swan Jph. joiner & bldr. Northumberld. st; h13 Trinity st Swift Abraham, grocer, Castlegate Swift George Henry, accountant, Gladstone chambers, King street; h Lockwood Swift George Thomas, woollen manufacturer (Day, Watkinson & Co.); h Westfield house, Mirfield Swift John, tailor & draper, St. Peter's street Swift John, warehouseman, Hillhouse lane Swift John Henry, commercial traveller, Birkby Swift Joseph, clerk, Nursery terrace, Birkby Swift Mallinson, beerhouse, Victoria, Upperhead row Swift Tom North, pharmaceutical chemist, 39 Cross Church street; h 71 Northgate Swift William North, auctioneer, Fitzwilliam street Swildin Thomas, lodgings, 6 South parade Swinden William, painter, Colne street, Paddock Sykes Abraham, coal agent; h Heaton fold, Marsh Sykes Alfred (H., H. & Son); h Imperial rd. Edgerton Sykes Allen, joiner & bldr. & shopkpr. Mkt. st. Paddock Sykes Mrs Amanda Levina, milliner, West st. Paddock Sykes Andrew, draper and newsagent, Mold green Sykes Ben, warehouseman, 25 Bradford road Sykes Benjamin, china dealer, 24 Upperhead row Sykes Benjamin, woollen mfr. 5 Brook’s yd; & Golear Sykes Benj. woollen mfr. 46 White Hart yd; & Golcar Sykes Charles, draper, boot and shoe dealer, and wine agent, Clara street, Fartown Sykes (D.), Hale & Bell, yarn spinners, Bradley mills Sykes Dan, commission agent, 52 South street Sykes David (S., Hale & Bell); h Croft: house, Marsh Sykes David Parry (Michael Sykes, Haigh & Co.); h Westfield terrace, Westfield Sykes Edward, coml. traveller, Birkby crescent, Birkby Sykes Edward & Sons, woollen manufacturers and cot- ton spinners, 19 Market street; and Gosport mills Sykes Edward Taylor, fancy woollen mfr. Littlewood’s buildings, Sergeantson st; & Slaithwaite; h Trinity st Sykes Edwin, solicitor, 37 New street; h Holly grove villa, Fitzwilliam street Sykes Miss Elizh. stuff & cloth finshr, Aspley & Mold gn Sykes Mrs Ellen, Bremen house, Fdgerton

Sykes Ephm. cotton warp mkr. Seed Hill mls; h South st Sykes Fred. manager of Co-op. Stores,

East st. Paddock Sykes Frederick, woollen draper, 43 Upperhead row Sykes George, butcher, 14 Shambles ; & Hillhouse Sykes Geo. canvas mfr. (Harrison & 8.) ; h Upr. Grv. st Sykes George, clerk, Prospect street Sykes George, fancy skirt manufacturer, 25 King’s Head buildings, & Hirst’s buildings; h Lepton Sykes Geo. mfg. chemist, Queen st. South ;h Helme Sykes George & Mrs Edna, master and matron of Hud- dersfield Union Workhouse, Birkby Sykes Godfrey, fancy mantling manufacturer, Chancery lane ; and Green mount, Mold green Sykes Henry (John & Sons); h Fitzwilliam street Sykes Henry Haigh & Son, woollen merts. 4 High st Sykes James, glass and china dealer, 40 Manchester st Sykes James, shopkeeper, 11 & 13 Union street Sykes James, temperance hotel, 25 Cross Church st Sykes James, victualler, Royal Hotel, Manchester road Sykes James, watchmaker and jeweller, 50 New street; h 35 Newtown Sykes James, woollen draper, Spring Grove street Sykes James, jun. woollen mfr, 13 Station st; & Golear

Sykes Jas. & Co. woollen & fancy mfrs. 12 Hirst’s bldgs ; & Britannia mills, Colne rd; h Croft hs. Milnes brdg Sykes James Kaye & Co. woollen merchants, Victoria buildings, New strect; h Westfield terrace Sykes James Walker (Edward & Sons); h Gosport Sykes James William & Samuel, woollen manufacturers, 30 White Hart yard; and Golcar Sykes John (John & Sons); h Clara street, Fartown Sykes John, butcher, 7 Shambles; and Almondbury Sykes John, draper, 66 King street Sykes John, grocer and provision dealer, Bradford rd Sykes John, hall kpr. Mechanics’ Instn. Northumbld. st Sykes John, solr., comr. for taking affidavits in superior courts, 1 Market walk; h Elmwood ter. Newhouse Sykes John, tailor and woollen draper, Chapel hill Sykes John, woollen mfr. 42 White Hard yd; & Golcar Sykes John, woollen mfr, 11 Hirst’s buildgs ; & Lepton Sykes John, woollen merchant (Woodhead & Barker) ; h Ashenhurst, Almondbury Sykes John Edward, relieving officer, 7, h 22 Albion st Sykes John Hy. (Edw. & Sons); h Trinity pl. Westhill Sykes John & Sons, ironfdrs & machine mkrs. Turnbdg Sykes Joseph, manager, 29 Portland street Sykes Joseph, victualler, Talbot, Longroyd bridge Sykes Joseph, woollen mfr. 84 White Hart yd; & Golcar Sykes Jph. woollen manufr’s. mgr. Honoria st. Fartown Sykes Joseph Craven, cigar merchant, Downing’s yard, New street; h Marsh Sykes Joseph "Wigglesworth, victualler, Crown hotel, & wine and spirit merchant, 50 Westgate Sykes Miss Martha, milliner, Castlegate Sykes Mrs My. Anne, millnr. & dressmkr. 7 Manchr. rd Sykes Matthew, boot and shoe maker, 38 Buxton road Sykes Michael, clogger, 65 Upperhead row Sykes Michl., Haigh & Co, wiln. mrts. 1 New North rd Sykes Moore, wood turner, Chapel Hill mills, Buxton road ; h Prospect street Sykes Peace, artist and drawing master, Lion arcade, John William street ; h Chapel hill Sykes Philemon (John & Sons) ; h Fitzwilliam street Sykes Mrs Phebe, shopkeeper, Storthes, Mold green Sykes Richard, butcher, Mold green Sykes Richard Walker, woollen manufacturer, 22 Head buildings ; and Gosport Sykes Sam, hairdresser, 6 High street Sykes Samuel, painter, Tentergate, Paddock Sykes Mrs Sarah, Clara street, Fartown Sykes Mrs Sarah, West hill, Trinity street Sykes Thomas, grocer, Church street, Paddock Sykes Thomas, shopkeeper, 33 Grove street Sykes Thos. Brooke, grocer & provision dlr.3l Castlegt Sykes Thomas Henry, clock and watchmaker, row, Manchester road Sykes Wm. fick. mert. George st ; & farmer, Park Riding Sykes Witley, clerk, 18 South street Tait Samuel Brown, master of British School, Prospect street; h St. Peter’s street Talamon Lucien & Co. woollen shipping merchants, John William strect; h Boldroyd house, Fartown Tansey James, rag merchant, Rosemary In. & Castlegate Tate George, tailor & wholesale clothier, 6 Manchester st Tattersall John (John & Son); h East view, Marsh Tattersall John & Son, elth. finshrs. Malakoff mill, Marsh Tattersall Mrs Mary, lodgings, 22 Northumberland st Tattersall Silas, cloth finisher’s mner. East view, Marsh Tattersall William (John & Son), Marsh Tattersfield John, boarding and day schl. 12 George st Taylor Alfred, cabinet maker, upholsterer, &c. 51 New strect, & Fleece yard, and Kirkgate; h Commercial sq Taylor Arthur, manager of Co-operative store, Mold gn Taylor Benjamin, assistant overseer, 6 West parade Taylor Benjamin & Son, woollen manufacturers, 22 White Hart yard; and Longwood Taylor Mrs Betsy, 29 Fitzwilliam street West


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Huddersfield Directory.


Taylor Brook (T. & Kemp); h Brooke hill Tempest Mr Abraham, 21 Commercial street Taylor Charles William Frederick (J. E. Brothers) ;| Tempest Joe Webb, stock and share broker and public h Eldon house, Almondbury accountant ; h Spring gardens, Lockwood Taylor David, woollen manufacturer & T.); h 2} Temples Mrs Drusilla, news agent, 78 Northgate

Ash Brow farm, Fixby

Taylor teazle merchant, Wellington yard, Westgate; bh Portland street Taylor Kdwin, boot and shoemaker, Leeds road North Taylor Eli, grocer, Market street, Paddock Taylor Miss Ellen, 34 Trinity street Taylor Ephraim Beaumont (John & Sons); h Hazel

grove, Edgerton Taylor Fdk. Nelson (T. & Lodge); h Croft hs. Newsome Taylor George (Joseph & Son); h Northgate Taylor Geo. Wa~4, shopr. & coml. travlr. Upperhd. row Taylor Hamor, woollen manufacturer, Brook’s yard, Market street; and Mcltham Taylor Henry (Joseph & Son); h Fenton square Taylor Henry, clothes dealer, Bradley street North Taylor Henry Beaumont( H. B. & Son); h York house, New North road Taylor Henry Boothroyd, bootmkr. 17 Cross Church st Taylor Henry Brook, clerk, 52 Spring street Taylor H. B. & Son, drysalters, 32 Market street Taylor Hy. Dyson (John & Sons); h Greenhead lane Taylor Hiram, jun. banker’s clerk, 4 Cloth Hall street Taylor Hiram, grocer, 10 Leeds road Taylor J. E. Bros. shawl, mantle, Spanish stripes and win. mfrs. 3 Clth. Hall st; & Northfield & Almondbury Taylor J. J. H. woollen manufacturer, 23 Vance’s build- ings, Cloth Hall street; and Almondbury Taylor Jno. Hy. (WH. B. & Son) ; h Ravensdean, Hdgerton Taylor James, beerhouse, York hotel, 52 Northgate Taylor James, beer retailer and grocer, 13 Fitzwilliam street West; h 33 Portland street Taylor James, clerk at county court; h Golcar Taylor Jas. woollen spinner, Quayst; h Turnbridge ter Taylor Jobn, comel. traveller, Birkby crescent, Birkby Taylor John, manager, Hill house cottage, Hill houseln Taylor John, engineer, millwright and portable steam engine mfr. Firth st; h St. Paul’s st (See Advt. p. 38)

Taylor John Edward (J. E. Bros.); h The Common, Aldmondbury Taylor John & Sons, fancy woollen manufacturers, 37

New street and Colne road mills Taylor John Thorp, woollen manufr. Hirst’s buildings ; Chancery lane; and Ribbleden mills, Holmfirth Taylor John William (John & Sons); h Moorfield, Crosland moor Taylor Joseph (Benj. & Son) ; h Clara st. Fartown Taylor Joseph (Joseph & Son); h Northgate Taylor Joseph, master St. Paul’s school, Princess street; h Prospect row Taylor Joseph Henry & Co. plumbers and gasfitters, Angel yard, Macaulay street; h Cecil street Taylor Jph. & Son, flock merchants, Fox st; & Golcar Taylor Jph. & Son, iron and steel merts. bevel & convex hoops, washer, &c. mnfrs. Kirkgate (See Advert. p. 38) Taylor Joshua Henry, brhs. Bay Horse tav. Hill house Taylor & Kemp, linen and woollen drapers, milliners, &c. 58 Chapel hill Taylor & Lodge, vesting and woollen manufacturers, Railway street; and Newsome Taylor T. T. woollen manufacturer, 23 White Hart yard; and Slaithwaite Taylor Thomas, vict. Albert hotel; builder, Albert buildings, New street Taylor Wm. assistant schoolmaster, Clara st. Fartown Taylor William, woollen manufacturer, 33 King’s Head buildings; and MWytholm bridge Taylor Wm. Beaumont, auditor, arbitrator and public accountant, Nelson’s bldgs. New st; h 54 South st Teal Jesse, joiner, Chapel hill, Buxton road

Teal Samuel, warehouseman, 31 Chapel hill

and joiner and

Terry Henry (T. & Shaw); h Lockwood hs. Lockwood Terry & Shaw, woollen shipping merts. St. Peter’s st Tetley George, brazier, tinner and ironmonger, 14 Cross Church street Tetley John & Co. wholesale tea & coffee dirs. Victoria buildings, New street ; h Clara street, Fartown Tetlow Edward, painter, Lower Aspley; h Upr. Aspley Theaker Mrs Mary, 44 South street Theaker William, newsagent, 1 West parade Theaker Wm. Albt. sugar boilr. Ramsden st. & West par Theatre Royal, Ramsden st; Edward Clayton, lessee Thewlis Abel & George, jun. (Geo. & Sons) ; h Nether end house, Meltham Thewlis Charlies, clerk, 14 Upperhead row Thewlis George & Sons, woollen manufrs. 7 Cloth Hall street; and Lower Sunnybank mill, Meltham Thewlis Titus, yarn agent, 14 Upperhead row Thirkill Robert, coppersmith, tinplate worker and gas fitter, Northgate and Fountain st. (See Advert. p. 94) Thirkill Wm. plumber and gasfitter, 10 Quay street Thomas Edw. hairdrsr. & smallwr. dir. Shore, King st Thomas Rev. John (Unitarian), 27 Portland street Thomas John, corn and flour dealer, 44 Buxton road ; h Swallow street Thomas John, tailor, 40 Northgate Thomas Mrs Mary, Grove street Thomas Samuel, hairdresser, Bradley strect North Thomas Misses Sarah, Margaret and Mary Ann, 16 Fitzwilliam street West Thomas Wm. tailor, Hebble terrace, 107 Bradford rd Thomas Wm. Edward, day school, Tunnel st. Spring st Thompson Miss Ann, shopkeeper, Upperhead row Thompson Benjamin, manager for Carver & Co. ; Fitzwilliam street West Thompson & Crosland, tobacco manufrs. 11 Buxton rd Thompson George, vict. Crescent inn, Byram street Thompson Hargreaves, comel. traveller, 3 Lord street Thompson Henry, toll collector, Marsh bar Thompson James, watchmaker, bookseller, and deposi- tory of Tract Society, 71 New street Thompson John (T. & Crosland) ; h Hillhouse Thompson John, station master, St. George’s square ; h Eleanor strect, Fartown hompson John, victualler, Bull & Mouth hotel, Bull and Mouth street, Ramsden street hompson Joseph, furn. broker, 6 & 8 Beast market hompson, McKay & Co. carrying agts. for Gt. Northn. and Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway Companies, St. George’s square; Chas. Morton, agt hompson Mrs Mary, news agent, 2 Upperhead row hompson fish and poultry dir. Halifax rd. Hillhs homson & Dodds, fancy and woollen mufrs. 18 John William street, and Priestroyd mills, Firth street homson Wm. (T. & Dodds); h Bath bldgs. Newhs hornton Miss Agnes, mistress of Trinity School, Marsh; h Portland street hornton Alexander, blacksmith, New st. Paddock hornton Benj. auctioneer, appraiser, & sheriff's officer, 50 New st ;h Carisbrooke hs. 15 Fitzwilliam st. West Thornton Mrs Caroline, draper and milliner, 69 New st Thornton Edwin & Co. woollen manufacturers, 17 White Hart yard; and Elland Thornton Mrs Eliz. milnr. & dressmkr. 40 Lowrhd. row Thornton Miss Hart. mixed day schl. Willow In. Hillhs Thornton Lienry, beerhouse, Dog, Mold green Thornton John, carrier, Viaduct street Thornton John, clerk, Graham’s buildings, Fast parade Thornton John, win. mfr (Dawson & T.); h Gledholt bk Thornton John Smith, clerk, Kast parade I Lhornton Jonathan, grocer and shopkpr. 16 Thomas st

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Wuddersfield Directory.

Thornton Jonathan, warehouseman, Luck lane, Marsh Thornton Mr Joseph, Edge house, Paddock Thornton Joseph, smailware dealer, 11 Lane, Leeds rd Thornton Joseph, temperance hotel, 21 New street Thornton Joseph, warehouseman, Seed hill Thornton Joses Richard, auctioneer, 50 New street; h Bank villa, Hill house Thornton Mrs Rebecca, Commercial street Thornton Rd. boot & shoe mkr. 37 Dale st. Chapel hill Thornton Samuel (W. & S.); h Bay hall, Birkby Thornton Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Cross lane, Paddock; h Allen row Thornton Thomas, shopkeeper, Upperhead row Thornton Tom, iron and tinplate worker and gasfitter, 12 Upper Aspley (See Advert. page 81) Thornton W. & 8. whitesmiths, hot water engineers, &e. Fleece yard, Kirkgate (See Advert. page 88) Thornton William (W. & 8.) ; bh 25Portland street Thornton William, furniture broker, Mold grcen Thorp Daniel, flock merchant, Northumberland street ; h Town end, Golcar Thorp William, salesman, 6 Granby street Thorpe George Procter, shopkeeper, Prospect street Thorpe Henry, woollen manufacturer, 8 Littlewood’s buildings, Sergeantson street; & IHolm/firth Thorpe Jonathan, woollen manufacturer, Littlewood’s buildings, 7 Sergeantson street; h Holmfirth Thresh Mrs Mary Anne, lodgings, 15 Trinity street Thwaite Mrs Jane, Bay Hall terrace, Birkby Tierncy John, becrhouse, Traveller’s rest, Castle gate Tiffaney Benjamin (T. & Kilner); h Dalton Tiffaney Mrs Khizabeth, Cowcliffe Tiffaney & Kilner, cap manufacturers, 71 King street Tiffany John, rag mert. High st ; h Hebble tr. Bradfd. rd Tindall James, tobacco pipe manufacturer, 1 Castle gate; h Scholes square, Northgate Tinker Charles, salesman, Church street, Paddock Tinker Friend (T. & Littlewood) ; h Swan In. Lockwood Tinker George F'dk. (Geo. & Son) ;h Hast View pl. Marsh Tinker George & Son, auctioneers, estate agents, and machinery valuers, 1 New street; & Holmfirth Tinker Henry (George & Son); bh Spring vla. Holmfirth Tinker Henry, master of Congregational schl. Mold gern Tinker & Littlewood, ginger beer & soda water manu- facturers, 41 Buxton road Tinker & Sons, woollen manufacturers, 47 White Hart yard; & Holmfirth Todd Henry, clerk at Rly. station, 13 Greenhead lane Todd Jas. glass & china dealer, 34 & 36 Upperhead rw Todd Walter, gardener, Aspley place Tolson Brothers, fancy manufacturers, Westgate, and Mill hill, Dalton Tolson, Haigh & Brooke, woollen manufacturers, spin- ners & dyers, Market place; Rookery mills, Mold green, & Lower Aspley ; & Armitage bridge Tolson Jas. (T., Haigh & Brooke) ; h Greenside, Dalton Tolson Joseph (Brothers) ; h Greenhead, Dalton Tolson Mrs Mary, 32 New North road Tolson Robert Henry (Brothers); h Oaklands, Dalton Tomlinson Edward, brick mkr. (Drake & Co.); h Marsh Tomlinson Edw. mer. for Pickford & Co. Clarast. Hillhs Tomlinson George Dodgson, artist, 16 Ramsden strect Tomlinson Geo. Wm. (T. & Rowe); h 16 Ramsden st Tomlinson & Rowe, machine mkrs. & ironfndrs. Chpl. hl Towlson Thomas, clog & shoe maker, Market street, Paddock; & furniture broker, Northgate Townend Alfred, draper & sack dealer, 31 Grove street Townend James, butcher, 25 Shambles, & Colne bridge ; bh Primrose hill Townend James, rag dealer & shopkeeper, Swallow st Townend William, day inspector of police, Fox street Townsend Saml. wheelwright, Old Halifax rd. Hillhouse Travis Geo. grocer & bhs. Northgate inn, Fountain st

Trumble Mrs Jane, mantle maker, 10 Greenhead lane I

Tandell Mis Mary, 37 St. Paul’s street Tunnacliffe Dvd. & Sons, plastrs. 2 Northumberland st Tunnaclitfe Kdw. (Dvd. & Sons}; b Dalton grn. Dalton Tunnacliffe Henry, woollen manufacts.cc (J. & G. Hinchliffe) ; h Belgrave villa, Dalton Tunnacliffe John (Dvd. & Sons); 2 Northumberland st Tunnicliffe John, National schlmstr. Church st. Paddock Turnbull Mrs Isabella. elth. remnant dlr. 66 Manchsir.rd Turnbull William, M.D. physician, 18 Ramsden street Turner Charles, tailor & general clothes dir. 58 Northet Turner Charles, tea merchant, Shambles In; h Maldon cottage, Almondbury bank Turner Mr John, Hebble cottages, Bradford road Turner Jno. (Jph. & Sons) ; h Fitzwillie tr. New Nth. rd Turner Jonathan, currier & leathe: .rerchant, Pack Horse yard, Kirkgate; & Dalton Turner Mr Joseph, 88 New North road Turner Joseph Brooke, woollen manufacturer (Berry and T.); h Laurel Bank, Edgerton Turner Joseph & Sons, wlln. mfrs. & merts. & yarn spinners, St. George’s sq. & Bridge mills, Holmfirth Turner Richard, butcher, Bradford road, Fartown Turner Misses Sarah & Emma, Northumberland street Turner Thos. (Jph. & Sons) ; h Bridge mills, Holmfirth Tyas Amos, fancy manufacturer, Hirst’s buildings, Chancery lane, & Kirkheaton Tyas Michael, beerhouse, Q. inn, Lowerhead row Umpleby Thomas, joiner & builder, Mold green Union Corn mill, Longroyd lanc; Rd. Poppleton, mgr Varey Thomas, victuailcr, Grey Horse, Chapel hill Varley Joseph, coal mert. Quay st; J. Hargreaves, act Varley Joseph, comsn. agent, Smithy lane, Mold green Varley Joseph & Sons (Wm. & Jph. jun.), boot mirs. & sewing mach. agts. 1 King st; h North hs. Crslnd. mr Varley Samuel, boot & shoe maker, Zetland street Varley Thomas, gentleman, Edgerton hs. Upr. Edgerton Vevers Mrs Betty, vict. Queen hotel, 35 Market street Vickerman B. & Sons, woollen manufacturers, St. George’s square, & Taylor hill Vickcrman Miss Elizabth. confetr. 13 Cross Church st Vickerman John, tailor & draper, Spring Grove street Vickerman Joseph (B. & Sons), Taylor hill Vickerman Wm. farmer, & bhs. Boar’s Head, Moid grn Vickers Mrs draper (Fairbourn & Co.); h Beech terrace, Bradford road, Fartown Vickers Thomas, tea & coffee & wine & spirit merchant, 14 Market walk; h Grafton place, Commercial street Vickers Win., Vicker’s hil. & dining rooms, 16 Mkt. walk Victoria Loan Soc. Victoria st; Wm. Woodhonse, mgr Viney George, printer, &c. (Inchbold & V.); h Brad- ford road, Fartown Waddington Dvd. brewer & bhs. Staff of Life, Moldgrn Waddington James Haigh, paper mfr. (Mellor & W.)‘ and wholesale rag mert. Victoria st; J. C. Haigh, agt Wade Benjamin & Co. tobacconists & cigar importers, 66 New street ; h King’s mill Jane, Mold green Wade Mr Charles, King’s Mill lane, Mold green Wade Henry Proctor Holley, manufacturing chemist, Leeds road North; lh Upper Aspley Wade Thomas, mungo manufr. & mert. 45 Market st Wadsworth Abel, fancy woollen manufacturer, 41 King’s head buildings; & Kirkburton Wadsworth John, butcher, Old Halifax road, Hillhouse, and Linthwaite Wadsworth Squire, painter (Kendall & W.}; hb South st Wadsworth Walter, dyer, Leeds road North Wadsworth William, plasterer & painter, 6 Grove street Wainwright Hy. hairdresser, 8 Market st; h Prospectrw Wainwright Turner, (j) carpenter, 12 Stables st. Chpl. hl Wainwright Richard, woollen manufacturer, 34 King’s head buildings; & Kirkburton Wainwright William, clogger, 49 Castlegate Waite Benjamin, homeopathic chemist, Lion Arcade, 40 John William street; h Eleanor street, Fartown

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Directory. Ail

Waite Wm. Hy. tobnst. (Rt. Hale & Co.) ; h 10 Unionst Walker Mr Abraham, Oak villa, Upper Edgerton Walker Benjamin, joiner & builder, 89 Kirkgate, and victualler, Smith’s Arms, Castlegate Walker Charles Hy. vict. Royal Oak, West st. Paddock Walker Mrs Christiana, Fartown green Walker Edmund Henry, boot & shoe maker, 4 King street; h Newhouse, Bath buildings Walker Frederick, manager, Burleigh house, Edgerton Walker George, victualler, Vulcan, St. strect Walker Henry, draper, hosier, & smallware & jewellery dealer, 6 Cloth Hall st; h Graham’s bldgs. Newhouse Walker Henry, fancy woollen manufactr. Hirst’s bldgs. Cloth Hall st. & Shaw Carr Wood mill, Slaithwaite Walker Henry, manager, Bradley lane, New North rd Walker Hy. & Son, wlln. mfrs. 7 Market st; & Mirfield Walker Mrs Jane, timber merchant, &c. (John H.), Back Ramsden street; h 32 Ramsden street Walker John Hirst, timber merchant, & saw mill pro- prietor, Back Ramsden street (See Advert. page 39.) Walker Jno. Wm. drpr. &c.37 Newst; bh Elm Lea, Kdgtn Walker Jonathan, plasterer, 36 Bradford road Walker Joseph, boot & shoe mkr. Storthes, Mold green Walker Jph. Alf. & Chas. Hy. (Jph. & Sons) ;h Lindley Walker Joseph & Sons, woollen manufactrs. & mohair and seal skin 8 White Hart yard, & Plover mills, Lindley, & dyers, Lonyroyd bridge ker Mrs Margaret, dressmaker, 39 Upperhead row ker Raymond, foreman dyer, West street, Paddock ker Rochford, yarn spinner’s mer. 26 Northumbrld. st ser Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 12 King street; h Westfield terrace, West hill ker Thomas, joiner, builder & timber merchant, Chapel street; h Hast parade ker Thomas & Sons, woollen manufacturers, 16 White Hart yard, & Longwood ker William, pawnbroker, 9 High street ker Wm. wlln. mfr. Water Royd mills, Turnbridge Walker William Henry, woollen manufacturer (Heaps and W.); h Crosland hall, South Crosland Wall William B. yarn spinner (Brierley & W.); & com. agent, Cloth Hall strect; h Brook street, Mold green Wallace Alexander, grocer & tea dealer, 80 Buxton rd Waller Miss Fanny, lodgings, Clifton place, West parade Waller Miss Mary, dressmaker, Fitzwilliam street Waller Michael Henry, hatter & hosier, 1 John William street; h West hill Waller Misses Sarah Wilcock & Eleanor, day & boarding school, Fitzwilliam street Waller Thomas Cockill, warchouseman, 20 Union street Wallis Godfrey, fishumonger, Folly hall Wallis T. S. & Co. woollen merchants, 5 Buxton road Wallis Thomas Steadman (T. S. & Co.); h 28 Bath buildings, John William street Walsh Miss Elizbth. Cath. schoolmstrss. Fitzwilliam st Walshaw William, hairdresser, 20 Upperhead row Walton Charles, commission agent, St. Peter’s street Walton Mrs Hannah, Brunswick place, Bradley lane Walton Miss Mary, day & bdg. schl. Fitzwilliam st. W. Walton Robert, tobacconist (wholesale & retail), 14 New street; h Belmont terrace, Brunswick place Warburton Mrs Hannah Aspinall, West hill, Trinity st Warburton Samuel, salesman, Crystal bldngs. Newtown Ward Bros. drapers & silk mercers, 34 John William st Ward George, draper’s assist. Bay Hall terrace, Birkby Ward Henry Stace (Bros.); h Old Halifax rd. Hillhouse Ward James, gardener, Portland street Ward John Suthers, clogger, Market street, Paddock Ward Joseph, mungo mfr. Half Moon st. & Upperhd. rw Ward Samuel Rootsey (Brothers); h 18 Bath buildings Wardle Miss Anne, milliner & dressmaker, South street Wardman & Garbutt, coal merchants, Spring wood Wardman Geo. (W.& Garbutt); h Fenton rw. Manchr. rd Warner Francis, shopkeeper, 25 Dock street, Castlegate

Warriner John, marble & stone mason, Bradford road ; and Brighouse (See Advertisement, page 71) Washington Mrs Sarah, 17 Commercial street Washington Thomas, draper & milliner, 49 New street Waterhouse Abraham, vict. Navigation tav. Shorefoot Waters Francis, coal dealer, 14 Cross Grove street Waters Samuel, beerhs. King’s Head, Manchester st Waters Thomas and John, beerhouse, Court house tavern, Back Buxton road Waterworks office, Spring street; George Crowther, eugineer; Charles K. Hare, manager Watkinson James, woollen manufacturer (Day, W. and Co.); bh Beech wood, Edgerton Watkinson John, cashier, West hill, Trinity street Watkinson Miss, 28 Fitzwilliam street West Watkinson William, Berlin wool repository, and muslin stamper, 35 New street; h Brow road, Paddock Watson Henry Valentine, commiss. agent, 35 Trinity st Watson Mrs Margaret, 54 Spring street Watson Miss Mary, Temperance hotel, Albion street (See Advertisement, page 93) Watson William, clerk, Kleanor street, Fartown Watson Wm. quarry master, Crosland hill; h Prospect st ' Wear Henry, plumber & glazier, Laycock’s yd. King st Weatherhead John, butcher, 6 Shambles, and Aspley Weavcel Wm. butcher, 46 Westgate; h Clough hd. Golear Webb Misses Mary, Annie and Jane, boarding and day school, Ebor mount, 94 New North road Webb Thomas, commission agent, Rosemary lane; h Ebor mount, New North road Webb Thornas, vict. Nag’s Head, Colne street, Paddock Webster Mrs Helena, Honoria street, Fartown Webster Isaac, painter and paperhanger, Ludlam’s yard, New street; h Nursery terrace, Birkby Webster James, milk dealer, 73 Upperhead row Weightman Robert, beerhs. York Arms, 81 Wells Rev Stepn. Lawrence (Roin.Cath.), 36 Nw.North rd Welsh Mrs Frances Eliz. day school, Marsh grv. Marsh West Riding Constabulary office, 10 Princess street; Thomas Heaton, superintendent West Riding Union Banking Company, 15 Market place; J. G. Berry, manager West Yorkshire Loan Society, Bull and Mouth street; John Broadbent, secretary Westerman Charles, dyers’ net and wool sheet maker, Brow road, Paddock Westoby John, clogger, 70 Northgate Whaite Rev George (United Free Meth.), Crosland mr Whalley Rev Jas.curate of Al Saints, Paddock; h Cross In Wheatley Charles (W. & Higgins); h 40 Portland street Wheatley and Higgins, pharmaceutical chemists and wholesale druggists, Kirkgate Wheatley Jas. Eastwood & Co. booksellers, printers, sta- tioners, &c. 18 New street; h Woodland mt. West hill Wheeler Amos and Co. woollen cord manufacturers, 17 White Hart yard; and Deighton Wheeler and Tolson, woollen cord manufacturers and woollen dyers, Bedford mills, Nether royd hill Wheelhouse Edward, farmer, Paddock Whelan Jas. Augustus, police & market inspr. 6 Lord st Whincup Samuel, smallware dealer & insurance agent, Bridge end, Mold green Whitaker Mrs Annie, New house, Bath buildings Whitaker John, goods manager, 1 Upperhead row Whitaker Joseph, merchant (Cawthra & W.); h Fartown Whitaker Richard, salesman, 44 Upperhead row White Ramsden, inspector of police, Prospect: street White William, silk throwster and spinner, Fitzwilliam street ; h Ramsden street Kast Whitehead Edward & Mrs Georgiana, master & matron of Ragged School, Fitzwilliam street Whitehead George, bookbinder, letterpress & litho. prin- ter, merc. stationer, &c. 31 New st; h 12 St. Paul’s st

I Whitehead Jobn, grocer and provision dealer, Birkby

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Wuaddersfield Directory.

Whitehead W. & J. worsted spinners, Riley's yard, Mar- ket street (W. B. Wall, agent); aud Bradford Whitehead William, bootmaker, Beast market Whiteley John (Robert & Nephew); h Cecil street Whiteley Jno. cotton spnr. (Jno. & Co.); h Bradley st.§ Whiteley John and Co. cotton spinners and warp makers, Albion mills, Stables street Whiteley John & Co. Limited, paper manufacturers, 6 Vance’s buildings, Cloth hall street (Joseph Armitage, local manager); and Firth house mills, Stainland, near Halifax; Thos. Pickard, see; Jph. Ashworth, mangr Whiteley John & Son, paper mfrs’. agts. 14 Cloth hall st Whiteley Joseph, cotton spinner (John & Co.); h Alfred street, East parade Whiteley Joseph and Wright, woollen manufacturers, 44 White Hart yard, and Golear Whiteley Joshua, confectioner, Market walk Whiteley Joshua, cotton spinner (John & Co.); h Rose cottage, Stables street Whiteley Miss Martha, Fitzwilliam street West Whiteley Mrs Martha, St. Paul’s street Whiteley Nathan, wlln. mfr.19 Wht. Hart yd. & Meltham Whiteley Robert (Robert & Nephew); h New North rd Whiteley Robert and Nephew, builders and timber mer- chants, New North road Whiteley Mrs Ruth, Spring wood, Manchester road Whiteley Saml. wlln. mfr. 29 Wht. Hart yd; & Stainland Whiteley Mrs Sarah, Bay hall terrace, Birkby Whiteley Mrs Sarah Ann, beerhouse, 60 Kirkgate Whiteley Thomas (John & Son); h Standifirth, Dalton Whiteley Thomas, cotton spinner, Newtown mills, Ox- ford street; h Newtown Whitcley Thomas, greengrocer, West street, Paddock Whiteley William, woollen mfr. Riley’s yd; & Golcar Whitfield Brothers, drapers, clothiers, and milliners, 20 Manchester road Whitfield John (Brothers); h Primrose hill Whitham George, boot and shoe maker (Mallinson and W.); h Birkby Whitley John, day svhool, Malham place, Mold green Whittell Matthew, cotton warp and yarn merchant, Chancery lane; h Dalton Whitteron Saml. whols. confectr. Old Halifax rd. Hillhs Whitwam David Jas. wlln. mfr. (Fisher & W.); h Golcar Whitwam Joseph, oatbread baker, Upper brow, Paddock Whitwam Joseph, woollen manufacturer, 35 White Hart yard; and Golcar Whitwham Jph. storekpr. Corporation stores, Zetland st Whitworth & Co. tea & coffee merts. Pack Horse yard, Kirkgate; 89 Great Tower street, London; Corporation street, Manchester; and Newcastle-on-Tyne Whitworth Gordon Pentycross, stockbroker (Dowse and W.); h Woodlands, Kirkburton Whitworth Joshua (Whitworth and Co.); h Woodville house, Upper Egderton Wickson Mr James, 12 New North road Widdop Joseph, cotton spinner’s mgr. Turnbridge ter Wigglesworth Thos. shopr. 8 Hillhouse In. Bradford rd Wigglesworth Vincent, draper, Mold green Wightman William, provision dealer, South street Wigney Herbert (T. J. Son & Co.); h Netherton Wigney T. J. Son and Co. wine and spirit merchants, 33 and 35 John William street Wild James, salesman, 22 Commercial street Wild Mr Robert, Bradford road, Fartown Wilde Henry, accountant, arbitrator, & insurance agent, Downing’s yard, New strect; h Clifton place, West par Wiles Thomas, eatinghouse, King street Wilkins William, manager for Brooke, Simpson, and Spiller, 30 Market street; h Brook street, Dalton Wilkinson Andrew, woollen manufacturer, 44 White Hart yard; and Lindley Wilkinson Benjamin, clerk in charge for London and North-Western Railway Company; h Kirkheaton

Wi Wi Wi

kinson & Co. (J. Greaves), herbalists, 34 Northmbld.rd kinson Mrs Eliz. flock dealer, North street, Paddock kinson Mrs Emma, dress & mantle mkr. Prospect st Wilkinson Henry, salesman, 6 Greenhead lane Wilkinson Henry, woollen merchant, 16 Westgate; h Clough house terrace, Old Halifax road Wilkinson James, buyer, Honoria street, Fartown Wilkinson James, engraver, litho. & letterpress printer, 33 John William street; h Honoria street, Fartown Wilkinson John, shopkeeper, Marsh Wilkinson John & Co. woollen manufacturers, 28 Mar- ket street; h The Old Vicarage, Mirfiels Wilkinson John & Son (Johnson), woollen merchants, 58 John William street; h Victoria house, Trinity street Wilkinson Sam, flock dealer, East street, & North street, Paddock; bh Luck lane, Marsh Wilkinson Stead, butcher, 15 Shambles, and Paddock Wilkinson Thomas, joiner & builder, Bradford rd. Hillhs Wilkinson Thomas, warehouseman, Grove street Wilkinson William, victualler, Spink Nest, Birkby Wilkinson William, woollen merchant (MeNeill & W.); h Clara street, Fartown Wilks William, brushmaker, 5 Princess st; h Hast par Willans James Edwd. (W. Willans & Co.); h 52 West par Willans William & Co. wool merchants, 27 Market st Willett R. and Nephew, veterinary surgeons and manu- facturing chemists, Queen street Wiley Mrs Sarah, Birkby crescent, Birkby Williams Mrs Betsy, confectioner, Kirkgate Williams Mrs Jane, shopkr. Old Halifax rd. Fillhouse Williams Rev Jno. Whitaker (Meth. N. Con.), 65 Spring st Williams Joseph, grocer, Luck lane, Paddock Williamson Chpr. chemist & druggist, Market st. Paddock Williamson James, warehouseman, Storthes, Mold gn Williamson Jno. butehr. Manchesterrd ; h Almondby. bk Williamson Jph. farm bailiff for R. Nutter, Fartwn. gn Williamson Reuben & Co. manufacturing chemists, Leeds road; h Westfield Williamson William, butcher, Shambles, and Bradley street; h Almondbury bank Willingale James, accountant, Zetland street Willis Mrs Eliza, shopkeeper, Hillhouse lane Willis Frederick, cashier, 7 Fitzwilliam street Wilman Jas. warehsmn. Portland pl. Fitzwm. st. West Wilson Andrew, M.D., surgeon, Commercial street Wilson Mrs Ann Marie, 8 Belgrave ter. New North rd Wilson Daniel (W., Travis & Co.); h Clara st. Fartown Wilson Mrs Frances, Commercial place Wilson Fred, grocer, Shambles In; h Spring Grove st Wilson Geo. cabt. mkr. (Stevenson & W.); h Northbld. st Wilson George, grocer, Mold green Wilson George, grocer, Spring Grove street Wilson George, iron and steel merchant, 5 Ramsden street ; h 14 Greenhead road Wilson George, viectualler, Royal Oak Hotel, Chapel hill Wilson Rev. Geo. Edwin, M.A. vicar of St. John’s, Bayhall Wilson Misses Hypatia & Jessica, day schl. 7 South par Wilson James Albert, yarn spinner and manufacturer, Water Royd mills, Turnbridge; h Shorehead house Wilson Mr John, Willow lane, Hillhouse Wilson John, beerhouse, Mechanics’ Arms, Castlegate Wilson Jno. cloth fnshr. Crosland mr; h 14New Northrd Wilson John, (j) woollen engineer, 16 Dale st. Chapel bl Wilson John Heselgrave, tailor and woollen draper, and sewing machine agent, 41 Cross Church street Wilson Joseph, joiner & cabinet maker, Albion street, and 14 Buxton road; h West hill, Trinity street Wilson Joseph, tailor, Prospect street Wilson Rt. drysalter (Jas. Laing, Son & Co.); h London Wilson Saml. Fox, cabinet mkr. & upholstr. 1 Chapel hill Wilson Mrs Sarah, shopkpr. & lodgings, 13 Spring st Wilson Thomas, tailor, Spring Grove street Wilson Thomas, tailor and draper, 99 King street, and

1 Bradley st. Nth; h 7 Mulgrave ter. Brock st. Dalton

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Wuddersfield Directory.


Wilson, Travis & Co. joiners and wheelwrights, packing case and carriage manufacturers, sawing and planing mills, Brook street, and Fountain st; & at Newtown Wilson Wm. confectnr. Northgt; h Bridge end, Mold gn Wilson William, tailor and outfitter, 77 King street Wimpenny & Bowes, woollen manufacturers, 56 John William street ;& Stoney Bank mills, Thong’s bridge Wimpenny Brown, tailor and draper, Lockwood; h 6 Stables street, Chapel hill Wimpenny Eli (W. & Bowes), Thong’s bridge Wimpenny H. & S. woollen manufacturers, 12 King’s Head buildings; and Holmfirth Wimpenny John, mungo and waste dealer (Woodhead & W.); h Prospect street Winn Miss My. Ann, brewr. Fartown brewery, Bradfd. rd Winterbottom & Lay, woollen mfrs. Lancaster’s bldgs, Cloth Hall street ; and Victoria mills, Lockwood Wiseman Mrs Hannah, draper & hosier, Bradford road Withers James, head constable, Police offices, Bull and Mouth street ; h Victoria street Wolfenden John (8. & J.), 47 Market street Wolfenden 8. & J. cork manufacturers, 47 Market st Wolfenden Samuel (S. & J.); h 4 Cross lane, Marsh Womersley James, grocer & provision dealer, Quay st Wood Alfred, fish & game dlr. Market walk; h Colne rd Wood Miss Anne, milliner & dressmkr. 19 Manchester st Wood Charles, cotton waste and woollen yarn merchant, Queen street; h Belmont terrace, Brunswick place Wood Miss Clara, grocer, Outeote bank Wood Edwin, black & whitesmith, Mold gn; h Victoria st Wood Miss Elizabeth, Prospect place, Marsh Wood Miss Elizabeth, draper, Bridge end, Mold green Wood Geo. clog & patten mkr. & coal dlr. 31 Lowerhd. rw Wood George, fish, game and poultry dealer, Victoria st Wood Geo. stonemsn. bldr. & conter. Smithy In. Mold gn Wood Henry (William & Henry); h Dogkennel bank Wood Henry, clerk, Hebble cottages, Bradford road Wood Henry, whitesmith, Lane, Leeds rd; h Mold gn Wood Isaac, glass and china dealer, Outcote bank Wood J. & Co. engrvrs. lithogrs. &c. Pack Horse yd. Ket Wood James, beerhouse, West End house, South st Wood James, shopkceper, 25 Grove street Wood Jas. stonemsn. bldr. & contr. Smithy In. Mold en Wood Joe, profr. of music, & music & pianoforte dlr. Lion arcade, 52 John William st; h 9 Fitzwilliam st Wood Joe Henry, hairdresser, yard, Railway street Wood Rey. John (Wesleyan), 9 Fitzwilliam street West Wood John, boot and shoe maker, and draper, South parade, and Outcote bank Wood Jno. brewer, South st || Wood Jno. clk. Queen st Wood John, fish & game dealer, King st; h Kdward’s yd Wood John, wlln. mfr. 37 White Hart yd; & Slaithwaite Wood John Henry (Joseph & Sons); h Grove street Wood Jolin Thomas, beerhouse, Rose inn, Colne road Wood Joseph (J. & Co.}; h Bradford road Wood Joseph, glass and china dealer, and optician, 20 King street; lL Ash cottage, Birkby Wood Joseph, smallware dealer, 59 Lowerhead row Wood Joseph & Son, fish merchants and herring curers, Victoria lane, and Colne road Wood Joss, printer (J. & Co.) ; h South street Wood Miss Mary, Belgrave terrace, New Noith road Wood Mrs Mary, flock dlr. Queen st; h 26 Commercl. st Wood Mrs Mary, grocer, Old Halifax road, Hillhouse Wood Richard, boot & shoe maker, Chureh st. Paddock Wood Richard & Brother, woollen manufacturers, 21 King’s Head buildings; and Low Westwood Wood Robert, mungo dlr. Pack Horse yd. Kgt; & Ossett Wood Thomas, clerk, Spring Grove street Wood William (William & Henry); h Stables street Wood William, newsagent and tobacconist, Folly hall Wood William Henry, greengrocer, Castlegate Wood Wm. & Hy. yarn spnrs. Eastwood bldgs. Colnerd Woodcock John, bookseller, 32 Portland street

Woodcock William Henry, bookseller, printer, pictura dealer, &c. 5 Westgate; h 23 Upper George street Woodhead Abel, commission agent, yard, Cloth Hall street ; h Holmfirth Woodhead Alfred (J. D. & Brothers); h Sheepridge Woodhead & Barker, woollen merchants, 40 Westgate Woodhead Edward Booth (W. & Barker); h Trafford house, Edgerton Woodhead J. D. & Bros. woollen & Bedford cord mfrs. 23 King’s Head buildings, Sheepridge, & Turnbridge Wovcdhead John Moorhs. (W. & Wimpenny); h Cecil st Woodhead Joseph, general printer, and publisher of Huddersfield Examiner and Dewsbury Reporter, 4 Ramsden street ; h Woodthorpe Woodhead Josha. boiler mkr. (Marsland & W.); h Shoreft Woodhead Thos. Godfrey (J. D. & Bros); h Fartown Woodhead Wm. mill manager, 44 West parade Woodhead & Wimpenny, mungoand waste manufac- turers, Upperhead row Woodhouse Kdwin, woollen merchant, 28 John William street; h Westhill, Trinity street Woodhouse Mrs Elizabeth, butcher, 61 Manchester rd Woodhouse Geo. cloth drsr. Folly hall mills ; h Lockwd Woodhouse Geo. shopkpr. Hawk st. Northumberland s& Woodhouse Henry, beerhs. Friendship, 109 Kirkgate Woodhouse John, woollen manufacturer 14 King’s Head buildings; h Brighouse Woodhouse Joseph, saddler, Mold green Woodhouse Wm. general dlr. South st; and Manchester Woodhouse William, manager of Victoria Loan Society, Victoria street; h Mold green Woodhouse William, woollen manufacturer, 11 Vance’s buildings, Cloth Hall street; and Brighouse Woodhouse William Henry, accountant, land, &c. agent, rent and debt collector, Bridge end, Mold green Woodley Thos. Stephenson. ecomisn. agt. Fitzwilliam st Woodsworth William, shopkeeper, 43 Northgate Wooffenden Ben, comcel. traveller, Commercial square Worfolk Thomas, shopkeeper, 34 Chapel hill Wormald John, saddler and harness maker, 36 King st Wormall James & Co. grocers, 21 New street; h Marsh Worth Mr Richard, Westvue, Paddock Worthy Robert, draper, 31 King street Wray Henry, butcher, 45 Shambles; and Bradford Wright Jonas, victualler, Now inn, 37 King street Wright Mr William, 38 Trinity street Wrigley Edward (Henry & Edward); h Netherton Wrigley Mrs Hannah, beerhouse, Horseshoe, Birkby Wrigley Hy. & Edw. cotton spinners and doublers, and warp mfrs. Folly hall and Fountain st; h Netherton Wrigley Henry Woodhouse, cotton warp and soda water manufacturer, Shears’ court, Lowerhead row Wrigley J. & I. C. & Co. woollen manfrs. and merts. 20 John William street; and Dungeon mills, Lockwood Wrigley James, Geo. Henry, Jas. Albert, and William (John & Sons); h Netherton Wrigley Jno & Sons, wln. mfrs. 10 Buxton rd. & Nethrtn Wrigley Joseph (J. & T. C. & Co.); h Netherton Wrigley Joseph, jun. (J. & T. C. & Co.); h Geranium lodge, Edgerton Wrigley Norman (J. & T. C. & Co.); h Netherton Wrigley William, jun. (John & Sons); h Melbourne house, New North road Yeoman Wm. mner. of Yorksh. Banking Co. 14 Mrkt. pl Yorkshire Banking Co, 14 Market pl; W. Yeoman, mngr Yorkshire & Lancashire Periodical Co. lim. Wellington buildings, Qucen street; George Cotton, manager Young James, brush manufacturer, 62 New street Young Men’s Christian & Literary Association, Market place; James Hawkins, honorary librarian Zossenheim Bros. woollen manufrs. and merts. 10 John William street, and Nickhouse mills, Mirfield ; 2 St. street, Leeds; and 8 Leeds road, Bradford

I Zossenheim Maximilian (Bros.); h Clyde hs. Edgerton

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* Take Boarders.

Abbey Miss Ann D. Bradford road *Ashworth Miss Agnes, Fitzwm. st Atkinson Misses M. & E. Lr. Aspley *Binns George, Fartown green ‘British, Prospect st; Saml. B. Tait and Miss 8. Edwards Cousens Misses M. H. & E. Rams- - den street Dearden John, South strect Dick Miss Sarab E. 49 Ramsden st Donkersley Jer. School In. Paddock *Dyson Miss Annie, Hope house, Belgrave terrace Hall Miss Isabella. Criths. In. Marsh I Hollinshead Miss Anne, George st Huddersfield College, New North rd; *Sml. Sharpe, Esq. LL.B. prinepl ; W. J. Miller, B.A. mathematics ; *J, French, classics{& history; C. Gorstrey, English. *W. Fairwea- ther & W.Clegg, Lower School; C. Feuply, French ; F.W. Dammann, German ; G. Jarmain, chemistry ; J.C. Swallow, drawing; T. A. Pur- vis, drill; MrJ. Bate, secretary Huddersfield Collegiate School, Clare hill; Rev. Abm. Smith, M.A. prin- cipal; Rev. J. H. Lorimer, B.A. vice-principal; Rev. Rbt. Oldfield, B.A. assist. master; Mong. Feugly, French; W. Nicholson, draw- ing; George Jarmain, chemistry ; James Peace, music; and Sergt. J. Harry, drill instructor Hutchinson Misses § & M. Church lo Independent; Paddock, Miss M. L. Crosland; Clara street, Fartown, George Gaunt; Mold green, Hy. Tinker and Miss 8. J. Holland Infant; Miss F. Ogden, 57 Spring st Johnstone Mrs J. 3 Commercial st Mellor Edward, 10 Spring street Moseley Miss Mary, Upperhead row Oddy Miss A. M. Bradford rd. Hillhs I Parratt Mrs Sarah E, & Misses, 17 Ramsden street * Proctor Miss 8. A. Hillhouse Primitive Methodist, South street; Miss Emma Crossley Ragged and Industrial, Fitzwilliam st; Mr E. & Mrs G. Whitehead I Ragged (Church), Wellington build- ings, Queen st; Geo. H. Allatt Roberts Mrs Louisa, Mold green Roman Catholic, New North road; Misses K. Maher and E. Walsh Schofield Mark, Bradley mills



*Stockill Thos., Viso house, Edger- I ton (See Advert. page 96) {

*Tattersfield John, 12 George st Thomas William Edwd. Tunnel st Thornton Miss Harriet, Bay hall, Hillhouse *Waller Misses Sarah W. and E. Fitzwilliam street Walton Miss Mary, Carlton place

Webb Misses Mary A. and J. 94 New I

North road Welsh Mrs F. Marsh grove, Marsh Whitley John, Malham pl. Mold gn Wilson Misses H. & J. 7 South par NATIONAL. All Saints’, Paddock ; John & Miss Mary E. Tunnicliffe Holy Trinity, Portland st; David Holmes and Misses A. & B. Jagger Holy Trinity, Marsh; Miss A. Thornton St. John’s, Fartown; James Clay, Misses A. Kelly, C. Arnold; Cow- cliffe, Joseph Sewell St. Paul’s, Princess street; Joseph Taylor, Misses E. T, Hudson and P. Iredale St. Seedhill; J Allatt, Misses E. A. Haigh & E. Horton St. Thomas’s (boys), Manchester rd ; Joe Hall; (girls) Longroyd lane, Miss E. Pointing


Austin & Bennett, 16 New street; and Manchester Baxter, Hayes & Co. 37 New street, and Britannia buildings, Oxford pl. and Leeds and Manchester Broadbent Thos. H. Dobson’s yard Hastings William, 26 Ramsden st Marsh Edmund, 4 Queen street Moorhouse Isaac, 15 Buxton road Roebuck Wm. Hy. A. Buxton road Schofield William, Queen street Scholes Richard, Bradford rd. Hillhs Scott William, 29 Albion street Swainson Geo. Ramsden st Swift George Henry, 21 King street Taylor William B. Nelson’s build- ings, New street Tempest Joe W. 37 New street Wilde Henry, Downing’s yd. New st Willingale James, Zetland street . Woodhouse William Henry, Bridge end, Mold green


Abbey John N. Brook’s yd. Mkt. st Anderson & Ritherden, 50 New st Beaumont Jph. (goods), Riwy. statn Bennett John, High street Bradley C. H. 31 Vanee’s buildings Broadbent John, Bull & Mouth st

Clark Henry C. Union Bank court Curzon Frank, 21 King street Dowse and Whitworth (Chatwood’s safes), 8 New street Etchells W. G. (machine, &c.), Fitz- william street Finney Benjamin, 3 Spring street Fitton Charles & Son, 36 Market st Freeman & Golden, Victoria build- ings, New street Halstead Abm. Bradford rd. Fartown Hastings Wm. 26 Ramsden street Hayley John Hannah, Hillhouse ln Heaton Thomas, jun. Pack Horse yd Howorth Samuel, Shore bank Huth & Fischer, Lockwood’s yard- Jepson Joel (paraffin oil & lamp), 3 King street Johnson William Henry (Price’s Candle Co.}, Chancery lane Leech John, 14 Commercial street Leitch Alexander Wm..84 West hill Mallinson A. (soap & oil), 5 Dundas st Marsh Edmund, 4 Queen street Matthewman Sydney N. (chemical), Newhouse yard, Westgate Middlemost Henry Ralph & L. 5 Sergeantson street Midgeley Dvd. & Son, 12 Uprhd. rw Mitchell Charles W. 7 York place Moon Charles, 14 Dundas street Roberts William, Half Moon street Russell John, 14 Clare hill Schofield Wm. (shipping), Queen st Scholefield William Henry, Lord st Sheard B.S. Fenton rw. Manchstr.rd Sykes Dan, 52 South street Thevwlis. Titus (yarn), 14 Uprhd. rw Varley Joseph, Mold green Wall William B. Riley’s yard Walton Charles, St. Peter's street Watson Henry V. 35 Trinity street Webb Thomas, Rosemary street Whitehead George (Milneyr’s safes), } 381 New street Wilkins William, 30 Market street Woodhead Abel, Lancaster’s yard Woodley Thomas 8. Fitzwilliam st Woodhouse W, H. Bdg. end, Mold grn

ALE & PORTER MERTS. I _ (See Wine Merchants.)


Abbey J. H. & J. B. 9 Buxton road I Cocking Wm. Albert bidgs. New st I Kirk J. & Sons, 36 John William st Leech & Beaumont, Ramsden street Morton Emanuel, Trinity street and Greenhead lane - Radcliffe James, 53 New street I Rushforth John, 1 New street



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Wuddersfield Trades Directory.


(See also Photographers.)

Curzon Frank, 21 King street Harmston Mrs Hannah (in wax), East parade Howell Samuel, Brooklyn, Edgerton Spurr Reginald, Ramsden street (See Advertisement, page 91.) Sykes Peace (& master, School of Art), Lion Arcade Tomlinson George D. 16 Ramsden st

ATTORNEYS. Barker & Sons, 16a Market place Battye Thomas Hudson, Market pl Bottomley Joseph, 52 New street Brook, Freeman & Batley, 47 Newst Clough Thomas Wm. 37 Market st Craven Jonas, 21 King street Drake Thomas, 3 Kirkgate Freeman John I. 4 Market walk Haigh John, Albert bldgs. New st Haigh Wm. Union Bank ct. New st Hesp, Fenton, & Owen, Lockwood’s yard, New street Jacomb Fx. Wm. 13 John William st Jones & Hird, la Market place Lawton George, 33 John William st Laycock, Dyson & Laycock, Lion Arcade Learoyd & Learoyd, 3 Buxton road Mills Charles, 36 New strect Milnes John J. Victoria bles. New st Moseley Henry, 84a New street Robinson Robert Thomas, Market pl Robinson Thos. 33 John William st Sykes Edwin, 37 New street Sykes John, 1 Market street


Atkinson John George, 44 King st Booth John, 8 New strect Clayton Michael, Bradford road Eddison William, 26 High street Firth John, 22a Westgate Hardvastle Joseph (appraiser only), 20 Commercial street Rogers William, St. Peter’s street Smith F. Battye’s yard, Market pl Swift William N. Fitzwilliam street Thornton Benjamin, 50 New street Thornton Joses R. 50 New street Tinker G. & Son,1 Newst.& Holmfirth

BABY LINEN DEALERS. Armitage Charles, 57 New street Booth Joseph, Westgate Pairbourn William & Co. 30 John

William street Ratcliffe Miss Helen, Lion Arcade

BAG, SHERT, & BAG MKRS. Dawson Thomas, 53 Manchester st Harrison & Sykes, 30 Albion street Hemingway George, Half Moon st Westerman Chas. Brow rd. Paddock


(See also Shopkeepers, d Corn & Flour Dealers.)

Beaumont George, 9 Macaulay strect Challand Hy. Bridge end, Mold grn Challand William, 6 Kirkgate, and 73 King street Clegg Joseph, Silk street

Harling George, Market st. Paddock Johnson John, 12 West parade Keyworth John, 2 Shorehead Morley William, Kirkgate Rhodes Josiah, 25 Albion strect Whitwam Joseph (oatcake), Upper- brow, Paddock


Halifax & Huddersfield Union Bank- ing Co. Westgate (on Glyn, Mills, and Co.); Idward Sikes, manager Huddersfield Banking Co. Cloth Hall street (on Smith, Payne, and Smith); Chas. Wm, Sikes, mangr Midland Banking Co. (limited), 2 Market place (on London & County Bank); Wm. Lawton, manager West Riding Union Banking Co. 15 Market place (on London & West- minster Bank) ; John G. Berry, mgr Yorkshire Banking Co. 14 Market pl (on Williams, Deacon & Co.); Wilham Yeoman, manager Savings’ Bank, 23 Buxton road (open Tuesday, 114 to 2; Thursday 3} to 5; on Saturday, 54 to 8); Geo. Hirst, actuary Penny Savings’ berland street Post Office Savings’ Bank, New st


Abby Rowland, Market place Atkinson Joe, 8 King st. & Mold gm Burluranx Sebastian, 8 Kirkgate Dalton JJenry, Downing’s yd. New st Haigh C. (& skep), Colne st. Paddock Johnson William 8., Northgate

BEERHOUSES. (See after Inns.)

BELLHANGERS. (See Whitesmiths.)


Armitage Charles, 23 New street Watkinson William, 35 New street


Kaye George, Stables street McGuire John, 35 lowerhead row North Abm. Booth’s yd. Thomas st

Yates W., yard, Spring Grove street

BLACKSMITHS. (See also Whitesmiths.) Beaumont John, Mold green Bottom Allin, West street, Paddock Bottomley Joshua, 8 Grove street Dickinson Gideon, Lowerhead row Kastwood George, 42 Bradford road Eastwood John, Lowerhead row Tield George, 5 Rosemary lane Haigh & Mills, Back Spring street Haley Hy. Queen’s Head yd. King st Hampson John, Bradley st. South Hinchliffe Edward, Cowcliffe Hinchliffe John, Peel’s yard Hoyle Geo. Radford’s yd. Bradford rd Marsden Charles, Mold green Mellor Abraham, Swan yd. Kirkgate Pickles J. C., Lane, Leeds road Roebuek Jervis, Fountain street Rowley & Bailey, Bradford road Sizer John and Son, Dale street

Bank, Northum-


Thornton Alexr. New st. Paddock Wood Edwin, Mold green


Arnold W., Birkhouse, Manchester rd Harrison & Bedford, Leeds road Holmes W.C.,Whitestone In. Fartwn Marsland & Woodhead, Watergate


PRINTERS, & STATIONERS. Ashton Jno. Wm. 10 Cross Church st Bradley George, 50 New street Broadbent John and Co. Albert build- ings, New street Brook George, 15 Westgate Brown Benjamin, 1 New strect Carver John, Northgate Carver W. T. (binder only), 50 New st Clayton Edward, 3 Kirkgate Cowsgill John, 24 Kirkgate Crossley J. & Co. 6 Market place Harper George, 4 Cross Church st Hartley Jas. Nelson’s bldgs. New st Hirst Thos. B., Astin’s yd. West par Inchbold & Viney, 81 John Wilham street; and Leeds Jubb Alfred, 19 John William street Roebuck Henry, 16 King street Rowlands Wm. (binder only), Battye’s yard, Market place Samuels Richard, 8 Queen street Smith W. H. & Son, Ruilway station Thompson James, 71 New street Wheatley J. E. & Co. 18 New street Whitehead George, 31 New street Wilkinson James, 33 John William st Woodcock Wm. Henry, 5 Westgate Woodhead Joseph, 4 Ramsden street Yorkshire and Lancashire Periodical Co. Lim. Queen st; G. Cotton, mgr


Ainley Joseph & George, 56 Buxton rd Appleyard Joseph, 121 King street Banks John, South street Banks Wiliam, Lwr. brow, Paddock Benson James, 29 Newtown Biddle Samuel, 10 Buxton road Billington Charles, 29 Buxton road Blackburn Edwin, Mold green Booth Joe, 21 Trinity street Bowker W. South st. & Gledholt bank Bradley Benjamin, 8 Leeds road Brooke George, Shambles Butler James, 43 Manchester street Carter Thomas, 26 Shorchead Clayton Alfred, Bradford road Clayton Samuel, Mold green Clegg Joe, Shore Clifford Sydney, Fartown green Day James, Union street Dick R. & J. (gutta percha), 9 Westgt Dodson James, 73 Castlegate Driver P. Kastwood’s yd. Manchstr. st Durrans Cuarles, Mold green Ellis Joseph, Birkby Firth Isaac, Leeds road Follows Benj. T. (dealer), 52 New st Fowler William, 27 Spring street Garside William, Bradford road Gaukroger Eli, 11 Trinity street Giendinning William, Market place, and 18 Cross Church strest Grayson Job, King street

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Huddersfield Trades Directory.

Hall George, Upperhead row Hellawell Abel, 25 Viaduct street Hepworth Hy. (slipper), Manchstr.rd Hill Charles, 20 John street Hirst George, Queen street Hirst William, 9 Outeote bank Hodgson William, High st. Paddock Hoyle George, Upper Aspley Inman David, Outcote bank Jones John, 32 Bradford road Kenney John, 5 Manchester road Liddell Mrs Catharine, 13 Market pl Linney Henry, Manchester road Mallinson & Whitham, 5 John Wil liam street, and 7 Westgate Marshall Henry, 59 Kirkgate Netherwood George, Thomas street Newsome Robt. Mill’s yd. Upr. Aspley Norton Thomas, Mold green Oldham Benj. Bradford rd. Fartown Outram Benjamin, 50 King street Parker Joseph, 8 Manchester street Pecker Richard, St. Peter’s street Priestley Josiah (slipper), Grove st Radcliffe Joshua, Coweliffe Riley Joseph, Shorehead Scales & Salter (manufacturers), 16 Westgate; J. Calvert, manager Schofield John, Folly hall Schofield William, Brunswick street Scholeficld John, 11 Northgate Scholefield Thomas, 9 Northgate Scholes Richard, West st. Paddock Scott Joseph, Colne road Shaw Alfred, 22 Buxton road Shaw Francis, Boulder’s yd. Kirkgt Shaw John, 43 Cross Church street Smart Rowland (tops), Shore Stanley Benjamin, 24 George street Stead Cornelius, Market st. Paddock Steel Arthur, Clara street, Fartown Sutcliffe James, Castlegate Sykes Matthew, 38 Buxton road Taylor Edwin, Leeds road North Taylor HL. B. 17 Cross Church street Thornton Richard, 37 Dale street Thornton Thos. Cross In. Paddock Towlson Thos. Market st. Paddock Varley Joseph & Sons, 1 King street Varley Samuel, Actland street Walker Edmund Henry, 4 King st Walker Joseph, Mold green Walker Thomas, 12 King street Whitehead William, Beast market Wood John, South parade Wood Richard, Church st. Paddock

BRASSFOUNDERS. (See also Ironfounders.) Arthington Joseph, Chapel hill Dickinson George, Firth street Hateley Henry (gasfitting manfr.), Bradford rd (See Advert. p. 35) Hopkinson Joseph & Co. Leeds road Hopley Wm. (and gas & steam fitter), Northgate (See Advert: p. 70) Marchant Rt. & Geo, M. (beer en- gines, spirit fountains, &c.), Union street (See Advert. page 70) Potter T. K. 18 Beast market Shires Jph. Hope foundry, Folly hall

BRAZIERS & TINNERS. Bottom Joseph, 47 Northgate Byram Joseph, Mold green

Chrispin Thomas, 28 King street

Jepson Joel (and velocipede maker), 3 King street

Johnson George, 19 Westgate Kenworthy & Oates, Market walk Kilner Henry, Longroyd lane McKittrick Bros. 48 Buxton road Moore Eli, Upperhead row Morley Bros. Folly hall (See A dver- tisement, page 94) Potter Thos. K, (silver glass reflector manfr), 18 and 21 Beast markct Stewart Benj. 5.4 John William st Tetley Gearge, 14 Cross Church st Thirkill Robt. Northet. & Fountain street (See Advert. page 94) Thornton Tom (and brass and gas fitr), 12 Up. Aspley (See Adv. p. 81)

BREWERS. (* Are also Maltsters.)

Beardow James, Watergate *Bentley & Shaw, 17 John William street; and Lockwood Berry John, Oxford street *Blenkhorn Thomas, Lower Aspley Denison James, Swallow street *Kaye J. (exors. of), Quay street Longbottom Benjamin, Birkby Macaulay Thomas F. Birkby Rayner William, Bradley mills Sanderson Samuel, Upper Aspley Senior Seth & Sons, Berry’s yard; and Shepley Shepherd Mrs lizabeth, Whitestone lane, Fartown Spivey Abraham, King street Waddington David, Mold green Winn Mrs M. A. Bradford rd. Fartwn Wood John, South street Young Jobn & Co. Buxton road, (branch); J. EK. Bradley, agent


(See Stonemasons.)


Brooke HE. & Sons (& fireclay tube & chimney top), Ficldhouse works, Leeds road Brooke Thomas, Hill house lane Drake & Co. Marsh Finton Joseph, Fountain street Haigh Joseph, Firth street Knight Abram, Fartown green

BROACH MAKERS. (See Wood Turners.)


Booth George, 3 Ramsden street Heaton George, 49 King street Wilks Willam,4 Princess street Young James, 62 New street


(See Joiners, and also Stonemasons.)

BUTCHERS. Marked * are Pork Butchers.

Abby W. W., Kirkgate, & 30 Shmbls Ainley George, 29 Cross Church st Ainley G. Castlegate, & 8 Shambles Astwick Benjamin, 10 Shambles Bailey William, Mold green I *Barker John, 22 Chapel hill

Benn Radcliffe Bradford road Battye George, 87 Shambles *Bernin C. C. L. 21 Cross Church st Bottomley Wm. Hy. 20 Beast mkt Bradley Thomas, 46 Shambles Brook George, 40 Shambles Chapman A. 8 West par. & Paddock *Chapman M. & Son, 40 Buxton rd Coombs Edward G. 50 Shambles Cowgill Jonathan, 61 Manchester st. and 43 Shambles Cowgill Thomas, Manchester road Crossley Hy. Northgt, & 47 Shambles Dodds Henry, Bradford road Dodson William, 52 Chapel hill Driver William, 61 Lowerhead row Dyson Allen, Market st. Paddock Dyson George, 11 Shambles Dyson Mrs E. Market st. Paddock Dyson James, 51 Shambles Dyson John, Longroyd lane Dyson John Wm. 9 Shambles, and Upper Aspley Dyson Wm. Hy. West st. Paddock Ellis Edward, Westgate Ellis John, Fartown green Ewart John, 44 Shambles Ewart Robert, 42 Shambles *Falek Henry, Market walk Fawcett Wm. Firth, 35 Shambles Fawcett Thomas, St. John’s road (See Advertisement, page 77) Field Joseph, 40 West parade Garside William, 17 Kirkgate Hampson Chas. Manchester street, and 27 Shambles Hardy U. 12 Mkt. wlk. & 27 Shmbls Hawkins William, Mold green Hirst John Edwin, Shambles Hudson John & Thos. 33 Shambles Jagger Thomas, Bradford road * Jepson George Benus, Northgate *Jepson Brothers, 15 Buxton road Kaye Benjamin, Folly hall Kaye J. 15 Northgt. & 22 Shambles Kaye John P, 86 Shambles Kilner Edward, 3 Shambles Leonard Thomas, Northgate Lumb John, Bradford road, Fartown Milner Jno. 38 Shambles & Spring st Milnes Thomas, 31 Shambles Moxon George, 13 Shambles Poppleton J. King st. & 4 Shambles Poppleton Jonathan, 52 Shambles Poppleton Richard, 1 Shambles Poppleton Wm. Hy. 91 King street Rayner Thomas, 48 Shambles Redfearn James, 2 Shambles Riley George, Folly hall Roebuck Henry, 32 Shambles Roebuck Jonas, 71 Upperhead row Schofield Edward, Shambles Schofield Mark, 39 Lane, Leeds road Senior Frank, Hill house lane Shaw Brook, West street, Paddock Shaw William Henry, 26 Shambles, and Upper Aspley Sheard Thos. Centre place, Marsh *Shepherd Benjamin, 63 King st Sisson Owen M. 5 Shambles Smith Charles, Shore Spivey William, 1 Leeds road Stancliffe James, 113 King street Stott Thomas, Mold green

Page 69

Wuddersfield Tradcs Directory.

Sykes George William, 14 Shambles Sykes John, 7 Shambles Sykes Richard, Mold green Townend J. Colne rd. & 25 Shambles Turner Rhd. Bradford rd. Fartown Wadsworth John, Hill house lane Weavel Wim. 46 Westgate Weatherhead John, 6 Shambles Wilkinson Stead, 15 Shambles Williamson John, Manchester road Williamson W. Bradley st. & Shambl Woodhouse Mrs 61 Manchester rd Wray Henry, 45 Shambles


Armitage Joc, lla New street Brierley Collingwood, Northgate Coney Robert, Fitzwilliam street Cromack Moses, Northgate Foxton John, Ramsden strect Haigh G. Swan-with-two-Necks’ yd Kay James, 38a Cross Church street Mellor 8. & J. Chancery lane Oxley Benjamin, Upperhead row


* Are Upholsterers also.

Backhouse George, 7 St. Paul’s st Bradley Alexander, High street Butterworth T. Lower brow, Paddock Clege Joshua, 39 Manchester street Craven Josiah (and chair and couch manufactr.), Brow road, Paddock (See Advertisement, page 76) Dawson William, Back Ramsden st *Dobson & Co. 37 Buxton road Dyson George, 7 Ramsden street Eastwood W. Helm’s yd. Charles st *Hanson W. & Co. 48 New street Hirst Mrs Hannah, King street Hirst Joseph, 9 Greenhead lane Hirst Thomas, 7 Buxton road *Hobson Fredk. B. 1 Princess st Kitson Edwin §. Bridge end, Mold green (See Advert. p. 39) Lee Asa, 8 Chapel hill Midgley Jonathan, Swan yd. Kirkgt *North Abel, Aspinall’s yard Oddy Joseph, 22 Northgate *Oddy Ralph, 60 King street *Oldfield & Studdard, 84 Buxton rd Pickersgill John Wm. Fitzwilliam st *Stephenson & Wilson, 3 Shambls.In Swallow J. Robinson’s yd. High st *Taylor Alfred, 51 New st. & Kirket *Wilson Joseph, 14 Buxton road *Wilson Samuel F. 1 Chapel hill

CANVAS MANUFACTRS. (See Bag, Sheet, dc. Makers.)

CAP MAKERS Allatt George Henry, Mold green Bickerdike William, 5 Kirkgate Brook Emanuel, 2 Cross Church st. and King street Lockwood John, 18 Market walk Stansfield & Beaumont, Northgate Swallow David, 14 High street Tiffany & Kilner, 71 King street


Charlesworth & Smith, Chapl. hl. mls Firth William, 6 Bath buildings, John Wiliiam street

Holdsworth Jas. L. Upperhead row Shaw F. Mastwood’s bldgs. Colne rd


Atkinson William & Son, 11 & 15 John William street Fox & Jackson, 5 Market place Henshall W. D. &S. 17 New street Milnes R. & Co. 50 John William st


Lord Richard, Lord's buildgs. Marsh Robinson James, Mold green



Beckwith John E. 9 Cross Church st Brighouse George, 68 John Wm. st Cade Edward, 22 Cross Church st Carver John, Northgate Dyson Sam, Back Ramsden street Heady Robert Adams, Upperld. row Hey Jonathan, 30 Albion street Knight, Hardy & Jackson, Buxton road (See Advert. p. 85) McTighe Patrick, 10 Manchester st Marshall Abraham, Long royd bridge Moseley Jno. E. Battye’s yd. Mkt. pl Shaw Joseph, 2 Ramsden street Stuttard John Henry, 380 Ramsden st

CATTLE FOOD MANUFRS. Lowe & Co. Arabian mls, Leeds rd.N


Brook John Richard, Mold green Bygott William T. 20 Buxton road Chrispin William, 39 King street Cuthbert Ralph, 26 Westgate; and Tunnel street Dewhirst Benjamin, 95 King street Dickinson James H. 36 Kirkgate Dooks Richard B. 33 Castlegate Dore John R. 26 New street England W. P. & Co. 16 Market pl Fell Robert, 13 King street Fryer & King, 4 Market place Hall George, 15 Kirkgate Hill Robert, 42 Buxton road Holmes Dd. G. (botanic), 18 King st Oates Charles, Manchester road Swift Tom N. 89 Cross Church st Waite Benj. (homceopathie), 40 John William street Wheatley & Higgins, Kirkgate Williamson Chpr. Markct st. Padck

CHEMISTS (MANUFCTNG.) Bradley C. Hy. 3 Vance’s buildings Brooke Jonas, Cowcliffe Brooke, Simpson & Spiller, 30 Mar- ket street Cotton Thomas, Greenhouse Chemi- cal works, Folly hall Drake Z. & Sons, Paddock Dyson & Co. Albert bldgs. New st Eastwood Robert, Mold green Hayley Henry, Northgate Helliwell James, 25 Jobn street Holliday Read & Sons, Turnbridge Jarmain Geo. (analytical), 80 Northgt Kaye Anthony K. Mold green Lawton David, Firth street Marriott William, Leeds road North Payne H. Northumberland street Robinson James & Co. Hill house In


Sykes George, Queen street South Wade Henry P. H. Leeds road North Wheatley & Higgins, Kirkgate Willett R. & Nephew, Queen strect William R. & Co. Leeds road


Balderson Allan, Viaduct street Davison Alfred, Northgate Leech Charles, Bradford rd. Fartown Lister James, Union street Robinson James, Portland street Scarborough Richard, Shore head Smith William, Northgate


Appleyard Joseph, Kirkgate Armitage William, Bradford road Benson Joseph, 67 King street Blackburn John, Mold green Blackburn Joseph, Northgate Bolland Richard, Folly hall Clayton John, Birkby Dougherty Sam, New North road Firth Samuel, Mold green Grayson Job, King street Hirst William, 9 Outcote bank Mellor Henry, 11 Buxton road Mills Daniel, Manchester road Milner Benjamin, Glass alley, 33 Manchester street Milner William, 16 Manchester st Schofield John, Folly hall Scholefield Thomas, 9 Northgate Stockdale John, Castlegate Sykes Michael, 65 Upperhead row 'Towlson Thomas, Market st. Paddock Wainwright William, 49 Castlegate Ward John $. Market st. Paddock Westoby John, 70 Northgate Wood George, 31 Lowerhead row


Aston Wm. Henry, Queen st. South Atkinson Chas. & Co. Bradley mills Batley Josiah, Luck lane, Marsh Beaumont & Liversedge, Firth street Bowker & Drake, Folly hall mills Brook Emanuel, Luck lane, Marsh Brown John, Bay hall, Hillhouse Cockroft Abel & Sons, Queen st. S. Crosland Edward, Isthmus mill, Folly hall Crowther Joel, Paddock Dickinson Benjamin, Newtown mills Dyson J. Isthmus mills, Engine brdg Field Edwin, 9 Vance’s buildings Haigh Brothers, Folly hall Hassall J. M. 2 White Hart yard, and Waterloo mills Hellawell Joseph, Back Spring st Hiley Samuel & Son, Engine bridge, Folly -hall Hirst Joseph, Folly hall mills Land Henry, Leeds road Lister Henry, Ashbrow mill Milnes J. & Sons, Newtown mills Moore Wm. Providence mills, Marsh Rhodes John T. Junction mill, Folly hall Saville Milford, Fountain street Smith Thomas H. Marsh Stoney & Armitage, Upperhead row Tattersall J. & Son, Marsh


Page 70


Huddersfield Trades


Wilson John, Crosland moor Woodhouse George, Folly hall mills


Bradley William, 87 King street Brook James, 34 King street Cheetham Robert, 14 High street Connolly Mrs Elizbth. 117 King st Drake Thomas, 65 King street Gunning Michael, Kirkgate Harral & Co. 34 Cross Church street Hirst Abraham James, Castlegate Hirst William, Upperhead row, and Engine bridge Jebson Jas. 85 King st. & 80 Kirkgate Littlewood Thomas, 9 Buxton road Mclaughlin Edward, Kirkgate Matthewman James, 55 Kirkgate Patterson ‘ames, 1 Northgate Pickering John, Castlegate Stanley John, Victoria lane Taylor Henry, Bradley street North Turner Charles, 58 Northgate Wilson Thomas, 99 King street Wilson William, 77 King street


Bottomley John, Kirkgate Bradley Joseph, King street Wilson, Travis & Co. Wells mills, and Newtown


Atkinson H. jun. (& manure), Mold green Beaumont Charles, Lower Aspley Bell & Gardner, Lane, Leeds road Blakeley James, Chapel hill Bower J. & Sons, Leeds rd (Samuel Raistrick, agent) Bowker Hy. York st. & Rly. Station Brown Robert, Back Ramsden street Bulmer Hugh, Fitzwilliam street Bumby William, Fitzwilliam street Fearnley John, Gledholt bank (A. Sykes, agent}; & Fitzwilliam st. (William Jackson, agent) Fell John, Fitzwilliam street Fountain George, Fitzwilliam street Haigh John & J. A. st; J. Clough, agent Hargreaves Joshua (agent), Quay st Hellawell Abel, 25 Viaduct street Hepworth William, Springwood; Joseph Mellor, agent Hornsby Thomas W. Lower Aspley Hutton Henry (agent), Aspley Kaye Wm. (agent), 31 New North rd Knight Abraham, Fitzwilliam street Milner Benjamin, 33 Manchester st Richardson George, Lower Aspley Senior John, Fitzwilliam street Varley Joseph, Quay street, & Leeds: J. Hargreaves, agent . Wardman & Garbuit, Springwood Waters F. (dlr.), 14 Cross Grove st Wood George, 31 Lowerhead row

CONFECTIONERS. Barraclough James, Northgate Briggs Fredk, Henry, 11 Westgate Broscomb Samuel, 37 Lowerhead rw Broscomb Mrs S. Bradfordrd.Fartwn Cardno John, 56 New street

Chinn Wm. Thomas, 12 Westgate

Harpin Henry, 12 Northgate Kelly Joe, Northgate Marchant John, Westgate Nicholls Jno. Fenton rd. Manchstr.rd Slee Abel, 34 Buxton road Slee Joseph, Mold green Smith John, Leeds road Theaker William (sugar boiler), Ramsden street Vickerman Miss E. 13 Cross Church st Whiteley Joshua, Market walk Whittern Samuel, Hillhouse Williams Mrs Betsy, Kirkgate Wilson William, Northgate

CONSUL. Haigh William (United States), Union Bank court

COOPERS. Howe Edwin, King street Howe Henry, Shambles lane North Charles, Watergate Sunderland William, Pack Horse yd

CORKCUTTERS. Wolfenden S. & J. 47 Market street


Bilton Jonathan, Mold green Hirst Brothers, Leeds rd. Deighton North William C. Mold green Sugden Thomas & Son, Shorefoot


Marked * are also Seedsmen. (See also Bakers & Flour Dealers.) Ainley George, 20 Cross Church st Armitage William & Son, 4 New st Carter Mrs Eliza, 18 Chapel hil

wean core

Cusiload W 6 WO lu King street Clegg John, Castlegate Dickinson Mrs Jane, 44 Westgate Hellawell John, 16 Buxton road Kaye George, 1 Rosemary lane *Kaye Joseph H. 30 King street Lee John R. 17 Northgate *Leef William, 26 Kirkgate *Sheard Mrs A. Kirket. & 70 King st Sugden Thomas & Son, Shorcfoot Thomas John, 44 Buxton road



Baines Henry & Co. Chancery lane Barnes Edward Hy. Chancery lane Blackburn Jsha. (twiner), Paddock Brown J. H. Granville mls. Paddock Butterworth, Smith & Firth, Bri- tannia mills, Colne road Cockroft Abel & Sons, Queen st. S. Eceles John, Firth street Ely William & Co. Upper As Firth Edwin, Folly hall mills Haigh T. & Son, Rhodes yd. King st Hirst Reuben & Wm. Turnbridge Hudson Thomas, Shambles lane Johnson C. ] _ Cloth Hall street Johnson Joe M. 7 Vance’s buildings Lever John, Colne road Marsden John, Queen’s mill Priestley John, Britannia mills, Cros- land moor Shaw John and Brothers, 12a King’s Head buildings


Stott T. I. Rochdale Sykes Ephraim, Seed hill White William, Fitzwilliam street Whiteley J. and Co. Albion mills, Stables street Whiteley Thomas, Newtown mills Whittell Matthew, Chancery lane Wood Charles, Queen street Wrigley H. & KE. Fountain street

Wrigley H. W. Sheay’s ct. Lowrhd. rw

COWKEEPERS, (See Farmers.)



Benson Joseph, 69 King street Blackburn Kdwin, Mold green Carr John, Market walk Carr Joseph, Market walk Crawshaw 8S. and Sons, 12 Ramsden street (See Advert. page 42) Crook Benjamin, Fitzwilliam street Denham Charles, Pack Horse yard Kitchingman Brothers, West parade Pickersgill Thomas, 41 Buxton road Roberts William, 1 & 3 John street Sharpe Alfred, Queen street Shaw Thomas, 84 Albion street Turner Jonathan, Pack Horse yard

DENTISTS. (Sce Surgeon Dentists)



Kaye Jno. 34 Westgt (See Advt.p. 90) Morton Henry, 7 Market place Sims George, 1 Shambles lane Starkey James, Upper Aspley

VW diitali, LU Idabel walk

Wiles Thomas, King street


Aconley R. & Co. 16 Kirkgate Atkinson William & Son, 11 & 15 John William street Balmforth Mrs Sar. West st. Paddk Barker Richard, Queen street Barrowelough & Armitage, 8 John William street Bell Robert, Market street, Paddock Berry Godfrey, Mold green Boothroyd John, Mold green Brook Mrs Elizabeth, Marsh Broughton Jonas, Shore Chapman Samuel, 15 King street Cooper & Smeeton, 1 Kirkgate Cowan John, 11 Spring street Dean James, 22 & 24 King street Denham Joel, 5 & 7 King street Denham Thos. 22 & 26 John Wm. st Dickinson William, 15 Macaulay st Dixon Jonah T. 46 King street Dyson Edward, 27 New street Dyson Watts, 9 King street Fairbourn W. & Co. 30 John Wm. st Fenton row,

Sergeantson street; and

Farrar Miss Frances, Manchester road Fleetwood John, 11 Macaulay street Fox & Jackson, 5 Market place France Allen, 45 Cross Church st Gaienby William, Northgate Gill Jonathan, 79 King street Harries Robert, 21 Spring street Harrison Thomas, 53 Ramsden st

Page 71

Huddersfield Wrades Directory.


Henshall W. D. & 8. 17 New street Hirst Joseph, 38 New street Hirst Mrs Mary, 31 Leeds road Hirst Michael, 3 John William st Hoyle Misses 8. & H. Spring street Jowitt David, 19 King street Kayo Thomas, 21 King strect Kilner Henry, Longroyd Jane Lawton Seth, Buxton road Milnes B., Pack Horse yard Moseley Mrs Sarah, 9 Market place Nicholes Mrs Ann, Brow rd. Paddk Nicholson Francis, 50 Northgate North James, 4 Corn market North Misses 8. & J. 26 Manchr. rd Parkin Joshua, 29 King street Pass Hugh, Chapel hill Peacock James, 27 Cross Church st Russell Joseph, Folly hall Sanderson Allan, Hillhouse Schofield Robert Henry, New street Shaw David, Queen street South Shaw John, 17 Macaulay street Shaw Mrs Mary, Leeds road North Sidebottom Thomas Wm. Castlegate Smiles John Thos. Manchester road Stausfield J. H. & Co. 2 &3 New st Sykes Charles, Clara st. Fartown Sykes John, 66 King street Taylor & Kemp, 58 Chapel hill Thornton Mrs C. 69 New strect Townend Alfred, 31 Grove street Walker John William, 37 New st Ward Brothers, 34 John William st Washington Thomas, 49 New street Whitfield Bros. 20 Manchester rd Wigglesworth Vincent, Mold green Wiseman Mrs Hannah, Bradford rd Wood Miss Elizabeth, Mold green Wood John, South parade Worthy Robert, 31 King street


Broadbent William, Lane, Leeds rd Clough Thos. Scholes sq. Northgate Hammond Joseph, 48 King street Kaye William, 25 Manchester street Lockwood Timothy, St. Peter’s st Miller Thomas M. 42 Albion street Robertson John, Northumberland st


Beaumont H. K. 12 Market street Bedforth & Battye, Lower Aspley Brooke, Simpson, and Spiller, 30 Market street Dawson Thomas, 18 Cloth hall street England Wm. P. & Co. 16 Market pl Hopwood Brothers, Pack Horse yard Kaye Anthony K. Mold green Laing J. Son & Co.2 Manchester st Ramsden Charles, 11 Beast market Smith Miss Ann H. Mold egrcen Smith John, Lower Aspley Taylor H. B. & Son, 32 Market street


Atkinson Chas. & Co. Bradley mills Balmforth John, Quay street Bates Matthew (agent), Brook’s yard Benton William, Lane, Leeds road Blakey and Brown, Waterloo mills, Leeds road Brown John, Bayhall, Hillhouse

Burgess & Son, Sced hill

Byram & Matthewman, Folly hall mls Crowther John, Mold green Eastwood E. & C. Bradley mills Eastwood J. & Sons, Engine bridge Greenwood Brothers, Lower Aspley Heppenstall Brothers, Turnbridge Hey B. and John, Turnbridge Holroyd Joseph, 88 King street Horsfall Abraham, Colne road Hudson William, Colne road Lee Edward, 21 Buxton road Lockwood and Mallinson, 10 Vance’s buildings Norton Thomas F. 27 & 29 Ramsden street; & Bradford & Halifax (See Advertisement, page 91) Pollard John, Bradley mills Robson Isaac & Sons, Upper Aspley Robinson John & Sons, Leeds rd. N. Sanderson Wm. Hy. Folly hall mills Wadsworth Walter, Leeds rd. North Walker J ph. & Sons, Longroyd I brdg


EATING HOUSES. (See Dining, &e. Rooms.)



Bell Andrew, Fitzwilliam street, and Honley (See Advert. page 82) Bottom, Kirk & Ramsden, Manchr.rd Broadbent Thomas, Chapel street (See Advertisement, page 84) Crowther John & Co. 28 Albion st Gledhill Robert, Bradley mills Iron- works (See Advertisement, page 77) Harrison & Bedford, Lecds road Holt Charles H., Lane, Leeds road Mills Edwin & Co. Upper Aspley Taylor John, Firth st (See Adv. p.38)



Broadbent John & Co. Albert build- ings, New street Brook George, 15 Westgate Brook Joseph, Market place Brown Benjamin, 1 New street John, 24 Kirkgate Crossley J. & Co. 6 Market place Davis William, 10 King street Firth William, 6 Bath buildings Greenwood G. Brook's yd. Market st Greenwood Thomas, 1a Market place Inchbold & Viney, 31 John William st Jubb Alfred, 19 John William street Wheatley J. FE. & Co. 18 New street Whitehead George, 31 New street Wilkinson James, 33 John William st Wood J. & Co. Pack Horse yard


FARMERS, &c. Marked * are Cowkeepers only.

Ainley Thomas, Birkby Archer Joseph, Cowcliffe Brook Allen, Cowecliffe Brook James, Heaton fold, Marsh Samuel, Marsh Carver William, Nether royd hill

Clay John, Deighton Crossland Henry, Nether royd hill *Dickinson George, Castlegate *Farrend George, 51 Manchester 53 Haigh William, Marsh Hall George, Cowcliffe Hirst Jeremiah, Marsh Kaye Joseph, Lascelles hall, Lepto’ Lister Henry, Cowcliffe Longbottom Joseph, Coweliffe Marshall James, 16 West parade Nutter Richard, Fartown green Pratt John, Cowcliffe *Preston Thomas, Swallow street Pritchard Jolin, Cowcliffe Ratcliffe William, Nether royd hill *Sharp William, 62 Castlegate *Shaw William, Henry street Stansfield Thomas, Cowcliffe Stoney Joe, Cowcliffe Sugden William, Fartown green Sunderland Charles, Cowcliffe Viekerman William, Mold green *Webster James, 73 Upperhead row Wheelhouse Edward, Paddock Wilson John, Cowcliffe


Beaumont John, Bradford road Cheetham Mrs Ellen, Firth strect Cheetham Mrs Sarah, 38 Buxton rd Ibeson Mrs Nancy, 3 King street Kershaw John, Grove street Mellor Tom, Market street, Paddock

FIRE & LIFE OFFICES. Accidental: H. Wilde, Downing's yd; Schofield, Queen street; J.B. Abbey, 9 Buxton road Accidental, Norwich; John Garner, 39 West parade Alliance: EK. Fenton, Lockwood’s yd; William Haigh, Union Bank court; Wu. N. Strange, 33 John Wm. st Atlas: T.H. Battye, Market place ; Thos. Wm. Clough, 37 Market st; Frederick Dyson, 4 Dundas street British Equitable : R. Holroyd, Far- town green Clerical, Medical & General: William Lawton, 2 Market place County and Provident: Barker and Sons, 16a Market place Eagle: Thos. Robinson, 33 John Wm. street; Wm. Schofield, Queen st Economic: F. W. Jacomb, 13 John William street Einropean : §. Crowther, Shambles!in; 8. Whincup, Bridge end, Mold grn General : Jas. Thompson, 71 New st; George Gardiner, 65 Northgate Gresham: Wm. B. Taylor, Nelson’s buildings Guarantee (original): T. Market place Guardian: F. W. Jacomb, William street; A. Ma Dundas street Imperial: Dowse & Whitworth, 8 New sirect; George Gardiner, 63 Nor hgate Law (Fire & Life): 4 Market walk Law Union: J. Craven, 21 King st

H. Battye,

13 John linson, 5

J. I. Freeman,

Page 72


Trades Directory.

Liverpool & London & Giobe: Lay- cock, Dyson & Lion Arcade; Rd. Hird, la Market pl; Hy. Wilde, Downing’s yd; Wm. Cocking, Albert buildings; William Moore & Son, 2 New st; William Hastings, 26 Ramsden st; W. H. A. Roebuck, Buxton road

London Assurance: John Freeman, 47 New street

London Guarantee: J. N. Abbey, Brook’s yard London & Lancashire: 8S. N. Mat-

thewman, Newhouse yd. Westgate London & Southwark: J. A. Liver- sedge, 12 High street Manchester: John Haigh, Lion Ar- eade; John Iaigh, Albert bldgs. ; and R. R. Spurr, George street Masonic & General: Henry Mose- ley, 34a New street Mutual Provident: Henry Kaye, 19 John William st; Wm. Hastings, 26 Ramsden strect National Boiler: George Hy. Brook, 29a John William street National Provident: William H. A. Roebuck, Buxton road National Weekly: Wiliam Bragge, 8 South parade

Norfolk Farmers’ & General: Jobn Garner, 39 West parade North British & Mereantile: Wm

Yeoman, 14 Market pl; G. Tinker and Son, 1 New st; G. H. Crow- ther, 35a New st; Joe W. Webb, 37 New st; Learoyd & 3 Buxton road Northern: James William Golden, Victoria buildings Norwich Union: C. Mills, 36 New st Pelican: G. Lawton, 33 John Phenix: Wim. Schofield, Queen st Provident: John Sikes, 1 Market walk; Geo. Gardiner, 65 Northet Provincial: J. R. Dore, 26 New st Prudential: T. Harrison, 53 Rams- den st; Rd. Munroe, Spring erv. st Queen: Henry Moseley, 34a New st Railway Passengers: G. T. Duthoit, 18 Fitzwilliam street Reliance: A. Jubb, 19 John Wm. st Rock: William Schofield, Queen st Royal: G. H. Brook, 29a John Wm. st; J. J. Milnes, Victoria bldgs; J. Bottomiey, 52 New st; Edward Sikes, Westgate

Royal Exchange: 'T’. Drake, 3 Kirket

Scottish Amicable: Wm. Yeoman, 14 Market place Scottish Equitable: John G. Berry,

Market place Scottish National : Buxton road Scottish Provident: Thos. Dawson, 18 Cloth Hall street Scottish Provincial: Hy. Kaye, 19 John Wm. st; J. Brook, 18 Newst Scottish Union: Thos. Brook, 47 New st ; J. Garner, 39 West parade Scottish Widows’ Fund: Chas. Wm. Sikes, Cloth Hall street Solicitors & General: J. J. Freeman, Market walk

J. B. Abbey, 9

Standard: John Haigh, Lion Arcade; H. K. Beaumont, 12 Market st; John Hellawell, 16 Buxton road Star: John Haigh, Albert buildings ; Wm. Haigh, Union Bank court; William Henry Bedford, Leeds rd Sun: Edw. L. Hesp, Lockwood’s yd Yorkshire: RB. T. Robinson, Mkt. pl


Marked * are also Game Dealers and Poulterers.

Bolland William, Upper Aspley *Bradley Joseph, Victoria street *Tillis John, Westgate Graham George, South ter. Fartown Harmston Henry, 2 South parade Kilburn Dan, Northgate *Morton Alfred, 6 King street *North Mrs Mary, 20 Westgate Thompson Samuel, Halifax road Wallis Godfrey, Folly hull *Wood Alfred, Market walk *Wood George, Victoria street *Wood New Market, King st Wood Joseph & Son (& herring curers), Victoria lane

FLAX SPINNER. Crosland Henry, Colne road

FLOCK DEALERS. (See also Waste Dealers.)

Ainley Ramsden, 8 Fox street Buckley John, 10 Albion street Crosland James, 21 Charles street Duggan Brothers, Fitzwilliam street Heaton Thomas, jun. Pack Horse yd Hepworth Ti. Wellington yd. Westgt Hirst James, Marshall’s yd. Westgt Livesey James, Mold green Rothwell Richard, Half Moon street Smith Charles, 4 Albion street Sykes William, George street Taylor Joseph & Son, Fox street Thorp Daniel, Northumberland st Wilkinson Mrs E. North st. Paddock Wilkinson Sam, East st. Paddock, and Luck lane, Marsh Wood Mrs Mary, Queen street


Darwent Mrs M. 34 Lowerhead row Rushforth John, Machan’s yard, Buxton road


Dyson Benjamin & Sons, Leeds rd


Bryce Archibald J. Mold green Dyson George, 7 Ramsden street Hirst Charles, yard, 1 Upperhd. rw Hirst Mrs Hannah, King street Hirst Thomas, 7 Buxton road Lodge Joseph, Bradford road Lucas Thoinas, Market st. Paddock Shaw Robert, 61 Union street Thompson Joseph, 6 & 8 Beastmkt Thornton William, Mold green

Towlson Thomas, 60 Northgate Wilson Samuel F. Chapel hill

GAME DEAURRS. (See Fishmongers.)


GARDENERS & SEEDSMEN. Armitage Joseph, Birkby Armitage William & Son, 4 New st Bletcher George, Pack Horse yard Croxton George, Westgate Dawson Ben, King st. & Almondbury (See Advertisement, page 86.) Ellis John, Westgate Forsyth Henry, 12 New street Gibson B. H. yard, High street Hammond William, Birkby Hepworth John, 1 Outcote bank Tredale Charles, Marsh Jessop Robert H. West st. Paddock Kaye Alfred, Marsh Kaye Joseph H. 30 King street Poppleton G.J. Bradford rd. Hillhs Raisbeck Mrs Elizbth. 58 Kirkgate Rayner Wilham, Marsh Todd Walter, Aspley place

GINGER BEER, &c. MKRS§. Brook G. W. & Co. Swan yd. Kirket Inman Mrs Martha, Aspley place Kaye James, Bradley street South Lister & Greenwood, 13 Cloth Lord Richard, Lord’s bldgs. Marsh Tinker & Littlewood, 41 Buxton rd Wrigley H. W. Shear’s ct. Lwrhd.rw



Bowker & Co. 30 Cross Church st Dyson Joseph, Northgate Mitchell John, Castlegate Shaw James, 24 Chapel hill Spencer George, 94 Kirkgate Sutcliffe Isaac, Bradley st. South Sykes Benjamin, 24 Upperhead row Sykes James, 40 Manchester street Todd James, 34 Upperhead row Wood Isaac, Outcote bank Wood Jph. (& optician), 20 King st


Aram Reuben & Wm. 13 Manchstr. st Bletcher George, Pack Horse yard Bolland Wm., Mills yd. Upr. Aspley Booth Joseph, Longroyd lane Boothroyd John, Denton lane Bottomley John, Folly hall Brennan James, 101 Kirkgate Brennan Patrick, 93 Kirkgate Broadbent J. Upper brow, Paddock Brook George D. 7 Macaulay street Burke Thomas, Kirkgate Crosland Jph. Honoria pl. Fartown Crosland Mrs Rebecca, 30 West par Judworth George, Thomas street Davison Thomas, Mold green Dawson David, Folly hall Earnshaw Charles, Silk street Eastwood Geo. yard, 23 Lowerhd. rw Eastwood Jonathan, yd. 67 King st Ellis George, Outeote bank Ellis John, Westgate Gibson B. H. Gibson’s yd. High st Gibson Thomas, Aspley Haigh Joseph, 56 Northgate Hlarmston Henry, 2 South parade Hewison Mrs 8. Market st. Paddock Hirst James, 15 John street Horsfield Wm. Hill top, Paddock Lawton Walter, Mold green

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Wuddersfield Trades Directory.


Linton Richard, Northgate Lisle Charles, 8 Thomas street Mallinson Henry, 25 Trinity street Marshall John, Marsh Mayne Richd. Battye’s yd. Market pl Nicholson Thomas, Mold green North William, Kirkgate Nuttall Joseph, 33 Chapel hill Pollard Thomas, 115 King street Sheridan Patrick, 80 Upperhead row Steel Joseph, Edgerton Stoney Joseph, East street, Paddock Sugden George, 14 Swallow street Whiteley Thos. West st. Paddock Wood George, Castlegate Wood William, Lowerhead row Wood William Henry, Castlegate

GROCERS & TEA DEALERS. (See also Shopkeepers.)

Armitage Abraham, Swallow street Armitage Thomas, Birkby Bates M. W. Bridge end, Mold green Binns Thomas, 55 Ramsden strect Bocock & Smith, Pack Horse yard Bold George, Green mnt. Mold grn Booth Henry, 25 Beastmarket Booth John H, 61 King street Brook John, Northgate Brook Joseph, Granby street Carter Mrs Eliza, 18 Chapel hill Challand Hy. Bridge end, Mold grn Cooper James, Longroyd bridge Co-operative Stores : First Hudders- field, 24 Westgate & Mold preen; E. Mellor, sec: Hillhouse Perse- verance Soc; Bradfordrd. Fartwn; B. Parker, manazer : Huddersfield District Clothing & Provision Co. Seed hill; Wm. Cockshaw: Hud- dersfield Industrial, 31 Buxton road; J. T. Prentis, secretary ; Northgate & Paddock, J. T. Pren- tis, sec : Lane Dyehouse Industrial, Leedsrd. North; Jas. Knight, mgr: Lowerhead row Stores; Thomas Cowgill: Mutual, Bradford road, Fartown; C. Betts, manager: North Ward Stores, Northgate; George Dearden, manager Crowther Jph. Crystal bldgs. Newtwn Cuthbert L. & Co. East st. Paddock Dawson James, 123 Bradford road Dawson William, 27 King street Denton R. T. (whsl.), Chancery lane Dickinson Mrs Jane, 44 Westgate Dutton Mrs Mary, 29 New street Dyson Allen, Leeds road, Fartown Dyson Joseph, 2 Corn market Dyson J. & L. 63 New street Dyson W. Haigh, West st. Paddock Fell Cyrus L. Leeds road Fitton Kenyon, Mold green Gledhill John, Manchester road Graham Elliott, Manchester road Haigh William, Centre pl. Marsh Hallowell Joseph, Longroyd lane Hammond Joseph, 48 King street Hanson J. & Son, Upr. brow, Paddk Hardcastle Geerge, Hillhouse Hardisty Wm. Market st. Paddock Hellawell John, Market st. Paddock Hepworth William, 17 Newtown Hollings Samuel, Mold green

Holmes John, 32 Northgate Holroyd George, West st. Paddock Hoskin William, 18 King street Iredale Thomas & Co. Hillhouse Jagger Walter, St. Joln’s road Jessop Robt. H. West st. Paddock Lee John R. 17 Northgate Lockwood C. & Co. 54 Kirkgate Longbottom W. Church st. Paddock Lunn & Firth, Shambles lane Mallalieu John, 42 Shore Martin George, 28 Upperhead row Mellor James, 11 Market place Messenger Benjamin, Mold green Messenger Matthew, 93 King street Mitchell Samuel, Trinity street Nettleton William, Fitzwilliam st Oakes, Samuel, 22 Kirkgate Oldroyd & Bocock, Wood street Oldroyd John, 54 New street Rayner Joseph, Clara st. Fartown Reeder Wm. 52 Manchester street Robinson Joseph, 14 Westgate Shaw John, 42 Manchester road Shaw Richard, Longroyd bridge Shepherd Saml. & Son, Fartown gn Snowdon Jph. 12 John William st Southworth Hy. 87 Cross Church st Stead J. C. & Co. 96 King street Sutcliffe Robert, Bradford road Sykes Allen, Paddock Sykes John, Bradford road Sykes Thomas, Church st. Paddock Sykes Thomas B. 81 Castlegate Taylor Eli, Market street, Paddock Taylor Hiram, 10 Leeds road Taylor James, 13 Fitzwilliam street Vickers Thomas, Market walk Wallace Alexander, 30 Buxton road Wilkinson John, Marsh Williams Joseph, Luck In. Paddock Wormall J. & Co. 21 New street

GUN MAKER. Golden William, 7 Cross Church st

HAIRDRESSERS, &c. Bell Henry, 119 King street

Carter George, Manchester road Carter John, Northgate Carter Thomas, Market st. Paddock Cocking David, Chapel hill Cudworth William Hy. 23 Kirkgate Davison Joseph, 35 King street Eecles Edward, 25 Lowerhead row Kiecles Law, Northgate Eecles Rowland, Folly hall Fish Chas. Hy. 35 Cross Church st Fisher Jas. P. D. Manchester street Gledhill Robert Henry, Mold green Haigh Henry, Mold green Hanson Isaac, 46 Westgate Linof Victor, 62 John William st Lockwood Joseph, 15 Beast market Moss William, Bradford road Savile & Barlow, Lion arcade Savile George, 54 John William st Sykes Sam, 6 High street Thomas Edward, Shore Thomas Samuel, Bradley st. North Wainwright Henry, 8 Market street Walshaw Win. 20 Upperhead row Wood Joe Henry, yard, Railway st


Bayliss William Henry, 25 New st Bickerdike William, 5 Kirkgate Brook Emanuel, 2 Cross Church strect, and 43 King street Eagleton John E. 19 New street Littlewood Nathaniel, 833 New street Waler M. H. 1 John William street


Boocock Jolin, Lowerhcad row Castle Jonathan, Rosemary lane Clegg John, 71 Castlegate Gibson Thomas, Upper Aspley Hargreaves George, Lowerhead row

HEALD, REED & SLAY MFRS. Clayton Joseph, Boulder’s yd. Kirket Ellis Walter, Castlegate Haigh Edwin, Bradley street North (See Advertisement, page 81) Hanson John, 39 Buxton road Milner Jph., Fenton row, Mnchstr. rd Pollitt Henry, yd. 1 Upperhead row Pollitt Mrs Mary Emma, 37 Dock st Rothwell John, Bridge end, Mold gn Rothwell Richard Mold green

HEARTHRUG MANUFACTR. Lynch John, Battye’s yd. Market pl

HERBALISTS. Beach Jolin, 32 South street Bellamy Edmund, 4 Shorehead Blamires Alexander, 18 Northgate

Brook Joshua, Mold green Wilkinson & Co. 34 Northumberld. st

HORSHBREHAKER. Middleton William, Northgate


(See also Linen Drapers, éc.)

Aconley R. & Co. 16 Kirkgate Armitage Charles, 23 New street Atkinson W. & Son, 11 John Wm. st Berry Godfrey, Mold green Broughton Jonas, Shorefoot Cooper & Smeeton, 1 Kirkgate Dean James, 22 & 24 King street Denham Joel, 5 & 7 King street Denham Thomas, 26 John Wm. st Dyson Watts, 9 King street Eddell James 8. 24 New street France Mrs Maria, 15 Cross Church st Francis Joseph, 42 John William st Haigh Joseph, 13 Kirkgate Henshall W. D. & S. 17 New street Hirst Michael, 3 John William st Horsfall John W. Union Bauk court Kaye Thomas, King street Nicholson W. & Brothers, 2 North James, Corn market Palmer Arthur T. 34 New street Parkin Joshua, 29 King street Schofield Robert Henry, 59 New st Simpson William, Longroyd bridge Swain John, 20 Swallow street Sykes Charles, Clara st. Fartown Waller M. H. 1 John William st Watkinson William, 35 New street


Acorn, Hy. Dyson, 10 West parade Albert, T. Taylor, Albert bldgs. New st


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Albion htl. H. Partridge, 54 Buxton rd Albion, Benj. Kaye, Manchester rd Angel, John T. Crosby, Macaulay st Black Bull, W. Dodson, Chapel hill Black Bull, Rowld. Scholes, Hillhs Boot & Shoe, Edward Golden, 11 New street (See Advertisement, page 90) Boy & Barrel, J. Giles, 14 Beast mkt Brown Cow, J. Saul, Millet. Paddk Bull’s Head, Mrs Dorothy Haigh, 22 Beast market Bull & Mouth Hotel, John Thomp- son, Victoria street Buxton Hs. Justn, Ecob, Buxton rd Cherry Tree, Jas. Cooper, Railway st Clothiers’ Arms, Mk. Mellor, 82 Ket Commercl. B. Hutchinson, 64 New st Commercial, J. Appleyard, Mold gn Commercl. J. Dyson, Church st. Pdk Crescent, Geo. Thompson, Byram st Cross Keys, Mrs Harriet Dyson, Manchester street Crown Hotel, J. W. Sykes, 50 Westgt Diana, Mrs Mary Payne, 89 King st Dog, Miss Jane Durrans, 72 Kirket Duke of York, J. Clayton, Shorehead Electricians’ Hotel, John Garner, Manchester road Elephant and Castle, John Mallin- son, Leeds road Exchange, J. Dawson, 72 Uprhd. row Farmer Boy, Joseph Berry, Lock- wood’s yard, New street Fitzwilliam Hotel, W. Hanson, Nthet Fleece, Saml. Hopkinson, 32 Kirket Foresters’ Arms, Mrs Jane Coe, 21 New North road Fountain, D, Lodge, 37 Manchstr. rd Fox & Grapes, T. Knight, 75 Northet George Hotel, Richard Nutter, St. George’s squarc George and Dragon, Joseph Clark, 21 Manchester strect Globe, Abraham Spivey, 47 King st Green Cross, Geo. Battley, Mold gn Green Dragon, EK. 0. Child, 1 Mkt. st Grey Horse, Ths. Varey, Chapel hill Greyhound, John A. Knott, 16 Manchester road Grove, J. Denison, Spring Grove st Harp, H. Holroyd, Bradfd. rd. Fartn Hope-on-Anchor, Geo. Haigh, Kirket Horse Shoe, Mrs 8. Mitchel, 41 Ket Imperial Hotel, Mis imma Morri- son, 45 New sireet Junction Hotel, Joah Lockwood, Mold green Junction, William Burton, Marsh Kaye’s Arms, Mrs Mary Ann Allatt, Mold green Kaye’s Arms, Michael Hollingworth, Quay street King’s Arms, Mrs Tlizabeth Fearn- ley, Lowerhead row Lamb, Mrs Hanh. Shaw, Willhouse Leeds Tavern, Benj. Brooke, Lane Marsh House, Alired Kaye, Marsh Nag’s Head, T. Webb, Colne st. Pdk Navigation Tavern, Abraham Water- house, Shorefoot New Inn, Jonas Wright, 37 King st New Inn, John B. Lister, Cowcliffe Newtown Tavern, Wm. Hepworth, 19 Newtown

Old Hat, John Crow, 7 West parade Pack Horse Hotel, H. Burley, 14 Ket Paragon, Adam Oddy, Chancery In Peacock, Mrs A. Hallas, Leeds rd. Ftn Plough, Benj. Crampton, Westgate Plumbers’ Arms, Matthew Gaw- thorp, 21 Westgate Punch Bowl, Joseph Marsden, 12 Bradford road Queen’s Head, Mrs Ann Hirst, 59 King street Queen Hotel, Mis Betty Vevers, 35 Market st; and Tap, W. Drake Ramsden’s Arms, George Shaw, 8 Cross Church street Rose and Crown Hotel, Miss Jane H. Bottomley, 40 Kirkgate Royal Hotel, Jas. Sykes, Mnchstr. rd Royal Hotel, Jas. Hall, Fartown gn Royal George, Mrs M.A. Ellis, Wstet Royal Oak, G. Hudson, 26 Beast mkt Royal Oak, C. H. Walker, Paddock Royal Oak, Geo. Wilson, Chapel hill Saracen’s Head, J. MeMillen, Shore hakspeare, Henry Hirst, 51 Nthet hears, John Boocock, Lowerhd. rw hepherds’ Arms, Mrs Mary H. Gas- kill, Cowcliffe hip, Robt. Bell, Market st. Paddock hip, David Firth, 9 Shorehead miths’ Arms, Bnj. Walker, Castlgte pink Nest, Wm. Wilkingon, Birkby portsmans’ Arms, Jph. Mangham, John William street potted A. Dufton, 2 Northet pread Kagle, William Howard, 18 Manchester street ar, Samuel Horsfall, Mold green ation Hotel, George Moore, St. George’s square Sun, H. Schofield, 33 Cross Church st Swan-with-2-Necks, Jesse Haworth, 8 Westgate Talbat, Jph. Sykes, Longroyd bridge Thornhill Arms, Henry A. Dalton, Bradford road, Fartown Unicorn, Mrs A. Senior, Castlegate Victoria, Jonas Horsfall, Victoria st Vulcan, Geo. Walker, St. Peter’s st Waggon & Horses, Mrs Elizabeth Mallinson, Leeds road North Waggon and Horses, Charles Platts, Bradford road, Fartown Weavers’ Arms, Mrs M. Batley, Lane Wellington, Wm. Platts, 18 Westet West Riding Ilotel, Craven & Mar- shall, John strcet, Buxton road Wharf Inn, Miss Mary Crosland, Upper Aspley Wheat Sheaf, John Dunn, 75 Up- perhead row White Hart, J. Haigh, Cloth Hall st White Lion, Joseph Ibberson, 31 Cross Church street White Swan Hotel, John Balderson, 12 Kirkgate Wine Butts, T.Styring, 5 Beast mkt Woolpack, Mrs B. Hartley, 1 Bxtn.rd Zetland Hotel, Mrs Ann Abbey, Ramsden street


Abson James Henry, Brokers’ Arms, Upper Aspley


Armitage G. W. Wells Tavern, Nthgt Barrett J. Commercial, 49 Kirkgate Beardsell James, Poets’ Corner, 29 Chapel hill Billington Mrg Frances, Aide-de- Camp, Lowerhead row Blayds E. Woodman, Upperhd. row Brammall John, Lord Nelson, 57 Lowerhead row Bray Edwin, Spinners’ Arms, Lana Bray Paul, Armitage Arms, Birkby Britton John, Brunswick Arms, Vic- toria street Broadbent D. Terrace Hotel, Birkby Brook Wm. Dock Tavern, 34 Dock st Brown Henry, Corporation, 30 Up- perbead row Burley J. Original Gardens, Birkby Carter James, Star, 15 Rosemary In Chapman William, Somerset Arms, Mold green Clegg Miss Esther A., Shoulder of Mutton, 11 Manchester street Clegg John, Colne Tavern, Firth st Clegg Saml. North Arms, Thomas st - Conry John, Huddersfield Arms, 79 Kirkgate Conry Patk. Masons’ Arms, Castlegt Crosland Miss Mary, Wharf, Up- per Aspley Denison Mrs Mary, Brewers’ Arms, 178 Spring street Dermott T. Masons’ Tav. 75 Kirket Dyson George, Stanley, 3 Princess st Earnshaw A. Croppers’ Arms, Marsh Eastwood Giles, Bridge Inn, Colnerd Ellis John, Unicorn, Victoria street France Joshua, Friendly Inn, 28 Lowerhead row Gee John, Cotton Tree, 74 Northet Giggle Edwin, Commercial, Hillhs Glynn W. Royal Oak, 26 Muchstr. st Haigh Henry, Union, Leeds road Haigh J.Black Horse, Upperhd. row Haigh Mrs Mary, Oddfellows’ Arms, 16 High street Haigh Thomas, Foresters’ Arms, 95 Kirkgate Hall Wm. Musicians’ Hall, 3 Northgt Harper Henry, Tam O’Shanter, Brow road, Paddock Hartley A. Engine Tavern, Willow In Heppenstall I. Palace, 8 Princess st Hellawell B. Clarence, 26 Chapel hill Hindle Hy. Golden Cross, Chas. st Hill Wm., Turf Tavern, Shorehead Hodgkinson Joshua, Flecce, Union st Hodgson Richard, Dog and Gun, 45 Ramsden street Holmes George, Manchester road Holt Mrs Sybil, Cross Grove street Howe John, Waggoners’ Arms, 64 Manchester road Hynes Charles, Croppers’ Lowerhead row Ives Joseph, Rising Sun, Castlegate Kaye Geo. Royal Hotel, Dam side Lawton Mrs Mary, Dusty Miller, Folly hall Laycock Joseph, Turnbridge Inn, 21 Quay street Lockwood Mrs E. Griffin, 51 Kirkgt Lodge A, Waterloo, Northmbrind, st

Richmond Inn,


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Wuddersfield Trades

Lodge Levi, Talbot, 18 High street Lodge Sam, Mitre, 5 Thomas street Marsden Jonathan, Zetland Arms, Queen street South Marsland Wm. Sir John Falstaff, 12 Cross Grove street Matthewman Joseph, Commercial, Folly hall Mellor M. Foresters’ Arms, 95 Kirket Mitchell Miss Martha E. Spinners’ Arms, Northgate Netherwood Joseph, Commercial, 68 Castlegate Normington Joseph, Ring of Bells, 13 Northgate Oldfield John, Bay Horse, Kirkgate Parish Thos., Fountain, 18 Beast mkt Pickard Joe, Fly Boat, Aspley Reed William, Granby, 1 Granby st Rushforth Jno. Neptune, 22 John st Sanderson Saml, Old Acquaintance, Upper Aspley Sanderson William,Cheshire Cheese, 59 Manchester road Scholes Rowland, Black Bull, Hillhs Shaw James, Lamb, Hillhouse Sheard Mrs Tabitha, Ivy Green, Mold green Shepherd Alfred, Slubbers’ Arms, Halifax road Smith Bob, Prince Albert, Cross Church street Spence B. Town Hall, 19 Buxton rd Stockwell John, Prince Hotel, North- umberland street Storey J. Marlborough House, King st Swift M., Victoria, Upperhead row Taylor James, York Hotel, 52 Nthgt Thornton Henry, Dog, Mold green Tierney J. Travellers’ Rest, Castlegt Travis G. Northgate Inn, Fountain st Tyas Michael, Lowerhead row Vickerman William, Boar’s Head, Mold green Waddington D. Staff of Life, Mold gn Waters 8. King’s Head, Manchsir st Waters Thos. & John, Court House Tavern, Back Buxton road Weightman R. York Arms,81 Castlegt Whiteley Mrs 8S. A. Chimney Sweep- ers’ Arms, 60 Kirkgate Wilson J. Mechanics’ Arms, Castlegt Wood J. West End House, South st Wood John T. Rose, Colne road Woodhouse Henry, Friendship, 109 Kirkgate Wrigley Mrs H. Horeshoe, Birkby



Bailey Mark (manfr.), Wells mills Carter Mrs J. H. 4 Buxton road Dick R. & J. Westgate

INK MANUFACTURER. Murphy William, Firth street (See Advertisement, page 81)

IRONFOUNDERS, &c. (See also Brassfounders & Machine Bakers.) Arnold Wm. Birkhouse, Mnchstr. rd Bell Andrew, Fitzwilliam st; and Honley (See Advert. page 82)

Blackburn Joshua, Colne road Bottom, Kirk & Ramsden, Mnestr.rd Brooke Henry, Colne road Carters & Lisle, Chapel street Gledhill Robert, Bradley Mills Iron works (See Advert. page 77) Haigh John & Sons, 6 Queen st. 8. and Firth st. (See Advert. page 73) Harrison & Bedford, Phoenix works, Leeds road Holmes W. C. Whitestone In. Fartn Holt Charles J1., Lane, Leeds road Hopkinson Joseph & Co. Leeds road Kenworthy, Royston and Crossley, Chapel Hill mills Mills Edwin & Co. Upper Aspley Mitchell William, Chapel Hill mills (See Advertisement, page 71) Rowe William & Son, Chapel Hill mills (See Advertisement, page 84) Schofield & Kirk, Rashcliffe Shires Jph. Hope fndry. Folly hall Sykes J. & Sons, Turnbridge ~ Tomlinson & Rowe, Chapel hill


Bottom Joseph, 47 Northgate Brooke James, 39 New street, and Lowerhead row Byram Joseph, Mold green Chrispin Thomas, 28 King street Fisher & Dyson, Brook street (See Advertisement, page 71) Golden William, 7 Cross Church st Heaps T. A. & Co. 13 Westgate Hoyle William, Mold green Johnson George, 19 Westgate MeKitrick Brothers, 48 Buxton road Morley Brothers, Folly hall (See Ad- vertisement, page 94) Ramsden Henry lL. 36 New street Stewart Benj. 5. 4 John William st Tetley George, 14 Cross Church st Thornton Tom, 12 Upper Aspley


Taylor Joseph & Son, Kirkgate, and High st (See Advertisement, p. 38) Wilson George, 5 Ramsden street


Drake George, 11 Cross Church st Fillans William, Market walk Haigh Thomas Henry, 48 Westgate


(See also Stonemasons.)

Bedford & Varker, York place (See Advertisement, pagé 93) Berry John, Queen street South Blackburn Jph. & Co. Colne st. Padk Buchan William, Manchester road Burman William, Chapel hill Christie James, West parade Cockroft Robert, Birkby Dawson John, Mold green Ellis Benjamin, Colne road Entwistle Joseph, Bradley st. North Fawcett W. & Sons, Fitzwilliam st Gibson William, 28 Duke street Haigh Edward, Church st. Paddock Haigh William, Longroyd bridge Hanson David, Bradford road Hardy David, Viaduct street





Hill Walter, Firth street Hill Edward, Upperhead row Hinchliffe Reuben, Bradford road Hindle Henry, Charles street Hirst Benjamin, 3 Ramsden street Kitson Edwin 8. (garden-house bidr.) Brdg. end, Mold gn (See Advt. p.39) Lord William, Alfred street Lynch 11 Back Buxton rd Midwood & Hewitt, Lane, Leeds rd Mitchell John, John William street North Joseph, Mold green Platts Wiluam, Wentworth street Riley John & Sons, Henry street Roberts William, Stables street Robinson Tom, Fitzwilliam street Schofield John, Northgate Swan Joseph, Northumberland st Sykes Allen, School lane, Paddock Taylor Thos. Albert bldgs. New st Teal Jesse, Chapel hill Umpleby Thomas, Mold green Walker Benjamin, 89 Kirkgate Walker J. H., Back Ramsden street (See Advertisement, page 39) Walker Thomas, Chapel hill Whiteley Rt. & Nephew, N. North rd Wilkinson Ths. Bradford rd. Hillhs Wilson, Travis & Co. Wells mills, and Newtown


Abbey J. H. & J. B. 9 Buxton road Atkinson John G, 44 King street Brook T. & Nephew, 13 New street Crowther Geo. & G. H. 35a New st Hall & Mallinson, Market place Moran Michael, 20 Shorehead

LATH RENDER. Scain Mrs Mary, Fitzwilliam street

LAW STATIONER. Hirst Geo. H. 8. 33 John William st

LEAD MERCHANTS. Hanson John & Co. (& lead pipe makers), Folly hall Horner & Fell, Market walk

LIME BURNER. Hudson Godfrey, Hillhouse lana


Oddfellows’ Friendly, Bull’s Head, Beast market ; Wm. Best, agent Victoria, Victoria street; William Woodhouse, secretary West Yorkshire, Bull and Mouth street; John Broadbent, secretary


(See also Ironfounders.)

Bell Andrew, 8 New st. & Honley (See Advertisement, page 82) Blackburn Joshua, Colne road Bottom, Kirk & Ramsden, Manchr, rd Carters & Lisle, Chapel street Crowther John & Co. 28 Albion st Drake Fras. (sewing), Edward’s yd Earnshaw Benjmn. Folly Hall mills Eastwood R. & J. (doffing plate), Folly Hall mills, and Chapel hill

I Greenwood John, Upper Aspley

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Haigh John & Sons, Firth street, & Queen st. 8. (See Advert. p. 73) Holmes W. C. (& gasometer bldr,), Whitestone lane, Fartown Holt Charles H., Lane, Leeds rd Jowett Benj. (sewing), 26 West par Kenworthy, Royston & Crossley, Chapel Hill mills Marsden & Blamires, Phenix mills, Rashcliffe Mills Edwin & Co. Upper Aspley Mitchell William, Chapel Hill mills (See Advertisement, page 71) Oldfield James & William, Mold gn Rayner & Son, Back Ramsden street Roebuck Jervis (and card nailer), Fountain street Schofield & Kirk, Folly hall Sykes John & Sons, Turnbridge Taylor John, Firth street (See Ad- vertisement, page 38) Tomlinson & Rowe, Chapel hill

MALTSTERS. (See Brewers.) MARBLE, (See Stonemasons.)

MARINE STORE DEALERS. (Sce also Waste Dealers.)

Armitace Wm. Tentergate, Paddock Byram Joshua, Lane Douglas Thomas, Mold green Gannon John, yard, Upperhead row Oates Samuel, 64 Kirkgate Pearce Neriah, 25 Charles street Parker Ths., Son & Co. Rosemary In Stott James, 11 Viaduct street Townend James, Swallow street


Hardy David, St. Peter’s street Lodge Joseph, Bradford road

MERCHANTS & MANUFRS. (See Woollen and Fancy Goods.)


(See Farmers.)


Aconley R. & Co. 16 Kirkgate Aldred Mrs HKlizabeth, 10 York place Allatt Mrs Kmma, 24 ‘Manchester rd Armitage Charles, 23 New street Armitage Miss Eliza, 18 George st Armitage Miss Hannah, Edward’s yd Armstrong Miss M. A. 15 Ramsden st Baines Mrs Martha, Prospect street Barker Mrs Margaret, Queen street Barden Thomas, 27 Leeds road Barrowclough & Armitage, 8 John William street Beaumont Mrs M. 63 Manchester rd Bell Miss Margt., Bradley st. South Bentley Miss Hart. West st. Paddk Berry Mrs Mary, Mold green Boothroyd John, Mold green Bottom Miss M. E. 57 Manchstr. rd Boys Mrs Elizabeth, South street Bradbury Miss Elizh. 35 Grove st Broadbent Mrs 8. Upr. brow, Paddk Brook Miss Mary, 50 West parade Brook Miss Mary, Bradfd. rd. Fartn Burdett Misses H. & C., Clifton place, West parade

Burley Misses E. & 8. 6 Leeds road Clarke Miss Martha, 41 Upperhd. row Crossley Mrs Elizabeth, 22 Union st Cuthbert Mrs Eliz. 5 Northumbld. st Davison Miss Ann, Hillhouse lane Dawson Miss Iucy, Grove street Denham Joel, King street Denham Ths. 22 & 26 John Wm. st Ellis Miss E., Fenton row Farrand Mrs Sarah, Mold green Field Henry, 61 New street Firth Mrs Mary Ann, 13 Dock st Foster Mrs Annie, 12 Ramsden st Foster Mrs 8. A. 52 Lowerhead row Fox Misses M. & L. 87 South street France Allen, 45 Cross Church st Fretwell Mrs Jane, 32 Crs. Church st Gandy Misses C. EH. & FA. 82 Nthgt Gatenby William, Northgate Graham Miss Martha, Folly hall Haigh Mrs Ann, Upperhead row Waigh Miss Harriet, 3 York place Halstead Mrs M. A. Bradfd. rd. Ftn Hartley Miss Martha, 48 West par Hellawell Miss Martha, 7 George st Hinchliffe Mrs Elizabeth, York st Hirst Miss Emma, 43 St. Paul’s st Hollyock Miss J. M. Fitzwm. st. W. Holroyd Joseph, 19 Cross Church st Hoyle Miss Elizh. Bradfd. rd. Fartn Hutsam Benj. Bridge end, Mold gn Jackson Mrs Ann T. 34 Kirkgate Jessop Miss Margt., Eleanor st. Fin Jowitt David, King street Kaye George, 6 Buxton road Kaye Mrs Martha, 19 Lowerhd. row Kershaw Mrs M. A., Bradfd. rd. Ftn Marshall Miss H. 13 West parade Midwood Miss Chltte. 1 Greenhd. In Milnes Miss Martha, 11 Manehr. rd Mitchell Miss Mary Ann, Prospect place, Marsh Moody Miss Mary, Manchester road Mooney Miss Cath. 34 West parade Moseley Mrs Sarah, 9 Market place Moss Mrs Sarah, Prospect street Myatt Miss M. M. 7 New North rd Niland Miss Bridget, Dock street North Mrs Mary, 3 Wentworth st Oates Miss H. J. 25 West parade Ogden Mrs Mary, Northumberld. st Parker Miss C. 14 Bradford road Powner Mrs Jane, 1 Newtown Ransley Mrs Grace, 55 Manchstr. st Rateliffe Miss Helen, Lion arcade Reid Miss Agnes, Back Spring street Revell Mrs Sarah, Fenton row, Manchester road Rigby Mrs Mary, 16 Northgate Roebuck Mrs L. St. Peter’s strect Roberts Miss Cath. E. Mold green Robinson Mrs M. 22 Shorehead Shirley Mrs Sarah A. 5 Bath bldgs Smith Miss Eliza, Bradford rd. Fartn Smith Miss Hannah, 21 York street Snowden Misses E. & M.14 West par Standage Miss Mary, Lane, Leeds rd Stansfield Miss M. Colne st. Paddock Swallow Miss Sarah, 10 South par Sykes Mrs A. L. West st. Paddock Sykes Miss Martha, Castlegate Sykes Mrs My. A. 7 Manchester rd Thorne Miss Elizbth. 47 Bradford rd

Burgoyne Miss Sarah, 42 West par I Thornton Mrs Caroline, 69 New st

Wuddersfield Trades Directory.

Thornton Mrs Eliz. 40 Lowerhd. rw Trumble Mrs Jane, 10 Greenhead ln Walker Mrs Maret. 39 Upperhd. rw Waller Miss Mary, Fitzwilliam st Ward Bros, 32 & 34 John William st Wardle Miss Annie, 2 South street Whitfield Bros. 20 Manchester road Wilkinson Mrs Emma, Prospect st

Wood Miss Annie, 19 Manchester st


Brown James, 22 Manchester road Chapman John, 52 Buxton road Gledhill William, East parade (See Advertisement, page 71.) Horsfall George, Lion Arcade Mellor Richard, 24 Cross Church st (See Advertisement, page 95.) Moore Jonuthan, 18 Buxton road Starkey George, 12 Trinity street Wood Joe, 52 John William street


Chapman John, 52 Buxton road Greeves Miss E. M. 99 Hebble ter Haigh William Henry, Grove street Hartley Henry, 18 Bradford road Lord James W. 36 Spring street Marshall Joshua, 84 Spring street Mellor Richard & Miss 8. A. 24 Cross Church street (See Advt. page 93.) Midgley Miss Eliza, Fitzwilliam st Moore Samuel, Commercial street Parratt Henry L. 17 Ramsden street Peace James, 40 Albion street Robinson Miss 18 Trinity st Schofield Daniel, Freeman’s square Wood Joe, 52 John William street


Hawksworth Thomas, Fountain st Morley & Co. Downing’s yd. New st Shaw Benjamin, Engine bridge

NEWS AGENTS. (See also Booksellers.)

Agnew James, Halifax rd. Hillhouse Beaumont Abram, Leeds road Beaumont Mrs A. Market st. Paddock Beli Henry, 119 King street Brook Samuel, 36 Union street Clayton Edward, Kirkgate Clowes Joseph, Queen street South Connelly Mrs Klizbth. 117 King st Green D. M. 45 Swallow street Ialstead Samuel, 5 Northgate Heady Robert A. Upperhead row Littleton Mrs Martha, Bk. Buxtonrd Sykes Andrew, Mold green Tempest Mrs Drusilla, 78 Northgate Theaker William, 1 West parade Thompson Mrs Mary, 2 Upperhd. rw Wood William, Folly hall


(Published every Saturday.) Huddersfield Chronicle; Geo. Har- per, 4 Cross Church street Huddersfield Examiner ; Jph. Wood- head, 4 Ramsden street Huddersfield Observer ; Brown, 1 New street


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Trades Directory.


Laycock James C. Lion Arcade Owen Allan I. Lockwood’s yd. New st

OIL, COLOUR, &c. MERTS. (See also Drysalters.)

Barlow Ebenezer, Leeds rd. North Beaumont Henry K. 12 Market st Bradley Charles Hy. Vance’s bldgs Brown Alexander, Fox strect Burman J. & Cu. 2 & 4 High street Connolly John, 36 Lowerhead row Dawson Thomas, 18 Cloth Hall st Freeman & Golden, Victoria build- ings, New street Halstead Abraham (agent), Brad- ford road, Fartown Laing Jas. Son & Co. 2 Manchstr. st Ramsden Charles, 11 Beast market Sykes Peace, 6 Chapel hill


Conacher & Co. George street Minay James (organ pipes), H yurd, Charles street


Christie James, George street Walker John H. Back Ramsden st (See Advertisement, page 39.) Wilson, Travis & Co. Wells mills


Ayre John, 21 Northumberland st Beaumont Mayall, Brow rd. Paddock Beaumont & Robinson, Greenwood’s yard, New street Beevers Alfred, 37 New strect Brighouse Geo. 68 John William st Brook John, 14 High street Brook Tom W. Swan yard, Kirkgate Bryce Archibald J. Mold green Calvert George, Cross Church street Clegg Ashton, Chapel hill Dawson Charles, Lowerhead row Edwards James, Market st. Paddock Gandy John, 82 Northgate Graham Geo. Holme’s yd. Buxton rd Haigh Mrs Dorothy, 22 Beast market Haigh Levi, 91 Kirkgate Hall & Bray, 69 King street Hattersley J. Challand’s yd. King st Heaton Kichd. Brow road, Paddock Kendall & Wadsworth, Pack Horse yard (See Advertisement, page 36.) Kitchen Squire, Mold green Knight, Hardy & Jackson, 25 Buxton road (See Advertisement, page 85.) Lofthouse Benjamin, 18 Manchester road (See Advertisement) Lunn & Rushworth, Bradshaw’s yd. New street Metcalf John, 7 Trinity street Mitchell Henry, 7 & 9 Spring street Moxon Godfrey, Station street Pearson John, Mold green Richardson Samuel, 21 Union street Stuttard John Hy. 30 Ramsden st Sykes Samuel, Tentergate, Paddock Tetlow Edward, Upper Aspley Wadsworth William, Grove street



Hemmingway George, Half Moon st Mellor & Waddington, Victoria st; J. C. Haigh, agent Whiteley John & Co. (limited), 6 Vance’s buildings ; Thos. Pickard, sec.; Joseph Armitage, local mgr Whiteley John & Son, 14 Cloth Hall street

PAPERHANGING DEALERS. Brighouse Geo. 68 John William st Burman James & Co. 2 & 4 High st Knight, Hardy & Jackson, 16 John William st (See Advert. page 85.)


Brown David, Chapel street Advertisement, page 77.)


Drake Miss Harriet A. Lowerhd. rw Hadfield James, Castlegate Hirst Joseph, 36 Buxton road Love Walter, 18 High street Walker William, 9 High street


Cambidge Richard, St. Peter’s st Cromptou & Son, John William st Hatch John V. 25 Buxton road Hoyle Henry, 24 Spring street Lord Henry, St. Peter’s street Priestley Sam 8. Wood street Spurr Reginald, Ramsden street (See Advertisement, page 91.)


Cameron Robert, 18 New North rd Seott William, 1 York place Turnbull William, 18 Ramsden st


Gledhill William, East parade (See Advertisement, page 71.)

PICTURE FRAME MAKERS. (See Carvers & Gilders.)


Bernardi John (figures), Lowerhd. rw Bottomley Mrs J. Mrkt. st. Paddock Clayton Henry, 23 Bradford road Dyson Thomas, Paddock Hogan Thomas, Newtown Jowitt Isaac, Clifton pl. West parade Jowitt Joseph, 75 Castlegate Kitchen Wim. Bradford rd. Fartown Milnes John, 38 Bradford road Morton Eli, Clifton pl. West parade North Walter & Ingham, Northgate Sewell James, Hill top, Paddock Tunnacliffe D. & Sons, 2 Northum- berland street Walker Jonathan, 34 Bradford road Wadsworth Wiliam, Grove street


GASFITTERS. Brook James, Gibson’s yd. High st Brooke & North, Fleece yd. Kirkgate Cassidy John, 7 Swallow street Chadwick Wm. Henry, St. John’s rd

Coates Stephen, Varley yd. Chpl. hill Crowther James, Mold green


Webster Isaac, Ludlam’s yd. New st I Fawcett John, Newhouse yd. Westgt


Garton Hy. Battye’s vd. Market pl Gawthorp Matthew, Back Spring st Hanson J. & Co. Folly hall Lidster & Armitage, 46 John William street, & 18 Swan yard Moxon William, Market st. Paddock Place & Dean, Helm’s yd. Charles st Slater Geo. Horsfall’s yard, King st Smithson James Edward, Northgate Stansfield T. Ludlam’s yd. New st Taylor Joseph Henry & Co. Angel yard, Macaulay street Thirkill Robert, Northgate (See Ad- vertisement, page 94.) Thirkill William, 18 Quay street Wear Henry, Laycock’s yd. King st

POULTERERS. (See Fishmongers,

PRINTERS. (See Booksellers.)


Anthony Miss A. 835 New North rd Feugly Charles, Prospect street


Benson J. (butter & eggs), 40 Cooper Joseph H. 11 King street Denton Robt. T. (whsl.), Chancery In Dyson Wm. H. West st. Paddock Halstead Henry (egg), Oxford street Huddersfield Provision Co. Seedhill Newsome & Co, 62 King street

RAILWAY WAGGON BLDR. Ducksbury Robert, Gledholt bank

RAG DLRS. (See Waste, &c. Dirs.) REED. (See Heald, éc. Manufrs.)


Barras Mrs Edna, 24 West parade Booth Mrs Mary, 23 Beast Market Davison Mrs Sarah, Upperhead row Hartley Mrs Eliz. 21 Lowerhead rw Haigh Mrs Mary, Lion Arcade


Binns John & Co. Swan-with-Two- Necks yard, Westgate Dyson Law, Turnbridge Scott James, Denton’s yard, King st. and Turnbridge Scott Joshua, Market st. & Mold grn


Kitson Edwin 8. Bridge end, Mold gyeen (See Advertisement, page 39.)


Bennett Michael, 85 Kirkgate Bennett William (and portmanteau maker), 19 Kirkgate Crosland John, Green mt. Mold grn Crossley James, Union street Garratt John, 33 John William st Hawkins William, 8 Cloth hall street Pieckersgill Thomas, 41 Buxton road Sidebottom Thos. Wm. Manchstr. rd Smith John, Mold green Sutherby Jecamiah, 32 Westgate Woodhouse Joseph, Mold green Wormald John, 36 King street

Page 78


Huddersfield Trades Directory.


Burman William, Engine bridge Christie James, George street Dyson Samuel, Back Ramsden street Fawcett William & Sons, Viaduct st Haigh William, Longroyd bridge Helm Henry, Back Ramsden street Kaye Jeremiah, Quay street Quayle John, Folly hall mills Walker John H., Ramsden & Princess strects (See Advert. page 39) Walker Thomas, Chapel hill Whiteley R. & Nephew, Nw. North rd Wilson, Travis & Co. Wells mills



Heaps T. A. & Co. 13 Westgate Ramsden Henry L. 36 New street


Dowse & Whitworth, 8 New street Haigh John, Lion arcade Love James Allen, Oxford street Moore William & Son, 2 New street Tempest Joe W. 37 New street


Atkinson John George, 44 King st Thornton Benjamin, 50 New street


(See also Grocers, Bakers, and Corn, dc. Dealers.)

Adamson William, Mold green Aram Mrs Eimily, 30 Grove street Ashness Henry, Brow rd. Paddock Appleyard, Thomas, Mold green Avison John, 15 Manchester street Baines Anthony, Bradley mills Barber Joseph, Green mt. Mold grn Barlow Wm. Hy. Market st. Paddock Beardow Samuel, Silk street Beaumont Edwin, 32 West parade Beaumont John, 43 Manchester rd Beckwith Mrs Ann, Market st. Paddx Bedford Matthew, Mold green Bell William, Bradford rd. Fartown Bentley Miss Emma, Birkby Binns Joshua, Birkby Binns Thomas, 55 Ramsden street Binns Thomas, 3 Castlegate _ Booth George, 38 Manchester street Bower Mrs Ann, 49 Leeds rd. North Bowker John, Lowerhead row Bradley William, 78 Kirkgate Brennan James, Mold green Brennan Patrick, 93 Kirkgate Broadbent John, Upper brow, Paddk Brook John, 1 Union street Brownell Geo. Bradford rd. Fartown Byrom Joshua, Lane, Leeds road Campbell William, 28 Thomas street Carter Mrs Eliza, 18 Chapel hill Carter Mrs Mary A. 17 Trinity st Chadwick James, Cowcliffe Clowes James, Queen street South Connelly Mrs Elizabeth, 117 King st Cook Mrs Jane, Bradford rd. Fartown Davison Thomas, Mold green Dawson Charles, Victoria lane Dawson das. King’s Cliffe ter. Birkby Denton Duke, Mold green Dewhirst William, 41 Union street

Douglas William, Mold green



Dyson Charles, Cowcliffe Earnshaw Mrs Lydia, 29 Castlegate Earnshaw Mrs Sar. Queen st, Paddk Eccles Edward, 25 Lowerhead row Eccles James, Coweliffe » Edwards Edward, Birkby Edwards Wm. Bradford rd. Hillhouse

Elis John, Fartown green Farrar George, 20 Manchester street Fisher John, Hillhouse Fitton K. B. Mold green Fletcher Mrs Martha, Folly hall Gaukroger Eh, 11 Trinity street Goodyear Wm., Bayhall, Hillhouse Gough John, Shore Graham Mrs Mary, Hillhouse lane Greaves John, Cowcliffe Hague John, Duke street Haigh John, 24 Swallow street Haigh Mrs Mary, 58 Manchester rd Haigh Mrs Sarah, 31 Duke street Haley John Wm. 22 Upperhead row Hall Joseph, Hillhouse Halstead Mrs Elizabeth, 2 Grove st Hamer William, Mold green Hammell Hugh, Coweliffe Hampson John, 88 Castlegate Hanson Mrs Ann, Leeds road North Harling George, Market st. Paddock Harrington Mrs Ann, 7 Northgate Hattersiey James, 43 Union street Hawkins William, Mold green Hellawell James, South street Hervin Edwin, Castlegate Heywood John, Hillhouse Hiley George, Victoria st. Mold grn Hill David, Market street, Paddock Hirst Mrs Ellen, 28 Crass Grove st Hirst Henry, 42 Thomas street Holroyd George, West st. Paddock Hunsworth Miss P. 33 Leeds road Hynes Martin, Water lane Ingham Miss Rebecca, Northgate Jessop John, Birkby Johnson Henry, 1 Cross Green street Johnson John, 12 West parade Jowett Benjamin, 26 West parade Kitson Benj. Bridge end, Mold green Macebey Samuel, Denton lane Matthewman John, 32 Upper Aspley Medley Jesse, Mold green Middleton William, 32 South street Mitchell Mrs Nancy, Upr. brow, Padk Mitchell John, John William street Moloney Thomas, Castlegate Moody John, West street, Paddock Moorhouse Mrs Nancy, Castlegate Morley William, Kirkgate Nelson Samuel, Folly hall Noble Alfred, South street Ogden Mrs Sarah, 11 Thomas street Oldfield John, Kirkgate Oxley William, 45 Northgate Parish Mrs Emma, 16 Beast market Peel Mrs Ann, Hillhouse lane Phillipson Mrs Ann, 27 Leeds road Pluright Lewis, Spring street Rayner George, 21 Bradford road Rayner John, 25 Chapel hill Reeder William, 52 Manchester st Riley Thomas, 70 Upperhead row Roberts Mrs Sarah, Lowerhead row Rogers Edwin, Castlegate Rostron William, 29 Upperhead row I

Rothwell Richard, Mold green Schofield Isaac, Folly hall Senior Frank, Hillhouse lane Shaw John, Northgate Shaw Joseph, Rosemary lane Shaw Miss Mary, Hillhouse Sheffield Tom, 20 Grove street Smith John, 47 Castlegate Smithson Henry, 47 Leeds rd. North Starkey William, Cowcliffe Steel George, Hillhouse Sugden Mrs Elizabeth, Silk street Sunderland Charles, Coweliffe Sutcliffe Robert, Ci-veliffe Swift Abraham, Castlegate Sykes Allen, Market street, Paddock Sykes James, 13 Union street Sykes Mrs Phasbe, Mold green Sykes Thomas, 33 Grove street Taylor George W., Upperhead row Thompson Miss Ann, Upperhead rw Thornton Jonathan, 16 Thomas st Thornton Robert, Upperhead row Thorpe George P., Prospect street Townend James, Swallow street Travis George, Fountain street Warner Francis, 25 Dock street Whitehead John, Birkby Wigslesworth Thos. 8 Hillhouse In Wightman William, South street Wilkinson John, Marsh Williams Mrs Jane, Hillhouse Willis Mrs Eliza, Hillhouse lane Wilson George, Mold green Wilson George, Spring Grove street Wilson Mrs Sar. 13 Spring Grove st Wise George, Mold green Womersley James, Quay street Wood Miss Clara, Outcote bank Wood James, 25 Grove street Wood Mrs Mary, Hillhouse Woodhouse George, Union street Woodsworth William, 43 Northgate Worfolk Thomas, 34 Chapel hil


Crossley Samuel, Hinge bridge mills (See Advertisement, page TO) Durrans Henry, Brow road, Paddock Greenwood Edward, Castlegate Greenwood George, Mold green Greenwood John, Upper Aspley Rollinson Thomas (& shuttle screw), Brow road, Paddock


NERS AND DEALERS. Clarke Henry C. (agent), Union Bank court, New street Fisher Kdward & Co. Longroyd mills, Crosland moor Johnson Chas. KE. Lancaster’s yard, Cloth Hall street Salkeld John & Co. Dalton White William, Fitzwilliam street


Comyn James, Rosemary lane Oddy George & Son, Chancery lane


Batley Mrs Hannah, 97 King street Bilington Wm. 23 Lowerhead row

Page 79

Wuddersfield Trades Directory.


Blackburn William, Northgate Brook Mrs Elizabeth, Marsh Brook Joel, 32 Buxton road Carter Joseph, Market st. Paddock Dawson Sutclitfe, Manchester street Flower & Greenhalgh, 3 Market pl Gledhill Tom, Riley’s yard Hellawell Jas. (exors. of), 60 New st Heppleston George, 75 King street Hoyle Edwin I’. 57 Manchester st Hoyle Mrs Hannah, South street Morris Richard, South street Radcliffe Thomas, Westgate Ramsden Mrs Mary, Grove street Thomas Edward, Shore Thornton Joseph, Lane, Leeds rd Walker Henry, 6 Cloth Hall street Whincup Sml. Bridge end, Mold gn Wood Joseph, 59 Lowerhead row


Rowe T. B. & Co. 5 Dundas street; wks, Brentford; A. Mallinson, agt


Cliffe James, Grove strect Orrah Mrs Martha, 3 Upperhead row Richardson John M. Commercial st Schofield Mrs Jane, Brunswick st


(See also Joiners, dc.) * are Sculptors and Marble Masons.

Armitage Mrs Hannah, 14 George st Beaumont Benj. H. West st. Paddk Boothroyd David, 87 Grove street Brook James, 33 Commercial street (See Advertisement, page 93) Brook Joe H. Paddock BrookJohn Wm. Fitzwilliam street *Brooke Jas. Leeds rd. & 39 New st Butler David, Zetland street Catton John Thomas, Birkby Dearnley Joe, Mold green *Fearn Geo. 3 Northumberland st *Fisher & Dyson, Brook st. (See Ad- vertisement, page 71) *Garner R. Trinity st; & Manchester Graham A. & Sons, 69 Manchstr. rd Graham Benj. Bridge end, Mold gn Heywood George, Swallow strect Hill John, Albion street Holdsworth Henry, Fitzwilliam st *Matthewman W. Occupation road, Almondbury bk. (See Advt. p. 90) *Morton Emanuel, Greenhead lane Radcliffe Henry, Bayhall, Hill house Radcliffe John & Sons, St. John’s rd Rhodes T. & G. Hleanor st. Fartown Rhodes T. Whitestone In. Fartown Stead & Kaye, Hebble cottages, Brad- ford road Stead & Sykes, Cowcliffe Stocks Joseph, 125 Bradford road *Warriner John, Bradford road (See Advertisement, page 71) Wood George, Smithy In. Mold gn Wood James, Smithy In. Mold green


Armitage Mrs Hannah, 14 George st Brook James, 33 Commercial street (See Advertisement, page 93)


Brook Joseph, Heaton Fold, Marsh Crossland Henry, Nether royd hill Graham A. & Sons, 69 Manchstr. rd Graham Benj. Bridge end, Mold grn Jagger John, Bradford road

Watson William, Prospect street


Barden Thomas, 29 Leeds road Denham Thos. 22 & 26 John Wm. st Field Henry, 61 New street Fretwell Mrs J. 82 Cross Church st Hoyle Miss Eliz. Bradfordrd. Fartn Revel Mrs Sarah, Fenton row Smith Miss BE. Bradfordrd. Fartown Standage Miss Mary, Lane, Leeds rd

SURGEONS. Allatt Richard, Paddock terrace Booth Edward J. H. Infirmary Booth James W. Queen street Booth Samuel, 35 Queen street Clarke Wm. J. 66 Jolin William st Foster John 45 New North road Gardiner Jno. Amberley hs. Mold gn Hellawell Jonas, 46 Buxton road Knaggs Samuel, 24 Ramsden street Knowles Henry, Brow rd. Paddock Moxon John, 19 Macaulay street Newby Wm. C. 8 New North road Pritchett John B. 20 Ramsden street Rhodes George W. Queen st. South Robinson & Brewer, New North road Scott William, Brunswick street Wilson Andrew, Commercial street


Burnell B. Fenton row, Mnchster rd Garnett George B. 62 West parade Masters Tankard, 29 New North rd Milnes Joseph, Upperhead row Oldfield Joseph, Nether royd hill Scholefield James, 10 New North rd Elam Henry, 34 Beast market


MANUFACTURER. Elam Henry, 34 Beast market

TAILORS. (* Are Woollen Drapers also.)

Andrews Edwin, 34 Albion street *Atkinson Holdby, 45 King street Bedford Matthew, Mold green Berry James B. 11 Buxton road Binns James, 2 West parade Blayds Edward, 18 Upperhead row Walter, 15 Manchestr. rd *Bowker & Kershaw, 33 King street *Bradley William, Spring street Bradley William, 87 King street Briggs William, 28 Bradford road *Brook James, 34 & 41 King street Brook John, Hill house Brown Walker 8. 38 West parade Casey A. Glass alley, 31 Manchstr. st Child Joseph, Northumberland st Comber Thomas, 51 Market street *Coop James P. 17 King street Dawson George, Dam side Deylor S. Stock buildgs. Fountain st Thomas, Commercial st Drake Thomas, 65 King street Duesbury James, 26 Grove street Ellis Thomas, 12 Leeds road

*E.ly Robert, Aspley place *Fisher John, 13 Rosemary lane Fisher Thomas, Back Spring street Flint Samuel, 15 New North road Giles John, 14 Beast market Haigh Walter E. Brew rd. Paddock *Hallas John, Bradford rd. Fartown +*Harpin William, 55 New street *Harral & Co. 384 Cross Church st Harrison J, Fenton row, Mnchstr. rd Hepworth Chas. Market st. Paddock *Hirst Joseph, 1 High street Hirst Si. Fenton row, Manchester rd Holroyd Geo. West street, Paddock Hoyle Joseph, 3 Thomas street *Jackson Frank, 33 Manchester rd Kelly James, 10 Thomas street *Kelly John, Lord street »Kilner Thomas, Northgate Kitchen John, Green mount, Mold gn Kitson Charles, Folly hall Lee Tom, 30 Duke street Leech Eli, Market street, Paddock Leech George, Marsh Leech William, Brow road, Paddock *Littlewood N, 33 Newst. &7 High st *Lockwood John, 18 Market walk Lofthouse James, 14 Spring street McLaughlin Edward, Kirkgate McMullen William, Castlegate *McMullan William, 16 John street McVey Hugh, 41 Manchester street Marsden Geo. A. 73 Bradford road *Mitchell 'Tom, South street *Moore Robert, 30 South parade Morrison James, Spring Grove st Newsom Benjn. Bradford rd. Hillhs *North Henry, 87 Dock street Northrop William, Mold green Nutter Joseph, 28 Jolin street *Ovens & Hampshire, 2 Ramsden st Thomas, Westgate tedfearn William, Longroyd lane Richardson Kbt. Allen rw. Paddock *Robinson & Sons, Queen street Rogers Edwin, Castlegate Rushworth Richard H. 7 York st Schofield J. King’s cliffe ter. Birkby *Schofield Nathan, 3 Upperhead row *Scott John & Son, 14 Ramsden st Sharp George, Zetland street *Shaw William Robert, Lion arcade Stokes Michael, 11 John street *Stott James, 8 Market place Swift John, St. Peter’s street *Sykes John, Chapel hill Tate George, 6 Manchester road Thomas John, 40 Northgate Thomas William, 107 Bradford road Turner Charles, 58 Northgate *Vickerman John, Spring Grove st Whitfield Bros. 20 Manchester road *Wilson John H. 41 Cross Church st Wilson Joseph, Prospect street Wilson Thomas, Spring Grove st Wilson Thomas, 99 King street Wilson William, 77 King street

TALLOW CHANDLERS. Baxter Wm. & Co. 5 Upperhead row


Clough William, Pack Horse yard Day Edward & Co. Pack Horse yd

Page 80


Wuddersfield Trades Directory.

Denton Robert T. Chancery lane Glaisyer John, 7 Cloth Hall street Hanson Jph. E. Riley’s yd. Mkt. st Hopwood Brothers, Pack Horse yd Hopwood J. & Co. Victoria lane Ingham Miss Rebecca (dir.), 28 Nthgt Jackson Robert, 1 Market place Kaye John, 2 King street Meerath Michael, yard Parker Charles, 1 South street Southworth Hy. 37 Cross Church st Stanclife John & Co. Nelson’s buildings, New street Stancliffe J. H. & Co. 28 Cross Church street Stead Joseph Carr & Co. 14 King st Storry Wm. & Co. 16 Cloth Hall st Tetley John & Co. Victoria build- ings, New street Turner Charles, Shambles lane Vickers Thomas, 14 Market walk Whitworth & Co. Pack Horse yard; and London

TEAZLE MERCHANTS. Hick William, Swan yard Taylor Edmd.,Wellington rd. Westgt


Budge Mrs Ellen, Northgate Culley John, 22 Westgate Firth Jubal, Pack Horse yard Samuels Richard, 3 Queen strect Sykes James, 25 Cross Church st Thornton Joseph, 21 New street Watson Miss Mary (late Wild’s), 3

Albion street (See Advert. p. 93)


(See also Saw Mills.) Burman William, Engine bridge Fawcett W. & Sons, Fitzwilliam st Helm Tom, Back Ramsden street Kaye Jeremiah, Quay street Quayle John, Folly Hall mills Schofield John, Northgate Walker J. H. Back Ramsden and Princess streets (See Advt. p. 39) Walker Thomas, Chapel Hill mills Wilson, Travis & Co. Wells mills

TINNERS. (See Braziers.)


Beaumont Joseph & Sons, Fitz- william street, and Battye’s yard Hiliott R. J. & Co. (cigars), Pack Horse yard Hale Robert & Co. 58 New street Revell Henry, 23 Cross Church st Riley Joe (cigars), 18 Spring street Thomson & Crosland, 11 Buxton rd


Agnew James, Hulifax rd. Hillhouse Bell Henry, 119 King street Eecles Edward, 25 Lowerhead row Eecles Law, Northgate Flockton Charles, 26 Westgate Haigh Henry, 68 King street Hewitt William, 77 South strect Jackson George, 34 Kirkgate, and Pack Horse yard Kirby James, 28 Westgate


Marchant William, 19 Beast market I

Swallow Martin, 29 John William street, and 21 Kirkgate Sykes J. Craven (cigar merchant), 4 New street Thomas Edward, Shore Wade Benjamin & Co. 66 New st Walton Robert, 14 New street


Tindall James, 1 Castlegate


Brook Joel, 32 Buxton road Burluraux Sebastian, 8 Kirkgate Dawson Sutcliffe, Manchester street Flower & Greenhalgh, 3 Market pl Ganter Mrs Margaret, 12 Buxton rd Hellawell James (exors.), 60 New st Heppleston George, 75 King street Radcliffe Thomas, Westgate


Andrew Radeliffe, 13 Viaduct street Kaye David, Viaduct street

UMBRELLA MAKERS. Dougherty Michael, 88 Chapel hill Fisher James (& locksmith), Northet Stewart Mrs Mary, 4 Manchester st

UPHOLSTERERS. (See Cabinet Makers.)


Armitaze James, 5 Trinity street Astin John Thomas, 9 West parade Cooper Mark, Bridge end, Mold gn Kirk Benjamin R. 27 St. Paul’s st Willett R. & Nephew, Queen street


(Woollen, Cotton, and Silk Waste, Mungo, Shoddy, dc.) Ainley Ramsden, 8 Fox street Bannett John, High street Berry John William, Hillhouse Brierly Joseph & Co. Lowerhd. row Brigg Wm. & Co. Willow In. Hillhs Brook Joel, Helm's yard, Charles st Brown Thomas, Chancery lane Buckley John, 10 Albion street Carr William Thomas, 14 Dundas st Carter Fred, Chancery lane Clegg Benjamin, 8 Rosemary lane Colbeck & Greaves, S Half Moon st Crosland James, Northumberland st Crowther Saville, Shambles lane Dawson, Gardiner & Co. Chancery 1n Dews Thos. & Sons, 14 Dundas st Duggan Brothers, Fitzwilliam street Dyson Chas. & Sons, 2 Rosemary In Dyson J. & J., Brooks’ yard Etchells, Cook & Co. Fitzwilliam st Fairbank David, 39 Market street Fearnside Joshua, 41 Market strect Fitton Charles & Son, 86 Market st Greenwood William, Folly Hall mills Grist, Sons & Co. Westgate Hall John, Queen yard, Market st Hartley Mattw. & B. Britannia mills Hay Ths. H., Angel yd. Macaulay st Heaton Thos. jun., Pack Horse yd Hemingway George, Half Moon st Hilton E. 8. & Co. Shambles lane Hirst Charles, Manchester street Hirst James, Marshall’s yard Hirst Thomas, Folly Hall mills

Jagger Jonas & Son, Viaduct street Littlewood George, Littlewood’s buildings, Sergeantson street Lobley James, Swan yard, Kirkgate Longbottom & Broome, Helm’s yard, Charles street Megson Brothers, Dundas street Mellor Joel & Co., Pack Horse yard Mellor Wm., Cloth Hall st. & Fox st Mitchell John, 20 Castlegate Moon Charles, 14 Dundas street Mortimer Joseph, 7 Shorehead Oates Samuel, 64 Kirkgate Pearce Neriah, 25 Charles street Pitkethley Lawrence, Pack Horse yd Pogson Henry, Albion street, and Folly Hall mills Potter & Jackson, Dam side Raynor Joseph & Co. 39 Market st Richter Gustav & Co. Sergeantson st Roberts Richard H., Fox street Rothwell Richard, Half Moon street Rouse W. & Co. Chancery lane Schofield J. & Co. 4 Queen street Shaw II. & Co. Greenwa's. yd. New st SiddaJl William, Engine bridge Smith Charles, 4 Albion street Smith Joseph & Son, High street Speight John & Sons, 8 Dundas st Stott James, 11 Viaduct street, and 92 Upperhead row Sutcliffe John, 41 Market street Sykes William, George street Tansey James, Rosemary lane Taylor Joseph & Son, Fox street Thorp Daniel, Northumberland st Tiffany John, High street Waddington James H., Victoria st Wade Thomas, 45 Market street Ward Joseph, Half Moon street Webb Thomas, Rosemary lane Wood Charles, Queen street Wood Robert, Packhorse yard Woodhead & Wimpenny, Upprhd. rw


Baldwin James M. 46 Castlegate Bowker James A. 30 Cross Church st Chinn Edward Wm. 9 John Wm. st Clarke George & Henry, Mold green Dougherty J. H. 1 Manchester road Fillans William, Market walk Fisher Willian, 79 Castlegate Haigh Thomas Henry, 48 Westgate Hanson Charles, 17 Chapel hill Heslop Richard, 6 New street Hinchliffe Joe, Mold green Hoyle Alfred J. 10 Kirkgate Lockwood William, 37 New street Marshall William Henry, Hillhouse Marchant William, 17 Beast market Pearce Henry, 22 New street Reeve Michael, Fitzwilliam street Smith Alfred, 4 Kirkgate Smith A. & Co. 26 Cross Church st Stoddart Joseph, 21 John Wm. st Sykes James, 50 New street Sykes T. H., Fenton rw. Manchstr.rd Thompson James, 71 New street

WHEELW RIGHTS. Bellerby Richard, Chapel street Bottom Allin, West street, Paddock

Page 81

Huddersfield Trades Directory.


Cooper John, Fartown green Dickinson Gideon, Lowerhead row Eastwood Chas. Victoria st. Mold grn Eastwood George, 42 Bradford road Hall Francis, Northumberland street Hampson John, Bradley st. South Holroyd J. &J. , Bridge end, Mold grn Kitson Charles, Mold green Pickles J. C., Lane, Leeds road Richardson Abraham, Northgate Robinson Thomas, Leeds rd. North Townsend Samuel, Hillhouse

Wilson, Travis & Co. Wells mills WHITESMITHS.

(See also Ironmongers & Blacksmiths.) Bottom Mrs Mary, Chadwick fold Brooke James, 39 New street Chrispin Thomas, 28 King street Clegg Samuel, Thomas street Fisher James, Northgate Giggle Edwin, Hillhouse Hargreaves Henry, Fitzwilliam st Heaps T. A. & Co. 13 Westgate Hinchlitfe John, Swan yd. Kirkgate Hoyle William, Mold green Marsden Charles, Mold green Mellor Abraham, Swan yd. Kirkgate Mellor John, Newhouse yd. Westgate Naylor Joseph, Swan yd. Kirkgate Ramsden H. L., 36 New street Rayner G. Swan-with-Two-Necks yd Rayner & Son, Back Ramsden street Scholefield George §., York place Shaw Benj. (gig rod, teuter hook, &¢.), Folly hall (See Advert. page 73) Stewart Benj. S., 4 John William st Taylor John, Firth street, Aspley (See Advertisement, page 38) Thornton W. & §., Fleece yard, Kirk- gate (See Advertisement, page 88) Wood Edwin, Mold green Wood Henry, Lane, Leeds road



Balderson John, 12 Kirkgate Bentley & Shaw, 17 John William st Bradley Samuel, St. George’s street Craven & Marshall, Jon street Dyson Wm. H. West st. Paddock Eccles and Aspinall (ale and porter), Church street, Paddock Freeman H. & Co. Pack Horse yard Hirst Mrs Ann, 59 King street Jackson Robert (agent for W. & A. Gilbey), 1 Market place Jackson Thomas, Westgate Kirby Jas. (ale & porter), 28 Westgate Lister & Greenwood, 13 Cloth hall st Newill James W. 3 Westgate Partridge Henry, 54 Buxton road Senior 8S. & Sons, Berry’s yard, New street, and Shepley Smith William, Folly hall Spivey Abraham, 47 King street Styring Thomas, 1 & 3 Beast market Sumner Henry, Lockwood Wigney T.J., Son & Co. 33 & 35 John William street Wright Jonas, 37 King street


Sheard George, 10 High street Stott John F., Chapel hill mills



Dyson John, Back Ramsden street Lodge Hy. Machan’s yd. Buxton rd Moore John W., Upperhead row Shaw Joseph, 2 Ramsden street



Berry Joseph, Folly Hall mills (See Advertisement, page 81) Dyson Sam, Back Ramsden street Greenwood Edward, Castlegate Greenwood John, Upper Aspley Hayton John, Leeds road Kendall Samuel, Wells mills Kennedy George, Fountain street (See Advertisement, page 81) Riley James, Chapel Hill mills Sellars John (fret cutter), Chapel Hall mills Shaw Joseph, 2 Ramsden street Sykes Moore, Chapel Hill mills


Armitage Brothers, 53 New street Bates Thos. & &13 Dundas st Beaumont J. & Co. 31-33 Market st Bradbury, Halstead & Co. 23 New st Dyson G.& Co, Lockwood's yd. New st Dyson J. & 8. 4 Dundas street Eastwood Daniel & Son, Brook’s yd. Market street, & Albert buildings Frankland Jolin B., Sergeantson st Hahn H. & Co. Brook’s yd. Market st Hebblethwaite Brothers, Marshall’s yard, Westgate Hirst Charles & Son, 10 Cloth hall st Hirst 8. & Co. 65 New street Hirst T. & Co. Marshall’s yd. Westat Isracl Julius and Co. Station street Liebreich Brothers and Co. Nelson’s buildings, New street Lowenthal Brothers, 8 King street Mallinson George, jun. St. Peter’s st Porritt R.& Co. Greenwd's. yd. New st Rhodes Samuel, 7 Dundas street Robinson J. & Sons, Westgate Shaw and Co. 10 Market street Willans Wm. & Co. 27 Market street


(See also Tailors.)

Beaumont Henry, East st. Paddock Coop James P. King street Glendinning Wm. 16 Cross Church st Hoyle John, South street Lord John, 42 King street Ovens and Hampshire, Ramsden st Robinson and Sons, Queen street Scott John & Son, 14 Ramsden st Sykes Frederick, 43 Upperhead row Sykes James, Spring Grove street Ward Brothers, 32 & 34 John Wm. st Whitfield Bros. 20 Manchester road Wilson John H. 41 Cross Church st



Ainley White Hart yard Ainley, Lord & Co. 12 Albion street Ainley Richard, 31 White Hart yard Ainley 8. 33 White Hart yd. & Golear Appleyard Jph. 39 King’s Head bldgs Arlom John, 25 King’s Head buildgs

I Armitage Benj. & Co. 8 Hirst’s bldgs Armitage Brothers, 53 New street Armitage J. & Co. 43 Market street Armitage Thos. 3 King’s Head bidgs Armitage Win. & Edw.13 Market st Aspinall E. & P. 21 Market street Rairstow Oates & Son, Byram street Balmforth Wm. 25 White Hart yard Barber Joshua, 4 Market street Barber Jsha. & Sons, 60 John Wm. st Barber Thomas and Co. Crossland buildings, John William street Barnicot & Kenyon, NorthumbrInd.st Barrow James, Brook’s yd. Market pl Barrow Richard P. 7 Market street Barrowclough Wiliam and Son, 26 White Hart yard Bates Mattw. Nelson’s bldgs. New st Beardsell Bros. & Broughton, Westgt Beardsell Chas. & Son, 7 Market st Beaumont B. & Co. Wood street Beaumont George and Son, 5 and 7 White Hart yard Beaumont IH. M., Lion arcade Beaumont John, Brooks’ yard Beaumont Jno. & Ths. jun. Riley’s yd Beaumont Joseph, 4 White Hart yd Beaumont Joseph, 89 White Hart yd Beaumont Joshua & Co. Greenwood’s yard, New street Beaumont J. & R. White Hart yard Beaumont William, 22 Vance’s bldgs Bentley & Kilner, 13 Market street Benton Ramsden, 9 Vance’s buildgs Berry Nathaniel, 19 King’s Hd. bldgs Berry & Turner, St. George’s square Binns Godfrey and Son, 12 Vance’s buildings, Rosemary lane Binns Samuel, Northumberland st Blackburn Jas. & John Wm.st Blamires John, 25 Vance’s buildings Blamires Thos. & Henry, Folly hall Booth Geo. & Co. 18 Vanee’s bldgs Booth Jno. Providence mills, Marsh Boothroyd A. Providence mills, Mrsh Bower J. & Sons, 10 King’s Hd. bldgs Bowker & Drake, Folly hall mills Bray James, 20 King’s Head buildgs Brier George, 8 Vance’s buildings Brierley Abram, Littlewood’s build- ings, Sergeantson street Brierley Jph. & Co. Lowerhead row Brigg John F. & Co. West parade Briggs Henry, Chancery lane Broadbent D. (exors of), 21 Market st Broadbent Edward, Hirst’s buildings Broadhead Brothers & Mason, 5 King’s head buildings Brook George, jun. 9 Dundas street Brook James, Providence mls. Marsh Brook John & Sons, 16 Westgate Brook Jph. Providence mills, Marsh Brooke Jas. & Son, 6 John Wm. st Brooke John & Sons, 8 Buxton road Brooke Jph. & Co. John William st Brooke Saml. Kilner yd. Market st Butterworth George M. Waterloo mills, Leeds road Butterworth H. & 8.7 Market street Butterworth & Roberts, John Wm. st Butterworth R. W. Waterloo mills, Leeds road Butterworth Thomas éz Sons, 4 Ser- I geantson street

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Wuddersfield Trades Directory.

Butterworth & Savery, Market place Butterworth William, 4 Market st Calvert George, 45 White Hart yard Carter Joseph, 3 Hirst’s buildings ; and Lepton Cawthra & Whitaker, 21 King street Charlesworth George, Station street Charlesworth Jntn. 50 White Hart yd Chiud William, Hirst’s buildings Chary, Swallow & Co. Fitzwilliam st Clay J. T. 11 Lancaster’s yard Clegg David, Mold green Clegg Jas. Chancery In. & Seed hill Clegg Jesse, 36 King’s hd. buildings Cliffe & Jones, 15 King’s hd. bldgs Cooke John & Co. 10 Rainsden st Cotton Abm. 48 White Hart yard Cotton Brothers, 29 Market street Craven, Wilson & Price, 25 Market st Crosland Benj. & Sons, Riley's yard Crosland Geo. & Sons, St. George’s sq Crosland James & Brothers, 3 King's head buildings Crosland James & Sons, Paddock Crosland W. & H. 11 Cloth Hall st Crossland John & Son, 17 King’s head buildings Crossley & Brearley, 17 White Hart yard, & Crowther Hy. & Sons, 24 Market st Crowther Jas. & Sons, 13 Market st Crowther John & Sons, 21 Market st Crowther I’. & Sons, 34 Buxton rd Cumming W. & Co, 1 Cloth Hall st Dawson & Thornton, Wells mills Day J. & Sons, 17 Market street Day, Watkinson & Co. St. George’s sq Dean & Hey, Lancaster’s yard Denham, Dearnley & Co. Lirst’s buildings Dixon John & Co. 18 Station street Donkersley Fdk. 82 King’s hd. bldgs Donkersley J. B, & I. Berry’s yard, New street Donkersley J. T. & D. 21 Vance’s buildings Drake G. & Sons, 28 Market street Draper Henry, 10a High street Duckenfield William, 13 Lancaster’s yard, & Berry brow Dyson E. & G. & Bros. Hirst’s bldgs Dyson J. & Sons, Northumberland st Dyson Thomas & Son, Westgate Eastwood & France, Wood street Ellis & Quarmby, ila Lancaster’s yd Etchells, Cook & Co. (shoddy, &c.), Fitzwllm. st ; & South Brent, Devon Faweett Thomas, White Hart yard Fawcett Thomas & Co. 25 Market st Field Albert, 41 King’s head bldgs Field Edwin, 9 Vance’s buildings Field Humpbrey, 16 Vance’s bldgs Field Samuel, 26 King’s head bldgs Field Wiliam & J. 35 King’s head buildings Fielding Eli, 49 White Hart yard Fisher & Whitwam, Wood street Fitton Benj. & Sons, 9 Hirst’s bidgs Fox Joseph, 42 Westgate Fox Witham, Northumberland street France Benjamin & Sons, 28 King’s head buildings France Join & Son, 7 Market street Garsed David, 28 White Hart yard

Geissler Hermann, 9 & 10 White Hart yard Gledhill John, Jun. Brook's yard Gledhill John & Co. 4 Market street Gledhill Luke & Co. George street Gledhill Samuel, Brook’s yard Glendinning Alexander & Son, 11 New North road Glendinning Samuel & Co. Nelson's buildings, New street Gough David, 7 Lancaster’s yard Greenwood, Hanson & Co. Railway st Greenwood Joseph, Hirst’s bnildings Haigh Alan Brook, Brook’s yard Haigh B. & Son, 32 King’s hd. bldgs Haizh D. & Sons, St. George’s street Haigh George, 1 Quay street Haigh John, jun. St. George’s square Haigh J. & H. 40 White Hart yard Haigh John & Sons, 30 Westgate Haigh John Wm. 30 King’s hd. bldgs Haigh Willham, Market street Hall Abraham, Lancaster’s yard Hall Brothers, Westgate Hall & Marsden, Waterloo mills, Leeds road Hanson Joshua, Queen street South Harrison Joe & Co. 24 White Hart yd Harrison Joseph A. Wood street Hattersley G. & Son, Fox street Heap J. & Bros. Lancaster’s yard Heaps & Walker, Nelson’s buildings, New street Helm William, 11 White Hart yard Henry A. 8. & Co. 34 Market street Heppenstall Law, Fox street Hepworth Friend, 5 Vauce’s buildgs Hey G. & Son, 2 yard Uinchliff J. & G. Westgate Hinchliffe John, Brook’s yard Hinchliffe T. & Sons, 24 Vance’s blgs Hirst C. & Co. Kilner’s yd. Market st Hirst Edward & Son, St. George’s sq Hirst H. jun. & Co. 7 Lowerhead rw Hirst J. & Sons, Wood street Hirst Jph. Union Bank ct. New st Hirst Joseph, 11 King’s head bldgs Hirst Thomas & Son, 13 Market st Hirst William, 3 Laneaster’s yard Hirst Robert W. Redfearn’s mill, Leeds road Hobson J. & Sons, 4 Market street Holmes Chas. E. Brook’s yd. Mkt st Holmes James & Sons, 2 Market st Holt Thos. Union Bank ct. New st Hopkinson George & Sons, Northum- berland street Hopkinson Henry, 5 Vance’s bldgs Horton Thomas, Hirst’s buildings Houghton R. & Son, 26 Vance’s bidgs Hoyle Joshua, 9 King’s head bldgs Huth & Fischer, Lockwood’s yard, New street Iredale William & Co. Brook's yard Jebson Jno. jun. 24 King’s hd. bldgs Jebson Jph. 24 King’s head buildings Johnson J. & Sons, Wood street Jordan James, 8 Spring street Kaye R. & J. 4 Market street Kaye Wm. & Son, Pack Horse yard Kell & Co. Station street Kenyon Jonas, Hirst’s buildings Kenyon J. & T. St. Peter’s street Kilner & Crosland, Byram street

Kitching & Brierley, Northmblnd. st Learoyd James & Sons, 2 Vance’s buildings, & Town lane, Mill lane Learoyd William & Sons, Hirst’s buildings, & Tanfield mills, Lane Lee Brothers, Rhodes yard, King st Liddell & Martin, Vance’s buildings, Cloth Hall street Liebmann, Cresswell & Co. John William street Lindley Job, 29 Vance’s buildings Lister & Batley, Nelson’s buildings, New street, & Ash brow mills Lister & Taylor, Nelson’s buildings, New street, & Ash brow mills

Littlewood John & Sons, 20 Cloth Hall street Liversedge John A. 12 High street Lobley James, Swan yard, Kirkgate Lockwood, Baxter & Pontefract, Riley’s yard, & Colne road Lockwood Ben, 7 John William st Lockwood Brothers, St. George’s sq Lockwood Chas. 24 John William s¢ Lockwood Chas. 8 King’s hd. bldgs Lockwood John, Brook’s yd. Mkt. st Lockwood & Keighley, Upperhd. rw Lodge Walter & Co. Wood street Longworth James & Co. Wood street Love Frederick, Northumberland st McNeill & Wilkinson, 19 John Wm. st Mallinson David, Hirst’s buildings Mallinson Geo. & Son, 1 Market pl Mallinson J. & G. 14 John Wm. st Mallinson Thos. 27 King’s hd. bldgs Marsden Joseph, 9 Littlewood’s buildings, Sergeantson street Mellor James, 6 Littlewood’s build- ings, Sergeantson street Mellor J. & Son, Mkt. st. & Milnsbdg Mellor John, 27 White Hart yard Mellor Joseph & Sons, Railway st Mellor Richard, 4 Market street Mellor Thomas & Son, Westgate Mellor, Wright & Co. Northmblnd. st Messenger Henry, Hirst’s buildings Midgley David & Son, Upperhead rw Midgley Thomas, Hirst’s buildings Moorhouse & Alison, 7 Cloth Hall st Moorhouse Chs, F. 7 King’s hd. bldgs Moorhouse Eli, 6 King’s head bidgs Moorhouse Samuel, Britannia mills, Colne road (See Advert. page 91.) Moorhouse 8. & J. Brook’s yd. Mkt.st Morehouse & Exley, 21 Market st Morton Edmund, 7 Riley’s yard Nathan, Hardy & Sons, Nathan N. P. & Sons, 13 Market st Norton Bros. & Co. 5 Cloth Hall st Ogston John & Co. St. George’s sq Peace, Aaron & Co. St. George’s sq Peace & Gelder, 17 Vance’s buildings Peace James, 15 Vance’s buildings Peace Joseph, 18 King’s head bldgs Peace W. & D. 21 White Hart yard Pitt George, 38 John William street Pogson Henry, Folly hall Quarmby Joseph, 21 Market street Ramsden, Learoyd & Holroyd, Rail- way strect Ramsden Robt. & Sons, 21 Market st Ramsden Ths. & Son, St. George’s sq Redfearn John & Sons, Leeds road Rhodes Alfred & Co. Folly hall mills

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Muddersfield Trades Directory.


Rhodes Wright & Son (exors of), 37 John William street Richardson John M. Commercial st Riley Brothers, Crosland’s buildings, John William street Roberts Brothers, 4 Market street Roberts Richd. & Sons, St. st Robinson Bros. 13 John William st Robinson Joe & Co. 14 Vance’s bldgs Roebuck Robert, 4 Vance’s buildings Rooth Alexander, 33 John Wm. st Sanderson John, 29 King’s hd. bldgg Sandford William, Hirst’s buildings Schofield George & Son, Station st Schofield John & Son, Station street Scott George & Sons, 4 Market street Scott Robert & Co. St. Peter’s street Senior Caleb, 8 Hirst’s buildings Senior Josephus, Hirst’s buildings Shaw H. & J. 37 New street Shaw James, 10 John William street Shaw J. & Co. Nelson’s bldgs. New st Shaw John & Brothers, 12a King’s head buildings Shaw Jno., Wim. & Hy. St. George's sq Shaw Jph. & Sons, St. George’s sq Shaw Wm., Son & Co. Wood street Skilbeck R. & Co. 39 John William sf Smith & Booth, Providence mills, Marsh Smith George & §. 10 Vance’s bldgs Smith & Stocks, 8 Vance’s buildings Smithies J. & J. 20 White Hart yd Starkey Brotheis, Manchester road Starkey Jas. & Abel, 13 Vance’s bldgs Stockdale William, 4 King’s Head buildings Stott, Bance & Carter, 6 Northbd. st S.oit Eli & Son, 11 New North rd Stott Ishmael, Spring street Sugden John, 11 New North road Sykes Benjamin, 46 White Hart yd Sykes Benjamin, 5 Brook’s yard Sykes Edward & Song, 19 Market st Sykes Edward T. 3 Littlewood’s buildings, Sergeantson street Sykes Godfrey, Chancery lane Sykes George, 25 King’s Head bldgs Sykes Hy. Haigh & Sons, 4 High st Sykes James, jun. Station street Sykes James & Co. 13 Hirst’s bldgs Sykes James K. & Co. Victoria buildings, New street Sykes J., W. & 5S. 30 White Hart yd Sykes John, 42 White Hart yard Sykes John, 11 Hirst’s buildings Sykes Joseph, 84 White Hart yard Sykes M. H. & Co. New North road Sykes Rd. W. 22 King's Head bldgs Sykes, Hale & Bell, Bradley mills Talamon L. & Co. John William st Taylor B. & Son, 22 White Hart yd Taylor J. E. & Bros. 3 Cloth Hall st Taylor Hamor, Brook’s yard


Trains every hour to all parts, on the Lancashire and Yorkshire, London and North Western, and Alanchester, and Lincolnshire Railways, &o, Mr. John Thompson is the The Telegraph Clerks are Thomas M. Priestley for British and Irish Magnetic, and Joln Guest for Electric Telegraph Companics.

is in St. George’s square. station master.

Taylor J. & Sons, 37 New street Taylor J. Thorp, Hirst’s buildings Taylor J. J. H. 23 Vance’s buildings Taylor & Lodge, Station street Taylor T. T. 23 White Hart yard Taylor William, 33 White Hart yd Taylor Wm. 33 King's Head buildgs ‘Terry & Shaw, St. Peter’s street Thewlis G. & Sons, 7 Cloth Hall st Thomson & Dodds, 18 John Wm. st Thornton E. & Co.17 White Hart yd Thorpe Henry, 8 Sergeantson street Thorpe Jonathan, 7 Littlewood’s buildings, Sergeantson street Tinker & Sons, 47 White Hart yard Tolson Brothers, Westgate Tolson, Haigh & Brooke, Market pl Turner Jph. & Sons, St. George’s sq Tyas Amos, Hirst’s buildings Vickerman B. & Sons, St. George’s sq Wadsworth Abel, 41 King’s Hd. bldgs Wainwright Rd. 34 King’s Hd. bldgs Walker Henry, Hirst’s buildings Walker Henry & Son, 7 Market st Walker J. & Sons, 8 White Hart yd Walker Joseph, 37 White Hart yard Walker T. & Sons, 16 White Hart yd Walker William, Water-royd mills, Turnbridge Wallis Thos. 8. & Co. 5 Buxton rd Wheeler Amos, 17 White Hart yard Wheeler & Tolson, Ash Brow mills, Coweliffe Whiteley Joseph & Wright, 44 White Hart yard Whiteley Nathan, 19 White Hart yd Whiteley Samuel, 29 White Hart yd Whiteley T. & Son, 4 Fox street Whiteley William, Riley’s yard Whitwam Joseph, 35 White Hart yd Wilkinson Andw. 44 White Hari yd Wilkinson Henry, 16 Westgato Wilkinson John & Co, 28 Market st Wilkinson J. & Son, 58 John Wm. st Wilson James A. Water-royd mills, Turnbridge Wimpenny & Bowes, 56 John Wm. st WimpennyH. & 8. 12 King’s Hd.bldgs Winterbottom & Lay, yd Wood John W. 87 White Hart yard Wood Rd. & Bros. 21 King’s bldgs Woodhead & Barker, 40 Westgate Woodhead James D. & Brothers, 23 King’s Head buildings

Woodhouse Edwin, 28 John Wm. st!

Woodhouse Jno, 14 King’s Hd. bldgs Woodhouse Wm. 11 Vance’s buildgs Wrigley John & Sons, 10 Buxton rd Wrigley J. & T. C. & Co. 20 John William street Zossenheim Bros. 10 John Wm. st

WOOLLEN PRINTERS. Dewhurst Richard & Co. Aspley

(See page 352)

WOOLLN. YARN SCOURERS. Kitchingman & Robertson, Leeds rd


Ainley John, jun. Queen yd. Mkt st Barrass Bros,, King’s mill, Mold gn Beaumont John, Lowerbead row Bell & Boothroyd, Turnbridge Blamires John, Folly Hall mills Blamires Thos. & Henry, Folly hail Brierley Jph. & Co. Lowerhead row Brierley & Wall, Priestroyd mills, Firth street Colbeck Thomas, Chapel Hill mills Crowther Joel, Paddock Dawson & Thornton, Wells mills Day J. & Sons, Market st. & Mold gn Denton E., Britannia mills Dyson & Armitage, Priestroyd mills, Firth street Firth Edwin, Folly Hall mills Haigh Geo. Britannia mills, Colne rd Halstead & Akroyd, Wells mills Hanson Joshua, Queen street South Hinchliffe John, Riley's yard Hirst Henry, jun. & Co. 7 Lrhd. row Joseph, Wells mills Jessop Benj. & Son, Quay street Johnson ©, E., Lancaster’s yard, Cloth Hall street Knight John & Co, Mold green Lawton & Addy, Water-royd mills, Turnbridge Learoyd Jas. & Sons, King’s mills, Mold green Lumb Joseph, Folly Hall mills Marsden Harry, Britannia mills Marsden M. (exrs.), Folly Hall mills Mellor John, Paddock Priestley Henry, Quay street Robinson Jabez, Chapel Hill mills Roebuck H. & W. Chapel Hill mills Rouse W. & Co. Chancery lane Schofield John & Sons, Station st Scholes George & Co. Leeds road Senior Amos, Folly Hall mills Shaw William & Albert, Quay st Smith & Booth, Providence mills, Marsh Stork Brothers, Bayhall, Hillhouse Stott L., Sergeantson street Sykes, Hale & Bell, Bradley mills Taylor James, Quay street Tolson, Haigh & Brook, Market pl White William, Fitzwilliam street Whitehead W. & J. Riley’s yard Whiteley J. & Co. Albion mills, Stables street Whiteley Thomas, Newtown mills Wilson James A. Water-royd mills, Turnbridge Wood Charles, Queen street Wood W. & H., Hastwood’s build- ings, Colne road


CuaxyTon-West, from the Rose and Crown, at 9.0 a.m.

The Station

daily, and on Sundays at and 5 p.m. Epcerton, from the Market place corner every hour from 8-15 a.m. to 8.15 p.m. Fartown, from the Market place corner every half hour, from 8.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. Locxwoop, from the Market place corner every half hour, from 8.30 a.m. to 8-30 p.m.

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Manrsu and Linpury, from the Market place corner, at 8, 9, and 12 a.m., and 1, 5, 6, 7, and 8 p.m. from the Woolpack, daily, at 6.30 a.m. and 3.45 p.m. from the Market place corner every hour, from 8.45 a.m. to 7.45 p.m. SxeLMANTHORPE and from the Rose and Crown, daily, at 6.45 a.m., 10.30 am. 2p.m. and 6.30 p.m.; and on Sundays at 10.30 a.m. & 8.15 p.m. SKELMANTHORPE, daily, at 8 a.m., 9.50 a.m., 1 p.m. and 5.15 p.m.; and on Sundays at 8.0 a.m. & 5.16 p.m.


LANcasuIkRE AND YorKSHIRE Raiuway Co. to all parts of the North; David Lea, manager, Railway Station Lonpon axnp Western Co. to Man- chester, Liverpool, Leeds, the Midland Counties, and all parts of the South of England; Joseph Beaumont, manager, Railway Station Great NortHern Raitway Co. to London, Norwich, Peterborough, Lincoln, &c. Offices, St. sq ; Charles Morton, local agent Mipuaxp Rariway Co. to London, Bristol, and the West of England. Office, Aspinall’s yard, Market place; W. H. Prince, local agent Picxrorp & Co, agentsto the London & North Western Railway Co. Office, 8 New st; E. Tomlinson, agent Carver & Co. agents to the Lancashire and Yorkshire and London and North Western Railway Companies. Office, 18 Albion street; Benj. Thompson, local agent: Law Dyson, to Manchester, Liverpool, &c. Office, Canal Wharf, Aspley Davis & Co. (parcels), to all parts, Union Bank court, ! New street ; H. Clarke, agent I Surron & Co. (parecls), to all parts, 12 High strect;, J. A. Liversedge, agent


Joon Minnres & Farrar & Sons to Manchester, Liver- pool, and all intermediate places, by canal. Office, Shore foot Law Dyson, to Manchester, Liverpool, &c. by canal, from the Canal Wharf, Aspley TRUSTEES OF THE AIRE AND CaLDER Navigation Co. to Goole, Selby, Hull, London, &c. Office, Turnbridge ; Joseph Knott, local agent Winuiam Jackson & Sons, to Goole, Selby, Hull, Lon- don, &e. Office, Railway Station; George Jackson, local agent Lonpon anp NortH Western anp Canat Co. to Manchester, Liverpool, &c. Office, Aspley; Henry Sheppard, manager


Marked 1, stop at the Boot & Shoe Inn; 2, Cherrytree; 2a Clothiers’ Arms; 3, Crescent; 4, Fleece; 5, Green Dragon; 6, Horse Shoes; 7, Packhorse ; 8, Plough ; 9, Queen's Head; 10, Queen’s tap; 11, Ramsden’s Arms; 12, Spotted Cow ; 13, Spread Eagle; 14, Sun; 15, Swan-with-two-Necks ; 16, Victoria; 17, Vulcan,’ 18, Waggon and Horses ; 19, White Hart; 20, White| Lion Inn; and 21, Weolpack, ALuonpDBuRY—11 George Armitage, daily

Wiuddersfield Carriers.

William Sykes, Saturdays BarnstEyY—4 James Armitage, Tuesdays BaTLeY AND Carr—18 J. Wilson, daily Braprorp—Hanson & Co. from 35 Lowerhead row, daily BricHouse—4 Barraclough, Tuesdays; and 7 Hem- mingway, Tuesdays and Fridays Cuayron Wust—20 J. Buckley, Tuesdays, Thurs. & Sats CumBerworrs anp CumperwortH Hatr—l4 T. Gray- sou, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays DreanuEeap—2 J. Lumb, Tuesdays and Saturdays; and 8 Mrs Crabtree, I'uesdays Dretro—li, J. Tetlow, Tuesdays EE. Moore, Tuesdays Dewszsury—18 J. Harvey, daily D. Crosland; and 2a Flockton, Tuesdays J. Horsfall, daily; and 17 Hepworth, Tuesdays and Saturdays Euter—4 J. Haigh, Tuesdays Goucan—2 Abraham Walker, daily; 16 J. Hellewell, Tuesdays; and 15 J. Dyson, Tuesdays GomersaLL—7 J. Butler, Tuesdays R. Horsfall, Tuesdays and Saturdays HECKMONDWIKE—19 James Armitage, Tues. & Fridays Herwortu—10 George Hinchliffe, daily Hicurown—1li James Armitage, Tuesdays and Fridays J. Hinchliff, daily A. Kaye, daily; 19 C. Brierley, Tues. & Fri HormrirtH—20 HK. Brooke, 2 A. Kaye, daily; 5 J. Hinch- liffe, daily ; and 8 J. Bamforth, Tues. Wed. and Sat Honxtry—l B. Lilley, Tuesdays; and 21 A. Firth, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays Hoyuanp Swarne—4 J. Armitage, Tuesdays J. Hay, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Satur- days; 20 J. Addy, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays LrypLey—2 and 8 William Sykes, daily LiversEDGE—11 George Robertshaw, Tuesdays Lonewoop—2 J. Hanson, and 4 James Hanson, daily Marspen—20 J. Eastwood, Tuesdays W. Pickles, and 6 J. Hastwood, Tuesdays; and 20 J. Lockwood, Tues. Thursdays, & Saturdays J. Armitage and 20 G. Jackson, Tuesdays and Fridays; 15 J. Harvey, daily J. Brook, daily NetHER THone—2 J. Mallinson, Tuesdays OsseTT—3 J. Marsden, Tuesdays OuTLanz—2 J, Gledhill, Tuesdays, Fridays and Satur- days; aud 8 Mrs Crabtree, Tuesdays Rastricx—l7 J. Garside, Tuesdays and Fridays SappLeworTH—15 J. Tetlaw, Tuesdays ScamMONDEN—2 J. Gledhill, Tuesdays, Fridays & Sats ScHoLes—20 J. Brook, daily Suetty—20 J. Addy, T. Grayson, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays SuEepLey— 20 G. Stephenson, Tuesdays, Thurs. & Sats SKELMANTHORPE—14 T, Grayson, Tues. Thurs. & Satg SLAITHWAITE—2 J. Bottomley, Tuesdays; and 13 J. Balmforth, several times Srainpanp—2 & 4 Normington, and R. Crosland, Tues TuHurtsrone—7 T. Moorhouse, Tuesdays J. Walker, Tuesdays & Thursdays J. Robinson, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays


BRADLEY isa hamlet and constablewick in the N.N.E. ot the town.

Township and Borough of Huddersfield, three miles

It has a Railway Station, and extends to Colne Bridge, which is partly in Kirkheaton

parish. The Church (St. Thomas) is a neat edifice, containing about 500 sittings, erected in 1863, at a cost of


tive Methodists have a Meeting Room here. Post at Mr, John Spivey’s, Colne Bridge.

Money Order Office.

The benefice, annexed to that of Christ Church, for whom the Rev. Abraham Smith, M.A., Principal of Huddersfield Collegiate School, ofticiates.

Woodhouse, is in the incumbency of the Rev. R. Crowe, The Primi-

Letters twice a day vid Huddersfield, which is the nearest

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Brook Miss Grace, stay maker Brook Mrs Mary, dressmaker Brown William, wheelwright Casson William, station master Haigh John, warehouseman Haigh Samuel Wood, Esq., Colne Bridge house Haigh Thomas & Sons, cotton spin- ners, Colne Bridge mills Haigh Thomas, sen. & jun. (Thomas and Sons), Bradley lodge Hebblethwaite Mrs Ann Catherine Hill Abner, gamekeeper Hoyle John, warehouseman Jackson Wm. saddler || Oakes Mr J. Lees Samuel, medical botanist Tindley Mrs Johanna Ramsden Laird, blacksmith Rayner Isaac, draper


Smith Rev. Abraham, M.A. curate Spivey John, schoolmaster & news- agent, Colne bridge Stoney Joshua, angola yarn spinner Walker Samuel, mill manager Wheatley Charles, coal owner & mert


Spinner’s Arms, James Hirst White Cross, John Howgate

Woodman, John Gibson (& butcher)

FARMERS, Gibson William Bell Robert Hirst George Brearley John Horsfall John Brook Joshua Howgate John Brook Jno. & Job; Ibbetson George Cookson John (&| Ibbitson Michael coal owner) Kenworthy David Crampton Benj. I Lancaster Henry


Littlewood Mrs M Lockwood Mrs Mary Ann Longbottom Jas Mellor Jno. & G. Schofield Henry Scholes James (& colliery agent) Westoby William Wigglesworth J. Wilkinson Ths.P.

GARDENERS. Hodgson Abrahm Langley Charles (& seedsman)


Brook Geo. & Jph

Brook Samuel & Geo. (& bldrs.) SHORMAKERS. Brook Richard Leeming Robert Renton William SHOPKEEPERS. Brook Charles Cliff Isaac Haigh Mrs Eliz. Lees Mrs North George Spence William TAILORS. Drake Joshua Mellor Joseph Ratuway trains to all parts several times a day

DEIGHTON AND SHEFPRIDGE, on the acclivities of a bold eminence, about two miles N. of the town, are two adjoining villages, forming a constablewick in the Township and Borough of Huddersfield. Here are four chapels belonging to the Wesleyan Reformers and the Old and New Connexion and the Primitive


of woollen and Bedford cords gives employment to many of the inhabitants.

Marked 1 reside at Sheepridge; and the rest at Deighton, or where specified. Atkinson Charles, cloth finisher Atkinson Mr Joseph Beaumont 1 Barraclough Joseph (draper) 1 Bradley Mr Benjamin 1 Brooke Thomas, greengrocer 1 Clough Joseph, M.D. surgeon Cooper George, commercl. traveler Court Miss Dorothy, Woodhouse ctg Crowe Rev. Robert, M.A. incumbent of Christ Church, Woodhouse, Parsonage Dyson Mrs H. ‘| Firth Mrs. Woodhs Godbert John, clogger Hirst Mrs Sarah, Newhouse hall Hirst Brothers (William, Henry and John), corn millers Hopkinson Mrs Susannah 1 Longley George, music seller 1 Longley Samuel, painter Netherwood John, gardener Naylor Arthur, commercial traveller Rawson Mr John, Woodhouse hall Reynolds Rev. Wm (New Connexion Methodist), Wiggin cottage

1 Stork Joseph (yarn spinner) Stott Jno. (wlln. mert.), Belmont vla 1 Taylor Bj. Jph. clock & watch mkr Wright George, chapel keeper

INNS AND TAVERNS. 1 Belle Yue, John Aspinall 1 Butchers’ Arms, Frank Hepworth White Horse, Misses Margaret and

Sarah Aun Berry Woolpack, Daniel Walker

BEERHOUSES. Cliffe Mrs Sarah Boothroyd John I Dawson Jobu 1 Dawson John I Dyson John Schofield Mrs H.! France Mrs 8.

Sykes John France Mrs M. A. BUTCHERS. Hirst Wm. Hy. Balmforth John I Hellawell John Berry John Johnson Wm. H.

Jowett Joseph Thwaite Joseph FARMERS. Berry Misses Mgt. & Sarah Ann Berry Thomas Carver William Clay John

Longbotton Jas. Poppleton George Priestley Joseph Rawson John Robinson Thos. Taylor Abel Vernon Mrs Eliz- abeth & Sons

The inhabitants use Woodhouse Church. The manufacture of plain and fancy woolien cloths and

Posr vid Huddersfield.

Walker John Lee

SCHOOLS. Armitage Mrs A. Cheetham Miss Ann Maria Crawshaw Geo. National, Mrs Shelah & Miss Mary Walker

SHOEMAKERS. Allison Joseph Bray William 1 Oddy Wiliam SHOPKEEPERS.

Brook Thomas Crawshaw Geo. Dyson Allen 1 France Mrs H. 1 France Samuel Gledhill Mrs E. Hopkinson Saml. 1 Netherwood J. Nunns John Schofield Mrs H. 1 StringerThrntn 1 Smith Isaac

SheepridgeCo-op. Society ; David Pyrah, managr

TAILORS. 1 Bergan John W 1 Beevers Alfred Hellawell John Riley E


Armitage Charles and Company Bray James Byram & Walker Cliffe & Jones France Alfred 1 Hepworth, Friend and Co. Hopkinson G. & Sons(J.& =) Robinscn Joa 1 RobinsonG.&Co Starkey J. & A. Wheeler & Tolson 1 Woodhead J.D. & Bros. (Thos. Godfrey & Alf.)

GOLCAR township hag a railway station and 5110 inhabitants, and includes part of Milns Bridge and a number of small hamlets, extending from 2 to 5 miles S.W. of Huddersfield, on the lofty eminence of Golcar


The Earl of Scarborough is lord of the manor, which is in the baronial liberty of Wakefield. The Church

(St. John), erected in 1828-9 at a cost of £3000, is a neat Early English structure, comprising nave, chancel (the latter being added in 1864 at a cost of £400), and a tower, surmounted with a spire, and containing one


The benefice is a vicarage, with residence, valued at £300, in the gift of the Vicar of Huddersfield and incumbency of the Rev. William Barker.

Here are National Schools, erected at a cost of £1300, a British

School, a Baptist Chapel, built in 1869 at an expense of £4300, in lieu of the old one, now used as a Sunday school, and also a Primitive Methodist Chapel.

The Post and Monty Onper Orricr and Savines’ Bank is at Mr. James Shaw’s, Golear Edge.

Huddersfield twice a-day.

Ainley Mr John, Handel street Ainley Mr John, jun. Golear edge Ainley Mr Joseph, Town end Armitage George, manufacturer (Brothers) ; h Milns bridge Barker Rey. Wm. vicar, Golcar hill Beaumont Mr Ths. Pearson, Clough Beaumont William, woollen dyer Beaumont Mrs Hannah, Clough

Letters via

Bentley Thomas, station master Brook Mrs Ann, Knowl bank Bury Rev. Ths. (Baptist), Chapel hs Bussell Rev Fredk. Geo. B.A. curate Craven Jonas (solicitor), Milnrow hs Eastwood Miss Mary, Brook house Fielding Geo. & Jas. Edwd. brewers Hall Samuel, draper, Handel street Fisher Mk. & Jno. (mfrs.), Golcar hl; Hellawell John, stonemasn. Crimble Greenwood Isc. B. frmn. dyr. Haighst I Heppenstall Law (manfr.}, Leymoor


Harrison Oliver, manufacturer (Joe & Co.), Golear edge Heaton Richard (dyer), Haigh street Haigh Mrs Jane, Dolphin house Haigh Joseph, assist. oversr. Wellhs Haigh William, stonemason, Pike

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Huddersfield Out Townships.

Hirst Mr Jonathan, Spring cottage Horsfall Charles, veterinary surgeon Horsfall Geo. mfr. (J. & S.), Baths Iredale John, coal dealer, Wellhouse Kent Mr Edward, Bath cottage Kershaw Miss Rebecca, Leymoor Lees Benjamin, hardware dealer Lockwood Mrs Sarah, Town end May John, gardener, Vineyard Pearson Alfred, music techr. Small In Pearson Hy. music tchr. Handel st Pearson John, quarry owner & bldr Pickering Geo. pwnbkr.’s asst. Leymr Quarmby Joseph (dyer) Ramsden John Kdward, manufac- turer (Thomas & Sons) Shaw Jabez, clerk, Golear hill Shaw Jonathan, painter, Golear edge Shaw & Shay, cotton spinners, Britannia mills Smith Benj. stonemsn. Knowl bank Smith Eli (manufacturer), Leymoor Sykes John, keeper, Spa baths Sykes Joseph & Samuel, mannfctrs. (Joseph & Brothers) ; h Cliff Ash Sykes Samuel, watchmaker, Hill top Sykes Thomas Edward, druggist, and registrar of births and deaths, & agt. for Royal Ins. Co. Town end Sykes William, manufacturer (Joseph & Brothers), Low Westwood Taylor Mrs Emma, Golcar edge Taylor Dvd. & Co. drysltrs. Golear hl Taylor Ephraim, commission agent Taylor James, clerk, Carlton terrace Taylor John (manufactr.), Leymoor Taylor Robert, manufacturer (Lock- wood & T.), Cliffe Ash Taylor Mr William, Scarr house Taylor William (manufr.), Leymoor Taylor William Hy. clerk, Golcar hl Thorpe Daniel (flock dir.), Town end Walker Mr John, Golcar edge Walker Samuel, manufacturer (Tay- lor & W.), Town end Walker Samuel, commercial travel- ler, Handel street Whiteley Wiliam Henry & Walter (cloth finishers), Leymoor


Albert, Frederick Siswick, Leymoor Dog & Partridge, Mrs Huh. Weavill Junction Inn, Henry Brook Rose & Crown, Jph. Hall, Golcar hl Swan, Joseph Cock, Crimble

BEERHOUSES. I Walker John B. Ainley Mrs Sarah I Whitwam Joseph Barraclough Mrs I Whitwam Joseph Dyson Mrs Sarah; BLACKSMITHS. Firth Robert Baxter Joseph Garside Mrs B. I Holroyd Samuel Hirst Samuel (& millwright) Mills Thomas BUTCHERS. Sykes Mrs Rachel I Carter Joe Varley Joseph Hall James

Hall John Lightowler John Shaw John

I Weavill William

CLOTH DRESSERS. Bailey James Gledhill Benj. Gledhill Charles Gledhill James Gledhill John Gledhill Samuel Hanson Joseph Lockwood Joseph Sykes William FARMERS. Bailey Mrs Sarah Beaumont Mrs M. Beaumont W. E. Blackburn Edw. Bray Charles Bray George Bray John Cock Jabez Cock Joshua Garside James Garside Joseph Gee Thomas (and cattle dealer) Gledhill Samuel Haich Benjamin Haigh James Harrison James Hinchliffe James Lockwood Wm. Mellor Joseph Quarmby Joseph Ramsden Joe Ramsden John Shaw George Shaw Joseph Shaw Joseph Shaw Jonathan Shaw William Taylor George Taylor James Taylor Joseph Walker Abraham (and carrier) Walker Edmund

Walker William Whitwam Mrs M. Wilson Charles Wood Tom Woodhouse Jph. FLOCK AND WASTE DEALERS. Atkinson Thomas Dyson John Gledhill James Hall Charles Hirst Joseph Lockwood Wm. Lees Benjamin Noble Christphr. Pearson Hmphy.

Savile William

Shaw John Taylor Chs. & R. Taylor John, Hill top Taylor Jno. Pike- law Taylor Joseph & Son (Charles) Taylor William Taylor Wright Walker Wm. jun. Whitwam John GROCERS AND SHOPKEEPERS. Ainley Benjamin Ainley Ephraim Beaumont James Bailey Joseph Blackburn Wright Broome John Co-op. Store; Fdk. Richardson, mgr Dyson Mrs Hanh. Garside Mrs Bty. Haigh Oliver William Hemingway Edw. (and saddler) Hirst Thomas Lees Benjamin Mitchell Edward Mitchell Mrs Hh. Priestley John Smith John Sykes Joseph Sykes Thomas Taylor Abel Taylor Benjamin Taylor Dan Taylor Joseph Taylor William Walker Benj. Weavil Mrs Huh. Whiteley Mrs A. Whiteley Wright Whitwam David Whitwam John, Upper fields Whitwam John, Small lane Whitwam Joseph : JOINERS, &c. I Beaumont John Fielding John Hoyle Charles Lockwood John Lockwood G. H. Moody Lee Shaw Joseph Shrigly William Sykes William Thornton Joseph I & Sons Walker Edmund LISTING MANUFRS. Beaumont Mrs E.

Beaumont W. KE. SCHOOLS. British, J. Roberts National, Buzi Bentley Sykes Mrs Ann SCRIBBLING AND FULLING MILLERS. Ainley John & R. Gledhill George Ramsden Mill Co. J. Holroyd, see RamsdenThomas & Son Shaw & Bray Shaw Dvd. & C. SHOEMAKERS. Beaumont James Beaumont Squire Garside Joseph Hirst Charles Holroyd Benj. Horsfall Richard Kaye Wm. Henry Thorpe Charies White Joseph White Samuel SURGEONS. Haigh Thos. H. Roberts James Webster J., M.D. TAILORS. Ainley Richard Brierley Eli Brierley Jas. Edw Gudger Thomas Shaw Humphrey Shaw James Smith John Sykes Thomas Taylor Daniel Wood Ephraim WOOLLEN MANFRS. Ainley Richard Ainley Seth & Hy. Bates Joseph Beaumont Chas. Blackburn John Bray David Craven George Crowther John Crowther Joseph

Crowther Wnm., Cnimble Crowther Wnum.,

High wood Eastwood George Fielding Eli and Sons (Jph., Chs., James and Eli), Victoria mills Fielding Eli Fisher M. & Sons Furness William Gledhill John Gledhill Thomas

Haigh George Haigh John Haigh Samuel Harrison J. & Co. Heppenstall Ths. Tfepworth,Friend & Co. Hirst Abraham Hirst John Hirst Ths. & Son Hirst Wim. jun. Hopkinson Hy. Horsfall J. & 8. Mellor John Mitchell John Pearson Ben Pearson Edwin Pearson Hmphy. Pearson John and Brother (Jph.} Quarmby James Ramsden Thos, & Sons Shaw Charles Shaw John Shaw Joseph Sykes Edward T. Sykes James Sykes Jas, jun. Sykes John Sykes Joseph Sykes J. & Bros. Sykes Joseph & Son (Benjamin) Sykes William Taylor B. & Sons Taylor David Taylor John Ben Taylor Joseph (yarn spinner) Taylor & Lock- wood Taylor James Taylor Thomas Taylor & Walkers Taylor William Walker Eli Whiteley John Whiteley William Whitwam B. & J. Whitwam Chas. Whitwam Joseph Wood John Wood Richard (& Brothers)

RAILWAY Trains from Gol- car Station seve- ral times a day

CARRIERS To Huddersfield. Abraham Walker & Jph. Dyson, daily; & James Helliwell, Tues.

LINDLEY-CUM-QUARMBY, the former large village 24 miles N.W., and the latter a hamlet 3 miles W. of Huddersfield, give name to a township of 2210 acres, and 4259 souls.

Government in 1828-9, at a cost of £2700, is & neat stone structure.

with a tower containing 1 bell.

Huddersfield, and incumbency of the Rey. Jonathan Ward Town.

The church (St. Stephen), built by

It hag accommodation for 700 hearers, The benefice is a vicarage, valued at £300 a year, in the gift of the Vicar of National schools were built in 1865, at a cost

of £1400. The Wesleyan Chapel, erected in 1868, cost £3500; the Primitive Methodist Chapel, built in 1866, and that belonging to the Baptists, built in 1868, cost £6000 each. Mechanics’ Hall, built in 1849,

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Lindley-cum-Quarmby Directory.


by shareholders, at a cost of £1000. Mr. John West is secretary. The chief trade of the township consists in the manufacture of plain and fancy woollen goods, and in scribbling and yarn spinning. The Post & Money Orpen Orrice & Savines’ Bang is at Mr. Thos. Hey’s, Lindley. Letters vid Huddersfield.

Those marked 1 reside at Quarmby; the rest at Lindley, or where specifie

1 Batchelor Wm. assistant dentist Batley Mrs Frances, milliner, Westgt Binns David, spinner (B. & Gibson), Cowrakes Broadbent Jas. (wln. mert), Acre hs Brook Mrs Mary Steele Brooke David, commission agent 1 Burn Rev. Samuel Cliff (Baptist) Calverley Titus (woollen manufac- turer), Salendine nook Clement John Wikinson, Victoria street Collins Eli, plumber, Westgate Cotton Sidney, manufactg. chemist, Burn Chemical works Crosland Benj., John, David & Jona- than (Benj. & Sons); h Oakes Crosland Joel (Bj. & Sons); h Marsh Crosland Joseph, tinner, &c. Crosland Joseph (mert.), Roydswood Crosland Sam (B. & Sons); h Farnley Crossland Alfred, china and glass dealer, Westgate Dawson Thos. (drysalter), Lindley hs Dawson William, bank cashier, Port- land house Dean Stpn. drgst || Denham Mrs My. Denham Thomas (draper), Wellfield Drake Henry, hairdresser Dyson Edwd. Mason (Bros.), Westgt Dyson Geo. H. mangr. Weather hill Dyson Fredk. & Squire (waste drs.), Cliff Hill house Dyson Mrs Hannah, Luck lane Dyson William, mason (Brothers), Daisy Lee lane Mr Wm. Taylor, Oxford rd Ellis Chas. Walton (EK. & Quarmby), Portland house Fox Joseph (woollen merchant) Frankland John Bailey (woolstapler), Greenfield house Gibson Jph. (Binns & G.), Oak villa Gledhill Gideon, machine maker, ironmonger, and agent to Royal Insurance Company Glendinning Sl. (win. mert.), Glenfid . 1 Haigh Bj. (win. mfr.), Croft house 1 Haigh Mr John Haigh John (manfr.), Hollins house Haigh John (solicitor), Bellevue hs 1 Haigh Sam (wlln. mert.), Pond hs Haigh Wm. (solicitor), Westgate Hali Misses Mary and Hannah, Mount pleasant 1 Hali Mr Thomas, Dahlia house Hattersley Benj. Hall (Geo. & Sons), Myrtle grove Hattersley Wm. Hall (Geo. & Sons), Oakes house . Hirst Mr John || Morton Joe, modelr Hobson James, architect, Royds hall Horsfall G. (music slr), Quarmby cliff Joy Jas. watch & clk. mkr. Oxfordrd Kaye Anthony Knowles, copperas manufr. & mfg. chemist, Mold gn Kendall Chas. (j) wood turner Kershaw Edmund, tea dealer’s assist Mackintosh John, surgn. Lindley ctg Mallinson Mx Henry, Victoria cotg


Netherwood George & Sons, brewers, maltsters and wine and spirit mer- chants, Lindley Brewery Netherwood, Law & Ellis (George and Sons); h Westgate Netherwood Mrs My. Ann, Weather- hill house North Henry, warehouseman Oates Mrs Hannah, Royd house Ozgston Mr George Parker Rev Jas. (Bpt.), Salendine nk Peacock Jas. (draper), Dean cottage Quarmby Wm. Bottomley, manufr. (Ellis & Q.), Portland place Rhodes William, saddler 1 Seed Benjn. oil and grease manfr 1 Senior David, plumber Shaw Rev. Jesse (Meth. New Con.) Sheard Allen, John & Lot, masons, (John & Co.), Cowrakes Stansfield Joseph Hudson (draper), Spring cottage Sykes Henry, overlooker, Albert ter Sykes Mrs Jane, Marsh house Sykes James Nield (Jph. & Bros), Field house Sykes John & Co, cotton spinners & warp manufacturers, Acre mills Sykes Mr Samuel, Weather hill Sykes Wm. jun. card maker (Joseph and Brothers), Green lea Sykes Mr William, Temple street Taylor Emanuel, stationer and cir- culating library Town Rev. Jonathan Ward, vicar Walker Alfred, manufacturer (Jph. and Sons), Park house Walker Charles Henry, manufactr. (Jph. & Sons), Lower Park hs Walker Joseph, manufacturer (Jph. and Sons), Low hills Walker Thomas, (j) cloth finisher Walker Mr William, Plover Jane Waterhouse Edward John Wood (fire brick mfr.), Holly Bank house Waterhouse Mr. William and Mr Samuel, Cowrakes Whiteley Benj. coal agent, Cliffe end Wilford Rev. Robert Crone, B.A. curate, Brunswick house Wilkinson Andrew (woollen manu- facturer), Salendine nook Wilkinson Joe, shopman Wilkinson Mr Joel, Albert house Wilkinson Mr John, Albert house Wilson Mrs Hannah, Oxford road Wilson Miss Harriet, milnr. Oxfd.rd Wilson Mr James, carr


Albion, Joseph Dyson Angel, John Wood Carter, Royd hall Bay Horse, Wiliam Henry Stocks Black Bull, Dyson Whiteley, Westgt Fleece, William Brook, Lindley Globe, George Littlewood Grey Horse, J. Garside, Birchincliff Red Lion, Mrs A. Woodhouse, Wstgt Royal Oak, Joseph Shaw, Oakes Royal Hotel, M. Hay, Birchinchiff


Saddle, Walker Milnes, Lindley Spotted Cow, David Aspinall, Salen-

dine nook AGENTS. Brook David Eagland John Hibberd Thomas Mellor Sumuel BEERHOUSES. Calverley Joe Clegg Joseph Dyson Mrs Nanny Dyson John Ford Francis Millard David Moore William Morton Edwin Oclee Fredk. Hy. Riley Edward Walter Dan BLACKSMITHS. Barlow Joseph Dyson George BOOT AND SHOE MAKERS, Clegg Joseph Craven George Crowther Joseph Dyson Eli Eagland Lot Rhodes John BUTCHERS. Dyson George Fawcett Wm. F. Field Joseph Garside Jonathn. Garside William Hirst Henry Hirst Jno, Edwin Moore George 1 Noble William CARD MANUFRBS. Sykes Joseph and Brothers CLOGGERS, Brier James Thomas Edmund Walker Ephraim CLOTH DRESSERS. Brook Exnanuel Crosland Joseph Firth Moore William ‘Wilkinson Stepn. Wilson James DRAPERS,

Brier Joseph Hey Thomas

Jagger Joe Stott Mellor Job Rhodes David Wild Matthew EARTHENW. DIRS. Morton Enos Morton Joseph FARMERS, 1 Armitave Benj. Bates David Beaumont John Binns John

2 2

Blackburn Adam Bottomley Benj. Bowker Joseph Brier James Brighouse Saml. Brook George Bumby William Crosland Jonthn. Crow Richard (& milk dealer) Dyson John Dyson Thomas Faweett Wm. F. Field Joshua Garside Joseph Gledhill Benj. 1 Hall Charles Hall John Hirst Henry 1 Hirst John E. Iredale Thomas Morton J. 1 Radcliffe W. H. 1 Roberts George Schofield Wm, Senior John Stocks Simeon Stott Joseph Thornton James Todd John Tweed Joseph (& cattle dealer) Waterhouse Jno. Wilkinson John GARDENERS, Bairstow Samuel Harrison Alfred Oclee Fredk. Hy. Rayner William GREENGROCERS. Clegg George Mowbray John F, Oldfield Henry Rigg Thomas 1 Shaw Mrs My. Sykes James White George GROCERS AND SHOPKEEPERS, Ainley James Banks Mrs Esthr Bates Jonas Brierley William Cotton George 1 Crowther Mrs Dyson John Eagland Miss E. Firth Joseph Haigh Joseph T. Hey Thomas Hiley Mrs Car. Huddersfield In- dustrial Co-op. Store (branch); Thos, Topham, manager Hoyle Samuel

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Wuddersfield Ont-Townsbips.

Jessop Joseph Kendal George Kershaw William Lumb Lewis 1 Morton John Morton Joseph Pilling Alfred Pilling Mrs Hnh. Ramsden Mrs KR. Riley Jesse Rowley?Thomas Shaw Thomas Shaw Tom Sissons Stephen Stocks Simeon Sykes Jas. Henry Sykes Joseph Thornton James Walker Benj. White George Wilkinson David

Wilkinson Jesse

Worth John

JOINERS, &¢. (* are Wheelwgts.)

1 Balmford Jph. *Bottom Enoch *Bottom Mark *Ellam Richard Ellam Mrs Mary Foster Samuel Garside Joshua Goodyear Saml. Schofield Charles 1 Senior David (& plumber) Singleton Sam *Thornton Wm. Walker John Wilkinson John

LISTING MANUFRS. Crosland Benja-

min & Sons

1 Hall Abraham Walker Joseph & Sons

ROPE AND TWINE MANUFACTURERS. Binns Jph. & Co.; & Huddersfield Hirst Abraham

SCHOOLS. Hibberd Mrs Eliz (and boarding) Teech Miss F. Nationl. Lindley; Miles Knowles & Miss O. Batty Town Schl. West- gate; J. Wood

STONEMASONS. (Marked * are Stone Merchants.)

Aspinall Joshua

Bates Solomon Bottomley Thos. *Dyson Brothers Dyson Thomas *Holroyd Wm. *Tredale William 1*Pearson Henry Rhodes David Royston James Sheard Jno. & Co. *Taylor Daniel & Brother (John) *Wilkinson Wm.


Ainley James Beaumont Abm. Kaye Edwin Rothery Samuel Sissons Samuel Sissons Stephen

Walker Lewis


Armitage Joseph Crosland Jonthn. Clegg George Gledhill Benj. Mitchell John Moore & Wilson Shaw Abraham 1 Shaw George Wilkinson Eli


Binns & Gibson (and spinners) Crosland Benja- min and Sons Crosland John Dyson Eli Ellis & Quarmby Gledhill Edward 1 Hall Abraham

1 Hall Benjamin Hall Rowland (& spinner) 1 Hattersley Geo. and Co. Iredale Hy. Hall Lawton J. (spnr.) Liddell & Martin Mellor Jas. & Son Morton Edwin Walker Joseph & Sons Wilkinson Andw. Wilkinson Stepn. Wrigley Hiram (scribbler)


William Sykes, to Huddersfield, daily

LONGWOOD 3 village and railway station two miles West of Huddersfield, has in its township and cha- pelry about 3402 inhabitants and 1000 acres of land, stretching westward to the lofty ridge of

Saddleworth, where many Roman antiquities have been found. tion in 1749, and is a small plain edifice, with a turret containing one hell.

tary grant of £1000 was obtained in 1842 for the erection of a parsonage house.

he bleak moors of

The Church (St. Mark) was built by subserip-

The benefice is a vicarage valued at £150, in the gift of the vicar of Huddersfield and incumbency of the Rev. Charles Packer, M.A. A Parliamen-

The Wesleyans have two

chapels, and the New Connexion Methodists one, in the township. The Bree School is endowed with about £140 per annum for the education of 40 boys of Longwood and Golcar townships, and the village of Milnsbridve; and a National school was erected here by subscription in 1865. A Local Board of Health was established in 1861, Gas Works in 1860, and a Mechanics’ Institute, for which a neat hall was erected in 1858, at a cost of £800. Huddersfield is supplied with water from two large reservoirs in this township. The inhabitants are engaged in

the manufacture of plain and fancy woollen cloths, cotion spinning, &. Past Orrice at Joseph Bamforth’s, Letters vié Huddersfield, which is the nearest Money Order Office

Bamforth Joseph, news agent Barlow John, baker, Royds

Blackburn John, machine maker

blacksmith and

Broadbent Mrs Sarah, Croft top hs Brook James, plumber, glazier, &c. Brook Miss Martha, dressmaker Chadwick Rev. John (Baptist) Crossley Joseph, brewer

Dodson Mr George

Garside Jonthn. mangr. Gas works Hall Mr Charles, Boldroyd house Hanson Benjamin, woollen manufr. (Greenwood, H. & Co.) Hardisty Mark, coal merchant Lawley Henry, station master Lumb Edwin, tobacconist Packer Rev. Charles, M.A. vicar Rhodes Abraham, tinner & gasfitter Stott Henry, shuttle maker Sykes Henry, assistant overseer Sykes Henry, whitesmith, &c. Sykes James, gardener & seedsman Sykes Richard, gas works Walker Dan, cigar merchant Walker Dan, greengrocer Walker John, dyer’s agent


Dusty Miller, George Lee London and North Western Hotel, Mrs Mary Ann Leech New Inn, Joseph Dawson Rose and Crown, William Lumb Waggon and Horses, William Gee

BEERHOUSES. Hirst George Holroyd Wm.

Littlewood John Morton Joseph Rodgers John;

BOOT AND SHOE MAKERS. Brearley Benjn. BriggsHumphrey Morton David BUTCHERS. Dawson George Dawson Hiram Dawson Levi Dodson John CLOGGERS. Dawson John Thomas Henry Thornber Henry Wood John CLOTH DRESSERS. Brook William Hanson Joseph Hirst C. & Jas. Walker Charles Whiteley Walter DRAPERS, Garside Job Kenworthy Miss Oldroyd Hyde Lee 8. (& dentist) COTTON SPINNERS. Priestley Chas. Shaw George Shaw Joseph Wrigley George (cotton warp) FARMERS. Atkinson Richard Atkinson Joseph Beaumont Geo. Bottom William Broadbent Mrs §.

Brook Andrew Chadwick Wm. Crosland George Crossley Joseph Dawson Hiram Dodson Dayid Dodson John Eastwood Joseph France Benjamin Gledhill Edwin Gledhill Jonthn. Hanson John Hirst Charles Hirst Jonathan Lockwood John Morton John Morton Joseph Pilling George Pilling Isaae Pilling Joseph Quarmby Nathan Sexton John Shaw George Shaw Joseph Smith George Smith Timothy Stott Hy. jun. Thornber Henry Townend Wm. Whitaker Jph. Wimpenny Rd. Wood George Wrigley George Yates John FLOCK, WASTE & MUNGO DEALERS, Ainley John

Brook Amos

Brook Crowther Brook Dan Brook George Dyson, Robinson and Co. Haigh Jno. & Son (William) Rhodes Sam Robinson Robert Smith David Sykes David, Mit- chell & Co, Wilson Joseph & Son (Charles) GROCERS AND SHOPKEEPERS. Atkinson R. & W. AtkinsonWm. Cookson John Cordingley John Crosland George Dyson David Eastwood Benj. Garside Job Gledhill John Gledhill Joseph Hardisty Mark Hirst Joseph Kinder Miss Jane Longwood Co-op- erative Stores; L. H. Broome, manager Pearson Eli Quarmby Nathan Scott Allen Smith Thomas

Stott Hy. jun.

Taylor Mrs H. Thewlis Shaw Townend John Walker Dan Wrigley Mrs H. JOINERS, &c. Balmford Hirst Balmford Isaac Balmford Thos. Hirst Daniel Shaw Wm. Hy. QUARRY OWNERS. Dyson Wm. & E. Longwood edge Hanson John Wilkinson Wm. Mount hill SCHOOLS. Balmforth Jph. Bottom John E. Lee Joseph Shaw Robt. Hyde TAILORS. Bentley Wm. H. Longley Benjn. Peel James Wimpenny Rd. Wrigley John WOOLLEN MANFRS. Ainley James Armitage Bros. Beaumont Geo. & Son (Dan.) Beaumont Job & Son (Enos) Booth Samuel Broadbent David

(executors of)

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chester & Teeds several times & day CARRIERS Wood George to Huddersfield, Joseph Hanson RAILWAY and Jas. Hanson, Trains to Man- I daily

Longwood Dircctory.

Gledhill Samuel; Shaw J. & Bros. & Son (John) I Shaw W. & Sons Gledhill Thomas' Shaw William Greenwood, Han-| Smith Eli son & Co. Sykes John Lockwood John I Taylor Bj. & Son, Pilling Joseph Park wood mill Quarmby Joseph Walker Charles

Walker John Walker T. & Sons (Geo. & Eli) Whitaker Jph.

Broadbent John & Son (Butter- worth) Parkwad Brook John Brook Joseph Crabtree Paul K. (scribbler) Dyson A, (fancy)

SCAMMONDEN-WITH-DEANHEAD form a wild and mountainous township and chapelry of scattered

houses, extending from 5 to 8 miles W. of Huddersfield, and containing about 1012 inhabitants, and 2080 acres of land belonging chiefly to the Walker and Horner families. The Chapel of Ease, rebuilt in 1814, gave place to a fine stone Church, in 1865. It is situated at Deanhead, and comprises nave, chancel, aisles, and a tower and spire, with one bell. The benefice is a vicarage with residence, valued at £186 a year, in the patronage of the Vicar of Huddersfield, and in the incumbency of the Rev. Henry Collins. The Baptists have a chapel here.


Fisher M. & Son (John), Clough Gee Savile & Dd. Haigh Henry Hall Benjamin Heppenstall Law Gledhill Edwin Gledhill Joseph

Post Orricr at Mr. J. Bamforth’s, Out lane. Letters vid Huddersfield, which is the nearest Money Order O

Collins Rev Henry, vicar Crabtree Abraham, scribbler Holmes Rev Henry Wilcock (Bapt.) Lumb George, manufacturer (Wheel- wright & L.) & assistant oversecr Sutcliffe Wm. National schoolmaster Sykes Robert,beerhouse Tweed John, butcher Wilkinson George, manager


Bay Horse, William Sykes Brown Cow, James Marsden Coach and Horses, Michael Crossley

FARMERS. Bamforth James Bamforth John Barrett John Berry Hy. Broad Lee Berry Henry Bottomley John Byram Daniel Crabtree Abm. Crossley John Crossley Michael Eastwood Mrs E. Eastwood Joseph

Gledhill James Gledhill John Gledhill Robert Gledhill Thomas Gledhill William Hamer James Hey John Hey William Haigh Allen Hirst Henry Hoyle Henry Hoyle Thomas Holroyd George Lumb George,

Marsden James Marsden Joseph Mitchell Peter Schofield John Sykes Mrs Betty Sykes David Sykes Mrs Hanh. Sykes Henry Sykes John, Tur- ner house Sykes John Sykes Levi Sykes William Taylor John


GROCERS AND SHOPKEEPERS. Co-oper. Stores; George Wilkin- son, manager Lumb George Sykes Allen Sykes Mrs Hanh. Sykes Henry Tweed Mrs Susan Wilkinson John (& corn dealer)

JOINERS. Bamforth James

Commercial, John Whiteley Ellis Thomas Edgerton Tweed Mrs Susan Sykes Benjamin Royal George (Upper), Joseph Sykes I Fielding John Lumb Geo. Up-| Whitley Mrs H. Royal George, Wm. Henry Garside I Gee Samuel perheadgate Wilkinson Edmd. CARRIER. Shoulder of Mutton, Mrs M. Crabtree I Goodyear Abm. I Lumb Mrs Mary I Wilkinson John |James Gledhill, CATTLE DEALERS. I FANCY WLN. MFRS. I Garside Nathan I Lumb Robert Wilkinson Jph. to Huddersfield, Garside Wm. Hy. I Sykes William I Gee William Marsden Hmphy. I Wilkinson Saml. I Tuesday, Fri- Marsden James I Wheelwright and} Gledhill Marsden Isaac Wilkinson Thos.| day & Saturday

Wilkinson John Lumb Lowerheadgate SLAITHWAITE is a township, railway station, and large village on the north branch of the river Colne, in the Honor of Pontefract, and forming, with the township of Lingards, the district parish of Slaithwaite- with-Lingards. It contains 2820 acres of land, and about 2931 inhabitants, and is noted for its Spa Baths, built in 1825, and now much frequented, and partly supported by subscription for the use of the poor. The Church (St. James), which was erected in 1788, in lieu of the ancient chapel, which existed here long before 1593, is a large plain stone fabric, comprising nave, a chancel rebuilt in 1859, and tower erected in 1814, and containing one bell. The benefice is a perpetual curacy, valued at £186 per annum, in the patronage of the Vicar of Hudders- field, and incumbency of the Rev. Charles Augustus Hulbert, jun., M.A. The Baptists have a chapel here. The Free School was founded in 1721, by the Rev. Robert Meeke, for the education of 20 poor children, viz., 8 of Slaithwaite, and 4 each from Golear, Lingards, and Linthwaite. It has an endowment of about £36 a year, and was rebuilt in 1846, at a cost of about £800, including the master’s house. But this endowment, owing to a scheme approved of by the Charity Commissioners, is now appropriated towards the maintenance of evening schools for males and females, aninfant school, and the payment for instruction of 10 of the foundation scholars at the National School. The manufacture of fancy and union cloth, carried on here, and the working of several stone quarries in the neighbourhood, give employment to many of the inhabitants. The Earl of Dartmouth is lord of the manor and owner of most of the soil. A Local Board of Health, for which Mr. Clement Wood is clerk, was established in 1861; and the Slaithwate Gaslight Company in 1855, for which Mr. Charles Thornton is secretary ; and Mr. John Varley is chairman both for the members of the Board and the shareholders of the Gas Company.

The Post and Monry Orper Orricr is at Mr. John Pearson’s. Jetters vid Huddersfield.

Sutcliffe Richard, painter Sutcliffe Mr Samuel Sykes Mrs Betty, Star cottage Sykes Humphrey, smith, Blakestones Sykes John, surveyor to Local Board Thornton Charles, secretary of Gas

Jackson Mrs Mary Kaye John, whitesmith, &e. Knott Joseph, station master Meal and Quarmby, dyers Meal John, dyer (AML. & Quarmby) MeNor Joseph, parish clerk

Ashness Henry, hairdresser Ashton Thomas, wool dealer Baths (Mineral); John Varley, propr Dean William, surgeon and registrar of births and deaths Dodson Mrs Elizabeth, smallware dlr

Garside Mr Joseph, Carr lane Grimes Rev Patrick, curate Hall David, smith Horsfall Mrs Ann Horsfall John (woollen manufacturer) Horsfall Richd. herbalist, Merry vale Hulbert Rev Charles Augustus, Jun. M.A, incumbent

Parry Robert Barthorn (cloth mert.) Pickles Joseph, coal merchant (P. & Sykes) & agent to London & North- Western Railway Co.’s carriers Roberts John, druggist Shaw Mr Jonathan, Rose cottage Sugden Saml. dyer (Meal & Quarmby) Sutcliffe George, plasterer

Company Varley John, corn miller Wilkinson Charles, oil merchant and drysalter Wood Joseph, relieving officer Woods Rev Wm. Frederick, curate

Woodhead Godfrey, drysalter and general dealer

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Almondbury Parish.


Commercial, George Walker Dartmouth Arms, Timothy Bamforth Globe, Mrs Ann Wood Harp, Mrs Maria Ann Shaw Lewisham, Clement Wood (and clerk

to Local Board)

Rose and Crown, Mrs Betty Shaw Shoulder of Mutton, Joseph Dodson Star, Sidney Ashton Sun, David Wood, Palegate

BUTCHERS. Armitage Elijah Bamforth Ephm. Carter John Dyson Robert Lightowlers Miss Jane Pearson William Shaw John Shaw Joseph Wood Fredk. R. COAL DEALERS. Eastwood Henry Lockwood James

(and plasterer) Meal David Pickles & Sykes (and lime) Sykes Joseph and Son (William) Walker Edward FARMERS. Armitage Elijah Bamforth David

Ramforth Edmnd Bamforth John, Wilberlee Bamforth John, Castle Bamforth John, Laund Bamforth John, Ainley place Bamforth Joseph Bamforth Joshua Bamforth Wm. Beaumont John Bottomley Jph. Cotton Wm, E. Garside Joseph Haigh John Hirst Henry Hirst William Hoyle Anthony Pearson Jas. & C, Pearson Joseph Shaw James Sykes Benjamin

Sykes John Sykes Jph. Fol- lingworth Sykes Jph. Brook side Sykes Rufus Sykes Mrs Sarah Sykes William Walker Edward Walker James, Hill top Walker James, Wood nook Wood James FLQCK AND WASTE DEALERS. Dyson John Dyson Joshua Parkin James GREENGROCERS. Haigh Mrs Eliza Haigh Sam Maxwell Homer Meal David Varley William GROCERS AND SHOPKEEPERS. (* Are Drapers also.) Armitage Elijah Balmforth Elijah Bamforth Joshua Bamforth Thos. *Cock Joshua Thos.

*France Geo. H. Socy ; Jas. L. Haigh, manager Hirst Mrs Betty Hirst James Lee Thomas Lunn Richard Pearson Jas. &C. Pearson John Pearson William Robinson Wm. C. Sutcliffe Sl. jun. (and plumber) Sykes Benjamin *Sykes E.S. (and wine and spirit merchant) Sykes Mrs Hanh. Sykes Misses My. and Elizabeth *Sykes Thomas, Scar hall *Sykes Thomas, Church street Taylor James Walker John JOINERS. Barker James Barker Walter Hey William Varley John and Son (Nathan) Varley John Varley Thomas

MILLWRIGHTS. Bamforth George Bamforth Joseph Bamforth Joshua SCRIBBLERS AND FULLERS. Farrar John Gledhill, Garside & Co. (& cotton spinners) Chadwick Wm. Eastwood Henry Hirst Alexr. B. Holroyd James (and clogger) Mellor Jph. jun. (& clogger) Sykes A. Booth Sykes John Sykes Joshua Sykes Ralph Sykes Rufus Thorp William (and clogger) STONE MERTS. Eagland Eli and Dd. (& buildrs) Pearson J. & C. SCHOOLS. Bamford Isaac T. National, J. Mel- lor Shaw David Walker Edward

nee er ren See

TAILORS. Blackburn John Kellam Albert Lee Joseph Shaw Humphrey TINNERS. Hutchinson John (executors of) Perry Abraham WOOLLEN MFRS. Bamforth Chas. Berry Joseph Cotton Wm. E. Haigh George Hirst Hy. & Thog Hirst John Hirst Joseph Hopkinson Hy. Horsfall Rd. Y. Shaw Henry Sykes John Sykes Thomas T, Walker Geo. Hy. Walker Henry Walker James Whitwam Joseph Wilkinson Henry Wood John RAILWAY Trains to all parts sevrl. times a day CARRIER To Huddersfield, Mrs My. Bottom- ley, Tu. & Thurs

ALMONDBURY PARISH is a hilly district, in the Upper Division of Agbrigg Wapentake, and in the

Honor of Pontefract and Manor of Wakefield, extending from the vicinity of Huddersfield, southward to Holm- firth, and westward to the mountainous heights of Saddleworth. It abounds in excellent building stone, and is watered by the river Colne, and several of its tributary streams. This extensive parish comprises the thirteen townships of Almondbury, Austonley, South Crosland, Farnley Tyas, Holme, Honley, Lingards, Linthwaite, Lock. wood, Marsden, Meltham, Nether Thong and Upper Thong, which contain together 28,092 acres of land, and in

creased their population from 16,983 in 1801, to 30,606 in 1831; to 37,309 souls in 1841 and to 42,889 in 1861 They are in Huddersfield Union.

ALMONDBURY is a large village, nearly two miles E.S.E. of Huddersfield; and its township increased its population from 3751 in 1801 to 10,361 in 1861, and contains 2,585 acres of land. On the crown of the hill, overlooking Huddersfield. are traces of an extensive Saxon entrenchment, supposed by some antiquaries to have occupied the site of a» Roman station. The Parish Church (All Saints) is a neat structure of pointed architec- ture, with a tower and six bells. The vicarage, valued at £571, is in the patronage of Sir J. W. Ramsden, the lord of the manor; and in the incumbency of the Rev. Chas. A. Hulbert, M.A. St. Paul's Church at Armitage Bridge, two miles from Huddersfield, was erected in 1846-7, at a cost of £4500, by Messrs. J. Brooke & Sons, aided by grants from the Incorporated and Diocesan Church Building Societies. It is in the decorated style, and has a district of more than 2500 souls attached toit. Messrs. Brooke also gave the land (one acre), and built the parsonage house—a handsome Elizabethan mansion. The perpetual curacy, valued at £190, is in the gift of the vicar of Almondbury and J. Brooke, Esq., and in the incumbency of the Rev. James Gratrix, M.A. Here are two Wesleyan Chapels, built in 1824-6, anda New Connexion Methodist Chapel, erected in 1825. Two of them are at Berry Brow. The Wesleyan Reformers have a preaching room at Lockwood. The Free Grammar School was founded in 1609, and is endowed with about £100 per annum. Here is a National School, builtin 1846, and also a Wesleyan School, built in 1842. At Newsome is a National School, built in 1837. Almondbury Mechanics’ Institution has about 150 members. The poor have about £300 a-year from the charities of Robert Nettleton and Israel Wormald, left in 1621 and 1724. The Post and Monry Orper Orrice and Savincs’ Bank is at Mrs Hannah Midgley’s, Northgate. also a Sup-orrice at Mr. Henry Littlewood’s, Berry Brow. Letters vid Huddersfield.

Addy John (spinner), Lower houses I Best Mr John Berry, Dam side Brooke Mrs Sarah, Parkgate Barker Wm. blacksmith, Northgate I Blackburn Joshua (machine maker), I Brigg John, merchant, Fligg Battye Danl. (yarn spinner), Salford I Primrose hill Burdett Mrs Sarah, Northgate Beaumont Jph. watchmaker, Salford I Botterill Thos. designr. St Helen’s pl I Calvert John, manager, High street Bensted Rev. Thomas Barton, M.A. I Brierley Jas. comcel. travellr. Salford I Cockington William (architect), Dog (surrogate), rector of Lockwood Bottomley Joseph, manager, Northgt Kennel bank Bentley Jph. bookkpr. Primrose hill I Boothroyd Joseph, manager, Highst/ Copley Allen, ginger beer manufac- Berry Emanuel, assistant overseer ;} Boothroyd Robert, mngr. Newsomes turer, Parkgate and collector Bradley Matthew, collector for Water} Dawson Edwin (mungo dlr),Taylor hl Berry Nathaniel, dyer, Bink’s mill Company, Berry Brow Dearden Mrs Elizabeth, Northgate

There is

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Ailmondbury Directory.



Dean Joseph, registrar of births and deaths, Northgate Dongill Mrs Mary, Thorpe Easther Rev. Alfred, M.A. master of Free Grammar School Ellis Sml. clerk & sexton, Taylor hill Elstone Samuel (coal mert.), Salford Fenton Edgar (solicitor), Taylor hill Garner Mrs Elizabeth, Northgate Glendinning Charles (draper), Prim- rose hill Graham Richard Hewley, Esq, land agent for Sir John Ramsden, Bart. Longley Hall Green Rockley, wrhsmn. Castle hses Greenwood George Henry (woollen manufacturer), Thorpe villa Greenwood Jas. shuttle mkr. Scarr Haigh William Roulston (merchant), Dudmanstane house Hardy Rev. Arthur, B.A. curate Hallas John, policeman, Castle hill Hodgson Henry (painter), Salford Hartley Matthew (cotton breaker), Primrose hill Houghton Adam, manager Hirst John (quarry owner), (Moor- house & H.), Berry Brow Hulbert Rev. Chas. Augustus, M.A. (surrogate), hon. canon of Ripon, and vicar of Aldmondbury Jackson Charles, mungo merchant, I (Potter & J.), Dam side Johnson John, basket & skep manu- facturer, Salford Kaye Sutcliffe, quarry owner & brick maker, Newlaith hill Kendall Sam (painter), Salford Law Mrg Mary Ann, Prospect house,


Lee Alfred, clerk, Salford Lee Wm. (woollen manfr.), Northgt Littlewood Geo. (mungo dlr.), Salfd Littlewood Hy. news agt. Berry Brow Longley Mr Frederick, Dam side McKie Wm. station mstr. Berry Brow Marsden John, clth. finishr. Kid Royd Marshall Wm. fent dealer, Northgate Matthewman Wm. sculptor, Almond- bury bank (See ddvert. page 90) Midgley Thomas, proprietor of gas works, Northgate Moorhouse John, warshmn. Northet Murphy Wm. (ink & colour manfr.), and farmer, Southfield hs. Quarry hill (See Advert. p. 81) Potter & Jackson, shoddy & mungo merchants, Dam side Poole Mrs Abigail, Parkgate Priestley James, manufacturer (B. Vickerman & Sons); h Taylor hill Quarmby Joshua, news agt. Salford Robinson John, insurance agent, Vic- toria and Reliance, High street Roberts John William (manufactr.), Springfield house Rice Henry, news agent, Northgate Riley Mathw. rent & debt clr. Parket Shaw Abm. coml. trvlr. Primrose hill Shaw Bros. (Robt., Geo. & Henry), dyers, Northgate Shaw James (woollen manufacturer), Primrose hill Shaw Jonathan, whsmn. Berry Brow Shaw Timothy, shopmn. Berry Brow Stocks Charles, stonemason & bldr. (S. & Pearson), Berry Brow Sikes Edwd. bank mngr, Thorpe hs Smith Camm, manager, Parkgate Stephenson& Shaw, plasterers, Scarr

Sutcliffe Joseph, brewer & maltster,

Fenay bridge Sykes Mr Samuel, Lower houses Sykes Josephus (cotton warp maker}, Lower houses Taylor Frederick Nelson (manufac- turer), Newsome Taylor Mrs Hannah, Common Taylor Rowland, ironmner. Parkgt Threapleton Thomas, news agent, Primrose hill Thwaite Solomon, brewer, High st Varley John, coal mert. Berry Brow Vickerman Chas. mngr. Primrose hill Vickerman Jph.(B. & Sons), Taylor hl Vickerman Mrs Clementia, Taylor hl Waddington Wm. policeman, Parket West James, news agent, Newsome Wilson Mrs Esther, Primrose hill Wood Richard, warehsmn. Common


Black Bull, Robt. D. Hobson, Parket Castle, Mrs E. Leadbeatter, Castle hl Duke of Wellington, Joseph Woof- fenden, Newsome Fountain, Wm. Crossley, Newsome Golden Fleece, H. Roberts, Parkgate Grove Tavern, Mrs Bessy Broad- bent, Parlton grove New Inn, George Hirst, Salford Primrose, Mrs E. Berry, Primrose hl Radcliffe Arms, W. Noble, High st Railway Inn, Mrs Sarah Ann Hirst, Berry Brow Rose & Crown, J. Marsden, Northet Victoria Hotel, J. Farrand, Boothryd White Lion, Nathan Carter, Salford Woodman, J. Hawkyard, Primrose hl Woolpack, Richard Nobles, High st


Adams Mrs E. Berry brow Boothroyd J. Lower houses Brooksbank Ben, Parkgate Clay James, Taylor hill Dyson Enoch, Berry brow Harling Rbt. Hy., Northgt Kaye George, Dam side Messenger James, High st Morton James, Parkgate Noble John, Salford Pearson Ben, Newsome Rushforth Alfred, Parkegt


Ardron Joseph, Salford Dawson Benj. Berry brow Hinchliffe W. Primrose hl Horsfall H. Berry brow Kaye John, Northgate Lodge Joseph, Berry brow Messenger James North James, Newsome Nussey J. (& mert.), Nthgt Oldfield Jph, Castle houses Oldham Job, Berry brow Willans John


Brook George, Northgate Brooksbank Ben, Parkgate Dodson J. & T. Townend Hilton Ben, Parkgate Hobson Robt. D. Parkgate

Hodgson Robt. Fenay bdg Lodge George, Northgate Oldfield Jsha. Hall bower Poppleton Richd. Northegt Spivey William, Kay lane


Dyson Joseph, Berry brow Heeley John, Berry brow Oldham Job, Berry brow

Shaw Alfred, Northgate Towlson Thomas, Salford


Dickinson Wm. Kirkgate Jepson Thos. & Co. Kirket Midgley Mrs H. Northgate Priest A. (&mlnr.), Parkgt Roberts Jonathan, Parket Shaw Thomas, Berry brow Short Mrs Martha, Salford Thornton John, Northgate


Kaye Hamor (& chemist), Berry brow Lee David, Northgate


Arlom Stephen, Jack royd Arlom Geo. Bumroyd hs Bentley George & Charles, Quarry hill Battye Mrs Alice, Nook Beaumont Abm. Kid royd

Beaumont J. Wheat royd Benson James (& butter and egg mert.), Longley Berry Eli, Nook Berry William, Newsome Best John Berry, Dam side Blackburn John, Newsome Booth Mrs Martha, High st Bradley Wm. Hall bower Brooksbank Ben, Parkgt Crossley Wm. Newsome Crossley J. Castle houses Crowther Thos. Northgate Dawson William, Longley Dews John, Newsome Dickinson Wm. Kirkgate Dobson Thomas F., Birks Dransfield T. Clough hall Dransfield W. Clough hall Eastwood James, Kaye In Eastwood Jsha., Kaye In Eastwood Wm., Kaye lane Eyre Isaac, Quarry hill Farrand William, Birks Field Joseph Haigh G. & Son, Upper pk Hare Isaac, Oakes Harling Robt. Hy. Northegt Hartley Wm. Dodge royd Heaton John, Upper park Jagger J., Tunnacliffe hill Kaye George, Longley Kaye Sutcliffe, Longley Kenworthy J. Grass croft

Kershaw George, Longley Liversidge Hy. Hallbower Liversidge J. Hall bower Lockwood Wm. Fenay bdg Marsden Joseph, Northgt Mellor David Meilor Josiah, Northgate Mellor Mrs R., Common Mellor Joshua, Castle hill Mellor Tommy, Oakes Messenger James, High st Murphy Wm. Quarry hill Midgley John, Northgate Nobles Richard, High st Oldfield Jsha. Hall bower Parkin Brothers, Lumb Poppleton Richd. Northgt Roebuck Alfred, Longley Roebuck Danl. Lumb head Roebuck John, Lumb head Senior Joseph, Berry brow Shaw Mrs Mary, Northgt Shaw Joshua, Hall bower Shaw Thomas, Berry brow Spivey William, Kaye ln Stringer A. Castle houses Stringer Edw. Castle hill . Stringer Dvd. Castle hill Stringer Geo. Castle hill Sutcliffe James, Cold hill Swift Wm. Castle houses Sykes James, Longley Sykes Mark, Lower houses Townend Henry, Kaye ln +

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Vickerman Wm. Kid royd Wild Adam, Castle hill


Armitage Wm. Primrose hl Crossley John, Almond- bury bank Dawson Benjamin (& Hud- dersfield (See Advt.p.86) Lockwood Wm., Fenay bridge Pontey Wm. Quarry hill Thewlis Witr. Taylor hill


Crowther Thos. Northgate Dews John, Newsome Knight John, High street Lodge James, Castle hill


Ainley William, Kaye lane Ambler David, Taylor hill Armitage James, Northgt Armitage Richard, Scarr Armitage Samuel, Northgt Armitage W. Primrose hl Battye E. Primrose hill Beaumont J. W. Fenay bdg Beaumont Math. Parkgate ‘Blackburn Geo. Newsome Bloom Wm. Primrose hill Bradley Geo. Taylor hill Brook Fdk. Lower houses Brook John, Salford Brook Saml. Berry brow Campenot Joe (and corn dealer), Parkgate Capper Walter E. High st Co-op. Stores (Townend), Northgt; J. Bottomley : (Industrial Provident), Newsome st; Rt. Booth- royd: High st; Joseph Boothroyd : (Integrity & Provident), High st; J. Calvert: (Parkgate & Berry brow Co.); C. Smith Crossland Jin. Berry brow Crossley Abm. Taylor hill Crow Geo. Primrose bill Dawson Wm. Longley Dickinson William, Kirket Donkersley B. Primrose hl Donkersley Jas. Northgate

1760 acres, and 2707 inhabitants.

Dyson Hadfield (& baker), Parkgate Elstone 8. Lockwood brdg Farrant Rbt. Hy. Kaye In Gough J. Almondbury bunk Grant Mrs 8. A. Salford Haigh George, Taylor hill Haigh John, Primrose hill Hemingway P. Primrose hl Higgins Hy. Lockwd. brdg Higgins Henry, Salford Hirst Mrs M. Berry brow Howarth Isaac, Longley Jepson John, Salford Lee D. Northgt (& drugst) Lee George, Scarr Lever Joe, Primrose hill Littlewood H. Berry brow Liversidge J. Hall bower Lodge Mrs. Sar. Newsome Marsden My. Lwr. houses Mellor Jonathan, High st Midgley Mrs Hnh. Northgt Mitchell Mrs C. Salford Nettleton John, Salford Noble James, Northgate Shaw George, Northgate Shaw Mrs M. A., Salford Shaw T. & J. W. (& pro- vision dirs.), Berry brow Stell Mrs Mary, Northgate Stocks William, Salford Vickerman F. Berry brow Waddington G. Dam side Wilson Mrs M. Northgate Winterbottom Rd. Scarr Woodhouse B. Berry brow

JOINERS, &c. * are also Cabinet Makers. *Adams Walter, Parkgate Blackburn J. Primrose hill *Blacker Wm. Taylor hill Boothroyd J. Lower houses Crowther Wm. High st Dalton Job, Fenay lane Dalton James, Kirkgate Lockwood Hy. Berry brow Longbottom J. Berry brow *Oldham Chs. Berry brow *Stansfield Hy. Northgate *Waddington Abraham, Berry brow

PAINTERS & PLASTRS. Littlewood Jph. Northgate

Littlewood W. Berry brow Ramsden Tom, Northgate

MILNRS. & DRSSMKRS. Beaumont Miss M. Northet Beaumont Miss 8. Salford Holland Miss Helena, Hill- bank top Lee Miss Sar. Emma,Scarr

QUARRY OWNEBS. Moorhouse & Hirst, Berry brow Turner John, Thorpe

SCHOOLS. Bradley Math. Berry brow Brooke J. St. Helen’s gate Free Grammar; Rev. A. Easther, M.A. Jackson Miss Elizabeth National, Lower houses ; George Noble: Central, S. Mellor & Miss H. Ibbergon: Lockwood, Salford; Roberts & Mrs E. Donkersley : Infants, Miss A. EK. Shaw Tinker Miss My. Newsome Tinker Misses Elizbth. & Martha A. Primrose hill Wesleyan, Miss M. Rcbin- son, High street

SEEDSMEN. Armitage W. Primrose hill Crossley John, Almond- bury bank Dawson Ben (& florist), High st (See Advt. p. 86) Pontey Wm. Quarry hill Thewlis Wltr. Taylor hill

STONEMASONS. Capper Wltr. E. High st Crosley J. Newsome cresct Shaw Joseph, Berry brow Stocks & Pearson, Berry brow Sykes Mark, Lower houses

SURGEONS. Dyson Edward, Northgate Hamilton Alex. Berry brow TAILORS. ‘Marked * are Drapers. *Armitage Jph. Northet Dawson George, Dam side

AUSTONLBEY village and township, 8 miles 8S. by W. of Huddersfield, and 2 miles W. of Holmfirth, has

*Hardcastle G. Berry brow Houlgate Ben, Berry brow *Humpleby Primrose hl Inmann Sam, Primrose hl Jepson John, Primrose hl J. MeGuire, Prkegt Pashley Godfrey, Salford Riley Matthew, Parkgate *Shaw Elliott, Parkgate *Sykes John, Primrose hill Tweedale George, Scarr *Varley Joseph, Parkgate Woffenden Wm. Newsome

WHEELWRIGHTS. Crowther William, High st Dalton Job, Fenay lane

Jardinson John, Salford Milnes Matthew, Newsome


Berry Nathaniel, Scarr Houghton Roger, Northet Knight William, Almond- bury common Liversidge Sl. Hall bower Mallinson Thos. Grass cft Midgley Albert, Water Croft mills, Northgate Scott Robert & Co. St. Helen’s mill Sikes Henry (& finisher), Rushfield mills Sykes J. Almondbury bank Taylor Jsha. Joseph Hy., Almondbury common Taylor J. E. & Bros (John kK. & ©. W.), Birks mill Taylor & Lodge, Newsome Vickerman BL. & Sons, Tay- lor hill mls. Taylor hill


Midgley Albert, Water Croft mills, Northgate Midgley Saml. Hy. Northet Scott Robert & Co. St. Helen’s mill


George Armitage to Hud- dersfield daily


Trains from Berry brow several times a day

It includes part of Holme Bridge, where a neat Church (St. David’s) was built

in 1839, at a cost of £2000. The living is a vicarage, valued at £200, in the gift of the Vicar of Almondbury, and is now held by the Rey. John Fearon, B.A., who has a good residence, erected in 1845. The National School, built in 1841, is also at Holme Bridge, where the Wesleyans and Wesleyan Reformers have each a chapel. Here is a Scientific Institution, established in 1843, and also a Local Board of Health, incorporated in 1861. Post Orricz is at Mr. Benjamin Green’s. Letters are despatched vi@ Huddersfield, at 6.50 a.m. and 6.20 p.m.

Marked 1 are at Holme Bridge; the, Chatterton & Marshall, quarry ownrs , Roberts Jph. gamekpr. Isle of Skye

rest at Hinchliffe Mill, or where| 1 Fearon Rev John, B.A. vicar Hirst Mrs Mary, Digley

1 Kershaw Squire, Natl. schoolmstr Marsden Frederick, quarry owner,


Armitage Mrs Eliz. Austonley hall Barber Mrs Lydia, Carr house Battye Walter W. machine maker Broadhead John, assist. overseer and collector, and clerk to local board

Butterworth Mrs Jane Butterworth Mrs Sarah

Carter Mr James, New house

Digley end

1 Midgley Jonathan, dyer Mitchell John, machine maker 1 Oldham Joseph, toll collector Roberts Mr Geo. !| Roberts Mr Jph.

Roberts Mr Jonathan

Roberts Mrs Mary Ann Roebuck William, butcher Rogers William, card nailer Taylor William, nurserymn. Yew tree


Commercial, William Campenot Millers’ Arms, Mrs Sarah Peaker New Inn, Howard Hoyle

Oddfellows’ Arms, James Hinchliff

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Austoniey and South Crosland.


BEERHOUSES. Goddard Mrs R. Hanson Mrs Sar. CLOGGERS. Parson Robert Senior John DRAPERS. Charlesworth N. Kenyon Mrs EH. FARMERS. Addy Mrs Ann Barber David Beardsall Saml. Bedford Francis Booth John

acres and 2794 inhabitants. fabric, with a square tower, containing one bell.

Bradbury Chpr. Bradbury John Coldwell Eli Crosland Richd. Cuttell John Ellis Jonathan Firth Mrs Alice Hardy Smil. & Co. Hirst George Littlewood Edwn Littlewood Jnthn Lockwood Elijah Lockwood Thos. Mellor James Mellor James

Midgley Jonthn. Moody Joseph Moorhouse Jas. Morton Sam Tinker James Tinker Joseph Tinker Uriah Tinker William Wild Wm. & Wltr Whiteley Wm. Woodhouse John GROCERS AND

SHOPKEEPERS. Broadhead John Cuttell John

Howard Henry Hardy Sml. & Co. Haigh Mrs Betty Littlewood Jsha. 1 Green Benj. Winfield Wm. Woodhouse John Wood Mrs Sarah JOINERS. Hinchliffe Jnthn. Hirst Henry Hollingworth Hy. Hollingworth J. SHOEMAKERS. Rayner Henry

CROSLAND (SOUTH) a village on a lofty acclivity, 4 miles S. of Huddersfield, has in its township 1560

Senior John TAILORS. Booth Henry Crosland Joshua Dawson William WOOLLEN MFRS. 1 Barber Joshua and Sons Barber Thomas Butterworth Hy. and Samuel Butterworth Joe Butterworth Jsha Butterworth and Roberts

valued at £165, in the gift of the Vicar of Almondbury, and incumbency of the Rev. G. Netherton, a large village in this township, are a Mechanics’ Institute, established in 1846, an Oddfellows’ Hall,

and a Wesleyan Chapel, the latter erected in 1866.

Methodists in this township, where there are a British and two National schools.

Carter James R.

Charlesworth G. Hobson Jonas & Sons (F. & W.) 1 Moorhouse Sml and James Tinker George

CARRIER. Jonas Hinchliffe, to Huddersfield daily The nearest Rail- way station is at Holmfirth

The Church (Holy Trinity), finished in 1829, at a cost of £2500, is aneat stone The benefice is a vicarage with residence, erected in 1846, Hough, M.A. At

There is also a place of worship belonging to the Free Armitage Bridge,

although in Almondbury township, is now a separate parish for ecclesiastical purposes, and has a hand- some church (St. Paul’s), built by the liberality of the Messrs. Brooke, at a cost of about £7000, and conse-

crated in 1848.

It has a square tower and six bells; and the living is a perpetual curacy, valued at£150, with

residence, in the gift of the vicar of Almondbury, and incumbency of the Rey. James Gratrix, M.A., for whom

the Rey. A. Hardy, B.A. officiates.

Post is at Mrs Elizabeth North’s, Netherton.

Money Order Office.

Marked 1, are at Netherton; 2, Ar- mitage Bridge; and the rest at South Crosland, or where specified. 1 Armitage Law, warehouseman 1 Baxter Joseph (woollen manufactr) 1 Blakeley Jas., Wm. Hy., & Edwin joiners & builders (James & Sons) 1 Bradley Mr Thomas 2 Brooke Thomas, Esq., J.P. 2 Calvert William Dean, surgeon Crosland Abraham, mill manager 1 Dyson George (solicitor) 1 Gledhill Ben, clogger Gooddy Edw. C. Esq, (cotton spnnr) 2 Hardy Rev. Arthur, B.A., curate St. Paul’s 2 Hay Joseph, gardener Heap Allen (exor. of Geo. Heap, manufacturer), Crosland mills Heap Joseph, manufacturer (John & Brothers), St. James’s house Heap Robt. (John & Bros.), Grove hs Hough Rev. George, M.A. vicar 1 Ibberson James, stone merchant (I. & Varley) Lees & Brooksbank, mfg. chemists Lees John & Brooksbank) 1 Littlewood John, station master 1 McCollem John, tailor 1 Mellor Thomas Henry, sexton 1 North George Henry, bookkeeper 1 Oldfield Mr Charles 1Pearson W.stonemsn. (Stocks & P.) Platt Tom, station master 1 Taylor John, chapel keeper 1 Schofield & Hodgkinson, finishers Schofield Joseph, parish clerk 2 Tomkins J. parish clk. (St. Paul’s)

FARNLEY TYAS is a village of Huddersfield.


2 Tinker Richd. clerk, Armitage brdg 1 Varley James, stone merchant (Ibberson & Y.) Walker William Hy. (woollen mfr.)

Wigney Mrs Eliz. Netherton moor Woffenden Joseph, toll bar collector

1 Wood George (butcher) 1 Wrigley Henry (cotton spinner) 1 Wrigley Mrs Harriet 1 Wrigley James (woollen manufr) 1Wrigley Joseph (woollen manufactr)


Beaumont Arms, William Barker 2 Big Valley, Jesse Kaye Fleece, Ingham Smith King’s Arms, Richard Battye 1 Rose & Crown, Joe Mellor Traveller’s Rest, Henry France

BEERHOUSES. 1 Heaton Wm 1 Moore Mrs Ann 1 Todd Joseph BLACKSMITHS. 1 Barker Joseph Sheard Henry 1 Sheard George BUTCHERS. 2 Lockwood Edw 1 Lunn Robert 1 Wood John COAL MERCHANTS. Mellor Thomas Mellor William FARMERS. Barker David Barker George Barker William Bates John

Bates Joseph Bates George Battye Richard Beaumont Edwin Blakeley Joseph 1 Bradley Allen Brook Joseph Brook Mrs R. Brooksbank Brooksbank J. Dawson J. & A. France Henry Gledhill Joseph Haigh Emanuel Holmes Anthony Holroyd Charles 1 Kaye Richd. C. Kershaw Thomas Littlewood Mrs M 2 Lockwood Edw

Marshall Joseph Mellor Thomas Mellor Joseph

Mellor James

Mellor Wright Mellor Wiliam Mitchell John Roberts Enoch Smith Ingham Swallow Allen Sykes John Sykes C. & W. Taylor Abraham Tunnacliffe Dvd GROCERS AND SHOPKEEPERS. 1 Bradley Allen & draper) 2 Burhouse Thos 1 Earnshaw Dvd 1 Dyson Giles 1 Gledhill Hy 1 Graham Allen (& draper) Lockwood John Mellor William 1Netherton Trad- ing Co.; John Broadbent,mgr Quarmby Mrs M. 1 Rodgers Thos 1 Schofield Mrs 2 Shaw Alfred 1 Wood Richard 2 Wood Thomas

JOINERS. 1 Blakeley J. & Sons (See Advt. page 70)

Letters vid Huddersfield. Lockwood is the nearest

ockwood Allen SCHOOLS. Calvert Mrs M.A 2 Clay James & Mrs E. Gardiner Alfonzo Jones Alfred Roberts Enoch SHOEMAKERS. Barratt Mrs M. 1 Crowther Sam (& clogger) 1 Gledhill W. H. Haigh John 2 Hawksyard T. Moorhouse Edw STONEMASONS. Holroyd Bethel Oldfield H. & KE. LStocks& Pearson Senior George STONE MERTS. &¢. 1 Ibberson and Varley Oldfield H. & E, WOOLLEN MFRS. 2 Beaumont J. & Co. Brooke John and Sons

Donkersley Jonas Timothy and Daniel

Heap Edw. & A. (exors. of Geo. and Joshua) Heap J. & Bros 2 Tolson, Haigh and Brooke

and township containing 1623 acres, and 650 inhabitants, 4 miles 8.8.E.

The Church (St. Lucius) was built in 1838, by the Karl of Dartmouth, who has an ancient

mansion here, called Woodsome Hail, and is patron of the benefice, which is a perpetual curacy, valued at

£100, and in the incumbency of the Rey. Cutfield Wardroper, who has here a good residence.

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Almondbury Parish.

Letters vid Huddersfield. The nearest Money Order Office is at Almondbury, and Railway Station at


Bower Geo. stonemason & contractr Brown Tindal & Thomas, joiners Gelder John, assist. oversr. & colletr Haigh John William, schoolmaster Hallas Richard, clerk and sexton Hallas Mr Robert, Lud hill Kaye Mrs Sarah, vict. Golden Cock Kaye Robert, timber merchant Lee John, blacksmith Legge Hon. Captain Charles Gaunt, Woodsome Hall Mellor John, shoemaker Nowell Mrs Frances, Farnley wood Ramsden Chs. drysalter, Royd house Redfearn Richard, corn miller, Woodsome mill

Roberts J. W. & Son (Rd.), brewers Sugden Herbert, manufacturing che- mist, Woodsome lees Walker William, stonemason Wilson G. agt. for Earl Dartmouth Wardroper Rev. Cutfield, incumbent,

The Parsonage BUTCHERS. Kaye Edward Roberts Richards Shaw Giles Shaw George Turner James &

Buckley James Crossley Jonthn. Dodson John Eastwood James Eastwood Jthn. Eastwood Joseph

Joseph Eastwood Michl. FARMERS. Farrand William Bradley Henry Gill John

Haigh John Ibbotson William Kaye George Kaye Henry Kaye Joseph Kaye Robert Kaye Mrs Sarah Mallinson Mrs M. Redfearn Richd. Roebuck Robert Scaif Benjamin Scott Joseph Senior Mrs Sarah Senior Mrs 8. A. Shaw George Shaw Giles

Shaw Joseph Shaw W. Johnsn, Turner Nelson Walker Wm. Woodhouse Wm. WoodhouseW. jn.


Kaye George Kaye Henry Scaif Benjamin


Hallas Joah Lockwood John Sharp Joe Thorn. ton, Bank foot

HOLME, 4 scattered village and township, 9 miles 8.8.W. of Huddersfield, contains 3990 acres, and had 807

inhabitants in 1861. ship, as noticed at page 440.

It is in the Graveship of Holme. The School is endowed with £16. 5s. per annum.

Letters via Huddersfield; but Holmfirth is the nearest Money Order Office.

Beardsell AHred, woollen manufactr Denton Elihu and Mrs Hannah, schoolmaster & mistress Hatfield John, shopkeeper Kaye Charles Hinchliffe, butcher, and victualler, Fleece Mitchell Henry, quarry owner, & bhs

Woodhead Jonas, shoemaker FARMERS. Garlick George Askham William ! Garlick Mrs §S. Beardsell David I Green Edmund Brierley Charles I Haigh Abraham Cartwright Hy Haigh Joseph Clough John Hatfield Jesse

Howard James Howard Joshua Howard Mark Kay Jonathan Leak Edmund Moorhouse Jph Noble John

The Church at Houme Bripcx, is in Austonley town-

Schofield James Sykes John WoodhouseJonag RAILWAY. The nearest sta-

tion is at Holm- firth

HONLEY, 3 miles 8. of Huddersfield, and 23? N. from Holmfirth, is a large well-built clothing village and

railway station, on a pleasant eminence in the picturesque valley of the river Holme.

Its township and chapelry

contains 2790 acres of land, and increased its inhabitants from 2529 in 1801, to 5597 in 1851, but decreased to 4626 in 1861, owing to the exhaustion of collieries and a reduction in the number of hands employed in manu-


The Church (St. Mary) was rebuilt in 1842-3, at a cost of £4000, and is a perpetual curacy, with

Brockholes annexed, valued at £300, in the patronage of the vicar of Almondbury, and incumbency of the Rev.

John Jones. £1100.

Allen George Shaw, cattle dealer Beardsell Mrs Ruth, Brockholes hs Beaumont Edward, ironmonger and leather cutter Bell Andrew, engineer & millwright (See Advertisement, page 82) Bottomley Miss Martha Bray Benj. Townsend, ginger beer mfr Brooke Mrs Ann, Northgate house Brooke Jno. Arthur, Esq.Northgate hs Brooke Wm. Esq. J.P. Northgate hs Carter Mr John Armitage Carter Stanley, twine spinner Cronin Rev Patrick, curate Cudworth Joseph, veterinary surgeon Dean Mrs Sarah, Berry croft Eastwood Thomas, timber dealer Ellis William (cloth finisher) Farrington Jas. newspaper reporter France Mrs Ann || Haigh Allen, clerk Gledhill (John William) and Roberts (Charles), bobbin makers Haigh Benjamin, yeast dealer Haigh George Armitage, brewer and maltster Haigh Wm. stationmstr. Brockholes Heap Mr Robert, Grove house Hellawell Charles, wisk maker (Dan) & Crompton (Thos.), painters Jph. colir. for Local Board

Letters vid Huddersfield.

Hirst Mrs Esther || Hirst Mr George Holmes Enoch, tinplate worker Holmes John, tinner and brazier Jessop Thomas, Esquire Jones Rev John, incumbent of Hon- ley-with-Brockholes, Parsonage Lees Mr Edward, Bleak cottage Littlewood William, gas manager Lockwood Josiah, mill manager Lodge George, newsagent Mellor Abraham, relieving officer Mellor Mrs My. || Middleton Mr Jno. Mitchell (Walter) & Parker (Robert), card manufacturers Moss Allen, card dealer Owen Allen Hellawell (solicitor ) Redfearn William, surveyor to Local Board Roebuck Mrs Fanny, tobaeconist Sanderson Thomas, eloth dealer Siddon Miss Emily Frances Stocks Benjamin, architect Thackray Henry, chemist & druggist Tiley Daniel, earthenware dealer Turner John, police sergeant Wharton Josiah, stationmstr. Honley Whitworth Joseph, assist. overseer, clerk to Local Board, registrar of birthe & deaths, & estate & ins. agt Wigston Joseph, stocking manufr

Wilkinson Mr William

The Parsonage House, built in 1846-7, cost £1200; and the National School, erected in 1846, The Independents, Wesleyans, and Primitive Methodists have chapels here.

The Post and Money OrprerR Orrice and Savincs’ Baxx is at Mr. John Tilburn’s. at Mr. Charles Woodhead’s, at Brockholes.

There is also a sub-office

Wood James and Mrs Emma, master

and matron of Deanhouse workhs Wood Michael, card nailer Wood Waide, tanner



Coach and Horses, Charles Walker Commercial, Mrs Catherine Wilson Jacob’s Well, Benj. Townsend Bray Travellers’ Rest, John Holdroyd Waggon & Horses, Samuel Norcliffe

Wheat Sheaf, Mrs Ann Sanderson

BEERHOUSES. Bates William Durrans Geo. D. Eastwood Joseph Hellawell James Moss John Senior Mrs Nancy Stockwell Daniel Turner Mrs Ann Wimpenny Wm. Wood John BAKERS. Armet, Isaac Crosland Charles Sanderson Thos, BLACKSMITHS. Boothroyd Eli Kastwood George Firth George

Moorehouse John Wood Thomas BUTCHERS. Durrans Geo. D. Haigh W. (pork) Biltcliffe John Lockwood Edwd. Smith Joseph Townend John Walker George Walker Jiaw - Walker William CLOGGERS. Bray William Smith Hezekiah Wimpenny Wm. CLOTH FINISHERS: Donkersley Ben- jamin & Wm,

Page 95

Ellis, Brook, and Company France George & Son (Geo. jun. and John) Rathmell (Elijah) and Thornton (Wm. Henry) Schofield (David) & Hodgkinson (John) Thornton, son & Co.



Cockshaw Thos. Crosland George Haigh John (coal owner) Howarth John Kilburn William Tilburn John

CORN MILLERS. Haigh George A. Hirst (Wm.) and Lockwood (E.)

CLOCK MAKERS, Curnock John Haigh John

DRAPERS. Shaw Thomas Whitworth Jph.

FARMERS. Barker George Bates William Battye Charles Battye James Battye Thomas Beard William Beaumont John Biltcliff John Bradley David Bray Edward Broadbent Benj. Brook Giles Castle George Clarkson James Copley Mrs Hanh Cousen John Dearnley Miss H. Dyson John Dyson William Eastwood Benjn. Firth Allen France Edwin

France Hy., Joel, and John Howe Gillott Edward Graham Edward Haigh George Haigh Geo. H. & John Oldfield Haigh John Haigh Richard Heap Hdward Heap George Heywood Win, Hinchliff Allen Hinchliff George Hirst James Hirst Thos. & Sar Hobson Abel Hobson David Hobson Eli Hobson George Hobson John Hobson Jonas Hobson Jonathn Holmes James Jenkinson Benjn Kaye John Kaye Jonas Kaye Joseph Littlewood Benjn Littlewood Henry Lodge Joah Lumb Lewis Mellor Joseph Middleton Whltr Noble David Noble Joseph Preston Charles

Rollinson John Sanderson Luke Schofield Charles Schofield John Shaw Thomas Smith Simeon Stockwell Daniel Sykes Jumes Theaker Brown Vantrey Allen Wainwright Jph Wimpenny Jph Woffenden Geo. (& cattle dlr) GENERAL DLRS. Haigh John Lodge George

Wonley and Lingards.


Eastwood Joseph (& fishmonger) Grecn Joseph Hobson Edward (& fishmonger)


Armitage David Armitage Thos Barraclough Edw Beaumont, Thos Beever Henry Boothroyd Mrs A. Staveley Bray Alfred Brook Elliott Brook Joseph Coldwell George Co-op. Society’s Stores; J. Wim. Berry, managr Crosland George Dawson George Drake Samuel (& corn dealer) France Mrs Jane Genner Charles Graham Edward Green Job Green George (& printer & news- agent) Green George (& general dealer)

, Greenwood Jph Roebuck Thomas I Roebuek William

Heap George Hellawell James Kaye Mrs Bhiz (& tallow chandlr) Lilly Bill (& coal dealer) Matthewman G. Mellor John Midwood Jph. (& tallow chandlr) Mitchell Samuel (& draper) Morton George Roebuck Dvd. Hy Schofield John Walker John Waterhouse Mrs Wood Crosland Wood John

Woodhead Chas. Brockholes Woodhead Chas. & corn dealer), Deanhouse HAIRDRESSERS, Curnock John Green Godfrey HEALD &C. MERS. Crosland Mrs H. Kilner Joseph JOINERS & CABI- NET MAKERS. Holdroyd Edw. (& builder) Kaye Jonas Lockwood J. W. Midwood Thomas Moorhouse John Oldfield Benjamn Waite Joseph MILLINERS. Brooks Miss Ih. Sykes Miss C. MILLWRIGHTS, &¢. Beaumont Joseph Bell Andrew, saw mill works (See Advt. page 82.) Mitchell Joseph (machine mkr) PAINTERS. Hobson George Spence Thomas PLASTERERS. I

Whitehead John Whitehead Jph Whitehead Luke PLUMBERS. France William Lockwood Abhm SADDLERS. Kaye Benjamin Kinder Abraham SCHOOLS. Hoyle William National, J. Dear- den & Misses d. & A. Brook National, Brock-

holes; Miss C. Coulson Platt Miss Mtlda Whiteley Mrs F.


Barker George

Barker Thomas Barker Tom

Bean James Brook John Brook William Carter Benjamin Green Walton Haigh Frank Hobson Jonathan Lucas Simon Sykes James Sykes Jonas Stead Thomas Theaker Brown Warrington John Wood Edwin Wood George Wood Joah Wood Joseph


Heaton Thomas Pontefract Jph SIZING BOILERS. Barker William (& strap mkr} Bower Thomas Lee John (& tripe dresser) Lee Sam Noble David Poppleton Chas


Eastwood Saml. Moss John Taylor Benjamin


Davidson George Dyson Alexander


Bradley William Castle Joseph Gudger David Holmes Philip Kinder Joshua Senior Alfred Thornton Joe H. Walker Eneas Woodhead Allen (& draper) WASIE DEALERS.

Battye Henry Sykes Wiliam


Coldwell James Wood Thomas


Beardsell Bros. & Broughton Beaumont Wm. & Benjamin Beaumont Jsha, & Co. Dean (Charles) & Hey John Denham, Dearn- ley & Co. Donkersley Wm Dodson David Dyson Thomas France B. & Sons Franee J. & Son (John William) Greenwood Jph. Haigh John Wm. Heap Edward Heaps (Allen) & Walker (W.H.) Lee Chas. & Son Littlewood John & Sons Mellor James Mellor Richard

, Pontefract Jph I Robinson James I (& spinner) - Roebuck Robert ; Sanderson John Scott G. & Sons (Jas. & John) Shaw (J.) & Et- chell (Thomas) Siddon J. (spnr.) Taylor John Taylor William Wrigley J. & Sons

RAILWAY trains from Honley and Brockholes _ sta- tions several times a day CARRIERS to

Huddersfield, A. Firth, daily; W. Lilley, Tuesday ; J. Barker, Tues. Wed. & Friday

LINGARDS, or Lingarths, five miles S.W. of Huddersfield, is a township included in the manor and chapelry of Slaithwaite- cum-Lingards, containing 500 acres and about 800 inhabitants, most of whom are in

Slaithwaite village and attend the Church there. which is centrally situated in the township.

Letters vid Slaithwaite, which is the nearest Money Order Office. Ashton Ths. skin mert. Lingard’s fld Bamford Benjamin, wheelwright Bamforth Isaac, National schoolmstr Derbyshire Arthur Wm. coml. tvllr Dyson William, blacksmith Garside Joshua, sizing boiler Holroyd Alexander, joiner Holroyd Miss Ann, viet. Dyer’s Arms Mellor John, schoolmstr. School ter Shaw Mr Richard, Broadfields Sugden Samuel (dyer) . Sutcliffe Nathan, cattle dealer Varley Edward & David, joiners

Varley John, agent to the Earl of Dartmouth; & corn miller Varley Thos. Lawson, quarry owner, and stone merchant, Bottoms

FARMERS, Bamford James Bamford John Bamforth Abm Bamforth Joshua Broadbent Wim. Clay Thomas Eagiand Daniel Garside Enoch

Garside George Hirst John Meal Daniel Meal David Meal James Mellor Misses E. and Sarah M. Pogson Henry Shaw Eh, Hollin

Raweliffe John (& surveyor) Sykes Benjamin Sykes John Taylor Samuel Taylor J. Hollin Thornton Charles GRCRS. & DRAPRS. Eastwood Thos. Sutcliffe Sml. jun Sykes Ldward PNTRBS. & PLASTRS Sutcliffe Samuel

Divine service is occasionally held in the National school, (See page 437.)

Sutcliffe Nathan (& asst.overseer)

SHOEMAKERS. Pogson Joseph Thorpe Wiliam I WOOLLEN MANFRS,

Barrow Richd. P. Beaumont Saml Brierley (Jnthn.) & Hirst (Jph.) Haigh John Haigh Jph. & Ths

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Almondbury Parish.

LINTHWAITE township lies north of Lingards, and extends from 2 to 4 miles S.W. of Huddersfield. It contains 1334 acres, and 4,300 inhabitants, and includes most of the village of Milnsbridge and part of Slaith-

Two-thirds of it are in the baronial manor of Wakefield, and the rest is in the Honour of Pontefract.

The Church, dedicated to Christ, was built by Government, and finished in 1829, at a cost of £3000. Mitns- bridge Church, dedicated to St. Luke, was erected in 1845, at a cost of £3,500 (including the vicarage house),

raised by subscription and grants.

The land was given by Sir Joseph Radcliffe, Bart.

Both are vicarages in

the gift of the Vicar of Almondbury, the Rev. Wm. Hy. Girling being incumbent of the former, valued at £170, and the Rev. Newton R. Lloyd, B.D., of the latter, worth £165 per annum, together with a good residence to

each benefice.

The Baptists have a chapel at Milnsbridge, ereeted in 1843, and the Wesleyans a large one, built

in 1867, at a cost of £3000, defrayed by George Mallinson, Esq., who also gave its site. The National schools,

belonging to St. Luke's and Christ Church, and the Wesleyan school are well attended; and in the township

are a Mechanics’ Institute and a Local Board of Health.

The Post and Money Oxver is at Mr Alfred Hanson’s, at Milnsbridge; and at Hoylehouse is also a

sub office.

Those marked 1 are at Milnsbridge. 1 Ainley Mr Benjamin 1 Armitage George, Hisq. J.P. Armitage John, road surveyor Baxter Squire, flock dealer (Dyson Samuel and Co.) 1 Beevers Alfred, painter Barton Rey William Dawson (Wes.) 1 Calverley and Beaumont, cloth finishers Coates Joseph, card maker Cock and Dyson, dyers 1 Dawson Dan, dyer (Brothers) and manufacturing chemist 1 Denham Charles, tanner & currier Dyson Allen, manfr. (Joseph & Sons) 1 Dyson Eli, Henry & Edwin, manu- facturers (HK. & G. & Brothers) Dyson Ginnethon, manufacturer (E. and G. and Brothers) Dyson Joseph, mfr. (E. & G. & Bros.) 1 Dyson Hiram & Alfred, manufac- turers (Joseph & Sons) 1 Eastwood Mr John Foden George, commercial traveller Girling Rev William Henry, vicar of Linthwaite Hague Charles, toll collector 1 Haigh Mrs Helena, dressmaker 1 Haigh Henry, dyer (H. & Heaton) Haigh John, yarn agent 1 Hanson Alfred, stationer, hair- dresser, and postmaster Hellawell John & James, millwrights 1 Hogley Joseph, designer Holroyd James, bookkeeper Horsfall George (manufacturer) 1 Kaye Mr Jay.!| 1 Lockwood Mrs My. Lloyd Rev Newton Rossendale, B.D. vicar of Milnsbridge Ramsden James, manuftg. chemist Raweliffe James, cloth finisher Roberts William, surgeon 1 Robinson Mrs Sarah Rushforth Mr William Rushforth Joshua, mfr. (Lee & R.) Shaw John & Bros. cotton spinners Shaw George, county court bailiff Shaw Benjamin John, engineer and millwright Shaw Isaac Hall, heald maker Spivey Joseph, watch & clock dlr Shaw 'Thomas, toll collector Schofield Jonathan, bldr. (Jno.& Son) Shaw John, tinner ||] Walker Mr Jas. 1 Sykes Jas. (woollen mfr.}, Croft hs 1 Taylor Benton, bookkeeper 1 Taylor Joseph, yarn spinner Walker Kdmund, gentleman 1 Wardle Jno. herbalist & coffee rms

ete pe

Letters vid Huddersfield.


1 Whitwam Mrs Caroline Whiteley Nathan & Henry (manfrs) INNS AND TAVERNS. 1 Armitage Arms, Abm. Donkersley Bath Hotel, Israel Eastwood Coach and Horses, Robert Lewis 1 Four Horse Shoes, Joseph Butler 1 Horse & Groom, Thomas Morley Star, Sidney Ashton Ivy, Alfred Beevers Warren House, Henry Stocks

BEERHOUSES. Balderston Jas. Baxter Joel Dyson Mrs Ada Dyson William Eastwood Henry Garlick John Hirst Alfred 1 Johnson Elliott Sykes James Whiteley Joe BREWERS. Dyson James Marshall Joseph Marshall Walter and Joo (malt- sters) Stocks Henry Stocks Samuel BLACKSMITHS. 1 Bark Frederick Brook Joseph Brooks John 1 Burton John (and farrier) 1 Clegg James 1 Cusworth Thos Rayner William BUTCHERS. 1 Armitage Joe Carter John Haigh Joseph Heppenstall Seth Lightowler Mrs J. 1 Sykes Joe Wadsworth John CLOGGERS. 1 Haigh William 1 Kershaw Abm. DRAPERS. 1 Fitton George 1 Milnes Joseph 1 Mitchell Henry 1 Nicholson C.H. and Co. 1 Sykes John 1 Wadsworth Alf. Woodhead God-

frey (& drysltr.)

DYERS. 1 Dawson Bros. (John, Dan, & Thomas) 1 Haigh & Heaton FARMERS.

Baxter George 1 Beaumont Luke Bottom Mark Brook Joseph Dyson Mrs Hanh. Dyson Humphry. Dyson James Dyson John Hirst John B. Kaye George Lockwood Geo. Lumb John (and I cattle dealer) Mallinson Geo. Morton Benj. Pickles Joseph Quarmby Richd. Ramsden Hugh Schofield John Schofield sizer) Swallow George Sykes James Thorp James Walker David Whiteley Joseph Whiteley Nathan Williams Henry GREENGROCERS. 1 Daniel Joseph 1 Gee Joseph Hirst Enoch Quarmby James GROCERS AND SHOPKEEPERS. Asquith Mrs My. 1 Baxter James Beaumont Mrs J. 1 Beaumont Luke (& wine & spirit merchant)

Bray John

Dawson Robert

1 Eastwood Miss 1 Fitton George Garside John and Thomas 1 Gledhill James Greaves John W. 1 Huddersfield Indust]. Co-op. stores (brnch.); J. Jebson, mgr 1 Lee William Linthwaite Co- op. stores; B.

Broadbent,mgr ;

1 Nicholson C. H. and Co. 1Quarmby Mrs J. Schofield John, Newcroft Schofield John Shaw James Sykes Edwin and John Taylor James Taylor Mrs Mrth. 1 Unsworth Chas Wood Benjamin 1 Wood George JOINERS & BLDRS. (* are also Wheel- wrig hts.) 1 Balmford Jph. 1 Briggs Amos 1*Cusworth Thos 1*Harpin G. W. Joseph 1*Lee William 1 Saville Jas. (& cabinet maker) PAINTERS AND PLASTERERS. 1 Bottomley Jph. Bottomley Geo. Lockwood Abm. Sutcliffe Joseph Sutcliffe Thomas QUARRY OWNERS. Armitage Rd. R. Barrett Joseph Kaye George Schofield Nimrod and Co. Walker John Whiteley John SCHOOLS. Barrett T. (brdg.) Christ Church, Robrt. Cadwell Rawlinson Mrs

Mary Ann

1 Saville Mrs Ann 1 St. Luke's, Hy. Whiteley Wesleyan, Wil- liam Sykes Whiteley Mrs My SHOEMAKERS, Baxter Alfred 1 Graham Edwin 1 Hepworth Wm. Redfearn Joseph Wilson John STONEMASONS. Quarmby Thos. Schofield Jobn & Son TAILORS. Goodyear Saml. 1 Hepworth Wm. 1 Jones Samuel (and draper) 1 Lockwood Jph. Ramsden Hugh Wood Francis WASTE AND FLOCK DEALERS, Dyson Sml. & Co. 1 Hall Thos. Hy. 1 Lee and Rush- forth Ramsden Sam Sykes & Walker WOOLLEN MANFRS. 1 Armitage Bros. Armitage Wm. 1 Balmforth Jph. Baxter George 1 Beamont John Brierley Jonthn. Crowther Jabez Dawson Robert 1 Dyson E. & G. and Brothers 1 Dyson Joseph and Sons Hiret John Holroyd Hugh Iredale William Mallinson George and Son (Eli) 1 Mellor James and Son Ramsden Mill Co. (scribblers and fulling millers) J. Holroyd, sec. Ramsden Thos.

and Sons Shaw Eli

Wood William

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Lockwood Directory. 445

LOCKWOOD is a railway station, and a large, well-built and pleasant village, delightfully situated in the valley of the Holme, near its confluence with the other branch of the river Colne, 1 mile S. of Hud- dersfield. Its eommodious Spa Baths, built in 1827, are only half a mile from Huddersfield, and thea water is highly esteemed for its medicinal virtues in glandular, rheumatic, gouty, and cutaneous com- plaints; and the village affords accommodation for visitors of any grade, and part of it extends into Almondbury township. The railway passes through here over a stupendous viaduct of 36 arches, resting on lofty stone piers. The township of Lockwood had a population of 6755 in 1861, and contains 804 acres of land, chiefly belonging to Sir John William Ramsden, Bart., Sir Joseph Ratcliffe, Bentley Shaw, Esq., and some small owners. The Church (St. Emanuel), built by Government in 1830, at a cost of £3000, stands in Salford hamlet, and is a good stone structure, comprising nave, aisles and chancel. The living is a rectory, valued at £320, in the patronage of the Vicar of Almondbury, and incumbency of the Rev. Thomas Barton Benstead, M.A., who has a residence here. Rashcliffe,in the township of Lockwood, was constituted a new ecclesiastical district, and its Church (St. Stephen), erectcd in 1864, at a cost of about £2000, on a site given by Bentley Shaw, Esq., is a neat stone building, consisting of nave, transepts, chancel, and bell turret, and having 608 sittings, half of which are free. The living is a vicarage, valued, with residence, at £300 a year, in the patronage of the Rector of Lockwood and incumbenecy of the Rev. Daniel John McKimm. The Wes- leyans, Frea Methodists, and Baptists have chapels here, and that belonging to the last denomination was enlarged in 1869. In connection with each of the churches and most of the chapels are large day and Sunday schools. The Mechanics’ Institute, established in 1844, and occupying a handsome building erected in 1866, at a cost of £1600, has a good library and reading-room for both males and females, and a working men’s club and reading-room, together with a large room capable of accommodating 800 persons, and in connection with it is a Penny Savings’ Bank. The manufacture of plain and fancy woollen goods and the extensive brewery of Messrs. Bentley and Shaw give employment to many of the inhabitants. The foundation stone of the new Workhouse for Huddersfield Union was laid here in 1869, and the building, estimated to cost

£20,000, will be finished in 1872.

The Post and Money OrpEr OFFIcE and Savinas’ Banx is at Mr. Edward Hawkyard’s, Bridge street.

are received and despatched twice a day, vid Huddersfield.

Those marked 1 are at Rashcliffe; and 2, Crosland moor. Abbey John Henry (surveyor) Abbey John Newton (agent) & Richd. Henry (druggist), Mount pleasant Abbey Mrs Sarah, Mount pleasant Arnold Wm. boiler mkr. Birkhouse Armstrong John, china, &e. dealer Armitage Frdk. Whiteley, traveller Avison Thos. commercial traveller Baldrick Geo. Jas. Inland rev. officer Barker Rey. John (Bapt.) View pl Battye Mrs Eliza, Meltham road 1 Baxter James, clerk and sexton Beaumont Charles (coal merchant) 2 Beaumont William, foreman dyer Bensted Rey. Thos. Barton, M.A. rector & surrogate, Rectory Bentley & Shaw, brewers, maltsters, & wine & spirit merts. Lockwood brewery; and Huddersfield Berry George, marine store dealer Berry Godfrey, gentleman, Swan gry 1 Bland Thomas, rope & twine mfr Bower Original, miullwright, and washing machine, &c. maker Bradley Mr John, Lockwood crescent Branch Joseph, fishmonger 1 Brier F. VY. & P. O. clog iron mkrs Brooke John, jun. (mfr.) Spring vale Brook Miss Martha, Longfield house Brook Wm. earthenware dlr. New st Broughton John, warehouseman Brown Mr Henry, Buxton road Buckley John Thos. asst. surveyor Buckley Owen, mill manager Burman William (timber mercht) Burrans Joshua Hy. coml. traveller Carmichael William, auctioneer and furniture broker 2 Clayton Wm. silk mill’manager 2 Cliff Mr Joseph Cocking John, clerk to Huddersfield Board of Guardians, Dry clough Crosland Chas. mfr. (Geo. & Sons) Crosland John Woodhead, manufac- turer (George & Sons)

Crowther Alfred, mfr. (Hy. & Sons) Cusworth John, smallware dealer Davis William (lithographer) 2 Donkersley John, mill manager Dow John, surgeon, Meltham road Dyson James, station master Dyson George, sculptor, and regis- trar of births and deaths Firth Jph. yarn spnr. (John & Sons) Fisher Edward & Co. silk spinners Frobisher Fretchfield, fine drawer Frost James, warehousemn. Swan ln 2 Gledhill John (manufacturer) Gill James, watch and clock maker Goodall W. Swain, surgn. Buxton rd Haigh Joe (manufacturer), Dungeon Haigh John (cloth finisher) 1 Haigh George Henry, (j) finisher 2 Haigh Mr John Haigh Thomas, cashier 1 Haigh Richard, millwright Hanson Barzilla, ironmonger Harper Geo. (printer), Yews hill 2 Hartley James, wool buyer Hawkyard Edward, stationer, rate collector, & postmaster, Bridge st Hirst Reuben (cotton spinner) Hirst William (cotton spinner) 2 Hepworth Wm. (coal merchant) 2 Holdsworth Mr Frederick 1 Humplebee Frank, whitesmith Jaggar Nathan, bookkeeper Jones Frederick Robert, land agent Jones Frederick Richard (solicitor) Kaye W. & C. railway wagon bldrs Kendrew John, tobacconist 1 Kennedy Thomas, broach turner Kenworthy James, commel. traveller Kershaw Mr Samuel, Bentley street Kirk George Ellam, millwright and machine maker; h Huddersfield Kirk George (machine maker) Lay John Chas. (Winterbottom & L.) 2 Lorimer Rev. John Horn Lodge Joah (manufacturer) MacKimm Rev. Daniel John, M.A. vicar of Rashcliffe


Mallinson Mrs Anne, The Limes Marsden John, cotton spinner Mason John, Water street Mellor Alfd. stone mert. Crosland hill Moore Charles, cloth miller Moore Mr Henry, Meltham road Moore Mrs Jane, eating-house Murray John, working brewer Nicholson Mr Stephen Edward Owen Mr George, Moor end Parkin Joshua (draper), Yews hill Pointing Miss Eliza, Crosland moor Pontefract Samuel (woollen manu- facturer,) Meltham road Priestley Mrs Betty, Buxton road 1 Priestley John, cotton spinner Roberts Jno. Wm. mfr. (Rd. & Sons) Roberts Samuel, mfr. (Rd. & Sons) Robinson Robt. chemist & druggist 2 Robson Mrs Isabella Rothery Joseph, foreman dyer Schofield Wm. Hy. (commsn. agent) Senior Miss Phebe, Chapel house 2 Shaw Edwin, woolsorter Shaw John, gentleman, Croft house 2 Shaw Joshua, clerk Shaw Bentley, Esq., J.P., Wood- field house Shaw Mr Wm. Meltham road 2 Shires James (woollen manufr) Smith Mrs Sarah, Spring place Stanley John, coal dealer Stead Thomas Hardy, saddler Sykes Mr George, Swan lane 2 Sykes Thomas, hearthrug maker Sykes J. & Co. (Charlotte) oil mert Tate Miss Betsy, Meltham road Tate Mr Timothy, View place 1 Taylor H. B. & Son, logwood grind- ers and drysalters, & Huddersfield Taylor John Wm. (woollen mantfr) Taylor Jph. spinner (Edw. & Sons) Taylor Midgley, smallware dealer Tempest Joe Webb (share broker) Terry Hy. John (mert.), Lockwood hs Thornton John, waste dealer Tinker Friend (ginger beer maker)

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Almondbury Parish.

Wheelhouse George, toll collector Whitfield Mrs Agnes McLanachan 2 Whitehead Wm. woollen designer


Win. & Sons (Joe B., Chas.

Henry, & Wm. jun.), manufrs. of patent tentering machines & self- acting mules and iron and brass- founders, Prospect Iron works 2 Wilson Misses Jane and Ann Wilson William (yarn agent) Wilson Jph. tinner and ironmonger Winterbottom John, mfr. (W. & Lay) Woodhouse George (cloth dresser) Woffenden David, billposter Woffenden Joseph, toll collector Wrigley Mrs Emma


Bridge Inn, George Kinder Britannia, John North 2 Foresters’ Hotel, Mrs 8. Hirst 2 Griffin, Jonathan Kinder 2 Junction Hotel, James Taylor _ Railway, Peter Fleming Red Lion, Edward Brown _ Rising Sun, William Mellor Shoulder of Mutton, George Tate Swan Inn, Samuel Hanson Victoria, William Bocock Woolpack (Old), Henry Sumner (and

wine and spirit mert.), Buxton rd;


2 Binne Mrs J. 2 Bottom David Bradley George Briggs James

Eastwood W. H.

Gill Joho Gothard George . Heaps William Levitt Thomas

1 Matthewman J.

1 Revell Mrs L. 1Stott James Thornton Henry Todd Amos BLACKSMITHS. Briggs William 2 Earnshaw J. “1 Humplebee F. Hardy Brothers Samuel


. Hepworth Geo,

Armitage James {and ironmngr) Kendrew John Mills Daniel 2 Taylor Dan Thornton Gipton 2 Topham John 1 Varley Jonas

Whitehead John

Whiteley Abm. Withick James BUTCHERS. 2 Armitage J. Eastwood Wm. Hardy Uriah Hawkyard John 1 Kaye Benjn. 2 Longden Jnthn 2 Lunn Robert Noble John Wm Senior Joseph Walker Albert Wood George

CLOGGERS. 1 Sykes Abm. Whipp Thomas

CLOTH FINISHERS 2 Avison Henry 2 Crosland Tyne Haigh Brothers (John & Thos.) Rhodes J. Turner 2 Wilson John GOAL MERCHANTS. Barraclough Jas. Elistone Samuel Hanson Brooke 1 Holmes &Chap- pell Kaye W. & C. Kershaw E. (agt) Stanley J. & Co. Senior George DRAPERS. Berry Enoch 1 Croft Wm. RB. Crosland James Crowe James Frobisher Wm. Heathcote E. S. 2 Leech Hy. Jas, 2 Moss Henry 2 Ramsden Jas. Shaw Owen Swift George White Mrs Ann FARMERS. 2 Ashton Isaac 2 Bradley Wm. 2 Crosland Wm. aud Henry Graham Abrahm. Haigh Jacob ; Hardy Uriah Lucas William Shaw William ' Sykes John Wrigley William FIRE AND LIFE

OFFICES, Prudential: HE. Berry Sceptre: J.Sykes GREENGROCERS. Crow John

Crowther Daniel Hartley William


Liversedes Wm. Oldfield Benj. Parish Mrs Mary 2 Shaw John GROCERS AND SHOPKEEPERS. Akeroyd James Bamforth John Berry Enoch Berry John Booth George 1 Blakeley Mrs H. Bradley Ambrose Co-opert. Stores ; H. Todd, mngr Co-oper. Society (branch) ; Jno. Bradley, mngr Croft W. R. (and sanitary inspr.) 2 Dyson Enoch 2 Dyson Samuel 2 Dyson Mrs M. Frobisher F. Goddard Joshua Green Mrs Ellen Haigh Edward 2 Hartley Mrs M Hawkyard John 1 Iredale George Iredale Thomas Jordinson Ralph 2 Kenworthy T. 2 Lee Jph. & Hy. (woolln. merts) Milner James 1 Nelson Samuel 1 North David 1 Robinson Jno. Roebuck James 1 Rockett Mrs M Sharp Abraham 2 Shaw Richard Shaw Samuel Shaw Seth Stephenson Edw, Stevenson Chas. 1 Stott Joseph Swift George Sykes Wiliam 1 Taylor John 1 Turner John 1 Turner Walter Worsley Moses

1 Willington Mrs Mary HAIRDRESSERS. Carter Elijah 1 Eeeles R. Shaw Matthew JOINERS, &C, 2 Brook Wm. H. Oldfield John W. Rushworth John Stalker John Sunderland Jph. Sykes B. B. & R. Sykes J. Wulker MILLINERS,. Levitt Miss EB. A. 1 Sanderson Mrs Hannah 2 Ramsden Miss Hannah Schofield Miss E. Smith Miss Mary Thornton Mrs E. Wilson Mrs Ann PAINTERS AND PLASTERERS. Hodgson Henry Longbottom Ths. and Son (Wm.) Rushworth Geo. PLUMBERS. Boothroyd Jph. Taylor David SCHUOLS. 2 Boothman J.T. Jackson Jonathn Nicholson Mrs A. 1 Sharp Joseph 1 Snaith Wm. A. STONEMASONS. Mallinson Wm, Oldham Jonthn Pollard George STONE MERTS. Eastwood W. H. Mellor Alfred TAILORS. 1 Harrison Wlsn 1 Hellewell Wm. McGowan Wm, 2 Moss Henry Richardson Jph. 2 Riley Samuel 1Schofield Squire

Sharp Jph. (and draper) Shaw Seth Taylor Henry Wilson Benj. P. WimpennyBrown WHEELWRIGHTS. 2 Brooke W. H. Hardy Brothers Kaye W. & C. (& rlwy. wgn.bldrs) WOOLLEN MNFRS, 1 Bentley&Kilner 1 Berry & Turner 1 Broadhead Dd. 2 Crosland Geo. and Sons 2 Crowther John and Sons Crossland John and Sons Crowther Henry and Son 1 Hirst William (wool cleaner) Roberts R.& Sons 1 Shaw James 1 Winterbottom and Lay Wrigley J. & T. C. & Co. WOOLLEN YARN SPINNERS. 1 Blamires John 2 Crossland Ths. 2 Firth J. & Sons 1 Priest E. & A. 1 Lawton &Jillott 1 Taylor Edward and Sons RAILWAY trains from Lock- wood Station se- veral times a day CARRIERS TO HUD- DERSFIELD, Hanson Samuel, Swan lane Swallow William, Spring gardens OMNIBUS to Huddersfield, from the RedLion Inn, every half hr

MARSDEN is a large village, township and chapelry, and railway station, in the vale of the river Colne, adjoining the dells and lofty heights of Saddleworth, 7 miles 8.W. from Huddersfield, 232 from Leeds, and 18}

N.E. from Manchester.

It comprises 8670 acres of land, chiefly copyhold, and had 2027 inhabitants in 1861, of

whom 663 were in Huddersfield parish, and the rest in Almondbury parish. The village lies in a deep valley near the Huddersfield Canal tunnel, which, after passing more than three miles in length under the moun- tainous ridge called Pule moss and Stanedge, terminates at the foot of Castleshaw in Saddleworth; and running alongside this is a large tunnel, said to be the longest railway tunnel in England, through which the Hudders-

field and Manchester Railway passes. belfry and 800 sittings.

The Church (St. Bartholomew) is an ancient stone building with a The benefice is a perpetual curacy, valued at £174 a year, with residence, in the

patronage of the Vicar of Almondbury and ineumbency of the Rev. Thomas Whitney. The Independents and Wesleyans have each a chapel here, and there is a large National School for boys and girls, erected in 1856 at a

cost of £2000.

The Mechanics’ Institution, established in 1841, has now a large number of members, and

occupies @ handsome hall, built in 1860 at an expense of £2500, and contains a of nearly 3000 volumes. Three faira are held here, on April 25th, July 10th, and September 2dth. in the manufacture of woollen cloths, and here are a cotton factory, a silk mill, and a Jarge ironfoundry,

The Post and Mowry Orper Orrice and Savines’ Bank is at Mr Charles Roberts’,

- Atherton Peter, scripture reader

Bent Mrs Jane

Bower Daniel Haigh, ironmonger

Bower George, cloth dealer Carter Samuel, hairdresser Cotton George, card manufacturer

Many of the inhabitants are engaged

Letters vid Huddersfield.

Dowse John Edward, corn miller Dowse & Collins, cottn. spurs. & dblrs Dowse Miss Martha

Page 99

Dyson James, water agent Firth John & Samuel, silk spinners France John, brewer & rate collector Goodall Francis, sen. assistant over- seer and coliector Goodall Fras. plumbr. glzr. & gasftr Hall Samuel, cloth merchant Hepworth William, station master Hesselgrave Joseph, surgeon Hirst Thomas, parish clerk Holmes Rev. Thomas (Independent) Holroyd Joseph, clogger Marsden John, mungo manufacturer Procter Thomas, tin plate worker Redfearn Joseph, mangr. gas works Roberts Charles, druggist Russell Thomas, organist Shaw James, clerk to Gas Company Taylor Robert & Sons, ironfounders, engineers, boiler makers, &c., Marsden Iron Works Taylor Enoch Openshaw (Rt. & Sons)

Whitney Rev. Thomas, incumbent


Coach & Horses, John Waterhouse Great Western, Mrs Nancy Rhodes Hare & Hounds, Mrs Mary Shaw Junction, Edwin Sykes New Inn, Mrs Sarah Ann Twigg Old New Inn. Mrs Elizth. Waterhouse Olive Branch, Joseph Sykes Old Moorcock, Benj. Bottomley Railway, William Holroyd Ram, Samuel Horsfall Rising Sun, John Garside Shepherd Boy, Mtthw. Waterhouse Swan, Richard Broadbent Two Dutchmen, Mrs Eliz. Whitehead


White Hart, George Dodson

Marsden Directory.

AUCTIONEF R&S. Bottomley James Hirst Edmund

BEERHOUSES. Beighton Mrs A. Bulmer Owen Firth John Kenworthy Jsha.

BLACKSMITHS. Beardshaw Thos. Ineson Benjamin Schofield Miles

BOOT AND SHOE MAKERS. Holroyd James Holroyd William Schofield Seth Sharp Abraham Sharp Benjamin BUTCHERS. Benchiff William Dodson George Garside Mrs B. Waterhouse Mtw. COAL MERCHANTS. Bottomley Isaac Farrar Joshua Lumb Luke Schofield Wm. FARMERS. Bauiford Mrs B. Bamford Joshua Bamford William Bencliff William Bottomley James Bower George, jr. Bulmer Mrs 8, Cock Jph. & Sml. Dowse John E.

DysonJ. Bank top

Dyson J. Highgt Dyson William Eastwood John

Fielding James Firth John

Firth Jno. Hillfm Firth Samuel Flint Luke W. Flint Matthew France John (and collector) Garside James Gledhill William Goodall Richard Haigh Samuel Haigh Thomas (& stone Hall John Hall Mrs Margt. Hirst John Holding William Holroyd John Holroyd Joseph, Whitelee Holroyd Joseph, Grange Holroyd William Lunn Thomas Marsden John Midwood Mrs M. Pogson Henry Rayner Abraham Rayner John Robinson George SchofieldBernard Schofield Miles Shaw Mrs Shaw John Shaw Samuel Shaw Squire Sykes Joseph

Whitehead Saml. (& stone dlr.) Whiteley David Whiteley John Whiteley Samuel Wood Daniel Wrigley David Wrigley Mrs M. Wrigley Joseph JOINERS, &¢.

Bower Daniel H. Charlesworth Bj. Lawton Thomas Whitehead J. T. SCHOOLS, Bamford Richd Webster J. (and sec. to Gas Co.)

SCRIBBLERS, &¢. Farrar J. & Josh.

SHOPKEEPERS. Beighton Mrs M. Bower John Cooper Mrs A. Goodall Francis Hampson James Holroyd Benjn. Johnstone Wm. (and draper) Marsden Co-oper- ative Society

(and drapers) Mellor Miss E. Meilor Mrs Sarah Pinder Charles Russell Thomas Schofield James (and draper) Shaw John Turner Mrs M. A.



* are also Stone Merchants.

Carter Edmund Dyson William *Haigh Holroyd James Schofield B. Whitehead John *Whitehead Sml.

TAILORS. Firth Wm. Hy. Hill Joseph Holroyd Daniel Holroyd Joseph Meller John Shrigley Vavasor Wood Samuel


Bamford John Bradbury James Crowther James and Sons Fisher Henry Hall Daniel Hall Samuel Robinson Bros. (and _carderg and spinners) Shaw & Bamford Shaw Samuel


Trains to all parts several times a day

CARRIER. To Huddersfield. Jno. Eastwood, Tues. & Fridys

MELTHAM, 2 large village, having a railway station, sheltered on the west by a lofty moorland ridge, 5 miles 8.8.W. of Huddersfield, has in its township and chapelry 4525 acres of land, in the Honour of Pontefract,

and had 4046 inhabitants in 1861. been enclosed since 1817. beautiful tower was erected.

and incumbency of the Rev. E. C. Watson.

It contains excellent stone, slate, flags, and coal; and a great part of it has The Church (St. Bartholomew) was rebuilt in 1786, and enlarged in 1835, when its The perpetual curacy, valued £260, is in the patronage of the Vicar of Almondbury, In the village of 1} mile east of Meltham, is a

neat Church (St. James), erected by J. Brook, Esq., in 1838, at a cost of about £4000. It is a vicarage, valued

at £300, in the gift of C. Brook, jun., Esq., and incumbency of the Rev. Joshua Richard Iagoe. Meltham was built by subscription, cost of £1000, half of which was gven by Charles Brook, ]

in 1821.

The School at

The National School at Meltham Mills was built in 1844, ata Hisq., of Healey House. At the little village of Heumg,

about a mile N.E. of Meltham, a Church (Christ Church), in the decorated style, and a convenient school, were built, and a parish constituted and endowed, in 1859, by the family of C. Brook, Esq., to the memory of his son,

Charles John Brook, late of Thickhollins.

Its living, a vicarage worth £150 a year, is in the joint patronage

of the Vicar of Almondbury and Wm. Brook, Esq., and held by the Rev. Jas. Brook. To each benefice, except the last-named,a good residence is attached. The Baptists have a chapel in the township, erected in 1864, ata

cost of £2000, and the Wesleyans a chapel and school, built in 1852.

Here are two fairs, on the first Saturday

in April, and the first Saturday after Old Michaelmas day. The line of railway, connecting Meltham and Hud- dersfield, was opened for goods traffic in August, 1868, and for passengers in July of the following year. The Posr and Money Oxprer Orricr and Savines’ Bank is at Mr. Henry Thomas’s. Letters viaé Huddersfield.

Marked 1 are at Meltham mills. Allen Joseph (oil merchant) Armitage Mr Arthur C. Bamford William, mill manager Barker & Sons, solicitors Battye Mrs Sophia Battye James, coal merchant Bottomley Benj. plasterer, painter & ironmonger (See Advert. p. 96) Brook C. & Son (W.) silk throwsters 1 Brook Jonas & Brothers, sewing thread manufacturers

1 Brook Edward (Jonas & Brothers)

Carlisle James William, Brothers), Thickhollins Carter Joseph, confectioner, Greens- end (See Advertisement, page 95) Coldwell Saml. Royal Insurance agt Creaser George, optician Dawson Hy. bookkeeper & fent dir Drake Frs. plumber, glazer & gasfitr 1 Dyson Thomas, bookkeeper Field Thomas, blacksmith Garside George, machine, spindle and flyer maker

(Jonas &

Gooddy Edw. Coleman, cotton spnr

Green Rey. Conrad Samuel, curate Haigh Thomas Allen, surgeon Haigh Mrs Barbara 1 Hirst George Henry, clerk Hirst John Crosland, manager Hirst Jph. Esq., J.P., Wilshaw villa Hobson Walker, fishmonger 1 Iagoe Rev. Joshua Richard, vicar of Meltham mills Kilburn James, engineer, valuer, brass & ironfounder & millwright, Meltham foundry (See ddvt. p. 93) Littlewood Mrs Ann

Page 100


Lawford Thomas Henry, M.R.C.P.

day and boarding school, Panville House (See Advertisement, p. 95) Morton George, manufacturer (M., Whiteley & Wood) 1 Myers Jonathan, manager Naylor Mrs Mary, toll collector Oldfield Frederick (stonemason) 1 Pitman Joseph, cashier Pogson Ephraim, smith Preston J. & Sons (Jph. & Jno.), pain- ters, grainrs. gildrs. paperhers. &e. Ramsden Jas. scribbler & yarn spnr Raweliffe Jno. Lingard, mgr. gas wks Rayner & Co. sewing, knitting and crotchet cotton mfr (See Advt. p. 94) Rayner Charles, manufr. (R. & Co.) Rayner Chas. printer and stationer Redfearn Mrs Sarah Richards Rev. Jph. G., B.A., curate Sanderson Robert, chemist & drugst 1 Scholes Thomas Denton, manager Shaw Thomas, tinner and brazier Sykes George, manufactrg. chemist Spencer Rev. John Scott Ellis, in- cumbent of Wilshaw Taylor Joseph, assistant overseer, and registrar of births and deaths Taylor Jph. yarn spinner, Spink mill Taylor Laban, bookseler Thewlis Abel, manufacturer (George & Sons); h Netherend house Thewlis George, manufacturer (Geo. & Sons); h Little Britain house Thomas Rev. Thomas (Baptist) Thomas Henry, clerk to local board Walker John, station master Watson Rev. Edward Collis, incum- bent of Meltham Wilkinson Amos, woollen dyer Wood William, draper, and manager Woodhead Alfred Thomas, yarn spin- ner (Amos & Sons) Woodhead Amos, yarn spinner (Amos & Sons); h Springhead Woodhead Amos & Sons, yarn spnrs. & dyers, Upper Sunny Bank mill Woodhead Charles, yarn spinner (Amos & Sons); h Rough nook INNS AND TAVERNS., 1 Friendship inn, Mrs F, Johnson

Aldmondbury Parish.

New inn, William Dixon Railway hotel, John Hollingworth

Rose and Crown, George Henry Bray

Swan, Joseph Knight Waggon and Horses, Thomas Shaw

BEERHOUSES. Knight Samson Shaw Thomas Taylor Abraham Waterhouse Jao. BUTCHERS, Bray Alfred Crampton John Garlick John Hollingworth Jno Haigh Wm. Hy. Redfearn Reuben Scott John Shaw William CLOGGERS. Pogson Isaac Shaw Robert Taylor Irah Weavill Ephraim Weavill John CONFECTIONERS. Carter Joseph (See Advt.p. 95) Joshua FARMERS. Armstrong Peter Bottomley John Bower Emanuel Bower Amos Broadbent Stphn. Crampton John Crosland Wm. Crosland Thos. Dyson William Earnshaw Jonas Eastwood Jonas

Goddard George Haigh Amos (and coal agent) Haigh Jeremiah Haigh Joseph (& gamekeeper) Hinchliffe Geo. Hinchliffe Joshua Hollingworth B. Hollingworth Jno

Holmes Jas. & A. Jessop David Knight Samson Lockwood Joseph Marshall Joseph Dnl. & Rd. Moore Jonathan Moorhouse Jph. Pashley George Pickles William Pogson Charles Redfearn Jthn. QRedfearn Michael Roper Thomas Shaw John Shaw William Shaw Mrs Mary Sykes James Sykes John Sykes William


Taylor Charles Taylor G., Brighs Taylor Edwin Taylor James Taylor Uriah Townend Jthn. Varley Mrs Sarah Varley Walter Wilkinson Amos Wilson William Wilson George Wood George GREENGROCERS. Haigh Mrs Ann Haigh John Haigh Mrs Mary Pickles William Sykes Mrs Hanh. GROCERS AND SHOPKEEPERS. Armitage Mrs 8. Bannister Jno. 8. Bottomley My. A. Bower Miss H. Broadbent Chas.

(& hairdresser)

Brook Henry (& draper) Butterworth Jas. Coldwell John 1 Co-op. Society, R. Wilson & Co; J. Mitchell, mer ; Co-op. Society In- dustrl. Trading Company; H. Hirst, manager Dawson Charles Dearnley Wilson Dyson Mrs Grace Dyson John Earnshaw John Haigh John Haigh Mrs Ann Haigh Mrs Elizh. Haigh Mrs Mary Kinder Miss Sar. 1 Manchester E. 1 Manchester Jno Mellor George Mellor J. & D. Pogson Isaac 1 Roberts Joseph (and draper) Sykes Mrs Hanh. Taylor Edwin Thomas Henry Varley Walter 1 Wadsworth Jin. JOINERS. * are also Cabinet makers. *Garlick James Holdsworth Jas. Kinder George 1+Lockwood J. H. 1*Myers William (& ironmonger) Ranfield Joseph SCHOOLS. British, Jesse and Miss E. Slater Lawford Thos. H. (bdg.} Panville hg (SeeAd.p.95)

National, G. H. T. Hall, Will-'

shaw, and Dvd. Bamforth, Hlm St Jesse Shelmer- dine and Miss Bessie Walker 1 St. James, Giles and Mrs Ann Moorhouse, & Miss Fanny Chapman

SHOEMAKERS. Butterworth Hy, 1 Dyson John Mortimer Jph, Shaw Robert Shaw Thomas Wild Thomas Wright John Wright Thomas Wright Wm. Wright Win. jun.

STONEMASONS. Earnshaw Nimrd. (& quarry ownr) Mellor Joseph Oldfield Fred Pogson W. & Sons

TAILORS. Barker Samuel Creaser John Lockwood James Marsh William Preston Samuel (and draper)

WOOLLEN MFRS. 1 Hirst Joseph 1 Morton, White- ley & Wood Sykes Jas. jun. Thewlis George & Sons CARRIER To Huddersfield. Jonas Eastwood, Tuesday RAILWAY Trains to & from Huddersfield 5 times a day

NETHER THONG is a village and township seated on an eminence, 54 miles 8. of Huddersfield and one

north of Holmfirth.

It includes the hamlets of Greave and Thong’s bridge.

The new parish to which it gives

name comprises, along with its own township, the hamlets of Deanhead, Oldfield, Wood Nook, and Hagg Lees in the township of Honley, and has a population of about 1800 souls, and about 850 acres. Saints), built in 1830, at a cost of £3000, of which Government contributed £2000, is a neat structure of the

early style, and contains 730 sittings.

The Church (All

The living is a vicarage valued at £150, in the gift of the Vicar

of Almondbury and incumbency of the Rev. Thomas James, B.D. There are two chapels here, belonging respectively to the Wesleyans and Free Church Methodists.

The Post Orrice is at William Garside’s, Thong’s bridge.

nearest Money Order Office.

Marked 1 are at Thong’s bridge 1 Brackenbury Henry, toll collector Dickenson Mrs Elizabeth Eastwood Jonas, joiner Floyd Mrs Mary, Sands house 1 Gosling David, station master Haigh Joseph, cloth dealer Hirst Roland, schoolmaster Jagger James, waste dealer James Rev. Thomas, B.D. vicar Kenion John, parish clerk

Kidd Martin (solicitor), Well house Lodge Walter (merchant) Mallinson John, butcher Moorhouse John Earnshaw, land act Sandford Mrs Martha, day school Shore Mrs Hannah, blacksmith Taylor John T. (wlln. mfr.), Oaklands Wimpenny George, shoemaker Wood Richard, gardener Woodhead Abraham, bookkeeper Woodhead Benjamin, wood yaluer


Letters vid Huddersfield. Holmfirth is the


Clothiers’ Arms, Jph. B. Ashworth Queen’s Arms, Thomas Woodhouse Rose & Crown, Noah Woodhead (&

shoe maker)

1 Royal Oak, Fenton Walker

FARMERS, Boothroyd John (& gardener) Bottomley John Bradbury Joseph

Dyson John Eastwood Bnjmn Fox John (and stone mercht) 1 Hinchliffe Joha

Page 101

Nether Thong



GilB(&stonemrt) I Mallinson Joseph Hinchliffe Jnthn I Sykes Job Hobson Abel Taylor Mrs Ann Hobson Dutton I Taylor John Hobson Jonas Wilson Benjamin Hudson Henry Wilson Joseph Jagger James Wilson Richard Lee David Woodhead Jsha

SHOPKEEPERS. Broadhead Miss Dyson John Hobson Dutton Hobson Mrs E. 1 Roebuck John Woodhead Chas Woodhead Geo

TAILORS. Platt Alfred Platt Joseph Woodhead Benj. WOOLLEN MFRS. Dearnley Henry Dyson Thomas 1 Hinchliffe John

Hoyle Joshua 1 Mellor Jph. & Sons(Jas. Edw. and Josiah)

RaiLway from Thong’s bridge station,8 times a day

1 Mellor Thos. &| cARRIER. J. Mal-

Son (Chas. Alf) 1 Woodhead Jno (yarn spinner)

linson to Hud- dersfield, Tues- days

UPPER THONG is a village on an eminence, 1 mile W. of Holmfirth, and 7 miles 8S. by W. of Huddersfield. Its township is in the Graveship of Holme, and includes part of the large village of Holmfirth, which is mostly

in Kirkburton parish.

It contains 710 acres, and increased its population from 1648 in 18381, to 2690 in 1861.

The Church (St. John) was built in 1846-7, and cost about £4000, raised by subscription, and will seat 700


ineumbency of the Rev. Wm. Flower, M.A.

Orrice at Holmfirth. Arkwright Thos. National schoolmr Boothroyd Miss Hannah, toll collr Bower George, butcher, Upper bridge Brook Mr Amos || Brook Mr George Brooke Jolin (coal merchant)

Brooke Jonas & Sons, cotton thread !

manufacturers; and Meltham Charlesworth Jonathan, card dealer Dawson Mrs Mary, National Infant , schoolmistress Flower Rev William, M.A. vicar Garside Mrs Mary Gledhill Wm. (grocer), Park riding Greenwood George, cloth finisher, Bridge mill Haigh James (draper), Hast view Harpin John, Esq. J.P. Birks house, Burn lee Heaton James & Sons, oil extractors, Bridge mill Hoyle Jonas, grocer & coal merchant I Johnson John, tinner and brazier

Kippax Robt. (draper), St. John’s pl;

Lawton William, card dealer Marsh John William, manufacturer (Holmes Brothers); h Spring grove Roberts Mr John, Bottoms Roberts Joseph, dyer, Bottoms Roebuck Alfred (draper), East view

Robinson John Wright, fulling

Bottoms mill Sanderson John, auctioneer Shore Samuel, coal dealer Thorpe Rd. stonemason (Marsh & T.) I Tinker Hy. (auctioneer), Spring villa Trotter Edward & Charles John, sur- ; I geons, Sunnybank Woodhead Abel, oil and soap agent

INNS AND TAVERNS. I Crown, Joseph Lodge ' Ford Inn, Edward Gill King’s Head, Miss Mary Bower Royal Oak, Joseph Hampshire Wellington, James Lees, Burn lee Waggon and Horses, Joseph Tyas i Victoria, Henry Heeley (and clogger) I BEERHOUSES. Brook David Booth George Brooke Wm. (and Bray Joseph coal merchant, Child William John and Co.) Hirst Henry Hampshire J. H. Lindley James Hampshire J. jun Littlewood David I Hinchliff Geo. FARMERS, Hobson Joseph Addy Henry Murray Robert Barber Thomas I Shepherd Thos. Broadhead John I Sykes Isaac

Sykes John JOINERS. Bower James Brown Enoch Hampshire John and Jonas Schofield John I Shaw Joseph SHOEMAKERS, Elliott Hallas Hinchliff Joseph Jagger John Whiteley Elli Woodhead James SHOPRKEEPERS. Batley James Bray Joseph Brook James Buckley William (and painter) Greensmith John Hampshire J. T. Hollingworth Jno Lister John Woodhead Alfred TAILORS, Firth Mark Haigh Thomas Singleton Thos.

The vicarage, valued at £200, is in the alternate patronage of the Crown and the Bishop of Ripon, and

The poor have several benefactions. (See Holmfirth also.) Post

Woodcock Joshua Worsley Walker WOOLLEN MANFRS. Bashforth Chas. and William Bower John and Sons (William, Henry & Jonas) Brook John and Son (David) Butterworth Bros Hinchliffe Thos. and Sons (Geo. and Joseph) Holmes Brothers (Fras.& Henry) Taylor John T. Turner Joseph & Sons (John & Thomas) Wimpenny Hy. & Samuel


Hamer Brook, to Huddersfield, daily RAILWAY At Holmfirth

KIRKHEATON PARISH comprises the townships of Kirkheaton, Dalton, Lepton, and Upper Whitley— extending from 2 to 7 miles E. of Huddersfield, and containing upwards of 12,000 inhabitants, and 6,468 acres

They are all in the Upper Division of Aggbrizg Wapcntake, and in Huddersfield Union.

of Wakefield, and the other three townships are in the Honor of Pontefract.

KIRKHEATON a large village, in a deep valley, 2 miles N.E

acres, and 3011 inhabitants. partly rebuilt in 1823 and 1826.

rectory, valued at £537, Alderson.

is in the

patronage of trustees,

Dalton isin the manor

. of Huddersfield, has in its fownship 1609 The Church (St. John the Baptist) is a large structure, which was repaired and In the churchyard is an ancient yew, 20 feet 9 inches in circumference.


and in the incumbency of the Rev. Christopher Part of this township is in the district of Christ Church Vicarage, Mold Green. pendent Chapel in the village, and Wesleyan and Primitive Methodist Chapels at Houses Hill. Institution, established in 1825.

There is an Inde-

ero is &

The Free school, endowed with £22. 10s. a year, and erected about

1617, was rebuilt on a larger scale in 1846, with a house for the master,at a cost of more than £1000; and a

new wing was added in 1858.

The Poor's Land is 16 acres.

and Mirfield, have a yearly rent-charge of £40, left by R. Beaumont, Esq. , in 1703.

Post Orrice at Mr. William Chamber's.

Alderson Rev. Christopher, rector Armitage Geo. blacksmith, Moor top Armitage William, gardener Aspinall Lewis, baker Baldwin Rey. Albert Wm. curate Batley John, clog and patten maker Bottom William, clogger Broadbent Mr George Dawson Ben, gardener Dyson Jas. regr. of births & deaths Fearnley Daniel, gamekeeper France Misses Hannah, Elizabeth and Mary, drapers


The nearest Money Order Offi

The poor of Kirkheaton, Lepton, South Crosland.

ice is at Mold Green.

France John, beerhouse, Junction Green Geo. & Sons, fulng. ralrs. Holm Haywood John, schoolmaster Jackson Robert (woollen merchant), Kirkfield cottage Jenkinson Richard, parish clerk Jessop Thos. British schoolmaster Kenworthy Mrs. matron of workhs. Ledgard Samuel, boat builder Pexton James, smith and farrier Schofield George, whiting manufctr Senior Asa, clogger Sinith William Thomas, surgeon Stancliffe Charles, greengrocer

Stancliffe Arthur, dlr in oil, soap, &c. Tolson Robt. (woolln mfr.) Royds hs Weatherburn Mr Launcelot, Field ctg Wheatley Charles, coal owner Woolhouse Jno. & Geo. mfg. chemsts INNS AND TAVERNS. Beaumont’s Arms, John Garthwaite Blacksmiths’ Arms, Jph. Domakin, Moor top Brown Cow, James Hirst Freemasons’ Arms, Henry Mellor Navigation Inn, Matthew Lee

Spangled Bull, John Schofield Spinners’ Arms, James Hirst


Page 102



_ BUTCHERS. Ewart John Hall William Horn William Ingham Robert Schofield Thos. Shaw George FARMERS. Anderson Saml. Barrett James Barker Mrs D. Bean Mrs Mary Bottom William Brier Mrs Mary Brown Abraham Brown Thomas Carter William (& boat owner) Carter William Chappill John Crowther James (& maltster) Denton William Dyson William Ellis Richard Ewart John


Fearnley John Fearnley Wm. Firth Geo. & das. (& cow doctors) Fisher David France Spencer Garthwaite John Garthwaite Geo. Graham Joseph Green George Hall William Hampshire Mtw. Hirst Fletcher (& shoddy dealer) Hirst James Hirst John Holroyd George (waste dealer) Holroyd Duke Holroyd Samuel Holt Alfred (and timber mert) Holt Joseph Horton William Howgate Abm. Hudeon Wm.

Humplebee John Ingham John Inman Joshua Jackson Benjn. Jessop Joseph Jessop Rd., Geo. and Miles Kaye James Kenworthy Jph. Lee Maithew Lee Thomas Mellor Henry Mitchell Samuel Moorhouse MrsM Oldfield William Oldroyd Duke Peace James Peace Thomas Peace William Redfearn John Rhodes Henry Rhodes Mrs Sar. Schofield John Schofield Thos. Scholes George

Senior Miss Hh. Senior Mrs My. Stancliffe Joseph Stead Benjamin Stocks James Stringer Thos. (&

Co-oprtv. Stores, Town top, Jno. Thornton, mgr; Ficldhead, E. Poole, mangr France Spencer

assist. oversr) John

Sykes Mrs Mrtha

Sykes Geo. (and I

coal dealer) Sykes Ephraim (& coal dealer), Upper Heaton Sykes E. Hagg Tolson Robert Webster George Wilburn John Wood Samuel Wood William GROCERS, &¢. Broadbent Geo. Broadbent Wm. Brookholt Thos. Carter William Drake Joseph Fisher Daniel

Haley Mrs Hanh. Holt Thomas B. Hornsby William

Mellor Mrs Hoh. I

Moulson James

Senior Percival Sheard John M.

Stocks John JOINERS, &¢. Brown Thomas Brown Wiliam France John Schofield James STONEMASONS AND BUILDERS. Brier Nathl. (and quarry owner) Hampshire M.W. (& quarryownr)

France Robert SHOEMAKERS. Jessop David Jessop Ephraim Jessop George Jessop James Jessop Miles Jessop Richard ‘Senior David TAILORS. Beaumont Wm. Ingham John Lockwood Wm. ; Taylor Richard Umpleby John WOOLLEN (FANCY) MANUFACTURERS. Broadvent Edw. Horton Thomas Horton T. jun. I Tyas Amog RAILWAY ‘Station is at Hea- tonLodge. Trains several times a I day to all parts.

DALTON township includes 1255 acres and 4692 inhabitants, and extends along the Calder to 14 mile N.E. of Huddersfield. The Swedenborgians have a chapel at Grove place, which was rebuilt in 1848 by the late Jph. Senior, Esq., at a cost of £1000, on the site of a smaller one erected by his father, George Senior, Jisq., in


The Independent Chapel was erected in 1858, and with its school, cost about £3700.

There are some

mills in the township engaged in the woollen manufacture, and also in silk spinning, and there are a number of pretty villas and some fine mansions, occupied by the manufacturers and merchants of Hudderstield.

Post Orrice at Mr. William Chambers.

Ainley Hefford (woollen manufac- _ turer), Ebenezer cottage Ainley Wm. Clark, teacher of music Armitage John William, overlooker Armitage Robt. Henry, bookkeeper Battye Mrs Hannah (smallware dealer), Church Jane Barstow Edwin, traveller, Brook st Beaumont Mrs Elien Beaumont James, cooper Beaumont John, Esq., J.P. Ravens- knowle Beaumont Thos. Fk., warehonseman Bentley George (merchant) Berry Mr Godfrey, Forest lodge Booeock Mr William, Brook street Boothroyd John Allen (manufac- turer), Occupation road Bottomley John, fishmonger Brook Wiliam, foreman dyer Brooke Henry (infr.), Dalton lodge Srooke Mr John Richard Chambers William, sub-postmaster and cow doctor Charlesworth Miss Ann, draper Clegg Jesse (manufactr.}, Grove pl Crosland John, heald & slay maker Crossley John (bksllr.}, Westfield hs Crowther Henry, warehouseman ‘Day Edward (tea mert.), Church In Dent Rev. Thomas (United Meth.) Dunderdale Thos. land agt. Grove hs KEecles Law (hairdssr.}, Occupain. rd Emmott Mr George Ewart Miss Elizabeth Farrand Mrs Hannah Flanagan Patrick, locksmith Freeman Jph. Bray, Master Gilleard Philip, bookkeeper


Letters via Huddersfield.

Haigh Joseph (yarn spinner) Haigh Joseph (manufacturer) Hall Francis (wheclwright) Harrison James, compositor Hinchliffe Mr William Hirst Joseph (wool stapler), Holly hs Holmes Mrs Rebecca Sarah, Brook st Hordern Mr Isaac, Grove place Hotchkiss Rev. William (Indepen- dent), Wakefield road Hudson Mrs Eliza Hutchinson John, clerk Hudson Thos. jun. (cotton warp dlr) Hutchinson Ths. nursery & seedsman I Irving Thomas, foreman dyer Isherwood Alfred, warehouseman Jackson Mr Jas. || Inman Mrs Betty Jebson John, parish clerk Kaye Anthony K. (manufacturing chemist), Pond house Kaye Joe, commercial traveller Kaye Mrs Sarah, Westfield house Kilner Miss Sarah, milliner Kitchen Squire, painter Kitson Charles, wheelwright Lawton George, commercial traveller Lodgo William, cattle dealer Lockwood Mrs My. Lumb Mr Geo. Marchant Robert (brassfounder) Middlemost Hy. Ralph (comsn. agit) Nelson Robert, cashier Newhill Thomas, land agent and surveyor, Lane end O’Donnell John, gas manager Owen John Richard, cashier Pass John William, bookkeeper Pollard John, warehouseman Salkeld John and Co, silk spinneig, Grecnpide mills I

Saynor Alfred Jas. clerk, Church In Schofield John (waste dealer) Sellers Mr Edwin Shaw (Richard) and Sykes (George), brewers, Brook street Slade Jph. Alfd. newspaper reporter Smart Stanhope, insurance agent Smith Arthur (surveyor, &c.), Carl- ton cottage Stead Abraham, blacksmith Stead David, gilder on glass Stead Richard, fancy designer Stead William, warehouseman Stott Mrs Sarah Sutton Robert, commercial traveller Terry Rev George Shirley, M.A. in- cumbeut of Christ Church Tiffaney Benjamin (cap manufac- turer), Occupation road Todd Mr Wiliam Tolson James (manufr.), Greenside Tunnacliffe Mr Uy. Bellegrove villa Turner Chas. (tea mert.), Maldon ctg Turner Jonathan (currier), Grove pl Wall William Barrow (manufacturer) West Thomas, coal dealer Westoby John, traveller Wheawill Cornelius, cashier Wheelhouse Joseph, toll collector Whitehead Rev Eli (Swedenborgian) Whitaker Mrs Annie, Rawthorpe hall Whittell Matthew (cotton warp dlr.) Wild Mr James I Wild Mr Joseph Wilson Miss Elizabeth, milliner Wilson George, silk spinner Wood Mre Hannah, eating house Wood Henry, horse dealer Wood Miss Mary Jane, Brook street Wrigley Mr Thomas, Brook stree{

Page 103

Dalton Directory. A451 INNS AND TAVERNS. Mellor William SCEOOLS. Farrand James TAILOPS. Black Horse, John Gomersall Milnes Jas, (wool| Hutchinson Sar. I Fitton Kenyon P., Drake Mrs E. A. Grove Inn, George Clayton stapler) & My. (Misses) I Gibson Joshua {Drake William Waterloo, William Hanson Newhill I National (Mold I Hardy Mrs Eliz. I Halstead Henry BEERHOUSES. Pollard George I North Mrs Mrtha| green), Joseph I Kaye George Hamer Joseph

Broadbent Saml. Hamer Joseph Harrison Mrs R. Potter Joseph W. Sheard Mrs T. Thorpe William BUTCHERS. Ewart John Ewart Robert Hawkins William Poppleton John Shepherd Benja- min (pork) Williamson Wm. CLOTH FINISHERS. Atkinson Charles and Co. Beaumont Geo. Moore Abraham Robinson John Schofield Mattw, DYERS.

Pollard Jobn

LEPTON township has 1651 acres, and 3273 inhabitants; and extends from 1} to 4 mi

ficld. The Chure

Robson Isaac and Sons (Joshua, Wm. & Thos.) Whiteley Wm. FARMERS. Balderson John Barrett John Blackburn John Blackburn Wm. Bond Thomas Davidson Henry (& greengrocer) Eastwood Mrs R. Ewart Robert Farrand Francis Gomersall Albert Johnson Jas. Jno. Kaye George Kaye Reuben Kilner Jesse Kilner William

I Lumb George (&

corn miller)

Nutton James Pickles John and Thomas Roebuck Jonas Schofield Joseph Senior John Shepherd Benj. Staincliffe Mrs S. Stead Abraham Steel Luke Sykes Richard Williamson Wm. Wilson Jonathan


Aspinall Wm.Hy. Hanson Thomas Hirst Alfred

Schofield John

PLASTERERS. Bilbruck Joseph North Ingham Tunnicliffe Edwd

Armitage Independent, Hy. Tinker SHOEMAKERS. Bradley Cain Chambers Joseph Cottom William Firth John Hill Jph. & Jas. Kaye Thomas C, SHOPKEEPERS, Barrowclough J. Bentley William Berry Joseph Bold George Brook Jonathan Co-oper. Stores, Greenside; Ed- ward Armitage & George Hen- drey, managers Dearnley Mrs A.

Ellis Thomas

Midgley Jesse Moulton Wm. Newhill John Parish John Rowe George Shaw Joshua Sims William Taylor Andrew Theaker Francis Walker William

liam Henry Whiteley Henry Wilson George Wise George Wood George STONEMASONS. Brooke George (& quarry owner) Brooke Joseph Northrop Tom Schofield James

Holden George Kitchen John Scott William Swift Henry Wilson Thomas Wright Jno. Wm. Wright Joseph WOOLLEN MFRS. Armitage Benj.

|Armitage Mattw. Wheelhouse Wil-|

Clegg David Clege James Hinchliffe Wm. Jordan James Lockwood John Sykes Godfrey Tolson Brothers (Rbt. Hy.& Jno.)

RAILWAY. Nearest station ig at Bradley

Walker James

n (St. John), erected in 1868, at a cost of £3500, is a neat fabric, with 450 sittings.

es I. of Hudders- The

benefice is in the patronage of H. F. Beaumont, Esq., M.P., and incumbency of the Rev. Walter Edward Hamilton Sotheby, M.A. The Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists have chapels in the township, and National

Schools were erected in 1890.

Beaumont Edw, mill mer. Fenay bdg

Beaumont George, Chadwick Thomas,

clogger toll collector

Copley Miss Mtha. dressmkr. Rowley Durrans Mr Richard, Lascelles hall

Green Joseph T. Fenay bridge

station master,

Hirst William Edwards (wool mer- chant), Lascelles hall Jessop Joseph, manufacturing che- mist, Lascelles hall

Jessop Mr Richard Lockwood Wm. &

pardeners, nurserymen & seed

Son (Joe Sykes), smen

Mallinson George & Sons (Gcorge & Jacob), mfg. chemists, Gawthorpe

Marsden Misses Hannah & J


milliners & drsmkrs. Lascelles hall

Shaw Misses Ann makers, Rowley

and Ada, dress-

Sheard Joe (coal owner)

Sotheby Rey. Walter Edward Hamil- ton, M.A. incumbent

Tatterson Mr William, Lower houses Turner John, quarry owner


Red Lion, Charles


Star, Jonathan Roebuck Sun, Mrs Hannah Kilner Tandem, John Thewlis Three Crowns, Tom: Lockwood White Horse, Thomas Wood White Lion, Thomas Ibberson

BEERHOUSES. Clayton George Kaye Charies BLACKSMITHS. Bedford Joseph Pexton Mrs Mat. Staveley Mark

FARMERS. Armitage John Beaumont Wm. Berry James Berry Joseph Blackburn Jph. Castle Jouthn. (&


hay & straw dlr) Charlesworth M, (and miller) Clayton George Clayton John Copley Mrs Sar. Cowgill Isaac Earnshaw Wm., Cowms Earnshaw Wm., Lascelles hall Earnshaw Wm., Highgate lane Ely John Ely Joseph Ely Richard Gibson Brthlmw. Goulding Nathan Haigh George Haigh James Hallas George Hallas William Hammerton Jno. Hirst Mrs Nanny Holroyd John Holroyd Mrs My. Hudson Thomas (and butcher) Ibberson Mrs My. Jessop Jno. & Geo Jessop Mrs Mary Jessop Mrs Sarah Kaye Charles Kaye Jokn Peter (and butcher) Kaye Joseph Kaye Thomas Lee Jno., Bracken hill Lee John, Gaw- thorpe

Livescy James, Lascelles hall Livesey James Loekwood Chas. Lockwood David Lodge Edwin Lodge Matthew Mallinson Mrs J Mallinson Jthn. Mallinson Joseph Moorhouse Jph. Moorhouse Thos. Norcliffe Charles Oldroyd John Oxley Joseph Priestley Jonas Riley Chas. Jph. Roberts Mrs Ann Roberts Charles Roberts Joseph Senior Charles Senior Joseph, Blakeman hill Senior Joseph, Lidget Senior Thomas Senior Valentine Senior Williom Sheard Joe Stocks Samuel Stringer Edward Stringer John, Highgate Stringer John, Covms Sykes George Sykes Henry Sykes John Turner John Walshaw John

4 Mn,

Walton William

Letters from Fenay bridge, via Huddersficld.

Wilby Henry Wilby John Wood Mrs Ann Wood Henry Wood Joseph Wood Mrs Nancy Wood Thomas

Cowgill Joseph Earnshaw Wm. Firth Joseph Greenwood Jas. Leptonfield Co- operty. Stores ; J. Booth, mgr

Whitehead Benj. I Lodge Matthew

Whitworth John JOINERS, &C, Brown James Hardy John Sykes Joah SCHOOLS. Lancaster Chs. J. National, George Henry Milnes Roebuck Mrs J. ~ SHOEMAKERS.

Moulson John Scholes Edmund Sykes Henrta. M, Sykes Henry Wilby Henry Wilby James STONEMASONS. Moorhouse John Tunnacliff Wm. TAILORS. Clarkson John

Bennett John Bushby Edwin Chambers J. & H. Fillingham Fdk. Horsfall Jacob Kitson James SHOPKEEPERS, Ashton John Beaumont J. W. Beaumont Wm. Beaumont Wm., Cowms Bentley John (& poor rate colr) Birkett Isaac Blackburn Jph. Boothroyd Mrs L. Castle William (and sexton) Cowms Co-oprtv.

Goldthorpe Hy. Holroyd Thomas Sykes Joe WHEELWRIGHTS. Brook Rd. Henry Brown James Hardy Joln WOOLLEN (FANCY) MANUFACTURERS. Brierley Abram Carter Joseph Kenyon J. & T. Mallinson David Riley John Rd. Shaw Henry Sykes George Tolson Robert RAILWAY Station at Fenay bridge. Trains several times o

Store; James Newhill, mgr

2¥ 2

day to all parts

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Upper Whitley


UPPER WHITLEY township contains 1953 acres and 947 inhabitants ; nence, 6 miles E. of Huddersfield ; and Denby Grange, 54 miles W.S.W. of Wakefield.

the village of on an emi- Whitley Hall, 4} miles

E. of Huddersfield, is the seat of Edward Aldam Leatham, Esq., M.P., and Grange Hall that of Lewis Starkey,

Esq., J.P. The Church is at Lower

Letters vid Huddersfield.

Fisher Nathan, National schoolmstr Graham Benjamin, quarry owner Jackson Mr William Kaye Mr John, Upper Denby Leatham Edward Aldam, Esq. M.P. Whitley Hall Rayner Benjamin, colliery agent Starkey Lewis Randle, Esq., J.P. Grange Hall Wild James, corn miller COAL OWNERS. Bedford Joseph, Falhouse Cardwell William and James Kaye Sir John L. L., Bart ; Benjamin Rayner, agent



BLACKSMITHS, I Bedford Mark ‘ Fleetwood Geo. FARMERS. Armitage Geo. Barren Robert Crowther James Day George

(See Thornhill Parish.) Mirfield is the nearest Money Order office.

Lockwood Benjamin, Grange moor Wormall (Alfred) & Eastwood (Ths.)



Blacksmiths’ Arms, Ben}. Lockwood Hare & Hounds, Henry Stpn. Butler Kaye’s Arms, William Walker

Dyson John Haigh Mrs Ann Hampshire Wm. Kaye John, Low Denby Kitson Luke Lambert Henry Lockwood Benj.

Milner Squire Oakes George, Lower Denby Parker (Geo. & assist overseer) Parker John Roberts Mrs My. Sheard Mrs R. Swales John Walker William Wild James Wood Charles Wood Henry


Co-operat. Store; Grange moor J. Taylor, mer Jagger Henry Moxon John Wild Joseph


Brooke George Littlewood Jph. Moxon John


The nearest sta- tion is at Fenay

Asquith Stephen ' Bridge

KIRKBURTON PARISH is a south-western portion of the clothing district, lying between Huddersfield

and Penistone, in the Upper Division of Agbrigg Wapentake, in the manorial liberty of Wakefield, and in Hud- dersfield Union. It is extensively engaged in the manufacture of stays and cersets, woollen cloth and fancy goods, especially fancy waistcoatings, in weaving which the jacquard machine is in general use, and affords an endless variety of patterns. This parish oceupies 15,990 acres of land, picturesquely broken into hill and dale, and watered by many rivulets. It has several collieries and stone quarries, and is divided into the nine townships of Cartworth, Cumberworth-Half, Fulstone, Hepworth, Kirkburton, Shelley, Shepley, Thurstonland, and Wooldale, which had 19,430 inhabitants in 1841, and 20,526 in 1861. A railway from Huddersfield to Kirkburton was opened on the 10th of October, 1867. KIRKBURTON, 5 miles 8.E. of Huddersfield, is a considerable village, on a declivity at the junction of two deep valleys. Its township has 1260 acres, and had 3664 souls in 1861; and includes several hamlets, the largest of which is High Burton. The Church (St. John the Baptist) is a large ancient fabric, and the benefice is a vicarage, valued at £320, in the patronage of the Lord Chancellor, and incumbency of the Rey. R. Collins, M.A. The Church day schools accommodate about 200 children, The Wesleyans, Primitive Methodists, and Indepen- dents have chapels here. Cattle Fairs are held on the last Mondays in April and October. The Free School has an endowment of about £47 per annum, for teaching 20 children of Kirkburton and 19 of Thurstonland to read. It was endowed by the Rev. H. Robinson and J. Horsfall, Esq., in 1721. At Dogley lane is a Mechanics’ Institution, and there is another at Kirkburton. Both were established in 1846. A Working Men’s Institute has been established, of which the Vicar is the president. A West Riding police station was erected here in 1868.

The Post and Money Orper Orricr and Savines’ Bank is at Mr. David Booth’s.

Armitage George, stone cutter Armitage John, sexton Bebbington Robert, station master Brook Daniel, rope & twine mfr. and painter, Dean end (See Advt.p.82) Carter William, gent. Grove house Collins Rev Richard, M.A. vicar Cudworth Henry, farrier, Thorncliffe Dalton Rev George Forster, curate Earnshaw William, timber merchant Elliott Thomas, plumber, glazier, and shuttle maker Exley Jas. shuttle mkr. Burton Dean Fitton Jonathan, parish clerk Goldthorpe Joseph, clogger Grant Peter, police sergeant Haigh Richard, druggist Hall James, clerk Halstead Levi, stay manufacturer (H. & Richardson) Hardeastle Adam, Smith & Hiram, blacksmiths Henson Rey Francis E. (Indepndt.) Hey George, manufacturer, Oaklands Jessop Joseph, jacquard loom card manufacturer, Broom style Kenworthy James, mill manager Kenyon Mr James Kenyon Mr Jonas, Dogley cottage Kenyon Mr Thomas, Dogley villa Lodge John and Wilson, plumbers and painters

Lockwood Dvd. (L.& M.), Junetion vla Lockwood Joseph, surgeon, Dean hs Lockwood and Mallinson, dyers Matthews Miss Mary Mellor Mr Benjamin, Riley Mellor John, relvg. officer, Dean btm Midgley Samuel Henry, manufactr Oldfield Isaac, toll eollector, Dogley In Oldroyd John, hand loom, &e. maker Pickering Thomas, basket maket Preston Francis, Esq. Netherfield hs Rhodes Mrs Sar. Ann, Springfield hs Rushforth John (architect), Paddock Shaw David Stott, mgr. at Gas works Shaw William, brewer Stockdale Mr Earl, High Burton Stockdale Mr Samuel, Westfield hs Stocks Miss Rachel, School hill Stott Miss Rebecca, cap manufactr Taylor Jonathan, tinner Vale James T., M.D. surgeon Whittell Misses Emma & Eliza Ann, dressmakers


George, John Clayton Grapes, David Thornton Junction, Mrs Martha Chadwick Rose and Crown, John Jenkinson Smiths’ Arms, Henry Carter Spring Grove Tavern, William Lodge

BEERHOUSES. Armitage David Binns James Campbell Daniel Carter Elizabeth Carter Joshua Carter Lister Hey Mrs Amelia Shaw William

BOOKSELLERS. Booth David Field Joseph Parkin David

BOOT AND SHOEMAKERS. Chambers Chas. Chambers John Copley Charles Fisher Benjamin Lockwood Benj. Lockwood James Webster Benj.

BUTCHERS. Dyson William Hill William Mallinson Chas. Thornton David

COAL OWNERS. Alderson John Brooke George

Jagger John

Letters vid Huddersfield.

Senior Seth and Sons, Box Ings; Eli Rhodes, agt CORN MILLERS, Haigh John Hinchliffe W. H Jagger John DRAPERS. Barker George Jagger John Lockwood Richd. Midgley David Orford Mrs Jane Parkin David Scott Mrs Eliz. FARMERS. Alderson John Armitage George Binns James Binns John Booth James Brooke George Carter William Chadwick Mrs M. Cudworth Henry Dyson Edmund Dyson Mrs Mary Dyson William Earnshaw John Grime Henry Haigh Jesse Haigh John

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Kirkburton Directory.

Henshall Wm. Schofield Wm.

Hey Jph.Linfit In| Scott John H. Hey Jph. Thorn-| Shaw John cliffe Smith James

Hincheliff W. H. Hirst George Hirst James Holdsworth John Jackson George Jagger John Jessop William Kenyon James

Smith George P. Stoekdale Wm. Turner Mrs Hnh. Turner John Whitaker Edwd. Wilson William GROCERS, &¢. Barker George

Kenyon Thomas I Booth David Lockwood Henry I Booth John Lockwood Job Co-oper. Stores,

Lockwood Richd. Lodge Edwin B. Mallinson Chas. Mellor John Messenger Jph. Mountain George Parkin John (and oversr.) Scaife Joseph

High Burton; mgr: Thorncliffe grn; Geo. Earnshaw, mer: Kirkbur- ton; C. Holds- worth, managr : Dogley Bar; J, Whittell, mgr

CARTWORTH, a small village, 6 miles S. of Huddersfield, had in its township several scattered hamlets, and parts of the villages of Holmfirth and Hinchliffe Mill. Holme. Letters vid Huddersfield. Holmfirth is the nearest Money Order O

Balmforth Joshua, painter Barber Mr Edwin, Kilnhouse bank Barber Mr Joe, Hollin bridge Battye James, vict. Rising Sun Battye Jonathan, fulling miller Butterworth Mr Jonathan, Kiln hs Crookes Thomas, Natl. schoolmaster Crossley Mrs Elizabeth, victualler, Cart and Horses Hinchliff George Henry, beerhouse Langley Uriah, stone merchant Larder Thomas, stone merchant Littlewood Jas. blacksmith & farrier Littlewood Mr Joshua, Upper dam hs Oldfield Mr Edwin Senior John Littlewood, tailor FARMERS. Barber Joe Airey Stephen Battye Albert

Booth Mrs Mary Cook James Crawshay George Dawson Henry Day David Dyson Adam Haigh Thomas Hey Joseph Jagger John Lodge Thomas Midgley Adam Midgley David Moorhouse Jas. Parkin David Senior James Shaw William Wadsworth Abel Walton Charles MACHINE KNIFE AND SPADE AND SHOVEL MAKERS. Carter Henry Carter Joseph Carter Richard

Battye John Beardsell W. TH. Beever John Bower Miss My. Broadbent Mrs B. Buckley James Crossley Mrs EH. Earnshaw Thos. Ellis John Ellis Jonathan Ellis Thomas Haigh George Heap David Heap John Heap John, jun. Hinchliff Mrs B, Hincehliff George, and beerhouse

Carter Lister and Walter JOINERS. Haigh John Heppenstall Wm. Shaw Charles SCHOOLS. National, Abrm. Hargreaves, & Mrs My. Fitton Stockdale Mrs Sa- rah Ann Sugden Misses Eliza & Sophia (brdg.), Wood- some villa STAY MANUFRS. Brook Joah R, (wove stays) (See Advt.p.83) Cook Joah Halstead Allen Halstead and Richardson

Hinchliff George Hinchliff Geo. H. Hinchliff Wm. Hinchliffe John Hobson Jonas Howard Aaron Kaye Henry Langley Uriah (& stone mert.) Larder Thomas Littlewood Jas. Metterick James Moorhouse Wm. Ramsden G. H. Roberts James Roberts John Robinson James Sandford Taber

Heppenstall Chs. Jessop Edmund and Adam Kaye William Matthews Alfred

STONEMASONS. Armitage Sam MoorhouseEdwn. Adam & Wm. North Leonard Smith John

STONE MERTS. Dyson Edmund Turner Thomas

TAILORS. Charlesworth Js. Charlesworth J. Charlesworth 8. Lockwood Richd. Sharp William Turner Richard Walton Charles West George


Sykes John Wimpenny Jutn. Wimpenny Uriah Wood Jph. (and

assist. oversr) Wood Joshua


Beaumont Chas Ellis Mrs! Sarah Morton & Co.


Boothroyd Jph. Earnshaw Emery

WOOLLEN MFRS. Barber Joshua


WOOLLEN MANFRS. Booth Abraham Crawshay George Geissler Herman Hey Geo. & Sons Kenyon Jonas & Thomas Lockwood James and Son Rhodes Wright & Son (exors. of), Springfield mill Stockdale Wm. (fncy. cloakgs.), High Burton CARRIER. To Huddersfield, Jph. Hey, twice a week RAILWAY Trains to Hud- dersfield, &c. several times a day

2503 inhabitants in 1861, It is in the Grayeship of

Barber J. & Sons Beever John Brook John and Son (David) Butterworth Hy. and Samuel Butterworth J. Butterworth Ths. & Sons (Jnthn) Charlesworth G. Hinchiiff G. Hy.

Trains from

Holmfirth, which

is the nearest station

FULSTONE, or Foolstone, 6 miles S.S.E. of Huddersfield, and 2 S.E. of Holmfirth, is a village on an

eminence, surrounded by lofty hills and deep vales.

is lord of ‘the manor.

It is in the Graveship of Holme, and L. Fox, Esq., Its township had 2414 souls in 1861, and includes the chief part of the large village of

New Mitzi, which is partly in Wooldale, and is seated on a declivity, 2 miles E. of Holmfirth, and has a neat Church, erected by Government, in 1829, at a cost of £3600. The vicarage, valued at £150, is in the gift of the vicat of Kirkburton, and incumbency of the Rev. James Waldby Holmes, M.A. Near the church is a National

School, built in 1838;

and in the village is an infant school, Post anp MoxrEy ORDER OFFICE AND Savinas’ Banx, is at Joseph Roberts’, New Mill.

field, arrive 8.30 a.m, and 8.15 p.m., and are despatched at 6.30 a.m. & 7 p.m.

1 Jubb Sidney & Son, card nailers King Jas. M.D. surgeon, Lee house Lockwood Mr James, The Hall Mallinson George, sexton

Marked 1 are at New Mill; Jackson Bridge Ainley Miss Judith Ann, infant schl 1 Bailey John, ironmonger & tinner Bennett A. & Mrs M. National schl 1 Bentley & Shaw, brewers ; and at Lockwood Broadhead Miss Jane, Springwood Field Wm. asst. overseer, Springwd Graves Wm. sec. to New Mill Gas Co. 1 Haigh Mrs Mary, milliner Hardy Jph. stone mert. Cartworth 1 Hebblethwaite Jonathan, saddler 1 Hirst Mrs Mary, hosier 1 Hirstle John, plumber & glazier Holmes Rey. Jas. Waldby, M.A. vicar 1 Iveson Mrs Mary Ann

2, at

Marsden Mr Thomas, Hollin Greave Miller William, earthenware dealer Moorhouse Mrs Hannah, Tenter hill Parkin Mrs Catherine, Tenter hill Shaw John & Joseph, cowkeepers Short Mrs Ann, currier (& Holmfirth) Tinker Mr Francis, Down Shutt’s hs 1 Trotter George Fredk., L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S.


1 Duke of Leeds, Miss Hanh. Dawson Junction, David Sykes

A Local Board was established here in 1864. Letters, via Hudders-

1 Rose & Crown, Wm. Wilkinson 1 Shoulder of Mutton, Henry Tyas White Hart, Mrs Mary Booth

BEERHOUSES. 2 Battye Joshua 1 Brown Benj. Charlesworth J. Dawson Mrs My. Syke bottom Hinchliffe Josh. Springwood 2 Hinchliffe Mrs 1 Shaw Miss H. BLACKSMITHS. 1 Charlesworth G 2 Robinson John

BOOT AND SHOE MAKERS. 1 Biltcliffe Cyrus (clogger) 2 Brook Ebenezr 2 Brooke Francis Micklethwaite J. North James 1 North John BUTCHERS. 1 Bilteliffe Alfd. Exley Geo. jun. 2 Heeley Joseph

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Directory. I

Kaye George DRAPERS. Heap Miss J. A. Moorhouse Joe FARMERS. Ainley Joseph 1 Booth George Bray George Brook James Brook Jonathan 1 Charlesworth G Charlesworth Js. Dearnley David Klis John England George Fawcett Charles Goddard Joseph Green Mrs Hanh Haigh Uriah Hinchliffe John

Hirst Charles J. Holmes Robert Ibberson Sidney Ibberson Joseph Kaye Allen Kaye William Lindley James Lindley Joshua Littlewood Edm. Lockwood Jnthn. Lockwood James Lockwood John Marsden Joseph Marsden William Maud W. (exrs. of) Mellor Jonathan Mellor Henry Mitchell George Moorhouse James

Moorhouse Mary Ann Moorhouse John Moorhouse M. Moorhouse Wm. (and waste dlr) Mosley John Mosley Joel Mosley Joshua Mosley Robert Mosley Samuel Moss Benjamin Nightingale Wm. Noble George Noble Samuel Noble William Pinder Thomas Pontefract John Rhodes Eli Sandford Samuel

Mrs' Schofield Charles

Schofield George Slater Mrs Sarah Swain J| Swain § Thorpe Richard Turner James Turner Joseph Whiteley Nathl. 1 Wilkinson W. JOINERS, &¢. Green George Lindley John (broom maker) 1 Micklethwaite Benjamin 1 Rowley John Shaw Jph. Wm. 1 Swallow Saml. SHOPKEEPERS. Bailey Ambrose

1 Bilteliffe Cyrus 1 Brook John 1 Cartwright M. 1 Hague Abrm. Heap “Miss Jano Ann (& draper) 1 Heap John Noble Samuel 1 Roberts Joseph (& Post Office) Thackray James STONE MASONS. Aspinall W. & Co Dawson WUliam Mellor Henry Mellor Jonathan Mellor Wiliam Thackray John TAILORS & DRPRS. 1 Bailey Joseph

1 Bailey Josiah 1 Heap John 1 Haigh Allen Jackman Walter WOOLLEN MANFRS. Booth (George) & Pitt (George) 1 Hirst Charles 1 Hirst EK. & Son Lockwood Chas, Tiockwood James Moorhouse Eli 2 Moorhouse and Alison CARRIER To Huddersfield daily, except Mon Nearest Raruway

Station is at Thone’s bridga

HEPWORTH, a, village on an abrupt declivity, 74 miles-S. of Huddersfield, and 1} mile S.5.E. of Holmfirth, had, in 1861, 1532 souls and 3370 acres, including several small hamlets scattered among the bleak moor-

lands, where the Don and the Holme take their rise.

are the chief landowners; some eruciform stone building



dersfield. Nearest Money Order Office is at New Mill.

INNS AND Butchers’ Arms; Mrs Sar. Littlewood

Batty Joshua, whceelwright,

son’s bridge


Brook Charles, beerhouse & butcher Floyd Miss Eliza, Bentley cottage Heptonstall David, sexton Hinchliffe James and Sons, woollen


Kaye Aaron, stone merchant Kaye George, stonemason Littlewood George, butcher Marshall Miss Elizabeth, school

Moorhouse Rey Matthew


worth, M.A. incumbent Pickard John, schoolmaster Swallow Joah, joiner Swallow Jonathan, tailor Tinker C.S. & H. W. fire brick and sanitary tube mannfacturers, Hep- worth Fire Clay works Tinker Charles Shaw & Henry Win- teringham (C. 8. & H. W.), Meal hill

Tinker Mr John

Tinker Mr Thomas Shaw Train Richard, bookkeeper Turner George, stonemason

It is in the Graveship of Holme, and the Tinker family

and §. W. L. Fox, Esq., is lord of the manor. completed in 1863, and comprises nave and chancel, tower with spire and one The living is a perpetual curacy of the present value of only £35, in the gift of the Vicar of Kirkburton, and incumbency of the Rev. Matthew B. Moorhouse, M.A., endowment of £24 per annum, and was rebuilt in 1852. Wesleyans and Primitive Methodists have chapels here; and Tinker families. Post Orrick is at Mr. I, Beaumont’s.

John Batty Victoria Hotel, John Holmes Victoria, James Charlesworth

BLACKSMITHS. Robinson John Thompson Chas. BOOT AND SHOE MAKERS, Marsden Michael Marshall John Rowley Beaumnt. COAL OWNERS. Craven Jntlin. N. Hinchliffe John Shaw Mrs Ann (executors of) Tinker Thos. 8. Tinker Uriah FARMERS, Battye Joseph Battye James Battye Richard Beever Charles

Booth William Brook Amos Cartwright Hy. Cartwright Jonas Cartwright Wm. Charlesworth G. Croyer Jonn B. Elsworth Joseph Haigh George Hinchliffe John Hiuchlifte Joseph Hirst Aaron Hirst Adam Hirst Eli Hirst John Hirst Mrs Hanh. Kay John Kay Joseph Kay Nathan Kaye James

who has a good residence. Here is also a Church school, built in 1852. and the poor have an annuity of £5, left by the Bray There is a local beard, established in 1867. Letters arrive at 8.30 a.m., and are despatched at 6.15 p.m., vid Hud-

Kaye Jonathan Kaye Jph. Lower Woodroyd hill Kaye Jpli. Hep- shaw Lindley Mrs Ann Lindley Joshua (& birch broom maker) Littlewood John Marsh Charles (& assist. oversr) Marysh Eli Moorhouse Benj. I Moorhouse Jas. Moorhouse Mrs Mosley Jonathan Roebuck Chas. (& assist. oversr) Roebuck Francis Schofield James Senior Job (and birch brm.mkr) Senior Jph. (and

bireh brin.inkr)

The Church (Holy Trinity) is a hand-

The Town school has an


Senior John Shaw Jonathan Shore Hy. Benj. Swallow George Swallow John

Wagstaff Benj. Ebenzr, Wagstaff Thos. Woodcock Jph. Womersley Jas. SHOPKEEPERS. Beaumont Isaac (& Post Office) Crossley John Marshall, Hineh- hiffe & ‘Co. Co- operative stores

CARRIER. Geo. to Huddersfield, daily RAILWAY. Nearest station ig Holmfirth

HOLMFIRTH, 6} miles 8S. of Huddersfield, is an extensive village and chapelry, partly in the parishes of

Kirkburton and Atmondbury, and the townships of Wooldale, Cartwort

seated near the confluence of the Holme and Ribbeden rivulets, partly at

steep sides of three lofty hills.

h, and Upper Thong, picturesquely he foot and partly straggling up the It has about 5000 inhabitants, and is one of the polling places for the Southern

Division of the West Riding. The population of the town itself was, in 1861, 2466. Three annual cattle

fairs aro held here, viz.—on the last Saturday in March, the Saturday after May 4th, and the last Saturday in October. It is now an ecclesiastical parish, embracing the townships of Cartworth, Hepworth and Wool- dale, and the Church (Holy Trinity) is an ancient structure, with a tower and six bells. The benefice is a vicarage, now of the value of £300, in the gift of the Vicar of Kirkburton, and incumbency of the Rev. Richard E. Leach. There is also a church at Upper Thong, which is in Almondbury parish, as there noticed. The Independents and Free Church Methodists have each a chapel here, and there are two belonging to the Wesleyans. The Youn Hall is a good and spacious building, erected in 1842 by a company of shareholders. In it the County Court is held monthly; J. Stansfeld, Esq., is judge; Mr. I’. R. Jones, registrar; Mr. George Eastwood, assistant registrar ; and Mr. Charles Dyson, high bailiff. Its district comprises the following town- ships :—Austonley, Ca:tworth, Cumberworth, Cumberworth-Half, Fulstone, Hepworth, Holme, Honley, Upper

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Wolmfirth Directory.

and Nether Thong, Thurstonland, and Wooldale. Here is a Chamber of Commerce, of which Mr. S. 8. Booth is secretary. Petty Sessions are held here every alternate Saturday, and Mr. N. Learoyd is clerk to the Magistrates. There is a Working Men's Club, with library, reading room, &c., and which numbers about 300 members, and a Conservative Working Men’s Club, formed recently, and its lecture, reading and news rooms were opened in February, 1869. C. Stephenson, Esq., is president, and Mr. F. Crosland, secretary. The Endowed School, was erected in 1780, with master’s honse attached, and has an

The Gas Works were erected in 1840.

endowment of £12 a year, and a portion of land, bequeathed in 1833. there are several benefactions for the poor.

Here is also a National School, and The Holme Valley Lodge of Freemasons (No. 652) meets at the

Victoria Hotel, on Fridays next full moon; and there are lodges of Druids, Oddfellows, and Free Gardeners.

In 1857 a West Riding Police Station was builé at a cost of £1000. inspeetor; the force consists of an inspector and eight constables.


It has three cells and a house for the

awful calamity, the bursting of the

Bilberry Dam, at the head of the Holme valley, occurred on the morning of the 5th of February, 1852, hy

which 82 lives were lost, and property to the extent of a quarter of a million was destroyed.

It was only sur-

passed in its appalling suddenness and disastrous results by the Sheffield inundation of 1864. However, the public subscriptions in aid of the sufferers were so ample, that the relicf committee, after satisfying all reason- able claims, and applying £7000 towards the reconstruction of the dam bank, and returning to such contributors as chose to apply, &s. Sd.in the pound, had sum in hand, with which, in 1856, they built and endowed five Almshouses for the same number of aged poor, who receive 8s. per week cach,

Post and Moxey Orper Orrick at Miss Sarah Roberts’, Victoria street.

Letters arrive, vid Huddersfield,

at 7.15 a.m., and 1 and 5 p.m.; and are despatched 8.15 a.m., and 12.40 and 7.40 p.m.

Armitage Walter, solicitor (Kidd & A.); h North terrace Ashton Jph. mer. of gas wks. Newiwn Bainforth Js. phigphr. Huddersfld. rd Joshua (Joseph & Sons) Barraclough John Cuttell Teale (Joseph & Sons) Bailey & Son (John & John, mungo manufacturers, Newtown Bennett Jph. clothes dlr. South In Boothroyd Mr John, Cliff eottago Bower Mr Richard, North terrace Bower Mr William, Park house Broadhead Mrs Helen, Spring terrace Brodie Stphn. wln. enginr. Spring tr Brotherton Rehd. hatter, Victoria sq Burton Mrs Sarah, Hollowgate Butterworth Mr Benj. Beech house Butterworth Joseph, woollen manu- facturer (B. & Hoberts) Charlesworth Js. soap mrt. Upper bdg Clarke Rev John (Weol.), Spring ter Coldwell Wm. cooper, Upper bridge Collins Jph. temp. htl. & bill poster Colville Rey Jno. (Indp.) Uppr. Thong Crosland Joseph, bookslr. Upper bdg Crosland Mrs Maria, Underbank Crossley Hy. shuttle mkr. South In Crowther Timothy (woollen mer- chant), South house Dyson John, wlln. mfr. (D. & Sons) Earnshaw Chas. clothes dlr. Townet Fisher Mark, toll collctr. Upper bdg Flower Rev. William, M.A. inecum- bent of Upper Thong Friend Rev. Frederick (Wesleyan), Huddersfield road Garside Mrs Mary, Carr house Haigh Miss Ann, West terrace Haigh John, Wesln. home missionry Hawksworth Mrs Ann, Victoria st Hawksworth Wilson refreshmt. rms Heeley Harry, Conservative regis- tration agent itchin Miss Ann, Hnddersfield rd Hixon Mr John, Springfield terrace Holmes Mrs Mary, Huddersfield rd Horncastle Miss Mary, Carr mount Huddersfield Banking Company; Hiram Taylor, agent Kidd Martin, solictr. (K. & Armitage) Knowles Wm. Hy. drggst. Upper bdg Leach Rey. Richard Ebenezer, vicar, Holy Trinity

i Pearson Wim. railway carting agent

Littlewood Allen, pwnbkr. Church st Lockwood Mrs Elizabeth, Cooper In Lockwood James, travllr. Lane end Lomax Mrs Elizabeth, Spring ter McClellan Alex. stationer, Hollowgt Marples Charles, Belk, ironfounder, Newtown Marsh Jno. wln. mir. (Holmes & Sons) Meller Robert, solicitor (Iveson & M.); h Deanhouse Mellor Benj. cloth drssr. (B. & Son) Mellor Joseph Ramsden, cloth dresser (Benjamin & Son) Moorhouse Jsha, Esq. J.P. North ter Moorhouse Mr Joseph and Miss Charlotte, Victoria street Moorhonse Samuel & Son (Joshua), cloth merchants and furniture brokers, Huddersfield road Moorhouse Mr William, Rotcher rd I Netherwood Thomas, registrar of births, deaths and marriages Nunn Walter, police inspector Pearce Mrs Mary, Spring terrace

Pilling Richard, station master Powell Rev Edw. curate, IIoly Trnty Russell Miss My. Ann, berlin wool dir Sandford Mrs Nancy, West terrace Senior Job, gardener, Goose green Shore Benjamin, cloth dlr, Back In Short Wm. leather cutter, Hollowgt I Stephenson Cookson, Esq., barrister, I North terrrace Stringer Robert, baker, Back lane Sykes Rev Joseph (Wesleyan), Huddersfield road Taylor Miss Mary, Springfield ter Thorp Mr Henry, West terrace Tinker Hy. (Geo. & Son), Spring vl Tinker Robert Son), Lane end Turner Mr James, Greenfield house Wimpenny Mrs Elz. Mount Pleasant Wood Benjamin Prosser, collector for Gas Company, Hightown Woodhead Abel, commission agent, Huddersfield road Woodhead James, tea dir. Victoria st

Elephant and Castle, Mrg Lodge, Hollowgate Friendship, Jph. Burrow, Towngate George Inn, Joe Hoyle, Upper bridge King’s Head, Miss Mary Bower, Uuddersfield road Masons’ Brms, John Hartley, Un- derbank Rose and Crown, Benjamin Beall, Higgin bridge Shoulder of Mutton, Jonas Wood- head, Victoria square Victoria Hotel, Mrs Hannah Taylor, Lane end Waggon and Horses, Joseph Beall, Huddersfield road White Hart, Thomas, Boothroyd,


John (George &'

INNS AND TAVERNS. Belle Vue, Chs. Cromack, Cinder hl

Crown Hotel, Edward Lodge, Hud- dersfield road


Barraclough Jph. & Sons Dyson Joseph ATTORNEYS. Booth Samuel Stephenson, sec. to Chhr. of Commerce, clk. to Gas Co. &e. Hawthorn Benj. Sutton Iveson & Meiler Kidd & Armitage AUCTIONEERS, &¢. Beever John (See Advert. p. 81) Sanderson John Sykes Wm. (See p. 89) Tinker G. & Son Wimpenny Saml. BEERHOUSES. Beaumont Mrs A. Booth George Brook Mrs H. Brook Joe Child William Holmes Hugh (& cab owner) Lindley James Littlewood D. Roberts John Stanley George Wadsworth Mrs §

Brammall James Whitworth Geo. BOOT AND SHOE MAKERS, Beaumont Jntiin. Cockroft John Fiarnshaw Thos. Fox Joshua Haigh John Haigh Joseph Hallas Elliott Hargraves John Hincheliff Joseph Moorhouse Geo. Moorhouse Jph. Ratcliffe Jonathn Riley William Roberts John Vhiteley Elliott Wimpenny Saml. Woodhead James Woodhead Saml. BUTCHERS. Atkinson Robert, Underbank Bower Georgo Bower Mrs H. Butterworth J. Exley Joseph Haigh George Haigh Hy. (pork) Haigh James Littlewood David Roebuck Henry

Page 108

. 456 WMolmfirth Directory. CARD NAILERS. , MidgleyJonathan ; Brammall James SCHOOLS. Ediss Geo. Nwl. I Bower John and Armitage Ammon I Roberts Joseph (ironfndr. only); Marked * take I TrotterEdward&| Sons (Henry, Armitage Joseph I GREENGROCERS. I Cartwright Jonas Boarders. Charles John Jthn. & Jonas) CHINA & EARTHEN- I Hobson James Marples Chas. B.| Arkwright Thos. STONEMASONS. I Brook Jno. & Son WARE DEALERS. I Lee Job i only) *Burton John * are Quarry (David) Brooke James Sanderson John I Mitchell John ; DawsonMissEliz. Owners. Butterworth Hy.

Brooke Johnson Flanagan Michl. CLOGGERS. Cockroft John Heeley Harry Metterick Owen Moorhouse Jph. Riley William Swire Robinson CLOTH DRESSERS. Greenwood Geo. Mellor B. & Son Wilson George COAL MERCHANTS AND AGENTS. Brook John & Co. Goldthorp Edwa. Haigh John and Joseph Hardy Benjamin Holme Bridge Coal Company; J. Midgley, agt Jagger Joseph Hepworth COMMSN. AGENTS. Winpenny Thos. Woodhead Abel CONFECTIONERS. Cawthorn Fredk. Dawson Christpr. DRAPERS. Beardsell John Boothroyd Mrs A. Boothroyd James Exley Thomas Haigh James Hirst John Kippax Robert McNish William Scholefield Jas. Wood Alfred Woodcock Joshua Woodhead W. M. DYERS. Fozzard Thomas

SCHOLES, a scattered hamlet, 1 mile §.E. of Holmfirth, is in the townships of Woolda

Senior Mrs Sarah I mIuLINers, &¢.

GROCERS. Boothroyd Mrs A. Brearley Samuel I Karnshaw Miss Broadhead Geo. Sarah Ann Broadhead Wm. I Hirst Miss Elizh. Co-opertv. Stores I LittlewoodMiss KE (Geo. Morton & I Martin Mrs Hart. , Co.), Jno. Kaye, I Moorhouse Mrs H. manager Shaw Miss Elizh. I Gledhill William |Turner Misses:

Aun & Emma Wood Misses E. W. & Penclope MUSIC SELLERS. Moseley John

Haigh Charles Haigh William Holmes D. & Co. Hoyle Jonas Hoyle William

Littlewood Mrs §. I Sandford Wm. (& Lodge Batley organist of St. MeNish William John’s) Mitchell Henry PAINTERS,

Wood Alfred Woodhead Jas. HAIRDRESSERS, Charlesworth M., Crosland James Mellor John

Bamforth Joseph Battye Charles Dean Edward Exley Isaac Lawton (John) & Hogley (Stphn.

Talbot Thomas Enoch) HEALD AND SLAY I Quarmby George MAKERS. Quarmby Jonthn. Haigh Thmas PLASTERERS.

Pollitt James JOINERS, &¢. * are Wheelwrgts. Armitage Joseph *Beardsell Jph. Beever George *Bower James *HinchliffeSlvstr

Milner Richard *Morton John *Schofield John Shaw Joseph (& cabinet maker) Shore Jonathan MACHINE MAKERS,

MILLWRIGHTS, &C. Battye William

Battye Charles Dolline Jno.& Hy. Isaac Hawksworth Ths. Jackman George Jessop Allen PLUMBERS, &C. Thewlis James Tolson Richard

Fire Brigade) PRINTERS, &C. Crosland Joseph Taylor John SADDLERS, Crawshaw Wm. Hebblethwaite H.

(and captain of I

Hill Misses Ann Eliza & My. J. *McKean Mrs E Marsden Miss Mary Jane Enoch (Endowed) National Trinity), Thos. Crookes

I Wesleyan, Fras.

Gutteridge Woodhead Mrs C. SHOPKEEPERS., Beardsell Joseph Buckley Wm. Chatterton Andw. Cochrane Mrs Mary Ann Donkersley Benj. Ellis Mrs Sarah ,Fallas Lot ! Greenoff Nathan I Greensmith John Haigh Mrs Hnh. Hardcastle Philip I Hardy Henry Hargraves Mrs H. Holden Wim. Hollingworth J. Hoyle Eli Kinder George Lockwood James (umbrella mkr) Mosley Joshua Murray Robert Roberts James Senior Mrs Sarah Singleton Thos. Swallow Samuel SIZING BOILERS. Batley James Batley Richard Haigh Robert SURGEONS, Berry Wiliam

worth, and Hepworth. A local board was established here in 1866. Lurrer Box cleared at 6.45 p.m. The nearest Money Order Office is at New Mill.

Charlesworth Ben, Duxbury Emanuel, cashier Haigh Mr Hezekiah Lindley grocer

blacksmith BEERHOUSES.

Battye Joshua (& wheelwright)

Lindley Job, woollen manufacturer Moorhouse & Allison, woollen manu- facturers, Jackson bridge Moorhouse Christopher, registrar and inspector of weights & measures Slater James, schoolmaster and col- lector to Local Board Thewlis Mr George, Rock house Thomas Charles, blacksmith Waterhouse Jph. vict. White Horse

Dearnley Eli FARMERS. Battye Gamaliel Battye George Bennett Thomas Brook James Cartwright John Castle George England Elliott

Whitworth Thos. vict. Boot & Shoe

Hinchliffe Jnthn. Hirst George Holmes Francis Littlewood John Marsden Joseph Moorhouse Wm. Senior William Smith John Smith Jonathan Stanley Thomas Stanley Thomas Tinsley Charles

Haigh Jonathan

Tyas Heury

*Goldthorp Jph. *Harpin J. (flag, slate & stn. mrt) *Langley Uriah Marsh & Thorpe * Morton James Turner Joah Turner Timothy Turner William Wadsworth Abm. Wadsworth Geo. Wadsworth Hy. TAILORS. * are Drapers. *Battye Joshua Blakey John Braithwaite Geo. Chatterton Hy. Crosland Joshua Dawson William *Virth Mark Haigh Henry Haigh James *Haigh Thomas «Haigh Wilson

Littlewood Thos.

Moore Joseph Moorhouse Benj. Singleton Thos. *Sykes Isaac *Woodeock Jsha. TINNERS. Dyson John Garside James (& (drysalter) Johnson John WATCH MAKERS. Flanagan Michl. Mallinson Thos. WOOLLEN MFRS. Barber J. & Sons Barber Thomas Barrow James Bashforth Chas. & W. (spinnrs) Beever John

Wood Charles SHOEMAKERS. Brook Ebenezer Brook Francis Silverwood Jph. Walton Thomas Woodeock Jnthn. SHOPKEEPERS, Haigh Mrs Jane Hinchliffe Henry Moorhouse Jas. Senior Mrs Hnh. Vautry Mrs Hoh.

I Hinchliffe

Waterhouse Jph.

and Samuel Butterworth Joe Butterworth Jsha Butterworth and Roberts Cuttell Abel and Son (Alfred) Hinchlitfe James & Sons (Edwd., Jonas, Henry, Hugh & Alfred) Thos, & Sons

Hobson Jonas &

Sons (Firth & William) Holmes James & Sons Hoyle Joshua Tfoyle Charles Mellor Jph. & Son Mellor Ths. & Son Ramsden Robert & Sons Roberts Jonas Roberts Jonathan and William Sandford Wm. Taylor John Thp. Thorp Jonathan Turner J. & Sons

Wimpenny and Bowes WimpennyHenry

and Samuel Wood Joseph RAILWAY Trains several times a day to all parts CARRIERS To Huddersfield. Emor Brook, J. Hinchliffe and Robert Haigh, daily

e, Fulstone, Cart-

STONEMASONS. England Elliott Thorpe Jonathan Turner James Turner Thomas CARRIERS. John Brook, to Huddersfield, daily George Brook (ir- regularly) Nearest Railway Station is at Thongs bridge

SHELLEY, 2 large and pleasantly sitnated village, 6 miles S.E. of Huddersfield, and 1 mile from Shepiey

railwaystation, *has in its township 1420 acres, and “had 1901 inhabitants in 1861, The Chureh, dedicated to Lmanuel, is a handsome stone structure, ‘commenced i in 1866,

works erected in 1859.

It is lighted with gas from

Page 109

Shelley Directory. 457

and consecrated in1868. Its cost was about £3000. The benefice is a vicarage, valued at £100, in the patronage of the Vicar of Kirkburton, and incumbency of the Rev. Alfred Turner, M.A. The School was built by subscrip- tion in 1806, when six acres of land were allotted from the common, for four free scholars. The Independents Baptists, and Primitive and New Connexion Methodists have chapels here. Post Orrtcr at Henry Silverwood’s. Letters vid Huddersfield. Shepley is the nearest Money Order office.

Addy Abel, blacksmith & brickmkr Barden Alfred, sizing boiler Barden Joseph, sizing boiler Battley William, quarry owner Bedford Miss Eliza Charlotte, day school Bedford Thos. Whitham, secretary to Gas Company Dyson Joseph, clogger Emmott Charles, wheelwright Emmott John, tailor and draper, Town end Fitton Henry, stay manufacturer Fitton Sam, registrar of births and deaths Haigh Mr George Hill Mr George, Town end Hill Thomas, National schoolmaster Kenworthy George, tailor Laundon Geo saddler, Bank bottom Matthews John, clerk to local board Ramsden Joah, machinist Ramsden William, pattern card mkr Roberts James, assistant overseer Robinson William, gas manager Smith Sidney, hawker Stringer Hugh, tallow chandler Townend Mr Job Turner Rey. Alfred, M.A. vicar Whitehead John, surgeon

Hallas BEERHOUSES. Green Miss B. Hall George Hardy William BOOT AND SHOE MAKERS. Cartwright Geo. Cartwright Jph. Dyson Joseph Gill Henry Goldthorpe Wm. Taylor Frederick COAL OWNERS. Alderson John & Son Jagger Robert Matthews John CORN MILLERS. Dickinson Richd. Hobson Jonathn, FARMERS. Addy Abel Addy David

Addy Henry

INNS AND TAVERNS. Commercial, Henry Gill Gardeners’ Arms, Mrs HE. Ramsden Star, William Earnshaw

Who would have Thought it, John

Addy John Barden Joseph Barden William Child Isaac and Jacob Earnshaw Henry and George Earnshaw Jph. Karnshaw Wm. Fitton Benjamin Fitton John Green Mrs Ann Green Benjamin Haigh David Haigh George Haigh John Haigh Jph. & Bj. Haigh Tom Hall Joseph Hall William Hey Abraham Hey George Hirst George Hobson Jonathn.

Horton Mrs E. Jagger Robert Kenworthy John Matthews Edwd. (and butcher) Mosley George Mosley Richard North John Ramsden Mrs. J. Silverwood Geo. Spencer James Stevenson Thos. Stephenson Jph. Stringer Mrs A, Sykes John Taylor John Tilburn John Tinker Abel Tinker George Watson Daniel (and butcher) Whitaker Eliz. Whitehead John Wood John JOINERS. Batley Sidney Berry Allen Horton William (& wheelwgt.) Taylor George


Taylor Geo. jun.

SHOPKEEPERS. Addy George Barraclough Jno. Co-op. Store; J. Jackson, mngr Gelder William Hirst George KenworthyMrs E Lee Joseph Martin George Mosley George Mosley Richard Silverwood Hy.

WOOLLEN (FANCY) MANUFACTURERS. Barden Hy. & G. Child Is. & Jacob Fitton B. & Sons (Geo. & John)

Peace David

CARRIER To Huddersfield,

John Addy, Tues, Thurs. and Sat.

RAILWAY Trains fromShep- ley Station severl times a day

in a deep valley, 64 miles $.S.E. of Huddersfield, is a village and township, containing in 1861

1432 inhabitants and 1250 acres.

It has a district Church (St. a neat stone structure, built in 1848,

at a cost of £1500, and mueh improved in 1868 by the erection of a new chancel, in which is a beautiful stained

glass window, the gift of Mr. J. W. Kenyon.

The living is a perpetual curacy, valued at £150, with residence,

in the patronage of the Vicar of Kirkburton, and ineumbency of the Rev. John Collins, M.A. The Wesleyans There are British and National schools, the former enlarged in 1864, and the latter now having an Infant’s school attached, and also a Working Men’s Club, es-

and New Connexion Methodists have each a chapel here.

tablished in 1869.

Post AND Money OrpER AND Savinas’ Banx at Edward Brook’s.

Armitage Mr Edward, The Abbey Armitage Messrs. John, James, and Jackson (Benjamin & Sons) Armitage Joseph E. & Hargreaves, quarry owners & stone sawyers Batty Misses Emmeline & Maria, milliners & dressmakers Bradley Henry & John, stay manfrs Bradley Henry (Goldthorp Brothers and Co.), & draper Burt Jacob, National schoolmaster Barnicot B. (B. & Kenyon) Carter Thomas Mark, brewer, St. Mark’s brewery Chambers Joah, assistant overseer, clerk to Local Board, & school- master, Town school Collins Rev. John, M.A., incumbent, Parsonage Ellis James Eli, stonemason & bldr Goldthorpe Miss Ann, dressmaker Goldthorpe Bros. & Co. (Wm., Jno., & Harrop), cloth fnshrs. Cliff mill Goldthorpe Francis, cloth merchant Goldthorpe George, cloth merchant Goldthorpe John, jun. cloth mercht Holdsworth Mrs Rebecca, milnr. &c. Jenkinson George, station master

Smith Mrs Sarah

blacksmith) BEERHOUSES. Addy David Chatterton Thos. Moss Alfred BUTCHERS, Bower John M. Bradley Samuel Walker William FARMERS. Addy David Addy John Armitage Benjn. Armitage Samuel Beever John { Bottomley Jph.

Kaye Samuel, sexton Kenyon John William, mannufac- turer (Barnicot & K.,) Mosley Richard, stay mfr. Abbey In Senior Seth & Sons (Reuben & Jas.), brewers, maltsters & coal owners

INNS AND TAVERNS., Black Bull, James Broadbent Railway hotel, Samuel Bower Royal Sovereign, Henry Wood Stag’s Head, Joshua Clegg (and

Bower Fitton Bower John A. Broadbent Geo. Broadbent James Broadbent Joah Broadbent Jph. Brown George Carter George Carter William Clegg Joshua Crook Hugh Ellis James Gelder Joseph Goldthorpe Hy. Goldthorpe John

Letters vid Huddersfield.

Haigh John Hardy John Hey George Hobson John Holden George Holden Jonathan Holden Thomas Howgate Mrs A. Ibberson George Ives John Jepson Samuel Kenyon Walter Priest Charles Rowley Joseph Smith Agar and Job Smith Benjamin Smith Samuel Stevenson Jph. Tinker John Walker Edward Womersley Jph. Wortley John Wood Henry Wool Mrs Mary JOINERS. Broalbent James (& cabinet mkr)

Haigh John

I Kaye Charles

Battye Fenton Cocking George Kaye George Morton Thomas SHOPKEEPERS.

Berry Joseph Broadbent Geo. (and chemist & druggist) Brook Edward Co-op. Store; W. Armitage, mgr Mosley Richard North Joseph Wood Henry


+are Drapers also Batley William *Bradley Hy. (& cloth finisher) Charlesworth T. *Denton Allen Ellis Frederick Ellis William

Page 110

458 Shepley Directory. *GoldthorpeHar-|*Smith Joshua |Armitage Wm. Haywood Benjn. {Smith Benjamin Trains rop & Fredk |*Stephenson Jph| Edward Holden Eli Smith George from station se- *Goldthorpe Jno. |*Taylor Thomas I Barnicot & Ken-|Holden George I Smith Joshua veral times & jun. *Tinker John you Holden Thomas I Smith Samuel day Holden Wm. (&| mrrs. I Brook George Holden William I StevensonJoseph I CARRIER. J. Ste-

Presdnt. Work- ing Men’s Inst)

venson to Hud- dersfield daily

Tinker John WoodDayid Addy

Armitage Benjn.| Goldthorpe Bros. and Song & Co. (finshrs.)

Matthews Benjnu. Peace William

THURSTONLAND, a village on an eminence, 5 miles 8.8.E. of Huddersfield, has in its township 2050 acres 2nd 1200 souls. Chas. H. Bill, Esq.,is lord of the manor. A Chapel, built here by subseription in 1810, was used by Dissenters till 1834, when it was made a Ease to Kirkburton. But this being, for some time past, Inadequate to the wants of the people, the site for a church was given by the late Mr. Winterbottom, and

the new building was commenced in July, 1869, which it is expected to complete before the end of 1870. It is to be dedicated to St. Thomas, in the Geometric-decorated style, and will have sittings for 400 persons. The esti- mated ecst is about £3000, and the Rev. R. B. Thompson, the present curate, is incumbent designate. The

Free School was built by Ann Ludlam, who, in 1763, endowed it with £500, now vested at five per cent. interest. The master has also a house, built by subscription, and 24. Ir. 28p. of land, allotted at the enclosure in 1801. About 1000 small Roman coins of copper and brass were found at Whistones, in 1838. A Local Board was es- tablished in 1866. Mr. W. Wilson is the collector. Post Orrice at Mr. James Lancaster's. Letters arrive, vid Huddersfie 5.55 p.m. The nearest Money Order Office is at New Mill.

Allatt Joshua, beerhouse INNS AND TAVERNS.

d, at 9am., and are despatched at

Walker Eneas

Jenkinson Jph.

Bray Mrs Mary Cuttell Henry, tailor England William, corn miller, My- tholm bridge Gill Nathan, ‘butcher Gill Samuel, wheelwright Gill Thomas Naylor, station master, Stock’s moor Hallas Charles Lockwood, tanner Harpin John and Herbert, flagstone and slate merts. Magnum quar- ries; h Ackroyd house Mitchell John, millwright & Mitchell Joseph, millwright Sharman Daniel and Mrs Elizabeth Ann, Free school Smith Misses Mary & Sar. Grange Smith Robert, manufactg. chemist Thompson Rev. Robert Boyle, curate


Rose and. Crown,

BLACKSMITHS. Hardcastle Wm. Rodgers Robert Rodgers Thomas (machinist) FARMERS, Armitage George Armitage Jno. W.

sizing boiler) Bottomley John Bray Mrs Mary Chambers J. & L. Clegg James Crowther Thos.

Booth Jonas (and :

Clothiers’ Arms, Robt. Jenkinson Rock, Luke Hellawell

James Gill

Dickinson Richd. Fielding Thomas Gill Thos. & Jas. Gill Nathan (& I butcher) , Gill Jonathan Haigh Mrs Sarah Hallas Charles Hinehliff Jnthn. Hirst Benjamin Hirst Mrs Ellen Jenkinson Geo. Jenkinson Geo. (gardener) Jenkinson Jno. W

(executors of) Jenkinson Robt. Jenkinson Rowld. Lancaster Jas. Lodge Thomas Mear Allan Mitchell John Moorhouse John Moorhouse Jno.N Moss John Noble David Noblo J. & Jpthn Noble Matthew Pontefract Jph. Roberts Edward (and maltster) Rodgers John Smith George Smith Robert

Walker Henry Wilson Wm. (& assist. oversr.) SHOPKEEPERS. Fielding Thomas Hirst William Lancaster James Noble Charles Stephenson Job Thorp Abel RAILWAY

Trains from the Thong’s Bridge, Stock’s Moor, & Brockholes status CARRIER, Jabez Walker, to Huddersfield, ir- regularly

WOOLDALB, a small village, 64 miles 8. of Huddersfield, has in its township 2370 acres, and 1&§61 5322 inhabitants, "a great part of the extensive village of Holmfirth, part of Scholes, and several small hamlets,

all in the graveship of Holme.

A Local Board was established here in 1866.

Post at William Garside’s, Thongs Bridge. arrive at7.30a.m. The nearest Money Order Office is at Holmfirth.

Allen Rev. Edward (Unitn.), Lydgt Bailey Miss Jane, dressmaker Beaumont Mrs Martha Booth Benjamin, blacksmith Bowes Jas. mfr. (Wimpenny & B.) Chapman Miss Jane, schoolmistress Crowther Timothy (merchant) Eastwood Mrs Sarah, vict. Sycamore Eastwood Geo. clk. of County Court Exley George, butcher, Totties Goslin Dd. station mstr. Thongs bdg Hirst Thomas, toll collector Holmes Jonas, twine manufacturer Hoyle CEarles, mungo & waste dlr Lockwood Charles, manufacturer Lockwood Jonathan (L. Brothers); h The Royds Marsden Jph. manufr (Exley & Co.) Morehouse Henry James, surgeon, Stoney bank Morehouse John (manufacturer) Morchouse Wm. coal owner, Lydgate Palmer Edward, surgeon Sutcliffe John, schoolmaster Turner Joseph, cattle dealer Walker Mr Robert

BEERHOUSES. Brook Emor Turner William BOOT AND SHOE MAKERS, Barraclough Dd. Campbell Thos. North John FARMERS. Bates James. Battye James Beaumont John Boothroyd John Bottomley Jno.(& assist. oversr.)

Brown Isaac Burker John

Cartwright Abel Cartwright Jnin.

Donkersley Jas.

The Unitarians, Wesleyans, and Society of Friends have each a chapel here. Mr. T. Wood igs the collector.

Letters despatched, vi4 Huddersfield, at 7,30 p.m. and

Wimpenny Eli, mfr. (W. & Bowes) Woodhead Benjamin, coal dealer & vict. Albert Hotel, Thong’s bridge Woodhead Mr James Booth Woodhead John, woollen and angola yarn spinner, Thong’s bridge

Ellis Edwd. (and sizing boiler) Hardy Joseph Hebblethwaite J. Heeley John Hinechliff Eli Hinchliff John Hinchliff Wm. Lee Mrs Harriet Lindley John LittlewoodHiram Marsden John Morton John Roberts Joseph Senior John Stanley Benjn. Sutcliffe John Tinker Christphr

Turner Mrs Eliz. Turner Henry

Turner Richard Tyas James Wadsworth Hy. Wood Tola (colr. of highways) Woodhead Mrs A Woodhead Jph. SUOPKEEPERS. Bennett George Brook J CarterW Donkersley Jas. Hebblethwaite J. Mallinson James Seddon John

] Swan Joseph

Wadsworth H. J. Woodhead Mre A STONE MERTS, Aspinall Joseph {and mason) Gee Thomas Hardy Joseph Kirk John Larder Thomas TAILORS.

Brook Firth

French Joseph Swan Joseph WOOLLEN MFRS. Exley Wm. & Co. France Jno. Wm. Hoyle Joshua Lockwood JBros. Lee mill Mellor Hugh (& mungo dealer) Ramsden John Seddon John Taylor & Roberts Wimpenny and Bowes Wood Alfred RAILWAY Trains from Thone’s Bridge Station CARRIERS To Haddersfield, G. Brook, Tues- days; J. Brook,


Page 111


SADDLEWORTH-CUM-QUICK is a mountainous township and parochial chapelry, in the parish of Rochdale and diocese of Manchester; but in the upper division of Agbrigg Wapentake and Southern Division

of the West Riding of Yorkshire, where the latter adjoins the counties of Lancaster and Cheshire. It extends from 8 to 14 miles S.W. of Huddersfield, and from 4 to 10 miles N.H. of Oldham ; comprising about 18,000 acres of land, of which only 11,000 are under cultivation. It is extensively engaged in the cotton and woollen manufactures, and its population in 1861 was 18,631. It contains 77 villages and hamlets, and is a Poor Law Union, divided into four constablewicks, called Shaw mere, Quick mere, Friar mere, and Lords mere. In the valleys and on the declivities is a good deal of excellent grazing land, the rest of the parish being mountain and moor. The Huddersfield Canal and the north-eastern branch of the London and North Western Railway extend through the parish, and side by side pass under the lofty ridge of Stanedge, through tunnels more than 3 miles long. The railway has stations in the parish at Delph, Diggle, Greenfield, Grotton, Lees, and Saddleworth ; and from Greenfield a branch line extends to Oldham. The church and hamlet of Saddleworth are near the centre of the township, 12 miles S.W. of Huddersfield. The principal villages are Dorcross and distant a mile from each other, and from 5 to 6 miles N.K. of Oldham; Juncrion, 2 miles N. of Delph; Upper Minn, 1 mile §.E. of Dobcross; and GREENFIELD, 5 miles from Oldham. The Church (St. Chad) at Saddle- worth, is a Gothic structure, with nave and aisles, mostly rebuilt in 1832 ; the square tower, containing six bells, was rebuilt in 1746. The vicarage, valued at £300, with residence, is in the patronage of the Vicar of Roch- dale, and incumbency of the Rev. Richard Whitelock, M.A. The other livings in the parish are now vicarages, and are St. Anne’s, at Lydgate; Christ Church, at Denshaw; Christ Church,at Friezland; Holy Trinity, at Dobcross; and St. Thomas’s, at Friar mere; the two latter being valued at £200 per annum, and the others at £300. They are all in the patronage of the Vicar of Rochdale, except Denshaw, which is 1n the gift of H. Gartside, Esq. ; and Friezland Church, which is a handsome structure, erected and endowed in 1849 by Messrs. R. R. Whitehead and Brothers, at an expense of £17,000, including parsonage house and schools, the patronage being vested in R. R. Whitehead, Esq. This church has a peal of six bells, and several stained windows. A new district and church, to be called St. John the Baptist’s, is proposed for Roughtown. The Independents, Wesleyans (Old and New Connexions), and Primitive Methodists have chapels at Delph, Upper Mill, Springfield, Greenfield, Baguley, Scouthead, and Weakey. Farrs are held at Delph on April 24th, July 9th, and September 24th; at Dobcross, on the second Thursday in March and last Thursday in July; at Upper Mill, on the Wednesday in Whitsun week and the first Wednesday in October; and at on the Tuesday before Easter. The Gas for the town- ship is supplied exclusively by the Staleybridge Gas Company. The Workhouse ig at Running hill; Mr. Wm. Thos. and Mrs. Ann Bradbury are masterand matron. Mr. Owen Plattis clerk and superintendent registrar; Mr. Hy. Walker is registrar of marriages for Saddleworth, and registrar of births and deaths for Upper Mill district ; Mr. KE. H. Ainley is registrar of births and deaths for Delph district ; and Mr. John William Radcliffe is relieving officer. The County Court is held once a month at Upper Mill; Christopher Temple, Esq., Q.C., is judge ; Mr. Charles James Roberts is registrar; and Mr. Thomas Lord, clerk. Prtry Sussions are held at Upper Mill every alternate Wednesday. The County Police Office is at Wood road. Mr. Seth Parker is superintendent. There are Mecuanics’ Institutions at Saddleworth, established in 1845, and with a large building erected in 1859, containing a capacious hall; and at Dodcross, established in 1858 ; andat Delph, established in 1855. Each of these institutions possesses a good library. The Saddleworth Local Board of Health was incorporated in 1867 for Upper Mill district ; Mr. Eli Bradbury is clerk. The Saddleworth Rifle Volunteers (84th West York), have their head quarters at Wool road, and armouries in other parts of the district. There are 668 officers and men. James Bradbury, Esq., Huddersfield, is lieutenant-colonel; Thomas Wrigley, Esq., is major; John Edwd. Taylor, Jph. Shaw, and Jas. Richd. Bradbury, Esqrs., are captains ; Beckett Bradbury, Esq., is surgeon; and Richard Kendall is sergeant-major and in charge of head quarters. The Freemasons’ Lodge of Candour (No. 337) was established in 1812, and mects at the Commercial Inn, Upper Mill, on the Thursday on or before full moon. Attached to it is a Royal Arch Chapter. The Post are at Delph, G. Nutter; despatch at 1.45 and 7.35 p.m.: Dobcross, G. Swann ; despatch at 9.45 a.m. and 7.45 p.m.: Greenfield, Wm. B. Fisher; despatch at 10.20 a.m. and 8 p.m.: Upper Mill, Joseph Wild; despatch at 9.45 a.m. and 7.45 p.m. Despatch of letters on Sundays at 5p.m. Hach office is a Savings’ Bank, Money Order and Telegraph Office. Letter Boxes at Road end, Delph, Diggle, Roughtown, Springhead, and Tamewater. Marked 1 are at Delph; 2, Dobeross; 3, Greenfield; 4, Upper Mill; 5, Diggle; 8, Frenches; 7, Lees; 8 Auster- lands; 9, Denshaw; and 10, Junction.

Adamson Rev. Jno. (Indpt.} Ryefields ; 1 Brierley John, watch & clock , Carter Saml. cattle dir. Tamewater

Ainley Edward Hobson, solicitor, and| 3 Broadbent Charles, millwright Burgess Jno. ironfounder, Roughtn regsty. of births & deaths for Delph I Brown George, boat builder, Wool rd I Chadwick Robt. stationmr. Grotton Andrew Mr Mark || Bostock Mr Wm. I Buckley Mr George Frederick 6 Clare Joseph, thread maker 6 Banks Robert, photographer 3 Buckley Mr Richard Cope Thomas, saddler, Brook bottom 4 Bentley John, hearse 4 Buckley Jas. Hampshr. watch mkr| Crosland Mr William, Westfield 4 Bower George, clothier Buckley James, cotton band manu-)| 1 Delph Brick Works (limited) Bradbury Eli, clerk for Local Board facturer, Wood end Fleming Rev. Harloe Rt., B.A. curate of Health Buckley John F., Esq., J.P., Linfitts I Garnet Rev. Henry Eli, M.A. vicar Bradbury Thos. cattle dlr. Fairbanks I 6 Buckley Jas. I 1 Buckley Mr John of Lydgate Bradbury Wm. Thos. mstr. Workhs I Buckley Nathl., Esq., J.P., Carr hill} Gartside Mr Hy., Wharmton Tower

4 Bradbury Samuel, poor rate coletr| 9 Butterworth and Higinbotham, I Gartside Mr Jas. Haselgreave, Wall hi Bradshaw Benj. Broadbent, assistant calico printers Green Rev. Thomas, M.A. vicar of overseer, & superint. of Cemetery I 4 Burrows Rey. Wm., B.A. (Indpt.) Friezland


Page 112


4 Hall James, rate collector 5 Hall Mr. John Sherbrook 5 Hall Wm. Dehown, paper manufr Harrop Ambrose, agent, Waterhead Hirst Mr Jonathan, Ashcroft 7 Hilton Edward, Coverhill house Hirst Mr Ben, Tamehouse Hirst Mr Joshua, Woods house 1 Hirst John, Esq., J.P., Grove hs Hirst Mr John, jun., Springbrow 3 Holme Rev. Thomas, Greenfield 2 Hutchinson (John) & Hollingworth (Jas.), ironfndrs. & machine mkrs Huxley Jno. statnmr. Saddlewth. stn 2 Johnson Henry, flannel dealer Kempson Rey. Fredk. vicar of Delph Kendall Rd. sergt.-major of Voluntrs 2 Kershaw James Hervey, bank mgr 3 Knott Mr William 1 Lees James, Esq. J.P. 4 Lord John Thos. elk. to County Ct. 1 Ludlam John, station master MacDonagh Rev. John Telford, B.A. vicar of Roughtown 2 Manchester & County Bank; J. H. Kershaw, manager Midwood Mr Frederick, The Cliff Miller Joseph, slater, Wall hill 4 Pearson Rev. Thomas (Wesleyan) Petherick Rev. George William, B.A. vicar of Denshaw Phillips Rev. Alfd. (Indpt.) Springhd 2 Pillman Chas. Wm. C, excise officer Platt Ammon, rolling bd. mfr. Woolrd Platt Mr Frank, Upper mill Platt Owen, clerk to guardians and superintendent registrar Platt Mr William, Holly house Radcliffe Mr James, Junction Radcliffe John William, relieving officer, Boarshurst Roberts C. J. & A.W. solrs. Upper ml Robinson Thomas, J.P., Woodbrook 4 Sandbach Jph. I 7 Seville Ptr., Esq. 2 Schofield James, reed maker 1 Shaftoe Rev. Geo. Hy. (Wesleyan) Shaw Mr Edward 4 Shaw George & Jno. R. architects Shaw George, Esq., J.P., St. Chads Shaw Mr James, Castle shaw Shaw Jno. Radcliffe, Esq., St. Chad’s Shaw Jph. & Co. boot & genrl. dirs. Shaw Mr Thomas, Dacres Shaw Mr Samuel, Ashfield house Shread John, stationmr. Greenfield Simpson Rev. William, B.A., vicar of Dobcross Stott Mr Robert, New Delph 4 Sutherby Jecamiah, saddler 2 Swan Geo. postmstr. & stamp distr Swann William, boat ownr. Wool rd Taylor Mr. John Edward, Westfield Travis Kdm. high bailiff of County Ct. Turnock John, station master, Lees 3 Turner’s Patent Strap Company, manufacturers of mill banding 8 Turner Mrs. 8. A. rope manufactr Turner Mr Wyat, Southside Wade William, rolling board manu- facturer, Mytholm mills Whitehead Francis Frederick, Esq., J.P., D.L., Beech hill Whitehead Jas. photogrphr. Roughtn Whitehead Jno, nail mkr. Brook btm

Saddleworth Directory.

Whitelock Rev. Richard, M.A., J.P., vicar of Saddloworth Winterbottom Edwin, Fern lee Wood Thos, card agent, Upper mill 5 Woolley William, station master Wrigley Mrs Elizh., Scouthead hs Wrigley Mr Thomas, Lydgate 3 Wright John, flock manufacturer


4 Bridge, Charles Broadbent 1 Bull’s Head, Jonathan Shaw Church, John Aveyard, Quick view Chureh, Charles John Wilcockson, Saddleworth clough 3 Clarence, Augustus Bradbury 4 Commercial, Henry Blackburn 7 Commercial, Samuel Lees Cotton Tree, Jno. Robinson, Ridding Cross Keys, J. Pontefract, Thrstn. clh Cross Keys, T. Buckley, Sadlwth. elh 5 Diggle, Thomas Platt Dog & Partridge, J. Lees, Springhd Farrar’s Arms, Jas. Lees, Shaw hall Floating Light, W. Sollitt, Standge gn Friendship, Thos. Shaw, Hey bank Gate, Thos. Foulkes Morris, Weakey 4 Granby’s Arms, Rt. Hollingworth Globe, John Bentley, Laceby 4 Globe, Robert Woolley Golden Fleece, Wm. Swithinbank 2 Hark-up-to-Nudger, SI. Schofield 4 Hare & Hounds, William Garratt Horse & Jockey, Mrs Betty Wood 10 Junction, Thomas Lumb King’s Arms, Jph. Wright, Grange 2 King’s Head & Swan, Ths. Lawton King William, Edward Bottomley, Bentfield Moorcock, Mrs Martha Waterhouse, Bils o’ Jacks Morning Star, Miss Betsy Holmes, Springhead Navigation, Thos. Kershaw, Wool rd 1 Pack Horse, Joseph Gartside Pecl’s Arms, Miss B. Schofield, Shelderslow Printers’ Arms, Mrs 8.Cook,Calf Hey Queen Victoria, J. Tetlow, Standg. gn 3 Railway Inn, Mrs Ann Heap 7 Railway and Commercial, Zach. Jackson Ram, Thomas Robinson, Lydgate 8 Red Lion, James Howard Roebuck, Mrs Alice Kershaw, Strines 1 Rose & Crown, Mich}. Stancliffe Royal Oak, H. Wrigley, Heights chpl Shears, Mrs Amelia Seel, Baguley Star, Joseph Bradbury, High moor Sun, Mrs Rhoda Gartside, Cherry cl 1 Swan, Thomas Longbottom Temple, Mrs A. Buckley, Watrhd. ml Three Crowns, J. Buckley, Scouthd 6 Wellington, George Wyld White Hart, Geo. Travis, Lydgate 1 White Hart, William Oldfield 2 Woolpack, Thomas Brierloy


1 Ainley Edwd. H. 1 Lawton Joseph 4 Blackburn Hy.

2 Redfearn Reha. I * Masters Wm. 4 Roberts Charles I BACKSTONE MKRS. James & Alfred I 1 Mills Joseph William 1 Schofield Thos



BAKERS, CONFEC- TIONERS, &C, * are Dealers in British ines. 2 * Adshead Miss Elizabeth 4 Broadbent J.P. 2 Burgess Henry 4 Lawton Charles 1 Seroop Mrs Ann 4 Shaw Sidney 6 * Shutt Thos. 4 Tyas John B. BEERHOUSES. Armitage John 10 Billings Mrs Mary Ann 2 Bowden Mrs M. 5 Bradbury Simn 6 Buckley James Fielding William Greaves Edward 1 Hall Joseph Hirst Edward Hirst John Holmes James Kershaw James 4 Kershaw Squire Lees Benjamin 5 Scholes Thos. 4 Smith Kdmund Taylor Samuel 8 Turner Mrs §8.A. Wadsworth Edw. Wareing Mrs Sar.

Whittaker John

3 Wood James BLACKSMITHS, Barker John 10 Billings Mrs Mary Ann 1 Bray Mrs Rose 1 Bray Warrist W Dickson James 1 Hall Joseph 7 Jessop J. & T. 4 Kenworthy H. Herbert 3 Peaker Charles Seel Thomas Swithinbank W. 2 Whitehead Ths 4 Wrigley Benj. BLEACHERS. 9 Butterworth E. and Sons Heartwell Moses 5 Lumb Charles 3 Medlock Small- ware Co. BOOKSELLERS, &C. A Broadbent J. P. 4 Chapman Mrs Betty 8 Dyson John E. 3 Fisher Wm. B. 1 Mellor Robert 2 Swan George, post office 4 Wild Joseph BOOT AND SHOE MAKERS.

1 Barker Wilham 7 Beaumont Jph.

5 Blake William 1 Broadbent Isaac 4 Buckley George 6 Byram James Challis William 7 Crowley Chas. 1 Farrar Richard 5 Furniss George Garside Joseph 7 Greenwood Jas. 1 Hudson William

4 Lester Henry 3 Mallalieu Ellis 6 Rowbottom Jno 1 Shaw James Shaw Jph. & Co. 5 Shaw Thomas 10 Turner Rehd. 4 Wade William 4 Walsh Sharples 1 Watson John 2 Whitehead Jag, Whitehead Wm. 4 Wild John Platt 4 Wild Joseph BUTCHERS. 4 Bradbury Wm. 4 Buckley Abel 3 Co-opertv. Scty. 1 Garratt John 4 Garratt Wm. 3 Gartside James 1 Hall William 8 Heywood J. H. 7 Holmes William 9 May John 4 Pearson Wm. 1 Schofield J. M. 4 Shaw Sidney (pork) Walker Enoch 2 Wood George 7 Wroe Samuel CLOGGERS. 4 Broadbent J.T. 6 Buckley Wm. 6 Byram James Earnshaw Chas. 1 Hudson John 10 Marsden Geo. 4 Smith Edmund 4 Walsh O.S. 1 Watson John 2 Whitehead Jas. Whitehead Wm. 8 Whittaker Dvd. Wormald Thos. CLOTH DRAWERS. &C 2 Buckley John 3 Holt George 2 Turner Fredrek 2 Turner Richard CLOTH 5 Broadbent Wm. 2 Kastwood Jonag 2 Eastwood Thos. 5 Hartley George 9 Heap & Mather Robinson Bros. 4 Schofield Mrs S. COAL DEALERS. 5 Bradbury Simn 5 Bradbury Wm. 1 Broadbent W.

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6 Buckley James 2 Burgess Henry 3 Fisher Henry 1 Mallalieu Jas. 4 Marsden J. H. 1 Mills Joseph 4 Platt Samuel 5 Radcliffe Geo, 5 Rhodes James 5 Shaw John 1 Stancliffe Michl 1 Ward William 3 Wild Samuel Winterbottom Ed 1 Wood Joseph Wood Thomas COTTON SPINNERS. * are Mfrs. aiso. *Andrew Charles Atherton Henry doubler & warp maker Atkins Jas. & Hy. Bailey Frederic 8 *Beaumont W. George Booth J. & Son 3 *Broadbent M. and Sons 3 Buckley & Bent *Buckley F. & Co Buckley Jas. & H. «Buckley Rbt. H. 6 Clare Joseph (patent thread) Gartside Thomas & Horatio N. Talliwell 8. L. & Bros. (& dublrs) High Grove Spin- ning Company Hilton J. & Co. 5 Howard D. & Co Kershaw Charles and Sons 4 *Lees John W. 4 Platt J. HE. & Co 7 Rhodes James (and doubler) Robinson Bros. Robinson T. G. and J. Robinson Thos. Shaw Sml. & Son Springhead Spin- ning Co. (Lim) *Wrigley James DRUGGISTS. 1 Coupe Matthew 4 Eyre Thomas 3 Newton Wiliam 7 Walker Miss HE. DYERS. 4 Allott Brothers 1 Clifton J, M. 2 Eastwood Jonas 4 Holland Mrs M. Robinson Bros. 4 Schofield Mrs 8 EARTHENWARE DEALERS.

Buckley Miss E. 1 Buckley Jph.

7 Mayall James 4 Platt Thomas 1 Rhodes James 4 Smith Joseph lL Wrigley James FLANNEL. (See Woollen.) GROCERS AND SHOPKEEPERS. 2 Adshead Miss Elizabeth 1 Andrew Miss Mary Jane 3 Ashworth Jas. Barton Robert Booth Miss C. Bowser William 3 Bradbury Ths. 5 Bradbury Wm. 2 Brierley Sml. Broadbent H. Broadbent James 1 Buckley Mrs A 4 Buckley Edw. Buckley Miss E. Buckley George Buckley Moses 8 Buckley Robt. Buckley Robert 7 Buckley Wm. Buckley Wm. 2 Burgess Henry 1 Challinor John Collins Mrs. H. 7 Collins Thos. Co-op. Society 4 Crossland Dd. Dearden George 4 Eyre Thomas Firth Charles Gartside Abm, 3 Gartside Jas. George William 3 Greenhough Mrs Sarah 7 Groves James 3 Hall Joseph Hall Owen 7 Harrison Geo. 4 Heap Francis 1 Hepworth J. 6 Hewkin Walter 8 Heywood Mrs Maria Hilton John 2 Holden Chas. Holroyd Andrew Howard Ezra 7 Jackson John 4 Jessop Mrs M. 7 Jones Joseph 6 Kershaw M. Knott Abel 1 Lawton Ben 2 Lawton Miss M Lees William 7 Livesage Mrs Sarah Marland George Marsden Kdwin Maude Charles

7 Mayall James 1 Mclor Robert

1 Co-op. Society [4 Mills Joseph


Moore William 7 Moss John 7 Newton James 3 Newton Wm. Noble James 1 Nutter Wm. G. 8 Ormerod Geo. 8 Pack William Platt James 4 Platt John Platt John 1 Platt Samuel 4 Priest Hdward 5 Rhodes James Roberts Jph. L. 4 Schofield Alfd. Schofield Mrs B. 6 Schofield Chas. Schofield Mrs H. Schofield James Schofield John 2 Schofield Sml. Schofield W. T. Shaw Mrs Ann 1 Shaw Joseph Shaw John 7 Shaw Thomas Shaw Samuel 6 Shutt John 6 Shutt Joseph 1 Shrigley Miss Sarah Sykes David 3 Sykes Jabez 1 Taylor J. W. 4 Taylor George 4 Teal Ephraim 10 Turner Richd. 3 Turner Wm. 4 Tyas John B. 7 Warhurst Geo. Wareing Mrs 8S. Waterhouse Jph. Whitehead Jas. 2 Whitehead W. 3 Whitworth Mrs Maria Whittaker John 8 Wild Isaac 3 Wild Samuel Wilson William Witterbottom J. 7 Winterbottom Samuel Wood Abraham 5 Wood John T. Wood Joseph 1 Wrigley James 9 Wrigley John 7 Wrigley Miss S INSURANCE AGTS. 4 Knott James 4 Lawton James Platt Owen 4 Roberts C. J. 2 Roberts F. W. 4 Schofield John 2 ‘Turner Frdk, IRONMONGERS, &¢. 1 Mattley Mrs Mary Ann 1 Nutter Wm. G. 4 Smith Joseph (and furniture)


4 Tyas Joseph JOINERS. 4 Batty John 4 Beatsow Fdk. Beaumont John 4 Bentley Alfred 4 Bentley John Kskey Thomas 2 Hewkin Isaac Hewkin John & Walter Law Hiram Whitehead Jas. Whitehead Wm. (executors) Wood Charles 1 Wood Thomas

LINEN DRAPERS. 1 Andrew Miss Mary Jane 4 Avison John 4 Bradbury Mrs Ann 7 Bradbury Mrs Ann Bradbury Miss E. 4 Brierley Mrs M 1 Broadbent Mrs Ann 1 Broadbent Jas. 2 Buckley Miss H Buckley George 6 Byrom Miss 8. Jane Challinor John Co-op. Society Co-op. Society Co-op. Society Co-op. Society Co-op. Society Hineheliff W. 6 Hinchliffe Sml. 8 Mallalieu Mrs Betty 7 Newton James 6 Radcliffe John 2 Rhodes Miss F. 1 Shaw Wm. K. 4 Schofield John Valentine Jas. Warhurst Geo. Weston T. F,. Whittaker Jno, Winterbottom Samuel Winterbottom Charles 1 Winterbottom Mrs Esther 9 Wrigley John 5 Wood John T.


2 Bromley Jph. 2 Bromley Wm. & Jph. & Sons 4 Hall Isaac 2 Hutchinson & Hollingworth


(* are Plumbers.) *Bottomley Edw. 4*Hudson John

moO BR Age



*Kerghaw J. Fdk. 4* Norris John 4* Platt J. & Sons Q* Whitehead J. and Sons 1* Wood Samuel 1* Worrall Edw.

PLASTERERS. 1 Broadbent B. 7 Newton James 4 Shaw James 1 Shaw John 1 Shaw William

2 Whitehead Jd, and Sons

SCHOOLS. 4 Avison J. (Wes) 2 Bowe Mrs M. Bower J. (Gram- mar School) Brown Jas. (Ntl.) 8 Byrom Mrs H. 1 Collegiate Schl. J. W. Fenton 3 Collegiate Schl. Rey. T. Holme 1 Craven John Wesleyan) 8 Crowther Brad- ey (National) 2 Edwards Harry P. (National) 1 Fitton Thomas National) Gibson Miss E. J. Grammar School; Geo. Kirkland, head; Dr. Or- ges, foreign Heaton Mrs M.A. 5 Knott James Pendred William (National) Pickles R. (Wes.) 9 Pickup Zenus) (National) 2 Platt James Sandiford Edmd. (National) Shaw J. (Naitl.) 4 Shelmandine Miss A. (Indpt) 4 Taylor John P. (National)


5 Broadbent W. Buckley Miss M. and Sisters 9 Butterworth &

Higinbotham 1 Clifton Jthn. M. 5 Hartley George 9 Heap & Mather Kenworthy John TVredk. & Chas. 2 Mellor John 5 Pearson John 2 Redman Duke Robinson Bros. 4 Schofield Mrs S Shaw John

Siddall Thomas

STONEMASONS AND QUARRY OWNERS. Bottom James Bourne James 1 Broadbent Jas. 2 Bradbury & Co. 1 Buckley Chas. 4 Byram William Collinge & Barnes Dixon William Hill Jonathan Lees John 7 Lees Samuel 7 Lees Thomas 4 Marsden J.H. 8 Mallalieu Bros. 2 Matthews Abm. 2 Matthews Dvd. Pogson Charles 2 Platt Frank 4 Platt Samuel Robinson John Smithies Abrhm. Smithies James 9 Swithinbank J. Whitehead and Wrigley 2 Whitley David 6 Wilson William 1 Winterbottom Charles 1 Winterbottom Samuel 5 Wrigley James 3 Wild George SURGEONS. 4 Blackburn Wm. 2 GarstrangDr.W 2 Ramsden Waltr Henry Fox TAILORS. * also Drapers. Barrowelough J. 4*Booth Samuel 5*Bradbury Tim. 7 Fogarty Philip 4 Haigh William Harrop Joseph 4 Lindley Ths. R. Pontefract Wm. 1 Swann Alfred 2 Swann George Swann Joseph Taylor Frederick Henry Wood Benjamin 7 Wrigley Wm. TINPLATE WORERS. Binns Joseph Collier George 1 Mattley Mrs M. Ann 4 Tyas Joseph WHEELWRIGHTS. Barker Charles 1 Birtwistle Edw. 1 Bray W. W. 3 Peaker Charles 7 Shutt Thomas Webster John 1 Wilcock Richd. WOOLLEN CARDERS

& AND SPINNERS. 1 Broadbent Geo.

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1 Brierley J. 1. and J. 1 Brierley John and Son Chadwick & Shaw 1 Clifton J. M. Kenworthy John, Fredk. & Chas, 4 Mellor Edwin 2 Mellor John 2 Redman Duke 2 Roberts Fdk.W Settle Jno. & Son 4 Schofield Mrs 8S 1 Shaw John WOOLLEN MFRS. * Cloth, tFlannel. Andrew James 3*Bottomley Jas. 4 Bradbury I.&Co Bradbury R. T. 3* Bradbury Thos 5 Bradbury Thos.

Broadbent James 5 Buckley Henry Buckley J. E. and G. F. Buckley James Buckley John W. Buckley Jph.&Co 9 Butterworth & Higinbothom Byrom Robert Carter James 2 Chambley Jon. 1 Clifton Joseph 1}Garside John 1 Gartside Thos. & Horatio N. 1 Hall Joseph 5 Hartley George 2 Hirst John and Sons 2 Howard David and Co. 2+Kenworthy Jno

Saddleworth Directory.

Kenworthy John, Fredk. & Chas. Kenworthy Jph. +Lawton Wm. A. 5 Lawton Joseph and Nathaniel 1 Longbottom E. 1 Mallalieu Davd. and Henry Mills John 4 Platt John

+Radcliffe James Radcliffe John Joseph 5 Reynolds John and Thomas 1 Rhodes John & James Rhodes Jph. & R 2 Roberts Fdk. W 1 Schofield Jas. Schofield James and Son

Schofield John 3* Shaw James Shaw James 9 Shaw James +Shaw John 1 Shaw J. & Co. Shaw Robert 3 Smith d. (exors) 8 Smith Sidney Sykes Bnj. & Son Turner Jonathan +Whitehead Jas. *Whitehead Joel +Whitehead John *Whitehead R. BR and Brothers 9 Whitehead Ths Winterbottom C. +Winterbottom J H 3 Winterbottom J I

6 Winterbottom Josiah &

1 Wood Ammon + Wood John 4+ Wood Owen 1Wrigley Joseph Wrigley Thomas WOOLLEN PRINTRS. Beesley Joseph Gartside Thomas and H. N. WOOLSTAPLERS, 2 Bradbury Hal- stead & Co. Gartside Willm. WASTE DEALERS. Buckley Benjmn. (flock) 4 Gartley Saml, Maude Charles 4 Schofield John CARRIERS To Manchester 4 Broadbent C., Tuesday & Fri

3 Greenhough Mrs Sar. Tues. and Friday 1 Hepworth Jno. Tuesday & Fri Shaw J. Tu. & Fr CONVEYANCE BY WATER, &¢. The L. & N. W. Riwy. & Canal Co. daily to Huddersfield, Dewsbury, Wakefield and Manchester; J. Huxley, agent, Wool road RAILWAY. Trains from the six stations in the township to all parts many times dly


ACADEMIES & SCHLS. Ash Misses EK. & M., 143 Connor Rev. James, 114 Dixon Rey. Thos. B.D. 109 Eagleton 8. P., 144 Fryer Miss, 132 Gregory Misses, 156 Grimley Rev. H. N., 145 Holdsworth T. K., 28 Dkley College, see Ilkley Kent G. E., 113 Lawford T. H., 95 Lawrence J., 68 Payton J. B., 80 Porritt B., 107 Sargent Rev. J., 11 Stockhill T., 96 Watson William, 51 White Rey. Thos., 113a

ACCOUNTANTS. Butterfield K. T., 110 Dickin Henry & Edwin, 78 Kingston R., 60


AGENTS. Baldwin William, 41 Lewis George, 69 Stubbs Mereantile, 248a Tasker William, 124 Waite and Son, 73

ANVIL & VICE MFRS. Armitage M. & H. &Co.,121 Askham Brothers & Ren- ton, 2la

ASYLUMS. Corbar Hill House, 116 Wye House, 117

AUCTIONEERS. Beever John, 81

Cook and Davis, 63

Crawshaw Thomas, 77 Hargreaves Henry, 56 Holdsworth William, 136 Hutton I. and Sons, 59 McCann Bernard, 98 McVay & Smith, 138 Metcalfe Joseph, 105 Sykes William, 89 Webster J. L., 33 Wilby Alfred, 99


BALLOON MANUEFR, Laycock John, 131

BELL FOUNDERS. Ambler & Sons, 157 Blews William & Sons, 19 Taylor John & Co., 121a

BELLOWS MANUFR. Onions J. C., 120¢

BILL POSTERS. Newsome & Sons, 98

BOBBIN MANUFRS. Shaw E. & J., 98

BOTLER MAKER. Wardman James, 144

BOLT & NUT MFRS. Banks and Stead, 59

Bradberry James, 65 Marchinton J. M., 52

BOOKBINDERS. Hardwick B. T., 40


Baldwin and Co., 50 Briggs Samuel, 139 Lingard Joseph, 144 Ounsworth S., 49 Pearson James, 149

Senior Benjamin, 78 Steel John, 87

BRASSFOUNDERS. Ambler C. & Sons, 157 Ashworth Thomas, 43 Beverley John & Son, 50a Bradford and Pullen, 72 Cluderay Charles, 58 Darnbrough & Sons, 37 Dixon and Son, 60a Ellis Alfred, 82a Foster and Son, 55a Guest & Chrimes, 6a Hateley Henry, 35 Hopkinson Thomas, 69 Hopley William, 70 Marchant R. & G. M., 70 Tonks and Sons, 132 Winfield & Co., 160a

BREWERS. Tennant Brothers, 111


- Coulson, Marshall & Storey


BRICKMAKERS. Bradley & Craven, 83a Johnson and Wroe, dla

BROACH MANUFRS. Berry Joseph, 81 Kennedy George, 81

BUTCHER. Fawcett Thomas, 77

CABINET MAKERS, &c. Craven Josiah, 76 Exley Joshua, 97 Ford Joseph, &7 Kitson E. 8., 39 Leaven John, 132 Lithgow & Bannister, 74 Lumb Frank, 140

Robinson & Sons, 148 Spencer Dixon, 64 Threadgill J., 99 Wilson and Wilson, 7

CARD MANUFRS., Mallinson & Son, 92

CARDER MAKER. Thornton I., 92

CARPET MANUFRS. Patent Wlin. Cloth Co., 37

CARRIERS. Great North. Railway Co., 154-155 L. & North West., 25-27

CART OWNER. Gibson Thomas, 98

CARVERS & GILDERS. Bray Thomas, 93 Hughes L., 74

CHIMNEY SWEEPER. Deusbery John, 89

CIGAR MANUFACTRS. Bottomley & Co., 144

CIGAR MERCHANT. Whitaker Frederick, 152a

COACH BUILDERS. Bull J. P., 76a Jackson §., 144 Taylor Mrs., 59a Teal & Co., 61

COACH, &c. PROPRS. Howell T. G., 105a Wilkinson R., 78

COAL MERCHANTS. Carter & Gains, 53 Kendall Robert, 110

Newton, Chambers & Co., 28a Shaw W. G., 68

Spencer & Sons, 135

Page 115

CLOTH MANUFACTRS, Carr & Butterworth, 102 Moorhouse Samuel, 91

CLOTIT DEALER. Baldwin Northrop, 102



CONFECTIONERS. Carter Joshua, 95 Law Robert, 79

COPPERSMITHS. Braithwaite J. & Son, 62 Thirkill Robert, 94

COPPERAS MANUFRS. Lord & Horsfall, 138

COTTON SPINNERS. Alexander Messrs., 24 Rayner & Co. 94

CURRIERS. Brearley & Son, 130 Crawshaw & Sons, 42 Crawshaw W. T., 125 Fisher & Sons, 153a Haigh & Appleyard, 57 Mallinson & Son, 92 Oastler & Palmer, 153

CUTLERY MANUFRS, Haywood & Co. 123 Kitchin 8S. & J. 108 Wigfall & Co. 130

DENTISTS. Bell P., 103 Dickin J. P., 187 Heaton E., 46 Leigh 8. G., 62 Rhodes 8. G., 67

DIE SINKERS. Bates Alfred E., 134 Osborn Henry, 69

DRUGGISTS. Barber W. L. & Co. 61

DRYSALTER. Webster John, 105

DYERS. Chapman W. & Son, 48 Norton T. F., 91 Stocks B. & Son, 109

EATING HOUSE. Blake's Restaurant, 10I

EMERY MANUFACTRS. Johnson, Roffey & Co. 88

ENGNRS. & MACHNSTS. Barker Samuel, 63 Bell A., 82 Bissell W., 158 Broadbent Thomas, 84 Broughton C. H. 104a, Carrett, Marshall & Co., 12 & 13 Clay Charles, 78a Ellison Joseph, 64 Gilham J. & J., 64 Gledhill Robert, 77 Greenwood Brothers, 137 I

Trades Index to Advertisers.

Greenwood W. & J., 149 Hoyle & Sons, 17 Kempe & Co. 62a Kilburn James, 93 Law William, 157 Leeming & Son, 118 Robinson & Cullen, 149 Rothera Joseph, 129 Stoney J. R., 59 Taylor John, 38

ENGNRS’ TOOLS MFRS. Berry Brothers, 51 Chatwin Thomas, 120b Turner W. & Son, 3

ENGRAVERS. Brown Thomas, 77 Fountain Brothers, 64a Goater Alfred, 32¢ Greenwood W., 149 Ridsdale & Co. 129 Teale James, 58


FENT, &«. DEALERS. Hepper & Beanland, 139

FILE MANUFACTRS. Askham Brothers & Ren- ton, 21a Cook & Son, 160 Spencer J. I. & Son, 32a FIRE AND LIFE. Atlas, 22 British Imperial, 104e British Empire, 52 79a Liverpool and London, and Globe, 63a Manchester Fire, 130 Queen, 129a Scottish Widows, 29

FIRE ENGINE MFRS. Merryweather & Son, 150

FISH AND GAME DLR. Newby George, 159

FLOCK MANUFACTRS. Jessop & Co. 78 Sanderson William, 34

FRENCH POLISHER. Parkin Alfred, 76


Green & Son, 9a & 106 Newton Robert, 20a

GARDENERS, &c. Dawson B., 86 Meldrum James, 60

GAS BURNER MANFR. Walker Edwin, 101


Osler F. & C., 10a

GROCERS. Harding Thomas, 67 Jackson J., 74 Rookes R., 80

GUTTA PERCHA, &e. Hollingworth & Co., 55

HACKHE & GILT PIN, &e Addyman John, 49 Robinson & Co., 73 Cook & Co., 160

HARDWARE FACTOR. Bissell William, 158

HATTER, &c, Oliver H., 34

HOOK & HYE MNFRS. Newey Brothers, 141

HORN HANDLE MFR, Hodgkinson Thomas, 127

HORSESHOE MANUFR, Gray Edward, 40b & 40c

HOTELS. Batley, Royal, 92 Dewsbury, Royal, 68 Halifax, Crown, 87a Halifax, Old Cock, 33b Halifax, Talbot, 87a Halifax, White Swan, 104b Huddersfield, Boot and Shoe, 90 Huddersfield, Comrel., 90

HORTICLTRE. BLDRS. Messenger T. G., 20

HYMN BOOKS. Mercer’s, 23 S. P. C. K., 30

HYDROPATHIC ESTAB., (See Ilkley Directory.) Craiglands Wells House Troutbeck

INK & COLOUR MNFR. Murphy William, 81

TRONFOUNDERS. Haigh & Sons, 73 Hartley & Crabtree, 142 Kilburn James, 93 Newton, Chambers & Co., 28a Pearson Jonas, 92 Rowe & Son, 84

TRON MANUFACTRS. Taylor Bros. & Co., 4 & 5

TRON MERCHANTS. Elwell John, 152a Jessop W. & Sons, 14 Stansfeld & Co., 61

TRON FENCING MFR. Halmshaw David, 105a

IRON GIRDER MANFR. Hillas Joshua, 99

IRONMONGERS. Bottomley B., 96 Long William, 66 Smith B., 88 Verity Brothers, 72 Uttley A. 156

JOINERS & BUILDERS. Bedford & Parker, 93 Blakley J. & Sons, 70 Holt Dan, 149 Kerr & Rothery, 79 Kitson EH, §. 39


Sutcliffe Joseph, 131 Townsend George, 103

JOINERS’ TOOL MKRS. Wade John, 145 Wilson John, 96


LIME MERCHANTS. Mand & Mowatt, 53

LITHOGRAPHERS. Burton Mrs, 41 Green Alfred, 43 Knight Lennox Sharp S. H., 67a Teale James, 58

LOAN SOCIETY. Huuslet Provident, 80

MACHINE BROKERS. Greenwood W. 145 Stephenson P, H., 74

MACHINE MANUFRS. Akeroyd J. W., 95 Crabtree J. & J., 79 Denison & Son, 6 Harker F, T., 47 Lee & Crabtree, 83 Marsden H. R., 33a Milner & Sons, 86 Mitchell W., 71 Paton Brothers, 53a Smith John, 68a Whiteley James, 140 Wood Samuel, 2

MANURE MANUFRS., Stewart & Brooksbank, 108

MALTSTERS. Medley John, 76

MATCH MANUFRS. Dowell & Co., 36

MAT DEALER. Taylor Matthew, 89

MEDICINE VENDORS. Clegg Dr., 75 Morrison Dr., 145

METAL WORKERS. Brawn & Downing, 18

MILL STRAP MNFRS. Crawshaw & Sons, 42 Oastler & Palmer, 153


MUSIC SELLER. Mellor R., 95

MUSIC TEACHERS. Broughton Charles, 99 Waddington & Son, 79

MUSICAL INST. MKRS, Townend & Son, 79

MUSIC HALL. Pullan Henry, 40

NAIL MANUFACTRS. Bates & Thornton, 50

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Trades Index

to Advertisers.

NEWSPAPERS. Halifax Courier, 95a Leeds Daily Express, 128a Leeds Times, 112a Wakefield Free Press, 112 Yorkshire Post, 133

OILCLOTH, &c. MNFRS. Woodhead Brothers, 128

OIL & COLOUR MRTS. Denton & Jutsum, 3lla O’Murphy James, 75 Rose Sir W. A. & Co. lla Wadsworth & Son, 128

PAINTERS. Dyson William, 101 Kendall & Wadsworth, 36 Knight, Hardy&Jackson,85 Lofthouse Benjamin, 86a Mensforth H., 45 Pickup O. R., 105 Whitehead & Co, 131

PATTERN MAKERS. Brown David, 77 Thomas & Hargreaves, 103

PHOTOGRAPHERS. Bottomley Joseph, 105 Brook J. M. W., 104a Leach Charles, 33 Spurr Reginald, 91

PICTURE FRAME MFR. Carter Alfred, 100

PLASTERER. Branton Robert, 104

PIANOFORTE MANFR. Gledhill William, 71

PLUMBERS. Hey Thomas, 94a Rushworth & Sons, 86a Topham FE, A. 66


PORTMANTEAU MFRS. Haddock H. V. 66a Uttley A., 145

PRINTERS, Goater Alfred, 32¢ Knight J. Y. & Co., 14a Nelson Michael, 78 Newton Henry, 79

PRINTING MACHINE MANUFACTURERS. Dawson and Sons, 115 Fieldhouse, Elliott & Co., 119 Payne David, 54a


RAILWY.WAGON BLDR. Roberts Charles, 83a

REED, HEALD, &c. MANUFACTURERS. Davenport J. & W., 75 Eddison Thomas, 61

I Haigh 81 Kitson & Sutcliffe, 126 Lund Tom, 90a

RETORT SETTER. Bentley Edwin, 136

SACK MAKERS. Hopkinson Edwin, 100 Rogers Edwin, 102

SADDLERS. Clark W. & Son, 48 Taylor Mrs., 59a

SADDLE TREK MFRS, Parker James, 64

SAFE MANUFRS. Milner’s, 122 Price C. & Co., 16 Price J. & Co., 147

SAW PLATE MANUFRS. Limbert & Son, 62 Redfearn Henry, 97

SCYTHE MANUFBS. Linley 8. & K., 40a

SEWING MACHINE MANUFACTUREBS. Bateman Daniel, 129 “ Singer” Manfng. Co. 52a Winter W., 160b

SHOP FRONT, &c. MKRS Pearson Brothers, 32

SLATE MERCHANTS. Thornton Edwin, 85 Leach William, 5la Shevill W., 56

SHUTTLE MANUFRS. Bray George, 94 Burwin & Son, 139 Crossley Samuel, 70 Lobley Brothers, 35 Williams W., 131

SIZING MANUFRS. Merritt & 80n, 46

SILVER PLATE MFRS. Dixon & Sons, 7a Round J. & Son, 16b & e Walker & Hall, 151

SILVERSMITHS. Barwick Brothers, 144 Loveday James, 82a

SKATE MANUFACTR. Harris Frederick, 123

SMELTERS. Sheffield Smelting Co., 8¢

SODA WATER MFRS. Calverley Brothers, 44

SPICE MERCHANTS. Swithinbank W. C., 55

SPINDLE & FLIER MFR Sykes John, 42

SPINNERS AND MFRS. Brook Daniel, 82 Eddison John, 63

STATIONERS (MFG.) Knight & Co., 114a

Lennox J., Inside Cover Taylor J. H., 44

STAY MANUEFRS. Brook J. R., 83

STEEL MANUFRS. Askham Brothers & Ren- ton, 2la Bagshawe J. J. & Co., 1 Bramall & Bedford, 126 Cammell C. & Co., 8b Cocker Brothers, 120 Cook & Co., 160 Huntsman B., 29a Ibbotson Brothers, 136a Jessop W. & Sons, 14 &15 Peace Brothers, 127 Seebohm and Dieckstahl, 120a Spencer & Son, 32a Turtle W. & Co., 152

STEEL MERCHANTS. Elwell J., 152a Taylor & Son, 38


STEEL PEN MFRS. Brandauer C., 41la Gillott Joseph, Inside Cover

STEREOTYPER. Clowes T., 75

STONE MERCHANTS. Brook James, 93 Shap and Dalbeattie Co., 152b and 152¢ Speight A. and Sons, 72 and 77a Speight James, 58a

STONE AND MARBLE MASONS. Fisher & Dyson, 71 Hargreaves William, 138 Latham & Son, 124 Leach John, 47 Lee & Welsh, 310a Matthewman W., 90 Simpson James, 21 Shap and Dalbeattie Co., 152b and 152¢ Stead E. & Co., 31 Thornton Joseph, 78 Thornton W., 79 Tillotson J. H., 156 Warriner John, 71

STONE TURNERS. Leach & Son, 77

TAILORS & DRAPERS. Denison W., 80 Hardwick R., 76 Wood Tom, 67


Crawshaw W. T., 125 Fisher & Sons, 153a Haigh & Appleyard, 57

Hepburn & Sons, 146 Oastler & Palmer, 153 TEMPLE AND ROLLER MANUFACTURERS.

Walker William, 99 Wheater Isaae, 134


Halifax, 104 Huddersfield, 93

TILE MERCHANTS. Charles & Taylor, 6la

TIMBER MERCHANTS. Butterfield EH. & J., 143 Gale Joseph, 54 Walker J. H., 39

TINNERS & BRAZIERS. Collins J., 99 Holdsworth §., 106 Morley Brothers, 94 Thornton Tom, 81 Uttley A., 156

TOBACCO MANUFR. Wilkinson J. R., 148

VARNISH MANUFRS. Denton & Jutsum, 3lla Rose Sir W. & Co., lla

VELVET, &. MANUFR. Helbronner R., 133

VENTILATOR MANUFR Mitchell James, 107

WHEEL MANUFBS. Farnell E., 157

WHEELWRIGHTS. Cuve Osmond, 80

WINDOW BLIND MFRS. Beaumont J. & Son, 10 Brownfoot William, 60 Wilson Henry, 128

WINE MERCHANTS. Barraclough J. & Co., 8 Coates J. A., 125 Collingridge & Co., 94a Patchett & Co., 9la

WIRE MANUFRS. Cocker James, 88 Cook & Co., 160

WIRE WORKEBS. Rhodes Henry, 80 Rhodes J. & Son, 98 Varley & Sedgwick, 91a

WOOL COMB MFRS. Binns G. A., 137 Bradley & Co., 9 Briggs James, 97 Hargreaves & Co., 65 Marsden J. & Co., 145 Seanor & Co., 60a

WHITESMITHS, &c. Hauxwell E., 100 Oldroyd John, 65 Shaw Benjamin, 73

Thornton W. & 8., 88

WOOD CARVER. Mitchell J. W., 142

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