Longwood and Deanhead Enclosure Act of 1813

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November 1813.—54 Guo. IIL.

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Commif. fioners.

A Juflice of the Peace

Page 6

Other No- tices

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‘that purpofe the Perfon or Perfons who fhall be fo diffatisfied with the Determination of the fuid Commiffioners, or of the faid Umpire, thall caufe an Aétion to be upon a feigned Iffue again{t the Perfon or Perfons m whofe favour fuch Determina- tion fhall have been made, within Three calendar months next after fuch Determination of the faid Commiffioners or Umpire; and the Defendant or Defendants in fach A@ion or

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ulways, and be

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For deter- mining Ene croach- ments, &c,

10 ]

ne fhall have taken and fubferibed an Oath or Affirmation in the following words ; (that is to fay)

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Page 12

[ a2 I

Page 13


Page 14

Allotment to the Lord in lieu of Fre aud other Quit Rents,

tom ]

of Fee

Page 16

[ 16 |]

and by the faid recited A& authorized and empowered to

Page 17

[ 17

Page 18


Page 20

[ 20 ] fhall be made as aforefaid, would have been fubjc& to or charged, with im cafe this

Page 21

[ ai ]

fhall be paid in fuch Shares and Proportions, and within fuch time, and ts

Page 23

[ 23 J.

of the Party or Parties lable to pay the fame,

Page 24

General Savings

getting, leading and carrying away the Coal, lronftone, Minerals and other Produce thereof, and of makiny Pits, Pit-rooms, Air-pits, Heap-rooms, Stand-yards,

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