Golcar Enclosure Act of 1820

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[V. Cap.8.

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Commission- ers to give Notice of Meeting.

Proprietors and their Ageuts to pay their own Ex- pences.

Other Notices how to be given.

Proceedings to be entered in a Book.

Commission- ers em- powered to determine Differences.

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1° IV. Cup.8.

and they are hereby authorized and required, upon proper and sufficient Inquiry and Evidence, to examine into, hear, and determine the same ; provided nothing herein contained shall authorize or empower the said Commissioners or Umpire to determine the Title to any Lands, Tene- ments, or Heréditaments whatsoever, nor to determine any Right between any Parties, contrary to the Possession of any of such Parties (except in Cases of Encroachments as herein mentioned); but in case the said Commissioners or Umpire shall be of Opinion against the Right of the Person or Persons so in Possession, they or he shall forbear to make any Determination thereupon until the Possession shall have been given up by such Person or Persons, or recovered from such Person or Persons by Ejectment, or other due Course of Law or Equity.

~X. And be it further enacted, That in case the said Commissioners shall, upon the Hearing or Determination of any Claim or Claims, Ob- jection or Objections, to be delivered to them in pursuance of the said recited Actor ofthis Act, see Cause to award any Costs, it shall be law- ful for the said Commissioners, and they are hereby empowered, upon Application made to them for that Purpose, to settle, assess, and award such Costs and Charges as they shall think reasonable, to be paid to the Party or Parties in whose Favour any Determination of the said Commis- sioners or Umpire shall be made, by the Person or Persons, Body or Bodies Politic or Corporate, whose Claim or Claims, Objection or Objec- tions shall be thereby disallowed or over-ruled ; and in case the Person or Persons, Body or Bodies Politic or Corporate, who shall be liable to pay such Costs and Charges, shall neglect or refuse to pay the same on De- mand, then and in such Case it shall be lawful for the said Commis- sioners, and they are hereby authorized and required, by Warrant under their Hands and Seals directed to any Person or Persons whomsoever, to cause such Costs and Charges to be levied by Distress and Sale of the Goods and Chattels of the Person or Persons, Body or Bodies Politic or Corpo- rate, so neglecting or refusing to pay the same, rendering the Overplus (if any) upon Demand, to the Person or Persons, Body or Bodies Politic

or Corporate, whose Goods and Chattels shall have been so distrained

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Actions not: to abate by the Death of a Party.

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Encroach- ments.

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Commis- sioners empowered to widen Roads.

Present pub-

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When Stone is got the Allotments may be sold.

Allotment to the Lord of the Manor.

Allotment to the same in Compensa- tion for Stone Quar- ries.

Allotment to the Lord of One Six- teenth to be ring-fenced at the Ex- pence of the Proprietors.

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Allotment of Residue of Commons, &e.

Chief Rents to be extin- guished.

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176 IV.

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IV. Cap.8.

of Persons to or with whom the same shall be respectively exchanged ; such respective Tenants and Occupiers of such exchanged Lands receiving from the respective Owners and Proprietors thereof such Satisfaction as the said Commissioners shall ascertain, order, direct, or appoint to be paid to such Tenant or ‘Tenants respectively on account thereof, as an

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Allowance to Commission- ers, Umpire, and Sur- veyor.

Commis- gioners to account, &c,

and lay their Accounts before a Justice of Peace.

Award to be enrolled in the Register Office at Wakefield.

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IV. Cap.8.

said Register or his Deputy shall permit any Person or Persons within the Office Hours of Attendance to peruse or inspect the Enrolment of the said Award, he and they paying for every such Perusal or Inspection One Shilling, and no more.

XLVI. And be it further enacted, That if any Person or Persons shall think himself, herself, or themselves aggrieved by any thing done or omitted to be done in pursuance of the said first recited Act or of this Act, (except as to such Acts, Determinations, or Proceedings of the said Commissioners as are by the said recited

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Making Satisfaction for Damages.

General Saving.

Evidence Clause.

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