Lindley Enclosure Act of 1812

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{3 ]

And be it further Enacted, That if the

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“Dat h,

[ 4 ]

‘concerning any of the matters or things to be by them done and

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[5 ]

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[ 7 ]

to them or him in- purfuance of thisor the faid recited AG, fee caufe to award any Cofts, it fhall be lawful for the faid

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Determina- tion of Coin- miffioners to be final if not objefted ro, or Action not brought.

Bail, and accept one or more [fue ‘or

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[9 ]

porate or Collegiate, who might have brought fuch Aétion or

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[ 10

Page 12

‘Powerto ftop -up and divert

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[ 13 ]

and Wafte Grounds hereinafter directed to be allotted to him the faid Thomes and the Perfon or Perions entitled after him as aforefaid, in ref{pect of the Meffuages and Cottages, Lands and Hereditaments, in right whereof he fhall in like manner as other Proprietors be entitled to Allotments in and upon the faid Moors, Commons and Waite Grounds, and alfo exclufive of all {uch other A}lotments as are hereinafter directed to be made to him in

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[ a5 ]

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[ 317 I he lawful for any of the

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or herfelf, fuch Confent to be teftified in writing under the Com- mon Seal of the Body Politic, Corporate or Collegiate, and under the hands of the other confenting Parties re{pectively ; and all and every fuch Exchange and Exchanges fo to be made, {hall be good, valid and effectual in Law to all intents and purpofes whatfoever: Provided always neverthelefs, that no

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[ 19

Page 20

Tro prietors to pay their own Expen- CES,

Perfons ad- vancing Money to ‘he repaid with

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[ 2°}

due to them for their own Trouble and

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Saving of

Page 23

( 23 J

fuch other Acts, Matters and Things, as may be neceffary and convenient for the full and complete enjoyment thereof, in as full, ample and beneficial a manner to all intents and purpofes, as he or they could or might have done in cafe this

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