Meltham Enclosure Act of 1817

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Appointment of Commif- fioners.

For appoint- ing future Commif- fioners.

III. Cat.1o.

Moors, and Wafte Grounds: And whereas the faid Commons, Moors, and Wafte Grounds in their prefent State yield but little Profit; and it would be advantageous to

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Umpire thal! take the following Oath.


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57° III.

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168 Ill. Cap. r0.

proceeding in but the faid Commiffioners and Umpire fhall proceed in the Execution

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87° GEORGII IE. Cap.10.

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Allowing Sale of Part of the Lords Allotment for Expences.

Not to fell and borrow together more than the Value of si. an Acre.

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Allotments to be fenced.

3 and

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s7 Cap. io.

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Exchanges may be made.

Expences of Exchanges and Parti- tions.

Tenants to give up ex- changed Lands, having Sa-

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fioners fhall afcertain, order, dire&, or appoint to he paid to fuch Tenant or Tenants refpectively on account thereof, as an Equivalent for the Lofs or Loffes he, fhe, or they fhall refpectively fuftain thereby.


XLI. And be it further enacted, That all and every Leafe and Leafes Leafes at affecting the faid Commons, Moors, and Wafte Grounds, or any Part Rack Rent or Parts thereof, and all other Agreements for any Term or Terms at

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Expences of furveying, dividing, and inclofing Allotments.

Tenants tor Life borrow- ing Money not to exceed gl. per Acre.

57°GEORGII IIL Cap.1o.

Richts of the refpective Lords of the faid Manor, or any Perfon or Perfons claiming under them, to all Mines of Coal under the Commons or Wafte Grounds within the faid Manor of Meltham, or any of the Rights or Privileges incident thereto.

XLIV. Provided always, and be it further That in cafe the Money to arife by Sale of Land, as herein-before mentioned, fhall be infufficient for paying and defraying all Cofts, Charges, and Expences of furveying, admeafuring, planning, valuing, dividing, and allotting the Lands, Grounds, and Hereditaments to be divided and allotted by virtue of this A&t or the faid recited A&, and of preparing and enrolling the Award of the faid Commiffioners, and of the Copy or Copies thereof, and all Charges and Expences of the faid Commiffioners and Umpire, their Affiftants and Servants, and all other neceflary Expences of the feveral Perfons to be employed by the faid

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GEORGII Il. Cap.10.

for the faid Commiffioners (in cafe the faid Proprietors or Pe:fons interefted fhall

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1 82

Allowance to Commif- fioners and


Commif- fioners to account.

Award to be enrolled at the Regilter Office at Wakefield.

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