Huddersfield and District Postal Directory (1900)

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Auctioneers, Valuers, &c.,


Offices, Mart, and Repository :

23, Market Street, Huddersfield.


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Auctioneer and Valuer.


Estates Managed and Rents Collected.

Valuations for Probate, Mort- gage, Hotel, and other Transfers.


Agent to the “Sun,” “Fire and Life,” and “Ocean” Accident. ~

Insurance Companies. ESTABLISHED 1882. TELEPHONE 356.

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Dyeing Machinery. Machine Moulded. Wheels..





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Yorkshire Warehouse Co.,

_ General Drapers, Hosiers, and _ Haberdashers,


Offer all the year round one of the largest and best selected Stocks of DRAPERY At prices that cannot be beaten. rane ence ence ee teen tae age ye sg ee ea sq


Dress Materials, Silks, Velvets, Trimmings, Dress Skirts, Shawls, Ladies’ Blouses, Corsets, Underclothing, Children’s Millinery and Outfitting, Gloves, Hosiery, Laces, Ribbons, Muslins, Prints, Calicoes, Blankets, Sheets, Quilts, Table Covers, Carpets, Oilcloths and Linoleums, &c., &c.


is always replete with a full selection of useful and ornamental goods for home purposes. If you have not yet favoured us with your patronage, a visit to our Warehouse will convince you that for VARIETY, QUALITY, AND GOOD VALUE

we are seldom equalled and never excelled.

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The Famous Lockwood Brewery Ales.









et [te — =




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HAW, Ltd..

BREWERY. A.D. 1795, and bx cis of


SOLE PROPRIETORS of the following Blends :-- “PRIDE 0’ THE GLEN” - = | = 42s. per dozen. OF THE CLAN ” = = 46s. 99


66 OLD <®) BLEND 99 > 36s.

BLEND” ~~ ~~ 4os. i “RIPE OF ERIN” Irish Whisky - 43s. ig

F A MILY ALE | in ? /6 ee


3); d0hn William Street,



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Railway Station: Saddleworth, L. &N.W. Telegrams: “Foundry, Dobcross. Telephone 10, Marsden Exchange.


Inventors and Makers of the Celebrated “ DOBCROSS” LOOM.



(Awarded both Gold and Silver Medals at the Huddersfield Exhibition, 1883, also Gold Medal at the Edinburgh Exhibition, 1886).

Over 16,3800 Looms made since 1884.

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(Late of Bankbottom Mills, Halifax),


And which business we have now transferred to Dobcross.


We are also Makers of Twisting Frames; Winding Machines, from Cop or Hank; Patent Warping Mill, with Beaming Attachment; Combined Sizing, Drying & Beaming Machine. PRICES AND FULL PARTICULARS ON APPLICATION.

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Electrical Engineer, Victoria Electrical Works,

EAST PARADE, Huddersfield.

Contractor for Complete Plants for Electric Lighting and

Electric Transmission of Power.






Guaranteed English Manufacture, and English materials used throughout.

- Price: 8, 16, and 25 c.p. Low Voltage, 104d. each. Pe High Voltage, Is. Id. ,,

The Process of Manufacture of this Lamp is entirely new, and secures one which maintains its initial efficiency to a greater degree, and is by far the most economic on the market. This is not an idle boast, but an absolutely authenticated fact, actually proved by experience and unsolicited testimonials.

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Postal Directory.




Page 12

‘¢You may work and worry, and study and think, But you can’t do business without Printer’s Ink.”’

Na If you have any desire at all to make your business pay, advertise in the

orough dvertiser B Aver

Guaranteed Circulation 18,000 Copies. Or the

kl i Alivertiser

Guaranteed Circulation 12,000 Copies. The best Advertising Mediums in Huddersfield & District.


And delivered free from house to house.


Also for all kinds of Leflerpress and Lithographic Printing, Bookbinding, &¢. You cannot do better than give us a trial.

Agents for the celebrated Esterbrook’s Pens, Lawrence’s Squirrel Tail File, and all Stationery Sundries.


“mug egies ee eee yea ie




Page 13


Tue publication of this, the ninth, Edition of the Huddersfield Postal Directory, shows the increase which has taken place in the town since the issue of the last Edition, now 16 years ago. The Directory covers the area of the Borough of Huddersfield, with the adjacent parts of Milnsbridge, which are so eclosely connected with the Borough as to be practically undistinguishable from it. The publishers believe the work will meet a want which has been felt with increasing force for the last few years, and trust that their efforts will prove worthy of the support

which the public have given them.

The publishers desire to thank all who have assisted the

canvassers with information.


August, 1900.

Page 14

G. W. Crosland & Co.,







Bars, Plates, Angles, Tees, Hoops, &c.




ASIN tlh ANI AI all




Telephone No. 178.

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rentals Sh Hittin & tae maw sls ibis 1 2. hiss oss vig bbs Ht 294 URGE a 5 ks a8. dF Who dae 384 6 oi. 65s 6 1G va ooo 9 66 oc nse 455 Advertisements and Prospectuses I

INDEX TO Acre Street, Marsh............

Acre Street, Lindley .........

Albany Road, Dalton......... Albert Row, Lindley......... Albert Row, Paddock......... Albert Street, Lockwood ... PID IBCO ce Brunswick Yard, Providence Place ............ Albion Street Alder Street... Street «... ftw. Allen Row, Paddock ......... Almondbury Bank ............ Arlom’s Square, Newsome... Armitage Bridge ............... Armitage Road, Longwood... Armitage Street, Primrose WOE dans Arnold Street, Birkby......... Arthur Street: Ashbrow Road, Fartown...... Ashbrow Road, Sheepridge Mi Ashgrove Road, Deighton... Ashouse Common, Almond- bury and Newsome...... Ash Street, Fartown ......... Aster Street, Turnbridge ... ove cis Back Albert Street, Lock- IO ces stress koe cas Back Beech Street, Fartown Back Boar’s Head, Mold- Las

1 1 2 2 2



Back Bradford Road, Far- ROT abi ec Back Brook Street, Marsh... Back Cable Street Back Colne Street ............ Back Colne Road............... Back Commercial Street......

Back Fitzwilliam Street Wh sett 56) sc thd ee Back Freehold Street, Prim- pose All 5 40834522 awe:

Back Green, Longwood ...... Back Hill Street, Marsh ... Back Honoria Street, Far- WAN Vi Moskoalad Back Hope Street ............ Back Lane, Berry Brow...... Back Lane, Sheepridge ...... Back Oak Road, Bradley ... Back Ramsden Street. ......... Back St. Peter’s Street...... Back St. Thomas Road ...... Back South Street ............ Back Spring Street ............ Back Stanley Street, Lock- Woods 6.5 20 ih, Back Thornhill Street, Long- Wood - Gate cdi Back Union Street ............ Back Violet Street ............ Back Water Lane............... Baker Street, Quarmby ...... Ballroyd, Longwood Gate ... Ballroyd Road, Hillhouse ... Ape WG cass dau occas Bankfield, Road ...............

14 14 15 15 15 16

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Bankside, Dalton ............... Barge Street, Deadwaters.. Barrow Buildings, Moldgreen

Barton Road, Crosland MOO? cea Beret: is 226 cas Street, Lockwood ......

Batley Street, Moldgreen... Bay Hall Common _ Road, oi. iY Ge Bay Hall, Birkby ............... Beacon Street, Hillhouse ... Crow’s Buildings ............ Beast Market Beaumont Street Beaumont Street, aw, Beaumont Park, Lockwood Birkhouse, Lockwood Beech Street, Paddock ...... Belmont Street Belton Street. Dalton ......... Bell Street, Damside ......... Bentley Street, Lockwood, Berry’s Row, Berry Brow ... Bilberry Hall, Outlane ...... Birch Street, Berry Brow . Birchencliffe Road, Lindley Birks, Almondbury iBT Birkhouse Lane, Dalton ...... Birkby Hall Road 64004. Birkby Lodge Road ............ Blacker Road, Marsh ......... Blacker Road North, Birkby Benn’s Avenue Horse Shoe Yard ......... Chadwick’s Yard ............ Blackhouse Road, Fartown Blackmoorfoot Road, Lock- wood Blagden Lane, Newsome ... Bland Street, Lockwood . Blue Bell Hill, Taylor Hill Boggard Ing, Berry Brow.. Bottoms, Almondbury ...... NANG. Bradley Mills Bradford Edwards’ Buildings Wilkinson’s Buildings...... Bradford Road North......... Harp Yard Hall: ..\





BPO) LIND Gis sien pe BYadiey 02... nce: Brian Road, Marsh. ............ Brian Street, Lindley ...... Brick Bank, Almondbury .. Bridge Street, Berry Brow.. Briggs Terrace, Dalton...... Bridge Street, Lockwood ... Broad Gates, Lowerhouses... Broadtenter, Hast ............ Broken Cross, Almondbury Brook Street Benson’s Buildings ......... Brook Street, Marsh ......... Broomfield Road, Marsh . Crosland Court ............ Crosland Yard. an. ian ou. Crosland Buildings ......... Brow Road, Paddock ...... Brunswick Street............... Buckrose Street, Hillhouse Bullgreen Road, Longwood RR Bumroyd. Newsome ......... Burfits Road, Quarmby ...... Burn Road, Lindley Butterworth Hill, Buxton: ROO nf th poles aie. Cable Street). Caledonia Road, Marsh ...... Calton: Cambridge Road ............... Canal: 207) is Sos bik sass heed Carr Street, Quarmby......... Snivey’s Windsor Court Mil FRO 3 oss Jowitt’s. Buildings ......... Fisher’s Yard

Bradlev’s Passage Fall's Yara ©. oo eee Castle Hill, Almondbury ... Catterstone, Almondbury ...

Cecil Street: i... ciiscc estes tic Cemetery Chancery Léhe cP... Chapeb: Chapel Street, Berry Brow...

Page 17


Chapel Street, Taylor Hill, Salford Chapel Terrace, Moor Charles Street ............. ae Glass 065. Peet 6 VOI ii; Ramsden’s Yard Cherry Nook Road,Deighton Chestnut. Street, Sheep- PRU wos eek Church Church Street, Paddock... Church Terrace, Berry Brow Clara Street, Hillhouse ...... Canes sooo case evens Claremont Street Clayton Fields, Birkby ...... Cleveland Road, Lindley ... Cliffe End Road, Quarmby Close Hill Lane, Newsome... Cloth Hall Street............... Vance’s Buildings Lancaster’s Yard ............ King’s Head Buildings ... Clough Bottom, Longwood ate? 632551). IA ah Clough Hall, Almondbury ... Clough Lane, Paddock...... Club Row, Berry Brow ...... Coal Pit Lane, Outlane ...... Cobcroft Road, Hillhouse... Cold Hill, Berry Brow...... Coldroyd, Dalton ............... College Street, Crosland Moor A ae Colne Road Colne Bridge Road, Bradley Colne Street, Paddock...... Commercial Street ............ Common, Almondbury ...... Corporation Street............ Cowcliffe Road, Fartown ... Coweliffe Hill Road, Hill- HOUSE VE ces ee Cowslip Street, Paddock...... Cowrakes Road, Lindley...... Croft Cottage Lane Croft Street, Marsh, Pad- temas Crooked Tree, Lowerhouses, aimondbury ©ross Chureh Street .........

Dobson’s. Yard Cross Church Street, Pad- dock Cross Grove Street ............ Cross Lane, Marsh .......:.... Cross Lane, Newsome Cross Cross Lane, Primrose Hill... Cross Lane Ends, Almond- bury Cross Queen Street ............ Crosland Road, Lindley ...... Crosland Road, Lockwood... Crosland Road, Quarmby ... Crosland Hill Road, Cros- land Moory viii Crossley Lane, Dalton......... Crowther Street, Lockwood Cuckholds Clough, Sheep- ritige. cosines Daisy Royd, Newsome ...... Daisy Street. Daisy Lee Lane, Lindley ... Dale Street 6 igi sis) Dale Street, Longwood Gate Dalton Bank, Lees Lodge, Daltee:: ik. Haigh’s Square ............ Damside, Moldgreen ......... Dark Lane, Longwood Gate Deadmanstone, Berry Brow Deadwatera 26.4. shee tee Dean Street, Quarmby ...... Dearne Fold, Lindley ...... Deighton Road, Deighton ... Oddfellows’ Buildings



Hepworth’s Buildings ...... Chéises. Fold: ..:Anwei Denby Place, Marsh ......... Denton «Lame Devonshire Street, Lock- Wet i a bic'a sic | Diamond Street, Dalton .. Dingle Road, Marsh ........ Bock esa Dodlee Lane, Longwood Gate Dods Royd, Berry Brow ...... Doe Royd, Almondbury ......

Dowker Street, Longwood... Drawer’s Row, Berry Brow..

Dryclough Road, Crosland Me ci: Duke Street ........... indi cian “a

Page 18


Dundas: Street. 81 Dyson Street, Dalton ......... 81 mast. Parade: .... 00808: 82 East Street, Lindley ......... 82 Street, Dalton ... 83 Edgerton, Marsh ............... 83 Edge ‘Terrace, Longwood ember: 6.4 QU er Re 84 Edward Street, Lindley ... 84 Eleanor Street .................. 84 Elm Street, Damside ......... 84

Elmfield Terrace, Dalton ... 84 Elmfield Road, Hillhouse ... 84

Engine Bridge .................. 84 Enoch Lane, Salford ...... Ete BO Fartown Green Road ......... 85. Ashfield Street ............ 85 Roydfield Street ............ 85 Cooper’s Buildings ......... 85 Oak “Terrace 86 Alder Terrace ............... 86 Fair Street, Lockwood ...... 86 Fairlea, Taylor Hill ......... 87 Falcon Street, Blagden Lane, Newsome. ......... 87 Fenay Bridge, Almondbury. 87 Fenton Road, Lockwood ... 87 Fenton Square .................. 88 Fern Street, St. Andrew’s OMG Fi tosh. 88 Fern Hillhouse ...... 88 Fern Lea Road, Lindley ... 88 | Field Street, Marsh ......... 88 |. Fieldhouse, Leeds Road NUNN LSS. ewes 88 Filbert Street, Hillhouse... 88 reeks. 20.001 A. 89 Fisher Street, Lockwood ... 90 Fitzwilliam Street West ... 90 Fitzwilliam Street ............ 91 Fitzwilliam Street East ...... 92 Fleming House Lane, eS 92, I WOME Ses. Sct 0s 93 Folly Road, Cow oliffe 93 Forest Road, Patton 94 Fountain Street ............... 94 ree in es. 94 Freehold Street, Primrose be MME a sis on AA So Street 95

Garden Street, Lockwood ... 95, George Street 95


George Street, Lindley ...... 96 George Street, Longwood Station Gibson Street, Quarmby ... 97 Gilead Road, Longwood Gate Gledholt Bask Paddock ... 97

Gledholt Road, Marsh ...... 97 Grafton Place 98 Granby Row, Paddock ...... 98 Granby Street cite ae 7 IO Grasscroft, Almondbury ... 98 Great Northern Street ...... 99 Wilson’s Buildings ......... 99 Green teas 99 Green Hill Road, Longwood ives, eee 99 Green House, Longwood cit, eles 100 Greenmount Street, Dalton 100 Greenhead Lane, Dalton... 100 Greenhead Road ............... 100 Greenwood Street, Primrose hots 101 Grove Street, Longwood SG 5.2. take « 101 Haigh House, Outlane ...... 101 Half Moon Street ............ 101 Halifax Road, Lindley ...... 102 Halifax Old Road. .......:.... 103 Edward’s Buildings ...... 103 Atk Mb ange 103 Holroyd’s Buildings ...... 103

Hall Bower Lane, Newsome 106 Hall Street, Longw rood Gate 106 Handel Terrace, ‘Dalton ... 107 Hanging Stone, Berry Brow 107 Hanson Lane, Lockwood ... 107

Harp Road, Quarmby ......... 107 Hawk . Street 107 Tindall’s : Yard: 3. gt 108 Hawthorn Terrace, Crosland BOOT coc ote bay LUO Heap Street. Heaton Road, Marsh ......... 108 Heaton Road, Paddock ...... 109° Hebble Street 109 Henry Street sui, ee 109 Henry Street, Hillhouse ... 109 Heppenstall Street, Prim- FRM i es. 109

Page 19


Be ris kis ii i. corse one 109 SOOO NBL. 110 Mees. seks. 110 High Street, Longwood Gate 110 High Street Paddock ...... 110 Highroyd, Dalton: .........,.. 110 mat Paddock: 111 Hill Top Road, Dalton ...... 111 Hill Street, Marsh ............ 112 Hillhouse Road ............... 112 Wormald’s Yard 113 Hillhouse Lane ............ 113 Holdroyd’s Buildings ...... 113 Spencer’s Yard ............ 113 Graham’s Buildings......... 113 Stead’s Buildings ......... 114

Holly Bank Road, Lindley... 114 Honoria Street, Hillhouse... 115 Hood Royd, Almondbury ... 115 POO 315 Horse Ponds, Outlane ...... 116 Howarth, Crosland Moor ... 116 Howarth Lane, Lockwood ... 116 Hungerford Road, Lindley... 116 Imperial Road, Edgerton ... 116 Industrial Street, Moldgreen 117

Ing Lane, Newsome............ 117 Ivy Street, Crosland Moor... 117 Ivy Street, Moldgreen ...... i17 Jack Royd, Newsome ......... 118 Jacob’s Row, Salford ......... 118 Jagger Hill Road, Dalton ... 118 Jim Lane, Paddock ......... 118 Joe Shaw’s Row, Berry Brow 1:18 PORN BUSS. 60.5. ies bcs 118 Roebuck’s Yard ............ 1i8 John William Street, ......... 119 ORE ss 5 120 Johnny Moor Hill, Paddock 120 Kaffir Road, Lindley ......... 121 Kaye Lane, Almondbury ... 121 Kew Hill, Outlane ............ 121 Kidroyd, Almondbury ...... 121 NT oS 121 King Cliff Road, Hillhouse... 123 King’s Mill Lane ......:........ 123 MEME cass 123 <6 ee: 126 Lady Lane, Dalton ............ 127 Lady House Lane, Berry TN hla cen’ 127 Laitheroft, Salford ............ 128 Lamb Cote, Bradley ......... 128

Lamb Hall Road, Longwood

ee 128 Laund Road, Salendine NOOK 128 bea - neds 128 Gladstone Terrace ......... 129 Lea Street, Lindley ......... 129 Leeches, Outlane ............... 129 Leeds: Road |. isin vcs 129

Lee and Burley’s Yard ... 129 St. Andrew’s Buildings ... 130

Learoyd’s Row 130 Grove Road’ ii. 150 Learoyd’s Yard) 131 Learoyd’s Street 131 Leeds Road North ............ 131 Field. aoe Sands Terrace 132 Leef Street, Dalton ......... 135 | Lhees, Dalton: i 135 Leys, Longwood Gate ......... 136 Lidget Street, Lindley ...... 136 Lightridge Road, Fixby ...... 137 Lily ‘Street: ta 137 Lindley Moor 137 Lister Street, Moldgreen ... 137 Little Brunswick Street ...... 138 Little Carr Green Lane, Dal- CORE ‘pended died 138 Little Royd Bottom, Almondbeory svi 138 Lockwood Road 138 Lockwood Scarr Road, Sal- FOU... eee ead 9 bunk bes 141 Bletcher’s Yard ............ 141 Challand’s Yard ............ 141 Megson’s Yard 142 Penny Fold .. 442

Hopkinson’s Buildings AD Logwood Street, Lockwood.. 142

Long Lane, Moldgreen ...... 142 Longcroft, Almondbury ...... 143 Longley, Almondbury ...... 143 Longroyd Lane ............... 143 Sykes’ Buildings ............ 143 Schofield’s Buildings ...... 144 Albion Terrace 144 Kilner’s Buildings ......... 144 mower Wold? jut ved 144 Longwood Road, Longwood 144 Mee (ame 144 Lord Street ....

eel ory 149 Lower Brow Road, Paddock 149

Page 20


Lower Haigh House, Out- Lethe ik 5s sank epee eee 149 Lower Hill Top, Moldgreen 149 Lower Quarry Road, Brad- BOS aaah ey cas oe pee tees 150 Lower Thorpe, Almondbury 150

Lowerhead Row ..........-..++ 150 Shear’s Court © ...........2:., 150 Skilbeck’s Yard ....... BE tee 150 RAI 150 Eastwood’s Yard 151 Aékinson 6 LAr css; 1D Connolly’s Yard lol Moore’s Buildings ......... 151 Fieldgate 151 foo heen gs Seay oes 151 Lowerhouses Road, Quarm- We pric ens 152 Luck Lane, Paddock ......... 152 Luck Lane, Quarmby .:.... 153 Macaulay Street 153 Main Street, Moldgreen 154

Malvern Road, Newsome ... 154

Manchester Road ............. th4 Graham’s Yard 155 Manchester Street ............ 156 Mark Street, Paddock ...... Lo7 ON CS | Le are ete 157 esse 158 Market Street 159

Market Street, Milnsbridge 161

Market Street, Paddock ... 162 School Lane 163 Batley’s Yard 163 Market Walk 163 Marsden Road, Crosland Wage oe ice ness 163 Oldfield Square .........++- 164 Armitage Square 164 Marshwood Road, Marsh ... 166

Matlock Street, Crosland

Door) 25. East 166 Mauleshead, Outlane ........- 166 May Street, Crosland Moor 167 Mead Street, Hillhouse ...... 167

Mechan Street, Lockwood ... 167 Meltham Road, Lockwood... 167 Shoulder of Mutton Yard 167 1

Merton Street 68 Milford Street ................-- 166 Arthington’s Yard ......... 169 Grahams Yard 169 Millgate, Paddock 169


Miln Road, Hillhouse ...... 169 Milner Street, Lockwood ... 169 Milnsbridge Mills ............ 163

Moor End Road, Crosland

Moor Sie ac lise >) 170 Moorbottom Road, Lock- hu ie 171 Moorhill Road, Quarmby ... 172 Moss Street, Moldgreen ...... 172

Mount Street, Lockwood ... 172 Mountjoy Road ............... 7% Mulberry Street, Moldgreen 174 7

Myrtle Street 173 Nab.- Paddock 200) 173 ‘Nab Hill, 22 37.5522. 173 Nabcroft Lane, Crosland Moor’... eo 174 Netheroyd Hill Road, Cow- OMS RE Ee ated 174 Nettleton Hill, Outlane ... 175 Nettleton Road, Dalton ...... 175

New Hey Road, Lindley ... 175 New Laith Hill Almondbury 178

New: North Road .........00. 178 Maw- Aap 179 Yard | Osea sade 180 180 Lockwood’s Yard ............ 180 Hawk's 181 Ludlanrs 181 Imperial Yard 181 Union Bank Yard ........ , ASL New Street, Paddock ......... 181 New Street. Milnsbridge ... 182 Newhouse Fold, Marsh ...... 182 Newhouse Place, Deighton... 183 Newlands Road, Dalton ...... 183 Newsome 700. 2 eae. 183 Taylor’s Buildings ......... 183 Newsome: Road 184 5 sees 184 Learoyd’s Yard 184 es 185 Hepworth’s Yard ..:......... 185 Hepworth’s Buildings...... 185 Walton's 185 Benson’s 0.0 tia 185 185 St. John’s Square ......... 185 Noddle, Berry Brow ......... 185

Norman Road, Hillhouse ... 185 North Cross Road, Cowcliffe 186 North Street, Lockwood ... 187

Page 21


North Street Paddock ...... 187 TO io. wn 188 ME i 189 Bradley’s Buildings ...... 189 mearkey’s Court. 189 RE RATT ede - 189 Chadwick’s Yard .....:...... 189 PT POPS. . 189 Kirkmoor Place ............ 189 Northgate, Almondbury ... 190 Northumberland Street ...... 191 Nursery Street, Hillhouse ... 193 Oak Road, Bradley ......... 193 Oakes Road, Lindley ......... 193 Oakfield Road, Hillhouse ... 194

Occupation Road, Lindley ... 194 Occupation Road, Sheep- TOU ion oan tinued 194 Old Fieldhouse, Fartown ... 194

Orchard Street, Primrose BM io cad cs bach ness 194 Osborne Street, Dalton ...... 195 195 Johnson’s Yard 195 ee eee ws 196 oases 197 Pack Horse Yard 197 FOGG. 5. 198 BRS. 198

Palm Street Primrose Hill... 198 Park Drive Park Gate, Berry Brow ...... 198 Park Road, Crosland Moor.. 199

OMS | 299 Park Road West, Crosland ON iia ti 200 OS RG SS 200 Percy Street, Hillhouse ...... 200 Perseverance Street, Prim- POO KEIM +s 201 PM 201 - Plover Road, Lindley ......... 201

Pollard Street, Longwood ... 202 Portland Street ............... 202 Primrose Street, Primrose MEME {ches rd shin 202 Prince Street, Primrose Hill 203 Princess Street

meespect Street .............0: 203 Prospect Place ............... 204. Pump Lane, Newsome ...... 204 Quaker Lane, Paddock ...... 205

Quarmby Fold, Quarmby .., 205


Quarmby Road .« 205 Quarry Hill, Almondbury ... 206 Quarry Road, Crosland Saco fds sess ae 206 cis 7 207 Baye’s Square 207 6 TORO occa sak snc 207 Leadbeater’s Yard ......... 207 Armitage Square ............ 207 Queen’s Road, Edgerton ... 207 Uueen. 2... 208 Queen Street, Paddock ...... 208 Queen Street South ......... 209 Kailway Street 209 Ramsden Street ............... 210 Rashcliffe Hill Road ......... 211 Raven Street, Paddock ...... 213 Ravensknowle Road. ......... 213

Raweliffe’s Yard, Paddock ... 214 Rawthorpe Lane, Dalton ... 214 Street nc. 215 Reed Street, Marsh............ 215 Reinwood Road, Lindley ... 215 Feice 215 Riley Street, Primrose Hill 215 Robin Hood Hill, Berry ©

BOW... feats 216 Rock Road, Lindley ......... 216 Rock Street, Longwood Gate 216 216

Rosebery Street, Hillhouse 217 Rosemary Lane 217

Rothwell Street, Dalton ...- 217 Round. Ings, Outlane ......... 217 ons Ges bene 217 Royleshead Lane ............... 218 Ruth Street, Newsome ...... 218 Salford, Lockwood ............ 218 UE SOOM oi Ai el 218 Parkin’s Vard |... cd. 219 hin 8 OP 8 ie. onc 219 Emmanuel Terrace ......... 219 Salem Terrace, Berry Brow 221 BONG oo. 6a oink. 220 Seale Lane, Hillhouse ...... 220 ET FA ai re Sin 220 Schofield Lane, Dalton ...... 220 School Street, Moldgreen ... 221 School Lane, Dalton ......... 222 ROOT 5. cas aes 222 Sergeantson Street ......... 222 Shambles Lane .................. 222 Sheepridge Road ..,...,....,.... 222

Page 22


Shires. Hill, Paddock ..:...... 224 Tentergate — Li ee oc. sss. 224 225 Marshall’s' Yard: : , 225 Robinson’s Yard, ............ 225 225 Smithy Lane, Almondbury... 226 Snowlea, Outlane ............ 226 Somerset Crescent, Mold- PROT i spins, 3 5404) Zal Somerset 227 South Cross Road ............ 228 Sete 228 Beith Street: pyle. 228 South Terrace ..............+. 228 Stocks’ Buildings ......... 229 PARTON icc esse 229 CONG shi nae 230 > 230 Hardy’s Buildings ......... 230 South Street, Paddock ...... 230 Spaines Road, Fartown ...... 251 Spark’s Road, Quarmby ... 231 Spark Street, Longwood MUNIN ee a 231 Sprinkfield Road, Marsh ... 242 232 Spring Grove Street ......... 233

Springdale Street, Lockwood 233

Springfield Terrace, Al- MIE ini wick 554 Soe <9 234 IEW. oo cco yee es 234 Springwood Street ............ 235 Squirrel Ditch, Lowerhouses 235 St. Andrew’s Road ............ 236 St. George’s Square ......... 256 St. Helen’s Lane, Almond- ee 237 me. ONG 237 Douglas Terrace ............ 238 Me PE ses ees 238 oh. Street ...........- 239 St. Stephen’s Road, Lock- ge 5. cds 239 Stanley Street, Lockwood ... 240 Stanley Street, Lindley ...... 240 Station Road, Berry Brow... 240 THUG 240 ere 6 on es nee cee 241

Stirley Hill, Berry Brow ... 242 Stoney Lane, Taylor Hill ... 242 Storth, Hillhouse .......:...5 243



Storthes. Moldgreen ......... 243 Summer Street, Lockwood... 244

Swallow ‘Street. : 55) 244 Swan Lane, Lockwood ...... 245 Blamire’s 245 Meant se Tere cs ‘O45 Carter acy arte 52k sata hk 245 Burrants’ Vardi ici els. s 245 Lockwood Station Yard ... 246 lt. 246 eter ooo cers 246 Springfield Place ............ 246

Tanyard Lane, Milnsbridge 247 Tanyard Road, Quarmby ... 247 Taylor Hill Road, Lock-

cae ates 247 Vickerman’s Square ...... 348 Priestley’s Yard © cca 249 Temple Street, Lindley ...... 249 Thistia (Street | 249 Thomas 628 .. ies 249 Burn’s Head Yard ......... 250 Brook's Yard: 13405. 250 Haivh’s Yard 250 Kave’s Buildings ............ 250 Hirat’s: Vardi ia 250 Yard vive. 250 Thomas Street, Lindley ...... 250 Thomas Street, Crosland Moor ee 251

Thorncliffe Street, Lindley 251 Thornfield. Road, Lockwood 251 Thornhill Road, Lindley...... 251 Thornhill Road, Longwood. 252 Thornton Lodge, Lockwood 252 Thornton Road, Lockwood... 252

Thornton Lodge Road, . Lockwood 652) 2.08 es 254 Thorpe, Almondbury ......... 254 Tolson’s Yard, Moldgreen ... 250

Town End, Almondbury ... 254

Towngate, Newsome ......... 255 Trevelyan Street, Moldgreen 255 Triangle, Paddock ....... te 256 Trinity Street... te 256 Kirk's nia 256 Freeman’s Yard} 256 Tunnacliffe Hill, Almond- 257 Turnbridges 258 Union Street yuu.) 258 Listers. “Yards . Ls. 258

Page 23

Wasp Nest Read, Hillhouse 272

Water Royd, Turnbridge ... 273 JOWwidt 8; OGur i hii) aes 273 meater 273 Water Street, Lockwood ...273 wens 274 Waterside, Lockwood ......... 274 ard | i). 274

Weatherhill Road, Lindley 274

Wellhouse Lane, Dalton ... 275 Wellington Street, Lindley.. 275

Wells Street ...... ih eck 276

INDEX TO STREET DIRECTORY. XIX Union Street, Lindley ...... 258 | Wentworth Street ............ 276 Upper Brow Road, Paddock 259 West Parade 276 Upper Hill Top, Dalton ...... 260 Milton Square ............... 276 Upper Hirst, Outlane......... 260 Towhing Row 277 Upver Mount Street, Lock- Ragen 6s: 277 PRUNES ues 260 Marshall’s Yard ............ 277 Upper Park, Berry Brow ... 260 | West Hill, Lindley ......... 277 Upper Quarry Road, Brad- West View, Paddock ......... 278 POF AIA A ih a 261 Westbourne Road, Marsh ... 278 Wheatroyd, Almond- gst NGew. 279 DULY... tate nis 261 Lord’s Buildings ............ 280 - Upperhead Row ................ 261. |. 26a dais ve0 Littlewood’s Buildings ... 261 | Westgate, Almondbury yeah} 281 Lockwood’s Yard ......0j4%; | West. sah ORLA Hick 283 Roebuck’s Yard ..........:. 262 Woodland Mount ......... 283 Bottomley’s Yard............ 262 | Wheathouse Road, Hillhouse 283 Stott’s Buildings ............ 262 | Whitacre Street, Deighton 283 Austin’s. a+». 262 | Whitehead Road, Primrose Viaduct. 262 Mb ads elit i 284 Viaduct Street, Paddock ... 263 | Whitehouse Road, Crosland Vicarage... 263 Moor... si 286 Victoria Lane: «iim 265 | Whiteley Bottom, Milns- 264 | WVBR 20 i ieee Oa 286 St. Etephen’s Place ...... 264 | Whitestone Road, Hillhouse 286 Albany : Terrace 264 | William Street 286 Armitage Crescent ......... 265 | William Street, Crosland Victoria Street 265 POOF. Revel 287 Victoria Street, Deighton ... 266 | Willow Street 287 Victoria Street, Lindley ... 266 | Willow Street East ............ 287 Victoria Street, Moldgreen 266 | Willow Street, Marsh ......... 287 Violet Street 267 | Winter Hill, Outlane Sele stad 288 Waingate, Berry Brow ...... 267 | Wood End, "Lockwood Scarr 288 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen 267 | Wood Streets 288 Chapelsduane 27 | Wood Street, Dalton ......... 288 Chapel Street. ............... 263 | Wood Terrace, Primrose Hill zoJ Church Street 268 | Woodfield Road, Lockwood 289 eee 29 Dog. Hall. Als... 289 Oplar Terrace 202 Pa Co-operative Buildings ... 272 eo. vauey Cottages Piss ap Industrial Cottages ...... 279 ONG TAME 290

Woodhouse Mill Yard .;.. 290 Woodside Road, Lockwood 290

Wormald Street, Bite each os 290 Wren Street, Paddock ...... 291 Yew Green Road, Crosland WOOT 2 i iki Bae 291 Yew Tree Road, Lindley ... 292 oe nd 292 mork Street 293 Zetland Street. i. 293

Zion Square, Lindley ........, 293

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Accountants ......... tes at wad dX 384 Account Book Manufac- turereé tis 384 Aerated Water Manufac- facturets iv... 584 Agents, Estate, House, and Bais seid 385 Agents, Shipping .............5. 385

Aniline Dye Manufacturers 385 Ale and Porter Merchants... 385

Adartments..... 586 oo aaa 586 = iss 586 Artists’ Repository ............ 586 Athletic Outfitters ............ 387 Auctioneers and Valuers ... 387 Baby Linen Dealers ......... 587 Bag and Canvas Makers ... 387 PORE cue «fis OST eS Pr ere ere 588 Basket and Skep Makers ... 388

Baths and Bath Proprietors 588 Belting Manufacturers ...... 388 Berlin Wool Repositories ... 588

© as... 6.6. 389 Wit) Poster | iis... med Demers ce 389 Blacksmiths and Farriers ... 389 MAAKETS 389 Bookbinders and Machine MME ce 389 Booksellers and Stationers 390 Boot and Shoe Makers ...... 590 - Brass Founders and Fin- WORE 392 Browete 673.2) RN OR 392 Brush ‘Makers 392 Builders and Contractors ... 392 655 ie ws cn cee 393 Cabinet: Makers: :...:.......... 595 Cab Proprietors: 20.2005. 395

Card Leather Dealers ......... 596 |

Cork Manufacturer

Cardmaker, Woollen, and

Gotton. 3596 Carpet Warehousemen ...... 396 CarviOrs. crane « 596 Carriage Builders ............ 396 Carvers and Gilders ......... 397 Cattle Spice Maker ......... 597 Cement Dealers. 397 Chemists and Druggists ... 397 Chemists—Manufacturing .. 397 Chimney Sweepers 598 China, Glass, &c., dealers ... 598 Chiropodists . 598 Cigar Merchants 399 Clog and Pattern Makers ... 499 Cloth Dealers © .... 399 Cloth Dressers and Fin- ishers. Gis i dana + «0 O99 Clothes ‘Dealers «= .. 599 Cloth Manufacturers ......... 400 Clothiers and Outfitters ...... 400 Cloth Merchants ............... 400 Coal Merchants, Agents, and Dealers ......... Woe 400 Commercial Travellers ...... 401 Commission Agents ............ 402 Commissioners for Taking tii 83k. ee 402 Commission Weavers ......... 403 Confectioners, &¢. 403

Concreter, Asphalter, &c. ... 404 050 nee 404 Cooper and Cask Dealers ... 404 404

Corn and Flour Factors ...... 405 Cotton Merchants ............ 405 Cotton Spinners 405

Curriers and Leather Sellers 406 Cutlers® 2 406 Cycle Dealers and Repairers 406 Dentists 5. HAT... 406 Dining and Coffee Rooms ... 406

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(3 :3535.5.5.4.: 407 | Drapers—Woollen ............ 409 Dress and Mantle Makers ... 409 56) ace ihe. 411 I ca bal 411 Dyers and Cleaners ............ 411 Earthenware Dealers ......... 411 Engineers (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical) ............... 412 Engine Packing Makers ...... 412 Engravers and Litho- graphers ii. 413 Fancy Repositories ............ 413 POPMOPS 0h 413 Fishmongers and Game Dealers 6 414 Flock Merchants and Dealers on 414 French Polishers ............... 414

Fruit and Jam Preservers... 41: Fruit and Vegetable Mer-

BOER. AX 415 Furniture Removers ......... Gardeners and Florists ...... 415 General Dealers ........... eet Ureengrocers 419 rowers | ae: 419 run Mekers. 2. 421 Hairdressers ...... 421 Harness Makers. ........,...... 422 Hat Manufacturers and 422 Hay, Straw, and Corn 37535 eT 422 Heald, Reed, and _ Slay HL hci 423 245 Van 423 Horse Slaughterers ......... 423 Hosiers and Glovers ......... 423 Inns.‘ 3. 423 House Furnishers ............ 428 Insurance Agents............... 428 Insurance Offices ........... ABO Bron Founders 429 Iron and Steel Merchants ... 429 MPMONGETS 050002 429 Jewellers, Silversmiths and Watchmakers ............ 430 Joiners and Undertakers ... 430


Land Surveyors 431 Laundries and Laundresses.. 431 Law Stationers and Parch-

ment Dealers = ............ 431 Livery Stables 482 Lodging, Houses ............... 432 Machine Makers ............... 432 Marble Masons and Sculp- BOTS 22) Weed 432 Marine Store Dealers ......... 432

Merchants -—— Commission, Shipping and General ... 433

Milk Dealers....... pies GOATS: 433 Mill Furnishers ............... 433 433 Milliners 433

Mourning Coach. Proprietors 434 Mungo and Noil Manufac-

PUROVS- LM EA 434 Music and Musical Instru- ment Sellers ............... 434 Newsagents: . 434 Newspapers 435 Oil Dealers. 436 Opticians. ews. 436 Organ Builders. 436 Outatters 2G. 436 Painters, Paperhangers, and Decorators _.......... axel 436 Paper Makers ................3 437 Pawnbrokeres 03.6. 437 438 2: 438 Physicians and Surgeons 438 Picture Frame Makers ...... 439 Plasterers and Slaters ...... 439 Plumbers and Gas Fitters ... 439 Pork Butehers: i¢. 2628.88. 440 oe. 440 Provision Merchants ......... 440 Owners 441

Rag, Woollen, and Cotton Waste Merchants ...... 441 Registry Office for Servants 441 Rope, Twine, Merchants, . Wi. eee 441 Rug Manufacturers ......... 441 Saddle and Harness Makers 442 Baw Mills 442

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Second - hand . Furniture Upholsterers and Mattress Dealers. baw 442 dd 448 Sewing Machine Makers eee id 442 | Venetian Blind Maker ...... 448 Shirt and Serge Manufac- Veterinary Surgeons ......... 448 tHTers 442 | Waggon’ Baldors 448 Silk Mercens. .., « 443 | Waterproof Manufacturers.. 448 Slaters and Slate 443 | Wheelwrignts 448 Soap: Makers ps. 443 | Whitesmiths and Bell- Smallware Dealers ............ 443 aay 448 Solicitors. acs biel 443 | Wine and Spirit Merchants. 449 Stock and Share Brokers ... 444 | Wire Workers 449 Strapping and Belt Makers.. 444 | Wood Turners and Carvers 449 fe rage at a Woollen Merchants ............ 452 ea an offee Merchants.. oO Teachers of Music ............ 446 Bilge se ust Fe baat ie Timber Merchants ............ 446 | 2 Oe ate ee ws Tin and Iron Plate Workers 446 Worsted Manufacturers..... FD OD 55 ics Ancamddse os 892 446 | Yarn Manufacturers ......... 494 Umbrella Makers 447 | Yeast Importers and Dealers 464



County of York—Lord Lieu- tenants, High Sheriff,

Deputy- ‘Lieutenants ODS Members of Parliament for the West Riding ......... 455 Officers of the West Riding.. 457 West Riding Constabulary.. 457 Her Majesty’ s Court of Pro- Bett wea ioe 458 County Magistrates............ 458 Borough Justices 459 Post Office...Town and Sub- Post Offices 460 Do. Hours of Attendance, Inward Mails, Letter Paros he 461 Do. Outward Letter Mails 462 Do. Outward Parcel Mails 464 Do. British Scales of Postage 465 Do. Foreign and Colonial 467 Do. Telephone and Tele- UID os 468 Public Hudders: field Yeomanry ......... 468

Do. 2nd. Volunteer Bat- talion Duke of Wel- lington’s (West Rid-

ing Regiment) ........ 469

Corporation. (sii csi 469 D6: oc 470 a A72 Do. ‘Police Foree jij ATS Do.. Fire Brigade A475 Huddersfield School Board.. 475 Huddersfield Poor Law Union oR kaos Sel eo ee A75 Do. Guardians ........ ic 3% 476 Do... chee RETR 478 Do. Overseers and eet, yaa 479 Do. Superintendent Re- gistrar’s District ...... 479 Do. Registrars ‘of Births and. i isis aie 479 Do. Names and Address of Public Vaccinators 40: Do. Members of Board of ens 482 Public Institutions .......... .. 484 Places of Worships— Churches:.:,.23¢.. ui Bee A487 Chapels 491 Board and Denominational Schools oe: 494

Cab. Fares 495

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60 64


INDEX. TO ADVERTISEMENTS. Abbey & Hanson, surveyors 65 | Crosland, G. W., and Co., Advertiser Press, Limited, iron and_= steel mer- printers opposite preface chants opposite contents Armitage, A., furniture Crowther, Edward, Bradley MEAG vee 45 Millet eto lr 8 Atha, Thomas, joiner and Dawson, Albert, Woodland undertaker — 55 House Inn. Bannister, J. E.. dairy ...... 14 | Darnley and Co., Bay Hall Bates, Bertie. 26 sans <> ics es Beever, John. hearthrug Dickinson, Gideon, carriage fk: peed

Redford, Dan, dinine rooms 5? Bentley and Shaw, brewers - wine merchants, | second and third pages contents

Bernin, nork brtcher ......... 13 - Berry, Albert. Sun Inn ...... 7 Berrvy::A; 2é., xn. todiate

Bintley & Tate, millwrights 5%

Rlackburn, Tom. florist ...... 62 Minnie C., fancy repository ©......... 15 Bray, Richard, The Albert ala. ibe 5 Broadbent, Thomas, and

Sons, machine makers. page facing street directory

Broadbent, T. W., electrical engineer facing title Brook & Learoyd, engravers and printers 1 Burley, H., Pack Horse

Carmichael, house furnisher 63 Carter and Co., cement mer

Av 65 Cockroft, C. A., wood ne 57 Cold Sterket Co. Gig 37 Collinson, F., and Co. ahleiic outhtter 500045. 35 Conacher, James, and Sons | organ builders ............. 12 Cooke, John, concrete con- OR ail) LAIR 22 Cookson, Joe, New Old Hat © ae 67

Dixon, Cyrus,

O08. seen Dyson, Lewis, wine & “spirit merchant Field & Brookbank, monu- mental masons ....:....... Firth and Wadsworth, builders and contractors Fitton, Misses, the ‘Rod- mure” Parisian tailor os) Freeman, M. E., boot and shoe maker:) 3:02.00. 00 xarside, Joseph, Brunswick - cas mA Seine Gillatt, A., tin and iron WOT ict Graham and Jessop, quarry | Greenwood, J., and Sons, | Haigh, C., and Co., skep “as ic 3, drapericsisecaris nx Haigh, John; and Sons, Ltd., Haigh ag Wadsworth, lok Hall, George, draper ......... Hallas, H., and Sons, Ltd., tanners, curriers, and leather

Hardy, Ellis, coach builder Fieaton, Richard, painter, gilder and grainer ......

Civil Supply

52 50 25 54 12

69 1 30 21

16 64

42 12 39 4 16


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Hewitt, Henry, auctioneers, valuers, &c. page two front cover Heywood, Joe, blind maker 24 Hillman, Henry, florist ...... 67

Hirst, F., pattern maker... 69.

Hirst, J. H., Woolpack Inn 49

Hodgkinson, E., fancy i 3 38 Holland, Henry, builder and iis 50

Hollingworth, H., and Sons, builders and contractors 61 Holroyd, J., and Co., Ltd., art dyers and cleaners... 9

Hopkinson, J., and Co., Brittania Works ......... 59 Hoyle, Alister, boot and shoe warehouse ......... 60 Hutchinson, Hollingworth, & Co., machine makers 26 Hutchinson, Hollingworth, and Co., Limited, loom makers

fourth and fifth page contents Jackson and Taylor, cigar

manufacturers ............ 21 Jansen, H. C., yeast manu- Faeturer fii). 28 Jenkinson, Thomas, cab PLOMTIONOR isi csi eis 16 Johnson, S. F., the Equit- able Fire and Accident ee ts ee. 3 Jury, Frederick, sculptor and stonemason ......... 51 Kaye, John, wheelwright ... 60 Kaye, Thomas, and _ Son, os Ai os 29 Kendal, Sam, house decora- TO gta 18 Kershaw, F. & A., removals 36 Knaggs, S., surgeon ......... 69 Lawton, B. B., grocer and provision merchant...... 64 Lancaster, J. W., grocer...... 24

Lee, Asa, cabinet maker....., 25


Littlewood and Lockwood,

mineral water raed, clone Lockwood, Peter, cook and confectioner Lunn and Cardno, picture © Mallinson, William, and Sons, builders and con- 5...

Marchant, G. M., Rashcliffe Tron::; Works

Marshall, Abraham, fine art 3.3 Marsland, P., and _ Sons, Watergate Brewery Mason, George, outfitter ... Masters, Ltd., watchmakers and jewellers Mellor and Milner, Misses, drapers Mellor, J. W., proprietor,

“ Hope Bank” Pleasure Grounds, Honley (near Huddersfield) ............ Nicholl, Henry, glass and china dealer Oldfield and Studdard’s house furnishers ......... Oxley, Ben, and Sons, livery WUBIN nace soe

Pearce and Sons, jewellers Follard and Shaw, tin and

WOM Priest; <A.. 65s 505i Priestley, E., homoepathic medicine depot............ Ramsden, Hugh, monu- mental sculptor ......... Riley, J. Ashton, Canal Boiler Works ............ Riley, Fred, London and

North-Western Hotel...

Robinson, James, and Co., —

chemical manufacturers Saville, James, joiner and undertaker.


71 5A 19

58 66

20 50

37 35

70 72 11

53 71

51 45 35 47 46 24


Page 29


Scales and Sons, boot and

shoe makers ............... 45 Schofield, James, printer ... 70 Sellers, Lister, and Co., Bradley Mills: o9

Senior, Seth, and _ Sons. 20a 68 Shaw, Benjamin, and Sons, mineral water manu- 41 and Go.,

hosiery 35

Shaw, John, boot and shoe-

make? NOS. i Shaw, John Edward, photo- .grapher atl kh. 10 Sherwood and Co., paper . moetehants: 15 Singleton Bros., builders & |) 49 Smith, G.. W., straw hat manufacturer!) 12

Spivey, A. E., auctioneer and valuer facing end of index

Spivey, W. H., and Co., Ou 65 Starkey Brothers, woollen manufacturers ..:......... 43

Stephenson, Tom, house fur-

nisher facing back cover Stuttard, J. H., painter and decorator end cover Stubbs’ Mercantile Agency end cover Swindlehurst, W., printer and stationer 62 Sykes, Alfred, manufactur- INE 56 Sykes, E., milliner and dressmaker. | 55 Sykes, J., milliner ............ 60 Sykes, Joah, White Horse BODE Lib vi pri aden IIT cud dou dds 56 Sykes, Walter, draper and ; 38 Sees and. 2, electrical engineers ...... 25


Taylor, William, piano dealer facing end of index Thornton, J. w., hot water engineers Tinker, Geo., and Son, auc- tioneers page one front cover Tomlinson, G. W., and Milan, ironfounders ... 23 Towlson, circulating library. 16

Townend, George, white- BMA NIAID ook. ae Tubbs, the Misses, Prepara- tory School and Kinder- 01.05. vee 2 Tunnacliffe, D. and Sons, plasterers 10550: 28 Turner, 8S. J. and M. E., milliners and _ dress- makers 003189. 26755, 05 Vickers’ Imperial Hotel ..... 52

Voyce, J., astro-phrenology 6 Wallaces’, Limited, Grocery

bores? > otk 48 Watkinson, H., machine re- OPO ee 57 Watson, Edward, White Swan 2206660028. 51 Whittell, H. A., Swan-with- Two Necks Inn............ 4 Whitehead, Jonadab, watch and clock maker, jeweller, RO. G55 yee ae of Whiteley, William, and Sons, Prospect Iron- Were dick ths 17 Wilkinson, J. F., stationer.. 28

Wilkinson, Mark, builder and contractor ............ 64

Wilson, Travis, and Co., packing case makers facing back cover Wimpenny, George, auc- it 21 Woffenden, Mark, printer and bookbinder ......... 55 Wood, H. B., knitter ...... 58

Wood, J. E., Son, and Co., fish and poultry ......... 52

Page 30


Wood, J. H., and Son, fish

5k. 62 Woodhead, Henry, whole- sale confectioner .......... 69 Woolven, J. H., wine and spirit merchant ......... 54 Wortley, B., and Son, corn

cod wise caiabs 15


Wrigley, H. W., and Co., mineral water manufac- turers Yorkshire Fire and Life In- surance Company Yorkshire Warehouse Co., first page contents.

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BROADBENT’S | Pyydro €xtractors.

(Suspended Steam Driven.)

————— i o | | yy

vi aR HH itl) | All i | | iT J Y | Hil lesen v




1 Ss


Thomas Broadbent & Sons



Londen Address:—SUFFOLK HOUSE, LAURENCE POUNTNEY HILL, E.C. Mr. JOHN BULEY, Representative. Boston :—Messrs. C. E. RILEY & COMPANY, 281-285, CONGRESS ST., BOSTON, MASSe, Sole Agents for U.S.A. Sydney :—Messrs. GIBSON, BATTLE & CO., 85, PITT STREET, SYDNEY.

Page 33


——D ee

Abb Street, Marsh.

Crosland, George William. Crowther and Wilkinson, Joiners.

Public Baths.

Acre Street, Lindley. Left side. New Hey Road. 1 Smith, Alfred. 5 Dyson; Robert Wilkinson. 7 Blackburn, Herbert. 9 Bergan, William. 11 Sykes, Elizabeth. 15 Worth, Harriet. 15 Dickinson, John. Wilman, Alfred, newsagent. Calverley, Oliver, butcher. 25 Peckett, Hedley.

Baker Street. |

29 Wood, James Frederick. Wellington Road.

51 Lockley, Walter Henry (Stanley House). 73 Maltby, Edmund. 75 Burhouse, Emma, Globe innit Sykes Bros., Branch of the English Card Clothing

Company, Ltd. (sec. John Sykes); tel. 79. 77 Bray, Job Bottom. 79 Weavill, Benjamin, weaver. Stayton, John, general smith. 81 Wood, John William. 83 Hirst, Joe. 85 Earnshaw, John. 87 Eastwood, Sophia Isabella. 89 North, Elizabeth. Union Street. 91 Walker, Arthur Butler, grocer. 935 Garside, Mary Ann, A

shoe 155 Walker,

95 Walker, Radcliffe. 97 Whiteley, Dan. 99 Pounder, Joe William. 101 Mellor, Ailen. 105 Cartwright, John Henry. 109 Bradley, John.

Dunington, Joseph. 115 Brook, J

ohn. 117 Jagger, Abraham. 121 Orr, David, M.B., physician and surgeon (Park House).

123 Smith, Sam.

Brook, Benny, painter and decorator.

125 Netherwood, George.

Simpson, John Henry, but- her.

127 Standin, James.

129. Milnes. Ered. 131 Sunley, Tom. 135 Newsome, George. 137 Smith, Oliver. 139 Avison, Thomas. 145 White, George Herbert. 147 Clayton, William. 149 Bottom, Mark. 151 Booth, Charles, Sub-Post

Office. 153 Walker and Sons, boot and dealers.

William, — shoe- maker. 159 Hirst, Edwin. 161 Cross, Alfred H., confec- tioner.

163 Tiffany, Albert, newsagent.

Occupation Road. Right side. New Hey Road. 2 Dyson, Martha, confectioner 4 Ashness, Allen, hairdresser. Gee, Ellis. 6 Peel, David, tailor. 8 Holdsworth, Frederick H., chemist.

Page 34


10 Dyson, Charles, plumber. 12 Mellor, Sarah, dressmaker. 12aMilner, Hannah. 14 Calverley, Mellor, baker. 16 Hoyle, Geeorge, and Son, boot and shoe dealers and leather merchants. 16aHoyle, John Wilkinson. 36 Kelsey, Charles Edwin. 38 Hiley, Fred. | 40 Wilkinson, Edgar Sykes. 42 Hoyle, Luke. 44 Dransfield, Arthur. 46 Lockwood, Robert. 48 Mellor, James Henry. 50 Hepworth, James Henry. 56 Sykes, Frederick William (Green Lea). Albert Street. 58 Dickson, John, M.B., phy- sician and surgeon (Acre Villa). 60 Sykes, John. Victoria Street. 72 Crosland, Charles Henry. 74 Fitton, John. 76 Oldfield, Sarah. 78 Greenwood, Mary Ann. 80 Hepworth, Dick. 84 Cotton, Joseph. 90 Atkinson, Mary Jane. 92 Howard, Ben. 94 Booth, Ernest. 100 Thoburn, Fred. 102 Walker, George. 104 Smith, John William. 106 Tweedale, John Henry. Liberal Club (sec., Fred Smith). Occupation Road. Daisy Lea Lane.

Albany Road, Dalton. 2 Kenworthy, John.

Albert Row, Lindley.

1 Nutton, Albert. 2 Whiteley, Joe. 3 Littlewood, Arthur. 4 Peel, James. 5 Batley, Charles Edward.

7 Moore, John William. 9 Wilson, Albert. ‘10 Shaw, James. 11 Moores, Joseph Edward.


Albert Row, Paddock.

1 Haworth, Henry. 2 Milnes, Herbert. 3 Haigh, Joshua. 4 Bradley, Mary. 5 Smith, John Alfred.


Albert Street, Lockwood.

1 Dobson, Arthur, butcher. 3 Leake, Edwin, dining-rooms. 5 Riley, Joseph William. 7 Thewlis, James, Star Inn. 9 Marchant, George Moody, brass and iron works; tel. 210. Priest, Allen, and Sons, wool and yarn spinners. Shaw, William, dyer and finisher; tel. 344. Brierley Bros., yarn spin-

ners. Lockwood Public Baths. Kaye, Lister. 21 Whitener, Frederick. 23 Hodgson, William Henry. Bintley and Tate, mill- wrights and machine makers (Spa Works). 25 Jessop, Joe, Bay Horse Inn. Gledhill, Joseph, general carrier. Shaw, Joseph, brass founder and finisher; tel. 201. Manchester Gas Cooker Co.,

Ltd. (sec., Jas. Green- wood). Cox, Job, livery stables; tel. 144. Atha, Thomas, joiner and undertaker.

Crowther and Sons, Ltd. (sec. Robert C. Cameron), woollen yarns and wor- sted; tel. 559. Kaye and Stewart, worsted manufacturers; tel. 20.

Page 35


51 Clay, John William. 35 Calvert, Joe. 55 Beevers, Johnny, chimney sweeper.. 59 Stringer, Ellen. 45 Brook, George. 47 Faulding, Thomas. Water Street. Right side. Rashcliffe. 2 Cliffe, Harry. 4 Rushworth, Thomas William Spring Place. 8 Armitage, Joseph Jarvis. . Logwood Street. 10 Roebuck, Ellen. 14 Micklethwaite, David. 16 Kaye, Charles Henry. 18 Turner, Moorhouse.

Alpha Place. 1 Hill, Annie. 4 Littlewood, Henry. 5 Thorpe, William. 6 Crosland, Arthur. 7 Boothroyd, George Henry. 11 Coverley, Josiah. 13 Lee, Ben. 24 Woodruff, John. . Hattersley Yard. 4 Jepson, William. 56 Wadsworth, Thomas, gene- ral dealer. Victoria Street. 68 Garside, Joseph, Brunswick Hotel. Brunswick Yard. 1 Newell, William Henry. 2 Ellam, Tom. 5 Littlewood, Clara. _ 4 North, Thomas Henry. 5 Dyson, Mary. 40 Marshall, Annie. 42 Cliffe, George Arthur. 44 Quarmby, Joseph. 46 Shaw, Alfred. Waterhouse and Co., wool- | len manufacturers. 48 Johnson, James, knitter.

Summer Street. 54 Dyson, Hannah Maria. 56 Swift, tailor. Back Summer Street.

70 Watson, Francis. 72 Robinson, John, general dealer. Bath Street. 90 Hirst, Charles. 92 Hall, Mary Ann, furniture remover. Bath Terrace. 96 Hall, Joseph Walter. 98 Kaye, Harry. 100 Milner, Sam. 102 Hopkinson, Lewis. 108 Stringer, Frederick. 110 Hardy, Thomas. 112 Wood, Arthur. 114 Buckley, Henry. 118 Knight, George Heywood. Bowman’s Buildings. 120 Roebuck, George. 122 Taylor, William George. 124 Cox, Job. Taylor, George William. general dealer. Taylor’s Yard. 1 Copley, Watson. 2 Spivey, Amos : Spa Terrace. 128 Earnshaw, Elliott. 134 Thewlis, David. 136 Blackburn, Sam. _ Providence Place. 1°Edwards, Tom. 2 Wood, John. 5 Whipp, Ellen. 4 North, Thomas Henry. 5 Sanderson, Sarah Ann. 6 Sumner, Eliza Ann. 140 Kaye, Walter Henry. 142 Bamforth, Harry. 146 Scott, Ann Elizabeth. Sykes, Joah, Fox and Grapes Inn. 148 Saville, George. 152 Calvert, Elizabeth. 154 Day, George Hirst. 158 Lumb, Edwin. 160 Westerby, James. 162 Smith, Crossley. 164 Haigh, John Shaw. Mallinson’s Yard. 166 Wright, George. | 170 Townend, Isabella.

Page 36


Gledhill, Arms Inn. 174 Cunningham, Robert. Milan, F, engineer. Bowther Street. 176 Noel, Mary. 178 Hand, Willie. Schofield, Walter, mill fur- nisher and machinist. 180 Gledhill, John, general dealer.

James, Weavers’

Rushworth’s Yard.

184 Sykes, William. 186 Parkin, Tom, general dealer. 194 Knight, William. 200 Wilson, James. 202 Crowther, Arthur. 204 Roebuck, William. 206 Metcalf, Ann. 208 Batley, Allen. Mallinson,. William, and Sons, contractors and quarry owners ; tel. 232. 210 Dransfield, Richard, Lamb

Inn. 212 Green, Elizabeth Hannah, draper and milliner. 914 Barden, Herbert, tailor. Blamire’s Yard.

2 Shaw, Harry Booth. Buckle, Joe. . 4 Simpson, William Albert. 918 Stocks, Guy Arthur. 290 Thornton, John Gibson. 292. Crowther, Albert. 994 Earnshaw, Ben. 296 Sykes, Herbert. 228 Crowther, Harry. 230 Todd, Sarah. 932 Downs, William. 234 Wood, Fred. Water Street.


Albion Street.

Left side. 3 Huddersfield Deaf and Dumb Association 5 Wood, Thomas. 7 Bottomley, John. 9 Brown, 3 ohn 13 Dyson, Ben.

15 Green, Charles. Hopkinson, Mary. Wallace’s Yard. 2 Hartley, George. 3 Winterbottom, James. 17 Smith, Frank. 21-23 Tuley, Thomas W., Tur- kish Baths. 25 Robinson, Henry. 27 Jones, William.

Right side. 4 Broadbent and Co.’s Print- ing Works. 6 Kaye, Samuel, tea merchant 8 Moody Bros., cabinet- makers. Hinchliffe and Bramley’s

order office. 10 Hanson and Co., mat and rug works. | 14-16 Crosland,George William and O©o., iron and stee girder merchants ; tel. 173. Thornton, Joseph. Burdon, ‘Simeon. John Street. 18 Littlewood and Lockwood, aerated water manufac- | turers. 20 Crossley, John James. 22 Lee, James Henry. 98 Hogley, John Bernard, rug manufacturer. 30 Crum, William. 32 Smith, Sarah Ann. 34 Jardine, William Thomas, painter. 36 Proffitt, William. | 38 Bridgewood, Edward. 40 Preston, John, painter. Preston, Martha Ann. 42. Graham, Ben W. 44 Nield, Edmund.

Alder Street.

70 Gibson, Ernest. 70aHodgson, Walter. 72 Gilbert, John. 76 Sykes, John. 78 Milnes, William. 80 Drescher, Frederick Charles.

Page 37


‘82 Womersley, John.

86 Wood, Annie Elizabeth. 68 Donkersley, John William.

‘90 Schofield, John Edward.

94 Wood, Joe. 96 Watson, William Wright. 98 Turner, Abram.

Alfred Street.

Left Side. 1-5 Crown Works. 5 Moody, John, engineer and machine maker. Cooke’s workshops. Page Street. 7 Industriai Society’s work- shops. Maffin’s warshouses. 9 Shaw, John William, tin and iron plate worker.

1l Sykes, James, rug. and spring mattress maker. Right side.

2 Homer, Samuel. 4 Lodge, Samuel, supt. Lon- don, Edinburgh, and

Glasgow Insurance Co., Ltd. (sec., T. B. Cowling; ©

assist. supt., A. Whit- taker).

Hanson’s Yard. 6 Taylor, Mrs. Mary. 8 Beevers, John, rug factory. Taylor, John William and Alfred, uniform makers. 10 Whiteley, Joe. East Parade.


Allen Row, Paddock.

1 Beaumont, John William. 2 Stevens, James. 5 Ellis, Thomas. 4 Lewis, Benjamin. 5 Woodhouse, Frank. 6 Else, Tom. 7 Priestley, Alfred. 8 Potter, George. 9 Eastwood, Arthur. 10 Thornton, Joe. 12 Baldwin, Joseph.

14 Kelly, Patrick. 14 Kettlewell, Godfrey. 15 Brook, Frances. 16 Haigh, George Henry. 17 Hepworth, Walter.

_ 18 Rawnsley, John William.

19 Horsfall, Tom. 20 Wood, Mrs. Ann.

Almondbury Bank. Bankfield Road, Moldgreen. Left side. 1 Sykes, Henry, chemist. 35 Beaumont, Henry. 5 Drake, Herbert. Moore, Miss Emma, dress- maker. 7 Baines, Fred Sykes. 9 Smith, Mrs. Merina. | 11 Hollingworth, John. 13 Taylor, Joe. 17 McKay, William. 19 Ellam, Tom. 21 Hardy, Mrs. Harriet, gene- ral dealer. 25 Booth, Mrs. Mary Eliza. 27 Riley, Albert, engineer and millwright. 29 Jackson, John William. 51 Brooksbank, Enoch. 35 Haigh, James. Greenwood, Charles. Chapel. 40 Liversedge, William. 57 Hirst, Martha. School Street. 59 Jordan, John Henry. 41 Kitchen, George. 43 Timmins, Samuel. Beaumont Street. 47 Hirst, Charles Henry. | 49 Hammond, Isaac, marble mason. 51 Hall, Thomas. 53 Boothroyd, William Grant, jeweller. 55 Lee, Herbert Armitage. 57 Watson, Mrs. Eliza Ann. 59 Radcliffe, Owen. Wiseman, James, police in- spector ; Police and Fire Brigade Station.

Page 38


61 Jones, John Rhys. Dalton.

Jackson, Albert Edward (Glenside). 4 87 Varley, Walter. 89 Jessop, Charles Newsome. 91. Ingham, George Ernest. Milnes’ Fold. 93 Milnes, Henry. 95 Stone, Isaac (Bank Royd). - ‘ Ravensknowle Road. 97 Thewlis, Albert. 99 Livesey, Benjamin. | 101 Hallas, Henry, ale, porter, and beer off-licence. 103 Beaumont, Thomas Henry. 105 Norris, Martha. 107 Lockwood, Edward William. Forest Road. 109 Ellis, James William. 111 Beaumont, James Edward. 113 Bray, John Andrew, brush- . maker. 115 Robertson, David, printer’s foreman. 117 Rhodes, Ralph. ; Newsome. 119 Armitage, Ellen. 123 Bullock, George William. 137 Sweeter, Albert. 139 Padgett, Squire. 141 Monkhouse, George. 143 Taylor, Sam Milner. 145 Armitage, Samuel. 147 Kenny, Mary Ann. 153 Blackmore, Isaiah. 155 Shaw, John, farmer. Bankfield Road, Moldgreen. Right side. 2 Best, Charles Henry, painter. 4 Hamer, Ellen, grocer. 6 Davidson, Thomas, Staff of Life Inn. Tolson’s Yard. 8 Armitage, Emma. 10 Bower, Henry. 18 Hill, Eliza. 22 Brook, John. % Peckett, Henry. 98 Richardson, William. 30 Manning, James.

34 Mitchell, James. 36 Horsfall, Elizabeth. 38 Pickles, Benjamin. 40 Whittaker, Frederick. 42 Broadbent, Fred. 44 Kaye, Joe. 46 Haigh, Charles Edward. 48 Bilbuck, Ann. 50 Townend, Kmma. 52 Dransfield, Ann. 54 Farrand, Mary. - 56 Castle, John William. 58 Cullum, William. 60 Mellor, Sarah. 62 Fitton, Harry. 64 Crowther, Alfred. 66 Scott, John Albert. 68 Hemingway, Thomas. Beaumont, Henry. 72 Taylor, Tom. 76 Liversedge, William, joiner. 78 Hammond & Riley, masons. Hole Bottom. 82 Hindson, ‘Herbert. 84 Garthwaite, John. 86 Wood, Richard. 88 Frost, William.

67 Eastwood, Sam. 6S Jenkinson, Bessie. 71 Bates, James, spinner. 73 Bray, Albert Edward. 75 Balmforth, Mary Anna. 77 Carter, William, blacksmith 79 Wilks, George. 81 Halstead, George Randall, 83 Mills, Mrs. Emma. °85 Moulton, Arthur Kidroyd Road.. 110 Pogson, Theresa. 112 Asquith, Alice Ann. 124 Toohy, Thomas. 126 Brooksbank, Walter. Ingham, George. 128 Poole, Joe William. Gough, Lewis. 136 Wood, Major. 140 Sutcliffe, Simeon. 142 Sykes, Walter. 144 Franklin, James. 146 Eastwood, James Edward. 148 Bayldon, Allen. 150 Messenger, Downing.

Lodge Row..

Page 39


152 Sykes, Joe. 158 Schofield, James. 160 Wood, Charles. 162 Priestley, Joseph Slater. 166 Ballington, Herbert. 168 John Brooke. 170 North, Joseph. 172 Salter, John. 174 Fox, William. - 176 Haigh, Norman. Bank View. Bland, George, police ser- geant. Loft, George. Berry, James. Sutton, Er. Gelder, Thomas. . Arkenley, Almond bury. 42 Taylor, Richard Beaumont. 58 Cudworth, Timothy.


Square, Newsome. 18 Thornton, George Henry. 20 North, Ben. 22 Payne, Hannah. 28 Snowden, Joseph William. 30 Mellor, John. 52 Kaye, John William. 54 Fearnley, Jane. 56 Townsend, Joe William. 58 Sunderland, George. 40 Tarbutt, John. - 42 Haigh, Henry. 44 Wood, Abraham. 46 Ellis, Mary Jane. 48 Lodge, Henry. 50 Ramsden, Walter.


Armitage Bridge.

Madden, = Rev. George Charles Brownlow (Vicar- age)

8 Rowbottom, James, sexton. Armitage Road, Longwood. Lett side. 1 Hirst Thomas. 5 Ainley, Matilda. 5 Fisher, Ann. 7 France, Michael. 9 Ellis, Tom..

11 Lawton, John Thomas. 13 King, Charles. 15 Armitage, Charlotte. 17 Bradbury, John. Bradbury, George. Bradbury, Simeon. 19 Peel, Thomas Hardisty. 21 Quarmby, Sam. 25 Shaw, William. 25 Moorhouse, Ann. 27 Binns, James. 29 Whitaker, Harry. 51 Harrop, John. Lunn, James. 53 Addy, Mellor. 55 Haigh, Beaumont. 57 Hall, James William. 41 Shaw, Mary. 45 Hogley, John Burnard. Taylor, Benjamin. 47 Durrans, Harry. 49 Harpin, Emma. ol Haley, Harry. 53 Aspinall, Harry Woodhead (Nat. Tel. Co., Ltd.). 59 Fairbank, Joseph. : 57 Mallinson, 59 Tattershall, Elizabeth. 63 Jackson, Mrs. E.,


Right side. 4 Sedgwick, George Henry. 6 Haigh, George. 8 Moss, Robert. 10 Walker, John. 12 Bradbury, Joseph. 14 Walker, Wright. 16 Harrop, Doctor.


18 Cook, Jesse.

20 Hirst, Joseph. 22 Beaumont, Samuel. 24 Turner, John. 26 Swales, Charles. 28 Butterworth, Priscilla. 50 Woodhouse, John. 52 Bradley, William. Lees, Walter Allen. 44 Johnson, Herbert. 40 Vautrey, Benjamin. 42 Halstead, Samuel. ‘44 Cotton, Tom. 46 Cotton, Abel.

Page 40



4g Firth, John. 50 Taylor, Ben. 52 Hirst, Albert. 54 Swift, Edwin. 56 Hirst, Sam. 60 Haigh, Edward. 62 ‘Taylor, Mrs. Ann. — 64 Lockwood, Ada. 66 Livesey, Edgar. 68 Horsfall, Mrs. Hannah. 70 Haigh, Benjamin. 72 Hoskins, Frank. 74 Pearson, William Henry. 76 Darbyshire, Jas., bootmaker 78 Eastwood, Alfred. 84 Benson, Mrs. Sarah. 88 Riley, George. 90 Wharam, Albert.

Armitage Street,

Primrose Hill. East side. 4 Styring, Tom. 6 Good, Mrs. Matilda. 8 Abrahams, Samuel Braham. 10 Ford, George. 12 Hanson, Sarah. - 16 Smith, James Leonard. 18 Rayner, William. 20 Beardsell, William. 92, Hellawell, Fred. 94 Sykes, Emmanuel. 98 McWilliams, George William 30 Hellawell, John Henry. 32 Broadbent, Fred. West side. Hand, Tom. Newcombe, Lucy. Roberts, Harry. Lunn, Hamer.


Brook, Joseph John. Craven, Joseph W. 10 Plumb, Edward. 1i Eastwood, Frederick. 13 Lever, Joe Willie. 14 Holden, Florence. 15 Wadsworth, Henry. 90 Hopkinson, Joe. 92. Parkin, John. 9A Tredale, William. 98 Green, Alfred.

Townsend, Mrs. Mary Ann.

34 Dyson, James. 36 Lodge, Benjamin.

Arnold Street, Birkby. Left side. 1 Woodhead, James. 3 Kitchingham, Arthur. 5 Smith, Charles Edward. 7 Eccles, Richard Albert. 9 Radcliffe, Robert Henry. 11 Carr, William Thomas. 13 Burdon, Charles Simeon. 15 Downey, William James. 17 Smith, Miss Mary. 19 Bairstow, Ernest. 93 Conacher, Mrs. Mary. 25 Thackeray, Henry George. 27 Herd, Alexander. 29 Smith, Harold Lee. 31 Wilson, Richard. 33 Sykes, Frederick. 35 Kirby, Harry. 37 Green, Mrs. Ellen. 39 Chappell, Frederick. 41 Brook, Ellis. 45 Morris, Frederick Wilham. 47 Howard, Oliver. 49 Wood, Edward Ernest. 51 Dyson, George. 53 Waine, Frank. 55 Crowther, George mond. 57 Wilks, James. Right side. 4 Cooper, James. , 6 Depledge, William Henry. 8 Charlesworth, George Hy. 10 Riding, Herbert. 12 Rhodes, Thomas. 14 Matthews, Joe. 16 Hanson, James Henry. 18 Finlinson, Percy Seymour. 20 Sheffield, Arthur Edward. 22. Thompson, George. Arthur Street. Fitzwilliam Street. . 1 Owen, Alfred. | 2 Bradley, George Frederick. 3 Preston, William. 4 Blackburn, John. 5 Kaye, Thomas.


Page 41


Baie Mrs. Elizabeth. Free ’ Wesleyan Church.

Ashbrow Road, Fartown. 1 Dickinson, William (The Royds). Stoney, Arthur.

Ashbrow Road, Sheepridge. Pickup, Tom. Windle, John. Knowles, Richard. 4 Webster, Joseph Scholes. 6 Haigh, Hannah. 8 McGrath, Vincent. 20 Priestley, Mary Ann. 50 Boothroyd, Arthur. 58 Graham, Percival. 40 Riley, William. 42 Hardy, Joseph. 44 France, Ben. 46 Riddiough, Frederick Wm. 48 Netherwood, James. 50 Drake, Joe William. 52 Riley, Mrs. Sarah. 54 Brook, Mrs. Mary Jane. 56 Readshaw, Thomas. 58 Brook, George. 60 Fillngham, John. Reast, Thomas. 62 Stocks, Louisa. 64 Lodge, James. 68 Dodd, Charles. 70 Parker, Lewis. 72 Turton, William. Marshall, George. 74 Dodd, David Fred. 86 Crawshaw, Kaye. 88 Brook, Edgar. 90 Varley, Miss Sarah. 92 Rowe, Mrs. Mary 94 Blackburn, J hie “William. 96 Hudson, David. 98 Holt, Harry. 100 Smith, Oliver. 102 Sykes, Joseph Haigh. 104 Stork, Martha. 106 Woodhead, Albert. 108 Tiffany, Mrs. Emma.

Aspley. Left side. 1 Canal offices.

5 Cocking, Lewis S. and Co., drysalters ; tel. 190.

St. Andrew’s Road.

7 Bedforth, M. and Sons, dry- salters : tel. 117. 9 Marsden, William Dent. 11 Taylor, Abraham. itis 13 Taylor, Frederick, dyer and dry cleaner. 15 Hinchliffe, Tom.

17 Dawson, Thompson, ward- robe dealer 19 Huddersfield So- ciety Branch. Bedforth and Sons’ wood © yard.

Canal Bridge. Colne Terrace. Benson’s Yard. Right side. Walker, Mark. Garside, Martha Mrs. 52aHirst, Herbert, M.B., sur-

geon. St. Paul’s Mission Church. Colne Road. Canal Bridge. Right side.

2 Shaw, William Henry, but-

_ cher. 4 Tetlow, James, painter. 8 Sutcliffe, John, restaurant. 10 Nunns, Thomas, Sub-Post Office. Sand Street> 12 Bisby, John, chimney sweeper. 14 Watson, Henry William, horse’ slaughterer. 16 Haigh, Miss Lavinia. 18 Holroyd, George, chemist. 20 Kilner, Joe, Wharf Inn.

Firth Street.

22 Stead, Henry, tobaceonist. 24 Industrial Society branch store. 26 Smith, Thomas, newsagent and tobacconist.

28 Paling, William, green- grocer. 30 James Frederick, confectioner. 7

Page 42


32 Edward, din-

34 maker.


Benson’s Square.

1 Lumb, Albert. 2 Smith, Albert. 3 Hodgson, Miss Ellen. 4 Scott, Walter. 5 Kitson, Richard Shepherd. 6 Thompson, John Joseph Kilner. 7 Lockwood, Wilson. 8 Boocock, Fred.

Colne Terrace.

1 Shaw, Mrs. Sarah. 2 Dyson, James. 5 Firth, George. 6 Charlesworth, Mrs. Ann. 7 Beaumont, Mrs. Sarah. 8 Armitage, Wright Senior. 9 Holmes, Mrs. Mary Ann. 10 Haigh. John. 11 Hopkinson, George Fredk. 12 Taylor, Charles William. 13 Kaye, Law. 14 Shaw, George Frederick. 15 Ratlidge, John George. Colne Road.

3 Fletcher, Henry Francis. 4 Hamer, Miss Mary Ann. 5 Barber, Thomas William. 6 Shardlow, Charles. 7 Garside, Mrs. Ann, Flyboat Inn. Mills, Edwin and: Son, brass and iron founders, en- gineers, millwrights; tel. 251. 11 Senior, George Henry. 12 Burton, Annis. 13 Hirst, Thomas William. 14 Bailey, Jonas. 15 Mitchell, Harry.” 16 Berry, Richard. 17 Moorhouse, Harry. 19 Shaw, Ambrose. 20 Wood, Fred. 21 Jessop, Mrs. Lucy Hannah. 22 Dutton, James. Walker, Mark. Aspley Place.

1 Inman, William Edward. 3 Gent, John Francis. Parker Bros’. workshops. Carver and Co.’s ware houses. 5 Jagger, Firth. 7 Brook, Mrs. Mary. 9 Firth, Jimmy. 11 Balmforth, Joseph. 13 France, William. 15 Brook, James. 16 Dyson, Herbert. Surrey Fullers’ Earth Co., Ltd. (sec. H. Dyson). | Dyson, Law, and Son, rope and cover manufacturers. Aire and Calder Navigation

Company, Ltd. (sec. J W. Foster); tel. 495. Hargreaves, Geo., and Co.,

machine 426.

Ashgrove Road, Deighton. Right side. 2 Clay, George. 4 Fisher, Harry. 6 Taylor, Tom. ' 8 Moorhouse, Edward. 10 Wadsworth, Herbert. 12 Walker, Sam. 14 Swallow, Joshua Edwin. 16 Hirst, Herbert. 18 Greaves, Mrs. Mary Alice. 20 Hirst, James. 22 Abbey. John Micklethwaite 24 Elliott, Thomas. 26 Taylor, Percy. 28 Varley, James. 52 Roberts, Joseph Charles. 54 West, Harry. 56 Emmerson, John. 58 Scott, Edwin James. 40 Thewlis, Samuel. 42 Jagger, John. 44 Sutcliffe, Mrs. Hannah. 46 Douglas, Richard. 48 Schofield, John. 50 Moorhouse, William.

Left side. Sanderson, Firth, mill man-

ager. Kilner, William, machinist.

Page 43


Ash House Common,

_AlImondbury and Newsome.

141 Wood, Joss. 142 Beaumont, Edwin. 143 Berry, Martha Hannah. 144 Haigh, Joe. 146 Cartwright, Edward. 148 Dawson, John. 150 Mellor, William. 152 Mellor, James.

Ash Street, Fartown.

12 Hanson, Elizabeth. 14 Gothard, Sarah. 30 Catton, John.

Ashenhurst. Lowerhouses.

1 Haigh, James. 5 Berry, Smith. 5 Brook, John Thomas. 7 Ward, Sarah. 8 Sykes, John. Sykes, William. 9 Boothroyd, Walter. 11 Kaye, Henry. 135 Lee, Henry. 15 Bull, Frederick. . 17 Bradley, William Frederick 19 Taylor, Andrew. 21 Stringer, John. 25 Pearson, James. Nelson, Arthur. 27 Jessop, John William. 29 Pearson, Joseph. $1 Blackburn, Tom. 53 Blackburn, Hannah. 55 Smith, Robert. 6¢ Vautrey, Anthony. 41 Walshaw, Henry. 43 Eastwood, Campbell. 45 Middleton, Eliza.

Aster Street, Turnbridge.

4 Wagstaff, Bowler. _ 5 Berry, Amelia.

Avenue, Dalton.

Ellis, Joe. Whittaker, John. Drury, George. 2 Wooler, Thomas. 4 Hey, James. 6 Hepworth, Fred. 10 Blexaard, "Thomas. 12 ‘Dyson, Alfred. 14 Hobson, James. McGrath, John.

Back Albert Street,

Lockwood. Left side. 1 Farrington, Edward. 3 Taylor, John. 7 Bamforth, Alfred. 9 Nowell, Clemmy. 11 Ramsden, Mrs. Mary Ann. Right side. 4 McEvoy, James. 8 Pearson, Walter. 10 Hardy, Robert.

Back Beech Street,

Fartown. Hillhouse. 1 Wadsworth, Bill. 5 Moss, Miss Mary. 5 Riley, William. 7 Clifford, Frederick. 9 Stocks, Tom. 11 Shepherd, James. 13 Lawton, James. 15 Knight, Frank.

Back Boar’s Head,

Moldgreen. Dalton. 1 Mallinson, James.

Back Bradford Road,

Fartown. Hillhouse. Tweedale, Mrs. Mary Ann. 4 Mitchell, John. 6 Greenwood, Herbert.

Page 44


8 Earnshaw, Mrs. Harriet. 12 Medley, Charles. 14 Darwin, Godfrey Berry. 16 Winfield, Miss Jane Eliza- beth. 18 Topping, Thomas. 20 Shepherd, James Edward.

Back Brook Street, Marsh.

Left side. 1 Whitham, Samuel. 3 Rees, Miss Alice. 5 Kitchenar, George. 7 Armitage, Naomi. 9 Shaw, Sam. 11 Askey, Thomas. Right side. 2 Bolton, Taylor. 4 Dobson, Joe. 6 German, Mrs. Mary. 8 Rayner, Thomas. 10 Fox, Harry.

Back Cable Street.

17 Earnshaw, Mrs. Sarah. - 28 Hopkinson, James Albert. . 29 Sykes, Miss Susannah. 40 Shaw, Joseph. 41 Radcliffe, Fred.

Back Colne Street.

1 Hill, Mrs. Hannah. 2 Popplewell, John. 4 Bailey, James Vincent. 8 Lockwood, Sam. 12 Hinchliffe, James. 14 Hinchliffe, Abraham.


Back CoIne Road.

1 Lightfoot, Federick. 3 Gibson, John William. 5 Kaye, John Edward. 7 Beaumont, John Gledhill. 9 Liversedge, Miss Ellen Amelia. 11 Weatherhead, Mrs. Martha. 13 Lee, Mrs. Elizabeth.

Back Commercial Street.

4 Kinder, Mrs. Ellen. 5 Griffiths, Edward. 6 Smith, Miss Prudence. 8 Littlewood, Thomas.

Back Fitzwilliam Street East. Daws, Samuel Robert.

Back Freehold Street, Primrose Hill.

2 France, William Henry. 4 Drury, Joseph. 6 Kennedy, Thomas. 10 Clayton, John. 12 Booth, Charles. 14 Wood, Mary 16 Honley, John. 18 Varley, William Henry.

Back Green, Longwood..

Harrison, John. Greensmith, John William. Wade, Walter. Saxon, Joe. Saxon, Edward.


Back ‘Hill Stteet; Marsh.

1 Spofforth, John William.

3 Stead, Harry.

5 Mellor, Wilson. 9 Howarth, Friend.

Back Honoria Street,

Fartown. Hillhouse. 1 Robinson, John William. 2 Copley, Mary.

Back Hope Street.

7 Radcliffe, John William. 11 Heath, Henry. 17 Stephenson, Joseph. 19 Hirst, Joe Edward.

Page 45


25 Blackburn, Charles Henry. 27 Hellawell, Joe. 33 Plunkett, John. 35 Hine, Mrs. Rebecca. 41 Brook, Charles Edward. 43 Firth, Mrs. Ann. 45 McDonald, Mrs. Agnes.

Back Lane, Berry Brow.

Percival, James. Sanderson, Joseph. Wade, George. Tiffany, Ben Haigh. Bayliff, Henry. Gledhill, Mrs. Eliza. 11 Stoeks, Croft. 13 Crosland, Henry. 15 Donkersley, John Shaw. 17 Barrand, John Henry. 19 Lockwood, John. 21 Dawson, Albert. 23 Uttley. Richard. 25 Crosland, Mrs. Ann. 27 Sykes, Fred. 29 Livesey, Edwin. 41 Barrow, Samuel Littlewood 53 Fitton, Willis. 35 Moorhouse, Robert. 37 Shaw, James. 39-41 Taylor, Benjamin. 43 Beaumont, Squire. 47 Ibeson, Henry. - 49 Mellor, Mrs.- Ruth. 51 Brook, William. 53 Jagger, Joe Wiilie. 57 Jessop, George Henry. 59 Whitehead, Tom. 61 Dyson, George. 63 Milnes, Willie. 65 Woodhead, Graham. 67 Kaye, Mrs. Mary Jane. 69 Lodge, Job. 71 Gledhill, Nathan.

Back Lane, Sheepridge.

1 Lodge, John Edward. 7 Marshall, Arthur.

9 Swindlehurst, Miss Harriet.

11 Truelove, Herbert.

Back Oak Road, Bradley.

Armitage, Allen. Mitchell, George.

Back Ramsden Street.

Oldfield, Hirst, woollen merchant. Dyson, William, timber

merchant; tel. 499. Booth, William.

Back St. Peter’s Street.

Fox, James. Roper, Alfred. —

Back St. Thomas’ Road.

19 Hopkinson, Annie. 20 Birkhead, Albert. 21 Smith, Richard Henry. 22 Marshall, Houghton. 23 Horsfall, Charles. 24 Bower, Hiram. 25 Sykes, Ernest. 26 Halstead, Frederick.

Back South Street. — 1 Hudson, William Henry. 3 Davidson, William Bar- tholomew. 7 Davison, William, sen. Hirst’s Buildings. 2 Mitchell, Edwin Bertie. 3 Horsfield, George Wm. 4 Forster, Joe.

Back Spring Street.

3 Donaldson, Samuel. 3aRobins, David. 6 Mellor, Ben. 7 Seel, William Chadwick. 8 Stockdale, Bowman. 10 Sykes, Alfred, Spring Place Electric Works. West Ward Conservative Club. 11 Noble, Benjamin. 12 Gilling, Emily.

Page 46


13. Bottomley, terer. -14 Heaton, Hannah. 15 Gregory, William. 17 Cowgill, John. 19 Lee, J ohn William. 21 Lee, John. Dawson, James, shoemaker. Shaw, Charles H., plumber, gas fitter.

Joseph, plas-

Back Stanley Street, Lockwood.

1 Morton, John. 2 Hirst, Sarah. 5 Haigh, James. 4 Pickles, James. 5 Wrigglesworth, Tom Edwin 7 Jackman, Marshall. 9 Dyson, George. 20 Stanley, John Albert.

Back Thornhill Street,

Longwood Gate. Left side. 1 Hawkins, Joe William. 5 Senior, Tom. 5 Williams, Allen. 7 Ainley, George. Right side. 2 Littlewood, Ben Earnshaw. 4 Jessop, William. 8 Holmes, Friend. 10-12 Hirst, Jemima. 14 Armitage, Joe.

Back Union Street.

Left side. 5 Clarke, Jane Elizabeth. 7 Farrand, Mary Jane. 9 Hargreaves, Fred. 13 Clancy, Anthony. 15 Golden, Heap and Co.’s ironworks. Right side. 2 Atkinson, George. 4 Williams, William. 8 Rourke, Thomas.

10 Southwell, Richard Thomas 12 Tetlow, Joseph. 12aFoster, Tom. 18 Hanson, Fred. 20 Beaumont, Charles. 22 Bray, Sam. 26 Wilson, Emily. 28 Pogson, Joe. 50 Lloyd, William. 52 Scahill, John. 34 Marchant, John Alfred. 56 Mills, Emma. 42 Lodge, Levi. 44 Atkinson, James. 46 Cowell, Herbert Willian. 48 Bailey, Sarah. 50 Stephenson, Henry. 52 Bentley, Joseph Henry. 54 Fretwell, Fred. 56 Shaw, Robert Henry.

Back Violet Street.

4 Sutcliffe, Smallwood. 6 Charlesworth, James. 12 Buckingham, Edgar. 14 Micklethwaite, Wilkinéon. 20 Walker, Tom. 22 Kaye, Herbert. 28 Heywood, Albert. 58 Hellawell, Charles. 44 Hines, J ohn. 46 Hyde, John Thomas. 48 Radcliffe, Alice.

Back Water Lane.

2 Butterley, Andrew. 5 Knight, Thomas. 4 Gannon, James.

Baker Street, Quarmby. Left side.

1 Hepworth, Joseph. 5 Crosland, George. 5 Greaves, Benjamin. 7 Stocks, Samuel. 11 Booth, Hannah. 13 Dyson, George Henry. 23 Wadsworth, Mrs. Sarah Ann.

Page 47


25 Taylor, Arthur. 27 Moore, Sam Rhodes. 29 Binns, Harry Senior. 33 Wilkinson, Simeon. 35 Sykes, George. 39 Holdsworth, Henry. 41 Smith, George. 45 Gee, Harriet. 47 Brook, George Arthur. 49 Daley, James William. 51 Hepworth, Jim. 59 Brook, John William. 61 Brook, Annis. 63 Parkin, Violetta. 65 Taylor, Ann. 67 Wood, Mary Ann. 69 Cook, William Thomas. 71 Schofield, Charles Henry. 73 Beaumont, William Henry. 77 Wood, Henry. 79 Roebuck, John Edwin. 81 Crosland, David. 83 Lodge, Levi. 85 Smith, Martha. 87 Mettrick, Wilson. 89 Upton, William. 91 Thornton, Mark. 93 Holmes, Francis. 95 Mettrick, Robert. Right side. Taylor, Ben. Dyson, Benjamin. Whitwam, Alfred. 8 Taylor, Norris. 10 Iredale, George. 12 Hepworth, Allen. 14 North, John. 16 Mellor, Thomas. 18 Bottom, Thomas Hudson. 20 Archer, Lucy. 22 Pogson, Hiram. 24 Fox, Joe. 26 Lockwood, Ramsden. 28 Clegg, Benjamin. 30 Lees, David.


Ballroyd, Longwood Gate.

1i Hoyle, Dan. 13 Bray, William. 14 Hoyle, John. 15 Hinchliffe, Joe.

16 Hurst, John William. 17 Holroyd, Sam. 18 Brook, Harold. 19 Wrigley, Emma. 20 Ainley, Alfred. 21 Brook, Albert Edward. 22 White, Henry. 23 Taylor, John. 24 Brook, Hannah. 25 Brook, Sarah Ann. 26 Morton, Hannah 28 Lord, Edgar. 29 Brook, Maria.

Ballroyd Lane.

2 Williams, Albert. 3 Brook, Webster. 5 Sykes, John. 6 Holdsworth, Lawrence. 7 Holdsworth, George Ed. 8 Holdsworth, George Wm.


Ballroyd Road, Hillhouse.

2 Clough, George. 4 Scholes, Mary. 6 Adcock, Robert Walter. 8 Charlton, Samuel. 10 Cawthra, William Haigh. 12 Brier, John. 14 Lawton, Fred Brook. 16 Riley, Jennie. Marshall, Philip. 22 Hellawell, Fred. 24 Crossley, Ellen. 96 Senior, David. 28 Wright, William Edward. 30 Wigglesworth, Joseph. 31 Wood, Sarah Rebecca. 32 Haigh, William. 34 Cowburn, Mary Ann. 36 Glendinning, Martha. 40 Firth, Benjamin.

Bank End.

Almondbury. Gough, George. Dalton. Storey, Joseph. Outlane. Beaumont, John Bailey, Rebecca.

Page 48


Wharam, Edward. Haigh, Sutcliffe. Haigh, Simeon. Haigh, Annie.

Rest’ Left side.

1 Thorpe, Miss Emma, dress- maker. 3 Patterson, Mary Hannah. 5 Davison, Fred.

County Club (sec., Fred Smith). | Crowther, John Edward,

woollen manuiacturer. 7 Clayton, Walter 9 Butterworth, Harriet. 11 Roberts, Albert. 13 Potter, Joseph Womersley. 15 Hepworth, Ellen. 17 Haigh, Walter William. 19 Barker, James. 21 Burley, James. 25 Jepson, Allen. 25 Dodson, George. 27 Kershaw, Valentine Raby. 29 Beaumont, Joe. 51 Fletcher, John Alfred. 55 Crabtree, Walter Haigh. 55 Hinchliffe, Albert. | Hirst, Henry. Lutkehermolle, John Her- man. Greenwood, James. McPhail, Francis Henry.

Right side.

2 Price, John. 4 Stead, Richard. 5 Whiteley, Robert. 8 Brook, Thomas. . 10 Broadbent, James. 10aGreenwood, Martha. 12 Ingham, John Edward. 14 Beaumont, Joe. 16 Thorpe, Isabella. | 18 Brooke, Benjamin. 20 Farrar, Arthur. 22 Wilkinson, William. 24 Firth, John. Thornton and_ Son, manufacturers.


26 Haigh, William. 28 Dyson, John. 28aRawson, Fielding. 30 Kilner, James. . 52 Sawden, John Henry.

44 Thornton, Thomas Earn- shaw. 56 Norris, George. 58 Wade, Henry Proctor Holly.

40 Beatson, John Thomas. 42 Haigh, Charles.

44 Hewett, Winiam John Garry, > 46 Broadhead, William. 48 Beckwith, Frederick Ed- ward.

50 Holmes, Thomas Walker. | 54 Holland, Harry. 56 Dyson, Herbert. 58 Baldwin, Edwin Antonio.

Woodthorpe Terrace.

Radcliffe, James. Stewart, Henry Percival. Davies, Arthur. : Sandwell, Herbert Firth. Christie, Frederick Arthur. Kaye, Henry. Kaye, John William. Dawson, Samuel. Shaw, Albert Henry. Hogg, James Claughton. Hands, James. Haigh and Co., skep works.

Bankside, Dalton.

Stead, Alfred. Dawson, James. Watts, Fred.


10 11 12

mo =]


Barge Street, Deadwaters.

1 Berry, Job. 2 Metcalf, Esther Ann. 5 Dean, Hannah.

Barrow Buildings, Moldgreen.

2 Lucas, Harry. 2aBroadhead, Edwin.

Page 49


4 Greenhow, George. 6 Sykes, Benjamin. 8 Haigh, Herbert. 10 Buckley, Sykes Mellor. 12 Leach, Samuel. 14 Wood, Arthur. 16 Senior, John William. 18 Cousin, James. 20 Waddington, John Thomas. 21 Brook, Alice. 23 Thorpe, James. 25 Sykes, Mrs. Maria. 27 Pearson, Miss Annie. 29 Whiteley, Joe. 31 Graham, Henry. 55 Armitage, Tom. 39 Jessop, Thomas.

Barton Road, Crosland

Moor. Left side.

1 Shaw, George draper. Boothroyd, Friend. Wood, Joe, butcher.

3 5 ‘7 Wood, Mrs. (Eden Cottage). 9g


Bradley, James Herbert. Platt, Fred.

Newton’s Buildings.

Woodhead, John William. Robinson, James Albert. Brook, Louisa. Marshall, James. Hanson, Mary Hannah. | Thompson, James. Haigh, Sarah Ann. Shaw, Joseph Haigh. Gledhill, Rawcliffe. Asquith, Dan. Garside, Betty. Long, Charles. Jessop; William. Senior, Joe. Bradley, John. Garside, Tom.

7 Mitchell, Thomas, Sub-Post .

Office. AS Hanson, Joshua John. 51 Wood, John. 53 Hobson, Samuel.


Wood, Ben. Gill, Martha. . Kenworthy, Thomas. Kershaw, John. Mellor, George William. Graham, Walter, grocer and provision merchant. Townend, David. Bamforth, Ephraim. Hoyle, Joseph. Lister, George Heywood. Cliffe, John Alfred. Barrowclough, Pearson. Ainley, George. Hanson, George. Basnett, Thomas.

Baxter’s Yard.

Baxter, James. Broom, Luther. 95 Ainley, George, house fur-

59 o7 o9 61 63


nisher. 97-9 Bamforth, Hannah,general dealer.

| 101 Hanson, Joe.


Hanson, Ada. draper. Nabcroft Lane.

Primitive Methodist Free Church.

Chapel Terrace.

Huddersfield Union, Mas- ter, G, Hadfield. Board Schools. 111 Haigh, Joseph. 113 Freeland, William. : 115 Haigh, William Henry. 117 Hallas, Watts. 119 Turner, Fred, oil dealer. 121 Garland, Thomas. 123 Sanderson, Elizabeth, dress- maker. : 125 Hutchinson, George. 127 Broadbent, John. 129 Hinchliffe, Edward. 131 Hinchliffe, George Fredk.

Crosland Hill. Park Road West. Right side. 2 Kaines, George. 4 Cartwright, Thoz., 6 Mallinson, Arthur. 8 Frost, Joseph.


Page 50


10 Dyson, Arthur Henry. 12 Taylor, Walter. 14 Bennett, Arthur. 16 Hirst, Edwin. 18-22 Crosland Moor Co-opera- tive Stores.

Charles Street.

24 Hanson, George. 26 Moorhouse, Joseph Baker. 28 Dalton, Charles William, Craven Heifer Inn. 50 Sykes, Harry, butcher. 52 Beaumont, Ann, general dealer. 54 Armitage, Henry, shoe and clog maker. 56 Haign, Fred, baker cake manufacturer. 58 Garside, William Henry. 40 Epton, William. 42-44 Rayner, Henry, boot anc shoe maker. 46 Thewlis, Walter. 48 Jennings, George Henry.


Dyson’s Yard.

52 Dyson, John Webster. Dyson, Henry Charles, chemist. 56 Harnshaw, Charles. 58 Ellam, Chrispin. ‘60 Herbert, Thomas. 62 Earnshaw, James Eno. 64 Brook, William. 68 Iredale, George. 70 Hanson, Sam. 72 Varley, Christopher. 76 Turner, Sarah. 78 Townend, Humphrey. 80 Robinson, Tom. 82 Earnshaw, Jane. 88 Taylor, Henry. 90 Haigh, Mary, confectioner. 92 Barker, Tom. 94 Oldham, Jonathan. 94aBeaumont, George. 96 Haywood, Albert. 96aThorpe, Charles. - Matlock Street. 90 Haigh, Richardson. 102 Hoyle, John William. 104 Dennison, Arthur.



106 Iredale, Wright Armitage.

' 108 Hodgson, Fred.

110 Shaw, Joseph. Howarth, Joe. Gelder Joe, cabinetmaker and undertaker. Bower, Alfred. Daniels, Boswell Cooper. 122 Taylor, Benton. 124 Baxter, William. 126 Barker, Samuel. 128 Ainley, Charles Hall. 130 Haigh, William. ig2 Turton, Charles Edward. 134 Carter, Sarah. 136 Gledhill, Malinda. 138 Roberts, Edward Barber.

Ivy Street.


120 Brister

140 142 144 146 148

Quarmby, Abel. Walker, Haigh, Henry. Eastwood, Susan. Battye, Janet.

150 Beaumont, Joseph. Gartland, Sarah, dress- maker. 152 Gledhill, Joe.

154 156

Kaye, George. Rhodes, Edward. Lunn, Henry. Pogson, Ben Allen. Poole, Elizabeth. Gartland, Sarah, dressmaker Mellor, Abigail. Armitage, Henry. Avison, Joseph William. Broadbent, Albert. Whitwam, Firth. Whiteley, Sarah. Sykes, Eliza. Greenhow, Benjamin. Kaye, John. Pearson, John. Sykes, Joe William. Sykes, William. Mellor, David.

164 166

168 170 174 176

196 198 200 202 204 206 208 210


Bath Street. Left side. 1 Brook, William. 3 North, Herbert.

Page 51


5 Chrispin, Thomas. 11 Hanson, Elizabeth. 13 Mellor, ‘Joe. 15 Jackson, Sarah. , 19. Hall, J oshua Hargreaves. 23 Murray, David. 25 Dayson, Annie. 27 Woodcock, Bessie Bardsley. 51 Mason, Robert William. 55 Price, Edward Septimus. 55 Armitage, James.

Right side.

2 Bland, Tom Hardy. 4 Lord, Samuel. 6 Eastwood, Richard. 8 Haigh, Caroline. 10-12 Beaumont, Alfred. 14 Conacher, James, builder. 16 Coney, Emma. 18 Dyson, Joseph. 22 Kaye, Harriet. 24 Prescot, Thomas. Scott, Walter. ‘26 Stather, George Peplar. 30 Hyslop, John. 32 Morgan, Randall John. 36 Knight, William Elias. 38 Ellis, Charles Walton. 42 Hope, Henry Parkes. Golden, Mrs. Elizabeth. 44 Cocking, Lewis Smith.

Elmwood Avenue.

2 Nield, Herbert.


4 Nelson, Robert. 5 Golden, Elizabeth. 6 Taylor, William. Beau-


Bath Street, Lockwood. Left side.

1 Cox, Tom, cab proprietor. 3 Milnes, John Henry. 9 Taylor, David. . 11 Taylor, William Fergus. 13 Goodman, Richard Alfred. 15 Wood, Ann. 17 Wilson, Joe Willie. 2 Berry, Benjamin.

Atha, Thomas,

Right side. 4 Jones, John William. 6 Buckley, Arthur. 8 Ellis, Eh. 10 Downs, Thomas. 12 Greenwood, Mary Maria. joiner and undertaker.

Batley Street, Moldgreen.

2 Beaumont, Jonathan Brook. 5 Boothroyd, George Henry. 4 Crawshaw, Albert. 6 Hinchliffe, James. 7 Gawkrodger, Charles. 8 Stead, Joshua Darnborough. 10 Wood, Liberty. 11 Haley, Alfred Dobson. 13 Hey, Thomas. 14 Milnes, Andrew John. 15 Willingate, Robert Heber. 16 Wright, Joseph. 17 Ellis, John. 18 Nunns, Fred. 19 Naylor, Arthur. 21 Haigh, Joe. 25 Lodge, Aphellias.

Bay Hall Common Road,


1 Calvert, Mary Ann, Armi- tage Arms. 2 Hudson, Benjamin. Hardcastle, Mary grocer. Clarke, John, organ builder. Hayw ard, William Henry. 4 Green, Jim. Hartley, John Edwin. Darnley, Charles, and Co., cotton, woollen, worsted, and silk cord manufac- turers; tel. 234. Stork, J ohn Arthur. 8 Haigh, Joseph. Ellis, Walton, wor- sted manufacturer; tel.


99. 10 West, George.

Page 52


12 Wadsworth, James Richard.

14 Taylor, Thomas.

Milne Road. Hardcastle, Herbert, plum- | ber. Kilner, joiner. .


Bay Hall, Birkby.

8 Hardcastle, Herbert. Thornton, Hannah. Kirk, Walter Schofield. 12 Hartley, John Edward. 14 Netherwood, Sarah. 16 Bell, William Henry. 18 Yates, James. 20 Hall, John. 22 Burley, Charles Edward. Goodyear, John Henry. Horn, William. Higgins, William Delaney. Kitson, Hugh. Fitton, Charies. Bay Hall Fields. Stott, Albert Edward. Walker, Rochford Steele.

Beacon Street, Hillhouse.

1 Coleman, Charles. 5 Cocking Gladstone. 5 Kecles, Joshua Hartley. 7 Hoyle, Jonas. 9 Cryer, John William. 11 Hyde, John Robert. 7 13 Lund, George Frederick.

Crow’s Buildings.

1 Whiteley, Albert Edward. 2 Rushworth, Elizabeth. 5 Woodruff, Herbert. 4 Spence, Ann.

Beast Market.

Lord Street. Firth’s Crescent. Left side. 7 Bickerstaffe, Mary. Riley, Clara Jane. Irons, Martha clough.


9 Kennedy, Patrick, lodging- house. Biletcher’s Yard.

George, jam fac-

and Co., merchants. 13 Elliott, W. and J., corn and cake merchants. 15 Carter, William Henry. 17 Newsome, James. 19 Haigh and Wadsworth, dry-

salters. _ 21 Platts, Walter, joiner and. : cabinetmaker. 23 Bottomley, John, hair- dresser.

23aBoocock, Joe, restaurant. 25 Bake, Alfred, tobacconist. 27aRayner’s hay, straw, and corn warehouse. 29 Mawer, Frank, dairy. 51 Giggle, Joseph, pork butcher 35 Harrison, John, confectioner Lowerhead Row. Right side. 2-4 Teal, Ephraim, and Sons, drapers. 6 Taylor, Joseph, spirit merchant. 8 Wood, William, hairdresser. 10 Boy and Barrel Inn, Joseph Taylor. Mills and Sons, corn mer- chants. Kaye, John Noble. Harrison, John. 18 Gibson, J. S., restaurant. 20 Hirst, Margaret, wmilliner and dressmaker. 22 Banks, Martha, newsagent. 24 James Briggs, Bull’s Head

wine and

Inn. 26 Booth, Ann, grocer. 50 Barker, | Mary, Royal Oak Inn.

Beaumont Street.

Bradford Road..

Wortley, B., and Son, hay, straw, and corn merchants

Page 53


1 North, Henry. laWortley, Harry, sen. 2 Starkey, Thomas. 2aHardy, Harry. 3 Farrand, Fred Lewis. 4 Mitchell. Thomas. 5 Fricker, Frederick. 7 Bottom, Tom. 9 Hargreaves, Law, and Co., machine makers. 10 Smith, Thomas. 11 Atkinson, John Midgley. 13 Haigh, Sam, engineer. 1gaTurner, Ben Dyson.

Sykes, Edward Thomas, woollen — manufacturers and dyers.

Canby, Thomas, cloth finish- ers and shrinkers, Vic- toria Mills. Ramie Co., Limited, yarn manufacturers. 14 Duce, Charles. 16 Calverley, Brook. 18 Golden, Henry. 20 Morgan, Sarah Ann. 22 Wilson, Laura. Sutcliffe and Sons. Leeds Road.

Beaumont Street;

Moldgreen. Left side.

1 Brook, Joe. 5 Mellor, John Edwin. 7 Naylor, Josiah 9 Shaw, Wilson. 11 Marsden, William. 13 Wood, Albert. 15 Shore, Joseph Armitage. 17 Ramsden, Dan. 21 Blamires, James. 25 Beardsell, George 25 Knowles, Luke. 27 Hirst, Sarah. 29 Winterbottom, John Clegg. 51 Heap, Herbert.

Right side. 4 Kitchen, Willie. 6 Ellis, Sam.

8 Vickerman, William Arthur 10 Hill, John. 12 Wood, Jane.

Beaumont Park, Lockwood..

Smith, Ben Taylor. Beaumont Park Road.. 2 Wilton, Ernest. 4 Lister, Mary Elizabeth. Armitage, Edward. Taylor, Tom.

Birkhouse, Lockwood. Jones, Annie.

Arnold, Ann.

Beech Street, Paddock. Branch Street.. Left side.

Lawton, William House). Methodist New Connexion. Schools. 9 Atkinson, Ashworth. 13 Sykes, Charles. 15 Littlewood, Bentley Jubb. 17 Rayner, Oliver. 19 Pontefract, John. 21 Brierley, Collingwood. 25 Jack, Gavin Lambie. 25 Sykes, James Elijah. 41 Germain, Robert Kneeshaw.. 43 Brierley, Thomas. 45 Micklethwaite, John. 47 Robinson, Tom. Luck Lane.. 75 Livesey, Joseph. 79 Nichols, Hannah. 81 Mallinson, Abel. 83 Haigh, John. 85 Williams, Frank. Right side. 2 Haigh, Mrs. Sally. 4 Hall, Tom. 6 Schofield, George. 8 May, Charles William. 10 Haigh, Taylor. 12 Wood, John William.



Page 54


14 Ellam, Haddin. 16 Colley, Elijah. Board Schools.

Heaton Street.

20 Taylor, Mary Elizabeth. 22 Crossley, Joseph. 24 Lucas, Harry. 26 Netherwood, Edy in. 28 Thornton, John Tyne. 50 Poulter, John. 52 Barber, Percy. 54 Crossley, John. 56 Earnshaw, Charles Henry 38 Farnhill, George Arthur. 40 Broadbent, Nathan. 42 Clay, Thomas.

North Street.

50 Cuttell, Emma. 52 Lum, Mary. 54 Lum, Ben. 56 Gledhill, Solomon. 58 Schofield, Benjamin. 60 Mellor, Sarah Ann. 62 Hardy, Charlies Edward. ‘64 Thorpe, James Ingiam. 66 Wilkinson, John. 68 North, Benjamin. 70 Rangeley, Alfred, carver. 72 Burley, Edwin. 74 Sykes, Herbert.

76 Chaffer, William (Fern Cot-

tage). 78 Dyson, James. 80 Barrett, Bethuel. 82 Sykes, John William.” 84 Coy, Arthur. 86 Sykes, William Plummer. 88 Wood, Thomas. 90 Walker, George.

Belgrave Terrace. ; Left side. 1 Ramsden, Robert. 5 Hopkinson, James. Right side. 2 Mallinson, Ben. 10 Riley, Charlotte. 12 Lawton, Gertrude. 14 Benskin, Frederick John.


Belmont Street. — :

_ Bradley Lane. 1 Mellor, Thomas (Brunswick House). 5 Mallinson, Rosa. ~ 7 Cliffe, Charles William. 9 Kilner, Henry. the essop, William (Carr House) 13 Green, Joseph Theophilus (Elm Villa). 15 North, Mary Hannah (Clov- ely). Elmwood View. 19 Sugden, Ruth Ann (South View). 21 Riley, Richard (Bent House)

Claremont Street.

Barras, Frederick Arthur (Bent Cottage). Right side. 2 Cooper, Robert Brodie

(Lynn Cottage). 4 Greenwood, Mary Hannah. 6 Ward, John Henry. 8 Fitton, Annie. 10 Sayles, Reuben. 12 Frank, Jane. 14 Lodge, George Frederick. 16 Clegg, Alfred. McKitrick, Amelia (Ryle- stone House).

Belton Street, Dalton.

1 Wilkinson, John William. 5 Berry, Fred,

Bell Street, Damside. Left side. Cawthra, Edwin. Metcalfe, Walter Vickers. Bentley, James.

._ 7 Haigh, John.

9 Liversidge, Elliott. 11 Bates, James Walter. 13 Porter, William Henry. 15 Halstead, Albert Edward. 17 Hebblethwaite, George. Right side. 2 Hallas, James. 4 Kilburn, Samuel.

Page 55


6 Hardcastle, William. 8 Jessop, Joseph. 12 Haigh, John. 18 Sugden, Fenton. 20 Maddison, John William. 22 Robson, Ebenezer John. 24 Heaton, Frederick. 26 Miller, Thomas MacGregor.

Bent Street.

1 Rogers, Fred Ernest. Morton, Ernest. 5 Hawksworth, Henry. 7 Spence, John. 9 Beever, Green. 11 Richardson, Ellen. 135 Brierley, Isaac. 15 Brook, John.

Bentley Street, Lockwood. Left side.

1 Oldfield, Richard. 5 Bailey, Holdsworth. 5 Crow, Clarke. 9 Russell, Eliza. 13 Haigh, Walter Dyson. 15 Clayton. William Henry. 17 Abbey, Frank. 21 Townsend, Benjamin. 25 Craven, Walter. 25 Jordinson, Thomas worth. 27 Eastwood, Edward. 29 Lindley, George Frederick, eycle dealer. 51 Denton, Arthur. 53 Armitage, John Allen. 45 Haigh, Joah. 47 Taylor, John William. 49 Halstead, Allen. 51 Smith, James Auld. Devonshire Street. Methodist Chapel. 53 Hinchliffe, John William. 55 Baldwin, Henry Clifford, M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P. London, surgeon and phy- sician. Right side. 2 Whittaker, Mrs.




4 6 8


Pickering, Mark. Sykes, Henry. Field, John Henry.

10 Hudson, George.

14 16

18-20 Lawton,

22 24 26


52 34

42 4a.

48 52 54 56 58 60 62 64 66 68 70 72 76 78 80 82 84 86 88 90 92 96 98

Howarth Lane..

Bradley, Paul. Hanson, Samuel. Luke, general. dealer. Stocks, Samuel. Balmforth, Josiah.

Wood, John Beaumont. Stanley Street.. Webster, Edward. Webster, Mrs., dressmaker. Moore, Thornton. Crosland, Tom.

Milner Street.. Broadhead, George Henry.

Kitchen, Albert. 46 B

ray, Thomas. Shaw, John William. Denton, John. Denton, Joe. Nichol, Albert Green, Rockley. Whitehead, Nathan. Sykes, Joe. Kaye, Samuel. Jepson, William. Tomlinson, George. Knight, Ann. Ainley, Albert. Crow, Tom. Catton, John Thomas. Heeley, Edgar Wilfred. Stephenson, Harriet. Senior, Walter. Hinchliffe, John. Turner, Mary Jane. Armitage, George Albert. Firth, John. Baldick, George James. Edward Cheetham.

100* Gledhill, Ann.

Berry’s Row, Berry Brow.

4 8 10

Boothroyd, Wright. Shaw, Fred. Waddington, Richard.

Page 56

12 Lister, Fred. 14 France, Nancy. 16 Oldfield, Elliot. 18 Dyson, Mary. ‘20 Shaw, Hugh. 22 Bradley, Spencer. 24 Bradley, George. 26 Heeley, John William. ‘28 Townend, George Henry. 50 Moorhouse, George. 52 Coldwell, David James. 36 Whitehead, Allen. 58 Taylor, Charlotte

Bilberry Hall, Outlane. : Whitehead, Henry.

Birch Street, Berry Brow.

41 Crosland, Sam. 43 Pearce, Henry. 45 Dawson, Emma. 47 Riley, Martha. 49 Longbottom, George. 51 Horsfall, John William. 53 Littlewood, Wiiliam. 55 Swindlehurst, William. 57 Wood, Tom. 59 Rowley, John. ‘61 Barrand, Brammaild. 65 Shaw, David. 71 Brook, James. 75 Dawson, Wilfred. 75 Hutchinson, Joe. 77 Gledhill, Thomas Luke. 87 Whiteley, Samuel Shaw. 89 Shaw, Thomas. 91 Taylor, James.

Birchencliffe Road, Lindley. Left side.

5 Crosland, Allen. 5 Ellam, Joe. 7 Moore, Martha. © 9 Ellam, Joseph Swift. : ‘11 Roberts, Nathan. 13 Ellam, William. 15 Whiteley, Dyson. 17 Hoyle, Sam William. 19 Dyson, Fred. 21 Bower, Joe.


25 Ackroyd, George. 25 Bates, Fred. 2? Noble, Henry. | 29 Gledhill, Albert. 51 Holmes, Arthur. 35 Barlow, Ellis. Right side. 4 Speight, John. 6 Berry, James Henry. 10 Sunderland, Daniel. 12 Broadley, Henry.

Birks, Almondbury.

Ainley, Willie, Tandem Inn. 45 Dobson, John. 48 Dobson, Willie. 50 Wells, Mrs. Isabella. 56 Brook, Mrs. Hannah. 58 Lodge, Edwin. Mill Yard.

46 Stead, James.

48 Bury, William. 49 Wilkinson, Ernest. 50 Blackburn, Seth. 51-52 Blakeborough, John. 53 Lighfoot, Wilham. Berry Brow

Tomlinson, Harrison (Birks Cottage). Ambler, David.

Birkhouse Lane, Dalton.

4 Hinchliffe, Thomas. 6 Brook, Edwin. 8 Haigh, Arthur. 10 Rawson, Romulus. 16 Beardsell, Sarah Hannah. 18 Crosland, Ben. 20 Wilson, George. 22 Peel, John. 24 Hirst, William Henry. 26 Wilson, Thomas Mellor. 28 Dyson, Joseph Greenwood. 30 Senior, Copley. 52 Sunderland, John. 36 Rowley, Edwin.

38 Hemingway, Joseph Edward

40 Lancaster, John William. 42 Davies, Richard —

Page 57


44 Walker, William. 46 Wilson, Fred. 48 Preston, Harry. 50 Firth, William. 52 Boothroyd, Jonas. 54 Marsh, Mary Wainwright. 60 Whiteley, Henry.

Birkby Hall Road, Left side.

Hilton, Abram, fishmonger. Woodward, Mrs. Harriet Ann, general dealer. Waddington, Mrs. Annie, confectioner. Nursery Street.

9 Hinchliffe, George Albert.

cr ON


11 Thorpe, James. 13 Heaton, Charles Frederick 15 Mackman, Matthew Alfred. 17 Kee, Harry. _ 19 Ramsden, Mrs. Harriet Louise. 21 Conacher, Ernest, organ builder.

93 Aspinall, Henry,. joiner. Roseberry Court.

1 Carter, Mrs. Elizabeth. 2 Wilkinson, Edward. 3 Tyler, Andrew.

Birkby Crescent.

Blackwell, William, railway inspector. Calvert, Arthur. Jefferson, Frederick Henry. Sparke, Thomas Sparrow. Burnell, Benjamin, surgeon dentist. Mallinson, James Edwin. 39 Cokehill, James. 41 Gardener, Ben. 43 Hirst, Westwood John. 45 Wilkinson, Frederick Smith- son. 47 Gill, Walter. Brown, Mrs. 49 Shaw, Fred, tinsmith. 51 Bentley, Tom. 55 Marshall, Fred. 57 Green, Elijah.


29 ol 55 oo



59 Sykes, Edward. 61 Thorpe, John William. 63 Richardson, John Hamilton.. 65 Wild, Mrs. Sarah Ann. 67 Shaw, David.

69 Watson, Robert, farmer. St. John’s Road.. 75 Child, William (North Bank) Lioyd, Frederick Charles (North Bank).

Crosland, Thomas Pearson (The Grange). 95. Greaves, John. Willans, James

Edward (Rose Hill). . | Somerset Right side. 2 Sykes, Emma, draper, mil- liner, dressmaker. 4 Johnson, John William Baker, chemist. © 6-8 Hartley, Ezra, newsagent and tobacconist. 10 Heywood, Walter. 12 Wood, Emily, fancy reposi-

tory. 16 Riding, Fred. 18 Longley, Joseph Archibald. 20 Bairstow, Samuel. 22 Lawford, Sam. 24 Mellor, Abraham. 26 Booth, Arthur. 98 Bedford, George. 32 Schofield, Charles Henry. 34 Hepworth, Frank. 36 Miller, Alfred. 38 Martin, Edmund. 40 Hustwick, John. 42 Fletcher, Percy. 44 Clemans, William Thomas. 46 Davison, Harry. Clemants, William. 48 Vasey, Matthew. 50 Davidson, Harry. 52 Cook, Mrs. Emily. 54 Harris, William. 56 Chalmers, James. Ricketts, Edwin cashier.»

Greenhow, Wilfred.




Page 58


62 64


122 124 126 128 130

132 154


138 140 142

150 152 156


Stovin, William Anthony Marsiand, Joe. Bygott, Joseph Nettleton. Greaves, Harvey. Love, Mrs. Sarah. Clayton, William. Kaye, James Edward. Clegg, Roger. Chapman, John Newton. Sheard, Allen.

Park Avenue.

Banks, Albert. Gledhill, Harry Coulson. Sykes, Howard. Swallow, Joseph. Wheatley, Mrs. Woolers, James.

Gledhill, Henry.

-Banks, Albert (Sunny View).

Wilson, Mrs. Maria Jane Wright, Miss Annie Eliza- beth. Sykes, Howard. Hindle-Smith, George Hy. (Bankfield). Armitage, William (Hazel- dene). Arnold Street. Netherwood, James Arthur (Lynn Garth). Swallow, Joseph (Grenville House). Wilkinson, John (Carlton House). Booth, Fred (Brockhurst).

St. John’s Road.

Lunn, John (The Mount). Stocks, John Ainley (Ainley



Hey, Thomas Henry. Vickerman, Fred (Echo Bank). Lodge, John Thomas (Eden-

leigh). Thompson, George Henry. Varley, Fred. Barrett, Charles. Hall, Herbert (Ing Lees). Buckley, William. Wilson, Ben. Basnett, Daniel.

| |

| 158

Grant, Harry. Hampson, Alfred. Abbs, Albert. Greenwood, Fred. Cockroft, Sarah. 168 Gill, Jane. 170 Balmforth, Joseph. 172 Longley, David Henry. 174 Bake, William. 178 Parratt, Henry Lister. 180 Robson, James Oliver. Moxon, Albert Edward. Shaw, Sam. Mossley, James. Wilson, Maria Jane. Halifax Old Road.

Birkby Lodge Road. Left side. Slater, William. Crosland, Martha. Jordinson, John Boocock, Fred. Crump, James. Wallis, Joseph. Haigh, Wright. Kirby, Frank. Lake, Oliver. Elliott, Thomas. Crosland, Stanley Pearson. Taylor, John Henry. Right side.

Steele, Andrew. Price, Arthur. Fenton, Abraham. Fenton, Albert. Reeder, Betty. Hargreaves, George. North, Tom Edward. Bottomley, Thomas. Haigh, Robert. Fox, Joe. Baxendale, Thomas. Norton, George (Birkby Lodge). Birkby Fold.

1 Baxendale, Joseph. 2 Wilsdon, Edwin. 4 Wilsdon, James. 9 Hall, Abraham.

160 162 164 166


Page 59


10 Rix, Walter. 11 Mills, Ernest Albert. 12 Midgley, David.

Blacker Road, Marsh.

1 Blackburn, Mrs. Sarah. 4 Parratt, Miss Annie Lister (Oak Hill). Parratt, Miss Emily (Oak

Hill). Wheeler, Mrs. ae Ellam, Mrs. Jan Lear oyd, Haein: (Ellerslie). 10 Firth, William. . 14 Swift, Benjamin. 16 Barton, Miss Jane.

22 Beaumont, Mrs. Mary. Gomersall, Miss Grace.


Greenwood, Frederick (Kd-

gerton Lodge). Broadbent, Horace. Franklin, John. Bray, Charles. Foulder, Joseph (West Mount). Stothart, John Field).

Sewell (Marsh

Blacker Road North, Birkby. Left side. 5 Whitehead, Chas. Henry, grocer. Jessop, Joe Albert. Radcliffe, Fred, Terrace Inn Whittaker, Frederick Wm. 11 Walton, Arthur. 13 Stringer, John William. 15 Hirst, Herbert. 19 Yarnold, Henry. 25 Morton, John. 29 Barker, Alfred. 27 Lunn, Joe. 51 Pottage, Edward. 55 Best, Charles Atkinson. Newsome, Jane. 37 Day, William. 59 Pilling, Annie.

Nursery Terrace.




Baptist Chapel. 41 Hardcastle, Elizabeth. 43 Clarke, John Battye. 45 Healey, Robert. 47 Hinchliffe, Emma. 49 Pitchforth, Thomas. 51 Taylor, Robert. 53 Senior, Hezekiah. & Darnley, Ernest. 57 Mayes, James. 59 Turner, Charles William. 61 Bentley, John. 63 Carter, Joseph Henry. 65 Cockshaw, Edward.

St. John’s Road.. Fever Hospital Building.

“Halifax Road. Right side.

2 Shaw and Sons, Thomas, grocers. 4 Burns, Thomas. 6 Berry, John Greenwood, fruiterer.

Nursery Terrace. 8 Fullerton, Mrs. Agnes. Booth Terrace. 12 Whitehead, Tom. 14 Abbs, William. 16 Stubbings, James. 18 Moorhouse, Alfred. Leslie Street. Haigh, Walter Lewis. Smith, Alfred. Wood, John. Mellor, John William. Shaw, Charles. 58 Bentley, William. 40 Senior, John Richard. 42 Armitage, James Willie. 44 Wild, John. Arnold Street.. 46 Liddell, Henry. 48 Mitchell, Beaumont. 52 Milnes, Herbert. 54 McMillan, Joseph. 3 56 Dodsworth, Thomas Walker 58 Radcliffe, Sam. 60 Crowther, Robert, tailor.

Wheathouse Road.. 70 Whitehead, George, shoe- maker.

Page 60


72 Dawson, - Mrs. Elizabeth, general dealer. “4 Fletcher, John Herbert.

Benn’s Avenue.

1 Goldthorpe, Richard Cob- den. 2 Player, George Edward. 5 Marshall, Henry. 4 Shaw, Emily. WwW rigley, A., shoemaker. 80 MacGough, Thomas. 82 Berry, “James, Horseshoe Inn. 84 Wood, Mrs. Annie. Horse Shoe Yard.

1 Wrigley, Henry. 2 Bradley, Albert Edward. 5 Bradley, Mrs. Mary Jane 4 Livingstone, Hirst. 5 Dyson, Fred Lewis. 6 Shaw, Mrs. Emma. ‘°88 Iredale, Mrs. Margaret. 90 Todd, George Watson. | 92 Christian, Thomas Rhodes. 96 Mellor, Mrs. Elizabeth. 98 Broadhead, Mrs. Hannah. Chadwick’s Yard. 1 Beaumont, Frank. 2 Goward, William. 3 Thornton, Jesse, jun. 4 Shaw, 5 Dlingworth, William. 7 Hardcastle, John Em- mett. 8 Harrop, Hugh Dickie. 9 Taylor, James. 10 Ives, Charles. 102 Wilson, James. 104 Turner, Milton. Brooklet Terrace. 2 Wilcock, Fred. 3 Dawson, Mrs. Harriet. 4 Stead, Avison. 140 Ainley, ‘John George. 144 Brown, Richard. 146 Mortimer, Thomas Herring. 148 Wrigley, ‘Ben. 150 Craven, Mary Ann. 152 Fox, J: ohn. 154 Anderson, George. 156 Bailey, Mary Ann.

Lea Head.

| | |

1 Styring, William James. 2 Catton, Lewis. 3 Dyson, Mrs. Elizabeth. 5 Sykes, James. 6 Iredale, Albert. 162 Dyson, Jabez.

164 Gomersall, Grace. 166 Willey, Charles.

168 Broadhead, Wilson.

_ 170 Hudson, Elizabeth.

Blackhouse Road, Fartown.

Woodhouse Hill. 10 Starkey, Mrs. Lewis, dress- maker. 12 Sandford, Sam, weaver. 14 Bailey, Henry. 16 France, Willie, plumber. 18 Worthington, Wm.. cutter. 20 Marsden, John Thomas. 22 Parnby, Ralph. 24 Dean, Josep 26 Leening, Sunderland. 28 Liversidge, Sam. 50 Hirst, J ohn. 32 Clough, Joshua. 54 Lodge, Harry, clerk. 56 Hlam, Alfred, tailor. 358 Hirst. 40 Armitage, Seth. 42 Smith, William.. 44 Reed, Charley. 46 Awteybridge, Sam. 48 Whiteley, George Frederick, tailor. 50 Thornton, Wright. 52 Armitage, Edward. 54 Midgley, George. 56 Ellis, Fred. 58 Stead, George. 60 Owen, Arthur. 62 Tweedle, Joe.

64 Pickles, Willie, painter.

Gladrose Cottages. 66 Mitchell, Herbert, insurance agent. 68 Cross, Harry. 70 Blamires, Scanfield, draper. 72 Mitchell, Spencer, manager. 74 Eastwood, Thomas Henry, wheelwright. 76 Crosland, Norris.

Page 61


78 Stringer, Arthur. 80 Clough, Joe. 82 Fawcett, George Henry. 64 Hill, John. 86 Rowley, Lewis. 88 Norcliffe, Sam, spinner. 108 Dodd, John, herbalist. 110 Wood, Mrs. Sa 112 Bates, (South View).

114 Pontefract, Fred, designer. 116 Spurr, Percy, woollen buyer.

118 Senior, Willie, manager. 120 Shaw, Ben. 122 Pontefract, tary. 124 Simpson, Herbert, cashier. 126 Hunter, John Charles, cashier. 132 Gothard, Frederick. 134 Shaw, Frank, manufacturer. 136 Moorhouse, Arthur.


Blackmoorfoot Road,


2 Platt, George Henry. 6 Lockwood, George. 8 Bower, William Henry. 10 Washington, Tom. 12 Hanson, Henry. 14 Whiteley, Shepherd. Taylor, William. 101 Shaw, Benjamin John. 103 Shaw, George Edward. 105 Simpson, James. 107 Addy, Ann. Shaw, Joseph.

Blazden Lane, Newsome.

1 Green, Fred. ~ 3 Dawson, Charles Albert. 5 Green, Mrs. Jane. | 7 Haigh, Dick. 9 Mellor, Paul. 11 Dransfield, George. 13 Butterworth, John. 2 Haigh, Thomas Hallas. 4 Bradley, William. 6 Stanley, Mrs. Sarah. 8 Hollingworth, Thomas. 10 Charlesworth, Wilscn.

rah. Josiah Matby, deck

secre- bank

mineral water

Bland Street, Lockwood.

7 11 13

Left side.

Varley, Mrs. Martha. 5 Lodge, Mrs. Mary. Oates, George. Haigh, William Henry. Hoyle, John. Haigh, Mrs. Martha. Balmforth, Joseph. Webster, James. Barber, David. Netherwood, James. Jordinson, Alired. Mitchell, Henry. Siswick, John. Spivey, Mrs. Emma. Garside, Richard. Kaye, George Henry. Smith, Tom. Harrison, John. Orcherton, Mrs. Ellen. Mallinson, Henry.

Right side.

2 Lee, Allen. 4 Lockwood, Henry. 6 Balmforth, Owen. 8 Howard, William Frederick. 10 Grindrod, Arthur. 12 Nicholson, Edward. 14 Mitchell, Alfred. 16 Raison, Henry.


Dickson, Alfred.

20 Crowe, James Aibert. 24 Etchell, Luke.

Blue Bell Hill, Taylor Hill.

5 Lockwood, George. 7 Berry, David. 9 Harling, Mrs. Hlizabeth Ann 11 Day, Jim. 15 Day, Mrs. Mary. 15 Booth, George. 17 Haigh, Allen. 19 Senior, Jonathan. 21 Hampshire, Arthur. 23 Thornton, Ellis. 27 Lynes, Ben. 29 Morehouse, Mrs. Elizabeth. 51 Hobson, Gaunt.

Page 62


65 Gill, Mrs. Hannah. 50 Leonard, James. 41 Hanson, Mrs. Elien. 45 Hey, Herbert. 45 Rodgers, Mrs. Sarah Han- nah. 47 Hey, Enoch.

Boggard Ing, Berry Brow. 21-23 Oldfield, Allen.

Bottoms, Almondbury.

2 Walker, Ben. 4-6 Brook, Sykes. 8 Shaw, Fred. 10 Noble, Mrs. Ellen. 12 Moss, Miss Elizabeth. 20 Hall, Mrs. Eliza. 22 Coward, William Henry. 24 Brook, William. 25 Golden, Joseph. 26 Brook, Jonathan. 27 Beldon, David. 52 Noble, Joshua. 54 Brook, Friend.

Bradley. Nevin, Thomas Edwin (Bellegrove). Blackburn, Clement (Toot- hill).

Anchor Pit. Leader, Albert John. Fell Greave. Charlesworth, Elijah. Holmes, John. Leece, Seth. _ Park Wood. Crisp, James. Smith, James. - Schofield, Cudworth. Bradley Gate. Brook, Henry. Hall Farm. Brearley, Ernest. Garside, Annie. Bradley Road.

Left side. Leeds Road North.

13 Charlesworth, Emma. Bradbury, Thomas Haigh.

Oak Road. 15 Lister, John. 29 Blamires, Joseph. 61 Brook, Joseph. — 91 Spedding, Richard, gar-

dener. Bradford Road North.

121 Travis, George. Taylor, John William.

Lower Quarry Road. Right side.

4 Bell, Nathaniel. 6 Earnshaw, Joseph. 8 Pickering, John. 10 Greenwood, William. 12 Sykes, Jerry. Gledhill, Albert. 14 Jessop, Fred. 20 Day, Thomas. 22 Ewart, Law... 24 Bradley, Dick. 26 Mallinson, Dyson. Brook, Charles. Dyson, Thomas. Finch, John. Haigh, William. 28 Pickering, William. Upper Quarry Road.. 54 Hudson, Jeffrey. 68 Field, Henry. 40 Hilditch, Edward. 42 Garside, Robert, farmer. Garside, Mrs. Hlizabeth. 44 Standish, Robert Bancroft.. 46 Bedford, Arthur. 50 Lockwood, Fred. 52 Shaw, Fred Sykes. 54 Sugden, James.

Brook’s Yard.

Cooper, Henry. Fisher, Handel. Ardron, Tom. Brook, Richard, builder. 56 Addy, John. 60 Crosland, Mrs. Sarah Ann. Bradley Church Schools.

Page 63


Poole, Tom. Hunter, William John. 76 Sykes, Tom Allen. 78 Westoby, Mrs. farmer. | 80 Scholes, Mrs. Ann Horn. 82 Iberson, Thomas. 98 Denham, William. 100 Wells, John.


Brookfold. 2 Broadbent, Arthur. 3 Marson, George Willie. 4 Carter, Sam. , Bradley Station. Brook, George. Hargreaves, John. Hargreaves, Alfred. Poole, Joseph. Bradley Parish Church. Bradley Vicarage.

Bradley Mills.

1 Woodcock, Andrew. 2 Halstead, Wiliam Edward, grocer and draper. 5 Buckley, John William. 4 Booth, William. © Shaw, Joe. 6 Dalton, Tom. 7 Dixon, Jere. 8 Sergeant, Percival. 13 Bailey, Joe. 14 Waterhouse, Mary. 16 Stables, George. 20 Wood, Wright. 22 Spivey, John Edward. 24 Castle, Hannah. 26 Stead, Harry. 28 Marshall, Herbert. 54 Brook and_ Sons, manufacturers. 56 Wadsworth, Emma. 38 Jessop, Harriet.


54 Garthwaite, James. 56 Ellis, Fred.

58 Oldroyd, Charles.

62 Pratt, David Johnson. 64 Priestley, Joe.

66 Clegg, Joe, dyer; tel. 360.

68 Netherwood, Richard.

70 Worsley, Gamelial Lock- wood. 72 Jessop, George. 74 Kiteley, Joseph. Sellers, Lister, and Co., spinners; tel. 183. Crowther, Edward, cotton

doubler. Murgatroyd, William Hy., dyeworks; tel. 319. Dyson, Law, and Son’s rope works. Morton, Ben, farmer. The Grove. Ramsden, Tom, woollen manufacturer. Kaye, Annie. Pollard and Sons, Henry, dyers.


Bradford Road.

Northgate. Left side. 1 Kendall, George Henry, ~ Fox and Grapes Inn. 5 Wood, Ellen, confectioner. Holroyd, Mary Hannah. Robinson’s Yard. 1 Balmforth, Walter. 2 Chappell, Benjamin. 3 Wortley, Joseph. 4 Rayner, Allen. 9 Brooke, Richard, charcoal dealer. -Brooke, Mary, draper and fancy goods.

40 Hammond, Richard. 42 Moorhouse, John. 44 Hope, William. 46 Midgley, James Ambler. 48 Mallinson, Walter William. Pollard, Charlie. 50 Lumb, Thomas Henry. 52 Sutcliffe, Allen.

11 Hartley, Richard, currier. liaJessop, Wilson. 1daGreenwood, Tom. 15 Worthington, Albert, hair- dresser. 17 Bradley, Fred, restaurant. 19 Smale, Frederick A., tobac- conist and cigar merchant

Page 64


21 Brook, Annis, grocer. Potter, George H., and gasfitter. 29 Hood, Arthur D., grocer. ol Atkinson, Alfred, basket maker. 33 Booth, Jane. 3? Sykes, Ben, foreman. 59 Armitage, Isaac.

Benjamin. 45 Stringer, Frederick, tram inspector. 47 Eecles, Edward Charles, hairdresser. 49 Halstead, Frank, news- agent

51 Francis, Joseph, hosier. Viaduct Street. 61 Rayner,

Allen, butcher. Blake, Joseph, fishmonger. pennies Thomas, tobac- conis Richard Arthur, fruiterer. Burnley, Arthur, cycle

maker and repairer.

Garside, William Walter, shoemaker. 69 Wallaces, Ltd., grocery and provisions. . 75 Bedford, Hannah, fancy draper.

Jagger’s Buildings.

2 Turner, Fred. 3 May, John. 4 Berry, Amos. Sutcliffe, Joe. Wainwright, Alfred, agent. Smith, Elizabeth.

Edward’s Buildings.

Crosland, Norris. Firth, John. Iredale, Wright. Wilson, Alfred. Shells, William. Wheelhouse, Fred. Thompson, George. Wyld, Edward Lister, en- oineer. Fisher, Joseph, tailor.


OAD oF & Ol DO


tinsmith |

| 89


85 Armitage, Thomas. 87 Cook, Mrs. Emma. Walshaw, William, joiner.

91 Seed, John, eeneral dealer... Potter, George Henry. 93 Barrow, Ernest. 97 Jessop, James Edward, grocer and provision mer- chant. 99 Smith, George Edmund, ale

and porter store. Lockwood, William. Tindall, George Hargreaves Small, ‘John. Hardy, Abel.

101 103 105 107

Hebble Place.

1 Phillips, Walter. 2 Cross, Phillip. 5 Hinnings. John Retford. 109 Hepworth, Mrs. Elizabeth. 111 Robinson, Mrs. Caroline. 115 Woodhead, Mrs. Sabina. 119

Gledhill, Frederick. Rowe, John. 121 Seddon, William, engineer. 125 Shires, Joseph. 125 Moody, Lee, cabinetmaker. Wilkinson’s Buildings.

Q Taylor, William. 6 Jarratt, Joseph Pearson. 127 Sykes, Fred. 129 Ellis, Thomas. 131 Clifford, Percy

House). | 135 Milnes, James, teacher of music (Ventnor House). Gledhill, Fred, painter and paperhanger. 135 Crawford, James, 137 Frazer, Joseph, manager. 139 Livesey, Emilie, palmist and herbalist. Mooney, Miss Kate. 141 Lee, Thomas Alfred, genera!


ealer. 143 Atkinson, Albert. Wood, William. Pashley, Tom. 147 Jury, Frederick, and stonemason. 149 Hardy, Albert Edward, sur- geon.


Page 65


151 Moxon, Godfrey (Hebble nsé

ouse). 153 Addy, Tom (Brook Field). 155 Addy, John (Brook Bank). 157 Goodall, Fred. 159 Wood, Rowland. 161 Moorhouse, Joe (Rockland House). Riley, Mrs. Mary Frances. 163 Nicholson, Charles, hosier. Jagger, George. 165 Richardson, Alfred, hair- dresser and tobacconist. Cox, Mrs. Mary Ann. 167 Moody and Son, cabinet- makers. Briggs, Mrs. Elizabeth. Lockwood, George Henrv, confectioner. Wibberley, William and Charles, bootmakers. 169 Hardcastle, George, plum- ber and gasfitter. 171 Thomas, William, draper. 173 Swift, Charles H., chemist. 175 Hill, James Javellean, watchmaker and jeweller. 177 Watson, Edwin, grocer and provision merchant. 179 Seaton, Mrs. Eliza. 181 Jagger, David. 183 Hudson, Abraham, dresser. 185 Jagger, Tom, butcher. 187 Jagger, John. 189 Liversidge, Richard. 191 Beaumont, John, Tavern.


Engine Willow Lane.

Abram, news-

agent. 195 Kitson, Mrs. Ann, general dealer.

193 Beaumont,

Northgate. Right side. 2 Church of Christ Meeting House. Berry, John. 4 Rushworth, Patience, boot and shoe dealer. 4 Hopkinson, George Henry. 6 Smith, George. 8 Hardy, Hannah. B


10 Bake, Alfred, teacher of

music. 12 Senior, Thomas. 14 Baxter, Louisa. 16 Cox, Mrs. Elizabeth. 20 Weatherill, George. azaSykes, Mrs. Agnes. 24 Parry, Mrs. Mary beth. 26 Kastburn, Mrs. Mary. 28 Senior, Wada. 28aFisher, Mrs. Ann Ellen. 50 Bell, Miss Sarah, dress- maker. 62 Styan, Kitson, joiner. 54 Berry, William Henry, but- cher. Parkin’s Buildings. 1 Turner, Samuei. 2 Higgins, James, jun. 4 Britton, William. Lister’s Yard.


1 Moore, Tom. 2 Brook, Caroline.. 5 Shaw, Zillah.

56 Briggs, William Henry, tailor. 38 Hamer, Richard, coal mer- chant.

40 Chappell, Jabez. Kennedy, James. Hepworth’s Yard.

3 Dearnley, William Ellam. 42 Goode, Alfred. 44 Beaumont, Isaac. Pinder, Miss Adeline.

Wortley and Sons, hay, straw, and corn. mer- chants. Beaumont Street. 50 Turton, George, dining-

rooms. 52 Hepelstone, James. Viaduct Street. Regent Place. Burton, R., workshops. Turner, Fred, hairdresser and tobacconist. Gibson, Edward. o8 Bromley, M., miiliner. 60 Royston, James H., Post Office.


Page 66


62 Heaton, Eliza Ann, general dealer. 64 Starkey, James, butcher. 66 Thorpe, Mrs. - Elizabeth, wardrobe dealer. 68 Mallinson, William, draper. 70 Cross, J ohn Thomas, mil- liner. Alder Street. The Terraces. Calton Street.

70aNorth, Beaumont, and Co., second-hand furniture dealer. 72 Rowley, Mrs. Mary. 74 Burton, Richard. 78 Benton, George Rickard. 80 Hewison, John, potato merchant. 82 Dearnley, Mrs. Jane. 84 Oldham, Miss Lizzie, dress- maker. | 86 Brook, Richard, agent. 88 Mills, Albert, professor of music. Mills, Sarah Lefevre. . 90 Jury, Frederick, sculptor and monuinental mason. 92 Taylor, John, yarn agent. 94 Lodge, Edward. 96 Lawton, Abraham, cabinet- maker. Place, John. 98 Smith, Clement. 100 Duce, ‘John Haigh, Noble. 110 Clough, Miss Matilda. 112 Whitworth, Albert. 114 Field, Benjamin, commer- cial traveller. 116 Israel, Morris. 118 Halstead, Walker. 120 Garner, William Thomas, clerk. 122 Cooper, John Edward, com- mercial traveller. 124 Smith, Betsy Sarah. 126 Abbey, John Edward, com- ; mercial traveller. 128 Culley, Emerson, clothier. 130 Newsome, Mrs. Ann. 132 Green, Mrs. Jane. 134 Brook, Tom Smith. 136 Kemp, George Fleetwood.

Willow Lane East.

138 Edwards, Mrs. Hannah, general dealer.

Croft Cottage Lane.

‘Bradford Road North. Left side. 1-3 Greenwood, Charles, fore- man. 5 Nicholson, Arthur Ernest. 7 Kershaw, Charies, foreman. Hillhouse Road. 13 Firth, Mrs. Eliza, general dealer. 17 Hey, George Milner. 19 Stancliffe, Jonathan How- ard, commercial traveller 21 Broadhead, Charles Lewis. 23 Lockwood, "Tom. 29 Cockhill, James R., grocer.


51 Hartley, Joel, Sub-Post Office. 53-57 Hillhouse Co-operative Society, Ltd. (Sec. Geo. Hirst), grocery and provision stores. 59 Crowther, Henry, draper. 41 Armitage, Mrs. Emeline. 4iaPearce, George. . 43 Ingledew, William, hay dealer. 45 Richards, M.D., John Ellet- son, surgeon and _ phy- sician. 7 47 France, Mrs. Kate. 51 Marsden, Joseph. 53 North, Joseph, commercial traveller. 55 Barker, Benjamin, fruiterer 57 Blackburn, Victor Harry. 61 Brook, William Henry. 63 Winterbottom, John Wm. 65 Hanson, Mrs. Elizabeth. 67 Wood, Sam, dyer. 69 Oldfield, Fred, dental sur- geon. . Fartown Green Road

71 Parker, Charles Ethelbert. 73 Oddy, Mrs. Emma.

Page 67


79-81 Broadhead, Robert, gro- | 173 Horsman, Herbert.

cer and provision mer- chant; bottled beer, &c.

Honoria Street.

83 Wright, John Thornhill Arms. 85 Chappell, George Marshall. 87 Biilington, Charles. 91 Potter, George Henry. 93 Gill, Frederick, clerk. 95 Barrow, Thomas. 97 Cartwright, George brass finisher. 99 Helm, George, clerk. 103 Webb, John William. 105 Davison, John Henry. 107 Fountain, Arthur. 109 Farrington, David. 115 Clifford, Albert. 117 Nicholson, Thomas. 119 Smith, Edward P., harness maker. 121 Bottomley, Ephraim. 123 Hartley, William Horsfield. 125 Filburn, John Robert. 129 Balmforth, Edward. 131 Smith, Edward Parkinson. Smith, John. 133 Moorhouse, John Lodge. 135 Atkinson, George. 137 Fosbrook, Joseph, finisher. 139 Addy, John Joseph, clerk. 141 Haley, Wright. 143 Jackson, John, tobacconist and general dealer. 145 Sowden, Frank. 149 Foster, William Henry. 151 Skeen, Henry. 153 Dearden, Harry Cobden, French polisher. 155 Bailey, Mrs. Harriet. 157 Dodgson, Mrs. Lilly. 159 Simpson, Joseph. 161 Hall, James Henry, archi- tect.



Milton Place. 163 Webster, Tom. 165 Hall, John Henry, architect. 167 Dyson, George Henry. 169 Hamer, John. 171 Longley, Joseph Shaw, joiner and undertaker.

Vine Terrace.

175 Baldwin, Henry Charles, painter and paperhanger. Brier, George. 177 Booth, Alfred Ingham. 179 Thwaite, Mrs. Anna. 181 Nicholson, Francis. 183 Wallace, Mrs. Ann. 185 Owen, George. 187 Tyne, Mrs. Emma Jane. 189 Foster, John Leake, painter 191 Bottomley, John William, painter and plasterer. 193 Rastall, Samuel. 195 Oldham, Thomas.

Harp Yard. 1 Chapman, Thomas. 2 Taylor, Harry Smith, knitter.

5 Mellor, William Gooder. 4 Clegg, Walter. 199 Blackburn, Harry. Hardy, Ellis, Harp Inn. 201 Moore, Joe Henry. 203 Sykes, Allen. 205 Hirst, George William. 209 Greaves, John Crosland. 213 Bairstow, Oliver, general dealer. 215 Dyson, James. 217 Liversidge, Mrs. Eliza. 219 Taylor, David. 221 Crook, Mrs. Emma. 223 Baldwin, Mrs. Mary Ann. 225-227 Ewart, James, butcher. 229 Yates, William Pearson. 231 McLaren, John. 235 Lockwood, Abraham.

245 Holdsworth, Mrs. Mary Ellen. 247 Armitage, William, mana-

ger. 249 Jones, William Henry. 251 Sykes, Alfred, rug manufac- turer. Richmond Avenue. Beaumont, Albert. Pontefract, Fred. Saunderson, John. Woodcock, Herbert. Firth, George.

Page 68


Hinchliffe, Arthur Edward 22 Walker, James.

Townend. 24 Ellis, Henry. Hepworth, John William. Barnsbee, Hlizabeth, Wag- Sykes, Edward Taylor. gon and MHorses Inn; acne J mee eres manager, Sam Slater. oody, John ward. Benner, Henry Henshaw. cet Lene Firth, William. Whitestone Road. Haigh, Albert. 26 Hudson, Joseph, butcher. Armitage, Fredk. Willett. 50 Graham, Mrs, Sarah Ann. 265 Hepworth, Friend, commer- 52 Waddington, Frederick. cial traveller. 54 Clifford, William. 265 Brierley, James Isaac. 58 Grant, Marshall, joiner and Cowcliffe. undertaker.

40 Grant, John. | ahaha ame Hall). Robert Sunderland, Mrs. Hannah. 281 Mortimer, Sunderland, James, white- smith and bellhanger.

ee ema 42 Kershaw, William Dawson. a Kershaw, Miss, dressmaker. 505 Dyson, Thomas Henry. 7 oe peo 307 Easter, Herbert. 48 Willa 313 Benton, Harry. 50 Teas. ah ger: 515 Catton, George. 54 Fred.

Robinson, Oscar (Rose | 56 Charlesworth, Mrs. Mary.

Bank). 617 Holdsworth, John. = oo bey Na 319 Stork, Harty. 62 Haioh ur. 321 Roberts, pana: RIGO, i 64 Hardy, Mrs. Emily. 323 Thwaite, Alfred. 66 G Willi 325 Cockin, Joe. arrett, Wiliam. , 68 Senior, Noah.

527 Kaye, Lewis. 70 Dean, Mrs. Hannah.

529 Rook, Mrs. Mary Aan. | 351 Beever, John, rug manufac- aA Pak, See ged B a 76 Beaumont, Mrs. Annie. are eno 78 Taylor, Mrs. Martha. Right side. 80 Witterby, Charles. 2 Berry, John, dyer and =| 82 Dawson, Mrs. Ann. cleaner. 84 Mitchell, Spencer. 4 Wood, Walter, coal mer- 90 Noble, John. chant. 92 Shaw, John, painter.

Gledhill, Fred, painter, 94 Dawson, Mrs. Sarah Ann. decorator, and paper- | 98 Thornton, Mrs. Elizabeth.

hanger. 100 Newton, Mrs. Margaret Ann 6 Kitchingham, Richard. 102 Christiana, Mrs. Charlotte. 8 Brook, Josep 106 Senior, Mrs. Ann. 10 Sheard, Walter, butcher. 110 Garside, Frederick. Armitage, W William. 112 Hannen, John William. 12 Sykes, Alfred. 114 Heap, Mrs. Sarah Ann. 14 Muff, Joe Edward. 116 Hellawell, Miss Emiline, 16 Metcalf, Frank Swan. dressmaker.

18 Speight, Joseph. 118 Gill, Abraham.

Page 69


120 Broadhead, Arthur. 122 Mountain, Charles. 124 Woodhouse, Henry. 126 Marriott, Ernest Henry. 128 Rippon, George. 3 130 Priestley, Mrs. Eliza, con- fectioner. 132 Armitage, George Shepley. Olive Place. 5 Buckley, Miss Betsy, dra-

per. 154 Dyson, George Henry, baker 136 Davis, Oscar Johnson. Thewlis, baker. 2 140 Whittrick, Mrs.

William, oat bread Mary Fur-

mage. 142 Stansfield, Thomas William. 146 Oldham, John Edward. 150 Weston, Frank. 152 Overton, Arthur, surgeon. 154 Hoyle, Mrs. Elizabeth. 156 Cheetham, George. 158 Dyson, Thomas. 160 Wood, Friend. 162 Swallow » Mitchell. 164 Midgley, Robert John. 166 Darwin, Thomas. 168 Thornton, James William. 170 Robinson, Fred. i72 Mellor, William. 174 Lewis, John. 176 Armitage, Herbert. 178 Fawthorpe, Mrs. Martha. Jessop, Henry, Miners’ Arms

Inn. Darwin, Thomas, livery stables ; tel. 131. Seaton’s Confectionery Works.

190 Hartley, Harry Rawlinson. 192 Hobby, Arthur James. 194 Smith, James Leef. 196 Mitchell, Daniel Bairstow. 198 Heppleston, George Henry (Alva, House). 214 McClellan, John, fancy re- pository. 218 Lacy, George Hudson. 220 Smith, Herbert. Fisher, Joseph. 222 Walker, William. 224 Coultas, James.



Coultas, Miss, dressmaker. 226 Addy, Herbert. 228 Carmichael, William. 230 North, J ames. N orth, Mrs. Sarah. 236 Swift, ‘Charles Henry, chem-

ist. 238 dresser. 240 Harper, David, confectioner 242 Davies, Arth hur Roberts, Royal Hotel.

Fartown Green Road.

QnA Watson, Edwin, grocer and provision merchant. 246 Shepherd, William. 252 Leeming, Mrs. Hannah. Duggan, Mrs. Annie Eliza- beth (Boldroyd). 204 Benton, Thomas. 271 Brierley, Wright.. 274 Parry, Thomas.

Arthur, hair-’

_ 276 Netherwood, Tom.

284 Jones, Rose ). one? Henry (Fartown

Fitton, Harry Shaw (Far- town Lodge). Blackhouse Road. Lister’s Road. 292 Wilson, Mrs. Edna. 294 Hewitt, George John Garey. 296 Horn, : Ashbrow Road. Holmes, John, farmer. Battye, Poxon, farmer. Horourk Boundary.


Bracken Hall. 12 Hudson, Avison. 13 Hudson, Henry. Schofield, Mrs.

John Alfred (The



Bradley Lane. Left side. 1 Hardy, Arthur. 5 Golden, David. Bath Street. 45 Fox, John, draper.

Page 70


47 Walker, Mrs. Mary Howson 49 Wadsworth, Albert, general dealer. Right side. Fitzwilliam Street. 2 Knaggs, Samuel, surgeon. 4 McNair, Mrs. Mary. 6 Armitage, Mrs. Louise.

Melrose Terrace. 2 Wallace, Frank. 5 Scott, Edward. 4 Scott, Rev. George Elijah (Wesleyan).

Bradley Street. North, Lett side. Wadsworth, Thomas, joiner and undertaker. Conroy, Tom, grocer. King Street. South, Left side. Towlson, Herbert, news- agent. Firth and Wilson’s Yard.

Brock, Mark, builder. Firth and Wilson, wholesale grocers. Stainton, Joseph. Shorehead. North, Right side. Clothiers’ Arms Yard.

4 Thomson and Son, Samuel, cutlers. 6 Brown, Mary, wardrobe dealer. 8 Tomkins, Joseph. Searby and Co., tailors.

King Street. South, Right side. 2 Weatherhead, William, but- cher. Brook’s workshops. 4 Gibson, Sarah Ann. 4aSamuel, Thomas. 6 Harper, Elizabeth. 8 Bradbury, Joshua. 10 Haigh, Fred. 12 Ford, John. 14 Higgins, Nathan. . 16aBroadhead, Willie.

18 Pearson, Mary. 18aWareing, Alexander. 20 Bates, Thomas. 22 Greenwood, Eliza, dress- maker. 24 Bates, Wilson. 26 Booth, Henry. 28 Binns, John Edward, grocer Ramsden Street..

Brian Road, Marsh. Left side. Moore, William. Emerson, Richard. Bedforth, George (Cedar Grove). Mills, Charles. Stewart, John. Right side. 2 Fisher, Edward (Brian Lodge). 4 Robinson, Frederick Wil- liam (Wood Leigh). | 8 Watkinson, Thomas Bond (Beech Wood). 10 Martin, Henry Albert.

on o1 GW

Brian Street, Lindley. Right side. 4 Kagland, James. 6 Brook, George. 8 Taylor, Joe. 10 Milnes, Mrs. Ann. 14 Smith, John. 16 Binns, Fred. 18 Crowther, Sam. 22 Aspinall, Henry Leech. 24 Bray, Arnold. 26 Donkersley, Willie. 28 Boothman, Abraham. 30 Field, James Sykes. 32 Braithwaite, Willie. 34 Holt, William. 36 Haigh, Mrs. Ellen. 38 Whitwam, Fred. 44 Kaye, George. 46 Dearnley, Allen. 48 Pitchforth, Solomon. Left side. 1 Bates, Mrs, Mary Ann.. 3 Bates, Joseph Walker. 5 Crosland, Joe.

Page 71


Brier Lane. Right side. | 2 Roberts, Thomas Henry. 6 Haigh, Mrs. Elizabeth. 8 Overend, Allen. 10 Bates, Miss Louisa. 12 Dyson, Charles. 14 Bairstow, Mrs. Mary. 18 Halstead, Joseph. 22 Turner, Frank. 24 Illingworth, John. 26 Jenkinson, Elkanah. 28 Walker, Walter. 50 Shaw, Mrs. Emma. 56 Pilling, Mrs. Hannah. 68 Bates, Mrs. Elizabeth. 40 Pilling, James. 44 Williamson, James. 46 Chatterton, James. 48 Crowcroft, Henry. 50 Costello, Thomas. 52 Royston, John. 54 Whitwam, Titus. 58 Ellis, Brook. 60 Allen, John William. 62 Whiteley, Joe. 64 Hey, Sam. 66 Rhodes, Thomas. Left side. Whitwam, Thomas. Vickerman, John Richard. Bates, Joseph. 3 Smith, John Edward. 1i Brook, John Alfred. 13 Wood, William. 15 Brook, Cyrus. 19 Wilkinson, Hirst.

Brick Bank, Almondbury.

2 Sheard, Joe Lister. 5 Loft, Thomas. 4 Dearnley, Willie. 5 Stead, Tom. 6 Stead, Jim. 7 Lee, Thomas.

Ono Ww

Bridge End. _ King’s Mill Lane. Right side. 2 Hirst, Thomas. Hirst, Harry, general dealer 4 Sutcliffe, Abraham. 6 Welsh, Thomas, draper.

8 Whittaker, Alfred; general dealer. Speight, Mary, newsagent. Marsden, William, green- grocer.


Bridge Street, Berry

Brow. Chapel Street. 7 Senior, Dick. 9 Wareham, Mrs. Ellen. 11 Hutchinson, Miss Ann. 13 Greatley, Mrs. Elizabeth. 15 Green, Tom. 17 Moorhouse, John William. 19 Waddington, James Arthur. 21 Crosland, Henry. 23 Lister, James. 25 Shaw, Edgar. 27 Wade, Mrs. Ann. 29 Hardcastle, Gledhill. 51 Stead, Willie. 55 Fisher, Mrs. Emma. 57 Wood, Allen. 59 Bartlam, Joe. 41 Taylor, Mrs. Emily.

Briggs’ Terrace, Dalton.

2 Stead, Harper Leonard. 5 Oldfield, William Henry. 5 Greenwood, John William. 8 Wilkinson, George William. Briggate. 1 Stead, James Edward. 2 Bonsor, George Henry. 5 Stead, Albert. 5 Blackburn, Mrs. Nancy. 9 Ewart, John Richard. 11 Robinson, Willie. 13 Wilson, Fergus. Brook Street. Left side. 5 Midgley, Mrs. Angelina. 5 Brabant, William Edwin.

Roberts’ Yard. 2 Booth, Mrs. Sarah. 4 Lewis, Arthur. 9 Quarmby, Albert. 11 Wrigley, Frederick. 13 Winn, William. 15 Wigglesworth, Vincent.

Page 72

17 Etchells, Thomas. 21 Gelder, Thomas Field. 25 Smithson, Miss Alice Maria. 27 Batley, Mrs. Sarah Ann. 353 Oates, Edward. Boocock’s Yard. 41 Castle, Joseph. | 43 Boocock, William. 45 Scott, Herbert. 47 Mosley, Fred. Right side. 4 Heaton, Mrs. Arminal Ann. 6 Beaumont, Arthur. 10 Rothwell, Edgar. 12 Ewart, Thomas Finlay. 16 Spence, Mrs. Mary Ann Elizabeth. 20 Autey, William Henry. 22 Robinson, William. 24 Jenkinson, Thomas. 26 Wardle, Zebedee. 28 Fisher, Mrs. Catherine. 32 Greaves, John. © 64 Large, William Edward. 56 Rice, Willie. 58 Swallow, Henry. 40 Burgoine, John George Adamson. 42 Moulson, Miss Jane. 44 Hoyle, Spencer. 46 Rollinson, Arthur. 50 Dyson, Frank Arthur. 52 Schofield, Harry. Broad Lane, Dalton. 13 Smith, Andrew Scott. 15 Haigh, John, Brook’s Arms. 17 Theaker, Francis Sanderson 19 Evans, David William. 21 Medley, Jesse. 41 Roebuck, Frank. 43 Michie, John Stewart. 45 Kaye, James. 47 Shaw, Mellor. 49 Garthwaite, William. 51 Gomersall, John.

Bridge Street, Lockwood. Right side. Road to Berry Brow and 4 Clayton, Henry, Bridge Inn 6 Brook, Sam, and Co., news- agents. |


8 White, Joseph, ironmonger. 10 Crow, John, fruiterer. 12 Stead, William Francis, con-

fectioner. 14 Mattin, John William, but- cher. Hudderstield Banking Co., Branch of. Hawkyard, Emma, Sub- Post Office. Wallaces’ Stores, Branch of. Left side.

Brewery Drive.. Durham, George. Jarvis, Harry. Bentley and Shaw (entrance to breweries). 1 Brook, John, watchmaker and jeweller. laMoxon, James. Lockwood. Mills. | 5 Hobson, Tom. 5 Higgins, George. Lockwood, Martha Ann,. fruiterer. | 7 Kemp, Norman, tobacconist and umbrella maker. 9 Brook, Fred, shoe and clog maker. 9aWinterflood, William.

Crosland Buildings.. 11 Crosland, George, china and glass dealer. llaKaye, William Henry. 13 Johnson, Albert, watch- maker and jeweller. 15 Buckley, Herbert, chemist.

Meitham Road.

Broad Gates, Lowerhouses.

Left side. 1 Hainsworth, Alfred. 5 Dawson, Albert Stott. Dyson, Mrs. Emma. 9 Hopkinson, Frederick. Right side. 2 Myers, Arthur Zebedee. 6 Liversidge, Dan. __. 8 Bentley, Thomas Brook. 10 Wood, Ernest. Graham, Ben.

Page 73


Broadtenter, East. 2 Pilling, Mrs. Emily.

Broken Cross, Almondbury.

56 Adams, Frederick. 42 Jebson, Wright. 44 Mallinson, Admiral. | 46 Crawshaw, Francis. 48 Day, Richard. 52 Lockwood, John. 54 Holt, James. 56 Beaumont, Joe Sykes.

| | | | | | | | | | |

Brook Street. John William Street. Left side.

1 Stephenson, Tom, cabinet- maker, upholster, and complete house furnisher. Clarke and Carr, wholesale warehousemen. 3 Bedford, Dan, Market Din- ing-rooms. 5 Emsley and Collins, com- mission agents. 7 Jackson and Taylor, cigar manufacturers and im- porters; tel. 523. 9 Hirst and Son, Joseph, woollen merchants. 9aWood and Son, John Henry,. fish salesmen. Cubland, David, clothing factory. Spivey, William Henry, paint warehouse. Beever, John, hearthrug manufacturer.

: Northgate. Right side. 2 Jackson, Reuben. 2aBeaumont, HE. A. Stothart and Faulder, wool- len merchants. 6 Block and Mellor, ware- house. Market buildings. Lord Street.

ahd Co. agents. 10 Mosley, Eliza, dressmaker.

14 Foster, Mary, cooper and

cask dealer.

Benson’s Buildings. 35 Littlewood, Sarah Jane. 4 Gill, Richard. 5 Shaw, John. 10 Mercer, Charles. Shakespeare Inn, Henry Atkinson. Northgate.

Brook Street, Marsh.

Left side. Cross Lane.

1 Mellor, Mrs. Emma. 5 Blackburn, George. 5 Vickerman, Charley. 7 Washington, George. 9 Dixon, Edwin.

11 Willsdon, Henry. 13 Brook, Joseph. 15 Hirst, Charles Edward. 17 Elkington, Lewis Octavius.

Fields Road. Strange, Alfred. Haigh, Walter. -Heaton, Mrs. Elizabeth. Right side. 2 Lees, Miss Eleanor. 4 Crosland, Henry Hirst. Batley’s Buildings.

2 Foster, Walker. 4 Moss, John Thomas. 6 Hirst, Percy. 8 Armitage, Alfred.

10 Crabtree, James Henry. 12 Iredale, Tom.

Holmes’ Place.

1 Kilner, Mrs. Margaret. 3 Nicholls, George Edwin. 5 Johnson, Harry. 7 Brook, Albert.

16 Serimshaw, Fred.

Holmes, George. Broadbent, Ben Dyson. Sykes, Shaw. Sunley, John. Turner, Charles Edward.

26 Slater, Samuel.

Hardcastle, Shaw.

Page 74


Broomfield Road, Marsh.

Left side. Westbourne Road.

5 Dye, Jesse. 5 Cryer, Fred. Hepworth, Joseph (Llyn n). Tunnacliffe, Lumb, © plas- terer.

Right side. 2 Brier, David. 4 Crossland, Tom. 8 Kennedy, James. 12 Hey, Richard. 14 Wood, Joseph Wright. 16 Dodgson, William. 18 Dyson, Joseph. 20 Fuller, Walter. 22 Goodyear, Joseph Holds- worth. 24 Littlewood, John Holmes. 26 Priestley, Joel. 28 Sutcliffe, Saville. 30 Fairburn, Robert. 52 Hellawell, Herbert. 54 Dodgson, Esau. 56 Green, Mrs. Elizabeth. 58 Sanderson, Charles. 40 Clayton, Albert. 42 Scholey, John. 44 Booth, Herbert. Stock, Mrs. Charters. Broomfield Terrace. Hodgson, Thomas Robinson. Holmes, Arthur Hobson. Dyson, Thomas. Holden, Tom. Lawton, William. Mellor, George. Banks, Joseph’ William. Sawyer, Joe. « Sykes, Mrs. Ann.


Brow Road, Paddock. Left side. Market Street. 3 Coldwell, Napoleon. 5 Haigh, Allen, draper. 7 Hill, Tom. ~9 Tomlinson, Henry. 9aCarter, Miss Alice.

11 Haigh, Mrs. Emma. 13 Wilkinson, James, butcher. 15 Kaye, Simeon, herbalist. 17 Shaw, Mrs. Ann. 19 Dransfield, Joseph. 21 Wood, Mrs. Lizzie. 25 Whiteley, Mrs. Mary. 25 Haigh, John, shuttlemaker. Hill Top Road.. 27 Ellis, Edwin Holmes. 29 Woodhead, Henry. 55 Ianson, George. 55 Downs, Thomas. 57-39 Nichols, Mrs. Ann, gene- ral dealer. 41 Rollinson, Joe. 43 Mallinson, Thomas. 45 Jackson, Milne. 49 Green, Albert, Tam-o’-Shan- ter Inn. 51 Taylor, George Henry, but- cher. Sanderson Bros., plumbers. Crosland’s Court.. 1 Jepson, Joel. 2 Lee, Friend. 5 Dyson, Fred. 4 Siswick, Benjamin. 5 Siswick, Samuel. 6 Taylor, John Edward. 7 Armitage, John. 8 Scott, Mrs. Mary. 9 Mortimer, Tom. 11 Todd, John Henry. 12 Jakeman, John.

Crosland’s Yard..

1 Taylor, John Edward. 2 Littlewood, Mrs. Jane. 5 Garside, Benjamin. Crosland’s

5 Senior, Fred. 4 Honley, Ephraim. 6 Sykes, Colins. 53-55 Paddock Conservative Club.

Right side.

2 Wallaces’ Stores, grocery. 4 Wilson, George. 6 Spencer, Hugh. : 10 Shaw, Boothroyd. 12 Dodson, Henry.

Page 75


18 Shaw, Brook. 20 Nield, William Henry. 22 Hamilton, Joseph William. 2A Barker, Albert. 26 Milnes, Fred. 28 Singleton, James. 30 Green, Christopher. 32 White, George. 354 Nield, Andrew. Nield, Mrs.

Lark Street. |

Public playgrounds.

Wren Street. |

Brunswick Street. ew North Road.

Demetriadi, Louis, surgeon.


Cross. Little Brunswick Street.

5 Blenkhorn, James Alfred. Free Wesleyan Church.

Buckrose Street, Hillhouse. Buckrose Terrace.

1 Pitchforth, Mrs. Ann. 2 Darwin, Thomas Frederick. 3 Cawthor ne, William. 4 Sharpe, Miss Mary. 5 Haigh, David. 6 Ash, John. Ford, Mrs. Sarah Welling- ton. 8 Riley, George Percy. 10 Harris, William Thomas. 12 Jackson, William Smith. 14 Hill, William Brook. 16 Brooke, William Arthur. 18 Clayton, James. 20 Netherwood, Mrs. Hannah. 35 Senior, Fred. Ol Townend, Norris Brook. 41 Udell, William. 43 Haigh, John. 45 Sykes, George Ellis. AT Rawlinson, Charles. 49 Harper, David.

Harriet, dress- |

Convent of the Most Holy -


| Bullgreen Road, Longwood

| | | | | | | | | |


Gate. Left side. Berry, Joseph. Townend, Joseph. Sykes, William. Leech, Abel. Broadbent, Mrs. (Oak Carr). Right side. 2 Parkinson, Joe William. 4 Whiteley, Shaw. 6 Bailey, William. 8 Crowther, Wright. Illingworth, John. Robinson, Henry. Taylor, Alfred. | Townend, Henry. Marsden, Thomas. Dyson, John. Daniel, James. Mellor, Mrs. Ann. Sykes, George. Iredale, Henry. Swallow, Mrs. Sarah. Lumb, William. Senior, Thorpe. Whiteley, Fred. 40 Holroyd, George. 42. Balderstone, William. 44 Brook, Willie.

—~] O1 CGF

Bumroyd, N ewsome.

15 Sykes, Andrew. 19 Roebuck, Mrs. Martha. 21 Sheard, Joseph. 25 Stringer, Tom. 27 Lockwood, James Henry.


Burfit’s Road, Quarmby. 1 Verity, William. 5 Townend, Law. 5 Walker, Lewis. 7 North, Luke Schofield. 9 Mallinson, John. Senior, George. Dyson, John William. Fielding, Mrs. Hannah. Hurst, Herbert. 23 Wilman,. Wesley. 25 Gee, Tom. 27 Pearson, Henry.

Page 76


29 Smithies, Arthur. 51 Pearson, Thomas Henry. 55 Hellawell, Willie.

Burn Road, Lindley. Left side. 1 Whitwam, Mrs. Charlotte. 5 Walker, George. 5 Kitchen, Simeon. 7 Rhodes, Frank. 9 Iredale, Robinson. 1i Iredale, Haigh. 15 Schofield, Joe William. 15 Smith, Albert. 17 Wrigley, James Henry. 25 Whitwam, James Edward. 25 Littlewood, Charles Herbert 27 Roberts, Albert. 29 Peel, Fred. 51 Beaumont, Joshua. 635 Gledhill, Miss Emily. 55 Robinson, Mrs. Elizabeth. 67 Smith, William Henry. 39 Lambert, Thomas. 41 Halstead, Mrs. Ellen. 43 Norton, William. 45 Pilling, William. 49 Willerton, John Robert. 51 Mitchell, Mrs. Mary Eliza- beth. Right side. 2 Robinson, John. 4 Thorpe, Jackey. 6 Firth, Joseph. 8 Kelly, Joe. 12 Glendinning, Charles.


Butterworth Hill, Outlane. Lumb, Richard Tunnacliffe.

Bow Street. Left side. 1 Schofield, James Glover. 5 Murdock, Mrs. Ann Court. 5 Kaye, Alfred Robert. 7 Briggs, John William. Jackson, George. Springwood Path leading to Paddock. 9 Sykes, Allen. 15 Brier, Latrobe Drake. 17 Chilton, Edwin.

19 Broadbent, John. 21 Clarke, Mrs. Emma. 25 Butterworth, Mrs. Ann.. 25 Waring, William, contractor Right side. — 2 Bray, Mrs. Annie, confec- tioner. 4 Hume, William Strickland. 8 Taylor, John Henry. 10 Tinker, Arthur. 12 Dyson, Mrs. Mary. 14 Avison, George Frederick. Board Schools.

Buxton Road.

Left side. 1 Woolpack Hotel, R. T. Walton.

5 Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway. F. Oulton, pas- senger department; W. H. Auty, cartage depart- ment; tel. 87. Learoyd and Co., solicitors. 9 Lodge, Joseph, and Son, fur- niture dealers. Lodge, Benjamin. 11 Turner, A. butcher. 13 Cooper and Cooper, grocers and provision merchants. 15 Allsopp and Sons’ stores. Argenta Meat Co., Ltd. (sec. Thos. Dean). 17 Kilburn, Ben, Buxton House Tavern. 19 Hanson, tioner. 21 Bygott, Wm. T., chemist. 25 Huddersfield and Upper Ag- brigg Savings Bank. | Princess Street. 25-27-29-31 Industrial Society, Ltd. (sec. J. Prentice), general drapery and out- fitting. Victoria Temperance Hall. 41 Shields, R., brush manufac-

turer. 43 Bradbury and Co., cycles and sewing machines. 45 Eastman’s, Ltd. (sec. G. McClennan), butchers.

Joseph, confec-

Page 77


47 Carter, A., hairdresser and tobacconist. 49 Sykes, George, and Co., woollen merchants and wholesale clothiers. Johnson, James M., jewel- ler and watchmaker.

52 Wilson, Lewis N., stationer and. newsagent. 53 Davidson, Ja, ames, furniture dealer. East Parade and Chapel Hill. Right side.

High Street.

Perkins, Robert, tailor. 2 Carter, Hellawell, and Co., patentees and manufac- facturers of indiarubber and steam engine packing. 4 Swindlehurst, Wm., printer, lithographer, and manu- facturing stationer ; music printing a specialty; tel. ali. 6 Roebuck, G. butcher. 8 Hobson, John, tobacconist. 10 Berry, Jas. B., tailor.

12 Schofield, J ohn, boot and shoemaker. 16 Brooke, John, and_ Sons,

Ltd. (chairman, Wm. Brooke), woollen and wor- sted manufacturers ; works, Armitage Bridge. 18 Ritchie, W illiam, watch and clock maker. Holdsworth, Armitage, up- holster. 20 Wrigley, John, and Sons, woollen manufacturers. 26 Greenwood, J., ironmonger. 28 Thornton, J., and Sons, clothiers. 50 Moore, J., and Co., instruments. 32 Oldfield, T. D., butcher. 34 Hirst, Westwood, and Co., gentlemen’ s outfitters.

John Street. Sam, West Riding


36 Sykes, Hotel.

38 Russell, S., Yorkshire Fent Co., drapers. 38aRoebuck, H., cabinetmaker. 40 Wallaces’, Ltd. (sec. Frank Wallace), grocery and provisions. 42 Lord, E., fishmonger. 46 Armitage, Thomas, plumber and gasfitter. 48 Brown, Robert, pawnbroker and jeweller. 50 Gill and Co., confectioners. 52 Hosking, J., fruiterer. 54 Michelbacher, F. » pork but-

cher 56 Neste. lid. (sec. T. McGee), chemists and druggists. 58-64 McKitrick Bros., iron- mongers, mill furnishers. 68 Hanson and Co., Albert, musical instruments. 70 Nutt, Frederick, Albion

Hotel. : 74 Carter, John, haircutter.

South Parade and Manchester Road.

Byram Street. Left side.

2 Barrowclough Bros., silk mercers. 3 Huddersfield Dairies (mana- er, J. KH. Bannister). 6 Kendall, Sam, decorators and church painters. 7 Pilling, Miss, ladies’ and children’s outfitter. Church Street.

9 Copley, Mary Jane, ladies’ hairdresser. 10 Wimpenny, Jane, ladies’ and children’s boots and shoes. 11 Smith, Emily, art needle- work and fancy repository 12 The Ladies’ Club.

St. Peter’s Street.

Pollard, Fred, Crescent

Hotel. Northumberland Street.

Page 78


Smith, rooms.

Ben Taylor, coffee

Crosland and OCo., woollen |

merchants. Howarth, George H., fruit and potato merchant. Block and Mellor, woollen merchants. Armitage, John Beaumont. Blenkhorn, James Alfred. Right side. St. Peter’s Church. St. Peter’s Street. Empire Theatre. Northumberland Street.

Post Office. Greenhalgh, James, whole- sale and_ retail fancy goods. Wholesale Market. Eastwood, George, fruit merchant. Howarth, George Henry, fruit merchant. Barker, Benjamin, fruit merchant. Bletcher, William, fruit merchant. Fish, William, potato mer- chant.

Wilson and Sons, Edward, fruit merchants. Roper, Charles, fruit and potato merchant.

North and Bowler. fruit merchants. Wood, John Henry, fish merchant. Class, Cornelius, fish mer- chant. Kilburn, Henry, fish mer- chant.

Cable Street.

13 Mitchell, Benjamin. 14 Walker, Walter Priestley. 15 Mallinson, William. 18 Mallinson, Fred. 51 Orton, John William. 52 Wood, Thomas. 53 Webster, Mrs. Georgina.

34 Sykes, George. 465 Hirst, Varley. 56 Walker, Mrs. Mary. 37 Pickford, Thomas William. 48 Pickford, Thomas. 39 Lister, Joseph Henry.

Caledonia Road, Marsh. Astley, Alfred.

Clegg, Jesse, jun. Jenkinson, Thomas. Webb, Francis. Birkhead, Tom Gill. Pollitt, Thomas. Cooper, Jonathan. Washington, John William.


Calton Street.

Left side. Bradford Road. 1 Darwin,

Frederick, man.

5 Marshall, James. 9 Fawley, Frederick. 11 Plumb, Mrs. Jane. 15 Cavanagh, William. fitter. 1l7aShaw, James, brush manu- facturer. | 19 Jury, Walter. 19aSenior, George, foreman. 21 Brown, John Robert. 2laAkroyd, Samuel, spinner. 2lbHirst, Lawrence. 25 Hudson, Hannah Maria. 25 Redfearn, Albert, fitter. 27 Holdsworth, William, joiner 29 Senior, John William. 61 Haigh, Mrs. Elizabeth. 45 Gibson, George. . 55 Brearley, Joe, bookkeeper. 37 Holliday, Thomas. 49 Jackson, Charles Allen. 41 Taylor, William. 47 Brook, Charles. 49 Payne, Mrs. Sarah. 51 Ward, Joseph Henry, agent. 53 Sowden, Matthew, commer- cial traveller. 57 Day, Thomas Horton. 59 Cooper, Frederick Odgen. 65 Siddall, Joseph. 67 Hirst, Ramsden.


Page 79


69 Scott, Charles Edward, jeweller.

71 Liversedge, John Albert. Willow Lane East.

Right side. Holly Terrace.

14 Haigh, Mrs. Sarah Ann. 15 Golden, James. 17 Beaumont, Robert Ernest. 18 Cork, Misses Jane and Sarah 19 Briggs, Henry Parish. 20 Shaw, Mrs. Alice. 23 Ellis, Thomas. 24 Thomas, Albert James. 25 Smith, Mrs. Eliza.

Hawthorn Terrace.

26 Lumb, Alfred. 28 Halstead, Mrs. Ellen. 29 Wakefield, Johr Matthew. dl Mallinson, Alfred. 32 Maltas, Herbert. 33 Hinchliffe, Tom Hartley, whitesmith. 34 Hopkinson, Fred. 55 Waring, Miss Lavina. 36 Gott, Miss Laura.

Rose Terrace.

37 Burnley, Arthur. 38 Halliday, Mrs. Louisa. 39 Berry, Alfred. 40 Teale, Walter. 41 Bedford, Edward. 42 Horrocks, Miss Martha. 43 Harrison, John William. 44 Scholefield, Alfred Hanson, whitesmith. 45 Gifford, James.

Orange Terrace.

46 Threappleton, George. 47 Booth, Charles, jun. 48 Holmes, Jae, wool merchant. 49 Wood, ‘A. 50 Smith, George Henry. 51 Parkin, Ralph. 52 Moody, Edwin. Mulberry Terrace. 53 Hudson, Miss Mercy, con- fectioner. 54 Smith, Frederick William. 55 Garside, William West.

56 Edon, James. 57 Brook, Frederick William. 58 Lyons, Andrew.

Laburnum Terrace. 59 Bradley, Louis, foreman. 60 Taylor, Festus. 61 Haigh, Hamer. 62 Wood, Harry. 63 Moorhouse, Tom. Hillhouse Road.

Cambridge Road.

1 Osborne, Henry. 2 Hampson, John drysalter. Claremount Street. 4 Sterry, John Henry, clothier and outfitter. 6 Middlemost, Henry Edwin. 8 Whitfield, James Mciana-

chan. 12 Wall, William Barrow. 14 Eccles, Duncan. 16 Stocks, Ben, architect. 18 Hopkinson, Robert Addy. 20 Huddleston, Percy, packing case maker. 22 Dennison, Charles. 26 Heppenstall, Enoch, dyer. 28 Smiles, Ellen Eliza. 350 McRoberts, Thomas, tailor. St. ’s Road.


Canal Street.

Broadhead, Isaac. Berry, George. Bottomley, Henry. Beaumont Boothroyd. Morris, Henry. 1i Tunnacliffe, Harry. 13 Cartwright, Charles. Liversedge, Law, dyer. Marryatt’s Chemical Works. Canal Side, Deighton. -Openshaw, John. Low’s Cattle Food Works.

Carr Pit Road, Dalton. Right side. 4 Woodhouse, Benjamin.


Page 80


6 Marshall, John. 10 Mosley, Walter. 12 Taylor, George William. 14 Jessop, John Herbert. 18 Hill, George. 3 20 Stead, Joe. 22 Townend, Mrs. Elizabeth. 24 Horncastle, William Edward 26 Davison, Nathan. 28 Scott, Wallace. 50 Hinchliffe, Dyson. Left side. 7 Haigh, Thomas. 9 Hardy, William. 13 Greenwood, Thomas. 15 Whiteley, Cooper Nathan. Dawson, John. Jones, Alfred Edmund. Crowther, Wright. Cuthbert, Ralph. Jessop, William Henry. Chapel Street. 5 Wood, George. Thewlis, Allen. 9 Moss, Allen. 11 Swift, John William Owen. 15 Noble, Sam. 15 Flanagan, John. Paterson, James. 17 Fearnley, Mrs. Emily Jane. 2 Crowther, John Schofield. 4 Kinlock, James Gulland. 8 Schofield, Thomas. 10 Taylor, Joseph. 12 Fletcher, Tom. 14 Donovan, Thomas Dennis.

Church Lane.

Left side. 5 Holland, James, spinner. 7 Wilkinson, Jere. 9 Barden, William.

Batley Street.

11 Longfellow, Thomas. 15 Draper, Mrs. Jane. Mrs. Eliza. 17 Jenkinson, John William. 19 Saville, William. -25 Wardle, Mrs. Alice. 25 Batley, Herbert North, manager. 27 Woodhead, Tom Eastwood. 55 Hill, Albert.


57 Jessop, James Sleight. 41 Hirst, Thomas. 45 Bottomley, John, dyer. 45 Smith, Ben. 47 Brandon, Charles. 49 Taylor, James. 51 Nicholson, Tom. 535 Stringer, Thomas. 57 Milnes, Ingham. 59 Durrans, Charles. 61 Waite, Albert Eli. 63 Cockroft, Jonas, butcher. 65 Duesbery, James. 67 Halstead, Lister, sinker. 69 Pogson, James, weaver. 71 Pearson, William.

Right side.

6 Rhodes, John Henry. 8 Shaw, Herbert. 10 Wilkinson, Mrs. Ellen. 12 Farrar, Joseph Porritt. 14 Clarke, John Henry. 16 Greenfield, Edward. 18 Hudson, William. Pattinson, David. 24 Whiteley, James William. 26 Wild, Archibald. 28 Senior, John Henry. 50 Bentley, Eli. Wilkinson, Ernest. Johnson, Richard. 38 Spence, Mrs. Sophia. Clarke, John. Taylor, John. Sharpe, Richard, agent. Shaw, Mrs. Emily Florence. Taylor, Alfred. Green, Seth. Eastwood, Edwin. Lodge, Richard Henry. North, Joseph, gardener. 58 Hyde, Elijah, manager. Brooke, Joshua. Kilner, John, weaver. Whiteley, Joe, joiner. Hinchliffe, Mrs, Eunice. 70 Lee. Ben. Walker, William Green- wo

76 Fearn, George Henry. 78 Broadbent, Arthur. 80 Boyd, Mrs. Elizabeth.

Page 81

‘102 104

106 ‘110


116 -118


Haley, Mrs. Eliza. . Senior, Seth, dyer. Brammah, Miss Edith. Berry, Arthur. Bray, Ben, grocer. Whiteley, ‘James. Bottomley, Frank.

Woed Street.

Hawkyard, Thomas. . Green, Harry Hirst, gineer. ee Stephen. Littlewood, Tom.

Brigg’s Terrace. Brown, James Henry.

_ Mount Zion.

Jebson. John. Moxon,: David. Church Left Side. Smith, James.

Whiteley, Dan. Jagger, Joseph, traveller. Mosley, Henry. Hirst, Joseph. J enkinson, Jabez.


Alford, Ferederick Thomas. |

Firth, ‘William. Campenot, Albert Edward. Sykes, Walter Hill. Oldroyd, David. Icely, Albert William. High Royd.

Oldfield, Samuel Hirst. Spink, Arthur Edward.

Church Lane. Right side.

4 Moorhouse, John.


Driver, John.

8 Armitage, John William. 10 Armitage, Simeon. 12 Thewlis, Fred.

14 16 18 20 22

Ecclesby, Mrs. Christiana. Berry, John. Orcherton, William.

Ellam, Mrs. Emma. Gledhill, ‘Fergus. Myers, Ben Beckwith.

en- |



30 34 36

38 40

1 4 5 9 21 25 bl

42 44 50


56 58 60 62


Lee, Joseph Shore, Henry. Hinchliffe, merchant. Walker, Joe. Carrie, George. Cheavin, Joseph Popplewell clerk. Hirst, Alfred. Moore, Frederick Robert.

Chapel Lane.

Arthur, coal

Kalburn, Fred. Edwards. Richard. Sheard, Law. Boocock, John. Taylor, George. Firth, Mrs. Mary. Harrison, Joseph. Crowther, Alfred William.

Back Church Street.

Fitton, William, clerk. Crossley, John Bottomley. Wrigley, John William, moulder. Netherwood, Walter. Brook Street.

Townend, Joe Henry, agent. Rothwell, John, painter. Redfearn, Herbert. Priest, George.

Carr Street, Quarmby.

5 5 9 11 13 15 17. 19 al 25 27 29 ol 55

Booth, Ben.. Wilson, Francis. Pontefract, Arthur. Hatch, Francis. Lodge, Charles. Lodge, Philip. Hirst, John. Poulter, Mrs. Jane. Rushw orth, John Walter. Wilson, Harry. Holdsw. orth, John. Blackburn, ‘Allen. Rhodes, Fred. Stephenson, oe. Hepworth, Mrs. Emma. Parker, Enoch.


Page 82


Castlegate. Left side. Lowerhead Row.

1 Joyce, Michael, baker and confectioner. 5 Hinchliffe Bros., cycle works 5-7 Mullague, John. 11 Brook, Charles, hairdresser. Quay Street. 13 Keating, John. 19-21 Fisher, Joseph. 25 Mahon, James. 25 Lees, Daniel. 53 Coleman, Mrs. Elizabeth. Wilson Yard. 6 Snee, Thomas. 59 Keyworth, Robert, grocer. 43 Earnshaw, Mrs. Mary Eliza- beth. 47 Dawson, Mrs. Bridget. Spivey’s Yard. 1 Reynolds, Catherine. 5 Brennan, Thomas. 6 Canfield, Catherine. 7 Fay, Thomas. 8 Flanaghan, Edward. 55-57 Rogers, Edwin, tailor. Rogers, Mis., general dealer. 59 Rafferty, John. Windsor Court. 1 Rattigan, Bernard. 2 Kelly, Bernard. 4 Kenny, Patrick. 5 Kelly, Michael. 11 Gallaghe?, James. 15 Boyle, Thomas. 16 Madden, Michael. 18 Gallagher, Mrs. Bridget. 19 Rattigan, John. 21 Cleary, Charles Edward. 25 Birmingham, Patrick. 25 Gallagher, Michael. 28 Marren, Michael. 65 Wainwright, William, gene- ral dealer. Dock Street. 67 Eastwood, William. 69 Bucci Nicandro, ice cream manufacturer. 71 Grindrod, Jethro, grocer.

75 Ryan, Michael. 79 Whitehead, Jacob.


835 Taylor, John, general dealer 85 Brannan, Thomas. Mill’s Row. 2 Facet, Fred. 5 Thorpe, Mrs. Mary. 4 Beaumont, George. 7 Wood, Richard. 8 Marshall, Henry. 9 Kilbridge, William. 10 Beaumont, Thomas. 12 Lemon, Peter. 19 Steward, Aked. 20 Bannister, Martin. | 91 Pollord, John Allen. 93 McDermott, Mrs. Mary. 95 Land, Mrs. Eliza, Ann.

Jowitt’s Buildings.

2 Crowther, John Alfred. 5 Jackson, Mrs. Sarah. 4 Genner, George. 5 Briggs, John. 6 Frost, Mrs. Mary Ellen. 7 Powell, Thomas. 8 Kennardale, John Wm. 9 Hill, Frederick William. 10 Hill, William. 105 Tracey, Thomas. Fisher’s Yard.. . 6 Kerrigan, Patrick.” 7 Smith, John. 8 Arnold, William. 9 Reynolds, Michael. 10 MacNamara. 109 Hepworth, John. 111 Reddington, John. 113 Messenger, Mrs. Mary Ann. 119 Hill, Richard Henry, pawn-- broker. Jagger, John Jepson, coal merchant. Hadfield’s Yard. Seed Right side. 2 Birmingham, John. 4 Burns, John. 6 Firth, Henry. 8 Fahy, Martin, Mechanics Inn.


Page 83


Rosemary Lane.

10-12 Walsh, Mrs. Bridget.


18 “20 22 24 26 28 32



44 46 48

56 58

66 68 70

Brown, John William, Uni- corn Inn. Denton’s Lane. Taylor, Robinson, Brewer’s Boy Inn. Dalton, Frank, baker. Rafferty, Mrs. Marv Ellen. Dyson, Albert, Rising Sun Inn. Sowden, dealer. May, Mrs. Bridget. Dawson, William, generai dealer. Old Post Office Yard. Murphy, John. Adams, James, » Arms Inn. Crowther, John, brewer. Swift’s Yard. 1 Beaumont, David. 5 Beaumont, George. 4 Kelly, Thomas. Graham, Kossuth. Jackson, George, baker. Tierney, John. Gannon, John. Outram, Mrs. Elizabeth.

Richardson’s Buildings. Tansey, Mrs. Mary. Hollingworth, Sam. Bradley, Tom, shoemaker. Bradley’s Passage. 1 Dransfield, Simeon. 2 Eastwood, Walter. 5 Womersley, Joseph. Kennedy, Mrs. Ann. Hall’s Yard. 2 Stafford, Richard. 5 Flaharty, Patrick. 4 Hobson, Joseph. Shaw, Mrs. Martha. Bradley, Thomas Smith. Poppleton, Mrs. Jane, gene- ral dealer. Haley, John, hay and straw merchant. Maltas, John, Oxford Inn. Kirkgate.

William, general



Castle Hill, Almondbury.

08 62

Left side. Karnshaw, John Horsfall. Kennedy, Robert.

64-66 Crossley, Mrs. Fanny.

2 6 10

151 155 155 157 159 163 163 165 167

156 158 160


26 28 50

3 7

Castle Houses, Berry Brow. Harpin, Mrs. Hannah. Boothroyd, Albert. Waddington, Alfred. Donkersley, Albert. Donkersley, George, dyer. Earnshaw, Luke. Platt, John, farmer. Castle Hill Side. Right side. Mellor, Nathan Roberts. Stringer, George. Kaye, Charles Allen. Stringer, Sam. Crow, Mrs. Mary, farmer. Hoyle, John Parkin. Lodge, Mrs. Elizabeth. Woffenden, Sykes. Midgley, George Tinker. Gledhill, farmer. Haigh, George. Lower Castle Hill. Mellor, Joseph. Woodhouse, Ruth. Noble, Samuel. Kennedy, Allen. Bradley, Matthew. Jenkinson, John Edward. Lowerhouses. Brook, Joseph. Noble, James Edwin Milton. Hallas, Edward.


George Cocking,

Almondbury. Berry, Joseph. Green, Joe. Garside, Mrs. farmer.

Cecil Street. Left side. Springwood Street. Roper, Harry, manager. Parr, Fred.

Sarah Ann,

Page 84


9 Garside, Albert William. Haigh, Walter. 13 Beeley, George Henry: 15 Swindlehurst, James, fitter. Right side,

Water Street.

Carter, John Wood. _4 Hirst, Thomas Henry, com- mercial traveller. 6 Aconley, Joseph. 12 Wilson, Mrs. Mary. 14 Culley, John. 16 Anderson, Ann. 18 Sheard, Charles. 20 Dean, Miss Alice. 22 Greenwood, John, commer- cial traveller.

Cemetery Road.

Eastwood, James Edwin. Leonard, Tom. Matthewman, Fred, monu- mental sculptor. - Huddersfield Cemetery.

Chancery Lane. Left side.

1 Hall, John Paragon Inn. 5-9 Brook and Learoyd, en- gravers and litho printers. 11-15 England and Co., dry- salters ; tel. 262. 15 Greenwood and Son, Joseph, woollen manufacturers ; te].105. 17 Haigh Bros., worsted manu- facturers; tel. 368. Crosland, Ueorge, sale clothier. Right side.

2 Culpan, Richard. bank clerk



Market Place Passage. 12 Bray, John Andrew. 18 Sutton and Co., carriers; H. C. Clarke, agent. Carr, William Thomas. Carr, Richard. Haigh, Arthur. Cloth Hall Street

Chapel Hill. East Parade.. Left side. 1-3 Beswick, Mary, coffee din- ing-rooms. Atkinson, William, butcher. Pickersgill, Thomas, currier. Siddle’s cycle works. Chapel Hill House. daBailey, Hugh. 5 Broadbent, Mrs. Ellen. 7 Hughes, Arthur’ Francis, dentist. Wie Chapel Street.. Wesleyan Chapel. Bellerby and Co., Richard, wheelwrights. Model Lodging House. liaFreeman, Joseph, maker. 1lbShaw, Sam, general dealer. licBailey, Hugh, dining-rooms. : Milford Street. 15 Kaye, Ann, general dealer. 17 Kaye, Alfred. 19 Woodfine, Walter.

Varley’s Yard-.


23 Ward, Fred. Gillon, Robert.

27 Ellis and Co., Ltd. (sec. T. Leonard), wholesale eabi- netmakers and uphols-

terers ; tel. 512. Leech’s Yard.. Boothroyd, Benjamin, Poet’s Corner Inn. Brook, John Thomas, pawn- broker. 39 Wright, William, and harness maker. Holmes, A., boot and shoe. maker. Carlo,

Micheli, maker. Brook, Tom, and Co., engi-- neers and machine ma- kers ; tel. 363. Pacey, Albert, hairdresser. Celne Road.. Eastwood’s’ factory. Folly Hali..


ice cream

Page 85


Right side. Hughes, Arthur Francis. 4 Brook, George, newsagent and tobacconist. 6 Taylor, Mrs. Jane. 8 Lee, Asa, cabinetmaker. 10 Swallow, John, joiner, cabinetmaker and under- taker. Grayson’s Yard. 18 Berry, Andrew, baker, con- fectioner, and _ provision dealer. 20 Grayson, John Moulson, boot and shoe maker. 22 Whitehouse, Phillip. 24-26 Woodhead, Henry, whole- sale confectioner. Wooller’s Yard. 30 Mapplebeck, William, but- cher. 32 Hardy, Herbert. 54 Baldwin, Arthur. 56 Chambers, Luke, Inn. 38 Isles, James.


Dale Street. Halstead, Charles, Grey Horse Inn. 50 Dodson, John. 52 Entwistle, Joseph. 54 Kendall, Thomas William. 56 Atkinson, Mrs. Rose Ann. Grey Horse Yard. Priestley, Walliam ont) metal broker. Tomlinson and Miian, tial. (sec. E. Easter), machine makers, ironfounders, and hot water engineers; tel. 70. -62 Sutcliffe, Sam. 64 Wood, John. 66 Battye, Herbert. Canal Bridge. Isthmus Road.

Joyce, William Henry, Black




70 Sykes, Walter, dressmaker,

tne: draper, cloth-

, &. 72 oe ift, John Mark, butcher.


74 Sykes, John, and Sons, tai- lors; tel: 74 74aHobson, James William,

newsagent and tobacconist 76 Bottom, William, Royal Oak I

nn. Halstead, Mrs. Elizabeth. Pearson, James. Grindrod, Benjamin, dining-

rooms. 86 Wood, William, Sub-Post Office. Cousen, Lewis, watchmaker

and jeweller.

Chapel Street, Berry Brow. School Lane.

1 Stocks, George, contractor. 3 Stocks, Charles ‘Henry, mason. 5 Jessop, Frank, weaver. 7 Tompkins, Mrs. Ann. 9 Wimpenny, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann. 11 Gledhill, William. 13 Moss, Frederick, William. 15 Hills, Mrs. Mary Hannah. 19-20 Heeley, Sam A general dealer. 23 Kaye, Mrs. Mary Ann. 25 Wimpenny, Tom, healder. . 27 Wimpenny, Tim, tuner. 31 Lister, Mrs. Emma. 353 Milner, Abraham. 37 Dawson, David, bootmaker. 39 Heeley, Amos, general dealer. 43 Turner, Friend. 49 Oldham, Mrs. grocer. Horsfall, Mrs. Edith. Walker, Miss Polly. Right side. Bridge Street. Ward, Richard. Knutton, Allen, weaver. Charlesworth, Elliott, cloth dresser. 8 Cockroft, Joe, greengrocer. Waingate.. Haigh, a Alien, weaver

ol 55

O — po


Page 86


16 France, James. 18 Hirst, Joe. Uttley, John greengrocer. 20 Haigh, John. 22 Denton Lister, fettler. 24 Dransfield, Miss Lavina.

Off Chapel Street.


30 Haigh, Mrs. Elizabeth Jane...

52 Stringer, Mrs. Ann. 54 Lodge, John Henry. 46 Mellor, Charles. Cousen, William. 58 Dyson, ‘Willie. 40 Winterbottom, Robert Peel. A2 Woodhouse, Andrew. 46 Wilson, Oliver. 48 Oldham, Walter. 50 Bradshaw, Joseph. 62 Quarmby, Cain. 54 Moodycliffe, Joshua. 7 56 Williamson, Mrs. Martha. 58 Oidham, Richard.

‘Chapel Street, erase Hill, Salford.

2 Dawson, Mrs. Mary. 4 Brammer, James. 6 Haigh, Mrs. Mary Ann. 8 Taylor, Joe. 10 Chappell, Alfred. 12 Lodge, Mrs. Jane. 14 Calvert, Wright. 16 Hoyle, Jesse Hiram.

Chapel Terrace,


1 Taylor, Geo., cloth finisher. 35 Beardsell, Fred. Gibson, Alfred. 11 Haigh, Mrs. Clara. Shaw, Mrs. Sarah. 13 Brown, Herbert Simpson. 15 Hinchliffe, James. 19 Parkin, Norman. Fisher, Albert.

Thomas Street.

2 Todd, Mrs. Ellen. 4 Moorhouse, Joseph, grocer. 6 Donkersley, William.


8 Harrison, Dan, agent. 10 Peel, J ohn Walter Smith. 12 Dawson, Albert, commercial traveller. 14 Lees, Mrs. Mary Ann. 16 Armstrong, George Henry. 20 Hirst, Mrs. Ann. Hanson, Miss Ada. 22 Mellor, Dyson. 24 Marshall, Fred. 26 Hinchliffe, Henry. 28 Mitchell, Charles Edward. 30 Laycock, George Arthur. 52 Hepworth, Henry. 34 Heywood, William Henry.

s Anderson, Messer.

40 Beaumont, Ramsden. Mellor, Joseph. 42 Holmes, Baldwin. 42aW howell, George. 44 Webb, James William, power loom tuner. 46 Pogson, Thomas Edwin. 48 Lockwood, Harry. 52 Shaw, Joe. 54 Hirst, Arthur. Moss, John Allen. Hanson, Hugh Charles. Charles Street. Left side. Wrigley, David. Moss, Mrs. Hannah. Hirst, Godfrey. Kilburn, Miss Emily. Pearson, Henry. 11 Dyson, Ben. 15 Wood, Joseph. 17 Hanson, Fred George. 19 Haigh, Mrs. Hannah. 21 Bower, Mrs. Hannah. Balderson’s Yard. 1 Haigh, Edward. 2 Morton, George Henry. 3 Buckley, Thomas Henry. Park Road West. Right Hilton, Allen. + 2 Kaye, Harry. 4 Kippax, Miss Mary Jane. 6 Buster William. 8 Wilkinson, George. 10 Hoyle, Mrs. Sarah.

Page 87


12 Beever, Mrs. Ellen. 14 Dransfield, Walter. 16 Pearson, Tom Thompson. 20 Shaw, Edgar. 22 Brook, Jim. 24. Green, Tom. 28 Newton, Robert. 562 Ellis, Mrs. Hannah. 58 Clay, Watts. 40 Ellis, Mrs. Hannah. 42 Coldwell, Herbert. 44 Brook, Joseph. 46 Thorburn, Frank. 50 Brook, Albert. 52 White, Mrs. Harriet. 54 Buckley, George. 58 Hirst, Fred. 60 Sykes, George. 62 Clay, Ernest.

Charles Street.

Jarrett, Miss Frances. Haigh, “Mrs. Mary. Jessop, John Henry. Broadbent, Fredk. Arthur. 10 Glynn, Albert. 12 Peace, Mrs. Matilda.

14 Kaye, Charles, and _ Son, woollen waste manufac- turers. 16 Armitage, Sykes, rag mer- chant.

South Parade. 20 Jackson, Charles Collins. 22 North, Dick. Glass Alley. 1 Coleman, Patrick. 2 Moss, Charles. 5 Fox, Abraham. 4 Jessop, Mrs. Maria. Helm’s Yard. Magee, Miss Margaret. 1-3 Redfearn, George. 5 Moore, Robert.

7 McDonald, Mrs. Ellen. 9 Hopkins, John. 11 Flinn, John. 13 Adams, Thomas. 15 Livingstone, John, _ boot-

maker. South Parade. 17 Peace, John.

19 Ellam, Arthur. 21 Hoyle, Richard. Ramsden’s Yard.. 1 Dawson, Mrs. Mary Ann. 2 Beaumont, William. 5 Dockerty, John. 4 Carroll, Mrs. Catherine. 5 Stringer, George Edwin Sykes. 7 Beaumont, George Henry. 8 Bell, Mrs. Eliza. 9 Sedgewick, William.

Cherry Nook Road,

Deighton. Left side.

1-3 Hutchinson, Mark Wm... farm bailiff. 5 Morris, Samuel. 7 Hampshire, John, designer. 9 Dyson, . William Berry,. stamper. | 11 Battye, Walter, ae Street.. 13 Jessop, James Andrew. Crawshaw, Willie, dyer. Craw shaw, Mrs. Ann. Alford Terrace.. Gelder, George Henry. Mediey, Joe. Bray, Sam. Netherwood, Mrs. Mary. Priestley, Tom. Schofield, John. Right side. 12 Walker, Thomas. 18-20 Medley, Fred. 24 Finlayson, James John. 28 Elliott, Bartholomew. 50 Mosley, Joseph. 52 Moore, William. 34 Shore, Fred. 36 Smith, Daniel.

Chestnut Street, Sheepridge.

53 Walshaw, Allen. 35 Walshaw, Ben. 57 Nunns, Tom. 59 Hudson, James Brook.

Page 88

56 -

Church Street. John William Street. 1 West Yorkshire Painters’ Supply Company. Wood Street.

8 Jackson, Allen, painter, © decorator, and paper- hanger. | 9 Matthewman, James, hair- dresser.

YaShaw and Baidwin, tailors. Somerset Buildings. Free Library and Art Gallery. Church Street, Paddock. Left side. 1 Wallaces’ Stores, grocery. 5 Brooks, William Charles, Manager. 7 Dyson, Stead. 9 Turner. Miss Amanda. 13 Hill Top Co-operative So- ciety. 15 Sykes, Mrs. maker. 17 Spencer, Joseph. 19 Spivey, Lewis. 21 Rushworth, William, turner.

Sarah, dress-


Drake’s Yard. 3 Wood, Fred. 4 Hunt, Henry Philip. 6 Payne, David. 9 Ayrton, George. 25 Mitchell, Walter. 27 Webster, John Brigg. 29 Broadbent, Mrs. Ann. 51 Price, Mrs. Catherine. 53 Harvey. Mrs. Jane. 55 Beech, Joshua, professor of music. 39 Dyson, James, dyer. 41 Schofield, Richard William. Mitchell, John Thomas. : Lark Street. All Saints’ National Schools. 2 Wheelhouse, George Henry. 4 Newton, Thomas. Speedwell Street. 43 Gill, Walter, Commercial


45 Hawley, Henry, shoemaker. |


47 Greenhalgh, James. 49 Barraclough, Joshua, tler. 51 Smith, George Henry. 53 Broadhead, Mrs. Marvy. 55 Whiteley, Harrison. 59 Turner, Robert. 61 Whowell, Jesse. Church Terrace. 63 Wilson, Mrs. Sarah Ann. | 65 Dyson, Matthew Thorpe. 67 Starkey, Miss Josephine. 69 Armitage, Brook. 71 Shaw, Charles Philip. 75 Alston, Mrs. Elizabeth. 75 Gee, Herbert. 77 Livesey, Tom. 79 Roddis. George Edward. 81 Hill, Charles Henry. 83 Mrs. Mary. 87 Davison, Henry.


‘89 Denton, George, cab pro- ; 91 Bottom, Job, yeast impor- ter. 93 Brook, Herbert. 95 Brook, James, engineer.

97 Ellis, Lewis. 99 Crowe, George.

101 Lees, Joe Henry. 103 Crossley, Tom. 105 Mawsland, John. 107 Cuthbert Miss Emily.

Congregational Sunday Schools.

West View.

Congregational Church. Singleton Bros., joiners, builders, contractors. Paddock Athletic Club Grounds. South View.

119 Booth, Harriet Ann. . 121 Ward, William. 123 Sykes, George.

125 Hallas, Henry.

127 Durrans, Mrs. Louise, dress-

maker. 129 Nobles, Ben. 1341 Beswick, Charles. 135 Firth, John. 137 Crosland, Fred. 139 Bentley, Allen.

Page 89


141 Svkes, Haigh. Heap, Samuel, draper. Firth and Son’s_ Stores, grocery 143 Haigh, John Thomas. 145 Singleton, George Edward, plumber and gas fitter. 147 Healey Abraham. 149aTaylor, Marshall. 149 Robinson Tom, plasterer. 151 Collinson, Benjamin, baker.

153 Bradley, Ben, Sub-Post Office. 155 Balmforth, Mrs. Sarah. Garbutt, Mark, coal mer- chant. -

155a Haigh, James. 157 Brearley, James Henry. 159 Sturgess, Mrs. Catherine. 161 Boothroyd, Mrs. Elizabeth. 163 Dickens, Thomas. 167 Wilkinson, Mrs. Emma. Drake, George Henry,

joiner. 169 Vickerman, John. Hardy, John. 171 Steele, Arthur, shoemaker. 173 Dyson, John William, news- agent. South Street. 177 Holroyd, Mrs. Hannah. 179 Cooper, Thomas. 181 Grange, Miss Betsy. 183 Sandall, Thomas. 185 Dyson, Arthur. 187 Shaw, James. | 189 Dyson, Mrs. Sarah, butcher. 191 Thorpe, Alfred. 193 Ackroyd, Mrs. Mary. 195 West, George. 199-201 Ramsey, George. 203 Williams, James Edward. 205-207 Ashness, Mrs. Mary Ann. 209 Cuttell, William Arthur. 211 Wood, John. 213 Fisher, William. 215 Oldham, Samuel. 217 Calverley, John. Clough Lane. Quarmby Road. Right side. 2 Stake, Jonas, china and earthenware dealer.

4 Charles, Arthur, general dealer. 6 Rothery, Lawrence, hair- dresser.

Haigh, Herberi, tailor. 8 Richardson, Arthur, cher. 10 Drake, George, dentist. 12 Hirst, Mrs. Sarah Jane. 14 Hanson, Artiur, painter. 16 Taylor, Mrs. Elizabeth. 18 Wood, Caroline, Mrs. . 20 Dyson, Mrs. Sarah Ann. 22 Wade, Tom. 24-26 Jones, Alfred Richard. 28-30 Spencer, George, painter.. 62 Haigh, Mrs. Ann Ellen. Haigh, Albert, tailor. Haigh’s Yard.. 44 Boothroyd, John Henry. 40 Armitage, James. 42 Douglas, John, chant. 44 Milnes, Humphrey. 48 Sowden, Arthur. 50 Fisher, Ernest. 52 Haigh, Walter Enimanuel.,. tailor. 54 Sellers, Samuel. Friends’ Meeting House.

Quaker Lane.. 56 Tinker, Charles (Ivy House). 58 Crosland, Samuel Woodhead Cross Church Street...

60 Greenhalgh, Rev. Thomas Henry, M.A. (The Vicar-

age). All Saints’ Church. 62-64 Wilson, David, physician.. Wesleyan Chapel. 66 Hellawell, Wiliiam Priestley 68 Dannatt, John, commercial traveller (Heaton - Villa). Branch Street.. Methodist New Connexion Chapel. 72 Coope, Miss Jane. 74 Rayner, Ernest, warehouse-

man. 74aSheard, Edgar. 76 Dyson, Mrs. Ann.


coal mer-

Page 90

58 80 82

84 88 90 94 96 98 ‘100 102 104


Atkinson, Ackroyd, cotton spinner. Lumb, John. Heaton Road. Ward, James Henry

Shaw, William Biddee, Henry. Parkin, Mrs. Martha. Shaw, Mrs. Martha. Stott, Jeremiah. Clarke, Miss Harriet. Hirst, Fred. Woodhouse, Miss Alice.

104aSellars, John William.

106 Bottom,

108 110


114 118 120 122 124 126 128


132 134 156

138 142

144 146 148 150 152 154

Henry Herbert, provision merchant. Walker, Burditt. Linaker, John, whitesmith. Linaker, Miss, dressmaker. Halstead, John William, dyer. Greenleif, Miss Emma. Denham, Jeremiah, currier. Bailey, John, overlooker. Bottomley, Harry. Spink, William. Sutcliffe, Joseph, clerk. Drake, Herbert, teacher otf piano, organ, and singing. Hamer, Sam, dyer. Newsome, Walter, grocer and wine and spirit mer- chant.

North Street.

Hirst, James, cotton carder. Dodson, Mrs. Elizabeth.

Iredale, Fred Mellor, cloth finisher. Sellars, William, cloth pres- ser. Marsden, Allen, woollen spinner. Abraham, book- keeper. Whiteley, Joe, weaver.

Bottomley, John. Bradbury, Ben. Rollin, Benjamin. Scholefield, Herbert. Eastwood,. Walter, cabinet- maker.

156 Bayldon, Joseph. 3 158 Oldham ames Henry, Royal ~ Oak Inn.

Luck Lane.

Church Terrace, Berry


7 Liversedge, Jolin. Jepson, J ohn William. 15 Shaw, Walter. 17 Garside Joe. 19 Haigh, John Schofield. 21 Bradley, William. Crosland, Timothy Booth. Leonard, William. Kaye, Edgar. Farrand, Henry. 29 Mellor, Wright. Berry, Walter. Al Chappell, William.

Clara Street, Hillhouse. Left side. St. John’s Schools. 1 Wood, John, schoolmaster. Murrant, Francis May. 5 Senior, Miss Sarah. 7 Horton, Lewis, commercial traveller. : 9 Wood, William Edwin. 11 Haining, James. 13 Finch, Heber Winstanley. 15 Firth, Tom. +7. Helm, Tom. 19 Carr, Robert, chant. 21 Robertshaw, John. 25 Mellor, Miss Ellen. 29 Phillips, Alfred. 31 Yardley, Hannah Maria. 53 Booth, Fredevick. 50 Womersley, Clifford. Marsland, William. 57 Stocks, Arthur. 59 Hirst, Mrs. Emma. 41 Lockwood, Charles. 43 Beevers, J oe Netherwood. 45 Bottomley, David, over- looker. 47 Illingworth, Edwin. Honoria Street

woollen mer-

Page 91


Right side.

2 Dyson, William cashier. 4 Rowlands, Charles Henry. 4aKllis, William. Rhodes, Mrs. Mary. 6aGrayson, Robert. 8 Sykes, George William.


Eleanor Street.

10 Widdows, George Davison, butcher. 12 Mason, Samuel Algernon. 16 Tomlinson, James, clerk. 20 Earnshaw, Joe. 24 Nicholson, Wilham Edward. 26 Murgatroyd, George and Robert, dyers. 28 Clemants, Mrs. Sarah Ann. 50 Hitchen, Henry, pianoforte manufacturer. 52 Haigh, Fredenck William. 54 Birkhead, Mrs. Elizabeth. 56 Lightowler, Joseph. 58 Rookes, James. 40 Lockwood, Daniel.

Honoria Street.


Clare Hill.

St. John’s Road. Left side. Starkey, Marshall. Wilson, John. Balfour, George. Bayliss, Samuel John. 11 Porritt, Jabez William. 13 Stead, Frederick Carr. 17 Greenwood, Harriet. 19 Barrett, John Allen.


Ramsden, William (Clare- mont). Johnson, John (Albany 1). Johnson Joah (Albany Hall).

Right side.

Albany Printing Works. Albany Mission Hall. 2aHunter, Mrs. Mary. 6 Lodge, Mrs Sarah.



Claremont Street. Fitzwilliam Street.. 29 Dickinson, Herbert.

61 Wilson, Thomas Fenwick.

Rook Street. 70 Crook, George Henry. Bath Street...

Clayton Fields, Birkby.

1 Hewthwaite, Wm., painter. 3 Stott, Albert Edward. | 4 Robinson, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging-house. 5 Lum, William. 6 Furness, Charles Henry. 8 Wallis, John Thomas, ware- houseman. 9 Firth, John Bates. i0 Pexton, Billy, blacksmith. 11 Spencer, Harry. 12 Clayton, John printer. 13 Ashton, Thomas Edward.


Cleveland Road, Lindley. Left side. Edgerton Road. 5 Armitage, Law. 5 Halstead, Mrs. Alice. ~ 7 Dawson, William Henry. 21 Pogson, Joseph, commer- cial traveller. Greenhalgh, James. Beevers, William jeweller. Crampton, Abraham. Beaumont, John. Mallinson, Henry. Dyson, Allen Richardson. 41 Marsland, Tom, warehouse-.

Man. Robert John,

Spencer, scribbling engineer. Kaye, Benjamin Robert, commercial traveller. Graham, Robert, fish sales- man. Fitton, Wilson. Howarth, Alfred.



Page 92


69 Rothery, Thomas. (1 Patchett, Sam. 73 Dodd, Fred Newby. 75 Crosland, Thomas. 77 Kaye, Arthur. 79 Broadhead, Masthew. 81 Wall, Mrs. Mary. 85 Casson, Mrs. Hannah. 87 Robinson, Richard Henry, plasterer. Rothery, William Umpleby, Hey, George. Sykes, Edwin. Right side. 2 Hopkinson, Joseph, gineer. 4 Cook, George. 8 Crowther, Robert. 10 Lendrum, Mrs. Alice. Sunny Bank Road. Bean, Thomas. Fillans, William, jeweller. Sykes, John Lodge. Healey, James, draper. Paul, Dr. Lewis Gordon. Schofield, John Arthur, commercial travelled. 9 Moore, Alfred. Hughes, Wilfred Horsfall. Heron, Charles. Revell, Alfred. Bell, Thomas. Coates, Edwin, bookseller. Shaw, Henry. Watson, Richard, salesman. Broadbent, George Alexan- der. Sykes, Joe. Galloway, George. 50 Berry, James Brook, draper 52 Fillans, Willie. 54 Atkinson, Henry. 56 Lumb, Robert Richard. 58 Sykes, George. 60 Rennard, Robert Arthur. 62 Feugley, Charles, teacher of : languages. 64 White, Alfred. 66 Greenwood, Joseph Henry. New Hey Road.

89 QL 93


16 18





Cliffe End Road, Quarmby Left side.

1 Hirst, Henry, wool sorter. 5 Hirstwood, George. 7 Dyson, Tom Eastwood. 9 Campenett, Joseph. Abbs, Beaumont. Brook, Charles Edward. Siswick, Fred, dyer. Bates, Amaziah. Newsome, Stewart. Crowther, Mrs. Emma. Chadwick, Mrs. Elizabeth. Thompson, Arthur. Rothery, Herbert. Hebblethwaite, Herbert. Diable, James. Mrs. Sarah

53 Littlewood, Hannah. | Rodgers, Edward. Logwood Road.

Right side.

2 Hattersley, John William. 4 Hirst, Joseph. 4aBeckwith, Hdward. 6 Baxter, Joe. 8 Baxter, Joel. 10 Dalton, Frank. 12 Baxter, Sam. 14 Haigh, Joseph. 18 Siswick, Landon. — 20 Siswick, John Allen. 22 Siswick, Joseph. 24 Peel, Sam. 26 Acomb, Joe. ; 28 Hirst, John Henry. 32 Netherwood, Shaw. 34 Shaw, Joseph. 38 Siswick, Joseph. 42 Taylor, Arthur. 44 Bray, Mrs. Hannah. 46 Barnes, William. 48 Siswick, Allen. 50 Siswick, William. 52 Haigh, Whiteley. 56 Bailey, Joe. 58 Siswick. Mrs. Caroline. 60 Reynolds, James. 62 Morton, Herbert. 64 Haigh, George. 66 Brook, Crowther.


Page 93


68 Threappleton, Joseph Pad-

get. 70 Haigh, Edward Pearson. 72 Lambert, Henry.

Close Hill Lane, Newsome.

Left side. Taylor Hill. Blamires, William, woollen spinner. Varley, Mrs. Mary. | Taylor, James Albert. 7 Garner, John. 9 Livingstone, Mrs.

Jane. 11-13 Kaye, Joe. Blagden Lane. Ramsden, Charles, weaver. 19 Hinchliffe, William. 21 Oldham, Willie, weaver. 25 Day, Arthur. 25 Haigh, Allen, weaver. 27 North, Tom, tuner. 29 Lockwood, John. 51 Broadbent, Joe, fettler. 55 Haigh, Tom. 55 Lee, Simpson, weaver. Wearing, Henry. Shaw, John William, Foun- tain Inn. West, Bros., grocers ; Sub- Post Office. Right side. 2 Ellis, Herbert. 4 Maffin, John, weaver. 6 Ramsden, William. 8 Morris, John.

West End, Town Gate.




Cloth Hall Street.

Lett side. New Street. Sub-Post Office. : Nelson’s Chambers. Kilburn, James, engineer. Netherwood and Lee, ac- countants. Piercy, John William, soli- citor.


61 3 Wilkinson, William Fredk.. tailor. 9 Walker, Harry and Harvey,

tailors and costume makers. 7 Hudson, Thomas cotton spinner (Albany Mills). vaPlatts and Co., Fred,

woollen merchants. Fletcher, Archibald Henry John, solicitor. Dyson, Thomas James.

Fenton, Edward, superin- tendent, British Work- men’s Assurance Com-

pany. | Vance’s Buildings.

2 Roebuck, Jonathan Kd- mund, merchant. 5 Hopwood, Robert, manu- facturer of washing ma- chines 4 Snowden, Robert. 6 Scott, Walter. Walton, Herbert Edward, solicitor. | 8 Foden, George. 9 Crosland, Frank, toboacco-

nist. 17 Jordan, Albert Lockwood and James.

Spivey, A. E., auctioneer, valuer, and estate agent. Wilby, A., and Son, auc- tioneers and estate agents

Blackburn, William, Par- cels Express Office. 22 Taylor, Robert, law sta- tioner. 23 Dawson, and Son, John harles, mungoes and shoddies. 24 Cockin, John Willlam, architect.

24aMallinson, George, jun., in- surance broker. 29 Tabrum, Arthur. Crosland and Co., coal mer-

chants. Kidd, Mellor, and Fletcher, © solicitors and commis-

sioners for taking oaths.

Page 94


Wimpenny and Co., William Ernest, stock and share brokers. Right side. 2 London City and Midland Bank, Ltd. Managing director, E. H. Holden. Huddersfield branch, T. Seow and COW. OTT. Stubbs. Tel. 434.

Bank Chambers. Laycock, Dyson, and Lay- eock, solicitors, notary public, and commissioners for oaths; tel. 466.

Chancery Lane. 4 Carr Bros., gunsmiths. 8 Hirst and Son, Charles, wool, noil, and top mer- chants ; tel. 119. Woodhead, Edgar Thomas, solicitor. “The Yorkshireman,” (man- ager, Herbert North). Bever and Wolf, aniline colours.

Brook and Bradley,

ance broker. Hartley, James, printer. Baldwin, Charles, tailor.

Lancaster’s Yard.

1 Beevers, William Allen, jeweller. Beevers, John Freeman, engraver and _ litho printer. 5 Varley,. -~ iron- monger. 8 Charles, and

Sons, woollen merchants. 10 Finlayson, James John. Morton, Benjamin, tailor and clothier. Dean and Sons, Charles, cloth manufacturers. Huddersfield and District Temperance Company. King’s Head Buildings. 2 Beaumont, Enos. 4 Liversidge, Elliott, tric engineer.



7 Avison, Owen, ated accountant. 12 Beaumont, Andrew. 13 Ely, William. 18 Brook, John William. 20-21 Battye, Herbert. 28-36 Clegg, Jesse. 37 Veevers, Arthur. 11 Crossley and Bould, sani- tary plumbers and elec- trical enginers. 13 Courtney, Mrs. Alice White Hart Hotel. Market Street.. Storry and Co., tea mer- chants. : Barclay and Co., wine and spirit merchants ;tel. 292. Crosland, Arthur Pearson. Crosland, James. Crosland, Samuel head. Crosland, Frank Bentley. Turner, Joshua Charles. North, Herbert. Walker, Harvey. Pickford and Co., carriers: William Littlewood, local manager; tel. 12.

Exchange Building.


14 16

W ood-


1 Arnold, Charles Frederick, silk merchants. 2 Paton, Charles, soap mer- chant. 4 Hirst, Thomas Henry, wool. merchant. 6 Newton, John Benjamin, cotton merchant. 8 Dearnley, Daniel, noil agent. 10 Gilder, Thomas Frederick, noil agent. 50 Haigh, John, and _ Son,,. mungo and shoddy manu- facturers. 43 Moorhouse, Arthur, woollen trimmings.

45 Wheelwright, George, agent 46 Blackburn, John, mungo and shoddy manufacturer.

105 White and Co., wool mer-


Page 95


Clough Bottom, Longwood

Gate. 28 Harrison, Mrs. Betty. 40 Milhench, Joseph. | 52 Meal, John.

Clough Hall, Almondbury. 1 Stansfield, James. 3 Mellor, Wright. 4 Mallinson, Ephraim. Mallinson,

Clough Lane, Paddock. Left side. 1 Wrigley, Mrs. Eliza. 5 Chaffer,. Friend. 9 Woodhouse, Mrs. Mary Ann 11 Hamer, Mrs. Hannah. 15 Moore, Mrs. Ruth. 15 Jackson, Mrs. Susan. 17 Woodhouse, Charles Henry. 19 Woodhouse, James Shaw. 21 Shaw, Mrs. Frances. 27 Pearson, Walter, spinner. 29 Haigh, Joe, mason. 55 Parkin, Isaac Ramsden. 55 Pearson, Law. . 57 Boothroyd, Joe, fruiterer. Upper Brow Road. Right side. 2 Rayner, John. 4 Blakey, Harry. 6 Sykes, David. 12 Pearson, George Henry. Johnny Moor Hill Road.


Club Row, Berry Brow.

5 Williamson, Mrs. Hannah. 13 Haigh, Wright.


Chapel Street.


Coal Pit Lane, Outlane.

_ Dyson, James Akroyd. Wood, Abraham. Whitwam, Friend. Hoyle, Thomas. Haigh, Mary Ann. Haigh, John William.

Garside, Samuel. Parkin, Fred. Pearson, Joe. Haigh, Joseph. Gledhili, Morton. Nutton, Isaac. Brook, Fred. Whiteley, Benjamin. Hirst, Thomas.

Cobcroft Road, Hillhouse. 18 Butler, Arthur, litho artist. 20 Hirst, John Shaw, ware- houseman. 22 Royston, Joe. 24 Sharpe, William. Percy Street. 40 Chappell, Jabez. 42 Ramsden, Miss Rachael.

Waspnest Road.

_—_ —

Cold Hill, Berry Brow.

11 Livingstone, Arthur. 15 Gledhill, George Cocking.

Coldroyd, Dalton. 6 Schofield, Mrs. Mary. 8 Horsfall, Matilda Hollings. 10 Kilner, William. Coldroyd Hill. 14 Lee, Walter Joseph.

College Street, Crosland

Moor. Left side. Park Road. 63 Hutchinson, Charles. 65 Walker, James Sutcliffe, County Court bailiff. 67 Ibeson, Benjamin, black- smith. 69 Gee, Hugh, Priestley. 7i Liversidge, Greenhalgh. 73 Brook, Lewis. 75 Wilkinson, Tom. 79 Todd, Byron. 81 Lee, Elliott. 85 Ramsden, James, engineer. 85 Gledhill, Mrs. Maria.

Page 96


87 Armitage, John. maker and _ ironfounder,.

89 Thompson, Samuel. Brittannia Works; tel. 91 Sykes, Matthew Henry, 484. . joiner. Brook and Co., Henry, Ltd. 93 Cockhill, Job Albert. sec., A. Sykes), iron-- 95 Holdsworth, George Henry. founders; tel. 247.

97 Pearson, Mrs. Susannah. * Nabcroft Lane. 99 Haigh, Henry. 101 Radcliffe, Fred. 1 National Schools. 1 Right side. 18 Pogson, Ernest. 20 Dyson, Lewis. Dyson, James Edward. 22 Dyson, Humphrey.

4 Bloom, William. 6 Holroyd, Thoimas, insurance: ent. 8 Gaskirk, Mrs. Marion. Green, Samuel. 2 Haigh, James. Bradley, Herbert. Dodson, George. 18 Townend, James. Farrand, Joe Sykes. Dyson, Mrs. Emma.


Horsfall, George, teacher of music.

Clegg, Jesse. Eastwood, Frederick.

26 Postle, John. Hamer, Mrs. Mary Ann. 28 Beardsell, Joe. Roberts, Abraham, brass 30-52 Horsfall, Luke, weaver. founder.

54 56

Carter, Thomas, yarn dealer Carter, John Allen, waste packer.

Burton, Joseph. Cliffe, Joseph. King’s Bridge..

24 Radcliffe, Mrs. Jane. 26 Kaye, Charles Lee. 28 Haigh, Herbert. 50 Sykes, William. 52 Pawson, Mrs. Elizabeth. 54 Lancaster, Abraham. 56 Brook, Willie. 40 Hinchliffe, John Henry. 42 Slater, Henry. Pathway to Whitehead Lane..

38 Sayles, Ben. 40 Bowker, Albert. 42 Haigh, Thomas. 44 Crosland, Fred. 46 Baxendale, Herbert. 48 Coe, Mrs. Mary Ann. 50 Boothroyd, Tom, engineer. 52 Dyson, Mrs. Charlotte. 54 Brooke, Joe. 56 Wood, ‘George.

58 Haigh, John William. Hutchinson, Hollingworth, 60 Senior, Reuben. and Co., Ltd., storerooms 62 Haigh, John Henry. Haigh, James, dyer,

64 Turner, William. finisher, shrinker,.

66 Baxter, Allen. Globe Works; tel. 248 68 Brown, George. (established over 100 100 Stansfield, Joseph. years). Nabcroft Lane. Hanson, Dale, and Co., Ltd. (sec., B. Brook) lead works; tel. 82.

Colne Road. Right side.

Ice and Cold Storage Company, work-.

Chapel Hill. shops; tel. 423. Eastwood and Co., Fredk., Barlow and Hocknell, H. woollen’ manufacturers, B., Ltd. (sec. coger OL

Owen), King’s Bridge. Mill; tel. 569.

King’s Bridge Road..

Engine Bridge Mills and Isthmus Mills; tel. 218. Horsfall, Jonas, machine

Page 97


Left side.

1 Sykes, Mrs. Elizabeth. 5 Beaumont, Thomas.

5 Noble, John. Burman’s Yard.

Fisher, Thomas, tin and iron plate worker.

Hutchinson, Hollingworth, and Co., Atlas Works; tel. 143.

7 Durrans, James, Rose Inn. 9 Goode, Henry, plasterer. Goode, Mrs. Ann, confeec- tioner and baker. lgaLynch, John, hearthrug manufacturer. Lumb and Sons, Ltd., work- shops (offices, Folly Hall), next to Commercial Inn. Firth Bros., woollen manu- facturers; tel. 424. Taylor and_ Sons,



Queen Street South.

15 Sykes, Mrs. Ada, general dealer. 17 Dyson, Mrs. Emma, green- grocer. 19 Umpleby, Ellis Dearden. 21 Broadley, Joseph, confee- tioner.

23 Lockwood, Daniel. 25 Brooks, George. 27 Sykes, Mrs. Jenny, milliner Sykes, William Norton, en- gineer. Horstfall’s Yard. Wood, Ernest. 51 Beaumont, Mrs. Sarah. 55 Dernford, John. 3gaNuttall, Mrs. Charlotte. 50 Gunn, Josiah James. 37 Pickering, Frederick. 39 Holmes, Mrs., herbalist. 43 Wear, William Henry. 45 Taylor, Fred. — 47 Kaye, Joah. 49 Kaye, Joah, wheelwright and shoeing smith. 53 Stringer, Albert, newsagent and tobacconist. C

Chapel Hill. |


King’s Sub-Post Office. King’s Bridge Road.


7 | Colne Bridge Road, Bradley.

Left side. Leeds Road North. Jerram, Rev. Arnold Es- combe, Vicarage. Briggs, Will. Abel, Thomas. Woodhead, Fred. Gomersall, Albert. Buckley, Arthur. Maples, George. Colne Bridge Mills. Borough Boundary. Right side. 4 Haigh, Charles Ernest (Colne Bridge House). Barlow, George. Brook, Mrs. Maria. Nuttall, George Henry. Carter, Marmaduke. Millthorpe, Isaac Alfred. Carter, John. Cook, John Albert. Clapham, Mrs. Ann. Sutcliffe, George William. Pogson, Mrs. Sarah. Sharpe, Friend.



Colne Street, Paddock. Market Street. 1 Whitwam, Titus, general dealer. 2 Readshaw, Charles Edward.

4 Blackburn, Joseph, archi- tect. 6 Pullon, Harry, M.B., sur-

; geon. 7 Tinker, Mts. Emma. 11 Platts, Henry. Haigh, Ben, Talbot: Hotel. Longroyd Lane. Commercial Street. Left side. Ramsden Street. 1 North, Mrs. Sarah Ann. 5 Whetton, Henry.

Page 98


7 Abgood, Fred. 9 Brewer, John Edward. 1i Lodge, Benjamin. 13 Marsland, Fred, brewer. 15 Washington, Mrs. Sally. 17 Schofield, John. Commercial Crescent. 2 Harrop, Mary. 4 Mitchell, Herbert. 7 Frise, Jesse Symons. 8 Mortimer, Eliza Shaw. 9 Wainwright, John. 10 Wilkinson, John. 11 Brook, Charlotte. 12 Brigg, Fred. Shore Bank.

1 Ardron, Robert Henry. 5 Mellor, Albert. 4 Drake, Francis.

Grafton Place.

laFourby, Elizabeth. 5 Southworth, Louisa. 19 Hallas, John, tailor. 21 Ramsden, Fred Boquet, secretary. 23 Milnes, Mrs. Elizabeth. Milnes, Harry Benton, plasterer. Commercial Square.

1 Holmes, John Henry. Thomas. 4 Hall, James. 5 Oates, Catharine. 6aSwallow, Sarah Hannah. 7 Taylor, Elizabeth Ann. 8 Rushworth, Thomas, § O’Hara, John. | 10 Lyon, Betsy. 27 Perkins, Emily. 29 Muff, Squire.

Commercial Place.

1 Beaumont, John. 2 Land, John. 5 Lodge, Joseph Brunswick 5 Healey, Bartholomew. 8 Cowgill, Joe. 11 Brook, Charlotte. 13 Abbey, Emma Jane. 14 North, Joseph. 15 Fox, William. Rawson, George.

Rawson, Emily, general dealer.

Brooklyn Grove.

Whitehead, George Thomas. Brook, Hannah. Brook, Sarah Ann. Brook, Jane. 57 Turner, Herbert, sanitary

plumber. 59 Schofield, Mortimer. 41 Ellis, Walter, heald and

reed maker. Firth Street. Right side. : 2 Whitworth, John Edwin. 4 Bradburn, Willie. Haycock, Joseph Henry, agent. a 6 Whitehead, Frederick Wm. 8 Bradley, William, egg mer- chant. Carlton Terrace.

i Gott, John Thomas. 4 Roberts, Willie. SaStringer, red. 6 Poole, Joseph. 10 Hawksworth, Clara. 12 Hutchinson, Robert. 14 Smith, John. 16 Nichols, Tom, printer. — 18 Hadfield, James Henry. 20 Tinker, Martha, dressmaker 26 Hague, Waiter George. 28 Lockwood, John. 50 Hirst, Abraham. 52 Holroyd, Ann. 34 Littlewood, Thomas, black- smith. Roman Cathotic Schools. 58 Collins, Mrs. Hannah. 40 Threappleton, Hannah. Dyson, George. 44 Jackson, Mrs. Emma, dress- | maker. 48 Stancliffe, Luke. 50 Best, Sarah. 52 Price, Lewis. 54 Booth, Thomas joiner.

William, Brierley Buildings.

62 Green, Annie. Chatterton, Fred.

Page 99


Lumb, Thomas. Williams, Harry, foreman.

Firth Street.


Common, Almondbury.

1 Spivey, Mrs. Mary Hannah. 2 Cryer, James. Jackson, Joe. Field, Richard. Sharp, Thomas Thorpe. Wood, Joe. Conacher, Arnold.

Taylor, John Edward. Darwent, Mrs. Margaret. Castle, John Thomas. Hartley, Edwin. 13 Pickering, James.

Corporation Street. Kaye’s Buildings. Frankish, Charles, manager Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly Society. Spurdens, Charles Fredk..,

tailor. 2 Sharpe, Alfred, leather. merchant.

5 Beaumont, Emma. Municipal Buildings.

Cowcliffe Road, Fartown. |

82 Longbottom, John Clifford. 84 Thornton, Alfred. 92 Dyson, Alfred. 94 Baines, Mrs. Ann. 115 Hollings,. James.

Stead’s Cross. 2 Stead, Mrs. Martha. 5 Lunn, David. 4 Marshall, Marsden. South Road. Cowcliffe Quarry Company North Cross Road. Fixpy Park Quarry. Borough Boundary.

Boothroyd, John William. -

Cowcliffe Hill Road, |

Hillhouse. Left side. Halifax Old Road. 11 Littlewood, Fred. 13 Kastwood, Samuel. 15 Field, Edward, fitter. 19 Whitehead, Kalph. 21 Wood, Charles. 25 Johnson, Walter foreman. Whittaker. 25aDyson, John Haigh. 25bRichardson, Law, cutter. 2/ Cliffe, Joshua. 429 Livesey, 51 Kaye, Fred. . 43 Hinchliffe, hair- dresser. 45 Thornton, Mrs. Elizabeth. 37 Wakefield, John Edward. 39 Haigh, George. 4i Field, William. 43 Sykes, William. 45 Charge, Mrs. Rose. 47 Lumb, Oliver. 51 Hanson, John “bottler. 535 Bentley, Walter. 55 Kaye, Mrs. Ann. 57 Hirst, Seth. 85 Fairley, James, printer. 85aHanson, William. Coach Road. Cowcliffe Quarry Co. North Cross Road. Wixby Park Quarry. Right side. 22 Light, David, joiner. 40 Nolan, Michael. 44 Fallas, Mrs. Ann. 48 Stott, Ben, fettler. Delves Fold Quarry. 50 Thorpe, George William. 52 Perrin, Thomas.




Sunny Bank. Hodgson, Abraham. Wilkinson’s Buildings.

2 Dyson, David. 4 Knight, Joe.

Borough Boundary.

Page 100


Cowslip Street, Paddock. Beach Terrace. 4 Kaye, Joe William. 6 Riley, Harry. ; 8 Hellawell, Mrs. Sophia. 10 Ramsden, Fergus Charles Herbert. 12 Bettle, Mrs. Emma. 14 Moore, Mrs. Emma. 16 Farrington, Allen. 18 Pearson, Wiliiam Henry, warehouseman. 20 Brook, Mrs. Harriet. 22 Pearson, William. Robin Street.

Cowrakes Road, Lindley. West Street.

Kaye, Anthony Knowles, copperas works. Naylor, James, chemical works. —

Gledhill, Dyson. Broadbent, Benjamin, wool- len manufacturer. Tordoff, William, farmer. Jagger, Joe William. Ford, William. Moorhouse, Thomas. 10 Sykes, John William. 12 Smith, John. 14. Parkin, Law. 16 Marsh, John. ‘18 Walker, Benjamin. 20 Barrowclough, Frank. 22 Beeson, Thomas. 24 Tandley, John. Stead, Mrs. Jane. 28 Sykes, John William. 50 Wrigley, James Oliver. 52 Kaye, Herbert. 34 Sheard, Allen. 58 Furness, Alexander. 40 Bailey, Charles Henry. 42 Iredale, Alfred. Crosland Road.

aor WP

Croft Cottage Lane. Bradford Road North. 1 Jessop, Mrs. Mary Ann. 2 Boothroyd, Frank, _fish- monger.

5 Hanson, Fred. 4 Wild, Ambrose, gardener. 5 Barlow, James Alfred. 6 Battye, Henry. 7? Chapman, George. 8aHastwood, John Ashbrook. 9 Chapman, Mrs. Elizabeth. 10 Gee, Herbert. 11 Shaw, William, Frank. Stead’s Buildings. 1 Massheder, Robinson.

Croft House Lane, Marsh. Left side. Westbourne Road. 1 Walker, Abraham. ' 7 Burton, John William. 9 Kaye, Edwin, tailor. Syringa Street. 13 Andrews, George Henry. 15 Moore, John White. 17 Taylor, William. 19 Moorhouse, Benjamin. Appleyard, Thomas, laundry works. - Marsh Grove. 25 Kdwards, Mrs. Mary Jane. 29 Eastwood, John. 2? Broadley, William. 29 Clarke, Henry Chaplin (The Grove). Right side. Forest Avenue. 2 Owen, William. 4 Edwards, Henry Sharp. 4 Hefford, Joseph Garrett. 6 Barron, William. Wilmshurst, Walter Leslie. Crowther, Alfred. Sykes, Mrs. Sarah. Littlewood, Mrs. Mary Jane Hattersley, Mrs. Harriet. Jones, Mrs. Elizabeth Marice. Entwistle, William. Fletcher, Samuel. Jones, Mrs. Margaret. Breese, Mrs. Katie. | Woodhead, Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth. 12 Ogston, George.

On -

Page 101


14 Netherwood, James Arthur. 16 Hall, Mrs. Isabella, kinder- garten. 18 Jenkins, David Witton. 20 Ridsdale, Charles Edward. 3 Cleveland Road.

Croft Street, Marsh, Paddock. 2 Whiteley, Thomas Simpson. 4 Drabble, Charles John. 6 Linaker, Joseph. 8 Ward, Thomas. 10 Dyson, William Farington.

Crooked Tree, Lowerhouses,

Almondbury. Garlick, Stout. Greatley, William. Cross Church Street. Right side. Kirkgate. 1 Neaverson, Walter, china

and glassware. laSmith, W. H., tobacco and

cigar merchant, hair- dressing saloon.: —. 3 Oldfield and Studdard, cabinetmakers. 5 Eastwood,. Tom, Ramsden Arms. | 7 Morton, Joseph Albert, stationer.

9 Dawson, Walter, and Co., hatters and hosiers. il Atkinson, Albert, confec- tioner. 14 Booth, Charles, jun., iron- monger and cutler. 15 Mellor, Fred, ironmonger. 17 Tyler and Sons, boots and

3 shoes. 19 Hunter’s Stores, provisions and groceries. 21 Clarke, George Edwin,

watch and clock maker.

| | | | | | | | |


69 253 Freeman, Hardy and Willis,

Ltd., boot and shoe ware. house (manager, T. R.

Efughes). 25 Culley, John, and Sons, tailors and cloth mer- chants. 27 Bowker and Co., china and glassware. 29 Hardcastle, George, iron- monger.

31 Harral and Co., clothiers and outfitters.

Left side. King Street.

Hartley and Tee, butchers.

2 Burton and_ Sons, Ltd., grocers and provision mer- chants.

4 Dickinson, Alexander Lewis, Prince Albert Inn. 6-12 Golden, William, monger-and gunmaker. 14 Nelson, John, and Sons, Ltd., butchers. Re oe 16 Pearson, Mrs. confectioner. 18 Riddiough, Joseph, dersfield Truss Company. Mrs. Charlotte, pork butcher. 22 Fletcher, W. and R., Ltd.,

(sec., Wm. Blagburn), butchers. 24 North, Alfred, dining-

rooms. 26 Altham, Abraham, tea mer-

chant. 28 Day, Edward, butcher. White Lion Yard.

Johnson, Wm. Smithies Day, Edwin. Pearson, William Henry. Ainley, Fred. Bray, James David, White Lion Hotel. Berry, Alfred, Sun Inn. 54 Senior, Seth, and Sons, ale and porter brewers, wine and spirit merchants.

‘Sun Chambers.

Hud- —

Page 102


66 Firth and Wadsworth, auc-

tioneers, valuers, and estate agents. 38-40 Russell, Samuel, York- shire Warehouse Com-

pany, general drapers. Dobson’s Yard. Moore, Mrs. Sarah Ann. Theaker, James. Potter, Henry. Howard, Harry. Wooler, William Henry. Hill, Mrs. Fanny Con- stance. Neaverson, William Hy. 42 Mellor and Co., Thomas, milliners, drapers, &c. 44 London and _ Paris Em- porium, milliners and fancy drapers. 46 Netherwood, Tom. clothier, hatter, &e.

Cross Church Street,

Paddock. Church Street. 8 Brook, John, currier. 10 Marsland, Mrs. Jane. 12 Riley, Richard. 14 Mellor, Mrs. Eliza Ann. New Street.

16 Laycock, Mrs. Martha Ann. '

18 Robinson, Joseph, woollen spinner. 22 Ramsden, John Henry. 24 Crossley, William Spencer. ‘ Mark Street.

Cross Grove Street. Left side. Swallow Street. 1 Stott, Mrs. Louisa, gene ral dealer. 5 Carney, Mrs. Margaret. 7 Nicholson, William. Reeder’s Yard. 1 Pearce, William. 2 Heseltine, James. 4 Hoyle, Charles Henry. 9 Biaydes, Tom. 11 Hampshire, Fred.



13 Emmerson, Amos. id Sturgess, Thomas. 17 Fletcher, Edgar. i9 O’Brien, John, dyer. Heaton’s Yard. 2 Smith, Walter. 5 Keyworth, Victor. 4 Hodson, Harold. 2i Beaumont, Wantcliffe. 25 Booth, Mrs. Sarah Ann. 25 Coad, Mrs. Catherine. 27 Allott, Ernest Edward. 51 Wood, John Edward. 53 Tunalley, Joseph William. Grove Street... Right side. Hallas, George. Brook, David. Hardy, William. Haigh. John. 12 Schofield, Jolin. 14 Waterworth, Sydney. Waterworth’s Yard. 1 Cuncliffe, James. 2 Hall, Allen. 16 Waterworth, John William, shoemaker. 20 Battye, Tom. Hellawell, Mrs. Janet. 24 Kaye, Edgar.


_ OMmn hd

Grove Street..

Cross Lane, Marsh. Left side. Westbourne Road.. 1 Stake, Geenwood. 5 Barrett, Harry. Hill Street. 7 Inddell, Charles. 9 Walker, David. 1 Woodhead, Albert Henry. 5 Crawshaw, Vincent. Brook Street. 15 Moore, Thomas Atha. 17 Hepworth, Arthur. 19 Shaw, William. 21 Lindley, Henry.

1 1

(25 Wilkinson, Richard Haigh.

25 Brook, Joseph. | 27 Armitage, Mrs. Hannah. 29 Riley, William Taylor.

Page 103


51 Turner, David. 24 Brown, John William. 35 Robertshaw, George. 50 Smith, Joseph. 65 Fearnley, Ralph. 42 Hirst, John. 57 Lumb, George, grocer. 64 Thirkill, Mrs. Margaret. 45 Robinson, Allen. Left side. Right side. 5 Mail, James. 2 Lord, Abraham. 9 Hardcastle, Squire. 4 Noble, Allen. Thewlis, Joe. 6 Fowle, John. _9 Castle, Joseph. 8 Iredale, John Dyson. 11 Oliffe, Sam. ae i8 Kilner, Mrs. Sarah. 15 Eglinton, Benjamin. 20 Beaumont, James. 15 Eglington, William. 22 Newsome, Ephraim. 1” Taylor, Thomas William. 26 Schofield, Thomas Richard. | 19 Standish, James. 28 Holmes, Frederic. 21 Cockroft, George Henry. 50 Booth, George. 23 Wood, John. : ; 32 Ainley, Mrs. Ann. 40 Liversidge, Frederick: Wil- 64 Bristo ederick. lam. 36 Atkinson, Helwan, | 27 Howe, Eli Ward.

58 Dixon, Sam. 40 Hanson, Arthur.

42 Burton, Edward. Cross Lane, Primrose Hill.

44 Boulby, Mrs. Ann. bert ‘abies 46 Hill, Mrs. Ohristiana Eliza- 1 Lyall, William, grocer. beth. | 9 Brook, Matthewman. 56 Brook, Frederick. Whittaker, William, Prim- 08 Sutcliffe, Arthur. rose Inn. 60 Cliffe, Buckley. Baptist Sunday School. 62 Dae ae Mary. Baptist Chapel. | 64 Dyson, Mrs. Ann. ight side. 66 Fuller, Ernest. 9 wise ao 7 68 Nuttall, Mrs. Emma. ee a es

Baptist. Sunday School. (2 Badbury, Lewis. mA 2 . | 10 Hopkinson, David Dutton. ois Normington, James Al-| 10 Ellis, Alfred.

3 a 14 Whiting, James. 64 Wadsworth, Henry. Baptist: Chapel. — . 20 Poole, Albert. Cross Lane, Newsome - vewsoute Cross’ Road. Cross. Cross Lane Ends, Right side. Almondbury. 2 Hamer, Thomas. 14 Swift, Arthur. 4 Sykes, Edwin. 15 Idle, Walter. 6 Beaumont, Fred. 16 Hardcastle, Ben. 12 Walker, Frederick William | 14 Charles. Cross Queen Street. 16 Waterworth, William. Chambers, veterinary sur- 18 Lockwood, Harry. geon. 20 Hall, John Willian. Sowden, Joseph, carrier.

22 Armitage, William Henry. Norton, dyeworks.

Page 104



Crosland Road, Lindley.

2 4 6

Hey, Samuel. Sutcliffe, Eli. HKilis, Horace.

Crosland Road, Lockwood.

Thornton Lodge Road. Wilkinson, Williain, cabinet- maker.

Swinden, George Rushworth |

Beaumont, David. Haytack, Fred. Brunton, Edgar. Dawson, Walter Marcan. Rigby, George, painter.

Bower, Richmond.

Mann, Walter. Riley, George. Spence, Fred. Cushworth, John William. Patterson, John Thomas. Paui, William Henry. Bennett, Joe. Isherwood, John. Swift, John. Pearson, Mrs. Sarah. Marsh, Mrs. Elizabeth. Kirk, Mrs. Jane. Cushworth, Mrs. Ellen. Aram, Mrs. Emma. Booth, Mrs. Emma.

Moorbottem Road.

Crosland Road, Quarmby.

1 3 7 13 25 25

New Hey Road. Rhodes, Alfred. Taylor, ‘Joseph, farmer. Ainley, Benjamin, farmer. Manchester Old Road.

Crosland Hill Road,

Crosland Moor. Left side. Blackmoorfoot Road. Beaumont, James. Roberts, Ben, farmer. Atkinson, Fred. Brook, Tom, general dealer. Whitehead, Edward. Brook, William.


dl 55 30 of 39


43 45 Al 49


55 55 57

59 63

65 67 69 71 73 75 Ti 79

85 85 87

8g 91 93 95 97

Parr, William. Quarmby, Elijah. Dyson, John. Coldwell, Enoch Roebuck. Taylor, William Edward.

Brammald, Gordon Wash- ington. Bates, John Oswin, quarry owner. Shaw, Mrs. Eliza Ann. Ellis, Joe. Lockwood, Annis.

Waddington, James Graham = and Jessop, Hill Quarries. Gudger, Wilham Henry. Bradley, Joseph. Bullas, Fred. Mellor, William.


Mellor, Squire.

Mellor, Mrs. Harriet. Mellor, Fred. Mellor, John. Moore, Joe, quarry owner. Moore, John, quarry owner. Bower, Thomas. i Mellor, Witham. Beaumont, Joe. Jones, William. Bowker, John That Bates, Frederick Barker. England, Henry. Heywood, John. © Haigh, Allen, Inn. Heywood, Sam. Garside, John. Bates, Joseph William. Hague, Henry. Platt, John Edward. Felk Style Road.

Dransfield, Fred. Swallow, Tom Green.

Right side. Dyson, George. Stansb ury, Edward. France, Harry. Shaw, Mrs. Sarah Ann, Wilson, Henrv. Hepw orth, William.

Brook, Mrs. Elizabeth. Rangeley, Joe. en”

Rising Sun

Page 105

60 66


Jones, Mrs... Annie


(Birk- |

| |

Crosland Moor Co-operative |

Society. Methodist Free Church. Worsley, John Henry. Lockwood, Robert Wright.

Crossley Lane, Dalton.

Pitman, William.

Crowther Street, Lockwood.

1 2 3

13 Cheetham, 15 Turner, 17 Sutcliffe, Mrs.

Cammack, George. Riley, Charles. Crosland, Mrs. Ann.

Cuckholds Clough, Sheepridge. Rowland. Albert. Ann.

Daisy Roya: Newsome.


Hardcastle, Allen.

6 Halstead, Levi, weaver.

14 18 20

Mellor, Mrs. Allen. Goddard, George. Schofield, Henry.

Daisy Street. Pauldon, Hugh Cowley. Raweliffe, George Frederick Ingham, Samuel. Hodgson, Mrs. Elizabeth. Wood, Mrs. Sarah. Hoyle, Abel. Boothroyd, Mrs. Ann. Walters, Arthur. Micklethwaite, Jonas. Child, Mrs. Caroline Hor- * Jessop, Tom.

Daisy Lea Lane, Lindley.

Lidgett Street.

1 Hepworth, Fred.

5 Bedford,





73 Hillier, William.

6 Kellett, Soloman. |

8 12 18 20 22 23 30 oa 54


79 81

Haigh, Edward. Heap, James. Brook, Wright. Dyson, Mrs. Susannah. Crowther, John. Dransfield, Law. White, Edward. Tinker, Alfred. Fox, Josepb, cloth merchant

Halifax Road.

a ee

Dale Street. Left side. Sizer, Edgar, shoeing smith. Sizer’s Yard. Wilson, Harry. Haigh, Harry. Hawthorne, Mrs. Mary. Beaumont, Sam. Laycock, George Frederick.

Day, Ben.

Hirst, Arthur. Binns, Frank. Green, Shaw. Ralph, Joseph. Balmforth, John. Quarmby, Daniel. Beevers, Willie. Boyle, James. Dyson, Nathan. Morton, Edward. Bentley, Mrs. Isabel. Pinder, Mrs. Mary. Wood, ‘Joshua. Crossley, Sam Oxley, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth. Holroyd, Sam. Holmes, Harry. Horne, Amos. Armitage, Joe. Bennett, Henry. Bolton, Charles Richard. Woodhouse, Joe. Hairpin, Mrs. Mary. Dufton, Samuel. Paxman, Ben Bryton. Beevers, Tom.

83 Firth, Mrs. Clara.

Page 106


Right side. 6 Rayner, John Alien. 10 Fenwick, Richard. 12 Webster, Joseph. 14 Briggs, Fred. 16 Gardiner, John. 18 Gardiner, Kedar. Lunn, Jepson. Arnold, Sam. Hirst, Tom. Townend, Allen. Jessop, Law. 60 Green, Mrs. Louisa. Binns, Abraham. ‘Walker, Allen. Littlewood, Aquilla. McDonald, Michael. Mowbray, James William. Horsfall, Fred. Cocking, Charles Wilkinson, Mrs. 58 Stoker, John. Tredale, Mrs. Mary.

Henry. Amelia.

Dale Street, Longwood

Gate. 4 Heathcote, Herbert. 6 Renshaw, Randolph. 8 Holdsworth, John. 10 Ward, John. 3 12-14 Wilson, Mrs. Ann. Hirst, Thomas. Hirst, Samuel. Walsham, John. Mallinson, Alexander. Hirst, Stead. Carter, Sydney. Hirst, Arthur. Hirst, John Henry. Cliffe End Mills.


Dalton Bank, Lees Lodge, Dalton. Left side.

4i Poole, Mrs. Rachael. 43 Wood, Mrs. Elizabeth. Dalton Fold. 41 Piper, George. 43 Gibson, Tom. 45 Carstairs, George.


Right side. 50 Wilson, Sam. 52 Craddock, Samuel. 36 Whitehead, Mrs. Mary. 58 Bellamy, William. 42 Davison, John. 44 North, Ben. 46 Moorhouse, John Arthur. 48 Shirtcliffe, Thomas. Left side. Dalton Fold Road. Little Carr Green. 1 Senior, Fred. 3 Sykes, John Kaye. 5 Kaye, Mrs. Charlotte. 7 Shaw, Henry. 9 Dransfield, Abraham. 11 Everitt, Job. 15 Gibson, Fred. 15 Womersley, Joseph. Holdsworth, Joe. Senior, Tom. 17 Stead, Abrahani. 19 Woodhouse, Joe. 21 Copley, William. 22 Pullon, Robert, farmer. 23 Kilburn, James Edwin. 25 Holdsworth, Mrs. Ellen. 27 Challenger, Mrs. Hannah,

grocer. Dalton i

29 Marsh, Joseph, Dairy. Haigh’s Square. Haigh, John Edward. Lodge, Joe. Chafar, Alfred. Spencer, William. Kaye, Jonas. Haigh, Mrs. Ellen. Whittell, Harry. Beckett, John, jun. 41 Booth, Mrs. Leah. 53 Roberts, John Holdsworth. 50 Brook, Fred. 37 Sanderson, Ben. 69 Horne, Fred.

Dalton Green.. Left side. 1 Dyson, Edward. 5 Ives, Norman. 7 Dyson, Tom Edward, farmer

Page 107


16 20



Chambers, Joseph. Lee, John Kendrew. Carter, Mrs. Mary Ann. Dalton Mills.

Heaton, Richard. Baines, Charles Frederick. Right side. Hadaway, Alfred Dixon, commercial traveller (Green Garth). Wilkinson, John William. Watkinson, Harry (Green- lea). Greenwood, Mrs. Lavina. Mapplestone, John. Ainley, John William. Whitfield, Mrs. Mary. Dalton Lees Mill. Dyson, Jabez. Sharpe, Charles. Hill, Frederick. Sykes, Edward Taylor. Hirst, William Henry. Dalton Lane. Murgatroyd, Aked. Calvert, Hadfield. Brooke, Joe. France, William. Brook, William Baxter. Barr, George.

Potter, Charles Henry.

Murgatroyd, William Henry Springfield Terrace.

76 Steel, William Lofthouse. 78 Spencer, John Henry.

80 Lee, James.




82 Schofield, Thomas.

Damside, Moldgreen. Newsome Road.

-3 Jackson, Joe, grocer. Mallinson, William. Feather, John. Dawson, William, insurance

agent. Clark, Alfred.

13 Sykes, Walter.


maker and broker.

Riley Street. |

Watkinson, Henry, machine

17 Tetlow, Mrs. Martha Ann. 23 Vickerman, David James. 29 Leng, William. 53 Ellam, Samuel. 35 Scholes, Mrs. Sophia. 37 Cady, Thomas. Whitehead Lane.

359 Fisher, Mrs. Mary Ann. 43 Earnshaw, John Graham. 47 Hampshire, Willie. 51 Thewlis, Mrs. Jane. ~ 53 Jessop, Alfred.

Dark Lane, Longwood

Gate. Left side. Bailey, Wood. Green, William Henry. Dyson, Joseph. Pilling, Mrs. Frances. Ramsden, Mellor. 11 Cliffe, William. 13 Coldwell, Timothy. 15 Parker, Miss Clara. 17 Skelhom, John. 19 Singleton, Tom Henry. 21 Taylor, David William. 25 Chadwick, Mrs. Caroline. Right side. Green, Walter. Woodhouse, John. Byram, James William. Hoyle, John. 10 Sykes, Mrs. Elizabeth. 12 Gledhill, Ramsden. 14 Little, Henry. 16 Sykes, James. 18 Wade, Ben Taylor. 20 Luty, Sam. 22 Williams, John. 24 Leech, Sam. 26 Kershaw, John William. 28 Garside, Sam.

O10 Oe

Deadmanstone, Berry

Brow. Left side. 1 Shaw, Joseph. laShaw, Henry. 5 Garside, Willie.

Page 108


9 Shaw, Allen. 11 Shaw, Ingham. 13 Jessop, Enos. Right side. 2 Thackray, Mrs. Ellen. 2ZaShaw, Mrs. Ann. 4 Walker, Arthur. 6 Metcalf, Thomas. 8 Crow, William. Woodhouse, Mrs. Jane. Littlewood, John. ftiague, Walter. Davenport, James. Wood, Joe. Turner, Harry. Brook, Tom. Fisher, George Henry. Jackson, Alfred. Dyson, Joah. Waterhouse, William. Walshaw, Henry. Brook, Benjamin. Oldfield, Harry. Oldfield, John. Bedford, Fred. Beaumont, Wright. France, Willie. | Wood, John Thomas.

Deadwaters. Forrester, Robert.

Dean Street, Quarmby. Left side. New Hey Road. 1 Morton, Thomas, weaver. 4 Dixon, Alfred, painter. 7 Hanson, Ivoy. 9 Wood, Charles Henry. 11 Haigh, George. 13 Cotton, Mrs. Jane. 15 Woodhouse, Robert Henry. 17 Hoyle, William Kenworthy. 19 Sykes, Thomas, fancy reposi- tory. Dyson, Luke. Hepworth, Enos. Addy, Joah. Horton, Harry. Thornton, Jim. Jones, Alfred. | Garside, Robert.

Wellington Street. —


Right side. 2 Taylor, William Edwin. 4 Crosland, Ben. 6 Rhodes, Oliver, dyer. 8 Brook, Sam. 10 Jagger, John Edward. 12 Mellor, Wright. 14 Whiteley, Sam. 16 Hinchliffe, William. 18 Knight, James. 20 Marsh, Alfred, engineer. Wellington Street..

Dearne Fold, Lindley.

2 Riley, John. 5 Smith, Fred. 4 Bailey, Mrs. Nancy. 5 Ibbotson, John. 6 Sunderland, Joseph. 7 Bates, Job Milnes. 8 Smith, Norris. Whitwam, William Henry. Thorpe, Allen. Priestley, Walker. Wilson, Thomas Edward. Smithies, Crosland. Rhodes, Charles. Brook, John. Brook, Mrs. Eliza. Marsland, Jesse. Brook, John. Brook, Robert. Brearley, Charles Edward. Dean, Joel. | Milnes, Mrs. Martha. Lees, Fred. Peel, William. Smith, John. . Schofield, John William. Wright, Mrs. Frances. Lees, Charles Henry. Shaw, Charles Edward. Sykes, John Harry.


Deighton Road, Deighton.

Left side. Leeds Road North.

Deighton Sundav — School Building. Crowshaw, George wheel- wright.

Page 109


Boothroyd, Sam, miner. . Boothroyd, James. Boothroyd, Tom, dyer. 1 Clay, Wyndham. 5 Clay, William, stonemason. Whitaker Street. Cherry Nook Road. Brown, William Henry. Deighton, Working Men’s Club. Victoria Street. Ramsden, Robinson, farmer. 5 Hinchliffe, George. 7 Cliffe, Mrs. Harriet, baker. 9-15 Hirst, John Shaw, Wool- pack Inn. Deighton Bowling Green ‘Company, Ltd. (sec., J. Jarrett). 15 Hampshire, Matthew. 17 Wood, Enoch. 19 Wakefield, Herbert. 23 Gill, Fred. 25 Dyson, Harold. 27 Brook, Mrs. Elien. 57-39 Armitage, George, dyer. Swallow, Abraham, woollen cord cutter. Pattinson, William. Croft, Levi, deputy-miner. 45 Jowett, Joshua Berry, clerk. 47 Holdsworth, Fred. Overton, Surgeon. Sutcliffe, Isaac, dyer. 49 Broadhead, Fred. 51 Mosley, Harry. Thomas, William. Armitage, James, dresser. Dvson, Fred. . 55 Burchell, Charles Henry. © of Mitchell, Fred. 69 Kaye, George, butcher. 61 Nobie, John Lewis. 63 Brooke, Henry (Warren- field). Hudson, George. Hudson, Fred. Lightridge Road. Right side. 2 Calvert, Joseph. 4 Calvert, Benjamin, dyer. New Connexion Chapel.


8 Lund, Joseph. 10 Burton, Charles. 12 Horner, William Henry. 14 Robinson, Mrs. Sarah. 16 Mason, Edward. 18 Crawshaw, David, miller. 20 Dryden, George, general dealer. 22 Crawshaw, Alec. 24 Lister, Mrs. Maria. Robinson, Mrs. Hannah. 28 Watkins, Mrs. Ellen. 350 Nunns, Mrs. Elizabeth. 52-54 Charlesworth, Mrs. Annie, grocer. Swallow, Mrs. Emma. Sharpe, Mrs. Sarah Ann. 56 France, Alfred, greengrocer. 48 Brown, Henry. 52 Brook, William. 54 Robinson, Charley, weaver. 56 Taylor, William, jun., gar- dener. 58 Taylor, Mrs. Emily. 60 Heywood, Mrs. Nancy. Key, Henry, jun., manager. Schofield, Mrs. Emma. 64 Firth, Armitage. 68 Spencer, Charles Edward. 70 Wood, Hirst. 76 Donbavand, Mrs. Betsy. 78 Swallow, Edwin. 80 Tiffany, Alfred. 82 Garthwaite, Tom. 86 Aspinall, Tom. 88 Booker, William Henry. 90 Netherwood, Benjamin. 92 Brook, Ben. 94 France, Alfred, manufacturer. France, Charles Hopkinson. Taylor, John. Noble, Fred (Croft House). Berry, Tom. Thornton, Dan. — 104 Wakefield, James. 106 Barlow, Ambrose. Barlow, Mrs. Sarah Ann. Deighton Board Schools. Oddfellows’ Buildings,

1 Hoyle, Herbert. 5 Sykes, William Albert. 4 Battye, Joseph.


Page 110


5 Netherwood, William Hy. 6 France, William. 108 Sutcliffe, Thomas Edmund. 110 Crowther, Dawson. 112 Woffenden, John Ebenezer. 114 Quarmby, Edwin. 116 Cooper, George. Hepworth’s Buildings. 1 Jowett, Mrs. Charlotte. 2 Netherwood, Godfrey. 3 Netherwood, Tom.

4 Schofield, Mrs. Elizabeth.

5 Higginson, Emma. 6 Smith, George. ¢ Smith, Mrs. Ann. 8 Sykes, Whiteley. 9 Smith, Tom. 118 Walker, Joe. Spencer, Joseph, spinner. 120 Clough, Joseph. 122 France, Joseph, cord cutter. 124 Sykes, Abel, Sub-Post Office. 126 Jarman, George Thomas. Chelsea Fold. 2 Fisher, William Edward. 5 Horner, Robert. 7 Nunns, Walter. 9 Lawton, Mrs. Martha. 14 Winter, -Toseph. Binns, Harry. 128 Denham, Mrs. Mary Ann. 150 France, John. 162 Dawson, Abraham Farrar. 154 Chapman, Thomas. 144 Gaukrodger, Mrs. Mary. 146 Smith, John, brickmaker. 148 Rushworth, Mrs. Elizabeth. 150 Ward, William Rootsey, clerk. 154 Gledhill, Mrs. Annie. 156 Cockhill, James Richard. 158 Hopkinson, Mrs. Eliza. 160 Jackson, William Michael (Wiggan House). Lightridge Road.

Denby Place, Marsh. 1 Lynn, Mrs. Ellen. 5 Wood, Jonas. 4 Brook, Walter. 5 Wood, Mrs. Elizabeth. 6 Sutcliffe, Alfred. 7 Robinson, John.

Denton Lane. Left side. Rosemary Lane. Copley’s workshops. Brown, J. W., broker. Brown’s Yard. 59 Rottigan, Martin, carman. Castlegate. Right side. Commercial Hotel Yard. 6 Hunter, Thomas William. Spivey’s Yard. 8 Mellor, John. Castlegate.


Devonshire Street,

Lockwood. Left side. Swan Lane. 1 Roberts, Thewlis. 15 Brook, Mrs. Ann. 17 Sheard, Robert Henry, fore- man. 19 Lee, George Henry, ware- houseman. Bentley Street. 41 Kendall, Edward. 25 Kendall, Charles. Right side. 6 Lodge, Arthur Adamson. 8 Arrol, John Crosby. Bentley Street.

Diamond Street, Dalton. Left side. 1 Whiteley, John. 5 Berry, Fred. Right side. 6 Metcalf, Fred. 8 Kaye, Robert. 10 Kendall, Walter. 12 Booth, Clarissa.

Dingle Road, Marsh.

Longbottom, Fred. Sykes, Ernest Augustus. Cooper, Ernest Sewell. Brook, Harry. verry, Harry.

Page 111


6 Wood, Joe William. 6aOldfield, Thomas William. 7 Sporne, Henry Ward.

Dock Street. Left side. Castlegate.

1 Banbury, William. 9 Thornton, Richard. 15 Nolan, Henry. 17 Mulligan, John. 21 Croughan, Peter. 25 Gilmour, Thomas. 25 Scally, Michael. 43 Croughan, Patrick. 45 Spivey, William Henry. 47 Madden, John. Pollitt’s Yard.

51 Currans, Mrs. Mary Ann. 53 Dickinson, John Alfred. 5daHirst, William. 55 Moore, Michael. 67 Brennan, John. 73 Connolly, Thomas.

~ 79 Madden, John.

83 McNulty, Bernard. 85 Jennings, Redmond. Right side. 2 Cryer, William. 4 Gannon, James. 6 North, William Henry. 8 Morris, Mrs. Mary. 4 Thornton, Frederick. 6 Reynolds, John. Longbottom, Fred. Pyrah, John. 26 Castello, Thomas. 28 Alvey, Thomas. 62 Lemon, Edward. 56 Howley, Peter. 538 Knockton, Mrs. Annie. 42 Brier, Allen. 46 Spivey, John, bird dealer. 48 Ramsden, Mrs. Sarah.

Dodlee Lane, Longwood Gate.

1 Walker, Charles. . 3 Wood, Sam Coldwell. 2-4 Hanson, John Herbert.

8 Baimforth, Joseph. 12 Quarmby, Edward. 14 Walker, Townend. 16 Jackson, William. 18 Wood, Joseph Erdley.

Dods Royd, Berry Brow.

Right side, Salford Road. 2 Ellis, Hervey, warper. 4 Lunn, Levi, gardener. 6 Kaye, John, weaver. 8 Bailey, Joe, clerk. 10 Goddard, James. 12 Waters, finisher. 14 Tyas, Fred, weaver. 16 Cartwright, Fred, weaver. 18 Beaumont, William. 20 Wood, Joseph.

James, brass-

22 Bennett, William.

26 Matthewman, Mrs. Sarah. 28 Newsome, Henry. 50 Hirst, Mrs. Lydia Emma. © 52 Ellis, Ammon. 54 Tyas, John, pattern weaver. 36 Lockwood, Mrs. Eliza. 40 Lockwood, Charles. weaver. 42 Kaye, Joseph, finisher. 44 Smith, Tom Brown. 46 Fleetwood, Henry, black- smith.

48 Bradley, Doctor.

52 Buckley, Joe. 54 Wimpenny, Mrs. Mary. 56 Lockwood, John William. 58 Donkersley, Fenton. Home Royd. Kipper, James, M.B., sur- geon. 60 Dyson, Hadfield, baker of oatbread. : Dyson, Benjamin Jagger (Dods Royd). 62 Lockwood, Mrs. Mary. 64 Piatt, Mrs. Mary Ann. 66 Sykes, Arthur. 70 Johnson, Robert. 72 Turner, William. 78 Oddy, Harry Benson. 80 Sykes, William, finisher. 82 Lockwood, Alexander.

Page 112


84 Kippax, John. 94 Caines, Mrs. Amelia, Black Bull Hotel. St. Paul’s Church. Armitage Bridge Vicarage. ev. George Charles Brownlow Madden, M.A., vicar; James Rowbottom, sexton. Armitage Bridge and Berry Brow Conservative Club. Armitage Bridge House, Sir Thomas Brooke, Bart. Road leading to Netherton and Big Valley. Left side. Station Road. Liversidge, John, joiner and builder. Berry, Walter, chemist; tel. 168 (public office). Chappell, William, cher’s Arms Inn. Waingate. Park Gate,



Doe Royd, Almondbury.

Sikes, Mrs. Hannah Maria. : Dog Kennel. 48 Donaldson, Fred. - 62-54 Chambers, Mark. 60-62 Marsden, Herbert. Dog Kennel Bank. _ Somerset Road. 56 Abbott, Mrs. Sarah Ann. 58 Halstead, Mrs. Martha Hannah. 63 Cocker, Mrs. Hannah. 65 Spivey, Nowell. 67 Nutton, Sam. 69 Broderick, John, warehouse- man. 71 Townend, Mrs. Frances Ann 73 Duckworth, Sam. 75 Riley, Herbert.

Lowerhouses Road.

Dowker Street, Longwood. Left side. 1 Halstead, Lenny. 35 Rawcliffe, James Edward.

telephone |


Cheetham, Edward. — ¢ Mallalieu, James William. 9 Taylor, William. Boothroyd, Mrs. Fanny. Stott, Willie. Armitage, Mrs. Mary Ann. Kinder, Fred. Right side. 2 Parke, John Latimer. 4 Hill, Joshua. 8 Crosland. Tyne. Taylor, Herbert. Ramsden, Jeremiah. Priestley. Joe. Ardron, Frederick Charles. Calverley, William Edward. Broadley, George. Bottomley, Edgar. Dawson, Hervey. Shaw, Fred. Livesey, John William. 62 Boothroyd, Arthur.

Drawer’s Row, Berr 7

Brow. , Rock Chapel Road. 1 Green, Mrs. Ann. 2 Shaw, Alfred. 4 Hirst, Allen. 6 Lister, Hirst. 8 Shaw, George Henry. i0 Crosland, Mrs. Jane. 12 Hirst, Joe. 14 Taylor, Henry. 16 Goldthorpe, Mrs. Emma. 18 beaumont, Thomas.

_Dryclough Road, Crosland

Moor. Barton Road. 1 Hinchliffe, William Norfolk. 5 Whiteley, Joshua, farmer. Armitage, Dyson. Armitage, John. Basnett, Mrs. Hannah. Smedley, Charles. Mear, Fred. Petty, James. jradley, Lewis.

20 22 24 26 50

64 Armitage, Shaw. 46 Parkin, Joshua.

Page 113


Duke Street. Left side. Swallow Street. 1 Mitchell, Michael. 3 Dempsey, John. 5 Dolan, Edward. 47 Cox. Edward Patrick. 9g Gledhill, John. 11 Carter, "Henry. Carter, Joseph. 15 Killenbeck, Thomas. Swallow, William, dairyman 19 Burgess, Richard. 19aHeaton, Mrs. Elizabeth. 21 Priestley, Edwin. 23 Dodson, red. ‘25 Whelan, Patrick. 27 Slater, Mrs. Annie Elizabeth Grove Street. Right side,

2 Sykes, William. 4 Sisw ick, Fred. Harold. 8 Smith, Mrs. Mar y. 10 Cooper, Edward. 12 Wilkinson, Luke. 14 Beaumont, Herbert. 18 Corcoran, ‘Mrs. Martha. 20 Rushworth, Timothy. Kaye’s Yard. 1 Howe, Joseph. & Westerman, Joe. 22 Lee, Tom. 24 Berry, Mrs. Caroline. 26 Boothroyd, John Henry. -26aBrown, Robert ‘Haigh ’s Yard.

1 Richardson, Frances.

laKillarney, John Henry. Dundas Street.

Left side. Market Street.

‘1 Miines and Son, Ltd. (sec., H. Taylor), papei mer- chant. Heaton, Edward Philip,

wool merchant. 3 Livesey, David, nel and flock: merchant.

Collis’s Yard. |

white flan- |


5 Woodhead and Barker wool- len merchants. Sykes, John, manufacturer. 11-13 Taylor, William Fergus, hearthrug manufacturer ;


tel; 31; 15 Stott, Albert, and* Sons, woollen merchants. Shaw, Alfred Dean. rem-

nant dealer and woollen merchant. 17 Priestley, John, yarn agent. Schofield, Joseph, and Co., W oollen merehants. Woodhead and Wimpenny, noil merchants. Denton, Lee, and Co., wholesale clothiers. Wilkinson, David. under- clothing ‘manufacturer.

Upperhead Row. Right side.

2 Netherwood, Dalton, and Co., works. 8 Moxon, Godfrey, and Son,

painters and decorators. Sergeantson Street, 14 Taylor, George V Anson. 16 Taylor, Edmund, teazle mer- chant. 18 Sykes, John, and Co., len merchants.


Dyson Street, Dalton. Left side.


Long Lane. 3 Shaw, Wilson, vookkeeper. 5 White, Thomas. 7 Horton, Joseph. 9 Lockwood, Sanderson, Jesse Howarth. Turner, Harry. Foster, Arthur. Broadbent, Sam, finisher. Sykes, Gabriel. 31 Appleyard, Mrs. Annie. Lodge, Noah. Wadsworth, Fredk.




Page 114


43 45

47 Ril

ol 03 05 o7 59 63 65


64 66

11 13 15 25



Turner, John William, | currier. Armitage, Mrs. Rebecca.

Uey, George, spinner. Hinchliffe, James, designer. Hall, Albert Edward. Astwick, Mrs. Hannah. Fisher, Rufus, spinner.

Broadbent, Fredk., weaver.

Scott, Joseph, gardener. Ewart, Mrs. Sarah Ann. Lockwood, Joseph Stocks, joiner.

Robertshaw, Charles Henny. Right side.

Scholes, Jibson Bentley. Turner, Jonathan.


East Parade. Left side, Buxton Road. Garside, Mrs. Emma, ma- chine repairing shop. Armitage and Hirst’s rug factory. Wainwright and Co.’s print- ing works. Cockroft, Charles Allen, wood turner. Beaumont, Joseph, carver. | Ambler’s mill warehouse. Sykes, James, wood turner. Cook, R. R. and Co., cloth and doublet manufac- turers; tel. 309.

Alfred Street. Mrs.



Thackway, Emma Mary. Hinchliffe, Sergeant. Simpson, John. Wharf, Percy. Garsed, John. Jackson, George. Kilner, George. Blackburn, John. Whitehead, Miss,


Charles, police


| | | | | | | | | | | | |

25 Broadbent, Thomas a electrical engineer, Vic- toria Electric Works; tel. 371.

Right side. Chapel Hill, 2 Beswick’s Temperance Hotel 6 Thornton, Miss Ann, dress- maker. 8 Tebb, John. Kenworthy, Royston, and Co.,machine makers; tel. 184, Foster, Henry. Robinson, Squire Aspinall, manager Huddersfield and District Posting and Ad- vertising Company, Ltd. (sec, A. C, Sharpe). 10 Hirst, Walter. l2aSykes, J., timber yard. 14 Senior, Wilson.

l4aSiddle, William, rag mer- chant. Mothers’ Charitable Institu- tion.

16 Cromack; Charies. 18 Roberts, Ralph. 40 Sykes, Edwin. 42 Haigh, Armitage. . Brown and_ Sons, David, gear cutters and pattern makers; tel. 80.

East Street, Lindley. Left side, : Birchencliffe Road, 1 Pilling, Alfred, draper and grocer. Clough, Harry. Whitwam, James. Riley, Oliver. Bower, George Henry. Pearson, Richard. Smithies, James. Young, Enos. Hirst, Thomas Lodge, but- cher. Hirst, Mrs. Charlotte. 57 Priestley, Herbert. 43 Keclesby, Alfred. 45 Holroyd, George, beamer.


13 29 dl 55 35

Page 115


47 Dyson, John Hirstwood. 49 Bottomley. William. Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. 51 Oxley, Mrs. Lucy. 53 Wilman, Alfred. 55 Robinson, Mrs. Sarah. Eilam, Mrs. Mary. 57 Robinson, William. 59 Crowther, Joe William, painter and decorator. 63 Hepworth, Law. 65 Wyer, Daniel. 67 Briggs, John. 69 Marsh, Dan. ve Copley, Joe. 75 Craven, Samuel. 7 Schofield, John. 79 Maltby, J ohn. 81 Iredale, Firth. 83 Ainley, Benjamin, brewer. Halifax Road. Right side. Lidgett Street. 2 Callaghan, Alexander “S., boot and shoe maker. 10 Turner, Abraham. 12 Bower, Robert. 16 Smith, David. George Street. 22 Shaw, Henry, general dealer Sutcliffe, Albert. 24 Garside, J onathan. butcher. 26 Haigh, John Richard (Belle Vue House). 28 Dyson, George

Wesleyan and Chapel.

Halifax Road,

Eastwood Street, Dalton. Left side. . Wakefield Road. 3 Hirst, Ben, blacksmith. Pickles, Francis Darley (Briestfield). Victoria Street. 41 Hall, Mrs. Annie. 51 Eastwood, Fred. 53 Rushworth, Joseph. 55 Mallinson, Mrs. Elizabeth. 57 Eastwood, Richard. 59 Eastwood, Mrs. Emma. School Street.

19 Taylor,

Right side. 12 Mullen, Dan. 14 Crowther, Miss Annie. 16 Cook, Thomas. 16 Barker, David. 20 Horner, George. 28 Wise, John Henry. 52 Moore, James. 34 Mellor, _ Alfred, maker. 36 Chappell, Seth. 40 Leech, Henry.


Edgerton, Marsh. Left side. Cemetery Road. Oldroyd, Thomas Gomersall. Comber, Miss Mary Louisa. | Blacker Road.

5 Hordern, [saac, cashier. Armitage, Edward, woollen manufacturer (Edgerton Hill). 9 Scott, George. 11 Wrigley, Mrs. Mary, ments. 13 Shaw, John William. 15 Brook, George Smith, mana- ger.



Imperial Road.

Haigh, Henry (Oak Lea). Greenwood, Albert Edward, (Leonard Place). Cumming, James Wright (Leonard Place). Brook, Arthur Jabez (Rose- neath). Sugden, Joseph (Rose Bank) Wilcock, Lawrence (Luther Place). Peel Norris (Stonegarth). Henry, iron mer- chant (Woodville). Wild, Frederick Clayton (Mount). 21 Whiteley, William, machine maker (Holly Mount). Mallinson, Rev. Joel, M.A. (Glenside). 23 Drinkwater, Sam Edw ard. Brook, Mrs. Ada Helena Gertrude (Mount).

Page 116


Hall, Abraham. Richardson, Mrs. Fanny. Tinker, Arthur (Sunnybank), Right side. (Cleveland Road.

2 Shaw, Misses Alice and

Elizabeth, Sub-Post Office |

Livingstone |

Blacker Road, | 10 Booth, John James (Clyde |

House). 12 Taylor, field). 14 Kaye, Alfred, draper (Edger- ton Bank). 16 Exley, John Henry. East wood, James (Burleigh). Queen’s Road. Brigg, John Percy, woollen manufacturer Clegg, Joseph lea)

James Albert (Bank- |

(Ironbrook). | Thorpe Tor- |

ea). 22 Kaye, Joseph Henry (Hazel |

Grove). Southall, Thomas.

| Kaffir Road. | Sykes, William Shaw (Glen-_


Halifax Road.


Edge Terrace, Longwood Gate.

2 Taylor, Joe. ° 4 Haigh, Alfred. 6-6 Wrigley, William. 10 Smith, Mrs. Martha. 12 Wood, Thomas. Edward Street, Lindley. 2 Brook, Tom. Eleanor Street. Left side.

Bradford Road North, |

Hall, Arthur. Jessop, Mrs. Emma. Richardson, Fred, joiner.

C~101 04

10 Orrah, Mrs. Louisa. 13 Mallinson, Mrs. Emma.

Hollingworth, James Joshua |


15 Waite, Benjamin, chemist. 17 Buckley, James William. 19 Marshall, William Henry, teacher of music. _ 21 Baldwin, Charles Mawby. 25 Benton, Miss Annie. Clara Street. Right side, Co-operative Buildings. 4 Office of Hillhouse Persever- ance Friendly Society. 6 Jury, Samuel, surveyor. 8 Hewison, Arthur William.

Marian Street. 10 Rhodes, George. Congregational Church. 12 Shirtcliffe, David Dennison. Clara Street.. Halifax Old Road.

Elm Street, Damside. 4 Winterbottom, terer. 6 McLachlen, William. 8 Crombie, Robert. Benn Street..

Tom _ plas-

il 12 13 14 16 sy 18

Hoyle, Major. Wade, Charles Edward. Jebson, Enoch. Cromack, Joseph, manager. Hinchliffe, Wiltigm. Morton, George. Horncliffe, Allen.

Manor Street..

Elmfield Terrace, Dalton. 1 Swindells, David. 2 Fitton, Mills. 5 Gill, Mrs. Ann. 6 Williamson, Mrs. Grace.

Elmfield Road, Hillhouse.. Sykes, Charles Herbert.

Engine Bridge. Colne Road,. (8 Dransfield, Sidney. 80 Ewart, Mrs. Emily. 84 Grindrod, Mrs. Eliza.

Page 117


86 Wood, William. ce 6 Stockdale, George Wm. 88 Cousens, Lewis. 7 Greenwood, Joe William, 90 Schofield, Mrs. Emma. | pattern weaver. 90aGothard, George. | 8 Carmichael, fred. Fearnley, John Sowden. § Walsh, John. 10 Burnett, Robert. Enoch Lane, Salford. § =: 12:- Brown, Friend.

| 13 Woulds, William. | 14 Brown, Alfred. : ee ee Henry. | 16 Dixon, John Wiilie. 7 Broadbent, Mrs. Charlotte. | 57 Townend, James William.

: 59 Barker, Edwin. 9 Armitage, ‘Mrs. Elizabeth. i 17 ise Hoassiot, 61 Porritt, Ethelbert St.

Left side.

; Right side. nat 2 Clay, Thomas Edward. | a ¢ 4 Crowther, Benjaniin. | 1 Hellawell, Mrs. Ann, baker- 6 Dugdale, Mrs. Mary Jane. | 35 Kitson, Joe. 8 Mitchell Harry. | a Craven, Sam. pint | 9 Nicholls, Joseph. Fartown Green Road. | 11 Rushworth, Alfred.

135 Gliver, John Lord.

Left side. 15 Sharpe, William.

Bradford Road North.

17 Denton, Joss. Hopkinson, Samuel. , a Shaw, Thomas. 19 Adderley, William.

ae | 21 Gibson, Leonard, jun. Hollingworth, Fred. 63 Lawton, Ben Brook, grocer, 7 ‘ a . aT | f ~ So fae 17 Graham, Ben, farmer. 67 Whiteley, John Wililam. ie et 69 Newsome, Sam waste dealer (Villa Green). a :

Haigh, Harry.

On Fr

71 Swan, Thomas, joiner. 19-21 Shaw, Joe (The Holmes). : nga Ei it 23 Thurgarland, Henry. 73 Fox, Mrs. Betsy. 25 Crosland, Mrs. Mary Ann. |. Cooper’s Buildings. 27 Dyson, Mrs. Jane Ann. | i Richardson, Robert. 29 Buckle, Wilham Ormston. | 2 Lister, Mrs. Martha. 31 Foster, Frederick. 5 Dransfield, Thomas. 35 Denton, Stephen. 4 Armitage, John William. 30 W interbottom, Robert John | 5 Thornton, San. 37 Sykes, Edwin. | 6 Hobson, Richard. 59 Watson, Richard. 7 Wadsworth, Matthew. 41 Lockwood, Charles. Fs 8 Wright, Kaye Butter- 43 Roberts, Robert Henry © worth. : Thomasson. 9 Lee, Albert. 45 Hinchliffe, Joe, wiitesmith. | 10 Clayton, John Herbert. 47 Booth, Mrs. Ann. | 11 Steward, John. 49 Sewell, George Daniel. | 12 Lord, Alfred Ashficld Street. — 13 Sykes, Arthur. 1 Netherwood, George. | 14 Cooper, Wyndham, joiner 2 Walton, Frank. SI Brook, George. 5 Leeming, William. Charles. 4 Webster, Samuel | Bray, Friend.

5 Wilson, George. Shepherd, Charles Leslie.

Page 118


Foster, George. Carter, Ibbeson Bailey.

Pollard Street. —

$7 Hellawell, Thomas 89 Stansfield, Thomas bootmaker.

Henry. Randal,

93 Shaw, John William, fore- |

man. 95 Clowes. George. 9’ Heaton, Allen.


3 Graham, Henry, pattern

weaver. 4 Leech, Jabez, scribbling engineer. 5 Sutherby, Robert. 36 Haigh, Joseph.

58 Shepherd, Edwin Moody. Thompson, John. Carter, John Barlow, George Henry. Thompson, Edwin.

Boldroyd Road. — Porter, Henry, gardener.

2 Pollard Street. Parkin, Newton.

101 Ellam, Oliver. | 105 Moore, George.

on BS

107-109 Webster, James William | 56 Copley, Dick. 115 Sykes, Jonas. 58 Burhouse, Ben. ii? Wood, Mrs. Mary. 60 Clapham, Charles. 119 Halstead, William Henry. | 62 Lawton. Mrs. Sarah. 121 Waddington, Joc. 64 Ellam, George. 125 Wheatley, Robert. | 66 Armitage, John, weaver.

127 Dixon, John, joiner. 68

Blackhouse Road. |

Right side. 2-4 Clegg, Thomas, (Flashhouse Farm). Kastwood, Allen. Wheatley, John Gowland. Dyson, Thomas. 16 Chfford, Joe. 18 Shaw, Eliza. 20 Brown, Mrs. Emily. 22 Longbottom, Mrs. Mary. 24 Fieidhouse, Arthur.

26 Broadbent, James, en- gineer. 23 Moore, Alfonso, cooper. 30 Canfield, Thomas Edwin,

warehouseman. 52 Cooper, Ben, joiner. 54 Clifford, John. Oak Terrace. 1 Schofield, John Thomas. 2 Lunn, William. 5 Darwin, James Heaton. 4 Bond, James.

Alder Terrace.


1 Dawson, Thomas, ware- houseman. 2 Wood, John Fredenck, clerk.

farmer |

Joseph Alderman |

- 80

Lea, William. (0 Rushworth, Fred. (2 Senior, Law, dyer. Marshall, George. Cooper, Mrs. Catherine. Vickerman, Harry. Hirst, George Broadhead. Mooney, Henry. Heaton, Fouldes, salesman. Townend, gineer. Oidham, Ernest. Sutton, William. Wocdhouse Hill.


Fair Street, Lockwood. Left side,

Albert Street, 9 Wood, Albert. 11 Garnett, Albert. Sykes, Walter. Right side. 4 Heywood, Edwin. 6 Berry, Mrs. Hannah. 8 Hargreaves, Henry. 10 Mitchell, James Edward. 14 Hall, Lewis, woollen carder. 18 Milner, John Thomas. Turner, Arthur, woollen spinner. 22 Mallinson, Samuel. Lockwood Road

76 18

34 86


90 92


Frederick, en-

Page 119

1 Vickerman,


Fairlea, Taylor Hill.

Mrs. Alice

Caroline. Fairlea Cottages.

laJackson, Thomas.


Senior, Herbert.

daKnowles, Thomas. SaDay, John.



Ainley, Mrs. Hannah. Gledhill, Mrs. Mary Ann.

13 Wood, George Arthur. 15 Woodhouse, George Henry.

Falcon Street, Blagden

12 14 16 18 20 22

Lane, Newsome. -«

Balmforth, Frederick. Liversidge, Dick. Mellor, Jonas. Bradley, Joseph. Marsden, Haigh. Dean, William.

Fenay Bridge, Almondbury.

1 5 5 7 11 1d 15 17 19

10 12 14 18

Left side. Lockwood, Mrs. Alice Sarah Ellam, Mrs. Judith. Bentley, Charles. Brook, William Alfred. Sibley, George. Crowther, Stanhope. Blundall, Charles Francis. Harrison, Phoebe. Dalton, Humphrey. Lockwood, William Henry. Right side. Jessop, Robert Henry. Ambler, Jeremiah. Brook, William Alfred. Shaw, Edward Ellis. Sibley, George. Shepherd, John. Ambrick, Sykes, George Grange). Crowther, Lewis (Fenay Lodge) . Brooke, John (Fenay Hall). Clark, John (Fenay Hall). Last, Edwin Walker Fin- thorpe). 7


Fenay Lane. .

(Fenay Taylor |

9 .

CO —)'O1¢


15 17 19 21 25

Left side. St. Helen’s Road. Wood, Charles Castle Brum- mit. . Dearnley, Mrs. Emily. Ciay, Johnson. Boothroyd, Wright. Hilis, Mrs. Betsy. Dobson, Allen, painter. Beaumont, Dyson Hirst, warehouseman. Midgley, Miss Maria. Hanson, Joseph. Roebuck, Luke, mason. Beaumont, George. Dearnley, Thomas, hand- loom weaver. Borough Boundary.. Right side. Sikes, William Henry. Draper, James William. Thorpe, Mrs. Ann. Wilson, Joe William. Wood, Joshua. Roberts, Mrs. Hannah. Sutcliffe, William. Fleming House Lane..

Fenton Road, Lockwood.




14 16 18 20 24


Left side. Upper Mount Street.. Horne, Herbert, weaver. Gledhill, Joe Ellam, weaver. Brook, John Thomas. Victoria Road” Right side. Bower, Joe, foreman. Gledhill, Alfred, agent. Crowther, James, weaver. Brook, John. Wood, Frederick. Rushworth, Joe Taylor, Joe. Pearson, Williain Henry. Ibberson, Lewis Henry. Matthewman. Mrs. Ellen. Hirst,. Mrs. Kate. Smith, George. Crosland, Levi Francis. Sugden, Samuel Ewart. Wood, Ralph. Berry, Joseph, architect.

Page 120


64 Sellers, Mrs. Naoni. 66 Ainley, John Westwood, | foreman. 68 Kaye, Mrs. Rachel. “U Bradley, Colonel,

20 22 24


28 ments). 30 Waitehead, William Prince. | o2 Veevers, Arthur, general | agent. 44 Burkill, Robert. 36


_ sorter. Haigh, James, fitter,

Fenton Square.

Manchester Road. |

Woodhouse, Hadfield.

Paterson, James.

Bradley, Harry, Infirmary ©

dispenser. Eastwood, John.

Stead, Mrs. Sarah (apart- |

Hodgkinson, Edward, prin-



Fern Street, St. Andrew’s |

Road. Hopkinson, William. Hirst, William.


Fern Street, Hillhouse.

1 5 9 aL 15 17 19

Beaumont, Mrs. Selina. Cook, William. Greenfield, Fred. Vickerman, John Arthur. Dranstield, John. Sutcliffe, Fred. Wilkinson, Fenton.

Fern Lea Road, Lindley.

10 Li 12

Calverley, Mrs. Hannah. Tredale, Mrs. Sarah. Wright, Stephen. Sykes, Walter. Dyson, William Ambrose. Dyson, John Edward. Kaye, Alfred. Crosland, Harry. Farrand, Albert William. Lee, Sam. Rilev, Edmund. Crosland, Henry.

wool- |

9 4

6 B

8 10 pi 14 16 18 20

Field Street, Marsh.

Westbourrie Road. Hill Street. Newsome, Charles. Lockwood, Mrs. Mary. alley, Samuel. Armitage, George William. Lum, William. Iredale, Walker. Haigh, Wrigat. Gotnard, Lewis. Barker, William Edward. Sykes, Thomas Henry. Milis, Mrs. -Ann. Mrs. Emma. Wigglesworth, Mrs. Mary. Dearnley, Mrs. Nellie. Slater, Mrs. Sarah Hannah. Berry, Mrs. Susannah. Halstead, Gledhill. Lucas, John William. Thornton, Kdward, clerk. Glynn, James.

Fieldhouse, Leeds Road

Ovcn WN po ke


14 16 18 20


Alderson, Mrs. Sarah Eliza- beth. _ Pennington, Aiexander. Biackburn, Join. Quarmby, James Richard Sykes.

Hodge, Mark. iuilam, William. Ficldhouse Road. Byrom, Joe. Atkinson, Alfred. Rowe, George. Sutcliffe, Thomas. Moss, George. Catton, William Henry. Simpson, Daniel McKenzie. Touicher, William.

Filbert Street, Hillhouse.

2 4


Bayhal!l Common Road.

Phillips, Samuel. Thornton, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann.

Livesey, Thomas.

Page 121

14 16


Parr, Mrs. Elizabeth. Ripley, Alfred. Lee, Abraham. Woodeock, Mrs. Susannah. Fenton, Joseph Wilks. Dutton. Richard. Lucas, William. Jones, Henry Temple. Haigh, James. Wadsworth, George. Wrigley, Albert. Jessop, Allea Aliam. Bintley, Herbvert. Milnes, ber Ding: e, Alfred. Hanson, Mrs. Betsy. Moorhouse, Ernest. Mitchell, Miss Alice. Milis, Mrs. Eliza Ann.

Road Rorth.

Firth Street. Right side. Queen Street South. Horsfall, Henry, Zetland Arms Inn. Zetland Arms Yard. Shaw, Mrs. Ruth. baker. Williamson and Co., Albert, fancy cotton manufac- turers, Priestroyd Mills.

Barrett and Barrett, whole- |

sale bedding, mattress, and flock manufacturers, Eclipse Works; tel. 266. Cook and Co.’s_ factory, cotton doublers, Priest- royd Mills. Haigh and Son, John, Ltd.,

timber yard. Haigh’s Buildings. Balmer, James. _ Bower, John William, merchant.

Norris, Mrs. Mary. Kershaw, Mrs. Sarah Ann.


18aGarside, ‘James.

20-22 Ainsworth,

John Bair-


Jorn Noble, plum- |






89 Lawton, David, manufac- turing chemist, Aspley Chemical Works. Sims, Mrs. Louisa. Kendall and Co., George Henry, engineers) and brass founders. Hoyle, Mrs. Pheebe. Ward, Seth, confectioner.

Fox, Joseph. Ledge Terrace..

Greenwood, John.

Eastwood, Mrs. Martha Ann. Brook, Chailes. Graham, Ramsden. Robinson, George, contec- tioner. Wood, James Roebuck, Sam, Colne: Tavern. Brook’s worsted factory,. Larehfield Mills. Calvert, Fred, builder and contractor; tel. 418. Inman, Richard MHenry,. mineral water manutfac- turer;

Eccles, John, and Son, Ltd. (sec., Eccles), cotton spinners and warp: makers; tel. 287. Whiteley., Daniei. Mills’ foundry. Rowley, John, dealer. Eillam, Walter. Dickinson, George. Schofield, Joe. Sykes, George, tobacconist. Scott, James. Peace, Tom Moseley. Earnshaw, Mrs. Eliza.

Ellis, Smith.


86-88 Stead, Head.


Left side.

Haigh, John, and Sons, Ltd.. (see., Fred B. Ramsden), machine makers, iron- founders, &e.;tel. 111.

Page 122


Shaw Bros, Ltd. (sec., G, Shaw), woollen and wor- sted manufacturer 3). tel: 128. ‘

Commercial Mills. Greenwood, Clement, and -0., | worsted spinners ; tel. 408. Harrop, William, and Co., woollen manufacturers. Wood, George Arthur, wool and waste merchant. Bennett and Day. engine packing manufacturers. Farrar, James and Arthur, cotton doublers; tel. 495. Commercial Street. 9 Hirst, Reuben, and Sons, cotton spinners, Firth Street Mills: tel, 205. Brook, George, jun., wool- len manufacturers, Larch- field Mills. 15-17 Whiteley, Daniel, Claren- don Hotel. 19 Starkey, James, neatsfoot oil manufacturer. Starkey’s Buildings. 21 Parkinson, Wilson. 23 Parkinson, Ernest. Walker, Steel, mungo manufacturer, Al- bany Mills; tel. 421.

Calvert, Herbert, worsted spinners, Albany Mills : tel. 88. . Haigh, Walter, plumber

and gas fitter. Wharf Inn Yard.


Fisher Street, Lockwood. Longroyd Bridge. Springdale Hall. 1 Lord, Alfred. 2 Moody, John. 5 Laycock, Alfred. 4 Moody, Mrs. Mary. 5 Moody, Thomas, maker. Crowther, Henry North. Frost, James, overlooker. McCullock, Thomas.


Springdale Street. Burgess, Joshua. — Moody, William. — Rigby, Edwin Arthur. Taylor, George Ward. Cooke, John. Netherwood, William. Graham, Sam Helm. Walker, Joshua Clement. Baxter, Mrs. Emma. Lawton, Thomas Henry. Farrar, Mrs. Ruth. Drake, William Medley, sanitary inspector. Pearson, Samuel, manager. Annis, John. Graham, Abraham. Watson, Mrs. Ellen. Parkin, Edmund. Berry, Alfred, commercial traveller. Berry, Mrs. Mary Ann. Brook, George Henry. Roebuck, Henry (Oakleigh).

Fitzwilliam Street West. Left side. New North Road. Carlton Terrace.

1 Fitton, Sarah and Alice, teachers of the “Rod. man” Parisian tailor

System for ladies. 5 Hinchliffe, Richard Edward, secretary. ¢ Drayton, William. 9 Berry, Walter. 11 Roberts, Mrs. Eliza Jane. 15 Jaggers, Edward, grocer. Portland Street.

15 Schofield, Mrs. Lizzie, select

boarding (Carrisbrooke House). 17 Richardson, William, countant. 19 Thornton, Miss Fanny Sophia. | 21 Green, James Blount, in-

Spector. 25 Holdsworth, Arthur Perier. 2? Dyson, John Freeman. 29 Knagges, Mrs. Rebecca.

Page 123


dl 55 50

Fettes, David. Hickson, Frederick James. Mitchell, Mrs. Betsy. Trinity Street. Right side. 2 Eastwood, Benjamin. 4 Riley, Arthur. Portland Street. 6

Coward, Mrs. Elizabeth. 8 Taylor, Mrs. Elinora. Thomas, Miss Mary. Marshall, BABS: Mellor, ‘Thomas. Kaye, Charles Henry. Craven, George. Crook, Frederick, merchant. 22 Duckworth, Benjamin. 24 Partridge, Henry. 24aMarsden, Joseph Edward. Wentworth Street. 26 Howarth, George Henry. greengrocer. 28 Jowitt, David, cashier. 50 Bowes, John William, mana-

ers 52 Booth, Miss Mary. Greenhead Park.

Fitzwilliam Street. Left side. Northgate. o9 Ellis, Edward, butcher. 59aHKlhis, Tom. 41 Hyde, Edwin. AlaTodd, Joseph. Ellis Place. Smith, Thomas. Carlisle. Harris, Joseph. 47 Beaumont, Sam. A7aKaye, John. St. Andrew’s Church. 49 Hyslop, John, draper. 51 White and Son, silk mer- chants. 55 Crook and Sons, curriers. Viaduct Street. John William Street.


Railway Goods Station yard,

Carver and Co. Pickford and Co oO.

leather |





Midland. London and North-Western. Lancashire and Yorkshire. Great Northern. Great Central. Arthur Street. Kaye, Thomas. Little Brunswick Street... Goldie, James. Waite, William, traveller. Craven, Mrs. Marshall,



Martha. William L. W.,

New North Road. Right side. Northgate.. Leonard, Fred. Smith, Maurice Henry. Taylor, Arthur, engineer. Mallinson, Thomas, cloth finisher. Rennards and Garside, fancy yarn manufacturers ; winding = w arping, and twisting on commission; tel. 410.

Hopkinson and Co., Ltd.

(sec., Frank Addy Hop- kinson), engineers; tel. 169. Haigh, Allen, and Co., waterproof manufac-. turers; tel. 76. Viaduct Jowitt, William Edward, plasterer and slater ; tel. 249. St. John’s Road. Wilkinson, James, joiner and cabinetmaker. Wilkinson, Mrs. draper. Whitehead, Joseph.

Pickering, ‘Thomas W ilson. Lancaster, Stephen. Stancliffe, Elizabeth.

Lodge, Lucy Emily. Freemasons’ Hall. Cook, Sons, and Co., Ltd. (sec., WT: 7 das Cook), noil


Page 124

66 Ba‘rstow, Sons, .and Co., |

clotaing works; tel. 221. 68° Kirk, Mrs. Louisa. Unitarian Church.

Claremount Street.

72 Thornton, Mrs. Elizabeth.

74 Sykes, Alfred, engineer. | cotton |

76 Dawson, Arthur,

manutacturer (Heather | Sank). 78 Bates, Charles Herbert

(Rookery Villas).

80 Clapham, Miss Edith (Mil- |

ton House). 82 Bellarby, Wardle. 84 Flower, Penelope Sarah. 86 Dawson, William.

88 Humble, Robert, Alfred.

90 Coupland, Miss Annie Eliza- beth, costumier.

92 Hornsby, Mrs. Emily. ;

94 Crosland, Henrietta. Bradley Lane. Fitzwilliam Street East. Left side. Leeds Road.

Garthwaite, John Edward, Elephant and Castle Hotel. 1 Tunnacliffe, Benjamin (Royd House). laTunnacliffe, Henry, plas- terer and cement manu- facturer.

3 Whitwam, Albert Edward. 5 Hirst, Frederick. © 7 Waite, Luke. 9 Berry, Thomas William. 11 Nelson, Frederick. 15 Armitage, William, general dealer. Great Northern Street.

13aBletcher, Alfred, (Brook Cottage). 15 Clarke, John Roebuck, chimney sweeper. 15aBuckley, James Henry. 17 Dawson, Henry. 19 Wimpenny, Mrs. Martha. 21 Haley, Mrs. Caroline.


21 Kirkwood, Miss Eliza, dress- maker. William Street South. Orphan Home. 25 Midwood, George, joiner. Thornton’s Buiidings. 1 Kaye, Hannah. 2 Sutcliffe, Mary Jane. 29 Kshelby, Joseph. 27 Beaumont, Jesse, dealer. 31 Vickers, Fanny. 53 Barrow, Tom, inspector. Fitzwilliam Hotel stables. Northgate.


Right side. Richmond Mills; Sutcliffe and Sons, woollen waste; tel. Foo ¢ 2 Sutcliffe, John. 4 Walshaw, Edward, commer- ' cial traveller. 6 Hinchliffe, Richard. 8 MacGirr, William Peter, commercial traveller. 10 Butterworth, John William. 12 Handy, Henry. 14 Schofield, Fred Barber. Great Northern Street. Congregational Chapel. 18 Mawson, Wiliam 20 Coekhill, Dixon. 22 Berry, Albert. 22aHooper, Saran, dealer.


William Street.

24 Thornton, J. W., Colonial

Works. Broome, James R., baker. Northgate.

Fleming House Lane,

Dalton. Left side. Wakefield Road. 1 Hanson, Mrs. Ann. 5 Sanderson, Sam. 5 Renshaw, Arthur. 7 Sykes, George. 9 Wovenden, John. 11 Irving, Washington, clerk.

Page 125

56 60 62 64 66

68 Ainley,



Jenkinson, Mrs. Eliza. Holroyd, Hariy. Bray, Mrs. Ivanc;. Sykes, Arthur. Bedford, George. Armitage, warehouseman. Hill, Arthur, weaver.

James * Henry, |

Gill, Mrs. Eliza Ann, dress- |


5 Shirtcliffe, James.

Jessop, Charlie, - eaver.

Bottomley, George, weaver. Oak Hill. Right side, Denton, Johu Henry, | weaver. | Boothroyd, Joshua.

Hudson, Henry. Lodge, Richard Henry. Furness, William.

Ainsworth, Mrs. Mary Ann. | Nunn, Joseph, fancy weaver |

Kilner, Mrs. Hannah. Ainsworth, Mark, weaver Hanson, Henry. Wright, Joe, weaver. Jessop, Mrs. Emma. Bentley, John, manager. Jackson, James Henry. Kaye, Fred. Adams, Joe, manager. Walton, Miss Annie. Lewis, warehouse-


man. Castle, Mrs. Ksther Martha.

Oak Hill.


Folly Hall.

Reed, John, general dealer. Graham, Ben, and _ Sons, quarry owners and con- tractors; tel. 165.

Calvert and Co.,_ iron- founders, engineers, and millwrights. Dyson, Lewis, spirit mer- chant.

Wrigley, Ltd., H. and E. Finlayson),

(sec., J. cotton spinners; tel. 11.

Nichol and Sons. A., cloth London 536. Schofield, Misses Emma and Fanny, generai dealers. Gothard, George, rooms.

Thomas finishers and shrinkers; tel.

Canal Bridge. Morley Bros., coppersmiths and tinplate workers ; tel.

225. Berry, William, Commercial Inn. | Sykes, Mrs. Ehzabeth Ann, confectioner. Rothery, Lawrence, _hair-

dresser and tobaceconist. Hoyle, Mrs. Alice, grocer.

Thorpe, Ephraim, news- agent. Fenton, William, general dealer.

Kaye, Fred, butcher. St. Thomas’s Road. Spurr, Henry Edward, chemist. Rashcliff2 Hill.


Folly Road, Cowcliffe. Left side. 1 Beard, Charles Edward. 5 Sayles, William. 9 Dean, Joe Beverley. Dyson, Mrs. Sarah Annie. 11 Radcliffe, Wiiliam. Groves, Rebecca Miss. 15 Sutcliffe, Arthur. 17 Hiles, John. 19 Hinchliffe, John. 21-23 Heaton, Arthur. 25 Stoney, James.. 27 Longbottom, Benjamin. 29 Shaw, Karl Augustus. 51 Sykes, Willie Clayton. 53 Armitage, Harold.

55 Balmforth, Mrs. Elizabeth.

57 Eastwood, Herbert. 39 Binns, William. 41 Roake, Thomas. 43 Dunwell, Alfred.

dining- —

Page 126


Right side. 2 Rowe, Arthur.

22 Brook, Ebenezer. 24 Blackburn, Edwin.


4. Woodhead, Robert. Shillito, George Henry. Radcliffe, Charles.

Greenhead Lane.

Fountain Street.

finisher; tel. 241.

Zuo yet » Br ook. ; | Viaduct Street. Slocombe, i a tie | Thornton, Thomas Earnshaw (Longwood House). | spat J oa. b Hellawell, John William. | ok Inson, Herbert. Hav. Arthur. | enkinson, Lhomas, cab pro- ti, prietor. Aine | Jennings, Richard. Forest Road, Dalton. | Mailinson, Thomas, cloth

Left side.

Bankfield Road. |

Young, Arthur Wilham.

Wood, John, corn dealer. Stock’s Buildings.

Speakman, Matthew.

1 Strang, David James 5 Schofield, John William. iar ¢ Wilkinson, Smith, brass- — Sei "Panes: 9 "Tih | Lavender, John. il Kilner, James, cotton spin- | Wilham. ner, | Pickle. "2B a stat a 15 Hirst, Herbert. ve eee | iv Sykes, Albert. | vee gee 23 Brook, Walter. ; | Hoe and Son, carriage owe Po | Blakeley and Hollings, : | joiners, buiiders, and 29 Dowling, John. | | ol Williamson, Jim, iron | Wood. Bix earn Near | 7 ’ gt ae ere Radcliffe, Hiram, cabinet- 53 Stirling, Joseph George. | maker 35 Clarkson, Thomas Henry. | . 59 Parkin, Hirst. | Northgate.. 41 Clarkson, Fred. | coer 43 Pogson, Isaac. _ | Fox Street. A3aDarbyshire, William Cart- | Preston -Bros., letterpress, 47 eee gi | music, and lithographic ce ee ee printers, 51 Balmforth, Wiliam Holmes, | pattern wuakers. ee | account book manufac- Right side. | turers,. and general sta- 2 Fox, Mrs. Mary. : tioners; tel. 58. 4 Hardy, George frederick. Albion Chemical Company, 6 Aspinali, Harry. chemical manufacturers. 38 Thomas, Mrs. Sarah Hannah | Wimpenny, G. W., auc- 10 Stringer, William. | tioneer, valuer, &e. 12 Walker, Job. _ | 5& Dawson, Edwin, and Son, 14 Whiteley, HYredk. George, | mungo manufacturers. fitter. _ 7-13 Moore Bros., wool. mer- 18 Smith, James. | chants ; tel. 426.

Page 127


Gibson Street, Quarmby. Left side. Wellington Street. 1 Senior, Mrs. Mary. 5 Carter, Robert. 7 Dyson, Thomas. 9 Gledhill, George. 11 Lee, Sam. 13 Bell, James. 15 Moore, Tom Bradbury. . Newby Road. Right side. 2 Metcalfe, George.

4 Crosland, Jchn William,

cloth finisher. New Hey Road.


Gilead Road, Longwood


2 Crowther, Albert. 4 Lees, Jim. 6 Walker, Matthew. 8 Milnes, John Fleetwood. 10 Wimpenny, Thomas. 14 Taylor, Thomas William. 16 Singleton, Hanson. 18 Pearson, Simeon. 20 Beaumont, Edwin. 22 Longley, James William. 24 Blackburn, Edward.

Gledholt Bank, Paddock. Left side. Greenhead Road.

61 Kirk, David, draper. 63 Wilson, Miss Alice Maud. 65 Hirst, James, cotton spin- ner. Triangle. 69 Oldfield, Law. 71 Goldsborough, Harry. - 75 Wood, Fred. 77 Wadsworth, William. 79 Holroyd, Joseph. Micklethwaite, George. 83 Shaw, George. 85 Sutcliffe, Edwin. 87 Crawshaw, Thomas. 89 Blakey, Mrs. Emily. 91 Mellor, Albert Gilling. D

93 Hawkyard, Walter. 109 Greenhalgh, Mrs. Ruth. 111 Lockwood, Peter. Right side. 62 Greenhalgh, Joe. 64 Blackburn, Herbert. 66 Earnshaw, Benjamin. 68 Blackburn, Henry, organ builder. 70 Hirst, Thomas, painter. 72 Cliffe, George, fitter. 74 Rawnsley, William Henry. 76 Platts, John. 78 Kelly, William. 80 Middleton, James. 82 Henshaw, Robert Bailey, clerk. 84 Mellis, Miss Jeanette. 86 Sykes, Joe, dentist. 88 Holland, Mrs. Mary. 90 Dawson, William. 92 Noble, Mrs. Mary. 94 Dyson, Benjamin, gardener 96 Earnshaw, George Henry. 100 Gibson, Mrs. Mary Emma. 102 Wilson, Harry, clerk. 104 Rushby, Robert. 108 Ainley, Frederick William. Triangle, Paddock.

Gledholt Road, Marsh. Left side. Westbourne Road. 1 Robinson, Mrs. Annie Eliza- beth. , 3 Whittaker, James. ; Park Drive. Greenhead Road. Right side. 4 Sykes, George Henry. 6 O'Connor, Edmund. 8 Clegg, Mrs. Mary. 10 Wheatley, Mrs. Sarah, ladies’ school. 12 Wallhead, George, manag- ing clerk (Woodlands). 14 Exley, William. 16 Denham, Herbert. 18 Eastwood, David Edwin. 20 Watkinson, Fredk. Turner. 22 Russell, Samuel. : 24 Shaw, John, cloth merchant.

Page 128


26 Berry Alfred Edward. 28 Wilson, Thomas Simpson, merchant. 30 Watkinson, Edwards (Nor-

leigh). : 52 Smith, James Jolinstone. Quarry Road.

56 Bates, Miss Emily Gertrude 58 Law, James Arthur. 40 Holroyd, George Holden manufacturing chemist (Riber Villa). 42 Stubbs, William Thomas. 44 Davison, Mrs. Louisa. 46 Campbell, Kenneth Find- later, borough surveyor 7 and engineer (Duneira). 48 Denham, John William, cloth manufacturer (Hart- ford House).

50 Brooke, Mrs. Harriet Mar-

shall. 52 Crowther, David Stoner. Graham, Ben. 56 Whiteley, Joseph, cotton

spinner. 60 Fisher, John (Gledholt Bank). Haigh, Herbert Albert (The Grove). Porritt, Mrs. Sarah (The Grove).

Harman, Edward, gas en- gineer and manager (Elsi- nore). ata Gledholt Bank.

Grafton Place. Shore Bank. 1 Beaumont, James. 2 Earnshaw, John. Shore Head.

Granby Row, Paddock.

2 Wilkinson, ‘Hinchliffe. 4 Heaton, Herbert. 5 Balmforth, John. 6 North, Tom. 7 Gledhill, Charles Henry. 8 Sparrow, William. . 9 Dawson, Mrs. Ellen.


10 Green, George Charlesworth i1 Brook, David. 12 Shaw, James Henry. 13 Lobb, Charles. 14 Bray, Mrs. Sarah. 15 Dyson, Tom.

Granby Street. Left side. Manchester Street. 1 Roddis, Samuel Bayldon, Granby Inn. 4 Fisher, Miss Florence. 5 Fisher, Miss Clara, baker. 7 Shaw, Mrs. Martha. apart- ments. 9-11 Dutton, Henry, grocer. Right side. France, Allen, Spread Eagle

Inn. 2 Langley, Mrs. Martha, apartments.

4 Shaw, Misses Hannah and Alice, drapers. Shaw, John, painter. 6 Firth, Mrs. Eliza. 8 Gledhill, William. 10 Bradley, Dawson, polisher.


Upperhead Row.

Grasscrofit, Almondbury.

Westgate. 1 Boocock, Arthur. 2 Eastwood, Kaye, iron moulder.

5 Sheard, George, weaver. Shaw, William Johnson. 5 Stoney, Joseph. 7 Eastwood, John, weaver. 8 Beaumont, Henry. 10 Jenkinson, Joe, mason. 12 Stewart, Walter. 15 Hogley, James, weaver. 16 Brook, Job, gardener. 18 Firth, John. 20 Donkersley, Joe, weaver. 21 Sykes, Thomas Henry Hunt, gardener.



Page 129


Great Northern Street. Left side.

Back Union Street. |

1 Liley, Joseph. 35 Jessop, Jaines. 5 Smith, John Alfred. 7 Storey, Thomas. 9 Goss, Robert.

20 Goldsbrough, Jeremiah. 20aTaylor, Ann. 22 Avison, Alfred. 22aNaylor, Josiah. 24 Silver, 24aRobinson, Edith. 26 Ellins, William. 44 Pitchforth, John Alfred.

11 Cromack, Charles. 13 McConvill, Hugh. 15 Mather, Samuel, machinist. 17 Ormerod, William, cloth finisher. 19 McNabb, William. 21 Dransfield, Joseph. 25 Davis, Wm., commercial traveller. 25 Robinson, Thomas Henry, engineer.

27 Falck, John Henry.

Brook’s Yard. Waller, James Oaks. Ward, Tom. Garthwaite, Josiah Rob- shaw. 46 Dawson, Mrs. Martha. 58 Brook, Pearson. 62 Crossley, Ben Lewis.

Green Street. St. John’s Road.

Board Schools. Right side. 2 Nelson, Robert Edward, herbalist. 2aLauder, Robert. 4 Day, John, dyer. -6 Thirkill, Richard. 8 Tindall, James Henry, mineral water manufac- turer. Congregational Chapel. Kelly, John. i2 North, James. Fitzwilliam Street East.

16 Beevers, Alfred, painter and decorator. 18 Beevers, George Henry. Walker, Lizzie, matron, Home for Young Girls. Tramcar Works. Matthewman, George, su- perintendent of markets and inspector of weights and measures. Greenwood, John. Wilson’s Buildings. 2 Dyson, George. 8 Cookson, John. 10 Hartley, Arthur Richard. 12 Birkenshaw, John Wm. 18 Hitchen, Alfred. 18aNetherwood, Fred.

2 Jagger, Walter. 4 Golden, Francis. 5 Heywood, Joe, window ee manufacturer ; tel. 5

5aFletcher, John. 6 Bradley, Joseph William. 7 Pearson, 8 Armitage, Ellen. 9 Stewart, James. : Newtown Row. Viaduct Street. i0 Burnetsmith, Joseph. 12 Pick, Emma Sophia. 14 Fowler, Thirza. 20 Blakeley, Manetta. ; 54 Bannister, John Edward, “The Dairy.” 56 Halstead, Edward, woollen manufacturer.

Oxford Street.


Green Hill Road, Longwood Gate. 42 Sykes, Henry. 4 Blackburn, Arthur. 6 Firth, Feargus. 8 Taylor, Mrs. Mary. 10 Hanson, Friend. 12-14 Parkinson, Thomas. 16 Beaumont, Enoch, . 18 Gee, Arthur.

Page 130


20 Crowther, George. 22 Blackburn, George Ellis. 24 Crowther, Si ohn Richard. 28 Crowther, Eli. 30 Crowther, Mrs. Elizabeth.

Green House, Longwood Gate.

Armitage, William Henry. Gee, James Henry. Gee, John Holroyd. Gee, James. Green Edge. Bailey, Samuel. | Townend, Williarn. France, John. Gledhill, Herbert. Wood, Joe Bailey, Agnes. Brook, John. Clay, Wright. Wood, Sarah. Whitwam, Henry.

Green Mount Street,

Dalton. Left side. Wakefield mond. 5 Kaye, Dawson. | 5 Haigh, Mrs. Ann. 7 Doosey, John. 9 Nunns, John William. 1 Hardy, Edgar. 15 Beevers, Wright Marsden. 17 Thwaites, Joe. 19 Jubb, Arthur, joiner. 21 Beaumont, Mrs. Emily. 23 Beaumont, James Mellor. 25 Peel, Joseph. Right side. 2 Watson, Overton. 6 Fletcher, Edward. 8 Johnson, Benjamin Whir- ledge. | 10 Mellor, Alfred.

Greenhead Lane, Dalton. Left side. 15 Rostron, William, pattern weaver. 19 Storey, Joseph, farmer.

Oaklands. Tolson, Whiteley, cotton spinner.

Gibson, Mrs. Hannah.

Right side. Wakefield Road. 2 ‘Turner, Allen. 4 Cocker, Edward. 8 Turner, Walter. 10 W addington, Thomas. 12 Moore, John. 14 Firth, Arthur, 16 W ood, Amos. 20 W ood, Arthur.


Forest Road. Greenhead Road.

Left side. West Parade.

1 Spurr, Herbert chemist and wine merehant. 5 Ward, Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker. 5 Crowther, John H., en- gineer. 7 Howgate, William, ware- houseman. .

9 Morton, Edmund. ies Collingbourne, Walter Emil. 13 Tarbatt, John Chadwick. 15 Woffenden, Mrs. Ruth, con. fectioner. 1? Bray, William. 17aBrotherton and Wallis, joimers and undertakers. i9 Battye, Joe Kaye, canvasser 21 Dean, William. 25 Radley, Miss maker. 2¢ Watkinson, Francis Cliffe. 29 Hellawell, George William, hosier. 51 Bardsley, Rev. Canon James Waring, vicar. Gledholt Bank. Right side. 2 Irving, John, M.B., police surgeon. 8 Storry, William. 10 Woodhouse, Albert. Walker, Miss teacher of music.

Jane, dress-


Page 131


12 Dyson, Walter. 14 Duthoit, George Trimnell, clerk. 14aMitchell, William. 16 Beardsell, Charles William, commercial traveller. 18 Woodhead, Joseph. 20 Hampshire, Thomas. 22 Sugden, John, drysalter. 24 Starkey, Arthur Henry. 26 Crowther, Joseph. 28 Brigg, J ohn Fligg. 30 Clayton, Herbert Fitzroy. 32 Crowther, William, woollen manufacturer. Gledholt Road.


Greenwood Street,

Primrose Hill.

Left side. Primrose Street.

1 Burton, Harry, draper’s manager. 3 & Gledhill, Richard. 6 Dyson, Jesse, pattern weaver. 7 Schofield, John Allen. 9 Horsfall, Abraham.

1i Ibberson, Joseph. 13 Berry, John. 15 Hirstwood, Alfred. Primrose Hill Road. Right side. 2 Hellawell, John. 4 Stephenson, Charles cliffe, cotton twiner. 6 Mortimer, Mrs. Annie Eliza- beth. 8 Gillon, Alfred. 10 Woodeock, Wright. 12 Scott, Miss Sarah. 14 Fenton, William Henry. 16 Reed, Mrs. Mary Sener “26 Woodcock, Wiliam. 22 Vickerman, John


Grove Street, Longwood


Grove Mills. Gee, Joseph. Bates, James Shaw.

Whiteley, Samuel. Whitwam, John. Shaw, William Dale Shaw, Robert. Shaw, Thomas. Firm, Mill. Dyson, Frederick. Wrigley, Job. Shaw, Joseph Whiteley. Holland, Tom. Wood, Herbert. Walker, Mrs. Elizabeth. Whitwam, Fred. Walker, James. Parkwood Mills. Broadbent, Arthur. Broadbent, Benjamin. Gee, Saville. Whiteley, John. Priestley, Arthur Edwin. Hirst, Charlesworth. 16 Mallinson, Edgar. 18 Haigh, Daniel. 20 Taylor, Timothy. 24 Bottomley, James. ; 26 Cox, Thomas Edward.


Haigh House, Outlane.

Dyson, William Henry. Beaumont, Ernest. Bates, Albert. _ Haigh House Hill. Swann, Albert William. Thornton, David. Cooper, Jeremiah. Cooper, Samuel. Cooper, John. Webster, Abiaham Wadsworth, Mrs. Grace. Cartwright, Isaac. Wadsworth, John. Mallinson, Ephriam. Olivant, Alfred. Kippax, Benjamin. Mallinson, Frederick.

Half Moon Street. Westgate. Marshall, Percy S.. analyti-. cal chemist, dyer, &c. Young, Millbank, and Lea- man, shipping merchants.


Page 132


Hirst, Thomas, and Co., wool merchants; tel. 68. Riley, Benjamin, and Co., bookbinders. Crowther, Bruce, and Co., Ltd. (sec., A. H. Milnes), woollen manufacturers ; tel. 403. Marsden Mili Company, Ltd. 2 Dyson, Joseph, and Sons, woollen and worsted man- ufacturers ; tel. 245. Shaw, George, and Sons, agents. Rayner, William Pick, wool- len manufacturer. : Clegg and Stocks. butter merchants; tel 473. S Sykes, D.. M., and... Co., warp, cotton, and cotten waste merchants ;tel. 361. 10-12 Mortimer, Thomas H., and Co., cotton merchants Upperhead Row.

Halifax Road, Lindley. Left side. Cleveland Road. Learoyd, Frank. Fludson, Thomas. Hungerford Road. 7 Firth, William 9 Brierley, Sydney Herbert. 1 Woodhead, Edward Booth. Thornhill Road. 15 Senior, Mrs. Harriet. 15 Morton, Edwin, Hope Inn. Daisy Lea. 17 Waterhouse, Mrs. Hannah. Holly Bank Road. 19 Clegg, William, brick manu- facturer. 25 Taylor, Mrs. Elizabeth. 25 Ware, William Robert. 7 Batts, George, Cavalry Arms. 29 Bates, George Sunderland. East Street.




Jones, John. 51 Sykes, Mrs. Ann. Dyson, Mrs. Emily.

12 14 16

18 22 26 30 o4 58 42 Aq

46 48 50 52

Plant, Ralph. Hanson, George. Clark, Philip Henry. Crow, Edward. Chafer, Thomas. Thornton, Joseph. Woodcock, John. Birchencliffe Road.

Barlow, John. Walker, Samuel. Firth, David. Williams, Hugh. Hornsey, John Thorpe. Rock Road.

5 Haistead, Mrs. Mary Ann.

Halstead, George. Day, George. Shaw, Harry. Hirst, James Lockwood. Hellawell, Ramsden. Boothroyd, Mrs. Mary Jane Halstead, Joseph. Wilkinson, Eli. Horsfall, Thomas. Royston, George. Varey, Mrs. Mary. Yew Tree Road. Borough Boundary.. Right side. Bryan and Kaffir Roads.. Sykes, William Shaw. Lowenthal, Joseph, wool merchant. Birkby Road.. Needham, Thomas. Glendinning, William. Wood, Frank, stonemason. Bates, George. Highley, John. Simeon, Joshua, farmer. Long, Walter. Wadsworth, Edward. Edwards, Frank. Moore, Benjamin. Brooke, William Henry. Armitage, Edward. Gledhill, Job. Rock Road. Moorhouse, Mrs. Sarah. Sunderland, John. Shaw, Turner Sykes. Sunderland, Thomas.

Page 133


54 Bates, Mrs. Ann 56 Noble, Mrs. Selina. 58 Archer, John. St. Philip’s Church. 62 Dunnington, Alfred. 66 Beanland, John. 68 Jagger, Albert, butcher.

Yew Tree Road. ‘70 Evans, Alfred. 72 Mear, Mary. 74 Armitage, Joseph William. 76 Longley, George Henry. 78 Garside, James. 80 Ryecroft, Robert. 82 Pitchforth, Fred. 84 Smith, William. 86 Walker, Mrs. Mary Ann. 88 Walker, John Edwin. 92 Dyson, Henry Edward. 94 Armitage, Robert, market gardener. Borough Boundary.

Halifax Old Road. Left side. Bradford Road. 1 Williams, James, Slubbers’ Arms Inn. | 5 Keegan, Mrs. Elizabeth. 5 MacGaffey, Walter. 7 Stokes, John, bricklayer. Ash Street.

9 Haining, James, tailor and draper. 11 Atkinson, George. 13 Kitson, Ferguson O’Connor. 15 Tyne, Charles. 17 Moorhouse, Abraham. 19 Hargreaves, Thomas, ware- househan. 21 Goodrich, Ashley. 25 Medley, Charley. 25 Shaw, James. 27 Cockroft, Mrs. Mary Janee. 29 Shakeshaft, Charles. 51 Milner, Mrs. Maria Theresa. 65 Mason, Mrs. Mary Ann. 35 Catton, Joseph, clogger. 37 Taylor, James. 39 Sutcliffe, George railway inspector. 41 Elliott, Thomas.



43 Wilson, William, warehouse- man. 45 Wilson, Kilmer, joiner. Edward’s Buildings. 2 Beaumont, William Henry 5 Smith, Fred. 4 Brooke, Edwin. 5 Beaumont, Thomas Scho- ~ 6 Sykes, Joseph. 7 Holmes, John William. 51 Broadbent, Fred. 535 Harrod, John. 55 Arrol, Mrs. Elizabeth. 57 Giggle, William. 61 Atkinson, John, painter. 65 Cliffe, William, dyer. 65 Haigh, John, miner. 67 Booth, Charles William, in- surance agent. 69 Kershaw, Harry, blacksmith “1 Brear, James, cotton spin- ner. 75 Lockwood, Harry. “5 Clay, Joe Henry, painter. 7? May, Tom. 79 Binns, Walter. 83 Hepworth, Robert, ware merchant. 85 Woodcock, George woollen

spinner. Mrs. Hannah

87 Jackson, Woodhead. 91 Parker, John Wesley. 95 Holmes, William.


Ark Hill. 1 Oates, Frank, painter. 5 Burton, Tom Healey. 4 Binns, Joseph. 5 Jackson, John. 6 Harris, John. 8 Chapman, James, ney sweeper. 9 Priestley, Mrs. Alice. 10 Barton, James. 95 Platts, Walter. 97 Townend, Ralph, dealer. 99 Beeley, Mrs. Elizabeth. Holdroyd’s Buildings. 1 Chambers, Joseph. 2 Hodgson, Henry. 3 Firth, Jonathan.



Page 134


Mallinson’s Buildings.

1 Clayton, Joe. 2 Mitchell, Mary Stirling. 3 Harrison, William Fredk. 4 Gibson, Annie. 101 Lockwood, Mrs. Ellen. 103 Armitage, George. 105 Sanderson, Mrs. Sarah. 107 Gelder, Thomas Henry. 109 Smith, Albert.

Miln Road.

111 Wilkinson, Albert. 113 Taylor, Mrs. Annie Eliza, newsagent. Goodwin, Peter, 115 Lockwood, Herbert, Inn. 117 Fartown Conservative Club (sec. P, C. Clifford). 119 Metcalfe, Mrs. Margaret

Jane. 121 Monk, William James. Fitton’s Yard.

1 Goodwin, Peter Thomas. 2 Mitchell, Fred. 3 Sykes, John William. Cox, William. . 123 Fisher, Thomas. 125 Radcliffe, Fred, butcher. 127 Sidgwick, John William, hairdresser. King Cliffe Road.

Free Wesleyan Church. 131 Machan, Mrs. Maria Jane. 133 Rogerson, Clement Michael, M.D., surgeon and phy- sician. 135 North, Christopher, grocer. 137 Sykes, Herbert, accountant. 139 Firth, Tom, cotton, spinner. 141 Sykes, George William, com- mercial traveller. 143 Jones, Charles Cresser, local manager Royal Insurance Company. 145 Armitage, Mrs. Mary Cal- vert. 147 Lockwood, Mrs. Susannah. 149 Aston, James Henry, oil and soap merchant. 151 Stead, Mrs. Elizabeth.

shoemaker. Lamb


153 Jagger, Nathan, managing Bentley and Shaw, 155 Potts, eo Collier, borough accountant (Le- vensholme). 157 Schofield, Thomas. . i159 Ruston, Albert Ernest, schoolmaster.

161 Dugdale, Fred JHerbert, woollen 163 Halstead, Abraham. Jack Lane..

165 Kaye, John, commission agent. 167 Wainwright, ‘Richard, coal merchant.

171 Starkey, Dyson, commer- cial traveller. 173 Pitchforth, John Edgar. Norman Avenue.. Public Park. Norman Road. Right side. Shearing Cross.. 2 Senior, Ernest. 4 Smith, William Henry Unsworth. 2 Whitteron, William. 4 MacGaffey, Mrs. Ann. 8 Callum, Mrs. Harriet. 10 Gelder, Joe, compositor. 12 Moss, William, hairdresser.. 14 Williams, J ohn. 16 Gledhill, Joseph, tailor. 20 Garside, William West, shoemaker. 22 Kilgannon, Michael. 24 Robert. Hillhouse Road.. Clara Street. St. John’s National Schools. Clarke Street.. 26 Richardson, Mrs. Mary Ann, draper. 28 Clifford, Tom, Salesman. 30 Atkinson, Arthur William. 62 Moss, Joseph. 38 Hall, George, bricklayer. 40 Richardson, William Garner, per 42 J ohn, traveller.


Page 135


Lea Street. 44 Wilkinson, James, Commer- cial Inn. 46 Richardson, Mrs. Sarah. 48 Saville, Thomas. 50 Booth, Charles. 52 Berry, Mrs. Frances. 54 Thornton, Wright, ware- houseman.

58 Rayner, Thomas Henry, whitesmith. 60 Taylor, Miss Hannah, dress- maker.

Swift, Jonathan. 62 France, Fred. 64 Mellor, James William. 66 Harland, Hrasmus. 68 Hardv. Elinora. | 70 Marsden, Joe Atkinson. 72 Greenfield, Herbert. Frederick,

74 Kitchinman, joiner. Briggs, Jonas, mineral water manufacturer.

78 Lunn, William, power-loom weaver. 80-82 Hillhouse Society.


Waspnest Road. 84 Gothard, Fred, painter. 86 Peel, Sarah Elizabeth. 90 Depledge, Haigh. 92 Clokie, John Moody, (Bel-

mont). 7 94 Warburton, Joseph, engl- neer. 96 Arnett. Henry Marmaduke, woollen merchant. Hoyle, Miss, milliner and fancy draper. Cobcroft Road.

108 Sims, George. 110 Glendinning, Edward, wool- len merchant. 112 Stevenson, Rev. William. 114 Taylor, Walter, secretary. 116 Crowther, George, manager. 118 Thompson, Samuel, book- keeper. 120 Taylor, Mrs. Clara.

122 Stork, Joseph Edward, yarn


Yew Street.

128 Holmes, Percy Frederick, engineer. | Spaines Road. 130 Armitage, Alfred, manager. 132 Thornton, William, woollen merchant. 134 Inman, Joe, woollen mer-

chant. 136 Foden, George, tea mer-

chant. 138 Green, Arthur, — woollen

manufacturer. 14C Lee, George Frederick, | cashier. Lee, Phillip Henry, ac- countant.

142 Bottomley, James. 144 Gaunt, George, clerk of Hud- _dersfield School Board. 146 Liversidge, Martha Jane. 148 Howell, Miss Violet. 150 Crowther, C. H., woollen manufacturer (Ash Villas) 152 Glendinning, Alexander, woollen merchant. Glendinning, John William, woollen manufacturer. | Clough Road. Heywood, William Henry, glazier (Park House). Woffenden, Harry, commer- cial traveller (Clough House). 156-58 Giggle, Saville, farmer. Dodds, Henry. Cowclifie Hill. 160 Thewlis, Mrs. Eliza Ann, general dealer. 162 Walshaw, Edward, commer- cial traveller. 164 Hampshire, William. 166 Armitage, George. 174 Saville, George. 176 Sykes, Péace, artist. 178 Pitchforth, Mrs. Mary Jane 180 Taylor, Thomas, cigar manu- facturer. 182 Moore, Sam, music. 184 Hirst, Charles Richard. 186 Kitchen, John Fred, cashier 188 Marshall, Mrs. Elizabeth.

teacher of

Page 136


190 Walshaw, Edward Albert, clerk. 192 McKie, Miss Elizabeth. 194 Wood, Humphrey. 198 Holdroyd, William. 202 Wright, William Henry. 204 Buckley, John, joiner. 206 Rushworth, George Henry, joiner. 208 Hepworth, Frank. 210 Rushworth, Mary Ann.

212 Wilkinson, Frank, book- keeper. 214 Platts, Henry, sen. Platts, Henry, jun., gar- dener.

216 Pickup, Mrs. Ellen. 218 Scholes, John William. 220 Lockwood, Henry, white- smith. 222 Robinson, William, clerk. 224 Drake, Hiram, railway in- spector. book-

228 Livesey, keeper. 230 Birkhead, Charles Hirst. 252 Thorpe, Joe. 254 Yates, Sheard, upholsterer. South Cross Road.

Charlesworth, Wm. Henry (Wood Nook). 240 Liddle, Mrs. (Wood Nook). 244 Harrison, George, manager. 246 Thomas, James, commission agent. 248 Helm, John, timber mer- chant. 250 Wilkinson, John, manager. Borough Boundary.



Hall Bower Lane,

Newsome. Left side. Bumroyd. 1 Stringer, Fred, finisher. 5 Lynes, Benjamin. 5 Maffin, James, weaver. 7 Slater, John Thomas. 9 Liversidge, John. mechanic.



11 Maffin, Frank, lead pipe’ maker. 13 Hepworth, Job, cotton twiner. 15 Dyson, Allen, fettler. i7 Ellis, Charles Ewart, weaver.

19 Garside, George Henry. 2i Sykes, Mrs. Elizabeth. 25 Haigh, Amos. 25 Taylor, Harry. 27 Maffin, Law, weaver. 29 Liversidge, Mrs. Hannah. 61 Thornton, Mrs. Mary. 55 Slater, Joseph, spinner. 60 Norris, Thomas. 37 Liversidge, Joseph, Bower Laundry. 49 Liversidge, Walter. 43 Hinchliffe, Mrs. Mary. Sykes, John Eliott. 49 Moorhouse, Frank, warper. 53 Liversidge, Dennis. 55 Brook, Sidney. 57 Liversidge, Joe William. 59 Chatterton, Joseph. 61 Garstige,, Miss Ann. 65 Chatterton, Fred. 65 Arlom, Mrs. Annis. 67 Day, James, farmer. 62 Thornton, William Robert. 71 Pearson, Thomas. 75 Boothroyd, Mrs. Hannah. 7? Dyson, Herbert. 79 Shaw, Mrs. Emily. 81 Dodson, Mrs. Ann. 83 Oldfield, Joshua. 85 Oldfield, Charles butcher. 87 Varley, William. Lockwood, James Henry.

Lady House Lane..



Hall Street, Longwood Gate.

Charlton, John. 18 Taylor, Kaye. 20 Thornton, Allen. 22 Scott, Albert. 24 Livesey, William. 26 Shaw, John. |

Page 137


28 Dobson, Ambrose. 50 Eastwood, William. 32 Lythe, James.

Handel Terrace, Dalton. 1 Hinchliffe, William. 2 Boothroyd, Canrobert. 6 Haigh, Willie. 4 Powers, James. 5 Holland, Benjamin. 6 Nortcliffe, Mrs. Lucy. 7 Hulton, William.

Hanging Stone, Berry

Brow. Robin Hood Hill. 1 Drake, Ben. 3 Crosland, Philip James. 7 Shaw, John. Borough Boundary.

Hanson Lane, Lockwood. Left side. Meltham Road. 1 Davis, William, litho- grapher. Shaw, Arthur, surveyor. 5 Marshall, Mrs. Arn Park Road. Right side. 2 Haigh, Walter Edward. 6 Brooke, Joseph, weaver. 8 Sanderson, Gerald 10 Heaton, James, mason. 12 Wade, Sam. 14 Oldfield, Tom. 16 Brook, John. 20 Burley, Joe France. 22 Roebuck, Harry.

24 Charlesworth, Fred, scrib- bling engineer 26 Wainhouse, Enos, cloth- dresser. 28 Hinchliffe, Toni.

60 Knight, Albert. ey Crowther, Hiram 54 Schofield, Joseph, weaver. 36 Nowell, Allen, skepmaker. 38 Brammald, Mrs. _Betty. 40 Oldham, ohn, foreman. 42 Wilkinson, Mrs. Elizabeth.

44 Hinchliffe, Mrs. Laura Ellen 46 Turner, Mrs. Hannah. 48 Jessop, William, fitter. 52 Longbottom, Mis. Ann. 54 Berry, Alfred, blacksmith. 56 Pogson, Wilson. — 58 Dyson, Miss Judith Ann. 60 Harrop, Mrs. Eliza. 62 Charles, mason. 64 Goddard, J oshua, wool sorter. 66 Palmer, Jonathan, railway guard. 68 Barrett, William Henry, en- gineer. 70-72 Hanson, William, farmer. Moor End Road.

Harp Road, Quarmby. 1 Sangster, John. 5 Dyson, Mrs. Margaret. 4 Hamer, Wright. 8 Mallinson, George. Haugh Road. 1 Haigh, Sam. 2 Haigh, Herbert. 6 Priestley, Arthur Edwin. 10 Stork, Thomas Henry. 12 Hall, George. Hoyle, Joseph.

Hawk Street. Left side. Northumberland Street. 1 Silver, John Wiliam. 5 Wilson, George, joiner. 5 Pinson, Walter Henry. 7 Bottomley, Mrs. Ellen. © Lord, Mrs. Elizabeth. 11 Pickles, William Henry. York Street. 17 Shaw, Joe, bootmaker. 19 Hanson, Henry. 21 Bates, John Edward. 351 Stott, Joe Willie. 55 Heery, James. 37 May, John. Right side. Union Street. 4 Brooksbank, William. | 6 Foley, Richard, boiler maker.

Page 138


6aBrannan, Edward. 8 Brown, Isaac. 10 Clarkson, Fred, painter. 12 Thompson, Mrs. HBliza Ann. 14 Linton, John Henry. 16 Thompson, William Marma- duke, brass finisher. l6aField, George. 18 Flanagan, Thomas. 20 Westoby, John,

dealer... Tindall’s Yard. 1 Stancliffe, Charles Fredk. 2 Womersley, Garnet. 5 Wilson, William. 4 Hellawell, Milford. 7 Price, Martha Ann. 22 Armitage, Albert. 24 Cocker, Joe. 26 Biakey, Joe.


Union Street.

Hawthorn Terrace,

Crosland Moor. Left side. Charles Street. 1 Haigh, William Henry. 5 Swift, Christian Thomas Bang. 5 Wrigley, Joe. 7 Dyson, Hezekiah. 9 Sykes, Harry. 11 Parkin, Mrs, Hannah. 15 Agar, Charles Thomas. 15 Sheard, Harry. 17 Sykes, Sam. 19 Hutchinson, James. 21 Gledhill, John. 25 Beaumont, Thoms Albert. 25 Kaye, Joseph. 27 Brook, Mrs. An» Euizabeth. 29 Hepworth, Harry. 55 Wrigley, John William Haigh. 65 Lockwood, Inkerman. 57 Sheard, John William. 59 Brook, Tom. 41 Armitage, Thomas. 43 Haywood, Joel. - 45 Ellis, Richard. 47 Thornton, Thomas Henry. 49 Ellis, Fred.

51 Webb, Daniel. 55 Smith, Frank. 55 Brook, Ned. 57 Beaumont, John. 59 Jepson, Harry. 61 Milnes, James. 63 Robinson, James, founder. 65 Woodhead, Fred. 67 Lumb, Levi. 69 Shaw, Charles Edward. 71 Burgoine, Frank Harling. 73 Jessop, John. 75 Beaumont, Job. 77 Beaumont, Norris. 79 Holley, Charles.: 81 Dyson, James Sydney. 85 Hirst, Mrs. Martha Ann. 85 Taylor, Mrs. Sarah. Right side. 6 Whittle, James Henry. 8 Hirst, Cartwright. 10 Kaye, Fred. 12 Walker, Mrs. Clara. 14 Quarmby, Mrs. Hannah. 16 Avison, Charles Henry. 18 Sykes, Fred, weaver. 20 Halstead, Edmund, cloth presser. 24 Taylor, Joshua. 26 Beaumont, Crossiey.


Heap Street. 1 Fletcher, Joe Albert. 5 Wakefield, William. 4 Steele, Mrs. Hannah. 6 Foster, Tom.

Heaton Road, Marsh. Gledholt Road. 1 Wallace, Alexander. 2 Crowther, Bertram.

5 Moxon, George, coal mer chant. Moxon, Walter. 4 Harries, Robert (Rydal Mount).

5 Harper, Mrs. Sarah Ellen. 7 Hirst, Albert Edward. 8 Brierley, Haley, Gordon. 12 Bateman, Alexander Flet- cher, cashier.

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Moxon, Charles Henry. Moxon, Albert Edward.

Heaton Road, Paddock. Church Street. 1-3 Cowgill, William, butcher. 5 Spivey, Joel. 7 Chappell, Harry. Thornton, John Thomas, Atlantic Oil Works. 30 Sykes, James. Lawton, John W liam. Paddock Board Schools. Branch Street.


Hebble Street. : 1 Starkey, William Radcliffe,

confectioner. 3 Bamforth, Tom. 7 Graham, James William. TaGannon, John.

Henry Street. Upperhead Row. 1 Taylor, Fred, laundry and dyer (Henry William Mill, manager); tel. 0835. 2 Buckley, Charles, and Co., brush manufacturers. 5 Bower Herbert. 6 Gallagher, Patricx. 7 Shaw, Mrs. Eliza. 8 Senior, John. 9 Billington, Osborne. 10 Hemingway, James liam, clerk. 12 Ford, John. 13 Lord, Richard, Henry. 14 Turner, Richard. Mellor, Mrs. Henrietta. 16 Hughes, Mrs. Fanny. 18 Marshall, Sam. 19 Bower, Joe Hudson. 20 Thornton, Henry. South Street.


Henry Street, Hillhouse. Moorhouse, Waltec. Pontefract, Henry. Shaw, Benjamin. Spurr, Percy William.

Lodge, Harry. Clough, Joshua. Hirst, John. Liversedge, Sam. Leeming Sunderland. Dean, Joseph. Parnaby, Ralph. France, Willie. Worthington, William. Armitage, Seth.

Heppenstall Street,

Primrose Hill. Left side. Stile Common Lane. 7 Parish, Thomas. 9 Hodge, Edward Jessop.

Right side.

2 Oldfield, Joe. 4 Bottom, Thomas, weaver. 6 Boothroyd, Arthur, joiner. 8 Brierley, John Samuel. 10 Firth, Herbert, insurance.

agent. 12 Heppenstall, Mrs. Harriet. 28 Shaw, Mrs. Sarah. 30 Stone, iJames. Frederick, manager, “ Daily Chron- icle”’ and Printing Works. 32 Shaw, Mrs. Mary. 34 Armitage, Mrs. Lydia.

Prince Street.

High Street. Left side. Buxton Road. 3 Holroyd, W. and P., pain- ters, decorators, and pic- ture dealers. 5-7 Burman and Greenwood, oilmen and parerhangers.

9 Sykes, Sam, umbrella maker. 11 Broadbent, J., and Co., printers and _ bookbind- ers; tel. 73

13 Haigh and Shaw, painters, paperhangers, decorators,

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15 Craven, — George, _pawn- brokers.

Gibson’s Yard. 1 Lee, John William. 2 Bennett, William. 5 Moxon, Joseph. 17 Stacey, Mrs. 21 Sheard, George, wiremaker. 2laKaye, Joe, tinsmith. 23-24 Walker, Syies, lodging- house. 55 Calvert, Robert, Sawyers’ Arms. 55-39 Stenhouse, Edward, pawnbroker. 7 Love’s Yard. 7 Drury, Dominic. 9 Brook, John Thomas. 10 Kady, John William. 12 Midwood, John William. 14 Battye, Lewis. 16 Lynch, John William. 18 Ulyett, John.

Manchester Street. Right side.

2 Rushforth and Co uphol- sterers and mattress makers. 4 Jenkinson, J., woollen warehouse. 6 Eddison, Taylor, and Booth, auctioneers. 8 Hale, Samuel, sanitary

plumber and gasfitter. Methodist New Connexion Church. 10 Cross, Henry, and Son, painters, paperhangers, and artistic decorators. Market Street.

High Street, Longwood Gate.

1 Wimpenny, Harry. 2 Harrison, Joe. 3 Hirst, Mrs. Mary Jane. 4 Craven, Mrs. Mary Ann. 6 Smith, Charles Henry. 7 Bailey, David. 8 Haigh, Benjamin. 9 Blackburn, John William.

| |


11 Sanderson, Benjamin. 12 Ainley, William.

High Street, Paddock. Left side. School Lane 1 Chapman, Mrs. Harriet. 5 Batley, Mrs. Sarah. ¢ Bradley, William Walker. 9 Schofield, Fred. 11 Hall, Walter, machinist. 13 Turner, Alfred. 15 Gibson, Mrs. Martha Ann. Quaker Lane. Right side. 2 Beaumont, Arthur 4 Thornton, Orlando. 6 Beaumont, Allen. 8 Senior, James. 10 Moore, William general dealer. 12 Williamson, Mrs. Emma. 14 Lucas, Fred.


16 Woodhouse, Mrs. Sophia. 18 Hoyle, Walter. 20 Baldwin, Mrs. Maria, tailoress.

22 Lister, Charles Henry. 24 Harrison, Edward. 26 Brook, Mrs. Jane. 28 Wilkinson, Tom. 50 Butlin, Henry. 52 Spencer, Albert. 44 Hulme, William. 56 Mannion, Joseph Edward. 58 Shaw, George Dyson. 40 Whiteley, Charles. 42 Field, Mrs. Isabella, gen >- ral dealer. 44 Shaw, John. New Street.


Highroyd, Dalton.

75 Armitage, John Sykes. 75 Pollard, Joe. 7? Walker, Thornton. 79 Brook, Willie. 81 Pogson, Fred. 83 Armitage, Isaac. 85 Jenkinson, Joe. Jenkinson, Mrs. Sarah Ann. 87 Greenwood, Alfred.

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89 Shore, Arthur. 91 Rollin, Henry Emsley. Wilson, Charles. 95 Sykes, William Henry. 97 Nortcliffe, Joe. 99 Nortcliffe, Arthur. 101 Hyde, Frank. 105 Chadwick, Thomas. 109 Medley, Mrs. Jane. 111 Holdsworth, George. 113 Holdsworth, Jame:. 115 Brook, Mrs. Harriet 117 Booth, Emmanuel. Mettrick, Arthur. Wood, John Patrick. Wood, Joe. Hunter, Thomas Alexander. Saunders, Herbert Henry.

Highroyd Lane. Medley, Harry. Beals, Joseph. Ackroyd, James William. Dickins, Mrs. Ann. Berry, Reuben. Walton, Smith. Wilkinson, Mrs. Alice. Littlewood, John Thomas. Whitehead, John Edwin. Sykes, Mrs. Caroline. Mack, Richard. Morton, Arthur. Cross, Robert. Bartin, Thomas Ellis.

Highroyd Terrace. Varley, William. Butterfield, Walter. Wilson, Sam. Roscoe, John Themas. Crosland, George. Livesey, Jesse. Clough, George Robert.



Hill Top, Paddock.

7 Bell, James William. 11 France, Jonathan. 13 France, Thomas Henry. 15 Rollinson, Tom. 21 Huggins, Mrs. Sarah Jane. 25 Broadbent, Charles William 35 Graham, Mrs. Ada. 31 Shaw, Mrs. Margaret. 49 Smith, Lewis Stott.

51 Abel, George. 53 Cliffe, Mrs. Mary Ellen. 55 Singleton, Mrs. Harriet. 57 Sutcliffe, Mrs. Emma. Salford. 2 Bradley, Joseph. 4 Scott, Jim. 6 Normington, James.

Hill Top Road, Dalton. Left side. 1 Hamer, Jacob. 5 Butterworth, Joe. - 7 Beaumont, Alfred. 9 Lister, John Henry. 11 Stephenson, John Edward. 13 Fearnley, Anthony. 15 Armitage, Herber=. 17 Berry, Mrs. Eliza 19 Lucas, Frederick Arthur. 21 Kaye, Sidney 25 Haigh, David. 55 Hargreaves, John. 37 Jagger, William. 41 Flint, Ernesz. 45 Berry, Ben. 47 Morton, Emmanuel. 49 Atkins, Wilkes. © Right side. 2 Pickering. George. 4 Hardy, John. ~ 6 Hirst, Mrs. Lydia. 8 Hardy, Henry. 10 Bottomley, Jehu Robert. Paddock. Left side. Market Street. Haigh, Ernest. Cliffe, Tom. Potter, William Wright. 59 Lambert, Harry Wood. 6laWalshaw, Ben. 62 Wrigley, Mrs. Elizabeth. 69 Fearnley, John. 71 Pearson, Mrs. Louisa. 73 Nichols, John. 75 Dobson, Mrs. Martha. 77 Lassey, Thomas. Right side. 2 Ward, William. 6 Walker, John William, general dealer.

Gl beat

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10 Earnshaw, John William. © 12 Tiffany, George. 14 Beaumont, Joseph. 16 Nunn, Jonathan Charles. 16aMarsden, Isaac. 20 Brunton, Alfred. 22 Todd, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann. 24 Littlewood, Benjamin. 26 Wrigley, Lewis. 28 Mellor, John William. 50 Scott, Walter. 52 Beaumont, Alfred, houseman. 54 Senior, William. 36 Newsome, Henry. 58 Bottomley, Mrs. Elizabeth. 40 North, Thomas.


Brow Road. Quarmby. Left side. Martin, Arthur. Shires, Margaret. Heathcote, George. Moore, Charles Henry. Barron, John. 11 Shaw, William Henry. 15 Booth, Charles. 15 Schofield, John.

Right side.

4 Boothroyd, Randle. 8 Gill, Mrs. Mary Ann. 12 Garside, Shaw. 14 Smith, Joe. 16 Yates, James. 20 Barnes, John James. 22 Watson, William. 24 Holroyd, Joseph. 26 Blackburn, Adam. 25 Illingworth, Amos. Walsham, John.

Hill Street, Marsh. Left side.

Mills, George. Hollingworth, John William Aldridge, William Goodman 11 Dawson, James Moorhouse. 13 Godfrey, James, head gar- dener.

Cross Lane.


Field Street.

15 Kneeshaw, Mrs. Ellen. 17 Dyson, Mrs. Fiorence. 19 Moore, Richard Shepherd. 21 Schofield, Benjamin. 23 Thomas, Joel, painter.

Right side.

2 Schofield, William Henry. 6 Rayner, Albert. 8 Crowe, David. | 10 Snowden, Mrs. Elize Ann. 14 Snowden, Mrs. Ann. 16 Middleton, Rawden 18 Stead, Mrs. Sarah. Field Street. 22 Woodhead, Fred. 24 Fawcett, Mrs. (Heather Lea). Fox, Mrs. Sophia. Brayshaw, John Richard. Armitage, Mrs. Isabella.

Queen’s Road.


Hillhouse Road. Left side. Clara Street. 1 Lodge, Frederick Arthur, grocer. 5 Smith, Rowland, wine and Spirit merchant. ¢ Gibson, Ben Spencer, beer bottler. | Barclay and Co.’s bottling warehouse. 13 Gaukroger, Mrs. Caroline. 17 Tyas, Lister. 19 Holroyd, Mrs. apartments. 19aOrme, John Thomas. 21 Armitage, Charies. Bradford Road North. Whitestone Road.

— shoe-



Medley, maker. 23 Marsden, John, plumber. 25 Lumb, Mrs. Hannah. 27 Marsden, Alfred, clerk. 29 Fisher, Benjamin. 61 Wilks, Richard. 33 Hughes, Edward James, joiner. 50 Bell, Benjamin.

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37 Stansfield, Thomas, lamp- lighter superintendent. 39 Stead, George, builder. 41 Hanson, Thomas, waggon builder. 43 Bailey, James Watson. 45 Johnson, Mrs. Charlotte. .47 Walker, Tom. Swift, John. 51 Heaps, George, coal merchants. Hillhouse Lane. 1 Stewart, George. 3 Willis, Seigmond. 5 Webster, Tom, maker. 7 Sutcliffe, John, engineer. 9 Kaye, James, warehouse-

and Co., waggon

man. 11 Kaye, Mrs. Elien Holroyd’s Buildings. 1 Beaumont, Henry. 3 Naylor, Albert. Stead, Law, and Son, con- tractors and builders. Alder Street. Railway Viaduct. Sanitary Lane. 13 Cartwright, Charles, fore-

man. 19 Starkey, Thomas, carrier. Corporation Sanitary Works. Huddersfield Brick and Tile Works. 19 Land, Mrs. Jane. 21 Thompson, Arthur George. 25 Eastwood, Charles, waste merchant. 25 Milnes, Emmanuel. 27 Parker, Albert. North, William, joiner. 29 North, Joseph, chemical analyst. 31 Milnes, Thomas William. 35 Brook, Mrs. Martha. Brook, Miss Mary. 35 Sykes, Sam. 37 Bailey, William Henry. 39 Wilkinson, William Alfred, clothier. 41 Bray, George.

77 Webb, George.

43 Knight, Benjamin, concrete worker. 45 Knight, Benjamin, sen. 47 Fox, George William. 49 Taylor, Abraham, cloth : weaver. 51 Fountain, Ben. ‘° 5laBates, Mrs. Emma. Spencer’s Yard. 6 Hart, Robert. 57 Langley, William Albert. 59 Farrar, Leonard. Robinson, James, ard Co. (Thomas Marshall Tolson), chemical manufacturers ; cudbear, archill, anilines, alizarines, &c.; tel. 304; telegrams, Robinson, Hud- dersfield. Graham’s Buildings. Sykes, Thomas Edward. Schofield, Eugar. Turner, Joha. Thornton,



nn. 6 Whittle, Thomas Kaye. 7 Kaye, Friend. | 65 Marsden, William Edward. 67 Webster, Alfred. 69 Webb, Tom. 71 Wigglesworth, general dealer. 73 Moss, Arthur. 75 Newsome, Mrs. Sarah.


Leeds Road. Right side. Halifax Old Road.

2 Kitson, Alfred. Bootland, Henry. 3 Stead, Fred (Head’s Build- ings). 4 Higgins, John Thomas. 6 Haigh, Matthew. Wormald’s Yard.

1 Beaumont, Chas. Henry. 2 Clegg, Ben. 3 Biddick, Samuel Thomas. 4 Halstead, Joseph. Marsden, Charies.

12 Hopkinson, Mrs. Elizabeth.

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16 18


26 28

50 52

Briggs, Mrs. Emma. Jackson, Mrs. Elizabeth. Shearing Cross. Kenworthy, George, fitter. Bradford Road. Waggon and Forses Inn

ard. Oldfield, Joe, dentist.

Stead, George Henry, fine- drawer. Crowther, Wright, waste merchant.

Thomas, James. Stead’s Buildings. 2 Stead, Mrs. Mar, Ann. 4 Waring, Joe Christopher. Rhodes’ Buildings. 1 Gill, Levi. 5 Kaye, Tom. 4 Dransfield, Arthur. 5 Fraser, Albert. St. Andrew’s Rev. William Shaw, D.D.., (Hill House). Willow Lane East. Alder Street. Railway Viaduct. Great Northern Street. Barker, Frederick, grocer, Rawcliffe, Samuel. Cliffe, William, fitter. Hornsby, Joe, engineer. Eastwood, Thomas Henry.

Vicarage. Frank F.S.A., &e.

Waring, Frederick j en- gineer. Greener, Mrs. #lizabeth.

Hellawell, Mrs. Ruth. Daniels, William Armitage, John. Spivey, Albert. Lockwood, Mrs. Harriet. Lawton, Lamech, grinder, Sugden, George. Hallas, Edward. Hayden, Fred. Oates, Mallinson, joiner. Sugden, Moses, engineer. Whitehead’s Buildings. 2 Jessop, George. 4 Marshall, Joe Field. 6 Berry, Mrs. Jane.

120 122 124 126 128 130


7 Jackson, Theron. 8 Walton, Jame: 9 Tinker, Mrs. Mary Ann Brook, Alfred. Mallinson, John H enry. Jackson, Mrs. Eliza. Buckley, Samuel. Lyons, William. Senior, Mrs. Alice. Leeds Road..


Holly Bank Road, Lindley..


Right side.

Lidget Street.. Hirst, Oliver.

5 Firth, Frank Herbert.

7 9g 11

15 Y

Li 19 21



06 58

‘Wood, Tom.

Iredale, Fred. Mallinson, Mrs. Mary Jane. ork, George. York, Mrs. Ann. Schofield, Joe. Ward, Thomas. Haigh, George, cloth. finisher. Woffenden, Thomas William Binns, Joseph, ropemaker. Kaye, Mrs. Mary. Left side. Lidget Street. Schofield, Arthur. Schofield, Mrs. Rachel. Conservative Club. Sykes, Sam, monumental. mason. Crowther, Edward. Thewlis, Abel. Singleton, Charles Henry. Dean, William Henry,,. wholesale chemist. Willis, Alfred. Moore, Mrs. Emma. Peckett, Henry. Crosland, George Edwin. Wilson, Arthur. Sykes, Lewis Irving, hosier.. Bentley, Joseph. Hirst, Allen. Stanley Street.. Crosland, Tom. Lee, Frederick. . Lea Street...

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62 Scholes, Mrs. Elizabeth. 64 Radcliffe, Thomas Aspinall. 66 Brook, Denton. 68 has ip eee Edward Cros- ey. Queen’s Road, Edgerton. 1 Beaumont, John. 2 Norton, George P., account- ant. 3 Stork, Mrs. 4 Ramsden, William Ludlam, ironmonger. 5 Shaw, William, merchant.

6 Armitage, Henry, account- ant. Bray, Frederick Benjamin, wheelwright.

‘Honoria Street, Hillhouse. Bradford Road North. 1 Lammyman, George. 5 Haigh, James. 5 Kellett, Wiliam Heaton, manager. Clara Street. 7 Short, Thomas. 9 Cardno, William. i1 Marfell, John. 13 Taylor, Misses Martha and Sarah. 15 Jagger, Mrs. Ann Eliza. 19 Butterworth, Fred Inchbold 21 Preston, Mrs. Mary Ann. Lea Street. ‘27 Rayner, John Waller. 29 Nicholson, Matthew John, superintendent. $1 Cardwell, John, agent. Waspnest Road. Left side. 4 Darwin, John. 6 Berry, William, manager. 8 Driver, Frederick, book- binder. _.10 Tweedale, Benjamin. 12 Clegg, Joah, woollen cutter. 14 Leach, Mrs. Louisa. i6 Lindsey, George Henry. 18 Holdsworth, Mrs. Jane Ann ‘20 Crackston, Alexander Edgar 22aTetley, Mrs. Merab. -26 Waite, William.

1 2 3 4 _ 5 Shaw, Allen. 6 7 8 g

28 Preston, Tom, printer. 32 Reeder, Fred. 34 Brook, Charles, compositor. 36 Milnes, Mrs. Himma Jane. Waspnest Road.

Hood Royd, Almondbury.

Schofield, Mrs. Ada. Sykes, Israel. Broadbent, Henry. Cockhill, Walter.

Dawson, Newton. Wilson, William. Mellor, Mrs. Elizabeth. Kaye, Fred. 10 Hudson, Albert. 11 Mail, Mrs. Ann. 12 Bumford, John. 13 Moss, Mrs. Hannah. 14 Knight, Jonathan.

Hope Street. Left side. 1 Beaumont, Mrs. Sarah Ann. 3 Heckley, Joshua Thomas. 5 Williams, Charles. 13 Wheeler, Charles Edward. 23 Collins, Charles. 29 Bottom, Fred. 31 Barrowclough, Jim. (/ Dennis, John. 39 Stephenson, John. 47 Hirst, Walter. Right side, 2 Lockwood, Brool:. 4 Wood, Joseph. 6 Gledhill, William. 8 Stuttard, Elizabeth. 10 Barton, William. 12 Harvey, Ellen. 14 Whitehead, James. 16 Clayton, George. 18 Wade, Thomas. 20 Schofield, Robert. 22 Coggin, William. 24 Bickerdike, Thomas ander. 26 Slater, James. 28 Bottom, Allen. 30 Singleton, Emma. Greenhead.


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Fryer, John William. Wilby, Mrs. Hannah. Longwood Station.

Townend, Josiah. Hutchinson, Nathaniel John Booth, Fred. Quarmby, Wiilie. Thornton, John William. Dyson, Lydia. Lockwood. St. Thomas’ Road. Forrester, Robert, earthen- ware dealer. Sanderson, Tom. Bower, Fred. Mallinson, Mrs. Mary. Downs, Henry, weaver. Lunn, ‘Mrs. Hannah. Schofield, Charles Thomas. Lunn, Tom. 10 Hill, Miss dressmaker. 14 Ellis, James Edward. 15 Sy kes, Edward, finisher. 18 Harpin, Harry, engineer. 20 Osterfield, Miss Emma, dr essmaker. 21 Dyson, John 22 Osterfield, John. 24 Walker, Kaye. 25 Downs, John Alfred. 26 Downs, William. 2? Stancliffe, Samuel. 28 Schofield, Albert. 29 Lambert, William. 51 Holt, James, moulder. 32 Brown, Fred. Friend,

35 Hornsby, 34 Stockwe ell, Elliott, dyer.




56 Butler, Jacob, miner. 37 Taylor, John Beaumont, machinist. 58 Lockwood, Henry, warp dresser.

59 McDonald, John. 40 Swinden, Tom Roberts. 42 King, J ohn. 44 Ives, Richard, mceulder. 45 Ives, James Henry. 46 Kaye, Fred, painter. 47 Lodge, Joe, moulder. 48 Hoyle, Joe, teazle setter.

Martha Ann,


49 Hickman, Thomas Brigg. 50 Smith, Walker, scribbling engineer.

Horse Ponds, Outlane. Hirst, John. Lumb, Horatio. Hoyle, George. Ramsden, Gledhill.


Howarth, Crosland

1 Cockerill, John. 5 Bottom, Oscar. 16 Moor, Alfred. Howarth Lane, Lockwood. Right side. 5 Barmby, George. 5 Mettrick, Arthur. 7 Crabtree, Charles Henry. 9 Townend, Tom. Left side. 4 Owen, Robert William. 6 Taylor, Charles. 8 Peace, Abel. 10 Armitage, Alfred. 14 Hirst, Abraham. 16 Crowther, Ernest.

Hungerford Road, Lindley. New North Road, Edgerton.. 2 Freeman, Charles Edward, solicitor. 5 Sykes, John Heury, woollen manufacturer. 4 Fell, Robert, chemist. 5 Wallis, William Robinson. Thornhill Road. Imperial Road, Edgerton. Berry, Robert Pctter. Hirst, William (Roseleigh). Millington, Charles Edward

Heron, Thomas (Ferns Edge). Kilner, Jacob Thomas (Beanlands). Gledhill, William (Green- bank).

Mears, Edmund Atheling. Block, Julius.

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Dixon, Jonah Tate (Milan- thorpe). George Dunhill (The Hollies).

Moxon, England, William (Shirley). Sykes, Frank Knowles (Ays-

garth). Sykes, Alfred (Roundfield). Ogston, Jessie. Hirst, Mary Jane.

Industrial Street,


Left side. Primrose Hill.

Beaumont, Oliver Holland, John. Mettrick, James Beaumont. Taylor, Wright. . Earnshaw, Albert. Baptist Chapel and Sunday School. | Right side.

2 Milnes, Ernest. 4 Kingdom, John. 6 Byrne, Frank. 8 Smithies, George Henry. 18 Briggs, Tom. 22 Pontefract, John William. 24 McDuff, Willie. 26 Hickman, Tom. 28 France, Joe. 30 Harrison, Harry. 34 Fawcett, William. 36 Ellis, Harry.

jet EE

Ing Lane, Newsome.

2 Armitage, Alfred, weaver. |

4 Ainley, Martha. 6 Berry, Buckley. 8 Tolson, John Wiiliam. 10 Lockwood, Job. 12 Asquith, Sam. Hart Street.

2 Brook, George, pattern 4 Halstead, Arthur Mar- shall.

6 Armitage, Jim Priestley.

117 8 Cartwright, Joseph, pat- tern weaver. Ruth Street. Taylor and Littlewood, Ltd. (sec., H. Bennett), wool-

len and worsted manu- facturers; tel. 198.

Ivy Street, Crosland Moor.

2 Shaw, Joseph Wilson. 3 Bottomley, Ben. 4 Hoyle, George. 5 Thewlis, George Eli. 6 Taylor, John. 8 Earnshaw, Fred. 10 Brook, Joseph. 12 Moorhouse, Jane.

Ivy Street, Moldgreen. Left side.

1 Milner, Fred. 3 Harling, Joe William. 5 Sutton, John. 9 Garbutt, Robert. 11 Lumb, Alice. 15 Lord, Ernest. 19 Woodhead, Fred 21 Richardson, James. 23 Conway, William. 25 Stott, Cheetham. 27 Bailey, James. Right side. 2 Mapplebeck, Fred. 4 Tate, Mary. | 6 Gledhill, Charles. 8 Gill, George. ‘ 10 Swift, Henry. 12 Gibson, John. 14 Pearson, Walter. 16 Holder, Martha. 20 Whittaker, Albert. 92. Williamson, John James. 94 Whittaker, Charles. 26 Eastwood, Sarah Kaye. 28 Karnshaw, George. 30 Mackreat, George Joseph. 32 Earnshaw, Edward.

86 Ainley, Arthur.

Silver Street..

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Jack Royd, Newsome. Left side. 1 Stringer, Edwin. 5 Jepson, Mrs. Ann. 7-9 Arlom, Joel, agent. 15 Sheard, John, weaver. | Right side. 2 Ashton, George, Alexander. 4 Oldfield, Mrs. Ellen. 6 Boothroyd, James.

Jacob’s Row, Salford. Lockwood Scarr Road.

2 Cartwright, William Henry. 4 Mallinson, Mrs. Harriet. 6 Taylor, Mellor. 10 Jepson, William. 14 Hinchliffe, Mrs. Eliza. 14 Burley, Sarah. 16 Dearnley, Mary. 18 Sanderson, Sheard. 20 Lockwood, Thomas. 422 Hirst, Joseph. 24 Cockshaw, John. 26 Beaumont, John. 28 Dobson, Emma. 50 Quarmby, Lewis. 62 Ellis, Ellen. 54 Lodge, Sam. 56 Kaye, John Herhert. Clayton, Henry.

Jagger Hill Road, Dalton. Left side. Nettleton Road. Kitchingman, Wm. Henry. Eastwood, Sam. ; Ellis, Ephraim, farmer. Kaye, Selina.



15 Kaye, Sam, farmer. 16 Ellis, Sam, gardener. Jagger Hill. 18 Brown, Fred. 20 Sykes, Fred. 22 Oxley, John. 26 Sykes, William.

Borough Boundary.

Jim Lane, Paddock. Right side. 2 Chappell, Ann. 4 Maynard, William Edward. 6 Pears, John Thomas. 8 Boothroyd, David. Left side. 1 Bell, Albert. 5 Bell, Eliza. 5 Marshall, John Robert. 7 Bottom, James. 11 Godward, Fanny.

Joe Shaw’s Row, Berry

Brow. 6 Crosland, Fred. 10 Wimpenny, Sarah Ann. {4 Oldham, Saville. 16 Heeley, John Owen. 18 Moorhouse, Hannah. 21-22 Donkersley, Willie. 24 Mear, Foster. 26 Stocks, Lloyd. 28 Jessop, Sarah Ellen.

John Street. Left side. Buxton Road. 5 Huddersfield Industrial Society, boot store. Albion Street. 5 Haviland, John. Wildon, Thomas, dealer.


Dobson’s Yard. Lumb, Harry. 9 Karnest, George. 11 Hynes, Martin. 13 Noon, William. 15 Redfearn, George, Cross Inn.


Charles Street. 17 Clisby, Harry. 19 Kaye, Nathan. Manchester Street. Right side. West Riding Hotel. Albion Street. Littlewood and Rockwood, aerated water works.


ai lis te aoa aus ae i ee te

ses tates =

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Back Water Lane. 8 Swan, George. 10 Booth, Walter. 10aGraham, James. 12 Hopkins, Martin. 14 Tosney, Patrick, Neptune Inn, Roebuck’s Yard. 1 Kilgannon, Michael. 2 Hackatt, Frank 5 Cunningham, James. 5 Farrar, William Henry. 7 Webster, Fred. 16 Kay, Louisa, apartments. 18 Ward, J ohn, tailor. 20 Wilson, William Henry. Lister’s Yard. Kirby, George. Manchester Street.

John William Street.

Left side. Westgate, 1 Rushworth and Co., bazaar. 5 Hurst Bros., linen drapers. 5 Hallas, Elliott, boot and shoe maker. 7 National Telephone Com- pany, Ltd. (sec., A. : Annis). 9 Wardle, Bellarby, confec- tioner.

11-15 Wheatley, Thomas, high- class millinery, dress, and

mantle making, mourn- ing, &e. 15 Osborne, Henry, and Co.,

hosiers, glovers, and shirt makers, umbrella manu- factur ers, &e. 17 Bentley’s Yorkshire Brewer- ies, Ltd. (sec., J. W. Hampshire). Board of Trade (Official Re- ceiver, J. A. Binns).

19 Shaw, Arthur, and Co., tailors. 21 Kirby, conist. 23 Armitage and Norton,

chartered accountants.

27 Longley, David Henry, bookseller and stationer. 29 King, Walshaw, and Co., Ltd., chemists (managing director, R. C. Walshaw).. 31 Whiteley, Benjamin. 55 Bennett, Joseph, harness James

maker. 1st. floor, John Booth, solicitor. 2nd floor, J. T. Haigh and Co. , indigo merchants. 55 Bentley ‘and Shaw, wine and. spirit merchants. 57 Huddersfield Building So- ciety (sec., H. Kaye). Peter’s Street. St. George’s Square. 59 Nutter, John, George Hotel:

Tap. Fitzwilliam Street. 51 Jowitt, William KE., plas- terer, slater, and _ con-

creter, slate, cement, and plaster merchant ;tel 249. Viaduct Street.. Right side, Market Place and Kirkgate.. 2 Fitton’s grocery store.

4 Stewart, Benjamin, §iron- monger. 6-8 Armitage, James, silk mercer. 10 Jackson, George, wholesale

tobacco and cigars. Bate, Arthur Wilfred, soli- citor. France and Preston, tailors. Huddersfield Conservative Association (president, J. A. Brooke, J.P.). 12 Snowdon, tioner. 16 Armitage, Josepii, provision merchant. 18 Crowther and Co., Ltd. (sec., F. Thornton), plum- bers’ supplies. Goodson and Co., Ltd. (managing director, oe. Fielder), ladies’ outfitting 20 Huddersfield Club (sec., Charles Freeman).

Jose confec-

Page 150


22 Chappell, Frederick, auc- tioneer and estate agent. 24 Tate, Thomas Henry Bent- ley, accountant and insur- ance agent. 26 Denham, Thomas, and Co.,

drapers. 28 Rane George Henry, solici- tor. Demetriadi, Thomas Mars-

den, surveyor. Pearl Life Assurance Com- pany, Ltd. (sec., J. Small- man). 50 Denham, Herbert, ladies’ and children’s outfitting. $2 Jackson’s, Ltd. (sec., A. S. Kershaw), hatters.

54 Taylor, John Henry, carpet dealers. Peter’s Street.. 56 Kirk and Son, architects and surveyors. 40 Whitham and_ Schofield, shoe warehouse. 42 Thompson and _ Capper,

druggists. Corney, Matthew, optician. 46 Hepworth, Friend, and Sons, commission agents. A6aNicholson and Co.

Lion Arcade.

4 Kerslake anc Dixon, tailors. 5 Graham and Barnfather. 6 Barlow, George, hair- dresser, wig maker, and skilful chiropodist.

7 Lodge, Ernest. Arthur, piano dealer. 8 Hellawell, Miss Annie,

servants’ registry. 48 Healey, James, draper. 50 Waite’s Lion Restaurant. 52 Hillman, Henry, florist.

54 Gledhill, Harry Coulson, hairdresser. 56aTaylor, Whyndam, = and

Edwin, agents. 60 Jackson, George, cigar and tobacco merchant.

Northumberland Street.

62 Tramway waiting room. 64 Lodge, Henry Bedford, commission agent.

Barras, Frederic A., and

Co., agents Marsh, Ductile. and Co., woollen merchants.

Corporation Tramway Head

petit Manager, Joseph Pogso 66 Chaka! Kilner, sur- geon. 68 Bros.. woollen and worsted manufac-

turers. Lodge, Noah, and Co., wool- len merchants. 70 Berry Bros., woollen mer-

chants. 72 Fisher, John, and _ Sons, woollen merchants. 74 Brooke, Joseph, and Co., woollen shippers. 76 Shaw, John, and Co., wool-

len. merchants. 78 Stothart and Faulder, wool- len merchants. 80-84 Vickerman’s Buildings.

Viaduct Street.

Johnny Moor Hill, Paddock.

Hill Terrace. Left side. 5 Gledhill, James. 5 Earnshaw, Emmanuel. 7 Haigh, John. 9 Burley, Harry. 15 Shaw, Mary. Right side. 4 Singleton, Nancy Jane 8 Hanson, J ohn. 10 Woodhouse, Jane. 12 Mason, Henry 14. Crawshaw, Willie. Smith’s Row. Left side, 1 Heywood, Sarah. 5 Maynard, Joseph Henry. 5 Sykes, Benjamin. 9 Shaw, George. 11 Haigh, Richard.

a eT eat eee ree re eee

Page 151


13 Stephenson, Edward. 15 Hawksworth, Tom. 17 Chappell, John. 19 Tate, Arthur. Right side. 2 Cliffe, Elizabeth Ann. 4 Cliffe, Ann. 12 Kaye, John William. 14 Hawksworth, Violet Eliza. 16 Kaye, George Henry. 20 Whiteley, John. 22 Fuller, Annie.

Kaffir Road, Lindley. Halifax Road, Edgerton. 2 Holliday, Mrs. Maria. 4 Wimpenny, William Ernest. 6 Hanson, John Henry.

8 Moore, William, stock- { broker. 10 Grist, John Jabez, shoddy merchant.

12 Hoerle, Mrs. Ann. Bryan Road.

Kaye Lane, Almondbury. Westgate. 58 Parker, William Lord. 60 Crow, George. 62 Beaumont, Richard. 64 Eastwood, Mrs. Ann. 70 Eastwood, Samuel. 72 Eastwood, Joshua, farmer. 74 Taylor, Alfred. 76 Wright, Tom. 80 Naylor, Samuel. 84 Atkins, Sarah. 88 Parker, John James. 92-94 Lockwood, John. 96 Beaumont, Elizabeth. 98 Capper, Walter Edward. 100 Dearnley, William Henry. 102 Parkin, Fred. 104 Booth, Will, farmer. 106 Beaumont, Alfred, wheel- wright. 108 Rowbottom, Eliza. 116 Megson, David. 120 Harper, Samuel. 122 Lodge, Sherman Broadbent. 124 Parr, Arthur, general dealer 126 Blackburn, Tom.

130 Day, Miles. 132 Beaumont, William. 134 Knight, Victor, concretor. 136 Jepson, Allen, weaver.

Ashes Lane..

me eee

Kew Hill, Outlane. Haigh, Levi. Smith, Brearley. Garside, Joshua. Knutton, Henry. Singleton, Job. Knutton, John. Gledhill, Maria. Townend, Lees. Armitage, Fred. Lumb, Martha. Sykes, John. Stott, Wright. Burton, Elizabeteh. Lumb, Hannah. Holroyd, Joe.

Kidroyd, Almondbury. -Kidroyd Lane, Hamer, Joe. Vickerman, Fred. Jagger, Henry. Shaw, Richard. Smith, Arthur. Thewlis, Thomas. Hallas. Richard. Vickerman, Tom Bailey. Whiteley, Tom.

Kilner Bank. Left side, Chapel Street. 1 Mallinson, Oliver. 3 Dewhirst, William Edwin. 5 Hollingworth, Sarah. 9 Slater, Annie. 11 Clarke, Sam. 13 Hepworth, Sam. 15 Wood, Sam Horner, moul-

der. 17 Longfield, Charles, grocer. 21 Carter, Lavinia. 23 Burns, John William. 25 Clarke, James Alfred. 29 Heywood, John William. 31 Bottomley, James Wrigley.

Page 152


53 Pollard, James. 55 Waite, John Aguilla. 5? Wortley, Jane. 41 Robinson, Samuel. 43 Moorhouse, John Charles. 47 Coussens, Ann. 49 Dawson, George. ol Wade, Henry. 55 Mitchell, Albert. Edward. 55 Nowell, Edward. 67 Fielding, Fred. 9 Gandy, Elizabeth. 61 Leather, John Arthur. 63 Liversedge, Thompson. 67 Taylor, David. 69 Thewlis, Eli. V1 Hewitt, James. 73 Ellis, Tom. 15 Woodhouse, George. (7? Lindsay, George Edward. 79 Broadbent, John. $1 Lindley, James. 83 Lodge, John. Right side.

2 Boddy, John. | 4 Hill, Charles Edward. 6 Barrett, Fred. Dearnley, William Vincent. Sunderland, Tom. Sunderland, Hannah. Pell, George. 18 Haigh, John. ‘22 Kenyon, Smith. 24 Toulcher, Charles. 26 Heap, William Henry. 28 Shaw, Alfred.

350 Rothwell, John Edmondson.

2 Driver, George Henry. 54 Woodhouse, Martha. 56 Blakey, John Edward. 58 Simpson, Thomas Maud. 40 France, Mary Jane. 42 Bates, Henry. 48 Taylor, Ezra. 52 Lodge, Joseph Field. 60 Pottinger, Joseph Henry. 62 Hyde, Thomas. 64 Mallinson, George. 66 Hyde, George Dyson. 68 Norcliffe, William. 70 Haigh, Bob. 72 Hinchcliffe, Garnett.

nee io



(4 Wadsworth, Job.

76 18 82 84

118 120 122 124 128 130 134 136 138 140 142 152 154 156 158 160 164 166 168 170 172 174 176 178 180 182 184 186 190 194

196 200

Parker, Mark. Spencer, Walter William. Eastwood, Sam. Oidfield, Alfred. Dean, Harry. Kaye, James. Basendale, Isaac.

; Oldfie'd, Tom.

Byram, Joe William. Horn, Annie, Rodgers, George. Lewis, Louisa Hannah. Lodge, Mary. Balmforth, Benjamin.

4 Kilbruck, Joseph.

eae Margaret Han-

nah. Pontefract, Henry. Ashley, William Holden. Holden, George. Taylor, John Edward. Leech, Emma. Jackson, James Henry. Dawson, Joe. Farrer, William. Royston, John. Fisher, Walter. Roscoe, Charles. Bywater, William. Draper, John. Bedford, Sam. Boothroyd, John. Taylor, William Henry. Robinson, Joe. Greenwood, Tom Walter. Jubb, George William. Cheetham, Robert. Vickerman, Alfred. Balmforth, Alice. Hall, Thomas. Beake William Edward. Hollingworth, Edmund. Eldred, Fred. Mann, Henry. Wise, Robert Henry. Brown, John Wentworth. Aspinall, Albert. Medley, Jesse. Broadbent, Eli. Broadbent, Betty. Denton, John.

Kilner Square.

Page 153


202 Bailey, Henry Bainbridge. 204 Sunderland, Harry. 206 Dawson, William. 208 Sykes, Nathan 210 Kaye, William oad 212 Horne, Tom. 914 Beaumont, Wright. 216 Clarkson, Joseph Thomas. 218 Etchell, Thomas. 222 Parr, Walter. 224 Pollard, George. 226 Woodhouse, Joseph. 228 Kaye, William. 230 Pollard, William. 232 Kilburn, Henry. 234 Steel, John. 236 Steel, Mark.

Bradley Mills.

King Cliff Road, Hillhouse. Halifax Old Road.

1 Hargreaves, James Rollin, baker. laHargreaves Law. 5 Sheard, Samuel. Thackray, John, commercial traveller. 9 Weir, George. 11 Bentley, Fred. 13 Easter, Arthur. 15 Hardisty, Mrs. 17 Brook, Albert.

Danby Terrace.


18 Rayner, Fred. 19 Clegg, Arthur. 20 Greenfield, Walter. 21 Coates, Septimus. 22 Beverley, Henry. 24 Mitchell, Harry. 25 Barrowclough, Robert.

King’s Mill Lane.

6 Horn, Joe. 8 Murphy, Mrs. Mary Ellen. 9 Houghton, Adam. 10 Jessop, William Henry, con- tractor. Maple Street. 11 Holroyd, John. 12 Monnington, Henry James, draper.

13 Stephenson, maker. 14 Kaye, Thomas. 15 Calvert, Herbert. 16 Dyson, Herbert, rope manu-

Henry, cabinet:

facturer. Dawson, Walter, William dyer.

35 Bower, Joe. 35 Best, James. 37 Moore, William.

Manor Street..

43 Moore, Fred, brass founder. 45 Hawley, Joseph, mason. 47 Tarbut, Tom, cabman. 49 Kaye, Joseph Henry, cloth finisher. 51 Inman, Sam, sen. Benn Street. 53 Hallas, Mrs. Emma, general dealer. 55 Varley, John. 57 Cocker, Ernest. 59 Harrison, Richard. 61 Sykes, Joe Ainley. 63 Kaye, Arthur. 65 Denton, Alfred. 67 Waddington, Joe Thomas. Marchant, Harry.

King Street. Left side. New Street.

1 Brook, Emanuel, hatter. laAshurst, Broderick Thomas and Co. , glovers and fancy drapers. 3 Sykes, Lewis Irving, hosier and glover.

Mrs., Dining Rooms.

5-7 Barrowclough, Robert, family draper. Holroyd, Thomas James,

sewing machine dealer. 9 Kaye and Monnington, trim- mings. Market Walk.. 13 Shaw, William, chemist. 15 Tyler and Sons, boot and shoe makers.

Page 154


Rs.) Rhodes’ Yard. 1l5aOwen, George William, prin- ter and manufacturing stationer. Stephenson, Thomas, scale and weighing machine maker. Lecomber and _ Son, manufacturers. Haigh, John, nisher. 17 Hopkinson, James, millinerc, hosier, and draper. 19 Imperial Boot Co. 19aWilson, Frank H., tailor;


house’ fur-

tel. 347a. oy

21-23 Kaye, Thomas, and Son, silk mercers and drapers. Schofield, M. dealer in tal- lor’s trimmings. Pack Horse Yard. 25 Armitage, Albert, confec- tioner. 27 Elliott, R. J., and Co., Ltd. (sec., A. Gledhill), tobacco and cigar manufacturers ; tel. 43. 99-31 Worthy and Co., silk mer- cers and furriers. | 33 Maypole Dairy Co., Lid. (sec. A. KE. Walker). 35 Thickett, Richard, New Inn. 37 Hobson and Miers, Reliable Boot Providers. Cross Church Street. 41-43 Netherwood, Tom, tailor and ae a 45-47 Spivey raham, wine gad aie merchant, ale and porter brewer. 49 Akam, Arthur, M.P-.S., chemist, and photo: goods. 51 Wilks, William, and Sons, brush manufacturers. 53-55 Ackroyd, Archie, and spirit merchant. __ 59 Freeman, Hardy, and Willis, dealers in boots and shoes.

Queen’s Head Yard. Firth, Thomas Edward. Atkinson, J., basket maker. 61-63 Hall, Holdsworth, paper- hanger.



Venn Street.

Slater, Samuel. Ibberson, John Kilburn. 65 Telfer, H., draper. 67 Binner, James Douthwaite, eycle dealer. 69 Brewer, William, maker (Shelley’s). 71 Heppleston, George, general dealer. Herbert, sanitary plumber and gas fitter. 73 Wilson, William, tailor and outfitter. 75 Turner, Joseph, draper. 77-81 West. Riding Furnishing Co. (F. W. Smith). 85 Hull, Samuel, pawnbroker. 89 Brooke, Martha, Diana Inn. 91 Moran, M. H., butcher. 93 Grayson, Thomas, boot and shoe maker. 95 Balmforth, William H., pork butcher. 97 Searby, James, diaper. Bradley Street North. 99-101 Mason, George, tailor, hatter, clothier, and out-


tter. 105 Beaumont, James, black- smith and shoeing forge. Le Page, Chas., artist. Wild, E., hairdresser. 105 Lambert and Co., chemists. 107 Mitchell, Mrs. Mary Ann, Anchor Inn. lilaMagson, Walter,

nist. 113 Boothroyd, William Grant, jeweller, watch and clock maker.


Kirkgate and Castlegate. Right side. Barrett and Barrett, carpet and blind manufacturers. 2 Hardcastle, Shaw, fancy drapers. 4 Tabrum, Arthur, boot and shoe merchant. ° 6 Swallow, David, hatter. Boothroyd, Jonas, and Co., accountants.

Page 155


8 Wallace and Co., Ltd. (sec., F. Wallace), grocers, pro- vision merchants, confec- tioners, fruit preservers. _ Wallaces’ Cafe; tel. 502. 10 Morley, Henry, hairdresser. 12 Walker, Thomas, boot and shoe merchant. 14 Stead, Frederick Carr, and Co., tea and coffee mer- chants; tel. 553. 16 Shaw and Son, tailors, clo- thiers, and outfitters. 18 Melia and Co., Ltd. (local manager, J. EK. Hall), grocers. Victoria Lane. Market Hall, Outside. 1 Hudson, John, butcher. 2 Wood, Harry Blackburn, hosier. Principal Entrance to the Market: Hall. 4 Barrett, Charles, hosier.

Shambles Lane.

20 Hall, George, dress, mantle. millinery, ladies’ outfit- ting, family linen, and general mourning estab- lishment ; tel. 561. 22 Field Watson, shirt, pyja- ma, and collar maker ; "tell. 543. 24 Bradley, George Frederick, jeweller. 26 Kaye, Henry, and Co., tea and coffee merchants. Queen Street.

28 Taylor's Drug Co., Iitd., chemists. 30 Harrop, John, furniture manufacturer.

62 Rodgers and Son, butchers. 34 Gill, Mary Ann, clothier. 36 Hemingway, Joseph Kd. ward, saddler and harness maker. Wormald’s Yard. 5 Hirst, Fred. 6 Shaw, Michael. 38 Holroyd and Co., dyers and cleaners.


40 Morton, Henry Edward, and Sons, glass and china mer- chants. 42 Windle, Oswald, tailor and clothier. Goldthorpe’s Yard. 5 Outram, Benjamin. 5 Jackson, John. 44 Dodd and. Co., Ltd. (sec. H. Pinder), chemists. 46 Hallam, Frederick, milliner and draper. — 48 Whitworth, John Harry, to- bacconist.

50 Wheatley and Son, whole-

sale druggists. 50aAinsburg and Son, clothiers. Zetland Street. 52 Gledhill, Richard, washing machines. 52aGrayson, William Henry, shoemaker. Bread Tenter. 1 Gledhill, Richard. 3 Whitworth, Harold.

Spivey, George. 54 Sidebottom, Eliza, confec- tioner. 56 Greaves, John, fishmonger

and poulterer. 58 Kaye, Mary, confectioner. 60 Turner, David, hatter. 62 Weatherhead, William, but- cher. Bradley Street South,

64 Towlson, Herbert, book- seller, stationer, and newsagent.

66 Brook, Mark, joiner, cabi- net maker ; office and shop furnisher. 68 Pownall, William, carver, gilder, and picture frame maker. 70 Hewson, Mary, confectioner 72 Wallace and Co., Ltd., gro- cers, &c. 74 Beaumont, Harry, ladies’ underclothing and fancy repository. 76 Ramsden, Thomas Denton, tobacconist and cigar mer- chant.

Page 156


78 Beaumont, Allen, dining- rooms. Hammond’s Yard.

Whitterton, John. Pearson, J ames Slater.

Shore Head. |


Kirkgate. Left side. 1 Subscription Library (sec. A. Swift). 5 Waverley Temperance Hotel (Walter Todd). 7 Klostermann, Frank. con- fectioner and caterer. 9 Garton, Alfred, and Son, sanitary plumbers. Wood Street. 11 Wilkinson, John Stead, family butcher. Kirkgate Buildings. Barrowclough Bros.’ Work- rooms. Cooper, Willie, architect. Inland Revenue Office. Earnshaw, Albert. Carlile, Lt.-Col. Edward Hildred. Crosland, Arthur Pearson. 13 Barrowclough Bros., silk mereers and family dra- pers. Byram Street. ‘St. Peter’ s Church. Lord Street, Firth Crescent. Beast Market. 35 Teal, F. and H. 47 Mills, Alfred Shaw and Son, corn merchants. Rosemary Square. 49 Hirst, Stockwell, Commer- cial Inn. 41 Kilkenny, Patrick, apart- ments. . 4laHorsfall, John William, 43 Cooney, Patrick. 45 Maley, Bridget. 47 Dickenson, Joe. 49 McClusky, Charles. 51 Gilday, Margaret, rooms.


93-55 Hopkinson, William, Bay

Horse Inn. Old Post Office Yard.

1 Calvert, William. 3 Hayden, John. 7 Ryan, Michael. il Conley, Patrick. 16 Eastwood, Mary. 18 Oldham, ‘Arthur. Hannally, Martin Spivey’s Yard. 1 Brennan, John. 4 Carrol, Martin. 5 Hopkins, Michael. 7 Shaw, Robert. 8 Broderick, James. 9 Mahon, J ohn. a Clancy. John. 12 Cain, Michael. 14 Walker, Herbert. Peel’s Yard.

5 Cleary Patrick. 6 Draper, William. | 14 Toppleton, William, Henry 15 Hargreaves, Harry Armi-

tage. 16 Pugh, ‘Arthur. 59 Bottomley, Joseph. 63 Sykes’ Model Lodging- house. Boulder’s Yard. 65 Rodgers, Patrick. 67 Finn, Thomas. 71-73 Kaye, John. 85 Fairley, Ruth Hannah. 87 Shaw, Fred. 89 McPartlin, Patrick. 91 Tomlin, Thomas. 93 Maltas, John, Oxford Inn. Castlegate. Right side. 2 Roebuck, Giles, butcher. 4 Nicholson, W., and Bros., hosiers, shirt and - collar

makers. 6 Greenwood, John, mantles, jackets, costumes. 6 Wilkinson, J. F., bookseller, stationer, and wholesale and retail newsagent, an:i circulating library — Mudies. - &

Page 157


1C Binns, Joseph, and Co., |

rope and twine merchants. 12 Dougherty, John Heywood, 14 Watson, Edward, White Swan Hotel.

Pack Horse Yard.

Burley, Mrs., Pack Horse Hotel

el. 18 Oldfield and Studdard,

house furnishers. 20 Kendall, William W., um- brellas and walking sticks. Cross Church Street. 22 Hartley and Tee, butchers. 24 Ewart, Law, pawnbroker.

Fleece Inn Yard.

1 North, Walter, plumber. Golden’s Agricultural Im- plement Warehouse. 26 Smith, James Leef, seed merchant. 28 Jackson, Paul, Fleece Inn. 40 Double-Arch Tyre Co. ; tel. 58

2 46-50 Taylor and Sons, iron and steel merchants ; tel. 81. 52 Sykes, Hannah, dining- rooms. 54 Berry, John W., general dealer. 56 Neeson, Robert, tobacconist and confectioner. 58 Craven, William, pawn- broker. Parish Church’ Schools. 70 Brennan, Elizabeth, general

dealer. 72 Armitage, Jonathan Wom- ersley. 3 Dog Yard.

76 Thomas, Kirkgate

nn. 78 Wordsworth, Thomas. ‘80 Bailey, Edward, tobacconist and confectioner. 82 Bailey, Ann. 84 Hirst,Abraham James Scott, general dealer. 86 Asquith, William Henry, Clothiers’ Arms Inn.

88 Conroy, Tom, tobacconist and confectioner. 90 Hellawell, William. Clothiers’ Arms Yard. 4 Wordsworth, Chas. Henry Wordsworth, Thomas. 7 Mudd, William. 96 Linton. William. 9@ Bell, William. 108 Robinson, John Frederick. boot and shoe maker. The Shore.

Lady Lane, Dalton.

Sand Ing View. 1 Whittaker, Hannah. 2 Shaw, Tom. 5 Garthwaite, Charles. Lane End. 18 Hirst, Alfred. 20 Woodhead, Harry. 22 Garthwaite, Julia Ann. 25 Brian, Thomas Henry. 24 Horsfall, Alfred Ernest. 26 Wright, George. 28 Stephenson, Edward.

61 Brook, Eliza Ann.

62 Hartley, Henry. 54 Senior, Fred. 56 Jackson, Sam. 42 Broadbent, Herbert. 44 Lee, Charles. 46 Taylor, Jonas. 48 Calvert, Sarah Ann. 50 Stead, Ephraim. 52 Elwis, Ann. 54 Liversidge, Herbert.

Lady House Lane, Berry

Brow. Left side.

Coal Pit Lane. 1 Day, Allen. 5 Taylor, Tom, coal merchant. 5 Shaw, Mrs. Ann. 9 Shaw, Alfred. 11 Shaw, Watson. 13 Bayliff, Joseph. 15 Copley, Sarah Ann. 17 Baylhiff, Thomas.

Page 158


19 Shaw, Jepson, draper. 21 Shaw, Francis. 23 Blathwayt, Rev. Harold | 7 James, curate. 27 Shaw, Herbert. 29 Shaw. John William. Right side.

2 Beaumont, Maria. 10 Fisher, Jane. 22-24 Coates, Benjamin.

Hall Bower Lane.

Laithcroft, Salford. Left side. 3 Mellor, Joe Ranfield. 5 Platt, Elizabeth. 7 Quarmby, Albert. 9 Gelder, Charles Henry. 11 Wood, Edgar. 15 Corney. George. Right side. 2 Ramsden, Edwin. 4 Heseltine, Ada. 4aProctor, Martha. 6 Knight, Albert. 8 Garside, Sarah.

Lamb Cote, Bradley.

Brook, Joshua. Dyson, Alfred.

Lamb Hall Road, Longwood Gate.

1 Brook, Dan. 2-4 Firth, Joe. 6 Wrigley, Nathan. 8 Wrigley, Sarah. 10 Haigh, Crosland. 12 Rhodes, Joseph. 14 Whitehead, Charles. 16 Crowther, Joseph. 18 Shaw, John. 20 Ainley, William Henry. 22 Maud, Samuel. 24 Armitage, Annie. 28 Taylor, David.

30 Broadley, John.


Laund Road, Salendine

Nook. Leit side. New Hey Road. Baptist Sunday Schools. Moor Hill Road. 1 Crowther, Mary. 5 Turner, Harry. 7 Iredale, Willie, farmer. Longwood. Right side. Baptist Chapel. Moor Hill Road. 2 Gledhill, Andrew, farmer.

- 4 Hoyle, William Henry.

6 Gledhill, William, farmer. 8 Taylor, Sarah. 10 Jepson, Fred. 12 Mellor, Thomas. 14 Crowther, Thomas. 16-22 Morton, Edmund Alfred, earthenware manufac-

turer. 18 Shaw, John William. 20 Clegg, Mary Agnes. 24-34 Clegg, Joseph. 28 Gee, John. 32 Harrison, David. 36 Morton, Harriett. 38 Morton, Albert. 46 Morton, Allen. 48 Wadsworth, George. 50 Smithies, Joe, hawker. Longwood.

Lea Street. Hillhouse Road. 1 Spencer, Arthur. 3 Eastwood, John. 5 Kirby, Tom. 7 Roberts, Caroline. 9 Parkinson, Emma. 11 Cooper, Jonathan. 13 Firth, Frank. Mead Street. Board School. Honoria Street. : Left side. 2 Pearson, Richard, presser. 4 Heaton, Frank.


Page 159


6 Freeman, Dan. 8 Pontefract, Matilda. 10 Lodge, George, Henry. 12 Stringer, Joe.

Gladstone Terrace. |

1 Holmes, Frederick.

2 Boothroyd, Willie Battye. |

3 Goldthorpe, Ernest. 4 Bruckshaw, Joseph. 5 Battye, Wright. 7 Underhill, William. 8 Dyson, Morton. 14 Conacher, John. 16 Magnall, John William. 18 Winterbottom, Joe Clegg.

Gordon Terrace. 44 Pyrah, John, timber mer- chant.’ 46 Thorpe, Charles, cial traveller. 50 Dawson, Alfred. , 62 Tindall, Edwin Henry. 54 Bureau, Gustave Pierre, manager. 56 Foster, Fred, grocer. 08 Warburton, Robert, mana- ger.


Honoria Street.

Lea Street, Lindley.

Farrar, Thomas Fletcher. Long, Nanny.


Leeches, Outlane. Taylor, Walker. Haigh, Jane. Palmer, Noah. Taylor, Reuben. Pearson, John. Diskin, Annie. Dyson, Joe Albert. Leeches Hill. Longley, Benjamin. Whittaker, Fred. Sutcliffe, George Henry. Taylor, Andrew. Lumb, Rowland. Longley, Thomas. Schofield, Benjamin Haigh. Shaw, William. Ainley, David. E

| |


Sutcliffe, Walter. Whitaker, Elizabeth. Dyson, Collingwood. Wheelwright, William. Gledhill, Jonathan. Waterhouse, Joseph. Hinchliffe, Susannah. Dyson, Mary Elizabeth. Gledhill, Thomas. Crossley, Tom. Whitwam, Edna. Roberts, Henry. Crampton, Levi. Atkinson, Joe. Mallinson, Herbert.

Leeds Road. Left side. Lowerhead Row. 5 Foster, Isaac. 5 Walker, Elizabeth. 7 Fletcher, George. 7aDyson, Joshua Shaw. 9 Banks, Joseph. Northumberland Street. 11 Binns, John. 13 Firth, William. 15 Higgins, John. St. Mark’s Parish Rooms. 17 Boothroyd, Uen. 19 Land, Jane. Tindall’s Buildings. laFahey, Patrick. 5 Brown, James William. 4 King, Charles. Unsworth, Mary Union Street,


53 Andrew, Joe. Light, David. Lee and Burley’s Yard. 2 Smith, Sam. 5 Henegan, Patrick. 4 Lodge, John. 5 Shear, George William. 6 Shaw, John William. 7 Foster, Miller. 8 Lodge, George. 10 Shaw , James. - 11 Hurst, James. 12 Robinson, Henry. 41 Walker, Joe. 47 Booth, Allen. 49 Wadsworth Jonathan.

Page 160

130 51 Armitage, Thomas Booth- royd. 5laBates, Emma. 53 Brook, John Thomas, house furnishers. 55 Cartwright, James, news-

agent. 57 Booth, Allen, hairdresser. 61 Garthwaite, ‘John Edward, Elephant and Castle Hotel

Fitzwilliam Street East.

Hanson, Ann, and _ Son, newsagencs and tobacco- nists; Sub-Post Office.

Beaumont Street.

Municipal Sanitary Ware- houses. Canal Bridge. Jessop, Allin, manager (Bridgefield House). Pogson, Joseph, manager (Bridgefield House). 83 Hardcastle, William, Wea- vers’ Arms Inn. 85 Medley, Jackson. 87 Brewer, George. 93 Gledhill, William. 95 Hirst, Charles. 91 Robinson, Mary. 97 Steinbridge, John. 10i Walsh, Thomas. 103 Smith, Charles. 105 Leece, Ernest. 107 Walshaw, Frances. 109 Senor, Walter. 115 Crowther, Ellen. 117 Gibson, Joseph. ° Shepherd, Abraham. 119 Shepherd, Henry. 121 Castle, John. 123 Knight, James, grocer. 125-27 Cocking, George. 129 Coldwell, Fenton. 121 Corder, J ohn, fishmonger. 135 Field, ‘George, general dea-

ler 137 Robert.

141 Westerby, Theophilus, shoe- maker. Wilkshire, David, dyer and cleaner.

St. Andrew’s Buildings.


1 Mellor, Charles. 2 Marsden, William. 5 Mallinson, Henry. 143 Ellis, Barlow, and Son, wool merchants. 145 Hollingworth,George Henry, hairdresser and umbrella maker. Hillhouse Road. 151 Kaye, Jane. 153 Fry, George.

St. Andrew’s Church Schools. St. Andrew’s Church. Right side.

Lowerhead Row. St. Mark’s Church ; verger, Foster. Bond, 55, North- umberland-street. Fountain Yard. Wood, Thomas Henry. 14 North, Harry. 16 Christie, George. 18 Binns, Matilda. 20 Lee, William. 22 Swallow, Bros., rug manu- facturers. Priestley and Co., Ltd. (sec. A. EK. Priestley), woollen and worsted manufac- turers, Waterloo Mills. Barras, Frederick, and Co., commission agents, loo. Mills. ; Corporation Gasworks. Gasworks Street. 28-30 Gasworks Offices, engineer and manager, KE. Harman ;

assistant manager, Joe Sykes. Thirkhill, Richard, smith

and wheelwright. Learoyd’s Row. 1 Beaumont, Mary Ann. 4 Fahy, David. 4 Shaw, Herbert. 7 Hanson, Joe. 8 Tolcher, Thomas. Grove Road. 2 Dobson, Thomas. 5 Walshaw, Charlies. 5 Walsh, Murray. 62 Midwood, George William.

Page 161


32aCrowther, Mary. 34 Evans, Jane Hannah. d4aLockwood, Eliza. 36 Sykes and Binner,rug manu- facturers, Carlton Mills. S6aJackson, Percy. Learoyd’s Yard. 1 Dickinson, Edwin. 2 Shaw, Jane. 3 Kitson, Thomas Henry. 4 Harrod, Hufton. 5 Crowther, Ellen. 7 Crowther, Hannah. 8 Stennett, William. 9 Hinchliffe, George. 10 Gibson, Alfred. 11 Wood, Allen. ° 12 Powner, Isabella. 13 Scott, Hannah. 15 Lunn, Thomas. 16 Hallas, Ben. 40 Ormerod, Walter. 42 Marriott, Reuben. Learoyd’s Street. 1 Waller, Frederick. 2 Davis, Joseph Robert.

5 Bramhall, George Henry,

5 Hartley, William. 6 Tordoff, Walter. 7 Lodge, Sam. Blamires, Thomas and Henry, Ltd., (sec. Jos. Blamires), woollen manu- facturers, Phoenix Mills ; tel. 179.. ; Glendinning Bros., worsted and woollen manufac-

turers, Tanfield Mills ; tel. 14. 44 Renshaw, William. 46 N ae William, Market nn.

Thistle Street. 96 Bray, Mrs. Eliza, Spinners’ Arms Inn. 58 Brook, Edmund. 60 Dawson, Ned. 62 Gooder, Mary. St. Andrew’s Road. 68 Sharpe, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann, Sub-Post Office. ° Lawton, William

Henry, wheelwright.

Wesleyan Chapel. 70 Robson, Joseph, tailor. 74 Bentley, John Shaw.

Leeds Road North. Left side. Leeds Road.

1 Ainley John. 35 Battye, Rockley. 7 Kelly, James. — 9 Kelly, John, shoemaker. 11 Reast, George. 13 Taylor, Samuel. 15 Kaye, Alfreda. 17 Pontefract, Alfred. 19 Poppleton, George Sykes.

21 Kinder, George.

27 Colbeck, Harry. 51 Ness, Edward. 45 Oates, Albert, butcher. 50 Taylor, Hannah. Brook, Taylor, shoemaker. Brook’s Yard. o¢? Berry, Elizabeth. 59 Cartwright, Lydia. 41 Beaumont, Sarah Ann. 43 Stewart, Charles Robert. 47 Lawton, George Henry. 49 Dyson, Thomas. 51 Mallinson Elizabeth. 55 Mallinson, George. 55 Sykes, Sarah. John, joiner and un- dertaker ; tel. 417. Fieldhouse Lane, Norman Terrace. Bottomley, Walter. Pickles, George. Green, Henry, carrier. 69 Taylor, Joe. 71 Chambers, Mary. 75 Hanson, Ann. 75 Sheard, Dawid. 77 Haigh, Matthew. 81 Dawson, Albert. 85 Richardson, Allen. 85 Dawson, Fred. 87 Crawshaw, Herbert. 89 Lawton, William Henry. 91 Kinder, Joe. 93 Wood, Albert. 95-97 Hansen, Wright, grocer. Canal Street.

Page 162


99 Eastwood, David, Waggon and Horses Inn. 99aBull, Richard. 101-103 Hanson, Allen, grocer. 105-107 Kershaw, John, butcher. 109° Wilson, Robert. 113 Bolt, Maria, general dealer. 115 Honey, Elizabeth. 117 Cotton, Robert. 119 Booth, Arthur Newsome.

121 Stead, George. Wood, Jce, photographer. 123 Wood 125 Dickinson, John William (Rockleigh). 127 Schofield, Walter (Bank View).

129 Crossley, Mary Ann. 131 Sykes, William. 133 Birkenshaw, Rachel. 135 Smith, Sam. 137 Crowther, Emma. 139 Smith, Charley. 141 Holdsworth, Thomes Milnes. 147 Smith, John Henry. 149 Rayner, Selina. 151 Scholes, William. 155 Spivey, Willie. 157 Thornton, Will. 161 Kaye, Ann. 163 Holroyd, Helen. 163 Holroyd, Ellen. 167 Mellor, Henry. 169 Pontefract, Sam. : Canker Road. Field Mills.

Robinson, John Lawrence,

and Sons, Field Dye Works ; tel. 532. Cheetham, Rowland. .

Lee, Thomas. Battye, Walker . Brook, and Sons, Ltd., brick and tile works. Leeds Fire Clay

Walker, "Edwin and 005, iE Field Mills ; tel.

Richardson, Walter (Red Doles). 177 Beaumont, John. 179 Oorder, Thomas.


181 Ellis, William Henry. 183 Kerr, James. 185 Castle, Josiah. Whitacre Street. Robinson, Eliza Ann, draper Raw Ings Terrace. Stocks, William, farmer. 189 Taylor, Henry. 191 Longbottom, Law, sen. 193 Riley, Thomas William. Sands Terrace. 1 Worthington, Harry. 2 Beaumont, John. 5 Benton, Georgie Willie. 4 Brook, William. 5 Lord, Sarah Ann. 6 Buckley, Martha. 195 Earnshaw, Lewis. Deighton. 201 Horner, James. Ellis, Robert. Osborn, Samuel Thomas. 207 Sykes, Joe, White Horse nn

Taylor, Frederick. Field, William. Flannagan, Edward. ' Helm, James. Scott, Theodore. Womersley, John. Bailey, Benjamin. Castle, Joe. Lawton, David. Littlewood, Samuel. Walter, Harry. Hughes, Thomas Richard. Deighton Lane. 209 Dyson, Allen, grocer. 211 Wilkinson, Joseph. 213 Aston, Mary Ann. Noble, Andrew, Shepherd, James. 215 Clegg, Joseph. 217 Shaw, Fred Schofield. Littlewood’s Buildings. Lodge, Lewis Henry. Lodge, John. Dickinson, George. Hirst, George Walter. Greenwood, Albert Theo- bald, manager of Corpora- tion Sewage Works (West wood House).

Page 163


» Howarth, Isaac. Whitehead, Jane. Taylor, J ohn Richard. 219 Howard, Ellen Ann. Bellwood, Eliza. 225 Liversedge, Dick. 227 Howarth, John Thomas. 259 Brook, George. 251. Gledhill, Martha. 450 Langley, Henry. 235 Walker, Walltier. 257 Sugdin, Zaccheus. 239 Firth, Jamies.

Oak Road.

241 Waring, Richard. 243 Firth, George. Leeming, Hannah. 245 Charles. gson., Fanny. 247 Schofield, Hamby. Lodge, Mary Ann. 249 Armitage, John. Walter, Dan. Brook, John Clayton. Tomlinson, William Heuary Pogson, William. 251 Crowther, Joseph. 253 Lindley, Charles Bro vis. 255 France, Joshua.., 259 Archer, James. 261 Shaw, Arthur. 263 Day, Arthur. 265 France, Albert.

. 267 Whitehead, Tom.

269 Brook, George Arthur. 273 Dawson, John. 275 Hudson, Godfrey. Firth, Fred..- 279 Haigh, William, groe »:. 281 Holmes, John. 283 Dyson, Henry. 285 Rushworth, John Yates. 287 Lund, George. 289 Haigh, Martha. 301 Haigh, Walter. 303 Beckwith, Thomas. 305 Holroyd, Israel. 307 Sugden, Frank. 309 Holmes, Thomas newsagent. 311 Fisher, Thomas. 413 J ackson, Sarah Hannah, har- ness maker,


Littlewod, Ann. 317 Swallow, William. Brook, Charles. liversidge, Dick, Junction Inn. Jenkinson, Wooller. 525 Barratt, Rachel. $25 Litthewood, Ann.

527 Spivey, Matthew. 529 Lockwood, John. 531 Whitehead, Vic. 535 Jenkins, George. _ Lower Quarry Road. Mellor Bros., cotton spin- ners, Holme Mill. Firth, Fred, cotton agent. Cooper Bridge. Borough Boundary. Right side, 2 Swift, Hannah. 4 Ellis, Thomas. 6 Harrop, Joseph. 8 Smith, Sarah Jane. 10 Bailey, Mary Elizabeth. 12 Bradley, Fanny. 14 Wilson, Henry John. 16 Starkey, Sam. 18 Mallinson, Mary. 20 Beaumont, James Henry. 22 Kilburn, Albert. 24 Wilson, Fred. 26 Wood, William Henry. 28 Whittaker, Jesse William. 51 Medley, Fred. 52 Brearley, Albert Edward. 54 Ramsden, Jesse. 36 Walker, Alfred. 48 Ellis, William. 40 Boothroyd, Allen. 42 Cartwright, James. Moorhouse, Henry. 44 Bentley, Mary Rushworth. 46 Pollard, James Fenton. 48 Milnes, Mary. 50 Mallinson, Joseph. 52 Liversidge, Fred. 54 Booth, Stead. 58 Berry, William. 62 Stott, Alfred, coal dealer. St, " Andrew’ s Road. 64 Hall, Samuel. 66 Beaumont, Joe.

Page 164


70 Broadbent, Herbert. 74 Hirst, Emily. 76 Binns, Thomas. 78 Mail, Ellen. 80 Clegg, Wesley. 82 Robinson, Albert. 84 Baxendale, John. William. 86 Starkey, James. 88 Mitchell, Joe. _90 Billington, George Carr. 90aHuntley, William. 94 Horn, Richard Henry. 96 Gledhill, Benjamin. 98 Haigh, Frederick William. 100 Booth, Harriet. 102 Clege, Mark. 104 Broadbent, Richard. 106 Hellawell, ‘Harry. 108 Copley, Joe Albert. 110 Clegg, Thomas, dyer. 112 Brook, Frank. 114 Hallas, Fred. 116 Brook, Mark. i118 Stringer, Thornton. Taylor, Ernest, restaurant. 120 Lodge, Joe Holroyd. Dyson, Herbert. 122 Sutcliffe, Fanny. 124 Johnson, Joe. 126 Jones, David. 128 Brook, Fred. 130 Boothroyd, Fred Cavour. 132 Barlow, Charles. 134 Pullan, George. 136 Woodhead, Walter. Bradley Mills Road. Working Men’s Club. Carr, Margaret. Tye, Robert. Thompson, George. Berry, George William. Senior, James. Burton, George. Bradley Mills Lane.

144 Whittle, Robert Rhodes. 146 Rayner, “Tom. \ Public Recreati ion Grounds. Broadbent, James Thomas (Dale Cottage). vom Edward (Royd i 158 Jackson, David. 160 Cheetham, Margaret.



162 Liversedge, Fred. 164 Starkey, Ernest. 166 Reast, Joseph. 168 Burgess, John. 170 Liley, Frederick. 172 Cheetham, Jane. 174 Kenyon, Fred. 176 Lonsdale, Frevel. Clough, John. 178 Moorhouse, Henry. Mallinson, Tom. Bentley, James William. Beaumont, Alfred. Priestley, ‘Joe. Dyson, George. Emmerson, John Walker, athletic outfitter. Dyson, Lewis Arthur. Dyson, James. Bray, J ames. Bray,Albert Sykes. Nelson, Edwin. Scholes, Sam.

George and

180 186 188 190 194 196

198 Booth, ‘Albert. Armitage, William. Taylor, Law. Oswin, William (Old Sta- tion).

Pickles, James (Old Station) Boothroyd, Joshua. Walker, Tom. Taylor, ‘Ruth, Peacock Inn. Dyson, Wilkinson. Lonsdale, Joseph. Smith, George police sergeant. Dyson, Walter. Goldthorpe, James Edward. 212 Norman, William. 218 Scargill, George William, Woodman Inn.’ 250 Sugden, Fred. Ibberson, Joseph. 240 French, Alfred Martin. Cottam, Joseph, farmer. Calvert, Miss, matron, Ser- vants’ Home.


Ashgrove Road. Dugdale, Robert, dealer. —

Whitwam, William. Oddy, Fred,


! }

+. Sees

Page 165


Sowden, William. Smith, Alfred. Learoyd, Bros., and Co., Ltd. (sec. J. H. Fearnley), worsted manufacturers, Trafalgar Mills ; tel. 362. Carlion Terrace. Jepson, Benjamin. Cartwright, Henry. Garside, George. Flowers, Emma. Brumstead, Albert. 242 Swallow, Daniel. Stevenson, George, gar- dener (Rose Cottage). 944 Hopwood, James. Bergan, Tom. 246 Jackson, Alfred. 248 Moore, Ernest. Muffitt, Edward (Lock House). Nelson, Sam (Dam Head). Woodhouse Cottages. Dyson, George Henry. Lewis, George. Mossley, William. 250 Whiteley, Mary and Martha. 252 Walker, Lewis. 254 Hoyle, Mary. 256 Marriott, Louie (Ashgrove). Woodland Road. - Bamford, Hannah. Gannon, John. Marsden, Emily. Shaw, Joseph, dyer. Woodland Lane. Thomas, Joe, farmer.

Woodland T errace. Field, William. Smith, John, police sergeant Littlewood, Samuel. Littlewood, Alice, baker and

confectioner. Holroyd, Ann. Walker, Henry. Thomson, and Son, Ltd., woollen manufacturers, Woodhouse Mills ; tel. Si. Hirst Bros. Deighton Corn

Mills ; tel. 60,

Cliff, Alfred, wheelwright. Taylor, Law. Huddersfield Corporation Sewage Works. Langley, Henry, gardener, fruiterer, and florist. Fleetwood, George, general smith. Londesborough, Joab, ser-

geant—Deighton Police Station. Booth, Arthur, Gardeners’ Arms Inn.

Station Road. St. Thomas’ Church. Jerram, Rev. Arnold Ed- ward, vicar of Bradley. Bradley, Dick, White Cross Inn.

Colne Bridge Road.

Branch Huddersfield Indus- trial Society. Haigh, Fred, butcher.

Barrett, Benj amin, shoe- maker. Hopwood, James, brass founder.

Cooper Bridge. Borough Boundary.

Leef Street, Dalton. : Church Lane. 1-3 Oldroyd, John. Brook Street. 6 Buckley, Joseph. 8 North, William. 12 Schofield, Susannah. 14 Robinson, Albert, sizer. 16 Littlewood, Abraham. 18 Jagger, Harry.

~ 20 Sykes, Allen.

22 Glynn, William. 24 Murphy, Thomas William Ainley, ink manufacturer.

Lees, Dalton. 1 Haigh, Walker. 2 Sykes, Fred Dyson. 5 Tunnacliffe, Walter.

Page 166


Leys, Longwood Gate. 1 Armitage, Richard Taylor. 2-3 Atkinson, John. 4 Binks, John. 5 Lockwood, John.

Lidget Street, Lindley. Left side. ¥ Plover Road. St. Stephen’s Church. — Sykes, J.P., James Nield (Field Head). Bowker, Joseph. Ridsdale, Edward. Wood, Herbert. Charnock, Thomas. 11 Bentley, Herbert. 13 Fairbank, Dan. 15 Sharp, William. 25 Milnes, Law. 27 Warren, Tom. 29 Sykes, Martha. 51 Earnshaw, Charles. 353 Kelsey, Alfred, butcher. 35 Wright, Joseph, engineer. Gledhill, John and Edwin, Ltd. (sec. Harold Gled- hill), machine works. 37 Hepworth, Jane. 39 Drake, Henry T., tobacco- nist and hairdresser. 41 Thorpe, William. i 43 Sykes, James Henry, gener- al dealer. Kaputine Syndicate, Ltd., patent medicines. 51 Cotton, Taylor, ironmonger. 53 Hepworth, Albert, confec- tioner.

O JO GN re

Temple Street. 55 Brook, Samuel, confectioner 57 Brook, Benjamin, Thornhill Arms Inn. 59 Needham, Bros., chemists. Crosland, Alfred, Temple Mills, mungo manufac- turer. Thornton, Firth. 69 Brook, James. 71 Lee, Ernest: Eccles. 73-75 Brearley, Wright, baker. 7? Schofield, Thomas, tailor,

79 Bedford, John, ironmonger. 81 Rhodes, Margaret, fancy re- pository. Thomas Street. 85 Hey, Thomas, grocer. 85 Branch Huddersfield Indus- trial Society. 87 Hey, Fred. 89 Moore, Willie. 95 Dyson, John, draper. 97-101 Beaumont, Ernest, jew- eller and optician. 103 Long; Edward, milliner and draper. 105 Cotton, John, hosiery manu- facturer. 107 Smith, John H., newsagent and general dealer. 109 Rowley Bros., fancy reposi- tory. 111 Auty, Samuel. 115 Fox, Henry. 115 Quarmby, John. 119 Lockwood, B. and_ Son, house furnishers. 121 Branch Wallaces’, Ltd., gro-

cers. : 123 Hepworth, William, tailor. 125 Royston, Norris, hairdresser and umbrella maker. West Street. Right side. 2 Schofield, Joseph. . 6 McGrath, Furman Hunt. 8 Howard, John Samuel. 10 Crosland, Sally Man, Fleece Inn. Holly Bank Road. 12 Bray, Fred Bottom. 14 Sutcliffe, Nancy. 16 Drake, Henry. 18 Dyson, John William. 20 Drake, Henry Taylor. 22 Moore, Ben. 24 Crosland, Frank. 26 Batley, James W., draper. 28 Crosland, Joseph, tinplate worker. 50 Whiteley Ben. 32 Barrowclough, William Hy. 54 Snowball, Tom. 56 Bates, David. 38 Yorkshire Penny Bank,

Page 167


40 Dyson, James, boot and shoe maker. 44 Smith, George. 48 Noble, William H., confec- tioner. 50 Royston, James. 54 Rhodes, Tom. 56 Richard, Saddle

58 Mitchell, Thomas, wholesale offal dealer. 60 Dyson, Ellis. 68 Cargill, Annie. 70 Whiteley, John Henry. 72 Milner, James, Imperial Inn

74 Whitwam, Herbert, confec-

tioner. 76 Smith, Levi. 80 Ainley, Benjamin. 82 Moore, Charles Schofield. 84 Shaw, Fred. 94 Brier, Abraham Herbert, shoemaker and clogger. 98 Alfred, general dea- er.

East Street.


Lightridge Road, Fixby.

2 Kitson, John Mega. 4 Hesp, Alfred Georgee. 5 Cockin, John William. 6 Wilks, John. 8 Bennett, Harry. 10 Wilkinson, Martha. | 12 Thornton, Joseph Stead. 14 Chappell, Herbert. 16 Rhodes, Herbert. 18 Cartwright, John.

Lily Street. Left side. 1 Hallas, Joseph. 5 Holt, Edwin. 5 Clegg, Charles. 7 Ackroyd, Matthew Walter. 11 Marsden, John William. 15 Thornton, Albert Edward. 17 Chaland, Frank Birchinall. 19 Starkey, John. : 21 Armitage, Joe. 25 Miller, John. 25 Goostray, John,

Right side. 2 Bowler, Lucy. 4 Bowler, John. 6 Quarmby, George. 8 Clements, George Henry. 10 Aspinall, Helena. 12 Dickinson, Fred. 18 Coates, Stephen. 20 Shaw, Charles. 22 Johnson, William. 24 Stephenson, Thomas. 26 Spivey, Enoch.

Lindley Moor. Dyson, Joe. Milnes, Joel. Dyson, Tom. Armitage, Joseph. Smith, Charles. Iredale, Ann. Dyson, John Thomas. Armitage, John (Kew Hill). Cooper, Samuel (Haigh House Hill). Longwocd, Outlane. Whitaker, Mark. Ainley, Henry. Ainley, Benjamin. Taylor, Joe. Morton, Edmund and Har- riet.


Lister Street, Moldgreen.

Left side. Wakefield Road, 1 Cook, Charles, clerk. 5 Ellis, Joe. 5 Kilner, Harry. 9 Roberts, Tom. 11 Copley, Elizabeth. 15 Heath, Frank. 17 France, James Willie. 19 Bartin, Elizabeth. 21 Brook, John. 25 Secker, Barker. 27 Gaukrodger, Arthur. 29 Haigh, Albert, agent. 45 Garthwaite, George Henry. Right side. School Street. 8 Crowther, James,

Page 168


12 Kitson, Mary. 14 Lancaster, Joe. Ravensknowle Road.

Little Brunswick Street. Fitzwilliam Street. Goldie, James, tailor. Roman Catholic Schools.

Little Carr Green Lane, -

Dalton. Left side. - 13 Greenhall, George. 15 Marsden, Elizabeth Ann. 17 Rice, Leonard. 19 Shepherd, Mrs. Sarah. 21 Halstead, Charles Wright. Sunderland, Abraham dyer. Brook, Arthur Armitage, Joe. Sheard, John. Wood, Charles. Kaye, Arthur. Wood, Walter. Stead, Matthew. Bates, George. Dalton Fold Road. Right side. 6 Booth, Charles. 8 Humpleby, Samuel. Roberts, Lawrence. Horne, Edward. Oldfield, Thomas Henry. ~ Schofield, Alfred. Dyson, Edgar. Pollard, Maria. Day, Edward. Inman, Richard Henry. - Robson, Joshua Wheeler (Westfield) é Haley, Edward Dobson (Westfield). Hepworth, Joseph, West-

field Mill. Hepworth, John, Westfield Mill

ill. Pawson, Alfred Vincent. Little Royd Bottom,


Ainley, Jan Donkorttey™ Oldfield Joah.


43 45

49 51

53 55 57 59

Marsden, Elizabeth (Queen’s Mill). Marsden, Allen. Cooke, John. Bland, Thomas. Pinder, George (Lisbon).

Lockwood Road. Left side, Graham, Ben. Dyson, John. J., monumental

(ne Ben Allen. Haigh, Fred. Clarke, Daniel. Ogden, Mary Jane. Berry, Arthur. Womersley, John. Marsden, Allen. Smith, Herbert, Dusty Mil- ler Inn.

Logwood Street. 1 Mellor, Sam. 2 Hardcastle, Willie. 5 Kaye, George William. 5 Wrigley, Walter. 7 Rayner, George Thewlis. Ainley, Elizabeth. Tavlor, Sarah. Edinborough, Harriet. Greenwood, John. Hopkinson’s Yard. 1 Noble, Joseph. 2 Rayner, Walter. 5 Smith, Thomas. 4 Blenkensop, Tom. 5 Rayner, Frank. 7 Parr, Alfred. Swallow, George. Pogson, "Mary Jane, Victoria Hotel. Parker, Joe. Potter, Robert: William. Barber, Emily, milliner. Kaye, Albert. Oldfield Square. 1 Collier, Sarah. 3 Brown, Hubert John, 14 Milne, "Andrew. 18 Hampshire, Albert. 20 Senior, Joe. 21 France, John.

Page 169


23 Rushworth, James. 25 Senior, George. Victoria Street, 65 Wilson, Benjamin, tailor. 71 Sanderson. Bros., plumbers. Rhodes, W. and J. H., engi- neers, millwrights ; tel. 516. Sykes, James Walker, and Son, joiners and builders ; tel. 203. Wilson, James. Dodgson, Thomas. Laburnum Place. 75 MacGregor, Peter, F.R.C.S. surgeon and physician. Summer Street. 81 Ledger, Richard. 83 France. Tom. 85 Clark, Eliza. 89 Hinchliffe, Martha. 91 Eastwood, John. 93 Fearnley. Walker. 95 Brook, Thomas. 97 Brier, William. Liversedge. 99 Ackroyd, Archibald. 101 Aspinal, Joseph Brighouse. 105 Fielding, Joe. 107,Shaw, Thomas. 109 Lumb, Dyson. 111 Marsden, Joseph. ' Fair Street. Heaton, R. wheelwright and smith. Bath Terrace. Wilson, J. W., tinsmith and mill furnisher. Spa Terrace. Wilson’s Workshop. Longbottom, Thomas, and Son, plasterers and sla- ters ; tel. 442. 131 Longbottom, John William. Hirst’s Buildings. 135 Mellor, Robert. 137 Bryden, Arthur. Morley’s Yard. 1 Walker, William. 2 Long, James. 5 Holland, Jethro. 139 Greenwood, William Henry, oil dealer,

141 143 147 159 167 171 173


183 185 187 189 191

195 197

199 201 205



213 215

217 219 221 22 225

Shaw, Hannah. Wilkinson, Richard. Benson, Arthur. Sykes, Joah, Fox and Grapes Inn. Hinchliffe, James. Rushworth, Sarah. Gledhill, James, Weaver’s Arms. Milan, Frederick. Crowther, Henry, and Sons, Ltd. (managing director, Norman Crowther), wool- len manufacturers ; tel. 193.

Crowther Street. Wood, Joshua. Lyall, William. Berry, William. Berry, Miss, dressmaker. Chappell, Eliza. Isherwood, Peter. Taylor, John Robert, agent. Clarkson, Samuel. Rushworth’s Yard.

Taylor, Charles.

Garside, Oliver, photog- rapher. Eastwood, Sam, pianoforte dealer and teacher of music.

Mallinson and Sons, buil- ders, contractors, stone

merchants, and quarry owners. Liversedge, Alfred. Quarmby, James Alfred, newsagent.

Moorhouse, Willie, tailor. Holmes, Timothy, harness maker. Thornton, Joss, boot and shoe maker. Hodgson, Henry, painter and paperhanger. Lindley and Co., cycle dea- lers. | Schofield, Emma, fancy dra-

per. Crow, Arthur, hairdresser and tobacconist. Providence Place.

Page 170


227 229 251

255 2357 259

2a 16

20 24

26 28

Lyall, William, grocer. Tramway Waiting Room. Lawton, Charles Edward, Chemist.

Whipp, John William, news- agent. Frobisher, Joseph Frederick, pork butcher. Waillaces’ Branch Store, gro- cery. Bridge Street. Right side. Fenton, William. Drake, Zechariah, pork but- cher.

Bull, John, dining room. Dwyer, Thomas William, butcher.

Powell, Frederick William, fruiterer.

Kaye, Henry, general dea- ler. Wadsworth, William, china

and glass dealer. Kaye, Ai., dining rooms. Bland, Thomas. Bland, Edgar. Riley, James Dyson. Barber, James, joiner and cabinet maker. Marshall, Elizabeth. Victoria Road. Briggs, Joseph, pawnbroker. Sykes and Garside, bakers and confectioners. Hyde, Samuel, hosiery and fancy drapery. Rushworth, Albert. Standing, William. Hill, Thomas Henry.

64 Humpleby, John William.

66 68 72 74

76 78

Easby, Robert, watchmaker and jeweller. Industrial Society Branch— Whitehead, George Henry, boot: and shoe maker.

Southwell, Fred, dining rooms. Sykes, Thomas.

Flemming, Samuel, confec- tioner, |

Water Street. |

80 82 84 86

88 90


94 96 98 100 102 104


Stott, Mary, Crescent Hotel. Shaw, John Henry. Sykes, Benjamin.

Bower, Fred, hairdresser, newsagent and _ tobacco- nist.

Kitson, Edward. Livesey, James. Victoria Street.

Cockhill, James Richard, grocer. Sutcliffe, Alonza, draper.

Wilson, Sara, butcher. Kaye, Henry. Kaye, Mary Ann. Greenwood, Luke. Lee, Joah.

104aCollier, Allen.

106 110 112

ats 118



124 126 128 130 152

134 136 138 140

Garden Street. Armstead, John, draper. Blackburn, George, tailor. Harper, Hannah. Back Garden Street.

Harper, Henry, general dea.

ler. McRaim, Patrick, provision merchant. Dutton, James, second-hand store. Aspinall, John Thomas, con- fectioner and newsagent; Sub-Post Office. Aspinall, Kate, dressmaker. Dransfield, George Rolling. St. Stephen’s Road. St. Stephen’s Terrace.

J. Gibson, bootmaker. St. Stephen’s Church. eee Varley, general dea- ler. St. Stephen’s Church Schools. Liversidge, Hamer. Ellis, Thomas Alfred. Horsfall, Mary. Wilson, Samuel. Nowell, Sarah Ann. East View. Shaw, Alfred. Sykes, Herbert. Graham, Tom.

Bissell, George.

Page 171


142 Berry, David. 144 Ramsden, Sarah Elizabeth. Alma Terrace. 148 Wilson, John Richard. 152 Tippling, William Henry. 156 Hodgson, Ann. 158 Calvert, Frank. Fair Street. 164 166

Smith, John. Jackman, Charles. Boothroyd, Hammond. Kaye, George, Bath Hotel. Mount Street. Methodist: Chapel. Mallinson’s Stoneyard. Kettlewell, Lewis, joiner and builder ; tel. 519. Senior, Elizabeth. Donaldson, John. 176 Heathcote, Edwin Shepherd i178 Kettlewell, Lewis. 180 Turner, Sarah Jane and


Mary Eliza, milliners and -

‘dressmakers. 182 Lodge, Harry. 186 Parkin, Sarah. 190 Hawkyard, Sam. 192 Lodge, John William. 194 Garmory, Samuel. Taylor, Ben. Lawton, Charles Edward. Hawkyard, Sam, Wool Pack Inn. Lodge, John livery stables. Lockwood and Salford Con- servative Association. Taylor; David, and Sons, plumbers and glaziers. Eastwood, William, decora- tor and paperhanger. Baptist Chapel. 202 Sykes, Lister, British Oak

Inn. 204 Garside, Oliver, fancy re- pository. 206 Jepson, William, boot and

shoe maker. Woodhouse, Allen, hay and straw dealer. . Armitage, Lydia, Red Lion Inn

212 Brook, William,

( | | | |


Lockwood Scarr Road,

Salford.. Left side. Bridge Street. 1 Kaye, Joseph Cockhill, boot and shoe maker. | laSunderland, Joseph, and Sons, joiners and_ buil- ders. Sleight, George. Greenwood, Law, maker. Ellis, Crosland, plasterer. Williams, Harry, general dealer. 11 Brook, John William. 15 Woodhouse, Feltham. 21 Armstrong, William. 23 Armitage, William 25 Armitage, John William. 27 Barden, James. Wood Bottom,


Onl Oo

_$l Senior, Garside.

53 Battye, Harry Watson, wea- ver. 50 Tunnacliffe, William, plas- terer. Bury Lane. 37 Moorhouse, Joe. 49 Cartwright, William, tuner. Sellers, Ernest: Herbert, and Co., yarn spinners, Scarr Mills ; tel. 335. Bletcher’s Yard. 2 Brook, Annie. 4 Medley, Ben. 6 Crow, John.. 8 Ellis, Richard. 10 Holland, Rowland Eugene 45 Roberts, Albert. 47 Warne, Eliza. Enoch Lane. Higgins, George. Challand’s Yard. 2 Todd, Edward. 4 Murgatroyd, John Henry. 6 Clay, Joe. 8 Owen, William Henry. Scarr Top. 75 Hawkyard, Mrs. Ann, gen- eral dealer. Newsome Cross Lane.

Page 172


Right side. 2 Sanderson, Elliott, fettler. 4- Boothroyd, Law. 10 Denton, Mrs. _ Elizabeth, general dealer. Megson’s Yard. 1 Armitage, Arthur. 5 Rowbottom, Samuel. 5 Jackson, Mrs. Elizabeth Ellen. 7 Hirst, Joe. 11 Woodhead, Mrs. Hannah. i3 Sims, Francis Henry. 19 Hirst, Alfred. 12 Sykes, Albert. 24 Smith, Mrs. Emma. Penny Fold. 2 Armitage, Arthur. 4 Brown, Charles. 26 Sykes, George. 28 Newsome, Thomas, houseman. 50 Banks, Francis James. 52 Lodge, Allen, weaver. 54 Dawson, Fred, mason. Newsome Cross Lane.


Logwood Street, Lockwood. Left side. Mellor, Sam. Wrigley, Walter. Kaye, George William. Rayner, George Thewlis. Ainley, Elizabeth. : Right side. Hardcastle, Willkie. Taylor, Sarah. Hopkinson’s Buildings. 35 Radcliffe, George Henry. 4 Mitchell, Alfred. 5 Arnold, Tom. 6 Kennedy, James. 7 Hamer, William. Lockwood Road,

Long Lane, Moldgreen. Left side. . Broad Lane, Dalton. 35 Duck, Kate. 47 Coggin, Jehu. 99 Bentley, Frederick William, . share broker.

O Do

| 164


Grove Place Chapel. Newall, Rev. Ernest Charles (New Church). Wade, Alfred Ernest. Sykes, Charles Frederick, astrachan manufacturer. Sykes, George Henry. Glass, David. Davison, Henry. Hemingway, Harry. Stephenson, Fred. Matthews, Michael, weaver. Taylor, Henry, dairyman. Birkinshaw, John. Priestley, William. Cowgill, Joseph. Right side. Paling, William John. Gauthorpe, Ann.


103 105

155 157 161 163 165 167

Grove Place. 64 Thompson, Thomas. 66 Leggatt, Wilkiam Edward. 68 Haley, James. 70 Hammond, Sarah Elizabeth. 72 Armitage, Bell, seed mer- chant.

Schofield, Joshua and Sarah.

Ann (Standifirth Farm). - 74 Marsden, Mrs. Mary Mace. 76 Brier, Mrs. Sarah Jane. 75 Booth, Eleanor, Grove Inn. 84 Wilding, Thomas. 86 Stead, Alfred. 88 Haigh, Joe: 90 Littlewood, John William. 92 Astwick, Thomas. 94 Netherwood, Sarah Ann.

98 Tunnacliffe, Charles Henry, |

commercial traveller. Clegg, Jesse, woollen manu- facturer. Taylor, William Henry. Marsden, Richard Thomas, agent. Jarmain, and


George, Sales

166 Wild, John. 168 Jubb, Joseph. 170 Wright, Alfred. 172 Broadbent, Henry.



Page 173


Standifirth. 1 Senior, Richard. 4 Bottomley, John. 5 Firth, Thompson. 6 Jones, Richard John. 7 Firth, William. 8 Brook, Sam. 9 Brooksbank, Fred. 10 Woolley, John William. 11 Naylor, John. 12 Lockwood, Albert Edward 13 Stead, George.

Longcroft, Almondbury. Cliff Lane, Westgate. 1 Poppleton, John. 2 Flinton, Thomas. 5 Hardy, Benjamin Albert. 4 Kaye, Thomas, hand-loom weaver. | 6 Vickerman, Susannah. . T Noble, Emma. 10 Dearnley, Law. 11 Westerby, Theophilus. Leigh, Ellen (Tenter Hill).

Longley, Almondbury. Left side. Lowerhouses Road. 151 Thorpe, John. 153 Moore, Henry Atkinson. 155 Dawson, Henry. 157 Armitage, William. 159 Moorhouse, Ben. 161 Dawson, John. 163 Heppenstall, Allen. 165 Garner, Alfred. 167 Armitage, James Asquith. 169 Wood, William. 171 Sykes, Hearly. 173 Battye, Harry. 175 Smith, Joseph Blackburn. 177 Barrowclough, Sydney. 179 Beaumont, Adam. 187 Dodd, William Herbert. 189 Beattie, Thomas. 191 Berry, Alffed, mason. 195 Johnson, Peter. 197 Medley, Mary Jane, weaver. 199 Jones, Charles Vincent, bricklayer. 201 Johnson, Joseph, weaver. 205 Goddard, Joshua, weaver.


Right side. Longley Hill Side. 150 North, Samuel. 152 Fowles, William. 154 Sykes, Emily. 158 Johnson, James William. 160 Lockwood, Mary Ann. 162 Taylor, Robert. 164 West, James. Kaye Lane. Longley Hall. Ramsden, Sir John William, er Beadon, Frederick Watson. |

Longroyd Lane,. Left side. 1 Wilkinson, John, butcher. 5-4 Wilkinson, John Stead. 5 Boothroyd, George Henry, grocer. 6 Shore, Jane, fruiterer. % Kilner, Joe, tinsmith and ironmonger. 9 Sutcliffe, William. 11 Northrop, John, grocer. 13 Sidebottom, Thomas Wil- liam, saddler and harness

maker. Clayton, Holdroyd, and Co.., Ltd. (sec. J. W. Sped-

ding), chemical manufac- turers, drysalters, and in- — digo merchants ; tel. 83. 15 Hodgson, Jane. 17 Senior, Joe. 19 Hill, Albert. Brooke, Thomas Walker. 235 Berry, William Henry. Boath, Agnes. 159-161 Sykes, Charlotte. Sykes’ Buildings. 1-3 Sykes, Seth. 4 Brook, Tabitha. 5 Kaye, Ralph. . 7 Sand, George. Right side. 2 Sykes, Joel. Crawshaw, Arthur. 8 Hill, John. 14 Orcherton, John. 150 Hollingworth, Sam. 156 Monkhouse, John.

Page 174

144 158 Wainwright, Tom. 160 Swallow, Herbert. 162 Carter, George. Schofield’s Buildings. | 18 Haigh, Emma. | 22 Matthewhan, Sarah Ann. | Albion Terrace. | Kitchingman, Robert Henry Ellis, Walter. Wigglesworth,Edwin Cheet-

am. Schofield, James. Wainwright, William. Booth, Arthur. Spivey, Fred. Coldwell, Thomas. Paddock. Right side. Whiteley, Charles. Flower, Emma. Atkinson, Joe. North, Edward. Wood, William Henry. Brook, Wadsworth. Walker, Allen. Sykes, George. ‘ Smith, Thomas. Shaw, Arthur. Nutter, William. Kilner’s Buildings. 2 Gill, William.

5 Armitage, Sarah. 4 Thomas, Albert. 5 Crawshaw, Arthur. 6 Jepson, Lydia. 9 Sunderland, Benjamin. 12 Brook, George. Left side. 27 Whittaker, Harry. 45 Kendall, John. 55 Wilson, Walter. 59 Shaw, Arthur. 43 Whiteley, Ann. 45 Gordge, Thomas. 47 Clapham, Thomas. — 51 Baker, Robert. 53 Taylor, Edward. Lower Fold, ‘11 Leadbeater, Joseph. 15 Eastwood, Henry. l6aArmitage, David.

19 Gledhill, Josiah.


20 Haigh, Annie. 41 Brook, William. 22 Hoyle, William Haigh. 25 Martin, Jesse George. 26 Littlewood, George Henry

ee es,

Longwood g£wood. Left side. Quarmby Road. 45 Washington, George Henry, florist. 45 Reek, William Davis, tin- ner. (7 Hartley, William, grocer. i15 Thornton, Mrs. Maria. 147 Kilner, Thomas Henry, newsagent. 149 Rodgers, Joshua, butcher. Meg Lane. 1 Hodgson, Joseph. 3 Smith, Henry. 5 Newsome, Dyson. 7 Downs, John William. 8 Bailey, James. 9 Greenwood, Walter. 10 Mallinson, Harry. 11 Harpin, George William, joiner. 13 Smith, John Arthur. 14 Townend, Ambrose. 15 Wagstaff, Walter. 16 Mellor, Harriett. 17 Kinder, Joseph. 18 Hamer, Walter. 19 Bottom, John Edwin. 20 Rothery, Thomas. 25 Siswick, Joseph. Right side. Lindley. Washington’s nursery and florist gardens. 4 Dean, William Henry (Royds _ Cotitage). , 10 Stephens, Stephen, chemist. 12 Jackman, Alfred, weaver. 18 Broadbent, Luke. 20 Cliffe, Alfred Josephus, jol- ner. 24 Wilby, Albert. 26 Chadwick, Allen, 28 Farrington, Ebenezer. 50 Oulcorn, Sam.

Page 175

52 of 56 38

40 42

44 46 48

04 58

60 62

102 104 106 108

_ 112-114 Scholes, Fred, _ boot-

116 120



Seddon, Charles.

Barrow, Jacob, weaver. | Wimpenny, Eliza. | Pogson, William, cloth | finisher. Roebuck, David, overlooker. Redfearn, James (Fern Cot- tage). : Wadsworth, Joseph, weaver. Shaw, William. Crawshaw, Luke. Buckley, Nancy. Dobson, Mary. : Smith, Jabez Henry. | Harp Road. | Pearson, Ramsden, engineer — Huddersfield Industrial So- ciety Stores. Cliffe, James William. Hirst, Joseph. Turner, Charles. Wilkinson, Enoch, ware- houseman. Haigh, Mrs. Martha Eliza- beth. Co-operative Buildings. Forest Cottage. Dyson, John Andrew, sales- man. Kilner, Hezekiah. Firth, James. Firth, Annie Maria. Hirst, Mary Ann. Eagland, Edwin, draper. Dyson’s Buildings.

Hinchliffe, John, weaver. Wood, Ada. 7 Milnes, James Edward. Chadwick, Alfred. Ramsden, John. Rogerson, Kester. Sykes, William. Livesey, Ben. Mitchell, James Henry. Brearley, Rowland. Dyson, Frederick.

maker. Livesey, Joe. Thornburn, William Thomp-

son. Swallow, Hinchliffe. F

124 Hanley, Thomas. 126-128 Cookson, John, grocer. Cliffe End. Dobson’s chemical works. 130. Littlewood, Joshua. 152 Mettrick, Harry. 144 Brook, Joe, engineer. 136 Townend, Walter. 138 Senior, John Arthur. 140 Longley, Richard. 142 Hamer, Albert.

144 Brooks, Sam.

Wright, Charles. Brook, Charles Henry. Station. 1 Wadsworth, James Atkin- son, tea merchant. 3 Hoyle, Emmanuel, woollen manufacturer. 5 Chappell, Ben. 7 Dyson, Harry. 9 Riley, Harry. 15 Welch, William Henry. 15 Potter, Herbert. 17 Downing, John William. 19 Lane, Thomas. 21 Roebuck, Herbert. 45 Pilling, Joseph. 27 Peace, Jonathan. 29 Schofield, Joseph. 51 Bower, Henry. 53 Livesey, Enoch. 50 Sykes, William Jones. 37 Sykes, David Mitchell. 39 Peckett, Benjamin, power- loom tuner. 41 Peckett, Arthur, insurance agent. | 45 Reek, William Davis. 47 Cordingley, Arthur. 49 Hellawell, George. 51 Dyson, Thomas. 53 Woodhead, Arthur. 55 Bower, Joe. 57 Siswick, Alfred. 59 Best, George Henry. 61 Nixon, Charles Cameron. 63 Holt, Arthur. 65 Towlson, Thomas, jun. 69 Seott, Alfred. 71 Hardy, James. 73 Lambert, William Henry. 75 Webster, Joseph.

Page 176


77 Hartley, William. 25 Dyson, Susannah. 79 Peace, John. ; 27 Hirst, George Henry. 81 Battye, Uriah. | 29 Crawshaw, Joshua. 83 Pogson, Joe. | $81 Townend, Joe. 85 Taylor, Abraham. 55 Horsfall, John William. 87 Hinchliffe, Henry. 35 Balderstone, Joe. 89 Moore, Joshua. 47 Townend, Charles Henry. 91 Senior, Ben. 59 Jackson, Luke. 93 Hirst, George Henry. Al Beaumont, Brook. 93aRiley, George Denton. 43 Brearley, John. 95 Schofield, Beckett. 3 Joe. 97 Shaw, Aibert Ernest. 49 Cheetham, Fred and Arthur. 99 Taylor, Fred. 51 Schofield, Caroline. 101 Lee, Ben. 55-57 Balmforth, Elizabeth. 103 Schofield, Wilkinson. 59 Pogson, Thomas. i 105 Elhott, Albert William. 61 Woodcock, John. | 107 Cooper, George. 63 Rushworth, Sain, i 109 Hoyle, Henry. 65 Greenwood, Jane Ani. | 111 Jagger, Fred. 69-71 Rhodes, William Dennis. 1 113 Shaw, Joe Henry. 75 Dyson, William. 115 Thornton, Maria. 77 Wrigley, Arthur. | ‘117 Garside, James. ' 79 Lees, Joe. 119 Riley, John William. 85 Gledhill, Seth. 121 Riley, Joseph. 87 Shaw, Allen. 127 Singleton, Benjamin. 89 Sykes, George. 129 Beaumont, Emma. — 91 Berry, Martha. 141 Roberts, Fred. 93 Iredale, Thomas. 133 Hirst, George Edward. 99 Sykes, Ann. 135 Dyson, Joseph. 107-109 Balmford, Sanderson 141 Senior, Joshua. Mellor. : 145 Dransfield, James. 111 Balmford, Elizabeth. 147 Kilner, Thomas Henry. 113 Pearson, Joe. 149 Rogers, Joshua. ‘115 Iredale, Mellor. Longwood Edge. ili Hall, Charles. Sheard, John Wilkinson. 123 Wilson, Mary Ann. Sheard, Walter. 129 Dyson, Robinson. Sheard, George Henry. 137 Thornton, Charles. Pearson, Henry. 139 Hanson, John Richard. ee es ae Townend, Janet. . * tag Parkinson, Oliver Edward. Lett side. 151 Morton, David. 1 Collins, George: 153 Morton, Edward. 5 Brook, Edward. Lumb, John Thomas. saHoyle, Emmanuel. 155 Beaumont, Betty. Hanson, Henry. 157 Hirst, Ben. Hanson, Thomas. 159 Swift, Joseph. 11 Barron, Zacariah. 161 Buckley, John Denton. 13 Hirst, George. 165 Buckley, Richard. 15 Sugden, James Edward. 167 Brierley, William. 17 Bradbury, Herbert. Clay, Charles Edward. 18 Lunn, Fenton. 171 Ainley, Alma. 19 Ainley, Eliza. 173-183 Shaw, John Vincent. 21 Taylor, Fred. | 179 Taylor, Benjamin. 23 Taylor, Ann. 181 Armitage, Edward.

Page 177


185 Crowther, Oliver. 187 Illingworth, Harry. 189 Sutcliffe, Thomas Henry. 191 Singleton, Shaw. 201 Casson, Sarah Ann. 203 Beaumont, Charles. 205 Hanson, Mary. 209 Brearley, Sophia. 211 Kinder, John William. 213 Shaw, Edmund. 215 Shaw, Harry. 217 Jackson, Thomas Gledhill. 219 Whitwam, Arthur. 221 Pogson, Emmanuel. 225 Binns, John. 225 Shackleton, Joe. 251 Jessop, Rowland. 253 Hellawell, Albert. 285 Wrigley, John and Albert. Ascough, John (Holmfield). Right side. Hall, Joseph Henry. Hall, John.

2 4 6 Hardisty, James Crowther. 8

Thorpe, Jane. 10 Maude, Charlotte. i2 Weavill, Tom. 16 Sunderland, Mary Ellen. 18 Holroyd, Hyde. 20 Smith, Samuel Chambers. 22 Waddington, John. 24 Iredale, Ben. 26 Shaw, Rachel. 28 Iredale, Jabez. 52 Beaumont, Hirst. 54 Hirst, James Henry. 56 Sheard, Joe. 38 Haigh, Mary. 40 Hoyle, Joseph. 44 Walker, Elizabeth. 46 Walker, Harry. 48 Ainley, Oliver. 50 Ainley, Sarah Ann. 52 Whiteley, George. 54 Beaumont, Albert. 56 Gee, Benjamin. 62 Stansfield, Morton. 64 Taylor, George Henry. . 66 Moxon, Ellis. 68 Horsham, George. 72 Hirst, Elizabeth. 74 Shaw, Sarah. 76 Crowther, Oliver.


88 Barrow, Charles. 90 Pogson, Robert. 92 Brelsford, James. 94 Briggs, John. 96 Weavill, Alfred. 98 Balderstone, George.

100 Hoyle, John William.

102 Robinson, John William. 104 Atkinson, William. 106 Smith, Joe.

108 Sykes, James. | 110 Shackleton, Oliver. 112 Iredale, Edwin. 114 Berry, Sarah Hannah. 116 Hall, James. 118 Wrigley, Mary. | i120 Beaumont, Arthur. | 122 Beaumont, John. | 124 Ramsden, William Edward. 126 Hanson, William. _ 128 Edmondson, John William.

Sykes, Lewis. Dyson, David.

| 132 Myers, Albert.

134 Wood; Gervase Dawson.

| 136 Kilburn, Hanson. 138 Wood, Vincent. 140 Crowther, Enoch. 142 Wimpenny, Joe.

146 Beaumont, Jonathan. 148 Calverley, John. 150 Ainley, Richard. 152 Crowther, Nathan.

Lindley, John Henry. Lindley, George Arthur.

| 160 Taylor, Crowther.

| 164 Priestley, Dan. 168 Wood, Fred. 170 Brook, Sam. 172 Ainley, Samuel. 174 Pearson, William. 176 Horsfall, Allen. 178 Dyson, Walker. 184 Kastwood, John Henry. 188 Parkinson, John. 190 Wood, John. 196 Brook, George. 198 Beaumont, Mary. 200 Smith, Lysander Maurice. 204 Pogson, William Henry. 206 Morton, David,

Lower Gate, 1 Garside, Charles Henry. 3 Shepherd, Arthur.

Page 178


5 Bottomley, George. 9 Gledhill, Turner. Cocks, Thomas. | 13 Littlewood, Charles John. 15 Gee, Mary. 19 Booth, Harry. 21 Haigh, Elizabeth. 25 Sykes, Amos. 27 Taylor, Hannah. 29 Pogson, Joe Henry. ol Kaye, Charles. 53 Howe, Sidney and Thomas. 55 Vautrey, Thcomss. Hill, Joe.

Right side.

4 Burton, Joe. 6 West, William Henry. 8 A’Herne, William. 14 Littlewood, Sarah. 16 Gould, Elizabeth. 20 Goodwill, Charlie Thomas. 22 Lee, Annie. 24 Blackburn, Tom Swift Berry Haigh, Squire. 28 Oldfield, Thomas. 50 Battye, Marsden. 62 Parkin, Irvine. 54 Halil, Sidney. 56 Balmforth, Allen. 58 Hamer, Walter. 40 Cliffe, James. 50 Shaw, Arnold. 54 Hirst, Selina Jane. 56 Whiteley, William. 58 Taylor, Harry. 62 Washington, John William. 66 Boothroyd, John William. 68 Shillito, Charles Robert. 72 Cross, Frank. 74 Glass, Arthur: 76 Sanderson, George Albert. 78 Haigh, George. 80 Haigh, Thomas Sykes. 84 Hall, Charles. 86 Morton, Annis. 88 Shillito, William. 90 Howarth, Edwin. 92 Walker, John. 94 Sykes, Thomas. 96 Iredale, John. 98 Senior, John. 100 Nixon, Harriett. 104 Hirstwood, Francis.


106 Jackman, Uriah. 108 Bentley, James William. 114 Ainley, Sam James. 116 Armstrong, Luther. 120 Cocking, James. 122 Stephenson, Ada. 124 Barker, Tom. 126 Horner, Maria. 128 Baxendale, Sykes. 130 O’Hara, Patsy. 132 Balmford, Harold. 134 Kaye, John. 136 Winterbottom, Charles. 142 Ellis, Henry. 146 Sutcliffe, Fred. 148 Oates, Sarah Elizabeth. Station Road. Left side. Armitage and Market Streets. 1 Yorkshire Banking Co. (Branch Office).

Lunn, John Ernest, archi-

tect and surveyor ;_ tel. 59M. 3 Model Building Society (sec. J. R. Lunn).

Avison, Owen. Lunn, Emily. 9 Garfitt, George, seedsman. 11 Sykes, James, gardener. .13 Joseph, general dea- er. Station Buildings. 15 Sykes, James. 17 Atkinson, William. 19 Day, George Henry. 21 Lawley, Henry. 23 Shillito, Eliza. 25 Calverley, James Edward: 27 Hall, William, joiner and undertaker. Lockwood’s Showrooms. Right side. Viaduct Mills. Calverley, Fred. _ Midgley, William. 2 Riley, Fred, London and North-Western Hotel. Livery Stables. 6 Taylor, Walter, tobacconist. 8 Shaw, James Edward. 10 Riley, Fred, cab proprietor.

Page 179


Viaduct Bridge. |

Colne Valley Mills. Saville Street. Milnsbridge.

Lord Street. Right side. Firth’s Crescent. Parson, Joe, hairdresser and tobacconist. 1-3 Stubbs’ Mercantile Offices, local manager, Robert Pe- den ; tel. 503. 5 Trustees of Thomas Firth. Washington, Henry, wool- len merchant. 7-9 Broadbent and Co., Ltd. (sec. Geo. H. Thackray),

silicate cotton manufac-

turers. 11-13 Cresswell, Thomas, and Co., shipping merchants ; tel. 123. 15-17 “ Daily Chronicle ” Office, Printers, Stationers, Pub-

lishers, etc. ; Executors of George Harper, pro- prietors ; tel. 496. 17aCollinson, Frederick, and

Co., athletic goods manu- facturers. 19 Lockwood, Mrs. 21 Curry, Ada, apartments. St, Peter’s Street. Methodist: Church. Knight Street. 29 Carmichael, John, furniture dealer. 31 Schofield, George A., and Co., shipping merchants ; tel. 137. Northumberland Street. Left side. St. Peter’s Church. Empire Theatre. Post Office. Market. Lower Brow Road, Paddock. Left side.

1 Beaumont, Emma. 3 Brook, Allen.


5 Banks, William Henry. 9 Sykes, Herbert. 11 Livesey, Abigail. 13 Walker, John Mellor. 17 Myers, James. 19 Kilburn, Jonathan. Right side. 2 Stockwell, Mark. 6 Jackman, Joseph. 8 Garside, Mrs. Ada, general _ dealer. 10 Haigh, Harry.

12 Robinson, Reuben and Ed-

ward. 14 Senior, Benjamin. 16 Fielding, Sam. 20 Armitage ,Harry. 22 Wood, Frank. 30 Simpson, Arthur. 54 Barber, William Henry. 56 Jones, William. 58 Maude, Sam. 46 Walker, Thomas Quarmby. 48 Brook, John William. 50 Haigh, Harriett. 52 Crowe, Tom. 54 Haigh, William Holland. 56 Riley, Lucy. 58 Wood, Oliver. 60 Baildon ,Joe Allen. 64 Marsden, John Gwine. 66 Craven, Joe. 68 Garside, Dyson.

Lower Haigh House,


Crampton, Susannah. Garside, Richard. Taylor, John. Wood, William. Lower Hirst. Ackroyd, Thomas. Quarmby, Joe. Taylor, Thomas Alfred. Normanton, John. Hirst, Mrs. Sarah.

Lower Hill Top, Moldgreen. 1 Exley, Joseph. 2 Kenworthy, William. 3 Wright, Thomas. 4 Kaye, Herbert.

Page 180


6 Wood, Herbert. 8 Kilburn, Luke. 10 Sunderland, Robert.

Lower Quarry Road,

Bradley. Leeds Road North. 1 Boothroyd, Walter. 5 Norman, William. 4 Stoney, John Mellor. 5 French, George William.

7 Ackroyd, Mary Ann. «

11 Booth, James. 13 Hardacre, Mark. 15 Rusby, Emily. 17 Keighley, David. 19 Johnson, Benjamin. ai Backhouse, Henry. Boothroyd. John. 22 Knight, Jesse. 23 Sharpe, Rose. 25 Westerman, Emma. Oates, William. Brighouse.

Lower Thorpe, Almondbury.

69 Moxon, Elizabeth. 73 Brummit, Charles. 75 Wood, Henry. Lower Wheat Royd. 2 Holroyd, Thomas Edward. 3 Lockwood, Allen Beaumont. 5 Holroyd, Mary Ann. 6 Boothroyd, Charles. Lower Whitegate. 22 Cain, William. 26 Sykes, George Allen. 50 Thomas, Joe. 54 Dean, John William. Heaton, William. Orton, Charley. Haigh, John Edward. Wilkinsen, George Henry.

Lumb. 35 Newton, John Rowe. 37 West, Mary. 359 Roebuck, George Beldon. 49 Cartwright, Henry. 36-38 Parkin, Edward. Lumb Head. 55-57 Hinchliffe, Parker, John Fred, and Joe Arthur.

Lowerhead Row. Left side. 5 Kinder, Jonathan. Ga Murray, John. 9 Tully, John. Lewis, Edward, Shear’s Inn. .Shear’s Court. 1 Dent, Louisa. 2 Bray, Tom Edwin. 4 Turner, Albert. 5 Hall, Isaac. 6 Wrigley, Lucy. ee H. W., and Co. (C. H. Wood), mineral water. manufacturers. Richard, brass foun- er 13 Greenwood ,Alice Ann, Black Horse Inn. : 15-17 Darwent and Son, French polishers. 19 Driver, John William, but- cher. 21 Comyn, James, clothier. 25 Snowden, Walter; fancy re- pository. Skilbeck’s Yard. 3 Eastwood, Sarah Ann. 5 Pickles, John 7 Taylor, Edward. 9 Morrison, Ernest. 27-29 Beaumont, Albert, gener- al dealer. 31 Carter, James, shoemaker. Helm and Son’s Timber Yard. Booth’s Yard. 1 Calvert, Elizabeth. 3 Cockroft, George. 4 Rocket, Matthew Jolly. 43 Thomas, Hannah. 47 Brown, Lister. 57 Thorpe, Edward. 59 Battye, Mary Ann. 61 Bellamy, William EK., Lord Nelson Inn. 63 Earnshaw, David, general dealer. 65 Blakey, George W., butcher. Street. 67 Forsyth, Mary, general dea-

ief, 35 69 Boothroyd, John,

Page 181


71 Firth, Walter. 7laBeaumont, Joseph. 73 Chapman, George. 75 Crowther, Meshach. 7T5aMay, Julia.

Right side. 4 Weatherburn, Hardy, pawn- broker.

Eastwood’s Yard, 1 Cane, John. 2 Kelly, Thomas. 3 Woodcock, Ann. 10 Nicholls, Hartley, china, glass, ‘and gene eral dealer. i2 Carter, Edward H., pawn- broker. Hird’s Yard. 16 Earnshaw, Mary. 20 Morrison, Ernest, Rose ari Shamrock Inn. Castlegate. Joyce, Michael, baker and Grocer.

Atkinson’s Yard,

1 Tighe, Martin. | 2 Brooke, Caroline. 3 Rattigan, Michael. 6 Hirst, John William 24 Hindle, ‘George, second-hand furniture. 26 Hindle, Ann. 28 Westcott, Charles. 28aMcGuire, Ernest Broscombe Connolly’s Yard.

1 Mannion, John. 3 Jones, William. 4 Bartlett, James. 5 Duke, John. 32 Connolly, Mary. 54 Astley, Thomas. 36 Dyson, William. Hirst, Wilson. 44 Kelly, Thomas. 48 Brown, William.

Helm, T., and Son, timber

merchants, Eagle Saw Mills. 50 Nestor, Michael. Moore’s Buildings. 1 Holroyd, William. 2 Holroyd, Squire Sykes. 4 Richardson, William.

“4 | |


6 Hampshire, Willie. 8 Pinnance, George, tailor. 9 Booth, James Henry.

Fieldgate. 1 Chadwick, Mark. 2 Dyson, Jane. 3 Schofield, Tom Shaw. Beaumont, Albert H., and , dyeware mills ; tel.

52 dee Frank. 54. Dewhirst, John William. 56 Tolson, James. 58 Wood, Martha. Andrew, Ellen. Wood, James, coal merchant

Lowerhouses. Left side. 1 Roberts, Ernest Fletcher Dyson.

5 Booth, Harry. 5 Dawson, William Henry. 7 Clapham, Frank. g Mallinson, William Henry,

clerk. 11 Holdsworth, Nathaniel, bookkeeper. 13 Beckwith, Richard. 15 Moore, Sidney.

17 Harling, Edward. 19 Swallow, Percy. 21 EKyre, Francis. 25 Hutchinson, William. 27 Sykes, Dan, cabinet maker. 29 Berry, Charles Edwin. 33 Taylor, George Ashworth. 35 Scott, John Joseph.

St Saville, Francis James.

39 Percival, William Chadwick. 41 Kaye, William Wagker, wea- ver. 43 Vizard, Patrick. 47 Wood, Arthur. 51 Kitson, Albert. Liversidge, Luke. 55 Sykes, Wilson, weaver. 57 Howarth, Jimmy. 59 Kaye, J ohn, warehouseman. 61 Boocock, Alfred. 63 Greenhow, John Edward, tinner. 65 Waterworth, Jonas Edward.

Page 182


67 Hardcastle, John William, 12 69 Hardcastle, Harry. 71 Wood, Richard. 14

73 Foster, George, bootmaker. 75 Stringer, Luke. 77 Crowther, Harry. 79 Williamson, Reuben. 83 Taylor, John. 22 85 Hirst, John. 87 Watson, William. 91 Brook, Jonathan. 93 Rushworth, Harry. 95 Brook, Giles, joiner.

97 Calvert, James. 36 99 Roebuck, John. 38 101 Roebuck, Enoch. 42 103 Armitage, Shaw, stone- 44


105 Dobson, Simeon. 48 107 Sykes, James. 50 109 Butler, Ernest Charles. 52 111 Stocks, Annie. 56 58

113 re Joseph Henry Lock-

wood. 115 Steak, Job. 117 Blackburn, Hannah. 119 Hutchinson, Arthur. 121 Sykes, Alfred Brook, ware- houseman. e253 Waring, Mrs. Mary Ann. 125 Milnes, George. 129 Thompson, John Andrew. 131 Balmforth, James. Jessop, William, Henry. | 135 Sykes, Mrs. Martha. a 137 Armitage, Edwin Stott. 159 Holroyd, Charles Edward. —, 141 North, David, weaver. |

68 70 72

Lg | 78 | 80

143 Brook, George. 145 Dyson, Thomas Henry. el Ramsden, Sir John William, 3 Bart: — Poe 149 Wood, Elizabeth. ae Mission Church. | Wood Lane. —

Right side.

4 Taylor, Ernest.

6 Beaumont, David, pattern


weaver. Turner, David. Dyson, Emma. | 46 10 Bray, Tom Herbert, mason. 17


Donaldson, William, cloth finisher. Lodge, Henry, cotton twiner

Bray, Fred. Rowley, Joseph, warehouse- man. Howarth, Mrs. Hannah. Greenhow, Mrs. Ellen. Donaldson, Joseph. Sykes, Walter Liversiidge. Stansfield, Mrs. Eliza Ann. Boothroyd, John. Sykes, Charlotte. Whiteley, William. Holroyd, John William. Beckwith, Mrs. Abigail. Sykes, Lukeson Peel. National Schools. Smith, William Arthur. Hardy, George. Goddard, Tom. Sykes, Fred, mechanic. Brook, Sarah Annie. Ramsden, Haley, dairyman. Sykes, Albert, joiner. Haigh, Ben. Atkinson, John William. Boothroyd, Hirst. Huddersfield Industrial ciety. Liversidge, Elliott. Whitehead, Tom. Whitehead, George. Kennedy, Percival.


Lowerhouses Road,

Quarmby. Hirst, Hiram. Kaye, James. Todd, Charles Brown. Bradley, William Henry. Lumb, Albert Haigh.

6-7 Armitage, Thomas.

Luck Lane, Paddock.

Left side, Parkin, Ben. Bradbury, Joseph.

11 Sykes, Abraham. 13 Riley, Cliffe.

Dyson, John. Dobson, Joseph,

Page 183


23 20 a7

Brook, Henry. Boothroyd, Lot. Crowther, Mrs. Hannah.

Dyson, Joseph. Boothroyd, Fred. Garside, Brook. | Calverley, Joseph. Iredale, Herbert. Littlewood, Fred. Tinker, Mrs. Mary Ellen. Tinker, George Hugo. Gledhill, Edgar Irwin. Hiley, Benjamin Lewis. Brennan, John William. Hodgson, William Taylor. Williams, Dawid. Firth, Stafford. Williams, Samuel, grocer. Jagger, Mrs. Hannah.

29 Wimpenny, Joseph Edward. |

Church Street. —

Rothery, Shaw, fishmonger. Right side. Singleton, William, contrac- tor (Park View). Singleton, Joseph, (Park View). Iredale, Benjamin. Taylor, Joseph. Wimpenny, Joseph. 36 Moore, Fred. 38 Peckett, Edgar. 40 Pontefract, George Henry. 44 Batley, Josiah. 46 Robinson, Mrs. Mary. 48 Exley, Thomas.

Luck Lane, Quarmby. Westbourne Road, Marsh. 4 Dodson, Joseph, gardener. 6 Halstead, John William. 8 Moore, Allen, watchmaker.

10 Hellawell, Thomas, cloth finisher. 12 Halstead, Ellen. 14 Whiteley, Joe, scribbling

engineer. 16 Clarkson, George, agent. l6aHowarth, Arthur. 18 Dickenson, Frank Oliver. 24 Dransfield, James. 26 Noble, Ann. 28 Thewlis, Pharoah,

builder, |



‘15 Sanderson,


350 Hemmingway, George Fred-

erick. Boothroyd, Hannah. Hayward, Joseph, and Co., fancy worsted vicunas (Marsh Mills) ; tel. 090m.


54 Wood, Wilson. Crosland, Pontefract, and Co., worsted spinners,

Providence Mill. Carr Street. Campinot, William, cabinet- maker. IWingworth, Sam. Noble, Sarah Ann. Goodyear, Harry Parker, Hammond. Booth, Nanny. Boothroyd, Fairfax. Brook, Allen. Senior, Seth. Senior, William Henry. Mellor, William. Smith, Robert. 76 Denbigh, John. 78-80 Bell, John, clerk. 82 Bray, Albert. 84 Whiteley, Joe. 86 Crowther, John Edward, 88 Crosland, Sir Joseph, Bart..,

Church Street.


Macaulay Street. Market Street.

1 Lunn and Cardno, work- shops. 4 Berry, Eliza, apartments. 5-7 Brook, William, general dealer. 6 Greenwood, John, glass and china dealer. 8 Kaye. Elizabeth Ann, Plum- bers’ Arms. 11 Blackburn, Fred, grocer. 13 Barker, James, shoemaker.

Shaw, David. William. Tf.,

Crown and Cushion Inn. 17-19 Taylor, J. H., and Co, electrical engineers, sani- tary plumbers, gas and steam fitters ; tel. 341.

Page 184

154 21 Dickinson, Sarah Elizabeth, ~ 25 Hallas, Miss, milliner. 25 Brown, Mary, apartments. Brook’s Yard. Joseph Henry. Hirst, Mary Ann. Yorkshire

Printing Office.

Manchester Street.

Main Street, Moldgreen. Left side. Cross Lane. 1 Jepson, John. Armitage Street. 7. Bates, John. 9 Whiteley, Asa. 11 Armitage, Allen. 15-17 Beaumont, Ellen, general dealer. 19 Richardson, Herbert. Brook’s Yard. 21 Brook, George. 25 Buckley, Herbert, chemist. 25 Hall, John William. 27 Sykes, Herbert, newsagent. 29 Hinchliffe, Joe. 31 Poole, Edwin. 33 Sykes, Sam. Greenwocd Street. 41 Thewlis, David, grocer and provision merchant. Hollingworth, Joe, florist. Right side. Perseverance Street. Cassidy, Frank. Huddersfield Industrial So- ciety (manageress, Miss Banks). 24 Berry, Jabez. 26 Belbin, Frederick. Whitehead Road. 30 Mallinson, Joe. 32 Bradbury, William. 34 Nuttall, Joseph. 38 Senior, John.

Malvern Road, Newsome.

4 Farrar, James Allan. 6 Binns, Albert.

Factory ”’

| |


8 Parrison, John. 10 Garner, Henry. 14 Sanderson, George. 18 Sykes, William Shaw. 43 Battye, Annie Elizabeth. 38 Moore, Benjamin Blackburn. 40 Lee, George Hiram. 42 Crowther, Benjamin Fredk. 44 Taylor, Albert. 46 Robinson, John.

Manor Street, Damside. King’s Mill Lane.

Brooke, James William. Scott, John. Beaumont, John Edward. Midgley, James Edward. Dyson, Mrs. Emma, ‘general dealer. Tunnacliffe, Henry. Dean, James William. Child, James. Tindall, Francis. Harrop, Daniel Francis. Crowther, Alfred William. Garside, William. Parker, Thomas. Haigh, Ezra. : Greenwood, Clement. Clarke, Samuel. Draper, Henry. Beaumont, Ellis.

COD > po oO 101 Ot


18 20 22 24 26 34 56 38

Manchester Road. Left side.

Schofield, John. Darcy, John. Richardson, John. Field, George. Stringer, Florence. Goodyear, Tom, dyer. Waller, Mrs. "Ann, maker. Townend, George Richard- son, warehouseman. Clayton, Albert Edward. Smith, Mrs. Mary. Watson, Harry. 29 Orosland, William, maker. 41 Kirk, George.

Chapel Hill.



Hirst, Joan,

Page 185


35 Jackson, Frank, tailor. 37 Wilson, Thomas, foreman. 39 Crosland, Albert. 43 Bailey, Elizabeth, weaver. | 45 Cliffe, George, corset maker. 47 Hallas, Charles organ builder. 51 Paxman, Walter, bootmaker 53 Brooke, Mrs. Elizabeth. 55 Harrison, Mary Jane. 57 Burton, Joseph. 59 Ardron, Charles. 59aWoodhouse, Samuel. 61 Vickerman, John. 6laStott, Annie Ettie. 6lbLorriman, George. 63 Dean, Ann. 67 Colbert, John. 69 Wharton, Charles William. Wade, Henry Proctor Holly, mill furnisher. Graham’s Yard.

3 Whitwam, Emma. 5 Heap, Varley. Aston, Riley, Ltd. Starkey and OCo., Ltd. (sec. H. Andrews), wool- len manufacturers.

Spivey, George, hay, straw, and corn’ ware- house.

Scott, Walter. Hirst, George Albert. Derbyshire, William, Elec- Hotel.

Thornton Road. —

Right side. South Parade. 2 Armitase, William, draper. 4 Thewlis, John William. 4aHodgkinson, Edward, prin- ter and stationer. 6aScott, Walter, grocer. Hamilton’s, Dr., surgery. Milnes, Joe Henry, surgeon- dentist. 6 Riley, Walter, Inn. ‘ 8 Tinker, John, chimney re- repairer. 10 Whitfield, dirapers.

10aSellers, John,


Bros., general

Frederick, . cs

12 Rintoul, John, coachbuilder. 12aRayner, Sarah. 14 Westerby, Ellen, draper and dressmaker. 16 Lockhead, James, traveller. 18 Royston, Eliza. 20 Dawson, David, tailor. 22 Moore, Horace, upholsterer. 24 Pearson, William Colton, photographer and confec- tioner. 26 Co-operative Brush Manu- factory (Edgar Whiteley, manager). 26aWadsworth, Fred. 28 Walker, Miss, dressmaker. 50 Holroyd, Alfred, general dealer. 62 Smith’s Supper Bar. d2aHirst, G. A., tobacconist. 454 Hinchliffe, Tom, fruiterer. d4aDonkersley, William. 56 Eaton, John A. d6aFerry, Betsy. 38 Braham, Clara, Richmond

Inn. dsaSenior, Ben. 40 Dyson, Ernest, boot and

shoe maker. 42 Riding, Fred, painter. ' 44 Donkersley, Elizabeth, Ann. 44aSmith, Arthur. 46 Haigh, Alfred, eating house. 48-50 Jackson’s Stores, boots and shoes. 52 Haigh, John William, Wag- goner’s Arms Inn. 58 Vickerman, Samuel, butcher 60 Taylor, Fred, Sanitary Steam Laundry. 62 Hilton, Mrs. Elizabeth. 64 Wardman, George. 66 Dawson, Mrs. Rachel. 68 Pogson, George, shoemaker.

70 Funnell, George, _ boiler- maker. | 72 Whiteley, John Thomas, boilermaker. 74 Littlewood, Luke, _ boiler- maker.

74aAinley, John. Walker, Miss, dressmaker. 76 Walker, Robert, weaver. 78 Collas, James, joiner.

Page 186


80 Saltmer, John, coachman. 82 Sykes, Fred, printer.

84 Townend, George, white- smith. 86 Milner, John, mill furni- sher.

Milner, Elizabeth. 90 Smithson, John Edward, plumber. 92 Boothroyd, Walter, tailor. 94 Faddens, Joe, joiner. Thornton, Alice. 96 Dowland, Wm. H.., fitter. 98 Brown, John. 100 Armitage, Miss' Mary, fancy repository. 102 Addy, Miss Mary Ann. 104 Wilkinson, John William. 106 Fielding, Mrs. Ellen. 108 Povey, Fred, confectioner. i110 Whitwam, Daniel, marble mason. 112 Lindley, Miss. 114 Armstrong, Mrs. Ann, fancy

repository. St. Thomas’ Schools and Reading Rooms.

St. Thomas’ Church. Fenton Square. Swire, Rev. Samuel, M.A., Vicarage. . Longroyd Bridge.

Coldwell, Thomas, painter. Haigh, Frances, draper. 150 Hollingworth, Sam, grocer. 152 Needham’s, Ltd. (sec. 7. Needham), chemists. Wigglesworth, Ed. Charles, newsagent. Schofield, Tom, Albion Well Street.

160 Swallow, Herbert, watch- maker and jeweller. 162 Carter, George, sen. 164 Carter, George, jun., cutler. Sykes, Seth, Royal Hotel.


Orawshaw, maker. Brook, George, plumber. Longroyd Lane.

Arthur, shoe-

Kilner’s Buildings.

Manchester Street. Left side. High Street. 1 Cowlishan, Samuel Cross Keys Inn. laRiley, William Marshall. _8 Taylor, Hiram. 7 Dinkel, Leonard Charles, pork butcher. Water Lane. 11 Hall, Thomas, Shoulder of Mutton Inn. 15 Pashley, James, grocer. 17 Dickinson, Sarah Elizabeth. 19 Heppleston, Henry. 21 Hartley, Charles. Jowett’s Yard. ~ Durkin, Mrs Mary. 25 Sedewick, Thomas Henry. 27 Kelley, William. 29-31 Cockhill and Co., grocers and corn merchants ; tel. 549. John Street. 35 Turner, Walter.

doaGarforth, Mrs. Mary.

Sutcliffe’s Yard. 1 Woodhead, Joe. 2 Sampson, Mary. 5 O’Hara, John. 37 Allison, J ohn, and Co., cabi- net makers, upholsterers, and funeral furnishers. 39 Greeley, Michael. Alfred. 41 Maude, Mrs. Sophia. Helm’s Yard. Hartley, Charles, George and Dragon Inn. Beckwith, George Albert. Thornton, Charles Adams. 43 Smith, John Helm. Brunton, HH. wh'tesmith. 45 Hellawell, James, shoemaker 47 Turner, Mary. AvaLodge, ‘Ephraim.

Ramsden’s Yard.

49 O’Connor, Mary. 51 Blaydis, Edward. 53 Townend, Tom Ed. Hanson. 53aShaw, Albert. 55 Sykes, Harry Eastwood.

Page 187


57 Atkinson, Joe. 59 Butterworth, Mary E. fish- monger. 61 Firth, Edward, boot and shoe maker. South Parade. Right side. 2 Lunn and Cardno, decora- tors and picture dealers (top of High Street); tel. 362.

Cudworth, William Henry. 4 Kaye, Joe. Eastwoed’s Yard. 1 Dent, William Henry. 2 Cowlishaw, John. 5 Littlewood, Harriett. 5 Jessop, George. 6 Smith, Charles. ~ 8 Wimpenny, John William, baker. 10 Hampson, Charles Robert, butcher. 12 Roche, Thomas.

14 Armstrong, Peter. 16 France, Allen, Spread Eagle

Inn. Granby Street. 20 Carter, Timothy, Granby Inn.

22 Brennan, Mark. 22aThomson, Mrs. Sarah. 24 Hirst, John, Royal Oak Inn. Wheatsheaf Yard. 26 Fuller, John. 2aGlynn, Mrs. Mary. 28 Ryan, Thomas. 28aCooney, John. 42 Tracey, John. 44 Flannagan, Patrick. Martin. 46 Cuneff, John. 44 Flinn, Tom. 46 Davies, Harry. 48 Connell, Bridget. Grove Street.


Mark Street, Paddock. School Lane. 1 Jessop, James.

5 Stephenson, William. 9 Walshaw, Albert.

7 Peel, Tom. 9 Graham, Charles bookkeeper. 21 Shaw, Albert. 25 Farrand, Robert William: 25 Swallow, Sam. 2? Hey, John William, clerk. 9 Wood, William, mineral water manutacturer.

Cross Church Street.


Market Hall. Outside.

1 Hudson, John, butcher. 2 Wood, H. B., hosier. 4 Barrett, Charles, hosier. 5-6 Crosland and ‘Hirst, but- chers. 7 Astwick, Tom, butcher. 8 Wilkinson, John. §S., cher. 9 Sisson, Owen S., butcher. 10 Roebuck, Giles, ‘butcher. 12 Ewart, William, butcher. 13 Astwick, Tom, ‘butcher. 15 Haigh, Tom, butcher. 16 Swift Beef Company, Ltd. (sec., L. J. Woodruff), butchers. 17 Starkey, John, butcher. 18 Kelley, Joe, butcher.


19 Robertshaw, Squire, but- cher. 20 Winn, Allan, game and poultry 21 Winn, J fas William, fish,

game, and poultry. 22 Kilburn, Henry, fish, game, ead poultry. 23 Widdows, George, butcher. 24-26 Stewart, Robert, fruit- erer. 27 Mellor, Ernest Reed, res- taurant. 28 Ferguson, John, tobacconist and new sagent. 29 Newark, Richard, fruiterer. 30 Schofield, Sarah Ann, fancy draper. 51 Porter, Emma, oyster res- taurant.

Page 188


32 Hird, Charles, filter makers. 55 Blackburn, Minnie C., fancy repository. 54 Reliance Tailoring Company 55 Sisson, Stephen A., butcher 56-57 Scarr, Archibald, and Sons, general store. 58-39 Shaw, Herbert, butcher. Inside. 40-56 Firth, George, and Son, boots and shoes. 41 Crosfield’s Soap Depot. 42 Oddy, Tom, boots and shoes 43-44-45 Karnshaw, John, res- taurant. 46-47 Moore, Mary, restaurant 48 Shaw, William, clothier. 49 Halstead, Herbert, con- fectioner. 50-51 Shaw, Emma, restaurant. 02-55 Wardle, Joshua, whole- sale and retail toys and smallware dealer. 53 Wympenny, Joe,

and Sons,


and wholesale and retail woollen mer- ehant.

57 Whittaker, John, and Sons, biscuit manufacturers. ~ 58 Brennan, James, fruiterer. 09 Sykes, Allen, confectioner. 60-62 Smith, Arthur, — book- seller. 63 Murgatroyd, James, toys. 64 Mercer, Charles, wools, &c. 67 Fielding, Rushworth, dra- per.“ | 68 Eastwood, Sarah, fruiterer. 69 Marks and Spencer, penny bazaar.

70 Barker, George, wools and |

hosiery. 71 Wilkinson, John, tailor and outfitter. 74 Kilburn, Squire, wools. 77-78-84 Blackburn, Tom, flor- ist.

79 Wood, Joseph, confectioner. |

81 Dyson, John, draper. 82 Wood, Henry, music. 83 Hudson, Owen, confectioner 85 Slater, Ada, fancy goods.


86 Bristol Musical Agency. 87 Netherwood, James, florist. 88 Hillman, Henry, florist. 91 Seaton, James W. E., con- fectioner. 92 Hirst, Arthur, fancy jewel- |

er. 95-96 Brennan, James, fruit- erer. 97-104 Dobson and Sons, dra-

pers. 100-101 Leech, Isaac, sewing machines. 114 Sharp, Joe S., fiorist. 122-124 Berry, Emily, draper. 112 Rosenstone, Mark, general dealer and smallware. 102-103 Bowden Bros., biscuit

stores. 105-106 Bradley, Matthewman,

ironmonger. Downstairs.

Walker, James, hardware and fancy store. Kelley, Mary, milliner. Smithson, Edward, iron- monger. Howlett, Harry, newsagent Dean, Joseph, fancy goods.

Roebuck, Hannah, fancy goods. ‘ Bromley, Tom, boots and shoes. Mellor, Albert, china and glass.

Rayner, Hannah M., dra-

per. Wood, Sarah Ann, confec-

- tioner. Hirst, John Ed., hosier and glover. Hinchliffe, Eleanor, — sta- tioner. Market Place. Kirkgate. 1 Jackson and Fitton, tea merchants. 5 Liptons, Ltd. (sec., W. S. Carmichael), grocers,

wines and spirits, &c. 7 Freeman, Hardy, and Willis, boots and shoes.

Page 189



YaSykes, John, solicitor.

11 16


asker and Crosley, patent agents. Mallinson and Son, tects and surveyors. Jones’ Sewing # Machine Company, Ltd. (manag- ing director, W. Mellor). Market Cross Chambers.

Colne Valley Central Con- servative Association (sec. Robert Boardman). Welsh, Robert, solicitor. Sykes, Edward (represent- ing Whitworth, Hillyard,


and Wade, tea mer- chants). Morton, Alfred, dining- rooms, Battye’s Yard. Marsden, John, and Co.,

plumbers and electricians Roberts, J., millinery. Mellor, James, grocer. Coop, Mrs. S. A., dresser. Berry and Berry, solicitors. West Riding Union Bank- ing Company, Ltd. (sec. R. Owen Davies). Dyson, Wright, and Co., chartered accountants.


Wilmshurst and _ Stones, solicitors. Holmes, J. E., auctioneer and vailuer. Galloway, G., shorthand

and typewriting. Stead and Simpson, boots and shoes. Halifax Joint Stock Bank.

King, Walshaw, and Co., Ltd. (sec., R. C. Wal- shaw). Cook, W. H., printer and stationer.

Market Place Chambers.

Ruddock, T. D., solicitor. Turner and Co. ., Wine and spirit merchants. Sharpe and Sharpe, tered accountants.


8 Halifax


Turner, J. H., solicitor. Provincial Assets Company, Ltd. (sec., A. C. Sharpe). Jackson, Herbert H. , solici- tor. Permanent Build- ing Society. 10 Jubb and Son, Ltd. (sec., J. Coombe).

New Street.


Market Street. Left side.

Westgate. 5 Paul, Dr. Lewis Gordon, - PBs analytical and ‘consulting chemist, public analyst for the borough of Hud- dersfield. Parkin, Joshua, wholesale warehouseman. . Moore, Richard Shepherd,

stock and share broker. daBrook, Frederick William, and Co., watch and clock

makers. Emmerson, Bros., athletic outfitters. James William, agent

Bae ‘William Henry and John, agents. Holland and Son, agents. “Manchester Guardian ” and “Evening News,” branch office. Yates, Thomas Henry, tin- plate worker. 5aCrosland, Henry, agent. and Co., Ltd. (see., J. Pogson), aniline and - alizarine colours. Armitage and Sons, fancy vesting manufacturers. Hammond, John, fancy wol- len manufacturer. Dixon, George Edwin, stock and share broker. Hampson and Co., oil mer- chants. Market Batidigge. 2 Pogson, Joseph.

Page 190


5 Crosland, Harold. 6 Hammond, Joseph. 7 Dixon, George Edwin. 7a“ Leeds Daily News,” branch office.

\ |

11 Hampson, John William. |

_ Brook’s Yard. |

1 Wadsworth, Frederick Herbert, cord, mole, and twill manufacturer. 2 Swann, William, corn dealer. 4 Green, Arthur and Ed- ward Otley (Bay Hall Mills

4-6 Eastwood, Daniel and

James Edwin, colonial wool merchants; tel. BL 7 Armitage, Thomas and

Benjamin, woollen man- ufacturers. , 8 Bell, Robert Arthur, whole- sale druggist. :

15 Mellor, Henry, woollen merchant. | i7 Butterworth, Alfred, |

Henry, and William. —

Senior, John, rope and twine manufacturer. Greenwood, George, litho- Head, Herman, agent. | Jansen, Henry’ Charles, wholesale yeast merchant 9 Riley, Joe, tobacco and

cigar merchant. 11 Shaw and Lockwood, stock and share brokers; tel. All. Sykes, David Mitchell and Walter Hill, woollen manufacturers; tel. 329. llaArmitage, James and John and Fred. Hall, Ben, facturer. Hall, James Ramsden. King, Samuel Armitage. 13 Senior, Seth.

woollen manu-

Riley’s Buildings. |

Prior, John Daniel. Aston, James Henry.


Berry, Joseph. 19 Office of H.M. Inspector of Factories. Consulate of the United States of America, Benja- min F, Stone ; Vice-Con- sul, D. J. Bailey. 19 Berry, Charles Lewis, agent Sykes, John Henry, agent. Exchange. Ramsden, Sir John Wil- lam, Bart. 4 Hirst, Thomas Henry. 5 Shaw, George and John William. 6 Newton, Joseph Bywater. 8 Dearnley, John Henry. 9 Fox, Charley and Duke. 20 Wimpenny, George. 43 Moorhouse, Ambrose. 45 Wheelwright, George. 55 Horsfall, Henry. Gledhill, James. 56 Singleton, William. Smith, Fred. 64 Thorpe, Thomas William. 83 Hutchinson, Oliver. 96 Quarmby, George. 97 Bates, Joe and Jabez. 98-99 Owen, John. 102 Whiteley, Denison : Thomas. 104 Firth, John. Aston and Co., oil and soap merchants. Cloth Hall Street. Exchange Buildings. Glendinning, Edward and John William. 6-9 Peckett, Frederick Hed- ley and Henry. 12 Crosland, John, Jonathan, and Joel. 16 Beaumont, Dan. 21 Bentley and Kilner, fancy worsted manufacturers (Fenay Bridge). Stock, Perey, J.ondon As- surance Corporation. Crosland, Benjamin, and Sons, woollen and_ wor- sted manutacturers ; tel 8. Beaumont, George, and Son


setae eae

Page 191


Haigh, William, drysalter ;

tel. 550 Lockwood, Charles, and Sons, Ltd. (sec., H. Lock- wood), fancy woollen manufacturers; tel. 14 _ (Slaithwaite).

23 Tinker, George, and Son, auctioneers, valuers, &c. ; tel. 326. White Hart Yard. Bradley, Willie. 27 Lodge, Joe, agent. 29 Glendinning Bros., woollen manufacturers; tel. 14.

Queen Carriage Company, carriers. 31 Hesketh, George, Queen

Hotel; tel. 194. 5laThornton, Fred. 5? Haigh, Hiram. 39 Carter and Co., cement, paint, and salt merch- ants; tel. 482.. 41 Berry, Walter, yarns, noils, waste; tel. 390.. 45 Wade, Jonas, wool, waste, _and noil merchant. 47 Chappell, Walter, cork man- ufacturer. 49 Shaw, James Arthur, dry- salter. Coldwell, Ed., painter. 51 Walker, Abraham, saddler. Hepworth Edward. .

High Street.

Manchester Street.

Right side.

2 Winterman, Frank, Tree Hotel ; tel. 135.


Cherry |

4 Towlson, Allen, fish, game, |

poultry, &e.

hair- |

6 Cassidy, Thomas, dresser. | 10 Midland Railway Goods >

Office (agent, Joel Arlom) |

tel. 122. Bamforth, Tom, waste 12 Rayner, Thomas whitesmith.

rag and Henry,

Fox Street. G


26 Kaye, Joseph, and Sons, rope and twine manufac- turers; tel. 476. 26aCooper, James, and Co., wine and spirit merchants 28 Dugdale, Henry Percy, woollen merchant. Wilkinson Bros., worsted and serge manufacturers ;

tel. 397. 50 Netherwood, Dalton, and Co., letterpress, music, and litho printers, book- binders, pattern card makers, account book

manufacturers, and gene- ral stationers; tel. 401. Dundas Street. 52 Williams and Co.. woollen merchants; tel. 188. 54 Henry and Co., Ltd., Ship- ping merchants; tel. 24. \ Macaulay Street.

ee ee

Market Street, Milnsbridge.

Left side. Armitage Road. Parke, John, surgeon (Bow- ker House). 1 Halifax Joint Stock Bank- ing Co. (Branch Office). 5 Canterbury Meat Co. (Branch). 5 Palmer, Mrs, perance cafe. 7 Helliwell Bros., gentlemen’s outfitters. 9 Dyson, William Henry, boot-

maker. 11 Aillson, Ltd. (sec. Thomas Allison), brass founders and finishers; tel. 20m. 13 Liversidge, Greenhalgh, tea- cher of pianoforte, violin.

Betsy, tem-

&e. 15 Cornwell, Nathan, general

smith. 17-19 Brown, George, shoe- maker. 21 Riley and Vautry, the

Misses, drapers, milliners, dress and mantle makers.

Page 192


23 Bradley, John Allen, china, glass, and fancy reposi-

tory. 25 Heap, John Edwar, draper, rey and mantle maker ; te: 27 Atlcinsony Seth, boot and shoe manufacturer. 29 Lockwood, Benjamin, house furnisher. $1 Halifax and Huddersfield Banking Company(Branch Office). 53 Heppenstall, Tom, : utcher. 35 Eastwood, Joe, confectioner. 37 Holland, Edward, fruiterer. 39 Crowther, Willie, tinner and ironmonger. Golcar. Borough Boundary. Right side. Saville Street. 2 Till, Joshua, house furnisher 4 Hardwick, James, hosier. 6 Sidebottom, Thomas Wil- liam, harness maker. 8 Parry, ‘William, watchmaker and jeweller. 10 Wadsworth, Jim, hosier and gentlemen’s outfitter. 12 Eastwood, John, wine and spirit merchant ; bottled ale and stout, cigars, &e. 14 Knight, Joe, tailor. 16 Gee, Edward, newsagent.

18 Wadsworth, Mrs. Martha, 20 Beaumont, Foster, _ hair- resser and ladies’ hair

worker. 22 Iredale, John, baker. 24 Stephens, Stephen, chemist. 26 Booth, Charley, draper. 28 Wallaces’ Branch Store. 50 Dawson, Alfred, butcher. Scar Lane. 32 Quarmby, G. and Co., Ltd., (sec. G. Quarmby), wool- len manufacturers, Bot- tom Hall Mills. 34 Swift, Joe Thomas, tobacco-

nist. 36 Morgan, Mrs. Sarah, general |




38 Wilkinson, David, ladies’ un-

derclothing. 40 Noble, Charles, boot and shoemaker. 42 Haigh, Arthur, draper. Linthwaite,

Borough Boundary.

Market Street, Paddock. Triangle. Colne Street. Left side. 3 Cowan, John Robert. 5 Bower, Friend. 9 Dawson, Thomas. 11 Hattersley, Thomas. 13 Crawshaw, John. 15aArmitage, Mrs. Elizabeth.

15-17 Haigh, William, _ fish- monger. 17aRayner, Samuel. 19 Saville, Herbert. 21 Furniss, Albert, boot and

shoe maker. Shires Hill. 23aHepworth, Hadfield. 25 Milner, Amos, clogger. 27 Dyson, Mrs. Mary Ann. 29 Thewlis, Dan, fishmonger. Mark’s Yard. 1 Brook, Abraham Hilton. 5 Shaw, "Mrs. Hannah Mary. 4 Wood, Mrs. Jane. 5 Wood, Mrs. Mary. Jessop, Arthur, tailor. Banks, Edward, newsagent.


35 Firth, Misses Eliza and Clara, milliners and dress- makers. 37 Bolton, Fred, butcher.

Hill Top Road. Whiteley, Mrs. Ann Jane, general dealer. Horner, John. Liberal ‘Club. Pullum, Frederick James, fishmonger.


43 45

47 Kilner, Miss Agnes, grocer and provision dealer. 49 Turner, Joseph, general

broker. Brow Road.

Church Street,

ph cid: 1 Soe int laa J Se SR ge RO iD ois nh EOE

‘; sat oa a ing PRR ee a ee ee

Page 193


: Right side. Methodist Mission Room. 8 Brook, Joe Hiram, builder. 10 Firth, James, jeweller. 12 Schofield, David, baker and confectioner. 14 Mellor, Joseph Peter. 16 Whiteley, Mrs. Ellen. 18 Edwards, Harrv. 22-24 Heaton, Richard, painter, decorator, and paper- hanger. 24aMilner, George. 26 Thornton, Mrs. Irena. 28 Ramsden, Thomas. 30 Hilton, Joe Sykes, coal mer-

chant. 52 Huddersfield Industrial So- ciety Branch Store. 56 Whitwam, Mrs. Mary Ann, general dealer. 58 Taylor, Fred. 42 Kershaw, Fred, fishmonger.

44-46 Williamson, Christopher, chemist. 48 Ainley, Joe, tailor and out- fitter.

50 Carter, Thomas, hairdresser. School Lane. 1 Spiven, Ellen. 2 Ainley, 5 Thornton, Edwin. 4 Crowther, John Edward. Batley’s Yard.

1 Briggs, Mrs. Sarah. 2 Lockwood, Peter, cook, confectioner and public caterer. 4 Booth, Mrs. Selina. 52 Sheard, Henry, plasterer. 56 Sykes, John Allen. 58 Schofield, William Henry, Ship Inn. 60 Morley, Mrs. Harriet. 62 Chapman, John. 64 Pearson, Friend. 66-68 Barlow, William Henry, grocer and draper. 70 Lucas, Robert, cabinetmaker and house furnisher. 72 Hall, Alfred, piumber and gasfitter.


74 Haigh, Rollinson, tailor and draper. 76 Shaw, James, general dealer. Church Street. Market Walk. Left side. Market Place. 1 Johnson and Crook, solici-

tors and commissioners for oaths. 5 Earnshaw, Edward, iron

and tin manufacturer. 5 Naylor, John William, Bon Marche. 7 Cooper, Frank, cher. 9 Wood, Rowland, fish, game, and poultry dealer. 11 Crisp, Albert Edward, fruit- erer. lgaWalmsley, W. H., hosier. 135-15 Whiteley, John, caterer, bread, cake, and _ biscuit baker, wedding cakes. 1? Home and Colonial Stores (manager T. Barker). Right side.- 2 Naylor, John fancy draper. and Sons, manufac- turing jewellers, watch and clock makers. 4 Ellis Bros., family butchers. 6-8 Mellor, Thomas, ladies’ and children’s outfitter, dress, millinery, mantle, and mourning draper. Ibberson, Joe, Market Walk Hotel. 10 Wilkinson, Frederick Beard- sell, tobacconist and cigar merchant.

pork but-


King Street.


Marsden Road, Crosland

Moor. Left side. Thornton Road. 1 Wade, Henry Proctor Holly, mill furnisher.

Page 194


Wade, Mrs. beth, confectioner. 3 Saville, Joshua. 5 Sunes Wood, Junction Ho- + ‘

el. 7 Brook, Henry. 13 Higson, Joseph. 15 Stead, Thomas. 17 Brown, Zillah, cloth weaver. 19 Haigh, Mrs. Mary Ann. 21 Kastwood, Thomas, spinner. Croft. 27 Quarmby, Lcu-a. 29 Spencer, Allen. 31 Beaumont, Alfred. 33 Spencer, Edward Hallas.

35 Hollas, George Henry, Woodman Inn. 37-39 Makin, Mrs. Mallinson

Shaw. Oldfield Square. 1 Holland Lily. 2 O’Brian, William. 3 Quarmby, Thomas Arthur. 4 Haigh, James, William. 5 Wood, Albert. 7 Haigh, Joe. 8 Bayldon, William Henry. Armitage Square.

1 Shaw, William. 3 Chatterton, George. 8 Kaye, William Henry. 9 Rogers, Walter. 41 Haigh, Ann. 43 Ainley, Joe. 49 Kaye, Frederick Arthur. 51 Carlton, John. Oldfield Street.

1 Dyson, 5 Bates, Samuel. Horsfall, William Henry. Crosland Mills (Sir Joseph Crosland, Bart.), fancy woollens ; tel. 529. 63 Pearson, James Albert. 65 Smith, Tom. 67 Bottom, Ellen. 69 Bradley, Abraham. 7i Hiles, Harry. | 73 Beaumont, Tom Clark. 75 Nalson, Alexander. 81 Balmforth, Charles. 83 Tunnacliffe, Fred.

Martha Eliza. |


85 87


109 Hamer, Elizabeth.

144. 115 117 119 123 125 127 131 133 155 137 139 145 147 149 151 153

Normington, Lydia. Taylor, George Henry. Shaw, Wilson. Hinchliffe, George. Webster, Alfred. Moorhouse, Eli. Drake, Mary. Wightman, Thomas James.

Taylor, George Edward. Stocks, Watson. Crowther, Edward. Briggs, Fenton. Spencer, Thomas. Inman, William. Ashwell, John Edward. Boothroyd, Arthur. Quarmby, James. Quarmby, Herbert. Stevenson, Clarke. Liversidge, James. Shaw, Allan, Tom. Lunn, Henry. Knight, William. Hartley, James.

155 Dransfield, George William.

157 159 161 165 167 169 171

175 ee 179

185 187 191 193 195 197 199 201 217 219 221

Brook, Edwin. Gartside, Lemuel. Chapman, William. Moore, Wilkinson. Dawson, Mary Ann. Singleton, John. Holmes, Anthony, maker. Stephenson, Elizabeth. Kinder, Albert. Clough, Mrs. Sarah, general dealer. — Greenwood, Sarah. Sheard, Hannah. Maley, Elizabeth. Powell, Mary Elizabeth. Parkin, William. Sykes, Joseph. Wilson, Eastwood. Bates, Henry. Hinchliffe, John. — Donbavand, Esther Ann. Beaumont, Tom. |


225-227 Sharpe, Mrs. Eliza, gro-

220 251

cer. Shaw, Henry, ironmonger. Pearson, Benjamin.

Page 195


241 Ricketts, Thomas William. 245 Garside, "Herbert. 245 Haigh, Tom. 247 Casson, Thomas. 251 Hollas, Mary. 253 Thompson, John William. 255 Hinchliffe, Job. 257 Smith, John. 259 Wood, Ellen. Milnsbridge. Right side. 4 Milnes, John Jessop, solici- tor. 26 Haigh, Sandy. - Winfield, Heber. Lee, Tom.

28 Armitage,Walter, rug manu-

facturer. Stoney Battery. 1 Bramley, William. 2 Crosland, Samuel. 3 Thornton, Samuel. 4 Fryer, William. 5 Barden, James. 6 Archer, George. 7 Mitchell, Ann. 8 Whiteley, Samuel. 10 Wolfenden, Samuel. 12 Mellor, George William. 14 Parker, Joseph. 16 Horsfall, John William. Cobden Row. 30 Barden, Emma. 32 Buckley, Sam. 34 Taylor, William Henry. 38 Stead, Harry. 42 Bray, ‘Richard. 44 Lorriman, Thomas. 46 Cockroft, John. 48 Dixon, John Walter. 50 Shaw, Joseph. 52 Crowther, Allen. 56 Cliffe, George Rollinson. 60 Senior, Allen. 62 Hargreaves, Henry. 66 Haigh, Charles Henry. 68 Bradley, Beaumont. 70 Armitage, Richard Henry. 76 Stansfield, Hannah. 78 Stevenson, Wybert. 80-82 Crowther, Charles. 84 Taylor, William Shaw. 86 Crowther, John Pickup.

88 Whitwam, John. 92 Hinchliffe, Wilson. 94 Taylor, Mary Ellen. Board School and Mission Room. 100 Todd, Edgar. 102 Thewlis, Hannah. 104 McGowan, Thomas, tailor. 106 Eastwood, Herbert. 112 Kaye, Geor ge. i14 Inman, iy Elizabeth. 116 Carter, Tom. 118 Pickles, Susannah. 120 Woodcock, Joe. 122 Garside, John William. 128 Jones, Abel Thomas. 130 Gaunt, Richard. 132 Lunn, William. 134 Hirst, James. 148-150 Crowther, Ben, general dealer. Pinfold Lane. Left side. Whiteley, Mrs. Melinda. Working Men’s Club (sec., Allen Brown). aa Dyson, Fountain

nn. Smith, William saw mills. Rogers, Mrs. Louisa, but- cher. Bates, John, grocer. Batley, Brook, House Inn. Stocks, Nathaniel, smith and farrier. Morris, Charles Samuel, county highway surveyor. St. Luke’s Church. St. Luke’s Vicarage. Rev. Henry Edward Badcock, M.A., vicar. St. Luke’s Schools. Richard, Joe, Queen’s Inn. Right ibid Stocks, Albert, grocer. Swire, "Thomas, tailor. Factory Lane. Spencer, George, fishmonger Dawson, Albert (Woodland




Whiteley Bottom

Page 196


Deep Lane. Woodhouse, Edwin. Dyson, Frederick, painter ‘and decorator. Spring mill.

Marshwood Road, Marsh. Hirst, William (Holmedean). Lowenthal, Frank (West Mead). Mint Street. Atkinson, William. Easter, Fred. Spivey, Fred. Stephenson, Sarah Ann Murray Road. 1 Mountain, Arthur’ Barnes (Woodside). ~ 3 Young, Henry Tweed (Glen Villa). Stork, Elien. 5 Young, Emiline (Glen Villa). Uttley, Jonathan. 7 Brook, Grace. Crowther, James (Elm. Grove). Armitage, William Henry (Storalee). Woolger, Morris. Mission Street. Goodman, John. Dimberline, Thomas. Hirst, Sarah Ann. 7 Hoyle, Joe 9 Lee, Walker. 11 Boyes, Lizzie.

Matlock Street, Crosland Moor.

1 Fitton, John. 3 Quarmby, Mary Ann. 5 France, Elizabeth. 7 Kaye, Willie. 11 Charlesworth, Abel. 13 Haigh, George Albert. 15 Thompson, Joe. 17-19 Brearley, Thomas David.

~] O01

Mauleshead, Outlane.

Townend, Edwin. France, Elizabeth.

-Townend, Jonathan.

Ainley, Thomas.

Walker, Denton. Haigh, William Henry. France, John. Whiteley, William Henry. Mount.

Gee, Fred. Gee, Saville. Lumb, Alice. | Lumb, William. Bailey, John. Littlewood, Albert. Pogson, Thomas. Hinchliffe, John. Birkenshaw, Mary Ann. Sykes, Fred. Roberts, Walter. | Dyson, Fred, Enos, and Joseph. Sheard, John Wilkinson. Sheard, Walter and George Henry. Holroyd, George. Gee, Philip. Sykes, Edwin. Balmford, Maria. Sykes, Martha Alice. Whitwam, Fred. Whitehead, Ralph. Briggs, Fred. Hanson, Joseph. Cromie, John. Whitaker, Samuel. Holroyd, Hannah. Balmford, Charles. Gledhill, Frances. Hinchliffe, James. Pilling, John. Wadsworth, John Henry. Gledhill, Ephraim. Wadsworth, Harriet.

i ii ali ti cial

Mallinson, David. Singleton, George. Dyson, Joe. Whitwam, Eli. Garside, Tom. Mallinson, Henry. Whitaker, Joseph and Everett. Gee, William,

Page 197


Mount Foot. Whitaker, Joseph Haigh. Haigh, Alice Ann. Whitwam, Nancy. Sykes, Robert. Tenant, John. Firth, Oliver. Lunn, Tom.

May Street, Crosland Moor.

Thomas, James Edward. Charlesworth, Joe. France, Allen. Riches, Henry. Boothroyd, George. Dyson, Thomas. — Clegg, Sydney. Longbottom, Harry. Matthewman, Frank. Lodge, David. Tbberson, Hershall Haigh. Beardsell, Arthur. Smith, George. Smith, Elizabeth. Crow, James. Singleton, Joe. Moorhouse, Herbert. ‘Berry, Sarah. Wood, Joe Stocks. Balmford, Ernest. Ainley, Mary. Sykes, Arthur. Armitage, Law. Moore, William. Ackroyd, William Henry. Wordsworth, Harriet. Hoyle, Jonathan. Jessop, Earle. Riley, Allen. Chappell, William Henry. Boothroyd, Arthur. Roebuck, Frank.

Mead Street, Hillhouse. Milton Crescent. 1 Campinot, Joseph. 3 Appleyard, George Henry. 7 Lee, Benjamin.

Mechan Street, Lockwood. Graham, George.

Ellis, Uriah,

_Meltham Road, Lockwood.

Left side. Bridge Street. “Crosland Mills. 11 Buck, John Thomas, organ builder. 13 Crowther, Alfred. 15 Smith, Joe, blacksmith. 17 Mellor, George, engine fitter 21 Berry, Allen. 23 Brook, Mrs. Ann. Curten, Jane. Right side. Swan Lane. 4 Berry, Harry. 6 Quarmby, Sam Lockwood, furniture dealer. 8 Brammah, Annie. Baldwin, Henry Clifford. 10 Berry, George, fishmonger. 12 Whiteley, Abraham. 16 Buckley, Wilson. 26 Whiteley, Herbert.

Shoulder of Mutton Yard.

1 Whiteley, Edward. kn 3 Moore, Mrs. Jane, general dealer. 5 Shaw, Allen. 6 Lee, John, weaver. 7 Hadfield, George. 8 Walker, Sykes, finisher. 9 Gledhill, Dave. 10 Taylor, Mrs. Grace. 11 Lee, Herbert. Ellen Street. 12 Stocks, George Henry. 13 Charlesworth, John, scrib- bling engineer. 15 Vickerman, Joe, painter. 28 Kendall, Harry Beaumont,

painter. 30 Moorhouse, William.


$2 Hall, James Ashbridge, sur-

geon. 34 Bottomley, Mrs. Nanny. 36 Lodge, Charles. 38 Huntley, Leonard Ford. Jebson, John. Mechanics’ Institute. 40 Berry, Mrs. Jane Elizabeth.

Page 198


42 44

27 31 33 35 37

A1 43

49 51

53 59 59 63 67


Liversidge, John. Lawton, George, bookkeeper Bentley Street, Pearson, Frank. Kenyon, Benjamin. Appleton, Richard, foreman. Stead, Cornelius, bootmaker Eastoe, James, gardener. Bamforth, Mrs. Mary. Eastwood, Jane. Crowther, Mrs. Eliza. Benson, Joseph, mechanic. Mallinson, Friend. Sykes, John, woollen draper. Crowther, Charles, book- keeper. 3 Brook, George Walter, mec- hanic. Broadbent, Elizabeth. Hanson Lane. Beaumont Park.

Merton Street. Left side. South Street. Armitage, Abraham, grocer. Stringer, Edward. Briggs, Frederick May, tailor. Fargher, James. * Paskitt, William, dairyman. Thistle Cottages.

Brook, Sarah Ellen. Hellawell, Mrs. Sarah.

Spring Grove Street.

Turton, Elizabeth. Mathers, Samuel, Board school officer. Croft, Mrs. Elizabeth, apart- ments. Gilling, George. | Milnes, Robert Edward. Davison, Joseph. Water Street. Sykes, Edgar Gosport. Booth, Fred Jones. Bray, Annie. Bow Street. Right side. Lodge, George. _ South Street.


62 Lockwood, Saran Ann. 464 Haviland, John, blacksmith. d6aBirkhead, Back South Street. 58 Moorhouse, Mrs. Maria. 40 Carter, Arthur. 42 James, Elizabeth Harriet. 44 Wood, William. 46 Goddard, Harry. . 48 Livesey, William, rag mer- chant. Water Street. Bow Street.

Milford Street. Left side. Chapel Hill. 1 Bamford, James, tailor. Eastwood’s Buildings. 5 Hemingway, Jane. Model Lane. 5 Swinden, Charles. 7 Davison, Mrs. Esther Ann. 9 Morton, John, mechanic. 11 Jessop, Henry, wheelwright. 13 Linton, John. 15 Cushworth, Charles. 17 Earnshaw, Sarah. 19 Wood, Friend. 21 Mackless, Saran. 25 Siswick, Mrs. Mercy. 25 Halstead, Arthur. 27 Hambling, Amos. 29 McGinty, Mrs. Mary Jane. 31 Wood, Louisa. Vulcan Street. 55 Billbruck, Charles. 37 Tait, Leah. 41 Clayton, George. 43 Mornington, Kdwin. 45 Parkinson, Edward. 47 Hanson, Saville. 49 Varley, James, insurance agent. 51 Hildred, Thomas. 53 Jackson, Hezekiah. 55 Berry, Charlotte. 57 Hepworth, Thomas. 61 Weldrick, Wiltiam Henry. 6laMitchell, Fred. 65 Davison, Harry. 64aWhitwam, Samue;

Page 199


65 Gee, Edward. Blackburn, Royd, rug manu- facturing works. 65aCrawshaw, Alfred, mechanic 67 Woodhouse, Benjamin. Graham, Ben. 71 Booth, John. 73 Lockwood, Joe. 75 Baxter, Thomas. 77 Shaw, John William, tuner. Wagstaff, Joseph.

Queen Street South. Right side.

2 Kaye, Ann, general dealer. 6 Hyson, John.

Arthington’s Yard, 1 Mitchell, Dan.

5 Green, George Flockton. 4 McHugh, Stephen. 5 Caselton, William Henry. 12 Eaton, Lydia. Thornton, Fergus. 14 Heys, David, clogger. 16 Sykes, William. Sykes, Miss Bertha, dress- maker. Graham’s Yard.

1 Jessop, William Henry. 2 Kaye, Ernest Charles. 4 Prior, Henry Charles. 5 McCabe, James. 6 Ineson, Joseph. 11 Lyons, Patrick. 12 Stubley, Ann. | 13 Levett, Alfred William. 18 Rider, James. . 22 Paxman, Walter Alma. 24 Dennis, George. 23 Furness, Frank. 30 Liversedge, John William. _ 30aRobinson, Harry. 32 Whiteley, Joshua and Joseph, and Co., cotton spinners and doublers ; tel. 349. Rayner, William Bowker.

Queen Street South.

Sykes, Walter, manufacturer,


Millgate, Paddock.

Birkhouse Lane.

Haigh, John. Walker, Tom. Cunningham, Michael. Parkin, George. Dean, Joseph Henry. Rothery, William Henry. 10 Hines, John. 11 Chappell, George Henry. 12 Dobson, Joe. Pape, Mungo.

Miln Road, Hillhouse. Left side. Halifax Old Road. 1 Kirk, Hannah. 5 Garside, George, Edwin. 5 Shaw, Charlotte. 7 Fenwick, Herbert. 9 Dyson, Levi Alfred, mason. 11 Liversidge, John Willie. 13 Haigh, Fred. 15 Kaye, Herbert. 17 Longbottom, Law. 19 Scorah, William. Ash Street. Right side. 2 Ives, William Augustus. 4 Sykes, Emma. 6 Holroyd, Thomas agent.

Bayhall Common Road.


Milner Street, Lockwood.

Bentley Street. 1 Mumford, William. 2 Shaw, Mrs. Selina. Shaw, John. 4 Crawshaw, Walter. ‘Ellis, John, warper.

Milnsbridge Mills.

Crowther, John, and Sons, woollen manufacturers, Union Mills; tel. 35. Armitage Bros., woollen manufacturers, Birchend

Mills; tel. 142.

Page 200


Walker, Dyson, and Sons, woollen manufacturers, Stanfield Mills; tel. 82. Dyson, Joseph, and Sons, woollen and worsted man- ufacturers, -Elm Ing Mills ; tel. 75. Crowther, Daniel and Co., are Stanley Mills; tel.


a. James, worsted coat- ings and beavers, Stafford Mills; tel. 100. Taylor, ‘Benjamin, and Son, woollen and merino yarn

spinners, Bankhouse Mills; tel. 1. Shires, James, and Sons,

yarn spinners and woollen manufacturers, Street Mills; tel. 18.

End Road, Crosland

Moor. Left side. Yew Green Road. 21 Kidd, Mrs. Jane. 23 Crabtree, James William. 25 Broadbent, Charles. 27 Thewlis, Mrs. Mary Ann, general dealer. Wild, Mary. Bates, Ben. Hopson, George, tailor. Mellor, George. Thewlis, Jonas. Eastburn, Harry rorth Crowe, Betty. Thornton, Charles. Heywood, George Edward. Firth, Clara. Rayner, William. France, Fred Henry, planer. Brook, Joe. Gledhill, Rebecca. Westerman, Emma. Hinchliffe, Sara. Wigglesworth Fred. Kenworthy, Benjamin. Mear, Albert. Whiteley, Albert.


George |

115 117



Clegg, Richard Cooke. Banby, Lionel. 19 Ainley, Law. 61 Mear, William. 83 Taylor, Herbert. 85 Thornton, Alfred. 87 Brook, William. S7aCrowther, John William. 89 Williams, Tom. 91 Morton, Thompson. 93 Hanson, Joseph. 95 Kidd, John. Whiteley, Thomas, manager Beaumont, William. Peace, Fred, weaver. Tow nend, David, weaver. Hanson, J ames, joiner. North, George, coal mer- chant. Oldham, Wright. Taylor, ‘William. Thornhill Road. Bray, Richard. Hanson Lane. Right side. Bradley, Rebecca. Bullock, John. 24 Thornton, David. 26 Beaumont, James Henry. 28 Armitage, Albert. 30-32 Armitage, Mrs. Hannah, farmer. 34 Roberts, John. 36 Pearson, Fred Richard. 58 Chambers, George. 40 Crabtree, Fred. 42 Rawlinson, John Allen, dyer 46 Porter, Edwin. 50 Pratt, Wilfred. 54 Thornton, George Henry. 56 Chappell, Ben. Quarmby, Tom. 60 Bower, James. 62-66 Swift, George. 68 Liversedge, Robert. 70 Whitehead, William. 78 Whitehead, Thomas Edward,

manager. 82 Rushworth, Alfred. 84 Firth, George. 94 Holland, George Henry. 96 Heaton, John.

101 103 105 107 109

20 22

_ 98 Porter, Willie, coach builder

Page 201

100 110 112 114 116 118

10 12 14 16 18 20 a2 24


Hardy, John Noah Eastwood Bower, Mrs. Ellen. Broadbent, Robert. Illingworth, Zachariah. Smith, Arthur Bateman. Jackson, Frank. Woodside Road.

Moorbottom Road,

Lockwood. Left side. Thornton Lodge Road. Oates, John. Stephenson, Edward. Lee, Joe Norton, Daniel. Crowe, Joshua. Hirst, Charles Herbert. Coop, Shaw. Higginbottom, John. Atkinson, Arthur. Hoyle, Alfred. Taylor, Thomas Edward. Sutcliffe, John, worker. Webb, Charles Henry. Wilkinson, Mrs. Eliza Jane. Walton, William Arthur. Collier, Frederick. Hirst, Clara. Field, John, blacksmith. Singleton, Richard Henry. Stringer, ‘Arthur. Liversidge, Harry Rhodes, warehouseman. Brannan, Thomas, joiner. Dixon, J ohn. Burhouse, James Henry. North, George, gardener.

Right side. ‘Crosland Road. Hill, Alfred. Berry, Ner.

Burley, Fred, stonemason. Paterson, Eliza. Pawson, George Herbert. Fletcroft, James. Paviour, John Howell. Ellis, George. James. Turner, Alfred, stonemason. Dyson, ‘George William. Royston, Williara Edward,


26 20 350 oe 54 36 38 40 42 44

46 48 50

116 150


142 144


Waring, John Thomas. Oxley, John Henry. Nichol, Harry Scholes. Knight, George Henry. France, Oscar. Hepworth, Joseph, mechanic Heeley, Mellion. Berry, Fred. Alway, Alfred Harl. Haigh, John William, cloth presser. Stafford, John Henry. Jackson, Mary Hannah. Taylor, Fred, cotton spin- ner. Gledhill, Joe Edgar. Wood, Edmund. Broadbent, Mary Alice. Riley, Fred. Hoyle, Walter. Hoyle, Elizabeth. Waddington, Ralph. Brook, Joshua. Brunton, Samuel. Hirst, Arthur Wellington. Brakewell, Moses. Brook, John. Jackson, John. Watson, Fred. Keyworth, Margaret Kaye, Wright. Dawson, William Edward. Harrison, Herbert Howarth. Smith, Hiram. Anderson, George. Dyson, Harold, builder. Whitehead, Fred.


146 Firth, Walter.

150 152 154 156 162 164 166 168 170 172

174 Brook,

176 178

Standing, John, clerk. Priestley, James Morton, Mellin, weaver, Hoyle, Hannah. Bayes, John. Marchant, Join Henry. Gledhill, Watson. Smith, John, Peters, John Henry. Chinn, Alfred Sykes. Willie. Pontefract, Herbert. Taylor, Levi.

180 Crossley, Frederick,

Page 202


182 Shaw, James Herbert. 180 Rowan, Henry John. 188 Pogson, Fred. 150 Lord, Henry Jackson. 192 Inman, John Thornton. 194 Crowther, William. °196 Brook, William, wool fettler. 198 Beaumont, Brook. 200 Baldwin, Willian. 202 Garside, Thomas warp dresser. 204 Dyson, Lewis, 206 Dennison, John George. 210 Brooks, William Charles. 212 Cockroft, Abel, packing maker. Schofield, Tom. Bagshaw, John. Schofield, John. 254 Karnshaw, Harry, warehouse- man. . 206 Wordsworth, John. 258 Gledhill, Norris Henry, clerk 262 Murgatroyd, Herbert, over- looker. 264 Barraclough, George, fore- man. 266 Brook, John, iron moulder. Yews Hill Road.



Moorhill Road, Quarmby. Left side.

1 Taylor, Benjamin. 5 Beeson, John. 5 Iredale, George. 7 Mellor, Charles. 9 Schofield, Mrs. Mary. 11 Brook, Walter. 13 Taylor, John William. 15 Schofield, Mrs. Frances, grocer. Right side. 2 Turner, John. 4 Dyson, James Henry, farmer 6 Broadley, Miles. 8 Mellor, Alice. Crosland Road.

Moss Street, Moldgreen.

Left side. oe Bell Street. 5 Hallas, William,

New Hey Road.

7 Battye, Mrs. Mary. 9 Sunderland, Charles. 11 Eastwood, Mrs. Ann Ellen. 15 Mellor, George. 17 Land, Henry. ; 19 Perkins, Benjamin. | Right side. 4 Carter, Benjamin. 6 Wood, Hiram, fitter. 8 Bedford, George. Bottomley, Ernest Henry. i2 Kaye, James Kdward. 14 Slater, Thomas. 16 Murphy, William. 18 Turner, Walter. 20 Inman, Maria. 22 Lodge, Charlie. Whitgate Road.


Mount Street, Lockwood. Lockwood Road. Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. Mount —_— Pleasant Board School. — 2 Swire, John. 4 Graham, Willie. 6 Senior, Green. 8 Aspey, John Howcroft. 10 Rushworth, Tom. 1 12 Kaye, Mathias. 14 Woodhead, Amelia Jane. 16 Wimpenny, Samuel. 18 Lodge, Luther, maker. 20 Beaumont, John. 22 Aspinall, John William. 24 Shaw, Hetty. 26 Illingworth, Grace Ann. 238 Walker, Albert. 30 Donkersley, Miss dressmaker. 42 Pogson, Richard. 54 Rayner, Emma. 58 Dyson, John. 44 Shaw, John. 46 Howarth, Annie. 52 Cave, Albert. 54 Beaumont, Mary Ann. 56 Rayner, Henry. 58 Hartley, John. 60 Gledhill, Charles.



62 Cockill, Allen.

Page 203


64 Sutcliffe, Susannah. 66 Senior, Albert. 68 Wimpenny, Ernest. Victoria Road. Mountjoy Road. New North Road. Wild, Harold William Donati. Radcliffe, Fred. Oldroyd, William Brown. Quarmby, John Taylor, Frank. Storry, William, jun. Pawson, Alfred Vincent. Nelson, Martha Ann. EKastw ood, James Edwin. Allen, Benjamin Prior. Haigh, George Henry. Wood, John Henry. Clough, James Ibeson. Pitt, William. Schofield, Edward. _ Rippon, William Edward. Holmes, James. Crossley, William Henry. Porritt, Thomas ‘Richard. Swaine, Charles Adolphus.


Mulberry Street,

Moldgreen. Left side. Smithy Lane. Phayer, George. Aspinall, Thomas, mason. Haigh, Mrs. Sarah Ann. Kaye, Clara. Rayner, Mrs. Eliza. Kaye, Thomas. 15 Littlewood, George. Right side. 4 Watson, Arthur. 6 Greenw ood, : 10 Hayley, James William, mechanic. 12 Graham, George. 14 Cocks, George, agent. 16 Smallburn, Betsy. 18 Fitton, Charles.



20 Murphy, Dennis. 22 Armitage, Robinson. 24 Cammell, William. 26 Riley, Tom, mechanic. 28 Cockroft, Frederick 30 Lawson, ‘John. 52 Greaves, John. 34 Steel, James Woodson. 56 Heppenstall, Joc. 38 Matthewman, Martha.

46 Bottomley, Joseph Burdett.

48 Bowdell, Arthur.

Myrtle Street.

Viaduct Street.

2 Cockburn, Toi. 4 Bates, Fred 8 McCrea, Thomas Henry. 10 Mitchell, Fred Kilner. 12 Newark, Albert Richard. 12aBroscombe, Joseph. 14 Gothard, George. Great Northern Street

. Nab, Paddock. 2 Yates, Edwin. 5 Gee, James William. 4 Cliffe, Ann Sophia.

Nab Hill, Dalton.

1 Durrans, Fred. 2 Booth, Wright. 4 Pearson, William, 5 Kaye, Adam. 7 Walker, Alexander. 8 Hallas, David. 9 Stead, Lewis. 12 Dunk, Amos. 16 Hill, Law. 14 Hallas, Hannah. 15 Berry, Joseph. 16 Kaye, Mary Ann. 17 Jessop, Haigh. 18 Butterworth, Ellen. 19 Sharpe, William. 22 Dransfield, Frances. 25 Dyson, George. 24 Ramsden, Lewis John. 26 Sykes, Fred. 27 Hirst, Joseph.

Somerset Road.

Page 204


28 Beaumont, Allen. Kitson, Joshua. 29 Dransfield, Charles Royds. = 45 Hamill, Hugh. 50 Cawley, John. = _ 47 Whiteley, George.

51 Lodge, Nathan. 49 Walker, Joe. 51 Woodhead, Walter. 55 Berry, Fred. 57-59 Berry, Dyson. 65-65 Scholes, Martha. 69 Thorpe, Isaac.

eae : 123 Crowther, Edwin. Primitive Methodist Church oe Pom Hill.

Crosland Moor Schools. eS pond 5 Hanson, John, hairdresser. | 9 Ha aol ridge Roa 5 Hilton, Emma. | ) : ¢ Wimpenny, John Richard, |

| Nabcroft Lane, Crosland | Moor. | Left side. Barton Road. — | |

4 Battye, German. 6 Buckley, Hanson.

tailor. 8 Radeliffe, Sarah. 15 Hoyle, fhomas Henry. | 6 Broadbent, Willie. 17 Todd, Mrs. Martha. 12 Cooper, John William. 4 ; College Street. 14 Cooper, Clara Ellen. 19 Liversidge, John William. 16 Jenkins, Thomas. 41 Armitage, Amelia. 20 Battye, Rockley. 45 Mallinson, J oe. 22 Johnson, Charles. 47 Wilkinson, Eliza. oil 26 Eastwood, Tom. 89 Brown, Benjamin, stationer 28 Barrowclough, Fred Lindley (Swiss Cottage). 30 Hall, Herbert Holdsworth. Right side. 32 Brook, Law. 4 Kershaw, Benjamin, iron- 54 Wilkinson, Eliza. moulder. 36 Barrett, Albert. 6 Taylor, William. 48 Worsnop, William. 8 Lockwood, Joe, weaver. 40 Kitson, Fred. 10 Haste, Emma. 42 Gardiner, John. 12 Dyson, Owen. 44 Dyson, Sarah Ann. 16 Dyson, Robert Henry. 46 Thorpe, Richard. . 18 Pearson, Eli. Netheroyd Hill Quarry. 20 Buckley, Allen. 54 Stoney, Dyson. 22 Shaw, John William, col- 56 Battye, James. lector. 60 North, John Charles Milner. 24 Smith, Ann Elizabeth. 62 Lindley, Mrs. Clara 26 Cooper, Herbert Denton. 64 Hoyle, John Cooper. | 23 Ramsden, Enos, engineer. 66 Sayles, George Henry. 54 Beevers, James. 68 Hinchliffe, Albert. Yew Green Road. 70 Megson, Albert. 72 ees ete . 76 Hudswell, Fred. Netheroyd Hill Road, 78 Woffenden, Joseph. Cowcliffe. 80 Roebuck, Reuben. Left side. 84 Cook, Mossley. Bradford Road North. 86 Shaw, Arthur. 1 Dyson, Emmanuel. 88 Sutcliffe, Frederick Tate. 7 Dyson, Joseph, jun. _ 90 Parkin, John. 9 Boothroyd, Tom. 92 Hamill, Joseph. 11-13 Moore, William. 94 Smith, John Bankcroft. Barraclough, John Willie. 96 Wilson, Joe.

Page 205

~ 98 102 106 108

112 114

118 120 122


152 154 136 138


Hinchliffe, Miss Harriet. Tunnacliffe, George. Woodhead, Joe Henry. Rayner, John. Whiteley, Sophia. Brook, William. Field, Edward, sen. Chappell, Susannah. Stead, Tom, drysalter. Megson, Willie. Helm, Henry. Jessop, William. Kccles, John Arthur. Moore, Fred. Killam, Emma. Moore, George Henry. Wadsworth, John William. Starkey, Thomas Norman. Woodhead, William. Totton, Ernest.

Cowcliffe Hill.

Nettleton Hill, Outlane.

Atkinson, John. Singleton, Peter. Beaumont, Sidney. Crowther, Ann. Haigh, Elijah. Crampton, David. Parkin, James. Parkin, Edna. Haigh, John. Whitwam, Robert. Townend, Jane. Whitwam, David. France, Fred. Dyson, Martha. France, Ainley.

“Parkin, Robert.

France, Joshua. Haigh, Ann. Hirst, John. Haigh, Thomas Parkin, David. Livesey, David. Fielding, Betty. Haigh, Edward. Gledhill, Uriah. Sykes, William Henry. Townend, Ann. Atkinson, Thomas. Townend, Daniel.



Wray, Hannah. Haigh, Benjamin. Haigh, Edwin.

Nettleton Road, Dalton.

1 3 5

‘Firth, Richard.

Wilson, Betsy. Smithurst, Richard. Liversedge, James. Hardcastle, Thomas. Liversedge, Hannah. Berry, William Henry. Taylor, John. Shaw, Harry. Priestley, George. Stead, John. Mitchell, Walter. Kilner, Jesse. Jessop, Thomas. Firth, Tom. Wilson, Wright. Jenkinson, Arthur.

New Hey Road, Lindley. |



Left side. Luck Lane. Mortimer, John, grocer. Lassey, Henry, fettler. Hanson, Oliver. Mitchell, Herbert, tailor. Hollin Mills. Shaw, Albert Ernest, wool- len, manufacturer. Schofield, Herbert, worsted manufacturer. Lumb, Robert, yarn spinner Blackburn, Mary Jane. Woodhead, Joseph. Wilson, Miss Elizabeth. Calverley, Levi. Haigh, Edward, merchant. Sykes, Ezra. Beardsell, Harry. Sheeron, John. Haigh, John. Humphrys, Charles Vesey. Montgomery, Robert. Crosland, Harold. Hall, Clara. Dawson, William. Reinwood Road.


Page 206


43-45 Bradley, Hirst. 47 Calverley, Titus Walker. | Tanyard Road. | 49 Dyson, Dan. 51 Crowther, Ben. 53 Sheard, Albert. 50 Sharp, George. 57 Lawton, Fred. 59 Mellor, Collins. 61 Gee, Richard. _ Dyson, Elizabeth. 63 Hoyle, Henry. 65 Smith, Radcliffe. 67 Garside, Levi.

69 Waddington, Tom, cloth finisher. 71 Aspinall, George, cotton spinner.

73 Mellor, David. 75 Sheard, John Wilkinson. 77 Garside, Joe. 79 Marsh, Joe. 81 Lumb, Henry. 83 Goldthorp, Mary Etta. 85 Wood, John. 87 Wood, Walter. 89 Heap, John William. 91 Heap, Henry. 93 Cartwright, Jane Elizabeth. 95 Heap, Mary. 97 Booth, Walter. Clayton, John. 99 Mellor, Joseph. | 1U1 Iredale, Elizabeth. | 103 Whiteley, John Richard, Fred, and Eliza Ann. 105 Iredale, Fred. 109 Dyson, George Thomas. lit Garside, Fred. 115-117 Wilkinson, Enos, and Jane. 119 Stringer, James. 121 Schofield, Wiliam. 123-125 Oxley, John, serge man- ufacturer. 127 Rhodes, Sam. 129 Robinson, George. 131 Shaw, James. 133 Oxley, Oliver. Smith, Willie. Hargreaves, Walter. 135 Hinchliffe, Jonas. 137 Gee, Jonathan.


139 141 143 145 147 149

2 4. 6 10 12 14 16 18 20 22


74 30 82 84 86 88


Hinchliffe, Joe. Dyson, Annie. Ellis, Eli. Harrison, William Henry. Dyson, Emma. Wilkinson, William. Right side, Hartley, George Henry. Garside, John. Cocker, John. Butler, Fred. Hall, Sarah. Barron, George Robert. Marshall, John. Hemsworth, Willam Henry. Barron, Allen. Sutcliffe, tioner. Waite, Henry. Cleveland Road. Methodist New Connexion Chapel. Sykes, Allen Owen. ; Thornhill Road.

Corney, Matthew. Wilkinson, William. Cliffe, John William. Burnley, Harriet Stevenson and Annie. Dobson, Benjamin Briggs, dyer. Schofield, Herbert, commer- cial traveller. Ainley, Mrs. Harriet. Cooper, Willie, architect. Bull, Samuel. Sykes, Mrs. Hannah. Mellor, Charlotte Ann. Peckett, Frederick, woollen manufacturer. Hanson, John William, coin- mercial traveller. Johnson, John William. Haigh, William Henry. Masonic Hall. Firth, Wright. Peckett, Willie. Holmes, Seth, beamer. Whitehead, Andrew. Crosland, Alfred: Oxley, Charles Hdward.

Firth, Joseph Wilkinson.


Page 207

90 92 94 96 98 100 — 104 106 110 112

114 118 120 122 126 128 130 1354 156 140

142 144

148 150 152 154 156

158 160 162

166 168 170 172 174

176 178 180 184 188 190 194 196

198 200


Wilson, Willie. Haigh, Charles William. Fred. Oxley, Elizabeth Bray. Gledhill, Alice. Hinchliffe, Brook. Jackson, Arthur. Haigh, Frank. Smithson, Willie. Hirst, Thomas, man. Horsfall, Mrs. Ruth. Stockdale, Wright. Dawson, Herhert Barton. Tattersall, William. Moore, Sam, machinist. Smith, Mrs. Mary Ann. Waterhouse, Mrs. Phoebe. Simeon, Mrs. Rebekah. Brook, Joe Herbert. Crosland, Joe, woollen manu- facturer. Crowther, Joe. Demetriadi, Dr. sician.


Louis, phy- Gibson Street. Rolling, John Wiles. Beaumont, Eliza. Cocking, Walter. Crosland, Arthur. Beaumont, Lockwood, _ ver. Walker, Dan. Denbigh, Mary. Walker, George Henry, wea- ver. Unwin, Walton, Hinchliffe, Bliza. Smith, Charles. Jessop, Joseph, engineer. Dyson, Joseph, pattern weaver. Roberts, Benjamin. Heap, Henry. Hanson, Mrs. Maria. Pearson, Charles Edward. Hoyle, Mrs. Eliza. Heaton, Charles. Southwell, James Henry. Hanson, John William. Dean Street. Dyson, Edwin Swallow. Dyson, John Leadmine, H




| 204 206 | 208

210 212 214

| 216 220

222 224

226 228 230 252 234 256 240 242

244 246 248 290 204

256 Thornes,

208 260



266 268 270 216 278

278aWoodhead, Edwin

177 Wilkinson, Joseph, weaver. Aspinall, Mrs. Maria. Ackroyd, Ernest. Bates, Thomas. Mellor, John, weaver. Thornton, Fred.

Schofield, William ‘Henry. Hepw orth, John, beamer.

Duckworth, James Yates, joiner. Hepworth, Abel, cloth pres- ser. Crosland, Norris, shoddy manufacturer.

Hepworth, Miss Sarah. Brook, Henry. Eastwood, James. Lockwood, Emma. Harrison, Frank. Dixon, James. Shaw, James Crosland. Littlewood, John Hamp- shire, cloth finisher, Hoyle, Joe. Rhodes, Mary. Iredale, Matthew. Owen, Teed. Evenson, John Edward. Edward. Shaw, Arthur. Jagger, George hairdresser. Sutherby, Jecamiah, harness maker. Bamford, Edmund. Bray, Amos. Aspinall, William. Watson, William Edward. Crosland Road.

Hellawell, Alfred. Crowther, Joe. Noble, Joseph. Hargreaves, John. Stringer, Lewis.




280 Bower, James.

Laund Road. Berry, Charles. Dyson, Hiram. Beaumont, Tom. Senior, Benjamin.

Page 208


Goldthorp, Kastwood. Outlane.

Armitage, Joseph Walter Batley. Gledhill, James, flock mer- chant.

Sykes, Edwin. Hey, John Pa Longwood.

New Laith Hill,

Almondbury. Left side. Jackroyd Lane. 1 Townend, Miles Kershaw. 3 Tow mend, Edward, butcher. 5 Battye, Mrs. Eliza. 7 Graham, Oscar, weaver. 9 Lorriman, George Henry. 11 Stringer, William, cabinet- maker. 13 Hirst, Mark. 15 J ohnson, Albert Edward. 17 Rothwell, Ernest William. 19 Roebuck, Henry, mason. 21 Moorhouse, George. 25 Wrigley, Herbert. 25 Kennedy, George. 27 Greatley, John, miner. 29 Kennedy, John Henry. 31 Roebuck, James, farmer. Right side. Dearnley, Ben. Sheard, Firth. Stringer, Mrs. Charlotte. 10 Richardson, George Henry, general dealer. 12 Liversidge, Fred. 14 Ford, George. - 16 Stringer, John. 18 Kaye, Beaumont. 20 Wood, Fred. 22 Booth, William, joiner.

New North Road. Left side. Westgate. 1 Haigh, Sykes, and Co., wool- len manufacturers. 3 Holmes, Timothy Moore, R.D.S. ., surgeon dentist.

5 Lord, William Henry, sur- —

geon. 7 Egerton, Walter, 9 Salmon, Arthur, carver and gilder.

11 Glendinning and Sons, wool- — len warehouse. 4 Baptist Church. Rev. F. J. — Benskin, pastor. 25 Oates, Miss Mary Louisa, children’s dresses. 25 Marshall, Mrs. Southwell, ladies’ outfitter. 27 Holland, H., contractor and builder. 29 Masters, Frederick Leonard Floyd, dentist. 31 Saile, Mrs., art 3laSykes, William. 55 Denham, Mrs. dak lint, Albert. 35 Thornton, Fred Whitfield, surgeon. 37 Halstead, Miss.

York Place. Infirmary and ‘Turkish Baths (superintendent,

John Shoesmith). 39 Eastwood, Beaumont. 41 Sanderson, Joseph, commer- cial traveller.

43 Marshall, Lewis.

45 Wright, Joseph, surgeon. 47 Heighway, M.A., Rev. Hy.,

curate of St. Andrew’s Mission. 49 Normington, William Em- mett.

Fitzwilliam Street West.

51 Mackenzie, John, surgeon. Portland Street.

Mallinson, Alex. (Spring Bank). Drake, The Misses (Spring Bank)

53 Finlinson, Arthur, cashier. 55 Stevenson, Thomas. 57 Sharples, Mrs. Sarah. 59 Rhodes, Mrs. Emily Maria. Mountjoy Road.

63 Marsden, Mrs. Elizabeth. 65 Eastwood, Daniel.

Page 209

2 4 6 8

10 12 14 16 18 22 24 26

28 350 52 54 40 42 Ad



Buckley, Charles. Garner, Thomas. Taylor, Samuel. Golden, Henry Booth. Wilkinson, Johnson, merchant. Bairstow, Mrs. Sarah Ann. Crowther, W. A. Bennett, William. Vernon Avenue. Rawson, Sidney George. White, William, silk mer- chant. Munroe, William Frederick. Dyson, Richard Smith. Spivey, Abraham, wine and spirit merchant. Stott, Thomas Henry. Edgerton Road. Right side. London and North-Western and Lancashire and York- shire Goods Offices. Midland Goods Offices. Tinsley, Alfred. Robinson, Frederick Wil- ham, surgeon. Robinson, Dr. William. Booth, Mrs. Bessie. Senior, Mrs. Emma Parry. Bradley, Charles Henry. Riley, Joe, cigar merchant. Youatt, Frank. Walker, Dr. Albert Edward. Taylor, Mrs. Mary Catherine Porritt, Norman, surgeon. Kilner-Crosland, George Wil- liam, surgeon. Birkett, William Rawes, dental surgeon. Brunswick Street. Marsden, Mrs. Hannah. Tolson, Thomas Marshall. St. Patrick’s Catholic Church Dolan, Very Rev. Stephen. Tinker, Henry, auctioneer. Rowell, John George. Marshall, John, surgeon. : Fitzwilliam Street.

Rolfe, M.D., Dr. Ch




48 Scott, Dr. William. 50 Mills, Mrs. Elizabeth.

| |


179 Belgrave Terrace. 52 Brooke, George. 56 Duffin, Thomas, chemist. 58 Dowse, Miss Eliza Henrietta 60 Lowenthal, Miss Nellie. Higher Grade Board School. Bradley Lane. Bruce, Rev. Dr. Robert, Highfield Congregational Chapel. Dyson, William. Learoyd, Mrs. Mary Hannah Brigg, Rev. John Edwin. Holmes, Ann Helen and Sarah Sykes. Cockroft, William. Middlemost, Henry Relph, woollen manufacturer (New North House). Huddersfield Lawn Tennis Club. 80 Mallinson, William. 82 Ruddock, Dr. Clara, Isabella, and Jessie. 84bWatkinson, John. | 86 Mellor, Mrs. Eliza Ann. 88 Walker, Mrs. Edith. 90 Cumming, William, woollen merchant.


68 70 12 74

16 78

Cemetery Road. 92 Stringer, George Edward, colliery proprietor. 94 Brewer, Mrs. Emily. 94aShaw, Mrs. Annie. Cheveley, Mrs. Harriet Matilda (Waverley House) 96 Dransfield,. James Harrop, solicitor. Edgerton Road. New Street. Left side. Market Place. 1 Stead and Simpson, Ltd. (sec., W. Walters), boot and shoe dealers. Ford, Thomas, mantle manu- facturer and importer. 4 Thornton, Edward, millinery 7 Armitage and Sons, seeds- men, .


Page 210


9 Drayton, William, Boot and Shoe Hotel. 11 “ Leeds Mercury” and “ Bradford Observer ” Branch Offices. 15 Kendall, Thomas, engraver. Jennings’ School. 15 Nutter, Elizabeth, hatter. King Street. 17 Barrett and Barrett, car- pets and linoleums. Berry’s Yard. Aconley, Jos. tailags’ ‘trim- mings. Copley, Allen, hairdresser. 19 Bennett and Co., hatters and

hosiers. 21 Thornton’s Temperance Hotel. 25 Anderson, William, family draper.

-Leckwocd’s Yard.

Kershaw, Edmund, and Co., wholesale tea dealers. 25 Stephenson, Henry, cabinet- maker. 27 Garrett and Haigh, hatters.

29 Hulme, Robert, boot and: choe dealer. 55 Cash Supply Stores, ‘Ltd.

(sec. EH. Whitley), chem- ist, grocers, and’ provision merchants ; tel. 500. 6? Lockwood, William, watch and clock maker. 49 Wood and Sons, musical in- struments. 41-45 Imperial Hotel; pro- ~ prietor, J. J. Vickers. 47 Brook, Freeman, and Batley, solicitors. Freeman, Charles Edward, notary public and Regis- trar of Huddersfield County Court. 49 Baldwin and Co., drapers. 51 Sykes and Son, solicitors. 53 Taylor and Hobson, cabinet- makers, upholsterers, and carpet warehousemen.

55 Revell and Revell, account-

ants. Armitage Bros, woollen manufacturers.

57 Hedge Bros. and Co., boot and shoe merchants. 59 Thomas, William, fancy dra- per.:

Albert Yard.

Bray, Richard, Albert Hotel, wine and _ spirit merchant. Dyson, Richard E., whole- sale grocer. Leah, Thomas, confectioner. 61 Schofield and Oldfield, whole- sale drapers. 65 Hardy, Miss Emilie, modes de Paris. 65 Freeman, Hardy, and Willis, boot. and shoe warehouse. 69 Prudential Assurance Office.

Ramsden Street. Right side,

Yorkshire Banking Com- pany, Ltd. (branch mana- ger, G.. D. Moxon, jun.). Owen and Bailey, solicitors, commissioners for oaths. Moore and Son, stock and share brokers.

Baxter, William Kaye, soli- |

citor. Sykes, Lewis, solicitors. 4 Pearce and Sons, jewellers and watchmakers. 6 Wood, Charles Henry, tailor 8 Singers’ sewing machines. 10 Kelsey, Arthur, tobacconist. 12 Wheatley, Dyson, and Son, printers and‘ booksellers. 14 Manfield and Sons, boots and

shoes. 22 Smiles and Dawson (pro- prietor, W. H. Dawson), gentlemen’s outfitters. 24 Mallinson, Benjamin, and Co., silversmiths, jewel- lers, and diamond mer- chants.

and Ainley,

Page 211


28 Hobson and Sons (Taylor and Hobson, cabinet manufac- turers, upholsterers, and carpet warehousemen. Hepworth and Sons, Ltd. (sec., L. B. Walker), out- fitters. 30 Collinson and Son, Ltd. (sec., Ed. Collinson), tea and coffee merchants and cafe.

32 Hirst, Joseph, and Sons, wholesale and retail dra- pers.

Hawksby’s Court.

Hodgkinson, Edward, prin- ter and manufacturing stationer. Winn, William, oilcloths. Sykes, Godfrey, and Sons, cloth manufacturers. Abbey, J. B., and Son, land agents and valuers. 54 Hoskin, Arthur ‘Veale, family grocer. 356 Marshall, Charles Henry, solicitor and commissioner for oaths. Chrispin and Co., furnishing ironmongers. Ludlam’s Yard.

Brook, Hardcastle, and Wat- son, whitesmiths, &c. 38 Crowther, John Herbert and George Henry, civil en- gineers, surveyors,. and land agents. 40 Yorkshire Penny Bank (man- ager, George Theodore Lowe) ; tel.. 510. 42 Stainton and Rainer, ladies’ and children’s outfitters. Imperial Arcade.

1 Wheawill, Charles, char-

tered accountant and auditor. ; 2 Thomas, jewel- er. Law Society Library (sec. H. Weintz).

8 Sykes and Sons, auction- eers and valuers. 10-12 Craven, H., draper,


14 Aspinal and Co., tea and coffee merchants.

Christadelphian Meeting Room. Huddersfield Liberal Asso- clation.

Huddersfield Corporation Electric Supply. 44-46 Marshall and Co., Ltd. (managing director, Joshua Marshall), York- shire Emporium of Music, dealers and importers of pianos and organs. 48 Fleming, Reid, and Co., Ltd. (sec., J. Galbreath), wor- sted spinners and manu- facturers. Union Bank Yard. Inman, Joe, and Co., woollen merchants. Wadsworth and Sons, tea Crossley and Bould, plum- bers and gasfitters.

50 Priest, Mrs. Martha Ann, art dealer. 52 Alderson, Priestley, bed-

ding and bicycles. 54 Lockwood, George Henry, confectioner. 56 Marshall, Mrs. Ann, print- seller and fine art dealer. - 58 Hellawell, George William, smallware and hardware merchant. 60 Young, Tweed, brush manu- facturer. 62 McHutcheon, Commercial

nn. 64 Wade, Edwin Herbert, and Co., wholesale and retail tobacconists. High Street. Buxton Road.


New Street, Paddock. Left side. School Lane. 1 Challoner, Eliza. 5 Gibson, Thomas William. 5 Scott, Frederick Joshua,

Page 212


7 Horsfall, Allen. 9 Leather, Reuhen. 11 Leather, William. 13 Cocking, Fred. 15 Taylor, Joseph. 17 Chadwick, Mark. 19 Baldwin, George. 21 Richardson, liam. , 25 Fisher, Thomas Denton. 95° Hirst, ‘Betty. 29 Hawkyard, Brook. 51 Sumptner, Henry. 53 Whiteley, Benjamin. 35 Charlesworth, Norman. 37 Cunningham, Thomas. 39 Sykes, William. 41 Dyson, Levi. 43 Wallace, William = Arthur, 45 Haigh, James, warehouse- man. 47 Fleming, Joseph 49 Manning, Ann. 51 Iredale, John Edward. High Street. Quaker Lane. 53 Sykes, Peace. 55 Durrans, Fred. 57 Auty, Sarah. 59 Howarth, Robert. 61 Moorhouse, Tom. 63 Birdsall, Tobias. Right side. 2 Grimshaw, John Hardy. 4 Hirst, Tom. 4aGledhill, George. 6 Nuttall, Orlando. 8 Jacob, Sarah. 10 Hewison, John. 12 Whalley, George. 14 Wood, Joseph. 16 Burley, Sam. 18 Senior, Albert Baldwin. 20 Munkhouse, Fred. 22 Ellis, George. 24 Gledhill, 26 Sutcliffe, John William. 28 Sykes, William. 32 Pearson, Ben Allen. 34 Lee, George. 36 Rees, Ernest. 38 Taylor, Arthur Lewis.


Richard Wil- |


40 Wood, Tom. 42 Haigh, Albert. 44 Ferguson, Francis Wallace. 46 Brook, Charles Edwin. 48 Stephenson, Henry. 50 Rowe, Eliza. 52 Armstrong, Allen. 54 Bower, John. 56 Harrison, Peter. 58 Senior, Edgar Dyson. 60 Matthewman, John Arthur. 62 Horsfall, William. 64 Brook, William. Henry. 66 Matthewman, Thomas. 68 Gaunt, Thomas, general dealer. 78 Settle, Richard, commercial traveller. 80 Moorhouse, : ner. 82 Howe, Emma. 84 Horsfall, Elizabeth. 86 Taylor, Joseph. 88 Beaumont, Elliott, cabinet- maker. 90 Leech, Eli, tailor. 92 Ramsden, Hugh, monumen- tal sculptor. 94 Hill, Bates, machine stock- ing knitter. 96 Iredale, Benjamin. 98 Taylor, Robert James, organ pipe maker. 100 Joe William, agent 104 Kinder, James Albert. 106 Haigh, Thomas. 108 Armstrong, Albert. Cross Church Street.

Franklin, spin-

New Street, Milnsbridge.

Broadbent and Sykes, mill furnishers; tel. 23m. Dyson, Walker, woollen manufacturer. Lee, Miss, dressmaker. Wood, George Bennington, surgeon (Pickford House).

Newhouse Fold, Marsh.

2 Clegg, Charles. 3 Marsden, Henry.

Page 213


6 Appleyard, William. 7 Walker, Henry. Mellor, Thomas.

Newhouse Place, Deighton. Right side. Bradley Lane. 2ZaRamsden, Henry. 4 Netherwood, Sarah Ann. 6 Eastwood, Leonard. dAdaBattye, Mary Ann. 50 Mallinson, Charles Fredk.

54 Hughes, Jane, Gwenhwylar.

56 Walker, Fanny.

Left side. 3 Arnold, Claude, William. 5 Beaumont, Ernest Jones. 7 Huckle, Ernest Alfred. Mallinson, George. 37 Hirst, Charles. 39 Heaps, Thomas. 41 Cook, George Herbert. 45 Fox, John. 47 Walker, Mary Hanson. Newhouse. 10 Holroyd, Joe. 12 Hardy, Harry. 12aGibson, Christopher. 14 Kaye, Thomas. 16 Pearson, George Carter. Deighton Lane.

Newlands Road, Dalton.

School Lane. 4 Garner, Lister. 8 Chambers, William. 10 Jackson, Emma. 12 Masters, James.

Newsome. Left side. 1 Milnes, Joseph. 3 Muir, William. 7 Wilkinson, Mercy. 9 Halstead, Thomas. 13 Crossley, Herbert. 15 Garside, George. 17 Goddard, Tom and Martha. 19 Goddard, Benjamin. 21 Bradburn, Hannah Maria.

23 Wilkinson, Owen. 25 Sutcliffe, Sidney. Right side. 2 Hinchliffe, Joshua. 4 Kaye, George. 6 Eastwood, Joseph. 8 Shore, Eli. 10 Micklethwaite Henry. 12 Pollitt, John Wilkinson. Brook, George (Oakes Mill). Woodhouse, Ben (Ozley). Lane’s Well. St. J ohn’ s Church. Davies, Rev. John, M.A. (The Vicarage). . Daisy Lane. Shaw, John William, Foun- tain Inn. Holroyd and Parry, painters and decorators. Clar-

Armitage, Benjamin, ence Inn. Huddersfield Industrial So- ciety, grocery stores. Sykes Andrew, Victoria Inn. Riley, John Foster (Merino Mills). Martin Bank, Cocking, Sarah Jane. Field Joseph. Taylor’s Buildings. 1 Hinchliffe, William. 5 Ramsden, ‘Charles William 5 Sykes, J ohn. 7 Giles, Samuel. 9g Wilkinson, Alfred. il Broadbent, Albert. 13 Mellor, Thomas. 15 Bell, Mary Ann. - 17 Dyson, Ellen. 21 Laversidge, George. Newsome Cross. Left side. 49 Taylor, Frank. 53 Charlesworth, John. 73 Pollitt, Elizabeth, Welling- ton Inn. 77 Clifton, Robert. 79 Brammar, Robert. 81 Sykes, Thomas. 83 Hirst, Thomas. 85 Brabbs, George.

Page 214


Right side. | 32 Lodge, Allen. | 54 Dawson, Fred. 58 Bradburn, Ann. 40 Shore, Jemima. 42 Smith, William Armfield. 44 Pownall, Dixon. 48 Bradley, John Henry. 52 Tiffany, Mary. 564 Armitage, Thomas William. 56 Dickenson, Henry. 58 France, Eliza. 60 Garside, Joshua. Berry Brow. 1-3 Lockwood, Abraham. 5 Shaw, Abraham Crowther. 7 Taylor, Scott. 9 Hirst, Nathan. 11 Lee, Joseph. 13 Brooke, Harold Lee. 15 Winn, Charles Herbert. 17 Mitchell, John. 19 Stansfield, Kaye. 21 Wood, Jo hn. 23 Goddard, Mary Ann. 25 Lodge, Ralph. 27 Mear, John. France, Joah. Moore, Joe. White, George, agent and collector (West End). Caldercliffe Road. Howe, Elijah. Taylor, Richard.

Day, James, farmer (Hall Bower). Haigh, George (Goodham Close). Newsome Road. Left side. 1 Shaw, William.

3 Kitson, Fenton Lodge. Broadbent, Sykes. _Horsfall, Henry. Broadbent, Charles. Aram, Reuben. Hinchliffe, Eliza. Wilson, Clara. Greenwood, Francis William Elm Street.

te WE OnM

23 Lawton, Ben,

20 2/ ag

10 12 14 16 18

20 22


Watkinson, Henry. Farrar, Richard. Firth, John. Conservative Club. Bell Street. Lawley, Arthur. Hobson, Mrs. Sarah Ann.

Mills, Alfred Shaw. Phillips, Wilham Sykes, Edgar Howarth. Denham, ~ William, leather merchant.

Porteous, Rev. J. F. Cr ossley, Jonathan William. Calvert, John Caparu, iron- founder. Whitegate Road.

Siddle, John Frederick. 5 Shaw, Henry. Roberts, John Edmund. Stile Common Road. Right side. Jepson, Edward, Hotel. Kemp, Fletcher, butcher. Benson, Tom. Inman, Sam, jun., tailor. Haigh, Thomas Henry. Donbavand, James Allen. Birkenshaw, Mary Ann.


Priestley, Job, fishmonger. Armitage, Sidney, pattern maker. Kendrew, Thomas.

Armitage, Mrs. Sarah, gene- ral dealer. Riley Street. Malvern Road.

Newtown. Green Street. Hardy, Ellis, wheelwright and smith.

Wood, Tom, carrier. Kirk, Walter Schofield. Gannon, John. Bourke, Mrs. Eliza. Hallas, Tom.

Learoyd’s Yard.

1 Teas Harriet. 3 Hill, David,

Page 215


11 Hopley, Thomas Edward. 13 Smith, Tom, Newtown Inn. 15 Sunderland, Emma

Lucas’s Yard.

1 Hallas, Jane. Ryan; John. 4 Beaumont, George. 6 Stables, Sarah. 8 Wagstaff, Joseph. 10 McQuin, John. 11 Willis, John. 12 Folliard, James. 14 Bowker, Harriet. 15 Kaye, Ferguson. 16 Wilson, William. 19 Bowker, William.

Hepworth’s Yard.

1 Beaumont, Allen. 2 Jenkinson, Charlotte. 5 Ward, Harry. 7 Scholes, Sam. 23 Tyas, Eliza. 25 Eastwood, Josiah.

Hepworth’s Buildings.

1 Senior, Job. 5 Wilson, William James. 5 Dawes, Harry.

6 Ward, poate Clifford.

7 Stewart, Thomas. 35 Bedford, Ellen. 55 Lee, Willie.

Walton’s Yard.

Slater, Caroline. Goodyear, John. Veevers, Sarah. Brook, James. Shaw, John Berry. Hancock, John. Crowe, Fred. Fenwick, Alfred. 49 Mallinson, Arthur. 4: Eastwood, John William. 43 Garside, James. 45 Goldthorpe, John. 47 Lockwood, Levi. 49 Bradley, William.

Benson’s Yard.

1 Harper, Alfred. 5-4 Berry, John. 5 Meredith, Albert. 6 Bower, Joseph. 53 Hillis, Henry, plasterer,


Ellis’s Yard. 4 Milnes, William. 57 Sumner, John. 59 Broome, Jane Adelaide. 61 Hardy, Ellis, wheelwright. 63 Smith, Joseph. 65 Wood, Tom, coal merchant. St. John’s Square. Pearson, Sarah Ellen. Wood, Allen. Hickman, Charles. Dolphin, Samuel. Ellam, Hiram. Hynes, Thomas. Berry, Thomas. Worthington, Herbert. St. John’s Road.

Noddle, Berry Brow. Left side. Bradley, Matthew. Barrand, Elizabeth.

1 eS 3 Thompson, Joseph Hartley. 4.

Williamson, Tom Alen. Nook. 21 Sheard, Wright. 25 Moorhouse, Mary Emma. 25 Wilson, Ellen. 27 Jebson, Daniel. 29 Aram, Ann. 51 Roebuck, William Henry. 35. Chappel, ‘John William. o/ Berry, Emma. Berry, Smith. 459 Rothwell, Alfred. 41 Berry, Arthur. 43 Farrand, Frank. Right side. 2 Halstead, Alfred. 4 Meadows, John. Bennett, Horatio.

Norman Road, Hillhouse.

Left side. Birkby Hall Road. Dutton, Mary. 3 Turner J ohn, general dealer. 5 Lunn, Samuel. Drake, James Albert. 11 Brook, Ben. 13 Crowther, Lewis,

Page 216


15 Taylor, Richard Brook. 21 Boothroyd, Tom, printer. 25 Jackson, George William. 25 Morton, William. 27 Rothery, William. 29 Pollock, George. 35 Finch, George. 69 Tomlinson, Alfred. 67 Cheetham, Fred. 39 Atkinson, Lucey Annie.

41 Rogers, Charles, warehouse-

man. 45 Wilson, Walter. 47 Hanagan, William. 4G Smith. John. Bygott, George, chemist. Turner, Abraham, butcher. Pearson, Wright, scribbling engineer. Norman Avenue.

Weatherhead, William, but-

cher. Brierley, John William, bookbinder.

Whiteley, Albert Edward, brushmaker (Oakleigh). Lister, Arthur (Avondale) Berry, John (Park Hurst). Garton, George. Denham, Alfred. Hinchliffe, Charles William, clerk. Flynn, James Edward, builder (Park View). Middlemost Bros. and Co.,

Ltd. (sec., E. L. Ric- ketts), woollen manufac- turers, Clough House

Mills; tel. 134. Right side. 2 Bradley, Doctor James. 4 Sykes, Albert. 6 Hardy, William Charles, joiner. : 8 Hardcastle, Henry, plumber 10 Woffenden, Mark, printer and bookbinder. 12 Robinson, Mrs. Hannah. 16 Heaton, William, painter and paperhanger. 18 Richardson, Frederick Geo. 20 Gott, Joe,

“litho |


22 Dearnley, William Henry. 24 Boothroyd, James. 50 Booth, Fred. 32 Renshaw, Ellen. 44 Ainley, Law. 356 Cudworth, Joseph, gold letter maker. 58 Rushworth, Arthur Sykes. 40 Flinn, James Edward, 42 Sykes, Mrs. Elizabeth. 44 Waterhouse, Charles. 46 Rhodes, William. 48 Sykes, Tiffany. 50 Lawton, Hannah. 54 Stables, George, foreman. 56 Robinson, Jesse. 58 Broome, Hannah. 60 Schofield, Sam. 62-64 Longbottom, Fred.

. 66-68 Firth, John William.

70 Hirst, Clay, spinner. Norman Avenue.

74 Davidson, James William. 76 Taylor, Joe. 78 Dodd, Solomon. 80 Dougherty, Matthew, watch- man. Cockroft, John Ibbotson, cab proprietor. . 82 Brook, George William. 84 Thewlis, George Wellington. 86 Barton, James Samuel, brass finisher. 88 Kaye, Joseph. 90 Pollard, Eli. 92 Leather, Joe. 94 Lomas, John. 98 Crossley, Thomas William. 100 Wild, Charles. 102 May, Thomas. 104 Taylor, Joseph. 106 Wood, Frederick Ernest.

Halifax Old Road.

North Cross Road,

Cowcliffe. Left side, Hardman, Thomas. Clifford, Fred. Starkey, Zilpah. Sheard, Rachel.


iat acd

Page 217


11 13

Harrison, George. Tillotson, Jesse. Right side, 4 Hollins, Sam, joiner. 6 Gaukroger, Fred. 8 Roebuck, Hannah.

10 Nobles, Alfred. 12 Lindley, Adelaide. 14 Abbs, George Thomas. 16 Powell, William MHenry, quarryman. 50 Rothery, Alfred 52 Marsden, Mrs. Jemima. 44 Clifford, Joe, gardener.

Waterton, John William. Borough Boundary.

North Street, Lockwood. Left side. Swan Lane. Harrop, James. Dawson, Richard. 3 Monkhouse. Emma. 5 Biltcliffe, Thomas, weaver. 11 Hawkyard, Mrs. Mary Ann. 13 Thornton, Willie (Oak Lea). 15 Gomersal, William Walker, plumber. 17 Quarmby, Elizabeth. 19 Dyson, Hannah. 21 Mettrick, William Henry. 23 Mitchell, Dyson. 25 Taylor, Augustus. 27 Bradley, Ann. 29 Oldfield, George, maker. Marshall, Hinchliffe. Hepworth, Jonas Sykes, John. Beaumont, Mrs. Mary Ellen. Smith, Walter. Lawton, Albert. Taylor, Joseph Henry. Oxley, Joe. Lucas, George William. Shaw, John, wool cleaner. Marshall, Robert. Gledhill, George Henry. Dodgson, John. Cliffe, James, blacksmith. Menna, Danti Di. 101 Kaye, Charles. 103 Dyson, Joss, mechanic.


51 55

| 105

107 109

111 13

115 117

Hees 5 | 133


137 139



68 70 72 74


Watson, Robert. Barrett, Henry. Livesey, Abraham Shaw, commercial traveller. White, Joe. Peace Walter, traveller.


Haigh, Allen.

Biltcliffe, Joe. Garnett, Walter. Hirst, Joel. Wood, Charles mineral water turer. Booth, Silas. Beaumont, John. Yews Hill Road. Right side. May, Reuben, cloth presser. Rollin, John Benjamin. Johnson, Henry, bricklayer. Graham, Harry. Hughes, Thomas. Bell, Walter. Moorhouse, George Henry. Collins, William Leopold. Sunderland, Arthur:



Johnson, Albert, pattern maker. New Road. Booth, William, power loom

Nowell Allen. Walker, Alfred. Holland, Victor. Lee, George.

North Street, Paddock.

1 Goodwill, John Adamson. 2 Haigh, Herbert. 5 Wheelhouse, John Henry. 4 Wright, Charles. | 6 Wilson, Allen.

10 12

Talley ,John William. Armstrong, John William.

14 Hallas, Wilson.

Luck Lane.

1 King, Phyliis. 5 Rothery, George. 6 Lees, Henry. 8 Heathcote, Marv. 9 Boothroyd, Doctor Joseph.


Page 218


11 Pontefract, Joseph. 13 Thornton, Samuel Edward. - Springtield Place.

Northgate. Left side. Beast Market. 3 Booth, Eli, Musicians’ Inn. 7 Dufton, Thomas, general dealer. Tomlinson’s Yard. Bean, John William. 11 Stone and Hartley, agents. 13-15 Hirst, Joseph, shoemaker and clogger.


17 Battey, George, Ring o’ Beils. 21 Hawkyard, MHarry, pork _butcher.

25 Hilliard, John, grocer. St. Peter’s Street. St. Peter’s Buildings. 1 Hirst, Ramsden, restau-

2 Spink, George William, butcher. 5 McConvil, Hugh, general dealer.

4 Wittrick, Georgina, dra- per. 6 Sykes, Joe. 7 25 Wilkinson, Arthur, grocer and provision merchant. ° Schoales’ Square. 1 Cummings, Thomas. 27 Dyson, Emma, milliner and draper. 29 Medley, John, restaurant.

31 Wheatley, William, news- agent. 45-35 Barrett, Ernest, draper

and milliner. 357 Whittle and Bacchus, tailors

s7aHinchliffe, George, hair- dresser. 39 Woodhead, Henry, confec- tioner.

41 Whiteley, Thomas K., tailor 45 Kilburn, Henry, fishmonger and poultry.

45 Bray, Herbert, butcher. 47 Fred, pork but- cher. 49 Gibson, John S., restaurant. ol Cockroft, John William, chemist. 53 Richardson, Frederick, gro- cer and cab proprietor. | Knight Street. Wood, William. John, and Co. 55 Jones, Charles, butcher. 57 Jessop, John. . 61 Atkinson, Henry. Brook Street. Dyers and Finishers’ Asso- ‘ciation Club Room (sec., George Williams). 63aSpivey, William Henry, painter, paperhanger, and decorator. Heath, Frank, confectioner.

Woolsey, William Henry, __ butcher. Fox, George Henry, and

Co., yarn spinners. Wells Mills. Fountain Street. Fitton, Thomas Henry. 65 Wood, Eli, general dealer. - 67 Wigglesworth, George Wood 67aMedley, James, restaurant. 69 Powell, Hanmer, wardrobe dealer. 71 Kelly, Thomas, grocer.

73 Smith, William, chimney sweeper. 15 Radcliffe, Hiram, cabinet- maker. Fitzwilliam Street East. 81 Pittam, John’ William, superintendent, Royal

London Friendly Society. 85 Roeney, Michael, insurance agent. Right side. Lowerhead Row. 2 Michael Caine, Spotted Cow Inn. 4 Byewater, Tom, dyer. 6 Bintley, Tom, wood turner,

Page 219


10 Hawkyard, John, dealer. Brick Bank. 2 Hill, Joseph Quarmby. 5 Lightowler, Alfred. 6 Richardson, John William 7 Burton, Tom. 8 Blamires, Alexander. 10 Bradley, Charley.

12 Beilwood, William Joseph,

_. watchmaker. 16 Elkin, John, tailor.

i8 Bennett, John William, joiner. 20 Radcliffe, William, harness maker.

Bradley’s Buildings. |

1 Pickles, Louis Wilson. 4 Milner Tom. 5 Taylor, Joseph. 6 Brennan, Dan. 7 Brook, Jonathan. 24 Haigh, Joab, woollen ware- house. 28 Spink, George, William. Ellis, John, watchmaker. : Thomas Street. 56 Kastwood, Willie, hair- dresser. Starkey’s Court. 1 Leekwood, John. 2 Taylor, Joe. 5 Berry, Jonathan. 4 Stephenson, James.

58 -Westerby, Mary, dress- maker. 40 Fieldsend, Annie, general dealer.

Northumberland Street. 42 Smith, George William, boot and shoe maker. 44 Thompson, James. Cuthbert Buildings. Matthewman, Joe. 46 Best, William. 48 Wood, James, Temperance

Hotel. York Street. 50 Taylor, William, York Inn. North’s Yard. 2 Maione, Fred. 5 Robinson, John William.

general |

7 Thorpe, Harry. 8 Hampshire, Henry. 9 Thornton, Thomas. 10 Hampshire, Joseph. 11 Starkey, William Henry. 12 Dyson, Henry. 15 Tully, Patrick. 54 Armitage, William. 56 Hall, Thomas,



Chadwick’s Yard. 1 Daws, George. 2 Pearson, 5 Barrow, John William. 4 Helm, Tom. 5 Daws, George Wood. 6 Dunn, John Joseph. 68 Harris, Jacob, tailor. 60 Foster, Frederick, grocer. Union Street. 62 Grayson, Thomas, shoe- maker. 66 Beaumont, Thomas. 68 Taylor, Samuel. Back Union Street. 72 Sykes, William, Wells Tav- ern. 74 Hyde, William, restaurant. 76 Bell, Ann, general dealer.

. Firth’s Yard. 2 Walker, George. 5 Kilgannon, James. 4 Fox, John. 78 Stead, Arthur, Cotton Tree Inn. 80 Pittam, Frederick Henry, insurance agent. : Kirkmoor Place.

1 Simpson, Alfred. | 2 Lee, George. 5 Gee, Fred. 5 Beaumont, Herbert. 6 Willis, George Frederick. 7 Foster, John. 9 Horner, William. 10 Seneseall, John. 11 Neal, Joseph. 12 Hughes, William. 13 Knight, John. | 82 Senior, Frederick, general dealer.

Page 220


684 Child, Joseph, tailor. 84aBarker, Benjamin, corn, hay, ‘and straw dealer. Clay’s Buildings. Elliott, Richard. 86 Chappell, dairy. 68 Bingham, Henry, tailor. 90 Bromley, John Paynter, shoemaker. 90a Williams, Alfred. 92 Elliff, Edw., Hotel. Fitzwilliam Street East. 94 Broome, James R., baker and confectioner. 96 Mooney, Mary Amelia, fancy repository. 102 Liberal Club (sec., Hardcastle). Bradford Road. Northgate, Almondbury. | Left side.



Town End. 1 Haigh, John Edward Tillot- son. 5 Lodge, Tom. 5 Ramsden, John general dealer. 7 Beaumont, Richard. 9 Hirst, John, plasterer. Lodge, Henry, beamer. Milnes, Oliver, mason. , Richard, finisher. 7 Brooksbank, and John. Jenkinson, George Henry, clogmaker. Sykes, Fred. Sykes, Joe. Kaye, Willie Harling. Livsey, George. North, William. 47 Boothroyd, Arthur. 41 Brier, Mrs. Betty. 43 Kaye, Thomas Harling, Rose and Crown Inn. 45-47 Eastwood, Fred, general dealer. 49 Dempster, Charles, tor.


al 23 ol 0d 30


) | | | | |

William House, |

15 ae

| 129


53 Spivey, Ben. 55 Johnson, Allen. 57 Kaye, Joe. 59 Jenkinson, Henry, mason. 61 Varley, Mrs. Emma.

Dyson’s Buildings.

65 Beaumont, Job. 67 Dawson, George. 69 Beaumont, Mrs. 71 North, Willie. North, George, farmer. Field, Mrs. Elizabeth, bacconist.



Back Lane. Dawson, George Alfred. Liberal Club (sec. Joe Davis) Crowther, Mrs. Ada, green- grocer. Turner, Mrs. Mary. Lockwood, Joe Boothroyd, confectioner. pe sae Ernest George, surg Noble, Fonte: Arthur, maker. Buckley, Mrs. Ann. Sykes, Arthur.

77 19 ol

85 85

87 shoe-

95 97

99 Armitage, John Thomas. Water Croft. 105 Addy, Arthur, yarn spin- ner. 107 Matthewman, Mrs. Harriet. 111 Milnes, Abner, plasterer. 113 Hallas, William. 115 Hirst, Harry, tobacconist and hairdresser. 117 Towlson, James Allen, col-

lector. Wallaces’, Limited, grocery. Hirst, Joshua Ingham, Sub Post Office. Clarke, John. Beaumont, Joh» Nicholson, Charles Henry. Shaw, Saw Sykes, William. Mellor, John William. 135 Wilkinson, Alfred 137 Lodge, Walter. i139 Clegg, Allen Whithi) 14i Kaye, John, shoemaker. 143 Holdsworth, Thomas. 145 Schofield, Jonathan.

119 121

123 125 127

131 idd

Page 221


147-149 Garner, Mrs. Nanny, confectioner. 153 Golden, Simeon Edward. 155 Matthewman, Thomas David 157 Somersgale, Mrs. Priscilla, milliner. 159 Armitage, James, _ black-

smith. 161 Midgley, Alfred, joiner. 163 Lawton, Ben Brook, draper. 165 Buckley, Herbert, chemist. 167 Shaw, Abraham. 169 Starkey, Willie. 171 Hall, Fred. 173 Dawson, Thomson. 175 Littlewood, Kaye. 177 Sykes, James Hartley. 179 Parkin, Emily. Fenay Bridge. ‘Right side. 10 Hinchliffe, Thomas 12 Tunnaclfffe, Jonathan. 14 Schofield, William 16 Stansfield, John, finisher. 18 Beaumont, John Edward. 22 Talbot, Joe. 24 Moorhouse, Sarah. 26 Starkey, Henry. 28 Lodge, Henry. 50 Calvert, John 2 Stansfield, Joe, joiner. 34 Dobson, Mrs. Elizabeth. 58 Dearnley, William 40 Dobson, Joseph, warehouse- man. 42 Lodge, Levi, dyer. 44 Noble, Mrs. Mary. 46 Jepson, Joe, dyer. 48 Holden, Mrs. Mary. 50 Dyson, Annie. 52 North, Carter. 54 Hall, Abraham. 56 Burkitt, William. 60 Stead, Allen. 64 Townend, Herbert. 66 Beaumont, Alfred Harling 68 Mc Gauvran, Clarke. 70 Jessop, Joe Newsome. 72 Beaumont, James Edward Wormald Street. 84 Thornton, John. 86 Beaumont, Joe. 88 Booth, Allen, tailor.

90 Freeman, Mary Elizabeth. Field, Alvan. Smith, Edward. 92 Bates, Joseph 94 Armitage, Emma Eliza. 96 Wood, Christopher. 98 Brook, Fred. 102 Crow, Thomas. 104 Mellor, Frank. 166 Wearham, Louisa. 108 Dickenson, Sarah Ann. 110 Wilkinson, Ann. 112 Golden, John Williain. 118 Bates, Thomas, confectioner iZ0 Gregory, John. 122 Mellor, Joe, fishmonger. 124 Kitchen, Ben. 126 Fleming, Allen. 128 Spivey, Martin, painter. : Alms Row. 130 Dyson, Walker. 152 Brammer, Charles. 134 Carter, Wright. 156 Haigh, Abraham 148 Womersley, William. i40 McDonald, Mrs. Elizabeth, newsagent. 142 Littlewood, John, painter. 144 Robinson, Shaw, bookkeeper Fred. 148 Beaumont, Herbert 150 Bates, George Henry. 152 Dearnley, John Edward, 154-156 Kitchen, Squire. All Saints’ Church. Westgate.

Northumberland Street. Left side. Johan William Street. Tramways Head Office, Manager, Joseph Pogson.

Wood Street. 4 Ling, William. f 7 Haigh, John, and Sons, woollen merchants; tel. 189. Byram Street, Post Office Buildings. Lord Street. 11 Fox, George, gilder and pic- ture frame maker.

Page 222


13 Pollard and SHAW. tinplate | 5 Driver, William Henry. workers; tel. 412. _ 65 Parkin, Charles, baker. Hampshire and Armitage, Leeds Road. jomers and undertakers ; Right side,

tel. 413. _ 2 Cawthra, William Haigh, 17 Karnshaw, James. woollen manufacturer. Brook, J ohn William. | Floyd, John Peel. | Friendly Street. — Marshall,. Kaye, and Mar- 19 Friendly Societies’ Build- | shall, woollen ings (sec., Owen Balm- | Dyson, Thomas, and Sons,

forth). | woollen importers. Linton, Richard, agent. 4 Kaye, John Watson, wool-

Quarmby’ restaurarit. len manufacturer.

19hNicholson, Thomas, Huddersfield Builders’ Ex- Northgate. change (secs., W. B.

21 Smith, George W., straw ene and. 43.3 owitt) ; ook bonnet manufac- Inn Willi Byram Street, Stubbs, William. | | 2iaBrook, Alfred. Lord Street.

Primitive Methodist Chapel 12 Little, George, draper (Bed- ford House).

25 Harrison, James Robertson 25 Howell, Thomas Henry, jun. 27 Sepeli, Eliza, general dea-

ler. | Primitive Street. Benson’s Square. Megson, Sam. 4 Fred. 4 Karnshaw, James Henry.

6 Sykes, John.

5 Smith, Arthur. 10 Parry, Mabel.

29 Briggs, William.

wey eee ell, Thomas Henry: 14 Dickinson, Herbert, export 3laBarraw, John William. meee merchant ; tel. Hawk Street. 18 3 oy 1 37 Greenwood, Ned.’ Senior, Lom, Scarbro inn. Sykes’ Yard Northgate. Gannon, John is 22 Crosby, Edward, parish Saddles Tan Walls clerk. Pe era Sen 94 Smith; 2 ET PEs OBS 26 Green, Charles Edward.

: : eee 26aBrook, Joseph Henry. 53 Parkin, John, general dea- 30 Lockwood, Joe.

ler. 2 Armitage, James Henry, ddaSykes, Fred. general dealer.

55 Bond, Foster. | Brennan, James. soaArmitage, Edwin. 44 Spencer, George, glass and 57 James Corbett. chiria dealer. Clayton’s Yard. = 46 Scott, Thomas. 32 Fountain, Fred. os 50 Brook, Walter. 36 Brook, Samuel William § 56 Ashton, Charles James. Milner. 56aAspinall, Edward, cabinet- 38 Sanwick, Martin. _ maker and undertaker. 63 Heaton, Willie. 60 Carney, Thomas. Johnson’s Yard. 62 Hough, Charles. 1 Mullaney, John. 64 Roberts, Walter.

2 Haley, John. . 66 Hepworth, Walter.

ne dela 2 iti si ed So

Page 223


68 Chambers, John Pink. 70 McPartlin, John. 72 Whiteley, James. | 76 Curran, Henry. 78 Whiteman, William Henry. | 80 Kelly, Terence. 84 Sugden, Sam. 86 Shaw, Benjamin, Inn. ‘88 Bottom, Beaumont. 90 Industrial Society, butcher store (If. Chambers). 90aKelly, John. 96 Drury, James. 100 Whitehead, Novello, Royal inn.


Upperhead Row.

' Nursery Street, Hillhouse. Left side. : _ Birkby Hall Road, Catton, Mrs. Hannah. Rhodes, George, stone dres- ‘ser. 9 Hallas, Albert. 11 Liddell, George. Right side. Brook, Emmanuel, beamer. Beaumont, blacksmith.


Mitchell, Mrs. Mary. Myles, Robert. Hirst, Watt. 14 Kettlewell, George. 16 Cockshaw, Elizabeth. 18 Warwick, - Jonathan Levi, boot factory manager. 20 Hirst, Arthur George. 22 Whitwell, Walter Charles. 24 Gilbert, Fred. 28 Weintz, Mary Alice. 54 Cotton, Charles. Blacker Road.


Oak Road, Bradley. Left side. Leeds Road North. Armitage, Allen. Mitchell, George. Rusby, Susannah. 1 Whittaker, Joseph. 5 Whitehead, James.

er wom

5 Oldfield, Henry. I

193 7 Wood, John. 9 Brook, Charles. il Paviour, Sidney, shoemaker 13 Hey, Arthur. 15 Tinker, David. Pugh, Thomas. 19 Flood, Walter. 21 Ramsden, David. 23 Shaw, Allen. 25 Knapton, Charles mont. 27 Hepworth, Walter, painter. 29 Harvey, John Henry. 53 Lockwood, Henry. 509 Spence, William. 49 Spence, James, Office. Right side. Renton, John. Candler, Stephen. Munt, Sarah. Berry, Harry. Hopwood, Thomas. Schofield, Sarah. Oddy, Joseph. Priestley, William. Armitage, Joe. Earnshaw, Harry. Brook, Samuel. Bentley, John Henry. Elder Lane,



- DO

Jessop, David. Littlewood, Harry. Litthewood, Thomas. Bradley Road.

Oakes Road, Lindley.

Left side. School Street. Baptist Chapel. Baker Street. 5 Crawshaw, Joshua. 7 Crosland, Beaumont, shod- dy merchant. New Hey Road.

11 Stott, Joshua Crawshaw, farmer. 13 Smith, Joseph, cloth manu- facturer. Lofthouse, Samuel, black- smith. .

Page 224


Greenwood, Thomas, . looker. Wellington Street. Right side. 40-42 Riley, Mrs. Sarah, gene- ral dealer. 44 Walker, Ralph. 46 Naylor, Robert. 48 Milnes, Thomas Henry. 50 Marsh, Jim. 34 Haigh, Ben. 56 Shaw, Elizabeth. Iredale, John Cookscn.

Oakfield Road, Hillhouse. Right side. 13 Keet, William Henry. 15 Castle, Joseph. Left side. 22, Cook, John. 24 ante Thomas Henry Bent- ey.

Olive Street.

5 Hargreaves, Allen. 7 Oliver, John Robert.

Thewlis, Willie. Miln Road. Brown, John, and Co., p. 9 works.

Occupation Road, Lindley. Thornhill Road, Edgerton. 3-11 Wood, William Henry. a Shaw, Maria. 7 Haigh, David. Whitehead, Fred. Ridsdale, Rev. A. H. W. (The Vicarage). 13 Stansfield, Mrs. Ellen. 15 Walker, Charles Henry. 17 Jones, William Marshall. Shaw, John Albert. Catelin, Leonce, designer. Catton, John. Schofield Fielding, George. Brook, Wright. Boss, Thomas William. Sykes, Herbert Higginson. Wilson, Rev. Arthur, cur- ate of St. Stephen’ S. Acre Street.




Occupation Road, Sheepridge. 2 Littlewood, George. 18 Townend, Henry. 20 Hilis, Tom. 22 Sanderson, William. 24 Priestley, Sykes worth. 26 Ellis, Daniel. 28 Swindlehurst, John Thomas

Old Fieldhouse, Fartown. |

1 Mallinson, John. 5 Thomas, John Arthur. : Thomas, Sam. 7 Thomas, John Sykes. Be Robshaw, Eliza. 13 Thickett, Edward. 15 Cockin, Holroyd. 17 Cooper, John. Sharpe, Alfred. Cockroft, Charles.

Orchard Street, Primrose

Hill. Primrose Hill Road, Whiting, William Lester. Boothroyd, James. Mallalieu, Frederick. Jessop, George. Balmforth, William Henry. Thwaite, Arthur. Gibson, Peel. Blackburn, Fred. Tordoff, William. Coldw ell, Hirst. Hainsworth, Henry. Hinchliffe, Nancy. Lloyd, William John. Haley, William Dobson. Clough, Reuben. Broadhead, Harry. Pounder, Fred. Farrand, Henry Lawton. Parks, Robert. Spivey, Arthur. Hallas, Allen. Rose, George. Lodge, Beaumont, Dennis. 51 Beaumont, Abel.


1 5 7 g | 13 15 17 19 al 25 25 al 29 35 50 37 39 41 43 AS Al 49

Page 225


53 Kenworth, George Harry. 55 Pickering, Tom. Malvern Road. Left side. 5 Sutcliffe, Joseph. 7 Schofield, Joseph. 9 Bower, Abel. 11 Foxhall, Joseph. 13 Smith, John. 15 Wood, Mrs. Sarah Priscilla. 17 Wright, William. Primrose View. 27 Spencer, Fred. 29 Watkin, Robert, pit steward 55 Hebblethwaite, John Ed- ward. 59 Oldfield, Joe. 37 Walker, John. Right side. 4 Drake, Fenwick. 6 Hall, Frank. 8 Blackburn, Joe Henry. 10 Denham, Charles Edmund. 12 Walker, George.

Osborne Street, Dalton. Left side. 1 Kent, Charles Thomas. 3 Hinchliffe, Thomas. 5 Gibson, Joe. 7 Holden, Alfred Richard. 9 Padgett, Hillam. 11 Gothard, Joseph. 13 Mitchell, Arthur. 15 Bentley, Charles William. 17 Ingham, Arthur. 19 Shaw, Tom. 21 Calvert, John Beaumont. 25 Hirst, Ben. Right side. 12 Rogers, Robert. 14 Bentley, Sarah. 16 Lockwood, Edward. 18 Moore, Ann. 20 Tindall, David.

Outcote Bank. Left side. South Parade, Davison, James Thomas. Caveney, Thomas. Ferguson, John.

\ |

195 Oxby, Frederick. Milnes, Henry Rayson, journalist.

Beevers, John William. 9 Garbutt, Robert. | 11 Stocks, Thomas. Moorhouse, Allen. 13 Pluright, Sarah. 15 Duckworth, Joe Whitfield. 17 Boothroyd, Richard. 25 Boothroyd, William Rad- cliffe. 25aDutton, William. 27 Smith, Tom Harry. 29 French, Martin. 53 Hadfield, Joe. 35 Mallalieu, George William. 57 Roebuck, Law. 359 Kaye, Charles. 67 Holt, Fred. Right side. Bankfield Terrace.

14 Blakey, James Pagan, lay reader. 16 Dalton, Ellen. 18 Graham, George Henry. 20 Dodson, Andrew. 22 Thorpe, John. 26 Welsh, Elizabeth. 20 Barnett, William George, compositor. Sykes, Elizabeth. 2 Royston, William Hollings- worth. 4 Kelly, Thomas. 8 Riley, George. 10 Boothroyd, Hannah Maria. 12 Colbeck, Mary. 20 Messenger, Mary. 22 Ellis, Hiram. 24 Haigh, Friend.

Johnson’s Yard.

1 Beaumont, Rhoda. 4 Ferrier, Richard. 5 Armitage, Allen. 8 Kenyon, Agnes. 9 Hawkins, William. Back Outcote Bank. 9 Pluright, Joe. 11 Lewis, Harry George. 13 Kaye, William. Manchester Road.

Page 226


Outlane. Borough Boundary. Holdroyd, James, _Commer- cial Inn. Pilling, James. Wilkinson, Hannah. Mellor, James. Bray, Elon. Crossley, Edward. Dyson, John. Morton, Thomas, gardener. Quarmby, William (Daisy

Boothroyd, Edward. Astin, William. Moore, William. N orton, Halstead. Wood, Tom, “Arms Inn. Jennings, George. Thornber, Henry. Wesleyan Chapei. Ainley, Rev. Alfred mund (Croft House). Peckham, Alfred (Sunny Side). Martin, Austin. Boothroyd, Edward. Hoyle, J ohn. Walker, John Royal Oak Inn. Pilling, John. Sykes, Frederick. Gee, Ephraim. Culpan, John. Morton, David. Dodson, Mrs. David, Globe Inn. Banks, Godfrey, blacksmith. Hirst, Joe Pilling. Haigh, David. Outlane Conservative Club (sec., T. Shaw). Saxton Bros. ., farmers. Crampton, David. Gledhill, Martha. Pilling, J oseph. Peckett, William J ames. Bray, Elias. Bottomley, Allen. eee meee John Henry. Haigh, Sam Gle ill, 7 ohn Henry.




Jagger, Joseph Thomas. Haigh, John.

Aspinall, Mrs. Martha, baker and confectioner. Swain, William, grocer. Haigh, Joe, Sub-Post Office Haigh, Richard. Wade, Benjamin. Wilkinson, Mark, joiner and builder. Longley, Sam. Dodson, John, butcher. Dodson, Joe, solicitor. Sykes, Mary. Gee, John, woollen manu- facturer. Gee, Hannah. Wilkinson, Ephraim Wal- ker. 7 Crowther, Ben, general smith. Brook, Abraham. Norton, Harriet.

Ainley, Henrietta.

Sykes, Walter, tobacconist and newsagent. Fielding, Edgar, Waggon and Horses Inn. Speight, Sam. Gledhill, Sarah. Balmforth, John Henry. Haigh, Abraham, draper and milliner. Whitwam, Mrs. Farmer. St. Mary’s Mission Church. Captain Walter Barton (Church Army), superin- tendent. Whitwam, Charles, tobae- conist. Dyson, Enos, grocer. Wood, John Richard. Haigh, John Edwin. Halstead, Joseph. Ainley, George Henry.

Crosland, Thomas

Sykes, James. Pearson, Alfred. Stott, Eli. Hoyle, William. Turner, William. Taylor, William. Longden, Fred.

Page 227


Hoyle, Thomas. Balmforth, George. Whitwam, Mary. Gledhill, Mary. Crooks, John. Haigh, James. Cookson, Harriet Ann. Shaw, Dan and Levi ee

Mill). Brook, Joseph, serge manu- facturer (Mount Pleas- ant).

Hollin Heys. Ambler, John. Sutcliffe, Albert. Martin’s Mills (Oakes). Atkinson, Richard, (Petty Royds). | Outlane Moor. Wilkinson, Charles William Haigh, John William. Morton, Sam. Oldroyd, James. Brook, Joseph. Ramsden, Walter. Pilling, John. Brook, George. Roper, Charles. Stott, Henry. Stott, George. Sykes, Benjamin. — Rothery, Hillio. Parkin, Benjamin James. Whiteley, Alfred. Pilling, John Wood. Lockwood, Joseph. Armitage, Jonathan. Schofield, Joseph. Lockwood, Abraham. Pearson, Enoch. Lockwood, John Henry. France, James. Parkin, William.

Oxford Street. Bradford Road.

2 Green, James, chemical worker. 4 Lewis, Mary Ann. 6 Place, William. 8 Sykes Ann.

12 Crowe, Miss Mary Ann.

16 Kaye, Ernest. 18 Rowley, Henry, blacksmith

Iredale’s Yard. |

1 Ellins, Joseph. 3 Bradbury, Charles Her- bert. 4 Greenwood, John William 5 Kllam, Harry. 6 Seal, Esther. t Rushworth, George Wil- liam. 7

7aBirkhead, George. | Viaduct Street.


Pack Horse Yard. Kirkgate, Pack Horse Tap. The Manchester and Brad-

ford Stock Buying Com- pany (manager, 8S. Pat-

chett). 1 Commyn, Tom, watch- maker. 2 Parkin, Allen, printer and bookbinder.

3 Quarmby, John and Joseph, paper, warehouse. Gelder, Joe. 4 Templeman and Co., car-

riers. Clarke and Co., drysalters and druggists. 5 Davis, William, and Sons, | designers, engravers, printers, and _ lithograp- hers: tel. 493. 6 Mellor, Fred, wholesale iron- monger and tinsmi 7&17 McClellan and Co.., kit- chen range and stove mer- chants. 8-9 Turner, Jonathan, currier and leather merchant; tel. 283. 12-14 Denham Bros., leather merchants; tel. 256. 16 Gledhill’s dining-rooms. | 17 Bailey, Sarah Ann. | 19 Stones, William, Ltd. (sec., William §S. Walton), wine merchants; tel. 456.

Page 228


21 Day, Edward, and _ Co., wholesale tea merchants. 22 Wilkinson, Jonas. Whaley, Joe. King Street.


Paddock Foot.

Longroyd Lane. 5 Cockroft and Nunns, engine packing manufacturers. 6 Webb, William, draper. 7-Gledhill, Elliott. 9 Quarmby, Jabez, joiner. il Horn, Harriet. 13 Shillito, William. 15 Standing, Charles. 17 Mitchell. Mrs. Emma, _fish- monger. 21 Johnson, Mary Ellen. 25 Hirst, Luke. 27 Gibson, John William. 29 Horsfield, John. 31 Teal, Benjamin. 53 Gledhill, Sarah Ann.

Shires Hill.

Page Street.

Left side. Queen Street South.

1 Hirst, Fred, pattern maker ; . 568.

| tel 3 Working Men’s Club. 5 Chatterton’s warehouses. 7 Swallow’s hearthrug factory

Right side.

2 Huddersfield Industrial So- ciety’s cabinet factory. 6 Sugden, W., and Co., Ltd.

wholesale clothiers ; tel.

459. Sugden, Richardson, and Co., Lid. (sec., J. Crea- ser), waterproof manufac- turers. 10 Advertiser Press, Ltd. (sec., W. Halstead), printers, lithographers, bookbind-

ers, stationers; tel. 444. Queen Street South.

Palm Street, Primrose Hill. Malvern Road. 2 Dyson, Squire, land sur- veyor. 4 Rusby, William, joiner. 6 Firth, Joseph. Holmes, Mrs. Sarah. 10 Clapham, Arthur. 12 Wood, James, cloth presser. 16 armitage, Albert Edward.

18 Haigh, Mary. :


Park Drive. Trinity Street. Shaw, John Edward, photo- orapher (Burlington House). Rigby, Richard Vernon. Bairstow, Mrs. Ann Ellen. Haywood, Joe. 4 Lumb, Joe. 5 Firth, Wilson. 6 Jessop, John. 7 Varley, George, Frederick. 8 Whiteley, John Henry. 9 Anderson, John Charles.

Vernon Avenue. 11 Cook, Robert Rhodes. 12 Walker, Thomas. 13 Thomson, James. 14 Rayner, William Pick. 15 Sy«es, George. 16 Haigh, Phinehas. Lumb, William and Jesse (Field Head). Radcliffe, William (Fair

Bank). 18 Miller, John Craig. ‘Westbourne Road, Marsh.


Parkgate, Berry Brow. Left side. Waingate. Oldham, James. Bradley, William, butcher. 1 Littlewood, William, and Sons, painters and decora- tors. 5 Sykes, Joe. 5 Crick, George. 7 Smith, George Henry.

. aa is agp tina . * ros le ec eR a

Page 229


9 Dyson, Mrs. Harriett. 11 Shaw, Alfred. 13 Fisher, George Armitage. 15 Brodie, John. 17 Bradley, John William. 19 Oldfield, Mrs. Hannah. 23 Lockwood, James. 25 Lodge, Joseph, finisher. . 27 Taylor, Mrs. Ruth. 29 Dyson, Joe. 31 Hobson, Mrs. Edna. 35 — John, general dea- er. 37 Jessop, Albert. 39 Oldham, Abel. 41 Robinson, Mrs. Betty. Stoney Hill. 43 Roebuck, Samuel. 45 Oldfield, Joseph, shoemaker. 47 Mrs. Martha. . Robin Hoed Hill. Right side. | Dodsroyd Road. 2 Berry, Edwin, hairdresser and umbrella maker. 4 Taylor, Henry, confectioner. 6 Berry Brow Liberal Club. 8 Heeley, John Arthur. 10 Taylor, Henry, confectioner. 14 Walker, William. 16 France, Joe, general dealer. 18 Oldham, John, finisher. 20 Oldham, Nathan. 22 Barrand, Watson, tailor. 24 Green, Thomas William, butcher. 26 Shore, Ned. 28 Taylor, Alfred. 30 Woodhouse, George. 36 Dawson, Mrs. Emma, baker. 38 Goddard, Wilson, hosiery and yarn dealer. 40 Brook, Mrs. Henrietta. 44 Beaumont, William. 46 Beaumont, Joe Henry. 48 Morton, George, agent. 50 Pearson, Ernest, Royal : Albert Inn. 52 Taylor, John William, gro- cer. 54 Brook, George, hairdresser. 56 Lee, Mrs. Hannah. “58 Taylor, Mrs. Elizabeth.

-60 Dawson, Harry, wool broker. }

64 Avery, Edwin Thomas. 68 Thrutchley, Joseph. 70 Beaumont, Mrs. Ann. Parkston Grove. France, Josiah. Barrow, George. Low Road. Left side.

1 Beaumont, Frederick. 3 Heeley, Ellen. Right side. 2 Mellor, Emily. 4 Lee, J oseph. 6 Butterworth, Albert. 8 Clay, Sam. 10 Spivey, Richard. 12 Farrar, Frederick. 14 Dyson, Sarah Ann. 16 Matthewman, Thomas. 18 Riley, Ann. 20 Dyson, Martha. 22 Senior, Billy. % Martin, Robert. 28 Mear, Dyson. Lower Park. Left side. 1 Hutchinson, Tom 5 Hartley, Jane. 7- Gay, George William, dyer. 9 Fearnley, Henry, farmer. 11 Ailey, Tom, farmer. 15 Wright, Wilson.

Park Road, Crosland Moor. Left side. 1 Battye, Henry, Railway Hotel. 3 Kendall, Joe. 5 Orcherton, Alexander. 7 Towers, Daniel. 9g Whiteley, Andrew. 11 Eastwood, Benjamin Battye. 15 Hoskin, Hannah. 17 Hinchliffe, Frances. 19 Kastwood, Henry. ‘Fawcett, Henry. 39 Wimpenny, John Richard. 43 Kaye, James Edward, con- tractor. National Schools. 59 Dyson, Law, registrar of records. Lart, Mrs. Catharine May. Lightowler, Mrs. Mary Ann.

Page 230

200 Right side. Yews Terrace. 1 Chappell, John William, cotton spinner. 2 Binns, William, tailor. 3 Mallinson, William Henry, clerk. 4 Garrity, Mrs. Eliza Ann. 5 Sunderland, Samuel. 6 Burley, John William. Harper, Mrs. George (The Yews). Harper, Richard William- son, barrister. Smith, Willie. ' Bartin Road. Baptist. Chapel and Sunday Schools. Thornton Road.

Park Road West, Crosland

Moor. Left side. Barton Road. Crosland Estate Buildings. 1 Beaumont, Strafford. 3 Bradbury, Samuel. 7 Wilcock, Sarah. 9 Heeley, James William. 17 Heeley, Rachel. 19 Fenton, Tom. 21 Hirst, William Henry. Wesleyan Chapel. 29 Buckley, Fred. 31 Dawson, Henry, Forester’s Hotel. ‘ 35 Townend, Albert. 55 Hirst, John. 37 Dyson, Miss Emma, corfee- tioner. 59 Haigh, Elizabeth. 41 Bamford, Radcliffe. 43 Mellor, Jeremiah. 51 Heeley, David. 53 Hamer, Joseph. 55 Wild, Willie. 57 Bradshaw, John. 63 Lockwood, Hanna.. 65 Shires, James, yarn spinner. Beaumont, George Henry, engineer,


Right side. 2-4 Quarmby, George, terer. 6 Shaw, Charles James. 10 Gledhill, John. 12 Smith, Tom. 14 Hamer, Mrs. Selina. 16 Townsend, Wilson. 18 "Brook, Beaumont. 20 Wood, George. Marsden Road.





Ramsden Street. Town Hall. Borough Court: Charles Mills, clerk. Borough Surveyor’s Offices: K. F. Campbell, surveyor and engineer. Borough Constabulary Off- ces : Chief Constable, John Morton ; Deputy, J. C. Hogg ; Chief Clerk, Joshua H. Hall. Princess Street.

Percy Street, Hillhouse. Left side. Waspnest Road. 7 Pape, Mungo. 9 Eastwood, Alfred, commer- cial traveller. 11 Isherwood, Alfred.

13 Inman, Joe, woollen mer- chant. 15 Mellor, Charles John, banker. 19 Harrison, George, account- ant.

Bradbury, John Arthur. Neaverson, Walter. Graham, Harriett. Right side. 2 Franckel, Bertram Henry, manager. 4 Edwards, Herbert Lees. 6 Hammond, Walter, woollen salesman. Cobcroft Road. 14 Tee, Arthur. 16 Hepworth, Arthur.

Page 231


18 Stephenson, Tom. 20 Byrom, William Henry. 22 Wilkinson, Percy, manager. 24 Jackson, Thomas, County Court Clerk. 26 Carr, Fred Jackson. Spaines Road.

Perseverance Street,

Primrose Hill. Left side. Primrose Hill Road.

11 Parker, Thomas Hinchliffe. joiner. 15 Iredale, Law, mechanic. 17 Boothroyd, Ellis. 19 Mettrick, Jonathan.

21 Taylor, William , card cleaner. 23 Clough, Agar, weaver. 25 Fawcett, George Henry,

salesman. 27 Clough, Joseph. 29 France, George Albert, wea- ver. 351 Eastwood, Allen. 53 Willcox, Edmund. 35 Short, Thomas William. ot Shaw, Jacob. 41 Hoyle, Joshua. 43 Bradley, George. 45 Roberts, Joe. 47 Thewlis, Charles Henry. 49 Haigh, Henry. 51 Wilson, Fred. 53 Jenkinson, George Henry. 55 Goddard, Robert Owen. 57 Brown, Thomas. 59 Blackburn, Fred. 61 Kirk, David. Right side. 2 Crossley, Alfred. 4 Haigh, Joseph. 6 Collier, Joseph. 8 Schofield, twiner. 10 Heywood, Allen. 12 Clarkson, Henry William. 16 Kenworthy, Joseph. 18 Donkersley, James William, schoolmaster. 24 Farrar, Arthur. Freehold Street.

30 Brook, Joseph.

52 Wimpenny, John. 40 Hellawell, John. 42 Ellis, Sykes. 46 Shaw, Martha. 48 Hinchliffe, George.

. 50 Woodhouse, Elhot.

52 Haigh, Thomas Henry. Halstead, Walker.

Pine Street. Left side. 63 Rayner, Isaac. 65 Womersley, William. 67 Hirst, Nathan Bagshaw. 69 Jessop, Isaac Henry. 71 Earnshaw, John William. Right side. 2 Lanham, Charles. 4 Mannion, William. 6 Vose, Oliver. Dawson, James. Coleman, James. Cook’s Yard. 1 Nichols, George.

Plover Road, Lindley. Lidget Street. 1 Cross, Annie.

2 Walker, Alfred, manufacturer. 9 Schofield, Elizabeth. 11 Simeon, Hannah. 13 Thornton, Jim, Albion Inn. 17 Moore, Dan. 19 Shaw, "Ben. 23 Woodhouse, Thomas Henry. 25 Boothroyd, Mary Ann. 27 Hirst, Ben. 29 Clough, Charles. 51 Hirst, Walter. 353 Jebson, Fred. 59 Lockwood, Fred. 5? Woodhouse, James Ernest. 59 Raby, James. 41 Hellawell, George. 43 Walker, Arthur Edward, woollen manufacturer. Oakes Board School. New Hey Road.


Page 232


Pollard Street, Longwood. Dawson, John. Dawson, Haigh. | Calverley, James and Titus Walker. Shaw, William Henry and Mark. . Morton, Edmund.

Portland Street. Left side. Trinity Street. 2 Rees, George, grocer and provision merchant ; agent for Marsland’s Brewery. 4 Roddis, Joe. 6 Calvert, Henry. 10 Washington, George, wool- len merchant. Portland Square. Robinson, Mrs. Martha Elizabeth. Hinchliffe, George Herbert. Green, William Thomas. 12 Denham, John Charles, cur- rier. 14 Buck, Miss Ann, apartments 16 Trinity Church Schools. i8 Eastwood, Benjamin. 20 Eastwood, Sam. 22 Hanson, William Henry. Roke, James, tailor. 24 Wood, Paul. 26 Greenwood, Mrs. Harriett. 28 Beever, Mrs. Eliza Jane. Hanson, Harry. 30 Shoesmith, John, Infirmary superintendent. 42 Wells, Richard. 34 Schofield, Mrs. Lizzie. Fitzwilliam Street .West. 56-38 Rayner, Joseph. 40 Wood, James. Waverley Place. New North Road. Right side. Infirmary Buildings. i9 Taylor, George Ianson. 21 Haley, Edward, secretary. 23 Marshall, Joshua, piano dea-

ler. 25 Miller, James, tailor,

27 Corbett, Mrs. 29 Taylor, Mrs. Ann.

- 51 Dyson, Frank.

55 Jaggers,, Walter, general dealer. ‘Fitzwilliam Street West.

Primrose Street, Primrose

Hill. Lett side. 1 Stead, Francis. 3 Thomas, William Henry. 5 Kirk, Joe. 7 Ramsiden, Joseph. 9 Lockwood, Oliver. 11 Theaker, Arthur. 13 Berry, John. 15 Clayton, Harry. 17 Lumb, Thomas. ) 19 Hinchliffe, John Henry. 21 Goddard, Mrs. Mary. 23 Shaw, Joseph. 25 Shaw, James. 27 Vickerman, Harriet. 29 Shore, Jonas. 51 Goddard, James Henry. 35 Lodge, Mary. 55 Armitage, Fred. 37 Spivey, John. 39 Beaumont, William. 41 Hartsorn, Hdmund Janies. 43 Beaumont, Tom. 45 Mrs. Mary. Charlesworth, Emma. 49 Atkinson, Tom Henry. Kaye, Tom Herbert. 53 Atha, John William. 55 Kaye, Joe. 57 Pogson, Wilson. 61 Grindrod, William. 63 Shaw, Fred. Right side. 4 Barrow, Charles Henry. 6 Thwaites, John Thomas. 8 Morley, Emma. 10 Brook, John. i2 Cooper, James. 14 Horsfall, Tom. Greenwood Street. 18 North, Edwin. 20 Mennell, Jane. 22 Stanscliffe, Thomas.

Page 233


Thewlis Lane. Turner, William Wallace.

Prince Street, Primrose


Hill. Left side. Stile Common Road. Winterbottom, Joe Schofield, Ann. Shaw, Thomas. Hamer, Alfred. Turner, Sarah Ann. Waddington, Eldred. Wightman, Henry. Scott, Henry Arnold. Briggs, Arthur. Kaye, Thomas. side. Haigh, Herbert. Horncliffe, Sarah. Barrowclough, John. Stringer, Elliot, joiner. Battye, Walter. Brooksbank, Misses. Robinson, John.

_ Fox, Herbert.

Cleasby, John. Jordinson, John Brook. Brier, Peter Ormerod. Heppenstall Street.

Princess Street. Left side.

| | |

Buxton Road. —

Agbrigg Savings Bank. Corporation Street. Town Hall. Peel Street. Police Department. Fire Brigade Department— J. H. Cundall, superin- tendent.

Haigh, William, wholesale picture framer. Dyson, William, timber merchant. Whitworth, Hillyard, and Wade, Ltd. (sec. Sykes), coffee roasters ; tel. 499.

Rothery and Co., drysalters.

and Upper |

203 e Right side. 4 Brierley, Ben, County Hotel 6 Pickard, John, Superinten- dent County Police : Headquarters West Rid- ing Constabulary. Court House ; clerk to the Magistrates, John Henry Sykes, solicitor. 8 Kaye, Tom Ferbert, accoun- tant. Hanson’s Yard. Battye and Co., agents. Greaves, James, mill furni sher. 10 Farnell, Thomas. Kendall, Walter. 14 Whitwam, Eli, engineer. 16 Townend, George, white- smith, bell- hanger, and cycle maker. 20 Chatterton, Andrew, whole- sale grocer. 22 Swallow, Edmund, rug house. South Queen Street.

Prospect Street. Left side. Outcote Bank. 1 Quirke, Ellen. 3 Quinn, John. Cain, Dennis. 7 Westbrook, Charles Ernest. 11 Rafferty, Patrick. llaRasdall, Sarah Ann. 1ibFell, Clara Maria. 15 Foster, Joe. 17 Sheridan, Patrick. 21 Chappell, William Henry. 29 Tinsley, Arthur. 51 Cocker, Edwin Chappell. 55 Clarkson, Edwin Thomas. 57 Burluraux, Louis Sebastian. 39 Hellawell, Abraham. 41 Conacher, James, builder.


South Street. Kelsall, Joseph Henry. Garner, Walter. 49 Oldfield, John, dentist. 51 Oldfield, Henry. 53 Hartnoll, Thomas,

45 Al

Page 234



55 Armitage, Thomas William.

57 Sykes, Ellward. 59 Lucas, Mrs. Hannah. 61 Hirst, William Henry. 63 Rowbotham, Albert. William 65 Hirst, Fred. 67 Hirst, Hannah. 67 Hartley, James. 71 Hallas, George Boothroyd. 75 Harries, Alfred. 75 Hirst, Edwin. : 77 Knight, George William. Right side. 2 Hirst, William. — Edward. 4 Oldfield, Harry. Prospect Place. 1 Heathcote, Herbert. 2 Darlington, John. 3 Wilson, William Henry. 4 Haley, Walter. 5 Maude, Abraham. 7 Homer, Robert. 10 Scott, Sarah Ann. 11 Haworth, Fred. 12 Squire, John James Bar- rett

ett. 13 Goodhead, Robert. 14 Mitchell, Joshua. 15 Sanderson, Mary Ann. 6 Lawford, Eliza Ann. 8 Dawson, Mrs. Emma. 10 McGann, Henry. 12-Stiocks, Mrs. Mary Hannah. 14 Haigh, Joseph. Elizabeth

16 Turner, Mrs. Rhodes. 18 Redfearn, Mrs. Caroline. 20 White, Ann, apartments. 20aSill, John. 22 Meek, Mary, apartments. 22aSmith, Tom. 24 Taylor, Mrs. Harriett, dra- per. 26 Davison, Joseph. 28 Goodwin, Joe. | South Street. 30 Bowker, William. 32 John. 44 Walker, James William. 36 Stancliffe, George Henry. 38 Whittles, Sarah. 48aKelavey, Lawrence.

40 Shaw, Walter. 42 Eastwood, Ismael Jones. Bow Street,

Pump Lane, Newsome.

Left side. Lockwood Scarr Road.

1 Millington, Benjamin. 3 Swift, Richard. ‘Day, Matilda. 5 Boothroyd, George. 7 Dawson, George. 11 Liversidge, James. 13 Jillott, Mrs. Sarah. 15 Matthews, Joseph. 17 Lee, Mrs. Elizabeth. 19 Hodson. Ben. 21 Fagin, John. 25 Dawson, James. 27 Taylor, Mrs. Lydia. 29 Hardy, Mrs. Eliza, general dealer. 51 Fearnley, Brown. Right side. 2 Donkersley, Allen.. 4 Horsfall, Ellen. 6 Shore, John William. 8 Haigh, Mrs. Rachel. 10 Askey, Eleanor. 12 Baker, Edwin. 14 Crow, Thomas Alfred. 16 Eastwood, James Standage. 18 Bartam. William. 20 Haigh, Tom. 22 Kastwood, Nelson. 24 Riley, Timothy. 26 Carter, Arthur. 28 Raisey, James. 50 Spivey, Henry. 32 Pontefract, Henry. 54 Beaumont, Allen. 56 Pollitt, Dick. 58 North, William. 40 Maffin, Elliott. 42 Mellard, Annie. 44 Eastwood, Gladstone. 46 Durrans, James Brook.

48 Thornton, Jonathan, com-

mission weaver.

52 Farrand, William Henry.

56 Haigh, Mrs. Elizabeth.

Page 235


58 Hirst, William, pher. 60 Crow, Francis. 62 Boothroyd, William Norman-

ton. . 64 Shaw, Tom Edgar, dealer. 66 Winterbottom, Fred. 68 Dawson, Fred. 70 Bray, Arthur. 72 Bray, Ellen Ann. 74 Wilkinson, Josiah, farmer. 76 Mortimer, Frank. 78 Ainley, Richard. 80 Lee, Joe. 82 Ramsden, Walter. 84 Harpin, Alfred. 86 Sharpe, Joseph.

Close Hill Lane.

Quaker Lane, Paddock. ‘Church Street. 2 Thornton, John. 4 Cocksedge, Benjamin. 5 Kelshaw, Thomas Henry. 8 Tatley, William Thomas. 9 Beaumont, Brook Holroyd. 10 Mellor, Walker. 11 Lister, Richard.



Quarmby Fold, Quarmby. - Haugh’s Road. 3 Caygill, Robert. 5 Noble, Harriet. 7 Eyre, James William. 11 Moorhouse, John. 15 Whiteley, Ann. 17 Broadley, Henry. 21 Walker, James. 25 Hall, Thomas. 27 Haggis, William, farmer. 31 Hall, Crowther. 33 Kaye, Sam. \ 35 Shaw, Fred, farmer. 37 Hall, Eliza. 39 Eastwood, Willie. 41 Wood, Albert. 43 Ainley, Joe. 45 Mellor, James. 47 Johnson, Sam. 49 Moore, Thomas Henry. 51 Haggis, Sydney.

57 Noble, Allen. 59 Walker, Eli. 61 Hoyle, Tom. Stansfield, James, (Clough Hall). | Quarmby Clough. Berry, Jane. Ainley, John. Hamer, Walter Mill)



Quarmby Road. Left side. Clough Lane. 1 Kemp, George. | 5 Mills, John, joiner. 5 Wood, Herbert. 7 Horsfall, Mrs. Edna. 9 Charlesworth, Thos. Arthur. 11 Barrow, Joe. 13 Gee, Allen, secretary. 15 Dyson, James Edward. 17 Barrow, Mrs. Julia. 19 Peace, Seth. a1 Mickelthwaite, Allen. 235 Lodge, Albert, greengrocer.

25 Brearley, William.

27 Addy, Benjamin. 29 Milnes, Thomas. 51 Woodhead, Joseph. 33 Whitwam, Oliver. ee Harp Road, 35 Buckley, Sarah. 37 Robinson, Emma. 39 Hoyle, Anthony. 41 Dobson, George. 43 Law, Walter. 45 Dyson, James.

47 Pilling, Joe.


Gledhill, John. Whitwam, Joseph. Johnson, ‘Arthur. Barron, John Albert. Iredale, Ben. Hinchliffe, George. Sykes, Joe. Grimston, John. 49 Molyneaux, John Foster. Rushworth, William. 51 Brook, Albert. 55 Clough, James Willham.

Page 236





3 Booth, Eliza.

» Casker, Charles.

Lockwood, Law. Daley, Albert. Bagshaw, William. Wadsworth, Joseph. Townend, Thomas. Hirst, George. | Kaye, Mary Ellen. Hamer, Frances. | |

Dyson, Ginethon. |

Sykes, William. Beaumont, John Thomas. Hirst, Alfred. Townend, Sam. Hepworth, Morris. Townend, Thomas. Cotton, Dan. Ainley, John William. Cliffe End Road.

Crosland, George William. Whitaker, William. Iredale, David. Morton, Edmund, manufac- turing chemist. Sykes, Mrs. Mary Louisa. Armitage, James Stott. Thorpe, Benjamin. Morton, George. Morton, Joe William, mana-

ger. Sheard, William Henry. Dyson, James. Schofield, John William. Martin, Arthur. Broadley, James. Whiteley, Sam.

Schofield, Allen. - Haugh’s Road. Right side. Walshaw, Tom. Ackroyd, James. Copper, Thomas. Settle, William. Kerridge, Edgar Israel. Neill, Robert. | Iredale, Abel. . Sykes, Alfred. Beighton, William.

Boothroyd, Sam. Armitage, Job. Oldham, John. | Wilkinson, Evin.


50 Noble, Charles Albert. 62 Broom, Edward.

Reinwocd Road.

54 Lockwood, Joe. 36 Roebuck, Joseph. Lowerhouses Road. 38 Hirst, Benjamin, farmer. 40 Hannah. 42 Crosland, Alfred, proprietor. 46 Shaw, Herbert. Hamor, Henry. 48 Hall, Benjamin. 50 Hirst, John. 52 Gee, Horace. 54 Crosland, Shaw. 56 Hellawell, Smith. 58 Taylor, Joe. 60 Atack, Jane. 62 Lockwood, Elizabeth. Bakes Road.


Quarry Hill, Almondbury. Left side, 49 Midgley, Charles,and Joseph Peace. 61 Roebuck, Emma. 63 Fitton, Albert. ° 65 Haigh, Joshua. Right side. Graham, Ellen. Newsome, Johnson. Smith, Hannah Jane. Mellor, Arthur Wellesley. Brummit, Joseph. Ktchells, William. 54 Sheard, Priscilla. 56 Swift, John. 58 Wigglesworth, Peter Thos. 62 Dannatt, Tom. 64 Beaumont, Hannah. 66 Beaumont, James Henry.

Jonathan and

22 44 46 4§ 50 52

Quarry Road, Crosland Moor.

Jessop, William, Henry. 2 Fisher, Tom. 4 Beaumont, John. 8 Dransfield, Tom.


Page 237


10 Mellor, Tom. 12 Whiteley, Lavinia. 14 Whiteley, Samuel.

Quay Street. Left side. Castlegate. Pyrah, John. Longbottom, Fred. 3 Gledhill, George Dyson. 5 Eastwood, Tom. 7 Ramsden, William. 9 Stead, Thomas. Kaye’s Square. 1 Womersley, Mary Ann. 5 Moran, Maria. 4 Quinn, Patrick. 5 McDonald, John. 6. Mullen, Thomas. 11 Eastwood, Clayton, carrier. llaKastwood, Joe. 13 Thornton, Thomas, dealer. 15 Armitage, Abel. 17 Whiteley, George. Right side. Dent’s Yard. 1 Ellwood, William. . 2 Boyle, Thomas. 3 Golden, Wright. 5 Cromack, Harry. 6 Spivey, Herbert. 7 Parkin, James. 4 Dawson, Harry. 10 Riley, Arthur. 12 Atkinson, Thomas. 16 Beaumont, Selina. 18 Cooney, John Thomas. 20 Womersley, Miss Elizabeth, grocer.


Leadbeater’s Yard. 1 Thornton, David. 5 Whiteley, Joshua. 6 Booth, Arthur. 7 Raisbeck, Thomas. 22 Gledhill, Benjamin. 24 Rowley, James. 26 Bray, John, Kaye’s Inn.


Armitage’s Square. 1 Brook, Sarah Ann. 2 Womersley, Mary Ellen.

» 41


207 3 Carmichael, Mary. 4 Parker, William. 50 Rourke, Michael. Brierley, John Lewis. Haigh, James. Hirst, William, and Son, cotton spinners (Turn- bridge Mills) ; tel. 48. _ Bamforth, Tom, rag and

waste merchant. Brierley, John Lewis, fancy cotton manufacturer ; tel. 354.

Turnbridge Road.

Queen’s Road, Edgerton. Left side. New North Road. 1 Beaumont, John (Holly Bank). 7 Kaye, Thomas, draper (Bur- nieside). Holly Bank. Right side. ‘2 Clarke, Alfred James. Piercy. John William (Holly

ank). 4 Charles. 8 Middlemost, Robert Vaug- han (Sedefield). Tomlinson, Mrs. (Woodfield). Blacker Road. Marsh.


Left side. Hewitt, Miss Ann. Royston, Fred. Kaye, William Henry. Shak, Emma (Glen Avon). Mallinson, George William (Glen Dene). Barrow, Tom Gordon. Woodcock, Edgar. Quarry Road. Sykes, John Bennett. Jenkins, Joseph, woollen salesman (Sunnyside). A7 Hirst, Joe. 4g Hirst, Edward Theodore (Victoria Villa).

O71 ON


Page 238


Right side. 6 Jubb, Alfred (Rockleigh). 8 Mason, George (The Quarries). Woodhead, Ernest (Clovelly) Stones, Charles (Ferndale). 20 Carter, Edwin. Walshaw, Richard Carnelly (West Lynn). Wolfenden, Edward (New- | lands). 22 Brooke, Joseph. Henry. Horsfall, Franklin. Heaton Road.

Queen Street. Right side. King Street. 1 Jackson’s Stores Ltd. (mana- ger, J. H. Kelsall), house furnishers. 5 Tennant, Rotherford, and Co., coal merchants (Wil- liam. Johnson, agent). 5 Thompson and Co., whole- sale smallware dealers. Scholes, William. Bray, William. 7 Weldrake, Yates, furniture broker. Gelder and clothiers. 9aBerry, Joseph, architect. 11 Milnes, Beaumont, draper. 13 Porritt and Riley, cotton waste merchants.


Victoria Street.

Hutton, Frederick William,

dyer. 15 Huddersfield Ice and Cold Storage George Widdows); tel. ABB. 17 Sowden, Joseph, carrier. Chambers, Sam. Cross Queen Street. l7aSykes, James Edward. 19 Jebson, Enoch, and OCo.,

glass, china, and earthen- ware dealers,

Simpson |

(manager, ©

Left side. Taylor’s Drug Stores. 2 Atlas Furniture Co. (mana- ger, Lewis Klatz). 2aHiaigh, Miss Sarah Jane,


Millington, Charles Edward, .

accountant. 4-6 Saville, George, and Co.. carpet warehouse and family drapers. 6aGoldsborough and Co., wholesale clothiers. -8 Beaumont, Joseph, cleaner and dyer, straw hat and bonnet manufacturer. Wesleyan Chapel. 14 Buttler and land agents, surveyors, and valuers. County Court. 20 Sharpe, Joe, chartered ac-

and estate agent

Swift, Arthur, solicitor and commissioner for oaths. France, James, artist. 22 Shepherd, the Misses, tea- chers of dancing. 24 Goodacre, Albert Dennis,

dentist. 26 Kruger, Henry, photogra- pher. 28 Beaumont, Ernest Alex. and Co., chartered accoun- tants, auditors, and valuers.

30 Wilson, Frank Herbert, tai-

or. 62 Hewitt, Henry, auctioneer, valuer and estate agent. Walker, J., solicitor.»

Ramsden Street.

Queen Street, Paddock. Left side. Triangle. laNorth, James. 5 Kaye, Walter. 13 Wood, Charles William. 15 Brook, Joe. 17 Mortimer, Annie. 19 Bacchus, 21 Heywood, Henry.

sal aor ane Aa legis

i sad ste gan casino tia

Page 239


23 Taylor, Martha. 25 Milner, Hannah. 27 Thornton, Thomas. 29 Hastings, Peter. 31 Longbottom, Hellawell. Right side. 2 Ramsden, William. 4 Crosland, "Hannah. 6 Shaw, Arthur. 8 Beaumont, Mrs. Ann, news- agent. 10 Word, Sarah. 12 Haigh, Samuel. 16 Hill, Ann. 20 Bottom, Charlotte. 22 Cocking, Allen. 24 Cliffe, John Edward. 26 Tetley, Clementina. School Lane.

Queen Street South. Left side.

Ramsden Street.

St. Paul’s Church.

1 Rhodes, George Francis, surgeon. Princess Street. Technical College (sec.

Thomas Thorpe). Page Street, Milton Congregational Ch. Public Playground. Milford Street. Sykes, Walter (Zetland Mills), worsted manufac- turer ; tel. 25. Royd Mills (entrance in Firth Street). Firth Street, Horsfall, Henry, Zetland Arms. Sutcliffe, Major. Sykes, Ada, general dealer and newsagent. Colne Road. Right side. Union Offices (Vaccination and Relief). Ward, George, Union Offices. Back Ramsden Street. Princess Street.


DIRECTORY. — : 209

Swallow, Edmund, _ hearth- rug manufacturer 2335. Page Street.

Advertiser Printing Works. East Parade. Chapel Hill.

Broadbent, Thomas, and Sons, Ltd. (William and Horace, managing direc- tors), engineers, iron- founders, and machine makers.

Milford Street. Hollins and Co., Ltd. ( see.

Charles Cockroft), cotton

and merino spinners ; tel. 200. * Harper, George Edward. 10 Taylor, John, and _ Sons, worsted and woollen manufacturers ; tel. 45.

Colne Road Mills. Colne Road. Railway Street. Right side.

Westgate. Grand Clothing Hall (mana- ger, Bertram Henry Franckel. Estate Buildings. Mills and Co., solicitors, notaries and commis- sioners for oaths ; tel. 181. Educational Musical Insti- tute.

7 Bentley, Frederick W. and

Co., stock and. share brokers. Morton, Bros., and Co.,

Ww pollen manufabturér Ss.

Mallinson, George, and Sons, woollen manufac- turers. Ramsden Estate Offices ; agent, F. W. Beadon ; tel. 146,

Page 240


9 Liberal Unionist Association and Club (secs. Edwin Wigglesworth and Percy - Huddlestone). Gee and Whiteley, woollen manufacturers. 11 Martin, Sons, and Co., wors- ted manufacturers. Brook and Dransfield, sur- veyors, vaivers, and land agents. Fearnley, John. Sykes, George. Morton, Joe William. Jordan, James, Jun., wool- len manufacturer. 13 Irwin, Edward, and Co., woollen and blanket mer- 3 chants ; tel. 35a. 15 Smith,

Edward Charles, agent for Ogilvie and Son, Aberdeen. Dixon and Co., worsted

coating manufacturers. Fisher, Henry, and Co. Tinker, John and Albert. Whiteley and Green, woollen manufacturers. Waterhouse, Ernest, wool- len manufacturer. Mitchell, Allen and Row- land. Taylor, Livesey, and Co., woollen manufacturers. 17 Whitwam and Sons, fancy woollen manufacturers ; tel. 11. Bain, Son, and Co., insur- ance brokers. Robinson Bros., fancy wool- len manufacturers.

Moxon, Benjamin Har- greaves, woollen manufac- turer. Roberts, Jonathan, John,

and Arthur Henry. Booth, John, and Son, wool- len manufacturers. Butterworth, Roberts, and

-Son. 3 | Pitt, William Henry, agent. Dyson, John, woollen mer- chant.

Quarmby, William ley, woollen manufacturer 21 Equitable Fire and Accident Offices (district secretary, S. F. Johnson) ; tel. 66. 25 Naylor Bros., contractors ;_ tel. 544. | Art Society (sec. P. Sykes). Art Studio (superintendent, Miss Jane Blamire). Left side. 2 Smith and Calverley, wool- len manufacturers ;_ tel. 141. 6 Cumming Bros., merchants. : St. George’s Square.


Ramsden Street. Left side. a New Street. — 1-3 Prudential

Assurance Building. 5 Whitfield, David, music — warehouse.

7 Borough Club (Miss_ HE. Harris, manageress). ; 9aRiding, H., and Co., pain- ters, paperhangers, plum- bers, and gasfitters; tel. 103. 11 “Examiner” Office, Joseph Woodhead. Victoria Lane. Congregational Church. Bull and Mouth Street.

Theatre Royal.

19 Dispensing Rooms, Dr. Houghton. 21 Public Baths (A. W. Macey, superintendent).

23 Coward and Son, surgeons. . Queen Street. %%aWhitteron, D.D.S., Joseph, dentist. Back Queen Street.

25 Yorkshire Dragoons’ head-

quarters. 27 Brooke, George, Zetland Hotel. |

Zetland Street.

Page 241


31 Goodall, Ellen, apartments. 32 Stuttard, John Henry, pain-

43 Garside, Sam, Dog and Gun | ter and decorator; tel. Inn. | 436. 45a Hinchliffe. 384 Overseers’ Office (John Rice Street. | Davis, | assistant-overseer

. : 7 and rate collector). 43 Teo ba SG | 36 Huddersfield Union Offices: 45 Callaghan, Alexander. | eee K. A. Bradley Street South. igby) ; tel. St. Paul’s Gardens. Queen Street South. Commercial Street. St. Paul’s Church. Public Gardens. 12 Walker, Abraham. : Buxton Road. 58 Towlson, Allen. 2 Hampshire, Thomas, tailor. 40 North, Alfred. 4 Milnes, Charles Herbert, Meeting House. and Co., accountants. es : eae or ones, Krnest, tailor. : : Frankish, Charles, ages. Rashcliffe Hill Road.

Corporation Street. Left site.

Municipal Buildings and OE rey

; : 9 Brown, Robert. Corporation Offices. 17 Ewing, Robert John. Peel Street. 25 Bennett, Robert.

Commercial Street.

Medical Officer’s office. 29 Townend, George William. 14 Wade, Alfred Ernest, dis- 53 Crabb, William. trict registrar. 57 Townend, Hannah. 16 Burdon, Simeon, cabinet- 39 Eaton, Richard. | maker, upholsterer, un- 43 Metcalf, William. dertaker. 45 Wood, Walter. | i8 McKinna, John, F.R.C.V.S., 47 Saxby, Fred. veterinary surgeon. 49 Beaumont, William. 20 Tax Office (F. W. Armitage, 51 Sykes, Howard, grocer and collector and assessor). provision merchant.

Abbey and Hanson, land SlaLobb, John. agents, surveyors, and 53aRoberts, Arthur.

valuers ; tel. 225. 55aHeap, Henry. Haigh, John, valuer; tel. Steps leading to Victoria Road. Gos Jonas.

20 Armitage, Frederick Willett 59 Tomlinson, John. 22 Smith, Frank W., auc- 59aGroges, William.

tioneer, &c. 61-63 Garner, Sam, White 24 Drake, Thomas, solicitor and Swan Inn. commissioner for oaths ; 65 Read, Mary. tel. 389. 71 Beaumont, John William. 26 Knaggs, Frank H., surgeon ; 73 Thorpe, Ephraim. tel. 492. 75 Wood, Mary Ann.

28 Refuge Assurance Company, 77 Hemmingway, Philip. Itd. (superintendent, <A. 79 Milner, Martha Ann. Hartley). 81 Dyson, Ben. 50 Tyson, William Henry, 83 Draper, Fred. photographer. 85 Swift, John Moseley.

Page 242


91 Horton, Edward. 93 Balmforth, Watts. 95 Ramsden, Henry. 97 Dilworth, Inkerman. 99 Littlewood, William. 101 Holdsworth, John. 107 Jackson, Willie. 109 Jagger, ‘John. 111 Hallas, Sam. 115 Mellor, Oliver. iit Taylor, Sarah. 119 Brook, James. 121 Roebuck, Sarah Ann. 123 Atkinson, Marsden. 125 Gelder, Mary Alice. 127 Coldwell, Joe, general dea-

ler. 129 Hawksworth, Herbert. 133 Baxter, William. 135 Carthy, James. 137 Hubbert, George. Sykes, Howard. 141 Tolson, Arthur. 145 Binns, ‘John Middleton. 147 Hoyle, Allen. 149 Liversidge, Joe. 151 Tetley, Ben. 153 Jagger, Abel. 155 Sykes, George Henry. i57 Smith, Robert. 159 Thomas, Sam. 163 Taylor, Sam. 165. Liversidge, William. 169 Taylor, Beaumont. 175 Kirkland, William. 177 Lunn, William Dyson. 181 Hirst, George. 183 Hopkinson, James. 185 Iredale, James. 189 Farrer, Henry. Right side. Herbert chemist.

2 Spurr, Edward,

Goddard, Mrs. Lily, tobacco-

nist and newsagent.

4 Eastwood, Walter, _hair- dresser. and umbrella maker. 6 Armitage, William. 8 Hall, Thomas, umbrella makier.

12 Dawson, Emily. 14 Wood, Sarah Jane. 16 Swallow, Charles William.


18 Branch, Harry. 20 Sykes, Alfred. 24 Smith, Sarah. 26 Barber, John. 30 Armitage, John. 36 Ellis, Charles. 40 Broadbent, John. 42 Taylor, Abraham. 44 Hill, Allen. 46 Wilson, Harry. 48 Berry, John. 50 Gallager, Bernard. 56 Groves, Elizabeth. 50 Crowther, Alfred. 64 Brown, Ben. 68 Hoyle, James. 70 Kirk, James, general dealer. 72 Stalker, Harriet. | 74 Taff, Thomas Watkin. i 76 Pickup, John. | 78 Harrison, Sarah Ann. | 82 Pickles, John William. "a 86 Mettrick, William 88 Bennett, John. 98 Blackburn, Mrs. general dealer. 100 Rowley, Sarah. 102 Ashworth, Martha Ann. 104 Berry, Sarah. 106 Garthwaite, Tom. 108 Beaumont, Alfred. 110 Spivey, Edward. 112 Taylor, Fre 114 Fred. 116 Lunn, Martha. 118 Ackroyd, Joseph. i120 Ackroyd, Kossuth. 122 Harrison, Thomas. 124 Hill, Harry. 126 Rhodes, Ellen. 128 Crambie, George Kirk. 132 Saville, William Henry, general dealer. - 134 Armitage, Allen Chappell. 138 Haigh, Ann. 146 Teal, Joseph. 150 Hirst, Alice. 152 Gill, Mary. 154 Thorp, Ben. 156 Gibson, John William, gene- ral dealer. 158 Boothroyd, Joseph. 162 Ward, Arthur. 164 Hirst, Wright.


Page 243


i66 Cartwright, Jonas. 168 Beaumont, Mary. 170 Sykes, Livewell. 172 Lindley, Johnny. 174 Pogson, Isidore. 176 Chadwick, Herbert. 178 Jackson, William. 180 Hellowell, Jane. 182 Wood, Ben. 184 Drake, Joel Mellor. 186 Grindrod, Mary. 188 Coldwell, James. 190 Lucas, Mary. 192 Boothroyd, Mrs. general dealer. 194 Dyson, Arthur. 196 Dyson, John. 198 Lee, James. 200 Hewing, John. 202 Worsley, Sarah. 204 Broadbent, Joe. 206 Bray, Sarah. 210 Dawson, Oliver. 212 Kenworthy, EKimma. 214 Thornton, Albert Edward. 216 Brook, Law, greengrocer. 218 Crowe, John. 220 Balmforth, Thomas. 222 Heeley, Frank. 224 Balmforth, Mary. 226 West, Eli. 228 Duffy, Joe Inman. 234 Shore, Henry. 236 Hampshire, Robert. 238 Broadbent, John William. £40 Swire, Hannah. 242 Sykes, Edmund. 244 Walker, Francis Henry. 248 Moore, Eliza. 250 Hallas. John. 254 Rhodes, Charles. 256 Thorpe, Tom. 260 Turner, George. 262 Grindrod, John. 266 Turner, Charles. 268 Simpson, Fred. 272 Stephens, Willie. 280 Lawton, Joe Willie. 280aHKllam, Sam. Raven Street, Paddock. Adelaide Terrace. 1 Garbutt, Minor. 2 Pilling, ‘Benjamin,



5 Garbutt, Morton. 4 Hinchcliffe, Fred. 5 Pearson, Richard. 6 Siswick, Albert. 7 Morris, ‘John Henry. 8 Longbottom, John. 9 Gaunt, Alfred. 10 Liversedge, Wilham. 11 Bayldon, Alfred. 12 Mallinson, Frederick. 13 Orowther, William Ratcliffe. 14 Hickman, Herbert. 15 Whiteley, Joe. 16 Shaw, John William. 17 Livesey, Henry. Robin Street.


Ravensknowle Road.

Left side. Bankfield Road. 1 ra Oe Sarah, general dea- er. Naylor, Irving. 5 Hoyle, Frederick William. 5 Hardy, Arthur. 9 Jessop, Ben William. 11 Knutton, Henry. 13 Smith, William. 15 Crowther, Tom Schofield. 17 Brook, Elizabeth. 19 Tyas, Thomas Henry. 21 Jessop, John. 25 Haigh, Henry. 25 Peel, Allen. 27 Lardener, Patrick James. slaSpencer, Fred. 35 Rushworth, Arthur. 57 Hanson, Herbert. 41 Spencer, Tom. 43 Pollard, John William. 47 Lee, Benjamin. 49 Jagger, Joseph, scribbling engineer. 53 Castle, James. 55 Matthewman, Ernest Albert 59 Matthewman, William. 63 Broadbent, Wright. 65 Barber. Edward. Birkhouse Lane. Right side. 2 Bray, Newton. 4 Milnes, Sam. Rogan, Mary.

Page 244

214 6 Oldroyd, Mrs. Alice.

8 Brier, Tom. 10 Stott, Ernest Lucius. 12 Mosley, Mrs. Sarah. 14 Kinder, Dan.

18 Sudders, Mrs. Ellen, general.

dealer. 20 Fowler, Joe Hirst. 22 Brier, James. 24 Milner, James Hiley. 26 Gough, Edward. 26aFurniss, Tom Eastwood. 28 Brummitt, Fred. 30 Haigh, James Henry. 52 Barron, Thomas Henry. 34 Schofield, Mrs. Martha. 36 Coultas, George. 38 Depledge, Herbert William. 40 Horsfall. Mrs. Hannah. 42 Kilner, Elizabeth. 44 Kaye, Charles. : 46 Brier, Mrs. Martha. 50 Armitage, Benjamin. 64 Brier, Brook. 66 Thornton, William Henry. 68 Carter, Charles. 70 Holmes, Thomas. 72 Durrans, Martha. 74 Barker, Arthur. 74aRedfearn, William. 76 North, Mary. 78 Armytage, Edward Cooper. 82 Lodge, William. 84 Haley, John William Dob- son. 86 Schofield, Arthur. 88 Thorpe, George Henry. 90 North, William Walter. 92 Beaumont. Sarah Ann. 94 Jackson, Edna. 98 Roebuck, Giles, butcher. 100 Butterworth, Robert Henry 102 Rhodes, Elizabeth.

104 seein Wentworth, black- mith. 108 Rothwell, Edwin, heald maker. 110 Tolson, Leigh, cotton manu- facturer.

Wakefield Road.

Rawecliffe’s Vara oe 1 Giles, William.


2 Foster, Thomas. 5 Rawcliffe, Elizabeth. 7 Ainley, Sam. —

9 Chappell, John.

Rawthorpe Lane, Dalton. Left side. Fold Road. 355 Priestley, John Henry. 37 Turner, George. 39 Brook, William. 91 Poulter, James. 93 Clegg, John Henry. 95 Edwards, John Watson. 99 Sherratt, Francis Dean. 101 Johnson, Francis. 103 Cochrane, David. 105 Green, Jonas. 107 Parker, James. 109 Parker, Joseph, former. 123 Senior, Sheard. 125 Priestley, Sam. 129 Priestley, Henry. 151 Whiteley, Henry. 133-35 Stanley, Mark, gardener. 183 Haigh, Henry. 193 Robinson, Sarah. 195 Schofield, Thomas Frederick, farmer.

197 Morton, David.

Right side.

52 Cairns, James, manager. 54 Roebuck, Henry, woollen merchant.

56 Falkner, James Henry. 58 Farrar, Martin Willans. 60 Lockwood, William, watch-

maker. 62 Eagleton, John, woollen manufacturer. 92 Learoyd, Alfred Ernest, woollen manufacturer. Whiteley, Joshua and Joseph, woollen manu- facturers (Rawthorp Mills).

152 Lodge, Ernest. 154 Riches, Emma. 156 Stead, Lewis, joiner. 158 Bottomley, Armitage. 160 Lodge, Junius, gardener. 162 Haigh, George, farmer,

Page 245


200 Drake, Tom, Black Horse | Inn. Ray Street. 1-3 Sykes, Alfred, and Co., rug and carpet manufac- turers. 7 Dickinson, Gideon, wheel- wright and carriage builder. 9 Chambers, Mary Hannah. Liversidge, Richard.

Reed Street, Marsh. Westbourne Road. Liddell and Brierley, Ltd. . (sec., J. Brierley), woollen and worsted man- ufacturers, Stanley Mills. 1 Dodson, Sam. 3 Raistrick, Herbert Ernest . Frederick. 5 Wood, Allen. 7 Tindall, Miss Hannah Dick- inson. 9 Whiteley, Joe. 11 Goodlife’ Robert. 13 Pearson, Joe. 15 Nettleton, Tom. 17 Barber, John. . 19 Ledgard, Arthur. 21 Middleon, Herbert. 23 Dawson, Frederick. 25 Townend, Sam. 27 Broadhead, George Henry. 51 Mallinson, Walter. 53 Jones, Alfred. Stead, Fred. Watson, John Edward. Iredale, Herbert.

Reinwood Road, Lindley. 3 Left side. New Hey Road. 3 Lockwood, Fred. 5 Lendrum, Robert Henry. 7 Dyson, William. 9 Royston, Fred. 11 Hall, Mrs. Ann. 15 Garner, Charles Richard. 17 Wood, ‘Joseph. 2), Senior, Fred.


Peckett, Henry. 25 Allott, Frank. 27 Taylor, John William. 29 Casson, Fred. 51 Liversidge, John Henry. 53 Denbigh, George. 35 Bottomley, Lewis. 37 Blackburn, Harry. 39 Wilkinson, Miss Lavinia. 41 Wilkinson, Allen. 43 Holmes, Eli. 45 Brooke, Joseph. 47 Hall, John William. 49 Calverley, James. Right side. , 6 Dean, Stephen, chemist. 10 Beaumont, Morton. 14 Page, George William. 18 Smith, Albert Ernest. 20 Sheard, Elizabeth. 22 Bailey, James. 24 Hepworth, Joel. 26 Renshaw, ‘Joe Edward. Quarmby Road.

Rice Street. Steele, John. gt Schofield, Aaron. Wade, John William. Battye, Thomas. Dickinson, Amos. Shaw, John. Bulmer, Walter Charles. Hirst, Selina.


Moore, Emma Charlotte.

20 Laycock, George.

22 Midwood, Emma.

24 Taylor, Arthur. 26 Kaye, Ramsden. 28 Gledhill, Tom Armitage.

Riley Street, Primrose Hill. Left side. Damside Road. 1 Bawtrey, William. 5 Scholes, George. 5 Haigh, Joseph. 7 Oldfield, Willie. 9 Wilson, Mary Ann. 11 Bottomley, James. 13 Brunton, Joe. 15 Brook, Benjamin.

Page 246


17 Crossley, James. 19 Broome, George William. Right side. 2 Brook, Esther Ann. 4 Booth, Emmanuel. 6 Green, Mary. 8 Moiseley, Alfred. 10 Booth, Ann Elizabeth. 12 Clayton, Henry. 14 Shaw, Herbert. 16 Longley, Edgar. 22 Littlewood, Abert. 24 Beaumont, John William. 26 Ramsden, ‘Allen, joiner. 50 White, Robert. 32 Brierley, Joe. 56 Sharpe, Mrs. Annice. 48 Morton, Henry. Brooke, Henry (Rose Leigh).


Robin Hood Hill, Berry

Brow. Left side. Nichols Road, Parkgate. 1 Hirst, Harry. 3 Shaw, Sam. 5 Fearnley, Law. 7 Liversidge, John, cattle dea-

er. 9 Wood, Mrs. Elizabeth. 11 Hirst, Alfred. 13 Taylor, Tom. 15 Haigh, William. 17 Rowbottom, Mary. 19 Barker, Ann. 21 Sykes, ‘Oliver Noble. 23 orrocks, Matilda. 25 Moodycliffe, Jonas. 27 Smith, Mrs. Charlotte. 29 Stocks, John. 51 Heeley, Clement. 33 Lodge, John James. 55 Ellis, James. 37 Boys, George. 39 Roberts, James. 41 Wood, William Henry. 43 Beaumont, Joshua. 45 Waddington, John. 47 Pounder, Albert. 49 Bradley, ‘Harry, joiner. 51 Taylor, Charles,


53 Barrand, William. 55 Armitage, Frank. 57 Heeley, Joe, manager. Park Lane. Right side. 6 Hallas, Emily. 10 Schofield, George.

Hanging Stone.

Robin Hood Farm. Nichol, William Rowland. Simonett, John. Stocks, John Charles. Hay, Thomas Lachlan.

Rock Road, Lindley. Halifax Road, Birchencliffe.

1 Bottomley, Tom. 3 Clegg, John, tinsmith. 5 Garside, J ohn Armitage. 7 Brook, Elizabeth. 9 Whitwam, Joe William. * 13-15 Whiteley, Alfred. 17 Sutcliffe, George. 19 Brier, Harry. 21 Whitaker, John. 33 Parker, Hannah. 55 Royston, Henry. Brier Lane. Reaphurst Road. Sutcliffe, Benjamin. Wadsworth, Thomas.

Rock Street, Longwood Gate.

1-5 Tweed, Benjamin. 4 Arthur. Brearley Eli. 7 Telford, fn os Walker. 11 Harrison, Ben. 13 Haigh, Hugh. 15 Shaw, Thomas. 17 Scott, William Renshaw. 19 Gledhill, Richard.


Rook Street.

2 Whitaker, Louisa. John, organ fac-

4 David Youdall,

Page 247

STREET DIRECTORY. 22g 6 Haley, Tom. 43 Habron, Thomas. Go., Hallas, Elliott, and Sons, bottlers of Burton ales Ltd. (sec., John Hallas), and London and Dublin tanners, curriers, and stouts. belting ‘manufacturers ; Conacher, James, and Sons, tel. 40.

organ factory.

Roseberry Street, Hillhouse.

1 5


Wilkinson, Edward. Tyler, Andrew. Day, Ben. Hoyle, Henry. Woodcock, Jeremiah. Carter, Elizabeth. Rose Street. Bush, George Henry. Fawcett, Hannah. Taylor, John. Sharpe, George. Sykes, Mary Jane. Thornton, Benjamin George. Campion, Thomas. Kttenfield, Margaret. Johnson, Henry. Liles, Charles.

5 Hallas, James.

Hinchliffe, James. Hellawell, Joe. ' Rice Street. Entwistle, Annie.

Rosemary Lane.

Nettleton and Co., corn mer- chants.

-5 Darwent and Son, French

polishers. Gillatt, Arthur, tin, iron, and copperplate worker. Wilkinson, George, shoeing smith. The Palatine Assembly Rooms. Silk Street. Brown, John D., Unicorn Inn. Sneath, George. Tierney, James. Pogson, James. Cottell, Lawrence. Torsney, Henry, Star Inn. Wood, John William,

Rothwell Street, Dalton.


10 12 14 16

Left side. | Wakefield Road. Senior, William Booth. Simpson, Edwin. Oldroyd, James William. Simpson, Herbert Henry. Clarke, Josiah David. Sykes, George. Right side. Jenkinson, George Thomas. Gomersall, Fred, joiner. Spivey, David. Walmsley, Charles. ‘Cross, Harry. Cooper, John Gregson.

Round Ings, Outlane.

Brook, Albert Henry. Brook, George. Ainley, George. Pilling, Joseph. Pilling, Walter. Raweliffe, William. Pilling, Saville. Jagger, John. | Sykes, Frederick William. Sykes, James Walker. Sykes, John Henry.

Royds Hall.

Lowergate. Clough Lane. Burlow, John. Robinson, Harry. Stott, Hannah. Brierley, Benjamin. Brierley Lane. Goldthorpe, Ernest. Battye, Martin. Dyson, Mrs. Sarah. Lockwood, Mr . Emma. Hodgson, John Richard. Quarmby Road,

Page 248


Right side, : Luck Lane 2 Walshaw, Tom, Angel Inn. Milnes, James Henry. Milnes, Mrs.-Ann. Hartley, Herbert. Thewlis, Mrs. Maria.

18 Edgar, farm iff. |

Crosland, Sir Joseph, Bart. (Royds Wood). Craven, James Henry. 52 Broome, Edward. Quarmby Road.

Royleshead Lane.

11 Taylor, John. 13 Hirst, Thomas. 17 Haigh, David. 19 Sharpe, Tom. 21 Broom, Abagzail. Royleshead. 25 Lumb, Benjamin. Lumb, Fred. 25 Dawson, Keranhappuch. 27 Dawson, Joseph Richard.

Ruth Street, Newsome. Lane’s Wells. 1 Smith, Richard. 2 Warne, Tom. 3 Blackburn, Ellen. 4 Sanderson, Arthur. 6 Bower, Eli. 6aGill, Henry. 8 Taylor, Stanley Ashworth. Hart Street.

Salford, Lockwood. 3 Left side. Bridge Street. 5 Johnson and Sons, basket and skep makers. 5 Vickerman, Thomas. 7 Dytch, Simeon. 9 Hirst, Alfred. 11 Booth, Humphrey. 13 Halstead, Jane. 15 Wagstaff, Emma. 17 Dale, John Mouttell. 19 Peace, Selina.

21 Pollitt, Alfred,

53 Brown,


25 Dyson, Willie. 27 Klstone, John Elijah. 29 Bottomley, Mary. 31 Shaw, Ben. - 35 Hinchliffe, Joe. 35 Walker, Ben. Mattin. John William. 39 Stott, Alfred.

Hinchliffe, William, oil dea-

er. Donkersley, Roberts. 41 Hinchliffe, Emma. . 43 Ardron, Emma. 45 Beaumont, Marv Jane. 47 Charlesworth, Mrs. Mary, New Inn. . 49 Woodeock, Harriet. 51 Broadbent. Mary Ann. George Richard, chimney Sw Emmanuel Church Schools. 57 Hobson, Alfred. 59 Manchester, James. 61 Spence, Robert Shepherd. 63 Lodge, Alonzo, surgeon den-

tist. Lodge, Parker (Brooklyn | House). Solid Road.

Lee, Harry. 1 Booth, George Henry. 3 Girling, Rev. William Henry, 4 Jagger, John. 6 Svkes, John Henry. 7 Edwards, Walter. 8 Schofield, James. Emmanuel Church. Taylor Hill.

Rowbottom, Harry, sex-

ton. 65 Roberts, Lister. 69 Jakeman, Tom. Tt Liversedge, Alfred. 73 Sykes, John. 75 Beaumont, Thomas Walker. 77 Hardcastle, Fred. 79 Wood, Harry. 81 Hodgson, George 83 Pigg, Elizabeth.

87 Battye, Sarah.

89 Stocks, Willie.

91 Battye, Alfred.

Page 249


94 Jagger, Henry. 95 Barden, Tom. 97 Riley, John. 99 Bottomley, Harry. 101 Guest, Frank. Dodsroyd. Right side. 2 Oakfield, Scott, butcher. 4-6 Jepson, Edward, general dealer. Waterside Road.

8 Kaye, Martha and Rebekah, .

drapers. 10 Jepson, Edward, ironmonger 12 Addy, William, tailor. 14 Fox, John, tobacconist. 16 Jackman, Henry, White Lion Hotel. 18 Tate, Benjamin, engineer. 22 Broadbent, Mrs. Mary Ellen, confectioner. 24-26 Kendall, Sam, painter. 28 Wainhouse, William Bowler, general dealer. 30 Hancock, George. 52 Bamforth, Thomas.

54 Howe, Edward, shoe and clog maker. 38 Wimpenny, Fenton, © fish-

monger. 42 Mitchell, Mrs. Betity.

46 Middleton, Wright, hair- dresser. 48-50 Hartley, John Shaw. grocer. 52 Haigh, Allen, Druid Arms’ Inn.

Parkin’s Yard. 6 Howarth, Mary. 7 Sidgwick, William. 9 Ellis, Fred. 11 Senior, Mary. 15 Ellis, Henry. Ellam’s Yard. 5 Horner, Joseph William. 5 Schofield, John Edward. Love’s Yard. 1 Senior, William Henry. 5 Birkenshaw, George. 7 Sugden, Sarah Ann. 13 Oldham, Caroline. 15 Saville, Susannah. 19 Senior, John.





Lord, John William. Quarmby, Mrs. Martha, newsagent. Brown, Mrs. Alice. Gill, James Edward. Sykes, John William. Hall, Elias. Dyson, James. McCraken, William. Joe. Littlewood, William. Whiteley, Tom Simpson.

Whittaker, James. Sykes, James, coal mer- chant. Whipp, Ernest. Edward.

Brook, Mrs. Edna. Whittaker, Fred. Crooks, Mrs. Charlotte. Lord, — Hirst, Henry. Haigh, Bradley. Thornton, Albert. Ellam, John William. Dyson, John. Maffin, Noah. Sykes, James. Roebuck, Jonathan. Lee, Mrs. Clara. Beaumont, Abraham. Cleasby, Arthur. Wood, Fred Mallinson. Bayliff, Edward. Windle, Susannah. Lockwood, Mrs. Clara. Lunn, Silas. Crowther, Edgar. Firth, Joe. Smithies, Edwin. Ibberson, James Haigh. Kaye, James Arthur. Vallance, Charles. Howe, Edward. Taylor, Mary. Emmanuel Terrace. 2 Thomas, Josiah. 4 Thorpe, Henry. 6 Liversidge, John. 8 Hirst, Charles William. 10 Dyson, Hannah. 12 May, Mary Jane. 14 Haigh, Basil. 16 Sykes, Radcliffe,

Page 250


18 Sumner, Lucy Ann. 20 Sykes, David. 24 Cliffe, Joe. 26 Armitage, John. 28 Tyerman, Robert Henry. 50 Mellor, Matthew. 32 Haigh, Ann. 148 Wild, Lewis. 150 Rushworth, John. 152 Clarke, Arthur. 154 Clarke, William. Dedsroyd Road.

Sand Street. Upper Aspley. 1 Farrell, Bradley. 5 Brook, Fred. 7 Cuttell, Joe. 9 Roberts, Alfred.

10 Poole, Tom. il Brook, John Thomas. Stott, James Edwin, and Co., wholesale rag and, bone merchants. Kaye, Jere, and Co., timber


Scale Lane, Hillhouse. 1 Sheard, Louisa. 3 Eastwood, Dan. Bentley, Caroline. 7 Garner, Ben. 9 Reid, Charles. 11 Hardcastle, Tom. 13 Brook, Joah. | Longbottom, Walter. Ferrier, James Woodhouse. 17 Collinson, Fred. : Precious, James Edward. ‘19 Hirst, Melling. 23 Davies, John Clement. 25 Pearson, Wright. 27 Towlson, Joseph. Stone, Ernest. Thompson, James. Wigglesworth, John (Wood- side Farm).

Scarr Top. Whitehead Lane. 1 Lee, Wilson. 3 Brook, Joseph.


5 Hobson, James Herbert.





/ Crowther, Harry.

Lodge, Edward.

Spa Wood Terrace. Boothroyd, Robert.

Crawshaw, George. Hinchliffe, Fred. Tolson, Robert. Megson, Miles. Hollingworth, Henry Firth, woollen. manufacturer.

Beaumont, Mrs Sarah Ann, Berry, John. Sykes, George Henry. Dearnley, James.

Roberts, Henry. _ Scarwood Terrace. Canby, John. Hamer, Joseph. Taylor, Henry, commercial traveller. Greenhalgh, James. Kemp, John, commercial traveller.

Grant, Harrison, commercial | traveller. Sykes, Ainley, Registrar of Births and Deaths (Park View). | Lee, Elizabeth. Liversidge, Alfred. Frobisher, Joseph. Lockwood Scarr Lane. Right side. Baxter, Lamartine. England, Stephen. Kaye, William. 8 Blackburn, Mrs. Elizabeth. Martha.

Hobson, Joe. Thornton, Broadbent, Elizabeth. Iredale, Willie. Marton, Edmund Alfred.

Schofield Lane, Dalton.

1 3 4 5 7 g

Teale, George. Hardy, Edward. Bailey, Mary Jane. Faleon, Frances Annie. Day, Harry. Beaumont, Charlie. Clayton, Emma. Oddy, Arabella,

Page 251


Salem Terrace, Berry Brow. 1 Hirst, Thomas Allen. 5 Taylor, John Samson. School Lane. Station Road. Left side. Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Station. 1 Roberts, George. 3 Langrick, Benjamin. 5 Woodhouse, Sam. 7 Shaw, Jane. 9 Stringer, Mrs. Ann. 11 Littlewood, John. 13 Day, George Bennett. 15 Smith, John. 17 Broadbent, Tom. 19 Brook, Thomas. 21 Littlewood, Tom. 23 Bottomley, John. 25 Hirst, Godfrey. 27 Littlewood, George. 29 Heeley, Alfred. 31 Booth, Alfred. Back Lane. Right side. 2 Wilson, Henry. 4 Hirst, Robert. 6 Berry, Charles Bray. 10 Heap, Fenton Lodge. 12 Fearnley, Joe. 14 Peace, Sam. 16 Horsfall, Ben. 18 Goldthorpe, Joel. 20 Horsfall, Elizabeth, maker. 22 Lee, James. 24 Oldham, Mrs. Ruth. 26 Senior, Benjamin. 28 Ainley, Sam. 30 Lockwood, Joseph. 32-34 Vickerman, John. Chapel Street.


ee en me

School Street, Moldgreen. ; Left side. Bankfield Road. Wesleyan Sunday School. Eastwood Street. 1 Haigh, William. 5 Smith, Joe. | 7 Sheard, John William.

9 Rice, George Herbert. 11 Ashwell, Joseph. 15 Hirst, Oswin. Mapleston and Wilkinson, dyers (Senior Mull). 19 Jones, Edgar. 21 Stringer, Joseph. 23 Newsome, John. 25 Dennis, William. 27 Rice, Mrs. Elizabeth. 29 Ballas, Harry. 31 Haigh, Mrs. Harriet. 33 Cliffe, Henry.

35 Berry, Albert.

Trevelyan Road. 37 Elliott, George. 39 Booth, Maria. 41 Stocks, John William. 43 Thwaite, Ann. 45 Hargreaves, George. 47 Kaye, Elizabeth. 49 Knight, Charles. 51 Thornton, Sarah. 55 Shaw, Ernest. 55 Winterbotom, Elliott. 57 Haley, Wilkinson, 59 Chadwick, Joseph. Birkhouse Lane. 65 Graham, John Henry. 67 Adamson, John William. 69 Beaumont, Willie Sykes. 71 Rainbird, William. 73 North, Mrs. Betty. 75 Shaw, Henry. 77 Shaw, Lewis. 79 Jenkinson, Walter. Right side. 2 Dearnley, Mrs. Mary. 12 Brierley, Mrs. Hannah. 14 Redfearn, Arthur. 16 Holland, John William. 18 Sims, Harry. 30 Bedford, Thomas. 32 Irving, Tom. 34 McKie, Walter Ramsey. 36 Hirst, Henry. 38 Mackness, William. 40 Milnes, George Henry. 42. Schofield, Jacob. 46 Moorhouse, William. 48 Redfern, Edward. 50 Wilson, Charley. 52 Kirkbright, James.

Page 252


54 Cresser, John. 76 Holroyd, John. 78 Crowther, Tom. 80 ee John Thomas. Lister Street.


School Lane, Dalton. Railway Bridge. 1 Morgan, James. 5 North, Bentley. 5 Sykes, Johnny. 7 Jenkinson, Mrs. Ann,school- mistress. Kirkheaton Railway Station 11 Broadbent, James Ernest. Shaw, Willie. 15 Graham, Hiliott. 17 Castle, Joseph. 19 Armitage, Mrs. Mary Ann. 21 Greenwood, Hdward, Sub- Post Office (Kirkheaton). Dyson and Hall (Greenside Mill).

Seed Hill. Holroyd, J., and Co., dyers. Littlewood, Thomas, black- smith. Frith, John. Harpin, Joe. Boothroyd, Benjamin. Shaw, William. Ellison, Henry. Boothroyd, Hirst. Whitworth, Arthur. Kilburn, Squire. Crisp, Albert Edward. Hoskin, Arthur Veale.

Sergeantson Street. Littlewood’s Buildings. Exley, Chas., and Co., ship- ping merchants ; tel. 271. Bedford, Fred, and Co., woollen merchants. Beaumont, W.S., and Co.,

clothiers and’ woollen mer-

chants. ; Sykes, Lewis P., woollen manufacturer : 6 Crook, Frederick, currier. 8 Holmes, James, agent.


Shambles Lane.

1 Hall, George, draper. a 2 Hooper and Murgatroyd, Ltd., wholesale smallware - dealers. Davison, Joe Davison. 5 Booth, Charley, sen., cutler. Wood, Walter, watchmaker. Dyson, John Edward, elec- trical engineer ; tel. 0894.

5 Bradley, William, confec-

tioner. 6 Hardcastle, Elizabeth, res- taurant. 7 Whiteley and Heginbottom, brush manufacturers. 8 Armitage, Fred, Dining

Room. 9 Sherwood and Co., paper hangers. 10 Milnes, B., and Son, drapers’ warehousemen.

1i- Woodcock, Joe, Uuicorn Inn

Sheepridge Road. Left side. | Ashbrow Road.

Hirst, Ann. Kelly, George William, con- fectioner. Rushworth, John. 7 Crowther, Ellen. 9 Firth, John William, confec- tioner. SaCrosfield, William. 11 Battye, Tom. 13 Armitage, Joseph. 19 Thwaite, Joe. 21 Smith, Joe. 23 Thornton, Hannah. 25 Cooper, Jim. 27 Morton, John Edward. 29 Walshaw, Alfred. 51 Armitage, Mrs. Martha. 53 Balmforth, Allen, butcher. Longbottom, Valentine. 45 Naylor, Edna.


37-89 Mitchell, George Edward,

Fleece Inn.

Wright, Robert.

Al Earnshaw, Wilham. 43 Thwaite, Hobson.

Page 253


45 Starkey, William Henry. AT Cr owther, William Henry. 49 Boothroyd, Mrs. Mary, shoe- maker. 51 Netherwood, Mrs. Caroline. 53 Smith, Mrs. Martha. 55 Clough, Thomas. 57 Kaye, Charles Henry. Smith, John Allen, carrier. Littlewood, George. Scholes’ Buildings.

2 West, William. 4 Sutcliffe, Wyndham. 6 Clay, Godfrey. 8 Holdsworth, Joe. 10 Haigh, Mary. 61 Balmforth, James. 63 Micklethwaite, Fred. 67 Wilson, Fred. 69 Hudson, David. Bentley, Edwin. 73 Thwaite, Ann.

‘15-77 Butterworth, Joshua, schoolmaster. 79 West, James Alfred, But-

cher’ s Arms Inn. 81-83 Oddy, Annie. Stansfield, Krnest Arthur.

Brackenahall Road.

87 Gregg, Christopher, Sheep- ridge Laundry. 2 Netherwood ,John, piano- forte dealer.

91 Thornton, Firth. Mallinson, William. 93 Boothroyd, John. 95 Oddy, William. Sykes, Milner, cattle dealer. 97 Walshaw, Law Netherwood. 99 Stansfield, William 101 Lawrence, John William. Parker, William Edward. Wigan Lane. 8 Sykes, Starkey. 8aThwaite, George. 10 Mitchell, Elizabeth. 12 Sykes, Elizabeth. 14 Hinchliffe, George. Brooke, Mrs. Esther. : Thwaite, William Oddy. St evenson, Rev. John, Wesleyan Chapel.

64 Hirst,


Huddersfield Sanitary Steam Laundry Co. Ltd. (sec., F. Irving) ; tel. 384. Right side. National Schools. 4 Thomas, Tom. 6 Calvert, Richard. 8 Binns, Mary. 10 Hudson, Sam, greengrocer. 12 Sykes, Annie. - 14 Woodhouse, Mrs. Sarah. 16 Fitton, J ohn.


Cockin, Mary Ellen (Hill Top Farm). Cockin, Fred Henry (Hill Top Farm). 40 Walshaw, Herbert. Ward, Henry.

22 Armitage, Law and John. 24 Hardcastle, Sam 26 Spencer, Edmund. 28 Hudson, Abraham. 30 Woodhead, Tom. 54 Wilson, Herbert. 54 Sykes Tom. 36 Hudson, John. 38 Thornton, TOM United Methodist Free Ch. 40 Wray, Thomas Taylor. 42 Thompson, Annie. 44 Armitage, Brook. 46 Gledhill, ‘James. 48 Blackburn, John William, confectioner. ae George, general dea-

52 Clay, Seth. 54 ae Joe, baru dea- er 56 Hellawell, John. 58 Sykes, Peter. 60 Pyrah. David, manager. Sheepridge Industrial So- ciety, Ltd. Joseph Henry, fish- monger. 66 Colbert, Miss Sarah Ellen. 68 Charlesworth, John. 3 70 Rhodes, Thomas. 72 Chapman, George. | 74 Wilson, Lee. 76 Donkgrriey, Allen,

Page 254


78 Sheepridge and eon Liberal Club (sec. J. H. Hopkinson). Nunns, Arthur (Field House) Shepherd’s Thorn.

Booth, George Henry. Longbottom, Harry. Pogson, William. Dawson’s Buildings. Barraclough, Joe. Croft, Leonard. Duke Fold. Kaye, James. Sykes, Joseph. Hudson, Harry. Brooke, Harry. Fenay Row. 16 Stott, Joseph Willie. 20 Vince, James. 22 Buckle , Thornton. 24 Lunn, evi. 28 Bottomley, Joe Kelita. 50 Smith, Thomas. 32 Schofield, Joseph. Johnson’ s Buildings. $8 Firth, Alfred. 4 Brook, James. 5 Littlewood, Grace. Morton’s Buildings. 14 Finler, Thomas Charles. 16 Winter, Wilson Jackson. _ Proud Row. Thwaite, Alfred. Ellerby, Adelaide. Arrol, George. Firth, Richard. Mitchell, Thomas. Clough, Valentine. Clifford, Susannah. Boothroyd Harry. Spencer’s Terrace. Pilkington, Herbert. Thwaite, Frank. Nunns, William. Stott, Edwin. Stretcher, Joseph. Spencer, Hannah. Bentley, Edwin. Wocdhead’s Buildings. Peace, Ann. Haigh, Henry. 10 Midgley, William.



12 Mallinson, Alfred. 14 Stork, John Albert. Long Hill. 2 Hudson, Johnny. 3 Hudson, Ann. 4 Hudson, Cuddy. 5 Green, Fred. Lister Road. Sykes, Law Airton. Fell Greave. Owen, Hely. — Robinson, Squire Aspinali Newhouse Road. Taylor, Arthur. Keighley, Charles Wm. Holt, James (Newhouse Farm.

Shires Hill,


Market Street. 2 Gledhill, Charles William, grocer.

4 Milner, Amos, shoemaker. 8 Lassey, Abraham. 10 Holroyd, Levi. 12 Howarth, Wilham. 14-16 Brook, William Henry. Tentergate. 2 Mail, David. & Ryder, Mary. 4 Hartley, John Eastwood. 5 Spivey, Henry. 7 Taylor, Elizabeth. 8 Parker, Jane. 10 Walker, Sidney Gregson. 14 Wrigley, James. 20 Walker, John. 26 Horsfall, Mary Ann. 28 Blackburn, David.

Shorefoot. Left side. 5-9 Oxford, Annie, milliner. 21-23 Hinchcliffe, Noble, corn, hay, and straw merchant. 25 Hawksworth. Emily, tobac- conist and newsagent. 27-29 Parker, John, paanter and decorator.

Page 255


Right side. 10 Greenwood, George, herbal- ist. Gronbach, George, pork bt- cher. Armitage, Edward, dining rooms. Earnshaw, John E., umbrel- la maker.

12 Cliffe, John William, draper. 16 Kaye, Abraham. 20 Holdsworth, Fred. 29 Foster, John William. Shorehead. Left side. 1 Wilson, Mark. 3 Hes ‘Charles Robert, Ship nn. 7 Kelly, Martha. 9 Blackburn, Albert. 17 Dean, Joseph. 21 Best, Arthur, Shorehead Inn. 25 Moore, Ellen. Littlewood, Henry, maker and. repairer. Senior, William Anderson. Right side. 2 Littlewood, Ann, dealer. 4 Hall, Arthur. Hall, Agnes, dressmaker. 6 Landfearn, Arthur. 8 France, Joe Brook. 12 Vautrey, Wright, Turf Tavern. 14 Hodgson, Joe Sunderland. Marshall’s Yard. 1 Dyson, John William. 2 Gray, Robert. 3 Hinchliffe, Joe. 4 Hobson, Fred Roberts. 16 Micklethwaite, Sophia. 18 Buchanan, Thomas. 20 Brown, Joseph. Robinson’s Yard. 1 Mitchell, Clara. 2 Worth, Alonzo. 3 Crust, William Stephen. 4 Holt, Mary Ann. 5 Wood, Hannah. 26 Dearden, George. K



28 Eyre, John, hay and straw er. 30 Wood, Ernest, Old Saracen’s

Head Inn. Shore. ~ Left side.

3 Goldtho Martha. 5 Bailey, “Laat Bainbridge. 7-9 Orford, Annie.

44 Beaumont, William.

13 Bennett, John Charies. 15 Armitage, Edwin. 19 Hanson, i. oble, and

21-23 Hinchliffe Son, grocers. 25 Hawksworth, Emily. 27-29 Parker, John, painter. Right side. 4 Earnshaw, John Edward, hairdresser. Frost, Joe. 10 Greenwood, George. 12 Cliffe, John William, linen



Silver Street. Left side. Storths. 1 Fitton, George Henry, gro- cer. 5 Marshall, John. 5 Lewin, William Herman. 7 Schofield, Eliza. 9 Lee, John. 11 Egan, Thomas. 13 Sutcliffe, Herbert. 15 Ryan, James. 17 Rowe, Martha Ann. 19 Pitchforth, Albert. 21 Galvin, John. 25 Aldred, George. 25 Rothwell, Richard. 27 Bates, Arthur. 29 Storey, George. 51 Sykes, Jim. 35 Beaumont, John Marsh. 57 Dyson, Allen. Ivy Street. Right side. 2 Eastwood, Abraham. 2aPickering, Sarah Ann. Biltcliffe, Harry. Stephenson, Henry.

Page 256


10 Yates, Frederick. 12 Hartley, Robert. 16 Holroyd, John. 20 Bamford, Albert. East. Howarth, Tom. Hallowell, James Albert. Ramsden, Robert Henry. Dawson, John, and Son, aniline dye manufacturers Greenwood, Thomas’ Luke. Left side. 5 Heppell, Ellen. 7 Sykes, George. +i ia, Eliza. Right side. 4 Dyson, Ben. 6 Kershaw, Harry. 10 Haigh, William. 12 Shaw, Charles. 14 Ward, Luke. 16 Walker, Joseph Priestley. 18 Harrison, John. 20 Whiteley, William LHast- wood. 22 Bleazard, James. 28 Hunt, Sarah Jane. 30 Shaw, Francis. 32 Brewer, Emma. 38 Etchell, Ann. Seller’s Buildings. Left side. 1 Pogson, William. 3 Greenwood, Arlom. 7 Reed, Hannah. 9 Lodge, Edwin. 15 Booth, John. Right side. 2 Wood, Oliver. 6 Ainley, Fred. 10 Kinder, Joseph. Senior Street. 12 Holmes, John Henry. 14 Hanson, Garnett. 16 Kilburn, Mary Jane. 18 Tyas, Mary Ann. 20 Boothroyd, John Allen. , Schofield Yard.

Wright, Joseph Robert Whitaker.


Smithy Lane, Almondbury.

Storths. Kaye, Anthony, and Sons, manufacturing chemists

and drysalters ; tel. 39. Craven, Robert Henry. 2 Tetlow, Harry. Jagger, George. 34 Waddington, Harry. 4 Welbourn, John. Broadbent Bros., plasterers. 8 Morton, Charles. 10 Naylor, Arthur, ironfounder. 14 Abbott, Thomas. 18 Northrop, Tom. 20 Smith, Mary. 22 Prendergast, Michael. Mulberry Street. 28 Dodson, John. 30 Armitage, Thomas William. 36 Roscoe, Nicholas. 48 Foxton, John. 44 Law, Thomas. 46 Heseltine, Thomas. Somerset Road.

Snowlea, Outlane.

Pearson, Richard. Atkinson, James. Gledhill, Mark. Shaw, George. Wray, Andrew. Pogson, John. i Dyson, William Henry. Broadbent, Mary Elizabeth. Dyson, Rebecca. Dyson, David. Brook, Joe. . Smith, George Herbert. Lumb, John Thomas. Beaumont, Arthur. Crowther, Fred Beaumont. Moorehouse, Thomas. Lockwood, Esther. Shaw, Beaumont. Pearson, John. Crowther, William Henry. Hirst, Thomas Henry. Taylor, Tom. Taylor, Lot Pickard, Charles. Wood, James Henry.

Page 257

3 5 7 9


Broadbent, Arthur. Mullett, Rev. Fred Edward Arthur (Croft House).

Slack. Haigh, John. Laycock, Wright. Thewlis, John. Whitaker, Charlotte Emma. Pearson, Alfred. Pilling, Eli, jun. Morton, Hannah. Pilling, Eli, sen. Pilling, William Henry. Sheard, Fred (Shay).

Somerset Crescent

Moldgreen. _ Left side. Storths. Judson, George Noel, baker. Jessop, Mrs. Mary Ann. Child, Miss Lucy. Aspinall, John.

11 Hobson, Mrs. Jane. 13 Hague, Friend. 15 Noble, Andrew. 17 Eli, Mrs. Nancy.

Dodson, James. Rawnsley, James. Wood, Samuel (Park View).

Somerset Place, .

' 1 Bradshaw, William.

2 4.

6 8

10 12

2 Roper, Timothy. Right side. Graham and Jessop, quarry proprietors and contrac- tors ; tel. 211. Biltcliffe, Harry, butcher. Castle, Matthew, draper. Lisle, William. Hoskin, Alfred. Littlewood, Fred. Shaw, Fred. Sykes, Farewell. Greenwood, William. Tinsley, John. Aspinall, Fred. Davis, Fred.

14 Hirst, James.

16 18

Sellers, Mrs. Beuliah Eliza. Cooper,. Mrs. Mary Eliza- beth

65 67

103 105 107 1il 115 115 317 119 121

24. 26



Somerset Road.

Left side. Storths.

Brooksland, Monumental

Field and Somerset Works. Mulberry Street. St. Michael’s Mission Ch. Roebuck, Harry. Brook, John. Jones, Alfred Edmund. Godward, George Henry. Beal, William James. Field, Watson. Oddy, Charles, ironmonger. Bradbury, Benjamin Hall. Turner, William, commer- cial traveller. Hartley, Albion. Lister, Albert Edward. Batley, Joseph Hellawell. Smith, Arthur Ingram Edward. Moorhouse, John Allen. Matthewman, Walter. Tomlin, Wiffe.

Wood, Henry. Hill, Richard Henry, pawn- broker. Rookery Road.

Hinchliffe, Noble. Brown, David, watchmaker. Davis, Albert. Smith, Arthur, journalist. Rhodes, William Henry. Kemp, Robert Westall. Goldthorpe, Mrs. Matilda. Greenwood, Miss Sarah Ann. Ramsden, Miss Mary. Brooksbank, Willie. Pickles, Benjamin. Right side. Maple Street.

Wood, Miss Frances Hannah

Heap, Mrs. Martha Eliza- beth. Snowden, Joseph, confec- tioner.

50 Porritt, George, flock mer-


Page 258


62 Hutton, William. Stansfield, Joe. 34 Hardy, Walter. Thornton, Seth. 36 Sykes, Benjamin. 58 Nicholls, Arthur Robert. 40 Hatfield, Miss Sarah Ann. 42 Jowitt, Alfred. 44 Lockwood, Fred, accountant 46 Beaumont, John. 48 oe Heury, general dea- er. 50 Hill, Benjamin David. 52 Lodge, Fred. 58 Garton, Alfred, plumber. 60 Ramsden, Mrs. Elizabeth. 62 Bedforth, Michael, drysalter 64 Roebuck, Mrs. Jane. Jarmain, George (Dalton Lodge). 68 Ewart, Law, pawnbroker. 70 Frost, Joe, dyer. Dyson, George William (Southfield House). 102 Holdsworth, Tom. 104 Bindschadler, Henry Adolph 106 Allott, Mrs. Mary Ann. Milnes, Mrs. Martha Ann. Mellor, Mrs. Mary Hannah.


South Cross Road. Cowcliffe Hill.

Wesleyan Chapel. 2 Richardson William Henry. 4 Stoney, Sarah Ann. 8 Hirst, William. 10 Steele, William Henry. 11 Lindley, James. 12 Marsden, Luke. Ainley, John. Radcliffe, Tom, quarry pro- prietor. 18-22 Dyson, Tom, quarry pro- prietor. 24 Carter, Joe. 26 Nobles, Fred. 28 Jenkins, James. 30 Dyson, Netherwood.

Halifax Old Road. |

South Parade. Buxton Road. Albion Street. 9 Giggle, Robert, tailor. 11 Brook, Tom, engineer. 13 Masonic Hall ; Hudders- field Lodge 290 (sec. R. Owen) ; Lodge of MHar- mony 275 (sec. F.. Robinson). Charles Street. 15 Woods, Joe. 17 Leech, Isaac. 21 Ramsden, James. Moore’s Yard. 25 Scale, James, hairdresser. Manchester Street. Left side. 2 Armitage, William, draper. 4 Hutchinson and Co., tea

dealers. 6 Pentney, John Thomas, photographer. 8 Milnes, Joe Henry, surgeon dentist. 10 Hamilton, James, M.D.,

surgeon and physician. 12 Hall, George. 14 Folkard, Sergeant, Army Recruiting Office. 16 Wood, John Edward. 18 Blackburn, John. 20 Lee, Alfred. 22 Rhodes, Alfred. 24 Milton, Margaret. 26 Hill, Edward. 28 Swallow, David, hatter. 50 Whitwam, Eli. Outcote Bank.


South Street. Left side. West Parade. 1 Brunton, Emily, apartments 4 Ward, Edward, coachbuilder South Terrace. 1 Farrand, James Albert. 2 Shaw, Frederick. 3 Shaw, Albert, Hanson. 5 Darwent, Tracy, apartments 7 Monk, Thomas, apartments. YaAshton. Richard.

Page 259


9 Wadsworth, James Walker. 9JaWadsworth, Fred.

11 Dyson, Mrs. Maria, apart- ments, 13 Nicholl, Miss Annie Ger- trude. 15 Voyee, Miss Constance, dress and mantle maker. Voyce, James, Astro- Student.

George Street. 17 Spence, Joseph Richard. 19 Hepworth, Frederick Wm. 21 Kitchingman, James Wm. 25 oe George William Good-

25 Bosal: Ellen and Catherine, dress and mantle makers. 27 Field, Harry, teacher of violin. 29 Davis, Joshua Platt.

Back Spring Street.

31 Crompton, William Coucill, _professor of music. 55 Battye, William Armitage, tailor. 37 Gordon, John Reid. 39 Noble, Jane, general dealer. Spring Street. Springwood Street.

41 Morrison, Andrew Martin. 43 Wragg, Mrs. Ann, apart- ments. 45aPedley, Arthur. 47 Bintoft, Agnes, apartments. 49 West Ward Liberal Club. Henry Street.

53 Shaw, Mrs. Annie. Shaw, Charles Henry, plum- er. 55 Moore, John Brook. 57 Sykes, Miss Sarah Sophia, dress and mantle maker. 59 Bellarby, Mrs. Sarah. Cliffe, William Henry. 61 Sykes, George. 63 Mitchell, Joe William. 65 Banks, John, boot and shoe maker. 69 Lawton, Ben, traveller.


Lawton, G., clerk.


Merton Street. 71 Haigh, Tom, butcher. 73 Branch, Arthur. 75 Carver, William Theaker. 75aBinns, Samuel. 77aSill, William. 79 White, Henry. Stock’s Buildings. 1 Middleton, Elizabeth. 2 Stocks, Oscar. 5 Watthew, James William. 81 Carr, George. 835 Cosgrove, Willie. 85 North, George Edward. 87 Canter, Samuel. Milner’s Yard.

6 Foster, Richard. 7 Walton, John. 8 Reynolds, Frank. 9 Wilson, Sam. 10 Hardy, Gilbert. 11 Lewis, Joe. 13 Battye, Tom. 89 Brook, George Henry. 91 Walker, Boswell. 93 Smith, Keziah Ann. Primitive Methodist Chapel. . 99 Kaye, Albert.


101 Hampshire, Fountain, gene-

ral dealer.’ Grove Street.

103 Crossley, Samuel, tailor. 105 Saville, George. 107 Rushworth, Miss Sarah Ann. 109 Turner, Mrs. Ann. 111 Kenworthy, Arthur. 113 Wray, William.

Prospect Street.

115 pa Butterworth, grocer. 117 Marchant, James. 119 Jackson, Allen.

Right side, 2 Greaves, Edwin, Day. 4 Littlewood, George John. 8 Sharp, Sarah Ann, apart- ments. 12 Roebuck, William, butcher.

Back Greenhead Road.

Page 260


16 Dean, Mrs. ments. 18 Spencer, Joseph Starkey. 22 Broughton, Mrs. Tamar. Upper George Street. 24 Presto, Mrs. Lucy. 26aHirst, William Henry. 28 Padgett, Emma. 50 Gibson, Emma. 350bDransfield, Sydney. 32 Butler, Eliza, apartments. Back Spring Street. 40 Crompton, John. 40aWolfenden, James. 42 Brown, Charles William. 44 Carter, John. 46 Sykes, Richard. : Spring Street. 48 Gunn, Josiah James. 50 Crosland, Joseph, baker. Springwood Street. 52 Halstead, Sarah. 54 Boothroyd, Joseph Robert. 56-58 Jackson, Alfred, grocer. 60 Sheard, Jane. . 62 Vigrass, Joseph. 64 Abbs, Edward. 66 Thomas, John. 68 Waddington, Joshua. 70 Hellawell, Joseph. 72 Brown, David, maker. Catholic Apostolic Church. 78 Oxley, Edward. 80 Fisher, Henry. Merton Street. 82 Turton, Sam Wright. 84 Cash, Charles Alfred. 86 Jepson, Urbanus. Heap Street.

Ann., apart-


88 Carver, Tom. 90 Wardall, John Watson. 92 Hinchliffe, James William. Kenyon’s Yard. 1 Earnshaw, Ellen. 2 Kenyon, Willie. 5 Watthew, William. 94 Brunton, Herbert: Ellam. 98 Walter, James William. Learoyd’s Yard. 2 Sutcliffe, Ernest. 3 Sutcliffe, Frank. ©

100 Lodge, Joe. : 102 Crowther, Lizzie, West End House. Hardy’s Buildings.

1 Ramsden, Oliver. 3 Booth, Benjamin. 5 Priestley, John. 7 Spencer, Luke. 8 Cain, James. 106 Johnson, Thomas. 108 Shaw, George William.

Grove Street. 112 Guest, Frederick.

118 Skipsey, William, tailor.

Prospect Street.

120 Platten, Thomas.

122 Goodwin, Mrs. Emma. 126 Stuttard, Joshua Schofield.

Steps leading to St. Thomas’ Church. Manchester Road.

South Street, Paddock. Left side, Church Street. 1 Clay, Samuel. 3 general dea- ler. 5 Varley, Ann. 7 Dyson, John William. 11 Dearnley, George. | 13 Woodhouse, Joshua. 15 Brook, Harry. 17 Drake, John William. 19 Liversidge, Frank. 21 Beaumont, James. 25 Hellawell, William. 25 Lumb, Luther. 27 Mellor, John. Willie. Right side. Nab Hill, 2 Oates, Oscar. 4 Ramsden, George Henry. 6 Fuller, James. 8 Smith, William James. 10 Burston, Frank. 12 Dugdale, Henry Percy. 14 Stott, William Henry. 16 Baldick, Arthur Edward. 18 Dyson, Frances. 20 Greenhow, Joseph. South View,

4 ae J 4 a ie <I a i | ; ‘ i | |

Page 261


2 Brook, Jonas. 3 Bottomley, Joe. 4 Heaton, Fred. 5 Leech, Norris. 6 Hallas, John. 7 Hinchliffe, Shaw. 8 Addy; Henry.

Speedwell Street. Hinchlif, Joseph John.

Green, Fred. Haigh, Arthur Laurie.

Spaines Road, Fartown. Left side. Bradford Road North. 21 Borlase, wool buyer. Wesleyan Sunday School.

Percy Street. — 25 Seaton, JamesWilliam Earn- |

shaw Wittrick, William Henrv. Rippon, Joseph. 29 Wilkinson, Annie Maria. 31 Moorhouse, Killen. 37 Sutcliffe, Henry. 39 Brook, Joseph. 43 Fox, Eleanor. 45 Nettleton, Charles Alberc. 47 Bramhall, Mrs. Jane. 51 Gaunt, Henry. 53 Crowther, Charles. 55 Drake, Mary. Hepworth, Susannah. Right side.

4 Hall, (Rose Cottage). 6 Tillotson, Septimus Brown. 10 Brook, John. 12 Sykes, Willie. 14 Fleming, Isabella. Lofthouse, architect. 16 Morton, George. 18 Brook, James William (The Grange). H.C. and A.C. Ground. Drake, Annie. Sunderland, George Henrv. Milburn, George. Booth, Harry.

Edwin Stephen, |

Holdsworth, painter

Arthur Victor,


Rothery, Henry Quarmby. Wood, Joe. Hanson, Mary and Maria. Shaw, Allen. Booth, Tom Arthur. Boothroyd, Squire. Greenhalgh, Fred. Wilks, William. Halifax Old Road.

Road, Quarmby. Left side. Hoyle, Alfred. 3 Sayles, Windle. 5 Dyson, Fred. 7 Crosland, Frank. Right side. 4-6 Haigh, Joseph. 8 Wood, Joe.


School Street.

3 Beaumont, William. 5 Holmes, Alfred. 7 Crowther, John.

Spark Street, Longwood

Gate. Left side.

Firth, Dyson. Beaumont, William, Walter. Dawson, J ohn. Beaumont, Joe. 1 Gee, Ann. 3 Cordingley, John. 5 Scott, Walter. 7 Taylor. Benjamin. 9 Beaumont, Alfred. 11 Haigh, Elizabeth. 13 Brook, Ann. 15 Scott, "Ann. if Beaumont, John. Right side. 4 Taylor, Herbert. 6 Cox, Joe 8 Beaumont, Ann. 10 Stephenson, Edwin. 12 Beaumont, Dyson. 14 Brearley, Crowther. 16 Tweed, John Henry.

Page 262


Spinkfield Road, Marsh.

Richardson, Horace Martin. Oates, Charles Edwin. Wortley, Ben. Sykes, Fred. Turner, Joseph. Lefevre, William. Turner, James. Mellor, Ben. Sutherby, Jecamiah. Matthewman, Fred. Brotherton, Christopher Smith. Speight, Samuel. Stone Pit Hill, 1 Shaw, Arthur William. 2 Henry, Martin. 5 Cotton, William. 4 Ainley, John William. 6 Gill, William Edward. Syringa Street. 1 Lord, William. Appleyard, Thomas. McQueen, Thomas. Copp, Albert: Edward. 22 Levell, George. 24 Kilner, Sarah Ann (Syringa House). Riley, William. Armitage, , Edward.

Spring. § Street. Left side. Upperhead Row. 1 Clarkson, Abraham Jackson, draper. laHeeley, Joe Haigh, Dining Rooms. Western Place. Fielding, Joseph. Abbs, Evelyn St. Clair. Schofield, George. Dindell, lad Charles. Clancy, Bernard. Todd’s Yard. Grundy, Albert Edward. Bellarby, Walter. 9 Pickwell, Francis. 11 Stocks, Benjamin. Dodd’s Yard. Taylor, James. Bellarby, John.

Shaw, George. Whelan, John. Parker, Annie. 15 Townley, James, Arms Inn. 17 Livesey, Albert. Hoyle’s Yard. Robinson, Eli. Hirst’s Yard. Shaw, Ernest James. Littlewood, Thomas Hy. Hinchliffe. Dawson, Harry. Campinot, Tom. Hillyard, Walter. Holdsworth, Joe. 19 Fielding, Thomas. 19aHirst, Benjamin, joiner, builder, undertaker. 21 Davidson, Alfred, chimney sweeper. Springwood Street. South Street. 25 Lucas, Joseph, newsagent. 25aStockdale, Sam. 29 Higgott, George. 41 Taylor, Joseph Henry. 3laWalton, Henrietta. 53 Broadbent, Frederick. 55 Thomas, John. 41 Wimpenn, Elizabeth. Huddersfield. School Board. Manual Instruction Centre. 43 Strong, Thomas. 45 Kilner, Emily. 47 Kaye, Joseph. 49 Thornton, Caroline. 51 Wimpenny, John. 53 Haigh, Arthur. 55 Ditchburn, James Benj. Right side. 4 Bowker, William, and Co. electrical and ‘telephone engineers. 6 Brown and Thompson, pain- ters, decorators, paper- hangers ; tel. 448. Mellor’s Yard. Cundall, George Ernest. Mellor, Edward. Shaw, Charles Hi; ber and gas fitter.



Page 263


Armitage, E., wood carver /

6aBellarby, Sarah. Aram’s Yard. Tiffany, Sarah Ann. 10 Ayres, James. 12 Stockdale, George Henry. 16 Stockdale, Rebecca. 18 Morley, Willie. 20 Stott, Lloyd Collins. | Stott, Miss, dressmaker. 22 Senior, William Henry. 28 Fox, Joe. Springwood Street. 30 Stansfield, John, grocer. 32 Coe, Sarah Ann. South Street. 54 Pontefract, Harold. 36 Kaye, Thomas Armitage.

s6aStephenson, James Edward.

28 Brooksbank, George. 40 Mallinson, George. 42 Lidster, Jane. 42aGreen, Mary. 44 Farrer, Frances. 46 Wren, Christopher Henry. 48 Battye, James Edward. 48aBlackburn, Margaret Ann. 50 Kendall, Thomas, engraver. 52 Robinson, George Henry. 54 Morton, John. 56 Frankish, Charles. 58 Chrispin, Stanley. Water Street.

Spring Grove Street. Left side.

Heap Street. 5 Brooke, John. 7 Collins, Tom. 9 Heywood, Mrs. Sarah. 13 Ramsden, Mrs. Alice. 15 Eastwood, Albert.

17 Holdsworth, William Henrv.

Dawson’s Buildings. 1 Clough, Henry. 2 Johnson, Henry. 35 Stott, Harry. 4. Sykes, Mary Hannah. 19 Birkhead, Sarah Ann. 21 Kaye, James William . 25 Senior, Hannah.

25aHoyle, John,

25 Wood, Joe 27 Inman, William.

29 Wood, Joss, commercial traveller. 51 Yates, Thomas Shuttle-

worth, editor. _Parkin’s Yard. 2 Richardson, Willie. 35 Kaye, Harriet. 53 Fisher, Robert. Right side. 4 Mann, Mary Jane. 6 Studdard, Joseph. 8 Thomas, Fred. 10 Hirst, Henry Washington. 12 Wood, Timothy. 14 Littlewood, Joseph Richard. 16 Crosland, Arthur William. 18 Thomas. Harry. 20 Sefton, Edwin James. 24 Malcolm, Mary. 26 Crossley, Miss Sarah Ann.

28 Gledhill, Mary Ann.

30 Littlewood, Hannah. 32 Jackson, Robert Charles. 54 Shaw, Bradley. 36 Whitworth, John Harry. 58 Hancock, Harry. 40 Singleton, Joseph. 42 Barrowclough, Amelia.



Buckley’s Yard. 1 Nobles, Emma. 2 Hirst, David. 35 Hirst, Jonathan. Clarke, Ann Grove),


Springdale Street,

Lockwood. Fisher Street. Blackburn,

Albert Edward Proctor.

Kinder, Frederick Wood. Hemmingway, David. Hodgson, Ruth. Pickup, George. Brumstead, Albert. Robinson, Eli. Simpson, Emmanuel.


Page 264


Sykes, Mrs. Sarah Ann. Spivey, Walter. Cocker, Mathias. Ellis, Fred. Broadbent, Joe. Ward, Thomas. Turner, Abraham. Kaye, Sarah Jane. Hampshire, Joseph. Mitchell, Arthur. Hirst, J ohn. Halstead, Edward. — Schofield, Arthur. Mitchell, Walter. Gilling, Mrs. Annie Eliza- beth. Abbey, Thomas Henry. Horsfall, John. Calverley, James. Berry, Benjamin. Hellawell, Mrs. Harriet. Holroyd, James William. Tyas, John William. Shaw, Sam Whiteley, wooi- len manufacturer. Sykes, Joseph. Tate, Thomas Moody. Baldwin, Eliza. Casson, George Henry. Holt, Sunderland. Sheard, Albert Edgar. Waterworth, Jeremiah.

Spa Terrace. Left side. 1 Rhodes, Hannah.

3 Bower, James. 5 Nobles, George. 7 Cuttel, Abel. 9 Collier, Mary Ann.

Right side.

2 Swallow, Harry Kaye. 4 Saville, John.

6 Donkersley, William Ed- ward. 8 Webster, Charles. 10 Dyson, Mary.

12 Berry, Reuben. 14 Ramsden, George 16 Billington, Sarah. 18 Kaye, Arthur. 20 Wigglesworth, Walter.


| Springfield Terrace, Almondbury. 15 Dawson, John. 17 Crowther, Henry North. 19 Hinton, Joseph. 21 Bird, Frederick Arthur. 25 Wood, John William. 25 Hutchinson, Mary. 27 Cockin. Ben. 29 Sykes, Frederick. 31 Drake, Jeptha. 33 Chomeley, John Butler. | 55 Richardson, John Martin. 37 Henshaw, Thomas Richard. 39 Waddington, Amy. 41 Drake, Albert. Spa Mill. Brierley, Lewis Buckley. | Brierley, William Hanson. Wall, William Barrow. Square Hall, Elliott, John Hope.

Sun Green. 96 Farrand, Frank.

98 Etchells, Joseph.

100 Crowther, Sarah. 102 Etchells, John. 108 Hepworth, Ephraim.

Springwood. 126 Swire, M.A., Rev. Samuel, vicar of St. Thomas’s. 128 Whitwam, Arthur Lewis. 130 Davies, Arthur. Ellis, Thomas (The Cottage). 132 Bottomley, Joe. 136 Shaw, Georg e. Beckwith, 5 Edward. Springwood Avenue. Left side. Bow Street. 1 Sawyer, Joe. 3 Wimpenny, Eli. 5 Battye, Arthur Henry. 7 Raynor, Charles. 9 Brown, Joseph. Fearnley, James Banks. Spittle, John. . Riley, James Ashton. Mitchell, James. Shaw, Hannah. Garton, Alfred.

Page 265


Right side. 2 Berry, Edward. 4 Berry, Charles Brook, com- mercial traveller. 6 Taylor, George Washington. 8 Bennett, Joseph. 10 Gill, John, draper. 12 Tabrum, Arthur. 14 Conacher, Joe Hebble- thwaite, organ builder. Wolstenholme, pene Hy.,

reporter. Walker, James, hardware dealer. Cooper, Godfrey. Prentis, James. Thomas.

Anderson, William, draper. Springwood Hall. Kaye, Joseph. = Crosland, George William. Peel, Harry. Batley, Julia Pearson.

Springwood Street. Left side. 1 Edwards, Arthur. 35 Calvert, Joyce Elizabeth. 9 Crawshaw, Ernest. 13 Phillips, Arthur James. 15 Jagger, Emily. 17 Carter, John. Spring Street. 19 Dyson, Lucy Ann. i9aBarker, Thomas. 21 Spratt, Joseph Thomas, sign writer and decorator. 23 Kaye, Mary Ann. 25 H: olmes, Annie Elizabeth. 25a Webster, George. Water Street. Right side.

-Jennens, Welch, and Co.

Lid. (sec. Thos. F. Cole),

waterproof manufac- turers ; tel. 3. Gill, John William. 8 West. Ward Conservative Club (sec: J. W. Mathers). 10 Sykes, Alfred, electrical engineer ; tel. 375.

16 Marshall, Adelaide.

18 Ives, Mrs.


Esther. Tunnacliffe, William.

Spring Street. South Street.

Shaw, Edgar. Woodall, William Gibson. Kettlewell, Hannah. Lindley, Edgar. 24 Raffin, Edwin. Nutter, Elizabeth. James. : Hirst, William, joiner and undertaker. Water Street.

Squirrel Ditch,

Lowerhouses. Left side. Whitegate Road. 9 Maffin, Joss. 11 Maffin, Henry. Beaumont, Thomas Henry. Maffin, Fred. Powell, Fred Lockwood. 19 Brannan, Patrick. Carter, Roland. Johnson, James Edward. Tatterson, Evan. 29 Kershaw, William Henry. 31 Brooksbank, Fred. . 53 Kershaw, Mrs. Annie Eliza, farmer. Right side. Perry, James. Roberts, George, dealer. Johnston, William. Mail, Mrs. Fennetta. Schofield, Edmund. Greatley, Henry. Cocking, Alfred. Thorpe, Henry. Wood, James. Sykes, Joseph. Holmes, George. Sykes, Percy. Pollard, John William. 40 North, J oshua. 42 Priestley, Alfred. 44 Dyson, George. 46 Noble, William.


12 general

Page 266


48 Kershaw, Miss Jane. 50 Shore, Andrew.

Longley Lane.

St. Andrew’s Road. Left side. Aspley. Talbot, John. Sharpe, Fred. Clough, James. Dawson, Arthur, cotton spinner (Aspley Mills). 1-3 Newsome, Walter. | 5 Blenkhorn, Catherine. 7 Bedford, Arthur,- coal mer- chant. Thornton, Arthur. Hemingway and Co., ders (Aspley Dyeworks). 9 Clarke, Alfred. 11 Greenwood, Thomas Luke. Pearson, Albert. Lily Street. 13 Hanson, William. 15 Taylor, James. 17 Bell, Robert. Haigh, James. Brierley, John Lewis. 19 Mitchell, Alice. - 21 Nelson, Joseph. 23 Wilson, Betty. Rose Street. 25 Ellis, Jane. 29 Coe, Henry. 51 Dyson, Lavinia. 55-35 Muff, Mary Jane, general dealer. Hope Street. 37 Summersgill, Andrew. 359 Moseley, Mary. 41 Wilkshire, David. 47 Roebuck, James Frederick. 51 Peaker, Joseph. 55-55 Kilburn, Charles, general dealer. Violet Street. 57 Conroy, Daniel. 59 Sutcliffe, George. 61 Wheeler, Stephen. 65 Ward, William. 65 Foreman, Thomas.

Turnbridge Road. |


North. 13 Wood, William Henry,

greengrocer. 15 Wilson, Henry. 16 Hirst, Frank. Left side. Melbourne Place. 1 Jowitt, Mrs. Fanny. 2 Chadwick, Thomas. 3 Calvert, Albert Beaumont. 4 Armitage, John Beaumont Shaw, John, and Co.,. botanical beer manu- facturers. .

Rock Mission Church.

St. George’s Square. Royal Ward, John Henry. Jones, Chas. C., Royar In- surance Co.; tel. 240. Sykes, Edwin, solicitor. Poppleton, Appleby, and Ward, Chartered Accoun- tants, ‘Wholesale Tra- ders’ Association for the Protection of Trade ;” tel. 41. Crowther, W. and E., wool- len manufacturers. Sykes, Joseph, and Oo., woollen manufacturers. Sykes, Alfred. Britannia Chambers.

Crosland, Sir Joseph. Crosland, George, and Sons, woollen and worsted manufacturers ; tel. 529. Stanfield, Ed., Great North- ern Railway; tel. 110. Ainley, Sons, and Co., wool- manufacturers ;_ tel. 5

Heron, Tom, yarn agent. Stocks, H. V., and Co., fancy worsted manufac- turers. Bower and Roebuck, fancy worsted manufacturers. Shaw, John William, wool- _ manufacturer tel. 30,

Page 267


Thornton, William. Marsden, George Henry. Vicker man, John. Denham, John William.

7 partite and Co. , Indigo and oils Earnshaw and _ Fletcher, woollen and worsted manufacturers. Eastwood, Bros., Ltd.

Mellor, Joseph, and Sons. Shaw, Fred Henry. Hopes, Henry Parkes. Varley, George Frederick. 10 Huddersfield Parcel Co. 12 Wilkinson, John, and Son, woollen merchants . tel. 7 14 Watkinson, Harry. Watkinson, Bond. Watkinson, James Brook. 18 Nichol and Crowther, Ltd. (sec. T. L. Hay), woollen

and ea a turers ; tel. Lockwood, leon E., and

Chas. ., woollen merchants. Brierley, Jonathan, amd Son, woollen merchants. Haigh, Daniel, Cobden Tem- perance Hotel. Crown Advertising Co., Lid. (sec. EK. Boothroyd) ; ; tel. 59.

Globe Express Co., Ltd. (J. _ Duce), carriers. Johnson Bros., George Hotel ; tel. 215.

Railway Station.

St. Helen’s Lane,

Almondbury. Left side. 1 Draper, James, (Pent House). 7 Kaye, Samuel. i Parkin, John. 15 Parkin, Mary Ann. 17 Sheard, Tabitha. 19 Wilson, Edith Mary. 21 Capper, Joe. 25 Capper, Willie. 25 Ramsden , James.



237 27 Ramsden, Samuel. 29 Wilson, Gilbert. Sl Mellor, Ephraim, cotton merchant.

33 Morton, Abraham. 35 Mitchell, Joseph. Kaye, Henry. 37 Hallas, wool mer-

chan 39 Griffiths. Leonard Fredk. Rushfield Lane. 41 Woodhouse, Arthur. - New Lane. Right side. Gibson, Tom, general dea- ler. Proctor, Tom, Crown Stores. 56 Crowther, George Henry. 56 Smith, Fred Harry.

Fenay Lane.

48 Scarr, Leonard Thompson, general dealer. 40 Johnson, William. 42 Garner, Helena. 44 Smith, Albert Edward. 46 Taylor, Edward, commercial traveller.


Birks Lane. Borough Boundary.

St. John’s Road. Left side. Fitzwilliam Street, 1 Ellis, Fred, restaurant. 3 Mitchell, ‘Arthur, Sports- man’s Arms. Rook Street. 5 Brook and Ogden, woollen merchants. Bath Street. Bland, Jas., general dealer. 7 Sykes, Dearden, 9g Hoyle, Arthur. Radcliffe’s Yard.

Radcliffe, John, and Sons, builders ; tel. 212. 11 Radcliffe, Lewis. 13 Reynolds, George, 15 Cole, Thomas, reporter. 17 Wallis, Thomas Steadman.

Page 268

— 238

16 Swallow,

Cambridge Road. Wallis, Thomas S. and Co., woollen merchants. Ritener, Emil, and Co., shipping merchants. Haigh, Moulden, and Co., woollen merchants. Haigh, David, and Sons, woollen manufacturers ; tel. 76. Clare Hill.

Jubb, Alfred, and Son, Ltd. (pres. Alfred Jubb; sec. J. W. G. Coombs), Albany

PrintingWorks and manu- |

facturing stationers; tel.

Nelson and Woolger, mer- chant shippers ; tel. 12. Wallaces, Ltd. (manager, J. McBride). Headlands Road. St. John’s Church ; vicar, Rev. Mark Richardson. Bittener, Henri Jules Emile Bureau, ‘Gustave Pierre.

Blacker Road North. Right side. Rippon Bros., carriage buil- ders ; tel. 269 Bradbury, Marian. Jaggers, Walter, grocer. Green Street. Wilson, Graham, and Co., ~ electrical engineers. Douglas Terrace.

2 Bradbury, Marian.

Affleck, John, tailor and draper. Cricket and Athletic Club (sec. F.

Leonard) ; tel. 96.

12 Firth and oie ‘pans

merchants ; tel.

14 Hebblethwaite tie ., belt-

ing manufacturers ; tel. 340. Edmund, hearth- rug manufacturer >> tel. 255. .


Willow Lane. ‘ Marsh. 2 Waring, William Henry. 4 Milner, Thomas. 6 Batley, William

Henry Armitage.

8 Heywood, William Henry. Albert. 12 Brewster, Harriet. 14 Thornton, Martha. 16 Barrowclough, Benjamin.

Richardson, Rev. Mark (The Vicarage). Hillhouse.

26 Dougherty, John Heywood. 30 Lees, Mary Ann. 52 Gregg, Christopher. 34 Armitage, Joe William. 36 Bentley, Clara. 40 Coombs, Martha.

Dyson, Joseph.

St. Paul’s Street. Left side. 1 Day, Edwin, butcher. 3 Orford, Mrs. Jane, diress- maker 5 Klizabeth. 7 Gledhill, Thomas. 9 Benge, George Henry.

11 Rhodes, Henry. 13 Hanson, Elizabeth Ann. al Bagshaw,

Thomas Albert


23 Liddell, Mary. 25 Ramsden, Ada. 27 Sherwood, William Henry. 29 Stott, Selina, apartments. 51 Newhouse, Dyson. 33 Williams, "Henry John. 355. Bentley, John.

37 Littlewood, Richard.

45 McVeagh, ‘Frederick Came-

ron. Volunteer Drill Hall and Armoury. ~ Right side. Williams, Henry. 4 Stimson, George. 6 Kaye, Henrietta. 8 Leeson, Samuel.

10 Mellor, Fred.

Page 269


12 Nichol, Thomas Alfred. 14 Haigh, Henry, general dea- er. 16 Stevenson, Harriet. 18 Rayner, William Edward. Public Playground.

St. Peter’s Street. Left side. Station Street. 1 Thomson, Shaw, and Co., Ltd. (sec. B. Shaw), wool- len manufacturers ;__ tel. 107. Palatine Buildings.

5 Palatine Insurance Co., Ltd. (sec. J. H. Mills) ; tel. 216. John William Street. Lion Arcade Buildings. Taylor and fancy woollen manufac- turers. Wood Street. 7 Porritt and Co., wool mer- chants ; tel. 195. . _. “Byram Street, Empire Theatre. — Lord Street. 11 Weston, John.

15 Radcliffe, Jane Elizabeth, apartments. 15 Barrowclough, Frederick

James. — 17 Wilkinson, Arthur. ' 19 Laird, James, surgeon. Primitive Street. 21 North, Ann. 25 Herring, Louisa. 25 Ackroyd, Charles, tailor. St. Peter’s Assembly Rooms. Hirst’s Dining Rooms. Northgate. Right side. St. Peter’s Street West. Taylor and Co., upholsterers and carpet warehousemen. Turner, Joseph Brooke, wine, spirit, and cigar merchant’; tel. 55.

Littlewood, |

239 Stocks, Ben, architect and surveyor. John William Street. 4-6 Lowenthal Bros., wool merchants ; tel. 159. ; Woed Street. 8 Walker, Edwin, and Co., Ltd. (sec. H. Pontefract), worsted manufacturers ; tel. 64. Byram Street. St. Peter’s Churchyard. Lord Street, 12 Bray, Jane, apartments. 14 Comyn, Thomas. 16 Smith, Ben, tailor. 18 Shaw, John Robert. 20 Lee, Benjamin. 20aSenior, John Thomas. 22 Shaw, John. 24 Stead, Richard. 26 Dyson, George. 28 Hardcastle, William Lawson, Vulcan Inn. 60 Frost, Louisa. Joseph. «52 Hillyard, John, grocer. Northgate.


St. Stephen’s Road,

Lockwood. Lockwood Road. 6 Whiteley, William, cotton spinner. 8 Earnshaw, Ben.

10 Donaldson, Robert.

12 Dawson, John Charles, mun go manufacturer. 14 Hirst, Alfred. Somerset Terrace. . 5 Lindley, Matthew Henry. 7 Wood, Joe. 9 Greenhalgh, Joseph. 11 Dawson, George Henry. 13 Binns, Joe. 15 Oldfield, Alfred. 17 Ellis, Mary Ann. 19 Knowles, James. 25 Harrison, John. 2¢ Hirst, Fred. 37 Radcliffe, Robert Henry.

Page 270


47 Armitage, George Henry. 49 Shore, Arthur. 51 Goldthorpe, John George. 57 Armitage, Joseph. 59 Beaumont, Joe. 63 Morton, Charles. ' St. Stephen’s Place. Swindells, Hannah. St. Stephen’s Church; Rev. John Dunbar, vicar of Rashcliffe. St. Thomas’s Road. Left side. 1 Sykes, Mrs. Frances. Downs, Abel. 5 Lunn, Mrs. Fanny. Kaye, Albert. 7 Bunnings, John Robert. 9 Bottomley, James. 11 Heppenstall, William. Right side. 4 Hepworth, Mrs. Emma. 8 Mossley, George Henry. 10 Hirst, Phineas. Hope Street. Bowers, Tom.

Orton, Mrs. Mary. i

Fleetwood, Joe. Hollings Abner. Kaye, Alfred. Bottomley, Sam. ar John Byram,

dye Bell, ‘J ohn. Dawson, John.

Stariley Street, Lockwood.

Left side. Bentley Street. 1 Thompson, William. 3 McKracken, Mary. 5 Starbuck, Alfred: Right side. 2 Sanderson, Eli. 4 Fisher, Ernest. 6 Beardsell, Herbert. 8 Newell, Charles. 10 Walshaw, Matthew Edward. 14 Hirst, Fred. 16 Pearson, James. 18 Bradley, Mrs. Martha. 20 Stanley, Mrs. Elizabeth.



Stanley Street, Lindley. Holly Bank Road. 2 Brooks, Herbert, Thomas. 4 Dobson, John William. 6 Schofield, Isaac. 8 Dyson, Fred. 10 Walker, Charles. 12 Schofield, George William. 16 Bottomley, Ben, contractor. Bottomley, Mrs. Ellen. Haigh, Thomas.

Station Road, Berry Brow.

School Lane. 1 Senior, Emm 3 Lidgate, Charles William. 5 Shaw, John William. 7 Copley, Mary. 9 Copley, Joseph.

McKie, William, station- master. Wilson, Harry, Railway

el. Salem Wesleyan Chapel.

Station Street. Left side. gaWebb, J. E., agent. 3-7 Coates, E. WwW. bookseller, stationer, and circulating library ; tel. 475. Lawton, Son, and Hoyle, woollen manufacturers ; tel. 31 Holmfield. Beaumont, Bates, and Son, woollen’ manufacturers : tel. 3 Slaithwaite.

Watkinson, F. T., agent. 9 Tax Office. Hall and Co., Solicitors,

Commissioners for Oaths, Agents for Sun and Alli- ance ; tel. 441. Fisher, Firth, and Co., wool-

len. manufacturers ; : Mills, Marsden. Taylor and Co., woollen manufacturers ; Mills, Holmfirth.

13 Haigh, John, woollen mer-


a = eS 2 a Pd 2 a a7 i |

Page 271


17 Nimms, Jas., and Co., wool- |

len merchants ; tel. 173. 19 Fisher, Henry, and Co., woollen manufacturers ;

Works, Marsden. Right side.

Byram Buildings. |

2 Haigh, John, and Son, stock and share brokers, and in- surance agents ; tel. 259. 4 Eddison, Ltd., photogra- phers ( managing director, A. Eddison). Dransfield, James Harrop

(LL.B. Lond.), commis- sioner for oaths, agent Royal Exchange Edin- burgh Life.

Smith, Carmi, and Son, pro- |

vision brokers. °

Kenyon, Peter, indigo mer- |


chant, drysalter, ete. ;tel. | |

Lockwood, E. W., architect. |

6 Marshall, F., dressmakers’ supply stores. | 8 Beckwith, John Edward,

carver and gilder.

10 Shaw, Mellor, and Co., wool- |

len merchants ; tel. 430. Leonard, John, and Co., worsted coating manufac- turers. Colne Valley Tweed Co. Child, William, Ltd. (sec. F. Wortley), plush manufacturers. Stoner, Crowther D., and Co., fancy woollen manu- facturers. Ainley and Ramsden, stock and share brokers ; tel. 118.

12 Armitage and Norton, scot | tel. |

tered accountants ; 537. Stile Common. Left side. Newsome Road, 1 Robinson, James. 5 Sykes, Joseph. 5 Kaye, Joseph. L

and. Co., |


7 Booth, William. 9 Dean, Mary. 11 Shaw, James. 13 Hayle, John. 15 Shaw, Eliza Ann. 17 Denton, Joseph. 19 Singleton, William Henry.

21 Dransfield, Arthur. 25 Scott, William Henry. 25 Brook, John. 27 Rothery, Joseph, general dealer.

29 31 33 35 39 41

Thornton, Miranda. Schofield, Thomas Henry. Coupland, Edward, tailor. Rushworth, Joseph. Tyas, Herbert. Sykes, Ainley, overseer. 43 Crowther, Sarah. Right side. 8 Redfearn, David. 10 Nowell, Beaumont. 12 Robinson, Fred. 14 Greenhow, Ralph. 16 Sykes, William. 18 Fieldsend, Frederick. 20. Wilkinson, Harriet. 22 Fearnley, Walter. 24 Walshaw, Robert. 26 Shaw, Mrs. Martha. 28 Mellard, Richard Henry. 50 Rister, Tom, picture dealer. Clayton, Benjamin. Senior, Fred. Heywood, Elizabeth. Fillan, Archibald jeweller. Sykes, James William. Jessop, Thomas. Stile Common Road. Left side.

Primrose Hill Road.


48 50 52



1 Townend, James, farmer. 3 Horsfall, Franklin, cab pro- prietor. 5 Weavill, maker.

7 Reed, Arthur. 9 Oldfield, Charles. 11 Boyes, Fred.

Prince Street.

Page 272


13 Brook, Sam. 15 Sheard, Samuel, architect. 25 Washington, Tom Harry. 33 Liversidge, John. Pontefract, J. W. Newsome Road. Right side. 2 Horsfall, Jonas. 4 Charlton, Peter. Jones, Richard. 6 Shaw, Friend James. 8 Payne, Benjamin. 10 Priest, Edward. 12 Ibberson, Walter. 14 Swallow, Tom. 18 Armitage, Tom, tailor. 20 Sizer, Albert. 22 Haigh, Walter. 24 Berry, Emily. Board Schools. Stile Fold.

Calvert, Hadfield. Calvert, Rawson.

Stirley Hill, Berry Brow.

35 Shaw, Herbert. 37 Lodge, George Henry. 43 Clapham, Emma. 45-47 Lodge, Eliza Ann. Lodge, Elizabeth Rachel. 49 Holroyd, Adam. 51 Sykes, Joseph Henry., 53 Manning, William. 55 Woffenden, James. 57 Boothroyd, Frederick. 59 Green, Emma. 61 Green, Rowland. Matthews, Edward (Stirley Farm). Stoney Lane, Taylor Hill. Left side. Taylor Hill Road, Lockwood. 1 Baldwin, John. 3 Price, Wilham. 5 Ellam, Sarah Hannah. 7 Shaw, William. 9 Bradshaw, Mrs. Jane. 11 Lockwood, Abraham. 13 Hirst, Ralph. 15 Roebuck, Noah. 17 Leonard, Mrs. Eliza. 19 Duce, Herbert.


21 Jakeman, Fred. 23 Hawthornthwaite, Fred. 25 Kilner, Humphrey. 27 Heaton, Frank. 29 Howlett, James William. 31 Bayliff, Wilfred. 35 Bradley, Mrs. Mary. 35 Wilkinson, Joe. 37 Broadbent, Edith. 39 Taylor, George Henry. 41 Milnes, Sarah Hannah. 43 Lockwood, Sarah. Right side. Mellor’s Buildings. 2 Roebuck, Fred. | 4 Hopkinson, Mrs. Mary. 6 Hirst, William.

8 Cooke, Stephen Edward. ,

10 Meadows, George Henry. 12 Nichols, Walter. 18 Schofield, Brook. 92 Marsden, Charles. 2 Heywood, William. 4 Morehouse, Mrs. Elizabeth. 6 Beaumont, Thomas. 8 Higginson, Fred.

Haigh, George. Rodgers, James Edward. Stocks, William Henry (Parkgate).

Stoney Cross Lane. Left side. Back Stoney Lane. 1 Walker, Oliver. 3 Hodson, John. 5 Gaunt, George. 7 Lodge, Allen. 9 Jessop, Benjamin.

13 Hawthornthwaite, Matthew.

15 Lodge, Mary. 17 Bradshaw, George. 19 Matthewman, Harry. Stoney Cross Street. Left side. 1 Beaumont, Benson. 3 Blackburn, David Lodge. Right side. 2 Broadbent, John Newton. Stoney Lane. 4 Redfern, James Henry. 8 Taylor, Frank. 10 pane Mrs. Lydia Han- nah,

Page 273


12 Rushworth, Martha. | 14 Shaw, Miss Jane, dress- | maker. | Hirst, Hinchliffe. 16 Turner, Joshua. 20 Mallinson, Tom. 22 Shaw, William.

Close Hill Lane. | Storth, Hillhouse. 1 Barker, Riley. 2 Hopwood, James. 5 Holroyd, Fred. 4 Heaton, James.

Storthes, Moldgreen. Left side.

rt he Carr Pit Road. — 1 Duckworth, William, _hair- dresser and tobacconist.

5 Hoyle, Alliston Donald, bootmaker. 5 Silver. George, manager,

_ Hollingworth’s grocery.

7 Lancaster, Martha Ann, Somerset Arms Inn. | 9 Netherwood, Mrs. Ruth, — milliner and draper. — | 13 Roebuck, Harry, cabinet- | maker. | 15 Priestley, George, tobacco- | nist. | 17 Cockroft, John William, chemist.

19 Rowley. Samuel. _ Gothard, George. Holdroyd’s Yard. 29 Gooder, William. 55 Whitehead, John William. 59 Greensmith, Mary, confec. tioner. 41 Fitton, G. H., grocer. 45-47 Oddy, Charles, ironmon- ger. ‘ Silver Street. 49 Williamson, Jonathan Wil- liam. 51 Williamson, Jonathan, but- |

cher. 53 Ardron, J ames, shoemaker.


55 Varley, John William.

57 Hargreaves, Harry, and tinplate worker. 59 Gledhill, Robert Henry. 59aDowling, Walter Harold. 61 Coates, John. 65 Hardcastle, Joah. 67 Grayson, William boot manufacturer. 69 Lodge, William, hairdresser and chiropodist. 71 Wright, Frederick. | 75 Craven, Sarah Ann. Lee John Edward,

airy. Roebuck and Eastwood, mil- liners and dressmakers. 75 Murgatroyd, George, fruit- erer. 79 Craven, Sarah Ann. 81 Cooper, Daniel, slaughterer. 83 Starkey, Albert. 85 Lund, Miss Sarah, dress- maker. 87 McGrath, Agnes. 89 Taylor, Fred. 91 Falck, Louis. 95 Greenwood, Mrs. Fanny. 95 Clarke, John. 97 Douglas, Mary, conf. ctioner 99 Beaumont, Charles. Hutton, Frederick William. | Frost, Joe, dyer.




| 105 Kaye, Adam.

107 Hopkinson, Tom, marine store dealer. 109 Gledhill, Alice. Brigg, William. opkinson, Albert, furni- ture broker. ° 115 Hopkinson, Samuel, china and, glass er. 115 Taylor, George. 119 Green, Joe. 121 Bell, Nehemiah. 125 Smith, Miss Ann Hannah. 125 Hoyle, John. 129 Smith, John, general dealer. 131 Peace, Samuel, herbalist. 143 Marshall, Abraham, _hair- dresser.

Page 274

244 135 Lee, John William, shoe- maker. Normington, Tom Haigh. North, Mrs. Mary. Right side.

Scholes, Fred, tailor and

woollen draper. 12 Wear, Frederick.

104 Hirst, William,

Cartwright, Charles Edwin. ©

Somerset Crescent. |

18 Mann, Miss Sarah Ann, mil-

liner. 18aSykes, William Henry. Schofield’s Yard. 22 Mallinson, Hanson. 24 Wood, Annie. % Arthur, Alfred. 28 Kaye, Harry. 30 Haigh, Mary. 32 Russell, Samuel, bookbinder 34 Shaw, Martha. 36 Bamiorth, Mrs. Matalda. 38 Hopkinson, Joe William. 40 Hartley, Arthur. 44 Eastwood, James. 46 Bull, Henry Roger Burton. 48 Wright, Joseph Robert Whittaker. 52 Hopkinson, George Henry. 54 Wood, Charles Willie. 56 Holroyd, Arthur. 58 Thompson, Mrs. Susan. 60-70 Pearson, John, painter. 62 Armitage, Copley. 64 Benson, Joe. 66 Kaye, Albert. 68 Simons, George Fountain. 72 Taylor, Mrs. Susan. 74 Eastwood, Tom. 76 Bartlam, Alfred. 78 Northrop, William. 80 Thompson, Elizabeth. 82 Pollard, Caroline. Woed’s Yard. 86 Boothroyd, Elizabeth. 88 Graham, Mrs. Mary Ellen. 94 Burrows, Richard, marine store dealer. 98 Graham, Thomas, sweeper. 100 Brooke, William Henry. 102aArmitage, Jane.



pro- soos

. | 106 Exley, Harriet.

Duffield, George William.

108 Cheetham, William. 110 Rooks, Lydia. 112 Broadbent, Henry.

Tunnacliffe’s Yard. 30 Haigh, Mary. 32 Russell, Samuel.

Street, Lockwood. Left side. Albert Street. 3 Oldham, Edward. 5 Walker, Joseph, painter. 7 Hirst, Wilson. 11 Goodrick, Tom. 13 Hinchliffe, Lydia. Right side. 2 Simpson, . Thomas Cook, bootmaker. .4 Bates, William. 10 Johnson, Charles. 14 Wilkinson, Tom Beaumont. 16 Parker, James. Suuaset Terrace. Walker, James.


Sunny Bank Road, Lindley. — Cleveland Road, Edgerton.

2 Pugh, Hugh Richard. 6 Hinchliffe, Levi.

7 Crowther, Norman, cloth manufacturer. Allen, Benjamin (Ormesby House).

Occupation Road,

Swallow Street. Left side. Upperhead Row. 3 McNulty, Thomas. 5 Wilson, John. Connor’s Yard. 4 Grogan, Patrick. 7 Charlesworth, William. . Duke Street. 7 Webster, Mary. 9 Barnes, Jo

Page 275


11 Ward, Michael. 15 Cassidy, John. 17 Preston, Walter, dairyman. Grove Street. 19 Williamson, Sam. 23 Cassidy, Mrs. wardrobe dealer. 25 Hirst, David. Right side. 4 Noon, Patrick. 6 Doyle, William. _ Black Lion Yard. 5aJohnson, Michael Joseph. 12 Conneally, Martin. 14 Gallagher, William. 16 Ellis, Thomas. 18 Kilburn, Joe. 20 Kaye, Oliver. 22 Reid, Ellen. 24 Furniss, Louis Beecher. Heywood’s Yard. 1 Thewlis, Jane. 26 Priestley, Edward. 28 Hllis, Fred. South Street.

Swan Lane, Lockwood. Left side. Meltham Read. 3-5 Huddersfield Industrial Society, branch stores. Swan Court. 7 Beaumont, George. 11 Hadfield, Sam. 13 Ren. 15 Hirst, Richard Hanson. 17 Coldwell, John William. 19 Lockwood and Salford Liberal Club (sec., Joe _ Vickerman). 21 Jordinson, Fred. 23 Burdett, Agnes Jane. 25 Turner, William.

27 Rhodes, William, millwright

Devolishics Street. 29 Archer, Rev. George, sec. to Baptist Union (Croft House). 31 Boothroyd, Elizabeth.

3laPriestley, Mrs. Emma. homeeopathic medicine




Blamire’s. Yard. 1 Tinker, John. 5 Whiteley, Charles. 6 Proctor, George. 35-37 Sykes, Benjamin Beau- mont, joiner and builder. 39 Hobson, George, confec- tioner. 41 Wood, James Henry, boot and shoe dealer. 43-45 Berry, Sam. Best’s Yard.

2 Mitchell, Harold. 3 Cartwright, Alfred. 49 Miller, John William. 51 Thornton, Mary Elizabeth. 53 Dodsworth, Richard. 55 Whitehead, Harry. 57 Beaumont, John. 59 Buckley, George. 61 Crawshaw, Elizabeth. 63 Holden, William Henry, agent. 65 Armitage, Fred. 67 Crossley, John William. 69 Burrans, Mrs. Jemima. Carter’s Yard. 1 Horrocks, William. 2 Priest, Harris. Kaye, ‘James. 5 Whipp, John William.

Burran’s Yard..

1 Dyson, Edward Barber. 2 Mowbray, Frederick. 4 Mitchell, Charles Ernest. 5 Walker, ‘Tom. 7 Moorhouse, Henry. 71 Pearson, Frank, hairdresser. 1S Stockwell, Luke. butcher. Howarth Lane.

75 Wright, John.

-77 Nussey, Benjamin.

79 Thorpe, Tom. 81 Fred. 83 Schofield, "Sarah. 87 Armitage, Sarah. 89 Rushworth, Elizabeth. 91 Storey, George. 93 Birks, Eliza. 95 Moore, Alfred.

97 Francis, Elizabeth.

99 Garside, William Henry.

Page 276


101 Kershaw, Joe. 103 Ashton, Betty. 105 Cartwright, Henry. 107 Moorhouse, Eli. 109 Haigh, grocer. 113 Moorhouse, Allen. 115 Huntley, J: ames, piano tuner Bentley Street. Lockwood Station Yard.

North, George, coal mer-

chant. Chappell and Wood, coal and lime merchants. Huddersfield Industrial So- ciety, coal depot. Stanley and Armitage, coal and lime merchants. Whitehead, Nathan, coal chant. Whiteley, William and Sons, Ltd. (sec., J. W. Charles-

worth), machine manufac-

turers ; tel. 598. Yew Green. Right side. Armitage, Mrs. Lydia, Red Lion Inn.

2 Macdonald. Mrs. Ellen, gen-

eral dealer..

1 Addy, William. 3 France, Rawson. 4 Royston, John. 5 Elstone, Samuel. 6 Burton, George Edward. 7 Dearnlev James. 8 Carter, William. Herbert. 9 Longbottom, Furness. 10 Longbottom, Thomas. 11 Parsons, Isaac. 4 Stott, Lewis, butcher. 8 Mackenzie, Dr. Frederick Lumsden, surgeon (North House). 10 Shaw, Christiana. Victoria Road. 12 Shaw, Allen, Town Hall Inn. 14 Rowhottom, Edwin. draper. 16 Fleming, Sam, baker. Police and _ Fire (Sergeant Harry Binns). North Street.



18 Lockwood, Mary Eliza. 20 Darby, Hugh.

22 Stringer, Emma.

24 Dransfield, Richard, Swan 26 Wheelwright, Thomas. 28 Bower, Herbert, tobacconist and newsagent. Swan Yard.

42 Tinker, Friend Ernest. | 34 Tinker, Sam. 356 Boothroyd, George. 40 Aspinall, James Edward. 44 Pearson, Charles. 48 Dixon, Jonathan. 50 Broadhead, George Henry, ironmonger and _ tinplate worker. 52 Ainley, Norris tailor. 56 Chappell, Harry. 58 Mallinson, Mrs. Sarah, gene- ral dealer. 60 Poole, Charles. 62 Chappell, George. Oxford Place. 1 Mosley, John. 2 Beardsell, Ann. 3 Blakeley, Herbert. 4 Pownell, Alfred. 5 Moorhouse, George. 6 Taylor, Robert. 7 Wood, Joe 8

Springfield Place.

1 Eastwood. Edmund. 2 Jepson, Charles Edward. 4 Wood. Herbert. 5 Bell, Charles. 6 Moorhouse, Lydia. 8 Jackson. Mary Ann. 9 Brown, Law. 11 Jackson, George William. 12 Burton, William. 13 Crowther, Henry 14 Dransfield. J oka “William. 16 Birkhead, Harry. 18 Day, Harrv. 19 Elizabeth. 20 Smith, Alfred. 21 Mallinson, William Henry 24 Welsh, James.


Page 277


66 Gledhill, Walter Wood. 68 Crabtree, George. 70 Shaw, Miss Annie, moon and hosiery. 72 Graham, Robert. 74 Graham, Sarah Ann. 76 Wilson, Herbert Henry. 78 Armitage, Richard. Mallinson, Joe, contractor. 82 Medley, Grace.

Berry Buildings.

86 Dawson, William Henry. R8 Gannt. Tsabelle 90 Matthewman, Henry. 92 Moorhouse, George. 94 Dixon, George. 96 Tiffany, Fred. 98 Hellawell, Joseph.

Hellawell’s Buildings.

1 Crosland, Emma. 2 Beaumont, John Charles. 3 Bullas, James. 100 Woodcock, Ann. °* 102 Gooder, Edwin. 104 Kaye, Joe Thomas. Lockwood Station (Lanca- shire and Yorkshire Rail- way).

Tanyard Lane, Milnsbridge. Bridge Street.

Gledhill, George, Four Horse Shoes Inn. Calvert Willis: i797 “er,

1 Cartwright, Thomas, painter and decorator.

2 Coover and Co., drysalters.

3 Thornton Bros., heald and reed makers. 4-Pickersgill, Fred, leather

merchant : tel. éy. Mathers, William,, and skep maker. Hollingworth, John, wheel- wright, joiner, and under- taker. Brook and France, Island Packing Works; tel. 52.


Bankhouse Mills. |

Tanyard Road, Quarmby. Left side, Oates Road. 3 Schofield, Joseph. 5 Roberts, James, farmer. 7 Moorhouse, Mrs. Margaret. 9 Mallinson, Mrs. Mary Ellen. Right side. 2 Gaunt, Joseph Shaw, cotton merchant. 4 Hall, Charles. 8 Taylor, Joseph. Salendine Nook. Morton’s Potteries.

Taylor Hill Road,

Lockwood. Left side. Salford Road. 5 Roebuck, William Henry. 5 Shaw, George. 7 Armitage, Smith. 9 Walker, William. 11 Sykes, Luke Noble. 13 Bentley. Miss Lydia. 15 Booth, Benjamin. 17 Lumb, Mrs. Margaret. 19 ‘Bower, Mrs. Eva. Bower, Herbert. 23 Boothroyd, George. 25 Broadbent, William. 27 Short, Mrs. Hannah. 29 Sykes, Ben. 31 Parker, John. 33 Haigh, Sam. 35 Bradley, Abraham. 37 Boothroyd, Joshua. 39 Tate, James. Stoney Cross Lane. Primitive Methodist Chapel. 41 Senior, Friend. Lockwood, Charles Albert. 61 Ramsden, Mrs. Mary. Priestley, James. Right side. 2 Rowbottom, Harry, sexton. 4 Smith, Charles. 6 Sykes, Edward. 10 pee John, smallware dea- —

12 Mary.

Page 278


20 Coldwell, Jonathan. 22 Armitage, John Oxley Elam. ‘24 Oldfield, Knoch. 26 Buckley, Mrs. Elizabeth. 28 Haigh, Clara. 30 Stocks, James. _ 62 Hirst, Allen. 34 Barnett, John. 56 Gill, John... 38 Mallinson, Hannah. 40 Armitage, Beaumont. 42 Taylor, Jonathan. 44 Liversidge, Allen. 46 Mallinson, Thomas. 48 Heaton, Ben. 50 Broadbent, George. 52 Boothroyd, George Alfred. 54 Beevers, Tom. 56 Turner, Joseph. 58 Thewlis, George Paxton. 60 Moss, George. 62 Clay, James Albert. 64 Castle, Elizabeth. 66 Wood, Emma. 68 Clay, Joe. 70 Scholes, Joseph. 72 Rodgers, Mrs. Sarah Ann. 74 Mallinson, William. 76 Hobson, Mary Ellen. 78 Roberts, Ann. 80 gy David, general dea-

er. 84 Boothroyd, Elliott. 86 Battye, Rockley. 88 Turner, Susannah. 92 Jackson, Joseph. 94 Hinchliffe, Walter. 96 Crow, Anthony. 98 Ramsden, Charley. 100 Hirst, William. 102 Dyson, Walter. 104 Charlesworth. Mrs. Maria. 106 Howard, Emily. 108 Bradley, Alfred. 110 Bradley, Samuel. 112 Boothroyd, Henry. 114 Bradley, Albert.

116 Thewlis, Walter Wellington. |

118 Atha, Bingley. 120 Longbottom, Alfred. 122 Crowther, Mrs. Ellen. 124 Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth. 126 Stocks, Mrs. Hannah. 128 Beaumont, James.


132 Crabtree, Robert.

130 Milner, Albert.

i34 Chambers, William Albert. 136 sare, Tom, general dea- er. 138 Mellor, Dyson. 140 Clay, Fred. 142 Mallinson, Mary. 144 Hirst, Ben. 146 Taylor, Joseph, maker.

148 Roebuck, Mrs. Mary Earl.


-150 Bradley, George Henry.

152 Singleton, Fred. 154 Ramsden, Henry. 154aShaw, Giles. Lee, Edwin. 156 Bennett, Willie. 158 Beaumont, Wilham. 160 Wilkinson, France Arthur. 162 Woodhouse, George. 164 Beaumont, John Charles- . worth.

168 Copley, Mrs. Ann. Elizabeth

*Birch Street, Berry Brow. Vickerman’s Square. 1 Newsome, Sarah Ann. 4 Pinder, Allen. 5 Morton, George. 7 Horsfall, Mary Ann. 9 Durrans, Jim. 17 Armitage, Mary Jane.

Berry Brow. |

Aspinall, Henry Brighouse. Haigh, Albert. Booth, Ben. Copley, Ben Wilkinson. Fairburn, Charles Robert. ii Riding, Tom. 13 Hardcastle, George. 17 Miines, Charles. 19 Newsome, Jane. 21 Jagger. William Henry. 23 Donkersley, George. 25 Dawson, Wright. 27 Hallas, Richard. 29 Crawshaw, Sarah. 31 Crawshaw, Willie. Ainley, George Edwin. ; Taylor Hill. 1 Mallinson, Edward. 2 Clarkson, Mansfield. 3 Leonard, John.

Cc -~1O WD

Page 279


4 Stocks, David. 6 Hirst, Fred.

Priestley’s Yard

2 Durrans, Ruth. 4 Ellam, William. 6 Taylor, George. 8 Drake, Sarah. 10 Gledhill, Thomas. 12 Carter, Tom. 14 Cook, Sarah Elizabeth. 18 Clarkson, Charles Henry. 20 Ramsden, Willian. 22 Battye, George. 24 Hawthornthwaite, Mat- thew. 26 Lawton, George.

Temple Street, Lindley. Left side. Lidget Street.

1 Gelder, Norris. 5 Hirst, John Richard. 5 Gledhill, John. 11 Todd, Sam. 15 Mallinson, Henrietta. 17 Rhodes, Edward. 19 Bates, Mary Ellen. 21 Holt, George Edward. 23 Booth, Hinchliffe. 25 Schofield, Joseph. 27 Arrowsmith, William.

Right side.

6 Hardeastle, William. Crosland, Alfred. 10 Gledhill, Edwin. 12 Snowball, John. 14 Morton, Herbert. Methodist New Connexion Schools. i8 Atkinson, George. 20 Boothroyd, Ben. 22-24 Wadsworth and Fairbank, cotton yarn manufac- turers. 26 Pearson, Elizabeth. 28 Holt, Alfred. 50 Moore, Arthur. 34 Netherwood, Susannah Pil- ey

bt pat

Thistle Street. Left side. Leeds Road. 1 Ellis, Simeon. 5 Pickles, Mrs. Ann Elizabeth 5 Hudson, Mrs. Emma. 7 Booth, William. Henry.

11 Morton, Alfred. 13 Moorhouse, Henry. 15 Taylor, Mrs. Isabella. 19 Wainwright, Daniel. 21 Lumb, Watson. 23 Davison, James. 25 Sykes, George. 2’ Moorhouse, George. 9 Thewlis; Herbert.

Richt side. 4 Halstead, Charles William. 6 Brook, Joseph. 8 Waring, Richard.

10 Bray, James. 12 Groome, Thomas. 14 Broadley, Mary. 16 Jessop, Joe. 18 Peace, John William. 20 Jessop, Mrs. Lydia Ann. 22 Crowther, John Edward. 24 Birkinshaw, Fred. 26 Hodgson, Edwin. 28 Matthers, Arthur. 30 Pogson. Thomas. 32 Kaye, John Henry. 34 Winterbottom, Sam. 56 Jenkinson, Edwin. 58 Mallinson, William. 40 Lewis, Mrs. Lucy. 42 Priestley, William Henry. 44 Leonard, Brook. 46 Whiteley, Tom.

St. Andrew’s Road.

Thomas Street. L:ft side. Northgate. Sowden, James. Brook, Mrs. Jane May. Haigh, Walker, Mitre Inn. Smith, William, Wilson, Mrs. Sarah Ann. Lockwood, Willie. Cromack, Mrs. Harriett.

CO = O1 Gt et

Page 280


17 Bywater, Thomas. 19 Schofield, Jane. 21 Hopley, Robert. 25 Bintley, William. 27 Holmes, Harviet. 29 Hirst, Joseph, newsagent. WaKent, Mrs. Emily. jl Taylor, Joe William, North ‘Arms Inn. Burn’s Head Yard. 2 Peel, Fred. 3 Netherwood, Jesse. 4 Brook, William Thomas. 6 Senior, Joe. 7 Brahancy, Patrick. 35 Cross, Albert George. 35aMcDermott.,, Charles Edward 37 Oldfield, James Henry. 39 Cawtheray, Thomas. 41 Smith, John. 45 Ellam, James. 49 Land, Charles, 51 Carr, George. 53 Shaw, John. 55 Foster, Bill.



Brook’s Yard. 1 Hamilton, Albert. 2 Briggs, John. 57 Cawtheray, James. 59 Bintley, John Albert. 61 Lindsay, Mrs. Fanny, laun- dress. Haigh’s Yard. 1 Kitching, Samuel Rawlin- son. _ 2 Bull, James. 65 Nolan, ‘John. a Haigh, Sam William. 73 Brierley, William. 75 Dransfield, Mrs. Rose Ann. Right side. 2 Haley, George. 4 Lister, Frances. 6 Coultard, Robert. John. 8 Brown, Ann. 10 Lisle, Fred, greengrocer. 14 Jacks on, Dick. 16 Lockwood, Mrs. Betty. Kaye’s Buildings. 1 Waterworth, Edna. 3 Swindells, Robert. 4 Mellor, Henry.

5 Hickman, Walter. 6 Lodge, Ann. 20 Gill, Joe. Hirst’s Yard. Callaghan, John. Scholes, Thomas. Binks, John. Fox, George. Paw: son, John William. Gill, George Henry. Boothroyd, Hannah Maria 9 Hodgson, Samuel. 10 Méssheder, Thomas. 22 Brahney, John. 24 Mullarkey, Tom. 26 Appleyard, Harry. 28 Wass, James. 30 Paine, Henry, jeweller. 32 Holliday, Tom. 34 Pawson, Tom. 36 Earnshaw, Mrs. Ann Ellen, general dealer. Ibbotson’s Yard. 1 Hall, Allen. 2 Ellam, Ben. 5 Cawtheray, Joe. 38 Statham, Joseph. 40 Hirst, J ohn Thomas. 44 Dufton, William, dentist. 46 Briggs, Joe Rushworth. Richardson, Alice. 46 Pawson, Mrs. Mary. 52 Sweeting, Robert. . 56 Heywood, Albert. 58 Cocking, George Henry. Lowerhead Row.


Thomas Street, Lindley.

Left side. Lidget Street. 3 Sissons, Harriet L. 5 Rhodes, Fred. 7 Shaw, Ann. g Townend, Alice. 11 Smithies, William. 13 Harwood, Charles Henry. 13 Dyson, Eli. 17 Stephenson, George. 19 Hopkinson, Benjamin. 21 Shaw, Sykes. Thorncliffe Street. 27 Wood, Fred. 29 Stayton, John.

Page 281


31 Brook, Thomas Henry. 33 Royston, Norris. 35 Boothroyd, Tom. 37 Dewhirst, Alfred Law. 39 Smithies, John Edwin. 41 Auty, Charles Edward. 43 Milnes, Walker. 49 Hey, Joe. 51 Rider, John William. 53 Hollerenshaw, Joseph. Right side. 2 Barnes, Thomas William. 6 Thorpe, Thomas. 8 Parker, Henry. 8aFairbank, William. Henry. 10 Royston, Alfred. Thorncliffe Street. 14 Green, Adam. 16 Beevers, James Henry. 18 Hoyle, Thomas. 20 Strickland, William Poole, schoolmaster. —

Thomas Street, Crosland

Moor. 2 Brook, Mrs. Mary Ann.

4 Martin, William Robert Thompson. Thorncliffe Street, Lindley. Left side.

Brian Street. 1 Sykes, James. 3 Clough. William. 5 Firth, David. 7 Crosland, Edward. 9 Walker, John William. 11 Ainley, George. 13 Barron, John. 15 Binns, John William. 19 Haigh, John William. 23 Hepworth, John. 25 Rhodes, Alfred. 29 Battye, Job. | 35 Whiteley, George. 37 Highley, Sam. 41 Woodhouse, Crosland. 43 Dyson, William Binns. 45 Ellis, Mary. 47 Hoyle, Haydn. 49 Shaw, Eli. 51 Wilkinson, Frederick.

DIRECTORY. 251 53 Rhodes, Fred. 55 Kaye, Lister. 57 Shaw, William Henry. 59 Walker, Ivor and John,

joiners. 61 Shaw, Ben. 63 Brook, Tom Dyson. 65 Moore, John. 67 Moore, William. 69 Dyson, Joe. Holroyd, Samuel. 73 Mallinson, Joseph. 75 Haigh, William. Right side. . 2 Shaw, William. , 8 Holroyd, John Henry. . Thomas Street.

12 Hirst, Charles Edward. United Methodist Free Ch.

West Street.

Thornfield Road, Lockwood.

1 Whiteley, Joe Booth (Thornfield House). 2 Oates, Joseph John, mercial traveller.’ 4 Bottom, Albert. 22 Fisher, Mark Nicholls. Harling, George Edward.


Thornhill Road, Lindley.

Right side. New North Road, Edgerton.

2 Midgley, Mrs. Mary Ann. 6 Crowther, George Henry, surveyor. 8 Eastwood, Frederick, wool- len manufacturer. 10 Crowther, Mrs. Alice. 12 Liddell, John, woollen manufacturer. Occupation Road.

16 Sykes, Percy. Bates, James Edward. 22 Hirst, Joseph, woollen: mer- chant. 24 Moore, Thomas Henry, wool- len manufacturer,

Page 282


Left 23 Kenyon, Peter, drysalter. 25 Denham, Thomas. 27 Shaw, Joss. New Hey Road.

Thornhill Road, Longwood. Left side. Vicarage Road. 1 Bamford, Mrs. Sarah Ann, paperhangher. 7 Rhodes, Abraham. 9 Dodson, John. 11 Baxter, 13 Townend, George. 15 Lockwood, Tom. 17 Balmforth, William. 19 Booth, William Henry. 21 Shuttleworth, Frederick. 23 Conservative Club (sec. A. Brook). 25 Townend, Oliver, tailor. 27 Rhodes, Mrs. Lavinia.

St. Mark’s Day and Sunday | |

Schools. 29 Moorhouse, Oswald. 31 Sykes, John 33 Kaye, Mrs. Mary. 37 Brook, Mrs. Hannah Daw-

39 Senior, Jackson. 43 Brook, Mrs. Hannah Daw- son. 47 Siswick, Hiram. 49-53 Dawson, John. 55 Beaumont, Enos (Fern Lee). 59 Lace, Mrs. Eliza Ann. 61 Iredale. Shaw. 63 Shaw, Ebor. 65 Taylor, Seth. 67 Brearley, John. Haigh, Mrs. Betty. 71 Townend, Andrew. 73 Townend, Oliver. 75 Shaw, John. Vincent, M.B.., B.Ch., surgeon-physician. Brook, Thomas Henry. 77 Hirst, Nathan. 79 Webster, Edwin, draper. 81 Hellawell, Mrs. Lydia. 83 Dyson, Eh. 87 Walker, Mrs. Eliza Broad- bent.



89 Beaumont, Ben. Working Men’s Sam Shaw).

Club (neue

Dark Lane. St. Mark’s. Church. ' Longwood Church. Right side. Hamer, Henry, and Sons, army shirt manufacturers, Quarmby Clough Mills ; tel. 72. 2 Mayall, Mrs. Hannah. 4 Mayall, John Thomas. 6 Mayall, Uriah. 12 Sykes, Arthur William. 14 Brook, Robert, manager of Industrial Society Stores. 16 Longwood Industrial So- clety—drapery, grocery. 18 Holdsworth, William. 20-24 Winterbottom, John Rad- cliffe. Atkinson, Joe, butcher. 28 Allanson, Mrs. Rebecca, Rose and Crown Inn.- 30-32 Smith, Thomas, grocer. Back Thornhill Road. St. Mark’ s Burying Ground. Bull Green Road.

Thornton Lodge,

Lockwood. . Crosland Road. 1 Priest, Walker Thomas. 2 Badham, Stanley Martin. 3 Priest, Allen. 4 Kinder, William.

5 Netherwood, William Henry,

woollen merchant. Fisher, Mrs. Sarah Ann. 7 Hepworth, Law. 8 Skelton, William Arthur. 9 Osborne, Harry Hall. 10 Moorhouse, Benjamin. 11 Garside, Joseph. 12 Turner, Joseph John.

Thornton Road, Lockwood. Left side. Fisher Street. 1 Whiteley, Albert Eastwood. 3 Nelson, Joseph.

* * io tg ont Rh lige ta ast cde eee: ar ainsi ine?

Page 283


5 Fox, Charles. 7 Dugdale, William. 9 Carter, William. 11 Powner, Sophia. 13 Graham, Herbert. 15 Dunn, Harry Lea. tp 19 Graham, Abraham, and Sons (proprietors of Crosland Hill Quarries), tel. 175. 21 Brook, George. 23 Hollingworth, Sam, grocer. 25 Balmfo:th, Fred, tokacco- nist and newsagent. Balmforth, Mrs., milliner and draper. . Thornton Lodge Road. 27 Jury, Mrs. Emma, general dealer. 35 Rushworth, Arthur. 39 Riley William. 41 Stott, Charles Bolton. 43 Brooke, Albert Edward. 45 Sladdin, Joseph. 47 Dyson, Joe. 49 Marsland, James Edward. ol Boothroyd, Charles Alfred. 53 Blackburn, John. 55 Bacchus, James. 63 Sykes, William. 65 Mitchell, John. 67 Kilner, Lister. 71 Wilson, 73 Crosland, Joe. 75 Wood, John Henry. 77 Kaye, George. 79 Lees, Samuel. 81 Bower, Wright. .83 Booth, Richard. 85 Stockwell, David. 87 Randerson, John, coal mer- chant. 89 Addy, Arthur. 93 Waite, Mrs. Ruth.

Brook, George William, wheelwright. 111 Thackray, John. 113 Crosland, James Edward,

Griffin, Inn. Brown, Peter. 115 Arnold, John Kdward, boiler maker. 4117 Haigh, Herbert. 119 Peace, Alfred Benjamin. Park Road.

82 Armitage,

Right side. 2 Mitchell, Miss Ellen, keeper. Scott, Walter, grocer. 4 Holmes; Walter, manufacturer. Calverley and Co., woollen merchants. Cliffe and Co., Lunn and Co., hearthrug manufacturers. Birkhouse Terrace. Kaye and Sen iron- | founders ; tel. Brook, William, Ta 16 Platts, Henry, “butcher. 18-20 Ashness, Fred, hairdres- ser and umbrella maker. 22 Merriett, John Edwin. 24 Gibson, John. 26 Craig, Ann Elizabeth. 54 Tomlinson, Thomas. 56 Thornton, Jane. 38 Hepworth, Albert. 40 Beckwith, William. Marsden Road. 44 Brook, George William. 46 Taylor, William. 48 Taylor, Mrs. Charlotte. 50 Thornton, Ann. 52 Binns, Charles James (The Hollies). 54 Parker, Joe. 56 Parkinson, James Arthur. 58 Smith, Mary. 60 Carter, Elizabeth. 62 Thurgoland, Elizabeth. 64 King, Elizabeth. 70 Shaw, Tom. 72 Shaw, Edwin. 74 Farrington, Harry. 76 Shaw, Tom. |



Oldfield Street. 78 Womersley, Hirnest. Armitage, Fred. 80 Armitage, Mary. Crosland, Mrs. land Lo: dge). Benjamin (Moor

‘Eliza (Cros-

Croft). ‘Shaw, Frederick. 84 Hirst, Ernest Edwin (Moor Lea). .

Page 284


Crosland, Sir Joseph, Bart. 86 Crosland, Thomas Pearson, Crosland Moor Mills; tel.

Dyson, James. Park Road West,

Thornton Lodge Road,

Lockwood. Left side. 1 Balmforth, Frederick, tobac- conist and newsagent. 5 Packer, Henry. 7 Appleyard, John Edwin. 9 Dyson, George. 11. Davy, "Harry Richaard. 13 Sykes, John Charles. 17 Swallow, Ellis. 19 Boothroyd, William. 21 Hinchliffe, Fred. 25 Sheard, William. 25 Trethewey, John Henry. 27 Jackson, Robert: Henry. 29 Hellawell, Henry. 31 Dyson, Lister, traveller. 33 White, William Percival. 35 Cockroft, Thomas Edward. 59 Kaye, J ohn William, cloth manufacturer. 41 Hallas, Walter Boothroyd. 43 Johnston, William Edwards. 45 Richardson, John Matters. 47 Wilson, Mrs. Ellen. 49 Thewlis, Benjamin. 51 Watkinson, Arthur Clapham 89 Schooling, Charles William.

Right side.

2 Edward. 4 Jury, Francis. 6 Haigh, Fred. 8 Stott, Lewis Edward.

Moorbottom Road. 12 Dyson, William. Crosland Road.

94 Raynor, John Edward. Longbottom, Frederick Fur-

102 Joseph. Yews Hill Road.



Thorpe, Almondbury.

68 Brummit, Fred. 80 Thornes, Joe. 82 Mellor, ‘Wright Senior. 86 Wood, Collin. 88 Mellor John. 90 Culbey, Ellen. 94 Shepherd, Thomas (Thorpe Wrigley, Ernest Albert (Thorpe Villa). Thorpe Lane. Eastwood, Harry Arnold. Brooke, Henry.

Tolson’s Yard, Moldgreen.

2 Pickles, William. 5 Kaye, Seth. 4 Collins, Joseph. 5 Ellis, Herbert Sherwood. 6 Gough, Henry. 10 Blanchflower, John Fran- cis. :

Town End, Almondbury. Left side. 43 Shaw, Henry. 45 Shaw, Robert. 49 Brooksbank, Willie. 51 Sykes, Martha. 53 Farrand, Ralph: Waldo. 57 Mellor, Walker. 59 Field, Willie. 61 Dearden, Mary Jane. 63 Birtwhistle, Mrs. Emma. 67 Milnes, Tom. 69 Roberts, John William. 71 Dodson, William, butcher. 75 Stead, Sam North, dyer. 77 Brook, Arthur. 79 Calvert, Thomas. Schofield, Baxter. Budge, Edward. ‘ 83-85 Hirst, Shakespeare. 87 Laittlew ood, Peter. 89 Fisher, Albert. 91 Armitage, Willie. 93 Littlewood, Allen. 95 Dearnley, Joe. Aludroyd,

Page 285


-97 Lee, Jonathan. 99 Kyre, George Samuel. 101i Shaw, Walter. Right side. 44 Farrand, Hannah, general dealer. 46 Godward, Allen. 48-50 Sykes, Jonathan, founder. 52 North, George. 54 Mallinson, Nathan. 56 Beaumont, Harrison. 58 Eastwood, Mrs. Susannah Phyllis. i yt 60 Milnes, Mrs. Mary Ann, gen- eral dealer. 62 Lockwood, Fred. 64 Hirst, Robert. 66 Sykes, William Henry. 70 Shaw, Willans. 3 72 Field, Beaumont. 76 Shaw, George.



Towngate, Newsome. Left side.’ Lane’s Wells. 25 West, James, grocer and Sub-Post Office. 27 West, John. 29 Spivey, Albert. 51-33 West, Arthur. 55 Shaw, Edward. 357 Hobson, Fred. 69-41 Firth, Allen, farmer. 43 Blackburn, Jane. 45 Jenkinson, Fred. 51 Wilkinson, Sam. 535 Ramsden, Allen. 55 Beaumont, Mary Ann. 59 Liversidge, Nathaniel. 61 Kaye, Luke. - 65 Kaye, David. 67 Fearnley, Ann. 69 Kaye, Hervin Platts. 71 Lee, John. 75 Blackburn, Edwin. 75 Fagin, Thomas. 77 Kaye, Rockley. 79 Harpin, Joseph. Methodist New Connexion Chapel. 99 Eastwood, William.



Right side. 54 Wattam, Edward Locking. 56 Haigh, Amelia. 58 Bray, Albert. 60 Beaumont, Mary. 62 Garside, Henry. 64 Rollinson, Albert. 66 Armitage, Heppenstall. 68 Hirst, Jane. 70 Pollitt, Albert. National Schools. 76 Haigh, Tom. 78 Walton, Joseph. 78aThornton, Ben. © 82 Heaton, Mrs. Emma. 84 Heaton, Beaumont. 86 Clough, Thomas. 88 Sykes, George. 90 Thorp, William Henry. 92 Blackburn, Michael, farmer 94 Beaumont, Mary Jane. West End. 102 Riley, Percy Norcliffe. 106 Matthewman, John Walker. 108 Firth, John William. 110 White, George. 112 Mitchell, Fred. Close Hill Lane.

Top of Town, 114 North, James. Stead, Charlie. 116 Wilkinson, John. 120 Senior, Charles. 122 Mellor, Thomas. 124 Horsfall, James. 126 Dyson, George. 132 Milnes, Herbert. 134 Dawson, John. 136 Brown, Sam Wimpenny. 138 Berry, William Armitage.

Trevelyan Street,

Moldgreen. Left side. Wakefield Road. 1 Taylor, James. 5 Hemingway, Joshua. Jagger, Joshua Sykes. 9 Day, John. 13 Mallinson, William.. 15 Harrop, Harriet. 17 Olayton, Thomas Kilner. 19 Clayton, Sam.

Page 286


mM 3 14 16 18


10 11 12

Right side, Taylor, Joseph. | Stephenson, Matthew. North, Albert. Haigh, Joseph. Windle, Henry. Victoria Street.

Dransfield, Oliver. Horsfall, Jonas. Mellor, Joshua. Shipman, Edwin. Daniel, Leonard.

{ { | '

Beresford, James Howarth, |

general dealer. Beaumont Street.

Triangle, Paddock.

Wheelhouse, Hannah. Allanson, Thomas. Goldsbrough, James. Gay, Samuel Giles. Wood, Thomas. Rawnsley, Matthew. Dye, James, coal dealer. Earnshaw, George Henry. Ramsden, Hugh, monumen- tal sculptor.

Trinity Street. Left side.

1 Wood, William. 2 Richardson, Thomas. 53 Mannion, Peter. Parkin, George. Haigh, George. Gilbey, Harry. Wright, William. Gledhill, James. Haigh, Tom. Todd, John Joseph. Armitage, Albert Edward. Riley, Mary. Stead, John. Scott, William Turner. Whetton, Tom. Kaye, Jane. Thornton, Elizabeth. Lunn, Pamella.

A 5 6 8 9 10 1% 12 13 14 15 16 18 19 al

| | |


3 Smith and Co., chimney |




5 Armitage, Mrs., dress and mantle maker. 7 Newhill, Mrs. Elizabeth. . 9 Gaukroger, Eh, grocer. 11 Loughton, Mrs. Emma. 13 Booth, Mrs. 15 Roberts, Martha Shaw, to- bacconist. Freeman’s Yard. 1 Barber, Sarah Ann. 2 Lever, Elizabeth. 3 Miller, Alfred Thomas. 4 Heeley; Margaret. 6 Whittaker, Lydia. 7 Broadbent, George. 8 Dimelow, Elizabeth. 9 Sykes, William. 17 Hoyle, Thomas. 19 Tetley, Susannah. 21 Holmes, William. 23 Crosland, Eliza. 2aHaigh, Florence. 25 Oates, Rhoda. 25aWood, Willie John. 27 Wilkinson, Harry, joiner, builder, and undertaker.

29 Wilkinson, Mrs., confec- tioner. 31 Moseley, Albert, Sub-Post Office.

3laDupe, William. 33 Armitage, Mary Ann. 35 Barlow, George. 37 Burnham, John Henry. 39 Jury, Miss, dressmaker. Garner, Richard, sculptor. Al Hallas, Elliott. 43 Moxon, George, chant. Greenhead Park.

. Park Drive.

Shaw, John Edward, por- trait painter and photo- grapher (Burlington House). 1 Rigby, Richard Vernon. 2 Bairstow, Ann Ellen. 5 Haywood, Joseph. 4 Lumb, Joe. 5 Firth, Wilson. 6 Jessop, John. 7 Varley, George ‘Frederick. 8 Whiteley, John Henry.

coal mer-

Page 287


9 Anderson, John Charles. 11 Cook, Robert Rhodes. 12 Walker, Thomas. 13 Thomson, James. 14 Rayner, Willie Pick. 15 Sykes, George Dyson. 16 Haigh, Phineas. Lumb, William and Jesse (Field Radcliffe, William (Fair- bank

45-47 Brier, Mary Ellen and Sarah Ann, Greenhead Park Schools. 49 Schofield, John. 51 Wild, Elizabeth. 59 Scholefield, Herbert. King, William (Omega Villa) Right side. Portland Street. 2 Rees, George, grocer and provision merchant. 4 Wilkinson, Levina. 6 Roddis, John. 8 Breese, Kate, dressmaker. 10 Spencer, John, tailor. 12 Taylor, William, pianoforte tuner and dealer. 14 Smith, Sarah. 14aTaylor, George, pianoforte tuner. 16 Bowers, John William. 18 Rayner, Joe Henry. 18aCrawshaw, Fred. 20 Cuthbert, Georgiana Eliza-. beth. 20aSheard, Lewis. 22 Bradbury, Edward Arthur, surgeon dentist. 24 Lockwood, William. 26 Whincup, Samuel Oddy. 28 Ramsden, Marry. 28aMilnes, Thomas Vine. 30 Taylor, John William. 62 Kilner, Alfred. 34 Morrell, Charles. 56 Broughton, Robert. 58 Dyson, Robert. 40 Hodgkinson, Thomas (Der- wen House). Fitzwilliam Street West. 48 Booth, Martha. 50 Watkinson, Thomas Edward. M


| |

257 Trinity Place. 1 Crabtree, Joseph Clegg. 2 Sykes, Ada. a 5 Hudson, Ellen. 4 Battye, Ann. Westfield. 58 Huddersfield Nurses’ Home, Jessie Murray, matron (Westfield). 60 Markby, Rev. Edward, M.A. (Trinity Vicarage). 62 Annis, Ernest George, sur- geon ; medical officer of health. 64 Tubbs, the Misses, prepara- tory school for boys and girls, and kindergarten. Webb, Francis. 66 Priestley, Arthur Vicker- man. 68 Lunn, Henry. 70 Hampson, William. 72 Cook, William Henry. Henry Rastrick. 74 Jackson, Albert Edward. Vernon Avenue.

76 Schofield, James. 78 Armitage, Joseph. Haigh, John Thomas. Mellor, Thomas Kilner. Hanson, John. : West Hill.


Tunnacliffe Hill,


47 Armitage, Job. 49 Wood, Mrs. Ann. 51 Jepson, John Richard Henry 53 Moore, George. 55 Haigh, Albert. 57 Bradley, Mrs. Jane. 59 Schofield, William. 61 Green, Joel. 63 Milnes, Arthur. 65 Ainley, John. 67 Lodge, David. 71 Carter, Robert. 73 Orosland, Zachariah Drake. 75 Brook, Joe William.

Newsome New Road,

Page 288


Turnbridge. Read-Holliday Acetylene Co., Ltd. (sec. W. Card-

no), gas engineers ; tel.

220. Turnbridge Dyeing Co., Itd. (managing director, R. F. S. Molesworth), yarn, warp, and _ piece dyers ; tel. 220.

Laycock, Aifred. Heppenstall, Enoch. Wood, Benjamin. Turnbridge Road. 1 Slater, John. 2 Kelly, John. 4 Copley, Martha. 5 Boyle, Patrick. Turnbridge Working Men’s Club (sec. C. Brook). Turnbridge Terrace. 1 Naylor, Sarah Ann. 5 Dickenson, Joseph. 9 Walker, William. 11 Beaumont, Joseph. 13 Ashworth, William. 19 Shaw, Clara. 21 Shaw, John Henry. 23 Woodhouse, Andrew. 25 Lyles, Alfred. 95aTurner, Harry. | 27 Dean, Albert Edward. |

Union Street. Left side. Northgate. 1 Sutcliffe, Wilbe. 5 Middleton, Christopher. 7 Flitcroft, Elizabeth. 9 Harrison, Walter. 11 Tetlow, Alice. 13 Aspinall, Edwin. 15 Brett, John. 17 Brayshaw, Thomas William. 19 North, William Henry. 21 Beaumont, Mary. 23 Whiteley, Mrs .Ellen. 25 Wood, Fred Herbert. 27 Starkey, Allen. 31 Leonard, William. 33 Clegg, Mary Elizabeth.

35 Hewitt, Edwin James.


37 Bamforth, James. 39 Ditchfield, Joseph. 41 Linton, Joseph. 45 Mitchell, John Wright. 47 Bradley, Harry. 49 Sanderson, Hannah. 51 Hanson, Fred. 53 Pearson, Abner. 55 Beaumont, David. 57 Hanson, Ruth. 61 May, Joseph. 63 Randerson, George. 65 Armitage, Joseph.

Right side.

6 Bickerdike, Albert. 10 Dyson, John Mitchell. i2 Hinchliffe, William. 14 Hanson, Albert. 16 Heath, James William. 18 Cocking, Joseph. 18aTate, Tom. 20 Shillito, George. 24 Field, John.

Lister’s Yard.

1 Senior, Charles. 2 Smith, Joe. 3 Blackburn, George Henry. 4 Richardson, Ellen. 5 Burley, Walter. 28 Sykes, Tom. 30 Jackson, Taylor. 32 Garside, John. . 34 Knight, Edwin. Barton, Mrs. Fleece Inn.

Leeds Road.

Union Street, Lindley. Left side. 1 Firth, Sarah. 3 Allott, Elizabeth Walker. 5 Whitwam, Benjamin. 7 Bolton, Sam. 11 Whiteley, Annie. 13 Bennett, Arthur. 15 Hirst, John William. 17 Brook, Allen. 19 Rollin, Margaret. 23 Oldfield, Joseph Henry. 25 Gates, Isaac Ellis. 27 Haigh, Dan.

Page 289


Right side. 4 Smith, Sam. 6 Pitts, Tom. 8 Whiteley, Haigh. 10 Hepworth, Mary Ann. 12 Blackburn, Willie. Sugden, Henry. Riley, Fred. Neatis, Thomas Henry. 20 Longfield, Thomas Ediward. 22 Baines, Arthur. 24 Denham, Joseph. Denham, James. Kellett, Edwin. Kaye, John. Sykes, Ada Ann. Brook, Benny. Bamforth, John Edwin. Lockwood, Benjamin. Smithies, Mary Jane. Mear, Haydn. Garside, Abraham. Milnes, Allen. Holt, Alfred.

Upper Brow Road,

Paddock. Left side.

Lower Brow Road.

1 Tetley, Joe. 5 Haigh, Jim. 5 Marm, William. 7 Alcock, William. 9 Stockwell, John. Mellor, Henry. Clements, Henry. Haigh, John. Nobles, Alfred. Mallinson, Henry. Bates, Joe. Whitwam, Elizabeth. Shaw, James. Haigh, Thomas. ) Senior, George Henry. 37 Mellor, Francis Henry. 39 Burley, Tom. 43 Holland, Sarah. 45 Kllam, Walter. 47-49 Crowther, Sarah Ann. 51 Graham, Hanson. 55 Pogson, Fred. 57 Townend, Benjamin.

| | | |


59 Taylor, Allen. 61 French, Michael Thomas. 63 Maude, William. 67 Drury, Richard. 69 Karnshaw, Benjamin. 71 Mitchell, Allen. 75 Turner, William. 75 Sykes, John Andrew. 77 Durrans, Elizabeth. 79 Nash, Sarah Jane. 81 Lees, Reuben. 83 Shaw, Wilson. 85 Walker, Abiga. 87 Fisher, James Frederick. 89 Fryer, George Arthur. 93 Rowbottom, Joshma. 95 Armstrong, Herbert. 97 Howe, John. 99 Sewell, Robert. 101 Pearson, Elizabeth. 103 Sheard, John. 105 Sykes, Eli. 109 Beaumont, Margaret. 111 Wood, Fred. 113 Stephenson, David. 115 Woodhouse, Joe. 117 Radley, Charles. 119 Heppenstall, Beaumont. 121 White, John. : 129 Hulmes, George. 151 Mosley, John. 135 Dearnley, Squire. 137 Rowbottom, Joe. : 139 Blackburn, William. 141 Smith, Henry Sam. 143 Nicholson, William. 145 Rayner, John Tate. 147 Cocking, Fred. 149 Beaumont, George. 151 Whitwam, Fred. 155 Howe, Ralph. 157 Berry, Henry Whiteley. 159 Ramsden, George. Johnny Moor Hill Road. Right side.

2 Karnshaw, Elizabeth. 6 Ainley, John. 8 Charlesworth, Abraham. 12 Brook, Frances. 16 Buckley, Samuel. 18 Broadbent, David. 20 Greaves, Tom. 24 Brammer, George.

Page 290


26 Siswick, David. 28 Jepson, Harriet. Taylor, Jane. 30 Graham, Ephraim. 32 Whiteley, Joe. Myers, Willam. 34 Shaw, Charles William. 36 Browne, John. 38 Daniel, William. 40 Sidgwick, Thomas. 42 Firth, James Henry. 48 Shepley, Joe. 50 Brierley, Joe. 52 Shaw, David. 54 Thewlis, Joseph. 56 Ruane, Patrick. 60 Lodge, Herbert. Athole. 62 Hanson, George Henry. 68 Whowell, Levi. 70 Rayner, William. 72 Lassey, John. 74 Iredale, Alfred. 78 Haigh, William Whiteley. 80 Beaumont, Joseph. 82 Sykes, Joseph. 84 Wagstaff, Levi. 86 Iredale, Henry Charles. All Saints’ Mission Church. 88 Maude, Allen. _ 90 Dyson, Sophia. 92 Poole, Edward. 94 Thorpe, Alfred. 98 Spivey, William. 100 Barker, Thomas. 102 Butlin, Tom. 104 Morley, Thomas. 106 Rider, Alfred. 108 Horrocks, William. 110 Rider, Joseph Henry. Clough Lane.



Upper Hill Top, Dalton.

12 Stead, Sarah Jane. 14 Jessop, Albert. 16 Crabtree, Wright. 17 Rowley, William Henry. Hough, John.


Upper Hirst, Outlane.

Pearson, John. Rhodes, Benjamin.

Parkin, John. Gee, Alfred. Gledhill, Nathan.

Upper Mount Street,


Left side. Victoria Road.

17 Brierley, Jesse, yarn spinner

21 Jackson, David. 25 Taylor, Samuel. 25 Laidlow, Thomas. 27 France, Enoch. 29 Gledhill, James Edward. 31 Pinechen, John William. 35 Barmby, Mark. 55 Shaw, Tom. 37 Heaton, Eliza Ann. 39 Bottomley, Joseph. Wordsworth, Amos. 43 Taylor, James William. 45 Boothroyd, Ben. 49 Holliday, Henry. 53 Rothwell, Frederick. Right side. 70 Holroyd, Edgar. 74 Raynor, Sam. 76 Sykes, George Henry. 78 Watmuff, Samuel. 82 Hanson, Herbert. 84 Dawson, John. 86 Mallinson, Samuel. 88 Dickinson, John. - 90 Lunn, Ralph. 92 Schofield, Henry.

04 OS ohnson, William.

96 Armitage, John William. 98 Lee, Septimus. 104 Wood, Benjamin Prosger. 106 Roebuck, Hannah. , 108 France, Tom. 110 Ibberson, Mrs. Eliza Ann. 112 Thomas Albert, woollen manufacturer. 114 Young, Horatio Edward. 116 Gledhill, Alfred. 118 Lever, Hannah. 120 Wood, James.

Upper Park, Berry Brow. 25 Kitson, Alice Mary. 27 Hayes, Willie.


Page 291


51 Heaton, Samuel. 53 Heaton, Saraih.

Upper Quarry Road, Bradley. Brook, Arthur. Hudson, Isaac. 1 Jackson, William. 5 Candler, Cant. 5 Smart, Charles.

Upper Wheatroyd,

Almondbury. 2 Poppleton, Robert Now- some,

4 Beaumont, Joseph. Upper Whitegate, Stile Common.

20 Mellor, Fred. 24 White, Charles. 28 North, Henry. 32 Sykes, Friend. Paxman, George Henry. Ward, Thomas. Wilcock, Elizabeth.

Upperhead Row. Left side. Westgate. laRobinson, John, apartments

1bMilnes and Garside, sanitary

and chemical plumbers, glaziers, gas and steam fitters ; tel. 342. 5 Shaw, Benjamin, and Sons, mineral water manufac- turers ; tel. 383.

Half Moon Street.

5 Grist Bros., woollen waste dealers. Haviland and Armitage,

cycle dealers. Littleweod’s Buildings. Exley, John Henry. Crowther, James. Netherwood, William Hy. Schofield and Co., woollen merchants. Fox Street.

11 Read-Holliday and _ Sons, Ltd. (export department), aniline dyes and chemical manufacturers and _ elec- trical engineers ;_ tel. 115 ; works 220. 13 Sykes, John, clothier. 15 Harrison and Sykes, linen merchants ; tel. 74. Threadneedle Street,

Brown, Benjamin, rug manufacturer. 17 Andrew, John, proprietor Yorkshire Factory Times.” 19 Waitson, Charles, dyer.

19aWalker, Richard, dairyman. 21 Dyson, Mrs. 23 Kelley, Michael. 23aCooper, Tom. 25 Jones Henry, boot and shoe maker. 25aWade, Robert. 27 Jones, Henry. Lockwood’s Yard.

4 Boothroyd, Mary. 6 North, Eliza. 11 Glynn, Peter. 12 Bates, Herbert. 14 Boothroyd, William. 15 Fell, Ellen Maria. 29 Heaton, Nathan. 53 Firth, Rebecca. 57 Smith, Charles. 39 Steele, George. 41 Dunn, James Henry. 45 Dawson, Bradley. : Granby Street.

47 Dutton, Henry, grocer. 49 Mannion, James. 51 Dawson, "Arthur. 53 Roebuck, Giles, butcher. 55-57 Singleton, Arthur, Wheat Sheaf Inn. 59 Bailey, William.

61 Neafsey,- Thomas, King’s Head Inn. 63 Corrall, Richard. 65 Senior, Eva. 67 Hirst, Thomas,

‘coal mer- chant. 71 Leng, William,

Page 292


73 Brook, Jonathan.

Outcote Bank. Right side.

The Old Hat Hotel. 4 Oxley, Ben., Ltd. (managing director, Ben Oxley), un- dertakers, coach builders,

and livery stables ; tel. oy.

Jarvis and Woolley, agents.


George Street. Springwood Street. Parish Hall and Mission Church. 10 Fisher and Co., chants. 12 Haigh, Miss, dressmaker. 14 Newbould, H., office’ of weights and measures. 16 Girls’ Club. 18 Holdsworth, Jane Ann. Spring Street. 22-24 Todd, John, 1 glass dealer. 26 Cardno, John, tobacconist. 28 Cardno, Robert. 30 Milnes, Mary Ann. 32 Crossley, Thomas. 32aTaylor, Ada. 34 Town, William. Henry Street.

36 Holdsworth, James, card : maker. 38 Brown, Thomas. 40 Brook, Benjamin. 42 Lockwood and _ Keighley, Bedford and cotton cords (Upperhead Mills). Velvet Cutting Machine Company, Ltd. (sec. E.-E. Wood). |

44 Rayner, Jane. 46 Orabtree, Mary Ann, draper. 46aBrannan, James. Roebuck’s Yard. 1 Mitchell, John. 2 Brennan, Nicholas. 4 Outram, John. 6 Thompson, Sam. 48 Berry, John. 50 Cookson, Joe, Black Lion

Inn. 52-54 Kelly, James.

Swallow Street,

cloth mer-


56 Ganon, Mrs. 58 Turner, John. Williams. 60-62 Hoyte, Samuel. 64 Thompson, Anna. 64alredale, John. Bottomley’s Yard. 1 Shaw, Patrick. 2 Bates, Benjamin. 4 McEvoy, David. 5 Jennings, Agnes. 6 Riley, John. 9 Swan, Harry. 66 Shaw, Tom. 68 Callum, Joseph. 68aDunn, James. 70 Sheard, Edward. 72 Capper, Walter Edward, Perseverance Inn. 72aChadwick, Fred. 74 Saville, Herbert, grocer. 74aRenyon, Daniel. . Stott’s Buildings. 1 Brady, Winifred. 2 Regan, Patrick. 4 Brennan, Mary. 6 Stead, Charles.

Stott’s Yard. 76 Lynch, John, hearthrug manufacturer. 7é6aArmitage, Sykes. Walker’s Yard. 1 Dillon, James. 78 Headley, R. L., carver and gilder. 80 Weert Benjamin, Victoria nn.


Austin’s Yard. 1 Cussons, Joseph. 2 Hodgson, Henry Sunder- md.

la 82 Ramsden, Henry. 84 Hall, George.

Grove Street. Viaduct Street. Left side. John William Street. 2-3 Foster, Mary, cooper and cask maker. Fitzwilliam Street.

Page 293


6 Green, Wm. T., blacksmith 8L. and Railway Stablies. 10 Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Stables. Green Street.

13 Moxon, George, hay amd straw merchant. 17 Hellawell, George, black- smith. 18 Sykes, Edwin, corn and hay merchant. 20 McKay, Thompson, = and Co.’s Stables. 21 Rowley, Henry, shoeing forge.

22 Hallas, Tom, hairdresser. 25 Leven, Lewis, shoemaker. 24 Hellawell, Jonas Hirst, con- fectioner. 25 Horn, William, tobacconist and newsagent. 26 Stead and Kaye, builders and contractors. Bradford Road. Right side. 50 Rowegagen, Frederick John. 42 Jessop, Henry. 4 Jagger, Fred. Rayner, Allen. Moxon, Charles Henry. Moxon, Albert Edward. Moxon, Walter. Seed, John. Rippon, Joseph. Rippon, William Edward. Chappell, Jabez. Wood, James. Green Street. Hopkinson and Co.’s Iron- works. Oxford Street.

Pickford and Co.’s Stables.

Bradford Road. Pickford’s Buildings.

Lee, Harry. Clarke, Frederick. Ray Street. Sykes, Alfred, and OCo.,

hearthrug and _ carpet manufacturers ; tel. 155. 62 Hellawell, John.

Viaduct Street, Paddock.

1 Walker, Dan. 2 Hinchliffe, Benjamin. 3 Horsfall, Samuel. 4 Jessop, George Sheard. 5 Firth, Abraham. 6 Baines, Henry. 7 Peacock, Sarah. 8 Rangeley, Mary. 9 Pogson, George Johnson. 10 Hollingworth, Hermas. 11 Garside, Henry. 15 Turner, Elliott. 16 North, Martha. 17 Beldon, George. 18 Stoney, Herbert. 19 Green, Mark. 20 Soothill, Annie. 253 Thomas, Alfred. 32 Haigh, William. ©

Vicarage Road. Longwood Station. 1 Senior, William Henry, con- fectioner. 3 Whiteley, David. 5 Palister, William. 7 Pogson, Arthur. 15 Ferguson, Rev. Wilham Henry, M.A., vicar of St. Mark’s Church, Longwood ‘ Thornhill Road.

Victoria Lane. King Street. ; Devonshire Buildings. 1 Sykes, Samuel, restaurant and cafe. 2 Tingle, E. M., sec. Young Men’s Christian A'ssocia-

tion. 3 Lockwood, William, jewel- ler and diamond merchant

4 Spurdens, George Fred., tailor. 5 Blackburn, Tom, florist, seedsman, and nursery- man.

Lockwood’s Yard.

Riley, Wm. Hartley. Kershaw, Edmund.

Page 294


Walker, James, tea mer- chant. 7 Fox and Jackson, wholesale drapers. Greenwood’s Yard. Level, George, bird dealer 20 Kerr and Sons, florists. 21 Cole, Sarah, dressmaker and milliner. 22 Armitage and Armitage, stove and tile merchants. 24 Bentley, William, draper. Imperial Yard. Mitchell, John, stables. 5 Paley, James, tobacco and cigar merchant. 5 Freeman, Mary Elizabeth, boot and shoe dealer. Burgon and Co., Ltd. (sec. Robert Wm. Warren), grocers. Lockwood, Benj., and Sons, second-hand furniture. Wholesale Fruit Warehouse. _ Albert Chambers. Hodgson, William S., tailor. Kaye, Samuel, agent. Lowenthal, George Ernest. Pickard, James, boot and shoe maker. Wood’s Buildings, Earnshaw, Emma. . Leah, Thomas, confectioner. Dyson, Richard S., whole- sale grocer. Bray, Richard, Albert Hotel

Ramsden Street.

Victoria Road. Left side. Lockwood Road. 1 Boothroyd, Joe. 5 Pearson, James, spinner.


Pollard Street. 11 Bower, William Dickenson. 13 Lisle, Harry Edward. 17 Gillon, Peter. 19 Cliffe, James. 27 Kilner, William.

105 Hirst,

29 Flynn, Thomas. 31 Ellis, Tom. 55 EKarnshaw, Edward. 55 Bower, Joseph. 57 Smith, Sarah Jane. 39 Longden, George. 41 Kaye, William. 43 Hughes, Charles Edward. St. Stephen’s Place. 2 Buckley, Mary Ann. 5 Lindley, Ernest. 4 Tetlow, Allen. 5 Cockhill, Lemuel. 6 Crossley, Agnes. 45 Heap, James. 47 Stocks, Alfred. 49 Kaye, Edward. 51 Priestley, Joe. Binns, Fred. 53 Longfield, John. Albany Terrace. 1 Brook, Joseph. 2 Sykes, Harriet. 5 Crowther, Fred. 4 Lomas, George. 5 Hellowell, George. 6 Beevers, John Freeman, engraver printer. 7 Lee, Luke. 8 Tyas, John Henry. 9 Clegg, Jonas, commercial traveller. ‘10 Garside, Miss Nancy. 11 Holroyd, James. 12 Smith, Carmi. 13 Smith, Arthur.

15 Arnold, Charles Frederick.

16 Hobson, Jonas, manufacturer. 57 Wade, Stringer Fred. 59 Coldwell, Edward Howarth. 61 Peaker, William Shepley. 63 Ingham, Alfred. Rashcliffe Church

St. Stephen’s Terrace.

Rashcliffe Infant. School. 83 Gledhill, Ben, woollen mer- chant. Shaw, James. Lockwood Board Schools. David (Tanagona House),


a cae a

Page 295


107 Winn, Margaret (Fenton House), 109 Ibberson, George Albert, commercial traveller

(Burn Leigh). Milan, Charles Frederick. Sellers, Ernest Herbert (Ryleston House). Lockwood and Salford Con- servative Club. -

115 Hirst, William, cotton spin- |

ner (Ash Villa).

Swan Lane. Right side.

2 Joughin, Miss, dressmaker. 6 Hirst, George Henry. 8 Liberal Club (sec. A. Hos- kin). 10 Dent, Edwin Benson. 12 Lee, Joseph. 16 Bower, William. 18 Chatterton, William. 22 Bell, Alfred. 24 Whiteley, George. 26 Haigh, Ben. 28 Swinden, Nathan. 28aHague, Sarah Ann. 50 Metcalf, Alfred. 34 Pickup, Frances Ann. © 36 Day, John. 38 Mosley, Fred. 40 Herbert, Betsy. 48 Balmforth, John Henry. ‘ 50 Connolly, William Henry. 52 Cartwright, Abel. 54 Firth, John William. 56 Moorhouse, Samuel Willie. Rashcliffe National Schools :

Schoolmaster, Thomas Saville. Dunbar, Rev. John (The Vicarage).

102 Castle, Rev. Thomas Brain (Wesley House). 114 Hirst,. William. “16 Priest, Joseph. 118 Taylor, James. Brown, Luther.

Upper Mount Street.

186 Madell, Thomas John. 188 Priestley, Richard.

13 Bloom,

Armytage Crescent. 1 Hanson, William. 2 Wilkinson, William. 4 Garside, John. John Swal-

6 Heppenstall, low. 7 Newbould, Herbert. 8 Shaw, Tom. 9 Oates, Joseph. 10 Broadhead, Richard. 11 Chapman, Thomas Henry. 12 Pollard, Harris. 15 Walker, Henry Fenton. 14 Hartley, Fred. Fenton Road. Left side. Victoria Street. 3 Dytch, Martha. 7 Silibon, George. Dean, John. 13 Rodgers, Sam. 25 Newsome, Benjamin. Right side. 16 Leather, Israel. 50 Jessop, Benjamin Allen. 40 Tennant, John Allen. 42 Hepworth, Lucy. Albert Place. i2 Coverley, John William.

Victoria Street. Left side. - Victoria Lane. 1-3 Wood, Son, and Co., fish, game, and poultry mer- chants ; tel. 92. 5 Burley, Alfred, Brunswick Arms Inn. Albert,

7 Woolven, James wine and spirit: merchant. 9° Bull and Mouth Hotel. Bull and .Mouth Street. 11 Waddington and Haigh, paper merchants, bag manufacturers, and whole- sale rag dealers ; tel. 224. Florrie, wholesale and rétail confectioner. 15 Hirst, David, woollen draper 17 Oates, Joseph. 19 Provident Clothing, Club and London Tailoring Co,

Page 296


Right side. Market Hall. 4 Woodcock, Joe, Unicorn Inn 8 Ferguson, Sabina Elizabeth, Victoria Inn. Queen Street.

Victoria Street, Deighton. 1 Brooke, Miss Esther.’ Day, George. 3 ‘Barlow, Mrs. Eliza. 5 Ward, Henry Stace. 7 Dearnley, Mrs. Sarah Ann. 9 Haigh, Law. Carter, James. Swallow, Benjamin. Bottom, John. Dyson, Emanuel. Armitage, Walter. Stead, Herbert, traveller.


25 Mills, Joseph. 97 Lockwood, Herbert, com-

mercial traveller. Cherry Nock Road.


Victoria Street, Lindley. : Left side. Acre Street. 7 Moore, John. 9 Ward, John Thomas. +i Bottom, William Hudson. 13 Armitage, Alfred. 15 Crowther, William Henry. 17 Ellam, Mrs. Eliza. 19 Ellam, William Henry. 21 Smith, Tom. 23 Hirst, George. 25 Moore, John Edwin, woollen spinner. 27 Riley, William. 29 Hirst, Arthur. 31 Bottomley, John. 33 Binns, Mrs. Elizabeth. 35 Wilkinson, Mrs. Emma. 37 Gledhill, Gideon. 39 Wilkinson, Fred Stancliffe. Right side. 2 Morton, Ben. 4 Barker, Frederick. 6 Eastwood, Albert. 8 Dyson, Samuel.



16 Hirst, Martha. 18 Wilman, Sam. 20 Dyson, Margaret. 22 Hirst, Harry. 24 Law, ‘David Netherwood. 26 Kaye, Joe. 28 Dyson, Sarah. 30 ron Mary Emma.

Occupation Road.

_ Victoria Street, Moldgreen.

Left side. Eastwood Street.

Hildred, William. Rowe, Arthur. Mallinson, Mrs. : Mies Eastwood, Ann. Broadbent, Willie. Hendrick, ‘Charles. i3 Bartlam, Thomas Hudson. 15 Taylor, Thomas. 17 Giliatt. Charles Trevelyan Street.

Sugden, Albert. Dransfield, Thomas. Ingham, Thomas Firth. Hinchliffe, George. Riley, John Foster. Booth, Rachel. Tunnacliffe, Mary. 43 Bellas, George. 45 Firth, Alfred. 47 Robinson, John. 49 Lockwood, Ben. Right side.

4 Haigh, Mrs. Ellen. 6 Matthewman, Harry. 6aBerry, George. 8 Dean, George. 10 Wigglesworth, Lewis. 12 Lee, Joseph. 14 Haigh, George William. 16 Damellon, Hannah. 18 Spivey, William. 20 Hobson, Timothy. 22 Ellam, ‘Arthur. 24 Beaumont, Mrs. Jane. 26 Haigh, Mrs. Betsy. 28 Hellawell, James. 32 Linaker, James. Trevelyan Street.


25 25 dl 55 30 ol 39

Page 297


38 Bottomley, John William. 40 Jessop, Allen. 42 Platts, Charles. 50 Crosland, William Henry. Birkhouse Lane.

Victoria Place. 2 Taylor, Fred. 4 Smith, Samson. 6 Bradbury, Joe. 8 Ianson, Thomas. 10 Emmerson, Jonathan. - 14 Boothroyd, Sarah. 16 Wright, Joe.

Violet Street. 2 Copley, George. 8 Wilson, Fred. 10 Turner, Harry. 16 Woodhouse, George Henry. 18 Stansfield, James. 24 Whitehead, James. 52 Robinson, Thomas. 7 34 Valentine, Mary Hannah. 40 Probin, John. 42 Wallace, Ann. 50 Micklethwaite, Henrietta. 52 Creaton, Edward Aldridge.

Waingate, Berry Brow.

Parkgate. Left side. 1 Mellor, Joe. 7 Bedford, Allan. 9 Houghton, Timothy, fish dealer. 15 Dawson, Benjamin, boot-

15aHaigh, Ann. 19-21 Heeley, James Scott. Right side. 6 Littlewood, Henry, Post Office. 8 Haywood, Margaret. 14 Heel, Thomas. 16 France, John. 18 Uttley, Thomas. 20 Kitchen, Martha. 22 Armitage, Tom. 24 Dawson, Watson. 32 Woodhouse, Jonathan. 04 Houlgate, Benjamin.


Bridge Street, ,


| Wakefield Road, Moldgreen.

Left side. Storthes. 1 Waddington, David, King’s Arms Inn. Hirst, Ben, wheelwright. Chapel Lane. 1 Kilburn, Fred. 5 Sheard, Law. 9 Boocock, John. 21 Taylor, George. 25 Firth, Mary. 51 Harrison, Joseph. Edwards, Richard. Crowther, Alfred William. Watson, John, horse slaugh-

terer. Grayson, William Henry, shoemaker. Bradbury, Albert, hairdres- ser.

Beaumont, Henry, butcher. 17 Broadbent, Ann. 19 Peace, Edward. 21 Mitchell, Jane. 23 Dempsey, Matthew.

27 Senior, Richard. Schofield, Edith, confec- tioner.

Senior, Anne, milliner and fancy draper. John Edward. 39 Booth, Thomas.

41 Orme, John. 43 Haigh, James. 45 Sykes, Andrew, newsagent and general dealer. 47 Boothroyd, Fred. 49 Sykes, Alfred. 51 Bailey, Matthew Henry. 53 Buckley, Thomas Henry. 55 Townend, James, butcher.

Jessop, John Denton. Clayton, Sam. 61 Beaumont, Henry. 635 Walshaw, George, carrier. 67 Jagger, Firth, jun., tobac- conist and hairdresser. 69 Scott, George, dining rooms. 71 Whiteley, Sam, general dea-

er. 73 Hammond, Isaac, marble mason and tile merchant. ~

Page 298


75 Lancaster, John William, | grocer, provision dealer,

and corn merchant.

77 Berry, Mrs. Ann, Sub-Post

Office. 79 Schofield, Ben.

81 Kaye, John Henry, hair-


83 Bamforth, John, confec-


85 Armitage, Robinson, but- |


Bradbury, Albert.

Grayson, John William May. Chapel Street.

Left side. 3 Wood, George. Liberal Club. 7 Thewlis, Allen. 9 Moss, Allen.

11 Swift, John William Owen

13 Noble, Sam. 15 Flanagan, John. 17 Fearnley, Emily Jane. Paterson, James. Right side.

2 Crowther, John Schofield.

4 Kinloch, James Gulland. Free Methodist Church. 8 Schofield, Thomas. 10 Taylor, Joseph. 12 Fletcher, Tom.

14 Donovan, Thomas Dennis. Kilner Bank. George Haigh,

87 Rhodes, Green Cross Hotel. Dyson, Joe, butcher. 91 Drake, Ernest.

93 Wigglesworth, Vincent, ho-

sier and draper.

95 Drake, Mrs. Elizabeth, gen-

eral dealer.

97 Bailey, Albert Benjamin,

- butcher. 99 Bailey, Mrs. Mary Jane.

101 Hinchliffe, Johnson, draper. 103 Conservative J.

. Hoyle). 105 Scott, Mrs. Elizabeth.

107 Halstead and Bray, drapers. 109 Cartwright, Charles, grocer.

111 Stott, William.

Church Street,

Left side. Siith, James. 5 Whiteley, Dan. . 9 Jagger, Joseph, commer- cial traveller. 13 Mosley, Henry. 15 Hirst, Joseph. 17 Jenkinson, Jabez. 19 Alford, Frederick Thomas. 21 Firth, William. 25 Campinot, Albert Edward. 25 Sykes, Walter Hill. ol Oldroyd, David. Christ Church National Schools. 35 Icely, Rev. Albert William (vicar). Christ Church. 39 Oldfield, Samuel Hirst. 41 Spink, Arthur Edward. Right side. 2 Peace, Joseph, grocer. 4 Moorhouse, John. Moldgreen Board Schools. 6 Driver, John. 8 Armitage, John William. 10 Armitage, Simeon. 12 Thewlis, Fred. 14 Eeclesby, Christiana. 16 Berry, John. 18 Orcherton, William. 20 Ellam, Emma. 22 Gledhill, Fergus. Myers, Ben Beckwith, grocer. Lee, Joseph. Shore, Henry. 28 Hinchcliffe, Arthur, coal merchant. ¢ 30 Walker, Joe. 34 Carrie, George. 36 Cheavin, Joseph Popple- well. | 38 Hirst, Alfred. 40 Moore, Frederick Robert. 42 Fitton, William. 44 Crossley, John Bottomley. 50 Wrigley, John William. 54 Netherwood, Walter. 56 Townend, Joe Henry. 58 Rothwell, John. 60 Redfearn, Herbert. 62 Priest, George. Church Lane,

Page 299


Left side, 5 Holland, James. 7 Wilkinson, Jere. 9 Barden, William. 11 Longfellow, Thomas. 13 Draper, Jane. 15 Dyson, Eliza. 17 Jenkinson,’ John William. 19 Saville, Willitm. 23 Wardle, Alice. 25 Batley, Herbert: North. 2/ Woodhead, Tom Eastwood 30 Hill, Albert. 37 Jessop, James Sleight. 41 Hirst, Thomas. ‘43 Bottomley, John. 45 Smith, Ben. 47 Branden, Charles. 49 Taylor, James. 51. Nicholson, Tom. 53 Stringer, Thomas. 57 Milnes, Ingham. 59 Durrans, Charles. 61 Waife, Albert Eli. 63 Cockroft, Jonas. 65 Dewsbury, James. 67 Halstead, Lister. 69 Pogson, James. 71 Pearson, William. Right side. 6 Rhodes, John Henry. 8 Shaw, Herbert. 10 Wilkinson, Ellen. 12 Farrar, Joseph Porrit. 14 Clarke, John Henry. 16 Greenfield, Edward. 18 Hudson, William. 22 Pattinson, David. 24 Whiteley, James William. 26 Wild, Archibald. 28 Senior, John Henry. 50 Bentley, Eli. 62 Wilkinson, Ernest. 54 Johnson, Richard. Robinson, William. 58 Spence, Sophia. . 40 Clarke, John. | 42 Taylor, John. 44 Sharpe, Richard. 46 Shaw, Emily Florence. 48 Taylor, Alfred. 50 Green, Seth. 52 Eastwood, Edwin.

- 54 Lodge, Richard Henry.

56 North, Joseph. 08 Hyde, Elijah. 60 Brook, Joshua. | 64 Kilner, John. 66 Whiteley, Joe. 68 Hinchliffe, Eunice. 70 Lee, Ben. | 74 Walker, William Green- 3 wood. 76 Fearn, George Henry. 78 Broadbent, Arthur. 80 Boyd, Elizabeth. 82 Haley, Eliza. 84 Senior, Seth. 86 Brammah, Edith. 88 Berry, Arthur. 90 Bray, Ben. 96 Whiteley, James. 98 Bottomley, Frank.

102 Hawkyard, Thomas. 104 Green, Harry Hirst. 106 Langham, Stephen. 110 Littlewood, Tom. 114 Brown, James Henry.

116 Jebson, John (Mount Zion). 3 118 Moxon, David (Mount

Zion). The Avenue. Sheppard, James. McGrath, John, baker. Ellis, Joe. Whiteley, Richard, and Sons, cab _ proprietors and carriers. Board Schools. Poplar Terrace. Milnes, John William. Lancaster, Ernest. Tetlow, James. Peel, Walter. Halstead, Herbert. 3 6 Ainley, John Thompson. 7 Thornton, Tom. Burgoine, George. Halstead, Herbert, plumber and gas fitter.


117 Hobson, Fred. 119 Holroyd, Charles William.

Kaye, Anthony Knowles, _ drysalter (Westfield House).

Page 300




153 135

137 139

141 143


147 149

153 155 157 159 161

163 165 167 169 173 175 179


Horton, Miss Ann Elizabeth, baker and confectioner. Townend. Jackson, fruiterer, _ fish, and game dealer. Hobson, James, tobacconist. Scott and Co., contractors. Broad Lane. Wrigley, Thomas (Pond House). Jones, Fanny. Hough, George Armitage (Pond House). Woes Mitchell, Ivy Green

nn. Hey, Arthur, stationer and

newsagent. Hobson, James William. Hollingworth, Allen (lyn Dene).

Hollingworth and Sons, con- tractors, builders, and un- dertakers. Swallow, Edmund, manufacturer. Clegg, Thomas. Swallow, Herbert, manufacturer. Rhodes, George Taylor. Longworth, Emma. Walker, Joseph. Stocks, Benjamin Croft. Roebuck, Mrs. Annie, dress- maker. Turton, William. Hall, Alexander Francis. Turner, George. Stewart, Charles. Berry, Arthur, woollen mer- chant.



Webb, Henry (Diver’s House). : Fearnley, Mrs. Ehzabeth Sheard. Walton, Henry, farmer (Diver’s House). Green and Scholes Lanes. Hadaway, A. D. (Green Garth). Watkinson, Henry (Green Lea). Bedford, Luther, farmer. Pontefract, Miss Florence,



Boothroyd, Fred, saddler.

189 Wells, ler. Waterloo Bowling Club. 253 Norris, Mrs. Barbara, Water- loo Hotel. 235 Livesey, Joseph. Albany Road leading to Kirkheaton

Charles, general dea-

Station. Waterloo Mills. Waterloo Road and Borough Boundary.

Right side. 4 Jagger, George, grocer. 6 Bailey, John, saddler and harness maker. 8 Priestley, William. 10 Hough, Thomas William. 12 Walker, Alfred’ Edward. Riley, John Frederick, mill- wright. Armitage, Albert, tionary works. 16 Haley, Sarah. 18 Woodhead, Wright. 20 Robert, William Beaumont, Commercial Inn. 22 George Herbert, Dog


Haig, Sidney. 26 Vickerman, Head Inn. Vickerman, William. 28 Kaye, Emily Jane. Bankfield Road. 32 Sykes, Henry, chemist. 34 Sykes, Miss Martha, dress- maker. 36 Beaumont, Thomas, tailor. 38 Wigglesworth, Arthur, tea- cher of music. Eastwood Street. 40 Turner, John Wallace, gene ral dealer. . 42 Calvert, Fred, builder. 44 Wells, George Leonard. 46 Robertson, David, surgeon. Congregational Church. Barrow Buildings. 48 Ratcliffe, Henry. 50 Beevers, Allen. 52 Nichol, Tom.

Eo sri ie

Dodson, Boar’s

ings pe

Page 301


54 Mitchell, David. 56 Beever, Harry. 58 Johnson, Robert.

Trevelyan Street.

Budge, Edward, plumber and gas fitter. 62 Kaye, Mrs. Hannah, coal merchant.

64 Kitchen, Mrs. Ann, painter and paper hanger. 66-68 Ewart, William, butcher. 70 Crosland, John, spinner. 72 Ewart, Harris. 74 Blackburn, James. 76 Taylor, Jothn. Beaumont, Frederick Wil- liam Talbot, Junction Inn. Birkhouse Lane.

Sykes, Godfrey, and Sons, |

manufacturers of imita- tion astrachans and seal- skins ; tel. 32. 82 Sykes, Elizabeth. 84 Bold, Mrs. Hannah, merchant. Green Mount Street. 86 Senior, John. 88 Dyson, Joe. 90 Wood, George. 92 Faulks, Thomas. _ Wellington Place. 98 Whittell, Ann Elizabeth. 100 Moorhouse, Fenton. 102 Lockwood, Dyson. 104 Hallas, John William. 106 Hallas, Kaye Henry. 108 Easter, James. 110 Harwood, Joseph Henry. 112 Brook, Hannah. 114 Whittell, Hannah. 116 Stott, John. 120 White, John William. 122 Armitage, Green. 124 Dakin, James Rayner. Lister Street. 126 Taylor, George Henry. 128 Sheard, Fred. 130 Bedford, James William. 132 Blackburn, John. 134 Parkin, Charles William. Rothwell Street. Robert (Ravens-


Holliday, . knowle).


144 146 145 150 152 156 158 160 162 164

ove Ravensknowle Road.

Day, Joshua, woollen manu- facturer (Greenhead).

Greenhead Lane.

Robertshaw, Henry. Milnes, Edward. North, James Henry. Fitton, Mrs. Martha. Kilner, Henry Holmes. Jessop, Mrs. Martha Ann. Bentley, Tom Newell. Webster, Richard. Tinker, Herbert. Fisher, Benjamin.

164aEwart, Wood,


172 Kettlewell,

174 176 178 180 182 184 186 200 202 204 208 210 216 218 220 299 294 298 230 932 234


240 244 248 250 254 206 208

Ewart, John. Mrs. Murgatroyd, Stag Inn Richard Wel- lington. Nichol, James. Boothroyd, William Henry. Pollard, John. Robinson, Willie. Jessop, Robert. Armitage, Robert. Walker, Richard. Halstead, Mrs. Elizabeth. Spivey, Thomas. Best, William. — Mellor, Kaye Abraham. Lodge, David Henry. > Evans, William Pugh. Barker, Alexander. Lee, William. Ainley, Harry. Daniel, Isaac. Roebuck, Mary. Wright, John °William. Beevers, Fred. | Irving, Edward. Welsh, Robert, (Picton House). | Etchells, Mrs. Eliza. Jebson, Joseph. Tunnacliffe, Mrs. Sarah Ann Chambers, George. Waddington, Haigh. Sutcliffe, Charles. Wood, Law. Whitfield, James. Pollard, Willie.


Page 302


260 Brean, Arthur John, Sub- Post Office. 262 Lodge; John. 264 Hey, John. 266 Hobbs, Charlie John. 268 Wood, Charles Frederick. 270 Sanderson, Hannah. 272 Berry, Ephraim. 274 Wood, Humphrey. 276 Owen, George William. 276aScholes, Fred.

Co-operative Buildings.

1 Wood, Hall. 2 Carter, Sam. | 5 Sunderland, John. 4 Varley, John Edward. 5 Lunn, Charles. 6 Kaye, Walter: 7 Mosley, Mrs .Nancy. 8 Castle, Joseph. 280 Ibberson, John, manager branch store Huddersfield Industrial Society. Wilby, Joseph.

Industrial Cottages.

Tyas, Fred. Halstead, John. Scholes, Fred. Grange, James. Hey, Mrs. James. Challand, Miss

Edith, sehoolmistress.

Fleming House Lane.

Albert, and clogger. 20 Boothroyd, John Thomas. 622 Hopkinson, Samuel. 624 Irving, Fred. Armstrong, Tom.

Brian, shoemaker

Freeman’s Lane.

Ashness, maker. Lockwood, Alfred Edward, painter and decorator. Wilby and Jessop, joiners and builders.

Henry, umbrella

Penistone Road.

Borough Boundary. |

Wasp Nest Road,

Hillhouse. Left side. Halifax Old Road. 1 Edwards, Tom. 3 McWilliams, Benjamin. 5 Whiteley, Samuel.

7 Moseley, Stephen.

9 Binns, Nimrod. 11 Stephenson, Joshua. 13 Lee, John. 15 Womersley, Joseph. 17 Greenwood, Edgar Herbert. 19 EKllam, Mary. 21 Boothroyd, Dyson. 25 Parr, William Albert. 27 Binns, Fred. 29 Saville, William Henry. 1 Darwin, George Henry, cab proprietor. _ Buckrose Street. 53 Porter, Thomas. 55-37 Callum, Robert, grocer. 39 Bates, Walter. 41 Spivey, George. 43 Ellam, James William. 45 Gledhill, Joseph. 47 Holmes, Cordelia. 49 Elam, Fred. , Percy Street. 55 Buckley, Walter. 57 Swift, George Henry. 61 Raynor, Fred. ! 63 Hodgson, Walter. 65 Sykes, Sarah. 67 Grisdale, Thomas. 71 Ingledew, John Crosley. 75 Fidler, Thomas. 75 Morley, Charles. Cobcroft Road. 81 Taylor, Walter. 83 Marchant, George Maule, brass founder. 87 Waddington, Elkannah. Clegg, John. 89 Aspinall, William. Trinity Wesleyan Chapel. Right side. 2 Hales, William. 4 Briggs, Hannah. 6 Cardno, Peter. Mead Street.

Page 303


Hillhouse Board School. 14 Turner, Allen. 16 Johnson, Henry.

Honoria Street.

18 Hopkinson, Benjamin. 20 Mugglestone, William. 22 Wilkinson, George Henry. 24 Crossley, John William. Cobcroft Road.

56 Thornton, Edwin. 58 Oddy, Christopher. 42 Foster, John William. | 44 Matthewman, James.

48 Sykes, John Lewis, solicitor. Spaines Road.

Water Royd, Turnbridge. St. Andrew’s Road. Malone, Patrick. Clegg, Joseph. Womersley, John. Goodwin, Annie. Daws, William. Riley, Fred. Weir, William Crawford. Laycock, Alfred, and Co., woollen manufacturers. Holmes, Percy Frederick.

“10D ON re

Schofield, Frederick Barber.

Taylor, Arthur. Water Lane.

3 Sullivan, John. 4 Whelan, John. 5 Flinn, Michael. 6 Connor, Dan. 8 Maloney, James. 10 Dawson, Patrick. 11 Ward, Mary. 12 Gallagher, Thomas. Longbottom, Rebecca. Devan, Margaret.

Jowitt’s Court.

2 Farrell, John, jun. 5 Foster, Susannah. 4 Shaughnessy, Tom. 6 Knott, Thomas Henry. 7 Malcolm, William. 9 Connor, Patrick. 10 Henry, Patrick. mo

Water Street.

2 Brooke, Mrs. Eleanor. 4 Batho, Mrs. Annie. 7 Brook, Edward. Cecil Street. Springwood Street. 9 Brodie, Stephen. 11 Leech, James Harold, Swallow Street. 12 Clegg, William. 13 Hewitt, Henry. 3 14 Hargreaves, George Henry. i5 Garton, George, sanitary an- gineer. | 16 Rhodes, John William. 17 Rees, Thomas. 18 Wimpenny, John Eli. 19 Haigh, Mrs. Ann. 20 Wilkinson, Mrs. Sarah Ann. Merton Street.

22 Rothery, Mrs. Hannah.

23 Black, Thomas Brown. 24 Naylor, John William. 25 Booth, Edwin. 26 Garnett, Mary Ann. 27 Sykes, Hannah Maria, dress maker. 28 Clay, Elizabeth. 29 Pearson, Arthur, Mus. Bac., Oxon., F.R.C.0O., Bcrough Organist. 52 Sykes, James Edward. 33 Dyson, Mrs. Helena. 35 Mallinson, Mrs. Ann. 356 Lythe, Elizabeth. Lawton, Horace. 38 Sykes, John. 46 Raynor, Albert Edward. Spring Grove Board School. Foster, Richard. Hill’s Yard.

Water Street, Lockwood.

Left side. Bridge Street.

1 McHenry, Niel, newsagent. 5 Metcalfe, Christopher. 5 Key, William Henry, com- mercial traveller. 7 Sykes, Elizabeth. 9 Butterworth, Alfred.

Page 304


13 Dawson; Richard. 15 Jackson, Caroline.

15 Birkhead, Tom. Right side. 4 Drake, Mrs. Martha, general dealer. 6 Robinson, Arthur. 8 Priestley, Mowbray. Whittaker, James.

Watergate. Castlegate. 1 Tansey, Sarak Arn. 2 North, John William. 3 Tracey, Thomas. 4 Woodhouse, Ellen. 5 Roddy, Thomas. 6 Whitehead, Edward. 7 Kelly, Mary. 8 Conroy, Dan. 9 Sankey, James. 10 Rodgers, William. 11 Lord, Henry. 12 Tomlin, Alfred. 14 Sweet, James. 16 Walker, Charles Scholefield. Marsland’s Brewery. 18 Whitworth, Thomas. 19 Richardson, Carrie. 20 Kerwin, Thomas. 21 McEvoy, James. 22 Maddon, Thomas. 24 Brennan, John. 25 Fairclough, Charles. 26 Quinn, Michael. 29 Wood, Tom. 30 Rocktigan, John.

Waterside, Lockwood. Left side. Woodhead Road. 1 Rhodes, James Henry. Oldfield, Scott. 4 Nutton, Arthur. 5 Howarth, Fred. 7 Sykes, Walter. 9 Hoyle, George. Jepson’s Yard. 1 Beaumont, Richard Henry 7 Hirst, Emmanuel. 9 Birkinshaw, Tom. 11 King, Annie. 15 Hirst, Tom Haigh.

11 Fox, J ohn. 15 Stott, John. 15 Ardron, John. Jackson, Charlie. 17 Brook, Thomas. 19 Jepson, Henry. 21 Bradley, Samuel. 23 McEvoy, Charles Edward. 25 Lodge, James. 29 Shaw, Andrew. 55 Stocks, Thomas. 37 Atha, John. 39 Boothroyd, Edwin. 41 Tyas, Ephraim. 43 Ainley, Fred. Ellis, Ph Alfred. Well Green.

45 Iredale, Thomas. 47 Marsden, Richard. 49 Beaumont, Tom. Right side.

2 Booth, Fenton. 10 Ainley, Nancy. 12 Townend, Joseph. 14 Crowther, Bradley. 16 Moorhouse, Tedbar. 18 Booth, George Hellawell. Salford Road.

Weatherhill Road, Lindley.

1 Thornton, Albert Ernest. 2 Wood, Joseph. 5 Mellor, Willie. 4 Woffenden, Ernest William. 5 Hollas, Eli. 6 Firth, Thomas. 11 Firth, John William. 13 Smith, Richard Arthur. 15 Ellam, Edwin. 17 Thornton, Eliza Jane. 19 Todd, Fenton. 21 Walker, George Wilkiam. 25 Brierley, Samuel. 27 Hepworth, Harry. 29 Wood, Charles. 31 Armitage, Fred. 53 Walker, William. ° 55 Rowley, Thomas. 457 Calverley, Joe. 59 Craven, James.

Page 305


Wellhouse Lane, Dalton. 2 Peace, George.


Stead, Emma.

6 Berry, Sam.

8 10

Hallas, Alfred. Carmichael, Herbert.

15 Kaye, Hannah.


Kaye, Michael.

Wellington Street, Lindley.


Left side. Acre Street. Wrigley, Thomas.

3 Booth, William.


Kitchenman, Mrs. Elizabeth

? Garthwaite, Sarah Ann.

9 11 13 15 17

19 81

Clegg, William. Fox, Charles. Fox, John. Foster, William. Lipton, Cornelius. -

9 Roberts, John.

Livesey, Mrs. Margaret. Walker, Reuben. Drake, Thomas Frederick. Wilkinson, George Rouse. Berry, Gill. Heap, James. — Wilson, Timothy. Wood, Fred. Bottomley, Alfred. Holmes, William Henry. Noble, Arthur. Hunter, William. Whitwell, Norris. Marshall, Wiliam. Forester’s Hall. Wallis, Alexander. Holroyd, Edward Armitage. Hinchliffe, Joseph. Hoyle, John. Moore, James. Haigh, George. Jackson, Sam. Heap, Richard. Nution, Eli. Brick, Austin. Waite, Edward. Mortimer, George. Firth, Alexander.

83 Iredale, Mary.

85 Holt, Arthur.

Dean Street.

| | | |

87 89

1il 113 115 117 119 121 123 125 127 129 131 133 135 137 139 141 143

145 147 149 151 153


Halstead, Joseph. Matther, Manassah. Baptist Schools. Oakes Road. Barron, William. Shaw, William Henry. Calverley, Dan. Barnes, Joseph. Shaw, George Henry. Lees, John. Wilkinson, Jabez. 4 Brearley, Mary Ellen. Darby, Christopher. Morton, John. Downsborough, Joseph Hy. Bottomley, Abraham Garside Milnes, Joe. Robinson, John. Sutherland, William. Binns, Sarah. Darby, Edward. Smith, Ruth Hannah. Townley, Ann. Goldsmith, Samuel. Johnson, Fred. Lee, William. Simpson, James William. Right side. Pogson, Willie. Brook, Jonathan. Smithson, Herbert. Brook, Frank. Weir, James. Shaw, Mrs. Ann. Roberts, Herbert. Casson, John William. Farrand, Sam. Atkinson, John. Hirth, Henry. Littlewood, Emma. Noble, Ben. Johnson, William. Crawshaw, Joseph. Sykes, Joseph. Durrans, Arthur. Stansfield, Sam. Smithson, Dan. Gardner, George. Midgley, Henry Spencer. Hirst, Fred. | Woolhouse, Sykes. Pickup, John. Crosland, Joe.

Page 306


Dewhirst, Sam. Coleman, Annie. Peckett, Elizabeth Ann. Wright, Annie.

74 Rhodes, William Henry.


Hoyle, John. Littlewood, Ido. Robinson, Herbert. Hallas, Benjamin. Goldthorpe, Sam. Warden, William. Moore, Williain. Sykes, Jonathan. Oakes Board Oakes Road. Wakefield Road,

_ 1 Schofield, George.


2 Harrop, William. 4 Holmes, Edward Dartford 6 Hiley, Aston.

Wells Street. Hinchliffe, Ellen. Monkhouse, John William. Naylor, James William. Lumb, Allen. Ellis, Harry.

Wentworth Street. Left side. Fitzwilliam Street West. Hill, John Richard, cashier. Webb, John Edward, cloth merchant. Mortimer, John Irving. Brierley, Joseph Percy, worsted manufacturer. Platts, William. Lowe, George Theodore, manager Yorkshire Penny _ Bank. Moody, John Catton. Clokie, Mrs. Maria Stephens J owitt, Heppenstall, Harry Senior. Taylor, Mrs. Jane. Holy Prinity Church. Right side. Broadbent, Arthur. Jowitt, John (Harewood). Walker, Arthur. aie

William Eastwood

| |


West Parade. Left side. 1-5 Cookson, Joe wine and spirit merchant, The Old Hat Hotel. Mrs., greengrocer Milton Square.

1 Earnshaw, Emily. 2 Rix, Hannah. 8 Westerman, James. 4 Weatherhill, William Hy. 7 Wood and, Atkinson, painters — 15 Tiffany, S. D., newsagent. 17 Brigg, John TE and Sons, woollen and commission 7 merchants ; tel. 19. 21 Wolven, James Albert.

23-25 Whitteron, Alfred, sur- geon dentist. 27 Adams, Charles. 29 Oxley, Benjamin, cab pro- prietor. 31 Aconley, Robert, draper.

South Street. Crawshaw, E., West Parade Dairy. Cliffe, James, traveller. Lockett, Arthur George, — librarian and curator of Public Library. Bradshaw, E., milliner. Key, Fred C., pianoforte

tuner. Greenhead Road.

Stannard, Mrs. Clara, art needlework. Kershaw, Edmund, tea mer- chant. Roberts, Abraham, founder. Brenhard, Samuel. Tunnacliffe, Tom Brook, plasterer and slater ; tel. 399. Ramsden, A. and E., drapers.

5d 30 39


Ay 43 45 ol 55

55 57


59 fancy Trinity Street. Right side.

4 Anderson, William, draper. 6 Joseph, H. , eycle dea- er.

Page 307


8 Dixon, Cyrus (Civil Supply Stores). tea dealer, coffee roaster, grocer, and pro- vision merchant. 10 Thompson, David, Acorn Inn 12 Sykes, John Fred, butcher. Brunton’s Yard.

14 Brook, Joseph B., joiner and undertaker. 16 Atkinson, Hugh S., milliner. 18 Lockwood, Ephraim, athletic

goods 20 Wiens:

William Bailey, decorator. 22 Riley, Mrs., servants’ regis-

try office. 24 Scholes, Mrs. boarding-house

Towning Row.

Oldfield, Mary Ellen. 2 Bland, J oseph. 4 Haigh, Sarah Jane. 6 Bowker, Mary Ann. 8 Hanson, Thomas. 8aEmmerson, Thomas John. 10 Smith, Jane. 14 Byram, Edmund. 18 Cookson, Ernest. 20 Best, Alice. 22 Swan, Martha Ann. 24 Walch, Kate. 26 Giles, George Henry. 50 Sykes, Hirst. jl Brook, Hannah. 32 Kaye, ‘Josep h. 26 Littlewood, 7 ohn Holmes, grocer and provision mer- chant. 28 Field, Henry, jeweller. 30 McMillan, John Arthur, to- bacconist. Albert,

32 Armitage, tioner. 34-36 Harries, Rokert, draper. Haigh’ Yard. 1 Burningham, William. 2 Flinn, Catharine. 5 Massheder, John.


38 Burningham, E., confec- tioner. 40 Spence, J. R., butcher.

42 Crosland, William, dairy. 44 Woodhead, William.

Wibberley, Walter, shoe- maker. 50 Kllam, Daniel. 54 Milner, Gibson, grocer. 56 Sellman and Co., “ The Studio,” photographic

artists | ; tel. 419. Marshall’s Yard.

ela Harry. Marshall, William Carver. Sutton, Ann. 64 Holland, John C., dental William Andrew

surgeon. 66 Moore, - Wylie, M.B., surgeon. 68 Cuthbert, Ralp yh 70 Spurr, John William. 72 Kendall, Henry Beaumont. 74 Johnston, David. Portland Street.

West Street, Lindley. Left side. Lidget Street. 1 Royston, Norris, hairdresser. 35 Fox, John. 5 Dyson, Joseph. 7 Dyson, Josiah, Stables. 9 Mitchell, Harriet. 11 Fox, Law.


Thorncliffe Street. 21 Robinson, Ben. 23 Ellam, Elizabeth. 25 Holdsworth, Jacob. 27 Brook, Annie. 29 Hepworth, Ben. 51 Smithies, James. 35 Woodhouse, Oliver. 55 Chappell, Walter. 57 Hatton, George. 39 Crowther, Thomas.

43 Sheard, George Edward.

45 Smith, Herbert. 51 Bedford, John.

63 Garside, Fred.

55 Kitchingham, Joe. 61 Ainley, James, grocer. Cowrake Road. Right side, 2 Earnshaw, Edward, painter and paperhanger.

Page 308


6 Haigh, Armitage, greengro- cer. 10 Turner, George Thomas, Red Lion Inn. 12 Craven, Charles Edward. 16 Clay, George. 18 Bates, Solomon. 20 Taylor, Mrs. Mary Ann. 22 Hirst, Edward. 24 Oldfield, James Hirst. 26 Shaw, Tom Bingley. 28 Hoyle, Frank Edward. 30 Littlewood, William. 32 Langley, Tom. 54 Webster, Hannah. 36 Craven, Crowther, glass and china dealer. 38 Lumb, William, butcher. 52 Hepworth, Mrs. Sarah. 54 Hepworth, Fred. Westgate Fold. 56 Hoyle, Rowland. 58 Pilling, George. 60 Hellowell, Arthur. Williamson, Marshall. Davison, Allen. Milnes, Garside. Threappleton, Henry. 82 Wood, Lawrence. 86 Hirst, James Crosland. 88 Sykes, William Herbert, far-

mer. 98 Gibson, Sarah. Dearnley Road.


West View, Paddock. Left side. Church Street. 1 Dyson, Willie. 3 Dyson, Hannah. 5 Hogley, John. 7 Whittaker, John. 9 Duffy, Anthony. 11 Monkhouse, Robert. 13 Chatterton, Benjamin. 15 Lunn, Arthur Whiteley. 17 Coulter, Miss Sarah. 19 Stott, Fred. 21 Schofield, William. 25 Hirst, John Henry. 25 Thewlis, Willie. 27 Bayldon, John Thomas. 29 Maude, John Edward.


31 Beaumont, John William. 43 Collinson, Louisa. 4daDuckworth, John. 50 Haigh, Mrs. Elizabeth. Right side. 2 Wilson, Elizabeth Ann. 4 Tunnacliffe, Edwin. 6 Hall, Sarah Ann and Emma. 8 Scholefield, Mary, dress- maker. 12 Siswick, Mrs. Mary. 14 Mellor, Joe Baildon. 16 Peace, Mrs. Mary Ann. 18 Thornton, John William. 20 Kendal, Edward. 22 France, John. 24 Firth, Frances. Thornton Road.

Westbourne Road, Marsh. Park Drive. Left side. 1 Ibbeson, Mrs. Clara, Junc- tion Inn. Gledholt Road.

Queen’s Road. 3 Brook, Mrs. Catharine (Clevelands). 5 Rowbottom, Edward, wool- len manufacturer (Linden

Cottage). Mrs. Martha

7 Roberts, (Westwood Villa). 9 Stott, James, clothier. 11 Wheawill, Cornelius, ough auditor. 13 White, Edwin. 15 Haigh, John Shaw, paper merchant. 17 Roberts, Martha. 19 Dearden, Fred Walter. 23 Snell, Juliana. 25-27 Haigh, Charles William,



Field Street, 29 Fox, Sam. 31 Shaw, Mrs. Sarah, draper. 33 Dawson, Miss Emma, draper and ladies’ outfitter. 55 Mrs. Emily, Marsh Bakery. 37 Kaye, Frederick William, confectioner,

Page 309


39 Cowling, John greengrocer. 41 Beecroft, Henry. 43 Hanson, Alfred; hairdresser. Huddersfield Industrial So- ciety Branch Store. Cross Lane. 49 Lord, Mrs. Eliza, fruiterer.’ ' Iredale, Benjamin. 51 Lord, Abram, coal merchant. 53 Bowker, Herbert. 55 Bowker, Kershaw. 57 Lord, John. Hardwick, William Rudge. Brook, Emanuel. Marsh Memorial Church and Schools Trinity Mission Church). Sheard, Edwin, pork but- cher. 83 Wade, Ernest Henry Holley. 85 Bates, Bertie, tobacconist, hosier, and umbrella maker.

Ri chard

Broomfield Road. 87 Howe, Mrs. Jane, grocer. 89 Levelle, Harry, painter and decorator. 91 Meyler, Hugh. 95 Sugden, Joe, engine inspec-

95 Balmforth, Mrs. Ann, Sub- Post Office. 97 Platts, Sam Wood. butcher. 99 Nelson, Mrs. Margaret, laundress. 101 Shaw, John, plumber. Shaw, Miss Ellen, dress- maker.

Reed Street.

Liddell and Brierley, Ltd. (sec. J. P. Brierley), wool- len manufacturers. Luck Lane. New Hey Road. Right side. 2 Stevenson, John, gardener. 4 Booth, Charles, carrier. 6 Taylor, Harry. 8 Hirst, Albert. 10 Rhodes, Nicholas, foreman. 12 Schofield, Luke.

Glebe Terrace. |

| | | |


14 Hall, Sarah Ann. 16 Whiteley, William. 18 Drinkwater, Farriar. 20 Wadsworth, Thomas. Jenkinson, Thomas, cab pro- prietor. 24 Wood, Fred. 26 Taylor, Arthur. 28 Dalton, Willie. 50 Haigh, Allen, hatter. 52 Sykes, Percy William, wool- len merchant. 54-36 Naylor, Dr. W. R., phy- sician, and surgeon. 38 Pontefract, John (Weston. House). 40 Cooper, Mary.


East View. 1 Shaw, John Joseph. 38 Bould, Ebenezer. 5 Sugden, William. 7 Eyre, Joseph. 9 Green, John. 11 Powney, George Henry. 13 Wilkinson, Fred. 15 Taylor, John. | 17 Bowker, William Henry. 19 Armitage, William. — 42 Heeley, Harry. 44 Whitaker, Beatrice, milliner 46 Smeeton, Samuel, chiropo-

ist... 48 Anderson, William. 50 Goode, Caroline Victoria. 52 Calverley, Mrs. Mary. 54 Bentley, Charles. 56 Kilner, Albert: Edward, In- firmary dispenser. 58 Naylor, William Roebuck.

Croft House Lane

62 King and Walshaw’s Drug Store. 64 Green, Harry Dyson. 66 Walker, Ernest, newsagent. 68 Benson, John, dairy. 70 Kaye, Brice, butcher. 76 Townend, Albert Frederick. ‘S Hirst, Henry. Abb Street. Conservative Club. 86 Crowther, Saville. 88 Heathcote, Willie.

Page 310


Heathcote, John, farmer. Richardson, Charles, eral smith. Taylor, William, draper. Bowker, Herbert, — boot- maker. Eastwood, Edwin, March House Inn. Fox, George Henry. Clegg, Joe Morton, Joe. Bennett, William. 112 Hardisty, George. Lord’s Buildings.

10 Thomas. 12 Lumb, ‘Fred, chant. 14 Newsome, Lewis. 16 Seaton, Edward. 116 Vickers, Mrs. Jane. 118 Haigh, Louisa. 120 Thackeray, John. Mint Street.

122 Hellowell, Sylvanus, draper. 124 Hirst, Jane Ann. 126 Hellowell, Ann. 128-130 Dobson, Benj. Briggs. 132 Brown, Joseph. 134 Graham, Tom, Arms Inn. 136 Rushworth, John Henry. 138 Quarmby, William. Bottom- ley, woollen manufacturer i40 Hey, Sarah Ann. 142 Washington, Mrs. Eliza. 144 Ward, Arthur.

coal mer-


West View.

Hey, Louisa, dressmaker. Howe, Jane.

New Hey Road. Westgate. Left side. Market Place.

1 Ramsden, Sykes, and Rams- den, solicitors and com- missioners for oaths. 3 Halifax and Huddersfield Union Bank.

Chancery Lane.

gen- |

Hall, James, Paragon Hotel. 5 Whittell, Henry, Swan-with- two-Necks Inn.

Swan Yard. Armitage, Alfred, carrier.

9 Ramsden, W. T., confec- tioner. 11 Field and Son, Ltd. (man. director, Chas. Field), coffee dealers and Oriental Cafe.

13 Armitage, Sykes, and Binch- cliffe, solicitors. 15 Scales and Sons, boot and shoe dealers. 17 Littlewood, L., Wellington

Hotel. 19 Robinson, J. T., oyster and lunch bar. 19aBake, William, tailor and

woollen draper. 21 McVeagh, F., tailor. 23 Brown, Benjamin, printer, stationer, and. bookbinder. 25 Yates, Henry, tinware. 27 Robinson, Geo. H., tea and coffee merchants and fami-

ly grocers. 29 Kirby, Mrs. Elizabeth, to- bacconist and cigar ‘dea- ler. 31 Halstead, Joe, Green Dragon Inn.

Market Street. 33 Jas. H. Laycock, Plough Inn Half-Moon Street. 35 5 Biysom, Joseph, and Sons, woollen and worsted manufacturers ; Works, Elming Mills, Milnsbridge 37 Taylor, J. A. and John, and Co., Ltd. (sec., L. Scho-

field), woollen merchants.

39 Fox, Joseph, woollen mer- chant. 41 Wilson and Fitton, fruit- erers.

43 Driver, G. H., Crown Hotel. Moxon, George, coal office. 45 Womersley, Mrs. Annie, hairdresser. Upperhead Row.

Page 311


Right side. John William Street. 2 Rushworth and Co., bazaar. 4 Woodcock, William Henry, bookseller. 6 Jackson, George,

nist. 8 Shaw, John, fashionable boot. and shoe maker. 10aBradley, C. H., Adega Bil- liard Hall. 10-12 Cuthbert, R., wholesale druggist, manufacturing chemist, and photographic supplies ; tel. 465. Byram Arcade. Ainley and Ramsden, stock and share brokers ;_ tel. 118.


Thwaite, S. H., hairdresser. ©

14 Booth and Mallinson, hosi- ers, glovers, and_ shirt makers ; tel. 542. 16 Wadsworth, Thomas, milli- nery and fancy goods. i8 Holroyd, J., and Co., Ltd. | (sec., A. Kilner), dyers.


20 London and Yorkshire Bank, Ltd. (local manager, Law- rence Wilcock). 22 Sutherby and Son, harness makers.

The Liberal Club (sec., John

Crossley) ; tel. 437. Grand Clothing Hall (mana- ger, Bertram H. Frankel), merchant tailors and juve- nile outfitters. Railway Street. 28 Thompson, McKay, and Co., Ltd. (manager, Thos. Walkden), general carriers and railway agents; offi- ces of the Great Central Railway ; tel. 126. 30 Cooper and Webb, provision merchants. 52 Walker, James, and Sons, woollen manufacturers. 54 Wood, Son, and Co., fish, and poultry '; tel.

36 Stewart, Robert, fruit mer- chant ; tel. 253. 58 Mellor, T. K., and Co., stock and share brokers; tel. 509. Dawson, Thomas, drysalter. Edwards and Co., printers. Crowther, C. W., carver. Barron, N. H., upholsterer. Lord, E., upholsterer. Christadelphian Meeting . Rooms. 40 Buckley and Co., china, glass, and brushes ;___ tel. 0838. 42 Whiteley, A. W.. and Sons, confectioners and cater- ers ; tel. 514. 44-48 Heaps, T. A., and Co., ironmongers ; tel. 230. 50 Turner and Smith, shirt makers and hosiers ; travelling bags. St. George’s Street.

Westgate, Almondbury. Left side. 1 Gibson, Tom, general dealer. 5 Woolley, George. 5 Dickenson, James, fruiterer. 9 Jepson, John. 11 Farrand, Ellen. — 13-15 Crowther, William, joiner and undertaker. 17 Conservative Association | Clubhouse. 19 Samuel, Abraham. 21 Ainley, Sam. 23 Huthwaite, James William. Grass Croft.

25 Noble, James. 27 Kastwood, George, grocer. 29 Beaumont, Edward. 51 Fleming, James. © 65 Arundel, Herbert. 59 Midgley, Albert. 59 Berry, Allen. 41 Bailey, Mrs. Elizabeth. 43 Littlewood, Harry. 45 Knight, George, greengrocer 47 McDonald, Martha Ann.


Page 312


49 Boothroyd, Albert. Shaw, Walter. Haigh, Fred. Parkin, Benjamin. 59 Jackson, Isaac. 57 Spivey, George. 59 Marsden, Wainwright, Rad- cliffe Arms.

Miller’s Yard.

61 Stead, John. 65 Beaumont, George Edward. 67 Shaw, Alfred, farmer. 69 Jenkinson, Andrew. 75 Dransfield, George. 77 Bradley, Charles Coates. 79 Dearnley, Allen. 81 Beaumont, Milton. 83 Stead, Betsy. 85 Brown, David. 87 Dearnley, George. 89 Pooley, 91 Crowther, Ben. 95 Johnson, Richard, hay mer- chant. 95 Midgley, Miss Sarah, gene- ral dealer. 97 Midgley, Fred Hartley. 99 Midgley, Frances. 101 Butterworth, Ashton. 103 107

Brook, Richard. Fleming, Thomas. 109-111 Sykes, Sam, grocer and provision merchant. 113 Rushworth, Harry. 115 Beaumont, Ned. 117 Dearnley, Lewis. 119 Dearnley, Mrs. Tamar. 121 Lodge, Mrs. Ann. 123 Broadbent, Martha. 125 Eastwood, Margaret. 127 Midgley, Ada. 129 Broadbent, Albert. 131 Boothroyd, Robert Brierley. 135 Booth, Norman. 135 Boothroyd, Allen. 137 Hirst, Eliza. 139 Mellor, John. 141 Brook, Wright. 147 Brook, Mary Ann. 149 Boothroyd, Rebecca. 151 Moss, Herbert. -153 Blackshaw, Edwin. 155 Green, Hugh.

| | |

179 Boothroyd,


157 Wood, Joel. 159 McGauvran, William. 161 Ramsden, Tom. : 165 Hampshire, Arthur. 165 Brook, Edward. 169 Hampshire, Paul. i71 Richmond, George William. 173 Roberts, Jonathan. 175 Walker, Law. 177 Boothroyd, Allen. Mrs. Emma Frost. 181 Brook, Eliza. 183 Nelson, Arthur. 185 Hanson, Frederick.

Kaye Lane. Right side.

All Saints’ Church. 2 Dobson, William, sexton. National Schools. 8 Marsden, William Edwin France, schoolmaster. 10 Brook, Joseph. 14 Norris, Rev. William Foxley (The Vicarage). 16 Hirst, Joseph. 18 Heap, George Frederick. Industrial Society Branch. 20 Dearnley, Mrs. Martha Khzabeth, general dealer. 22 Armitage, Charles William. 24 Fleming, Eliza. 26 Brook, Nancy. 28 Shaw, William. Wesleyan Chapel. 30 Dawson, William Haigh. 52 Boothroyd, Thomas. 54 Coad, Joseph. Cemetery Grounds. 42 Ramsden, Joseph. 44 Culley, John Fremont. 52 Womack, James. 54 Horne, John Alfred. 58 Kaye, William. 60 Dawson, Joshua Haigh. 62 Boothroyd, Benjamin Brook. Stanley, Levi. Stell, Stephen Willie. Zion Methodist Free Church. 80 Golden, David. 82 Whitehead, Fred. 84 Miller, Micah. 86 Butler, Edward,

Page 313


88 Ecclesby, Charles. 90 Barrowclough, Mrs. Jane. Cliffe Lane.

West Hill. Left side. Trinity Street. 1 Garside, Burdett. 5 Walton, Elizabeth. 5 Williamson, Reuben. 7 Stott, Walter Wood. 9 Littlewood,

ley. llaDugdale, Elizabeth. 13 Mellor, Thomas. 15 Haigh, Arthur, manufacturer. 17 Barras, James Edwin. 19 Hoskin, Arthur Veale, gro- cer. 25 Field, George, manager. 25 Hellawell, Mrs. Mary. 27 McCaskie, Frances Jane. 29 Sykes, Thomas Henry. 35 Ellison, Charles. Woodland Mount. 1 Wheatley, James East- wood, bookseller. 2 Bentley, Thomas, woollen manufacturer. 35 Sykes, Mrs. Walter. Moon, C. E., deputy bor- ough accountant.


4 Roberts, Alfred, bank Manager. 5 Johnson, Joseph Marsden, jeweller. — 6 Vigrass, John. ? Woodhouse, Mrs. Jane,

confectioner. 9 White, Arthur, surveyor. YaJubb, Robert. 10 Lowenthal, Frank, cloth manufacturer (West-

mead). 11 Wood, Rev. Frank Theo- dore (M.A., Cantab.), curate of St. Peter’s. Park Drive. Right side. Vernon Avenue. 2 Nield, Albert Edward. 4 Wimpenny, George.

John Bottom- |

283 6 Smith, Tom, commercial traveller. 8 Middlemost, William. 16 Wardle, Miss Annie. 12 Buck, Anna Maria.

Stringer, Henry. Hoskin, William, grocer. Abbey, Joe Burman.

20 Thorpe, William. 22 Dyson, Henry. 24 Atkinson, Lees. 26 Shaw, Henry Marsden. 28 Gardner, William James, Manager. Reservoir.

Mountjoy Road. Blacker Road. Westbourne Road.

Wheathouse Road,

Hillhouse. Left side. Blackcr Road. Booth, Fred Brook. Crowther, Joseph. Smith, Robert, manufacturer. Atkinson, Herbert. Fall, Frederick William. Right side.


53 woollen

4 McKenzie, Mrs. Edith Helen. 6 Wells, Henry Richard.

12 Cartmel, George Robinson. 18 Ensor, Mrs. Ophelia Hannah 22 Blakeley, William. Birkby Hall Road.

Whitacre Street, Deighton.

Leeds Road. Poppleton, William Darley, farmer. Cherry Nook Road. 2 Nunns, John William, india- rubber packing maker. 4 Whitehead, David Hoyle, woollen merchant. Clegg, Fred. Clay, Mrs. Martha, farmer. Naylor, Wyndham. Watkins, William.

Page 314


Deighton Railway Station. Hammond, Edward. Hirst, William Henry, mil- ler (Deighton Lodge). Walker, John Lee, dyer (Glenfield). Stokes, William, manager. Cliffe, Alfred. Boothroyd, Luke. Dyson, Walter. Colcomb, George. Netherwood, William, rail- way inspector. 8 Dyson, Fred. 10 Jebson, John. 12 Boothroyd, Frank. Lister, Fred.

Whitehead Road, Primrose

Hill. Left side.

5 Mellor, Kate. 7 Shaw, Benjamin.

Stott’s Buildings.

1 Plumb, John Thomas. 3 Littlewood, George. 5 Littlewood, Tom. 7 Briggs, Abraham. 13 Bailey, Frederick. 15 Haigh, Mrs. Laura. ~ 17 Armstrong, John William. 19 Blackburn, Thomas Scaife. 21 Evans, Arthur John. 25 Cowan, Jennie.

25 Dale, Th


omas. 27 Whiteley, Willie. 29 Bennett, Sam. 51 Dean, Benjamin. 53 Wood, James Frederick. 55 Kennedy, John. 37 Taylor, Fred. 39 Ricketts, Joseph. 41 Stead, Edwin. 43 Albert. 45 Lawton, Willie. 47 Senior, Richard. 59 Lodge, Hannah. 61 Jeffrey, John William. 63 Haigh, Joseph. 65 Hardcastle, Henry. 67 Higgins, Jonas..

69 Hoyle, Charles William.

71 Fisher, John. 73 Schofield, Ernest. 75 Haigh, James. 7? Harrison, John. 79 Bolton, Lewis. 81 Eastwood, Robert Cunliffe.

83 Oldfield, Joe Hinchliffe, den-

tist. 85 Peace, William Henry. 87 Thornton, James Henry. 89 Armstrong, Fred. 91 Jackson, John. 93 Wade, Mary. 95 Brook, Alfred. 97 Noble, Arthur. 99 Gunson, Willans. 101 Hartley, Albert. Lodge, Robert, furniture dealer. Beaumont, George. Spa Wood Top. Right side. 18 Whiteley, James. Hague, Fred. 20. Harpin, James. 22 Brook, Henry. 24 Schofield, John. 26 Hough, James. 50 Moore, 52 Bates, Mrs. Louisa. 34 Haigh, Charles. 56 Crossley, Harriet. 38 Wood, Fred. 42 Fenwick, Samuel Blanchard. 44 Moorhouse, Tom. 46 Kennedy, John Allen. 48 Priestley, William Josiah, bootmaker. 50 Lockwood, Allen, bootmaker 52 Booth, George. 54 Lee, Mrs. Jane. 56 Howard, John Arthur. 58 Hopkinson, Edwin Archi- bald. ; 60 Fleming, Joe. 64 Wild, Adam. — 68 Pounder, John. 70 Dodson, George, carrier. 72 Woodruff, Thomas. 74 Mellor, Willie. 76 Pilling, Edward. 80 Rigg, Thomas. |

‘ (tine ee ate

Page 315


82 Dickinson, Laura. 84 Makepeace, Thomas. 88 Muff, Harry. 90 Riley, Thomas Henry. 92 Wing, Sarah Ann. 94 Booth, William. 96 Davison, Benjamin Land. 100 Schofield, Emma. 104 Eastwood, Mary. 108 Beaumont, Elizabeth. 110 Thornton, Harry. 112 Rhodes, Ellen Ann. 114 Haigh, John Edward. 116 Robinson, Benjamin. 118 Crow, Arthur. 120 Murray, Thomas. 122 Wade, Willie. 124 Butterley, John. 126 Wright, Medley. 128 Pontefract, Benjamin. 130 Broom, Elizabeth Ann. 132 Hellawell, Eli. 134 Waite, Susan. 136 Sutcliffe, Joe. 140 Broome, Denbigh Woodhead 144 Goddard, Elizabeth. 146 France, ‘Albert. 148 France, Hiram. 150 Robinson, John Henry. 152 Brelsford, Frank.

Wood Terrace.

158 Roberts, 160 Noble, James Henry. 162 Aspinall, George Frederick. 164 Kaye, Alfred. 168 Newton, James. 174 Shaw, Allen Haigh. 176 Liversidge, Alfred. 180 Hirst, Phoebe. 182 Bradley, Sam Henry. 184 North, George. 186 Bottomley, John. - | 188 Crawshaw, Tom. 190 Townend, Abraham. i192 Brick, Richard Henry. 194 Waddington, Mrs. Esther.

Whitegate Road. 1 Ford, Dennis. 3 Ellis, John Thomas. Salford. Left side. 1 Shaw, Edward.

285 Edith. Charles William. Right side. 198 Iredale, Tom.

5 Brook, 5 Stocks,

| 204 Matthews, Mary.

210 Thorpe, George. 212. Whitehead, George. 214 Day, Luther. 216 Hellawell, Emma. 220 Hanson, Fred. 222 Cliffe, Thomas Henry. 224 Hand, Fred. © 226 Cliffe, George. 228 Hellawell, William. 250 Wilkinson, Albert. 232 Howarth, Eliza. 234 Boothroyd, John. 236 Colbeck, Emma. 2358 Armitage, Arthur. 240 Lunn, Herbert. 242 Worsley, Walker. 246 Beaumont, Emma. 250 Kaye, Frederick William. 252 Hill, Joseph. 254 Banks, Edward. Knapton, Herbert. 256 Shaw, Alfred. 258 Barraclough, James. 262 Bolton, James. 264 Ramsden, John Henry. 266 Shaw, John William.

270 Hirst, Jane.

272 Peace, John Henry. 274 Brooksbank, John. 276 Gunson, James. 218 Sykes, Walter. 280 Crawshaw, Ellen. 282 Haigh, Edward. 284 Hickman, William. 286 Mawson, William. 288 Lunn, James Edward. 292 Wood, Berner Prosser. 294 Senior, EKmma. 296 Sykes, ‘Nathan. 298 Scholes, Ann. | 500. Mallinson, Fred. 502 Day, Joseph. 304 Merrifield, Charles gomery 506 ‘Méllor. Birth. 308 Rollinson, Kliza. 310 Bentley, Sykes. 512 Beardsell, Henry.


Page 316


é14 Bentley, George. 318 Kennedy, inched Alfred. 020 Lee, Annie.

Scarr Top.


Whitehouse Road, Crosland Moor.

1 Donaldson, Robert. 5 Crosland, John William. 5 Hollingworth, Fred. 7 Hirst, Sarah Jane. 9 Smith, Brook. 11 Myers, Lincoln.

Whiteley Bottom,

Milnsbridge. 7 Butterfield, Edward, fruit- erer. 9 Parkin, John, manager

Cockhill’s Stores. 11 Morton, Mrs. Mary, general dealer. 14 Ainley, Mrs. Maria, baker. 18 Graham, Robert Henry, bootmaker. 27 Whitehead, Jonadab, maker and jeweller. 29-31 Laisby, Fred, cycle manu- facturer.


Whitestone Road,

Hillhouse. Left side. Bradford Road North. 1 Eccleston, Thomas. laMoseley, John William. Harris, John. 3 Calvert, James Robert. 5 Davies, ‘Harry. 7 Quarmby, James Henry. 9 Stringer, Herbert. li Davison, William. 15 Lumb, Herbert William. 17 Holt, John. 19 Hird, Charles, filter maker. 21 Armitage, James Alston. 25 Nutter, William Henry.




25 Kaster, Henry. 27 Mills, John. 29 Brogden, Robert Fillis. 31 Hirst, Matthew Henry, rail- way inspector. Whitehead, Ben. Smith, William Edward. Fryer, John Dodds. 41 Taylor, Richard. 43 Berry, Andrew.- 45 Kennedy, George William. 47 Wheelhouse, Jonathan. 51 Shaw, Richard. 53 Stringer, Arthur. 55 Derbyshire Ann Jane. 57 Lindley, George. 5vaSmith, Ann. 65 Wood, Charles William. 67 Waring, John Charles. 69 Poole, William Henry. 71 Clegg, Charles William. 75 Hampshire, John William. 77 Gibson, William, 79 Crowth er, Caroline. 81 Poole, Jane.

of 39

Alder Street.

William Street. North. Fitzwilliam Street. -

Wilson, Travis, and Oo., sawing and planing mills ; tel. 498. 1 Wood, Joseph, Allbion Steam confectionery Works. daCrabtree, James, saw and file dealer. 4 Dobson, Thomas James. 6 Hallas, "Henry. 7 Flood, Harriet Kmma. 7aBlakey, Joe Smith. 8 Fountain, Maria. 9 Rice, Herbert. JaStephens, Joseph. 10 Myers, William.

Beaumont Street Board Schools. 11 Whiteley, Thomas Ken- worthy.

12 Shephert. Thomas.

Beaumont Street.

Page 317


South. Back Union Street. Heaps and Co., iron foundry 1 Bostock, William Henry. 2 Boothroyd, Sam. 3 Seaman, Herbert Charles. 4 Hodgkinson, Mary. 4aLodge, Kmma. 5 Haywood, Wilson. 6 Bradley, George. | 7 Nicholson, Albert Edward. 8 Shaw, Joe. 9 Hamilton, Stanley. 10 Peace, Hugh. 12 Goodger, Frederick William. 14 Edwards, Walter. 16 Fletcher, George. 18 Thirkhill, Robert. 22 Robinson, Mrs. Emily. 26 Stead, George Henry. Lodge, Ben. Fitzwilliam Street.

William Street, Crosland

Moor. Armitage, Robert Henry. - Morley, Richard. - Woodhead, John. Thorpe, Fred.

Willow Street. Bradford Road. 1 Hinchliffe, Mrs. Betty. 5-5 Wood, James, coal mer- chant. 7 6 Hellawell, John. 8 Quarmby, Ernest: Holmes. 10 Durrans, Albert. ' 12 Smith, George. 14 Cooper, Isaac Henry. 16 Gelder, Henry. 18 Scott, George. 20 Robinson, John Ingleby. 24 Whiteley, William Henry. 26 Kitchin, Thomas. 28 Hodgson, Edward. 52 Shaw, William Hinchliffe. 44 Shaw, James. 46 Sykes, Hannah. 58 Pearson, William. 40 Brooksbank, Miss Susannah. 42 Smith, John.

44 Fox, William Henry. 46 Fretwell, Henry, firewood merchant. 48 Marks, Alfred George. 50 Cromack, Sarah. 56 Fisher, Walter. 58 France, Henry. 60 Bray, Walter. 62 Clough, Mrs. Nannie. 64 Dodson, Mrs. Hannah. | 66 Moore, Thomas. 68 Turton, Arthur. 70 Love, Oliver. 76 Gledhill, Mrs. Ruth Ellen. 78 Ainley, Mrs. Ann, general dealer. 60 Gledhill, Henry. ~ Shaw, Benjamin, and Sons, mineral water manufac- turers ; tel. 383. Bay Hall. St. John’s Road.


Willow Street East.

Bradford Road. Smithson, Henry. . Avison, John. . Hirst, Law. Rowe, Alfred. Stephenson, Amelia, Sheard, Walter. 7 Cryer, Harry. § Hirst, Dan.

Calton Street. 11-15 Watson, Joseph, grocer 17 Sutcliffe, Tom. 19 Colbeck, Alfred. 21 Brook, William. 45 Gledhill, Fred, painter and decorator. 25 Bromley, George Henry. a? Fitton, Mrs. Margaret, 51 Tansey William. 53 Addy, George. 55 Spivey, John Allen. 47 Hoyle, Dyson. Alder Street. Willow Street, Marsh. Walker, David. Balmforth, John. Turner, Abram,

Page 318


Jagger, Martin. Foster, Alfred. ; Blakey, Charles. Shaw, Frank. Shaw, Ernest.

Winter Hill,

Haigh, Nancy Chadwick, William. Wood, William. Bray, Ellis.


Wood End, Lockwood

Scarr. Left side. Garner, Harry. Moody, Samuel. Burton, Tom. Stringer, John William. Waterton, Luke. Sanderson, William Henry. Garner, William. Right side. Armstrong, John Thomas. Moorhouse, Edgar. Gledhill, Tom. Heaton, Robert. Kaye, Joseph Henry. Stewart, John.


Berry Brow. Left side. 11 Thornton, Jane. 15 Brook, George Willie. 17 Sanderson, Henry. 19 Ellis, Brook. 21 Crawshaw, Lewis. 23 Rhodes, Tom. 25 Schofield, Benjamin. Right side. 26 Taylor, Brierley. 28 Iredabe, Ann. 50 Beaumont, Ellen. 52 Pearson, Joseph. 54 Morton, Mary Eliza. 58 Cole, David. 40 Stringer, John. 42 Roebuck, George. : Windmill Terrace, 4 Heppenstall, Harry. 6 Waddington, Ben. 8 Michael.

10 France, Arthur. 12 Oxley, John.

Wood Street.

Left side. _ Kirkgate. Jackson, George, tobacco- nist. Garton, George, china and

glass warehouse. Waverley Hotel (back en- trance). Langren and Co., egg importers. Crowther, Alfred, plumber.

butter and

Lockwood Bros., woollen warehouse. Fisher, John, woollen waire- house.

Stothart and Faulder, wool- len warehouse.

Right side.

Wilkinson, J., butcher. Huddersfield Dairy Tea and Coffee Rooms. Kendall, Sam, painter. Brooks and Co., shoemakers. Burley and Son, wine and spirit merchants. Crowther, Ltd., gillass ware- house. Beaumont and Oo., Ltd., woollen manufacturers. — Hirst, William.

Booth, James, worsted manufacturer. Walker, Dyson, and Sons,

woollen manufacturers. Roebuck, Henry.

Brook Street.

Wood Street, Dalton. Left side.

3 Reed, John. 5 Becket, Fred. 7 Mellor, Lewis Broadbent. 9 Brammer, James. 11 Bond, Joseph. 13 Matthewman, John.

Page 319


Right side. 2 Shaw, Robert. 6 Haigh, Benjamin. 10 Hemingway, Willie. 12 Ramsden, George. 14 Dyson, Thomas. 16 Brook, Thomas. 18 Sims, Sarah Ann. 20 Brooke, Charles.

Wood Terrace, Primrose 7 Hill.

Left side. Queen’s Mill Road. 1 Holmes, George. 5 Platt, Isabel. 7 Booth, George. 11 Moorhouse, Wilson. 13 Benson, Robert. 15 Dickinson, Alfred Arthur. 17 Siswick, Abraham. 19 Clayton, Thomas. Right side. 2 Beevers, Harry. 4 Sykes, Sam. 6 Morrison, Mrs. Martha. 12 Lockwood, Ann. 14 Greenwood, Samuel. 16 Sykes, Frederick. 18 Chadwick, Arthur. 20 Senior, Walter. 22 Thomas, Allen. 24 Whitworth, William. 28 Ellis, Ben. 30 Schofield, William. 62 Mellor, John. S44 Taylor, John William. 58 Milner, Joanna. 42 Ellis, Harry. 44 Parkin, John. 46 Clayton, Joe. 48 Beaumont, Allen. 50 Clancy, George.’ 52 Wilkimson, Annis. 54 Fenton, Walter. 56 Crookes, Samuel. 58 Keeble, Lucy Jane. 60 Crowther, Sarah.

62 Cartwright, William Henry.

64 Dyson, John. 66 Hemingway, Albert.

68 Brook, Arthur. : 70 Hodgkinson, Hannah. 76 Taylor, Emma. “8 Berry, James. 80 Hargreaves, James. 82 Tiffany, Albert Henry. | 84 Harris, Squire Friend. 86 Horsfall, Mary Ann. 88 Sheard, Sarah. 90 Clayton, Albert. 92 Taylor, Edgar. 94 Heeley, James. 96 Hodgson, David. Whitehead Lane.

Woodfield Road, Lockwood.

Westerby, William Laurence (Pond 63 Gill, John. 65 Kaye, Fred. 67 Kemp, Fletcher Rodwell. 71 Tyas, George. 73 Fishment, Samuel. 75 Watson, Eliza. 77 Livesey, George. 80 Hirst, George Henry. 85 Spencer, Catherine. Fred. Dog Hall. 1 Barrett, Harriett Hannah. 4 Sykes, Hadfield. 5 Mawson, George. 6 Crosland, Ann. 7 Armitage, Thomas. 8 Crosland, Jonathan. 9 Haigh, John William. 10 Senior, Richard. 11 Jagger, Edward. 12 Moorhouse, William. (13 Wilkinson, Joshua. 14 Armitage, James. 16 Senior, Ben. 17 Haigh, George. 18 Hodgkin, Thomas. 19 Lester, Thomas. 21 Littlewood, William. 22 Mosley, Allen. 25 Wade, Ezra. 24 Lockwood, Joah. 25 Ellis, Harry. © 27 Wade, Himber.’ 29 Sleight, John Richard.

Page 320

290 Park Valley Cottages.

2 Vickerman, Tom. ° 3 Gledhill, Allen. 4 Spence, “Martha. 5 Bolton, Arthur Frederick. 6 Wood, Joe.

Woodhouse Hill.

Left side. Fartown Green Read.

1-3 Clarkson, Robert, farmer. 5 Balmforth, Benjamin. 7 Cooper, Albert. 9 Fitton, William. 11 Prior, ‘John. Damrel, factory inspector. 13 Reed, Francis Anthony. 17 Sutcliffe, John. 19 Whorlow, Rev. Alfred, vicar Webster, Joseph. 21 Cocking, Tom Albert, engine acking manufacturer (The Hollies). 299 Crowe, Rev. Robert. Christ Church and Schools.

Right side.

2 North, Charles (Sun Villa). 6 Berry, John. Brooke, E., 8 Keighley,

Christopher. ‘Thomas Burnup (Oxley).

Thomson, George (Wood- house Hall). Tinker, Willie (Woodhouse Hall Yard). Netherwood, James. Kerr, James.

Woedhouse Mill Yard, Deighton.

2 Jackson, Arthur. 4 Brooke, John. 5 Wilson, Hannah. 6 Broadbent, William. 7 Cooper, George Edward.

Woodhouse Mills. Ackroyd, Matthew William.

Sutcliffe, David. ; Thornton, Walter.


Woodside Road, Lockwood. Left side. Moor End Road. 1 Thornton, Henry. 3 Booth, Charles. 7 Hills, William. 9 Fallas, Annis. 11 Crow, "Beaumont. 22 Crowther, Mrs. Mary. 27 Mellor, Abraham. 29 Allan, ‘James. 31 Vickerman, John. 35 Kenworthy, James, waggon

builder. 35 Hirst, Reuben, cotton spin- ner. Moseley, Seth Lister (Museum). Right s

2 Chateat orth: ‘William Hy. 4 Jackson, Henry. 18 Donkersley, Joe Herbert Wright. Schofield, Thomas. 20 Bradley, ‘Demosthenes. 24 Marshall, Sam 28 Kenworthy, Fred. Airey, John. Dry Clough Road.

Wormald Street, Almondbury.

. Northgate. Dyson, Ernest. Eastwood, George. Barber, James William. Marsden, Ann. Bedford, Alfred. Crowther, John. [lingworth, David. Bie Dees John Wilfred Sitiaon: Harry Bloomfield. Clayton, Mary. Renshaw, Fred. 3 Bastwood, Thomas Edmund. Shaw, Benjamin Gartside. Telfer, Herbert. Kaye, George. Capper, Thomas Henry. Shaw, Henry. Leigh, Joseph. Colbeck, Thomas.

Page 321


Wren Street, Paddock. Left side. Brow Road. 5 Booth Bethuel. 5 Hanson, Henry. 7 Mellor, Fred. 11 Ellis, Benjamin. 13 Kendall, Harry. 15 Halstead, Herbert. 17 Armitage, David. 19 Berry, Allen. 21 Thornton, William. 29 Garbutt, Mary Ann. 27 Lees, Fred.

Right side.

West View. 2 Nichols, William, smallware dealer. 4 Armitage, Fred, rug manu- facturer.

6 French, Fred. 8 Johnson, Tom. 10 Haigh, Armitage. 12 Wilkinson, John Stead. All Saints’ National Schools. 14 Shaw, Dyson. 16 Rhodes, George Henry. 18 Senior, George. 20 Ward, Herbert.

Yew Green Road, Crosland Moor.

Park Road. 6 Bates, Edwin. 8 Sills, Tom. 12 Turner, John. 14 Rawnsley, Benjamin. 16 Bradley, Ernest. 18 Todd, Beaumont. 22 Everitt, William Moody. 24 Batley, Ruth. 26 Slater, Henry. 28 Warburton, Sam. 50 Gledhill, Julia. 52 Dransfield, Elizabeth. 54 Crabtree, Sam. 46 Donkersley, Frank. 58 Stead, William Edwin. 42 Hardy, Albert Edward. 44 Hardy, Joseph.


Park Terrace. 1 Campinett, Ephraim. 5 Broadbent, Ellen. 5 Roberts, Frances Amelia. 9 Hirst, George. 11 Knight, George. 15 Nicholls, John Gregory. 15 Mear, Allen. 17 Holland, Ernest Morton. 19 Hirst, John Edward. 21 Ianson, Frank. 25 Ware, George. Jumble. 5? Taylor, Samuel. 59 Lee, Matilda. 41 Wadsworth, George. 45 Thorpe, Joseph. 45 Kllam, Mary. 47 Smith, Isaiah. 49 Gledhill, John Thomas. 55 Rothery, Alfred. 57 McCormick, Patrick. 59 Heys, John Henry. 61 Haigh, Ben Armitage. 65 Kaye, George Henry. Yews Hill Road. Gledhill, Tom Sanderson. Gledhill, Harry. Armitage, T. W. Kilburn, James. 10 Birks, William. 62 Jackson, Samuel. 62 Bradley, George Henry. 76 Richardson, Arthur. 78 Gooder, Frederick William. 90 Littlewood, George. 92 Gledhill, Walter. 94 Berry, George Henry. Mettrick, Herbert. Westerby, John Arthur. Stobbs, Edward. Haigh, Herbert. Sykes, Albert. North, Arthur. Lassey, Richard. Oldroyd, William Edward. Dean, Hudson. Roberts, Joe. Thornton, Tom Brook. i151 Dawson, Edwin. 155 Kttenfield, William. 155 Hardcastle, George Williara. 157 Milis, James.


Page 322


161 Cocker, James. 163 Winterbottom, John Nelson 165 Donkersley, John Hannah.

Yews Mount.

1 Bintley, Mrs. Mary Ann. 3 Beaumont, Mrs. Grace. Sandwell, Sam. 7 Schofield, James. 11 Sykes, Michael. 13 Lynch, John. 15 Wightman, Joseph Newsome 19 Horsfall, Albert. — 21 Saville, Thomas ca. 25 Schofield, Walter. 27 Brook, John. 29 Cartwright, Benjamin. 51 Haigh, Sykes Henry. 53 Sykes, Thomas. 30 Heywood, George William. 37 Ledger, Charlotte. — 41 Woodhead, Sarah. 43 Turner, Tom 47 Carmichael, Alexander. 49 Brooke, Ben. 51 Robinson, William. 55 Shaw, Fred. 57 Hoyle, Herbert. 59 Clifford, 61-63 Stocks, Hamor: 67 Ramsden, Mary. 69 Boothroyd, Charles Albert. 7i Leech, Willie. 73 Platts, Fred. 75 Haley, John Greenwood. Stott, Joseph. Charlesworth, John William Moodycliffe, John Henry.

North Street.

101 Senior, Harry. 105 Brooke, John. 107 Brooke, Charles. 109 Midgley, Thomas. 111 Froment, Arthur. 113 Shillito, Walter. 115 Stalker, Christopher. 117 Cliffe, William. 119 Rushworth, James. 121 Robinson, Wright. 124 Hanson, Harry. 125 Kaye, J ohn. 127 Hirst, Joseph. 129 Buchan, Mrs. Frances.


131 Fitton, Charles. 133 Stalker, James Bell. 135 Crowther, Samuel. 135aDyson, Fred Liversidge. 157 Heeley, Ben Haigh. 139 Armitage, Ainley. 141 Sykes, William. i43 Dugdale, James Wilde. 145 Liversidge, George. Stocks, Henry. Liversidge, John. Boothroyd, William. Moore, Ernest John. Kaye, Fred. Parmley, John. Horsfall, Abraham Lincoln. Whiteley, Margaret. Lucas, Eliza Ann.

Yew Tree Road, Lindley. Weatherhill Road.

2 Wood, Charles. Shaw, Elias. 3 Marsden, Charles cars: 5 Earnshaw, Josiah. 7 Halstead, ‘John Edward. 9 Halstead, George Henry. 11 Noble, Ephraim. 15 Hepworth, John Albert. 17 Hepworth, Eliza. i9 Sheard, Benjamin, florist. Horsfall, John. - Halifax Road.

York Place. New North Road.

1-2 Bates, Joseph Infirmary secretary. 3 Cockill, Sophia. 4 Shaw, Mrs. Kmma. 5 Walker, Mrs.

-6 Haigh, Walter. 7-8 Briggs, John. 9 Wheawill, Charles. 10 Verity, Rev. Walter Henry. 11 Scholefield, G. S., gas fitter. Scholefield, Mrs. Martha. 12 Clarke, Samuel Roebuck.

Infirmary Buildings,

Page 323


York Street.

Left side. Northgate.

3 “Weed: John William George 5 Thornton, George Holden. 9 Pollard, Lewis. 11 Wood, Richard. 13 Cliffe, Alfred. 15 Lightowler, Thomas. 17 Buckley, Daniel. 21 Brown, William. 23 McKeon, William. 27 Byrom, Joshua. 31 Appleyard, Mary Ann. 35 Gannon, Henry. . 455 Firth, Billington. Right side.

4 Bottom, Hannah. 6 Shaw, Benjamin. 10 Senior, Charles. 12 Kelly, Thomas. 14 Cusson, Lucy Melia. 16 Heal, Martha. 18 Field ,George. 20 Campbell, James. 22 Moorhouse, James. 26 Lightowler, Joe. Bottomley, Joe Willie. Winkley, William. William. Benson’s

7 Kendal, Joe. 8 Booth, Meranda. 9 Land, William. Love’s

1 Shaw, James. 2 Kenny, John. 4 Dallagher, Arthur. 6 Parkinson, Fred.





5 Haigh, Harry 7 Haigh, Suan wet Whiteley.

Hawk Street.

Zetland Street. Left side. King Street. 3 Spivey, straw merchant,

George, hay and


5 Hird, Mrs. Ellen, milliner. Brown. Mrs. Hannah. 7 Carter, George. iz Nutton, John. 13 Horsfall, Mrs. Hannah. 15 Wood, Herbert. 17 Gilbraith, Mrs. Sarah Ann. 21 Hanson, Miss Sarah, apart- ments. 25 Hodgson, William, tailor and uniform maker. 27 Copley, Mrs. Ada Elizabeth. 29 Holberry, Ben Aston. ee James, carriage buil- er 51 Grew, Thomas, glass and china merchant. Commercial Street. Right side. 2 Benson’s Egg and Butter Warehouse. 4 Smith, William. ‘6 Wood, Mrs. Eliza. 8 Gibson, Miss Alice. 10-12 Kershaw, Fred and Arthur, furniture reposi- tory ; tel. 478. . 14 Thomas, George. 16 Byrom, Thomas. 18 Littlewood, James. 20 Oates, Thomas. 22 Hutchinson, Mrs. Elizabeth. 24 Brennan, Ja ames, fruiterer.

Zetland Hotel Yard.

26 Richardson, Frederick, livery stables ; waggon- ettes, cabs, dog-carts, etc., on hire. 28 Brook, George, Zetland Hotel.

Ramsden Street.


Zion Square, Lindley.

1 Bray, Fred. 5 Hirst, William. 8 Milnes, Walter. 10 Pearson, Fred. 11 Sharpe, Thomas. 12 Webster, James Henry. 16° Brook, Mary Ann.

Page 324


ABBEY, Frank, New Street ;° h. Bentley Street, Lockwood. Abbey, Joe Burman, New Street ; h. 18, West Hill. Abbey, John Edward, 126, Brad- ford Road. Abbey, John Micklethwaite, 22, Ashgrove Road, Deighton. Abbs, Albert, 162, Birkby Hall Road. Abbs, Albert, 285, Bradford Road North. Abbs, Beaumont, 11, Cliffe End Road, Quarmby. Abbs, Edwards, 64, South Street. Abbs, George Thomas, 14, North Cross Road, Fartown. Abbs, William, 14, Blacker Road North, Birkby. Abbott, Mrs. Sarah Ann, 56, Doe Royd, Almondbury. Ackroyd, Archibald, 53-55, King Street ; h. 99, Lockwood

Road. Ackroyd, George, 25, St. Peter’s Street. Aconley, Joseph, 6, Cecil Street. Adams, Charles, 27, West Parade Addy, Herbert, 226, Bradford Road North. _ Addy, John, 155, Bradford Road. Addy, Mellor, 33, Armitage Road, Longwood. Addy, Tom, 153, Bradford Road. Affleck, John, 4, Douglas Ter- race, St. John’s Road. Agar, Charles Thomas, 13, Haw- thorne Terrace, Crosland’ Moor Ainley, Albert, 72, Bentley Street, Lockwood. Ainley, Alfred, Wappy Spring,

Lindley ; h. Croft. House, Outlane. Ainley, Benjamin, 83, East

Street, Lindley. Ainley, George, 80, King Street.

Ainley, George Henry, Lee Hill, Outlane. Ainley, James Henry, Riley’s Buildings, Market Street ; h. 149, Halifax Old Road.

Ainsburg and Son, 50a, King Street. | Ainsworth, John Bairstow, 20-

22. Firth Street. Aire and Calder Navigation Com- pany, Ltd. (sec., J. W. Foster), Aspley Place. Airey, John (sec., Thomas and Henry Blamires, Ltd., Phoenix Mills, Leeds Road) ;h. Wood- side Road, Lockwood. Akam, Arthur, M.P.S., 49, King

Street: : Be BR St. Paul’s Street. Akroyd, Matthew William, Woodhouse Mills; h. 185, Leeds Road North. Allen, Benjamin Prior, Mount- joy Street. Allison, Ltd. (sec., Thomas Alli-

son), Market. Street, Milns- bridge. and Sons, 15, Buxton Road. Ambler, David, Birks, Almond- bury. Ambler, Joseph, East. Parade ; he 18 Perseverance Street, Primrose Hill. Ambrick, William, 18, Fenay Bridge, Almondbury. Anderson, George, 154, Blacker Road North, Birkby.

Anderson, J we C., Starkey Mills ; h. 9, Park Drive.

Anderson, William. 48, West- bourne Road, Marsh. Anderson, William, 4, West


5 Springwood Avenue,

Page 325


Andrew, Joe, 34, Buxton Road ; h, 33, ‘Leeds Road. Andrews, George Henry, 13, Croft House Lane, Marsh. Annis, Ernest George, 62, West field, Trinity Street.

Appleyard, Thomas, Croft House

Lane, Marsh. Archard, George Joseph, Market Hall ; h. 11, Colne Road. Argenta Meat Co., Lid. (siec.., Thos. Dean), Buxton Road. Arlom, Joel, 10, Market. Street ; h. Jack Royd, Newsome. Armitage, Ainley, 139, Yews Hill Road, Lockwood. Armitage, Albert, Westgate ; h. 52, West Parade. Armitage, Albert, 25, Street. Armitage, Alfred, J.P., Milns- bridge Mills ;_h. Edgerton Hull. Armitage, Beaumont, AO, Taylor Hill Road, Salford. Armitage, Bell, New Street ; h. Fenay Bridge. Armitage, Bell, 72, Long Lane, Moldgreen. Armitage, Copley, 62, Storthes,


Moldgreen. Armitage, Charles Ingram, Milnsbridge Mills ; h. High

Royd, Honley. Armitage, Edward, 52, Black- house Road, Fartown. Armitage, Edward, Beaumont Park, Lockwood. Arnitage, Edward, 3, Mellor’s Yard, Spring Street, ; h. Syringa Street, Marsh. Armitage, Edwin, 55a, Northum-

berland Ar ae dward, Edgerton ill. Armitage, Edward Cooper,

Ravensknowle Road. Armitage, Fred, Shambles Lane ; h. 83, High Royd, Moldgreen. Armitage, George, 57-39, Deigh- ton Road. Armitage, George, Northumber- land Street; h. 166, Halifax Old Road.


Armitage, George Albert (Scarr Mills) ; h. 90, Bentley Street, Lockwood. Armitage, George i ge 8, Field Street, Marsh. Armitage, Harold, Oop Folly Road, Fartown. Armitage, Henry, 6, Holly Bank Road, Lindley. Armitage, Herbert, 176, Brad- ford Road North. Armitage, Isaac, 39, Bradford Road. Armitage, L., 22, Sheepridge. Armitage, James, 6-8, John Wiil- liam Street ; h. 35, Bath Street. Armitage, James Henry, 43, Fleming House Lane, Dalton. Armitage, James Henry, 32, Northumberland Street. Armitage, James and John, lla, Market Street ; h. Shepley. Armitage, John, 5, Trinity Street. Armitage, John, 20, Dryclough Road, Crosland Moor. Armitage, John Allen, 33, Bent- ley Street, Lockwood. Armitage, John Beaumont, By- ram, Street ; h. 4, Melbourne Place, Aspley. Armitage: John Oxley Ellam, 22. Taylor Hill Road, Salford. Armitage, John Sykes, 73, High- royd, Dalton. Armitage, Jonathan. 72, Kirkgate. Armitage, Joseph, 6, Little- wood’s Buildings, Upperhead Row ; h. 34, Merton Street. Armitage, Joseph, 16, John Wil- liam Street ; h. 78, Westfield, Trinity Street. Armitage, Joseph Jarvis, 8, Al- bert Street, Lockwood.

Armitage, Walter, New Hey Road, Lindley. Armitage, Thomas, 46, Buxton

Road. Armitage, Thomas, 85, Bradford Road.

Page 326


Armitage: Thomas Albert, 44-46, Buxton Road ; h. 31, George Street. Armitage, Thomas William, 55, Prospect Street.

Armitage, William, 2, South Parade. Armitage, William Henry, 23, John William Street ; h.

Murray Road. Armitage, William Henry, Green House, Longwood Gate. ° Armitage and Hirst, East. Parade Armitage and Norton, 23, John William Street. Armitage and Sons, Market Street. Arnett, Henry Marmaduke, 96, Halifax Old Road. Arnold, Ann, Birkhouse, Lock-

wood. Arnold, Charles Frederick, 1, Ex-

change Buildings, Cloth Hall Street. Arnold, Claude William, 3, New- house Place. Ascough, John William, 36,

Holmefield, Longwood. ; Ashton, Charles James, 56, Northumberland Street. Ashton, Thomas Edward, 13, Clayton Fields, Birkby. Ashurst, Roderick Thomas, 1, King Street ; h. 24, Shore

Head. Aspinall, H. W. (Nat. Tel. Co., Ltd.), John William Street ; h. 53, Armitage Road, Milns- bridge.

Aspinall, Oliver, 14, Imperial Arcade ; h. 27, Acre Street, Lindley.

Asquith, William 36, Kirkgate. Aston, James Street ; h. Road.

Astwick, Thomas,

Henry, Market 149, Halifax Old

7-13, Market

Hall: Long Lane, Dal: ton. Atha, Albert Lockwood ; h. 14, Bath Street.



Atkinson, Albert, 11, Church Street ; h. 143, Brad ford Road. Atkinson, George, 11, Halifax Old Road. Atkinson, Henry, 54, Cleveland Road, Lindley. Atkinson, Hugh Stanley; 16, West Parade. Atkinson, Lees, 24, West Hill. Atkinson, “Thomas, Nettleton Hill ; h. Leymoor, Golcar. Atkinson, William, Chapel Hill. Avison, Charles Henry, 16, Haw- thorne Terrace. Avison, George Frederick, 14, Bow Street. Avison, Owen, 7, King’s Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street. ; h. New Street, Milnsbridge. Autey, William Henry, 20, Briggs Terrace, Dalton. Awteybridge, Sam, 46, Black- house Road, Fartown. Ayres, James, 10, Spring Street.

BACCHUS, James, 55, Thornton Road, Lockwood. Badcock, Rev. H. H., M.A., The Vicarage, Armitage Bridge.


Badham, Stanley Martin, 2, ‘Thornton Lodge, Lockwood. Bagshaw, Thomas Albert Gar-

butt, 21, St. Paul’s Street. Bailey, Benjamin, Leeds Road North, Fartown. Bailey, Fred, Hammond’s Yard, King Street ; h. 13, White- head Road, Primrose Hill.

Bailey, Harry Bainbridge, 5, The Shore ; h. 202, Square, Kilner Bank.

Bailey, Holdsworth, 5, Bentley Street, Lockwood. Bailey, Hugh, 3a, Chapel Hill. Bailey, James Watson, 43, Hill- house Road, Fartown. Bailey, Joe, 13, Bradley Mills, Dalton. Bailey, John, 120, Church Street, Paddock. Bailey, William 59, Upperhead Row. .

Page 327


Baines, Charles Frederick, Dal- ton Mills, Dalton Green ; a. 7, Bankfield Road, Moldgreen. Baines, Harry, 6,Viaduct Street, Paddock.

Bairstow, Ann Ellen, 2, Park Drive. Bairstow, Ernest, 19, Arnold

Street, Fartown. Bairstow, Herbert. Pratt, 66, Fitzwilliam Street ; h. South- leigh, Park Drive. Bairstow, Oliver, 213, Bradford Road North. Bake, Alfred, 10, Bradford Road. Bake, William, 19a, Westgate ; h. 174, Birkby Hall Road. Balderstone, Joe, 35, Longwood Gate. Baldick, Arthur Edward, 16, South Street, Paddock. Baldick, George James, 96, Bent- ley Street, Lockwood. baldwin, Allen, Market Hall; h. 9, South Street, Baldwin, Arthur, 34, Chapel Hill Baldwin, Charles Mawby, Church Street ; h. 21, Elea- nor Street, Fartown. Baldwin, Edwin Antonio, 58, Bankfield Road, Moldgreen. Baldwin, George, 19, New Street, Baldwin, Henry Charles, 175, Bradford Road North, Far- town. Balfour, George, 7, Clare Hill. Ballas, Henry, 29, School Street, Dalton. Balmford, Sanderson Mellor, 107-109, Longwood Gate. Allen, 33, Sheepridge

Road. Balmforth, Benjamin, 5, Wood- house Hill, Fartown. Balmforth, Owen, Street, Lockwood. Balmforth, James, 61, Sheep- ridge Road. Balmforth, John Henry, 48, Vic- toria Road, Lockwood. Balmforth, Josiah, 24, Bentley Street, Lockwood.

6, Bland


Balmforth, William Henry, 95, King Street. Bamforth, Tom,.10, Market Street ; h. 3, Hebble Street.

Banks, Albert, Park Avenue, Birkby Hall Road. Banks, Edward, 33, Market

~Street, Paddock. Banks, John, 65, South Street. Bannister, John Edward, 3, By- ram Street ; h. 34, Green Street. Barber, Percy, 32, Beech Street, Paddock. Barber, John, 5, Market Street ; h. Hinchliffe Mill. . Barber, John, Folly Hall ;_h. 26, Rashcliffe Hill Road. Barber, William Henry, 5, Mar- ket. Street ; h. Holmfirth.

Bardsley, Rev. Canon James Waring, M.A., 31, Greenhead Road. Barker, Benjamin, Wholesale

Market; h. 55, Bradford Road North. Barker, James, 19, Road, Moldgreen. Barker, Riley, Storth, Fartown. Barker, Thomas, 19a, Spring wood Street. Barlow, Charles, 132, Leeds Road North. Barlow, Street. Barlow, George Henry, 46, Far- town Green Road, Fartown. Barlow, William, Henry, 68, Mar- ket Street, Paddock. Barmby, Mark, 33, Upper Mount Street, Lockwood.


George, 35, Trinity

Barnes, Thomas William, 2, Thomas Street, Lindley. Barnett, Daniel, i156, Birkby Hall Road.

Barnfather, Robert, John Wii- liam Street ; h. Holmfirth Barrand, Brammald, 61, Birch Street, Berry Brow. Barrand, Watson, 22, Parkgate, Berry Brow,

Page 328


Barras, Frederick, Arthur, 64, John William Street, and Waterloo Mills, Leeds Road ; h. Belmont Street.

Barras, William Joseph, 7, George Street. Barrett, Bethuel, 80, Beech Street, Paddock. Barrett, Charles, 4, Market Hall ; h. 142, Birkby Hall Road. ‘Barrett, John Allen, 17, New

Street ; h. 19, Clare Hill. Barrett, William, 42, George Street, Barrett, William, 48, Bradford Road North, Fartown. Barron, George Robert, 14, New Hey Road, Lindley. Barrow, Ernest, 93, Bradford

Road. Barrow, Jacob, 34, Longwood Road, Quarmby. Barrow, John William, 3la,

Northumberland Street. Barrow, Thomas, 95, Bradford Road North, Fartown.

Barrow, Tom Gordon, Queen’s

Road, Marsh. Barrowclough, Benjamin, 16, St. John’s Road, Marsh. Barrowclough, Fred Lindley, 28, Netheroyd Hill Road, Fartown Barrowclough, - Joshua, 49, Church Street, Paddock. Barrowclough, Robert, 5-7, King Street ; h. 62, Blacker Road North. Barton, James, 10, Ark Hill, Halifax Old Road, Fartown. Barton, James Samuel, 86, Nor- man Road, Fartown. Bartlam, Alfred, 76, Storthes,

Dalton. 4 Bate, Joseph, 1, York Place. Bateman, Alexander Fletcher

Gledholme, 12, Heaton Road, Marsh. Bates, Charles Herbert, 78, Fitz- william Street. Bates, Edwin, 6, Yew Green Road, Crosland Moor. Bates, Fred, 4, Myrtle Street.


Bates, Frederick Barker, 81, Crosland Hill Road, Crosland Moor. Bates, George Sunderland, 29, Halifax Road, Lindley. Bates, Jabez, 97, Exchange, Mar- ket Street ; h. 6, Wood Street, Golear.

Bates, James Shaw, Grove Mills; h. 5, Cross Street, Slaithwaite.

Bates, Joe, 97, Exchange, Mar- ket Street ; h. Scar Lane, Golcar. Bates, John, 27, Thornton, Road, Lockwood. Bates, John Orwin, 41, Crosland Hill Road, Crosland Moor. Bates, Robert, 3a, Station * Street ; h. Golear. Batho, Annie, 4, Water Street. Batley, Herbert North, 25, Church Lane, Dalton. Batley, William Henry Armi- tage, 6, St. John’s Road, Marsh. Battye, German, 4, Netheroyd Hill Road. Battye, Herbert, 20-21, King’s Head Buildings, Cloth, Hall Street ; h. Moor End Road, Lockwood. Battye, Joe Kaye, 19, Greenhead Road. Battye, Rockley, 20, Netheroyd Hill Road. Battye, Walker, Field Mills, Leeds Road North. Battye, William Armitage, 35, South Street. Battye, Uriah, 81, Longwood Road, Longwood. Bawtrey, William, 1, Riley Street, Almondbury.

Baxendale, John William, 84, Leeds Road North. Baxendale, Thomas, 52, Birkby Lodge Road. Baxter, Lamartine, 2, Scar Top, Salford. Baxter, Samson,

16, George Street, Longwood.

Page 329


Baxter, William Kaye, 2, New-

Street ; h. Myrtle Cottage, Netherton. Bayldon, Joseph, 156, Church

Street, Paddock.

Bayliss, Samuel J ohn, 9, Clare Hill. Beadley, James Corbett, 57,

Northum'erland Street. Beadon, Frederick Watson, Longley Hall, Almondbury. Beal, William, James, 25, Somer- set Road, Almondbury.

Bean, Thomas, 16, Cleveland Road, Lindley. Beanland, John, 66, Halifax

Road, Lindley. Beardsell, Charles William, 16, Greenhead Road. Beardsell, Fred, 3, Chapel Ter- race, Crosland Moor.

Beardsell, Harry, George Street ;h. 19, New Hey Road, ‘Lindley. Beardsell, Joe, 14, Meltham

Road, Lockwood. Beardsell, William, 20, Armitage Street, ‘Almondbury. Beatson, John Thomas, 40, Bank- field Road, Moldgreen. Beaumont, hel Street, Almondbury. Beaumont, Abraham, 193, Brad- ford Road. Beaumont, Albert, Richmond Avenue, Bradford Road North


Beaumont, Albert, 2, Bridge Street ; h. 43, Whitehead Road. : Beaumont, Alfred, 10-12, Bath Street. Beaumont, Allen, 78, King Street. Beaumont, Andrew, 12-26, King’s Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street ; h. Clough, Gol-

car. Beaumont, Charles, 99, Storthes, Dalton.

Beaumont, Crossley, 26, Haw- thorne Terrace, Crosland Moor. © :



Beaumont, Dan, 16, Exchange Buildings, Market Street ; h. Mount Havelock, Golcar.

Beaumont, Dennis, 49, Orchard Street, Almondbury.

Beaumont, Dyson, 12, Spark Street, Longwood Gate. Beaumont, Dyson Hirst, 13,

Fenay Lane, Almondbury. Beaumont, Enos, 2, King’s Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street. ; 5S, Thornhill Road, Long-


Beaumont, Ernest Alexander, 28, Queen Street. Beaumont, George, 7,- Swan Lane, Lockwood. Beaumont, Harry, 74, King Street.

Beaumont, James, King Street ; h. Grafton Place. Beaumont, Jesse, 27, Fitzwilliam Street East. Beaumont, Joe, 29, Bankfield Road, Moldgreen. Beaumont, Joe carne 56, Broken Cross, Almondbury. Beaumont, John, 177, Leeds - Road North. Beaumont, John, 1, Holly Bank, Queen’s Road, Edgerton. Beaumont, John, 2, Sands Ter- race, Leeds Road North, Far- town. Beaumont, John Charlesworth, 164, Taylor Hill Road, Salford. Beaumont, Joseph, 8, Queen Street. Beaumont, Joseph, 11, bridge Terrace. Beaumont, Ruth, 18, Greenhead Road. Beaumont, Sam, 47, Fitzwilliam Street. Beaumont, Road. Beckwith, Frederick Edward, 48, Bankfield Road, Moldgreen Bedford, Arthur, 45, Freehold Street, Almondbury. Bedford, Arthur, 7, St. Andrew’s Road. Bedford, Dan, 3, Brook Street.


Thomas, 3, Colne

Page 330


Bedford, Frederick, and Co. 8, Littlewood’s Buildings, Upper- head Row.

Bedford, James William, 130, Wakefield Road, Dalton. Bedforth, George, 7. Aspley ;

h. 5, Brian Road, Edgerton. Bedforth, Michael, yy Aspley ;'h. 62, Somerset Road, Moldgreen Beech, Joseph Joshua, 35, Church Street, Paddock. Beecroft, Henry, ‘41, Westbourne Road, ‘Marsh, Beeley, George Henry, 13, Cecil Street. Beever, Allen, 50, Wakefield Road, Dalton. Beever, Green, 9, Bent Street, Almondbury. Beevers, Alfred, 16, Great worth- ern Street.

Beevers, Eliza Jane, 28, Port- land Street. Beevers, John, Alfred Street, and Brook h. 331,

Bradford Road North.

Beevers, John Freeman, 1, Lan- |

caster’s Yard, Cloth Hall Street ; h. 6, Albany Terrace, Victoria Road. Beevers, William Allen, 1, Lan- caster’ a= Tara, Cloth’ Hall Street 25, Cleveland Road, Lindley. Bell, Alfred, 22, Victoria Road,

Lockwood. Bell, Benjamin, 35, Hillhouse Road, Fartown. Bell, John, St. Thomas’s Road ; h. 80, Luck Lane, Marsh. | Bell, Robert, rT. ot. Andrew’ S

Roa Bell, “William, 98, Kirkgate. Bell, William 16, Bay Hall, Marsh. Bellamy, William Eddlington, 61, Lowerhead Row Bellarby, Wardle, 82, Fitzwilliam Street. Bellas, George, Street, Dalton. Bellwood, William Joseph, 12, Northgate.

43, Victoria

ee ee POSTAL

peed George Henry, 9, St. Paul’s Street.:

Benner, Henry Henshaw, Rich- mond Avenue, Bradford Road ~ North.

Bennett, W. (Taylor and Little- wood, Ltd.), Nook, Newsome. Bennett, W. (Bennett. and, Day), Commercial Mills, Firth Street ; h. Taylor Hill. Bennett, William, 81, New North Road. Bennett, William, Commercial Mills, Firth Street ; hh. 2 Dockroyd. Berry Brow. Bennett, Willie, 156, Taylor Hill Road, ‘Salford. Benskin, Rev. Frederick John, 14, Belgrave Terrace. Benson, Arthur, 147, Lickwood Road. Benson, Joseph, 66, Meltham Road, Lockwood. Benson. Robert, 13, Wood Ter- race, ‘Almondbury.

Benson, Saville, 6, ‘Newsome Road, Almondbury. Bentley, Kh, 30, Church Lane, Dalton. Bentley, F. W.., and Co., 5, Estate Buildings, Railway Street ; h.99, Long Lane, Dalton. —

Bentley, Fred, 11, King Cliffe


Bentley, George, 35, St. Street. Bentley, James, Bell Street, Almondbury. bentley, James William, Leeds Road Nort:

Bentley, J ain Shaw, 74, Leeds Road. Bentley, Tom, 51, Birkby Cres- cent, Birkby Hall Road. Bentley, Thomas Carver, 2, Woodland Mount, Marsh. Bentley, Tom N ewell, 158, Wake- field Road, Dalton. Bentley, Walter, 53, Cowcliffe Hill, Fartown. Bentley, William, 24, Victoria

Lane ; h. 38, Blacker Road North,

Page 331


Benton, George Richard, 78, Bradford Road. Benton, George Willie, 3, Sands Terrace, Leeds Road North. Benton, Thomas, 254, Bradford Road North. Road

Bergan, Tom, 244, Leeds North. Bergan, William, 9, Acre Street, Lindley. Bernin, Caroline, 20, Church Street. 3 Berry, Andrew, 43, Whitestone Road, Fartown.


Berry, Alfred Edward, 26, Gled- holt Road, Marsh. Berry, Arthur, 35, Lockwood Road. Berry, Arthur, 70, John William Street ; h. 173, Wakefield Road |

Berry, Charles Brooke, 4, Spring- wood Avenue. Berry, Emily, 120-124, Market Hall ; h.. 24, Bunker’s Hill, Newsome. Berry, George William, Leeds Road North.

Berry, James Brook, 10, Buxton

Road 50, Cleveland: Road. Berry, John, 2, Bradford Road ; h. 15, Greenwood Street, Prim- rose Hill. Berry, John Greenwood, 6, Blacker Road North, Fartown. Berry, Joseph, Queen Street; h. 62, Fenton Road, Lockwood. Berry, Robert Henry, 40, Far- town Green Road, Fartown.

Berry, Robert Potter, Market Place ; h. Imperial Road, Edgerton.

Berry, Thomas William, 9, F'tz- william Street East. Berry, Walter; 41, Market Street ; h. 9, Fitzwilliam Street. West. Berry, William, Folly Hall. Best, Charles Atkinson, 33, Blacker Road North. Beswick, William ROBEY, 1-3, Chapel. Hill.




Beverley, 22, King Cliffe Road, Fartown.

Billington, Charles, 87, Brad- ford Road North. . Billington, George Carr, 90, Leeds Road North. Biltcliffe, George, 39, Market

Street, Paddock ; h. 4, Hull Top Road, Paddock. Biltceliffe, Harry, 2, Somerset Crescent, Almondbury. Bindschadler, Henry Adolph, ei | Somerset Road, Almond- — ury Hae: Joseph, 10, Kirkgate ; h. 45, Holly Bank "Road, Lindley. Nimrod, 9, Wasp Nest Road, Fartown. Bintley, Fred, Albert Street ; h. bel Yews Hill Road. Bird, Frederick Arthur, °° 21, Springfield Terrace, Almond-

Biskett. William Rawes, 28, New North Roa Birkhead, Charles Harat,:.. 230, Halifax Old Road, Fartown. Blackburn, Albert Edward Proc- tor, Springdale Street, Lock- wood. Blackburn,’ David Lodge, 3, Stoney Cross Street, Salford. Blackburn, Henry, 68, Gledholt Bank, Paddock. Blackburn, Herbert, 64, Gledholt Bank, Paddock. Blackburn, James, 74, Wakefield ‘Road, Dalton. Joe Henry, 8, ° Orchard Street, Almondbury. Blackburn, John William, 48, Sheepridge Road. Blackburn, Seth, 50, Birks Mill Yard, Almondbury. Blackburn, Thomas, 84-85, Mar-

ket Hall ; h. 31, Ashenhurst. Blackburn, Tom, 69, Arthur Street. Blackburn,

Victor ‘Harry, 57, Bradford Road North. Blackburne, Minnie C., 33, Vic- toria Lane ; h. 19, Whitehead Road, Primrose Hill.

Page 332


Blackwell, William, 27, Birkby _ Crescent, Birkby Hall Road. Bland, Edgar, 38, Lockwood

oad. Bland, Thomas, Little Royd Bot- tom ; h. 36, Lockwood Road. Biand, Tom Hardy, 2, Bath Street. Blamires, Jane, 37, Estate Build- ings, Railway Street ; h. 1, Close Hill Lane, Lockwood. Blamires, Henry Blamires, Ltd., Phoenix Mills, Leeds Road); h. Brad- ley Lodge. Biamires, William (Thomas and Henry Blamires, Ltd., Phoenix Mills, Leeds Road) ; h. Oak House, Taylor Hill. Blakeley, William, 22, Wheat- house Road, Fartown. Blakeley, William, Fountain Street ; h. Caldercliffe Road, Berry Brow. Blathwayt, Harold James, 23, Lady House Lane, Berry Brow

Bleazard, Thomas 10, The Avenue, Dalton. Blenkhorn, James Alfred, 5,

_ Brunswick Street. Block, Julius, 7, Byram Street ; h. Imperial Road, Edgerton. Bloom, William, 13, Victoria Street ; h. 4, Colne Road. Blundall, Charles Francis, 15, Fenay Bridge, Almondbury. Bolton, Arthur’ Frederick, 5, Park Valley Cottages, Wood- field Road, Lockwood. ~ Bond, James, 4, Oak Terrace, Fartown Green Road. Boocock, Fred, 7, Birkby Lodge Road. Booth, Alfred Ingham, i77, Brad- ford Road North. Booth, Arthur Newsome, 119, Leeds Road North. Booth, Charles, 50, Halifax Old Road, Fartown. Booth, Charles, ‘Road, Marsh. Booth, Charles, Jun., 13, Cross Church Street ; h. 47, Orange Terrace, Calton Street.

4, Westbourne

Joseph (Thomas and



Booth, Charles William, 67, Hali- fax Old Road, Fartown. Booth, Fred, 14, Westgate ;_h. 47, Wheathouse Road. Booth, Fred Jones, 65, Merton Street.

Booth, John James, Clyde House, Edgerton. Booth, Martha, 48, Trinity Street.

Booth, Richard, 83, Thornton Road, Lockwood. Booth, Walter, 97, New Hey Road, Lindley. Boothroyd, Benjamin Brook, 62, Westgate, Almondbury. Boothroyd, Charles Albert, 69. Yews Hill Road, Lockwood. Boothroyd, Dyson, 21, Wasp Nest Road, Fartown. Boothroyd, Fred Cavour, 130, Leeds Road North. Boothroyd, George Alfred, 52. Taylor Hill Road, Salford, Lockwood. Boothroyd, John, 93, Sheepridge Road. Boothroyd, Jonas, 6a, King Street ; h. 52, .Birkhouse Lane, Moldgrecn.

. Boothroyd, Joshua, 37, Taylor ~

Hill Road, Salford, Lockwood. Boothroyd, Kedar, 34, Almond- bury Lane, Almondbury . Boothroyd, Squire, Spaine: Road, Fartown. Boothroyd, Tom, 9, Netheroya Hull Road, Fartown.

Boothroyd, Tom, 21, Normar

Road, Fartown. Boothroyd, William, 91, Thorn ton Lodge Road, Lockwood. Boothroyd, William Grant, 113, King Street ; h. 53, Bankfield Road, Moldgreen. Bootland, Henry, 2, Hillhous« Road, Fartown. Borlase, Edwin Stephen, Spaines, Road, Fartown. Bottom, Albert, 4, Thornfielc Road, Crosland Moor. Bottomley, Ephraim, 121, Brad.. ford Road


Page 333


Bottomley, Joseph, 39, Upper Mount Street, Lockwood. Bould, Ebenezer, 5-6, Union Bank Yard, New Street ; h. 5, East View, Marsh. Bower, Henry, 10, Bankfield Road, Moldgreen. Bower, Henry, 31, Road, Longwood. Bower, William Henry, 8, Black- moorfoot. Road, Crosland Moor Bower, Wright, 81, Thornton : Road, Lockwood. Bowers, John William, 16, Trinity Bowes, John William, 30, Fitz- william Street West. Bradbury, Albert, ene lt,

Road ; h. Hinchliffe Holmfirth. Bradbury, Benjamin Hall, 31, Somerset Road, Almondbury. Bradbury, iderard Arthur, 22, Trinity Street.

Bradbury, John Arthur, Percy Street,


Bradley, Alfred, Cloth Hall Street ; h. 69, Arthur Street. Bradley, Charles Henry, By-

ram Arcade, Westgate ; h. 12, New North Road. Bradley, Colonel, 70, Road, Lockwood. Bradley, Doctor James, 2, Nor- man Road, Fartown. Bradley, Georce Henry, 62, Yews Hill Road, Lockwood. Bradley, Frederick, 24a, King Street; h. 63, Arthur Street.

Bradley, Harry, Fenton Square. ©

Bradley, Herbert, Colne Road ; h. 18, Stanley Street, Lock- wood. Bradley, Hirst, 43-45, New Hey Road, Quarmb y.

. Bradley. Jane, 25, Greenhead Road. Bradley, John, Blackmoorfoot Road: h. North House, Lin- thwaite.

' Bradley, Matthewman,

393 105-106, Market Hall ;h. 9, Back Lane, Berry Brow. Bradley, Willie, White Hart Yard, Market. Street; h. 22, Berry’ s Row, Berry Brow. Bradshaw, Edwin, 41, West Parade. Brannan, James, 46a, Upperhead Row. Bray, John, Rook Street ; h. Wellhouse, Golear. Bray, John Andrew, 12, Chan- cery Lane; h. 113, Almond-

bury Bank. Bray, William, 17, Greenhead Road. Brenhard, Samuel, 55, West Parade. Brennan, James, Northumber-

land Street ; h. 24, Zetland

Street. Brear, James, 71, Halifax Old Road, Fartown. Brierley, James Isaac, 265, Bradford Road North. Brierley, John Lewis, Quay Street; h. 12, School Street, Moldgreen. Brierley, John William, 4, South Parade. Brierley, Lewis Buckley, Spa

Mill, Almondbury; h. Spa Bottom, Lepton. Brierley, ‘William Hanson, Spa Mill, Almondbury; h. Spa Terrace, Lepton. Brigg, John Edwin, 72, New North Road. Brigg, John Percy,Ivon Brook, Edgerton. Briggs, John, 7-8, York Place.

Broadbent, ide, Wentworth Street.

Broadbent, Arthur, Parkwood Mills ; h. Edge, Longwood Gate. Broadbent, Benjamin, Park- wood Mills ; h. Gatesgarth, Lindley. Broadbent, Fred, 51, Halifax

Old Road, Fartown.

Page 334


Broadbent, Frederick Arthur, Charles Street; h. 10, Bank- field Road. Blacker

Broadbent, Horace, Road, Marsh. Broadbent, J. C., 13, Lord

Street; h. Lascelles Hail. Broadbent, James, 26, Fartown Green Road, Fartown. Broadbent, James, 10, Bankfield Road, Moldgreen. Broadbent, James Thomas, Dale Cottage, Leeds Road North. Broadbent, John and Richard Henry, Smithy Lane; h. 112, Storthes. Broadbent, T. W., 25, East Parade; h. Hillside House, Kirkheaton. Broadhead, George Henry, 42, Bentley Street, Lockwood. Broadhead, Matthew, 79, Cleve- land Road, Quarmby.

Broadhead, Robert, 79-81, Brad- |

ford Road North. Broadhead, William, 46, Bank- field Road, Moldgreen. Brocklebank, John Wilfred Royds, Wormald Street, Al- mondbury.

Brodie, John, 15, Parkgate, Berry Brow. Brooksbank, Willie, Somerset

Road; h. 49, Town End, Al- mondbury. Brook, Ada Helena Gertrude, Mount, Edgerton.

Brook, Alfred, 2la, Northum- berland Street. ; Brook, Arthur J. (Godfrey

Sykes and Sons, Moldgreen) ; h. Roseneath, Edgerton. Brook, Butterworth, 115, South Street. Brook, Christopher, 6, Wood- house Hill, Fartown. Brook, Ellis, Market Place; h. 41, Arnold Street, Birkby. Brook, George, 52, New North Road. Brook, George, 4, Chapel Hill; h. 32, South Street.


Brook, George, 1, Oakes Hill, Almondbury. Brook, George, 12, Kilner’s Buildings, Longroyd Bridge; h. 21, Thornton Road. Brook, George Smith, Cloth Hall Street; h. 15, Edgerton. . Brook, George William, 82, Nor- man Road, Fartown. Brook, Grace, 4, Murray Road, Marsh. Brook, Harriet Marshall, 50, Gledholt Road, Marsh. Brook, Henry, Ludlam’s Yard,

New Street; h. 67, Grove Street. Brook, James, 5, St. John’s

Road; h. 18, Spaines Road. Brook, John, 22, Bankfield Road, Moldgreen. Brook, John Thomas, 37, Chapel Hill; h. 5, Cocker Lane, Ash- enhurst. Brook, John William, 18, King’s Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street; h. 196, Moorbottom Road, Lockwood. Brook, John William, 17, North- umberland Street. Brook, Joseph, 1, Albany Ter-

race, Victoria Road, Lock- wood. Brook, Joseph Henry, 26a,

Northumberland Street. Brook, Mark, 66, King Street. Brook, Mark, 116, Leeds Road — North. Brook, Ned, 55, Hawthorn, Ter- race, Crosland Moor. Brook, Pearson, 58, Great Nor- thern Street. Brook, Sam, 4-6, Page Street; h. Lane Dyke, Meltham. Brook, Tom, 11, South Parade. Brook, Thomas, 95, Lockwood Road, Lockwood. Brook, Thomas, 8, Road, Moldgreen. Brook, Wadsworth, Longroyd Bridge, Paddock. Brook, Willie, 79, Dalton.



Page 335


Brook, William, 4, Sands Ter- ;

race, Leeds Road North.

Brook, William, 212, Lockwood |

Road, Lockwood.

Brook, William, 7, Macaulay Street. Brook, William, 1, Bath Street. Brooke, Benjamin, 18, Bank- field Road, Moldgreen. Brooke, George, 27, Ramsden Street.

Brooke, Henry, Thorpe Lane, Almondbury; h. Warrenfield, Sheepridge. Brooke, Henry Norman, Rose Leigh, Almondbury. Brooke, John Arthur, J.P., 16, Buxton Road; h. Fenay Hall, Almondbury. Brooke, Joseph, 7, Imperial Ar- cade, New Street; h. 45, Rein- wood, Lindley.

Brooke, Joseph Benjamin, 14, West Parade. : Brooke, Joseph Henry, 22, Queen’s Road, Marsh. Brooke, T. Walker, Starkey Mills; h. Field Head, Mir- field. Brooke, William, 16, Buxton Road; h. Northgate Mount, Honley. Broughton, Albert, 36, Trinity Street. Brown, Benjamin, Thread-

needle Street; h. Swiss Cot- tage, Crosland Moor. * Brown, Ernest Matthews and Francis Edwin, East Parade ; h. 72, South Street. Brown, Rev. Thomas, curate of Rashcliffe ; Thornroyd House, Perseverance Street, Primrose Hill. Bruce, Rev. Robert, D.D., 66, New North Road (Highfield Congregational Church). Buck, Ann Maria, 12, West Hill. Buck, John Thomas, 11, Mel- tham Road, Lockwood. Buckley, Betsey, 113, Market Hall. P

| | | | | | |


Buckley, Charles, 40, Westgate ; h. 67, New North Road. Buckley, Herbert, 165, North-

gate; h. 15, Bridge Street, Lockwood. : Buckley, James Henry, 15a,

Fitzwilliam Street East. Buckley, John, 204, Halifax Old Road, Fartown. Bull, Richard, 99a, Leeds Road North.

Bull, Samuel, 46, New Hey Road, Lindley. Bureau, Gustave Pierre, St. John’s Road; 54, Lea

Street, Hillhouse. Burgoine, Frank Harling, 71, Hawthorne Terrace, Crosland © Moor. Burnell, Benjamin, 35, Birkby Crescent, Birkby Hall Road. Burley, Charles Edward, 22, Bay Hall. Burley, James, 21, Bankfield Road, Moldgreen.

‘Burluraux, Louis Sebastian, 37,

Prospect Street. Burns, Thomas, 4, Blacker Road North, Fartown. Burnett, Robert, 10, Ashfield Street, Fartown Green Road. Burton, Tom Heeley, 3, Ark Hill, Halifax Old Road. Butterworth, Alfred Henry, 17, Brook’s Yard, Market Street . h. Hinchliffe Mill, Holmfirth.

Butterworth, Joshua, 75-77, Sheepridge, Road. Butterworth, William, ai,

Brook’s Yard, Market Street; h. Sunny Bank, Holmfirth.

Bygott, William Turner, 21, Buxton Road. Byrom, Thomas, 16, Zetland Street. CAIN, Dennis, 5, Prospect Street. Calam, Robert, 35-37, Wasp Nest Road, Fartown. Callaghan, Alexander, Peel Street ; h. 45, Ramsden Street,

Page 336


Callum, William, 58, Bankfield Road, Moldgreen. Calverley, Fred, Viaduct. Mill, Station Road; h. Crow Lane Terrace, Golcar. Calverley, James, Street; h. 49, Road,- Lindley. Calverley, James Edward, 25, Station Road, Longwood. Calvericy, John, 148, Longwood Gate. Calverley, Titus 2, Railway Street; h. 47, New New Hey Road, Lindley.

2, Railway Reinwood

Calvert, Frank, 158, Lockwood Road. Calvert, Fred, Firth Street, Aspley; h. Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Calvert, Herbert, Albany Mills, Firth Street; h. 15, King’s Mill Lane.

Calvert, John Caparu, Lockwood

Road; h. Ebor Terrace, New- some Road. Campinett, Ephraim, 1, Park Terrace, Yew Green Road,

Crosland Moor. Campinot, Albert Edward, 23, Church, Street, Dalton.

Canby, T homas, Commercial Mills,, Firth Street : h. 55, Scar Top. Canfield, Thomas Edwin, 30,

Fartown Green Road. Cardno, Peter, 2, Manchester Street ; nh. 6; Waspnest Road, Fartown. Carlile, Edward Hildred, J.P., 13, Kirkgate Buildings ; h. Helme Hall, Meltham. Carmichael, J oseph, 29, Lord Street ; h. 138, Bradford Road North.

Carmichael, William, 228, Brad- ford Road North. Carr, Fred Jackson, Brook

Street ; h. 26, Percy ‘Street. Carr, 81, South Street. Carr, Robert, Street; h. 19, Clara Street.

Cartwright, Abel,


oe ¥ illiam Thomas, Chancery oho i. Arnold Street.

Gian George, 34, Church Street, Dalton. Carter, Arthur, 47, Buxton Road; h. 40, Merton Street. Carter, Edmund Mellor, 39, Market Street; h. Cecil Street. Carter, Edwin, 20, Queen’s

Road, Marsh. Carter, John, 44, South Street. Carter, John, 74, Buxton Road ; h. 181, Lockwood Road. Carter, John Henry, 44, Fartown Green Road, Fartown. Carter, Joseph Henry, 63, Blacker Road North, Birkby. Carter, Samuel, 81, South Street. Carter, Sidney, Cliffe End Mills, Dale Street; h. Lipscombe Street, Milnsbridg: e. Carter, Wilfred, 32, Kirkgate ; h. Rose Cottage, Kirkburton. 52, Victoria Road, Lockwood. Cartwright, George, 97, Bradford Road North. Cartwright, Henry, 105, Swan Lane, Lockwood. Cartw right, John, 18, Lightridge Road, Fartown. Cartwright, Thomas, 4, Barton Road, Crosland Moor. Carver, Tom, 88, South Street. Carver, . William Theaker, 75, South Street. Casson, George Henry, Peel Dale

Street ; -h. Spring Street, ‘Lockwood. Castle, John William, 56, Bank- field Road, Moldgreen. Castle, Joseph, 15, Oakfield Road, Fartown. Castle, "Josiah, 185, Leeds Road ‘North. Castle, Matthew, 4, Somerset Crescent, Almondbury. Castle, Thomas Brain, 102, Vic- toria Road, Lockw ood.

Catelin, ohio , 25, Occupation Road. , Lindley.


Page 337


. Cawthra,


Catton, George, 315, Bradford |

Road North. Catton, John, 27, Occupation Road. Lindley. Cave, Albert, 52, Mount Street, Lockwood. William Haigh, Northumberland Street; 10, Ballroyd Road, Fartown. Chafer, Thomas, 35, Road, Lindley. Chambers, Luke, 36, Chapel Hill

Chambers, Street. Chambers, William Albert, 134, Taylor Hill Road, Salford. Chapman, John Newton, 62, Birkby Hall Road, Fartown. Chapman, Thomas Henry, 11, Armytage Crescent, Victoria Road, Lockwood. Chappell, Harry, 56, Swan Lane, Lockwood. Chappell, Jabez, Bradford Road; h. 40, Cobcroft Road. Chappell, William, 41, Church Terrace, Berry Brow. Chappell, William Henry, 21, Prospect Street. Charlesworth, J. W., Prospect Works, Swan Lane; h. North- fleet, Lockwood. Charlesworth, William Henry,

2, h.

Sam, 17,

Wood Nook, Halifax Old Road. Chatterton, Andrew, 20, Prin- cess Street. Chatterton, William, 18, Vic-

toria Road, Lockwood. Cheetham, Fred and Arthur, 49, Longwood Gate; h. Leymoor, Golear. Cheveley, Harriet Matilda, Waverley House, New North Road. Child, William, 75, North Bank, Birkby Hall Road.

Chinn, William Thomas, 9, Westgate; h. Lepton. Chrispin, Thomas, 5, Bath ‘treet.

Halifax 7

Queen |


Chrispin, Stanley, 58, Spring Street. Christian, Thomas Rhodes, 92, Blacker Road North, Fartown. Christie, Frederick Arthur, 6, Woodthorpe Terrace, Bank- field Road. Clark, Philip Henry, Halifax Road, Lindley. Clarke, Alfred James, 2, Queen’s Road, Edgerton. Clarke, H. C., 10-18, Chancery ‘Lane; h. The Grove, Marsh. Clarke, John Roebuck, 15, Fitz- william Street East. Clarke, Samuel Roebuck, York Place. Clarke, Thomas Kiiner, 66, John William Street. Clapham, Charles, 60, Fartown Green Road, Fartown. Clapham, Edith, 80, Fitzwilliam Street. Clarkson, Abraham Jackson, 1, Spring Street. Clarkson, Robert, 1-3, Wood- house Hill, Fartown. Clarkson, Thomas, 35, Prospect Street. Class, Cornelius, Byram Street ; h. 113, Bradford Road. Clay, Fred, 149, Taylor Hill Road, Salford. , Clay, George, 2, Ashgrove Road.

Clay, Hirst, Norman Road, Far-

town. Clayton, Herbert Fitzroy, 30, Greenhead Road.

Clayton, John Herbert, 10, Cooper’s Buildings, Fartown Green Road. Clayton, Walter, 7, Bankfield Road. Clayton, William, Norman Avenue, Birkby Hall Road. Clegg, Alfred, 16, Belmont Street.

Clegg, Jesse, 28-36, King’s Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street ; h. 100, Long Lane, Dalton. Clegg, Joseph Thorpe, 6, Half Moon Street; h. Torlea, Ed-

Page 338


Clegg, Mark, 102, Leeds Road |

North. Clegg, Rana, 175, Leeds Road North. Clegg, Roger, 60, Birkby Hall Road, Fartown. Thomas, Flash House Farm, Fartown Green Road.

Clegg, William, 12, Water Street. Clegz, William, 19, Halifax

Road, Lindley. Cliffe, Charles W'lliam, 7, Bel- mont Street. Cliffe, George, 72, Gledholt Bank, Paddock. Cliffe, James, 35, West Parade. Cliffe, Joshua, 27, Cowcliffe Hull, Fartown. Cliffe, William Henry, 39, South Street.

Cliffe, John William, 12, The Shore ; h. 34, New “Hey Road, Lindley. Clifford, Albert, 115, Bradford Road North. Clifford, John, 34, Fartown Green Road.

Clifford, William, 34, Bradford Road North. Clokie, Maria Stevens, 15, Wentworth Street. Clough, George, 2, Ballroyd Road, Fartown. Clough, James Ibeson, Mountjoy Street. Clowes, George, 95, Green Road, Fartown. © Coates, Benjamin, 22-24, Lady House Lane, Berry Brow. Coates, E. W., 3-7, Station Street: h. 36, Cleveland Road, Edgerton. Coates, Septimus, 21, Oliffe Road, Hillhouse. Cockell, Sophia, 3, York Place. Cocker, Prospect Street. Cocker, James, 161, Yews Hill Road, Crosland Moor. Cockhill, Dixon, Fitzwilliam Street East.


Fartown |

Edwin Chappell, 31,


Cockhill, James Richard, 92, Lockwood Road; h._ 156, Deighton Road. Cockill, Job Albert, 93, College Street, Crosland Moor. Cockhill, Samuel, St. Stephen’s Place, Victoria Road, Lock- wood. Cockin, Ben, 27, Springfield Ter- race, Almondbury. Cockin, Ben, East Parade ; h. 27, Springfield Terrace, Mold- green. Cockin, Fred Henry, Hill Top Farm, Sheepridge Road. Cockin, Tom Albert, Waterloo Mills, Leeds Road ; The Hollies, Woodhouse Hill. Cocking, George, 125-127, Leeds

Road. Cocking, John William, 24, Vance’s Buildings, Cloth Hall Street ; h. Kirkheaton.

Cocking, Lewis Smith, 3-5, Asp- ley; h. 44, Elmwood House, Bath Street. Cockroft, C. A., East Parade ; h. 166, Birkby Hall Road. Cockroft, John Ibbotson, Nor- man Road, Birkby. Cockroft, Thomas Edward, 395, Thornton J Lodge Road, Lock- woo

Cockshaw, Edward, 65, Blacker | Road North, Birkby. Coffey, Rev. James, curate St.

Patrick’s Church ; h. 34, New North Road. Colbeck, M., Wigan Lane ;h. 66, Sheepridge Road. Coldwell, Edward Howarth, 59, Victoria Road, Lockwood. Cole, Thomas, 15, St. John’s Road.

Collingbourne, Walter Emil, 11, Greenhead Road. Collins, Tom, 7, Spring Grove Street. Collinson, Fred, Lord Street ;h. . 17, Scale Lane, Cowcliffe Hill. Comber, Mary 3, Kdger- ton, Lindley.

Page 339


Comyn, Thomas, 14, St. Peter’ s | Copley, Mary Jane,

Street. Conacher, Street. Conacher, Joe Hebblethwaite, 14, Spr ingwood Avenue.

James, 41, Prospect

Conacher, John, 7-9, Bath Street ; h. 14, Lea Street, Hillhouse.

Condroy, James, 88, Kirkgate. Coney, Emma, 16, Bath Street. Connolly, William Henry, 50, Victoria Road, Lockwood. Conroy, Tom, 86, Kirkgate. Cook, George Herbert, Al, house Place. Cook, Mossley, 84, Netheroyd Hill Road, Fartown. Cook, Robert Rhodes, 11, Park Drive. Cook, William Henry, Market Place he 72; Westfield.


Cookson, John, 126-128, Long- wood Road, Quarmby. Coombs, J. G. (see. Jubbs,

Ltd. St. John’ s Road ; h. 98. East View, Hailifax Old Road. Coop, Shaw, Market Walk ;_ h. 19, Moorbottom Road, Lock- wood. Cooper, Ben, 32, Fartown Green Road, Fartown.

Cooper, Ernest Sewell, Dingle Road, Paddock. Cooper, Godfrey, Springwood Avenue.

Cooper, James Robert, 9, George Street, Longwood. Cooper, Jeremiah, Haigh House Hill, Outlane. Cooper, Samuel and John, Haigh House Hill, Outlane. Cooper, Willie, 4-18, Kirkgate Buildings ; h. 44, New Hey Road, Lindley.

Cooper, Wyndham, 14, Cooper’s

Buildings, Fartown Green Copley, Ben Wilkinson, 7, Tay- lor Hill Road, Berry Brow.

eel Dick, 56, Fartown Green

Joe Albert, 108, Leeds Road North.


9, Byram ‘Street ; h. 7, Road, Berry Brow. Copley, William, 21, Dalton Fold Road, Dalton. Corney, Matthew, 44, John Wil- liam Street ;: h. 30, New Hey Road, Lindley. Cosgrove, Willie, 83, South Street. | Costello, Thomas, 50, Brier Lane, Lindley. Cottam, 240, New Lodge, Leeds Road North. Coultas, James, 224, Bradford Road N orth, Fartown. Coupland, Annie Elizabeth, 90, Coward,

Fitzwilliam Street. 6, Fitz- william Street West.

Elizabeth, Coward, Frank Augustus, 23, Ramsden Street. Cowling, John Richard, Whole- ae Market, Byram Street. ; ae , Westbourne Road, Marsh. oe Tom, 1, Bath Street, Lock- wood. Crabtree, Joseph Clegg, 1, Trinity Place, Trinity Street. Crabtree, Sam, 34, Yew Green Road, Crosland Moor. Crabtree, Walter Haigh, 33, Bankfield Road. Craven, George, 18, Fitzwilliam Street West. Craven, Harry, 10-12, Imperial Arcade, New Street ; Ror Of, Upper George Street. Craven, Lodge, 37, George Street Craven, Walter, 58, Kirkgate ; h. 23, Bentley Street, Lock-

wood. Crawshaw, Thomas, 87, Gledholt Lord


Bank, Paddock. Cresswell and Co., 13, Street. Crook, Frederick, 20, Fitzwilliam Street West. Crook, George Henry, 53, Fitz- william Street ; h. 70, -Clare- mont Street. Cromie, John, Mount, Outlane. Crompton, Abraham, 29, Cleve- land Road, Quarmby.

Page 340


Crompton, John, 40, South Street. Crompton, William Coucill, 31, South Street. Crosland, Arthur Pearson, 15-16, Kirkgate Buildings. Crosland, Arthur William, 16, Spring. Grove Street. Crosland, Ben, 18, Lane. Crosland, Benj., and Sons, Ltd. 21, Market. Street, and Oakes Mills, Lindley. Crosland, Frank Bentley, Cloth Hall Street ; h. 88, Gledholt Bank. Crosland, George, 17, Chancery Lane ; h. 78, New Hey Road, Lindley. Crosland, George William Kii- ner, 26, New North Road. Crosland, George William, 14.

Albion Street ; h. Springwood Hall. Orosland, Harold, 3, Market

Buildings othe 99, New Hey Road, Lindley.

Crosland, Henrietta, 94, Fitz- william Street. Crosland, James, Cloth Hall Street ; h. 58, Church Street, Paddock. Crosland, James Edward, 113, Thornton Road, Crosland

oor. Crosland, Joel, Oakes Mills h. 138, New Hey Road, Lindley. Crosland, John, 12, ‘Exchange, Market Street ; h. 37, New Hey Road, Lindley.

Crosland, J onathan, 12, Ex- change, Market Street ; ieee Sparks Road, Lindley. Crosland, J 50, South Street. Crosland, Sir Joseph, Royds Wood, "Paddock. Crosland, Levi Francis, Fenton

Road, Lockwood. Crosland, Stanley Pearson, 73, Birkby Lodge Road, Fartown.

Crosland, Timothy Baie: 23, Church Terrace, Berry Brow.



Crosland, Tom, 5-6, Market Hall sh. 56, Holly Bank Road, Lindley. Crosland, Thomas Pearson, 4, Britannia Chambers ; _h. _ Birkby Grange. Crosland, William, 42, West Parade. Crosland, Zacariah Drake, 73, Tunnacliffe Hill. Crossley, Arthur Benjamin, Market Place ; h. Swires Road, Halifax. Crossley, Thomas William, 5-6,

Union Bank Yard, New Street; h. 98, Norman Road, Birkby. William Henry, Mount- joy Street. Crow, Clarke, Bentley Street; Lockwood. Crowcroft, Henry, 48, Brier

Lane, Lindley. Crowe, lLiversidge, 71, King Street. Crowther, Alfred, 13, Meltham Road, Lockwood.

Crowther, Bertram, 2, Heaton Road, Marsh. Crowther, David Stoner, 10, Station Street ; h. 52, Gled- holt Road. Crowther, Edward, Bradley Mills ; h. 104, Leeds Road North. Crowther, Elon, 3, St. George’s Square ; Rock Leigh, Brockholes. Crowther, Fred Beaumoni, Snow Lea, Outlane. Crowther, George Henry, 38,

New Street ; h. Road, Lindley. Crowther, George Hammond, 55, Arnold ‘Street, Fartown. Crowther, George William, 36, Westgate ; h. 22, Field Street, Marsh. Crowther, G. H., 18, St. George’s

6, Thornhill

Square ; h. St. Helen’ s House, Almondbury. Crowther, Henry North, 17,

Springfield Terrace, Almond:


Page 341


Crowther, Joe, Peel Street ;_h. Woodbine Cottage, Fitz- william Street. Crowther, John Edward, 1, Half

Moon Street; h. 86, Luck Lane, Lindley. Crowther, John Herbert, 38, New Street ; h. The Wood, Fixby.

Joseph, 1, Half Moon

Street ; h. Woodley, Green- head Road. Crowther, Lewis, 13, Norman Road, Birkby. Crowther, Norman, 7, Sunny Bank Road, Quarmby. Crowther, Robert, 38, New Street ; h. 8, Cleveland Road, Edgerton. Crowther, Robert, 60, Blacker Road North, Fartown. Crowther, Saville, 86, West- bourne Road, Marsh. 3 Crowther, William, 3, St. George’s Square; h. Field

House, Slaithwaite. Crump, James, 9, Birkby Lodge Road, Birkby. Cudworth, Joseph, 36, Norman Road, Birkby

Culley, Emerson, 25, Cross Church, Street ; h. 128, Brad- ford Road.

Culley, John, 25, Cross Church

Street ; + 14, Cecil Street. Culpan, Richard, 3, Chancery Lane. : | Cumming, James Wright, Leonard Place, Edgerton. Cumming, Witten. 90, New North Road.

Cuthbert, Ralph, 12, Westgate ; h. 68, West Parade. Cuthbert, Georgiana Elizabeth, 20, Trinity Street.

DAKIN, James Rayner, 124, Wakefield Road, Dalton. Dalton, Willie, 30, Market ‘Street Aa 98, Westbourne ~ Road, Marsh. Daniels, Charles Ramsden Street,

Herbert, 41,

311 Dannatt, .John, 68, Church Street, Paddock. Darlington, John, 2, Prospect Place, Prospect Street. Darnley, Charles, Bay Hall Mills: h. Bay Hall House, Bay Hall Common Road. Darnley, Ernest, Bay Hall Mills: h. 55, Blacker Road.

Darwin, George Henry, 31, Wasp Nest "Road, Fartown. Darwin, James Henry Heath, 5, Oak Terrace, Fartown Green Road, Fartown.

Darwin, Thomas, 166. Bradford Road North. Davidson, James William, 74,

74, Norman Road, Birkby. Davies, Albert, 107, Somerset Road, Almondbury. Davies, Arthur, 4, Woodthorpe Terrace, Bankfield Road. Davies, Arthur Roberts, 242, Bradford Road North. Davies, Rev. John, M.A., vicar of Newsome ; h. Wells Lane, Newsome. Davis, Arthur, 130, Springwood.

Davis, Fred, 12, Somerset Cres- cent, Almondbury. Davis, John, 34, Ramsden Street. Davis, Joshua Platt, 29, South Street. Davison, Alfred, 21, Spring Street. Davison, James Thomas, 53, Buxton Road; h. Outcote Bank

Davison, John, 42, Dalton Fold, Dalton. Davison, John Henry, 105, Brad- ford Road North. — Davison, Joseph, 2, Shambles Lane: h. 59, Merton Street. Davison, Joseph, 26, Prospect Street. Davis, Oscar Johnston, Bradford Road North. Davis, William and Edwin, 5, Pack Horse Yard: h. 1, Han- son Lane, Lockwood.


Page 342


Davy, Harry Richard, 11, Thorn- ) Day, John,

ton Lodge Road, Lockwood. Daws, Samuel Robert, 15, Fitz- william Street East. Dawson, Allen Walker, 36, Park- gate, Almondbury. Dawson, Edwin, 151, Yews Hill Road, Lockwood. Dawson, George Henry, 11, Somerset Terrace, St. Step- hen’s Road, Lockwood. Dawson, Haigh, Pollard Street ; h. Chapel Lane, Milnsbridge, Linthwaite. Dawson, Henry, 17, Fitzwilliam Street East. Dawson, John, 28, West Hill. Dawson, John, 49-53, Thornhill Road, Longwood. Dawson, John, 84, Upper Mount Street, Lockwood.

Dawson, John, 15, Springfield Terrace, Almondbury. Dawson, John Charles, 23,

Vance’s Buildings; h. 12, St. Stephen’s Road, Lockwood. Dawson, Joseph Richard, Royleshead, Longwood. Dawson, Samuel, 9, Woodthorpe Terrace, Bankfield Road. Dawson, Tom, 15, Cloth Hall ; h. Kaffir Road, Lind- ey. Dawson, Thomas, 38, Westgate ; h. 66, New Hey Roaid, Lindley. Dawson, Thompson, 17, Aspley ; h. 173, Northgate, Almond- bury.


Dawson, Walter William, _King’s.

Lane Mill, Almondbury ; _h. Dawson, William, 86, Fitzwilliam Street. Dawson, William, 90, Gledholt Bank, Paddock. Dawson, William Henry, 22, New Street ; h. 7, Cleveland Road. Morley Lane, Milnsbridge. Day, Edward, 21, Pack Horse ward; Green Lane, Dalton. Day, Edwin, 1, St. Paul’s Street. Day, George Bennett, Commer- cial Mills, Firth Street; h. 13, School Lane, Berry Brow.



46, Victoria Road, Lockwood.

Day, William, 37, Blacker Road North, Fartown. Dayson, Annie, 25, Bath Street. Dean, George, 16, South Street. Dean, Hudson, Yews Hill Road, Lockwood.

Dean, John, Victoria Street, | Lockwood. Dean, Stephen, 6, Reinwood

Road, Lindley. Dean, William, Greenhead Road. Dean, William Henry, 26, Holly Bank Road, Lindley.


Dearden, Harry Cobden, 153, Bradford Road North, Far- town. Dearden, Sykes, 7, St. John’s Road. Dearnley, John Henry, 8, Ex- change; h. Rosebery Street, Birkby. Dearnley, William Henry, 22,

Norman Road, Fartown. Demetriadi, Louis, F.R.C.S.E., D.P.A., 30, New North Road; h. The Oakes, New Hey Road, Lindley. Demetriadi, Thomas Marsden, 28, John William Street 50, New North Road. Denbigh, George, 33, Reinwood Road, Lindley. Denham, Alfred, Norman Road, Fartown. Denham, Arthur, 26, John Wil- ham Street; h. 7, York Place. Denham, Herbert, 30, John Wil- ham Street ; h. 16, Gledholt Road, Paddock. Denham, Jeremiah, West Parade h. 118, Church Street, Paddock. Denham, John William, 8, Bri- tannia Chambers, St. George’s Square ; h. 48, Gledholt Road Denham, Thomas, 26, John Wil- liam Street ; h. 25, Thornhill Road, Lindley. Denham, William, West Parade ; h. 43, Newsome Road.

Page 343


Dennis, William, 25, School Street, Dalton. Dennison, Charles, 38, New Street : h. 22, Cambridge Road. Dent, Edwin Benson, 10, Vic- toria Road, Lockwood. Denton, Arthur, 41. Bentley

Street, Lockwood. Denton, Joe, 54, Bentley Street, Lockwood. Denton, John, 52, Street, Lockwood. Denton, ‘Joseph, 17, Stile mon, “Almondbury.


Denton, Joss, 17, Royd Field, Fartown Green. Road. Denton, Stephen, 33, Fartown Green Road. Dentoy, Albert W., 47, New Street ; h. “ Carisbrooke House,” Fitzwilliam Street West. Dewhirst, James Henry, 66, Fitz- william Street ; ‘h. Denby ~ Dale. Dewhirst, Henry, Fartown

Lodge, ‘Bradford Road N orth. Dickenson, Frank Oliver, 18, Luck Lane, Quarmby. Dickenson, Joe, 47, Kirkgate. Dickinson, Herbert, 14, North- umberland Street ; h. Osborne House, 29, Claremont. Street. Dickson, James, M.B., 58,, Acre Street, Lindley. Dingle, Alfred, 40, Filbert Street, Fartown. Ditchburn, James Benjamin, 55, Spring Street. Dixon, Cyrus, 8, West Parade ; Ashurst, Moor Lane, Netherton. Dixon, George Edwin, 7, Market Buildings, Market Street. ; h. Imperial Road, Edgerton. Dixon, Jere, 7, Mills, Dalton. Dixon, John, 127, Fartown Green Road. D'xon, John Willie, 16, Ashfield Street, Fartown Green Road.

Dixon, Jonah Tate, Milton- cee Road, Marsh.

Bent ley


Dobson, Benjamin Briggs, 128- 140, Westbourne oad: h. treenbank, Gledholt. Dobson, John Thomas, 97-104, Market Hall; h. Charles Street, Elland. Dobson, John, 9, Thornhill Road, Longwood. Dobson, John. William, 4, Stan- ley Street. Lindley. Dobson, Robert Henry, 97-104, Market Hall ; _h. Albert Street, Elland. Dobson, William Charles, 97-104, Marlset Hall ; h. 25, Langdale Street. Elland. . Dodd, Fred Newby, 73, Cleve- land Road, Quarmby. Dodd, Solomon, 78, Norman Road. Fartown. Dodds, Hannah Maria, 17, West- bourne Road, Marsh.

Dodds, Henry, Halifax Old Road, Fartown. Dodson, George, 25, Bankfield Road.

Dodson, James. Somerset Cres-

cent, ‘Almondbury. Dodson, John, 50, Chapel Hill.

Dodson, Josspk. 4, Luck Lane, Quarmby.

Dodgson, Thomas, Laburnum Place, Lockwood Road.

Dolan, Very Rev. Canon, St.

Patrick’s Rectory, 34, New North Road. Donaldson, John, Lockwood

House, Lockwood Road. Donkers, Rev. Willibrord, assist- ant priest, St. Patrick’s ; h. 54, New North Road. Dotkersley. John, 165, Hill Road, Lockwood. Donkersley, J oe Herbert Wright, 18, Woodside Road, Crosland Moor. Donkersley, Willie, Street, Lindley. Dougherty, John Heywood, 26, St. John’s Road, Birkby. Dougherty, Matthew, man Road, Birkby.


26, Brian

80, Nor-

Page 344


Douglas, John, 42, Church Street, Paddock. Downey, W. J., Hillhouse Cor- poration Works ; h. Arnold Street, Birkby. Downing, John William, 17, Longwood Road. Dowse, Eliza Henrietta, 58, New North Road. Downs, Thomas, 10, Bath Street, Lockwood. Drake, Albert, 41, Springfield Terrace, Almondbury. Drake, Annie Isabelle and Jane Elizabeth, .2, Spring Bank, New North Road. Drake, Ernest, 91, Road, Dalton. Drake, George, Street, Paddock. Drake, Herbert, 5, Bankfield Road, Moldgreen. Drake, Herbert, Street, Paddock. Drake, Hiram, 224, Halifax Old Road, Fartown. Drake, James Albert, Norman Road, Birkby. Drake, Jeptha, 31, Springfield Terrace, Almondbury. Drake, John William, 17, South Street, Paddock. Drake, Thomas, 24, Street. Drake, W. M., Ramsden Street ;

Wakefield 10, Church

128, Church

h. Fisher Street, -Crosland Moor. Dransfield, Henry Brook, 12-14, Estate Buildings, Railway Street. vt Dransfield, James Harrop. 2,

Station Street ; h. The Elms, 96, New North Road. Dransfield, John, 14, Street, Fartown. Driver, George Henry, 43, West- gate. wi, Drummond, Rev. J. S. (Mil- ton Congregational Church), Queen Street South ; h. 28, George Street, Lindley.



Duce, John Haigh Noble, 100, Bradford Road. Duckworth, Benjamin, 22, Fitz- william Street West. Duftin, Thomas, 56, New North

oad. Dugdale, Elizabeth, lla, West Hill

Dugdale, Fred Herbert, 64, John William Street ; h. 161, Hali- fax Old Road. Dugdale, Henry Percy, 30, Mar- ket Street ; h. 12, South Street, Paddock. Dugdale, William, 7, Thornton Road, Lockwood. Dunbar, Rev. John, vicar of Rasheliffe ; h. Victoria Road, Lockwood. Dunn, Harry Lea, 15, Thornton Road, Lockwood. Dupe, William, 3la, Street. Durham, George, Brewery Drive, Lockwood. Duthoit, George Trimnell, 14, Greenhead Road. ~ Dutton, Richard, 22, Filbert Street, Fartown. Dyson, Allen, Mount, Outlane.


Dyson, Allen, 209-211, Leeds Road North.. Dyson, Allen Richardson, 37, Cleveland Road, Quarmby. Dyson, Arthur, 185, Church Street, Paddock. Dyson, Benjamin, 94, Gledholt

Bank, Paddock. Dyson, Charles, 12, Brier Lane, Lindley. Dyson, Collingwood, Outlane. Dyson, Edward, 1, Dalton Green Dyson, Edwin Swallow, 198, New Hey Road, Lindley. Dyson, Eli, 83, Thornhill Road, Longwood. Dyson, Emanuel, 1, Netheroyd Hill Road, Fartown. Dyson, Frederick, 108, Longwood Road, Quarmby. Dyson, Fred, Enos, and Joseph, Mount, Outlane.


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Dyson, Fred Liversidge, 135a, Yews Hill Road, Lockwood. Dyson, George, 9, Lodge Road, Lockwood. Dyson, George Henry, house Cottages, Leeds Road North. Dyson, George William, . South- House, Crosland Moor. Dyson, Henry, 22, West Hill. Dyson, Herbert, 56, Springfield Road. 3 Dyson, Herbert, Aspley Place ; h. 16, King’s Mill Lane. Dyson, Hezekiah, 7, Hawthorn Terrace, Crosland Moor. Dyson, Hiram, 35, Westgate; h. New Hey Road. Dyson, Humphrey, 22, Ccllege Street, Crosland Moor. Dyson, Jabez, 162, Blacker Road North, Fartown. Dyson, James, Crosland Lodge, 86, Thornton Road, Cresland Moor.

Dyson, James Sydney, 81, Haw-.

thorn Terrace, Crosland Moor. Dyson, Joe, Mount, Outlane. Dyson, Joe, 29, Parkgate, Berry

Brow. Joe, 69, Thorncliffe

Dyson, Street, Lindley. Dyson, Joe, 47, Thornton Road, Lockwood. |

Dyson, Joe Albert, Leeches, Out- |

lane. Dyson, John, 13, Lockwood Road Dyson, John, 38, Mount Street, Lockwood.

Dyson, John, 17, Railway Street ; h. 95, Lidget. Street, Lindley. af? Dyson, John, 81-99, Market Hall ; h. 95, Lidget . Street, Lindley.

Dyson, John Edward, Shambles Lane ; h. Wellhouse, Golcar. Dyson, John Freeman, Market Place ; h. 27, Fitzwilliam Street: West. Dyson, John Moorhouse, 2, Northumberland Street Netherthong. Dyson, Joseph, 18, Bath Street.

Thornton | Wood-



_ Dyson, Joseph, St. John’s Road,

Fartown. Dyson, Joseph Greenwood, 28, Birkhouse Lane, Dalton. Dyson, Law, 59, Park Road, Crosland Moor. Lister, 31, Thornton Lodge Road, Lockwood. Dyson, Robert, 38, Trinity _ Street. Dyson, Richard Smith, 6, Albert Yard, New Street. ;_h. 89, New North Road. Dyson, Tom Eastwood, 7, Cliffe End Road, Quarmby. Dyson, Thomas James, Cloth Hall Street ; h. Hartley, Kirkbur- ton. : Dyson, Tom, 18-22, South Cross Road, Fartown. Dyson, Walker, 178, Longwood Gaite. Dyson, Walker, Stonefield Mills ;

h. Woodleigh, New Street, Milnsbridge. Dyson, Walter, Greenhead Road. Dyson, William, Ramsden Street ; h. Fern Villa, Gled- holt. Dyson, William, 12, Thornton

Lodge Road, Lockwood. Dyson, William, 5, Princess Street ; h. Longfield House, Lockwood. Dyson, William Binns, 43, Thorncliffe Street, Lindley. Dyson, William Henry, Snow Lea, Outlane. Dyson, William Henry,

Haigh House, Outlane.

-EAGLAND, Edwin, 82, Long-

royd Road, Quarmby. Kagland, James, 4, Brian Street, Lindiey.

Earnshaw, Ben, 8, St. Stephen’s

Road, Lockwood. Benjamin, 66, Gled- holt Bank, Paddock. Karnshaw, Edward, 33, toria Road, Lockwood. Harnshaw, George Henry, 96,

Gledholt Panik, Paddock.


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Karnshaw, John, 43-45, Market Hall: h 2, Grafton Place. Earnshaw, William, 41, Sheev- ridge Road. Fartown. Kasby, ‘Robert, 66, Lockwood Road ; h. 7, Quaker Lane, Pad- dock. Waster, Arthur, 13, King Cliffe Road, Fartown. Master, Fred, Market Place: h. 2, Mint Street, Marsh. Easter, James, 108, Wakefield Road, Dalton. James, 58, Meltham Road, Lockwood. Kastwoed, Albert, Grove Street. Eastwood, Allen, Fartown Green Road.

15, Spring

Eastwood, Beaumont, 39, New North Road. Eastwood, Benjamin, 2, Fitz-

william Street East. Eastwood, Benjamin Battye, 11, Park Road, Crosland Moor. Eastwood, Campbell, 43, Ashen- hurst, Almondbury.

Eastwood, Charles, 23, Hill- house Road. Eastwood, Daniel, 65, New North Road.

Eastwood, David Edwin, 7, St. George’s Square; h. 18, Gled- holt Road. Eastwood, Edward, 27, Bentley Street, Lockwood. Eastwood, Frederick, 7, . Im- perial Arcade, New * Street; h. Buckden Mount, Edgerton. ton. ' Eastwood, Henry, 19, Park Road, Crosland Moor. Eastwood, Ishmael James, 42, Prospect Street. Eastwood, James Edwin, Ceme- tery Road; h. Burleigh, Ed- gerton. Earnshaw, John, 91, Lockwood Road. ; Eastwood, John Henry, 184, Longwood Gate. Eastwood, Leonard, 6, house Place, ~



Kastwood, Richard, 6, Bath Street. Eastwood , Samuel, -13, Cow-

cliffe Hill, Fartown. Kastwood, Sarah Ann, 68, Mar- ket Hall ; h. 3, Skilbeck’s Yard, Lowerhead Row. Eastwood, Tom, 26, Netheroyd Hill Road, Fartown. Eastwood, Thomas Henry, 74, Hillhouse Road.

‘Eastwood, Walter, 154, Church

Street, Paddock. Eccles, Duncan, 14, Cambridge Road. Kecles, Edward Andrew, 47, Bradford Road. Kecles, John Arthur, Netheroyd Hall Road, Fartown. Eccles, Sarah Wilcock, 6, Bel- grave Terrace. Edmondson, John William, 128, Longwood Gate. Edwards, Frank, Road, Lindley. Edwards, Herbert Lees, 4, Percy Street, Fartown. Egerton, Walter, 7, New North Road. Klam, Fred, 49, Wasp Nest Road, Fartown. Elam, James William, 43, Wasp Nest Road, Fartown. Kllam, Daniel, 50, “"Yest Parade.

52, Halifax

Ellam, George, 64, Fartown Green Road, Fartown. Ellam, Oliver, 101, Fartown

Green Road, Fartown. Ellam, Tom, 19, Bankfield Road, Moldgreen.

Elliott, Albert William, 105, Longwood Road. Elliott, George, 37, School Street, Moldgreen. Klliott, Thomas, 71, Birkby

Lodge Road, Fartown. Elliott, Thomas, 24, Ashgrove Road, Leeds Road. Ellis, Brook, 19, Wood End, Parkgate, Berry Brow. Ellis, Brook, 58, Brier Lane, Lindley.

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Ellis, Charles Ewart, 17, Hall

Bower, Newsome.

Ellis, Charles W., Bay Hall Mills ; h. Braeside, Bath Street.

Kilis, Edward, 4, Market Walk ; h. 39, Fitzwilliam Street. Ellis, Eli, 8, Bath Street, Lock- Weea. « Ellis, Fred, 28, Swallow Street. Ellis, Fred, 1, St. John’s Road. Ellis, Fred, 56, Bradley Mills, Dalton. 3 Ellis, Harry, 25, Dog Hall, Woodfield Road, Lockwood. Kllis, Henry, 24, Bradford Road North, Fartown. Ellis, Horace, 6, Crosland Road, Lindley. Ellis, James, 35, Robin Hood Hill, Berry Brow. Kllis, James William, 109, Al- mondbury Bank, Moldgreen. Joseph James, 5, West Parade. Ellis, Lewis, 97, Church Street, Paddock. Ellis, Richard, 45, Hawthorn Terrace, Crosland Moor.

Kills, Thomas, 129, Bradford _ Road. Ellis, Thomas, The Cottage, Springwood. Ellis, Thomas, 16, Swallow Street.

Ellis, Thomas Alfred, 126, Lock-’

wood Road.

Ellis, Tom, 31, Victoria Road,

Lockwood. Kllis, Tom, 4, Market Hall; h. 49a, Fitzwilliam Street. Hillis, William Henry, 181, Leeds Road North. Ellison, Charles, 33, West Hill, Marsh. Ely, Nancy, 17, Somerset. Cres- cent, Almondbury . Ely, William, 13, King’s Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street ; h. 41, Somerset Road, Mold- green.

England, William Shirley,

317 Emerson, Richard, Brian

5, Road, Marsh.

Kmmerson, John, 36, Ashgrove _ Road, Leeds Road. Kmmerson, John Walker, 5a,

Market Street; h. Leeds Road North. ae Im- perial Road, Marsh. Imsor, Ophelia Hannah, 18, _ Wheathouse Road, Birkby. Entwistle, Joseph, Chapel Hill. Kshelby, Joseph, 29, Fitzwilliam Street East. Kttenfield, William, 153, Yews Hill Road, Crosland Moor. Evans, Alfred, 70, Halifax Road, Lindley. HKvans, William Bailey, 20, West Evans, William Pugh,

214, Wakefield Road, Dalton.

Everitt, Job, 11, Dalton Fold Road. Everitt, William Moody, 22, Yew Green Road, Crosland Moor. Ewart, James, 225, Bradford Road North. Kwart, John, 166, Wakefield °

Road, Dalton. Ewart, John Richard, 9, Brig- gate, Dalton. Ewart, William, 12, Market Hall: h. 66, Wakefield Road, Dalton. Ewart, Wood, 11, Market Hall; h. 164a, Wakefield Road, Dal- ton. : Eyre, Francis, 21, Lowerhouses, Newsome.

FAIRBURN, William, 26, West Parade. Fairley, James, 85, Cowcliffe

Hill, Fartown. Falk, Frederick, 74, Bradford Road North, Fartown. John, 56, King Street ; h. 2, Milford Stireet. Farrand, Albert William,

9, Fern Lee Road, Lindley.

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318 Farrand, Frank, 43, Nook, New-

some. Farrand, Henry, Church Ter- race; Berry Brow.

Farrat, Arthur, Road. Farrar, Frederick, 12, Low Road, Parkgate, Berry ‘Brow. Farrar, Joseph Porrit, 12, Church Lane, Dalton. Farrar, Leonard, 59, Hillhouse Road. Farrar, Martin Willans, Black- moorfoot Road ; h. 58, Raw- thorpe Lane, Dalton. Farrington, David, 109, Brad- forth Road N. orth, Fartown. Farrington, Ebenezer, 28, Long- wood Road, Quarmby. Farrington, Harry, 74, Thornton Road, Crosland Moor. Fasbrook, Joseph, 137, Bradford Road North, Fartown. Faulder, Joseph Sewell, 78, John

William Street ; h. Blacker Lane, Edgerton. Faulkes, Thomas, 92, Wakefield Road, ’Moldgreen. Fawcett, Emma, 10, Greenhead Road. Fawcett, Henry, Park Road,

Crosland Moor. Fearnley, Anthony, 13, Hill Top Road, Dalton. Fearnley, Law, 5, Robin Hood Hill, Berry Brow. Fearnley, Walker, 93, Lockwood Road. Fearnley, Walter, 22, Stile Com- mon, Newsome. Fenton, Abraham, 12, Birkby Lodge Road, Fartown. Kenton, Albert, 14, Buirkby Lodge Road, Fartown. Fenton, Joseph. Wilks, 20, Fil- bert Street, Fartown. Fenton, Pons: 19, Park Road West, Crosland Moor. Ferguson, Rev. William Henry,

B.A., vicar of Longwood ; h. Vicarage Lane, Longwood. Fidler, Thomas, 7B, Wasp Nest

Road, Fartown.

20, Bankfield


Field, Benjamin, 114, Bradford Ro. ad.

Field, Edward, 15, Cowcliffe Hill, Fartown. Wield, Edward Senior, 114,

N etheroyd Hill Road, Fartown Field, George, 23, West Hill. Field, Harriett ’ Atkinson, 28, West Parade. Field, Harry, 27, South Street. Field, James Sykes, 50, Brian Street, Lindley. Field, Watson, 3) King Street ; h. OT, Somerset. Road. Field William, 41, Cowcliffe Hill, Fartown. Fieldhouse, Arthur, 24, Fartown Green Road, Fartown.

Fielding, Ada, 65-67, Market Hall ; 106, Manchester Road.

Fielding George, 33, Occupation ; Road, Lindley.

Fielding, Joe, 105, Lockwood Road. Fielding, Thomas, 19, Spring Street. Fieldsend, Frederick, 18, Stile Common, Newsome.

Filburn, John Robert, 125, Brad- ford Road North.

Fillan, William, 18, Cleveland Road, Lindley. Fillan, Willie, 52, Cleveland Road, Lindley.

Fillans, ’ Archibald Kidd, 2, Mar- ket Walk ; 52, Stile Com- mon Road.

| Pillans, Willie, 2, Market Walk ;

h. ty, Percy. Street, Fartown. Finch ,Geor ge, 33, Norman Road,

Fartown. Finlinson, Arthur, 53, New

North Road. gy Wirm, Thomas, 67, Kirkgate. Firth, Davi: 5, Thorncliffe Street, Lindley. Firth, Phivid: 49, Halifax Road, Lindley. Firth, Dyson, Longwood Gate. Firth, Frank Herbert, 5, Holly Bank Road, Lindley.

Spark Street,

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Firth, Fred and Herbert, Colne

ad ; h. Gateshead, Mars- den. Firth, Feargus, 6, Greenhill

Road, Longwood Gate. Firth, George, 243, Leeds Road

North. Firth, James, 239, Leeds Road North. Firth, James, 76, Longwood

Road, Quarmby. Firth, Jimmy, Bradley Street; h. Aspley House, Aspley. Firth, Joe, 2-4, Lamb Hall Road, Longwood Gate. Firth, John, 24, Bankfield Road.

Firth, John, 104, Exchange, Market Street; h. 14, Clara Street .

Firth, John, 92, Bentley Street, . Lockwood. Firth, John, 135, Church Street, Paddock ; h. 48, Armitage Road, Longwood. Firth, John William, 54, Victoria Road, Lockwood. Firth, John William, 9, Sheep- ; ridge Road. Firth, John William, 66-68, Nor- man Road, Fartown. Firth, Joseph, 6, Burn Road, Lindley. Firth, 5 oseph Wilkinson, 88, New Hey Road, Lindley. Firth, Oliver, Mount Foot, Out- lane. — Rebecca, 33, Upperhead

Ww. Firth, Sam, 40, Market Hall ; h. Roberttown.

Firth, Samuel, 13, Station Street ; h. Marsden. Firth, Thompson, 5, Standi-

forth, Long Lane, Dalton. ‘Firth, Tom, 139, Halifax Old Road, Fartown. Firth, William, 7, Standiforth, Long Lane, Dalton. Firth, William, Richmond Avenue, Bradford Road North, Fartown. Firth, William, 21, Church Street, Dalton.

- Firth, Wilson, 12,


319 Firth, William, 50, Birkhouse Lane, Dalton. Firth, William Kustace, 7, Hali- fax Read, Lindley. Firth , William John, i135, Church Street, Paddock : h. New Street, Milnsbridge. St. John’s

Road oe 5, Park Drive. Firth, Wright, 72, New Hey Road, Lindley. Fisher, Albert, Chapel Terrace, . Crosland Moor. Fisher, Benjamin, 164, Wakefield Road, Dalton.

Fisher, Edward, 2a, Prospect Street. Fisher, Hdward, 4, aes

Row ;, Brian Road, Edger-

ton. Fisher, Ellen, 30, St. Peter’s Street. | Fisher, Ernest, 50, Church

Street, Paddock. Fisher, Fred, Fitzwilliam Street East ; h, 28a, Bradford Road George Armitage, 13, Park Gate, Berry Brow. Fisher, George Grege, St. Peter’s Street West; h. Bank- field, Meltham. Fisher, Henry, 80, South Fisher, Henry, 15, Station Street se Be Marsden. Fisher, John, 72, John William Street ; h. 60, Gledholt Road. Fisher, Joseph, 83, Bradford Road.

Fisher, Robert, 33, Spring Grove Road.

Fisher, Thomas, 123, Halifax Old Road, Fartown. Fisher, William, 213, Church Street, Paddock. . Fitton, Charles, Bay Hall, Birkby.

Fitton, Charles, 131, Yews Hill Road, Lockwood.

Fitton, Harry, 62, Bankfield Road, Moldgreen. Fitton, Harry Shaw, Fartown

Lodge, Bradford Road North.

Page 350


Fitton, Road. Fitton, Sarah, Carlton Terrace, Fitzwilliam ‘Street West. Fitton, William, 9, Woodhouse Hill, Fartown.

John, 16, Sheepridge

Fitton, William, 42, Church Street, Dalton. Fitton, Wilson, 51, Cleveland

Road, Lindley. Flanagan, William, 47, Norman Road, Fartown. Fleetwood, Joe, St. Road. Fleming, Samuel, 78, Lockwood Road.

Fletcher, Archibald Henry John,


Cloth Hall Street ; h. Crow- trees, Rastrick. Fletcher, James Herbert, 9, Cloth Hall Street ; h. Sunny

Bank, Holmfirth. Fletcher, John Alfred, 31, Bank- field Road. Flinn, James Edward, 40, Nor- man Road, Fartown. Fiint, Albert, 43a, New North Hill

ad. Flint, Ernest, 41, 48,

Road, Dalton. Flower, Henry, Road, Almondbury. Flower, Penelope Sarah, 84, Fitzwillam Street. Foden, George, 8, Vance’s Build-



ings ; h. 136, Halifax Old Road. Ford, George,, 14, New Laith

Hill, Newsome. Ford, ‘William, Cowrakes Road, Lindley. Foster, Frederick, 31, Green Road. Koster, George, Cooper’s Build- ings, Fartown Green Road. Foster, George, 73, Lower- houses, Newsome. Foster, Joe, 15, Prospect Stireet. Foster, John Leake, 189, Brad- ford Road North. Foster, John William, 42, Wasp Nest Road, Fartown. Foster, William Henry, Bradford Road North.



France, Joshua,


Fountain, Arthur, 107, Bradford

Road North. Fountain, Ben, 51, Hillhouse Road. Fox, Charles, 5, ‘Thornton Road, Lockwood. Fox, Charley, 9, Exchange, Mar- ket Street ; h. The Farm, Staincliffe, Dewsbury. Fox, Duke, 9, Exchange, Market

Street ; h. Uplands, Dews- bury. Fox, George William, 47, Hill- house Road. Fox, Joe, 24, Baker Street, Quarmby. ie Fox, Joe, 30, Birkby Lodge

Road, Fartown Fox, John, 45, N ewhouse Place. Fox, John, 152, Blacker Road North, Fartown. Fox; J oseph, 39, Westgate ; h. 34, Daisy Lea ‘Lane, Lindley. Foxton, John, 38, hy Lane, Almondbury. France, Ainley, Nettleton Hill, Outlane. France, Albert, 265, Leeds Road

North. France, ‘Arthur, 10, Windmill Terrace, Berry Brow. France, Enoch, 27, Upper Mount Street, Lockwood. France, Fred, Nettleton Hill, Outlane. ¥rance, Joah, Newsome Road, Berry Brow. Krance, Joe, 16, Parkgate, Berry

Brow. 255, Leedsi Road North. France, Joshua, Netthketon Hill, Outlane. France, Josiah, Parkton Grove, Berry Brow. France, Tom, 83, Lockwood Road Frenne Tom, 108, Upper Mount Street. Francis, Bradford Road. Franckel, Bertram H., 26, West- gate ; h. 2, Percy Street, Far. town.

Joseph, 51,

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frank, Jane, 8, Belmont Street. Frankish, Charles, Corporation Street ; h. 56, Spring Street. Frazer, Joseph, Road. Freeman, Charles Edward, 47, New Street ; h. 2, Hunger- ford Road, Edgerton. Freeman, Mary E., 5, Victoria

Street ; h. 9, Northgate, Almondbury. French, Alfred Martin, 240, Leeds Road North.

Frith, William, 10, Blacker Road, Marsh. Froment, Arthur, 111, Yews Hill Road, Lockwood. Froment, Samuel, 73, Woodfield Road, Lockwood. Frost, Joe, Storthes ; h. Rocky Mount, Somerset: Road. 38, Cowrakes Road, Lindley. Furniss, Albert, 130, Market Hall; h. 22, Upper. Brow Road, Paddock. Furniss, Louis Beecher, 24, Swal- low Street.

GALLAGHER, William, 14, Swallow Street. Galloway, George, Market Place; h. Cleveland Road, Edgerton. Gamory, Samuel, High Street ; h. 194, Lockwood Road. Gannon, William, 48, Upperhead Row. Gardiner, Ben, 41, Birkby Cres- cent, Birkby Hall Road. Gardiner, John, 42, Netheroyd Hill Road, Fartown.

Garner, Alfred, 165, Longley, Newsone. Garner, Lister, 4, Newlands

Road, Dalton.

Garner, Richard, 41a, Trinity Street. Garner, Walter, 47, Prospect Street.

Garnett, Albert, 11, Fair Street,




| Garrett, William, 66, Bradford

Road North.

| Garside, Burdett, 1, West Hill. 157, Bradford |

Garside, Frank Oughtibridge, 54, Fitzwilliam Street; Rose Cottage, Netherton. Garside, Fred, 111, New Hey Road, Lindley.

Garside, Frederick, 110, Brad- ford North. Garside, George, 15, Newsome Road.

Garside, George Henry, 19, Hall Bower, Newsome. Halifax |

Garside, James, 78, Road, Lindley. Garside, Joe, 77, New Hey Road,

Lindley. Garside, Joe, 17, Church Ter- race, Berry Brow. Garside, John, 41, George Street, Lindley. Garside, John, 4, New Hey

Road, Lindley. Garside, Joshua, 60, Newsome ross. Garside, Joshua, Kew Hill, Out- lane. Garside, Joseph, 11, Thornton Lodge, Lockwood. Garside, Oliver, 204, Lockwood Road. Garside, Richcrd, Lower Haigh House, Outlane.

Garside, Samuel, 33, Ramsden Street. Garside, Samuel, Coalpit Lane, Outlane. Garside, Shaw, 12, Hill Top Road, Lindley. Garside, William Henry, 99,

Swan Lane, Lockwood. xsarside, William West, 8, Via- duct Street; h. 20, Halifax Old Road. Garton, Alfred, Kirkgate; h. 58, Somerset Road, Mold- green.

Garton, George, 15, Water Street. Garton, George, The Avenue,

Norman Road, Birkby.

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Garton, James, 2, Percy Street, Fartown. Garthwaite, James, 54, Bradley Mills. Garthwaite, William, 49, Broad

Lane, Moldgreen. Gatenby, Fred, 54, Bradford Road North. Gaukroger, El, 9, Trinity Street.

Gaukrocer, Fred, 6, North Cross Road, Fartown. Gaunt, George, 14%, Old Road, Fartown. Gaunt, Henry, Road, Fartown Gay, George “William, 7, Lower Park, Berry Brow. Gee, Allen, Macaulay Street; h. 13, Quarmby Road. Gee, Hugh Priestley, 69, College Street, Crosland’ Moor. Gee, James Henry, John Hol- | royd, James, Greenhouse, Out-


lane. Gee, Jonathan, 137, New Hey Road, Lindley. Gee, Joseph, Grove Mills; h. James Street, Golcar. Gee, Richard, 61, New Hey Road, Lindley. Gee, Saville, Parkwood Mills; h. Mount. Gee, Tom, 25, Burfits Road, Quarmby. Gelder, Joe, Pack Horse Yard;

h. 28, Holly Bank Road, Lind- ley.

Gilder’ Thomas Hear: 107, Halifax Old Road, Fartown. Gelder, Walter, 7, Queen Street; h. 43, Somerset Road, Moldgreen. Genders, Emma, 19, West Parade. Gent, John Francis, 3, Aspley

lace. Gilbert, Fred, Street, Fartown. Gibson, Alfred, Chapel Terrace, Crosland Moor. Gibson, Christopher, 12a, New- house.

24, Nursery

| Gibson,


Fred, 13, Dalton Fold Road, Dalton. Gibson, John, 24, Thornton Road, Crosland Moor. Gibson, Leonard, 58, Bradford Road North. Gibson, Leonard, jun., 21, Royd- field Street, Fartown Green Road. Gibson, Tom, 43, Dalton Fold, Dalton. Giggle, Robert, 9, South Parade.

Gill, Abraham, 118, Bradford Road North. Gill, Frederick, 93, Bradford Road North. Gill, John, 10, Springwood Avenue.

Gill, John, 36, Taylor Hill Road, Salford, Lockwood. Gill, John, 63, Woodfield Road, Lockwood. Gil, John Springwood Street. Gill, Walter, 47, Birkby Cres- cent, Birkby Hall Road.

Gillatt, Arthur, 5-7, Rosemary Lane; h. 44 Victoria Street, Moldgreen.

Gillon, Peter, 17, Victoria Road, Lockwood.

Gillon, Robert, 7, Somerset Place, Moldgreen. Girling, Rev. William Henry,

Rector of Lockwood; h.. Road, wood. Glass, David, Long Lane, Dal-

Solid ‘Salford Road, Lock-

ton. Gledhill, Alfred, 10, John Wil- ham Street; h. 6, Fenton Road, Lockwood. Gledhill, Allen, 3, Park Valley Cottages, Woodfield Road, Lockwood. ° Gledhill, Charles 60, Street, Lockwood. Gledhill, George Cocking, Cold Hill, Berry Brow. Gledhill, Ben, 83, Victoria Road, Lockwood. Gledhill, Dyson, Road, Lindley.

Mount 13,

2, Cowrakes

Page 353


Gledhill, Fergus, 22, Church Street, Dalton. 3 Gledhill, Gideon, 4, Pack Horse Yard ; h. 37, Victoria Street,

Lindley. Gledhill, Harry, 4, Yews Hill Road, Lockwood. Gledhill, Harry Coulson, 54, John William Street; h. Park Avenue, Birkby Hall Road. Gledhill, James, 46, Sheepridge Road, Sheepridge. Gledhill, James, 55, Exchange, Market Street; h. Rock, Gol- car. Gledhill, Job, 44, Halifax Road, Lindley. Gledhill, Joe Ellam, 7, Fenton Road, Lockwood. Gledhill, John, 21, Hawthorn Terrace, Crosland Moor. - Giedhill, John, 10, Park Road West, Crosland Moor. Gledhill, Joseph, 45, Wasp Nest Road, Fartown. Gledhill, Mark, Snow Lea,

Onis lane. Gledhill, Morton, Coalpit Lane,

Outlane. Gledhill, Richard, 19, Rock

Street, Longwood Gate.

Gledhill, Thomas, 7, St. Paul’s Street. | Gledhill, Tom Sanderson, 2,

Yews Hill Road, Lockwood. Gledhill, Walter, 92, Yews Hill Road, Lockwood. Gledhill, Walter Wood, 66, Swan Lane, Lockwood. Gledhill, William, Green Bank, Imperial Road Marsh. Glendinning, Alexander, 11, New North Road; h. 152, Halifax Old Road, Fartown. Glendinning, Charles, 8, Lan- caster’s Yard; h. 12, Burn Road, Lindley. Glendinning, Edward, Tanfield Mills, Leeds Road; h. 110, Halifax Old Road. Glendinning, John William, Tan- field Mills, Leeds Road; h. 152, Halifax Old Road.


Glendinning, William, 8, Lan- caster’s Yard; h. 14, Halifax Road, Birchencliffe.

Goddard, Benjamin, 19, New- some Road. Goddard, George, 18, Daisy

Royd, Newsome. Goddard, Joshua, 203, Longley, Newsome. Goddard, Tom, Road. Goddard, Tom, 52, Lowerhouses. Goddard, Wilson, 38, Parkgate, Berry Brow. Godward, George Henry, 11, Somerset Road, Almondbury. Golden, David, 3, Bradley Lane.

17, Newsome

Golden, Elizabetia, 5, Elmwood Avenue. Golden, Joseph. 12, Cross Church Street ; h. 25,

Bottoms, Almondbury.

Goldie, James, 75, Fitzwilliam Street. Goldthorpe, Eastwood, New Hey Road, Lindley. Goldthorpe, James Edward, Leeds Road North, Deighton. Goldthorpe, John George, 51, Somerset Terrace, St.

Stephen’s Road, Lockwood. Goldthorpe, Met ida, 117, Som- erset Road, Moldgreen. Goldsborough, Harry, 71, Gled- holt Bank, Marsh.

Goldsborough, James, 6, The Triangle, Paddock. Goodacre, Albert Dennis, 24, Queen Street. Goode, Alfred, 42, Bradford Road.

Gooder, Edwin, 102, Swan Lane, Lockwood. Gooder, Frederick William, 78, Yews Hill Road, Lockwood. Goodhead, Robert, 13, Prospect. Place. Goodman, Richard Alfred, 13, Bath Street, Lockwood.

Goodwin, Joe, 28, Prospect Street. Goodyear, Harry Holdsworth,

56, Luck Lane, Marsh.

Page 354

324 Goodyear, John Henry, Bay Hall, Marsh. Gomersall, John, 51, Broad

Lane, Dalton. Gordon, John Reid, 37, South Street.

Gott, Joe, 20, Norman Road, Birkby. Graham, Ben, 3, Lockwood Road. Graham, Henry, 3, Alder Ter- race, Fartown Green Road.

Graham, Herbert, 13, Thornton Road, Leckwood. Graham, John Henry, 65, School

Street, Dalton.

Grabam, Oscar, 7, New Laithe Hill, Newsome. Graham, Robert, 72, Swan

Lane, Lockwood. Graham, Robert, 49, Cleveland Road, Lindley. Graham, Tom, Road, Lockwood.

Graham, Tom, 134, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Graham, Willie, 4, Mount

Street. Lockwood. Grant, Harry, 158, Birkby Hall Road. Grant, John, 40, Bradford Road North. Grant, Marshall, 38, Bradford Road North. Grayson, John Chapel Hill. Grayson, John Wakefield Storthes. Grayson, Thomas, 62, North- gate ; h. 93, King Street. Greatley, John, 27, New Laith Hill, Newsome.

Moulson, 20,

William May, Road; _h.


Grayson, Thomas, 93, King Street. Grayson, William Henry, 52a, King Street; h. 67, Storthes, Moldgreen. —. _ Greaves, Edwin Day, 2, South Street.

Greaves, Harvey, Norman

Avenue, Birkby Hall Road.

138, Lockwood >


Greaves, John, 95, Birkby Hall Road, Fartown. Greaves, John Crosland, 209, Bradford Road North. Green, Arthur, 3, Brook’s Yard, Market Street : Hali- fax Old Road. Green, Edward Otley, 3, Brook’s Yard, Market Street ; h. 14, Wheathouse Road. Green, Elijah, 57, Birkby Cres- cent, Birkby Hall Road. Green, Emma, 59, Stirley Hill, Berry Brow Green, Harry Hirst, 104, Church

Lane, Dalton. Green, Hirst, 15, Railway Street ; h. Schole Croft, Holmebridge.

Green, James Blount, 21, Fitz- william Street West. Green, Jim; 4, Bay Hall Com- mon Road. Green, Joel, 61, Tunnacliffe Hil, Newsome. Green, Joseph vid, Bei- mont Street. Green, Rockley, Street, Lockwood. Green, Seth, 50, Church Lane, Dalton. Green, Thomas William, 24, Park Gate, Berry Brow. Greenfield, Edward, 16, Church Lane, Dalton. Greenfield, Fred, 9, Fern Street, Fartown..

58, Bentley

Greenfield, Walter, 20, King Cliffe Road, Fartown. G Fred, Market Place ; h. Spaines Road, Far-

town. Greenhalgh; Fred, Spaines Road, Fartown. Greenhalgh, James, Street ; h. 23, Road. Greenhalgh, Joe, Bank, Marsh. Joe, Market Place ; h. 109, Gledholt Bank, Marsh.


Cleveland 62, Gledholt

Page 355


Greenhalgh, Joseph, 9, Somerset

Terrace, St. Stephen’s Road, Lockwood. Greenhalgh. Rev. Thomas, M.A. vicar of Paddock ; h. Church Street, Paddock. Greenhalgh, Thomas Henry, 60, Church Street, Marsh. ae William, Market Place ; Gledholt Bank, Marsh. Greenhow, Sibi Edward, 63, Lowerhouses. Greenhow, Ralph, 14, Stile Com- mon, Newsome. Greenhow, Wilfred, Birkby Crescent, Birkby Hall Road. Greenwood, Albert Edw ard, 5-7, High Street ; h. Leonard Place, Edgerton. Greenwood, Albert Theobald, Leeds Road North, Deighton. Greenwood, Alfred, 87, High- royd, Dalton. Greenwood, Charles, 1-3, Brad- ford Road North, Fartown. Greenwood, Clement, and Co.., Commercial Mills, Firth Street ; h. Woodland Villa, 26, Manor Street. Greenwood, Edgar Herbert, 17, Wasp Nest Road, Fartown. Greenwood, Frank, 15, Chancery

Lane ; h, Wellhouse, Holm- firth. Os, Fred, 164, Hall Roa

Lodge, Blacker Road, Marsh. Greenwood, George, Brook’s Yard, Market Street ; h. 4, Belmont Street. Greenwood, George Taylor, 5-7, High Street ; ms Clare Hill Greenwood, Hartistt, 17, Clare Hill. Greenwood, Henry Raistrick, ‘72a, Westfield, Trinity Street.

Greenwood, James, 26, Buxton

Road ; h. Moldgreen. Greenwood, Joe William, 7, Ash- field Street, Fartown Green.

Bankfield Road,



Greenwood, John Brigg’s Terrace, Moldgreen.

| Greenwood, John, 45, Lockwood

Road. Greenwood, Joseph 15, Chancery Lane ; h. Holme-

bridge. Greenwood, Luke, 102, Lockwood Road. Greenwood, Thomas, Oakes

Road, Lindley. Greenwood, Tom, 13a, Bradford Road. Greenwood, William, Somerset Crescent, Moldgreen. Gregg, Christopher, 32, St John’s Road, Fartown. Grew, Thomas, Market Hall ; h. ol; Zetland Street. Griffiths, Leonard Frederick, 39, St. Helen’s Lane, Almondbury Grisdale, Thomas, 67, Wasp Nest Road. Fartown. Grist, John Jabez, 3, Upperhead Row ; ny 10; Kaffir Road, Lindley. Grogan, Thomas, 76, Kirkgate. Guest, Frederick J ohn, 112, South Street. Gunn, Josiah James, 48, South Street ; h. 35, Colne Road.

HADAWAY, Alfred Dixon, Green Garth, Dalton Green.

Hadfield, Sam, 11, Swan Lane,

- Lockwood. Haigh, Albert, 55, Tunnacliffe Hill, Newsome. Haigh, Allen, 25, St. John’s Road; h. Mount, Edgerton. Haigh, Aiton; 27, New Street; h. 30, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Haigh, Amos, 23, Hall Bower, Newsome. | Haigh, Ann, Water Street.

Haigh, Armitage, 10, Wren Street, Paddock. ' Haigh, Armitage, Priestroyd

Works, Firth- Street; h. 22, East Parade. Arthur, 53, Spring Street.

Page 356


Haigh, Arthur’ 8, Birkhouse Lane, Moldgreen. Haigh, Arthur, Firth Street; h. 15, West Hill. Haigh, Basil, 14, Emmanuel Terrace, Salford, Lockwood.

Haigh, Ben Armitage, 61, Jumble, Yew Tree Road, Lockwood. Haigh, Benjamin, 8, High Street, Longwood. Haigh, Benjamin, 6, Wood

Street, Dalton. Haigh, Charles, 42, Bankfield R

oad. Haigh, Crosland, 10, Lamb Hall Road, Longwood Gate. Haigh, ‘Daniel, 18, St. George’s Square. Haigh, Daniel, 18, iors Street, Longwood. Haigh, Edward, 25, St. John’s

Road ; h. 13, New Hey Road,

Lindley. Haigh, E. M., Wiggan Lane, Sheepridge - h. Mirfield Moor, Mirfield.

Haigh, Fred, Laburnum Place, |

Lockwood Road. Haigh, Fred, 13, High Street; h. 6, Thornton Lodge Road. Haigh, George Henry, Mountjoy Street. Haigh, Henry, Oak Lea, Edger- ton. Haigh, Henry, 62, ~~ Road North. Haigh, Henry Sykes, 31, Mount, Crosland Moor. Haigh, Herbert, Yews Road, Lockwood. Haigh, Herbert, 117, Thornton Road, Crosland Moor. Haigh, Herbert A., 2, Station Street; h. Gledholt Grove. Haigh, Hiram, 37, Market Street. Haigh, James, 33, Bankfield Road, Moldgreen. Haigh, John, 20, Ramsden Street ; h. 6, York Place,

Bradford Yews



Haigh, ios Richard, 55, New

Street; h. 26, East Street, Lindley. Haigh, John Shaw, 11, Victoria Street; h. Newton Villas, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Haigh, John Thomas, Vernon Avenue. Haigh, John Thomas (John

Haigh and Sons, Ltd., Firth Street) ; h. Bowker Avenue. Haigh, Law, 9, Victoria Street, Deighton. Haigh, Phineas (John Haigh Sons, Ltd., Firth Street) ; 16, Park Drive.

Haigh, Sam, 25, Sti..gohn’s Road: h. A. Haugh Road, Quarmby.

Haigh, Tom, 15, Market Hall: h.. Tha, South Street. Haigh, Walter, Firth Street; h. 22, Bunkers’ Hill. Haigh, Walter, 6, York Place, New North Road. . Haigh, Walter Dyson, 13, Bent- ley Street, Lockwood. Haigh, Walter William, 17, Bankfield Road.

Haigh, William, 3, Princess Street; h. Staincliffe Road, Dewsbury.

Haigh, William Henry, 1, Haw- thorn Terrace, Crosland Moor. Haigh, William Henry, 17, Chancery Lane: h. 68, New Hey Road, Lindley. Haigh, William Shaw, 8, North- umberland Street; h. Lane Ends, Crosland Moor.

Haigh, Wright, 19, Beast Mar-

ket; h. 14, Field Street, Marsh. Hales, William, 2, Wasp Nest

Road, Hillhouse. : Haley; John Greenwood, 75, Yews Mount, Crosland Moor. Hall, Francis, 165, Wakefield Road, Dalton. Hall, Charles Fitz- william Street East ; h. Ball- royd Road, Fartown,

Page 357


Hall, Charles, jun., 9, Station Street; h. Birksgate, Kirk- burton. Hall, George, 12, South Parade. Hall, George, 20, King Street;

h. 12, Haugh Road, Quarmby.

Hall, Herbert, Ing Lees, Birkby Hall Road. Hall, Herbert Holdsworth, 30, Netheroyd Hill Road, Far- town. Hall, Holdsworth, 61-63, King Street; h. 4, Spaines Road. Hall, James Asbridge, 32, Mel- tham Road, Lockwood. Hall, James Ramsden and Ben, lla, Market Street; h. New Street, Milnsbridge. Hall, John, 1, Chancery Lane. Hall, John, 20, Bay Hall, Marsh. Hall, Joshua H., Peel Street: h. 19, Bath Street. Hallas, Edward, 37, St. Helen’s Lane, Almondbury. Hallas, Elliott, Rosemary Lane; h. 41, Trinity Street. Hallas, George Boothroyd, 71, Prospect Street. Hallas, Walter Boothroyd, 41, Thornton Lodge Road, Lock- wood. Hallowell, James Albert, Silver Street’ East ; h. King Cross, Halifax. Halstead, Abraham, Mills, Leeds Road; h. 163, Halifax Old Road. Halstead, Alfred, 2, Nook, New- some. Halstead, John Edward, 7, Yew Tree Road, Lindley. Halstead, George Henry, 9, Yew Tree Road, Lindley. Halstead, Joe, 76, Chapel Hill.

- Halstead, Robert, 49, Market Hall; h. 76, Chapel Hill.

Halstead, Walker, 118, Bradford Road.

Halstead, William Edward, 2, Bradley Mills. Halstead, William Henry,

119, Fartown Green Road.



Hamer, John, 169, Bradford.

Road North.

Hamer, Richard, 38, Bradford Hamilton, James, 10, South Parade. Hamilton, Stanley, 9, William

Street South. Hammond, Isaac, 73, Wakefield Road ; h. 49, Bankfield Road, Moldgreen. , Hammond, Joseph, 6, Market Buildings, Market Street ; h. Luther Place, Edgerton. Hammond, Richard, 40, Bradley

Mills. Hammond, Walter, 6, Percy Street, Fartown. Hampson, Alfred, 160, Birkby

Hall Road, Fartown. Hampson, John William, Market Buildings ; h. 2, bridge Road. Hampson, William, 70, Westfield, Trinity Street. Hampshire and Armitage, 13, Northumberland Street ;_h. Ashleigh, Halifax Old Road. Hampshire, Fountain, 101, South Street. Hampshire, John William, 75, Whitestone Road, Hillhouse. Hampshire, Joseph, Springdale Street, Lockwood. . Hampshire, Thomas, 2, Ramsden Street ; h. 20, Greenhead Road. Flampshire, William, Northum- berland Street ; h. 164, Hali- fax Old Road. Hampson, John William, 2, Cam bridge Road. Hands, James, 12, Woodthorp« Terrace. . Handy, Albert Edward, 42, Park Road, Crosland Moor.

11, Cam-

Handy, Henry, 12, Fitzwilliam Street East. Hannen, John William, 112, Bradford Road North. | Hanson, Albert, 68, Buxton Road. Hanson, Harry, 123, North

Street, Crosland Moor.

Page 358


Hanson, Henry, 5, Wren Street, Paddock. Hanson, Herbert, 82, Upper Mount Street. Lockwood. Hanson, John, Vernon Avenue.

cliffe Hill, Fartown. Hanson, John William, 19, Rail-

way Street ; h. 58, New Hey Road, Lindley. Hanson, Joseph, 19, Buxton Road. ‘Hanson, William, 1, Armitage

Crescent, Victoria Road, Lock- wood. Hardcastle, Charles,

187a, Leeds Road North. Hardcastle, Shaw, 2, King Street ; h. Brook Street, Marsh.

Hardcastle, William Lawson, 28, St. Peter’s Street. Hardisty, George, 112, West- bourne Road, Marsh. Hardy, Abel, 107, Bradford Road Hardy, Albert Edward, 149, Bradford Road. Hardy, Harry, 12, Newhouse. Hardy, Herbert, 32, Chapel Hill.

Hardy, J oseph, AA, Park Road, Crosland Moor. Hardman, Thomas, 3, North

Cross Road, Fartown. Hargreaves, George, 45, School Street, Moldgreen. Hargreaves, George Henry, 14, Water Street. Hargreaves, James Rollin, 1, King Cliffe Road, Fartown. Hargreaves, Law, 21, King Cliffe Road, Fartown. Harling, Edward, 17, houses. Harling, George Edward, Thorn- field Road ; h. 78, Moor End Road, Crosland Moor. Harman, Edwin Alfred, 36, Queen’s Road, Marsh. Harman, A., C.E., Gas Works, Leeds Road ; h. Elis- nore, Gledholt. Harper, Mrs. George, The Yews, Lockwood.


| Harper,

Harries, Hanson, John Edward, 51. Cow- |


Richard Williamson, The Yews, Lockwood. Harrall, William Hall, Road North. Robert, 34-36, h. Rydal Heaton Road, Marsh. Harris, Alfred, 73, Street.


West Mount,


| Harris, John, Whitestone Road,

Hillhouse. Harrison, Dan, 8, Chapel Ter- race, Crosland Moor. Harrison, George, 244, Halifax Old Road. Harrison. George, 11, North Cross Road, Fartown. Harrison, George, Britannia Works, Fitzwilliam Street; h. 19, Percy Street, Fartown. Harrop, William, Commercial Mills, Firth Street: h. 2, Wellfield Road, Lindley.

Hartley, Albion, 35, Somerset Road, Almondbury. Hartley, Fred, 14, Armitage Crescent, Victoria Road, Lockwood. Hartley, George Henry, 145,

New Hey Road, Lindley.

Hartley, Henry Rawlinson, Cross Church Street ; h. 190, Bradford Road North. Hartley, James, 69, Prospect Street. Hartley, Joel, 31, Bradford Road North.

Hartley, John Hall, Birkby.

Edwin, 12, Bay

Hartley, John, 58, Mount Street, Lockwood. Hartley, Marion, 58, West Parade. Hartley, Richard, 11, Bradford Road. Hartnoll, Thomas, 53, Prospect Street. Harwood, Joseph Henry, 110,

Wakefield Road, Dalton.

Haviland, John, 6, Littlewood’s Buildings, Upperhead Row ; h. 34, Merton Street.

Page 359


Hawkyard, Sam, 190, Lockw ood |

Road. Hawkyard, Walter, Bank, Paddock. Hay, Rev. Arthur, curate of St. John’s Church; h. Netheroyd Hill. an, George’s Square; h. Hood, Berry Brow. Haywood, Joe, Marsh Mills; h. Sunnyside, Park Drive.

18, St. Robin

Haywood, Joseph, 3, Park Drive. Haywood, Wilson, 5, William

Street South. Head, Henry, Market Street; h. 120, Bradford Road. Healey, James, 48, John William Street ; h. 20, Cleveland Road, Robert, 45,

Lindley. Blacker Road North.

Healey, Heap, Alfred George, 4, Light- ridge Road, Fartown. Bliza, 44, Westgate; h. Newhouse Place. Hespes, Thomas, 44, Westgate ;h. Ashtrees, Newhouse Place. Heathcote, Edwin Shepherd, 176, Lockwood Road. Heathcote, John, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Heathcote, Willie and John, 88, Road, Marsh. Heaton, Allen, 97, Fartown Green Road. Heaton, Charles Frederick, 13, Birkby Hall Road, Fartown.

Heaton, Foulds, 86, Fartown Green. Seaton, Richard, Dalton Mills,

Dalton Green;h. Milnsbridge.

Hlebblethwaite, George Hirst, 14, St, John’s Road: h. West Royd, Mirfield. Heeley, Ben Haigh, North

Street, Crosland Moor. Heeley, David, 51, Park Road West, Crosland Moor. Heeley, Edgar Wilfred, 80, Bentley Street, Lockwood.

93, Gledholt |


Heeley, James William, 9, Park Road West, Crosland Moor.

HHeginbottom, Raiph, 7a, Shambles Lane; h. 4, St. Paul’s Street. Heighway, Rev. Henry W., curate of St. Andrew’s; h. 47, New North Road. Hellawell, Abraham, 39, Pros-

pect Street. Hellawell, George William, J.P. (the Mayor), 58, New Street h. Oakhurst, Greenhead Road. Hellawell, Henry, 29, Thornton Lodge Road. Hellawell, John, 6, Willow Lane, Hillhouse. Hellawell, John William, Long- wood House, Fartown. Hellawell, Jonas Hirst, 6, Via-

. ’

duct Street ; h. i Church Lane, Moldgreen. Hellawell, Joseph, 70, South Street. Hellawell, Mary, 25, West Hill. Helm, George, 99, Bradford Road North. Helm, James, Leeds Road North.

Helm, John, 248, Halifax Old Road.

Hellowell, Sylvanus, 122, West- bourne Road, Marsh. Hellowell, Thomas Henry, 87,

Fartown Green Road. Hellowell, William, 90, gate.

Hellowell, William Privabley, 66,


Church’ Street, Paddock. aah tgs Arthur Edgar (Aspley Dyeworks, St: An-

drew’s Road); h. 40, Somerset Road. Hemingway, David, Street, Lockwood. Hideway: Harry, Long Lane, Dalton. Hemingway, Joseph Edward, 36, King Street; h. 38, Birkhouse Lane, Moldgreen. Heminawar, Willie,

10, Wood Street, Dalton.

Page 360

330° Henry and Co., Ltd., 34, Market Street. Henshaw, Robert Bailey, 82, Gledholt Bank, Paddock. Henshaw, Thomas Richard, 37, Springfield Terrace, Almond- bury. Hepplestone, James, 52, Brad- ford Road. Heppelstone, Enoch, 26, Cam-

bridge Road. Heppenstall, Harry, 4, Windmill Terrace, Berry Brow.

Heppenstall, Harry Senior, 21, Wentworth Street. Heppenstall, John Swallow, Armitage Crescent, Victoria — Road, Lockwood. Heppenstall, William, 11, St. Thomas’s Road. Hepworth, Arthur. 46, John

William Street; h. 16, Percy Street, Hillhouse. Hepworth, Edward, 41, Market Street; h. 23, George Street, Lindley. Hepworth, Eliza, 17, Yew Road, Lindley. Hepworth, Frank, 208, Halifax Old Road. Hepworth, Fred, 1, Daisy Lea Lane, Lindley. Hepw orth, William, 19, South Street. Hepworth, Friend, 46, John Wil- liam Street; h. 263, Bradford Road North. Hepworth, Harry, 27, Weather- hill Road, Lindley. Hepworth, Harry, 29, Hawthorn Terrace, Crosland Moor. Hepworth, Henry, 32, Chapel Terrace, Crosland Moor. Hepworth, John William, 46, John William Street ; h. Richmond Avenue, Fartown. Hepworth, Law, 7, Thornton Lodge, Lockwood. Hepworth, Lucy, Road, Lockwood. Heron, Thomas, 12, Chambers ; Edgerton.


42, Victoria


6, |

h. Imperial Road, .


Hesketh, George, 31, Market _ Street. Hewgill, Rev. R. P. A., B.A.,

curate of Kirkheaton : h. School Lane, Kirkheaton. Hewison, John, 80, Bradford Road. Hewitt, Henry, 32, Queen Street. | Hewitt, Henry, 13, Water Street. Hewitt, William John Garey,


44, Bankfield Road. Hiey, George, 91, Road, Lindley.


Hey, John, 264, Wakefield Road,

W aterloo. Hey, Thomas Henry, 132, Birkby Hall Road. Heys, John Henry, 59, Jumble, | Yew Green Road, Crosland Moor. Heywood, George William, 39, Yews Mount, Crosland Moor.

Heywood, William Henry, 34, Chapel Terrace, Crosland Moor.

Heywood, William Henry, 8, St. John’s Road, Marsh.

Hickson, Frederick James, 33, Fitzwilliam Street West. Highley, John, 18, Halifax "Road, Lindley. Higginbottom, John, Peel Street: h. 21, Moorbottom Road, Lockwood. Higgins, George, Lockwood wear > 5, ‘Bridge Street, Lockwood.

Higgins, William Delaney, Bay Hall, Birkby. Higpott, George, Street. Hiley, Aston, 6, Wellfield Road, Lindley. James William, Union Bank Yard, New Street : h. Exchange Buildings, Marsh. Hill, Albert, 10, St. John’s Road, Marsh. Hill, John Richard, 1, Went- worth Street, Mountjoy Road,

29, Spring

Page 361


Hill, J. J., Bradford Road. Thilman, Henry, John William Street and 88-89, Market, Hall ; h. 283, Bradford Road North. Hills, William, 7, Woodside Road, Lockwood. Hilton, Abraham, 3, Birkby Hall Road; h. 30, Market Street, Paddock. Hinchliffe, Albert, 68, Netheroyd Hill Road, Fartown.

Hinchliffe, Albert, 35, Bankfield.

Road. Hinchliffe, Arthur, 28, Church Street. Hinchliffe, Arthur Edward - Townend, 13, Westgate; h.

Richmond Avenue, Fartown. Hinchliffe, Charles, Peel Street; h. 5, East Parade. Hinchliffe, Charles William, Norman Road, Birkby. Hinchliffe, Fred, 21, Thornton Lodge Road, Lockwood. Hinchliffe, George Albert, 9, Birkby Hall Road. Hinchliffe, Henry, 26, Chapel Terrace, Crosland Moor. Hinchliffe, James, 15, Chapel Terrace, Lockwood. Hinchliffe, James William, 92, South Street.

Hinchliffe, Joe, 45, Fartown Green Road. Hinchliffe, John, 86, Bentley

Street, Lockwood. Hinchliffe, Richard Edward, 5, Fitzwilliam Street. West. Hinchliffe, Richard, 6, william Street East. Hinchliffe, Thomas, 4, Birkhouse Lane, Moldgreen. _ Hinchliffe, Tom, 15, Aspley. | Hinton, Joseph, 19, Springfiel<l Terrace, Almondbury.


Hird, Charles, Whitestone Lane: h. 19, Whitestone Lane.

Hirst, Abraham James Scott, 80, Kirkgate. Hirst, Alfred, 14, St. Stephen’s Road, Lockwood,

| Hirst,

331 Arthur, 29, Victoria Street, Lindley. Hirst, Arthur, Cliffe End Mills, Longwood; h. Carr Top, Gol- Car. Hirst, Arthur George, 20, Nur- sery Street, Fartown.

Hirst, Charles, 8, Cloth Hall Street; h. Thorndene, New- house. Hirst, Charles Richard, 184,

Halifax Old Road. Hirst, Charles William, 8, Em-

manuel Terrace, Salford, Lockwood. Hirst, David, 15, Victoria Street; h. North Street, Lockwood.

Hirst, David, Firth Street; h.

105, Victoria Road, Lock- wood. Hirst, Edgar, 52, New Street; h. Wood Lea, Somerset Road. Hirst, Edwin, 75, Prospect Street.

Hirst, Fred, 65, Prospect Street. Hirst, Frederick, 5, Fitzwilliam Street East. Hirst, George, 9, Park Terrace, Yew Green Road, Crosland Moor. Hirst, George Henry, 80, Wood- field Road, Lockwood. Hirst, Georve Walter, 7-9, Bath Street; h. Ebor Mount, Brig- house. Hirst, George Wilson, 55, King Street; h. Ebor Mount, Lightcliffe Road, Brighouse. Hirst, Henry, Bankfield Road. Hirst, Henry Washington, 3, John William Street; h. 10, Spring Grove Street. Hirst, Herbert, 32a, Aspley.

Hirst, Herbert, 16, Ashgrove Road. Hirst, Herbert, 15, Blacker Road North.

Hirst, James, Firth Street; h. 65, Gledholt Bank. Hirst, John, Springdale Street, Lockwood,

Page 362


Hirst, John Edward, Market Hall ; h. Heckmondwike. Hirst, John Henry, 23, View, Paddock. Hirst, John Henry, Cliffe End

Mills, ‘Longwood; Carr Top, Hirst, John Shaw, 20, Cobcroft

Road, Fartown. Hirst, John Westwood, 43, Birk- by Crescent. Hirst, Joseph, 127, Street, Crosland Moor. Hirst, Joseph, 9, Brook Street ; 22, Thornhill Road, Lind- ey. Hirst, Laurence, 32, New Street: th. 21b, Calton Street. Hirst, Mary Jane, Imperial Road, Marsh. Hirst, Phineas, 10, St. Thomas’s Road. | Hirst, Reginald, 5, Half Moon Street; h. 8, York Place. Hirst, Reuben, J.P., Firth Street Mills; h. Rockfield, Lockwood. Hirst, Richard Hanson, 15, Swan Lane, Lockwood. Hirst, Stead, Cliffe End Mills, Longwood; h. Scar Bottom, Golcar. Hirst, Stockwell, 39, Kirkgate. Hirst, Thomas, Upperhead Row ;


h. 20, Thornhill Road, Lind- ley. 7 Hirst, Thomas Henry, 4, Ex- change, Market Street ; h. 4,

Cecil Street. Hirst, Thomas Lodge, 5-6, Mar- ket Hall ; h. 35, East Street, Lindley. Hirst, Walker, Deighton Mills ; h. Leeds Road North.

Hirst, Watt, 12, Nursery Street, Fartown.

Hirst, et, 7 John William

Street ; . Stocksmoor. Hirst, an 2, Prospect Street. Hirst, William, Springwood Street.


Hirst, West |


William, Zion Square, Lindley.

Hirst, William, 13, Street ; h. Golcar. Hirst, William, Fern Street ; h.

Oak Terrace, Golcar. a Hirst, William, Turnbridge Mills ; h. Ash Villa, 115, Vic- toria Road, Lockwood.

| Hirst, William, Wood Street ; h.

Roseleigh, Imperial Road, Ed-

gerton. Hirst, William Henry, 26a, South Street. Hirst, Wilkiam Henry, 61, Pros- pect Street. Hirst, W. H. A., Deighton

Mills ; h. Deighton Lodge. | Charlie J.. 266, Wake- field Road. Waterloo. Hobson, E. B. (Taylor and Hob- son, Ltd.), New Street. Hobson, James William, 72. Chapel Hill; h. Wakefield Road, Moldgreen.

_ Hobson, Jonas, Priestroyd Mills,

Firth Street ; h. Terrace, Lockwood.

Hobson, Albert, Priest-

6, Albany ;

royd Mills, Firth Street : h. 112, Upper Mount Street, Lockwood. ‘Hodgkinson, Thomas, 40, Trinity Street. Hodgson, Abraham, 21. Sunny Bank, Cowcliffe Hill, Far- town. Hodgson, William Sunderland,

6-9, Albert Chambers, Victoria Lane; h. 23, Zetland Street. Hogg, Cigightin: Super- intendent: Fire Brigade, Prin- cess Street; h. 11, "Wood- thorpe Terrace. Holdsworth, Armitage, 18, Bux- ton Road ; h. 24, Fitzwilliam Street West. Holdsworth, Arehine Perier, 23, Fitzwilliam Street West. Holdsworth, James, 36, Upper- head Row ; h. Grove House, Water Street.

Station —

Page 363


Holdsworth, William Henry, 17, Spring Grove Street.

Holland, Ernest Morton, 17, Park Terrace, Yew Green Road, Lockwood. Holland, Harry, 54, Bankfield

Road. Holland, John Charles, 64, West Parade. Hollas, Eli, 5, Weatherhill Road, Lindley. ae Holley, Charles,: 79, Hawthorn Terrace, Crosland Moor. Holliday, Henry, 49, Upper Mount Street, Lockwood. Holliday, Robert, Turnbridge. Mills; h. Ravensknowle, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Holliday, Sam, South Parade. Hollings, Abner, St. Thomas’ Road

Hollingworth, Allen, Lyn Dene, 143, Wakefield Road, Mold- green. Hollingworth, Fred, 5, Fartown Green Road. Hollingworth, Fred, 5, White- house Road, Crosland Moor. Hollingworth, George Henry, 145, Leeds Road ; h. 4, Moss Street, Damside. Hollingworth, John, 11, Bank- field Road, Moldgreen. Holmes, Ann Helen and Sarah Sykes, 74, New North Road.

Holmes, Baldwin, 42, Chapel Terrace, Crosland Moor. Holmes, James, Mountjoy Street. Holmes, John Ely, Market Place ; h. Newtown, MHolm- firth.

Holmes, Timothy Moore, 3, New North Road.

Holmes, Thomas Walker, 50, Bankfield Road. Holmes, Walter, 4, Thornton Road, Lockwood. Holmes, William, 21, Trinity _ Street. Holroyd, Edgar, 70, Upper

Mount Street, Lockwood. Holroyd, George Holden, 40, Kyber Villa, Gledholt Road.


Holroyd, Hyde, 5, Station Road, Longwood ; h. 18, Longwood Gate. Holroyd, J., 18; Westgate ; h. Grafton Place. Ficlroyd, James, East Parade ; h. 11, Albany Terrace, Lock- wood. Holroyd, James, Secd Hill ;_ h. Brook House, King’s Mill Lane. | Holroyd, Joe, 10, Newhouse. Holroyd, John, 38, King Street ; h. Parkside House, Somerset Road. * Holroyd, Parry, 3, High Street ; h. 27, George Street.

Holroyd, Walter, 3, High Street ; h. 28, Portland Street.

Holroyd, William, 198, Halifax Old Read. Holt, John, Knight Strect ; h. 17, Whitestone Road. ; Holt, Sunderland, Springdale Street, Lockwood. Holt, William, 34, Brian Street, Lindley.

Hope, Henry Parkes, 7, _ St, George’s Square: h. 42, Bath Street. Hopé, William, 44, Bradley Mills.

| Hopkinson, Benjamin, 18, Wasp

Nest Road, Fartown. Hopkinson, George Henry, 4, Bradford Hopkinson, James, 17, King Street ; h. Belgrave Villa, Belgrave Terrace. Hopkinson, John William, Fitz- william Street East. Hopkinson, Joseph, 2, Cleveland Road, Lindley. Hopkinson, Robert Addy, 18, Cambridge Road. Hopkinson, Samuel, 1, Fartown Green Road, Fartown.

Hopkinson, William, 53-55, Kirkgate. Hopkinson, William, 3, Fern

Street, St. Andrew’s Road.

Page 364

334 Hopwood, Robert, 3, WVance’s Buildings, Cloth Hall Street ; nh. Brook Street, Moldegreen Hordern, Isaac, 5, Edgerton. Horn, William, ‘Bay Hall, Marsh. Horn, William, Viaduct ‘Street ; h. Gladstone Terrace, Lea Street. Hornsby, Emily, 92, Fitzwilliam Street.

Hornsey, John Thorpe, 53, Hali-

fax Road, Lindley.

Horrocks, James, 2, Yews Ter- race, Park Road, Crosland Moor. Horsfall, Abraham Lincoln,

North Street, Yew -Green Road, Crosland “Moor. Horsfall, Albert, 19, Yews Mount, Lockwood. Horsfall, Franklin, 3, Stile Common Road, Primrose Hill. Horsfall, George, 24, College Street, Crosland Moor. Horsfall, Henry, 3, Queen Street South. Horsfall, diate 55, Exchange,

Market Street ; h. Rock, Gol- car. Horsfall, John, Springdale Street, Lockwood. liorsfall, John William, 41a, Kirkgate. Horsfail, Jonas, 2, Stile Common Road, "Newsome. Horsfall, Joseph, Peel Street ;

16, Moorbottom Road, ‘Lock-

ood. Horstall, Luke, 30-32, College Street, Crosland. Moor. Horton, ‘Henry, Market Place ; h. Fieldhouse, Kirkheaton.

Hoskin, Arthur Veale, New Street ; h. 19, West. Hill. Hoskin, New Street ;

h. 16, West Hill. Hosking, John, 50, Buxton Road Hotson, Hugh, Bay Hall, Marsh. Hough, George Armitage, Pond House, 135, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Houghton, Charles Bentley, 19, Ramsden Street ; h. 17, St. Paul’s Street. |


Howarth, George Henry, 26, Fitzwilliam Street West. Howgate, George, 122, Almond- bury Bank, Moldgreen. Howgate, William, 7, Greenhead Road. Howlett, Harry, Market Hall ;

h. 36, ‘Water Street. Hoyle, Arthur, 9, St. John’s ‘Road. Hoyle, Hadyn, 47, Thorncliffe

Street, Lindley. Hoyle, Henry, 109, Road. Hoyle, Herbert, 57, Yews Mount, Lockwood. Hoyle, Thomas, 17, Street. Huckle, Ernest Alfred, 7, New- house Place. Hudson, Abraham, 28, ridge Road. Hudson, Benjamin, 2, Bay Hall Common Road, Bi rkby. Hudson, David, "69, Sheepridge Road. Hudson, Ellen, 3, Trinity Place, Trinity Street. Hudson, John, 1, Market Hall ; h. Ashgrove, Lepton.




Hudson, Mercy, 83, Market Hall ; “hy ‘83, Mulberry Ter- race, Calton Street. Hudson, Thomas, Albany Mills, Firth Street ; h. 5, Halifax Road, Lindley. ; Fiudson, W., Town Hall ; h.

Belgrave Villas, Bradley Lane.

Hudswell, Fred, 76, Hill Road, Fartown.

Huddleston, Perey, William Street ; h. 20, Cambridge Road. Hughes, Arthur Francis, 2, Chapel Hill. Hughes, Charles Edward, 43,

Victoria Road, Lockwood. Hughes, Rev. Edwin Watkin, B.A., curate of St. Paul’s; h. 5, Grafton Place. Hughes, Thomas, Peel Street ; h. North Street, Lockwood.

Page 365


Humble, Rev. R. A., B.A., vicar of St. Mark’s ; h. 88, Fitz- william Street. a Humphreys, Charles Vesey, 25, New Hey Road, Lindley. Humpleby, Frank, 66, Lockwood Road

ad. Humpleby, John William, 64 Lockwood Road. Mary, 2a, Clare Hill. Hunter, Thomas Alexander, Highroyd, Moldgreen. : 38,

Huntley, Leonard Ford, Meltham Road. tiutchinson, Elizabeth, 22, Zet- land Street. Hutchinson, James, 19, Haw- thorn Terrace, Crosland Moor. Hutchinson, Oliver, 83, Ex- change, Market Street 56, Sunset Terrace, Birkby Hall Road. Hutchinson, Tom, 1, Park, Berry Brow. Hutton, Frederick William, i5, Queen Street ; h. 32, Somer- set Road, Moldgreen. Hyde, Edwin, 41, Fitzwilliam treet. Hyslop, John, 30, Bath Street.

PANSON, Frank, 21, Park Ter- race, Yew Green Road, Cros- land Moor. Ibeson, Benjamin, 67, College Street, Crosland Moor. Ibberson, George Albert, 109 Victoria Road, Lockwood. Ibberson, Hershall Haigh, May Street, Crosland Moor. Ibberson, Joe, 8, Market Walk. Ibberson, John, 280, Wakefield Road, Waterloo. ibberson, John Edward, Wake- field Road, Dalton. Ibberson, Lewis Henry, 20, Fen- ton Road, Lockwood. Ibberson, Walter, 12, Stile Com- mon Road, Newsome. Ibbotson, John, 5, Dearne Fold, Lindley. |




t |

335 Icely, Rev. Albert William, Viear “of Moldgreen ;

h. Church Street, Moldgreen. [llingworth, Amos, 28, Hill Top Road, Quarmby. Illingworth, David, 14, Queen Street: h. Wormald Street, Almondbury. Illingworth, Harry, 187, Long- wood Gate.

{llingworth, John, 24, Brier - Lane, Lindley. Illingworth, Sam, 62, Luck Lane, . Lindley. Ingham, Alfred, 63, Victoria

Road, Lockwood. Ingham, George Ernest, 91, Al- mondbury Bank, Moldgreen. Ingham, John Edward, 12, Bankfield Road. © Ingledew, © John Crosby, 71, Wasp Nest Road, Fartown. Ingledew, William, 45, Bradford Road North. Inman, Joe, 2, Union Bank Yard, New Stréet 13, Percy Street, Fartown. Inman, Richard Henry, 54, Firth Street; h. 26,° Little Carr Green, Dalton.

Inman, William, 27, Spring Grove Street. Inman, William Edward, 1,

Aspley Place. 7 Iredale, Alfred, 42, Cowrakes Road, Lindley. Iredale, Ben, Gate. Iredale, Edwin, 112, Longwood Gate. Iredale, Fred, 9, Holly Bank Road, Lindley. Iredale, Fred, 105, New Road, Lindley. Iredale, Fred Mellor, Church Street, Paddock. Tredale, _ George, 10, Baker Street, Lindley. , iredale, Haigh, 11, Burn Road, Lindley. . Iredale, Jabez, 28, Longwood Gate.

24, Longwood

Hey 136,

Page 366


Iredale, John Cookson, Oakes Road, Lindley: h. 101, New Hey Road, Lindley. Iredale, Joseph, 102, Thornton Lodge Road, Lockwood. Iredale, Margaret, 88, Blacker Road North, Birkby. Iredale, Matthew, 248, New Hey Road, Lindley. Iredale, Mellor, 115, Longwood Gate. Iredale, Shaw, 61, Thornton Road, Longwood Gate. Iredale, Thomas, 93, Longwood Gate. Iredale, -Robinson, 9, Road, Lindley. Iredale, Willie, Scar Top ; h. 7, Laund Road, Lindley. Irving, Edward, 232, Wakefield Road, Dalton. Irving, Fred, Wiggan Lane, Sheepridge; h. 324, Wake- field Road, Waterloo. Irving, John, West Parade; h. 2, Greenhead Road.’ Irving, Tom, 32, School Street, Moldgreen. Isherwood, Alfred, 11, Street, Fartown. Isles, James, Chapel Hill. Israel, Morris, 116, Bradford Road. |

JACKMAN, Alfred, 12, Long- wood Road, Quarmby. Jackman, Charles, 166, Lock-

wood Road. ‘ Jackson, Albert, Leeds Road Edward, 74.

North, Deighton. Jackson, Albert Westfield, Trinity Street. Jackson, Albert Edward, 60, John William Street ; h. 63, Calton Street.



Jackson, Alfred, 56-58, South Street. Jackson, Alfred, 246, Leeds Road

North, Bradley. Jackson, Allen, Street. Jackson, Arthur, 104, New Road, Quarmby.

119, South

Hey |


Jackson, David, 158, Leeds Road North. Jackson, David, 21, Upper Mount. Street, Lockwood. Jackson, Frank, 118, Moor End Road, Crosland Moor. Jackson, Frederick, West Riding Constabulary,Princess Street ; h. Kirkburton. Jackson, George William, 23, Norman Road, Fartown. Jackson, Henry, 4, Woodside Road, Crosland Moor. Jackson, Herbert William, Mar- ket Place ; h. Wiggan House,

Sheepridge. Jackson, John, 143, Bradford Road North. Jackson, John William, 29,

Bankfield Road, Moldgreen. Jackson, Joseph, 92, Taylor Hill Road, Salford, Lockwood. Jackson, Luke, 39, Longwood Gate. 3 Jackson, Percy, 36a, Leeds Road.

Jackson, Reuben, 2, Brook Street. Jackson, Robert Henry, 27,

Thornton Lodge Road, Lock- wood. Jackson, Robert Berry Charles, 32, Spring Grove Street. Jackson, Samuel, 52, Yews Hill Road, Lockwood. Jackson, Thomas, Street, Fartown. Jackson, Thomas Gledhill, 217, Longwood Gate. Jackson, Tom, 136, Taylor Hill Road, Salford, Lockwood. Jackson, William Michael, 160,

24, Percy

Deighton Road (Wiggan House), Sheepridge. Jackson, William Smith, 7 Brook Street ; h. 12, Buck- rose Street. Jagger, David, 181, Bradford

Road. Jagger, Edward, 11, Dog Hall. Woodtield Road, Lockwood. Jagger, Fred, 111, Longwood Road.

Page 367


Jagger, Firth, jun., 67, Wake- field Road ; h. 5, Aspley Place. Jagger, George, 2, Smithy Lane, Almondbury. Jagger, George Herbert, 260, New Hey Road. Jagger, Herbert William, Lock- wood Brewery ; h. Beech Lawn, Saddleworth. Jagger, Joe William, 5, Cow- rakes Road, Lindley. Jagger, John, 42,Ashgrove Road.

Jagger, John and Tom, 187, Bradford Road. Jagger, Joseph, 9, Church Street, Moldgreen. Jagger, Nathan, 153, Halifax

Old Road, Fartown. Jagger, William, 37, Hill Top Road, Moldgreen. Jagger, William Henry, 21, Tay- lor Hill Road, Berry Brow. Jansen, H. C., Market Street ; h. 120, Bradford Road. Jarmain, George, Market Hall,

King Street ; h. Dalton Lodge. Jarvis, Harry, Brewery Drive, Lockwood. —

Jebson, Benjamin, Carlton Ter- Leeds Road North. Jebson, Daniel, 27, Nook, New- some, Jebson, John, 38, Meltham. Road, Lockwood. Jebson, John, 116, Mount Zion, Church Lane, Moldgreen. Jefferson, F. H., 66, Fitzwilliam Street ; h. 31, Birkby Cres- cent, Fartown. Jenkins, James, 28, South Cross Road, Fartown. Jenkins, Joseph, 43, Sunnyside, Queen’s Road, Marsh. Jenkins, Thomas, 16, Netheroyd Hill Road, Fartown. Jenkinson, Arthur, 2, Nettleton, Dalton.

Jenkinson, Elkanah, 26, Brier Lane, Lindley. Jenkinson, Jabez, 17, Church

Street, Moldgreen. R

337 Jenkinson, Joe, 10, Grasscott, _ Almondbury. Jenkinson, John William,

Church Lane, Moldgreen. Jenkinson, John Edward, 7, Lower Castle Hill, Almond- bury. Jenkinson, Tom, High Street. ; h. Birch Mount, Berry Brow. Jenkinson, alter, 79, School Street, Moldgreen. Jepson, Albert, 37, Parkgate, Berry Brow.

Jepson,. Allen, 23, Bankfield Road. Jepson, Harry, 59, Hawthorn

Terrace, Crosland Moor. Jepson, John Richard Henry, ol, Tunnacliffe Hill, Newsome. Jepson, 13, Church Terrace, Berry Brow. ; South

Jepson, Urbanus, 86, Street. Jepson, William, Victoria Mills, Albert Street ; h. 10, Jacob’s Row. | Jepson, William, 66, Bentley Street, Lockwood. Jepson, William, 206, Lockwood Road ; h. 66, Bentley Street, Lockwood. Jerram, Rev. Arnold E., M.A., vicar of Brad.ey ; h. Station Road, Bradley. Jessop, Albert, 14, Upper Hill Top, Moldgreen. Jessop, Allen Ellam, 34, Filbert Street. Birkby. Jessop, Benjamin Allen, 30, Vic- toria Street, Lockwood. Jessop, Charles Newsome, 89, Almondbury Bank, Moldgreen. Jessop, Earle, May Street, Cros- land Moor. Jessop, George, 72, Bradley Mills Jessop, James Sleight, 37, Church Lane, Moldgreen. Jessop, John, 10, Taylor Hill Road, Salford, Lockwood. Jessop, John, 73, Hawthorn Terrace, Crosland Moor. Jessop, John William, 27, Ashen- hurst, Newsome,

Page 368


Jessop, Joseph, 172, New Hey Road, Quarmby. Jessop, Rowland, 231, Longwood Gate. BRE Jessop, Thomas, Stile Common, Newsome. Jessop, William, Netheroyd Hill Road, Fartown. Jessop, William, Belmont Street Jessop, William Henry, J.P. (Ex-Mayor), Somerset Cres- cent ; h. Springfield, Mold- green. Johnson, Albert Mdward, 15, New Laith Hill, Newsome. Johnson, Charles, 22, Netheroyd Hill Road, Fartown.

Johnson, George Frederick, 1, Market Walk ; h. Somerset Road.

Johnson, Henry, 16, Wasp Nest Road, Fartown. | Johnson, James William, 158, Longley Hill Side. Johnson, Joe, 124, Leeds Road North. Johnson, John William, 62, New Hey Road, Quarmby. Johnson, Joseph, 201, Longley. Johnson, Petier, 195, Longley, Almondbury. Johnson, Richard, 34, Church Lane, Moldgreen. Johnson, Samuel Fell, 134, Hali- fax Old Road. Johnson, Thomas, Street. : Johnson, Walter Thomas, 23, Cowcliffe Hill. Johnson, William, 94, Upper Mount Street, Lockwood. Johnson, William, 40, St. Helen’s Lane, Almondbury. Johnston, David, 74, West Parade. Johnston, William Edwards, 43, Thornton Lodge Road, Lock- wood. Jones, Abel Thomas, 128, Mars- den, Crosland Moor. Jones, Alfred Edmund, Somer- set Road, Moldgreen.

106, South


Jones, Alfred Richard, 24-28, Church Street, Paddock. Jones, Annie, Lower’ Bank- house; h. Birkhouse, Cros- land Moor. Jones, Charles Cresser, 143, Halifax Old Road, Fartown. Jones, Charles Vincent, 199, Longley, Newsome. Jones, David, 126, Leeds Road North. 2 Jones, Edgar, 19, School Street, Moldgreen. Jones, Ernest, 4, Rarnsden Street; h. 61, South Street. Jones, John, 29, Halifax Road, Lindley. Jones, John Alfred, The Rosery, 284, Bradford Road North. Jones, John Rhys, 61, Bankfield Road, Moldgreen. Jones, Richard, 4, Stile Common Road, Newsome. | Jones, Richard John, 6, Standi- forth, Long Lane, Dalton. Jones, William Hemingway, 15- 17, Firth Street. Jones, William Henry, Bradford Road North. Jones, William Marshall, 17, Occupation Road, Lindley. Jordan, Albert Lockwood, 17, Vance’s Buildings, Cloth Hall Street; h. 39, Broad Lane, Moldgreen. Jordan, James, jun., 54, Estate Buildings, Railway Street: h. Little Carr Green, Dalton. Jordan, John Henry, 39, Bank- field Road, Moldgreen. Jordinson, Thomas Rushworth, 25, Bentley Street, Lockwood. Joughin, Henry Edward, 2, Vic- toria Road, Lockwood. Jowitt, Alfred, 42, Somerset Road, Moldgreen.


Jowitt, David, 28, Fitzwilliam Street West. Jowitt, John, Wentworth Street.

Page 369


Jowitt, William Eastwood, 19, Wentworth Street. Jubb, Alfred, 6, Rockleigh, Queen’s Road, Edgerton. Jubb, Woodland Mount, Marsh. Judson, George Nowell, 5, Som- erset Crescent, Almondbury. Jury, Francis, 4, Thornton Lodge Road, Lockwood. Jury, Frederick, 147, Bradford Road ; h. 90, Bradford Road.

KAYE. Albert, 5, St. Thomas’s Road

Kaye, Albert, 99, South Street. Kaye, Aibert Edward, Viaduct Street ;h. 3, King Cliffe Road. Kaye, Alfred, 7, Fern Lee Road, Lindley. Kaye, Alfred, St. oad. Kaye, Alfred, 9-11, King Street ; h. 14, Edgerton. Kaye, Anthony Knowles, West- field Elouse, Wakefield Road, Dalton. Kaye, Beaumont, 18, New Laith Hill, Newsome. Kaye, Benjamin Robert, 47, Cleveland Road, Lindley. Kaye, Charles Henry, 57, Sheep- ridge Road. Kaye, Charles Henry, Rashcliffe Mills, Lockwood: h. 16, Fitz- william Street. Kaye, Edgar, 27, Church Ter- race, Berry Brow. Kaye, Edward, 49, Road, Lockwood. Kaye, Fred, 31, Cowcliffe Hill. Kaye, Fred, 98, Lockwood Road. Kaye, Fred, Yews Hill Road, Lockwood. Kaye, Fred, 10, Hawthorne Ter- race, Crosland Moor. Kaye, Fred, 65, Woodfield Road, Lockwood. Kaye, Friend, 7, Graham’s Buildings, Hillhouse Road. Kaye, George, 44, Brian Street, Lindley.



Robert William, 10, |

339 Kaye, George, 77, Thornton Road, Lockwood. Kaye, George Henry, 65, Jumble, Yew Green Road, Crosland Moor. Kaye, Henry, 7, Woodthorpe

Terrace, Bankfield Road. Kaye, Henry, 11, Ashenhurst, Newsome. Kaye, Henry, 120, Almondbury Bank, Moldgreen. Kaye, Henry, St. Helen’s Lane, Almondbury. Kaye. “Herbert, 4, Lower Hill Top, Moldgreen: Kaye, Herbert, 32, Cowrakes Road, Lindley. Kaye, James 43, Park Road, Crosland Moor. iNaye, James Edward, Norman

Avenue, Birkby Hall Road, Birkby. Kaye, James William, 21,

Spring Grove Street. Kaye, Joe, 44, Bankfield Road,

Moldgreen. Kaye, Joe Thomas, 104, Swan Lane, Lockwood. Kaye, John, 47a, Fitzwilliam Street.

Kaye, John, 71-73, Kirkgate. Kaye, John, 59, Lowerhouses. Kaye, John, 165, Halifax Old Road, Fartown. Kaye, John, 125, Hill Road, Lockwood. Kaye, John Watson, 4, North- umberland Street: h. Mir- field Kaye, John William, 32, Arlom’s Square, Newsome. Kaye, John William, 8, Wood-


thorpe Terrace, Bankfield Road. | Kaye, John William, Lower Bank House; h. 12, Smith

Row, Johnny Moor Hill, Pad- dock.

Kaye, Joseph, 13, Station Road, Longwood. Kaye, Joseph, 5, Stile Common. Kaye, Joseph, 47, Spring Street,

Page 370



Kaye, Joseph, 25, Hawthorne Terrace, Crosland Moor. Kaye, ‘Joseph Henry, 22, Hazel Grove, Edgerton.

Kaye, "Lewis, 327, Bradford Road North. baad Kaye, Lister, 55, Thorncliffe

Street, Lindley. Kaye, Mary, 35, ‘Thornhill Road, Longwood Gate. Kaye, Mary, 58, King Street;

h. 37, Laurel Terrace, Willow Lane East. Kaye,: Matuias, 12, Mount Street, Loclewood. Kaye, Oliver, 20, Swallow Street. . Kaye, Samuel, 7, St. Helen’s Lane, Almondbury. Kaye, Samuel, , 64,° Bentley

Street, Lockwood. Kaye, Sidney Herbert, 21, Hull Top Road, Moldgreen. Kaye, Sidney, Viaduct Street ; h. 2, Ark Hill, Halifax Old

Road. Kaye, Thomas, 73, Arthur Street. Kaye, Thomas, 14, Newhouse. Kaye, Thomas, 21-23, King Street; h. Burnside, Queen’s

Road, ‘Edgerton. Kaye, “Thomas Armitage, 36, Spring Street. Kave, Wilham, Road, Lockwood. Kaye, William, 21-23, King Street; h. 4, Belgrave Ter- race. Kaye, William Walter, 41, Lowerhouses. Kaye, William Henry, Queen’s Road, Edgerton. Kaye, William and Thomas, 23, King Street ; h. Queen’s Road, Edgerton. Keely, Rev. A. W. Jie B.A., vicar of St. Paul’s. Keet, Wilham Henry, 13, Oak- field Road, Fartown. Keighley, Charles William, J.P., Upperhead Row; h. New- howe, Sheepridge.




Keighley, . Thomas Burnup, Upperhead Row; h. Spring Vale, near Huddersfield. Kelavey, Lawrence, 38a, Pros- pect Street. Kellett, Solomon, 6, Daisy Lea Lane, Lindley. Kelly, Joe, 18, Market Shambles Lane; Road, Lindley. Kelly, George William, 3, Sheep-

Hall, h. 8, Burn

ridge Road. Kelly, James, 52-54, Upperhead Row. Kelly, Williaa. 78, Gledholt

Bank, Paddock. Kelsey, "Arthur, 10, New Street ; h. Acre Street, Lindley. Kemp, George Fleetwood, 136, Bradford Road. Kemp, Fletcher Rodwell, 67, Woodfield Road, Lockwood. Kemp, Robert Westall, 115, Somerset Road, Moldgreen. Kendall, George Henry, se Brad- ford Road. Kendall, Henry Beaumont, 72, West Parade. Kendall, Sam, Byram Street; h.

Woodhead Road, Salford, Lockwood. Kendall, Thomas, 50, Spring Street. Kendall, Thomas William, Chapel Hill. Kendall, Walter, Princess Street; h. 10, Diamond

Street, Moldgreen. Kennedy, George, 25, New Laith | Hill, Newsome. 40, Bradford

Kennedy, Road. Kennedy, John Henry, 29, New Laith Hill, Newsome. Kennedy, Percival, 80, Lower- houses. Kent, Thomas Charles, 9, Station Street ; h. 1, Osborne Street, Moldgreen. Kenworthy, Fred, 28, Woodside Road, Crosland Moor.


| James, 33, Woodside

Road, Crosland Moor.

Page 371


Kenworthy, William, 2, Lower | Kilner,

Hill Top, Moldgreen. Kenyon, Benjamin, 52, Meltham Road, Lockwood. Kenyon, Fred, 174, Leeds Road

North. Kenyon, Peter, 15, Byram Arcade, Westgate ; h. 23,

Thornhill Road, Lindley. Kerr, James, 20, Victoria Lane : h. 183, Leeds Road North. Kersall, ‘Joseph Henry, 45, Pros-

pect Street. Kershaw, Charles, 7, Bradford Kershaw, West Parade.

Road North. Edmund, 51, Kershaw, Joe, 101, Swan Lane, Lockwood. Kershaw, Valentine Raby, 27, Bankfield Road. Kershaw, William Dawson, 42, Bradford Road North. Kettlewell, George, 14, Nursery Street, Fartown. Kettlewell, Lewis, 178, Lock- wood Road. _ Kettlewell, Richard Wellington, 172, Wakefield Road, Dalton. Key, Frederick Charles, 43, West

Parade. Kilburn, Hanson, 136, Long- wood Road. : Kilburn, James, 8, Yews Hill

Road, Lockwood. Kilburn, James, Nelson’s Cham-

bers, ‘Cloth Hall Street ; h. Croft House, Meltham. Kilburn, J oe, 18, Swallow Street. Kilburn, Luke, Lower Hill Top, Moldgreen.

Kilburn, William Edwin, 23, Dal- ton Fold Road, Dalton. Kilkenny, Patrick, 41,Kirkgate. Killam, Rev. Thos. K., M.A., The Vicarage, Crosland Moor. Kilner, Alfred, 32, Trinity Street Kilner, Henry, Balmont Street. Kilner, Henry Holmes, i52, Wakefield oak: Daillton. Kilner, Hezekiah, 74,Longwood Road, SEY


Jacob Thomas, Bean- lands, Imperial Road, Marsh. Kilner, James, 30, Bankfield Roa d. peg Jesse, 25, Nettleton, Dal-

Kilner, John, 64, Church Lane,

Moldgreen. Kilner, Thomas Henry, 147, Longwood Road. Kilner, William, 27, Victoria Road, Lockwood. Kilner, William, 10, Coldroyd, Dalton. Kinder, John William, 211, Longwood Gate. Kinder, Frederick Wond,

Springdale Street, Lockwood. Kinder, William, 4. Thornton Lodge, Lockwood. King, Samuel Armitage, lla, Market Street; h. Whitley House, Shepley. King, William, Omega Villa, Trinity Street. Kippax, Benjamin, Haigh House Hill, ‘Outlane. Kirby, Frank, 61, Birkby Lodge Road, Fartown. Kirk, Albert Holmes, 36, John William Street ; h. Dewsbury Kirk, David, 61, Gledholt Bank, Paddock.

Kirk, James Sheard, 36, John William Street ; h. Marsden. Kirk, Louisa, 68, Fitzwilliam Street Kirk ‘Walter Schofield, Bay Hall, Birkby. Kirkbright, James, 52, School

Street, Moldgreen. Kitchen, George, 41, Bankfield Road, "Moldgreen. Kitchen, John Fred, 186, Hali- fax Old Road, Fartown. Kitchen, Sin ow: 5, Burn Road, Lindley. Kitchingham, Richard, 6, Brad- ford Road North. Kitchingman, James William, 21, South Street.

Kiteley, Joseph, 74, Bradley Mills.

Page 372


Kitson, Albert, 51, Lowerhouses. Kitson, Edward, 88, Lockwood Road. Kitson, Fred, 40, Netheroyd Hill Road, Fartown. Kitson, John Meaga, 2, Light- ‘ridge Road, Fartown. Kitson, Joe, 3, Roydfield Street, Fartown Green Road. Kitson, Joshua, Netheroyd Hill Road, Fartown. Klostermann, Frank, Kirkgate ; h. 5, Trinity Street. Knaggs, Francis Henry,’ 26, Ramsden Street. Knaggs, Rebecca, 29, Fitzwil- liam Street West. Knaggs, Samuel, 26, Ramsden Street ; h. Melrose Terrace, Bradley Lane, corner Fitzwil- liam Street. : Knight, Rev, Augustus Cecil, curate of St. Andrew’s ; h. 177, Leeds Road North. Knight, Benjamin, sen., 45, Hill- house Road. Knight, Benjamin, jun., 43, Hill- house Road. Knight, Charles, 49, School Street, Moldgreen. Knight, George, 11, Park Ter- race, Yew Green Road, Cres- land Moor. Knight, George William, 77, Prospect Street. Knight, William Elias, 36, Bath Street. Knowles, James, 19, Somerset Terrace, St. Stephen’s Road, Lockwood. Kruger, Henry, 26, Queen Street

LACY, George Hudson, 218, Bradford Road North. Laidlow, Thomas, 25, Upper

Mount Street, Lockwood. Laird, James, 19, St. Peter’s Street. 3 Lake, Oliver, 69, Birkby Lodge Road. Lambert, Henry, 72, Cliffe End Road, Lindley. Lambert, Thomas, Road, Lindley.

59, Burn


Lambert, William Henry, 73, Longwood Road.

Lancaster, Ernest, 2, Poplar Terrace, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Lancaster, John William, 75,

Wakefield Road; h. 40, Birk- house Lane, Moldgreen.

Lancaster, Stephen, 56, Fitz- william Street. Lane, Thomas, 19, Longwood Road.

Langham, Stephen, 106, Church Lane, Moldgreen.

Langfield, John, 53, Victoria Road, Lockwood. Langley, Henry, 233, Leeds

Road North, Deighton. Langley, William Albert, 57, Hillhouse Lane.

Lassey, Richard, Yews Hill Road, Crosland Moor. Law, James Arthur, 38, Gled-

holt Road, Marsh. Law, Thomas, 44, Smithy Lane, Moldgreen.

Lawley, Henry, 21, Station Road, Longwood. Lawrence, John William, 101,

Sheepridge Road. Lawton, Abraham, 96, Bradford Road. Lawton, Ben, 69, South Street. Lawton, Ben Brook, 163, North-

gate, Almondbury; h. 55, Fartown Green Road. Lawton, Charles Edward, 198, Lockwood Road. Lawton, David, Leeds Road North. Lawton, David, 26, Firth Street. Lawton, Fred, 57, New Hey Road, Lindley. : Lawton, George, 44, Meltham Road, Lockwood. Lawton, Gertrude, 12, Belgrave Terrace.

Lawton, Horace, Water Street. Lawton, Lamech, 94, Hillhouse Road. Lawton, Luke, 18-20, Bentley Street, Lockwood.

Page 373


Laycock, Alfred, Turnbridge ; h.

Fisher Street, Longroyd Bridge. Laycock, George Arthur, 30, Chapel Terrace, Crosland Moor.

Laycock, James Hartley, 33, Westgate. Laycock, John Admiral, Leeds . Road North, Deighton. Layeock, Wright, Slack, Out- lane. Leach, Isaac, 17, South Parade. Leach, Jabez, 4, ‘Alder Terrace, Fartown Green Road. Learoyd, Edwin, Ellerslie, 9, Blacker Road, Marsh. Learoyd, Ernest Gordon, 5, Buxton Road; h. 70, New North Road. Learoyd, Mary Hannah, 70, New North Road. Leather, Israel, 16, Street, Lockwood. Leather, Joe, 92, Norman Road,

Birkby. Lee, Abraham, 16, Filbert Street, Fartown. Lee, Albert, 9, Cooper’s Build- ings, Fartown Green Road. Lee, Alfred, 20, South Parade.

Lee, Ben, 101, Longwood Road. Lee, Ben, 13, Alpha Place, Lock-

wood. Lee, Ben, 70, Church Lane, Moldgreen. | Lee, Benjamin, 20, St. Peter’s Street. Lee, Edwin, Taylor Hill Road, Salford, Lockwood. Lee, Elliott, 81, College Street, Crosland Moor. Lee, Frederick, 58, Holly Bank Road, Lindley. Lee, Frederick, Nelson Cham- bers; h. 58, Holly Bank Road, Lindley.

Lee, George Frederick, Byram


Passage, John Wiiliam Street; h. 140, Halifax Old Road, Fartown. .

Lee, Henry, 13, Newsome,




Herbert Armitage, 55, Bankfield Road, Moldgreen. Lee, Joah, 104, Lockwood Road. Lee, John, York Place; h. 21, Back Spring Street. Lee, John, 13, Wasp Nest Road, Fartown. Lee, John Kendrew, 13, Dalton Green, Dalton. Lee, Joseph, Church Street, Moldgreen. Lee, Joseph, 12, Victoria Road, Lockwood.

Lee, Joseph, 11, Newsome Road, Berry Brow. Lee, Joseph, 4, Low Road,

Parkgate, Berry Brow. Lee, Joseph Thomas, Lockwood Road. Lee, Luke, 7, Albany Terrace, Victoria Road, Lockwood. Lee, Philip H. (Armitage and Norton), John William Street; h. 140, Halifax Old Road, Fartown. Lee, Thomas, Field Mills, Leeds Road North. Leech, Alfred, 3, Street. ; Leech, James Harold, 11, Water Street.


Leeson, Samuel, 8, St. Paul’s Street. i Lefevre, William, Spinkfield Road, Marsh.

Leonard, Fred, 26, Fitzwilliam Street. Leonard, John, 3, Taylor Hill, Salford. Leonard, Tom, Cemetery Road. Leonard, William, 25, Church Terrace, Berry Brow. Lester, Thomas, 19, Dog Hall, Woodfield Road, Lockwood. Levell, George, 7, Greenwood’s Yard, New Street ; h. 22, Syringa Street, Marsh. |

Levell, George Daniel, 49, ~

town Green Road. Lewis, George, Woodhouse Cot- tages, Leeds Road North. Lewis, John, 174, Bradford Road North, Fartown.

Page 374


Liddell, George, 11, Street, Fartown. Liddell, Henry, 46, Blacker Road North, Fartown. Light, David, 22, Cowcliffe Hill,


artown. Liley, Frederick, 170, Leeds Road North. Linaker, John, 110, Church Street, Paddock. Lindley, Charles Brook, 253, Leeds Road North, Bradley. Lindley, Edgar, Springwood Street. |

Lindley, Ernest, 3, St. Stephen’s oe Victoria Road, Lock-

wood. Iindley, George Frederick, 29, Bentley Street, Lockwood. Lindley, James, 11, South Cross

Road, Fartown. Lindley, John, 24, Cowrakes Road, Lindley. Lindley, Matthew Henry, 5,

Somerset Terrace, St. Step- hen’s Road, Lockwood. Linton, William, 96, Kirkgate. Lisle, Harry Edward, 13, Vic- toria Road, Lockwood. Lisle, William, Somerset Cres- cent, Moldgreen. Lister, Albert Edward, 37, Somerset Road, Moldgreen. Lister, Arthur, Avondale, Nor- man Road, Fartown. luster, Frederick Ernest, Brad-

ley Mills ; h. Lower Hall, Lepton. Lister, John Henry, 9, Hill Top oad, Dalton.

Lister, Tom, 30, Stile Common, |

Newsome. Littlewood, Annie, 8, Greenhead Road.

_ Littlewood, Charles Albert, 25,

Burn Road, Lindley.

Littlewood, Fred, 6, Somerset

Crescent, Moldgreen. Littlewood, Fred, 11, Cowcliffe Hill, Fartown. Littlewood, George, 90, Yews Hill Road, Lockwood. Littlewood, George John, 4, South Street.


Littlewood, John Pottomley, 9 West Hill. Littlewood, John Hampshire, 242, New Hey Road, Lindley. Littlewood, Joseph Richard, 14, Spring Grove Street. ; Littlewood, Joshua, 130, Long- wood Road. Littlewood, Lupton, 17, West gate. ; Littlewood, Richard, 37, St. Paul’s Street. Littlewood, Samuel, Leedis: Road North. Littlewood, Thomas, Seed Hill ; h. 34, Commercial Street.


“Littlewood, Tom, 110, Church

Lane, Moldgreen. Littlewood, William, 1, Park- gate, Berry Brow. Littlewood, William, 21, Dog Hall, Woodfield Road, Lock-

wood. Liversedge, Dick, 225, Leeds Road North, Deighton. lnversedge, Fred, 162, leeds Road North. Liversedge, George, 145, Yews

Hill Road, Lockwood. Liversedge, James, 7, Nettleton, Dalton. Liversedge, John, 7, Church _ Terrace, Berry Brow. Liversedge, John, 6, Emmanuel Terrace, Salford. Liversedge. William, 35, Bank, field Road, Moldgreen. Liversidge, Allen, 44, Taylor Hill Road, Lockwood. Liversidge, Dennis, 53, Hall Bower, Newsome. Liversidge, Elliott, 76, Lower houses.

Liversidge, Elliott, 4, King’s Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street ; h. 9, Bell Street, Damside. Liversidge, John, Yews Hill

Road, Lockwood. Liversidge, Richard, 189, Brad-

. *ford Road. Livesey, Albert, 17, Spring Street.

Page 375


Livesey, David, 3, Dundas Street ; h. Wellhouse, Golcar Livesey, James, 90, Lockwood

oad. Lloyd, Frederick Charles (Town Clerk), Town Hall: h. North Bank, Birkby Hall Road. Lockett, A. G., Somerset Build- ings; h. 39, West Parade. Lockwood, Arthur, 3, Britannia Chambers, St. George’s Square; h. Laurel Bank, Gol-

car. Lockwood, Edward William, 34, Byram Arcade, Westgate: h. 107, Almondbury Bank. Lockwood, Ephraim, 18, West Parade. Lockwood, Fred, Market Place; ~h. 44, Somerset Road, Al- mondbury. : Lockwood, Fred, 68, John Wil-

liam Street; h. The Leas, near Hepworth. ockwood, George, Crosland Hill Road: h. Hoffman

Street, Milnsbridge. Lockwood, George Henry, 3,

Britannia Chambers; h. 56, Longwood Road. Lockwood Hiram Herbert,

Henry, and Josiah, 3, Britan- nia Chambers, St. George’s Square; h. Linthwaite. Lockwood, Inkerman, 35, Haw- thorn Terrace, Crosland Moor. Lockwood, James Henry, Hall Bower; h. Bumroyd. Lockwood, Kenyon and Charles,

jun., 68, John William Street ; h. The Royds, Thongs- ridge. Lockwood, T. A., 119, Lidget

Street, Lindley. Lockwood, Thomas, 20, Jacob’s Row, Almondbury.. : Lockwood, William, 24, Trinity Street. Lockwood, William, 37, New Street: h. 24, Trinity Street. Lockwood, William, 11, Market Street; h. 21, Croft House Lane, Marsh,

345 Lockwood, William, 3, Devon- shire Buildings, Victoria Lane; he»: 60 Rawthorpe

Lane, Dalton. Lodge, Ernest Arthur, 46, Lion Arcade, John William Street: h. Kirkheaton.. Lodge, Fred, 52, Somerset Road, Moidgreen. Lodge, George Frederick, 14, Belmont Street. Lodge, Henry Bedford, 64, John William Street: h. Kirk- heaton.

Lodge, John Thomas, Rashcliffe Mills, Lockwood; h. 136, Birkby Hall Road. Lodge, Lucy Emily, 60, Fitz- william Street. Lodge, Noah, 68, John William Street; h. 33, Dyson Street, Dalton. i Lodge, Richard Henry, 54, Church Lane, Moldgreen. Lodge, Samuel, 4, Alfred Street; h. 7, Bankfield Road, Manchester Road.

Lomas, George, 4, Albany Ter- race, Victoria Road, Lock- wood.

Lomas, John, 94, Norman Road, Birkby. Londesborough, Joab, Central Office, Peel Street; h. Deigh- ton Police Station.

Longbottom, Fred, Dock Street; h. Dingle Road, Marsh.

Longbottom, Frederick Turner, Thornton Lodge Road, Locx- wood. ; Longbottom, Furness, 9, Dong-. hery, Lockwood. Longley, David Henry, 27, John William Street; h. 172, Birk- by Hall Road. Longley, George Henry, 76, Halifax Road, Lindley. - Lord, Samuel, Central Office, Peel Street; h. 4, Bath Street. Lord, William Henry, 5, New | North Road.

Page 376


Lowe, George Theodore, 11, Wentworth Street. Lowenthal, George Ernest, 4-6, St. Peter’s Street; h. The Grange, Upper Edgerton. Lowenthal, Joseph, Halifax Road, Lindley.

Low enthal, Nellie, 60, New North Road. | Lucas, Frederick Arthur, 19,

Hill Top Road, Dalton. Lumb, Fred,- Royleshead; h. Leymoor, Golcar. Lumb, Henry, 140, Market Hall; h. 11, Dodson’s Yard, John Street. Lumb, Joe, 4, Park Drive. Lumb, John Thomas, Longwood Gate ; h. Snow Lea, Outlane. Lumb, Levi, 67, Hawthorn Ter- race, Crosland Moor. Lumb, Richard, 4, Chapel Hill. Lumb, Robert Richard, 56, Cleveland Road, Lindley. Lumb, Thomas Henry, 50, Brad- ley Mills, Dalton. Lumb, William and _ Jesse, Fieldhead, Park Drive. Lunn, Henry, 68, Westfield, Trinity Street. Lunn, John, 2, Manchester Street : h. The Mount, Birkby Hall Road. Lunn, John Ernest and Emily, 3, Station Road, Longwood ; h. Armitage Road. Lunn, Ralph, 90, Upper Mount Street, Lockwood. Lunn, Samuel: 5, Norman Road, Birkby Lunn, Tom, Mount Foot, Out- lane.

Lunn, William, 2, Oak Terrace,

Fartown Green Road. Lutkehermolle, John Hermann, Bankfield Road. Lyall, William, 5, St. Helen’s Lane; h. 185, "Lockwood Road. Lynch, ‘John, 13a: Colne Road ; Yews Hill Road, Lock- wood.


MACGREGOR, Peter, House, Lockwood Road. Mackenzie, Frederick Lumsden, North House, 8, Swan Lane, Lockwood. Mackenzie, John, 51, New North Road.


MacShaw, Robert, Upperhead Row; h. Lamb Hall, Long- wood

Madell, Thomas John, 186, Vic- toria Road, Lockwood.

Madden, Rev. George Charles, .M.A., vicar of Armitage Bridge; h. Bridge Road,

Armitage Bridge. Maddox, Rev. Richard ‘Henry, B.D., ‘rector of Kirkheaton : i The Rectory. Maffin, Fred and Joss, 7, Alfred Place : h. 9 and 15; Squirrel Ditch, Almondbury. Magee, James, 21, West Hill. Magson, Walter, llla, King Street. Mallinson, Alexander, 1, Spring Bank, New North Road: , Mallinson, Ben, 24, New Street ; h.@, Belgrave Terrace. Mallinson, Charles Frederick, 50, Newhouse Place. Mallinson, Ephraim and Frede- rick, Haigh House Hill, Out- lane. Mallinson, Edgar, 16, Grove Street, Longwood Gate. Mallinson, Fred, 4, Clough Hall, Almondbury. Mallinson, Friend, 68, Road, Lockwood.


George, 40, Siting Street. Mallinson, George, Newhouse Place. Mallinson, George, jun., 24a, Vance’s Buildings; h. New-

house Terrace. Mallinson, George William, 14, Westgate; h. Glen Dene, Queen’s Road, Edgerton. Mallinson, Henry, Cleveland Road, Lindley.

Page 377


Mallinson, Herbert, Leeches, Outlane; h. Mount. Mallinson, James Edwin, 24, New Street; h. 37, Birkby Crescent. Mallinson, Joel, Glenside, Ed- gerton. Mallinson, John, 5, Burfits Road, Lindley . Mallinson, John Henry, 122,

Hillhouse Road. Mallinson, Rosa and Louisa, 3, Belmont Street.

Mallinson, Samuel, 86, Upper Mount Street, Lockwood. _ Mallinson, Thomas, 32, Fitz-

william Street. Mallinson, Walter William, 48, Bradley Mills, Dalton.

Mallinson, William, 80, New North Road. Mallinson, William Henry, 3, Yews Terrace, Park Road, Crosland Moor. Mallinson, William, Albert

Street; h. Stoneleigh, Lock- wood.

Mapplestone, John, 12, Dalton Green, Dalton. Marchant, George Maule, 83,

Wasp Nest Road, Fartown.

- Marchant, James, 117, South Street. Markby, Rev. Edward, M.A.,

vicar of Holy Trinity; h.

Trinity Place, Trinity Street. °

Marsden, Charles Henry, 3, Yew Tree Road, Lindley.

Marsden, George Henry, 5, Britannia Chambers, St. George’s Square; h. Bleak

House, Honley. Marsden, John, Market Place; h. 23, Hillhouse Lane. Marsden, John, Queen’s Mills, Colne Road; h. Hartford House, Gledholt. Marshall, Percy Sykes, Half Moon Street; h. Lowerhouses. Marsden, Joseph, 51, Bradford Road North. Marsden, Joseph Edward, 24a, Fitzwilliam Street West.


Marsden, William Henry, 65, Hillhouse Road. Marsh, Smith, 64, John William Street; h. Park Riding, Hon-

. ley. Marshall, Ann, 56, New Street: h. 5, Hanson Lane, Lockwood. Marshall, Charles Henry, 36, New Street; h. West Royd, Holmfirth: Marshall, Elizabeth, Rose Cot- tage, 136, Halifax Old Road. Marshall, Fred, 24, Chapel Ter- race,» Crosland Moor. Marshall, Fred, 6, Station Street: h. 55, Birkby Cres- cent, Birkby. 3 Marshall, Herbert, 28, Bradley Mills, Dalton. Marshall, Joe, 12, Fitzwilliam Street. West.

Marshall, Southwell, 25, New North Road. . Marshall, William Henry, Eleanor Street, Hillhouse. Marshall, William Laurence Wright, 81, Fitzwilliam Street.

Marsland, Fred, Watergate ; h. 13, Commercial Street. Marsland, James Edward, 49, Thornton Road, Lockwood. Marsland, Joe, Norman Avenue, | Birkby Hall Road, Birkby. Marsland, John, 105, Church Street, Paddock. Marsland, P. and. Son, Water- gate. ? | Marsland, Tom, 41, Clevelan Road, Lindley. Marriott, Ernest Henry, 126 Bradford Road North. Martin, Arthur, 1, Hill Top Road, Lindley. Martin, Henry Albert, 10, Brian Road, Edgerton. Martin, Robert, 26, Low Road, Parkgate, Berry Brow. Marton, Edmund Alfred Scar Top, Outlane: h. 22, Laund Road, Lindley. Mason, George, Street.


99-101, King

Page 378


Mason, George Simpson, 8, The

Quarries, Queen’s Road, Ed- gerton. : Mason, Robert William, 31, Bath Street. Masters, Frederick Leonard Floyd, 29, New North Road; h. Ash Cottage, ‘Thurston- land. Masters, Tankard, 29, New

North Road; h. Kirkburton. Matthewman, ‘Fred, Cemetery Road; _h. Spinkfield Road, Marsh. Matthewman, George, Bull and - Mouth Street : h. Great Nor- thern Street.

Matthewman, Henry, 90, Swan Lane, Lockwood. Matthewman, James, 44, Wasp

Nest Road, Fartown. Matthewman, John Byram, St. Thomas’s Road ; h. Fenton Road, Lockwood. Matthewman, Thomas, 16, Low Road, Parkgate, Berry Brow. Matthewman. “Walter, 49, Somer- set Road, Almondbury.. Matthews, William, 13, George Street, ‘Longwood. Mawson, George, 5, Dog Hall, Woodfield Road, ‘Lockwood.

Mawson, W iliam, 18, Fitz- william Street. May, Thomas, 102, Norman Road, Birkby. - McClellan, Donald, 7, Pack Horse Yard: h. Horsegate Hill House, Holmfirth. McGann, Henry, 10, Prospect Street.

McGauvran, Barnabas, 44, Brad- ford Road North.

McHutchin, John, 62, New Street. McKie, Walter Ramsey, 34,

School Street, Moldgreen.

McKinna, John, F.R.C.S., 18, Street. McMillan, John Arthur, 30, West Parade. McVeagh, Frederick Cameron, 45, St. Paul’s Street.


. Mellor, James, 25,

Mear, Allen, 15, Park Terrace Crosland Moor. Mear, Dyson, 28, Low Road, Parkgate, Berry Brow. Mears, “Edmund Atheling, Im- perial Road, Edgerton. Megson, Albert, 70, Netheroyd Hill Road, Fartown. Megson, Walter, illa, Street. Mellor, Albert, Market Hall, ; h. 4, Shore Bank, Grafton Place. Mellor, Albert Gilling, 91, Gled- holt Bank, Paddock. Mellor, Abraham, 27, Woodside Road, Crosland Moor. Mellor, Ben, 36, Westgate; h. Spinkfield ‘Road, Marsh. Mellor, Charles John, 15, Perey Street, Fartown. Mellor, Ephraim, 51, St. Helen’s Lane, Almondbury. Mellor, Fred, 15, Cross Church


Street ; h. 10, St. Paul’s Street. Mellor, Henry, 15, Brook’s

Yard, Market Street : h. 167, Leeds Road North. Bath Build- ings, Market Place. Mellor, Jeremiah, 43, Park Road West, Crosland Moor. Mellor, oe, 15, Bath Street. Mellor, Joe, 7, Byram Street; h. 29, George Street.

Mellor, John 210, New Hey Road, Lindley. Mellor, Joseph, 99, New Hey

Road, Lindley. Mellor, ‘Sykes, 12, George Street,

Longwood. Mellor, Thomas, 1, Belmont Street. | Mellor, Thomas, 42, Cross

Church Street ; h. 13, West Hill. Mellor, Thomas, Newhouse Fold, Marsh : h. Belmont Street. Mellor, T. K., 38, Westgate; h. Vernon Avenue, New North Road. Mellor, William, 172, Bradford Road North.

Page 379


Mellor, Wright, 29, Church Ter- race, Berry Brow. Michelbacher, Fred, 54, Buxton Road. Middlemost, Henry

Edwin, 6, Cambridge Road.

Middlemost, Henry Ralph, 78, New North Road. Middlemost, Robert Vauchan,

8, Sedefield, Queen’s Road, Edgerton. Middlemost, William, 8, West ~ ERT. Midgley, David, 12, Birkby Fold. Midgley, Robert J ohn, 164, Bradford Road North. Midgley, Thomas, 109, Yews Hill Road, Lockw ood. Midgley, William, Viaduct Mill, Station Road, ‘Longwood ; h. Lipscombe bridge.

Milan, Frederick, Vic- toria Road, Lockwood.

Miller, J ohn oan 12; John’s Road ; h. 18, Park Drive. Milligan, William, 66, West Parade.

Mills, Alfred Shaw, Kirkgate ; h. 37, Newsome Road. Mills and Co., Estate Buildings ; h. Thornleigh, Edgerton. Mills, Elizabeth, 50, New North Road. Milner, Gibson, 54, West Parade.

Milnes: Beaumont, 11, Queen Street. Milnes, Charles Herbert, 4, Ramsden Street ; h. Bradford Road.

Milnes, Edward, 146, Wakefield Road, Dalton.

Milnes, Emmanuel, 25, Hill- house Lane. Milnes, H. ‘“ Chronicle

R., Office, ree, Lord Street h. Outcote Bank.

Milnes, Joe Henry, 8, South Parade. Milnes, Thomas William, 31,

Hillhouse Road.

Mitchell, James,

‘Street, Milns-

349 Milnes, Thomas Vine, 28a, Trinity Street. Milnes, William Marshall, 17, Dundas Street ; h. 37, Spring Street. Mitchell, Allan, Railway Street ; h. Greenland Villa, Ossett.

Mitchell, Beaumont, 48, Blacker Road North, Fartown. Mitchell, Charles Edward, 28, Chapel Terrace, Crosland Moor Mitchell, Daniel ‘Bairstow, 196, ‘Bradford Road North. Mitchell, Herbert, 7, New Hey ‘Lindley. Mitchell, James, Road, ‘Almovdbury. 3, Bankfield


Avenue. Mitchell, John; 17, Imperial Yard, ‘New Street. Mitchell, Joseph, 35, St. Helen’s Lane, ‘Almondbury. Mitchell, Rowland, 15 ,Railway Street ; h. Park View, Fenay Bridge. Mitchell, Spencer, 84, Bradford Road North. Mitchell, Walter, Street, Lockwood. Mitchell, Walter, 23, Nettleton, Dalton. Mitchell, William, head Road. Monk, William James, 121, Hali- fax Old Road, Fartown. — Monnington, Henry James, 9-11,


14a, Green-

King Street ; ae King’s Mill Lane. a Nay a Robert, 27, New Hey Road, Lindley.

Moody, Benjamin, Albion Street ; h. Springdale Hall. Moody, John, Princess Street ; h. 2, Springdale Hall. Moody, John Catton, i3, Went- worth Street. Moody, John Edward, Richmond Avenue, Bradford Road North. Moodycliffe, John Henry, Yews Hill Road, Lockwood.

Moore, Alfred, 13, Fox Street ;

h. Murray Road, Edgerton.

Page 380

3” Moore, Henry Atkinson, 153, _ Longley, Newsome. Moore, John Brook, 30, Buxton Road ; h. 55, South Street. Moore, Richard Shepherd, Mar- ket Street ; h. 19, Hill Street. Moore, Sam, 182, Halifax Old Road, Fartown. Moore, Thomas Henry, 7-11, Fox Street ; h. 24, Thornhill Road, Marsh.

Moore, Thornton, 32, Bentley Street, Lockwood. Moore, William, 11-13, Nethe-

royd Hill, Fartown. Moore,, William, 2, New Street ; h. 8, Kaffir Road, Edgerton. Moorhouse, Alfred, 18, Blacker Road North, Fartown. Moorhouse, Ambrose, 43, Ex- change ; h. 10, Heaton Road. Moorhouse, Benjamin, 10, Thorn- ton Lodge, Lockwood. Moorhouse, Fenton, 100, Wake- field Road, Moldgreen.

Moorhouse, John Arthur, 46, Dalton Fold, Dalton. Moorhouse, Joe, 161, Bradford Road.

Moorhouse, John, Perseverance Street, Primrose Hill. Moorhouse, Jonathan, 36, West- gate; h. Priory Cottage, New- mill. Moorhouse, John Allen, 49, Somerset Road, Almondbury. Moorhouse, John George, 11, George Street, Longwood. Moorhouse, John Lodge, Bradford Road North. Moorhouse, Thomas, Snow Lea, Outlane.

Morgan, James, School Lane, Dalton. Morgan, Rev. Randall John,

curate of St. Mark’s ; h. 32, Bath Street. Morley, Charles, 75, Wasp Nest Road, Fartown. Morley, John, 5, Greenwoou s Yard, New Street; h. 16a, East Parade. -



Morley, Richard, Folly Hall; h. William Street, Crosland Moor. Morrell, Charles, 34, Trinity Street. Mortimer, George, Marsland’s Brewery, Watergate ;

“ Carrisbrooke House,” Fitz- william Street West. Mortimer, John Irving, 5, Went- worth Street. Mortimer, Thomas Herring, 10, Half Moon Street ; h. 146 Blacker Road North. Morton, Alfred, Market Place. Morton, David, 197, Lee Head, Rawthorpe Lane, Dalton. Morton, Edwin, 15, Halifax Road, Lindley. Morton, Edmund, 9, Greenhead Road. Morton, Emmanuel, 47, Hill Top Road, Moldgreen. Morton, George, 16, Road, Fartown.



Morton, George, 48, Parkgate, Berry Brow. Morton, Henry Edward, 40,

King Street. Morton, Herbert, 62, Cliffe End Road, Lindley. Morton, Joe William, 33-35, Kstate Buildings; h. 113, Quarmby Road. Morton, John, Chief Constable, Central Office, Peel Street ; h. 54, Spring Street. Moseley, Seth Lister, Museum, Woodside Road, Lockwood. Moseley, Stephen, 7, Wasp Nest Road, Fartown. Mosley, Alfred, 114, Almondbury Bank. Mosley, Allen, 22, Dog Hall, Woodfield Road, Lockwood. Mosley, Fred, 38, Victoria Road, Lockwood. Moss, Mary, 147, Market. Hall ; h. 7, Ashfield Street, Fartown Green. Mossley, William, Woodhouse Cottages, Leeds Road North. Moulder, William, 8, Woodhouse — Hill, Fartown.

Page 381


Mountain, Arthur Barnes (Borough Electrical Engineer), Town Hall; h. Woodside, Murray Road, Edgerton. Moxon, Albert Edward, Heaton Road, Marsh ; h. Birkby Hall Road. Moxon, Charles Henry, Heaton Road, Marsh ; h. 43, Trinity Street. Moxon, David, 118, Mount Zion, Church Lane, Moldgreen. Moxon, George Dunhill, The Hollies, Imperial Road, Marsh Moxon, Godfrey, 8, Dundas Street ; h. 151, Bradford Road Moyle, Richard R. (manager, Read-Holliday Seva Co.,

Ltd., Turnbridge) ; h. 9, Yews Mount, Lockwood. Muff, Joe Edward, 14, Bradford Road N orth. Muffitt, Edward, Lock House, Leeds Road N orth. Mullett, Rev. Fred. Edw. Arthur, Croft House, Snow Lea, Outlane. Munroe, George Robert, Mole-

warpe Hall, Bradford Road North... Munroe, William Frederick, 87, New North Road. Murgatroyd, Aked, 17, Dalton Lane, Dalton. Murgatroyd, William Henry, 15, Spring Bank, Dalton Lane,

Dalton. Thomas Wilkam Ain-

Murphy, ley, 7, King’s Mill Lane, h. 24, Leef

Almondbury : Street, Moldgreen. Murray, David, 25, Bath Street. NALSON, Frederick, 11, Fitz- william Street East. Naylor, John William, 24, Water Street. Neaverson, Walter, Kirkgate - h. Percy Street, Fartown. Needham, Thomas, 12, ae Road, Lindley. : Nelson, Arthur, 25, shade il Newsome.


Netherwood, Dalton, and Co. 30, Market Street, and Din- das Street. Netherwood, Edwin, Nelson’s Chambers, Cloth Hall Street ; h. 26, Beech Street, Paddock. Netherwood, George, 1, Ash- field Street, Fartown Green. Netherwood, J ames, 87, Market Hall: hi. 48, Ashbrow Road, Fartown. Netherwood, James Arthur, 30, Market Street ; h. 14, Groft. House Lane.

Netherwood, John,. Ramsden Street ; hey 81, Sheepridge Road. Netherwood, Shaw, 32, Cliffe End Road, Lindley. Netherwood, Tom, King

Street : h. 276, Bradford Riad North. Netherwood, Walter, 54, Church Street, Moldegreen. N etherwood, William Henry, 5 Thornton Lodge, Lockwood. Nettleton, Charles Albert, 465, Spaines’ Road, Fartown. Nettleton, W illiam, Rosemary Lane ; h. 54, Somerset Road, Moldereen. Newall, Ernest Charles, Long Lane, Dalton. Newbold, Herbert, 7, Armytace


Crescent, Victoria Road, Lockwood. Newsome, John, 23, School


Newnante, Walter, 1-3, St. An- drew’s Read.

Newton, Joseph Rewatce, 6, Ex-

change, Market Street: h. Meltham. Nichol, Albert Pennington, 2, Queen Street South; h. 06, Bentley Street, Lockwood, Nichol, Cha den Richard, 2, Queen Street South; h. 8. Prospect Place, Pr ospect Street. Nichol, James, 174, Wakefield

Road, Dalton.

Page 382

352 Nichol, Thomas Alfred, 12, St. Paul’s Street.

Nichol, William Rowland, 18, St. George’s Square, and _ St.

Helen’s Mill, Almondbury-

22, Robin Hood Farm, Berry Brow. Nichols, Arthur Robert, 38, Somerset Road, Moldgreen. Nicholls, Joseph, 9, Roydfield Street, Fartown Green Road. Nicholls, John Gregory, 13, Park

Terrace, Yew Green Road, Crosland Moor. Nicholson, Arthur Ernest, 5,

Bradford Road North. Nicholson Charles, 4, Kirkgate ; h. 163, Bradford Road.

Nicholson, Francis, 181, Brad- ford Road North. Nicholson, Tom, 51, Church Lane, Moldgreen. Nicholson, Thomas, 117, Brad-

ford Road North. Nield, Albert Edward, 2, West Hill. Nield, Edmund, 105, King Street; h. 44, Albion Street. Nield, Herbert, 2, Elmwood Avenue, Bath Street. Nield, Robert, 4, Elmwood Avenue, Bath Street. Noble, Ephraim, 11, Yew Tree Road, Lindley. Noble, John, 90, Bradford Road North. Noble, Joseph, 270, New Hey Road, Lindley. ; Nobles, Alfred, 10, North Cross Road, Fartown. Nobles, Ben, 129, Church Street, Paddock. Nobles, Fred, 26, South Cross Road, Fartown. Norris, Rev. William Foxley, M.A., vicar of Almondbury ; h. Westgate, Almondbury. Nortcliffe, Arthur, 99, Highroy‘, Moldgyreen. Nortcliffe, Joe, Moldgreen.

97, Highroyd,



North, Alfred, 24, Cross Church Street; h. 40, Ramsden Street. North, Charles, 2, Sun Wood- house, Woodhouse Hill. North, Christopher, 135, Halifax Old Road, Fartown. North, Herbert, Cloth Hall Street; h. 3, Bath Street. North, James Henry, 148, Wake- field Road, Dalton. North, John Charles Milner, 60, Netheroyd Hill Road, Far- town. . North, Joseph, 56, Church Lane,

Moldgreen. 53, Bradford

North, Joseph, Road North. North, Mary Hannah, Clovelly, Belmont Street. North, Samuel, 150, Hill Side, Newsome. North, Tom Edward, 24, Birkby Lodge Road, Fartown. Norton, Charles, 8, Lane, Almondbury. Norton, George Pepler, 23, John William Street; h. Birkby Lodge Road. Norton, William, 43, Burn Road, Lindley. | Norman, William, 212, Leeds Road North, Bradley. Normanton, John, Lower Hirst, Outlane.



William Emmet, 49, New North Road. Nutton, Henry and John, Kew Hill, Outlane. Nutter, John, John William Street. ;

OATES, Charles Edwin, Spink- field Road, Marsh. Oates, Edward, 33, Brook Street, Moldgreen. Oates, Sarah Elizabeth, 148, Lower Gate, Longwood Station Oates, Joseph John, 2, Thornfield Road, Crosland Moor. Oates, Mary Louisa,

23, New North Road.

Page 383


Mates, Mallinson, 104, Hullhouse

xtoad. U’Connor, Edmund, 4, Gledholt Road, Marsh. Annie, 41-42, Market Afall ; h. 81, Sheepridge Road. Oddy, Charles, 29, Somerset Road, Moldgreen. Oddy, Christopher, 38, Wasp Nest Road, Fartown. Oddy, William, 95, Sheepridge Road. Ogston, Jessie, Imperial Road, iidgerton. Oldfield, Charles, 9, Stile Com- mon Road, Moldgreen.

Oldfield, Charles Henry, 85, Hall

Bower, Newsome.

Oldfield, Fred, 69, Bradford Road North. Oldfield, George, 29, North

Street, Lockwood. Oldfield, Hamor, 61, New Street ; h. Netherton. Oidfield, Joshua, 83, Hall Bower, Newsome. Oldfield, Law, 69, Gledholt: Bank, Paddock. Oldfield, Thomas Davison, 32, Buxton Road. Oidfield, Thomas Henry, 14, Little Carr Green Lane, Dal- ton. Oldfield, William 4, Brigg’s Terrace, Moldgreen. Oldham, Abel, 39, Parkgate, Berry Brow. Oldham, Ernest, 90, Fartown Green Road. Oidham, James, Parkgate, Berry Brow.

Oidham, John, 18, Parkgate, Berry Brow. ° | Oldham, John Edward, 146,

Bradford Road, Hillhouse. Oldham, Nathan, 20, Parkgate, Berry Brow. Oldham, Thomas, 195, Bradford Road, Hillhouse. Oldham, Wright, 115, Moor End Road, Lockwood. Oldroyd, Charles, Mills.

58, Bradley


353 Oldroyd, David, 31, Church Street, Moldgreen. Oidroyd, Thomas Gomersal, 66, Fitzwilliam Street; h. Oak Villa, Edgerton. Oldroyd, William Brown, Mount- joy Street. Orcherton, Alexander, 5, Park Road, Crosland Moor. | Orcherton, William, 18, Church Street, Moldgreen. Osborne, Harry Hall, 9, Thorn- ton Lodge, Lockwood. Osborne, Henry, 15, John Wil- liam Street; h. Grove Street. Oswin, William, Old Station, Leeds Road North, Deighton. Overend, Allen, 8, Brian Lane, Lindley. Overton, Arthur, Deighton Road ; h. 152, Bradford Road

North. 185, Bradford

Owen, George, Road North. Owen, George William, Rhodes’ Yard, King Street; h. 276, Wakefield Road, Dalton. Owen, Hely, B.A., Market Place ; h. 22, Edgerton Road, Lindley. . Owen, Teed, 250, New Hey Road, Quarmby. 29, West

Oxley, Benjarzin, Parade. Oxley, Elizabeth Bray, 96, New Hey Road, Quarmby.

Oxley, John, Windmill Terrace,

Berry Brow. Oxley, John, 123-125, New Hey Road, Quarmby. Oxley, Oliver, Grove Mills, Longwood; h. 133, New Hey Road, Salendine Nook.

- PACHEY, Albert, Chapel Hill;

h. 13, Milford Street. Packer, Henry, 3, Thornton Lodge Road, Lockwood. Page, George William, 14, Rein- wood Road, Lindley. Palister, William, 5, Vicarage Road, Longwood.

Page 384


Pape, Mungo, 7, Percy Street, Fartown. Parker, Albert, 27, Hillhouse Road.

Parker, Charles Ethelbert, 71, Bradford Road North. Luck

Parker, Hammond, 58, Lane, Marsh. Parker, Joe, 55, Lockwood Road

Parker, Joe, 54, Thornton Road, ‘Crosland Moor. Parkin, Allan, Pack Horse pagra : hc. Dottorws, * Birk- heaton. Parkin, Charles William, 134,

Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Parkin, James and Edna, Net- tleton Hill, Outlane. Parkin, John, Upper Hirst, Out- lane.

Parkin, John, 90, Netheroyd Hill Road, Fartown. Parkin, John, 11, St. Helen’s

Lane, Almondbury. Parkin, Joshua, Market Street: h. 36, Dryclough Lane, Lock- wood.

Parkin, : Law, 14, Cowrakes Road, Lindley. Parkin. Newton, 54, Fartown Green Road. Parkin, Norman, 19, Chapel Terrace, Crosland Moor. Parkinson, Ernest, 23, Firth Street.

Parkinson, Oliver Edward, 149, Longwood Gate.

Parkinson, James Arthur, 56, Thornton Road, Crosland Moor. Parkinson, Wilson, 21, Firth Street.

Parmley, John, Yews Hill Road, Lockw Parr, William Albert, 25, Wasp Nest Road, Fartown.

Parratt, Henry Lister, 178, Birkby Hall Road. Parritt, Jabez William, 11, Clare Hill. Parry, Thomas, 274, Bradford

Road North.


Partridge, Henry, 24, Fitz william Street West. Pashley, Tom, Bradford Road. Patchett, Sam, 71, Cleveland Road, Lindley.

Paterson, James, 22, Fenton Square. Pattinson, Dawvid, 22, Church Lane, Moldgreen. Paul, Lewis Gordon, Market

22, Cleveland Road, Lindley. Pawson, Alfred Vincent, Little Carr Green Lane; h. Mount- joy Road. Pawson, George, 2, Albert Yun New Street. Payne, Benjamin, 8, Stile Com- mon Road, Newsome. Peace, Alfred Benjamin, 11s, Thornton Road, Crosland Moor. Peaker, William Shepley, 61, Victoria Road, Lockwood. Pearce, George, 39, Bradford Road North. Pearce, Henry, 4, New Street; h. Inglewood, Honley. Pearson, Charles, 44, Lane, ‘Lockwood. Pearson, Charles Edward, 184, New Hey Road, Lindley.


Pearson, Frank, 50, Meltham Road, Lockwood. Pearson, George Carter, 16, Newhouse. Pearson, Henry, 27, Burfits

Road, Lindley. Pearson, James, Chapel Hill;h. 25, Ashenhurst, Newsome. John, ents Lea, Lane. Pearson, Outlane. Pearson, Joseph, 29, Ashen- hurst, Newsome. Joseph, 52, Wood End, Parkgate, Berry Brow.


John, Upper Hirst,

Pearson, Ramsden, 60, Long- wood Road. Pearson, Richard, Snow Lea,


Page 385


Pearson, Thomas, 7, Hall Bower, Henry,

Newsome. Pearson, Thomas ol, Burfits Road, Lindley. Pearson, William, 71; Church Lane, Moldgreen.

Pearson, William Henry, 18, Fenton Road, Lockwood. Peckett, Frederick, 56, New Hey

Road, Lindley. Peckett, Henry, 36, Holly Bank Road _ ,Lindley. Peckett, Henry, 26, Bankfield _ Road, Almondbury Bank.

Peckett, Willie, 74, New Hey Road, Lindley. Peden, Robert, 1-5, © Lord Street; h. 42, Clara Street, Hillhouse. Peel, Fred, 29, Burn Road, Lindley.

Peel, Harry, Springwood Hall Lodge. Peel, John, 22, Birkhouse Lane, Moldgreen. Peel, Norris, Stonegarth, Edger- ton. Peel, Sam, 24, Cliffe End Road, Lindley. Peel, Walter, 4, Poplar Terrace, Moldgreen.

Peel, John Walter Smith, 10, Chapel Terrace, Crosland Moor.

Peel, William, 26, Dearne Fold, .

Lindley. Pentney, John Thomas, 6, South Parade. Percival, William Chadwick, 39, Lowerhouses. Perkins, Robert Nathaniel Wintingham, 1, High Street ; h. 2, St. Paul’s Street.

Philips, Arthur James, 13, Springwood Street. Phillips, Rev. Alfred, Clara Street. Phillips, Samuel, 2, Filbert

Street, Fartown. Pickard, Charles, Outlane.

Snow Lea,


355 Pickard, John, 6, Princess Street. Pickard, John, superintendent

West Riding Constabulary, Princess Street; h. Court House, Princess Street. Pickering, George, 2, Hill Top

Road, Moldgreen. Pickering, Mark, 4, Bentley Street, Lockwood. | Pickering, Thomas Wilson, 54, Fitzwilliam Street. Pickles, Benjamin, Somerset,

Road; h. 38, Bankfield Ter- race, Moldgreen. Pickup, George, Street, Lockwood. Piercy, John Wiliiam, Nelson’s Chambers, Cloth Hall Street ; h. 26, Beech Street, Paddock. Piercy, John William, LL.B. (London), President of the Huddersfield Law Society ; h. 2, Holly Bank, Queen’s Road,

gerton. Pilling, — James, 27, Halifax Road, Lindley. Pilling, William, 45, Burn Road, Lindley. Pilling, William Henry, Slack ; Sowood Hill, Outlane. Piper, George, 41, Dalton Fold. Pitchforth, John Edgar, 173, Halifax Old Road. Pitchforth, Thomas, 49, Blacker Road North. Pitman, William, Lane, Dalton. Pitt, William, Mountjoy Road. Place, John, 96, Bradford Road. Plant, Ralph, Halifax Road, Lindley. Platt, George Henry, 2, Black- moorfoot Road, Crosland Moor. Platt, Henry, sen., 214, Halifax Old Road.



Platten, Thomas, 120, South Street. Platts, Fred, 7a, Cloth Hall Street; h. Yews Hill Road,


Page 386


Platts, William, 9, Wentworth Street. i Pogson, Arthur, 7, Road, Longwood. Pogson, Emmanuel, 221, Long- wood Gate. :


Pogson, Ernest, 18, College Street, Crosland Moor. Pogson, Fred, 81, Highroyd, Moldgreen. Pogson, Hiram, 22, Baker Street, Quarmby. Pogson, James, £3, Church

Lane, Molagreen. Pogson, John, Snow Lea, Out- lane. Pogson, Joseph, 2, Market Buildings; Market Street; h. 21, Cleveland Road, Marsh. Pogson, Joseph, Tramway Office, Northumberland Street; h. Bridgefield House, Great Northern Street.

Pogson, Richard, 32, Mount Street, Lockwood. Pogson, Thomas Edwin, 46, Chapel Terrace, Crosland Moor.

Pogson, William, 38, Longwood Road. Pogson, William Henry, Leeds Road North. Pollard, Charlie, Bradley Mills ; h. 20, Little Carr Green Lane, Dalton. Pollard, Eli, 90, Norman Road, Birkby. Pollard, Fred, 1, Byram Street.


Pollard, Harris, 12, Armytage Crescent, Victoria Road, Lockwood. Pollard, Joe, 75, Highroyd, Moldgreen. Pollard, John, 178, Wakefield © Road, Dalton. Pollard, Willie, 258, Wakefield Road, Dalton. Pollock, George, 29, Norman Road, Birkby. Pontefract, Harold, 34, Spring



Pontefract, James Cousens, Richmond Avenue, Bradford Road North. Pontefract, Sam, 169, Leeds Road North. Poole, Charles, 60, Swan Lane, Lockwood. Poppleton, Appleby, and Ward, Royal Chambers, St. George’s Square. Porritt, Ethelbert St. Thomas, 61, Fartown Green Road. Porritt, George, 40, Somerset Road, Moldgreen. Porritt, George T., St. Peter’s Street: h. Crosland Hall. een, Norman, 24, New North

oad. Porritt, Sarah, The Grove, Gled- holt Road, Marsh. Porritt, Thomas R., St. Peter’s Street; h. Mountjoy Road. Porter, Emma, 31, Market Hall, Victoria Lane; h. 33, South Street. Porter, Henry, 52, Green Road. Porter, Thomas, 33, Wasp Nest Road, Fartown. Pottage, Edward, 31, Blacker Road North. Potter, George Henry, 91, Brad- ford Road North. Potter, Herbert, 15, Longwood Road. Potter, John, West Riding Con- stabulary, Princess Street: h. Holmfirth Police Station. Potter, Joseph Womersley, 13, Bankfield Road. Potter, Herbert William, 55, Lockwod Road.


Potts, Samuel Collier (Borough Treasurer), 155, Halifax Old Road, Fartown. Pounder, Albert, 47, ‘Robin Hood Hill, Berry Brow. Powell, Joseph Henry Lock- wood, 113, Lowerhouses. Powell, William Henry, 16, North Cross Road, Fartown. Pownall, Dixon, 44, Newsome Cross.

Page 387


Pratt, David Johnson, 62, Brad- ley Mills, Dalton. Prendergast, Michael, 22,

Smithy Lane, Moldgreen. Prentis, James Thomas, Spring- wood Avenue. Prescot, Thomas, 24, Bath Street. Preston, Harry, Fox Street; h.

48, Birkhouse Lane, Mold- green. Preston, Tom, Fox Street; h. Honoria Street, Fartown. Preston, Walter, 17, Swallow Street. Preston, Walter, 11, Station Road; h. St. John’s, Holm- firth.

Preston, William, Fox Street; h. 65, Arthur Street. Price, Arthur, 10, Birkby Lodge Road, Birkby. Price, Edward Septimus, 33, Bath Street. Price, John, 2, Bankfield Road, Moldgreen. Priest, Allen, 3, Thornton Lodge Road, Lockwood.

Priest, Edward, 10, Stile Com- mon Road, Newsome. | Priest, George, 62, Church Street, Moldgreen. Priest, Joseph, 116, Victoria Road, Lockwood. Priest, Walker Thomas, 1,

Thornton Road, Lockwood. Priestley, Arthur Edwin, Park- wood Mills, Longwood : h: 6, Haugh Road, Quarmby. Priestley, Arthur Vickerman, Westfield, Trinity Street. . Priestley, Edward, 26, Swallow Street. Priestley, George, 19, Nettleton, Dalton. Priestley, Harry Featherstone Haugh, 17, Dundas Street; h. 4, Sunny Bank Road, Edger- ton. Priestley, James, Taylor Hill Road, Salford, Lockwood. Priestley, Joe, 51, Road, Lockwood,






Priestley, John, 6, George

Street, Longwood.

Priestley, Richard, 188, Vic- toria Road, Lockwood. Priestley, Walker, 13, Dearne Fold, Lindley.

Priestley, William 58, Chapel Hill. Prior, John Damrel, H.M. In- spector of Factories, Riley’s Buildings, Market Street; h. 11, Woodhouse Hill. Pullan, George, 134,- Leeds Road North. Pullon, Henry, M.B., 6, Colne Street; h. Brow Road, Pad- dock.

QUARMBY, Albert, 9, Brook Street, Moldgreen. Quarmby, Ernest Holmes, 8, Willow Street, Fartown. George, 2, Park Road West, Crosland Moor.

Quarmby, John, Mountjoy Road. Quarmby, Joseph, 5, George

Street, Longwood. Quarmby, Joseph, Pack Horse Yard; h. Colne View, Slaith-

waite. Sam Lockwood, 6, Meltham Road, Lockwood. Quarmby, William Bottomley, 17, Railway Street; h. 138, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Quarmby, Willie, Hope Street, Longwood.

Quinn, John, 3, Prospect Street. Quirke, Ellen, 1, Prospect Street.

as Fred, Mountjoy oad. Radcliffe, Lewis, 11, St. John’s d

Road. Radcliffe, - William, Fairbank, Park Drive. Raffin, Edwin, 24, Springwood Street.

Ramsden, Ann and Emma, 59, West Parade.

Page 388


Ramsden, Charley, 98, Taylor Hill Road, Salford, Lock- wood.

Ramsden, Fred B. (sec., John Haigh and Sons, Ltd., Firth

Street); h. 21, Commercial Street. Ramsden, Haley, 60, Lower- houses.

Ramsden, Henry, 2a, Newhouse Place. Ramsden, Hill wood.

Henry, 154, Taylor Road, Salford, Lock-

Ramsden, Hugh, Triangle ; h.

92, New Street, Paddock. Ramsden, James, 25, St. Helen’s Lane, Almondbury. Ramsden, John, Road. Ramsden, Street. Ramsden, Mary, 121, Somerset Road, Moldgreen. Ramsden, Robert, 9, Byram Ar- cade, Westgate; h. Belgrave Terrace. Ramsden, Samuel, 27, St. Helen’s Lane, Almondbury. Ramsden, Sir John William, Bart., Longley Hall.

Mary, 28, Trinity

Ramsden, Thomas Henry, 1, Westgate ;h. Oakwell, Golcar. Ramsden, Tom, Grove,

Bradley Mills, Dalton. Ramsden, Tom Denton, 6, West- gate; h. 76, King Street. Ramsden, Tom Herbert, 21, South Parade. : Ramsden, Walter, 50, Arlom’s Square, Newsome. Ramsden, William, 1, West- Clare

gate; h. Claremont, Hill. Ramsden, William Edward, 124, Longwood Gate. Rangeley, James, Market Hall: Walkley Lane, _Heckmond- wike. Ransley, George, 199-201, Church Street, Paddock. Rasdall, Sarah Ann, lla, Pros- pect Street. |


96, Longwood

Ratcliffe, James, 1, Woodthorpe Terrace, Bankfield Road. Ratcliffe, Robert Henry, 37, Somerset Terrace, St. Step- hen’s Road, Lockwood. Ratcliffe, Sam, 58, Blacker Road North. Ratcliffe, Tom, Eouth Cross Road, Fartown. Rawnsley, Benjamin, 14, Yew Green Road, Crosland Moor. Rawnsley, James, Somerset Crescent, Moldgreen. Rawnsley, William Henry, 74, Gledholt Bank, Paddock. Rawson, Fielden, 26a, Bankfield Road. Rawson, Romulas, 10, Birkhouse Lane, Dalton. Rawson, Sidney George 83, New North Road. Rayner, Albert Edward, 46, Water Street. Rayner, Ernest, 74, Church Street, Paddock. Rayner, Fred, 18, King Cliffe Road, Hillhouse.

Rayner, Henry, 56, Mount Street, Lockwood. Rayner, John, 108, Netheroyd Hill Road, Fartown. Rayner, Joe Henry, Market Hall; h. 18, Trinity Street. Rayner, Thomas Henry, 12,

Market Street; h. 58, Halifax Old Road. Rayner, William Bowker, Mil- ford Street ; h. Moss Street, Damside. Rayner, William Edward, 18, St. Paul’s Street. Rayner, William Pick, 14, Park’ Drive. Raynor, Charles, 7, Springwood Avenue. . Raynor, Joe Henry, 18, Trinity Street. Redfearn, Harry Bailey, Com- mercial Mills, Firth Street; h. 9, North Street, Lockwood. Redfearn, James, 42, Longwood Road,

Page 389


Reek, William Davis, 45, Long- wood Road.

Rees, Thomas Morgan, 17, Water Street. Rennards, Robert Arthur, 34,

Fitzwilliam Street: h. 60, Cleveland Road, Marsh.

Renshaw, James, 15a, South Parade. Renshaw, Randolph, 6, Dale

Street, Longwood. Renshaw, William, 44, Leeds Road. Revell, Alfred, 55, New Street: 32, Cleveland Road, Lind- ey. Reynolds, George, 13, St. John’s Road.

Rhodes, Emily, Maria, and Mary Ann, 59, New North Road. | Rhodes, Fred, 53, Thorncliffe Street, Lindley. Rhodes, George, 7, Nursery Street, Fartown. Rhodes, George Francis, 1,

Queen Street South. Rhodes, George Taylor, 153, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Rhodes, Henry, 11, St. Paul’s Herbert, 16,

Street. Rhodes, Light- ridge Road, Fartown. Rhodes, John Henry, 6, Church Lane, Dalton. William, 16,

Rhodes, John Water Street. Rhodes, Joseph, 12, Lamb Hall Road, Longwood Gate. Rhodes, Sam, 127, New Hey Road, Lindley. Rhodes, William, 46, Norman Road, Birkby. Rhodes, William Dennis, 69-71, Longwood Gate. Rhodes, William Henry, 113, Somerset Road, Moldgreen. Richards, John Elletson, 45, Bradford Road North.

Richardson, Alfred, 165, Brad- ford Road. Richardson, Arthur, 76, Yews

Hill Road, Lockwood.


Richardson, Charles, West- bourne Road, Marsh. Richardson, Frederick, Zet- land Street; h. 53, North- gate.

Richardson, John Hamilton, 63, Birkby Crescent, Birkby. Richardson, John Matters, 45, Thornton Lodge Road, Lock-. wood. Richardson, Rev. Mark, vicar of St. John’s; h. The Vicarage, St. John’s Road. Richardson, Walter, Red Doles, near Leeds Road North. Richardson, William Henry, 2, South Cross Road, Fartown. Ricketts, Edwin Linton, Birkby Crescent, Birkby. Riding, Herbert, 9a, Ramsden Street; h. 10, Arnold Street, Birkby. Riddiough, Joseph, 18, Church Street. Rigby, EH. A., chief clerk, Union Offices, Ramsden Street; h.- Hazel Villa, Springdale. Rigby, Richard Vernon, 1, Park Drive. ; Riley, Arthur W., St. Peter’s Street; h. Fitzwilliam Street.


Riley, Bessie Ann, 22, West Parade. Riley, Charlotte, 10, Belgrave Terrace. ‘ Riley, Harry, 9, Longwood Road.

Riley, James Ashton, Spring- wood Avenue. Riley, Joe, 9, Market Street; h. 14, New North Road. Riley, John William, 119, Long- wood Road.

Riley, Joseph, 121, Longwood Road. Riley, Richard, 7, St. Peter’s

Street; h. Bent House, Bel- mont Street. Riley, William, 39, Road, Lockwood. Ripley, Alfred, 12, Street, Fartown.



Page 390


Rippon, George, 128, Bradford Road North. Rippon, Joseph, St. John’s Road; h. Avondale, Spaines Road, Fartown. Rippon, William Edward, St. John’s Road; h. The Laurels, Mountjoy Road. Rittener, Henry Jules Emile, St. John’s Road; h. Mountjoy

Road. Rittener, Paul, St. John’s Road; h. Mountjoy Road. Rix, Walter, 10, Birkby Fold, Hillhouse. Roberts, Abraham, 53, West


Roberts, Albert, 11, Bankfield Road, Roberts, Arthur Henry, 17, Railway Street; h. Spring-

bank, Holmfirth. Roberts, Eliza Jane, 11, william Street West. Roberts, James, 30, Springwood . Roberts, Jonathan, 17, Railway


Street: h. The Ridings, Holmebridge. Roberts, John, 17, Railway Street; h. Birks House, Holmfirth. Roberts, Martha, 7, West-

bourne Road, Marsh. Roberts, Robert Henry Thomas- son, 43, Fartown Green Road, Fartown. Robertshaw, Squire, 19, Market Hall; h. Lascelles Hall. Robinson, Annie Elizabeth, 1, Gledholt Road, Marsh. Robinson, Arthur, Market Hall ; h. Albert Street, Lock- wood.

Robinson, Eli, © Springdale Street, Lockwood. Robinson, Fred, 170, Bradford Road North. Robinson, Frederick William, Field Mills, Leeds Road North ; h. Woodleigh, 4,

Brian Road, Edgerton,


Robinson, George Henry, 27, Westgate; h. 52, Spring Street. Robinson, Hannah, 12, Norman Road, Birkby.

Robinson, James Thomas, 19, Westgate. Robinson, Jesse, 56, Norman

~ Road, Birkby. Robinson, John Frederick, 108,

Kirkgate; h. 20, Riley Street, Damside. Robinson, John Lawrence, Field Mills, Leeds Road North ; h. Ravensknowle Road, Dalton. Robinson, Oscar, Rose Bank,

Bradford Road North. Robinson, Richard Henry, 87, Cleveland Road, Lindley. Robinson, Squire Aspinall, East Parade; h. Grafton Place. Robotham, Albert William, 63, Prospect Street. Rodgers, Albert Edward, 32, King Street; h. Spring Mill, Milnsbridge. Roebuck, George, 42, Wood End, Parkgate, Berry Brow. Roebuck, Guiles, 53, Upperhead

Row ; h. 98, Rawvensknowle Road. Roebuck, Harry, 38, Buxton Road; h. Somerset Road, Moldgreen. Roebuck, Henry, Priestroyd Mills, Firth Street; h. Oak-

leigh, Fisher Street.

Roebuck, Jane, 64, Somerset Road, Moldgreen. Roebuck, Jonathan Edmund, 2, WVance’s Buildings, Cloth

Hall Street; h. Honley.

Roebuck, William, 12, South Street. Rogers, Charles, 41,. Norman

Road, Birkby. Rostron, William, 15, Greenhead

Lane, Dalton. Rothery. Alfred, 30, North Cross Road, Fartown. Rothery, Henry Quarmby,

Spaines Road, Fartown,

Page 391


Rothery, Laurence, 2, Lockwood

Road ; Victoria St reet, Paddock. Rothery, Laurence, 6, Church

Street; h. Millgate, Paddock. Rothery, William, 27, Norman Road, Birkby. Rothery, William Umpleby, 89, Cleveland Road, Lindley. Rowbottom, Edward, 5, bourne Road, Marsh.

Rowe, John, 119, Bradford Road. : Rowley, Edwin, 36, Birkhouse Lane, Dalton. Ruddock, Thomas David, Mar- ket Place ; h. 82, New North Road. Rusby, Robert, 104, Gledholt Bank, Paddock. Rushworth, Aquilla, 2, West-

gate. Arthur, 33, Thorn- ton Road, Lockwood. Rushworth, Arthur Sykes, Norman Road, Birkby. Rushworth, Fred, Green Road. Rushworth, George Héury: 206, Halifax Old Road. Rushworth, John Henry, 136, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Rushworth, Sarah Ann, 7 Queen Street.


Rushworth, Tom, 10, Mount Street, Lockwood. Russell, Samuel, 38, Cross Church Street ; sh, 22, Gledholt Road. Ryecroft, Robert, 80, Halifax

Road, Lindley.

SANDERSON, Joseph, 41, New North Road.

Sandwell, Herbert Firth, 5, Woodthorpe Terrace, Bank. field Road. Saville, George, 4, Queen Street ; h. 19, Church Lane, Moldgreen. Saville, James, 17, George

Street, Longwood,


70, Fartown |

261 Saville, John, Spa Terrace, Lock-

wood. John, George Street, Longwood. Saville, William, 19, Church Lane, Moldgreen. Saville, William Henry, 29,Wasp Nest Road, Hillhouse. Sayles, Ben, 38, College Street, Crosland Moor. Sayles, George Henry, 66, Nethe- royd Hill Road, Fartown. Scarr, Leonard. Thompson, 38, St. Helen’s Lane, Almondbury Schofiéld, Alfred Hanson, York Place ; h. 44, Rose Terrace, Calton Street. Schofield, Charles Henry, 71, Baker Street, Lindley. © Schofield, Edward: 40, John Wil- liam Street ; h. Mountjoy Road. Schofield, Fred Barber, 14, Fitz- william Street East. Schofield, Herbert, 55, Trinity Street.

Schofield, Herbert, Commercial

Mills, Firth Street ; bi 240, Ashfield, New Hey Road. Schofield, Isaac, 6, Stanley Street, Lindley. Schofield, James, 7, Yews Hill Road, Lockwood. Schofield, James, 156a, Long-

royd Bridge : h. Albion Ter- race, Manchester Road. Schofield, James, 76, Westfield, Trinity Street.

Schofield, Joe, 19, Holly Bank Road, Lindley. Schofield, John, 12, Buxton Road ; h. 17, Commercial Street.

Schofield, John, 61, New Street ; h. 49, Trinity Street. Schofield, John William, mana- ger, Waterworks Depot, Town Hall : h. Lake House, Black- moorfoot, Meltham. Schofield, Joseph, 17, Dundas Street ; h. Marsden.

Page 392


Schofield, Joshua, 70, Standi- forth Farm, Long Lane, Dal-

ton. Schofield, Mortimer, 23a, King Street ; h. 39, ‘Commercial Street.

Schofield, Thomas, 152%, Halifax Old Road, Hillhouse. Schofield, Thomas, Oak Terrace, Fartown Green Road. Schofield, Tom, 7a, South Parade Scholes, Emily, OA. West Parade. Scholes, William, 5, Queen Street ; h. Leeds Road North. Scholes, John William, 218, Hali- fax Old Road, Hillhouse. Scott, George Elijah, 4, Melrose Terrace, Bradley Lane. Scott, John 66, Bankfield Road, Moldg reen. Scotit, too 6 and 30, Vance’s Buildings, Cloth Hall Street ; h. Ivy Cottage, Bath Street. Seaton, James William Earn- shaw, Lord Street and Brad- Road North; h. 25, Spaines Road, Fartown. Seddon, James, 503, Bradford Road North. Seddon, William, 121, Bradford Road

oad. Seed, John, 91, Bradford Road. Sellers, E. H. (Scarr Mills, Lock- wood) ; h. Rylestone House. Victoria Road.

Senior, Emma Parry, 10, New North Road. Senior, Henry, Cross .Church Street ; h. Fairleigh, Cum- berworth. Senior, Hezekiah, 53, Blacker

Road North, Birkkty Senior, James, Leeds Road North

Senior, James, Cross Church Street ; h. The Cliffe, Shep- ley. Senior, Noah, 68, Bradford Road North. Senior, Seth, 84, Chareh Lane,

Moldgreen. Senior, Seth, 13, Market Street ; h. 66, Luck Lane, Marsh,


12, Bradford © 1

Senior, Thomas, Road. Senior, Thomas, Cross Church Street ; h. Shepley. Senior, Tom, 18, Northumber- land Street. Senior, Wada, 28, Bradford Road Senior, William Henry, 22, Spring Street. Senior, William Herbert, Cross Church Street ; h. Highfield

House, Shepley. Sharp, ‘Alfred, 2, Corporation Street. Sharp, Joe, 20, Bankville,

Queen Street ;

Kirkburton. Sharp, Joe, sen., Market Hall ; h. Farnley Tyas. Sharp, William, Town Hall 12, Princess Street. Shaw, Albert Henry, 10, Wood- thorpe Terrace, Bankfield Road. Shaw, Alfred, 13, High Street ; h. 256, Whitehead Road. Shaw, Alfred Dean, 15, Dundas Street ; h. 5: Elmfield Ter- race, Moldgreen.

Shaw, Annie, 91, New North Road. Shaw, Arthur, 86, Netheroyd -

Hill Road, Fartown. Shaw, Arthur, 19, John William Street ; h. Laburnam Cottage, Golcar. Shaw, Arthur, 258,,New Hey Road, Quarmby. Shaw, ‘Beaumont, Outlane. Shaw, Ben, Willow Lane, Hill- house ; h. 120, Blackhouse Road, Fartown. Shaw, Benjamin, i. Upperhead Row + Brook Street, Marsh Shaw, Edwin, 72, ‘Thornton Road, Crosland Moor. ahem Bi, 49, Thorncliffe, Lind- ey Shaw, Elias, Yew Tree Road, Lindley. Shaw, Dan, Hirst Mill, Outlane. Shaw, Emma, Market Hall ; h. 136, Springwood.

Snow Lea,

Page 393


Shaw, Frank, Willow Lane ; h. 134, Blackhouse Road, Far- town. Shaw, Frederick, Crosland Moor Mills; h. Moor Croft, Cros- land Moor. Shaw, Frederick, Thornton Road, Crosland Moor. Shaw, Frederick Henry, 7, St. George’s Square ; h. Birkby Lane, Lindley. Gledholt

Shaw, George, 83, Bank, Paddock. Shaw, George, la, South Parade: h. 6, Longroyd Bridge. Shaw, George Edward, 4, Rams- den Street ; h. Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Moor. Shaw, George and John William,

5, Exchange, Market Street ;.

Snow Lea, Longwood. Shaw, George William, 11, Mar- ket Street ; h. Botham Hall, Golear. Shaw, Hannah, 8, Westgate ; h. 16, Springwood Avenue. Shaw, Harry, 17, Nettleton, Dal- ton. Shaw, Harry, 61, Halifax Road, Lindley. Shaw, Henry, 7, Dalton Fold Road. Shaw, Henry, 64, Buxton. Road ; h. 229, Marsden Road, Cros- land Moor. Shaw, Herbert, 16, King Street ; h. Mount Terrace, Milnsbridge Shaw, Herbert, jun., 16, King Street ; h. Croft House, Milnsbridge. Shaw, James, 7, Union Bank Yard, New Street ; h. 17a, Calton Street. Shaw, James Arthur, 49, Market Street ; h. 27, Hillhouse Road Shaw, James Arthur, 37, Trinity Street. Shaw, Joe, 19-21, Fartown Green Road. Shaw, Joe, 5, Bradley Mills. Shaw, Joe Henry, 113, Longwood Road, Longwood. Shaw, John, Hanging Stone, Berry Brow,


Shaw, John, 18, Lamb Hall oad, Longwood Gate. Shaw, John, 76, John William Street ; h. 24, Gledholt Road. Shaw, John (John Shaw and Co., Botanic Beer Works), St. Andrew’s Road ; h. 129, North- gate, Almondbury. Shaw, John Albert, 19, Occupa- tion Road, Lindley. Shaw, John Edward, Burlington House, Park Drive: h. Wood End, Shepley. Shaw, John Robert, 18, .- St. Peter’s Street. Shaw, J. B. H., Estate Build- ier > 38. Heppenstall Street, Primrose Hill. Shaw, John William, 7, Alfred Street ; h. 77, Milford Street. Shaw, Joseph, Albert Mills, Lock- wood. Shaw, Joseph Whiteley, 4, Upperhead Row; h. 2, Grove Street, Longwood. Shaw, Mark, Pollard Street, Longwood; h. Laurel Bank, Cowlersley Lane, Milnsbridge. Shaw, Mellor, Station Street ;: h. 47, Broad Lane, Dalton. Shaw, Robert Mac, 4, Upper- head Row; h. 26, Lamb Hall, Longwood. a Shaw, Sam, 49, Orange Terrace. Calton Street. Shaw, Sam Whiteley, Springdale Street, Lockwood. pe Ee Thomas, 6, Greenhead oad. | Shaw, Thomas, 89, Birch Street, Berry Brow. Shaw, Thomas, 48, Market: Hall ; h. Wood Street, Golear. Shaw, Tom, 70, Thornton Road, Crosland Moor. Shaw, William, 46, Road, Quarmby. Shaw, William, 13, King Street ; h. Freehold. Street, Berry row. Shaw, William Dale, 4, Upper- head Row ; h. 34, Holmfield, Longwood,


Page 394

364 Shaw, William Henry, Pollard Street ; h. Manchester Road,

Linthwaite. 54, Cowrakes

Sheard, Allen, Road, Lindley. Sheard, Allen, 130, Birkby Hall Road, Hillhouse. Sheard, Benjamin, Market Hall ; h. 19, Yew Tree, Lindley. . Sheard, David, Market Hall ; h. 75, Leeds Road North. Sheard, George Henry, Long- wood Edge, 20, Reinwood Road, Lindley. Sheard, John William, 37, Haw- thorn Terrace, Crosland Moor.

Sheard, Lewis, 20a, Trinity Street. Sheard, Walter, Longwood Edge ; h. 20, Reinwood Road, Lindley. | Sheard, Walter, sen., 10,

ford Road North ; h. Willow

Street East. Sheard, William, 23, Thornton Lodge Road, Lockwood.

Shepherd, William, 244-246, | Bradford Road North. | Sherwen, Rev. W.S., B.A., cur- |

ate of Holy Trinity ; h. 10, Hill Street, Marsh.

Sherwood, William Henry, Qa,

Shambles Lane ; h. 27, St. Paul’s Street. Shields, Robert, 41, Buxton Road.

Shillito, Walter, 113, Yews Hill Road, Lockwood. Shires, James, West, Crosland Moor. . Shires, James, George Street Mills, Milnsbridge ; h. Wood- field, ‘Crosland Moor. Shires, George Henry, George Street Mills; h. Pickford Street, Milnsbridge. Shires, Thomas, George Street Mills ; ; h. 38, Armitage Road, Longwood. Shires, William, George Street Mills, ; h. 43, Armitage Road, Longwood Station. Silibon, George, 7, Street, Lockwood,



65, Park Road |

Simoneti, John, 24, Robin Hood Farm, ‘Berry. Brow. Simpson, Joseph, 159, Bradford Road North. Singleton, Peter, Nettleton Hill,

Outlane Ss Mis "Scapegoat Hill, Golcar. Singleton, William, 56, Ex- change, Market Street ; h.

Brookfield, Kirkburton. Sissons, Stephen Arthur, £4, Maiket Hall, Victoria Lane <a h. 46. Grove Street. Sissons, Owen Marriott, 9, Mar- ket Hall, Shambles Lane ; h. Merton Street. Siswick, Alfred, 57, Road, Longwood. Siswick, Arthur, Birkhouse ; h. 12, West View, Paddiock. Slater, William, 1, Birkby Lodge Road, Hillhouse. Slocombe, Alfred John, Long- wood House, Fartown. Smale, Frederick Arthur, 19, Bradford Road. | Smith, Albert, Central Office h. Peel Street. Smith, Albert Kdward, 44, St. Helen’s Lane, Almondbury. Smith, Albert Ernest, 18, Rein- wood Road, Quarmby. Smith, Andrew Scott, 13, Broad Lane, Moldgreen. Smith, Arthur, ‘“ Daily Chron- icle, » Lord Street ; h. Somer- set Terrace, Almondbury. Smith, Arthur, 28, Byram Arcade and Station Street ; h. 13, Albany Terrace, Lockwood. Smith, Arthur, 60-61, Market Hall ; h. 3, Cocker Lane, © Ashenhurst. 3 Smith, Arthur Ingram Edward, © dul, Somerset Road, Moldgreen. : Smith. Ben Taylor, St. Peter’s — Street. ; h. Beaumont Park Road, Lockwood. Smith, Carmi: 28, Byram and Station ‘Street ; h.. 12534 Albany Terrace, Lockwood. Smith, Charles 6, High © Street, Longwood Gate.

Page 395


‘Smith, Edward Parkinson, 131,

Bradford Road North. Smith, Frank, 22, Ramsden Street ; h. Mirfield. Smith, Fred, 56, Exchange, Mar- ket ‘Street ; h, 52, Longwood Road. Smith, George Herbert, Snow Lea, Outlane. Smith, Isaiah, 47, Jumble, Cros- land Moor. Smith, James Leef, 26, Kirk- gate eh Tos, Bradford’ Road North. Smith, James Johnston, 32, Gled- holt Road, Marsh. Smith, John, 131, Bradford Road N orth. Smith, John William, 50, West- gate 7 ee 25. Greenhead' Road.

Smith, J oseph, 2, Railway Street ; h. 13, Oakes Road, Quarmby.

Smith, Maurice Henry. 28, Fitz- william Street.

Smith, Robert, 53, Wheathouse

Road, Hillhouse. Smith, Robert, 74, Luck Lane, Quarmby. Smith, Samuel, 24, Northumber- land Street. Smith, Sarah, 14, Trinity Street. Smith. Tom, 12, Park Road West, Crosland Moor. Smith, Willie, Jones’ Lodge, Park Road, Crosland Moor. Smith, Wiline Armfield, 42, Newsome Cross. Smith, William Henry, 37, Burn Road, Lindley. Smithhurst, Richard, 5, Nettle- ton, Dalton.

Smithson, Edward, Market, Hall; h. May Street, Crosland Moor. Smithson, Henry, 1, Willow Street East.

Smithson, William, 19, Wohin Road, Birkby. Snowden’ Joseph, 12, John Wil- liam Street; h. 28 Somerset Road, Moldgreen.

Snowden, Joseph William, 28, Arlom’s Square, Newsome. Snowden, Robert, 4, Vanee’s Buildings, Cloth Hall Street; - h. 23, Lowerhead Row.

Sowden, Frank, 145, Bradford Road North. Sowden, Joseph, 17, Queen Street. Sparke, Thomas Sparrow, 66,

Fitzwilliam Street; h. 33, Birkby Crescent, Birkby.

Spencer, John, 10, Trinity Street. Spencer, Joseph Starkey, 18,

South Street. Spencer, Robert John, 45, Cleve- land Road, Quarmby.

Speight, Samuel, Road, Marsh. Spittle, John, Springwood Avenue. Spivey. Abraham, 47, King Street; h. New ‘North Boas Spivey, ’ Albert, 29, Towngate, Newsome.

Spivey, George, Zetland Street;

h. 26-28, Westgate, Almond- bury. Spivey, John Allen, 35, Terrace, Willow Street East. Spivey, Richard, Low Road, Parkgate, Berry Brow. Spivey, Thomas, 202, Wakefield Road, Dalton. Spratt, Joseph Thomas, 21, Springwood Street. Spurdens, George Frederick, 4, Devonshire Buildings; _h. 69, Scar Top, Lockwood. Spurr, Herbert Edward, 1, Greenhead Road.

Spurr, John William, 70, West Parade. Stables, George, 54, Road, Birkby. — Stainton: Mary Ann, 42, New Street : “A, 8; Water Street. Stanley, 56, West- gate; h. Ryecroft, Holmfirth. Stansfield, Joe, 32, Somerset Road, Almondbury.


Page 396


Stansfield, J ohn, 60, . Spring Street. Starkey, Henry, Man- chester Road; h. 24, Green- head Road.

Starkey, Marshall, 1, Back Clare Hill

Stather, George Pepler, 26, Bath Street. Stead, Avison, 4, Brooklet Ter- race, Blacker Road North. Stead, Frederick Carr, 14, King Street ; Be AS; Clare Hill.

Stead, Richard, 4, Bankfield Road. Steele, Andrew, 80, Birkby Lodge Road, Birkby. Stephenson, Harry, "25, New Street; h. 13, King’s Mill Lane. Stephenson, Tom, 1, Brook

Street; h. 18, Percy Street, Fartown. Stewart, John, 9, Brian Road, Edgerton. Stewart, Henry Woodthorpe Terrace, field Road. Stockdale, George Henry, 12, Spring Street. Stocks, Arthur, 6, Half Moon Street ; h. 37, Clara Street. Stocks, Ben, 11, Spring Street. Stocks, Ben, St. Peter’s Street West; h. ‘Heath House, Cam- bridge Road. — Stocks, Hamer, 61-63, Yews Hill Road, Lockwood. Stocks, John Charles, Robin Hood Farm, Salford, Lock- wood. Stocks, Samuel, 22, Street, Lockwood. Stone, James Frederick, mana- ger “ Daily Chronicle,” Lord Street; h. 30, Heppenstall Street, Primrose Hill. Stones, Charles, New Street; h. Queen’s Road, Edgerton. Stork, Harry, 319, Bradford Road North.

Percival, 2, Bank-




Stork, John Arthur, Bay Hall Common Road ; h. 3, Murray Road, Edgerton. Stork, J oseph Edward, Bay Hall Common Road; h. 114, Hali- fax Old Road. 7 Storry, William,

Road. Storry, William, 14, Cloth Hall Street; h. Mountjoy Road. | Storry, Thomas Walker, 14, Cloth Hall Street; h. Green- head Road. Stothart, John, Marshfield, Blacker Road. Stothart, John, 78, John Wil- liam, Street: h. Blacker Road, Edgerton. Stott, Albert, 15, Dundas Street : h. Bay Hall Fields. Stott, Charles Bolton, 41, Thornton Road, Lockwood. Stott, Edward, 3, Melrose Ter- race, Bradley Lane. Stott, James, 9, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Stott, Lloyd Collins, 20, Spring Street. Walter Wood, 7, West Hill.

Stovin, William Anthony, Nor- man ’ Avenue, Birkby.

Stringer, Sides Edward, 92, New North Road. Stringer, Henry, 14, West Hill. Stringer, Herbert, 9, White- stone Road, Hillhouse. Stringer, J ohn, 21, Ashenhurst, Lowerhouses. | Stringer, John William, 13, Blacker Road North.

Strong, Thomas, 43, Spring Street. Stubbs, William, 21, Northum-

berland Street. Studdard, John Ramsden Street. Studdard, Joseph, 6, Grove Street. Stuttard, Joshua Schofield, 126, © South Street.

Henry, 32,


Page 397

' Sutcliffe,

Sugden, John, J.P., Folly Hall ; h. Laurel Bank, Greenhead Road. Sugden, Joseph, 24, New Street; h. Luther Place, Ed- gerton. * Sugden, Joseph, Rose Bank, Edgerton. Sugden, Ruth Ann, South View, Belmont. Street.

Sugden, William, 4-6, Page Street; h. 5, East View, Marsh. Sunderland, George, Arlom’s

Square, Newsome. Sunderland, Joseph, 47, North- umberland Street. : Sunderland, Samuel, 5, Yews Terrace, Crosland Moor. Sunderland, Thomas, 52, Halifax Road, Lindley.

Sutcliffe, Edwin, 85, Gledholt Bank, Paddock. Sutcliffe, Eli, 2, Fitzwilliam Street East. .

Sutcliffe, Frederick, Fitzwilliam

Street East; h. 17, Wood- house Hill. Sutcliffe, Joe, 75, Bradford oad.

Sutcliffe, John, 17, Woodhouse Hill.

Major, 4, Street South. Sutcliffe, Sam, 62, Chapel Hill. Sutcliffe, Tom, 17, Laurel Ter- race, Willow Street: Kast. Sutcliffe, William Henry, Fitz- william Street - East; h. 17; Fartown Green Road.


Sutherby, Jecamiah, 22, West- gate; h. Spinkfield Road, Birkby. Sutherby, Robert, 5, Alder Terrace, Fartown ~- Green Road.

Swaine, Albert William, Haigh House Hill, Outlane. Swaine, Charles Adolphus, 11- 13, Chancery Lane; h. oy Road.



Swaine, William, Brook’s Yard, Market Street; h. Outlane.

Swallow, Arthur, 11, High Street; h. 162, Bradford Road North. - Swallow, David, 28, South Parade. Swallow, Edmund, Princess Street and Queen Street

South; h. Richmond House, 141, Wakefield Road, Dalton. Swallow, Ellis, 11, High Street ; h. 17, Thornton Lodge Road, Lockwood.

Swallow, John, 10, Chapel Hill.

Swallow, Joseph, Park Avenue, Birkby Hall Road, Birkby. Swallow, Joshua Kdwin, 14, ° Ashgrove Road, Deighton. Swallow, Mitchell, 162, Brad- ford Road North. _ Swift, Arthur, 20, Queen Street; h. Longroyd Bridge. Swift, Benjamin, 14, Blacker Road, Birkby. Swift, Christian Thomas 3, Hawthorn Terrace, land Moor. Swinden, Nathan, 28, Victoria Road, Lockwood. Swindlehurst, William, 4, Bux- ton Road; h. 55, Birch Street, Berry Brow. M.A.,

Bang, Cros-

Swire, Rev. | Samuel, vicar of St. Thomas’s; h. Springwood.

Sykes, Albert, Yews Hill Road, Crosland Moor. Sykes, Albert, 4, Norman Road, Birkby. Sykes, Alfred, 74, Fitzwilliam Street. Sykes, Alfred, 3, St. George’s Square; h. Thongsbridge. Sykes, Alfred, Round Field, Im- perial Road, Edgerton. Sykes, Alfred, 1-3, Ray Street ; h. 251, Bradford Road North.

Sykes, Allen, 62-69, Market Hall: h. 9, Bow Street. Sykes, Allen, 203, Bradford Road North.

Page 398


Sykes, Allen Owen, 28, New Hey Road, Quarmby. Sykes, Ben, 36, Somerset Road, Moldgreen. Sykes, Charles Frederick, Mold- . green: h. Grove House, 105, Long Lane, Dalton. . Sykes, Charles Herbert, Elm- field Road, Fartown. Sykes, David Mitchell, Market

Street; h. 37, Longwood Road. Sykes, Edward, 4-6, Market Walk; h. 59, Birkby Cres- cent, Birkby. Sykes. Edward Taylor, Rich-

mond Avenue, Bradford Road North. | Sykes, Edwin, Market Street; h. Stainland. Sykes, Edwin, 93, Cleveland Road, Quarmby. Sykes, Edwin, 4, Royal Cham- bers, St. George’s Square; h. 50, New Hey Road, Lindley. Sykes, Elizabeth, 42, Norman Road, Birkby.

Sykes, Ellwand, 57, Prospect Street. Sykes, Farewell, Somerset

Crescent, Moldgreen. Sykes, Frank, 1, Westgate ; h. 12, Belgrave Terrace. Sykes, Frank, Market Place; h. Bath Street. Sykes, Frank Knowles, Ays- garth, Imperial Road, Edger- ton. : Sykes, Fred, Mount, Outlane. Sykes, Fred, 9, High Street ; h. Springfield Road, Lindley. Sykes, Frederick, 29, Springfield Terrace, Moldgreen. Sykes, George, 61, South Street.

Sykes, George, 58, Cleveland Road, Quarmby. Sykes, George, 33-34, Estate Buildings ; h. King Street, Mirfield.

Sykes, George Dyson, 15, Upper- head Row ; h. 15, Park Drive. Sykes, George Ellis, 45, Buckrose Street, Fartown.


Sykes, George Lane, Dalton. | Sykes, George Henry, 49a, Bux- ton Road ; h. Gledholt: Road. Sykes, George William Goodson, 23, South Street. | Sykes, George William, 141, Hali- fax Old Road, Hillhouse. Sykes, Henry, 6, Bentley Street, Lockwood. Sykes, Herbert, 137, Halifax Old Road

Henry, Long

oad. Sykes, Herbert Brearley, 8, Im- perial Arcade; h. Victoria Place, Holmfirth. Sykes, Howard, Park Avenue, Birkby Hall Road, Birkby. Sykes, James, 13, Westgate; h. Honley. Sykes, James Edward, 17a, Queen Street; h. 32, Water Street. Sykes, James Walter, 17, Mar-

ket Street; h. Holywell House, Halifax. Sykes, James William, “74,

Chapel Hill; h. 60, Stile Com-

mon. Sykes, Joe, Cleveland Road, Lindley. 3 Sykes, Joe, 86, Gledholt Bank, Paddock. Sykes, Joe, Assistant Manager, Gasworks, Leeds Road; h. 62, Bentley Street, Lockwood. Sykes, John, 38, Water Street. Sykes, John, 22, Bradford Road.

Sykes, John, 1, Westgate; h. Westwood House, Golcar. Sykes, John, 5-9, Dundas ‘Street; h. Ashfield House, Ashenhurst. Sykes, John, 13, Upperhead Row; h. Fern Lea, Linth- waite. Sykes, Jonn Bennett, 41,

Queen’s Road, Edgerton. Sykes, John Frederick, 12, West Parade; h. Market Street, Milnsbridge. Sykes, John Henry, 51, New Street; h. Kirkburton.

Page 399


Sykes, John Henry, 17, Market Street ; h. 3, Hungerford Road, Lindley.

Sykes, John Kaye, 2, Dalton Fold Road. Sykes, John Lewis, 4, New Street; h. 48, Wasp Nest

Sykes, John Lodge, 18, Cleve- land Road, Quarmby . Road, Fartown. Sykes, John William, 45-45a, Fitzwilliam Street. Sykes, Jos. (English Card Cloth- ing Company, Ltd.), Acre Street, Lindley. Sykes, Lewis Irving, 3, King Street; h. 44, Holly “Bank Road, Lindley. Sykes, Lister, 202, Lockwood Road

Sykes, Michael, 11, Yews Hill Road, Lockwood. Sykes, Peace, 176, Halifax Old Road. Sykes, Percy William, 1, New North Road; h. 32, West- bourne Road, Marsh.

Sykes. Radcliffe, Emmanuel Terrace, Salford, Lockwood. Sayles, Reuben, 10, Belmont Street. Sykes, Richard, 46, South Street.

Sykes, Sam, 36, Buxton Road. Sykes, Sam, 17, Hawthorn Ter- race, Crosland Moor. Sykes, Samuel, 2, Devonshire Buildings, Victoria Lane ; h. 12, Malvern Road, Primrose Hill. Sykes, Tiffany, 48, Norman Road, Birkby. | Sykes Thomas Henry, 1, New North Road, ; h. 29, West Hill. Sykes, Walter, 70, Chapel Hill. Sykes, Walter, 4, Fern Lea Road, Lindley. Sykes, Walter Hill, 11, Market Street ; h. 25, Church Street, Moldgreen..



Sykes, William, 141, Yews Hill Road, Lockwood. Sykes, William, 31a, New North Road.

TABRUM, Street ; Avenue. Tate, Thomas Henry Bentley, 24, John William Street; h 24, Oakfield Road, Birkby. Tate, Thomas. Moody, Spring- dale Road, Lockwood. Taylor, Abraham, 11-13, Aspley.


4, King h. 12,


Taylor, Alfred, 28, Parkgate, Berry Brow. Taylor, Alfred, Lower Park,

Berry Brow. Taylor, Arthur, 16, Newhouse Road, Sheepridge. Taylor, Benjamin, wood Gate. Taylor, Brierley, 26, Wood End, Parkgate, Berry Brow. Taylor, David, 9, Bath Street, Lockwood. Taylor, Edward, 46, St. Helen’s Lane, Almondbury. Taylor, F., 1, Henry Street you: 13, Aspley. Taylor, Frank, 50, Kirkgate i Mountjoy Road. Taylor, Frank Woodhead, Queen Street South; h. 52, Trinity Street. Taylor, George, 14a, Trinity Street. Taylor, George, Chapel Terrace, Crosland Moor.

179, Long-

- Taylor, George Edward, 87, Marsden Road, Crosland Moor. Taylor, George Henry, 126,

Wakefield Road, Dalton. Taylor, George Janson, 14, Dun- das Street: h. 19, Portland Street. Taylor, George Washington, 6, Springwood Avenue.

Page 400


Taylor, Herbert, Dowker Street, Longwood. Taylor, Henry, Berry Brow. Taylor, Henry, 50, Kirkgate; h. 19, Edgerton. Taylor. James, 49, Church Lane, Moldgreen. Taylor, Jane, 23, Wentworth Street. Taylor, Joe, 76, Norman Road,

irkby. Taylor, John, 42, Church Street, Moldgreen. Taylor, John, Nettleton, Dalton. Taylor, J. H., 17-19, Macaulay Street ; h. 31, Spring Street. Taylor, John Henry, 34, John William Street ; h. 75, Birkby Lodge Road. William, 30,

Taylor, John Trinity Street. Taylor, John William, 52, Park- gate, Berry Brow. Taylor, John William, 27, Rein- wood Road, Quarmby.

10, Parkgate,

Taylor, Joseph, 104, Norman Road, Birkby. Taylor, Percy, 26, Ashgrove

Road, Deighton. Taylor, Richard Brook, 15, Nor- man Road, Birkby. Taylor, Robert, 51, Blacker Road North. Taylor, Robert Sayles, 22, George Street, Longwood. Taylor, Robert, 22,. Vance’s Buildings, Cloth Hall Street; h. 29, Portland Street. Samuel, Prospect Street ; h. 71, New North Road. Taylor, Samuel, 37, Jumble, Yew Green Road, Crosland Moor. Taylor, Seth, 65, Thornhill Road, Longwood Gate. Taylor, Stanley Ashworth (Tay- lor and Littlewood, Ltd., Newsome Mills), Croft House, Ruth Street, Newsome. Taylor, Thomas, 14, Bay Hall Common Road, Birkby.


Thorpe, Thomas William, 64, Exchange, Market Street; h. Fair View, Golcar. Taylor, Tom, 72, Bankfield Road, Almondbury Bank. Taylor, Tom, 3, Lady House Lane, Berry Brow. Taylor, Thomas, 180, Halifax Old Road. Taylor, Walter, | Lockwood Brewery; h. Birkby Hall Road, Birkby. Taylor, William, Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Moor. William, Westbourne , Marsh. Taylor, William, 46, Thornton Road, Crosland Moor. Taylor, William, 6-12, Trinity Street; h. 17, Croft House , Lane, Marsh. Taylor, William Beaumont, 6,

Elmwood Avenue, Bath Street. Taylor, William Edward, 37,

Crosland Hill Road, Crosland Moor. Taylor, William Fergus, 11-13, Dundas Street ; h. 11, Bath Street, Lockwood. Tee, Arthur, Cross Church Street; h. Percy Street, Far-

town . Telfer, Herbert, 65, King Street; h. Wormald Street, Almondbury. Tetlow, James, 3, Poplar Ter-

race, Wakefield Road, Dalton.

Thackray, George, 13, Lord Street ; h. 25, Arnold Street, Birkby. Thackwray, John, 120, West-

bourne Road, Marsh. Theaker, Francis Sanderson, 1%, Broad Lane, Moldgreen. Thewlis, Abel, 22, Holly Bank Road, Lindley. Thewlis, George Wellington, 84, Norman Road, Birkby. Thewlis, John, Slack, Outlane. Thewlis, Walter Wellington, 116, Taylor Hill Road, Salford, Lockwood.

Page 401


Thickett, Edward, 13, Old Field- house, Leeds Road North. Thomas, Fred, 8, Spring Grove Street. Thomas, Harry, 18, Grove Street. Thomas, Mary, 10, Fitzwilliam Street West. Thomas. Joel, 6, Spring Street: h. 23, Hill Street, Marsh. Thomas, William, 171, Bradford Road. Thompson, Edwin, 48, Fartown


Green Road. Thomson, George, Woodhouse Mills, Deighton; h. Wood-

house Hall, Fartown. Thompson, George Henry, 8, Buxton Road; h. 38, Birkby Hall Road, Birkby. Thompson, John, 42, Fartown Green Road. Thompson, Samuel, 118, Halifax Old Road.

Thomson, William, Woodhouse Mills; h. The Lodge, Deigh- ton. Thomson, James, 13, Park Drive. Thorburn, William Thompson,

120, Longwood Road, Quarm- by

Thornton, Edward, New Street ; h. 49, Spring Street. Thornton, Elizabeth, 72, Fitz- william Street. Thornton, Fanny Sophia, 19, Fitzwilliam Street West. Thornton, James William, 24a. Fitzwilliam Street Hast. Thornton, John William, Hope Street, Longwood. Thornton, Seth, Somerset Road, Almondbury.

Thornton, Thomas Earnshaw, Fountain Street; h. 34, Bank- field Road.

Thornton, Tom Brook, Yews Hill Road, Lockwood. Thornton, William, 5-9, Dundas Street ; h. 132, Halifax Old Road, Hillhouse.

371 Thornton, William, 5, Britannia Chambers, St. George’s Square ; h. The Oaks, Ras- trick. Thorp, William, 20, West Hill. Thorpe, Fred, William Street, Crosland Moor. Thorpe, Isaac, 69, Netheroyd Hill Road, Fartown. Thorpe, James, 11, Birkby Hall Road. Thorpe, John, Fitzwilliam Street ast. Thorpe, Josiah, 43, Jumble, Yew Green Road, Crosland Moor. Thorpe, Richard, 46, N etheroyd Hill Road, Fartown. Thwaite, Alfred, 323, Bradford Road North. Thwaite, Sydney Herbert, By- ram Arcade, Westgate ; h. 179, Bradford Road North. Tiffany, Fred, 96, Swan Lane, Lockwood. - Tiffany, Simeon Dyson, 13, West Parade ; h. 42, North Cross Road, Cowcliffe. | Tillotson, Jesse, 13, North Cross Road, Cowcliffe. Tillotson, Septimus Brown, 6, Spaines Road, Fartown. Tindall, George Hargreaves, 103, Bradford Road. Tindall, James Henry, Back Fitzwilliam Street Hast ; h. 8, Great Northern Street. Tingle, E .M. (sec. ¥.M.-G.A.), King Street ; h. 2, Gledholt Road

Tingay, William Henry, = 1, Trinity Street. Tinker, Albert, 15, Railway Street ; h. Holmebridge. Tinker, Arthur L., 23, Market Street; h. Sunnyside, Edger-

ton. Tinker, George, and Son, 23, Market Street. Tinker, Harold, 23, Market Street ; h. 5, Bradley Lane, Highfields. Tinker, Henry, 23, Market Street ; h. Vernon House,

New North Road.

Page 402

372 Tinker, Herbert, 162, Wakefield Road, Dalton. Tinker, John, 15, Railway

Street ;h. Woodlands, Thongs- bridge. , rae Alfred, 2, New North

oad. Tinsley, John, Somerset Cres- cent, Moldgreen.

Todd, Joseph, 41a, Fitzwilliam Street. | Todd, George Watson, 90,

Blacker Road North, Bizkby. Tolson, Thomas Marshall, Hill- house Road; h. 32, New North Road. Tomlinson, Alfred, 35, Norman

Road, Birkby. | Tomlinson, George, 68, Bentley Street, Lockwood. Tomlinson, William Henry,

Leeds Road North, Deighton. Tiowlsen, Allen, 38, Ramsden Street. | : Towlson, Herbert, 64, King Street. _ Towlson, Joseph, 27, Scale Lane, Fartown. Towlson, Thomas, jun., 65, Long- wood Road ; tom Road, Lockwood. Townend, Ambrose, Meg Lane, Longwood. : Townend, Andrew, 71, Thornhill Road, Longwood Gate. Townend, Frederick, 88, Fartown Green Road.

Townend, George, 13,- Thornhill

Road, Longwood Gate. | Townend, George, 16, Princess Street ; h. 84, Manchester Road. Townend, James William, 97, Fartown Green Road. Townend, Josiah, Hope Street, Longwood. Townend, Law, 3, Burfit’s Road, Quarmby. 7 Townend, Lees, Kew Hill, Out- lane. Townend, Oliver, 25, Thornhill Road, Longwood Gate. Townend, Walter, 136, Longwood Road.


Turner, Abraham,

h. 7, Moorbot-


Townsend, Benjamin, 21, Bent- ley Street, Lockwood. Townsend, Joe William, 36, Ar- lom’s Square, Newsome. © Townsend, Wilson, 16, Park Road West, Crosland Moor. Timmins, Samuel, 47, Bankfield Road, Almondbury Bank. Tubbs, Dora Catherine, 64, Westfield, Trinity Street. Tunnacliffe, Ben, la, Fitzwilliam Street Hast. Tunnacliffe, Charles Henry, 98, Long Lane, Dalton. Tunnacliffe, Henry, 1, Fitzwil- liam Street Hast. Tunnacliffe, Tom Brook, 57,West Parade. Tunnacliffe, William, 18, Spring- wood Street. Tunnacliffe, William, Peel Street ; h. 335, Prospect Street. Springdale Street, Lockwood. Turner, Abraham, 11, Buxton Road ; h. 98, Alder Street, Bradford Road. Turner, Arthur, 20, Fair Street, Lockwood. Turner, Charles William, 959, Blacker Road North, Birkby. Turner, David, 60, King Street. f’urner, George, 167, Wakefield Road, Dalton. Turner, Milton, 104, Blacker Road North, Birkby. Turner, John, 3, Norman Road, Birkby. Turner, John, 12, Yew Road, Crosland Moor. Turner, John, 24, Armitage Road, Longwood. Turner, John Herbert, Market Place ; h. Carr Mount, Holm- firth. Turner, John William, 43, Dyson Street, Moldgreen. Turner, Joseph, Road, Marsh. Joseph Brooke, St. Peter’s Street West; h. Riley, Kirkburton.



Page 403


Turner, Joshua Charles, Cloth Hall Street ; h. Fern Dale, Brockholes. Turner, Joseph John, Thornton Lodge, Lockwood. Turner, Tom, 43, Yews Hill Road, Lockwood. | Turner, William, 33, Road, Moldgreen.


Turton, George, 50, Bradford Road. Tyas, John Henry, 8, Albany

Terrace, Victoria Road, Lock- wood. Tyas, John William, Springdale Road, Lockwood. Tye, Robert, Leeds Road North. Tyson, William Henry, 30, Rams- den Street.

UMPLEBY, Joseph, Rosemary Lane ; h. 43, Ramsden Street Unwin, Walton, 166, New Hey Road, Lindley. Uttley, Jonathan, Road, Marsh.

VARLEY, Alfred, 5, Lancaster’s Yard ; h. 140, Birkby Hall . jo Varley, George Frederick, 7, St. George’s Square ; h. 7, Park _ Drive. Varley, John William, 43, Mar- ket Street ; h. 55, Storthes, Moldgreen. Varley, Walter, 87, Almondbury Bank, Moldgreen. Veevers, Arthur, 37, King’s Head Buildings ; h. 7, Armi- tage Square, Crosland Moor. Verity, Rev. Walter H., M.A.., Diocesan Secretary for C.E.T.S. ; h. 10, York Place, _ New North Road. Verity, William, 1, Burfits Road, Quarmby. Vickerman, Fred, 134, Birkby Hall Road, Fartown. Vickerman, John, 5, Britannia Chambers, St. George’s Square ; h. 31, Woodside Road, Lockwood.

4, Murray


Vickerman, John Arthur, 11, Fern Street, Fartown. Vickerman, Tom, 2, Park Valle

Cottages, Woodfield Road, Lockwood. Vickers, John James, 45, New Street. Vigrass, Joseph, 62, South Street.

Vigrass, Thomas Henry, 6, Wood- land Mount, Marsh. Vizard, Patrick, 43, lLower- houses, Newsome.

WADDINGTON, Elkanah, © 87, Wasp Nest Road, Fartown. Waddington, Frederick, 32, Bradford Road North. Waddington, Haigh, 248, Wake- field Road, Dalton. Waddington, Harry, 3, Smithy Lane, Moldgreen. Waddington, Joe, 121, Fartown Green Road. Wade. Alfred Ernest, 103, Long Lane, Moldgreen. Wade, Edwin Herbert, 64, New Street; h. 43, Upper George Street. Wade, Jonas, 45, Market Street: h. Highburton. Wade, Henry Proctor Holly, 38, Bankfield Road. Wade, Stringer Fred, 57, Vic- toria Road, Lockwood.

Wadsworth, Albert, 49, Brad- ley Lane. Wadsworth, Alfred, Cross

Church Street ; h. ~Market Street, Milnsbridge. Wadsworth, Edward, 30, Hali- fax Road, Lindley. Wadsworth, George, 30, Filbert Street, Fartown. Wadsworth, Henry, 19, Beast Market; h. 84, Cross Lane, Marsh.

‘ Wadsworth, James Richard, 12,

Bay Hall Common _ Road, Birkby. Wadsworth, John William, 132, Netheroyd Hill Road, Far-


Page 404


Wadsworth, Joseph, 44, Long- wood Road, Quarmby. Wadsworth. Thomas, 16, West- gate; h. Reaphurst, Grimscar Foot, Fixby. Wadsworth, William, 77, Gled- holt Bank, Paddock. Wainwright, Alfred, 79, Brad- ford Road. Wainwright, Richard, 167, Hali- fax Old Road

Waite, Albert Eli, 61, Church Lane, Moldgreen. Waite, Henry, 24, New Hey Road, Lindley. Waite, Luke, 7, Fitzwilliam

Street East. Walker, Abraham, 36, Ramsden Street.

Walker, Abraham, 51, Market Street; h. 1, Croft House Lane, Marsh. Walker, Agnes, 12, Greenhead Road. Walker, Albert, 28, Mount

Street, Lockwood. Walker, Albert Edward, 18, New North Road. Walker, Albert Moorcroft, 19, South Parade.

Walker, Alexander, 32, West- gate: h. Mirfield. Walker, Alfred, J.P., Low Hills, Lindley. _ Walker, Arthur, Wentworth Street.

Walker, Benjamin, 18, Cowrakes Road, Lindley. Walker, Charles Henry, 15, Occupation Road, Lindley.

Walker, Dan, 158, New Hey Road, Lindley. Walker, Dan, Leeds Road

North, Deighton. | Walker, Edith, 88, New North Road.

Walker, Edmund, 32, West- gate; h. Storth House, Lin- thwaite.

Walker, George, 3, Burn Road, Lindley. Walker, George Henry New ‘Hey ee



Walker, Harry, 5, Cloth Hall — Street; h. Intake House, 7 Lockwood. Walker, Harry, Road Walker, Harvey, 5, Cloth Hall

Leeds N orth.

Street; h. Mount Pleasant, Linthwaite. Walker, Henry Fenton, 13, Armyta ge Crescent, wood. Walker, Herbert, 183, Leeds

Road, Deighton. Walker, James, 21, Sunset Ter race, ‘Lockwood.

Walker, James, 10, Grove Street, Longwood. Walker, James, Springwood Avenue. Walker, James, 22, Bradford Road North. Walker, James Sutcliffe, 65, College Street, Crosland Moor Walker, James William, 34, Prospect Street.

Walker, Joe, 30, Moldgreen. Walker, Joe, 49, Netheroyd Hill Road, Fartown. Walker, John Lee, J.P., Wood- house Mills; h. Glenfield, Deighton. Wale John William, 9, Thorn- cliffe ‘Street, Lindley. Walker, Lewis, 252, Leeds Road North. Walker, Matthew, 6, Gilead — Road, Longwood. Walker, Rochford Steele, Al-

bany “Mills, Firth Street; h. Bay Hall Fields.

Church Street,


Walker, Samuel, 12, Ashgrove Road, Deighton. Walker, Samuel; 45, Halifax Road, Lindley. Walker, Thomas, 12, King Street; h. 12, Park Drive. Walker, ’ ‘Thornton, 77, High- royd, Moldgreen. Walker, Walter, 235, Leeds

Road North, Deighton. Walker, William, 9, Taylor Hill Road, Salford, Lockwood,

Page 405


Walker, William, 14, Parkgate, Berry Brow.

Walker, William, 222, Bradford |

Road North. Walkington, W. E., Advertiser Press, Page Street; h. 12, East Parade. Wall, William Barrow, 12, Cam- bridge Road. Wallace, Alexander, St. John’s Road; h. Heaton Road, Gled- holt. Wallace, Frank, St. John’s Road; h. 2, Melrose Terrace, Bradley Lane. Wallaces’, Ltd., 8, King Street, and branches; head office, St. John’s Road. Waller, Edward Cheetham, 98, Bentley Street, Lockwood. Wallhead, George, 12, Wood- lands, Gledholt Road, Marsh. Wallis, J oseph, 13, Birkby Lodge Road, Birkby. Wallis, Thomas Steadman, 17, St. John’s Road ;h. 32, South Street. Walsham, John, Hill Top, Lind- ley; h. Market Street, bridge Albert Edward, 190, Halifax Old Road. Walshaw, Edward, 162, Halifax Old Road.

Walshaw, Richard, Carnelly West. Lynn, Queen’s Road, Edgerton. Walshaw, William, 89, Bradford Road. Walton, Arthur, 11, Blacker Road North. Walton, Elizabeth, 3, West Hill. Walton, Henry, 181, Dives

House, Wakefield Road, Dal- ton. Walton, Herbert Edward, 6, Vance’s Buildings, Cloth Halll street ; 25, Wentworth Street. Walton, Rev. John H., B.A., curate of Kirkheaton; _h. Green Cross House, Mold- green,

Walton, Robert Thomas, 1, Bux- ton Road. Ward, Arthur, Road, Marsh. Ward, Albert Llewellyn Wil- liam, 2, New Street; h. 94, Bradford Road North. Ward, Elizabeth, 3, Greenhead Road. | Ward, John, 10, Dale Street, Longwood. Ward, J. “H.; Kirk’ “View, Mountjoy Road. Ward, John Henry, 10-11--13, Royal Chambers, St. George’s Square; h. Belmont Street. Ward, J. H., 50, Calton Street. Ward, Thomas, Springdale Street, Lockwood. Ward, Thomas, 21, Holly Bank Road, Lindley.

144, Westbourne

WwW ardell, John Watson, 90, South Street. Wardell, John William, 2, Springwood Street. Wardle, Bellarby, 9, John William Street; h. 82, Fitz-

william Street. Ware, George, 25, Park Terrace, Crosland Moor. Ware, William Robert, 25, Hali- fax Road, Lindley. Wareing, William Henry, 2, St. John’s Road, Marsh. Waring, Frederick, 76, Hillhouse Road. Waring, Herbert, 4, Somerset Place, Moldgreen. Warwick, Jonathan Levi, 18, Nursery Street, Fartown. — Washington, George, 16, North- umberland Street ; h. ag, Portland Street. Washington, George Henry, 23, Longwood Road, Quarmby. Washington, George Henry, 77, Market Hall; h. 10, Commer- cial Crescent. Washington, Henry, 5, Lord Street; h. 15, Commercial Street,

Page 406

376 Washington, John William, 16,

N orthumberland- Street: h. Caledonia Road. ‘aterhouse, Charles, 44, Nor- man Road, Birkby. Waterhouse, Ernest, 15, Rail- way Street; h. Holly Bank, Lindley. Waterton, John William, North Cross, Road, Fartown. Waterworth, Jonas Edward,

65, Lowerhouses, Newsome. Waterworth, J eremiah, Spring- dale Street, Lockwood. Watkinson, "Arthur Clapham, 51, Thornton Lodge Road, Lockwood. Watkinson, Edwards, 30, Nor- leigh, Gledholt Road, Marsh. Watkinson, Francis Cliffe, Bi, Greenhead: Road. Watkinson, Frederick Turner,

ja, Station Street; h. 20, Gledholt Road. Watkinson, Harry, 14, St. George’s Square; h. Green

Lea, Dalton Green. Watkinson, James Brook, 14,

St. George’s Square ; Sands, Holmfirth. Watkinson, John, 84b, New North Road.

Watkinson, Thomas Bond, 14,

St. George’s Square; h. 8, Brian Road, Edgerton. Watkinson, Thomann Edwards, 50, Trinity Street. Watson, Edwin, 177, Bradford Road.

Watson, Harry, Ludlam’s Yard, New Street; h. 27, Man- chester Road.

Watson, Rev. W. T., assistant curate of Rashcliffe; h. Ebenezer Cottage, Fenton

Road, Lockwood. Watson, Richard, 39, Green Road. Watson, Richard, 40, Cleveland Road, Lindley. Watson, Robert, 69, Birkby Hall Road, Birkby.



-| Watson, William Edward, 264,

New Hey Road, Lindley. Weavill, Alfred, 96, Longw ood Gate. Webb, John Edward, 3a, Station Street : Ber So entworth Street. Webb, Francis, 30, Westgate; h. Caledonia Road, Marsh. Webb, Henry, 175, Dives House, Wakefield Road, Dalton.

Webb, James William, 44, Chapel Terrace, Crosland Moor.

Webb, John Edward, 3, Went- worth Street. Webb, John William, 103, Brad- ford Road North.

Webster, Abraham, Haigh House Hill, Outlane. Webster, Benjamin, 41, Brad- ford Roa Webster, Edward, 30, Bentley

Street, Lockw ood.

| Webster, George, 25a, Spring- wood Street. Webster, Herbert, Princess

Street : h. 91, Thornton Road, Crosland Moor.

Webster, Joseph, 75, Longwood Road. Webster, Joseph, 19, Wood- house ill, Fartown. Webster, Richard, 160, Wake- field Road. Weintz, Henry, 4, New Street. Welbourn, John, 4, Smithy Lane, Moldgreen. Weldrake, Yates, 6a, Queen

Street :h. Clough Lane, High- town, Liversidg e. Wakefield

Wells, Charles, “189, Road, Dalton. Welsh, Robert, Market Place; h. 234, "Wakefield Road. West, George, 10, Bay Hall Common Road, Birkby. West, James, 164, Hill Side, Newsome. Westbrook, Charles Ernest, 7,

Prospect Street.

Westerby, John Arthur, Yews Hill Road, Crosland Moor.

Page 407


Westoby, William Laurence, Pond Cottage, Woodfield Road, Lockwood.

Weston, Frank, 150, Bradford Road North. Wheatley, Charles, 4, Queen’s Road, Marsh.

Wheatley, James Eastwood, 12,

New Street; h. 1, Woodland Mount. Wheatley, John Gowland, Far- town Green Road. Wheatley, Robert, 123, Fartown, Green Road. Wheatley, William and Joseph, 50, King Street; h. Queen’s Road, Edgerton. Wheawill, Charles, 1, Imperial Arcade, New Street; h. 9, York Place. Wheawill, Cornelius, 1, Imperial Arcade, New Street: h. 11, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Wheelwright, George, 45, Ex- change, Market Street; h. Scammonden. Wheelwright, William, Leeches, Outlane. Whincup, Samuel Oddy, 26, Trinity Street. Whitaker, Frederick William, 9, Blacker Road North, Birkby. Whitaker, Mark, Lindley Moor. White, Alfred, 64, Cleveland Road, Lindley. White, Edward, 30, Daisy Lea Lane, Lindley. : White, Edwin, 30, Westbourne Road, Marsh. White, Henry, 79, South Street. White, William, 51, Fitzwilliam Street; h. 85, New North

Road. White, William Percival, 33, Thornton Lodge Road, Lock- wood.» Whitehead, Andrew, 82, New Hey Road, Lindley. Whitehead, Charles Henry, 1-3, Blacker Road North, Birkby. Whitehead, David Hoyle, 183, Leeds Road; h. 4, Whitacre Street, Deighton.


Whitehead, George, 80, Lower- houses, Newsome. Whitehead, George Henry, ‘10, Blacker Road North; h. 72, Lockwood Road. Whitehead, Henry, Hall, Outlane. Whitehead, Joseph, 50, Fitz- william Street. Whitehead, Nathan, 60, Bentley Street, Lockwood.


Whitehead, Seth, 26, George Street, Longwood. Whitehead, Tom, 12, Blacker Road North, Birkby. | Whiteley, Abraham, 12, Mel-

tham Road, Lockwood. Whiteley, Albert Edward, 7a, Shambles Lane; h. Beacon Street, Hillhouse. Whiteley, Albert Eastwood, 1, Thornton Road, Lockwood.

Whiteley, Andrew, 9, Park. Road, Crosland Moor. Whiteley, Arthur Wade, 42, Westgate. Whiteley, Benjamin, 13, Market Walk; h. Clifton Place, Mount, Longwood. Whiteley, Dan, 3, Church Strees, Moldgreen. Whiteley. David, 3, Vicarage Road, Longwood. Whiteley, Dennison, 102, Ex- change, Market Street; h.

Sunny Bank, Golear. Whiteley, George, 24, Victoria ‘Road, Lockwood. : Whiteley, George, 47, Netheroyd Road, Fartown.

Whiteley, Henry, 15, Railway Street; h. Holme, Holme- bridge, : Whiteley, James William, 24,

Church Lane, Moldgreen. Whiteley, Joe, 66, Church Lane, Moldgreen. Whiteley, Jonn Henry, 15, Mar- ket Walk; h. 8, Park Drive. Whiteley, John William, 67, Fartown Green Road.

Page 408

378 Whiteley, George William, 43,

Street, Primrose Hill. Whiteley, J. | Prospect Ironworks, Swan Lane; h. Thornfield, Lockwood. Whiteley, Joseph, 32, Street; h. 56, Gledholt Road. Whiteley, Joshua, 32, Milford Street; h. 5, Dryclough, Cros- land Moor.

Whiteley, Robert, 6, Bankfield Road. Whiteley, Robert, Almond-

bury Bank, Moldgreen. Whiteley, Samuel, 5, Wasp Nest Road, Birkby. Whiteley, Samuel, Grove Mills,

Grove Street; h. Leymoor, Golcar. Whiteley, Shepherd, 14, Black- moorfoot Road, Crosland Moor. Whiteley, Thomas, 102, Ex- change, Market Street: h. Station Terrace, Golcar. Whiteley, William, Prospect Ironworks, Swan Lane, Lock- wood; h. 21, Holly Mount, Edgerton.

Whitfield, David Shaw, 5, Rams- den Street ; h. Broomfield, Fixby. Whitfield, James MacLanachan, 8, Cambridge Road.

WwW hittell, Henry Augustine, Swan with Two Necks, 5, Westgate. Whittle, James Henry, 6, Haw- thorne Terrace, Crosland Moor. Whittle, Thomas. Kaye, 6, Graham’s Buildings, Hill- house Road.

Whitwam, Albert Edward, 3, Fitzwilliam Street. East. Whitwam, Arthur, 15, Railway Street; h. ‘Stone Lea, Golear. Whitwam, Eli, 30, Swath, Parade Whitwam, Fred, 8, Grove Street, Longwood. Whitwam, Burn Road, Lindley.

James Edward, 23,.


; | Whitwam, John, Grove Mills, King Street; h. 34, Industrial |

Grove Street; h. Upperfields, Golcar. Whitwam, Robert, - Nettleton Hill, Outlane. Whitw am, William, Leeds Road North. Whitwell, Walter Charles, 22, Nursery Street, Fartown. Whitworth, Albert, 112, Brad- ford Road. Whitworth, Arthur, Seedhill; h. lavesey Lane, Lepton. Whitworth, John Hardy, 48, King Street; h. 36, Spring Grove Street. | Whittaker, Frederick, 40, Bank- field Road, Moldgreen. Whittaker, James, 3, Gledholt Road, Marsh. Whitteron, Alfred, 23-25, West Parade. Whitteron, Joseph, 23a, Rams- den Street. Whorlow, Rev. Alfred, M.A., vicar of Woodhouse ; h. 19, Woodhouse Hill, Sheepridge. Whowell, George, 42a, Chapel Terrace, Crosland Moor. Widdows, George Davison, 23, Market Hall; h. 10, Clara Street. Wigglesworth, Edwin ia 156, Longroyd Bridge; ‘Albion Terrace, Manchester Road. Wigglesworth, John, Woodside Farm, Fartown. Wild, Archibald, 26, Church Lane, Moldgreen. Wild, Charles, 100, Road, Birkby.

Wild, Bdward Lister, 81, Brad- ford Road. Wild, Clayton, Mount, Edgerton.

Frederick Wild, William Donati, Mountjoy Road ; h. 8, York Place. Wild, John, 44, Blacker Road North, Birkby. Wild, Willie, 55, Park Road West, Crosland Moor.


Page 409


Wilks, Richard, Peel Street; h. {

41, Hillhouse Road, Fartown

Wilks, William, 51, . King Street; -h. Spaines Road, Fartown.

Wilkinson, Allen, 41, Reinwood Road, Lindley.

Wilkinson, Arthur, 17, St. Peter’s Street. Wilkinson, Eli, 67, Road, Lindley. 3 Wilkinson, Fenton, 19, Fern

Street, Fartown. Wilkinson, Frank, 212, Halifax Old Road, Fartown. Wilkinson, France Arthur, 160, Taylor Hill Road, Salford, Lockwood. Wilkinson, Frederick, 51, Thorn- cliffe Street, Lindley. Wilkinson, Frederick Smithson, 45, Birkby Crescent, Birkby. Wilkinson, Fred Stancliffe, 28, Market Street; h. 39, Vic- toria Street, Lindley. Wilkinson, George Henry, 22, Wasp Nest. Road, Fartown.

Wilkinson, Harry, 27, Trinity Street. Wilkinson, James, 46, Fitz- william Street. Wilkinson, James, 13, Brow Road, Paddock. Willans, James Edward, 32, Market Street; h. Rose Hill, Birkby. Wilkinson, Jere, 7, Church

Lane, Moldgreen. Wilkinson, Jonas, and Whaley Joe, 22, Pack Horse Yard; h. Oakfield Road, Clayton, near Bradford. Wilkinson, John Stead, Kirk-

gate: h. 12, Wren Street, Paddock. Wilkinson, Johnson, 12, St.

George’s Square; h. 75, New North Road. Wilkinson, Joseph, 202, New Hey Road, Lindley. Wilcock, Lawrence, 20, West- gate; h. Imperial Road, Ed- gerton,


Wilkinson, Mark, near Post Office, Outlane.

Wilkinson, Perey, 22, Percy Street, Fartown. Wilkinson, Simeon, 33, Baker Street, Lindley. Wilkinson, Thomas, 115, New Hey Road, Lindley. Wilkinson, Tom, 75, College

Street, Crosland Moor. Wilkinson, William, 22, Bank- field Road. Wilkinson, William, 149, New Hey Road, Lindley. Wilkinson, William, 28, Market treet; h. 32, New Hey Road, Lindley. Willerton, John Robert, 49, Burn Road, Lindley. Willey, Charles, 166, Blacker Road North. Williams, Henry John, 33, St. Paul’s Street.

Williams, James, 1, Halifax Old Road. Williamson, Reuben, 5, West Hill. Willingale, Thomas, Market _ Place ; h 66, Somerset Road.

Wilmshurst, Walter Leslie, 1-9, Kirkgate Buildings; h. Forest Avenue, Marsh. Wilson, Ben, 152, Birkby Hall Road, Fartown. Wilson, Frank

Herbert, 30, Queen Street.

Wilson, Fergus, 13, Briggate Dalton. Wilson, George Hobson, 3,

Ramsden Street ; h. 28, Gled- holt Road. Wilson, Gilbert, 29, St. Helen’s Lane, Almondbury. Wilson, Harry, 102, Gledholt Bank, Paddock. Wilson, James, 102, Road North, Fartown. Wilson, Joe, 96, N etherhoyd Hill Road, Fartown. Wilson, John, 3, Clare Hill. Wilson, Joe Willie, 17, Bath Street, Lockwood,


Page 410


Wilson, Kilner, Bay Hall, Marsh ; h. 45, Halifax Oid Road. Wilson, Louis Nightingale, 51,

Buxton Road; h. 3, Clare Flill

Wilson, Thomas Fenwick, 71, emont. Street. Wilson, Thomas Simpson, 1, Ramsden Street ; h. 28, Gled holt Road. Wilson, Walter, 45, Norman Road, Fartown. Wilson, Wright, 31, Nettleton,

Dalton. Wilson, William Henry, 3, Pros- pect Place, Prospect Street. Wilton, Ernest, 2, Beaumont Park Road, Crosland Moor. Wimpenny, Eli, 3, Springwood Avenue.’ Wimpenny, Elliott, 31, Ramsden Street.

Wimpenny, Ernest, 68, Mount Street, Lockwood. Wimpenny, George, 25, Ex- change, Market Street ; h. 4, West Hill. Wimpenny, Joe, 53, Market Hall ; h. 142, Longwood Gate Wimpenny, John, 51, Spring Street.

Wimpenny, John Ely, 17, Dun- das Street ; h. 18, Street. ‘Wimpenny, Samuel, 16, Mount Street, Lockwood. W William Ernest, 9, Cloth Hall Street ; h. 4, Kaffir Road, Lindley.

Windle, Oswald, . 42, King Street ; h. Commercial Cres- cent.

Winfield, Walter, Market Hall ; h. 36, Beast Market. Winn, Charles Allen, 21, Market Hall; h. Victoria Road, Lock- wood. | Winn, Charles Herbert, 15, New- some Road, Berry Brow. Winn, Robert, 20, Market Hall, Victoria Street ; h. 107, Vic- toria Road, Lockwood.



Winn, William, 2, Hawksby’s

Court, New Street ; h. 13, Brook Street, Moldgreen. High

Winpenny, Harry, 1, Street, Longwood Gate. Winpenny, John Richard, 39, Park Road, Crosland Moor. Winterbottom, John William. 63, Bradford Road North. Wint erbottom, Robert John, 35, Fartown Green Road.

Winterman, Frank, 2, Market Street. Wiseman, James, Peel Street,

Central Office ; h. Moldgreen Police Station. Wittrick, William Henry, Spaines Road, Fartown. Woffenden, Harry, Halifax Old Road, Birkby. Woffenden, Mark, 10, Road, Birkby. | Wolfenden, Edward, Newlands, Queen’s Road, Edgerton. Wolfenden, James, 40a, South Street. Wolstenholme, William Henry, Springwood Avenue. | Womersley, Ernest, 78, Thorn- — ton Road, Crosland Moor. Womersley, Joseph, 15, Dalton Fold Road, Dalton.


Womersley, J ohn, Leeds Road North. | Womersley, Joseph, 15, Wasp

Nest Road, Fartown.

Wood, Dien. 9, Fair Street, Lockwood. Wood, Arthur, 47, Lowerhouses, Newsome. Wood, Benjamin Prosser, 104, Upper Mount Street, Lock- wood. Wood, Charles, 39, New Street; h. 2, Yew Tree Road, Birchen- cliffe. Wood, Frank, 16, Halifax Road, Lindley. Wood, Fred, 73, Gledholt Bank Paddo ck. Wood, Frederick,

12, Fenton Road, Lockwood.

Page 411


Wood, Frederick Ernest, 106,

Norman Road, Fartown. Wood, Friend, 160, Bradford Road North. Wood, George, 56, College

Street, Crosland Moor. Wood, George, 20, Park Road West, Crosland Moor. _ Wood, George, 90, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Wood, Harry Blackburn, Market all ; h. 38, Chapel Street, Moldgreen. Wood, Henry, 77, Baker Street, Lindley. Wood, Henry, 82, Market Hall: h. Denby Dale. Wood, Herbert, 15, Street: Wood, Herbert J., A.R.C.O.

29, Laurel Terrace, Willow Lane, Hillhouse. Wood, Humphrey, 274, Wake-

field Road, Dalton. Wood, James, 120, Upper Mount Street, Lockwood. Wood, James F., Peel Street ; h. 29, ‘Acre Street, Lindley. Wood, James Henry, Snow Lea, Outlane. Wood, James Henry, 41, Swan Lane, Lockwood. Wood, Joe, 39, New Street; h. Spaines Road, Fartown. Wood, Joe William, 6, Dingle Road, Paddock. Wood, John, 64, Chapel Hill. Wood, John, 85, New Hey Road, Lindley. Wood, John Beaumont, 26, Bentley Street, Lockwood. Wood, John Edward, 16, South

Parade. | Wood, John Henry, Mountjoy Road. Wood, John Patrick, Highroyd, -Moldgreen.

Wood, John Willie, 25a, Trinity Street. Wood, John William, 23, Spring- field Terrace, Moldgreen. Wood, Johnson, Somerset Cres-

cent, Moldgreen.

Zetland |


Wood, eis, 15, South Parade Wood, Joseph, Market Hall; h. 1, William Street. ;

Wood, es Josiah, 95, Newsome Wood, Joss, 29, Spring Grove Street.

Wood, Ralph, 60, Fenton Road,


Wood, Richard, 71, Lower- houses, Newsome. Wood, ‘Row land, 9, Market

Walk; h. 159, Bradford Road. Wood, Sam, 67, Bradford Road North. Wood, Samuel, Park View, Somerset Crescent. Wood, Thomas, 12, Edge Ter- race, Longwood.

Wood, Thomas, Market Place; h. 18, Ivy Street, Moldgreen. Wood, Timothy, 12, Spring Grove Street. Wood, Walter, 4, Bradford Road North.

_ Wood, Walter, Victoria Street ;

h. South Parade. Wood, Walter, 87, New Hey Road, Lindley. Wood, William, Viaduct Street ; h. AA, Merton Street. Wood, William Henry, 41, Robin Hood Hill, Berry Brow. Woodall, William. Gibson, 20, Springwood Street.

Woodcock, Edgar, Queen’s Road, Edgerton. John, 61, Longwood Gate. Woodcock, John, 39, Halifax Road, Lindley. Woodcock, William Henry, 4, Westgate ; h. . 23, George Street. | Woodhead, Arthur, 53, Long-

wood Road. Woodhead, Edward Booth, 11, Halifax Road, Lindley. Woodhead, Edwin Crook, 278a, New Hey Road, Lindley. Woodhead, Edgar Thomas, 8, Cloth Hall Street; h. 17, West Hill.

Page 412


Woodhead, Ernest, M.A., | Worsnop, William, 38, Nethe-

Ramsden Street; h. Clovelly, Grasmere Road, Gledholt. Woodhead, Fred, 65, Hawthorn Terrace, Crosland Moor. Woodhead, Henry, 24-26, Chapel Hill. Woodhead, John, William Street, Crosland Moor. Woodhead, Joseph, Ramsden Street; h. Longdenholme. Woodhead, Joseph, 7, Imperial Arcade, New Street; Greenhead Road. Woodhead, Joseph, 9, New Hey Road, Lindley. Woodhead, Tom Eastwood, 27, Church Lane, Moldgreen. Woodhead, Walter, 136, Leeds Road North. Woodhead, William, 44, West Parade. Woodhead, William, 136, Netheroyd Hill Road, Far- town. Woodhouse, Albert, Greenhead Road. : Woodhouse, Arthur, 41, St. Helen’s Lane, Almondbury.

Woodhouse, Crosland, 41, Thorn- |

cliffe Street, Lindley. Woodhouse, George, 162, Taylor Hill Road, Salford, Lockwood. Woodhouse, Henry, 124, Brad- ford Road North.

Woodhouse, Hinchliffe, 35a, Ramsden Street. ‘

Woodhouse, Joe, 19, Dalton

Fold Road, Dalton. Woodhouse, John, 31, George Street, Longwood. , Woolger, Morris, St. John’s Road ; h. Murray’ Road, Edgerton. Wooller, John William, 10, Long Lane, Dal- on. Woolven, James Albert, Vic- toria Street; h. 21, West Parade. Worsley, Gamelial Lockwood, 70, Bradley Mills.


| |

royd Hill, Fartown. Worthington, Albert, 15, Brad- ford Road. Wray, William, 113, South Street. Wren, Christopher Henry, 46, Spring Street. Wright, Charles, Longwood Road, Quarmby. Wright, John Thomas, 83, Brad- ford Road North. Wright, John William, 228, Wakefield Road, Dalton.

Wright, Mitchell, 137, Wakefield

Road, Moldgreen. Wright, Stephen, 3, Fern Lea Road, Lindley. Wright, Thomas, 3, Lower Hill Top, Moldgreen. Wright, William, 39, Chapel Hill ; h. 17, Orchard Street. Wrigley, Albert, 32, Filbert Street, Birkby. Wrigley, Ben, 148, Blacker Road North. Wrigley, Ernest Albert, 20-22-24, Buxton Road ; h. Thorpe Villa, Almondbury. Wrigley, Herbert, 23, New Laith ill, Newsome. Wrigley, James Albert, 20-22-24, Buxton Road; h. Field Head, Netherton. Wrigley, James Henry, 17, Burn Road, Lindley. Wrigley, James Oliver, 30, Cow- rakes Road, Lindley. Wrigley, Joe, 5, Hawthorn Ter- race, Crosland Moor.

Wrigley, John, 235, Longwood

Gate. Wrigley, John William, 50, Church Street, Moldgreen. Wrigley, John William Haigh, 35, Hawthorn Terrace, Cros- land Moor. Wrigley, Nathan, 6, Lamb Hall Road, Longwood Gate. Wrigley, Thomas, 131, Pond House, Waketield Road, Mold- green. Wrigley, William, 6-8, Edge Ter- race, Longwood.


Page 413


Wrigley, William Garnett and |

William, 20-22-24, Buxton Road ;_ h. Bent House, Mel- tham.

YARNOLD, Henry, 19, Blacker Road North, Birkby. Hall, a

Yates, James, 18, Bay Marsh. Yates, James, 16, Hill Top Road, Quarmby. Halifax Old

Yates, Sheard, 234, Road, Fartown.

383 Yates, Thomas Henry, 25, West-

gate. ‘Thomas Shuttleworth, 31, Spring Grove Street.

Yates, William Pearson, 229, Bradford Road North. Youatt, Frank, 16, New North Road. Young, Enos, 1, Half Moon Street ; h. 33, East Street, Lindley.

Young, Henry Tweed, 60, New Street ; h. 3, Murray Road, Edgerton.

Page 414



Accountants. Armitage and Norton, 12, Station Street, and 23, John William Street; tel. 537.

Armitage, Henry, 6, Queen’s Road, Edgerton. Avison, Owen, 7, Cloth Hall Street.

Beaumont, Ernest Alexander, and Co., 28, Queen Street. Boothroyd, Jonas, and Co., 6a, King Street.

Dyson, Wright, and Co., Market Place. Harrison, George, 19, Percy

Street, Hillhouse. Kaye, Tom Herbert, 8, Princess

Street. Lockwood, Fred, Cloth Hall Street. Milnes, Charles Herbert, and

Co., 4, Ramsden Street. Millington, Charles Edward, 2a, Queen Street. Netherwood and Lee, Cloth Hall Street. Poppleton, Appleby, and Ward (Chartered), St. George’s Square; tel. 41.

Revell and Revell, 55, New Street. Sharp, Joe (Chartered), 20,

Queen Street. -Sharpe and _ Sharpe, Place Chambers. Tate, Thomas Henry Bentley, 24, John William Street. Wheawill, Charles, and Son, 1, Imperial Arcade, New Street.


Account Book Manu- facturers.

Broadbent, J, and Co., 11, High Street; tel. 73.

Brown, B., Westgate. Cook, W. H., 6, Market Place. ‘* Daily Chronicle’’ Office, 15-17, Lord Street; tel. 496. Greenwood, George, 8a, Market Street. ~ Hind, Thomas, 31, John William Street. . Hodgkinson, Edward, Hawksby’s Court, New Street, and 4a, ~ Manchester Road. = Jubb, Alfred, and Son., Ltd., 10, Market Place, and Albany Printing Works, corner of Clare Hilland St. John’s Road; tel. 30. Netherwood, Dalton, and Co., 30, Market Street; tel. 401 Preston Bros. and Co., Fox Street. Swindlehurst, William, 4, Bux- ton Road. Wheatley, Dyson, and Co., New. Street.

AErated Water Manu- facturers. Briggs, Jonas, 76, Halifax Old oad. Inman, Richard Henry, Firth Street; tel. 379. Littlewood and Lockwood, John Street. | Shaw, B., and Sons, Upper- head Row and Willow Lane; tel, 383. . Shaw, John, Andrew’s Road. Tindall James Henry, 8, Great Northern Street. Wood, William, 29, Manchester Street. Wrigley, H. W., Lowerhead Row.

and Co., St.

and Co.,

Page 415


Agents—Estate, House, and Land.

Abbey and Hanson, 20, Rams-= |

den Street ; tel, 225.

Abbey, J. B., and Son, 34a, New |

Street. Brook and Dransfield, 11, Rail- way Street. Crowther, John Herbert, 38, New Street.

Firth and Wadsworth, 36, Cross |

Church Street. Hewitt, Henry, 32, Street; tel. 356.

Ramsden Estate Offices, Estate Buildings, Railway Street; tel. 146. i Sharp, Joe, 20, Queen Street.



Auty, H., 3, Buxton Road ; tel. 87. Broadbent, J. C., and Co., 11- 13. Lord Street. Cresswell, Thomas, and Co., 7-9, Lord Street. Kmsley and Collins, 5,-Brook treet. Exley, Charles, geantson Street ; tel. 271. Globe Shipping Office, 2, St. George’s Square. Frenry and Co., Ltd., 34, Market Street. Huddersfield Parcel and Ship-

ping Co., 10, St. George’s Square, and Cloth Hall Street.

Kaye, John, 165, Halifax O'd Road. Oulton,: F., 3, Buxton Road; tel. 87.

Ritener, Emil, and Co., 21, St. |

and Co., Ser- |


and Porter Merchants.

| Ackroyd, Archie,

John’s Road. Schofield and Co., 8, Broox | Street.

Schofield, George A.,, $1, Lord Street ; tel. 137.

Young, Millbank, and Seaman, |

Half Moon Street. U

and Co., | Bayer and Co., Ltd.,

55-55, King Street. : Allsopp and Sons, 15, Buxton Road

Barclay and Co., 16, Cloth Hall Street, and Hillhouse Road ; tel. 292. Bentley and Shaw, Ltd., Lock- wood Brewery, and 17, John William Street; tel. 328. Bray, John, and Co., 6a, Rook Street. , Bray, Richard, Albert Yard, New Street. Broadhead, Robert, 79-81, Brad- ford Road North. Burley and Son, 10, Wood Strect Cookson, Joe, corner Upper- head Row and We-t Parade, Eastwood, John, 12, Market Street, Miliusbridge. Gibson, Ben Spencer, 7, Hill- house Road. Hallas, Henry, 101, Almondbury Bank. Marsland P., and Sons, Water- gate Brewery. Newsome, Walter, corner North and Church Streets, Paddock. Rees, George, corner Portland and ‘trinity Street. Senior, Seth, and Sons. Cross Church Street. Spivey, Abraham, 45-47, street. Smith, George Edmund, Bradford Road. Woolven, James Albert, 7, Victoria Street. Yorkshire Brewery Co., Ltd., LT; John William Street. .

King» 99,


Aniline Dye Manufac-

turers. 7, Market Street. Beaumont, Albert H. and Co., 50a, Lowerhead Row ; tel. 121.

Page 416


Bever Lane.

and Wolf,

Hemingway and Co., Aspley Dye

Works, St. Andrew’s Road Holliday, Read, and Sons, Ltd., 11, Upperhead Row and Turn- bridge Mills ; tel. 115, works 220.

Murphy, Thomas (ink and colour maker), 24, Leef Street, Dal- _ ton. Robinson, James and Co., Hill- house Koad ; te). 3504. The Yorkshire Colour Dyers, Ltd., Armitage and Norton, agents, 23, Street. Turnbridge Dyeing Co., Ltd., Turnbridge; tel. 220.

Apartments. Berry, Eliza, 4, Street.

Macaulay Bintoft, Mrs. Agnes, 47, South Street. Bray, Mrs. Jane, 12, St. Peter’s Street. Brunton, Mrs. Emily, 1, South Street.

Buck, Ann, 14, Portland Street.

Butler, Mrs. Eliza, 32, South Street. Croft, Mrs.. Elizabeth, 53, Mer-

ton Street. Curry, Ada, 21, Lord Street. Darwent, Tracy, 5, South Street.

Dean, Mrs. Ann, 16, South Street. Dyson, Mrs. Maria, 11, South Street.

Goodall, Mrs. Ellen, 31, Ramsden Street. Hanson, Miss Sarah, 21, Zetland

Street. Mrs. Martha, 2;

Langley, Granby Street. Meek, Mrs. Mary, 22, Prospect Street. Radcliffe, Jane Elizabeth, 13, St. Peter’s Street.

Sharp, Mrs. Sarah Ann, 8, South . Street.


John William.

Chancery | |


Shaw, Mrs. Martha, 7, Granby Street. Mrs. Ann, 20, Prospect Street. Wragg, Mrs. Ann, 43, South Street. _ Architects. Berry, Joseph, 9a, Queen Street.

Cocking, John W., 24, Cloth Hall Street.

Cooper, Willie, Kirkgate Build- James Henry, 161,

ings. Hall, Brad- ford Road North. Hall, John Henry, 167, Bradford

Road North. Kirk and Son, 36, Tolan William Street. Lockwood, E. W., 4a, Station Street. “ofthouse, Arthur ‘Victor,

Spaines’ Road, Fartown. Lunn, John Ernest, Station Road, Longwood ; tel. 59m. Sheard, Samuel, 15, Stile Com-. mon Road, Primrose Hill. Stocks, Ben, St. Peter’s Street West.

ee ee

Artists. France, James, 20a, Queen Street Shaw, John Edward, Burlington House, Park Drive. Sykes, P., ann Bon, Buildings. Thorpe, Thomas, Technical Col- lege, Queen Street South.


Artists’ Repository. Cook, W. H., 6, Market Place. Eddison, Ltd., 4, Station Street. Fox, George, Northumberland Street and Friendly Street. Marshall, Mrs. 56, New Street. Priest, Mrs. Martha Ann, 50, New Street. Saile, Mrs, 31, New North Road. Stuttard, John H., Ramsden Street ; tel. 436,

Page 417


Athletic Outfitters. Collinson, Frederick, and Co., 17a, Lord Street. Kmmerson Brothers, da, Market

Street. Lockwood, Ephraim, 18, West

Parade. Auctioneers and Valuers. Abbey, J. B., and Son (and

agents and valuers), 34a, New Street. Butler and Illingworth

(valuers), 14, Queen Street. Chappell, Frederick, 22, John William Street. Eddison, Taylor, and Booth, 6, High Street. Firth and Wadsworth, 36, Cross Church Street. Haigh, John (valuer), 20, Rams- den Street; tel. 225. Hewitt, Henry, 32, Queen Street; tel. 356. Holmes, J. E., 15, Market Place. Smith, Frank, 22, Ramsden Street. Spivey, A. E., Vance’s Buildings, Cloth Hall Street. Sykes and Sons, 8, Imperial Ar- cade, New Street. Tinker, George and Son, 23, Market Street; tel. 326. Wilby A. E., and Son, 19, Cloth Hall Street. Wimpenny, George, 33 and 35, Exchange and Fox Street.

Baby Linen Dealers. Beaumont, Harry, 70, King Street. Brooke, Mary, 9, Bradford Road Dawson, miss Emma, 33, West- bourne Road, Marsh. Denham, Herbert, 30, John William Street. Pilling, Miss, 7, Byram Street. Russell, Samuel, 38-40, Cross Church Street. Sykes, Walter, 70, Chapel Hill.

| | | |

387 Thomas, W., New Street. Thornton, Mrs., New Street.

Wilkinson, David, 38, Market Street, Milnsbridge.

Bag and Canvas Makers.

Dyson, Law, and Sons, Aspley Place. Waddington and Haigh, 11, Vic- toria Street; tel. 224.


Ainley, Mrs. Maria, 14, White- ley Bottom, Milnsbridge. Armitage, A., Kinz Street. Berry, Ancrew, 1x, Chapel Hill. Bowden Bros. (biscuits), 102-103,

Market Hall. Brearley, Wright, 73-75, Lidget Street, Lindley. Calverley, Mellor, 14, Street, Lindley. Cliffe, Mrs, Harriet, 7, Deighton Road, Deighton. Collinson, Benjamin, Church Street, Paddock. Crosland, John, 50, South Street Dalton, Frank, 20, Castlegate. Dawson, Mrs. Emma, 56, Park- gate, Berry Brow. Dyson, George, 134, Bradford Road North. Dyson, Hadfield, 60, Dodsroyd, Berry Brow. Fisher, Clara, 5, Granby Street. Fleming, Sam, 16, Swan Lane, Lockwood. Haigh, Fred, 36, Barton Road, Crosland Moor. Hellawell, Mrs. Ann, corner Roydfield Street and Fartown Green Road. Horton, A. E., 123, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Huddersfield Industrial John Street. Tredale, John, 22, Street, Milnsbridge. Jackson, George, 42a, gate.



Society, Market Castle-

Page 418


Joyce, Michael, 22, Lowerhead Row, and 1, Castlegate.

Klostermann, F. , Scotch Bakery, |

Kirkgate. Lockwood, G. H., New Street.

Lockwood, P., Market Street, Paddock. Moorhouse, Joseph, 26, Barton

Road, Crosland Moor.

Shaw, Mrs. Ruth, 2, Firth Street. Sykes, Richard, 46, South Street. Sykes and Gzrside, 54, Lock- wood Road

Thewlis, Willian (oatbread), 138, Bradford Road North.

Wimpenny, John William, 8, Manchester Street. Whiceley, W., Market Walk,

and Westgate. Whittaker, John, and Sons (bis- cuits), 57, Market Hall. Whittaker, Mrs. Jane, 2, Bent- ‘ley Street, Lockwood. >


Halifax and Huddersfield Bank- ine Company; Branch, 31, Market. Street, Milnsbridge. Halifax and Huddersfield Union Bank, 3, Westgate. Halifax Joint Stock Bank, 2, Market Place. Huddersfield and Upper Ag- brigg Savings Bank, corner Buxton Road and _ Princess Street. London City and Midland Bank, Ltd. Managing director, E. H. Holden. Huddersfield branch, T. H. Stott and W. T. Stubbs; tel. 434. London and Yorkshire Bank, 20, Westgate. West Riding Union Banking Company, 15, Market Place. Yorkshire Banking nen 1; New Street.


Yorkshire Penny Bank; George Theodore Lowe, manager.

Basket and Skep Makers.

Atkinson, Alfred, 31, Bradford Road. Atkinson, John, Queen’s Head - Yard, King Street. Haigh and Co., Bankfield Road. Johnson and Sons, 3, Salford Road, Lockwood.

Mathers, William, Tan Yard, Milnsbridge. Shields, R., 41, Buxton Road.


Baths and Bath Pro=


Public Baths (A. W. Macey, superintendent), 21, Ramsden

Street. ae Public Baths, Albert Road, Lockwood. Tuley, Thomas, 21-23, Albion Street.

Turkish Baths, Infirmary Build- ings, New North Road.

Belting Manufacturers.

Hallas, Elliott, and Sons, Ltd., Rosemary Square; tel. 40. Hebblethwaite Bros., 14, St. John’s Road; tel. 340.

Berlin Wool Repositories.

Barker, George, 70, Market Hall McClellan, John, 214, Bradford Road North. Mercer, Charles, 64, Market Hall. Mooney, Miss Mary Amelia, 96, Northgate. Smith, Miss Emily, 11, Byram Street. Wadsworth, 16, West- gate. Wood, Emily, 12, Birkby Hall Road.


Page 419


Billiard Rooms.

Albert Hotel, Albert Yard, New | K

Street. - Bull and Mouth Hotel, corner Bull and Mouth and Victoria Streets. Cherry Tree Hotel, 2, Market Street. George Hotel, St. Square. Imperial Hotel, New Street. Pack Horse Hotel, Kirkgate. Queen Hotel, Market Street. The Adega. Bradley, C. H., 10a, Westgate. Waverley Hotel, Kirkgate. White Hart Hotel, Cloth Hall Street. White Swan Hotel, Kirkgate.

George’s g

Bill Poster.

Robinson, Squire Aspinall, 8a, Kast Parade.

Bird Dealers. Level, George, Greenwood’s Yard, New Street. Spivey, John, 46, Dock Street.


Blacksmiths and Farriers.

Armitage, James, 159, North- gate, Almondbury. Beaumont, James, 103, King | Street. Carter, William, 77, Almond- bury Bank.

Fleetwood, George, Leeds Road North, Deighton. Fleetwood, Henry, 46, Dods- royd, Berry Brow.

Green, William T., 6, Viaduct Street. Haviland, John, 34, Merton Street. Heaton, R., 115, Lockwood Road. Hellawell, George, 17, Viaduct Street.

Hirst, Ben, 3, Eastwood Street, Dalton.

| Ibeson,


Benjamin, 67, College Street, Crosland Moor. aye, Joah, 49, Colne Road. Kershaw, Harry, 69, Halifax Old Road.

Littlewood, Thomas, 34, Com- mercial Street. Pexton, Billy, 10, Clayton .

Birkby. Richardson, Charles, 100, West- bourne Road, Marsh. Rowley, Harry, 21, Viaduct Street and 18, Oxford Street. Smith, Joe, 15, Meltham Road,

Stocks, Nathaniel, Marsden Road, Crosland Moor. Thirkill, Richard, 30a, Leeds Road. _ Wilkinson, George, 11, Rose-

mary Lane.

Boiler Makers.

Arnold, John Edward, 115, Thornton Road, Lockwood. ~~ Broadbent, Thomas, and Sons, Ltd., Queen Street South. Brook, Tom, and Co., Chapel Hill: tel. 363. Haigh, John, and Sons, Ltd., 3, Firth Street; tel. 111. Horsfall, Jonas, Britannia Works, Colne Road; tel. 484. Tomlinson and Milan, Ltd., Chapel Hill; tel. 70.

Bookbinders and Machine

Rulers. Advertiser Press, Ltd., corner Page and Queen Street

South; tel. 444. Cook, W. H., 6, Market Place. Hind, Thomas, 31, John William Street. Hodgkinson, Edward, 4a, Man- chester Road. Jubb, Alfred, and Son, Ltd., Albany Printing Works, corner Clare Hill and St. John’s Road ; tel, 30,

Page 420


Netherwood, Dalton, and Co.,

correr Market and Dundas Streets; tel. 401. Owen, George William, 15a,

King Street. Parkin, Allen, 2, Pack Horse Yard, Kirkgate. ror Brothers, Fox Street; tel. :

Riley, B., and Co., Half Moon

Street. Russell, Samuel, 32, Storths, Moldgreen. ‘ Swindlehurst, William, 4,

Buxton Road; tel. 277.

Booksellers and Stationers.

Brown, Benjamin, 23, West- gate. Coates, E. W., 3-7, Station

Street; tel. 475.

Hind, Thomas (leather & fancy

goods), 31. John Wi'liam Street. Hey, Arthur, 139, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Longley, David Henry, 27, John William Street. Morton, Joseph Albert, 7, Cross Church Street. Royston, J. H., Bradford Road. Smith, Arthur, 60-62, Market

al: Taylor, Robert, 22, Cloth Hall Street. Towlson, Herbert, 64,. King Street.

Wheatley, Dyson, and Son, 12, New Street. Wilkinson, J. F., 8, Kirkgate. Wilson, Lewis N., 52, Buxton Road. Woodcock, William, 4, Westgate

| Boot and Shoe Makers.

| Ardron, James, 53, Storths, | Moldgreen. | Atkinson, Seth, 27, Market |

Street, Milnsbridge. Banks, John, 65, South Street.

| Gibson, J.,


Barker, James, 13, Macaulay Street. Bowker, Herbert, 104, West-

bourne Road, Marsh. Bradley, Tom, 58, Castlegate. Brearley, John, 67, Thornhill Road, Longwood. Bromley, John Paynter, 90, Northgate. Brooks and Co., Wood Street. Brown,' George, 17-19, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Callaghan, Alexander S., 2, East Street, Lindley. Carter, James, 31, Lowerhead Row. Crawshaw, Arthur, Kilner Build- ines, Longroyd Bridge. Darbyshire, James, 76, Armitage Road, Longwood.

Dawson, James, Back Spring Street. Dawson, David, 37, Chapel.

Street, Berry Brow. Dyson, Ernest, 40, Manchester Road. Dyson, W. H., 9, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Firth, Edward, 61, Manchester Street. Firth, George, and Son, 40-56, Market Hall.

Foster, George, 73, Lower- houses. Freeman, Hardy, and _ Willis,

Ltd., 65, New Street ; 7, Mar- ket Place ; 59, King Street ; and 23, Cross Church Street. Freeman, Mary Elizabeth, 5, Victoria Lane. Furniss, Albert, 21, Street, Paddock.

Market —

Garside, William, 20, Halifax Old Road.. Garside, William Walter, 65,

Bradford Road. St. Stephen’s Ter- race, Lockwood Road.

oodwin, Peter, 115, Halifax Old Road. Grayson, John Moulson, 20,

Chapel Hill,

Page 421


| |

Grayson, Thomas, 93, King | Street, and 62, Northgate. Grayson, William, 52a, King | Street. Grayson, William Henry, 31, Chapel Lane, and 67, Storthes, Moldgreen. Hawley, Henry, 45, Church

Street, Paddock. Hallas, Elliott, 5, John Willia

Street. Hedge Bros., and Co., 57, New Street. Hellawell, James, 45, Manche..- ter Street. = Hobson and Miers, 37, King Street. | Holmes, A., 41, Chapel Hil!. Hoyle, Alliston Donald, 3, Storthes, Moldgreen. Hoyle, George, and Son, i6, Acre Street, Lindley. Huddersfield Industrial So-

ciety, boot and shoe store, 3, John Street. Hume, Robt., 290, New Street. Imperial Boot Co., 19, King Street. Jackson’s Stores, 48-50, Manches- ter Road.

Jephson, William, 206, Lock- wood Road. Jonas, Henry, 25, Upperhead Row. Kaye, Joseph Cockill, 1, Lock- wood Scar Road. Kelly, John, 9, Leeds Road North. | Lee, John William, 136, Storthes, Moldgreen. Leven, Lewis, 23, Viaduct Street. Livingstone, John, 15, Charles Street. Mansfield and Sons, 14, New Street.

Noble,Andrew, 213a, Leeds Road North. Noble, Charles, 40, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Noble, Foster Arthur, 89, North- gate, Almondbury. Oddy, Tom, 42, Market Hall.



Paxman, Walter, 51, Manchester Road.

Pickard, James, 29, Victoria Lane. Pogson, George, 68, Manchester Road. Rayner, Henry, 42-44, Barton

Road, Crosland Moor. Rushworth, Patience, 4, Brad- ford Road. Scales and Sons, 15, Westgate. Schofield, John, 12, Buxton Road.

Shaw, John, 8, Wes:gate.

Simpson, Thomas Cook, 2, Sum- mer Street, Lockwood. Smith, George, 42, Northgate. Stead, Cornelius, 56,. Meltham Road, Lockwood. Stead and Simpson, Limited, 1, New Street, and 15, Market

Place. Arthur, 171, Church. Street, Paddock. Tabrum, Arthur, 4, King Street. Tyler and Sons, ‘15, King Street, and 17, Cross Church Street. Thornton, Joss, 217, Lockwood Road. Walker, Thomas, 12, King Street Walker and Sons, 153, Acre Street, Lindley. Weavill, Rowland, 5, Stile Com-

mon Road, Primrose Hill. Westerby, Theophilus, 141, Leeds Road. Whitehead, George Henry, 72,

Lockwood Road. Whitehead, George, 70, Blacker Road North, Birkby. Whitham and Schofield, 40, J ohn William Street. Wibberley, Walter, 46-48, West Parade. Wibberley, William, 67b, Brad- ford Road. Wimpenny, Miss Jane, 10, By- ram Street. Wood, James Henry, 41, Swan Lane, Lockwood. Wrigley, Arthur, Benn’s PC mbit Blacker Road. North.

Wrigley, Herbert, 34, Aspley,

Page 422


Brass Founders and

Finishers. Allison, Ltd., 11, Market Street,

Milnsbridge ; tel. 20m. Calvert and “Co., Hope Foundry, Folly Hall ; tel. 171. Heap and Co., Back Union Street. | Hopkinson, J., and Co., Britan- | nia Works, Fitzwilliam Street; tel. 169. Hopley, Richard, Lowerhead Row.

Hopwood, James, Colne Bridge, Leeds Road North.

Hutchinson, Hollingworth, &

Co., Atlas Works, Colne Road ; tel. 143. Kaye, Anthony Knowles (Cop-

peras Works), Cowrakes Road, Lindley.

Kendall, George Henry, and Co., 28, Firth Street. Marchant, George Moody, 9, Albert Street, Lockwood.

Edwin, ind Sons, Aspley ; te

43, King’s Mill Lane. Roberts, Abraham, Colne Road.

Shaw, Joseph, Albert Road,

Lockwood ; tel. 201 Taylor suk Sons, Mills, Colne Road. Brewers.

Bentley and Shaw, Ltd., 35, John William Street, and Lockwood Brewery ; tel. 328. Crowther, John, 40a, Castlegate. Marsland, P., and Sons, Water- gate. Senior, Seth. and Sons, 34, Cross Church Street.

Spivey, Abraham, 45-47, King Street. Yorkshire Brewery Co., Ltd., 17,

John Street,


| | bray,


Brush Makers.

John Andrew, 113, Almondbury Bank. Buckley, Charles, and Co., 40, Westgate ; tel. 0838.

Co-operative Brush Manufac- tory, 26, Manchester Road. Co-operative Brush Manufactory, Ltd., 2, Spring Street. Shaw, James, 17a, Calton Street, Bradford Road. ° Shields, R., 41, Buxton Road. Wilks, William, and Sons, 51, King Street. Whiteley, Edgar, 26, Manchester Road. Whiteley and Heginbottom, 7, Shambles Lane. Young, Tweed, 60, New Street.

Builders and Contractors.

Atha, Thomas, Albert Street, Lockwood. Blakeley and Hollings, Fountain Street. Bottomley, Ben, 16, Street, Lindley. Brook. Joe Hiram, 8, Market Street, Paddock. 14, West

Brook, ‘Joseph re: Parade. Brook, Mark, Bradley Street South.


Brook, Richard, Brook’s Yard, Bradley, Brotherton and Wallis, 17a,

Greenhead Road. Builders’ Exchange, St. Peter’s Street: tel. 470. Calvert, Fred, Firth Street; tel. 418.

Calvert, William, Tan Yard, Milnsbridge. Crowther, William, 13-15,

Westgate, Almondbary.

Crowther and Wilkinson, Abb Street, Marsh.

Graham and Jessop, Somerset

Crescent, Moldgreen; tel. 211.



Page 423



and Armitage, 15,

Northumberland Street ; tel. 413. Hirst, Benjamin, 19a, Spring Street.

Hirst, William, 32, Springwood Street. Holland, H., Road. Hollingworth and Sons, 1434, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen.

Jessop, William Henry, King’s Mill Lane. Kaye, James Edward, 43, Park Road, Crosland Moor.

27, New North


Kettlewell, Lewis, 170, Lock- wood Road : tel. 519. Liversidge, af ohn, Dodsroyd,

Berry Brow. Mallinson, Joe, 78a, Swan Lane, Lockwood. Mallinson, William, 207-208, Albert Street, Lockwood Road ; tel. 232. Naylor Bros., Railway Street; tel. 544. Scott and Co., 129, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Singleton Bros., Church Street,


Paddock. Singleton, William and Joseph, Park View, Luck Lane, Marsh.

Stead and Kaye, 26, Viaduct Street. Stead, Law, and Sons, Hillhouse Road.

Stocks, George, 1, Street, Berry Brow. Sundetland: Joseph, and Sons, La, Lockwood Scar Road. Benjamin Beaumont, 35- 57, Swan Lane, Lockwood.

Svkes, James Walker, and Son, TO, ‘Lockwood Road ; tel. 203.

Sykes. John, 55a, Leeds Road



Waring, William, 25, Butter- worth Hill, Outlane. Wilby and Jessop, Wakefield

Road, Waterloo,


393 Wilkinson, Trinity Street.

Wilkinson, Mark, near Post Office, Outlane.

Harry, 27,


Argenta Meat Company, Ltd., lda, Buxton Road. Armitage, Robinson, 85, Wake- field Road. Astwick, Tom, 7, Market. Hall. Atkinson, William, Chapel Hill.

Bailey, Albert, 97, Wakefield Road. Balmforth, William H., 95, King Street. Battye, Walter, 11, Cherry

Nook Road, Deighton. Beaumont, Henry, Chapel Lane,

Moldgreen. Bernin, .Mrs. Charlotte, 20, Cross Church Street. Berry, William Henry, 3,

Bradford Road. Biltcliffe, Harry, 2, Somerset Crescent, Moldgreen. Blakley, George W., 65, Lower- head Row.

Bolton, Fred, 37, Market Street, Paddock. Bray, Herbert, 45, Northgate. Bradley, William, Parkgate, Berry Brow. Calverley, Oliver, Acre Street, Lindley. Cockroft, Jonas, 63, Carr Pit

Road, Dalton. Cooper, Frank, 7, Market Walk.

Crosland and Hirst, 5-6, Market Hall. Dawson, Alfred, 30, Market

Street, Milnsbridge.

Dinkle, * Leonard Charles, 7, Manchester Street. Dobson, Arthur, 1, Albert

Street, ‘Lockwood. Drake, "Zecariah, 16, Lockwood Road. Driver, John William, 19, Lower- head Row.

Dwyer, Thomas

William, Lockwood Road.


Page 424

394 Dyson, George, 87a, Wakefield Road. Dyson, Mrs. Sarah, 189, Street, Paddock. Ellis Bros. 4, Market Walk. Ellis, Edward, 49, Fitzwilliam Street. Ewart, James, 225-227, Bradford Road Nort Ewart, William. 12, Market Hall, and 66- 68, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Fletcher, W. and R., 22, Church Street. Frobisher, 237, Lockwood Road. Garside J. onathan, 24, Street, Lindley. Garside, Thomas, 35, Street, Lindley. Giggle, oseph, 31, Beast. Mar- ket

10b, Shore




G er George, Foot. Haigh, Tom, 15, Market Hall. Hampson, Charles Robert, 10, Manchester Street. Hartley and Tee, corner Cross Church Street and _ Kirk-

gate. Hawkyard, Harrv 21, North-

gate. Heppenstall, Tom, 33, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Hirst, Thomas Lodge, 35, East Street, ae: Hudson. John, Market Hall, King Street.

Hudson, Joseph, 26, Bradford Road North. Jagger, Tom, 185, Bradford

Jones, Charles, 55, Northgate. Kaye, Brice, 70, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Kaye, Frederick, Folly Hall. Kaye, George, 59, Deighton

oad. Kelly, Joe, 18, Market Hall. Kershaw, J ohn, 105-107, Leeds Road North. Mapovlebeck, William, 30, Chapel Hill.


Mattin, John William, 14, Bridge Street, Lockwood. McClellan, G. , 45, Buxton Road. Moran, M. H., 91, King Street. Nelson, John, and Son, Ltd., 14, Cross Church Street. Oakfield, Scott, 2, Salford Road, Lockwood. Oates, Albert, 33, Leeds Road North: :

Oldfield, T. D., 32, Buxton Road.

Platts, Sam Wood, 97, West-

bourne Road, Marsh.

Radcliffe, Fred, 125, Halifax Old Road. | Rayner, Allen, 61, Bradford Road. Richardson, Arthur, 8, Chapel

Street, Paddock. Robertshaw, Squire, 19, Market

Hall. Rodgers and Son, 22, King Street. Roebuck, Giles, 6, Buxton Road; 2, Kirkgate: 10, Mar- ket Hall : and 53, Upperhead Row. Roebuck, William, 12, South Street. 58-39, Market

Shaw, Herbert, Hail.

Shaw, William Market Hall, and 2, Aspley. Sheard, Walter, 10, Bradford Road North. Simpson, John Street, Lindley. Sisson, Owen S. *6, Market Hall. Sissons, Stephen he 55, Market Hall. Spence, J. R., 40, West Parade. Starkey, J ames, 64, Bradford Road. Starkey. John, 17, Market Hall. Stockwell, Luke, We. Swan Lane, Lockwood. Stott, Lewis, Lockwood. Swift Beef Company, Ltd., Market Hall. Swift, John Mark, 72, Hill, |

Henry, Acre

4, Swan Lane,

Page 425


Sykes, John Frederick, 12, West Parade. Sykes, Harry, 30, Barton Road, Crosland Moor. Taylor, George Henry, 51, Brow Road, Paddock. Townend, James, 55, Wakefield Road. Turner, A., 11, Buxton Road.

Turner, Abraham, Norman Road, Birkby. Vickerman, Samuel, 58, Man-

chester Road. Weatherhead, William, 62, King Street, and Norman Avenue, Birkby. Widdows, George, 23, Market Hall

Widdowes, George Davison, 10, Clara Street, Hillhouse. . Williamson, Jonathan, 51, Storthes, Moldgreen. Wilkinson, James, 13, Road, Paddock. Wilkinson, John S., 8, Market Hall, and 11, Kirkgate. Wood, Joe, 5, Barton Road, Crosland Moor. Woolsey, W. H., Canterbury Meat Co. Branch, 3, Market Street, Milnsbridge, and 63, Northgate.



Cabinet Makers.

Allison, John, and Co., 37, Manchester Street.

James, 42, Lockwood oad. Beaumont, Elliott, 88, New

Street. Paddock. Brook, Mark, 66, King Street. Burdon, Simeon, 16, Ramsden William, 50,

' Street. Campinot, Luck Lane, Quarmby. Crosland, William, 29, Manches- ter Road. Eastwood, Walter, 154, Church Street, Paddock. Ellis and Co., Ltd., 27, Chapel Bin; tel. $13,

_ Stephenson,


Gelder, Joe, 116, Barton Road, Crosland Moor. tiobson and Sons, 28, New Street. Lawton, Abraham, 96, Bradford Road. Lee, Asa, 8, Chapel Hill. Lucas, Robert, 70, Street, Paddock. Moody Bros., 8, Albion Street. Moody, Lee, 125, Bradford! Road. Moody and Son, 167, Bradford Road. Moody,- Thomas, 5, Fisher Street, Lockwood. Oldfield and Studdard, 3, Cross Church Street, and 18, Kirkgate. Platts, Walter, 21, Beast Market Radcliffe, Hiram, Fountain Street, and 75, Northgate.


Roebuck, H., 38a, Buxton Road, and 13, Storthes, Mold- green. Senior, Joseph, 25, Freehold

Street, Primrose Hill. Stephenson, Henry, 13, King’s Mill Lane, and 25, New Street. Tom, 1, Brook Street. Stringer, William, 11, New Laith

Hill, Almondbury. Swallow, John, 10, Chapel Hill.

Sykes, Dan, 27, lLowerhead Row. Taylor and Hobson, 53, New Street

Wilkinson, James, 46, Fitzwil- liam Street. Wilkinson, William, Crosland Road, Lockwood.

Cab Proprietors. Cox, Tom, 1, Bath Street, Lock- wood. Darwin, Thomas, (Livery Stables), 178a. Bradford Road North ; tel. 131. Benton, George, &9, Church _ Street, Paddock. - Fisher, Fred, Bradford Road. Hirst, William, 104, Storthes, Moldgreen,

Page 426


Horsfall, Franklin, 3, Stile Common Road, Primrose Hill. Jenkinson, Thomas, George

Hotel Livery Stables, Fountain Street, and Marsh. Lodge, J. W., Lockweod Road. Oxley, Ben, Ltd., 4, Upperhead Row, and tel 97 Richardson, Frederick, 26, Zet- land Street, and 53, Northgate Riley, Fred, 10, Station Road, Longwood. Whiteley, Richard, and Sons, 7, The Avenue, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen.

Card Leather Dealers.

Barrow, N. H., Room 9, 38, Westgate. Cook, W. H., 6, Market Place. Darnley, Charles, and Co., Bay Hall Mills ; tel. 234. Sykes, Bros., Branch of the English Card Clothing Co., Ltd., Acre Street, Lindley ; tel. 79. The English Card Co., Litd., Armitage and Norton, agents, 23, John William Street.

Cardmaker, Woollen and

Cotton. Holdsworth, James, 36, Upper- head Row.

Carpet Warehousemen.

Barrett and, Barrett, 17, New Street. Hobson and Sons, 28, New Street Saville, George, and Co., 4-6, (ueen Street.

Taylor and Hobson, 53, New Street. Taylor, John Henry, 34, John

William Street.


Carriers. Arlom, Joel, 10, Market Street; tel. 122 Armitage, Alfred, Swan Yard, Westgate. Blackburn, William, 21, Cloth Hall Street. Booth, Charles, 4, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Cook, Benjamin, 4, Westbourne Road, Marsh.

Kastwood, Clayton, 11, Quay Street. Gledhill, Joseph, 27, Albert Street, Lockwood. Globe Express Co., Ltd., St.

George’s Square. Lord E., 42, Buxton Road. Pickford and Co., 18, Cloth Hall Street; tel. 12. Queen Carriage Company, Queen Hotel Yard, Market Street.

Smith, John Allen, 59, Sheep- ridge Road, Deighton. Sowden, Joseph, Cross Queen

Street, and 17, Queen Street. tanfield, Edward, Great North- ern Railway ; tel. 110. Sutton and Co., 18, Chancery Lane. Templeman and Co., 4, Pack Horse Yard, Kirkgate. Thompson, McKay, and Co., Ltd., Great Central Railway Office, 28, Westgate; tel. 126. Walshaw, George, 63, Wakefield Road. , Whiteley, Richard, and Sons, 7, The Avenue, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen.

Carriage Builders. Hawkes Street. Moyes, James, 29a, Zetland Street.

Oxley, Ben, Ltd., 4, Upperhead Row and Highfields ; tel. 97.

Rintoul, John, 12, Manchester


and Son, Fountain

Page 427


Buppon Bros., St. John’s Road ; tel. 269.

Ward, Edward, 3, South Street.

Carvers and Gilders.

Armitage, E. (wood), Mellor’s Yard, Spring Street. beaumont, Joseph, East Parade. Feckwith, John Edward, 8, Sta- tion Street. | Crowther, George William, Room 11, 38, Westgate. Headley, R. L., 78, Upperhead Row.

Fox, George, 11, Northumber- land Street. Pownall, William, 68, King Street. Salmon, Arthur, 9, New North Road. Stuttard, John H., Ramsden Street ; tel. 436. - Weston, George, St. Peter’s Street.

Cattle Spice Maker. Low and Co., Canal Side, Deigh-


Cement Dealers.

Carter and Co., 39, Market Street : tel. 482. yvowitt, William E., 51, John William Street. Tunnacliffe, Henry, la, Fitz-

William Street East.

Chemists and Drug¢gists. Akam, Arthur, 49, King Street

Berry Walter, Berry Brow; tel. 168 Buckley, Horbers; 165, North-

gate, Almondbury ; : 23, Main Street, Primrose Hill ; ; and 15; Bridge Street, Lockwood. Bygott, William T., 21, Buxton Road.

397 Cockroft, John William, 51, Northgate, and 17, Storthes, Moldgreen. Cuthbert, R., 10-12, Westgate; tel. 465. Dodd and Co., Ltd., 44, King Street. Dyson, Henry, Barton Road,

Crosland Moor. Fell, Robert, Hungerford Road, Lindley. Holdsworth, Frederick, 8, Acre Street, Lindley.

Holroyd, George, 18, Aspley. Johnson, John William Baker, 4, Birkby Hall Road, Birkby. King, Walshaw, and Co. he Res 29, John William Street. ; 2. Market Place, and 62, West- bounre Road, ’ Marsh. Lawton, Charles Edward, 231, Lockwood Road. Needhams, Ltd., i152, Manches- ter Road, and 56, Buxton

Road. Shaw, 13, King Street. Spurr, Herbert Edward, 4, Rashcliffe, and 1, Greenhead Road. Stephens, Stephen, 10, Long- wood Road, Lindley, ‘and 24, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Swift, Charles Henry, 236, Brad- ford Road North, Fartown and 173, Bradford Road. Sykes, Hates: corner Bankfield and Wakefield Roads. Thompson and Capper, 42, John William Street. Taylor’s Drug Co., King Street. Williamson, Christopher, Market Street, Paddock.

Ltd., 28, 44-46,


Albion Chemical Co., Fox Street Bell, Robert Arthur, 8, Market Street. Clarke and Co., Yard.

Pack Horse

Page 428


Clayton, Holroyd,

Cockroft, J. W., 51, Northgate. Holliday, Read, and Sons, Ltd. (Export Department), aniline dyers and chemical manu- facturers, electrical engi- neers, 11, Upperhead Row; tel. 115, Turnbridge Works 220. — Kaputine Syndicate, Ltd., 49, Lidget Street, Lindley. Kaye, Anthony, and Sons, Smithy Lane, Moldgreen; tel. 39. Lawton, David, 26, Firth Street. Marriott and Co., Canal Street. Marshall, Percy S., 1, Half Moon Street. Morton, Edmund, 101, Quarmby Road. Naylor, James, Cowrakes Road, Lindley. Paul, Dr. Lewis Gordon, 3, Market Street.

Robinson, James, and Co. (Thomas Marshall Tolson), cudbear, archill, anilines,

alizarines, &c., 61, Hillhouse Road; tel. 304, telegrams ‘* Robinson, Huddersfield.’’

Shaw, George, and Sons, Half Moon Street. Wheatley and Son, 50, King Street. Chimney Sweepers. Beevers, Johnny, 35, Albert

Street, Lockwood. Bisby, John, 12, Aspley. Brown, George Richard, 53, Sal- ford Road, Lockwood. Chapman, James, Halifax Old Road. Clarke, John Roebuck, 15, Fitz- william Street East. Clarke, S. R., 13, York Place. Davison, Alfred, 21, Street.

8, Ark Hill,

and Co., | Graham, Thomas, — Longroyd Bridge; tel. | 3


98, Storthes, Moldgreen. Smith and Co., 3, Trinity Street. Smith, William, 73, Northgate.


China, Glass, &c., Dealers.

Bowker and Co., 27, Church Street. Bradley, John Allen, 23, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Buckley and Co., 40, West- gate; tel. 0838.


Craven, Crowther, 36, West Street, Lindley. Crosland, George, 11, Pridge

Street, Lockwood. Crowther, Ltd., Wood Street. Garton, George, Wood Street. Greenwood, John, 6, Macaulay Street. ol,

Grew, Thomas, Street. Hird, Charles, and Sons (filter makers), Whitestone Lane.


Hopkinson, Samuel, 113, Storths, Moldgreen. Jebson, Enoch, and Co., 19, Queen Street. Mellor, Albert, Market Hall (downstairs). Morton, Henry Edward, and Sons, 40, King Strect. Neaverson, Walter, 1, Cross Church Street. Nicholls, Hartley, 10, Lower- head Row.

Stake, Jonas, 2, Chapel Street,

addock. Todd, John, 22-24, Upperhead Row. Wadsworth, William, 30, Lock- wood Road.

| Chiropodists.

Barlow, George, 6, Lion Arcade, John William Street.

Lodge, William, 69, Storthes, | Moldgreen. - Smeeton, Samuel, 46, West-

Spring |

bourne Road, Marsh.

Page 429


Cigar Merchants.

Elliott, R. J., and Co., Ltd., 27, King Street. Jackson, George, 10 and 60, John William Street. Jackson and Taylor, 7, Brook Street ; tel. 523. Kirby, E. 29, Westgate. Kirby, Mrs. Elizabeth; 21, John William Street. Magson, Walter, 11la, Street.

Marsland, P., and Sons, Water- gate Brewery. Paley, James, 3, Imperial Yard, Victoria Lane. Ramsden, Thomas Denton, 76, King Street. Riley, Joe, 14, Market Street. Smale, Fred A., i9, Bradford Road.


Sete, W. H.,.. ta, Cross Church Street. Taylor, Thomas, 180, Halifax ‘Road. — Turner, Joseph Brooke, | St.

Peter’s Street West; Tel. 55. Whitworth, John Harry, 48, King Street. Wilkinson, Frederick Beard, 10, Market Walk.

Clog and Patten Makers.

Armitage, Henry, 34, Barton Road, Crosland Moor. Brook, Fred, 9, Bridge Street. Lockwood. Catton, Joseph, 35, Halifax Old Road. Hirst, Joseph, 13-15, Northgate. Howe, Edward, 34, Salford Road, Lockwood. Milner, Amos, 4, Shires Hill, ~ Paddock.

Cloth Dealers.

Beaumont’ W. G., and Co., Ser- geantson Street. Comyn, James, 21, Lowerhead Row.

399 Hirst, Victoria Street. Leonard, John, and Co., 10a Station Street. Sykes, George, Buxton Road.

David, 15;


and. Co,,: 49,

Cloth Dressers and Finishers.

Canby, Thomas, Victoria Mills, Beaumont Street. Charlesworth, Elliott, 6, Chapel Street, Berry Brow. _ Crosland, John William, 4, Gib- son Street, Quarmby. Haigh, George, Holly Road, Lindley. Haigh, James, Colne Road; tel. 248.


Hellawell, Thomas, 10, Luck Lane, Quarmby. Iredale, Fred Mellor, 136, Church Street, Paddock. Jennens, Welch, and Co., Ltd., 5, George Street. Kaye, Joseph Henry, 49, King’s Mill Lane. Mallinson, Thomas, Street; tel. 421. Nichol, Thomas, and Sons, Folly Hall; tel. 336. Shaw, William, Albert Street, Lockwood ; tel. 344. Taylor, George, 1, Chapel Ter- race, Crosland Moor.


Clothes Dealers. and Son, 50a, King Street.

Brown, Joseph, 6, Bradley Street North. Cassidy, Mrs. Caroline, 23, Swallow Street. © Comyn, James, 21, Lowerhead OW, Cubland, David, Brook Street. Dawson, Thomas, 17, Aspley. Gill, Mary Ann, 34, King Street. Powell, Hanmer, 69, Northgate.


Page 430


Provident Clothing Club, 19, Victoria Street. _ Shaw, William, 48, Market Hall.

Sykes, John, 13, Upperhead Row. Thorpe, Mrs. Elizabeth, 66,

3 Bradford Road.

Clothiers and Outfitters. Ainley, Joe, 48, Market Street, Paddock. Bairstow,

Sons, and Co.,




Wholesale Clothing Works, 66, |

Fitzwilliam Street; tel. 221 Baldwin, C. M., 8, Cloth Hall Street. . Crosland, George (wholesale), 19, Chancery Lane. Culley, Emerson, 128, Bradford Road. Culley, John, and Sons, 25, Cross Church Street. Denton, Lee, and Co. (whole- sale), 19, Dundas Street. Field, Watson (shirt & collar maker), 22, King Street. Gelder and Rushworth, | Queen Street. Goldsborough and Co. (whole- sale), 6a, Queen Street. Grand Clothing Hall, corner Westgate & Railway Street. Helliwell Bros., Market Street, Milnsbridge. Hepworth and Sons, Ltd., 28a, New Street. Hirst, Westwood, and Co., 34, Buxton Road. Mason, George, 99-101, King


Street. Morton, Benjamin, Cloth Hall Street. Netherwood, Tom, 46, Cross

Church Street. Shaw and Son, 16, King Street. Smiles and Dawson, 22, New Street. Stott. James, 9, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Sugden, W. . and OCo., Ltd. (wholesale), 6, Page Street; tel. 459. -

Sykes, George, and Co., 49,

Buxton Road. Seen, Walter, 70, Chapel — Lill.

Taylor, Samuel, and Co. (whole- sale), Outcote Bank and Pros- pect Street; tel. 400. Thornton, J., and Sons, 28, Buxton Road. Turner and Smith (shirt and collar makers). 50, Westgate. Wadsworth, Jim, 10, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Wilkinson, William Alfred, 39, Hillhouse Road. Wilson, William, 73, Street. Wimpenny J., Victoria Street. Windle, Oswald, Street.


42, King

Cloth Manufacturers.

Cook, R. R., and Co., East Parade; tel. 309.

Lowenthal, Frank, (Westmead), 10, West Hill.

Cloth Merchants.

Fisher and Co., 10, Upperhead Row.

Hirst, David, 15, Victoria Street. Sykes, George, and Co., 49, Buxton Road. Sykes, Godfrey, and _ Sons, Birkhouse Mills, Wakefield

Road ; tel. 32.


Coal Merchants, Agents,

and Dealers. | gee Arthur, 7, St. Andrew’s

oad. Brooke, Richard (charcoal), ¢, Bradford Road. Chappell and Wood, Lockwood Station Yard, Swan Lane, Lockwood.

Market Hall,

Page 431


Brooke, Edward, Damside. Chappell and Wood, Station Yard, Swan Lane, Lockwood. Crosland and Co., Cloth Hall Street. Douglas, John, Church Street, Paddock. Dye, James, 12, Triangle, Pad-

dock. Mark, 55, Church

Garbutt, Street, Paddock. Hamer, Richard, 38, Bradford Road. Heaps, George, dl, Road. Hilton, Joe Sykes, 30, Market Street, Paddock. Hinchliffe, Arthur, 28, Carr Pit Road, Dalton. Hirst, Thomas, 67, Upperhead Row. Huddersfield Industrial Society Coal Depot, Station Yard, Swan Lane, Lockwood. Jagger, John Jepson, gate and Seedhill. Kaye, Mrs. Hannah, 62, Wake-

and - Sons,


and Co.,


field Road. Lord, Abram, 51, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Lumb, Fred, 12, Lord’s Build- ings, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Moxon, George, 43, Westgate, |

and 43, Trinity Street. North, George, Station Yard, Swan Lane, Lockwood. Randerson, John, 87, Thornton Road, Lockwood. Shaw, John, 24, Gledholt Road, Marsh. Stanley and Armitage, Station Yard, Swan Lane, Lockwood.

Stott, Alfred, 62, Leeds Road North. Stringer, George, 92, New

North Road. Sykes, James, 80, Salford Roa1, Lockwood. Tennant, Rotherford, and Co., 3, Queen Street. oe

4oi Towlson, Earl, Friendly Strect. Wainwright, Richard, 167, Hali- fax Old Road. Whitehead, Nathan, Station Yard, Swan Lane, Lockwood. Wood, James, 3-5, Willow Street, and 60, Lowerhead Row. Wood, Walter, Bradford Roal North.


Commercial Travellers.

| Abbey, John Edward, 126, Brad-

ford Road. Berry, Alfred, Springdale Street ‘

Berry, Charles Brook, 4, Spring- wood. Cliffe, James, 35, West. Parade. Cooper, John Edward, 122, Bradford Road. Dannatt, John, 68, Church Street, Paddock. Davis, William, 23, Great Northern Street. Dawson, Albert, 12, Chapel Ter- race, Crosland Moor.

Dyson, Lister, 31, Thornton Lodge Road, Lockwood. Eastwood, Alfred, 9, Percy

Street. Fartown. Field, Benjamin, 114, Bradford Road. Grant, Harrison, 65, Scarwood Terrace. Greenwood, John, 22, Cecil Street. Hepworth, Friend, 263, Brad- ford Road North. Hirst. Thomas Henry, 4, Cecil Street. Ibberson, George Albert, 109, Victoria Road, Lockwood. Jagger, Joseph, 9, Carr Pit Road, Dalton. Kaye, Benjamin Robert, 47, Cleveland Road, Lindley. Kemp, John, 63, Scarwood Ter- race, Lockwood. - Key, William Henry, 5, Water Street. Lockwood,

Page 432


Lawton, Ben, 69, South Street. Livesey, Abraham Shaw, 109, North Street, Lockwood... Lockwood, Herbert, 27, Victoria Street, Deighton. | ; 16,

Lockhead, James, — chester "Road. MacGirr, William Peter, 8, Fitz- william Street East. North, Joseph, 53, Bradford Road North. Oates, Joseph John, 2, field Road, Lockwood.

Parker, John, 42, Halifax Old Road. , Pogson, Joseph, 21, Cleveland Road, Lindley. Sanderson, Joseph, 41, New North Road. John Arthur, 24, Cleveland Road, Lindley. Settle, Richard, 78,

New Street,, Paddock. Smith, Tom, 6, West Hill. Stancliffe, Jonathan Howard, 19, Bradford Road North. Starkey, Dyson, 171, Halifax Road. — Stead, Herbert, 23, Street, Deighton. | Sykes, George William, Halifax Old Road. Taylor, Edward, 46, St. Helen’s Lane, Almondbury.



Taylor, Henry, 59, Scarwood : Terrace, Lockwood. Thackray, John, 7, Kingcliffe

Road, Hillhouse. Tinnacliffe, Charles Henry, 98, Long Lane, Moldgreen. Turner, William, 33, Somerset Road. Waite, William, 77, Fitzwilliam Street. Walshaw, Edwin, 4, Fitzwilliam Street East. Walshaw. Edward, 162, Halifax Old Road. Woffenden, Harry, ‘Clough House, Halifax Oid Road. Wood, Joss, 29, Spring Grove Street. , boo



Commission Agents.

Barras, Fred A., and Co., 64, John William Street, and Waterloo Mills, Leeds Road. Berry, Charles Lewis. 19, Mar- ket Street. Brigg, John F., and Sons, 17, 19


West Parade; tel.

Cocks, George, 14, Mulberry Street, Moldgreen. Crosland, Henry, 5a, Market Street. | Barker, William Henry, -3a, Market Street. Head, Herman, 76, Market Street. Hepworth, Friend, «and ‘Sons, 46, John William Street. Holland and Son, 3a, Market

Street. Holroyd, Thomas James, 6, Mill- gate, Paddock. ~ Lodge, Henry Bedford, 64, John William Street. Shaw, George, and Sons, Half Moon Street. Sykes, John Henry, 19, Market Street. Taylor, Whyndam and Edwin, 56a, John William Street. Thomas, James, 246, Halifax Old Road. Thorpe, James William, 3a, Mar- ket Street. ee

Watkinson, Street. Webb, J. E., 3a, Station Street.


Commissioners for Taking Oaths.

Armitage, Sykes,

and Hinch- cliffe, Westgate.. |

Berry and Berry, 15; Market Place. Booth, J. J., John William Brook, Freeman, ‘and’ Batley, New Street, Drake, Thomas, 24, Ramsden

Street; tel. 389.

Page 433


Dransfield, James Harrop, 4a, Station Street. Hall and Co., Qa, Street; tel. 441.


Johnson and Crook, 1, Market - Walk. Kidd, Mellor, and _ Fletcher,

Cloth Hall Street. Laycock, Dyson, and Laycock, Bank Chambers, Cloth Hall Street; tel. 466.

Learoyd and Co., Buxton Road. Marshall, Charles Henry, 36, New Street. Mills and Co., Estate Buildings, 2, Railway Street. Owen & Bailey, Market Place. Ramsden, Sykes, and Ramsden, 1, Westgate. Swift, Arthur, 20, Queen Street. Welsh, R., Market Cross Cham- bers. Wilmshurst and Stones, Central Buildines, Market Place.

Commission Weavers.

Rennards and Garside, 34, Fitz- william Street; tel. 410. + Shaw, William, 5, Queen’s Road, Edgerton.

_—_ +

Confectioners, &c. Armitage, Albert, 32, West Parade, and 25, King Street. Aspinall, John Thomas, 120, Lockwood Road. Aspinall, Mrs. Martha, Out- lane. Atkinson, Albert, 11, Church Street. Bamforth, John, 83, Wakefield Road. Bates, Thomas, 118, Northgate, Almondbury. Berry, Andrew, 18, Chapel Hill. Blackburn, John William, 48, Sheepridge Road. Bloom, F., Wholesale & Retail, 13, Victoria Street.


Bray, Mrs. Annie, 2, Butter-

worth Hill, Outlane.

Bradley, William, 5, Shambles Lane. Broadbent, Mrs. Mary, 22, Sal- ford Road, Lockwood. Broadley, Joseph, 21, Road. Broome, J. R., 94, Northgate. Burningham, E., 38, West Parade. Clark, James, 30, Aspley. Cross, Alfred H., 161, Acre Street, Lindley. Douglas, Mrs. Mary, 97, Storthes, Moldgreen. Dyson, Miss Emma, 37, Park Road West, Crosland Moor. Dyson, Mrs. Martha, 2, New Hey Road, Lindley. Eastwood, Joe, 35, Market Street, ‘Milnsbridge. Firth, John William, 9, Sheep- ridge Road. Flemming, Samuel, 78, Lock- wood Road. Gill and Co., 50, Buxton Road. Goode, Mrs. Ann, 9a, Colne - Road. Greensmith, Mrs. Mary, 39, Storthes, Moldgreen. Haigh, Mary, 90, Barton Road, Crosland ‘Moor. Halstead, Herbert, 49, Market Hall.

Colne >

Hanson, Joseph, 19, Buxton Road. Harper, David, 240, Bradford Road North.

ae John, 33, Beast. Mar- cet. Hepworth, Albert, 53, Lidget Street, Lindley. Hellawell, Jonas Hirst, 24, Via- duct Street. Hewson, Mary, 70, King Street. Hobson, George, 39, Swan Lane, Lockwood. Horton, A. E., 123, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. j Hudson, Mrs., 53, Mulberry Terrace, Calton Street. Joyce, Michael, 1, Castlegate,

Page 434

Kaye, Frederick William, 37 Westbourne Road, Marsh. Kaye, Mary, 58, King Street. Kelly, George William, 3, Sheep- ridge Road. Klostermann, Frank, 7, Kirk- gate. Leah; “Thomas, 7, Lane. Lockwood, George Henry, 167a, Bradford Road, and 54, New Street. Lockwood, Peter, Cook and Public. Caterer, Batiye’s Yard, Market St., Paddock. Nettleton, Mrs. Emily (Marsh Bakery), 35, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Noble, William H., 48, Lidget Street, Lindley. Pearson, Mrs., 16, Cross Church Street.



Povey, Fred, 108, Manchester Road. Priestley, Mrs. Eliza, 132,

Bradford Road North. Ramsden, W. T., 9, Westgate.

Robinson, George, 44, Firth Street. Schofield, David, 12, Market Street, Paddock. Schofield, Miss Edith, 29,

Wakefield Road. Stead, William Francis, 12, Bridge Street, Lockwood. Sidebottom, Eliza, 54, King Street. - Snowdon, Joseph, 12, John Wil- liam Street. Sykes, Allen, 59, Market Hall. Sykes, Mrs. Richard, 46, South Street. Taylor, Henry, 4 and 10, Park-

gate, Berry Brow. Wade, Mrs. Martha Elizabeth, corner Thornton Road and Marsden Road, Crosland Moor. Waddington, Mrs. Annie, 7,

Birkby Hall Road. Wallaces’, Ltd., 8, King Street; tel. 502, | Lo


Ward, Seth, 32, Firth Street.


Wardle, Bellarby, 9, John Wil- liam Street. Whiteley, A. W., and Sons (Caterers), 42, Westgate ; tel. 514. Whiteley, John (Caterer), 15-15, Market Walk.

Whitwam, ‘Herbert, 74, Lidget Street, Lindley. Wilkinson, Mrs. 29, Street. Wood, E., 3, Bradford Road. Wood, Joseph (Albion Steam Confectionery Works), 1, Wil- liam Street North, and 79, Market Hall. Woodhead, Henry (wholesale), 24-26, Chanel Hill. Woodhead, Henry, 39, North- gate. Woodhouse, Mrs. Jane, 7, Wood- land Mount, West Hill. Woffenden, Ruth, 15, Green- head Road.



Concreter, Asphalter, &c.

John, Little Royds, Queen’s Mill Road, Lockwood.

Consuls. Stone, Benjamin F., Consul, U.S.A

Bailey, D. J., U.S.A.


ee ee

Cooper and Cask Dealers.

Brook, William, Thornton Road, Lockwood. Foster, Mary, 14, Brook Street, and Viaduct Street. Richardson, William Garner, 40, Halifax Old Road.

Cork Manufacturer.

Chappell, Walter, 47, Market, Street. hoa

Page 435


Corn and Flour Factors.

Bold, H., 84, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Cockhill and Co., 29-31, Man- chester Street; tel. 549. Crawshaw, David, 18, Deighton

Road. Elliott, W. and J., 13, Beast Market. Hinchcliffe, Noble, 21-23, Shore Foot. Hirst Bros., Deighton Corn Mills; tel. 60. Hirst, William Henry (Deighton Lodge), Whitacre Street, Deighton. | | Lancaster, John William, 75,

Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Mills, Alfred Shaw, and Son, 37, Kirkgate.

Nettleton and Co., 1, Rosemary Lane.

Smith, James Leef (seeds, &c.), 26. Kirkgate. Swan, William, 2, Market Street.

Wood, Ely, Fountain Street. Wood, John, Fountain Street.

Cotton Merchants.

Broadbent, J. C., and Co., Ltd., (silicate cotton), 11- 43; Lord Street ; tel. 123.

Cook Co., 6, Firth Street.

Crowther, Edward, Bradley Mills. Darnley, Charles and Co., Bay

Hall Mills; tel. 234. Dawson, Arthur, 76, Fitzwilliam Street. Eccles, John, Firth Street. Farrar, James and Arthur, Firth Street Mills; tel. 425. Firth, Fred, Mill, Lower Quar ry Roa Gaunt, Joseph Shaw, 2; Tanyard Road, Quarmby.

and Sons, Ltd.,


| Mellor Bros.

405 Hudson, Thomas, 7, Cloth Hall

Street. , Holme Mill, Lower Quarry Road. Mellor, Ephraim, 31, St. Helen: S Lane, Almondbury. Mortimer. Thomas H., and Co. Pe 10-12, Half Moon Street. Newton. John Benjamin, 6, Ex- change Buildings, Cloth Hall Street. Roebuck, Jonathan Edmund, Vance’s Buildings, Cloth Hall Street. Sykes, D. M., and Co., Street. Williamson, Albert, and Co., 4, Firth Street. Wrigley, H. and E., Ltd., Folly Hall; tel. 11.

9. Fox

Cotton Spinners.

Atkinson, Ackroyd, 80, Church Street, Paddock. Brierley, John Lewis, | _ Street; tel. 354. Dawson, Aspley ‘Mills, St. Andrew’s Road.

Heron, Tom, Britannia Cham- bers, St. George’s Square. Hirst, Reuben, and Sons, 9, Firth Street; tel. 205. Hirst, William, and Son (Turn- bridge Mills), Quay Street; tel. 48. Marsden, John, won” King’s Mill Lane: tel.


Pearson, James, ee Road, Lockwood. Sellers, Lister, and Co., Bradley Mills: tel. 183. Tolson, Leigh, 110, Ravens- knowle Road. he Whiteley, William, 6, St.

Stephen’s Road, Lockwood. Whiteley, Joshua and Joseph, and Co., 32, Milford Street; tel. 349.

Page 436


Curriers and Leather

Sellers. Crook, Frederick, 6, Sergeant- son Street. Crook and Sons, 53, Fitzwilliam 12-14,

Street. Denham _ Bros., Pack Horse Yard; tel. 256. Hartley, Richard, 11, Bradford Road. Pickersgill, Thomas, Chapel Hill Pickersgill, Fred, 4, Tanyard Lane, Milnsbridge; tel. 6m. Sharpe, Alfred, 2, Corporation Street.

Turner, Jonathan, 8-9, Pack Horse Yard; tel. 283.

Cutlers. Booth, Charles, sen., 3, Sham- bles Lane. Booth, Charles, jun., 13; Cross Church Street. Carter, George, jun., Longroyd Bridge. Thomson and _ Son, 4, Bradley Street North.

Cycle Dealers & Repairers.

Alderson, Priestley, 52, New Street. Binner, James D., 67, King Street.

Bradbury and Co., 43, Buxton Road. Burnley, Arthur, 65, Bradford Road.

Field, Joseph H., 6, West Parade. Haviland and Armitage, 5a,

Upperhead Row. Hinchliffe Bros., 3, Castlegate.

Laisby, Fred, 29-31, Whiteley Bottom, Milnsbridge.

Lindley and Co., 221, Lockwood Road. .


Littlewood, Henry, 25, Shore Head.

Siddle and Co., Chapel Hill.

Townend, George, 16, Princess Street. Dentists. Burnell, Benjamin, 35, Birkby Hall Road, Birkby. Drake, George, 10, Church Street, Paddock. Dufton, William, 44, Thomas Street. Goodacre, Albert Dennis, 24, Queen Street. Holland, John C., 64, West Parade. Holmes, Timothy Moore,

R.D.S., 3, New North Road. Hughes, Arthur Francis, 7, Chapel Hill. Lodge, Alonzo, 63, Salford Road, Lockwood. Masters, Frederick Leonard Floyd, 29, New North Road. Milnes, Joe Henry, Manchester Road, and 8, South Parade. Oldfield, Fred, 69, Bradford Road North. Oldfield, Joe, Stead’s Build- ings, 66, Hillhouse Road.

Oldfield, Joe Hinchliffe, 83, Whitehead Road, Primrose Hill. Oldfield, John, 49, Prospect Street.

Reynolds, George, 13, St. John’s Road. Whitteron, Parade. Whitteron, Joseph, D.D.S., 23a, Ramsden Street.

Alfred, 23-25, West

Dining and Coffee Rooms.

Armitage, Edward, 10a, Shore Foot. Armitage, Fred, 8, Shambles Lane.

Page 437


Bailey, Hugh, 11c, Chapel Hill. Beaumont, Allen, 78, King _ Street. Bedford, Dan, 3, Brook Street. Beswick, M., 1-3, Chapel Hill.

Bradley Fred, 17, Bradford Road. Butterworth, Edward, 352, Aspley.

Earnshaw, John, 43-45, Market Hall.

Ellis, Fred, 1, St. John’s Raa.

Field and Son, Ltd., Oriental Cafe, 11, Westgate. Gledhill, Mrs. Ann, 16, Pack |

Horse Yard, Kirkgate. Gilday, Mrs. Margaret, 51, Kirk-

gate. Gothard, George, Folly Hall. Grindrod, Benjamin, 80, Chapel

Hill. Haigh, Alfred, 46, Manchester Road. Hardcastle, Elizabeth, 6, Sham-

bles Lane. Heeley, Joe Haigh, la, Spring Street. Hirst, Mrs., 3a, King Street. - Hirst’s Dining Rooms, = St. Peter’s Street. Huddersfield Dairy Tea and _ Coffee Rooms, Wood and Byram Streets. Kaye, A., 34, Lockwood Road. Leah. Thomas, 7, Victoria Lane. Mellor, Ernest ‘Reed, 27, Mar- ket Hall. Moore, Mary, 46-47, Hall. : | Morton, Alfred, Market Place. North, Alfred, 24, Cross Church Street. Palmer, Betsy, 5, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Robinson, J. T., Oyster and Lunch Bar, 19, Westgate.

Scholes, Mrs., 24, West Parade.


Scott, George, 69, Wakefield Road. Shaw, Emma, 50-51, Market Hall. | |

Ben Taylor, 16, Byram Fred, 74, Lockwood Road. Sutcliffe, John, 8, Aspley. Sykes, Samuel, 1 Devonshire Buildings, Victoria Lane. Teake, Edwin, Albert Street,

Lockwood. Turton, George, 50, Bradford Road.

Waite’s Lion Restaurant, 60, ‘John William Street.

Wallaces’ Cafe, 8, King Street; tel. 502.

Drapers—Linen. Aconley, Robert, 31, West Parade.

Affleck, John, Douglas Terrace, St. 5 ohn’s Road. Anderson, William, 4, West Parade, and 23, N ew ‘Street. Armitage, William, corner Man- chester Road and South Parade. Armstead, John, 106, Lockwood Road.

Baldwin and Co., 49, New. Street. - Barrett, Ernest (milliner),

53-55, Northgate.

Barrowclough Bros., 2, Byram Street. Barrowclough, Robert, 5- 7, King Street. Bedford, Hannah, 73, Bradford Road. td Bentley, Lane.

Berry, Emily, 122-124, Market Hall.

William, 24, Victoria

Booth, Charley, 26, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Brooke, Mary, 9a, Bradford Road.

Clarkson, Abraham J ackson, 1, Spring Street. Castle, Matthew, 4, Somerset Crescent, Moldgreen. |

Page 438


Cliffe, John William, 12, Shore oot. Crabtree, Mary, 46, Upperhead

ow. Craven, H., Imperial Arcade, New Street. Cross. John Thomas, 70, Brad- ford Road. Crowther, Henry, 39, Bradford Road North. Dawson, Miss Emma (ladies’ out- fitter), 33, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Denham, Herbert, 30, John Wil- liam Street. Denham, Thomas, and Co., 26, John William Street. and Sons, 97-104, Market

all. Dyson. John, 81, Market Hall, and 95, Lidget Street, Lindley. Dyson, Emma _ (Milliner), 27, Northgate. Fox and Jackson (wholesale), 7, Victoria Lane. Green, Elizabeth Hannah, 212, Albert Street, Lockwood. Haigh, Allen, 5, Brow Road, Paddock. Haigh, Arthur, 42, Street, Milnsbridge. Haigh, Francis, Albion Terrace, Manchester Road. Halstead and Bray, 107, Wake- field Road. Hall, George, 20, King Street; tel. 561. : Hallam, Frederick (trimmings), 46, King Street.


Haining, James, 9, Halifax Old. Road.

Hanson, Ada, 101, Barton Road, Crosland Moor.

Hardcastle, Shaw, 2, King Street. Harries, Robert, 34-36, West Parade.

Harrison and Sykes (wholesale), 15, Upperhead Row; tel. 74. Healey, James, 48, John William Street.


Heap, John Edgar, 25, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Heap. Samuel, 141a, Church Street, Paddock. Hellowell, Sylvanus, 122, West- bourne Road, Marsh. Hinchliffe, Johnson, 101, Wake- field Road. Hirst Bros., 3, John William Street. Hirst, Joseph, and Sons

(wholesale and retail), 32, New Street.

Hopkinson, James, 17, King Street. Hoyle, Miss, 98, Halifax Old Road.

Huddersfield Industrial Society, 25-31, Buxton Road. Hyde, Samuel, 56, Lockwood oad. Kaye, Martha and Rebekah, 8, Taylor Hill. Kaye and Monnington (trim- mings), 9, Kine Street. Kaye, Thomas, and_ Son, 21-23, King Street. Little, George, 12, Northumber- land Street. London and Paris Emporium, 44, Cross Church Street. Lone, Edward, 103, Street, Lindley. Marshall, F. (wholesale), 6, Station Street. Mellor and Co., 42, Cross Church Street. Mellor, Thomas (dress, mantle, and mourning), 6-8, Market Walk. Milnes, Beaumont, 11, Queen Street.


Netherwood, Mrs. Ruth, 9, Storthes, Moldgreen. Pontefract, Miss Florence, Wakefield Road.

Ramsden, A. and E., 59, West Parade. Richardson, Mrs. Mary Ann, 26, Halifax Old Road.

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Riley aii Vautry, 21, Market | Street, Milnsbridge. Edwin, Lane, Lockwood. Russell, _ S., Company, 38, Buxton Road. Russell, Samuel, Yorkshire Warehouse Co., 38-40, Cross Church Street. Saville, George, and Co., 4-6, Queen Street. Schofield, Emma, 223, Lockwood Road. Schofield and Oldfield (whole- sale), 61, New Street. Schofield, Sarah Ann, 30, Mar- ket Hall. Shaw, George, 1, Barton Road, Crosland Moor. Shaw, Misses Hannah and Alice, 4, Granby Street. Shaw, Mrs. Sarah, 31, West-= bourne Road, Marsh. Sykes, Walter, 70, Chapel Hill.

Sutcliffe, Alonzo, 94, Lockwood Road.

Taylor, William, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Teal, Ephraim and Sons, 2-4,

Beast Market. Telfer, H., 65, King Street. Thomas, William, 59, New Street, and 171, Bradford Road.

Turner, Joseph, 75, King Street. Webb, William, 6, Paddock Foot. Webster, Edwin, 79, Thornhill

Road, Lockwood. Welsh, Thomas, 6, Brick Bank, Almondbury. Westerby, Ellen, 14, Manches- ter Road. Wigglesworth, Vincent, 93, Wakefield Road. Wilkinson, David (ladies’ under- clothing), 48, Market Street, Milnsbridge.

14, Swan |

Yorkshire Fent


| Wittrick, Georgina, 4, North- gate.


Bake, William, 19a, Westgate. Fielding, Rushworth, 67, Market Hall. Haigh, Joab, 24, Northgate.

Haigh, Rollinson, 74, Market Street, Paddock. Hall, George, 20, King Street; tel. 561. Hirst, David, 15, Victoria Street.

Huddersfield Iudustrial Society, 25-31, Buxton Road. Marshall, F. (wholesale), 6, Station Street. Monnington, Henry James, 12, King’s Mill Lane. Scholes, Fred, Storthes, Mold-

green. Sykes, John, 70, Meltham Road, ckwood. Sykes, Walter, 70, Hill. Yorkshire Warehouse Company, 38-40, Cross Church Street.


Dress and Mantle Makers.

Armitage, Annie, 34, Heppen- stall Street, Primrose Hill.

Armitage, Mrs., 5, Trinity | $§Street. Aspinall. Miss Kate, 120, Lock- wood Road.

Balmforth, Mrs., 25, Thornton Road, Lockwood. Bell, Sarah, 30, Bradford Road. Boxall, Ellen and Catherine, 25, South Street.

Chapman, Fanny, Friendly Street. Cole, Sarah, 21, Victoria Lane. Donkersley, Annie, 30, Mount Street, Lockwood. Durrans, Louise, 127, Church

Street, Paddock. Firth, EB. and C., 35, Market Street, Paddock,

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Fitton, S. & A., 1, Fitzwilliam Street West.

Fox and Camplin, Room’ 19, Free Library entrance, Church Street. Gartland, Sarah, 150a, Barton Road, Crosland Moor. Gill, Eliza Ann, 51, House Lane, Dalton. Greenwood, Eliza, 22, Bradley Street South. Haigh, Miss Queen Street. Hall, Agnes, 4, Shorehead. Hall, George, 20, King Street ; tel. 561. Heap, John Edgar, 25, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Hellawell, Miss Emiline, 116, Bradford Road North. Hey, Louisa, Westbourne Road, Marsh. Hill, Martha Ann, Street. Margaret, 20, Beast Mar- et. Jacksen, Mrs. Emma, 44, Com- mercial Street. Jackson, Mrs. E., Road, Longwood. Jury, Miss, 39, Trinity Street.


10, Hope

63, Armitage

Lee, Miss, New Street, Milns- bridge. ; Linaker, - Miss, 110, Church

Street, Paddock. Lund, Miss Sarah, 85, Storthes, Moldgreen. Marshall, F. (Supply Stores), 6, Manchester Road. Mellor, Sarah, 12, Acre Street, Lindley. Moore, Emma, 5a, Bank. Mosley, Eliza, 10, Brook Nield, erick. 34a, Brow Road, Paddock.

Oldham, Lizzie, 84, Bradford

Road. Orford, Mrs. Jane, 3, St. Paul’s Street. Osterfield, Emma, 20, Hope



Sarah Jane, 2a,.


Jane, 25, Greenhead Road.

Riley and Vautry, 21, Market Street, Milnsbridge.

Roebuck and Eastwood, Stor- thes, Moldgreen. Roebuck, Mrs. Annie, 161, Wakefield Road. Sanderson, Elizabeth, 123, Tor

ton Road, Crosland "Moor. Scholefield, Mary, 8, West View, Paddock. Shaw, Miss Ellen, 103, West- bourne Road, Marsh. Shaw, Miss Jane, 14, Stoney Cross Street, Taylor Hill. Starkey, Louise, 10, Blackhouse Road, Birkby. Stott, Miss, 20, Spring Street.

Sykes, Bertha, 16, Milford Street. Sykes, Emma, 2, Birkby Hall oad.

Sykes, Hannah Maria, 27, Water Street.

Sykes, Miss Martha, 34, Wake- field Roa Sykes, Miss Sarah Sophia, 57,

South Street. Sykes. Sarah, 15, Church Street. Paddock.

Sykes, Walter, 70, Chapel Hill. Taylor, Hannah, 60, Halifax Old Road. Thorpe, Emma, 1, Bankfield Road. Tinker, Martha, 20, Commercial | Street. Turner, Sarah Jane, 180, Lock- wood Road. Thornton, Miss Ann, 6, East Parade. Voyce, Miss Constance, 15, South Street. Walker, Miss, 28, Manchest2r Road. ’ Waller, Ann, 17, Manchester Road. Westerby, Ellen, 14, Man- chester Road. | Whitehead, Miss, 23a, East Parade. Hie .

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Bedforth, M., and Sons, 7, Aspley; tel. 117. Clayton, Holroyd, and Co., Ltd. (indigo merchants), Long- royd Bridge; tel. 83 Clarke and Co., Pack Horse Yard. | Cocking, Lewis S., and Co., 3, Aspley; tel. 190.

Cooper and Co., 2, Tanyard Lane, Milinsbridge. Dawson, Thomas, Room 1, 38, Westgate.

England and Co., 11-13, Chan- cery Lane; tel. 262. Haigh, J. T., and Co. (indigo), second floor, 33, John William Street. Haigh and Wadsworth, 19, Beast

Market. Haigh, William, 21, Market Street; tel. 550. Kaye, Anthony, and_ Sons,

Smithy Lane, Moldgreen; tel. 550. Kenyon, Peter (indigo mer- chants), Station Street; tel. 600. Shaw, James Arthur, 49, Market Street.


Beaumont, Albert H., and Co.., Lowerhead Row ; tel. 121. Clegg, Joe, 66, Bradley Mills; tel. 360

Dawson, John, and Son, aniline

dye manufacturers, Silver Street East. Dawson, Walter, King’s Mill Lane. Donkersley, George, 20, Castle

Hill, Almondbury. | Frost, Joe, 103, Storthes, Mold- green. Haigh, James, Globe Works, Colne Road; tel. 248. Halstead, John William, 112, Church Street, Paddock.

Hemingway and Co., Aspley Dyeworks, St. Andrew’s Road. Walker, John Lee (Glenfield), Whitacre Street, Deighton. Watson, Charles, 19, Upperhead head Row. Hutton, Frederick William, Queen Street. Liversedge, Law, Canal Street. Pollard and Sons, Bradley Mills. Robinson, J. L., and Sons, Field Dyeworks; tel. 532. Shaw, William, Albert Street, Lockwood ; tel. 344. Sykes. Edward, Street. Turnbridge Dyeing Co., Ltd., yarn, warp, and piece dyers (Managing Director, R. F. S. Molesworth), Turnbridge; tel. 220.


Dyers and Cleaners. Beaumont, J