Netherthong Enclosure Act of 1826

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IV. Cap.1. same) 3 and the Verdict or Verdicts which shall be given in such Action or Actions shall be binding, final, and conclusive upon all Persons whom- soever, and on all Bodies Politic, Corporate, and Collegiate, uiiless the Court wherein suck Action or Actions shall be brought shall set aside such Verdict or Verdicts, and order a new Trial or tiew Trials to be

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Death of Parties not to suspend the Execution of the Act.

Commise- sioner not required to make Admea- surements, &e.

Rights of Common may be ex- tinguished.

Encroach- ments made Twenty Years or upwards.

Other En- _croachments,

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10 7 GEORGII IV. and Waste Grounds, and shall be allotted to such of the said Proprietors ef the adjoining Lands as the said Commissioner shall think fit ;. provided nevertheless, that no public Highway, Bridle Road, or Footway, passing or leading: through any: of the old inclosed Lands in the said Township, shall be diverted, turned, stopped up, or discontinued, unless Notice shall be given in the Manner and Form prescribed by an Act passed: in the Fifty. 55G,3.c.68. fifth Year of the Reign of His said late Majesty, intituled An Act to amend. an Act of the Thirteenth Year of His present Mayesty, for the Amend- ment and Preservation of the public Highways, in so far as the same relates to Notice of Appeal against turning or diverting a public Highway, and to extend the Provisions of the same Act to the stopping. up of unnecessary. Roads ; and the same shall be subject to Appeal in. the Manner by such Act

directed. Allotments XVIII. And be it further enacted, That the said Commissioner shall for Stone

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Expences of Exchanges how:to be

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Commis- sioner's Al- lowance.

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in such Accounts shall be binding on the Parties concerned, or vatid in

Law, unless the same shall have been duly allowed by such Justice or Justices.

XXXII. And be it further enacted, That the Award to be made by the said Commissioner shall be enrolled in the public Register Office kept at Wakefeld tor the West Riding of the County of York; and the said Award when so enrolled shall, together with a Plan annexed, be lodged in the Town’s Chest, to the end Recourse may be had thereto by any Person or Persons interested in the said Division and Inclosure, who are hereby empowered to inspect the same on Payment of One Shilling for every such Inspection; and the Register for the Time being, or his

Deputy, ts hereby required to enrol the said Award or Instrument in

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General Saving.

Evidence Clause.

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